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Name: 20240509_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 9, 2024
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The passage discusses the dangers of nanorobot technology, specifically its potential self- replication within human bodies and implications for globalist agendas. Alex Jones asserts that COVID vaccines have deployed this technology without public knowledge. The speaker also covers various news topics related to healthcare, politics, and society, including criticism of COVID vaccine administration during pregnancy, the introduction of soybeans containing pig cells, and warnings about advanced technology in warfare and attacks on Christianity. Jones promotes several products available on his website for health and financial preparedness.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, May 9th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
Headline of today's broadcast.
The next pandemic hysteria is here.
Globalists kick bird flu propaganda into high gear to ram through U.N.
treaty and derail another general election.
Watch live.
We are 179 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes, 15 seconds out from the most important election in world history.
We try to unseat the dug in.
Deep state coup.
That has its tentacles.
Into not just our nation, but every major country on Earth.
Alright, I am particularly loaded for better day and I'm always.
Loaded with double-locked buck.
I got a howitzer of truth about to fire some hardcore information.
Let me just tell you what's coming up today.
We've got a very respected expert medical doctor, OGBYN, who's been testifying to legislatures and courts and is key in exposing the actual numbers of record-level miscarriages and illnesses in babies whose mothers have taken the poison shots.
Dr. Thorpe will be joining us in the third hour today.
We also have an extremely deep dive coming up on the fact that we said this probably 500 times last few years and saying it again, it's now happening, that right before the election, they would create some new virus scare.
They've been trying to push the monkeypox in Marburg and all the rest of the stuff didn't work, but they've really hyped up bird flu.
And they've got all these people and they've got local news, I discovered, telling people That bird flu is spreading to humans, even though it's admitted from the CDC and from the WHO that no humans have gotten this strain of bird flu.
So, they've put out the talking point and everybody's seen these compilations, particularly of local news, where they get a script, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, you name it.
They get paid by government and other big pharma to put out a particular story and they put it out in an exact script.
So local news everywhere saying bird flu has jumped into humans and humans are getting sick and they show people with bleeding eyes and all this other stuff.
None of it's true.
And they're testing people all over the United States in hopes of finding someone that they can say has it.
And that means clearly they're going to say somebody has it that doesn't, somebody that already has organ failure from something else, a homeless person, something like that.
And then we'll say, oh my God, the first case, people are dying.
That's the clear next step.
I would guess the next week or two, we'll be hearing it's killing people.
So they always prepackage it.
Now, of course, for a virus to then learn how to jump into a human, It takes thousands of years, if not millions, when it's illogical, unless you've artificially done it.
But in this case, they're hyping and has it jumped, but it's about to.
How do they know, right?
With 179 days of the election, that it's just about to start killing people.
It's amazing.
Oh, and it's in the milk of the cows, and we've all got to get ready to die.
Huge stack.
You see this stack?
Newscast, you name it.
On that, that's the first big thing we're going to hit after I tell you what else is coming up.
I've been pointing out for a long time that the illegal aliens that move into the blue cities and take over the red suburbs around them don't get to vote immediately in most areas, though the Democrats have passed laws in hundreds of jurisdictions in more than 20 states that they can.
They just say local, but they still vote in the general.
It's purely criminal.
They've done national surveys.
Upwards of 15% of the people voting don't live in the state or the district.
And a bunch of them are illegal aliens.
So they're mailing out the voter registration.
They're signing them up.
The NGOs are.
It's going on.
And Democrats have tried to deny that for a long time in the last few decades as places like San Francisco and Chicago passed laws where illegal aliens can vote in local elections.
Well, most local elections are held at the same time as off-year elections and, of course, general elections.
So that's what they're doing.
I mean, how do you go in to vote local when that's the second page or whatever, but you don't vote in the national?
That's not differentiated.
That's a fact that that's going on.
So now, of course, the big issue is the apportionment of electoral votes in the Electoral College.
The illegals are immediately being able to vote because they're in blue cities.
So those are new blue districts that go to Democrats.
And that's how they bring in a million Islamists from Gaza and only put them in a few key cities like Minneapolis, St.
Paul, or Austin, Texas.
They can keep that area deep blue because it's going to apportion, again, that in a key district that's Democrat.
And the Democrats are now officially trying to pass a law that that's the case to block Trump if he gets in.
Passing a law that they can't do that.
So here's the headline.
invasion by design, House Dems vote unanimously to give illegals congressional and
Electoral College representation. Breaking, House Democrats vote unanimously
to give illegal aliens representation in Congress and Electoral College. That is a
big, big deal and it ties in with this that I'm going to be getting to.
Vermont expands program to help non-whites become homeowners for $25,000 forgivable loans.
Now, sounds nice on the surface, right?
What's really going on here?
Very important and it's happening all over the country.
It's happening all over the world.
Look at this.
Trudeau government offers free access to national parks for illegal aliens.
They call them migrants only.
How does that tie together?
I'll explain it.
Mob of illegals climb over California barrier.
High-five Border Patrol agent.
The Border Patrol threatens to arrest reporters that show the treason.
So more and more of the Border Patrol are in on it.
They're woke.
I'd say the Border Patrol was 95% good men and women even five years ago, but they have gotten a lot of the good people left.
And so they've, I'd say they're 25% now.
And I've talked to high level Border Patrol.
They agree with that number.
That's where I got it from and federal judges.
Let's see, around 25% are woke and a lot of them now are on the cartel payroll.
So, one of our best institutions, our Border Patrol, is being destroyed.
So, that's all coming up in the Border Stack.
Biden has really done it again.
He claimed that inflation was higher under Trump than it is under him.
That is a manifest lie.
Even with Cook government numbers, that's not true.
We'll be going over those numbers as well.
And then separate from the bird flu hysteria that's now gone into warp speed, we also have a big stack on mainline science and huge studies out.
About brain damage and prions and the mad cow and humans caused by the shots and just he goes on and on huge stack there and now the government not just around the world.
It's all UN coded UN run in the law since 1948.
To pay them for every child that's injected, pediatricians are paid upwards of $100,000 per 200 children in their practice that are injected.
So they are mercs, mercenaries, paid hitmen of the system.
When you sit there and mindlessly trust your pediatrician.
There are many moral pediatricians that have practices that advertise, we only give you shots if you want them.
So, we know that.
And again, I work for a large animal vet off and on.
For five years starting when I was 11.
They would just send me for a month of the summer.
And 12 and 13 and then.
When I was.
16, I was kicked out of high school for fighting.
I didn't go.
I went to jail, but I wasn't wasn't charged in it.
But that's why I was, you know, they said you're taking a year off going to the ranch.
Also worked a full year there.
And he had a large animal vet facility and vets that work for him.
But he also had a small animal building.
He had buildings in multiple counties.
And he was top of his class, Texas A&M.
And Jess Adkins.
And he would point blank, just tell the people coming in, oh no, all they need is rabies.
And the stuff doesn't really work.
And if you want your cat to get feline leukemia, Then just go ahead and every time you come in for a checkup, get the shots because he goes, they are contaminated and it'll kill your dog.
It'll kill your cat.
I'm hard pressed with the cat we have.
To find a place that will shop his balls off.
So he's not trying to run out of the house at night and find girls all day.
He's really well behaved.
He doesn't piss on the walls and stuff, but.
I literally cannot find a vet that will neuter the cat.
Who won't want to shoot him up with a bunch of crap.
And it just comes down to that.
Of course, my cat's super healthy.
Other people's cats are super sick.
And I have a top of his class veterinarian I work for that knew that.
35 years ago, I was told this.
So it's anecdotal, but that's an actual veterinarian, you know, that had multiple practices and was like the top guy in six, seven counties around, everybody wanted.
Because he knew, I mean, he managed the giant herds of cattle, horses.
He'd have teams of up to 30, 40 cowboys working for him.
I mean, this was industrial stuff.
He did artificial insemination.
I don't know why I'm going off on a story on that.
It was very interesting.
Talk about a workaholic.
Oh my God, his dad was so cool.
Died at over 100.
That guy was amazing.
Talk about like John Wayne or something.
But I'm going back to history.
It doesn't matter.
Someday I ought to write a book about my life and maybe have a chapter about that.
That was something else, man.
Gosh, those cowboys would work all day long and then go out and party at night.
And they all owned, like, gravel trucks on the side and hauled gravel.
And these people are just wild.
And it's just sad to see that that's not the work ethic of the country anymore.
But I digress.
Okay, so continuing on with the stuff that's going on here.
We also have Biden halt shipments of U.S.-made ammunition to Israel, first time since October 7th.
We've also got all these leftists coming out and backtracking, not just Chris Cuomo, but his brother, the former governor, who killed a lot of people with the ventilators following the U.N.
They're now, oh, we never wanted to make you take a shot, or we never wanted to make you wear a mask.
None of that's true.
However much is good for you.
They are doing a rehabilitation tour for the BS that they have engaged in.
Also, the Stormy Daniels case completely blew up their face.
Even CNN says it was a disaster.
She was caught in all these lies.
We then have a high-level Hollywood producer caught trying to solicit a 15-year-old girl, which is, you know, just par for the course, but he's caught on video doing that.
We also have something very, very interesting that I mentioned last week.
I mean, I covered it for like five minutes, but the crew pointed out something I missed in my speed reading.
They have soybeans coming out.
Whether you want to eat them or not, they're in all the different fillers and things.
Just like Klaus Schwab says, you will eat the bugs, well, you will eat the pig meat.
I wonder what the Muslims are going to think.
It literally has pig, Cells, pig protein cells that grows in the soybean.
It's a pharmacological crop.
And the name of the company, this is what I missed, is Molek.
The Canaanite human sacrifice god that they would have like big arms, like a big, basically a big griddle metal pan.
And then people will go throw their children on it and watch them fry and pop and jump.
That's how it was described, as the baby screamed out their last minutes frying on a frying pan and the juices of the fat of babies that had already been roasted.
Sometimes they'd throw up to 500 babies at a time, the archaeologists have discovered, into this big giant pan to mow it.
And so the folks that are not going to, it's been approved with no research, no background, just, oh, it's totally approved.
Now, the soybeans are pink.
And not the leaves of the soybean, not the husk of the soybean, but the soybean itself is pink because it is pig!
Isn't that liberal?
Isn't that loving?
Isn't that trendy?
So trendy to eat bug protein and eat soybeans that literally grow pig tissue.
That's just some of what we've got here in the stack today, and it's kind of like taking a big deep breath.
Before the plunge.
And I hate to say, see, we told you so.
I don't think I need to tell most of you.
This tyranny is just blaringly.
Blaringly obvious, but let's go ahead and get into bird flu.
Without doing a 10 hour.
History lesson on this.
They have been hyping bird flu, as many of you know, for several decades.
China uses it for lockdowns and political control all the time.
There's really not a lot of evidence that there's any real bird flu ever affecting humans.
Most of what is affecting humans is the toxic environment in China and the fact that they have such bad nutrition.
But you can see it in live time right now.
So there's so many stories here.
There's the big one that they're going to use this to disrupt the election.
If enough people see that it's a fraud and there's not enough hysteria, then they may back down.
But starting six months ago, the CDC and the FDA and the federal agencies all got behind the fear-mongering and the federal government started producing hundreds of millions of injections of a, quote, bird flu vaccine that they just magically developed out of the blue sky for this exact strain.
And then that exact strain is spreading, and oh my god, we're all dead, even though they admit no humans ever contracted this strain.
So you've got all the telltale signs, if not telltale signs,
it's absolute fact that there's no way they magically already have a vaccine
with this exact strain that just magically popped up a few months ago.
And that they've magically started producing it months and months ago.
And then it's all just this drumbeat of hysteria being rolled out.
Of course, they admit it's a very dangerous shot, but Biden has waived any federal rules,
just like Trump did with Operation Warp Speed, to just let them secretly do whatever they want,
put it in whatever they want, not tell you what it does.
Pfizer got caught conducting fake trials.
That's the reason nobody died in their real trials.
A bunch of people did die.
That's in my stack today, mainstream news.
What's amazing is this is all coming out, but it's like background noise.
Just, and that's why you see the backtracking by the pundits and the people that pushed it
on every major channel.
Now they were always against it.
Now it wasn't a good idea because they know it's coming out.
But how do you kill a story that's exposing you?
You bring out another big story.
Wars, financial collapse, open borders, and a new virus.
So the big story is they're definitely rolling it out.
They're definitely going to try to create the hysteria and get everybody scared and lining up to take the shots.
And then, of course, the shots will make them sick.
A lot of them will die.
And they'll say that's bird flu.
I mean, you know how this works.
But it's also to get the U.N.
treaty that's been stalling, because the first versions were just lock everybody up, force injections, U.N.
run martial law.
The next version we've covered was, oh, well, we'll let the countries opt in and then they can have their own martial law plan that we write for them.
And so we've got all of that happening.
They're trying to ram the treaty through.
But then there's just, this is an illustration of how deceptive these scumbags are.
Because this is so crystal clear.
That I could show you local and national news saying, oh, bird flu, it's everywhere.
Humans are getting bird flu.
And then I'll show you all the official CDC and UN official documents saying no one has gotten it.
While they run around testing thousands all over the place and creating hysteria, trying to find someone or where a test comes up and says it is.
And they'll use that false test to run around and roll in the tyranny like they rigged the PCR test.
Turn them up 40 times, they're supposed to be, or anything would be considered.
You know, they tested tomatoes and papayas and broccoli and rats and Coca-Cola, remember?
And it all came up, oh, this has got COVID.
But they tell you, oh, a dairy worker's got it.
Then, oh, never actually developed it.
They do the same story over and over again.
So here it is.
RFK warns that the WHO is on the verge of passing its pandemic treaty.
The American Journal covered it.
Another election pandemic.
Seventy people monitored for bird flu in Colorado alone.
World Health Assembly agrees to launch process to develop historic global accords on pandemic prevention, preparedness, and response.
Bird flu likely to infect more humans, Bloomberg claims.
Bloomberg claims it's going to infect more humans and then they admit it hasn't infected anybody.
Let me show you.
Federal agency preparing for bird flu to jump to humans.
So they just know it's going to jump.
They're going to release a new strain.
They're going to poison some folks and say that's what it is.
Bird flu in U.S.
We're willing in.
As bird flu Fears rise.
The world is negotiating a pandemic treaty.
It looks like a disappointment.
Oh, it's not strong enough, Box says.
Bird flu in milk.
Can humans get bird flu?
How contagious is it?
The avian influenza explained.
FDA says bird flu in cow milk.
Here's no sign yet of H5N1 bird flu spreading between humans, says WHO.
And that was yesterday.
Gary Worker with bird flu, never developed respiratory symptoms, only pink eye.
NBC News.
Then later they admitted and retracted it and just showed it on screen.
Oh, he didn't have bird flu.
But, oh my god, he's got bird flu!
And then, oh, actually, he never had bird flu.
NBC News.
Colorado officials probe sources of H5N1 in cows as USDA confirms more infected mammals.
But none of the cows are sick, by the way.
It's all just made-up crap.
Bird flu latest.
Avian influenza isn't killing cows.
Experts are still worried.
Biden administration to exclude avian influenza COVID-19 from risky research rules.
They can do gain-of-function whenever they want because it's such a threat.
A dangerous vaccine for nothing disease.
stockpiling bird flu vaccine.
See, I tell you, and then I show you the article.
I don't like the media just says, Jones says he loves Hitler, and then they never show the clip.
Or Jones says he rapes women, never show the clip.
I tell you the synopsis, then I deliver it for you.
I'll show you where you can get it for yourself.
A really key thing we're going to cover next hour, self-replicating nanobots found in both vaxxed and unvaxxed.
Giant report.
Ties in with all this.
So that's just some of what we're going to be hitting.
That's only half that stack.
But this big stack ties in with it.
But believe it.
You don't need to believe me.
You see it.
They are getting ready.
In fact, they're not getting ready.
We're already into this area.
You can say yesterday's the day.
Let's say May 8th, I think, is really when it went into full operation.
I've also talked to some of my sources in the federal government, the same ones that said they were going to try to roll this crap out again last year with monkeypox, didn't work.
This time they're going to, they're told it's coming.
I'll tell you about that information exclusively next hour and so much more.
Now I want to hit Biden and the economy and him saying inflation's low under him and just huge bank run news that isn't even getting any attention and bank failure news is getting almost no attention.
That's all coming up next segment.
And then I'm going to continue on with all this analysis and so much more in the second hour as well.
More on the Open Border.
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The Gaslighter-in-Chief, the man that is the puppet of Obama, he would be a world champion if lying was an Olympic sport.
Joe Biden has come out, well you'll see it for yourself, and said that inflation was worse when Trump was in than under him when it was actually 1.4%.
And Biden is also saying, don't worry about the increased prices.
You've got plenty of money.
All of you have plenty of money.
Didn't you know that?
Now they say Maria Trinet probably didn't say, let them eat cake when they were begging for food outside the palace.
Over a hundred thousand people let her stormed it and cut her head off a few days later.
But Biden did say, let them eat cake.
Let's play a few of these clips.
No president's had the run we've had in terms of creating jobs and bringing down inflation.
It was 9% when I came to office.
But look, people have a right to be concerned.
What about, I mean, but there's real pain.
I mean, grocery prices are up 30%, more than 30%.
Since the beginning of the pandemic and people are spending more on food and groceries than they have at any time really in the past 30 years.
I mean, that's a real day-to-day pain that people know.
No, it really is and it's real.
But the fact is that If you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend.
It angers them and angers me that you have to spend more.
For example, the whole idea of this notion that Senator Casey talked about, shrinkflation.
I think it's on your program.
Same price for a smaller bottle of juice or something.
For example, Stickers Bar, they did a thing, and it's like 20% less for the same price.
That's corporate greed.
That's corporate greed.
And we've got to deal with it, and that's what I'm working on.
All corporations are bad now.
Your little corporation where you own a car wash, your little corporation where you own a little breakfast shop, your little corporation where you sell knitted handbags that your grandma makes.
You, your grandma that knits quilts in Arkansas, maybe makes $30,000 a year.
She's greedy.
Remember when Biden blamed the incredible gas prices on the gas stations?
Anybody that knows gas business knows most of them lose money on the gas or they break even.
They make money on the lottery tickets and soda pop and all the rest of it.
But again, anybody that knows anything about business knows this is all a lie.
Yes, the private Federal Reserve and the monetary policy is the greed.
But to say that restaurants have made their menus a lot smaller, so they can buy more of only a few things, to not pass the prices on, or to say that our costs haven't gone up for the great ingredients we use in our supplements, we still haven't raised prices, but it's cut into our operational money because we haven't gone up in prices in years, and inflation's exploded!
And they're cutting off farms and fertilizer all over the world, and food prices are exploding, and they're cutting off the gas pipelines, and they're shutting down the nuclear reactors, and they're cutting off the coal and the natural gas, cutting off the real resources, And then Biden's saying, you've got the money.
They've got the money.
Everybody's got the money.
Even though I've got families that have degrees and jobs, they're all working at least two jobs, a lot of them three jobs.
But the globalists always say, oh, like Larry Fink said last week, you know, we need to set up the new world order and have the central bank digital currency and it'll make sure you have all the things you need.
And he claims his system will redistribute wealth.
Just 40 years ago, 50 years ago, half the wealth in the world was in America, and most of it was in the middle class.
Now, 80 plus percent of the wealth is in less than one-tenth of one percent, and it's growing.
We have the greatest disparity of wealth ever, and it's all the globalists.
They're the ones that hardly even pay any taxes.
So I'm going to shut up, because I'm going to have a quick visit with Dr. Kirk Elliott.
He joined us for an hour a few days ago, but I begged him to come back on today for just the next 23 minutes or so we have left to hit a few of the new breaking things that are developing that he needs time to hit.
And we have some clips, but I just brought this whole other subject of Biden saying, everybody's got plenty of money.
They're just angry.
And it's the corporations.
They're the reason that the prices have gone up.
Well, yeah, one corporation, the private Federal Reserve, and then the BlackRocks that are built around that.
Is that accurate, Dr. Kirk Elliott, a very successful economist and 25 plus years in the gold and silver business?
What do you make of this level of deception?
Well, it's sad, Alex, because Biden's always caught lying.
Just always caught lying.
And so is his press secretary.
I mean, she's the proxy of lying for the administration.
When John Pierre gets up there and starts talking, you know, not enough lies can come out of her mouth and people stop believing her.
So, who do they have come and speak on May 4th?
Mark Hamill.
Who is Mark Hamill?
He was Luke Skywalker, right?
It's like, okay, let's have this guy on May the 4th, Be With You Day, come up and speak because People don't believe me anymore.
They think I keep lying.
So let's have the guy who is trained by Yoda come up and speak, because he's got to be wise, talking about Biden's inflation and how it's low and how they're doing such a great job.
And Alex, people believe that nonsense because he was trained by Yoda.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
But here's the numbers that just came out this morning.
The weekly jobless claims jumped to 231,000.
That's the highest level since August.
Okay, highest level since August.
But yet, Biden claims that we're winning this war, not just against inflation, but the economy is booming under his administration, that people are working, that wages are going up.
And everything's an absolute patented lie.
So, I had sent you some little graphs from MRC that talk about the comparison in the last 38 months between Biden's economy and Trump's economy.
And those are very kind of important to look at because Biden claims that inflation was 9% when he came in when it was actually 1.4 but yet in that clip that you just showed he said it appalls me it's it's disgusting about shrinkflation and corporate greed and and people can't afford this stuff and it's like wait a second I thought you just said like a minute earlier that you were winning the war on inflation and inflation was worse under Trump, but now you're angry that people can't afford to buy stuff and there's shrinkflation.
It's like, what's the real story?
I mean, in a one minute span.
The lies just keep spewing out and he's being caught and so I want to look at the difference between a good leader and a bad leader because obviously Biden's a bad leader and what was the economy like under Trump versus under Biden?
So you look at gas prices and the first chart that I wanted to look at on January of 2021 when Trump became When Trump left office and Biden became president, what was gas prices?
$2.42 a gallon.
What are they today?
42 cents a gallon. What are they today? $3.54. That's up 46%.
Inflation has really gone from 9% to 1.4% when petroleum is like the biggest expenditure outside of a house that people usually have because everything uses gas, right?
Real wages under Biden have come down on average, Alex, $375 per quarter.
So that's like $1,400 a year.
And Doc, help us for a minute, because I want to show these graphs.
You sent the crew a whole bunch of graphs, a whole bunch of documents, a whole bunch of articles.
They don't see a link in the email to a specific graph.
So I've got, we'll do an overhead shot.
We'll work through this here on air together.
Here's the incredible breakdown you sent us.
You do so much research.
Overhead shot, please.
And then you just tell us, out of this, which one of these links is it you want us to pull up?
So it's under Bydenomics at the bottom.
Next page it would be on.
So where it goes talks about biodynamics is the very first one.
Okay, very first one we talk about Bidenomics.
Where presidential economic policy will, you know, kill or save our economy.
Okay, great, thank you.
So, there we go, thank you.
So, check this out.
Gas prices when Trump left his last day, $242, now they're $354 with Biden.
That's up 46%.
Those numbers don't lie.
They absolutely don't lie.
So, look at real wages, the next one.
They've gone down under Biden on average $375 a quarter.
That's the next chart in that whole series.
Well, that's $1,400-$1,500 a year.
next chart in that in that whole series. Well that's $1,400 a year. But wait a second. I
thought under Biden wages were going up according to him.
And jobs are increasing.
We just saw that over 200,000 jobs went away.
New jobless claims.
It's like, hmm.
Something's not adding up.
Let's look at the next one.
The largest expenditure that people have.
Their mortgage.
Their home.
So, from Trump's regime in his administration, 2017 to 2021, average mortgage rates came down 32%.
They came down while he was president.
Under Biden, rates on mortgages have gone up 146%.
Now we have to ask why.
I always want to ask why these things happen, not just that they're there.
But under Biden, they've printed more money than any president in the history of our country, right?
That creates inflation.
The way that you slow down inflation is to raise interest rates to increase the cost of borrowing.
And so we've got this inflationary pressures that we're seeing, which everything is more expensive.
You've got rising interest rates.
To slow down that inflation and so now the pickle is we're in debt up to our eyeballs as a nation.
We just surpassed a trillion dollars of credit card debt and now we've got rising interest rates.
Boy, this is the beginning of social upheaval because social upheaval always follows, Alex, economic disarray.
It always does.
When people can't pay their rent or their mortgage or their utility bills, they can't feed their kids.
It starts to go crazy and now Biden is blaming corporate America for shrinkflation.
Having a regular, what is that?
Like a regular sized cereal box on the shelf, but when you open it up it's only half full.
It's like, where's the rest of it?
You know, they're tricking consumers.
He blames that on corporate greed.
It's not corporate greed.
Cost of goods is going through the roof because of the inflation because they're printing money like there's no tomorrow.
That's why a Big Mac fries and a Coke is now $18.
Three years ago it was $8.
That was even in a Reuters report.
I mean, that is more than doubling the cost.
Of McDonald's slop.
That tells us inflation is not.
And notice McDonald's and others didn't go up right away.
They waited and waited and suddenly jumped for the last few years of inflation to cover that because they were going to go bankrupt.
Well, yeah, I mean, I mean, Alex, everything is a big Mac and fries worth $18.
It's probably not even worth like $4.
I don't know what I would pay for it, but I wouldn't pay $18 for it because that's ridiculous.
So now, why wouldn't we pay $18?
Because we can't afford it.
Right, so savings rates in America, that next chart I gave you, under Trump when the economy was growing, when he was bringing manufacturing back to America and people were working, which means people could spend in tax revenues, income tax, savings, everything was going up.
Savings rates went up 129%.
Under Biden, they're down 72%.
So what does that mean?
Under Trump's administration, people had access at the end of the month.
That's a 200% change.
I mean, it's awful.
And under Biden, people can't afford to live, and they're withdrawing from their savings accounts just to survive.
Which then puts pressure on the banks that you've been warning of for years, and has now come true.
What do you make of his comment?
I'm going to play it again.
Not the whole clip.
I already played it 10 minutes ago.
But in case people just tuned in, him saying, oh, people have got plenty of money.
You know, you're mad it costs more, but you've got the money.
What, something like 70% it was 65, six months ago.
70% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck can't pay their credit card bills.
That's a terminal level for everything.
For rent, for cars, for just everything.
I mean, this is like flatlining.
I'm not an economist like you, Dr. Elliott, but is that not flatlining?
Let's play the clip of Biden.
I'll get your take on that.
Real day-to-day pain that people feel.
No, it really is.
And it's real.
But the fact is that If you take a look at what people have, they have the money to spend.
It angers them and angers me that you have to spend more.
For example, the whole idea of this notion that Senator Casey talked about, shrinkflation.
I think it's on your program.
Same price for a smaller bottle of juice or something.
For example, Stickers Bar, they did a thing, and it's like 20% less for the same price.
That's greed.
That's corporate greed.
And we've got to deal with it, and that's what I'm working on.
This guy that sold out to the Russians, the Chai-coms, the Ukrainians.
Tell us about corporate greed, Dr. Elliott.
So, it's not corporate greed.
These corporations... I mean, yeah, corporations can be greedier.
They don't have to be.
This is not a function of... Tyson!
Tyson's a global... But it came out two days ago and said, we're in panic mode.
The people can't pay for our product.
This is insane!
It's insane.
And so to me, we have to measure what inflation really is.
And rising prices are not inflation.
That's a symptom of inflation.
Really, inflation is nothing more than increasing money supply because it takes if you just inflate the money supply to fund every stimulus under the sun and raise the debt ceiling.
That devalues the currency and when you've got more currency flooding the markets, it turns into monopoly money.
And the people who produce things like Tyson or gas companies or whatever, anytime they say, well, we're taking your worthless dollars in exchange for our valuable goods and services, we're just going to take more of them.
We're going to raise our prices so we get more of your junk currency.
I want you to tell us where this is going, but let's play the clip because last time we were on we played Alan Greenspan saying we have unlimited money, but that's not true.
Here's the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New Zealand, also private, saying we can print money and people believe it's real.
This is a great business to be in.
Here it is.
We actually fund ourselves and then work out what dividend is needed to pay.
So it's a great business to be in central banking.
Print money and people believe it.
So they're laughing at us.
Well, what a bunch of jerks.
I mean, we print money and people believe it?
I mean, and they said being in central banking is a great business?
Right, so they're not in it for the people, they're in it for business.
He just said that.
Well, I thought that all that the central banks around the world were supposed to do was create a stable economy, a sound monetary system so people could thrive and interact and buy things.
Instead, they're vertically integrating all the wealth and destroying everything.
I mean, that's the goal is for them to actually create a stable economy and full employment.
What he just said is actually the truth and got caught on tape.
It's like, we're a business.
This is a good business to be in and we can print money and people believe it.
That's right.
They're not in it for the people.
That clip is so powerful.
They're in it for themselves.
I agree.
That clip is so powerful.
I'm interrupting because we have limited time.
We've got to come back for two hours soon to go over all this.
Play the clip back to back twice.
Play it.
We actually fund ourselves and then work out what dividend is needed to pay.
It's a great business to be in central banking.
Print money and people believe it.
We actually fund ourselves and then work out what dividend is needed to pay.
It's a great business to be in central banking.
Print money and people believe it.
So, they get first use, they buy up the economy, they pay themselves hundreds of millions of dollars, it doesn't matter if things get inflated, they just pay themselves more, and they pass all the inflation, all the crime, all the hell to us, and say, oh, it's good for the earth to destroy the economy.
Boy, they really have figured this out, haven't they?
Well, they haven't.
So this reminds me of the video we watched on the last show that we did of Jared Bernstein, you know, the chief of the Council for Economic Advisers for Biden, when he couldn't even figure out or explain, you know, that the government Which is the Treasury Department issues bonds and the Fed buys them.
He couldn't explain the mechanism and the interplay between who buys our bonds, it's the Fed.
He was trying to pretend that the Fed is a government institution when it's not.
It's a private bank.
And those people who are just talking on there, the New Zealand Central Bank, basically said it's a business.
We're in this to make money, and ha ha ha, we get to print money and people believe it.
I noticed he said we take care of ourselves first, whatever we want to do, and then we just monetize it.
Yeah, and that's why Bernstein had such a hard time explaining this, because he doesn't want the world to know what that central banker just exposed.
That this is a business, it's not a government institution.
He was having a hard time fumbling around with his words because he needed to calculate them.
I'm positive of that.
But he doesn't want people to know this is a private bank printing money out of thin air, buying U.S.
Treasuries, and that all causes the inflationary pressures that we're seeing.
So he pretended that the Fed and the Treasury Department were both parts of the federal government.
Alex, they are not.
You know this.
You've been talking about this for decades.
The Federal Reserve is not part of the federal government.
It's a private bank, just like the Bank of New Zealand.
We're out of time, but the bottom line, as you predicted this years ago on my show for six or seven months, now people are pulling their money out of the banks.
They don't have any savings.
The banks are out of FDIC backup.
You're going to start seeing the failures.
It's already begun.
They're trying to keep it low on the radar.
That's the big issue.
The time we have left for the next hour and all this news that's so important, folks, please stay with us and spread the word.
You have a five star rated 25 plus year old company.
I haven't had a gold or silver sponsor in a decade because I couldn't find one that was good.
And I'm like, wait a minute, I know Dr. Kirk Elliott.
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I know about his work.
He's five stars.
I called you on as a guest.
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We're getting great reviews.
My family's using you.
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Silver, gold, you name it.
Bare minimum to protect your wealth and to have a hedge against inflation that's already here.
And probably overall in the aggregate, I can only see it going up in this inflationary system that we're spiraling into.
But tell people about your great services and why they should call you.
Well, the why is we have to get out of the central bank system.
We have to get out of paper money, as we know it, fiat based currency, because that's so easily manipulated.
They can print, print, print, print, print.
But what happens in times of inflation?
Things go up in price.
They go up in price.
I don't care if it's a bicycle or cereal like what they were talking about on that clip with shrinkflation or oil or gas or gold or silver.
In times of inflation, things go up in price.
So bottom line, what's gold and silver?
It's a thing.
They respond very well to inflation because it takes more of that junk currency to buy valuable things that are scarce like gold and silver.
That's why the prices are going up.
So when we talk about investing and taking care of a client's portfolio, being in the right place at the right time, we identify the social, political, economic, spiritual underpinnings of our society and we allocate into strength.
It's as easy as that.
When different times in history, different things are strong.
Right now, as the foundations around us are eroding, as the inflationary pressures keep persisting, as taxes are going up, there's wars and rumors of wars.
Every one of those fundamental forces are like a balloon pushing the price of gold and silver up.
So we simply take advantage of it and allocate into it.
And Alex, I'm not talking about paper versions.
No ETFs, no mining shares, no mutual funds.
That's all paper.
I'm talking about physical metals that people can own in an IRA or outside of an IRA.
Take advantage of these trends while the trend is here and allocate into strength.
So you can grow and thrive and feel safer in a world where the government has gone wild and they're out of control.
And you've got chief of the council, economic advisors, not even knowing what a bond is.
And basically he is the one whispering into Biden's ear.
It's like this is insanity.
It's an absolute clown show.
And yet, we're living in this world, so it's like, okay, bring peace into this, Dr. Kirk.
Bring peace into the situation.
That's where gold and silver come into play.
And people, every one of my clients, can take a deep breath and think, okay, I can't fix these politics, but I can fix my own finances.
I just have to act and take a leap of faith and step out and do something different than what my normal advisor is telling me, that when stocks stink, go into bonds, and bonds stink, go into stocks.
Go into precious metals that thrive during times of inflation and chaos.
Everybody should be in them.
You're the place to go right now.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
KEPM forward slash gold.
Put it back on screen, please.
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KEPM.com forward slash gold.
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Be one of the smartest things you ever did.
Be one of the smartest things you ever did.
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Have friends and family aware of what's going on.
Try to garden, but right after that, have firearms ready to defend yourself.
Have storable foods and get gold and silver now.
Dr. Elliott, thank you so much for the time.
You bet.
It's my pleasure.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
I think the U.S.
economy is about to hit the skids and Russia and the BRICS nations are playing a masterful game of chess.
And our administration's going in with like a checkerboard.
They're not even... And the Federal Reserve has signaled they're down with interest rates.
And things are going to get so bad, the globalists are going to usher in a new world of central bank digital currency.
A form of money you could not see.
Central bank digital currencies.
They don't hide in the shadows anymore.
They tell us exactly what they're going to do.
That's what's so frustrating.
If you study it, you know the battle plan, but they know the public doesn't check that out.
But we're able to give it to the public.
That could really mess up their operation.
The world is going to see a functioning CBDC very soon, within the coming year.
We saw bank failure 1.0.
It was Silicon Valley, Credit Suisse, First Republic, Silvergate Bank.
I mean, all of those.
First, we had the effects of a dramatic rise in interest rates, leading to the closure of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic Bank.
That was just a tremor before the bank broke.
Yes, I think bank failures 2.0 is coming.
I mean, just last week, the CEO of Citigroup said we're laying off 10% of our workforce.
So at times of crisis, which happens to be happening during an election year, People will say, okay, this is so bad.
Banks are shutting down.
All this economic failure.
We'll give you what you want.
Government just will give you away our freedoms.
Just take care of us.
Make sure that we can still feed our family.
But this is happening in surprising numbers.
We all sort of take our local bank for granted until it's gone.
That's happening in 4,000 other locations around the country.
And I think in the months ahead, we'll get more failures of regional banks around office space and commercial real estate.
Surveillance and privacy issues could arise if the central bank is able to monitor every transaction.
We've had, over the last three weeks, major disturbances in the banking world, right?
This comes after the regional bank suffered a week-long plunge in its stock, plus a credit downgrade.
We've seen stocks of things like Comerica Bank, PacWest Bank, New York Community Bank, and even Schwab just start to hit the skids.
Which, by the way, when you first came on months ago, you predicted this.
I mean, because the writing was on the wall.
There's another big concern that a central bank issued digital currency could cause a bank run during economic instability.
Here's the ugly reality.
We are no different than Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Greece, Cyprus.
Any country who loses demand for their currency and is forced to print, they go into an inflationary spiral that brings social chaos.
Tangible assets like gold and silver are so important, not just because they're growing, because I think it's a means to protect your financial privacy and financial freedom.
I think there's going to be alternative systems of using tangible assets like gold and silver to back private currencies for individuals to actually be able to transact business on their own, not be a digital slave in their digital world.
These are the kind of solutions that I've been shouting from the rooftops for decades, Alex.
Inflation is coming.
What happens to tangible assets like gold and silver during inflation?
They go up!
People do need to get basic gold and silver.
They need to at least stick their toe in the ocean and do it.
They need to go to your website, KEPM.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
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That's K-E-P-M dot com forward slash gold.
Or call 720-605-3900.
They need to talk to you folks and start getting gold and silver bullion now.
But regardless, we're in for an insane time.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
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Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals.
Soylent Green, ladies and gentlemen, is made out of people.
But now, children are literally being passed through the furnace in order to fuel hospitals in the UK.
They're being sacrificed on the altar of efficiency and prosperity.
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
The powdered flesh from dead babies.
Some people believe they can cure disease.
Because of its enormous popularity, Soylent Green is in short supply.
Remember, Tuesday is Soylent Green Day.
The supply of Soylent Green has been exhausted.
You must evacuate the area.
The federal court ruled that the shareholders of PepsiCo, big Bilderberg Group company, are not allowed to know what they're using the baby parts for in the flavoring, but we already know.
So enjoy the flavor!
We're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes.
I'm consistently pro-death.
I'm for assisted suicide.
I'm for regular suicide.
I'm for whatever gets the freeway moving.
...is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade up in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
They told me to say that they were sorry, but that you had become unreliable.
Is this the kind of society that you want to live in?
Any kind of society that would do this to its children will do it to its senior citizens.
It will do it to its dissidents.
That kind of society will also eventually turn on its police, on its army, on its prison guards, on the quizlings and the collaborators who make that possible.
This is nothing but a suicide cult.
The scoops are on their way.
The scoops are on their way.
I repeat, the scoops are on their way.
You will find out why Soylent Green means life.
You will find out why Soylent Green means death.
We've got to stop them!
What is the secret of Soylent Green?
Soylent Green is people!
The next thing they'll be breeding is like cattle.
For food.
You gotta tell them.
Overlook miracle drug for cancer.
Why big pharma fears fenbesdazole.
At least 12 anti-cancer mechanisms of action.
Nine research papers reviewed.
So I think this stuff is supposed to be low-cost and this is some of the speculation, the conspiracy theory about like why people are afraid of it.
Well, I hope that Flint is aware of this and that it helps him to recover from his cancer.
Yeah, that's why I brought it up.
That's very good to know.
I hope he's interested in even just examining it.
I think he will be.
I hope so.
But there's been some reaction to this?
I just found out about this a couple of days ago.
So these research papers, Fenn, go stop right there, has at least 12 proven anti-cancer mechanisms in vitro and in vivo.
It disrupts microtubulate polymerization, major mechanism, induces cell cycle, whatever that means, arrest, blocks glucose transport, and impairs glucose utilization by cancer cells.
increases p53 tumor suppressor levels, inhibits cancer cell viability,
inhibits cancer cell migration and invasion, induces apoptosis, induces autography,
induces-- they're trying to get me with all these words--
prioptosis and necrosis, induces differentiation and senescence, inhibits tunor angiogenesis,
reduces colony formation, and inhibits stemness in cancer cells, inhibits drug resistance, and sensitizes cells
to conventional chemo as well as radiation therapy.
Sensitizes cells to chemotherapy.
A very similar drug in the same family is already been approved by the FDA.
And that is, uh, mebendazole.
I wonder who sent Joe Rogan this information.
And it is in several, uh, several clinical trials right now for brain cancers and colon cancers.
So why are no fenbendazole?
The scam starts small over the generations.
Evil grows slowly.
But as people begin to bow down to it and not recognize it, it grows like a cancer and then it starts moving at light speed.
and that's where we are today.
All right.
I'm about to hit you and hit you hard.
This, uh, The stack of news right here is next level evil.
And we're going to break some news here.
As well.
Because it's one thing to have something in the news is one thing you hear about something have a whistleblower on the inside at Pfizer.
It was very close to coming on the show.
He's already sent us all his documents, his information.
We've just got to.
Change the.
Voice so that they don't.
Kill him.
Like you've seen with the Boeing whistleblowers.
Of course, since they killed two of them, one with a gunshot to the head, the other with a bioweapon.
Ten more have stepped into the place saying we're not intimidated.
That's kind of an interesting little parable for the people doing this, that they thought we were intimidated.
We were asleep.
Now we're awake.
We're not intimidated.
At least a lot of us aren't.
We're pissed off.
So, Gregory's put out a five-minute report.
If you watch his last dozen reports or so on the subject, it's all congruent.
It all proves what's happening.
And so, there's new documents coming out all the time and new emails in Congress that, oh, Fauci calls it gain of function, and they created the COVID virus in 2014 with Obama at the University of Texas in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
You're like, yeah, we've been hearing this for four years, Alex, we know about it.
Hell, we got clips of me talking about 2014.
It was a big scandal.
Scientists at the university said, you're making weaponized flu.
Mixing HIV and flu and cold viruses and bird flu together.
What are you doing?
This is illegal.
It was in major newspapers everywhere in 2014, 2015.
And so we already know the story, but more has come out since then.
Well, on the subject of graphene oxide and the lipid particles and how they've been designed to where they're put into 98.9 degrees of protein, which is your blood, they start growing and they've been designed to create a matrix.
And that's why all these coroners and pathologists around the world say, we've never seen anything like it.
You know, 30, 40 years, some of these people have been working Top, you know, head of the German National Pathology Union said, we've never seen anything like this.
The turbo cancers, the people die, and it's like, well, it's not like, if you leave a soup on the stove, say a beef broth or, you know, you're cooking a beef rib.
And you don't eat it, you forget to.
You only eat part of it.
You leave it on the stove.
It cools down to 70 degrees.
You get up in the morning and there's that fat at the top.
And then the rib meat and then the carrots and stuff are down there.
It's the same thing.
It's not like you're living while there's this sludge as thick as is in the tumors.
It's that when you died because it was already in your body and was causing heart attacks, then it separates out.
And they go, what the hell?
I mean, they're seeing at these mortuaries every day, something they never saw, where they'll just pull out of a crowded ordering, some big old fat thing, half the size of a hot dog and two feet long.
And you're like, how the hell?
I've had the corners on.
They're like, how the hell did this person even live?
How did they, how did they do this?
How did they survive this long?
By the way, in the break, guys, give me a new clip.
I've asked for a couple of days.
This clip pops off constantly.
The clip is broken.
I can't do the show with it anymore, okay?
It's just a constant, like, every five minutes I'm fixing it.
I'm like, can I have a new clip?
It's like, I don't know, it's like this weird thing.
Like, Karuna does a great job, but on certain things, like if it's key, maybe we don't have another clip.
I'm just driving me nuts right now.
So, continuing here.
My earpiece keeps falling out.
The point is, is that they know exactly what they're doing, and it is self-assembling nanotech in the body.
And we were finding this stuff decades ago, but right when they rolled out the COVID hysteria four years ago, we got all the literature, and they were keeping secret what was in the Pfizer shots and the Moderna shots and the rest of it.
But whistleblowers actually released, it's later been confirmed, what was in it and it was a giant test.
They were changing thousands of times at Moderna and Pfizer run by the Pentagon.
They were just front companies.
What they were putting in it, they were testing all sorts of stuff.
Ebola, Marburg, all sorts of bird flus.
Just to see, because humans are so tough, and most of these diseases we can't get, they were putting zoological viruses that had been weaponized into us, hoping they could find some people that would actually hit, and then they could send in their medical teams and, oh, we want to study the body, take the body away, to sanguinate it, suck all the juices out, and then try to study How to weaponize that against people like that clip I played 10 times last week of Gates going, yeah, we're just messing around.
We don't know what this mRNA is going to do.
We're just putting it in you to test it as guinea pigs.
We just shoot it right in the kids' veins.
So they're turning us into the biological factories.
You hear all about how fruit and vegetables can be designed to grow pig protein or whatever they want.
They're doing it to us, and the hospitals don't know.
They just get an added bonus so they can say, hey, we'll take off half your bill for your dad that died, or your mom, or your brother, your sister, your cousin.
You're the next of kin.
Just sign here for medical study.
Your dad will help with this, and we'll knock half your bill off.
And then they take the body away, and they can suck it all dry.
And just like they did at Wuhan with thousands of pigs, they would inject with these zoological viruses, because pigs are closest to humans, to see what would jump into us.
And I could go on for a hundred hours about this, but I'm going to play the Gregory's report that just came out today.
It's got to be his 13th, 14th report, because I went and looked today.
He's done like 13 or 14 on nano stuff in the last four years.
It may be more.
I felt like 13 or 14.
And this is all confirmed in the literature.
And he put all his reports together.
You know, all the evidence is there.
is there.
So, self-replicating nanobots found in both the vaxed and unvaxed, Greg Reese.
Here's the report, and then I'm going to go into all of this new information ahead of the next guest coming on next hour.
And it'll take me about 15 minutes, 20 minutes to hit this.
Then I'll hit all the border news and political news and the other stuff that's going on before the guest comes on.
I'll probably go some of the fourth hour to hit this, but this is being done premeditatedly.
And it is a fact that, yes, the so-called vaccinated are farms for prions.
That's the protein in the arteries.
Imagine what it's doing to your brain when that stuff grows in your brain.
And now young people, millions, have what they call, you know, juvenile Alzheimer's suddenly.
And they're like, well, it's no big deal.
And cancer's off the chart and life expectancy is plummeting and population suddenly starts plummeting in the last few years.
And it's all a giant project to test this on the public and find cures for themselves.
And they send out certain hot batches as well to key areas that are way stronger because they want to kill people, but they also want to find who took the shot, who survived it.
So not everybody gets the super deadly shots.
They'll send them out key range finding.
It's like a range finder.
Before you shoot a deer at 500 yards, you've got a range finder.
Yeah, I think that deer is about 500 yards.
Let me test.
Okay, it's 540 yards.
I kind of guessed it.
Hit the rifle.
Click, click, click, click.
All right.
A little Coriolis effect.
All right.
Right in the heart.
Oh, good.
Good shot.
So it's battlefield range finding or green berets, lazing a target before F-16s or predators swoop in and drop bombs.
So everybody got a...
Poison shot at some level, but it was a gradient of what you were injected with.
Because they're range finding and then more importantly, if you survive when they gave you a hot shot.
Well, the hospital's got all your blood tests.
It's got all your things.
They're selling the biomedical companies.
They don't tell you about submitted.
And you survive, they've got those bags of blood, they've got those samples, they've got those tests, and it's confirmed, it's coming out in the news, we've got whistleblowers coming on soon, who did survive hot batches, who were then contacted by the CDC and said, hey, we really want you to come in for some tests and things, and we'll pay you $10,000.
We just come in for a CAT scan, we come in to give us, you know, a couple bags of blood, and people go, sure, I want to help.
And so you go into a CDC-approved place, they take blood, nurse has no idea what's going on, she's departmentalized, he's departmentalized, and They take it away and then they can sit there and look at how you survived what they just hit you with.
This is dangerous.
Here's Greg Raich's report.
And in 2008, he said that humans would become infused with nanorobots, which would vastly improve the human body.
If you go out, Even to 2045, that's only four decades from now, most of our intelligence of our human civilization will be non-biological.
We're going to put this inside our bodies and brains.
So we're going to become machines, but not... And if you say that, then people go, well, I don't want to become a machine.
Because they're thinking of machines as we knew them from the 19th century, which were much lesser than humans.
machines today are still lesser than humans. I'm talking about a new type of machine that's
actually greater, more subtle, more supple, more intelligent, more creative, more beautiful
than humans. In 2010, he interviewed Robert Freitas on the future of nanotechnology, who
said that nanorobots could cure aging and death. Medical nanorobots really have the
potential to extend human life more or less indefinitely.
So what's your view about the role of death and do we need death?
Death is something that is an end.
It's an end to life.
It's an end to progress.
It's an end to thoughts.
It's something to be cured.
Aging is a disease.
It's a curable disease.
Nanomedicine is the cure for that disease.
He said that this technology is expected to be deployed by 2020 and that laws will be in place to protect the public from its misuse.
I expect that by the time nanorobots are deployed, which will be sometime perhaps in the 2020s or the 2030s, we will have a whole set of laws in place, regulations.
There will be things you can and cannot do.
The laws were never put in place.
But the technology was patented and deployed to billions of people without their knowledge in 2020.
We know this because several independent labs have confirmed the presence of this nanotechnology in the COVID vaccines.
And Bill Gates recently admitted to this as well.
Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap and that's the magic of this thing.
But there's no doubt in the next five years we can, you know, we just need to mess around.
There's a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self-assembly.
Self-assembly and self-replication seem to be the same technology when it comes to nanorobots.
And this was considered to be the greatest danger involved with the use of this technology.
Self-replication causes disease.
Nanorobots are inherently much stronger than biological systems being built of diamondoids.
So if they self-replicate, that disease, quote-unquote, could be even a tougher problem than biological disease.
So, first of all, what's the feasibility of self-replication in the nanotechnology world?
As a general principle, you do not want to put self-replicating nanorobots inside the human body.
I suppose not everybody agrees with me on that, but that is the way I think that we can best guarantee safety.
If the robots, nanorobots, are able to replicate inside the human body, that means they are using some component of the human body as food.
Stop there.
And... Back it up ten seconds.
What do these nanobots do?
They admit it's in there.
It's self-replicating.
It looks just like computer chips.
We've covered this a hundred times at least.
It grows throughout the whole body.
It creates a sludge.
They want to roll all this out, but they want to camouflage it by contaminating billions of people with it and just hiding it in plain view and getting the medical system that didn't know what was happening to go along with it so they've now been corrupted.
See how smart this is from a satanic perspective?
So here they are 20 years ago.
Predicting what they've now already done to us.
They're going to tell us about this.
They've done it.
But they're not putting the jack in yet for the 5G.
That's in the patents.
This is just a mass test on the public to be able to see what works and what doesn't for themselves.
It's raw research on the public.
As a general principle, you do not want to put self-replicating nanorobots inside the human body.
I suppose not everybody agrees with me on that, but that is the way I think that we can best guarantee safety.
If the nanorobots are able to replicate inside the human body, that means they are using some component of the human body as food, and we don't want them to be doing that.
In his 1986 book, Engines of Creation, Kim Eric Drexler wrote about what he termed the Grey Goo Scenario, a hypothetical catastrophic event caused by out-of-control, self-replicating nanotechnology which consumes the biomass of the host.
And this is exactly what independent researchers are finding.
It explains the large so-called blood clots being found in the dead.
And it's spreading.
Evidence shows that the vaxxed are shedding this to the unvaxxed.
How do we prevent...
A terrorist or someone who's bent on destruction from creating such a self-replicating system.
There will be some terrorist acts because that's what humans do, unfortunately.
So what we're going to be needing in this era of nanofactories is something equivalent to the fire department.
Hopefully the incidents will be very few, but we will have an emergency regime which is set up to deal with that type of event.
Well, no.
You don't have a fire department.
You don't tell the public.
You hit four billion people with it.
Then it sheds onto others.
Isn't as bad.
It looks like there's ways to mitigate it.
But the point is, you see what they did now?
They don't wait.
They don't ask.
That's what Gates said.
And that's what Fauci said five, six years ago on C-SPAN interviews.
Oh, we're just going to blow up the old regime.
No more testing.
We test on you live.
So what we're going to be needing in this era of nanofactories is something equivalent to the fire department.
Hopefully the incidents will be very few, but we will have an emergency regime which is set up to deal with that type of event.
But the event is worldwide and there is no agency set up to put out this fire.
Our governments are not even discussing the problem and the perpetrators are planning a second round of nanobot deployment with another fake pandemic.
If we the people cannot unite and stand together now, then what exactly are we?
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
I posted that this morning on X at like 5 a.m.
I hope you share the video and sit real Alex Jones.
Or you can roll over and die.
Really, it's up to you.
All right.
So, we're living in an experiment.
This is happening.
There's no debating it.
It's there.
What are we going to do?
Well, now they're rolling out the bird flu, the next leg, as we told you they would.
Now, let's start drilling through this, okay?
We get paid to vaccinate your children.
Pediatrician reveals details of big pharma payola scheme.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars for every few hundred kids they inject.
It's all there.
It's all public.
Might want to read it.
So that's why would they do it?
They just get money.
OGBYN doctor calls on attorneys to sue institutions that force dangerous COVID shots on babies and pregnant women.
Upwards of 80% of the women in the first trimesters are having miscarriages when they take the shot.
He's coming on next hour.
Self-replicating nanobots found in both Vax and Unvax, that's the new report.
Second class, now this is key.
This is Der Spiegel, the most important, it's the New York Times of Germany.
Second class medicine, Germans unhappy with alternative swine flu vaccine.
Politicians were given a cleaner, better shot.
This is from 2009.
Point is, this goes on, this happens.
I'm going to get to the breaking exclusive news here in a moment.
And here it is, going live now.
At InfoWars.com.
Story's already written.
I've got a preview article here.
Exclusive Pfizer whistleblower leaks company email offering separate and distinct COVID-19 vaccines for workers.
And we don't just have it in the U.S.
or England.
We have documents and videos admitting it from the Senate in Australia.
Now, the fact checkers, when this began to break two years ago, said, well, it's not true.
They just didn't want to take away your shots.
They just had some set aside.
No, we have the company documents in multiple countries that it was a different shot altogether.
Because how do they convince their employees?
Don't take this.
We got something else.
It was sugar water.
It was saline.
It was salt water.
People tested it.
It was.
I've got that document.
We're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back with exclusive information inside emails, inside documents from Pfizer.
You're going to see this information straight ahead.
We're going to break.
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And I think you all know it too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're gonna turn this around.
So, buckle up, folks!
Buckle up and get ready now!
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now, and I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the New World Order's coming.
It's here.
You know how much the globalist control freaks hate this broadcast?
You know how much they hate the fact we're still on air?
You know what a thorn in their side it is that you have held us, with your gravity of support, in position?
I want to salute you all.
Because we are driving wooden stakes into these vampires' hearts, politically, culturally, spiritually.
And that is a real pleasure.
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We're an American man leading the people out of the new world order.
All right, let's get into the whistleblower information.
Now, all this is already confirmed.
They tried to deny it.
I've got government documents from the UK, the US, Canada, Australia.
I'm going to show them all to you, okay?
We do that unlike corporate media.
You'll find this stuff, see for yourself.
But these globalists love being mad scientists.
Ray Kurzweil was not just some billionaire that invented the optical scanner and all the rest of it.
Ray Kurzweil has been the chief futurist for 26 years, 25 years, since Google was founded in 1998.
And he's up there saying the future is not human.
So you hear that from Klaus Schwab, you hear it from Bill Gates, you hear it from Ewald Arari, you hear it from all of them.
That's where this is coming from.
I'm talking about terrorists that are going to release nanobots and take over.
Well, they've done it.
So, we got recently an overhead shot of this.
The guy gave us his name, his documents.
We always prove that whistleblower.
We've redacted it all.
A gentleman that has worked with Pfizer.
And he got this email, this letter, on January 8th, 2021, right before they rolled out the poison shots.
And it says, U.S.
essential colleague and contractor COVID.
You're essential, you're just still driving your car, leaving your house, everybody else is locked down to get the propaganda they thought actually got the truth.
These people didn't just believe the establishment, blew it with their face.
And it goes on here to say, the vaccine does be used for this program are separate and distinct from those committed by Pfizer to governments around the world.
So it says right there, Well, we'll do an overhead shot so it's clear for them that this is separate and distinct from what the general public is getting.
Now, we already have that in documents to know that, but they tried to deny that.
I'll show you in a moment.
So there's that information.
Let's show you some of the history of it.
Pfizer official admits company employees receive different COVID jabs than the rest of the population.
That's from last year.
Kelly McBrain.
We have our new article out on this today that I hope you go and share.
It's now gone live.
Exclusive Pfizer whistleblower leaks company email offering separate and distinct COVID-19 vaccines to workers.
Let's make sure we've posted that on Real Alex Jones on X right now.
So, Pfizer official admits company employees received different COVID jabs than the rest of the population.
Once that came out, they had the fact-checkers at USA Today say it's false.
But then they said, oh, they just held some back for themselves.
But we have the documents, not just here, but in Australia and other countries, that it was a separate, totally different concoction.
But there's their spin that, oh, no, no, no, we didn't mean that.
Because it's obvious they won't take it, but they want you to.
So let's play this clip.
This is... Pfizer employees were given a special batch different from what was forced into the population.
I don't see it on my list, but do we have that clip?
If we don't, it's fine.
We can get it.
Well, let's grab it right now.
OK, it's a health bot, but I've got news articles about it on the Australian.com.
It's fact.
So we'll table that till we get that clip.
Here is the Australian government document from the Australian government website.
Right here, where it talks about what the public got and it was a totally different shot versus what the Pfizer employees got.
So there's that document.
Here's another one.
Why has Pfizer Change the formulation of its COVID-19 vaccine for children to include an ingredient that stabilizes people suffering heart attack.
They've admitted hundreds of changes secretly.
That's why the inserts were blank.
They wouldn't say what was in it.
In a giant test.
We have the clip.
Here is the Australian Pfizer employees testifying about a special batch different from what was forced into the general population.
Here it is.
You read that your vaccine mandate was using your own batch of vaccine, especially imported for Pfizer, which was not tested by the TGA.
Is that correct?
Senator, so Pfizer undertook to import a batch of vaccine specifically for the employee vaccination program.
I just showed you to Spiegel 15 years ago in Medellin for swine flu.
Don't worry, we're giving you something special.
A saline solution has come out.
I'll show you that in a moment.
So, kind of a big deal.
Why would you give children an anti-coagulation, anti-blood clot injection mixed with it?
That was another test they admitted they did.
Oh, these are really nice people.
Again, all testing what they were doing.
Pfizer secretly added heart attack drug to children's COVID vaccines.
And then I could play you the newscast.
UK, Germany, Australia, US.
I started seeing these in the middle of 2000.
First time I saw it was during the contensive election, actually late 2000.
No, that was early 2000.
In Phoenix, while I was there protesting election fraud.
And I saw buses driving by saying heart attacks are normal in children.
And another bus drove by, there's video of this, nanotech will sue me in your body and vaccines will save
They're already subliminally like programming it before they did it.
Here's one, cardiac arrest can happen to anyone anytime at any age.
It's quite normal for small children to have heart attacks now.
It's the new normal.
Nice people.
Pfizer says, scientists says Pfizer intentionally deceive regulators
about COVID-19 vaccination contamination of SV40 Green Monkey Cancer virus
that they admit killed over a hundred million Americans with a polio rollout alone from cancer.
Seriously viral cancer.
It's like a wart is cancer is viral, but it's a much more aggressive basically wart all over your body.
Isn't that liberal?
One dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine contains over 200 million DNA fragments that can incorporate into human DNA.
That's what Dr. Malone said three years ago, the inventor of mRNA.
Now it's mainstream FDA studies last week admitting, okay, it does contaminate your DNA with cancer viruses.
COVID-19 vaccine data administrator reveals deaths related to bad batch of Pfizer shots.
Oh, the really deadly batches.
American scientists confirmed toxic graphene oxide and more in COVID injections.
Here's a study.
Immunization with SARS coronavirus.
Vaccine leads to pulmonary emopathology on challenge with SARS virus.
Pfizer vaccine matches the EU where placebos, say scientists.
That's why no one died in the study.
Fake studies.
COVID lies exposed.
Evidence proves survivors of EU jab took placebos.
Moderna's CEO tells the WEF last week that, oh, we've got millions dying.
It's because of long COVID.
But in the study show, it's the so-called vaccinated.
Pfizer stock hit after boy dies of cardiac arrest during gene therapy trial.
He was the only person in the trial died two days after the shot.
That sounds liberal.
Koba Shield maker AstraZeneca withdraws COVID-19 vaccines due to heart attacks, blood clots.
That just broke last week.
Paul Goeser talks about the millions of injured and dead in Congress last week.
Point is, this is all coming out.
But don't worry, and get me the clips.
I went to plan yesterday.
Here is Chris Cuomo, the brother of the evil governor that fully implemented the UN policies of not giving people treatments, giving them Ventilators to kill him.
Cuomo and his brother, the former governor, have now come out on a speaking tour all over the place.
There's dozens of these clubs.
I've seen, there must be more.
Saying, oh no, we never said you have to take it.
We never said there was a little law.
We never said it was a problem.
We never said wear a mask.
We never said lock you down.
And they have the former head of Planned Parenthood, that communist Chinese minion, who was all over CNN, the rest of it, saying arrest people who don't take shots.
They're not saying, oh no, no, no.
They're not behind it.
They're good.
They believe in Ivermectin.
But Chris Cuomo says he got sick from the shot last week.
So, let's go ahead and play Chris Cuomo first, and then his brother, the disgraced governor.
Here's Chris Cuomo suddenly loves Ivermectin.
Here it is.
I am taking a regular dose of Ivermectin.
Ivermectin was a boogeyman early on in COVID.
That was wrong.
We were given bad information about Ivermectin.
Ivermectin was a boogeyman early on in COVID.
You couldn't talk about it.
That was wrong.
We were given bad information about Ivermectin.
The real question is why?
Everyone's going to say Joe Rogan was right.
No, Joe Rogan was saying, yeah, he was right.
But that's not what matters.
What matters is the entire clinical community knew that ivermectin couldn't hurt you.
They knew it, Patrick.
I know they knew it.
How do I know?
Because now I'm doing nothing but talking to these clinicians who at the time were overwhelmed by COVID and they weren't saying anything.
Not that they were hiding anything, but it's cheap, it's not owned by anybody, and it's used as an antimicrobial, antiviral, in all of these different ways, and has been for a long time.
For malaria for almost 20 years.
Yeah, so, and my doctor, who is now my doctor, was using it during COVID on her family and on patients, and it was working for them.
So, they were wrong to play scared on that.
Didn't know that at the time.
Know it now.
Admit it now.
Reporting on it now.
Because I think that's the job.
So that's his rehabilitation campaign.
Oh, I'm sick from the shots.
I'm wrong.
And then his brother, Andrew Cuomo, goes on with the Planned Parenthood lady and says, oh no, we never did this.
Everything's fine.
We're your friends now.
And they're just total jokes.
Scared little minions running like Nazis in the end of World War II trying to hide.
Here it is.
I believe if government would now say, we just made a finding that there's a new virus and everyone should do X, Y, and Z, the amount of compliance with X, Y, and Z would be much, much lower than it was at the beginning of COVID because people do not trust the government.
Especially on this issue, the way they did at the beginning.
And that would be a complicating factor, right?
When you have people who just don't listen.
Because government had no capacity to enforce any of this.
You must wear a mask.
And people wore masks in New York.
But if they said, I'm not wearing a mask, there was nothing I could do about it.
You must close your private business.
I won't.
Well, there was nothing I could really do about it.
It was really all voluntary, and it was extraordinary when you think about it, that society acted with that uniformity voluntarily, because I had no enforcement capacity.
So, you have a reduced trust in government.
All right, that's a clip I sent you guys two days ago.
That's my fault.
I have a new clip of her saying, go after anybody that doesn't take the shot.
You've got to take the shot.
That's what's really, really, really, really powerful.
So let me just send it again here.
We'll just take care of that.
And we'll get it on air because that's what I'm going to do here.
Because that's what I want to do.
And that's what I'm going to do.
God, I tried as hard as I can, folks.
Swear to God, I tried.
*Chuckles* Just find it here.
*Silence* *Sniff*
*Punch* Just go to X and type in Chris Cuomo or Andrew Cuomo.
I don't get it.
Just go to rebroadcast for a while.
She's got a rebroadcast, and no, it's not Cuomo saying he's sick now.
It's the clip of her as he's saying, arrest everybody.
And then it's got clips of her saying, we didn't ever do anything.
We never did anything wrong.
Hell, I even put it out on X. I'll find it that way.
One way or another, I'm getting this right now.
I'm leaving.
I'm happy about it.
It's fine.
But I've got a real Alex Jones.
I sent it.
And let me see.
I sent that yesterday.
I'll do it.
Got to have it.
Okay, here it is.
All right, great.
Found it.
Come and sit here right now.
And here is the clip.
And I'm going to show people on X. It goes, it says you can run, but you can't hide.
It's only about 10 posts deep from eight hours ago.
And it is a very, very, very, very, very important clip.
You can run, but you can't hide at Real Alex Jones.
Because I'm pissed at these people, man.
They know full well what they're doing, and it's in the Spars 2025.
Alright, we found the clip.
report that would come out within a couple of years they did this and even
how they would whitewash it and say we're sorry we did that to you. No you're
not sorry. They should all be hauled before Congress, they should all be
indicted, they got paid money to do this but instead the FBI and the Justice
Department is completely controlled at the top with a bunch of criminals that
don't even care about their own children.
All right we found the clip great here it is. And I actually think this is one
where the public health and scientific community has a lot to blame because at
some point they began essentially people got the message that if you care about
public health at all or your fellow citizens you have to be masking you have
to believe in masks and vaccines and if you are not doing these things or are
even questioning whether we should have mandates then you are somehow anti
science or anti public health.
There were topics that we now know are actually, they're not controversial, but they're more debatable, as if we should have a robust scientific conversation around them.
For example, natural immunity, which actually is a thing, but for a long time it was taboo to bring it up.
For fear that you might be called an anti-vaxxer.
And so I think that public trust has been eroded, yes, by people who are perpetuating misinformation and disinformation.
But I think that the scientific, the people in the scientific community who did not do a very good job of separating fact from opinion also helped to erode that trust.
It's clear to them that the vaccine is the ticket back to pre-pandemic life.
And the window to do that is really narrowing.
We need to start looking at the choice to remain unvaccinated the same as we look at driving while intoxicated.
That you have the option to not get vaccinated if you want, but then you can't go out in public.
I don't think it goes far enough.
I think this is what's needed in the middle of a pandemic.
And in fact, I think the Biden administration, if anything, could have gone even further.
The honor code was never going to work, that when vaccinated and unvaccinated people are mixing, unless there is proof of vaccination, everybody should still be wearing masks.
And so I actually support what the CDC is now doing, which is going back to this indoor mask requirement, because frankly, we know that we can't trust the unvaccinated, that they have been walking around without masks.
And in fact, that's what led to the surge that we're seeing.
How are we going to incentivize people to actually get the vaccine?
So that's why I think the CDC and the Biden administration needs to come out a lot bolder and say, if you're vaccinated, you can do all these things.
Here are all these freedoms that you have.
Because otherwise, people are going to go out and enjoy these freedoms anyway.
So 100% they've been paid off.
We already know that.
And they've all got together in PR rooms last few months.
Bill Gates comes out and says, I was never for masks.
I never said that.
I got hours of him saying, you got to wear a mask.
You remember, you have a memory, you can pull it up.
So, they all need to go to prison.
They're disgusting criminals.
Yeah, here's the actual clip I was talking about.
Here's another one.
The government is now admitting that the increase in heart disease and excess deaths are due to COVID vaccines.
That's in congressional reports.
Breaking documents reveal U.S.
State Department officials knew COVID leak from Wuhan lab.
CCP covered it up back in July.
It wasn't CCP, it was the Pentagon running it all.
Meanwhile, they admit there's all these poisons in the water sterilizing you.
ABC News.
Remember how I got attacked for exposing that?
Pfizer tried to hide data showing its COVID vaccine caused massive increase in miscarriages.
Stillborn babies.
Got a guest coming on next hour about that.
Well, the first AstraZeneca admits its COVID vaccine can cause blood clots.
So that's all critical, but that's what we've been through.
And I don't take this stuff lying down.
Not because I'm some badass.
People are trying to kill me.
I'm going to expose them and fight them.
They're the bad guys.
Oh, but I'm bad.
I questioned Jesse Smollett and some mass shootings.
I should shut up.
People want me to be ashamed of what I've done.
I'm proud of what I've done.
And it's sick.
A lot of the problem people attack them, you're dying of cancer.
They just they can't even put two and two together.
It's insane.
So let's play a doctor at an FDA panel on the FDA board and to fire three boards to get this final board that agreed to the experimental shots.
Says we're never going to learn about how it's safe Unless you just start giving it.
What did Bill Gates say?
We got to mess around with it.
We don't know what it's going to do.
We just shoot it right in the kid's vein.
Those are quotes.
Want to play the clip again?
I played them yesterday three times.
I'm not going to play it again.
They said that.
And so here is the FDA board member at an FDA meeting Giggling and laughing.
We don't know what it does until we give it to you.
That's called the guinea pig.
The truth is they already tested it at University of Texas, Galveston, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, under Obama, and they cooked this up then they had it on the shelf to attack the world when they were ready.
A terrorist attack of nanobots.
You heard Ray Kurzweil brag about earlier.
See, if you're informed folks, this is all naked.
But do you have the will to admit it was done to you?
God, that's scary.
They'll come after me.
They're already coming after you.
We're forcing them out in the open.
Here's the clip.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
You know, that's just the way it goes.
And the full clip, he brags about it.
Play it again, one more time.
That's FDA board member.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless you start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
So, they said it was safe and effective, but it was experimental and they said they didn't know what it would do because they actually knew.
Let's play it five times in a row.
Just five times.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless you start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless you start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
Should we play it five more times?
What do you think?
Because I could play you Bill Gates saying it, too.
I mean, it's in the literature.
It's a fact they did it.
They're bragging while they're on the news saying it was all tested.
It's totally safe.
It's wonderful.
We've got a guest coming up.
I didn't even get to half the research we did.
I've got all these other clubs that have been missing it.
They could kill me at any moment.
They could shut us down at any moment.
I'm not being dramatic, folks.
You have no idea what's going on behind the scenes.
I'm going to leave it at that.
It's next level.
It's okay.
I expect that I'll be an over-the-target.
But take every day as precious.
Take every day that InfoWars is on the air as precious.
And support us and spread the word.
And take our video links.
Remember RealAlexJones on X and InfoWars.com forward slash show and may not video.
And share them like your life depends on it.
Because it does!
Good God!
I mean, this is so fantastical, and people can't admit it because it's so horrible, and I get that.
We're going to just come back and start the next hour.
We have a special guest coming on.
Just play Red States Targeted with Bad Batches, and then New Zealand whistleblower Barry Young, and then I got the other clips about this, but I mean, cancer's up 20,000% on average now.
It was 10,000% before this.
They're murdering everybody.
So, listen, I need your support.
There's a lot of stuff behind the scenes going on.
If you want to keep us on air, either here or wherever I'm going to be going, and I'm going to try to take the crew with me, but I've been an honest broker in this and I've not got that stuff ready yet, but they are months away from shutting us down.
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I'm going to definitely have to do it next week.
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Go there now.
Stay with us.
Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
About an hour ago, you were kind of explaining to people about how the micronutrients and stuff that are available and different foods actually have an effect on... Let's be clear.
There isn't long-term, billion-year evolution.
There's jumps, but like how you build a car.
Cars have evolved, or electricity, or computers have changed.
There is innovation, and humans do get ancestral memories from their ancestors.
That's called instincts.
Not trying to brag, but I'm a board-certified wound care associate, which is not an easy certification to get.
It takes years.
And it encompasses, you know, cardiology, endocrine, You name it, you've got to be good at all kinds of stuff.
And let's face it, a lot of my doctors, they don't know anything about this stuff.
It's my job as a nurse to figure it out.
The average medical doctor gets two hours of college education on nutrition.
So one of the things that I do is I'm looking for results and by using Very good nutraceuticals and supplements and things like that.
I can fix a problem.
Just a real quick example.
Let's say you have a really bad wound on your leg and you have diabetes and poor circulation.
Well, I can order you a bottle of Nitric Boost, a bottle of BezoBeat, and Get your ass up on a treadmill a little bit.
And these things work better than any of the medication that we give.
So I've got about 35,000 points because I gave these things away as gifts.
Hold on, hold on.
This is important.
This is important, absolutely.
Just iodine alone, it's essential.
It means you die without it.
They don't tell you most people are deficient.
Two billion people have cognitive disabilities, the UN admits.
That's what these concentrated plants and other compounds do.
So you're saying you're taking care of people with wounds, one of the biggest Medical industry's out there.
Super tough job.
You're seeing with nutrition and also they need to not be sedentary, obviously.
You're seeing massive effects, because I've actually read about this.
I'm not an expert like you, but that there's massive problems because the doctors don't even say exercise or get out of the bed or take supplements that are good for your skin.
And it's so simple.
I mean, my wife takes supplements to have good hair and good nails, and it really works for her.
I mean, this stuff works.
It's the compounds.
Tell people about some of the things you witnessed.
Alex, I would not have 35,000 Patriot Points if this stuff didn't work.
I'm not into buying BS and I don't push BS.
When I've got a complex wound and I see something that you guys sell that I know Perfectly fits.
I love vitamin C and zinc.
It's simple stuff, but the difference is that things that you guys sell versus what I buy at Walmart, they're not even in the same game.
The stuff that you guys sell is legit.
We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force, okay?
I mean, so there's cost because it is the highest rated.
If you're taking a nitrate, like you were talking about the nitrate boost, well, that is going to vasodilate.
So when you're vasodilated, yeah, you're going to be pitching a proper ten.
The vasobeat does the exact same thing.
But it also helps if I've got a person who's got really poor perfusion.
And I just want to get their blood flow going so that I can keep this wound from going septic and actually get some granulation going.
Or I could throw all the medications at it.
It's not going to do a damn thing.
The doctors see the patient for 10 minutes, write a prescription and say, OK, come back in 45 days.
And it's my job to actually go figure it out.
And so I use a lot of the stuff that you guys have.
Thank you so much.
And God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon.
Give us a number.
Ex-Head of Respiratory Research at Pfizer, Mike Yeadon, and researchers including Craig Pardecouper, have sourced VAERS data on vaccine death and injury in the U.S., a database of over 700,000 adverse reactions caused by the Moderna, Pfizer, and Janssen vaccines.
These vaccines have been deployed in different batches, officially referred to as LOTS.
This has allowed Yeadon's team to back-engineer Big Pharma's COVID-19 vaccine deployment agenda in the U.S.
All their information is published at howbadismybatch.com and howbad.info.
And what we learn is quite telling.
About 0.5% of all the different batches are highly toxic, resulting in hospitalization, disability, and death within days or weeks of injection.
Other batches cause minimal adverse reactions and most appear to be harmless placebos.
When plotting on a timeline, we can see that these three companies have been working together to quietly monitor the lethal effectiveness of specific deadly batches.
While one company is deploying a lethal batch, the other two deploy harmless ones, creating the scientific environment to perform dose range finding, or the maximum tolerated dose for each specific batch.
The timeline shows that each lethal batch deployment is preceded and followed by a quiet period, allowing them time to establish their baseline before the next deadly batch is deployed.
Private leaked documents from the CDC show a list of expiry dates and only certain lots are included.
The very same lots found to be highly toxic in part of Cooper's database.
Which makes sense.
There would be no reason to list expiration dates for saline placebo.
Only the deadly ones.
This mode of deployment allows governments the ability to direct deadly batches into specific populations, such as red states.
Analysis of the number of dying per 100,000 vaccinated in 50 states shows us that the overwhelming majority of vaccine deaths are happening in red states.
Some red states are experiencing 11 times more vaccine deaths than other states.
On average, red states are experiencing twice the amount of vaccine death and injuries than blue states.
After ruling out other possibilities, Parda-Cooper concluded that this can only be due to the fact that red states received at least twice as much of the lethal batches than blue states did.
Right, well, I was involved with building a project, helped with implementing a vaccine payment system for our providers.
It's called a pay-per-dose system, so it means that every time someone gets vaccinated, they get a payment for it as a provider.
And I helped build it, I implemented it, And when I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death.
People dying within a week of being vaccinated.
What I did with the data was look at the top 10 batches that had a high death count, a high mortality rate.
And I put them on a chart, which you can see up there.
So it's got a batch ID, which is our internal number for a batch, but you can easily get the Pfizer batch ID from that.
It shouldn't be too difficult.
So do we know if these are all Pfizer, the top 10?
Yes, they are.
And this is Pfizer's batch number one.
We've had 711 from batch number one vaccinated.
152 of those died, which makes a 21% death rate.
That's the mortality rate from that particular batch.
They are high.
There are different ways to look at the data.
You can slice it and paste it.
So another way I looked at it was are the vaccinators themselves,
what are they doing?
Are we looking at some who have got a higher mortality rate than others?
Sure enough, if we look at the next one, unfortunately there are some.
What we have here are the top 10 vaccinators who have the highest ratios of mortality.
For privacy reasons, we have redacted the names of those jabbed and the names of those jabbing.
We have to.
So we've just called it Vaccinator 1.
But these are individuals.
These are real people.
These are real numbers.
This is government data.
So the top V1 has vaccinated 246 people and 60 of them are now no longer with us.
That is nearly 25%.
One in four, nearly one in four, that that person's vaccinated is now dead.
And you can come up with any number of reasons for it.
This should never happen.
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Alright, we are living in the middle of a giant mad scientist's operation to discover
I played clips of Ray Kurzweil, Waldo Harari in the last few days, where they admit all of this.
But we have professional doctors and scientists and healthcare providers and coders, the air traffic controllers, and we have the morticians down at the ground, we have the pathologists, the coroners, We have the insurance companies.
It is conclusive that world population is now dropping, particularly in the West.
It is now conclusive that longevity or life expectancy is dropping in the key countries that had the biggest uptake of the mRNA injections.
So we're very honored to have.
We have an article about it at InfoWars.com.
OBGYN doctor calls on attorneys to sue institutions that force dangerous COVID vaccine on babies and pregnant women.
And they may have liability protection under the program, but they don't for fraud.
And now they want to indict Bolsonaro for blocking it when he was the president of Brazil.
So Dr. James Thorpe, MD, is a prestigious, respected, certified obstetrician, gynecologist, and maternal fetal medicine physician.
44 years of experience.
He served in the Air Force, and I'm not going to go through his whole bio.
It would take an hour.
He's seen over 27,000 high-risk pregnancies in the last 4.5 years alone.
And he is a top person testifying in court.
This information is being used in legislatures to expose what's happening.
So we see New England Medical Journal stuff two years ago with just numbers you don't even believe.
Like the first two trimesters, the majority of women having miscarriage.
You think, is that real?
And then now the numbers are out in Canada and the UK and Europe and here.
It's just, you watch the graphs, miscarriage is normally like this.
It just goes off the chart.
I'm not a doctor.
I am not a certified MD obstetrician gynecologist, but if I'm standing out on my front porch and I watch a car run a red light and slam into another car and I see bodies fly out of the car, And then I see them bleeding to death and then I can tell they just died.
I've seen a few of those wrecks.
I need to be a doctor to know when I'm driving on the highway at 80 miles an hour and some guy's racing a Corvette with a Porsche and the tire blows and the car blows up and humans are flying out.
I pulled over to render aid and they were dead by the time I got to them.
I was like 16 when that happened.
I'm not a doctor.
I can see that just killed them.
You say, well, that's just anecdotal.
Well, we have the statistics.
We have the numbers.
We have the insurance actuaries.
We have the facts.
This is 100% going on.
The question is, how big is it?
How bad is it?
Is it getting better?
Is it getting worse?
What's currently happening?
We have the same UN that did this coming in with these treaties, all this control.
So, Dr. James Thorpe, MD, thank you so much for your time.
You can be found on X at jathorpe.mfp.
And people put that on screen.
Everybody should visit there and the incredible material you have.
But you're one of the leading experts, highly recommended by so many of the other medical doctors and hospital heads and people at the Pentagon I'm talking to and whistleblowers.
They say we should talk to you.
So we appreciate you coming on, Doctor.
Alex, thank you so much for having me on.
Again, it's J-A-Thorp M-F-M as in Maternal Fetal Medicine.
And it's such an honor and a privilege to be on your show.
Thank you for having me.
And again, it's at J-A-Thorp T-H-A-O-R-P J-A-T-H-O-R-P M-F-M and that's on screen.
So please, Doctor, give us a presentation on what you've witnessed.
Well, it's been just an unbelievable, unbelievable traveling through this last four years.
And, you know, what I saw in 2020 was just completely what I felt like I was in a different world, a different galaxy.
I was told I have, as a maternal fetal medicine specialist and obstetrician, of course, I've been using hydroxychloroquine in pregnancy for 40 years.
Regularly, in women of reproductive age, we used it frequently for autoimmune disease.
And of course, women of reproductive age are at much greater risk for that disease compared with their male counterparts.
And when they became pregnant, of course, we did not take them off it.
So it was clearly a safe and effective medication during pregnancy.
And it was actually in breastfeeding and in children.
And I knew that.
I had never had a problem with it.
And then what happens?
I'm automatically slandered and told I'm not allowed to prescribe that.
And of course, I knew with SARS-CoV-1 that it was very, very effective.
So that's when I knew there was a big problem.
Listen, I'm a disabled veteran.
I practiced by the laws.
I practiced an extensive career.
I've been honored by all of my three major institutions, the American College of OBGYN, the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
I was an examiner in the mid-'90s.
And my subspecialty society, international, the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine.
I've received countless awards for teaching and research on the board of directors with these three organizations, who I've really respected most of my career.
But they were bought off, Alex, and now I am one of the only maternal fetal medicine doctors that I know, and one of the few OBGYN doctors that are aggressively attacking these organizations.
I believe It's my opinion, Alex, that these are criminal organizations.
And why do I say that?
I say that because they changed their narrative within six months to, well, we won't push this in pregnant women.
Now, remember, pregnant women are the most vulnerable population in the world.
These are my patients, pregnant women, preborns, and newborns.
We've always had the golden rule of pregnancy.
You never Never ever use a novel substance or even drink alcohol or even eat certain foods in pregnancy, let alone use an investigational gene therapy.
So, the OB-GYN community then, over the course of six months, through massive amounts of bribes and paybacks through the Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC, essentially captured the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the American Board of OBGYN, and SMFM, Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine.
And by September of 2021, Alex, they issued September 27, 2021, and I provided you with that link, a pathetic Fascist, one-page threat to every of the 60,000 OBGYN doctors in North America and several countries in South America, all of the provinces of Canada.
And basically, that threat from ABAG Invoke the Federation of State Medical Boards, Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine, the American College of OBGYN.
It was a pathetic, intellectually just egregious statement.
They referenced literally nothing more than a grocery market tabloid You know, MedPageHealth and some, literally, Lay Magazine and some lay writer who was interviewing people and put out this gross misinformation.
By the way, for folks who don't know what lay means, Doctor, that means someone that does, it's like saying the person's not a police officer, they pose as one.
Lay means they know nothing about it.
That's right.
And so they have the audacity.
In fact, one of the links, Alex, goes to the CDC.
You push the link.
And my wife, who's an attorney and my fellow researcher, you push the link and it goes right to a CNN article.
So then I started putting out these logos of these organizations with a hammer and a sickle, a red hammer and sickle, because this is fascism.
Listen, as a military officer, Alex, I took an oath to the Constitution.
So the powers that be, George Wendell, who was a executive director of the American Board of OBGYN, my colleague, my contemporary, he didn't like that and apparently by email threatened me personally.
And so what I did was I put my nose down to the Grindstone.
I wrote them, in contrast to their pathetic one-page letter with no data, I wrote them a letter that you have a link to.
It's on the internet perpetuity forever.
This was dated January 12, 2022, almost 18 months ago.
And I wrote them a 98-page letter, Alex.
And in that letter, I told them my clinical experience as a seasoned I reviewed high-risk, high-volume maternal fetal medicine specialists.
I reviewed physiology and experts from all over the world and their data.
I reviewed the government's own data through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, extensive graphs.
And if that weren't enough, Alex, I went a little bit further.
I quote, I read 1019 peer-reviewed medical journal articles published just since the rollout, that was only 12 months, documenting severe injury and death after the COVID-19 vaccines.
I submitted that to them.
It was a If I do say so myself, it was an extremely well-written article.
And since then, crickets.
They couldn't respond.
George Wendell, the rest of the officers of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology knew that I was right.
They knew that they were wrong.
Listen, Alex, we've lived through this.
We lived through the diethylstilbestrol disaster that began in 1938 and went to the 1980s.
We lived through the thalidomide disasters that went, you know, in the late 60s and 70s.
And we saw the frightening effects of that.
We should have learned our lesson.
So, when my wife, incredible researcher, incredible litigator for fraud, insurance fraud actually, we knew that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists had to be captured because there's no way 60,000 OBGYN doctors around in North America and South America would all of a sudden roll over and play stupid and go along with these narratives.
And in fact, you know, Maggie sucked up to some individuals.
Maggie, my attorney wife, at the HHS, we executed a Freedom of Information Act request and we struck gold.
There were over 1,400 pages between our government and an institution that controls 60,000 OBGYN doctors.
And in fact, What ACOG did was accepted millions of dollars, and they were not allowed to deviate from the lethal HHS narrative.
And they had to push that it was safe, effective, and necessary in pregnancy.
And they, in essence, gave up their own independent sovereignty in terms of making their own decisions.
Along with 60,000 OB-GYN docs.
There's the article you have on screen.
And so, in essence, they were bribed.
And then, of course, the American Board of OB-GYN colluded and then threatened statements that they will, we, anybody that misinforms, according to their definition, in other words, questions their data, they get their state licenses removed.
They documented, they linked the Federation of State Medical Boards, and what every physician works for their entire life is accreditation from their board specialties.
They will revoke them.
All right, Doctor, let's talk about the persecution of the doctors and the nurses, and it's the same in Australia, the same in the U.S., same here.
It's all UN coding, we know.
We had a whistleblower on yesterday that was a big coder and I looked it up.
It's true since 1948 the UN controls the codes.
They control what you can do, what you can't do.
If a doctor does what he knows is right or she does what she knows is right, they come after you.
But this is the same thing we see in the Congressional 800-page report that came out last week.
Where most of the focus of the censorship was not even election meddling, it was blocking doctors and scientists and blocking peer-reviewed studies that were on X and Facebook and other places.
The federal government saying, take this down.
And so you're talking about the federal government and other groups coming in, you know, to the medical watchdog groups and telling them what was reality when it wasn't and then controlling the narratives.
It was a unified front.
That's absolutely right.
Absolutely right, Alex.
And what they did was they perversely and pervertedly, they invoked and created relationships with private entities, which are highly illegal, by the way, because they took away the First Amendment rights of those six of mine.
And 60,000 OBGYN doctors and threatened them if they spoke the truth.
So any innocent pregnant woman who went in for her first visit in the most important medical visit, the most personal exam room, intimate exam room, you know, discussing everything, the first baby, a pelvic exam, and they were trusting their OBGYN doctor.
But they're OBGYN doctored.
What they didn't disclose to this lady is they were an agent of the state.
They weren't acting independently and giving their patient, Mrs. Smith, honest information.
They had to parrot false Alex, this is what happened.
This is how it went down.
Well doctors, tell the story, but let me just go back for a moment.
their employer and they may lose their license and they may lose their accreditation. Alex,
this is what happened. This is how it went down. Well, doctors tell the story, but let me just
go back for a moment. I'm not a doctor, but my dad is a doctor. I've read the news for 30 years on air.
Until four years ago, you never gave a pregnant woman any shot.
Like you said, they don't eat shellfish, they don't eat raw honey.
Suddenly they go, no, it's totally safe.
I saw headlines, it's better for pregnant women.
Pregnant women should take, I saw the headline, pregnant women should take double the shot.
I mean, no science, no nothing.
Guys, pull that up.
Pregnant women should take double the COVID shots.
Remember that?
Like all over the news three years ago with an experimental shot.
And then we'll get into after you finish that, sir, your point.
Now the numbers of the miscarriages, the numbers of women getting sick, the numbers of the babies that are born that have problems that they can't deny.
So you're telling the first part how they suppressed you and others, or tried to, and now the carnage that ensued.
Talk about raping of the Hippocratic Oath of Hippocrates.
Yeah, well, there's really three incontrovertible sources of data.
Come from three separate sources, Alex.
Number one is the mandatory legal 12-week rollout, Pfizer 5.3.6.
By every government, the government mandates every company review the first 12 weeks of adverse events.
And they had that available to them in February 28, 2021.
It was actually 10 weeks of data.
and there was the most colossal injury and kill rate of any other drug in the history of humanity.
On that first 10 weeks, there were 42,086 casualties, including 1,223 dead on page seven.
Listen, this is the most lethal and injurious drug ever rolled out.
And if you calculate the injured to kill ratio, it's unprecedented in warfare and medicine.
The injured to kill ratio of that first 10 weeks was 33.4.
What does that mean, Alex?
That means for every person killed, There's 33.4 times that injured, and many of these are severe injuries.
And then on page 12 of that document, it details the outcome of women who were pregnant.
Pregnant women weren't even supposed to be receiving this.
So it was a horrible, catastrophic outcome.
There was an 81% miscarriage.
There was a five-fold increase of fetal death.
There was an eight-fold increase in neonatal deaths.
And there were major breastfeeding complications in those babies whose mothers received the vaccine.
Now, what did the federal government What did Biden do with that?
What did the Chief Executive Director, Chief of Staff, Jeffrey Zients, Vivek Murthy, the Surgeon General, then head of the NIH, Francis Collins, what did they do with that, Alex?
Did they tell the American people what Pfizer's own data showed?
They tried to hide it for 75 years, but it was immediately available from a whistleblower.
And thank God to Aaron Seery and ICANN, the Informed Consent Action Network, 15 months later, it was revealed to the public, ironically, Absolutely.
on April Fool's Day 2022.
So that's the first source of document that will--
Let me back you up, doctor.
Anybody can search engine.
This happened two years ago in the lawsuits against Pfizer.
They asked the court for 75 years to seal it.
If their science is so good, why can't it be public?
Is it science about public?
Absolutely. - Continue.
So the second source of irrefutable data is the government's own database.
And I incorporated that.
That's the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS.
And listen, the reason why Harvard and many of these captured institutions are poo-pooing that Is you know why Alex?
Because the danger signal is so strong and they do lie and cheat and troddle it because I know experts, including myself, that have reviewed that.
But the danger signal is so damning and so huge.
And again, doctor for folks that aren't doctors, what's a danger signal?
A danger signal, they use a risk ratio and what they do, this is biased, the FDA will take a novel vaccine like COVID-19 and compare it to a, quote, safe and effective vaccine.
So they always compare a vaccine with a vaccine which always favors The new vaccine.
So that's if you have a ratio that is two, in other words, a twofold increase in the risk of any particular adverse event, that is a danger signal that exceeds their safety limits.
And listen, it's egregious in pregnancy.
Now, we published, myself and six other authors, including notable authors, including a Ph.D.
statistician, including other clinicians, including military doctors, including Peter McCullough and others.
And we did an open source Another peer-reviewed publication, and we looked at 18 adverse events from your government's data.
This is not Jim Thorpe's data.
This is your government's data.
And what we found, and that's been published for now well over a year, It's completely open source.
Every single one of those 18 adverse events were so far in excess of the danger signal.
Alex, for example, if you took abnormal menstruation in those who got the COVID-19 vaccine compared with the influenza vaccine or all other vaccines, the danger threshold, for example, was Hundreds, if not a thousand-fold.
And then if you took every single complication that we looked at in pregnancy, miscarriage, if we looked at congenital birth defects, malformations, chromosomal abnormalities, not only miscarriages before 20 weeks, but fetal death, stillbirth at or after 20 weeks, a severe hypertension.
Doctor, stay there.
We've got to go to break.
Start over.
You've got your second point.
I've got to get you on Joe Rogan.
I've got to get you on Tucker Carlson.
And don't wait for me, folks.
I'll call Joe today.
I'll call Tucker.
They listen to me.
We've got to get this out.
I have all the numbers here.
I know it's truth, but here from a top medical doctor, Dr. Thorpe.
Stay right there, Jim.
We'll come right back to you in a few minutes.
Folks, share this video.
Share this live feed.
This is such a crime.
I think the U.S.
economy is about to hit the skids, and Russia and the BRICS nations are playing a masterful game of chess.
And our administration's going in with like a checkerboard.
They're not even playing.
And the Federal Reserve has signaled they're down with interest rates.
And things are going to get so bad, the globalists are going to usher in a new world of central bank digital currency.
A form of money you could not see.
Central bank digital currencies.
They don't hide in the shadows anymore, they tell us exactly what they're gonna do.
Exactly, that's what's so frustrating.
If you study it, you know the battle plan, but they know the public doesn't check that out, so... But we're able to give it to the public, that could really mess up their operation.
The world is going to see a functioning CBDC very soon, within the coming year.
We saw bank failure 1.0.
It was Silicon Valley, Credit Suisse, First Republic, Silvergate Bank.
I mean, all of those.
First, we had the effects of a dramatic rise in interest rates leading to the closure of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic Bank.
That was just a tremor before the bank.
Yes, I think bank failures 2.0 is coming.
I mean just last week, the CEO of Citigroup said we're laying off 10% of our workforce.
So at times of crisis, which happens to be happening during an election year, People will say, okay, this is so bad.
Banks are shutting down.
All this economic failure.
We'll give you what you want.
Government just will give you away our freedoms.
Just take care of us.
Make sure that we can still feed our family.
But this is happening in surprising numbers.
We all sort of take our local bank for granted until it's gone.
That's happening in 4,000 other locations around the country.
And I think in the months ahead, we'll get more failures of regional banks around office space and commercial real estate.
Surveillance and privacy issues could arise if the central bank is able to monitor every transaction.
We've had over the last three weeks major disturbances in the banking world, right?
This comes after the regional bank suffered a week-long plunge in its stock, plus a credit downgrade.
We've seen stocks of things like Comerica Bank, PacWest Bank, New York Community Bank, and even Schwab just start to hit the skids.
By the way, when you first came on months ago, you predicted this.
Yeah, I mean, because the writing was on the wall.
There's another big concern that a central bank issued digital currency could cause a bank run during economic instability.
Here's the ugly reality.
We are no different than Argentina, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, Greece, Cyprus.
Any country who loses demand for their currency and is forced to print, they go into an inflationary spiral that brings social chaos.
Tangible assets like gold and silver are so important, not just because they're growing, because I think it's a means to protect your financial privacy and financial freedom.
I think there's going to be alternative systems of using tangible assets like gold and silver to back private currencies for individuals to actually be able to transact business on their own, not be a digital slave in their digital world.
These are the kind of solutions that I've been shouting from the rooftops for decades, Alex.
Inflation is coming.
What happens to tangible assets like gold and silver during inflation?
They go up!
People do need to get basic gold and silver.
They need to at least stick their toe in the ocean and do it.
They need to go to your website, KEPM.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
K-E-P-M dot com forward slash gold.
That's K-E-P-M dot com forward slash gold.
Or call 720-605-3900.
They need to talk to you folks and start getting gold and silver bullion now.
But regardless, we're in for an insane time.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
As negative and painful as this information is, the world is waking up.
Remember this clip from six months ago?
high level Navy medical officer, Ted Macy, who's also advising the Surgeon General of Florida,
brings out a secret Navy report of a 90 plus percent increase in cardiac arrest.
And then I looked at his full disclosure later, they had graphs going back to World War II.
It would go up 1%, 2%, down 2%.
It was just, it was flat.
Then the shots start, not COVID in 2020, the shots start, 90 plus percent increase in cardiac arrest.
We're talking with a prestigious doctor, an OGBYN, who can tell you about all that.
But then there's all the cardiologists and all the rest of it, like Dr. Peter McCullough and others.
And now the insurance companies don't deny this.
Now the drug companies don't admit it.
So there's this weird moment where all these people, like the Governor Cuomo and the CNN Cuomo, I mean, I singled them out because we played the clip today.
They're all coming out saying, sorry, we never made you do it.
The Australian government says, we never made you take it.
So they're backpedaling.
That's the good news is they know they're caught.
The question is, will they be brought to justice?
Here's that clip of the Navy officer who's in the documents and talking about them having to like sideline half their pilots because they're having heart attacks.
Here it is.
So you may have seen my wife's recent post and I want to elaborate on that and give an example as to why a reinstatement back pay and an apologies isn't enough.
So in July, Undersecretary Cisneros acknowledged the DMEDD database working properly and also acknowledged Things such as myocarditis rising 151%.
So what I did, I went in today, I'm doing the same thing, 5 year average, however I'm comparing it to 2022 and I only am using fixed wing pilots and helicopter pilots, active duty.
So we got hypertensive disease 36%, ischemic heart disease 69%.
Pulmonary heart disease, 62%.
Heart failure, 973%.
Other forms of heart disease, 63%.
Cardiomyopathy, 152%.
I called that clip, that's another clip of him when he got in trouble coming out with new numbers.
The old clip, he says 96% is cardiac arrest.
Dr. James Thorpe, MD, what do you make of that?
Well, it's absolutely stunning.
And, you know, there's other military whistleblowers, and I've looked at all of their obstetrical data.
Very close friends of mine.
I'm former military.
I'm not at liberty right now to disclose it.
It's going to Senator Ron Johnson, but I can attest and vouch for the veracity of those numbers and also the horrible numbers that my dear friend, a lieutenant colonel physician, has on the obstetrical data.
I want to go back.
Can I interrupt you?
You only got the second point.
Start over.
So, there's three irrefutable data sources that document it's a bloody disaster.
It makes DES and thalidomide look like prenatal vitamins.
So, the first was Pfizer's own data.
The second is the government's own data.
Published in a peer-reviewed journal article in the Journal of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, authored by seven prominent authors.
I was lead author, Claire Rogers, Stuart Tankersley, others, and Peter McCullough.
And that is published.
And then the third irrefutable article is from Pfizer's Phase 2, Phase 3 data that they tried to sneak out Just in July of 2020.
They tried to hide it, obfuscate it, and it is stunning.
It is absolutely scary.
And this is why I am so angry and I'm calling for aggressive Plaintiffs' attorneys to come and litigate against obstetricians, hospitals, and these organizations.
Because you know what?
This is going to make the tobacco litigation in the 90s look like chump change.
Listen, SSM Health Hospital Systems, almost a $10 billion system, fired me last summer.
They fired me because I was on high-profile interviews speaking the truth, because I published extensively on this, and I fed them all the data, which they categorically ignored.
The CEO, Kevin Elledge, calls me up in the presence of my attorney wife, And called me a model physician for the system.
I was the most senior, the most extensively published, and saw by far and away more patients.
Mr. Kevin Elledge said, Dr. Thorpe, you know, after praising me for 30 minutes, we have to fire you.
But we're firing you for no cause.
Kevin Elledge and SSM Health tried to bribe me with $100,000.
And sign a hush money agreement, an NDA separation agreement.
I said, Mr. Elledge, you're having financial problems.
That's why you're letting me go.
No, I won't take the money.
And by the way, by my no cost contract, I had another 120 days of work.
And pay and he became adamantly more aggressive that you need to take the money.
I didn't would not take the money.
And within seven minutes of that phone call, he fired me immediately, which is unprecedented, which implies that I was a horrible person.
My colleagues all got the email.
They're shocked.
He had to fire me because they took three hundred and seven million dollars.
So This is what's going on.
Maggie Thorpe, JD, also MACP, my beautiful wife, we're a We're a team that are a thorn in the side for truth, for these bastards that are killing and injuring pregnant women and taking money to do so.
That's right.
You're following your oath.
People that don't know, the Oath of Hippocrates.
I read a lot of colleges don't even give it now.
A lot of the medical schools.
Explain what do no harm means.
Yeah, what that means is you are not allowed to break the agreement as your patient, as your primary concern.
And that's what every single one of the other OBGYN doctors... No, you don't take money to use them as a guinea pig!
That's exactly right.
So, they fired me, and that's fine.
I have, but I will not let go of this because the third source of data that is irrefutable is Pfizer's own Phase 2, Phase 3 clinical data on pregnant women, Alex.
And this, they finished it in 2022, They released it in 2023.
And Alex, I need to tell you that this is absolutely a smoking gun.
The study, of course, they try to cheat.
They try to lie.
They try to hide it.
There was no press on this.
They snuck it out last July, nine months ago.
And what did it say?
They said that the women who were pregnant in the vaccine group compared with the placebo group, allegedly randomized, double-blinded, found the following eight very concerning findings.
The pregnant women that took the vaccine had a 100 percent increase in depressed babies, that is, babies with low APGAR scores.
Number two, there was a significant increase in a potentially lethal A complication called meconium aspiration.
Number three, jaundice.
Newborn jaundice was increased by 80 percent.
Congenital birth defects, congenital malformations were increased, Alex, by 80 percent.
A specific cardiac defect called atrial septal defect, a hole in the heart, was increased by 220 percent.
The small babies that were starving in the womb and couldn't grow because of the severe adverse effects of the placenta were dramatically increased.
A skin deformity called congenital knee Cerebus or hemangioma was increased 200 percent.
And here's the worst.
Birth defects associated with a developmental delay at six months of life were increased 4.14, 310 percent.
Now, Alex, I want to ask you, I want to ask you, there is no person in their right mind that has one brain cell Who would consent, if they were told Pfizer's own information, they would never have taken this vaccine.
And you, I'm calling on my obstetrician colleagues, you know, you were due You were threatened.
Your First Amendment rights were violated.
You need to stand up and speak the truth or these aggressive plaintiff's attorneys are going to come after you.
And I'm going to help them because I've tried everything I can.
To try to speak truth to the system and they've ignored me, they've censored me, they have deplatformed me, they've fired me.
I've been persecuted.
I have nothing to gain except speaking the truth.
Well, Doctor, let me stop you because it's all come out in the documents.
You've been vindicated.
And you're only about facts, but just looking at what they've done, we know they did test with mRNA with SARS on rats at UT in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
They knew what it was going to do.
What was the goal?
Roll it out, corrupt the medical system, get them to be part of the cover-up of the crime?
That's not working.
I mean, depopulation?
The people doing this want depopulation?
I mean, speculating as a citizen, as a veteran, what is the endgame of this?
Because clearly they knew what it was going to do.
They were ready to cover it up before it even happened.
I mean, they were on the spot.
What is this?
This was a fait accompli.
This was started in 2010.
All you have to do is go back and read multiple books showing patents, showing publications, pharmaceutical publications and patents back to 2010.
Listen, Gates said in 2010, this is going to be the decade of the vaccine.
This whole pandemic, if you will, was actually rolled out for political purposes to disrupt
the election, number one.
And number two, the ultimate goal was to roll out this highly dangerous mRNA platform.
And this was the way to do it.
By the way, a platform of which was shown to be lethal in animal studies in the last
Yeah, that's what I mentioned.
UT, North Carolina, they all knew this.
It was an Obama National Directive with Fauci.
So they knew.
So that way it wasn't tested.
No, it was tested.
So they knew what it was going to do.
What is the plan to take down a civilization?
Well, I mean, I can only speculate, but I think it's as clear as you're looking at my nose, and I got a big one, is that there was a depopulation agenda.
You know, just go back 50 years, you know, look at what their goal is, okay?
God wrote 10 commandments on stone and gave it to Moses on Sinai.
Satan, through the World Economic Forum and the globalists, also wrote Ten Commandments.
But on a much grander scale, the Georgia Guidestones, there were Ten Commandments written in stone.
And what the Ten Commandments, the first one was what?
Reduce the global population to how many?
How many?
Oh my gosh!
You know, we're looking at 500 million people.
Reduce the global population to 500 million people.
That was written in stone.
That's what Satan does.
Satan tries to mimic God.
So he wrote his Ten Commandments and put them in Georgia.
He's a counterfeit.
You're dead on, Doctor.
He's a counterfeit.
That's right.
Keep going.
Now, you know, the more dangerous thing that they've done is they've captured all the medical journals, you know, and they're involved with it.
Like, for example, there's now about Dr. Peter McCullough.
I'm here in South Florida with Dr. Peter McCullough, a close friend, Dr. Drew Pinsky, a close friend, Dr. Kelly Victory, a close friend, Dr. Harvey Reese, a close friend, with extensive in-depth communications meetings with the wellness company.
So, you know, Peter McCall and I were talking just recently and, you know, we said, you know, it's unbelievable.
You take those three irrefutable sources that I documented showing death and destruction and pregnancy.
And by the way, all three of those studies that I cited are highly biased.
For the Pfizer because it was Pfizer's data and for the government because it was government data.
And by the way, our peer-reviewed publications are all open source.
Anybody in the world can replicate what we did and nobody has refuted it over the last 15 months.
They can't!
They can't.
In contrast, there's about 31, maybe 32 articles that are published in the peer-reviewed, corrupted, captured medical journals, and they're not open source, okay?
They are performed in institutions that are highly biased.
You know, you're looking at like institutions that have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the NIH, They are closed.
They are all performed by physicians that have been heavily vaccinated.
They're all published through departments, which, by the way, as Dr. Peter McCullough pointed out as a previous chairman, you know, a previous chairman, any chairman of a department will not allow a publication to go forward out of that department when it violates the department's Protocol.
So, of course, and the data are manipulated.
They switch out vaccinated versus unvaccinated willy-nilly.
They've been caught with their pants down.
Well, they admit that they would change what was in the shot.
That's right.
So, you know, the fact of the matter is the whole system is a house of cards that have collapsed, you know.
There's Shimabukuro, and I attack him egregiously and aggressively because he's responsible for killing and injuring millions of pregnant women, preborns and newborns, globally.
because he had an article that was -- by the way, you quoted the infamous Eric Rubin, the
captured New England Journal of Medicine editor-in-chief before I got on. You know the famous statement.
Well, we don't know how safe it is in kids. We just have to roll it out and figure out
what happened. Right? That's what he said. That's not science, okay? But Eric Rubin,
the New England Journal of Medicine, then teams up with Shimabukuro, Tommy Shimabukuro,
and 20 other authors that are all employed by the federal government.
Tommy Shima Bakoro himself is on multiple vaccine safety committees, Alex, in the CDC and HHS.
Wasn't he on the FDA board?
Like the third one they got?
In fact, since you mentioned it, since you mentioned it, here's the clip.
And I have Bill Gates, I have them all saying, we don't know what this will do.
I played the clip like 20 times last week.
I'm not going to play it again.
Gates is like, we're just going to mess around and see what this does.
And then I've got all these other key people saying, we don't know what it'll do.
As they, when they're in like their own little board meetings for the public, they say, oh, it's all tested.
It's fine.
Here is one of the FDA board members that got all this approved for children saying, we don't know what it'll do until we give it to them.
But we're never going to learn about how safe the vaccine is unless we start giving it.
That's just the way it goes.
We're never going to learn what the vaccine does.
He's a criminal.
He's a criminal.
He needs to be prosecuted in criminal courts and punished to the full extent of the law.
And so does Shima Bakoro.
And so does Dr. Mehra, the cardiologist from Harvard.
And so do all these other physicians.
So does Francis Collins.
So does Vivek Murthy.
So does the executive chief of staff of the White House, Jeffrey Zients.
These people are responsible.
Listen, as of last September, Alex, okay, and I can corroborate this, there have been 585 million global citizens that have been killed or injured.
And that data is directly from Dr. Denis Rancourt and from my analytics of Pfizer's own data
with an injured to kill ratio of 33.4. So, for every death, multiply it times -- let
me give you an idea, okay? I'm a veteran. I know my military history. Do you know how
many people were killed dropping the atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
A few hundred thousand.
Ninety -- there were 94,000 injured and 105,000 killed.
The injured to kill ratio was 0.9.
And you take every war since then, the injured to kill ratio might be up to 4.5.
So this is worse than atomic weapons?
Yeah, it makes the atomic weapons look like child's play.
And if you take thalidomide, you know, thalidomide... People don't know that was a sedative they gave women that made the babies have short legs and short arms.
Yeah, actually created by a Nazi Germany pharmaceutical company, right?
And they marketed and thank God for Francis Oldham Kelsey, who was the one honest FDA She was actually Canadian and she blocked it.
She knew there was no data and President Kennedy, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, gave her the highest medal of honor for a civilian for protecting the American people.
Now, American people were still injured because these corrupt pharmaceutical industries would go distribute it all over the country and give it to their patients before it was FDA approved.
But it was never FDA approved in the United States of America.
It injured 20,000 and killed about 80,000.
Injured to kill ratio of 0.25.
33.4 is the injured to kill ratio of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Not according to Jim Thorpe.
According to Pfizer's own legally mandated post-market data.
Let's just pull back here because all the numbers are out now.
You're right.
Nobody can dispute that.
They thought they'd get away with it and test killing us for depopulation for whatever reason that I talk about, that Elon Musk talks about.
What are they going to do now that it's all coming out?
Because there's so many prominent scientists and doctors like yourself that are so prestigious.
What do you think they're going to do?
I think they're going to have a new pandemic.
How do you kill a story with a new story?
Well, listen, Alex, the American people aren't that stupid.
They're not vocal.
I wish more of my colleagues would be more vocal and grow some balls and stand up for the truth and honor their Hippocratic oath.
I hope they do that.
Please do it.
Dr. OBGYN, you're going to be my hero if you do that.
I'm going to honor you if you do that.
It's time to do this.
You've been duped.
Now, I want the aggressive plaintiff's attorneys that went down and destroyed the tobacco industry, I want them to look forward and to look out.
All of you prominent, wealthy attorney firms, Listen, they call these cases, and I don't want to, you know, they call, they have acronyms for them.
They call them dead baby cases or bad baby, damaged baby cases.
That has some negative connotations, but that's how it turns out.
You know, a damaged baby case could be $200 million, $300 million, and they're brewing out there now.
They're brewing out there now.
SSM Health may have one.
And listen, I mean to tell you, attorneys, when you have a client come to you with an adverse pregnancy reaction, the first thing you do, you ask them, did you get the COVID-19 vaccine?
Whether they got it three years before the pregnancy, two years during the pregnancy, one year.
By the way, Doctor, there was a meme that came out two weeks ago, the congressional 800-page report on censorship.
And the main thing they wanted censored was a meme that showed Leonardo DiCaprio where he points the TV with a
beer in his hand and he says Soon you'll be seeing ads saying did you take the COVID
shot? Were you damaged? I mean, that's where this is going That's where I wanted to go
I want it to go.
Listen, Maggie and I publish.
We publish extensively.
She's a brilliant attorney.
Okay, she's taken down large corruption in the bad faith insurance industry.
Maggie and I have published probably 16 medical legal briefs published on America Out Loud News.
Look them up.
The last one of the, in December, we published a brief.
Okay, we documented that the federal government paid allocated 186 plus billion dollars, billion with a B,
buying out over 420,000 hospital systems around the country.
around the country.
They're all bought.
They all signed a similar cooperative care agreement that they promised to follow the directives, the lethal directives of HHS.
And if they didn't, they'd have to pay the money back.
That's why SSM Health had to fire me.
So that's why they're using the medical system we trust to come after us with the tyranny, the lockdowns, the FEMA camps, the COVID camps, all of it.
And they're not at a world treaty.
They're making their move.
Stay there, doctor.
We got a break.
I want to come back and do a few more minutes with you.
Please join us again.
Dr. Jim Thorpe is our guest.
Onlinehealthnow.com for the great folks at Wellness Company.
They're such great patrons sponsoring what he's doing.
This is just incredible.
information and now they've got the bird flu and all the new hype and all the
new fear it's happening now we'll start our number four to a few more minutes
let our guests finish any other key points was to make when invited back
soon but this is where we are and so many times the corruption will come
through medical tyranny that's where we are now band on video info wars calm real Alex Jones on Twitter
Follow us there and onlinehealthnow.com.
And you can follow Jim on his X account as well.
We'll be right back.
Drew Hernandez is taking over for the next hour.
Then Owens Troyer, 3 p.m.
Central here on the Embattled InfoWars Network.
Dr. Jim Thorpe, M.D.
Find him on X at J.A.
Thorpe, M.F.M.
Thorpe at M.F.M.
We'll put it on screen for you.
Or just search his name, Dr. James Thorpe.
We have five minutes left, sir.
Any other key points you want to add?
Yeah, Alex, I want to be back with you in studio.
I got a cell phone.
I'm in a bedroom.
I want to be there with you where we can have a better connection.
I want to be on Tucker Carlson.
I want to be on every platform because I'm angry.
I've seen enough carnage, death and destruction.
And I'm all about, listen, truth, my truth.
And my integrity are more important than my life or any asset that I have.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
And the people that I work with at the wellness company have the same ethos.
I'm blessed down here with the founder, Foster Colson.
My dear friend, his wife and children, with Peter Gillilee, the CEO, with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Kelly Victory, Dr. Harvey Risch.
These are people with integrity.
I eat with them.
I've stayed with them all week.
I know their children.
I've broken bread with them.
I prayed with them.
I know their hearts.
And I'm honored to be with the wellness company.
And I want to tell the Americans out there, Don't listen to this nonsense and this fear of pornography.
You bought it four years ago.
We're in the same cycle, an election cycle.
Do not be afraid.
Be prepared.
And, you know, at the wellness company, we have the emergency medical kit with eight Prescribed potentially life-saving drugs for an incredible deal.
Incredible bargain.
Every single person.
I think it's a responsibility of every American to have these, at least one of these kits, at home.
Because listen, supply chains are broken.
All these drugs are made offshore.
The pharmacies are cracking.
The key to saving lives and to optimizing disease outcome, whether it's some Bird flu, non-sensor, anything else is early treatment.
You cannot execute early treatment unless you have drugs at home.
We also have the emergency contagion kit, also extremely important.
We have two other kits, the Travel Emergency Kit and the First Aid Emergency Kit.
You know, the first two are absolutely necessary and important for every family.
Listen, it's no big deal.
In these books, you get a free consultation.
In these packages, you get specific instructions on how to use these kits and you can have a consultation.
Absolutely, and then people are getting ready and they're funding patriots that are being persecuted and attacked.
We have to also fund ourselves in this fight.
So good doctors, good nurses, good scientists, with the Wellness Company, the best group out there, getting ready because they're definitely cranking up some new crap.
And the hospitals will deny you basic care now until you go home until you're dying and come back.
You've got to take care of yourself now.
Yes, yes.
I stand by our products.
Listen, Alex, I'm in the process of developing over the last six months a new product, a revolutionary new prenatal vitamin.
And I know How this company works and how they vet the ingredients.
They're the highest quality ingredient of any other company.
We can't just oppose evil.
We've got to build our own economy, help people, and build infrastructure to fight.
That is the key to all of this.
Dr. James Thorpe, M.D.
Thorpe, M.F.M.
on X. We'll talk to you soon, sir.
God bless you all, but people should go to OnlineHealthNow.com and tell them that Jim Thorpe sent you.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, sir. Amazing interview. We got to get him on the other shows. Come in studio, sir. We can't wait to talk to
you. All right. That's the Thursday broadcast. We got the amazing Geron Andes coming up for 55 minutes and then Owen
Schroer kicking ass. But this is so important.
Thank you all for your support, for your prayer.
Take the articles, take the videos, share them everywhere.
That's the real power is you taking action.
People are ready to wake up.
They're ready for the truth, but you've got to deliver it.
Want to tell the crew great job today.
Amazing, amazing stuff we just did.
I'm so blessed to be here.
Drew Hernandez takes over right now.
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All right, InfoWarriors, you are now watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am your guest, Drew Hernandez.
You know, just listening to the third hour and that great interview, it warms my heart to hear, you know, not just doctors, but doctors that are faith based, that are pointing out the real enemy, Lucifer, the real puppet master behind all of the medical tyranny, the actual Assault on humanity that's coming through this fascist technocracy through big tech.
Colluding of the intelligence agencies through the media, which has been going on for a very long time.
Corrupt DOJ, corrupt US government, world of politics, even culture.
And I'm encouraged because I think that's where we need to be even more right now.
Christians, faith-based individuals, That find themselves in these professions, that find themselves in these influential institutes, not just in America, but globally.
And I think for a long time, you know, I've been a pretty huge critic of cucked out pastors, not just in America, but worldwide for the past few decades that tell their people, tell their congregation not to engage.
In political matters, not to engage in cultural matters.
Don't engage in anything that they claim to be outside of the Bible.
Well, we are born again and we still live on planet Earth.
And we are not of this world, but we are still called to engage this world.
And so, all Christians worldwide, you know, if there ever is a time to stand, I mean, I know I went off last week Against this so-called anti-Semitic awareness bill that is literally going against directly biblical truth and statements without commentary.
Without an opinion or someone exegeting that's breaking down the Bible.
You just state that on a college campus and as Nick Fuentes was breaking down yesterday with Alex, you'd have people on these campuses policing whether there's anti-Semitism going on You'd have Zionists running around these college campuses just enforcing everybody's speech and that's definitely not going to get rolled out into, you know, federal nationwide policy.
But with all these things, you know, it's interesting how much is coming to light.
It really is.
I don't know if you guys are noticing that, but, you know, I've been talking about this for the past few months.
I just had this sense that as we go into 2024, I think a lot of Revelations are going to start unfolding.
I'm not talking about specific Bible prophecies in the book of Revelation.
I just mean general secrets, things done in dark that are being brought to light.
As Ephesians chapter 5 puts it, do not partake in the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.
Rather expose them.
That's a mandate The Christian, doesn't matter who you're dealing with, Jew or Gentile, Black or White, Asian, Latino, doesn't matter who you're dealing with.
Doesn't matter what is before you, who is before you.
If it doesn't line up with the Bible, then it is to not be accepted.
That's my worldview, especially as an American.
I am a Christ supremacist.
I don't think Christian nationalism hits hard enough.
I don't think identifying as a Christian nationalist, I don't think that's enough.
That's not based enough for me.
That's not right-wing enough for me.
I think we got to go a little further.
I think the actual biblical terminology, if you're actually born again, you are a Christ supremacist.
You believe in the supremacy of his word.
You believe of the supremacy of his eternal dominion.
You believe in his supremacy of The afterlife.
You believe in the supremacy of Jesus Christ over all principalities and powers.
Are there fallen angels or holy angels?
You believe in the supremacy of Jesus Christ over mankind.
You believe in the supremacy of Jesus Christ over the church.
Not a man, not a woman, not a human.
Well, yes, Jesus Christ, God in human flesh, but anything outside of that Falls below.
If you believe in the supremacy of Jesus Christ over nature, you believe in the supremacy of Jesus Christ over the universe, the cosmos, you believe of the supremacy of Jesus Christ over human anatomy and biology, microbiology, you believe in the supremacy of Jesus Christ over art, over any human invention that we could think of, right?
You see, but people are afraid to go down this path because, like, oh, well, you're just kind of playing into what they've all called us all along, that we're a bunch of white supremacist Christian nationalists that want to just impose tyranny on all of humanity.
Well, newsflash for any retards out there, the best thing for humanity is Jesus Christ, the gospel, eternal salvation, eyes wide open, not gay and woke.
Based and awake.
Not gay and woke.
Based and awake.
Truly discerning this fallen world all around you.
Want to take it to the next level?
You become born again.
Watch what happens to your life.
And I don't say this to discourage people, but I say this to give people a reality check that it's not easy to follow Christ.
There are consequences for following Christ.
The Bible makes it very clear that if anyone desires to live godly in Christ Jesus, they will suffer persecution.
There will be demonic, satanic.
Even this world, Jesus said, they hate me, they're going to hate you more.
This world is influenced, the Bible says, under the sway of the evil one, the wicked one.
Total demonic legions, principalities, powers that are geographically, strategically placed across the universe, especially the globe.
Planet Earth to manipulate humanity into eternal deception, the destruction of the soul.
Jew and Gentile, it doesn't matter.
It does not matter at all.
And so with that perspective, you start to take a look at the world around you and you see all these powers start to manipulate.
And they use all people.
They use the right.
They use Republicans.
They use Democrats.
They use the left.
They use the Jews.
They use the Muslims.
They use the Gentiles.
They use the atheists.
In some cases, because Christians are ignorant, I don't hold the doctrinal belief that Christians, born-again Christians, can be demon-possessed, but I do believe they can be influenced and oppressed.
If that were not true, then why would the majority of the New Testament be warning the church to be on the lookout and had to discern false teachers, false prophets, agents of Satan, Apostle Paul makes it very clear that even Lucifer himself disguises himself, he masquerades as an angel of light, presents himself as something as good.
And that's a particular exclusive warning to the born again, like, hey, hey, hey, if you're not careful, here's what you need to be on the lookout for.
You shall know a tree by their fruit.
Match up what they say with how they live with the doctrine that God has laid out before all of us.
To practice in life, in godliness, Christ-likeness, and holiness, which is sanctification.
So, you know, it's just interesting that so many revelations are starting to come out, you know?
That's why you're constantly hearing this, you know, Alex Jones was right, Trump was right.
A lot of commentators that are finally tapping in, that are, you know, finally getting bold and being willing to speak out against foreign interests, global powers.
Zionist influence that is ultimately leading to an assault on the First Amendment.
You know, people are starting to finally come out and address the elephants in the room, while at the same time many exposés, many exposés coming out.
I mean, you got James O'Keefe, You got the Alex Jones expose of intelligence agencies colluding against Trump, colluding against Alex Jones, leading to ultimate lawfare.
Look at these revelations in this past hour of now all of the bioweapon and absolute destruction, death, and damage.
That these mRNA vaccines are doing, not just to the American population, but the global population, particularly, particularly what was really interesting about this last interview that was just conducted was with a gynecologist, with women, with women having these adverse, these insane negative reactions in their pregnancy.
And in some cases where some of these women are being told to actually take higher doses of the mRNA vaccine in order to combat COVID.
And now they're seeing a rise in mental development within the babies, within the womb at six weeks.
I mean, that's a lot of stuff, right?
But a lot of stuff that was being warned about in 2021, especially if you're an InfoWarrior, A lot of this stuff is really not news to you, but it's ultimately vindicating because so many people are experiencing these damaging effects from the death jabs.
And unfortunately, yeah, a lot of people are dying.
A lot of people are going to die.
Even in my own family, man, you know, I haven't really talked about this publicly, but I have family that did not listen.
No matter how many warnings I issued on no matter how many broadcasts or just really, you know, meek and compassionate personal conversations about the intel and how damaging these things could be, some of my family members took this stuff and they're having cancer scares now.
And obviously you're never going to be able to find out.
Some of my family, fully healthy.
Fully healthy.
And just a couple years later, well now I'm getting phone calls that, hey, I might have to get a biopsy.
I might have to get tested because they're finding these irregularities in my body now.
And it's a total side blind.
And of course, this These psychopaths, these mad scientists, and twisted, perverted so-called doctors, right?
Like, I agree.
If there are medical healthcare professionals and doctors out there that were deceived into believing that this was some kind of new wave technology that was really gonna prevent the spread Of COVID-19, right?
Which, I guess, if there are doctors or medical healthcare professionals out there that genuinely were deceived, well, now's the time to speak up.
Because if now you are fully aware, you can't play the ignorant, I didn't know card.
You can't play, trust me, you can't play, well we just followed the experts.
Yeah, and now you're losing all credibility because of all the right-wingers were saying in 2021 when they were pushing the vaccines on not just teachers and police officers and fire departments and the military, but even you, the medical healthcare professionals.
If your card is going to be, well, I didn't know.
We just trusted.
We just trusted Pfizer's data.
We just trusted the CDC's statements.
We just trusted the science and what the experts were telling us.
Well, that's not enough because there's a lot of blood on your hands right now.
That comparison to the death count of Nagasaki, Hiroshima, You guys caught that in the last segment?
Because we are dealing with death counts, death tolls, and vaccine injuries that are outperforming the death counts of the first two nuclear bombs dropped in human history in active combat situations.
That is an insane comparison to me.
And I think if that really doesn't grab your attention and wake you up to what you're actually dealing with, that is honestly opening us up completely to a new futuristic, I don't even want to say futuristic, I think the better word is leading us now into the future where we are currently because it's been ruled out, of biological warfare!
Everybody sees it.
Everybody knows it.
Everybody's experiencing it.
These assaults against humanity and the general public, they don't even need nuclear bombs anymore.
They don't need that.
To cause that amount of destruction, right?
Because, I mean, there's a lot of arguments against the use of nuclear bombs, right?
There's always the traditional debate as to whether the nuke should have been dropped to end World War II.
Or even before that, whether the nuke should have even been developed to begin with, right?
Even Robert Oppenheimer had that conflict, apparently, where if I know if I build this, it's going to lead to destruction of possibly the universe and mankind, but at the same time, if I don't build it, well, the Nazis and Hitler are going to get it first.
That's the general historical narrative, right?
But if you really think about it, the other debate is, well, should it have even been used?
In active combat with the Nagasaki, the Hiroshima situation, because Japan was just not letting up and, well, was it moral to drop it on innocent civilians?
That's been a debate for decades and it will be until probably the end of mankind.
But here's what I find interesting about this is another debate Of using nuclear, thermal nuclear weapons is the problem of radiation and the aftermath on the environment being uninhabitable, unlivable, depending on the type of nuclear bomb and the altitude it's dropped on the region itself.
And what I find interesting about that is like we I think we find ourselves, right?
I think we find ourselves technologically advanced, one can argue, because we crossed that bridge into the future.
Splitting the atom, thermal nuclear weapons, etc.
But I think as we go into the future, that technology is going to look very primitive at some point.
And I'm kind of already starting to think that way, if you really think about it, with the advancement of technology, the weaponization of AI standing right outside our door.
You got nanotechnology, even Bill Gates and his proxies that he is funding are going to roll out a new A transfer device for the vaccines in the future that is just a patch in the arm.
So the development of nanotechnology, a lot of the stuff that we are already facing now with biological chemical warfare, that doesn't damage the environment because the environment is still needed in order to survive.
And this is always debated when using these type of weapon systems.
And I'm not talking about some climate cuck, leftist cuck, environmentalist.
I'm just saying, in reality, dropping a nuclear bomb is going to cause some serious, serious damage to the environment where it will be unlivable.
This is why we don't want nukes dropped, at least for me personally.
But my thought process is This new future warfare comes without having to fire a shot, comes without having to drop a nuclear weapon, comes without having to even carry out drone strikes, or even carry out huge explosive strikes in military situations.
Because with the age of cyber warfare, cyber attacks that has been happening for decades, but is that craft is being perfected, I would say every day with the implementation of AI and nanotech in the future of technological biological warfare, where now bioweapons, and Alex has talked about this all the time, that these globalist psychopath Luciferians have been talking about for decades Rolling out this future warfare of staged pandemics in order to neuter and paralyze societies for totalitarian control.
And I find it interesting, and I think like normies really need to put that into perspective.
Because when you really think about that, like if you're just a normie, you're looking for something else.
Like, when you're looking at a doomsday scenario, that's not to say that nukes could be launched at any moment, and we have a nuclear holocaust, and we have a huge issue on our hands.
But I do think that it almost causes a distraction.
It causes a distraction to normies out there that may be looking for traditional firepower, nuclear threat-based warfare that we've seen for the past, what, 100 years?
In American history, particularly?
Well, what does the future of warfare look like?
And people are so influenced by pop culture and what pop culture says warfare looks like, but the actual future of bioweapons and chemical weapons just shutting down entire economies by weaponizing intelligence agencies, using bureaucratic globalist entities, In the name of health care or in the name of science, the CDC, the World Health Organization, all of these pieces starting to come together and I just really want it because I know a lot of people have been pouring into the Alex Jones Show because Alex is back on X and there's a lot of new people coming in.
So I always want to be mindful of people that have never really thought about that before as to What warfare actually looks like now against a population and a civilization where conventional nuclear weapons, conventional bombs, conventional, you know, I would even go as far to say, like, these people don't even necessarily need firearms anymore.
Like the New World Order, all they need is centralized digital currencies, centralized Digital communication systems, centralized digital banking currency, but also centralized digital social media.
And the list goes on.
And from the back end, all you have to do is just like they do currently on Facebook and big tech is if you violate the TOS, right?
Well, you either get put in Facebook jail or you get deplatformed entirely.
You see, people really need to realize that this is the future.
It's economic warfare.
It's biological warfare.
It's depopulation.
It's to lower the population of humanity.
But I think this is like really flown under the radar of the American general public.
Not the InfoWarriors or anybody that's truly awake paying attention that's informed.
And I think that's part of what the general public is missing, is when it comes to their, you know, fantasy or Hollywood depiction of war, they've been presented something, but what's actually happening is a full scale assault against your soul, your health, your family, to depopulate you, destroy you, dismember and castrate an entire generation.
That's war.
That's a war against mankind, and it's being carried out every single day.
And I think as we go into the future, it's gonna get even worse.
Got a lot more to say when we get back.
I'll see you guys on the other side.
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All right, well, speaking of depopulation, insanely viral videos going around.
And I think the one I want to start with today, if the team is ready, and I'd be shocked if you guys have not seen this, but you guys know that when it comes to depopulation, we got to address the abortion and infanticide issue.
We got to address the so-called trans human issue of hacking the genitals of Males and females.
Kids and adults.
It's the same Baphomet-Luciferian agenda.
Literally stopping the repopulation of humanity through those things as well.
Homosexuality as well.
Spreads AIDS, STDs, disease.
They do not have the ability to repopulate.
They must result into surrogacy.
They must result into abducting children.
They must result into obtaining other people's children because they biologically, this is a fact, sodomites biologically do not have a future.
They cannot repopulate.
They will not repopulate.
And honestly, we will outlive this LGBTQ pervert generation.
You understand that, right?
Like, really understand that.
These people are all going to die early.
And they are not going to repopulate.
So at some point, they will all die.
They will literally all die, and the Christians will go on.
So understand that.
You want to be pro-LGBTQ?
You want to be down with the sodomites, even Con Ink and the Cuckservatives on the so-called right wing?
Well understand, you are choosing a side that has no future and will die early and we will outlive these people.
Their degeneracy will kill them and shorten their lifespan due to their own foolishness and depravity.
So that's depopulation!
That's part of depopulating the Earth.
That's part of stalling God's natural biological design for population.
And then you even bring in the mRNA and bring in the death jabs.
That's causing maternal complications with women and females.
Aside from people dying, these depopulation agendas are all unfolding.
You have Do you have suicide clinics in Canada in the name of healthcare?
Where if you want to suicide yourself, you think that life is over, you just want to give up and you're totally done?
Well, we will assist you with that.
We actually encourage you to do that because we think that the world is overpopulated.
Well, those are just a few examples.
I can go on and on and on and on.
But let's pick on the sodomites right now.
You guys know my view.
I don't think trans people are real.
There's no such thing as a trans person.
They're all just gay.
They're all just homos, okay?
And so, here's this viral video of this sodomite that paid a woman via surrogacy to have his baby and the baby brought right to him After birth, and this dude is laying in a hospital bed like he just gave birth.
He was literally being rolled in a wheelchair like he was about to be induced and have a baby.
And here's the footage if you haven't seen it.
It's ridiculous.
[baby crying]
[baby crying]
Poor baby.
She's so cold. She's mad.
Hairy, gay chest.
My gosh, dude.
Look at that baby.
Tormented, dude.
Tormented by the demons, dude.
That baby could feel the darkness.
And the disgusting hair of this sodomite's chest.
That's what I'm saying though, man.
And I've been seeing this a lot.
The allegations of human trafficking are pretty damn accurate.
It's like these people are paying women to have babies?
Paying women to have babies?
To have their baby?
And then have the baby brought to them?
Like some kind of act of slavery?
Like we're just paying for human beings?
Now the gays are paying for babies?
It's like, bro, this is not a good thing.
I don't care if someone's wearing a damn MAGA hat.
And they claim to love Trump.
And they're going down the path of surrogacy as sodomites.
God does not identify that.
God does not respect that.
God does not honor that.
That baby is screaming for its life.
Totally disgusted.
Innocent baby.
That baby should be On its mother's chest, ready to breastfeed and grow.
That is the natural process that God has created.
Okay, no, no, instead, instead, we have a newborn baby being pulled from the mother, the mother was paid, and shame on the damn mother that received money for that, dude.
To go against God's design.
To go alongside of this homosexual agenda that goes around, that goes around.
God's instituted design.
They're literally human trafficking babies.
And that baby should be with the mother, ready to breastfeed, on her chest.
But no.
The baby is pulled out from the mother and the baby is handed to a sodomite degenerate.
A sodomite degenerate.
That swaps AIDS and HIV.
And an innocent baby is placed on this disgusting dude's hairy chest with the fake fingernails, looking like a drag queen.
And always with these people.
These people are always trying to simulate like they're children.
I don't know if the team wants to put a still up there while I describe this, but these people are always throwing on wigs.
It's like the lesbians are always trying to simulate little boys.
Like, they try to look like little 90s boys with the bowl haircuts.
It's weird, dude.
I don't get it.
Other than, they're perverts.
And then these, you got, you got, you got homos like this, that throw on wigs, with, with, with, with ponytails!
Like he's a six-year-old little girl!
This dude's got a wig on, with ponytails, like he's a six-year-old little girl!
If this doesn't make people uncomfortable, there's something wrong with you, dude.
Alright, that's an innocent baby screaming for its life on a disgusting hairy sodomite's chest while he's wearing a wig.
It appears to be a wig.
Or even if it's his real hair, even worse!
Even worse!
Why do these people always want to simulate like they're six-year-old little boys or little children or little girls?
Well, I think you could answer that for yourself.
I think you very well can answer that for yourself.
And I'm going to tell you one thing.
God is not honored by this.
This is an abomination.
That's what it is.
It's abhorrent.
It's an abomination.
It's repulsive.
If you take a look at that video on X, you could find it anywhere.
Just go find it on myX, at Drew H. Live.
Look at the comments.
People are repulsed.
It's unnatural.
That's why the Bible calls it unnatural.
When you see it, Don't look right at all.
You could tell something's wrong.
Something's amiss.
Something's off.
Makes you uncomfortable.
Like you're looking at something you shouldn't be looking at.
Yeah, God put that in you.
Because the sodomite agenda is not Not acceptable.
It should not be tolerated in the United States of America.
And listen, if that's too far for you, well then shut the hell up and stop complaining about this LGBTQ homo takeover.
Honestly, just shut up if you're unwilling to speak out against it.
We'll be right back.
There's more.
All right, employers, we are back.
We'll be right back.
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And so continuing this conversation of depopulation, infanticide, I mean, there is, especially if you're a Christian, there is literally no, there is no budging on this.
There, there is, there is no debating this.
There's, I mean, obviously you could debate, but, When it comes to God's Word, when it comes to our theological stance as the Church as Christians, when it comes to the sanctity of life, of infants, in and outside of the womb, anything opposed to that, infanticide, murder, okay?
It is not a woman's right to choose to exterminate a human life in and outside the womb.