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Name: 20240507_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 7, 2024
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This discussion focuses on the growing influence of AI in various aspects of our lives, including online shopping options and decision-making processes like geoengineering. It explores social engineering through algorithms shaping people's worldviews and raises concerns about removing human thought from major decisions. The guests emphasize awareness and action to prevent a digital dystopia while promoting alternative tech companies prioritizing privacy and security for users."

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Well, here we are.
Tuesday, May 7th, 2024.
Trump is bracing for his arrest in New York City for the First Amendment.
Tomorrow's News Today.
There are real air raid sirens going off over Ukraine as Russian missiles come in and impact today.
Air raid sirens over southern Gaza in Rafah as bombs drop and tanks roll in to the two million people trapped there plus.
And there are cultural, economic, political air raid sirens going on across the world with the incredible global inflation.
With 181 days, 12 hours, 59 minutes, 4 seconds.
Until the most important election in world history.
The treads of censorship are in high gear, trying to take down every populist talk show host and political leader in the world.
Hundreds of populist anti-globalists have been indicted or arrested just in the last few months in Africa, in the U.S., in Latin America, in Europe, all over.
And Trudeau has brought forward a law that will retroactively put anybody in prison for, quote, any hate speech.
It's also defined as reading passages out of the New Testament.
That's Revolver News' breakdown of it.
I've read the legislation.
That's what it does.
What incredible tyranny.
Well, that's just Canada.
Wow, sleepy old Canada.
Well, he's a WF frontman.
That's their model for all of us.
Canada imprisoned anyone who ever posted hate speech retroactively.
That's the type of headlines we have.
Here's another one out of the New York Times.
Government surveillance keeps us safe.
Well, you've got the prosecutors and the Attorney General in New York doing press conferences almost every day calling Trump a criminal and saying he's guilty.
But when he speaks out and says it's election meddling, which it is on its face, they fine him $9,000 last week.
And I predicted with Roger Stone that he would say that it's his duty to challenge this.
And he said that last night after The latest show trial day.
Now they want three more weeks to pin him down with just one of the many criminal charges and Trump says he's going to keep speaking out and is ready to go to jail.
Wonder how long we'll try to put him in jail for contempt of court.
Anybody could play through that and say that's going to backfire big time, but you see.
The globalists are planning false flags soon to totally demonize their political opposition.
They believe that will legitimize everything they've done.
That's the missing ingredient.
In the witch's brew, Roger Stone joins us after this quick break, where we join a lot of stations that don't carry the first five minutes.
We have a big whistleblower on, several whistleblowers, information, one from Pfizer, one a nurse who's a main coder in a hospital, which she witnessed for the death shots.
That's all coming up today in the third hour as well.
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It's Tuesday, May 7th, 2020.
We're 181 days out from the most important election in world history.
And as we predicted a month ago and last week with Roger Stone, Trump will continue to violate the unconstitutional gag order in the Stormy Daniels show trial run by the Soros mob, Leticia James, Alvin Bragg and others.
Now Trump officially made our prediction true last night.
When he came out and said, I will continue to exercise my First Amendment.
And this is a fraud.
This is a attempt to pin me down.
This is election meddling.
Here is the Duke in New York.
Just said that they want two to three more weeks.
That means they want to keep me off the trail for two to three more weeks now.
Anybody in there would realize that there's no case.
They don't have a case.
Every legal scholar says they don't have a case.
This is just a political witch hunt.
It's election interfering.
This is really, truly election interference and it's a disgrace.
It's a disgrace.
And in every poll I'm leading by a lot.
And they figure maybe they can do something here.
Maybe they can do.
This case should be open.
This case should have never been brought.
By the way, Alvin Ray didn't want to bring the case.
Your previous DA didn't bring the case.
The FEC said they threw it away.
They said you gotta be kidding.
Southern District didn't bring the case.
Nobody brought the case.
And then Alvin Bragg brought the case as soon as... When I'm running and leading, that's when they decided, let's go bring the case.
So it's a disgrace.
But we just heard two to three more weeks.
I thought they were finished today.
And they are finished today, if you look at what's happening.
I thought they were going to be finished today, and they want two to three more weeks.
The judge asked them, and playing right into the judge's hands.
The judge is so happy about two to three more weeks.
Because they all want to keep me off the campaign trail.
That's all this is about.
This is about election interference.
How do we stop it?
And it's a disgrace.
And then you have the other thing that maybe is even more disgraceful, is the gang war.
Where I can't basically, I have to watch every word I tell you people.
You ask me a question, a simple question, I'd like to give it, but I can't talk about it.
Because this judge has given me a gag order and said you'll go to jail if you violate it.
And frankly, you know what?
Our Constitution is much more important than jail.
It's not even close.
I'll do that sacrifice any day.
But what's happening here is a disgrace that the appellate courts ought to get involved.
New York looks so bad.
The New York system of so-called justice looks so bad between this judge in Angoran and Kaplan.
Your triple team with corrupt judges is a disgrace to our nation.
So I should be out there campaigning.
And they said, do it the way I look at it.
They're really talking about three weeks more.
And by the way, they didn't even have enough to fill out the time.
You know, we got out early today because they didn't have another witness.
The government didn't have another witness.
So they didn't even have time to fill it out.
And then they complained.
So I'll tell you what, I hope you report the story accurately.
This is a real threat to our country and it's a serious threat to the Constitution.
In the meantime, Columbia University announced today they're not going to have their graduation.
They're not going to have a ceremony.
And that's happening all over the country.
Our country is a mess.
And the most important day in the history of our country is going to be November 5th of this year.
That's called Election Day.
It's going to be the most important day in the history of our country.
What's going on with this judge is a disaster.
Between the gag orders and the hatred he's got for me.
And everybody sees it, okay?
And you see it better than anybody.
Trump Arrest Watch!
Campaign preps for Trump's imprisonment for exercising First Amendment.
Roger Stone joins us live.
To paraphrase Winston Churchill in his memoir I read decades ago...
He said most people don't realize they're living in history, one of the most important times when huge events are happening, like World War II, until it really gets going.
Well, we're in it now.
It's not coming.
The tyranny's not over the hill.
It's not down the road.
It's not a thousand miles away.
It's not five miles away.
It's not a mile away.
It's like a gorilla on top of us.
The central banks are doing the same thing they're doing here, all over the world, arresting populist leaders, going after Bolsonaro.
The list goes on and on, but in almost every election worldwide, gubernatorial elections, regional leader elections, congressional elections, parliamentary elections, 80 plus percent of the wins are by anti-globalists.
So we're winning, but that is going to facilitate the corrupt, dying power structure coming down on everybody with both feet and trying to persecute the leaders Who are for the people, whether they're in media, whether they're in government, whether they're in business, whether they're in academia, or whether they're in the church.
And of course, no one's been more persecuted other than Trump.
People like Roger Stones, right up there at the top of the list.
And I know at one level he's proud to be a loyal American, to be up there at the top of the list with myself and a few others.
But it's real urgency, as Trump said a thousand times probably.
Or more.
They're not trying to get him.
He's standing in their way.
They've got to get through him to get to you.
So, Roger, you made the prediction last week, along with myself.
You agree with my prediction that next week, this week will be the key week.
He could be in jail as early as next week.
And he signaled that he's thrown down the gauntlet.
A man with ice water in his veins.
So, Roger, give us your latest take on what's developing and the whole trial, even mainstream media admits, coming off the rails and blowing up in their face in the last few days.
Well, Alex, once again, InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
We did indeed predict this only days ago, and the battle lines really seem to be drawn.
The judge made it very clear now twice.
That he is prepared to incarcerate Trump if Trump will not honor an unconstitutional gag order.
A situation in which all the other witnesses in the case are allowed to attack him in public.
situation in which the prosecutors are allowed to leak information regarding the case against
him, which may or may not even be true.
But Trump is prohibited from defending himself.
I think most Americans see this as fundamentally unfair.
Now, I actually believe that it's unconstitutional, but that has never been tested because no
test of a gag order has ever made it to the Supreme Court for adjudication.
When I challenged the gag order on me, the appeals court in D.C.
sat on it for nine months before telling me that it was not yet ripe for a decision because I had not first asked the judge who placed the gag order on me to remove it.
Trump, as I have said, and I quote the late Roy Cohn, the incredibly controversial anti-communist lawyer and Democratic power broker in New York City, Donald Trump Has ice water in his veins.
By that he means he is without any question the toughest individual I've ever met.
Now look, I work for some very tough guys, Alex.
I work for Richard Nixon.
I work for Senator Bob Dole.
They were both very, very tough guys.
You have to be tough to be a great leader.
But Trump is the toughest of them all and I don't see him backing down.
So, I think today could be a truly historic day where we could ultimately have a clash which sees the judge insisting that Trump has violated the gag order yet again and actually ordering him to jail.
What happens to the Secret Service at that juncture?
I have no idea.
Because by law, of course, the Secret Service is required to protect a former president at all times.
And this will be the first time, if I'm not mistaken, where a former president who's also the leader and way ahead in all polls In the presidential election is put in jail by a pissant municipality.
I mean that's why presidents have to have immunity.
The only check is the voters and of course the Congress with an impeachment.
So he's not above the law, but he's a separate branch of government.
We elect, he represents us.
So if you allow All these Soros DAs, the founders, foresaw this type of tyranny.
To do this, then we basically made any of the thousands of counties, how many counties are there in the U.S.?
I know it's in the thousands.
Or any of the 50 attorney generals to become co-presidents.
I mean, this is a constitutional crisis, Roger.
I think it could very well be, but it's also a political crisis.
Look, we all understand that the only reason this particularly weak case is being tried is because the primary case against him, which was supposed to be the so-called documents case, It appears to be falling apart quickly.
As the judge in that South Florida case has unredacted more of the prosecutor's doings, this looks more and more like a setup.
In other words, let's send this pallet of boxes of documents to Donald Trump, who has not requested them, and then once we're sure they're in his possession, let's report him for being in possession of documents that legally, they argue, he's not supposed to have.
And I'm glad you went there, that was my next, so let's tee this up in the 15 minutes we have.
For those that don't know, because the media hasn't really given a lot of attention, a week ago, or seven days ago, it broke that what Trump had said was true, that they had manipulated documents, he believes added documents, he said that a year ago, framed him, because he saw stuff in there he never had seen, and then Jack Smith lied and said no we have an alternate even though they laid it out for the media and moved it all around and then now the scans of the documents they put in have nothing to do with the order of the documents and now there's no chain of custody and no record of it and they admit that.
So any evidence that's been handled like that is thrown out.
Plus, the President can declassify anything he wants, keep anything he wants.
Biden kept a bunch of documents from his Vice President.
That's illegal.
What Trump did on its face is not illegal.
They still indicted him, as you know, there in Miami.
And so here we are.
And then you've got the wheels months ago coming off in Georgia, everywhere else.
I mean, this is just everything.
Every case is blowing up in their face, but they just keep steamrolling forward.
Well, you're absolutely right, Alex.
In the Florida case, this is something no lawyer I've ever spoken to has ever seen before, where they basically bring witnesses before a D.C.
grand jury regarding the document's case.
Then they just take the transcript of that grand jury proceeding and read it to a Florida grand jury in order to secure their indictments.
No lawyer I've ever spoken to has ever heard of that before.
Then, secondarily, just through the luck of the draw, Trump gets an unbiased judge, Judge Eileen Cannon.
Now, the left goes crazy saying... I mean, Roger, in all fairness, if they've indicted him 97 times or whatever, it's not even luck of the draw.
He's gonna get one half-decent judge out of a whole bunch.
Right, but look at their argument.
I don't know.
She's incompetent, they say.
She's not qualified.
She can't sit on this trial because she was appointed by Trump.
Wait a minute.
General Flynn, Paul Manafort, and I were all tried by judges appointed by Barack Obama, and the Russian collusion hoax in which we were unjustly charged was born in Barack Obama's office.
But no one on the left had trouble with the appointments of those judges.
So, what you see here is their last hope.
In other words, because of the slow deliberation and the meticulous commitment to full disclosure by Judge Cannon, who's, by the way, was a highly respected prosecutor before she was appointed to a judgeship, an American success story.
She and her family come from Cuba.
You also have seen the U.S.
Supreme Court agree to hear the immunity argument put forward by Trump's lawyers, which has delayed Jack Smith's January 6th election interference related case against Trump.
So their goal was to have three separate criminal trials of Donald Trump in 2024 before the election.
The key thing to remember here is They don't care if this case in New York is overturned on appeal.
They don't care if the so-called valuations case that was over a few weeks ago, where Trump Borrowed money from banks.
The banks did their own independent appraisal of the collateral he put up.
They deemed the loan worthy.
They got paid back in interest and made $40 million in interest.
No victim.
No crime.
But he was still charged and dragged through a trial.
Exactly, Roger, and it's important, but our audience knows he's innocent.
They're aware of most of this.
You do a great job boiling it all down.
But in the main, if everything the deep state's doing is failing,
what do you think they're going to pull next?
Well, here's the real question today.
Will the judge incarcerate Trump?
He made it very clear.
You played the cop.
He's ready to go to jail for the principle of free speech and the Constitution.
Alex, I pray for the President's safety every day.
I can't even imagine The high on Sunday in Miami, where he spent the weekend in Florida, going to the Formula One race in Miami, which is like the UFC times 12, having a tumultuous pandemonium, an incredible reception.
And then instead of going back to Mar-a-Lago, having to fly from Miami to New York, Landing after 1.30am in a driving rain to go to trial the next morning.
That's the paradox.
It is indeed.
That's the whole point though.
What they're seeking to do here is to drain his spirit, drain his campaign coffers to pay lawyers, and most importantly, siphon his time so he has to sit in a courtroom when he should be out campaigning.
What will they do next?
I think there's nothing that is beyond them, which is why I've said repeatedly, I pray for the President's safety and the safety of his family.
All right, and that's why I'm going to go ahead and say this.
I wasn't going to say it, but I've had a lot of dreams that come true, and I'm not saying it's going to come true, but I had a dream a week ago and I had it again Last night, and I told Liz, I had a really horrible dream last week, but I couldn't remember much of it.
But it was one of those waking dreams.
It's really intense.
You wake up in a sweat, really upset.
That happens to me a couple times a year.
And I've had them come true.
I've also had them be narrowly averted.
So I'm not trying to get into a bunch of metaphysical stuff here, but I had the dream again last night.
I remembered almost all of it.
And it was a bomb on the Trump jumbo jet.
And it was in the dream me trying to warn Trump they're going to blow his plane up.
And I'm just saying that.
I had the dream last week.
I couldn't remember much of it.
I had it again last time.
I remember most of it.
And the dream was me trying to desperately warn Trump.
I guess I'm doing it now.
He's got to check that airplane.
And people say, oh, Jones is crazy.
No, they say they want to kill him.
That's the way they like to do it is, oh, an air disaster or poisoning.
We know Trump's been concerned about that.
I said it six years ago.
It came out a few years ago that he is concerned.
Roger, I mean, separate from a dream, what do they do historically when a politically corrupt elite is in trouble?
Their back's against the wall.
They assassinate their enemy.
Like Julius Caesar, they killed him.
I'm really concerned about that.
We should pray for Trump.
I mean, what are you saying?
God forbid, God forbid, Alex, what you say.
God forbid.
I pray against that.
But look, I wrote a book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy, the case against LBJ, about very clearly the assassination of an American president by elements of the American government.
In the case of Richard Nixon, they took him out, although it was in a bloodless coup.
Donald Trump poses an existential threat to the established order, to the New World Order, to those who want to move us very swiftly to globalism.
And he seems, I think they recognize, unstoppable.
They were going to stop him in the Iowa caucuses, but that didn't happen.
They were going to stop him in the New Hampshire primary, but that didn't happen.
They were going to stop him in the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, that didn't happen.
He is stronger and more popular than he's ever been in his entire public life.
Would they resort to something that heinous, that violent, that deadly?
God forbid that that happens.
This is why I urge people in every speech I make.
I did it this week in Boynton Beach when I spoke to the conservative club at the Valencia Reserve.
I said the single most important thing you can do for this election.
Is to pray.
Pray for the safety of Donald Trump and his family.
I totally agree. So let me tell you what happened in the dream.
And it was a very intense dream a week ago.
Sometimes you remember it for a minute, but it's in a subconscious area.
And then you lose it. I got up. I got a cup of coffee. I was going to write it down, but I couldn't remember it.
I had it again last night.
And I was like seeing it in my dream that they're going to have somebody with a small bomb,
but enough of a plastic explosive to blow out the bulkhead.
And it's going to be the person doing it won't know.
It's going to be the press or somebody that doesn't know.
They're going to slip a bomb into their handbag or into their backpack right as they go on.
And so I'm just telling them and I've had these dreams a lot.
20, 30 times in my life.
I know a dream when it's like prescience.
And I'm not trying to be hysterical here, Roger.
I'm just telling you that they need to check everybody's bags getting on that aircraft.
Do you understand me?
Well, I will say this, the Secret Service detail around President Trump does an excellent job.
I've gotten to know some of them, having spent time with him.
They are dedicated to his protection.
They're extremely cautious.
Alex, it's amazing how many pastors and other Christian prophets contact me.
knowing that I'm friends with the president, and say, please warn the president to be careful.
Please warn the president to be careful about his personal safety.
So Alex, I think you've got to decide whether you want to call the Secret Service
and tell them about a dream.
I mean, remember when they were saying in the middle of his presidency,
all over the news, we're going to kill him.
Mudd, the former CIA guy, all of them on the, you know, the Deep State's going to kill this guy was the quote by them.
I put out a special report.
Trump told the Secret Service to call me.
He didn't know about all the clips.
We sent a report to them.
So that was them saying on air they're going to kill him.
So, so, but I was, I'm not going to call about a dream.
I'm just saying maybe it's my anxiety about it.
Maybe it was God telling me.
I don't know.
I just, it was just very intense.
Well, look, let's be very clear.
Trump's critics are completely consumed by hatred.
They're irrational in their hatred.
There's no rationality in them at all.
And therefore, anything is possible.
Yeah, well, let's speak to that.
I don't want to war game this.
We don't want it to happen.
It's not going to.
We're praying it isn't going to.
We love God.
God's all-powerful.
But we have a minute and a half left.
What would happen if they do kill Trump or blow up his airplane?
I mean, or they shoot him?
I mean, or he dies of a heart attack now and they poison him?
I mean, what would that mean?
They're irrational.
That would make it ten times worse for them.
I think and I pray that they recognize that.
Just as I think incarcerating him in New York is going to backfire badly, if they should take him out entirely, the unrest in the country would be extraordinary.
Now, we are not advocating violence.
You can stop.
You can forget that right now.
But I do think that they recognize I pray they recognize it would be a bridge too far, that it would be a mistake that had the potential to backfire.
You would most certainly elect a Republican president in his stead, but there's only one Donald Trump.
I don't think anyone else has the courage or the strength Well, that's right.
the entire deep state now that he's been completely educated about how they
operate he is more prepared to be president that he has ever been before.
Well that's right and Maxine Waters is saying that the militias under Trump and
they're planning terror attacks.
Clearly, they're planning false flags.
You do your daily show, but I can find everything Roger Stone at StoneZone.com.
Things are so hot right now.
Join us at least a couple days a week.
Give me another time during the break.
You can come back on for a full hour this week.
Roger Stone, God bless you.
God bless you, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you.
Folks, I don't like to talk about stuff like that, but it's just intense.
It's one of those dreams that really hits you.
And God told me that I need to tell you that.
All right.
Very special guests coming up.
Huge news straight ahead.
Thank you, Roger Stone.
And I'm sorry to give people the bad news, folks.
It's all over.
We need to get ready now.
People need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
You need to get ready.
This is the place to go.
I love them.
They're great sponsors.
They're great people.
Or you can call 720-605-3900.
In my opinion, you are insane if you don't get into silver right now and get some gold.
And I wish I could do it. I'm under enemy attack. It's okay.
It's fine.
And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now,
because I wish this wasn't the case. But I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it, too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
So, buckle up, folks.
Buckle up and get ready now.
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now.
And I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the new world order's coming.
It's here.
All right, we are living in a time of historical upheaval right now.
As Lennon said, there are Decades when nothing happens and weeks when decades happen.
The amount of change is just absolutely off the chart.
The end of the old global order is coming in.
They're bringing in their new global order, but the population doesn't want it and they're standing against it.
Now, the good news is Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri are leading the way, not just in the U.S., but all over the world.
It's starting in Latin America and Africa and Asia, the Middle East, Europe.
80 plus percent of all the people being elected now, local, regional and national, are anti-globalist.
You're like, oh, that's great.
Yeah, the enemy knows that and it's going all in.
So now is the time for maximum effort.
We've turned the tide.
And look at the Speaker of the House.
Dade Phelan here in Texas has gone with Tim Paxson.
They've tried to indict a bunch, as you know, just like Trump.
And they have pulled billions and billions, eight million in just one move last month, out of BlackRock, that controls 80 plus percent of all the assets in the world, and that it's globalist.
It's the tip of the spear for the enemy.
So we'll show the document below it.
we'll scroll down to that, has now created a special select committee.
Today, I created a special house select committee on securing Texas from hostile foreign organizations.
That's what the new order is.
To study the threat posed by groups and their affiliates on the Texas economy, statewide security
and fundamental American values.
Whether it's cutting off the carbon or to getting rid of our borders.
All of this is a multinational corporate attack.
It's not governments, it's BlackRock.
All right?
The reason I raise that is this is a big deal.
Then we look at all these headlines.
Tyson Foods warns low-income consumers are cracking under inflation storm.
That's why they say you're going to eat the bugs, because they're going to cut off the rest of the food.
You've got breaking.
Warren Buffett cuts Apple by 13%.
Canadian housing crisis.
Toronto landlord offers tent and living room.
In Denver, they're saying put illegal aliens in your house.
Okay, I mean, we are in a deep Deep crisis, and they're billing the crisis they created as a civil war to make it black versus white, left versus right.
But it's the globalists coming down on us with both feet.
Now, I've known this guy for 25 years, been talking to him for a long time.
Dr. Kirk Elliott is popping in.
Next time, I'm gonna hit a whole bunch of news on so many fronts.
But right now, I'm talking about the economy because that's the big elephant in the room.
What does the trends indicate?
Hundreds of banks at risk of failure.
He said five months ago on the air, he would see failures by this month.
Now they've begun.
CBDC, the end of the dollar is near.
WF stopped calling CBDC the name, saying CBDC is just going to be currency, the new normal.
We played that clip last week.
So Dr. Kirk Elliott comes on to give us his analysis.
He's also a great sponsor, has high quality silver and gold at the lowest prices you're going to find, ready to ship to you.
And he's the folks that my family uses and others use.
You need to use him.
And he never even plugs himself.
That's why I'm doing it up front.
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Forge Lexgold 720-605-3900.
Call, get a consultation and get into silver and gold right now.
But again, this is a big deal.
So instead of having him on for an hour or two, I want him to just pop in a few times a week
with breaking news, breaking analysis, and what's currently happening.
Biden went from saying there is no inflation three years ago
to it's low inflation, to inflation's good, to oh my God, inflation's bad, but we fixed the inflation.
And he made another joke video I'll play next hour, where he said, of course,
we can never have an open border.
We've never, I mean, we can never have a closed border.
We've always had an open border.
I mean, this is reaching 5,000 clown level, you know, 400 ring circus garbage.
I mean, this is absolutely wild.
So Dr. Kirk Elliott joins us right now.
Doc, what a time to be alive in the time we've got.
Let's tackle these key points you sent me.
Yeah, so let's start with the banks.
So, Alex, remember back, obviously we all remember, but when Silicon Valley Bank went down, there was five banks that went down all together.
It was Silicon Valley, Signature, Silicate, Credit Suisse, First Republic.
That took FDIC from 1.7 something percent of all of their assets to cover all of the deposits in America, only 1.7 percent of all deposits were covered, took it to 0.74.
So those five bank failures, Alex, took more than half of FDIC's assets.
So fast forward to today and they pretend to fix it, By putting stimulus money in, so to bail out banks basically before they went into FDIC receivership.
And let's be clear, you said five months ago, March 11th, and I'm interrupting because this is key, and this is live right now, but we post this to X and Bandot Video and InfoWars this afternoon.
I'm going to put 10 minutes of your predictions on the end.
You said five months ago, four months ago, three months ago, two months ago, you said they're imminent.
As you said hundreds, now that's NBC News on screen.
You know what I'm saying?
You've been dead on, keep going.
Yeah, I mean, we were ahead of the curve.
But to me, it's not rocket science.
It's when the FDIC is that underfunded that the government or the Fed, and not the government, the Federal Reserve said, you know what?
We need to actually put a Band-Aid on this.
And so they offered stimulus money called the Bank Temp Funding Program.
And everyone was applauding the Fed saying, look what you did.
You did a great job.
You stopped the bank runs.
But on March 11th, that Band-Aid was pulled off.
There's still this gaping wound there of undercapitalized banks all over the All over the country.
And so now, just a couple of weeks ago, the first bank of 2024, just like we predicted, went belly up.
Republic First in Philadelphia.
Now, to me, this is the beginning of the next contagion of bank runs, Alex, because why did they go into FDIC receivership?
Because there was no more federal funding, no more stimulus money to bail them out because that expired on March 11th.
So here's the problem with that bank.
The problem with that bank is if you look at the numbers, it's really scary for people that have means to have money in the banks.
Because FDIC bailed out $667 million.
That would be everybody who had zero in their account up to $250,000.
Remember, over $250,000 FDIC insurance isn't there.
Remember, over 250,000 FDIC insurance isn't there.
It's only up to 250.
So if you look at the balance sheet of this bank, 6 billion in assets, 4 billion in deposits,
667 million was FDIC.
So, hmm, 4 billion in deposits minus.
minus the 667. Alex, that's 3.3 billion dollars of people's deposits that went
just vaporized. It's gone. Right? And so, so that's beyond a bail-in where
they just give you a haircut and take 20-30 percent.
They've done that in Europe, Cyprus and other areas.
And last time you were on, I played from a year ago, the FDIC corporate board meeting, and that is government, saying, we've got to hide this from the public, but they're coming soon.
Now it's here.
So that's what I called my family in the last month, because I don't have any money because the enemy's attacking me.
That's fine.
I don't care.
But I called my family.
And I said, I mean, I called cousins, you name it.
I said, you better call Dr. Kirk Elliott.
You better get silver and you better get gold.
You better understand that this is all going down.
And they go, well, what percentage should I put in?
And I said, I'm not going to tell you what to do.
I'm not an economist, but I would put 30 percent of liquid assets into silver and then, you know, some into gold.
You think that was good advice?
Oh, amazing advice because we have to get out of this failing system.
Anybody who has too much money in the banks, it's not like five years ago when Trump was president.
It's not like 10 or 20 years ago when somebody said, I feel a little squirrely that the markets are overvalued.
I think there was going to be a stock market correction and they just sit on the sideline in cash with money in the bank.
That wouldn't have been an appropriate thing to do back then.
Not today.
Because look what happened to the economy when those five banks failed.
Now, that article that I sent you, there's over 280 banks in America... Hundreds!
And stop, because I interrupt you again.
It's up to fix my interruption.
I interrupted when you explained, with this new big bank that went under, they just took a bunch of people's deposits and it's not even in the news.
So, that's a big story in and of itself that you just don't get your money back.
As you predicted months ago, that is bombshell.
Go back to that and then go back to where you were when I interrupted again.
Well, absolute bombshell, because if you've got $3.3 billion that wasn't insured, only $667 million was, who are those people?
They're wealthy people that have over $250,000 in the bank, possibly commercial real estate.
Companies see once people start figuring out it's like, oh my word, my money isn't there.
It evaporated.
It's gone.
I didn't have FDIC coverage on that.
This is the spark that could cause a run on the banks.
Now, this this article of two over 280 banks that are on the verge of failure.
Alex, that's more than five that went under last year.
That would bankrupt FDIC with just another handful.
Another five would probably bankrupt FDIC.
If the first five in March of last year with Silicon Valley took more than half of FDIC's assets, that tells me it's like, well, similar sized banks, we only probably have four or five bank failures until FDIC is underinsured.
And when they stop stimulus money, what's left?
This is why I think bank runs are coming, which is why we talked about it and why we predicted it, because when I see that there's underfunding and FDIC is undercapitalized and they're going to stop the stimulus money program, there's nothing left, Alex, which is why it's so important that people not have too much money in the bank.
Because it's not safe anymore.
You don't want to have too little either because you still have to operate.
You still have monthly expenses and so forth.
But boy, any more than like three to six months of expenses in the bank is probably too much.
I would allocate that into something that's strong like gold or silver that you're out of the system with.
You've got to get out of the system or else you're going to sink with that ship.
And that's why I keep shouting it from the rooftop that we need to allocate into safety.
By the way, let me just throw this in because it's breaking while you're talking and get the clip ready, guys.
And I'll probably have to hold you to the next hour a little bit on this because I want to get your view as an economist and a father and a theologian.
You have a degree in that as well.
They are saying all over the place they want to kill Trump.
Everything they do is failing.
Now, Jen Psaki, who is like the voice of the New World Order, former press secretary, Just went on MSNBC and said, we've got to take him off the chessboard one way or another.
Maybe he goes to jail.
Maybe he will die.
Not that too morbid, but maybe.
He's not a young man.
They're openly making the threats, calling for his death.
Again, folks, it's only sponsors I have and stuff I 100% use and I believe in.
So it's a horse and carriage that goes together like a man and woman.
You are insane if you are mainly in cash, When it's being devalued, they can grab it.
All this to not get into farming, gardening, Second Amendment, friends, family, community, relationship with God's number one, being physically ready, and then having silver and gold into the future, ladies and gentlemen.
It is a no-brainer.
As soon as they have the clip, they just gave me the printout.
We're going to play it.
Dr. Elliott, it's a separate issue.
I know I'm cutting into all the topics you said, so we'll continue on with those.
What do you make of this escalation?
I mean, this is all over the place, statements like this.
Well, boy, Alex, so to me, everything that we're seeing in the world is really a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle that's being waged.
That statement that you just said is downright evil.
That is an evil statement that somebody would say, saying, how do you get somebody off the chessboard?
Put him in jail or maybe he'll die?
What an awful thing to say, right?
But here's where it's complete political, religious, ideological, 180 degree difference from what the globalist agenda wants, which is absolute people control over your bank accounts, which controls a person, versus somebody who wants freedom.
And power back into the hands of the people and the Congress that we elected in our republic, right, our representative republic, to actually vote on our behalf, not up to some non-governmental organization, international groups of You know, white tower think tank people that just want this global utopia communist world.
See, that's completely 180 degrees opposite.
They don't want that to happen.
And so now they start saying evil things.
It's anti-free will.
If somebody that were conservative said that, Alex, they'd be thrown in jail.
It's an open threat.
And it goes with everything else they've been saying and doing, and it just shows how desperate they are.
Here's the clip.
I think many of them want to be close to power.
They also assume, or have this thought in their mind, that maybe Donald Trump will go away.
Maybe he'll go to jail.
Maybe he will die.
Not to be too morbid, but maybe, I mean, he's not a young man.
So they're acting like, oh, but though they're hoping for his death, it's clearly a threat.
And it's not just a one-off.
They're doing it.
In fact, guys, find the clip of Phil Mudd, the former deputy CIA guy, saying the deep state's going to kill this guy.
Mudd says the deep state's going to kill this guy because they are so desperate.
Dr. Kirk Elliott.
They're absolutely desperate.
When you have a president that wants to bring, make America great again, bring the economy back, bring manufacturing back, create more jobs.
See, when you have an economy like what Biden has created, which is an awful one, even Warren Buffett, Even Warren Buffett, a Democrat, basically says, oh, this is terrible.
We're going to have to raise taxes.
He, in his annual shareholders meeting last weekend, basically said, you know what, we're a key, key thing.
It's like a It's like not a tangible leading indicator, but something that I would look at.
What did he do?
He got rid of all of his Paramount holdings.
What's Paramount?
Streaming service.
Why did he get rid of them?
Because they're losing money hand over fist.
Because people in times of crisis, they're running out of money.
That's a luxury.
That's my next question.
That's my next question, Dr. Elliott.
What do you make of Tyson, the probably biggest meat producer, definitely chicken in the country, it's in the top two, saying that consumers are cracking under inflation and warning of emergency?
Well, that's the sign of the next downward spiral, right?
When they can't afford chicken, when they can't afford to eat, when they can't afford their streaming services, when travel is going way down because people can't afford it.
See, this is a sign that the economy stinks.
What happens after that?
There's no sales tax revenues.
What happens after that?
There's lowering income tax revenues.
See, the government is going to be squeezed out of revenues.
Therefore, they're going to ultimately try to raise taxes to generate more, but that's not going to work because if people aren't spending, there's not going to be income tax or sales tax revenue.
So therefore, they're going to go to the printing presses and print money like there's no tomorrow, which leads me to another video that I had sent you.
And you know what, Alex?
We sometimes make fun of Biden because he can't, you know, string a sentence together and is incoherent and just bumbling around and it's sad.
However, the chief of his economic advisors, like the one who's whispering in his ear economic advice, He's just as much of a bumbling idiot as Biden.
By the way, you sent me that clip. This is his main economic advisor.
You guys have the clip. We're going to play it in a moment.
And he literally cannot describe how the monetary system works.
Before we play the clip, explain, because the Federal Reserve had,
we, the former had, we played it last week when you were on.
Alan Greenspan said we could print unlimited money.
It doesn't matter, pay any debt. But yeah, it creates all this inflation.
But here is Biden's main economic advisor saying, I have no idea actually how it works.
I mean, this is a runaway train, is what you're saying.
An absolute running away train.
And when we watched that clip, the very first sentence, he actually, to verbatim, to the T, says what Greenspan said on that video that you've shared before, how when you print money, you don't go bankrupt because you have a printing press, right?
So he starts with that.
It's like, that's so false.
Because when you're a reserve currency, yeah, maybe you could get away with it for a little while because there's built in demand for your currency.
But the BRICS nations took away our reserve currency status.
Therefore, when you print money, you will go bankrupt because nobody's going to want your currency anymore.
Now, I have to dissect this a little bit because we're going to watch it.
What he says, how the government prints money and the government borrows money, Alex, the government doesn't print money.
The Federal Reserve does, and the Federal Reserve isn't a government thing.
It's private bankers.
It's a private banking cartel.
It's a private bank that took over in 1913.
that took over in 1913. In 1913 they duped America into saying hey we'll be the central bank
and you know what we'll lend the United States money and you'll pay us interest. It's like what
a great Ponzi scheme that they put together. I'm telling you what this is why this guy can't answer
that question. And again they're taking all these old people's houses to pay the income tax that
doesn't even go to run the country. Here is the chief economic advisor to Biden. Literally sounds
like he's had lobotomy here is of the language that the MN some of the language and concepts
I mean, the government definitely prints money, and it definitely lends that money.
The government definitely prints money, and then it lends that money by selling bonds.
Is that what they do?
They buy them back.
Yeah, they sell bonds.
Yeah, they sell bonds, right?
Since they sell bonds and people buy the bonds and lend them the money.
Yeah, so a lot of times, at least to my ear with MMT, the language and the concepts can
be kind of unnecessarily confusing, but there is no question that the government prints
money and then it uses that money to, um, uh, uh, uh, so, um, yeah, I guess I'm just,
I can't really talk, I don't get it.
I don't know what they're talking about, like, because it's like, the government clearly prints money, it does it all the time, and it clearly borrows, otherwise we wouldn't be having this debt and deficit conversation, so I don't think there's anything confusing there.
Everything he said was perfect BS.
Kamala Harris can't talk, Biden can't talk, Fetterman can't talk.
And then they say they've got to shut us all down because we think they're incompetent.
We're the terror threat.
We're the bad guys.
We just don't want to be destroyed along with them at the same time.
We don't even want a war with these people, but they can't stop.
I mean, the incompetence is intensifying here, Dr. Elliott.
I mean, I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that interview.
I mean, that was two minutes of nonsense.
He didn't say anything.
But here's the thing.
The government doesn't print money.
The Federal Reserve does.
The Federal Reserve buys U.S.
Treasury bonds, right?
So the government, through the Treasury Department, sells bonds.
Normally, though, who buys the bonds?
China, Russia, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany.
You know, they all buy our bonds.
That's inflow of coming in.
But none of those countries are net buyers anymore.
They're net sellers.
So the Fed is the buyer of last resort.
They're printing money to buy bonds.
See, he can't.
OK, Alex, either he's the dumbest person on the planet, being the chief of the Council for Economic Advisors, Or he's lying and he doesn't want to say that the government doesn't print money, that it is a private banking cartel.
And how do you put those two together in a story?
And he's just bumbling around.
But you know what?
This is the incompetence.
He is equally as bad at communicating anything important as Biden.
And when I look at that, it's like, oh my word, Alex, our economy is doomed.
Stay there.
I want to do a little bit more with you because we didn't get into the other video clips.
You sent me.
The end of the dollar is near.
WEF, stop calling CBDC the name.
We played this clip last week.
It's a short clip from the World Economic Forum last week.
Guys, get that clip.
We're going to come back and get to those clips with Dr. Kirk Elliott.
Then I'm going to shift gears into the military news, the economic news.
Bill Gates admits that the Pfizer shots contain nanotech.
I've just got all these clips.
I've got so much more.
We've got a bunch of U.S.
Trapped in Africa.
Congressman Gates talking about that.
We've got Google ads banning Trump videos.
We're going to show you those.
Huge next hour.
But how do people go and how do they get a quick free consultation with you guys to get into silver and get into gold to protect themselves?
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All right, I have masses of breaking news after our special guest leaves.
This is Dr. Kirk Elliott, who's been dead on for the last year, but on the show for almost six months, predicting.
I guess it's been six months or more now.
Time flies.
Predicting the bank failures we're now seeing, and it's barely in the news when they're not insuring most of the money.
Billions, over $3 billion just last week.
Just sorry, you don't get your money.
And then no news stories about it.
Just a little financial word from the FDIC and the private Federal Reserve.
So, Doc, getting into this other big important area right here.
The end of the dollar is near.
That's a Zero Hedge article.
We'll put it up on screen.
What are they saying?
You've been saying this a lot.
What are you saying?
Well, the end of the dollar, yeah, it is near.
Now, we're not God.
We don't control the markets.
We don't know when.
But when you have this kind of a mass exodus out of the dollar, and you've got the globalist cabal, so to speak, the World Economic Forum, Bank for International Settlements, all basically promoting something different that they say is better, it's cleaner, it's faster, you know, with with central bank digital currency.
You know, the dollar is dead.
You've got China.
You've got the other BRICS nations.
You've got so many countries around the world that are selling and dumping U.S.
Treasuries, putting them on the open market, and nobody wants them.
You know, Alex, they will brag about how they went to a Treasury auction.
Everything was fulfilled.
This is amazing.
But the other side of that story is who bought the U.S.
It's always the Fed.
It's the buyer of last resort.
The Fed's balance sheet is absolutely toxic.
With U.S.
Treasuries that the rest of the world doesn't want.
That kind of action tells me that this is kind of going the way of the dodo bird.
It's done.
It's just a matter of time.
And Morgan Stanley, by the way, says it's over.
Morgan Stanley says it's over.
They said we have two years.
Morgan Stanley says we have two years to fix our unsustainable debt or it's over.
What's it?
What is it in that sentence?
It is the U.S.
It is the U.S.
It will be a regime change.
It will be a monetary system change that comes next.
That's what they're talking about.
Look at the savings rate, 129% under Trump, negative 72% under Biden.
That's just astounding.
I mean, that's astounding.
In an election year, this kind of stuff is really amazing, because Biden's talking about how great the economy is under him.
But look, inflation under him is growing three times faster than Trump.
Savings rates are negative under Biden, where they were positive under Trump.
You look at all of these numbers, they're absolutely opposite.
Now, those numbers right there on the screen, that inflation number, those are so understated.
You know, this is what my first dissertation was about.
Multiply both of those times 2.8, because that gives you the true inflation.
That would put Trump's inflation closer to 6%, which is about right, 5.5 to 6.
That puts Biden's true inflation closer to 18%.
Which is actually what one of the Council for Economic Advisors under Obama said that, yeah, we're actually really close to 18% under Biden.
It's like, wow, somebody's finally agreeing with my numbers from the left.
And you've got Larry Fink that says, yeah, actually real inflation is 10 to 12%.
And then he goes on to say depopulation is the answer.
Did you see that clip last week?
Yeah, I mean, that's evil too.
Yeah, the answer is to kill off most of the world.
That's evil, Alex.
I mean, everything that they're saying has an evil outcome.
And we have to take that opposite spirit and be light in this dark world, like what you are, and spread this message that there is hope in this message.
But boy, everything that they're doing is so dark that this drives people into fear.
And we don't want to live with a spirit of fear.
We want to live with a spirit of a sound mind and creativity and wisdom and discernment to navigate through this time that we're living in because that is evil stuff that they keep spouting out of their mouths.
Absolutely right.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, stay right there.
Back in 60 seconds, I want to hit the final big point.
The announcement that we're going to call it CBDC, but we're going to roll out the digital mark of the beast.
Just like Fink said last year, we're not going to call it ESGs, but we're still going to do it.
Let's explain all that when we come back in 60 seconds with Dr. Kirk Ellington of KEPM.com forward slash goal.
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And I'm sorry to give people the bad news, folks.
It's all over.
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In my opinion, you are insane if you don't get into silver right now and get some gold.
And I wish I could do it.
I'm under enemy attack.
It's okay.
It's fine.
And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now because I wish this wasn't the case, but I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're gonna turn this around.
So, buckle up, folks!
Buckle up and get ready now!
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now, and I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the New World Order's coming.
It's here.
The Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind, your body, and your soul.
The Joker said to the thief, There's too much confusion.
I can't get no relief.
Thank you.
Here's an important part.
Many people think that life is but a joke.
But you and I, crank it up.
The globalist think life's a joke.
They're just going to feed on people and be demons.
But no, life's a test, ladies and gentlemen.
There are many of us here who think that life is but a joke.
But you and I, we've been through that.
This is not our fate.
So let us...
There are many here among us.
But you and I...
have been through that.
It's not our fate.
Stop talking falsely.
The hour is getting late.
Guys, print me the lyrics of All on the Watchtower written by Bob Dylan, sung by and played by the amazing God rest his amazing soul, Jimi Hendrix.
All right, Dr. Kirk Elliott is an economist.
He's been dead on with his predictions the last 25 years.
He heads up the amazing organization.
That is protecting so many people.
And we'll put that on screen for folks.
But getting into the announcements.
Oh, we're not going to call it Central Bank Digital Currencies.
We're not going to call it ESGs.
We're not going to call it the Cash Society.
It's just going to be your money.
It's suddenly going to be there and nobody's going to be accepting cash.
And we're going to tell you where you can spend it and what you can do.
And there'll be no checkout counters.
You'll have to check yourself out.
There'll be robots there at the front door.
I mean, Chick-fil-A already has robots delivering food inside the restaurant now.
People say, oh, it's just innovation.
No, it's an anti-human straitjacket.
Speak to this clip and we're going to play it.
The head of the Central Bank of Bahrain and his statement last week.
So when you start looking at what they want, central bank digital currency is starting to get a stigma because there's so many people talking about it like we have been.
It is the mark of the beast.
You know the technology behind it.
It's the ability to cut you off from buying or selling like we've talked about.
So what is the World Economic Forum saying?
Last week they met in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
And what was one of their talking points?
Let's just take the central bank digital off of the CBDC name and just call it currency!
Because that's what people will be used to.
People are used to using their digital wallets.
They're used to Apple Pay.
They're used to Venmo and PayPal and everything else.
It's just going to be a digital currency.
So let's just call it currency.
See, the dumbing down, the constant barrage of messaging, messaging, messaging, digital, digital, digital.
Look at our digital wallets.
Now it's just going to be currency.
So people won't think anything of it.
And they want to unleash this on the world in September of this year with the UN's Pact for the Future Symposium in Shenzhen, China.
It's their goal to attach CBDCs.
I'm going to still call it that because that's what it is.
With biometric identification to your bank account, which Amazon, about a month ago, unleashed their palm scanning device for checkouts.
It stores everywhere, right?
They want to take over what Visa is doing with the little, you know, credit card swipe or tap or whatever else.
They actually want biometric identification.
And let's be clear, let's be clear, that's how you get access to the CBDC.
And so they're admitting in their literature and their statements, there's a bunch of these clubs.
Okay, people don't like CBDCs, they don't like ESGs, we'll change the name, and people just think, as you said, oh it's digital.
No, the current digital stuff's bad enough because it links to your bank account, but this new one, you then contractually agree to them to bail in, to take your money, to say where you can spend it, to control it, and you 100% have this unified ledger.
Explain how this is such a gulf, a total separation from even the corrupt system we have now.
Well, the Unified Ledger is dangerous, right?
That came from the Bank for International Settlements, which is basically putting everything that you own that has a title, right?
A house, your brokerage account, your checking account, savings accounts, money markets, everything into this packet.
And in this packet, they can flip off ownership with a switch.
The flip of a switch, and it's not yours anymore.
But as you said, they're more likely to shave and manipulate like they do with derivatives.
Like when you think you own a house, you've got a mortgage, they sell it 20, 30, 40 times.
Explain that.
Yeah, so if they packet up everything like they did after 2009 with subprime lending, you know, packets, they can sell pieces of your assets as a security instrument.
This is the part of a unified ledger.
They can change ownership.
And all the inflation we see now is directly linked to that.
Yes, yes, yes.
See, how how would people like to know that you don't actually own any of your stuff?
We don't have to wait for central bank digital currency, Alex.
It's happening now.
After 2009, we already gave up ownership of our financial assets to brokerage firms and banks.
We just didn't know it.
It's called beneficial ownership, right?
And we don't have to wait for central bank digital currency for them to spy on our bank accounts.
The IRS, and you've played this clip before of the congresswoman who was saying, you know what, IRS, why are you spying on people's bank accounts without a warrant?
It's like, they don't need a warrant from the people, Alex, because we already gave up ownership to the banks.
She's barking up the wrong tree.
You don't have to ask us anymore because we already gave up ownership of our assets to the banks.
So they probably did already ask them.
Kirk, I want to play that clip and only be able to elaborate and finish up here on this point because I have a few other questions, but I'm sitting here thinking about this live interview right now that I 100% know is true.
I feel 100% on target.
It's all admitted.
Everything we're saying is coming true.
I want our listeners to get ready.
I want us to get ready.
I'm so angry at the globalists.
I want to politically derail them, like Texas is saying.
They're going to try to block a lot of this.
But they're definitely coming to the end of their old system, their Ponzi scheme.
They want to put it into a new Ponzi scheme.
If we expose them, they won't be the saviors.
They won't be the controllers.
And we can turn a lot of this around.
It's still going to be very, very rough by any Yardstick, depending, even if we have the best solutions and even if we had complete control, this is still going to be tough.
But if they get control, if people think what you've seen so far is bad, this long, dark night of a thousand years of tyranny is just unspeakable that they're planning for people in this depopulation operation.
But I'm thinking of a headline for this interview.
And I'm sitting here and I can't even come up with one urgent enough because there's so many points.
World Economic Forum announces plan to steal the money out of your bank account.
World Economic Forum announces plan to covertly roll out central bank digital currencies and Bailins?
I mean, give me the headline, because I'm sitting here with all these points, and my problem is people say, oh, you exaggerate, and I go, actually, he doesn't.
I don't have words to describe in a headline how big this is, and also the frustration of get ready.
Get ready.
I mean, your banks will probably fail.
Your money isn't safe anymore.
I mean, when people get so scared about their bank funds running out, about all the fear in the streets, you've got riots and protests at colleges all over America.
I mean, Alex, we are entering into like a fear zone.
Where people are going to give away their freedoms.
These globalists are bragging about it.
I don't know what a good headline would be because nothing actually even comes close to the evil of what they're doing.
I don't think a headline... I mean, I agree.
So help me.
Help me because I'm going to repost this.
This is going to go viral.
This is a warning.
Economist issues emergency warning.
Central banks announce plan to seize your bank accounts.
Yeah, I mean, they're bragging about it.
They're already spying.
We don't have to wait.
It's happening now.
Or, or, or, or, respected economist warns, global central banking coup against humanity now live?
I mean, well, because it's not just the headline, it's what it is.
The headline is the quantification of what is this?
And I guess this is the banking coup is now live.
No bank account safe.
I mean, well, how would you say that?
The no bank accounts are safe.
I would just say, you know, by September of this year.
You're possibly going to be divorced from your bank account based on your ideology.
So, I mean, this is a scary time.
Trudeau's already done it.
Europe's already done it.
Trudeau's introduced legislation to arrest anybody for political incorrectness retroactively.
I mean, this is like, well, that's Canada.
No, he is the man of the WF.
He is what they want.
He is the poster child.
He is the vanguard.
It's like the end of money, as we know it.
Could be later this year.
Or it might be in 2025.
So Economist warns the end of money as we know it over central banks conducting coup against earth.
Coup against humanity?
Yeah, I mean, like we've said in previous months, my prediction this year, we are going to have massive amounts of bank failures.
I mean, these are the two things, central bank digital currency and bank failures.
I think the hottest economic news stories of the year.
I think we're going to get way more than five bank failures because emergency funding is done.
It's like, I mean, really, this is the biggest thing.
People's banks may fail.
Their money may be gone, just like what just happened.
Just like what just happened in Philadelphia.
So, so, breaking.
Respected Economist warns, massive bank failures imminent.
Central Banks planning Bank
planning Stealing bank accounts. I don't know. I mean they're doing
so much. That's why I'm trying to yeah, I Mean, I'll I'll try to think of a title based on everything
that's happening I mean, it's not just me that's saying it.
Elon Musk said that we're about done.
That the dollar is going to die.
He said, he said, no humans, no humanity.
Pull his post up from today.
I mean, he said, look, you're, you're, you're, he, he told the Globalist three years ago, two years, a year ago, a month ago, he said, I've done all the actuaries, so have you.
You do what Larry Fink says and say we have a post-human world and the best economies will be getting rid of humans.
He said it last week, folks, I'll play it like three times.
I think I'm joking, he said it.
And he said it'll collapse everything and you guys will never get away with it, you lunatics.
I mean, it's gonna, it's gonna be total war when they cut the resources off.
Not just between governments, it's going to be on the grass.
And they think with their bunkers, Dr. Elliott, they're going to get out of this.
I don't want to kill them.
I don't like them.
It's like saying, I don't want to go eat garbage out of a trash bag or something.
I don't even, I want them to go away.
But they are forcing this war on us.
They are, they are pushing us to the wall.
They are bringing the system down and then calling themselves communist revolutionaries when they live in giant palaces and fly on private jets.
These people are nuts.
And then the top advisor to Biden can't even talk?
And says, I don't know how the financial system works.
I mean, they're nuts.
They're nuts.
And everything that we're starting to see, economic chaos and fallout, always is followed by social unrest.
Alex, the Cloward-Piven strategy from 1966 is playing itself out right now.
This is what that says.
In 1966, this was outlined.
American sociologist and political activist Richard Cloward and Francis Fox-Piven said, the strategy aims to utilize militant anti-poverty groups to facilitate a political crisis by overloading the welfare system via an increase in welfare claims, locked Forcing the creation of a system of guaranteed minimum income and redistributing income through the federal government.
Isn't this what's happening now?
This was written before I was even born.
And it was adopted by the Democratic Party and by the WUF globally.
And so, basically, we're at the end of a 40-50 year program to bring down the West.
And so I guess it's breaking Economist Warren's globalist plan to collapse world economy, establish digital financial dictatorship now live?
I mean, pretty much it is.
It's live.
That statement is the basis for Rules for Radicals.
This is the basis of Obama's community organizing and getting military anti-poverty groups to redistribute wealth into a truly a communist country.
And they do it based on fear.
When you redistribute wealth, it's going to take money out of the banks even faster, even faster.
I think the end of banking, Alex, is right around the corner as we know it.
Well, I totally, I totally and completely agree with you.
And I just don't even know what to say at this point.
I mean, these guys are nuts and you've got Gates saying, yeah, we just tested on the whole public.
We didn't even know what this mRNA would do.
And by the way, cancer is exploding, but don't worry, we've got mRNA that's going to cure your cancer.
And it's just we are in the hands of psychotics.
I mean, demonic, influenced, crazy people that just want to wreck and kill everybody.
And I just cannot believe that All these people in government corporations are going along, but I get it.
They're all compartmentalized.
They all have a little job they follow and a little thing they do, and they just can't see the big picture.
But the good news is there is a big awakening.
People are starting to get wise to it.
But I just, I cannot state the urgency to listeners and viewers enough.
That's the word.
Urgency is the word of 2024.
And I had this deep urgency, I could see it, and this urgency to stop it, but we're not gonna stop it.
We're gonna mitigate it, hopefully, and personally mitigate it.
Let's play that clip of the head of the Central Bank of Bahrain that we were talking about.
Here he is last week at the World Economic Forum.
If we think cash is the analog, and digital currency is the form of digital,
CBDC is the digital form of cash, today, clearly, we're in a hybrid situation.
We're using both.
And we know in the past, when it comes to cash, central bankers were very much in control
with all aspects of cash, and now we're comfortable to the point
where the private sector plays a big role in the printing of the cash, in distribution of the cash,
and with the private sector, we use interest rates to manage the supply of cash.
The same thing is likely to happen with CBDC.
Yes, the central bank will have a role, But at some point in time, the same way we don't call it central bank cash, we're probably going to stop calling it central bank digital currency.
It's going to be a digital form of the cash, and at some point in time, hopefully, we will be able to be 100% digital.
So, 111 years after the establishment of the Rothschild Private Federal Reserve, he says we're not comfortable with private corporations issuing the money.
And we're not going to call it CBDC now.
We're just doing it and it'll be digital and people are ready and they'll just click.
Oh, just an agreement.
Oh, you agree to use this.
You'll be at Amazon or you'll be, but also Amazon owns.
It's the tip of the spear of the takeover at a Whole Foods or any of these places.
And the driver will just ask you to click here.
Oh, 10% discount if you just use the CBDC.
Just sign this agreement.
You go bloop and now they admit this.
Your entire Financial system is now under their control and you don't own anything.
I mean, the hoodwinking we're seeing, I mean, this would make Bernie Madoff blush, wouldn't it?
It would make him blush.
But here's where you've got countries that are starting to be scared.
Listen to what Christine Lagarde of the European Central Bank said about four months ago.
She's very afraid of these technocrats taking over and big companies like Amazon issuing their own currency because that puts competition with currencies and government's currencies that are just laden with debt could go away in exchange for corporate currency.
And that always happens, like World War II.
Great point, Doctor.
In World War II, Stalin and Hitler were on the same side the first two years.
Three years.
Then they turned on each other.
Just like China was set up by the globalists in the last 70 years, but it double-crossed the globalists 10 years ago.
They're all going to start double-crossing.
Their biggest problem isn't the people, it's going to be all the double-crossing that goes down, isn't it?
Oh, it is going to be so big.
And so what they thought were going to be great partners to bring in some great technology to usher in central bank digital currency, they will turn on each other as the big, you know, the Microsofts, the Googles, the Amazons of the world start creating their own form of currency.
And it's going to it's competition.
It's going to be all about who has the most delivery, the biggest warehouses and the most food.
And that's why all the globalists Are running in and buying up all the farmland and food while shutting off all the small farms.
I mean, it's so obvious, Kirk.
So obvious.
So obvious.
And I don't care if there's competition in central bank digital currency.
To me, the end game is the same.
It's all about control of the data and your finances, and they're going to track everything.
And when you've got the Amazon coin, you'll only be able to spend it with them.
That's the key.
I interrupt.
That's what they want.
Finish your talk.
No, that's exactly what they want.
They want to control how you spend, where you spend, and entice you to spend.
It makes some of these companies bigger than countries, Alex.
And that's what's coming next.
Well, BlackRock is bigger than the U.S.
I mean, these things are already here.
People are all concerned about this dystopian future.
It's not a dystopian future.
It's here now.
Look, I promote whatever I believe is the best.
I'm not always right, about 90% of the time I am.
I've been under economic attack for years, so I had to get rid of the gold and silver I had.
It's all basically doubled or tripled in price.
I wish I could have kept it for my family, but that's okay.
I'm here as a watchman on the wall.
But for anybody out there, as Dr. Kirk Elliott said, silver is the big sleeper.
It's exploded in the last six months, as he said it would.
But regardless, it's something you tangibly hold And they've got it ready to ship to you right now.
They've got other options as well.
You need to call Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team.
They're getting a lot of calls.
So I'm going to take a day or two to get back with you, but they're going to really help you.
They're first-rate five-star people, and I feel so good telling my listeners, you should go to KEPM.com forward slash gold.
You should call the toll-free number 720-605-3900 and set up a consultation.
They'll talk to you.
They'll find out.
They're very conservative.
They're very Christian.
They're great people, and they're the best company out there.
Everybody should call them right now.
Everybody should make this.
A focus because the globalists through the banks, through this new system they're bringing in, have us by the huevos.
And we need to do everything we can to at least position ourselves somewhat out of that.
And Dr. Kirk Elliott is a big sponsor, keeping us on air.
It's a 360 win.
We've got two minutes to break.
Closing comments.
Closing comments are, you know, we talked about a lot of stuff today, but here's what I think is imminent.
More bank failures imminent by the end of the year.
The ushering us into not central bank digital currency.
It will just be currency to dupe everybody into it.
You're going to have more and more fear.
You're going to have the Cloward-Piven strategy start to manifest itself.
We're already seeing it in form on campuses everywhere with the anti-Israeli crowds.
But you have the anti-poverty crowds wanting to redistribute wealth.
Taxes will go up.
Inflation will go up.
And here's the thing.
We will not have lowering of interest rates anytime soon because you can't, Alex.
You can't when inflation is persisting so much.
So get used to some of these higher rates.
It's going to put more pressure on the markets, more pressure on families who are living month to month.
And it's going to make commodities like silver and gold go up.
Go up.
Because as a flight for safety, they will go up.
All right, Dr. Kirk Elliott, you're going to come to town.
We're going to do a special emergency broadcast commercial for you this Saturday.
Thank you so much.
You bet.
We'll talk soon.
But we got God on our side.
There's a big awakening happening.
Stay with us.
Huge news.
Big announcement straight ahead.
This is so, so important.
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And the newest one, The Great Awakening, The Plan to Defeat the Globalists and Launch the Next Great
All right.
In the next few days, I don't know if it's gonna be tomorrow.
I don't know. It's going to be Thursday or Friday.
But I've got a story to tell you.
About the CIA and the FBI trying to shut us down.
If you think the stuff you've seen break with Veritas is big and it is or what happened to us with the CIA and the FBI is big.
What's happened to us is such a microcosm for everybody else and what they're planning to do.
And what's happening behind the scenes, I need to do a good two, three hours of preparation before I talk about this, because I want to have all my documents, all my notes.
I want to nail it and have it 100% accurate.
I can do a great job right now and get like a 95% accuracy, but something that's important, I want to nail it hole-in-one like Tiger Woods.
I mean, I want to smack that sucker like Jack Nicholson, okay?
And so, it's kind of like being at the edge of a cliff.
You're about to jump off of it.
I need to nail this son of a bitch.
But it is crazy and that's another sign and everything else I know happened other people behind the scenes that I'm not liberty to tell you they are harassing the hell not just out of Trump but everybody prominent okay is is is being threatened and is being I mean so this is the big one like I said a couple days ago all right and You've got the left funding all these Palestinian protests, the rest of it.
It doesn't mean I want all the Palestinians to get killed, but it's the globalists behind that.
This is a clash of civilizations happening.
So it's very sophisticated, but if people will just get what's going on, no matter what color you are or what your religion is, we can beat this because I don't care if you're a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian or a Hindu or a Buddhist or an agnostic.
The New World Order is going to hurt you bad and probably kill you.
Definitely willing to get their way.
So that's why I have this big tent and don't try to get in the infighting, even though it's fun and it's tribal and it gets views and all that.
I'm Mr. Unity because I don't care what color you are, what your religion is, they're coming after you with poison shots.
And every day, I mean, I sit there, I get up at 5 a.m.
the latest.
And I'll see, without even trying to look, 10, 15 British Medical Journal, just top, you know, American Medical Association, I mean just make government studies.
that deaths off the charts, infertility, cancer, cardiovascular, I mean, it's just miscarriages.
I mean, I've got a stack of seven or eight of them right here just today that I printed off.
And I was pissed 'cause I didn't send half of them to the crew.
I'm like, "Oh God, I forgot all those other ones."
I mean, it's like a flood right now.
And that's the enemy plan is to overwhelm us.
But we've got to stay focused on God and realize that in the end, God wins.
And we've got to also understand bowing down and giving up only makes it worse.
So it's an animated contest of liberty to be in this fight.
And I'm extremely honored and blessed to be here.
And I'm very thankful to all of you for keeping us in the fight because I don't like these people.
And I just have an instinctive spiritual will to resist them.
But I couldn't have done any of this without us working together.
As the Bible says, what two of you agree upon on earth, you know, God is going to make it happen in heaven.
They want this show off the air and other broadcasts like it because you can come together.
We can understand what's happening.
The Holy Spirit can influence us together and we can do anything.
And that's where we are.
And our enemies are wild and they're brazen and they're bold.
They've recently approached me again, and not even in mediation, where it's protected, and said, this will end if you just come out against the Second Amendment and politically stop being Alex Jones.
I mean, I cannot believe, that's just one part of this story.
And I ask my lawyers, I go, wait, they didn't say that's in mediation or secret?
No, because they don't care.
They're literally saying, You can have your show, just stop telling the truth.
Oh what, I can like, maybe I can have Pfizer on as a sponsor too and I can fly around in a private jet while I'm involved killing millions of people?
Fuck you!
There's not even a disc... I mean, it doesn't even enter my mind to knowingly fuck people over for power.
That's instinctive, that's spiritual.
But also, if you extrapolate it out politically, culturally, economically, doesn't that make sense?
Like, why would I want to kill and murder and hurt a bunch of people and lie to people when my children grow up in this world?
I treat everybody like I want to be treated.
That's the golden rule.
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
And I'm not perfect.
When I'm bad and I get mad, I apologize because I'm a wild man.
But I love God.
I want to be good.
And that's a big difference with these people.
They feel immunity from everything.
They love doing bad stuff.
I love doing good stuff.
I love being honorable.
I love having courage.
I love knowing I'm a good person in my heart.
I'm not perfect, but I want to be good.
And that is such a thrill.
It's so strong.
I'm so alive.
I just, it's amazing.
And I feel sorry for people that serve Satan because they are slaves, but at the same time, I don't hate them like I did 10 years ago.
I just want to remove them from where we are so that they're not feeding on us.
But they want to remove us because they want the planet.
I just want them destroyed because they come to destroy us.
I don't take pleasure in their destruction, but they've already filled their hand.
They've already started the operation.
It's already done.
And anybody that's still got a soul left can hear me right now and know this is about your soul.
This is about who you are.
This is about your future.
This is about your destiny.
And I'm very thankful to the crew.
I'm very thankful to listeners and viewers and activists and all our friends.
Because it has been amazing.
To experience the goodness of humanity.
But there's the paradox to experience how great you are with God's light shining through you, and then to experience the clash of that with the enemy coming in to try to destroy innocent people, target children, and to wreck their futures.
I just boil with resolve and will That it's God's will shining through me to stop these people.
And I have to release myself though and commit myself to God because I'm not omnipresent, far from it.
I can see God's perfection and I can experience it by worshiping it.
But I am not perfection, I am a trillion miles from it.
And then some.
But our enemies hate the perfection of God because it makes them and their power trip feel small.
And that's why they are at war with God and want to overturn God because they do not want to interface with God.
And that's the bottom line of what I'm trying to say here today to you.
And that's why I just appreciate you all keeping this dog in the fight.
And I am an old dog.
I'm 50, but I grew up quick, and I've been on the air 30 years, and I'm an old dog.
And I'm hitting my stride.
I'm doing the most important work I've ever done, and so are you.
But from the bottom of my heart, and the souls of my children, I want to thank you for what you've done.
And I just want to say, the terrible things that are going to happen, and the things that are going to look like defeats, are really going to be our greatest moments.
And that's God's message to me.
I know that's God's message to you.
And so don't think like the Satanists in the now.
When they can destroy something or vandalize something or corrupt something and they feel like they've got control over it.
Think about it in not just step two, three, four, five, ten, a hundred, a thousand, a million, a trillion.
Think about it in the terms of infinity, the God that made the universe and made the sun and made the planet and made the little pretty fishies in the pool and made the hawks in the sky and made the whales in the sea and made your mama and your daddy and their great-great-grandma so that you'd be part of something in the future, huge, a human future, directed by God through free will.
So it's important for us to recognize that we've had a lot of casualties and a lot of evil's been committed.
It looks a lot on the surface like we're getting our asses kicked, but we're not.
Because at the spiritual level, we are winning.
And that is only beginning to manifest in the real world.
And that's why the enemy had this long-term plan they've had to accelerate because they know they're losing.
and skip the break. But this is a cult.
That doesn't just want to attack humans, it wants to attack every insect, every plant, every mammal, every marsupial, every reptile, every amphibian, every bird.
It wants to attack everything because it's so amazing and made by God.
And that's why I read about it everywhere, where they give a whole pig Facility, a whole field of pigs, mRNA shots, and a third of them die in a month.
It's in the news!
They give it to you and you get sick.
But look at this headline on InfoWars.com.
Gorilla Little Joe dies suddenly of heart attack at St.
Louis Zoo where animals received two COVID shots.
You say, well that's just anecdotal.
Yeah, it is.
That's why I got a stack of new studies about what they're doing to us, and the FDA admitting they're doing this to us.
So I want to play this Gregg Reese report, and I want to encourage you, we're going to post it at RealAlexJones on X, to follow me there, to not look a gift horse in the mouth, and to get this video and all these key videos we put out, and send it to your email list, your text message list, share it everywhere, repost it.
This is a war.
Sure, you're awake.
One of the worst things I see is people when I'll post something about the Federal Reserve being private and running scams and doing all this with Central Bank.
And people go, the Federal Reserve has been private since 1913.
I've known that for 30, 40 years.
Well, that's great.
How many people did you tell about it today?
I know water's wet.
I know the sky's blue.
If somebody doesn't know it, I'm going to tell them.
I know when I'm at the Grand Canyon, I see a blind man about to walk off the edge of a 3,000 foot cliff.
I'm going to tell him, hey sir, you're about to go over the edge of a cliff.
I'm not going to say, well can't you see that you're on the edge of a cliff?
We have to reapply the truth over and over again to counter the lies.
We have to warn the people that don't know.
We don't sit back and say, just because we already know about all this stuff, well screw these people!
I see so many comments about, I'm glad the left's taking the poison shots.
They're servants of evil and they're a bunch of dumbasses and I'm glad they're dying.
Those are people that didn't have good parents, people that didn't get love, people that never got God, people that got caught by the devil!
Those are our people!
We lost to this son of a bitchin' system!
It's not some victory that we're awake and they're asleep!
Every one of those people we lose is somebody God lost!
That's the whole prodigal son story in the Bible that Jesus Christ told!
Yeah, he's stupid, he's dumb, he doesn't appreciate his parents, he's dishonorable, he takes his inheritance, he runs off and parties for years and gets ripped off and is a schmuck!
By the end, he wakes up and knows he's wrong and comes home and the first son, the one that's done a great job, says, why are you about to put on the biggest party and kiss his ass when all he did was screw us?
He said, he's the loser, son.
You're the winner.
How much you think I love you?
If we don't save the prodigal son, or if we don't try to save the prodigal son, God will not appreciate us because we are the prodigal son this whole damn planet is.
You're just a prodigal son that wasn't as bad as your brother, or your cousin, or your neighbor.
Don't be a Pharisee that Christ spoke out against, or the Sadducees.
They're always saying how he wasn't perfect, and how other people weren't perfect, but they were.
Anybody telling you're perfect is a liar!
Here's Greg Reese's report on this monster.
When the COVID vaccines were first being distributed to the public, the vaccine inserts were intentionally left blank because they were never safe and effective.
And for those who did their own research, they were discovered to be deadly.
The Moderna patent for this mRNA technology Stated that they contain self-assembling lipid nanoparticle technology.
And now that an estimated 600 million doses have been administered to the U.S.
public, Bill Gates admits this.
Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap and that's the magic of this thing.
But there's no doubt in the next five years we can You know, we just need to mess around.
There's a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self-assembly.
There's no inherent reason it's not thermal stable, it's not cheap, and it's not scalable.
And so, as over the five years we fix that part of it, mature it, which is very typical, we'll be able to build factories worldwide that can make $2 vaccines with even Less lead time than we've had to have here during this pandemic.
Bill says these mRNA shots can easily be programmed to administer any type of spike protein pathogen.
And the Moderna patent lists several, over a hundred pathogens that can be control-released over time, so that deaths will appear to be random and mysterious.
Those injected are understandably having a hard time accepting this reality.
And while they are busy trying to figure out where all the heart attacks, turbo cancer, and neurological disease is coming from, they are being told that it's due to climate change and that regular pandemics are to now be expected.
During the rollout of the experimental shots, mainstream media pundit Chris Cuomo pushed for vaccine passports and attacked vaccine hesitancy.
How are they gonna know who's vaccinated?
You just said they showed the card.
That's not the answer.
The answer is a vaccine passport.
Part of the reason that you're seeing what you're seeing in Florida is because of vaccine hesitancy.
Cuomo is now claiming to be injured from the vaccines.
So today, the New York Times released an article that's getting a lot of play.
That says that there are thousands of people who say they're still suffering side effects, they believe, from the vaccine.
We know that vaccines can have unintended consequences, a.k.a.
side effects.
But nobody's really talking about it because they're too afraid of blame and they just want it to go away.
But the problem is, people like Sean and me and millions of others who still have weird stuff with their blood work and their lives and their feelings, you know, physically, are not going away.
And he is saying we need a 9-11 style commission to figure it all out.
You need to have a 9-11 style commission to figure out what worked and what didn't and what questions need to be answered because it's not over.
So not only are we not set up for the next pandemic, and there will be one, but we're not treating people, millions of people, who still have problems from the last one.
Cuomo assures us that there will be another pandemic, and this does seem to be the one sure thing in today's uncertain times.
The released notes on the current discussions of the WHO pandemic treaty are all about profit margins.
Disease X is coming.
The U.S.
dollar is beyond saving, but while it still has a heartbeat, there are billions to be made by another fake pandemic.
And the CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, is saying that because of artificial intelligence, continuing the depopulation agenda is a good thing.
I can argue in the developed countries, the big winners are countries that have shrinking populations.
The social problems that one will have in substituting humans for machines is going to be far easier in those countries that have declining populations.
So long as we the people do nothing, the outcome is predictable.
We will be slaves to a bureaucratic, non-human system run by machines.
And if we want to remain human and save our souls, then we had better stop being complacent audience members and start getting involved.
Pfizer whistleblower Dr. Michael Yeadon recently said the obvious.
Without an insurrection, We can expect a new event that will trigger a digital ID connected to a digital currency and a wave of fake pandemics with mandated shots until the population reaches their desired levels.
And as long as we remain stubbornly divided, we don't stand a chance.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright folks, we have a whistleblower who is a hospital head coding nurse.
I mean, she gets to see everything.
It's a microcosm of that head.
Individual in New Zealand, they later admit it was real, and he told the truth, who was the only person in New Zealand.
It's a smaller country.
They have like a dozen or so here that get to see everything.
That's how compartmentalized it is.
And he can put the names of the dead into the database and show when they have the shots and when they did it and put it in a program and show it.
And it showed in some cases, you know, half the people died, on average like 20%, within a few months of the shots.
And he was like, holy hell, he had to release him.
Now they're trying to put him in prison.
But a coding nurse over a major hospital, they get to see all the reports, they get to see who was injected, they get to see what happened.
And she saw people dying within a day or two from the shots, which is in the literature, they admit it's happening.
So she's a major whistleblower.
That's coming up.
And then I got some more whistleblowing information.
But I'm going to shoot a special report on today from a Pfizer whistleblower who's probably going to come on the show.
And he only confirms what we already knew, but doubly confirms it from inside.
And that's Pfizer employees, so did Moderna, got different shots than the public.
And that's the big secret.
They're testing this all on us.
And then giving themselves what they claim is good.
And science is incredible.
That's the thing, is it could do incredible stuff.
They're not giving us that.
Bill Gates said, we're going to use this all as guinea pigs in the public and mess around and see what works.
They're not doing it with lab rats, folks.
They're doing it with you.
So that's coming up.
And then I got a bunch of border news.
I'm going to hit that in the first little five minutes.
I mean, Biden's latest statement is that it takes the cake.
He says, uh, can you imagine a kid two years ago saying, Mom, don't take me across Rio Grande.
It's against the law.
Give me a break.
Well, it is against the law, and it still is, but he doesn't care.
As if that's moral.
They even drag kids across that are controlled by the cartels.
They send over dozens of times, and they just kill them a lot of cases.
But that's not really made a big news item.
That's a little blip on the radar screen.
The soullessness of this is just the raw, psychotic, sociopathic, Wanton evil by the ruling class, because they control the major federal police in every major European and Western country, and they are going for broke, folks.
And if you think they're going to back off on Trump and back off on me, you got nothing coming.
That's why we can't back off.
Sure, I could snap my fingers and sell out to them and get $100 million tomorrow.
Never going to do it.
Never going to happen.
And that's what frustrates me so much being persecuted.
There's so many other people that claim they're in the Liberty Movement.
Go, oh, I bet Jones works for this or that.
I got a 30-year track record.
You don't have to even get into who I am or any of that.
You can see the fruits of the tree.
I am fighting on all fronts, hitting on all cylinders, and because of God empowering me, and what I'm saying is dead on.
Damn it.
And I'm sick of people in competition With who's the biggest talk show host, or who's the most important, or who's the most informative.
All that's a lie.
I'm just so frustrated.
I just want to beat this.
But I know we killed 60 million babies in this country, and God's mad at us, and so we're going to go through a lot of pain.
But if we repent and seek God's face, He'll turn it around.
And the Bible says that, and it's happened many times in history.
And I know it's a promise from God, so understand that.
We got a really big special broadcast tomorrow.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield's got huge breaking news on the Pioneers exposing poison shots, being demonized and attacked at a level I've been attacked or close to it.
And we've got Nick Fuentes in studio for a big discussion, debate, call it what you want, in the third and fourth hour.
I'm going to do an X-Spaces with him and Mario Nafal and Nick Sordor and a bunch of others tomorrow evening at 6 p.m.
Got some other big guests Thursday and Friday as well.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
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Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
About an hour ago, you were kind of explaining to people about how the micronutrients and stuff that are available in different foods actually had an effect on... Well, let's be clear.
There isn't long-term, billion-year evolution.
There's jumps, but like how you build a car.
Cars have evolved, or electricity, or computers have changed.
There is innovation, and humans do get ancestral memories from their ancestors.
That's called instincts.
Not trying to brag, but I'm a board-certified wound care associate, which is not an easy certification to get.
It takes years.
And it encompasses, you know, cardiology, endocrine, You name it, you've got to be good at all kinds of stuff.
And let's face it, a lot of my doctors, they don't know anything about this stuff.
It's my job as a nurse to figure it out.
The average medical doctor gets two hours of college education on nutrition.
So one of the things that I do is I'm looking for results and by using very
good nutraceuticals and supplements and things like that.
I can fix a problem.
Just a real quick example.
Let's say you have a really bad wound on your leg and you have diabetes and poor circulation.
Well, I can order you a bottle of Nitric Boost, a bottle of BezoBeat, and Get your ass up on a treadmill a little bit.
These things work better than any of the medication that we give.
So I've got about 35,000 points because I gave these things away as gifts.
Hold on, hold on.
This is important.
This is important, absolutely.
Just iodine alone, it's essential.
It means you die without it.
They don't tell you most people are deficient.
Two billion people have cognitive disabilities, the UN admits.
That's what these concentrated plants and other compounds do.
So you're saying you're taking care of people with wounds, one of the biggest Medical industry's out there.
Super tough job.
You're seeing with nutrition and also they need to not be sedentary, obviously.
You're seeing massive effects, because I've actually read about this.
I'm not an expert like you, but that there's massive problems because the doctors don't even say exercise or get out of the bed or take supplements that are good for your skin.
And it's so simple.
I mean, my wife takes supplements to have good hair and good nails, and it really works for her.
I mean, this stuff works.
It's the compounds.
Tell people about some of the things you've witnessed.
Alex, I would not have 35,000 Patriot Points if this stuff didn't work.
I'm not into buying BS and I don't push BS.
When I've got a complex wound and I see something that you guys sell that I know Perfectly fits.
I love vitamin C and zinc.
It's simple stuff, but the difference is that things that you guys sell versus what I buy at Walmart, they're not even in the same game.
The stuff that you guys sell is legit.
We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force, okay?
I mean, so there's cost because it is the highest rated.
If you're taking a nitrate, like you were talking about the nitrate boost, well, that is going to vasodilate.
So when you're vasodilated, yeah, you're going to be pitching a proper 10.
The vasobeat does the exact same thing.
But it also helps if I've got a person who's got really poor perfusion.
And I just want to get their blood flow going so that I can keep this wound from going septic and actually get some granulation going.
Or I could throw all the medications at it.
It's not going to do a damn thing.
The doctors see the patient for 10 minutes, write a prescription and say, OK, come back in 45 days.
And it's my job to actually go figure it out.
And so I use a lot of the stuff that you guys have.
Thank you so much.
And God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon.
Give his name and number.
Very special guest, whistleblower, incredible intel just a few minutes away.
But in this short segment, some stations don't carry.
I want to hit Biden.
And I should have covered this the whole show.
I mean, this is over the top.
Biden gets rid of the border three and a half years ago.
20 million people are here.
That's the real number, 22 million.
They're slaves of the globalists, a new permanent underclass.
He tells them immediately, surge the border.
If he wins, they get here.
He says, oh, the border's not broken.
He says, oh, it is broken.
Pass amnesty.
And then yesterday he comes out.
And says, oh, we can't have it illegal to come here.
It's moral.
This is totally open.
And then it goes into the other clips.
Where border agents concede control of the New Mexico border to cartel.
And then Denver wants you to host an quote migrant family, a Democrat Party voter group that they're going to give jobs, give welfare, then control.
And milk.
Here are those clips back to back.
Can you imagine a kid two years old saying, Mom, don't take me because Rio Grande is against the law.
Give me a break.
These have been model citizens.
Proud to have served with him.
What I would do as president is several more things because things have changed.
I would, in fact, make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
We want to show you this new video from the southern border in Sunland Park, New Mexico.
Just a few hours ago, our cameras caught this group walking into the country, led by cartel guides.
One border patrol agent there told our own Matt Finn, that mountain, which is in the United States, isn't ours anymore.
It belongs to the cartels.
That stretch of the border has been one of the busiest sectors over this past week, with more than a thousand people a day coming across.
Now, if you're interested in learning more about hosting a migrant family, all you gotta do is take out your phone, dial 2-1-1, it's as easy as that.
You're gonna be asked a few questions, things along the lines of how long are you able to host somebody, what kind of space are you available to provide, and Kettering says you can expect that phone call to last about 20 minutes.
Reporting live in Denver, Nate Pendle, FOX 31.
That's happening all across the country in all 50 states, and they sign them up on welfare, give you a small sliver of it, and then the Democratic Party gets the rest of it.
Organized racketeering.
But back to the first Biden clip from yesterday.
Can you imagine a kid two years old saying, Mom, don't take me for granted, it's against the law.
Give me a break.
These have been model citizens.
Can you imagine a kid two years old saying, Mom, don't take me for granted, it's against the law.
Give me a break.
These have been model citizens.
I could teach an entire rhetoric class just on that 10-second clip.
Imagine telling a kid it's illegal to come across the border, which it is, which he's made legal by fiat, and they're model citizens.
They're citizens the minute they get here.
Think about the magnitude.
Of what he just said, the lawlessness of it.
They're going to grab your junk, they're going to search your family, they're going to put you through a body scanner at the airport.
But the border is wide open.
Absolutely insane.
They stole the election three and a half years ago.
They're planning to steal it again.
These are the times that try men and women's souls.
But this is the last gasp all over the world.
83% was the number I saw last week.
In regional, local, national elections, from Australia to El Salvador to you name it, Europe, patriots are getting elected.
That's why the system is so scared.
All right, we're going to air a short clip of our guest, a medical coder at a medical facility.
Like the air traffic controller that will go to her live for the balance of the hour straight ahead.
Please spread the word.
Have folks tune in now.
This is important.
I'm counting on you.
What about vaccine injury?
The ones that actually took the shots?
What did you see there?
I didn't know it was possible for a human to die so horrifically and so quickly before they rolled out the mRNA injections.
It was insane.
I've never seen anything like that.
The worst of them were the ones, they called it sepsis, but it was like instant multi-organ failure.
Like within hours, patients would die of liver, lung, kidney, all at once failure, respiratory failure.
It was like their Some of the records, the emergency crew that found them, it's like their body tried to reject everything and some of these cases like their family would be there 30 minutes before and then within an hour they're dead.
And then there were patients coming in with seizures like I've never seen before.
We couldn't control some of them.
Days patients would be seizing and no medications would stop it and eventually they kind of had to be put down.
They called it encephalitis or encephalopathy and then later on they even the coding information organization AHIMA admitted COVID-19 associated encephalitis.
There were blood clots, strokes.
The clots were insane.
Never seen clots like that before.
Even the interventional radiologists that were going in with, you know, they have angiopathies and, you know, different scopes where they can do like heart interventions and put stints in like a carotid artery if you have a stroke going to your brain.
Normally it's rare to have more than one stint go in.
And they were documenting, you know, multiple locations all at once.
They had heart attack cases that were like that where they, you know, they needed massive amounts of stents that they never needed before.
There were people in their 20s that had been hiking that were totally healthy, had been running marathons that suddenly needed a leg amputated because they had a massive blood clot going from their hip all the way down to their leg and it couldn't be saved.
So, that happened.
There were some cases of overnight spinal gangrene, which I've never seen before.
And you can't amputate, you know, the spine when it goes gangrenous.
Normally they cut out tissue that's dying like that, so it prevents further infection.
And they didn't know what to do.
The only thing they could do was, you know, do a Basically replace that part of your spine with an implant.
That's the best they could do.
Yeah, it was really intense and I didn't question the vaccines as much as I should have.
I started to about the flu shot way back in 2004.
But with the pressure to get the COVID-19 shot, I started looking into what it could do.
And I knew I didn't want anything to do with this experimental mRNA thing.
And when I started looking into the experts that were saying, well, this is what this potential vaccine could do.
This is what the research says.
I was looking at the vaccine.
The vaccine trials and what's happening to those patients and the Guillain-Barre that was happening and the strokes that were happening.
So I kind of knew to look for that when the vaccine came out.
And the doctors were, you know, baffled.
They weren't connecting the dots.
But to me, knowing what the potential causes or potential symptoms of a vaccine injury could be, We 100% had all the things that I just described.
But doctors would never tell you that.
They would just say it's a stroke, it's a heart attack, it's a blood clot.
And they would never connect the two.
Is there anything that would make you take a vaccination of any kind ever again?
They would have to kill me.
Nothing would make me take it.
Zoe on X. You can see her right there and follow her.
And she sent us all her information.
She's on record.
All the documents, you know, show what she's saying is in the news.
It's happening.
She worked in the medical coding industry as a coder, auditor, educator, and manager.
Zoe's prior laboratory experience provided invaluable during the investigation of COVID-19 PCR fraud.
The vaccine mandates were implemented for healthcare staff.
She resigned after witnessing over a year of medically assisted murder, being forced to take a vaccine that harmed so many.
The line in the sand was crossed.
Since then, she has been exposing COVID-19 fraud and sharing her insider knowledge.
Zoe Smith, thrillkillmedicalcult.com, zoe.substack.com.
So thank you for joining us.
And now I've got literal stacks here of mainline Medical reports admitting all of this horror, and now Albert Bourla of Pfizer is bragging and saying, well now the cancer's exploded, we're gonna make all this money off of that.
This is so transparent, the gain of function's admitted, all of it.
So I appreciate you coming on with us.
And so wherever you want to start, it's what you witnessed, what you saw.
Because again, nurses, doctors, they're all compartmentalized, as you know better than anybody.
But for folks that don't know, you're the coder.
You're seeing the documents.
You're seeing what's going into the computer.
You're seeing the files on what's actually coming in and going out.
You're like the gatekeeper.
So just talk about yourself, what you witnessed, and thank you for joining us.
Well, first of all, it's an honor to be here.
Thank you for having me on.
Thank you.
So, yeah, I was a medical coder.
I was not a nurse.
But, yeah, I do describe it like the CIA of the hospital.
And I like how you put it, the air traffic controller.
That's a good way of putting it.
So, my job was to look at all of the records, usually after the patient is discharged.
So, like, everything has happened to the patient by the time I get it.
The purpose of A medical coder is two-fold.
First of all, internationally, the codes are used.
The WHO, the W-H-O, is the host of the codes.
And so they dictate that all the member states have to use it for reporting for any sort of government, sort of healthcare usage.
And that's huge under UNESCO.
That's a whole story right there, that the UN is in charge of our medical records.
Of the statistical reporting and the tracking, yes.
And that's the purpose of the codes is statistical reporting and tracking internationally.
And yes, the WHO is at the top.
They have been entrusted with the ICD-10 system since 1948.
So, as a medical coder in the United States, the job is to look at all of the records.
It could be an op report, it could be the nursing notes, it could be what the patient comes in complaining about, it could be vitals, it could be the x-ray reports, any MRIs, CT scans that are done, any diagnostics, any therapies that are done.
Everything, all of that record goes into basically a central repository.
and everything gets put into, it gets coded into procedures and diagnoses that get sent to insurance
and then insurance and medicare and they dictate you know how they're going to pay based on these
codes and that is how hospitals and physicians make their money. And an example of that all over
the world we wonder why it was Australia or Germany or the U.S. or Canada they got all this money if
they said it was COVID.
All this money, they put them on a ventilator.
Well, it was because it was globally coded by the UN.
Ultimately, that's what I found out.
In the U.S., April 1, 2020, we got an update from CDC and the AMA and Medicare that said there's going to be a new code coming out.
We have to track COVID.
And that's really when the COVID incentive money came out.
So, the CARES Act was passed.
And when we have the diagnosis code U071 for COVID-19 to track it, then we got a 20% bonus for every patient that came in admitted with COVID-19.
So, that's really where the financial tie came in.
That came from the CARES Act and then Medicare also had another program where they were able to fund hospitals through, it was also through the CARES Act, but it was a system called HHS Protect and hospitals had to send like how many ventilators we had patients on and certain kind of data had to be sent to HHS in order for us to get Medicare money.
I just verified that information yesterday.
That hospitals wouldn't get a percentage of their Medicare money if they didn't report this information.
But the incentive that you had been talking about with the Vents and the Remdesivir, that all came with the CARES Act.
It's written into the CARES Act that they appropriated certain amounts of money to bail out hospitals.
Because we were told that we needed to empty our hospitals, that we needed to shut down the ER, that we needed to shut down ICU, so that we could make room for all these COVID patients coming in.
And then they rolled out the money to fund for the testing, because the testing was costing us money until we got the bonus to run the PCR all the time.
And then that changed it from patients, we had like almost no COVID patients before we started running PCR and everything, to now 80%.
of our patient population has COVID because they have all been screened now with this false
positive PCR test. And then we had this massive amount of, you know, asymptomatic patients that
every -- as soon as they get the COVID diagnosis, then we put them on the vent, we start the
remdesivir, they die of kidney failure and pulmonary edema.
And we get the 20% bonus for the COVID diagnosis, we got the 20% bonus for putting them
on a ventilator, and then we got the 20% bonus for the new tech, which was remdesivir.
Gilead had applied for the NewTek bonus.
So, not every new drug or procedure gets a NewTek bonus, but there is, when new procedures come out, sometimes they do have a special application process where you can get a bonus for it.
So, we actually had edits set up in our system to where if you forgot to put the remdesivir procedure on a chart, then it would come
back to you because we really needed to get that that bonus. And again, all the studies showed remdesivir
was what was killing people.
Right. And the ultimate thing was, so they were telling us, you can even look up the
National Kidney Foundation, and they say right up front that COVID-19 causes kidney failure.
So, this is where the doctors were confused.
So, we actually had a protocol in the hospital for when patients were going to go on remdesivir because it was a new drug.
And so, they had to get a, they had to get a renal consult and then they had to get a I think it was internal disease consult.
So two different kinds of consults.
So they have a little bioethic meeting and then have them sign off on the murder.
Right, right.
So the patient had to sign like informed consent, like we know that this could cause kidney failure and then we've screened you to make sure that you're a candidate for this, that your kidneys can withstand this drug.
Because we were being told, you know, COVID-19 causes kidney failure.
But then we were also told that rondesivir causes kidney failure.
But then we put patients on the Remdesivir and they all get kidney failure within three days or if they have any kind of kidney thing going on it gets worse.
Some of them ended up needing a transplant.
Some of them ended up on -- some of them ended up on -- I'm sorry, I got distracted there.
No, I'm putting a lot of the stuff on the screen.
I don't blame you reading it, so do I. We'll keep going, but in that short video we played, in the codes, what you're seeing and what you're seeing people that reported they had the shots, what was happening to them, just let me, wherever you want to go, let's get into this.
What you witnessed, the most important points.
When the shots went out, they gave it out via a drive-thru.
I think you probably even reported on that, that they were giving it in the drive-thru rather than doing it in the hospital.
And that was even for staff.
So when they first started rolling it out, we had what was called a phase map plan.
And they had like a graph and a color-coded chart of who the first responders are that are going to get it first, and then how we were going to roll it out to everybody.
And it was over like six months that we were going to do this.
So, December 6, 2020 was when the first shot went out.
And I had already done my research.
I looked into the clinical trials and, you know, listened to all the whistleblowers talking about what kind of effect mRNA had had in previous trials and what they think the ingredients of this vaccine were and what they could do.
So I kind of knew to look for it and it didn't happen for like a month and then all of a sudden I started to see, I started to notice we're getting DOA cases a lot and we're getting these sudden work and failure cases.
And explain what DOA means, dead on arrival.
Dead on arrival, yeah.
So that's like, the ambulance gets called to resuscitate the patient.
They're alive when they get there, but they die on the way to the hospital.
Because if they die at home, that becomes a coroner case.
They never come to the hospital.
So DOA is generally pretty rare.
Because you're already in the care.
That's what I heard from experts, from undertakers and coroners.
They banked in grabbing a dead body, claiming they died on the way, so they would maintain control to cover it up.
That would make a lot of sense.
And that's all pre-programmed by the UN globally.
That's why it's the same thing everywhere.
Keep going.
Yeah, I mean, it was definitely everyone was doing the same thing.
All the hospitals were working together.
It wasn't just my hospital.
Everything was happening pretty much in lockstep all across the globe.
It wasn't just America.
But yeah, the first ones that I noticed were the sudden organ failure cases.
And I do remember Dr. Dolores Cahill talking about that, saying it might present as sepsis, they might die within a few days, and it might look like sudden organ failure.
suddenly we started to have cases like that that couldn't be explained because they came in where
they couldn't explain, they weren't conscious so they couldn't say what had happened and there was
no record of if they had been vaccinated or not. The only way to get that information was if someone
from their family called in and told them. It wasn't like they had like a vaccine card tattooed
to them or a staple to their body when the EMT got there.
And that's why it's so important in New Zealand that the head administrator went public because he was the only guy in the whole country that was able to put all the numbers together and see the mass death because you guys are all compartmentalized.
Oh, totally.
And I think that's why they gave it out through the drive-thru because if they had someone come into any sort of medical facility, everything's electronic records now and everything talks and everything interfaces.
So that would be the perfect way if you're going to create, like for the contact tracing, we already were Tracking COVID.
We were already using codes in the medical system to report on all of that data for a full year.
It's not like they didn't know that the vaccine wasn't coming out.
It's not like they weren't aware of Operation Warp Speed and we didn't have any infrastructure to monitor the vaccines.
So it was almost like they intentionally blinded us for a short period of time.
But I was able to discover that some people were getting these vaccines because their family would come in and tell them, or they would come in and they would brag about it.
They'd say, oh yeah, I got my vaccine, so it definitely wasn't that.
But I mean, these patients would come in with strokes and weird heart arrhythmias.
They'd be passing out uncontrollably.
There were brain bleeds.
There was Spinal cages that just fell out because of necrosis or gangrene, which is the same thing that happened in spine and also like... So just disintegrating spines, that was within days.
I think that's what the sudden organ failure was.
It's like the body was attacking itself and everything was just shutting down like as fast as possible.
is the impression that I got.
And the doctors all described they were not familiar with how severe a lot of these were.
Like the seizure cases, there's actually a code called status epilepticus, which the definition to apply that code is they have to be Having uncontrollable seizures, no drug is able to control it.
It has to be happening for a certain period of time.
I had never been able to report that before the mRNA injections went out.
And then all of a sudden we have all these weird, you know, young people with encephalitis, which is brain swelling and suffering from these massive seizures that do not respond to normal treatment.
Like any other encephalitis, because we had treated that before, but not since the mRNA injections had suddenly changed the game.
So, there was definitely the doctors were not connecting that These conditions that they're seeing might be related or new or different to the vaccine.
So you're saying, I don't put words in your mouth, you're saying about a month into the rollout of the so-called COVID vaccine, you just saw an explosion of stuff you never saw.
The doctors were doing interventions on these blood clots that they described they had never done this before.
In my daily work, I was having to get, like, send other people what I was working on so that they could tell me if I was doing it right because it got so complicated all of a sudden.
It was really insane.
You're a coder that's an air traffic controller.
You're seeing everything happening in the hospital and suddenly you see blood clots that could be fixed before.
Suddenly it's just something new.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, there were young people that were running marathons that were totally healthy, that had no underlying conditions.
The media kept telling us, you know, if you're obese or you have diabetes or you have asthma or something that you're going to get COVID and you're at high risk.
These were not patients like that.
These were not elderly patients.
These were young, healthy people.
And they were the exact age group that matched up with the phase map of when we were delivering these injections.
These were health care workers.
These were first responders.
How long did it take medical workers to start asking, like, they shut down the hospital for everybody else, they lock everybody's drinking and having fun and dancing and being a party and we saw all over the world, the western world, and then suddenly there's all this death that comes when the shots start.
There's no real death, statistically increasing, the numbers show.
There's no flu, they claim, because they claimed all the COVID was flu.
So there's like this still before the storm, or you're in the eye of the storm, and then all of a sudden, all of this just explodes as soon as the shots happen.
I mean, did the doctors, the nurses notice this?
Well, not necessarily because the remdesivir and the ventilation stuff like that had everyone thinking that there was a pandemic going on because we really did have some abnormal patients going on.
Yeah, so the UN directed things they knew would kill people.
It's sort of a warm-up into the vaccine.
Start over.
I interrupted.
Start over.
Start over.
Go ahead.
I was trying to say it was sort of a warm up.
So it wasn't like there was a total calm before the storm.
The hospital, I call them the deadly hospital protocols, that had everyone thinking there was a pandemic going on because we really did have abnormally sick people in the patient for like a year before the vaccine went out.
So that was kind of like what I call the fake pandemic or the scamdemic.
And then when the vaccine started coming out, they didn't even recognize that they either thought because there was a lot of people that got COVID right after the vaccine.
So they thought, oh, it's a variant.
So the vaccine just didn't work and we have to keep vaccinating them.
So that happened.
And then when they saw the heart attacks and the clots and all that, they just thought it's a heart attack.
It's a clot.
They really did not think it was a vaccine injury.
And that's what really pissed me off because I wasn't able to report it as a vaccine injury.
So I could see this from the very, very beginning.
And I'm trying to scream from the top of the mountainside, hey, they're killing people in there.
Now the vaccine's making it worse.
No one would listen to me and everyone in the hospital just, even if they're staring it right in the face, all they see is a heart attack or all they see is a stroke.
They're not programmed to even consider the possibility.
Because they're compartmentalized.
Zoe Smith, stay there.
We'll come right back and have you go through all this.
And that's what we know from the evidence.
UN protocols for ventilation, randesivir, they knew would kill people to create that first bump because the virus really wasn't doing it.
Then the shots start, they go, oh my god, it's COVID, and they just lead through all of that.
People can find you at thrillkillmedicalcult.com.
Thrillkillmedicalcold.com, zoe.substack.com.
Just zoe.substack.com.
Let's come back.
And everything you're saying is on record in the statistics.
Now they have a U.N.
They're saying more viruses are coming.
Bill Gates is bragging about...
How, you know, we're just messing around with this to see what happens.
Let's tell your story, what you witnessed and what you think we should do going forward.
Zoe Smith, our guest, a horrific thing she's witnessed.
She's a hero.
I just want to acknowledge your leadership and your ability to see around corners.
Again and again and again, you have been labeled as a conspiracy theorist and a nutcase for speaking the truth that you were able to perceive earlier than many people.
And I'm in your debt, and I think we're all in your debt, for your courageous actions.
Over these many years, you've been vilified and denigrated and gaslit and everything else.
I've received a small taste of what you've been through and I don't like it very much.
So I certainly appreciate and empathize with everything you've been through.
And thank you for being the hero that you are and not backing down in the face of all the crap that's been thrown
at you.
All right, Joey Smith, I can talk to you for five hours.
Hopefully soon we can have a commercial free for a special report and have some other whistleblowers on with us.
I've been interrupting you, but you're just bringing up so many key points.
I'm going to try to shut up now and just go through, again, as an air traffic controller, as a key administrator at a hospital, witnessing what's happening as this unfolds, and then now totally vindicated a few years later with it all coming out.
After you talk about what you witnessed and what you saw more, then talk about where you think this is all going.
Thank you so much for your courage.
Well, I guess to finish off, I did notice a lot of doctors at the end there saying that they recognized that the patient had some sort of problem after the vaccine.
And this was like just a few cases, but they would say COVID would be worse than another injury.
So, just get the vaccine again and we'll just help you with whatever the reaction is.
And you can even go to CDC and that's what It actually says for like the medical exemption like if you had a reaction to Pfizer just get the Moderna next time is what they say is their safety protocol.
So that just really infuriated me and then I ended up not working there anymore because of the vaccine mandates.
But where I think this is all going, I noticed very early on with the contact tracing that what they were doing is they were Getting rid of the HIPAA law, which is the privacy protection for your medical records, that makes it so you're not supposed to tell anything that identifies a person.
Even, so we had cancer registries and cancer information gets sent to CDC and that's how they can track like what kind of cancer is where and like that's how they can tell that like Flint, Michigan, for example, has a real bad problem with cancer.
So, but all of your personal information is stripped out of that.
And very early on, they started talking about a COVID-19 registry, and we started contact tracing in the hospital.
So, anyone that came in with the PCR test, they would, someone, a social worker would sit down and take their personal information and everyone else's personal information that they came into contact with, which is totally not okay for HIPAA.
That goes against all sorts of HIPAA laws.
So they were actively revising those laws so that they could allow us to do that and telemedicine and all kinds of things for the pandemic.
So they totally changed HIPAA just to be able to do all of this stuff.
And they started sending all of this personal information to the CDC and it became part of this COVID-19 registry.
So I started looking into that and I find some really shady people are involved.
The tech people are the people that you would expect like Google and Microsoft as they were And then there's some healthcare, there's some insurance, and then there's our medical coding programs.
But then there's also some really weird entities involved.
There's the Chinese government was part of it.
Palantir, COINTELPRO were part of this COVID-19 registry.
And so it was all about compiling all of our personal information.
That's where I was going next.
People said early on, don't give the nose swab.
It's sold to the Chinese and the government.
And it later came out, OK, most of those companies did sell your DNA with a nose swab.
I mean, wow.
But you as a coder saw that.
Yes, I have a source document that shows that for every PCR test that was done, every hospital, and this is on the CDC website in their archive, and I can email it to you after the show.
But it says for every PCR test that was done, there's a list of certain gene sequences that had to be sent to the CDC.
So yes, there is a gene bank database based on this PCR testing that they did.
Wow, I mean, I want you to continue where you think this is going and all of the things you witnessed and the UNT and the rest.
Well, so the contact tracing led into, and I had already quit at this time, but then they created a new code for tracking the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and that sort of layered on top of Operation Warp Speed and their program to deliver the vaccine because they were talking about we need to target different areas that are vaccine hesitant and we need to target different ethnic groups and make sure that, you know, the underserved aren't underserved, which is exactly, you know, targeting certain ethnic groups, in my opinion.
So, I think all of that data tracking in combination with talking about vaccine passports and digital IDs, I think the system was designed to make us blind to not knowing about the vaccine right at the beginning.
But then they obviously put infrastructure in later to be able to track that.
And Bill Gates is very well on record saying that he wants to track that.
They've tested it in India with the cushy baby thing.
So, obviously, that's the direction that I see this going.
And when I'm looking into the ingredients of the vaccine and what the symptoms of it are, like what could have caused all those vaccine injuries that I just described, there's a connection with these nanoparticles and 5G and graphene.
And so, and the digital ID and the smart city thing that's going everywhere.
By the way, I'm sure you're aware.
All kind of converging and connecting.
Bill Gates has now come out and admitted it's self-replicating nanotech.
So what's crazy is, we were saying that four years ago, they're now admitting it all.
That's wild.
I was recently called a conspiracy theorist for saying that the unvaccinated might have self-assembling nanoparticles just because we've been exposed to people that have been vaccinated and they have self-assembling nanoparticles.
That's being looked at right now.
And yeah, it's crazy just to think that from the very beginning they said it was a lipid nanoparticle, and we can't even consider the idea that nanoparticles might be involved in all of this.
It might be self-assembling, but again, It was a plan from the beginning, an attack on civilization, a crisis which they controlled and they reorganized civilization around responding to the attack they've launched, which leads us into more attacks.
Here's Bill Gates recently talking about self-assembling nanoparticles in the mRNA.
Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap, and that's the magic of this thing.
But there's no doubt in the next five years, we just need to mess around.
There's a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self-assembly.
There's no inherent reason it's not thermal stable, it's not cheap, and it's not scalable.
As over the five years we fix that part of it, mature it, which is very typical, we'll be able to build factories worldwide that can make $2 vaccines with even less lead time than we've had to have here during this pandemic.
And we'll use those, as you suggest, For every disease that we don't have vaccines, we will try mRNA.
In fact, for HIV, we have multiple ways.
One that's more of a B-cell approach, one that's more of a T-cell approach.
For malaria, we have multiple ideas.
For TB, we have multiple ideas.
And so to fill in the missing vaccines, we'll make a lot of our bets of the Gates Foundation and others who care about global health will be mRNA-focused.
Says the guy that wants to depopulate the world.
So, they're admitting all of this like we're fools.
Say they're gonna mess around with us, use us as guinea pigs.
Please continue.
I think that's what he just did with the first round of the mRNA.
I mean, someone just asked me recently, what do I think that was?
I think it was a test.
I don't know if it was a test to see how many vaccines people can take before they die or how potent they can make them before people start having... No, no, Zoe, you're so smart.
It was everything.
To test the control, to test the line, to test the cover-up of the killing, to see if they can roll out the big one while they make huge profits off of it.
Yeah, I mean, I even said if I was going to design an experiment to hurt people in the hospital or even just to experiment on them, the first thing that I would do is kick the witnesses out of the hospital, which is exactly what they did with the social distancing, and put a mask on everyone and make it so even your care team doesn't want to go and take care of patients because they don't want to have to put on all this gear just so they can go in there and then deal with the distancing and the risk of the germ exposure or whatever.
So, and then they've got the morgue built right in there.
So, you kick the witnesses out.
You can do whatever you want to them because no one can report it.
And then you can just put them through the morgue and then tell them some other reason, which is exactly what happened.
They label it a COVID death.
They got their bonus money.
And to this day, people still say, oh, my family went into the hospital and they died of COVID.
But I keep asking them, well, did they die of COVID or did they die of the hospital protocol?
And they've got a UN treaty and they say it's imminent, they're trying to hype up bird flu.
You're a coder, you're an air traffic controller of this, an administrator, you're a very smart lady.
What do you think is coming next and what can we do to stop it?
I think Disease X is coming next.
They told us that.
They're pretty good.
They're like a Disney villain.
They have to tell us what they're going to do.
I don't know if that's part of their cult, but they do like to actually like tell us what they're going to do right before.
So, obviously, they've got labs.
They've got a vaccine ready for this Disease X. So, I think And I just recently heard something about this, and I can't prove it yet, but I heard that there was a DOD program to send out some sort of a, like a food poisoning program, and that that was developed and deployed right before the pandemic.
So that's honestly what I think they're going to do.
I think there's going to be some sort of poisoning event that's going to look like Marburg or Ebola because they have that written into the PREP Act right now and they've got the emergency use authorization wording changed to where At the very beginning of the pandemic, there was a loophole to where we were able to use ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID patients in the hospital.
Because as long as there was some other treatment, then we didn't have to use their protocol, was how it was written.
Well, they just recently changed that January of this year, and it says the words Ebola and Marburg in there for the emergency use author's drugs.
And it takes away that loophole.
So, now you can only use the drugs that are approved from the public health authorities, which is probably not going to be helpful, given their track record.
So, I don't know for sure, but I would say that they're going to make it look like that.
They're going to cause, you know, another fear pandemic of some sort.
And then, obviously, the treatment is going to be worse than the disease, just like last time.
So, avoid going to the hospital, avoid Western healthcare, try and find your own natural doctor
in your own community if you can, learn all about taking care of yourself.
I think it's going to come down to us individually.
So, what we can do, I think we can work within our community to educate people, try and, you know,
create -- provide our needs within our community so we're not having to depend
on these globalists that obviously are intent on killing us.
And the Globalist's own documents, their own admissions, say that this blew up worse than they thought.
They thought they would get away with it.
But they're still going ahead with the next plan.
We have Albert Bourla coming out over the weekend, the head of Pfizer, saying, cancer is the new COVID.
We know cancer is exploding because of the shots.
That's in the mainline literature and studies.
And he says, we already saved the world once.
Now we'll save you from the epidemic of cancer.
Well, where'd the epidemic of cancer come from?
The mRNA injections, the turbo cancer started right away.
That was one of the vaccine injuries I noticed right away.
And I even heard, you know, Dr. Ryan Cole talking about it.
And I thought, well, that's exactly what I've just been noticing is that somehow patients that have had their cancer in remission for like 10 years comes back right away.
And it's worse than it's ever been, and then they're dead within a few days.
And that doesn't happen generally.
That's not how cancer had progressed up until the mRNA injection.
You know, correlation isn't causation, I guess, but it's a pretty strong indicator that you should look into it.
And they don't want us to.
There's carcinogens in there.
Graphene is a carcinogen.
The ETO they were using on those swabs is a carcinogen.
Well, they also admit that they were changing up what was in the Pfizer Moderna shots and doing all sorts of weird range findings.
So going back, we've seen short clips of you talking about what you witnessed as a coder, but I mean, I saw some of the articles about, and it's in the mainline literature, describe people take the shot, they're dead two days later.
I see other studies where it liquefies people's organs.
I mean, what were you seeing as a coder?
Um, so I can't get into a lot of detail about individual cases.
I can only talk about trends, but there were definitely those cases where there were DOA and I don't get a lot of information on that.
Well, let's be clear.
You don't talk about individual cases or even the hospital, but you can talk about what you've witnessed just in general.
So just give us an example.
Well, you know, when the vaccine came out, there were stories, there were cases of patients that had been brought to the hospital and they were unresponsive and the EMT team that found them, it was like, I don't want to get too graphic here because if anyone's eating, you wouldn't want to be eating.
No, do it!
People need to hear this to save lives.
I understand you guard people's privacy in a medical system with good people.
It's the most beautiful thing ever.
True service to humanity.
But we need to hear what was witnessed.
Tell people what was seen.
When I said, it's like they rejected something.
It's like they had vomited and defecated and urinated and all of their body fluids just came out all of a sudden.
And I could see timestamps and timestamps were like very short periods of time.
So when you said early on in the show that patients were dying within a few days, I mean patients were dying within a few hours.
I don't know when they got these injections, and I can't even confirm that some of these patients really did because they were unresponsive and if their family didn't give any information.
But I can tell you that we never had any case like that before COVID-19, or before the mRNA injections went out.
That's why I said that.
Had you ever seen or anybody of your colleagues seen something like this?
So, I don't know about my colleagues necessarily because we all worked remote and all of our communications would be electronic.
And so, everyone was super paranoid about saying anything.
I was probably the most vocal one asking everyone about different things that they were seeing.
And the ones that didn't work at the hospital with me, they were definitely seeing all of this.
And they were questioning it.
I had friends that were auditors that worked all over the country, and they were seeing, you know, some really strange, really complex cases where they had never noticed anything like that happening before.
But they were also not connecting that it could be related to the injection.
They just thought, oh, well, my case mix looks different today.
And, you know, they didn't really dig into it any further.
I was highly suspicious because This is an experimental injection going out.
And so, when I got a strange case, I tried to look into it.
And the only thing that makes sense to me about what I was seeing, honestly, is the connection to the lipid nanoparticles and the graphene because that's the biggest thing that changed between previous vaccines.
So, I even noticed there were previous vaccine injuries that were being hidden.
There were kids in the ER all the time that had rashes that were just told, oh well, it might be a peanut allergy, here's your antihistamine, go home.
And you can look in the records and you can see that these kids were given vaccines within a week and they had their reaction afterwards.
So, I mean, that had always happened, but when the mRNA injections went out, suddenly we have, you know, organ failure, like brain failure.
Brains don't, people don't just go into sudden brain death, and that was happening.
People don't just have multi-organ failure, and I think that might be the the liquid organs that people were talking about.
There would be no way for me to know that, but when they talk about the organ dying that fast, there's almost no other way for
that to happen, other than some sort of poisoning or some sort of incident to bring that on very
quickly. The body was definitely reacting to something, and it went all over the body all at once.
And apparently, graphene and these lipid nanoparticles can get past the blood-brain barrier, and
they can go to every part of the body. They don't just stay in the arm like they told us. So to me, it
made perfect sense that we have these strange new cases of these seizures that never
happened before, these clots that never happened before, these strange twitching cases, brain bleeds,
all kinds of stuff like that.
Zoe, let me just say this.
But they all were different now.
There were marks that were different now.
They were more severe, they came on faster, they were in young healthy people.
These were not old people, you know, that had an aneurysm or... So you saw things you've never seen before in mass?
Let me say this then.
I want to ask you a question on this.
We now have all the thousands of studies in New England Medical Journal and mass miscarriages and exploding cancer and dropping infertility and dropping in longevity, the live expectancy dropping and world population suddenly dropping.
They're admitting now the shots are doing this, but it's like back of the newspaper.
So now you're vindicated what you saw a few years ago.
How do you respond to now that it's all vindicated what you were witnessing as a medical coder?
This really is my moment where I think people are actually listening to what I had to say because I mean I was watching videos like what you're showing right now and I know that we had patients like that in the hospital and nobody was Very few people had been listening and for years it seemed like I was in an echo chamber where it was only other people who understood that this was going on.
And so now that it's coming out and it's public, it's really a strange experience because this has been my reality for a long time and people are finally actually starting to admit that this has been happening all of this time and that it's still going on.
It's just, it's really surreal that That I wasn't able to wake people up, I wasn't able to warn people, and you know, now it doesn't even feel good to be vindicated about being right.
I kind of wish that I wasn't right.
I wish that so many people didn't have to die.
So it's kind of a double-edged sword, I guess.
It feels Somewhat good that, you know, I know I'm not crazy.
So that part feels nice.
Even though I still get called a conspiracy theorist and people tell me I should be executed for what I think.
But yeah, I kind of wish that I didn't have to be out here telling everyone that they were killing people.
But I feel called to do this because obviously other people aren't out doing this.
I think that's probably the most shocking thing to me is that I'm I'm out here because I was in a position where I was able to see this and how are there more people saying this?
Why am I the only one?
No, very, very beautifully said, Zoe Smith.
And here's the good news.
Humanity's waking up.
The globalists are in trouble.
They're going to try it again.
But they're not going to get away with it this time.
They're not going to get away with what they did last time.
People are really upset.
They're really pissed off.
Fauci's in hiding.
And so as bad as what we all went through was, and those they killed and maimed, we're not going to take it lying down.
I believe in humanity.
I do too.
And I think people are really waking up.
And this is evidence to me that people are waking up.
And even people in my personal life that ostracized me and thought that I was strange and weird and just shut up and go along with it, they're starting to see how important it is to actually wake up and see this.
So that gives me hope that we actually are winning.
Recently, there's a case going in the U.S.
Supreme Court right now where the AMA and all the medical associations are actually on record saying that they want to censor us.
People like you and me and my book in particular on Amazon, there's a part of it called Amazon Files.
It's Murphy versus Biden and it's a First Amendment speech rights case.
And they're on record saying that they want to censor us because it's making them, it's making it harder for people to take vaccines.
So that actually is us a winning point.
It might look bad, but it's actually that it's working, that we're waking people up, that they're starting to see this.
And they wouldn't be arguing that in court and trying to push back if it wasn't working.
So I think we should just keep, keep yelling from the rooftops and And it is working.
And we are going to win.
Zoe Smith, I want to invite you back on Owen Schroer's show and Harrison Smith's show.
I want to invite you back to do like a commercial-free hour plus show.
You can send clips, documents, whatever you want to do.
Thank you so much.
You're a beautiful person.
I feel stronger knowing you're there.
And it's going to be men and women like you that are going to expose evil.
They're going to bring this down.
Zoe, Z-O-W-E dot Substack dot com.
And people can also follow you on X. Thank you so much.
And I look forward to you continuing to fight tyranny.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Thank you.
What an amazing lady.
The truth is powerful.
Hour number four.
I've got a few topics to hit that I'll hand the baton to the next guest host.
But man, what an interview.
We're going to post it on X. Make it go viral.
Stay with us.
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You know, I saw this clip of William Cooper I'd never seen last night.
I thought William Cooper was a great guy.
He attacked me a few times.
He did it to a lot of people.
He was definitely a firebrand.
That's fine.
But I think Cooper was a great guy.
And I just think he really said a lot of important things.
Here's this clip from the vault.
Their whole purpose throughout history has been to teach a small number of people how to become adept at controlling everyone else.
Their goal is to destroy all existing religions save theirs, all existing governments save theirs, and shackle the mob in a system of eternal oppressive death chained to a computer for the rest of their life, in a propagandized world to make them believe that they are happy in this system.
Now do you think they're succeeding?
Haven't I described to you just now exactly what is going on in the world today?
Yes, they're succeeding.
They're succeeding because the American people don't understand their enemy.
They don't even know what's happening.
There's a method to their madness.
There's really not much method to yours.
Because you're operating from a place of ignorance.
And until you change that, you're going to be bumbling around, bumping into each other, saying and doing the wrong things, not understanding the nature of your enemy.
And if you don't understand the nature of your enemy and the weapons they use, you cannot fight that enemy!
You can't fight the battle!
You shouldn't even be on the battlefield!
That's why you're losing the war.
Don't tell me you're not, because I'm in a place of great knowledge about who's winning and who's losing this war.
And I can assure you, you're losing the war.
This country was founded by dangerous men.
And the moment the people in this country cease to be dangerous men, it's going to be the day we cease to have a country.
I'm going to tell you right now, unless we can be successful in creating a real free press, where the American people get different viewpoints other than those expressed in the establishment-controlled media, there's going to be a civil war in this country and it's going to come soon.
The only thing that can stop it is by waking up vast amounts of sleeping people.
Sheeple is what they are.
They are following the Judas goat right into the shearing pins and from there they will go to the slaughter and they will not know that anything is wrong until they smell the blood of the sheeple in front of them.
Powerfully said.
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I'm your guest host, Maria Zee of ZeeMedia.com, and it's wonderful to be with you all here today.
Well, this year is absolutely monumental for the United States because of the upcoming election.
Yuval Noah Harari says that this will be the last election involving humans ever, and future AI will decide for us.
But my question is, is AI already deciding for us?
My guest today is Andrew Riddell.
He served in the Trump administration for four years and was promoted to two senior advance leads within the Office of Presidential Advance.
His specialties include tech infrastructure, crisis communications, crisis management and consulting, campaign strategy, foreign affairs and much, much more.
The de-platforming and cancellation that began in 2016 Gave Andrew the bold vision of Freedom Tech, which led to the founding of Liberation, and he joins us now.
Andrew, thank you so much for your time.
Well, thank you so much for having me, Maria.
It's great to see you.
I've seen you on different broadcasts.
I think your information is amazing.
I want to focus specifically on AI, the role of AI in the upcoming election and potentially previous elections.
But first, would you let people know a little bit about yourself and your history?
Yeah, so I spent four years in the Trump White House, as you said, the last couple of years serving as one of President Trump's go-to guys when it comes to events.
And, you know, traveling all over the world, you really got to see a lot of what was going on in pro-democracy but also communist countries.
You know, we saw firsthand what was going on in China and how the control of information was so critical to the power that they wielded.
And then just a few short years later, seeing very similar technology and tactics being used here in our country, it became evident that we needed alternatives to those big tech companies that are clearly working for the DNC and the Biden administration.
Well, I mean, the main things that I wanted to focus with you on today, and I have so many questions for you, but is specifically the role of AI in social engineering, AI in elections.
Where do you want to start with this?
Because this is such a huge topic we could talk for hours on.
Yeah, you know, I think that first and foremost it is the fact that AI is here.
It is a tool that can either be wielded for good or for bad.
But right now it's being used by a lot of opposition to those that are Christian and conservative in nature.
And so we need to realize that this is something that is going to play a major part in our election because we know that Democrat policies are failing Americans.
The candidates are terrible.
And so they're going to take a page out of their 2020 playbook and lean on their technology partners to sway this election once again.
We already saw that.
With the fact that 13% of surveyed voters in 2020, Democrat voters, said if they would have known about the Hunter Biden laptop story, they would have never voted for Joe in the first place.
And so, you know, take that and then roll AI into it.
You know, we're in for a very interesting election.
So you mentioned the Hunter Biden laptop story.
That was, of course, greatly censored.
I've heard guests talking about how Google made sure that public perception was very, very different leading up to the election of 2020.
But I want to talk more about the other subversive methods in which AI might have been used in 2020 and, you know, how far it's come now.
I mean, how much is this actually altering public perception and how?
Yeah, so AI has been integrated into everything within Google and Microsoft and AWS and all those big players.
And so what we're seeing is both the overt, you know, them taking down just yesterday a Trump campaign ad, but also the covert where, you know, they are monitoring all the incoming and outgoing emails.
If there's a message or a narrative they don't like, it just Well, not even end up in your spam box.
It will just disappear into the abyss.
We're seeing AI being used so that they can begin micro-targeting Americans based off of their subconscious beliefs and pushing narratives and visuals that are going to get them to sway more towards the left.
You know, we're seeing that being used time and time again in a pretty drastic way.
And it's going to be something that, you know, can ultimately determine the outcome of this election.
So I can think of a specific example on Meta, for example, where I would post something like, okay, one video, COVID-19, the Great Reset during the lockdowns.
And it was obviously Klaus Schwab had already published his book called COVID-19, the Great Reset at that time.
And it was flagged as, you know, false information by a fact checker restricted from people being able to see it.
My theory, Andrew, is that that was not even real fact checkers at the time.
This was actually AI already sifting through content, flagging things and removing them.
Are we talking about, are we in agreement that sort of AI is much more advanced than they'd like to have us think?
Oh, 100%.
You know, back in those, you know, even a few short years ago, back in 2021, the AI was being integrated, but it was being, you know, sought by and controlled by, you know, still those content creators and moderators.
But what we're seeing now is a much more efficient and prolific AI that is, you know, flagging things with less than 20 views.
And so now, Information doesn't even have a chance to get out.
They're suppressing it as soon as you're hitting enter.
And that's where it becomes very dangerous because we're completely shutting down one side of the narrative in this country, not allowing for the American people to make their own informed decisions.
And if you continue to really ramp that AI up more and more and more, you know, we're going to be living in an echo chamber controlled by the left here in no time.
I agree with you there, absolutely.
And I've heard, you know, my good friend Mike Adams was on this program with Alex, actually, talking about the fact that the reason for censorship was not even so much about silencing us, but more about training their large language model with only the information that they wanted.
Now, when you search, I mean, I don't know what it's like for everyone else, but when you search on even browsers that used to be good, like DuckDuckGo, it's very difficult to find any true information.
It's just sort of the mainstream narrative.
And so, you know, I see them just basically erasing history with this Android and, you know, they're really training these large language models Right, because you have to remember at the end of the day, this is a tool, right?
It's not the AI of Terminator where it can take over the world.
Now, hopefully we never get to that point and we need to be prepared to turn it off well before then.
These tools are built with inherent biases.
We saw that with Jim and I coming out of Google, where you couldn't get a single image of a white family, except for if they're eating fried chicken.
You can't get these AI programs to give you a perspective from a conservative member of Congress.
But it will give you AOC's thoughts on whatever subject you want.
And so these inherent biases, because they're from Silicon Valley, they're now really pushing the narrative here in the United States.
And that is where it becomes incredibly troubling, especially now you start introducing deepfakes and everything else into the equation.
It's almost impossible to really tell what information is true and what is narrative controlled.
It's terrifying because we saw this in You know, Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia, where they control the narrative so that the masses only have one side of the story.
Now we're seeing this with the Biden administration, and it is just bigger and better tools.
And until someone starts putting their foot down and starting to move away from some of these big tech platforms, we're continuing to repeat history here, whether we like it or not.
Yeah, I absolutely agree with you.
In terms of, you know, us not being at the level of sort of Skynet yet.
I've spoken about this many times on various broadcasts, Andrew, but some time ago, I was looking into the, I was investigating the geoengineering projects that were occurring in the United States.
And I found buried deep on the NOAA's website, which is the National Oceanic Administration, I found All these projects that were happening in Utah, Texas, Colorado, California, all over the place of various geoengineering projects.
And I thought this is just bizarre that they're openly admitting to this.
I mean, you had the names, the signatures, everyone who'd signed off on it.
There was energy companies, counties.
It was an insane level of information.
I thought, how on earth is this actually available to the public?
Considering, particularly at that time, it was still very secret.
They weren't openly saying, oh, we need to geoengineer everywhere on the news yet.
Now they are.
And just the other day, I saw that they're saying, oh, we need to give AI control over geoengineering.
Well, at the time that I was investigating this, Andrew, I saw that the NOAA had an omics strategy for 2025.
And inside their omics strategy, it said, basically, we have to upload everything into the cloud by 2025, so that AI can then tell us what geoengineering we have to do next.
So while we may not be at the point of Skynet yet, we are Less than a year away from the NOAA's goal of giving complete control over to AI for geoengineering, removing human thought.
And you know, the AI says we must create, I don't know, a hurricane.
Yeah, and that's where it becomes very dangerous because we give all control over to a platform like this, right?
You know, I'm sure the Biden administration would love all of us to sit in our little virtual reality world and completely ignore the facts.
But, you know, you start giving control of major decisions like that to an AI to any given platform, it is only going to result in catastrophe.
You know, what we are really starting to see is a reprogramming of the American people, I think, where there's only one side of the narrative, where they're pushing the actions and reactions that, you know, they want to see out of the population.
And it makes it a more docile and controllable population when you start to do that.
And then, you know, all thought is handed over to the AI and it becomes, you know, the ultimate decision maker.
Well, that's such a good point, Andrew, because, you know, I want to talk to you about the different ways in which AI is and algorithms are assisting in social engineering.
We like to all think that we're above, you know, social engineering and above having our worldview shaped.
And I think those who are very well informed and sort of not quick to trust are absolutely a little bit more immune to this than others.
But I don't really believe that everyone is immune to algorithms.
So talk to us a little bit about the social engineering aspect.
I mean, you take a look at what is going on on American universities right now.
That is the prime example of what this experiment can do.
Now, there are people out there that have no idea what they're supporting, no idea the atrocities that Hamas has committed.
They have no idea.
There are people that deny the fact that October 7th happened.
And that is because, especially TikTok, they're able to push a narrative.
They know us better than we know ourselves at this point.
They're able to push a narrative that is going to cause a reaction for these kids to go and destroy public universities, just like you're showing on the screens, and to really segment and attack a part of our society that was attacked in the first place.
You know, the Israeli government, they're just defending themselves after being attacked.
But with this AI, with the technology and the micro targeting, they're able to, you know, induce a large portion of this population to think that Israel is the aggressor in this whole situation.
Yeah, well, you and I have different views on that, Andrew.
I'm going to be honest with you in terms of, you know, October 7th, Israel's response,
which you know, I don't think is just self-defense at this point.
It's now a genocide.
But at the same time, I agree with you that a lot of these students absolutely don't know
what they're there for.
You know, a lot do understand and a lot are protesting war, but I saw videos by the same token of people saying, no, I don't really know what these words mean.
And I don't, I don't really know what river from the river to the sea means.
I don't know which river it is.
So absolutely there is We saw the ability of social media to socially engineer this type of behaviour.
We saw similar things during the BLM riots.
And, you know, of course, what I'm trying to get to is how do the algorithms actually engineer this type of behaviour?
I mean, who's doing this?
Who is ultimately at the helm of socially Constructing events or riots or certain outcomes that they want through social media.
Do we pin it all on just Big Tech or is it also governments working with Big Tech?
Yes, 100%.
I mean, we see the Biden administration today fighting tooth and nail so that they can continue to work with big tech.
You know, I think that it is a combination of government, big corporation, large investment firms, you know, in the position of TikTok.
Obviously, Chinese government is really trying to sow real Distrust in one another.
You know, they are trying to create a division within this country because, you know, they do not succeed when there's a strong America.
But at the same time, you have plenty of folks here where they are working together, as we saw in the Twitter files, you know, the Biden administration, Biden campaign at that time, working with individuals within these technology companies, Collaborating to get a desired outcome, right?
You can't tell me that those communications were just suggestions.
Those communications to the top executives of Twitter meant take this down immediately and punish those that tried pushing an alternative narrative.
So then how does that fall into the next election?
Because here's the I can give you an example out of Australia.
Recently, we had what they call a referendum to do with something called The Voice.
They were trying to change the constitution without telling the people what it was, what the changes were going to be.
They just said, vote and we'll tell you later.
And if you ask questions you're spreading misinformation.
But basically they said that they were going to be, you know, working with Big Tech to take down misinformation and things of this nature.
And in the end the people still voted the right way.
They voted no to not knowing what changes are going to be made to their constitution and everything was fine.
But my point is they Really tried to attack this quote-unquote misinformation online and yet it still failed.
But this is a few months ago now, Andrew.
AI and the power of AI is moving very, very quickly.
I fear that a lot of people will very soon not have the ability to search for information or even communicate properly.
This is why there's such a huge attack on X.
Yeah, I mean, that's exactly why we started Liberation to ensure that forms of communication can be preserved.
You know, you're not going to have a government or a big tech company going in and reading all of your documents and your emails and taking it.
But I think, you know, you're incredibly on point here because they will try to push these omnibus bills in with, you know, language that is unclear, undefined.
And telling the individuals and the voters, oh, don't worry about it.
We, government knows best, right?
We see that here in the United States as well.
But it's incredibly concerning that we have to go through and push back time and time again.
You know, it will be a kind of critical decision for us.
Do we continue to just roll over and let this happen, or do we make impactful change?
And that's going to require, like you already stated doing, you know, doing the time, putting in the energy to research, you know, all different sides of a story.
You know, that is one of the key ways that we can fight back against AI deepfakes and things like that, because There still are these pockets of information that can't be suppressed because they maybe work with aligned technology companies.
But, you know, it is all about the American people taking the time, doing their own research, coming to the actual truth and making their own informed decisions, right?
If you just see a 15 second clip on TikTok and that is where your whole ideology stands, well, you're going to be easily manipulated and you're going to be easily persuaded to do whatever they want.
Yeah, I agree with you.
I've heard you talking about how we need to, you know, figure out how to use AI to our own advantage.
And I think there's there's absolutely an element of that, you know, sort of vigilante justice inside the matrix, if you will, I kind of describe it as that.
We'll talk about that more afterwards.
But I want to, I want to Talk about this banning and over-regulation of AI at the moment.
See, in Australia they're saying they've just banned deepfake pornography, which is fine, except for the fact that They can't even, right now, they can't even identify who it is that's creating the deepfake pornography and the laws that they're bringing in are for harsher penalties for the people that are creating it when even now they can't actually find them.
So how is bringing a law in for harsher penalties going to help you find them?
And I just don't believe that the government don't have the type of AI that can Sorry, the type of tools that can detect this.
For example, a face, a mum, a pregnant mother on Facebook posts that she opposes lockdowns and within five minutes the police are at her door arresting her while she's pregnant.
So tell me that they don't have the tools to, you know, identify some of these criminals.
And what I actually think is happening is an over-regulation of the public's use of AI so that we can't fight back with it.
Well, I'd even kind of push it to do they not have the tools or do they really not care about addressing these issues?
Because let's be honest, they could go to OpenAI and Google and all these platforms and say, you need to disable these deepfake capabilities on your platforms.
You know, there's maybe a dozen companies that they would need to actually regulate to solve this issue.
But in many cases, it can be somewhat beneficial to them.
So they let it happen.
They kind of look the other way.
They'll make some noise sounding like they're trying to address the issue, but at the end of the day, it can be beneficial to their cause.
So they just let it go.
You know, there's a lot of things that I believe if the government really wanted to solve it, they could.
They could end human trafficking in a major way and at least put in a significant dent into that industry.
Child pornography and all these things.
But They don't really care to address those issues, and so they just let it go.
Yeah, it's all so often them, I think, through social engineering, through algorithms, Making issues purposely worse, you know, for example, injecting an idea or interest into an app like TikTok to get people onto a train so that they can later go, oh, this is a problem.
We need to bring in more laws.
And I think that this happens a lot more than we actually realize, Andrew.
In terms of the algorithms, I guess we're almost up against a break.
We've got about a minute left.
But on the other side, I really want to talk to you about the power of algorithms, how, you know, the immunity of one who's quite awake to defending themselves against that power, you know, certain apps being more addictive than others and what role AI plays in this.
Maybe you can just start and we'll continue on the other side.
Yeah, so I think we have to realize that we have given all of our information away.
These technology companies know us better than we know ourselves.
They can almost at this point predict what we will do next week, right?
So that is the first core understanding.
That's because we've invited Alexa in our smartphones and all these other applications into every second of our lives.
So we need to first understand that these technology companies are mining a massive amount of data about us every single day.
And now with that, they can really start getting into the social construct concept where they can create a mindless drone kind of society that is easily.
Don't go anywhere, Andrew.
We've got to go to break.
I want to continue this right on the other side.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
We are live with Andrew Riddell.
Just before the break, I cut you off, Andrew.
Please continue with what you were saying.
No problem.
And so what I was saying is, you know, they have the ability to predict everything that we're doing.
And so it becomes very easy.
You know, if they want to, say, lock down the people before they go out and cast their vote, or, you know, we actually saw it being used against Joe Biden in the New Hampshire primary, where, you know, one of his competitors sent out a deep voice to a targeted number of Democratic voters.
To basically say...
Don't worry about it.
Stay home.
No need to vote for us.
And so now they're going to be able to not only impact our elections, but they'll also be able to start impacting us in consumer behavior as well.
You know, now they'll start to push the idea of lab-grown meat or pushing the idea of all-electric vehicles.
That is the only way to go.
Instead of looking at the science, really understanding the matters that matter to each one of us and us being able to make that, you know, informed decision.
Yeah, I want to ask you about something, Andrew, and you know, maybe you're sort of familiar with this aspect of it, maybe not.
But a very alarming trend has started to occur.
And I know from people that I actually know personally, And people in my audience that have reported this to me, where they don't have their phones with them, they're out, they're doing something.
I can think of one particular example where someone was in a store, saw a particular product they hadn't seen for 20 years, thought, oh, wow, that's cool, I haven't seen that for 20 years, went home, the phone was in the car, they went home, and the next thing they were getting ads for that product that they hadn't seen in 20 years on their Instagram account.
You know, recently as well, saw a drink that they thought, oh, should I have that?
Shouldn't I?
And next thing you know, that particular drink is showing up on their social media accounts.
So I think it's far more than, you know, I think it's actually a lot further than people understand.
What are your thoughts on something like that?
I think it's incredibly dangerous and yeah that is a great example because you know I always use the the analogy you're sitting around your dinner table talking about your upcoming family camping trip and next thing you know you're seeing tents and canoes and everything else being advertised with you.
But we also have to remember that we've moved past the point of Having to type something in for them to collect that data.
You know, we're wearing listening devices on our wrists with Apple Watches and other smart watches.
There's also proximity capabilities.
You know, you might have your Apple Watch on, your phone's in the car, but someone else with an iPhone is nearby and it's picking up that audio.
And it becomes something of a kind of utopian or dystopian society where, you know, you could be completely hands free and they're able to still pinpoint you.
Predict what you're thinking and really start to target you in that way.
And that's because we've allowed for these technology companies to come in.
You know, we don't really care about the terms and conditions that we're giving these companies.
And we're just signing away all of our data, letting them listen to us 24-7.
You know, Ring just got a major lawsuit against them because they had random developers, random people accessing Personal in-home cameras.
One individual was caught watching over 10,000 hours of this woman's personal life inside of her house.
We also saw that with the new ruling that came out against Google, where they were fined over $5 billion for stealing data while users were using incognito mode.
So nothing is private anymore.
Nothing is sacred.
And we really need to start pushing back against these companies Disabling capabilities, not carrying around our phones with us 24-7 to really start to take back our digital independence.
Yeah, I agree with you, Andrew, and I know about the Ring story.
I just reported on that on Monday night, where they were actually a lot of these companies that were sort of being given access to this data were from Ukraine, which is interesting because Ukraine is, of course, building the According to the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, Ukraine24, they are building the first basically fully digital dystopian New World Order capital with AI government, AI judiciary, and this is of course a UN initiative as per
The meetings held by the Boston Global Forum talking about how they want an AI judiciary, even though they invite MIT researchers on and they say, no, that's absolutely a red line.
We can't have AI judiciary.
And they say, OK, don't worry about that.
We'll we'll move on.
But it's interesting that all of this data was being sent to Ukraine, considering that they are planning to be this sort of first digital, you know, fully digital country.
That's that's what they say they're doing with our tax dollars, actually.
And you think about it, who is actually rebuilding?
It is, you know, Black Rocks, Vanguards, you know, types like that, that obviously are pushing the same narrative and interest.
And they're able to do it in a country that has been, for better parts, just leveled.
And so they'll have absolute control over this.
They won't be something that, you know, the Ukrainian government controls and owns.
No, it's gonna be U.S.
government, U.S.
private firms that are dictating all of this.
They're just harboring it all offshore.
Um, just going back to that.
Previous example that I gave, Andrew, and I know that you're saying we need to, I agree with you, we need to have phones with us less.
I would say even if you can, you know, do a de-googled phone from a trusted provider.
Don't use Apple or the major brands if you can.
But, you know, not everyone can use a de-googled phone or whatever the case may be.
You also, I know you talk a lot about Gmail, so I do want to talk about that with you.
The example that I gave you before of the individual who was in a store, saw something and then had ads on their phone, they were not wearing any wearable devices.
The phone was in the car.
They checked with the store, whether there's Wi-Fi in the store, you know, thought maybe something to do with the Wi-Fi.
The store said, no, we don't have any type of Wi-Fi in here.
So there was absolutely no reasonable explanation for why this person saw a specific product in this store that they hadn't seen for 20 years, and when they got home, they had an ad for it on their phone, which was not with them at the time.
I know another, you know, this is a funny story, but I know another person who was thinking about broccoli pasta, just thinking about it, and shortly after, they were getting ads for broccoli pasta.
So I'm asking, how do you think This could be happening because I've got endless stories just like this.
Well, and that's the thing, because they have integrated so much into it.
You know, the individual that was at the store, the one thing that I didn't hear, you know, they're now using AI surveillance cameras.
And so it could be something as simple as this AI can do the facial recognition because we've given all that information away and it sees you standing in front of the product and service.
And so they can instantly start retargeting you there.
Another possibility is, you know, the subliminal.
Like I said, they have so much data on us and they're able to access decades worth of information about our consumer and personal habits that, you know, they might have typed something in completely unrelated, but it leads the AI to kind of deduce what that individual is thinking or potentially wanting to buy.
You know, she maybe searched old soda pops of the 90 or something like that.
But, you know, that is where it becomes very dystopian, big brother, because we can try to get away from it.
But, you know, if you're in a store with AI and facial recognition, you know, they're tracking everything.
And that's actually where big money is being made right now, because they're able to really target every single action, every single micro movement that we do, whether it's leaning towards a product or leaning away from something.
And so they're able to then take that used decades worth of data to really target us in a very interesting way.
I'm really grateful the team brought up a video of broccoli pasta there before.
Thanks, guys.
I agree with you that it's possible that AI facial recognition could have been used in the case of a store.
The other stories I know of happened in people's homes that don't have any smart appliances or anything of the sort.
They just thought about something.
You know, it used to be that we would have conversations about things and then you'd get ads and that sort of became the running joke.
Now we're getting people thinking things and seeing ads.
And so I'm more curious as to, you know, whether this has to do with the Internet of Things, the Internet of Everything, of course, the, you know, the bi-digital convergence policy horizons, Canada documents, you know, the year is 2030, I have no privacy and life has never been better, Idaho, can these types of documents describe a world where AI is already inside of you, linked with senses inside your body,
linked with your thoughts and it sort of decides things for you. Yuval Noah Harari
describes this kind of future where AI is going to tell you your sexuality because it
knows you better than you know yourself. So I wonder how much of this is already
integrated with people and how the heck it's already happened.
Oh, I know that it's been around since at least 2016, if not earlier.
You know, they have so much data on us that, you know, they know what we're going to do every fourth Wednesday of the month, right?
And they can actually use that type of information to predict it.
You know, they're able to go to a subliminal layer of ourselves that we aren't even really thinking about.
And they're able to build trends and predict things based off of that.
And that's where it becomes very dangerous because we essentially lose free will at that point.
And we've been told that free will is over by Yuval and Rand Corporation and people like that.
Humans are now hackable animals.
So, you know, Yuval even says that if dictators of the past just dreamed that they had the types of tools that the globalists have today.
So it is very, very alarming.
I want to speak to you about Gmail because you've spoken about how You know, Gmail, Marks, make sure that your own subscribers don't get your emails.
I've personally recently experienced this, you know, sent out an email blast to our subscribers and I've got multiple people telling me, we never got your email.
Not that I'm using Gmail for it, but talk to us about that.
Yeah, so it really kind of works on both sides.
While you're not using Gmail, your subscribers are.
And they are both able to filter what's coming in and going out.
And if you're using a platform, say like MailChimp, there's another kind of filter on that.
And, you know, whether it's an organization that they don't like, Terms and phrases they don't like, you know, the AI is able to catch almost 100% of this in a very effective and quick manner.
And so they'll completely just remove that information.
They'll never see it.
You won't be able to search for it.
Your ideas are just lost to the Internet.
And how do you think, what sort of tools, obviously the email part, Email's a part of it.
I know that even the telcos, if I'm not mistaken, it was well, actually, I don't want to say the wrong one, but it was either AT&T or T-Mobile in America that were talking about how if something was illegal in another state, you could be fined no matter which state you were texting your loved one about, you know, about information that's illegal in another state.
For example, if they were successful with their lawfare against Trump in one state, then it would sort of be illegal maybe even to text your support about him in another.
I mean, I'm giving an extreme example, but they did introduce this thing of fining people despite the fact that the laws don't apply in your state.
Apart from things like that, how else are they going to potentially weaponize this to interfere with the next election?
And you know, the example that you gave, I don't think it's all that far-fetched.
You know, I think that they're going to 100% control the narrative, completely suppressing the ability to hear about something negative that the Biden administration did.
They're then going to geotarget and microtarget us based on our own subliminal habits and traits.
And begin to really push a pro-democrat narrative so that those swing voters will break heavily to the left.
I think that they'll also make it incredibly hard if you're a conservative to find your voting location, to find information about hours, you know, making it accessible for you to vote.
You know, I think that there's going to be a lot of disinformation, if you will.
And by disinformation, I think they're going to be suppressing information.
And ultimately, that is going to be just one kind of factor that they use technology and in the capability to suppress and change this election.
I also think that, you know, they're going to go after, you know, conservative and Christian organizations and completely turn the lights out on them.
And at that point, you know, even if we want to receive that information and have a alternative to receive that information, you know, if You know, a Trump campaign is still using Silicon Valley technology.
They're susceptible.
And ultimately, that is the only way that, you know, they're going to win this election.
So we're advocating and trying to help as many people as possible leading up to the election to get off of big tech, to find those alternatives so that they can secure their rights, so that they can continue to receive information and not have a technology company telling them how to live their lives.
That's such a good point, Andrew, and I want to circle back to that in a minute.
But I wanted to ask you about your thoughts about the sort of whether we will reach the point of singularity and whether you think that there's a spiritual aspect to it.
I mean, this is a machine.
I don't believe that there's any spirituality to this.
But I think if you also ask Charles Schwab, he'll say, yes, we'll meet singularity in no time.
We're going to become a one world government.
You know, by the way, he'll be very high up in that administration and he'll make it just a very depopulated world with a very kind of mindless population where we're too busy living in our own virtual realities.
That are being fed to us by these big technology companies.
Yeah, I agree with you in that regard.
I think, I don't think we're quite at singularity yet, but I think they absolutely want to get to that point.
They've, they continue to tell us that they want AI to run the world.
Like I said, you know, Yuval telling us that AI is going to decide our sexuality for us, for goodness sake.
I mean, there's no free, when you can't even Be free to not be gay because he actually says, you know, you might be gay.
You don't know.
So AI is going to tell you.
I mean, it's just it's crazy.
All right.
So let's talk about some of those solutions, Andrew, because we have problems with emails.
We have problems with telcos.
We have problems with all sorts of different ways that information is being suppressed.
You said a specific attack on Christians and conservatives.
That is the case in every single country.
They do everything they can to suppress you so that you can't even have the ability to reach people with the truth, let alone run a successful business half the time because you can't even reach your customers, for example.
And so what do people need to do about this?
And how can Americans and people all over the world really push back?
I know you talk about voting with your dollar.
Yeah, so we've built a variety of products and services that are really focused on restoring our rights.
So we're a zero-knowledge company, meaning we do not mine, monitor, or monetize any of our clients' data.
We don't even have access to it.
We've shut all of those back doors.
And then we've built a lot of the tools that you need for your day-to-day.
So if you're a business owner, you can host your website or application with us.
If you're an individual or a business organization, we've got an alternative to Zoom, Microsoft Teams.
You can get your email, your video conferencing, storing all of your documents in a safe and secure location.
We've got a website builder, MailChimp alternative.
You know, the tools that you need day to day need to be working for you, not against you.
And that's really what we stand for at Liberation.
Yeah, and what about Another sort of personal example, I was looking for a specific product, a series of specific products recently, and I noticed that where I used to get all my search results giving me all the different stores I can shop at, and surely retailers are ticked off about this, now it's only giving me Amazon, you know,
Alibaba and, you know, eBay, basically.
It's giving me, you know, very few select options.
Amazon obviously being the number one that Google promotes.
And you can't actually even really, it's difficult to even search for retailers now.
Products at certain retailers, Andrew.
So what should people do to really, I mean, again, vote with their dollars?
Yeah, so in that use case, go to Public Square, go to Freedom Chamber of Commerce, and you'll be able to find the products and the services from the middle class business owners, right?
They want to completely eliminate the middle class, the American dream.
And to do that, they will have ultimate control and a very mindless working class.
So it is important to reach out and find those technology companies and day-to-day services, right?
You can come to us.
We would be happy to direct you to a product and service even if we don't offer it.
That's because we know that Google and Amazon work together.
They're going to cross promote each other.
And so we need to take the fight back and cross promote each other making sure that you know there are options.
There are mom and pops that are delivering high quality organic materials to us and not this kind of mindless lab grown stuff that we're seeing being pushed out of big big corporation.
Yep, yep.
I'm in complete agreement with that.
We need to support and build the parallel economy.
Andrew Riddell, we're very grateful for your time today.
Please let people know where they can find you.
Yes, so you can find us at LiberationTech, LiberationTEK.com.
Thank you so much for your time, Andrew Riddell.
Really appreciate it.
Hope to speak to you soon again in future.
Well, here are my closing thoughts, everyone.
I genuinely think That we have grossly underestimated the power of AI and everything that Andrew has spoken about today is really at the level that we do and sometimes don't consider.
The social engineering aspect of AI, you know, when I talk about only being given two, three shop options, for example, you know, that was really disappointing to me because Not only did they, you know, and I'm not a huge shopper, don't get me wrong, but not only did they condition the population to not leave their homes and do everything online, now they're giving you less and less options of what you can have online.
And this is all by design.
The plan is to eventually, as per the Policy Horizons documents, This is an official Canadian government publication everyone, the Biodigital Convergence Publication.
And it says in there, it explains how, you know, you're not going to decide things, you're going to, AI is going to tell you what you want to eat.
Ida Orkin also describes this, you know, sometimes I think for myself what I want to eat, but usually AI does it for me.
Delivering things to you by drone.
And of course, you know, guys, if you've got a short version of that clip of that amazing cartoonist that Alex had on some time ago, who did a sort of a vision of the Great Reset, if you can roll that while I'm talking on silent, if you can't find it in time, it's fine.
But you know, this vision of you're basically locked into this horrible world, these little pods, I spoke about that earlier this week.
You know, it's fascinating to me that these pods in the city of Melbourne and the city of California are being advertised for the same amount, $900 a month.
Well, the US currency and the Australian currency are worth very different amounts, and yet they're both being advertised at $900 a month.
Why is that?
Well, because they said to us that once AI takes over everything, we need a universal basic income.
There it is, guys.
Look how great you are.
You're so quick.
This cartoon, this animation is absolutely phenomenal.
And look, there's your options.
Crickets and fake plants, even.
They won't even give you real plants.
But the plan is to make you unemployed because AI will take 95% of jobs.
They're already warning us about that.
They're warning us about rust belt situations.
It's to make us obsolete.
And the conditioning has happened slowly, I'm telling you, because I don't do a lot of shopping online.
I just noticed this.
The options are not there anymore.
Your options are literally Amazon and a couple of other online, you know, retailers.
That's it.
That's all you have the option for.
There's Amazon.
And so the UBI amount that they floated is $2,000 a month.
So you get, you lose your job to AI, you get $2,000 from the government that wants you to perpetually inject yourself and eat crickets in your pod.
Which you pay $900 a month for.
This is the universal currency that they want to roll out.
It's not worth anything different in any other country because it's just digital and it's just digits on your bank manager's screen and it means nothing.
And at any time they can say, oh, well, it actually means nothing at all.
And they can automatically deduct your carbon taxes and they can automatically, you know, penalise you like the UN says they will do inside the AI World Society.
It's not a social credit system.
You won't be punished.
You just won't be rewarded when you don't do what they want.
That's a social credit system, United Abominations.
We're not stupid.