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Name: 20240510_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 10, 2024
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All right, folks, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
We have the space weather reporter on next segment.
Chase Geyser, people have been holding for 30 minutes.
I want to start going to him.
Let's start with Shepard of Truth.
Shepard of Truth, go ahead.
Hey, thank you guys very much.
It's a privilege to be on your show.
I also see Ben down there, Space Weatherman.
I will obviously yield to him.
He's more of an expert.
Listen, I just kind of qualify this.
I'm a real science-minded person.
I've been doing nothing but study the grand solar minimum, Earth's magnetic excursion for the last two years.
At the Ph.D.
level, this thing is real that's going on, and we're vulnerable.
What's going to happen this weekend is going to show us how reliant we are upon technology for our food, for money, for gas, for everything we need.
I'm fearful that overnight people could go from Worrying about whatever they're worrying today to where their next meal is going to come from and have no resources, right?
So again, but qualifying this this weekend is not going to be this.
This is kind of an eye-opener.
Now we could talk a lot more about what's the sun doing and how bad is this going to affect us in the future.
I'll yield all that to.
The Space Weather Man.
What I'd like to add is Alex and Chase, you mentioned it.
How are the global elite, how are they going to take advantage of this, right?
And there is a way.
There is something else that I've been studying.
It's the WF and Agenda 2030.
And I think it's really centered around this stuff.
I think it's their opportunity to take advantage of us to shape the way we move forward.
There's been so many little Easter eggs, you know, when we talk about what's going to happen and how things are going to change.
Like President Obama, he produced a movie called Leave the World Behind, right?
Leave the World Behind after he left office, which is kind of like stoking this fear, right?
Which is about a total cyber collapse.
That's right.
It's very interesting what that movie is really about if you read between the lines, if you watch it.
So, look, don't be surprised that our governments are aware of this.
We had a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that got passed, Alex.
They were shutting down Congress and they passed this thing without even reading through it.
In no way, shape, or form do our governments not know what's going on.
And it's very, it's critical that we gain a good understanding of where we are.
Well Shepard, we're going to go back to you after we talk to the space weather guy.
So don't hang up.
But I notice you've got St.
Elmo's Fire on your X banner.
That shows you understand what this electromagnetic radiation means.
Yeah, I can talk all about that, but others can as well.
And so I don't want to bore people to science, because as long as I've been trying to talk about this, and as excited as I am, most people get lost or don't care.
So you can guide the conversation.
I'll yield.
Well, let me ask you this.
We got one minute to go break.
What do you think is about to happen?
I know we don't know, but I mean, this is going crazy.
What I think is about to happen, and I could be wrong, but I think that the sun is getting ready to do something significant.
You mentioned what would happen to us if it did pop and we lost electricity and how dangerous it would be, and I think that someone's getting ready to take advantage of all of us right now.
That's what I think.
We got 40 seconds to break.
What got you into researching this?
Um, man, I've always loved science, and honestly, to be honest with you, it was my search for God, and the truth, and the way through life, and it literally took me through every scientific realm, and the solar system, and back down to Earth, and then, how are these governments taking advantage of me?
And am I right that the image you have deals with St.
Elmo's Fire?
I'm sorry, which image are you talking about?
It's the image of the sails lighting up.
That's electromagnetic radiation.
We'll come back to you.
We're going to go to the Solar Science Guide.
First, it was.
(SINGING) White house forever.
White house forever.
We are simulcasting my syndicated transmission on TV, radio, and X-Spaces right now.
Chase Geiser is running the show here with me, co-hosting.
We got a lot of speakers here.
We have six major solar flares, record level, headed our way.
I've looked at the numbers, according to previous ones.
This looks bigger than the Carrington event in 1859.
But the question is, will it hit the Earth?
We're not saying we're all doomed, but this is a big deal.
And will the globalists piggyback on this, use it as a pretext for control?
Chase Geyser, who's up next?
Let's go to Space Weather News.
Space Weather, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say about everything going on.
Thank you very much.
It's nice to be here with you guys.
It has been probably the busiest 48 to 60 hours in the last decade of my life.
But it's also been exciting.
I don't know what tired is at this point.
We do, as you have heard, have six X-class solar flares that have released what are called full halo coronal mass ejections at Earth.
Basically what this means is the X-ray energy of the solar flare has blasted plasma from the sun into Earth's direction.
And all six of these are expected to hit over the next 48 to 72 hours.
Now this is the kind of thing where it is a big deal and this would be a big deal at any time but it's an even bigger deal right now especially because As Shepard was alluding to, we are in Earth's magnetic excursion.
The magnetic poles are shifting.
The magnetic field, our protection against the sun and cosmic rays and gamma rays from supernovae, it is weakening and it's weakening very quickly.
It actually just had an acceleration in this process about a year ago.
And we have been seeing these solar events causing more than expected impacts to the Earth.
Maybe a decade or two ago, I would have suggested that what's coming this weekend would be relevant, you know, get out there and try to look for the Northern Lights or the Southern Lights, the Aurora, if you can, but I wouldn't have been at all concerned.
However, we have seen multiple times, and when I say multiple times, we're talking 12 to 15 times over just the last year, Where a solar storm has been vastly more impactful to Earth's magnetic field and in terms of minor local to regional level system and network outages, satellite glitches or satellites taken out, which happened to Starlink actually in February of 2022 during the solar storm.
And essentially, what we have been noticing is, you know, we make the forecast when these events come at Earth based on not only how big the solar flare is and what we're looking at in the data, but we can correlate that with those in the record from previous decades and say, OK, this similar thing happened in 2004 and 2014 and 1989.
2004 and 2014 and 1989. So we can say, "Okay, that'll be about what we're expecting." But time
after time, literally every single thing that the Sun has thrown at us over the last year,
has produced 50 to 200 percent more of a disruption in Earth's magnetic field.
There was, you know, basically what I would call a little event from the sun that happened several months ago that caused such a Strong solar storm that they're calling it a new and unprecedented type of geomagnetic disturbance.
And while it's not really important to go into some of the physics of that, basically something like that is the kind of thing that should perk up people's ears.
But the kicker is the fact that it wasn't some kind of a major solar flare.
It was just Your normal run-of-the-mill solar activity within the 11-year sunspot cycle.
And so when we have... So it's not just more sun activity.
That's what I've seen in the literature.
You're saying the field, our defense shield, is weaker.
It's been weakening and that weakening is accelerating.
From approximately the 1850s to the year 2000, we lost 10 percent.
But in just 2010, that number was updated to 15 percent.
We are now down 25 to 30, maybe 35 percent.
And there was a paper that came out of one of the best geophysicists in the world, a guy named Sergei Semenenko out of Russia.
And this paper came out just a couple weeks ago, and he said that there was a major magnetic anomaly in March of 2023.
And we have spent the last six months or so looking at the fact that the aurora are off the charts, the northern lights.
We literally broke the record last year for aurora.
We're having way too strong a solar Storm activity at the Earth, given what the sun is throwing at us.
You know, the sun has thrown way, way stronger at us in, say, the 80s or the, you know, even the 90s.
But we didn't take this level of solar storm activity.
So it's one thing to take the auroras, for example, to break the auroral record for a year.
And then you realize the sun didn't do anything spectacular.
The sun was actually weaker than it was 20 years ago, 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago.
The fact that our planet's magnetic field, our shield as a planet, is weakening faster and faster.
As I mentioned, that paper by Dr. Semenenko, it took an acceleration last year, which explains why we shattered the auroral record.
It explains why there was that, quote, new and unprecedented geomagnetic disturbance.
It explains why everything... Let me ask you this then, why are they saying this is record-level strength, and I see the news, they admit the field's weakening, it's moving, that's all admitted.
But then they're also saying this is a near record or record level of objections right at us.
So, that is true.
The prolific nature of this sunspot is pretty high up on the charts.
It is of about, you know, X1 to X3 level solar flares.
We've taken an X28 directly at the Earth.
Now, this took out transformers in Europe.
It took out entire grids in South Africa.
But here we have so many of them.
And what a lot of people don't understand is, you know, let's say you compare two X1s To 1x10, which is 10 times stronger than an x1.
I think it's scarier to get two in a row.
It's like this double tap, this back-to-back impact, because the first one does what they call preconditioning.
It already sort of sets the magnetic field into a bit of disturbance.
It's like a one-two punch.
It's like the jab that gets somebody a little bit knocked off their balance, and then the cross that knocks them on the floor.
As opposed to one giant haymaker.
And so, okay, yeah, there could be a scenario where one giant haymaker is worse, but if you take that jab in the jaw, and a quarter of a second later, there's a fast cross coming, you don't have a shot.
So what about astrophysicists I've interviewed?
That talk about how it affects weather, how it ionizes the atmosphere and creates nuclei.
What's your information on that?
What should we expect?
Not electromagnetically with electronics, but what about the electromagnetics with the effect on the atmosphere itself?
So, this electromagnetic energy is going to trickle down into the atmosphere and excite what's called the global electric circuit.
There are, believe it or not, if you don't know about this, there are vertical currents that go downward through high pressure and upward through low pressure and it's a giant circuit all over the world.
You're absolutely correct.
You're absolutely right.
And so what we should see when we get this going on is an increase in wind, an increase in lightning,
an increase in cloud condensation nuclei, an increase in storm power,
an increase in basically all of the extremes.
And that goes for the other side as well.
For people over the next couple of days that are supposed to have fair weather,
sunny skies, maybe high temperatures, they're probably gonna be a little higher.
For people who are scheduled to have severe thunderstorms, they're gonna be a little more severe.
Anybody who's scheduled to maybe have a derecho or potentially be under tornado watch,
better not ignore any sirens the next couple of days.
And we just got an alert coming through that says that Earth's magnetic field
is starting to take some reverberations right now.
And so even though the forecast isn't for these things to impact for about another six to eight hours, it's possible that it is beginning to impact right now.
Well, you follow this.
You're well known for that.
You go off the science.
So what's currently what's coming in on the magnetic field?
So right now, the real time KP Index, which measures the magnetic disturbance to the magnetic field, suggests that we're on our way to a level two storm.
Now we're supposed to, when all of these impacts occur, maybe get up to level four or the highest level five.
That's not expected to happen with the very first impact, but What's interesting is we're not seeing a ton of information yet in the solar wind, and yet it is being detected in the magnetic field already.
And so, yeah, I can see it right there.
The GOES satellite magnetometer is starting to take extra energy in right now.
So it looks like At this time, so I guess this would be a little after noon central time in the United States.
The impacts are starting to begin and this would be the first of six that we expect over the weekend.
Why don't you take a three minute break, sir?
Put that on your ex account and we'll come right back to you because this is in live time.
Stay right there.
We'll come right back to you in three minutes, okay?
So the satellites are now picking it up.
And that was really fascinating the way that he explained it.
It's not a matter of the massive scale of the energy coming towards you.
So many.
Yeah, so many.
So it's like, it reminded me of Star Wars where you take down the shield generator, shields are almost down, and then once the shield generator's down, the ship can just blow up, right?
And so that's what's happening.
Empire Strikes Back.
He's like, we reached the shield generator.
Target maximum firepower.
It's like that.
I mean, it'd be funny if it wasn't so scary, but interesting that it has an impact on the weather, too.
I didn't anticipate that, but that makes sense.
There's been tornadoes and stuff even recently, too.
It's been building.
It's well-known, for at least 60 years, it's not potash volcanoes.
They wonder why nuclei form.
They learn when sunspots hit.
When we get hit, it's a bunch of heat, a bunch of radiation coming in.
It forms nuclei, it forms clouds.
Right, of course they blame the severe weather on climate change, but it's the sun's activity.
Exactly, well that's what they said, blue northern, why do we have tornadoes in the spring?
The cold weather comes down, hits hot, it's the two hitting.
Well all this plasma heat's coming off the sun, and it's like opening up a, you know, When you're getting a cake out, or your pie out of the oven, it's hot.
So it's open, it hits you.
Well, I was driving back from Dallas last night, and I don't know if this is correlated at all, or just saying it.
Storms, hail.
I saw so much lightning, and you know, usually you see one bolt here, two bolts there, but it was like electrifying the entire sky.
It was like almost like a dream.
Yeah, they tell you, oh no, it's not the sun, because they want to blame us.
Our little cars and our cows farting has nothing to do with that giant ball of fire.
That's driving it.
This is settled.
No, it's settled.
Carbon dioxide is bad.
No, it's settled.
It's good.
But there's no debate.
It's the sun, people.
We'd be absolute zero in two days if the sun turned off.
It just disappeared.
It takes about, I think, three to seven minutes for the sun's light to get here.
So blow up, and then within five minutes, the whole planet.
Well, if it blew up, we'd all be dead from a supernova.
Or could do a gas giant shrink down to a dwarf.
The point is, that's all.
Let's just say it disappeared.
Which wouldn't happen.
We'd be absolute zero in two days.
There's no heat.
Right, of course.
There's heat in the earth.
You can do thermal and try to live down there, but that's it.
All the real climate of the earth is the sun.
It's everything.
But the UN passed resolutions repeatedly saying it doesn't exist.
This kind of stuff starts to make me believe in Elon Musk's interplanetary...
Well, the arguments are you've got to get settlements out away from the sun's danger.
And the danger now is not at going nova.
That's billions of years from now.
Or by going to a white dwarf, a black dwarf, a red dwarf, you'll collapse instead.
There's ways different stars die.
We've observed it.
But yeah, if you get out interplanetary on your way out, you don't have any issue.
People audit, you know, Pluto's not worried about coronal mass ejections.
We're, like, right up against it.
We're, like, third rock out.
We're, like, right next to the oven.
We're the perfect spot to, like, the warm, happy place.
We're so nice, except we're endangered.
Can't live on Venus.
Can't live on Mercury.
Too hot.
But you can live right here.
But we're, like, right next to the oven.
It's amazing to me that we get these images of the sun.
And people go, oh, that's flat!
Ivan Kraloskov said it, folks.
It's rotating.
It's round.
It's globe.
Let's go back to that amazing speaker, and let's go to his ex-account, Space Weather News.
I've followed for years.
Really smart guy, following all the main science.
Let's see if he's got his repost back up on this satellite, picking up that it's begun to hit the Earth.
Go ahead, sir.
Okay, so here's the data I've got right now.
First things first, we are approaching a level 2 proton storm.
Now this is something that happens that is in addition to what we've been talking about.
This is a direct stream of high energy protons that bombards mostly the polar region.
And we are getting to the point where if it gets any stronger from right now, which I have to imagine it's going to, they're going to start rerouting polar flights.
I'm looking at polar wind data right now and it looked like the satellites at the L1 space position.
Now for you, for those who don't know, that stands for Lagrange point one.
It's basically a Geostationary point around 1 million miles towards the sun from the earth where they can put a satellite there and the gravity of the earth and the sun will just keep it in place.
The solar wind from the very first impact has struck that satellite so we are minutes away from the first CME actually hitting the earth.
The density is relatively moderate.
The speed is relatively strong.
The magnetism of this plasma shockwave is pretty powerful.
And let's be clear, the sun's 90 plus million miles away.
We've got satellites a million miles out.
They're now being hit.
Yeah, they're being hit right now.
Storms like this when they get hit, you've got a one hour warning now at the speed that I'm seeing here from its plasma detectors.
We probably only have 30 minutes from right now.
I am hoping that the eruptions that follow, so numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, because we've got 6 on the way, I'm hoping they're not as strong as this one, because this is a pretty strong initial impact right here.
And so I'm looking at an L1, it looks like from the NASA doc, it's straight on with the Sun, with us.
It's in alignment.
Right, exactly, exactly.
So it's in a perfect position to detect these things and give us a tiny bit of warning.
This is a pretty strong coronal mass ejection and I do expect that the solar storms will begin to develop well before the latter eruptions strike in the coming hours.
Do we have any estimate on which of the six ejections is the biggest?
You know, it's hard to say.
The first, third, and sixth look like they're the biggest.
But that is just via the plasma density that you can see from a satellite called SOHO.
And that's only the density.
Of course, the speed of the eruption, the temperature of the plasma, and the magnetic field embedded within Those electric particles matters as well.
But so the first, the third, and the sixth look like they're the most dense.
This one is moderately dense, but it's pretty fast.
And like I said, the magnetic field embedded within it is already working our magnetic field pretty good.
I would not be surprised if, you know, I mean, and this is, this is well before, I mean, we're talking Four to six hours early in terms of this one striking so I would say that from here and for the next several days we are going to be in geomagnetic storm conditions.
And again that causes effects here on earth not just to electronics but as you said it's recognized fact it affects the atmosphere.
I mean, to be honest, there's meteorological, seismological, physiological, psychological, and, of course, technological impacts of these events.
We're talking literally hundreds of studies on everything from heart attacks to emotional instability to ambulances.
Oh, I've had top stockbrokers on from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan.
They're obsessed with sunspots because all the major wars start with them, right?
At a larger scale, we're talking everything from, you know, crimes like murder sprees to, you know, major, you know, nation versus nation conflicts breaking out.
And the number of... And is that because we're all basically being x-rayed by all this different radiation?
Or what is it?
So, basically, it's like an electric excitement.
And without getting too technical, these things from to the human brain.
One, they decrease the mitochondrial activity in the hippocampus.
Basically what it means is we have a cognitive decline, we get a little dumber.
As that happens, that electrical energy excites a part of the brain called the locus correlius,
which is the center for fear, panic, and anxiety.
The reptile brain.
Terror, basically.
And so, everybody gets a little dumber, starts reacting more in terms of terror, fear, panic,
anxiety and has more emotional instability at the same time.
And boy, if that isn't just a description of the world today, I don't know what is.
And so, um... Yeah, looks like, uh...
Looks like we're on call here.
By the way, if I have new listeners that hear this, and you think, oh, this couldn't be true, just search engine, major wars always start with sunspots.
It's a well-known thing, and we're basically, in layman terms, being just X-rayed with everything you can imagine starting tonight.
Like I said, you said an hour or so it's going to hit, starting.
Yeah, I mean, if it's at this plasma speed, with the distance that the satellite is from Earth, we are about 25 to 30 minutes away from this hitting.
Yeah, I'm going to have to jump off.
I've actually got a guy from NASA who needs me to call him right now.
He's been texting me non-stop for the last 15 minutes.
Okay, I've got a guest in 30 minutes, but I'm going to come back in the fourth hour.
We're going to move Jay Dyer.
We love him, but we'll have him on with us.
But I'm going to try to come back in in 40 minutes, sir, okay?
I will see what I can do.
All right, thank you.
That guy's really smart.
That's amazing.
He knows what he's talking about, because I've read all the stuff he's saying.
He knows how to put it all together.
Chase, is that not freaking you out?
Yeah, it's freaking me out.
There's 25 minutes left.
I mean, it's like the movie Armageddon, right?
You have seven days, and you've got to train up.
Well, this stuff happens, but it's different because it's so much, and it's, you know... Well, and then there's the weather impact and the psychological impact on top of that.
I mean, that is absolutely crazy.
I had no idea that... I thought that was just astrology woo-woo stuff to think that... No, that's why we don't live that long.
Like sharks and stuff don't get cancer because they're just one program.
We are warm-blooded, so we're reacting.
We live so close to a giant radiation blast.
We're like radioactive creatures, dude.
We go outside, we burn.
You think other stuff can live in that?
We're tough, dude.
We live like by a fireball.
I mean, we live like two inches from the oven.
We're like little creatures that live right on the edge of the fireplace.
Yeah, I never thought of it like that.
Sometimes the fire, a little flame shoots out and cooks us.
So, what does the impact look like?
Let's just say everything's fine, but we have this massive psychological impact over the next 7 to 10 years.
Well, it's just like lunar people.
The police will tell you if full moon people go crazy.
It has an electromagnetic thing, but nothing like this.
Nothing like solar flares.
Morgan, Blackrock.
It's in the news that every major war starts with a big coronal mass ejection.
Not to mention crime.
I mean, I got half a mind to tell my wife to stay home.
Yeah, it's just people get emotional because you're being literally ionized without getting into all the sciences.
You're getting hit by every spectrum.
X-rays, gamma rays, particles.
The atmosphere filters it.
The electromagnetic field filters some of it, but your cells are reactive.
You can be depressed and go out in the sun and feel great.
Well, you're getting hit by it.
That's why you get cancer.
We were designed to live close to it, but we didn't have doses of this.
I'm not a scientist, but I've read the literature.
Let's just say in the next four days, we're going to get like 20 chest x-rays.
Let's kind of just put it in lay term.
Well, hopefully everything will be okay.
That's like when they tested on British U.S.
troops, atomic bombs.
They put their hands up in front of their face.
They were told to.
They could see through their hands.
It's like that.
But it's not just x-rays.
It's everything.
And again, the atmosphere, as he said, it's on record.
He wasn't lying.
He wasn't wrong.
It's getting weaker.
The electromagnetic shield.
Just like Star Wars.
The shield shields are almost down.
I want to come right back.
No more speakers.
This is amazing.
Stay with us.
Look, I'm not saying the world's going to end today.
What I'm saying is the globalists have said they would use sunspot activity and coronal mass ejections as a pretext to get all sorts of power grabs.
And I mentioned earlier to the crew, they pulled a few articles about how throughout history, major wars have been launched in and around sunspots.
Here's some of the headlines.
The CIA studied the impact of space storms on psychic powers.
Sunspots, a brief history, is a good breakdown of the CB... CB...
Canadian News.
Do sunspots explain global recession, war and famine?
How a 1967 solar storm nearly led to nuclear war?
These are a big deal, and this is record levels of them coming our way.
And regardless what happens today, I hope everything's fine in the next few days.
The issue here is our power grid is not protected.
Other power grids are protected as well.
Oh, and that's been a major vulnerability for decades, and it seems like our defense department doesn't do anything about it.
I mean, I've had cyber security experts, close friends, people with master's degree, top secret clearance, tell me for years that our electrical grid was totally vulnerable to cyber attacks from China specifically.
And so I imagine solar flares are the same, where if they take out a central hub, then it just propagates the problem across the whole grid, and then there's a power outage, and nobody can even communicate to solve the problem.
And then we've got R.O.K.
with brain worms eating his brain.
Can't make this up.
That's a whole other subject I'll cover tomorrow on the special broadcast.
Let's go ahead and go to the next speaker.
Okay, let's talk to the Honey Badger first.
Hey, good morning Chase.
So a couple of things I was actually asking in the comments under his last post with the gentleman.
Basically in regards to the tectonic plates shifting.
And causing, you know, geomagnetic excursion, you know, my question was, can it work in the reverse?
And that's a particular interest for those of us who are living on the San Andreas Fault.
And so I got several answers in the affirmative that it actually can cause earthquakes.
And the second part, just kind of going back to how this might be used, you know, in terms of the powers that be, we'll call them.
64 different countries have elections this year.
2024 has been called the ultimate election year.
49% of the world's population will be electing their leaders.
Now again, when we look at this subject, you know, this could be, you know, certainly a serendipitous coincidence, I can't imagine anybody believing that this event won't be exploited and used to keep these elections from happening.
And another larger issue is the sun is increasing in coronal mass ejections.
This could just be the beginning.
NASA predicted this year would peak for the next 100 years or so.
So this is just the beginning it looks like.
Yeah, correct.
But again, however severe this may be or not be, I mean, because the truth of the matter is we don't know.
Yeah, we're a human population on a planet around the sun.
People who don't believe in God don't know where we came from.
The sun is the main driver.
We should be a little concerned about it.
Well, no, no, no, absolutely.
But the takeaway, and obviously this is the thing that's a primary concern, especially if it's life threatening, but the takeaway is even if it wasn't, it will be exploited, I truly believe, you know, for the globalist agenda.
Because it's too convenient.
64 different countries.
I agree.
So how do they exploit it?
Just to disrupt elections?
A cover for cyber attacks they launch?
I mean you know a lot of people were so for example here in the United States you know people have been predicting and even if they're on the fringe it doesn't matter but predicting that we wouldn't have an election and even I think Hillary said recently this will probably be our last election something like this and and they were predicting another disease or some painting and food and it just didn't make any sense to me that it would be that because those things take time to come to fruition however For our power grid going down seems the obvious reason if we did not have an election that would be exploited or used to keep it from happening.
So I'll take off my tinfoil hat.
But I mean, it's obviously, you know, it's nothing that we can predict, but I mean, it does stand to reason.
Well, it's important when the source of all life on the planet, the sun, is doing weird things to be a little concerned about it.
But the U.N.
voted, and so did the Democrats.
They say it doesn't have any effect, Chase.
Yeah, well, the first thing that comes to mind, as she mentions that 49% of the world's population is going to be having elections this year, is, alright, well, this vulnerability is a major problem when it comes to voting machines, paper ballots.
And most of the people are voting for patriots.
Paper money and paper ballots.
You know?
That's what I'm worried about.
And we're closer to World War III than I think we've ever been in the history.
Oh, they're sending your EU troops in now to fight the Russians.
And so if we're already on the cusp of World War III, and then you're adding the psychological impact to all of our leaders and all of our leadership across the world is being disrupted by elections, this is a recipe for disaster.
Really seems like it.
Who's up next?
All right.
Let's talk to Wars of the Info.
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Hey, guys.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
Yeah, man.
I'm just tripping on this whole thing.
Like, you know, sometimes I think, are we living in, like, the Truman Show?
Or, you know, it's just a mad world, man.
It's like, it's just hard to think.
And then Alex says that the thing is called Noah.
And that just seems like a world, another world reset, like another scorched earth and like similar to a flood or something.
You know, it's just like, It's just, that's just a trip to me, man.
It's just, I just can't believe what's going on in the world.
Plus, plus what you guys are saying about, you know, them taking advantages of certain crazy situations like this.
Yeah, NOAA is the big national weather space service, and that is what it's called.
And they were predicting last year record level sun activity this year, and now it's happening.
Yeah, it's just crazy that it's called Noah, right?
It's just the whole trip.
Yeah, I just can't believe it, man.
On the verge of World War III and all this stuff.
I don't know, man.
I just don't know what to say.
And I'm actually heading to work right now.
Well, I don't just believe mainstream media.
I'm a novice astronomer, but I cover it.
I mean, private groups are looking at this and this is record level, the amount of them coming right at us.
So hopefully nothing happens.
The point is, is that it is intensifying.
Well, the other vulnerability, too, is even if this solar activity doesn't have any impact at all on the planet, let's just say hypothetically, best case scenario, this is an amazing opportunity for China or Russia or others to instigate a cyber attack so that they can blame it on the solar activity and run cover.
For the Deep State.
Great point.
Thank you so much, sir.
Who's up next?
All right, let's go next to Alex Jones.
Alex Jones, go ahead and unmute yourself.
You got your hand raised.
And go ahead and say what you have to say.
What's up, Alex, and what's up, InfoWarriors?
Alux here.
Since we only have 30 minutes until we get hit with the solar storm, I'll make it short and sweet.
Alex, we're a huge community of people who love you and love what you're doing.
We believe in crypto as a form of financial freedom, and we're echoing your message with humor through memes, cartoons, and other funny content.
The speaker earlier was talking about the effects of the solar flares and said we're all going to get a little dumber.
Our community is already a little bit dumb in the best way possible, so I feel like we can really thrive in this environment.
We believe in memetic magic, and through your message, Alex, and our memes, we're having an impact in the real world.
You fight the info war, and we're fighting the meme war.
Andrew Breitbart famously said that politics is downstream from culture, and that we need to be happy warriors, and that's part of our mission.
We want to bring more people into the truth movement, and onboard them into tuning into you, Alex, and InfoWars by making them laugh and making them think.
We demand and sponsor content... Now I've seen some of your memes.
You're awesome, brother.
Thank you, man.
We really appreciate that.
We love you and we were hoping that you would love what we're doing.
We plan to sponsor content and donate money to you all to make sure InfoWars keeps going.
We're starting with our first donation this week, brother.
We can talk about that.
You can expect to see that.
No strings attached.
We just want to donate to you because we love InfoWars and we want to see you guys keep going.
Well, thank you.
I hope InfoWars continues.
It may get blown up the next two to three months, but we'll be able to do something else right away.
But the enemy's building against us right now, but still support it.
It'll probably continue on.
But yeah, stuff is definitely getting intense.
So amazing.
So overall, what do you think of this and what do you think is coming?
With the meme or with the solar storm?
Solar storm.
Well, you know, I think like many things, it's kind of one of these things where we need to kind of wait and see.
You know, it may not be as bad as it could be, but I think that there's enough precedent, enough history here where it clearly has, you know, an effect in many ways.
So we're likely to see a lot of those same kind of things that have happened in the past happen again.
Powerfully said, sir.
How do people follow you on X?
Thank you, brother.
How do they follow you on X for radio listeners?
So this account is the main ex-account for the Alux Jones meme.
Sure, but we're on over 300 radio stations, so how do people find you?
They're just looking to drive down the road, they want to find you later.
How do they do that?
Yep, it's at Alux Jones Soul.
So that's A-L-U-X-J-O-W-N-E-S-S-O-L.
Alright, brother, thank you.
Up next.
Alright, let's go to Jake Perry.
You've had your hand raised for some time.
Go ahead, Jake.
Unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Thank you, guys.
Good to talk to you guys again.
Last time I was on here, I told you guys that I'm in crypto, but I'm also a theologian.
And whenever you're a Christian and you're in the markets 24-7, you tend to notice what God typically does.
And I've been saying for some time on the show, on my show Crypt After Dark, that 2024 is a year for the history books.
You have the Bitcoin halving that just took place.
You have the election.
You have the great financial shift or the great reset.
You have freaking solar flares coming out of the earth in 30 minutes, probably less now.
It is one for the history books.
We're on the verge of a civil war.
We're on the verge of World War III.
We're on the verge of everything.
2024 is a year for the history books, and honestly, it shouldn't shock anybody.
anyone who has faith in God because you know that God controls everything. God's in charge.
Jesus is king. It's his universe. He made it. And so you start to see these cycles play out.
And in the markets, we typically like we have a little saying that says history doesn't repeat, but it definitely rhymes.
And we're seeing that rhythm.
We're seeing the rhyme.
It's happening right now.
No one should be shocked.
But there is hope.
You know, Jesus is King.
This is his world.
He's not going to let it go to waste.
It didn't die on the cross so that we could just perish in a solar flare.
Now, bad things may happen from it, especially in the crypto world.
I say this all the time.
All the time.
I say this.
Whatever happens in the world affects crypto.
And whatever happens in crypto affects the world.
Because crypto is not in its own little bubble.
The governments own Bitcoin, they own Ethereum, they own a ton of cryptocurrencies.
And whatever happens in crypto will affect the world because of that.
And the government is not ever going to let a natural disaster go to waste.
They will use everything that they possibly can to implement more tyranny, get more lockdowns.
They will try to steal your cryptocurrency, a cyber attack.
They'll do whatever they they can to take all of your wealth all of your food and
that's just what you guys were talking about Chase and Alex you guys were
talking about you need to be self-sufficient you need to learn how to hunt again you
need to learn how to fish again get your own water how to clean your own water
through boiling it or tablets or something just whatever you do don't get
fluoride so I want to get that message out and give a little bit of hope and
encouragement through that. Brother thank you so much. Yeah absolutely
You know, we've got a great, interesting speaker that just popped in.
I want to try to go straight to Oppenheimer.
Oppenheimer Ranch Project, can you go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say?
I see that in your bio you're a geologist.
If you're there, Oppenheimer, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
If not, we'll go to another speaker.
Okay, there you are.
Yeah, I'm here.
Very good.
Well, I've been watching the sun for decades, and on my channel, Magnetic Reversal News, we've been watching the sun because solar activity has been very weak the last two decades.
In fact, the last two solar cycles are some of the weakest cycles in the last 200 years.
So what we're predicting is a grand minima to occur in the next cycle.
But what I want to make clear to the listeners is that this type of solar activity occurs at every solar max.
So every 11-year solar cycle, we have a period of about a year where we get hit by huge solar storms, X-flares.
And this is not unique.
This is not the most extreme solar storm in history.
It's the most extreme storm we may see in the last decade.
But this is not anything to worry about.
It happens every 11 years.
So people losing their heads... Well that's good news then.
I hope you're right.
So what... Go ahead, what are you saying?
No, go ahead.
Yeah, the biggest problem is what other people have chimed in on is that they use this as a PSYOP to cause a Black Swan event.
And they take out the grid and they blame the sun when it's actually the deep state or a foreign entity.
Well, I mean, I know the sun has been cooling for a while.
That's why global warming stopped, which is a normal, natural thing.
But then the reports we're getting from the scientists, and I'm not saying you're wrong, is that this is extremely intense.
There's a whole bunch of these.
And is it not true that the magnetic field's been moving and the magnetic field's gotten weaker?
Yes, the magnetic field has weakened maybe 20% in the last century, and it is exponentially weakening as we talk.
Sure, so even if it's the same level of this event happening, with a smaller shield, though, it becomes a bigger issue.
Yeah, but we're talking since last solar cycle the shield's only down maybe five more percent and the CME, which is a cannibal CME, has already passed the Discover Satellite about 30 minutes ago and it's only showing plasma speed at 700 kilometers per second.
That means that this solar storm is a nothing burger.
There's going to be some aurora and that's it.
Most of the CMEs have already passed because three of them cannibalized And this is not going to be a big event.
It's a normal activity every 11 years.
And that's all I've got to say.
No, I hope you're right.
And I hope the system doesn't piggyback on that, because they've certainly been hyping it up as the, you know, as just gigantic.
And I mean, it looked like that to me.
I'm not an astronomer.
Yeah, that's the biggest concern for me, too, has been how much this has been hyped over the last year, because it came off a lot.
Yeah, you saw the NASA reports and NOAA reports last year saying biggest ever and all that stuff.
What do you think that's about?
It's about clicks and views.
People just want to be looked at.
So it's like the amount of scientific disinformation flowing around the interwebs is exponential because people want views.
They don't want the truth.
They want people to listen to their side.
And it's kind of sad.
It seemed to me like prescriptive programming last year.
Well, I want you to get to that.
But why do you think then, which is not, I mean, it's measured.
What is it?
Why do you think the magnetic field is getting weaker?
No one knows.
No scientist knows.
There's some external force that powers the sun.
It's probably a Birkeland current.
We live in an electric universe.
So there's an external source.
So you're saying the solar systems and everything are connected?
Well, keep going.
I'm listening.
Yeah, we don't know what's affecting the Sun.
We know that there are cycles on the Sun based on historical documents that occur every 400 years.
If you were back in time 400 years ago, it was freezing on Earth.
So we may be going back into this grand minima cycle, but that's independent of the magnetic field on Earth.
The Earth's magnetic field has been weakening since the Carrington event and prior.
What happened in 1859, which is actually a big solar storm, that solar storm probably will eclipse this one by 100x.
So this is not even close to a Carrington event.
To compare it to that is ridiculous.
The Carrington event was probably a series of x10, x5, and x20 flares.
And we're talking about a bunch of x1's here.
It's very insignificant.
But the question is, what is causing the dynamo of Earth to fail?
If you look at the magnetic field strength over the last 300 years, it's highly variable.
It goes up and down.
There's no natural cyclic variability.
It happens all the time, but there's no explanation for it.
So until we get to the bottom of what is creating Earth's magnetic field, and it's not an outer liquid core and an inner liquid core, We've got tomography that shows that that whole concept is probably wrong.
We've got a long way to go to understanding our own planet.
It's kind of ridiculous that people like Elon Musk are trying to go to Mars.
It's a literal impossibility due to cosmic rays.
There is no way anyone is ever going to live on Mars in the next hundred years.
So we live in a fantasy world about to be taken over by robots that are woke.
We should be very scared about the information stream because none of it has to do with science.
So all of the science we're seeing is scientism.
It's out there for clicks.
We should hold a discussion slash debate with different people because I'm agnostic on this.
We should do a Spaces on this for the next few weeks and have you on.
Thank you so much, sir, for joining us.
We've got Space Weather News joining us.
Coming back, we appreciate him doing this.
He's talking to NASA folks.
And Space Weather News, what do you have for us?
Thank you.
You're still with us, Space Weather.
I added you as a speaker.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
I know you're getting a lot of texts.
If not, then we can go on to somebody else.
Okay, it looks like he's away from his phone or something right now.
So let's go straight to Prodigal.
Prodigal, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Yeah, I just wanted to follow up with the last speaker.
So out of curiosity, I understand you're, is there, what about the actual satellite systems in space?
The satellites beaming down there, will they be affected at all?
You think?
You know, based on what you've seen on this 11-year cycle, that's not going to play a role.
Well, I'm not an astrophysicist or a solar physicist or any of that.
I just know we go through these events.
We know the Carrington event blew out the telegraph wires.
So I'm here covering this because there's an unprecedented amount of these coming in.
The last speaker said, well, they're not that strong.
Others are saying they're extremely strong.
We're just here watching.
What unfolds and happens.
Then we have the UN saying the Sun has no effect on climate, which you know is pure crap.
So it's good to get focused on the Sun.
I think that's what this show is really all about is focusing on these effects and the fact that our power grid is wide open to it, Carrington.
Does that make sense?
No, I understand that, but my concern is also the ability to communicate wirelessly.
I mean, for me, you know, I think it'll be fine, but, you know, thinking worst-case scenario, if comms ever went down, at that point, I think this government would be making a move against people.
I think at that point, when nobody can communicate, that's my biggest fear, if there was an event like this.
I think that the government would use it to their advantage to move on what they view as, essentially, enemies of the state, and, you know, nobody would know based on that darkness of communications.
I'm not saying that's going to occur, No, I agree.
The way they're hyping it is a perfect cover for that.
Who knows, though?
We're about to find out.
I guess the only silver lining, so we can have a little bit of a white pill, is, you know, it probably would at least stop, you know, all these drone killings and bombings if it was so massive that it affected comms systems.
So, at least some of these wars that Biden has helped launch and perpetuate are given some type of a temporary ceasefire based on this.
But that's basically my two cents.
All right, great point.
Space Weather News is back.
Maybe we can get him raised up here.
Very articulate, smart fellow.
We had an earlier commenter saying this is no big deal.
Nothing, Berger.
I'm not a guy that follows this constantly.
I'm reading the mainline literature.
They say it's pretty serious.
I hope it's not.
Space Weather News, since you left us 30 minutes ago, what new intel do you have?
So, I got off the phone with one of my contacts at NASA, who was actually listening to the space at the time, and he had heard me say that it looked like a Level 2 storm was developing.
He wanted to clue me in to some of the data that showed it is actually a Level 3 storm that is developing.
So that means a new one.
Again, I'm a layperson.
That means a new one, another one.
No, so it just means that the first impact was even stronger than I initially looked at it to be.
It's not the kind of thing that passes by in one second, you know, and especially because the first impact was the combination of two, perhaps three events.
It's going to be a multi-hour impact.
What I mentioned before about the proton storm hitting the polar region, we are almost at the point where the FAA is going to have to start rerouting polar flights due to the radiation concerns for pilots.
I'm looking at the magnetometer data right now.
I mean, the FAA can't handle flights as is.
I mean, the amount of accidents in here.
I mean, seriously, the FAA has major staffing issues and major quality control.
Hold on, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Who just popped in?
That was Prodigal.
He popped back in.
We'll go back to him, but finish your point, Space Weather News.
Yeah, so it's like Shepard said about an hour ago.
This one should be a wake-up call.
The chances that this is it, this is the kill shot, the global EMP, are not super high.
But this is strong enough that this is probably going to have some of those localized and regionalized network and system effects, whether that's a power grid here or there or It's some satellites going down.
This is, you know, and you know, I don't want to be too disrespectful to one of your recent speakers, but we do still have at least three and perhaps four impacts coming.
Still, and we are already at that preconditioned level, but the jab that I was talking about before knocked Earth's magnetic field off of its balance.
It is stumbling backwards and there's crosses and haymakers coming.
So we gotta go to break and start the next hour, but just real quick and hold over again.
What about?
The other storms and things they say are forming on the sun, how does that feed into this?
The sunspot is probably not done, and there are more sunspots coming.
They don't look quite as big, but I mean, we're at the maximum of the 11-year cycle right now, and so it is going to be quite a little while before we can close our eyes.
Anything else space weather news on X you think you should add or pop in later?
I'll be around for a few minutes here.
We'll go to two minutes.
We'll come back and close the cover from you.
Then the fellow that wanted to say something back, we'll go back to him.
All right.
I have a special guest in the studio that successfully served the ADL for the rest of the hour.
We'll come back in the fourth hour to continue the spaces.
People can leave it.
Keep it in the background.
Come back.
We'll get to everybody in the fourth hour.
But right now, I wanted to finish up with Space Weather News.
Somebody popped in disagreeing.
I want to go to them.
I don't know who it was, but we're all about debate here.
We're not trying to censor you.
We just want to have people finish their point.
Go ahead and make your other point.
Space Weather News.
We'll have this person that wants to say something like he disagreed comment to you.
Go ahead.
So, last thing I want to mention, yes, the sun is still solar flaring right now.
I'm tracking the latest one, watching it as it transpires.
We are in a level three solar storm at the moment.
It is likely to go well higher.
We should expect, I am expecting technological and meteorological disruptions Again, I still think the likelihood for this being a kill shot is low, but this should wake us all up, especially because the Earth's magnetic field is not getting any stronger.
And as it continues weakening, we're going to reach a point where something like this is going to take out all of the grids.
Last thing I'll say is the trajectory of the high-energy protons striking the polar region right now.
I don't have any way to contact the FAA.
I don't have any contacts there.
But they need to get those planes out of the polar region right now because if another one of these six impacts we're expecting strikes right now, it will instantaneously surge radiation to dangerous levels.
They've got to get those airplanes out of the polar region right now.
And people who don't know, explain that.
I mean, everybody knows pilots have problems with cancer because they're up at 30,000 feet and there's not much water vapor that blocks radiation, so it's really a radioactive area, just like astronauts need more radiation.
But people don't know, and I've looked it up myself while you were talking about it, I didn't even really know that, that sometimes they have warnings in the polar areas.
That's why you see the northern lights, because the magnetic field's not as strong, that energy can come in better.
Is that what you're saying?
Yes, and that and the fact that these are relatively strong solar impacts that we're taking.
And I can already see in some of the data that what they call an equatorward traveling wave, which is as the name suggests, Waves that travel from the pole towards the equator and this is what not only can begin to disrupt technology But this is what we were talking about earlier the things that begin to affect the weather systems Those are already heading from the poles to the equator right now.
And so I Think that they should be getting everything out of the polar region in terms of aircraft and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, just posted that we are well on our way to a level 4 storm event.
We are well above the baseline for level 3 right now.
And this is only going to get worse over the next couple of days.
So, this is basically what we've got.
And the weather should begin to be affected within the next two to three days.
All right, real fast, and hopefully you can come back later.
Who was the commenter here?
Prodigal, did you have something you wanted to say?
Sorry I had to mute you.
I wasn't disagreeing with him.
I mean, Brett Weinstein now has been tweeting about this.
He mentioned the FAA, and my concern was that, you know, if you look at the most recent fiscal year report ending in September, They've seen a 65% increase in major incidents.
The FAA is doing a horrible job, and if we're depending on them or Pete Buttigieg to carry us through this, then this is troubling.
If he's still here, I just had one question, but I think he actually left, so I'll stop.
I tell you what, don't hang up.
I got to do this, everybody.
We already had a guest booked.
We're going to do the lawsuit against the ADL.
They're attacking on free speech for the rest of the hour.
We'll do the fourth hour.
Everybody stay there.
Go about your business.
Come back and join.
The Space News is live.
We'll see if Space Weather News can come back, if this guy can come back.
We love debate.
We love discussion.
It's all healthy.
It's all friendly.
Chase guys are going to keep this live.
Got a guest coming on the studio.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
Sports slash show, Bandai video.
Follow us at RealAlexJones.
John Sable successfully suing the ADL.
Joins us straight ahead.
Please stay with us.
It's always important to realize that big yellow white ball of exploding gas in the sky
is important.
Are we saying these giant storms coming towards us are going to destroy us?
But they are intensifying.
Chase Geyser's here.
We're doing a simulcast on SpacesX.
The space is on X, and we just did 50-something minutes on the ADL and lawsuits.
Now we're shifting gears back into this for the next 50-something minutes out of Owen Schroer in the War Room coming up at 3 p.m.
Central today.
Chase, let's get right back to the speakers.
Okay, let's go straight to Timothy.
Lastly, you've had your hand raised for some time.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
How's it going, Alex?
I just wanted to commend you for having Ben Davidson from Suspicious Observers on to discuss what's going on.
It's important that we have an understanding of what's going on with the sun and the chemtrails and the geoengineering and how they're going to maximize the damage that they've already caused into a massive cataclysm of power outages and stuff like that.
And he's a really good source for real information, not just speculation and stuff and stuff like that. So I salute you for doing that. Thank
you very much. I was going to have I was I put my hand up earlier to suggest that you
bring him on the space, but then he showed up and so I became superfluous. But again, I
appreciate your time. Keep kicking ass Alex keep kicking ass.
He was on an hour ago. So you're not superfluous. Tell us what you think.
Oh, I think that, you know, I think that ultimately, like with 1989, when there was like an x 20
flare and it melted the Quebec Transformers, I think that you know that that's a very strong
possibility that will happen.
I don't think America has really done anything to its infrastructure to make it last a solar storm and Like the reptilian overlords, you know, they really don't want the population to thrive.
So a few nuclear power plants blowing up because the grid is destabilized is probably right up their alley.
So I think it would definitely serve their purposes.
I don't think it's going to be like a kill shot where it wipes out the planet, but if it does, I'd rather be taken out by cosmic forces than Klaus Schwab.
Very interesting.
All right.
They could use this or other events because the sun is going into its maximum every 11-12 year cycle.
It varies 11-12 years to intensify.
They could use that, as we've been saying, as a cover.
Yeah, absolutely.
Up next.
All right, let's go next to Jay the Narrative Destroyer.
Go ahead, Jay, and unmute yourself if you're still with us.
Okay, we'll move on from Jay.
It looks like he might be away.
Oh, Jay, are you there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Jay, we're getting a lot of noise in the background from you, so let's go straight to Clutch.
Clutch, how are you doing?
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Hey, what's up, everybody?
I'm just tired of all the end-of-the-world jokes, like there's no tomorrow, you know?
It's getting very stressful.
But the only reason I came up here, Alex, about 17, 18 years ago, I was an atheist.
And you helped change my life, bro, so I just had to come up here to throw you a shout-out.
I've never seen a man sacrifice everything.
For the message to be out.
And since then, you know, I've been married, about to get my own farm and homestead, go full, you know, independent.
And honestly, I have to say, if it wasn't for you pointing and highlighting all these scumbags of the world, you know, it definitely set me up to be different.
And through that journey, you know, I've been helping many wake up as well.
But none of that matters if I haven't.
Clutch, let me ask you.
Clutch, let me ask this question.
Don't hang up.
It's not about me, but I want to know your view on it, because I've noticed this.
I've been very successful in like preachers and corrupt churches getting people to realize it's a spiritual battle.
I've gotten that on the street so many times, on air almost every day.
How was my message able to get you from being an atheist to realize there's a lot more going on than is visible?
What was, how did I, I'm very proud of that.
That's a blessing.
How did I get you to go in that direction?
Man, great question.
So, I grew up in LA.
I grew up a Catholic.
I did all my sacraments.
And at the age of 15, I had a bunch of terrible stuff happen to me.
My best friend died.
And, you know, I was a church-ian.
Just like all my family.
Everyone thinks it's okay to, you know, go to church and that's what saves you.
And it just, I always ended up hating this Jesus guy, right?
Because all these cheaters, all these, you know, really bad people in my life.
I had a really bad family, but how is it that one can pretend to be something and then they're not?
So in that journey, I became an atheist.
I just, I'm not going to fall for the cult and you know, all that crazy stuff that was going down in the church.
And I've been aware and we, you know, I don't want to mention all that crazy stuff, but I started listening to you and you were calling out the, the Bohemian Grove stuff, all the pedos and all the crazy bastards, dude.
And, and, and you started talking about the end of the world and the end times.
And I started just, Slowly hearing the seeds that were planted as a kid, you know, I started pointing me to dude where we were definitely created So then I turned into an agnostic and the more I listened to you the more you pointed things out that started making sense of me You know sense to me of what will happen and one world government all that stuff is will let me into crypto and you know along the way I truly found that I
You know, if not for Jesus, man, my life completely changed.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, Tucker Carlson was never an agnostic, but he wasn't really a real Christian.
He said this.
He didn't know if God was real.
Now he knows.
Joe Rogan's now talking about God.
I mean, people are really getting this is a spiritual battle.
But the church is set up by the devil.
Literally, most of them are controlled to lead you away.
They're acting like they're God.
They're not God.
Look at the New Testament.
Christ is calling out the church then.
He's calling out the synagogues.
He's calling out the system.
Right, and then they criticize him saying that he's going against the law and he says, I didn't come to abolish the law, I came to fulfill the law.
You guys are the ones that screwed it up, you know, and that's so true because people always confuse religion with faith.
Well, exactly.
I criticize the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church and I criticize a lot of the Jewish synagogues.
They go, oh look, you're anti-Catholic, you're anti-Protestant, you're anti-Jew.
No, all these things are overrun with corruption and we should be able to call them out.
God bless you, sir.
All right, let's go next to the United spot.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you got to say.
All right, looks like you might have stepped away.
Let's go straight to Joseph.
Joseph, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're there.
Joseph Bender.
Hey, thanks.
Thanks, Chase.
Thanks, Alex.
Well, this has so much to do with the electricity.
I mean, the sun activity has so much to do with The electricity factor in space that's ignored in most of science.
And we know that it's not really appropriate to talk about electricity or magnetism separately.
Because they always coexist.
So, for example, that's how a generator works.
The magnets, whenever you have two magnets moving relative to each other, it's going to create an electric current.
Which is actually how the pickups on an electric guitar work.
The strings are magnetized and the pickups are magnetized.
And when the strings are moving relative to the pickup, that creates an electric current At the exact frequency of the notes that you're playing.
And that's what gets synced.
So the universe, they've proven this is a synergy with solar systems and planets and galaxies and clusters of galaxies and billions of galaxies and then universes all in sync that are all electromagnetically connected.
And recently, relatively recently, they've seen with with radio telescopes looking at the X-ray band, they've found that The universe is pervaded with this cosmic web that it's these giant plasma currents but plasma we think of plasma typically as being in the fully ionized phase which is what lightning is where it lights up bright like a bolt of lightning.
The sun is fully ionized plasma on its surface but Plasma doesn't have to be fully ionized to be conducting a whole lot of electricity.
So these giant currents that travel through space and connect the planets to the sun and the sun to the center of the galaxy via the arms of the Milky Way and all the galaxies are like beads on a string along this cosmic web.
Those currents are not visible to the naked eye, but you can see them in the x-ray band.
And sometimes it seems if they if they're lit up I mean if they get enough energy which is by the way what causes supernovae they think that supernovas or supernovae I think you said they they've thought that those are like the sun exploding and then collapsing and all the the theory behind it's very weak but what's because one thing that shows that is that they've seen stars that supposedly exploded and should have been dead but then years later they exploded again They get re-energized again.
That's why they know that gas giants can be ignited once one sun expands or goes to a white dwarf or red dwarf or black dwarf or goes gas giant or goes supernova, then a lot of times a supernova will ignite other gas giants.
And that gives birth to new stars.
So it's recursive.
It never really dies all the way.
It just creates it.
It keeps bouncing around.
It's not even a Big Bang.
It's just a whole bunch of bangs.
The Big Bang is something that I would like to challenge somebody like Elon Musk with a lot of money to refund the Harooni telescope in Armenia.
The Soviets built this telescope.
This guy, Dr. Harooni, he was an expert in radio radio detection technology and he built a dual it's an optic radio telescope that's angled in the mountains in such a way that it won't pick up interference from the ground and it's really high up it's like i want to say it's 9 000 feet up but anyway when they one of the central proofs of the what they call proofs of the big bang is that the there's this idea that there's a cosmic microwave background
Which is like essentially a temperature of space, whereas space should be zero Kelvin, absolute zero.
But they find different areas of different temperatures, even out in the middle of nowhere.
Well, true, and but there's but the.
The telescope implied that there wasn't a Big Bang.
Is that what you're talking about?
Because I think we were talking about that.
Well, here's the deal.
They said the Big Bang was however many years ago.
Now they're looking back even further and it just goes on and on.
And then now they're finding all sorts of explosions.
That's my point.
There's a bunch of explosions going on.
And then a sun dies or it blows up and it ignites other gas giants.
They're just like fuel waiting.
Sorry, go ahead.
They claim that the universe was 13.8 billion years old, and now just recently they come in and say, no, no, wait, it's double that.
It's 27.9 or something.
That's what I just said.
The further the telescopes go, it just keeps going forever.
But it is expanding.
Well, no, actually, that's...
Well refuted also.
So the two proofs are the temperature of space, which was supposedly found at the Holmdel radio telescope in Holmdel, New Jersey, which is only a few miles from the ocean.
And they had come up with this theory that there's this big bang.
And then they went and looked for the signal, which is kind of backwards science.
You're supposed to be looking for, you observe something and then you try to explain it.
But instead, They use this radio telescope that was so close to the ocean that it's actually picking up interference.
And the interference, they say, oh no, it's detecting a temperature.
But if you look at the paper on this, it's clear that they weren't... Sure, so give us the bottom line.
You're making great points, but we gotta go to the next person.
Well, if you...
If someone were to fire up the electronics to the still-functioning dish of the Haruni telescope, they'd probably be able to confirm Haruni's findings, which was that space is zero degrees Kelvin outside of the Earth's atmosphere.
And so that is one of the central proofs of the Big Bang.
Then the other, the expanding universe, is based on the idea of the radio, I mean, I'm sorry, of light frequencies.
There's this effect The Doppler effect where like if you the best example of it I can give you is when you're you hear an ambulance coming and the sound gets higher and higher pitched as the ambulance is approaching you and then the sirens get higher and higher pitched and then as it goes away they get lower and lower pitch you can kind of picture like it that that change is the Doppler effect well it also it doesn't just happen with light waves I mean with a sound waves it happens with light waves as well
And so they look out into the space and they say that seeing these red shifted, they call them red shifted, galaxies and other sources of light, like stars, that supposedly determines how far they are away from us and they're moving away from us.
But Anthony Peratt and a bunch of other great scientists have shown that there's inherent, it's just like temperature.
I mean like you were talking about earlier, um the temperature of of the sun if it's you know that you know well you look at a a flame of a lighter everybody has heard that the blue part's the hottest and that the yellow part is not as hot so that's what's going on when these galaxies are different colors and it's uh it's been found that there are supposedly red shifted
Yeah, let's go next to Carrington.
front of bluer shifted galaxies which completely disproves that concept.
Sure, interesting points. We got a jumble. We have nobody.
Up next.
Yeah, let's go next to Carrington. Carrington, if you are, if you're there, go ahead and unmute
yourself and say what you have to say.
Howdy. Can you guys hear me?
Yes, go ahead.
I just want to say, great show, Alex.
And it's real important for people to get the most real-time information they can.
There's a few space weather apps out there.
I recommend them all, including my own, which is Carrington.app.
You'll get the alerts that you need to know when the KP is going crazy, when solar wind is starting to peak and possibly show us good aurora.
Give us your take on what's happening now.
Right now, unprecedented with our lower magnetosphere and these amount of CMEs coming our way in such rapid succession.
I really think we're in unprecedented territory and we just need to keep our eyes open.
What's happening, we'll see, in my opinion, I think we'll see telecoms glitching out.
We'll probably see some power systems glitching out, but I think it'll all be regional.
I'm worried about, as listeners are, the globalists hijacking this and using it as a pretext for a shutdown, because they keep hyping an imminent power shutdown, imminent type event like this, so they can kind of have an excuse to end the old political system and bring in the new, because we're right there.
You know, I hear that.
I think that they might use something like that in the future, that they manifest or create But you can't create a solar flare.
So if these are real events and they're coming, then it's going to affect them, too.
Their satellites, their communications are going to have problems as well.
So do you think we are towards the solar maximum, as NASA says?
This is an 11-year cycle and we're at the peak of it right now?
Absolutely, yeah.
Known, you know, if we've tracked that for at least three fourths solar cycles now, so we know it's it's pattern.
It varies a little bit.
Why do you think the magnetic field?
No one's answered this yet.
Why do you think the magnetic field is getting weaker?
I mean, I have my theories.
I think Oppenheimer talked, uh, touched on it earlier with the, uh, Birkeland currents.
And, you know, you start looking at the solar system, uh, galaxies as electrical circuits, and then you can start understanding how, uh, voltages, amperage, all these things change over time, resistance, uh, as planets move and dynamics happen.
Uh, I think Ben's theory on the, uh, galactic wave.
So there's a, uh, Well said.
Thank you very much.
Up next.
Alright, let's go to David Miller next.
David, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
How's the audio?
we get hit by that, it changes those electrical dynamics like I said.
Well said, thank you very much. Up next.
Alright, let's go to David Miller next. David, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Good afternoon, gentlemen. Healthy audio.
Hey, it's pretty bad. Anything you can do about that or do we move on?
Alright, we're going to go ahead and move on and if you can get a better signal, go ahead and request to speak again.
Sounds like he's on speaker and 18-wheeler.
Yeah, let's go to Mark.
Mark, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey, so I had a question.
If you can get, I think a good person to get on right now in this situation would be Stan Dale.
I don't know if you've ever talked to him, Mr. Jones.
I think I have, yeah.
I can show all the time.
He's been around for ever.
He wrote a book in the 70s, Cosmic.
He's the founder and inventor of the EM bill.
So, I think, you know, this will be, I don't know if you're going to do a special broadcast tomorrow or Saturday, but I think... Yeah, we are.
We can call him at 10am.
But I'm asking you, what do you think's happening there?
And he's gone.
So, I've been watching it for years too now.
I've been following you for Yeah, but watching you and following you for years, so this has been something that's been known, like all the previous people have been saying, solar cycles are pretty well known, pretty well followed, and we are in a maximum right now.
We're at the peak of it, I guess is what you should say, but Sandeo, he's been predicting this since two years ago, talking on Hagrid's show, pointing out the fact that Jupiter and some other big Planets are on the opposite side right now.
So I guess what he was trying to say last year was be on the look for the increase because the gravity from those other planet and be pulling and tugging kind of at the surface of the sun almost as if you could imagine someone pulling your face from behind it.
Your face is going to stretch on the other side.
So he was saying that it the tensions on.
On that side of the sun facing towards us are going to be stretched out and I don't know if this is all scientific or not, but.
Just from kind of like what you said, you listen and learning and trying to pay attention to what's going on, trying to be a watcher for Christ for the end and everything like that.
But it kind of made it sound like basically with the gravitational pull and so many other larger ones.
Well, regardless, the sun and planets are really important.
And the moon controls the ocean.
I mean, this is all big stuff.
And obviously, we're not a flat pancake.
You can look at a telescope yourself and see the planets turning.
They're orbs.
They're gloves.
Thank you so much, sir.
Great point.
Let's go to one more person before we got a break.
Let's go to Daryl.
Daryl, you've had your hand raised.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Yeah, I called last week and you guys had technical problems and I got dropped off.
I have another page, Missouri battle flag.
I sued the ADL and no one ever wants to talk to me about it.
Well, we're talking to you right now, buddy.
So go ahead and tell us about it.
I'm not your buddy, Alex.
I mean, every time I've gotten on, you run over with your mouth, with your double talk.
You didn't like me saying that you say penis and vagina too much whenever it used to be a family show.
I realize you have to make those statements because of the weirdos we have in our country today.
I sued the ADL because they said lies about me, saying I'm a white supremacist, and now the Republicans, Republican hypocrites, want to remove me from the Missouri ballot.
All right, Darrell, hold on.
Put him on hold and I'll go back to him in a minute.
I don't know who you are.
You say you've called in.
We're randomly taking comments here.
And I'm like, make your point.
You're all pissed off at me.
He's just boiling with hatred.
And I mean, you've called in before.
You're on the air.
You can say what you want.
You can talk about what you want, but you're not doing that.
Yes, I say the left wants to cut our son's genitals off.
I do remember you vaguely actually calling him saying, how dare you say that name?
It's bizarre.
Tune in to another.
You know what?
He said I censored him.
Just get rid of him.
Give him what he wants.
I didn't give you the censorship you wanted.
You got it now, buddy.
You're the holier than thou.
You're the great person.
We're talking about massive solar flares, magnetic storms here.
And I had a guest on exposing the ADL and I'm covering up for the ADL.
I get your logic.
Call another show, dude.
Don't know what your deal is, but I vaguely remember him now.
And what he was saying before, either on this show or some other show, about like, I mean, what am I not supposed to say?
They're cutting little girls' breasts off.
They're cutting little boys' genitals off.
They're doing it.
They're doing it everywhere.
It's wrong.
It's out of control.
Just because he doesn't like the show, please support us.
We need your support.
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Next Level Foundational Energy.
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Rocket Rest.
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Stay with us.
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Tomorrow's news today in Band Don Video.
All right, I'm coming in tomorrow.
Probably go live at 10 or 11 a.m.
I'm not sure when.
We got three or four guests lined up.
It'll be a big Saturday broadcast tomorrow at Infowars.com for its live show.
Osama Kasdan on the X at Rail Alex Jones.
Chase Geiser's here.
We're looking at this giant sun, all this effect.
It's important to focus on it.
They use it as a cover story for a bunch of stuff.
Government's been predicting this will be out of control.
We hope it's not, but we're here covering it.
Chase Geiser.
Let's go straight to Ravi.
Ravi, you requested to speak.
Go ahead.
Thank you, Alex, again.
Thank you for having such a sensible space.
It's very rare now, but just on this, I'm equally worried.
And I'm sure you probably have already talked about the Carrington episode that happened in 1859, which was one of the biggest ever recorded.
But for folks who don't know, why don't you recap it for them?
Okay, so guys, everybody who's listening, in 1859, on September 1, you had the Carrington event, which was one of the biggest recorded solar flare ever.
And it was as intense, so you could even, sitting in Cuba or in Panama, you could see the auroras.
So if anything like that happens today, which is 2024, which will mean complete disruption of every telecom that you see and the satellite communication, including the one we're having right now.
So that was one of the biggest and ever recorded.
So yes, it is serious.
And I really hope it doesn't go that way.
There is a nice side to it.
We can see some very interesting and you see that everywhere, all the weather channels talking about the auroras.
But from a technology perspective and security perspective, I'm definitely worried about this.
That's my take on it.
I totally agree.
Whether this is the big event or not, we know this is happening all the time.
Why haven't governments around the world hardened the electrical systems?
Could you repeat that again, sorry?
Why, knowing this is a major threat to blow out just the electrical system, much less the satellites, why haven't governments hardened the electrical systems?
I mean, that's the irony, right?
We never learn from the mistakes of the past.
And I think it's something I really think that this is going to be a very big event, which will really get people to rethink.
I mean, you remember the one which happened when the thing it was Quebec, which went on for almost 24, sorry, 12 hours.
One of the again, very intense, you know, that happened, but Quebec totally in blackout.
So I don't know why we're not learning, especially when we have all these, you know, satellites informing us what's happening.
So yes, it is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed.
Well, I hope it's not big, but it looks like, from the reports I'm getting, from NASA and NOAA, there's more solar flares spouting off.
So what do you think's going on with the sun?
By God, I wish I had the answer.
I think definitely you see that there is always a cycle of sun, as you know, every 11 years.
And of course, you know, there are different studies done there.
I come from a very interesting, you know, background of looking at Surya Siddhant, which is about a 3000 year old Sanskrit document, which studied the sun for a very, very long time.
So it does talk about solar flares and its impact on every single planet, including Earth.
And by the way, let me stop you because India is probably the oldest culture next to China.
And so that's why they could predict three to four thousand years ago when solar and lunar eclipses were coming.
So it was real science.
They didn't know what was going on, but they knew there was eclipses happening.
So that's a fact.
And I've read about that some.
And I know the government looks at some of those scan scripts.
I see an article here I showed earlier about that.
What do the Indians thousands of years ago say they saw?
Because we've obviously been through this before.
What did they say they saw?
I think for India, you know, from the thousand-year perspective, as I said, and maybe I'll tweet that, Alex, there's a book which was written in Sanskrit 3,000 years ago.
It's called Surya Siddhanta, which means the sun and its phenomena.
That's the literal translation, which captures how sun controls the entire planetary system.
And this is the time when there were no telescopes, there was nothing, and they were just doing this through observation.
So of course we don't have the right information knowledge how they did it, but definitely in terms of the solar cycle,
in terms of earth rotation, its impact.
So they looked at weather patterns, they looked at how it impacted, you know, behavior,
especially the moon would start behaving in a certain pattern.
There was also science available that time to look at the physiology
from the women's cycle perspective.
So there is all that evidence there, but definitely something that is fascinating to me.
And you see that on my bio, I have solar because I also work on solar technology, which is another side of my life.
But this is something which is definitely, you know, intriguing and worrying at the same time.
And your point that why are governments not doing this?
That's something which really baffles me, you know, that this needs to be really unearthed and understood.
And we need to go back to those old systems.
And I do sometimes talk about in my tweets about Surya Siddhant, Thank you so much.
as a phenomena. And I'll try to dig out some information and tag you so you can share that
to all the amazing audience you have here.
Thank you so much. Amazing. Anything else you'd like to add?
No, Alex. Thank you so much.
I'm very happy you have a fantastic space here with the most important topic, because we have too many other spaces going on.
And that's why I always jump into your spaces again.
Thank you so much.
And amazing listeners and speakers here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah, the ancients, the Indians particularly, knew to watch the sun.
They were like, all we know is it's the source of everything.
And now here we are.
Yeah, absolutely.
All right, let's go to another speaker.
Let's go to Bayonet.
Bayonet, you've had your hand raised for some time.
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Hello there.
Thank you for having me.
Once again, Alex and Chase, you guys are extremely courteous to allow just the common folk to, you know, have their say.
Well, we are the common folk too.
We love everybody.
There you go.
I've been listening to your show for a while.
You guys are fantastic.
Anyways, just to get on to the question here.
What can we do as just the average person?
I'm a 3D artist.
My entire job is on the computer.
So if my electronics go down, I'm kind of in a really tough spot.
So is there anything that we can do to protect our hard drives or our basic equipment, computers, or whatever?
And as to that suggestion, I thought maybe the microwave might act as a temporary Faraday cage that we might be able to use.
And do you guys have any thoughts on that?
I am not an electrical engineer and I'm not an astrophysicist, but generally they say if there's going to be a Carrington event like happened in 1859, you would want to put your electronics in a Faraday cage, which could even be your microwave.
Because a microwave is keeping that from you, but it also works as a Faraday cage.
Everybody's got a Faraday cage as a microwave.
Maybe you could put all your electronics in the Great Pyramid.
I mean, that's like a massive superconductor too.
Makes you wonder if the Egyptians were building that technology for things like this.
What do you think?
Uh, the Asian, like, Egyptians building technology, like, ahead of time?
Um, yeah, I have no honest idea on that at all.
Like, uh, I couldn't tell you.
Well, I think it's the realization of how powerful the sun is.
I mean, I mean, we're literally next to this giant thermonuclear reactor.
I mean, it's, it's, and again, the UN says, oh, it has no effect on climate.
That's like saying fish have no association with water.
It's everything, folks.
It's the sun.
Yeah, and it's like a magnetic event as well.
So the core of our planet is metals.
So it's got to be doing something to us.
But I couldn't tell you what that is.
Anyways, I don't really have any other questions.
I just wanted to ask if anybody knew what we could do to help, you know, protect our equipment.
I think that's it.
I'm no engineer, but I know microwaves.
Because again, they're jacketed to keep the microwaves getting out.
They keep the waves from getting in.
Makes sense to me.
It's basically a microwave.
It's a Faraday cage.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Turn it on, it doesn't burn your face.
Because it's keeping it in, but it also keeps it out.
All right, let's go to another speaker.
A. Lou Card.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Oh, hey, thank you, Chase.
Thank you, Alex, for letting me speak.
Yeah, I just wanted to make a couple of points, and then I guess I'll drop the mute myself.
One thing that I find kind of interesting is that, you know, we have in Ukraine and Russia, like over 500,000 people died.
We have with the death packs, maybe two to three billion people at the end of the decade will be wiped out.
We have China, which mass genocides, all its dissidents, open dead baby markets that came out, and they have blueprints on the books to kill everyone on North America.
They're on the fringe to take out Taiwan.
Then at the same time, we have a criminal stuck in Kabul, headed up by Biden, who's at the same time trying to jail our Leading president who's trying to cut energy, actually get a good currency, and actually rebuild America.
And at the same time, these people have been caught.
We know they have space weapons.
We know about Star Wars with Reagan.
Alex has been talking about that the last 10 years and other advanced weapons.
We know they cleared out Hawaii with lasers.
I have family who have patents in laser physicists who confirmed that.
And my point is this, is that people are walking around talking about the solar system and the stars and all this stuff, which is fine.
I'm not mad.
It's kind of where the conversation is going.
But at the end of the day, I think it's just kind of this whole spectrum of people are just kind of waking up and seeing more reality.
And I guess my message to everyone basically at the end of the day is just love your family, walk in peace, never fear anything.
The government needs to make something.
So then you rely on them and the sooner that we fall into love and being strong and brave, the sooner I think we'll have calm minds and we'll rally behind a leader and we'll actually break free of this demonic, satanic system that they're leading us down.
Now the cover story could be they do a flare, the stock market crashes and maybe they launch the CBDC like they're wanting to do.
Alex was talking about that.
I mean, honestly, it could be a myriad of issues.
At the end of the day, I think no one should fear or worry about it, even for a second.
Just pray up and love your family.
That's my comment.
Great points, sir.
Thank you so much.
I mean, we don't know what trigger they're going to use.
That's why we're covering this.
This is an article on InfoWars.com we'll put on screen.
Ex-CDC Director Redfield warns bird flu could be the next great pandemic.
They're definitely pushing that now.
Urges release of classified COVID docs.
He's been exposing the fact that it was a Man-made origin.
So a lot of craziness going on, as I promised you, whether it's 10 a.m.
or 11 a.m.
You'll know tomorrow.
We're going to do another live show with a bunch of special guests, whistleblowers, you name it, the whole nine yards tomorrow.
Either 10 or 11 a.m.
I'll just say it.
We're going live at 11 a.m.
11 a.m.
We're going live tomorrow.
Saturday show.
All right, Chase.
Guys, are there any comments here before we go back to callers?
Let's go straight to callers.
No, I thought that everything that A. Lou Card just was a really good summary of everything we've covered in the space over the last few hours.
Let's go straight to Bam.
Bam, you requested to speak a couple times.
Are you there with us?
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Hey, yeah, thanks, Chase.
Great space, you guys, as always.
So Alex mentioned earlier the mantra, never let a crisis go to waste.
I've got a great story for you.
And Alex, I would talk to you offline about this.
I don't want to mention how I know this, but this is a fact.
The power grid problem between Canada and the U.S., that was not organic.
I know the people who made that happen.
And like I said, I don't want to mention it here publicly, but I would mention it to you with details behind the scenes.
And a great example of not letting a crisis go to waste.
So yeah, everything you guys have talked about potentially happening and being blamed on this event, it's all very real.
So elaborate on that.
Well, I just have to be a little bit careful here.
But I just know that was not an organic event.
So the source of the problem that was blamed for the power grid problem that involved Canada and the US, that cascading problem, had nothing to do with the solar flare activity and the things that they blamed it on.
It was It was an example of never letting a crisis go to waste and like I said behind the scenes I'll tell you exactly who was involved and why they did it and what was going on behind the scenes that caused them to use it as a lever to pull.
Sure well no criticism of you sir but my point is you're calling into a public show we're here I know stuff.
I go ahead and bring it out.
It's always like, call me and I'll tell you the secret thing.
I mean, we know they're not upgrading the power grid.
They know it's wide open to carrying out effects.
They know it's wide open to cyber attack.
I guess they want that as an excuse later for something.
I think that's pretty much there.
The person who tripped the lever told me they did it.
How about that?
And I don't want to throw him under the bus.
Well, I find it hard to believe one person decided not to upgrade North America's power grid.
No, no, that's not what I'm talking about.
I'm talking about if you go back and you read the articles about, you know, why that event happened, there was something else going on behind the scenes between the US and Canada to prompt Canada to cut the power off as it shot across the bow.
Well, sure, shutting down the pipelines, yeah.
And by the way, something else that's laughable, if you look into California's purchase of supposed quote-unquote green power from Canada, which is hydroelectric generated, we have to be real about this.
This is just a bunch of power.
It could be dirty.
It could be what they frame as clean.
Running into a wire, and then coming down through Canada into California, and then charging us, you know, 4x, 10x, whatever x for it, so that we can say, hey, we're using, you know, clean power, which we're not even producing ourself.
It's coming from hydroelectric, you know, up north.
I mean, the whole thing is, it's a clown fest.
You guys know this.
All right, brother.
Great points.
Up next.
All right, let's go to Rick.
Rick, you've had your hand raised for some time.
Go ahead and say what you have to say.
All right, thank you.
Alex, I just wanted to say thank you for everything.
You woke me up in 2007-8.
I was just curious about one thing.
What do you think, I've heard you say different things in different ways, but about aliens.
Do you think they're demons?
Or do you think, you know, what is the sudden fascination and lack of stigma that they're
trying to generate around the issue?
Well, that's a whole nother three hour show, four hour show, or like this show's been four
That's all other spaces here.
One man's demon is another man's alien.
Clearly, there's a lot of stuff in the universe.
There's other dimensions, there's forces, there's energies.
And the globalists believe they're dialed into this supernatural force that's not God that is directing them or inspiring them to do bad things.
And so, I think it's both.
But yeah, they're really getting us ready for something because they're creating chimeras and genetically engineered creatures that have never existed before.
They're making aliens on Earth.
It's like that movie in the 90s, Species, or whatever it was, where they get a radio telescope message back.
Do this with your genome and it makes an alien that takes over the planet.
So I think that's kind of it.
They don't show up in flying saucers.
They manipulate us and they inspire us to build things that destroy us as part of some larger planet.
That's the best knowledge I've got on that.
Does that halfway answer your question?
It does, Alex.
I appreciate it, sir.
Much love and keep doing what you're doing.
We're trying, brother.
One man's demon is another man's alien.
That's a line for the century, man.
You think so?
You're funny.
It's good stuff!
Alright, you wanna go to another speaker?
Yeah, let's do that.
Alright, Prometheus, go ahead.
Are you still there, Prometheus?
Hey guys, can you hear me?
Yeah, we can.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, hey Chase, honor to come speak with you again.
We spoke last time, Alex, about Promethean Fire.
I don't know if you remember.
I do, go ahead.
Yeah, yeah, it's always a pleasure, brother.
And look, let me start, can I start with a prayer?
Would that be okay?
Can I pray over you?
Please, go ahead.
All right.
Heavenly Father, thank you so much for my courageous brother Alex and his entire crew, Chase, everybody listening here.
Thank you for this end times army that will absolutely defeat the demonic forces of this world.
We are here to bring your glory, your kingdom, and I thank you for every moment that we share together in this precious life.
All right.
Yeah, thank you so much, Alex.
So, I want to bring some positive news, I suppose, because we're living through a time that has, you know, I linked in the chat a prophetic word from John Paul nearly 10-15 years ago that talks about this exact time which he described as then a perfect storm.
It'll be a combination of war, economic turmoil, political turmoil, spiritual turmoil.
But it is in this time that the end times army, which we are, right, is going to come forth and come to
And even in terms of energy regarding the sun and solar flares.
They're going to use EMPs, you know?
Like, I'm sure you already, you know, know this at some level, and then blame it on the sun at some level.
But we're also going through an energetic change, right?
Like, there's this huge frequency change in the Schumann resonance, which normally is at 7.83 Hertz, but since 2021 it's been over 400 Hertz and 500 Hertz.
And I think this is actually upgrading our DNA, it's upgrading our spiritual bodies in a sense, and I think it lines up with scripture when he says, in the end times, I will pour out my spirit into all peoples, and your young men shall prophesy and your old men shall dream dreams, right?
And so, as usual, I don't think it's a time to fear at all.
In the comments, I've linked also a free energy device or a magnetic generator.
These are things anyone can build.
It's called the Liberty Engine.
You can look it up on YouTube.
If you have a machine shop and you have access to some basic level These systems, the military has them, you know, whatever power grid, you know, issues that you may have, people can back themselves up.
So I don't know if you're familiar with Zero Point Field Energy, Alex, or have you come across this before?
Great points, sir.
Join us again soon.
Thank you so much.
We've got a final speaker here at the end, and Owen Schroer takes over.
Infowars.com forward slash show, band up video.
It's not on the speaker situation on X, so this will end.
It'll be archived at band up video, but Owen Schroer, Infowars.com forward slash show.
Everybody should join him right now.
Go ahead.
Prometheus, great points.
Thanks for bringing that up.
Sorry that we're cutting into the next one.
We've just got a few minutes left.
Let's go to Colonel.
Colonel Gannon, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey Alex, thanks so much.
Thanks Chase for doing this.
Thank you for your energy and everything else.
Hey, I'm kind of an operational guy, fighter pilot, top man graduate, all these great things, and retired.
I'm back on a farm and basically just trying to Keep everything together here in our little bit of Northeast Mississippi.
My question, and I think it'd be great for tomorrow's discussion, and kind of a guided thing to bring folks in to talk about is, given that this is happening, it's a Carrington event type of thing, which I'm very familiar with, and it's real, it's a natural occurrence, as you said, but we also know there's a predisposition for, you know, the global elites to use an event like this for something as a false flag and basically to use it to create chaos and take control.
So I'd like to have a quick discussion here I think that's a great point.
If we see power lines melting, we know it's real.
But if stuff cuts off, we know it's fake.
is man-made or if it's an actual you know like just like the Carrington event
that happened you know that with the you know transatlantic telegraphs.
That's a great point. If we see power lines melting we know it's real but if stuff
cuts off we know it's fake is that what you're saying? That's exactly right.
So I think if we could arm people with that, right?
Because, hey, if it happens, it happens, and it's real, then we need to be able to deal with it in terms of it's real.
But there's a different set of actions and activities that need to be taken if it's the government coming against us.
That's right.
The power goes off, which we're not saying is going to happen, but it could.
And they're using this.
If you see melting power lines, you know it's occurring to an event which happened.
If it's not, you know it's fake, basically.
And then I think tomorrow needs to be a discussion.
If it's real, it's real.
We've got to get our stuff together, if we can even talk.
And if it's fake, then there's another set of actions that need to be taken.
Great point, great point, Colonel.
Elaborate on that.
What else?
Well, I think, so, you know, those local engagements, and I know you talk about this all the time, is being engaged locally with your churches, your politicians, your neighbors, and all that.
That is the key to the resiliency, and I think that's what makes America, actually, that's the strength, right?
And so, reinforcing those things, if the power was to go down, is be able to get to your neighbors and say, hey, this is a temporary event.
We need to, this is man-made, and being able to tell them and have the information where you can tell them.
Hey, we actually are going to have to get big government in here to fix power lines and things like this, and then we're going to have to hold accountable the people who didn't prepare for this and let this eventuality, which it is over the course of, you know, next hundred years, it's going to happen one way or another, right?
But you've already made the point.
This is just a drill of what we know is inevitable.
I don't think it's going to happen today, but it's a big issue.
Great, great point.
And I just, I would just say, tomorrow when we're discussing it, people, you know, I think melting power lines, it's obvious, right?
But there could be other interruptions that happen that people don't need to panic or go high order on.
However, they need to know if their government, be able to tell the difference between where government is messing with them and when nature is being nature.
I'm so glad you're our Last Spaces commenter.
Thank you so much, Colonel.
All right, Chase Geiser, great job.
Great job, by the way, up at Glenbeck Studio last night.
Owen Schroer comes up in two minutes when we go to break.
Thank you.
Sorry to get everybody else, but tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, we're going to go live for at least four hours with a special guest.
We're going to cover all of this.
It's going to be huge.
It was an honor and pleasure to be with you.
And the speakers were great.
You guys are always great.
And thanks again for using great spaces, etiquette, raising your hands and stuff like that.
It really makes things a lot easier when people don't interrupt and jump in.
You guys are always awesome.
All right.
Owen Schroyer in 120 seconds goes live with The War Room.
He does an amazing job.
Please join him and share the links to The War Room coming up.
I'll be seeing you folks online at realalexjones.com/next.
God bless.
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