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Name: 20240428_Sun_Alex
Air Date: April 28, 2024
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine and its side effects, including increased rates of heart attacks, blood clots, cancer, sterilization, miscarriages, and deformed lungs in babies. He criticizes the media for not covering these stories and instead focusing on issues like police brutality and political conflicts. Jones emphasizes the importance of addressing the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine and calls out those who downplay its risks.

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It's Sunday and I'm live in studio April 28th, 2024.
April 28th, 2024.
Get ready ladies and gentlemen, it's gonna be one hell of a broadcast.
Tomorrow's news.
We are 190 days, 7 hours, 59 minutes, 35 seconds to the most important election in world history.
You know it's going to be heavily contested.
We'll have another 79 days of hell after that before the inauguration in 2025.
On January 21st.
What I have warned of for many years is now upon us.
We have the megacorporations and central banks that finance them at war with the people of the West and the people of the world.
They are playing us all off against each other so they can complete The organized collapse of the economy and a vertical integration under a global cashless society, social credit score, forced injection, medical depopulation, robot-controlled nightmare.
The left has set up an economy worldwide of racial and religious conflict.
They've exacerbated issues that were already there and were very real.
They've intensified the crisis and so many people are going to approach the racial attack from what color they are.
I would rather derail this whole thing and pull back at 35,000 feet and understand what's happening, but nonetheless understand that a lot of people are going to buy into this at the tribal street level.
But it's going to be those of us that understand the bigger picture that will be able to, in the end, stop this from coming to its final conclusion.
But the amount of open, anti-Western, anti-white propaganda being put out by the big think tanks and the CIA and Hollywood and the usual suspects at the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center is totally weaponized culture.
And it came out in the WikiLeaks in 2016 that they were losing.
They were top psychologists, university heads talking to Hillary and they said it's time to go full culture war.
And that's indeed what they've done.
And if you're being mugged or raped or killed because you're white, the race war on you is very, very real.
But it's critical to understand where it comes from and what the larger endgame is.
And then respond to it accordingly, and then understand that the globalists have been targeting Latin America, Africa, and other areas with deadly GMO food, with deadly shots, just like we're being targeted.
And all of humanity, whether you're in the West, whether you're white, whether you're black, is under New World Order assault.
And that's why they need the divide and conquer, because they'll never get away with this insanely unpopular evil, You'll own nothing, have nothing, eat the bugs, we'll own your body, we'll control you, we'll put you in a 200 square foot 5G blanketed coffin apartment unless we are all so dumbed down and so atomized and so at each other's throats and so poor that we don't know which end is up.
So there's a lot of big stories today, a lot of big developments that we're going to be going over.
But they're all being orchestrated by the very same handful of think tanks and tax refundations working through the private central banks and the big corporations.
And so we have quite the stack of news here today that illustrates that will be going over when we come back.
Like Biden voter brags at a college to Charlie Kirk's face.
Illegals are coming here.
They're going to vote Democrat and we're going to win.
That dovetails with the new mayor of a famous Northern Ireland city, Derry, where they have put in a lady from Africa who is saying we must silence anyone that doesn't want totally open borders.
And I thought, wow, how did a place that's 93% Irish elect her when she's a communist and not even Irish?
And it's because she was installed.
That's right.
Just like Trump doesn't get a trial with juries and people are installed as mayors and presidents.
That's where this is.
And then the whole globalist agenda is attached to her.
And if you're not for the new order agenda, well, you're anti-black.
See how it works?
They're using black folks as their fronts.
We'll talk about it when we return.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
Accurately decoding the New World Order Master Plan for 30-plus years on air.
I'm very honored to be here this evening, very thankful you've decided to spend time with us and join us, and hopefully share the live links from InfoWars.com, Ford's live show, Bandai video, and of course, local radio station links as well.
And of course you can go to RealAlexJones on the X platform and share the live feed that is there in many other places as well.
It is April 28th, 2024 on this live Sunday transmission and I'm going to cover massively important news that all ties together.
That is run by the very same globalist institutions and operations.
And I'm also going to play this clip.
It's probably on the list, but I missed it.
Seven years ago, the UAE's foreign minister issued a dire warning to the West.
Here's his words explaining how the left is going to use replacement migration to cause a clash of civilizations.
And he's an Arab.
And he's explaining it to you.
How it's the master plan.
To have us all at each other's throats.
And to brainwash the illegal invaders that are brought in en masse to be anti-white and to not have them assimilate.
Because the world is 93% non-white and racial politics is a very effective system throughout history and it's being used again, but this time against the West.
It's all coming up.
We have EVA Blardingerbrook giving a very powerful speech that's got over 50 million views on X alone the last 48 hours since Elon Musk posted it.
And she lays out exactly what is happening and going on.
We're going to go through all of these key areas and then I'm going to tie it in to the massive pro-AMAS demonstrations going on in Europe and the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK.
And again, this is a perfect dialectic.
It's a perfect divide-and-conquer.
I think a lot of the things Israel is doing are wrong.
I'm against the systematic extermination of people in Gaza.
I'm also against Biden giving 6 billion to Hezbollah, who then gave it to Hamas.
Clearly, Israel stood down.
This is about creating a climate for civil war across the Western world to bring in the New World Order.
And the Democrats are publicly funding the demonstrations, not just here but also in Europe.
It's a color revolution.
Does that mean we support the police arresting press and innocent people?
Does that mean we support the Islamists attacking police and overrunning them and attacking them and setting up their own autonomous zones?
The point is, is that it is a giant manipulation where all the major sides are being funded To create the crisis.
We have American flags being hauled down at major universities and Palestinian flags, Hamas flags, being run up.
This is a plan so that when Trump wins, they have a pretext to trigger violent civil unrest, burning cities, but on a much larger scale as we saw in the summer of mostly peaceful protest.
In 2000.
And the Democrats have said in the Washington Post and the New York Times that they are planning to have civil unrest even when Trump is re-elected, when he's president-elect, and cause such a crisis that the political system will then, via all these court cases, not let Trump get into office.
And we're only 190 days out from this kicking off in earnest.
It will build and build and build in the next 190 days, and then it will kick into high gear Once Trump is re-elected and landslide in all the numbers, all the polls, even CNN polls have Trump 10 points ahead.
They are in full panic mode.
They have huge Hollywood $350 million budget movies like Civil War.
People go watch it and say, I don't know what it means.
It's not really political.
It doesn't say who's good and bad.
Well, if you thought that, you are not conscious or have a very low IQ.
I went and watched it and it was absolutely crystal clear.
All of the bad guys are white.
The president is Trump.
The multiracial Western alliance Defeats them, and the American flag is taken down, the Washington monuments are blown up, and the one black person who's with the white supremacist, she's executed, a black woman.
And then a black special ops woman kills Trump while he begs for his life.
This is happening.
And they will hype up some police shootings, and some things that are triggered during these riots, you know will come.
Oh, they're justified or not.
They will say they're not justified and that'll be the pretext of George Floyd 2.0 to burn down the country.
It's a similar model in Europe and using the media pushing the images of the dead children in Gaza, which is terrible.
I'm not saying they shouldn't show them.
But only showing that, not showing all the carnage other parts of the world, or the Uyghurs in death camps, or the 22 million dead from poison shots.
None of that's to be seen.
But oh, playing on the heartstrings to then create this explosion.
It's not about which side you're on, it's about seeing, like the chemistry set, the reaction in the Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution.
So, What's happening is, unlike foreigners that came here legally in the past and became Americans, who are some of the best people we've ever had in modern history, we are a nation of immigrants, it's true.
White, brown, black, doesn't matter.
The new ones coming here, it's on record, are voting in blue cities everywhere.
They've passed laws, let them vote.
Even though that's illegal, they still vote in federal elections now.
They just had a big study done, it was even on Fox News a few days ago.
Where they confirmed upwards of 1 in 5 votes cast in a big national study by Democrats or cast by Democrats that didn't even live in the cities or states where they cast the ballot.
Well, we know this happened.
So that's 1 in 5.
It's actually a little over 1 in 5 in the study.
And we'll get to that coming up as well.
I posted it on X.
Saturday and there's a video report on that that we're gonna also get and be
playing. So they bring them in, they're put in UN refugee camps in Europe, in the US, in North America, in
Central America. They're brainwashed for six months. They're given debit cards by
NGOs, they're given cell phones by NGOs, they're shipped into key areas to then
spend months more in NGO bases around the United States. Then they're signed up
to vote, given driver's license, signed up to work in horrible working
conditions. The young is 11 years old, entire factories, cereal factories, they get
caught in the machines. Even the New York Times reported on that.
Upwards of 20% are in sex slavery.
And that's all okay because it's liberal and they're the new voters.
But the globalists don't want to scare the illegals coming here.
That's why they give them so many goodies.
That's why they're exempt from the shots back when you were told they were mandatory.
So just add that little cherry on top.
And so once they get here, they are brainwashed to hate the country, they are injected into the left, and they have NGOs and government-funded lawyers who then are their minders and controllers, and if they don't do what they're told, if they don't donate part of their paycheck and part of their welfare check, because they get signed up for both, to the Democratic Party, local lawyers and NGOs, they are then picked up by ICE, who's told to get them, and taken and deported.
So it's a permanent underclass that they're controlling, exploiting and using.
And the Democrats wanna be the ruling class, they wanna, and they basically are in this country.
So they know this is the admitted strategy that is being executed.
So there's a story if you wanna see the full report by Jamie White on thevauntedinfowars.com.
Biden voter brags, illegals are coming here, they're gonna vote Democrat,
and we're gonna win.
And even if a lot of them don't vote right away, studies show it's in about two years from getting here, they're told, you will go vote.
You'll go vote in this dead person's name, or you'll vote in your illegal name.
More than 100 cities have legalized it.
Where's the federal courts blocking that?
They're not overriding it, it's just being done.
Federal Courts of Rural Illegals can buy guns, carry guns, use guns, they're above the law.
But the same federal judge appointed by Obama says citizens shouldn't be able to have them.
That happened two months ago, remember?
A month and a half ago.
You cannot make this up.
They can have guns, you can't.
They try to make you take shots, oh no, none of them are going to take them.
Because they don't want to scare any of them from not coming here, they want to incentivize them.
But even though it takes about two years for them to vote, Instantly, it is apportioned into the new census and into districting to give them the districts they need already in blue cities to then expand those cities geographically in their hegemonic political control.
And the Democrats are on record admitting this in many places.
And then when we talk about it, they go, oh no, illegals aren't voting.
No, they are.
And oh no, we're giving them driver's licenses isn't a problem.
So the Democrats want you to show a vaccine passport and your ID.
You've had all your poison injections.
Still in some blue cities, they're asking for vaccine passports or to have a job as a nurse or what have you.
But oh, if it's to vote, you don't need to have an ID.
So here is the Biden voter talking to Charlie Kirk.
Here it is.
I believe mine's gonna win in a landslide.
Lowest unemployment in 60 years, baby.
What about inflation?
Do you have any questions about inflation?
Inflation's going down.
Actually, it's going up.
It's going down!
Gas prices are down!
Gas prices are down!
Inflation is down!
Why is the Fed then raising rates?
How many illegals are coming across the border every day?
A lot.
So about 10 to 15,000 a day.
Do you think Joe Biden... And they're all gonna vote Dem.
Can you say that again?
The illegals?
Well, illegals.
Yeah, they're coming here.
They're going to vote Democrat and we're going to win.
So you are admitting that the border is a political tactic by the Democrat Party?
Joe Biden is opening the floodgates of this country because he wants to hold on to political power.
We've been saying this for a long time.
I was like a... I believe that... No, no, no borders, no.
doing to secure the border? When you have 15,000 people a day coming across your southern border,
that is not a mistake. Who cares? Who cares? Do you believe in borders?
I believe that... No, no borders, no. One rule of government.
And final pitch for Joe Biden?
No borders, lots of war, more spying and bankrupt the country?
He's still gonna win.
You guys might win an election, but that will be the death of America if that is the case.
Incredible job, Charlie Kirk.
That guy just gets better and better as it gets now.
So... Oh, but we just paid billions of the $62 billion to Ukraine to secure their border.
And all the human traffic, all the little kids being used in sex slavery and tire factories and manufacturing facilities, sleeping on the floor.
That's okay because he doesn't care because we're gonna win!
As if that young idiot is going to do well in the future America.
He's such a fool.
Now, this is just a microcosm.
This is happening all over the US, all over Canada, all over Europe, all over Australia.
They are bringing in foreigners Almost always women who they put in charge.
And then if you're against it, well, it's a black woman or it's a brown woman.
You've got to go for them.
And you've got, and I looked it up, Derby is 93% Irish.
And they fought the British forever trying to control their land.
And the Irish have been through hell.
That's where the Irish come from is Ireland.
And you have the new black Immigrant Mayor, and I thought, how did they elect her?
I mean, even if she was white or whatever, they wouldn't elect somebody that's not Irish.
Oh, they have new rules there.
They install the mayors.
That's right, you can go read about it.
I put a link out on my ex account about an hour ago, and it links to local Irish news, where they just explain, well, We precluded everybody else from even being in the selection process, and then the special board of political parties, they put this lady in.
Overhead shot.
And I made this comment.
Replacement migration is the official name of the UN invasion strategy to conquer the West.
England and France have basically fallen now.
Ireland is in the crosshairs.
Same UN operation that's running the destruction of the US and every other Western nation.
They don't come with UN blue helmets, folks.
They come through the bureaucracy.
They come through the banks.
They come through the government.
That's how they take over and they use the third world.
They've already been exploiting it.
Everybody then posted, when I posted this, images of UN blue helmets shot full of bullet holes.
They're not going to come in UN helmets, folks.
They come bureaucratically and through replacement migration.
You have to kill the ideas with information, not with violence.
So, let's go ahead and play a clip of the new installed mayor of Derby, Northern Ireland.
Or Derry, Derry, excuse me.
Derry, Northern Ireland.
Everyone is living on edge right now, and we need to do something about it.
We cannot continue ignoring that this is a small minority of far-right movement.
It is an organized terrorist group of people who want to harm immigrants in this country,
and we have to take action now.
We can't keep on calling them a small, dangerous group of people
because it is an organized group of people who are radicalizing young people
and encouraging them to go and harm others who are just living peacefully,
who wants to live a peaceful life in this country.
Okay, so they bring in foreigners, they appoint them like the illegal alien Chinese lady
in San Francisco that's on the election board.
And she votes.
And she runs the election board.
And in case you want to read this for yourself, here is the article out of Dairy Daily.
That's the newspaper in Derry, North Ireland.
SDLP councillors disappointed and frustrated over mayor selection process.
Because they select the mayor now.
You wonder how they get a foreign lady from Africa that can barely speak English to be their mayor.
Because it's a selection process, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, this is a 12 and a half minute speech.
The whole thing I posted, again, on RealAlexJones on X. I'm going to air most of it now and come back from the break and air the rest of it.
But this is Eva.
Vlaardingerbroek from the Netherlands, very well spoken reporter and journalist, and Elon Musk reposted her full speech.
It's being taken out of context.
It's a fact.
Racial war by Hollywood, by the corporate media, by our major governments, has been declared on white people.
They're the ones making it a racial conflict.
Most of the brown people don't want to be part of this.
Okay, now when you got some brainwashed illegal that hates you because you're white, or whatever's going on, you have to understand that's there, but you have to understand the larger issue of who's doing this and trying to put us like two chickens, two cocks in a ring, or two pit bulls to kill each other.
Or the Russia with love James Bond analogy where Specter shows the two Siamese fighting
fish killing each other and then Specter comes in after one's dead and the other's hurt and
then he kills him and he wins.
That's what this is.
And yeah we've got to deport the illegals and we've got to, we've brought in way more
than we can assimilate, we've got to reverse all this.
I'm simply saying that we cannot then get into the whole game of hating people because
of what color they are when they're being exploited even more than us in the third world
and having their resources cut off for at least three years during the lockdowns.
The UN said to push them up here.
It doesn't mean now we just roll over and put out a red carpet the opposite, but we don't get down on the UN's level and hate these people.
Because they've done major studies and polls.
Over 90% of those coming here didn't have jobs for years, were starving to death.
But that's the UN doing it.
The COVID lockdowns killed 80-plus million people from starvation, mainly in the third world.
And if the globalists could get away with it, they'd have the lockdowns that bad here.
We're all under New World Order attack.
And I'm going to segue next segment into the war in Israel and Palestine and the protests and how the same manipulation is there.
And you don't beat this game until you realize the larger issue and pull back 35,000 feet and then educate everybody.
And still it's going to be rough.
But if you see the big picture and know who's creating the crises, The CFR, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, the WEF, the ADL, mainstream corporate media that's literally at war.
They're the ones pushing it.
George Soros.
And you've got to oppose this operation.
All right, let's start going.
We're going to break about four or five minutes and then we'll come back with the rest.
But here is Eva of Laird-Dingerbrook knocking it out of the park.
Here it is.
Hello Hungary, hello Budapest, hello fellow Europeans and American friends.
Thank you so much for having me.
Allow me to skip formalities for a moment and dive right into a subject that is not so cheerful, but very, very necessary to discuss.
Let me walk you through the past seven days in Europe.
This week in Stockholm, three elderly women in their 70s were stabbed in broad daylight on the streets.
In London, four people were stabbed in a time span of just 42 hours.
In Paris, hundreds of African migrants took to the street to riot.
And in Brigolo, also in France, yet another church was burned down to the ground.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is just a few incidents in just a couple of days on our beautiful continent.
But we all know that these incidents aren't incidents anymore.
If there's one thing that's for sure, it's that we know, and our governments also know, that there is a link between mass migration and crime.
In the Dutch city of Dordrecht, something interesting happened the other day.
They announced, and this is a small city in the Netherlands, in my home country, that a new asylum center will be put in that little town.
And what did the municipality do?
They said, we are going to offer citizens who live in the vicinity of this center a thousand euros to take extra safety measures.
Our new reality in Europe consists of frequent rapes, stabbings, killings, murders, shootings, even beheadings.
But let me be clear about one thing.
This did not used to happen before.
This is a newly imported problem.
Samuel P. Huntington predicted this over 25 years ago when he wrote, and I quote, In the new world of mass migration, the most pervasive, important and dangerous conflicts will not be between the social classes.
They will not be between the rich and the poor.
They will be between peoples belonging to different cultural entities.
Tribal wars and ethnic conflicts will occur within civilizations.
Well boy was he right!
And the worst part is, we as a society seem to have become indifferent to it.
When another white boy or white girl dies at the hands of an immigrant, we might shake our head, we might let out a sigh, we might even get angry for a minute or two, and then we go on with our lives.
We are for the family thoughts and prayers, but nothing ever changes.
All right, we're going to come back after the break and air the rest of it.
There's about eight minutes left, but I want to back it up about 10 seconds when we come back.
But I'm going to produce some little mini documentaries very soon in the next few weeks.
I'm going to show you the Banff Canada documents that Lou Dobbs got back in 2007, right when I was making Endgames.
I remember I put it in the film.
Where they met for the North American Union Summit that was secret with all the corporate government leaders of North America in Banff, Canada.
And they said three things are going to bring in the new world order.
Open borders, replacement migration, the threat of a virus and economic collapse.
And they're doing it.
And they're making it a race war.
Okay, we're not the ones doing it.
So we have to understand this and stop the race war and then prosecute the perpetrators.
So what I really want to ask you to do is pray for myself and the crew and my family.
That's number one.
I want that.
I need that.
It's your prayer that's doing it.
That's why this surfaced.
That's why this happened.
I need the prayer.
That I need you to take the articles, the videos, the posts we make at Real Alex Jones, recopy them, share them, post them yourself, do whatever, just get it out there.
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We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live, and I'm going to play the rest of this Eva Lardingerbrook
and very important speech on the war against the West, the open declaration of war against
white people, absolute race baiting by the big corporations.
They're taking the planet over right now.
They've got an AI takeover, a world government takeover, new world currency's coming out.
How do they get away with that?
Well, they already got control of the third world, then they assault the West with the refugees of globalist tyranny in the third world.
So they're not our enemies in spirit.
We want to help them, but they are becoming our enemies in reality.
Because that's the position they've been put in as controlled pawns.
Before we get back into this, key information, I tie it all together.
Now they're planning a civil war right after Trump wins the election.
And I don't just believe that, they admit that.
That's one of the main Battle plans they've got.
They've got a few others too.
Cyber attacks, a new virus.
We're going to talk about it all.
I had a guest set in the second hour.
They're a great guest.
I canceled them.
I'll have them on later in the week because I wanted to have time to really cover all this today.
We've done a pretty good job the first 30 minutes.
We're about to really plow into it right now.
And you know our track record's about 98% accuracy.
I wish this was not accurate, but you can take it to the bank, folks.
What I'm going to be saying here, and I don't think you need me to tell you that, you can see it everywhere now, can't you?
It's horrible.
But exposing it gives us a good shot of maybe stopping it, that's about a 20% chance, but mitigating it once it goes full bore and it blowing up in their face and we end up turning this whole thing around and it being their water loop.
If we do our job, we got about an 80% chance of beating them once it goes into the next phase.
So I'm hoping to stave this off and not go through the pain, but We've had things a little too good a little too long.
We've got a little decadent and corrupt and God has a way of letting us go back into bondage when we become selfish and dumb and lazy.
So that's coming up.
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All right, now, let's get back into where we were.
This is Eva Vairdingerbrook speaking.
At a big conference in Eastern Europe.
And what did Elon Musk say about what she said?
I'll read his comments on X and then I'll play it.
And look, it's 26 million views when I printed this earlier and I saw another version with 25 million views.
That's over 50 million views of this in the last 48 hours.
The problem with the Great Replacement Theory, which is the official UN plan, is that it fails to address the foundational issue of low birth rates.
Record low birth rates are leading to population collapse in Europe and even faster population collapse in most Asian countries.
China, Japan.
Immigration is low in Asia, so there is no replacement going on.
The countries are simply shrinking away.
That's why China's economy is falling apart.
Now they've gone to a three-child policy.
If this doesn't turn around, then any country on earth will have low birth rates, will become empty of people, and fall into ruin.
The remains we see of many long dead civilizations.
Dead on Elon.
Find the full speech by Eva at InfoWars.com in this article.
Eva warns whites to take stand against globalist replacement agenda because Again, any other country, any other group, Asians, Africans would stand up for themselves.
They were told they were bad and you're being replaced.
You'd say, no, I don't hate the other groups, but I'm not going to do that.
They have basic survival instinct.
White people have been taught the new religion of hating themselves.
And we're also the wealthiest countries on average because of Western culture and values that are exceptional.
I mean, if people want to come here, even though we were falling apart, we're still the best house in that neighborhood.
So we have to understand they're trying to get us to get rid of our values because they don't want the world aspiring to freedom.
No, we need 1776 worldwide, not militarily, but culturally, where we can turn working with these great people, Africa and Latin America and other places into jewels.
Look at El Salvador, got a great leader.
He's not a white guy, super smart, badass, you know, love him.
And with good leadership in two years, it's the safest country in the Western Hemisphere.
And people are, and he's paying smart people, scientists that are brown and black and white and yellow to come there.
That's what America used to do, was pay the smart people to come here.
They were all colors.
But no, no, we want mentally ill people, criminals, shingle moms they can control, because they want a permanent slave class.
And it doesn't help them bringing them here, they're just jumping out of one fire into another.
So let's go back to her breakdown, here it is.
Samuel P. Huntington predicted this over 25 years ago when he wrote, and I quote, In the new world of mass migration, the most pervasive, important and dangerous conflicts will not be between the social classes.
They will not be between the rich and the poor.
They will be between peoples belonging to different cultural entities.
Tribal wars and ethnic conflicts will occur within civilizations.
Well boy was he right!
And the worst part is, we as a society seem to have become indifferent to it.
When another white boy or white girl dies at the hands of an immigrant, we might shake our head, we might let out a sigh, we might even get angry for a minute or two, and then we go on with our lives.
We offer the family thoughts and prayers, but nothing ever changes.
Ladies and gentlemen, what does that say about us?
This is the response of a society that has already given up.
A society that has already accepted its defeat.
But is this true?
Have we given up?
Do we really accept the new reality that our globalist leaders have in mind for us?
I know one thing for sure, and that is that if nothing changes, if we don't start to seriously fight for our continent, for our religion, for our people, our countries, then this time that we live in will go down in history as the time in which Western nations no longer had to get invaded by hostile armies in order to be conquered.
This time will then go down in history as the period in which the invader was actively invited in by a corrupt elite.
And not only did this corrupt elite invite the enemy in, they made the native population pay for it too.
Everyone who has eyes can see it.
The native, white, Christian, European population is being replaced at an ever-accelerating rate.
Let me back this up for you with some statistics from my home country.
Let's take Amsterdam, the capital.
Amsterdam currently consists of 56% migrants.
The Hague, 58% migrants.
Rotterdam, almost 60% migrants.
And of course, most of these immigrants come from non-Christian, non-Western, African and Middle Eastern countries.
Conclusion, the Dutch population is already outnumbered in the majority of our cities.
But let's look onwards.
London, 54% migrants.
Again, conclusion, native population outnumbered.
Brussels, color me shocked, 70% migrants.
By the way, hit pause, back it up 10 seconds.
Again, what did the new mayor of Derry In Northern Ireland, appointed by the government, can't even hardly speak English from Africa, nothing against Africans, but it's a fact.
If you went there, they'd laugh at you and say, I'm your mayor, I've been installed.
She's been installed, not elected.
She says the white people are bad, we've got to arrest them if they're not for totally open borders.
They're terrorists.
And what does Sadiq Khan say?
He lets them stab people all day long and run white slavery rings and all the rest of it.
And then target any Brits that stand up to it.
It's the same formula, folks.
And then Big Tech says there's anybody that stands up for themselves.
But people are pissed, and they see through it.
But we have to then secure the borders, secure the nations, reinvigorate ourselves in Western culture, but not be sucked into the civil war they're planning.
That's the destabilization factor, and we'll cover that after she's done, but let's continue.
London, 54% migrants.
Again, conclusion, native population outnumbered.
Brussels, color me shocked, 70% migrants.
Conclusion, native population majorly outnumbered.
And other Europeans will of course follow suit soon if they haven't already.
So I'm going to draw the forbidden conclusion here.
The Great Replacement Theory is no longer a theory.
It's reality.
And what's interesting about replacement is that the establishment will either deny its existence or, when they admit to it, they say that it's a good thing that the native European population is soon no longer a majority on its own continent.
Dutch national disgrace and dubbed climate pope Frans Timmermans already stated in 2015 that diversity is humanity's destiny and that Europe will be diverse.
And of course by now I think we all know what they mean with the words diversity.
It means less white people, less of you.
Imagine this in an Asian or an African country.
Imagine their leaders rejoicing in the fact that their people will soon no longer be a majority in their own country.
Absolutely unthinkable.
So what in the world is wrong with our leaders?
The underlying sentiment of what they say is always the same.
Our establishment claims that white people are evil and that our history is somehow fundamentally different from that of others.
Consciously or unconsciously, they have sucked up the lies and the anti-white dogmas of the neo-Marxist critical race theory.
That's why the totalitarian... Back it up 10 seconds again.
And again, BlackRock, the big banks, the ADL, they're all funding that to neutralize any political opposition as we're being conquered.
To call us racist if we don't accept them openly demonizing us because of what color we are.
They're the new Nazis.
They're the ones that are race-based.
Klaus Schwab's grandfather literally was a Nazi.
And then they're doing it to us now.
Acting like we're the Nazis, it's ridiculous.
You can't be intimidated by it.
You have to call it out and then not bow down to it.
I know our listeners don't do that, but the general public...
And realize that once you bow down to the political correctness and the wokeism that whites are bad, then they add on to it the transgenderism and the open borders and all the wars and the corruption and everything else that comes with it.
They're getting you to capitulate and literally bow, like to Black Lives Matter, all the white people bowing and licking boots and all of that.
All of George Soros' production.
From that of others.
Consciously or unconsciously, they have sucked up the lies and the anti-white dogmas of the neo-Marxist critical race theory.
That's why the totalitarians in Brussels are trying to force you, the Hungarian people, a sovereign nation, to accept immigrants despite the fact that the population has said no and so has the government.
But make no mistake, the majority of the Dutch people haven't asked for this either.
Just like Brussels is forcing Hungary to accept these words of immigrants, they are doing the same now even in the smallest of towns in the Netherlands.
No part may remain Dutch in the traditional sense of the word.
No part of Europe may remain European.
And it's not difficult to understand why.
If the old Europe still exists in certain places, then people will be able to compare the new Europe to the old, and newsflash, they will prefer the old.
That's why the Eurocrats hate Hungary so much.
And their message is clear.
Our way of life, our Christian religion, our nations, they have to go.
Without exception.
Their vision of the future is the neoliberal, unrecognizable Europe, where every city becomes kind of like Brussels.
Ugly, dirty, unsafe, zero social cohesion, where the buildings are constantly under construction and they never ever seem to finish, and even when they do, the end result is uglier somehow than what they started with.
And what are we left with?
A permanent state of isolation, confusion and disorientation.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the New World Order.
So what's the antidote?
A strong, Christian Europe of sovereign nation-states.
That's why we need to outright reject the lie that nationalism causes war.
It's not nationalism or national sovereignty that causes war.
It's expansionism.
And where in Europe do we find that nowadays?
In one place and one place only.
Isn't it funny how the same people who erode our national sovereignty and love
to do it, give it all up to the Eurocrats there, that those people are now
telling us that we need to spend billions and billions of euros on the
national sovereignty of Ukraine?
It's a joke, honestly, and it's a pretty sick, expensive and dangerous joke.
During a recent interview, I got asked by an interviewer, do you think that you ever go too far?
Do you think that you're ever too radical?
I thought about it for a second, and I said, no.
No, I don't think I go too far.
Truth be told, ladies and gentlemen, I think we in Europe do not go far enough.
I think that if we really think about the organized structural attack on our civilization, That we don't do enough.
Do we do enough to stop the attack on our families, on our continent, on our countries, on our religion?
When we hear about another murder, another stabbing of a young innocent child, do we do enough?
When we know that our national sovereignty has been given up in less than a century to Brussels, do we do enough?
When we hear that Christian kids in Germany are now converting to Islam to fit in, do we do enough?
I don't think so.
The totalitarian institute of the European Union needs to come down.
Let me be clear, I don't believe in reforms.
When the foundation of your institution is rotten, and that is the case in Brussels, you can rebuild the house on top of it all you want, but it's still going to crumble.
So the only answer is the Tower of Babel needs to be destroyed.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are the daughters and sons of the greatest nations on earth.
And we need to ask ourselves, what has happened to us?
Where do we come from, and more importantly, where are we going?
Our elites have declared a war on us, and now it is time for us to put on the full armor of God, fight back, and win.
Thank you so much.
Very powerful.
Very true.
We're going to start the second hour here.
I've got so much more tying into the Soros-funded protest, the plan for a civil war, it's all coming up.
The Western world created the whole new modern world and almost all the wealth.
Now the globals were able to take it over financially and partly the power to take over the rest of the world.
Now they've got to get rid of the freedoms and the checks and balances that are left here, that have basically almost been phased out, so that that model is dead and discredited and the globalists dominate the globe.
That's why they're using race-based politics.
But it's coming out of Hollywood, it's coming out of the CIA, it's coming out of the ADL, It's coming out of the clash of civilizations.
And that's why the evidence is overwhelming that Biden and Netanyahu got behind the scenes with the mullahs in Iran, gave them the money, stood down, let the attacks happen, hyped all this up to then be the trigger for what you're about to see in Europe and the United States.
It's all coming up in hour number two.
But let's go to break with the UAE foreign minister Warning seven years ago of what's now happening.
And let me say this in English so you can understand what I'm saying.
I have translation.
No, I know you have translation, but I just want to make sure you get it right.
There will come a day.
That we will see far more radical extremists and terrorists coming out of Europe because of lack of decision-making, trying to be politically correct, or assuming that they know the Middle East and they know Islam and they know the others far better than we do.
And I'm sorry, but that's pure ignorance.
All right, hour number two, just two minutes away.
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for cultural free triple a two five three three one three nine
exactly what they're considering here which is the question of whether
president has absolutely And then there's a second question here.
Biden Lawfare Circus has taken a dangerous turn for the former psychotics-in-chief.
I don't know why we're surprised by Trump.
How many times does he have to prove we can't be trusted?
Trump attorney D. John Sauer presented a moment of clarity to the power-mad deep state pawns.
Without presidential immunity from criminal prosecution, there can be no presidency as we know it.
For 234 years of American history, no president was ever prosecuted for his official acts.
If a president can be charged, put on trial, and imprisoned for his most controversial decisions as soon as he leaves office, That looming threat will distort the president's decision-making precisely when bold and fearless action is most needed.
Every current president will face de facto blackmail and extortion by his political rivals while he is still in office.
Could President George W. Bush have been sent to prison for obstructing an official proceeding or allegedly lying to Congress to induce war in Iraq?
The decision of one man To launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq.
I mean, of Ukraine.
Could President Obama be charged with murder for killing U.S.
citizens abroad by drone strike?
But these decisions must be made, given my responsibility to protect the American people.
Could President Biden someday be charged with unlawfully inducing immigrants to enter the country illegally for his border policies?
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
The original meaning of the Executive Vesting Clause, the framers understanding and intent, an unbroken historical tradition spanning 200 years, and policy considerations rooted in the separation of powers, all counsel against it.
Meanwhile, Biden, DOJ attorney Michael Dreeben, and special counsel Jack Smith attempted to claim the Constitution does not grant presidential immunity.
Of course, Dreeben, when asked if Obama could be tried for murder for the drone strikes he has openly admitted to, argued this could not be the case.
Mr. Dreeben, are you saying that there's no immunity, presidential immunity, even for official acts?
Yes, Justice Thomas, the president as the head of the Article 2 branch can assert as applied Article 2 objections to criminal laws that interfere with an exclusive power possessed by the president or that prevent the president from accomplishing his constitutionally assigned functions.
Fortunately or unfortunately, there is a long-standing history of criminal activity protected by this assumed
immunity, as Justice Clarence Thomas pointed out regarding the JFK-era
CIA Operation Mongoose and subsequently Operation Northwoods.
Not so distant past, certain presidents have engaged in various activity coups or operations like Operation Mongoose,
And yet there were no prosecutions.
If you If what you're saying is right, it would seem that that would have been right for criminal prosecution of someone.
So Justice Thomas, I think this is a central question.
The reason why there have not been prior criminal prosecutions is that there were not crimes.
We're looking at a plan to blow things up on American soil, and then to blame it all on Cuba.
Operation Mongoose was a multifaceted chess game played on the global stage.
Covert operations took on various forms, from sabotage to propaganda campaigns.
The objective was create internal dissent, sow discord, and ultimately overthrow Castro's regime.
Careful what you ask for, Deep State Lawfare adherents.
Even a kid waving his middle finger at decrepit derelict Biden knows.
A little kid standing with his middle finger, seven years old, eight years old.
Well, I promise it happens all the time.
The only thing separating Biden from a prison cell is his presidential immunity marinating in plausible deniability.
And I remember looking at Jim Biden and saying, how are you guys getting away with this?
Like, aren't you concerned?
And he looked at me and he laughed a little bit and said, plausible deniability.
He said that out loud?
Biden's legal crew may be creating a path to a doomed reconstruction of the presidential power that they serve.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.
You know, I made a lot of documentaries that reached hundreds of millions of people.
And of course, we've cut thousands of reports that have reached billions of people.
But I want to make a documentary about not just false flags, but the history of governments getting together to have a war, not to defeat each other, but to keep the power structure in place.
Now, there are a lot of wars, and I've never quantified, I don't think anybody knows the exact number, that are real wars between two countries, two tribes, two empires, two systems.
I would say the majority in history have been that, I think that's fair to say, but there have been a lot of them.
Where it's contrived.
And on the surface, there's real people killing each other and it's a real war.
But at the end of the day, it's not.
And I saw a film a few years ago called The King, that was based on a true story 650 years ago, where you have the Norman, that are the French, who are the Vikings, who had conquered France and most of Europe.
And William the Conqueror had come over 300 years before that, 400 years before that, and also conquered most of what's England today.
So it was cousins.
And I've read the actor's name.
He's the guy that plays Paul Atreides in Dune.
The guy just happened to be the king.
Timothy Shalliman.
But if you go watch that movie, in fact it was so powerful because I read history books about it, I watched it twice.
I watched it once in the theater when it came out, I guess eight, nine years ago, and I watched it again just like six months ago with my wife.
Because it's a real historical movie and it's very accurate.
So, the point is, is that he goes and fights this giant war in France, his best friend gets killed, they lose half their army but they win, and then his minister comes in at the end and says, We had a deal the whole time, and this is just to secure both realms, and we staged this, and he stabs him, which that really happened.
He stabs the minister to death with a dagger.
And I'm oversimplifying it, but there are letters, you know, multiple wars in the last 800 years between France and England, who are the classic two enemies, but have the same royalty related.
Until the House of Tudor went away, and then you got the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas came in with George I, II, we had the Revolutionary War against King George III.
They weren't even British.
But the point is, before that, they were Norman.
And then you know the story of Robin, who was a real person, but it becomes legend.
He was a Saxon.
So there's a lot of history there, and I'm not going to even try to get it all right, because there's so much of it.
You have to read a hundred books, you would understand it.
Not much I have, but it just becomes, you know, lore at some point.
Point is, is that the King of England finds out that he's been set up because his father was trying to conquer the Irish, which was true, and they couldn't do that, so they never gave up, and he was trying to conquer The Welsh, which they couldn't because they never give up, and he was even trying to get in a fight with the Scots.
Oh, that's a really good group to start a fight with.
That was all starting.
It took England 400 years once that started to actually ever get the Scots.
You know about William Wallace, all of it.
And so the ministers were all pissed that, this is the full story, the movie covers like 80% of it, that his father was constantly fighting over The British Isles.
That's what they called it.
It was theirs.
The Irish would say it's not the Isles, and the Scots would say it's not the British Isles, but the British Islands.
But they were like, it's ours.
The British.
Britain comes from that little tribe in the south there.
So, the reason I start this discussion with that is, can we have a little bit of a thought about how this works?
So, the king's father, when he was king, was constantly making war domestically.
So his ministers came to him and these letters are written and they're on the record and you can read books about it.
They've got it at the Royal Museum in London.
And once his dad died, he said, listen, your dad wasn't smart.
We need a war with France.
And by the way, France has got its own issues.
So we think it's going to work out fine.
Even if we lose, it'll be okay.
We'll be able to unify all the tribes in England behind us and we'll have control here.
And there are famous letters in wars that came after that where The British King and the French King would write to their cousin, usually a first cousin, or second cousin, and say, I'm having uprisings and problems and trouble raising taxes.
I think it's time for us to have a conflict.
And they would go have a conflict.
So if that was going on 400, 500, 600, 700 years ago in Europe and in what is the UK today,
what do you think the establishment's doing today?
Because nine times out of ten, when there's a big war, it's a real war, people are dying,
but there are political groups behind the scenes making deals.
And it is a fact that the Rothschilds and the political Zionists had a plan before the Balfour Declaration, all the rest of it, 120 years ago.
That'd be 40 years before World War II.
Look it up.
And there's documentaries of the Rothschilds on PBS admitting this, that they wanted to set up a new Israel either in Russia or Ukraine or in where Israel is today.
And that the political Zionists and the founders of Israel look at these quotes, a cow in Palestine, owned by Zionists, Is more valuable than all the Jews in Europe.
Pull up, that's the founder of Israel said that.
Pull it up.
A cow in Palestine, call it that, owned by Zionists, is more valuable than all the Jews in Europe.
Because they're not under the control of this, you see.
And I'm not saying it's totally a Zionist operation.
I'm saying this is real history.
I want to make a documentary, show you the quotes, all of it.
Because it's the same Machiavellian crap that Machiavelli wrote about in What is Italy today, which was not Italy until 150 years ago, 160 years ago, it was a bunch of principalities just like the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was dozens and dozens of little kingdoms that all allied under an emperor because none of them would give up their power.
And so Israel, people that founded it, the Rothschilds, they see that and they said, we'll get England to recognize Palestine as Israel.
And then British intelligence funded Hitler, wound him up, had secret deals with him.
Yeah, one cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland.
And then there's other quotes like that.
Gishak, Grunbaum, but there's also, the founder of Israel said that similar thing, but the
point is, is that, again, the crew's just in there typing in what I say, we're not pre-playing
this, but you can, any listener can just type in what I say and you're going to find it.
So this is another example.
So because the King of England and the King of France were in stage wars doesn't mean
French are bad, doesn't mean British are bad.
It means that their leaders are doing this.
And in that movie, The King, which is based on the true story of what happened, he killed the first minister when he found out.
You mean, we just staged a fake war, killed half my friends, my best friend?
You're dead, you son of a bitch!
But the point is, that's how this works.
And this goes on.
And if you don't think Israel doesn't pull crap like this, you're stupid.
They're as smart as anybody out there.
And that's where evil comes in, is this idea, well we can do this, it's like the Ring of Mordor, the Ring of Sauron, you can put it on and play dirty tricks and win, but you always destroy yourself in the end.
And so there were deals with Madeleine Albright's dad and people under him like Soros that worked through him, you know, ten levels down, to not let Jews leave Europe, not leave Ukraine, not leave Poland, not leave Austria, not leave Germany, not leave France, Unless they could pay massive amounts of money to the Zionists, who then paid 80% of it, you look this up, on average, to the Nazis, who would then, in some cases, load them on airplanes and fly them out.
But all the other Jews had to die.
And see, that's the real secret.
It isn't, oh, Hitler didn't kill Jews.
You're damn right he did.
And he did it in consultation With the key political Zionists and the British intelligence that had set all this up.
Remember when Madeleine Albright was famous on 60 Minutes?
Saying, yeah I killed 500,000 Iraqi children with massive sanctions.
I tripled the sanctions, I'd do it again.
But that wasn't even the big controversy, that was terrible.
It was the painting.
And I'm not saying the painting is bigger than the half million dead kids, later it was a million dead kids.
She was just getting started.
Three million Iraqis total, cutting off all their medicine, food, everything.
On the wall was this famous painting by a Jewish artist worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
And the family saw it and said, well, the Nazis took that and put my grandmother and grandfather in a slave labor camp and worked them to death.
How do you have it?
And Albright said, it's mine!
She always said her father escaped to Serbia.
Well, yeah, when he was done setting up thousands of rich Jews, Robbing them.
Claiming they could give him money, he'd get them out.
They did run with the loot there.
But he wasn't being saved by the Serbs, he was just pulling out.
Because the Nazis were going down.
That's the level of evil we're talking about here.
And when you get around a Nazi brain, a condescending, hateful, thug brain, or one of these, and I'm not saying all Zionists are like this, a lot of them are romantic and pulled into it, but the original Zionists literally said, we're gonna suck all our fellow Jews dry, and we're going to make them go under our political control.
And it's the same thing today, when our government triggered and orchestrated and allowed 9-11 to happen.
It was all meant to get Americans scared to do what our government said.
Doesn't mean the Islamic threat isn't real.
Doesn't mean October 7th didn't happen.
The point is, is that it is being staged.
Biden sends $6 billion 29 days before to the Mullahs.
The Israeli government stands down.
Netanyahu says once the war is over we'll have an investigation.
There'll never be one.
Seven and a half hours, bare minimum, probably nine.
They admit seven and a half hours stand down when it's a tiny country with hundreds of attack helicopters miles away and no one sent to save anybody.
So Israeli soldiers who were off duty or retired, put on their uniforms, got their guns, got in cars, drove down there.
They weren't in on the conspiracy, just like the Germans were manipulated by Hitler.
Just like the Jews were manipulated by the proto-Zionists.
I'm not saying all the Zionists are in on this or all the Germans are.
The point is, this is in history, people.
And see, this is a really complex thing, isn't it?
It's not easy.
It's not, oh, this is good, that's good.
The Palestinians are good, the Jews are bad.
The Jews are good, the Palestinians are bad.
It's not simple-minded, is it?
You've got to study.
You've got to know.
You've got to research.
You've got to understand.
And when you see it, You can't unsee it.
So, it's clear.
A deal was made with Iran for a class of civilizations to keep NATO in power, to keep the globalists in power, to keep Netanyahu in power.
It bolsters them being in power, makes the Iranians popular.
Israel shoots a few show missiles at them.
They shoot show missiles at them.
Real people are dying in Gaza.
Jews are really being killed on October 7th.
That's all real.
The stand down is real, but it's being done to create the political diversion to bring in the new world order, just like COVID virus they created, the globalists created, and the poison shots to the population is all to bring in the lockdown control world and teach you to live under lockdown and teach you to be locked in your house and teach you to have a smartphone to tell you where you can go and what you can do.
It's the same story.
It's all about training you.
So whether you're a Jew in a kibbutz, or whether you're a Palestinian in Gaza, or whether you're a farmer in Kansas, or whether you're a farmer in Nigeria, or whether you're a farmer in China, or whether you're an auto mechanic in Austin, Texas, you're all being hit with 5G.
You're being hit by chemtrails.
You're being hit by poison shots.
You're being hit by attacks on the family.
They don't care who you're... because it's a ruthless, sinister group on top that's all about Power!
And so you get Hollywood and the corporate media and everybody, oh, they showed you the dead kids in Gaza and they made, it was terrible, and they made it the hugest thing.
And I'm not saying it's not a terrible thing.
But what about 22 million dead?
It was 20 million a few months ago.
Insurance company actuaries, 22 million dead from the poison shots.
FDA reports admitting it's all true.
British Ministry reports admitting it's all true.
Their National Health Service.
It's all there!
I say, hey, what about all the dead kids from the shots?
Shut up!
You're covering up the massacre in Gaza.
My point is, is that...
This is a larger program of destabilization and control as the globalist wage war against humanity, and then you've got the universities and the banks funding the Islamic protesters who are calling for communism and total control.
I'm not saying they don't have a right to protest.
What I'm saying is, then Governor Abbott and all of them send in the police to arrest reporters and arrest innocent people to make them the victims, and then they stir it all up.
And for all the white supremacists and all the pissed off people who are totally in line with Islam, hey, almost all the leftists that are anti-Israel, they're all pro-Ukraine war.
So see, none of these labels even mean anything.
It's all about the collision.
And the images of the protesters pushing back police and attacking police and all of this.
And then, in some areas, the police overreacting.
All of that is meant to heat up the temperature ahead of this contested election.
We're 190 days out today.
And the Washington Post, the New York Times, they all say, well, when Trump gets in, we're just going to have uprisings and drive him from office.
And we've got bills introduced where he can't declare the Insurrection Act, like George Herbert Walker Bush did in 1992 in L.A.
And we're going to build this as an uprising against white supremism.
And that's why HBO and CNN and Netflix and every channel is white people are the devil and white people are racist and white people are oppressing you.
And the new Civil War movie is all about that.
And Trump gets killed in the White House.
A Trump character.
Because it'll be real mobs killing each other, real mobs burning things, real mobs going to war with each other.
But up above it, it's just like the mini wars between France and England.
England and France, where they get together and say, we have uprisings here at home.
It's very famous, it's all admitted.
What are we gonna do?
Time for a war.
And it's a real war!
And England and France attack each other!
And hundreds of thousands die!
But you better believe, in France, and in England, and all the way into Ireland, the Irish, when that would start, would go, whoa, we're not gonna fight now, we're actually, okay, well, we're not with the French.
It's the same story.
Over and over again, to use a war to unify people.
This is basic globalist psychology.
Machiavellian psychology.
And people can get this.
They can understand it.
And you can transcend all this.
And then whether you are a Palestinian, or whether you're Jewish, or whether you're German, or whether you're from an African country, whether you're in the Congo or Brazil, you can understand how they manipulate And sit back and realize the wars they're starting, and the racial conflicts, and the crime, and the defunding of police, the angrier world Klaus Schwab talks about, that is all real!
But at the end of the day, the people controlling the joystick, the people in control of the mechanisms are sitting back laughing how they created the angrier world that would destroy the current civilization, that would bring in the new civilization, build back better, that is by every measurement a dystopic hellscape.
They want to feed us all genetically grown meat full of cancer viruses.
They want to give us all cancer injections.
I've got stacks of FDA reports admitting SV40 and the Canadian government.
Deadly, super carcinogen SV40 that anybody that gets it is going to get cancer.
You might not get it right away, but it embeds in your cells and starts replicating in my grandmother.
In the 1950s was given the polio vaccine and her doctor told her it gave it to her.
And I've got mainline reports confirming it today.
Didn't matter if you were black, or brown, or white.
You got that damn shot and cancer exploded after that.
And now with the new shots, it exploded even more.
And we're talking tens of millions of dead!
Oh, but all we can talk about is twenty-something thousand dead.
Children in Gaza.
I've shown it and I've said it's wrong and I've spent more time per capita, I've spent in the last six months, since October 7th, half our time on the dead Gazan children who I'm sorry for.
But notice how I got diverted.
If I spent it according to the real number of dead children, I would have spent one show on Gaza And I'd have spent a hundred plus shows on the poison shot.
But see, I've got to show how good I am.
But that's not even me doing that in a Maximilian way.
I see the images.
They don't show you the images of the paralyzed kids, the dead kids, the people having their organs liquefied from the shots.
They don't personalize it, see?
They're smart because they're hitting everybody.
Asian, mixed kids, black, white, Hispanic.
We're all getting hit.
But they don't show it to you.
Oh, you gotta find it, you gotta see a local newscast, you gotta have a doctor go public.
I sent to the crew more than 15 clips of governments now admitting this is all true.
So, let's spend half our time on the 20,000 dead kids in Gaza, and let's spend the other half on the millions of dead kids from the shots.
Is that fair?
Nope, you're pro-Israel.
Alright, we will spend no time on the shots, no time on the myocarditis, no time on the 80 plus percent of the women in the medical journal that take the shot have miscarriages, first trimesters.
You're right, those dead babies don't matter.
Nothing matters.
Oh, they got ads in the US, the UK and England.
In Canada about, oh, heart attacks are normal in little kids now.
Learned about how heart attacks are normal for small children.
I told you four years ago they'd run ads saying it's normal to have heart attacks and strokes in children because it's not.
But I apologize.
We will not cover the 22 million dead from the shots or them coming back with new lockdowns and more shots.
We will only cover Gaza.
And we will only cover.
The few incidences of police being rough with the demonstrators who attacked them in many cases.
We will not show them calling for communism.
We will not show them pulling down American flags.
We will show everyone we're anti-Israel and we will get behind the Muslims and get behind the big pier that Biden's building to ship millions of them here.
I'm all for it.
Get rid of Israel completely.
The only thing in the universe, take all the Moderna shots, all the Pfizer shots, have nuclear war with Russia, give hundreds of billions to Ukraine.
All that matters in the universe, because CNN said, is Gaza.
I'm a hero now.
No, I'm not going to do that.
I'm going to explain all this because I think you're smart and I think you can figure it out and we're going to stop it together.
And we're going to stop the wars because we're going to cut the funding off.
When Trump said I could end the Ukraine war overnight, he would.
And 90% of it's funded by the U.S.
Of course he could.
I'm not sure Trump would actually do that.
But the point is, that's where we're at, is big boy time.
Big boy pants.
Actual knowing things.
Understanding the dialectic, the manipulation, the control.
Transcending it.
Alright, we'll be right back.
We've got huge news straight ahead.
InfoWars.com, 4-slide show and band-eye video.
Stay with us.
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So, we have the White House, while they're funding Israel, and Hamas, and Hezbollah, playing up, they love the Palestinians so much.
We have Soros funding all these demonstrations around the country, where they get violent.
Nine times out of ten, the so-called protesters attack the police, to create the image of police fighting back against them, to then call for tyranny.
It's very, very simple to warm up the temperature ahead of Trump winning in 190 days, and try to trigger a civil war, which they're hyping everywhere they're going to do it.
I remember George Soros is there, just like he funded the overthrow of the Ukrainian government ten years ago.
It was bragged on TV that he was all behind it.
Just look it up.
George Soros brags about overthrowing the Ukrainian government.
The same leptists are almost to a person loving the Ukraine war, loving endless war, demanding it, waving their Ukrainian flags.
That's killed ten times what's been killed in Gaza, conservatively, probably twenty times.
But you're not supposed to care about that, dead Russians, dead Ukrainians.
Fight the last Ukrainian, fight the last Russian.
Now though, this is the big issue, Palestine, because we were told it was.
And it gets all the oxygen, all the attention, period.
Not the 22 million dead from the shots, not the 600, 700,000 dead in Ukraine.
No, it's this one thing, you're supposed to focus on that because the corporate media said that and you're a rebel and you're a radical if you do.
And then there's countless videos I've got that I just saw on the last day.
I'm only going to play a few of them here.
But they're like, we want to use this for socialism and communism to collapse the U.S.
and bring in this new order.
Well, Klaus Schwab wants that.
They've got their new order.
He's got the bust of Lenin in his office because he knows when they actually collapse things, it gets rid of the middle class.
And then they're offshore with even more money and power.
They want the political unrest.
They want the craziness.
So here's a clip.
Far left rally for Gaza, Georgetown University, an extremist on the microphone says, there's only one solution, intifada revolution.
We must have a revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction United States.
Let's just turn everything over to Hezbollah and Hamas.
They'll all start fighting with each other.
We surrender, America's yours.
They'd all start just killing each other like Somalia instantly, or Iraq.
But we're not supposed to say it's our country.
We're capitalists.
We're Christian.
We're going to promote things that are successful.
No, no, no!
Shut up!
Let's have a bunch of spoiled, rotten, mainly children of illegal aliens on their free ride at these colleges, run around and wave their flags and piss on America.
It's ridiculous.
And it doesn't get Israel with their 5,000 nuclear weapons.
Oh, oh, oh, Alex is against, you know, these communists.
I'm not against their protests.
They can have them, even though they're against my free speech.
I just don't agree with them.
Not agreeing with their communist Islamic aims is not censoring them for Israel.
Oh, you're for Israel.
Ooh, Israel, Israel.
Israel's a pawn in this whole thing.
You could say, fine, it's a pawn that runs things for the sake of argument.
I don't even believe that.
But it's a power player.
It's used to manipulate things.
But it doesn't matter.
Because I'm into history and bigger issues.
And I understand the players that are involved.
And I actually want to stop this class of civilizations that will get us all killed if we keep going down this road.
Here's one of the clips I was talking about.
This precious system, there's only one way.
Just like that champ that we enjoy so much, there is only one solution.
A.G. Carter, revolution.
We must have revolution so we can have a socialist reconstruction of the United States of America.
And if you go watch Civil War, it's all about a socialist reconstruction of America,
and a killing of Trump, and stopping white rule, which isn't even going on here.
But this is all a repeat of what happened in South Africa.
You go to South Africa, it's ten times worse than it was.
I'm not defending the old system.
I'm saying what they replaced it with was far worse by design.
Now the Africans don't get 5% of the gold and diamonds comes out of there.
And the foreign banks sit back and laugh.
Because they made it about a fight between white people and black people.
All right.
I mentioned this earlier.
It's a big deal and it's already been confirmed in many other places.
I don't say to take away thunder.
I'm saying this is on record.
They did a big national survey.
One out of five people surveyed.
The Democrats were proud of it.
Yeah, I haven't lived in that state for 10 years, but I still voted there and I voted in my state.
Totally illegal.
They don't care.
See how that works?
And that's what this is about, is conquering us.
It's not the people they're bringing in are bad.
I don't hate them.
They've just been brainwashed and brought in for this goal.
I love a beautiful dagger.
I love commando daggers.
There's just something powerful about them, you know, and you could really get some business done with those.
But I would want one stuck in me.
And I love cars.
I'd love a 57 Chevy, but I wouldn't want to have it run over me.
And that's the thing, I don't hate these people, but they're being forged as a weapon against us.
Videos on InfoWars.com, I see the full hour-long interview.
Bombshell, one in five 2020 mail-in ballots were fraudulent.
They've only gotten around to 2020.
They're trying to do 2022 right now and showing even more numbers.
Here it is.
It's now apparently a criminal offense, a felony in this country, to suggest the 2020 presidential campaign was not on the level.
That crime appears to form the basis of one of Donald Trump's pending indictments.
He's an election denier!
But actually, it's worth denying the legitimacy of that election, because it was not fair.
Critical information was withheld from voters through censorship, and yes, by the government.
That is a fact.
It's also a fact that Mark Zuckerberg spent $400 million to control voting in various places around the country and affect the outcome.
That's not legitimate.
It was also conducted in many places through electronic voting machines.
And no country should ever use electronic voting machines because fundamentally they cannot be trusted.
Why would you trust it?
But then there's the question of outright cheating, voter fraud.
Was there voter fraud?
Well, we know there was some, but was it widespread?
That is a hard allegation to prove, though of course many people believe there was widespread fraud.
Well, now it turns out we know for a fact that there was, and in fact it can be proven with a poll.
Just ask people, did you personally commit voter fraud?
Well, that has just been done.
And the answer is, a huge percentage of people asked in the poll admitted, yes, I committed voter fraud.
It's remarkable.
Justin Haskins is a senior fellow at the Heartland Institute.
He joins us now with details.
Justin, thanks so much for coming on.
If you could just start by giving us the results, the shocking results of this poll, and we'll go from there.
So it was pretty straightforward.
We asked people a series of questions.
The first of which is, or one of the first questions was, did you vote in the 2020 election and did you vote with an absentee ballot?
And if they answered yes to both of those questions, then we asked a bunch of questions related to voter fraud.
We didn't tell them that we were asking, did you commit voter fraud?
We just asked them About various behaviors.
So for example, we asked people, did you vote in a state where you're no longer a legal resident?
That's a pretty straightforward question.
If you're not a permanent resident of a state, you can't vote there.
17% of people, nearly one in five, said yes, they did do that.
We asked people, did you fill out a ballot for someone else on their behalf?
That's also illegal.
You're not allowed to fill out someone else's ballot.
21% of people said yes to that question.
We asked if people forged the signature of a friend or family member on their behalf.
with or without their permission. We actually put that in the poll question and 17% of people said
yes to that. So all told it's at least, and I say at least one in five mail-in ballots involved
some kind of fraudulent activity. But we didn't just stop there. We also asked everyone whether
they voted via mail-in ballot or not. So in-person voting as well. Do you know anyone who personally
in your personal life, a friend, a family member, acquaintance, someone from work,
has anyone ever admitted to you that they did one of these kinds of forms of voter fraud?
And 10% and 11% we asked two different questions on that said yes, people admitted to me that
they committed voter fraud. Thanks a lot for watching us on X.
There's a lot more to see and you can find it on TuckerCarlson.com.
We hope you'll join us.
Absolutely, please do.
Okay, I want to hit the poison shot news.
I know it's not sexy like the 20,000 dead kids in Gaza that I'm totally against, but the 22 million dead and millions of dead children, about 2 million, the insurance companies say, the 2 million, I apologize, they're kind of important.
I know the 20,000 dead kids are important and the smashed rubble on them and their little blown up bodies and arms and legs blown off, we've shown it here.
And I apologize that I'm even going to cover what's currently happening and the mass death, because everybody else dying doesn't matter.
Only that matters.
So I want to apologize up front to everybody about that.
I'm being sarcastic.
It's just that, again, the media tells you to focus on something, which they started and did, and they're behind.
It's terrible.
Because then when you look at the big enchilada, Okay, so I've got, as I said, 15 clips of poison shot news, and I've got a whole bunch of articles right here, studies from the FDA that just came out last week, and British studies out of their government.
Yeah, it does turn out massive increase of heart attacks and blood clots and cancer and sterilization and miscarriages that came out two years ago.
New England Medical Journal and now there's British Medical Journal.
Oh, absolutely, yeah, it's 80-something percent of women in the first two trimesters have a miscarriage if they took the shot and babies that live have totally deformed lungs and usually die in a few months.
Well, that's really liberal.
But again, rubble falls on you from an Israeli missile because, you know, It's fun to hate Israel.
Hey, I'm against what Israel's doing there.
But it's like, well, what about a shot though?
It's like, well, bombs are more cool.
We don't care about shots.
It's more trendy.
So again, I apologize.
I'm spending any time on this.
I'm a terrible person.
And I'm not moral like you.
I'm not strong like those out there on the left.
I don't care about the shots.
The universities want to call for communism and only care about Palestine all day.
Love to see them protest, you know, for the, it's poison shots, but I know you wear your mask still and you're digging all your shots, you'll be dead soon, so it's okay, you're liberal.
But I wanted to show this before I show a few clips, and then tomorrow on the weekday show, I probably will try to play all 15, it'll probably be 30 clips by tomorrow, but this is an article out of AP.
AP thinks this is really important.
It's the same thing statistically.
Oh, 20,000 dead kids instead of 2 million dead kids at a 22 million dead insurance actuary, you know, from the shots.
Well, this is the same thing.
Big articles, not just in AP, CNN, Washington Post, it's everywhere.
Did you know a couple dozen people in the last decade, when the cops restrain somebody and they give them a shot, it goes in their artery or something, accidentally kills them?
Did you know that's the number one issue, is a couple dozen dead people?
But when a shot kills 22 million, the corporate media doesn't want to cover it.
See, that's what I'm saying, it's approximation here.
And I'm not lessening police and people being sedated and killing some people.
I'm just saying they focus on a crooked toenail instead of a leg that's cut off.
I was like, let's put a tourniquet on our leg because the artery's severed and we can deal with the toenail later.
Dozens of deaths reveal risk of injecting sedatives into people restrained by police.
And it's a big investigative report.
In the last decade, dozens of people have died from the police when the medics give them an injection when they're freaking out.
All right.
Well, there you go.
Meanwhile, childhood seizures, myocarditis, and pancreatitis increase post-COVID injection, FDA study.
And we linked the study right there.
I've got a copy of the study.
I'll show you in a minute.
Let's continue.
Here's another one.
FDA finds mRNA COVID vaccines may cause seizures in toddlers, amongst other stuff.
Here's Fox News reporting that DNA, MSM now admits that shots are toxic, discovery of billions of fragments of DNA in every dose, including cancer, viruses, Fox News, and the Florida Surgeon General.
But that's not Gaza, so we shouldn't govern it.
Pfizer chooses not to tell regulators about SV40 cancer virus.
Sequence in COVID shots.
Health Canada official blows the whistle and says it's going to give millions cancer.
Very deadly form of cancer.
And the number one cause of cancer is SV40.
Look it up.
Pfizer reportedly withheld presence of cancer-linked DNA and COVID jabs from FDA Health Canada.
Well, again, that is not Gaza, so we should not cover it.
NIH defines FOIA, Moderna Vax royalties paid to remain secret.
So, the NIH of England defies the Freedom of Information Act.
Moderna Vax royalties paid to government officials remain secret.
And here's Trudeau saying, man, it's such a rush to take the shot.
Remember that?
Here's the study on the MRNA shots and how it's causing all the major health issues.
A dangerous vaccine for nothing disease.
stockpiling bird flu vaccines.
Remember Biden saying you got to take the shots.
If you have the shot, you're protected.
It's a pandemic of the unvaccinated.
All lies.
They hooked your parents up to ventilators and killed them.
Knowing exactly what they were doing.
So that's the news right there.
And they're coming back.
They're trying to push their pandemic treaty.
They're saying new imminent viruses are about to release, new lockdowns, more deaths from the shots.
But all we're talking about is a civil war in America ahead of Trump getting in.
And that's what the left's hanging their hat on.
All right, I mentioned these clips.
Let's try to get to a few of them before we end this broadcast.
And Chase Geiser comes in to host Sunday Night Live.
And by the way, Owen Schroer was not demoted.
He hosts 3 p.m.
to 6 p.m.
He's got a lot going on, a lot happening, and he said family stuff.
That he would like to not host the Sunday Night Live for a while.
So Chase stepped up.
That's why he's hosting and doing a fabulous job just like Owen did.
And so he'll be in here with a lot coming up when the broadcast ends in about 12 minutes.
Okay, let's just play Australian News admitting they're paying out people damaged by COVID.
But that's if you can jump through 100 hoops damaged by the COVID shot.
Just to admit that's going on.
Then play back-to-back, Naomi Wolf, Dr. Naomi Wolf, Pfizer knew what would happen to newborns.
Let's play those clips back-to-back.
On his feet after a harrowing ordeal.
All I did was go and take a vaccine.
Now Chris Nemeth is fighting for justice.
I couldn't walk, I couldn't work.
The once healthy 49-year-old became wheelchair-bound after developing a chronic neurological disorder called CIDP.
He says the symptoms began two weeks after having his first AstraZeneca vaccination in 2021.
They included headaches, tingling fingers, facial palsy and stolen mobility.
I was paralysed completely from the waist down.
Mr Nemeth is still unwell and claiming millions of dollars in compensation under the federal government's COVID-19 vaccine claim scheme.
He's one of more than 3,000 unlucky Australians maintaining COVID vaccines made them ill. We've just had a settlement of 2.2 million
for a very deserving applicant.
Tanya Nielsen is helping a hundred injured Australians claim for rare but recognised
vaccine side effects like heart issues from the Pfizer vaccine and Guillain-Barre syndrome
from AstraZeneca. Over 12 months in which to get an outcome and these are applicants who
might not be able to work so they don't have an income.
So far the claim scheme has paid 147 people $7.7 million with more than 2,000 applications
in progress.
Chris Nemeth wants interim payments and a simpler system.
The scheme closes early next year.
Jackie Quist, 7 News.
There's a section of Pfizer documents where there's an 80% miscarriage rate of the women whom they're following to
And they happen to lose 236 out of the 270 records of pregnant women that they have,
but the ones that they keep, 80% lose their babies.
And then later on, and this is report 69, and Dr. Walensky resigned five days after we posted report 69,
it shows that Pfizer knew that babies in utero were being exposed to...
to the vaccine in their words, the babies were dying through transplacental exposure.
But they knew that, and they knew that they were poisoning breast milk
and that the lipid nanoparticles, the mRNA, and presumably the spike was getting into the breast milk
and causing convulsions and deaths.
And apropos of what Dr. Thorpe has found and what you brought up about problems with newborns,
I interviewed a midwife named Ellen Jasmer, who's finding what is in the Pfizer documents
They knew that newborns would have, some of them, air sacs between their tiny lungs and their tiny chest walls, and this would cause respiratory distress.
They knew it!
It's in the Pfizer documents.
And yet, two years later, Dr. Ellen Jasmer is finding babies go home, they seem fine, they're coming back because there's an air pocket between their tiny lungs and their chest walls.
Yeah, you can just type in New England Medical Journal, 2022, two years ago found 83% of children, of women, that took the shot during the first two trimesters lost the baby, and the majority of the other babies born that survived were very ill or died later.
And there are new studies, she just mentioned 80%.
The government did studies in the US and the UK, once they rolled it out, and found 80% of women in the new studies lost their children.
That's pretty... But I understand.
An Israeli bomb didn't do it, so I'm working for the Jews for covering this.
I get it.
Who cares about the millions of dead people?
I'm not lessening Gaza.
I'm saying all we talk about is Gaza.
Let's talk 95% about Gaza, which is 20,000 dead children, which... And let's talk 5% about the millions of... Oh, I'm sorry.
Let's talk 95% about the vaccines.
Because the globalists rolled them out.
They did it.
They're behind it.
We bring down the globalists.
They're running it all.
They're funding all of it.
They're behind it all.
Netanyahu used Israel, he said, as guinea pigs.
They're victims in it too.
Let's come together.
Muslim, Jew, Christian, agnostic against the biomedical tyranny in the UN treaty before they launch new attacks!
It's the big attack!
Not race war!
Not white people are bad or black people are bad or all this crap!
I just played two clips.
I told you I have 15.
Here's two more.
Here's Australian MP.
Talking about the spike protein and 20% increase in cardiac arrest, a 96% increase in the U.S.
Air Force from cardiac arrest, and then British MP Andrew Brigham, I'm afraid the mRNA COVID vaccine rollout is going to be bigger than the Holocaust.
It already is.
Here it is.
When I read in the Herald Sun recently a report that there's been a 20% increase in cardiac arrests in Victoria since 2019.
Cardiac arrest incidents are at the highest ever recorded in Victoria.
Dozens of Australians die from a sudden cardiac arrest each year and in many cases the cause is unknown.
Intermittent fasting.
It may nearly double the risk of dying from a heart issue.
A link to mental health and an increase in, you know, heart attacks.
Doctors want to warn about the impact of smoking marijuana.
Climate change.
How does climate change affect your heart?
High nighttime temperatures are particularly dangerous for human health.
The link between sudden cardiac arrest and influenza.
What is the root cause of this massive spark in cardiac arrests?
Global research has been detecting risks associated with COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.
Research has shown is that markers associated with increasing the risk of heart attack and probably even progression of underlying heart disease in people who've already got some heart disease has been significantly increased risk from 11% at five years risk of heart attack to 25%.
Now that's a huge increase.
Data continue to surface on adverse events, including myocarditis, acute cardiac injuries.
So if it wasn't for this data that's come out recently, I would have attributed most of these excess deaths from heart disease to those lifestyle factors.
Now the vaccine has been thrown into the equation, we can't ignore it.
I don't know if it's the COVID injections, but if it's not, surely we must ask ourselves why?
Why is there a 20% increase in cardiac arrests over the past five years?
Given Australia's unexplained excess deaths, I've written to Mark Butler, the Minister for Health, to ask if his department is willing to include COVID-19 vaccine mandates in their scope of investigation into the possible cause of this very disturbing trend.
I ask these questions, as I have done for three years, without judgement of anybody, only asking why.
And that's justice as I see it.
I've been into fashion since I can remember.
But one day I had a stomachache so bad I didn't want to do anything.
The team at New York Presbyterian said it was actually my heart.
It was severely swollen.
Something called myocarditis.
But doctors gave me medicines and used machines to control my heartbeat.
They saved me.
So now I can become the next great fashion designer.
But studies already show 55% of people that have vaccine and dysmyocarditis will be dead within 10 years.
She's dead.
And now it's everywhere.
Oh, a lot of kids have myocarditis and cancer.
It's all normal.
Liberal, liberal, liberal.
Record death.
Population going down.
Life expectancy going down.
They're murdering everyone.
I'm gonna hit it all hard tomorrow.
11 a.m.
And I won't apologize for exposing the 22 million dead by the globalists and Bill Gates.
And I will focus on that.
And I will try to stop the Civil War.
I will try to stop a replacement migration and all of it.
All right, we're gonna go to break for two minutes and then Chase Geyser comes in.
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Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon.
You're on the air.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
About an hour ago, you were kind of explaining to people about how the micronutrients and stuff that are available and different foods actually have an effect on... Well, let's be clear.
There isn't long-term billion-year evolution.
There's jumps, but like how you build a car, cars have evolved, or electricity, or computers have
changed. There is innovation and humans do get ancestral memories from their ancestors. That's
called instincts. Yes. Not trying to brag, but I'm a board certified wound care associate,
which is not an easy certification to get.
six years and it encompasses you know cardiology, endocrine, pulmonary, you name it.
You've got to be good at all kinds of stuff and let's face it a lot of my
doctors they don't know anything about this stuff. It's my job as a nurse to
figure it out. The average medical doctor gets two hours of college education on
nutrition. So one of the things that I do is I'm looking for results and by using
very good nutraceuticals and supplements and things like that I can
I can fix a problem.
Just a real quick example.
Let's say you have a really bad wound on your leg and you have diabetes and poor circulation.
Well, I can order you a bottle of Nitric Boost, a bottle of BezoBeat, and Get your ass up on a treadmill a little bit.
These things work better than any of the medication that we give.
So I've got about 35,000 points because I gave these things away as gifts.
Hold on, hold on.
This is important.
This is important, absolutely.
Just iodine alone, it's essential.
It means you die without it.
They don't tell you most people are deficient.
Two billion people have cognitive disabilities, the UN admits.
That's what these concentrated plants and other compounds do.
So you're saying you're taking care of people with wounds, one of the biggest Medical industries out there, super tough job.
You're seeing with nutrition and also they need to not be sedentary obviously.
You're seeing massive effects, because I've actually read about this, I'm not an expert like you, but that there's massive problems because the doctors don't even say exercise or get out of the bed or take supplements that are good for your skin.
And it's so simple.
I mean, my wife takes supplements to have good hair and good nails and it really works for her.
I mean, this stuff works.
It's the compounds.
Tell people about some of the things you've witnessed.
Alex, I would not have 35,000 Patriot Points if this stuff didn't work.
I'm not into buying BS and I don't push BS.
When I've got a complex wound and I see something that you guys sell that I know We can sell the stuff Walmart sells, synthetic stuff, and the bottle costs more than what they're selling.
With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a bottle, like DNA Force, okay?
than the same thing. The stuff that you guys sell is legit.
We can sell the stuff Walmart sells synthetic stuff and the bottle costs more than what
they're selling. With us, these products, some of these products are costing us $30 a
bottle like DNA Force. Okay, I mean, so so there's cost because it is the highest rated. If you're
taking a nitrate, like you were talking about the, the nitrate boost, well, that is
going to vasodilate.
So when you're vasodilated, yeah, you're going to be pitching a proper ten.
The vasobeat does the exact same thing.
But it also helps if I've got a person who's got really poor perfusion.
Thank you so much and God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon.
Give us your name and number.