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Name: 20240503_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 3, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses the potential for a civil war instigated by globalist deep state actors. He encourages listeners to support InfoWars and be prepared for economic instability and the New World Order agenda. Jones interviews Pablo Escobar Jr. about his belief that the deep state is using Dominion voting machines to manipulate elections, and they discuss various topics such as politics, faith, spirituality, conspiracy theories, independence, self-reliance, and family values. Alex Jones also promotes his new book "The Great Awakening" and recommends Brain Force Ultra for mental clarity.

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Tomorrow's News.
It's Friday, May 3rd, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be here live for the next four hours.
Coming to you from the heart of Texas, Austin.
All right.
You're going to hear a lot in the next few hours, things you've already heard on the show, things you've already seen on the streets, things you've already experienced.
And it's really going to be nothing new, except It's now live.
It's now happening.
The dominoes have already been kicked over.
And so there's now no doubt, and I want this to sink in everybody, including myself, and this is what I'm telling my family too, get your ass ready right now.
This is the big one.
When I say the big one, global destabilization at a level never before seen, financial, cultural, Ecclesiastical, environmental, civil strife engineered, an angrier world that Klaus Schwab talks about, expanding into civil unrest that will then be billed as racial left-right civil war that will lead to civil emergency martial law.
Now, depending on the demographics and the sociology of Australia, or New Zealand, or the EU, or Western Europe, or Eastern Europe, or the UK, or the US and Canada, the different intelligence agencies, the Five Eyes working in concert with the Tax-Free Foundations, are creating a dialectic collision, a dialectic crisis, and they've already triggered it.
The dominoes are about 10% fallen, now 90% will continue to fall.
Look, we can mitigate this, but this is a done deal.
Now, I can say I hope I'm wrong, but there's no way I'm wrong, because this is all I do, and it's already happening.
Let's put back on screen the live show.
Headline I just wrote minutes ago.
Alex Jones has confirmed that the globalist deep state has already set in motion civil unrest leading to civil war and martial law.
We can stop this.
I wrote that, but I kind of changed my mind in the last five minutes.
We can mitigate this.
Share and watch live now.
And maybe we can stop it, but it's already...
The golf club driver has already been swung by the Tiger Woods of chaos.
He's already hit the ball.
It's flying 250 yards right towards the green, okay?
So the ball's about already 50 yards in the air.
And it's coming.
Ball's already been hit.
Use a baseball analogy.
Babe Ruth has already hit it.
You see the ball's going out of the park.
Straight ahead, he's got all bases loaded.
It's a grand slam.
So, it's going down like Donkey Kong.
And it depends on how it breaks and how we respond and what we do, but if you look at everything they've prepared, it's 100% confirmed.
And we even know the groups and organizations that are funding all of it and the original triggers.
So, when we come back, and some stations join us, I'm going to begin the analysis, and I'm going to lay this out, and I'm going to go through what's currently happening, and I'm going to break down what is going to happen next, and the different variants of that.
But it's like four or five roads that go the same place, and one gets you there 20 minutes earlier, and one gets you there, you know, an hour later, on Google Maps or something.
But they're all going to the same destination.
So I don't know exactly at the fork we're at right now which road the globalists are going to take, how we respond will make them change and take other roads, but it's on, okay?
So guard yourself for true.
Drums, drums in the deep.
As Gandalf says, the war has begun.
The Clone Wars have begun, they have.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Hey, get away from the car!
Get the fuck away!
And then when they yell car, the car's done nothing to them.
Then that's their reason to attack him, drag him out of the car.
He escapes, they let her catch him and beat him half to death.
He's in the hospital.
It's just some student took a wrong turn.
Meanwhile, you got the frat boys out with their American-Israeli flags, making fun of black people and hopping around like monkeys.
This is all of the idiocy as the temperature gets turned up to the boiling point.
This is the angrier world George Soros said would bring in their new world order.
and that Klaus Schwab should bring in their new order.
[crowd shouting]
Now, if you just joined us, ladies and gentlemen, what is the process for trying to track these people down?
I mean, is this something you're going to do?
I'm about to lay out where we are.
Thank you for joining us.
I'm Alex Jones.
It is Friday, May 3rd, 2024.
We can put the full show headline up on screen please.
This is a maximum red alert and I am been aware of this for a while so most of you but it's it's a statement that has to be made that we are on the cusp going into the first major stages and the dominoes have already fallen to trigger civil unrest In every western country of the world, leading to what will be billed as civil wars that will lead to civil emergency and martial law.
Friday broadcast.
Alex Jones, that's yours truly, has confirmed that the globalist deep state has already set in motion civil unrest leading to civil war and martial law.
We can mitigate this.
Perhaps even stop it.
Please share and watch the live show link from InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Band on video and real Alex Jones on X and please follow me there and share the live feed from there.
Now, there are a hundred ways plus to try to describe this and break this down, but I think I should just first talk about the preparation of the last decade for this, really accelerating under Obama, and the
social engineers studying the demographics and sociology of every sector and then tailoring the destabilization plan
for the region that the five eye intelligence agencies and tax-free foundations with their
willing accomplices and bought and paid for controlled media
are putting out.
So there's a lot of places to start, but let's just go to the defunding of the police even
before Trump was driven from office via election fraud three and a half
years ago.
You then saw the Soros-controlled mayors and DAs and attorney generals all across the United States in almost every major city that they control.
They control almost every major city, even most sub-cities, to defund the police on average by about 40%.
And then to intimidate the police, knock people out of their job, And to throw the book at them and prosecute them if they make any type of mistake, or even when they don't make a mistake, to make them be paralyzed to not go out and stop crime.
And you have laws passed in 10 states and several hundred cities, like San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, New York, where even if you steal, depending on the city or state, $1,000, $2,000, up to $5,000 in some cities, Out of a store, a grocery store, a clothing store, a Walgreens, you name it, that you will not be prosecuted.
That's just one example of the destabilization.
The defunding of the police in places like Minneapolis, Minnesota, where then the mayor and others hired private security 24 hours a day, millions of dollars a year just for themselves, while cutting the police by 50%.
So when you do that, and I saw another story out of Texas yesterday, where the man, and I saw another story out of Georgia, where Soros DA's, in one case the man had 90 plus convictions.
armed robbery, sexual assault, you name it. He was let out again and then one guy kidnapped a woman
and raped her. Another guy got out and then shot a bunch of police. I mean, you just, and it's just
a blip on the radar. Oh, four dead cops, bloop, no big deal.
Just bloop. Don't even say the cop's name. Just, yeah, four dead cops, you know, six or seven
more wounded, bloop, kidnapped woman, raped woman. It's just a little bloop. You imagine if a cop
gets some fentanyl overdosing, you know, poor black person, and then they die while the
cops put them in handcuffs, and then, then you know, oh my god, the cop, murder, we gotta burn
the country down.
And then they get the biggest thing ever.
But meanwhile, did you know, uh, something like 14 police were killed last week nationwide?
Four in one pop?
From a felon who'd been released over and over again from prison?
Now there it is, four law officers serving warrant are killed, four wounded, shootout in North Carolina.
And Georgia, and in Texas, and it's just, just barely in the news, just bloop!
Now, again, you can hate the police all day.
But the point is, when the left fully takes over the country, they're gonna run the police, and then you really won't like them.
No, the police are one of the last institutions they haven't taken over yet in every area.
But they're doing it!
And they need to purge the military with the poison shots and critical race theory and transgenderism.
That's exactly what they wanted to put their people in key positions.
So, they've got control of most of the military, they're getting control of the police, they've defunded the police, they've defunded it for the citizens.
Jurisdictions all over the country, from Illinois to Texas, you say, hey, from midnight to 6 a.m.
no police will respond when you're getting broken into.
And then if you do one thing wrong or don't say the right thing, when you shoot a burglar breaking into your house, Soros DA's are going to throw your ass under the jail.
There's another one, yeah.
Three officers shot in Louisiana in fatal standoff with gunmen.
I mean, I can't... I can't even keep track of it.
I didn't even know about that one a couple days ago.
So... Where are their names?
Where are their families?
Where are their crying wives and widows at press conferences?
There is no interest in that.
Because we don't want to humanize the police.
But they're just waiting for a Kent State event to happen.
They're just waiting for another George Floyd to happen.
And Soros has spent billions, and he gets money from the State Department.
He's just the front man, so the State Department doesn't have their hands directly in it.
The State Department is funding billions and billions to bring illegals in and brainwash them against America, sign them up to vote.
Well, at the same time funding millions of dollars to fund the Tides Foundation and the Sunrise Foundation, all these other groups, and to bail these people out when they're violent.
And then when the frat boys and the right-wingers go out who are sick of them, Every little thing they do that's wrong gets magnified to make it a left-right battle because the globalists want Americans fighting with each other.
They want to turn the heat up ahead of the summer of rage that's coming that'll make 2020 look tame in comparison.
I'm guaranteeing, not predicting, guaranteeing.
Then they'll get enough incidences and enough Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL crisis actors, which we know they send in, like Charlottesville, To start things up enough, and then there will be false flags.
And false flags can be a crazy person you wind up, or it can be purely staged, or it can be done by a corporate group or a mercenary group, but it's going to be something that's going to be blamed On conservatives and nationalists.
We saw that in the June National Security Directive by President Biden, where he said the number one terror threat is, what, white supremacists, and that they're causing the most crime in America, which is a completely fake statistic and just asinine.
And you heard there's a rash, an epidemic of whites killing Asians.
It doesn't even really exist.
Just totally pulled out of the FBI's rear end.
Then the FBI started two years ago in over a hundred major cities, well 102 major cities, the 102 biggest cities, stop reporting crime statistics, period.
So they can say crime hasn't gone up.
Now there's Biden calls white supremacy the most dangerous terror threat in speech at Harvard, at Howard.
They're priming the pump and setting the battle space for the false flags that are going to be committed against black grocery stores, black colleges, black churches.
About a month before the election, I'd say about 155, about 155 days from now is what I'm guessing.
And us putting this out may make them change the battle plan.
About 155 days.
From now.
So, it's 185 days to the election.
So about a month out from the election, about 155 days from now, we'll go into the zone and black churches are going to get hit.
Black grocery stores are going to get hit.
Black colleges are going to get hit.
Then, synagogues are going to get blown up.
Truck bomb.
Federal buildings will then get hit.
Truck bomb.
And then civil emergency is going to be declared.
Trump is going to be blamed.
And they have no intention of even letting us go to the ballots.
Now that's one plan scenario I see.
They've got a bunch of others.
They got a handful of cards.
But the Ace of Spades is the false flag.
But they've got... They got some wild cards in there as well.
So, they got some aces.
But we've got the royal flush because we understand the battle plan.
And we're able to communicate with the people.
So that's one scenario.
And I want to explain kind of the trajectory of how they've been building this up.
Because I only am covering the racial component.
But they know people kind of saw through the George Floyd thing and three times the numbers of blacks are set to vote for Trump and double the number of Hispanics in many polls, more than half Hispanics.
In many polls, upwards of 50% of black males, 30% of black females.
That scares the hell out of the left.
So they're going to need to hit them to try to then blame Trump.
But that's not enough, because people see through that.
That's why they gave $6 billion to Iran, who's working behind the scenes with the CIA and Mossad, to then train and finish the training, and that was the final payment.
That's why the West has given, under Obama and now under Biden, what is like $100 billion to Iran, about $99 billion last time I checked, for this long-term project.
And it's all plausible liability.
They're like, wink-wink.
Biden gives the final payment of $6 billion on a month before, 29 days before, October 7th.
Israel stands down for seven and a half hours.
Hamas has told, oh, you're going in to get hostages so that you can get our people back.
But that was all a setup.
Obviously, then the leaders of Hamas outside the country knew they were about to get tens of billions more in funding as aid.
They allow the sacrifice and execution of their people.
Those that survive, millions are loaded and they're finishing the pier right now, and Biden announced two days ago, they're bringing a million of the Gaza survivors, and a bunch of them will be terrorists, to the United States, and that'll be happening before the election.
Perfect timing.
And so the CIA, MI6, the EU, Interpol, the Iranians, they're all in on it together, 100%, no doubt.
Soros then funds the left for the uprisings.
The right wing sees it, goes out and fights them.
That turns up the temperature to see the sides all colliding and fighting.
And then the intelligence agencies, and they might use German intelligence, they've used them for Oklahoma City.
They might use British intelligence, Mossad.
Kind of got caught with hands in a cookie jar on 9-11, so they might, you know, pass the ball on this one.
I don't know which group's going to carry it out.
Might be a Merck group they hire.
They might be able to get some mentally ill people to do some of the attacks.
Wind-up toys.
And you've got all the preparation for this ready.
So, get everybody fighting over Israel and Palestine.
And then really it's just a communist uprising cover to get that all formed and ready to get the right wing to come out and play and be part of the whole thing.
You'll have provocateurs, ADLs in the primary law center dressed up, obviously saying horrible things, doing terrible things.
You'll have some real idiots to do it.
That'll raise the temperature more.
And then, simultaneously, They're gonna hit the Jews first.
In fact, earlier I was saying they'll probably shoot up some black churches and black universities first.
But before they go to full martial law, that's the warm-up.
Then, secondly, they will hit the synagogues, at the same time hit federal buildings, and They like truck bombs because that's plausibly deniable and you can't really catch who did it.
And then, out of that, it won't be called martial law, but it'll be called a civil emergency.
Then they'll claim the Russians hit the power grid, and part of the power grid will go down.
And then they'll claim the Russians have hit the banks.
And then they'll tank the economy.
Claiming it's the Russians that did it, and part of the power grid, and you're in full martial law.
And then for issues of national security, to get the banks back on, to get the power back on in some areas, to stop the burning cities, with the left out just torching everything.
Biden, you know, will have to declare a national emergency, and they'll have to crack down on disinformation on all sides.
And they'll turn off the funding to Hamas, and turn off the funding to their minions, and turn off the funding to Black Lives Matter, and oh, they'll turn off all the little nationalist, patriot front that are clearly feds, that are wound up running around, and then all those guys that are being used, they'll be shut down again, but later brought back when they're needed.
But in the wake of that, The people exposing all of this, the folks trying to stop it, the Tucker Carlson's, the Alex Jones's, they will be taken off the air.
And I don't say this to be dramatic.
When they go to full martial law, there's a very good chance they're going to go ahead and kill Trump.
And I would predict the same day they kill Trump, they'll probably kill Senator Paul or try.
They'll kill Matt Gaetz.
They'll try to kill me, and they'll go ahead because they know Joe's Awakening, or they're going to go ahead and kill Joe Rogan.
They'll kill Joe.
And you know, they've already got plans how to do it, how to line it up.
One guy they'll claim was a murder-suicide.
Oh, he shot his wife and killed himself.
Oh, this guy died of a heroin overdose.
Oh, this guy was in a shootout.
This guy got carjacked.
But they may not even care and just gut our houses and just, you know, launch hand grenades into the thing.
I mean, they're not going to care at that point.
All right?
And they're going to have communists just green-lit, just burning courthouses, burning buildings, just torching everything.
So you'll have cities on fire everywhere, just people looting, murdering.
The police will all be, you know, hiding in the police stations.
People will be firing grenades into the police stations.
30 million illegal aliens, it's not 20 million, it's not 10 million.
The 30 million illegal aliens who all got smartphones from the UN and the 10 million military men they brought in, they'll go out and hit all the targets they're supposed to hit.
And it's the end of the country!
So, that's where we are.
But notice who doesn't get killed, notice who doesn't get wiped out.
It'll be the leftist and the right-wingers that are making it all racial.
They'll all, mysteriously, they'll all be okay.
And they'll all be protected so they can do this again if they need to down the road.
And that's why Bernie Sanders and the rest of them are out there saying This is Biden's Vietnam.
They're just replaying the uprisings of the 60s, but they're going to make it far worse.
And by the way, the Democrats have all said, we've got a bill introduced to strip the military power from Trump if he's president-elect during uprisings.
They said this a few months ago.
And they said, we believe a civil war is imminent, all the movies and all the shows.
And they were talking about doing it when he's president-elect because they want to wait and see if they can steal it.
But now they're so sure he's gonna win 'cause they don't have enough dead people
and people out of district to vote that they're gonna go ahead and do it before.
Now, and remember, they can launch it after he's president-elect or they can do it before,
but they're never going to let him, unless we stop them, we can talk about how we do that,
get into the office, okay?
So you're about to see the movie "Civil War" for real.
And I just think you all better get right with Jesus now and understand this is it.
This is the end of the United States of America.
If the people at the Justice Department and at the Pentagon and at the CIA
who are not read in on this, but are read in on part of it and realize what's happening,
don't go public with press conferences, expose the whole thing now,
and let's just stop this, all right?
Because I've studied history, and I will tell you, if you think going along with this by knowing it's happening, keeping your mouth shut, and you work in a big corporation, or you work in an intelligence agency, You're the first people, once they secure their takeover, that they are going to kill.
They're not going to put you in prison.
They're not going to spend time setting you up.
They're going to kill you, and you know that.
So if you want to be like Jens Röhm and the SA on Night of the Long Knives, be my guest.
But I'm telling you, this is happening.
This is going down.
So, I stake Everything I've known in 30 years of fighting these people, and I was awake way before that, on what I'm telling you.
And look, you can see it all.
I can sit here and add thousands of more points, how they're doing it, how they're rolling it out.
This lets Iran suppress its people, it lets Israel suppress its people, it lets Hamas be even bigger in the world and kind of the Islamic leaders now and get all these funds and reorganize and always give Israel the enemy they need.
That's why Israel founded Hamas.
And I sit there and I expose the Segalian dialectic, and I get attacked by the Muslims, oh, you're not for us, and I get attacked by the anti-Israel people saying, oh, look, you're giving Israel a free pass.
No, I'm explaining that this is synthetic.
I'm explaining that this is a manipulation.
I'm doing the opposite.
That's why the CIA and the FBI have tried to shut us down.
Only by the grace of God are we still here, and because a lot of good people have put out the truth.
So, I don't like having to get up here and tell you all this.
And I think you already know it, don't you?
In your gut, your spirit, intellectually.
But this is it.
Now, we come back, I'm going to continue on, and then I'm going to launch in like five minutes of spaces on the fact that has civil war already begun?
And how do we stop?
this total takeover. But this is it. And then once they've got us carbon lockdowns, vaccine passports,
a new virus will be released. But they want to first get rid of all their political opposition
and have a big burnout. And it's happening. And the CIA are experts at overthrowing governments
using civil unrest. They're doing it to us now.
They already tried the censorship.
They already stole a couple of elections.
They've already been through those permutations.
And now they're going to their last thing.
And that's a coup against the American people and the American system.
Not just Trump.
But a coup against you and your freedom and your future.
And they want to zip it up by, oh, we're the mediators.
We're the wardens.
The prison head, you know, well you guys were all fighting and we had to come in and fix it.
That's in the IMF World Bank documents that got leaked in 2001.
It's a 100 point, 112 point plan and they say in there, we fund civil unrest, we fund whatever groups we can to clash.
So that's the cover for us collapsing things.
And the old monetary system goes down, the central bank digital currencies come out, the mark of the beast, the whole nine yards, this is it.
This is absolutely it, ladies and gentlemen.
So just understand that.
All right, we'll be right back.
We'll go live to real Alex Jones here in a few minutes.
Has Civil War already started in America?
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Let me think, just let me think.
Even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Settler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen, the enunciator.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You decided, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You told me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subjecting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you.
And in your panic, you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order.
He promised you peace.
And all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the InfoWar.
We are simulcasting 33 minutes into this live Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show on SpacesNX at RealAlexJones.
And we are going to be taking your comments and your statements as speakers on the topic.
Has America already entered a civil war?
The answer is it is a synthetic, globalist, social engineer destabilization using every fissure point in society To be a smokescreen for the bringing in of the new world government digital currency system and the UN pandemic treaty for the next phase of the anti-human agenda.
Two days ago at the World Economic Forum, the head of BlackRock controls 80 plus percent of all world assets said the most successful countries will have depopulation and replace humans with robots.
That is a declaration of war against humanity.
That is their endgame.
But they're using Palestinian against Israel, Israel against Palestinian, black against white, Soros-funded communist uprisings, defunding of police.
All these cities, not just here but in Europe, passing laws.
People can rob thousands of dollars of product, not get in trouble.
All of that is to bring in the angrier world.
Now, if you just started tuning in, you missed the first 30 minutes of my regular syndicated show.
Where I said there's a lot of different ways the globalists can go, but they're going to stage false flags during the summer of rage and right up next to the election.
And I'm going to go back over that and talk about it as people join the spaces here.
But I said, if they kill Trump during this or right after the election or right before it, that's meant to cause an explosion.
They'll then stage false flags and say right-wingers did it as the pretext to bring in open martial law.
And I said, there's a very good chance if they go to full martial law, they're going, and they kill Trump, they will then try to kill me, Senator Paul, people like Congressman Gates, people like MTG, and I said Joe Rogan, that's the kind of headline I picked up, Jones says that he's going to kill Joe Rogan.
I didn't say that.
I said, if you go into a full globalist fascist slash communist takeover, they know Joe's for real.
I've known Joe 26 years now.
Hard to believe I'm that old, I've known him that long.
And all is a twist of fate. We had one of the same producers of movies I was making.
He had a guy producing his DVDs for his comedy specials. He just got off his radio.
Got to be good friends with him. Hung out a lot since then.
And I know Joe's for real.
And I told you three years ago, I said, people are like, he's not hardcore enough.
And I said, well, Joe didn't want to believe it was this bad, but he's really smart.
And I said, once Joe gets it, and he's so important, and people listen to him across
the political spectrum, because he really isn't right wing or left wing, he's just a populist.
That scares the system.
And so they're planning new lockdowns, they're planning new forced injections.
After they get their race-based, Israeli-Palestinian-based crisis, that's to bring in the carbon lockdowns, to bring in the new viruses, to bring in The social credit scores to bring in the forced injections and Joe is not going to go along with them.
And he's kind of the archetype of somebody who's powerful and smart and cares.
And as things get worse, he gets better and better.
They know people like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones and Joe Rogan are not going to shut up during this.
And so I say that as a warning to everyone to understand how serious this is.
And I'm going to call Joe today and tell him this.
I'm going to call Tucker and tell him this.
But Joe already understands this.
I'll leave it at that.
But I said that here to highlight this in blazing it in fire.
Not with a yellow marker, but in fire.
So that people get what I'm telling you.
I've made a lot of predictions that came true.
I don't like to make these horrible predictions.
This is not a prediction.
This is already started.
The dominoes are already falling.
They've already initiated this.
Now, it could be stopped if the members of Congress that are intimidated by the private intelligence agencies and the governmental intelligence agencies And only the very cleanest of people like Rand Paul, that's why they break his ribs and puncture his lungs and physically attack him and try to kill him at baseball games, is because that guy is Captain America.
That guy doesn't cheat on his wife, that guy works 15 hours a day, that guy reads books constantly, that guy is the real deal.
He's the type of guy they fear.
And so, He's a top target.
And I say all this so people understand what they fear.
They fear a Rand Paul at a press conference saying, look, we know they've been spying illegally.
We know they've stolen elections.
Now they're starting a race war.
Now they're starting this conflict.
It's clear they're going to try to trigger things that bring us into martial law.
Press conferences like that will stop them.
Because if they see enough of an awakening, And General Flynn, they'll try to whack General Flynn.
He's already doing this.
Goes public and has press conferences.
And if Trump comes out and says the Deep State's planning a destabilization of America, that's the most important thing.
Trump needs to understand this and needs to get ahead of it and needs to talk about it.
Joe Rogan does.
Tucker Carlson, which he is.
I do, which I'm doing.
And everybody from Russell Brand to Jimmy Dore to all the other great people that are out there, I'm guaranteeing you, I don't know exactly what permutation or what variant or how they'll, you know, there's like six, seven, eight roads going the same place.
They could take different routes, different crises, different false flags, but it's all going that way and the momentum has already been released in that way and the New World Order in and back and now they've gone ahead with this and then the owners of it are all building bunkers and getting out of the U.S.
and hiding.
So the big guys are scattering so they're not in the arena.
We, we're the little guys, we live here, we have nowhere to go.
We are stuck here in the arena, so you're going to have to fight.
And by fight, I mean you've got to get close to God, you've got to pray, you've got to get super vocal, you've got to get super active.
You've got to expose this paradigm like your life depends on it, because it does.
Because once they trigger the civil unrest that we're already in, that they then bill as civil war, then the false flags happen, then the open civil emergency is declared, then even bigger false flags happen, we're going to be off the air.
Almost everybody's going to be cut off, at least for a while.
They're going to claim the Russians hit the cyber grid, the Chinese hit the communications grid.
They're already saying it's imminent.
FBI Director imminent.
They're going to cut off the... Oh, the Internet's 90% down.
Only a few government sites are up, so you only get their messages.
That's the Obama kill switch.
Obama doesn't kill his communications, and he's their main front guy.
He's like their...
mascot of their standard. You know, the Globals behind him, the Brennans, the clappers, they're running things.
But Obama's in on the meetings. He's smart. He's like the Roman standard.
And he's got his alternate White House.
Skip the break, guys.
I'm a mile from the real White House, and this is happening.
So, they want me off the air because they know I'm for real.
They know I can't be bought.
They know I can't be intimidated.
I don't even know how to be intimidated.
I don't even know how to back down.
It's not genetically in me, alright?
Because I understand it's fight or flight.
If I could run to some other free country and avoid all this, and they weren't going to start a nuclear war, I would have left.
There's nowhere to go.
We're cornered.
We didn't look for the fight.
But if they want to fight, they better believe they got one.
And it's an information war.
It's a spiritual war.
It is an economic war.
They're losing that, so they're going to go to the fist.
So, you've been warned.
And I'm telling everybody in law enforcement, and everybody at the Justice Department, and I'm telling Zuckerberg and all of them with their bunkers, I've looked at every possible scenario where this goes.
In every scenario that you execute this, you end up like Hitler.
Now, unfortunately, in every scenario, it will cause billions of dead in a chain reaction worldwide.
The Indians are going to go to war, and Pakistan's going to go to war, and China's going to go to war.
There's going to be a giant war over there.
Going to go nuclear.
Russia's going to go nuclear.
This global madness to bring in your New World Order, your stupid bunkers are not going to protect you.
So I'm like an FBI agent.
I'm not literally one, but I'm like an FBI agent with a kidnapper.
Or a guy that's taken over a bank and got caught in the bank with three bank robbers, and they got the clerks with guns to their head, and I'm the FBI agent saying, listen, if you kill the clerks, we're going to come in and kill you.
Now, if you come out right now, we'll give you just 10 years in prison, we can work with the prosecutors.
But I'm telling you right now, and then they find one of the bank robber's wives, and they get her on the phone, and she says, honey, don't do it.
Listen, we don't want you to die.
Your little daughter and son here don't want you to die.
I am literally on a megaphone saying, listen, you don't even have to come out with your hands up.
You can run off with your stolen money.
Just stop trying to have world government and cut our son's penises off and destroy the borders and just wreck everything because you want global domination and you believe it's your right to do it.
And Larry Fink up there saying the age of humans is over.
You've got to stop now.
You're going to destroy yourselves.
You don't have to come out with your hands up.
All you gotta do is go away.
But they're all in a cult, where all these lawyers and bureaucrats get together and one-up each other and talk big in your bubbles.
You are still thinking you're gonna win this.
You're not.
Now, I've talked to the globalists.
Now I'm gonna talk to the general public.
Which I already did.
I said, do everything you can to speak out.
Don't be violent.
Understand the big picture.
Call and talk radio.
Call Congress.
Go to demonstrations.
Be peaceful.
When you see people fighting with each other, say, stop it.
We're all being, you know, driven against each other.
Go to your church.
You've been there 20 years.
Demand to go speak.
Get up in front of the church to speak.
If your pastor doesn't let you, then say, I'll be in the parking lot after this.
Everybody come out here.
We need to talk about this.
You've got to create a massive buzz and get a sense of urgency and get people out of their comfort zones right now.
And dammit, you know, I know golf's great and I know, you know, having all this fun's great.
It's time to stop all that and make this front and center.
This isn't just some thing you tune into because it's interesting and boy, this sounds, you know, wild and it's like some science fiction thing.
This is real, people.
I'm a real person.
I got real blood pumping through my veins.
I know what I'm talking about.
This is going down.
And I believe in you and I bet on you.
And now I can talk to the feds and the bureaucrats and the corporate leaders.
Leak information, whistleblow, go public, do whatever you got to do now, just like with the COVID nightmare that blew up in their face.
Doctors, nurses, scientists, they went, we got a whistleblower in the third hour.
Go public now, and what you do won't save the world, but all of us together doing it will.
It is much safer, if you just care about your hide, to fight this.
The safest thing to do is to say none of this.
Because you are the target.
You want to just hide and have your job and hope this blows over?
They're ending civilization as we know it.
They're defunding the police.
They're coming after our children.
They're saying they're building a post-human world.
We've got to get ahead of this now.
The enemy is behind.
The enemy is losing.
God is watching.
It is so vital for you to understand this.
So, Build up the social unrest, call it civil war all over the news, have movies out about it.
Have it racial, have it religious, have it Jew versus Palestinian.
Then start triggering the events or hyping up events that happen naturally.
Then stage false flags against the right wing, against the left wing, raise the temperature more.
Then have the left come out and start burning the cities.
Then they'll bring in the censorship against the left and the right in the name of stopping it and lowering the temperature.
Even though they're the ones raising the temperature.
And then the really big false flags come.
And I'm telling you, if you see them kill Trump, if I hear a bomb goes off at Mar-a-Lago, and I've never been on defense, I'm always 100% offense, I'm now 10% on defense, and the minute I hear that, I am Going to literally go to the studio and stay here until they turn the lights out.
If we're even here before that happens, their job is to get us out before that happens.
So at that point, you know, I may just boom, if I'm cut off and everything else, I'm going to go to the countryside.
Because I'm not going to be sucked into all of this and into this garbage.
I'm doing everything I can informationally right now, but I'm cut off informationally, then all I can do is try to wait it out.
Show, show.
You've got to really understand it's that serious that in 30 years I've never got a bug out plan, never got the bags packed, never got the stuff loaded.
It's loaded and ready to go, okay?
For the first time in my life.
Because the ship's going down.
Now, if people recognize that we're on the rocks and if we do the right maneuver we can get off of them, we can fix the leaks, pump the ship out and probably make it back to land.
But we've already hit the rocks.
When I say dramatic things like It's in the cards to kill Trump, and if they kill Trump, that's carrying the coal mine.
They're not going to leave a bunch of loose change on the table.
They're going to go for everything at once.
And that's why Zuckerberg and all them, he's emblematic, are going to go hide in their bunker while this is going on.
Because they know how universally hated they are.
And I would just tell them, you're in a bunker for the rest of your life, buddy.
People know you did this.
They're not saying he's behind it, all I'm saying is he's kind of a figurehead.
Same thing with Bill Gates.
And if Bill Gates looks like he's aged 20 years last year and stutters and can't really talk and his wife left him and all that, guys, you ain't seen nothing yet.
And when you take everything away from people, your stupid robots and your surveillance and taking people's bank accounts and intimidating them to work, it's going to make them come after you.
And this is not a threat, it's a warning.
Because I don't want to have this mindless fight with you.
I don't existentially need to be in a war to prove I'm better than you.
I know I am.
But your minions are all going to be fair game as well.
And if you don't know, inside the federal agencies and inside the military, that there are people all around you that have kept their mouths shut...
And that's been the plan.
I'm not involved in it.
I just know for a long time that when you finally make this move, you are going to be extremely surprised what happens in your command centers.
And I think you know what I'm talking about.
You are going to instantly find out that you were outnumbered five to one and that you are gone.
So some would say, well, why not just let them do it?
It's the right thing to do to try to stop this.
And also, I like my children and I like living.
And I like getting a cheeseburger.
I like watching the sunset.
And this is stupid.
We got unlimited resources.
We can do anything together.
It's got to stop.
This whole New World Order eugenics plan has got to be repudiated and shut down.
And I'm telling the establishment, and you know I'm right, and I've had meetings with multiple Bilderberg Group members and multiple big household named billionaires years ago.
They all know this.
They're asking me what they think we should do.
I'm not trying to say I'm the Grand Poobah, but for the general audience, they've gone from trying to buy me off to saying, you're right, what do we do?
So, why do you think Elon Musk has joined us?
He says this path will destroy civilization, and the elites are out of control, and it's not gonna work!
He's smart enough, he's super smart, to go, this plan ain't gonna work!
This dog ain't gonna hunt!
So for God's sakes, New World Order, it's like the German General Staff when they went to Hitler in 1943 and said, Barbara Rose is not going well, we predict we're going to be losing within a year, the Russians will be here within a year and a half, which they were, we suggest you super peace right now.
Hitler said, execute these generals.
hang them up with piano wire.
Well, I understand there's not one Hitler you guys can convince.
You're a bunch of bureaucrats sitting around with Brennan acting all tough and Clapper and Obama.
We'll do this, we'll do that.
You ain't gonna do nothing but get everybody killed, you dumb bastards!
Stop it!
Stop it now!
What is your problem?
You know we're gonna get a nuclear war with the Russians, you dumbasses!
You know the Chinese and the Indians are gonna have a war.
You know it's gonna start in Pakistan.
You know what's going on!
You know the war games!
You know what's happening!
You've already cut off half the damn food, you psychos!
Now the third world's gonna blow up!
Which is all part of your plan.
But people know you're behind it.
People know you're the authors of it.
Your plan would only work if you didn't get the blame.
Your plan would only work if people didn't know you were behind it!
Everyone hates you!
There'll be 10,000 comments on a video with 5 million views, and I had to read for an hour to find one servile clip supporting you!
People hate you!
Joe Rogan posted a video of Bill Gates, it gets 40 million views and 200,000 comments, and I read for days on and off and couldn't find one comment for you!
On Instagram!
When you're 10,000 to 1 unpopular, you dumbasses stop it!
You're in your little cocoons thinking you're safe.
The pilots flying your planes hate you.
Your security hates you.
Your family hates you.
Everybody doesn't like you.
You've lost.
Now give up!
And if you think you got some consolation prize, To attack me or attack others that have stood up against you.
I'm already... I love the threats and all the rest of it.
I knew 30 years ago when I did this, I was better off dead.
So don't you give me any of your crap.
I chose this path.
I am victorious if you killed me today.
I chose this.
I'm where I want to be.
I'm the winner.
You're the loser.
I declare victory on you.
Alright, Chase Geyser, I want you to comment.
We'll go to break in a few minutes, we'll come right back in the spaces and take a bunch of comments, but I gotta say this once, we won't be here.
We can mitigate all this, and if I decide we've already lost the center of the world, but they've really lost, but we've lost civilization, then we won't be here.
We gotta keep operating like we're gonna stop this, or at least mitigate it, which I think we can do.
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All right, Chase, guys, we're about three minutes to break.
You've been sitting there.
You're going to run the spaces here.
Give me your take on this.
You're a father of two.
You're a husband.
You're a patriot.
What do you say?
Well, as you were talking, I was thinking about the Revolutionary War because Civil
War and Revolutionary War can be very similar.
And one of the things that's so unique about our revolution, Alex, in my opinion, is that
our founding fathers, when they declared independence, they...
had a really accurate and detailed understanding of what was wrong about the political climate of the time.
So they understood why George was a tyrant, why all of his policies on a philosophical and political
level were problematic to say the least.
And they also had at least a semblance of an idea of what they wanted after the victory of the revolution.
We can't just challenge their system.
We've got to offer an alternative.
And so one of the things that comes to mind is our founding fathers had no way whatsoever of understanding or knowing the technology and the tools that our intelligence community has today.
And they, as a result of that, didn't put in protections from this unchecked fourth branch of government because they couldn't fathom 200 years in the future, like some science fiction novel, what the technology and capabilities of a government would be.
It's like being attacked by aliens.
So, as we go into this escalation, Alex, we need to really understand what solution we want to implement on the other side.
I'm not concerned about whether or not we'll win or lose.
What I'm concerned about is whether we drop the ball after we win.
No, you're right.
Because they are going to be defeated.
I mean, I'm sure of that.
Every angle.
I don't just hope things... The data's clear.
What do we do after this?
What kind of legislation?
Because that's how we also win, is having something accurate as a goal.
Right, you have to have some new system, you have to have some new checks and balances in it, because the checks and balances of our current government, three branches, but there's actually four, so we have to understand philosophically what we want this to look like on the other side.
Absolutely, and that gets into so many sophisticated angles.
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The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of, is it pro-human versus anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debate and discussions about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
And so we have the t-shirt.
Team Humanity with a nuclear family standing against the globalists.
This shirt is a great conversation starter, but it also is a fundraiser to keep InfoWars on the air so we can promote and support Team Humanity.
I want to thank you all for your past support, but I want to encourage you all now to understand that this is a revolution against the globalists and it is so critical now to signal the fact that you are part of Team Humanity.
We're told humans are the problem.
We're told we're killing the earth.
We're told all this garbage so we hate ourselves and stand down and roll over and die.
We're not going to do that.
Get your Team Humanity shirts now at InfoWarsStore.com and I thank you all for your support.
Speakers, here in just about five minutes.
James Roguski on Substack has been reporting on the so-called WHO pandemic treaty and its history.
He has shown that its entire history is fraudulent and relies upon the people's silence.
On June 14, 1948, President Truman signed a joint resolution to sign onto the WHO Constitution.
Section 2 states that three U.S.
delegates would be chosen by the President and confirmed by the U.S.
Senate, but the Biden administration has sent U.S.
delegates who have not been confirmed, which makes them fraudulent.
Section 5 states that in adopting this joint resolution, the Congress does so with the understanding that nothing in the Constitution of the of the World Health Organization in any manner commits the
United States to enact any specific legislation program regarding any matters referred to in
said constitution.
And so the US is not lawfully compelled by the WHO.
On July 25th, 1969, the 22nd Annual World Health Assembly adopted the International
Health Regulations to ensure the maximum security against the international spread of diseases,
but did so without a Senate vote.
The way they did that was with what they call the Silence Procedure.
A bunch of unnamed bureaucrats agreed to that document.
They gave a nine-month period for the leaders of all of the parties to reject it, and if no one rejected it on the first day of January 1971, it became legally binding.
So any amendments go by that same adoption procedure.
So in 2005, they made substantial We've been working off of the International Health Regulations as they were amended in 2005.
I challenge anybody to look through the Federal Register or the Senate records to see if the
Senate has ever given their consent, you know, two-thirds, either in 1948, 1969, 2005, or
in 2022.
On September 30th of 2022, 94 nations submitted more than 300 proposed amendments to the pandemic
These documents were withheld from the public, and when James Roguski acquired copies, he discovered the reason for this was that the disputes were all based upon corrupt world leaders of smaller nations wanting a bigger piece of the action from the U.S.
after realizing the billions of dollars being made by pharmaceutical companies.
This is organized crime, and the big crime bosses are being faced by a bunch of little crime bosses who want in on the deal.
They want to be able to manufacture the drugs and jams in country so that they can control it and, you know, inflict it upon their own population while basically profiting from the next pandemic.
And the proposed amendments to the 2005 IHR will bring this tyranny to its full potential.
They want to create an International Health Regulations Authority.
They want the authority to declare a pandemic based on the mere potential for disease.
They want the authority to compel new vaccines and quarantine for those who are not even sick.
And they want to authorize surveillance and censorship to enforce their fraud.
They also want to give nations the authority to quarantine and vaccinate foreign travelers at their own discretion.
They want to add strengthening language to enable nations to quarantine international travelers As appropriate.
That is not an attack on national sovereignty.
That is a ridiculous strengthening of national sovereignty that would enable each nation to abuse the rights and freedoms of foreign travelers.
The local tyrants that abused your rights over the last four and a half years Didn't need any amendments or didn't need any treaty to do what they did over the last four and a half years.
So the core battle is still local.
You can find these documents at StopTheTreaty.org and RejectTheAmendments.com.
They view our silence as consent, so we must stand against them and speak out.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Apocalypse Goes Mainstream, end of the world chatter, now normal.
And the angrier world, the UN and WF promises here, they're all working in cahoots.
The CIA, MI6, Mossad, the Iranians, Hezbollah, Hamas.
It's all, people are dying on the ground, but at the top, it's all to bring in a global crisis, to bring in the global government.
It's a war against the people.
I want to make a key point about all these international globalist organizations and documents on the UN pandemic treaty that have now been leaked and they've confirmed are real.
It's all about organizing all the different criminal syndicates.
And no one in, say, the Western government or intelligence agencies ever wants to take all the blame themselves.
They get together in bureaucracies, in these board meetings, they have the leaders of each interlocking group there, and then they agree on general destabilization so they can control the media and have censorship and then offer the solution, but no one is in direct command.
And that's what makes this so incredibly dangerous, is there's not one Hitler you can deal with.
It's a whole bureaucracy.
So even when people inside the bureaucracy, corporate and governmental,
wanna pull out of this, which a lot of them do, you see Elon Musk has definitely been one of them
trying to pump the brakes.
He's not just trying to act like he's not part of it.
He said, "This will destroy the earth.
"This will only go bad.
"You'll never get away with it.
"Globalists, they know about your plan."
And whether he was one of us before, but just a sleeper, we don't know,
but he's definitely against it now.
Because he said, "This won't work.
"This will explode."
And because none of them are in command, you see what happens when you have one president
who has the people's support in El Salvador, and crime ends basically in two years,
and corruption goes down 95%, and everybody's moving there,
and it's beautiful and clean and wonderful overnight.
That's real leadership.
So I'm not even calling for a strongman, that's a person that's constitutionally elected with people behind him, but you can get something done.
With the globalists, their weakness is they're a consortium, it's also their strength because you can't ever target just one person politically, culturally or however to stop it.
It's their weakness and their strength.
So even though a lot of them want to get out of it, Because they see it's not working, they don't have a plan B, and there's all these other factions that are what a lot of folks have called, but Max Keiser, suicide bankers.
On 9-11, some of these bankers, some of these traders, stock traders, made $20, $30, $40 million a piece.
A couple hundred of them did.
Because they stayed at their desk as the buildings are on fire and collapsing.
and making this money. So they're making money off a system that's going to kill them in the end anyways.
They're playing poker on the Titanic.
They're playing poker on the deck of the Titanic as it's listing about to roll over.
Other comments, then we'll start going to the people. We're going to skip all the network breaks here. Go ahead.
Yeah, well, the thing that came to mind, and I'm not sure if anyone's ever coined this phrase before, but as you were
speaking, I had never thought of it that way, of this decentralized
I was just thinking, that would be a great name for your next documentary.
That's what it is!
It's decentralized tyranny.
Oh, the AI is running it!
Oh, Israel!
Oh, AI!
Lavender is killing everybody, it's not us!
When we talk about Bitcoin and we talk about blockchain technology, its strength is that it's all decentralized, so you can't bring it down by attacking any node in the blockchain.
But when it comes to tyranny, it's a very effective tool as well.
It's sort of like, um, you hear about these organizations that engage in crimes.
I guess the Third Reich would be a major example of this.
Serious kleptocracy.
And no individual within the organization feels culpable for the actions of the organization.
They're just doing their little part.
Just following orders.
Yeah, what's that famous study, Alex, where they had the, um... Milner.
The subject, yeah, electrocute.
That was the Milner study and that was the Stanford study.
Yeah, and it's almost like everybody in the deep state, in the intelligence community, in our government, they're like the subject of the experiment where they're just following orders from somebody in a lab coat and they're doing these little bad things like increasing the voltage and they're not considering themselves culpable because they're answering to someone else.
They think that the institution is responsible for the crimes that they're committing, right?
And so, you nailed it on the head, it's decentralized tyranny.
So, the question then is, How do you bring down a web or a network or a blockchain of tyranny?
Like you said, you can't attack the head.
The snake has no head.
It's a multi-headed snake like Medusa or something.
And Milgram was with the shocks.
The Stanford Prison Experiment was similar.
But there's been a bunch of them.
And they found 80-90% of people can be by increment manipulated into war crime and into murder.
And because everybody else is doing it because most people aren't leaders, that's why the NSA says we fear leaders that will challenge us.
Yeah, well what's interesting too is when you look at history, every century or couple of centuries is earmarked with a notable leader.
And I am amazed, as a layman who's interested in history, I'm amazed that we haven't arrived at a place where people have risen up.
I guess Elon Musk would be an example of somebody that I think is very heroic.
Trump is an example.
Alex, I think you're an example, too.
But where is the Julius Caesar that just comes in and fixes this?
And for people who don't know, that's a sophisticated take.
You know, he's called a tyrant, but it was already in civil war.
And then he didn't like it and came in and stabilized Rome for another couple hundred
And when the Senate killed Julius Caesar, they ran through the streets saying, hey,
we're free from tyranny.
But the people were pissed off.
And they almost burned down the entire forum the next day by throwing their furniture into
the funeral pyre for Julius Caesar.
He was a populist leader of Rome, really.
And a lot of what happened and is happening to Donald Trump is very similar to the way
that Julius Caesar- Well, just like Trump, they were always exiling and persecuting
because he was popular.
And the difference, of course, is that Julius Caesar was a major military leader, so there's no brute force coming from Trump in the same way that Julius Caesar exercised it.
But it's a very similar sentiment.
The political class seems to hate leaders that the people love.
That's it.
Because they fear the people being empowered through a leader.
Who actually is for populism and success.
And they're not a dictator, they simply execute the will of the people.
So what do you think is going to happen after, let's just say hypothetically that Trump does four years and then retires, or God forbid he gets sick, dies, whatever, he's getting up there.
Does this populist movement die with Trump?
Is it too near?
No, I think it only gets stronger, and especially if they keep persecuting him.
That's a whole other discussion.
This is a great talk and you're really smart, Chase, but we better start getting to the people they've been waiting.
Okay, let's do it.
David Riley, you have been waiting patiently on mute.
Go ahead and unmute yourself if you're still there and if you have something to say.
No, absolutely.
Thank you so much, Alex, Chase.
You guys are defending freedom and liberty like nobody else.
You know, the whole reason why I even got into this movement was because of you, Alex.
I mean, there's so many people that are like that and the products are great.
I gotta plug the water filter everywhere I go and I see somebody drinking tap water.
I'm like, you need to go to InfoWarsStore.com right now and get a water filter because they are putting chemicals in the water that are turning the frogs gay and that's true.
It's real.
It's happening.
And so is this, uh, this civil war.
It's like a third world war.
I mean, really it's, The way that I think about it is that the Third World War has already been going on and what's happening now is that it is permeating through society and now manifesting at even the local levels.
What we're seeing in North Idaho is actually a play for regime change within the Republican Party.
We're one of the few places in America that has a strong America First Republican Party that Well, that's the key.
The fight is all local because that's where the rubber meets the road.
People don't realize how powerful they are.
activists with connections to the CIA and the FBI are trying to overthrow our local
Republican Central Committee and replace everybody with liberals.
It is terrifying.
Well, that's the key.
The fight is all local because that's where the rubber meets the road.
People don't realize how powerful they are.
The WFN wants to cut off resources, wants to make us all fight with each other because
if we unify, it's game over.
And they want to keep us distracted, worried about things that are happening 5,000 miles
away when here in beautiful North Idaho, supposedly a conservative deep red state, we have got
children that are being turned trans by our school counselors up here.
These are cult members trained to go in, and while you're at work, they're brainwashing your child.
It's everywhere.
And again, we're not in beta anymore.
They're in full attack mode everywhere.
100 percent.
Nowhere is safe.
You cannot let yourself be apathetic.
You have to work every day at this thing and make sure that you get everybody involved.
I was actually talking with General Flynn a couple of weeks ago at his movie premiere, talking about the insidiousness of fifth-generation warfare, and that is that we cannot Rely on the internet.
We have to build real peer-to-peer, people-to-people information networks.
We are in the twilight of this little moment of counter-offensive, I believe.
They're gonna cut it off during this.
People better get their human networks going now.
You're 100% right, Alex.
And that's all that I have to say.
Thank you so much for having me on.
I think I'll be joining Harrison next Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.
Central Time, so definitely tune in for that.
All right.
God bless you.
Great points.
But again, I made some incredible statements last hour, which I believe are happening.
So I want people to understand, what do we do about the civil war they're trying to start?
It's really just a communist uprising, getting the left and right to fight each other as the smoke stream for the false flags.
I really believe that's going to happen.
Who's up next?
Let's go to Edip.
Edip, if you're still with us, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
All right, Edip, it seems like you might not be there anymore.
Let's go to Dave.
Dave, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Appreciate it.
Long time fan.
Thank you, Alex, for everything you guys do.
Well, you know, I always say this.
If everyone does their part, right?
I mean, Alex is doing his part.
I'm trying to do my part.
If you go look at these college campuses, right?
Where are the fraternities?
Where are the other students that are stepping in and kind of taking their... Like, that's really what it's going to take.
And it's unfortunate that Some of these organizations almost seem more organized.
Well, they are.
They're run by the CIA and the Carnegie and Ford and Rockefeller Foundation with George Soros.
I mean, they are.
That's admitted.
The NGOs, the open border, the UN, and while we're looking at Israel and Palestine, 22 million dead from the shots, totally open borders, 120,000 plus fentanyl deaths a year, transgender cults running around everywhere, collapsing of the dollar, massive inflation, and notice the only thing that exists is Israel and the Palestinians.
I'm not against the Israelis and the Palestinians, but I do recognize they're making that the only focus to get the societal clash going.
An old preacher once said when he would go into town that he would draw a circle and then pray to God and ask for God to set revival in that circle first.
I forgot which one it was, but Alex, that's really what needs to happen is that more and more people just need to get sick and tired and we need to get organized and we need to step up.
And if we can do that, we're a winner.
God bless you, sir.
Chase, I'm next.
All right, let's go to Edip.
Let's try you again.
Edip, are you with us?
Thank you.
I am here.
I am the last person, perhaps, to agree with Alex Jones.
I used to vote for Democrats for more than 30 years, and I kind of held my nose, voted for Biden, but I thought he was a peaceful guy, but he promoted war with Russia.
He pushed Ukraine and later he is right now supporting genocide and many other things.
Right now they are taking our liberties, freedom of expression.
That's the reason I am in this country.
I used to be a youth leader, a political leader, best-selling author in Turkey.
I was imprisoned by government for four years for two articles and then later I was excommunicated and death threat was against me because I criticize my religion.
Today's dictator was my former friend, colleague, Tayyip Erdogan.
Anyway, I came to this country merely for my freedom.
And what I love about this country, there is freedom of expression.
There is a merit in this society.
You can work and you can make it.
But I think with time, this has been changing dramatically.
The middle class eroded.
The 1% got richer.
And right now they are going after the First Amendment.
And I may disagree with many issues, but I agree on this one.
And I think there are many things are wrong.
We need to unite.
And I really invite you to listen to my two speeches, one at European Parliament.
First time in my life, I'm a Puritan that I used an obscene, how do you say, gesture.
I used my middle finger.
I said, since 100 years, the American wars Covered operations, military operations, occupations.
When you write down each in one line, single space, nine point, Romans, times, it will be five times longer than my middle finger.
Well let me add this, I know you're a famous author, we've seen your pub, we know who you are.
Here's my deal, I'm against what Israel did, but I'm also against what Hamas did.
But look at this, they're finishing the giant pier, overhead shot.
I mean real quick, real quick.
They're finishing the pier, Biden's announcing he's going to bring a million refugees here.
Imagine that powder keg.
So there's Biden funding the bombs that destroy Gaza, over half of them not smart bombs, 37,000 people, the majority women and children, and now he's the savior to bring them here.
I mean this, and there'll be Democrat voters voting for the guy that controls their lives that bombed them out of their home.
That to me is full spectrum dominance.
Alex, I am no fan of Hamas.
I am basically a peacemaker.
This is my religion.
And I believe that all children of Adam are brothers and sisters.
We may have different countries.
A constitution.
I love U.S.
I studied law.
In fact, I had the only debate I had with Justice Rehnquist in my class.
He taught a Supreme Court class.
One summer at the University of Arizona, I was the only one who is debating with Justice Rehnquist.
It was about some exceptions of freedom of expression.
Anyway, but if you want, I would like to talk to you in person.
I have incredible idea how to unite worldwide peacemakers, but you must be a peacemaker.
Absolutely, brother.
I really appreciate you.
We'll talk soon.
Maybe you should be a guest.
We'll mark that down as somebody to get on.
Thank you, sir.
Chase, comment on this.
But I mean, this is the most obvious example of you fund Israel and you fund Hamas and Hezbollah to attack.
Then Israel wipes them out, pushes them all into Rafa.
Now they're going to bring a bunch of them here into Europe.
And then the very people funding, bombing them are now their saviors.
This is ridiculously obvious.
Well, when you fund both sides of a conflict, you can choose the winner.
And that sort of behavior has existed for centuries in major wars between major empires.
Extremely Machiavellian.
But what's really interesting to me about that last speaker is I was in Washington, D.C.
Years ago, this was during the Trump administration, and my Uber driver was formerly the editor-in-chief for a major Turkish newspaper.
He said it was like the state newspaper, basically.
And he had a similar experience where government came in and shut it down and he had to escape the country.
And he's an editor-in-chief of a major newspaper now.
He's driving an Uber in Washington, D.C.
But the reason I bring that up is because people who have gone through this Understand what's happening here.
We are very naive in the United States because we've had it good, but if you've been through... That's why Eastern Europe is so away.
Yes, and that's why Ayn Rand, for example, I mean, she wasn't perfect, but that's why she understood the fundamental flaws, philosophically, principally, with everything that collectivism and leftism stands for.
Because they stir you up for one issue and then take control of you with another.
But I want to say something really important before we go to the next speaker.
This is very important to understand, ladies and gentlemen.
All of this is being synthetically manipulated.
They're not even denying that.
So understand their endgame is destabilization to cover up the financial collapse that they have already engineered.
But great points, Chase.
Let's go to Duchess of Illinois.
Hello, good morning, good afternoon, Alex and Chase.
Thank you for the mic.
I kind of have a controversial question, if I may, and the question would be, Alex, how do you feel about all the funds America is sending to Israel?
I don't think it's a controversial question.
Israel's way richer than us.
One of the richest countries in the world, per capita, probably the richest.
And I think that we should not send anything to Israel.
Nothing to Iran, and nothing to Germany, and nothing to Ukraine, and nothing to Canada, and nothing to Brazil.
That's where I stand. I mean, here's a microcosm.
The CIA, and I said this two years ago from sources that was also in the news,
but buried, was funding getting the Supreme Court to ban Bolsonaro running again,
and saying he couldn't claim the election was stolen.
Now they're banning all the rest of the political opposition.
So what the CIA is doing in Brazil, running out all these journalists here they're trying to arrest.
They have arrested many of them.
It's what they want to do to us.
So what the CIA has done in Brazil or Ukraine, banning the Orthodox Church, banning even liberal parties that are pro-war, sorry only one party, stopping elections.
They want tyranny.
The CIA is against America and it's parlaying American power for corporate interest for worldwide hegemonic transhumanist death cult aims.
And so I don't think it's controversial at all.
I don't hate Jews.
The Jews are a diverse group of people.
But I hate the political leadership of Israel saying, we can't take any of these Palestinians, they're so dangerous, but we want you to take a million of them.
That came out two months ago, Netanyahu was planning that.
Now it's confirmed.
No, Netanyahu, you and your sons own two floors in a Miami high-rise.
You guys take them at your high-rise because they're so nice.
Does that make sense?
Yes, sir, absolutely.
And I'm really relieved and happy to hear what you just said.
Thank you so much.
Look, this is what happens.
I have always exposed the crimes of any government.
And I've exposed false flags that other governments have done, U.S.
governments have done, Israeli governments have done.
I've made films on it.
And then people see a clip of me saying, they go, well, we thought Jones works for Israel.
The new Jones is exposing it.
I've always done this.
I'm the same person I was 30 years ago.
I just know more now.
But I don't want to make it About one group of people.
I want to unify people around policies so we can all agree.
And as we win, we don't corner groups of people feeling like we've attacked them.
They come and join us because we're winning.
Let's do one more before we get a break.
All right, let's do it.
Let's go straight to Jake Perry.
Jake, if you're still there, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Thanks, guys.
Chase, Alex, my name's Jake Perry.
Thank you guys for having me on.
Alex, been listening for a long time, since about 2020, I guess.
But you're actually the inspiration for the reason why I started the show Crypt After Dark.
I've been talking about this since January of this year, literally the whole thing.
And for about four years, I've been talking about the civil war in America.
But it's not really a civil war against people and people.
It's exactly what you said.
It's the war against the state.
Crime against humanity, crime against humanity, murder by starvation, exactly.
Which is going to be, you think the third world's bad now from the COVID lockdowns flooding us?
It's about to get ten times worse.
Just wait until you see what they do with green energy too.
crime against humanity, crime against humanity, murder by starvation, exactly.
Which is going to be, you think the third world's bad now from the COVID lockdowns flooding us?
It's about to get 10 times worse. Just wait till you see what they do with green energy too.
Green energy is going to wreck the third world. That's where the depopulation is going to happen.
Go ahead, sir.
That's right, Chase.
And not only that, they're pushing the transgender stuff.
They're pushing the abortion.
Now America and Japan, we're past the point of no return.
We need to start having babies left, right, and center.
Because right now our GDP has fallen so far and so fast that we can't keep up.
We need to start producing children by the tens, by the elevens.
We have the invasion happening at Eagle Pass.
And they're being shipped out in platoons by Greg Abbott all across America.
America is falling.
It's falling fast.
The dollar is crashing.
I was looking at it today.
The dollar is crashing right now.
But there's been a lot of stuff that's happened.
But I am a theologian.
I have a degree in biblical studies.
And I do have hope.
And I want to give that hope to people.
And the hope is Jesus Christ.
We need to stop living as if God doesn't exist.
The God of the Bible doesn't exist.
We got to call God back into our lives right now.
That is the ultimate trump card.
That's exactly right, Alex.
That is exactly right.
And there will be a great financial shift.
It happens every 80 to 120 years, give or take a generation, which is about 40 years.
We are in that great financial shift window, and we need to prepare with gold, silver, guns.
We need to prepare with cryptocurrencies.
All right, brother.
Thank you.
All right.
A couple minute break.
Gonna come right back.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.
Then we've got a COVID whistleblower.
Joining us, but more of your comments on space is Samuel Kass and Alex Jones, straight ahead.
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We're going to go back to your live comments as speakers on X as we simulcast the Alex Jones Show here today.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
But there's two different paths.
So we have Larry Fink saying the quiet part out loud a few days ago at the Dabos Group.
The most successful countries are going to be anti-human.
They're going to depopulate.
And they'll be robot countries.
That's a transhumanist.
That's the new species.
I played the clip yesterday, I'm not going to play it again, but it's on InfoWars.com if you want to see it from yesterday's analysis.
But if you go back to the 1964 or 5 movie, Dr. Strangelove, that the great Stanley Kubrick, probably the greatest director ever, put out.
I'm great friends with his daughter that worked with him in some of his films.
Vivian Kubrick, fellow Texan.
That's all off real stuff that was behind the scenes going on from his sources.
It was later declassified that L.L.
Lemnister and Curtis LeMay came to both Eisenhower in 1960 and then Kennedy in 61 when he got in and said, we want to have a survivable nuclear war with Russia.
We want to attack Russia and take them out.
And of course, Kennedy fired them over this.
And then later they were involved in assassination of him.
But you look at the globals living in bunkers, running to bunkers, doing all this.
There's one group that says get rid of the humans, another group, you know, China says have three kids now.
Elon Musk says, because for the first time ever a few months ago world population
started going down at 8.25 billion or so, or 8.4 billion.
And once you don't have enough people to replace who was there, it causes a collapse.
They go, "Well, don't worry, robots will do it."
But all the real numbers show they won't.
So the joke becomes, with everybody living in these bunkers now,
the global citizens are just going to go live in mine shafts while this happens.
We have the mine shaft gap.
We've got to select the females for the stimulating quality.
and of course animals would have to be murdered and slaughtered.
And this real German scientist that was a Nazi that was promoting nuclear war and saying it was survivable is what they based the movie on.
So here's a clip from Dr. Strangelove.
You mean people could actually stay down there for a hundred years?
It would not be difficult, mein Führer.
Nuclear reactors could... I'm sorry, Mr. President.
Nuclear reactors could provide power almost indefinitely.
Greenhouses could maintain plant life.
Animals could be bred and slaughtered.
A quick survey would have to be made of all the available mine sites in the country.
But I would guess that a dwelling space for several hundred thousand of our people could easily be provided.
Well, I... I would hate to have to decide.
Who stays up and who goes down?
Well, that would not be necessary, Mr. President.
Could easily be accomplished with a computer.
And the computer could be set and programmed to accept factors from youth, health, sexual fertility, intelligence, and a cross-section of necessary skills.
'Cause it would be absolutely vital that our top government and military men be included
to foster and impart the required principles of leadership and tradition.
Actually, they would breed prodigiously, eh?
There would be much time and little to do.
But with the proper breeding techniques and And that's all based on real stuff that went on.
That's crazy.
The acting was amazing.
He's clutching onto the side of this wheelchair.
I'm sure!
I mean, my president here!
Oh man, it's almost not funny anymore because it's too close.
No, it's not funny.
Who's up next?
All right, let's go straight to Dave the Memesmith.
Dave, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
All right, looks like Dave might be away from his phone.
By the way, great job.
I told the crew that as we went to break, they found that in three minutes.
This is a badass crew.
So I see Dave's audio wave moving, but I'm not able to hear him.
Dave, are you there?
Yeah, can you hear me?
Yeah, sounds like you're taking a call in the shower.
We'll come back to you.
Who's up next?
Alright, let's go next to Liz Churchill.
Liz, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Chase.
I absolutely agree with what Alex just said.
Why is that?
Because insurance actuaries have stated over 20 million people have died from the COVID vaccine.
This is ridiculous.
And until we rise up and address this, it's only going to continue.
Well, that's right, Liz.
I said a thousand times that I'll shut up.
Go ahead and make your point.
I don't mind, but go ahead.
Well, I was just talking.
Actually, I was just texting Daria back and forth.
And your executive producer!
I'm texting her as I'm talking to you.
Anyways, what I'm going to say is that, you know, the real issue here is you have gone on about this before.
This is all being run by behavioral psychologists.
That's the only way they were able to implement this incremental social engineering.
The social engineering allowed everybody to be induced into this mass state of mass formation psychosis, normative conformity, call it what you want, there's several different names, which then allowed everybody to line up for an experimental vaccine by Bill Gates, Who flies around our world constantly bitching about our population.
That's crazy.
That's crazy.
So here we are.
It's done.
So what do we do next?
Over 20 million people have died.
No politicians are speaking out.
Probably because of plausible deniability and the domino effect it will have.
Because somebody will have to be held accountable.
So, until then, I personally think that the primary focus should be on the vaccine injured and dead because they're going to keep doing this and focus on that damn food treaty that they want to implement because they truly believe that their response to the COVID nightmare was gold standard medical care.
That's lunacy!
And Liz, let me just add this point.
I want everybody to listen to me and write notes here.
I said this the last four years, probably 500 times.
I'm saying it again.
How are they going to get away when even the FDA's own document in October 2000 predicted this would happen months after they did it?
Myocarditis, heart attacks, infertility, miscarriages, strokes, cancer, all of it.
They have to kill a story with a story, so they're going to have a big wars, as I predicted.
Get the archivist to find that.
They're going to have a big wars and civil unrest is the new big thing.
So we forget how they tested killing us with shots, getting ready for the next big one.
So yeah, absolutely.
People say every time I post a video about we should focus on the 22 million dead from the shots.
I'm sorry for the 37,000 dead Palestinians.
It's wrong.
I'm saying that, but they're distracting us.
Shut up.
You work for Israel.
No, I'm trying to expose the 22 million dead and we've got to, they don't want us focusing on that or the open borders or any of it.
Alex, is that Israelis died too.
Everybody died from this.
Nobody was immune.
And all of the things that are happening, like you said, are synthetic distractions to divert your attention away from mass murder that is greater than both world wars combined.
That's what it is.
You're damn right.
Anything else you want to add?
No, I'm just going to exit out nicely because I have a few things to do, but I will be more than happy to join again tomorrow if you're on, and I would definitely focus on your upcoming guest in regards to the COVID whistleblower, because this needs more attention.
No, that's why an hour of the show... We're trying to distract you!
That's why an hour of the show is dedicated to it, and you'll be accused for working for Netanyahu for covering the tens of millions of dead.
No, Netanyahu also openly stated many times that he used his own citizens as guinea pigs, and then he laughed about it.
I don't find that funny.
No, I totally agree.
He said that with Jordan Peterson.
That's correct.
I don't find that funny.
And I don't find it funny that he has not addressed the carnage of these vaccines.
Liz, why are you covering up the Palestinian death?
Because they run the White House.
But you were on shot number seven before anybody else in the world.
Well, I'm being sarcastic, but the white supremacists, most of them are paid for at the top.
They're like, don't cover COVID, only cover Israel, Hamas, because they don't want us talking about the border or that.
They want to focus us all on this to make that the big clash.
And I'm just pointing out what they're doing.
Doesn't mean I support what Israel's doing.
I don't.
But yeah, 37,000 dead, 22 million dead.
We should spend the majority of our time on the poison shots, the UN treaty, and the next attack.
Thank you so much, Liz Churchill.
Great lady.
Chase, you want to comment on that before we go to more people?
Well, I think this is another example of decentralized tyranny and it's more like decentralized corruption because I honestly don't think that anybody in these major organizations like Moderna or Pfizer or others feel culpable for the crime of the vaccine because you can always psychologically off put the responsibility for the actions of an organization
onto a co-worker or a manager.
And this is a massive organization that has its own consciousness.
It's a runaway train.
It's a runaway train, man.
And I remember in early December of 2019, they had the Garvey UN vaccine meeting with
the head of the World Vaccine Program at the UN. And she said, "Our doctors don't believe us."
The shots are killing everybody before COVID.
We need to go public.
We don't even test this.
We're told by Big Pharma what to do.
They were calling out for help.
Well, you go back to the 80s with the contamination of blood products, too.
Fauci and others knew for years that blood transfusions were causing HIV and AIDS.
Actively, it was black people mainly, 90% more, would kidnap black kids from poor black mothers and test drugs on them until they died.
People forget Fauci was famous for that.
Back when the New York Times was totally in control, they wrote about it probably 100 times or more.
Yeah, he's been a super villain for a long time.
Alright, let's go to another speaker.
Let's go to Shepard.
Shepard, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Okay, awesome.
Thanks, guys.
Can you hear me well?
I just jumped on my computer.
Okay, fantastic.
I saw the title, Has Civil War Already Started?
It certainly feels like it between, I mean, since COVID, right?
You talked about the, you know, the lying from our government, the cover-ups, how much all that stuff has hurt Americans.
You look at, fast forward all the way to today and what's going on at these universities, right?
You have this overlay of violence now that's fake.
It's, uh, you know, it's funded by George Soros.
It's made for more division in this country right now.
No, these are nothing.
I don't know what your guys' opinions are, but, you know, these students at these universities... Oh, I mean, look, a lot of them mean well, but they're all funded by Soros.
And that's what I'm saying is, we have to recognize what is being done to us.
Exactly, exactly.
We are being tricked into more chaos in this country.
It's almost like a distraction.
It's chaos around the world.
It's chaos in the United States.
They're trying to divide us all.
We need some reason.
Why do you keep... I'd love to hear... I guess I'll pause and if this Missouri guy has something to say to me, I guess I'll see what kind of feedback he wants to give me.
I'm not sure what you're... Go ahead, Missouri, if you want to unmute yourself.
Yeah, I think it's important that these, at the beginning you were talking about, what do we do when this is all settled?
You know, I kind of think this is end times myself, and we know that we're going to win.
But, you know, what if one of these students are out there for peace, and the ADL gets a picture of them with a Palestinian flag, and then they say, oh, maybe that person wants to run for, say, Senate, like I did.
political up and says oh they're an honorary Hamas member because they don't like seeing
Palestinian women and children murdered in a genocide. Oh, yeah, they're definitely lazing all the left to be made
terrorists in the future I'll be clear that I'm just a target right wingers under
this tyranny It'll be oh, we're banning all the left wing and the right
wing for peace after the false Charlottesville yesterday with the with the car incident.
That's what they wanted. Do you know that that guy got out?
So I'm gonna I can't I'm gonna make your mic stop - he yeah, he cut out
I don't know.
I'm not hearing chases, Mike.
Go ahead.
Shepard, go ahead.
Do you have a response to that?
Yeah, I will.
I mean, I see that you're talking, but I can't hear you for some reason.
I don't know what happened.
Yeah, we just lost the Spaces.
Well, it's still up, and they can hear us.
I've lost audio from you.
We can't hear you guys.
Let's wreck and order what that is.
New technology, it's got a few blebs, amazing technology.
Yeah, Spaces is still fairly glitchy.
It's still new, but I've lost audio from you, and I can't hear any of the feed, so that's an issue.
We do have the whistleblower coming up in about 15 minutes from now.
We are going to be talking to them.
Chase, is there anything else you want to add?
Well, I think that we covered a lot of major points today.
I'm going to check the live feed and actually see if you're on air.
The crew is great, but they watched the feed in the control room, not the live feed.
So, I'm guessing something's wrong.
Because if I lost audio from you on that, and I can't hear you either, then I think there's an issue.
I'm going to get that on record.
Well, I'm listening to this space right now.
Oh, you're back, you're back.
Yeah, they can hear me and they can hear you.
You're back.
You were gone.
So, I could hear you over my microphone, but you were gone.
Yeah, I can hear it.
Let's try to see if, Shepard, go ahead and unmute yourself, see if we can hear you now.
Can you hear me, Chase?
Yeah, we're back.
Go ahead.
Okay, cool.
Okay, I don't know.
The last speaker said something weird.
He said, we're at end times, and then he said something about, what if they want to run for Senator?
So he's a, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about.
Okay, let me just add this point.
You know, we've had some recent bills that are making their way through Congress right now.
These are bills designed to lay the groundwork to remove our free speech.
We should be paying attention to all that stuff.
All of this stuff is connected.
There's no way to think that it's not.
Let me agree.
I did basically half or more than half the show on that yesterday on Congress, the House passing a law, the Senate's going to pass it, that a group that's an NGO, the UN, a Holocaust Remembrance Group defines what free speech is and controls things and can have people arrested.
And basically, I mean, it's a nightmare.
Treason alert, executive Orders by Biden, all of this explosive 800-page congressional report confirms systematic censorship of the American people by Joe Biden.
I've got this report right here.
It is incredible.
And then, yeah, you've got this anti-Semitism bill that has nothing to do with anti-Semitism but about destroying the First Amendment.
Is that what you're getting at?
Yeah, you know what they're voting on today?
HR 7921, which is a follow-up.
It's the countering anti-Semitism rule.
But Alex, it's designed to attack these online programs to have consequences for those of us and the things that we say.
And it's going to change everything going forward.
We should be talking about this more.
Well, I spent most of the show on it yesterday.
It's in my stack here right now.
And you're absolutely right.
All right, Jackson Hinkle just joined the space.
Jackson, do you have any comments?
Yeah, I mean, I think Alex and Chase, you guys are 100% on point.
You've been doing great work.
Thank you for everything.
I think the question, has civil war already started in America?
Banning the Bible, that is the biggest provocation I've ever seen in my life.
And I'm honestly shocked by the fact that they're doing this.
Do you think that that's going to go through, and if so, they're going to prosecute people for simply reading the Bible?
Sir, I have the text of the bill, and then they say in the bill, whatever this Holocaust Remembrance NGO, run out of Europe and Israel, says, will then retroactively be lost.
They've made it not just a new Congress, but they've given this group a veto.
This passes the Senate.
Matt Gaetz said the Gospel itself would meet the definition of anti-Semitism under the terms of the bill.
I mean, the Bible says that the Jews grabbed Jesus, one group of them, The Pharisees and the Sadducees.
And then Pilate said, I find no fault, but it was their right to have him killed.
The Talmud and the other books say they killed him.
I'm not attacking Jews in general.
It's just a fact.
They killed lots of people that they disagreed with.
Every culture does that.
Anti-Semitism is rising.
It's time to summon the Golan.
That was right before October 7th.
I have the definition by this International Holocaust Remembrance Group.
I spent an An hour and a half on it yesterday.
I have HR 6090.
There's not a question.
It doesn't just... It says if you say Jews killed Jesus, you go to prison.
It's a civil rights violation.
You're kicked out of college.
You can be indicted.
It says it in the text of it.
There's no debate.
Anybody can go read it.
And people say, why are you attacking Israel?
I'm going to attack anybody or any group.
And I'm saying it's Netanyahu and the Israel lobby, not Jews in general.
Imagine if Russia, we're going to follow a Russian definition of something and China will now be in charge of the Justice Department, the Department of Education, to decide how to deal with this and we have a blank check to the working definition.
We're going to follow their current one, but we'll also follow whatever their new definition is.
I read it for an hour and a half yesterday, Jackson.
This is outrageous.
I've got one more question.
I 100% agree with everything you said.
You got the floor.
You're a really interesting fellow.
I have a giant following, millions and millions a day.
Don't have one more question.
Give us your take on the situation and then ask your question because I'm ranting here.
Well, I 100% agree with everything you said.
My other question was about what do you guys make of the fact that they're passing this
bill, they call it the anti-Semitism bill, and of course I oppose anti-Semitism, but
that's not what this bill is about.
But they're virtue signaling that this bill is about anti-semitism, as they spent the past two and a half years almost giving $200 billion to Nazis in Ukraine.
And I noticed you tweeted that, or I posted it today, re-posted it.
Guys, you can pull up my ex-account, Relax Jones, like five or six tweets down.
Last time I checked it, it's Jackson Hickle put out literally, it's not like there's a few Nazis in the Ukrainians.
That's the side.
There's Russians and there's Nazis in Ukraine.
World War... half the war between the Russians and the Germans got fought there.
And they're literally hailing Hitler.
I mean, they literally have like a thousand men at brigade meetings hailing Hitler.
Yeah, scroll down.
I say, key truth.
The U.S.
claims to be over outlawing anti-Semitism while they send hundreds of billions of dollars to Nazis in Ukraine who have Hitler tattoos all over them.
And remember, Zelensky a year and a half ago said, yeah, we do have Nazis.
But they're good people.
I mean, if you go to the Azov Battalion Twitter account, you can go back and find Black Sun symbols and a lot of the content that they post.
Swastikas, twin lightning bolts, I mean, you're gonna get more Hitler.
There's an Iron Cross Cemetery in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania that's dedicated to Nazi Ukrainian soldiers.
They gave a standing ovation last year to a real SS officer who admitted to being part of where they killed 30,000 Jews and Ukrainians, mainly Jews, and shoveled them into a grave.
Alex and Chase, I'm sure you've seen all the videos coming out from Ole Miss and Mississippi.
channels the energy out of crystals of the dead and then she loves Zalensky.
You can't make this up Jackson Hinkle.
Alex and Chase, I'm sure you've seen all the videos coming out from Ole Miss and
Mississippi. Personally I think that despite the aesthetics and the virtue
signaling of both sides of that protest, you know, you got the right
wingers, the frat bros, and like you got the other side being the liberal
extremists and stuff.
What would you think, from what I understand, those protests at Ole Miss have kind of died down, but if they reignite, What would you think about going there with me or going to another college?
It's funny you say that, Jackson.
I thought this morning that I want to go to one of these campuses and tell everybody, stop it.
Because remember when Rand Paul was about to win the Senate, they caught Democrat staffers dressed up in American outfits saying, we're with the KKK, we're with Rand Paul.
But we did Google searches and found them.
And I would bet money that most of those guys are getting paid to do that.
What do you think?
I think that there are probably some of the people that are doing the more racist stuff or trying to fight with the Trump kids on both sides.
I think there's probably provocateurs, but overall the masses of the students on both sides Probably both agree that we shouldn't be sending money to Israel starting a new war or, you know, going after the First Amendment.
Which is why I think if we spoke to both sides, we could actually probably get them to agree on a lot of things.
That's exactly what I thought.
If I had a bullhorn, if I had a bullhorn, I'd say, 22 million are dead from the shot.
Fentanyl's killing hundreds of thousands.
The borders are wide open.
The dollar's devalued.
Stop fighting with each other!
Yeah, 100%.
Well, I have some friends at Ole Miss who are friends with a lot of the kids that were in the frat side of it.
So if it reignites, I'm going to reach out to you and I think that we should go there and talk to them.
Yeah, that's only four hours for me.
Two hours by plane.
I actually thought about that this morning.
Funny you said that, Jackson Hinkle.
Anything else you want to add?
Uh, just keep up the great work.
I follow both your guys' work and you're doing amazing stuff.
And, uh, we just gotta unite America against the globalists, so keep it up.
So do you agree, though, they're clearly have already tried to trigger the civil war they're planning this?
I think it's inevitable at this point, and of course it's being provoked by the deep state.
The whole economy is going to collapse, BRICS is taking over, and the United States understands, I think, at least the smart people in government, and there are not many but there's a few, I think they understand that this is a sinking ship And rather than trying to save America and free America, they want to try to take everyone else down with them.
Not just Russia, not just, you know, all these other countries that are trying to develop and industrialize.
But also, they want to completely destroy America.
Because they're bankers and they want to own us all because we're destitute.
They admit that.
It's an angrier world.
You'll own nothing, you'll like it.
Jackson Hinkle, how do people follow you on X?
Yeah, you can just follow along here, Jackson Hinkle, and I'm on Rumble as well.
Shout out Rumble.
You can follow me at RealAlexJones, and Chase, how do they follow you?
At RealChaseGeyser.
Alright, we're going to break for two minutes, come back and do five more minutes, and then I'm going to keep the spaces going if you want to stay on to hear the whistleblower, but we're going to quit taking comments then.
I wish we had time, but we won't.
But I'll be back this weekend.
We're going to do a lot more.
And you got the War Room at 3 p.m.
today with Owen Stroyer.
But a few more comments on X. Straight ahead.
We'll continue on.
Stay with us.
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All right, final segment of the X-Spaces simulcast.
We'll continue on on spaces for a little bit with the whistleblower coming up, but we're going to end the live comments here in a moment.
I wish we could go longer, but we'll do more and more of this.
We appreciate everybody with a lot of amazing speakers here.
Chase, let's try in the four and a half minutes we have in the short segment to jam in a couple more speakers.
Okay, let's go straight to Investigate Earth.
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Chase.
I've been following you guys for a while.
Thank you for having me.
I'm Chad with Investigators Podcast.
We have a wife and I podcast.
We've been exposing the globalists and corruption in Deep State for about seven years now.
I'm a Christian.
My wife grew up and has always been in a Jewish family.
And so when you expose the globalists and you start trying to figure out, like, who is really pushing for the New World Order, then you start thinking about this anti-Semitism bill to where they say They're pretty much criminalizing your ability to ask questions about who owns a lot of mainstream media, all these massive companies we're talking about.
Alex, how do you feel like It equates to you that, say, Facebook and YouTube, Disney, all the massive companies that do a lot to censor conservatives and it seems like destroy America.
How do you kind of play that into a lot of these people are from Jewish heritage or part of the Jewish community?
And that's something me and my wife have struggled with.
But now she's kind of starting to ask those questions as well.
How do you see that playing into everything?
Well, look, I mean, the people running this intend to make it You know, at many levels, be Jewish, because they want to be attacked to make them all go to Israel and to have the classes.
So, you understand, it's a self-inflicted wound, not by the average Jew, but by some of the Jews that are, you know, in there.
I mean, Israel stood down, Biden sent money to Iran, Iran in front of the attack.
They're all in on it.
And so people go, well, how dare you say the CIA?
Because I interviewed the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who was the head judge advocate general at the time, Moore.
Admiral Moore, before he died, five or six times, people can probably find him.
And he was on the phone with LBJ, with the captain.
Of the aircraft carrier, and they said, I want that goddamn ship going to the bottom.
Close quote.
Sorry for that, folks, as we said.
And I've interviewed, not just him, I've interviewed other admirals, Admiral Moore, who were there and heard it.
LBJ was involved to sink the ship to blame it on Egypt.
That doesn't say Israel isn't guilty at the same level.
Our government was an accomplishment.
And the Nazis go, no, the U.S.
government didn't.
No, you're covering up for the Jews.
No, it was the U.S.
government, Israeli false flag.
I interviewed the admirals.
Like four or five of them!
I mean, I've been on the air 30 years, folks.
You know, I mean, I've done it.
And so, that's what I'm getting at, is there, it's all MI6, Mossad, CIA.
People go, the Nazis go, why are you saying Jeffrey Epstein was CIA and MI6 and Mossad?
Cover, no, he was in all three groups.
Because at the top, it's all the same thing.
I'm just calling it what it is.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely.
And the anti-Semitism bill, I think the biggest worry here is obviously, if you're a Christian, that is a huge worry for that.
I mean... No, it says if you say the Jews were involved in killing Christ anyway, you go to prison.
Yeah, and if you know the Bible, they did essentially... They're already arresting preachers in Canada for five years for reading out of the New Testament.
Yeah, it's nuts.
Do you see the anti-Semitism bill going through and how... Oh yeah, it's gonna pass the Senate by 80 votes.
But I mean, good luck implementing it.
Again, they're doing all this to act.
They're going to stage false flags against blacks, Jews, Hispanics, migrants, and right-wingers.
And they're going to cause a civil war that's synthetic.
And it's here.
So people better get their minds around this and realize the average Palestinian's not bad, the average Jew's not bad, the average Catholic's not bad, but the Pope's bad.
And most of the Protestant leaders are, you know, political Zionists, Christian Zionists.
I mean, it's all set up.
Does that make sense?
Absolutely, and I do appreciate your take on that.
It's just, it's weird.
I just want to say we hope you keep doing your thing.
I know you've been coming under tons of scrutiny and hell, really, for the past few years, and there's a lot of people look up to you, and you're definitely an inspiration of why we started seven years ago, and they're going to keep doing it as long as they let us anyway, so I appreciate it.
Or as long as we keep pushing, yeah.
I'll give an update next week on where InfoWars is and explain it all.
Chase, great job, appreciate you, appreciate the exposes.
You know, I know we can't post on Real Alex Jones until this is dead, so maybe run like the first segment with a guest and then kill it.
People can find everything at RealAlexJones on X or InfoWars.com for us to show our stations across the country.
The Civil War has already begun.
We're trying to expose who's behind it.
What about vaccine injury?
The ones that actually took the shots, what did you see there?
I didn't know it was possible for a human to die so horrifically and so quickly before they rolled out the mRNA injections.
It was insane.
I've never seen anything like that.
The worst of them were the ones, they called it sepsis, but it was like instant multi-organ failure.
Like within hours, patients would die of liver, lung, kidney, all at once failure, respiratory failure.
It was like their Some of the records, the emergency crew that found them, it's like their body tried to reject everything and some of these cases like their family would be there 30 minutes before and then within an hour they're dead.
And then there were patients coming in with seizures like I've never seen before.
We couldn't control some of them.
Days patients would be seizing and no medications would stop it and eventually they kind of had to be put down.
They called it encephalitis or encephalopathy and then later on they even the coding information organization AHIMA admitted COVID-19 associated encephalitis.
There were blood clots, strokes.
The clots were insane.
Never seen clots like that before.
Even the interventional radiologists that were going in with, you know, they have angiopathies and, you know, different scopes where they can do like heart interventions and put stints in like a carotid artery if you have a stroke going to your brain.
Normally it's rare to have more than one stint go in.
And they were documenting, you know, multiple locations all at once.
They had heart attack cases that were like that where they, you know, they needed massive amounts of stents that they never needed before.
There were people in their 20s that had been hiking that were totally healthy, had been running marathons that suddenly needed a leg amputated because they had a massive blood clot going from their hip all the way down to their leg and it couldn't be saved.
So, that happened.
There were some cases of overnight spinal gangrene, which I've never seen before.
And you can't amputate, you know, the spine when it goes gangrenous.
Normally they cut out tissue that's Dying like that so it prevents further infection and they didn't know what to do.
The only thing they could do was basically replace that part of your spine with an implant.
That's the best they could do.
Yeah, it was really intense and I didn't question the vaccines as much as I should have.
I started to about the flu shot way back in 2004.
But with the pressure to get the COVID-19 shot, I started looking into what it could do.
And I knew I didn't want anything to do with this experimental mRNA thing.
And when I started looking into the experts that were saying, well, this is what this potential vaccine could do.
This is what the research says.
I was looking at the vaccine.
The vaccine trials and what's happening to those patients and the Guillain-Barre that was happening and the strokes that were happening.
So I kind of knew to look for that when the vaccine came out.
And the doctors were, you know, baffled.
They weren't connecting the dots.
But to me, knowing what the potential causes or potential symptoms of a vaccine injury could be, We 100% had all the things that I just described.
But doctors would never tell you that.
They would just say it's a stroke, it's a heart attack, it's a blood clot.
And they would never connect the two.
Is there anything that would make you take a vaccination of any kind ever again?
They would have to kill me.
Nothing would make me take it.
Alright, this happened sometime with the miracle of technology.
Her internet's down, up and down.
We're gonna get her booked for another day.
That was out of a larger documentary where she said who she was.
She's accredited.
She was a coding nurse.
And that's the person that put the air traffic controller in a hospital so they get to see the real numbers.
People compartmentalize.
It's anecdotal.
Nurses see record blood clots and deaths and people having liquefied organs that have taken shots.
But she was in a hospital getting to see it all in live time.
So we're going to get her on again soon.
We're still live on Spaces.
the discussion of martial law that is to be you know basically preceded by what
what they call a civil war that itself is really just synthetic unrest. Chase
Geiser is going to come back in. I left the spaces live and we're just going to
continue with your comments and your questions because Zoe Smith now we're
unable to connect with her.
We're going to work that out and do that another day.
But I put that short clip out last week.
It got millions of views.
It's already gotten millions of views.
And I put out the shorter clip.
It was like, oh, that's not a real code or that's not a real thing.
It's in the actuaries.
It's in the insurance companies.
It's in the studies.
I have a giant stack of FDA admissions now of heart attacks and myocarditis and record death and population numbers going down and longevity going down.
How long people live going down.
I mean, this has happened.
But she's an amazing person, can't wait to get her on when that is the time.
And again, as soon as Chase gets in here, I will go back to your calls, back to your spaces, speakers, it's not really a call, your digital interface with us here on air today.
But what I'm gonna do right now is air a very special report.
That was done a few days ago, but now we've got it with Dr. Kirk Elliott.
There's bank failures, Alex, that are happening that we predicted.
You know, I've been predicting it ever since Silicon Valley that there was going to be bank failures 2.0 that came, but I'm going to explain why and why there's going to be more coming because the FDIC is running out of money and the emergency... Well, Schiff said interrupt.
Schiff said it's already started, but they're covering it over right now.
Yeah, I believe that that's the case.
I mean, there's already three banks that supposedly went under that nobody heard about over the weekend.
We heard about the one big one in Philly.
So we're going to go over why and how detrimental this is to FDIC and everybody's bank accounts.
Really, you can't leave, because this is a huge, important story.
You've been coming on for now five months, and I was covering your stuff years ago, but for five months, you've hammered bank runs, bank runs, regional bank runs, regional bank runs, and now there were three of them this weekend, almost no coverage, CNN covered one, FDIC says Republic First Bank is closed by Pennsylvania regulators, so it's exactly what you predicted, regional banks, it's now begun.
Because if you invest into normal traditional asset classes, when the world falls apart,
when banks are failing, when banks are running out of money, why do banks run out of money?
Because simply put, they have more withdrawals than they have deposits.
That's why banks fail.
It's not rocket science.
And there's no doubt we're to that point.
The bubble's collapsing.
But if there's an economic crisis that's bad enough, people will give up a lot of stuff.
This is what's happening.
We've got bank failures.
We've got wars.
We've got rumors of wars.
We saw bank failure 1.0.
It was Silicon Valley, Credit Suisse, First Republic, Silvergate Bank.
I mean, all of those.
That was just a tremor before the bank.
Yes, I think bank failures 2.0 is coming.
I mean, just Last week, the CEO of Citigroup, you know, the second, third largest bank in North America, said we're laying off 10% of our workforce.
So the CEO of Citigroup last week basically said we're laying off 20 or 10% of our workforce.
That's over 20,000 people.
Well, why would a bank, in a high interest rate environment, you think, oh, they're more profitable, they're making so much money.
No, they are not.
Because when most of America is living hand-to-mouth, month-to-month, paycheck-to-paycheck, and interest rates keep going up, and inflation keeps going up, they can't live, so they're taking more money out of the bank than they're putting in, and there's delinquencies.
A series of delinquencies leads to default.
So it's a bank run in slow motion?
Yeah, and I think the bigger bank run is still coming.
The one that we saw in March of last year was Silicon Valley Bank.
So that's my question.
What are the different ways this can unravel?
So I think first, there's a bank run.
People start to pull their money out.
Then that creates crisis.
Now they think, oh, if my bank isn't safe, which should be the safest money that we have.
It's a bank for crying out loud.
You have this view of your assets in a bank vault.
full of like hundreds just sitting in this vault.
That's not the reality.
When you deposit money into a bank, it's basically a security instrument.
The bank then goes and invest that in companies and stocks and bonds and mutual funds and everything else.
Same thing you would accept on a larger scale.
But after the crisis of 2007 to 2009, they changed the way that banks deal with money.
So most people don't realize this, but you don't own the money that you have in the bank.
They do.
So in 2009, they came up with a concept called beneficial ownership, meaning you gave up your ownership of your deposits to the bank.
So, you know, we go back to spring of 2023.
The regional banking collapse started back, you know, you had you had Silicon Valley Bank, you had all these underfunded banks, undercapitalized banks.
And this all happened because of something that happened during COVID, Alex.
So during COVID, Regulation D of the Federal Reserve said they could change the reserve requirement to zero.
Okay, so that means for every $100 you would deposit in a bank, they could lend out $100 of it.
They didn't have to have anything held back.
Now, why would they do this?
They did this to stimulate the economy under the assumption of, hey, if we're lending money out, people are going to spend it, right?
So that's why they reduced it to zero.
And they were just hoping and praying, like we talked about on a previous show, that not everybody was going to want their deposits out, you know, at the same time, you know, via withdrawals.
Well, sadly for some banks, that did happen.
What happens when people are delinquent, not making their payments, and banks are already undercapitalized?
They're strapped for capital.
Well, in the past, ever since Silicon Valley Bank crisis, there was a program called the Bank Temp Funding Program, the BTFP.
And it was an emergency funding program, kind of like TARP back after 2009 correction.
So this emergency funding was there to stop bank runs.
So all these banks that are starting to fail, Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, Silvergate, Credit Suisse, First Republic, they were all starting to go under, going to FDIC receivership.
So this emergency funding program said it.
It's like, let's give these failing banks money so there's not a bank run, so we can save the banking system in America.
Well, the end of January, that sunsets.
They decided, we're not going to keep this going any.
We're actually going to sunset this program.
It expires on March 11th.
That's where I came up with the March 11th date is because it's their date, not mine.
They said no more emergency funding on March 11th.
So what does that mean?
It means when banks start running out of capital, when withdrawals are more than their deposits, because Biden's horrible economic plan for America of lowering wages, raising taxes, raising prices via inflation, people are pulling money out of the bank just to survive.
There's no deposits really going in.
But in the past, they could go to the Fed, the banks could, and say, hey, this emergency funding program, this BTFP, we need money so our bank doesn't fail.
Too bad, so sad.
This doesn't happen anymore as of March 11th, and we've got problems.
A recession is when somebody loses their job.
A depression is when you lose your own, right?
They get scared and say, man, if that bank failed, The perception is that bank might be bigger than mine.
What if my hard-earned assets go away?
What if my retirement goes away?
What if my emergency fund goes away?
And they start to pull it out, and banks don't have it on hand?
And meanwhile, Trump gets re-elected, the Democrats activate Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and burn the country down, which they promised to do.
So, bank failures.
This is where, after Silicon Valley Bank, here's where there's even more theft.
We talk about Russian theft, but there's theft of USS.
After Silicon Valley Bank went down, there was this huge gaping wound in the banking industry that banks were undercapitalized, running out of money, and they came up with basically an emergency funding package called Bank Temp Funding Program, which was injecting money into the system, and people were applauding the Fed and cheering and saying, great job, Fed, you stopped the bank runs, and there was only five of them that went under.
All they did was put a band-aid on the scaping wound and they never healed the wound.
So now March 11th, they took that band-aid off.
The wound is still there because that emergency funding plan expired.
It's sunset.
So, we've talked about this.
The next bank that fails is not going to be bailed out before it goes into FDIC receivership.
There's going to be no emergency funding.
Just so happens, it just happened.
Right, so the first one didn't get any emergency funding.
The Republic Bank in Philly, well, they went under.
So let's look at this.
Prior to Silicon Valley Bank, the FDIC had about 1.7 something percent of their assets to cover all the deposits in America.
Only 1.7% of all deposits were covered by FDIC.
After those first five banks failed in Silicon Valley bank days, it went down to 0.74.
So the Fed only has, or the FDIC, has less than 1% of all deposits in America covered.
In fact, 0.74.
So now, you fast forward to today, a year later, Almost exactly a year later, and this bank goes under.
Well, it cost the FDIC $667 million.
Yeah, so but when you look in these numbers, it gets creepy because they have $6 billion in assets, $4 billion in deposits.
So $667 was what FDIC had to cover.
was what FDIC had to cover, that reflects everybody that had $250,000 or less in their
bank accounts.
Well, they had $4 billion in deposits.
So there's $3.3 billion that were over $250,000 banished.
It's not coming back, Alex.
Those people aren't going to get it.
Because FDIC doesn't cover anything over $250,000.
There's no loan package emergency funding anymore from the Fed to take care of this.
And this is key.
This is what you hammered five months ago on my show.
You said they're out of emergency funding.
And so they're trying now to just hide these stories.
So you predicted what was coming.
What comes next?
The FDIC runs out of money.
And I'm sorry to give people the bad news.
Folks, it's all over.
We need to get ready now.
People need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold.
KEPM.com forward slash gold.
You need to get ready.
This is the place to go.
I love them.
They're great sponsors.
They're great people.
Or you can call 720-605-3900.
In my opinion, you are insane if you don't get into silver right now and get some gold.
And I wish I could do it.
I'm under enemy attack.
It's okay.
It's fine.
And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now because I wish this wasn't the case, but I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is, humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
Show, buckle up folks!
Buckle up and get ready now!
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now, and I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you, the New World Order's coming.
It's here.
We got a little cattywampus there because I had this incredible whistleblower, Zoe Smith, who will join us soon.
She had internet outages, big problems.
Hey, it's a miracle we talk to people anywhere in the world.
So that happens sometimes, but then I wanted to continue the space instead of...
Not really a feeling, but I just want people to continue to listen.
I appreciate them holding the last 20 minutes while we fixed all that and figured out what was happening.
That was really important information with Dr. Kirk Elliott as well there.
So, we're talking about civil war.
They've defunded the police.
They've got crime going everywhere.
It's not just here, it's in Europe.
The UN, the WF says they're going to use crises to bring this in.
But the grassroots, it's really a real clash between Palestinians and Jews and right-wingers.
But at the top, it's being manipulated towards a larger endgame.
Who's up next?
Alright, let's go straight into... Let's try Dave the Memesmith again.
Maybe, Dave, you have a better connection this time?
Oh yeah, can you guys hear me?
All right, we lost it again.
Yeah, that's not him.
When this stuff happens, it happens.
They admitted, like I said earlier, the board is going out.
Okay, we're having technical difficulties.
So we're having technical difficulties.
So when I lose audio, we're not on air.
But now we are.
Go back to him.
All right, Dave.
I'll just do it again.
All right.
You able to hear me?
I can see Dave is speaking, but we can't hear you yet.
Hold on.
There we go.
He's live but we can't hear him.
Let's just stop right here.
We're going to probably just end the broadcast at this point.
It's okay.
We're going to spend some time.
We're going to work on the equipment.
We're going to find out what's going on.
This happens.
It's a complex system.
Simulcast on radio, TV, the internet.
We're simulcasting on X right now.
And you know the guests can't make it.
We can't make it.
People can't make it.
This can't make it.
The video can't get on the list.
I get it.
It's alright.
We're going to get refocused.
And don't worry, when the power goes off and it's martial law, nuclear war, you can just die and bleed out with your teeth falling out during the radiation.
That's going to be the good part, all right?
I can promise you, you're going to really enjoy dying with your family, all right?
All right, good.
That's the best part of it.
I'm being a little dark there because it's just the nature of all of this, and it gets extremely frustrating.
When it rains, it pours.
You know how these things work and how these things operate.
Chase, we're going to go to break here in a minute.
I'm going to decide whether we're going to end the show or not.
Regardless, God knows who's host of the fourth hour here.
Let's just go ahead and take a look.
We'll probably talk about the Hunter Biden laptop or something coming up.
Jay Dyer actually won't be doing that.
Jay Dyer will be talking about the New World Order, their actual documents, their battle plans, how they operate, how to stop them.
He's an amazing guest host every Friday, 2 to 3 p.m.
And then Owen Schroer comes up at 3 p.m.
Central as well.
Chase Geiser, how are you doing today?
I'm doing well.
It's always a pleasure to be on the show with you, Alex, and I feel very privileged to have a front row seat to the show.
Yeah, it's quite the show, I tell you.
I don't think the audience realizes how loud you are in here.
They don't realize how loud I am?
Yeah, yeah, because, you know, it's compressed on radio.
Everything's the same volume.
How loud am I?
Oh, you yell, man.
The whole room shakes.
I'm not that loud.
You know how loud I can really be?
I don't know if I want to say it.
I'm louder than any drill sergeant I've ever heard of.
You got a war cry in you?
Oh, I'm not going to do that.
I don't want to mess my voice up.
That's why it's like that.
No, I can be really, really loud.
I believe it.
So, uh, yeah.
I've had my kids yell at me before.
Your kids yelled at you?
Yeah, you know, I never even had to spank them, but I just yell at them.
And they don't like it.
Oh, man.
You want me to yell at you?
Yeah, do it.
You're kind of asking for it right now.
Do it.
Yell at me.
You know, yells like that come out naturally, but I'll give you 10%.
How about that?
All right.
You want to hear 10%?
That's about half.
That's pretty good.
Yell at me now, go ahead.
I'm not gonna do it.
No, no, it's like asking... No, yell at me, go ahead.
Let's see how ready you can yell.
Oh, I don't know.
I can't do it, man.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
Take some opera.
Out of the night that covers me, black as the pit from pole to pole, I'd ache whatever gods may be for my unconquerable soul!
I'm not gonna even do it.
Ah, we're having some fun.
We're throwing fits at the equipment breaking.
Hey, watch the nuclear bombs fall.
It's gonna get really good.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're in a war against the globalist.
And people can't identify who's a patron and who isn't.
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We want to let people know we're 1776 Part 2.
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All right, and it's not the crew's fault we've had technical difficulties.
We have like prosumer gear that I'd say that studio's probably got like $300,000 of equipment in it.
And if you get the super professional, it breaks even less, but it's like $2 million.
We don't have that.
And what's weird is sometimes it breaks, not very often, but when it starts breaking,
a bunch of stuff breaks.
And so we got to where we couldn't hear you over our systems, but everybody could hear you.
Thank God.
We'll just turn the phone on with spaces It's a little bit delayed and about a half second and then we'll be able to jury-rig this With Chase Geiser here and hear you guys regardless.
So I apologize It's like her her internet went down her last guess whistleblower and then ours I knew I started losing audio and then so it's okay this stuff happens They'll reboot the system after the show.
It'll be great people love, you know train wrecks.
Anyways, it's fine.
So chase now we'll go to the people We've been holding patiently.
Go ahead.
Alright, let's try Dave the Meme Smith one more time.
Dave, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Dave the Meme Smith.
Looks like he walked away.
Let's try Lumi Casanova.
No, no, he's here.
Dave's here.
Okay, go ahead.
And now, it's working to us.
We don't need the audio yet.
Go ahead, Dave.
Yeah, so actually I left a comment about it when you guys said that you couldn't hear me, but I just wanted to say that you mentioned cults before, and yeah, it's true, it's like, there's a lot of cults going on, I won't get into naming all of them, but hating them is probably one of the worst things you can do for these cult members.
It's only gonna further convince them that they're right and you're wrong and that they need to get deeper into the cult.
The best thing you can do is probably just show them the love And the compassion that they'll receive outside of that cult.
And actually, there's a lot of, people did a lot of private research on it with like Scientology and stuff, and yeah, if you just read up on the struggles that families have had with that, and trying to get their family members out, that'll all be very helpful stuff, because these cults, they only Keep the division going and they multiply it and make it worse.
What do you think of the overall topic of are we already in the civil war?
Are they starting a civil war?
And if so, how do we stop it?
Honestly, I think we're in a world war.
No, I agree, but it's asymmetrical, fifth generational.
So it's not just the main war, it's the war against the people to collapse society and bring in the new digital currency.
Yeah, I totally agree.
Anything else?
Oh no, that's everything.
Just had to get that point out there.
I hate seeing all this division out there.
People need to start learning how to love each other again.
Great point.
What did the New World Order... What else could it do?
What do we expect them to do?
I mean, this is it.
I expect them to get us fighting, not just mentally, but physically too.
They want us hurting each other.
That's only going to help the depopulation agenda if we start all killing each other.
Dave the Meme Smith, thank you so much.
We're already cutting off the farms and fertilizer.
I mean, that's what's irrevocable, folks.
They've already cut off more than 30% of the fertilizer.
They're already shutting down farms all over the world.
I mean, it's going down, Chase.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you know what the crazy thing is?
They've perpetuated this problem and Now they have to resort to living in a vault.
I've been watching Fallout with my wife and it's a dystopian, futuristic show about everybody having to live in vaults because of massive nuclear war and there's people that live on the surface and they're all mutated.
But why would you support policies and philosophies that would corner you into having to live in a bunker?
Because it gives them short-term power.
Who's up next?
Alright, so let's go next to Lumi Casanova.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you gotta say.
Yeah, thank you for having me on again.
Real quick, I just wanted to point out, with the paid protesters, which are Korea protesters, which are receiving money from various individuals and entities, and also the January 6th paid FBI agents and other agents who are there to be provocateurs, right?
It's interesting because under two different laws you have racketeering, right?
The first law to protect Americans from such things and such various other crimes and we also have the Hatch Act and the Hatch Act is really important because it stops government agencies Having a political vendetta.
For instance, we just found out the extent of the Trump spying, right?
Which was no surprise.
I mean, this is no surprise what they would do.
But now it's going to become really important for people who understand the law, who are close to Trump and other people like you, Alex, to use the Hatch Act to go against these individuals who basically have an agenda against you.
And that's one of the most important things because you can find compensation that way, not legal advice.
And also with racketeering as well, it will highlight and expose the full NGO scheme and all the other little entities because you follow the money uphill.
So that was my point.
And I hope that comes to a more peaceful resolution than all-out war, is to beat them maybe in the courts.
Which we all know are potentially rigged as well, but at least we must try, you know?
Well, that's right, and I made the point earlier, overhead shot.
It says, October 7th, victims sued group behind campus protests alleging they are a propaganda arm of Hamas.
Well, Hamas is funding it, but the U.S.
government is funding Hamas.
government is funding Israel.
Israel stood down to kill a story.
COVID, they create the news story, and I kept saying they're gonna want war.
I said like 150 times, probably 300 times, we're gonna get the archivist to grab that in 2020, 2021, 2022.
I said, watch, they're gonna launch big wars as a distraction rather than just hit us with the new war that's the COVID poison shot.
So, it's here.
Great point, sir.
Thank you so much.
Who's up?
Chase, you want to comment for the other?
No, I want to go straight to this speaker.
Let's go to Escobar Jr.
Escobar Jr., come on in.
How you doing?
Alex, I'm blessed.
Let me tell you something, okay?
A lot of people think that there's like I come from a different background.
I come from Colombia.
My father was Pablo Escobar.
So, I have a different mentality in what's going on in this country and in this world, but mostly in this country.
I'm personally persecuted every single fucking day by the FBI.
These dudes got no balls.
They're a bunch of pussies and they want to use these powers that they have obtained to They had to manipulate and to scare Trump supporters.
Let me tell you something, you don't make peace with these fucking demons, you destroy them.
Some speaker before, and I am not sorry for how I speak, this is how I speak, and everybody knows that.
Everybody knows that these demons are trying to destroy, you know what I'm saying, humanity with sexualizing the children and all this shit.
And the problem is that nobody did nothing.
Nobody did nothing.
When the first drag queens were coming in, you know what I'm saying, to schools and putting on, you know, these story hours and shit.
Where were the parents to grab these fucking wigs over these people and just throw them in the fucking floor and, you know what I'm saying, enough is enough.
Escobar Jr., hold on, hold on, listen.
I know you had a big fall on your SMR son and all that.
We're on 300 radio stations.
We can delay you a few times, but after that we get fined.
I know that's the wrong law.
Try to just give us a cuss word every 10 seconds, not every 5, or we're going to get shut down.
I know that's BS, but getting into your father and getting into your perspective on how this whole system went, where do you think this is going and how do you think we stop it?
Okay Alex, I'm really good friends with Liz Churchill, and I know you speak very fond of her, and I apologize for the curse, but it was just that I'm constantly persecuted by these people.
Listen, I don't care either.
I don't care.
The FCC, look, Obama, they can all cuss on TV, they don't get in trouble.
We do.
So it's just, they use it against us.
Go ahead.
No apology needed, just go ahead.
Let me explain to you.
So, um, everything that Trump has been talking about, even if you check on my time, you can
check on my time.
I'm right here.
Go ahead, sir.
Go ahead.
I'm right here.
I haven't left.
Look, let me tell you something.
Everything that Trump has been talking about, and I'm talking about even the Dominion voting machines, right?
Everything that he said, remember, there was a post that he made on his Twitter page that said, be careful from the Romney votes switching to Obama.
The reason I mention this is because my uncle, Roberto Escobar, right?
Escobar was offered the Dominion voting machines in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez himself in case he wanted to be president.
My uncle was already out of the deep state because my father had already been murdered.
So everything that Trump has been talking about, like, be careful with Romney votes, switching to Obama.
My family already knew that these people, you know what I'm saying, were placing presidents around the globe.
Not only presidents, politicians, district attorneys, anything you want, they were using Plays all these people to have the new world order has been in place for many many many years had my father been around When they they offer these machines to you know, I'm saying to the to him what he would have took it My father wanted to be president of Colombia and he that was his biggest dream and they murdered him for that so when time passed and they started in these machines Smartmatic and Dominion were invented in Venezuela and
And you can search that up.
Cindy Power has been talking about this for years and they call it crazy.
Mike Lindell has been talking about this, even Alex Jones.
You know, you yourself, you've been saying this a long time ago from the vaccines.
They thought you were insane.
And now, yes, and now these Dominion voting machines, let me tell you something, they're not going.
Look, I know this for a fact.
This is one thing I do know for a fact.
There's not going to be no civil war.
Because as of right now, Donald Trump is commander in chief.
And I know that for a fact because The military, when they found out, because the plan was to have, and Liz Churchill always speaks on this, the plan was to have eight years Obama, eight years Hillary.
They wanted to include the New World Order and all these policies and all these things that are going on right now in the world.
They wanted to do this a long time ago.
But when the military in the United States found out that these machines were being, you know what I'm saying, because even Cindy Powell says it in one of her interviews on my page, that she had gotten like tips.
Well there's no doubt, that's why they've come after her and Giuliani.
The same law firms that came after them are the ones after me.
And the same ones after Elon Musk.
What do you think, Escobar Jr., of Elon Musk?
Elon Musk, I think he's a narcissist.
I know that for a fact.
Elon Musk has a flamethrower and my uncle took out that flamethrower first and Elon Musk copied it when one of his friends went, if you could look this up on Google, one of his friends went to the tour of Medellin and they went to my uncle's tour and that's where they saw, you know, he got the idea for the For his own flamethrower, but and then my uncle was going to sue him and they set it out of court.
They became friends now.
So Elon Musk, I know he's in our side.
He's an America first person and he you can tell by his by his by by his disgust on how you know every time somebody tweets about like these these these white kids getting beat up in school and all this stuff.
All this is real.
I'm seeing it like here in Cresco, New Jersey where I'm at right now.
I'm Alex.
I got court.
Listen, as a matter of fact, I'll invite you to come to my court date in New Jersey.
You're going to see how petty this is.
I just got arrested two days ago for going inside a CVS, and the manager said that she had a nervous breakdown as soon as she saw me because my car is covered with Trump flags.
And I'm in a liberal area in New Jersey, and you go on my timeline, you'll see everything that was going on for the past two weeks.
I uncovered FBI agents, I exposed them, I showed them pictures and videos on how they harassed me because of who my father is.
And two days ago, I got arrested.
I literally got arrested and they handcuffed me and I got court now coming up after the Trump rally in Wildwood, New Jersey.
So these people are petty and the FBI is harassing me so much every single day.
So the division is real.
I see it here because it's liberal.
I know you're for real.
We looked you up.
You're Pablo Escobar's son.
I would love to get you on as a guest.
Where do you think this is going with this election?
The other has the Trump flag and I drive around like that throughout New Jersey and New York
and now I have an even bigger Trump flag.
I know you're for real, we looked you up, so you're Pablo Escobar's son.
I would love to get you on as a guest.
So where do you think this is going with this election?
Cuz the deep state really seems like they're scared right now.
The deep state is scared because they have, listen, the more of us, Alex, that push them
back just like you have been doing.
And not that we're angry when we speak, you could say you could get louder, but that's
exactly what we need.
We need men again to be men.
We need people to push these people and bully them.
Alex, I'm bullying the FBI.
I went up to these dudes, and I'm literally filming them, and I'm saying I'm going to smack the shit I'm gonna smack them and they can't do nothing.
And look, I held myself, I'm cursing.
But it's like the one wants to start using their own tactics against it.
It's like me, they're trying to intimidate me.
And it's funny because I used to sit down in the table and I see hitmen.
My father's main hitman, Popeye.
I have a video of him before he passed on my timeline.
He used to come and drop all his guns in front of my father and say, hey, you know what I'm saying?
We just murdered all these people you wanted us, but who's next?
So the FBI using these tactics on me?
Do you really think they're going to scare me when I come from that background?
So they found somebody that they cannot bully.
And now I've been, I've been like, you know, on X and even in real life, I've been in organizing a team of Let me expand on that.
That's what I warn the system of.
When we see these videos, the CIA and the FBI against me and Trump, I'm not wanting to fight, I want them to stop.
They're the biggest wimps.
Let me expand on that.
That's what I warn the system of.
When we see these videos, the CIA and the FBI against me and Trump, they're the, I'm
not wanting to fight, I want them to stop, they're the biggest wimps.
They are starting a war they can't win and the whole world's waking up and turning against
them and they keep indicting Trump.
It only makes him get more popular, just like your dad.
Don't they see what's happening?
But yes, but let me tell you something.
These people, just like, remember when Soros left?
All those sticks and stones and all that in the streets for the Summer of Love.
Now, all these people that were allowed inside, what do you think is going to happen if they leave guns and automatic rifles and stuff like that on the streets?
But before any of that happens, this is why I tell people not to get them worried.
I tell people to watch the greatest show on earth.
It's a rumble.
And on that movie, it explains how under military, under the war manual and executive orders, Donald Trump is still, and this is very important, he's still commander-in-chief.
He does not travel like an ex-president.
He is commander-in-chief and he had to allow the world, and this is why the deep state is mad, because now the secrets are exposed.
Michael Obama is a man, Obama is a homo, you know what I'm saying?
They want to sexualize children, this was their whole agenda.
Now they're looking like ridicules.
Around here in Alpine, New Jersey, I go around and
I'm like, hey, Michelle Obama's a man.
Why do you think they arrested me two days ago?
Because they never had a person in their face making fun of them.
The FBI, they cannot touch me.
They can't.
So the more of us to get together, I'm going to the rally in Wildwood,
New Jersey, May 11th.
Alex, you should go.
I'm telling you, this is going to be crazy.
And I would love to be on your show, but let's get Liz as well, too, because Liz Churchill is a person that I honestly feel that she deserves to be even more out there because she knows a lot of information.
Look, it's true.
They stole the election from Trump.
The military, the police, everywhere he goes, in Florida, New York, anywhere, everybody loves him.
Biden has to hide.
Everybody hates him.
Anywhere that Democrats go, they get chased by mobs of angry people.
They've got to know they've lost, but I don't see them giving up.
How do you see this ending?
I see this ending this year because they're going, just like General Flynn said recently on the Jack Posobiec podcast, that they're going to try to loot emergency, you know, situation and something's going to happen before the election.
That's when they're going to try to use all their army foot soldiers that they allowed in through the border to attack civilians and all that.
But before any of that happens, that's when Trump already is going, this is why he already went in.
And if you remember a few rallies ago, he said, if you think we're not going to deport all these people and you're bugging out, we're gonna send them back home.
The good military that Biden thinks is on their side, it's not.
So all these people, all these food soldiers won't do a damn thing.
And you're going to see it.
They're not going to do nothing.
The way I think it plays out is that everybody will get arrested that was supposed to be FBI.
No, I tend to agree with you.
Soros, the globalists are going to trigger a civil war and then it's going to be their undoing.
I said that two hours ago.
I think that's what's happening.
It's not.
I honestly believe that God is way too bigger.
And I know you speak on your emotions because you love this country.
But remember, God is bigger than any of this.
And I know for a fact that God is in control and he's not going to allow nothing like that to happen in the United States or around the world.
Before any of that happens, you're going to see Obamas and the Hillary's.
All these people get arrested and then nobody's going to give a shit because they're going to now realize all these people had a hidden agenda of pedophiles.
And this is what it's all about.
My uncle was offered to participate in sex parties that these cartels in Mexico would traffic children to Hollywood to have sex with.
We know this, my father used to have money.
Tell me about that, because my uncle was a high-level Iran cadre.
He said the same thing about the CIA, and that's why he got out of it.
What did your uncle, brother Pablo Escobar, say about that?
My uncle was offered, my uncle was offered, like I told you, he was invited to all this.
He was invited to participate in the trafficking of children in Colombia, to see if he would allow, you know, to help out trafficked children.
My uncle's like, what?
Like, listen, we're gangsters.
My father was a gangster.
We're not pedophiles.
My father was never a pedophile.
There were parties in Colombia where I was 10 when I was a kid and there were girls 14, 15 years old coming into parties and there were no kids that age but there were older, older men who wanted them and my father would tell me, hey, some people like them young.
My father was a gangster.
He told me, I don't need younger women.
I could have Any woman I want, and he proved it.
He has multiple women.
So like I said, it's like us who are really, you know, this is why I have so much hatred toward people who have, and I don't really have hate to nobody, but I have hatred towards people who involve themselves in child trafficking because my family wants to stop it.
And this is why my uncle refused to be part of the deep state because he was like, Nah, if it involves having to traffic children so Hollywood elites can have sex with, fuck that.
So now we're against all of that, and you know what I'm saying?
And this is why we want to use the notoriety and the name that we have that scares bullies away on the Trump site.
And this is what I'm saying.
You can come yourself and see how this works around here.
Nobody touches my car.
I have a beautiful car, not scratched, and I can take it anywhere and nobody will touch it.
Because immediately when I get out, they see the Colombian flag and they recognize me.
They shut up.
Rappers and detainers, they all worship my father.
So all that mentally fucked with them when they realized, damn, this guy's on God's side.
So that's what we need, more men like us to stand up and say to these people, none of this is going to happen.
So I'll go into it more further if you want, you know, in another time.
But like I said, May 11th, Trump rally, and nothing is going to happen.
I just trust God that there is a bigger plan than that.
All right, well, we'll get your information and have you on as a guest.
Very interesting.
All right, I want to try to get more people on, and we've got the great talk show host Shadar coming up, so we'll do a little bit in the next hour, introduce him.
And I'm sorry for the technical difficulties, and I'm sorry I bitch about it and stuff.
I'm just really pissed off.
I love the crew, I love the listeners, I love everybody, but this is just getting insane.
You've got me to yell now.
People ask why my voice is like this.
I used to go to rallies where they'd say, no bullhorns.
Hey guys, hey Alex.
It's really cool to talk to you, man.
I would scream full power without it, and that's what the voice,
so don't tempt me to scream now, I can barely talk.
Let's go ahead and go to the next person.
All right, let's go to Eric John.
Eric John, you've been waiting patiently, come on.
Hey guys, hey Alex, it's really cool to talk to you, man.
Yeah, you're following quite the character.
Well, I'll tell you something, I think Mr. Escobar kind of hit on something interesting,
and it actually goes very well with what I wanted to ask you,
which is, I'm an artist, but I'm also a very committed Quaker,
and faith is very important to me.
It's at the center of everything I try to do.
And, you know, one thing I've realized in listening to you over the years, it can be very easy to lean into feelings of despair When you think about this stuff a lot, and I know I'm sure you've had to deal with that a lot.
So I'm curious, what role does the state play for you in all your struggles and just all the stuff you have to read and go through all the time?
And also, what role do you think the state will play in general for the public, considering what might be coming?
Well, I mean, I know God's real.
It would take 10 hours to talk about it, but God's told me things that come true.
I've been literally had like a voice tell me something and then, boom, something happens.
Like, don't, don't, don't drive.
And then a car runs the red light.
I mean, it's happened a lot.
And the most common thing is I'll wake up.
And there's not a clock in the room.
And God says, get up and walk to the kitchen.
It'll be 527.
Get up now.
It's 527.
The guy's done it like probably 500 times to me since I was a kid.
Like, hey, I'm here.
There's something bigger.
God's showing me, hey, I'm here.
It's real.
And so I've had so many things and now I'm more and more know how to dial into it so like right when I wake up now about five o'clock in the morning I keep my eyes closed and then like I haven't talked about this yet now but it's just a new thing God's given me and it's like then I can like it's a crystal ball and I can like see stuff and see things that are happening and then about interpret it but it's like it's it's next it's over the horizon future stuff So, quite frankly, the globals are scared.
My powers are intensifying.
But I think everybody's is.
So, do I believe in God?
I absolutely know God's real.
It's not that I believe in it.
I've already experienced it.
I know it.
And I'm this imperfect vessel that God's trying to fire all this power through.
And God wants all of you to do that too.
So, you know, I don't just rely on God.
I depend on God.
So, I know God's real.
And I know I'm an eternal being.
So, that's where I'm at.
Stay there.
I want to get your final comment on that.
We'll take a few more comments and hand the baton to Jay Dyer.
And then Chase Geiser.
Have people follow you on X. Follow me at RealChaseGeiser.
You can just tap on my profile pic.
I'm the co-host here.
And tap follow.
And we're Real Alex Jones.
We appreciate all your help.
This has been a good show.
I think people like the train wreck effects.
Oh yeah, I like it.
Back in two minutes.
Stay with us.
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All right, that spaces speaker is going to finish up what he said in a few more comments.
We've got to reboot our computer system so Jay and Eric can even get on.
So we're going to end this in five minutes.
Go ahead and finish up with the last guy.
I'm going to go one more person.
Go ahead, Eric.
No, it's just great to hear your thoughts about that, Alex, about the importance of faith in God.
And I think that for people like me, I'm just a pizza guy, man.
I make artistic pieces.
That's what I do.
And I think the most radical thing people like me, your average guy, can do Uh, is try to have a good family, strong family, be a good member of your community, be a good husband, those kinds of things.
And, uh, you know, things that we actually have control over.
Um, so much of this stuff is out of the control of the average everyday person.
Um, you know, and I think that's why there's people like you and lots of other people out there doing what you do.
Um, you know, but I think, I think that, uh, for a lot of us, uh, having strong faith and having strong families It's probably the most radical.
No, absolutely, and I appreciate your comments.
We're going to jump here, but it's not that I believe in God.
God has shown me without asking over and over again.
So I know God's real.
So yes, but my faith, it's not a faith.
It's beyond faith.
Faith's something you're not sure about, but you believe it.
You don't need faith, son.
Here it is.
I mean, I told you real stuff there.
And now, it's like a whole other game levels have opened.
It's like a higher level game, you get bigger weapons.
It's happened six, seven times in my life.
The last two weeks, bigger weapons.
I was just giving them.
I'm trying to figure out how they work, though.
It's kind of like, whoa, what's this thing?
It's crazy.
One more person.
Let's go to Marauder Magazine.
Go ahead, Marauder.
All right.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Chase.
Thanks for having me.
Welcome, Marauder.
Go ahead.
Yeah, no, it's a little flavor and variety of the show.
So last year, actually, I wrote an article, I self-published a online magazine, and I actually made a prediction that America was going to enter into a civil war, and there would be three modes remaining for the civil war to succeed.
I'm sorry, I'm hearing some feedback.
Is there something wrong with the Yeah, go ahead.
You predicted civil war.
Civil war, yeah.
So there would be three main modes of civil war.
There would either be a succession, this is where somebody or some group decides we're going to leave, essentially leave the United States, and it could result in either the government coming back and trying to take the land with force.
We saw this in Waco, we saw this in Ruby Ridge.
It's almost like a standoff situation.
Or if you are John Joe Gray, who in 1999 was arrested and then skipped on bail and lived on his property
for, oh my goodness, like 14 years and the sheriff's never came onto the property,
but he lived off the land, essentially, it could be a never-ending standoff.
So that would be succession.
The second one would probably be internal conflict.
The mode of a revolution or civil war would be internal conflict,
and this is where essentially two or more entities are fighting for control.
And it could either be the US government, or it could be two paramilitary groups,
or it could be a paramilitary group and state government.
It doesn't matter.
As long as two entities are fighting for control over the country.
And the last one is revolution.
And this one is very unlikely to happen.
However, it is a possibility nonetheless.
If a group or groups of people, they want to overthrow the government, they would essentially do that.
It would be like the American Revolutionary War.
So the globalists want technocracy.
We're not independent.
We can't produce food.
So no matter what we do, we're dependent on the technocracy.
That's how they plan on shutting down all three groups.
So we have a revolution against their technocracy itself and a mass awakening to it.
So we take back our power from the devices and our environment.
So the revolution really is on the ground, not just politically, but growing farms, being good to our families, praying to God, all of that.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And you know, they are really, I have a feeling, you were spot on and I think it was Joe who was before us, he said that COVID was kind of like an experiment to see how much the government can get away with because all you have to do is plant a seed of doubt or plant a seed of trust Oh, the central banker of Bahrain or whatever said two days ago at Davos at the WF, he said, we use this as a test for the takeover of the Castle Society.
Great point.
I'm out of time.
Chase Geiser, great job.
Everybody, great job.
Jay Dyer is about to take over.
We got to reboot the computer system so it works.
It's been messing up.
We can get him on.
Love you all.
My Sunday show.
Comes on 4 p.m.
Be sure and join us for that on Chase's show 6 p.m.
Sunday live Owen Schroeder 3 p.m.
Coming up in about 55 minutes.
Jay Dyer is straight ahead.
Please follow me at RealAlexJones on X. All right, welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Dayzanalysis.com.
Today I have one of my good buddies with me.
He is a cartoonist.
He is a satirist.
He is an impressionist.
He is an all-around funny and good guy, and he's kind of been making the rounds lately, been on a lot of big podcasts.
He went, had some interesting debates with some figures on the Fresh and Fit podcast down in Miami.
It was a pretty hectic, wild situation.
There was some beef with a prison man, a bald prison man.
Fully clean-shaven, I would add, prison man.
And his name is MadebyJimBob.
He joins me today to discuss The Culture War to discuss some religious and philosophical topics, to discuss his art, to discuss his idea of satire.
How you doing, Jim Bob?
I can't hear you.
I can't hear him.
Oh, you can't hear me?
Okay, hold on.
I can hear you now.
Okay, so let's talk about your journey.
I think you had a journey out of kind of liberalism.
Into reality, a real awakening.
You got really woke and not fake woke.
So let's talk about that first.
What's your background and how were you?
You were in this California woke scene, weren't you?
Yeah, yeah, I was in the California default liberal scene for 15 years.
Little entertainment here and there, reality television.
And then I started cartooning.
And then, you know, I had voted for Obama.
Yeah, throw the tomatoes at me.
And then I started critiquing Barack Obama.
That was the beginning of my political satirical cartoonist career.
I basically There's a famous video of him dropping the mic.
He always did stuff like that.
All I did is swap the mic with a bomb and suddenly I realized the power of single image cartooning.
And so from there, the more I pursued the truth, the further I went from liberalism and leftism.
I stayed in the center for a little bit because that's our safety raft away from the sinking ship of the Democratic Party.
And then eventually it sends you pretty far right.
In my view, that's what happened with me.
The more precise and the more rigorous I was with the truth, the further right I went.
Yeah, I thought.
The actions of Obama were so contrary to a lot of what he campaigned on.
I think, you know, we've seen that with a lot of politicians.
Pretty much every politician kind of compromises.
But I think there was something wild with the Obama presidency where it just went like 90 You know, 95% in the opposite direction of everything that he campaigned.
And it became really evident that he was kind of a banker candidate.
You know, Alex made the Obama deception.
That was a big hit.
So I think he did wake a lot of people up.
Were you at that time questioning anything big like 9-11?
Was it just the political domain?
Or did you start to go into more, quote, conspiratorial topics?
Oh yeah, I eventually went full on conspiratorial.
People saw what I was doing.
A couple of closer friends at the time started asking me basic questions, you know, like what temperature does steel melt at?
And suddenly I was like, oh, there's more to this reality.
And if I just look a little closer, Uh, maybe I'll get more content to make cartoons out of.
And of course, you know how it is.
Once you dip your toe in one conspiracy, it's pretty endless as far as where else you can go down that rabbit hole.
By the way, which I don't think is Healthy on its own, right?
There's actually a disadvantage to going full truther, and we've seen that too.
It leads to all sorts of different heretical views, I think.
If you're a Christian and you lean too far toward... You're exactly the problem that we see in America today, okay?
I mean, you've gone too far down the rabbit hole.
You think my wife, Michael, is a man?
She's a beautiful woman, obviously.
Clear as day, it's a woman.
Did you go that far down the rabbit hole, or is that too far?
No, I went that far.
I mean, you know, it started with something like 9-11 and then it was like, you know, looking into NASA a little bit, then more on the peripheral things like, does Mike have a lump that shouldn't be there kind of stuff.
But a lot of it's not... Now you're at the level of like every Hollywood celebrity is female to male, male to female.
Right, right, right.
You might as well just declare that so you're not surprised in the future.
But you've seen it with yourself, you know, you probably went down and then you see this whole other subculture of the truth or world that Really just is trying to find secret knowledge everywhere, that there's always something new to uncover.
And I started to see that even though that's fun, that's not necessarily a great life to live.
And so I even got some pushback from those people once I sort of turned another corner in my satire career.
So you started kind of getting a lot of traction right around the time of COVID.
What were some of the memes that you did that you drew early on that went viral?
Yeah, one of the most viral ones was, it was a picture of kids in a classroom with all the shielding around them and face masks and shields on their face.
And I think it was a teacher or someone who said like, you know, homeschooling makes kids socially awkward or something like this.
There was plenty to draw from, whether it was Bill Gates or what schooling turned into, what the workplace turned into.
I had a lot of them go very viral during that time.
They were very useful.
People translated them into all sorts of different languages, and they were just seen by everybody at that point.
And so now, finally, I'm getting to the point where you could put a face to the crude images that you've seen.
Yeah, I remember one of the ones that stuck out to me that I first saw was the sort of rainbow blast blasting through people.
I thought that was really good.
Now, beyond a lot of the images that I know a lot of the audience has probably seen, but they don't know, you know, who is behind them.
They might not have seen your face as the guy who's doing a lot of those memes.
And you kind of have a unique style, kind of an updated sort of Gary Larson-ish style to the way that you do stuff.
But you also then kind of branched out into doing a lot of online debating.
So, what I'd like to get into now is some of the topics of the culture war you've You've done really well, I think, stepping into this domain and you do really lengthy debates, oftentimes with atheists, not just atheists, but they seem to really gravitate towards your perspective.
What were some of the things that, as you were making this journey, made you kind of start questioning your atheism and the materialism that you had?
Yeah, that's a good question.
Well, As culture changes, you know, I used to follow all of these sort of neocon, basically classical liberal outfits like the Daily Wire, and I'd always hear these slogans from Ben Shapiro, it'd be like, you know, like, politics is downstream from culture.
And I always used to say those things, right?
Oh, that's a great saying.
That's a great platitude.
I really like that.
But then I started questioning, well, why does it stop there?
What's culture downstream from, right?
I started asking that question.
And ultimately, if you ask that question, you get to an ethical position and you try to ground your ethical position, right?
And so, the natural follow from that position is that you start railing against atheism and secularism because ultimately, It doesn't care what culture is downstream from.
It doesn't really have a foundation.
And so I think attacking atheism in itself, secularism, which is informing our culture right now, attacking their foundations or the absence of is a really effective tool, as you know yourself, that you just sweep away their entire... It's a foundation of sand, isn't it?
When you expose that, suddenly people have access to, you know, rejecting atheism, rejecting secularism, because it's... That's what you're saying.
The town is not full of facts and logic.
You don't believe in the facts and logic about me, I guess.
Yeah, right.
You know, like politics is downstream from culture.
And what's culture downstream from?
Well, you know, brute facts and logic.
I mean, it tells us what we should do.
You know, it's like, you know, like this is this is nonsense.
And unfortunately, it's largely what our our country is kind of founded on is this sort of, you know, This starting point where all these things are a given, and people like yourself have really shook me awake to going, no, don't grant anything.
Don't grant any of that.
This was a mistake to grant all of these starting assumptions.
Like, oh, we just have ethics, or we just have truth, and we just have logic.
No, we don't grant that anymore.
So, yeah, that was a very viral one.
That one, that one went everywhere.
Yeah, that one was, people were even using your memes at protests.
That's pretty wild.
So, one thing that happens, I think, and I just did a live stream on this a couple days ago on my YouTube channel.
You guys can follow me there if you want, as well as following Jim Bob over on YouTube, Made by Jim Bob, his channel.
You go to his website, too, madebyjimbob.com, and get his stickers, t-shirts, memes.
A lot of times, people, when they sort of question things, they start coming out of You know, materialism, atheism, the Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens, Sam Harris kind of worldview.
They then kind of think, well, maybe I should open myself up to, you know, maybe Christianity, but what about all these other options?
Maybe, you know, New Age spirituality, yoga, DMT experiences, LSD, and so on.
What would you say about that arena?
Did you have a period where you went into that kind of stuff, or did you immediately start going into theism, or what was your experience there?
I think you broke up a little.
I think the question was, did you go into sort of a new age sphere?
Is that what you asked?
Psychedelics and all that stuff?
Yeah, a lot of people have that, you know, when they first start questioning their materialism, maybe they experiment with DMT or LSD or mushrooms or something like that.
And they kind of maybe have a phase of new age yoga, you know, DMT bro type of stuff.
I'm just wondering, did you have that phase or did you not really go in that domain?
Um, the phase of trying out substances was earlier than that, and it was pretty short-lived as far as, like, very extreme things.
I was, like, never impressed by any of it.
What I did go into when I first started questioning stuff is I kind of led toward sort of meditation, you know, like, you know, no offense, Jay, but like ponytail stuff.
And, you know, I did like Vipassana, I did a 10 day meditation retreat where you don't like really eat or talk for 10 days all day.
So I started looking in that direction and ultimately I was looking for practice, right?
Not just knowledge of a spiritual realm, but how do you apply whatever you think is the truth into reality and what you find is that a lot of these views, a lot of these things are just sort of incoherent as far as their practice is concerned.
Yeah, that's what I want to talk about.
In terms of that incoherence, you know, a lot of people are turning to a lot of this New Age stuff.
They're turning to yoga, meditation, and all that.
And not all meditation or whatever is necessarily wrong, but what do you think the major flaws and problems are for the philosophy of New Age?
The philosophy of, you know, maybe something like what Russell Brand has recently talked about.
And I cheer on the fact that Russell Brand is moving in that direction.
Well, I'll tell you what, everyone.
I've been baptized in the name of Jesus.
That's great, but he also talks about it as, like, Jesus has one way.
Right, so Jesus has, like, one path amongst many paths.
So how would you critique this sort of New Age perspective?
Well, I look to what are the consequences of it, and usually it goes to a sort of a monism, everything is one, which if that's the case, why'd you get into it in the first place?
You should have already arrived at where you're trying to get to if it's all one, right?
Aren't you already there?
Yeah, yeah, like as you would say on your stream, it's just teleological.
It has no telos, ultimately, you are already there.
And then what you said about Russell Brand, which is also something both of us probably critiqued of Jordan Peterson, where they start to look at Christianity as some sort of heuristic or one tool in the tool belt, right?
And this is turning religion, or Christianity in this case, into some sort of technology.
And that's also going to fail you.
Because it reduces then to arbitrary goals in a utility or pragmatic view.
And it never works out.
You know, Peterson, you hear it all the time.
You know, he's asked a pointed question.
He says something like, well, it's like, you know, I look at Christianity like the best possible character you can choose in Mortal Kombat.
It's like, you know, Christ is the highest mode of being in which you can apply to your arbitrary goals.
And this is insufficient from our view.
You know why?
Because you can take any other view.
You could be a really effective salesman and perhaps tie it into paganism.
The outcome-based view of theology is broken, right?
We don't base our theology on what's good based on just outcomes, whether we like the outcome or we were really good at it, right?
Ripped rare.
What is it, Jay?
Ripped rare and rich.
Yeah, Rich.
And also, you gotta have a bad bitch.
Right, right, you gotta have a bad bitch.
He adds a B, which doesn't fit with the three.
It doesn't.
Yeah, the alliteration just falls apart.
So yeah, that would be the problem.
But mostly that first one, that monistic, everything's a giant machine kind of thing, we're all God, basically, remembering that we're God kind of view.
These are incoherent.
They basically remove the possibility, make it impossible for morality to exist, let alone truth.
But morality is something a little more accessible to people when you're arguing against this stuff.
Yeah, I think that's one of the dangers of the obsession of the Jungian type of perspective.
I mean, I'm not saying there's no truth in archetypes or that there's no interesting elements in Jungian philosophy and symbology and analysis and all that, but it's kind of just kind of repackaged Plato.
You know, when you get really deep into Carl Jung, he's got these really bizarre essays where he basically says Charles Manson level philosophy that Jesus is Lucifer, Lucifer is Jesus, Antichrist is Christ.
They're both flip sides of the same coin.
Very dark stuff and I think you you know, that's kind of at the bottom of a lot of the in the 60s counterculture Ideology, it's not really hippy-dippy love stuff at the core of it is really kind of a satanic sort of Crowley an agenda if you really plumb into the depths of it and that's ironic because that's kind of the same ideology that classical liberalism has which is I think it's one of its main deficiencies.
It's great to talk about liberty and free exercise of your speech and commerce and all that, but the problem is that negative liberty is a very limiting concept.
It doesn't tell us anything about positive virtue ethics, what it means to be virtuous.
It just kind of tells us, you know, hey man, don't, you know, Don't cram my style, Mr. Statist.
But we need more than that for a worldview.
And what are some of the critiques you would make of just kind of a basic bitch libertarianism?
Well, I would say that it's descriptive, right?
And then, you know, it's missing the prescriptive.
So, This is kind of like a performative contradiction they're constantly in.
A libertarian basically assumes, well, I'm just describing reality as it is.
You know, the natural world, right?
And they start arguing why we ought acknowledge rights or autonomy.
And they're already in a prescription.
They're already making a claim.
Even the claim we ought to accurately describe reality is itself arguably an ethical position.
And so, once you ask them, well, what is it about liberty itself that is something we should strive for, right?
It's like saying we should strive for efficiency.
Well, efficiency is a description of how we get to point A And B, how effective we are, right?
It's not a goal in itself.
They sell liberty as a goal, and this is a big problem with the right side, at least the authorized right conservative ink space, is that they've really bitten into this shit sandwich called liberty above all things, right?
And as we know, this is not sufficient.
This doesn't tell us a direction.
Like, if you arrive at Burning Man and it's flat and there's nothing on the, what do they call it, the playa, That's liberty!
You've already arrived, right?
It doesn't tell us what we ought to build.
It doesn't tell us how we ought to act.
It just says, well, we're at liberty now.
Well, no, that's obviously not enough.
You know why?
Go walk in San Francisco.
Tell me someone, some bum dropping a deuce isn't liberty.
Of course it's liberty.
That's liberty.
That's because you don't understand, Jim Bob.
that over that they don't have any you know what it is they have rights they
they assume rights but you ask them about their duties and they have a blank