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Name: 20240506_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 6, 2024
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Alex Jones passionately discusses InfoWars' mission and the importance of independent media. He highlights potential dangers associated with COVID-19 vaccines, including increased cancer rates, Alzheimer's, and cardiovascular issues. Jones also mentions Pfizer's leased property in San Diego for cancer drug research and studies linking vaccines to prion diseases. He urges listeners to share the information on social media and support InfoWars by purchasing products from their store. The broadcast also promotes Nitric Boost for vitality enhancement and muscle recovery.

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Tomorrow's news today.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
If you think the awakening we've seen so far is big, this planet and the globalists have not seen anything yet!
(crowd cheering)
We're aware of your activities, trying to muzzle the American people and gaming your search results.
Google is evil!
We now take the challenge, not to censor like you do, but to stand against you and to fight even harder for our birthright that you are trying to steal!
Remember this.
You killed your profession by becoming nothing but mercenaries for the globalists, and people know that you're fake news, many of you.
Now, with you trying to kill the First Amendment, you're making yourself true villains.
You've declared war on the First Amendment!
You've declared war on free speech!
Since when?
There are hundreds of doctors unable to have press conferences in America and they take it off YouTube, they take it off Google, they take it off Twitter, they take it off Facebook.
There is a giant crackdown that even the New York Times calls it a crackdown on conservatives and a plan to de-platform conservatives from the internet and communicating with each other just like communist China.
I'm here to expose this fraud.
I'm here, just like when Congress has hearings about me, I go there.
And I get in their face and I expose the truth and that's what I'm gonna do.
We had over 40 million subscribers on Apple. That was our biggest thing
with my three podcasts. Those were all banned.
The most banned man in America, Alex Jones.
If by Rudyard Kipling.
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too.
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or being lied about, don't deal in lies.
Or being hated, don't give way to hating, and yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise.
If you can dream, and not make dreams your master.
If you can think and not make thoughts your aim.
If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same.
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken, twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, and stoop and build them up with worn out tools.
If you can make one heap of all your winnings, and risk it on one turn of pitch and toss, and booze and start again at your beginnings, and never breathe a word about your loss.
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone, and so hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them, hold on.
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings, nor lose the common touch.
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, if all men count with you, but a nun too much.
If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run, yours is the earth and everything that's in it.
And which is more, you'll be a man, my son.
It's Monday, May 6, 2024.
And I am sitting here right now.
Strongly considering canceling the guests and things we had coming up today,
and not taking calls, and covering the smoking gun information
that has already come out, but more has come out now.
already come out but more has come out now.
Of what we're facing as a society and a civilization, and that is forced depopulation that's now in full swing.
It's a strange paradox.
You know, I was never professionally trained in media.
I was just somebody that was very interested in news and information from a very young age.
So I never really had any calculation in what I've done for 30 years in the first decades.
I just covered the news and believed that people knew about the bad stuff happening.
rectify things by standing up against it.
I believe that sunshine was the best disinfectant.
And I just called balls and strikes.
That's what I've always done.
But of course, truth is always paramount.
But as I get older, I wouldn't call it being manipulative.
I would call it being smart with the truth.
And by that, if I just start this show and I bring out this huge news, Millions will watch it and listen to it, but if I build it up and have some fanfare around it and some drum beats, spotlights, well then 50 million, 100 million will watch it and we've got a chance to beat these people.
Because other talk show hosts are really good at talking about what's coming up and building it up.
I mean, me, I just tend to get to where the biggest thing is right up front.
That said, really what I'm trying to say is I was already planning last Friday when I saw more Bill Gates clips where he was confessing to testing mRNA on the public and using us as mass guinea pigs so the elite can have life extension.
And the fact that now the FDA has come out and all these scientists and even people that work for the system and said, okay, yeah, the shots didn't work and they're giving you cancer and heart attacks and all the rest of it, blood clots and infertility.
But then, the last few months, Pfizer has said, hey, don't worry, our stock shouldn't go down.
It should go up, which it's going up now again.
Because cancer is mysteriously exploding at just record rates.
Never before seen, and quote, cancer, oncology is the new COVID.
Well, it's not the new COVID, it's what the COVID injection does.
And the number of young people, children and young adults I know that have cancer, formerly very rare cancers, it's just staggering.
I mean, every circle of people I know, As young people with cancer and dying of cancer.
Just in the last few years, my wife has gone to multiple memorial services for young women she knows.
We're talking 30, 35, 40, 45.
Who are exercise fanatics.
That's how she knows these women.
She's big into tennis and used to teach yoga and big into Lifting weights and running and my wife's like a exercise freak, which is great.
She looks like a fitness model.
And she knows all these fitness model women dying.
I mean, these are fitness model women.
These are upper middle class healthy women and they're just dying.
But then I have all the statistics here in front of me too.
And I know all these people that have young children with cancer.
So, I mean, there it is.
Albert Bourla came out, not just in their statements by the company the last few months, but in interviews, and said, quote, cancer's the new COVID.
We're going to make so much money.
And he starts licking his lips.
And it's just the ultimate confidence game.
He says, quote, we already saved the world with the COVID shots.
Now we're going to save you from cancer.
No, you're literally giving people cancer.
Knowingly as a business plan that I didn't just say this now I said it four years ago and three years ago I've said it so many times in fact have the archivist put together you know just 10 minutes I asked him for like 10 minutes the other day for something where I said watch you know they're gonna admit that they had no idea what the COVID shot would do that was all just a mass test on the public And now hundreds of times they admittedly changed what was in the Pfizer and Moderna shots.
Just all sorts of things they put on them.
Of course, that was in the literature.
I wasn't predicting it, it was admitted.
But now Bill Gates comes out and brags about it and laughs about it.
All that ties into SPARS 2025-2028, the battle plan.
All of that ties into what Borla is saying now, and just letting it sink in that it's 100% a plan, and they're counting on controlling most of the medical system and most of the media, being able to get away with it.
And they're also counting, most importantly, on denial.
Which again, is not a river in Egypt.
People come face to face with the media and big corporations and the government, Literally trying to kill you, and they just go into total denial.
I think of Trump.
He does so many good things and has really evil enemies.
He made some big mistakes.
He did a lot of good things, but he won't admit this.
A lot of people say, well, don't have him admit it.
That'll hurt him in the election.
Folks, they covered their ass in the FDA document in October 2000, predicting everything that would come.
They published it.
It's on screen right now.
FDA surveillance of COVID vaccines, draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes subject to change.
But they never changed it, and they predicted it.
But so did scientists on the outside, like Wolfgang Wudarg and Dr. Robert Malone, and of course, Michael Yedon, former vice president, head of their vaccine program at Pfizer.
So what I'm really saying is, sir, I'm going to cover this today, and I'm going to talk about it.
But I'm really talking about what should all of our response be to this?
Like the frog in the pot, we're just boiling and just accept that this is the new normal and then just go about our business?
Waiting for the UN treaty to take over our health care and our bodies to go through?
Waiting for the next virus to be released?
Waiting for the next scare?
Bird flu is already here?
And just to watch Borla's face in these interviews.
He knows exactly what he's doing.
He just looks manifestly evil.
He lied to the whole world, lied to the whole public, said it's 99% effective, then 92% effective, then 87, then 82, then 80, then 74, then 70, until, oh, actually, it gives you COVID and destroys your immune system and is self-replicating.
And Bill Gates is like, yeah, we put self-replicating stuff in you in the shots to see what it'll do.
We just got to play around with it.
That's a quote.
Like you're a lab rat.
But you are a lab rat.
I'm a lab rat.
That it sheds on everybody.
It's prions that grow in your body.
That's the same stuff that causes spongiform encephalopathy.
So I just can't sit here and take this like this is just one more news story.
I mean, I feel like just not doing the show the next few days and then just getting with my researchers and everybody and getting all the research and all the clips and all our predictions and all their admissions, put it all together so people can see the compendium and the continuum and the chronicle of what they're doing leading us up to now.
And I would just challenge other filmmakers like, I can think of so many that do a great job.
Mickey Willis.
I bet he could put something together pretty quick that's 10 minutes long that condenses this and explains it all that we can all then promote.
Because it's such an assault on everybody.
And it's so cold-blooded and it's so perfect how they do it because they create the virus that creates the fear, they give you the shots to make the spike protein that attacks your whole body and attacks your DNA and triggers turbo cancer, destroys your fertility and goes after your cardiovascular system.
And then they start saying, like two years ago, don't worry, the next big thing's cancer.
And suddenly there's ads, oh, everybody gets cancer now, and everybody gets heart attacks now, and everybody gets myocarditis now, and everybody gets strokes now.
Kids get it, it's normal.
But don't worry, we've got mRNA, new shots for your cancer, and for heart attacks, and for depression.
I mean, overhead shot, please, or put the article on screen.
Cancer is the new COVID.
Pfizer CEO brags.
And you look at the face on this guy.
I mean, that's a stone-cold killer that knows exactly what he's doing.
And now they're going to have, they already have, they admit, the fastest growth in cancer ever recorded on Earth.
But Bortles, man, we're gonna make hundreds of billions of dollars off this and their stock shoots straight up.
And then there's the even weirder thing.
The only person I've ever seen that, while he talks, like he's a lizard.
Like there's a breathing bag in his neck.
I'm not saying he's literally a lizard.
He's like gulping, or like a bullfrog or something.
I mean, maybe he is an alien.
I don't know, man.
I mean, who would do something like this to us?
All the videos of him It's like a frog doing a mating call or something.
Of course, don't take that out of context, make a joke out of it.
How could anybody that works in Hollywood or the system or the Justice Department or anywhere go along with this?
And of course, all those key federal agencies were exempt from the shots.
They were saying it was the law and making troops take it and medical workers take it.
Oh, but the FBI and senators and congresspeople and their staff and a whole bunch of elite agencies, they were all exempt.
Just like the illegal aliens are exempt from the poison shots.
I mean, they really are not just replacing us.
They're killing us.
And then while they're at it, They're going to charge you $5,000 per chemo bag that's nothing but raid poison.
Same stuff you buy in a raid can, literally, depending on the type.
You pay $5 for a raid can, you pay $5,000 for a bag of it in an IV solution.
And they just think we can't handle it.
They think we can't face what they've done.
They control the major federal agencies of the Western world.
They control MI5.
They control the FBI.
They control the German National Police.
And they're going to roll out new viruses and more fear?
See, I kept saying, when it all comes out they're killing everybody with these shots, which they even talk about in their war game.
They're gonna have to cover it up with wars, civil unrest, but I also said, I was thinking a new virus.
I also said cancer.
But instead it's, oh, don't worry, it's not viruses now, it's that you've all got cancer.
And then no one is supposed to then ask themselves, why is the cancer exploding?
And of course the answer to why the spies and the federal police and all of them are going along with this is it came out that MI6, MI5, the CIA, the Justice Department, the agents would go file cases investigating Pfizer or Moderna, but that wasn't to stop them, it was to trigger the payoff, and then Moderna and Pfizer and others would go higher The German spies, the French spies, the UK spies, the Canadian spies, the US spies.
That came out of Congress two months ago.
To change their reports and then they give them more money and they'd suddenly be advocates for it.
Some of them up to a million dollars apiece.
And we're talking mid-level spies that are supposed to be watching for bio-attacks and things and go, hey, we're monitoring a massive increase in this and that.
Well, don't worry.
How about some money?
And they come to their office, they even email them, that's why we've got the emails, they don't even hide it.
They say, you notice your agency was exempt, just relax.
You know there's too many people, right?
There was a PBS documentary in the late 80s, we've aired the clip many times, with the co-inventor of the polio vaccine, quoting the main doctor, the doctor was a sock.
And he said, hey, we knew every shot had SV40 cancer viruses in it.
We're also giving a lot of people polio, but what the hell?
This is in an interview.
He says there's too many people.
I started laughing!
And to their thinking, because you won't stand up for yourself, and don't have a life force, and don't have any instincts to stand against this, you deserve to die.
So I have all this news in front of me, all this incredible developments.
There's so much to cover.
During the break, I'm going to write a new headline for our original SPARS 2025-2028 report that came out three years ago.
And we're going to post that to X and hopefully get it out to folks.
People will say, well, this is a couple of years old, but you need to watch it because You watch it, and I explain what they're going to do, and they do it all.
How'd I know?
It's in the plan.
It's set in the year 2020 to 2024.
And they followed the plan.
Now, it blew up in their face bigger than they thought it would.
They knew there'd be some repercussions, but they thought they could manage it.
It's not gone well.
So, Albert Bourla, Just goes up on national, international television, and just straight cons into the camera with a huge confidence game.
Just, yep, yep, cancer's the new COVID.
Cancer's exploding.
Buddy, look at the graph of their stock.
It's basically the graph of cancer going up.
So, I'm going to play the clip coming up after the next break, and I'm going to focus and get into all this, then I'll cover the other news.
We must have a compendium report now that chronicles how they developed the viruses.
We have the admissions of that in Congress.
We have Peter Daszak and all of them admitting they did it and then later denying it.
So they made it.
It's man-made.
Then the Pentagon tells them what shots to have under Obama program that was launched under Trump.
They convinced Trump it was his idea.
It was some magic thing they just found on the shelf they already had for years.
We have all the proof, all the documents.
And they launch it, causes huge spike in health problems.
And they claim, oh, that's COVID.
And then people point out, it's not COVID.
Science shows that.
So they say, forget about COVID.
That doesn't exist anymore.
No, no, no.
Now the big problem is cancer.
So they are putting cancer viruses in the vaccine since the 50s.
That is a fact.
It's not debated.
And the doctor down at the low level at your hospital giving you cancer treatment doesn't even know all this.
They're not giving any education on it.
This is administrative mass murder.
One of the top, most respected doctors in England, who was even naive four years ago and now admits he was wrong, has come out and shows the numbers that are public.
The cancers basically doubled on average.
In some groups it's bigger.
It's more than doubled in young people, because cancer was more rare there.
But in the general age groups, I'll show you the study here in a minute, it's about doubled, a little more than doubled in the last three years.
And it starts exactly when the shots roll out.
And some countries did it different, three, four, six months apart.
It starts right when the shot comes in.
So in England, you know, explosion in cancer, Starts in October 2020, because they rolled it out a few months early there, and it just starts right away.
And then here, people start taking the shots in January, so it's cancer starts popping up in March.
We're talking, whoo, you want some cancer, baby?
You gonna get it real fast.
It's like the fast food of cancer.
Increase in age-adjusted cancer mortality after the third mRNA lipid nanoparticle vaccine dose during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan.
They found a massive increase.
Let me show you some more headlines here.
Cancer is the new COVID.
Pfizer CEO brags.
Expecting windfall from wave of cancer patients, Pfizer leases huge property in San Diego for research and development of cancer drugs.
Peer-reviewed study, cancer deaths increase after COVID vaccine.
That's the big prestigious doctor in Canada reporting on that.
Here is the new giant Pfizer building.
Here's the study on increased age-adjusted cancer mortality after the third mRNA shot.
Cancer risk soars 52% among fully vaccinated ages 15 to 49, I mean 59, pathologist finds.
One dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine contains over 200 billion DNA fragments that contain and can incorporate into human DNA, causing cancer.
Oh, it's a cancer injection.
The FDA said it's just fine.
And of course, there's populations to be predicting all this.
Of course, that's just the cancer.
COVID shots trigger dementia from prion or mad cow disease.
And I've got the big studies right here.
Four of you like to see those?
Would you like to see those?
Look at this one.
Moderna post 1.2 billion loss as demand for COVID jab collapses.
Promises investors next generation vaccine to tackle new strains and cancer will be their profit.
Chris Cuomo says he's sick from the shot himself.
Then I've got some of the studies here.
Let me show you those.
I showed these yesterday.
At the left, that's their face they make as they embrace death.
There's spike protein linked to Alzheimer's, acceleration, major study.
Spike protein in the prion-like diseases.
There's some of the big studies on that.
So, you know, you're being shown all this and it's a fact and it's going on.
And you've got some of the top Japanese scientists saying it's a prion disease.
That's just one of the loving things it does.
Cuts your DNA in pieces.
Attacks your cardiovascular system.
Makes your body attack your cardiovascular system.
You see, people are different genetically.
Some people are more susceptible to this or that.
That's why, as Dr. Judy Mikovits said on the show three years ago, and again a few months ago, she said, everything is in it.
And now they've gotten vials of Pfizer and Moderna shot.
200, you know, million types of just everything.
They are taking everything they got and pushing it into you to basically mutate your ass.
And I'm sorry to have to report that to you, ladies and gentlemen.
But it's a fact.
They always said they were gonna start killing everybody.
Before we were in the testing mode.
Now, live expectancy is plunging.
World population for the first time since the Black Plague is plunging.
Neurological disorders are off the chart.
And the virus is a long-term infection.
It is real.
It does infect people.
But it's very low-level.
So you'll just get cancer, you know, in 10 years if you ever had COVID.
So most of us, you already got it.
It's already there, growing, enjoying itself.
There's ways to mitigate it.
But you take the shot.
So that's it.
But at least we'll all know who did it.
And I don't think they're going to get away with it.
Just the facts, folks.
Like to say in Dragnet, just the facts, man.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Cancer is exploding.
They don't know why, but don't worry.
They're going to have some mRNA for that.
They're going to fix you right up.
So roll up those sleeves and get ready to see Jesus.
Seizure and acquisition and oncology, it is what it is, our new COVID.
So we did what we did with COVID.
We are very proud.
We saved the world.
But it is behind us now.
We want to do once more.
And I think oncology is our best chance to do it.
But of course, with many other therapeutic areas.
Specifically what?
And could that eventually be blockbuster drugs in that pipeline?
I think will be blockbuster drugs and more importantly, they will be blockbuster drugs because they will have significant impact on cancer patients.
We are having a phenomenal performance of the ADC portfolio that we acquired from Cigen.
One of them, Patsev, which was, let's say, a medicine for bladder cancer, had a growth of 164% in our hands.
So that demonstrates how well this money were invested.
But what excites me most, Liz, That is such music to so many of our viewers' ears at the moment, Albert.
And props to the wonderful people at Pfizer.
when I review the pipeline what is coming out of this ADC technology, I really think
that we will have, we will move the needle into overall survival of cancer.
That is such music to so many of our viewers ears at the moment, Albert.
And props to the wonderful people at Pfizer.
I know how hard they work over years to develop these kinds of drugs.
They work for years to develop their mRNA injections that cause cancer and attack fertility
and destroy the immune system as well as your cardiovascular system.
Oh, they've been working really, really hard.
Thank you, Dr. Borla.
He's a veterinarian.
Thank you, Dr. Borla.
We know how hard you're working for years to save us.
The cancer's everywhere now.
Can you save us?
Just take more of our shots.
You'll do quite well, my darling.
Huge, huge numbers.
Insurance group sees death rate up 40% pre-pandemic levels.
What did I say?
With the insurance company, Whistleblowers, two and a half, three years ago.
We already had reported it, but we had Edward Dowd and the others on.
He said he had the whistleblowers, high-level actuarists, and they went public later to Congress, as he said.
And what did it say?
What did the actuary show?
Well, every country that had high uptake of the Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, or AstraZeneca shots, because they all do the same thing, J&J and AstraZeneca are not mRNA, but they order a virus vector, live virus, in the shot, to go into your cell and order it to make.
The loving Spike protein.
And those were so strong, remember, they pulled those quick, because we're like, well, these are really killing people right away.
We want to make them sick and get the cash and suck everything dry and have them do fundraisers at the church.
And get every damn thing they've got.
This mRNA is the way to kill these people and get their money.
Yeah, ooh, so liberal.
And then people want me to fight everybody over black and white or Christian versus Muslim.
And I know there's a massive attack on whites and that's to divide and conquer us.
We have to defend ourselves, but we have to understand who's manipulating it.
And there is, they bring in the Islamic forces, the orthodox mainline Islam, which is expansionary and wants to conquer everyone.
That's all very real attacks, but the big one Is the poison injections, the 5G and all the studies gives you cancer.
And sure enough, you're like, oh, Alex, they're going to depopulate us.
I told you for years, I said in their documents, they start in 2020.
It's Agenda 21.
Rio de Janeiro, 1992, operating off State Department Memorandum 200.
And they said by 2020, they would go from beta to operational.
And now they have hit us.
We don't know why the cancer's so bad, Borla say.
Don't worry, though.
I'm making something get you back on your feet right away, my darlings.
We're working so hard for you.
It's so good to help you, my sweetsies.
Oh, remember Biden two years ago?
He said, we've got a moon shot.
We're not going back to the moon.
We're going to cure cancer, just like they're going to cure COVID, but their cure was 100 times worse than the virus.
And now they're going to cure cancer.
And what do you want to bet?
We'll be here in five years.
And if you think cancer rates up 40 to 50% plus is bad, they're talking about a 100% within five years.
And it'll be, oh, Borla, save us!
Take the shot, my pretties!
You take the shot, and it gets worse, and we don't know why it gets worse!
Take more, my sweetsie-cakies!
And here's Biden.
Biden to set up cancer cabinet in a reignited moonshot initiative.
They're going to save us.
Biden relaunches cancer moonshot initiative aimed at halving the rate of cancer by 2047.
Oh yes, they're going to cut it in half as it goes straight up.
Whatever they tell you, it's the opposite.
And you know, you think I want to sit there and tell people this stuff, you know, I have a close family member.
Not my father or mother, but close.
And they have heart problems.
And so they went in and got scanned again.
They said, oh, you got single cell type lung cancer.
And it's prognosis is really good.
Just take this.
And I told my family member and my family member's daughter, I said, I predict you need to say bye to your dad.
Because he's up walking around and talking and stuff.
I said, I predict after he takes the first round of chemotherapy, he'll probably pass out and maybe talk a few times.
Then when they give him the second round, in a couple days after that, he'll go into a coma and you'll never talk to him again.
And exactly that happened of course last week.
It's predatory.
It's evil.
But you're sitting there talking to these doctors and nurses who are compartmentalized, who don't spend any time studying any of this.
I think the average doctor knows anything.
They take a couple hours in college about nutrition.
And they just follow their orders because under Stockholm Syndrome, they've been part of this evil system so long that They're not ever going to admit to themselves they did wrong.
That's how they rolled out the poison shots.
And it's right in front of them, that in every country, right when the shots begin, and it varies country to country.
That's what's so powerful.
It'd be one thing if they rolled the shots out worldwide on the same day, and then things worldwide went up.
No, no, no.
Depending on the country, it goes up a few months after it starts perfectly, 40-50% increase.
And I just showed you CBS, ABC, NBC.
If you're a TV viewer, the crews just type in whatever I say and it's coming up.
You notice I'm not making it up.
And that's compounding the 40, 50, 55, 70% increase.
In old people, it's 100% plus already.
And if you ever beat cancer before, you take Moderna or Pfizer or J&J or AstraZeneca, your ass dead in six months.
And they've had, three years ago when it started, the head of the pathology union in Germany Who runs the biggest cancer facility in Germany, came out.
He had morals.
And he went, uh, listen, we're telling our, the rest of our patients, do not take any of these mRNA shots or any of these COVID shots.
We've had people in remission or the cancer is gone and they're literally dead in a week after they take it.
The cancer just explodes.
That's the term, turbo cancer.
They go, we, we, it is the shot.
Young people, 52% increase.
I mean, this is just beyond insane.
And it's all happening.
Take your shots, my darlings.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, as horrifying as all this is, they thought they would completely get away with it.
They're not.
And they're scared now.
And they admit they are.
That's been leaking.
That's been coming out.
So they're not going to get away with it, but they can't help themselves.
They're going in full tilt.
I'm going to play this Borla clip again where there's stocks exploding.
I showed you all the cancer numbers that are exploding.
And then I'm going to play Bill Gates bragging and talking about how he's using us as guinea pigs.
And then I'm going to go ahead and open the phones up the second, third, into the fourth hour, coming up the next hour, to talk about the poison injections, the UN treaty, the explosions in cancer, heart attacks, all of it admitted now.
And boy do they hope we stop talking about it.
That's why currently the Central Intelligence Agency in consultation with the Justice Department is trying to shut down InfoWars.
And I need to do a whole hour on this to cover all the angles because it's historic what's happening to InfoWars.
And I'm just waiting.
I'm either going to do it this week or next week.
Just so you know where the chips are falling and how epic this is.
But as scary as it is to know you're being targeted by these people, imagine us.
And I'm not scared of what they'll do to me.
I am so sad that I can't give more to this fight.
And I don't say that to sound wonderful and heroic.
I mean it.
I mean, we're all being attacked.
We're all being slowly killed.
We're all being hit by this.
And it's all because of compartmentalization.
And I know the trajectory goes to just absolute hell on earth.
We're already entering that.
And I know I'm right.
And I know their censorship is successful in the next few years.
The only place this information will be is if you have it hidden on thumb drive somewhere or on old VHS or DVDs and are literally showing it to underground groups or you have it in your mind and remember it all.
Because if they're successful, this is a project to get rid of all humans on earth.
It's not 90% like the Georgia Guidestones said before someone blew it up.
It's total human exterminism.
Transhumanism is the goal.
And now you see all these top people coming out and saying that.
Even Dr. Robert Malone, who is an extremely successful wealthy man, builds a whole bunch of patents and a lot of the technologies used today.
He created mRNA.
And he said, Alex, you're absolutely dead on.
This is a post-human Removal of the species.
But the globalists say that.
At World Government Forums.
They're called World Government Forums.
With World Government Forum behind them.
And they say there'll be no humans.
The future's not human.
And you think they're joking.
They're not joking.
I know.
You got a card game tonight.
Or you're going to want to make some NFL bets.
Or you want to go pick up chicks.
I get it, folks, but that's not fulfilling and that's not what you're supposed to be doing while the Titanic sinks.
We've got to get to the lifeboats here.
And I'm like an emergency beacon on a hill that's got the enemy shooting rockets and hand grenades at me and our facilities on fire, metaphysically, both for the truth and being destroyed, as we do our most important work ever.
And I'm just going to continue transmitting to the end.
But I just, until they knock our lights out.
And, I'm in God's hands.
I commit myself into God's hands.
The Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost, and God is in control.
You've got to direct me, God.
Please help me be a good steward of the consciousness you've given me and help me help others.
But I'm just, I don't want to say I feel guilty, because I can see it, I understand it, you see it, you know it, you understand it, but the horror of this, the absolute, total, evil commitment against us that is supernatural, and the people don't know it's a spiritual war, many of them don't know, and they're basically defenseless.
And we've done an overall spectacular job compared to others, that's all God, and God working through you, at warning people, but it just isn't enough, is it?
And I just, the Bible says probably 10 times that I know of, with great knowledge comes great suffering.
The beginning of knowledge is suffering.
The more knowledge you get, the more pain you're in.
And imagine the pain God knows, giving us all this free will and we squander it.
It's not a feeling of depression, it's a feeling of understanding and commitment, but just pain, but also love.
It's pain for those we love, pain for the innocent, pain for all the little children they're going to torture to death in hospitals.
I just, I just, I just can't believe we're letting this happen.
I just can't believe it.
I play a few clubs these demons, here it is.
The Borla club.
Seizure and acquisition and oncology, it is what, it is our new COVID.
So we did what we did with COVID.
We are very proud.
We saved the world.
But it is behind us now.
We want to do once more.
And I think oncology is our best chance to do it.
With many other therapeutic areas.
Okay, oncology.
Specifically what?
And could that eventually be blockbuster drugs in that pipeline?
I think will be blockbuster drugs and more importantly they will be blockbuster drugs because they will have significant impact on cancer patients.
We are having a phenomenal performance of the ADC portfolio that we acquired from Cigen.
One of them, Pacef, which was let's say a medicine for bladder cancer, had a growth of 164% in our hands.
So that demonstrates how well this money were invested.
But what excites me most, Liz, That is such music to so many of our viewers' ears at the moment, Albert.
And props to the wonderful people at Pfizer.
when I review the pipeline what is coming out of this ADC technology, I really think
that we will have, we will move the needle into overall survival of cancer.
That is such music to so many of our viewers' ears at the moment, Albert.
And props to the wonderful people at Pfizer.
I know how hard they work over years to develop these kinds of drugs.
You know, genetically modified organisms and we are injecting them in little kids' arms.
We just shoot them right into the vein.
So yeah, I think maybe we should have a safety system where we do trials and test things
The idea though that you would take a technique that promises to solve nutrition problems,
solves productivity problems, solves crop disease problems for African farmers,
where it's absolutely a life and death issue.
Making the mRNA is really easy and really cheap, and that's the magic of this thing.
But there's no doubt in the next five years, we just need to mess around.
There's a lot of lipid nanoparticles and some are very self-assembly.
There's no inherent reason it's not thermal stable, it's not cheap, and it's not scalable.
And so, as over the five years we fix that part of it, mature it, which is very typical, we'll be able to build factories worldwide that can make $2 vaccines with even Less lead time than we've had to have here during this pandemic.
And we'll use those as you suggest.
For every disease that we don't have vaccines, we will try mRNA.
In fact, for HIV, we have multiple ways.
One that's more of a B-cell approach, one that's more of a T-cell approach.
You know, for malaria, we have multiple ideas.
For TB, we have multiple ideas.
And so to fill in the missing vaccines, we will make a lot of our bets of the Gates Foundation and others who care about global health will be mRNA focused.
All right.
We're going to go on a break, start the next hour, I'll give the number out, and interspersed I'll hit all this other huge news and it's all massive.
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Stay with us.
We'll be starting it very, very soon.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, let's start the next segment.
I'm going to get the toll-free number out.
For your reports, what you witness with cancer, heart attacks, you name it, what you make of the cancer rates exploding, what you make of Borla saying cancer is the new COVID.
We're gonna open the phones up for that and do a Spaces coming up, but here's a few key clips here in this segment before some stations join us coming up in about five minutes.
I just want to acknowledge your leadership and your ability to see around corners.
Again and again and again, you have been labeled as a conspiracy theorist and a nutcase for speaking the truth that you were able to perceive earlier than many people.
And I'm in your debt and I think we're all in your debt for your courageous actions over these many years.
You've been vilified and denigrated and gaslit and everything else.
I've received a small taste of what you've been through and I don't like it very much.
So I certainly appreciate and empathize with everything you've been through.
and thank you for being the hero that you are and not backing down in the face of all the crap that's been thrown
at you.
No one has ever done this.
These videos are now in the hundreds in Japan, in the US, in Europe.
People suddenly turn around like they see something, put their same arm up in the air, and then fall over dead.
(upbeat music)
Nobody's ever had convulsions or seizures like this.
The best they can tell us, if the spike protein replicates properly and creates these matrices in nanotech,
they're able to then hit it with 5G communications or other programs, which is in the patents.
And then... another died suddenly. And another one's gone, and another one's gone, and another died suddenly. Hey,
that's gonna get you too, another died suddenly.
How do you think I'm gonna get along without you when you're gone?
Vax took me for everything that I had and kicked me out on my own.
Are you happy?
Are you satisfied?
How long can you stand the heat?
Out of the doorway the vaccine drips to the sound of the beat.
Look out!
Another dad suddenly...
Another died suddenly And another one's gone, and another one's gone
Another died suddenly Hey, life's gonna get you too
Another died suddenly Hey, hey!
Bada-da-da-da-oh (Growling)
Bada-da-da-da-oh (Growling)
Another died suddenly Another died suddenly
Another died suddenly Hey, hey.
Another dad suddenly.
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
(upbeat music)
You can hurt me bring you to the ground You can beat him, you can cheat him, you can treat him mad.
And leave him with his facts.
But I'm ready, yes, I'm ready for you.
I'm standing on my own two feet.
Out the doorway, the vaccine's ripped.
Leading to the sound of the beat, oh yeah.
Another dad suddenly.
Another dad suddenly.
And another one's gone, and another one's gone, and another dad's had me.
Hey, that's his own kitchen.
All right, I had a full plate of incredible news and information to cover today, and we'll get to some of it.
But I have seen Bill Gates and many of them using us as guinea pigs recently.
And then I now, Albert Bourla, the head of Pfizer, says, "Hey, our stock should go up," which it did.
Cancer is exploding everywhere, and we're going to save you from cancer, even though it's their shots that caused it.
It's just so amazing.
So I thought, why not do a TriCast?
Not just a syndicated radio TV show, But not just taking phone calls, but also simulcasting with our video feed on X, the real Alex Jones, but also a X Spaces.
Because those reach a lot of people.
I was on part of it last night over three hours.
I could only do an hour because it was my seven-year-old daughter's birthday.
She turned seven yesterday.
Well, I was a little upset.
I still got there 30 minutes late.
But with Nick Fuentes and Mario Nafal and Andrew Tate last night, and it was extremely informative, and I wish I had been the whole time, but again, I had the birthday party to go to.
That was great as well.
But we're going to start in X spaces in about 10 minutes.
Simulcasting the rest of the show on the subject of it's confirmed cancers off the charts.
It's confirmed.
Heart attacks are off the charts and all these weird prion diseases.
I'm going to recap that in a moment.
We start the spaces.
And now Borla says, hey, our stock's going to go way up, which it is, because we're going to save you from the increase in cancer that in the mainline studies is directly linked to what they've done.
I mean, it is so sick how it was a power grab and made hundreds of billions off the shots.
And then now they're going to make trillions off just cancer everywhere, everywhere.
And it's just absolutely outrageous that through the medical system, that's where the corrupt corporations and the tyrants, other than war, have really found a place where they have the trust, and they have carte blanche, and it's their own speciality.
They have all this departmentalized minions that'll follow orders, and they can get away with basically anything.
And that's where we are.
So let me give out the toll-free number on air so you can call in on one subject.
We're doing one subject, and it's a huge area, a large waterfront.
The origins of the virus, the COVID lockdowns, the UN treaty, the bird flu they're hyping up for more controls and more hysteria and more vaccines that now Bill Gates and the US government are stockpiling, and 182 days, the election, and all the fear and the explosions and cancer, and now, oh, mRNA, quote, vaccines to cure the explosion and cancer.
I don't even believe any of that.
We're going to be talking about all of that, the medical tyranny here today.
And the beachhead the globalists have.
Against humanity from the men and women in white coats in the Big Pharma that owns and controls them.
I know our phone system holds 12 callers, so just get 12 on the board.
877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539.
And I know our phone system holds 12 callers, so just get 12 on the board.
That'll be as many as we can get to.
Because also I'm going to get a bunch of spaces, commenters on, speakers on as they're called.
So when we do go to the calls or do go to the folks on spaces, just have your comment or statement right of your question and we're going to move to the next person.
But we have to make this front and center.
We've got to stop the U.N.
tree that takes over our national sovereignty and that sets up these tyrannies that takes over our bodies.
We've got to Continue to expose what the globalists have been doing so that they face a Nuremberg 2.0, not just because vengeance is the right thing or justice, but that's a side issue.
That's 1% of the equation.
99% is stopping them from future events and really understanding that when tanks and airplanes come to attack us, men stand up and fight, and women get behind them, and women fight.
But when it is a medical tyranny through the financial system, through the medical system, through your government, It's dissolving your borders and attacking your families and pushing all the propaganda.
People just don't know what to do because they associate the government with their tribe or their people.
When it's not, it's a ruling globalist class literally at war with you because they've decided you're obsolete.
They've got machines.
They've got computers.
They don't need you anymore.
Human life's always been cheap.
Now they're saying it has a negative value.
It's garbage.
Well, if you act like garbage and you lay down to them, then the power structure believes it has a right to behave and act like that.
So the good news is, and they admit this, the globals everywhere admit, They're caught off balance.
There's way more pushback than they thought.
Their censorship didn't work.
There's whistleblowers everywhere, but they don't care.
They're bearing down again.
What are we going to do about that?
And how are we going to warn the public and let the people know that took the shots?
And you won't have lawyers sue.
They've been given liability protection.
But not from a criminal conspiracy.
They have liability from their product not working or failing, but not if it was premeditated.
Like Bayer Pharmaceutical, starting in the mid-1980s, collected blood all over the world.
But a few years into it, They found out that hemophiliacs and others, people that got blood transfusions, were getting massive levels of HIV and hepatitis and other things.
So, at one point, about half the blood that Bayer was buying was from Arkansas because the Clintons would not test it and would say it was certified and clean.
They would then ship it to Bayer facilities.
They would make Factor VIII blood products and other things out of it that's concentrates of blood platelets, but it's full of HIV.
And hepatitis A, B, and C, this is a huge admitted case.
And then when the lawsuits happened in Australia and in France of all places, it was the board of Bayer Pharmaceutical, which was a Nazi company, I should add, saying, hey, so what if our factor eight's contaminated?
Because they knew it wasn't on purpose.
We need to get rid of people.
There's too many people who cares about these hemophiliacs.
So type up blood, Bayer blood scandal.
Bayer Blood Scandal.
Bayer Pharmaceutical Blood Scandal.
And you will get the articles.
You've got to search web, search Google Images.
They haven't censored those yet.
Google Image is as bad as the searches for text or video.
And you can then find the original articles where they admit.
Let's see how censored it is now.
Go to Google and type in Bayer Blood Scandal.
There's the Guardian.
Bayer Division knowingly sold HIV-infected protein.
Boy, they're really obsessed with those proteins, aren't they?
And what is the spike protein that it orders your body to create?
It is the famous HIV spike protein that destroys your immune system.
They go, oh, well the full virus did it.
No, it's The spike protein, but you won't always test positive for HIV if you've had the spike protein.
You will if it's the full virus.
So they've given the world, here's the bottom line, they've given the world HIV through this shot.
And what happened to the mainly gay men that were having so many partners and were also run down on drugs and things, methamphetamine mainly, they'd already hurt their blood cells.
What would they get?
They get cancers, they would get cardiovascular issues, they would get immune system collapse.
What does the shot do?
And this is all admitted, mainline science.
So they've given a couple billion people, what is it, four billion they think, took at least one shot.
Four billion people, here test my memory, number of people worldwide that have taken COVID vaccine.
It's over four billion.
And some people are tough.
They're not going to take right away.
Your body somehow defeats it.
But they've given you HIV, which is a prion, which was also a manufactured weapon.
So you notice, I just told the crew, type in Bayer Pharmaceutical Blood Scandal, put him on a guardian.
But notice no coverage on this in over a decade.
Fauci of course was famous for taking tens of thousands of mainly
black children from their parents and testing deadly HIV drugs on them until they died.
Look that up.
Fauci HIV drugs, HIV drug testing scandal.
Fauci HIV drug testing scandal.
Or, Fauci tested on foster children.
Not just dogs they cut the larynxes out of so they can't bark and then let flesh-eating worms eat them.
That's one of his favorites.
You're in a list and you're like, this guy's nuts.
No, I'm not the one doing it, brother.
Reporting on what they do makes you go nuts.
Yep, NIH tested AIDS drugs on foster children.
Boom, 2005.
That's a whitewasher.
So, You're a new viewer.
Sorry to have to report all this to you, but I'm risking my life because I know my life ain't worth nothing in God's eyes if I don't stand up against evil.
I'm not scared of them doing something to me.
I'm scared of you not standing up.
I'm scared of you not realizing how much attack you're under.
So, we're going to play a special report on the UN World Health Organization, Tedros, takeover of your body, the treaty, We're going to bring Chase Geyser in here to help run the spaces with yours truly.
Take your phone call.
All stay with us.
pandemic treaty and its history.
He has shown that its entire history is fraudulent and relies upon the people's silence.
On June 14, 1948, President Truman signed a joint resolution to sign onto the W.H.O.
Section 2 states that three U.S.
delegates would be chosen by the President and confirmed by the U.S.
Senate, but the Biden administration has sent U.S.
delegates who have not been confirmed, which makes them fraudulent.
Section 5 states that in adopting this joint resolution, the Congress does so with the understanding that nothing in the Constitution of the World Health Organization in any manner commits the United States to enact any specific legislation program regarding any matters referred to in said constitution.
And so the U.S. is not lawfully compelled by the WHO.
On July 25, 1969, the 22nd Annual World Health Assembly adopted the International Health Regulations
to ensure the maximum security against the international spread of diseases,
but did so without a Senate vote.
The way they did that was with what they called the Silence Procedure. A bunch of unnamed bureaucrats
agreed to that document.
They gave a nine-month period for the leaders of all of the parties to reject it.
And if no one rejected it on the first day of January 1971, it became legally binding.
Any amendments go by that same adoption procedure.
So in 2005, they made substantial changes.
And for the last 18 or 19 years, we've been working off of the international health regulations as they were amended in 2005.
I challenge anybody to look through the federal register or the senate records to see if the
senate has ever given their consent, you know, two-thirds either in 1948, 1969, 2005 or in 2022.
On September 30th of 2022, 94 nations submitted more than 300 proposed amendments to the pandemic
These documents were withheld from the public, and when James Roguski acquired copies, he discovered the reason for this was that the disputes were all based upon corrupt world leaders of smaller nations wanting a bigger piece of the action from the U.S.
after realizing the billions of dollars being made by pharmaceutical companies.
This is organized crime and the big crime bosses are being faced by a bunch of little crime bosses who want in on the deal.
They want to be able to manufacture the drugs and jams in country so that they can control it and, you know, inflict it upon their own population while basically profiting from the next pandemic.
And the proposed amendments to the 2005 IHR will bring this tyranny to its full potential.
They want to create an International Health Regulations Authority.
They want the authority to declare a pandemic based on the mere potential for disease.
They want the authority to compel new vaccines and quarantine for those who are not even sick.
And they want to authorize surveillance and censorship to enforce their fraud.
They also want to give nations the authority to quarantine and vaccinate foreign travelers at their own discretion.
They want to add strengthening language to enable nations to quarantine international travelers As appropriate.
That is not an attack on national sovereignty.
That is a ridiculous strengthening of national sovereignty that would enable each nation to abuse the rights and freedoms of foreign travelers.
The local tyrants that abused your rights over the last four and a half years They didn't need any amendments or didn't need any treaty to do what they did over the last four and a half years.
So the core battle is still local.
You can find these documents at StopTheTreaty.org and RejectTheAmendments.com.
They view our silence as consent, so we must stand against them and speak out.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas broadcasting worldwide, we are simulcasting
on a syndicated radio/TV program.
The video at RealAlexJones on X. Band.Video.InfoWars.com for slash show.
And of course simulcasting on a Spaces on X. And Chase Geyser, my co-host, is over here to do that.
Albert Bourla came out, and we just started the Spaces on a plate again, and said, and their stocks exploded, that oncology or the treatment of cancer will be their new
That's a quote.
The new COVID is cancer.
And their stocks exploded.
Now, I showed this earlier in the last hour, but I'm going to show it again.
Massive increases, around 50% on average, in every country that started taking the COVID shot.
And the studies show it starts, some countries start at different times, right when the shots start within a month or two.
So it's like, you shoot somebody in the head with a gun, they fall over and bleed to death.
I mean, it's like, you run over somebody with a car, they die.
Or you pour gasoline on yourself and light yourself on fire, you immolate.
I mean, it's, you take a cyanide pill, you have a convulsion and die in two minutes.
This is absolutely going on.
Studies are everywhere.
And the ballsy-ness of these people is just absolutely incredible.
But they believe there's too many of us.
This is depopulation.
They're saying they want a post-human world.
Biden said two years ago they want a cancer moonshot to stop cancer.
But instead, cancer is absolutely exploding.
And here's some of the other headlines.
Leo Homan, prominent Japanese medical professor, warns against taking self-replicating replication jab this fall and winter.
They've got major studies out on it creating a spike protein similar to what causes mad cow disease in humans.
Spongiform encephalopathy are some of the studies I've got on the TV screen for you.
There's a report COVID shot trigger avalanche of contagious dementia.
Soyboys just love it.
Cancer is the new COVID.
Pfizer CEO brags.
Expecting windfall from wave of cancer patients, which has already happened.
Pfizer leases huge property in San Diego for research and development of cancer drugs.
Peer-reviewed study, cancer deaths increase after COVID vaccination.
Over 50% is one of the most prestigious doctors in England with major studies.
There's the new building they're leasing.
And then it just continues on.
Here's one of the studies.
Increased age-adjusted cancer mortality per third COVID lipid nanoparticle vaccine dose during COVID-19 pandemic.
Cancer risk soars 52% among fully vaccinated age 15 to 59.
Pathologist finds major studies.
One dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine contains over 200 billion DNA fragments that can be incorporated into human DNA causing cancer.
FDA dismisses it.
Here I am predicting that Bill Gates and the others are doing this as an experiment.
We may have a glimpse of them admitting it.
So, that's just some of the information that you should be made aware of.
Moderna posts $1.2 billion loss as demand for COVID-19 jab collapses.
But their answer is, we're going to make money off all the cancer we gave you.
Now, Andrew Cuomo, Fredo, says he's sick from the shots.
It just goes on and on.
Stop saying you did your research before you got the injection.
You are the research.
All right, I've mentioned this a few times.
I played it earlier, but some stations just joined us, and obviously, you started some casting on Spaces on X. So here is Albert Bourla on Fox Business talking about their new wonderful business, Exploding Cancer.
Seeds and acquisition and oncology, it is what?
It is our new COVID.
So we did what we did with COVID.
We are very proud.
We saved the world.
But it is behind us now.
We want to do once more.
And I think oncology is our best chance to do it.
But of course, with many other therapeutic areas.
Specifically what?
And could that eventually be blockbuster drugs in that pipeline?
I think will be blockbuster drugs and more importantly, they will be blockbuster drugs because they will have significant impact on cancer patients.
We are having a phenomenal performance of the ADC portfolio that we acquired from Cigen.
One of them, Patsev, which was, let's say, a medicine for bladder cancer, had a growth of 164% in our hands.
So that demonstrates how well this money were invested.
But what excites me most, please, That is such music to so many of our viewers' ears at the moment, Albert.
And props to the wonderful people at Pfizer.
when I review the pipeline what is coming out of this ADC technology, I really think
that we will have, we will move the needle into overall survival of cancer.
That is such music to so many of our viewers ears at the moment, Albert, and props to the
wonderful people at Pfizer.
I know how hard they work over years to develop these kinds of drugs.
Now, a lot is going on here.
The Intel is, they're going to have an mRNA now that mitigates your blocks, the spike protein, and then go, oh look, you'll no longer have cancer, I saved you, but it causes all sorts of other problems.
That's where this is going, and then like, they'll be getting Nobel Prizes, and there'll be heroes, and you notice, we already saved the world with the COVID shot.
Oh, you lied about everything.
Where it came from that your shots worked.
It's caused a massive cancer.
But there they are.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back and we're going to go to speakers on X.
We are going to talk to callers.
We're going to do both callers and ex-speakers.
I'm going to go callers.
One minute, comment or question.
Spaces, comment.
We're going to get as many people on as we can.
And we'll go a little bit into the fourth hour today.
So please stay with us.
And if you're watching on local TV, tell people you know, tune in.
If you're watching on InfoWars.com, share the link.
If you're watching on Real Alex Jones on X, share the link.
This is an InfoWar.
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Share it if you're watching this archive later at X or Band-Op video.
Share it.
That's how you change the world.
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Check out DrJonesNaturals.com if you want to get great products and support the broadcast.
DrJonesNaturals.com and of course InfoWarsStore.com where so many great products are back in stock like Nitric Boost.
I just want to acknowledge your leadership and your ability to see around corners.
Again and again and again, you have been labeled as a conspiracy theorist and a nutcase for speaking the truth that you were able to perceive earlier than many people.
And I'm in your debt and I think we're all in your debt for your courageous actions over these many years.
You've been vilified and denigrated and gaslit and everything else.
I've received a small taste of what you've been through and I don't like it very much.
So I certainly appreciate and empathize with everything you've been through.
And thank you for being the hero that you are and not backing down in the face of all the crap that's been thrown at you.
All right, now, for several hours, I'm going to race through space as speakers.
And callers simulcasting both.
Andrew, Bart, William, Nicole, JR, John, Nick, Mike, Mike, everybody, we're going to your calls.
Chase Geyser in control of the spaces.
Obviously there's a lot of other huge news.
You've got Alvin Bragg and the prosecutor and Leticia James attacking Trump daily.
But then he can't come out and say it's all a show trial.
The whole thing blew up.
All their witnesses said the opposite about Trump.
None of it's true.
Of course, it's all lies.
And now the judge says he is going to probably arrest Trump.
And as I predicted with Roger Stone last week, I said Trump's going to violate this gag order because I know Trump.
Nobody's going to tell him what to do.
That's his strength and his weakness.
Trump slams gag order.
Judge has taken away my constitutional right to speak.
Says he's going to continue to speak.
The judge says he's getting ready to arrest him.
I want to go to these callers.
I want to go to the folks on Spaces, but I know you don't want to get into the specifics.
You told me not to, but you know some folks close to you.
When I was talking about some of the things earlier you've experienced, my grandmother's doctor told her her polio vaccine gave her polio.
It's admitted most polio cases are caused by Bill Gates's program, AP Reuters.
You've known people that things have happened to.
I mean, it's not like we just have the statistics showing it, or the stories.
We're experiencing it.
Sure, I can actually tell you a pretty interesting story about that, Alex, if you'd like to hear it.
Yeah, tell it.
When my hematologist, I'm a type A severe hemophiliac, and I was fortunate enough to be born after the blood product contamination issue was resolved.
But I did go to my hematologist's retirement party when I was in high school.
The hematologist took care of me from when I was a little baby all the way up through high school.
You're in the hemophiliac community?
And I went to this retirement party at the hospital and I was kind of excited because I was thinking I was going to see other hemophiliacs.
It's really rare.
Not a lot of people understand what it's like to have a bleeding disorder.
And there were no hemophiliacs.
It was me and my parents and a bunch of other married couples with no hemophiliacs.
And I realized it was because all of their sons were dead from AIDS.
And they came to support Dr. Bohassen because he was a very heroic and good, genuine doctor.
Who didn't have any culpability or anything with this contamination, but that is the impact.
I mean, it was just dead, thousands of dead hemophiliacs.
And the tragedy of it is that it was the advent of infusing the medicine at home.
So it was a major breakthrough that parents could actually inject their hemophiliac children at home without having to send them to the hospital every time there was a hemorrhage or a bleed to get a blood transfusion.
And so the tragedy of it is that mothers Injected their sons with HIV and Hepatitis.
And Bayer knew, that's all, they admitted it and did it on purpose, didn't care.
Guys, just type in, like we did earlier, if new viewers are here, London Guardian, all of it, report, but not anymore, they won't cover it now.
They expect millions worldwide given HIV, Hepatitis, you name it.
Just type in, Bayer Pharmaceutical Blood Scandal.
And you'll get, but again.
They're way worse now.
What do you make of Borla?
I showed all the statistics earlier.
They know it's causing turbo cancers.
We had, again, top scientists coming out years ago on this, and now Borla is going to save us from the cancer they've created.
I think it's very peculiar that before all of this massive reporting about this hyper cancer, the Biden administration launched the cancer cabinet back in February of 2022.
They reignited it.
I think it's very peculiar and it seems to me just another example of special interests, pharmaceutical businesses and the politicians that are invested in them.
Exploiting a situation.
So they gave out this vaccine, which they made billions upon billions of dollars on.
It causes cancer.
Now they're going to make billions and billions of dollars on the other side with all the federal money that's going to be used for research.
And by the way, the left always gaslights.
I noticed I put out some tweets or X posts this weekend saying Biden's announced a plan to bring the refugees here after Israel kills a bunch of them.
And then the left gaslights.
Big accounts go, that's not happening.
You know, it's all admitted.
So again, you're saying this didn't happen.
AP, Reuters, all of it.
Put it on screen.
Bayer knowingly gave people HIV.
Put it on the screen.
Pharmaceutical giant knowingly sold HIV-infected treatments.
National Health Service.
The London Telegraph.
Just like I have 34 senators send a letter saying, don't bring a million Gazans here, and then I get gaslit by big accounts saying, it's not happening, it's not happening, it's not happening.
That's what they do, Chase.
And the tragedy of it too, there's a great documentary about it called Bad Blood.
When it became illegal to sell these contaminated blood products in the United States, they took their remaining inventory that was contaminated and they sold it to third world countries and other countries overseas where it was still legal.
So they're like, all right, we can't That's all to you, we'll just give these people.
And even while it was happening, the Clintons were still selling prisoner blood, knowing it was contaminated.
And I had on the head doctor that exposed it.
They firebombed the Hemophiliac Society in Canada the day after he was on my show.
Then they firebombed the doctor in Little Rock that exposed it at the prison.
Within one month.
So imagine, I'm like 26 years old, on air, interviewing these people.
I see some news articles, I don't know how to call them, and like, they're getting firebombed.
I mean, I'm like, whoa, is the New World Order real or not?
I could be wrong.
I don't think anybody in the United States went to prison over it.
No, only like in France and stuff.
I think Japan maybe got in trouble.
And what's the other one?
Oh, it doesn't even matter anymore.
It's just totally insane.
And to live this and to experience this.
Did you read the corporate minutes of Bayer Pharmaceutical?
Zach's saying, so what?
Some of them, yes.
They're quoted on the Wikipedia page about the whole crisis.
I've read those.
They're like, well, one quote's like, well, who cares about these hemophiliacs?
Right, and you can go back and you can look at the old schedules of NIH meetings on the issue and determine that Fauci was likely there.
So he was in a leadership position for like three years while they knew this was happening and nobody was doing anything about it.
The doctors were so self-righteous.
They thought that dying of hemophilia was just as bad or worse than dying of AIDS.
So they just decided not to tell the parents that they were giving their kids AIDS.
That's what they said.
They said, nobody cares about these hemophiliacs, plus their quality of life's not good.
Let them die.
That was the quotes, yeah.
Well, I guess you experienced it, so yeah.
Yeah, I mean, the average life expectancy for a hemophiliac is 11 years without treatment.
And you bleed internally, and you eventually suffocate because... Alright, we got everybody on here, but I'm glad... There's even more, though, but it's people you know.
Sure, sure.
I mean, Fauci grabbed little black kids and did experimental AIDS testing on them, killed them.
You know about that?
I'm not familiar with that.
This goes on and on, brother.
I know the hemophilia thing because it's just close to home.
Yeah, we're just supposed to trust these people and, you know, it's crazy.
All right, I'm going to shut up now and try to be limited in what I say because I want to get to everybody.
Should we do a Spaces first or let's do a Caller first?
I'm going to do Spaces mainly and kind of, you know, not too nice to Callers.
Let's talk to William in Arkansas as a nurse on the increased health issues.
Go ahead.
I've been a nurse almost 40 years.
I have 20 residents on the job right now.
Almost half of them have cerebral or vascular accidents of an unknown origin, meaning a head bleed or a head clot that's causing stroke signs and symptoms.
As a veteran of 23 years in different uniforms and a servant and a patriot to humanity, I am absolutely angry beyond Description and how we are allowing this and why Fauci and them are not in jail is beyond me.
The first time I ever heard of prions or spike proteins was in 1984 during biological chemical
training to decontaminate people coming into the operating room during biological warfare.
They told us very little.
They didn't know very much.
They said, we hope you never run into them and more than likely if you ever see them, they have been used as a bioweapon.
And they did not know if they were able to sterilize them or not.
I have worked in surgery 20-something years, sterilizing viruses and bacteria and algae and everything, and I can build a sterilizer or break down the different ways that you implode or explode a virus and get into its DNA.
And any basic soldier that ever put on a gas mask and went through a basic biological chemical training exercise knows that it's a joke in the way that they undertook Uh, the protection of people with a paper mask or anything like that.
We end up into any kind of real situation and we approach it that way with a bioweapon of any sort, we're all in serious, serious trouble.
A serious weapon is going to kill all of us with a paper mask, even an M95 mask.
This is retarded.
You talk about bare chemical.
Uh, we talk about it as bare, bare medical.
Well, it was bare chemical during World War II.
They made the rocket fuel to launch the V2s into England and at the end of the war along with the Deutsche
Bank and many others even on the other side of the ocean like Mitsubishi
Treaties were signed and unconditional surrenders that these companies would never do international business again
and look at them today Well, I can interview you for 10 hours, but we won't get
the next great person if we don't but absolutely I remember seeing declassified documents in the 80s that I read in the 90s, where they were worried any government could breed these prions and spray them on people, and within a matter of months they would grow and debilitate or kill a lot of people.
Now it's mainline literature, sir, as I'm sure you know, you're a nurse and been through military training, that this is a prion, I'm getting chills right now, that is replicating and shedding on the unvaccinated.
I mean, what do you make of that?
I worry about myself because of the close proximities I have with the older people now in these nursing homes.
I lost five jobs because I refused to take the jab.
I see a lot of the older people that are getting ready to retire, those that are in the know, not as far as your type of information, but just those that are beginning to realize we've been had.
I see a lot of older medical professionals that are really ticked off, and I don't think People are going to follow the same routine as they did the first go-around.
I don't know how much we will actually stand up and fight.
They're going to shift out of virology for a while now into oncology.
What do you make real fast of Borla saying cancer is the new COVID?
Well, we predicted that would happen.
I mean, this is sick.
It's a moneymaker all the way around like any other industrialized, you know, facet that we have a lawfare, warfare, whatever. The other
thing I see with the aged is those that already have dementia that receive the jabs, they're aging
a lot quicker. You know, their face groups more, their speech, you know, the whole health issue.
I am livid about what's going on.
We need Sam Houston and Patton running for office.
Brother, I am so proud to have you as a listener.
How long you been tuned in?
Since your radio days.
You and I met Before you were even on the radio a long time ago, Alex, you were giving out some political information.
We talked.
You laughed most of the time.
That's why I knew it was you later on.
You can't pass up a laugh and stuff.
And we exchanged some information about the John Birch Society and you gave me a great big leatherback book on John Birch and here history is 30 years later, buddy.
Gosh, yeah.
I used to be so happy, man.
So you take care, God bless, and there are patriots out here.
I know myself.
I'm ready to fight as a soldier, but I'm a civilized Christian.
I don't want to hurt nobody, but you're not going to shut down this nation and the history and the future of humanity because I'm afraid or other soldiers and patriots are afraid.
You know, you don't get across.
That's right.
Thanks for being there.
Yeah, my uncle used to take his paychecks and buy cases of the John Burt's book.
And I used to hand them out.
And that guy reminds me how happy I was.
Because I'm on the air 30 years, but I've been handing stuff out 35 years.
That guy's for real.
He remembers.
That's crazy.
But look what the seeds we did have happen.
It's all in on all the shows.
All right, let's just stop right there.
I say one minute each caller.
We'll never get to anybody if I give them each person five, ten minutes.
Let's go to a couple of ex-people and then we'll go back to the callers.
Okay, first up I want to speak with Dr. Cat Lindley.
Will you go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say?
Sure, thank you.
I just wanted to mention that we are three weeks away from the World Health Assembly voting on pandemic treaty and amendments to international health regulation.
And if it's up to them, we're going to be in this perpetual state of pandemics, where once they have these documents in place, they can keep on locking us down, demanding that we use new vaccines.
They can order isolation, quarantine, and all sorts of things.
Yeah, it's worldwide, world government, martial law.
COVID was just the test, damn right.
So what do we do about it?
Well, we actually have a space.
We're going to have them every Friday until the vote is going to be from 8 to 11.
We're going to have Senator Johnson and other legislators on.
I don't know if you're aware, but Johnson wrote a letter and 49 GOP senators signed onto it and it was sent to Biden administration to ask not to vote on the treaty and the amendments.
We need really all hands on deck.
We need people to make this an election issue, whether it's a state level, federal, level or even just precinct chair. Everyone needs to be
aware and if the federal state, you know, if the government, Congress is not
going to defend us, at least the states are doing something. And we
have Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, South Carolina and other states
working on legislature right now. All right, great points.
Chase, you want to make a comment on what she said?
Well, I mean, I think it's great that she's doing a space and raising awareness.
Obviously, the WHO is a CCP-controlled major globalist institution, and it doesn't seem to actually care about the health or welfare of any people.
And so I'm glad that there's awareness being raised about this issue.
I mean, this is all part of this motif of Power being conglomerated wherever possible in every facet of our lives, and the WHO is a major threat.
It's at the heart of it.
It's like William said though, it's a perpetuating industry.
And I just can't believe so many people will sell themselves out for this.
This is crazy!
We should be able to stop this!
Let's go to other spaces.
Okay, let's talk to the coerced nurse.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hi, thanks for having the space.
Briefly, I was a registered nurse in hospice for 17 years before the crevice shot attacked my spinal cord and rendered me paralyzed.
I've had my VAERS report disappear.
I have a court case against my former employer and all sorts of things.
My story is just unbelievable.
First thing I want to say is that we are marching in D.C.
on June the 5th against toxic exposures for both civilians and our veterans, if anybody wants any information on that.
That's good.
So the CoWARS nurse, you know, I've seen a bunch of studies about the COVID injection attacking the spinal cord.
Are you seeing that happen to you?
Oh yeah, but they won't admit it.
Transverse myelitis is what it's called.
And one of the things that first stopped the studies was transverse myelitis, but they of course decided To go forward with it and have still not to this day admitted that this is a side effect of the vaccination, if you want to call it that.
Well, that's what's crazy is all I do is read this all day.
It's mainline procedure studies.
Government admitted it's eating spinal cords.
Some people are paralyzed in a day, a lot in a week or two, and some people's brains just liquefy in like two days.
Well, God bless you.
We'll try to follow what you're doing.
Thank you so much.
Let's do another space.
Okay, let's talk to Concerned Citizen.
Are you still with us, Concerned Citizen?
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
If not, we will move on to Alan Dos Santos.
Alan Dos Santos, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Hi, I hope you guys can hear me well.
Yeah, I'm in an airport going to D.C.
I just would like to say that my daughter She got meningitis and encephalitis after some vaccine that she took in Brazil.
And this was one of the reasons that my family and I stayed for so long apart of each other.
And I would like to emphasize that it's not about COVID vaccine only.
We need to take a closer look with all these pharma By the way, Alan, let me stop you.
You were a guest with me last week.
I want to do a two-hour show with you soon.
You're the most prominent...
A refugee of the tyranny run by the State Department in Brazil with a communist takeover.
You're a very well-known journalist exposing the tyranny.
Congressional hearings are coming up.
Elon Musk has reposted your stuff.
You're a very prominent journalist.
I didn't know this happened to your daughter, though, even though I've interviewed you.
Start over.
Yeah, so this is what happened with her after this vaccine.
In the beginning, people were talking to us about how dangerous the vaccines could be.
I mean, all the vaccines.
And when we first heard about that, my wife and I, we were kind of skeptical, you know, like saying, oh, this is kind of a conspiracy theory and so forth.
And once the This nightmare knocked on our door.
We saw how crazy these things are and how they are poisoning the vaccines around the world and even the regular ones that people used to believe.
And you can see there is no autism among Amish people.
And there are two journalists in the United States, a very old one, there is one that's dead already.
He was writing articles, he used to be in the mainstream media, writing about how the autism wasn't among the Amish community.
And his articles were kind of censored by some journalists I'm tired just to listen to some people saying, oh, I mean, I'm okay with all the vaccines.
It's just the COVID.
I really would like to discuss with you all with more time, with more comfortable time.
I'm in an airport right now going to DC. But we need to talk about this. It's not just about
COVID. I'm tired just to listen to some people saying, "Oh, I mean, I'm okay with all the
vaccines. It's just the COVID. It's a problem for me." So open your eyes.
My daughter cannot walk.
My daughter cannot eat, drink.
We are trying to recover her, Alex.
But it's, you know, it's hard.
She barely can walk.
I mean, we can walk with her, holding her hand.
So how soon did she get sick when she took the injection?
30 days. What does she take?
Yeah, that was fast.
You said Moderna?
Moderna, Pfizer, what did she take?
No, so that's the problem.
I don't know how to translate this vaccine.
I would say in Portuguese right now and someone can take a note and see.
That was it.
So it's three against three virus.
Oh yeah, now they're doing flu and three.
Oh, she took the triple jab.
Yeah, because they've been doing that.
Okay, I get it.
Yeah, so that was back in Brazil.
So that's what I'm trying to say.
I mean, it's not only the COVID vaccine, Alex.
Thank you so much.
Oh, no, no.
I understand.
Thank you, DC.
How do people find you?
Oh, they can find me on X, Alan L. D. Santos, or going to my website, turcalivre.com.
All right.
All right, Alan Toussaint.
Thank you so much.
All right, we're going to break.
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Alright, we're now into hour number three today.
I will host this hour, but I've got to go to a meeting when this hour ends.
But Chase, guys, we'll continue on to the fourth hour.
We've got two hours on Spaces and to take your calls.
I'll be here another hour.
Then Chase takes over for an hour.
I would rather be on air, but I've got to go do a lot of stuff to keep InfoWars on the air.
We're going to go to a few calls right now and then to Q Shaman and others that are on the X Spaces.
Let's go ahead and talk to Nicole in Texas.
Thanks for holding, Nicole.
You're on the air.
Hi, thanks for taking my call.
I was listening to a podcast on March 31st had Dr. Gert Vandenbosch and it was called The Coming Acute Crisis of COVID Among the Vaccinated.
And his theory is that because they were vaccinating so heavily into the jaws of a pandemic that was COVID, All of the people that are heavily vaccinated, there's going to be a new wave of COVID that's going to really hit them very, very hard.
Well, that's right.
When they get hit by a similar virus, it's going to kill them, basically.
So he was saying it's going to hit them so hard and so fast, it's going to be that fear-inducing panic that everybody has been kind of hyping up.
And I wouldn't be surprised if they made that disease X, because it's supposed to hit people so hard it's going to, like, overwhelm the hospitals.
People will be, like, literally dropping dead.
That's why this weapon is so smart.
I've had it myself, I forget the technical term, but if you've already...
Antibody dependent enhancement I think.
That's antibody dependent enhancement.
That's why this weapon is so smart.
It attacks your immune system, attacks your cardiovascular, attacks your fertility, turbocharges
cancer and then causes antibody enhancement.
And so Pfizer and Moderna are probably going to try to piggyback off that and try to come in as the heroes again.
That's my thought.
You know, try to push more.
And then there's the syndrome where they over-vaccinate chickens, where it's the same thing.
Like the fifth shot, the chicken turns into a giant cancer blob.
I forget the name of that.
You can't make this up.
So I think that's really down the pipe for everybody.
You know, we just got to stop taking these injections, bottom line.
Whether it's the self-replicating, whatever, it's all poison, it's all junk.
Everybody's got to stop taking these injections.
Beautifully said.
Guys, type in, syndrome from over-vaccination of chickens.
Because I've had all these sinusitis, that's the reason I know about this.
They keep giving them these shots to not give them the flu, or bird flu.
Then suddenly, after five, six, seven of them, they just turn into a huge tumor.
Literally, like the chicken doubles in sizes because of one giant living tumor.
Yeah, it's crazy.
Must wreck the white blood cells so they can't respond to cancer cells.
It's insane.
Nicole, thank you so much.
Incredible caller.
Let's do another caller.
JR in New York, you're on the air.
Hey guys, thanks for taking my call.
I wanted to talk about the, I'm not sure if you've heard about this, but the Japanese are creating the Replicon, which I guess is what she was talking about.
Self-replicating but it's actually self-amplifying.
And if you go on the ncbi.nlm.nih.gov it breaks down all the different new Blockbuster drugs that they are developing for us.
Yeah, you're saying the Japanese are warning of separate replicating.
Gates is now bragging of it.
The best way is not the URL.
Give us the headline of the NIH statement or study.
That's how we find it.
I mean, do you have the headline?
Let's see.
Preview improvements coming to... Hold on one second.
It's Trans Biotrans 2013.
I'm sorry, abstract.
I mean, if you just type in that website, that should pop up.
I'll try to get it to the, if you put me through to the operator after, but I kind of copied down some stuff it says.
No, no, I get it.
I get it.
I've read all the same stuff too.
The problem is I know so much and I forget 90% of it.
It's ridiculous.
So where do you say this is going?
Well, it admits that it directly attacks through the DNA because it uses a DREP system.
Hold on, stay there.
I'm not a scientist, but I've had a hundred of them on.
But yeah, that's what Bill Gates says.
We'll play the clip when we come back.
They're like, we're just playing around, messing around.
They're literally putting 200 billion DNA fragments in with viruses that make your body program with it.
So they're causing a mass mutation to see what we create.
I mean, this is like mad scientist.
Yeah, there it is.
They found it.
We'll be back in 60 seconds, JR.
Don't hang up.
Every man, woman and child on earth, whether you're in Mexico or Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Japan, Saudi
Arabia, Iran, Germany, Russia, Canada, the United States, doesn't matter where you are, you are under globalist,
transhumanist, depopulation attack.
They're testing their next big attack.
Bill Gates admits it.
We've played the clips three times already.
And they're admitting in all the literature, cancer off the charts, autoimmune off the charts.
They're just murdering us in mass.
They admit it's the shots doing it.
FDA studies, they're hiding it in plain view.
JR, you mentioned some studies.
We were able to pull them up.
Quantify what you're saying for people.
Talk to us at a fifth grade level.
Go ahead.
All right.
So I'm not a biophys... I'm not like a doctor or anything, but I just followed the rabbit hole.
So I found the article.
It's a rise of the RNA machine.
Self-implication in mRNA vaccine design.
Rise of the RNA machines.
Self-implication in mRNA vaccine design.
And I just quickly read through that while making this call because I saw it like a few days ago and I wanted to get back to it.
But it pretty much just shows how they have a molecular chassis, it says, that encodes the gene of interest.
And so it removes them the need to do all this in like test tubes, the body will just produce the protein
much quicker and it will allow for a rapid amplification of the target cells and it increases
the expression of the protein of interest. I'm just reading off the notes I took. They also
say in there that it's safer, which is obviously BS, but they're saying it's safer because it will
contain it like to its locality, which they lied to us last time with the intramuscular
injection, which was shown to spread. But the culprit is the DNA launched replicant
because it's basically, they're injecting us, like you said, with 200 billion DNA particles.
They have all these different ones in here. They have...
Yeah, so basically if you just scroll down in there, they're just saying that it amplifies, allows for quicker and faster gene expression with a lower dose.
We found it.
Keep going.
Yeah, so basically if you just scroll down in there, they're just saying that it amplifies,
allows for quicker and faster gene expression with a lower dose.
So in other words, it's just a turbo death shot that injects us with the vaccine and
it can, I'm sorry, it injects us with the DNA with whatever protein that they choose
to encode onto the chassis.
So, it's a bioweapon, obviously.
Exactly, and it puts into us a whole cocktail of every known cancer virus.
As Mikovits said three years ago and six months ago on the show, they literally load every cancer virus there is and inject it into your body, and then it's time release.
They have begun the mass extermination of humanity.
We're not just saying that, folks.
This is real.
Thank you so much, JR.
That's light information.
Maybe we should just shut up about it and just die, huh?
Or maybe we should join the New World Order.
No, we're not going to do it.
And anybody that pretends you're part of the power structure is an idiot.
Let's go back to Space's commenters.
Sure, let's take Jake Chansley.
Jake, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Thank you gentlemen for the opportunity to speak.
I just wanted to highlight the way that former FDA commissioners like Scott Gottlieb or Stephen Hahn have ended up going and working for Pfizer and Moderna after they have, you know, pushed through this vaccine or how it is that people like James C. Smith, the former Reuters CEO, ended up going and working for Pfizer.
And how it is that big pharma corporations, that they're supposed to be regulating or supposed to be giving people information on, they end up working for later.
I mean, the FDA stands in the way of very real cures, whether it be like Dr. Royal Raymond Reif's machine, or vitamin B-17, or even things like cannabis and how they can destroy cancer, and how it is that, like, Gia Berggriffin has been talking about this for a long time in his book, World Without Cancer.
There's numerous different cures that the FDA is standing in the way of.
And these technologies or these natural cures, they are known about, and in the case of the technologies, they are taxpayer funded.
We research, they use our money to research and develop these things, but the taxpayers don't have any access to it.
And it's because it would threaten Big Pharma's monopoly on this multi-billion dollar healthcare system.
And I wanted to highlight one other thing, and that is that there's a lot of stuff coming out about the fact that DARPA actually used Big Pharma, because they work together, they used Big Pharma to create these bioweapons and to basically push these vaccines on everybody.
Bioweapon creation, like viruses and vaccines, they go hand-in-hand, they're developed together.
So, that being said, it's out there now that the military actually kind of used Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson and Johnson to be the front man for this mRNA vaccine.
And the Pentagon knew that this... No, you're absolutely right.
Under Obama, it was all set up.
It got exposed.
They went underground.
And you're totally right, and Bill Gates is now in videos, he played it a few hours ago, saying, we're using you as guinea pigs to mess around and see what works for them.
So they're not just making money, they're using us to guinea pig and find what works.
Yeah, well, it's definitely a depopulation agenda for sure.
These people, these less than one percenters, literally believe that humanity is the biggest threat to the planet and to our own survival.
So they're trying to thin the herd.
What do you make of, I don't know if you heard the Bordelais, the head of Pfizer saying, yeah, cancer is the new COVID.
And they admit in all the studies that the COVID vaccine caused all this new cancer.
I mean, that is ballsy.
Well, yeah, but when they own the media, like I was saying, the Reuters CEO ended up working for Pfizer.
They're not worried about it.
It's Operation Mockingbird in full swing.
But the thing is, is that we actually have the technology to get rid of this cancer.
Dr. Reif's machine has been out since the 1930s.
Hey, look, I mean, just vitamin D countering COVID, you're right.
Everything is there.
And they don't want you to know about that.
These people are beyond selfish.
They're beyond sick.
Any comments, Chase?
You know, it's crazy.
As you guys were talking, I've never been one to really believe the conspiracy theory that HIV was manufactured.
And Alex, I'd love to hear what you think about this.
Some people believe that it was actually created.
And as you were talking about this and these new drugs and vaccines being used on the public to experiment so they can actually determine something effective for them and their transhumanist agenda to live forever, I realize that I did some research on some new treatment for hemophilia that was being developed, gene therapy, where they take a neutralized version of HIV and they insert the correct gene into that virus and they infect the patient's liver with it so that the hemophiliac
We'll read the correct DNA off of the virus in their liver and produce the factor VIII naturally.
So it seems to me that it's awfully convenient that HIV comes out in the 80s and it just so happens to be the perfect virus for a perpetual treatment because it doesn't die in the liver, it just lives forever.
I wonder if they actually made it.
HIV is a plug into us.
It's a delivery system.
That's wild.
Do you think that it was manufactured?
It's the port.
I mean, I heard that in passing, but... My dad in the 80s, in Dallas, where a lot of people worked for the government.
He worked as a doctor and a bunch of stuff.
When I was a little kid, he was telling me the government was behind HIV.
And they admit the new COVID virus is manufactured.
It's got HIV welded onto it, again, as the delivery system.
So yeah, it's the port.
Jacob, anything else?
Well, thank you.
Yeah, I just want to say that The way that you can destroy a wine glass with sound and frequency, you can also destroy cancer cells, fungal infections, viruses, parasites with sound and frequency.
It's very, very simple.
You just have to match the frequency of the organism.
So there is some research to that.
There's also a lot of, there's also pH and so much more.
All right.
Thank you so much.
Great, great points.
Let's take another commenter.
Let's go to Bill Elmore.
Bill, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Thank you.
And Alex, I love that you had Dr. Lindley up on stage.
I have the honor of actually hosting the spaces for the emergency campaign to stop the World Health Organization from doing what they're doing, which is trying to establish a deterrent, I'm sorry, I can't even say it, hold against our global health.
A totalitarian.
Yeah, that's the word.
Thank you so much.
And we have a kind of a mission statement.
Our purpose is to stop Tedros and his globalist cronies, Xi, Schwab, Gates, Biden, and anyone in or aspiring to political office who isn't publicly and adamantly opposed to the impending surrender of our sovereignty.
And I'm going to make a bold request, Alex.
I know that this is something that you can support and we would love if you could help us promote it.
And I've actually put in the bubble the space itself.
We're going to do four spaces in a row on every Friday, 8 to 11, as Dr. Katt said.
And we're going to have senators, legislators, scientists, doctors like Dr. Lindsley But I'd love your support and maybe pop into one or two of those spaces to help us drum up and get awareness and put pressure on our politicians.
And we'd love for Trump to make this a campaign issue for him, because when he gets an overwhelming majority of the vote, it'll become a mandate for the country.
So, I just wanted to throw that out.
I really appreciate you having me up.
Well, I appreciate you.
Look, this is the fly on the ointment with Trump.
The globalists don't like him because he wants the power from them.
I think he's not a bad man, but he never admits he's wrong.
He's one of the main guys that they got to go along with all this.
Sure, he didn't mandate it, try to make you tag it, but he still says everything's okay.
So, I have people call me all the time, oh, get us in touch with Trump.
I literally have sent messages to Trump, talked to Trump, everything.
And it's like, don't ever bring this up to me again.
I don't want to hear from you.
So, that's where Trump is, folks.
So, he's not up there ignorant about all this.
He thinks it's the right thing.
He's going along with it.
All right, let's go to callers here.
John in Nebraska.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, to paraphrase Bertrand Russell, we will accomplish our new world order through diet, injections, and injunctions.
And from Mike Adams, the health ranger, SV40, simian virus 40, deliberately placed in the polio vaccinations in the 1950s and 1960s.
As part of a population control agenda, it causes cancer in a majority of the population as they age.
And here's an interesting quote from your secondary hometown, Omaha World-Herald Midlands Edition, April 2, 2017.
In September of 1918, during World War I, Hildeman told his wife that two men fainted
when inoculated in both arms.
Quote, that was all the excitement yesterday, unquote, he wrote.
Hildeman quickly came down with flu, a global pandemic that killed 50 million to 100 million people while training as an infantry engineer at Camp Forrest.
The camp was in quarantine by the end of September.
5,000 troops were hospitalized.
Within weeks.
And finally, you need to get Len Horowitz on.
Your co-host was talking about just coming upon the idea that AIDS is man-made.
Back in 97, the quote, Len Horowitz, he said, um, well, talking of the doggone it.
Listen, you know who you sound just like?
You're a dead ringer for William Cooper.
I'm not saying you're still alive, but is this William Cooper calling in from outer space?
No, but I go back a long ways.
When I was a little boy, people were, my name is so similar, they said, oh, the John Birch Society, huh?
Which you just mentioned 10 minutes ago.
So I figured it was fate that you should have me on, which I've been on a lot lately.
By the way, I love Horowitz.
I haven't heard from him in 10 years.
Is Horowitz still around?
Pretty sure.
But, uh, I wish I could find this darn... But he's... He was talking about AIDS creation.
No, no, he had all the documents.
It was totally man-made.
Yeah, absolutely.
From 97, at a Steve Coyle conference.
The weekend Princess Diana was murdered.
Well, I mean, I was, like, in 1987, my dad was telling me HIV was man-made.
Yeah, you're ahead of me.
I'm not trying to be ahead of you.
I'm just saying, yeah, it was known back in the time.
All right, brother, we will try to get Dr. Horowitz on.
That's a good idea.
Try to find him and get him on.
Open door for him.
Thank you so much, sir.
Great points.
All right.
Mike in St.
Louis, Missouri.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, before I get to my story, I just want to thank you.
I've known you for years and years, but just started listening six months ago, and this is all I watch now.
I just love the information.
I mean, it's horrifying, but you're a great person and I'm really thankful to be here and actually got turned on to InfoWars.
My brother had cancer several years ago.
I wanted to plug the product as well.
His thyroid shot, but he ended up developing, a year or so ago, rheumatoid arthritis.
So we got him to change his diet and everything.
And, you know, I'm a veteran Marine.
So when 2020 hit, I knew something was up.
So I decided to turn my whole property into a garden and orchard and learn how to can and ferment.
And I make a lot of fermented stuff for him, but I buy all your products.
And I bought him two bottles of bodies and he's since turned his diet around.
And also, uh, he takes those two pills, you know, on an empty stomach and he feels outstanding, you know, no pain at work.
He's an electrician and, uh, And it's just, they are, these products do work.
He's not taking a rheumatoid.
He has to take thyroid medication because he don't have a thyroid, but the rheumatoid arthritis medicine is no bueno no more.
And my story is, I got COVID and this, I've been, you know, talking about all the COVID shots and all this stuff.
The one thing I haven't heard, and I've been not worried about it.
I'm 57 years old.
Hell, I've lived a good life.
I still got my Marine Corps brothers that I hunt and fish with and, but I got COVID.
And you know, lost the taste and smell and I, it was, you know, it was terrible.
Went through the whole coughing and all that stuff.
And you know that back then they scheduled for the, uh, the infusion, you know, the monoclonal antibodies.
Well, you know, I was the third day.
It took like three days.
Well, on the third day I started feeling better by well, well, I'll go ahead and take this thing anyway.
I'm sitting in at one of the, uh, clinics in the parking lot, jamming to Guns and roses.
And I go in there and take this infusion.
You know how they, they infuse you and then they sit there and watch you for an hour and a half.
Let me tell you the hour and a half, I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to get stay there or go into some hospital or something.
But I got home late on the couch and my body went into shock.
It was like a nuclear bomb went off in my body.
It locked up my heart.
So I, like I said, I went to bed and I was like, well, if I wake up great, if not, it's been a great run.
Woke up, obviously, I'm here talking to you, but I just wanted to know, I didn't take any of those COVID shots and I will not ever take one.
I'm ready to light this candle, to be honest with you, but what's up with the, and I'll get off here and get on the computer, but what's up with the, is there anything similar with the monoclonal antibodies?
Alex, you are a champion.
Thank you so much.
Well, God bless you.
I'm not a medical doctor.
People I respect thought the monoclonals worked well.
If they were the right company or the right combination.
So I really can't speak to that.
There's not been enough on that.
You want to comment, Chase?
I have no idea about the monoclonal antibodies, but I agree with you.
I know that a lot of influencers who I would have determined to be credible were all about it in the very beginning, but everybody was also about the ventilators in the beginning, too, and that turned out to be a disaster.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go back to our spaces.
Let's go to Robert the Builder.
Robert, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Thank you, Alex, for speaking the truth.
I appreciate all you do, brother.
And I appreciate your messaging.
Your messaging doesn't divide people, and I think that's important.
We need to do that.
What I think we're seeing right now is a population adjustment.
As far as the COVID, the jab, you see open borders.
That's why they want to bring all these people here, because let's face it, we work 40 years, we pay our taxes.
Then when it comes time to give us our Social Security and our retirements and everything, They don't want to do that.
It'd be better to get rid of us and then replace us with younger people that they can hook up into the system and get them paying right now.
Anyways, I appreciate your messaging because a lot of influencers, the messaging is kind of an echo chamber.
There's only a small group of people that we reach.
I think the only way out of this is we're going to have to bring everybody together.
So that means our messaging has to be corrected a little bit.
And I just appreciate you, brother.
And thank you for giving me the mic.
Thank you for the show.
Thank you for all you do.
And one of the greatest successful Narratives is to never give up, to never quit.
And I see that in you, brother.
Thank you.
God bless you.
Well, God bless you.
What was his question?
I was listening to the last part and missed it.
Well, I think he was just commenting that it was really important that we are inclusive and not divisive.
And he appreciated that your language wasn't divisive about this.
I want to be clear.
All the divisions are real and they're exacerbating them because they want to control us.
But the divisions are sub-threats to the main biochemical takeover.
And so other people are like, well, you don't just purely attack this group all day.
And I'm like, I'm attacking anything the New World Order does.
And if you just sit there and make it about a group, that's what they want.
Yeah, it was like Game of Thrones.
All the different people were fighting over the Iron Throne, but the real threat was from the North.
So they had to come together and fight against the real threat.
Alright, let's go to Kumar.
Kumar, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Yeah, hi everyone.
And Alex, finally.
I'm talking to you and I cannot... I don't know how to express the joy.
Of being able to talk to Alex Jones.
I mean, I listened to you a long time ago and then it was the entry into this world of conspiracy theories and then understanding this world, how it works, the reverted reality, inverted reality that we live in and how this world is upside down and how it's a cartoon that we are a part of.
And then I still don't know how to express my emotion, Alex.
Other than that, regarding COVID, I started hosting spaces about COVID, anti-COVID, I mean anti-vax spaces over two and a half years ago.
And it all makes sense now.
At that time, people did not understand what it's all about, what it was all about.
I always said that vaccines were not created for COVID.
COVID was created for vaccine.
It was some kind of a, it is some kind of a gene modification therapy.
It's like a GMO.
That is going to somehow manipulate the architect and design of the human beings altogether, leading towards the transhumanism.
And you know, it's going to mess up the humanity altogether.
But long story short, nobody talks about how to get rid of it.
I think the only way to get rid of the nanoparticles, the lipid nanoparticles from the body is going to be intermittent fasting and multivitamins on a regular basis.
So anyone who's jabbed, Anyone who is vaccinated, one shot, two shots, three shots, I don't care.
Make sure that you are going through intermittent fasting every week for the rest of your life and multivitamins on a regular basis.
Don't hang up.
Don't hang up, sir.
We gotta go to break.
I want you to finish up, because I'm not the biggest health guy.
I know the science, but I've got bad habits.
I'm not perfect.
I exercise a lot, but I'm still, you know, have bad habits.
But I know some of the most powerful people that are against the globals in the world, and they're obsessed with this.
And that's what they told me.
I was at dinner with very prominent people about three months ago.
They said, Alex, you need to do at least the maximum fast you can, three days at first, and then in about a month or so after you do that, you need to go full week or you're going to get really sick, but only making your body dissolve all the extra stuff in you and eat it before it eats the fat, and you're going to get really sick.
Well, do this or you're going to get cancer.
And so, and I was told this by people that have been advised.
I'm like, we're talking about what do we do to counter this?
They go, well, you can do the blood cleaners and all the things like nitric boost.
He goes, you need to fast.
And I mean, not disintermittent, intensely.
Yeah, I've heard that's incredibly effective.
I've seen studies that say that your chance of getting cancer can go down like 90% if you just do a water fast one week a year.
Yeah, and that's what I was told by a guy that has advisors, the presidents, the royalty, all of it.
And they're saying, listen, you've got to do it if you want to live, especially in this environment.
Stay right there, sir.
Welcome back.
We're about to go straight back to our Spaces discussion with Kumar.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, Kumar, go ahead, restate, finish up your comment on what is proven.
People ask me all day, what is the thing to counter this?
A lot of nutrients, a lot of water, a lot of sleep, a lot of not taking the shots, but also they say nothing's better than fasting because it makes your body metabolize all the extra stuff it doesn't recognize.
That's how you shut this stuff down.
Go ahead.
So that's what I wanted to say and I also believe that you know a lot of diseases and a lot of disorders will be out there and they will be saying that hey this is a new pandemic this is a new kind of pandemic including this cancer.
I believe in my opinion is I'm gonna give the credit to the vaccine for causing all these new kind of diseases including heart attacks and strokes and blood clot that is causing different several different issues People are going paralyzed.
Forget about dying.
People are dying.
People are actually talking about the people who died from VAX.
There are so many people who are paralyzed, who have like, you know, who have been like, who cannot really talk, walk, organ failures and everything else.
I believe the only way to take care of this is intermittent fasting 48 hours every week at least to start with and for the rest of the life.
And other than that, I still cannot believe, Alex, that I'm talking to you.
I don't know what to say and how to actually express this joy or... I don't know.
It's a very weird emotion.
It's a very weird feeling.
I requested the mic.
I got granted.
And I'm like, really?
Am I talking to Alex?
Well, brother, I'm blessed to be talking to you, but think about the genius of the medical system.
It's got all these compartmentalized people in the pyramid under it.
They mean well.
They're helping evil, and they roll something out that hurts people.
Well, the system makes money while it kills us.
We just have to realize it's a fraud and stand against it.
Again, sir, thank you so much.
Very interesting comments there.
Let's take a few phone calls in the back of the spaces.
We're going to order these calls to receive.
We're going to move quick now.
Bart in Georgia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
This is extremely upsetting and very difficult to talk about.
About my father, I went down to Florida to visit him a couple months ago.
And I get there, I find out he's in the emergency room.
And so instead of spending a pleasant vacation with my father, I spent four days in the hospital.
So I started talking to him and my stepmom.
I'm sorry to hear that happen, brother.
What does your dad think happened now?
My father is 80 years old, but he looks like he's 40.
And he runs like two or three miles a day, and he doesn't drink, doesn't smoke.
And you know what?
I'm going to make these people pay for what they did to my father.
I'm sorry to hear that happen, brother.
What does your dad think happened now?
Is he aware of it?
Yeah, he, he, he, he, he, I, I, nobody would listen to me.
I warned everybody I knew, but he finally agrees with me that he's not taking any more vaccines and they're dangerous.
Well, that's good news.
Well, so your dad's in great shape, or was in great shape, and he took the shot.
What happened to him?
Well they got him on blood thinner and he's doing okay now but I got him on the X2 and I'm gonna get some money I'm gonna send him some of that nitric boost and some of your other products but I got him on the iodine he says he's feeling better so please everybody pray for my father.
But how obvious is that?
So he had blood clots basically from the shot?
Yeah, and it's long, and the day before he ran two miles and he got up the next morning and he couldn't breathe, like he was suffocating.
But anyway, he's doing a lot better, but I'm 110% convinced it's from this damn Pfizer vaccine.
Well, brother, I'm sorry to hear that.
We're all under attack.
What do you think of Borla bragging that, hey, cancer's up, we're going to make a lot of money off of it now?
Well, he's a scumbag, that's all I can say.
And I have one last question.
Do you think Dr. Fauci still beats his wife?
All I know is Fauci hides now and had secret federal funding for a 12-man security team.
That funding got cut off six months ago.
Senator Paul found out about it.
Illegal federal police.
Remember that?
Fauci receiving illegal federal marshal protection.
Wow, and they're trying to cut off the Secret Service protection for Donald Trump if he gets convicted.
That's right.
Alright, sir.
Great point.
Let's go to Mike in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I think you kind of answered my first question, so I'll ask you another one.
No, no.
Let's talk about Trump, because here's the deal.
I don't believe in lesser two evils, but I can't sit there and support Biden because I know Trump's better.
But I hate the fact that Trump keeps pushing these poison shots.
Go ahead.
Oh, I agree.
You know, but at one of the rallies, when he praised the shots, the crowd booed.
And I found his response interesting.
He said, oh, come on now, you guys know you're playing into their hands.
And I was like, huh, I wonder what he meant by that.
But the second part is very similar to this.
What do you think he knows as far as the Rothschilds?
I mean, he's a financial guy.
Clearly, he knows You know, the New World Order and the top of the food chain, there's the Rothschilds and the CBDC.
I mean, here's one thing about Trump.
I don't think he's out to get America, but he's trying to take over the New World Order.
And that's why they hate him, is he thinks he's better than them.
He's trying to take control of it.
Maybe he's less anti-human, but I mean, what I've seen with the shots, I know they don't want him, I know they've been persecuted for supporting him, but I think I've said Elon Musk worked for him before, but he's definitely devastating him now.
Is he trying to take over from them?
I think there's less guilt in Elon than there is in Trump.
I've got to barely hold my nose with Elon, I've got to really plug my nose with Trump.
And I'm just being honest about this because I have my own...
Yes, but this is my question I've been trying to get to you for a long time.
literally sitting there when everybody goes to sleep at my desk thinking about Trump and
this and I go no it's the right thing to do to support Trump but I should also criticize
him so that when he gets back in he'll be more after the right things.
That make sense?
Yes, but this is my question I've been trying to get to you for a long time.
As far as the New World Order, Trump knows about the Rothschild but yet he supports Israel
and Zionism which is full-on Talmudic Zionism which wants to rule the world and enslave
people financially.
So how do we square that one?
Well, that's what I've said.
You know, all these people that literally attack Jews 24-7, they don't attack Trump, because it's a popularity contest for them.
And because it's all about, oh, they're the purest, they love Hitler, and I don't, or whatever.
There are major power structures, and obviously one big branch of Judaism is right there at the top.
And I'm just trying to stop the proposals and the policies of evil and hoping everybody, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, come together against it.
And I try to not get into the diversionary distraction levels of this.
Because look, attacking Israel only makes it stronger.
And I'm not trying to even hurt Israel.
I'm just saying it makes the bad elements of Israel stronger.
And so I really understand that at a fundamental level.
I appreciate your comment.
Do you want to comment, Chase?
Thanks, Mike.
I don't really have much to add to that.
I agree with everything that you said.
I think that it's very easy to get distracted with it.
It's everybody always wants to think of everything as black and white, good versus evil.
But oftentimes, like with Ukraine versus Russia, it can be evil versus evil.
Or with Israel versus Palestine, it can be evil versus evil.
And so these things are really new.
Or just tribal warfare.
Yeah, it's tribal.
And frankly, I'm just at a point right now where I don't care about what happens anywhere in the world except for in America.
I want to stop the open borders.
I want to stop the fentanyl.
I want to stop the UN Treaty.
I want to stop the fentanyl.
I want to stop Drag Queen Storytime.
I want to stop... And so whoever the hell runs it, they make that the debate about who... Instead of... I just want to say, everybody, we're not for this.
And it's so simple.
And the crazy thing about it is, you hear all these politicians and these leaders and these influencers advocate for America first, America first, America first, and then as soon as the opportunity comes for them to betray that notion, they do so right away.
Mike Johnson?
So the question is, were they always lying about America first, or are they just so stupid that they don't understand that what they're doing is... What they do is they get in charge of the populist movement.
And they use it as a check.
And they go to the globalists and say, OK, I'm leading this now.
Give me a bunch of money.
So they lead it to the sellout.
Like, I'm not ready to talk about this yet, it's not time, but the attempts to shut down InfoWars, we know any settlement talks, we're just taking basically the Soros type groups and said, now give us this much money and then they match it.
I go, watch, we'll go up, they'll match it.
It's all just a group's ready to buy it out when they have that offer.
You understand?
Yeah, it's a bidding war.
It's a bidding war.
And it's like, okay, well.
Okay, well you're not going to stop me speaking out without killing me.
If you want to hurt the crew, go ahead and do it.
I'm not the one doing that.
But yeah, it's all just... It's not about money, but money is the ocean in which the sharks swim.
You understand what I'm saying?
So, the globalists don't do it for money, but they use money to get us to sell out and follow the in-game depopulation.
All the people that'll make money off killing everybody, they'll get killed too, but that's how they control them.
Does that make sense?
All right.
Let's go back to the X-Spaces now for a few folks.
We'll go to Nick and others in the order their calls are received.
Go ahead.
Let's go to Nick Swardor.
Nick, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Oh, this is the producer for the biggest X's show there is.
Hopefully he's there and he actually unmutes himself.
Nick, can you hear me?
Yeah, I'm here and I'll unmute myself.
I appreciate you coming yesterday.
I know that it was a little bit hectic.
You know, when you have big names up on the stage, sometimes it's difficult to get to, you know, everybody very quickly.
But listen, I didn't leave with Andrew Tate and Nick Fuentes.
I appreciate you inviting me.
I didn't leave in an hour because I was mad.
I was already not going to do the show that day.
This was my seven-year-old's birthday.
So if I was a little obnoxious, I was just mad my wife literally calling like an hour in, where are you?
You said you'd be here.
And I didn't get criticized.
She said, can you even make your daughter's birthday party?
Because I got there 30 minutes late.
So I think my wife's got a point.
So that's why I was a little, that's why I left.
I mean, he's got a little bit of a fair point, but you know what, we appreciate it anyway.
But yeah, man, you know, so speaking to Nick Fuentes yesterday about a lot of these things, and you know, we were on, I was on a space with him afterward for several hours, and you know, some of the questions that you're bringing up today, I kind of wish I would have asked him because, you know, it's almost like, you know, you guys have a very similar view on these kinds of things that About who is behind some of these pushes for, you know, the vaccines nowadays, like what groups are benefiting them.
But you know another topic that was brought up and I'm sorry. I'm just here
So I haven't not sure exactly what topics you guys have been talking about yet, but
Who do you think if anybody is My point was I was glad to be invited on the space ship
today. I didn't leave because I was irritated I left because I was only do an hour is what invite me
anytime if you ask who's in charge evils in charge It can be any group any organization, but it's all about
transhumanism being God I'd say Black Rock is is the main front group 80 plus
percent of world assets The Rockefellers the Rothschilds. It's a handful of
families the Sachs-Coburt gov is that of the British royal family
I mean, and they just have this hatred of humanity, this envy of humanity's freedom, this selfishness.
They want a transhumanist, post-human, neo-feudalistic nightmare world.
I mean, it's the bad scientists.
I mean, Bill Gates is on TV going, oh, we're just testing on you.
I mean, so whoever, whatever Bill Gates really is, whether he's Christian or Jewish or whatever, you know, he's not, those are labels.
He's an evil person.
And I oppose him.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, it absolutely does, and I think more and more people are starting to wake up to this kind of thing.
But, you know, why don't you see him running any sort of PR campaigns, it seems, to make himself look better again?
Because, you know, I'd say that this guy has a lower approval rating than even Joe Biden at this point.
Bill Gates probably has about a 5% approval rating, but he's so... He's basically Asperger's, he's a satanic Asperger's person.
So he's possessed by a demon, but he has Asperger's.
He doesn't care.
He's gonna keep attacking.
He's like a zombie.
In a zombie movie, why does he keep attacking?
It's what a zombie does.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely.
Absolutely it does.
No, but I gotta say, from the hour I was on, I was extremely frustrated because everybody was making... I thought Andrew Tate made some of the best points I've ever heard him make.
He makes a lot of great points.
I thought, well, this Nick Fuentes that's reasonable and smart... And I like Nick.
I knew Nick before he came out and said, you know, I love Hitler.
So I thought that pro-America, America first thing that we've been promoting since Ronald Reagan is great.
And then he kind of one day came here with Kanye and said, I love Hitler.
I said, well, I disagree with that.
And so, but I love the Nick Fuentes that was on last night.
He says he's going to come here this week and do an interview.
We haven't set it up yet, but yeah, I thought that was great.
So I wish I could have stayed the whole three hours.
Yeah, man, I was actually kind of surprised.
You know, we were expecting him to be, you know, because what you hear in the media and such is that this guy, it's the same stuff about you, Alex, or a lot of it was about the same stuff about you.
You know, when we had you on the space back in December, when you first got reinstated, you know, all these warning bells going off, everybody acting like, you know, this is going to be The end of times you're going to get yourself cancelled by having Alex Jones on.
He's going to say this outrageous, you know, Nazi type stuff.
And so everybody, even like the producers and everything, we're all sitting there terrified about it.
But you know, you give somebody a platform.
Like, you know, I've become a big fan of yours.
I love listening to you.
I come into these spaces while I'm working during the day and I listen to, you know, you interact with people and, you know, you're none of those things.
Well, Nick, listen, I'm a fan of you.
And if Nick comes here, notice I didn't bring up a tax on Nick last night.
I wanted to talk about, he only did the right thing bringing him back.
But with Nick, He said, sometimes I make jokes, I have some fun.
It's taken out of context.
I really think that's what it is.
Because when I called him baby Hitler, that was a joke.
And then when he says a Jewish wizard sitting behind me giving me orders, it's obviously a joke.
But the media doesn't take those jokes and admit it's a joke.
But then you've got an endorsement of Adolf Hitler, which he's serious about.
And I get Hitler was a reactionary response to the Weimar Republic and the leftist stuff we see today,
but that doesn't mean the response to something is then good.
But when he comes for an interview, I don't even call it a debate.
Maybe we'll do a spaces.
You can come here, I know you're in Austin, but maybe we'll all co-host together
and do like four hours commercial free.
And you can be here too, Chase.
I don't want to go down the rabbit trail of discussing the Third Reich 80 years ago, all that.
I want to talk about transhumanism.
I want to ask, because he's really smart yesterday.
He sounded great.
It was very good listening.
When I drove home for 30 minutes, I was listening to it too.
Had the birthday party for an hour.
My wife caught me in the bedroom listening like the last.
She goes, what the hell are you doing?
Which my wife doesn't normally do that, but it's my daughter's birthday.
She's like, oh my God, I was about to even try to go live.
Hey, Miss Nick Fuentes!
I'm like hiding in the bedroom, sitting there, because we're having like a birthday party, and then I sneak open the presents, I sneak off, I was about to go live, raise my hand.
But I just want to actually ask, like, stuff about, what do we do about GMO, or what do we do about 5G, or what do we do about, because it's easy just to have, and I'm not saying he does that, but...
A lot of people do.
It's all Hitler versus the Jews all day.
Can we talk about Mars bases?
Or can we talk about the nature of reality?
Because I'm trying to cover everything.
Does that make sense?
Absolutely and you know there were so many topics that weren't covered yesterday and even in his after space I think I was on spaces with him for a total of like six hours yesterday and there's still so many topics many of which you just brought up right now.
I think you, him, you know doing a space together would be phenomenal.
I talked to him a couple days ago. He says in a camera this week. I haven't talked to him since and
But we should have on the main show that we should do three four hours in this studio
Samo cast with video And just have a commercial free spaces
Let's do it. Well. Let's set son of a bitch up I mean, a perfect day.
This will always be hot.
But anytime this week, like I said, my wife's dad, he could die any minute.
And he's a really cool guy, by the way.
Love playing poker with him.
Love playing pool with him.
He's the guy that makes the best jokes.
It's a real bummer that John Wolf is just a sweetheart.
And he is.
He won't die.
He's tougher than hell.
So who knows if he dies the next couple of days.
I may have to go to the hospital right Awesome.
We'll make it happen, man.
dying right now but I mean get the personal stuff but please pray for John
Wolfe but yes you guys set the time up we'll do it I'm ready to do it
awesome we'll make it happen man and prayers to your wife's father as well
you bet but hey listen I missed the after show so you guys did another show
after that one? Yeah so Nick started his own space to kind of give his take on
everything you know just he monologued for a while and then brought a few of us
up on stage and you know so I was able to ask him questions for like an hour
straight back and forth and And, you know, but it would be my questions were a lot more basic than the questions that you would be able to get into with him.
And that's what I'm excited to hear.
I want to hear you and him have a conversation on some more recent topics.
I know he's been on your show before, but it's been a while and a hell of a lot in the world has changed.
This is the kind of conversation that I feel like a lot of people want to hear.
All right, Nick.
Thank you so much for calling in.
Or spacing in.
We're all space cases now.
I know.
Chase is spaces.
All right, let's go to Nick.
Let's take a call.
Nick in New York, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
It's another Nick asks.
But hey, first of all, I love you.
I just want to say, Lord Jesus Christ is King.
I want to make that clear.
I want to say you're the man.
Everyone should go watch Alex's 2006 Bilderberg speech.
It's the greatest pro-human, pro-freedom speech ever given.
And he called out the Rothschild Rockefeller New World Order by name.
And the Rockefellers are not Jews.
They're Christians, is what they say.
The Rothschilds, I don't know what they say they are.
But to answer that previous caller's question, in the next five minutes I'm going to lay out exactly who did the COVID operation, and who runs the world, and it's exactly who Alex said it is, and what our solution is.
The Rothschilds in 1815 took over the world with the Battle of Waterloo.
They manipulated the market.
They had their intel services, bought up the market on pennies and the dollar.
exchange in London and that was it after that. They owned the Bank of England, then they helped push the Federal
Reserve with the Rockefellers in 1913 and then the income tax that same year and then
America has been over.
And that's why my film, "Endgame Blueprint for Global Enslavement,"
which I put out months ago, one of the first things I did when I was back on X,
formerly Twitter, was put that out.
Guys, find my old tweet, tell Lewis.
Find my old X post from like five months ago and put that back out because I posted it and it got a few extra million views.
But Endgame is like two and a half hours long and it tells the whole basic history of it in two and a half hours.
Yeah, absolutely.
By the way, I'm at RealTheForce on X and TheForce122 on Reddit.
And so what I want to say is this, because very few people know this, including Trump.
So we've got to educate Trump as our number one goal, including peaceful, loving protests outside Mar-a-Lago.
It's all Trump gadget, because Donald Trump, unfortunately, thinks Bill Gates is a hero and a legend.
He asked him to be his science advisor, and he also gave his Gavi organization billions of dollars for the death vaccine from DARPA and Moderna and Pfizer, which is all the same group, of course.
So, it's the Global Virome Project, V-R-O-M-E Project.
It was started in 2016 in a Rockefeller Foundation establishment.
The best article on this is an article by UnHerd.com.
An article by UnHerd.com, did virus hunters cover up a lab leak?
Best article ever on it.
Because in 2018, and the Select Subcommittee has done a great job, they've recommended Peter Daszak for criminal prosecution, because he lied.
He lied to Congress.
And by the way, that's a long way towards getting him, I mean, exactly.
But the main guy, though, is Nathan Wolf.
And his name is never mentioned.
And he looks like Ryan Stelter, honestly, like a demonic clown face.
And he's in pictures with Jelaine Maxwell all over.
Now, who's Nathan Wolf?
He was funded by Google around 2010 to go hunt viruses.
He's the one who commissioned Wuhan.
That's right.
Google actually commissioned the EcoHealth Alliance there at Wuhan.
That's right.
Who funds EcoHealth?
Oh, by the way, Dr. Richard Ebright, you should have him on.
He's one of the foremost knowledgeable on this whole project.
He doesn't even know about Nathan Wolf, I don't think, either.
Of course, Trump doesn't even know what eco-health is, probably.
He thinks Bill Gates is a god.
To answer the other guy's question, the Rothschild Bank bailed out Trump's failing casinos in the 90s.
It was Wilbur Ross.
And Trump made Wilbur Ross his Commerce Secretary and added $8.4 trillion to national debt.
That's what Donald Trump did.
By the way, Donald Trump is millions of times better than Biden, who opened the borders wide open, told them to surge the border.
He's having China-CCP-run base camps in Panama.
Mike Leon's been doing great work on that.
Jones, you've been having all the best people on.
You had Dr. Robert Malone on, Dr. Peter McCullough.
Senator Ron Johnson was on.
Maria Bartiromo saying a group of powerful people I forgot the Ron Johnson clip from like six months ago where he's saying, yeah, powerful group, plan this, release it, did it.
And that's how we're going to be.
Guys, find the Ron Johnson clip.
Senator Johnson says, powerful group, plan COVID.
I meant to play that months ago and never got to it.
Thank you so much, brother.
All right.
Chase Geiser is going to host the next hour.
I'll be here a little bit, but...
I got lawyers here and the attempts to shut us down and what we're going to do and all the stuff we're doing to respond to that.
And everybody else, they've shut down quicker than us.
We've been hard to kill, but that doesn't mean we've got nine lives, folks.
So please pray for the broadcast.
Hour number four coming up with Chase Geyser.
I'll host a little bit of it.
We'll go back to spaces and then back to calls.
No more callers after this, though.
We're going to go to Adam.
And then we're going to go to Monk and Kyle and Ann and James and Clown Car and Michael or is that Michelle?
But the point is, is that in a bunch of spaces, so a bunch of spaces, commenters, speakers, when we come right back, please support the broadcast.
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Hour number four, two minutes away.
All right, since we mentioned, since the caller mentioned Senator Johnson, Talking about all this, let's play that clip right now.
It's just extraordinary to me that, you know, the government was working with social media to amplify lies and suppress truth and has been doing so repeatedly.
Why couldn't the American people know that, you know, there were other alternatives to treat COVID?
Why can't the American people know that there were side effects with the vaccine?
This was all pre-planned by an elite group of people.
That's what I'm talking about.
Event 201 that occurred in late 2019, prior to the rest of us knowing about this pandemic.
Again, yeah, this is very concerning in terms of what has happened, what is happening, and what continues to be planned for our loss of freedom.
Again, it needs to be exposed, but unfortunately there are very few people, even in Congress, that are willing to take a look at this.
They all push the vaccine.
They don't want to be made aware of the fact that vaccines might have caused injuries, might have caused death.
So many people just simply don't want to admit they were wrong, and they're going to do everything they can to make sure that they're not proven wrong.
We're up against a very powerful group of people here, Maria.
But unfortunately, you say, what can we do?
Well, we do have reporters like yourself, like John Solomon, other people that have the courage to report the truth against the mainstream media and against the narrative.
But that's the only way this is going to be solved, is we need the truth to be exposed.
We need more Americans to listen to the truth, to be exposed to the truth, to pull their heads out of the sand, quite honestly, open up their eyes and understand what is happening in this country.
We are going down a very dangerous path, but it's a path that is being laid out and planned by an elite group of people.
that want to take total control over our lives.
And that's what they're doing bit by bit.
They do it by increasing massive government spending, increasing the size of government,
take over of the who, these amendments that are coming up
that are gonna be voted on in 2024, the who are frightening,
and they really risk taking away all of our sovereignty.
But people have to awaken to the dangers of the moment.
All right, you're gonna come sit over here.
We're going to break for one minute, Chase.
And we are talking to Nick Fuentes during the break.
He is coming Wednesday or Thursday.
We'll do my show, but we'll also do, after that, like a three-hour Spaces.
And if Mario wants to host it with Nick, that'd be great.
You're going to come take over and get to as many Spaces and as many calls.
Just try to get to these last six calls and a bunch of Spaces, okay?
And then Owen Schroer comes up in about 54 minutes.
Exactly 54 minutes 20 seconds from now.
With the War Room always doing a great job.
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All right, Chase, jump up quick because you're back in 60 seconds.
Get in the chair right now.
Got it.
Everybody stay there.
You're gonna be live in 60 seconds.
(upbeat music)
All right, folks. We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I am Chase Geiser, carrying the load for the next hour.
We're going to take calls, and then as soon as we get through these calls that we have on the board, we're going to go straight to spaces and just hammer them out.
So thank you for everybody who's been waiting patiently in the exit space.
Let's just start right at the top.
Speak with Monk in Denver.
Monk, what is on your mind?
Hey, how you doing?
I haven't spoken with Alex since 2020.
Four years is a long time.
You got a bachelor's degree and not speaking to Alex.
Well, anyway, I'd just like to say that this pandemic stuff is just like Outsmits and Dachau, you know?
I don't know if you get my drift.
You're talking about the unlawful violation of human rights and medical experiments?
Yeah, the pandemic is just like that.
I had someone at the door and I had to Yeah, but this whole pandemic thing is just as far as this 100% polyunsaturated bovine instrument.
And I had a shot, a flu shot when I was in the Navy.
And from there, I was in the rack for three and a half weeks.
And my I'm upping my disability from the Navy to 100% because I can't take any vaccines.
My records say that.
It says I'm anti-fluactic, from the old language, before 76.
Then they changed it because of an actress whose son or child died of a vaccine.
So that's the point I'm at with vaccines.
I will never take medication.
And I'm just waiting to hear how they're going to treat me as far as disability go.
Because I want this to come out.
Whether I do nothing but go before Congress, I'm going to talk about it.
Well, I'm sorry you went through all that, but thanks for fighting the good fight.
And I really appreciate you calling in.
Kyle, Nebraska.
Kyle, what's on your mind?
Hey, Chase.
Big howdy from Omaha, Nebraska.
I just want to say God bless John Wolf.
God bless the tornado victim.
And I'm Kyle Hikes Truth on X and T-Bird T-Money on X is a Pfizer injured nurse.
Toughest girl I know.
Just an amazing person.
She'd make a great interview for you guys.
She took three Pfizer's.
I just wanted to say that Nitric Boost is saving my mom's life right now.
Get that out there.
What's going on with your mom?
What happened?
He had pretty much severe, like a regular heartbeat and I'm trying to think of the other word for it, but she has a couple issues with the heart arrhythmia and I got her on a nitric boost about eight months ago and she went from not being able to get back up the stairs and get down the stairs, so she's walking an hour a day on the treadmill.
Wow, that's amazing.
Well, thank you so much for your call, Kyle.
I really do appreciate that and God bless your mom.
Adam in Wisconsin, Adam, what's on your mind?
Yep, we can hear you.
Hi, so I would like to identify myself as a philosopher, humanist, and a globalist.
The first thing I'm going to start with is Nazi Fuentes.
I mean, I'm sorry, Nick Fuentes.
Alright, let's just terminate the call.
Let's go on to James in California.
James, what's on your mind?
Yo, so I just wanted to kind of look at everything that's going to be happening near the end of this year.
With the election and just how the potential of Donald Trump becoming president.
All of the Marxist protests, Soros funded back, and just all of the anger and all of the way that everyone's getting stirred up.
We're going to combine that with, I think, you know, most people are in denial.
A lot of people are waking up about the vaccine or the mRNA.
But what's going to happen is when people realize that they are going to die or that there's a potentiality of death or anything, I mean, You know, what's going to happen when millions or billions of people feel like they have nothing to lose?
I think people are going to start committing crazy crimes or, you know what I mean?
Yeah, well, obviously the more desperate and tumultuous and challenging things become, the more radical people become in the way that they respond to those challenges in order to survive.
And traditionally speaking, things have Had to get pretty bad before people do things like stand up against their government or rebel.
And I was talking about this the other day.
One of the most fascinating things to me about what we've seen over the course of the last several years is this is one of the first instances in history that I can think of just as a layman where You have, like, civil war and conflict and division actually being catalyzed by the establishment.
I mean, traditionally speaking, a civil war is a rebellion against the establishment, and the establishment is trying to quell that rebellion.
I mean, it goes all the way back to Star Wars, right, with the Empire and the rebellion.
But now it seems like the establishment, the political elite, are actually trying to stoke a civil war or conflict or division that wouldn't take place naturally because, frankly, as bad as things are, The amount of suffering that we're experiencing now is nothing compared to other examples of suffering throughout history that have led to these cataclysms.
What do you think's going on?
Well, dude, okay, all of that with the Civil War and the unrest, but I think it's going to come down to people think they're going to die, and so people are going to go crazy.
There is going to be a complete collapse of The moral framework of our society that we're already seeing.
And the bigger picture is all these elite, these Satan worshippers or whatever they are, they want to harvest people's souls, harvest their emotions, and you just combine politics with the inevitability of their death.
I mean, people are going to be nuts.
People already want to murder each other.
Dude, this is not good.
This is going to be bad.
Yeah, no, no, I see what your point is.
I do want to take a speaker in the space here.
Everything out of context.
Go ahead and unmute yourself if you have something to say and share what's on your mind.
Alright, it looks like everything out of context may not be there.
Let's go to Luis.
Luis, go ahead and unmute yourself.
You've been waiting patiently for a long time.
What do you have to say?
Looks like Luis.
Oh, there you go.
What's up?
Can you hear me?
Yep, you sound good.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak here.
I think there's one big lesson that a lot of people are missing from the whole pandemic.
I think even bigger than, you know, what the vaccines have done to millions of people, harming and killing them.
And that lesson is that I believe the pandemic revealed that not only COVID does not exist, but no viruses exist.
And I say this because of the results of The PCR test, they pretty much tested everybody.
However, 80% of people who tested positive had no symptoms whatsoever.
They were asymptomatic.
They weren't sick at all.
Yeah, do you remember when not having any symptoms was a symptom?
Yeah, yeah, that was pretty funny.
But yeah, that was a major red flag.
That kind of showed that the whole thing was a scam.
The other thing is that I dug a little deeper and I started following several doctors.
Dr. Sam Bailey, Mark Bailey, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Steph Alenka, who is a virologist, and from them I learned that the methodology that virologists use in order to isolate the virus, prove
viruses exist, is completely unscientific and unnatural.
So what they do is they mix monkey cells with blood extracted from the heart of an unborn
They mix it with antibiotics, trypsin, which is an enzyme which breaks down proteins.
Sounds like dinner at John Podesta's house.
It's completely witchcraft and unscientific, unnatural, not based on reality.
So this is what they use.
This is the experiment they use to prove viruses exist.
Not only for COVID, but for Ebola, measles, the flu.
So basically they poison, starve the culture, and then blame the so-called virus on the experiment.
And I just want to encourage everybody to just kind of look into this, learn this important lesson, because if we don't, they're going to continue to just fabricate more pandemics, eventually taking away our rights, our freedoms, Yeah, thank you Luis for coming forward and speaking in the space today.
Minga, go ahead and unmute yourself and share what you have to say.
Alright, looks like Minga may no longer be with us.
Let's go to Veezy.
Veezy, are you there?
Go ahead and unmute yourself and share what you have to say.
I'm doing good, it's my first time on this basis, but I do support you guys and what you're doing and I hope that it grows into something pretty fruitful for y'all.
No, I'm not sure what happened.
It looks like we might have lost Veezy there.
Let me see if I can add him back as a speaker.
Go ahead and put in another request and I'll add you right back, Veezy.
I think I lost you.
Let's go in the meantime to Health Uncensored.
Health Uncensored, are you still there?
I'm here.
Hi, Chase.
Hello, Alex, if you're still listening.
I just want to share something briefly.
I'll be concise.
A lot of people are talking about A lot of people are talking about the injuries that have come as a result of mRNA vaccinations.
And a few people have kind of put their finger on how.
What's the causal mechanism?
How does an mRNA vaccine trigger a disease process?
I want to provide a hypothesis and some research on that right now on a specific scenario.
I put it up in the Netspreader, buddy, and I'll really briefly explain.
These vaccines, there's a large body of research showing how these vaccines can reactivate viruses people are already carrying, right?
So let's say you caught chickenpox when you were a child, four or five years old.
You take one of these vaccines in your 30s and it can reactivate that virus out of dormancy.
Now that virus, right, a common virus like chicken pox, can cause liver disease, it can get inside the brain and cause encephalitis, it can cause a lot of different conditions.
I posted a video up to the nest, I'm gonna make sure it goes up there, and it's a specific situation on how these vaccines can trigger Alzheimer's disease.
Yeah, the scientific consensus on Alzheimer's disease is that it's caused by herpes simplex type 1 in the brain.
There's a large body of research going back 30 years on that, a huge body of research.
And now we've got case reports and observational studies from all over the world showing how these vaccines cause these herpes viruses to reactivate, right?
The vaccines contain something called TLR agonists and they contain other adjuvants as well which disrupt the immune system.
So something that was harmless, right?
A virus that was causing no inflammation in your body whatsoever.
It was subclinical.
You take a vaccine and now any virus you were already carrying reactivates.
And it can trigger a lot of different conditions depending on a lot of different factors.
Alzheimer's disease being one of them.
But I posted a video up there.
You know, I'm an activist and I'm an independent researcher.
One thing I want to say to you, Chase, really quick before I step down.
Right now I have a paper.
I'm the author of a paper that's in peer review on the causal mechanism between vaccinations and autism.
And it's my hypothesis and my research is completely novel.
Something no one has ever touched upon.
It's never been mentioned or documented in any medical literature.
I'd like to share the pre-print draft with you if you'd like to see it.
You know, feel free to reach out with me.
Sure, send me a DM right here on Twitter.
All right, my paper should be peer-reviewed and published within three to four weeks.
And I'm not exaggerating when I say it, but I got it.
I pinpointed how vaccines cause autism.
You know, I don't sell anything.
I don't promote any products or services.
If anyone's interested in seeing medical research, controversial stuff, give me a follow.
Health Uncensored.
Thank you, Chase.
Thank you so much for speaking.
I appreciate it.
Let's go next to Jefferson.
Jefferson, you've been waiting patiently.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Chase, God bless you, man.
And Alex, my heart goes with you and I've been praying for you every day, Alex, all these years, my 12 years and first time to speak.
So it's a blessing.
I really just want to touch on something that the Lord really led me to back in 2021.
I've posted it for so many years now.
I was banned up until Elon Musk bought Twitter and it was to do with Pfizer BNT126B2, the vaccine.
And I wondered why did they call the name of Pfizer's vaccine Comirnaty?
Pfizer was saying that it was to do with community and immunity and I thought this doesn't make any sense.
I don't believe Pfizer's going to tell the truth when I see that they're up to so much evil.
And several months later in late 2021, I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning.
I felt the Lord was stirring me and I woke up and I just grabbed Google and I typed in community.
And immediately this has just jumped off the page.
Now I had no idea what this was, but I saw C-O-M-I-R-N-A-T-Y and I saw M-I-R-N-A.
And I said, what is M-I-R-N-A?
I typed it in.
And then when you go on Google and you type it in, and it says a micro RNA is an M-I-R-N-A.
It's a short regulatory RNA that acts as a post-transcriptional repressor.
So they refer to it as a gene silencer.
So the proteins go to create the genes and this mRNA is used post-transcriptionally to downregulate the gene and switch it off like a light switch.
And so I began to look into it and there was a study done on something called Zinc Finger 106 and this was done by the Sanger Institute and our friend Jeremy Farrar at the Wellcome Trust.
And what they did is they took 600 mice and they did what they call COMP, and it's the Knockout Mouse Project.
And so as I researched, I saw that when they switched off using micro RNA, zinc finger 106, what did it cause the mice to have?
It caused the mice to have a gateway open that gave them motor neuron disease.
And then as I went on, and we know obviously that the New World Order is very complex in the way that it likes to show what it's going to do before our eyes.
We say hidden in plain sight, right?
And I remember when they brought out Omicron and I'll never forget someone posted me something and they used the letters in Omicron and they changed them around and it spelt the word Onchomere.
And what is an Oncomere?
An Oncomere is a micro RNA that is associated with cancer.
My belief is that Albert Baller and his crew Have placed into the vaccine and I've been trying for four years now to get this out on the national scale that we must look to see whether or not there is micro RNA, miRNA.
And the thing that I think is so critical is that I did not hack it.
But the European Medicines Agency documentation that was hacked by some group in October of 2020, I was able to get that through a group of mine and I read that there was 117 major objections and one of the objections was that we now know it's late migrating species of RNA impurities and my theory is That this is most likely going to be M-I-R-N-A.
And this is, this is the danger.
I made a video on it back in August 16th, 2021, under the title of the Lion Roars on Bitshoot, because I was just completely knocked off every platform.
And so I just really want people to, to really have a look, to ask themselves, why would Pfizer call that Their vaccine, Comirnaty, with miRNA inside.
I made another video, I won't go into it now because it'll take too long, but if you take the first letters and the last letters, it spells out Coty, of which is a huge conglomerate of about 150 billion, and the parent company of Coty is Jab Holdings with direct links to the Nazi Party.
And so all I know is that Somehow the Lord led me to this.
For so many years I was banned.
I was just not able to get this message out.
But my belief is what we're seeing now is that these cancers are beginning because, and not just cancers, neurological disorders and every other disorder, as one aspect of the vaccines, which is now gene silencing through the Knockout Mouse Project.
And Jeremy Farrar, we know, was so involved.
Are you able to hear me okay?
We had a little bit of a technical issue.
I was able to hear you the whole time, but can you hear me there on the space?
I can hear you now perfectly.
Very good.
Very good.
Thank you so much, guys, because look, I was in Melbourne the whole pandemic.
I never ever protested in my life until that, and I realized that my nation that I love so dearly was completely overtaken by the New World Order.
I was arrested three times.
It was horrendous.
I was hit with Explosive, rubbable.
All right, well, it looks like we lost the space.
There's a technical issue with the phones here, folks, but what we'll do is we'll go ahead and take calls since we're having issues with the space.
And you can call 877-789-2539.
Again, that's 877-789-2539.
call the number on the screen.
Again, that's 877-789-2539.
And as you call in, I'll allow the crew some time to process
Now, we've got about three and a half minutes left of this segment.
I apologize for the little technical inconvenience.
But there's an overarching narrative here that I just want to talk about sort of in summary.
I know we've got another 30 minutes of the show left before Owen Schroer hosts The Great War Room.
But the overarching theme is that these globalist organizations and institutions, whether they're large corporations like Google or Pfizer or Moderna, or whether they're actual government entities, they have a consciousness and they operate like an intelligent organism.
But they don't have a conscience.
And last Friday when I was on the space with Alex, we were discussing This concept of decentralized tyranny.
And when you get involved in an institution, an organization, or a corporation, or a government for that matter, and you become a small cog in a machine that is greater than you, it is very easy to shift accountability or culpability for any of the actions of the organization.
And what we see here is these institutions and organizations become so powerful and so large that no individual within them actually feels responsible or culpable for the sins or frankly violations of human rights perpetuated on whomever.
Because they can always say, I'm just in accounting.
And what we've seen over the course of the last four years is example after example after example and frankly this goes all the way back to World War II.
It's the history of humanity.
Of giant...
Corporations, organizations, and political systems conglomerating power with no individual actually feeling responsible for any of the sins of these organizations.
And there are some supervillains like the Bill Gates's and the George Soros's and the Klaus Schwab's who should know better.
And yes, you can point the finger at them and they were responsible.
But you have to understand that entities and organizations like the intelligence community or Pfizer, which is a giant corporation, is likely composed of mostly good people.
And they don't realize that they're working blindly and aimlessly in a machine that is destined to just eradicate humanity or exploit humanity or subjugate humanity in some awful, sick way.
And now what we have discovered, as more and more evidence has come out over the last several years, We understand now that this isn't just about a globalist desire to depopulate humanity across the Earth, but they are killing two birds with one stone, because as they depopulate you, they are also experimenting on you, and the results of that experimentation are informing their agenda to manifest their transhumanist vision.
They want to figure out how to make themselves live forever, how to make themselves immortal, whether it's in the metaverse or in this physical reality, and you folks are the guinea pigs for their sick experiments.
And so as we take calls on the other side, make sure you stick with us because we are coming up on a break in about 30 seconds.
One of the most important things that you can do to help the InfoWar is by going to Band.Video and downloading any clips, sharing them, cutting viral moments from the broadcast and sharing them anywhere that you can so that we can spread the truth.
And don't forget to go to InfoWarsStore.com and be the reason that we're still on the air by getting amazing products like Nitric Boost.
Stick with us, folks.
more on the other side.
We have the board lit up with amazing colors and I'm going to dive right in.
We're going to hammer through these for the next 30 minutes or so.
Let's start right at the top of the board and go straight to June in Arizona.
June, thank you so much for calling in.
What's on your mind?
Oh, thank you so much.
Can you hear me okay?
You sound great.
This is for everyone suffering from all our ex-death shots and anything that anybody's taking now.
Please do not trust any big pharma.
They're putting stuff in everything.
People with diabetes, especially, they're targeting.
Just ask Silk, Diamond and Silk, Chit Chat Live.
Her sister, Diamond, was murdered back in 21.
Do you remember that?
Yeah, I remember.
I didn't know she was murdered.
Well, yeah.
Anyway, I would like everybody to check out Dr. Artist's video.
It's called the antidote.
Everybody, people are putting him down because he's a chiropractor, but this man has been saving lives, probably millions.
I was vaccine injured from the shingle shot in 2018.
I've been doing his protocol with the nicotine and healing for the ages.
Grounding yourself every day.
Just go outside barefoot for 15, 30 minutes a day.
Get sunshine, you know, the sun's so bad for you, right?
Anyway, distilling, filtering and distilling your water, those are the three major things they're advocating for to help people out.
It's called Healing for the Ages and they also have Healing for Radio on America Out Loud.
I'm learning so much.
My health has gone from a zero I'm about at a seven now and I'm working on it every day.
No big pharma at all.
I don't even take an aspirin.
I don't trust anything.
You got to go all natural and these people, bless their hearts and bless you.
I hope you or someone can have Dr. Artis in the other three doctors for ages.
A stands for Artis, G stands for Dr. Group, E stands for Dr. Henry Ely.
And S stands for Dr. Jana Schmidt.
Well, thank you so much, June, for calling and raising awareness about that.
I'm glad that your health has improved so much.
And it's true that there are so many different ways that we can arrive at health than the establishment would suggest.
I appreciate you raising awareness on that.
Jack in Wisconsin.
Jack, what's on your mind?
Hey, how are you doing today, Chase?
I'm doing well.
Thank you for calling.
Yeah, I wanted to talk about the next steps.
Like, you know, we always talk about what's going on and what happened with the healthcare holocaust.
Well, you know, I think the next steps is like, since it's a bioweapon with not only COVID, but also the vaccine, every bioweapon, I think, is going to have a cure.
And we need to find out how to have a mad scientist release the cure and convince them to release the cure.
Otherwise, I think it's just obviously going to escalate down the road.
So you think there's an antidote that exists for the harms associated with these vaccines?
Well, I'm just basing it on the presumption, you know, that if they're mad scientists and they're going to make a weapon that's going to have blowback, like chemical and biological, they're going to have something for themselves and for their own troops.
Yeah, absolutely.
All the bioweapons that are being developed, I'm sure they're simultaneously developing vaccines so that these bioweapons would only impact the enemy.
It doesn't make a lot of sense.
Just like a cheating wife, you know, like once you have like a feeling or a cheating husband, once you have like a feeling that they're cheating, you need to get evidence and you need to bust them on that evidence so they confess.
And it needs to be good evidence.
And I think the source of that is none other than our taxpayer-funded NSA.
Because, you know, they're scooping everything with their advanced surveillance technologies.
So I'm sure the evidence right now as we speak is just sitting there in Utah.
I tell you what, I got a feeling that the federal government is cheating on me and I've
got all sorts of evidence.
What should I do next?
And it's an interesting rabbit hole over there with the NSA.
Not a lot of people talk about them nowadays, but Jones was the head of the curve talking
about the NSA long ago.
But like the NSA is held hostage because it's mostly run by Mormons over there in Salt Lake
City and such.
And they have like drug and sex leverage on them like Epstein style apparently is what
I've heard in that rabbit hole.
And that's why we rarely hear a peep from them, you know, regarding anything, any of these events.
But the NSA doesn't really have press conferences and such.
You know, I've got a funny story about a Mormon.
I was once on a long car ride with a Mormon.
We were going to do a video shoot.
He was a photographer and I was a web developer.
And we were gonna do a video shoot of a client that I was building a website for who was coming out with a book.
And this is a long drive in California.
It was a beautiful drive.
I started asking him about Mormonism.
I said, listen, do you guys believe that you get your own planet when you die?
And he's like, yeah.
I go, are you excited?
He just looks at me and he smiles real big, dead serious, and he goes, it's gonna be awesome.
This is such a bizarre religion.
Jack, thank you so much for your call.
Proud matriarch of California, what is on your mind?
Hello, Chase.
I am so happy to be able to talk to you.
Yes, well I am definitely a boomer at 70 years old, and I wanted to give you a unique perspective.
I was born and raised in the same community.
It's a ranching, farming community.
It's grown to about 70,000, but most of my high school friends, we've all stuck around.
Most of us have stuck around taking over family businesses, ranching and agriculture.
And since 2021, we have been to 15 funerals of our friends, all who took the vaccine.
And also my sister died of turbo cancer from the vaccine.
And my brother, I have one brother right now who is in ICU, who is dying from a vaccine and two boosters.
And my other brother has that spinal myelitis.
So anyone who says that these vaccines are not causing death is crazy, because I have witnessed it firsthand.
All of my friends and, you know, family members Just ignored the warnings that I gave them because they didn't believe that the government would do that to them.
But what other answer is there?
They all died rather quickly.
Either immediately, suddenly, or they died within two months.
Well, I'm really sorry to hear that, that you had that experience.
But, you know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
And that is the truth.
You just did everything you could.
So I appreciate your call, proud matriarch.
Jordan in Michigan.
Jordan, what is on your mind?
Mr. Geiser, thank you for having me on.
You're welcome.
Let me preface the following question with, I really hope this ain't the case, but I heard something recently and I want to confirm or deny.
I saw an investigative reporter named Max Azzarello recently protest outside of Trump's trial in Manhattan.
Stating that Trump and Biden are working together behind the scenes and was so adamant about it that he actually lit himself on fire and left behind a manifesto stating as much.
Yeah, I read it.
You did read it?
Okay, is there any legitimacy to that?
What's your take?
Here's the deal with self-immolation as a psychological phenomenon.
Most people, I'm not saying this about all self-immolators, most people who set themselves on fire have a psychological disorder where they want to set themselves on fire.
And everything else that they build around that act is a justification.
I believe this is somebody who was very mentally ill, had some impulse to self-immolate, and built this entire conspiracy around that desire in order to bring himself to the position where he did it.
So I know that might not be a very satisfying answer, but that is what I believe.
I don't think there's any legitimacy to Trump working with Biden behind the scenes.
I mean, keep in mind, Trump is facing hundreds of years in prison.
It just doesn't add up.
But we are coming up on a break.
I will take more calls on the other side.
Stick with us, folks.
It's going to be about four minutes and we'll be right back.
Oh, you know what?
We're skipping the break.
Thank goodness.
Go ahead.
All right.
So we'll go to the next call.
Carlos in Dallas.
Carlos, what's up?
Hey Chase, good talking to you.
You too.
I just wanted to tell everybody about what's going on.
I'm pretty sure you already know about it.
It's everywhere online about how Michigan is already starting to institute lockdowns for that avian bovine flu that's going around and stuff like that.
Yeah, they're trying to scare everybody with the bird flu.
Yes, so this is 2020 all over again as we can remember.
Except it's a little bit late because we were able to hold them off a little bit longer this time, but it's coming along with the summer of love that they have planned for us coming up.
Yes, it's going to be great.
Now, with that being said, I think the unfortunate part for them is a lot of people aren't going to fall for it hook, line, and sinker, but there's a lot of people with enough cognitive dissonance that they're going to fall for the trick again.
They're already going to have something that's going to come off the shelves.
Oh, look, we happen to have something that happens to work.
Let me inject you with this now.
I don't know if you remember, but Dr. Group and Alex had a show in 2018 where Dr. Group was talking about electromagnetic frequencies and the way that they can influence DNA.
What if, hidden within, which this is already known whenever India scanned the COVID virus, what if in the vaccines themselves, they have all these other strains already built in, they turn on an EMF, a specific electromagnetic frequency that activates that, anybody that's been vaccinated, boom, everybody's got the bird flu.
Not right off the bat, but they start getting symptoms slowly emanating from their own bodies.
Yeah, I think that's a really interesting theory.
I don't have any evidence to back it up.
I'm sure that that sort of technology exists.
I'm not sure that that's what's going on here.
Frankly, when you look at what happened with COVID, you know, I believe it was a real virus, but it was so vanilla.
It was so mild.
That it really proved that the threat didn't actually have to exist in order for the outcome to be achieved that they wanted.
So they put a name on this virus and it's basically a flu and yes if you're older or if you have other conditions and comorbidities that you are at risk of having serious consequences if you were infected with this virus but the vast majority of people I can honestly say, I don't know if it exists or not.
two or three days.
I got it a couple of times, I got better.
Just felt like a normal cold/flu combo to me.
And so, all they have to do is just lie to you over and over again in the mainstream media
to convince you that there's a real serious threat.
They don't actually have to infect you with a real threat in order to get the outcome that they want.
What do you think?
I can honestly say, I don't know if it exists or not.
My mom got real sick.
She had a total of about seven blood transfusions, which you and I both know.
You get blood from somebody that's been vaccinated.
You know, you're probably not going to fare very well.
So my mom lasted about 16 months and she went to be with the Lord.
I'm sorry to hear that.
And then at the beginning of last year, a buddy of mine was feeling real weak.
They give him a blood transfusion at the beginning of the year.
Fast forward three or four months later, he gives me a colic.
They said I got cancer.
They're going to do this.
They're going to do that.
They do a full bone marrow transplant.
It never goes to below.
Well, it's the myeloid.
Some type of leukemia that's like within your bone marrow, but it
It makes you make more white blood cells and the white blood cells start attacking your body and stuff like that.
Right, it's like an autoimmune form.
I get it.
So for him, he never went to below anything 0.5% and since they removed all his bone marrow, Yes, so they removed all his bone marrow.
His cancer never goes below .5%.
marrow right? Because your bone marrow makes your blood and that's where the
white blood cells come from. Yes, so they removed all his bone marrow,
his cancer never goes below 0.5%. As soon as he gets off the
treatment, it skyrockets up to 60% and after that he only lasts about another
three months after that.
So it, it went from like 15% to about 30 to 40 to 50% in, in a matter of two months.
And, and I was waving goodbye to my friend a mere couple of months after that.
So I've seen it in many different ways, shapes or forms, how these Evil bastards are smoking people left and right without impunity.
So I really hope something comes of it.
I really hope they start investigating Fauci, but you know, I don't put too much hope in our Congress.
Not with people like Johnson running it.
Straight into the damn ground with that bastard, you know?
Well, thank you so much for your call, Carlos.
I'm really sorry that you had those experiences, man.
Sebastian in Alabama.
Sebastian, what is on your mind?
Hey Chase, I am a recovering addict.
I'm 26 years old.
I'm actually trying to gather people together to be able to fight back against this stuff.
I'm on Rumble and X made this to hide.
M-A-D-E-T-H-I-S, the number two, H-I-D-E.
I'm trying to gather people together And fight back against this biological... We're just getting hit from all kinds of angles and I'm in recovery and I'm trying to get as many people... How long have you been sober?
I've been sober about five months and y'all have been saving my life, dude.
Way to go.
Congratulations, man.
One day at a time.
You said, sir?
One day at a time.
Currently, I'm actually on medications for depression and mood stabilization, right?
But I'm wondering if there's, what you suggest us do as young people, you know, you're young, what do you suggest I could do to go, you know, help further the message more?
I'm already working on documentaries and stuff, but I'm really trying to be more hands-on and also Is there anything in the InfoWars store that you could recommend for something like depression or like mood stabilization?
Anything that you've got any input on?
Well, Sebastian, those are both really good questions.
I'll start with the first one.
The first thing I recommend doing, we live in a digital world and the way that you change hearts and minds is enlarge online.
And if you want to make a difference, you have to build a voice for yourself.
And the way to do that is to simply go on YouTube or on websites like Udemy, U-D-E-M-Y, and take either free courses or pay for the inexpensive courses you can afford on how to make content go viral.
And then you take what you learn from those courses and you go to InfoWars.com or you go to Band.video and you download Alex Jones broadcasts or Harrison Smith broadcasts or Owen Schroyer broadcasts and you cut up and make viral moments of the show using the skills that you learn.
That's the best thing you can do is be a keyboard warrior.
It used to be something that, you know, they would tease people about it.
It used to have a negative connotation to call somebody a keyboard warrior.
Oh, you're just in your basement complaining.
But that's how you win the hearts and minds.
That's how you win the InfoWar.
And that would be the suggestion there.
The second thing is I don't feel comfortable.
It may not even be legal for me to give you any advice or suggestions on what you can do in terms of our products to help with mood stabilization or things of that nature.
I would just encourage you to do your own research.
What I can tell you is that all of our products at Infowarsstore.com are the best quality supplements
in all of their categories.
So everything that we sell is legitimate, it's the highest quality, we pay a premium for it
from the manufacturers, and these products do what they suggest or say that they do.
So go do your own research.
Look through some of these products.
See if you can find anything on InfoWarsStore.com or DrJonesNaturals.com.
That's DrJonesNaturals.com.
And I think you'll find something that can help you, but I'm just not in a position to recommend something specifically to you for that specific condition that you're going through.
But what I can say is congratulations on five months sober.
And I found from my experience in my life that the bad things that happen to us often end up being the best things.
And the road to recovery does have a light at the end of the tunnel.
And if you keep doing what you're doing and if you stay loyal to the course and true to the course, you are going to be okay and happiness is in your future.
Sebastian, thank you for your call.
JP in New Mexico.
JP, what's on your mind?
Chase, thanks for letting, thanks for taking my call.
I want to tell you, I know, because I work in media too, so we're shoulder to shoulder with the InfoWars fighting this tyranny.
And let me give that dude some hope.
Five months clean, 17 years clean for me, so he can do it.
And, you know, it's a rough road, but he'll get there if he's persistent.
Now, let's get on with Bill Gates.
Are you guys there?
Oh, yeah.
All right.
This guy, he makes me cringe, man.
And like working in media, you really, you gotta have thick skin.
You absorb this every day.
It makes you sick after it's been a decade for me now dealing with all this.
And Bill Gates, when he was talking about, well, we get the mRNA and it's real cheap, you know, and we just got to work with it a little.
And, you know, like he's playing with a toy or a model.
He doesn't take any consideration into, listen, dude, Two aunts, an uncle, a cousin that was 50 years old, and my stepdad.
That was last year, okay?
So, I mean, I got a bone to pick with that dude, man, and it just, you know, he's from New Mexico, where we are, and it just makes me sick.
I can't believe that we cannot do something about this, that we cannot stop these people from what they're doing.
There's evidence everywhere.
Everybody has evidence.
How come we can't stop them?
Well, I think the reason is that we struggle with this is that not enough people know, frankly.
You really think so after everything?
Yes, I do.
I do.
And it's so easy to think that everybody's on the same page because we hang out with people and we're close to people and we interact with people that are like-minded.
That's just the way human beings are.
But I think if you walk on random campuses or into random businesses or into random social events with people that you're not connected with directly, you will be amazed at the level of ignorance.
Well, I am.
To be honest with you, I can't believe what we're seeing.
Most people in America think the worst thing about Bill Gates was Clippy.
Was it XP or Windows 98 that had Clippy?