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Name: 20240415_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 15, 2024
3022 lines.

In this episode, Alex Jones discusses the escalating conflict between Israel and Iran, speculates about potential outcomes, and covers various geopolitical issues. He encourages listeners to support independent media and remain vigilant against manipulation by those in power. Nick Bush from New Zealand talks about how globalist policies have impacted his country, including shutdowns of refineries and oil exploration industries. He also discusses Jacinda Ardern's actions related to a recent shooting incident and the development of pre-crime AI by five eyes nations for surveillance purposes.

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InfoWars Tomorrow's news, today.
And I saw him, I ran and grabbed him from behind and just pushed him down, look.
Oh, that's yellowish blood.
Tell me what happened.
Camera's not on you.
He was stabbing?
He was stabbing?
He was saying that?
Yeah, yeah.
He was a stabbing?
No, I'm trash, I walk.
He was stabbing?
He keeps saying Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.
He was saying that?
Yeah, yeah.
Wow, okay.
Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.
He's a jinn.
Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.
Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.
Why did you do this?
Allah Akbar.
Another move happening.
Let's try and keep ahead of them.
maybe the one last day.
[crowd shouting]
Guys in hard gear right at the front line.
Never seen hard gear before.
Oh, there's a group here.
The popular Orthodox Christian priest who we played many clips of on the show was just stabbed multiple times in the face and neck in Sydney with a live stream at the church going out.
Sydney is rocked by another stabbing rampage with a priest and worshippers attacked at Christ the Good Shepherd Church.
And of course, it's Islamicist.
The media is trying to cover that up.
They're even trying to demonize the priest that got stabbed.
Who talks about Donald Trump, the New World Order, InfoWars.
Who is Bishop Marmari Emmanuel, priest at Wackley's Christ, the Good Shepherd Church, attacked in 2nd.
Sidney Stabbing is a known anti-vaxxer with a huge online following.
Implying, wow, he almost deserves it.
And here is the Islamicist, reportedly, after he was tackled, very, very pleased with himself after stabbing him.
Here is Mari Emanuel.
There's a big Wikipedia page on him.
Now, in France and England and places where Orthodox expansionary Islam has taken over, these stabbings happen every few days.
They're just covered up.
In Australia, they're not used to it, and big crowds showed up and are pissed.
So we're going to be looking at that.
It certainly caught people's attention.
Jack Massovic, one of the best analysts out there, is going to be joining us on the huge situation in Israel and the fact that they may strike Iran at any time and what the repercussions of that could be, being a full regional war and the acceleration of World War III.
Also look at the attack on the priest the first day of Trump's trial.
Criminal trial.
First of many criminal trials kicking off in New York City.
It's all coming up today, but here's some of the headlines.
Biden warns Netanyahu U.S.
will not support Israel's counterattack on Iran amid fears of all-out war.
President tells PM in late-night call, you've got a win.
Take the win.
The IDF shot down nearly all incoming drones and missiles.
But Israel says they're going to hit Iran.
Iran hit them in response to Israel blowing up their embassy in Syria and killing a bunch of their leadership.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWars.
Huge broadcast lined up and more guests I didn't mention.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Well, we're on World War 3. Watch.
Israel says they're going to strike Iran anytime now.
And Iran says they're going to respond back.
And now you've got countries like Turkey, with the largest military in the Middle East, or in that region with nuclear weapons, that's not denied, threatening to join in if Israel wants to make an attack.
I mean, this is all completely out of control.
Israel blew up the few weeks ago, blew up the Iranian embassy in Syria, killing two of their top generals and a bunch of diplomatic corps.
Iran vowed to strike back.
Most of the missiles got shot down.
Some made it through.
The real demonstration was they were ballistic missiles with multiple warhead reentry devices, which is a sign they could hit Israel with atomic weapons.
And believe me, folks, Iran's got Atomic weapons.
You've been told for 15, 20 years.
They're two weeks away.
16, 17 years ago, the UN inspected their centrifuges.
They were making weapons-grade plutonium at that point.
But there's a lot of reasons to keep your nuclear arsenal secret, just like Israel does.
Biden warns Netanyahu U.S.
will not support Israel's counterattack on Iran amid fears of all-out war.
President tells PM in late-night call You gotta win, take the win, after IDF shot down nearly all incoming drones and missiles.
We will exact the price, warns Israel as it promises revenge against Iran after intercepting 99% of 300 drones.
officials expect Israel counter-strike as soon as today.
NBC News, Biden concerned Israel trying to drag America into war with Iran.
Big article on Yahoo saying the West must remember how to fight.
It may already be too late.
We gotta get ready for the draft and have hundreds of thousands dead.
So I want to say something here.
You've got a lot of crazed leftists who love the Ukraine war.
They want to see that expanded.
And then you've got a lot of neocons and warmongers like Lindsey Graham They think they're ushering in the end of the world and the return of Jesus and so they want to have war with Iran.
It is insanity!
And you've got this policy of also giving them tens of billions of dollars, not just the six billion, and giving the Taliban 87 million in weapons, what the Afghan would draw, and then bringing all the Islamics in and leaving the borders open.
They're setting up a clash of civilizations.
They're setting up World War III in the Middle East.
Albert Pike talked about it 130, 40 years ago.
I've talked about it a lot.
William Cooper talked about it.
I mean, this has been an illuminist Plan for a long, long, long time.
And it's very, very dangerous.
And so I'd like to open the phones up here.
Very early in this hour, but I'm gonna open the phones up right now.
So we'll fire the phone system up and get ready to take calls.
Specifically on your view of where this is going in the Middle East.
It does not appear that Israel is going to back down.
Iran said that they saw the matter concluded.
They saw the matter concluded and that they had tit-for-tat-ed Israel back.
But Israel does not see that as the case.
So you can't just look at this as Israel versus Iran.
You've got to look at Russia coming into the war.
You've got to look at Turkey.
We've got to look at other countries coming in.
Lebanon, Syria, the Houthi rebels in Yemen.
You've got to look at the Strait of Hormuz, the Suez Canal that will definitely get blocked in a major war over there.
That'll more than double energy prices.
This is what the globalists want behind the scenes to usher in their new world currency and to usher in their domestic controls.
Now the FBI says they believe imminent terror attacks from Hezbollah inside America Or slash Al-Qaeda types, which is a whole other section of Islam that's actually at war with the Shiites, the Sunni.
So why was the border open to allow this to happen?
And will the FBI provocateur some crazy people or will some multinational group stage a terror attack?
Will a faction of Israel stage a terror attack?
You know, Israel's done it before.
Most major governments do it.
I'm not singling Israel out when I point out they attacked the USS Liberty that was wrong and tried to sink the ship to blame it on Egypt to get the US into the war.
And LBJ was involved and I talked to Admiral Moore, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at that time one of the senior admirals, and he was there on the phone call with other top brass.
They patch them all in with LBJ saying, I don't care that genie ship goes to the bottom of the ocean, we're not helping it.
So obviously LBJ was in on it with Israel as well.
This is something governments do.
And we're in the time of false flags right now.
Netanyahu is incredibly unpopular.
There's different forces trying to drive him out.
There's a big battle in Israel over control.
You've got the Supreme Court basically setting up its own dictatorship.
So I see it going from bad to worse.
Kind of like Brazil has a dictatorship run by their Supreme Court.
So matter which side you take, it's a big mess.
And there are powerful forces behind the scenes that are manipulating it.
So I want to open the phones up right now specifically on one subject and one subject alone ahead of Jack Posobiec and others joining us in the second hour.
And that Is the situation in Israel and Iran and where you think it's going, I want to hear from you on this live Monday, April 15th, 2024 transmission.
Now, I've been on air 30 years today.
Six months ago, I wasn't sure when I first started, so I really sat down and thought about it for a while.
I remembered when I'd first gone on to AXS TV and I was 20 years old and I wanted to take the simple classes to start my own show, my own live call-in show.
That was the quickest way to get on air.
I was taking some RTF classes in college.
They were worthless.
They were teaching 20-year-old information.
So I said, I'll go do AXS TV.
It was really popular back then.
And I remember The first time I walked in, some of the Patriots, the Patriots basically were the most popular shows there, anti-globalist.
John Birchers, you name it, they were having an anti-Federal Reserve, anti-IRS, two-hour, three-hour, the different producers would get together and combine their time, soapbox.
And they said, hey, what are you down here for?
And I said, I'm down here to take classes, to sign up for them and things.
They said, well, hey, are you against the IRS?
And I said, hell yeah.
Well, you are, you are against the federal reserve.
And I said, yeah, I know it's private.
There's probably about 20 people down there that night that were just for those
And one of them recognized me because I'd been involved in Republican politics.
I've been involved for supporting, um, Pat Buchanan and stuff.
So they, oh, you're, I bet you, I've seen you at city council and seeing you out there.
Why don't you just come on about an hour as our guest?
So, it was 30 years ago, and then it was off the races, then I was guest on all the shows and got my own producer's license, and about six months later, 30 years later today, it's been 30 years I've been on air.
So, Couldn't have done it without all of you.
Couldn't have done it without my family's support.
Couldn't have done it without all the great crew we've had over the years.
It is quite the accomplishment that we've all had together.
This has been a group effort.
And so I want to thank you all for the amazing work you've done.
A few years into me doing shows, Mike Hanson started producing my shows.
I was doing it by myself in the control room with the call bank, with the controls, with the camera in the control room.
Mike came along with his $100 used VHS camera.
It was a talented guy.
We started going out and shooting reports.
We started making documentary films.
And the rest is history.
I want to thank Mike Hanson for his great work and all those other great people that were back there at the time.
Folks like Jeff Davis.
He was one of the shows I started going on very early on and definitely got the bug.
We're live talk radio, because that's what AXS TV and it's heyday on basic cable in Austin.
Everybody watched.
It was super popular.
And of course, you always wanted to show at 678 at night.
We combine hour long shows.
You get an hour a couple times a week.
We combine them together to 345 hour.
Blocks through special shows.
And it would show up in the ratings, the local ratings.
Sometimes I show showed up one time number two.
In the ratings after.
UT football.
That was quite the freak out in the newspapers at the time I wrote about it.
But it was basically cameras in a control room and a three phone line phone box with no delay.
And there was no FCC rules on it.
It was community access.
So it was a lot of a lot of crazy callers, a lot of cussing, a lot of people calling in death threatening.
It was a very, very interesting to say the least, but we would Certainly have a lot of fun.
And so that was kind of a little pond in which this tadpole swam around.
That's before the internet as we know it, before... I guess chat rooms were coming along at that time, but really no video online.
A few years later it came along.
And so thank God for AXS TV because that allowed me to develop Basic talk radio skills so I could then get a job and talk radio a few years later.
Then get syndicated a few years later and here we are today.
All right, I do want to take your phone calls on the crisis in the Middle East.
And if you want to talk about the Islamic attacks on Christians around the world that are intensifying, you can throw that in as well, and the attack on the very popular anti-New World Order Orthodox priest in Sydney, Australia, and the FBI director saying brace for imminent, imminent terror attacks in America, but no discussion of how the FBI has presided over the completely open borders.
But can I have yesterday's video list, please?
Because there was a clip I saw on there that I meant to play yesterday that I didn't get to.
So if I can have your stage video list, there was a fella I saw online in just a two-minute video that did a really good job boiling down what he believes is going to happen when Iran strikes Israel or Israel strikes Iran, tit for tat, back and forth, and what's going to happen with these sleeper cells that are here in America.
All right, the toll-free number to join us, because that's a big subject.
When I say what's going to happen with the strike on Iran and then Iran's going to strike
back and then Russia's going to get pulled in and that's why even Biden's saying let's
not do this.
Even the globalists don't want World War III and don't think now is the time for this.
There are some forces.
That are ready to go to straight World War Three.
And so that's where we are right now.
So it's a big subject.
It's not just what's going to happen when Israel or is Israel going to strike Iran back.
It just expands from there, from bad to worse.
And the millions of Islamists in the United States, in Europe, tens of thousands that are known Hezbollah, known Hamas.
I mean, if you think all these stabbing attacks you just saw are bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.
So here's clip three from yesterday.
This is clip two from yesterday.
This is J.D.
He's a really smart guy.
He's sharp.
I want to get him on the show to give his take on the situation, but I couldn't say it any better.
It's short and sweet.
Here it is.
Iran just attacked Israel.
Here's what's going to happen if the United States gets involved in this conflict.
Our border has been wide open for three years.
At least eight million people have walked across our border in the last three years.
Thousands of them are jihadists, actual terrorists that have formed cells here in the United States of America.
And they are just waiting for us to get involved in a conflict on behalf of Israel, with Iran, with Jordan, with anyone that decides to back them.
Once they do, we're going to deal with a mass casualty terrorist attack on US soil.
And that attack will be used to cancel the 2024 presidential election, to enlist probably half a million illegals into our military, many of which will have allegiance to different countries, and obviously start World War III.
That is what happens if we get involved.
between Israel and Iran.
And it sounds like Biden wants to.
And obviously we'll have a draft as well.
Gen Z, you're gonna get what you asked for.
You're gonna be fighting overseas.
Our veterans will be declared active duty.
The ones that are retired will be brought back in active duty.
They'll be sent overseas.
And if an election does take place, They probably will refuse to give power to Donald Trump.
The United States of America is in one of the most precarious spots that we have been in, in the last 200 years.
We cannot get involved in this war between Iran and Israel.
It will result in a mass casualty event on US soil.
We will recruit half a million, at least, illegals into our military.
And it will result in World War 3.
Dead on.
Now here's William Cooper, 30 years ago.
And by the way, when we posted an article about this, and I posted this on my ex account, Saturday, I saw a bunch of comments saying, you hate William Cooper.
Why are you promoting him?
That's a made up fight.
I think William Cooper was really smart, really good on a lot of stuff.
He didn't like me at a certain point.
And got mad at me because of some edited tapes on Y2K out of context.
ABC News did report a missile was launched out of Russia.
I reported it.
And then they said it wasn't a missile.
It was a missile test.
And it turned into this whole thing.
Rest in peace, William Cooper.
And so I'm not in competition with William Cooper.
I think he was a really smart, intriguing guy.
And I agree with him, by the way, that there are these mystery schools beyond the Masons that are behind all these different groups manipulating us
and basically trying to hijack the Bible to trigger World War III early.
We know Albert Pike was into that. This is really important.
Listen to William Cooper.
What role in the Middle East again does Israel play in this?
Israel was created as the instrument to bring about the Battle of Armageddon and the fulfillment of prophecy.
A war that will be so terrible where nuclear weapons will be used so that the American citizens and the other people in the world will get down on their knees and beg for no more war.
What is the answer to that?
They're going to be told the only way we can guarantee no more war is if we destroy the sovereignty of nations.
And we come together as one humanity in a one world government.
Read the book of Revelations, whether you believe in the book or not, read it because the men who are bringing this about are using it as their script.
Okay, and the Jewish people were then being manipulated into believing it was for some other reason.
That's correct.
They've always been manipulated.
And I get people who still come to me all the time and say, Bill, you're all wrong, it's the Jews.
The Jews are subverting the world.
Man, it's not the Jews, it's not the Catholics, it's not the blacks.
It's these men who belong to the ancient mystery schools, who meet in secret and decide the fate of the world.
And they belong to all different races and all different nationalities and all different religions, to the public point of view.
But in secret, it's a different story.
And people then single out Masons, and I'm out here apologizing for Masons, and say they run it.
The average Mason is not involved in anything bad.
They're involved in community work, you name it.
George Washington was a Mason.
But if you type in George Washington's letters on the Illuminati, they're in the National Archives.
There's like 15 of them, at least, that I've read.
And he talks about Masonry's being taken over by the Illuminati out of France and Germany.
They're taking over our order and using it for global domination.
They're trying to take over our new country in America.
This is when he left the presidency.
We've got to stop them.
All Masons are, was before Christianity, going back to Solomon, before that back to the Egyptians, you didn't just get to go to college.
They were called ministry schools and they taught mathematics and farming and medicine, but also had a lot of, you know, occultic stuff that it predated Christianity and even predated Judaism.
And so then, masonry is a vestigial arm of the ministry schools, but there's the real ministry schools that are behind that.
And George Washington talked about it.
So people ask, how do I square up, to use one of their terms, George Washington being good, but then Adam Weishaupt's bad.
Well, George Washington was against Adam Weishaupt, and they launched their counter-revolution against what was launched in America, a counterfeit.
That's what the devil does.
And you look at the fruits of our republic, the whole world wants to get rid of the system we have and replace it with this one world government system.
George Washington was against that.
Look up his writings on not being involved in foreign entanglements.
But William Cooper was dead on about the mystery schools and at the end of the day, It's a religious-spiritual war, and it's a dark, occultic, satanic force behind it.
Yeah, there it is.
George Washington and William Russell, September 28, 1798, and that's just one of the letters on the Illuminati.
You can't make this up, folks.
Okay, here's the toll-free number on the gigantic subject of Israel and Iran and potential of Armageddon in World War III and domestic terror attacks and canceling the election.
It's a huge subject area.
And it's the one topic we're covering, because it's 1,000 topics in one.
And we're going to take your calls on this subject, and I'm going to move quick.
So no matter how informative you are, you get one minute, and I'm blasting the next person, because I want to get a bunch of people on ahead of Jack Posobiec.
And we also have the man popping in.
Who in New Zealand is putting up giant Alex Jones Was Right, InfoWars.com billboards to counter the incredible tyranny happening over there.
And then we'll continue on with your phone calls throughout the rest of the day.
But I almost feel like we ought to, you know, get some of that grape champagne.
It's not real champagne.
I don't want to drink some champagne.
I want to take a nap.
But maybe somebody should go to a liquor store and get some of the non-alcoholic grape Or cherry, or whatever flavors they've got, or apple-flavored champagne.
They say it's not a real toast, it's not alcohol, but I don't want to drink some champagne right now.
I'm not a champagne guy, but we really should pop some champagne, because this is the 30th anniversary today of the launch of my operations.
And it's incredible, and it wouldn't have happened without God working through all of you, so I'm very, very blessed and honored to be here, and I hope we have another 30 years.
Another 30 years, I'll be 80 years old.
But man, life sure goes by fast, I gotta tell you.
Almost all those original talk show hosts who were anti-New World Order that I worked with 30 years ago on AXS TV are all dead.
Almost all of them are dead.
like Mike Hanson.
There were some other folks that were still alive, but they were mainly UFO guys.
And see, that's the thing. I've never been a UFO guy.
I'm not attacking UFO folks. That's not my bailiwick.
We'll be right back. Stay with us. SimphoWars.com.
During the break, I was reminiscing that 30 years ago today, I began my media operations on AXS television.
And it was a rich environment of more than 20 talk show hosts
who were very popular talking about the new world order from different angles.
They would have in all these incredible guests would come to town, General Benton K. Partman and Ted Gunderson and all the, and Kathy O'Brien and Transformation of America and Terry Reid of the CIA and it was incredible.
There were even these leftist UT professors that had a show that was really popular.
They'd done for decades.
And they would have these huge guests on, but they were anti-New World Order too.
And they had all these incredible videos saved of famous hearings and things about government narcotics trafficking and human smuggling.
And I just got so informed, immersed in that.
I was already informed growing up, but I got really informed.
30 years.
And now world governments out in the open, cashless societies, forced injections.
And people ask, how did I predict all this 30 years ago?
People see videos 25 years ago, they freak out.
I was getting it from all of those people that were uber-informed.
I mean, let me tell you.
Let me tell you, if people think I'm tomorrow's news today, the old-timers, the Red Beckmans of the world, and the still-living legends like G. Edward Griffin and Ron Paul.
I've been interviewing Ron Paul since 1996.
Rand Paul since 1996.
When Rand was just out of college, I was interviewing him.
That's how long, when he'd be campaigning for daddy.
It's just amazing to be a greybeard now and a mossback.
I still feel super young, but man, I've been in the wars 30 years, and I thank God for keeping me strong in it.
Could have done it without your support, all of you out there.
God bless you.
Thank you all.
All right.
We're taking calls on the potential of an Israeli strike.
They say they're going to do it.
I don't think they're lying.
And the tit-for-tat and where that'll lead, drawing in Russia and the United States, and the potential of full-blown regional war is now a probability, not just a possibility.
And it's a probability that if that happens, it could lead to an even wider war.
You really can't overstate how dangerous this is.
Even mainline analysts say this could trigger full-scale World War III.
I've been saying this is coming.
We're already in the edges of World War III with the Ukraine war.
China looking to go into Taiwan and more.
But enough of me, let's go to Hawkeye, and then Carlos, and Daryl, and William, and Allie, and Bart, and Baldy, and Torin, and John, and Kim, and David.
I'll get to you all.
The order of your calls came in.
Hawkeye in Idaho.
You're on the air.
Alex, how you doing today, man?
Congratulations on this 30-year milestone, and you will undoubtedly go down as one of the most influential Americans that have ever stepped foot on this God's green earth.
Before I start, I'd love to pitch your supplements.
TurboForce is an amazing, amazing product that I use almost on a daily basis.
The X2 and X3 are also phenomenal.
So anybody who wants to support you financially should absolutely do it because the results are absolutely phenomenal.
We're praying for you and your crew.
They're doing tremendous work.
All the shows, all the people behind cameras.
I know they worked their butts off in the shows and your guys' product.
But ultimately, speaking about Israel and Iran, Like Gerald Solenti says, when there's nothing else to do, they take you to war.
When we're 30 plus trillion dollars in debt on the books and on paper, there's nothing that we can do.
We're between a rock and a hard place.
They ultimately need to figure out a way to get enough chaos going in the streets so that they can stop the election and cover up the level of criminality that's been basically taking over this country over the course of the last few decades, but basically reared its ugly head in the last few years under this illegitimate government.
You say that you're a bellwether for what the people are feeling because obviously you're an incredibly famous person and when you're out and about you get more handshakes than you can imagine and pictures and very few people are throwing coffee on you anymore.
You know, I currently live in Idaho, but I spend a lot of time in California and I can attest to being around so many moderates, so many liberals that have been shaking and had their core shaken by what they've seen in the last three years, whether it's the broken border, whether it's the endless spending in Ukraine or Israel.
And, you know, frankly, a lot of financial folks, they're seeing what's going on with commodity prices, with gold and with Bitcoin and seeing what's going on in the commercial real estate market.
People that you would have never thought they would be coming the way of being pro-America or even pro-Trump.
And I would say, as you say, the polls are always rigged.
They're always representing illegitimate numbers.
I think that this administration, the deep state, the criminal cabal that's in control,
they understand that they have to do something to postpone, suspend the election.
Incredible points.
But I got to jump to the next person.
And to quote Gerald Celente, exactly, he says, "When all else fails, they take you to war."
Thank you so much for the call, sir.
And again, when I tell the stories and the media has been, "Oh, no one likes him in public."
It feels weird to have a hidden camera and go out in public and then show our listeners all loving us.
It's not about me.
It's about freedom is extremely popular.
I guess I'll get around to doing that.
But people see me doing live feeds out there and people are coming up shaking our hand.
The point is, is that we're getting almost nothing but love.
And it shows the great awakenings here.
And other people that I know that are well known are seeing the same thing.
And look at all the other big talk show hosts that are now Sound just like us.
That's because they know where their audience went.
I mean, there's the evidence right there.
But I'm gonna go out and do that just because the media says it's not true.
Just feels weird to wear a hidden camera and then go out in the grocery store, go out on the street, but we'll blur your faces, but I'm gonna do it.
Because they hate it.
Because they, like when Trump gets mobbed, they don't want to show that on the news.
He gets mobbed everywhere he goes.
He gets almost no hate.
Again, that's just illustrating that they're lying about how popular Trump really is.
Let's go to Carlos in Canada.
Carlos, you're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
We've been here before.
In the context of Soleimani, who was assassinated on 3rd of January 2020, President Trump received a visit from the brother of the Prince of Saudi Arabia, bin Salman, unannounced at the White House.
Which was really against protocol, but he was taken in and was told that a mechanism exists in the United Nations that when a country violates another country's sovereignty, there's a mechanism where if both parties agree, there could be an attack of a compensating attack from the harmed party so that to avoid further escalation.
I believe we have entered that stage when Iran has now announced That as far as he's concerned, he has served a slap in the face to Israel, and it would be wise for Israel not to counter-attack at this stage.
Well, that's official.
Iran said we're following that international, basically, agreement, and that we now consider the matter concluded, but Israel says they're going to up the ante and strike back.
And I think they will.
What do you think?
Well, I think that Israel needs to have the Straits of Hormuz blocked.
Because Israel's plan has been all along to become the tap, if you want, the control valve for the energy supply to Europe.
That would give Israel an enormous power over the European Union and the largest second market to the United States.
And I think that is the whole plan.
That's why, at this stage, you remember something, Alex.
Soleimani was assassinated.
A couple of days after Israel signed an agreement with Greece to send, at that time, to send oil and gas from its gas fields to Europe.
And that same agreement later was reversed when Victoria Nuland said in Greece, no more time to build expensive pipelines, now we're going to go look with natural gas.
And as you know, in 2000, Absolutely, and it's all about those new pipelines they're putting in.
found, which is a property of the Palestinians.
There's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes here.
And Israel should not strike Iran back.
It's now equal.
People go, oh, you're for Iran.
No, I'm against World War III and doubling energy prices in a national graph, folks.
People think it's manly to want to go, you know, blow up Iran.
It's not.
It needs to stop.
We had peace under Trump.
It needs to stop.
Thanks, Carlos.
Great calls, but I got to move to the next person.
Tauran in Novato, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey Alex, my name's Tara and I have an interesting theory on all of this.
Sorry, they said Tauran on there?
Tauran, it's Tara?
Yeah, it's okay.
Nobody ever gets it right, so it's alright.
But yeah, I was just going to say, I definitely think that there's more of a fear tactic involved to it than anything.
I think right now the main agenda is just to tear people apart as much as possible, no matter what way it comes in.
In the form of transgender versus women, you know, the gays versus the straights, the blacks versus the whites.
By the way, I'm black.
I used to be a lesbian.
I'm with a man now.
I have a baby.
You know, like, people don't realize as much as you can change over time, like, and the more that you can see other people's perspectives, the more you can actually gain an understanding for people.
And I feel like the main tactic is to tear people away from one another.
As much as they can, put fear inside of them, and just completely demolish the human species through brainwashing, programming, and believing that the most holy and spiritual thing, such as religion, is something that can tear people apart the worst.
Because most of these things come down to just difference in belief.
Are you happier now that you got a man and a baby?
Actually, I am, to be honest.
I really am.
I was always fighting for a label, always fighting to be this pro-woman, pro-lesbian, I hate men, I hate this, and now I'm a stay-at-home mom on top of that.
I used to be vegan, I eat meat now.
There's just so many things.
I used to live in Kentucky, I live in Nevada now.
If the world would just open up to see that, you know, we don't always say the same.
Just like these kids that are getting attacked in schools with the agenda of putting transgender drag queens in front of them and making them question their morals and their sanity.
My kid won't be going to those schools because I can see right through it and I am someone who used to promote this.
Same exact thing.
And I just feel like the awareness, if we could bring that to the people and understand we grow, we change, we see things differently.
One religion may see a concept of something differently than ours, but that doesn't make their concept wrong.
It just makes it their perspective.
It just makes it their belief.
And why are we fighting others' beliefs when the only thing that we have in control or have control of is ourselves?
And if we could teach that and preach that to others and show that by living by example, maybe the world would be the example that we need to see.
Well, that's what I'm seeing.
And you've got a cool name.
How do you spell it?
It's T-A-U-R-A.
Thank you.
All right.
So you pronounce it Tara?
Yeah, like Laura.
That's a cool name.
I like it.
Well, thank you so much and God bless you and it's good to have you as a listener.
God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for all you do.
Thank you.
What a great caller.
Okay, let's now go ahead and go to Daryl in North Carolina.
Thanks for calling.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Daryl.
Hey Alex, happy 50th, happy 30th, and you're just getting started.
The New World Order is probably shaking in their boots.
I don't know about that.
I just want to stop World War III and stop them totally enslaving us.
I don't care about being in the history books.
I care about my kids and grandkids that I hope to have, and your kids and grandkids having a future, brother.
That's all I'm looking for.
Yes sir, I know you do.
Hey, I want to throw something out there with Israel's response to Iran.
I don't think that they're going to hit Iran.
I think they're going to hit Damascus and Beirut.
Because that kind of, you know, you kind of think, how do they benefit?
No, you're right.
That's the forward basis of Iran.
And look, for Israel's side, Iran's attacking Israel through proxy.
So I get, the point is, this is escalating out of control.
It is, it is.
And coming to the head, I know, you know, that whole Red Heifer thing and all that, they're planning on it at the end of April.
So if that's going to happen, the key thing, if we are in biblical times, is for Damascus to get hit, then some missiles to get through that Iron Dome, hit that Al-Aqsa Mosque, and then they can rebuild the temple.
So that's kind of what I'm expecting for next in the Middle East.
That's a great point, and one of the groups that may want to get rid of the mosque could claim a missile came through but blow up the mosque, and then have plausible liability.
Yep, exactly.
So I think that that's kind of what they're all gearing toward, and they seem like it's scripted, to be quite honest.
And I think once that happens, then we'll have something go off here in our country, and then they'll try to push for martial law.
And I'm also concerned today, Trump is in court, and they're bringing up that prostitute Stormy Daniels, and Brad wants to throw Trump in jail!
You know, he wants to one-up Letitia James, she's trying to take Trump Tower, Brad wants to throw Trump in jail, and that's really what's gotten me upset today.
And you know, you've got more of these fake criminal prosecutions coming up while Biden lays around at the beach while World War III starts.
Thank you so much for the call.
Great points.
Up next, let's talk to Bart in Georgia.
Bart, welcome.
Yes, Biden is pretending that the U.S.
isn't going to get involved.
But what is the endgame of everything the Biden regime is doing is to stop Trump.
And I believe Israel is trying to suck us into this conflict mutually.
I mean, Biden wants it.
I was going to say that before the show started.
I'm glad we took it.
Biden's acting like he's against this, but he's behind the scenes.
They are absolutely lockstep.
I totally agree.
And I think the Biden regime is hoping to provoke a major terrorist attack, preferably a nuclear attack.
If New York City was nuked, they're going to cancel the election.
I mean, they're going to cancel the election if Dallas gets nuked or, I mean, anywhere.
They're going to, I mean, if a nuke went off in a cornfield in the middle of Nebraska, they would declare an emergency and say, oh, there's more nukes inside the country.
We can't have one detonate.
We've got to find out where they are.
I mean, folks, the deep state will do anything to stay in power.
And I keep going back to the fact that all I get is love on the street.
That's a gauge of the awakening.
The globalists know that.
The globalists know people have turned against them.
And if the public realizes we're the vast majority, it's game over.
So they need some massive crisis.
What else do you think it could be?
Maybe a dirty bomb or something like that because they're gonna, you know, I think that the nuclear materials flood with these illegal aliens coming in.
And that'll give them the plausible liability.
People say, well, then Biden will get blamed.
They don't care if they get the blame.
That's because he's just a puppet.
What do you make of the FBI director Friday saying imminent Islamic attacks in America, but no discussion of the FBI presiding over the Border Patrol and doing nothing to stop this?
Well, they're going to orchestrate the attack on us.
They know it's coming.
I totally agree.
Or at least let somebody do it.
And then, they're the saviors because they warned us about it.
Yeah, but like you did just before 9-11, people need to call the White House and tell them if any kind of terrorist attack happens on this soil, we're going to blame them.
You know, that's a good idea.
Guys, get me, because they change the number, they don't change it, they rotate, like every few months, the number changes to another one for whatever reason.
I guess they do it so spam callers don't always get through.
Guys, get me the Congressional call-in line and get me the White House call-in line.
That's a good idea.
We should do what I did on July 25th, 2001.
Yeah, well, great segue.
Congratulations on your 30 years.
not allow terrorists to attack or we're gonna hold them responsible. I
specifically said they're gonna blow up the World Trade Center and bin Laden
would take the blame and of course that is exactly what happened and I'm not
saying there wasn't radical Islam it was a component to it but there was a lot
more behind the scenes like building 7. Bart great points.
Okay let's go to Baldy in Florida. Baldy thanks for holding go ahead. Yeah
well great segue congratulations on your 30 years I've been blessed to be
around for the last 20 with all this information in you know it's like a moth
to a flame someone like me listening to your show and
Man, this is just such a great day.
But okay, let me get to my point.
I don't want to waste any more time.
So in the run up to the election, to the last election, a year before, I predicted that they're going to release a false flag pandemic in order to destroy his reelection, Trump's reelection.
And as you and many other people know, over the last few months, I've been calling in predicting that they're going to pull a nuclear 9-11.
And I don't like doing it without giving any type of evidence, so if you want to check out Mobchester, my podcast, Mobchester Rhymes with Rochester, I put through a mountain of evidence.
The speeches by the suspected conspirators, media reports, government white papers, and if you don't mind, I'd like to read from one.
It's called a national response scenario number one.
It goes back to what you're just saying.
If a nuclear bomb is to be detonated, let's just say for hypothetical July 4th of this year in the Boston Harbor, if a nuclear was detonated, the response by the national government is to assume that we're being held hostage.
And we will not make another move until the hostage holders Tell us what their demands are.
And what I also did was I put together a tabletop simulation.
It's about three minutes.
It's worth listening to.
You could hear exactly what would happen if a nuke did go off and then multiple other nukes.
Obviously, the election is gone if that happens.
Okay, tell us one more time where we find it because I'm going to go check that out.
Mobchester, Rhines and Rochester.
And it is, it's on Spotify, it's on... Alright, I'm going to look it up.
I'm going to look it up.
I got to jump.
I promised to get to a lot of folks.
IDF military spokesman is set to make a big announcement in six minutes.
So we'll be starting the next hour.
We'll carry that announcement.
And Jack Posobiec is going to be joining us to give his analysis and a lot of other special guests here today.
I want to go back to your phone calls here in a moment.
John in Nebraska.
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call-in number 888-253-3139. I've had that toll-free call-in number for 27 years.
888-253-3139. Let's jam in one more call before we go to break.
Let's go and we'll continue with calls after the guests is on if you want to hold.
John in Nebraska, welcome!
Oh yeah, Alex.
Just to preface, I've been learning at the feet since the 90s from yourself, Stan Monteith, Steve Quayle, Joel Skousen, and Tex Flores.
Anyway, PDD 60, Presidential Decision Directive 60.
You should have Joel Skousen on to discuss that.
Where since Clinton in '97, we've had a treasonous posture of absorbing a first strike before
Are you there?
I'm listening to you.
You're absolutely right.
PDD-60 is so key.
And that's where they want to manipulate a foreign power to nuke us first, to take control of America, then the globalists emerge from the underground bases, turn us into a pure fascist military, and take over the planet.
The other aspect on that, Alex, of course, is Project Whirlbeam, in which they can fake through holograms a second coming, a UFO invasion.
And I remember people talking about that like 30 years ago, and then now you look at China or anywhere, giant dragons in the sky, flying saucers in the sky.
Absolutely, that technology's real.
Yeah, they're setting us up big time.
It was August 15th, 1871 that Rothschild inspired, or pardon me, that Albert Pike had the letter you referred to.
It was removed from the London Museum a decade or two ago.
And the Rothschild family commissioned Weishaupt, Adam Weishaupt, to begin the Illuminati.
So there's a little history.
And then they commissioned Israel to be the detonator.
Very true.
So I believe we're going to have a controlled war that's going to be passed off as Armageddon to bring in the unthinking Christian Zionists.
They always ratchet things up incrementally, so I believe it will be controlled.
It'll be just a few cities that get through military bases.
It'll be passed off as Armageddon, perhaps have And then they say Jesus has returned, and that's the Antichrist.
I think that's really in the cards.
Great point.
God bless you.
We'll be right back.
Jack Masovic set to pop in next segment, but let's get a few more of your calls in.
Great points by the callers.
Listeners, we love you.
30-year anniversary today of this broadcast.
Kim in Texas, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, congratulations on 30 years.
I want to congratulate the listeners and supporters, but first, God, number one, thank you God, but you guys, please, this is your, this is supporters' victory, that we've come this far, that we've all been vindicated together, this broadcast is yours.
Now don't just say that, this is your broadcast, go ahead.
Well, I wanted to say that I support you and I bought two Team Human shirts, one for me, one for my friend Janine in Democrat Run, New Jersey.
Thank you.
Anyways, but my point, we're talking about Israel and everything, the Middle East and all that, and you always say that the people are trying to hurry and usher in the coming of Christ, and I had a thought that, you know, who's to say that God hasn't called these people to do what they're doing, like He's called you and others to do what they're doing?
I mean, all I have to tell you is, No man knows the hour of the time Christ comes like a thief in the night.
I'm not judging these people.
I'm just saying the globalists, the Rothschilds and others, have piggybacked on Revelation or trying to control it themselves.
It's like the movie Dune that's based on an excellent book by Frank Herbert, where they've had this secret society go and set up this cult.
On all the planets, so when they want, they can have a messianic system that put their messiah in, but it backfires on them and then the real messiah comes.
So, I'm not saying... Well, that's what's supposed to happen anyways, right?
With the Antichrist and the Third Temple?
Well, I mean, I think that's what we're saying is, is that the first person that comes and says they're Christ is the Antichrist.
So we're saying, obviously, the first one that shows up is not the real one, is what I'm saying.
Right, so my point is with Israel, I think that they will retaliate because they need to have a war.
The first time we've ever seen rockets and bombs over Jerusalem above the Dome of the Rock, you know... Actually, Saddam shot a bunch of Scud missiles at them in 1991.
Oh, he did?
Okay, well I'm just saying... No, you're right.
This is the first time Iran has launched missiles at Israel directly.
Right, so I think that Israel needs to retaliate so that they can, you know, destroy that, so that they can rebuild the temple and, you know, all that other stuff, because nothing can happen until that mosque is gone.
So you'd like to see the mosque blown up, right?
No, no, no.
I didn't say I wanted to see it.
I'm just saying that, you know, the Bible states and everything, how it all plays out, is that they have to build the third temple.
And they can't do that.
As long as the mosque is standing, you know what I'm saying?
Well, all I'm saying is, just at a gut level, I'm not going to try to get involved in God's timeline.
Does that make sense?
I just think that's what Israel wants to do and why they're doing it.
Oh yeah, well there are certain groups in Israel that do want to get rid of it because they believe a Jewish Messiah is going to come.
And you've got the Christian Zionists funding it because they believe that that'll bring in the Antichrist and it just really sounds like...
Sounds like black magic to me.
I mean, like trying to go make God do something.
When I pray, and I'm not giving people advice, and I'm far from perfect.
I've told you I've done bad things I repented of, but I wasn't conscious of it when I did it.
I wasn't consciously trying to be evil.
I've just done evil stuff and not thought about it and been ignorant.
But, you know, to me, when I pray, I just ask God, lead God and direct me.
I don't ask for stuff.
And that's when I, you know, get direction.
I think, and I'm not saying you're saying this, but some people want to blow up the mosque.
They think it'll make Christ come, and I just don't think that's how God works.
I really appreciate your call.
Very interesting points, Kim.
Thank you.
All right, Jack Posobiec has just connected.
We're going to talk to him about the incredible developments in the Middle East and what's going to happen if Israel does strike Iran, the different scenarios.
Also, this second knife attack by what looks like an Islamicist in Australia against a very popular Orthodox priest who is pro-Trump and pro-InfoWars and very smart and the public's gotten really angry about that.
We'll talk about it all.
We're back in 60 seconds when some stations join us.
I was just talking to the great Jack Posobiec, one of the most accurate geopolitical and political brains out there, really respect his analysis, good friend of mine, about what he wanted to hit, because I was asking him to come on today.
Obviously, Israel counter-striked Iran, one of the different scenarios there, that was first and foremost.
Then he said the increasing attacks on Christians, like the second one in a few days,
on this popular anti-globalist Orthodox priest, who has a huge following, not just online,
but in Sydney, Australia, being stabbed in the face and the neck.
Thank God he's alive.
And then obviously we've got the bridge attack, which is being investigated as criminal now.
They're in the port off of Maryland.
And I said, "What about the Trump trial?"
said yeah it's Rocky 5 and I agree with him.
This criminal trial, we know it's all staged.
It'll make Trump's numbers go up.
We'll cover it some, but it really becomes a distraction from everything else.
But we'll get Jack's take on that as well.
Jack, good to have you.
Wish it was under better circumstances.
You've got children, I've got children.
Hopefully grandchildren one day.
For people who don't know how dangerous the situation is in the Middle East and how this could escalate very quickly, break it down for us.
Look, Alex, we saw this over the weekend and the real question is, was this a dust-up or was this an opening salvo?
Now, of course, with Iran giving the 72-hour notice prior to the attacks, the real question is, was this an attempt at face-saving by Iran and essentially them knowing that this wouldn't be one of these major attacks that they potentially could bring to bear?
basically saying we're willing to do this, but we're not willing to go all the way just yet.
Obviously the drone swarm that you saw go up early, those are the Shahad drones,
the same Gerons that you see coming out in the Ukraine situation.
Ukraine doesn't have the Iron Dome there.
So the Iron Dome though made short work of many of those Kamikaze drones.
Then of course we have reports that US fighters, British fighters were up intercepting
a lot of the other, some of the other drones, some of the other missiles, US military,
US Navy there for ballistic missile defense.
And so Iran isn't, I don't think.
interested in sparking a wider war with Iran, with US and Israel behind it, because they know they
couldn't beat the US and Israel together. The real danger though, Alex, and I will say the real
danger though is if this continues. So scenario one, this goes back to the proxy war, the same
proxy war that the US and Israel and all these forces have been fighting with the Shia militia
groups for over a decade at this point.
That's number one.
Option two, scenario two, is escalation.
Does Israel respond with a direct attack on Iran?
And if Israel responds with a direct attack on Iran, and actually now we know this Iranian attack, nobody got killed.
I think like a little girl got hurt, unfortunately, but that was the only thing that, thank God, that was the only thing that happened.
And the real question here, Alex, is does Israel respond with a direct attack on Iran?
Because if so, and you've already had people, you've already had neocons calling for Israel to go nuclear.
Look, we know Israel's got nuclear weapons.
They've got a couple of hot ones on the shelf.
And you'd be stupid to think that Iran doesn't have a couple of nukes ready to go if they were actually pulled to the mat and called to the carpet.
So of course, Israel goes nuclear, Iran goes nuclear.
It would be an absolute catastrophe for the world, for the world, Alex.
And you and I have talked about this, that beyond politics, beyond, oh, what side are you on, whatever, we're on the side of humanity around here.
We're on the side of stopping World War III.
But unfortunately, Alex, there are people, a lot of neocons right now, calling for the bloodshed, calling for a full-on attack on Iran right now.
And that's something Well, I totally agree with you and I hate to agree with Joe Biden, but broken clocks are right twice a day, blind dogs find acorns.
It feels like the Iranians hit the brakes at the last minute.
That's what it feels like to me.
Well, I totally agree with you and I hate to agree with Joe Biden, but broken clocks
are right twice a day.
Blind dogs find acorns.
He came out and said he may drop charges on Julian Assange, which is obviously very popular
He also is saying he feels like Israel is dragging the U.S.
into a war, that the U.S.
is not going to back Israel if they strike Iran.
I don't believe that.
I think the U.S.
But at least on the surface, we're seeing Biden telling Israel to back down.
We know if Trump was in, Iran was scared of him.
This would not have happened.
But if you look at Netanyahu, let's talk about him when they, a few weeks ago, killed a Well, that's exactly right.
generals and a bunch of diplomatic corps blowing up the Iranian embassy which is
sovereign soil there in Syria. Israel had to know this was going to trigger some
type of Iranian response. Well that's exactly right and so striking a consulate
so this was a consulate in Syria so a third-party country obviously Syria very
close to the Iran but you have this you had this huge meeting with the IRGC huge
meeting with their senior officials and look I'm sure they're they're not
planning anything good as regards to Israel they're not meeting a meeting to
do you know just have tea and crimpets over there so I can understand why
Israel would want to look at that as potentially a target package for them
But of course, the striking of a consulate itself, being that it is diplomatic sovereign soil, is a red line, even for the Middle East, which is an area known not to have exactly that many red lines.
And people got to understand, too, that the Middle East is a very different region from Europe.
It's a very different region from, it's not Europe, it's not the United States, this isn't the Christian world.
And so Alex, when you get hit in the Middle East, you have to hit back.
This is the iron law.
This is Hammurabi's code.
This is eye for an eye land.
And so when you're in eye for an eye land, if Iran didn't respond in any way, to this attack, then other people in the Middle East maybe
start getting ideas on Iran.
Maybe the people of Iran start getting ideas.
Maybe the regime starts getting worried.
And so that's why they were forced to respond to this attack.
So you're saying it's a major face-saving?
Major face-saving?
Major face-saving, yes.
But it's an area where face-saving is even far more important than it is anywhere here
We can't even really understand it, to an extent, but it's basically like gang warfare, what you're talking about, in that part of the world.
That's how entire countries are run.
That's how all of these wars kick off.
Because the problem is, if somebody bites off more than they can chew, now you escalate into full world-scale war.
Let's talk about the different scenarios.
If Iran gets hit by Israel, Iran doubles down.
Israel doubles down.
The U.S.
comes in.
Russia has been sending in missile cruisers, saying that they're going to support Iran.
Turkey's moving towards Iran.
Turkey's got nukes.
From my information, Iran's had atomic weapons for a while and now demonstrated with these ballistic missiles, with MIRV technology, that they can deliver them.
What's your view on that?
Well Alex, here's an interesting part of that nobody wants to talk about when it comes to this, because we have to look at the Ukraine situation and we have to apply the lessons learned there over two years and two months of conflict, now down to the Iran situation.
And it's as simple as this.
If the US military were to be involved, let's take missiles off the table.
So missiles would be involved, there's no question.
A lot of people would die, a lot of cities would be bombed in the first 24 hours, that's clear.
But fast forward a little bit.
Let's say the U.S.
does get involved in another ground operation in the Middle East, as we've heard people call for Syria, we hear people call for Iran all the time.
There's no guarantee that the United States military right now, with our leadership, with our combatant commanders, and with our fighting force would perform well
in a situation like this.
Look, this isn't the country we had 20 years ago when the United States invaded Iraq.
This isn't the country with the leadership that we had.
This isn't the military.
This isn't the Pentagon.
After two terms of Barack Obama and these generals and these third term that we found under now,
there's no question.
So I would say to all the neocons out there, it's like my message to you guys is to say,
look, you think you could just go after Iran You don't even have the kind of military right now that could pull off something like that, even if you wanted to.
Not to mention the fact that Iran is not like Iraq.
Iran is not like Libya.
They've got a serious military.
They've got two militaries, actually.
They've got the rocky, essentially the Rocky Mountains in between Iraq and Syria and Where Iran, where Tehran and the leadership of the regime are.
So the idea that this would just be some walk in the park that you guys get to throw down on and say, oh, we're going to show how much we support Israel.
When you got, yeah, you got, uh, you got Marine second dignongs all over the place.
That, that, no, this, this is not the kind of military that you'd want to be bringing to this type of war.
And obviously, so that's beyond the, the idea that what, what benefit would the United States have from a war like this?
Who would benefit from this, the price of oil?
I mean, I suppose politically, it probably wouldn't be great for Biden either, by the way.
That's probably one of the main reasons he doesn't want a war, because we're already looking at $100 a barrel gasoline as it stands right now.
Imagine what his reelection chances are when it goes to $150.
Look, the Fed can print as much as they can and put the funny money into Wall Street to make it look like the stock markets, you know, at least at least prime the priming the pump there with Wall Street,
but they can only do that for so far.
Gas prices are already up, CPIs already way up, the consumer production index.
And so we know that inflation is way, real inflation is way higher than what the government's
telling us. And they do something like this that would definitely drive the price of oil
to over $150 a barrel.
They would throw Biden out of office.
That's what he's really worried about, Alex.
He doesn't care about World War II.
Let's then pivot here to Ukraine.
We don't really hear about that anymore.
The Russians have been taking more towns on a weekly basis.
They don't want the whole country.
They've said the area they want.
They've almost done that.
They've signaled they want to make a peace deal.
The money's drying up to Zelensky.
What are you seeing happening on that front?
Well Alex, there actually has been quite a development in Ukraine and this has been over, it's on the land front but it also has to do with Russia's tactics now and this is clearly a response to the Crocus City tragedy, the Crocus City attack which took place last time I was on, we chatted about that.
When I visited Ukraine, when I went there, I was there with my brother.
We were able to take the train all the way down to Odessa.
We were able to drive then to Nikolaev.
And when we were in Ukraine, Alex, something that shocked me, something that absolutely shocked me, this was May of 2022, so almost two years ago now.
But what really shocked me was that power stations were still pumping.
That the cell phone lines were on and that the trains were running.
You could take a train from Lviv all the way to Kharkiv on the Russian border when we were there.
And that was two years ago.
That's not how the United States fights.
The way the United States fights is power station gets hit first, train gets hits first, communications, C2, they call it, command and control.
Command and control gets wiped out across the country.
Russia didn't do that in Ukraine.
But if you look over the last couple of weeks, what has Russia been doing?
They've stepped up their attacks on what?
On power plants.
They're going after, and these are the thermal power plants, the geothermal power plants, your coal plants, coal fire power plants, hydroelectric dams.
They haven't touched the nuclear power plants for obvious reasons, but they've been going after every single other piece of Ukraine's electric grid.
And that signifies to me that Russia has essentially upped The dial.
They're pushing the gas pedal a little bit now as we move into the next phase of this thing.
And they've already come out.
Their diplomats have said that the Istanbul option is off the table.
They're not interested in peace talks.
And I believe there was one Russian individual official at the UN who even said the only thing that the Kiev regime should be negotiating right now is their unconditional surrender.
So this is the first time we've heard the Russians Even some of these lower-level, junior, mid-level officials using this type of language publicly.
And you couple that with the new tactics that we're seeing out of Russia, it looks like they're kicking this thing into the next year.
So how do you think the West is going to respond?
We see Ukraine move out of the news.
They want us to forget about it.
But what do you think the strategy is going to be?
More terror attacks against Russia?
That's only emboldened Russia.
Do you think there's going to be any sane minds that try to wind this thing down?
Or is it going to continue to simmer?
Well, Alex, unfortunately what you're going to see is the Syrianization.
And this is following the Syrianization plan that we saw all the way back and we called this, I think, October we were on here talking about how they were going to turn this into the new Syria.
So people have to understand what's actually going on in Syria, by the way.
It's the terror war.
It's proxy forces.
The government controls certain areas.
You've got NATO forces.
There's U.S.
forces obviously in Syria right now.
And so those are quote unquote stabilization forces.
So that's kind of a standoff area.
But then there's terror wars that are going on in the hinterlands.
You're gonna move to all of that.
And so essentially what we're gonna have here by the end of this,
and it's gonna be a question of how far it goes, if the Western powers are willing to go down this path
towards insanity and towards escalation by actually putting French, Polish,
maybe even British and German forces onto the territory of Ukraine
in the name of course of stabilization, but we know what's really going to happen.
to happen. And we also know, by the way, that a lot of those forces are already there. That's
why there's Americans getting killed. And they say it's some special operations. Oh, we had a
mishap over the weekend. We lost a helicopter. No, you didn't.
We know it was really going on.
And by the way, Zach, stay there. This is really- The NATO general gets taken out. We know it's actually
going on.
This is really important. So you're saying they're not going to give up. And NATO said
it's a 2030 year war. The French ministers have said our new economy's war. The Germans,
the Swedes have said that. And so they'll act like, okay, it's off the table. Forget about it now.
Well, they put in, quote, peacekeepers, stabilizers, and then NATO really starts fighting the war against the Russians, against a hardened line and a Russian force, even with NATO involved, that's three, four times bigger.
That's still a failing strategy.
But Alex, remember.
It's only a failing strategy if your goal is to actually win on the battlefield.
Because the Ukraine-Russia war is not existential for the United States.
It's certainly existential for the Ukrainians, and it's certainly existential for the Russians in their view.
But there's another party, a third party that it's existential for.
It's existential for NATO.
Because if NATO exists, then NATO must have its nemesis.
NATO must have some threat.
NATO must have some great evil that they're fighting against.
And of course, that's Russia.
That's why NATO will never push for peace deals.
NATO will never push for de-escalation.
This is what NATO, in their mind, right?
This is what they thought they were fighting the whole time.
And so what did they do?
They actually preset the conditions.
They were the ones who instigated the Russians.
They were the ones who pushed the Russians into a corner.
And that's why when you go across even the Russian political landscape, you find moderates and liberals and centrists who totally agree that NATO encroachment has been an existential crisis for Russia.
And again, this is not something that you have to sit there and say, well, I disagree with that.
Great, that's fine.
They all agree with it.
So if they all agree with it, then if you're going to be negotiating, trying to negotiate some kind of peace, you have to listen to what the other party has to say.
It's just basic common sense negotiation.
This is being done to give NATO another 20-30 years in a stalemate war with Russia so they can launder money at the cost to Ukrainian and Russian lives.
Dead on analysis.
We've only got about five minutes left.
Jack Posobiec is our guest.
He does human events daily.
Find him at humanevents.com.
Obviously, Jack Posobiec right there on X. He's hard to miss.
One of the top, most prolific people out there.
You should follow his show daily.
It starts here in about 40 minutes from now.
Jack, in the time we have left now, pivoting to a quick question, I want to talk about the bridge information.
You have the FBI Director Friday saying imminent terror attacks in America, but they're the ones that opened the borders up.
Imminent style Moscow attacks here, like we saw at the Crocus Center.
What's your take on why they're signaling that?
Look, Alex, here's the problem.
Is that they, the dirty little secret is, the FBI knows that they've been letting in people, that the administration's been letting in people at a clip across the border like we haven't believed that the United States has never seen.
Remember, all of the 9-11 hijackers were in the United States illegally.
Now, were they on radar?
That's another conversation.
But we know that our border is porous.
So if Iran wanted to conduct a response attack.
Any of these groups, if the Russians wanted to come in and give the United States some kind of response or do something in the United States, it would be very easy to do so.
They know that, look, Alex, what you're seeing from the FBI director is a peek into what's going on at the higher levels of the overstate.
An overstate competition in the, we know about the underworld, this is the overworld, right?
The overworld is where all of these things are fighting, fighting out.
And they use the proxy forces, they use the underworld, they use mafias and criminal organizations
and terror organizations and proxy wars to do their bidding so that the normal people
don't usually see what's going on.
But every once in a while, what happens?
Oh, you know, a plane goes down or a bridge crashes or, you know, a helicopter goes out
somewhere or somebody dies, quote unquote, accidentally.
We're not supposed to see what's going on when we really know.
Look, the head of the FBI, he knows exactly what type of brinksmanship he's engaged in right now.
And they know how far the Biden administration is pushing these people in every part of the world.
That's why they're freaking out right now, because at the end of the day, they don't know who they've let into this country.
And they want to get ahead of it, so at least they warned when it comes.
Now, I want to hit the bridge.
Maybe do five minutes of the next segment.
I know you got to go.
We have another guest coming up.
But hold over so we can hit the bridge and a little bit on the Trump first criminal trial.
But just in the three minutes we have left.
What did you make, because you were one of the first to report on it once it got posted, even beat us to it, on the Gavin Oblivious, FBI, current CIA admissions of their operations against us.
We have more intel coming out next week actually proving what he said.
We've now discovered more information.
The head of the FBI in Connecticut, their head lawyer, we now learned was involved in the entire suit and initiated it.
So it's confirming what Oblivious said.
What do you make of that?
Look Alex, when I saw this video, I just have to tell people that this is how these demented, Creatures in the deep state and in Washington, D.C.
This is what they look like.
They're little trolls.
They're little goblins.
And that's exactly how they think.
They'll say, we don't like this guy, Alex Jones.
So what are we going to do?
We're going to go and we're going to gin up all of these lawsuits and all of these civil things.
They're doing the same exact thing to Trump, right?
Literally right now in the criminal case, but they've been doing civil cases against Trump.
for all this time. And so people of course can see that in a very real way there are elements
of the federal government and the national security agencies that are behind these things.
And people want to talk about Gavin O'Blinis and they'll say, oh, well, he's just a low-level guy,
logistics guy, et cetera. You know what though? He's got placement and access. He knows exactly
what's going on inside these areas. The fact of the matter is he's a witness to what was going on
inside the federal government contemporaneously with these trials and with these legal proceedings
And by the way, this is someone I would hope that President Trump's legal team also calls this guy forward and put him under deposition to find out what he knows about the civil cases against Donald Trump.
And Jan 6th!
And Jan 6th!
Yeah, every Jan Sixer, every, take your pick, right?
Take everyone who's had a case against him.
Because he talks about feds being in the crowd there, now we have the National Guard confirming Trump did try to call him up.
That was on the news.
I mean, this stuff's unraveling quickly for the deep state.
Alex, hopefully they've gone too far.
Hopefully we get to a point where they've tried to conduct so many operations against so many different people so many times that I won't even necessarily say that they are going to change their ways, but what I hope it does create is a coalition of patriots.
Not even necessarily right-wing or conservative or Republican, just patriots.
People who love the country and people who want to see a restoration of the American Republic.
That we can smash this crooked regime that we can see before us with our very eyes, get it out of the way, and then go back to the regime that our forefathers fought for.
Or go back to the republic that our forefathers fought for.
Well, exactly.
Who wants a Praetorian secret police?
Persecuting presidents, persecuting talk show hosts.
This is dangerous for everybody.
HumanEvents.com, he's got a show coming up in about 30 minutes.
Jack, we're going to go to break.
Just do three or four minutes on the side on the bridge.
I'm glad you raised that to me when we were off air, because I had it in the stack meant to get there.
For those who don't know, now being investigated as criminal.
Very, very suspicious.
Jack and I both said the day it happened that we leaned towards it being deliberate.
This is a strategic place that got hit.
We'll come back in a few minutes.
We have another special guest from New Zealand with big news in just a few minutes as well.
Jack Passova is our guest.
Tell everybody you know, tune in now.
We'll be right back.
Well it was just three weeks ago, but as fast as things are moving it feels like a million
years ago.
FBI opens criminal investigation into Key Bridge collapse there at the Port of Baltimore in Maryland.
FBI investigating Baltimore's Key Bridge crash as a criminal operation.
Chinese cargo owners may face huge bill after Baltimore Bridge Collision.
I don't want to just say everything is an attack, but I've looked at the numbers.
It's something like triple the different associations say in food processing and other facilities burning up and blowing up.
Is it just a rash of people cashing in on insurance or is it terrorists?
Is it environmental wackos?
You have Biden cutting off the pipelines.
You have all of these extinction rebellion groups sabotaging things, blocking trains, blocking highways.
But then suddenly since this barge incident happened, there's been like 10 more.
I mean, so there's definitely an uptick.
So is total incompetence triggering?
Or is something else behind this?
Is it cyber attacks?
Jack, you were on with us the day it happened.
And I remember saying you thought it leaned towards being suspicious.
So did General Flynn.
Now that the FBI is investigating as criminal, in closing, what do you think?
Look, Alex, this is a huge vindication for your audience, a huge vindication for Human Events Daily audience and everyone out there who simply sees something like this, sees one of these horrific situations and says, something seems wrong.
Something seems like it didn't work out.
What we're hearing now in the investigation is the actual crew members themselves are going to be brought in for questioning.
Because it turns out, Alex, they're saying that this ship was experiencing electric malfunctions, strange electric malfunctions, even when it was still attached to the pier, when there was still dockside.
So if it was having these electronic malfunctions while it was still pierside, why did they let it go?
And if that's true, what were the nature of these malfunctions?
So on one hand, you've got potentially criminal negligence, and that's simply That's the best case scenario.
The best case scenario is that this was criminal negligence.
Alex, the worst case scenario...
Is that this was indeed criminal intent either by the fact of the crew or someone who may have wanted that ship to crash that was manipulating it in some way.
This is the situation that we find ourselves in because Alex look and I've said, you know, I live pretty close to there.
I'm about 30 minutes away from that bridge that we went out and people have to remember to that six people six workers six men died in that crash.
So it's potential at number one.
It's a crime scene.
Number two, it's potentially a murder scene.
And that's something that absolutely needs to be looked into.
And remember, we had this professor, the professor, the mayor of Baltimore up there screaming, oh, it's racism and it's white people.
And he was blaming everything under the sun other than what actually happened.
And so everyone out there and MSNBC screaming, oh, it's the MAGA conspiracy theories.
No, it wasn't MAGA conspiracy theories that crashed a ship into one of the largest bridges in Baltimore, I think the largest bridge in Baltimore, and killed six people.
No, it wasn't MAGA conspiracy theories.
We want to know what happened.
And as it turns out, even though the government lied to us for weeks about this and told us to shut up, that now the FBI is looking into it as well.
Let me ask you this, obviously you've seen the, and they admit, record infrastructure failures, fires, explosions, some negligence, but you couple it with the overall anti-industrial behavior of the WEF and their Build Back Better camp followers.
Do you have any intel on why we're seeing record level, not just here but in Europe, infrastructure going up in smoke?
Well, Alex, I would I would say it's probably twofold.
I mean, obviously, we know there's a there is a small group of people that wants to see depopulation, that wants to see a destruction of modern society.
But at the same time, we also have to couple that with the fact that there are people that have created this new this new System in our country whereby in we don't put the most qualified people and the best people in these positions.
We have racial quotas.
We have gender quotas.
We have all of these things that we run up and we say, oh, this is so good.
And this is so powerful and diversity is our strength.
But then you go back and you look at like, for example, South Africa right now, right?
South Africa wrote diversity Nelson Mandela wrote diversity quotas into the Constitution Of South Africa and the new constitution back in the 1990s, these racial quotas.
And now, fast forward 30 years later, what do we have?
The entire South Africa electric grid is completely failing.
They've got cities that don't even have power for 12 hours a day.
This is one of the most prosperous... Well, that's right, and the FAA says... The FAA says... All of Africa... Sorry, please take your point uninterrupted.
Go ahead.
I was just saying that they had one of the most prosperous countries, one of the most advanced countries, and they ruined it in less than three decades.
And now look at Boeing, and look at the FAA saying they're going to hire mentally ill people for air traffic controllers.
Our military is falling apart, there's no doubt.
I think wokeism is the biggest contributing factor because it causes ripple effects across the board.
Jack Subbitt, great analysis as usual.
Thank you so much.
God bless, Alex.
to you and the family.
We'll get to the World War III scenarios, the Israel attack, after we talk to Nick Butch.
If you'd like, you can hang up and call back later.
We're going to skip this network break coming up here.
But everybody's been waiting to see what the IF is going to say.
They've said yesterday and two days ago on Saturday, we're going to hit Iran.
Well, now they're making a major announcement, they say.
And so we can put it on screen, full screen there.
They've got it set up.
They've got the mic set up.
They said they were going to go live with an announcement 40 minutes ago.
They have not gone to that announcement yet.
So as soon as they go to that individual, we will cut to them.
We hope that they are going to say that they're just going to target Iranian targets, say in Lebanon, where Iran does have proxy forces.
We hope it's not an announced attack.
On the mainland or on the actual soil of Iran proper, because that will definitely escalate things extremely, extremely quickly.
So we'll pop in to that announcement as soon as it happens, interrupt our guests, then go right back to Nick Bush.
Nick Bush is a New Zealander.
I want to visit New Zealand.
I've never been there.
And a citizen journalist, a father of two.
He's a libertarian.
He recently deployed a 20-foot trailer billboard that reads InfoWars on one side and Alex Jones is right on the other, starting an unofficial campaign in support of Alex Jones that stands on a main arterial route into Auckland, New Zealand.
This pop-up at random spots around Auckland for the next six weeks or so.
And if more people do this, it causes a chain reaction, not just for us, but for other big subjects.
We can overpower the censors.
Nick believes that InfoWars has been more accurate than mainstream media for the last several decades.
You find him at Napoleon Bush.
Bush is spelled B-U-S-C-H.
And so I want to go ahead and play a clip of him a few days ago that we reposted on my Real Alex Jones account, where he basically talks about why he's done it.
Here it is.
Hi guys.
Napoleon here.
In Auckland, New Zealand.
Starting the unofficial branding campaign for InfoWars.
Here with the large billboard trailer behind me.
Six by three metres.
Parked on a main arterial route into Auckland.
Now InfoWars has been more accurate than the mainstream media for the last two to three decades.
What have we got on the other side of here?
We've got... Alex Jones was right.
And he was, wasn't he?
And he is right.
Now, just a comment to the CIA operative that has been exposed as conducting a conspiracy to defame and destroy Alex Jones at InfoWars.
We too have the same system here in New Zealand that was rolled out six months after Joe Biden's Patriot Act.
It was actually rolled out in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, all Western countries.
We have an organisation called NIST.
National Security Investigation Team, which is basically the Homeland Security, rebranded Homeland Security, and that CIA operative was ex-Homeland Security.
Now they are making lists of people here in New Zealand, all around the world.
You think to yourself, well why are they making lists?
Well, we've seen from what Rhys Jones has exposed in Gaza, of what they're going to use those lists for.
They're kill lists!
So, We're going to carry out this campaign to inform the New Zealand public who's telling the truth about what's going on in the world, which is InfoWars and Alex Jones here for the next month to six weeks.
See you later!
All right, folks.
There he is at Napoleon Bush.
That's the nickname there to follow his information.
Excellent information there.
And please support what he's doing.
If more people do this in a chain reaction, not just for InfoWars, but for other sites or exposing, reminding people about COVID, people like Jacinda Ardens and others aren't going to be able to pull this off again.
And she's now the big UNWF global censor boss.
So they're going to try it again.
They're coming back again.
And he's right.
It leads from censorship and surveillance to debanking, to deplatforming, to imprisonment and death.
That's where this always leads.
That's where this is going.
But worldwide, we're all in this together.
Whether you live in Australia, or whether you're in New Zealand, or whether you're in Italy, or whether you're in Nigeria, or whether you're in South Africa, or whether you're in Russia, or whether you're in France, or whether you're in Mexico, or whether you're in Canada, or right here in Austin, Texas, we face the same enemy.
I have so many Australians people saying, oh thank you for caring about us being put in camps and thank you for caring about them saying don't look at the sunset or talk to your neighbors.
Or don't talk... It's the same enemy attacking them.
If aliens showed up from Pluto and blew up Paris, I'd be upset because we're next.
I mean, it's not even some nice thing that I care about New Zealand.
We have the same damn enemy attacking us.
It's a global cabal.
We have to globally come together.
And there's footage we're going to show later in the interview Tens of thousands in Japan saying, down with the New World Order, the WF, the WHO, the Global Plan, we know you poisoned us, we're against your world government, we're against 15-minute cities, we're against forced injections, arrest Fauci.
And they've got high-level members of the Japanese government, the Japanese Congress, there.
I mean, this is exciting, folks.
They have millions hitting the streets in Europe, and they've got David Icke speaking So Nick Bush, we salute you, we appreciate you.
New Zealand was one of the most devastating sites we know of tyranny.
Such good, nice people under the evil.
But you guys fought back.
And so I just want to hear about you and what you're facing, what you're looking at, and not even so much about the campaign.
It's exciting.
It's obviously a chain reaction, but this is how we overpower the AI is in the third dimension.
By being activists, by having demonstrations, by having our own independent media, which if everybody, and by everybody I mean more people engage, the enemy will be overwhelmed.
They're already overwhelmed.
They know they're overwhelmed.
They admit they're overwhelmed.
We've now got to finish this and press the attack.
So I salute you and thank you for the support as we're all in this together.
Absolutely Alex.
Thanks for having us on.
Thanks for some powerful stuff this morning.
And that's exactly what you had there with Jack.
That's exactly the reason I'm doing it down here in New Zealand.
Because the mainstream media isn't covering any of that and we need as many people as possible to tune in to the Alex Jones Show and InfoWars and hear what's really going on in the Middle East.
And, you know, and breaking through the censorship by deploying these mobile billboard trailers, you know, being a bit of a moving target.
As long as you're road legal and don't speed, what can they do for you?
They can ask you to move on.
But, you know, and you just pop up all around the cities or wherever you're at.
And it makes a bit of a stir, to be honest, you know.
So, yeah, I mean, I've been doing this Well, it's sort of like a rebuild.
I had to rebuild my business since the COVID destruction or lockdowns here.
And I found these three things, three billboard trailers in a paddock and thought, wow, that could work, that could work, you know.
And so I grabbed those.
And the first thing we did with them was we supported the farmers here in New Zealand.
They had these great big tractor The tractor drives up the Southern Motorway.
They came from all corners of Auckland and I lent them these three trailers and they were able to, you know, no farmers, no food on them.
And you know what?
The mainstream media, they didn't even take photos of the tractors with the trailers on.
They're so filthy.
Well, I was about to say that's the good news is they're not the mainstream media.
I keep calling them that too.
They're the dinosaur extinct media.
You're the new media.
You say it creates a stir on these billboards.
Let me guess, you're probably getting a lot of love, some hate.
Oh yes, absolutely.
There was one particular guy, and he called me all sorts of names, I won't say it, online, but that caused a great big stir.
I've been driving around with a great big freedom sign on the top of my car for the last two and a half years.
I just took it off before Christmas.
And I would get 10 waves of support to one guy saying, F you, right?
But these 10% of people, they don't see the 10 other people supporting you and they think they're in the majority.
I think they think they're in the majority because the media is telling them they're in the majority, right?
And then the police are then supporting these crazy sort of things that are going on around here in New Zealand and all around the world.
We've had a group of people, well they've started putting a rainbow Rainbow zebra crossings here and people were painting over them.
And one guy here in New Zealand, he just got fined $16,000 for putting white paint on a
rainbow crossing.
I want to be clear about the rainbow flags.
That's the symbol of the globalists worldwide attacking our families, our biology, and when they capture an area, an enemy hoists up their flag.
I don't care if it's BLM, a Chinese communist flag, a flag with the Easter Bunny on it.
These people on government buildings and government roads putting their symbol as a sign of their occupation.
The sign of them conquering us.
Yeah, so we also had Posey Parker here a year ago.
And we had all these crazed activists there behind a barrier.
They pushed through the barrier, right, charged at another group of people pushing back against this child indoctrination of this idea.
And this 20-year-old man punched a 70-something-year-old woman three times in the head.
He got diversion, which he didn't get a conviction for, and he got a $1,000 fine.
Stay there, we're going to have you right into the next hour.
Stay there.
The Israeli Defense Department is speaking now.
We missed a little bit of it.
This is the IDF speaking.
to have you right into the next hour. Stay there. The Israeli Defense Department is speaking
now. We missed a little bit of it. This is the IDF speaking.
Let's go to this.
OK, folks, let's try to find an English translation of that ASAP, because it's a big
deal that they're going to strike Iran proper.
So we'll watch that, we'll have that as soon as that comes out.
This will be all over the place, so we'll know in a few minutes.
Going back to you, Nick, since I interrupted you talking about How they let the left beat people up in your country.
It's the same thing here, mostly peaceful protest.
But then if you're an old lady that walks between velvet robes on January 6th, waved at by police, you get six months in prison.
Finish up with your point on that, but then let's go back and talk about the brutal lockdowns, the martial law, and don't look at the sun setting, and don't talk to your neighbors, and only believe Jacinda Arden's when she speaks.
That really blew up on our face, but it's important to remember what happened because they're going to try it again.
Yes, well going back to the lockdowns, we had a three month period here at the end of 2021 where they actually put internal borders in around Auckland.
Now Auckland's the biggest city, we've got 1.6 million people living here in Auckland and they put a hard, well a porous, I was going to say hard, but it was actually porous because they were letting trucks in and also letting the gangs fly through on their motorbikes and the police wouldn't do anything.
But they They locked Auckland down with Nazi-style borders, right?
And this was to nudge people towards vaccination.
Well, sorry, it's not a vaccination.
Never was, never will be.
Nudge towards taking the experimental death shot.
I actually call it a weapon of mass destruction because I think it was the Florida Surgeon General, or one of those over there, said that it is changing your genomes.
And if you look up the definition of a weapon of mass destruction, that meets the definition.
Well, I mean, it literally is a mutation shot.
You become a mutant.
It's a lethal injection.
You were saying that right from the beginning, and I've been saying it as well, and it's just we've been banging our head against the wall.
But we're keeping at it.
We've moved from a small trailer to now a fleet of 12 of these trailers, right?
And we need InfoWars to survive.
We can't live without you, right?
So don't think you're giving up.
30 years, that's great endings, mate, but we can't have InfoWars.
I'm going anywhere.
So what I'll be doing with that big trailer you saw, I'll actually be putting some call to actions along the bottom and along the top with your website and the InfoWars store.
So hopefully we can get people tuning in and hearing what's going on in the Middle East, hearing the truth about Ukraine, hearing the truth about the One World Government and the CBDCs.
This isn't being covered at all by the mainstream media here in New Zealand, right?
Just going back to the lockdowns here in New Zealand, the media was paid off.
They say that they only paid them $55 million in a journalist fund, right?
But in actual fact, if you look at it, they had 24-7, minute-on-minute, saturation propaganda.
Well, I call it information terrorism, actually.
On every platform, every mainstream platform, on the TV, on the radio, on the net here in New Zealand, right?
Me and one of my workers, we would do a thing called the COVID challenge as we were going to a job in the vehicle.
And we'd say, we could have listened to the radio, but we'd say, OK, get your stopwatch out on the cell phone.
And we'll turn the radio on and we'll time how long until they say a word like mandate, Covid, variant, vaccine.
We didn't get over one minute and we just turn it off.
OK, half an hour later, we turn the radio back on and do it again.
It was saturation.
So this government was paying Private companies, billions of dollars in advertising revenue.
Absolutely, it was all an exercise in scion, but what about the big whistleblower that came out months and months ago and exposed the head technician?
Yes, that's right, the Ministry of Health data, Barry Young.
So when that came out, and I think you had Liz Gunn on the show here, and she was interviewing Barry and putting that out.
I think it was 24 hours later, the New Zealand Police surrounded his house, armed police surrounded his house, right?
Here in New Zealand, the police are so-called, they aren't armed or they don't have firearms on their hips.
And this is, you know, we actually, this is a big deal here in New Zealand that our police aren't armed.
But ever since the Christchurch Moss mass murder event, false flag, They have had the firearms in the vehicles and they have a lockbox in the vehicles.
But it was a total overreaction, a total intimidation there to go around.
All they needed to do was go around to Barry's house, knock on the door and say, look, we'd like you to come down the station and have a chat.
You know, there was no need for this.
Full on show of force by our New Zealand police.
They are becoming militarised.
Well, I don't want to say militarised, but very What's the word?
We've got to go to break, Nick Bush.
Nick, Nick, ride shotgun with me and we'll talk more about this and we'll take some calls.
I know you're upset about what's happening in the Middle East and Gaza and what's happening with Israel.
We will go another 10-15 minutes with you and then ride shotgun if you want.
We're going to take calls from all these folks that are holding on the situation.
We'll get your take on World War III and how we stop it.
But how do people find you?
How do they support what you're doing?
Well, I'm on X, Napoleon Bush, B-U-S-C-H, Napoleon B-U-S-C-H.
Basically, I'm just on X. I also have a Bitshoot channel.
I was doing some sort of like guerrilla marketing or guerrilla sort of stuff.
No, no, that's beautiful.
I want to know how folks can financially support you.
Stay there.
You can trust us as a source of that information.
You can also trust the Director General of Health and the Ministry of Health.
For that information, do feel free to visit at any time to clarify any rumour you may hear.
covid19.govt.nz. Otherwise dismiss anything else. We will continue to be your single source of truth.
We will provide information frequently.
We will share everything we can.
Everything you are, else you see, a grain of salt.
And so I really ask people to focus on that.
The most outrageous example of that appears to be this text which originated in Malaysia and has become a viral hoax in Australia and in New Zealand.
How irresponsible is it the people that are sharing that news of a lockdown imminent in New Zealand?
And look, that's the kind of thing that adds to the anxiety that people feel.
So I continue to share the message.
New Zealanders must prepare.
But do not panic.
And when you see those messages, remember that unless you hear it from us, it is not the truth.
And I really ask people, just visit covid19.govt.nz.
It has all of the up-to-date information.
And we will continue to provide everything you need to know.
So there she was denying they were going to do lockdowns.
Weeks later, they did.
Everything they said was a lie.
The shot protects you.
The shot doesn't make you sick.
The virus wasn't man-made.
And everything she said is what Joe Biden said, what Rachel Maddow said.
And we now know influencers now, to people that had 20,000 followers on Instagram, 10,000 on Twitter.
Small accounts were paid tens of thousands of dollars.
NBA players were paid hundreds of thousands just to say they'd taken the shot.
Simpson did all this saying he took it.
We don't know if he really did, but he died.
You know, Hank Aaron died right after it.
William Shakespeare, real name, was the first man to die in England after the shot.
So we got to join some stations here in a few minutes, Nick Bush.
You've done a great job known as Napoleon Bush.
On X, but what are New Zealanders feelings now about Jacinda Ardern's, as I'm sure you know, has moved on to be the WFUN Global Head of Censorship?
I mean, she is something else.
Yes, well, yeah, she basically lied to New Zealanders.
Every day for two years straight.
At 12pm they had televised conferences and for two hours they would stand up there and lie there with a gaslighting New Zealand public, right?
I've got this saying and if Gaslight me harder, globalist scumbags.
This woman is probably the most hated woman in New Zealand history, here in New Zealand.
Like I said, she locked Auckland down with Nazi-style billboards north and south until right up to Christmas.
She knew that she wasn't going to get away with With corralling people, 1.6 million of us in Auckland, we all wanted to go off to the beach with our relatives for Christmas.
And they even came out and said the lockdowns were to nudge.
And I think that FBI guy, he was talking about nudging, not actually doing things, but nudging people, like poking people and see what happens.
Nudge means bully and coerce.
It violates the Nuremberg Code.
Oh yes.
State coercion is state terrorism, right?
You cannot coerce someone into doing something.
And they did this for two years, right?
So once they lifted the blockades, the Nazi-style border blockades here in Auckland, pretty quickly, within a few weeks, we had a convoy going down to Wellington and we occupied the grounds down there.
These are our grounds.
Hold on, I want to hear the rest of the story.
I remember it.
Weren't they using sound weapons on you and a bunch of other stuff, but it didn't work?
Well, we're going to come back.
Oh, yep, they used sound weapons.
They played music at night to keep everyone awake because everyone was intense down there.
And we saw the same fight in Canada everywhere.
And Justin Trudeau, he's another protégé, like Jacinda Ardern's ends, of It Penetrates the Cabinets, Klaus Schwab.
All right, let me use the sci-fi analogy again.
I've already made this point, but I'll do it again.
I don't know, 7, 8, 9, 10 years ago, time flies.
Tom Cruise had a movie coming out.
It was pretty good.
I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan, but I like a science fiction movie.
Oblivion's good.
But one was called Forever War.
And it's these aliens that attack and they basically land in Paris, and they've got time-space continuum control, so they can just restart each battle until they figure out how to beat us.
There's one guy that's basically psychic for whatever reason, and he's for whatever reason, I'm going from memory, I haven't seen it in a decade, able to beat it.
Now imagine if aliens landed in Paris and were blowing everything up and killing everybody, and we sat here, say, in Texas, or people sat there in Auckland, New Zealand, or they sat there in Moscow, Russia, or Durban, South Africa, and said, well, that's France getting blown up by aliens.
We don't care.
The WF are transhumanist, globalist, Cultists that say the age of humans is over, they're going to merge the machines, they're going to become gods.
Whether that's true or not, they want to be aliens.
They want to be something new.
They want to take control of human development, human evolution.
And our guest is an engineer himself, he can speak to that.
And they're creating an alien anti-human system, cutting off our resources, telling farmers from Sri Lanka to New Zealand to Kansas, we're going to cut back your production.
Organic farms are bad for the earth.
Oh my God!
When I was in Hawaii, in Kauai, I saw activist groups' signs up.
Saying, whoa, there's cows being raised here and their poop runs into the river.
We want to ban it.
Poop's always running the river from cows or buffalo.
The fish eat it.
It's not toxic.
It's not bad.
And then, literally, we had an Uber driver, a woman, starts going, look at those cows.
They're bad for the river.
Cows have been there since the West moved in there over 150 years ago.
But now the cows are bad, you see.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this is the same brainwashing.
And there's like beautiful mountains and rolling green hills, tens of thousands of acres and some black angus on it.
And there's a little river going off a mountain and, oh, the poop's going in the river, as if it ever even makes it there.
If you go to the Nile River, what do the fish mainly eat?
Poop from the water buffalo that are the cows.
You can made it with a cow.
It's a wild cow.
And hippopotamus who go out at night, eat the grain, eat the plants, go into the water.
Again, they're making normal human activity.
Cow farts, methane, bad.
It's part of the atmosphere.
We need it.
And so when he says solidarity, When you see New Zealand being attacked, and the worst places were Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Germany was bad, a lot of places were really bad, the third world was bad, even the worst, because the IMF and World Bank controlled them, you're seeing the enemy attacking five years ahead of us.
Globally, they built emergency COVID centers under the same protocols everywhere, and in Canada, and in the US, and in Australia, And in Italy, they all said, next time there's a virus, we're going to lock up the dissenters in these camps as well.
Wow, that was amazing!
So they are FEMA camps, political camps.
So, I'm explaining again.
In forever war, when the aliens attack Paris, you should care because they're coming for you next.
And you better study what they're doing.
So when they hit Italy, and they hit New Zealand, and they hit Germany, And they try to shut down all these countries.
You better study it, because it's the same damn enemy knocking down your door with the same lies, the same tactics, and the same group.
So, I'm going to explain this again.
I get all these thank you letters from Germany and everywhere else.
Oh, why do you care?
Why are you following our protests?
What the hell are you talking about?
It's the same damn enemy!
If we get together against the globalists, like, roll b-roll of Japan.
Tens of thousands out protesting.
I watched it.
Japanese translation, English.
The New World Order, the globalists, you're poison shots, you're killing us.
No to 15-minute cities.
I mean, yeah, thousands rallying against the New World Order in Japan.
That's mainstream TV.
Once this happens, once we're aware, it's game over.
And all the top talk show hosts now.
All of them.
Anybody with an audience is the antennae of the world order.
Even ones that weren't on our side have flipped over.
Because we're promoting freedom and justice and the truth, and we've got major government officials and heads of universities on our side all over the world, and we're gaining steam, not losing it.
The enemy's going to strike back.
Let me ask Nick Bush.
You were telling me during the break about yourself.
You're an engineer.
You're a parent.
You've engaged in the fight.
I was trying to say, hey, put a donation button up so you can put more billboards.
You go, well, I've got some businesses.
I'm putting my money in.
I said, wait, the people that are competent like you that are doing on their own are the ones people should give to because you're going to do it right and make it even bigger.
So maybe you should put a donation button up or get a sponsorship thing where you can
we sit on X I'm promoting yet where you can sponsor the X account and says people need
to get behind the guy that didn't ask for money.
Because, okay, you've got a dozen of these billboards up right now.
What have people got behind you?
What have you got?
A hundred.
Will that save the world?
But that spirit of resistance will spreading to others.
We are the detonators.
We are the fire starters.
We are the initiators.
We are the tip of the spear.
And Nick Bush is the tip of the spear.
So make any points you've got.
I want to go to these calls.
The IDF's made a statement.
We're going to play that in a minute.
We've got it in English.
But just who you are, why you did this, where you're going, and what else you'd like to impart to the audience.
Yeah, well, the next one after we finish off the Alex Jones promotion here in New Zealand, in about six weeks' time, I'm going to put up some Save Our Refinery.
Because what Jacinda Ardern and her globalists did is we had one refinery here in New Zealand and we'd import the crude and we'd make diesel, petrol and kerosene.
They destroyed it.
They closed it down and they've sold off the cattle that that's required in the cracker to actually crack the hydrocarbons.
So the place is absolutely destroyed.
So you were talking about the Strait of Hormuz and shipping being absolutely stopped by this world war.
This is what, they've set us up for failure.
We won't be able to... By the way, you're an engineer, you're this populous, beautiful country, has no refining capacity, and we know the Chinese want to take over your country.
If there's a war, how the hell is New Zealand strategically defended when it can't even make its own gasoline?
I mean, this is the new world order, people!
This is war!
It's absolutely crazy.
The first thing Jacinda Ardern and her, I don't know whether they're communists or Nazis or whatever they are, but they banned oil and gas exploration here in New Zealand.
In 2009, oil and gas exports were our fourth largest export earner, right?
In 2009, just during the GFC, we were creaming it.
We were making lots of money out of It'll be exporting our oil, right?
And so they closed that industry down.
I used to go out to the oil rigs and do stuff out there and also used to go into the refinery.
That's closed, right?
There was four main big scale manufacturing industries here in New Zealand.
There was the aluminium smelter down the South Island that they've been threatening to close for years and years and years.
They actually want to re-divert the electricity from the big hydroelectric dams in the South Island to create By the way, that's what Elon Musk said.
It would take 50 years to move to all these new technologies, which we could do, but you've got to have even more fossil fuels as the bridge to deliver the upgrade.
Oh, absolutely.
So they're just trying to destroy our economy, right?
But basically, we've been in recession.
Well, we've had three quarters of recession down here.
The phone isn't ringing.
Yeah, it's absolutely, the economy's down.
Basically stalled during the election.
We had an election six months ago, so nothing happened for about two or three months.
Well, they even called it, hold on, they even called it, oh, this is really a carbon environmental lockdown.
They admitted COVID was that all over the world.
So they're the ones that destroyed the economy to get us into debt.
Well, like a lot of people online were saying, oh, what was Alex Jones right about?
Well, you have been telling us that it's going to morph into carbon lockdowns, right?
15 minute cities, the surveillance system, right?
And you were talking about Tom Cruise movies there a minute ago, right?
So minority report, right?
Pre-criming people, pre-criming people.
So how are they going to, the surveillance system is being built all around us, right?
Here on our roading system we have 800 what they call Halo cameras being installed, right?
With Armco all around them on great big poles.
They're all through the UK as well.
But they're going to be monitoring and rationing and when they monitor, measuring, they'll then start to ration your movement around the country.
And all the Five Eyes have announced pre-crime AI to the side of your criminal up front.
Right, okay, well I would like to talk to that, speak to that, because we had a major mass murder event here on the 15th of March 2019, right, and there was a video, a live stream on Facebook, right, and Within about two days, Jacinda Ardern, she banned that, but that did give people time to have a look at that.
I couldn't actually watch the whole thing all the way through, because it was, you know, pretty bloody hard work.
But she banned it, and I'd seen a couple of things in that video over the two days that it was still able to be watched.
That guy, that guy that killed 51 people, right?
He was walking around, he was going in and out of that building for 15 minutes, right?
That mosque.
He actually left the building and went back, got some more ammo and a different gun and then ran along the front of the mosque there and shot a man hiding behind a car that he had no way of knowing was there.
So I'm saying that that guy actually didn't act alone.
And of course, I was saying that online.
So I got a visit from what we call here in New Zealand, the NIST, National Security Investigation Team.
This is basically the New Zealand version of Homeland Security.
And as we know, Homeland Security was set up to counter terrorism.
But 15 years later, it was Absolutely.
They don't want us questioning big events.
They want total control.
Nick Bush, Napoleon Bush on X. Sir, again, just briefly, we're going to let you go.
We'll have you back again soon.
And anybody you recommend from New Zealand, we want to get them on.
We know you're doing a lot of great work.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, because you're an engineer.
What type, what you do, how people, people in New Zealand that want to get involved with you.
I mean, I know you're kind of doing it on your own, but what are some of the organizations people should get involved with in New Zealand?
Well, we've got Counterspin Media here in New Zealand, and they are a contributor to InfoWars.
We've got Liz Gunn, she's a contributor.
We have had her on before.
That's Counterspin.
Maria Z. Maria Z. Counterspin.
>>Counter spin. Maria Z. Maria Z. Counter. Got counter spin.
Keep going. Yep.
And we were actually, with Counterspin, we were trying to get the Pfizer contract released, the unredacted Pfizer contract released, because that actually goes back to the TPPA as well, where I think that they had to get the TPPA over the line so they could lock that in, so we can't get out of that contract.
And if we do get out of it, they will then sue the New Zealand government for future profits that they think they're going to get.
And by the way, I'm glad you raised that.
All over the world, the contract with Pfizer is secret.
Only Brazil leaked it, and it turned over the national parks to Pfizer if there were lawsuits.
So via agreements with Pharma, they're turning over national sovereignty to big Pharma.
Talk about a power grab.
And every other country, including the U.S., the agreement with Pfizer and Moderna is secret.
How the hell did we get to this point?
Well, that's Jacinda Ardern for you, isn't it?
That's the WEF.
That's these globalists.
We're basically a captured nation down here, and they are pre-criming people with this surveillance system, right?
So going back to the Patriot Act and pre-crime.
So I got this call from this NIS bloke, and we talked for a while.
And I said, hang on a minute.
What I actually did is after Jacinda Ardern said that she banned all the semi-automatic firearms, I thought, I wonder how much they're watching people.
So I bought a book on Amazon and it was called Modern Firearms Design and it was published in 1927.
And I was sort of thinking, well, I wonder if they're watching this.
Turns out they were.
So, and as I was talking to this guy, I said, hang on a minute, it's not illegal to buy a book.
And what you're doing is you're pre-criming me, I haven't done anything wrong.
I'm just, I'm basically just trolling you and you fell for the bait, right?
But that was my first insight into how invasive the surveillance is online, right?
They are watching all your purchases, everything, right?
And Yeah, so Minority Report and Tom Cruise, that's real.
They are preclimbing people and this goes to what I said on the short video.
They are creating profiles of people, putting you on lists, And you know, they're doing this for a reason, right?
And in the future with Kill List, they just send you to a vaccine center, they arrest you, they forcibly inject you with a hot dose and you die six months later of cancer or a heart attack.
Nick Bush, thank you so much.
We're going to talk to you very, very soon.
Finish your point about the Kill List.
Yes, well, the kill list, they're going to use that in the future.
They didn't build this system for nothing.
So, as you said, they'll probably just throw you in a FEMA camp or some sort of camp and then force you to be injected, right?
And then, oh, it's a slow kill.
They'll probably release you and, like, you'll die.
Absolutely, Nick.
You're at Napoleon Bush, B-U-S-C-H, on Axiomation.
Follow you.
I know you're not asking for it, but you should get a subscriber function on there and ask for support.
We salute you and God bless you.
It's your spirit that's going to turn this around.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
We've got to support InfoWars.
No one else is doing the job you guys are doing.
Thanks very much for having me on.
Thank you, Nick.
Well, God put us in this position.
It's all God.
And we're only here because of God.
I know we got phone lines still, and I appreciate everybody holding for an hour and a half,
but we loaded the phone lines first hour.
I got to like 10 calls and an okay job.
Great callers.
We're going to go to William and Jack and CJ and Jeffrey and Brad and Tony.
You probably get a few more calls in, so take three or four more calls on the phone system at 877-789-2539.
Three or four more, and I will get to all the calls by the end of the hour.
877-789-2539, three or four more, and I will get to all the calls by the end of the hour.
But since we mentioned lies, I don't want to just show Jacinda Arden's lying.
I want to show you Rachel Maddow.
And again, I could show you thousands of these videos.
It was a script globally.
It's a global attack to the UN and the World Economic Forum and BlackRock and the big banks.
That's why if you are in Belgium and you see Canadians locked down their houses and truck drivers being put in jail for peacefully protesting, that's an attack on you.
If you're in New Zealand and you see New York people protesting lockdowns being beat up, that's an attack on you.
If you're in Texas and you see people in New Zealand being attacked and beat up for protesting lockdowns, that's an attack on you.
It is a global new world order.
And to see, look like 10,000 people in Japan with major leaders out against the globalists this weekend.
We already showed it earlier if you're a radio listener, go to RealAlexJones on X, formerly Twitter, you'll see it.
This is exciting.
And this scares the living... That's probably 20,000 people.
It scares the living hell out of the globalists.
And that's the good news.
When I say I'm obsolete, or I become redundant, we've still got important work to do.
And I've literally killed myself for 28 years fighting these people.
And about two years ago, I had dream after dream.
Where God said, you need to stop working 18 hours a day.
You need to spend time with your family.
You need to keep doing what you're doing.
But you have committed your mission.
You have been successful.
And I was just given a feeling of total peace.
And I said on air two years ago, I have completed my mission.
Jack Posobiec retweeted it.
I've got more missions to carry out, but I'm telling you, the listeners that support this broadcast, you've completed the main mission.
The Awakening's here.
Now we've got to maximize it and push it to victory, and not just oppose the New World Order, but build an alternative plan.
God's plan.
But we've come far, folks.
The enemy's not going to tell you we're winning.
We are winning.
I mentioned Rachel Maddow.
Here she is.
It means that instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person to person, spreading and spreading, sickening some of them but not all of them, and the ones that it doesn't sicken don't know they have it and then they give it to even more people because they didn't recognize they were... Instead of the virus being able to hop from person to person to person...
Potentially mutating and becoming more virulent and drug-resistant along the way.
Now we know that the vaccines work well enough that the virus stops with every vaccinated person.
A vaccinated person gets exposed to the virus.
The virus does not infect them.
The virus cannot then use that person to go anywhere else.
It cannot use a vaccinated person as a host to go get more people.
That means the vaccines will get us to the end of this.
If we just go fast enough to get the whole package.
All of that was a lie.
Makes you more apt to get it, more apt to die.
All that's confirmed.
A criminal liar.
She should be sued.
She should be criminally indicted.
We should know who paid her to do it.
We know who did.
It's all there.
Here's a quick clip of the IDF making their announcement.
We'll go to break and we'll come right back with your phone calls on World War III straight ahead.
Good evening.
I have arrived this evening to Neva team base together with the General Chief of Staff.
We have met the commander, the teams, the technical teams.
They have all taken part in the Operation Iron Shield.
The base is completely operational, continues to send jets out to missions.
The Chief of General Staff has He said his appreciation for the work done by the pilots, thanks to which the Iranian attack was thwarted, the attack that was on its way to Israel and was thwarted almost without entering Israeli airspace.
The Neva team operation continues around the clock.
We have also seen the hits taken by the Iranian attack.
We're talking about only minor damage to infrastructure, where all in all four hits were taken.
One near a runway, two in an open space and one other near a building that caused it minor damage.
This building was being built, was under construction.
All of these hits We'll be corrected in the next few days.
This base is operational around the clock.
It was operational during the Operation Iron Shield and today as well.
Jets have taken off from this base to defend Israel.
The IDF, including all its systems, continues to be alert and prepared to defend Israel.
We can constantly assess the situation and follow developments in the north during Operation Okay, so there it is.
No announcements about striking Iran.
Our defensive action on the border caused four IDF troops to be injured due to an explosion
we are still looking into.
Following that, the troops were quickly evacuated with help from the air and from land.
Okay, so there it is.
No announcements about striking Iran, announcements that it's a victory to shoot down the missiles.
That indicates they're not going to attack Iran.
I hope that's not the case.
We want to de-escalate this now.
I know some folks out there want World War III.
Well, this broadcast is not for that.
All right.
We're going to come back.
Go right to all the callers that we're holding and the new callers.
We're going to come right back.
Please stay with us.
InfoWars.com and Bandot Video of the Coordinates of Freedom.
Stay with us.
Well, we got Hamas protesters all over the country.
In Chicago and in L.A.
and in New York and other areas.
Taking over highways, taking over bridges.
You see it in San Francisco right there.
Lower Manhattan.
O'Hare in Chicago.
Protesting what's going on.
I mean, look, I don't want to kill the Muslims.
But everywhere the Muslims go, they take over.
But that doesn't mean I support Israel just killing them all either.
It's just, it's absolutely out of control, ladies and gentlemen.
And if we get into four with Iran, they're going to activate their sleeper cells.
That's what we're taking phone calls on.
I appreciate the callers, William and others, that have been holding.
I'll go in the order your calls are received.
Thank you so much, but I need to do this or we won't be here because it funds our operation.
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The other sales are about to end on Turbo Force and on DNA Force Plus at InfoWarsStore.com or call toll free, triple eight.
25331398882533139. All right, we got 40, excuse me, 23 minutes left. I'll go five minutes the next hour. So we got
37 minutes. We're taking your calls right now on World War Three. Amazing callers first hour.
We had several guests on, but thank you for holding.
William in North Carolina, you're on the air. Go ahead and thank you.
Alex, this is just an injection into the system. This is dedicated to my grandpa.
He was killed because of all this.
On behalf of the American Republic and the Hopi Prophecy and the Hopi Nation, if you think you're stabbing and killing for God, You're doing the bidding for an interdimensional interloper named Lucifer from levels below, and it is real, and it started this mind virus a long time ago.
It started in dreams of the ancient people.
Ritualistic sacrifices followed.
God's people have been walking a trail away from this tyranny since before Egypt.
Christ is DNA consciousness restored.
Now be free, loved one.
There is one God.
Thank you so much.
I'm off the line.
No, no.
You made great points.
I agree with you, brother.
Anything else?
He's gone.
Thanks for holding.
Tony in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, my question is, who were these people in 1948 that thought it was a great ideal to put a bunch of Jewish people in the middle of a hornet's nest in the Middle East, being fully aware if they put these Jewish people in that hornet's nest that it'd be constant war for them and they'd be constantly protecting themselves against the hornets?
Why didn't they put them somewhere on the planet where they could have lived in peace?
And the last thing, Alex, God didn't tell us when the end of time was going to be.
He gave us clues, but he left that up to us.
We can either speed it up or slow it down, and why are we so hell-bent on speeding it up?
Well, I agree with you.
God has a plan and knows the end, so that's predestination, but he gives us the choice to actually play it out.
And you made a great point.
People don't know this, and I meant to do reports on this years ago, and I saw it.
If you look at Russia, I forget the exact spot, but it's like north of Georgia.
One of the nicest places in Russia, like 95% of Russia is uninhabited.
Stalin, who's a bad guy, I'm not saying he's good, at the end of World War II proposed an area almost twice the size of Texas.
I remember that from memory.
So if you type in, Stalin proposed Jewish state in Russia.
And he proposed an area twice the size of Texas in central Russia for the Jews to go to.
And then he proposed an area, I want to say the size of New York State in Ukraine, about a third of Ukraine.
For them at the end of World War II, which has been where the Jews have been for over a thousand years.
I'd say outside Israel, the biggest place they were.
That is a great point.
In fact, guys, write a note for me in the next week or so.
I want to do a report on Jewish states.
Yeah, there it is.
There's one of them.
Yeah, right by Georgia.
But pull up a full map of Russia where it was at, but yeah.
So the point is, yeah, that was one of the spots.
It was actually one right above Georgia in the middle too.
There were a bunch of plans, but Russia's three times the size of the U.S., folks.
But there was also one, punch it up here on screen.
I'm going to walk over and show TV viewers.
Punch, because I remember from memory.
Go ahead, punch up a map of Russia and the proposed Jewish state.
I won't have audio for a minute because I'm not wearing a mobile mic, but here it is.
So yeah, they proposed one over here in the east, that's the size of, I'm not sure how big, one over here, twice the size of Texas, and one in Ukraine.
So the point is, why the hell did the Rothschilds and British intelligence move the Jews there?
And by the way, Hitler in World War II would let Jews leave I don't want to just do this wrong because I'm going off memory here.
I'm going to do a full report soon with all the details.
But yeah, that's a big deal.
Because I don't want to just do this wrong, because I'm going off memory here.
I'm going to do a full report soon with all the details.
But yeah, that's a big deal.
Why do you think that was done?
Well, I believe it has a lot to do with the globalists.
If you want to keep war constantly going, that'd be the best plan after World War II is put to Jews, somewhere in the middle of a bunch of people that don't like them.
That way you keep the war machine just turning and burning.
Well, that's right.
The Palestinians and that whole area was pro-Hitler in World War II.
Oh, exactly.
Anything else?
I'm glad you raised that and reminded me of that.
No, that'll be it, Alex.
I sure appreciate you taking my phone call, and you guys are doing a great job at lifting that smiling mask off of evil and exposing what's behind the mask.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate you holding, brother.
Thank you.
All right.
I love having 12 phone lines, but then we take 10 or 15 phone calls and they reload.
I got guests on.
I got to make you hold.
I hate doing that.
Let's go to Jack in Wisconsin.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
I wanted to hear your opinion whether or not, due to the 30,000 to 50,000 Palestinians that have been genocided by Israel, if there should be a Palestinian Holocaust Museum.
I mean, I think, I mean, listen, I'll bottom line you.
The Israeli government was founded against genocide and they are a UN, last time I checked, signatory to it.
And the U.S.
law says the same thing.
When you deliberately target a group because of ethnic or religious reasons to wipe them out, it's genocide.
So, I hypothetically said, Israel's walking into a trap, but if they want to defeat Hamas, they've got to kill the leadership, but if they go for this, the only way to do it is carpet bombing.
I wasn't supporting carpet bombing, I was war-gaming it.
They actually did the carpet bombing.
We didn't think they would do it when I was on a discussion with Steve Bannon.
Eric Prince.
And so that's where we are now.
But absolutely, Israel has opposed Poland trying to set up Polish Holocaust museums.
Well, Hitler killed 10 million Poles.
I've never debated that Hitler didn't target Jews and kill a whole ton of them.
The numbers nobody knows because the records weren't good there, but he did try under Final Solution to kill the Jews.
And I do think he killed a lot of them.
Nobody knows the numbers.
But yeah, when Poland came out like five years ago and said, well, we want to recognize what happened to us, and we want reparations from Germany, Israel tried to block that.
And I'm not attacking Israel, but the fact is, Hitler went after a lot of people.
And we should recognize them all.
And we should recognize the genocide of Christians in Armenia.
And by Turkey.
I mean, we need to recognize any group that's been genocided.
What do you think?
I agree.
You know, here in Milwaukee we have the Black Holocaust Museum, you know, and it was like the height of slavery, that it was like 2% of American citizens having slaves.
But also I wanted to ask you, since you've been on the forefront of weather weapons and laser technology, forbidden technology, if the weather weapons are important because you see now with the iron beam laser system in Israel that if you make it rain, the water droplets diffract and weaken the laser's power.
What do you think?
Well, there's no doubt.
I mean, I've seen Daily Mail articles 15 years ago where Dubai put up Doppler radar, which ours can do too, to manipulate and cause nuclei and cause rain or stop rain.
Weather controls everywhere.
It's going on everywhere.
There's giant geoengineering programs going on.
There's no chemtrailing going on because that's not what they call it.
So the lawyers play a game, but there's massive geoengineering, massive terraforming going on, and we have a CIA director ten years ago, or nine years ago, saying we got to keep it secret because the public will get upset.
Well, we know about the projects, and so absolutely, there's all sorts of weather weapon going on, all sorts of weather manipulation going on.
I appreciate your call.
Brad in Oklahoma, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
First, I'd like to say thanks.
You know, you say, you give thanks to us, the listeners, but if it hadn't been for you, we wouldn't have a program.
We probably have something else, but I personally like InfoWars.
I think a lot of us do.
Want to give a shout out for Nitric Boost and Ultimate Bone Bra and X2.
I think we're, I think we need to worry about our own health.
I think we need to clean up.
I think if, I think if A third of the nation, at least a third of the nation, because of all the crap that's come across the southern border, if not a third of our nation doesn't go down to D.C.
and demand trials, military tribunals, and put all of the ruling class in prison or shot, it's over.
Read Jeremiah 50.
It talks about a new nation who is made up of a bunch of different people.
It talks that they'll be destroyed in one hour.
And I think it leaves room for people returning back to their countries.
I think it's going to be the coastal line.
I think what's going on in the Gaza Strip was predicted in like, I want to say Zachariah.
I haven't read it in a long time, but it talks about them being lit up and plus those who rest carelessly in the aisles.
And I think that's, you know, our east and west coast.
Well, you know, I agree with you, because I've read Revelation probably, I'm not going to exaggerate, front to back, I've probably read it six, seven times, and I've read Daniel, I've read Ezekiel that are foreshadows of it, but it describes the Antichrist being seen in the market as a huge 50-foot tall, it describes it in cubits or meters, Well, that's a hologram, and everyone worshiping it worldwide, and pillars of fire, and nations being destroyed in one hour, and a world government where you've got to have a mark on your forehead or hand, biometrics, to buy and sell, and it's all here 2,000 years ago, and 3,000 and 4,000.
Years ago, prophesied, and it's not like they just barely nailed it.
You talk about Nostradamus, he did super vague stuff that's pure crap.
I've actually read it.
Not the Holy Bible, Old Testament, New Testament.
Christ said, I did not come to, you know, throw out the Old Testament, but basically to fulfill it.
and you see them trying to trigger an early Armageddon to then put in their fake Christ,
and we're definitely there.
And I'll say this, people lie about Israel.
When Israel came out and said, "This is an equivalent of 9/11 or worse,"
they said per capita because we're a smaller population.
They weren't saying Jews were worth more than more people.
But regardless, we have hundreds of thousands of dead a year from fentanyl.
We have tens of thousands killed from the Crown every year.
We have a totally open border.
Nothing against Israel.
Nothing against Ukraine.
But we're spending dozens of times more money on them than our border, and our border is wide open.
I want our troops back home.
I want our country defended.
And I want this to be shut down.
And Israel's got nuclear weapons.
They can defend themselves.
And if Israel knew the U.S.
wasn't going to be backing them, they would go for peace with the Islamists.
And then if the Islamists push too far, well then they're going to get nuclear war.
But absolutely, we're being held hostage by the military-industrial complex using Israel as the detonator while our country collapses.
While our people, you know, because this has been a thing.
Even 20 years ago, I didn't have a bunch of money.
But I got to a point in my life where I had extra money, and I had backup money, and I didn't have to worry about it.
But I'm literally on a budget right now.
And I tell my wife, we're not going out to eat.
I go to the grocery store, and I barely buy anything, and it's $300.
And compared to a blue-collar worker, I'm rich.
This is tough, folks.
And I'm sorry.
It's game over.
All the rich Jews in America who've got trillions of dollars, you go give money to Israel.
I don't want taxes from blue-collar workers going to this or to Ukraine.
It's not because I hate Jews.
It's because we're out of gas, man.
We can't do this anymore.
And it just goes on and on and on for the defense contractors and the rest of them.
That's where I stand.
What do you say, Brad?
Well, you know, if not a third of our nation doesn't go down there and ban military tribunals, it's over.
I mean, read Jeremiah 50.
It says a new nation made up of a bunch of diverse people.
And it says they will shoot their arrows and none of them will miss.
So we're talking about smart military weapons.
And it says do to them like they've done to everybody else.
And this nation also has a mother, which would be, you know, obviously Britain.
It's coming.
I don't know when it's coming.
I, you know, when I first discovered this in, I don't know, the 90s?
When I did most of my... Oh, is the Bible not incredible?
2,000 years ago, they'll fire all of their missiles from another land and none will miss and they'll fall in an hour.
That's nuclear weapons, folks.
And if, like I said, if a third of this nation doesn't go up and demand And put them on the spot right now.
Right now.
You know?
Here's the problem.
We do a peaceful march on D.C.
They'll detonate a truck bomb and blame us.
And I agree.
Marching's good.
We should be able to do it.
But how do we get around them false flagging us?
We don't.
We just have to stand through it.
And say we didn't do it.
We have to demand tribunals.
If we don't, it's over.
Look, if the world does not see us stand up against these It's over.
It's over.
Hey, what's going on, man?
Happy 30th anniversary.
Yeah, I just wanted to say I totally agree with you, man.
We should be looking at America first before we look at Israel and Iran.
We got our own problems, man.
Happy 30th anniversary.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, I just wanted to say I totally agree with you that we should be looking at America
first before we look at Israel and Iran.
We got our own problems, man.
I cannot spend my tax dollars going from my pocket to help me and my family, you know,
just across the seas.
It's something that has nothing to do with us.
Well, I gotta tell you, me personally, in bankruptcy, everything goes into the bankruptcy.
It's kind of refreshing.
It's cool having to actually worry about my budget and get back to where I was and realize how hard it is for people.
I actually like it because it gets me hungrier.
It makes me appreciate things better.
But I'm still able to pay my bills.
I'm still doing great compared to the average person.
This country is screwed.
And I've got family that have multiple professional degrees.
They're out of money.
I mean, people are out of money.
And you can't lie about that.
So what do you expect to happen?
I don't know, man.
I was kind of hoping to find out an idea on here today.
The last guy had a pretty good idea.
Well, Trump will create cheap energy right away, and that'll hurt deflation.
That'll drop it in half.
We still have some stand-up at 10%, and then he can get a bunch of jobs back.
But this inflation is so bad, it's going to be hard to turn this around all the way.
Can you imagine another term of Biden?
Are you joking me?
No, no, I can't imagine that.
That's insane.
And when it happens, there's going to be a civil war if they elect Biden.
It'd be totally obvious that they stole that election.
Are you joking?
Truly, at first, when Trump was president in 2016, I wasn't the biggest fan of him, but now he's like my hero.
So I believe a lot of people have seen that.
No, I agree.
Seeing him be persecuted lets folks know how real he is.
Doesn't mean he's perfect, but he's for real.
Okay, thank you, CJ.
Jeff and Canada, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I was always looking for solutions for what's going on, and I learned it from you that the Third World War has already started.
If you look at the border issues, if you look at the vaccines, if you look at the drugs coming over, the assault on food, the economy, the geoengineering, everything, it is the Third World War is started.
Why I called in was about narrative.
We need to understand that the Third World War is a narrative war.
And that's the prescience of what InfoWars is about.
I think nobody on the planet has been called a conspiracy theorist more than you.
And all your listeners have been called conspiracy theorists because of the attacks that have come upon them from their friends, their neighbours.
And I think we need to stand up against that.
And I've coined a term, and I want to know if InfoWars wants to coin it as well, called conspiracy denialism.
Oh, I love that.
Conspiracy denialism.
The CIA created the term after they killed Kennedy.
That's declassified in the 70s.
The Frank Church Committee.
In 64, a few months after they killed Kennedy in 63 in November, they coined the term conspiracy terrorist so they wouldn't have to debate a fact.
They'd just say, oh, that's conspiracy theory.
Conspiracy denialism.
Or reality denialism.
That's a great term.
Let's counter, let's be an iron dome for that attack that's been coming on patriots and God-fearing people for as long as that was invented.
This is the counter-objective to it.
We're in a spiritual war, and that is a spiritual weapon that was formed against us, but the Bible says those do not prosper, but we need to stand up and counter it.
No, I agree.
I would just say conspiracy denialism is reality denialism.
Exactly, and I've coined this term because I've had people call me a conspiracy theorist to my face now, and I'll just say to them, okay, let's just have a conversation.
What about this?
We need to see the big picture.
We are in World War III.
There's been millions of people dying in this war already, and I'll look someone in the eye and say, the problem with you is you are under conspiracy denialism.
That's right.
And again, the globalist are waging war against everybody, against the economy, against prosperity, against free speech, against transparency, against privacy.
We have to admit it's a global, corporate, asymmetrical war against humanity, and these physical wars are just a byproduct of that.
Thanks for the call.
All right, I'm going to do five more minutes ahead of the great Gerald Cilente, the Trump Trends Forecaster.
I'm going to talk to William in Arkansas, the last caller.
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We thank you all for your support.
Hour number four straight ahead.
All right, final segment ahead of Gerald Celente taking over here in a few minutes.
It's the 30-year anniversary of me being on air.
So I have some non-alcoholic white grape sparkling here.
I've got a lot of work to do.
I can't be drinking champagne at 2 p.m.
Darryl Salente is coming up.
But the crew, remember I said this at the start of the show, I forgot about it, but I said I can't, even if it's non-alcoholic, I can't cheer somebody without somebody else tuning in with me.
So I'll do that with Rob Aguero, one of our great crew members here in a minute.
But let's finish up with calls.
William in Arkansas, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Last caller.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
Somebody should be reading the Bible.
I am not a biblical scholar, but there's a dozen movies, a thousand sermons, that Israel will never know peace.
Back when the Prophet Samuel told King Saul and the 12 tribes of Israel, if you choose a man-made state, a man-made king with a crown on his head, you'll never know peace.
And that's why the Neutrocarty Jews and a lot of the really conservative Orthodox Jews don't support Israel.
They say that.
The other thing is, we would have adopted MacArthur's bill at the UN.
Concerning the military-industrial complex to stop all wars.
The whole history of it kind of coincides with Eisenhower and what he warned us of.
And as long as the world does not understand that we are under maritime military law within the courts, how do you take maritime law and cross it over into civil jurisdiction?
The lawyers know this.
We need common law, common sense, You know, it's all there written out.
And for those that don't believe in conspiracies, and I know a lot of people believe everything you say, but they have to literally—I've had people tell me, I have to live in my happy zone.
Well, man, my life and the history of everything and the future of this nation is not going to reside within your happy zone.
And as a U.S.
soldier, I'm still a soldier, 23 years.
I spent 15 years in the Texas State Guard, right?
You got some fine people down there.
Eight years in the federal service.
My service isn't over.
I salute you and all the InfoWarriors that keep you alive.
My kudos go out to everybody in the Texas Medical Center where I spent a lot of time in surgery and in Beaumont, the Baptist Hospital.
Great people.
I'm sorry about COVID.
I lost five jobs over it.
I'm ready to start body slamming people, but I'm not going to do it indiscriminately.
I hear you, brother.
God bless you, William.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
I'm out of time.
Gerald Cilente is getting in the chair in Kingston, New York, the birthplace of the Constitution.
But I have my non-alcoholic Welch's sparkling wine here.
This is 30 years on air today.
I couldn't remember when, a few months, six months ago, I went and looked it up.
So I'm going to bring in some of the crew.
Oh, Owen Schroyer showed up here.
He's about to go live.
He's about to go live in like an hour.
We got Rob, we got Thomas, we got everybody here.
And so, you know, this is what it's all about.
So I really appreciate all of you guys.
Here is to 30 years of the InfoWars and all of our supporters that made it possible and God working through us.
I love you all.
And this salute is all the viewers and listeners through the years that kept us on air.
We've been totally vindicated.
I love all our guest hosts and all our guests.
Like Gerald Celente, let's punch him up.
He's having a drink of real wine.
Punch him up real quick.
Can we guys punch Gerald up real quick?
Punch him up.
Alright, salute.
Everybody, we salute you.
Man, that's good.
That's right, we did it our way.
To 30 more, Alex!
30 more!
I'll be 80 on the end.
I don't know about that.
Here we go.
You'll look better than Joe Biden.
I'll be smarter, hopefully.
Alright, God bless you all, folks.
We took the blows.
Here's the blue eyes.
30 years, folks!
30 years and we're vindicated and in ways stronger than ever and battle-hardened.
So, wow!
I was just thinking like six months ago, oh, I'm in on air!
I went and looked it up.
It was April 15, 1994.
It was tax days.
I was up there taking classes, like, hey, you come in here and protest with us.
It was the first time I went on air.
It was 30 years ago and a few months later, I got my license and got on AXS TV.
All right, love you all.
War Room, coming up in 55 minutes.
Gerald Cilente takes over right now.
Can't wait to hear what he says about the wars and the economy and all the craziness.
But thank you all for keeping us on air.
You're the reason we're still here and we love you and we appreciate you all.
Great job, crew, and great job to my family.
Nothing but appreciation.
(dramatic music)
And thank you for all that you do, the team.
And as they said, I salute.
Harold Cilente takes over live now from Kingston, New York.
30 years, you got 70 more to go.
And I appreciate so much what everybody does in bringing out the truth of what's going on in the world rather than the propaganda.
And Alex said he'll be 80 years old.
I'm 77.
You could do it at 80.
You're still a youth.
So you got another 30 years at least and then the other gang will take over.
And everybody listening, do what you can to support InfoWars because we are in a crisis of... I've been at this for 44 years.
Trend forecasting.
And never in my life have I seen such an imperiled time, socially, spiritually, and financially.
Are we the people of slavelandia?
That's all we are.
We're plantation slaves.
To the bigs.
To the private equity groups.
To the hedge funds.
To the venture capitalists.
None of that crap existed when I was a young man.
It was disgusting.
I love it when they repeat something that's going on in Washington.
Lawmakers, officials.
Little losing jerks.
Little arrogant little boys.
And girls.
We're at war.
As I said in the Trends Journal, you go back to February 22nd, 2022, two days before Russia invaded Ukraine.
And again, totally opposed, totally opposed to Russia's invasion.
Totally, totally understand.
Where is it over here?
Why it happened.
We wrote about it in the Trends Journal, 2014 when it was a quarterly, it was a spring edition.
How the United States overthrew the democratically elected government to Viktor Yanukovych and put in these gangs.
So we understand why, totally opposed to the invasion, totally understand it.
And we warned the cover of our magazine was from COVID war?
To Ukraine War to World War.
And now the Israel War has escalated.
World War Three.
We had warned you could read your Trends Journal.
First we began to write.
Israel increases its attacks against Iran.
Brent crude.
Is going to spike and if it hits $130 a barrel it will crash the global economy and the equity markets.
Then we wrote when Israel because we saw this happening.
Attacks and they attacked the consulate.
They were killing people, Iranians in Syria and other places before this.
They were bombing Iranian oil fields and depots.
In the Bronx we used to say payback's a bitch.
You attack the attacker in close combat.
And again, I had my own school for many years.
It's not just empty talk.
And we have people from all over the country coming To learn close combat at the school I used to have, the Baltimore Blasters, one after another.
So, you know, it's not just talk.
You only attack the attacker.
And that's what Iran just did.
They attacked the attacker.
And it's very important because the people I talk to, go out to the bar, you know, talk to a couple of people.
Oh, we were at a party and then the news broke that Iran attacked Israel.
Oh my God, how terrible!
They don't know anything about what went on before this.
Going back to Brent Crude, before I forget it, now it's only at $90 a barrel.
$90.29 or something.
As this escalates, it's going to continue.
So going back to not what people know and why you Go to InfoWars and why you subscribe to the Trends Journal is because you want to see the facts so you can see the future.
You don't get caught up in an ideology.
You know, don't tell me, you know, I don't care if you think you're God's chosen people, take it easy.
What if I don't believe in your God?
Or if I don't believe in your God, your God, your God, how many religions are there?
A couple of hundred?
So you don't get involved into a belief system.
You have to be, I'm a political atheist.
I don't believe in this stuff.
Again, I was there.
I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate at 26 years old.
And I've been there.
I know the gayness.
This is from my book.
I just thought of this before I went on the trend tracking that I wrote in 1989.
Far Better Than Megatrends, Time Magazine.
This is how I became a trend forecaster.
The fall of the Shah.
Right there.
Go on to say, after I got out of college, I ran an election campaign for mayor and became mayor of my hometown, Yonkers, New York.
Then I served as assistant secretary of the New York State Senate.
In those positions, I learned about politics, things they didn't teach you in school.
I also learned about that in analyzing a situation, you should always consider the political aspect.
This may seem obvious, but I found that people are reluctant to bring politics into their discussion of another subject.
That's how different it was back then.
Or religion at the dinner table.
When you consider the political aspect, you have to let go of ideology.
You have to step back and analyze the situation objectively.
So, I've become a political atheist.
In other words, I don't believe in politics.
I believe in government and the management, but not in politics.
Just remember, if something is done for political reason, someone gets rewarded at your expense.
Of course, this applies not only to government, but also to business.
And I go on and on again.
For me, the turning point was the crisis in Iran.
I had read about the Shah and his repressive regime.
The SAVAK, the secret police in In Iran under the Shah made the SS look good.
All right, as it was being reported again.
We only get what's being reported and right about the and now and we go all over the world looking for the information.
We don't take it from one source.
I had learned not in school.
But in research how we were involved in overthrowing the nationalistic leader I'm the peanut farmer!
I'm the peanut farmer!
And I got cojones the size of a peanut!
And to leave no doubt about where we stood, our president and his wife spent New Year's
Eve with him.
On that occasion, Carter said, "You ready?
This is little Jimmy Carter.
I'm the peanut farmer.
I'm the peanut farmer.
And I got cojones the size of a peanut.
Oh, there's the...
Oh, I forgot.
Oh, Brzezinski?
Oh, you don't know who Brzezinski is?
One of those two clowns I forget on MSNBC.
The guy and his wife.
Oh, yeah, she was Brzezinski's daughter.
That gave us the Mujahideen.
Yeah, to launch the war when Russia was fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.
That became Al Qaeda.
That Jimmy Carter.
That's Jimmy Carter who allowed interstate banking that did away with the usury laws.
You know, he was responsible for that too.
It was only intrastate banking.
Intrastate banking meant that banks couldn't go out of the state.
Bank of America was only in California.
Now they're everywhere.
In a big zone, everything.
Anyway, going back to the little slime balls, the little jerks, the little morons that people call their leaders.
He goes on to write, because of the greatness of the Shah, you ready?
Iran is the island of stability in the Middle East.
The Bronx used to say, "Bullshit has its own sound."
That was the moment, that was the moment I became a political atheist and a trend forecaster.
I knew this thing was over.
I write about it in detail.
It's in the book.
I'm not making it up.
So what did I do?
Again, I'm a young guy.
I don't know.
Wild time, man.
Again, I was the... I was in D.C.
and living in Chicago and D.C.
at the time.
I was a government affairs specialist.
Again, I said, I pull a lot of crap in my life.
I was killing environmental legislation at the height of the environmental movement in the 1970s.
At 28 years old, I'm staying at the Willard Hotel, putting my meetings on the Hay-Adams.
So, going back, I said to myself, as everybody's learning to hate Iran, just like they taught us how to hate Russia all our lives, they had me and my generation hiding under desks in case Russia dropped, the Soviet Union dropped an atomic bomb on us, like that was going to make a difference.
It's just like hiding under a desk would make a difference if an atom bomb went off.
That's like standing six feet apart so COVID doesn't get you.
Anyway, this is the morons.
People call out what leaders.
These are the imbeciles that tell us what to do.
And when you go on an airplane, you better wear that mask!
But when you're eating and drinking, you take it off, because COVID knows when you're eating and drinking.
And don't forget, when you masturbate, sanitize your hands.
Going back, I became a political atheist.
And then I said, what will the implications be?
This is when I became a trend forecaster.
I said, golden oil prices are going to go up.
I drew $5,000 bets in the, in the, in the markets, playing the game.
I turned it into almost three quarters of a million.
Playing the futures markets.
I didn't know what I was doing.
Price prices are going to go up.
They're going to keep going up because this thing's going to keep escalating.
When I'm seeing millions of people taking to the streets in Iran, day after day after day, week after week, the shahs, the island of stability, who are you talking to?
I'm talking to the American people!
And the media prostitutes are repeating what I'm saying!
So you swallow my crap!
You be a good little boy and girl!
I made almost three quarters of a million dollars.
And that's when I quit my job.
I hated, couldn't stand it.
I liked my job, but I couldn't stand the guy I was working with.
Little nobody.
And that's when I became a trend forecaster.
Looking at things the way they are, not the way you want them to be.
Again, going back to InfoWars and why I admire them so much is the information they're putting out there.
And we're giving you what you're not getting anywhere else in the Trends Journal.
Again, you look at the... I pulled off a couple of headlines before it came on.
I went to Zero Hedge.
They have some good stuff there.
Ukraine at, quote, serious risk of losing war.
Top UK ex-general.
No kidding.
I'm shocked.
A general piece of crap.
But oh no, we only quote commanders and generals, especially the ones from the United States who never won a war since World War II.
But boy, do they talk tough.
Oh yeah, we only quote them.
We said before the Ukraine war began that there was no way in the world that Ukraine would defeat Russia.
Once upon a time, there was a guy by the name of Napoleon.
And Napoleon thought a fart, a part, a part a fart.
Said 420,000 young men to destroy, to give up their lives for nothing, to attack Moscow in 1812.
Left Poland with 420,000 troops.
There's a famous chart.
Shows the weather conditions and the dying.
He came back with 10,000.
World War II, Operation Barbarossa by Hitler.
Depending on the data, over 25 million Russians were killed in World War II.
25 million!
And John F. Kennedy's talk at American University in June of 1963, all about peace.
He says that the farms, the homes, the factories, the land in the Soviet Union was destroyed the equivalent of Chicago
All right?
They were the first ones to defeat Germany.
So what little stupid mind would make you believe That Ukraine had a chance of defeating Russia.
What's stupid, mind?
The entire media.
All of the crap that they spewed out came from the little warmongering freaks.
Tough-talking guys with peckers like this.
Oh yeah!
We gotta give them more weapons!
Keep stealing the money from the stupid taxpayers of Slavelandia!
The plantation workers!
Oh yeah, we gotta give them them weapons!
Oh, now they say they're going to lose.
We said that they should negotiate for peace immediately.
All those little slime balls, little jerk up there, Blumenthal.
I'll call you guys right to your face.
Little Lindsey Graham.
All these little clowns.
Oh, Pelosi.
All of these All of these clowns going to Ukraine.
Oh, and bringing the little boy Zelensky to Congress.
Oh, and everybody applauding!
Oh, you mean the little clown boy?
Google it up on YouTube.
Zelensky plays the piano with his penis?
Yeah, that guy.
The guy that's the head of Ukraine.
President of Ukraine.
Oh yeah, watch him.
He takes his pants down.
I launched Occupy Peace over a decade ago.
We need peace on Earth.
But we have pieces of crap running the government.
All little loudmouth boys that couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag.
Anybody that supports the war Go over there, send your wife, your kids, your transgenders and everybody else that doesn't know who they are or what they are or do know what they are over there to go fight.
Send your money or shut your mouth.
I'm an American.
I read this and I will keep reading it.
This is a real warrior.
A real man.
Who fought a real president.
Not like Draft Dodger Biden.
Five, five draft Dodgers.
He's only a couple of years older than me.
Crime draft me.
And by the way, I believed in the Vietnam War.
I was stupid enough back then.
I even voted for Richard Nixon in 1968.
I believed the crap from the mainstream media.
You got to keep learning and learning and learning to grow up and then find the truth.
And again, InfoWars is helping you do that.
And so too, with the Trends Journal.
I believe the Vietnam War.
If we don't stop those commies, they're going to keep the dominoes that will keep falling.
I used to want to go get killed.
I'm watching these guys walking through water, you know, up to their chest with guns, you know, Americans with, with, and, and, and, and about 50 pounds of weight on their back.
I can't do that.
I'm not going to do that.
So I, I admit I, I did everything to avoid the draft.
But Biden, the little lying boys, like Clinton and him, They avoided the draft, but they support war.
Five draft deferments Biden got.
The last one, I got an asthma!
And he bragged about what a great athlete he was.
Going back to a real president, George Washington.
Across the Delaware?
Yeah, that George Washington?
Quote, it is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.
Oh, you're an isolationist.
Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm a western.
I'm, I'm, I'm Lloyd Austin.
You're the blimpo, blimpo boy.
Yeah, I was a general over there in Iraq, and I was a general in Afghanistan.
I killed people.
What is, what is, what does Lloyd Austin say to Washington?
Hey, Washington, F you.
You're an isolationist.
I'm a warmonger.
That's the term they use to people like myself, That do not want to become involved in foreign entanglements.
I will only attack the attacker.
This crap has been going on for how many centuries?
Oh, what's your favorite war?
Well, I like the Peloponnesian War.
Well, the Hundred Year Wars was just lovely.
Oh, the War of Roses was so beautiful.
This crap has been going on forever.
It isn't our duty.
It's the madman's duty.
It's what the gentleman who's in the service was saying before I came on the air.
About what Dwight D. Eisenhower said.
Five-star general, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, and two-term president.
Warns the American people that the military-industrial complex is robbing their nation of genius scientists, sweat and labors in the future of the children, and watch America now, gone down the crapper.
Gone down the crapper by the crap heads in control.
Oh, hey, aren't the roads lovely with all the bumps in them?
Oh, you can feel them nice.
Bridges collapsing.
Oh, yeah.
The whole country going to crap.
I love the homeless, but the migrants are wonderful for me.
Oh, yeah.
Sixty three percent of Americans living paycheck to paycheck.
Insurance courts going through the roof.
They can't afford to get insurance on a car, on a home.
Oh, so you get hit by a car that don't have insurance.
He goes on to say, Washington, a nation which indulges toward another an habitual hatred, again, toward another an habitual hatred, like they taught us to hate Iran and to hate Russia.
Oh, by the way, the guy who they overthrew in 1953 in Iran, brought to you by the MI6 and the CIA, Mosaddegh, he had the nerve The Gauld, this is why they overthrew him, to nationalize Iranian oil.
He says, no, that oil belongs to us.
It doesn't belong to Anglo-Iranian oil, better known today as BP, or Standard Oil, better known today as ExxonMobil.
Hey, you don't screw with us.
We own it, man.
We'll steal what we want.
Anyway, going back to it, again, nobody talks about that.
The nation which indulges toward another habitual hatred, As we do against Iran and Russia, or an habitual faunus, as we love Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Europe, and the major issue among the people polled in Ukraine, corruption the major issue, is some degree a slave.
It is a slave to its animosity or to its affection.
Either of which is sufficient to lead it astray from its duty and its interests.
Right there.
Hey, gold prices are up.
What a surprise.
When we be back, we're going to talk about more.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show with Gerald Cilente.
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Gold was going at $2,366 an ounce.
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Why do you subscribe to the Trends Journal?
Well, I was even on with Alex Jones.
We did our Top Trends for 2024.
You can look it up.
And of course, you can see it in the magazine.
Magazine came out on January 2nd.
Gold is up more than $300.
When we made that forecast.
Golden year for gold.
We're the only ones in the world that said that, that 2024 will be a golden year for gold.
A lot of reasons.
What's driving prices up right now is the fear of World War III escalating.
You know, when I was a kid, you know, I'm born in 1946, so I heard World War II stories when I was a kid.
And they used to tell me how people, how did you get out of the country?
I gave the guys, you know, I gave the guys gold coins.
People bought their freedom with gold.
People see the danger that are understandably tuned in to the trend shaping the future.
How serious this global World War III is.
World War III has already begun.
Again, you go back to your Trends Journal, and by the way, you go to jonestrends.com and you get 10% off.
And it costs you the grand total of $2.50 a week.
Yesterday's New York Times, I read the Times because I want to see what they're saying.
That's what we do.
We want to see what everybody's saying.
Sunday edition, $6.
Not one trend-worthy article Not one trend-worthy article in the entire newspaper.
The business section was a joke.
Nothing about business.
Big photos fill up the whole page.
Stupid crap.
We're giving you what you need.
We had forecast gold prices would go up this year.
So going back, you know, why people are buying gold.
Number two.
Again, the geopolitical crisis that's escalating.
And what have I said?
GC's, 3G's, Gerald Salenti's 3G's.
God's golden getaway plan.
And people are feeling that.
That's what's driving the prices up.
It's real.
As I mentioned before, you know, people are starving.
They can't afford to buy housing insurance, car insurance.
Again, we write about this each week.
Putting the data in there, how much it's going up.
Cost of homes, the cost of rents, cost of food.
And now, The cost of gas, because you got a bunch of ass in charge of why gas is going up, because they're ramping up war.
They're ramping up war.
And as we get, we'd forecast more Israel, the United States attack, have battles with Iran, the higher oil prices are going to go.
That's going to, again, if they hit $130 a barrel, it crashes the economy.
Reason number three why gold prices are going up.
They're going to lower interest rates and to run up to the presidential reality show.
That's right.
They want to keep the people in power in power.
Again, I mention this, keep mentioning it, and don't forget it.
The former Fed head is Fazio Brut.
That means ugly face in Italian.
Janet Yellen.
Screaming, yelling, boy, we're the same age, man.
Hope you don't look like us.
Former Fed heads, now our Treasury Secretary.
Got it?
The Federal Reserve is running the country in front of everybody's eyes.
They're going to keep the people in power in power.
So they're going to lower interest rates.
The lower interest rates go, the deeper the dollar falls.
The deeper the dollar falls, the higher gold prices go.
Because gold is dollar-based.
So if the dollar loses its value, it's cheaper in other countries to buy gold.
And they're buying it.
In China, retail sales of gold have gone up nearly 25% since the start of the year.
Because the Chinese people know how bad it is there.
They had three years of zero COVID policy.
When they locked down, they locked down the nation.
They destroyed the lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions.
Again, the social, physical, mental, and economic damage of the COVID war is incalculable.
With all booms, there's always a bust.
And China had a boom when slimeball Bill Clinton brought them into the World Trade Organization and GDP shoots up.
It was overbuilt.
They overbuilt the place.
So it was going to be a decline in real estate, which accounts, depending on whose numbers you're looking at, between 30 to 35 percent of China's GDP.
Real estate, they got a bust going on.
It's serious and the people know it.
That's why they're buying gold.
And they know how tough times are.
That's why they're buying gold.
And when I say about the social, physical, and mental problems, again, we write about it in the Trends Journal each week.
Now the reports are coming out about how women, how alcoholism among women has gone up since the COVID war, like some 40-something percent.
Oh yeah, hey, I'm the governor of your state.
Hey, you mom-and-pop businesses, you're closed down, you hear me?
Oh, but the liquor stores, they could stay open.
I'm not making that up.
You know why they kept the liquor stores open?
Because the slimeball politicians who caused the COVID war, they need tax dollars.
Because they never worked, they need our tax money.
And the slimeballs, both the feds and the states, have put very high taxes on booze.
So keep buying that booze so we get more of your plantation workers of Slavelandia tax money.
And then the court kids not going back to school.
All the numbers are there.
Oh, you want to get punched in the face?
Ladies, walk down the streets of New York.
Everything's fine.
Gangs robbing stuff in stores?
Didn't exist before the COVID war.
That's just part of it.
And there's a lot more.
When we come back, we're going to talk about it.
So stay tuned to InfoWars.
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What science fiction writers like Jules Verne 140 years ago wrote about?
Like, rockets that take off, go to the moon, and come back and land again?
Elon Musk has done it.
Whatever we can envision, it's not like Oprah's Secret where it instantly happens, but with the potential of technology and society, and like Elon says, a big enough population.
You need billions to build infrastructures that can do anything.
And then once you realize the planet's tiny, and there's hundreds of billions of galaxies that are close, I mean, we can see, then you go, oh my god, we're like embryonic right now.
We're like a tadpole.
And we're not just going to turn into a frog, we're going to turn into a butterfly.
We're going to turn into a spaceship that turns into a god, basically.
And so we're a tadpole right now.
We can do anything.
And they're trying to tell us, no, no, you're scum, you're ugly, you're racist, kill each other.
Because the globalists want to extract out of us that essence of infinity that God's given us, that God essence.
We're not God, but we're little g's.
That the first book of the Bible tells us.
They want to extract that and use that for their life extension, their empowerment, their greedy control, instead of all of us sharing this incredible magic metamorphosis we're about to have.
and they're trying to block the birth pains of what we're about to become,
but I can tell them you're going to fail.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now,
InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
We interrupt this program to bring you a special report.
America has been captured.
We have an occupied government.
Any loyal American who does not want to be a complete slave of a biomedical extermination operation needs to get informed quick, get right with God, and then start telling everybody you know about it and not complying with the system.
The system is here to destroy us.
Complying with it will get you killed.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order is...
leading a frontal assault on the lives of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Gerald Solente.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And again, do everything you can to support InfoWars because they're doing everything they can to support you.
And we're in critical times now.
And as a matter of fact, today I was outside and I own, if you Google it up, most historic four corners in America, Kingston.
And I own three of the historic buildings.
That's where I have my rallies.
And I bought these buildings because the seeds of democracy was sown here.
And they have a big garden in one of them.
This is right in the center of town.
And I was walking out this morning, and the guy looked, oh, it's Gerald Cilenti.
He said, I watch you on InfoWars.
And he said, I'm not kidding.
And he goes into his car and he pulled out an InfoWars, you know, coffee, you know, the containers there, you know, with InfoWars on it.
So, yeah, I mean, a lot of places I go, they see me on InfoWars, they see me on InfoWars.