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Name: 20240430_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 30, 2024
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The passage discusses various topics related to geopolitics, economics, and finance. It expresses concern about the potential implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and its implications on privacy and control. The shift of economic power from the West to the East is highlighted, specifically mentioning the BRICS nations. The passage talks about various investments, including precious metals like silver and gold, which some believe can protect individuals from economic shifts. It also emphasizes the need for strong economic leadership and preparedness during uncertain times. The passage mentions bank failures, leadership, and humanity, and discusses Team Humanity, a movement aimed at promoting pro-human ideas and values against globalists' agendas.

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Tomorrow's news.
Turn down with occupation!
Up, up with reparations!
What would you say is the main goal with tonight's protest?
I think the goal is just showing our support for Palestine and demanding that NYU stops.
I honestly don't know all of what NYU's doing.
It's a clash of civilizations going on.
We demand a free Palestine from the river to the sea!
And that we stand with the Palestinian resistance and their heroic and brave action on October 7th!
And they said, long live October 7th!
You can have a tribal war going on and both sides can be wrong.
But that's more common than one side being good, one side being bad.
But it's an existential crisis and it's admitted that George Soros and the State Department Are funding it!
Headline, George Soros is paying student radicals who are fueling nationwide explosion of Israel-hating protests.
It's problem, reaction, solution.
A lot of groups like George Soros' Open Society Foundations and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund are We're giving donations through something called a fiscal sponsor, which is a non-profit organization that then disperses funds to other groups.
And this is how some of the groups like Students for Justice in Palestine and other groups are getting money.
The big funders like the Soros Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation are sending money through various different levels of non-profits.
So that when you go back to try to find who is the original donor, you have to do a lot of work.
I think of Yuri Bezmenov, the famous on-record high-level KGB defector.
When the Soviets use the phrase ideological subversion, what do they mean by it?
What it basically means is to change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite of the abundance of information, No one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the
interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.
[crowd shouting]
Look at the modern one.
Oh, it's way more sophisticated and more fancy.
Joining us is Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld.
She's author of the book, The Soros Agenda.
She's also the founder and president of the American Center for Democracy and the Economic Warfare Institute.
Well, George Soros has been funding for decades.
Directly and indirectly.
Quite a bit of money through the Tides Foundation in San Francisco or Hamas organizations even affiliated with Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
After October 7, the source organizations through Tides and also directly have been funding groups that are organizing the demonstrations now.
He has been funding Rashida Khalid, actually.
He's an honorary graduate of Soros Grants.
There is an organization in San Francisco.
that he funds which actually works with high schools throughout the country,
not only funding and calling for the demonstrations, but also having instructions,
giving instructions to high school students what to chant and what to yell during the demonstration
and what would be their talking points in order to counter anybody who criticizes Hamas.
We must have revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the United States of America.
But if you're aware of all these tactics and see it and warn others and don't comply
and are a light in the darkness, people will listen to you and we will exponentially refuse this system and reject
this system.
It's Tuesday, April 30th, 2024.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I'm going to be hosting all four hours today.
I want to thank you all who are listening on AM and FM stations, watching on UHF and VHF, as well as cable systems and satellite, and of course all the folks that are watching at InfoWars.com forward slash show, band dot video, Real Alex Jones on X, and many other platforms.
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All right.
There are two special reports that came out today.
And I'm having them posted on X. They've already been posted on John Baum's channel and on Greg Reese's channel.
And if you watch these two different reports, and I looked at some of the comments, people are like, wait a minute, Alex Jones has a video report out titled, The Zionist Death Grip on the United States Government.
And then he has another video, George Soros is funding college chaos.
And they're now engaged in stuff similar to the January 6th, what they call an insurrection.
But it was the feds that we now know broke in the windows and provocateured the tiny minority that actually went in.
But in the case of the breaking into the colleges and knocking out the windows and physically attacking people, they're being called heroes by the corporate media.
So you'd see these two reports, and I just aired one of them earlier, A lot of stations don't carry that first five minutes, so you missed it, but I'm going to air it again later.
And I'm going to air the Gregg Reese report as well.
And you look at those, people say, well, wait a minute.
Jones is criticizing Hamas and Hezbollah and George Soros, but he's also criticizing what Israel's doing and the Israel lobby manipulating our internal and external policies.
What's going on?
You're supposed to pick one side.
If people could just understand this, you'd understand every other big issue.
The criminals that run our government are financing the Iranians, they're financing Hamas, they're financing George Soros, the Rockefeller Foundation, it's all on record, the Tides Foundation, it's all on record.
Billions of dollars a year.
State Department just got Congress to pass 9 billion to Hamas, 22 billion to Israel, 62 billion to Ukraine.
That's the reality of what's going on in the 95 plus million dollar package that passed last week.
It is a clash of civilizations.
It's a Hegelian dialectic.
Go read the German philosopher Hegel.
He didn't invent all these things.
He just codified it in a political psychological system.
And the main operating system, if you get one of the special globalist degrees at Harvard that Kissinger got and teaches, only one person a year graduates with it, Usually end up being Secretary of State.
Or what's being taught at Chicago Business School, which is one of their other nests.
Or Columbia.
Or Yale.
Or Princeton.
It's all about Hagel and the dialectic.
So you need to know what the globalists are doing and how they're creating a global destabilization.
How do we see all these conservatives on talk radio and on X, I see it everywhere, supporting Hamas, not just leftist, and saying, oh, we're finally going to get Israel.
When it's George Soros and the State Department funding Hamas, Hezbollah, And the leftists.
It's a clash of civilizations where you take two or three or four forces and you collide them together knowing the political outcome because you're going to offer the solutions from the crisis.
Problem, reaction, solution.
You notice when Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend criticized and said arrest anybody protesting, which I say is wrong, but do arrest those that are violent, he never talked about the Tides Foundation or George Soros or the Rockefeller Foundation that are the main funders of all this, not just here but in Europe as well, Australia, New Zealand, UK, it's the same program.
There's no discussion of that.
Israel stood down, seven and a half hours.
Israel played down Hezbollah taking credit for running the attack.
Biden gave them $6 billion 29 days before the attack on October 7th.
I was here day one saying, this is the trigger for societal crises and civil war, and now you see that all over the news.
So, I have reporters that I respect and I like, and I would say our views are about 97% aligned.
But we disagree on some things, we agree on others.
And that's the fullness of the discussion and the debate that we're having.
And everything in Greg Reese's report, I have reported on probably 500 times, conservatively.
And I'm not taking away from Greg Reese's report.
I see the comments saying, ooh, Greg, you're gonna get canned or you're gonna get fired because you're talking bad about Israel.
And then of course I produce films exposing some of the things Israel's done.
But I've done films about the U.S.
government doing it as well and other governments.
I don't blame the people of Israel for some of the bad things different Israeli governments have done any more than I would blame the communist, you know, victims in China for what their government's doing to them.
And I don't blame the innocent Palestinian children The Pentagon admits over half the bombs being dropped are not smart bombs.
They're killing indiscriminately women and children.
I say that's wrong.
And Israel loses any moral high ground they could wish to have.
I'm trying to de-escalate things.
I'm trying to have peace.
I'm trying to have an informed conversation with people.
That's the reality here that I'm really trying to get people to have the 35,000 foot view.
We also zoom in at the five foot level as well, and then we zoom in at the microscopic level to understand all this.
But you have to first understand the globalist real philosophy.
And it doesn't mean there aren't communists involved in it, and islamicists involved in it, and zionists involved in it, and right-wing Christians involved in it, and transhumanism, and all the rest of it.
But if you pull back and really study what makes the New World Order tick, it is a post-human, transhumanist system.
And it doesn't matter if you're a Muslim, a Jew, or a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Buddhist, or an atheist, or agnostic, gay, straight, black, white, old, young, Asian, Hispanic, doesn't matter.
The post-human world is being built, and the acolytes, and the high priest, and the spokespersons of the New World Order, and some are Jews, and some are Hindus, and some are Chinese communists, They're every group, but they all share this scientific mad scientist race to discover godlike technology for life extension for the ruling class and the removal of at least 80% of the population from the earth and everyone is being targeted
And I've said this 20 years ago and it's in my film Endgame that was released 17 plus years ago.
Do the math.
That it's a lie that they only want to get rid of 80%.
When you get deeper into their writings, they say 90%.
And still deeper, they say, who doesn't agree humans are an evil parasite and will only end war by transcending being human?
The Carnegie Endowment after World War I was given by the robber barons a directive to come up with a plan to control civilization, control humanity, and never have another war again.
That was the claim.
But to never have another war again, you'd have to have a total global dictatorship over every human action, not just over governments or peoples, but their minds and their bodies.
The globalists are coming after everyone with the poison shots, except for illegal aliens they're bringing in, because they don't want to dissuade them from coming.
The New World Order is coming after the military.
They're coming after the college students.
They're particularly coming after black people in Africa and in the West while claiming they're doing all this because they love the black people.
Well, if you want to enslave and kill the black people, you've got to be their guardian.
They want to keep their enemy closer.
Friends close, enemies closer.
So I got up early this morning at about 5 a.m.
and went for a hike.
And I am a subscriber, so I'm going to watch the whole thing tonight.
This is a two hour interview.
But I saw the first 21 minutes of episode 99, Alexander Dugin, who is a top Russian philosopher, being interviewed by Tucker Carlson, and I thought it was a really good little 21 minute clip.
And I don't say this to sound superior, because I'm not, but Dugin Ends his discussion, basically, on this topic that's so central, on what makes the globalists tick, what's their master plan, with trying to convince them it's not going to work, and that, oh, it's just a long 500-year process of the Enlightenment and the Renaissance, and it's not.
It's using the strengths of the Enlightenment and the Renaissance to create an anti-Renaissance to destroy it.
And it's the opposite of liberal.
It is pure anti-human totalitarianism and it's an attack on the very biology of humanity and how we operate.
And he says all of that, but he says it's the next stop on the train station.
No, it's not.
It's not the final stop either.
He's right, they want to get rid of all the humans, but it's not a choice.
Whether you are Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab or any of the members of the Club of Rome, they all agree humans are bad.
They are going to create by testing chemicals, biologicals, genetic engineering, nanotech, biomechanical systems on us, and out of that, they're believing they're going to have an accelerated evolution of the Superman or the Ubermensch.
And that itself comes out of Plato.
And then gets picked up by Malthus and Galton, and then of course by the Thabian Socialists and the British Empire with its own model of eugenics that was dominant.
The Austrian-Hungarians to the Nazis had a spin-off, Hitler, that was more selective who it was going to kill, and itself strongman-based, totalitarian, but truly transhumanist in its real directive.
So Dugan's saying Russia's a land power and the West is the new Atlantis and Francis Bacon, all that's true, but I'm not a defender of the Atlanteans and I'm not a defender of the Russophiles and their Russian world system.
But Dugan is saying that the Russian world system will keep the family and will keep A human civilization in place that's for humans and will keep traditionalism.
It's not traditionalism.
It's our biology and what we are.
And all the transhumanist systems being deployed are designed to make us weak, make us stupid, and get rid of us.
They're not made to be neo-liberal 10.0 Promethean systems.
It's a total Totalitarian scientific overthrow of reality and a full assault on free will and is the complete opposite of the Western classical liberal ethos.
Now I'm going to play part of the interview or the clip here in a moment and I'm going to stop and start it.
I'm going to spend the rest of the hour on this.
Then I'm going to diverge into all the other incredible news.
news, we have some big guests on today. But the most important thing to understand is
the deployment of this and the response to fight it and the understanding that Dugan
is right in the final expression of liberalism, it's pure poison.
But what he doesn't explain, I've read his books and I've seen other interviews he's given, so I'm not speaking out of turn here and I'd like to have him back on the show he's been on before.
That they are advertising this human empowerment for the for the minions and the people that are signing on to it.
But that itself is a great deception and that this is all to be run by AI programmed by a very small scientific elite that Eisenhower warned of and control the military industrial complex and is attempting to force The end of humanity and they advertise it and they sell it like it's a great idea and they integrate systems to replace humans with robots and automation and to take our resources away and to attack every fundamental basic thing that makes us happy and makes us prosperous and makes us enlightened and empowered.
Now you could say that a reactionary movement of pro-human traditionalist strongmen is the best bet to declare war on this and to roll this back not from a troglodyte anti-technology perspective but from a survival perspective because the way this project has been rolled out premeditatedly for at least a hundred and seventy years by Francis Galton the very fabric of how the technological blueprint has been deployed
Is designed to dumb us down, to poison us, to disconnect us from God and reality, and to slowly kill us, but first suck our resources and energy and ideas out of us.
So this is a very well thought out psychopathic operation.
I could spend five hours and I could pull up all the exhibits.
You can type in anything I'm saying, it'll blow you away.
Like the Intergalactic Communication System, classified 1952.
Pentagon operation, partially declassified 1960.
And the intergalactic communication system is the internet.
And it is meant to be nodes that finally are put into your brain, but before that with handheld computers.
First with TVs, then with central terminal computers, then with desktop computers, then with handheld.
This is 1952.
Now they didn't have it all yet, but they knew the power of humans.
And that if we put enough scientists working on it, they would develop it and deploy it.
And that's why I have the Wall Street Journal and all the rest of them saying, looking forward to the end of humanity.
This is a death cult.
This is not a liberal Atlantean renaissance cult.
It advertises itself as that, but it is the complete opposite of that.
And I look at Russia, Russia did the COVID lockdowns, not as bad as other places.
Russia, people think it's a totally different place.
It's a lot like America and it's got the same cancer we've got.
And Vladimir Putin knows that and has talked about that.
Xi Jinping has broken with the globalists, has a three-child policy now, but he's still implementing the technocracy because it's so seductive.
Two strong men.
So how are strongmen going to counter other technocracies with their own system that's anti-technocracy when they're already deploying a technocracy?
And so it is going to be an individual choice working with other groups and individuals and corporations and governments To develop alternative civilization and protecting the alternative civilization and having it be so good and wholesome, which it is, that then as things get more dystopic, as this anti-human kill grid is rolled out, that masses will then flood into the alternative plan B operation that I've been talking about for decades, that Elon Musk now talks about.
And the Globalist said 25 years ago, when I first started reading about it, predicting the year 2025, nanotech, mRNA injections, open borders, increased crime, crises, the collapse of central governments, the birth of a big global corporate world government that directs everything in the name of liberalism, but it's really the complete opposite.
And they said, That there will be ghettos that break off in every country in the world, like the Amish, they described that as a ghetto, where people will retreat to the countryside and will try to work together so that they don't have to be part of this.
But because all the resources are being cut off and the food's being cut off and regular organic farming is being banned, They're already way ahead of us buying up all the heirloom seed companies.
I mean, almost all of them.
Shutting everything down systematically, scientifically.
By law, all the cars, tracker chips in them.
By law, shutting down all the coal-powered plants.
That was just signed on to yesterday.
I mean, you have to understand, folks, that you are up against a scientifically designed, prepared, rolled out plan that will kill every human on Earth.
And that's the big secret, but I've read deeply into their literature and their ideas.
They describe it, and I can pull up the references, where there will be a tower of technology, as that has been described, with two AI humanoid creatures in it.
And that will they merge into one entity or will they kill each other or kill one or the other and then blast off into the cosmos as a god?
Now, that's beyond the snake in the Garden of Eden, but it's 2.0.
You will be a god.
Don't you know you're a god?
It's individualism of the Illuminati where they become gods and we become the fuel to build this platform where they believe they will be gods.
Know you not, you are a god.
So it is about individualism in that it's about the final one individual.
God creates new sentient beings that have free will and are eternal and can choose their destiny.
Spiritually, energetically, what realm you wish to be in.
In God's presence and system or in an alternate system you build your own little prison.
That's what hell is.
Little cells that we make ourselves and then resonate towards others that have built similar systems.
That is hell being cut off from this real universe.
This is not a simulation.
This is it.
But only a launch pad into the greater it.
And so, they will kill every human on Earth.
That is the official plan.
And do you want to play along with that and pretend and get some carbon credits and get some social credit scores and be kind of cool, rock star in the early phases of it?
As it accelerates, it gets worse and worse around you, but you pretend you're actually part of the ruling class and you do more and more horrible things to prove you've got what it takes to be with the mad scientist?
When all it is is a psychic, spiritual, and the ancients called it that, it's really in the ether, Trans-dimensional communication for us to destroy ourselves.
And they've only seduced the minions that have signed on to this and see all this technology that we actually developed and built that was already pre-programmed into us to do, but for good, they've built a twisted model of it, and these people think they're blasting off to Al Centuri's, they're blasting off into a hellscape run by an inter-dimensional entity sworn to destroy us in our embryonic phase.
My mission, and I believe it should be your mission, is to follow God's blueprint, and we will do things the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, the mind has not dreamed.
I really want you to get past the tadpole stage.
I want you to join me.
So what I really want to ask you to do is pray for myself and the crew and my family.
That's number one.
I want that.
I need that.
It's your prayer that's doing it.
That's why this surfaced.
That's why this happened.
I need the prayer.
Then I need you to take the articles, the videos, the posts we make at Real Alex Jones, recopy them, share them, post them yourself, do whatever, just get it out there!
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All right, let's start getting to it ahead of Roger Stone with big breaking news on Trump and more next hour.
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We'll be right back.
All right let's start getting to it ahead of Roger Stone with big breaking
news on Trump and more next hour. Alexander Dugan did a multi-hour
interview that was taped months ago when Tucker Carlson was in Moscow to
interview Putin and others and he's now put it out at Tucker Carlson.com.
Here's a 21 minute excerpt.
I'm going to stop it and start it only a few times.
Everything Dugan tells you from his perspective is dead on.
It's just you need to have the added understanding that this is a premeditated scientific plan and the deception of the garden, the deception that the Sumerians talked about and that's the Bible story comes out of that.
It's basically identical and that there is a choice humans have to make to follow Satan's plan to give up our humanity give up God's plan and of course be betrayed and destroyed and all we're doing is building because we're more advanced just we've forgotten it than Satan but Satan is older and Satan's consciousness is older and rebelled against God's universe, God's plan, and is at war with anything God has done.
Because it's perfect.
And you see it everywhere.
The systems.
And when you follow God, you find as close as you're going to get to perfection, you will definitely see perfection, you will know perfection, you will not be perfect.
Versus those that go their own way and decide that they are gods.
But you don't get your free will in their system.
You understand that?
And you have to give your free will over to the collective.
How is that the final expression of liberalism?
It is the opposite.
It is the end of free will.
It is total enslavement.
So let's start rolling the interview.
Alexander Dugin is a 62-year-old Russian academic philosopher.
He spent his life in Moscow.
He was an anti-Soviet dissident as a young man.
And now he is famous the world over, in the English language press anyway, as, quote, Putin's brain.
But he is not a political figure here in Russia.
He is, once again, a philosopher.
And his ideas are deeply offensive to some people.
In August of 2022, his only daughter was murdered in Moscow when a car bomb killed her.
intelligence says she was murdered by the Ukrainian government, and we take that at face value.
But what's interesting is that once again, Alexander Dugin is not a military leader.
He's not a close daily advisor to Vladimir Putin.
He is a writer who writes about big ideas.
And for this, his books have been banned by the Biden administration in the United States.
You cannot buy them on Amazon.
Banning books in the United States because the ideas inside are too dangerous.
He's often described again in the English language press as far right.
We'll let you assess.
But we wanted to talk to him about some of his ideas.
These ideas that are so dangerous that his only daughter was murdered over them and his book's been banned in the United States.
And so we're happy to have him join us now.
Mr. Dugin, thank you very much.
Thank you.
Thank you for inviting me and welcome to Moscow.
Of course, thank you.
So we were talking off camera.
Actually, we were having a conversation that we were not going to film, just interested to meet you.
But what you said was so interesting that we got a couple of cameras and put this together.
My question to you is, what do you think is happening in the English language countries?
And I said, all of them.
United States, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia, all at once decided to turn, seemed to turn against themselves.
You know, there's great turmoil, and some of the behaviors seem very self-destructive.
And where do you think, as an observer, that comes from?
I could just express my reading of that.
It demands a little patience.
I think that everything started with individualism.
That was a wrong understanding of the human nature, of the nature of man.
When you identify individualism with the man, with the human nature, you cut all the relations to everything else.
You have a very special idea of the subject, philosophical subject, as individual.
And everything started in the Anglo-Saxon world with Protestant reform and with nominalism.
Before that, nominalist attitude that there are no ideas, only things, only individual things.
So, individual, it was the key and is still key concept that was put in the center of liberal ideology.
And liberalism, as in my reading, it is a kind of historical and cultural and political and philosophical process of liberation of individual, of any kind of collective identity.
So, that transcends individual.
And that started with refuse of Catholic Church as collective identity, of empire, Western empire as collective identity.
After that, there was a revolt against a national state as a collective identity in favor of purely civil society.
After that, there was a big fight of the 20th century between liberalism, communism, and fascism.
And liberalism has won once more.
And after the fall of the Soviet Union, there was only liberalism.
And Francis Fukuyama has pointed out correctly that there are no more any ideologies except of liberalism.
And liberalism, that was... Alright, pause there.
Back it up for 10 seconds.
Again, he gets more complex the books, so I'm not saying he's wrong here completely.
You empower individuals, and then they will clearly see with other individuals what is best through competition, and then that creates a better, more informed, powerful, enlightened, wealthy, successful culture.
And that's what the West did, and that's why everybody adopted it.
And then the corruption comes in, because hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, and so the cycle repeats.
So this has happened all over in Rome and Greece and everywhere else.
We have stoics and strong people and working hard in innovation and then things fall apart.
Because there is, quote, too much individualism, but it's not really individualism.
It's corrupt, twisted people that use that as an excuse to get rid of the systems that empowered people, and then they come in with all these faux rights of transgenderism, and two men can have a baby, and all of this, because you're losing all your real, basic, God-given rights, and then they're replacing them with all these fake rights, like the tyranny of the minority in the new expression of liberalism.
He gets into that, but then he says liberalism is the only system.
It is the dominant corporate global empire that wants to get rid of the main religious systems, get rid of the government, using them to discredit themselves to then form the global corporate government that's AI-controlled and robot-enforced.
But let's get back to it.
Yes, this is totally true.
So, and after the fall of the Soviet Union, there was only liberalism.
And Francis Fukuyama has pointed out correctly that there are no more any ideologies except
of liberalism.
And liberalism, that was liberation of these individual...
Pause again, I forgot to say this.
Back in 10 seconds, and then I'm going to stop for a while.
Yes, this is totally true.
Liberalism, which is total totalitarianism in its present form, last stage, it's not
that there aren't other systems, it's waging war and suppressing all of those systems.
Let's continue.
And after the fall of the Soviet Union, there was only liberalism.
And Francis Fukuyama has pointed out correctly that there are no more any ideologies except of liberalism.
And liberalism, that was liberation of this individual from any kind of collective identity.
There were only two.
...collective identities to liberate from gender identity, because it is collective identity.
You are man or woman collectively, so you could not be alone.
So, liberation from gender and that has led to transgenders, to LGBT and new form of sexual individualism.
So, sex is something optional.
And that was not just a deviation of liberalism.
That was necessary elements of implementation and the victor of this liberal ideology.
And the last step that is not yet totally made is liberation from human identity.
Humanity optional.
And now we are choosing, or you in the West, you are choosing the sex you want, as you want.
And the last step in this process of liberalism, implementation of liberalism, will mean precisely the human optional.
So you can choose your individual identity to be human, not to be human.
Transhumanism, post-humanism, singularity, artificial intelligence, Klaus Schwab, Kurzweil or Harari, they openly declare that is inevitable future of humanity.
We arrive to the historical terminal station that we finally, five centuries ago, we have embarked on this train and now we are arriving at the last station.
So that is my reading and when all the elements, all the phases of that, you cut the tradition with the past.
So you are no more Protestant, you are secular, atheist, materialist.
You are no more national state that served the liberal to liberate from empire.
And now national state becomes at its turn obstacle.
You are liberating from national state.
Finally, family is destroyed in favor of this individualism.
And the last things, the sex that is already almost overcome.
Sex optional and gender politics.
There is only one step to arrive to the end of this process of liberation, of liberalism.
All right, back it up ten seconds again.
There's only one step left.
He's absolutely right.
And this is all admitted by Klaus Schwab, Harari, all of them.
This is official.
This is the dominant global system out in the open at all the Davos meetings and all the UN meetings and all their books.
And I'm reading this 30 years ago and going, my God, and seeing they're in power and warning they're going to do all this.
You're like, how does Jones know this?
Because they're following like a surgeon goes in with a manual.
He's done the surgery a hundred times before.
They're doing the surgery.
And so it's not just about transcending being men and women.
That is the sex.
That is the humans.
That's our whole biology.
It's about attacking that to depopulate.
It's not just about O being liberal.
And again, who can implement this?
Who do you have to go to, to be this new creature?
Like South Park, where he wants to be a dolphin.
He's not really a dolphin.
They just put a big dolphin fin on his back and he can barely walk.
You have to go to the biomedical gods.
You have to go to the military-industrial complex, the technocrats Eisenhower warned of, the technological elite, who are using you as the guinea pigs and who are in their new religion of transhumanism, it's really a death cult, getting you to believe because they're making the third dimension ugly and uninhabitable for most people, that your way out is down this corridor But when you go down that corridor, you literally lose your humanity, lose your soul.
So, my issue with Dugan is, and I've read his books, is he's not selling the idea of how evil this is and how bad it is.
He's saying it's some 500 year thing that's just intellectually broken and kind of, you know, running around on its own.
It's absolutely premeditated.
And for those serving it, you're fools!
It will destroy you!
But they love the thrill of thinking they're cozied up under Satan's wings.
Things continue.
Things, the sex that is already almost overcome, sex optional and gender politics, there is
only one step to arrive to the ends of this process of liberation, of liberalism.
That is to abandon human identity as something prescribed.
So, to be free, to be human, to have the possibility to choose to be or not to be human.
And that is the agenda, political, ideological agenda of tomorrow.
That is why to How I see the Anglo-Saxon world that you have asked of, I think that is just the avant-garde, one word, of this process, because this started with Anglo-Saxon imperialism.
Let's stop there.
That's true.
Back it up five seconds.
Francis Galton, off of Plato and his Republic, and then off of other philosophers and Malthusians like Malthus, you know, 60, 70 years before him, the British Empire funded this neoliberal program of mind war and said, we want a thing called computers invented?
So we can control people.
They actually coined that.
We want biometrics invented to scan people by their face and body and know them individually.
That was hatched in the 1860s by Galton.
And they all got together and developed what they wanted and then got it.
And by the 1890s, they had atomic bomb plans.
Look that up.
Max Planck.
And then they were able to do it by the 40s.
So you have to understand, this is a project of the British Empire, of the Anglo-Saxons.
Let's continue.
That is the abandoned human identity as something prescribed.
So to be free, to be human, to have the possibility to choose to be or not to be human.
And that is the agenda, political, ideological agenda of the tomorrow.
That is why to How I see the Anglo-Saxon world that you have asked of, I think that is just the avant-garde, one word, of this process, because this started with Anglo-Saxon imperialism, nominalism, Protestantism, and now you are ahead as
Anglo-Saxon, more devoted to liberalism than any other European.
So what you're describing is clearly happening and it's horrifying, but it's not the definition of liberalism I have in mind when I describe myself as what we say in the United States as a classical liberal.
So you think of liberalism as individual freedom and choice from Slavery, right?
So the options as we conceive them, as I was growing up, were the individual who can follow his conscience, say what he thinks, defend himself against the state, versus the statism, the totalitarianism embodied in the government that you fought against, the Soviet government.
And I think most Americans think of it that way.
What's the difference?
Very interesting question.
I think that the problem is in two definitions of liberalism.
There is old liberalism, classical liberalism, and new liberalism.
So classical liberalism was in favor of democracy.
Democracy understood as the power of majority, of consensus, of individual freedom that should be combined somehow with the freedom of other.
And now we have totally the next station already, the next phase, new liberalism.
Now it is not about the rule of majority, but it is about the rule of minorities.
It is not about individual freedom, but it is about walkies.
So you should be so individualistic that you should criticize not only the state, but the old understanding of individuals.
So now you are invited to liberate yourself from individuality.
To go further in that direction.
So, I have spoken once with Fukuyama, Francis Fukuyama on TV, and he has said before, democracy has meant the rule of majority, and now it is about the rule of minorities against majority, because majority could Choose Hitler or Putin, so we need to be very careful with majority and majority should be taken under control.
Mike, pause.
Back in five seconds.
Not 15.
Dead right.
We, the liberal order, have to take everybody else's freedom because they'll blow the planet up.
That's the Carnegie plan from the 20s that we're now living under with the CIA.
The CIA is run by the Carnegie Endowment.
Look it up.
Commands it.
It sits above it.
And it's not, though, oh, you can choose not to be human.
They come in and they seduce the children.
They grease the skids into this dystopia.
And if you try to protect them, that's the ultimate crime.
They come after you.
Let's continue.
So we need to be very careful with majority, and majority should be taken under control, and minorities should rule over majority.
Majority, it is not democracy, it's already totalitarianism, and now we are not about defense of the individual freedom, but about prescription to be woke.
This is beyond, this is beyond key, okay?
What are you saying?
We have to have these minorities.
Oh, the black people.
Oh, the women who are the majority.
We have to protect them and do all these ridiculous things to train you to be ruled by a minority which is the AI and the technocrats.
They just use the old liberal order to get us to sign on to it.
You understand?
It is not democracy.
It's already totalitarianism.
And now we are not about defense of the individual freedom, but about prescription to be woke, to be modern, to be progressive.
It is not your right to be or not to be progressive.
It is your duty to be progressive.
To follow this agenda.
So you are free to be left liberal.
You are no more free enough to be right liberal.
You should be Left-liberal, and that is a kind of duty, it is prescription.
So, liberalism fought during its history against any kind of prescription, and now it, at its turn, became totalitarian, prescriptive, not free as it was in some... And do you believe that was inevitable, that process, that was always going to happen?
I think that is, I perceive here, a kind of logic.
So, a kind of logic that is not just perversion or deviation.
You start with one thing, you want to liberate individual, when you arrive at the point where it is possible, it is realized, so you need to go further.
So, and you start to liberate yourselves this time from old understanding of individual.
Let's stop there.
There's a lot more of this.
You know what?
I'm going to do a special Saturday show, probably, and I'm going to get the whole interview.
Tucker, I haven't watched the whole thing and I'm going to air larger clips.
This is fascinating and it's dead on.
I'm just trying to add more depth or perspective to the limited discussion they were having.
Excellent information.
This is so, so important.
And it must be understood that it creates all these cults, all these perversions, all these little broken coalition strategies, is what the Clintons called it when they were running for president in 92.
Those documents are in their national library and are public.
World Daily reported on it years ago.
It's fascinating.
And they said, we can't let conservatives ever have their own publishing houses, their own businesses.
People will choose that.
We have to shut that down using the CIA.
And now you know the CIA, it's public, has been coming after me because their job is to make sure you have a thousand flavors of liberal poison and never go and get any of the flavors of reality or justice or truth because you'll resonate with that.
You will build that and they claim that causes a nuclear war when it was actually totalitarianism that gave us Stalin and Lenin and Hitler.
And not populism, but it was already in slave groups like the serfs and the enslaved Germans under Versailles that then went with another system of strength that was just another tyranny.
The Chinese were under tyranny and then they got an even worse tyranny with the communists.
We'll be covering this a lot more.
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We'll be right back.
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(upbeat music)
What's happening on America's college campuses is horrific.
Anti-Semitic mobs have taken over leading universities.
They call for the annihilation of Israel.
It's unconscionable.
It has to be stopped.
It has to be condemned and condemned unequivocally.
When Netanyahu demanded that the protests against Israel be stopped, the U.S.
government complied, because our members of Congress have all been bought and paid for with tax dollars given to the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, known as AIPAC.
AIPAC openly brags about this on their official website, because they don't have to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, which requires agents of foreign principles to register and provide transparency.
Beginning in 1962, they were known as the American Zionist Council, and President John F. Kennedy was ordering them to register as a foreign agent.
Along with members of the U.S.
government, the Zionists fought against this.
In October of 1963, forms were prepared for them to register, but the next month, JFK was assassinated, and Israel has never been asked to register since.
Four years later, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, murdering dozens of Americans and injuring over a hundred.
The U.S.
government helped them cover it up as an accident.
On the day of 9-11, five Israelis, who were seen photographing the collapse of the Twin Towers and celebrating, were arrested and detained for several weeks.
In documents later released by FOIA requests, the FBI redacted their faces in pictures Where they were posing in front of the burning towers and described them as being happy and jovial.
One of them stated, Israel now has hope that the world will understand us.
The end of the declassified document asks if they had foreknowledge of the event and were there to film it.
And the answer was redacted.
As soon as they were released, they returned to Israel and went on television, where they confirmed that the answer was yes.
The fact of the matter is, we are coming from a country that experiences terror daily.
Our purpose was to document the event.
The dancing Israelis had fake student IDs, and several accounts of suspicious Israeli art students were reported to be infiltrating government buildings.
Over a hundred of these Israeli art students were arrested.
Fox News reported that these art students served in military intelligence and explosive ordinance units.
The majority of those questioned, quote, stated they served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept, and or explosive ordinance units.
In March of 2000, several of these Mossad art students were living in the World Trade Center as part of the World Views Artist-in-Residence program.
They occupied floors 90 and 91, where walls were unfinished and structural beams were exposed.
A member of this group of artists, Hanan Sarfati, was arrested by the DEA as part of the Israeli spy ring.
But the identities of an additional 14 Israelis who were with him have never been released to the public.
These Israeli artists were sharing the space with a group of Austrian artists known as Gelatin, who were working on a project called The Bee Thing that involved removing windows on the 91st floor of the North Tower.
A small balcony was constructed for people to stand on while photographs were taken by a helicopter.
Another group, called E-Team, managed the helicopter with the designation number N666LH.
This helicopter was to be in an art exhibit memorializing this project, scheduled for September 11th, 2001.
In March of 2001, E-Team had an art project called 127 Windows.
Officially, they were going to write their name on the exterior of the tower.
They had an artist's rendering of what the project was supposed to look like, but it never appears to have happened.
And on 9-11, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the exact spot where they were supposedly preparing to do this.
In 2001, Gelatin published a book on the project and described it as conspiratorial work.
It includes a drawing of someone falling headfirst from the 91st floor with the words, 300 meters of pure pleasure.
Gelatin was originally spelled the same as the explosive, but was officially changed in 2005.
And the 9-11 Commission report does not mention Gelatin, E-Team, or any of the Israeli Mossad art students.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
All right, let's do a roundup of some of the incredible news that's unfolding.
And then Roger Stone joins us in about 10 minutes from now.
And boy, is there a lot to talk about there.
Let's give a little prelude.
Judge holds Trump in contempt, fines him $9,000 for violating gag order, threatens jail if repeated.
But the prosecutor and Alvin Bragg, his boss, and Leticia James run around foaming at the mouth like chickens with their heads cut off attacking Trump daily.
But Trump needs to keep his mouth shut.
$3.5 billion slipped into Ukraine Israel aid bill to supercharge mass migration from the Middle East.
Big article on InfoWars.com.
Confirming the leaked Netanyahu communications from two months ago that they are going to ship the Islamicists to Europe and the United States.
That's the Hegelian dialectic for you, ladies and gentlemen.
Continuing, ladies and gentlemen.
It's another article on InfoWars.com that's recommended viewing.
The end of humanity as planned by the global leaders.
Very important documentary.
That's at InfoWars.com for free.
I hope you'll go watch it.
I hope you'll go share it.
Just putting the breadcrumbs out here.
Continuing here with the news, this is really big and quite frankly I could talk for five hours on this.
If you understand civilization, you understand energy, food is energy and then Nuclear power, hydroelectric, coal, gas, solar, it's energy.
And all of it is what helps produce our food.
And the number one energy source in the world has been coal.
And it was a dirty energy.
But the last 40 years, the United States, Germany mainly, developed scrubbers that make them totally clean.
All that comes out of the smokestack is carbon dioxide that plants breathe, and they put off oxygen, and water vapor.
But as you know, under the Paris Accord that Obama signed on to, never got ratified by Congress, it lists Carbon dioxide as a pollutant.
And so under Obama, they shut down more than a thousand coal-powered plants.
At the same time, China built more than 3,000.
Mexico built more than 500.
India built more than 1,500.
And the United States again shut down over a thousand.
Or more than 60% of the coal-powered plants.
You see their skeletons rotting as you drive across the United States.
Now, that does a lot of things.
First off, China And 160 plus other countries have built more coal power plants and they don't put scrubbers on them.
That's why you see the images in China where it's high noon and the sky's dark because they have to wear masks before COVID because you don't want to breathe all that.
And then that gets up in the stratosphere and blows all over the world and dumps over the U.S.
because China's lined up with us on the globe and the jet stream happens to tip in over New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, so we get a nice portion of all that.
The left says it doesn't matter if China and India and Mexico and everybody else have giant plants that are totally dirty everywhere.
We'll just shut down our clean ones and then no one can afford energy.
Companies aren't going to build plants here because why would you do that when the energy is three times cheaper in China or Mexico or India?
So it's an energy tariff.
Against the people.
And now, they told them 20 years ago, shut down your coal power plants and have natural gas.
Natural gas is great, it's totally clean, even better than coal.
It's the best thing there is from fossil fuels.
They call them fossil fuels, they're really something else, now they've been proven.
And they've now built those all over the country, but now they're trying to shut those down.
There's now a war on natural gas.
Even your range stove or your gas-powered water heater or your gas dryer works so incredibly well.
They're moving to ban those.
Europe already has.
In a war, in World War II, when the B-17s and Lancasters and Liberators took off from England and took off from North Africa, at the start of the West fighting Hitler, somewhat into the war, they would go target power plants and factories.
All you need to get rid of the factories, you just turn the power off.
So, even by 1945, upwards of half the German power plants We're still operating and still producing energy to turn on the factories to produce more tanks and airplanes and jets.
Yeah, the Germans invented those.
But if you look at policy, it's as if thousands of waves of bombers across Europe, across Australia, across New Zealand, across the UK, across Canada, came in and bombed these thousands and thousands of coal power plants.
I mean, it's like watching somebody drain the gas out of your tank and knowing you can't refill.
It is so devastating.
It's such a huge deal.
Now, Biden yesterday, with the quote, G7, signed an agreement to ban the still existing plants.
And no new plants are being built here in years.
And so Trump's got issues, and I've got real issues with Trump.
But just on the energy front alone, he's light years better than Biden.
And then on the border, and so many other places, he's terrible on the shots and has been going back to his vomit like a dog, and still popping off about how great it is.
And now they've got, quote, cancer cures with mRNA, and they've got, oh, mRNA flu shots, and the death toll's just exploding.
And it's not even a holding my nose thing, it's like, Okay.
Biden's 10 times worse than Trump.
It's not a lesser of two evils.
It's suicide to not go with Trump.
And he's definitely pissed the deep state off, but he never admits he's wrong.
So that's where he is on that.
And I'm basically done talking about it, but I'm gonna get more into it later.
Because I've been having a real moral struggle with this because it's the right thing to back Trump in the equation.
But it's still a hold your nose situation.
And I feel sorry for Trump.
I like him as a person and his enemies are our enemies and all of that.
But breaking G7 countries including United States reach agreement to shut down all coal powered plants by 2035.
Now you notice India, China, Mexico, And 160 plus other countries are not on that list.
So again, it's one planet.
It's all going in the atmosphere.
Carbon, they say, is evil.
And so the dirtiest plants in the world are operating and being, I mean, China's building something like 15 new coal power plants a month.
And so's India.
You know, India has now surpassed China in its overall output.
And nothing against the Indians.
I mean, I just want us to have our power, too.
So, continuing.
White House attempts damage control, but Joe Biden announces he's going to shut down coal plants.
And that's what they do.
Oh, we're going to ban your range stoves.
Oh, no, we're not.
It's conspiracy theory, but we are.
And then they do.
I can still buy one, yeah.
They're still manufacturing them, but they've moved forward with regulations to not let them be produced anymore.
They said SWAT team raids last few months, arresting hundreds of people around the U.S.
that are caught smuggling Freon in for air conditioners out of Mexico.
We're not going to stop the fentanyl, but oh boy, we caught you with some Freon.
G7 to sign exit from coal, 2035.
So it's a big deal, ladies and gentlemen, and here's the agreement right here.
Biden's already signed it.
But when you say he signed it, oh no, he didn't, everything's fine.
No one wants to take your energy away.
It's beyond industrial suicide.
And if you think inflation's bad now, when you artificially cut off resources, that creates depression in the real economy.
But with a devalued currency, you get stagflation, which is the worst thing you can have.
Now, joining us for the Balance of the Hour to cover the waterfront is One of the former chief advisors and still advisor and confidant to the 45th President of the United States, we all know is the real president, who has been threatened with imprisonment.
If he speaks out against the court or anything they're doing again and given a $9,000 fine today, this while the prosecutor Alvin Bragg and Letitia James, the Attorney General, run around foaming at the mouth with daily press conferences and daily videos lying.
So, if I was Trump, I would break the gag order, and he's been doing that.
And I think he'll get 10 extra points if they throw him in jail.
Under federal law, there'll be Secret Service with him.
I'm making a prediction here, and I know Roger talks to the President every few days and visits with him.
He lives right by him constantly.
That's inside baseball, we won't get into it.
But I would imagine Trump is going to continue to block this.
He's going to continue to not follow this Democrat judge that covered up the Jeffrey Epstein stuff.
He's a specialist in that very, very evil deep state operative, huge donor of the Democratic Party.
I would guess Trump is going to violate this as early as today.
I just think that's what Trump's going to do.
It's the right thing.
It's what I would do.
So let's tackle that first and then look at the timing of all of these indictments as we're now, what, 188 days out from this most important election in world history.
And we'll look at the Democrats hyping civil war, which is really a communist uprising that they call a civil war.
And we now have them breaking out windows, smashing things, robbing people, holding people hostage, checking IDs, doing Google searches on people at these universities like Columbia.
And if you're a conservative or if you're Jewish, you're not allowed into the buildings.
That is not protest.
Alex, great to be back with you.
And the police have not been moving in there, but then at UT, you've got a cameraman getting beat up
and an overreaction.
So it's a real mix here in our so-called pre-society.
We'll look at that as well and so much more.
So syndicated talk show host and Trump confidant, Roger Stone joins us.
Roger, good to see you.
Alex, great to be back with you.
Let me say right off the top, you know that I'm working on two books.
I'm writing a book on the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, trying to finish the book about my own two-year struggle with the Mueller investigation and the Soviet-style show trial they put me through.
I obviously do a daily show at Stone's Own on Rumble, as well as my weekend radio show.
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And again, combined with BrainForce, it's a real winner.
Anyway, let's go ahead.
Yeah, let's tackle the Trump held in contempt, $9,000 Trump.
The judge invented a new word.
We looked it up.
It's not a Not a word, but he said that he's going to put him in prison.
What do you make of that?
Alex, this New York trial is a travesty.
Basically, what's happened here is the deep state who is trying to try Trump for crimes in Florida pertaining to To his handling of confidential and top secret documents, who's trying to try him in Washington D.C., is stalled by Trump's due process and the potential violation of constitutional immunity in those two cases.
So they're down to this case.
So what they have done is to take But even if Trump were guilty, and there's no indication that he is, would be at best a business records civil case in which he would pay a fine.
But instead, probably on the orders of George Soros, the District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Uh, who has bumped this up to a felony, uh, even though prominent lawyers like David Schoen in an excellent interview with Mark Levin, I'm going to send you this, points out that there is no underlying crime.
The federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York reviewed all these transactions, determined there was no crime here.
The Federal Election Commission reviewed these transactions.
Sure, Roger, and everybody knows Trump's innocent.
I want you to get into that.
You're welcome to, but our audience...
But he's not allowed to go out and say that.
Here's the big difference between this case and the valuations case of several weeks ago, which was equally designed to drain Trump's legal money, his campaign money, to distract him and drain his time.
There he could step out in the hall, the gag order was far more narrow, and he could defend himself.
In this case, Michael Cohn is allowed to attack him, Stormy Daniels is allowed to attack him, the prosecutors are allowed to leak against him, but he's not allowed to defend himself.
And therefore the impact on the American people becomes more questionable.
Although I think the valuations case may have cost him a lot of money, a huge amount of money, I do think he benefited from it politically because the American people are fair-minded and they could see through it.
In this case, which is salacious and nasty and contrived, They may well seek to incarcerate him because he refuses to stop defending himself in public.
This gag order is unconstitutional.
Well, that's what I want to drill into.
The judge says, and we looked it up, it's an invented word, incarceratory, or how do you say it?
Yeah, punishment could be next.
So they're doing this for political reasons.
They admit they're doing it for political reasons.
Biden famously said, we're going to just indict him, so he'll be tied down, but it's not working.
So now they want to put him in jail knowing Trump.
I predict he's going to quote, violate the unconstitutional gag order.
Will the judge, will Trump do that?
Do you think, Roger?
And will the judge have the huevos to then throw Trump in a New York jail cell?
Well, the only thing that's predictable about Donald Trump is that he's completely and totally unpredictable.
He also has ice water in his veins.
He is the toughest guy I've ever met.
So it's entirely possible.
I have no inside information on this, let me say, so I'm only giving you my opinion.
But you can see just reading his body language that he is angry, has every right to be angry.
He may well Challenge the authorities, I think it would be a cataclysmic political and legal mistake for them to incarcerate him for his insistence on defending himself in public.
But believe me, those in the deep state who are bent on a conviction here, they don't care if the conviction is later overturned.
They don't care if he's later exonerated.
The goal here, once again, is to get a conviction, any conviction, for any formulated crime, to drain his time from the campaign trail.
To pin him down!
And that's what the FBI, CIA guy said.
He said we want to take Alex Jones' money, cut his legs off, and keep him busy.
I mean, this is a state-sponsored attack on prominent populist Americans.
This is literally Soviet-level crap.
Let's go, but let's go way back when Joe Biden is asked six months ago, aren't you worried about a rematch with Donald Trump?
He just says it.
He says, no, we're not going to let him run.
There it is.
This is this is this has been a plan.
So the fact that the case in Manhattan Is actually being argued by the formerly number three guy at the Biden Justice Department, who's left the DOJ to go to a county district attorney's office to try this case, tells you that there is a racketeering conspiracy involving Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, Alvin Bragg, the prosecutor in Manhattan.
Bonnie Wills and Nathan Wade, the prosecutors in Georgia, as well as Jack Smith, all of whom... And by the way, you said that a year ago.
Now all the records have come out.
They're all at the White House coordinating.
This is all racketeering.
Classic racketeering.
Open and shut.
Explain racketeering, Roger.
Well, it would be in this case where these group of officials conspired together to deprive Donald Trump of his rights.
conspired together to constitute election interference.
And they give a blueprint, the feds, the Justice Department, White House, give the
blueprint and managing lawyers from the White House that are at the cases in the courts
in Georgia, in New York, in DC, in Miami.
It's in the news.
The managing Democrats are there behind the scenes from the White House quarterbacking
Absolutely true.
Here's the reason why the president's lawyers probably choose not to file a civil RICO case
They could even make it a related case, file it in Florida, make it a related case to the documents cases.
The last time they filed a very well-written, extremely comprehensive civil RICO case in Miami that outlined the entire Russian collusion hoax.
So we're going to break in a minute and a half.
not only dismissed the case, which of course the judge had the right to do, but it then
sanctioned and seeks to fine Trump's lawyers for even filing the case as much as $1 million.
So any lawyer who steps forward here to try to represent the president ably, well, they
too, they themselves are in the crosshairs and therein lies the problem.
So we're gonna break in a minute and a half, I wanna hit other big issues here.
But you and I predicted years ago they were gonna do this, they did it, we said it would
If I was Trump, and he's got ice water in his veins, it's no lie, he's the toughest, hardest working guy I've ever seen, not just currently, but in history, that we've witnessed.
I'm making the prediction Trump is going to continue to stand up against this unconstitutional gag order, and I think he's going to call their bluff, and I think they're finally smart enough not to throw him in jail, but if they're dumb enough, This is just, this is fabulous.
The problem is the globalist may stage a false flag while he's in jail and claim a Trump supporter does a mass shooting or something.
That's the only way they can grab victory from the jaws of defeat.
God forbid.
I pray against that.
I think you're absolutely right though.
They are overplaying their hand very badly.
The latest CNN poll shows Trump ahead in every swing state.
This is CNN.
This is not an InfoWars poll.
We'll come back and talk about it on the other side.
I'm glad you mentioned that.
You understand what you need to do today.
Guys, find the headline, InfoWars, that's the video clip.
CNN panics off new Trump-Biden poll.
I mean, even in their Cook polls, he's blasting past the Crypt Keeper Joe Biden.
Roger Stone's our guest.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Since Roger mentioned it and I mentioned it, I like to play a clip.
We'll probably play this clip 50 times or more.
When Biden's asked, "What about Trump?"
Six, eight months ago, and he goes, "I don't care.
We'll use the Constitution," meaning law enforcement, "to make sure he can't do that."
Well, they did it.
And yeah, it's blown up in their face, but they're not stopping.
I want to shift gears to some of the other issues that are unfolding with Roger Stone right now, but since we mentioned it, here's the clip.
We just have to demonstrate that he will not take power.
if he does run, making sure he, under the legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does
not become the next president again.
Look, Alex, the reason why the president continues to lead in the latest CNN poll is because of, I think, some skillful moves by his campaign.
For example, the president visiting the wake of the New York City police officer who was killed by a man who had 21 priors but New York's liberal system refused to incarcerate juxtaposed with President Obama, President Clinton and President Biden at RKO Music Hall was a great contrast for the American people.
A fat cat contributor event versus Trump paying his respects to a New York cop.
Trump's visit to the bodega out in Harlem to visit the man who was arrested when he
was attacked, but they didn't arrest the criminal.
They attacked the guy who owned the bodega.
Or Trump's going to the construction site to meet with union workers who overwhelmingly
hailed the president.
And they say we used to all be Democrats, but if Democrats wanna destroy America, F
Joe Biden.
And notice the union had said three to one, the union is all going, one of the biggest
unions is Trump.
And we see that.
So it's only election fraud.
I've said this for a long time.
California is really Republican, folks.
So is Michigan.
So are these states.
But where Democrats get control, they just institutionally steal these damn elections.
But this kind of creativity, so even though Trump is pinned down in New York, these side trips to Harlem, to the construction site, to Long Island, shows that he can make national news and show the contrast between himself and the Democrats.
Alex, look, I'm a veteran of 13 national Republican presidential campaigns.
I have huge confidence in the folks running the President's campaign.
I've known Susie Wiles when we were working together for Ronald Reagan against the globalist candidate George H.W.
In 1988, I worked with her again when we both worked against the globalist candidate for President George H.W.
In 2016, she managed Donald Trump's Florida campaign against Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, the globalist candidates, she's proven herself time and time again.
Angie helped shoot down DeSantis, so let's just stop here.
Hold on, hold on.
Let's just stop for a minute, because I didn't know you were going there next.
I wanted to go to civil war and the Democrats failing and what they're going to plan next.
I didn't know you, I'm glad you went here.
I was going to kind of tag it on the end because I think it was that important, but We had a great guest on who means well and is a really smart guy, Tom Renz, lawyer, and he was pointing out, you know, that Susie Wiles has worked on a whole bunch of campaigns and all the rest of it, and it became sort of a controversy because he can't get a meeting with Trump to talk about the poison shots.
Well, that's because Trump believes in them, folks, and that's the big bad thing about Trump.
We've already said that, but he's way better than Biden on the border and on the coal power plants and on not starting World War III, so I'm openly admitting, you know, I have an issue with that.
So to me, it really doesn't matter.
We've already gone over all that ground.
And I told, you know, Renz, through my producer, I said, look, no, it's Trump, Trump.
It's not Susie Wiles running things.
It's Trump.
That's why he's, you know, he's because he believes anything he does is perfect, which is great against the globalists because they can't push him around.
But also, we can't.
So I want to give you the floor to start over on this lady, because I knew who she was, but I didn't really follow it.
I did the deep dive on it.
I know she destroyed DeSantis.
I know she worked for Reagan.
I know you know her well.
And so you wanted to set the record straight about that.
We're not mad at Tom.
You know, it's just that he's not inside, you know, the Mar-a-Lago bunker.
And here's a political article that came out a day after Tom was on.
Last week, talking about this, how Suzy Wallace became the most admired and feared political operative nobody's ever heard of.
Show, you weren't mad at Tom, but you called me and you're like, yeah, I know this lady.
She's one of the best people he's ever had.
You know, they put Manafort, who was great, in prison.
They tried to put you in prison.
They tried to put me in prison.
They're coming after anybody in the sports team.
They're coming after her.
That's why she keeps a low profile.
But no, the vaccine policy does not come from her.
So the buck stops with him.
So you wanted to talk about her and knowing her since the Reagan administration, what a great lady she is.
So start over with her amazing history and then let's talk about it.
Go ahead.
This is really simple.
First of all, Tom Wren is a good man.
He's a friend of mine.
He's done excellent work on exposing the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccination shot.
All I'm saying is that I know Susie Wiles for 30 years.
She worked, as I said, against Ronald Reagan, against the globalist candidate George H.W.
She worked in 1988, again with me for Jack Kemp, against the globalist candidate George H.W.
In 2016, she managed Florida against both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, both globalists.
Now, here's where I think there's some confusion.
Yes, she worked for a public affairs firm called Mercury.
She's not an owner.
She's not a principal.
She's not a partner.
She's never represented any pharmaceutical company.
She's never represented any foreign nation.
And she hasn't worked for anyone since going back to work for Donald Trump.
And most importantly, she has no connection whatsoever to the World Economic Forum.
And she also, she also quarterbacked stopping the Santas.
She, this woman understands Ron DeSantis and she was the key figure in taking down that
So I have an extraordinarily high regard for her.
I know her to be a Christian.
By the way, she's the daughter of the famous sportscaster, Pat Summerall.
She is, she's a Christian.
She's a very decent woman.
She's tough as nails and she serves the president well.
And so far, you can see the results.
Iowa, New Hampshire, Super Tuesday.
So I have huge confidence in her.
I'm not here to criticize anyone else, but I'm just here to talk about the woman.
Hey, well, listen, people are frustrated about the shots.
And they're upset about it.
They're trying to figure out why they can't get Trump to respond.
So then they're going to make it about her.
But when we talked, I agree with you.
Look, it's Trump.
And so we have to just look at it, decide whether we're going to support him or Biden.
And that's where I think Trump's wrong.
And he's not going to change.
He's pigheaded.
That's his strength and his weakness.
So I just say move on.
You know, from the issue.
Trump is going to be way more hardcore when he gets into office.
We already see signs of that.
I have seen some really bad endorsements he's done.
But if we just sit here all day when he's totally embattled, surrounded by hyenas, it's not going to go anywhere.
Obviously, we want to get him in.
That's the thing that needs to be done.
Now, shifting back to the big enchilada and dealing with that, and that's covered now.
A little side issue.
Let's talk about civil war, okay?
This is not a civil war that the LA Times and New York Times and Washington Post and CNN and ABC and every other damn channel and all these big Hollywood movies and Obama-produced Netflix shows are promoting.
It's not civil war.
It is a civil uprising by the left.
That the Democrats say they're going to stage, building up now through the summer, and six months ago I said this because it was clear, into the election in 188 days, and while he's president-elect, they plan to have giant uprisings that will push him from power by burning down cities.
If he gets in...
On January 21st, 2025, and declares the Insurrection Act, they've got legislation introduced by Senator Blumenthal and others, which is a coup by the way, a limited coup to strip the power of domestic military operations from the executive and transfer it to Congress.
Just like Congress now wants an Inspector General controlled by Congress over the Supreme Court.
So you have Congress engaging in a takeover of the judiciary, or at least an attempt of that.
And we have total hyping of imminent civil war, which will really be a leftist, communist, anti-white, race war event with a coalition of Soros, Black Lives Matter, Soros, Hezbollah, Hamas, leftist, communist, the usual Antifa suspects that'll make the summer of rage, of mostly peaceful protests, look like a walk in the park with two billion dollars in damage and dozens of dead.
They admit that's their plan, so instead of, like every other pundit, and you're doing the best job and so am I, I think, of covering what's currently happening, our listeners know it.
They want to get what Alex Jones and Roger Stone do next month's news today, 188 days from now today.
They want January 21st, 2025 news today.
As we war game, predicted the 79 days of hell when Trump won, that they would steal it.
The question is, what are they going to pull out of their hat?
Let's do tomorrow's news today, Roger.
imbalance. We know what they did. They're already trying to do it again, though the
landslide is so big, as all the experts agree, there's only so many dead people and out of
district folks that can vote. So they know currently they're going to lose if people
turn out. So the question is, what are they going to pull out of their hat? Let's do tomorrow's
news today, Roger. You've got the floor.
Look, it's very, very hard to know because it is very clear >> Look, it's very, very hard to know because it is very
clear that they would like to go to us in descentless violence.
It must be very clear.
I'm opposed to civil war.
I've made my entire career winning Democratic elections.
And if the next election is free, fair, honest, and transparent, I believe Trump will win
And there is still time to ensure that the next election is free, fair, transparent,
honest. Now it's late, it is late.
The folks at the old leadership of the Republican National Committee wasted a lot of time.
We're playing catch-up ball, but there are ways to clean up these voter lists legally.
There are ways to track the chain of custody of paper ballots and so on.
So this is being very aggressively worked on at the highest levels, operating within the law, of course.
I think that you are getting apoplexy on the left.
They cannot understand.
They keep indicting Trump, they keep vilifying him, yet he keeps gaining in the polls.
So I think we're in an area of great danger and people need to check themselves.
What's going on today is designed to make you angry.
It's designed to goad you into senseless acts that you will later regret.
We reject civil war.
We reject any kind of violence.
We have to win the next election and the next election can be won.
For those who say, oh no, it's already lost.
They're going to steal it.
I refuse to believe that.
I know quite a bit about it.
This election is imminently winnable.
But you agree with me.
I mean, I know you do.
It's all over the news.
They are literally fantasizing about a race war in America and trying to hype all this up right now.
I want the police to be very restrained with the communists and with the Hezbollah Hamas
people and not turn them into victims.
And I'm not saying just let them kidnap people and burn things and break out windows, but
if they just sit back, they're going to burn themselves out.
If they kidnap somebody, they got to go save them.
I would advise the police, these filthy universities don't matter anyways, they're all a big joke.
Let the left occupy them and crap all over the floor and piss everywhere and they kidnap
people, which is in the news.
They're now kidnapping people at Columbia and other places.
The cops have got to go in, but they're being given orders by Soros and Alexander Soros to try to get a confrontation going.
They want to use the police killing somebody or hurting somebody innocent, like George Floyd, who really died of fentanyl, as the new trigger.
And the police are going to be used as the trigger for what they're going to call a civil war that's really a leftist color revolution.
I think that's entirely probable.
You said this best at the top, Alex, which is they are already openly talking about removing civilian control of the military.
They're already talking openly about changing the law, and I guess the Constitution, to take control of our military services.
That is so, when we have Antifa and BLM-sponsored riots burning down half the country, Trump would have no authority or ability to maintain order, which is of course the first constitutional responsibility Of the President of the United States.
The difference between before, in the Russian collusion hoax, or even the Ukrainian hoax, or in the January 6th matter, when they tried to move- Or the George Floyd hoax, all of it is BS.
But now they're right out front, right?
Right now they say it.
They're right out front saying this is our plan, if Trump wins we won't certify his election.
Isn't that what they're accusing him of doing, saying it's a crime?
They also go far as to say we have to remove all of his powers as president.
So I think you're the first one to call this.
Their intention is to foment violence if and when, I'd say when, he's elected president and then try to limit his ability to deal with it on behalf of the American people.
Well, I went and watched a few weeks ago, because I'm not really a follower of Hollywood, but it's important propaganda, so I went and saw Civil War.
And all these conservatives are like, really?
It's non-political.
It doesn't say who the bad guys are.
I don't know if you've seen it, Roger.
It's a white nationalist government, a guy suicide bombs at the start with an American flag, blows up illegal aliens.
Uh, there's white guys going around killing anybody that's Asian.
That's that whole Soros thing, trying to say whites are targeting Asians, that basically doesn't exist.
Then they go kill this Trumpian figure, a black special forces woman, in the White House.
They kill all the Secret Service, who are all old white men, literally.
They pose with the dead body of Trump, basically.
They're telling you what they're planning right here.
I mean, this is sick.
And then you've got Obama's Netflix show that's basically the same thing, but using a cyber outage to bring in total control, and that everybody's primed during the cyber outage for blacks and whites to start attacking each other.
This is desperation, and it's in the WikiLeaks from 2016.
When the head of, I think it's Columbia, it's one of the big universities, sends an email to Hillary and he goes, talking about our meeting last week, the answer is social stress and culture war and taking it to the next level so that people are so divided we can control them.
They're doing it now and we've got to get out ahead of this, Roger.
I agree with you entirely.
They're completely open about their plans.
And the folks who talk endlessly about the rule of law are the people who are constantly violating and have no regard for the rule of law.
A week ago, perhaps 10 days ago, Vice President Kamala Harris says if Donald Trump is elected, he will weaponize the DOJ to prosecute his political opponents.
You gotta be kidding me.
Is there anybody who is less self-aware than our current Vice President?
And Hillary said he'll be like Hitler.
He'll be a dictator and persecute us.
This is Mrs. Arkansas.
So I want to play a clip here from Biden.
This is Biden calls on journalists to defend democracy by unifying to stop Trump.
Well, this is the dinosaur media being unified.
He's saying to go out basically and lie against Trump.
Here it is.
Move past the horse race numbers, and the gotcha moments, and the distractions, the sideshows, that have come to dominate and sensationalize our politics, and focus on what's actually at stake.
I think in your hearts you know it was at stake.
The stakes couldn't be higher.
Every single one of us has roles to play, a serious role to play, in making sure democracy endures, American democracy.
I have my role, but with all due respect, so do you.
In the age of disinformation, credible information that people can trust is more important than ever.
And that makes you, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, makes you more important than ever.
So tonight, I'd like to make a toast.
To a free press!
To an informed citizenry.
To an America where freedom and democracy endure.
God bless America.
And that is gaslighting.
The free press, the corporate press works with big tech to censor, control, demonize, lie about people with the Justice Department, with the CIA, all coming out of Congress.
And then he says free press, he means the corporate government press, unified against the people.
Respond to that, Roger, and you mentioned the CNN poll.
He's panicking, saying forget the horse race numbers, just get behind us, we're about to steal this again.
And then that expands out into just all their other plans of destabilization.
I think it's important to recognize that that's not the role of the press.
The role of the press is to present the facts fairly and in an unbiased manner.
Obviously, we haven't seen that in America in a long time.
By the way, Alex, the White House Correspondents Association gave CNN a special award for their investigative reporting that allowed them to be 25 feet from my front door the morning I was arrested.
We're supposed to believe that they're there on a hunch, or some hard-nosed investigative reporting, when in fact we know definitively that they were tipped off by Robert Mueller's thugs in the Mueller practice.
So, yeah, what you say is absolutely true.
We have a Democrat media cabal in this country.
And this is, as you said first, an information war.
My old friend Sean Hannity is absolutely right when he says journalism is dead in America.
And the large number of our fellow citizens who Blissfully unaware of the real dangers facing the country or the realities of the current situation regarding our foolhardy and absolutely dangerous policies, both domestically and particularly in the foreign policy realm, is really disconcerting.
You meet people, and people are waking up, and InfoWars has played a key role in waking them up, but it's amazing how many people you still meet We basically have no idea what the stakes are in this election.
They're still in the bubble.
They don't know how dangerous it is.
They're shifting gears back to martial law.
And in civil war, that's how they'll bill it, but it's really a racial Soros, deep state, CIA uprising.
They admit they're planning.
Can't state.
They're planning and hoping the police and military, when they have enough of an uprising, Just give them the images they need.
Kent State 2.0.
And that's my real concern.
And that's why I'm telling police and military, do not be the patsy they're looking for, Roger.
That is absolutely true.
Again, I said this earlier.
Do not be goaded into some irresponsible act.
Do not be goaded into violence.
If you want to protest, fine.
You have First Amendment rights, but keep it orderly.
Keep it civil.
Keep it legal.
They really would like to goad some Trump supporters into some act of stupidity so they could then blame an entire conflagration on us.
Folks, don't buy it.
Don't buy into it.
Don't fall for it.
Alex is exactly right.
That is precisely the plan.
Well, in closing, Roger, Trump probably six months ago said, I hope the economy doesn't collapse right when I get elected.
He goes, I don't want it to collapse, but if it collapses before, then I won't be blamed.
I can fix it.
They're really trying to prop it up until Trump gets in.
It's really already collapsed.
We're going to talk about that next hour.
We're going to do a deep dive.
So much coming up.
Listen to the viewers.
But Roger, 30 seconds on that.
I think you're absolutely right.
Look, the key to a vibrant economy is energy independence.
We have to assume that within hours of being elected, maybe minutes, President Trump will begin to approve drilling permits for both petroleum and for natural gas in the United States.
And coal.
And coal.
And that would reignite our economy almost immediately.
These are the single most dangerous things other than removing the safeguards on our southern border against illegal immigration that Joe Biden has done.
There's no question whatsoever Donald Trump can restart our economy, rebuild the most robust economy in our history.
I believe he can negotiate peace in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
he would stop funding Iran.
Well, Roger, let's do another interview in the next week, an hour on his achievements and what he would do
and talking to him, what he's planning, because that's so important.
Stonezone.com, people to search engine you on X.
Doing a great job.
God bless you, Roger Stone.
God bless you.
All right, we're gonna do that deep dive coming up next hour, and there's so much other news
I haven't hit yet.
Please remember, we're taking on the deep stage, folks.
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It's time to go.
You don't have a wristband.
Why do I need a wristband?
It's time to go.
I can stand here if I want.
I'm not moving.
Okay, they're now cornering me.
I'm not moving.
I'm not moving.
Say whatever you want.
I mean no harm.
I'm just standing here.
Just showing you guys how pointless your blockade is.
I got in through the other entrance and now I'm standing here.
You guys want to prevent Jewish students from entering?
Of course I'm Zionist.
Are you a Zionist?
Of course I'm Zionist.
We don't let Zionists in the classroom.
Okay, so...
So you don't let Zionists in the library that I pay tuition for?
Do you think people are now coming around?
Because you've been fighting to have this debate for quite a while, haven't you?
You've been having this debate for quite a while, haven't you?
Well, the evidence was pretty considerable 18 months ago when I first spoke out.
I mean, it's overwhelming now.
Every week there's more evidence.
Paper out last week in Japan of a clear link now between people who've had the boosters and the increase in cancer.
We know why it's the SV40, the simian virus 40 promoter region that Pfizer didn't disclose in their vaccines.
I mean, there's a clear link with promoting cancer.
And so are you seeing more MPs now than before?
No, the MPs have got their hands in the blood up to their armpits most of it.
They've put out thousands, hundreds if not thousands of letters saying that the vaccines are safe and effective over the last few years.
There's a general election coming later this year and they really just want to hold the line.
Until after the general election because there is, on both sides of the house, there's so much political capital that the vaccines are safe and effective, which they're neither safe nor effective.
I was thrown out to the Conservative Party for tweeting that a leading cardiologist had said that the vaccine rollout is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.
I'm afraid I think it's going to be a bit of a holocaust because I think we've got to be somewhere between 10 and 20 million people have been killed by these experimental vaccines worldwide and it's still going on.
And Joe Biden is doing that, created 9 million jobs in his term in office.
Donald Trump has the worst record of job loss of any president.
So we just have to make sure people know.
That was a global pandemic.
He had the worst record of any president.
We've had other concerns in our country.
If you want to be an apologist for Donald Trump, that may be your role, but it ain't mine.
We have heard that a half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
You know, is the price worth it?
Well, let me just say that, speaking diplomatically, the world is a mess.
I have been to those places, believe me.
I have seen people that are dirt poor that then spend money on things that are not healthy.
But it is exactly, I think, that out of that difficulty and challenge, it's a huge opportunity.
Companies that have the capability of delivering a message that says you can help yourself.
You know, is the price worth it?
I like the idea of an American product being helpful to people in other parts of the world.
I've studied democracy my whole life.
They say, well, let's kind of just worry about ourselves and not worry about everybody else.
But all she did was bring mass deaths and tyranny worldwide, but she's a fat, ugly woman, so it's okay.
Let's empower people, let's put...
Evil witches in charge.
They'll take care of us like Hillary and Madeleine Albright.
Burn in hell, Madeleine Albright.
Burn in hell.
All right, I'm going to get some more news right now for a little while, and then we're going to do the deep dive on the cash flow society, the central bank digital currencies, the social credit score, the AI that the IRS has been using for years without warrants to track everything you do, to shut down underground economies, to drive you into bankruptcy.
This is total economic war.
Cutting off the power, cutting off the coal, cutting off the natural gas, cutting off the pipelines.
I mean, it's just attacking the families, cutting off the police, creating mass crime.
This is a government run by big corporations that are at war with civilization.
They want a post-industrial world.
But coming up, look at some of these headlines and videos I'm going to be going through.
Cashless Society, WEF boasts that 98% of central banks are adopting CBDCs.
It's not coming, it's here.
Congress, IRS using AI to target middle class without warrants, illegally.
Putin successfully using gold to defeat international sanctions on Russia.
China switches strategy from stacking gold to take all the silver.
Pushing up the central banks, Bank of America's most preferred commodity, gold, while they announce they're going to cashless society.
It goes on and on.
That's just scratching the surface.
And bank failures have begun again, but are getting almost no coverage as predicted here.
We're going to be going over all of it here today.
But in other news, The White House and the State Department has threatened serious actions, they don't say what, give the International Criminal Court, which is totally illegitimate, but it's not saying that they have points about Israel, what's happening in Gaza.
That if they hand down war crimes against Netanyahu and other serious ramifications, Israeli officials believe international courts are preparing arrest warrants.
That was yesterday in the New York Times.
Now today, the White House says, yeah, it's coming down.
We'll be watching all of that.
Also, we have just amazing video, I want to get to later, that ties into what's happening with the banks.
Must-see El Salvador President Bukele tells government officials they're all under Investigation for bribery.
We're also going to get to Hunter Biden to sue Fox News of her laptop from hell.
They'll pick a jury, pick a judge, no matter how guilty it is, everything Fox News said was true.
They didn't go far enough, but he'll sue them, he'll win because of the weaponized judiciary we have in this country.
That's really their little secret system.
Also a very important report about economic warfare.
Remember four or five months ago, those giant fires all over Canada, but mainly in the East,
and they kept arresting people in local news, anti-foot liberals setting the fires.
Well, now the government's come out and had to admit that, okay, the fires were all arson.
Almost every fire was arson.
And they're going to do the same tactics they did ahead of Trump, the election in 2020.
Very serious information on that front as well to show how Trump is dominating everything right now.
And how the Republicans know he's going to win, even with all the election fraud, the landslide's so big.
Trump and DeSantis meet privately in Miami, agree to fundraising deals.
So DeSantis is getting off the Karl Rove and Jeb Bush TTs and is facing reality.
We've got all of that and more coming up straight ahead.
But I wanted to get into a few more minutes.
There's only a few minutes left of the Alexander Dugan piece.
It's two hours long, I'm told.
I haven't seen the whole thing.
The 22-minute piece.
The clip of him explaining how liberalism now is a cancer of anti-human that's literally waging war at every other form of freedom.
We're going to play up the last few minutes of that and then go to our special guest as we navigate the big issue that people don't want to face, that we need to get ahead of, and that is the true state of not our economy, it's part of it, but the global economy, and that the chickens have come home to roost.
Stag inflation.
But here is more of the Dugan interview.
Stop here.
That is my vision.
So if you say, oh, I prefer old liberalism, they would say, the progressives, they would say, it is not about old liberalism.
It is about fascism.
You are a defender of traditionalism, conservatism, fascism.
So stop here.
Either be a progressive liberal or Well, it's certainly what we're living and to see self-described liberals ban your book, which is not a manual for bomb making or invading Ukraine, it's a, you know, these are philosophical works.
Tells you that it's not, of course, it's not liberal in any sense.
I wonder though, when you reach the point when the individual can no longer liberate himself from anything, when he's just not even human, what's the next step after that?
That is described in the pictures, American pictures, films, in many ways.
So I think that, you know, that all the science fictions, almost all of the 19th century were realized in the reality in the 20s.
So there is Nothing more realistic than science fiction.
And if you consider Matrix or Terminator, you have so many more or less coinciding versions of the future.
The future with the post-human or human-optional situation or artificial intelligence.
Hollywood has made many, many films I think they portray correctly the reality of the close future.
So, for example, if we consider the man, the human nature, as a kind of rational animal, so you could Now with our technology you could produce them, so you could create rational animals or combine them or construct them.
And artificial intelligence, strong artificial intelligence, neural network plus a huge database, It is a kind of king of the world, I would say, that could not only manipulate, but create realities, because the realities are just images, just sensations, just feelings.
So I think that post-humanist futurism is a kind of not only a realistic description
of the very possible and probable future, but as well a kind of political manifest.
So it is not, that is kind of visual thinking.
And the fact that you have no bright traditional future described.
in the films. I don't know any movie of the future in the West made about return to traditional
life, the prosperity, the families with many children.
Everything is quite in the shadow, quite black.
So if you hold on, I'm going to finish this up here. Back it up five seconds. The CIA
admits starting in the fifties, they put out ugly art, ugly culture because they know what
we envision we end up building.
So they're showing you a dystopia so that as it rolls out you're comfortable with it because your brain sees a horrible thing and starts preparing to live in it.
And so that's why they're pushing this and the drone warfare and taking humans out of the equation.
But look at Metaverse.
They spent over $20 million at Facebook, now Meta, to try to get people to go into that hellscape, but it totally backfired.
So, we just have to point out it's a trap, and just never touch it, never be close to it, never deal with it.
Because that's the reality.
We have to choose our environment.
We have to choose our future.
We have to build an alternate plan.
And that's where things like gold and silver come in.
Or a farm.
Or living in the country.
Or having friends and family that have different skills.
One's a doctor.
One's a mechanic.
One's a farmer.
One's a school teacher.
One's a lawyer.
One's an electrician, and everybody's got those skills as neighbors, and you live great.
That's why they need to cut the resources off ahead of them before you figure it out, so that you don't get positioned to stop it, because you won't just be taking care of yourself, you'll be seen as leaders in the future.
The Amish, almost no cancer, live to like 85 on average.
We live to 80 to 73 now, our life expectancy's dropping.
The Amish don't have autism.
Just don't have it.
See, they can't have Groups in the study, the control groups, they can't have people in this that don't take the shot or don't eat the GMO.
They've got to hit us all so we don't look at others and say, well, they're doing great.
That's a microcosm of you can't have America with classical freedom and upper mobility because that discredits the entire globalist plan.
A few more minutes to do and then we're going to get our special guest.
So, if you're used to paint everything black, and the future, especially, so this black future once arrives.
And I think that is the fact, the same fact that we have no other option.
Either matrix, or artificial intelligence, or something, or a terminator.
So, the choice is already outside of the limits of humanity.
And that is not just fantasy, I think.
That is a kind of political project.
And it is easily imagined.
Because we have seen the films, they follow more or less close to this progressive, I would say, agenda.
So, I've asked you no questions about Russia, Russian politics, and I'm not going to, because I think it's so interesting to see your perspective on countries that you don't live in, because, you know, we do gain insight, I think, from the view of outsiders.
My last question to you is, How do you explain this phenomenon I have noticed where for over 70 years a group of people in the West and the United States liberals effectively defended the Soviet system and Stalinism and many participated, personally participated in Stalinism, spied for Stalin, supported him in our media.
In the year 2000, and they loved Boris Yeltsin because he was drunk, But in the year 2000, leadership of this country changed and Russia became their main enemy.
So after 80 odd years of defending Russia, they hated Russia.
What was that?
Why the change?
I think that, first of all, Putin is a traditional leader.
So Putin, when he came to power, from the very beginning he started to extract our country, Russia, from the global influence.
He started to contradict the global progressist agenda and these people who supported the Soviet Union, they were progressists and they are now progressists.
So they have felt that now they are dealing, they were dealing with someone who doesn't share this progressist agenda and who tried and with Success to restore traditional values, sovereignty of the state, Christianity, traditional family.
That wasn't evident from the beginning, from outside, but when Putin insisted more and more on this traditional agenda, I would say, on the particularity and speciality of the Russian civilization as some A special type of world vision that had and has now very little similarities with the progressive ideals.
So I think that they have discovered, they have identified in Putin precisely what Putin is.
So he is a kind of leader, political leader, defending traditional values.
So only recently, one year ago, Putin has made decree of the political defense of traditional
That was turning point, I would say.
But observers from the progressive camp in the West, I think they have understood that
from the beginning of his rule.
Correctly, correctly.
So this hatred is not just casual, something casual or some mood.
It is not.
It's not casual.
Very serious.
It's metaphysical.
So if your main task and main goal is to destroy traditional values, traditional family, traditional states, traditional relations, traditional beliefs, and someone with a nuclear weapon, that is not the smallest, the last but not least argument.
Someone with a nuclear weapon to stand strong Defending traditional values you are going to abolish.
I think they have some basis for this Russophobia and the hatred for Putin.
So, it is not just by the chance.
It's not some irrational, irrational change from Sovietophilia to Russophobia.
It's something deeper, I would say.
It's my guess.
It's clearly something.
It's clearly something deeper.
We felt it was important for your ideas to get an airing in English in the United States simply because we believe in the open airing of ideas.
I guess we're liberals that way.
So we're grateful that you took the time.
Mr. Duggan, thanks.
Thank you very much.
Free speech is bigger than any one person or any one organism.
Societies are defined by what they will not permit.
What we're watching is the total inversion of virtue.
Find more at TuckerCarlson.com.
I hope there's more. I thought there was more.
It's like it's over there. I thought that was just the promo piece.
Look, in closing, because we did this live, I'm going to post what I covered in the first hour and last few minutes
at BandOutVideo and on XToday.
That is really the heart of this, and this is really important.
Russia isn't perfect, far from it, but it's pulled out of the New World Order.
China's taking the New World Order plan, but trying to run it itself.
So it's a twin dragon we're dealing with, twin-headed.
But it's split off.
Tyrants always end up fighting each other in the final equation.
But we've been hijacked with something that is fundamentally anti-human.
And so America and traditional values is the main target.
Russia and traditional values is the next target.
And though we're not working with Russia, ideologically we're against the same enemy.
So it's kind of true when they say Oh, the Trump supporters are pro-Russia?
Well, we're just not pro two men can have a baby and chop little boys' penises off.
So, that's what we're facing, the post-human world, and it couldn't be more important.
Now, for the next hour and 38 minutes...
We're going to do a deep dive on the economy.
And folks, I hope you're listening to me because I'm just like you.
I've been so close to this problem so long and knew this was coming for so long.
I still don't really digest at an immediacy level or a, what's the proper term?
We need to take this extremely seriously.
There needs to be a Not desperation, but close to it.
We need to understand where our environment's going, that it's a design collapse, to bring us under a cashless society control grid, mark of the beast by any other name, it is the same thing.
So we need a serious focus, an absolute dedication to putting this on the front burner.
We've got to have a understanding that this is an immediate threat that we're already deep into, but it's only going to get worse.
And if we're not prepared mentally and spiritually and do the few things we can do to try to mitigate it, we're going to be caught up in the hysteria and the desperation it's designed to create.
We need to get desperate, ahead of the desperation, to get our house in order before the mob finds out just how serious things are and things disintegrate very, very quickly.
So we need To get right with God.
I want to play a few clips and go to our guest who was for the balance of the show today on most of the fourth hour as well, not just this hour.
Dr. Kirk Elliott here in a moment, but I wanted to play a clip of Alan Greenspan years ago, a decade ago, saying it doesn't matter how much money we need to print.
It doesn't matter how big the debts are.
It's unlimited.
Well, for them buying up real infrastructure, I guess they get first use, but for everybody else, it causes inflation.
And just two years ago, Biden said, there is an inflation.
He said, well, then it's not that bad.
Oh, it's terrible.
It's Trump's fault.
Now it's fixed, but it's not.
And then they're going to have to go back to quantitative easing soon.
Kirk Elliott, Moscow predicted regional banks start failing.
It's now begun.
We need to really talk about this and have a very serious mind and understand that History is happening right now.
So here's Alan Greenspan.
The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that.
So there is zero probability of default.
The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that.
So there is zero probability of default.
Now, When I was younger I had a photographic memory and it was actually torture because I'd think about a topic and thousands of things would pop in my mind and I would stutter and have trouble.
Now that I'm 50 and been around it, I don't, I'm not photographic anymore and I get upset because in the last couple minutes I was looking for the word, I couldn't think of it.
It's urgency.
You need urgency.
I need urgency.
And my wife, who's not even heavily politically engaged, but now she is by necessity, she has an urgency.
She says, we need to move the country.
We need to get more storable food and more solar panels and more guns and more weed.
She can feel it.
Woman's intuition.
Urgency was the word.
We need an urgency, people, and not have this learned helplessness.
Now, why did I play that clip?
Then we'll go to Dr. Elliott.
Dr. Kirk Elliott.
He's saying there's unlimited money.
So people go to demonstrations at the Federal Reserve and they say, if there's unlimited money, why are you taking my house?
Because I couldn't pay income tax, which we didn't have until 1913.
It doesn't even go to pay the debt.
Because that gives them social control.
So here is Congresswoman Hagman, and we knew this years ago, I told you this a long time ago, it's come out before, that the IRS is watching every financial transaction that's digital, every bank account, every credit card, every debit, every you name it, without a warrant, and the 86,000 IRS agents they hired two years ago, they now admit, aren't for $400,000 or above.
They're leaving them alone.
Oh, they'll burn a few for the news.
They'll leave the billionaires completely alone, they'll be like 1% on average.
Elon stepped up and paid like 20%.
He paid the biggest taxes ever, just to Elon's credit.
They attacked him, he said, sure, the other billionaires don't pay, but I will.
Ladies and gentlemen, Google pays less than 1%.
So they're saying, listen, my grandfather, World War II vet, hard worker, great guy.
He'd had a heart attack and a stroke.
He was 80-something years old.
He was the one that paid the bills.
My grandmother had polio.
She was in a wheelchair, died at 92.
But when they were 80-something years old, the IRS came and tried to take their house because they missed some letter or some payment for like $1,000, they claimed.
Because they didn't know how to get on the phone or go, you can't even get a call back.
Imagine what it's like now.
So trying to take my grandparents' house, trying to take everything they had when they were 80-something years old.
They were modest folks.
It wasn't like a mansion or something.
They were middle class.
That goes on everywhere.
But if you're an illegal alien, you're tax exempt.
You get all this free stuff.
The point is the big banks are exempt.
The illegals are exempt.
They're all exempt.
And they've got unlimited money at the Federal Reserve, which they really don't.
But they're not even using the tax money to run the country.
It's a social engineering operation.
So we're going to go to break.
I got Dr. Kirk Elliott on.
I appreciate him holding for the last 10 minutes.
We're going to go to break and play this clip he sent me.
I'm glad he sent this to me of the congresswoman talking about the AI.
Because again...
They're surveilling you to harass you and control you and bankrupt you in their artificial economy that's designed to bring you to your knees.
They admit that.
It's the Great Reset.
While they're all basically exempt from the taxes and the Federal Reserve can, quote, do whatever it wants.
Yeah, and then pass you the inflation.
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So, if you just joined us, I played a clip earlier of the former head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, saying,
"We can print any money we want, we can pay any debt, we have unlimited infinity of money, but that then causes
But none of the globalists kept the money themselves and only bought up companies and yachts.
They tried to freeze it up there in the luxury sector as a breakaway civilization.
But those dollars come trickling down, they become devalued.
But then, if they say there's limited money, well, why do you need an income tax then if you can just print all the money you want?
So they're lying at both levels, ladies and gentlemen.
But the truth is, your income tax doesn't go to fund the government.
Just goes towards interest on the debt.
They've positioned us for this and then the IRS has to spy on you illegally without warrants for your own good to fund the country.
It's all a giant criminal lie.
The income tax is in the Communist Manifesto in the ten planks.
Look it up!
I forget which plank it is.
Guys, type up the Communist Manifesto, please, the 10 planks, while we play this report, and we'll show you.
Maybe it's the third plank, the fourth plank.
I can't remember from memory.
I would have years ago, the photographic memory, but I don't know now.
But I know it's in there, and I know that's the reality.
Here it is.
What we have learned is that the IRS in fact has been using AI to access bank accounts of American citizens without any kind of a search warrant or even without any specific claim that they have committed a crime.
So this was something that was discovered by an undercover journalist and what they found is that the IRS has claimed that they have access to every single person's bank account This person also indicated that they've been working with the Department of Justice and that they have absolutely no problem whatsoever going after the little guy to make sure that they are paying their taxes.
This is such a blatant violation of the Fourth Amendment that we have, Jim Jordan and I, sent a letter to the IRS demanding that they provide additional information about what they are doing with AI and what they are doing to protect the civil rights of American citizens.
So, Congresswoman, what's the endgame here?
Because at the end of the day, you can't put the AI genie back in the bottle and it's so easy, rather, to use these technologies in the way that you're suspecting the IRS is.
How do you protect American citizens and our constitutional rights?
Well, one of the things is we need a new administration in November, because this administration has been absolutely lawless in terms of its surveillance of us, of members of Congress, of local officials, of people who are protesters, of voters.
This administration has completely ignored the Bill of Rights, whether it's the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth Amendment.
They have weaponized the government against us.
That's right.
We have a rogue criminal government working for BlackRock.
And the CBDC.
If you don't know what ESGs are, you're gonna learn.
I know most of you do.
We're not just talking about what some of the audience doesn't know about.
We're also talking about what's coming next with Dr. Kirk Elliott, an incredible economist, an amazing theologian as well.
KEPM.com forward slash goal.
He's also an amazing sponsor.
The best place to get silver and gold bullion anywhere out there.
And they don't have any fees if you want to sell it back or trade it back.
They are the best company out there.
KEPM.com/gold or call 720-605-3900.
But the big reason I have him on is I wanted him on as a guest.
I remember him and all the work he did at WorldNet Daily and so much more.
And he's like, "Yeah, I've been wanting to talk to you for a while.
Why don't I be a sponsor?"
I'm like, "Why the hell didn't I think of you?"
And just five-star reviews.
But he always comes on and doesn't get into that, but that's something you should do is
give him a call.
And for anybody out there, they can help you.
He's obviously pushing silver, and that's the thing that's really starting to perform
We're going to talk about it all, but today, we're going to really drill into the true
state-of-the-world economy, not just the American economy, with inflation, with the Treasury bills,
with the central bank digital currencies, and where all this is going, even if Trump gets in, I don't see them
being able to stop this. I think it maybe could be mitigated, but one way
or another, we're already in the inflation and much of the economy's sinking, so it's stagflation,
completely artificial. Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much for joining us.
It's great to be with you, Alex.
You sent me a stack of incredible news.
Where do you want to begin first?
Well, let's talk about that video that you just shared.
We've been talking a lot, Alex, on air and privately about central bank digital currencies coming in and what it is going to mean for society, correct?
Which is the ESGs that you talked about, the social credit scores, the digital social profile as being the thing that will divorce you from your bank accounts if your ideology doesn't match up.
So it's just like we've been talking about this, it's coming.
The World Economic Forum last week basically was bragging about how 98% of all the countries in the world are ready to adopt CBDCs.
Well, what's the 2% that's left?
It's probably some little South Pacific island that doesn't even have computers, right?
So for me, 98% is pretty much all of the world.
And everybody is up in arms about what this is going to mean for our privacy, the reduction of our Freedom and they should be because of what they have said, not us, what they have said, which is we are going to have unified ledgers where everything that you own is going to be put in a packet, which we can have programmable money.
We can shut it off of you being the owner.
And people said, well, Kirk, how in the world could they do that?
Well, it's because they already know everything about you.
They know your routing number.
They know your account number.
And this video right here, it's like, Alex, we don't have to wait for central bank digital currency for this stuff to happen.
What the congresswoman said, it's here now.
And I was talking to A very astute financial speaker, friend of mine, who follows this stuff like I do, and he said, hey Kurt, I think they're doing this to actually get ready to get everybody's bank accounts so they can do a big bail-in.
It's like, well, they might, which bail-ins has basically legislated after 2009, when we had Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns that went out of business, and what did they do then?
They actually changed the rules of your ownership of your bank account.
So you and I don't own our bank accounts anymore.
We gave up that ownership to the financial institution.
We've become beneficiaries of that because they needed to use our assets as collateral to pay off their debt.
They can't use something as collateral that they don't own.
So therefore, they just changed the rules.
Right, but I don't think this is it.
I don't think that that is the reason why, maybe part of the reason, why the IRS without warrant is spying on everybody's bank account.
I think it's more than that.
I think it's the reflection of you to the world is what you spend your money on.
So if you tithe to a church or if you put gas in a car, what kind of shows that you watch, what kind of streaming devices you're paying for, what are your subscriptions, where do you travel, how do you eat?
All of that stuff is the reflection of you because what we spend money on is who we are.
So I think that's what they're doing.
They're building the biggest, broadest database Ever known to humankind with which comprises of every single transaction that we've ever made.
This is building our digital social profile, our social credit score.
And Alex, this is not just the IRS spying on our bank accounts without a warrant.
Which violates the Fourth Amendment, right?
But it's non-governmental institutions.
It's the IMF.
It's the Bank for International Settlements.
And there are different projects that they've spearheaded that says they're going to test the ideology of our use of funds and they're going to have real-time transaction monitoring of every transaction of every person at every bank in every country for what To do what the IRS is doing now.
So, this is kind of the big warning sign that you and I have been shouting from the rooftops for a long time.
Central Bank Digital Currency is coming.
It's coming.
And it is.
World Economic Forum bragged that 98% of the world is already ready to adopt it.
But we don't have to wait for the CBDCs to come.
The IRS is already spying on our bank accounts now.
Collecting all of that data.
That's right, they're just now publicly rolling out the system they've already got in place.
A hundred percent.
And so, when they start to collect that information, why do they need it for what's coming next?
Because I think what's coming next is an economic collapse, absolute mayhem, and we're starting to see it now.
See, this evil central bank digital currency system, I do think it's evil.
You know, in your opening statements, you know, it's the mark of the beast.
I do believe that that's what it is.
Or the technology behind it, right?
I mean, it's all part of the same beast system where it's based on debt, right?
And this debt needs to be paid off and we don't have enough money to pay off our debt.
So what Alan Greenspan said in that first video clip that you shared is, we're never going to default when you can print money.
It's my paraphrase.
It's like, what?
Is he not?
I mean, he's a smart guy.
But what about being a student of history?
There has never been a reserve currency in the history of the world that has stood the test of time and lasted.
Right, but the average is about 80-something years that they've lasted.
Well, we became the world's reserve currency in 1944 under the Bretton Woods Act.
We're over 80 years into that right now, so we're pushing the edge of the envelope.
Prior to us, the United States, being the world's reserve currency, it was Great Britain.
Prior to them it was like Greece and you had Portugal and you had the Dutch and see throughout time since the 1400s there's been a world reserve currency to add stability to global commerce.
Well, we've squandered our time in the sun.
We have too much debt and the rest of the world says, hey, you've got too much debt.
You're flooding the world with your dollars.
We want a different reserve currency.
Well, who's going to now come into that role?
The BRICS nations.
And what they're doing.
So Greenspan, when he made that comment, I believe that he's absolutely wrong.
Because at some point, while you have the world's reserve currency, sure, you can fund every stimulus under the sun, you can raise the debt ceiling, you can spend, spend, spend like drunken sailors.
But once because you still have built in demand for your currency because you're the world's reserve currency.
But if you don't have that, you have to have discretion in your printing.
You have to have discretion in your spending.
The trait that we don't have with politicians in America.
They're way too used.
Everybody that's pretty much alive now since 1944 has been used to us being the world's reserve currency and therefore we can print money without discretion.
But that's gone away.
That's absolutely gone away with the BRICS nations taking away our petrodollar status.
And this is the world that we now live in.
We may or may not like it.
Doesn't matter if we like it or not.
It's the world that we live in, and there's this pendulum-shifting moment that happened where there's this power.
Economic, political power has gone from the West to the East.
And now that's the BRICS Nations, because they have a super large aggregate economy, super large aggregate political clout, super large aggregate military, manufacturing power, and the six of the nine largest oil producers in the world, now part of the BRICS Nations.
It's like, what else could you want?
Well, what they need is to get rid of the U.S.
So what China has done recently is they've dumped $75 billion worth of U.S.
They got rid of them.
Same thing that Russia did a few years ago.
And now I saw on the weekend Japan's begging, because they're still occupied by the U.S., Japan's begging to dump theirs and the U.S.
said no.
And we know that military guarantees to Japan from China and North Korea is how the West has control, but even Japan's trying to get out right now.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, so the whole world is you seeing the U.S.
dollar is like A death investment, pretty much.
It's shrinking, and they don't want it.
But here's the problem.
If you have too much of it, like China does, they still have probably $800 billion worth, but it's the lowest that they've ever had.
What are they going to do?
If they dump all of it at the same time, they shoot themselves in the foot.
So it's this systematic reduction.
They're creeping towards the exits.
It's like at the end of a movie or a theater show or church.
Five minutes before it ends, a few start leaving, and all of a sudden everybody jumps up.
So this is exactly what's happening.
And you've got country after country after country that's dismantling their positions in their U.S.
dollar holdings and going elsewhere.
So this is the pendulum shifting moment, this big huge vacuum sucking sound of our economic power going from the West to the East.
I think that when you look back a few weeks ago, when Iran attacked Israel, and I don't think that that was purely A religious, ideological difference.
I think it was economic.
And the reason I say that is in January, Iran was admitted into the BRICS nation.
So they're now BRICS+++, right?
They added a bunch of nations to it, Iran being one of them.
Well, I believe that China and Russia using Iran as a proxy for the economic war against America in the sense of what did they do, Alex?
They announced that they were going to attack Israel with these 300 drones.
And we all watched it on TV.
You know, I was there with you the day that this happened.
And when that happened...
They were low-lying, low-flying, slow-flying drones with lights on them right underneath their nose.
It's like, of course the Iron Dome over Israel is going to shoot these things down, but the intent was not necessarily to destroy Israel.
The intent was to manipulate the economy and show with the ballistic missiles they later fired that penetrated, they could put nukes on those and detonate above the air defenses, and it was meant to have Yeah, and what else?
million, two hundred million dollars of missiles used up to shoot down a few million dollars
of cheap cardboard aircrafts and it was to study the Israeli defense.
Yeah, and what else, what did they do?
Bill, I mean, when you think of human psyche, when you've got that kind of stuff happening,
everybody was glued to the TV.
What's going to happen?
What's going to happen?
And then the fear that creeps into the hearts and minds of people.
When people are fearful, they make wrong decisions or they make no decision, right?
And so they're praying that, okay, these Americans, the Western economies are going to start making wrong decisions.
We're going to create fear and havoc in the hearts and minds of people.
And now what?
Now there's going to be other targets, Israeli and U.S.
targets all over the world, and this war is going to expand, and so fear, fear, fear, right?
So as I'm thinking about it, what has China done over the last Five years or so.
They have amassed so much gold because they want to be the world's reserve currency.
And we know that when China speaks, they're lying, Alex.
I mean, it's obvious, right?
So the World Gold Council says that China has 5000 tons of gold.
Well, that's a lie because they're the largest gold producer in the world with their mines and they keep all of it.
Zero is sold.
They're also the largest purchaser of gold on the planet.
So here's the thing.
They want to be the world's reserve currency.
They want to back their currency with gold.
So estimates are they don't have 5,000 tons of gold.
They have about 30,000 tons of gold.
And so what does fear do?
What does war do?
It causes gold and silver to go up, and so using Iran as a proxy is going to really boost the backing that they have of their central bank digital currency that's coming.
But it goes one step further than that.
So on the Friday, right before the drones were shot off, By the Western banks, 1.2 billion ounces of silver were shorted.
1.2 billion.
So, when you put that into perspective, there's only 800 million ounces of silver mined in the entire world, all year long.
Right, so they shorted in one afternoon, the Western banks, more than 50% more than the entire production of all silver in a year.
So what did China do?
They started to encourage their citizens that weekend.
Hey, you know, kind of let's stop buying gold.
Let's buy silver, right?
So what is that going to do to silver?
There's over a billion people in China.
If they all just buy one ounce, They consume 50% more of all the global production in the world, but they don't have to consume that much because India has already committed to buying 66% of all the global mining production of silver in 2024.
So what is happening?
If you have a short position, Like 1.2 billion ounces in one afternoon.
Plus all the other short positions that they already have in existence.
And silver goes up rather than down.
They lose money not just dollar for dollar.
They lose money in multiples.
And so what China is trying to do here, in my opinion, using Iran as a proxy for their war against the West, is if you can create fear in people of the West, if you can destroy their banking system, You could actually win a war without ever firing a ball.
But bottom line, you predicted this four or five months ago on air, China is now moving away from gold, which they've already the main hoarder, to silver.
But look at what silver is doing right now at record highs and the mainline analysts say it's way underperforming where it should be.
Spend a few minutes though, people need solutions.
Relationship with God.
Friends and family you can trust.
If you've got a farm.
If you've got canned food.
If you know how to grow a garden.
All of that is essential.
If you know basic medical stuff.
But when it comes to financials, silver, gold, that is obviously one of the main things people need.
And folks don't want to go buy numismatics or semi-numismatic collectibles.
Sure, some are great.
You know the right dealer.
You get a good deal.
I'm not saying it's a bad thing.
But the sure bet is gold and silver bullion and you've got it ready to ship
whatever type people want in bars and coins and rounds.
You've got everything. You'll talk to them. You'll consult them.
And you don't have the market other people have.
It's the best deal out there and people can sell it back to you.
Zero cost.
Nobody else does that.
That is so smart.
So do a plug before we go on a break and get into the real numbers here on The World Economy.
What you think should have come next, as you said.
I mean, even mainline analysts are saying, and I had Peter Schiff on your stage saying, this depression will, you know, make the last one look like a cakewalk, basically.
How people call your company and how they start on the path as fast as they can to get prepared.
Yeah, so first of all you can just go to KEPM.com, Kirk Elliott Precious Metals, so it's just KEPM.com forward slash gold and just fill out some information that you want a consultation, a free consultation with us where we'll map out a strategy for success moving forward using precious metals to get you out of this paper system, to get you out of this digital system, to take advantage of the trends that we're going to be talking about over this next hour.
Or you just simply give us a call at 720-605-3900 and say Alex sent you, just so we know what we were talking about.
But here's where, when I talk about gold and silver, Alex, I'm talking about physical.
Physical metals.
100 ounce bars, 10 ounce bars, 1 ounce rounds, or 1 ounce gold bars, or kilo bars.
That's it.
You know, there's so many different options out there that people could choose from, but if it's not one of those five things, Don't get it.
Simply don't do it because you're going to overpay.
You're going to pay high premiums.
They generally high premiums come with high commission.
And this is where we set ourselves up differently.
I believe that the way that we set up our company decades ago was was God breathed.
I wanted to change the way that the markets were done, the way that commerce in this industry was done.
Because normally it's it's like Use car salesman kind of mentality, right?
Oh, you got to get this.
This is amazing story.
These things were shipwrecked and blah, blah, blah.
And we only have 500 of them.
That's all there is in the world.
And you're going to pay this huge price.
Well, that's a collector.
That's not an investor.
There's two different things.
When you invest, you want to buy low and sell high.
You have to have low premium.
And we took it one step further, which is ultimately everybody is going to sell.
They want to lock in profits.
And this is what we guide people with.
You're never going to be in this alone.
We'll always let you know when it's time to buy, sell, reallocate, get out of dodge, do whatever needs to be done to lock in your profits.
So at some point when you liquidate, we don't charge a commission.
So like a realtor, for example, commission when you buy, commission when you sell, they sort of forget about you in between, right?
Same thing with stockbrokers, but we're different.
And where we firmly believe, it's not just my personal statement, it's my mission statement as a company, is people over profit.
You know, it's an easy thing to say, harder thing to live, but we live it.
It's who we are.
And that is if you focus on people, Alex, profit will come.
It's not that I'm against profit.
You focus on people, care about them, listen to them, encourage them, give them hope, give them something that will stand the test of time and profit will come.
But if you ever start focusing on profit, like most of the companies in the industry, I don't even care if it's in this industry, it could be anything.
It could even be in politics.
You focus on profit, people will leave, right?
So when you focus on people, hear them, listen to their concerns, their needs, their desires, their goals.
My team is really good.
I know I'm biased, but I trained all of them and I love them and they think like I do and you will love them too because they are going to hear you.
And listen to you and help you achieve the goals that you have so your money outlasts you rather than you outlasting your money.
Absolutely, ladies and gentlemen.
And you notice I've had a gold sponsor for 10 years because I couldn't find a good one, a gold and silver sponsor.
Plus the market was eee.
The urgency is the urgency in the real world.
I don't promote something until I think it's dead on in the right time.
This is the time to get into gold and silver.
Do it now at KEPM.com.
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Look folks, I don't say this for pleasure, but it's a fact.
InfoWars, and what we do here, is exploding.
And not for the reasons I wish it was.
I wish we were perp-walking the whole New World Order.
But no, instead, everything we warned about is now happening and people are about to get a front row seat to hell.
That's why they've been so desperate to get us off air, knowing we had their number decades ago.
So did Kirk Elliott.
I knew him 25 years ago, the work he was doing.
The World Net Daily and other places.
So, it's a paradox where, oh, we're all going to get a lot more popular.
Who cares about that?
I want to stop this.
I got children.
So yeah, oh my gosh, whether it's Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan or Alex Jones or Dr. Kirk Elliott fighting all this, oh sure people go, boy those guys are sure right!
Imagine how right they're going to say we are when things get really bad.
I want to beat this.
I don't want to be proven right.
So, this is dangerous, people.
This is real.
They're trying to put Trump in jail right now because he's challenging this on some levels.
Dr. Elliott, I want to play a clip of the Bank of America.
CEO just a day ago, part of the Castle Society's here next segment.
Some stations don't carry this one, but give us a little prelude.
You sent me a big stack of videos and articles and things you want to hit and some of it
from what I had in the stacks out of order.
Sure, that's my fault, but all these stories are huge.
Give us a little three, four minutes.
We got a break.
Prelude of what's coming up.
So we're going to talk about geopolitics in the sense of what is America doing to Russia
that's going to destroy the Western financial system.
I mean, they're stealing assets, they're giving assets that we stole from Russia to Ukraine, right?
It's like, oh my word, of all the people to steal gold from and give it to, Russia's gonna be just absolutely ticked.
Right, and so, but it's not just us.
The European Union is telling Russia what to do.
So we'll go over some of that.
There's bank failures, Alex, that are happening that we predicted.
You know, I've been predicting ever since Silicon Valley that there was going to be bank failures 2.0 that came, but I'm going to explain why and why there's going to be more coming because the FDIC is running out of money and the... Well, Schiff said interrupt.
Schiff said it's already started, but they're covering it over right now.
Yeah, I believe that that's the case.
I mean, there's already three banks that supposedly went under that nobody heard about over the weekend.
We heard about the one big one in Philly.
So we're going to go over why and how detrimental this is to FDIC and everybody's bank account.
So really, you can't leave because this is a huge, important story.
I want to talk about How leadership matters in the presidency and why what we've got now is actually going to destroy the West.
Look Alex, when you have a strong economic leader, America is going to thrive.
When you have a bad economic leader, America is going to sink.
But I don't think they care.
I think this is part of a plan to usher in something that none of us want.
So we're going to cover that.
I want to talk about the Federal Reserve and other central bank policy all over the globe because, here again, we've been on this and I don't mean to sound like... By the way, I don't even have the crew to do it.
It's not their fault.
I didn't think to tell them when you were coming on today.
You've been coming on for now five months, and I was covering your stuff years ago, but for five months, you've hammered bank runs, bank runs, regional bank runs, regional bank runs, and now there were three of them this weekend, almost no coverage, CNN covered one, FDIC says Republic First Bank is closed by Pennsylvania regulators.
So it's exactly what you predicted, regional banks, it's now begun.
So we've got to get that clip, maybe put a special report together from this interview where it shows the dates, you go boom, boom, boom, boom, and then now here it is.
Yeah, well, we're not alone anymore, Alex.
I know you talked about Tucker, Rogan, you and me talking about these kind of things.
Over the weekend, 60,000 headlines globally now agree with what we've been saying for months.
That interest rates simply can't continue to come down.
Hold it there!
Hold it there!
Most of our radio stations don't carry the first 501.
We've got over 300 radio stations.
I want all of them to hear this.
Start over when we come back.
And then let's get into the bank runs, let's get into the bank failures, let's get into the bullying of Russians.
People say, oh, well, so what if we seize their assets?
New York's seizing the NRA's assets, the beefpacking assets, Trump's assets.
Everybody sees that, that America's like Venezuela.
You don't invest in Venezuela, folks, because you know they'll take your money.
So they're making America close for business on purpose.
We're going to talk about that in 60 seconds.
Alright, I want to be very clear with everybody.
Many of you have been listening 30 years.
Most of you, a decade.
I make mistakes about three or four percent of the time, and I hate it when I do, and when I make a mistake, I come on air and I tell you.
And most of the time, it's myself that finds it.
I'll be listening to rebroadcasts and go, how did I say that wrong?
I'm getting seen all, you know?
But I'm trying to tell the truth.
I mean, I bust my brain.
I pray, sometimes like an hour a day, I'll just sit there, literally sit in a chair praying to God, like, tell me what to do.
God gives me the most amazing insights.
It's totally real.
God's telling me, urgency.
I had a dream a couple nights ago and I woke up, I couldn't remember it, but it was like, urgency.
You need to urgently warn people so they get right with God, right with me, which is what God was saying, and they get right with their families, and stop worrying about all the stupid crap, or how cool your car is, or what your neighbors think, or any of that.
And it was like, stop eating GMOs, message to me, and start taking care of yourself.
You know all this, you don't do it.
And get your family ready and protect yourself.
And it was really a message of, Jones, you need to take care of yourself.
And Dr. Kirk knows that.
I was calling him after that.
And we're talking to him because I've been so busy on offense, I've not been doing any defense.
And we should be, I think, 70% offense, but also defense.
You know, they say the best defense is a good offense, but what is an offense without a defense?
You've got to have the defense.
At the end of the day, a defense actually is your best offense if you're being attacked.
The defense is how you're ready for the attack.
I want people to get ready before the full panic sets in.
I don't know if it's a week, six months, two years.
But they're preparing civil war, which is really a race war.
Most folks aren't buying into it.
They don't care.
I'm really proud of everybody really seeing through this.
We see triple the numbers of black voters, double the numbers of Hispanics.
People get it, okay?
They're smart.
And there's people smarter in every group.
But the urgency of this, and I think about Kevin O'Leary and others making the great point, it's true, in the last month since they had that $450 million plus judgment on Trump, because he said Mar-a-Lago was worth more than $18 million, people are offering to buy it for $800 million right now.
And they even said, Leticia James will just sell it and pay her $450 million.
Oh, she even admits it's worth that.
I mean, they don't even think out what they say.
They're selling two acre lots, that's the hottest real estate in the world, by Mar-a-Lago and Palm Beach, for $220 million.
It's 70-something acres.
The point is, is that people see that and now the exits from New York is even more insane.
Now it is a rush to the exits, to Florida and Texas and other places.
But there's gonna be a rush to the exits everywhere and we've got to get ready and they're ready with their cashless society for the panic and oh there's now one unified ledger and all your money's in one place but we control it and that's how we propped up the system and saved it.
They're saying that's what they're about to do and I'm sorry I politically tried to stop it but it looks like they're going ahead with it.
So the best we can do is if you realize the dam just broke 10 miles up the river
and they say you're gonna be in 20 feet of water in five minutes if you got a
boat in the backyard you better get it off the trailer and get in the boat okay
and get the heirlooms on the boat I mean we're literally the dam broke
the water's coming and either get the truck get to high ground or get
in the boat and get ready because it's on folks like Donkey Kong and this is
real urgency because this is happening
So, Dr. Kirk, you mentioned a bunch of stuff you want to hit right now.
You've got the floor.
I mean, obviously, riff off that, because I know that's points you've already made, because I read your information from watching all the shows about going after Russia, seizing their assets, the chain
reaction that's going to cause into the BRICS.
Which again, the Globalist Act, dumb, but they're smarter than that.
They got deals with China, and there's a lot of double dealing going on here.
So let's lay this out, and then how an individual protects themselves.
Yeah, so we go back to when Russia-Ukraine conflict started.
What did Biden do?
So first, he took Russia out of the SWIFT system.
He kicked them out, which means no international bank wires.
So he wanted to starve out the Russian people so they couldn't get paid for anything.
So Putin goes to China and he says, We need to join your alliance even more economically.
Russia and China were already part of the BRICS nations.
I'm not saying they weren't, but that one event really caused a strong marriage between the two, because China said, hey, we got one called CIPS.
It's like SWIFT, except it's for the BRICS nations.
Russia was still able to get all of their international wires coming in through a different financial union.
Now, the second thing that they did when that started is they seized the assets of Russia, the United States did, the Biden administration.
So that's not uncommon, Alex.
So obviously, when countries are at war with each other and you have control over their assets, well, let's seize them so they can't have them.
Part of that was hundreds of millions of dollars worth of gold.
That's a lot, right?
So they took it.
And so to make matters worse, a few weeks ago, Janet Yellen tells Russia, hey, Russia, Remember that gold and stuff that we took from you and we froze your assets?
We're gonna give it to Ukraine!
It's like, okay.
So, I mean, it's so weird.
It's funny.
It's like, of all the countries on Earth to give Russia's assets to, especially their gold, it's Ukraine?
Okay, imagine the just anger that's welling up in Russia at that point.
So then, it doesn't stop there.
So Brussels, the European Union, basically gives Russia this marching order.
It's like, hey, back in the early 1900s, like 1915, you had all this gold that belonged to Romania, 91.5 tons of it.
We want you to give it back.
Well, Medvedev, former president of Russia before Putin, he's now some kind of big muckety-muck in the Russian government.
Because this is a family-friendly show, I'm not going to say the real words, right?
But it's like he said, F you, European Union, we're not giving you that stuff.
And then he grabbed a bunch of U.S.
bank money.
Yeah, so then it goes, so a case goes to Russian court.
And so because they're ticked that all this stuff was seized, in court they won against JPMorgan Chase and said, hey Chase, you've got to give us $440 million that has been frozen to us.
So now there's this fighting going back and forth, right?
And it's just ticking everybody off.
So the West In doing this, in stealing Russian assets, giving it to Ukraine, the whole world could be destabilized, Alex.
The whole world.
Because now they're going after... And explain that.
You're an economist.
PhD on this.
Most of my listeners get this.
I'm not talking down to them.
Some new listeners don't.
We talk about quadrillions and trillions and billions, but it's all leveraged.
So when somebody pulls 450 million or a billion, or they say they're going to grab, you know, 300 billion of Russian assets, and the Russians say we're going to grab 200 and something billion of yours, that is the equivalent of trillions, which leverages into quadrillions.
And that goes, so that's the issue.
That is the issue because banks are running out of money and they have all this derivative debt.
So JPMorgan Chase.
They're leveraged.
Explain that though, Doc.
They're leveraged.
It's for people who don't know.
They're leveraged.
So a derivative is just a multiplier on your debt.
So if you have a futures contract, you're not just buying like one ounce of silver, you're buying thousands of ounces of silver, right?
So you're leveraged on average 20 to 1.
So what this means is you could have these futures contracts, these derivatives on the New York Stock Exchange or something like that or the Dow.
OK, so so let's say you think that it's going to go up 5% and you have leverage of 20 to 1.
That's the average leverage when you have a derivatives contract.
So if it goes up 5% in your leverage 20 to 1, it's 100% return on your capital.
If it goes down 5% and you thought it was going to go up, you lose 100% of your capital.
If it goes down 10%, you lose 200% of your capital.
See, this is where derivatives, this derivatives debt explosion is going to be massive because the West has so much short positions in silver.
This is how they've been manipulating the price for years.
This is why China decided, hey, Chinese citizens, you're going to buy silver, like what we talked about before the break.
They want to destroy the Western financial system.
But here's where what Biden did with Russia, why I said it's going to destabilize the world, is because now you've got country after country after country that's pulling out of U.S.
Treasuries, that's pulling their gold that the Fed supposedly has, and they want to repatriate it, bring it back home to the homeland.
Right, because they're afraid that the weaponization of the dollar and what this administration is doing is going to divorce them from their own money.
And so they said, we want it back.
We want our money back because we're afraid what America is going to do to us.
And so this is why I think it's going to be this great destabilization that's coming as it's a mass exodus out of dollar holdings, out of treasuries.
Sure, well maybe, Dr. Elliott, I'm projecting more intelligence on the global centers there, but we know the people that set it up were smart.
They knew that Putin would take over the oil industry.
They knew it would move them into the bricks.
They have double deals with the Chinese.
They're cutting off U.S.
industry, U.S.
They're raiding people.
They're making business not good here.
They want to collapse things.
I mean, I think at a sick level, Soros' specialty, as you know, Yeah, of course they are.
currencies and stealing pension funds.
They're getting ready to do that to America.
Yeah, of course they are.
I mean, you've been calling this for a long time as have I.
And then they're going to blame Russia.
Oh, Russia's the best person to blame because people inherently hate Russia, right?
So it's like, yeah, what a great enemy.
But it's not Russia's fault.
This is the banker's fault.
Wait, it's not Russia spying on me with AI without warrants?
It's not Russia opening my borders?
It's not Russia trying to chop my son's penis off?
It's not Russia allowing all the fentanyl to be shipped in?
It's not Russia starting World War III?
Wait, it's not Russia saying all white people are inherently evil?
It's not Russia bailing out people that shoot cops?
Wait, I thought it was Russia that did that.
Yeah, well that's the narrative.
That's what they would want you to think.
Everything's Putin's fault because he's an easy enemy to dislike.
I slipped on a banana peel last week.
Putin did it.
He gets around, Alex.
He gets around.
So, I mean, you look at this, though, and what they are doing.
How in the world would anybody with a logical, sound mind say, I want what you've got coming, central bank digital currency that can divorce me from my money?
Nobody would want that.
Nobody would want to be ideologically tested.
In fact, I don't care what side of the political aisle you're on.
If you're on the left, you're going to say, there is no way that I want Trump telling me what I can spend my money on.
And if you're on the right, you're going to say, there is absolutely no way that I want Biden to tell me what I'm going to spend my money on.
I don't care what political persuasion you are.
This is not a good idea for anybody.
Right, but yet we're in this world where everybody is in search for peace and happiness in the immediate, not the long-term consequences.
For example, let's look at the presidential immunity case at the Supreme Court.
Yeah, they still want Trump out because he probably knows where the bodies are buried, right?
That they are willing to say, okay, he doesn't have presidential immunity, but what happens to future presidents?
Or past ones.
Well, I'll tell you what's going on.
They believe they control the judiciary and they're going to control Congress.
Congress even wants to have an inspector general they control of a Supreme Court.
It is a bureaucratic congressional coup of the executive and the judicial right now.
So they know exactly what they're doing.
They think they'll be able to manage this.
But the world doesn't see it that way because the world really knows
once tyranny is set up, they don't just do it once or twice.
They keep doing it.
They do it more intensely.
That's known.
So just because they've lied to themselves and say, we'll just put on the ring of Mordor, the ring of doom, the ring of Sauron one time, but once we win the war, we'll take it off.
No, everybody knows, you're keeping it on, and it's only going to get worse.
Yeah, so here's where they know that, and that was so well put, because if they create enough fear into the hearts and minds of people, we're going to give up our freedoms, not just temporarily, but forever.
I mean, we still have the Stinkin' Patriot Act, we still have all the things, Department of Homeland Security... You'll own nothing and you'll like it!
They're openly telling you!
I know.
So what else do they have to do, Alex?
Create fear that your money is going to be gone with banking crisis, right?
So we've been talking about this.
Hold on.
People say, well, why would they discredit their own system?
Because they're ending the old Ponzi scheme.
They don't want to go to jail like Sam Bankman Free or Bernie Madoff.
They step into the new system as the savior.
So that's what's key.
Well, they're the same people that had the central banks before.
They're ushering in central bank digital currency.
They don't lose.
In fact, what they gain is complete control over people because you can't track private money, paper money, because you could spend it at a gas station.
Nobody knows it was you.
But they need something digital that they can track, that they can monitor, that they can test your ideology on it.
So bank failures.
This is where, after Silicon Valley Bank, here's where there's even more theft.
We talk about Russian theft, but there's theft of USS.
So after Silicon Valley Bank went down, there was this huge gaping wound in the banking industry that banks were undercapitalized, running out of money, and they came up with a Basically an emergency funding package called Bank Temp Funding Program which was injecting money into the system and people were applauding the Fed and cheering and saying great job Fed you stopped the bank runs and there was only five of them that went under.
All they did was put a Band-Aid on the escaping wound and they never healed the wound.
So now March 11th they took that Band-Aid off the wound is still there because that emergency funding plan expired.
It's sunset.
So we've talked about this.
The next bank that fails is not going to be bailed out before it goes into FDIC receivership.
There's going to be no emergency funding.
Just so happens, it just happened.
So the first one didn't get any emergency funding, the Republic Bank in Philly, well
they went under.
So let's look at this.
Prior to Silicon Valley Bank, the FDIC had about 1.7 something percent of their assets
to cover all the deposits in America.
Only 1.7 percent of all deposits were covered by FDIC.
After those first five banks failed in Silicon Valley Bank days, it went down to 0.74.
So the Fed only has, or the FDIC, has less than one percent Of all deposits in America covered, in fact, 0.74.
So now, you fast forward to today, a year later, almost exactly a year later, and this bank goes under.
Well, it cost the FDIC $667 million.
Yeah, so, but when you look in these numbers it gets creepy because they have $6 billion
in assets, $4 billion in deposits.
So $667 was what FDIC had to cover.
67 was what FDIC had to cover.
That reflects everybody that had $250,000 or less in their bank accounts.
Well, they had $4 billion in deposits.
So there's $3.3 billion that were over $250,000 banished.
It's not coming back, Alex.
Those people aren't going to get it, because FDIC doesn't cover anything over $250,000.
There's no loan package emergency funding anymore from the Fed to take care of it.
And this is key.
This is what you hammered five months ago on my show.
You said they're out of emergency funding, and so they're trying now to just hide these stories.
So you predicted what was coming, what comes next?
The FDIC runs out of money.
I mean, if they took more than half of FDIC's available assets in those first five banks that failed last year, and there's only .74 left, it's not going to take too many regional banks.
They just took $667 million in this one alone.
So that goes back to Alan Greenspan saying there's no amount of money we can't print, which we know isn't true, but what will they do, do you think?
Well, they're going to try to print, but that just puts us into a hyperinflation because we no longer have the backstop of being the world's reserve currency and built in demand for our dollar.
Which is all perfect to finally bring in the central bank digital currencies that they've all now lined up and prepped and ready.
It's all completely... Exactly, yes.
Do you think China and Russia are in on it or just being manipulated to be part of it?
I think that China and Russia are in it for their own benefit.
I think that they see a weak America now and that we're running out of money and what an opportune time to attack when you want to attack the U.S.
dollar when they're at their weakest, all you have to do is start selling U.S.
Treasuries, try to enhance the banking failure by buying silver when they have tons of short positions, or by no longer, you know, not just a couple of countries, most of the world no longer buying U.S.
Treasuries, It doesn't take much to actually eliminate a broke country's assets.
So, especially one that's headed around the world because of our leaders.
You talk about an economic disaster.
What are the different ways this can break?
So, number one, we have a whole new system of money.
It's going to be central bank digital currency.
Number two, you have a whole new system of government.
So you you started and we didn't talk about this, but you started the show talking about the 10 planks of the Communist Manifesto.
And people think that we're a democratic republic.
I beg to differ under this current administration that we've got.
Let's look at those ten planks real quick.
Number one, abolition of property and land and application of all rents and land to the public purpose.
Eminent domain, right?
You don't own property.
If you don't pay your property taxes, your house goes away.
It gets sold in a tax lien.
Number two, a heavy progressive or graduated income tax.
We've got that.
Number three, abolition of all rights of inheritance.
What about our estate tax?
It's like, you inherit a $100 million farm from your grandparents that have been in farming forever, and the moment you get it, you have to pay a 55% death tax?
Who has $55 million laying around?
You know?
It's like, so you have to sell off a property that may have been in the family for generations.
Number four, confiscation of property of all immigrants and rebels.
We're confiscating Russia's assets, right?
I mean, so... And the American people are treated, because we're against the globalists, officially as rebels.
That's why we have the taxes and the deadly shots, but not the illegals.
It's literally a Lenin plan.
Well yeah, I just was reading a couple weeks ago, Students for Life, you know, a student group against abortion, considered a terrorist organization.
They're facing 50 years in prison for peacefully protesting an abortion clinic in Tennessee.
I have it right here.
Jailed pro-lifer says she was kept in solitary confinement for 22 days with the lights on.
They're facing 50 year prison sentences.
I mean, so that's that one right there.
Confiscation of property, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.
Well, we don't really have that, right?
So, centralization of credit in the hands of the state, plank number five, by means of a national bank.
Okay, that's the Federal Reserve.
That's an obvious one.
Six, centralization of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state.
We don't have freedom of speech anymore, Alex.
I mean, look at you.
Look what you have to go through, right?
And what every other patriot that has some kind of a podcast that's speaking the truth... And by the way, we knew it was coming for decades and we're dug in and ready.
Other people weren't.
Yeah, absolutely.
But, and this is a sad thing because we're on number seven.
So far, every one of them is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto.
Number seven, extension of factories and instruments and production owned by the state.
We've seen the nationalization of the big automakers, telling them to make electric cars, everything.
Yeah, I mean, look at the nationalization of General Motors, right?
When they went bankrupt, when AIG was going bankrupt, the government basically took over insurance and the car industry.
I mean, this is bonkers.
Equal liability to all labor.
Establishment of industrial armies.
These are just labor unions.
Okay, we've got that.
Number nine, combination of our agriculture and manufacturing industries.
Gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country.
Look at these, look at the Agenda 2030, look what they're doing with cities and they don't want you to eat beef, they don't want you to travel, they want to bring people into the big population centers, they're saying that people that live in rural parts are weirdos, right, just because they want to have... And then 10, before we go to break.
Number 10, free education for all children in public schools.
What is Biden doing for giving student loans?
Yes, we have 10 of 10 in America today.
So don't think we're a democratic republic when every single of those things on the communist manifesto, we are alive and living in this country under this administration.
Well, exactly.
The old republic's still there, but it's an old rickety train track they haven't repaired.
The communist one's a bullet train glistening, and they're just phasing us over into it right now.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, let's talk about solutions and more news.
And the head of Bank of America saying the Cashless Society is about to be rolled out straight ahead.
Yeah, it's all crazy, it's sad, but at least we are ready and we're aware.
And as things get worse and worse, people are going to want the truth.
They're going to want this information.
When the show isn't live, I'm going to post it at Band.Video and on Real Alex Jones.
Make it go viral!
So what I really want to ask you to do is pray for myself and the crew and my family.
That's number one.
I want that.
I need that.
It's your prayer that's doing it.
That's why this surfaced.
That's why this happened.
I need the prayer.
That I need you to take the articles, the videos, the posts we make at Real Alex Jones, recopy them, share them, post them yourself, do whatever.
Just get it out there.
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I didn't think to do this today with the bank runs and bank closures are happening all over.
They're trying to cover them up.
Started last week.
at Infowarsstore.com. TurboForce. We'll be right back.
I didn't think to do this today with the bank runs and bank closures are happening all over.
They're trying to cover them up. Started last week. Kirk Elliott's been like a parrot, which
is good because he's the one saying it, saying bank closures, regional bank failures.
It's going to start imminently, he said, in the next four or five months.
And it's right on time, like it's a German train.
It's happened.
Here's Fox Business.
Okay, this is today.
Republic First seizure signals more bank failures to come, experts warn.
Here's another one.
Fulton Financials stock jumps on takeover deal but failed Republic First Bank.
Here's what led to Republic First's collapse, the first bank failure in 2024.
FBI says Republic First is closed by Pennsylvania regulators.
So this is a big deal because so many of these banks bought the contagion and also ran out of money because QE3 ended.
And so what I have the crew asking me, Dr. Kirk Elliott, during the break is, How will it look when they roll out the central bank digital currency, which they're already testing in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand?
Well, they've told you they need a virus or another excuse of unrest to say, well, you got to have this to leave your house.
And we're also going to use that as your government and banking ID.
But there's a lot of scenarios.
I want you to walk through a few of them.
But basically, stock market plunges, banks plunge, there's a cyber attack.
They go, don't worry.
If you simply go and download this government app, And you agree to, in the future, protecting your assets by moving them in to this basket or this one ledger sheet.
You've got all the technical terms.
We will then guarantee you 80% of your money.
And people are desperate.
They can't get their bank account for a week.
Cities are burning.
Two weeks.
People signed this form to let them, and they've said this is their plan, and then they've already got deals with the big banks.
From the JP Morgans and others, to then go ahead and scoop off the top of you, the bank flips the switch, they've taken 20% as a bail-in, which we know happened in other countries before, they admit a bail-in.
I heard last year, in fact guys find the clip, a Federal Reserve regulator, there's another EU regulator, Canadian regulator, there's like five videos I've seen last year, where they said, it was a type of FDIC regulator says, The bail-ins, banking bail-ins coming.
There's like a 20-minute version, a 2-minute version, there's a bunch of them, but just get FDIC regulator, or it's official, says banking bailouts coming.
And they said, we know we need them, we know it's going to happen, we're going to go to the central bank digital currencies.
And you'll go download an app, because you can't get your Bank of America account, you've got a JP Morgan account, or a Bank of America, it'll be the big ones, Wells Fargo, and all of a sudden you can't get your Wells Fargo money, you can't get your Bank of America, it will be the little banks at first, or it'll be the ones that are failing, little banks that are failing, they've already taken control of, and it'll be the big ones, and they go, hey listen, let's just get through this, let's just agree to this, and you go and you click, you download the app, you agree, you click, click, click, click, click, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, they take 10-20% of your money.
Suddenly, your bank account's back!
And they'll play some gimmicks like, thanks to stabilizing, oh my god, we gave you 5% back.
Maybe more will come back if you stay in this.
And then, other banks will start failing because of the fear.
And now, oh don't worry, they're opting in, now you got your money too.
There'll be a stampede to make your bank opt in to the system.
I've war-gamed this folks, that's how it's gonna happen.
There's a lot of other ways they're gonna do it and then it's your mortgage and then it's your loans and don't worry if you opt in we'll cut your student loan in half but now everything you do is surveilled they're already doing it you you agree to it and now everything is this panopticonic system that's already there but now you've acquiesced so now they can roll out the AI control and then if you think flash trading is corrupt or you think The President's Open Committee on the Stock Market or any of that's bad.
You've not seen anything once this gets rolling, but the camel's nose is now way under the temp flap.
You saw my breakdown.
Doctor, what do you say?
Well, that video that you're going to share, I remember seeing that.
And it was an FDIC meeting with officials from the FDIC in a bunch of room full of bankers.
And it was caught on video.
It's like, boy, we've got a huge problem.
We're underfunded.
And, you know, we don't have enough money.
We're going to run out of money.
And then they said, but we can't let the public know about it because it would create a run on the banks.
So they've been talking about this behind the scenes, that it's coming, but that will change the fabric of society.
Alex, when you have a bank that fails and your money goes away, in people's minds and in their hearts, that money should be the safest asset in the world.
Because people think, oh and that big huge steel bank vault door behind is just stacks of hundreds and my money is safe.
It's not in the markets.
It's not in the stock market.
It's not the bond market.
It's like, oh yeah, it really is.
Because what do you think banks do with your money that you deposit?
They're investing in stocks, funds, mutual funds, real estate, companies, derivatives.
In the old fractional reserve system of the Rothschilds, it was always 10 to 1.
What is it now?
I know per bank no one knows, but I'm told it's 20 to 1, 30 to 1, derivatives 50 to 1.
So, from March of 2020, they put it to zero during COVID to try to stimulate the economy, and then in October of 2023... Say that again!
Zero reserves!
Yeah, we had zero since 2020 until October of 2023 when the Basel III Accord, you know, out of Switzerland said, hey, we're going to change the reserve requirement now to 20.
So people think this is really good.
And in theory, it is right.
In theory, if banks have more reserves, they're going to actually be able to withstand a little bit of a bank run.
But when you go to zero to 20 and you're a billion dollar bank and all of a sudden you have to come up with 200 million dollars in deposits, where's that going to come Let's talk about this, because there's nothing bigger than this, folks, except a relationship with God.
Obviously, that's bigger than everything combined.
But I want to explain to you, and I know the listeners are smart, I'm not trying to beat you over the head here, but I'm beating myself over the head.
This is urgent.
This is desperate.
This is real.
And more than getting gold and silver, and more than having a garden, Other than having a relationship with God, people need to politically blame the private Federal Reserve, and JP Morgan, and Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs, and the WEF, because they've been setting this up, and their big Ponzi scheme is coming to an end, and they plan to jump the tracks, before it goes off a cliff, we go off the cliff anyways, over the new system.
We have got to Educate people quickly about this so that politically we know how to send the people that did this to prison and get off of this system and move over to something else.
I want to talk about that with you, but since you mentioned the club, this club's a year and a half old.
This is the FDIC main board member meetings, and anybody can type in FDIC meeting bail-ins, you can find the full, actually watch the whole thing, the full meeting's four hours long, I watched it once, I've seen hour-long versions, but here's just a short clip.
This is the FDIC, the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation, that's insuring your accounts to a certain amount, literally saying, we know this is all going down, we've got to get ready for bail-ins.
Do you hear me?
And now, this isn't a year and a half ago where we're still over the hill.
It's like you're going to Grandma's house, you're pulling up to the parking lot, but it ain't Grandma's house, folks.
It's total insanity.
It is financial collapse.
We are knocking on Grandma's door, but it ain't Grandma.
It's the Big Bad Wolf.
Here's the clip.
It's really important.
I mean, it's a little bit conflicted, right?
I mean, it's important that people understand they can be bailed in, but you don't want a huge run on the institution.
But I mean, they're going to be.
People need to know, but I don't think you have much hope of reaching a public that doesn't have a professional need to know.
I completely agree with that.
I almost think you'd scare the public if you put this out.
Like, why are they telling me this?
Should I be concerned about my bank?
My insurance company doesn't tell me what they're doing with my assets if they just assume they're going to pay my claim.
I think you've got to think of the unintended consequences of taking a public that has more full faith and confidence in the banking system than maybe people in this room do.
So there's a select crowd of people that are on the institutional side.
And if they want to understand this, they're going to find a way to understand this.
There's a bunch of law firms represented in this room.
There's a bunch of people that will charge them by the hour a lot of money to explain this all to them.
And it's fine.
I don't have a problem with that.
And they all have huge staffs.
But I would be careful about the unintended consequences of starting to blast too much of this out.
So that's the FDIC board, the security of your money and your bank accounts.
And they literally, we're going to skip this break, they literally just said a year and a half ago, don't let the public know.
They think of you as animals.
They don't think you'd go by law with open meetings law, because that's a real federal agency, unlike the Federal Reserve, it's private.
You don't get to see their meetings.
They didn't think somebody might go actually find that, you see.
So, that's what I'm telling you.
This isn't a year and a half ago, folks.
We're a month away, six months, a year.
I mean, I hope it never happens, okay?
I mean, I've got my rear end puckered here.
This is, this, I know what's happening.
I'm ready, more than most people.
And when the general public finds out about this, they are going to run around like chickens with their heads cut off, freaking out, demanding, and they're going to say on the news, Only 30% of people have opted into the CBDC stabilization package and if we got 60% it would stabilize you get all your money back and then it'll be rioting mobs demanding everyone turn over your pension funds, your social security, all of it will be put in this index to leverage it again with total surveillance.
Dr. Kirk Elliott.
Yeah, okay, so that video, the arrogance and the smugness of those people thinking that we're all lemmings and we have more trust, I think the most important thing that he said, we have more trust in the banking system than they do, because they know what's coming.
I mean, I think that was a very important statement.
So here's where it is.
But what about the statement, I'm interrupting, what about the statement of don't let them know?
I know.
I mean, because you would cause riots!
You'd cause everything that you just described.
Because we've seen this in France.
You know, when they raised, they just simply raised the retirement age and said, oh, in the socialist nation, you overpaid in taxes your whole life to get retirement, and we've run out of money, so we're just going to raise your retirement age and have other austerity measures and reduce your benefits.
There are people rioting for...
A month?
It's called the IMF riot, which they even want to destabilize things more.
That came out in 2001.
So explain to them what a bailout is for those that don't know.
So, a bail-in is simply, instead of the government bailing out a failed financial institution, like, too big to fail, right?
It's like, ooh, they're too big to fail, so the government's just gonna bail them out.
When Silicon Valley went under, Janet Yellen, Treasury Secretary, said, too big to fail, no such thing anymore, but you know what?
We're not going to bail out these places.
We're gonna have bail-ins, which means the depositors are bailing out their financial institutions.
Like, how could they do that?
Without permission.
We expressly gave them permission to do that because we don't own our bank accounts anymore like we talked about earlier and on previous shows.
By the way, you showed documents a few weeks ago in the studio and I forgot the technical term.
What's the name when no one has control of their money, mortgages, investments, stocks, mutual funds, everything, bank accounts, when it's all on one ledger?
It's a unified ledger, so it's coming from the Bank for International Settlements.
They tokenize it and it becomes beneficial ownership, which means we become a beneficiary to them, because they need it as collateral to pay off their own derivatives debt.
So it's like a grandpa that's had a stroke and can't talk, and the government is now, or the family member is now the guardian?
That's exactly a great illustration to do that, right?
I think in law, you're the PhD in economy, but I think in law that's what it is.
We're now declared incompetent.
I mean, we're beneficiaries of it.
If they deem us as needing it, then they can give it to us.
If not, see JPMorgan Chase, for example, they have over $57 trillion of derivatives debt.
Well, they needed people's deposits to pledge as collateral to pay that off.
So this is why they changed the law.
They're going bankrupt and they're going to make us all, technically under another name, go bankrupt and then enter a global bankruptcy system they control.
To prop them up.
To prop them up.
So as you were just talking, you're saying, okay, well, you know, they're going to have 30% adoption to CBDC.
I think they're going to have more and say, Kirk, no way.
People think it's the mark of the beast.
We're not taking it.
It's like, oh, not so quick.
Because that's not a prediction.
I just threw that out to be conservative.
I know, but I think it's way conservative because here's what's going to happen.
Let's say you're retired, Alex, and you're getting a pension, or you're getting your social security, or you have a disability.
You're held hostage on $2,000 a month.
You gotta have it!
Yeah, and if they say... No, you're right.
We're going to have 80% adoption.
Yeah, I mean, even when people know that it's the mark of the beast, because when they say, yo, you have to have the FedNow app for you to receive your government payments, it's like, well, I need to eat.
All right, we'll just take it, right?
See, this is where you can trick people into starving them out of existence to comply with their program.
I think that's how they're going to get more widespread adoption, which is why you and I and so many other people we know are shouting it from the rooftops.
It's like, this is an evil system that's all about people control and you have to minimize the amount that you have in the banks because you don't want to be part of their digital system, a digital slave in their digital world.
You don't want to have paper assets that can be part of this unified ledger.
Absolutely, so now let's talk about that.
And you're 100% clear about this, why I love you, while you work 25 years.
With the gold and silver, we're not offering a total panacea.
It's God first, it's family, friends, community, storable food, firearms, knowing how to defend yourself, you know, trying to get out of the city.
But when it comes to the paper world they're going to control and going to steal from, and it's been proven right just since you came on five, six months ago, it's all exploded.
Gold and silver, because you tangibly hold it, And again, it's not a silver bullet, but it's as close as you're going to get.
It's one of the basic moves everyone should make, so they need a good place to get it that's trusted, ready to deliver, that has the best prices with no fees to sell it back.
Nobody does that.
You're revolutionary.
People need to call you now.
Well, it's how we set it up decades ago is I want to make it real easy.
I don't want there to ever be a stumbling block.
Like when Kirk calls a client said, hey, it's time to lock in your profits.
All right.
Is it really?
You just going to make another commission on me?
It's like, no.
How do you overcome that objection?
By not having a commission when you liquidate.
It's easy for me.
Because so this is how we differ.
And being in the right place at the right time is so important.
That's half the equation.
The other half of the equation, Alex, is you understanding why you're doing it we're doing, which is why I spend so much time educating our clients as to the why.
Because if you don't have financial peace about your decision, when you put your head down on the pillow at night, you're going to be stressed out of your gore.
By the way, you're in high demand even though you've got a great huge crew in Colorado.
So, even family calling you.
They're getting great delivery, great everything, but it takes a day or so sometimes because you have a great crew.
You're not just hiring yahoos.
You guys are in high demand right now, so people need to be ready for that.
How long do you think it'll take for folks to get a call back?
Within 24 hours, generally the same day, and then we'll schedule an appointment.
And right now, I mean, I have an amazing team and we're just scheduling two to three days out and it's incredible, right?
So because we want to help people.
When people are calling us, most of the people, even watching your show, which are very well versed as to things going on, they're gripped and paralyzed with fear.
We shouldn't be gripped and paralyzed with fear.
This is America, right?
Or, as we looked on the planks of the Communist Manifesto, maybe we're the U.S.S.A.
I don't know, right?
But there's our freedoms are eroding and people need help right away and we're here to help.
Now, the busier we get, you know, it might be three to four days before you can get an appointment, right?
But we're trying really hard to set up an appointment right away to get assets moving out of paper, out of digital, into something that's tangible and real that will actually get you out.
And let's be clear, the institutions, the billionaires, the governments are rushing into silver and gold.
And when everybody was doing gold five months ago, you said silver.
Now they're rushing into silver.
I mean, yeah, we've been going into silver since 2020, because it made sense.
That's where the ratio was.
And what has silver gone up since 2020 to today?
Not the exact number, but ballpark.
Oh, I don't know.
Roughly three and a half years ago it was $11.91 an ounce.
That was the low in 2020 and now it's $26.5.
But literally when this run started two months ago, 60 days ago, we were at $22.
And so it's up to 26 and a half.
That's even after the pullback.
It got up to 29 just a couple weeks ago.
So this is an amazing buying opportunity because the fundamentals of the markets haven't changed.
And as you predicted, they did some shorting to drive it down, which is an opportunity.
I had a crew ask a question.
It's a great question, but I'm a layman.
You're the Ph.D.
and the expert on this, but tell me if I'm wrong and I won't hurt my feelings if I'm wrong.
There was the gold confiscation laws that came into the depression, but that's because the currency was gold.
They were trying to force us on the paper, and the Nixon got us off the gold standard entirely.
So few people per capita own gold and silver of any substantial amount now, you're not going to have confiscation because the institutions have all got it, and the rich people have all...
Gotten it.
And so back then it was still the currency.
You could take dollar bills into a bank and get gold and silver back.
They got rid of that by the 70s completely.
And so I don't see an issue with gold and silver confiscation.
Plus you're in a collapse.
Screw them.
I mean, you know, you're not going to turn it in.
I mean, that's the reality.
So let's look at that confiscation in the 30s.
After World War I, the U.S.
was broke.
Dead dog broke.
Kind of like they are today, right?
So they issued war bonds.
The government issued war bonds and said, hey, America, you got to bail us out.
And nobody wanted the war bonds because they were bankrupt.
They didn't think they were going to get paid back.
They wanted to keep their gold because gold was backing the currency at the time.
So the president said, OK, we're going to confiscate people's gold.
We're going to make it easy.
You have to go into war bonds.
So so but then you have to realize it was backing the currency.
Almost everybody had it.
Well, now fast forward to today.
Only 2% of the population owns physical gold.
Only 0.9% of the population owns physical silver.
It's not big enough for the government to actually worry about.
But they've already legislated how they're going to do a confiscation in modern day world.
That was just the Dodd-Frank bill in 2011.
So what did that say?
It's like, well, we're going to do bail-ins.
They've already told you they're coming after your pension funds.
They're coming after your bank accounts.
They've already targeted it.
And we had gone before you came on and before they asked that question.
I told the crew and the ringer, I said, no, none of the people have it.
They're not going after that.
They're going after everybody's digital assets.
And when you're in digital, that's when you're free game.
And if I were an evil politician, I wouldn't go after something that only I would get 0.9% of the population.
I would want to go after the masses, the 98% of the population.
Well, that's what the CBDC is.
It's the confiscation of your digital money.
It is, and it's real easy with the flip of a switch to actually do it.
That's right, they had to go find your gold and silver, bury it on the back 40.
No folks, the robbery is the CBDC and it's here.
I feel 100% confident.
That's how we're finishing each other's sentences.
Because this is happening.
It's happening.
The IRS already has access to your bank accounts like we opened the show with.
It's here and it's here now.
So this is why I'm encouraging everybody.
Don't have too much money in the bank.
You know, I wouldn't and I don't, right?
You have to have money that's in a tangible form that defies some of these things.
The easy things to bail, you know, bail you in, bail out your own, you know, bank or financial institution with the flip of a switch.
You can't do that with a physical asset.
You can't.
I would only have a month of operating capital.
Most people don't even have that.
Like 70% don't even have that.
For people that do have money, I would only have a month of operating money in any banks.
Because they are just open season.
They are.
I mean, if people have the means, you know, to avoid if they get laid off or something, have a few months.
But a lot of people can't do that.
A lot of people can't do that.
We just talked to a client today that couldn't hardly even afford to eat, lived in a house with a dirt floor.
It's like, man, Alex, America is hurting.
And we've got small clients and we've got multi-billionaire clients.
I mean, we've got everybody in between.
And we've got all these fat and happy upper-middle class people, God love them, playing golf, playing tennis, still eating, having a great time.
Notice the restaurant doesn't have anybody in it.
They don't know it's already over and I'm starting people of bad news folks It's all over like the door song says for the unknown soldier We need to get ready now people need to go to KEPM.com forward slash gold KEPM.com forward slash gold you need to get ready.
This is the place to go.
I love them They're great sponsors.
They're great people where you can call 7 2 0 6 0 5 3 9 0 0 In my opinion, you are insane if you don't get into silver right now and get some gold.
And I wish I could do it.
I'm under enemy attack.
It's okay.
It's fine.
And I'm just looking at all of you wishing I was in the position you're in right now because...
I just feel so good getting people ready.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, we've done a lot of interviews.
This was the best.
And I'm going to take this and cut it into a bunch of special reports.
I'm going to call you right when the show ends.
Owen Schroyer is set to take over here in about three minutes.
But thank you so much, sir.
And thank you to your amazing team.
It's my pleasure.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
You know, I wish this was the case, but I intellectually and spiritually know I'm 100% right.
And I think you all know it, too.
We are screwed.
But the good news is humanity's waking up and we're going to turn this around.
We're going to go through this crisis.
We're going to expose the globalists.
They're not going to get away with the poison shots.
They're not going to get away with this banking takedown.
But they're going to try.
So buckle up, folks.
Buckle up and get ready now.
Because the greatest crisis of all of our lives is happening now.
And I'm just the watchman on the wall, the Paul Revere, telling you the new world order's coming.
It's here.
All right, that's the end of this transmission.
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.
Every day is a blessing.
11 a.m.