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Name: 20240418_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 18, 2024
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Alex Jones and Dr. Phil discuss current events, conspiracies, and the dangers of the New World Order on their respective shows. They address various topics such as protests, lockdowns, drone warfare, censorship, vaccines, surveillance, and individual rights. Both emphasize the need to resist against tyranny and stand up for freedom. They promote their products and books while urging listeners to be prepared and committed to the fight against globalism.

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While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and support the InfoWars.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It was a script globally.
It's a global attack to the UN and the World Economic Forum and BlackRock and the big banks.
That's why if you are in Belgium and you see Canadians locked down their houses and truck drivers being put in jail for peacefully protesting, that's an attack on you.
If you're in New Zealand and you see New York people protesting lockdowns being beat up, that's an attack on you.
If you're in Texas and you see people in New Zealand being attacked and beat up for protesting lockdowns, that's an attack on you.
Look at that, naked on the ground!
It is a global New World Order and to see, look like 10,000 people in Japan with major leaders out against the globalists this weekend.
This is exciting.
And this scares the living... That's probably 20,000 people.
It scares the living hell out of the globalists.
The neoliberal, neocon world structure is collapsing before our eyes, okay?
And you never know where the next shock's gonna come from.
Can I make a suggestion?
I move that every newspaper in America quits doing any fact checks on Joe Biden until they fact check Donald Trump every morning on the front page.
It is ridiculous that the New York Times fact-checked Joe Biden on something.
I mean, he vomits lies.
Is Europe in a state of panic?
European leadership, whether they are gutless or just ignorant?
No, I think they are in a state of panic.
But we're talking about the globalist elites that currently govern Western Europe.
They are in a panic because they have followed us unquestioningly down the stairs into hell.
They suddenly realize that we're not going to go any further.
In fact, they see a lot of evidence that we're looking upwards for a way to get out of the hell that we created for ourselves.
The listeners that support this broadcast, you've completed the main mission.
The Awakening's here.
Now we've got to maximize it and push it to victory and not just oppose the New World Order, but build an alternative plan.
God's plan.
But we've come far, folks.
The enemy's not going to tell you we're winning.
We are winning.
It means that instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person to person, spreading and spreading, sickening some of them but not all of them, and the ones that it doesn't sicken don't know they have it and then they give it to even more people because they didn't recognize they were... Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person, Potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
All of that was a lie.
Makes you more apt to get it.
More apt to die.
All that's confirmed.
A criminal liar.
She should be sued.
She should be criminally indicted.
We should know who paid her to do it.
We know who did.
It's all there.
It's the 30 years of the InfoWars and all of our supporters that made it possible and God working through us.
I love you all and this salute is all the viewers and listeners through the years that kept us on air.
We've been totally vindicated.
I love all our guest hosts and all our guests.
Like Gerald Celente.
Let's punch him up.
He's having a drink of real wine.
Punch him up real quick.
Can we guys punch Gerald up real quick?
Punch him up.
Alright, salute.
Everybody, we salute you.
Damn, that's good.
That's right, we did it our way.
34, Alex!
I'll be 80 on this.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
InfoWars.com forward slash.
It's Thursday, April 18th.
I'm live in studio.
Get ready.
It's a huge broadcast.
It's Thursday, April 18th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to cover masses of news and information in the next four hours.
The next two hours, I'm going to cover news and go through very important clips.
Then, Congressman is going to be joining us coming up in the third hour, Representative Troy Nels from Texas, to get into what just happened with Mayorkas on the Senate for the first time in history, tabling articles of impeachment.
Obviously, the show trials against Trump, this $61 billion spending package for Ukraine.
That's more than the Marine Corps' budget every year.
The Speaker of the House claims Trump is supporting.
Rand Paul's very upset about that, and that's true.
I'm upset as well, but the Speaker lies so much, who knows what the truth is.
The globalists are really hyping civil war, not just with all these Hollywood movies and TV shows being produced by people like Obama, and actual movies called martial law or civil war coming out.
We have all these universities and professors, the Democratic Party, saying second U.S.
civil war becoming increasingly Plausible, and more insurrections likely.
That means they're going to try to provocateur more events.
We have a huge WikiLeaks report, and Israel admits they're doing this, but they got even more documents, on artificially intelligent computer AI directing the robot drones that are killing people in Gaza, and all the different terrible ramifications of that.
I'll be breaking that down.
Also, the big investigative report by the Wall Street Journal with the federal government confirming what I said two days after it happened.
The entire line of power lines in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii had not had the trees since Black Rock bought it seven years before the disaster trimmed.
And they were dry and dead and they fell over and fire started in the high wind all along the line of the town.
Killing everyone.
So, tomorrow's news today, very, very tragic.
And that all falls to BlackRock.
And they should be sued into oblivion over that.
We have Biden trying to go into gas stations and places and no one wants to talk to him and people are booing him.
Everywhere Trump goes, he's rock-starred.
Again, just illustrating how no one really believes Biden won the election in 2020.
If you believe that, you need to have your head examined.
Huge new studies.
Confirming that the Pfizer, Moderna and other injections that they called vaccines erase your immune system and trigger heart attacks, cancer, myocarditis.
We already know all that, but more prestigious studies are now out, ladies and gentlemen.
On that front, big Emergency communications and 9-1-1 phone systems out across areas of the U.S.
from Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Kentucky, Wisconsin, you name it.
What's behind that attack?
Also censorship war.
Musk versus Brazilian Supreme Court.
They've now officially launched criminal investigations of him and of X for not banning their political opposition.
That's all coming up.
We also have NPR's head of, quote, countering disinformation, or censor.
They fired the last few quasi-conservatives there.
He thought NPR was bad before.
If you tune into it now, it is insane lies, just cartoon level, saying the First Amendment stands in the way of them protecting us from evil disinformation.
But the first thing I want to hit is a Rosetta Stone or a Skeleton Key or a Window into what's happening.
I've always liked Dr. Phil McGraw, and he wanted me to come on his show a couple times to talk about Sandy Hook and to talk about my divorce with my ex-wife, and I said, I like you, Dr. Phil, but I'm not gonna come on your show about things like that.
I'm gonna come on about the New World Order, I'll do it, but I'm not gonna come on and talk about myself and sit there and just, you know, be part of that.
That's Jerry Springer crap.
But I said, you ever want me on about the new world order and the plan for global police state?
I'd love to come on.
He's gotten more and more hardcore going on Joe Rogan, you name it.
But he came out, we'll play the clip in a moment, and said the globalists are planning new lockdowns, they want to control society, it caused total destruction, it's a power grab, it's all a UN treaty.
He got into that in the full report.
And that this is martial law training.
Now, you're like, well, Alex, you talked about that four years ago.
We all know that.
You warmed up at 20 years ago and 15 years ago and 12 years ago.
Those are viral clips.
You made films about it.
The point is, Dr. Phil is one of those popular people in mainstream media.
And the fact that he's getting so hardcore, he's got another sign.
Basically, any popular talk show host left now.
From Joe Rogan, to Tucker Carlson, to Dr. Phil McGraw, to anybody else, countless hundreds, is now anti-globalist.
Now they did that because it's popular, and it's true, the new world order's here, but also I think they're really doing it legitimately because now they're more awake, things are out in the open, they can't deny it, and they know the public is now on their side.
And so, This is a big deal concerning the awakening, but more importantly, he's dead on.
And when I saw this this morning, and then read the transcript of the full show he did, I've seen quite a few clips of it exposing how the vaccines didn't work, and how they were a fraud, and how the lockdowns were bad, and how there's a new world order taking over, and Chi-Com military bases everywhere.
I mean, it sounds like my show.
He's just taking the blinders off and reporting on it.
And that's really a sign that liberty is not just rising, but taking over.
The whole neoliberal globalist order is collapsing.
And so, 30 years on air, we've gone from being a voice in the wilderness to now, what I always said my goal was, was to basically make myself obsolete or redundant.
And we haven't gotten there yet.
We still expose what's over the horizon for other people with our guests, our callers, our research, our crew, our investigative journalists, our reporters here.
We still have a lot of work to do.
The main mission that God literally laid on me, I mean, I've been telling this story for 25 years after it happened, where I had like a vision.
It wasn't a visual, and it wasn't auditory, it wasn't audio, it was just an understanding.
One night after I'd done a two-hour TV show, eating dinner by myself, like 9.30 at night as a restaurant was closing down, By myself in the restaurant, and I come in, there's three or four tables, people are eating, about time to get my food, nobody's in there, and God said, you're gonna go out, you're gonna be persecuted, you're gonna warn people about the New World Order, you're gonna take all the great research, the people that came before you, and you're going to put the warning out there, and then a lot of people won't listen, a lot will, but then when all the tyranny finally comes in, and they go from testing phase to operational phase,
Everybody will see that you were right and then your broadcast will completely explode.
But more importantly, it will then trigger the next wave of people and the next wave of really smart men and women that will lead the world to a massive awakening that will dwarf anything we've done here at InfoWars.
And then that sets things up for the confrontation with the Antichrist, and for a short time, the Beast overcoming it, but that's in the third quarter.
In the fourth quarter, we win, God wins.
So this is literally something, you know, that I've talked about for 25 years.
I told that story 25 years ago on air and said, this is just basically a vision God put in my mind and my soul.
Listeners of the show, longtime listeners, have been hearing it for decades.
Many of you have been hearing it for, you know, 10 years, 5 years, if you're new listeners.
And it didn't seem like that five years ago, or even ten, but you see it now.
God is real.
And God leads, guides, and directs us, and gives us discernment.
And that's what our conscience is for.
It's not just doing the right thing, but also understanding the right thing, and having knowledge and a sound mind.
We're not given to a spirit of fear, but a spirit of victory and overcoming, as God's Word tells us.
So we're in a very Special.
Powerful time.
Now, that's one side of the story that... Here's Dr. Phil.
I mean, just every day now.
Super hardcore.
Just totally destroying the New World Order.
With all of his calm, researched, grandfatherly gravitas.
That's a big problem.
And... That's only one part of the equation.
The other part, that's even more important, is...
Dr. Phil loves his family.
You love yours.
You really want to be a president?
You really want tracker chips in all your appliances and your cars that track where you go and can turn your car off whenever they want and they admit they're going to start doing it and it is starting to, quote, battle climate change?
Oh, sorry, the AI says today, you know, this percentage of cars won't turn on.
Oh, but if you're a government worker or a bureaucrat, you're essential, so your car will always work, for now.
And AI commanding the military and commanding armies of robots.
This is humans being taken out of the driver's seat and Germany came out and said, yeah, it'll just be for this summer, just for a short emergency, like 14 days or 15 days to flatten the curve.
Then it was, you know, three years.
We are going to not let you drive your cars on the weekend.
And then everyone that is allowed to will be given a digital app that If you get pulled over, the police will understand that you're allowed to drive, but nobody else is.
And that's just introducing the idea.
The UK is passing, via the Conservative Party, the so-called Tories, the banning of smoking tobacco.
But only 15 and younger.
But as you grow up, it's a social credit score you're not allowed to.
Anybody who was born this year, or who is 16 this year, or older, You will be able to continue to smoke.
Now, again, that's not fair.
The government shouldn't be involved in your liberty and your freedom.
You hear Bloomberg saying he wants to ban red meat and salt 10 years ago.
People laughed at that.
Now it's happening in areas of Europe.
It's about them being able to ban whatever they want, whenever they want, and more importantly, surveil you and track you with this AI grid in live time.
What you buy, where you go, what you do.
And it just goes on from there.
Oh, you can't smoke if you want, which is your right to do, but if the government is in control of you because you're, you're quote, on welfare, your government ward, they can decide to kill you because they have your guardianship.
That's in the news today.
And oh, you're, you're, you're.
Trans-disabled or trans-abled, you feel like you're a person that doesn't have legs, so we're going to cut your legs off.
I mean, that's what a sex change is.
Oh, you don't think you're a man?
We'll just cut your penis and testicles off.
Or you don't think you're a woman?
We'll cut your breast off.
And so, now, all over the U.S.
and all over Europe, the governments are paying to chop people's arms and legs and fingers off.
And in the UK, this has been going on for 15 years, if you want to be blind, the government will pour Drano in your eyes.
Would you like me to show you a newscast?
And here in the US, they can find psychiatrists that will dump bleach in your eyes.
And now you're a war to the system.
It's total mental illness training you.
They can do what they want when they want.
So the very same governments pushing poison mRNA shots that cause accelerated aging, cancer, blood clots, turbo cancer, heart attacks, myocarditis.
Oh, they care about you, ladies and gentlemen.
They're not going to let you smoke a cigar or a pipe.
It's our choice.
It's our free will.
That is the reality.
So, what is Dr. Phil telling you?
We'll play a clip in a moment.
Bigger clubs of the show are on InfoWars.com.
The Gateway Pundit also posted.
You better have a plan.
Dr. Phil urges people to prepare their resistance against the next lockdowns.
Prepare your resistance?
Well, that sounds extreme.
It's not extreme when that's what they're doing.
You see, I've said this a thousand times, I'll say it again, it is critical, beyond critical.
That when you're faced with an open evil that's out of control, it sounds radical to say they're training us for martial law, they built internment camps for political dissidents under the guise of COVID camps around the world, the UN says they want to set a precedent to lock up whoever they want, whoever they want, and force inject you.
In fact, I forgot it from yesterday, I didn't see it in my stack.
Federal court ruled yesterday, it's on InfoWars, pray for me again, that The government can inject your children during an emergency without telling you.
That violates the Nuremberg Code.
It violates everything.
But I mean, again, everything else was beta testing before.
The dam has now broken.
And we are inundated with tyranny.
We are inundated with classical evil.
Again, If the New World Order was an alcoholic beverage, it's 200 proof, pure moonshine.
Made by the best in Tennessee.
If it was poison, it's solid cyanide.
If it was a bomb, it's a hydrogen bomb.
I mean, if it's a shark, it's a great white.
If it's a boxer, it's Mike Tyson in his prime.
If it's a quarterback, you know, it's the best you could ever think of.
Tom Brady.
This is the thoroughbred.
This is the Bonafidi.
And I've likened it many times, we're like dodo birds on Galapagos Island.
And 180 years ago, whenever it was, sailors first discover it, and there's these big, giant, juicy birds, more meat on them than a turkey.
And they just walk right up to you, you can club them in the head.
And the other ones don't run because it was instinct to make them run.
They had to survive and then it's encoded and compressed and passed on genetically.
That's how amazing, not just us, but other animals are.
They'd been on that island for eons, thousands and thousands of generations, never had a predator.
And so, within a matter of years, there were tens of thousands of them running around.
They were all dead.
All we have is their skeletons.
So Americans have lived in relative liberty so long, and people in the West as well, compared to other areas, that we just don't understand it when it's happening.
But we don't have to sit here like dodo birds and have the WEF and the UN and BlackRock club us over the heads.
And that's what this is.
And I have instincts to not want to be a slave.
You have instincts to not want to be a slave.
But a lot of people don't have those instincts.
You can ask, well, why do you have those instincts?
Well, they've noticed that children of people that are in big wars end up being more street smart, more aggressive, more able to fight.
Even though they weren't born during the war, they are.
And if you look at my ancestors on both sides, And all the stuff that went on, it's pretty amazing.
And you know, it's lucky for the other people's families out there whose ancestors have been pushing pencils or luckily didn't have to be in wars and were just farmers.
And you go back 10 generations or so and your family hadn't been through a bunch of stuff, you don't have the gear.
And those people are what you call sheep.
And we're not supposed to feed on them just because they're genetically naive.
They may have a high IQ when it comes to trigonometry or spelling bees, but they don't have a high IQ when it comes to street smarts and packing the gear.
They don't have it, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's up to us that pack the gear to be able to be the leaders to protect these dodo birds.
But I'm not a dodo bird, folks.
I'm an American eagle.
I'm a bald eagle.
And I know you are as well.
You're a sheepdog.
We're not wolves.
We don't feed on the sheep.
But we're not sheep.
And it's time for us to start acting like that.
And it's good to see Dr. Phil, who's always been a sheepdog type guy, but I think naive, come out all the way.
And the same thing with Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson and all of these people.
Because it's the truth, it's the right thing to do, and it's popular, so why wouldn't you do it?
We are the mainstream.
We are taking over.
And we've got to turn things around and fix things.
We're not offering some utopia.
We're not offering some wonderful La La Land like the left and the communists and the fascists do, but we're saying a world based on families and God and country and hard work and truth and transparency and competition is what it's all about.
And men are men and women are women.
You know, even when I was young, people didn't shoot each other very often in the schools.
You got in fights and you didn't really get in trouble.
Unless somebody got hurt really bad.
And that was just something that went on.
And you didn't bring a gun to shoot people because you had your fist.
And you grew up and you learned how to be a man.
You learned how to be a coward.
These people that go out and shoot people at school, it's because they're scared.
They've never been in a real fight.
We need those rights of passage again, ladies and gentlemen.
And we need corporal punishment again.
And we need to throw violent criminals under the prisons and let all the non-violent people out.
And we need to execute the people caught dealing fentanyl.
Alright, so here's Dr. Phil, and there's more clips of this, but it's really important.
But the bottom line is, again, they're coming, they're planning new lockdowns, they have the UN treaty, they're bragging about it, they're trying to hype up bird flu right now.
They want to destroy the economy, consolidate control, and put you into debt.
We've got to get out ahead of this, as I've been telling you.
They already tried a year ago to bring back the lockdowns again.
And it was all confirmed, they admitted it, but people didn't go along with it.
Because people aren't complying.
That's good.
Stop going along with your own destruction.
Here's Dr. Phil.
I stepped up in the beginning and said, this lockdown, this quarantine, is going to create more problems with quality of life than that COVID is going to do in taking lives.
People looked at me like I was insane.
I got criticized, called a heretic, said, what is he talking about?
I'll tell you what I was talking about.
I was talking about exactly what happened and is happening.
And what's more, when you shut down the schools, the day you shut them down, you better have a plan for reopening them.
I didn't see a plan for them to be reopened.
And we have an entire generation That is suffering from developmental gaps, educational gaps, mental and emotional challenges, and still, there's not a good plan to close those gaps.
And my concern is, when the next pandemic turns the corner, who's got the plan then?
What was learned from this?
Because you don't hear anybody talking about it, do you?
You don't hear anybody talking about it, but I'm talking about it.
Because I want to make noise about this.
I want to force people to say we need to get ready for when this happens again.
And I'm not some conspiracy theorist saying they're coming to get us and lock us up.
But I'm saying we need to think about whether we're going to rely on science and how we're going to react when the government comes in and starts telling us what we can and can't do.
I think we need less government.
I think if they would step back, we tend to have a way to work these things out.
And again, he's way more hardcore on Joe Rogan and things.
In the larger broadcast, he got into it.
He said, oh, I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
But then he introduces they are coming.
And he's easing it into the sheep so that they understand what's going on.
This is a very positive development.
I'm going to move on from that.
into Trump and Mayorkas and what happened with that and then I'm gonna get into the really big news and
That is the AI Running the Israeli military and why that's so dangerous
not just for them or us or but everybody and then just so much more here
today It'll take me the rest of the hour to get through all this
I'm gonna move quick when we come back and then second hour open phones and congressman Nels joins us in the third hour
and So much more than Drew Hernandez in the fourth hour
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That's number one.
I want that.
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That's why this surfaced.
That's why this happened.
I need the prayer.
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I did a pretty good job a few days ago.
Took a lot of calls, gave each caller about two minutes, but we could really get to a lot more people if you just, boom, make your badass point, ask your question, whatever it is, and move the next person.
So I'll get that number out coming up here in a few minutes.
Let's start here.
Let's start with Mayorkas and the U.S.
Now, Mayorkas has been very arrogant, and on his watch we have seen, as Tucker Carlson, an excellent breakdown with a guess, it's 22 million illegal aliens in the country since Biden stole the election three years and four months ago, five months ago.
And it is a surge of mentally ill people, Criminals, some good people, but it's just out of control.
Now, six months ago it was 97,000 missing kids that had come in under Biden.
The Border Patrol's saying it's tens of thousands a month, so I don't know the number now, but it's over 100,000 conservatively.
Probably 120,000, 50,000, I don't know.
No one knows.
A lot of them have been found working in factories where they sleep and live and don't even go to school.
And, of course, they're signed up for welfare by the Democrats who skim part of the check and make them work and skim part of the check.
Those are the lucky ones working in cereal factories and meat packing and industrial facilities.
As young as 12.
The ones that aren't lucky to just be physical slaves are sex slaves.
And the Senate's report admits many are in sex slavery.
The feds that have consciences, because I've talked to high-level federal judges and federal officers, agents, they are extremely upset and extremely pissed.
And that's why we've seen all these whistleblowers.
I'm not saying the whole government's our enemy, but at the top, the Mayorkas of the world are absolutely evil.
He's been on the board of one of the main charities doing all of this.
And the fact that even the evil turtle The Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, had to admit, and I have the clip but I'm not going to bore you with it, saying this is a sad day for the Senate.
In the history of the Senate, and that's true, I looked it up, no one has ever tabled articles of impeachment against a cabinet member, a president, a vice president, a judge.
No one has ever done that.
So they didn't even respond to it, they didn't even look at it, the Democrats voted to table it.
And then they voted to again, shut it down.
So that is a big deal.
And Senator Kennedy predicted yesterday that indeed that would happen.
So that is just another illustration of the incredible lawlessness.
Now, before I go any further, I want to play a clip of Trump in New York yesterday when he was walking into a bodega to get a sandwich.
And I'm not going to play the whole 20 minute video, but he gets mobbed outside and gets cheers.
He gets mobbed inside.
Everywhere he goes, he gets mobbed.
And then Biden tried to pull the same trick.
He goes in to a gas station and no one cares he's there.
And of course, many places he goes, ballgames, you name it, he gets booed.
So again, this has been going on since he stole the election.
He hid in a basement during the 2020 election.
And we're to believe this guy got 9 million more votes than Obama.
You can say what you want about Barack Obama.
I watched those elections carefully.
He hoodwinked the public.
Barack Obama won twice.
Barack Obama would get cheered a lot of places he went.
Because if you're winning an election and you're the winner, you're going to have that.
Trump's the real winner.
That's why he gets the love.
Then I have another clip we're going to play.
First we'll play Biden getting no love in a gas station full of people.
Then we'll play Biden going, it's terrible, I drive around the country and there are signs F Joe Biden everywhere.
Yeah, people hate you.
And when NASCAR tried to say F Joe Biden was Let's Go Brandon, that became a big joke.
The trust in the media is gone.
It's not damaged, it's gone.
The corporate system is dead.
You guys are infused with trillions of globalist money, but you're reanimated corpses politically.
You're zombies.
And then we'll play the clip of Trump in the bodega.
So here they are back to back.
No hooping, no hollering, no high fives.
No hugs.
No nothing.
And I'm gonna cut this because then he orders his food, he leaves, no one likes him.
There's one guy behind the counter smiling at him.
Okay, so let's skip to him complaining about the billboards everywhere.
F Joe Biden.
I'm going through a A neighborhood or a rural town in the west and see big signs that have a Trump sign in the middle that says F Biden and have a little kid standing with his middle finger, seven years old, eight years old.
Well, I promise it happens all the time.
It's not who we are.
Here's Trump in the Puerto Rican neighborhood.
He's in Harlem right here.
I saw another one where he was in a bodega.
I respect them and they respect me.
They want law and order.
They have a lot of crime.
Tremendous crime where their stores are being robbed.
And as you know, we're going to give New York a very good shot for the presidency.
We think we should be able to do it.
A lot of things have changed.
Lee's elder did a beautiful job.
Hit pause for a minute.
And there's a bunch of these videos, but this is one of the newest from yesterday.
Listen to the huge crowd that heard he was in there and came there.
And I saw it on the local news.
It was just huge numbers of people.
In fact, later in the video, this is the one.
There's so many.
They pan around.
You see this huge crowd that just heard he was there for five minutes and ran there.
And it sounds like you're at a football game or something, and the team just came out of a pep rally.
You hear that massive, woo, yeah, woo!
I mean, look at this.
Yeah, there's some of the footage.
So, this happens in minutes.
I watched the raw footage last night.
He just goes in there, gets a sandwich.
You know why he does that?
He knows they're trying to poison him, and I've confirmed that.
We've known that for a couple of years, but he'll just randomly say, pull over here, pull over there, and he'll go in and get food because he doesn't trust what he's being given, obviously.
I mean, they're out to get him.
That's the perfect way for them to poison him or even kill him.
But let's roll a little bit more of the video.
Here it is.
Okay, so that's good.
and we'll work with the mayor, and we'll work with the governor, and we'll bring in a lot of federal money, but we
have to straighten out New York.
And that includes crime, and these guys have great people, great friends, but they have tremendous crimes, so we're
getting straightened out.
More than 50% of people actually believe, or the majority believe that the judge and the jury are...
Okay, so that's good. It goes on for a long time.
So, they're trying to pin him down in New York, so he can't campaign.
And the judges said he had to stay here for weeks or months, however long it lasts, bare minimum two weeks, could last two months.
And they're trying to pin him down in New York.
But then everywhere he goes, he's a rock star and it blows up in their face.
A place where they supposedly vote 84% Democrat.
It's election fraud, people.
There's a political realignment, a political reawaken.
The New World Order is dead on arrival.
We'll be right back with more huge news.
Stay with us.
He's past the others.
The last cell.
You keep to the right.
I put out a chair for you.
Oh, yes.
That's very good.
Thank you.
I'll be watching.
You'll do fine.
It's my yard.
Good morning.
Dr. Lecter, my name is Clarice Starling.
May I speak with you?
You're one of Jack Crawford's, aren't you?
I am, yes.
May I see your credentials?
Closer, please.
That expires in one week.
You're not real FBI, are you?
I'm still in training at the Academy.
Jack Crawford sent a trainee to me.
Yes, I'm a student.
I'm here to learn from you.
Maybe you can decide for yourself whether or not I'm qualified enough to do that.
That is rather slippery of you, Agent Starling.
Now then, tell me.
What did Miggs say to you?
Multiple Miggs in the next cell.
He hissed at you.
What did he say?
He said, I can smell your cunt.
I see.
I myself cannot.
You use Evian skin cream.
And sometimes you wear L'Editon.
But not today.
Did you do all these drawings, Doctor?
That is the Duomo seen from the Belvedere.
You know Florence?
All that detail just from memory, sir?
Memory agent styling is what I have instead of a view.
Well, perhaps you'd care to lend us your view on this questionnaire, sir?
Oh, no, no, no, no.
You were doing fine.
You had been courteous and receptive to courtesy.
You had established trust with the embarrassing truth about meads.
And now this ham-handed segue into your questionnaire.
It won't do.
I'm only asking you to look at this, Doctor.
Either you will or you won't.
Jack Crawford must be very busy indeed, if he's recruiting help from the student body.
Busy hunting that new one, Buffalo Bill.
What a naughty boy he is.
Do you know why he's called Buffalo Bill?
Please tell me.
The newspapers won't say.
Well, it started as a bad joke in Kansas City Homicide.
They said, This one likes to skin his humps.
Why do you think he removes their skins, Agent Starling?
Throw me with your acumen.
It excites him.
Most serial killers keep some sort of trophies from their victims.
I didn't.
No, you ate yours.
You send that through now.
Oh, Agent Starling, you think you can dissect me with this blunt little tool?
I thought that your knowledge... You're so ambitious, aren't you?
Do you know what you look like to me with your good bag and your cheap shoes?
You look like a rube.
A well-scrubbed hustling rube with a little taste.
Good nutrition's given you some length of bone, but you're not more than one generation from poor Wyatt Trash, are you, Agent Starling?
And that accent you've tried so desperately to shed, pure West Virginia.
What does your father do?
Is he a coal miner?
Does he stink of the land?
You know how quickly the boys found you.
All those tedious, sticky fumblings in the back seats of cars, while you could only dream of getting out, getting anywhere, getting all the way to the end of the line.
You see a lot, Doctor.
When are you strong enough to point that high-powered perception at yourself?
What about it?
Why don't you look at yourself and write down what you see?
Maybe you're afraid to.
A census taker once tried to test me.
I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
You fly back to school now, littlest darling.
Fly, fly, fly.
Fly, fly, fly.
Fly, fly, fly.
I bit my wrist.
So I could die!
Look at the blood!
Oh, gotcha!
Mate! You stupid fuck!
I don't want to! I don't...
Come back!
Agent Starling!
Agent Starling!
I would not have had that happen to you.
This courtesy is unspeakably ugly to me.
Then do this test for me.
No, but I will make you happy.
I'll give you a chance for what you love most.
And what is that, Doctor?
Advancement, of course.
Listen carefully.
Look deep within yourself, Clary Starling.
Go seek out Miss Moffat, an old patient of mine.
Go now.
I don't think Miggs could manage again quite so soon, even though he is crazy.
(crowd noise)
If you're a TV viewer, you can see a perfect illustration of what were Sambo Castle and hundreds of radio stations.
Let me describe it.
It's President Trump in his blue suit, red tie, with a gag over his mouth, tied up.
And it says, fearing that he could win, Trump is taken to court by Democrat prosecutors and taken.
2024, a DNC, George Soros production.
Rated R for Ridiculous Election Interference.
And the globalists, always playing checkers, have gone one move at a time, because that always worked, because we were asleep.
But now people see the game, they're like, wait, you're telling us you're going to take him off the ballot?
You're persecuting him, saying Mar-a-Lago's worth $18 million, but then saying, well, hey, it's worth a billion bucks or half a billion.
Sell it and pay your fine for saying it was worth $18 million.
Pull two-acre lots down the street, sell for $218 million.
Now, the dog doesn't hunt.
But let's get into the really hardcore news, and then I'm gonna give the toll-free number out.
We're gonna take calls and cover news next hour.
Overhead shot, please.
What has Elon Musk talked about?
What have I talked about ad nauseam?
In every population insurance company or governmental growth actuary, If a nation doesn't have a replacement rate of 2.15 is the normal number, or a little over two children on average being had by each couple, civilization collapses.
It takes Big populations to build all this.
So people go, oh, there's too many cars and people and too many restaurants.
And Bernie Sanders says there should not be 30 types of deodorant.
There should be two.
There's too much stuff.
Well, that's what freedom produces.
And so authoritarians want to have a few industries that control everything that they own and run.
They don't want competition.
They want to sew it up.
They want to pull the ladder up from everybody else.
So here's the Wall Street Journal in a big, I mean, this is a huge report.
I tried to read the whole thing this morning and we already know all this information, but it was honest.
It's crazy to see that on the Wall Street Journal.
And the headline is, how China miscalculated its way into a baby bust.
And it goes on to say there's 60 million more men than women.
And it goes on to say that people stopped having kids altogether, and now the government's going to pay them to have three kids.
Instead, if you had more than one, they'd come kill it, even after the baby was born.
Now, why did China do that?
Well, in the mid-1970s, when the CIA director, then the Chinese ambassador later, George Herbert Walker Bush, went over there, he made a deal in his Memorandum 200, look it up, State Department Memorandum 200, that China would be given all our jobs and transferred over if they would work with a handful of globalist Middlemen who would become even more wealthy and powerful as they de-industrialize Europe and the United States, Australia, New Zealand, the Western world, if China only allowed their population to have one child.
Now, six years ago, Xi Jinping ended the one-child policy, didn't say that he was wrong, or that his predecessors were, and then a year ago said, in fact, you're not just allowed to have three, we'll pay you to have three, just like Vladimir Putin is in Russia.
So you can talk about, is Russia really against the New World Order or not?
When you're paying people to have kids, the New World Order doesn't want more people, you're going against them.
Say what you want about G.G.
Bought off a lot of our politicians.
Infiltrating our country.
Still controls much of the Democratic Party.
Controls Mitch McConnell's wife.
Her sister just died mysteriously outside Austin.
Got given a dirt bath.
Dirt nap.
She sleeps with the fishes.
Probably the Chi-Coms that did it.
But even Xi Jinping is like, no, we're going to have three kids.
So it's a big, lengthy article.
And when you hear people criticize Elon Musk when he brings all this up, he better have 2.1 children at least.
It's a fact.
And it's all in the Wall Street Journal.
So again, what's going on here?
There is a real reassessment of the globalist plan that's at least 70 years old.
And parts of it are 170 years old, back to Francis Galton and the whole Eugenics Society out of England that hatched the current plan.
And before that, Malthus and the rest of it.
And it goes back to Plato's Republic and his plan to depopulate.
So, this has been bouncing around for a long time.
And the most common form of government in the 7,000 plus years of recorded civilization is what?
Well, you said it's monarchy, but how did the monarchies control their populations?
Whether it was ancient China, or ancient Babylon, or the Romans, or the Japanese, or the Mesoamericans under the Aztecs, and before that the whole Mayan culture, the Toltecs.
is you had a class system and you had a feudal system where 90% of the public is kept on tiny pieces of land
at starvation level, so little food that that's why British elites even 500 years ago called the peasants
the little people because the men would be five foot three, five foot four, the women would be four foot nine
because they didn't get enough food to eat.
And this is in Silence of the Lambs, which is an interesting book, the original one
of the one that came out in the 90s.
And whenever Hannibal Lecter is talking to Clarice, the FBI criminologist, he says, Clarice, I don't even need to know your history.
But I can tell from your accent, I'm going from memories like you're from West Virginia, probably a single family, probably coal miners.
I look at your bone structure and tell four or five generations of malnutrition.
She starts freaking out going, how do you know that?
Well, he's an evil super genius.
And that's a fictional character.
But that's giving you that that author obviously knows how the globalists think.
I mean, if you go, To the UK, and you go to some royal event to see the royals, they're all like 6'3", 6'4", 6'5", and they're huge.
Because for generation after generation, they've been getting plenty of food, folks.
And they even put it in movies and books like Silence of the Lambs to flaunt it at people.
This is their science.
If you go to China and the grandchildren of the ruling class that survived are like 6'2",
6'3", 6'4".
And the average person in China is what?
It's literally from not getting enough food.
Of course IQs are lower in Africa on average and Latin America.
It's from generational malnutrition.
That's why they don't want you eating meat.
two generations of eating meat, brain sizes massively increase.
IQs explode.
That's why they don't want you getting beef, which is the very best for your brain.
So this is all known.
And so when you see, oh, we're going to ban beef, or, oh, we're going to ban you driving cars on the weekend, it's all about feudalism, all about their power to totally control every facet of your life and track digitally, oh, no one 15 years or younger, in England, they're passing a law, going forward, can ever buy tobacco.
Sounds reasonable, right?
Oh, cigarettes are bad.
But it's about the power of the government to track everybody and to say, if you're born in a date where you're 16 when the law passes, you can always smoke.
But if you're younger, you can never smoke when you're an adult.
They're teaching you that when you're born has an effect on the rights you have administered by a big AI computer system when you scan your driver's license or your ID when you buy cigarettes or vapes, they're banning vapes, or a cigar or a pipe.
And again, the idea is, oh, we care about you.
The same ones pushing GMO and fluoride and poison shots.
No, they don't care about you.
They want the power to roll out.
A social credit score to control every facet of your life and it's already here so they're going to start it with flying on airplanes, buying tobacco, buying pharmaceuticals.
Intergenerational, yeah they found a study.
Intergenerational malnutrition.
Grandparents diet and health also impacts baby.
In Africa, in just a few areas, there are chimpanzees that are twice the size of the average chimpanzee and who are way smarter.
And when they do studies, they're the ones that can learn words.
They can learn hundreds, if not thousands, of sign languages.
They can learn math.
And it's only those chimpanzees that eat meat.
That kill deer and kill little pigs and kill other monkeys.
They're not monkeys, they're apes.
But kill other monkeys and apes.
They eat other chimpanzees.
And they, on average, are twice as big and almost twice as smart because they eat meat.
So see, this is very, very simple stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's why they don't want you on a carnivore diet.
You're healthier, you live longer, you're stronger.
It's a fact.
I've got all this other news.
There's so much to do, but I'm doing okay.
I think I've done an A-minus job hitting what I wanted to hit this hour.
We've got a lot of them in the intersperse next hour with your phone calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Wide open, free for all.
Stay with us.
Wide open, free for all.
Stay with us.
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And of all the deficiencies that are out there, one of the biggest problems on the planet is Iodine deficiency.
Just look up Iodine deficiency on Wikipedia.
More than 2 billion people, the UN estimates, have major cognitive disabilities because they haven't had iodine.
It is essential in all electrochemical activity of the body, but most iodine in plants or in meat is bound to other compounds or other elements.
So you don't get the full absorption.
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Take action now.
All right, we're just minutes away from your phone calls and masses of critical news straight ahead, but Greg Reese has put out a really important report.
Nanobots that release toxins and harvest energy from the body.
Nanotech replication inside the body.
That's what's going on with these deadly shots.
It's all confirmed in major studies.
It's a very important report.
here it is.
The patent lists several embodiments, or variations, of this technology.
And while we don't know who got what embodiment, we know that several different batch numbers were deployed, and some were far more deadlier than others.
According to the Moderna patent, this technology contains self-assembled nanoparticles.
And in certain variations, these nanoparticles can be used for the controlled release of compounds once they are in the human body.
These lipid nanoparticles are encapsulated into a polymer hydrogel, a controlled release coating that includes polyvinyls.
This has been verified by Anna Mielchia and Clifford Carnicom's research.
In a 2013 TEDMED talk, Dr. Ito Bachelet says that these nanorobots have already been successfully developed in Israel, and that they can be injected into the human body with a basic syringe.
He shows an image of what they look like, and they appear to be the same structures that the fifth column found in their research, and claimed was powered by 5G, which was confirmed by Dr. Bachelet.
My team developed nanorobots that carry antennas.
These antennas are made from metal nanoparticles.
Now, the antenna enables the nanobots to respond to externally applied electromagnetic fields.
So these versions of nanobots can actually be activated with the press of a button on a joystick.
In the following video, it is being discussed by developers in 2015.
The nanorobot we designed and fabricated is a machine that can be programmed to autonomously recognize target cells and deliver payloads to those cells.
The basic idea is to make a cage or a basket that protects a fragile or toxic or
precious payload and only releases it when it's at the right moment. The nano robot
that we designed actually looks like an open-ended barrel or a clamshell
that has two halves. So the two halves of this open-ended barrel or a clamshell are
linked together by flexible DNA hinges and the entire structure is held shut
by latches or locks that are actually DNA double helices.
The way it works is that in the absence of the key, which is a molecular protein, the duplexes are held sufficiently strong to maintain the entire structure closed.
But when the key is present, that piece of DNA that we designed to recognize, that key, switches to bind to the key.
And the duplex zips open.
The work of Todd Callender's team at VaxChoice.com have concluded that these shots contain a variety of synthetic pathogens that can be released with external 5G frequencies.
The Moderna patent describes these nanoparticle mimics, which mimic the delivery of a variety of pathogens and lists over a hundred of them within the patent.
And according to the work at Vax Choice, these synthetic pathogens each have an IP address.
They are catalogued by the Department of Energy.
And they use Cesium-137, which we have been contaminated with from the environment, as a building block for their construction within our bodies using external frequency.
And their research shows that the Microsoft patent filed in 2020 060606 cryptocurrency system using body activity data is now in effect and that this technology is turning the human body into an antenna which can output energy.
Meaning that humans are being turned into batteries to fuel the digital AI prison that is being built around us.
And if you choose not to comply, the technology includes a built-in kill switch.
Thanks to many independent researchers and scientists, we are figuring out their agenda, but they continue to walk freely among us, unrestrained by any justice whatsoever.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
What an incredible report.
We're going to post it on X. Nanobots that release toxins and harvest energy from the body.
I would add, released on the public.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
Share it like your life depends on it, because it does.
Back in 60 seconds for calls.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, they loaded these mRNA shots with replicating, self-replicating mRNA nanobots.
It's in all the mainline literature.
We are living in an incredible dystopic science fiction nightmare!
But there are over 8 billion of us!
And if we simply discover what the enemy is doing, and become the Paul Revere's that you already are, and warn the world, we will take back control of our planet and our civilization, and we will defeat the globalists.
All right, I'm your host Alex Jones.
Loaded phone lines.
And I'm going to intersperse it with a ton of news ahead of a congressman joining us coming up in the third hour to cover the waterfront.
All right.
I remember writing articles and doing reports 15, 16, 17 years ago about how the system was going to replace the human military and roll out ground drones, small air drones, large air drones.
Surface ships, submarines, and the great danger that once you had a technocracy in control of that, it would remove humans from the decision-making process, where in your training as an officer in the military or as an enlisted person, you're taught not to follow illegal orders.
But that once we go to a drone military, commanded and programmed and run by AI, that then obviously, You could have a tiny globalist ruling class, calling themselves the elite, yes, the masters of evil, masters of dehumanization, the masters of Satan, Satan's minions, Satan's little helpers, ruling over everyone.
And so Israel is on the cutting edge of many things, so is the US, and Israel's on the cutting edge of nanotech and shots, and Israel's on the cutting edge of turning over AI control, So the AI controls the military and then the AI decides who to kill.
And you say, well, we didn't do it.
The AI decided to tell the drone, either in the air or on the ground, who to kill.
And so we saw so many videos, but it captured the world's attention a month ago when I reposted and others did, just our posting got over 40 million views that I saw on Exelon of People in southern Gaza, trying to go back to their homes to try to find food, and they were teenagers, and they're vaporized by drone missiles.
And now it's admitted, and the Israelis aren't even denying it, that a computer program they call artificially intelligent, called Lavender, and that's sweet, should have called it Strawberry Shortcake, or Cupcake, or Hearts and Kisses.
Hearts and Kisses, the AI machine directing Israel's bombing spree in Gaza, or the LifeGiver, or the Kiss of Love.
No, but they called it Lavender.
Isn't that a loving, liberal name?
Lavender, the AI machine directing Israel's bombing spree in Gaza.
Huge report.
WikiLeaks information, but it's all open source.
Israel's not even denying it.
It was secret five years ago, but now they admit that an AI computer is directing swarms of drones that scan and watch people's behavior, like running from house to house.
Well, you're already scared to die, but they admit that's one of the things.
If you're seen running, because these young people are walking around the street towards the Israeli troops, not even doing anything wrong, they get killed.
But if you are running house to house, because you're pinned up there, and you're trying to stay in the shadows, well, that's the reason to die right there.
It's like a full metal jacket.
And they ask them, they're flying in the helicopter and the guy's indiscriminately,
the door gunner, just shooting men, women and children.
And he says, how do you shoot men, women, and children?
How do you shoot women and children?
He says, it's easy, you just don't lead them as much.
Total sociopathic response.
It was a moral question.
How do you kill women and children?
That are just out in rice paddies, trying to get food.
Which really happened in Vietnam.
By the end of it, they said, just kill everybody.
Blow up, burn their rice paddies.
Shoot the people in the rice paddies.
That's all they have.
And he responds back, Not, oh, I don't care about killing women and children.
He says, easy, just don't lead them so much.
He was like a robot.
He just took it as a question of how do you kill them, not a question of why do you kill them.
But he says he doesn't lead them as much because they don't run as fast.
Yeah, cue it up with audio.
We'll play it in a minute.
What a great Stanley Kubrick masterpiece.
His daughter did a great job working on the sound score as well.
Vivian Kubrick.
Big listeners say hi to Vivian.
She listens every day.
So, that's where we are.
And if you go read this... What is this?
40-something page report.
You'll see it all right there.
Here's an IBM slide from 1979.
Directing the employees that a computer can never be held accountable, therefore a computer must never make a management decision.
But when you hear about autonomous drones that make the decision of who to kill, well what's telling them that?
It's AI and who programmed that?
Oh, this person's walk, not just their face has been scanned, but their walk is a biometric system, 98% on average accuracy.
And so they've seen this person digging around for food, running house to house, they don't want to get killed.
Just, they admit in this article, the Israelis admit, just running house to house is you're a combatant.
You live there, you're being bombed.
You're trying to find food, trying to find family, and you're smart!
You don't walk up the middle of the street to get drone-attacked.
You run from house to house.
Well, now you've been scanned, and now they send the drones to kill you.
This isn't a Terminator movie made in the 1990s or 2000s.
This is here now, and they're using drones against farmers and ranchers all over the Western world.
They're shutting them down.
It's being used on you and I, not just the Gazans, folks.
So I posted this this morning and I said, I said a month ago, this is robotic genocide.
Let the computer tell other computers who to kill so humans have no guilt or decision making duties.
They can get in the way of the machinery of death.
And then I link to this big article, "Labander, the AI machine directing Israel's bombing
spree in Gaza."
Once you go automatic, target generation goes crazy.
Because a human's not sure, like in collateral damage where they, collateral death, WikiLeaks cut the video up famously, where they shape journalists in a many manner terrorists, they kill little kids, but that was humans making a mistake.
Now, of course, most of them are innocent, it doesn't matter, now it's the robot that made the decision, so you don't have any guilt.
Of course you do.
And I want to raise a point here, guys, can you pull up tattoos on Jews, Nazi Germany, and then just type in IBM and the Holocaust and pull up a New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner, Black, we've interviewed for his first name, Mr. Black.
But it's a fact, it's not a secret, it's not debatable, it's on record, that people in the forced labor camps, that were also death camps, Would be given a tattoo, and would be given weekly tests, how much they weighed, how tall they were, and they would put it into the Hollerith computer machine, a punch card machine.
Type in IBM in the Holocaust, you'll find it.
That's the book.
And then the machine would tell the SS how long to work somebody before you killed them.
And to them it was okay, because, well, the machine told them.
And of course, IBM, Thomas Watson, the founder of it, was the highest awarded person in Nazi Germany, basically ran the computers for the Third Reich.
Yeah, put that back on screen, I want to show that article.
It's a review of the book, won a Pulitzer Prize.
IBM and the Holocaust, the strategic alliance between Nazi Germany and America's most powerful corporation, IBM, Edwin Black.
The old days, if I had a photographic memory, I would say Edwin Black, but I never read him 20 years ago, so I can't remember the first name.
I read the book 20-something years ago.
So, they would tattoo a number on you, and they would track you with that, but now they've got your face skin, your palm skin, your body gait, your walk, and now the computers decide how you die as well.
And yes, I'm comparing AI indiscriminately going around killing people, and they admit in the article, the Israelis admit, yeah man, we kill a lot more people when the computer does it, because it tells us they're guilty.
And then of course, you can just program it however you want.
Just like the PCR test, they turned up 30 plus times so that it would show more positives of COVID.
And when they turned it down to where it was supposed to be, it found almost no COVID.
But when you turn it up 30 to 40 times, some clinics had it turned up 60 times, because they wanted to make money.
Oh, you got COVID, go home.
Here's all this stuff.
They introduced the fraud.
They pre-program it.
Into the AI.
This is a big, big, big, big deal.
And the human military is already a thing of the past.
The human-based aircraft system has been sabotaged.
Everything's been sabotaged with critical race theory and wokeism and everything else.
The airlines are being sabotaged.
Everything is being sabotaged right now.
And we don't have to fund this.
We don't have to accept this.
We tell our police departments we don't want robots.
We say we want factory items made by humans.
We want things farmed by humans.
But what does the UN and the London Guardian say and Bill Gates?
Oh, non-robot farms?
Organic farms are bad for the earth.
We have to get rid of those.
They're getting rid of everything.
And Germany announced we're going to ban using cars on the weekend this summer.
And then it'll be randomly on your computer when you can drive.
They've said that.
So it's not coming.
It's here.
The design collapse of society and a weaponized computer system against us And the argument is, well, if we don't do it, the Chinese communists will do it.
Or somebody else will do it.
Well, anybody can make race-specific bioweapons.
Why don't we have a convention?
We do.
Banning that.
Most, a lot of countries have hydrogen bombs.
We don't have a hydrogen bomb war because we've decided that'll destroy humanity.
Well, the same thing with turning AI completely loose and putting it under all the weapon systems.
And then, of course, you know, the robots will go haywire at some point.
Oh, hackers did it.
Oh, sure.
Hackers turned off the power grid.
You get a centralized system.
It allows a centralized group to have total control.
Again, I'll use a fictional example of the remake of Battlestar Galactica that came out 15 years ago or whatever.
I don't watch a lot of TV, but I did watch the first season.
The second one was so... they cut the budget.
You could tell it was terrible.
But the first one's great.
You have these biological androids that look like humans, that are biologically human, but are programmed to be... work for the aliens.
They come into the main base of the Galactic Command Center of the Humans.
They get into the defense network.
They load their viruses in to take control of all the Battlestars.
And then in one hour, they take them all down and destroy them all, except one museum piece that was being decommissioned on like a cruise, and then that's the one ship they've got left to fight.
Now that's a movie, that's a TV show, that's fiction.
This is real, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, in the 1970s, Battlestar Galactica, it's not an AI takeover, but it's the remake of it, where it's an AI takeover, but the point is, the parable Definitely fits the story, the warning, the example.
So the globalists are playing with fire and I do have to say, whether it's nanotech on the shots or whether it's AI in control of the military, Israel is the cutting edge of this and it's selling it to a bunch of other countries and it is disgusting.
And it's disgusting that our government is on the very tip of the spear as well when it comes to this and it's wrong and we're destroying ourselves This is Pandora's box that's been opened and you can argue whether Atlantis existed or not.
They got some super powerful free energy technology that finally exploded and almost destroyed the planet.
The ancient historians said it was real.
I don't know if it was real.
But Mars has the radioactive isotope all over its surface that only comes from a certain type of hydrogen bomb.
And it appears that Mars was completely destroyed 500 million years ago by a giant nuclear war.
Say what you want, even NASA says only a nuclear war would do this.
Well are we set?
Maybe Mars is where we get the term Atlantis from.
I don't know.
I know the Illuminati thinks we came from Mars.
That's why Elon Musk is obsessed with Mars.
There's an obelisk on the only moon of Mars that Buzz Aldrin told me about here on air.
That that's what 2001 Space Odyssey is based on.
I don't know.
Whether these are fables or not, the point is we're there now where whether this stuff happened in the past or not, whether we blew up our civilizations before or not, we're on the verge of being able to do it again to ourselves right now.
And these are the topics I want to talk about.
Instead of can two men have a baby and all these distractions.
And Bill Guy, the science guy, going back to his 1990s PBS show, And other shows and removing X's and Y's from it saying they don't exist.
I mean they're teaching you anti-science so you don't recognize the tyranny they bring in is to destroy you and it's not good for you.
And now more gain-of-functions emails came out two days ago.
And more documents of Fauci at events running gain-of-function.
And they had hundreds of COVID-19 variants seven years ago, years before they released it.
And it's all confirmed.
They cooked it up.
Department of Defense, Obama program, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
We've known all this.
this we're just learning more more more more more more more more more more more. And these
gremlins, these mad scientists can't help but play God.
And now, just like in Terminator, AI's in control of NORAD, AI's in control of the nuclear missiles, AI's in control of the drones.
The drones already outnumber human aircraft 100 to 1, not just counting the small ones.
They got, last time I checked, like 40,000 Predator drones.
Reapers, you name it.
It's here.
And these evil people get a thrill out of doing things really satanic like this.
When they go against God, when they set up something dangerous, they get a mad scientist rush out of it.
All right, I'm gonna go to your phone calls now on all these wildcard topics that you've called in about, which I like to do occasionally, and I appreciate you calling in.
We've got Clayton.
And we've got Deshaun and Joshua and Richard and Andrew and James and Nick and Nurse Keith and Short and Long and Jack and Tuvea in Israel.
We're going to take all your calls right now.
The order to receive first up will be Clayton and then Tuvea.
Go ahead, Clayton, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex, thanks for taking my call, brother.
I'm calling in to ask about Hunter Biden, Jim Jordan and James Comer.
They're going through this entire ethics hearings and everything, and they're not connecting the dots.
If you look at the files that were found in Joe Biden's home, Hunter's relationship with Dijon Ming and Patrick Ho Chi Ping, who Hunter called the spy king of China, And everyone knows that Yixuan Ming is the protege of Chairman Xi of the CCP.
And then you have these unexplained funds that were funneled from the CEFC, which Yixuan Ming was running.
Yeah, that's the audio of Hunter where he's like, I work for the head of Chinese intelligence.
Why are they not connecting the dots, Alex?
You really need to get into James Comer and Jim Jordan's backside about this.
They're not connecting the dots, Alex.
No, I mean, I think a lot of the Republicans are on the CHICOM payroll as well.
I wonder.
Well, I'm not saying... Why are all these Republicans suddenly going, well, we're not going to run again, we're bailing on our office?
They're rhinos, I think.
Well, I'll tell you why.
The FBI's come to them and says, we know about you taking a bribe, and they're rolling over.
Yeah, no, it's... This country is overrun with corruption.
You're absolutely right.
The Chinese Communist totally penetrated our government.
Now, our government tried to pull out of it.
You know, Feinstein and Swalwell and Hunter Biden's relationship with us.
He even says it in a text, by King of China.
He's compromised.
He flies on Air Force 2 when Joe Biden was Vice President.
Look at her sister.
Exactly, Feinstein and Swalwell and Hunter Biden's relationship with us.
He even says it in a text, by King of China, he's compromised.
He flies on Air Force Two when Joe Biden was vice president.
He flies on Air Force One now.
He is not trustworthy and it is already well known.
No kidding.
No, and we were totally penetrated.
The TSA gropes you by the borders wide open.
Great point, sir.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, we should light a fire on the Republicans' ass on the Chicom infiltration.
The problem is the FBI will immediately leak to the press about their girlfriend or about something they did corrupt ten years ago.
They got files on everybody.
That's why the Republicans won't stand up.
You gotta feel like Rand Paul, who's totally clean, And a few others that'll do it, but the others are compromised.
Let's go to Tovaya, or Tuvaya in Israel.
Thanks for calling, go ahead.
And the Lord said to Abraham, go forth from your land and from your birthplace and from your father's house to the land I will show you.
Which land is God talking about when He says, "Go forth from your land and from your birthplace and from your
father's house to the land that I will show you"?
Whose land is it?
Is it God's land?
Now it is God's land.
I'm going to tell you something, Alex.
There is a hijacking of Judaism because, like you know, Judaism came before Christianity and Judaism came before Mohammed who wrote the Quran, and it's interesting when you talk about Isaac, Isaac was the one who got, who was taken with Abraham to what is the Temple Mount, and we as Jewish people get a brief after eight days.
Now you'll know that the Ishmaelites get a brief after 13 days.
Now, I want to ask you a question.
First of all, Pesach is just around the corner.
Happy Pesach to everybody around the world.
This idea of the exodus from Israel.
The Hebrews left Egypt, not just the physical place of Egypt, but the spiritual place of Egypt.
And this is the idea of slavery.
Slavery of the mind.
One who understands that there are certain things that are above their intellectual understanding.
You talked about science.
God is above science.
God made science.
So I want to talk about how, if God made science and things are certainly above your intellectual understanding, why is it that it could be that the land of Gaza, which is a big discrepancy now, was given to one of the tribes?
This is the land of Israel.
And I suggest that you go back... Hold on, I've got to go to break.
I'll let you finish when we come back.
We've got to go to break.
I'll get everybody else.
Stay with us.
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All right, I gotta move quick to these calls, but Tuvia in Israel, Cut to the chase, what are you getting at here?
Look, I'm just asking you, when it says in the Lord 5th Abraham, go forth from your birthplace and go to your father's house, to the land that I will show you, which land is God talking about?
And yet people resort to the fact that these protests that are happening, these aren't the children of Ishmael.
These aren't the children of Avram.
These are Yishmaelites.
They're not from Yishmael.
So what are they arguing?
Whose land is it?
It's God's land.
So what are they arguing about in the streets of New York or in the streets of London?
Whose land is it?
It's God's land.
And they hijacked Isaac in going to the Temple Mount in the Qur'an, which is a shame.
It's just like a kidnapping of the Jewish people who they're keeping hostage.
Which is a shame, too, that they can't even give back the kids, the Jewish kids and the adults and the people that they've taken from the land of Israel into who knows what squalor.
The fact that they have hostages?
You have kids, Alex.
Alright, listen, I've got to jump to more callers.
My point is, is that I think it's dangerous if it's Israel or anybody to have AI robots
flying around deciding who to kill and not to kill and vaporizing innocent people.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
That's what I'm saying.
And I'm saying the indiscriminate destruction there.
Yeah, thank you Alex.
Can you hear me alright?
Alright, thank you for taking my call.
Hamas did, I'm glad when Hamas gets killed.
But then you talk about Israel, Israel helped create Hamas.
So there's a lot of evil in these governments across the board.
And that's where I stand.
We're taking wildcard calls, they're all over the map here.
Up next is Joshua in New Mexico.
Thanks for calling, go ahead.
Yeah, thank you, Alex.
Can you hear me all right?
I can, go ahead.
All right, thank you for taking my call.
Hey, real quick, I'll get to the point.
You know, I just like to talk about solutions and elections and solutions for elections.
I think a lot of times the federal elections are just more or less for distractions because
they're always deceitful, right?
They never do what they say they do.
Even when we were supposed to elect a, you know, God-fearing, you know, Christian man and Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House, it still folds.
So, I think a lot of our focus needs to be turned back on local elections, because that's where we really have the power, right?
That's how our whole Constitution of the United States was designed and drawn up.
I agree, that's why the feds were so scared of, in the last few years, people going out and taking over their school boards via elections.
That's why they tried to make them terrorists and intimidate them.
It didn't work.
Everything's local.
That's what the left says.
Think global, act local.
Well, we need to think local, be local, and then act global and local.
And, you know, so I think people need to focus on their elected officials.
You know, like, number one, your sheriff is one of the most important people in your county.
You know, and you need to make sure that your sheriff, you're electing the right sheriff, and then hold them, you know, accountable.
You know, make sure that they do your bidding and not, you know, the globalist bidding.
You know, that includes the judges, you know, your county commissioners, school board, you know, all these people.
You know, we've gotten so used to other people doing the work, we need to start being accountable, you know, holding people accountable.
You know, and if You know, you're a lawyer or something like that, you see something, you know, going on or something wrong, you know, if you can draw up something that you can fight them in the legal battlefield, by all means do that.
If you're not and you're just an average Joe like me, then find someone who's able to fight this fight and just support them, right?
If you can't do it yourself, find someone else who is doing it and then support them.
Because, you know, the main thing that we need to do also is, um, Yeah, thank you.
Can you hear me?
Great, thank you for having me on.
Just don't comply.
You know, I hear you brother.
Great points.
Got to jump.
We got to get to the next person.
Thank you.
We're taking the calls in the order they are received.
Richard in Maine on gun control in Maine and fighting back.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thank you.
Can you hear me?
I can.
Thank you for having me on.
I wanted to talk about how Maine, how in Maine, the radical left has just passed sleeping
gun control bills.
They voted to have mandatory 72 hour background check wait.
They've enhanced yellow flag laws where police are able to confiscate your guns.
I think we need to get active and get off our butts and make our voice heard.
I'm organizing a peaceful rally out front of Rachel Tellett Ross' home, who is the Speaker of the House, to push these anti-gun bills.
This Saturday, April 20th at 5 p.m.
at 39 Washburn Ave.
in Portland, Maine, we'll be gathering to peacefully exercise our First Amendment.
People should mail their thoughts about her attack on the Second Amendment.
I think you should call for researchers and activism.
You're a big name, and if a small fraction of your listeners could get inspired, we could get our country back.
Now, I hear you.
I mean, look at Canada, where they promised to never try to take the guns when they registered them.
Now they're confiscating the handguns, not letting you sell them or buy them.
And all over the U.S., they're trying these red flag laws that are unconstitutional, while they let illegal aliens out that commit murder, rape, you name it.
I've got a whole stack of news on that.
Great points.
God bless you.
Yeah, they're really coming out with the guns in Maine.
Moving quick now.
Andrew in New York, you're on the air.
Qatar is funding all sides of the military-industrial complex in the Middle East.
Qatar funds the banking system.
They're funding Israel, Hezbollah, Houthis.
They're also funding the Muslim Brotherhood who are They infiltrate into the West, a lot of the schools and the riots.
like the... Well that's right, the globalists are funding all sides of these conflicts on
record to create global destabilization and have giant defense budgets.
Yeah, um, yeah, I'm, Qatar, like, they also, like, I remember they had like a big, like,
money laundering scheme, I can't remember, like, the exact details.
Yeah, there's huge money laundering going on out of the wars in Israel, the wars in Ukraine, that's not debated.
There's over 8 trillion dollars missing at the Pentagon.
Yeah, and I heard also Ilhan Omar is a Qatari agent also.
Well, that's the thing is, I don't like a lot of what Israel is doing, but also the left is coddling all these Islamists in Hamas, so the globalists are setting these pieces up, and until you get that the globalists are manipulating all the groups, we don't have a chance of stopping it, but together we can.
Thank you so much.
James in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead, James.
Hey, I just want to make two quick points.
I'm in L.A.
and I watch Haystack News, which is like local news, and the mainstream, ABC7, like mainstream story is that cancer rates are going to, by the next 10-15 years, cancer rates are going to go up by 77%.
And these are scientists and doctors shrugging, going, well, I guess this is life now.
They got us.
I mean, this is like death.
You know, I'm glad you called because I've seen those headlines.
Yeah, guys, type in Doctors warned, scientists warned, cancer rates up by 77% in the next decade.
They have injected you with a shot that turns off your immune system and triggers cancer.
We said this would happen before Dr. Michael Yedon, the former vice president of Pfizer, went public before the shots.
We were all on record and now it's here.
They are killing us.
And then all over the news, we don't know why cancer is up.
We don't know why heart attacks are up.
There it is.
Rising cancer rates among young women.
How medical systems fall short.
It is everywhere.
Yeah, and we used to care about these things.
Listen, I know this might sound wacky, but I was playing Resident Evil 2, okay?
And they go to the gun shop where his daughter is infected, and he says, Leon, you're a cop.
You're supposed to care about these things.
You're supposed to know things.
Who did this?
And it's fiction, I know, but right now we have to hold on to... No, no, no, they predict a program in these movies and TV shows, but let me just back you up first.
Tell us what's in Resident Evil video game, but let's go back.
CBS News, there's the headline.
77% increase.
That's almost a doubling in cancer.
Okay, and that's what the WHO says.
Well, they're the ones that directed the shot.
They think we're so dumb.
And if you follow this, I've read the studies on air just last week.
It all starts with the rollout of the shot in early 2021.
The heart attacks, the blood clots, the myocarditis, the cancer, the infertility, the stillbirths.
It all stops, all starts, like flipping a light switch on.
Go ahead and make your point about Resident Evil.
What happens?
Well, I'm just, my point is, is that, you know, and then Leon says, this is why I became a cop, is for people like that to figure things out, and my point is, is that we used to care about these things and investigate, and that's another element that they're trying to destroy, is because those stories represent the best of us, and that's one of the things, they're replacing it with a soulless, They are normalizing mass death everywhere.
Oh, we don't know why there are strokes.
Listen, when they first were rolling the shots out, I saw billboards in Austin and in Phoenix when I was there saying, oh, strokes are more common than you thought.
Heart attacks are more common.
Cancer is more common.
But nanotech will heal you.
Nanotech is coming from Pfizer.
Congressman Troy Nels is coming up.
Well, it's the most of the third hour today, but I'm taking your phone calls right now.
I'm Alex Jones.
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All right, let's now go back to your calls.
Thanks for holding.
Nick in Oklahoma, you're on the air.
How's it going, Mr. Jones?
Good, sir.
Go ahead.
First thing, real quick, I just want to plug your products like you just did, man.
When I can afford to buy your products, that's what I buy.
Thank you.
They work out great.
I got a couple of questions for you real quick.
One, I think it's time that we kind of ask the question and ask ourselves, what's going to happen if Biden is reelected?
Two, with everything that's going on in the media, it's kind of hard to differentiate what story is worse than the next and what should we be focusing on worldwide in the broad scheme of things as far as what we should be looking for.
You know, the globalists, they want to throw in all these distractions, like you said, You know, in your professional opinion, because you've put so much research, time and effort into all this, what should we be looking for?
How should we be preparing for this?
You know, what should we be telling our families?
Hey, you know, this is a good potential this might happen.
I promise you that in the next week we will do an entire show where I spend an hour talking about this and we take two, three hours of calls on the subject of what is most important.
But I can tell you real fast my view.
A relationship with God, realizing this is a spiritual battle, understanding that the global corporate government, BlackRock and the UN, the WUF, are the main enemy, manipulating Russia, China, the US.
The Transgenderism, the Poison Shots, the GMO, the 5G, it's their agenda.
Identifying the globalist plan, first relationship with God, identifying the globalists are the ones setting this up, doing it, the UN Treaty they're trying to pass right now to take over our bodies, take over medical care, set up emergency camps to round us all up, force injections, that's paramount, the central bank digital currencies, the global cashless society, the global social credit score, the BEATS system, They're bringing in for total control their entire agenda, then the destruction of our borders, the targeting and annihilation of our families, the feds going around trying to shut down some of the biggest Christian colleges in America, realizing you're in a war, realizing you're under attack, self-defense, overall health, getting right with God.
I mean it's all there.
Realizing that it's not about the ballgame and not about the movies and all that's a distraction.
It's about we got hell coming down on us and this is the big test right now and God's watching.
So I think realize you're in a war.
Realize who the enemy is.
Start talking to other people.
Do whatever you can.
Many hands make light work.
I mean I think that's understanding it's a spiritual battle, a satanic attack.
God's the answer.
I think that's it.
And as far as the question about Biden potentially winning this election, what do you think in regards to that?
I really believe they're going to remove him with a health problem or something at the DNC in July.
That's what all the smart brains are on, that's what I think.
They'll try to superimpose him by drafting Michelle Obama, Big Mike, or Gavin Newsom or both.
We've got that, and it'll just be more of the same.
They'll try to trigger a civil war by putting Trump in jail, trying to get us to be violent, or provocateuring some violence.
I mean, there's a very good chance they're going to steal the election again.
They're already doing it through the internet, through the censorship, blocking stories and exposing.
I mean, all that stuff I concur with, and I agree with you 110%.
Keep up the good work, brother, and stay strong.
God bless you, your family, and your crew.
God bless you, Nick.
And I'm going to say it again.
Number one is realizing God's real and the devil's real.
Evil's real, good's real.
You better get God.
You better reach out to God and say, I can't handle this.
Come in, tell me what to do, protect me.
Because again, when I say prayers, nobody told me to do this up until I was a little kid.
I don't ever ask God for stuff.
I say, God, what should I do?
And God will then immediately, that's what God's looking for.
And then God'll take care of everything else.
God loves you, God made you, but if you don't have God, folks, if you don't have Jesus Christ, you don't have anything.
And you don't get it out of a Baptist preacher or a Catholic priest, and some may be good men, I'm not saying they're all bad, but that's a system set up in front of God.
You call out to God, God's real, God knows what to do.
Let's go to Nurse Keith in Oregon, you're on the air, welcome and thanks for holding.
Super dittos, Alex.
You were talking about About an hour ago, you were kind of explaining to people about how the micronutrients and stuff that are available in different foods actually had an effect on... I don't like using the word evolution because I don't believe in that.
It's just how it affects you.
Let's be clear, there isn't long-term, billion-year evolution.
There's jumps, but like how you build a car, cars have evolved, or electricity, or computers have changed.
There is innovation, and humans do get ancestral memories from their ancestors.
That's called instincts.
I wanted to pile on that a little bit.
I'm not trying to brag, but I'm a board-certified wound care It's a very complex discipline.
easy certification to get, it takes years.
And it encompasses, you know, cardiology, endocrine, pulmonary, you name it, you've
got to be good at all kinds of stuff.
It's a very complex discipline.
Very complex discipline.
And in order for me to fix, and let's face it, a lot of my doctors, they don't know anything
It's my job, as a nurse, to figure it out.
The average medical doctor gets two hours of college education on nutrition.
It's amazing, isn't it?
So, um, one of the things that I try to do, and I'm going to try to make this quick because I know you've got a job.
I'll hold you over if you need me.
We've got the congressman coming on, but go ahead.
So one of the things that I do is I'm looking for results and by using very good nutraceuticals and supplements and things like that, I can fix a problem.
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Come back.
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All right, we got Congressman Troy Nels coming up to cover the waterfront next segment and he'll be with us about 40 minutes and I'll finish up with all the callers that they want to hold.
But I want Nurse Keith to finish up.
Look, we started selling nitric waste like two years ago and then Dr. Mikovits, who's a big scientist, said, oh, that's one of the best formulas.
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So you're saying you're taking care of people with wounds, one of the biggest medical industries out there.
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We've got three and a half minutes to break.
You've got the floor.
Tell people about some of the things you've witnessed.
Well, Alex, I would not have 35,000 patriot points If this stuff didn't work.
I'm not into buying BS and I don't push BS.
When I've got a complex wound and I see something that you guys sell that I know perfectly fits, you know, helping this person's circulation or, um, you know, getting them, I love vitamin C and zinc and simple stuff.
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Yeah, I feel like it.
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I almost feel bad sometimes.
No, no, no.
We have a lot of bills and it's hard to find, but when I say it's your show, you're the reason.
Listen, I'm going to do like a five-hour commercial-free show.
Probably not this Saturday, but next Saturday.
Four medical workers to call in and just tell their experiences with the shots, everything going on.
I'd like to have you on for 20 minutes, uninterrupted.
Give us your name and number.
John won't forget, the producers won't forget, hopefully, because I forget too.
They're not bad, I'm worse than them.
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Thank you so much, and God bless you, Nurse Keith.
We'll talk to you soon.
Give us your name and number.
All right, we're blessed to have one of the best congressmen in Congress, Representative Troy Nels.
And I won't go over his whole background, but he represents 22nd District in Texas.
He serves on the House Judiciary Committee and on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committees prior to serving in Congress.
Nels served 30 years in law enforcement and served our country 21 years in the U.S.
Army Reserve.
He deployed on combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other places.
He retired with the rank of Major and is a recipient of two Bronze Star medals.
Congressman Nels served eight years as Sheriff of Fort Bend County, Texas.
He's also the author of two books, The Big Fraud and Borderless by Design, Nels, N-E-H-L-S dot house dot gov, and Representative Troy Nels on X.
And we appreciate him coming on the broadcast to talk about his book, talk about the FISA fight, and the sound investigations information that came out, and his book and more.
Thank you so much, Congressman, for coming on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
It's an honor and a privilege to be with you today.
Am I violating any rules smoking my cigar?
I love a good Ashton in the afternoon.
No, no, I do too.
And you know, they're trying to ban all tobacco for anyone that's 15 or younger, even when they grow up in the UK and they want to use A digital AI national ID to control that.
That is scary.
Yeah, I tell you something.
A good Ashton in the morning, the afternoon and the evening.
It's a great, great mild cigar.
I'll have to send you one or two.
I think you'll like him.
You'll really, really like him.
I have been quite a cigar aficionado since I was out of high school.
And Ashton is a good, classic, clean, mild.
I'm a mild guy.
I'm not a tough guy with like the the Churchill's and stuff.
I like a good mild cigar.
So I'm actually an Ashton fan.
Very well, we agree, we agree.
Wow, look, look, you've got the, quote, courage to come on here because you'll get demonized for doing it, but that's what we want to be.
We want to be demonized by the corporate lying, deceptive press.
But your law enforcement background, your military background, watching where America is today and what's happening to Trump, the persecution, the deep state, how would you describe the moment America's in?
And then let's plunge into all the topics.
We are.
Well, we have a crisis on every corner.
This country's on fire.
Matter of fact, it's just not our country.
It's the entire globe.
I just left the rules here and I have an amendment on some of these supplemental packages, these aid packages that we have.
I can't support the Ukrainian aid.
I just won't do it.
It's $61 billion.
I can't do it.
I never have.
And now we got Israel, they want to give some support to Israel, but when you look at the Israel bill, and I just got off out of the rules room, I said, listen, there's $9 billion of the $20-something billion that you're going to give to Gaza.
I told them, I said, I tell you, the squad wrote page 11 of the 25-page bill, because it doesn't say that the aid will go to Israel.
It's very, it's not specific, but It's going to go to Gaza.
And so this administration is trying to play both sides of that war over there between Israel and Gaza because a hundred thousand people, a hundred thousand people up there in Michigan, Alex, one out of every five voters in the primary in Michigan weren't committed.
They're not committed to Joe Biden.
So he's trying to play both sides of the road by using our taxpayer dollars to appease both sides.
I can't support any of this stuff.
It's un-American, and it's America last.
Well, I totally agree.
You're a combat veteran.
You've been over there for a long time, so you know more than I do or most of the listeners.
But to me, it's like Biden giving $6 billion to Iran.
We know Hezbollah advised Hamas when they attacked Israel.
And then we go back to funding both sides again.
And it's just this overall mission of destabilization.
And you've got now record numbers of Islamists being brought into the country.
Where do you think this is headed?
Well, I think, quite honestly, I have done some interviews.
I believe that nothing is going to take place in Ukraine.
The war over in Ukraine is not going to end until Donald Trump becomes president.
And I predict By April 1st, Putin will be out of Ukraine.
That's what I believe.
The only one that can really get this deal done is Donald Trump, because Putin doesn't respect this current president.
But he had a lot of love and respect, quite honestly, from Donald Trump.
And your viewers have to understand, he never went in.
Putin never went into Ukraine under Donald Trump's four years.
He did under Obama, took Crimea in 2014.
And then he went in, obviously, under Joe Biden here.
So, I think Putin respects fierce adversaries.
I think he looked at Trump as one of those equals, those fierce adversaries, and he wasn't going to toy with them.
Neither did little Rocket Man up there, you know, dealing with South Korea, and neither did China.
So, we've got problems around the globe because this administration is just, there's so much weakness with this administration, and our adversaries exploit that weakness.
Congressman Nels, why do you think all hell broke loose, like a light switch got flipped, as soon as Biden got in, what was it, 27, 28 months ago?
No, no, it's three years and three, four months.
As soon as he got in, all hell broke loose.
What happened?
Well, all hell broke loose when you look at the just, let's just focus on the United States and our own borders.
All hell broke loose as it related to inflation and as it related to energy because what Joe Biden did is reverse many of Donald Trump's policies related to oil and gas.
I mean, if you just look at the canceling of Keystone and other things like that, this administration wants to move to green.
They're actually trying to jam it down our throat.
I know we're transitioning, you know, into more, you know, emission carbon-free type stuff, but this administration is trying to jam it down our throat.
But the big issue was, and the one that to me was most disturbing, and I think is on the top of the minds of the American people today, is reversing all of Trump's policies related to the southern border.
And it was even before January 20th, when Joe Biden was inaugurated, before January 20th, he was inviting people from across the globe.
Come on over, America's open.
Come on, come on in here.
And he was inviting people.
That's why he got over, what, 150, 160 countries that have entered through our southern border.
But it's all by design.
And that's really the purpose of the book.
So this has been, this is, this is all self-induced, self-induced disaster.
For the American people.
He could change his policies, but he's not going to do it.
Joe Biden wants these people to come in here and I explain a lot of those details as to why this is all by design with this administration.
My first documentary I made in 1997 was called America Destroyed by Design.
I have read your book.
It's excellent.
Everybody should get it.
Bortles by Design.
It's key to understand.
People always go, oh, the liberals are idiots.
Oh, the environmentalists are morons.
Oh, they don't know what they're doing.
No, they know exactly what they're doing.
They are dissolving the country.
Bringing in replacement migration, bringing in new voters, even if they don't vote right away, which a lot of them we know are, and in blue cities are giving them driver's licenses, letting them vote publicly, it changes congressional apportionment.
And this crisis is so bad.
I know Tucker Carlson had some journalists on that said the numbers were like 20 plus million are in the country since Biden got in.
How does this get reversed?
I mean, can we even turn it around if Trump gets in?
Well, Donald Trump said he's going to do it, and Donald Trump, by the way, the greatest president in my lifetime, a great leader.
I respect the man.
Donald Trump, he's always right.
He said that we're going to have to do some type of a mass deportation.
With the millions that you have here, let's just focus on the bad hombres first.
We got millions of them over here that have committed crimes.
They're in our jails.
They have ice holes.
Let's get them out.
But then let's make damn well sure that they just can't come back in within 12 months.
And I say 12 months because as my time as sheriff in a very large county in Fort Bend County, Texas, we interviewed some of these guys that killed some of our residents.
And they've been deported six previous times.
So I tried to get into their heads and say, how do you get deported six times?
Well, when we got deported, it took about a year.
It took about a year to come back.
So we got to find a way if we're going to send somebody out of this country that they just can't come in here as freely as they have been for the past several years.
So we've got to find a way to deport.
Number one, let's focus on the bad hombres, the criminals.
Let's get them out and then figure out what we're going to do about the others.
But that is going to be that's going to require an enormous amount Alex, that's going to be a logistical nightmare, quite honestly.
Well, you've been a sheriff, you've been a combat veteran, you're a congressman, so you understand all this, but I like to strike at the head of something.
And if you have NGOs that are still getting State Department money to flood the border and run these refugee camps and invite people to come here, and Biden saying, when I win the election, we know he stole it, immediately surged the border.
Then I know that if I set up refugee camps on the border, as if I had the money, and if I was bringing in criminals and drug smugglers and people with, you know, murder rap sheets, I would get indicted for racketeering very quickly.
So if we controlled the Justice Department, it'd be very easy to go in and indict the heads of these NGOs that are doing this.
Here's a few headlines.
Illegal alien accused of killing advisor to Democrat Catherine Cortez.
We've got suspect in death of Senator Cortez.
Advisor entered USC legally.
And then I've got more headlines where just everyday, Haitian migrant, double homicide suspect, used Biden CBP One app to legally enter US.
I mean, what the hell is going on here?
UK illegal migrant, this is today's news, who protested with a sign reading, migrants are not criminals, please guilty to raping 15 year old girl.
I mean, this is a crime wave.
Yes, it is a crime wave and I think the American people, and I have to say Alex, I think the American people started paying really close attention to this when we had either Governor Abbott and Governor DeSantis and some of those border states start sending, busing these individuals up to some of these sanctuary cities in the Northeast and sending them to San Francisco, sending them to Chicago, Martha's Vineyard.
And when they did that, it started getting the attention of some of these people in these communities.
And hats off to them.
Hats off to these governors that started, you know, shipping these individuals up and saying, hey, listen, you want to know how Texas feels every day?
We're just going to send you a few thousand.
We're dealing with millions coming up through the southern border in Texas.
So I think that got the attention of the American people.
And then these these mayors in these cities are starting to get some pushback now on their constituents and their voters on both sides.
And that's I believe that's why this is the border, the borderless by design.
It's the number one issue.
For America, in my opinion, in the next election, in this presidential election.
And we need to keep educating, informing, and exposing, exposing this administration for their unwillingness to secure that southern border, and he puts the American people last, and he puts them in a very dangerous situation.
That was my next question.
What do you make of the House doing a great job and having the articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, who then, we know he used to be on the board of one of these NGOs that's opened up the border, and then the Senate tables it, even Mitch McConnell said this is unprecedented, never been done, where they don't even look at it, they just table it, and so Mayorkas knows he's above the law.
That is really dangerous.
Yeah, I think we knew, and I voted for the impeachment.
I didn't think it should have taken us this long to do it, but I voted for the impeachment of Mayorkas.
So what we did, Alex, we sent two articles of impeachment over to the Senate.
But I know Chuck Schumer, he's an interesting fella.
I don't think he pulls any punches, too.
We know that he's going to do everything he can.
To protect Joe Biden and his entire administration.
And so it's no surprise to me that this took really pretty much just an afternoon.
They had three votes.
They said the first one, really the second article, the first article, unconstitutional, didn't meet the grounds of high crimes and misdemeanors.
And then the third vote just to dismiss.
So, they weren't going to give these articles of impeachment a whole lot of attention over there and a lot of media coverage.
And quite honestly, I think the media just kind of hid it.
And they're just like, we don't want to really talk about this.
Let's talk about giving Ukraine more money.
So, I knew it wasn't going to go anywhere.
But it was the right thing to do in the House of Representatives to impeach Mayorkas.
Because to me, it's almost criminal.
What he and this administration has done at our southern border, putting the American people in harm's way.
And again, all by design, unfortunately.
I saw that the Republicans in the last week introduced a bill for proof of citizenship to vote.
You've got to show proof to fly, proof to get insurance, anything.
Voting is so important.
That seems like a no-brainer.
How do we get that legislation passed?
I guess we get Trump in and then we can hopefully get it passed.
Yeah, you know, we had our primaries in March down in this great state of Texas.
I was unopposed.
Nobody wanted to dance with me, and I appreciate that.
But when I was down there talking to voters and talking to thousands of voters, again, the number one issue was the border.
But they're also concerned about the 2024 election.
I was concerned about what took place in the 2020 election.
I wrote it, The Big Fraud, I wrote about it in my first book, The Big Fraud, because I believe that that election, quite honestly, was rigged, if not stolen.
And if you look at these swing states and what they did under COVID rules, remember we had the National Emergency Declaration.
I'll give you an example there in Wisconsin, Governor Evers, he's a nut job from the far left.
1.3 million boats 1.3 million mail-in vote.
Mail-in vote.
That's a lot of ballots coming in.
1.3 million.
And they only rejected, they rejected less than 3,000.
And he used this argument about, well, we've got COVID.
Six feet.
So he called us in a safer at home emergency declaration.
Just give everybody a ballot by mail.
Make it universal.
Don't worry about signature verification.
Just say you're indefinitely confined.
I am telling you, the rules under COVID, under the emergency declaration we had, was there.
And many, many governors, secretaries of state, large town mayors used that to rig the election in 2020.
in 2020, we must make sure it doesn't happen in 2024.
Now shifting gears into a story that affects me and I hate to be gonzo journalist to bring myself into it,
but I asked you when we were texting with the producer to send topics you wanted to cover,
'cause I wanted to get into FISA, I wanted to get into the border, the election,
all those things we've already partially covered, but you wanted to tie 'cause it is tied together,
FISA and the sound investigations video that exploded last week with a former FBI agent
current CIA.
Admitting what we already know in the whole Sandy Hook thing.
I never said those things, never did those things.
The media made a huge deal about the straw man.
They defaulted me in court.
So it just shows the level of what the deep state will do to get a talk show host.
And I don't feel sorry for myself because Trump has dealt with a thousand times this, but they admit that they are setting this precedent to use it against everybody.
Yeah, when you watch the video, you're talking about this Blevins guy, and he was the former FBI, I think he worked for DHS for a while, and now CIA, and they get him on video, I guess it was a video, he probably didn't know he was being videoed, but he was talking about you, he's going to do everything he can to try to chop your legs off and try to take all of your money.
He also talked a little bit about not only you, but he mentioned Elon Musk, and I think he talked about Tucker Carlson.
He's a little loud, we gotta shut this guy up, do everything we can to shut him up too.
So, they have weaponized, and the American people know that this DOJ, the FBI, the DOJ, they're doing everything they can To weaponize those agencies to go after individuals that have a dissenting point of view.
But we also need to make sure that just because this guy says it, doesn't mean it's all true, right?
So, I don't know, he kind of looked like a little weird duck in my opinion.
When you just watch him, I'm thinking, I gotta confirm or deny with what this guy is saying is true.
You know, in one area is about the FBI agent in the J6 crowd.
He mentions like 20.
Well, my humble opinion, we need to get Judiciary, we need to get our Chairman Jim Jordan, I serve on Judiciary, to say, hey listen, let's get a subpoena, let's get this guy in front of our committee and try to confirm or deny some of the things that he said in that video.
Because if we can confirm what he said in that video, I think all hell to pay.
You, Tucker, I mean, we need to expose the FBI if they had those agents in that January 6th crowd.
We need to expose it all because the American people deserve truth, Alex.
They deserve truth.
Right now, I can't trust this administration and unfortunately, I can't trust this government.
Well, that's right.
We have the footage that other Congress folks have showed where they arrest people that look like they're Trump supporters and they give them high fives, take the handcuffs off.
We know those were federal agents.
So it's come out that they lied.
The Jan 6th Committee was improperly formed.
They've now destroyed all their evidence because it's a trail.
But I know the former FBI, current CIA, Gavin Oblevis fellow, but William Aldenberg was the chief counsel of the FBI in Connecticut.
We'll put his picture on screen.
He testified in the show trial in Connecticut that he went and initiated the families and all of them and ran the entire operation.
So that's the point is that it's not just this is this guy senior, you know, Gavin Oblivious, you can say, well, he's just a technical guy that goes and sets things up and works for the CIA as well.
This guy is senior.
He's senior in all of this.
Yeah, and you know, there's many of us up here that really don't support the leadership of the FBI.
And I have to be clear as a sheriff, you know, we worked with the FBI and a lot of different task forces to get a lot of bad hombres off the streets in the great state of Texas.
And I support, I think it's the... Oh, I've had average FBI and federal marshals and federal judges give me intel on big stories, but they're compartmentalized.
It's those key units that are doing the bad.
It's the leadership, Alex, that needs to be addressed.
It's Christopher Wray, and it's Mayor Garland.
We need to focus on the leadership, and you're going to probably have to maybe get down to even mid-level managers, but the only way this is going to be resolved is with a new president.
That's right.
You need Donald Trump.
This country is begging, begging for leadership, and Donald Trump is the only man that I know He's the only man I know that can bring that leadership back to this country and make us great again.
No one else else can do it but Donald J. Trump.
What is the deep state?
You know, the Justice Department, the bad guys at the top, and bad women.
What are they, don't they know, I know they know, everything's backfiring.
These indictments of Trump, even Axelrod said it needs to stop, but they just can't quit.
It's backfiring.
What are they going to do?
Well, Alvin Bragg's up there.
I think he's embarrassing himself.
And when you look at Letitia James, they're all, every one of these individuals have an axe to grind.
I kind of find, they do not like Donald Trump.
It's quite clear.
They hate Donald Trump.
They're going to do everything they can to try to damage him and his character.
This Stormy Daniels trial up there is shameful, this hush money trial.
The feds didn't want to do anything with it.
So then all of a sudden you get Alvin Bragg and these others and Smith, Jack Smith, to go in and say, well, we need to bring these charges forward, these misdemeanors, that we're going to make felonies because they were taking reports and misclassifying reports, all this other stuff.
It's just a way to keep Donald Trump from becoming the next president.
They're going to do everything they can to keep him from becoming the 47th president.
But I think the American people are paying attention to this too, and they know that they're weaponizing their individual offices, whether it's the Attorney General's offices or the District Attorney offices across this country.
The American people aren't buying it.
They truly aren't buying this thing.
Well, look at Biden!
Look at Biden.
He goes, he tries to go in grocery stores and gas stations and restaurants.
No one wants to talk to him.
People hear Trump is in a business, two minutes, thousands run there in New York, howling for him.
I mean, this says, and I know you're on the ground talking to your constituents in Texas.
I'm seeing the same thing.
I've never seen such explosive support and such an awakening.
Yeah, and you think that when they try to put this A-team together, whether it's Jack Smith or Letitia Peekaboo James and all these other phony fanny, I mean, look at how she was embarrassed with some of her activities or extracurriculars with this guy, her boyfriend, I guess, that really never ever tried a felony case.
And where is that boyfriend and others?
They're in the White House talking to this administration.
On how to go after Donald Trump in Georgia and everywhere else.
But I'm telling you, I thought that... Let's be honest too, I think that James Comer...
James Comer on Oversight.
Hold on, Congressman, we only got 10 minutes left.
A short break.
Congressman Troy Nels is our guest.
Stay with us.
You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do.
Who's Alex Jones?
Yeah, so we were after him.
Was that court case used?
Was that in the CIA?
It sure was, but we were looking at all of his callers, comments, all of them.
Who's that guy that's taking a break?
It's Bureau of Practice Entrapment.
A lot?
Yeah, we get really close.
It's a civil matter.
Since they got all this access to his stuff, and it's there, what can we go find?
And the goal with him was what?
Just to bankrupt him?
Uh, pretty much.
There's nothing federally, federal law we can do.
But civilly?
Just go at him that way.
Chop his legs off.
Is he still out?
He's still chirping?
He can chirp.
Are you still watching him?
He did what we wanted.
Which is what?
Took his money away.
But you do have the option for a civil case, which is a pretty good case.
That's our opinion.
I would think kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do.
You set them up.
You create the situation to where they have no choice but to act on their impulse.
And once they act on that impulse, then we call that entrapment.
It's a fine line.
Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?
We get really close.
Not officially?
We get as close as we can.
Is that what J6 was?
No, no, that was just... an idiot.
Who would be like a big influencer that you're after?
It would make sense if it was.
Yeah, I know.
But, uh, but yeah, so, you know, we get as close as we can to it without doing it.
Who would be like a big influence that you're, influencer that you're after?
Like a, I don't know, like a, I don't even know these names.
Like a Fox News person, or like a Tucker Carlson, or like a... Oh, I'm sure he's one.
The youngest one, the biggest and loudest.
Like that, what was his name?
The one that said, uh... The Sandy Hook didn't have all of his... Alex Jones.
So, we were after him.
You are?
Are you still after him?
Because he's broke.
He got found guilty.
And had to pay like a hundred million dollars.
So what, why were you after him?
We're not in anymore.
Just to get the money for him?
Was that court case used?
Was that a CIA case?
It sure was.
That was an agency case?
Well, actually it was a defamation case.
So it's a civil government case.
But we were looking at all of his followers, commenting, following, like, who's up in Vegas today?
So, even though it's technically not our... well, not the agency, definitely, but the Bureau, for instance.
Yeah, it's not our purview.
It's a civil matter.
But, since they got all this access to his stuff, and it's there...
What can we go find?
And did you find him?
I think.
Oh, so with Alex Jones, you were watching him long before anything ended up happening?
It was in my office, but I mean, we would have been well aware of what he was doing.
And the goal with him was what?
Just to bankrupt him?
Oh, pretty much.
And we let the families do it.
We let the families do it.
Were they encouraged to do that by the Bureau?
Like nudged?
We don't encourage people.
We just say, there's no federal statute being broken.
But you do have the option for a civil, for a civil case.
And it's a pretty good case.
That's our opinion.
Oh, that makes so much sense.
I have a cousin who's a lawyer.
So that's a lot of these cases, they're kind of encouraged by the FBI?
Yeah, like, there's nothing federally, federal law, we can do.
But civilly, we still let them that way.
Chop his legs off.
And they did?
So the FBI was happy?
They didn't care.
We were like, awww.
Basically, the citizens did your job?
Wow, so you can encourage a civil lawsuit.
Not encourage.
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America First, folks, is what it's all about, and Congressman Troy Nels is all about that.
His book is a bestseller, Borderless by Design.
Get it at Amazon.com and other places.
Find him on X, Representative Troy Nels, and at Nels.House.gov.
All right, we've only got seven minutes left.
Oh, you're a busy man.
We appreciate that you gave us so much time today.
You were finishing up a point about Congress folks and what they think and the break hit.
And then I want to get your view on this FISA, because I was reading that now the Senate's going to change it where It makes all the businesses join in on the spying and all the rest of this.
And then I wanted to ask you overall about even what Dr. Phil's talking about, the UN treaty and how they want new lockdowns, how the left wants it, how they want to control our bodies.
Federal court ruled a couple days ago that the government can give kids shots without parental consent.
I want you to hit that the time we have left, sir.
But first off, finish your story.
Well, you know, there are many of us up here and my hat's off to James Comer from Oversight and obviously Jim Jordan with Judiciary.
We believe we've exposed this administration, Joe Biden, his corrupt family and his extended family on just how corrupt they are.
And the abuses and the weaponization that's been used a lot that term weaponization of agencies such as the CIA and the FBI to go after people, go after the American citizens, go after individuals like you, to go after Catholics, to go after anybody.
That has a dissenting point of view, but no one more than Donald J. Trump.
So we're doing the best we can.
You can't really get the dishonest media to support us because they're not playing it.
So we have to have outlets like you and Talker and Newsmax and even a little bit of Fox to go out there to try to expose this administration for just how corrupt they are.
So hats off to some of us up here that are doing everything we can to expose just how corrupt this government is.
I know you were really concerned about the Pfizer reauthorization.
Why are you concerned?
Well, because number one, look at what they did to Carter Page.
And they spied on Carter Page, a great American.
They spied on him.
Because he was associated with Donald Trump.
And so, they lied about him, they got warrants on him, which really weren't valid warrants, and the IG's exposed all of this stuff.
So, you feel bad for a guy like that, and that's not what Pfizer was ever intended to do.
It was never intended to spy on American citizens.
It was foreigners, even in foreign lands, not even while they're over here.
So, it's bad abuse, you can't trust the FBI.
I wasn't going to reauthorize it for the FBI, but what happens?
We got into a position now, FISA passes, and it doesn't even require a warrant.
And I think that's dangerous.
To me, it violates many of our Fourth Amendment protections in our Constitution.
And I was truly, truly disappointed in our speaker and others that supported to be able to get, without having a warrant, a warrant requirement.
Shame on them for doing this.
And then we've got all these federal judges and state judges releasing illegal aliens who've already been arrested for all sorts of heinous crimes.
I mean, what are they, this defunding the police, the crime wave?
Why would Democrats do that?
Well, I think the more confusion you have over here, the more then the American people are going to rely on the government to try to help them.
So this is interesting, too.
We talked about the border.
You could talk about inflation, gas, grocery prices, this, that.
But the crime, too.
I think the crime has the American people upset.
And that shouldn't be a partisan issue.
I mean, if you're a Democrat, you care about getting robbed in your driveway or somebody
breaking into your home.
You're upset about that, too.
But if you look at the crime that's taking place in our country, much of it is taking
place in the inner cities.
And when you look at the inner cities and the most dangerous cities, they've been run
by Democrat mayors for decades.
I example, I example.
Louis, the most dangerous city in America, has had a mayor, a Democrat mayor, since 1949.
Baltimore's next, 1967.
New Orleans, 1872.
Think about that.
They've had Democrat mayors in some of those cities for decades, and the people are starting to get irritated.
They're starting to push back and say, if we want to keep our people safe in our own communities, we need to change direction.
We have to change direction.
Because it's not the Democrats that are going to do it.
Well, that's right.
And there's a total political realignment happening and a major popular speech and the old rhinos and people being kicked out of the Republican Party.
But since I mentioned this, let me just shift gears to the UN Treaty.
They're trying to cram through that we know the Biden administration is heavily involved in.
Here is...
Dr. Phil McGraw saying you better have a plan.
Dr. Phil urges people to prepare their resistance against the next lockdown.
We know it's leaked that the left all over the world wants that for control.
Germany's trying to ban driving cars on the weekend.
Tyranny alert!
Court rules Federal PrEP Act protects forced vaccination without parental consent.
I mean these people are literally Coming for our bodies.
They say abortion, but that's a human.
It has rights.
No, the UN is saying our bodies are owned by them.
What are you working on?
What is Congress doing to stop this and stand up against the next viral power grab they're going to try to use if Trump gets re-elected?
I think we're doing a decent job here in the House trying to expose Fauci and others and look into COVID and the way that was rolled out.
I think Rand Paul on the Senate side is doing a hell of a job trying to expose Fauci, who eventually should be placed in cuffs and go to prison for what he's done.
But the sad part about all this, Alex, is that obviously COVID killed millions of people across the entire globe.
And there are many of us that are expressing our concern about the truthfulness of our government and COVID.
How was it released from the Wuhan lab?
A comment over here.
And I think that there are many people concerned about that.
But the sad part is guys like me who really feel right now that I can't trust the government to tell me the truth about health issues.
If there truly is another pandemic, a global pandemic, that is truly serious, much more serious than COVID was, I think we're going to lose tens of millions of people because there will be people not willing to listen to the government.
That's a scary, that's scary, Alex.
It truly is.
It's a systemic loss of trust.
Last question, I gotta go.
I love Marjorie Taylor Greene.
You know, I had major issues with McCarthy, but we see Republicans quitting.
We see a razor-thin majority of one member in the House, and I'm not saying she's wrong.
I'm going to have her on a couple days.
I'm going to ask her the question, and I'm not saying Mike Johnson's great.
He's done a lot of things I don't like.
He claims Trump supports the Ukraine funding.
I don't even know that's true.
So I'm asking you, because I respect you, what do you think about this vacate the chair, go after the next Speaker of the House, and then is Mike Johnson going to quit like McCarthy did?
Are we going to give the Democrats control of the House going into an election?
Just briefly, I know you're going to go on that.
What's your view?
Yeah, Mike Johnson isn't going to quit.
Kevin Carthy didn't really quit.
He was ousted by the 8th.
But I don't support this motion to vacate because it took us three weeks.
We got into the deep bench to find a speaker.
It took three weeks to do it.
And I think that the American people that gave us the gavel for leadership and trying to do a motion to vacate right now.
Margie's a good gal.
She's got Thomas Massey expressing concerns.
But I'll guarantee it.
Chuck Schumer has already reached out to Hakeem Jeffries and said if they do the motion to vacate, and let's say they can get 10, 15 Republicans that say Mike Johnson has to go, there'll be 10, 15 Democrats that will neutralize that effort made by certain Republicans.
So, listen, Johnson's going to be here.
This is what we have.
Every decision we make in the House of Representatives should be in the best interest of getting the White House back.
To go through this process, now it could take a month.
It doesn't help us at all, quite honestly.
Let's focus on Donald J. Trump.
This motion to vacate isn't going to go anywhere, in my opinion.
Well, I mean, I just tend to agree with you.
I get the purist thing of, like, he's not doing some good things.
And to be clear, I meant after McCarthy was ousted, he left.
And I wish he wouldn't have done that.
So do you think, I mean I don't want you to portend something negative, but just straight shoot us your text and do you think we're about to lose the House because we've already had so many members leave?
Well why do you think so many members are leaving, so many Republicans?
Well, I think they get fed up with some of the games and the antics that we've seen.
Come on, this has been somewhat embarrassing for the past several months, what we've done.
The American people gave us the gavel, and if they don't give us the gavel in the next session, we've probably done it to ourselves.
We've earned it then.
But I just think it's got to stop.
And right now, having the presidency, having the White House, is the most important thing.
You know, you could have the House of Representatives, not have the Senate.
If you don't have the White House, you don't really have anything, folks.
Let's be clear.
You've got to get the White House back.
That's Donald J. Trump.
You've got to get it back.
Let's focus on that.
Representative Troy Nels, the book, Borderless by Design.
Thank you so much.
Appreciate you, sir.
Thank you.
God bless you.
You know, I don't care about knowing all these Hollywood people back when I used to go out to Hollywood and be in movies and TV shows.
It means nothing to me.
I've known Willie Nelson for 20 years.
I hung out with him a lot.
I'm proud of that.
Sure, he's politically not straight, but he's a good guy.
And Merle Haggard was a listener.
He was being scheduled for the show on his new record about chemtrails in the New World Order when he died of pneumonia.
So I missed out on having Merle Haggard on.
Cool Texas inside baseball stuff.
All right, folks, let's go to DeSean.
I've been holding for almost two hours.
I appreciate that, while we have the Congressman on.
DeSean in Los Angeles, and the order of the call is received.
Welcome, DeSean.
All right, good, good.
I stayed in, Alex.
I'm good, I'm good.
No problem, man.
Great show.
Like I said, when we're looking at you, right, nobody was even talking about the topic, but with permanent drone warfare on the American people, this is what's coming to us.
And you're making a point about drone warfare, but your phone's a little muffled.
Talk right in your receiver.
Yeah, so we're looking at permanent drone warfare on American people.
And that's what they might try to do before the election because we're going to have football games and other outside sports games.
Well, that's right.
They can say terrorists did it and the globalists did it, and then the globalists got to worry about humans.
They have to state their false flag.
But if they have robots do it, they don't have anybody that can expose them.
Right, but see another thing, they bringing in Muslims and they smart, they know how to fly these drones already.
And another thing, Ukraine has been collapsed so some of them soldiers and mercenaries are coming over here in America and they are mad they lost their country.
So they know how to fly them drones as well.
And all it's going to take is that once people will be walking outside with tinfoil hats for sure if this happens.
But if they can do this before the election, they got another reason this is another lockdown.
People will not come outside at all if they know drones are in the sky hunting them down.
Well brother, I'll tell you this, the sky's the limit.
Look at this, tyranny alert.
Court rules Federal PrEP Act protects forced vaccinations without parental consent.
The government's literally saying they're going to inject our children illegally without our consent.
They have thrown down the gauntlet.
It's a genocide right now.
A genocide of the American people.
And you have to realize that they're not after just the Christian white males.
They're after the black white males too.
Brother, I hear you.
They are after... Brother, David, they are after all of us.
We're together on this.
I agree.
We're all under attack.
Right, so they're poisoning them.
And like I said, the police now are murdering American people for the immigrants.
Every person they kill, the immigrants are getting out of their houses.
They're going into white people's houses, black people's houses.
Smoking, murdering them.
There is no doubt that it's a UN plan for replacement migration.
Why do you think they're using Latin Americans for it?
Why do you think they're using Latin Americans mainly?
It's the closest place with no border.
And the point is, do you know Canada is only 35 million?
Okay, we can take, I don't know why we didn't invade Canada and take that as well.
We should have been, took that country over.
But man, with that, they just flooding us.
Man, Canada don't want to cross our borders.
They're using all of South America to just kill us.
And they kill us every day by cars, running us over by accident.
They're breaking into our houses and murdering us.
They're going on drive-by shooting sprees.
They're walking in banks with tellers.
Well, it is true.
The illegal alien crime wave is the biggest crime wave right now.
And the judges just let them all go.
They're definitely being protected.
Right, and like I say, y'all putting y'all white women in fear.
The white woman is in fear right now.
She know her country is being invaded, bro.
We blacks, we would never let our country be invaded.
And in California, we love our white women, man.
We protect them, bro.
None of that's happened over here.
We would not let that happen.
We stand strong with our white brothers.
Period, man.
We're not going to let this happen, but they're pushing us.
They've already kind of ethnic-closed us out of California.
Los Angeles sparked the black race with the Mexicans.
They already killed us all, bro.
They pushed us out of the United States.
Well, they're definitely creating a clash between us all.
We're all together, black, white, brown, but they're definitely trying to get us all to kill each other.
It's true.
Thank you so much, Deshawn.
Alright, short and long in Canada.
Speaking of Canada, I'd rather just have Canada be free than invade them.
I'd rather the globalists have already invaded Canada with Justin Trudeau, but go ahead, short and long.
Oh, please do, Alex, man.
I feel like your brother in a lot of ways, and I gotta disagree with you on what you said about Polyvier.
We have a uniparty in Canada, and Pierre Polyvier, or however you want to pronounce his name, he's not much better than Trudeau.
No, no, I've got a lot of heat for that.
I just know he's been speaking out against the WF and everything else and I hate Trudeau.
I've been schooled and I'm going to have some special shows on him.
So what do you do if Trudeau's controlled and he's controlled too?
You set up a resistance.
And what I mean by that is you've had Jerry McKenzie on before and he's not looking to overthrow the government or anything even though they're trying to make him out that way.
But you've got to find your friends.
You've got to look at your friends.
You've got to bring them in.
You gotta enshrine them.
You gotta set up your own little mini-community because the government ain't gonna do it for ya.
Daddy's not gonna come help ya.
And something else about drones, okay?
Yeah, Canada just bought a poop load of Reaper drones.
You know, with N-to-Hellfire packages on them.
And they're saying, oh, they're gonna be great for firefighting.
Oh yeah!
Yeah, so basically what we're gonna have here is exactly what you were talking about in the first part of the show.
And by the way, it's all true.
I mean, no matter how radical that sounds, our government's run to the WF are literally at war with us.
And yeah, like here in Canada, we have gatekeepers.
Like our firearms organizations are all gatekeepers for the Conservative Party.
One of the things Jeremy said is like, you know what?
You need firearms control.
And having self-defense is an enshrined reason for having it.
Because if they would have tried, if our firearms works up here, would have done that, and come out as a self-defense, when they tried the crap after Port-au-Pique, they could have pivoted on that and said, you know what?
Our firearms works would have said, hey, if these guys were allowed to defend themselves, it wouldn't have been a problem.
And you know, the other thing is Ezra Levant and Rebel News, they're gatekeepers too.
I got no time for those guys anymore.
How's it going?
Good, good.
I don't know all the inside baseball in Canada, but I appreciate your call, brother. Thank you.
All right, let's go to our last caller ahead of the great, amazing Drew Hernandez taking over.
And then Owen Schroer is going to knock it out of the park 3 p.m. today, in about an hour and 6 minutes from now,
here at InfoWars.com/show. Ryan in Canada, you're on the air. Go ahead.
How's it going?
Good, brother. Go ahead.
Good, good. I just, my wife and I own a, um, a little bit of a seed farm.
So we produce seeds.
Basically, you go to the store and pick a pack and everything else.
So I think it's really important that everybody needs to understand how much an ounce of seed can give you and how important it is to garden and support your local seed farm or seed producer.
Dennis, Bill Gates is trying to buy up all the Air Loom seeds.
They're trying to shut that down.
That's so important.
Yeah, I totally understand.
Well, tell us about your company.
Where do people get your seeds?
Well, I can't ship them to the States, so it's not going to matter.
We've got a lot of Canadian listeners, though.
Tell us your company.
Our company is Horse and Cart Seed Farms.
So we're in D.C.
How do you say it again?
Horse and Cart Seed Farms.
Horse and Cart Seed Farms.
Yeah, you betcha.
We're open, a pollinated, heirloom seed farm.
We don't use any chemicals or anything like that.
I love how illegal aliens can ship fentanyl in with the Chi-Coms, but you can't ship Canadian seeds in there.
I didn't know that.
Well, it all depends.
You gotta get lots of permits and everything.
It takes probably three to four years to get all permits adopted, if you're lucky.
And so it's very difficult, so we don't even make the effort to bother.
But it's important for some people to realize How easy it is to catch up on food production with just an ounce of seed.
So for example, like if you had an ounce of tomato seed, that's 2,500 plants.
Or if you had squash, an ounce of seed, 75 hills.
And then if it's not hybrid or whatever, or creates more seeds, you have an endless supply out of that.
Yes, you do.
You've got to think.
So if you're growing 50 hills of pumpkin from one ounce of seed, you're going to get two to three pumpkin per hill.
So you get thousands of pounds of food for free.
And you can save the seed if you get Heirloom Seed Stock.
And that's God's program, is that it just regenerates and it's free.
It is, yeah, it is.
We have a continual problem in my community, and it's called Not In My Backyard.
So a lot of people don't know what it's like to see a farm grow anything to seed.
And most of the plants, they look wicked and heinous.
And now there's a war on farmers.
Stay there.
I want you to finish up when we start the fourth hour.
I'll do five more minutes and then Drew Hernandez takes over.
I love the colors.
Love all the different angles.
Love all the diversity.
It's beautiful.
It's humanity.
It's God's plan.
And we're going to win.
Hour number four, straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
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What would you call the debate and discussions about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
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Get your Team Humanity shirts now at mfullworthstore.com and I thank you all for your support.
We're talking to Ryan in Canada, who's a seed farmer.
Could be a more important farmer.
Talking about the power of heirloom, open pollinated seeds that just... You grow a bunch of pumas, a bunch of tomatoes, a bunch of squash, a bunch of whatever, and you just keep a little of the seeds back, and it regenerates forever.
But the Terminator seeds, the whole corporate system is to literally shut those down, get rid of those.
They're openly doing it.
Any other key points, Ryan, you wanted to add?
Well, it's just how important it is to try your luck at gardening.
Try your luck with your friends.
There's nothing wrong with sticking a garden hole in the ground and sticking some seeds in there and giving it a try.
You know, the steps you make always make a trail, and if you walk the trail enough, it becomes a path.
So, you know, if you're going to the grocery store and you're looking at lettuce and they want $4 for a lettuce, just remember, one ounce of seed is 7,000 plants.
So, That's 7,000 heads of lettuce.
I saw a viral video where a woman paid $7 or $6 in Whole Foods for an apple.
Yeah, absolutely, yeah.
You're going to pay even more for that because of the cost of like to spray and everything else.
But if you planted some apple trees and did it 10 years ago, you'd have more apples than you could eat.
I mean, I had a house, my ex-wife divorced me, she got it, it was 9 acres.
Half of it was plum and apple trees.
And we had so many apples and plums, without even pruning them, that we had constant apple pies,
There's so many things that you can grow.
We'd owned the place before, put them in, it was like 20 apple trees and like 15 plum
trees and it was a few other trees.
It's ridiculous what God's given us.
Oh, it's wonderful.
There's so many things that you can grow.
I actually mowed over a crop of broccoli because I didn't even know that that's what broccoli
was supposed to look like.
I had to go into one of my books from a hundred years ago and it actually showed what broccoli looked like.
So I made a mistake because I actually didn't know that that was supposed to look like that.
Well that's beautiful.
Everybody in Canada needs to check you out one more time.
How do they find you?
It's Horse and Cart Seed Farms.
Horse and cart seed farms.
Call me again, Ryan.
We love you.
Great job.
All right, Drew Hernandez is set to take over.
I wanted to show a poll.
It's got 190,000 plus voters on InfoWars.com.
What is the result of the video of CIA agent admitting Alex Jones had a job?
3% say congressional investigation, 80 plus percent 89% said surveillance state alphabet agency reform.
Boy, I wish.
And all of the above, something unprecedented, 4%.
So we're going to change that poll today.
It's been up for a while, but 190,194 respondents at InfoWars.com with that poll.
I want to thank folks for being part of the poll.
All right, I don't want to cut into Hernandez's time.
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In the face of the deep state, we're going into unprecedented times, but God is on our side.
If God's with us, who can be against us?
Drew Hernandez in 60 seconds.
Alrighty guys, InfoWarriors.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
You are now watching the fourth hour of the most banned transmission in the universe, the Alex Jones Show.
Good to be with every single one of you guys.
Just want to kind of continue this conversation after listening to the last couple hours of the Alex Jones Show.
And I really do want to emphasize, and this is just my opinion, this is not just because I'm a fan of InfoWars or obviously I'm a fan of Alex Jones and the entire crew and the entire operation, but also as just someone that has, you know, dealt with, you know, big government and the feds, you know, looking into your own personal life and, you know, stalking your family.
As to who you are or why they traveled with you abroad like 10 years ago.
And, you know, that's just that's just kind of like surface level of getting into this thing.
But this this this story with this FBI CIA manager, we'll just call him that, in my opinion, is probably the most important Undercover expose and story.
There's a lot of great stuff coming out, guys.
There's a lot of great stuff coming out that has to do with, you know, crooked globalist NGOs that are facilitating human trafficking from the collapsed, formerly known southern border.
There's a lot of people doing great work that is absolutely critical and imperative.
But this story, and like I said, not because I'm a fan of InfoWars and Alex Jones and obvious Obviously I have a bias, but I have a bias for truth, but when it comes to what this actually means, it's not only just for Alex Jones and InfoWars, but this is a breach in the matrix that is, or that was, or we can say still is, this is my opinion,
And I know Alex has said this several times, is the template, is the blueprint, not just for anybody that is influential in even right wing or left wing.
It doesn't matter if you are an individual that has your own independent thoughts.
And you disagree with whatever is predetermined or prescribed narrative or beliefs or whatever the cult says goes.
It doesn't matter whether you identify as a leftist.
It doesn't matter if you're a liberal like Tim Pool or obviously Joe Rogan.
It doesn't matter if you're obviously on the right wing like a Drew Hernandez.
It doesn't matter because At the end of the day, it's not even if you're just some type of an influential figure that has a massive influence and a presence and an audience on social media or radio broadcasting or internet broadcasting via shows or just, you know, short form content.
We've seen this for the past few years and we know that InfoWars and Alex Jones has been the template for the social media deplatforming.
Since it all began, since InfoWars was literally nuked off of Google slash YouTube and it was a coordinated takedown.
But the reason why I bring this up is because people really do have to understand and I think we've seen this with the politically persecuted J6ers and obviously with Donald J. Trump, but especially with the All FISA situation where, you know, Americans are realizing that their Fourth Amendment rights are being violated by Big Brother and these intelligence agencies.
You know, this is not just an Alex Jones.
This is not just, you know, an Owen Schroyer.
This is not just, you know, the list goes on.
Anybody that you love to listen to on a daily basis, people love to listen to me on my nightly show on Rumble.com slash Drew Hernandez.
We go live Monday through Friday, 8 p.m.
Pacific, 11 p.m.
It doesn't matter.
Someone that you love to listen to, that's influential, that is not a part of the machine or the establishment, Will be targeted if they have not already, especially if they are effective and they have a massive audience that believes just like they do.
It's not this cult mentality.
See, this is what separates us from this globalist death cult, is that they have their quote-unquote thought leaders, if we could even say that, right?
Or they're just pretty much just their, you know, their propagandists or those that regurgitate the talking points that come from the top down.
Like, they tell their people what to believe.
They tell their people how to believe.
They tell their people what to think.
They tell their people how to think.
And I can speak for myself, and I'm pretty sure someone like Alex Jones would agree, is we target to tell people the truth to the best of our ability, and we attempt to tell people to think.
Think for yourself, okay?
We attempt to tell people to think for yourself.
And so that's kind of what separates, I think, on an obvious, very obvious viewpoint, that that is what is going to separate you from the regime.
And classically and historically, that's how it's always been.
Anyone that speaks out against those in tyrannical power are going to be silenced, they're going to be censored, and in extreme cases, they get put down.
They lose their lives, their family gets persecuted, lawfare gets launched on them and entire generations of their families.
And this is practiced even today in current times.
Take a look at the CCP China.
If you are found to be some type of a political dissident or rebellion or leading a rebellion or rebellious figure, Even in North Korea, if someone attempts to defect from North Korea, they find out who you are, they will go after your entire family, they do this in China too, and you will end up in an enslavement camp, forced labor camp.
Your family will, for generations, until the very end of your lineage.
And so I, you know, I cite that because it's a pretty simple example for people to see just how powerful tyranny and authoritarianism really is, even in the modern times right now.
And we're facing it as Americans and with this whole FISA situation.
And you know, the congressman coming out on the last hour with Alex, making it very abundantly clear that this is this is violation of Fourth Amendment territory.
And listen, it doesn't matter what your political opinion or your political bias truly is, because this comes down to a fundamental constitutional violation of your own privacy, your own rights against government entity, law enforcement entities that could potentially be weaponized against Civilization, and that's what we are experiencing.
And like I said, we've seen that at the top.
With people like Trump, people like Roger Stone, people like Alex Jones, Owen Schroyer, the list goes on.
Myself, to an extent, has experienced this kind of stuff.
And listen, I know the J6ers out there and the political persecuted are understanding and pro-life, you know, boomer grandmothers in their 70s just peacefully praying outside of a death clinic.
And the feds drop the entire Right?
Hammer and full force of the deep state of lawfare on top of them and give them like 25 to life!
Because that's meant to send a message to everybody else.
So it doesn't matter how many people listen to you.
It really doesn't matter at all.
And this is why people need to truly understand.
And this brings me back to my point as to why I think this is probably, in my opinion, I don't know if people would agree with me on this, But this is me.
This whole expose, this video, is one of the critical videos of 2024.
Because it unmasks just exactly what the Deep State looks like.
Everyone always calling the Deep State a conspiracy theory.
Not the InfoWarriors, obviously.
I'm talking about NPCs and retards out there that still live in La La Land and think, the government loves me!
You know, they're here to take care of me!
AOC is thinking about me every single night, making sure that I have a better life!
Or the squad, you know what I mean?
Can you imagine being that retarded, believing stuff like that?
Even like Republicans, do you think Republicans are... ...keep over you?
These right-wing rhinos that are just all talk, no action.
they just go in circle.
I told people, you know what I mean?
I don't know if this is going to be any different for anybody, but here we are.
Here we are again!
But, as I have been saying, What I want people to understand is you are watching from afar, right?
And what I mean by that is it does get up close and personal when you decide to take a stand.
And when you decide to congregate, I mean, obviously, the ultimate endgame is not just political persecution, but violent persecution against Christians.
The enemy comes to steal, kill, destroy, Right out the gate, the birth of the church, the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit falling upon, and the church is born 3,000 plus immediately, and they are spreading the gospel everywhere.
Right out the gate, they were already experiencing extreme violent physical persecution.
That's the ultimate endgame, okay?
The ultimate endgame is a full-scale assault on God himself.
Okay, we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, power, spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places, etc.
Like, those are the true puppet masters.
Doesn't matter if the puppet is a black person, doesn't matter if the puppet is a white person, doesn't matter if the puppet is a brown person, doesn't matter if the puppet is a Jew or a Gentile.
These demonic powers do not give a damn.
They will just use any willing and open vessel to do their deeds and carry out their agendas.
In a nutshell, that's what the New World Order is.
And that's why all these Luciferians come in all different shapes, colors, and religious affiliations that are outside of Christianity, or they will claim to have some form of illumination, but obviously the origin of that so-called light is not the light of the world Jesus Christ God himself.
It is a different, dark light, right?
Because the Bible says, the Apostle Paul made it very clear that even the angel himself Even Lucifer, the devil himself, masquerades.
He disguises himself as an angel of light.
And so, with all that said, you know, people really do have to understand that it doesn't really matter whether you're influential and you have a big voice and you're effective.
Obviously that matters.
But if they go after the big fish, it's because they want to send a message to all the smaller level fish in their minds.
That this is what's going to happen to you if you dare oppose us.
And you know what?
It doesn't even matter if you oppose them or not.
Because those consequences and that retaliation is going to come regardless.
Because this is a full... What is this really about?
Yes, the ultimate endgame is persecuting Christians.
But even if you're not a Christian, the ultimate endgame is a full satanic assault on humanity.
Because whether you believe in God or not, you're made in God's image.
And that is Lucifer's ultimate endgame and top agenda.
That is on his executive desk every single day.
And it's been that way since his fall from heaven.
He wants to ascend above the throne of God.
He wants to be like God, above God.
He wants to be the commander-in-chief of all of eternity.
And that still is going on today.
And a byproduct of that are several different byproducts as a retaliation and an assault.
And one of those things is a full-scale assault and attack and slaughtering and dismemberment, okay, not just physically, but psychologically, mentally, and also spiritually of those made in God's image.
Whether you believe in God or not, this is true, and it's happening to you every single day.
And you know, the good news is this.
Obviously, salvation in Jesus Christ through His sacrifice, His blood on the cross, And his resurrection, life, death, resurrection, and ascension.
But also the good news is that, you know, what's done in the darkness will come to light.
And I view this, I view this as, yes, a vindication going back to this, I believe, most important story of the year is this undercover video that has, in my opinion, vindicated Alex Jones, InfoWars, shown that the feds have colluded.
Take down InfoWars and, in their words, to cut Alex Jones' legs off!
Financially speaking, right?
And we've been seeing that!
If you're an InfoWarrior, we have been watching that.
And it's even harder to watch when Alex is a close friend of yours and you're seeing what's going on behind the scenes.
But this is why God is essential.
Because without God, everything is hopeless.
I mean, we could lose everything, and that's fine.
But they can't take him away.
That's eternal.
He is eternal.
And that's what they're trying to destroy every single day of your life.
The Deep State, the New World Order, these demonic powers, Lucifer himself and the Luciferians, their ultimate agenda is every single day, without sleeping, without resting, with no vacation, with no time off, with no breaks, with no letting up, just a million miles an hour of a full-scale assault on humanity, those made in God's image.
Is to literally neuter your faith and hope in God himself.
God is, he is eternal.
He is our stabilizer.
You could have faith in anything.
I could have faith in myself and it's useless.
I could have faith in Donald J. Trump, but he's not perfect.
And you're gonna have all kinds of disagreeances with human beings.
You can have faith in anything or anyone, but it is futile and it is dead because it is powerless to sustain you, not just temporarily, and not just spiritually, but eternally.
And you see, this is why faith in God is so important, because your faith is in the Anchor.
It's the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and You know, I know I might be preaching to the choir, but I know sometimes people need words of encouragement and especially if you're in this fight.
But this is this is kind of the bigger picture here is giving you guys the 30,000 foot, you know, viewpoint as I view all of this as a viewer, as a fan, as a listener, as a friend, as someone that is obviously, you know, a guest host here on the network.
And for me, it's more than just the vindication, but it truly is.
A total vindication and confirmation of God's Word, because everything that is done in the darkness, it shall, it will, that is a promise, it will come to light, whether in this life or the next!
You see, this is why it's so imperative to have this faith and hope in God, because those are the promises of God!
And no man can take, no man, no human being, no created thing, no animal, nothing.
Artificial intelligence robot, nothing.
AI generated algorithm, nothing.
Fake demonic horoscope, or astrologist, or so-called, you know, fortune teller, none of that.
Nobody can give that to you.
And no one can take that from you.
And this is what sustains you through such severe, depressing, and absolutely hopeless looking times.
Because Biblical Christianity is, you know, we know that God is good not because we're experiencing, you know, financial or even in terms of our health prosperity.
No, God is good always.
He is eternal.
He is the Alpha and the Omega, even if we lose everything down to our own families, our own health, our own finances, our own lives.
We enter into eternal salvation forever with God, even to the point of death.
That's biblical Christianity.
But people need to be prepared for this kind of stuff.
Because if you're not, you'll get side-blind, and you will get annihilated.
You will get annihilated immediately.
And I think the best example of this is, you know, you take a look at someone like Ye, who, out of the gate, appeared to be on fire for Christ, preaching the gospel, You know, making all kinds of news, television appearances.
And Ye's most recent interview, he's outright denying Christ.
It's like an apostate.
It's dangerous.
It's an apostate.
He said, you know, I've been going through a lot and I prayed to Jesus and I didn't see Jesus come through, so I had to take matters into my own hands.
That's apostasy, dude.
That's dangerous territory.
And he's calling himself God now.
So may the Lord rebuke Ye for such blasphemous words coming out of his foolish mouth, especially attempting to, or declaring to be a Christian so publicly on the world stage, and attempting to be a representative of Jesus Christ.
You know, publicly, Ye needs to repent immediately.
That is blasphemy.
Ye is not God.
And God is not to blame for all of our massive problems.
You see, but this has everything to do with a failure of discipleship and a biblical foundation.
Because anybody would know, hey, Jesus talked about that in the parable of the sower.
When persecution comes or trials or tribulation come, people that receive the word with joy, they didn't have a root, they didn't have a foundation, they got side-blinded and they walked away.
And so yes, it is very important to have that biblical foundation so you could survive when the world and these demonic powers launch a full-scale assault against you.
And I could very well tell you, especially if you want to get politically activated, if you want to be an activist, you want to engage, you want to step up, which I encourage everybody to do so, but I don't say that lightly.
Count the cost, as Jesus said, because you have no idea how deep this really goes, how the deep state really does go.
I mean, Trump sees it, Roger Stone, Alex Jones, look at Owen Schreier, many examples out there of people that have been politically persecuted because they are the actual resistance.
The resistance will always be persecuted.
Okay, the rebellion Towards tyranny and against tyranny will always be accompanied by retaliation and severe persecution.
That is historical, that is biblical, that is inevitable.
And as America is dealing in her hour, Of serious political persecution and weaponized intelligence agencies and a rogue federal government imposing its will on the people.
Doesn't matter if you identify as a Republican or a Democrat.
You must understand and accept these truths before stepping forward.
That political persecution and also religious persecution and absolute retaliation For being a part of the resistance and the rebellion is inevitable.
And you must accept that as part of your task and part of your mission and part of your reality.
Guys, I've seen so many people that try, you know, they have good intentions and they come in and...
You know, some people just want to be famous, you know, they just come into these spaces, they, you know, they want to be viral and they're running around filming, you know, trying to obtain viral footage so they can get the next big news hit, right?
And then they really don't have the right intentions or actual foundational stability.
To go forward.
This is why you guys see so many people come in and they grift and they disappear.
They're never going to be seen ever again.
Because they were never in this thing to begin with, with actual, not only pure intentions or not only with the right mindset, but they didn't have the stability required for the endurance to move forward in this fight, in this InfoWar, in this IntelWar.
In the spiritual holy war that we're fighting every single day.
And you know, I just, again, again, this may be a really drawn out analysis of, you know, my opinion on this video.
But I really do think that that's what this video means.
At least it's what it means to me.
You know, especially if you're going to go into the future.
You know, I'm preaching to myself here.
I'm like, hey, you better count the cost, man.
Like, you want to go down this path.
You're already experiencing the federal government looking to you and your family.
Do you really want to continue going down this path?
And as a Christian, my conviction is, well, the answer must be yes, Lord.
And publicly, I view this video and I view this story as the most important story of 2024 because it unmasks the deep state.
It unmasks the authoritarians.
And not only does it vindicate Alex Jones, it vindicates every single one of us because we are the InfoWar.
Because we are the InfoWarriors.
We are the ones that make this thing up every single day.
We are the ones that they are attacking, just like we are MAGA, just like we are the values that make all of this come together.
All you got to do is just put a brand on it.
What are the values of InfoWars?
That is what is being assaulted.
What are the values of MAGA?
That is what is being assaulted.
The values of Christianity, Christ himself, that is what is being persecuted.
And the world is waking up to this and I'm going to show you guys just exactly what I'm talking about when we come back from the break.
So do not go anywhere.
If you guys are watching on X, please reshare this everywhere.
Critical information normies need to see.
We'll be right back.
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All right, InfoWarriors, we are back.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
You are now watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
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We are thankful for every single one of you guys.
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Rumble.com slash Drew Hernandez.
Or follow me on X2 at Drew H. Live.
You can find all those links in the bio.
I've been saying for a couple of years, and I don't know why, you know, I think I just have been analyzing, especially after this, you know, absolute circus of a Republican primary with Nikki Haley and that fat guy, Chris Christie.
You know, it's just like, there's all these clowns wasting time, wasting money, Ron DeSantis, wasting time, wasting money, just obliterating his own reputation.
I think they may have ran an op on Ron DeSantis, honestly.
Honestly, I think the deep state got to him.
I think the establishment got into his head because they knew that he had the ability to go down the path of being a populist at some point.
And that's just my opinion.
I think they got to Ron, man.
I think they got to him.
And look at it, Ron DeSantis' reputation is obliterated, dude.
In terms of MAGA?
It's gonna take a lot for Ron DeSantis to win the hearts of MAGA back again, so... Anyway, it's just a total circus, right?
This whole Republican primary, thank God that's over.
You know, we can get back to business and just all rally behind Donald J. Trump.
Even Vivek coming out and trying to tell us, trying to tell MAGA that we need him to save Trump, all that crap.
Like, dude, just come on, dude.
Get behind the orange man.
Get on the campaign trail.
Use your influence to get our guy elected.
That's where we're at, all right?
Obviously, we have several disagreements with Trump and some of his policies, but that's humanity, okay?
If we ever get into a territory where we're like, that guy is perfect!
That's Antichrist.
Be careful.
But with that said, You know, I've been really seeing and really analyzing that 2024 was just going to bring a lot out in the open.
I don't know why.
It's not like this says the Lord thing and just my intuition and my analysis and just watching the news and even behind the scenes and knowing what's going on.
That it just appeared to me that as we go into 2024, especially after This circus of a Republican primary, the power vacuum is so obvious.
It's huge.
Because Trump is still a massive force.
MAGA is a massive force to be reckoned with.
It's literally a subversion of the Republican Party.
You realize that?
You realize that's what MAGA is?
It's the resurgence of American patriotism.
It's the resurgence of American values, American nationalism.
It's the resurgence of the American.
And just subverting the Republican Party, exposing all the rhinos to get the hell out so we can get this thing back into high gear and make America great again.
It's that simple.
But with that said, I think when Trump is out of the picture, it's going to cause such a huge power vacuum and struggle.
You're going to have the Uniparty, you're going to have the left-wing sect, the Democrats, all vying for power again.
They already are.
And you're going to have the right-wing sect, all the rhinos, the Republican cucks.
Of the unit party all vying for power again.
Once Trump is finally out of the picture, you are really going to see all the grifters within Con Inc and right wing media spaces are all going to start to take their masks off because they all have to.
They're like chameleons.
They all have to, you know, camouflage themselves and adapt to whatever is going to be popular.
That's going to make them more money at the time.
A lot of these people are like this in Khan Inc.
I can tell you that's for damn sure.
You know, but it's it's just but that's that's the nature of the beast.
And but with that said, it's good news because it's going to show you who is who.
A lot of masks are going to continue to come off.
A lot of things are going to come out into the open.
We've already seen that.
Look how many exposés have come out in just the first Four months, going on five months in 2024.
Look how many obvious, huge, so-called conspiracy theories are already out in the front, out in the open, and Americans are seeing it.
The confirmation of replacement migration, the confirmation of the Great Reset with the total destabilization of our economy, a total controlled demolition freefall for every single one of us.
So many things being confirmed, even Alex Jones!
And apparently, allegedly, the Feds colluding to take down InfoWars via Sandy Hook and manipulating the parents, according to this expose and according to this representative of the FBI and the CIA.
Those are his words!
And so much more coming out into the open.
And I think that's good news, and the reason why that's good news is because people Are experiencing a breach in the matrix.
I'm talking about normies.
Listen, if you're an InfoWarrior, you're like, dude, we've known this and we've been vindicated.
I understand that.
But this is why you'll see Alex emphasize so much, making sure that we're sharing the links, sharing the broadcasts, getting this out to as many people as possible, because there are still millions of people out there that are still jacked into this matrix that need to be pulled out with critical truth and information so we can get these people Seriously, outside of that and opposing those in power.
And so, I mean, we're continuing to see that.
We're continuing to see so many revelations and we're continuing to see so many things come out into the open.
And as I said on the last segment before the break, it truly does confirm God's Word that everything that's done in darkness, it shall, it will come to the light.
And we're starting to see that, whether it's in this life or whether it's the next.
And it's all for God's purposes, according to his timeline.
Even Trump, everybody said that, oh, the deep state, that doesn't even exist.
The federal government, they're not going to indict Trump in an election year.
Look at the coordinated indictments in several different states.
People were even saying, and I'm talking normies, people were even saying, there's no way that during an election year that they're going to try to take A presidential candidate off of the ballot?
And look at that.
Look at it.
It's all coming out.
All out in the open for everybody to see.
And what that is doing is it's backfiring on the Deep State.
It's backfiring on the New World Order.
It's backfiring on them.
It's backfiring because not only is it proving What we say to be true, and what we attempt to warn the general public to be true, not only does it vindicate us, and the information that we've been relaying to the general public, well, and Alex has, for the past 30 years, on the air, which, congratulations, that's a huge accomplishment, especially fighting the Deep State and the New World Order through it all in massive lawfare.
That's huge!
That is huge!
For Alex Jones and InfoWars to still be standing today.
It is an honor to be on this show, to be hosting it, to be a guest, even be watching it after all it's been through.
But with that said, it causes me to conclude when you take a look at all of this and you just kind of sit back and you see the reaction that it's having is it's going to be a retaliation.
It's going to be an uprising.
It's going to be a resistance.
You are going to watch the InfoWars really explode I argue in probably the next, I would say the next eight years.
Because once Trump is done, okay, that is when it's really gonna get crazy.
Okay, let's say we get a miracle, guys.
Let's say Trump right now is like, when it comes to if we actually got to deal with these election Inconsistencies and those that are rigging the election.
If we get a legitimate free and fair election, Trump is going to destroy Joe Biden.
But if we get another four years of Trump, that's only four years.
Just wait until Trump is out of the picture and no longer run for president.
He'll still be around doing rallies and he'll be campaigning for candidates that he endorses, right?
Supporting them, stirring up maga to get behind people.
That is when it is really going to get dicey, guys.
Because that power vacuum is going to be insane, absolutely insane.
And that is when things are going to get critical.
That is when things are going to get wild.
They already are.
But I suspect once Trump is fully out of the picture, these people are going to go insane.
I'll explain all of that and more when we come back on the other side.