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Name: 20240508_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 8, 2024
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The text discusses potential arrest warrants for Israeli officials by the International Criminal Court, a bill in the US House to enforce anti-discrimination laws and define anti-Semitism, and a national security strategy to counter anti-Semitism in the United States. It presents different opinions on these issues, with some arguing that Israel has the right to self-defense and criticizing the ICC's potential actions as an assault on this right, while others support the passage of the bill to protect Jewish communities. There is debate over whether the bill gives too much power to foreign groups in defining anti-Semitism and controlling federal policy. The text also mentions the launching of the United States' first national security strategy to counter anti- Semitism, with the full force of the federal government mobilized to protect the Jewish community. In their conversation, Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes cover Elon Musk's impact on free speech, the importance of maintaining independent media, privacy, censorship, and the role of technology in modern society while expressing a shared concern for preserving freedom of speech and access to platforms for pro-freedom and pro-American movements.

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The International Criminal Court in The Hague is contemplating issuing arrest warrants against senior Israeli government and military officials as war criminals.
Israel expects the leaders of the free world to stand firmly against the ICC's outrageous assault on Israel's inherent right of self-defense.
We expect them to use all the means at their disposal to stop this dangerous move.
My administration, with our second gentleman's leadership, has launched our nation's first national security strategy to counter anti-Semitism.
It's mobilizing the full force of the federal government.
The U.S.
House passed a bill, 32291, and a group of representatives say they want to protect their Jewish constituents.
anti-semitism in all of its forms without equivocation and without delay.
This is our moment. The US House passed a bill 322 91 and a group of
representatives say they want to protect their Jewish constituents and the bill
would essentially make it easier for the Department of Education to enforce
anti-discrimination laws at public institutions. So this bill would require
the Department of Education to use the International Holocaust Remembrance
Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism.
Many of the Republicans and Democrats said adding this type of regulation infringes on free speech.
Criminal behavior is criminal behavior.
Violating people's civil rights is violating people's civil rights.
But when we want to insert the government into what you're thinking and what motivates you, you are empowering That which should never be empowered.
The ability of the government to police thought.
If implemented, the White House says they will, of the Department of Education.
It puts a foreign, multinational NGO of the UN out of Israel and Europe in control of the policy and says, not only their current definitions, but when they change it, that will be law.
So it's saying it's like a blank check veto to control legislation.
It's like a new Congress.
And overall, the educational systems of primary school and secondary, it's staggering.
So I've read the bill twice.
So they get into the act and why they're doing it, the definition of it in federal law, and then how they apply federal law is according to this new definition of anti-Semitism in Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
They go on here to give power to this group, a foreign group, To then define and direct federal agencies and the Department of Education and FBI against anyone that does what they say is anti-Semitic.
And they give a big laundry list of the current definition.
And they say they can also change it whenever they want.
So, it's an open check legislation, just like the CIA got in 1947 to do whatever they want.
He said that this is one of the worst pieces of legislation we've ever seen.
I wasn't exaggerating.
Now there's another example on the list that's gotten some attention, that it's anti-Semitic to claim that Jews killed Jesus.
That's what the IHRA says.
But that is not a claim invented by anti-Semites.
That's in the Gospel.
According to every Gospel account of Christ's Passion, the Romans carried out the execution of Jesus at the insistence and behest of the Jewish authorities that handed him over to be killed.
And the mob that called for his death.
It may be true that some actual anti-Semites, as in those who hate Jews, have used these biblical passages as a justification for their hatred.
But that does not make the passages themselves false, or evil, or anti-Semitic.
And it certainly doesn't give Congress the right to tell Christians that they cannot believe or repeat what is in those passages.
So, get this jaw, as in the United States of America.
If you criticize Israel, the state police come to arrest you and your family.
It goes on to explain the national security strategies of the president, the last two, which is anyone conservative or doesn't hate white people is anti-Semitic or a white supremacist who can be put in prison, basically.
Criticizing policies of government is equated with anti-Semitism.
And that, I think, is a far right, comes from the far right.
It comes from the authoritarian leanings where they don't want students on these campuses to voice their opinions because they want to change the narrative going forward.
Oh, you still got privacy.
You know, Congress two weeks ago just passed a law again for total warrantless spying on all of us in live time by AI.
And all the federal agencies are in everything with AI.
Tracking everything in live time, and your car's got kill switches in it, and geo-fencing controls, and they just killed 22 million people with poison shots.
But we're gonna sit here with the media focused on Israel and Palestine all day to have a big uproar and a big uprising.
Then a cop's gonna shoot a black man, and then everything's gonna burn down when Trump gets elected.
I mean, you just, you know, we just sit here and we watch.
Tomorrow's news.
Another government training center dupe.
They've taught you how to be cool.
The cool person goes...
And never thinks, and the guy that gets all the girls is the fool.
You know, who wears the cool clothes.
He doesn't care about politics, none of that.
Ooh, baby, let's party!
I don't care about my future, or my kid's future, or the world's future.
I'm a caring person.
I like your content a lot.
You're so cool.
You're so nice.
Do people realize what you're watching on this program right now?
This is incredible.
The year is 1995, and InfoWars launches the last of America's counter-globalist probes.
In a freak mishap, InfoWars.com and Alex Jones are blown out of their trajectory into an orbit which freezes his life support systems and returns Alex Jones to Earth 25 years later.
Trans-dimensionally over the space-time continuum through full space-time.
Where people are extremely lazy, the social engineers are there laughing.
What we envisioned 100 years ago, 20 years ago, is now reality.
While the society unravels, men run around totally frantic, not knowing how to be men, and women run around frantic, not knowing how to be women, and they don't understand that it's an animating contest of life, and that it's fulfilling to be informed, it's fulfilling to be involved, it's fulfilling.
Tomorrow's news.
It's Wednesday, May 8th, 2024.
180 days out from the most important election in world history.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin.
Broadcasting worldwide, we've got one hell of a transmission lined up for you today.
Nick Fuentes is going to be joining us for the third and fourth hour that I'll be hosting today to talk about the future of free speech, not just in America, but worldwide.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield, one of the original doctors really exposing poison vaccines and the rest of the New World Order big pharma tyranny, will be joining us in studio.
He's got a new film out.
He's also bringing other special guests with him as well.
But in about six, seven minutes, Roger Stone is going to be joining us because there's so much Trump news.
The whole thing has been derailed.
We had him on yesterday talking about all of their criminal and civil cases falling on their faces, making Trump's poll numbers explode.
The witch hunt is so obvious.
Well, now the judge in the classified documents case that's on its face of fraud has indefinitely suspended the trial, catching the prosecution and the former UN war crimes minion, Jack Smith, lying to the court about the evidence they had.
Something Trump said a year ago when the raids first happened.
He said, they're tampering with the evidence.
They are framing me.
Because the president is allowed to have those documents, plus they were in a secure area, but he saw documents in the way they presented them that was not in the documents.
Well, now that's been confirmed.
More evidence tampering.
That has derailed.
Plus, the state senator a few years ago that got the law retroactively changed, where you can go back 25 years with no evidence or no claims or no witnesses that someone sexually assaulted you or raped you, All for E. Jean Carroll?
Well now he is under attack with that law with a woman saying he raped her and he's saying the law is unconstitutional.
Talk about digging a pit for somebody and then you fall into it.
This is happening on every front to the rabid Soros-controlled D.A.'
's and others.
So Roger joins us in a few minutes to talk about that.
Meanwhile, New York Mayor Eric Adams says Rikers Island would be ready if Trump is sentenced and he's ready to put him in jail for contempt of court for exercising his First Amendment.
We've got a lot of other news as well.
We're going to be hitting Pfizer's stock hit after it had already exploded when they said that our new business is going to be cancer.
It's the new COVID.
Well, stock hit after boy dies of cardiac arrest during gene therapy trial, which is what they've known for 25 years in these mRNA trials, other gene therapy trials, is it'll either give you a heart attack or liquefy your liver or sometimes your brain.
Or your body just attacks itself everywhere and you're just eaten alive.
That's in the literature.
That's why they've never been able to use it.
So they just roll it out in the public saying safe and effective.
Oh, don't worry about human trials, because they knew what it had done in lab rats.
They were testing these gene therapies one person at a time, and if you look at the history of it, it kills a large portion of those.
In some cases, it creates miracle effects, so it's definitely a real technology, but it is... Talk about rolling the dice!
Simply amazing, and there's a whole stack of news on that front we'll talk about with Dr. Andrew Wakefield coming up.
Also, the new talking points are, oh we never made you wear a mask, we never blocked Ivermectin, we never tried to make you take any shots, whether you're in Australia, the US, Germany, the UK, Canada, it's the same propaganda.
They're now trying to rewrite history, and at the World Economic Forum they've got some of the top UN officials saying, listen, there is record deaths, But it's all being caused by long COVID.
Funny, it wasn't happening in the first year without the so-called vaccine.
But as soon as the shot's introduced, the mass carnage begins.
So we've got...
All of that lined up for you as well.
There is just so much, so much to get to.
Oh, and remember me years ago?
I did like a three-hour show on forever chemicals, thousands of chemicals in the water.
Most of them in what they call fluoride is just toxic waste with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of chemicals per company.
It varies per company.
Most of it comes out of China.
They call it fluoride, it's not calcium fluoride that's actually good for you in small amounts, poisonous in moderate amounts or even large amounts, or even moderate and of course large amounts.
It's hydrofluorosilic acid, super poisonous at any level, that supercharges other toxins as like an adjuvant or an accelerant in the body, like nitrous oxide in a gasoline engine.
Well, now ABC News and the White House, they're all, oh my God, almost the whole water supply is deadly poison and we don't know where it's coming from.
The FDA is so concerned.
The EPA is so confirmed.
They're the ones, since 1947, putting it in 70 plus percent of the U.S.
water supply and about half of the European water supply.
And it's just simply amazing that I would have these scientists on and doctors and chemical experts and chemists.
And then I'd say something.
They're putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay, and they take that little clip out and say, oh look, he's crazy.
Well, here's ABC News.
For the first time, the EPA is limiting the amount of so-called forever chemicals.
Oh, for the first time!
Not in drinking water.
The new rule targets synthetic chemicals known as PFAs, which are linked to serious health effects, including the increase of cancer.
Oh, what's fluoride do?
The chemicals can be found in the tap water, supplying hundreds of millions of Americans.
The EPA now is requiring water companies to lower six types of PFAs to near zero levels, making them go into huge debt buying these super expensive cleaning systems So they dump the fluoride mixture in, it creates it toxic, they go, we don't know where it's coming from, and then has to go through all these giant filtration systems to clean out the poison they're putting in.
Kind of like, give somebody an mRNA shot that turbo charges cancer and cardiovascular problems and infertility and everything else, and then say, oh my god, cancer's exploding, we don't know why, but our new business model is cancer, says Pfizer.
And their stock shoots up.
They do an mRNA test on a little boy, and it gives him a heart attack in two days.
That's Associated Press.
Pfizer stock hit after boy dies of cardiac arrest during teen therapy trial.
Well, 70% of America, roughly, took at least one of the shots.
40% took two.
Something like 35% took three or more.
There you go.
I mean, this is absolutely wild.
And it's all out in the open.
All right, we're 180 days out from the election.
The quickening is here.
Every one of these projects against Trump, the Sybil lawsuits, the criminal indictments, are blowing up in their face, are derailing in front of the world.
Look at what happened with E. Jean Carroll.
They surely got their fake conviction, Sybilly, but it blew up in their face politically.
Nobody bought it.
Trump went up in numbers.
Look at Georgia.
That's completely collapsed with Fannie Willis and her boyfriend and lying about it.
Manipulating evidence and threatening witnesses and all the rest of it.
And then look at the documents case.
Cut and dry.
Trump can have any document he wants.
He can declassify any document he wants as president.
Biden as vice president can't have any documents, but he gets away with it.
The FBI says he's too feeble to prosecute him.
Literally in their own FBI report.
And then now we have the case in the documents situation in Miami, Florida.
just down the road from where Roger and Trump are at their Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach.
And they lied to the judge and said, "We've not altered or tampered or manipulated
"or moved any documents.
"And the order we've given them to you is accurate.
"And the scans we've given you are accurate."
Now they say, "Actually, we manipulated them all "and moved things around and changed things
"and put notes in and added things."
And that's what Trump said when this first happened.
You can go to his true social.
Remember he said, "Evidence tampering, fraud, "I'm being framed."
Because some of the things he saw he'd never seen before, like top secret files on the top of it
and all the rest of it.
So this is spectacularly blown up in their face.
Trump classified document trial postponed indefinitely.
Days after mishandled evidence bombshell.
And we've got the judges ruling right here.
Breaking news, Trump classified documents case delayed indefinitely.
And then breaking, New York State Senator Kevin Parker, who worked to pass the Adult Survivors Act, which allowed E. Jean Carroll to go after Trump with accusations from 30 years ago, now says the law is unconstitutional after a rape lawsuit has been filed against him.
So let's play those two clips back to back, clips 16 and 17, back to back.
Let me go to the great Roger Stone.
I do want to get first some breaking news out of another of Mr. Trump's legal cases I'm just being told about in my ear here.
This is the federal classified documents case getting delayed indefinitely, is it?
Talk to us about that.
It was scheduled for May 20th, right?
Right, we're just getting our own eyes on this order here, but Judge Cannon making it clear that the trial over classified documents is delayed indefinitely in Florida.
This federal indictment leads to the question of whether this trial would begin before the
November election.
And I think it would be safe to say that this order here from Judge Cannon in Florida answers
that question.
And so we could very well be looking at a reality that the only criminal trial, only
one of four, that Donald Trump is facing here that will take place before the November election
will be this one here that is now in its fourth week in New York over the alleged hush money
payment scheme.
In 2004, a 31-year-old woman named Olga Jean Baptiste was helping Brooklyn State Senator
Kevin Parker arrange relief for flood victims in Haiti.
She now says after she returned from her trip there, Parker visited her apartment to pick up some photos and discuss the trip.
According to a lawsuit filed Friday, she then stood up to say goodbye when Senator Parker held on to both of her wrists with his hands.
Plaintiff was frozen in fear and was unable to cry out.
Senator Parker then took Plaintiff down the hallway of her apartment to her bedroom, made a sexual comment and put her face down on the bed, then raped her.
Governor Hochul called the allegations deeply disturbing.
It is shocking.
Absolutely shocking.
That's all I'll say.
It's shocking.
Parker has a long history of run-ins with the law, including charges for assaulting a traffic agent in 2005.
In 2009, he was arrested and later found guilty on misdemeanor charges after assaulting a New York Post photographer.
Here's what he told New York One after the verdict.
You have an anger problem that some people can maintain?
I won my election 76%.
I think that my constituents understand my passion.
The new lawsuit was filed under the Adult Survivors Act, which lifted the statute of limitations for one year to allow victims of sexual abuse to file suit, regardless of when the abuse occurred.
I'm glad I could sign the Adult Survivors Act.
It created the window for so many people who have cases like this to be able to come forward, so we made that happen.
So everything they touch is turning to crap.
They don't have the Midas touch, it doesn't turn to gold, it turns to crap.
Like Roger likes to say, he doesn't get his news from MSNBC just like he doesn't get his food out of the toilet.
Everybody's turning against him, ladies and gentlemen.
I've talked about this on the street.
I see it on the street.
Nothing but love now.
And all these former liberals like Naomi Wolf, the list goes on and on, are coming out and saying, I love Alex Jones.
He was right.
He was dead on.
It's not about me being right.
It's about that's a marker for how awake people are.
So Roger Stone, thanks for coming on two days in a row.
Stonezone.com to find your great show.
This is just amazing.
The tables have completely turned.
I want to talk about these cases and this big development in Florida with the federal case with Jack Smith against Trump and the documents.
But then we've got to, you know, like the wolf says in Pulp Fiction, let's not start celebrating yet.
They're not going to give up.
So we'll talk about what you expect is going to happen there.
Roger Stone.
Thanks for having me again today, Alec.
You're right.
This is bombshell news.
Now, I think it's important to be clear that the Florida documents case is not dead.
The judge has not ruled on a number of motions in that case, including a motion that questions the legitimacy of Jack Smith's appointment entirely.
Under the Appointments Clause, Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution, it would appear that to have this kind of legal authority, Mr. Smith would have had to have been confirmed by the U.S.
There is no statutory authority for the creation of his position.
So that could knock out All of these federal cases, including the January 6th election interference case, which is still pending.
Nonetheless, very good news for the Trump campaign because the whole purpose of a pre-election trial in Florida or in D.C.
is to drain his time.
Make him sit in a courtroom when he should be out campaigning.
Secondarily, drain his campaign funds because he has to pay his lawyers.
By the way, the Democratic National Committee is paying for Joe Biden's lawyers in the special counsel investigation into him.
Trump would not be under investigation if he wasn't running for president, so it's a legitimate political expense.
And then of course, lastly, the ongoing attempt to try to blacken his name.
That's what the Stormy Daniels testimony yesterday was all about.
She's not central to the government's case, so she was brought in To provide salacious and titillating and presumably humiliating and embarrassing testimony against the President.
Frankly, based on what I saw, I think it may have backfired because she also reveals her animus and her hatred for Donald Trump, thus providing the motive for jurors to suspect, well, she has a reason why she might be lying.
But this is a huge victory in Florida, just from a timing point of view.
I would also note that in addition to the motion that could remove Jack Smith entirely as a special counsel, the judge in that case has been ordering the government to unredact more and more and more.
You see, they want to prosecute Trump in secret.
So you never even know what the so-called documents were about.
You don't know anything about them.
But the more you look at this case, the more it looks like a setup.
In other words, the Bureau, the National Archives connived with the Biden Justice Department and with the White House Counsel to send Trump documents on pallets that he hadn't asked for.
And then once they confirmed his receipt, Well, Roger, I mean, look, look, look, that's par for the course here, but if you pull back from this, we just had the Supreme Court a few weeks ago suspend some of these cases, and now that's happened in this case.
It's being recognized now that this is what we all see it as, prima facie a witch hunt, an attempt to steal the election and not let us have the candidate we want.
But again, the deep state's only doubling down.
So what do you expect them to do now?
Well, first of all, I'm not a lawyer, as you know, but I still don't think it is impossible for them to potentially get Trump to trial on the January 6th election interference matters in, say, even September and October of this year.
I think that will be their drive.
That depends entirely on the U.S.
Supreme Court's ruling on whether or not he has immunity For his actions as president or whether he has immunity for certain actions and not other actions.
I'm not really clear on exactly what the Supreme Court is going to do.
If they can get the president to trial by as late as October, they would still do so.
Jay Bratt, who was one of the lawyers on Jack Smith's team, argued in front of Judge Cannon that trying A high profile picture like this in an election that could affect the outcome of election, which has always been against DOGA policy, is not a violation in this case.
Again, special rules for Donald Trump.
And to be clear, Roger, that's all key information, but let's pull back.
You see, I'm not a lawyer, but you've been through all this.
You're one of the top political analysts in the country.
You're the guy that helped Trump run and win and all that.
So much of this is political.
The law doesn't even matter now.
They're not even following any of that.
It's all purely political, pure theater.
The trials against me were literally HBO productions with makeup and crews and people slapping live You know, cut and action things and the judge went to the premiere at South by Southwest and walked the red carpet and did standing ovations like she was an actress in it because she was.
We've won that battle.
I'm talking about, to be specific, what they're going to do because they know this is all blown with their face.
Well, they said they're going to have civil insurrection.
They've already got bills introduced to pull the power of the president to be able to declare the acts that are in law, the Insurrection Act, to block that.
They're never going to let him get, if they have their way, to January 21st, 2025.
They are going to burn the country down, when and if he's president-elect, then use that pressure against the judiciary and the Republicans that will make it stop if you go ahead and greenlight, you know, going ahead and sending Trump to prison.
And so I think, I don't think, I know that is their plan.
They've admitted that's their plan to their desperate minions, saying, don't worry, we'll just burn the country down.
Alex, I'm afraid I wish I could disagree with you, but I really can't.
Our conversation yesterday was really, really disturbing to me because you were very candid about the fact that you've had a couple dreams that brought into question the President's safety.
This is something I really worry about.
And I've never had those.
I've never had those.
You know, knowing Trump eight, nine years, I've never had those dreams.
But knowing Trump, he is unstoppable.
He is not ever going to stop.
He's never going to quit.
He'll fight his way through these trials.
He'll fight his way through a spirited campaign.
He can't wait to debate.
I fear an effort to harm him, an effort to get him out of the way.
It's a legitimate concern.
Do I have evidence of that?
I do not have evidence of it.
But I wrote an entire book on the assassination of a president, the man who killed Kennedy.
Hold on, Roger.
Let's talk about this.
You don't have evidence.
I never played it yesterday.
Get the clip.
We have Phil Mudd and the former head CIA guy saying, we're going to kill this guy.
I could play in 30 minutes of them saying, we're going to kill him.
They're foaming at the mouth like dogs on chains that have rabies.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
I think so.
Back in stock at HunterJonesNaturals.com.
Next level foundational energy.
Go to both sites, SutterJonesNaturals.com and InfoWarsTore.com now.
So here's the CIA agent that actually headed up clandestine foreign assassinations saying
five years ago the deep state's going to kill President Trump.
I can play you 50 of these clips, but just here's one to talk about.
We do have evidence when the main agency, the most powerful covert agency in the world, that's overthrown more than 50 governments, and obviously killed JFK, is talking about killing Trump.
They mean it when they say it.
Here it is.
With a very important country, not only for geopolitical reasons, but because they meddled in our election and there's investigations going on.
I can't accept that as an excuse, and I think other people should press him for a better answer.
What was your response, Phil Mudd?
A couple surprises.
Let me give you one bottom line.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
He defends Vladimir Putin.
Their State Department and CIA offers are coming home.
And at Langley and in Foggy Bottom, CIA and State, they're saying, this is how you defend us?
Phil, before... Amanda, I want to ask you a question, but Phil, just to reiterate, obviously when you're talking about killing, you're using that as a metaphor.
You're not talking about... What I'm saying is, people talk about the deep state.
When you disrespect government officials who've done 20 or 30 years, they're going to say, really?
Vladimir Putin sends officers home and you support him before you support... I just want to underline... Amanda, you're... And there's hours of this.
So, they believe they own America.
They sold out America.
And this is what they want to do to the populist president because he's not a traitor like they are.
And back in the time, Brennan did a C-SPAN talk with a bunch of spies.
And he said, we're going to take him out in the next six months, he will be gone, and it's not going to be an election, and it's not going to be impeachment.
And they said, what do you mean?
You mean assassination?
He laughed and smiled.
So I went on air and said, I had like 15 examples then, and I put a video out then, and I said, they're talking about killing the president.
And it's not like some, you know, drunk schizophrenic in Albuquerque saying it.
It's the most powerful evil agency that does this in the world.
Like if Mike Tyson in his prime said, I'm going to beat my neighbor to death, you take it real serious.
So then the Secret Service calls me and wants to meet with me and they say, okay, yeah, Trump wants us to come hear your evidence.
They said, now where's this evidence they're talking about killing him?
And I sent them the clips and I said, you don't know about this?
They're like, no.
Oh, exactly.
Cause it's, you're only worried about some Islamic or some crazy person and that's a threat.
What about the big agency that's killed a president before?
Tried to kill Reagan.
Well, that story's very clear.
So, Roger, that's why I'm saying this is so serious.
When every option fails the deep state, and nothing can stop Trump, I am seriously worried about his physical safety.
Alex, I don't think that your concern is misplaced.
I mean, you're absolutely right.
They did kill one president, JFK.
They knew it would be too suspicious, so they removed Richard Nixon in a bloodless coup.
They very definitely attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan.
That is the topic of my next upcoming book.
They were willing to unleash a pandemic on the American people to try to affect an election.
So there is no limit to what they might do.
We have to pray for two things.
First of all, that President Trump's daily protection from the Secret Service, and I met some of these agents, they are dedicated public servants committed to doing their job.
Many of them develop an affection for the President when they serve on his detail for a long period of time.
We have to pray that they do their job well.
We also have to pray here for just divine protection of not only the President, but his family.
They understand that Trump is an existential threat.
To their entire way of life and to their influence and power and money over the country.
So they understand that if a newly educated, if a much wiser Donald Trump gets back into the White House, no, it's not revenge.
It is actual respect for the rule of law.
See, liberals talk endlessly about the rule of law, but the truth is they don't respect it at all.
In fact, they violate the law regularly, and they twist our governmental agencies to have a political purpose.
In this particular case, With many who have broken the law, many of whom are actually guilty of treason, treasonous activities, for which there is no statute of limitations in terms of a time limit on when they could be prosecuted in those instances where there's a strong case.
They understand that the return of Trump to the White House is going to mean extraordinary Accountability.
That's right.
And that is why I think they will do anything necessary to stop him.
We've got to be serious about the waters we're in.
In closing, Roger, you talk to Trump all the time.
You know, you guys are confidants.
You can't get into private stuff.
But how is he doing?
You've already kind of mentioned this.
He's stronger than ever.
How is the real big guy doing?
Yeah, his mood is just incredibly good.
I spoke to him two nights ago, I guess it was, and he was in excellent spirits.
I mean, he's a fatalist to begin with.
He thinks that all of this is preordained by the Lord.
He understands that he's on a mission.
He's very optimistic about the election.
He doesn't seem to be deterred or depressed about any of these obstacles have been put in his way.
Is he angry?
Yes, he's a little angry.
He has every right to be angry.
He's being framed as no previous president has been.
And he knows that, in fact, he's actually done nothing wrong.
Why didn't they bring any of these prosecutions in the first year of Joe Biden's presidency?
Why are they rushing against the clock now in the fourth year of Biden's presidency?
Because they have figured out, first of all, perhaps they thought he was not going to be re-nominated, and therefore the problem would solve itself.
He won the nomination in smashing fashion, setting records in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Super Tuesday.
And now they realize that he may be inexorably headed back to the White House.
Uh, and that could mean serious criminal prosecution for people who have engaged in treason.
No, it is not weaponizing the Department of Justice against your political opponents.
It's about holding people in high-level government positions Well, that's right, Roger.
Let me say this in closing.
You have 20 seconds to finish.
They started the fight.
They drew first blood.
Trump would be a traitor if he didn't remove the deep state and stop this coup against our republic.
So, they've done it.
They're out in the open.
The whole world's turning against them, not just America.
They are screwed.
Final comment.
Alex, I pray that you are right.
Look, in politics, a day is a lifetime.
And the dynamics of this entire situation could change, you know, by Saturday.
But at the same time, I'm a veteran of 13 national presidential campaigns.
I'm a pretty shrewd analysis of polling data and trends.
And I'm telling you, Donald Trump is headed back to the White House.
Roger Stone, StoneZone.com.
Talk to you soon, my friend.
Be safe.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
All right.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield and another special guest.
He's got a new film coming out.
The original OG when it comes to exposing poison shots is coming up next, an entire next hour after that.
And then Nick Fuentes, two hours on the First Amendment and beyond.
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All right.
Special guest, Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others.
Straight ahead on the other side of this quick break.
Stay with us.
and then an hour and 15 minutes.
Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap.
And that's the magic of this thing.
But there's no doubt in the next five years, we can, you know, we just need to mess around.
There's a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self-assembly.
And some are very self-assembly.
And some are very self-assembly.
This is nanoconstruction.
I don't even begin to Understand how far ahead of where we thought our technology was.
He was an orphan of conflict in Africa.
He was smart and bright and then we got him home and he crashed right in front of us.
Apparently, we're in the midst of a mumps outbreak.
Some people, some very important people, are saying our vaccine does not work.
You're gonna want to read this.
We have a U.S.
monopoly and a major share of the world market for MMR.
And we own the only one that works.
Except that it does not.
We all sign contracts, Jeff.
Company interests above all others.
Make it work.
They fake the data.
It's all there.
They cheated on every level.
You said you're a lawyer.
Family law.
And you want to understand why?
Let me see it.
They couldn't get the result they wanted, so they re-engineered it.
That objective, to improve the vaccine, to find something that gets them the result they want.
Fix it, gentlemen.
If the vaccine fails, we're all out of a job.
It has failed.
You need to get what's going on here.
Is he in danger?
Internal memos were released.
Quote, we may have to seek them out and destroy them where they live.
Chilly knows.
And yes, he is in danger.
What about Y'shaal?
Your son and every other son and daughter depends on whether or not you choose to live by their rules.
Can we trust him to keep it together?
Were you aware?
Some tests included the weakened strain, I believe.
And did you approve?
I guess so.
Were you aware of the lab's failure to demonstrate efficacy of the mumps vaccine?
A level required by the FDA?
To respond to the FDA's concerns.
And leave a dangerous vaccine on the market.
Strongly recommended booster shots.
Of course you did.
What have they got?
It's like nothing's what they got.
Would you please identify this document for us?
Please identify Exhibit 2 for me.
We've got stuff.
This is a confidential document.
These were shredded.
It's a protocol.
They've got the sheets.
They've got the evidence.
I was told they didn't have.
No one will ever believe them again.
The new film is Protocol 7.
The new film is Protocol 7.
Dr. Andy J. Wakefield is our guest, and Emmy Robin, who I've interviewed years ago, a great activist and actress as well.
Emmy Robinson, doula.com.
She's also a doula, can talk about what she's witnessing for the children and the injections.
It's great to have you guys here.
We got about seven minutes to break to kind of introduce what's happened at the beginning of the film.
Later, we're going to do it now, but talk about vindication.
Very, very sad vindication, though, with all that's come out and the main vaccine pushers are all over TV saying, we never made you take it.
We never said it would work.
We never said ivermectin was bad.
This is an incredible moment where in November and December of 2019, they had the meeting in Switzerland of Garvey and the U.N.
and the W.H.O., and they said there, the head of their vaccine program, the majority of our doctors don't believe in this.
We're hurting people.
We're just told to test on the public.
What are we going to do?
And then, magically, the virus appears, and they tried to double down, but now that's blown over their face.
It seems like the greatest crime in history really are these shots, Dr. Wakefield.
And it's coming out now.
Well, the fascinating thing, Alex, and thank you very much for having me back on.
But when I first got involved in this 30 years ago, in the issue of vaccine safety, there were literally a handful of people worldwide who were prepared to talk about this uncomfortable issue.
And because of movies like Vax and this one, because of Covid, we now have a population of supporters who are probably more than half the adult population of the world.
And so the attitude has changed.
The timing of this movie could not be better, because what this does is people were saying, look, this is a Covid vaccine.
The childhood vaccines are safe.
We have nothing to worry about.
This film takes them back over that bridge to say, no, no, no, this has been happening for many years.
These companies didn't just start behaving like this recently.
They have been behaving like this for many, many years.
And so the timing of this film, which is going to be coming out this month, later this month, is absolutely perfect.
Well, it looks amazing.
I can't wait to see it.
I notice it follows real life things, but I guess from a quasi fictional account of it.
It's just mind-blowing that they keep doubling down.
Pfizer had, over the weekend, Albert Bourla said, don't worry, you know, cancer's the new COVID.
And then Stock went up, then it plunged, where they did a single-person test of a new gene therapy, and the little boy had a heart attack.
You know, if that had been a traditional vaccine, that would have stopped everything right there.
But no, this has become too big to fail.
The whole COVID initiative, the money they're earning, the credibility that they have to try and maintain and failing to maintain public confidence that It's the biggest mistake they ever made because, as I say, it has aligned so many people, right-thinking people, with the idea that actually, no, we don't know what these vaccines do, they've not been shown to be safe and effective, and they are potentially dangerous for our children.
Well Dr. Wakefield, people say I'm tomorrow's news today.
Going back 30 years ago or 25 years ago, you are tomorrow's news today.
And I haven't asked you this because I just saw you as you came in.
You had your setup.
We talked like one minute.
But people say, don't you feel good?
You were vindicated.
No, I feel horrible.
We didn't stop it.
How do you feel being completely vindicated?
No, I would rather that none of this had ever happened.
I'm fine.
I mean, you know, I'm healthy and life goes on.
And people say, you know, the tragedy that happened in your life.
No, no, no, no, no.
I don't have a problem.
If ever I sulk, Alex, all I do is I look in the mirror and I say, this child with autism has a problem.
I don't have a problem.
So shut up and get on with it.
Stop complaining.
That's what I do.
Anytime I'm feeling sorry, I think about all the kids they've hurt and guilt.
Yeah, and we've got to do what we can to put that right, to get justice for those children, and to prevent future harm to children.
You said something key, though.
Half the adult population, I think that's fair to say, is awake now.
It's growing.
They've lost.
The globalists screwed the pooch.
They did.
They made a terrible, terrible mistake.
They wanted to control people.
They wanted to see if their policy could be forced upon people through precisely a mechanism of fear.
Fear, fear, fear is the currency.
And it failed because they treated the public as being stupid.
The public are not stupid.
They're not.
And most importantly, and what this film brings out, is the Mother's intuition.
There are two elements to the film, Alex.
One is the factual content of what Merck actually did in order to try and protect their vaccine and their license.
And the other thing is the extraordinary power of a mother's intuition.
She knew this was going on.
Small-town family lawyer, her own child damage, and she takes it on despite Repeated conflict throughout the entire film.
Conflict with her doctor, conflict with her husband, conflict with everybody until she finally takes this over the line at the end.
And I remember first interviewing you over 20 years ago, you said it was the mothers that came to you.
So I see the imprint in this film of what you've experienced.
The mother in this film is really an amalgam of the thousands of mothers that I've interviewed As a clinician over the years and who have taught me far more about autism, childhood developmental disorders, vaccine safety than any of my colleagues in medicine and science have ever done.
So how do people get behind the film?
How do they support it?
Right, there will be several releases of this film.
It will come out firstly as a premiere across the country called the People's Premiere.
This is a theatrical on-demand and I have Emmy Robin Hood, who's become the expert on this topic, so she can tell you about that.
Then we have The New York premiere, we then have an Austin premiere to which you're coming, then we have the LA premiere, and then it goes out across the country as a standard.
I notice you've got some big actors in this.
This looks really good.
We do.
We got Eric Roberts, a wonderful actor.
In fact, during the filming, he took a week off because we didn't need him.
He went and shot two other movies in Texas.
I've never known a man work so hard, and I was in fact speaking to his wife last night, and they're going to be coming to the LA premiere.
Well, I'm really proud to be associated with you.
Amy, Robin, we're going to come back with you in a moment.
We're going to join some stations.
Some stations carry the second and third hour.
We're going to come back and talk about this because it's through cinema, it's through music, it's through culture, we really win the war.
We focus on news all day, but the real fight is in art.
If we think about what's happened in the last four plus years,
and how humanity barely struggled out of it and is now rallying against it,
we can't forget what was done and say never again, because the UN, the World Health Organization,
Organization, the treaties, the bird flu, all the fear.
They're trying to come back in again and do it.
And I see Pfizer stock plunging.
They just killed this little kid with their newest test.
One person in the trial dead.
Heart attack.
And I'm not a doctor like you, Dr. Wakefield, but I read the scientific literature and they've had mRNA for 30 years and they tried on rats, they tried on guinea pigs, they do a few human trials.
It kills a good percentage of people.
Attacks the liver, attacks the heart.
I don't know.
You know why you're a doctor.
I don't.
But to Emmy, Robin, I've known you for years, you've been a guest on the show.
Thanks for having me.
And you're telling me that right now you're a mom and it's so beautiful and all the rest of it.
Tell us for a few minutes about this film and why Protocol 7 is so important.
Well, I mean, the basis of the film, you know, I have followed Dr. Whitefield for years back, you know, when Vaxxed came out.
And with my personal professional career as a doula and childbirth educator, I refer people to watch Vaxxed.
If they ask me about vaccinating their child, I say, hey, this is a really great Um, place to get, you know, information if you're looking, and I'm excited to be able to have them watch Protocol 7 as another option.
It's gonna be really great to refer that, but, you know, as an actress as well, um, you know, my other profession, I actually couldn't be an actress for many years after COVID because in order to even just audition, we would be asked to slate our vaccine status.
It would be, you know, say your name and then Slate your vaccine status and just being somebody who, you know, is all about medical freedom and body autonomy.
And I just I didn't I felt like it wasn't anybody's business to know what my vaccine status was.
And so I wasn't able to even audition for films.
And then Protocol 7 came across my desk and I just felt very serendipitous.
I've followed Andy.
Well, I love how you put putting a mom and a doula up ahead of being an actress but then when you can be in a
great film and tell the truth that's what it's all about because acting is great except
it's so controlled.
That's why the independent films are so important.
I mean it was a blessing.
Truthfully, COVID was a blessing to me, and I see it with a lot of other people.
It actually forced me to focus on another passion and my true passion, which is, you know, protecting women, protecting babies, body autonomy, medical freedom.
So yeah, this film, as an actress, This is the first project as an actress that means so much to me personally, as well, so I feel really honored just to be a part of this project.
And the fact that it's with Andy, somebody that I've admired for many years, it was really cool.
And he is an amazing director, by the way.
Like, really, really good.
So you're not just one of the, probably the biggest first doctor to expose all this, you're also a director now.
Yeah, you know, uh, medicine is about the study of human behavior and film is about the replication of human behavior and often under most the most adverse circumstances rather like medical practice and I loved it, I studied it for a long time and it was a great privilege to be able to direct.
It was terrifying, absolutely terrifying, but you're surrounded by a wonderful crew and producers and actors who just make it easy for you, make you look good.
And surprisingly, Alex, and I don't think Emmy knows this, that in the last two days we've won 17 movie awards.
17 movie awards.
Oh, that's so cool.
Protocol 7.
So, yeah, it's extraordinary.
And awards are not the motive, they're just... No, but it's a sign of people waking up.
When I get on there and tell people, hey, we're having a big success, they're like, oh, I'm big and great.
No, it's the opposite.
I'm just a focal point.
As weak as I am, it shows there's a hunger for freedom.
And people, when Vax came out, you know, it was in Tribeca, it was banned from Tribeca.
De Niro went on television and said this film should have played, we did the wrong thing,
everybody should watch it. It exploded worldwide. I'll be really interested to see how they
respond to this film. You know, and if they come for us, they come for us. But you never,
ever make a decision based in fear. The one thing I've learned in life is never make a decision
based in fear. All right, Protocol 7 is the film. We're going to come back after a one-minute break.
I'm going to play a short clip here dealing with facts.
Dr. Thomas Levy on the massive heart injuries being caused.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
So the emphasis there is on heart disease.
But of course, there are many people who feel That the increase in heart conditions and heart disease has been exacerbated by the very vaccines which people were persuaded to take in order to protect them against COVID-19.
And I have a quote here from somebody called Dr. Thomas Levy, who, writing again last year, he said this, he said, On his estimate, vaccines are causing heart injury in at least 2.8% of people who receive the Covid injections.
And he estimated that a minimum of 7 million Americans now have hearts damaged by Covid vaccines.
And although there's no way of being certain at this time, it's within the realm of possibility that over 100 million people in America have some degree of heart damage from the injections, not myocarditis, but heart damage that would be detectable with a troponin test.
Thank you, Chairman.
Now, obviously, the FDA made a mistake in granting the emergency use authorization and license of COVID-19 vaccines.
It has been confirmed that the vaccines Do not stop transmission.
Moreover, 1,635,048 injuries due to COVID-19 vaccines have been reported to the Health and Human Services through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, including 37,382 deaths.
Considering that under 10,300 deaths have been reported due to all other vaccines combined, the harm due to COVID-19 vaccines is absolutely staggering.
Not to mention that there is no accountability.
Legally, it is impossible to sue COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers for the injuries caused by their products.
Just last month, a federal court forced the FDA to retract tweets and statements for its years-long smear campaign against ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID-19.
All right, Protocol 7 is the new film.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield and one of the great people in the film, Emmy Robin, is here with us.
She's also a doula and has witnessed what's actually going on with the children.
And I want you guys to jump in and take over here.
Don't let me direct this because you've got so many points you want to make.
But after you make key points just about the general world we're in right now, both Emmy and Andy, You hit on it without me asking at the start, when you just joined us a few minutes ago at the start, at the end of the hour, Dr. Wakefield.
They have completely screwed up.
And people go, great, we're beating them.
Everybody's waking up, but they're so evil they're going to strike back.
This moment is so dangerous.
It's so huge.
When the old power structure is completely naked in front of the world, how would you quantify this moment we're in right now?
It's precarious.
Just as you say, so many people have been damaged.
And so many people have yet to manifest the damage caused by the mRNA injections.
I don't know how we're going to cope with it.
I don't know how we're going to address it.
These are healthy young people who would otherwise go on to live a full and productive life.
Even though the great majority of people are waking up to this and saying, no to the fifth sick booster, we're not doing this, we don't trust you anymore.
The damage, much of the damage is already done and it's become too big to fail.
These companies have made too much money out of it.
Too much control, too much invested by the World Health Organization by unelected groups like Gavi to push this upon us.
And we're going through these battles at the moment with the World Health Organization trying to usurp our individual decision-making and our national decision-making about public health.
And that's got to be fought tooth and nail.
And it's films like this that will help it bring it to the fore.
And really show people, you know, what's behind the curtain.
And I think that's the importance of this.
What happens to us after this, whether they come after us or not, is irrelevant.
We have to speak our truth.
We have to get this out there.
Because without this, this story would have been buried.
It would have been Three lions on page five of the New York Times and no one would ever know, the public, the children who've actually been exposed to this ineffective and ultimately dangerous vaccine would never know and it would be business as usual and that cannot be allowed to happen.
There must be accountability.
And we're live right now, and usually when a host says something really great, our guests say, hey, put that as a clip up front.
We're going to put this out as a report later at Band Off Video.
It'll get millions of views, probably tens of millions.
That clip of what he just said goes up front, because that really quantifies where we are, the power structure doubling down in trouble.
Just absolutely committed to what they're doing and trying to silence, just as you were silenced decades ago, really patient zero.
They've now gone after thousands of scientists and doctors and nurses and people.
But despite that, they had courage and they were basically, basically overridden by this.
And another key point you made, and then I want Emmy to comment on this, is that so many people, like 20% of the public on average, that's the number I've seen, maybe 25%, Get their news from news.
Most people just ignore news.
They get it from movies.
And so, that's why this is so important as we cover the 25%.
But, and then the people that really want to know, but we're trying to get to the people that don't know.
That's why this film, Protocol 7, is so important.
Emi, can you speak to that?
Yeah, I mean, we also obviously are releasing nationwide on the 31st, and we want theaters to pick up this film.
But before then, on the 29th, they're doing a people's showing, so you can actually go to the website.
Yes, you can.
You can watch it live and you can host your own showing of Protocol seven in your city, and I actually.
Did one here in Austin, and I sold it out in 48 hours, and so they added another theater for me, and we sold that one out.
So there's obviously a demand for people.
wanting to see this film and yeah, it's that just is a testament to people waking up and people
being aware of the nature of this film, so And the power structure admits they're scared
And they've every reason to be.
And I think there are rats leaving the sinking ship.
And the other point you raised is that there are some very, very eminent, highly published physicians who have said, you know, this COVID vaccine is wrong.
And then as they've gone into it and dug deeper, gone down the rabbit hole, they said this applies not just to the COVID shot, but to All the childhood vaccines as well.
They have not been properly tested.
We weren't aware of this, and it's alarming.
And you can only fire so many people like Peter McCullough and Paul Maric, who've published hundreds of eminent scientific papers.
You can only do that so often, and then everybody's going to say, hang on.
Hang on, I know this guy.
I've read his paper.
But we've reached the tipping point.
We have.
We are over the tipping point, and now The truth will emerge.
It's uncomfortable.
It's going to be painful.
It doesn't do anything for the children who've been damaged along the way or those who've been damaged by the COVID shot.
But nonetheless, this is what winning looks like.
It's painful.
It's uncomfortable.
But this is the reality.
It's a war.
It's a war and we must keep going.
Well, I don't just go off their own admissions, I go off the body language and what I see in the public.
But you look at Borla of Pfizer, you look at Bill Gates, you look at Klaus Schwab, they look like they've seen a ghost.
They're gibbering idiots now because they realize it didn't work.
I mean, here's an example.
Joe Rogan will post a clip of Bill Gates Saying it's safe and effective, but 80% have bad side effects, and it gets 50 million views or more, and I'll see 200,000 comments that can't find one for Gates.
I mean, when you've got numbers like that, you're in deep trouble.
Yeah, it's really alarming.
They've made a terrible mistake.
One of the things that you highlighted, Alex, is that people's visceral reaction It's so important.
It's not cerebral.
It's a gut reaction.
When I see you and you're lying, I know you're lying.
And medicine teaches you this.
Medicine teaches you how to listen to people and invest in what they're telling you as the truth or not.
And when you watch these people on television, when you watch them in interview, you know viscerally who you can trust and who you can't.
Because instincts is our entire evolution.
It's everything we are.
It is.
It's survival.
Well, especially as parents, when you have babies, when you have children, you're given this innate, women especially are given this God-given intuition to tap and tune into their baby from the cry, from their body physically responds when a baby needs something.
And, you know, we have nature's vaccine in our breasts, right?
And a woman knows what's good for the baby around it.
Correct, but we're being forced with fear, right?
Like Andy says, like, we don't want to do things with fear leading the way.
And I feel like the parents that I work with all the time, it comes, I mean, it starts in pregnancy, but when the baby is born, there's so much fear in their health.
And it's, you know, it's why are we?
Treating things that haven't happened yet when they play on the fear totally and it's if you don't do this This is gonna happen to your child, and that's not necessarily true and really the average worker is just a bureaucrat following orders They're not all dr. Andrew Wakefield.
Yeah, I mean you can't get your kid in school You can't take them to summer camp you can't do any of these things unless you comply to whatever your state's Let me tell you a story.
This is so important.
It goes to this.
If you've got time for a story, Alex.
We have plenty of time.
Now I'm a storyteller and I was on holiday with my family on vacation in southern Spain in a villa up in the hills with my ex-wife and my four children.
They were very young at the time and we were up in one of the bedrooms because my second son had a fever and we were up there and my wife was sitting on the bed mopping his brow and the rest of us were there and then suddenly she leapt up She ran across the bedroom, she ran down the stairs, she ran through the kitchen, she ran across the courtyard, she ran across the second courtyard, into the pool area and just dived full length into the pool just before my baby daughter took her last step to be out of her depth and to certain death.
Where did that come from?
How did she know?
I didn't know.
She just knew.
Something inside her.
Something visceral.
Tell the full story.
The baby daughter?
Absolutely fine.
Saved her.
I'll explain the story.
I'm missing it.
The baby daughter had gone.
She'd gone out.
We hadn't noticed it.
She'd gone to the pool.
She was going down the steps to certain death.
Your wife literally picked it up and ran.
She just knew.
She had that sixth sense.
And she ran out and saved her.
These two were once one.
They were connected and they will never be apart.
They were once one body.
It was absolutely fascinating.
Sorry, I missed the first part.
That's amazing.
So she literally psychically picks up my daughter's about to drown.
None of us.
None of the rest of us in the room had any clue.
And she knew.
It was the most vivid sort of insight into the power of the mothers.
Psychic power.
You saw her just rise up and run directly to where it was.
No explanation.
It wasn't that she was, you know, about to jump off a cliff.
It wasn't that she was out on the highway.
It was the pool.
Oh, she was about to drown.
Go back slowly.
Describe it.
You're sitting there.
Your son's sick.
She's mopping his brow.
Sitting in the room.
She's mopping my son's brow on the bed.
The rest of the family, I thought, were in the room.
I was in the room.
Suddenly, she stops.
She stops mopping his brow without a word.
Without a single word.
She leapt up.
She ran downstairs.
She ran.
It must have been a hundred meters, a hundred yards.
And dived full length into the pool without hesitating.
And caught my daughter just as she... Knew exactly!
To the millisecond.
And it was staggering.
Absolutely staggering.
But that's the magic to know we are eternal beings.
That is the proof right there.
That is so powerful.
I can tell you Alex, the women that I work with, when they have a natural, physiological, unmedicated, untouched home birth, their connection with their baby is Out of this world.
I'm a testament to that.
My first daughter was an emergency C-section and my second daughter was an all-natural home birth.
I love them both, but my connection to the home birth is I didn't mess with God's design at all.
Shows in the natural hormone process, my bonding, the amount of breast milk I produced.
Everything is different.
It's all synced.
It's all synced.
And when it starts with a medicalized hospital birth, there's a lot of medications that can disconnect that connection to our baby.
And then we have all the pressure from the outside noise after we have our baby on what to do with our baby.
I think what a sacred ritual it is.
A man and woman come together, and then a woman creates this new creature.
The system knows that.
That's why it's attacking women, because the women are the goddess.
They're the heart of everything.
I mean, if we really tune into our bodies and what our body is saying to us, it You have God-given wisdom, too.
You've been giving the program.
Take care of your child.
We've been doing it for thousands of years.
That's what I say, Dr. Whitefield.
God gives us free will, but he also gives us a cheat sheet.
He gives us choice, and then he gives us, you know, okay, I was showing you how to do this, over to you guys.
One thing again about this, the power of what you can learn as a doctor if you are prepared to listen.
You are prepared to invest your trust in the story of the patient or the patient's parents.
Is there a library?
Well, I'm not a doctor like you, but my dad's, you know, grandpa was a doctor, an old country doctor, and the old thing was listen to the patient.
That's what a doctor knew was working.
It was all about them.
Keep going.
It's just there are libraries of books about childhood developmental disorders and autism.
You could take all of those books and you could tear them up and throw them away.
There was the teaching when I got into this, and it's my dear boy.
It's that kind of elderly statesman attitude of the child psychiatrist.
My dear boy.
And when you hear anyone saying that, you know what's coming next.
It's like, you don't know anything at all.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I'm the expert.
Well, you're not the expert, actually, because you said that autism starts at birth, that it's genetic.
That there's no recovery, there's no regression.
Children do not regress from being normal into autism.
Diet makes absolutely no difference.
There's no gastrointestinal disease.
On every single aspect, they were completely wrong.
The parents were right.
Well, you said 25 years ago that now admit it's all in the gut.
Yeah, it starts in the gut.
Well, quantify that in just two minutes.
There's a lot of factors.
Pesticide shots, but also, what's in the gut?
What's happening?
Well, what the parents said to us is, my child has terrible, intractable gastrointestinal problems, failure to thrive, pain.
I know they're in pain!
It's my child, they've lost the ability to speak, but I know they're in pain.
And the medical profession, the nurses had said, no, that's just part of autism, put them in a home, forget about it, move on, have another child.
That was, what a disgraceful attitude.
Throw the child away.
When we followed the parents' instructions effectively, and we scoped them, we looked at their biopsies under the microscope, the parents were right, the children had inflammation.
And when we treated that inflammation like we would treat Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, Then not only did the gastrointestinal symptoms get better, but the children woke up.
They started using words they hadn't used for maybe five years.
And we now know the brain is completely connected to the gut.
That's why you say, it's in my gut, gut feeling.
In my gut feeling.
And we thought at the time, well, we're academics, that didn't happen.
So we did it 183 times.
It happened virtually every time.
Well, I don't want to write myself in the story because it's not about me, but I've, you've gone through quite the giant persecution, thousands of articles, sometimes a month, every TV show.
Same thing happened to me.
Didn't do anything they said I did, but the courts are on there.
But the funny thing is, with you, I saw and it gave me faith when I was being persecuted five, six years ago and still am, how it turned.
And so what was done to you is being done to Trump, it's been done to me.
You were kind of the test pilot for this modern CIA MI6 attack.
Yeah, it happened to General Michael Flynn, it happened to... and it's relentless and it doesn't matter.
You know what?
Because this isn't about me.
It's not about me.
So you can say anything you like.
I don't care.
My objective, my professional and moral obligation is to these children.
And that's it.
They think attacking us will cut us off the objective.
It makes me push for the objective harder.
Makes me push twice as hard.
Well, I'm asking the questions, but you guys, where do you want to go here, Emmy, Andy?
There's so much to talk about.
Amy, talk about the film from an actress's point of view.
Oh, I mean, the script is phenomenal.
I mean, you wrote that with Terry Rossio, right?
Yeah, so the script is fantastic.
Can I interrupt you, Terry Rossio?
Because people don't know writers.
This is a terrible thing.
Terry Rossio wrote Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladdin, Godzilla vs. King Kong.
He's a man at the top of his game.
Sorry, Amy.
Yeah, no, he's fantastic.
And yeah, the script is amazing.
And just from an actress point of view, I mean, And I've worked on other sides of the camera as well, like in production for big movie sets, and I've seen the way movie sets function and work, and not just the amazing cast, the amazing script, but your crew that you hired that first AD.
I mean, every day I would get call sheets, even when I wasn't even on it, and they were always on schedule.
You guys were like right on time, which, you know, for a big film, that's really hard to stay I was about to say, the fact you get a top Hollywood writer to join you shows the system's in trouble.
I mean, and then the crew's on time, it's focused, it's a mission.
It was a machine, literally, being on that set.
And it started with, like, Andy and his energy.
You could just tell, walking onto some film sets, you can tell if there's tension or, you know, if other things are going on.
But on Andy's set, everybody was so happy.
There was, like, music being played in between the scenes, but... The force was with you.
Yeah, but even as a director, he gives really good direction.
It's the nature of the movie.
You know, some of the actors didn't grasp it.
I obviously did, and I loved it, and I loved the part that I got to play.
I play one of the scientists at Merck Labs that actually helps with the whistleblowing.
You know there was a scene in the bar and the conflict really needed to come through and he came up to me and he gave me some really cool direction and we did it again and it just felt better and as an actress I was like He's a really good director.
He doesn't just make documentaries.
I'm excited to see what other feature films he makes.
And I love how they never would have persecuted you trying to save these children.
You would have never done this.
The persecution of you made you do all these other incredible things you've now done.
Well, you have to find a way.
You have to put all the past behind and say, how can I use my experience to change this?
And in the clinic, you can influence one child's life at a time, one parent's beliefs at a time.
But you're dealing with billions of people.
That's out there.
They're your patient.
That becomes a much more powerful medium.
And yeah, I've really enjoyed it.
One thing I did, and I wasn't aware of whether it was done in other films or not, because this was my first feature film, is to get all the cast and crew around before we might shoot a scene.
A scene about, for example, the tension between the mother and the father.
And point out to them, look, why are we shooting this scene?
Why is it important?
It's important because the divorce rate Amongst families where there is an autistic child is in the order of 70 to 90 percent.
Okay, you've got to understand that.
This is why this is so important.
People are under such intense pressure.
See, lives have fallen apart.
Why do we do this?
Why are we shooting this scene about the gluten casein free diet?
Why are we doing that?
And we're doing it because mothers have reported ...clinical benefit in their children from going on to this diet.
And once I started explaining these things to them, and no one apparently had ever done that before, to the grips and the others.
And no one included them ever?
Yeah, now they felt really part of it.
And that was a fascinating experience.
This is the future.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about this with Dr. Andrew Wakefield straight ahead.
This is an incredible interview.
See the film, ladies and gentlemen, Protocol 7.
Comes out in just a few weeks.
All right, Emmy Robbins here, Dr. Andy Wakefield, and folks, this guy has been persecuted.
Notice he came on the show to even talk about, most of you know who he is, this guy's famous.
Literally hundreds of articles a week for years, how he was a fraud, he was a liar, talking about autism connection to the gut.
Now it's thousands of peer-reviewed studies all over the news.
Bill Gates' main investigation is the gut.
They admit it all because they didn't want him up front to expose what they were doing.
We got the new film.
I haven't seen it yet.
I'm going to be at the premiere.
I'll see it then.
You guys will see it.
I'll come back in studio for that.
I know you very well used to live in Austin after you left England.
We've got like, you know, 25 minutes of live air left.
Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to talk about with the film, but I also want to talk about As a doctor, and also as a doula, what you're seeing, the news coming out about the insurance companies, the 20-plus million dead, the intensification, they're trying to claim it's long COVID, but the statistics show it's the quote, vaccinated.
And we talk about vaccine, they've changed the definition from what it used to be.
Yeah, I saw one of the most extraordinary things is the insurance companies were among the first to notice this, that there was an excess death in young people who would never die.
That's where they get their revenue from.
Suddenly they were on the hook for millions and millions of dollars.
In Switzerland, the life insurance companies actually started to label death from the vaccine as suicide.
You took this experimental product, Therefore, it's suicide.
I don't know whether that still pertains, but talk about saying anything to wriggle out of a very, very uncomfortable position.
But, you know, it is an existential threat to people because not only does it kill people, but it adversely affects fertility as well.
And we're already seeing a massive decline in fertility globally, particularly in Western populations.
I saw a paper the other day on sperm counts, sperm motility dropping dramatically over the last three or four decades.
And all of this is cumulative.
It's environmental toxicity of some form, which we don't know what it is specifically.
But when you add this into the mix, man really does.
We've had five major extinction events in the geological history of this planet.
The last one was the Jurassic late, you know, after when all the dinosaurs went.
And then, that's right, in the Yucatan Peninsula.
And now we are on an extinction curve again.
And we've really got to take this very, very seriously.
That's what Elon Musk talks about.
What do you think of him?
Of Elon?
You know, he's a very interesting character.
I don't know enough about him.
I've been so busy with this film, but I do follow him on his own social media platform, X.
He gave voice to people who had been denied a voice, people like Bobby Kennedy and others.
Exactly, I can't find fault with that.
No, he brought back, he fought for the First Amendment and he brought back controversial figures onto that who'd been thrown off by the Biden government in many cases, putting pressure on I agree.
the social media platforms not to put out a message which was averse to their own interests.
And so talk about election interference, talk about an abuse of the First Amendment, but
we're back on now.
So far, I've got a great deal of respect for the man.
I agree.
You can't look a gift horse in the mouth.
Yeah, I mean, well, I mean, if I could just talk about what I see and what I witness as
a doula, a childbirth educator.
Well, I was just going to say they they tell pregnant women, you know, don't eat nitrates, don't eat lunch meat, but yet.
Take six vaccines while you're pregnant.
You know the Tdap, the flu and now COVID and it's.
It's just interesting how the irony you can tell somebody not to eat raw cheese or not to eat lunch meat, but you can tell them to inject themselves with.
Heavy metals and you know, an experimental vaccine that you don't.
There are no studies and you're giving this to a fetus.
That's not even.
Doesn't have an immune system yet.
And that was then.
Now we have the studies.
It's devastating.
What are you hearing?
I mean, I was telling Andy on the way here, I was listening to a really amazing podcast with an OB and a midwife that have this awesome podcast.
And the midwife was talking about... Tell the name of the podcast.
It's called Birthing Instincts.
I love it so much.
Dr. Stuart Fishbein is incredible.
You should actually have him on your show.
He is so awesome.
But they were talking about how Newsome actually Made it to where stillbirths aren't allowed to be reported
anymore in California, and I just I find that Oh, yeah, they're covering the statistics. Oh, yeah, I'm
like that's Creepy crazy. Yeah
What are you hearing is a duality Sam? I mean, I just definitely am seeing a lot of more women with infertility
problems But, you know, the women that I work with are a little bit more natural minded.
You know, they're wanting to avoid medication.
They're wanting to stay out of the hospital system for birth.
And I was telling Andy during the break, you know, the Just talking about the immune system and the gut, a lot of that also comes from vaginal birth.
I mean, there's a lot of good bacteria in the vagina that the baby gets through that vaginal canal.
And so you're seeing the C-section rate, you know, which used to be... And the colostrum.
Keep going.
Yeah, and the colostrum, absolutely.
I mean, breast milk, I could go on and on for days about the benefits of breast milk and the stem cells and all of that.
You mean the thing we're designed to have is good?
I call it nature's vaccine, literally.
I'll explain what's in colostrum for people who don't know.
It's all the mother's immunity.
I mean, it's everything that your baby needs in those first few days of life and it's, you know, it's a high count.
And notice they try to test the baby's blood and not have the woman breastfeed, hope she doesn't produce.
Oh sorry, the mother didn't give milk the first few hours.
Sorry, we're taking the baby away.
I mean, they got it all figured out.
Formula companies, I mean, they'll give your baby formula and down the spiral goes on the woman's breastfeeding journey.
No wonder why IQs are dropping.
Yeah, it'll just be destroyed in that sense.
But I mean, so to speak to the gut, I was telling him with my first daughter, and like I said, I had a completely unnecessary c-section with her, and she had eczema like no other.
And then, you know, my Home birth baby, perfectly healthy.
So it's, there's something to be said with, you know, how God made us, the whole process, everything from how we grow a baby, how we have a baby, how we, you know, it's, it's everything like skin to skin.
I've talked about that before with Owen back in the day when I came on and There's, when you have a baby, you put them on your skin, the mother's body regulates their blood sugar, their blood temperature, their heart rate, their everything.
The baby sinks.
There's, yeah.
Just like women get together all the period at the same time.
We sink up.
Yeah, absolutely.
And so when you're introducing medication, you're disrupting that natural God's plan.
happens, you know, the God's beauty. God's plan, it's really all there, Dr. Whitefield.
What we've got to do is trust nature.
Nature has been a gradual, slow, deliberate process.
Things that don't work get cut out.
Things that do work get kept.
And ultimately what you've got is an extraordinary being that is capable of so much.
That's billions of years of development.
Absolutely, and then medicine interferes within a few decades.
I'll give you an example, and that is antibiotics.
Now, when antibiotics first came in, about a hundred years ago, they were a miracle.
And they were a miracle at a time when you had battlefield gangrene and neurosyphilis and all kinds of infections, scarlet fever, and these were fatal diseases.
Antibiotics saved many lives, but it's not a static situation, it's dynamic.
Now, 100 years later, the public health authorities describe it as the post-antibiotic apocalypse.
In other words, what we did is we gave something which killed bugs, but did so imperfectly, and those that survived became resistant.
And so we pushed a new antibiotic on, and 5% of those survived, and that became resistant.
You had multi-resistant organisms, highly pathogenic, that you couldn't get rid of.
They would cause hospital infections, where you'd have to shut down the floor, the operating theatre, the hospital itself, because you could not eradicate this infection with any antibiotic.
And what the drug companies did is to say, You know what?
We're going to get out of antibiotic development because the bacteria are resistant before we even come to market.
So that's just like with pesticides.
No, I mean, they know whether it's whatever the pest is, three, four, five generations, a minority is immune.
And then within 10 generations, they're all immune.
And this is the natural process.
And what happened, this happened with COVID, let me give you a really silly example.
They made us undergo six feet of distancing.
Because the COVID, the bacteria... Psychological.
Six feet.
And if we were, you know, five feet, 11 inches, and we were safe, it was six feet.
This is the mentality.
But bacteria don't work like that.
Some can jump eight feet.
Some can jump two feet.
So if you social distance at six feet, the ones that can jump eight feet take over as the dominant species.
That's ridiculous.
But it's a good analogy.
Viruses don't jump.
Viruses don't jump. It's a principle. If you start to introduce a vaccine that is
sick and a vaccine a and shot that is somehow successful against a certain
strain then viruses are a swarm of strains.
They're not one strain and there will emerge a dominant strain.
Oh, so the drug companies, now we need to introduce a new one.
Which creates another elite out of us.
Well, a new one, a new one.
It's just job creation.
We've got to market forever.
And that's what happened.
And so we have these multi-resistant variants Of the original COVID strains that are capable of eluding the immunity produced, if any, by the vaccine or by the shot.
And it gets us into terrible, terrible trouble.
That's why I tell the establishment, go with God's natural plan.
That's the ancient pure plan.
It'll have some bumps, but it'll be way better than you.
They think one dimensionally.
I do this, I change this.
They never think about the second, third, fourth, fifth order change.
And I think none of this is to say don't develop these things and don't think about them and don't act in the best interest of the public by trying to produce things that will ameliorate it.
But be careful.
Do it in the certain knowledge that these bugs are far smaller than you and they will ultimately win.
You will not eradicate them.
So how do you control them in a way that is safe and effective?
Wow, which is not what they're doing.
They just say forget it and forget all the bad stuff happening.
So what do you both predict is going to happen now?
There's a total crash of public confidence, people know the social contract's broken, and they're just doubling down.
That does not sound like it's going to go well.
Well, from my perspective, we're going to go on making movies that tell these stories.
And what has happened to me over the years is I've become a kind of repository for people, whistleblowers from the industry, from the vaccine industry, and from public health who've come and said we've done a terrible thing.
Here's the evidence and those stories will be told.
Emmy, what about you?
I'm somebody who believes that the good and the truth always wins and always prevails.
So, as much as they push back and, you know, try to silence people or try to scare people, you know, those of us that live life with no fear and aren't afraid, The truth and the light will prevail, always.
I truly believe that.
I mean, I agree, because there's so much good medicine and so many good doctors and nurses and scientists.
I see big pharma corporations taking it over.
It's very discrediting and one of the best things we've got.
Yeah, you know, I recently had, I sat on a A panel with Paul Merrick, who is an eminent physician from Pittsburgh, used to run the intensive care unit on the liver transplant program, which was the preeminent liver transplant program in the world.
And he said, you know, last year, if I'd sat here with you, I'd say you were insane.
He said, this year, I know you're not.
That was interesting.
And then someone like Peter McCullough comes along, 700 plus publications, and he Has been helping me with some health problems and he is just an outstanding doctor because what does he do?
He listens.
He examines the patients.
How old-fashioned, how quaint.
Fancy that.
He doesn't do telemedicine like, you know, he actually sits you down.
Sees what works.
And he's the man who actually, other people quote his papers and sometimes they don't quote them correctly.
He's the man who wrote the papers.
He did the science, so he knows.
So it's been a blessing having Peter McCullough in my life.
I want to ask you about this.
Because Bill Gates, like you said, instinctively, I'm not a woman that has that incredible sixth sense, but I got one.
For a man, I got a strong one.
I am reviled by Bill Gates.
Even when I was young, I would see him.
I would think, that's a dangerous person.
Like you're at a gas station, pumping gas.
She thugs the way they're acting.
You know those dangerous guys.
The Klaus Schwab's, the Bill Gates's of the world, the globalists, who are so reviled and hated now.
Do they have any idea how much trouble they're in?
Because they just keep doubling down.
You know, I asked this question once of an author who used to sit on the meetings of Gavi.
He used to sit in all their meetings and he wrote two books that came out of it.
People don't know what Gavi is, real quick, Gavi.
The Global Alliance of Vaccine...
Yeah, that's the Big Pharma front group.
And I said to him in an interview, in all of these meetings upon which you base the two books that you've written, you're talking about giving all of these vaccines to the third world.
Was safety ever discussed once?
He said, not once.
Not once.
That's what the UN said before COVID in 2019.
They said, we're just giving this by Big Pharma.
We're told to do it.
This happened, they did a study in Africa, Peter Arby did it, a friend of mine, and he is on the side of vaccination.
He did this study and he showed that the whole cell pertussis vaccine, the DPT vaccine, was killing girls of an excess mortality of Six or sevenfold.
And what happened?
Did the World Health Organization follow that up?
Did they do further studies?
What I think happened was they took away his research funding so he couldn't do it anymore.
That is not the attitude.
And so when you do that, when you bury these, you bury them for future generations, unfortunately, to reap the terrible reward of that.
Because you've moved on and the damage comes later.
Well, I was going to say something we haven't really touched on is that the film Andy was saying in the green room with me, this is like the first time a film is actually being made while the trial is still going on and that they're releasing papers on all of this and it's going to actually be on the website.
That's right.
For people to do their own research.
I mean it's quite right.
This is all films of this genre, Alex, as you know, whether it's Silent Spring or
The Insider or Erin Brockovich.
Then the court case plays out, the book gets written, the movie gets made.
This film is unique in as much that it is coming out, it's being released right in the heart, right in the heat
of the litigating.
And what's the movie on Roundup that has George Clooney too?
That's the same.
This is like literally exposing a real-time thing.
What was that? No, no, he came out after. You're right.
Okay. Yeah. What was it called?
Michael Clayton. Okay. That's good to... that's what you're saying. This is like
literally exposing a real-time thing that's happening. What happens is that
the documents come out because they've been sealed and the movie's been made.
And you planned your release.
And you think, are these thousands of documents going to show that we got it all completely wrong?
Are they going to sue us for defamation?
No, they're not.
Oh, in fact, quite the opposite.
You've been validated.
What do you make of Pfizer wanting to seal their documents for 75 years?
Oh, yeah.
Boy, that speaks to confidence.
Talk about stress to science.
Science is all about visibility, transparency.
Transparency, absolutely.
And when you do try and hide it, we know now.
We know.
Come on.
We know you've got something to hide.
Well, anytime I hear safe and effective now, I'm like, nope.
Well, I always use the Bayer example.
And we have a crew member here that's been a hemophiliac and had some people he knew very close to hurt by it.
But they came out, Bayer in a minute said, yeah, we know this is going to kill hemophiliacs.
We're putting HIV in it and hepatitis.
We don't care.
Screw them.
Their life isn't worth anything.
They had a bioethics thing.
I mean, how would you sit there as a Bayer executive and just say, screw millions of people?
Yeah, they said this.
You know, the regulatory authorities, the FDA, said this way back.
No matter what the merits of the science, if it calls into question vaccine safety, it can't take place.
Okay, that's effectively what they said.
It doesn't matter what the merits of the science are, good or bad, even if it's really good, even if it's convincing, we cannot call into question vaccine safety.
Because we know better than the public.
We will usurp the public's right to choose and we will determine what they have access to in terms of science and information and anything that says vaccines are bad.
So they're playing God?
I think I told you this story like 10 years ago.
You probably don't remember, but I remember telling you at the old studio.
But I used to hike a lot and be in a lot better shape, and I'm only on a 10-mile hike.
I'm coming down, and this distinguished-looking fellow comes over with a beard and stuff, and Google's already out, so he told me his name.
I got in my car and had my phone and looked his name up.
He was the head of the Texas Health Department.
We had like a three minute conversation.
I'm trying to drink water.
I've just hiked up a hill.
I'm about to get in my car and he goes, listen Alex, you're right about the vaccines.
They do cause a lot of problems, but we've done the numbers.
The harm that's done is outweighed by the good.
And I said, funny, I've seen the statistics.
I don't think that's right.
And we had a little bit of an argument and I went, he was the head of the Texas Health Department, but he told me that to my face.
And the tragedy is, of course, if you don't monitor, if you don't capture the harm, and autism's a classic case of this, you don't capture the harm, then you never ascribe the vaccine injury.
Because you're never looking for it.
Vaccine injury, you just don't do that.
What is it, 1 out of 100 get reported or something?
Yeah, it's just, it's 1% get reported to the system.
Let me show TV viewers something real quick, because I didn't get to all these.
This is the World Economic Forum, CEOs, Deputy Heads of the WHO, all here, saying, yeah, there's record deaths, it's long COVID.
But if you look at the numbers, it's people that got shot, the majority of it.
We've got all this coming out but I haven't shown this yet because I've been behind the last few days.
We have a major Pfizer whistleblower that sent us a bunch of documents.
Here's a first look at them and just some of the documents are what they denied later that they said don't worry we're giving you special clean vaccines.
And then I didn't just play the whistleblower, I pulled up documents where they admitted it, but then they spun it later.
So what can you say?
Because I saw a London Guardian article like 15 years ago, oh don't worry, world leaders get clean vaccines.
They did this in Australia.
What happened is it emerged that Pfizer imported an entirely different vaccine to give to their staff.
In Australia, whereas the populace could have that one, the dirty one, the one that was causing problems, potentially.
But the Pfizer stuff, I don't know whether that story's been followed up, but that really... I remember that.
So how powerful evidence is that they won't take their own brew?
It's like we need a tester, like the Kings would have somebody test their food.
And the tester would need it, and the King's like, you're trying to poison me.
That's right, or the tester drops dead and says, thank you very much for doing that.
So how powerful is that?
I mean...
To me, I feel like, you know, there was, in my personal opinion, I feel like there was batches that were saline, some that were the real, because I feel like if they put out the real thing all around, there would just be way too many.
We've seen some real evidence of that, yeah.
I mean, I just feel like side effects just in general would have been out the roof.
So, yeah.
Range testing?
Like, I wonder how they, I don't know.
I don't know.
I didn't get it, so I don't know.
Man, I don't want to say anything.
I had one family member out of like 10 people that are close to me tag it, and they apologize.
They have unbelievable health problems now.
Oh, there's actors I know that got the vaccine just so that they could audition.
Not even landing a part and getting the vaccine to be on set, but just to audition.
And I was like, wait, you're really going to get vaccinated just so that you can... Well, Ice Cube was going to do it until a bunch of his friends got sick.
It's so sad that people were pushed into this position, particularly the military, the first responders, people who really need to be as healthy as a horse, to force them by losing their job, their income, to take the vaccine.
Absolutely disgraceful.
And of course, these people are now winning the legal cases.
Many of them are winning because of the damage that's been done.
Well, promise me, because I'll be at the premiere in Austin, and promise me you guys will come back for commercial-free like an hour and a half to really do a deep dive after I've seen the film.
We will do that.
Okay, so when's it come out?
That's at Protocol 7.
We'll put it on screen.
May 31st.
And then you're going to be here in Austin.
When's the Austin premiere?
The Austin premiere is on the 7th of June.
The L.A.
premiere is the week after, the Friday.
Oh, you just book in Two hours.
To come in here before or after that, but preferably after.
After we watch the movie.
So book an extra day and we're going to do a two hour live show or we'll do a tape show, whatever it is.
All right.
Well, it is good to see Emi Robin back again.
I love you and Leah McAdoo.
What amazing women.
And Dr. Andy J. Wakefield, Protocol 7.
Just protocol, the word, then the number 7 dot movie.
We got 30 seconds left.
Closing comments.
Go see this film.
It's very eye-opening, especially if you are planning to have children or have children.
And Emmy isn't just a beautiful mother, she was a wonderful actor as well, so we'll have you back on set anytime.
I've seen the trailer.
It looks better than major Hollywood movies.
I mean, it looks like, wow, congratulations.
Thank you.
All right, we're going to have a First Amendment discussion with Nick Fuentes coming up.
We're going to air a special report ahead of that, and we're going to let these great folks get on to their next work.
But I feel really strong knowing there's great people like Dr. Andrew Wakefield and others out there fighting the tyranny.
We're going to air this special report on the anti-semitism bills for the New Orleans Trojan Horse and the Nick Foy test straight ahead.
Thank you so much, Dr. Andy Wakefield and Emmy Robin at emmyrobindola.com.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Israel expects the leaders of the free world to stand firmly against the ICC's outrageous assault on Israel's inherent right of self-defense.
We expect them to use all the means at their disposal to stop this dangerous move.
My administration, with our second gentleman's leadership, has launched our nation's first national security strategy to counter anti-Semitism.
It's mobilizing the full force of the federal government.
Protect Jewish community.
And we must, all of us, together, call out anti-Semitism in all of its forms without equivocation and without delay.
This is our moment.
The U.S.
House passed a bill, 322-91, and a group of representatives say they want to protect their Jewish constituents.
And the bill would essentially make it easier for the Department of Education to enforce anti-discrimination laws at public institutions.
This bill would require the Department of Education to use the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance's definition of anti-Semitism.
Many of the Republicans and Democrats said adding this type of regulation infringes on free speech.
Criminal behavior is criminal behavior.
Violating people's civil rights is violating people's civil rights.
But when we want to insert the government into what you're thinking and what motivates you, you are empowering That which should never be empowered.
The ability of the government to police thought.
If implemented, the White House says they will, over the Department of Education.
It puts a foreign, multinational NGO of the UN out of Israel and Europe in control of the policy and says, not only their current definitions, but when they change it, that will be law.
So it's saying it's like a blank check veto to control legislation.
It's like a new Congress.
And overall, the educational systems of primary school and secondary, it's staggering.
So I've read the bill twice.
So they get into the act and why they're doing it, the definition of it in federal law, and then how they apply federal law is according to this new definition of anti-Semitism in Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
They go on here to give power to this group, a foreign group, To then define and direct federal agencies and the Department of Education and FBI against anyone that does what they say is anti-Semitic.
And they give a big laundry list of the current definition.
And they say they can also change it whenever they want.
So, it's an open check legislation, just like the CIA got in 1947 to do whatever they want.
Said that this is one of the worst pieces of legislation we've ever seen.
I wasn't exaggerating.
Now there's another example on the list that's gotten some attention, that it's anti-Semitic to claim that Jews killed Jesus.
That's what the IHRA says.
But that is not a claim invented by anti-Semites.
That's in the Gospel.
According to every Gospel account of Christ's passion, the Romans carried out the execution of Jesus at the insistence and behest of the Jewish authorities that handed him over to be killed.
And the mob that called for his death.
It may be true that some actual anti-Semites, as in those who hate Jews, have used these biblical passages as a justification for their hatred.
But that does not make the passages themselves false, or evil, or anti-Semitic.
And it certainly doesn't give Congress the right to tell Christians that they cannot believe or repeat what is in those passages.
So get this, Joe, as in the United States of America, if you criticize Israel, the state police come to arrest you and your family.
It goes on to explain the national security strategies of the president, the last two, which is anyone conservative or doesn't hate white people is anti-Semitic or a white supremacist who can be put in prison, basically.
Criticizing policies of government is equated with antisemitism.
And that, I think, is a far right, comes from the far right.
It comes from the authoritarian leanings where they don't want students on these campuses to voice their opinions because they want to change the narrative going forward.
Oh, you still got privacy.
You know, Congress two weeks ago just passed a law again for total warrantless spying on all of us in live time by AI.
And all the federal agencies are in everything with AI just tracking everything in live time and your car's got kill switches in it and geo-fencing controls and they just killed 22 million people with poison shots.
But we're gonna sit here with the media focused on Israel and Palestine all day to have a big uproar and a big uprising that a cop's gonna shoot a black man and then everything's gonna burn down when Trump gets elected.
I mean, you just, you know, we just sit here and we watch it.
Nick J. Fuentes is our guest for the next two hours, and I appreciate him coming on.
He was going to be in studio, but he had an emergency come up, which I totally get.
My wife's dad died last night.
I barely made it to the show.
We were there at the hospital when he died last night at like 7 o'clock.
Not complaining.
He's gone on to the next level.
Passed over to the other side, but I'm still here today.
This morning, he calls me at like 5 a.m.
I'm already up.
Says, hey, I can't come.
I got an emergency.
I totally understand.
We're going to do huge spaces with the Mario in the fall tonight.
We're going to have to cancel that because he's got stuff, major stuff he's got to deal with, and I understand that.
All right, I don't want to have a tit for tat thing like we had a year and a half ago when Kanye West was here.
I didn't know that was going to happen.
I want to have a real discussion about issues in the whole world.
And now here we are with The richest man in the world, on paper, Elon Musk, a true maverick by any yardstick.
You can say, oh, he didn't really do those giant rockets at half the cost of NASA.
He didn't really.
Yeah, he did all that.
And now he's brought free speech back to a great extent to X compared to other platforms.
He said, hey, I'm putting Nick J. Fuentes back on.
That's exploded on the top trends last four days.
I did a Spaces with him that reached millions and millions of people a few days ago.
So here we are.
But I was impressed, and I'll be completely honest about this.
I was very impressed, and it was my daughter's seventh birthday, so I could only do an hour.
I had to leave.
People thought, oh, you're mad at Nick.
You left in an hour.
No, I could only do an hour.
Very great points Nick made.
Excellent points that Nick Sordor made, that Mario Nafal made, that the guests made.
I kind of want to repeat that and just cover a bunch of other big issues here instead of debating The third Reich and things like that.
And I'm happy to go there.
There's been no pre-interview here.
There's been no, I said, if you got any questions or things you want to cover, you know, send them to me.
So, so that's where we are.
But the Nick Fuentes I liked, and I'm not putting Nick down, was the guy I knew five years ago that exploded from nowhere and was America first and things I agree with and is really doing great talk shows as a very young man, knowing he would mature get even better and better.
And then when the Ye interview happened, I said, cover whatever you want.
They go, oh, don't worry.
It wasn't Nick.
It was other folks with him.
Oh, he wants to come in and apologize for what he said.
I said, well, I don't even want that.
I just want to cover all the other issues.
We can spend, you know, some of the time on the stuff he wants to cover.
But I have some questions.
None of that happened.
It was mainly press on the nerve of who's the most hardcore, who's the most real, who's the most, you know, wild.
And we can do that today, but I really don't want to do it.
I want to talk about Transhumanism, globalism, the open borders, the depopulation, the future of the world, censorship, ministers in Europe being arrested for free speech, what Trudeau is pushing.
To me, all of that is pertinent because I want a big tent to get everybody to agree on we agree on free speech and private property and God and basic liberties.
But that said, Nick Fuentes, I appreciate you coming on.
And I want to give you the floor because I have no idea where you're going to go for the next 10 minutes.
You've got the floor here to talk about this experience, what it's like.
I've been through the same stuff you've been through.
A few people have.
It's quite the elite club, quite the painful club.
And then you're welcome to go wherever you want.
I've got a lot of questions and angles I don't.
I mean, I watch your show maybe once a week when I can.
I watch the clips every day.
And so maybe, I always get accused of not covering something and I actually have covered it.
People just didn't see me cover it.
So I've got a lot of stuff that I actually am intrigued that you're a smart guy.
I want to hear your view on things and you can ask me questions as well.
So Nick Fuentes, people can find you now at NickJFuentes on X. NicholasJFuentes.com.
You do your own daily show.
Thanks for being here, Nick.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you for having me.
It's great to be with you.
And it's been great to be back on X. As you said, we did a space this weekend.
It's already at, I think, two million plus views.
And just talking about the censorship regime and what you and I have both been put through.
We've had a very similar experience of kind of the hero's journey.
We were sent to hell in the land of censorship, banned from everything.
And it's been pretty incredible in just the last three years.
There's been this free speech beachhead established on the internet by Rumble and now by Elon Musk with his acquisition of Twitter.
So we both made it out of the underworld.
You first and then me a little bit later.
And to kind of recap some of the things that we talked about this weekend, I think the broad agreement that we have, although I know we don't agree on everything, Is that the number one central issue is free speech on the internet.
And like you said, we diverged at some point along the way, but I think you and I have always agreed that you cannot have a right wing, you cannot have a pro-freedom, pro-human, pro-American movement if we don't have access to the platforms.
And I think something that people don't realize is how tenuous that is.
This is.
There was a very short window of time at the beginning of the last decade, I would say roughly between 2013 to 2016, when social media really became activated.
This, I would say, is a specific singularity in the history of technological development when people had all gotten smartphones and social media.
It's the hottest medium that has ever existed in the history of mankind for the first time, unlike even before when people had internet and computers.
For the first time, roughly in that period, in the middle of the last decade, everybody was connected to everybody else on social media at all times via their smartphone.
And I think that that created a very specific political outcome, which was the Trump Revolution.
It is no surprise that when, for the first time in history, the consciousness was elevated to such a high degree by social media and smartphones, it produced a wild populist nationalist revolution.
Consequently, people started to realize that you had been right all along about so much of what you had said.
People started to realize that what we had been told about 9-11 or the Iraq War, so many other Tragic incidents had been used to program us and condition us to accept, I think, certain political narratives and agendas.
And I think that is what produced the revolution we saw in 2016.
Truly a political realignment and revolution.
What happened after that was the largest crackdown on social media in history.
Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, the rest, all undertook A censorship regime using artificial intelligence, using activist groups like ADL and SPLC.
And in their own words, the stated intention was to make it so that something like the Trump election, a true populist realignment, can never happen again.
Patriots can never talk to each other, do citizen journalism, talk about things outside the mainstream.
And I think that they were nearly successful.
By 2020 and 2021, the process had effectively been completed.
People like you and I and everyone in the middle had all been censored.
Everyone that had not been censored was chilled.
There was a chilling effect.
And so those that weren't outright banned, I think, began to self-censor because they didn't want to be banned on the social media platforms.
I think it was the banning of Donald Trump after January 6, 2021, when this trend started to reverse.
I think Trump was too big to ban.
And when they banned him several days after January 6th, that is when these other players got into the equation.
I'm talking specifically about Chris Pavlovsky with Rumble introducing live streaming about a year after Elon Musk stated his intention to acquire Twitter or at least to transform it into a free speech platform.
And in just the past three years, people cannot take it for granted.
In just the last three years, we have Kind of resumed this hot social media period, this free and open internet period that we had for a very short window at the beginning of the last decade.
Consequently, just like in the last decade, which produced Donald Trump, I think this is producing a very similar and proportionate mass awakening.
And I think that's why Donald Trump has been polling so well in every swing state, why he's been polling well nationally.
I think that's why people Even you look at a lot of celebrities are coming around to a more right-wing position.
So, your reinstatement on Twitter, my reinstatement on Twitter, it shows that Elon Musk has a true commitment to free speech because I think from a financial standpoint, he gains nothing by bringing us back on.
You know and I know the ADL doesn't like either of us.
They have used us to blackmail him with the advertisers to try to bankrupt his company.
And to make the debt bad, which he used to buy Twitter.
So I think he gains nothing from it financially, but this is about upholding free speech.
This is the civic function.
I think there's a very real political function of having free speech.
And I think he's committed to the principle.
I think that's been more demonstrated than anything by him bringing me back.
Because I think, as you said, some of the things I've said are even a little bit more wild than maybe things you've said.
So, it's truly been a remarkable weekend.
I think I'm very optimistic.
Although, I will say my final message to kind of wrap this up, I would say I'm cautiously optimistic.
And people need to recognize that, as I said at the beginning of this, we are in an extremely tenuous position.
We have X, we have Rumble.
That's it.
YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook have not changed.
There is just as much censorship on those platforms as there always has been.
Or more.
You and I remain... Yeah, go ahead.
Or more.
Or more, absolutely.
And so it's really just in these two places where we're able to have a platform.
So that's why we have to rally behind Musk and Chris Pavlovsky at Rumble as much as possible.
Because the second that they turn those off, We're right back in the dark winter of 2021 with Joe Biden and we're going to pick up where we left off with all that tyranny.
So people need to recognize that now is the time for people to rally.
I think we really have one more shot here in 2024 to get Trump in and maybe there's a legal remedy for big tech censorship.
I agree with everything you said except one point.
You said this is as big as 2026.
I think it's five times bigger.
than 2016. So I think this is way bigger than 2016. The awakening is explosive. I see it
on the street. I don't make it about myself, but that's the gauge I have. I go to a grocery
store, instead of shaking 20 hands, I get mobbed. I go to the gym, I get mobbed. All
we get is positive. I don't really get any negative anymore.
That to me is indicative of this. When you talk about, all we have is basically X
and Rumble, and then Joe Rogan kind of has his own outpost and then Tucker has his own.
But for some of the social media, you're absolutely right.
And the establishment knows they're losing on every front.
And my concern is, my next question to you is, what do you think the deep state is going to do with 180 days to the election to try to demonize their opposition?
We've seen the pre-programming.
That white supremacists are going to blow everything up and kill everybody with no evidence of it.
I see false flags.
I'm really concerned about what this desperate deep state is going to do as the whole world wakes up to him.
What do you think?
I think you're absolutely right.
I think that's the oldest playbook.
That's the one that they always go to.
It's the exact same thing that they did in 2018 with the Christchurch shooting or any number of the other mass shootings or terrorist incidents.
Every escalation in censorship in the past six or seven years was always precipitated or preceded by some sort of mass shooting, some sort of violent extremist episode, which, if you really look back and interrogate the actual timeline of events with any of those, whether it was El Paso or Christchurch or any of them, there was always things suspicious.
Like, there was never a federal agent very far behind, never a confidential informant very far behind.
And a lot of them, it was the closest circle, like the five people that knew the shooter, one of them was a confidential informant.
So I think you're absolutely right.
They, just like we, understand the stakes, which is that with Twitter, with Rumble, with Big Tech, now once again back at our fingertips, we really actually have a fighting chance at political reform in the form of Trump.
We really stand a chance at defeating the legal political persecution of Trump and him being an avatar and a representative of all of us.
And so I think, as you say, they recognize the stakes just as much as we do.
And I think there will be some sort of extremely unpredictable black swan type event.
And you look at the way that they're seeding that idea on television all the time.
You're right.
It is going to be some kind of false flag.
It is going to be some kind of violent extremism to vilify the right wing.
And more than that, to justify a clampdown on free speech.
And I saw a clip from your show this week.
You've already been talking about this and hitting this all the time.
It's this latest bill that they're passing in Congress.
They're now using the campus protests, which are now spreading from coast to coast.
Whatever you think about the protests themselves, I think we both agree this new bill that has been introduced is a totalitarian anti-free speech takeover.
They introduced the bill and they say now they're going to expand the definition of hate speech, specifically anti-Semitism, so that particular people can launch Title VI.
Civil rights claims against the schools.
And this is just the beginning.
This is always how it starts.
And I think you actually hit the note exactly right.
Maybe it was a week, two weeks ago, you said that they're mobilizing the left on the campuses and increasingly even in the city streets.
They're mobilizing the right to meet them on the campus and in the city streets as well.
And this is creating the perfect condition, the perfect powder keg for a kind of One of these incidents where a bullet's gonna go, there's gonna be some kind of violent episode, you know that's always how it starts.
And just like now, how they're using the Columbia protest and UCLA and everywhere else, they're using that to justify this Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.
They may use some kind of future violent confrontation, some kind of violent episode at one of these demonstrations to justify even further crackdowns.
And I think the most important point is that Twitter is in an extremely tenuous position.
I don't think people realize that.
It was very difficult for Elon Musk to keep the lights on over there at Twitter with the kind of pressure that the ADL was bringing on their advertisers, and which comes in many forms, not just even from the advertisers.
So, it wouldn't take much for Congress to go in and pass a law, and you know as well as anybody that Republicans will be just as compliant in that as the Democrats.
Republicans and Democrats obediently, both, Bipartisanly supported this new bill that expands the definition of hate speech.
Republicans are... Yeah, go ahead.
And Nick, I want to go through that bill with you because there's absolutely no doubt that's happening.
But you mentioned, I mentioned false flags, you talked about it.
The Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot, two trials where they were innocent, another third trial they finally got some people convicted.
Out of 24 people, like what was it, 20 were FBI agents setting this up.
So I think that's really going to be the model here.
And that's where I've been.
I'm not supporting Israel's carpet bombing.
I also don't support Biden giving money to Hamas.
And then the left funding, as you can see, they're trying to create this clash of civilizations that we're now witnessing.
And I want to derail that.
And Trump's imperfect, but way better than Biden, obviously, and get him into office.
So pulling back from this, we can say, is Elon Musk for real?
Or is he an opportunist?
I tend to think he's for real overall.
He's got a bunch of kids.
He's not perfect.
But he sees also that the wind's blowing in our direction.
So it's not that he's an opportunist.
He's already on our side.
But now he thinks the time is ripe to take these people on.
He's doubled the engagement.
And it is, I think, an interesting question whether Elon Musk is an opportunist or if he's some kind of ideologue.
moment right now. That's what people got to be so concerned about what the deep
state's gonna do next. That's why I'm trying to get everybody as focused as
possible on that. Absolutely and it is I think an interesting question whether
Elon Musk is an opportunist or if he's some kind of ideologue.
Ultimately though that we have the free speech platform at least in the short
term is really the only thing that matters. I could see that there might be
some there might be some explanations for how this could be a good opportunity for
Elon Musk and I'll elaborate on one in particular.
I thought it was very interesting the role that Twitter, or X, played in the recent Argentine election.
As you know, Javier Mele was recently elected just last fall in Argentina, and it was before Javier Mele was elected that Argentina was going to accede to the BRICS.
Alliance, the Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa alliance, along with five or six other states.
I think Egypt, the Emirates, Iran were a few of them.
And Javier Mele getting into office with the conspicuous intervention of X is what allowed Javier Mele to cancel that accession of Argentina to BRICS.
And recently, Elon Musk met with Javier Mele at one of these think tank summits, and the connection would be in lithium.
Argentina has the largest unexploited lithium reserves in the world.
It sits in the middle of the lithium triangle with Bolivia and Chile, although Argentina has the most by far, and they're not exploited at all.
Now that Javier Mele is in charge, he's a neoliberal free market guy.
And I think a lot of people agree with that.
I mean, I'm a free market guy also.
I believe in capitalism.
But Javier Mele is now realigning Argentina away from China, away from Russia, away from Brazil, back towards the United States.
And just as Argentina goes with the United States, so goes their lithium reserves.
Of course, what is lithium used in?
It's one of the most critical resources in the world.
Batteries, lithium-ion batteries that will be vital for the energy transition, the global green energy transition away from combustion-based car engines to lithium-ion electric car battery-based systems.
And so, Elon Musk, well, he's in the business of batteries.
He's in the business of electric lithium-ion battery cars.
Now that Javier Mele is giving the United States the exclusive access to the lithium, and if you look at some of the particular companies, you might wonder, did X play a role in Javier Mele's election last fall?
And then, wouldn't that suggest that there might be some sort of opportunistic angle for Elon purchasing X?
I think there's a lot of credibility to that idea.
With that being said, however, you and I coming back onto the platform and using that to get Donald Trump elected, using that to raise awareness about the things that are going on in the world, as you said earlier, about globalism, about medical tyranny, about transhumanism, I think it's a net positive regardless.
I think it can't be said enough.
It really, truly can't be overstated what that does for the right wing.
Without big tech, without access to the billions of active users that are on all the combined social media, we're just not, we're not playing the same game as the left.
We're not playing in the same arena.
We're not playing the same sport.
And so there's this old myth, I'm sure you've heard it a million times, they say, well, if you get banned on social media, it actually helps you out because it brings more attention to your cause.
You and I both know that is true to a very limited extent.
But on net, it is not real.
If right-wing people cannot have access to the latest technology of mass media, we are effectively not in politics.
If you can't use mass media to raise money, promulgate your ideas, advocate for your candidates, you are not playing the same sport as the left in politics.
So, as always with everything, when these big moves are happening with billionaires and foreign states and tech companies, There's always intelligence agencies behind it.
There's always a national security prerogative.
It's always interest-based.
Our job is to surf on those waves.
Our job as citizen journalists and patriots is to surf on those big trends and really look at the big picture in the long term.
You know, there are things that are going to be going on in the next election and with the next Congress, but there's an entire generation of young people that are being raised by Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes and Andrew Tate and Tucker Carlson, and people that are going to love humanity and love America and love freedom and love Christianity, and that's the kind of game that we need to be playing.
People having kids now, they're going to have a lot of kids that will grow up in the future, and they're going to be the ones that are inheriting America, as opposed to left-wing people that are not having kids, and then their genetic line dies out, and I think they won't even be in the game in another generation.
That's right.
They're committing cultural suicide and physical suicide.
Nick Fuentes is our guest.
I've got a hundred questions.
I'm sure he's got a hundred points he wants to make.
We'll take a quick break.
And come back with him on the other side and talk about the future of free speech and the election that's 180 days away.
I'm at InfoWars.com.
Fan.video and follow me at RealAlexJones on X and follow Nick at NickJFuentes on X. Stay with us.
Nick Fuentes is our guest for the next hour and a half.
He just joined us for the last 30 minutes.
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I'm glad you bring up the anti-Semitism bill because we didn't talk much of it a few text messages about you coming on about what the topics would be and and that's something front and center for me and I you know I saw you a week ago you know a clip was sent to me and I'm not mad about it you know I've made comments about you most of them you know tongue-in-cheek flip it comments or whatever and you were like Yeah, we've seen the new Gregory's Report.
Zionist death grip on America.
Let's put it on screen.
And I'm not trying to get a fight going here for the last three quarters of the show.
I'm just getting this out, okay?
And you're like, yeah, well, I think Jones is doing this because there's pressure on him to do it.
I hired Greg Rees five years ago.
I respect Greg Rees.
He does whatever he wants.
But I've made two films on the USS Liberty, and bombs, and the Israelis, and 9-11, that I produced and made.
I'm not trying to like this old man state because I was on air unlike most people I was on air
When I was 20 like you so I look you know God I respect somebody with her 20 on air now you're 25 26
I don't look at like oh hey sonny boy get off my block. I'm the old man around here
I'm 50 years old the point is when you were literally in diapers I
Was exposed in the USS Liberty all this and I get it I don't talk about it constantly because to me it's old news, but I know Israel does evil stuff.
I know Israel has nuclear weapons.
I know Israel's been involved in a bunch of stuff.
I understand all that.
So it's not about scoring points here.
It's that I believe that if I just cover topics and issues, I can get everybody to go for them, but if we make it about a certain group or another group, then we lose people.
I just believe that if I build it, they will come.
I believe that if I oppose global government, and oppose central bank digital currencies, and oppose transgenderism, and oppose whatever the policies of whoever runs it...
The Rothschilds, people like that, that we will beat them with the Big Ten.
And I'm not saying your way of doing things.
I get the few jokes you make, the few things out of context.
It's like Sandy Hook, barely ever talked about it, and you made that point on the spaces, and they make this whole, it's my identity, and I did all this, and I peed on kids' graves.
I get what's been done to you.
All I'm saying is, is that before we get into the anti-Semitism bill, that it's not just me.
It's dozens of congressmen and women, including Democrats, That have come out and said, this ends free speech.
It bans the New Testament.
It does.
I already covered it for three, four days.
I guess I've got the bill.
And I love how when I was on Spaces with you, that's when I blew up.
People thought I already had to leave.
They thought I got mad at you.
I'm like going, hey, this bill Literally bans the New Testament, and this bill, you know, gives this foreign, multinational, Israeli NGO control over the definition for the Justice Department.
This guy goes, shut up, you're a liar, blah, blah, blah, blah.
And I'm just like, in an hour gone by, I had to go, because it was my daughter's birthday.
But I was in agreeance with you about that, because I can read the bill.
But it's not just Alex Jones or Nick Fuentes, it's Chip Roy, you know, it's Gary, it's Jared Nadler.
And it also fits into all this.
Let me give people an overhead shot here.
This is just what I've got in the stack today.
In Germany, in the Netherlands, in France, they're arresting members of their parliaments and Congress that quote government numbers that 80% of the rapes are Muslims.
I'm not against Muslims, I'm just saying.
I'm also, you know, pointing that out.
Elon Musk put that out.
AFD politician convicted for warning about gang rapes.
Canada imposed to imprison anyone who ever posted hate speech online that criticizes any group and the ADL's involved in that.
So it just goes on from there and then I've got the bill HR 6090 that anybody can read.
This is the murder of the First Amendment.
It's so bad, I can't even believe it.
And then it lets this group, this International Holocaust Remembrance UNNGO, define what it is.
It says it's an open definition.
So, we can talk about this right now.
All I'm saying is I just oppose what's happening instead of giving it the energy and kind of
getting on its level.
So that's where I'm at.
And then I sit there and you're like, oh, Elon's greater.
You know, you're on a show where people disagree with you.
Oh, they're great for the free speech.
But me, I'm like 90 percent aligned with what you're doing.
And then I'm in a special category, though, to be judged that I'm not a purist.
Everybody has their own purist view, but I am a purist from my perspective.
Nobody's telling me under the table what to do.
I'm not getting, you know, programming from a satellite in orbit or something.
I really try to morally make the best decisions about having a free, open society.
So, I gave you the floor earlier.
We're going to skip this break coming up.
Let's talk six, seven minutes.
I'll give you the floor for another ten minutes to talk about this.
If you want, we can go through the bill because the denial about what is in this bill, like, oh, you're denying Ivermectin worked or denying any of this.
It's cut and dry.
It's so dangerous.
And it does make me get really pissed at Israel and their leaders because this is Israel openly through the Congress, bipartisanly, literally saying we're going to kick people out of college and we're going to indict people for quoting the Bible.
And it's in there and it says it.
So this is a line in the sand, Nick.
I absolutely agree with you.
I think this is one of the things where we're 100% aligned.
And, you know, we do have kind of a playful back and forth on some of these things, but I think it's good and I think you're right.
We both absolutely agree on total free speech.
And I think you recognize a lot of the things that Israel does that's wrong and I do too.
And I think that's why nobody can say that you're getting Jewish space laser signals or something that are telling you what to do.
But this bill, I think it's very interesting, actually, precisely what's in it.
Because I've seen a lot of people talk about the bill and the way that they frame it, they say that the bill outlaws antisemitism.
And that's not, and you pointed this out on your show, which I appreciate it because you do the research and I think you deliver the real information.
The bill specifically says, as you said, that it adopts the open definition of the IHRA specifically for the Department of Education.
And so what that means is that a student can file a Title VI civil rights complaint using that definition, and that will define what a civil rights violation might be.
So for example, if they go to University of Columbia, or UCLA, or one of these universities where these protests are taking place, and a Jewish student hears rhetoric like, from the river to the sea, or really generally any Anti-Israel rhetoric, or as you said, even things in the New Testament.
If those things are said or heard on campus by a Jewish student, according to the IHRA definition, that is antisemitism.
And using the IHRA definition to define civil rights code, that means then that the That that particular school under the university, rather under the Department of Education, would be subject to some kind of Justice Department investigation.
And so I think that what the bill is specifically designed to do is to go after the schools so that the schools shut down the protests.
But this isn't the only bill.
It comes with a suite of bills, specifically another bill.
It's a pair.
There is the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, which defines anti-Semitism for Title VI.
There's another separate bill.
Which I don't think got as much attention, which says that anti-Semitism monitors will be deployed to universities on request by students.
I don't actually know the particular mechanism for this.
But you could see how those two bills work hand-in-glove.
Congress passed a bill that says monitors to the campus to listen and observe and look out for anti-Semitism.
The second bill defines anti-Semitism, or I should say ties the definition of anti-Semitism to the IHRA definition for Title VI enforcement.
They're putting out the scouts, they're putting out the spies, and then the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act is the teeth.
That's the enforcement.
And it's meant to shut down the protests.
Of course, why this really matters for people like you and me, and for the people that watch your show and my show, is the bigger context of what's happening in the Middle East.
Let's not forget that just a few weeks ago... Hold on, I want to get there, Nick, and I'm going to give you the floor again, but let's just walk back here a little bit.
It's worse than what you're saying.
Because Chip Royce said this, lawyers have looked at it, I can read it, it's clear.
It gives a UN NGO, Israeli controlled...
Control over Title VI for the reporting and then trains the federal government on what is legal or illegal and says things like, Jews killed Jesus.
Well, whether that's true or not, it's in the Bible and the Roman history says that.
I'm not even attacking Jews.
Whether they said the moon is made of cheese or Jews didn't kill Jesus or Jews, you know, or Papa Smurf, whatever it is there, we should all be allowed to say it.
I'm not saying you're wrong, I just think you're only covering one sector.
This is a lot bigger than these Soros communist funded deals to create this clash.
This is about the National Security Directive of Biden in June of 2021 where he said white supremacy is the number one threat.
He defines it against open borders, against lockdowns, against forced shots, against Election fraud.
So we're being defined as white people and as populist as bad.
We do have to respond to that at that level.
So this is, quite frankly, I want you to elaborate on this, far worse than what I think you were just saying.
I mean, this is, this bill is unprecedented.
A foreign group?
I mean, we talk about the UN has this UN treaty and it gives the countries the power for total tyranny.
And Tedros says, well, don't worry.
Your countries will have the power, but it's through the U.N.
They cede power to the U.N.
It gives the power back to them through treaty.
What I'm saying is this is a treaty with a U.N.-Israeli NGO criminally controlling the definitions of the Justice Department.
This is an act of war.
This is insane.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Go ahead.
No, I absolutely agree.
It is absolutely un-American, and it is totally outrageous, and it should be illegal.
What this represents is foreign subversion.
Unfortunately, I would say it's not totally unprecedented because this same IHRA definition of anti-Semitism has already been codified into state law in I think 35 or 36 states.
They just did it in South Dakota.
It's shameful!
And they have applied it on college campuses, specifically in Florida.
And they've also forced certain contractors for state government in states like Texas to sign an oath That they won't support things like BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction, against Israel.
So, sadly, and you're right, it speaks to the enormity of the problem.
It's an absolutely massive problem.
It's an attack on the Constitution.
It's an attack on national sovereignty.
And it's coming, as you said, from one of these foreign NGOs, waged against our people and against our civil rights.
And you're right also, and I think this is important, It doesn't matter what you believe about the material statements that are considered anti-Semitism under the law, which, like you said, would include the Gospel, which says that, again, according to some readings, they'll say it's Jews killed Jesus or some other thing.
It doesn't matter what you think about that material statement or everything else that's covered under the definition.
What matters is that it is, this is a foreign nonprofit backed by a foreign government, backed by supranational institutions, Coming into America, coming into state, local, and federal government, and saying, we're now going to define your criminal code, and we're now going to circumscribe what Americans are allowed to say in the United States.
And I think that this has to become one of the big issues of our time.
I don't know.
Oh, it is.
And you also got the UN taking control of health care.
So what I'm saying is, the UN is not going to come in blue helmets.
It's going to come with open borders and NGOs.
Let me play you the newest clip today that John Bowne put out.
I won't play the whole six minute report.
It's at Vandervee with InfoWars.
It starts with Netanyahu days ago arrogantly saying he expects us to click our heels I don't care if the British said this or the French or the Chinese.
I literally don't hate the Jews or Israel, but I'm hating what's going on with their leader.
And he's literally saying, I expect you, just like he did two weeks ago and now they're passing laws with the protest, I expect you to get up here and to stop us being indicted for the carpet bombing with Lavender and the AI murder machine.
Here's just the first 20 seconds of the report.
Is contemplating issuing arrest warrants against senior Israeli government and military officials as war criminals.
Israel expects the leaders of the free world to stand firmly against the ICC outrageous assault on Israel's inherent right of self-defense.
We expect them to use all the means at their disposal to stop this dangerous move.
My administration with our second gentleman's leadership has launched our nation's first national security strategy to counter anti-Semitism.
Alright, let's stop there.
They all, they all, he says jump, they say oh hi.
This is humiliating.
Imagine if Xi Jinping said, I expect you to pass laws for us.
The arrogance of this.
It's totally arrogant and we would not tolerate or accept it from any other country and it's not the first time.
Netanyahu would stroll into our country and he would speak before a joint session of Congress and you could go, I mean, I think they did a series of speeches over the years And depending on the year, he would go in and there would be dozens of standing ovations, like half the runtime of the speech.
For Bibi Netanyahu, a foreign head of state, in front of a joint session of Congress would be 30, 40 standing ovations, taking up 40 minutes of the entire speech.
As you said, it is humiliating, it is emasculating, and it's also a principle that is universally applied.
It's not singling out a particular country.
It's talking about any country.
As you say, if it was Xi Jinping, if this was the president of Iran, if this was Putin, if this was the president of France, we would say exactly the same thing.
What this really is, is a sovereignty movement.
It's about American sovereignty, American independence, Americans from America, born in America, for America.
Not supranational government, not non-profits.
And let me back you up, because I've got the bill, H.R.
Here is the definition from the group that they say is in charge.
It says, if you question the loyalty of any Jews in America, it's right here, and say that they're for Israel.
Well, we have a bunch of members of Congress who wear Israeli uniforms there and admit That they have loyalty to that.
So they're trying to outlaw stating fact?
I mean, I'm tired of this.
I'm with you.
I am absolutely with you because you're right.
These are empirical facts.
It's not like these are subjective opinions.
It's not even like it's rhetoric.
As you say, to question the loyalty of a Jewish person and whether they have some allegiance to Israel, as you and I know, I think as everyone knows, Yes, Jews have some ties, not all of them, but many Jews have ties to their homeland.
And many of them wear the uniform.
Many of them make an aliyah, they will travel to the country, and they'll take up arms in the IDF.
So, these are facts.
These are factual statements.
And yet, under this definition from a foreign non-profit, they say that that qualifies as a civil rights violation in the Department of Education.
And of course, the universities is where you're supposed to have these conversations.
Where else?
In the United States of America, is it more appropriate to have an intellectual, political discussion about these matters than a university campus?
That's where it's being attacked by these groups at the Department of Education.
And we do have the Islamists attacking Jews and not letting them in, and that's all wrong.
We've talked a lot about that.
I'm against both things that are going on.
It's like if there's two car wrecks, I'm against both of them.
I don't hate any of these people, but what do you think?
Israel is like 70% is against Netanyahu.
He used October 7th to stay in power.
So I don't want to say it's one monolithic, you know, power group there.
But the whole world is turning against Israel right now.
What do you think is going to come out of that?
Well, it's a very big problem for them.
And I think that's why Netanyahu has become so unpopular.
It remains to be seen.
I mean, it's very possible that they will throw him out and attempt to throw out all of that bad baggage with him.
On the other hand, I think that Israel has been putting itself in this position for a long time.
I think they put themselves in that position with the Muslim world for generations.
If you read Bin Laden's letter to America, if you read the World Trade Center bomber, his letter and justification for it.
I mean, they blame America's support for Israel on these attacks.
So, I think it's a horrible situation, and this is where I think the Zionists and Israelis would do well to heed the warning of people like me and you.
When we criticize these things... But Nick, Nick, interrupt.
They're not.
They're rolling into Rafah right now.
We'll put the night vision up.
It's nighttime there.
What do you make of this?
The invasion in Rafah, it's happening in defiance of the entire world.
This is in defiance of the United States, it's in defiance of all their Arab, even their allied neighbors like Jordan.
Yeah, because it's not seven Arab nations ganged up on them, then we support Israel.
I get that.
This is Israel with high-tech weapons ganging up on women and children.
That's absolutely right.
I mean, you could say theoretically that you could support an operation or a campaign, but the Gaza Strip is very small.
It's a small population.
Half the population, more than half, are legal minors under the age of 18.
They've been starving them, bombing them, depriving them of medical equipment, tell them to evacuate, and then bomb them while evacuating, bombing them when they get to where they were supposed to evacuate to.
And this is where the Biden administration comes in and says, look, We're not against the operation.
We're not saying you don't have a right to defend yourself or conduct a foreign policy.
But do it with some laws of war.
For basic principles, ethics of war in mind.
And we have now conditioned the military aid upon this.
It seems that Joe Biden is now delaying some of the shipments of bombs to Israel out of fear that they're going to use this in Rafa.
But this is really about Netanyahu's quest to stay in power.
And I think everyone in Israel even knows that.
Netanyahu knows that when the war is over, he's out.
He also knows that if he doesn't go into Rafa, his governing coalition breaks apart because it's these two extremists His finance minister, his national security minister, they're the ones that are pressing him to do this.
If he doesn't go forward with it, they're not going to support him.
He loses the prime minister.
And that's why he's the main suspect in the stand-down.
We know the stand-down happened October 7th.
And I think Iran's involved in this.
This is disgusting.
Iran gets more power out of the attacks.
They do these missile attacks against each other.
It's all just posturing.
Absolutely, yes.
And people would do well to analyze the age-old question, who benefits?
When you look at something like October 7th, and you hate to say that, you hate to impugn the motives of a person like that, but the evidence is there.
They were aware up to a year or two prior to October 7th that Hamas was plotting an attack Exactly like the one they carried out on October 7th.
And that all came out in October and November of last year.
They even witnessed Hamas preparing and training for that specific type of attack.
It took them far more hours than it should have for them to respond on the day of.
And there was also, I saw recently on X, a report that went viral of Netanyahu asking Qatar to provide more money from Hamas.
That's the dirty little secret.
That's at the core of all of this, which is that these maximalists, these Likud party types like Netanyahu, they support Hamas.
They fund Hamas.
They want Hamas to get bigger.
And that's my next point, is that Israel in the 70s founded Hamas.
That's not debated.
And that's what I get attacked like, oh, you're pro-Muslim or you're pro-Israel.
No, I'm saying whether you're the Muslims or the average Jew, they're not in control of the government.
The government's working on the top to do this.
Nick, that's my point.
Even with the leftist communists leading the Muslims, I'm against the Palestinians being murdered.
But I also see the Democratic Party is literally funding this as the pretext for civil unrest out of Trump's election.
I think there is a lot of truth to that, and you're right.
I mean, it is the government in Israel.
Of course, you can't blame millions of people for the actions of the state over there, just like you can't blame the millions of Americans for the actions of the state or the power players over here.
But what's important to consider is those, as we just talked about even on the last segment about Musk and Malay, it's always important to follow the money, and it's always important to ask who benefits from particular things, and to interrogate those questions.
What is so important about your show against contra things like Fox News, and not to shade other conservatives, but contra other sources, is that it is important for right-wing people to do the research.
Every day you got a stack of papers on your desk, you're reading international news, you're reading between the lines, Conservatives have to get better at this because I think we've been put in a very unfortunate position because we've allowed ourselves to be tricked by these kind of facile media narratives from fake conservatives for generations.
It's only when you actually follow the money and follow who benefits in particular, which individuals, firms, governments, who benefits from certain things.
And in the case of this Hamas invasion on October 7th, The one way to look at that is that it's a horrible catastrophe, and it was.
What is equally true is that it has served as the pretext for a very aggressive, very ambitious campaign in Gaza, which it seems fulfills a long-held goal and ambition by Netanyahu and his party.
Not just for him politically, but also for him and their party ideologically.
Sure, sure, they stand to gain.
We're going to start the next confinal hour, but you were telling me off-air the best place to go is your rumble.
How do people sign up and follow you on rumble?
Rumble.com slash Nick J. Fuentes, and as you said, I do a daily show, so I'd appreciate if everybody followed me there, because I'm doing this sort of stuff every night.
And it's live there right now.
That's right.
We're live streaming it here.
I love it.
All right.
We'll be right back with Nick Fuentes, straight ahead, hour number three.
I'm going to hear what he wants to talk about next.
I've asked a bunch of questions.
We're going to ask him what he wants to hit next.
We're back in two minutes.
Follow us at RealLawShows.
All right.
Nick Fuentes is our guest.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And two of the most controversial people in the world here on air together right now.
Some stations don't care that it's the first five minutes.
300 plus due in five minutes.
Nick, I've asked a lot of the questions the first hour.
In this hour, anything you want to talk about, what's front and center for you?
What's front and center for me, what I've been talking so much about on my show and on X, and lately on X and before that on Telegram, is I think that now more than ever the time is to talk about World War III and the threat that that poses right now with Iran and Hezbollah.
I think that's probably the least covered thing, at least particularly in this moment, as we talked about in the last hour.
The Rafah invasion has begun, the tanks and troops are rolling in, they're bombing, and I think now nobody's talking about the threat of this war escalating and widening into a full-on regional conflict.
And I think that what you're seeing across the country, I think the tie-in, because we talked about some angles of the anti-Semitism bill and I think we hit the big picture, But I think what is not being talked about enough is that there is a very concerted effort to silence anybody that is talking about what's going on over there and the risk of this war spiraling out of control.
And we talked about the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.
We talked about the Anti-Semitism Monitors.
But that is just the latest episode in what has been going on at college campuses.
Before that, they went after the presidents of Harvard and UPenn, Claudine Gay and I think it's Eliza McGill over there at University of Pennsylvania.
And that was in October, November, December, and January, where they decapitated the administration at those schools.
Now, they're going after the protesters with these dual laws.
The Title VI redefinition of antisemitism, the deployment of the monitors.
And I think it's all related to what we're seeing now in RAFA.
And what I tried to touch on in the last segment, we took it a little bit of a different direction, but this is all framed in the context of what happened with Iran a few weeks ago, which is that Israel bombed the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria, killing seven Iranian generals.
And then as everybody saw, within two or three weeks, Iran retaliated by sending hundreds of drones, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles at Israel.
That is the event that cleared the way for the $26 billion aid package in Congress to clear and for that money then to go to Israel.
I think, though, the significance was lost on a lot of people, which is that was the first time in the history of planet Earth when the Islamic Republic of Iran and the State of Israel engaged in open, direct hostilities.
When Israelis bombed Iranian soil effectively by bombing an embassy and Iran retaliated by bombing Israel from Iran.
And so what was for decades a shadow war between those two states, which consisted in proxy war, assassinations, industrial or military sabotage, has now become direct missile and drone strikes between the two countries.
And I think that when you consider the entire thing, not just in light of what has happened since October 7th, but even before that, even if you go back decades to the Clean Break memo in the 1990s, the prize for Iran, or rather for Israel, is Iran's nuclear weapons program.
It's that nuclear complex in five or six cities in Iran.
And I think that Israel's ambitions don't stop with Rafa and they don't stop with Gaza.
What they said after the October 7th attack is they want to completely redefine the geopolitical balance of power in the region forever.
They don't accomplish that just by annexing Gaza or just by securing military control over Gaza.
They're doing that by, as many of their more radical members in the government have said, diminishing Hezbollah in South Lebanon and by bombing Iran's nuclear program directly.
Which is what they sort of hinted at when they launched a minor drone attack on the airport in Isfahan, which is part of Iran's nuclear complex.
So I think we're in a very dangerous game and this is where I think your analysis is so sorely needed.
It's dialectic.
It's about being forced into a paradoxical situation, or Catch-22, where there are no good options.
Where on the one hand, we have this mass mobilization on the campuses, leftists and right-wingers fighting.
Next day there, we're back in one minute.
Explain dialectics when we come back.
Alright, if you're just joining us, the world is going to a major period of upheaval and crisis.
The old financial system is going down.
The globalists are trying to flex their muscles, but they're in deep trouble.
And Nick Fuentes, one of the most sensitive people in the world, was just getting into Iran and Israel and the strikes against each other and the Hegelian dialectic, where Israel and the U.S.
and Iran aren't perfectly synced, but they all get power out of a war.
You got cut off explaining the Hegelian dialectic.
That's right.
So I was talking about this situation where, on the one hand, we have never been at a greater risk of being drawn into a war with Iran.
And that was always the concern.
When we, after 9/11, when we embarked on the series of foreign adventures in the Middle East,
there were really three primary targets, and they were Iraq, Syria, and Iran.
We know what happened to Iraq.
Saddam Hussein got overthrown in a major 20-year ground war.
Syria was destabilized by this all-in proxy conflict between 100 different countries over a period of 10 years.
And that has left, in this decade, Iran.
And what is to be done about one of the great powers in the Middle East that still does not accept
or seek to normalize relations with Israel, and which is also developing what appears
to be a civilian cover for a nuclear program and for a missile program in the form of nuclear energy
and space and rockets.
And so on the one hand you have this dynamic that With what's going on, this conflagration over there in Gaza, we are at a very high risk of being drawn into hostilities with Iran directly, as evidenced by the recent tit-for-tat strikes.
At the same time, there is a mass mobilization on campuses to attempt to retard this.
And as you say, the people that are deploying to the campuses These people don't love America.
They're leftists.
A lot of them are going on the campuses, really, for the wrong reasons.
I mean, they're with the campus, or rather, they're with Palestine, not because they're sympathetic even for the humanitarian cause.
A lot of them are just radical liberationists, and so we're not ideologically aligned at all.
And yet, deploying all those people to the campuses may retard America's support for a war with Iran.
So, there's these two things going on.
War with Iran, mass mobilization on the campuses.
The mass mobilization on the campuses, if it gets out of control, as we talked about in a previous segment, could create a false flag scenario that could bring down Trump and indict patriots and undo the free speech beach hat.
At the same time, the campus protests are the only thing slowing down America's support or its reluctant drawing into a war with Iran.
So we're in this impossible situation where you shut down the protests, maybe you get a war with Iran.
You prevent a war with Iran by Going to the protesters and capitulating, but then you get this flashpoint for an all-out war in America.
And so there's this very, very slim, narrow opportunity where we have to thread the needle.
Where on the one hand, we can't let the protests turn into BLM.
We can't have them mobilizing in the event that Trump wins for some kind of revolution.
We saw a little bit of that in 2016 with Antifa.
At the same time, we also can't be drawn into a war with Iran.
So this is why it's very important for patriots and for America First types to be aware of all the facts.
I feel like it's sort of the same energy of Star Wars.
I know you and I are both fond of Revenge of the Sith, where they're kind of playing both sides in a way where they achieve their ultimate goal.
And I see, for example, they're characterizing all these protesters as pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist, The cops are going in and cleaning them up.
And I see a lot of right-wing people cheering that on and celebrating it.
And I understand why.
The protesters are not friendly to us.
As I said, they're hardcore leftists, communists.
They're tearing down the American flag.
At the same time, look at the cost of bringing down the protests.
It's an attack on the First Amendment with the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.
It's potentially clearing the protests so that there will be no opposition to America's support for Israel if they try to provoke a war with Iran.
Well, exactly.
And then it sets the precedent for everybody to lose their free speech.
And for even people like you and I to criticize what's going on over there or criticize anything.
So I guess the message to America First Patriots is to be very keenly aware of the games that are being played.
And the heuristic is this, or the principle is this.
People need to start saying this.
We have to take our own side.
Americans, Christians, you, me, we don't agree on everything, but we have to take our own side.
And what that means is, we can't be used by the Palestinians.
We also can't be used by Israel.
We can't be used by the leftists on the campus.
We also can't be used by these non-profits from foreign countries.
We've got to stop being sucked into gang wars or tribal wars.
Why are we sucked into Crips and Bloods or Jews vs. Palestinians?
Why do I gotta pay for Ukraine $200 million?
I'm done!
Our country's falling apart.
I'm not against the Ukrainians.
I'm not against the Jews.
I'm just like, I'm done!
I'm done too.
The country's in total decline.
I mean, the cities are up for grabs.
It's vagabonds and opportunists have totally taken over everything.
Standards are declining everywhere.
The country, as you and I know, is unrecognized.
We're on fumes right now.
And we just, a month ago, passed a $95 billion aid package.
It's a giveaway.
$60 billion for Ukraine, $26 for Israel, $7 for Taiwan.
I'm old enough to remember.
I know you said I was in diapers when you were talking about the Liberty, but I am old enough to remember.
Trump asked for $17 billion to build the border wall.
$17 billion!
No, no, but Dick, I wasn't putting you down.
I'm glad you're young and successful.
I know, I know.
It's annoying to go, Jones, whatever, I saw the club.
You're like, Jones is only doing this now because people are... No, I made two films on it.
It's a little annoying.
Moving on from that, I want to get in a fight about that.
Let's shift gears into other fields.
I watch your show some, but I don't really get into this.
But you're a smart guy.
I want your opinion on it.
The next COVID tyranny, the next lockdown, the UN COVID bill that takes over our bodies, the transhumanism, the WEF, because they're so powerful.
What's your view on all that and where that's going?
Well, I think it's disturbing because it's accelerating very rapidly, and you mentioned very briefly on the last segment this Lavender AI that they're deploying in Israel to target the Palestinians, a facial recognition technology.
What's disturbing is we don't know the real extent of it.
We know that they are restricting how much of the artificial intelligence... Well, we know Israel says it's okay, we kill a bunch of people, a robot did it, and then they admit it's killing five times more.
So they're like, it's okay, we're killing civilians, a robot said do it.
That's like advocating irresponsibility.
It's very dangerous.
It's terrifying.
The combination of these unmanned ground and air vehicles combined with facial recognition and artificial intelligence, it's not hard to see where this goes.
And that is mass murder, because if you can send machines into battle and delegate the authority or responsibility to take life to an artificial intelligence learning algorithm, this lands in full-on slaughter.
And I don't think... Well, that goes back to Nuremberg, where they say we're only following orders.
Regardless, that's the current thing.
So, where you just give your responsibility over, oh, machines said I'm going to do it.
This is taking humans out of the decision process.
This is the end of humanity.
This is what you all know Harari calls the post-human world.
That's exactly right.
And it's these military applications which are so terrifying.
And we don't even know the full extent of it.
I mean, you know, when they released Chad GPT, consumers got a taste of it.
It was so powerful, it meaningfully started to replace lawyers and doctors.
People are using it to get legal advice and medical advice.
They actually had to go back and revise ChatGPT and make it weaker because it was too powerful.
And now it's just a public product.
That's just what we know about.
We don't even know how sophisticated it is.
Oh, let me back you up.
I know some of the top computer people.
I'm sure you do too.
They tell me what we're seeing is 10 years old.
They're holding it back.
It would take everything over right now.
I mean, I already, listen, six months ago, The AI hacked my phone number, called me on Tucker Carlson's number, and then mimicked Tucker Carlson's voice to me, but I could tell what it was saying wasn't Tucker.
So I said, this is AI, and it hung up.
Then it was confirmed it was AI.
I mean, that's old technology.
And well, that's the problem is we don't even, I mean, people like yourself are aware, but the masses are not fully aware of the threat that's posed by this stuff.
It's not even public what's out there.
So see, I'd rather not fight Muslim versus Jew, Christian.
I get the fights there.
I'm not saying it's not real.
I'd rather unify and say, we don't release biological weapons with COVID.
We don't release nuclear weapons because it'll kill us.
We have to decide to not do this.
We, humans control our own evolution.
To me, that's the existential threat.
I agree.
Arms control, in terms of artificial intelligence and robotics, is really one of the understated issues of our time.
It may be the biggest issue of our time.
And it's terrible when you go to Chick-fil-A and a robot delivers your food at your table, or a robot... You say, no, I don't want a robot.
It's not that you're against technology, it's that the technology is being bent towards attacking us.
I don't know.
I may push back.
I mean, when you go to the drive-thru and you get an AI, I prefer that over what you usually get.
You go to Wendy's drive-thru and they're like, What you want, what you want, you know, I prefer the artificial intelligence.
No, but I get it's better in ways, but it's the, it's like you put a worm on a hook.
The worm is the egg, it's done better, but it's connected to something evil.
I'm not saying the AI isn't better up front, I'm saying it gives them total control.
So I'd rather somebody say, you know, three times, I want a cheeseburger, you want a chicken sandwich, I told you a cheeseburger three times, send it back to give you a A salad.
I understand.
That's a human problem.
I'm just teasing you a little bit.
I know you're teasing me, man, but it's like... See, while you're all worried about religious groups and racial groups, and I am too, you get, like, I'm worried about the technocracy, right?
Like, I'm worried about that.
That's what I'm really concerned about.
I think you're right to be concerned about that.
It's certainly one of the big issues of the time.
AI, robotics, it's the end of humanity.
I totally agree with you.
Well, maybe I can't help myself that I project humanity on every group, and I think they're going to want to join me.
Maybe I'm wrong, Nick.
Okay, you brought up a great point.
Next point, what do you want to cover?
Next point?
Why don't we cover, how about, we've covered a lot, the protesters.
Why don't we cover the Trump Yes.
Not just New York.
They just suspended the trial on immunity.
They just suspended the trial on dealing with the documents.
The wheels are coming off.
What's going to happen there?
I don't know.
I think they've totally lost the plot though.
I mean, between the Fannie Willis thing in Georgia, now they're threatening to throw him in jail, they're postponing the document thing.
I think the whole thing has completely fallen apart.
It reminds me very much of that dossier that came out about Trump and the golden showers in the Russian hotel, the Steele dossier.
This stuff is so half-baked and it's sort of amusing.
I mean, people try to project onto the deep state like these guys are 007, like these guys are men in black.
People say it's the deep state, it's the derp state.
I mean, these guys are complete idiots.
The people that set up Trump, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, they could barely keep it in their pants.
Then you got this Fulton County trial with Fannie Willis.
She hires one of her boyfriends who's never done a felony trial to be the judge, paying him a hundred times, but the next highest paid judge is being paid.
It's a joke, you know, but that's really the symptom of the country.
I suppose that may be a source of optimism.
We look at what we're up against and it's an asymmetrical battle.
They're richer than us.
They're more powerful than us.
They wield this technology that we've just talked about.
But they're retarded.
I mean, no, no, they literally are incompetent, which actually scares me more.
Because a smart person knows their limits and is concerned.
A dumb person doesn't.
Yeah, so it cuts both ways, though.
There's hubris.
There's the hubris of going too far and doubling down when they should seek an off-ramp.
At the same time, hubris leads to miscalculations.
The goal, though, is to just avoid a catastrophe.
We don't want a situation where the neocons and technocrats keep doubling down, using force to suppress patriotism, using force to suppress... By the way, they're doing that.
Lithuania, France, they're all sending troops right now to fight the Russians.
It's already happened.
That's right.
France, too.
They say that France is already there.
Macron is talking about fighting them directly.
I mean, it's on.
It's on in Venezuela.
It's on in Ukraine.
It's on in the Middle East.
It's gonna be on in Taiwan shortly.
It'll be on in Armenia, where Azerbaijan is looking to take advantage.
Serbia and Kosovo.
The whole world is about to blow up in conflict.
We're already in World War III.
It's just exactly the same as the period that preceded The last two world wars in the 20th century so people would do well to get smart and pay attention and you know look at the real sources of information like what we're talking about rather than some of this other nonsense and I tend to agree with you I think most of politics is a great big diversion I know that you know maybe I place a little bit too much emphasis in your mind on some of these other things but you're absolutely right that there is a there is a global perspective there is a
Absolutely a universal global perspective of how we can all unite and try to avert this coming cataclysm.
I think that's the only way to describe it is a total cataclysm, total fallout.
And it's coming very quickly.
Period of global anarchy, conflict on every continent.
And using a new class of weapons that we don't even fully understand.
Weapons that we don't even fully control.
So, if there ever was a time for the patriots of all nations to get together and rise up against the technocrats, now would be it.
And I guess I'm just looking for a little cooperation.
I mean, I hope that me getting reinstated on X is a little olive branch maybe to bring me and my faction back into the fold.
Because I absolutely agree with you.
And whatever background people come from, if they agree with us on these matters, we're on the same side on this stuff.
So I'm totally willing to go all in with you on the Big Ten and to look for agreement and to look for overlap.
Let me ask this big question.
This is the big question.
Obviously, you wouldn't want to be a dictator.
You wouldn't want to be, you know, Kim Jong-un.
But if you were George Washington and you were the president, How would you end these wars?
What would you do politically?
What would you do to the left?
People say, oh, Trump's going to get in and be a dictator.
Well, we're not about retribution.
I said this the first hour of Roger Stone, but they've committed crimes.
The deep state is embedded.
It's a coup.
So if there's a coup that's taken over your government, you've got to go remove it.
We're not looking for a fight.
They already did it.
So if you were the president, if you were President Trump, January 21st, 2025, sworn in in front of the U.S.
Capitol, what would Nick Fuentes do?
Well, day one I would fire 50,000 federal employees because what you have to recognize is when Trump got in the first time, it was the deep state that refused to allow him to carry out the agenda.
And we could get into all the details on that, but it was literally an abject refusal and sabotage.
I mean, borderly illegal and unconstitutional.
So I'd fire 50,000 people right off the rip and replace it with loyal patriots.
There are plenty of smart people in America.
You don't need to find them.
You don't need to find these left-wing dirtbags in Washington, D.C.
These, like I said, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok types.
You find good people to run the government.
That's number one.
Number two, you build the wall.
I mean, there's millions of people pouring in every day.
That's the biggest national security threat nobody talks about.
We don't even know who these people are.
We don't even know how many people are coming in.
How could we?
It's 20, 30,000 a day.
It's 300,000 in a given month.
So you got to get the military on the border and you got to get them to build a wall.
Not an 18-foot fence with a 5-foot climbing plate.
You need a 30-foot concrete wall, 1,000 miles at least, possibly 2,000.
That's day one.
That's day two.
Day number three, you need to stop the war in Ukraine immediately.
They lost.
You need to sacrifice those four eastern oblasts that have already seceded and been annexed by Russia.
You need to agree that Ukraine will never join NATO and find a way that Ukraine could be a buffer state like it had been for the past 30 years.
Then you try to pry Russia away from China.
The nightmare coalition, in the Bismarck terminology, is Russia and China.
It didn't have to be like that.
As a matter of fact, it shouldn't have been like that.
Well that's right, Nixon tried to split those two.
That is the nightmare equation.
Since you mentioned it, here's clip 21.
Illegal scaling the San Diego-California border and the Border Patrol is high-fiving them and then they tried to arrest the press.
Here it is.
I mean, folks, you get your balls gripped to fly, and we're all being watched for the IRS.
But the illegal aliens just pour across.
And I'm not even against these people individually, but I'm against them as a weapon being used against us.
Well, you go to the TSA, they grab your balls, you know, they put you through that machine where they could see you naked, and then these people, they just walk right through.
I mean, you can't bring a 10-ounce bottle of shampoo on an airplane.
Oh, they've got me on a list.
I went to Hawaii a few months ago with a family.
They grabbed my balls, going there and coming back.
I'm on a list, like, oh, hi, Alex, we're a lister, sorry, I do this.
And literally, I always have some dude literally grabbing me.
Like, my whole life, no dudes have grabbed me until I fly on the TSA.
But the border's wide open, Nick.
That's right.
It's an empire of, uh, it's a total joke.
You know, the emperor has no clothes and, uh, there's no, it's completely lawless country.
So, I mean, that's something that you got to take care of day one, because these people are pouring in.
They could be Chinese spies.
They could be terrorists.
They could, we don't even know.
And at the minimum, if you're lucky, they're just regular old, like, illiterate people.
And not, not to, I don't mean to attack them personally, but These are people that really don't bring anything to the table economically.
The best you could hope for.
If they don't have completely malign intentions, they're just somebody that's been walking through the desert probably without a shower.
Look at El Salvador.
They're paying for scientists to come there.
That's right.
You're paying for scientists, artists, all kinds of people.
That's called enriching your country.
But that's because they have a leader that puts their country first.
They have a strong leader with a popular mandate to grow the country's economy and try to create a better future.
And that is really what MAGA is about.
Make America Great Again.
It's this idea that, you know, we can acknowledge our country is not as good as it used to be.
We can do something about that.
It doesn't have to be this way.
It's a lack of political will.
And by the way, we can take people from Africa and the Middle East and Eastern Europe, but we want the best.
Well, and in a small number.
We're taking in millions of people every year, and they're not the best.
In fact, they're the worst.
I mean, these are people that are literally being dumped in.
And Trump was right when he said it.
They're sending these people.
They're emptying their jails.
They're emptying the people that they can't take care of into our country so that we pay to educate them.
They're dumping on us!
It's a dumping ground for their exports.
That's why I said, that's my next question.
Netanyahu, three months ago the document came out, now Biden said two weeks ago, they want to bring a million refugees to Gaza here.
Feel sorry for them, fine, but if Israel says they're so deadly, they can't take them.
I said that's Netanyahu using America as a toilet.
That is, I think, the aspect that nobody's talking about.
There were two Israeli politicians in the Wall Street Journal a few months ago, and they said that America has to open its doors to the refugees.
It's like, okay, so they're not good enough for Israel, they're not good enough for Gaza, they're not good enough for the Sinai, but they're coming to a town near you, they're coming to Peoria, Illinois, they're coming to Boston, they're coming to Little Rock.
It's totally ridiculous, but that is the plan.
It's a population transfer, and just like in Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan, Or even Libya, for that matter.
They want to throw them into our country.
But let's just say it.
The Israeli lobby, predominantly, loves Balkanization.
And they love a bunch of new Democrats.
A bunch of Ilhan Omars.
And so they're going to dump that here, and then use it to divide us, just like Netanyahu's predecessors created Hamas to divide Palestine.
It's the same deal.
It's 100% on the money.
It's what they're doing over there.
It's what they're doing over here.
It's what they're doing in Europe.
It's classic divide and conquer.
Because people are easier to rule when there are no ties that bind.
When there's no social fabric.
If everybody comes here... And I'm totally with you.
We don't hate the people.
We just can't have a country that's completely incoherent and incomprehensible.
We need to have a social fabric.
We need to have common values.
How about a common language for starters?
And we don't need the world to dump all of their problems into our country.
Let Israel take care of them.
Let El Salvador or Guatemala take care of them.
We have enough problems as it is.
I think everybody... Exactly.
We're sick of being told we gotta bend over to anybody.
I don't care who it is.
Israel, anybody.
We'll be right back with Nick J. Fuentes.
Stay with us.
Alright, Nick Fuentes.
Let's talk...
GMO, transhumanism, poison shots, UN treaties, world government, because I see a lot of the great work that folks are out there doing covering certain issues, but I'm not saying you, but it seems like a lot of your supporters are a one-track mind on one issue and one issue alone, and to me, I want to sell people on a pro-human future like Elon Musk is doing.
And I'm not doing that to critique you or say you're wrong.
I'm saying this is where I come from.
This is what I actually believe.
There's no wizards telling me what to do.
Sometimes I wish there was.
I am literally trying to fight for human future.
I have four children.
You know, you saw that clip from like 28 years ago we just played, you know, where I was talking about, you know, people being trendy and not caring.
You care.
That's a good thing.
People have their free speech.
I support that.
So covering the waterfront, transhumanism, the UN treaty, all that, you've all known Harari, the future's not human.
I say BS.
I totally agree.
I think you're right.
The future does belong to humanity.
Just look at the fertility rates.
And we hit this on one of the previous segments.
These people like Hariri, they're not having kids.
I don't know about him in particular, but these trendies, as you said in that clip, these leftists, these liberals, people that took the vax.
I mean, if they're even alive, people are dropping like flies because of the vaccine that just pulled AstraZeneca, which was one of the... Yeah, no, Hariri's not having any kids.
He's doing something else.
That's right.
Yeah, they're all doing some pretty strange things.
No, but the future belongs to the people that show up.
And intergenerationally, the people that show up are the people that are having kids.
People like you, people like Elon, Trump.
Hopefully me one day, I don't have kids right now.
But no, I think it's a very bright future for the people like us because we're the ones that are going out there and forming the families.
Not me in particular, not yet, but people that share our views.
We're the ones that are going out there and forming the families and having the kids and the kids are the ones that grow up and they are going to be the humanity of the future.
Consequently, population is always getting more religious, it's always getting more conservative, it's always getting more pro-human, just by a kind of interesting new selection bias which has resulted from modernity.
So I totally agree.
The fight is far from over.
But it does all come down to, as you said, this full spectrum of issues.
Everything that's getting in the way is coming from the globalists.
It's the vaccines.
It's the poison, GMO foods.
It's things like birth control.
I would contend it's even fundamentally built into modernity.
It's the fact that women are deferring childbirth.
All the time, the average age at which women are having children is always going up.
And the higher that it goes, the lower the fertility rate is.
So let's just get the elephant in the room out in the open, because you're being nicer on the show.
I'm not afraid of going anywhere, because like 80% of people in Israel are against Netanyahu.
I just want to give Jews an opportunity to come in.
I want to give Germans, Christians, Muslims, anybody.
Netanyahu did say he uses Israel as guinea pigs.
And if you do look at Borla, and if you do look at Larry Fink and the CEOs, they are predominantly Jewish.
The leaders of the Communist Revolution, they're predominantly Jewish.
And we've got great folks like the people that put out these major conservative universities like PragerU, they admit that.
There's also a lot of great people that are Jewish that are fighting that.
I wonder where that paradigm is where you have so many of the transhumanists like Yovano Harari and others that are with Bill Gates, who sounds like a eugenicist Nazi to me, on that paradigm.
Because when I try to oppose globalism or Yovano Harari, I get a New York Times article how I'm anti-Semitic.
I didn't really make a focus on him being Jewish, saying it's a post-human world.
To say the future is not human, that sounds beyond Hitler.
Hitler said it's only Aryan.
And slaves under it, which I don't agree with.
But then when somebody says you're all dead, you're all scum, you're all trash, I have a real problem with that.
So how do you square that up?
Well, I think that religion is fundamental.
And if I talk a lot about Jewish people, it's because I am fundamentally motivated, more than anything, by the mission to evangelize people into the Christian religion.
For me in particular, that's the Catholic Church.
So, I don't have this view of, I don't have an indifferentist view of God that, you know, everybody's out there worshiping the same God.
I think there's one Trinitarian God with a very specific, particular nature.
I think that one of those persons of God became incarnate in man.
His name was Jesus Christ.
He was put on the cross.
He founded a church.
Now, the reason I say all that stuff is because, of course, the Jewish people rejected Him.
And the Jewish people, in rejecting Him, in rejecting this Messiah that they were to bear.
And a lot of the Jews, of course, the early Christian community was mostly Jewish people who then became Christians.
But those Jews that persisted without accepting Jesus Christ They kind of formed this new religion, this rabbinical Judaism.
Maimonides is a part of it.
There's a very dense and complicated history.
And throughout history, you see them show up at the beginning of all of these evil movements, like the Kabbalah, like the Illuminati.
You see them at the founding of really the Enlightenment with Baruch Spinoza.
And you see them popping up all over the place.
And I don't think that's a coincidence.
I think that there's a very clear kind of dichotomy set up from a religious point of view between Christians and Jews.
Revelation talks very precisely about a synagogue of Satan.
I think that Jews being the only religion that say that Jesus is burning in hell, being the only religion that actually hates Jesus, I think that's extremely relevant.
Sure, but let's back off from that because I want to have a real discussion here.
I agree with what you're saying.
That's true.
It's the Jews came up with Abrahamic religions.
I mean, there's something special about the Jews even before Jesus, King David, King Solomon, all that.
What do you think it is about the Jews?
I mean, 3,000 years ago they were a big deal.
I mean, let's recognize there's something going on there.
Well, God chose them to bear the Savior.
God chose Adam and Eve, and God chose Noah, and God chose Abraham, and so they were raised up.
So, exactly.
As much as I'm mad at what some of them are doing, I respect what they came from.
You see the difference?
Is that I don't hate them, though I can fear what some of them are doing.
I'm legitimately trying to get them not to destroy themselves and all of us at the same time, along with every other group that's doing this.
Does that make sense?
Well, and I don't hate them either.
I'll give you a little love speech.
I think the Jews are actually extremely intelligent.
I know a lot of them and I actually respect a lot of them immensely.
I mean, you could say that on the one hand, and to their credit, they are the author of a lot of bad things.
They also are the author of a lot of good things.
They make good movies, they make good music, they're funny.
A lot of them are intelligent.
I have immense respect, even for the ones I disagree with.
Even for a guy like Shapiro.
I don't like him.
I think he's a hard worker.
Uh, and I can say that about a lot of them.
So it really doesn't come from a place of hatred, but it does come from a place that they do practice a different religion.
It comes from a place of your independence, saying you're who you are.
So let me ask you this.
I know a lot of Catholics.
Great people.
Love them all.
Catholic Church is ancient.
It's going to be corrupt like any old powerful group.
No matter who it is, let's just, the U.S.
government, you know, it's old, it's powerful, it's corrupt.
That's where I'm at.
Like, I don't blame Jews.
Their system's old and corrupt.
They're old and corrupt.
Like America, or China, Xi Jinping.
I mean, I love the Chinese people.
But looking at this, take the Catholic Church.
Take Pope Benedict.
I mean, Pope John Paul II, man, I read everything he said.
I agree with it.
I'm not a Catholic.
This guy's anti-communist, pro-family.
This is good.
Okay, vicar, you know, vicar of Christ.
You look at the next guy, well, and then this new guy is like a communist for world government.
So what do you say about Benedict?
Well, I would say it's in what you said moments ago.
The Catholic Church is a human institution on earth, and Catholics have a very specific doctrine.
They say that there are only certain circumstances under which the Pope is speaking infallibly, when he's actually protected.
Ex-Catholic or from the throne?
Exactly right.
And there have been popes throughout history that were far worse than Pope Francis.
Pope Francis, I'm calling it Benedict.
Benedict was the last.
You're right, it's Francis.
I'm sorry.
No, no, but I mean you could say that about, there are a lot of popes that were imperfect or weren't great or whatever, but we believe in the magisterium.
We believe that the teaching has been uncorrupted and protected from error.
And you're right, I mean just every human being is going to be fallible, every human being is going to be a sinner, but we can't be indifferent to the doctrine.
Christians worship the real God.
Non-Christians don't.
And that doesn't mean that we don't have things in common with them.
It doesn't mean that we should not try to achieve mutual understanding.
It doesn't mean that we should hate them or not.
So you don't think Jews that were given this and brought forward the three Abrahamic religions, you don't think that on average they're worshiping the same God?
No, I think they're all going to hell because they don't worship Jesus, and I don't like that.
I wish they would worship Jesus, but it's very clear that the new body of Christ, or rather the new people of God, the new chosen, is the body of Christ.
It's the Church.
Christ came to fulfill the old commandments, and so now the chosen people are the Christians, the people that partake in the sacrifice with the Eucharist.
So there's definitely a UN global war on Christians.
The UN admits it's record-level attacks on Christians.
Why do you think that is?
I think it's because Christians, because they have belief in God, cannot be controlled by worldly powers.
Of course, global government fears religion that they can't control.
Of course they fear.
It's just no different than the devil, who thinks that he controls the world, who offered Jesus control over the world, if only Jesus would bow and worship at his feet.
It's really that same frustration that the devil had.
Jesus would not submit to him.
Christians will not submit to the Antichrist New World Order system.
That's because we worship God.
That's totally true.
That's why they're so pissed.
I haven't said this yet, but they were dumb enough to do it outside of mediation.
They just said, just come out against the Republicans and guns and America and we'll leave you alone.
I'm like, you just did that in non-mediation.
You just admitted that.
I mean, they are literally admitting that to me.
They just want me to give up on my morals and be their slave.
I can't physically do it, Nick.
That's why when I get criticized for it, it makes me mad because I may be temporarily distorted through rose-colored darklies, but I am trying to be a good person.
I'm trying to tell the truth.
I know, and I know that and we know that.
I mean, everyone that supports me, even when we disagree with you, we all recognize that you are the archetype.
You created this whole landscape and you couldn't have done that if you were a sellout.
I mean, you're such a talented person.
You'd be at CNN.
You'd be making, you would be doing, I mean, I know you make a lot of money now, but you'd be doing totally different things than what you've been doing for all these years.
So I don't think, even in spite of the disagreements, I don't think there's anybody that doesn't respect what you've been doing and the kind of information that you bring.
Well, it's not about me, Nick, and I appreciate that, but I've been with Roger Ailes, offered the weekend show to have the weeknight show and the book deal and the $20 million a year 15 years ago, and I've been in Hollywood.
We'll give you all the top roles.
I thought, well, I thought you put me in a few movies because you like me.
You called me.
You want me to sell out.
That happened.
So I can tell people, that's a very, Skype just broke up, that is a very strong point for people.
Is that the system literally is trying to buy me off.
Henry Kissinger had the head of his Rothkopf, Reth Rothkopf, head of his group.
And that was an on-record meeting.
That's why I tell it.
It's not an off-record meeting.
I don't tell the story.
Literally tried to buy me off.
It's not about me with them trying to buy me off.
They literally did that, folks.
They literally have tried to get me to sign on and serve them.
And that's the whole thing.
People need to know how incredibly real all of this is.
I mean, Satan is real.
God is real.
The New World Order is a real thing coming in, shutting off the farms, shutting off the resources, taking over society, doing all of this.
This is actually happening.
We're still trying to get Nick reconnected.
Just text him.
We'll do phone if you need to, guys.
You have his phone up.
All right, we're gonna get back on.
So, all I'm trying to say is, when I tell you those stories about them trying to get me to work for them, It isn't to impress you, it's to explain, I know how real this is, because I've had them try to buy me off.
Henry Kissinger, in front of my producer, the oldest employee here, 20 years, John Harmon, and they were so dumb, in front of him they said, come to New York, Henry Kissinger wants to hire you, you're gonna do all this, so I can tell people this is real.
Nikki got cut off, go ahead and comment on that, sorry.
Yeah, sorry about that technical glitch.
No, I absolutely agree with you.
And I think that, as I was just saying before I got cut off there, that you would have been in a very different place because you would have compromised.
That's what everybody does.
I think that everybody finds success outside the system and then they're faced with a choice.
It's the same choice I was faced with.
You can either be co-opted and you can become a part of the system and actually serve the system.
It's not even about some kind of complicity.
It's about actually then going and working for the system, which is what so many people do.
That's the definition of