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Name: 20240413_Sat_Alex
Air Date: April 13, 2024
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In this video, conservative radio host Alex Jones discusses targeting of Americans by FBI and CIA, mentioning that himself, Rudolph Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, and others have been targeted. He also talks about a recent undercover video in which a CIA agent revealed the federal government wanted to bankrupt him and shares information on PR firms bragging about their role in taking down Alex Jones. Jones emphasizes that this is not just an attack on him but a wider attempt to weaponize the DOJ against Trump supporters and the American people in general. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses new calls for criminal investigation hearings, with congressmen subpoenaing Gavin Oblivious in the ongoing discussion of potential government spying on political opposition. He also addresses concerns over the recent reauthorization of FISA and its implications for American citizens' privacy. In addition to this, Kennedy Jr. touched upon the Whitmer kidnapping case, speculating on whether future terrorist attacks may be staged by government agencies in order to maintain control or increase surveillance capabilities. The speaker discusses the possibility of a false flag attack orchestrated by Russia and questions whether Iran is involved in recent events. They mention how big governments use false flags as a standard play, citing WikiLeaks documents on secret training in false flags for Green Berets and Delta Force members. The speaker speculates that there may be backroom deals between Iran and the West, with limited Western response strengthening both sides while causing unrest within their respective countries. They also touch upon historical examples of false flag attacks used to create crises leading to a solution. In a recent conversation, Alex Jones addressed the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. He argued that if the attack was orchestrated by Israel, it doesn't make sense that they would kill their own people during the operation. He also mentioned that he has been critical of both Communist China and Israeli governments, but he does not blame Jews as a monolithic group for the world's problems. Jones clarified that his opposition is towards corrupt elites, regardless of their ethnicity or nationality. This video features InfoWars host Alex Jones discussing the Deep State with legal expert Brian Blem. They discuss the surveillance of Americans by intelligence agencies such as the FBI and CIA, and the potential consequences for those involved in spying on citizens without warrants. The conversation touches on the power dynamics between different factions within the Republican Party, as well as the influence of the National Security State on American politics and global affairs. Jones and Blem also explore the connections between political forces promoting a one world government and the censorship of conservative politicians and journalists by intelligence agencies in both the US and Europe. The world is on the brink of a potential nuclear disaster as Israel faces extreme pressure from Iran. A Samsung directive has sparked concerns about an Israeli strike that could lead to war. Drone attacks have been launched towards Israel, with reports of Iraq declaring war on them and Iran preparing to launch cruise missiles. The US is closely monitoring the situation, while Iran warns that any country allowing an attack on them will face consequences. There are fears that if Iran retaliates, they may block strategic waterways in an attempt to halt world trade. This has already had a significant impact on markets with Bitcoin value dropping instantly by 9% when news of the attack broke. The situation is further complicated by Putin's threat to enter the battle if the US attacks or supports Israel. The potential for World War 3 looms over us as we watch events unfold in the Middle East.

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You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Saturday, April 13th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
It's 108 Central Standard Time, and they've just launched, tomorrow to follow this crew, a X Spaces with a lot of great guests like Jack Posobiec and others that are going to be joining us here today to discuss the FBI and CIA targeting Americans, censoring Americans, surveilling Americans, persecuting Americans, including President Trump.
Myself, Rudolph Giuliani, Tucker Carlson.
Navarro, the list goes on and on.
This is evil.
This is illegal.
This is out of control.
This is beyond election theft.
This is a globalist corporate coup against the people.
And I believe any minute now, the Spaces on X is going to be live.
As soon as it is, I'm going to go to that feed because Mario Nafalo does a great job, reaches tens of millions of people a day.
Did an amazing interview with him and Elon Musk for two and a half hours previously.
I'm going to let him host the spaces and be in control of the transmission.
But while we're waiting for him to join and fire up his system, here is a clip of Congressman Representative Troy Nels talking about the fact that we do need congressional subpoenas and hearings about this coming out, and we do need Alex Jones, yours truly, to sue these people.
Here's a quick clip.
God bless you.
God bless your listeners.
You're doing a hell of a job, Benny.
Keep it up, buddy.
This is what we need.
We are being silenced.
We are being silenced by the dishonest media, the greatest threat to our country, the dishonest media.
So it's individuals like you and others.
And Alex Jones, if you're listening, Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered, right?
Your feathers should be flustered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy or that CIA guy said about you.
And same with Tucker.
I'll tell you, go after him.
Go after him.
This weaponization that the Republicans have said has happened with the DOJ.
It's true, America.
They're coming after Donald Trump.
They're coming after anybody that's a mega-movement individual.
We've got to push back.
Let's win Trump 2020.
Just really quickly, since you brought it up, would you be in favor of subpoenas to figure out if this guy is telling the truth about Alex Jones?
If they really were targeting him?
Listen, everybody says a lot of stuff up here.
Betty, you say this, you say that.
This guy, I kind of looked at the guy, he looked a little like he's a little different.
But what I would do is I would try to confirm, verify what he said.
And if it's true, if it's true, and if it's accurate, I think Alex Jones should go after.
They should go after the federal government without question.
And I think Tucker and everybody else should do it.
These are abuses that the American people will not tolerate.
We will not tolerate these abuses by the DOJ.
The weaponization has been taking place.
They've gone after Donald Trump for years.
It's all going to stop.
Trump 2024, baby!
He's coming back!
That's right, it was a globalist coup.
All right, we're going to join The Spaces that just fired a few minutes ago up live with Mariana Fall and a bunch of others.
I'm going to let him basically be in control of this for the next two hours with all these great guests and more.
We've got Chase Geyser in there controlling our link to The Spaces.
Chase, tell us what's coming up and then turn it over to them.
So we've got a great space lined up here with Mario Nafal, Nick Sordor, and others, like you said, and we are all connected.
So they are speaking right now.
We're going to go ahead and fade into them so that you can hear and be part of the conversation, Alex.
It's going to be exciting.
Alex was mentioned by a CIA agent in an undercover video that he was being, or that the federal government wanted to bankrupt him.
So that's a major topic of today's space, and we'll get into that here in just a few minutes once Alex jumps on the mic.
In the meantime, Liz, how's it going today?
What's up?
Oh wait, no.
Hold on, we got Alex in now.
Yes, sir.
I'm here.
You guys.
Mario, Nick, you guys are in charge of this.
So I'm just here.
Just go to me when you want.
I got a lot of amazing speakers.
And so when you want me, let me know.
We're just simulcasting at InfoWars.com.
And we're real Alex Jones.
But you're now in control for the next two hours.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
So obviously the topic of conversation today It's something that we kind of already knew, that the FBI, the CIA, the Deep State, going after people like you for speaking your mind and telling the truth and exposing things they don't want exposed.
Tell us a little bit about that video and how you felt after you saw it finally be said by somebody, a card-carrying member of the Deep State.
Well, Nick, I already knew this was going on.
It would take an hour to give all the details and all the facts, but the FBI in Connecticut and their chief counsel initiated the suit and ran the suit through the Democrat party law firm in Connecticut, one of the biggest in the country.
And he bragged about it on the stand that he went to them and got them to do all this, that organized the family.
So the FBI Chief Counsel in Connecticut, and then when he was on the stand, my lawyer said, did Mr. Jones ever say your name?
Did Mr. Jones' host ever say your name?
Did you ever appear on his website?
Didn't know who he was until he sued me.
He won $94 million that doesn't exist.
In that kangaroo court where the judge already found me guilty.
So, we knew then, the law firm suing me, the lead lawyer, former federal prosecutor, Chris Manning, whose specialty is suing Republican governors and putting them in jail and we look him up.
And the whole thing, I never said these things, I never did these things they said, I hardly ever talked about it, didn't send people to their houses, thousands of news articles, hundreds of TV programs conservatively, lying about what I did, never showing evidence.
I knew it was Deep State to set the precedent for this lawfare.
This is direct tax to the FBI where they can initiate lawsuits through law firms.
They can then get the money.
And so we also, you know, about major PR firms that after they won the fake suits, because the judges found me guilty, and that's a report that I filed that's on my ex account yesterday, where I explained the new revelations.
The PR firms, after they won the rigged cases, like in Gladiator where, you know, they stab Gladiator so he thinks he can win, but he actually loses in the end, even though they tried to rig it.
They're all right there with PR firms saying, this is how we took down Alex Jones, this is how we did it.
Now there's the headline breaking, new revelations in FBI CIA plan to destroy Alex Jones revealed.
I show them bragging, that's always the supervillains' failure is they love to brag.
So this whole thing, it's like saying Trump said, all Mexicans are criminals.
There is no video.
He didn't say most Mexicans are criminals.
He didn't say Mexicans are bad.
He said, we've got a lot of good people coming across the border that just want to work.
We've also got a lot of really bad people.
Well, that's not all Mexicans are criminals and evil.
So it's the same.
or I mean I see it all the time where they call Elon Musk a white
supremacist that it's just it's not true or Donald Trump that but they hammer it
and they hammer and if they can silence you and he platform you like I was for
five years I was still on talk radio and have my own audience but I was suppressed
they could then make up anything they wanted in the straw man argument so when
I saw this this this former FBI current CIA guy I knew it was true and real because
I have experienced it I mean, if you've been run over by a car and tasted the treads as it runs over your face, you know what hit you.
And so now we know they're trying to fully weaponize it against the American people in general, saying all Trump supporters are white supremacist and criminals and we need re-education camps for them.
That's MSNBC.
This is a dying elite that are corrupt, warmongering criminals that have dissolved our borders,
devalued our currency, did all those horrible things, now trying to then declare
the largest political opposition in the country, the largest political bloc in the country,
is MAGA Republicans, a populist movement that's taken over the Republican Party.
They're trying to list the largest group in the country as terrorists.
The dog isn't going to hunt.
But this is a historical moment.
We saw the Frank Church Committee hearings of the 70s that almost brought down the FBI and CIA.
Put them back in their box until 9-11, where they used that for a big power grab 22 years ago, 23 years ago.
We need new Frank Church Committee hearings and we've got, now it's like 10 congressmen and women are calling for criminal investigation hearings, the subpoenaing of Gavin Oblivious.
So this is a big deal and I'm very thankful to Mario and to Nick and everybody that are covering this.
I'm very thankful for Elon saying it's disturbing.
I'm very thankful for all the congresspeople that are concerned.
I'm very thankful this has been the top story.
One of the top stories the last five days since this broke.
Because look, it's not about me.
It's about all of us.
If they can do this to me or Trump, they can do it to anybody.
So I'm very blessed to be here.
Yeah, so Alex, you know, talking about news that we've seen over the past few days, this FISA reauthorization that they passed yesterday, again, and would not pass the amendment to require a warrant to spy on Americans.
Your thoughts on that and are the American people finally waking up to what is going on in Washington and you know seeing through these Congress people that are pretty much just lie to your face and say you know and you know we're not going to we're gonna fight against the the deep state and fight against government spying on Americans and such when they go ahead and vote to reauthorize FISA.
What are your thoughts there?
Well that's a great point.
The best example is Dan Crenshaw.
He says, oh, I helped pass yesterday the warrantless wiretapping of Americans en masse because of fentanyl.
When that's offshore, they're able to do that already.
Okay, so this unmasking of citizens is done to spy on Congress, to spy on their political opposition, like they did Donald Trump, like they did myself.
And Mangino's released the classified documents months ago that I was on that list, along with Trump's top supporters, to be surveilled.
So they want to make it legal what they're already doing.
They've already got access to all of this without going to a court.
It's already in the NSA database that the CIA and 16 other agencies Have full access to.
So this claim they've reauthorized FISA to protect us is boulder dash.
It's the globalists that ordered the border dissolved.
Now the FBI director says brace for Moscow style attacks are imminent.
Well, who opened the border up?
Who let all these folks into the country?
So we're headed into a very, very dangerous period of time.
And FISA is used to spy on their political opponents.
It is not used to keep the American people safe.
Just a question on that, Alex.
You mentioned that they've opened the borders in a Moscow-style attack.
I mean, again, as somebody who doesn't just read the headlines, do you think that's legitimate?
Or again, is this mainstream media propaganda?
Well, it's a lot of things.
The FBI director came out and said he's increasingly concerned about Moscow Tile attacks in Congress.
Yesterday, I have the transcript, I have the video.
But we also have the New York Times headline, back when they did their job 20 years ago,
or 18 years ago, "Majority of Terror Plots Created by FBI."
We also have the Whitmer kidnapping case, where 17 of the 21 people planning to kidnap
her were feds who were leading the plan, but they couldn't get anybody to do it.
And then they had three trials, two of them, the people were found, you know, mistrial or not guilty.
They finally got one group convicted.
They finally found a jury that was stupid.
So I don't know if the FBI is going to provocateur something.
I don't know if it's going to be a real Hezbollah or Hermas attack.
All I know is, is that they tell us we've got to be groped at the TSA.
We've got to give up all our rights because we're all terrorists within the borders wide open.
That just doesn't make sense.
That's a fraud.
So I don't know what form it's going to take.
So just to understand what you're saying.
So you're saying that there is a likelihood when the FBI released statements such as there being a possible terror attack through the borders that this likely would be something that is conducted possibly by Either them or the three-letter agencies or even foreign agencies such as Mossad or someone else.
Is that your argument?
Well, there's different types of false flags.
They can promote it and know it's going to happen and let it happen and nudge people and entrap them and let it happen.
Or bust a group they've entrapped and stop it to be the heroes.
Or they can purely stage it.
Operation Gladio declassified in the 90s.
Hundreds of terror attacks in Europe to be blamed on Russia.
Again, this has been done, so I don't know what form it will take, but when the FBI director says, we think there's going to be terror attacks, well then you're the ones that open the borders up.
Biden's the one that said immediately surge the border and the borders open.
So what I'm saying is, the logic's dead here.
When there's a terror attack, I hope there isn't one, I think that's a probability now.
They will take our rights and search us and surveil us and have FISA against us in the name of stopping the terror attack.
They either allowed it to happen or they did it themselves.
That's the historical direction.
Previous activity, previous behavior is the greatest indicator of future behavior.
Guys, if the space does crash, I believe we're going to restart IHAS and move from Saudi Arabia.
I guess, let's come back on to Pfizer, the question that Nick asked you.
What is the reason, just for our audience, what is the reason why the intelligence agencies, both local, both within the United States and foreign agencies, want to basically surveil Americans?
Well, I've interviewed Dr. William Binney, who was the technical head of the NSA, not the director, but the second in command.
He actually ran things.
I've interviewed many other whistleblowers.
The NSA system records almost all emails, all text messages, all phone recordings.
It records broadcast TV, it records radio, it records everything with incredible servers they've got in, you know, in regionally hundreds of facilities around the country.
And then they're not listening to everything, but they're recording everything.
When they want, they can go in and listen to it.
And so we know that they've used FISA to spy on the Senate, to spy on political opposition, to spy on President Trump.
And so its main tool is domestic control, also corporate espionage.
Because reports are provided to select corporations and members of Congress so they can insider trade off of the information they're given on companies that they're not fully invested in or controlling.
It's really an economic and social weapon.
And then the Islamic quote threat or right-wing threat or white supremacist threat that they basically gin up in most cases is used as a pretext for that domestic spy grid.
Yeah, absolutely.
So Alex, going to a little bit of the news today, because we are covering this, I kind of want your comment on it.
What's going on in the Middle East right now?
It looks like Joe Biden is rushing back to the White House.
I don't know what rushing and Joe Biden, I don't know if those two go in the same sentence together very well.
And then apparently, Iran readying weaponry, moving weaponry around the country.
You know, we keep hearing these reports over the past couple of days now, or actually over the past week.
They've been like, OK, 24 to 48 hours, guys, 24 to 48 hours.
We've heard that over and over and over again for a week now.
What are they trying to pull here?
Are they trying to, in your mind, is the deep state got their hands in this trying to provoke the situation or stoke the flames?
Is that what's going on?
Well, that's the $64 quadrillion question, and I don't know exactly what's happening, but past behavior, again, is the most indicative of future behavior, so let's talk about that.
Usually the CIA and the FBI and the State Department lie.
But I will remember two and a half years ago or two years and three months ago, they came out and said, Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine.
They're going to invade the next week.
They're amassing troops and blood and ambulances.
And it was true.
And I have Japanese, British TV, Russian on.
I had Russian TV come on and they were deliberately lying.
You could see it in their faces.
No, no, we're not invading.
No, no.
And the next day they invaded.
And I said, I think you're lying.
I think you're invading.
And if you remember, the Reuters reporter confronted the State Department CIA spokesman when the CIA spokesman said, no, they're getting ready to invade.
I think they're going to blow up some government buildings and say, we did it as a pretext.
And that did happen because the CIA had caught that chatter.
I think the Russians did do that as a pretext.
That's what big governments do.
It's a false flag is a standard play.
And then the Reuters reporter said, you're Alex Jones.
False flags don't exist.
Well, the hell they don't.
They're one of the main tools.
WikiLeaks released documents over a decade ago of Green Beret captains and above are given a secret Two-week course in false flags and how if you're overmanned and you're being outgunned, say in Vietnam, and the village elders are on your side, you make a decision with the village elders to go ahead and set a booby trap and blow up some of the rice farmers because then they'll all get on your side.
And that's an example in the Pentagon training of you kill a few people to save a thousand.
That's the sick Machiavellian The Delta Force, when they pass their final test, are given two days to read the prints by Machiavelli and then write a paper.
And if you believe the unjustified is the means, they go, OK, you're now in Delta Force.
If you say that's immoral, I'm not going to do this.
So they're taught false flags at the special operations level.
So let's stop denying they exist.
The Russians do them.
We do them.
We're not perfect.
They're not perfect.
The point is, this goes on.
And so, I'm not exactly sure what's happening or if this is a false flag in Iran, but here's the answer.
Iran's never been controlled by America.
But Iran has done backroom deals since the late 1970s when the CIA tacitly backed the Ayatollah Khomeini to come in because the Shah was going to build nuclear reactors, empower the entire Middle East.
He was a Persian.
He wanted peace.
They got rid of him, let the Ayatollah come in, made a deal to then double-cross Jimmy Carter, hold the American hostages.
The day Reagan wins, They released them.
So ever since then, there's been a back and forth.
Then the West funded Iraq to attack Iran and double-crossed them in the Iran-Iraq War for seven years in the 1980s.
And so now you get $6 billion given before October 7th, back in August of last year.
They give them that money.
And then suddenly we know Hezbollah was working with Hamas, and then suddenly they launched this attack.
Israel magically stands down to start this larger war.
And I believe, this is speculation, but this is what I think happened, I think I know it, that there's backroom channels.
Remember, the left, the so-called left, and Biden are buddies with Iran.
The right isn't.
So there's a larger jockeying where Iran will launch attacks.
There'll be a limited Western response.
The Mullahs, who are super unpopular, They will be made stronger in Iran.
Netanyahu will be made stronger in Israel.
The West will be made stronger over here.
And that we're about to see some limited war happen.
But behind the scenes, it's already basically had guardrails put on it and has been determined.
This is the final level of false flags.
You can go back Six hundred years ago, five hundred years ago, where you had Norman Kings, who were Vikings that conquered France a thousand years ago, and England nine hundred years ago, writing letters to each other that are in the Royal Archives in the National Museum in England.
I've seen them.
You might have searched these.
But they're like, we're having uprisings by the people north of us.
By the Welsh.
Or we have the Iris Uprising.
Or we have the Scott Uprising.
Time for a war, cousin.
And then a war starts between two cousins.
One's Norman French.
One's British French.
Or British Norman.
They're all Norman.
They now have a two-year war, a ten-year war, a hundred-year war, in some cases, to make everyone unify in the country.
It's like that movie, "The King" that came out five years ago
that's actually based on history.
They say, "Sir, we need to launch a war, you're unpopular.
"Let's invade France."
So that's the level that we're at in real history.
And if people don't know with the new global currency coming in and an election coming in and all of this,
that I believe there's been a backroom deal made between Israel, the US and Iran to create this big crisis
and out of this is gonna become some solution.
That's what I see happening.
I mean, you know, the CIA says three days ago, Iran's going to start attacking.
Then they seize a ship.
Now they're readying missiles.
I believe the CIA is telling the truth this time, just like they did days before Russia invaded Ukraine.
Well, Alex, Alex, you said, well, you think this is a backdoor deal between Iran Mossad and the CIA.
So they both, like what you said, they did an agreement in terms of the first attack and then the retaliation.
Well, here's the deal.
They're all fighting for power and they'll turn on each other next month.
Just like Stalin for the first two years of World War II was on Hitler's side.
Hitler found out he was going to double-cross him and then double-crossed him with Operation Barbarossa.
That's how megalomaniacs work.
They're always jockeying, kind of like China was built up by the West and then 12, 13 years ago turned against the West and is now the enemy.
George Soros said that China was wonderful in the model 12 years ago.
Five years ago, he says Xi Jinping is Hitler.
So you've got three global power structures, the US in order of power, China, and Russia.
And the EU is kind of an interplayer between China and the Anglo-American establishment.
As Russia calls it, that's the actual name.
And so that's where we are.
And again, at this point, why did Biden give 6 billion to Iran a month later?
You have the attack by Hezbollah, backing Hamas, but directing it.
I said the day it happened, I said Hezbollah's directing it.
A month later, the Middle East bragged Hezbollah directed it.
Why was there an Israeli stand down?
This is a larger statecraft operation going on.
And it doesn't mean that one side won't double cross the other.
It doesn't mean the West won't nuke Tehran tomorrow.
So just a couple of questions.
Because you mentioned a couple of points.
So the first thing is, I personally think that when we're seeing the mainstream media, when we're seeing the deep state, when we're seeing the CIA and the intelligence agencies and Mossad all making the claim, and as Nick said, they've done it for a week or so, if not longer, It's actually the other way around.
They're trying to pressure Iran into making a move in order to not seem weak, and when they don't make a huge move, which is what they want, to escalate things to create a world war.
That seems more plausible to me, the reason for it, as opposed to all three of them colluding.
I 100% agree with you.
100% agree with you.
That that is, I said I'm speculating.
So I see evidence with a stand down the money to Iran.
Biden saying Iran wasn't involved when they were.
I see that as 51% chance that that's what's happening.
49% chance is they're trying to push Iran into this to make them look weak.
And even if Iran doesn't do it, Then the West might use a base and even drive trucks across into Iran off of the eastern Iraqi border.
And the West, like spies like us, might actually fire missiles into Israel from Iran.
Just on that, this is a prevalent view among some people where they believe that basically Israel stood down on October the 7th.
They knew they were involved.
I don't actually agree with that position.
I think that there were significant failures.
They are not as strong as people make out and hence why when they came along they lost their minds.
They start killing people with their Apache helicopters.
through short artillery fire in the kibbutzes.
So, I mean, what, again, so that's my position.
I actually don't think that they stood down.
I think it was literally that the Israelis weren't expecting it there,
and they lost their mind because they're not battle-trained, they're not trained in this regard.
What's your thoughts on that position?
I mean, I respectfully think that's wrong.
I've not been to Israel, but I've interviewed a lot of generals and military that have been there a lot.
They have three lines of fences and defenses.
Israel, a month before, disarmed those kibbutzes and disbanded their militias, interestingly enough.
And if you understand how little Israel is, you can drive from the north to the south in one hour.
Tel Aviv is 45 minutes away.
They have attack helicopters, hundreds of them, miles away that could have scrambled.
It was seven and a half hours, bare minimum.
Many experts believe a nine-hour stand down.
So the only resistance was former Israeli soldiers.
They went and got their gun and put on their battle armor out of the closet and drove down there the 20, 30, 40 minutes to fight.
I know some of it was collateral damage.
That's not, you know, denied.
And then when Hezbollah backed Hamas, went in to some of the secret substations of Shin Bet Massad,
and the Massad was hiding under beds, they knew right where to find them.
I mean, I think very clearly.
If there had been a two-hour stand down, I'd say maybe.
But were to believe that Benjamin Netanyahu, who was about to be driven from office,
with major political heat on him, that this didn't benefit him,
and I'm not even attacking Netanyahu, Maybe they didn't tell him.
He even said the Army didn't tell him.
And they attacked him.
He apologized.
Seven and a half hours is an eternity in a place basically the size of Manhattan.
I mean, come on, folks.
I mean, look, look, look.
Hold on, hold on.
Let's say a fire station is totally asleep.
And they're 30 miles away from a fire.
Well, even if they're asleep an hour or so, somebody's gonna come knock on their door when it's on the news that, say, a high-rise is on fire.
So, a fire department might have their pants down for 30 minutes an hour.
How the hell does one of the most powerful, compact militaries on Earth sit there while this happens?
I just don't think that's plausible.
So just on the other side though, like if you're right, they're basically a part, Israel a part of it, they've orchestrated it, but then how does that explain the fact that when they came they literally killed so many of their own people?
So why would they, if this was planned and orchestrated, why would they, why would the, why would the operation be I'm not denying Israel killed a bunch of their people and probably the majority of dead were from that.
That's not denied.
through various other things. They killed so many of their own people. I'm not denying Israel killed a bunch of their
people and probably the majority of dead were from that.
That's not denied. The people coming in tanks and let me say I'm saying if it was planned but my question is I know
you're not denying it because I but my question is if they planned it why would they then kill their own people as
well? When there's a stand down we're not sure of Netanyahu or the general staff did it
We don't know if he gave the order, they followed it, or they did it without him, although it benefited him.
And he said, we don't want an investigation until the war's over.
Now he says the war's never going to end.
It doesn't mean the helicopter pilots and the armored vehicle drivers are in on it.
They're told, they're not given an order until later, a bunch of them mutiny and just go themselves and then don't know what targets to hit.
So I'm not saying the average Israeli soldier, it's like when I said there were bombs in the towers on 9-11, which the seismographs show, and the witnesses show, and Building 7, they said on the news, we're going to blow it up, 47 story building.
And the media said, Alex Jones says the police and firefighters blew it up.
It was the police and firefighters I interviewed that told me they heard a countdown to blow up Building 7.
So I'm not saying the average Israeli, when they got held back and then acted on their own, was highly coordinated or part of it.
The people on top stood down.
That's why when the Israelis took matters into their own hands, which is now coming out, it was so badly coordinated.
So Alex, I forgot to ask you a question because we have got some form of cross-pollination in terms of the people who support me and the people who support you.
But in terms of initially, when you came back on Twitter, initially when you were speaking, you kind of refrained from blaming Israel or the control of certain aspects of society and for that reason a lot of people thought you maybe had sold out what's your reasoning for that kind of gap and I'm only asking the question this is not to like try and do you over anything but like a lot of people we've got like a lot of people who are who are fans of both of us and some people so but one of the questions a lot of us had was and a lot of them had was where it's like Alex Jones was always on it but it seems like he might have sold out he's not talking about a lot of things he's blaming other entities who are not really part of it
So what was the reason for that?
And then we'll move on to the other topics.
And then you went all in the last month or two.
Well, look, there's a lot of dumbed down stuff that goes on.
I've always been critical of Communist China, not the Chinese people.
They're heavily involved.
They own a lot of Hollywood.
They're infiltrating Congress.
And so when I criticize Communist China, people then go, oh, you're covering up what Israel does.
It's not like there's one group.
But China, China, China own Hollywood.
China owns, didn't say controls, four of the six Hollywood production houses.
So that's why I addressed...
One of the memes up front that they're saying, there are people that literally say Jews run everything, and if I slip on a banana pill today, or if I eat too much food, a Jew made me do it.
And I don't think Jews are one monolithic group.
I don't blame Jews for all the world's problems.
I'm very critical of what different Israeli governments do.
I'm critical of the, I made films.
15, 16 years ago, multiple films about the USS Liberty and Israel trying to sink our ship to blame it on Egypt.
They show videos of me the day of 9-11 and the day after criticizing Israel.
They go, oh, we love the old Alex Jones.
Who's this new one that works for the Mossad?
And it's not real.
People are just paying attention.
To what I say, different Israeli administrations are different.
I don't support the Biden administration.
I supported the Trump administration.
They were pro-Israel, but the pro-peace way.
It doesn't mean Trump's perfect.
So, I've been on air 30 years.
Two days from now is the anniversary of 30 years.
April 15, 1994.
I don't look at America and our politicians as America.
I don't look at Xi Jinping as representative of the Chinese or Kim Jong-un as representative of the North Koreans or Lula as representation of the Brazilians.
And so people take things out of context.
I mean, here's a great example.
A couple days after October 7th, I'm on with Eric Prince of former Blackwater, now Xi.
And I'm on with Steve Bannon.
And if you watch the whole hour interview, I say Israel shouldn't go in.
It's a trap.
I think Israel stood down.
I think it's a globalist setup, with Biden working with Iran behind the scenes.
And then Bannon's like, well, how could Israel not get big casualties and actually get Hamas?
And I said, they're going to hide the civilians.
You'd have to start bombing on one end or the other.
It would cause carpet bombing.
It would create massive civilian casualties.
That's how you do it.
My enemies took a 17-second clip out, cut me off saying, don't do it, banned saying, don't do it, and said, Jones wants to carpet bomb the Gazans.
And then they hear me a day later saying, don't do it.
They go, why is he saying two different messages?
Because I do long-form discussions.
I war game.
I talk about what goes on.
Yeah, Ken Paxson was on the same show.
You go watch the whole hour, me and Bannon say don't go in.
Israel is the victim now.
I said kill the Hamas leaders, they're billionaires, that are living in palatial palaces in the Middle East and Europe.
Don't kill the Palestinians.
But then they turned it around with, oh, he said carpet bomb, 72nd clip.
I'm not an enemy of Israel.
I've never been against Israel.
But it is a highly politicized, out-of-control, corrupt country that sells our secrets to Communist China and tries to manipulate U.S.
I've been against the Israel lobby controlling our policy for decades.
The ADL says I'm the number one enemy and calls for my arrest.
I've been deplatformed.
I've been sued.
I've been attacked.
But I don't oppose Jews.
I oppose corrupt elites, whether they're Chinese, Jewish, Catholic, Christian, German, French, Mexican, Protestant.
That is where I stand.
So these people go, who's Alex Jones?
We've got hundreds of clips of him 20 years ago criticizing Israel.
And then we'll see him on air with Kanye West saying he loves Hitler.
And saying all Jews are bad?
And then I'm like, that's wrong!
So Jews are smart, Jews are hardworking.
There's great Jews, there's bad Jews.
There's great Germans, there's bad Germans.
I don't blame Germans for Hitler.
And also...
Just on that Alex though, I think a lot of people when they say about people running, they don't say Jews, it's about the Zionists.
Americans that are white, ancestors came here after slavery from Russia and Poland.
How the hell do they owe money? It's insane. So there's a lot of cherry
picking. There's a lot of cherry picking going on. Just on that Alex, though, I
think a lot of people when they say about people running, they don't say Jews,
it's about the Zionists. So you don't have to be a Jew to be a Zionist, but
there is this strong influence, which is the argument that's made against you
that you don't, you maybe blame other entities rather than the Zionist control
of a large part of US and UK politics and you see the financial funding and so
on and so forth of that. In terms of like you Alex, I do want to move on in terms of
the Hamas leaders, you know, in terms of the financial, that they're well off.
I think there's no evidence for that, but I've heard it.
I've looked into it.
I haven't found any evidence to prove that they actually are financially wealthy.
I think more that they've been given sanctuary in Qatar.
Moving the conversation back to Pfizer, and then we'll ask you about a few other things.
When you've got a scenario, like for example, now we saw the Speaker of the House, Speaker Johnson, he voted and he had the vote that basically decided it.
And before that, he always made the claim I mean, I think Johnson's a slime ball.
warrants and yet his deciding vote end up causing there to be no warrants that
basically they can spy on Americans without any warrants going against what
he'd claimed previously. What's the reason for this? Did he sell out? What's
what you thought? I mean I think Johnson's a slimeball. You take one look
at him he's just as bad as McCarthy and we've already seen a bunch of
Republicans quit because they want to give it back to the Democrats.
And I think he's an agent in place, and I think he's disgusting.
Look, we're held hostage.
Oh, the Muslims will kill us if we can't spawn you.
Oh, the fentanyl will kill you.
The government's allowing all of that.
The government's trying to push euthanasia.
So we're being held hostage by the security state.
And it's absolutely disgusting.
So you think that he is sold out to the security state?
Do you think he's sold out afterwards, or do you think they're the ones who put him in place?
No, I mean, I think he's been bad the whole time.
We've seen his actions.
He has rhetoric that sounds good, but he's just bad news.
Yes, so Alex, there was a report that came out the other day, and Tucker Carlson has actually been talking about this for a while, where the NSA actually admitted to spying on his signal messages And while Carlson was actually in Russia, he met with Edward Snowden and told nobody about that planned meeting, but the U.S.
intel agencies leaked that info from his signal messages to Semaphore and the New York Times.
What is the justification?
For the NSA, how are they excusing themselves from doing things like that?
How are they able to do that without a warrant?
And is it all just to drive a narrative?
Are they really leaking things to the media like that?
Well, yeah, let me answer the question, but let's go back to this.
Remember James Comey, the FBI director, testified more than 10 times to Congress.
There's old compilations of it.
Type in, Comey testifies that he didn't leak.
And then later when it comes out that he leaked, he goes, well, I didn't leak.
I gave it to a head dean of a journalism department so he could leak.
Well, that's like a mafia chief saying, I didn't kill the person.
I just ordered one of my guys to go kill him.
And so it's the same thing.
Tucker Carlson, three plus years ago at Fox, gets told by a high level government source who saw the reports that all his text messages and private communications were being spied on by the NSA.
And then the New York Times and the Washington Post come out a month later and go, you bet we got your text messages.
Here they are.
Totally illegal.
An American journalist being spied on.
Tucker later got threatened and told, you better not interview Putin or bad things will happen to you.
I know that when I was going to go to Russia, like four years ago, just as a stunt, because they're calling me a Russian agent, I thought, well, I might as well go there.
Nothing to do with Russia.
I got serious threats behind the scenes.
I'll just leave it at that from sources.
So this is how they do it, and they claim, that's why they say Trump supporters are all Russian agents, so they can then turn the apparatus of the NSA and the FBI inward upon the American people.
Yeah, we have Liz Churchill up here on stage.
I want to give her just a few minutes here.
You know, you've been very active in this space.
You've been tweeting a lot about this over the past several days, especially when it comes to that video that came out showing that CIA agent actually admitting that the feds were going after people like Alex Jones, even in the attempt to bankrupt him.
Liz, what are your thoughts?
Welcome to the stage.
Thank you for having me.
I'm actually absolutely fucking disgusted.
With what the CIA, FBI, DOJ did to Alex Jones.
His family, his children, his parents, and all of his staff members.
We all knew that this was happening.
It was very obvious.
But now they openly say this.
I think that's a message to everybody in this audience that you are next.
If this wasn't exposed the way it was, then you would be that next target.
So I think you need to think for a moment.
And ask yourself, are these people that you should be trusting in any way?
The CIA, FBI, DOJ officials?
Absolutely not.
What people fail to see is that After they take down Donald Trump, which they're doing, and his children, and then the loudest voices in the room, which are people like Alex Jones, which are people like Tucker Carlson, the whole gamut of truth-telling people that have not been wrong.
These people are batting at 99 out of 100.
They pose as this threat, therefore they must be taken out by any means.
I was actually more disgusted out of everything that I did here on those videos, which I listened to several times because they really just are that unbelievable.
They admitted they didn't have anything criminal on Alex or his family.
They just didn't.
So what did they do?
They used lawfare to bankrupt him.
Now, if nobody understands how sinister That is, when you steal somebody's livelihood for fraudulent reasons, and you don't stop.
And then you go for their parents!
Their parents!
Their aging parents!
This is how evil they are, and they will do it to you!
Yeah, and Liz, I want you to finish as well, but Alex, didn't you mention that they were actually targeting your parents as well?
Yes, they've sued my wife, they've sued my parents, they have harassed our families.
The Southern Poverty Law Center actually got a person hired into the operation that was here for a year and tried to set us up but couldn't, but hacked into the surveillance cameras, and oh my God, showed me, you know, drinking vodka, and then leaked all that and then lied about us.
I mean, it's been the CIA.
They use the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, these groups, as cutouts.
And then in their report, it's like, well, we're targeting a white supremacist.
And we have nothing to do with white supremacy.
We're totally pro-human.
We love everybody.
And it's been incredible.
But Liz is right.
This hungry machine, all this money to do this, picks somebody like Trump or Alex Jones to train and give the dog a taste of blood.
And that's what the Nazis called it, was the cement of blood.
That's why they would have SS officers raise a German shepherd for a year, love it, and then in front of their officers slit its throat.
And that's a dog you love, but they get him to go out and do horrible crimes against somebody that's first demonized, and then they roll it out systematically against everybody, and that's now happening.
That's exactly right.
So I'll end by saying this.
I don't want to hear another negative thing about Alex Jones, his wife, his staff members, or his parents going forward because he has been vindicated.
This is big news, people.
They have admitted to setting him up.
Now, personally, I'm happy for you because, in my opinion, you just won the lottery.
You can sue these fuckers into an oblivion times ten.
So, with saying that, I'm happy that the truth has come out and I think that it's also part of a larger picture in regards to what's going on.
Well, Liz, I want you to continue, I don't want to interrupt you, but let me ask you this question.
We're talking to law firms, we're going to sue them, the system is so rigged, who knows what will happen, but the real thing is the Frank Church Committee 2.0.
That's right, the 4911, yeah.
Yeah, we need a congressional hearing, and people are talking about this, and we need to call this Gavin Oblevis up there in front of them.
That's really what the deep state fears.
Well, they do, and when you do that, you're going to see a number of other people come forward as well, because they will not want to admit what they have been doing to you for a very long time.
And so this is your moment of vindication and I really hope that you sue them so much that they will finally have to lock their doors because this is not sustainable the way this is going on.
And I'm sorry that this happened to you.
And I'll end it with that.
So this is what I want to do real quick.
I want to shout out to the audience.
Put your questions, comments, concerns, thoughts in that bottom right hand corner, that little purple pill button.
Looks like about 400 of you have already done so.
Make sure you tag me in it, that way we can actually see your question.
And, you know, Alex, I'm going to go ahead and start off real quick with an audience question here, if you don't mind.
When we're talking about fighting the deep state here, which Concerns like the FBI, the CIA and such.
If we were to go about abolishing the FBI and CIA, as some people are saying that we should do, what do we do next?
And is there actually a huge amount of danger involved in abolishing agencies like that to, you know, our country?
I would love to respond to that.
You want me to go first?
Look, we had Army intelligence and Navy intelligence.
Before we had the FBI in the 20s, and before we set up the CIA in 47, and nobody was attacking us, nobody was trying jack crap, okay?
The truth is, these intelligence agencies, nine times out of ten, create the groups, or foster the groups, or protect the groups.
I was reading the New York Times in a big investigative series 18 years ago,
whatever it was, 17 years ago, about headline majority of terror plots hatched by the FBI.
And they go find mentally ill people, just like the FBI guy, CIA guys bragging,
and they nudge them and light the fuse and manipulate them into this.
I mean, the Governor Whitmer kidnapping is a perfect example.
17 of the 21 people are FBI.
The FBI is the leader of the group.
It's homeless potheads that they'll give a thousand bucks to a week
and they'll just talk about how they're gonna kidnap Whitmer.
They say, "We don't want a kidnapper."
They call them wimps, threaten to beat their ass, cut their money off.
And then that's the terror threat to go kidnap Whitmer.
Well, imagine they get some young Islamic men who watch their mother and dad and sisters
get blown up by bombs.
They're pissed off.
They get wound up and then they go bomb the Christmas tree lighting.
Or the FBI bust them before they do it.
So we know this is the MO.
This is not debatable.
And so I think that's really the answer to the question.
Is this going on?
The answer is hell yes.
Yeah, and we also have, he just came back up here.
Let's see here, Brian.
Brian Blem, I hope I'm pronouncing your name right, I'm not really sure, but you know, we've been talking about the lengths that the FBI and CIA and such have gone to spy on people like Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson and such and leaking their text messages without any sort of warrants.
Correct me if I'm wrong, Alex, but they never had any sort of warrants to be spying on you or anything, right?
They've never had warrants to do any of this.
And we now know the inside baseball of how far the infiltration went.
I'm not at liberty to go there yet.
But this has been way worse than people know.
And I'll be releasing the information very, very soon.
But they were actually able to penetrate our operation.
So Brian, I kind of want your legal take on that a little bit.
What sort of recourse could Americans like Alex Jones have for this sort of stuff finally being exposed?
What sort of legal remedies and will there ever be any sort of accountability that we can force through the legal process?
What are your thoughts on that, Brian?
Brian, bottom left-hand corner got on mute.
Yeah, that's a really good question, but I'm gonna have to tell you that's not my forte.
And so, you know, you would have to ask, you know, somebody that Practices, I guess, in the area of constitutional law and national security issues.
You know, but part of the problem is, and you know, I listen to a lot of your show, I believe it was yesterday, and you know, people were talking about the difference between the establishment and what's going on with the Republicans.
You know, and the way I've already done it, if I can diverge a little bit, And I'm getting back to the topic of the press, is that, you know, the Republican Party was the party that led McCarthy.
You've got an awful lot of background noise.
Yeah, Brian, could you go outside?
Yep, I'm doing that right now.
And so, you know, the Republican Party, you know, was the lead in the McCarthy era movement.
And so that's a huge, you know, stain, I think, on the Republican Party.
And I think what you're seeing right now in the Republican Party, Mike Johnson... Brian, you might be cutting in and out here.
Yeah, I think what we're seeing is the Republican Party's own leadership.
Brian, you're losing signal there.
I don't know if your Wi-Fi is cutting out or something, but we'll get back to you here in just a couple of minutes, if you don't mind.
Yeah, there you go.
Hello, can you hear me?
Yeah, Brian, you were saying we're seeing the old Republican Party taking place right now.
Yeah, I think what you're seeing is this split to the Republican Party.
You have the, and I divide the Republican Party up now into the MAGA wing, and then you have the National Security Wing.
And, you know, it's the national security wing that's really aligned with the Democrats right now who are vehemently anti-MAGA.
And so that's part of the problem we're seeing.
And, you know, getting back to what Alex was talking about with respect to war, what is the national security state like, right?
You're talking about Netanyahu supporting sort of these attacks to pull him out of a political hole.
But the national security state likes war because war gives it power, right?
And this is where the national security state and this neo-McCarthyism comes into play, is it becomes a huge, huge, you know, conflict for Americans because, you know, you gotta support the Ukraine or you're not patriotic, right?
You're not a flag-waving American if you don't support the Ukraine.
And so that's part and parcel of what, you know, at least our war in the Ukraine is.
Because, you know, I think if you look at it, we played a pretty significant hand in the run-up to Russia's invasion of the Ukraine when we deposed the pro-Russian president under Obama.
And then the CIA established their, what, 12 or 14 secret bases on the Ukraine-Russia war and began waging war against Russia from the Ukraine.
And so I think that's a lot of what we're seeing.
But if you take it to its totality, you know, we know we have all of these political forces throughout the world that are deeply, deeply in bed with the one world government people, right?
And so what's taking place, if you look at, you know, news stories are now coming out about the national security agencies in Europe.
Doing the exact same thing CISA does in the United States, and that is censor conservative politicians because they want to, you know, move this one-world government forward.
And so all of this is sort of related.
How does it relate to people in the news media?
I think it relates the exact same way it relates to attorneys, right?
What's one thing they've been doing with attorneys, you know, since Trump was elected to the office?
They've been seizing their case files, right?
What do you learn when you seize an attorney's case files?
A whole lot of shit, right?
And the same thing is happening with journalism.
I don't think it's per se as much You know, just on one hand, you know, to make Tucker Carlson look bad.
I mean, if you recall, he went to Russia, they all started calling him a, you know, a traitor and all of this wonderful stuff when he interviewed Putin.
But what else, what else do you get when you spy on journalists, right?
What do journalists, you know, and I'm going to use Katherine Harrod as an example.
And, you know, Catherine Herridge was fired by NBC.
And what did NBC do?
It seized all of her notes, right?
All of her private notes.
Yeah, and I believe, Brian, she's being she's being fined to the tune of $800 per day for refusing to give up her source at this point.
And where are the big journalist groups decrying that?
Because they're not journalists anymore.
They're corporate hacks.
They're government PR people.
Where is journalism standing up for a respected mainline journalist saying, no, you're not getting my notes?
The problem is that NBC, ABC, CBS, what are those?
Those are three-letter agencies.
They're really at this point no different than the CIA.
CISA, a four-letter agency, and personally I think CISA is sort of the centerpiece, the one that sort of aligns all of the foreign national security agencies with the domestic national security agencies like the FBI.
And so You know, NBC is really no different than the CIA.
They push all of their stuff, and that's basically the way national journalism works.
No, that's right.
I mean, for at least 30 years, it's gotten worse and worse.
You're just given talking points, the CIA doesn't even need to do it, and they just put those out.
And speaking of other journalists that are being pursued by various governments and such, we do have Alan dos Santos up here on stage, who was mentioned as Brazil's Alex Jones in the Twitter files.
Alan, I'd like to welcome you to the stage.
I want to see if you can kind of give any sort of Parallels to what's going on in Brazil versus what we're seeing with the Feds going after Alex Jones here in the United States.
And I think you have a question for Alex as well.
Go ahead with that.
Thank you, Nick.
Thank you all.
I'm proud to be compared with Alex Jones.
It means I have a lot of enemies and these enemies are crap.
When I started Tercer Livery, I was inspired by Alex and I said that to him on the CPAC.
They are afraid when we give voice for the people.
I cannot say anything about the United States because I'm still learning it, but about Brazil, Alex, they did the same against my wife and kids and my family.
They went to my house, they invaded my house with guns, pointing to me and my wife, pregnant with nine months.
And they shut down my company in Brazil.
I needed to move to the United States to make a reborn of Terça Livre.
And when I see these similarities, I need to remember that human actions are made by humans.
Political actions are made by politicians and judicial actions are made by people in a judicial branch.
When we have a crime, they are criminal.
So what they are doing against me, and I see a lot of similarities here in the United States, are not political actions against the right wing.
I see criminal actions.
These people are criminals.
What they are doing is crime against journalism and freedom of speech.
As I said, I'm talking about Brazil.
What they are doing against journalists in Brazil are crime made by criminals.
You see Lula da Silva together with all the criminals of the world, all these dictators, and he is aligned with all these people in destroying the truly journalism made by independent people, because independent people do not want to receive money from them.
And by the way, Mr. DeSantos, I want you to continue, but I want to get you on my show.
I saw you on with Owen, and I've seen you on with Steven Crowder and others, and I followed you and I remember meeting you at CPAC.
But absolutely, we act like it's the government.
It's criminals in government committing crimes.
These are all crimes.
As President Trump said yesterday, they're committing crimes against us and they're just normalizing that that's just what they do.
All of this is a massive crime.
It's all illegal.
As Congressman Troy Nell said about me the other day, he said I should sue, Congress should have investigations.
This is the reality.
And if we didn't have a half decent Supreme Court, we'd be right where Brazil is, where their Supreme Court agreed to take Bolsonaro off of the ballot.
They're trying that here.
And we know the State Department was involved advising them on what to do.
So we're all interconnected, ladies and gentlemen.
It's the same globalist forces.
You notice Bolsonaro would not give liability protection for the poison COVID shots
and didn't tell the people to take it.
So now they wanna charge him with war crimes against humanity, the UN does.
And then this judge that dresses up like Count Dracula, I mean, imagine taking a photo of yourself
and putting it out like that's cool.
These guys are megalomaniacs.
They're establishing a totalitarian system.
And it's all the same globalist party attacking Brazil, Australia, Germany, Canada, America.
We have to have solidarity worldwide against these people.
Go ahead, sir.
I'll stop interrupting.
Yeah, no, I agree with that, Alex.
And I just give you all with that.
What happens in the United States is being copied by all the governments and they look at the United States saying, oh look at that, this is the first world country and they defend freedom and they are going after these people they call, they nickname us, you know, like a white supremacist.
Look at my lips!
How can you use, how can someone say I'm a white supremacist?
My dad is black!
Come on!
So they really portrayed us with these ridiculous categories because if that is okay in the United States, they do 100% more in other countries.
So pay attention on what happened in the United States against journalism, independent journalism and freedom of speech, because if that falls here, Guys, sorry, but there is no other place in the world that we could stand for.
Alan, that's a great point.
It's not just that America loses the high ground by being run by totalitarians that oppress the people in the press and persecute people.
The rest of the world, just like we were an example for the Bill of Rights and Constitution, we're now an example of evil.
We're now exporting evil.
Exactly, and I mentioned Alex another day to American audience that even the United States decision in court is being quoted in Brazil several times, not now, for years, so the influence of United States and the whole world is stronger than you guys think.
It's not about money, it's not about capitalism, it's not about this, it's about culture.
If the cultural war dies here, That's it.
That's it.
That's the end.
So Alex, following up on that, I do have another audience question for you.
The audience is really engaged today.
They love the fact that you're willing to just sit here and answer whatever questions.
You know, we don't script any of this stuff at all.
We just kind of like launch the show and start it, and Alex will debate with anybody who we bring up on stage.
That's why we love having you, Alex.
You know, when it comes to talking about the globalists and such, and these people that are trying to undermine our, you know, the people that are actually trying to undermine our democracy, they accuse you of doing that, but in reality, it's them.
What is their ultimate goal?
What are they trying to accomplish here?
Well, that's the most important question, Nick.
If you actually read what BlackRock and the UN and the big corporations won, They want to destroy all cultures, they want to destroy all independence, they want to make everybody be in debt, and they want to replace whether it's Buddhism or Islam or Christianity or Catholicism with a global, woke,
guilt that humans are bad for the earth and humans are racist and humans are bad.
So you've got to follow this global social credit score with a world currency,
vaccine ID cards, social credit score to track and trace everything you do.
A global corporate tyranny that will then slowly cut off the resources
and push worldwide depopulation, the end of civilization as we know it.
What Elon Musk has warned about an anti-human systems.
We have to have a pro team humanity system to counter all of this.
So it really is eugenics and a transhumanist model that once they get full control,
they call the majority of us, use the rest of us for guinea pigs,
and then create this new Superman or Uber mention that replaces us at all.
So it's really Hitler 2.0, wrapped in a neoliberal packaging
that it has the moral high ground, and it's liberal because classical liberalism
of Thomas Jefferson challenges this corporate transhumanist fascist model.
then wrap themselves as the moral authority, turn us all against each other in the name
of equality to then make sure that we're all isolated so they can pick us off one to one.
Alex, I mean what you call globalist, we have a different name for it, but yeah we know
what you mean.
But just in terms of a question though.
Go ahead.
No, go ahead.
Well, yeah.
In other terms, I mean, I'm not going to say anything.
Tell me what you call it.
You call it neo-colonialism?
I'm going to call it Zionism, but anyway, coming back to it, right?
So, coming back to the point Alex Jones, you forced that on me, I wasn't going to say.
Because I'm meant to be a moderator.
But coming back to the question at hand Alex, you talked about how journalism is being censored, how journalism is being stopped, how it's being stifled.
But isn't it the case, and we spoke about this with Alan actually on the first Brazilian show, isn't it the case that whoever is in power That is their main modus operandi.
They want to silence opposition.
They want to silence dissent.
So you mentioned Donald Trump, but again, even when it came to Assange, Donald Trump didn't pardon him.
He even had reports where he wasn't basically amiable to Julian Assange.
So isn't it that whoever's in power wants to control journalism, wants to control those in power.
Is that not the case or is it different?
What do you think?
Well, I mean, there's no doubt throughout history elites want to control speech and dominate people, and any open society doesn't do that.
And I just posted on X yesterday, and I've said it probably a thousand times in the last seven years, that Trump's biggest failure is not pardoning Assange.
So I never said Trump was perfect.
I don't agree with him in Warp Speed.
I don't agree with him still backing the poison vaccine.
I'm holding my nose to support Trump because the people elected him, and he's better than Biden.
And just to be clear on that, Alex, I mean, he did offer him a pardon, but it was strings attached.
He had to say that Russia wasn't involved and so on and so forth.
Sorry, go ahead, Alex.
Well, I mean, he didn't pardon him, OK?
So my issue is that the good news is there's so much political pressure now that even Biden's talking about doing it.
Assange is a hero.
Edward Stone's a hero.
And we should have ticker tape parades for them, but they hurt the deep state, so they're being targeted.
But please don't have... I'm not mad at you, but I'm just saying, there's this straw man, and then you earlier...
Almost fetishize the word Zionist.
I'm not here to defend Zionists.
I don't think about Zionists very much.
And I think to claim that Israel and Zionists are the world power of globalism.
I think Israel supports globalism.
I think Israel is heavily involved in globalism.
But a lot of their population is against it, just like Americans are against globalism.
But we're the main engine of globalism worldwide.
You could easily blame America for the New World Order, but we've just been hijacked and being used.
I see Israel's the same.
I say, hey, globalism's bad as a policy, so that everybody... Let me finish.
Whether you're Muslim or Jew or Christian or whatever it is, I want to give everybody a chance to be against the New World Order.
And I'm going to tell you, you said you call the New World Order Globalist Zionist.
Well, Putin doesn't call the world government, the Anglo-American establishment, Zionist.
He calls it the Anglo-American establishment.
Now, a new listener will think I'm saying white people.
No, Putin is giving it properly, the historic name of a Norman tribe that conquered France and then conquered England and then conquered Ireland and conquered Scotland.
It is not about white people.
The globalists call themselves Anglo-American.
Anglo-American oil, Anglo-American all of that.
That's the British-US merged empire.
That's what Winston Churchill called it in his three-part series,
A History of the English-Speaking Peoples.
And by the way, he was for it.
So there's the global American-British empire merger.
That's the dominant force.
There's the Chinese, the Russians, and the EU is kind of in the middle of it.
And so Putin calls the New World Order the Anglo-American establishment, the globalist.
The CFR calls themselves globalists.
Mega-corporations, are the Rothschilds on a bunch of it?
Are they Jewish?
I'm not saying that's not part of it.
Is Israel the leadership behind it and one of the worst groups running it?
Damn right.
I say all that.
I just don't then sit there and say Zionism Who runs it, because that's ridiculous.
The Communist Chinese until 12 years ago, 13 years ago, were the main engine.
The West set them up, gave them all the jobs, transferred all the power, and China was allowed to take over.
They double-crossed the Anglo-American establishment, now China is on the outs.
Now there's a fight between the two groups.
So people say, why is Alex talking about Communist China?
They control 97% of rare earth minerals.
They control much of Congress.
They enslave their own people.
3 million Uyghurs.
You can be against Zionism and be against Xi Jinping.
I can be against MS-13.
And not support Israel bombing Gaza.
It's this dumbing down, I'm not saying you're dumb, but some people are, where I can literally talk about how I don't like Lula arresting his political opposition.
People go, why don't you talk about the Zionists?
It's like this one thing they can talk about and they think they're smart and it's dumbed down.
My God, I am not just obsessed with Israel.
No, I mean, some people thought you were playing defense for them, but coming back to it, no, it's a false dichotomy.
Hold on, I'm not playing defense, I have the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL and law firms they control literally blowing my building up politically.
I am literally, but I will not give them what they...
One second, Alex.
I'm not making the argument.
I'm saying some people thought that, hence why I asked the question at the beginning.
But let me come to you about the point.
It's a false dichotomy to make the argument that when one says Zionism, they solely mean the State of Israel.
No, most people do not mean that.
What they mean is, when you look at it, for example, you're talking about the US.
I'm from the UK.
When you look at the level of control that the politicians have through AIPAC, through Friends of Labour, through the Friends of Conservatives, and then comparing that, that's an example.
Listen to me for a second.
where for example social media companies either have to be behooven to exist or
banning procedures and whereas on the other hand the CCP you talked about but
what about CCP? TikTok is being banned like politic if they control the
politicians why is TikTok being banned? So again when you're making the argument
that they have this that the control of the CCP is much more whatever it's not
that simple when you look at it when you've got basically AIPAC electing 95%
of politicians when you've got the... Listen to me for a second, you're making a good point.
Yeah but... You notice I said every time China was the globalist project until
12-13 years ago.
I didn't say they're the dominant force.
I said the West is now at war with them.
Here's an example.
When I said... I agree with that.
I agree with that.
So for example, many years ago, China was actually making moves and they did start to basically get their tentacles in many countries.
For example, in the UK, many of the educational systems, they had control and pressure over.
The Confucian Societies.
Yeah, and for example, even to the point where the nuclear plants, I mean, they were basically taken over by the United Kingdom.
Let me just say this real quick.
But the difference is the dominant force right now isn't the CCP when it comes to our countries, when it comes to the UK and the US.
I'll give this to you, I'll give this to you.
COVID, who are the people behind COVID?
Who's the people behind Pfizer?
Like literally, go ahead anyway Alex.
No, I'll give this to you.
I think the dominant, one of the dominant lobbies In the Anglo-American establishment is the Zionist.
I've said that many times.
So I don't disagree with you.
People want to one-up, so they bring this up.
Here's an example.
When it broke five, six days ago, the CIA guy, former FBI, was saying we were quarterbacking this.
They do it through agencies.
And I literally saw comments going, oh, Jones claims it's the CIA, it's the Zionist.
It's all the same thing.
It's like I would say, Jeffrey Epstein worked with MI6, Mossad, and the CIA because at the top it's all the same group.
And then people say, why are you coming up for Israel?
I'm not!
The CIA can be doing bad things and the Zionists can be doing bad things at the same time.
That's all I'm saying is to believe, and it's not defending the Zionists.
I mean, it's just... No, I agree with you.
I agree with you.
But do you know the difference between the CIA, the FBI, and Mossad though?
What you said is one is American agencies, sorry, some American agents, and one is
a foreign agency, and that's where the problem is.
And one, so when, for example, the CIA is basically surveilling you, they are American
agencies surveilling an American.
Problematic, we disagree with it for sure.
But for example, when Mossad are doing it, as an example, it is a foreign agency in a
foreign country.
Well, let's go further.
The Mossad is involved with telecommunications and has the contract for all Qalorani, and
the Mossad actually has an interlocking system along with the British in the NSA.
So the NSA is Israeli, is MI6, is US and they're all working against national sovereignty for every country except basically Israel.
You don't see Israel bringing in masses of foreigners.
And so I agree with you on that, and I've said that.
And people do this weird thing where they go, "Look, Jones just said Israel's doing bad stuff to America.
"My God, he's getting woke.
"He's with us now."
And I say it every day.
All I say is, is that I got a big tent for everybody.
And so I'm trying to make it about issues and policies, not about, let me tell you something.
When the ADL goes out and says all Christians are white supremacists, or basically all Trump supporters are white supremacists, they know it's going to create anti-Semitism, which then gives them more power when Jews get scared and run and give them money.
I'm trying to recruit Jews and Muslims and Christians and Hindus and Buddhists and agnostics and atheists and gay and straight to saying, let's get rid of the private federal reserve.
Let's get rid of these giant wars and getting past the identity Politics.
I'm about issues and killing policies of carbon taxes and open borders and world government and vaccine IDs and central bank digital currencies.
And then I just don't sit there and say Zionist, Zionist on it, just like Well, I'm against open borders.
I love Mexicans.
They're great people.
Half the people in Texas are Mexican.
They're American as I am.
They're pissed off by open borders.
When I talk about borders, I don't go, these damn Mexicans, because it's not about Mexicans.
It's about illegals and unvetted and criminals and traveling humans.
So you can say, well, the majority are still Mexican.
You're covering up as Mexicans.
It's not Mexicans.
It's people illegally coming across.
And so I don't make it about a group of people to shut down the border.
Okay, I make it about it's open, they're smuggling kids, it's wrong.
Sure, the majority is still Mexicans.
Actually, not now, it used to be a few months ago.
Now the majority is other groups of Mexicans.
So I just leave the Mexicans out of it.
And just like, leave the Jews out of it, and just oppose vaccine passports.
Just oppose war with Russia.
Just oppose open borders.
Just oppose fentanyl.
When I criticize Xi Jinping, I don't say it's the Chinese, it's the Communist Party China.
I'm trying to unify, that's why they want me off the air, because I have a big tent approach.
Alex, I would like to add something to this.
Lula da Silva created the Ford St.
Paul's Forum, okay?
Professor Olavo always was correcting a Brazilian audience when people say United States did that or Russia did this or China did that or other countries.
When you use countries as historical agents or people that are operating Using countries is a figure of speech, because who does anything?
People or groups, not race, not religion.
For example, the tariqas are made by Muslims, are not the Muslims.
And even if some group has Jewish, they're not representing the Jewish.
For example, Leonard Boff, who is a Catholic, I am Catholic, Leonard Boff, He used to be kind of a priest in Brazil and he was together with Lula da Silva.
Who can say that the Catholic Church was doing it?
No, it wasn't the Catholic Church.
It was Leonhard Boff.
So using countries, religion, and race as historical agents is a figure of speech and doing that, We are not categorizing things correctly, so we need to understand which kind of people in that country is operating.
For example, I have a question for you all.
Why, after losing elections, losing people's voice on media, People that want to control the world started to attack their enemies through judiciary.
This is one question.
Second question, why Israel was attacked after proposing a reform in its judiciary power?
That's what some think, is that the military with the judiciary power did this to embarrass Netanyahu, and it's there.
I don't know which group did it, but I know Israel did it, and exactly.
Israel is a diverse group, and it's the same thing.
In East Texas, there is still some KKK.
Not a lot, like the media says, but it's there.
They claim they're Protestants.
They claim they hate Catholics.
Well, I'm a Protestant.
Raise that.
Do I blame all Protestants that the KKK is Protestant?
No, they're not.
They don't represent me.
Or the current Pope.
Most Catholics don't like him.
I don't blame Catholics because the current Pope's a globalist.
And that's what I'm saying.
Most Catholics I know are some of the best people around.
And so I'm just trying to, I'm trying to oppose policies instead of opposing groups.
But what does the left do?
Trump supporters are all white and they hate people. That's not true either.
They are afraid of us coming together on policy of low taxes, secure borders, right
to self-defense, open free trade, deals that are good for the people and that's
why I'm about policy. I learned that from Ron Paul. I'm about policy instead of
about what color you are.
I agree with that Alex, but there's a difference between, and I'll go to Brian,
there's a difference between identity politics, which I'm completely against,
and then a policy as you're right, you look at the policy, you look at it in an
individual perspective, you analyze it and you look at the veracity of the
But then what happens is, you then look at many policies and you think, you know what, why are all these policies aligning with a specific agenda?
And why are all of these policies impacting, for example, you talked about it, what's causing depopulation?
What's causing all of these ideas which is causing the destruction of the family?
What's causing the non-defined gender roles?
All of these policies are being proliferated in society and how or why are they proliferated?
And I think that connection and looking at where that connection goes is also important.
So, therefore, policies are important.
So, like, for example, vaccine.
We were all, well, many of us were going to get the vaccine.
But you've got to see where it's coming from.
You've got to see where the policy's coming from.
Exactly, exactly.
So, Brian, go ahead, you had a question.
Yeah, so I actually have two questions for Alex.
You know, he said on multiple occasions that the Federal Reserve is bad and that the global, you know, a global society is also bad.
I just want to know, how is it bad that the world is interconnected on a global level where all countries are integrated into one system, where all are beneficial to the other?
And how is the Federal Reserve bad?
I just want to hear what your thoughts are regarding that, because I have heard you said that multiple times, but I haven't heard any substantive material regarding why you would Can I take a shot at this?
It's very simple, if possible.
No, no, no.
Wait, let's go for it.
And then you can take a shot at it.
I mean, look, I could talk for five hours on this subject.
No, go ahead.
Just a little more clarity, because I'm just a little curious.
We've never been more interconnected.
Look at the standard of living and quality of life in the West.
Has it been declining?
Look at the middle class.
Look at social mobility.
Look at Haiti.
Look at Iraq.
Look at Syria.
You have supranational organizations now overriding the will of nations, of states, of cities.
Did you look at that new decision out of the Human Rights Court in Europe regarding climate change?
Right now, they are using supranational organizations and non-government organizations to override the will of the people.
We're seeing that with the Biden administration, with agencies, in regards to the SEC, in regards to the FHA, even in regards to the HUD, right?
They're going to destroy single-family homes in suburbia.
Like, there's nothing that's been better.
You've never been more progressive.
Brian, I want you to talk, but let me just jump in here as he asks me the question.
You're answering it great.
Look, there was something they kind of promoted in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the international man.
I would like a system through collaboration and governments working together with peoples where you can live anywhere you want and things can be standardized through free market.
What the other commenter was saying is totally true.
You have a global corporate government-backed system for globalism, where they create the UN, IMF, World Bank, WEF regulations, and then they come in and say, we're going to shut down half the farms in Ireland or Brazil or Sri Lanka, and we're going to make you live in a 200 square foot apartment, and we're going to ban carbon dioxide, and we're going to shut your power off.
The globalists are a Predatory central IMF, World Bank.
They're the ones... Are you saying IMF is going into these countries and telling them to shut down their industries?
They're tiding aid to these policies.
Look at USAID.
Well, let me explain what they do.
Let me explain.
The IMF and World Bank are on record.
The IMF in Europe, the World Bank in the United States, they're all interconnected.
They're national mega settlements.
They went in in the 60s and 70s.
Take Nigeria.
Then give them a $500 million loan, pay off the politicians not to pay it back.
And today Nigeria owns like 60 something billion and just on interest payments.
And then the IMF and World Bank told those countries do lockdowns or we'll pull back your loan
They use it for control.
They're de-industrializing those nations.
And we're facing a corporate world government, a fascist world government that uses communist
tactics to control people.
And that's what WEF and Klaus Schwab, the New World Order is.
So the idea of, oh, freedom and international love and all this crap, they're not bringing that.
It's UN peacekeepers going into African countries and murdering thousands to take their property and turn it into a lithium mine.
The big threat is the global corporations.
They're in every country.
The Fortune 500 with BlackRock at the center of it, with all the big central bank money.
The Federal Reserve was set up in 1913.
It has seven private shareholders.
It hasn't been audited since.
It's totally secret.
It stands apart from the other branches of government, even though it's privately owned.
It's never been audited.
It does whatever it wants.
Anybody can type it.
In fact, we have the clip.
I'm going to ask my crew to do this.
Guys, pull up.
It's only a minute long.
This is the outgoing head of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, 15 years ago on Laird NewsHour.
Is the crew in there?
Are you guys in there?
Get it ready.
He was asked, what is the government's relationship with the Federal Reserve?
He said, none.
There is no oversight.
Well, there's no oversight.
There's oversight of the other branches, at least partially.
So this is a financial dictatorship that has created quadrillions of dollars of money they give themselves.
They then loan out to everybody else.
And we've gone from America, America in 1951, look this up, it's astonishing.
America in 1951 was 4% of the world's population and had over 50% of the world's wealth that they created.
It wasn't taken.
Now we've got 20% of the world's wealth and we're 5% of the world's population.
It is free market and open society that creates the innovation and creates the wealth.
Under the Federal Reserve, we've gone from the biggest middle class in the world with half the world's wealth in that middle class To 80 plus percent of the world's currency and money and assets controlled by one-tenth of one-tenth of percent.
It is not one percent, tens of millions of people, that has 80 percent of the wealth.
It is a few hundred families and a few hundred corporations that have 80 plus percent of the wealth and they're vertically integrating it and that's the Federal Reserve and it's copied everywhere with these central banks.
What is the proper relationship, what should be the proper relationship between a Chairman of the Fed and a President of the United States?
Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.
And I've had very good relationships with presidents.
So our Bill of Rights and Constitution Says we got the legislative, the executive, the judicial.
What's this fourth branch that isn't government that's above the law?
That's why the Federal Reserve is bad.
There's your answer.
Thank you.
Just some breaking news, guys.
Just before you do, Nick.
Just quick breaking news and then I'll pass it back to you.
Israel and Iran have closed their airspace, which seems to indicate some form of major escalation, but both have now closed their airspace.
Go ahead, Nick.
And I believe a little bit ago it was breaking Jordanians also closed their airspace and the U.S.
government apparently told the Wall Street Journal, take it as you wish.
They said that they are anticipating a likely attack on Israel by Iran sometime Sunday morning.
I believe it's about 11 p.m.
in Tehran right now.
So we could be seeing things amp up very quickly. And let me throw this in, if Iran
attacks Israel, they know Israel may hit them with nuclear weapons, which makes me think there's some backroom deal to
keep Netanyahu in power and some deals have been made. If Israel gets attacked by Iran and doesn't destroy them, then
I think there's some type of inside job. You guys keep going. I'm going to take a quick two-minute break. Go to
the boys' room. Sure.
Sounds good.
In the meantime, feedback on the space so far.
What are you thinking?
Matt, welcome to the stage.
How's it going?
Hey, what's up, guys?
I wanted to talk to Alex, but we'll do it without him.
So basically, I wanted to tell Alex he's got to get Suleiman on the show.
But anyway, I wanted to point out that what's going on with the CIA, FBI, and all of the spying You go back to Yuri Bezmenov.
He talks about the stages of destabilization, right?
Or of ideological subversion.
You've got destabilization.
I believe that we're in the actual normalization phase right now, where we know what's going on and everyone's like, oh my god, they're spying on us.
I can't believe they did this to Trump.
And they're like, oh yeah, well, we're just doing it to whoever we want, whenever we want now.
It's like, oh, I can't believe they're just printing money out of thin air.
Yeah, well, we're just going to do it whenever we want.
We're just going to control all the insurance rates.
We're going to control all the interest rates.
We're gonna lock people up when we want, J6 prisoners.
We're gonna open the border.
Everybody knows what's going on.
It's a global problem.
And all we do, no offense, and I love this space, but nobody's actually doing anything anymore.
They're literally bitch-slapping us.
They've got us in a corner and they're bitch-slapping us every day going, what are you gonna do, bitch?
What are you gonna do, bitch?
And they're nudging us.
That guy, when he came on, Gavino Blenis, He's like, oh, we just give him a nudge, we give him a nudge.
That video itself nudged me so hard, I wanted to strangle that scumbag.
I mean, can you believe these people and their attitude and the way they talk about the people, the American people, the patriots?
It's disgusting.
We have to get really fucking pissed about this.
They cannot do this to the people.
They can't get rid of the U.S.
That is treason.
We have to take it like treason.
Who's getting rid of the Constitution, Matt?
Who is getting rid of the Constitution and on what occasions?
Well, by getting rid of the Fourth Amendment, you have no right to legal search and seizure anymore, now that the FBI, CIA can just come in.
That is not true.
I mean, listen, FISA, for you to be, you know, for your file to get a rise to the level of FISA, you, they have to be really, really, not only just articulable proof, but they have to have substantive proof of you.
Why are they searching, why are they looking into Alex Jones then?
And how do they get through that one?
And how do they look through into Donald Trump then?
And who do you work for?
What's wrong with the Federal Reserve?
What's wrong with the Federal Reserve?
The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, bro.
The Federal Reserve came on TV.
They have the guy being interviewed and he's basically saying that they destroyed interest rates just to hurt Donald Trump, knowing that it would hurt the entire economy of the country.
That's not true, Ben.
That's not true.
Yeah, it came out, bro.
Let me explain it to you.
They raised interest rates to control inflation.
When they started, inflation was at 9.1%.
They had to raise interest rates, otherwise the money would be worth nothing.
Let me finish, let me finish.
You think that the economy is bad now?
You do not want to know an economy that has 9, 10, 11, 12% inflation.
So why did the James O'Keefe interview come on and say that they did it just to hurt Trump?
Because they knew it would help the economy.
If they lower the interest rates.
So everything is relative.
So is creating money out of thin air?
Do you get to create money out of thin air?
Who else gets to create money out of thin air?
So the Federal Reserve doesn't create money out of thin air?
Well, I'm back, I'm back.
Can I respond?
Can I respond to Matt?
Can I respond?
I want to tell Matt.
Hey, I want to get him on.
Listen, I got an earpiece in so I was listening to you when I took a piss.
Let me just tell you, you're dead on.
The Federal Reserve created the inflation.
And then they dialed it back to hurt Trump, they admitted that.
Of their own problem, of their own problem they created.
And absolutely, they used the warrantless warrants on Trump saying he was a Russian agent and it was all a lie.
And Dan Bongino's released the documents that I was spied on by the NSA illegally.
They're using it for political control, they're surveilling the internet, they're censoring people en masse.
It came out in the weaponization hearings and he's dead right.
This is the normalization of the tyranny.
That is the process we're in.
We're done with demoralization.
Now we're in the next phase of normalization and then we're in exploitation where they totally enslave us and then use us to invade the next country.
I have a proposal to Brian.
Brian, you can apply your ideas in Cuba and let Alex Jones apply his ideas in the United States.
In five years we can see who's right.
No, no, no.
It's not capitalism to have the private Federal Reserve.
It's crony capitalism.
It's fascism.
To claim that I'm Cuban or I'm a communist because I'm against the secret Federal Reserve controlling monetary policy to consolidate wealth and power into the hands of the elites while they push build back better communism on the general economy is a lie.
I know, but my point is, for me as a Brazilian here in the United States, I see people wanting the government being bigger and bigger.
Go to other countries and try to apply that over there.
And we need to follow the Constitution of the United States where it says the government needs to get away from private life and not destroy the economy.
I agree with you on that.
I agree with you.
I was probably conflating you with the previous speaker.
That's what I'm saying.
So, Brian, go to Cuba and Brazil and apply that over there.
That would be great.
I got a question for Alex.
It seems like we have a little bit of breaking news here.
This is coming out of Axios right now.
We're trying to get more details on this and trying to verify through other sources.
But Axios is now reporting breaking news that Iran has launched attacks against Israel.
That is just now coming in.
Just now coming over the wire.
What type of attacks?
We're going to go to Axios.
We'll put it on screen.
There are from US and Israeli officials that drones are also headed that way right now going through Iran's airspace toward Israel.
So we might see things ramp up very, very quickly.
We're trying to get some more details on this.
Again, Axios now reporting that Iran has launched an attack against Israel.
We will get more details on that.
But Alex, But just to be clear, we're verifying that.
We are trying to.
That's what I'm saying.
We are trying to verify this.
Just to let you know everyone, we will be shifting the space to the potential attack by Iran onto Israel.
So I just thought I would let everyone know.
I totally agree.
We should focus on that.
Yeah, and so Alex, I want to go to you on that.
If these reports are true, again, we have the entire team trying to verify this in the background, trying to get as much detail as humanly possible.
If the reports are accurate...
What do you think is going to happen next?
What do you foresee happening?
Is the U.S.
going to end up being drug into this war?
Well, what did I say an hour and 30 minutes ago or an hour and 20 minutes ago?
I said, since when do you hear about a war's details before it begins?
We're told three days ago by the CIA that Iran's going to attack.
Then Iran seizes a ship and the Strait of Hormuz are outside of it.
And then now we're told drones are going to attack.
With missiles, and now it's reportedly happening.
Again, why was money given to Iran?
Why did Hezbollah help Hamas?
Why did Israel stand down?
This is part of a bigger global financial crisis.
If there's a war and the Strait of Hormuz and the Suez Canal get shut down, you are going to see price explosions you've never seen before.
That'll be the perfect political distraction for Israel, for Iran, for the NATO countries, for the West that are all in trouble.
When global elites get in trouble, they decide to have wars.
And the real default of Israel, who's been wanting to hit Iran first for decades, is that if they don't hit Iran, if they're hit with heavy attacks, and I would expect nuclear, which has been the Israeli doctrine, then you know the fix is in behind the scenes.
And this is how Netanyahu intends to stay in power.
This is incredibly dangerous.
And I've asked the crew to search engine this.
I can do it myself, or go to Drudge, or go to, you know, because this will be all over the news if it started.
I mean, who's writing this at Axios?
You guys give me the headline, I'll pull it up.
You can go to Axios.com, guys.
Pull it up for me, please.
Read us the report.
Who's saying it at Axios?
And tell us what it's saying.
Is that a director for your team or ours?
I'm saying to everybody.
I'm just sitting there.
Can you read the news that we have so far?
I'm just getting the panel organised.
Yeah, yeah, that was a funny one by Nick.
But look, Axios is reporting that Iran has launched dozens of drones.
No confirmation yet from other sources.
So the only source at the moment is Axios.
And I just want to be clear, because obviously we never want to fear Monga.
It says four American and Israeli sources tell Axios.
So the report is coming directly from American-Israeli sources.
Two Axios and it's Baruch Rabid and I think he's a very pro-Israeli guy so just want to be clear just to so people understand the situation just in case it's not Accra we always want to make sure we do have just just want to just want to also mention there's a lot of it was developing very fast like I was behind the scenes tweeting with the team Indian Airlines have routed the airlines around Iran we have Iran and Israel have closed their airspace.
It's based on Channel 12 and Al Mayadeen, so both sides.
Jordan closes airspace as Iranian strike on Israel fears rise.
So that's prior to the strike report.
Okay, well let's hope that's a false report because...
This could lead to nuclear war, this could lead to absolutely a regional war, the collapse of the global economy.
This is horrible news and the question is why would Iran just decide magically to do this when it's surrounded by US aircraft carriers with nuclear cruise missiles?
Let me read more just updates there.
So we do have Turkey has, earlier today as everyone knows, Turkey has said they will not allow the U.S.
to use their airspace.
Qatar and Kuwait, I think it was, said the same thing.
I'm trying to find the information.
Israel was on high alert.
They've scrambled their jets about an hour ago.
Dozens of combat planes are airborne as part of the state of readiness.
Iran is the world's biggest state of sponsor of terror.
us by the IDF spokesman, Hargari. Iran will bear the consequences for choosing to escalate
the situation any further. Israel is on high alert. We have increased our readiness to
protect Israel from further Iranian aggression. We are prepared to respond. We also have Israel
closing access to their beaches and public gatherings, I think their parks as well.
Israel orders children to stay home.
Braces for in-country attack from Iran.
That was an hour ago as well.
Let me give more updates.
There was a cyber attack, alleged cyber attack, shutting down Israel's electric grid.
That was also just over an hour ago.
And what else do we have?
We have here Biden rushed two hours ago back to DC as Iranian threat rises.
Biden has abruptly ended his Delaware trip to address the intensifying threat of an Iranian attack on Israel.
He says we are devoted to defend, to the defense of Israel.
We will support Israel, we'll defend Israel and Iran will not succeed.
So those all happened.
Let me go through behind the scenes.
Just on that, again, because I just think it's important, the source of this is Barak Ravid, and like I said, he is very much extremely pro-Israel, so it doesn't... It could be true.
Source of what?
There's a lot of things I've read, which one is it?
From Axios.
From Axios.
The source of the live attack, because what I'm saying is, it could be true, but just in case people understand, because some of us do think that this is... Or it could be like what Zelensky tried last year and this year, saying, saying Russia had launched missiles into Poland, but it was
But there's more sources...
It was actually anti-aircraft missiles.
There's just... sorry, sorry, Alex, there's another source here, Barak.
Ravi, is that who you're referring to, Salih, Barak?
That is exactly who I'm referring to. He's the source of that.
He's the source of all you see.
So this is what Alex is saying, I'm just saying we're both saying this, that just hold, like, just don't assume it's
happening because we don't want to be part of the problem that causes
something to happen.
I totally agree because this is the kind of stuff...
Sorry guys, it's not, it is underway.
Um, if Axios are reporting it, um, you know I'm not going to, uh, scaremonger next to some other people.
This shit is happening.
Um, there is some kind of activity in Iranian airspace.
There is activity in Iranian airspace, and you've got multiple countries shutting airspace.
Hold on, everybody's talking over each other.
Can I say something?
Let me just say something here.
Let me just say something.
There is a lot of drone swarming going on in Iranian airspace.
You can look at this in the air.
Yeah guys, I'm getting it.
There's more forces coming in.
Al-Quds is also saying intense flights of Israeli warplanes throughout the airspace of the West Bank and Jerusalem.
So that's Israeli flights out on top of Jerusalem, right?
Yes, that's Al-Quds, yeah.
Exactly, Al-Quds, just put that out.
We're getting more sources on the ground behind us, Saleer, that are saying the same thing.
Again, it's not 100% confirmed, but I'm getting more and more sources.
Wallah and Axios websites reported from American-Israeli officials the Iranian attack.
So there's American and Israeli officials.
The Iranian attack began by launching dozens of drones towards Israel.
All right, so there's more sources here coming in.
Alex, you were saying something and then we'll go to voice.
Well, I was just going to say this.
We've been told for days this is about to happen.
I'm not saying it's not happening.
But remember how the Ukrainians would fire anti-missile missiles and a few went into Poland and Zelensky said, oh, we were just attacked.
By Russia we need to go to full war and it turned out it was anti-aircraft missiles fired by Ukraine.
I'm not saying this hasn't begun or happened but if groups start to hype this and everybody escalates into this and then you've even got that's why they shut down commercial flights because they could be seen as missiles when they're not and trigger a war.
I don't think this is confirmed yet.
I hope it's not confirmed because this is really, really bad news if this is the case.
I'm purely speculating.
The team's got post footage right now.
it is no no okay you're a professional we believe you what are you watching stop
you're a professional you're a professional tell us what you're looking at
tell us what you're looking at I'm trying to Alex if you could actually
calm down guys we do have guys just two seconds the team the team's got post
footage right now a Middle East spectator put out Iranian drones heard
flying over Iraq towards Israel I can hear the jets from here.
You've got multiple countries responding at once.
You've got the Iranians themselves shutting their own airspace.
You've got serious wire organizations like Axios, Reuters and others, you know, beginning to pick up on this very quickly.
If it's a wire organization...
If it's a wire organisation, it picks it up very quickly, right?
That's AFP, Reuters, AP, all these groups.
If you see these entities picking it up, that usually means it's true.
And the last point I just want to make very quickly is this is not going to lead to nuclear war, mainly because there's no other country in the region that has nuclear weapons other than the Israelis.
The Iranians don't have nuclear weapons and they have no... So Netanyahu just said four minutes ago, Netanyahu, Benjamin Netanyahu said, Prime Minister of Israel, we are preparing for an Iranian attack.
The Israelis must maintain their nerves.
And I urged them to listen to the directives of the Home Front Command.
So it just came in from Netanyahu.
Yeah, well to say this won't lead to World War 3, Iran has, from my sources, has secret atomic weapons.
They don't have good delivery systems.
But according to my military sources, they do have nuclear weapons.
So does Pakistan.
And this is a very dangerous situation.
So I was not denying it's happening.
I was simply saying I didn't want to jump the gun if it wasn't.
I will help you guys organize it.
So, first of all, the UAV attacks, it will take several hours to actually appear where I'm at, so at the northern border of Israel.
So they are probably now, as according to your reports, and your team is doing a great job in the back channels, it seems like they're flying above Iraq right now, so it might take them like a couple of hours to get here.
Usually this is something that they do when they want to test the air defense systems because Israel have three different ones for UAVs or for certain missiles.
So this is what they're doing right now which would make sense.
So do you mean they're testing the Israeli defense systems rather than a full-on attack right now?
No, I mean they are launching at the same time.
Obviously they know that not all Shahed UAV drones would cross the system.
But they never tried to launch this kind of amount before at the same time from the Iraqi bases.
So this is going to be interesting how the air defense systems here on the ground are going to deal with it.
Israel does possess two kinds that can shoot these down, but I don't know yet how they function when they have dozens of them.
And if they decide, for example, to launch ballistic missiles even, or hypersonic missiles to the
direction accordingly, then it would be obviously a different story.
But I'm guessing we're going to see actually a slow development in the course of three
days and it's not going to be something we're going to see in one night.
That's just my assessment.
I've just checked Reuters, there's nothing on Reuters at the moment, sir.
Axios is the only source at the moment.
And there's that Barak Raab.
I've mentioned other sources as well.
What was the source?
Middle East Inspector.
I don't want to debate on whether we have enough sources.
I want to go back to the discussion.
Because it's important, we have to be accurate, right?
Because we don't want to be causing something to happen.
We don't want to be the source of it.
So the Middle East Inspector, what that is specifically saying is that they're hearing drones over Iraq.
So I just want to be clear on that.
So the audience know what's going on.
It's happening, dude.
Guys, guys, guys, guys.
When I speak, when I speak, everyone please stop.
When I speak, everyone stop.
Yeah, guys, this is incoherent babble.
Let the host speak.
Silence him.
I appreciate it.
Heidi, I want to go to you, man.
Not inaccurately, rather than--
Silence him!
I appreciate it.
Heidi, I want to go to you, man.
What's the latest that you have?
All right, so I just want to say that there's no confirmation on what's exactly happening.
There are drones that are being heard and seen and there are reports from some Israeli semi-officials and reporters and also on Twitter saying that they already launched towards Israel and they're going to take nine hours for them to reach Nothing is confirmed.
I don't think this is like the actual Iranian retaliation.
Probably the beginning.
Probably they're testing something.
Probably they're just causing some psychological warfare.
It's too soon to actually say what's actually going on.
But I would say it's like a big attack.
That's what everyone is saying.
If I could chime in, because I'm seeing so, Speth here is talking about how the Iranian cyber warfare teams are hacking radars for the IDF.
I would also like to add that the origin of where the drones came from, if it was from a proxy or if there's another type of thing, it's not specified either.
So we have, again, reports of the drones that are being overhead, but not exactly as to which group and, of course, what responsibility Iran has in the whole thing.
So I make that point pretty clear.
It could be Iraqis, not Iran as well.
Right, so it could be a proxy, exactly, yeah.
So just also, yeah, some more updates I have here.
So the Middle East Spectator said Iranian cyber warfare teams have hacked radars belonging to the IDF that came in two minutes ago from the Middle East Spectator.
And we also have the sounds of suicide drums launched towards Israel can be heard in all parts of the western provinces of Iran that came in from Iran Observer.
So they're being heard over the western provinces of Iran from Iran Observer.
The team will be posting all these on my channel as well.
Let me just, in the meantime, as we pivot to discovering the potential drones fired from Iran towards Israel, I just want to give a massive thank you to Mr Alex Jones.
Nick, I'll let you wrap up the discussion with Mr Jones and thank him for his For coming on our space today, and I know we had to cut it short, Mr. Jones.
I apologize for that.
And I don't think any of us expected these drones.
No, no, I understand.
You guys need to go to coverage of this.
...happen later on that quickly.
But Nick, I'll give you the mic.
Yeah, Alex, definitely appreciate the conversation.
We learned a lot today in a little, in a short period of time.
And actually, we had a little bit of this discussion talking about whether or not this would actually occur, some sort of strike on Israel by Iran, debated that a bit, got some great insight from you, as we always appreciate your time and like I said, we apologize for cutting it
short, but you know you being in the news business as well You kind of know how this works
Listen I'm here at the office other 10-15 minutes, but I'm gonna stay in the spaces and keep listening you guys
I don't want to dominate the spaces, but I'm gonna be driving home in about 30 minutes
So I'd love to just stay on and maybe pop back on in 30 minutes.
If you want to get rid of me, that's fine, too.
I'll be covering it all, obviously, at Real Alex Jones on X and on my show tomorrow, 4 to 6 p.m.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
But there it is.
And now New York Post.
Iran launches wave of drone attacks at Israel.
That is the report.
So I hope this isn't the case.
I wasn't denying it's happening.
I was just hoping I scroll down over the rest of the New York Post article, please.
So this is happening.
The Times of Israel is reporting.
The guidelines prohibit educational activities.
Okay, I don't know why that says that.
Just keep scrolling down, guys.
I want to read the rest of what it has to say.
So it doesn't really say anything.
Okay, it's not a full story.
So the New York Post has already put a place marker out there in case this unfolds.
Would it be an attack out of Lebanon through Hezbollah?
I don't know, but thank you all for having me.
It's been great and it's a big revelation that the CIA and FBI guy admits they're doing this.
We've got to stand together.
Incredible spaces.
Thanks for having me be part of it.
Thank you so much, Mr. Jones.
Appreciate you coming in.
Thanks for sharing the news as well.
Let's go back to any other updates.
Zoomers and Hadi, feel free to jump in.
Voice and Hoshyar, I know you guys are on the ground.
We have reports... Sorry, sorry.
Zoomers, hold on.
Let's go.
Hadi, then Zoomers.
Go ahead, Hadi.
The IDF are going to make a statement, I think, in around four minutes.
In five minutes, yep.
Do you guys want me to live translate?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yes, yes, yes.
So as soon as it starts, Voice, Zoom is just two seconds.
Voice, if you can live translate that, that would be great.
I'm going to look at my own channel for news updates.
And of course, Suli, Nick, anything you see, guys, just jump in and share it.
There's more footage.
Coming in here of drones that are on their way to, allegedly on their way to Israel.
So the team is posting that.
Obviously, I can't read out anything.
It's just footage with the source being mentioned there.
Go ahead, Exumus.
Yeah, thank you.
I just want to echo what Hadi Nassallah was saying before when it comes to these drones.
I mean, these drones, if it is truly the Shaheed drones, as the reports we're receiving, that those are the drones that are fired, then they fly around with a speed of around 180 kilometers per hour.
The distance from south, that off to Israel, is around 900.
So it's going to take around five to six hours for them to reach Israel.
So the question, that is if Israel is the destination, because we don't know that yet.
The sources are still not clear on this.
No, I said it in the beginning.
That's correct, actually.
The report also says that the estimated amount is about 50, according to Spectator.
Iranian sources are saying the same thing, around 50 drones, which seems like a pretty small attack.
And there was speculation earlier that the attacks will be targeted at Israeli military targets, which would mean Let's just see what targets.
It does seem like a pretty small attack.
I'm not sure if anyone else wants to disagree.
No, I mean, I think that sounds completely political.
That's what I'm saying.
It's some backroom deal to make both sides stronger.
This isn't a real war.
This looks like Kabuki theater to me.
Of all they're doing, Iran has a huge drone army and they're supplying Russia.
It makes, I mean, if anything, it makes more, like, logically it makes more sense for a proxy of Iran to, you know, do the drones.
We don't know the location of the drones where they're coming from yet, which is a very big thing.
I saw on a Geopolitics DDD saying that Netanyahu said that Israel is preparing for a possibility of a direct attack from Iran.
Our defense systems are deployed, ready for a scenario both defensively and offensively.
I say a great principle, if whatever causes us harm, we'll harm in return.
We'll defend ourselves in the face of any threat and do so calmly and decisively.
So we're not sure exactly what I guess we'll say about it, but I'm guessing, you know,
we'll probably see something a bit bigger than like 50 drones,
if they're really gonna do a full retaliatory strike against Israel for that killing of the IRGC officials.
I mean, does Israel just not have the ability, because it seems like the,
well, actually it doesn't seem like, the US government already said
they were gonna do whatever they could to defend Israel's airspace.
If we're talking about, you know, 50 or even 100 drones or something like that, is that not something that The U.S.
and Israel combined can handle?
Exactly, this is a great point.
I'm going to say this and I'm going to leave.
I'm going to say this and I'm going to leave.
It doesn't seem like it's, again, like it's not like a big swarm, like a number that they can't handle.
I think that if they were to go for a very large scale thing, it wouldn't be 50 drones.
So I think it's possible to be handled.
Guys, let me just throw this in and then I'm going to leave.
But look, that's what I'm saying.
The U.S.
still has forces in Iraq.
We have forces everywhere.
Israel can fly jets that fly ten times faster than these slow drones and shoot them down in Iraq.
So why is Israel going to wait until they get there?
This whole thing sounds like a PSYOP to me.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I'm done.
We're going to watch it here.
We're going to keep the spaces up on our streams.
But this sounds like PSYOP to me.
I totally agree Alex Jones.
I mean the distance is known and if the true trajectory of these drones is towards Israel then there's five hours window that Israel has to intercept these drones.
Even nine hours they said, not even five.
So there's just a voice jumping when the statement begins.
Colonel, I want to get your thoughts on this and we haven't spoken for a while so maybe you're, were you expecting this?
Are you surprised?
What do you think that would lead to?
That's the first I think it's the first ever direct attack by Iran onto Israeli soil, if this is what's happening.
Yeah, hey, thanks for pulling me up.
It's a little late here, but I'm happy to be on the show.
Look, I don't disagree with Alex.
I think that, look, 50 drones is not a lot.
I was hoping this would never happen, right?
I think we're past that.
But I want to caution everyone to just think that limiting this to 50 drones is the issue.
Right, if I was going to try and attack Israel, what I want to do is I want to overwhelm their air defense systems.
And I realize 50 drones don't do that.
Okay, I get that.
But the problem is drones take a really long time to fly there.
So what I want to do is I want to put 50 drones up in the air and then I want to time their arrival along with a bunch of long-range ballistic missile systems, right?
So if I shoot ballistic missiles and the drones all at the same time, it's not overwhelming because it's not a mass concentration.
So right now, yes, it's taking a long time for the drones to get there.
Let's see if they match the drones with any other type of strikes, creating a very difficult and complex targeting solution for the Israelis.
Colonel, the likelihood of this, like I'm in the camp that this is extremely unlikely, but what do you think is the strategy?
What's the purpose for Iran to escalate it to that level?
Is it just enough striking Iranian proxies in Iraq, for example?
To be fair, I don't know what 50 drones do.
I mean, I'm with Alex on this.
This doesn't make any sense, right?
If it's only 50 drones, the Iron Dome and everything else can kind of take that on.
Could that be seen as a warning?
Yeah, it depends.
It could be a warning, but if you're the Iranian leadership and you want this to be a warning, then you would actually be, now that they're in the air, you would be calling a press conference saying, we've just launched these, this is a warning, everyone knock it off and let's cool it, but I mean at the end of the day, we'll see.
Real quick, so War Monitor says that there's a missile salvo that was launched in Lebanon direction of Gailey from all my Dean correspondents. So
that's going right now and also a point out you know we don't know if there's any
sort of mobilization from proxies to coincide with the drone
arrival. So you're correct though it could be again like a build-up to something else
but it's about waiting and seeing exactly what happens which proxies mobilize to
kind of I guess assist in this strike.
One more brief thing here.
This is so important.
If you study the Iran Corporation's warfare threat ladder or warfare threat continuum that developed in the early 1960s and has been updated since then, it's currently U.S.
weapons doctrine, war doctrine.
It's the EU's doctrine.
Russia adopted a similar doctrine.
It goes 1 to 43.
43 is total nuclear war.
This is what you'd expect from Iran, whether it's some inside deal, you know, so both sides should clamp down domestically or whether it is just a warning to Israel.
If you don't want to start a full-scale war, you simply do a small incursion like this, but that's not really been Iranian doctrine.
They've always threatened a full assault.
I think we're going to find out very, very soon.
Beyond ribbiting, I mean, they say truth stranger than fiction, so we're about to find out, but I would challenge folks to look into the warfare threat ladder, or World War 3 threat ladder, or RAN Corporation warfare continuum, because that's where we are right now.
I appreciate it.
I was going to go to Colonel, and I know you were going to ask Vice Voice how long until the conference starts.
Yeah, exactly, the conference.
By the way, we're seeing footage, it may be old, but they're now claiming there's footage of Iranian drones being shot down.
No, the Iranian drones, again, they need like really a lot of time until they get to the air systems in the area.
Yeah, unless they're being launched from Lebanon.
Yeah, I get it.
Unless they're being launched from Lebanon, yeah, because these ones were reported in Iraq, so basically the way to tackle air defense systems... So Netanyahu right now, hold on, Netanyahu right now speaking, our defense systems are deployed... No, no, not Netanyahu, the spokesman, the spokesman... Hold on, there's a video, I've got a video here, look in our groups, the speaker group... Can you roll that, or we can roll that if you need us to?
Guys, guys, Alex... A spokesman started here...
Okay, we've got video here.
Netanyahu said, our defense systems are deployed.
We are prepared for any scenario both defensively and offensively.
I know that you citizens of Israel are also keeping your cool.
I urge you to listen to the directives of the Home Front Command.
Together we will stand with God's help.
Together we will overcome.
That was two minutes ago.
That was posted by War Monitor.
The team is posting on my profile as well if you want to see the video of Prime Minister Netanyahu.
Commercial air traffic over the Middle East right now.
Completely gone.
There's not one plane over just on the edge of Iraq.
There's nothing over Syria, nothing over Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Southern Turkey's all off Cyprus.
There's no airlines at all over this region, over the Middle East.
It's just a fascinating image.
Let me ask everybody this.
Can I ask you folks a question?
Let me ask you a question, everybody.
Why would the West know this three days ago?
Why would this be telegraphed?
And why is it happening?
What is behind this?
I mean, this is bizarre.
Yeah, and another question is, why is it that Iran fired these drones from Iraq in this case?
Why not Syria?
The distance is closer.
Or for instance, Lebanon too.
That's also a possibility.
Have they been talking about Lebanon?
And, Voish, make sure you interrupt us all as soon as the press conference begins.
Yeah, they started.
I didn't want to interrupt you.
Oh, please do interrupt.
Okay, so they are confirming that Iran has launched dozens of UAVs to Israel.
They're saying that the air defenses over sea and land has been prepared and deployed.
At the moment, there are no changes in terms of civilian instruction, but Israelis should stay close to the reports in order to get updated.
Sorry, I'm trying to translate from Hebrew.
It's a really stupid language.
One second.
They are asking when did they leave the UAVs.
Yeah he is confirming that it takes several hours until it comes here so they will probably
penetrate the aerial space if at all at 4 a.m.
Wait one second.
In case they will penetrate the Israeli airspace, alarms will be activated.
But Israel is now confirming drone attacks?
will react accordingly. They're not saying much actually, Mario. It's not super encouraging.
But Israel is now confirming drone attacks.
Yes, they are confirming it through the spokesman, yes, Alex.
Wow, this is horrible.
Well, I mean the drone launching...
According to U.S. officials, between 50 to 75 one-way suicide drones have been launched
by Iran against Israel.
Iraqi security forces have been placed on high alert.
That's by scent defender, according to US officials.
Spectator Index posted quotes from the press conference, I guess.
Over 50 Iranian drones have been launched towards Israel, set to take several hours before reaching Israeli airspace.
Drone activity sighted over Iraq.
Airspace of Iran, Jordan, Israel has to be set to be shut.
Yeah, this is a big deal.
Well, that's because they don't want to confuse... Hold on, I know the answer.
They don't want to confuse their aircraft or others for missiles.
You do that in total time of war.
Iran shut down their airspace an hour before the attack.
I don't know, there's something happening.
So I think wait and see.
Well, that's because they don't want to confuse, hold on, I know the answer.
They don't want to confuse their aircraft or others for missiles, you do that in total time of war.
That's why they all shut their airspace down.
(overlapping chatter)
Guys, just quick updates, guys.
I just want to stick to updates.
Hala and Hadi, is there anything on the Lebanese front?
So remember, Hezbollah is Iran's biggest proxy.
Hala, any updates from Lebanon?
No, no updates from Lebanon.
We're just... You've just dropped out, Hala.
I'm not sure if anyone else can hear you.
Oh, you're back.
You're back.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, go ahead.
Can you hear?
I'm saying from Lebanon, but the Times of Israel is actually quoting Axios.
No one is saying this is... I can't see any independent Israeli source, correct me if I'm wrong, voice, actually saying that they can confirm that they're all quoting... I'm sorry, no, you're not wrong.
Well, let me be clear.
The U.S.
has AWACS in the air all the time over Iraq.
The AWACS would know.
I didn't get what you said.
I'm saying there are AWACS.
There are AWACS all the time.
Go ahead.
What did you say?
I'm saying the West has AWACS all over the place that can see a pigeon flying.
So my point is, why are we hearing this from Axios and why isn't the U.S.
shooting that down?
Why isn't Israel sending F-16s and F-15s into Iraq to shoot this down?
This is very suspicious.
Hold on, I have some update.
Go ahead, Chief.
Alex, that's what we're talking about.
Hala, just a second, guys.
Everyone's speaking.
Just a second.
Hala, Hala.
She will update.
She will update.
Chief, can you give us your updates and then voice?
I'd love you to respond to Hala.
Go ahead, Chief.
So, per FOX, the U.S.
Senate Commander departed from the Israeli Trust now.
Yeah, that's a big one that happened.
And the Pentagon... Say that again, Chief.
Say that again.
Yes, the U.S., I just have an article here, sorry.
The U.S., I think, PENCOM just departed from Israel just now.
And then I saw a report from Middle East Bets here saying Pentagon has said that Israel is, you know, Iran launched a strike essentially.
That's per War Monitor.
Yeah, for those who don't know, we're putting on screen.
The Times of Israel, Reuters, everything is announcing the attack has begun.
So it's now mainstream news, so I'm going to ask the question, why aren't the AWACS and all the U.S.
and Israeli spy planes, they have stuff that can go in and shoot these little slow drones down all day long.
Why are we not hearing about that?
So that's my question.
My question to Colonel is, Colonel, Mario and various others have mentioned that there's 50 to 100 drones over Iraqi airspace.
It's going to take a while to get to even Israel.
The main source of this is Axios and then obviously many other people are reporting from it.
First, two questions.
One is, is Alex right that this could be some kind of like PSYOP?
And the second question is, If it is legitimate, why can't it just be shut down before it even gets to Israel or when it gets to Israel?
It's only like a 50 to 100 drones.
I'd like to know that.
Go ahead, Colonel.
Yeah, so both are good questions, right?
I think it's too early to tell if Alex is right or wrong.
I can't answer that.
But what I can tell you is, if you want to shoot them down now, and you're Israel, you're going to waste some really long-range missiles, right?
And really capable and very expensive missiles on drones that are not very expensive, right?
So you have an Iron Dome system that actually has that is relatively inexpensive per cost of shot.
So you may as well start building your track solution, building your air defense picture, fusing all that together, and then use your lowest cost systems.
Because if, and I'm saying if, because I don't know, right?
If Israel truly, excuse me, if Iran is intending to truly saturate their airspace with other ballistic missiles and other systems all at the same time, right?
You're saying this attack could be a diversion?
You're saying this could be a diversion?
For the harder to shoot things, the ballistic things that are going to be coming.
I think it would be a waste of everybody's time.
That's exactly what I said in the beginning.
Just one person at a time, please.
Go ahead, go ahead, Colonel.
The last thing that I wanted to say, and this is more a general thing, I'm getting comments from some of my friends who work in CENTCOM and AFCENT that are all getting recalled right now to come back into the headquarters.
So, I wouldn't say that this is, that we're, I think it's on, right?
I think it's fair to say at this point that it's on.
I think that's a great point.
And I know we have people on the ground in Lebanon, in Israel, in Iraq, and obviously in Iran.
Amir is here as well.
Colonel, I want to take it a step further.
I know we're just focusing on news here, not too much speculation, but just a quick question.
How do you expect Israel to respond to this?
Again, this is the first time in history that Iran attacks Israeli soil, and correct me if I have this wrong.
I can't answer the second part, right?
I'm not a very good historian guy on Israel.
I apologize about that.
It is the first time.
But to answer your first question, I think if you're Israel, right, I think the first thing you want to do is ensure that you survive that first wave of attack, right?
It would be foolish at this point to actually try and take the offensive Start scrambling jets, you know, start pushing things out, start shooting long-range things back.
I think that that's...
There'll be time for that.
So, Colonel, Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah, so this is Hezbollah in Iraq, not the Lebanese Hezbollah, has declared the start of operations against Israel.
This is by the Iraq Kataib of Hezbollah's Iraq's Kataib, or however you say, Iraq Resistance.
Oh, Iraq Resistance also, which is a different group as far as I understand.
Iraq Resistance also declared war against Israel.
There are two groups, aren't there?
Hala, the Hezbollah Kataib, Iraq's Kataib Hezbollah and Iraq Resistance.
Are they two separate groups?
Hala, Hadi?
They're all under one umbrella called Iraqi Resistance, but Hezbollah and Iraq are part of them anyway.
There's different groups and they're all under one.
And just want to say that the Syrian army as well, their defense systems are now working on allowing any drone that passes to go towards Israeli positions, so they're not going to shoot them down.
The Syrian army is now on high alert as well.
Okay, let me go to someone on the ground.
Amir, I know you're in Iran, so I want to go to you and get an update from Iran.
What's the latest?
Someone is saying the Pentagon has confirmed this.
Can anybody see what the Pentagon is saying?
This is just Twitter reports, by the way.
We'll check that, we'll check that.
I just want to go to Amir.
Amir, you are in Iran and obviously we're speculating what's going on, but what's the news coming out of Iran?
Are they saying that they've launched the attack or is... we'd love to hear what's going on on the ground there.
Go ahead.
Hi, brother.
Can you hear me?
Is my voice good?
Yes, yes, yes.
The reason I'm asking, I just told Mario, you know, our power just went out in Tehran.
I don't know if it's Israel attacking our house or our neighborhood.
I really think that's the case.
It's just crazy.
I'm hyped up for this.
And, you know, basically, Pentagon just confirmed the Iranian attack.
And, yes, you know... Sorry, just on the first one, you said... Sorry, I'm here, I'm here.
You said the electricity is down in Tehran or just your house?
Yes, yes, no, in our whole neighborhood, in our whole neighborhood.
I think it's some cyber thing.
Yes, that's why, yes, that's why I was asking for my voice.
Yeah, so basically For yesterday and the days before I think Hezbollah and Iran they are just testing the Israeli defense systems and I'm just seeing unconfirmed reports about like the Israeli defense systems being hacked so yeah it takes a couple of hours for the drones to reach Israel but actually Iran has attacked Israel before like in seven years ago when
General Soleimani ordered an attack after General Hamadani got killed in Syria.
He attacked the Golan Heights.
So, you know, Iran drone attacking Israel won't be a shock after October 7th.
And, you know, there's still no missile attacks.
So, you know, drones, I know they're effective and especially Iranian drones, the Shahad drones, we all saw what they did in Ukraine.
But right now, even at this point that everything is just so hyped up, I'm waiting for more things to happen and right now Iran is doing its retaliation step by step.
They started with some Hezbollah attacks and then they seized an Israeli ship and right now they are attacking Israel with drones and yes the Tehran airport is closed and airspaces are getting closed and we should wait for the targets of the drones you know because it just differs if they are... But Amir, Amir, just a quick question on that but what are they saying in Iranian news?
Are they confirming the launch?
Sorry guys, sorry, sorry, two secs.
There's a second wave of drones that just came in.
Naya, you were just saying that in the back channels?
Sorry, I had to go back from the back to the mic.
Yeah, it seems like it.
But I still don't have any information about it.
I only know that I have been seen in Khramshah.
Sorry, this is how we say it in Hebrew, in Iran.
So they came out from a different location apparently, but also long distance.
Yeah, so, oh, thank you.
So also long-range UAVs, probably one of the Shahids, maybe the 365.
Guys, I'm really guessing these will not even manage to get Israel airspace, to be honest.
Like Alex was saying, I mean, I don't think they will even wait to see if the air
defense system would test that.
And also, I do agree with Amir, and I said it also in the beginning, it's usually the
strategic protocol of them, of like sending the UAVs.
And then shortly before the UAVs are coming to the Israeli area, they launch like a missile,
which needs only like a couple of minutes or some of them even just seconds to get to
And the air defense system is so overwhelmed, according to theories, that some of them may
be able to go through.
And I think this is the initial intense here.
Amir, just two seconds, we'll go back to you.
I can't just finish this.
Yeah, yeah, Amir, just two seconds.
We'll go back.
We'll go back.
Amir, just two seconds.
We'll go back to you.
Go ahead, Chief.
What updates do you have?
Yeah, so the Christopher Reuters, right?
So, the Christopher Reuters, right?
So they're confirming the second wave of drones.
And it says two recce sources per Reuters are saying that they spotted dozens of drones flying from Iran in the direction of Israel.
Just off in Warman, just now, Iranian media, ballistic missiles are expected to be launched towards Israel at dawn today.
That's in Warman.
So that's the only source that just came up.
So, like, it's just the second.
I do have a sub-Iranian news source, though.
Yeah, I've got the source.
Cybernews, we do have a special speaker coming up, just two seconds guys, but Cybernews is just saying that a missile bash is expected to be launched shortly and minutes before the Iranian UAVs reach the target.
Not sure what their source is, but that just came in.
Let me go back to Amir, and then we do have a special guest to get his thoughts on the developments.
Amir, if you can tell us what's happening in Iran.
Yes, yes, Saber News is totally legit.
I really have known the admin.
I totally know that guy.
Actually, the number of drones are 70 drones.
70 drones are right now despite getting both Israel and the attack.
We'll go back to you in a second.
We'll go back to you in a second.
Mr. Tay, how are you?
I'm good.
I think this is a heavily symbolic moment.
We can talk about the drones and whether they'll be effective or not, but the fact the nation-state is directly attacking Israel and not using a proxy I think is massively symbolic and I wonder if it's kind of like the four-minute mile once it's been done once.
Once it's been cracked, especially now that people understand Israel's lost a lot of its public support in the West, it might be the beginning of something a lot larger.
And I guess my view on it all is how involved America's going to get.
Because if they don't get involved on the side of Israel, I'm not sure how long Israel's going to survive if they can be attacked like this and almost can get away with it, if that makes sense.
It doesn't, and the one thing that was a bit surprising that I was reading out earlier is that Turkey, Kuwait, I think Qatar, I'm not sure if any other countries, have publicly stated they will not allow the US to use their airspace in any strikes against Iran.
Considering this, do you think that support for the US is starting to diminish with the war in Israel and now with this escalation that we're seeing?
The only guarantee of power is that one day you're going to lose it.
And power is lost by overexertion.
It's the same in every single country in the world.
If you look at any revolution, what happened is there was a protest and the security forces ended up firing on the people to try and quell the protest.
And once they use too much power, civil war begins.
Israel overstepped the mark.
They went way too far.
That's the guarantee of power throughout the dawn of human time.
When you overstep the mark, eventually there's going to be massive repercussions.
And history shows that people who do that usually end up losing.
We have to see if the big brother America is going to come along and help them out.
But if not, now that this symbolic gesture has been made, a direct attack from a nation-state onto Israel, I think Israel has a lot of problems geopolitically going into the future if they survive.
That's my point of view.
We do have some big voices on stage.
I do want to go to Mr. Jones and Kim at Kim.com and I'll read out.
I might interrupt with any updates that I get in the back channels.
Mr. Jones.
Alex, go ahead.
Look, I'm just blessed to be here with your incredible group.
This is what Spaces is meant to do.
All these people from Iran to Israel to Lebanon.
We've got Andrew Tate here who just totally nailed it.
This is seen as symbolism of the weakness of America and Israel that Iran, for the first time in its history, has done this.
And I was saying 30 minutes ago, if this is a real attack, I would expect this to be a diversion
that Iran's gonna hit through its proxies in Lebanon and from other groups encircling Israel.
And this is so dangerous, because this is only gonna escalate
if Israel is in real danger, they're going to use nuclear weapons.
So we have a real expert, this colonel, who I've been in this space before,
a really smart guy, followed his work, saying they're already calling back people
to Central Command right now.
So this is a historic moment that we're here watching, and I would expect Iran, if this is real, which it is now,
to use this as a diversionary attack, and to use their ballistic missiles
that are hard to shoot down and other attacks.
So if this is happening, and it is, this may not be staged as some backroom deal for Iranian power and Israeli power.
If this is a real war, People better pray that this doesn't lead to nuclear war.
This is incredibly dangerous and it's only the weakness of Joe Biden and the weakness of the Israeli leadership and the actions of turning world opinion against Israel, carpet bombing Gaza, that has led to this.
Israel had the world's support six months ago, they'd have just gone after Hezbollah's leaders.
Instead, they engaged in those war crimes, and now this is totally backfiring.
So I'm gonna let Kim Dotcom and Andrew Tate and the Colonel elaborate, but if the Colonel can elaborate
and give us his take on now more drone attacks now coming in, what that means.
I think that signifies a full Iranian attack.
They have tens of thousands of ballistic missiles, tens of thousands of drones,
and the main supplier of Russia.
This is going to have me really concerned about nuclear war potentially in the next few weeks and months or even sooner.
I want to get the Colonel's take and then I want Andrew to elaborate.
I'm going to cut off here and keep streaming.
We're simulcasting this at InfoWars.com forward slash show on Rail Alex Jones.
I'm going to keep watching and listening and stay on and maybe in an hour.
I have a feeling you're going to go for six, seven hours probably.
50 million viewers, so I'll pop in, but I'm going to shut up for the next hour or two.
But I want Andrews to take... I just want Andrews to take... I want Andrews to take, in closing, I want the Colonels to take, and then I want Andrews to take on, does he agree with me, this signifies the weakness in the West, which they're going to double down, which only escalates, how could the West extricate itself?
What do you think Iran wants here?
Two questions, I'm done, thank you so much, and God bless you.
Thank you, Alex.
Just before we go to Tate and the Colonel, there is a massive, or is it, there's a coming in of a GPS jamming on a large scale.
This report just came in as well that we'll be posting about from various sources.
And I do want to point out, we do have a space that was planned in a couple of hours, in about three hours, with President Bolsonaro from Brazil, former President Bolsonaro from Brazil, and Elon could be joining that one.
That may be delayed as we cover this attack for anyone that will be watching our interview with the President and Elon.
Yeah, and here's what's interesting.
Let me go to the Colonel, just get your thoughts on what Alex was talking about,
and then we'll go back to Andrew.
I think he dropped out.
Colonel, we'll just bring you back up.
Andrew, any comments on what Alex just said as I read out more updates?
Yeah, and here's what's interesting.
When you're a bully, and when I say a bully, I don't mean that in a negative term.
I mean, when you're the large sack at the poker table, when you're the world's only true superpower which can
project force, your answer is force.
And when you're a bully and you bully everybody, that works for a certain amount of time.
But once they start to check you, once people start to stand up to you and say, okay, do something, your only answer is more force.
There's nothing else you can do but come along and try and be more brutal and try and crush them harder than before.
And you have to look at the world and look how, it doesn't matter if you're talking about a country, it doesn't matter if you're talking about a drug gang, it doesn't matter if you're talking about a cartel.
Once they get into a certain level of force where people deem it unacceptable to tolerate, they no longer fear your last weapon.
If you're already committing war crimes and killing entire populations, and people are seeing it all over the news and all over the internet now, and the matrix is broken, you can't lie to people anymore.
They're going to sit here and say, well we don't care, we're not tolerating this and we don't care how much you beat your chest and try and be a bully.
We're uninterested.
America only has one answer.
And like I've said, the guarantee of power is that one day you're going to lose it.
This is the guarantee of power in every single romantic relationship and every single geopolitical relationship.
And it's lost via overuse of force.
I don't know what America or Israel can really do now besides Try and go harder than they've been going.
Andrew, I've just got... Andrew, Andrew, guys, guys, I've just got an update.
Andrew, the Iranian attacks from the IDF just now, the Iranian attack that has begun also includes cruise missiles and not just drones.
That just came in from Channel 13.
Yeah, correct.
It's the real deal!
And this is what's happened.
They got themselves here by overstepping the mark.
It's really interesting.
People who have power over anything need to be very careful with it.
You have to very softly use it.
Now they're in a mess where the only thing they can do is go to Big Brother America and say, bring more force and try to scare everybody.
I don't think that's even going to work.
I think that public sentiment across the Middle East is so galvanized against Israel.
I don't think it's going to work and I really do believe this is like the four minute mile.
I think this is the beginning of something and I think the state of Israel is in a lot of trouble.
That's my personal view.
Andrew, just a quick question.
You talked about or gave the analogy of Israel being a big bully.
Andrew, just a quick question. You've just talked about or gave the analogy of
Israel being a big bully. What happens to Israel if they have a scenario where
they've got extreme amount of pressure?
We know the way they've acted in this last six months has been extreme.
What happens when they are back is to the wall?
And then, you know, we know about the Samsung directive.
Is that a huge concern?
Well, Alex Jones and many others are concerned about that.
This could make Israel do an extreme strike.
Well we can pray it doesn't come to that.
We can pray it doesn't come to nuclear war.
I would like to think optimistically what will happen is there'll be a meeting behind closed doors and democracy is deliberately instigated across all of these countries so that everything can be set up and scammed amongst the populace and they're gonna just change the government over and say sorry and say it's not us anymore everything's changed we'll be nicer now.
That's the optimistic view if they really get under the cosh Is that the government will change?
That will be instigated by power players behind.
They'll say sorry, say it's not us anymore and we'll all move on.
But there is a serious problem, yes.
Perhaps the government inside of Israel or the people who are in charge will not agree to that.
And perhaps then, yes, it goes nuclear.
And once a nuclear weapon is used, once again what I said about the four minute mile, truthfully at that point I'll be looking to live on a Polynesian island for the rest of my days because I think that'll be the beginning of something which is never going to end.
I think it's going to be A groundbreaking event which is going to break societal norms in nearly all ways.
And nothing good can come from that.
Irregardless of how the event ends.
Guys, we do have another update.
Maybe the same update they have, Chief.
There's drones launched from Yemen towards Israel.
This does remind me of the feeling that I got when Russia crossed the border into Ukraine.
Something that all of us expected to never happen and to be unfathomable.
Yeah, this is full-scale war.
Fee-mongering ended up becoming reality and this is the same thing.
There's reports from the IDF by Channel 13 that cruise missiles are expected as part of the attack.
Not sure if they've been launched already.
And now we have attacks.
The resistance groups in Iraq have declared war on Israel and we just got updates that drones were launched from Yemen towards Israel.
Now, Yemen- Iran has to learn more about- >> If I add something else.
Yeah, sorry, I'm just, I'm poking at some friends in Amman.
And from what I understand- I'm actually can't hear Matt is talking.
But I- Yeah, yeah, I thought you, chief, chief, go ahead, chief, you can't hear, I'll go to
you right after.
Okay, thanks, sorry, yeah, sorry.
I don't know if anybody can hear me.
I can't hear me either.
I can't, I'm talking.
All right, go, I'll bring you down and back up.
Chief, what do you have?
So this is Israel officials to Axios.
The plan to counter the Iranian strike is to intercept most of the drones with the help of the United States and other countries across broadside Israeli airspace.
And Biden, according to the White House, will have a meeting with the Secretary of Defense and State, the Director of the CIA, and the National Security Advisor.
And of course, Iraq and Yemen have closed their airspace just now.
And this is all because, again, of the strike by Israel to the IRGC officials, which is, of course, on a consulate, which is on Iranian soil.
So this is, again, because Israel killed those seven IRGC officials.
Now we have this complete nightmare scenario.
So, yeah, cruise missiles are also being launched per Iranian media.
So that's also corroborating your source, too.
But, so, hold on.
Iranian media has also mentioned cruise missiles, Chief?
I saw that from a telegram, yes.
Okay, and Noya, you're on the ground in Israel.
Are you there, Noya?
Voice, are you there?
Yes, I'm here.
Sorry, the connection keeps coming up and down.
Yes, I'm here right now.
We just had a barrage of jets.
I actually wanted to open the mic for you guys, but they just passed.
So, yeah.
You said barrage of Israeli jets, correct?
I call it a barrage, but yeah.
So, we're right next to an airbase over here in the northern border.
So, you can really hear the jets take off.
This is like how we knew that there's something happening.
Um, so yeah.
There's a White House statement.
There's a White House statement.
This afternoon, President Biden will meet with principals of the National Security Council to discuss events in the Middle East.
Nick, thanks for sending this.
The meeting will take place in the White House Situation Room.
Secretary Lloyd Austin, Secretary Anthony Blinken, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, all these different names.
Yeah, sorry about that.
I was out earlier.
President Harris and Chief of Staff Jeff Zients will attend by secure video.
Earlier today, the President was briefed on events in the Middle East by National Security
Advisor Sullivan and Principal Deputy National Security Advisor Finner.
So it just came in now as a White House press statement.
Piotr, is your mic working?
Do you have any updates?
You were talking about updates in Iran?
Yeah, sorry about that.
I was out earlier.
No, just basically, look, this is, I just want to give a 50-foot zoom over very quickly.
The US probably knew this was going to happen.
We've seen a flurry of diplomacy in the past few days, like Omanis, Egyptians, Saudis, the Americans even pressuring the Chinese to try and talk to the Iranians to get them to do something.
That's how desperate the White House has been to try to avoid this situation.
We've got multiple drone attacks potentially happening.
We've got missile barrages potentially coming from Yemen.
This is a multi-pronged, multi-staged potential thing that I warned about yesterday, okay?
And I'm not one for scaremongering, but I am very worried about that.
Yes, Graham just said, Senator Graham, OK, you'll expect something pretty extreme there.
If Iran attacks Israel, the regime becomes a target.
That's according to Senator Graham, who's obviously always going to be fee-mongering.
We need to make it clear to Iran that if they attack Israel, which they already did, the regime becomes a target.
Anything less will not work.
Again, that's U.S.
Senator Lindsey Graham just in.
I want to contextualise this very quickly, which is that the US and the Iranians were working on drawing down tensions in the past two months.
Sorry again, I have to interrupt you.
Colonel, what you said earlier about 20 minutes ago seems to be exactly what's happening.
So we have the New York Times put out this statement.
Current and former American officials say it is likely that Iran will try to synchronize the drone attack with faster moving missiles, which is in line with reports from Israel and from Iran that cruise missiles are expected to be launched, which would be launched later.
The slow moving drones, a former official said, could be used to distract Israeli defenses.
Which is surprising, I wouldn't have expected this.
They'll be used as a test of airspace, they're slower moving, they're easier targets, and then the Iranians may well try to get the Yemenis or the Iraqi militant groups to launch missile barrages, right?
How do you expect Israel to respond to this?
Well, there's a reason the Americans moved their Kereshtite group force closer to Israeli shores.
I'm not going to pretend that I know exactly IDF military doctrine, but what I would just say is that I think the Israelis have the ability to deal with these things independently but all at once from multiple
fronts that could be a challenge for the Iron Dome which is probably why the
Americans are going to this could be exactly what some of the militant groups have
wanted which is to draw the Americans into this war and again I still refrain
from using the term nuclear war because one side doesn't have nuclear
weapons I'm not playing down the seriousness of what is happening everyone
I just want to be very clear though that nuclear war is is a very specific
thing but you could and this is the last one I'll shut up which is the Israelis
have restrained from using tactical nukes
Could this be an instance where they decide to do that?
Because they are literally facing existential threats.
No one's talking about them blocking straight over Moose or the Suez Canal.
That could be a possibility, but that's me speculating, so don't quote me on that.
Let me go.
By the way, Eastern Voices said the same thing about coordinated attacks.
I do want to read another update.
Israel has evacuated certain military bases and launched aircraft and prepared air defenses to intercept what is believed are drones launched from Western Iran and Western Iraq, per three senior Israeli defense officials that just came out.
Go ahead, Colonel.
And then we'll go to Chief for any updates.
Yeah, so it's interesting, right?
So the carrier strike group Eisenhower is being reported to move towards Israel, which is interesting, right?
Because actually moving towards Israel basically means it has to go through the Red Sea and then through the Suez Canal, which I'm not sure if we're on the brink of World War III that I want to be the carrier strike group commander that's, you know, going to put a carrier through a transit like that where it's really vulnerable.
The other thing that's interesting, and I'm just saying it's an interesting piece of information right now, right?
The Royal Air Force has clearly launched a bunch of typhoons who are now on its anchor out of Cyprus and I'm not saying it's tied to Israel but I will tell you it's a very odd time to be doing a in a training sortie out of Cyprus on a Saturday night.
Think about it, they've got Cyprus, right?
The Brits are very close, just strategically speaking, to Israel.
They would be a core part of any potential area of the Sepp.
Yeah, so I'm saying if you force put a gun to my head, I'd say it's part of it.
It's just a very weird... Hold on, there's another update here.
Any country that opens its airspace or territory for Israel to attack Iran will receive a strong response from us.
That came in from the Iranian Defense Minister.
Again, any country that opens its airspace or territory for Israel to attack Iran We'll receive a strong response.
So anyone on stage, if Iran wants to attack, sorry, if Israel wants to attack Iran, what are the ways to do this?
They can use... And which countries?
And which countries would it be?
Well, that would be... Most likely Azerbaijan.
Because usually... That would be Azerbaijan, that would be potentially Qatar, UAE, with the US.
Towards Iran.
So I'm pretty sure probably Azerbaijan or other Arab countries, but I don't think any Arab countries would dare.
So I think the closest thing you can think of is Azerbaijan.
Yeah, real quick.
Mushroom is talking.
I can't hear people.
I'll drop down and ask this.
I don't want to speak again.
So this is from Iranian Fars Agency saying, Iran confirmed the launch of dozens of UAVs and...
The imminent launch of a missile attack, writes the Iranian Spartan Agency.
A senior Israeli official said the number of drones has increased to hundreds, not just the 70 we heard before.
And the Iranian television reported that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard... Let me just one thing, sorry, just a quick interruption here.
If the space dust crash, we'll be starting it again instantly, within less than a minute, because it is glitching.
We've got big numbers.
Another bit of breaking news.
The Jordanians have just said that if any drones enter their airspace, they'll be shot down.
The Jordanians are making it very clear which side of this war they're on, or at least when it comes to US support, right?
They're making it very clear that they're not going to stand for Iranian drones in their airspace.
So that's another update.
So Jordan will be firing on Iranian drones that go towards Israel?
Basically, yeah.
They'll intercept them.
I mean, they won't agree with your language, but they would put it like that, yeah.
If that helps.
Go ahead, Chief.
You were saying... Oh, Chief just dropped out.
Let me bring him up.
Again, if the space does crash within a minute, we'll be starting it again.
Let me go to Colonel and Chief Hoshyar.
I'm not sure if you got any updates.
You usually got a lot of updates for us.
Anything on your end, Hoshyar?
Anything from Iraq?
Hello, everyone.
Well, a couple of things just to look at the big picture.
The Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei just announced on his tweet around the last minute to the group that the Israeli regime would be punished, basically confirming that the attacks began.
And he said earlier that There will be a slap.
Usually he names these things, even the attacks when they carried them out after Qasem Soleimani was killed.
But I think there are three, four points that are important.
One, closing the airspace is natural because you have civilian airliners.
I remember the last time Iran launched those missile attacks, they shot down a civilian airliner.
The second is, it goes over these countries, it would be natural for some of these countries who have capabilities to shoot them down.
If we go back to the first few weeks of the war, Jordan asked for air defense systems from the U.S.
I remember we were discussing this, why would Jordan need an air defense system for something like this?
I expect this will be in waves, including, you know, missiles, but we see it from northern Iraq, Yes, I'm here.
I couldn't leave.
This is so riveting.
even over Baghdad, all these drones going towards Israel.
Okay, let me get, so anyone that has breaking news, just jump in.
Just look at the news in the background.
Well, I've got breaking news here.
Alex, sorry, I didn't see your hand up. Go ahead, sir.
Yes, I'm here. I couldn't leave. This is so riveting.
Here's the question for the colonel, who's the real expert here.
If Iran's launched a full-scale attack, which it's clear they have,
I can't believe they have for the first time ever, this is insanely dangerous,
then the main thing Iran's going to do is blow up ships, the Strait of Hormuz,
and the Suez Canal that will bring world trade to a standstill.
That's the real weapon.
So if Iran's going to full war, which is unbelievable, Then what's going to happen in these key waterways where half the energy of the world transits every month?
That's question number one.
And question number two that no one's asking.
Israel's already been wanting to attack Iran for decades.
They're going to attack Iran.
You can bet your bottom dollar.
So then what will Iran do when that happens?
Those are the two big questions.
Please answer them, Colonel, and then everybody else, because Colonel knows more than I do.
I'd quite like to answer that after the Colonel.
Yeah, so it's a great point, right?
The strategic waterways and the strategic choke points of naval warfare are going to be critical and you're going to try and control those because you want to control warfare and unfortunately commerce takes a backseat to that, right?
So Alex is 100% correct.
Will they destroy them?
I don't know, but clearly things will slow down to a snail's pace through these things because ships will be inspected.
It'll be really ugly.
Well, you just gotta sink one.
You gotta sink one and block it.
You want to let your warships through.
For example, you've got Ike coming up right now.
You don't want to sink anything until Ike gets through.
And by the same token, Ike can't stay there forever, right?
So we've got to rotate our carriers and stuff through.
Al Jazeera has put out, an Iranian leader said the following, the supreme leader of Iran, the evil regime will be punished.
This came in from Al Jazeera.
I'm just saying drones are a side issue to blocking those strategic waterways.
is ready to, just going away, is ready to intercept and shoot down any Iranian drones
or aircraft that violate the safety of the waterways.
Sure, but I'm just saying drones are a side issue to blocking those strategic waterways.
I'm saying the Iranians will sink ships in those.
Well, so if I might just bring in, jumping on this.
Look, so very quickly Alex, the drones are not to be sniffed at.
They're very important in the initial, sort of, they're trying to gain power.
No, no, I understand they're probing.
I'm saying blocking the waterways in, I've studied the war zones there, the war scenarios.
Blocking those waterways by either side are critical.
If Iran just blows up a ship in those waterways, they'll block it.
So I'm saying, will Iran do that?
That's my question for the Colonel.
I don't know.
I don't really see what, because don't forget that the Iranians are still dependent on global trade.
The Chinese and the Russians would not be very happy if the Islamic Republic did that.
I'm not saying that they couldn't, but if they did that, that's an absolute loss for everybody.
There are relative losses and there are absolute losses.
And in this case, that would be an absolute loss Particularly in the Strait of Hormuz, I think that would be kind of crazy for the Iranians to do that.
Again, not saying that they couldn't, but because that is Iran's backyard.
If they block their own waterway, how are the Iranians going to get their own oil out to China and other things like that?
So, for me, I don't think it's impossible, but I don't think it's a priority for the Iranians.
What is the kernel thing?
Yeah, I don't think they're going to blow them up.
I think world perception is going to be a huge issue going forward, right?
Iran is still going to try and make itself look like, hey, we're doing this because we had no alternative.
If they truly turn out to be the bad guy, right, and they literally close these waterways to all traffic, it will affect a lot of countries who will actually turn a negative eye towards them.
To your second point, though, Alex, I think when you talk about What's the retaliation that Israel is going to have?
This is my take, right?
This is just my take.
I think that on October 7th, Hamas gave Netanyahu a gift, right?
It was the answer that he, or it was the example that he always wanted to be able to go in and take care of Hamas.
I think Iran, in his mind, maybe I'm wrong, I think that he's going to look at this as this is the gift from Iran that I now can finally go get rid of this cancer and this tumor that's been bothering me forever.
So we do have just FYI Bitcoin that could indicate the impact this could have on the markets.
Bitcoin just dropped about 9% instantly after this news broke.
So Bitcoin is now down 8% almost.
Obviously the markets, stock markets, are all closed.
We don't know how that will react to this.
The Iraqi airspace has been closed to all civilian airspace.
So a lot of the aircraft rerouting over Turkey currently.
That's according to Aurora Intel.
Israeli Channel 12.
Okay, the news is coming in too fast.
The IDF is now carrying out a massive attack in the heart of Lebanon.
Lebanon, okay, where is Hadi?
Hadi, did you see that?
Okay, not a good time for you to disconnect.
I do need someone in Lebanon.
And there seems to be a massive attack in Lebanon.
Yeah, well, I cannot just briefly hear.
I cannot.
Yeah, I can see it from here.
I can get someone from Lebanon, Mario, if you want.
Yeah, so we had James on.
We have a lot of our regular speakers that were requesting earlier.
Our regular speakers in Lebanon, please request until Hadi's mic works so he can update us.
But I do have an update here from Channel 12.
There's a massive attack in the heart of Lebanon.
Iran confirms it's attacking Israel with dozens of drones and missiles.
That's been confirmed.
Axios receives information from Israel officials that hundreds of drones are heading towards Israel.
Iranian state TV, the Revolutionary Guards began intensive launching operations of drones towards targets in the occupied Palestinian territories, so Israel.
Egypt is closing its airspace, it just came in now as well.
And then we have, let me see if any speakers, so jump in with anyone that has updates.
Emir, any updates on Iran?
Let me try to get someone from Lebanon.
I've got, I've got one as well.
Take guard then we are then killed.
*Silence* Alright folks, we're done.
We're doing live coverage at 348.50 seconds.
Alex, we can hear you.
Oh, no, I'm muted you.
Yeah, go ahead.
No, it's just that space is dropped for us.
Listen, I'm here watching.
We're simulcasting this at InfoWars.com.
This is so historic.
This is so dangerous.
I cannot overstate how incredibly dangerous this is.
This is out of control.
And I'll be here.
Throughout the night, I'm going to leave the studio now.
We're going to end our simulcast at InfoWars.com and re-loop it.
But I will be staying on the spaces.
If you want me, let me know.
Okay, guys, guys, hold on two seconds.
Guys, guys, guys, I do need more sources for this.
Putin said if the United States makes the slightest attack on Iran's soil in support of Israel, We will also enter the battle in support of Iran.
World War 3!
I haven't seen that.
I'm gonna go home.
It's not surprising Mario.
Hold on, hold on.
Before we... Okay guys, before you say it's not surprising, can you just ease up?
I do want to confirm the sources.
I want the source of this.
Brian from the back channels or anyone else has seen this.
Because, is this real?
Yeah, I don't know.
The back channels have sent it through.
It's a Telegram group, but yeah, we're just looking for the source.
I would caveat that by saying that I don't think the Americans would need... Hold on, guys.
Guys, guys.
Two seconds.
I need, if anyone has that source, because it's just been sent through in a Telegram group, so the team has sent it through in our back channels, but it hasn't been confirmed.
Sirasha said US hits Iran, it will hit back.
I need the fucking source.
Sorry, I need the source, guys.
So anyone that has a source, because this is extremely, extremely concerning, if that's the case.
Yeah, this is World War 3.
Let me go back to the hands.
Chief, go ahead.
Any updates on your end?
So I saw from Intel Slava talking about sounds of missiles in the city of Hamadan in Iran.
There's probably a third wave of attacks being reported.
And there's also sightings or a video of Israeli aircraft bombing the southern regions of Lebanon.
So there is going to be a, again, there is Israel doing some sort of operation or some sort of strike in Lebanon right now.
I want to bring that up to you guys.
So I've got reports clarified from the Reuters that the Iraqis have closed their airspace.
I've seen something from Saudi Arabia about airspace as well, but I can't confirm that, so don't write that down.
And the other thing I was just going to add is on the potential... Go ahead and fade it down.
It is 3.51 and 7 seconds.
down. It is 3 51 and 7 seconds. And I'm gonna go pray.
I'm gonna spend time with my family tonight.
And we'll post stuff to X while we're still able to.
But this is World War III, folks.
And I felt it.
You've seen it.
I'm not saying it's about to start today, but this is all the craziness.
War with Russia.
War with Iran.
The open borders.
This is the new world order making their move.
And like I said hours ago, I said Iran is launching an attack.
It ain't 50 drones.
It's gonna be full out.
now sending troops, aircraft carriers.
Is it true Putin says any attack on Iran is an attack?
I mean, this is how full nuclear war starts.
And we're a cursed nation.
We've sold out to Satan.
We've killed 70 million babies.
It's a crisis, folks.
It's an absolute crisis.
So I'm going to end this live transmission.
And I'm going to re-loop it at InfoWars.com forward slash show and Man.
If you want to see any of the financial news and world news and our predictions, uh, we did today.
And then, um, I'll, I'll go live from home on my phone if I need to tonight, uh, with this, cause this is so historic.
I want the crew to stay on standby cause this is history happening right now.
Uh, and you know, we're about to see total insanity unfold.
And I'm going to stay on the X Spaces with these guys and I'll be popping back in tonight.
I know that Elon was set to come on, so was Bolsonaro.
That just got cancelled for this.
So, we're going to be here covering this live at InfoWars.com and at real Alex Jones.
People get this normalcy bias that we all have freedom, everything's great forever.
This is Iran attacking Israel.
This is all hell breaking loose.
This has never happened before.
This is incredible.
So we're going to end this live transmission.
We're going to start looping it on the InfoWars feed, but look for updates at InfoWars.com, and real Alex Jones, and on the spaces that's there.
So great job the crew coming in today.
I hope we're still here tomorrow.
Because that's how dangerous this is.
All right.
Thank you all for your support.
God bless and good luck.
So what I really want to ask you to do is pray for myself and the crew and my family.
That's number one.
I want that.
I need that.
It's your prayer that's doing it.
That's why this surfaced.
That's why this happened.
I need the prayer that I need you to take the articles, the videos, the posts we make at Real Alex Jones, recopy them, share them, post them yourself, do whatever.
Just get it out there.
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