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Name: 20240414_Sun_Alex
Air Date: April 14, 2024
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In 2024, the world faces the potential outbreak of World War III in the Middle East. Nuclear weapons are possessed by various nations, including the United States, Russia, Israel, Iran, and others. Tensions between Israel and Iran have escalated, with Iran responding to Israeli attacks with hundreds of drone and missile attacks, including ballistic missiles capable of carrying atomic warheads. The United States must work towards preventing nuclear war and finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict in the Middle East.

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It's Sunday, April 14th, 2024.
Maximum alert.
The danger of World War III is imminent.
the most banned network in the world.
Three and a half years ago I began playing air raid sirens at the start of almost every show.
Telling you that real air raid sirens would soon be sounding and now they are across areas of Europe and the Middle East and soon in Taiwan.
I believe the beginning of World War III has already begun.
The question is, will it become full World War III and thermonuclear?
Remember Joe Biden during the campaign said if Trump got reelected, it would be War with Iran, but now it's war with Iran with Joe Biden.
The world has changed because what Trump has done.
And the American people, including independents and some Republicans, know how bad he is.
Know how much he's misrepresented.
Know how he's getting close to getting us in a war.
I said, as the walls close in on this man, I'm worried he's going to get us to war in Iran.
Unfortunately, I may have been right.
The fact of the matter is, there's a lot at stake in this election.
Crooked Joe Biden just agreed to pay a $6 billion ransom to the Iranian dictatorship in exchange for hostages.
This is yet another Biden surrender and a further blistering humiliation of the United States of America to the world stage.
But even worse, this decision will be extremely deadly.
Biden is giving $6 billion to the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, just as when Obama sent the Iranian regime pallets of cash for hostages in the dark of night.
Remember, plane loads of cash.
Biden's ransom payment will be immediately used to stoke violence, bloodshed, and mayhem throughout the Middle East and all around the world, costing countless innocent lives.
It's also guaranteed that the fanatical Iranian regime will use this money to advance their nuclear weapons program, putting Israel, the United States, and the entire world in very grave peril.
They're reportedly just weeks away from a nuclear bomb, something which would have never happened under the Trump administration.
Tragically, Biden's ransom payments also make it dramatically more likely that even more Americans will be held captive in the future, because Biden has shown that he will pay gargantuan sums of money.
Meaning the kidnappers turn a massive profit.
They're making money hand over fist.
In other words, Biden has put a bounty on the head of every American citizen abroad.
Under my leadership, we brought home more than 50 hostages from all over the world, and we never paid ransom money to do it.
Not at all.
We did it with diplomacy and we did it through strength.
And we will do it again when we are re-elected as President of the United States.
Our country is failing.
We are a failing nation.
We will turn it around and we will make America great again.
Thank you.
Trump also predicted during the campaign in 2020 that if Biden was elected he would trigger war with Iran.
We have more of those clips coming up.
But Trump has certainly been vindicated in spades.
Now, Iran, from my sources, has had nuclear weapons, atomic bombs, at least for 15 years.
Now, Israel still denies they've got nuclear weapons.
Of course, they've had them since the early 1960s.
They have two nuclear powers squaring off.
Saudi Arabia's got nukes but keeps it secret.
Pakistan's got a whole giant arsenal.
That's not secret.
India's got a giant arsenal.
China's got a giant arsenal.
Russia has the biggest arsenal.
The U.S.
has the second largest admitted arsenal, probably bigger than Russia's.
And France, it just goes on and on.
England, the U.K.
They've all got nukes.
And it's mutually assured destruction.
It's a Mexican standoff.
If there is a nuclear war, everybody loses.
There's no winners except the devil.
Billions will die and civilization will collapse if there is a major nuclear war.
And almost every analyst, I've got a stack of news right here, agrees that this is going into a major regional war, the situation with Israel and Iran unfolding.
And there's a very good chance if that goes into a regional war, Russia and the United States will get involved very, very quickly.
Israel has said they're about to hit Iran back.
Then Iran will escalate.
The United States will hit Iran.
Russia has sent missile cruisers with nuclear weapons into the Red Sea.
You can see where this is going right now.
Now, let's be 100% clear.
Trump predicted it.
I predicted it.
The $6 billion sent to Iran and Hezbollah will be used to fund Hamas and others.
And they did use it months after we warned to attack Israel on October 7th.
Netanyahu, who's very unpopular, was on the verge of being removed, has now been able to stay in power.
And these missile attacks by Iran yesterday, hundreds of drone attacks, hundreds of missile attacks, including ballistic missiles with multiple re-entry warheads that defeated a lot of the Israeli and U.S.
Those missiles can also carry atomic warheads.
So it doesn't matter if Iron Dome shoots it down at 10,000 feet, it still detonates and vaporizes everything around it, including the people on the ground.
So we are in the house of war right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, we've got Lindsey Graham and the neocon war hawk Republicans calling to, quote, turn Iran into a parking lot.
I don't like the mullahs.
I don't like what they're doing.
I don't like their Islamic regime.
I don't like them exporting Hezbollah en masse into Europe and the United States.
But China is backing them.
Russia is backing them, and just as Steve Bannon said, and as I said, and as Eric Prince said on that interview just days after October 7th, when I was on with Steve Bannon and Ken Paxton in a roundtable discussion, Israel was walking into a trap, not so much militarily, but as a PR disaster if they carpet bombed Gaza, which they've now done and turned the world Overall, against Israel.
So I'm trying to stop nuclear war.
And a lot of neocons and leftist warmongers called me a wimp, called me a Hamas Hezbollah sympathizer, that I was against the just what I say is beginning to become genocide in Gaza, just indiscriminate killing of men, women and children.
And then now I'm being called A wimp all over X and everywhere else.
I mean, we're talking trending posts with millions of views that I didn't parade around and serenade and praise Iran's attack on Israel.
And I see all these accounts, leftist, right-wing, you name it.
It's very popular to do so.
Praising Iran's attack and saying Israel's getting what it deserves.
Now Israel did blow up the Iranian embassy.
With a bunch of 2,000 pound bombs recently in Syria.
Israel has killed Iranian generals on their own soil.
Iran has a right to respond to that, but Israel also knows Iran has been, now I'd admit, funding Hamas and the October 7th attack that they helped command and quarterback.
I told you that October 7th, everybody said, you got it wrong, it's Hamas, not Hezbollah.
No, I know it was under the Hamas banner, but Hezbollah was behind it.
Months later, now four months ago, six months since the attack, but two months after, in December of last year, The Mullahs came out and the head of the Quds Forces in Iran admitted they were behind the attack on Israel.
So both sides are escalating into full, complete war.
The Iranian official military, not just pirates, have been hijacking large container ships in the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz.
Clearly, if this continues to escalate, they're going to sink ships in the Suez Canal and in the Strait of Hormuz.
If you think gas prices, energy prices are high now, they're going to absolutely explode.
So, I didn't support Russia going into Ukraine.
I didn't support NATO and Soros and Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton on record orchestrating a 10-year program of civil war and attacks on Russians in Ukraine and moving weapons up to the border of Russia to then manipulate Russia into entering that conflict, which they've now won overall.
All of this is extremely dangerous.
Iran is now escalating and saying that they only gave Israel 1% of their firepower and that if Israel attacks back, they're going to hit Israel with everything they've got.
They reportedly have more than 10,000 higher tech ballistic missiles And that when those ballistic missiles come in at up to 10,000 miles an hour, they're very hard to shoot down and their nose cones pop open and then they fire several decoys so that it's hard for the Iron Dome or Patriot missile to shoot them down.
And then the actual warhead goes into its target.
We've got a shot of that on screen.
You want to understand what multiple reentry device technology is.
And of course, it's not as advanced as Russia, China or the United States, where you'll have an ICBM fired over the North Pole, say from Siberia or from China.
It comes over the North Pole.
That's the quickest route.
Only takes about 10 minutes from launch to then come in directly over, say, Chicago or New York or Houston or L.A.
And when it comes in at about 50,000 feet where air defenses may be able to hit it, the nose cone blows off and say 18, on average, there's different variants, it's all secret, but 18 decoy rockets shoot out and say 5 to 10 real hydrogen bomb tipped warheads go out.
Now this was conventional explosives that the Iranians Fired last night or yesterday into Israel during the day here the evening in Israel who's eight nine hours ahead of us Depending on where you are in the US But that was a clear.
That's what you're hearing anywhere else a clear demonstration to Israel that we have the delivery systems to hit you Because it's not really financially Feasible or good to spend the massive amounts of money to have a ballistic missile.
That means it goes up and at a curve and down, goes up into space, curves and comes down at high speed to just hit somebody with some plastic explosives.
That was a demonstration that we can rain down atomic bombs, because that's what Iran's got.
They don't have hydrogen bombs that we know of.
And every time I say this, there's news articles saying I'm full of it.
I'm not going to tell you where I know that.
But I first said it 15 years ago.
I was the first to say it.
And it's in a lot of mainline literature now that they do have the weapons.
But it was questionable whether they had the delivery system.
Remember, we've been told for at least 15 years that Iran is weeks away from a nuke.
That Israel's got to strike them.
They've been weeks away for 15 years.
But here's the bottom line.
There are satellites and aircraft.
That have scanners on them.
By the way, it's not healthy to be under.
You can feel it, I'm told, if one of these goes over you.
But it's an invisible beam.
And in a truck or a train or however they're moving enriched uranium around, they can scan the vehicle and pick up the signature of what it's got.
And they have been scanning for at least 15 years beyond the enrichment level.
Of what the centrifuges need to be putting out to create atomic bomb material.
So I'm gonna explain it again.
Israel still denies they have atomic and hydrogen bombs.
They've had them since the early 60s.
Iran denies they have it.
They have it.
They have it.
They have it.
And you better believe, they are supplying Russia with upwards of 30% of their weapons.
And Russia has a 5 to 1 munitions output compared to NATO.
North Korea is supplying Russia, Communist China is supplying Russia, but outpacing China with a billion, 300 million people, and North Korea, an armed camp.
Iran is the second largest supplier after Russia itself of weapons.
Now, what do you think Vladimir Putin is giving Iran?
You think he's giving them grain?
You think he's giving them baseball bats or toothbrushes or medicine?
He's giving them fissile material.
For bombs.
Atomic bombs.
Atomic bombs.
So Israel now knows they're steering down the barrel of atomic bombs.
And Israel, since the mid-60s, has had the big one overhead shot police.
So let's say a particular kiloton-sized atomic bomb, like was dropped on Hiroshima or Nagasaki, is about the size of a marble in its destructive power.
You drop one on Tel Aviv, it detonates at 5,000 feet, destroys the entire city center, knocks down most of the buildings in the city, kills half the population, radiates the rest.
A super, on average, is about 100 times more powerful than an atomic bomb.
But the reason nuclear war theoreticians said hydrogens really aren't needed is because it doesn't matter.
If Tel Aviv is the size of a quarter, and you drop something the size of a marble on it, in detonation size, it's still just going to basically devastate the city.
Why would you even drop a hydrogen on Tel Aviv?
Because it'll even go outside the borders of Israel and kill people.
So it all becomes theoretical when you've got explosions that are much smaller than a powerful hydrogen bomb from an atomic bomb.
It doesn't matter because an Iranian missile comes in and drops five or six atomic bombs on Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv is gone, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, then Israel drops hydrogen bombs or thermonuclear bombs, their actual name, on Iran.
Okay, here's Tehran.
Drop a hydrogen bomb on it and destroy the whole thing.
But you can hit it with one missile coming in and drop five atomics on it and do the same thing.
That's why the developers of the hydrogen bomb said it shouldn't be used because what is the point of not just destroying the city but everything around it?
Or a military base.
So this is mass murder.
This is what we're talking about.
So does it matter?
It's like Iran has a .357 Magnum and Israel has a .50 Cal rifle.
Well, if you shoot somebody in the head with a .357 Magnum or a .50 caliber rifle, there's about a 95% chance that the .357 Magnum kills them.
Whereas there's 100% with a .50 cal if you hit them dead on.
Pretty much 100%.
It doesn't matter.
It all becomes academic at that point.
I'll put it to you this way.
If somebody walked up to you with a foot-long, double-edged, razor-sharp, special operations dagger and shoved it all the way through your kidneys into your spine and pulled it out And then stab you three or four more times, you're going to die.
So an atomic bomb is like being stabbed four times with a giant double-edged dagger in your guts.
99% chance you're dead.
Now a hydrogen bomb is like stabbing you 150 times with a double-edged dagger.
Doesn't matter, does it?
I stab you 150 times, and the shoulders, the head, the eyes, the brain, the legs, the groin, Every spot on your body's got a knife wound.
Doesn't matter.
If I stab you once, with a double-edged dagger in the heart, you're gonna die.
And see, that's the thing about atomic bombs, and that was in the whole nuclear war
military tactician debate was, why not just use atomic bombs,
that's what Oppenheimer said, to kill the elites or to kill the militaries of an enemy.
Then you don't destroy most of the infrastructure and you don't kill the people for no reason.
And they said, well, we got something better.
We'll use neutron bombs.
And boy, Israel's got 'em, Russia's got 'em, the U.S., everybody's got 'em.
And that's just a atomic or hydrogen bomb jacketed in these particular isotopes
that make it not go to its full thermonuclear detonation, but that causes a giant radiation burst
that even 50, 100, 200 feet underground, depending on the power,
you get hit with a beam of radiation.
Everybody does.
And you die within minutes or hours, depending on how much you got hit with.
You're fried.
It's like you spent 20 minutes in a microwave oven.
You're gone.
You're going to be wishing your dad for the few minutes you're alive.
You're fried.
Every cell in your body is bursting.
And the globalists like Bertrand Russell and others proposed, this is public, using neutron bombs to depopulate the earth.
Because they don't destroy the cities, they don't destroy the farmland, there's no residual radiation to speak of, there's one radiation burst.
So, Just extrapolating that out, if Iran hits Israel hard enough, and if the U.S.
hits Iran back when they counterstrike, and Russia gets involved, don't be surprised if all the major cities of Iran and their military bases get hit with neutron bombs.
And then, it's just suddenly the Iranians are all dead.
There'll be a few explosions, a few fires from accidents.
But will they say it's the rapture?
Oh, everybody just fell over dead.
They've been beamed up to heaven.
That's probably what the churches will say.
No, they're going to be radiated to death in a single second.
And depending on how close you are to the radiation burst, you'll die instantly, you'll die in five minutes, ten minutes, an hour, or you'll die in a day or two.
Because depending on the size of the neutron bomb and its burst and how close you are, you could be way far away from it, 15 miles away.
You're going to be dead in a couple weeks.
Just a little zap of that baby and it's bye-bye.
So if you get hit by a neutron bomb, you want to get cooked right away because then you're just flopping around in agonizing pain for two minutes.
So I hate to have to talk about stuff like this with you today, but that's where we are because I saw the howls of excitement All over the internet, Israel so hated now by the majority of people when Hamas attacked, I thought it was terrible.
And then I saw the howls of enjoyment from the pro-Israel people when they were carpet bombing innocent men, women, and children.
And I thought that was disgusting and horrible.
And now I'm seeing the howls of excitement over Iran hitting Israel.
And now I've seen all the lip smacking by the other side, both the neocons and warmongers and some people in Israel, their leadership.
Oh, we're going to destroy Iran now.
And we're all hurtling over the edge of total destruction.
Nuclear war is unwinnable for anybody.
It needs to stop now.
I'm not for the tribal warfare.
I'm not for Israel.
I'm not for Iran.
I'm not for Hamas.
I'm not for the Palestinians.
I'm not for the Jews.
I'm for everybody not dying.
I'm for all of you.
And people say, oh, that's Jones sitting on the fence.
Yeah, what do they say in the war games?
An interesting game.
The only way to win is not to play.
Yeah, that's me.
I don't want to play thermonuclear war because I've studied it.
That's right.
I'm the extremist.
I'm the bad man.
man will be right back the bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the
president gives the order it must be followed
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the President, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... There's a really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
Platform and launch gates inserted. Roger.
Trump warned during the campaign three and a half years ago that if Biden won there'd be war with Iran.
And now Israel has blown up the embassy of the Iranians in Syria.
Syria, a direct attack on their soil.
Iran has struck back.
Israel says the next 48 hours getting ready to attack Iran.
Iran will then attack back.
Then the U.S.
will get involved.
Then Russia will get involved.
Russia sent nuclear cruisers, nuclear missiles into the area.
We've got Scott Bennett, who's an amazing Ph.D.
Army Special Operations Officer, former officer and psychological warfare analyst, and he has been all over the world, including the Middle East.
You name it, he's just spent a lot of time in Ukraine as well.
I'm not going to go over his whole history.
People know him well here.
You can find his material and his information at GlobalFreedomTV.com.
We'll put that on screen for you, GlobalFreedomTV.com.
Scott, we're less than We're about 26 hours into this beginning.
Serious situation.
I know you know the different players well.
What is your take on the situation we're facing right now?
Well, Alex, it's good to be with you.
I said there were three options I could see the Israelis following after this Iranian counter-strike.
And let's always remember, the Iranians have sent drones and missiles not because they like to hear the machines roar through the sky, but because Israel killed their military and diplomatic crew at the Iranian consulate in Syria.
So, Iran, to save face amongst its people and the Muslim world, and in their own religious sense of vengeance and justice and the need for equilibrium and blood, sent this drone-missile wave, you know, I think it was hundreds of drones and missiles so far, but it killed no one.
So, Iran sent this massive wave of drones and missiles and essentially killed no one.
It targeted a military base.
It didn't target women and children like the Israelis have been doing in Gaza.
It didn't target civilian infrastructure like museums or hospitals or schools like the Israelis do.
Now, the Iranians targeted military capabilities and military structures and didn't kill anyone, which I found remarkable.
This really was just, again, an image-saving thing.
And the Israelis, if they were smart, which they're not, but if they were smart, they would let this settle.
They would say, this is the end of it.
They may make a lot of noise.
They've been going to the United Nations.
The Israeli ambassador is making all sorts of propagandistic cries.
Well, that's the question.
I want you to elaborate.
But how does Israel Blow up the Iranian embassy and kill two of their top generals and a bunch of their diplomats and then not think Iran's going to respond.
And again, I'm not for Iran.
I'm just stating a fact.
They're starting a fight here.
And for me, I want you to answer that, but then go into the rest of your analysis.
But for me, the takeaway is with those Very sophisticated multi-warhead reentry device ballistic missiles they fired.
That was a demonstration that they can load atomic weapons on those and from my intel they now have quite the arsenal of working atomic warheads.
Well, Iran has a missile system that is so hyper-accurate, I know, I was there, I met the engineers and the war guys and the religious leaders that developed it, and they made it so specifically accurate so that they avoided the shedding of innocent blood, which is another remarkable testament to their goals and desires and outlook.
This was a demonstration to Israel that it has the capability if Iran wanted to send hundreds more drones and missiles and a thousand times more devastating that could strike civilian structures.
It could strike Tel Aviv.
Is your intel that Iran does have atomic weapons?
No, no, I haven't received any direct intel on that.
We've been told for 15 years they're weeks away.
Yeah, we have, haven't we, by Netanyahu, who told us in 2003 going to war with Iraq would be a great idea, and on and on and on.
He's constantly sold that lie that Iran is nuclear weapons and it wants to blow up the world because it's a sadistic group of maniacs, and it's not in any way, shape, or form.
Israel certainly seems to be inhabited by maniacs, and you see them killing women and children.
Well, sir, I bring up Iran and nukes because we know they're sophisticated.
And we know Pakistan's had nukes for 30 years, and from my information, Saudi Arabia has a secret arsenal, Israel has a giant one, we know, they deny it, and the word I've got is, is that there's been scans for many years, and they have scanned fissile material, you know, from the air, and the output of these factories and the centrifuges, and that Iran has a quite robust atomic system.
I'm not saying that's a reason to attack them, I'm saying that's a reason not to.
Well, precisely.
But I think the real agenda that we're going to see unfold is Israel going into a narcissistic hysteria and a delusional pride that only Israel and Israelis can generate that is going to lead them down this reckless path of escalation.
And I do see the Israelis launching attacks in the United States, Operation Gladio, false flags to try and blame Iran, thinking that we can be fooled, goaded, lured, or tricked into a war against Iran, a military response.
Well, you read my mind.
That's my next question.
So go back to the other three things.
I interrupted you on the three different scenarios of Israeli striking back, what you think the response will be by Iran, and then let's go to the next point you read my mind.
We didn't talk when I asked you on the show today, just text message.
FBI increasingly concerned about Moscow-style attacks in the U.S., so they're already laying the groundwork that Hezbollah is going to attack or Hamas is going to attack, but then who left the borders wide open?
This dog is not going to hunt.
So we'll get to that after you finish your points.
Well, we talked about this weeks ago that the FBI, CIA, Mossad were going to be doing terrorist attacks inside the United States and blaming it on Iran.
That's been my speculation for a long time.
And I do think they're going to do it.
And the usual suspects, these criminals like Christopher Wray and the rest of these traitors in Congress, are more than happy to back it because it means a perennial authoritarian police state.
The three options I started to list, one would be settlement.
Israel lets this settle and it goes away and you can work towards a diplomatic discussion.
And to Biden's credit, he's saying do that.
Why is Biden being smart?
Yeah, he is.
I mean, that's one thing.
Maybe he's been watching your show or our shows or RT or Press TV or all the other people that have been on.
Mike Maloof, Gharrali, Senator Dick Black, all of us.
Scott Ritter.
We've all been saying the same thing.
This cannot escalate because Iran will never just roll over.
And Israel, if it escalates, it's going to open up a Pandora's box.
It's never going to be able to close.
So the next step is, does it escalate if it doesn't settle?
And if it escalates, now you're going to scenario three, as Israel begins to get pounded, as the Houthis step in, as the Turks step in, as Syria steps in, as Iraqis step in, as Egyptians step in, as you have guerrilla fighters From every corner of the Islamic world begin to trickle in and take pop shots at Israel That's when you have Israel setting off false flag attacks in the United States even potential nuclear ones Claiming it was done by Iran and their agents in the mainstream media Hollywood and the Zionist congressional lunatics who were bending over backwards to send every dollar American taxpayers make to Israel and
They're more than happy for this kind of a strike, this authoritarian strike.
Plus, it gives Netanyahu complete cover, it saves his life, and then you go into this U.S.-Israel war against Iran and Turkey and Pakistan and Malaysia and Syria and every other Muslim-speaking person in Africa.
So, you know, that's the real thing to look at.
How is the world lining up?
There's the United States and Israel on one side and a bunch of castrated cheerleaders called Europeans with them.
And then you've got Russia, China, Iran, all closing ranks to preserve and protect themselves.
And then you have all the second-rate Muslim nations, too.
Look at what just happened with Zelensky supporting Israel.
And then Russia is saying to Israel, "Well, we're not going to condemn Iran.
When have you ever condemned the terrorist strikes against Russia that Zelensky and the
Ukrainians and the United States have been doing, from Nord Stream Pipeline to the Krakus
theater attack, where they went in to kill little girls that were going to a boy band
named Picnic?"
You haven't, so we're not going to condemn Iran, especially since it was the Israelis that started this.
The Israelis have started this entire conflict, but I think Iran will end it if Israel is too stupid to realize that escalation will only lead to the annihilation of Israel.
And it may be a bloody fight, it may be a violent fight, it may be a nuclear fight, but it will inevitably end up with Israel losing and the United States.
The United States cannot win anything in the Persian Gulf or in the Strait of Hormuz, in the Mediterranean, anywhere now.
We're not what we were in 1992.
I want you to elaborate on force posture and how things are different.
Even mainline military analysts and Reuters admit that the military isn't what it was.
The so-called, you know, all these enemies have high-tech weapons now.
But even Iran just came out and said, we deem the matter concluded.
We'll put that back on screen.
We deem the matter over.
So they're giving Israel a chance now to say, hey, don't hit us anymore.
We won't hit you.
This is tip for tap, but I don't expect Israel to back down.
I think they're going to hit Iran.
I do, too, Alex.
I think I'm not sure if they're foolish enough to directly hit Iran as in hitting, you know, the main Iranian temples or towers or infrastructure that really is going across a bridge that they can never pass again.
I could see them hitting Iranian military structures or things like that or doing more
in Syria.
But if they do take the fight directly to Iran, Iran is going to counterstrike.
And then you're going to see the Hezbollah groups counterstrike.
You'll see Yemen.
You'll see the Houthis.
You'll see Hamas double down.
You'll see the Iraqis double down.
And you will see, if they escalate this, that's when the United States will be hit.
You will have American forces and American bases hit and killed.
You may have American Navy ships sunk.
The Muslim world, all in that neighborhood, is done with American bullying and this war on terror and everything else we've been crowing about.
And then China, I would expect, to move on Taiwan.
Now the West is in a three-front war.
And China and Russia and Iran will secure the Persian Gulf.
Nothing will go in and out except what they choose and anyone that tries to interfere will be sunk.
I have no doubt Chinese and Russian submarines are already in the Persian Gulf preparing to keep out any western subs that come in. I could see the
Israelis thinking they could slip a sub in there and do a dolphin class missile. We know how that
works out. The Pentagon's a good example in 9/11. But I could see them trying to do a naval
operation against Iran. It will only end badly for Israel. So for those that don't know, you're talking World
War III. Yeah, yeah. I mean, It would develop Alex Sat is.
Sadly, I have to say that it develops not because of the hostility, the belligerency, the recklessness, or the stupidity of other people, other nations, other cultures.
It's not because of them.
It is because of us.
It is because not you and I, not the American people.
The American people aren't behind any of this.
They're not behind killing women and children in Gaza.
The hyper-Zionists are.
But the hyper-Zionists both in Israel and the AIPAC, American-Israel Political Action Committee, the Zionists like Schumer and like McCall and everyone else, both Reynolds and Democrat.
And let's be clear, the globalists are the ones dissolving our borders, carbon taxes, cutting up our pipelines.
I'm not saying Iran's perfect, China's got some evil leadership.
The point is, Is that they've not been in offensive posture, but now they're not backing down.
For the first time ever, Iran has struck and fired very sophisticated multiple reentry device missiles that are designed to carry atomic weapons in a clear message to Israel.
I don't think you disagree, but nobody else is saying this, that we can hit you with our weapons.
This takes it into a whole nother ballgame.
It could hit, they could launch another wave of drones a hundred times as large as the one that they launched.
That's how many missiles and drones they have.
They have very hyper accurate missiles.
And drones.
The Iranian technology is very advanced.
And for those who don't know, they can have the atomic warheads detonate at 50,000 feet when no air defenses are even set to take them out.
They're set to take them out at 20,000, 10,000 feet.
Just the EMP event of that will knock out all the power and electrical systems of the defense systems.
And then the next wave comes in and you can't stop them.
Then they detonate at 1,000, 2,000 feet.
And I think Iran is ready for nuclear war, so is Russia.
This is so dangerous.
Well, Russia is never going to let Iran fall, and neither will China.
That's what they're gearing up for, is they are now being forced to depend on each other for the livelihood of their own countries.
Look at what we've done to Russia.
What we've done to Russia since 2014 is a crime against humanity and a war crime, and it's been recognized by every thinking person except the propagandists and London and Germany and France, who are owned by the globalists
as well.
But the Russian, Chinese and Iranian position is, and the rest of the BRICS nations,
they are gathering and defending and preparing so that they do not go the way of every other nation like
Libya, that has been completely dismembered and destroyed.
That's the lesson.
The countries that don't have nukes can take it over.
The ones that do, don't.
And so the world has sat back and watched Belgrade and Serbia be destroyed with DU weapons.
They've watched Libya.
They've watched Iraq.
But then they watched Syria stand up and defeat things.
And so, of course, people say Trump stopped ISIS.
No, the truth is the Russians and the Syrians did.
And then Trump ordered our military not to back ISIS, Al Qaeda.
And then our own military ignored his orders.
That's all come out.
Yeah, what's coming out tremendously too is the amount of deception that they put against Donald Trump.
How much they lied to him and deceived him both on Ukraine and everything that the deep state was doing in Ukraine.
They lied to Trump about General Soleimani.
who was not killing troops in Iraq.
I know the Israelis often would dress up as Muslims and pretend, but they led Trump down this delusion
and they led him full of propaganda to take certain actions that I think he honestly regrets
because it has caused nothing but turmoil in the world.
And I think Trump recognizes, too, Netanyahu is not his friend.
The Israeli-Jewish state is not his friend.
Well, remember, Trump asked for help during the contested election and Netanyahu wouldn't even return his phone calls.
But expanding on that, British Special Forces were caught.
In 2006, London Guardian dressed up as Islamists attacking US troops.
So that really does, that type of false flag really does go on.
Pulling back though, Trump was able to get the Abraham Accords and peace deals, and same thing with North Korea, because finally an American president really reached out through strength and suddenly we had peace.
Why was Trump able to bring all this peace and suddenly we have all this war?
Trump had a personality of joy, optimism, and natural buoyancy that a businessman has to have to make the sale, to make people like you, to make them like your idea, to attract them to what you're selling.
Trump has had that from his earliest days.
I remember as an undergraduate reading his book, and I remember Trump was a phenomenon of our culture in many ways, and his brand was effective business, making money,
and really living the American dream.
So his natural tendency and personality is different than any other American president we've had,
except Ronald Reagan is probably the closest thing.
So I think Trump's optimism has always led him down a path to what is the opportunity where everybody can benefit?
Where is the opportunity where everybody can profit?
wants to build things instead of destroy things.
That's right.
That's right.
It's a natural energy and attraction.
When he goes into a room with Kim Jong-un or Putin or Xi or I'd even say the Iranians if he had the chance, Trump's natural smile and buoyancy would be a very attractive, radiant beacon for these people.
The point is they don't want to be our enemies.
They want to be in business with us.
Yes, yes, that's right.
And Trump has been surrounded by so many people that aren't interested in business.
They're interested in full domination, American empire, just to steal and loot the resources of other nations.
Look at John Bolton.
Look at Pompeo.
Look at Nikki Haley.
Look at all of these scumbag psychopaths that surrounded Donald Trump.
And he allowed it.
So I hope he's learned his lesson never to let him in again.
But they were all full of Teeth grinding anger and violence which reflects a deep self-dissatisfaction in their own souls.
Trump doesn't have that.
He's married to a beautiful gal.
He's got beautiful children, beautiful grandchildren and he relishes them.
He rejoices them and he loves the country and he rejoices in the country.
So he's an optimist.
They're not.
That's how he was able to sell the North Korean dictator and the rest of it.
In closing, Scott Bennett joins us again this week as this develops.
I think we both agree, we said it earlier, Israel is going to strike.
Will they be smart and just do it for face-saving?
Because Iran says, hey, we're even now.
Or how big could this attack be?
And then the U.S.
says, if the attack's big on Israel, they're going to come in.
Russia has sent missile cruisers with nuclear weapons into the area with hypersonic missiles.
What does that signify?
It signifies we have all the instruments in the background and we are prepared to turn them on and play if need be, but we'd rather just kind of be quiet about it all.
And I think that's Iran's posture.
Yeah, that's their best attempt.
intelligence may do some sort of symbolic action, which Iran would then go, "Huh, yeah,
that's their best attempt.
We're not even going to respond to their response.
Yeah, they blew up a building, but that's the hateful, lunatic Zionist."
Look at what they're doing in Gaza.
We're not going to respond to that.
So whatever Israel does, there's a chance Iran just kind of sloughs it off and ignores it.
And that way it doesn't inflate.
Again, Israel is like a tantrum child that cannot not get the last hit in.
And Iran's not like that.
They compartmentalize.
There's a totally different culture and mindset.
So I don't think this is going to go any further.
But if it does, if Israel is so reckless and suicidal and stupid as to launch a major attack against Iran, it'll only react in Russia, stepping, closing ranks.
giving Iran whatever it needs quietly, China doing the same thing quietly,
and Iran will then do another counter-strike, only this time it may be 100 times worse.
And then say, if you keep this going, we'll hit you 1,000 times worse.
And we haven't even brought in what Turkey and Hezbollah and the other groups in that area could do.
If they see Israel attacking Iran in this new war kind of thing, they will join in and start taking sniper shots.
Does Turkey have nuclear weapons?
Oh yeah, Turkey does.
Turkey is the largest army area.
I knew the answer.
I just want listeners to understand.
Israel's got nuclear weapons too.
This is crazy.
Yeah, yeah.
It's reckless and destructive for Israel.
That's why a lot of Jews are leaving.
They're pulling out.
And again, the difference between Jews... Scott Bennett, stay there.
We're going to start the next hour.
Robert Barnes is coming up with a bunch of the news to do.
I'm going to give you the floor for five minutes because we've done a great back and forth, but I've kind of dominated the questions.
I want to give you five minutes to host when we come back to just get anything else out you want for people.
And we'll talk to you again soon.
We'll also tell folks how to find you.
Scott Bennett is our guest.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hour number two, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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I don't know if I'll have time tonight to read this article, but sometime, maybe tomorrow, I'll read the whole thing.
It's from Yahoo News.
And it is terrifying.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
It's a Yahoo story.
It's being pushed everywhere.
The West must remember how to fight.
It may already be too late.
They go on to say World War III is here.
We got to get ready for a draft.
We got to get ready to die en masse.
Our great men.
We're going to have to fight Russia, China, Iran.
It's on.
The very globalists getting rid of our way of life at war with us are telling us we've got to go to war for them.
Truly disgusting story.
We'll get to it more either later in the hour or tomorrow on the weekday show.
But Scott Bennett, former Army intelligence, really smart guy.
He's made a lot of good points.
I asked him probably 50 questions.
He answered them all.
But I want to give him four minutes or so before this segment ends.
We'll come back with Robert Barnes and more to give us any other tidbits you wanted to add.
So you've got four minutes.
Well, Alex, I think you touched upon it.
There are elements in our Congress and our government that are trying desperately to push us towards conflict and push us towards a reckless destruction of the United States for all sorts of evil purposes.
And their means to doing that is through this war against Russia, war against China, war against Iran simultaneously.
And my travels to Iran, to Russia, I have never seen or heard from any political figure, religious figure, or average person on the street A hatred for America.
I've only heard love for America, respect for America, and the American people.
They have a division and a sort of a resentment of the wars that the United States has impressed upon these countries since 2000.
In fact, you could go back to 1992.
But there's no hostility against the American people.
So, that's the most important thing for us to remember in this time of trouble.
When all about us are losing their heads, screaming, pulling their hair out, hitting themselves on a hammer and demanding that we go and do the same thing, we have to fear not.
And remember, the world does not hate us.
We have people in our own government that are trying to impress, to brainwash us that the world does.
So we go to war, we do all sorts of military, industrial, complex expenditures.
But it's just simply not the case.
The world does not hate us.
The world wants to be friends with us.
The world admires the American spirit.
There's no one like Americans on planet Earth.
We have a sizzle.
We have an optimism.
We have a joyfulness.
We have a spring in our step.
And I don't say that Pollyannishly.
I say it because when I've been overseas, And I naturally radiate the buoyancy of an American.
It gains attraction and we have a special magic to us that we have let be rusted and buried by Democrats and globalists and rhinos and transgender American haters who are obsessed with trying to make like the world is wrong and inside out and only war can fix it.
And that is a lie.
God says, what does the Lord require of thee but to do justly, Love mercy and walk humbly.
If we do that, if we commit ourselves to that, and we demand that our politicians, our military figures, our professors, our media people do the same thing, if we rise up and take control of our country again and our destiny, it'll be a future of peace and stability.
At least, you know, now.
We don't know what will happen in 50 years or 100 years, but we're in charge of this time right now.
So this is the time for average Americans to rise up and take control of their county, their mayors, their sheriff, their school boards, their supervisors, and say, our little town is not going to back a reckless, suicidal war against Russia, Iran, China, or any other country.
And in fact, we should be rising up and condemning the genocide of women and children in Palestine.
Then we rediscover what it means to be an American.
To be compassionate, loving, and honest.
And I think the world would celebrate when we return to those characteristics.
And hopefully Donald Trump and his supporters will be the one.
But make no mistake, this could be the chance, Alex, for them to kill Kamala Harris, move in Gavin Newsom, then kill Biden, and then you have a Gavin Newsom presidency before the election.
I wouldn't be surprised if they did some assassinations, blame it on Iran, blew up some stuff on the border, blamed it on Iran.
Unfortunately, Scott Bennett, I agree with you.
And this is an incredibly dangerous time.
I'm going to be praying.
Thank you so much, sir.
We will talk to you again very soon.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, the criminal first of many trials against President Trump with the whole Stormy Daniels fiasco starts tomorrow in New York City.
We got constitutional lawyer, good friend of mine, Robert Barnes, joining us.
Coming up in about 10 minutes from now.
So we'll get him on in about 10 after or so.
Let's go ahead and start dialing him in.
But I want to be 100% clear.
I know there are good people in every nation, whether it's China or Iran or Israel or Germany or the UK or the US or Canada or Mexico or Brazil or anywhere.
New Zealand.
And so when people see my commentary on all this, I'll show Islamists doing horrible things and say it's wrong.
I'll show Israel doing horrible things and say it's wrong.
I'm really trying to be fair here.
And Israel's not going to go anywhere without a nuclear war.
And even if Israel didn't have nuclear weapons, I don't want to see Israel destroyed.
I know it's super popular, 10 to 1 right now, anti-Israel.
It's everywhere.
It is the thing.
And Israel has been very arrogant and walked right into all this.
That said, you have a globalist alliance with radical Islam, they've opened our borders up, they've brought in all these Iranians, all these Hezbollah operatives.
As I said on Tucker Carlson in Maine, now like four months ago, about a month and a half, two months after this happened, I said, I'm concerned about Hezbollah, I'm not concerned about deep state false flags.
Hezbollah might do it themselves, or the globalists might.
The point is there's this murder of logic that who opened our borders?
Who let this happen?
I mean, I have the congressional clip, but I'll just show you the headline.
The FBI increasingly concerned about Moscow-style terror attacks.
The article is on InfoWars.com.
We've got the full quote of him saying he's really worried that the Islamicists are about to hit us in South America.
But no discussion of why under Biden in three plus years, they brought in way more than 9 million or whatever.
It's more like 20 million and hundreds of thousands from the Middle East.
Almost all of the military age men.
We've seen the video of whole groups of hundreds together coming in saying, we're here to destroy America.
We're here to get you.
You'll soon know who I am.
You look them up and they're in Hezbollah.
They're in Hamas.
So then there I am traveling back from vacation, and TSA's pulling me out of the line.
They go, you got randomly selected.
By the way, I'm a listener.
Now I'm going to grab your testicles.
And I'm going to touch your body to make sure you don't have a bomb on you.
I'm going to test your hands.
I'm going to test your wife's hands.
We're going to pull you over here because you're on a list.
And I'm just like, this is a total joke.
They're like, yeah, we agree.
We know it's all a joke.
It's just a job.
But just remember that.
Because I believe these terror attacks are coming, and they've been hyping it up that the Iranians want to assassinate Trump.
They've foiled plots against him.
There's Iranian plots to kill Biden.
The globalists could kill Biden, kill Harris, as a way to grab victory from the jaws of defeat, to hype them up and then have a full war with Iran.
We are in an incredibly Dangerous situation.
Remember the globalists cooked up COVID, they cooked up the poison shot, 20 plus million are dead.
They were willing to do that for power and control.
What else would they do?
And the answer is, the sky's the limit.
Thomas Jefferson was once asked by a newspaper reporter, you can pull up the full interview, but the quote's famous.
The reporter said, what is the limits to which tyrants will go?
And he said, tyranny knows no limit.
Its limit is what good men will allow.
The only way that tyrants flourish is that good men do nothing.
That's from the interview.
But he said it six or seven ways how to find the original interview.
And to the National Archives, you can pull up Thomas Jefferson newspaper interviews and George Washington interviews on the Illuminati and George Washington letters on the Illuminati threat, taking over masonry.
I mean, it's just wild what these presidents wrote and talked about back then.
It's like tuning into the show.
But that's the reality here.
The limit of tyranny is what you'll put up with, because even if you have some tyrant who's bad, but has some qualms, or maybe just isn't a megalomaniac and knows they can't go too far, they'll be replaced sooner or later by somebody even worse, they'll be replaced by somebody even worse, and then it gets until you have total insanity.
And that's the level we're reaching now.
They were saying for a week before Iran struck Israel, That Iran is set to strike Israel.
And I put out on X, I said, I believe Iran is going to strike Israel.
People said, you son of a gun, you are pro-CIA propaganda.
You're saying Iran, who's perfect, is going to strike Israel?
And I went, no.
Israel blew up the embassy in Syria and killed a bunch of their leadership.
And Iran is saying they're getting ready to retaliate.
Remember that clip, two plus years ago, where the Reuters reporter was talking to the State Department spokesman of CIA, and the CIA guy goes, Russia's planning to invade within two weeks.
It was in early February.
And we believe they're going to stage some false flags on the border to claim we attacked them as a pretext.
And the reporter said, that's Alex Jones stuff.
There's no such thing as false flags.
See, the government said there's no such thing as a false flag so long that even when somebody else is doing them, they can't say it.
And I said, no, in this case, State Department's telling the truth from the evidence I've seen and Putin's red line, but they don't want people to know when Russia's going to invade.
And I told Russian broadcasters I had on days before the invasion, I think you're lying.
You are massing troops, and you are about to go in there.
Now, I know the West started it, and I get why it's happening, but I think it's a trap.
Don't do it!
And, oh, sorry, I've got the gold now.
So, I said Thursday and Friday, I believe Iran will hit in the next 48 hours.
And it happened.
Not because I was going to agree with the CIA, They tell the truth when they know something's going to happen for credibility.
Even though they know Israel started it.
It's the same thing with Ray.
People are like...
When he came out Friday and said this, I'm like, I believe Ray.
I believe there will be terror attacks.
And they go, oh my God, you're agreeing with the FBI director?
Because they let him in and they'll probably stage it.
But when they are obviously preparing something and want to look smart when they know what's about to happen to act like they tried to stop it, I'm going to call it out, folks.
But if you think the only manipulative, corrupt government in the world is ours, you got another thing coming.
And that's really what I want to say today is that Americans are so sick of our corrupt government, and they're so sick of being persecuted by it, and it's saying we're the enemy because we're good, hard-working Christians, or populists, or capitalists, they hate us all, that we then tend to think any other government that's in opposition to them must be good.
And that is not the case, ladies and gentlemen.
Just because our government's hijacked and evil, doesn't mean all these other governments are just these little sweetie pies that are totally perfect.
And doesn't mean if we get into a war with them, they won't rain nuclear weapons down on us.
So, our enemy is the ruling, disconnected, out-of-control corporations They're still insulated from exposure and from paying for what they've done, manipulating governments and peoples into war because it's profitable for them.
But what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?
But what does it profit a man if he gets super rich but triggers World War III so he's dead, or the world totally collapses, society collapses, civilization collapses, and then your money isn't worth anything anywhere?
So I'm really trying to promote stability, and justice, and reform, and fixing what's happening, and dealing with the crises we face.
And actually, not trying to dumb all this down into you're pro-Israel, you're pro-Iran, when both sides have issues, and both sides have different political groups that challenge each other inside their countries.
But actually trying to understand the larger geopolitical ramifications and the powerful forces behind the scenes that want the conflict.
So I'm against Israel blowing up the Iranian embassy.
I'm against Iran striking back.
I'm against Hezbollah or Hamas, backed by Hezbollah, attacking on October 7th.
I'm against the overreaction by the Israelis.
And I don't think, as some have said, that the only arrogance in the world comes out of Israel.
Certainly it's got its own particular brand of arrogance, but there's arrogance everywhere in our own political elite, the Communist Chinese and many others.
And the more these powerful groups that are in control get away with things, the more full of bravado, chutzpah, cuberous arrogance, A sense of invincibility they get.
I've learned with the more power I get, the more danger I'm in, because little mistakes have giant effects.
But these people can commit all these crimes, make all these mistakes, do all these terrible things, and have it swept under the rug.
And so they get a feeling of infallibility.
They get a feeling of invincibility.
And that's what always surely leads to total destruction.
So I want to air a little short clip we put out, gosh, eight, nine years ago, the war games clip concerning an AI computer war game in nuclear war with Russia that almost brings us a nuclear war.
Isn't that a very real scenario now when we actually have Autonomous computers, I wouldn't call them artificially intelligent or sentient, but who are being put in control of the battle systems, that are being put in control of the weapon systems.
What happens when they get hacked?
What happens when they have a glitch?
You know, when your computer has a glitch, you just turn it on and off or take it to the store.
But the more complex a system is, the more apt it is to malfunction.
And if it's so sophisticated that computers are writing computer programs for computers, how do you even counter that and know how to fix it when it's out of control?
Here's that little piece, and then we'll go right to Robert Barnes.
Zack, this is Crystal Palace.
NORAD has declared DEF CON 3.
Scramble all alert aircraft.
I repeat, scramble all alert aircraft.
The Whopper spends all its time thinking about World War III.
Target selection complete.
Time on target sequence complete.
22 Typhoon-class submarines departing Petropavlovsk, turning southbound at Nordkapp, bearing 095 degrees.
Radar reports two unknown tracks are penetrating the Alaskan Air Defense Zone.
From the front lines of the Information War... Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode.
We are at DEFCON 1.
Are you prepared to destroy the enemy?
You bet!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
We'll keep control, but we'll keep it here at the top where it belongs.
3... 2... 1... Impact!
Shall we play a game?
we play a game. How about global thermal nuclear war? Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's
Alex Jones.
All units confirm weapons targeted and ready.
Awaiting launch codes.
We are at a launch mode.
Do you really believe that the enemy would attack without provocation?
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're in!
The Russians are still denying everything, sir.
We have a Soviet submarine watch detection.
I wish I didn't know about any of this.
I wish I was like everybody else.
Now we are tomorrow's news today.
So that's why that report is nine years old predicting The NATO overthrow of the elected Ukrainian government would lead to full war with Russia, and now it's happened.
That's because we know geopolitics.
It's interesting to us.
We study it.
It's fascinating how all the pieces go together.
And now we're telling you that in every war game scenario, the second biggest scenario, if not the first, depending on who's doing it, is an Iran-Israel war, dragging the U.S.
and Russia into it.
We have constitutional lawyer and really smart historian Robert Barnes to talk about this.
Then the first show trial, criminal trial, of Trump beginning with Stormy Daniels tomorrow in New York.
And then some other key intel here on this live Sunday night broadcast.
Then Chase Geiser, who hosts Sunday Night Live, will be hosting in the third and fourth hour.
Very powerful broadcast.
Tons of calls, tons of news.
Be sure and stay with us for that at 6 p.m.
in exactly 40 minutes from now. And of course Robert Barnes also hosts his very popular
show with Viva Frye as well just search his name and you'll find that we'll put the lower third up
where you can find his powerful transmission. All right Robert great to have you here with us give
us your take on the Middle East situation. Well I mean for a long time there's neocons
aligned with aspects of Netanyahu's administration that have long sought a direct war with Iran.
This goes all the way back to 1979.
Iran was the favorite playpen of Western intelligence agencies ever since they overthrew their elected leader in the 1950s.
And when it was taken apart and the Shah was forced to depart in 1979, they have always wanted back in to the heart of Persia, to the heart of the Middle East.
And Netanyahu in particular has wanted a direct conflict with Iran because he thinks he sees Iran as an existential threat to Israel if and when they obtain nuclear weapons.
And consequently, I think he wants and invites a direct conflict.
And I think he chose the attack on the Iranian embassy, hoping it would precipitate Iran coming right into the conflict.
And fortunately for the world, Iran is not interested in a global war.
And consequently, Iran chose a more PR stunt for their local domestic propaganda about how they're fighting back against Israel, but didn't really choose something that could legitimize an actual war between Israel and Iran and Iran in the West.
So I think fortunately, because Iran, its current leaders, don't recognize the political reality that they can't win a war with Israel in the United States, I totally agree with that analysis and let's be clear, you're not anti-Israel and neither am I, but Israel has had a PR disaster in Gaza all because Netanyahu thinks he can stay in power using this.
I'm not even anti-Netanyahu.
We don't know if he ordered the stand down or his generals did it.
Yeah, no doubt about that.
the Supreme Court to remove him. Maybe you've got a view on who did the stand down. We know
it happened seven plus hours, but this is crazy. We can't sacrifice the whole world
and have World War III, also Bibi Netanyahu can stay in power.
Oh yeah, no doubt about that. I mean, I think that Israel has a right of self-defense as
it relates to Hamas, but I've long been skeptical that their tactical method of mass invading
and bombing Gaza would create the safety and security they seem to believe it will. And
that in fact, it plays into Hamas' strategy.
Well you said it, but Netanyahu has always wanted World War I, so it looks more like
he ordered the stand down.
We don't know that there was a stand-down to lead into a full war, which he thinks will keep him in power for life.
And I think it reflects sort of the hardline element within Israel.
The hardline element sees existential conflict as necessary, sees the end of the Palestinian territories being occupied by the Palestinians as necessary to their security and safety.
And I think that's a problematic political path to pursue.
And I think you're saying this because you've been a friend of Israel.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've seen you say that in many interviews and places.
Napoleon said don't interrupt an enemy while they're destroying themselves.
You're trying to interrupt Israel because you're not anti-Israel.
Israel is destroying itself right now.
It's putting itself at unnecessary risk and there's a way in which to secure its borders and that strategy was the Trump strategy, which was in order to defeat the Palestinian cause, which has been dedicated to the abolition of Israel from its inception, is you need to cut off its political support, its donor support, And he effectively did that with the Abraham Accords.
is the way Trump was doing it, which was to sever the royal wing of the Arab Muslim world
from the Islamist wing, the Iranian wing of the Islamist world.
And he effectively did that with the Abraham Accords.
That's exactly right.
That's the path he was on.
I mean, we just saw Muslim countries like Jordan and others shooting down missiles coming
in Israel yesterday.
That's right.
And apparently the Saudis did as well.
I mean, because you still have this deep split, not only a Sunni-Shia split, but an Islamist-non-Islamist split in the Islamic world, in the Muslim world, that the royals would rat—Saudi Arabia knows its economic future is diversification away from, same with Dubai, same with, to some degree, with Qatar.
Yeah, they're trying to come into the West.
And they need to, for their economic survival.
Whether it's the Saudi Soccer League, whether it's tourism, whether it's their big architectural project, all of that only Israel is going to have a terrorist present.
And so that means they need to not support and embrace the Palestinian cause.
But Israel's attack on Gaza only empowers Hamas because it forces the Saudis to side with the Palestinians and against the Israelis.
Can you imagine if Israel would have just killed Hamas leaders around the world?
Because all the real leaders are outside the country.
They'd be heroes.
They'd be the victims right now.
Instead, they go in and level the whole place and turn into the bad guy.
I mean, they're playing right into Hamas' hands.
Hamas did what they did in order to provoke An overreaction from the Israeli hardline, and the Israeli hardline took the bait.
And it's hurting them in the world of public opinion.
And how are they going to wipe out Hamas?
Hamas is a movement and an idea.
They're not able to wipe out Hamas.
The problem is most Palestinians don't want Israel to exist.
That's a problem they can only solve by cutting off the Palestinians' financial and military support from the Islamic world.
And mass raiding and bombing Gaza doesn't achieve that.
So if you were advising Netanyahu, because he thought this would give him more power, it's backfiring, it's basically a revolution in Israel.
How could Israel extricate itself from this right now?
Just to do a real hostage agreement and withdraw from Gaza.
I mean, that's what they did in 2005.
And continue to secure their borders.
It's kind of like 9-11.
We could have used 9-11 to rally the world to a more peaceful world, and instead we used it to justify more war and more surveillance.
And we attacked a country that had nothing to do with it, Iraq.
That's exactly right.
And Israel, in my view, has done the same thing.
The horrors of October 7th, whatever their cause, there's no question Hamas was the culpable party.
The only question is whether hardliners within Israel facilitated and enabled it to occur
in order to justify their hardline attack strategy.
But it's a strategy that's failed for Israel for decades now.
The Trump strategy was the right strategy.
They should return to the Trump strategy, focus on the court of public opinion, and
set ... Most of the Muslim world doesn't even really like Hamas.
The leaders of Saudi Arabia hate Hamas.
So they don't like Iran.
They don't like Hezbollah.
They see them as a destabilizing source and force throughout the Middle East and in their global attempts to obtain global approval for their countries and nations and societies and economies.
And so, go back to the Trumpian strategy, not the war strategy, because that's the only thing that can secure peace for Israel over time.
Well, amazing analysis, Robert Barnes.
I want to come back and talk about the first big criminal trial beginning this week in New York, what you expect to see out of that.
They're putting out fake polls that, oh, Trump's lead is narrowing with Joe Biden, more crap On that front, what do you expect to come out there?
Some of the angles and more straight ahead with Robert Barnes.
Please stay with us.
It's Sunday night and we are live on Alex Jones, your host, InfoWars.com.
We'll put Barnes' lower third up as well so you can find his powerful transmission as well.
Please stay with us.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Investigative journalist Mario Nafalo, I hosted a two-plus-hour live broadcast with last night
that had five million viewers.
This ain't breaking. Israel war cabinet to attack Iran tonight.
Reports suggest that the Israeli War Cabinet has made a decision to launch an attack on Iran tonight.
That means anytime now, source channel 13.
We'll continue to watch all of that as it unfolds.
A very serious situation because this could escalate very, very, very quickly.
All right, going back to constitutional lawyer and really smart historian Robert Barnes, Moving out of that discussion, Trump, all the attacks on him, the show trials, the juryless trials, the same thing I went through but on a larger scale, the Stormy Daniels criminal trial beginning, what are you seeing here?
What do you expect to happen?
What's the inside baseball?
Well, you know, one of the headlines should be that Judge Marchand, the judge presiding over this case, the conflicted judge whose own family is profiting and enriching themselves from this case.
It should be the headline, Judge Marchand hates religious Jews because he deliberately scheduled this trial to overlap with Passover.
So that religious Jews cannot participate in the trial.
And that's one of the key jury groups that would be favorable to Trump and would actually be impartial in a trial that wouldn't be prejudiced against Trump in the New York jury pool.
So he's designed the timing of this trial, the reason why he wouldn't delay it despite the immunity issues pending before the Supreme Court, wouldn't delay it despite the late disclosure, delayed disclosure of tens of thousands of documents on the eve of trial before the defense even got a chance and time to review it, the reason why he's gagging Trump and ordering him and his counsel not to speak about the case, Is because he wants to rush the trial, not only to secure a conviction with a show trial before election day, but in particular to make sure religious Jews could not get on the jury by overlapping the jury trial with Passover, the most religious holiday that religious Jews honor and recognize.
So it's extraordinary that you have such open, overt religious discrimination by a court in New York just in order to stack the jury against Trump.
He's doing everything he can to make sure Trump does not get anything resembling an impartial trial on the merits.
Not only excluding evidence, not only gagging what can be said publicly about the case and the illegalities taking place in that courtroom, but in order to secure a conviction at all costs.
Because the goal is simple.
They believe if they can get a conviction before Election Day, that that will drive away Trump support.
They're wrong about that.
They're going to discover they're wrong about that.
That no number of show trials is going to change Americans' opinions about Trump.
If anything, as they witness this disgrace of justice taking place in America, it's going to increase support for Trump as people recognize that we need Trump in order to be able to counteract this weaponization of the legal system against the leading presidential candidate.
Well, that's right.
They're openly trying to take who we want for president off the ballot.
That is the purest form of election theft.
Something in Georgia, they've charged him criminally for questioning.
It's just preposterous.
But look at the E. Jean Carroll case.
I mean, that takes an hour to go over.
But the jury said, no, he didn't rape her.
There was never any witnesses, never any claim 25 years ago.
But he said he was innocent.
So twice juries have found him guilty in New York.
So guilty of sexual assault in a civil trial where he couldn't put on his own evidence or saying he's innocent is a lie because the judge found he did it just because she said it.
I mean, this is crazy.
That backfired.
So they think some conviction on Stormy Daniels of hush money is going to hurt him.
I don't see that happening.
No, and even Michael Avenatti, the guy who was integral to this, has said so publicly, has said the trial makes no sense.
I mean, Trump was the victim of extortion by Stormy Daniels, not the person who perpetrated it.
And they're trying to convert an accounting issue into a criminal issue, when in fact this manner of settlement of these kind of controversies takes place regularly.
And the idea that it interfered in the election is ludicrous.
There's no evidentiary basis for that.
And of course they're focused on things that Trump did while president of the United States.
And pretending somehow he can't be immune from prosecution by politically motivated prosecutors for this.
So I think what the judge is doing, he thinks is going to advance the Democratic Party's interest, I think it's going to undermine it.
Because it's going to put more pressure on the Supreme Court to grant President Trump full immunity so that these show trials stop embarrassing the American legal system.
And notice, we see almost no coverage now of Georgia and them criminally charging him for racketeering.
Because that's all been exposed as a total fraud and a total lie, and Fannie Willis.
Exactly, and you have Robert Kennedy saying that the Democratic National Committee is spending all of their money.
It says the Biden campaign has raised over a billion dollars, or plans to spend that much, and most of it's spent making sure Trump doesn't get popular support, making sure the lawfare continues, and making sure people like Robert Kennedy are not even on the ballot.
Well, let me give you a newsflash.
I went on an almost two-week vacation, something I do never, just to rest with all the things that are going on.
And so you think Hawaii is a liberal state.
I got mobbed like never before.
I mean, it was almost Elvis level.
It's not to brag, it just shows how popular Freedom is.
I'm supposedly the devil, the most demonized guy ever.
Never seen so much love by the Hawaiians and the visitors and the tourists and from the bellhops to the restaurants, the grocery stores, the people renting these snorkels, everybody.
I mean, I met with the, it's not official anymore, but the Hawaiian chief of Kauai.
Went and hung out with him at an invitation at his house.
It was incredible up in the mountains.
And they're all like, we're MAGA, we're Trump, we see what's happening.
I mean, I had the guys at the airport that scan your luggage for fruit, all wanting autographs to take pictures.
They were all Hawaiians.
Like, no, Trump is bigger than ever.
You saw him at Chick-fil-A with black people just mobbing him everywhere.
This is not working.
No doubt about it.
In fact, there's a pullout from Associated Press that shows that people who had not participated in recent elections, Are the ones increasingly backing Trump.
And that includes African American voters, Asian American voters, Latino voters, Millennials and Zoomers, because it's the younger working class that has been completely betrayed by the Biden administration.
Under Trump, you had peace abroad and prosperity at home.
Under Biden, you have war abroad and poverty at home.
And that's what matters for the election.
And no number of show trials, no amount of attempts to bankrupt or imprison President Trump is going to change that political calculus.
And that is why he's going to continue to prevail no matter what happens in this show trial.
I'll ask you now that we're closer.
What are we, 200 days now from the election?
I think it's right at 201 or so.
Guys, pull up our clock we've got, because I forget the exact date.
It's 2.05 to the election.
The timing now is becoming clear.
Even if they get convictions, it goes on appeal.
That doesn't bar him in the Constitution from being President.
What happens if he wins in a landslide with 204 days left?
6 hours, 18 minutes, 37 seconds.
What happens if he gets in but has a couple of criminal investigations?
That's uncharted constitutional territory, isn't it?
No doubt it is.
And I think it's what puts pressure on the Supreme Court to simply close down these cases by a broad interpretation of immunity.
Because the Constitution was established so that you could not, as president, be extorted by some local partisan prosecutor somewhere in the country.
And that's what requires impeachment as a precondition of criminal prosecution.
And here, you know, they tried to impeach him.
They failed.
He was acquitted not once, but twice.
and many of the same charges relate to what he was acquitted of. So that is what should be the
constitutional bar to these cases because if the Supreme Court doesn't step in and make that
decision then we have a political crisis in America come election day. All right I want to go back
to the war because here's a great example.
Let's put it up for my ex account.
I just reposted it during the last break.
Harrison Smith, my great co-host, Harrison Smith, the host of American Journal, 8 a.m.
weekday Central, 9 a.m.
Eastern, 7 a.m.
Mountain, 6 a.m.
Harrison Smith hours ago Reposted the live feed of this show and there was a flagging
of it For danger or or or or hate and
Saying that they're that they're blocking people sharing it now
I just did an hour plus on peace and Bringing Israel and Iran together and stopping World War
three and that we're not against Iran or Israel Most people are on a side. They're all cheerleading blow up.
I ran blow up Israel. We have really a egalitarian classical liberal
Thomas Jefferson Robert F. Kennedy Eisenhowerian view that
It was a horrible view.
We're pro-war.
It should be okay.
It's our view.
But we have literally a classically liberal view here.
And it's being blocked on X. I don't blame Musk because I've studied and talked to experts how it works.
He has flagging systems.
But we have massive groups in there at Real Alex Jones.
I mean, we're talking about the hundreds of thousands a day flagging and falsely doing stuff.
So a lot of times they'll block it for a while.
Then somebody looks at it and removes it.
This is an illustration of what's happening to Elon Musk in Brazil, where they removed Bolsonaro under State Department advice for challenging an election.
Can't run for office for eight years.
Now other up-and-comers are being blocked, being pulled off the ballot by the Supreme Court dictator they've got there.
You've got Lula the Communist.
And you've got them now saying they're going to criminally come after Elon Musk for not taking people off X that are major leaders in the Congress of Brazil.
What's your view on X and Elon Musk and all this?
I'm not trying to just defend Musk.
I have looked at how it works.
But how does he then counter having his community notes, having his flagging system being abused?
I think they need a mechanism that can track the groups that are filing false reports And just like if you, Kathy Griffin just got banned for impersonating Musk, trying to get him demonized, that's a good reason to ban her, impersonating.
That's stealing identity.
That was the old reasons.
Pre-censorship seven, eight years ago was impersonating, was porn, exploitation of children, calling for violence.
That's illegal.
What does Musk do to counter this false flagging?
When I say false flagging, literally falsely claiming That we're calling for violence when we're calling for the opposite to get our live streams blocked.
Yeah, I mean, I think it's still a work in progress because many of his staffers and many of the vestigial components of Twitter's algorithm is designed to suppress independent speech.
And so he has to find a way to continue to replace those people and replace those policies with manageable policies without being completely bankrupted by losing all access to advertising and various platforms.
For example, in order for Twitter to even be available on your phone, you have to have some so-called hate speech policy in place because of the requirements of Google for Android phones and Apple for Apple phones.
And that is still a major hindrance and hurdle to independent free speech.
And some network, you know, Rumble has done a good job of being able to challenge that and contest that.
And I think what Musk should look at is he should look at Rumble as the template, follow what Rumble has done, and he can create the freest speech platform on the Internet.
And that's a better path to pursue than to be stuck with these vestigial legacy policies of censorship and discrimination.
No, I totally agree.
So what is your real view of Musk?
Either he's opportunist, knows the globals are going down, wants to be the new leader, or he's actually totally against them.
Regardless, the response and what you get and the results is the same thing.
How do you challenge what he's doing?
I mean, I don't see fault here.
Yeah, no, neither do I. I mean, there was reasons for skepticism of Musk when he first started on this.
There's not much reason for skepticism now.
It's quite clear he's willing to risk being threatened by the Biden administration with criminal investigations, threatened with bogus lawsuits, liberal Democratic judges in Biden's Delaware.
Seven SEC criminal investigations?
Yeah, and they're trying to take away all the money that he has earned over the years.
So, you know, his independent stand has cost him literally billions of dollars.
So, I mean, almost 20 to 25 percent of his wealth has been taken away by his willingness to stand up for free speech.
And so it's clear he is committed to it.
He's just operating in a difficult atmosphere because almost everybody around him is not committed to it.
And so he's trying to find the path through.
Well that's my point.
Even if people don't trust him, and I'm saying fine, trust but verify, don't get in the way of the good he's doing and don't just discount it all.
Because he's got the EU, the federal government, the Brazilian government, they're all coming after him and it's real.
There's no doubt about that.
They pulled 67% or whatever it was, 69% of his domestic advertising in the last two years.
That's a real attack, folks.
And he didn't buckle.
He said, hey, take my money, you can go F yourself.
That's exactly right.
I mean, he did that even when the Delaware courts were trying to take away 20 to 25 percent of his net worth and give it to a bunch of lawfare-oriented lawyers bringing bogus claims.
Who claimed that him hyping Tesla was a fraud when it overperformed what he claimed, just like Trump in the New York real estate case.
That's exactly right.
And they took, I mean, imagine taking away money from a guy who was getting paid according to a contract because of how well he delivered.
And they said, well, that was a... It doesn't matter if he performed five times better than he predicted.
We're still saying it's a fraud.
Yeah, exactly.
And they're going to continue that weaponized legal system.
And it's not a surprise it's coming from the state courts of Delaware.
He's discovered that you shouldn't incorporate in Delaware because Biden's courts are not the most honest, transparent courts that they're supposed to be.
Well, that's right.
He's moving everything to Texas.
Is Texas, in your expert opinion, the best place?
At this point, in the U.S., it's a better place.
I mean, I think there's better places around the world, there's better places within the U.S.
than Texas, but Texas is much better than Delaware.
So it's a substantial improvement over where he was.
It's not a guarantee of protection in Texas.
There's states like Wyoming and other states that have been better at independent government.
Yeah, and now let's segue.
The same Democrat Party law firms that are now suing him that have sued me and this new FBI/CIA agent coming out.
We talked on the phone a few days ago, and I wanted you to repeat that,
what you had to say about, because it's bigger than Alex Jones, folks.
We knew it was the FBI and CIA, the PR firms.
They bragged about it.
I put a report out Friday that's gone viral that said X, where I explain new revelations.
We put it in like a 30-minute report.
They explain, and you got a message too to the actual plaintiffs themselves
versus the law firms.
confirm behind the scenes that's what's happening. Yeah I mean no doubt about it.
I mean, I think what you see in the coordination by the deep state, because that's really what it was.
I mean, the deep state is just the old doctrine of the dual state applied.
What happens when you have this administrative bureaucracy, independent, free of elections, not checked by elected officials, that seizes the power of the military, high-ranking law enforcement and intelligence apparatus?
That's when it creates the dual state becomes a deep state.
That Eisenhower warned about his farewell address.
I mean, it's one of the favorite things that Robert Kennedy cites in his campaign.
What unites Elon Musk, Robert Kennedy, and a lot of these people, new supporters of Trump, are people that have been red-pilled and awoken by the last three, four years, by what took place during the pandemic and what's taken place under the Biden administration, has shown the imminent threat that the deep state presents to all of our liberties over time.
And what they did is they weaponized the legal system against you, used their political allies in the legal world to wage lawfare against you with the goal and purpose primarily of shutting you up by silencing and censoring your audience.
from having access to you, from wanting to by smearing and defaming and libeling you.
And the goal has been to effectively divert attention from the core issues that you are
bringing attention to because they were about to do the things that you've been warning about for
a quarter century or more.
Which is what they did during the pandemic, release of a bioweapon, using the bioweapon as a pretext to take away all of our liberties, to steal a presidential election, to help steal an election then later on in Brazil, to be able to create the grounds by which we can have conflict in Europe and conflict in the Middle East at the same time.
war abroad at the triggering of World War III.
That was the goal, and the goal was to silence you, and the part of silencing you was to get your audience
to not support you anymore, and not let new audience come in
by not only shutting down your social media access, but by lying about you in a way you couldn't defend
So how big is this FBI/CIA guy coming out with all the other evidence we have?
And then what you said years ago has now been confirmed that the way the metric works, it's what --
I don't have billions like they said.
I don't have hundreds of millions or tens of millions.
That's all a lie.
So the court's supposed to say, okay, here's some money, then we go forward with InfoWars.
I can obviously go work for somebody else.
But the plaintiffs' lawyers, we now learn, have literally been keeping their plaintiffs in the dark, not telling them any of this, because they admitted on the courthouse steps their object is to shut me down.
That's not in the law.
That's not something they're supposed to do.
I mean, what you have is you have the deep state using plaintiff's lawyers to get plaintiffs.
I mean, most people missed.
Most of the people who lost someone at Sandy Hook never brought any claim against you because they refused to be part of this effort.
They rejected it from the get-go.
The plaintiffs that are part of this process, most of them, what they don't realize is their own lawyers are not out there to protect them.
Their lawyers are serving a deep state corrupt agenda that has nothing to do with their own legal claims or them getting relief and remedy for their own family.
They could have had millions of dollars years ago in order to satisfy any concerns that they had, in order to get any relief or remedy that they needed.
Instead, the law firms have been the ones blocking that.
The plaintiff's law firms have been the ones rejecting and refusing to get money to their own clients in breach of their fiduciary obligation to those clients by keeping them in the dark about what is really happening.
So the plaintiffs themselves should bring Their own actions for legal miscarriages and legal malpractice against them.
Oh, absolutely.
I think all of the Sandy Hook plaintiffs have a legitimate legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty claim against all of these lawyers, because that's the other fallout from this undercover interview.
That these lawyers said they were there to get relief for these families, they solicited these clients in order to get relief for these families, and what in fact they did is they used these families To be able to enrich themselves at their client's expense because their goal was to shut down InfoWars to engage in censorship.
And we have not just the interview, but we have the Chief Counsel of Connecticut who admits on the stand he went and organized the whole suit and leads it himself.
I never said his name.
We never talked about him.
I said 90-something million.
It's 130 million total.
that he's supposedly going to get paid, which I don't even have a million dollars. It's all,
it's all a lie. There's all this money for the plaintiffs.
So they go along with this, believing it's there to get them on board to shut us down.
You talk about a bait and switch.
This is crazy. Yeah. In fact, what the plaintiff's lawyers have now known for years from all the
discovery that in fact was produced, they lied about what they had seen and not seen was they
knew for years that their claims had a substantial factual flaw in them. And in particular,
their representations to the public and most likely to their client, that there's this huge
cash out there that if they just wait and play the long game, they'll get it.
No, the goal is to, for these plaintiff's lawyers, to leave their own clients with nothing.
To get nothing out of this.
Because their goal is to shut down InfoWars, which means there's no money for anybody.
And don't the players see their lawyers in the courthouse steps saying, don't give Jones money, don't support him, we're gonna shut him down, we don't want money.
And we talked to plenty of lawyers in the committee hearings, they go, we want money, we know you've got $500 million.
I'm like, we don't have anything, we never did.
And they go, no, no, our lawyers told us you did.
I think what's been happening is these Sandy Hook lawyers appear to me to have been lying to their own client in breach of their fiduciary obligation to those clients, their ethical and professional duties of standard of care to those clients, and have been taking them on a false path.
And what they're going to do is leave those clients with nothing.
Because they are actually not seeking any reasonable settlement terms.
They have repeatedly rejected very reasonable settlement terms and they're misleading their clients into believing there's a cash cow out there when their goal is to kill the cash cow to make sure there's never any money for their own clients because they are actually serving a deep state agenda.
They're not serving their client's agenda.
And now they're set to have congressional hearings on this very topic.
This is blowing up their face very, very fast.
And it's only made us reach more people.
Our goal was never monetary.
It was always about minds.
We need money to do it.
But as God said, any weapon formed against you will not prosper.
We are winning.
Robert Mars, people can find you.
We'll put your lower third up right now.
You host Great shows that are so informative.
How do people find you?
VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com or just search engine Robert Barnes Viva Fry and they will find it.
And what people can continue to do, continue to support InfoWars, is the best way to counteract this lawfare being waged against Alex Jones and InfoWars.
That's right.
Thank you.
Go to InfoWarsStore.com and get things you like and need, because that's the ultimate refute and rebuttal to this unlawful lawfare.
You can also go to DrJonesNaturals.com.
Thank you so much, Robert.
Sunday Night Live coming up with Chase Cosgrove.
Thank you, Robert.
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