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Name: 20240413_Sat-2_Alex
Air Date: April 13, 2024
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In this video, conservative radio host Alex Jones discusses targeting of Americans by FBI and CIA, mentioning that himself, Rudolph Giuliani, Tucker Carlson, and others have been targeted. He also talks about a recent undercover video in which a CIA agent revealed the federal government wanted to bankrupt him and shares information on PR firms bragging about their role in taking down Alex Jones. Jones emphasizes that this is not just an attack on him but a wider attempt to weaponize the DOJ against Trump supporters and the American people in general. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. discusses new calls for criminal investigation hearings, with congressmen subpoenaing Gavin Oblivious in the ongoing discussion of potential government spying on political opposition. He also addresses concerns over the recent reauthorization of FISA and its implications for American citizens' privacy. In addition to this, Kennedy Jr. touched upon the Whitmer kidnapping case, speculating on whether future terrorist attacks may be staged by government agencies in order to maintain control or increase surveillance capabilities. The speaker discusses the possibility of a false flag attack orchestrated by Russia and questions whether Iran is involved in recent events. They mention how big governments use false flags as a standard play, citing WikiLeaks documents on secret training in false flags for Green Berets and Delta Force members. The speaker speculates that there may be backroom deals between Iran and the West, with limited Western response strengthening both sides while causing unrest within their respective countries. They also touch upon historical examples of false flag attacks used to create crises leading to a solution. In a recent conversation, Alex Jones addressed the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. He argued that if the attack was orchestrated by Israel, it doesn't make sense that they would kill their own people during the operation. He also mentioned that he has been critical of both Communist China and Israeli governments, but he does not blame Jews as a monolithic group for the world's problems. Jones clarified that his opposition is towards corrupt elites, regardless of their ethnicity or nationality. This video features InfoWars host Alex Jones discussing the Deep State with legal expert Brian Blem. They discuss the surveillance of Americans by intelligence agencies such as the FBI and CIA, and the potential consequences for those involved in spying on citizens without warrants. The conversation touches on the power dynamics between different factions within the Republican Party, as well as the influence of the National Security State on American politics and global affairs. Jones and Blem also explore the connections between political forces promoting a one world government and the censorship of conservative politicians and journalists by intelligence agencies in both the US and Europe. The world is on the brink of a potential nuclear disaster as Israel faces extreme pressure from Iran. A Samsung directive has sparked concerns about an Israeli strike that could lead to war. Drone attacks have been launched towards Israel, with reports of Iraq declaring war on them and Iran preparing to launch cruise missiles. The US is closely monitoring the situation, while Iran warns that any country allowing an attack on them will face consequences. There are fears that if Iran retaliates, they may block strategic waterways in an attempt to halt world trade. This has already had a significant impact on markets with Bitcoin value dropping instantly by 9% when news of the attack broke. The situation is further complicated by Putin's threat to enter the battle if the US attacks or supports Israel. The potential for World War 3 looms over us as we watch events unfold in the Middle East.

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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
Intelligence community they have six ways from Sunday getting back at you
You briefed the press, did you not, when you were there?
When we, the CIA, wanted to circulate disinformation on a particular issue, disinformation is not necessarily a lie, it may be a half-truth.
And we would pick out a journalist, I would go do the briefing and hope that he would put the information in print.
The Central Intelligence Agency operates under National Security Council Memo 10-2, which says that it can engage in criminal activity, it can overthrow governments, it can control media, as long as it's plausibly deniable.
Once these agencies are imbued with this power over speech and it becomes embedded and mature, the entire Administration and ebb and flow of elections comes under its heel.
How many times did I tell you the whole Sandy Hook lawsuit operation was run by the CIA and the FBI and now it's all admitted?
Gavin Oblenus is a contracting officer at the CIA.
Oblenus worked for the FBI in 2021 and 2022 in the San Diego office, moved on to Homeland Security where he conducted asylum interviews at the southern border, and now works for the CIA managing multi-million dollar contracts across government agencies and private sector vendors.
He's a contract manager over large contract operations.
That's a boss.
That's like a mini section chief.
Saying all of this and admitting all of this like it's no big deal.
He needs to be subpoenaed by Congress.
I am planning to launch a lawsuit.
Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered, right?
Your feathers should be flustered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy, or that CIA guy said about you.
It's true, America.
They're coming after Donald Trump.
They're coming after anybody that's a mega-movement individual.
We gotta push back.
We call it a nudge.
A nudge?
A nudge.
Sometimes you just gotta get a quick look just to see what happens, right?
And how does that happen?
You put a post out there or you have some fake profile say something that triggers, that we know is going to trigger.
Like we already know your history.
Like a big influence that you're, influencer that you're after.
You're always one of the biggest and loudest.
Alex Jones.
Yeah, so we were after him.
You are?
Are you still after him?
Because he's broke.
He got found guilty and had to pay like a hundred million dollars.
So why were you after him?
We're not anymore.
Just to get the money from him?
Was that court case used?
Was that a CIA case?
Sure it was.
That was an agency thing?
Well, actually it was a defamation case.
So it's a civil, not government case.
But we were looking at all of his followers.
It's not our purview, it's a civil matter.
But since they got all this access to his stuff, and it's there...
What can we go find?
And did you find anything?
I can't tell you anything.
We don't encourage people.
We just say there's no federal statute being broken.
But you do have the option for a civil case.
And it's a pretty good case.
It's our opinion.
Oh, that makes so much sense.
I have a cousin who's a lawyer.
So that's a lot of these cases, they're kind of encouraged by the FBI?
Yeah, like, there's nothing federally, federal law, we can do.
But civilly...
What the establishment engage in is lawfare where they engage in legal complexity opponents or dissidents in order to drain their resources whether that's Donald Trump or Or Alex Jones, or ad infinitum.
Any truly dissident or dissenting voice may face a series of measures to bring them down.
But the common problem is dissent, and the ability to convey information to you that may make you less obedient and more compliant.
In my experience, living on your knees, you die a lot quicker, and your life's terrible, and you die a thousand deaths.
That's been said many times.
A hero dies but once, but the coward dies a thousand.
A thousand guests.
I'm very honored to be here with you.
I'm very thankful to God.
I'm very thankful to the audience and the great activists and the crew for battling through all this.
We're being totally vindicated right now.
So this is quite a moment, but we are winning battles.
We've not won the war, but we are turning the tide together.
As an ex-CI agent opposed to the disinformation activities in which I was involved.
I admit that I was involved and I think it served no useful purpose.
propagandizing the American public or Congress is not the CIA's job.
Hard to kill, that's Infowars, but we're hard to kill because God's on our side and God's working through you
to inspire you to support the broadcast and spread the word and to pray for us.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Saturday, April 13th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be live for the next four hours.
Then we're going to loop this until I'm back live Sunday night, tomorrow, 4 p.m.
Central for another four hours.
And then we start it all over again Monday morning with the American Journal with the great Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
Central to 11 a.m.
Central, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central, yours truly, Alex Jones, and then the amazing Owen Schroer, 3 to 6 p.m.
With the war room, not to mention all our special emergency live reports.
We're going to be simulcasting coming up in about an hour and 54 minutes with Mario Nafal and a bunch of other amazing broadcasters like Jack Posobiec.
And Musk has said that he may be joining, but he's very busy.
And I've done several spaces with him, with Mario Nafal.
One of them was very famous, got 40 million views.
We talked for two and a half hours, so we'll see what happens today.
If Elon can't make it, maybe that fellow that sounds just like him but isn't him, Adrian Dittman, will be on one way or the other.
So look for that today.
We're going to be here again for the next three hours and 53 minutes or so.
Obviously, you see the headline if you're at InfoWars.com.
Emergency Saturday broadcast.
Iran hijacks major cargo ship in the Strait of Hormuz ahead of blocking it.
That's what you do ahead of an attack on Israel and says they're readying.
Hundreds of ballistic missiles and drones to attack Israel.
The United States, we'll show you some of these headlines right here, sending more warships and troops.
into the Persian Gulf, into the Mediterranean, and into Israel itself.
Here's some of the headlines.
Middle East crisis, container ship hijacked near Strait of Hormuz amid soaring Iran tensions.
All they got to do is sink a ship in there and block it, and oil prices and everything explodes, including all other commodities like silver and gold.
Iran readies more than 100 cruise missiles and drones for deadly Israeli strike.
Iran Special Forces Seize a Cargo Vessel in Key Shipping Lane, State Media Reports.
Moves Warships to Defend Israel in Case of Iranian Attack.
They're Saying It Could Happen in the Next 24 Hours.
Israel Braces for Imminent Iran Revenge Strike as Marines Prepare Evacuation.
World War Alert!
Sending Troops to Middle East in Hopes of Deterring Iran-Israel Attack.
It just goes on and on.
Looks like what we heard from Intel two days ago, plus statements by the Ayatollah Khomeini, that this is a very, very serious situation has already basically begun.
into the Red Sea amid fears of full-scale war. Looks like what we heard
from Intel two days ago plus statements by the Ayatollah Khomeini that this is a
very very serious situation has already basically begun. We're already in World
War III.
The question is will it go thermal nuclear?
We're going to be discussing that here today.
President Trump in a powerful speech yesterday said, we are a nation in decline.
We could end up in world war.
Trump slams Biden incompetence at press conference.
FBI increasingly concerned about Moscow-style attacks in America.
So are they concerned about the wide open borders where all the Hezbollah is pouring in?
Massive news!
Whistleblower shares more COVID origin emails.
Fauci advisor concealed on private email account of gain of function, weaponization, creation of COVID-19.
Massive news on the open borders front.
Republicans introducing bill to require proof of citizenship to vote.
Big stack on that.
This is Dr. Kirk Elliott, economist and PhD, predicted months ago.
Now it's in Reuters and AP today.
Regional banks face big hurdles as year, as SVB collapse.
Regional bank crisis is not over.
CPI versus rate cuts, the Fed's mission impossible.
Top economists, including Obama's former Treasury Secretary, discover real inflation number that Biden has reached is 18 plus percent, still hovering at 40 year high.
And that itself is a whitewash.
We've got so much more to cover here today.
And then, as I said, in an hour and 50 minutes, This first two hours is on the economic crisis, the military crisis, the border crisis.
We're going to do the third and fourth hour on the FBI, CIA targeting of conservatives and populists and the total weaponization and how that's backfiring on them with a raft.
of incredible guests in the third and fourth hour today.
That'll be simulcast on X as a video feed, and also as an X Spaces feed as well.
Remember, this is a participation sport.
We're not looking for spectators, but people to be in the field and in the arena.
that Teddy Roosevelt talked about men and women in the arena.
So please take the feeds from infowars.com/show, the front page of infowars.com and Bandai Video on the live
show feed area.
And please take the real Alex Jones live feeds right now and send it out to your email list, your text message list,
retweet it on X, post it everywhere.
That can override the AI and the sensors.
That's how we do it.
The left goes in every day to my X account.
And they file hundreds of thousands of complaints and hundreds of thousands of false reports try to algorithm
us down.
But despite that, we are reaching upwards on good days 20 million extra people, normally 10 million extra just on X alone.
Very, very powerful.
But when you get excited, you take action.
Nothing can stop you.
We had a day last week when the CIA-FBI targeting of InfoWars went public and was confirmed with the undercover videos and more became a congressional topic in FISA court hearings.
We're talking about having congressional hearings on that and other persecution of the population.
We're talking about Frank Church Committee 2.0.
This hasn't happened since the late 1970s, all because you got excited.
We had conservatively 50 million views on Tuesday and Wednesday just of the leaked video of the CIA operative, former FBI.
That's just on X. It's everywhere.
That's the power of you taking action.
Let's do it again today.
All right.
Dr. Kirk Elliott is with us for at least an hour and a half.
We're going to go to a special report ahead of the big show we're doing.
It'll start at 1 p.m.
Simulcast on X. Obviously, this video feed is on X right now as well.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, I've known about you for decades, and your company's top rated.
That's why we haven't had a gold or silver company.
as a sponsor in over 10 years because I went out and tried a few of them that were supposedly good
and they would say they were going to sell gold and silver bullion at very low prices and give
good advice but they would bait and switch into the numismatic or the collectible and I just
couldn't find a good company and then we reached out to you.
It's it's It's been awesome.
And I know you've worked with so many folks like WorldNetDaily decades ago.
You've been around 25 years.
You should respect it.
Every time you come on, you don't really talk about your company.
I have to make you do it.
You just want to warn people about what's happening.
But if people want high-quality gold and silver at the lowest prices with great advice and then people that hold your hand and also then let you sell it back for nothing, No cost.
That's really, really important.
You guys are the best in the business.
Before we get into all this, up front, spend five minutes about your company and what you think some of the smart things people can do right now that will plunge into all the technicals.
Yeah, absolutely.
Well, it's great being back here again.
It's going to be an amazing day of bad news filled with hope because we have a solution.
But this is what we've been doing, Alex, for I've been in this business since 1996.
And you know what?
When I started, I didn't like the Sorry for you, car salesman out there, but the used car salesman mentality where people would just promise the moon, charge really high commissions coming and going and then forget about you in between.
So our firm took a completely different approach because when something is growing like gold or silver and maybe it doubles, triples, quadruples over the years, over the decades, and you have a commission on the back end that becomes really, really expensive.
So we decided, OK, let's just do it at zero.
Charge nothing when people liquidate, so all of the profits are theirs.
You know, whatever the depository pays for metals on that day, they get it all.
Now, a lot of the firms in the industry focus on storied coins, things of history, semi-numismatic collectible stuff.
Oh, a ship sank 200 years ago and we've got it.
Yeah, or Jack Sparrow, whatever, right?
Or or even something with with an amazing person that we know, like a Trump coin or some famous person.
It's like they all have a story.
They all sell for high premiums.
My goal and our firm's goal is to minimize your cost, maximize your ounces.
That's one of the keys to wealth.
And gold and silver are very, very Not just technically oriented, fundamentally driven by supply and demand, but politically motivated metals.
The worst things get in the world, which everything that you just described is like awful, we're going into a war time, that will cause gold and silver to go through the roof.
Now you couple that with The fundamentals of the markets, supply and demand, were running out, right?
The COMEX depository is running out and we're going to go over some of that in detail today.
But when you have political, economic fundamentals, technical charts, you know, all kind of Reaching the same point at the same time, there's an opportunity to be successful in your investing, to grow, to thrive, to be in the right place at the right time.
And in the light of bad news, your finances don't have to go down the bad news scale.
So, one of the things that we've found where people are really scared about over the decades, Alex, this isn't just something new, is their retirement accounts.
So a lot of people don't realize you can do physical gold or silver in your retirement accounts, in your IRAs, in your old 401ks once you've left the company and we can help navigate through that because that's where most people's wealth is actually stored up.
In today's world, a lot of people don't have just cash sitting on hand because they have to use it because of by dynamics.
People are running out of money as inflationary pressures, taxes going up, interest rates going up.
They just don't have a lot.
But they have wealth stored up in their retirement accounts, and we can do tax-free rollovers into IRAs, allocate into physical metals, and really take advantage of the trends that are in front of us.
And some of these trends, Alex, are things that we don't necessarily like.
For example, the green agenda, the globalist agenda, moving everybody away from the petrodollar, away from fossil fuels, going into energy efficient green solar electric vehicles, all of that.
You know what?
All of that requires silver.
That massive amount of demand is causing the prices to go up.
And I've got some charts to show everybody where since the last time we spoke, Alex, on air, Silver has gone from $22 an ounce to $28 an ounce.
Which, by the way, you said in the next few months, $25, so it outperformed what you predicted.
Absolutely, it's outperformed.
By the way, if people would have invested in silver and gold two years ago, like you said they should, what's their return versus the stock market?
Well, so about three and a half years ago, silver was $11.91 an ounce.
And now we're at $28.
So we're up over 100%, 120-something percent in three and a half years.
But so, I'm sorry, three and a half years ago, it was $17.97, not $11.91.
$11.91 was its low point a while back.
120 something percent in three and a half years, but but so I'm sorry three and a half years ago
It was 1797 not 1191 1191 was its its low point a while back
But what we're looking at is over a hundred percent return in three and a half years
Nothing else is performing like nothing else is Not Apple.
No, not Apple, nothing.
And so I did a long-term longitudinal study of the five different major asset categories that you could go into, which would be stocks, bonds, real estate, CDs.
Is that the graph we got now?
No, that's telling us about silver and why it's so important.
That's a confusing graph, but what that chart tells us is you see that pennant formation.
When it squeezes at the end, it's about to basically go through the roof.
I interrupted.
So you gave us 100 graphs.
Which ones did they pull?
I didn't mean to interrupt.
Go back to what you were saying about... So you go back to the year 2000.
And I did a 24-year longitudinal study.
You know what the number one asset class in the world was during that time?
Number two was gold.
Number three was the stock market.
But when you look at that and what we're seeing right now, it's like of those top three, which were actually the only three that were outperforming inflation.
See, if you don't outperform inflation, you're actually losing money over the years.
That's right.
People think, oh, my house that I bought 10 years ago for $500,000 is worth $2 million.
You're still not outperforming inflation.
You're not.
You're actually falling behind every year.
And I've got clients that will call me every single day and say, Kirk, I've heard you on the air and I'm listening to your advice and I pulled out of the markets and I'm just sitting in cash.
It's like, okay, what's that cash getting you?
Well, today, you know, maybe four or five percent, but inflation, even according to the news, 18 percent.
This is what I did my dissertation on.
My first one is I developed a new methodology for measuring inflation because the BLS numbers were completely bogus and wrong.
And when they say that we've got 3.5 percent inflation, Technically, that's around 15%.
And I'm shocked that Obama's official said that, yeah, we're actually at this 15% because that's confirmation of my numbers.
But if you're not getting at least 15% a year return on your investments, you're falling behind due to inflation.
So let's do the math on that.
Let's say you're getting 5% on a CD for 10 years and inflation's at 15%.
You're losing 10% a year.
Over 10 years, you've lost 100% of the value of your investment due to inflationary losses.
So this is why it's important to outpace inflation.
The only thing that's done that over the last 25 years, silver is number one, gold is number two,
the stock market is a distant number three, but it's still a little bit positive.
So our goal is to teach people and equip them and empower them to be in the right place at the right time.
And let's expand on the stock market.
Most of these companies charge you when you sell.
You're not doing that.
So they'll show you the stock market on average, some aggregate, what the gain is, but they're not putting the fees in.
They're not putting the fees in at all.
So there's hidden fees in the prospectus.
You know, there's management fees.
I mean, these no-load mutual funds don't do stuff for free.
Well, they've had memos come out in Congress where they laugh.
The real stock market is charging people fees.
Yeah, they are.
And if people were to realize, it's like, oh, I'm getting a 5% return on my mutual fund.
You know what the mutual fund company is probably making is about 7% to 8% more than that, hidden in the fees, in the prospectus, because they're not doing stuff for free.
Year after year after year after year.
So, what we did when we put our company together is, it's not my money, it's the client's.
Well, you did the opposite.
There's no fees.
Cut the scam out.
We don't charge ongoing for our time or for asset center management.
We don't even charge when people liquidate.
Because my theory, Alex, is it's not my money, it's theirs.
And I don't even think it's their money.
But you're also very upfront with the 8% deal.
You give them advice, give them everything that pays your stuff, and then boom, you're there to help them so they get a great return and then they start investing more with you.
Treat people like you want to be treated.
I mean, the only ongoing fee is if you're storing your metals in a depository, there's a cost of storage.
And it's a small dinky percent.
If it's in an IRA, it's a flat fee of $300 a year.
I don't care if you have a $10 account or a $100 million account.
You have to store the physical metal somewhere.
But if you take delivery of it at home, there is no ongoing fee.
It's 8%.
But you better have a safe one on the floor.
You better let everybody know.
You better, and don't let anybody know that it's there.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, so I store all of mine at a vault, at a depository, which has unlimited insurance.
I want to be clear.
Plus, I had to get rid of everything I had.
But even when I had it, it was in a safety deposit box.
Folks, and those aren't perfectly safe either, but do not store this stuff in your house.
You're asking to get robbed.
Well, it just puts you at risk.
And so what I did with my personal assets, what I advise everybody to do, open up a depository storage account.
Not all depositories are created equal.
And this is important.
A lot of times, a firm will say, well, we'll store it for you for free.
It's like, no, they won't.
There's a cost of storage, right?
So if you don't ever go with a depository that has a joint account, that operates like a fractional reserve bank.
You own it, so do they.
They're loaning out your money.
Over and over and over and over again.
That's not safe.
You have to have singular ownership.
And that's where the globals are moving to bankrupt everything.
That's to build back better, make us all put in a global digital account where we give up rights to it and they fractionalize it, they derivative it.
A unified ledger is what the Bank for International Settlements called that.
So when you have a depository that's singular ownership, segregated storage in your name only, not like some kind of unallocated number of ounces in a large pool.
Yeah, you know what's some gold or silver cloud?
No, you don't want that.
That's not safe.
Unlimited insurance with a company that has God-fearing patriots that own it in a state like Texas, which legislatively is very favorable towards precious metals.
Or keep your mouth shut and bury it in the back 40.
Yeah, absolutely.
But then if you have a heart attack, that's why people dig up gold all the time from some old man.
All the time, I mean, we're entering a world of complete super surveillance, as you've talked about a ton.
I was, just before we started recording, I was watching TV in there.
We're live, too, just so you know.
Yeah, we are live.
And I was watching, it was on, I think it was on Fox, I can't remember the news network, but they were talking about FISA Rule 702, which basically says we're going to be able to survey everybody without warrant because of this new war on terror in Iran.
To protect us from fentanyl and the Islamists we just let in the border.
Yeah, without warrant.
So why would you want digital assets?
Why would you want something that's basically makes you a digital slave in their digital world where they can survey everything?
This is a prime time to make your assets private.
Take delivery or storage of a private asset that's not part of a digital world, that's not paper, it's not a certificate.
and you have something that's real.
This is a no-brainer for you, that's why I have you.
So I only bring people things that I know is right.
People can listen and know this is a no-brainer.
I trust you, you've been around 25 plus years, got a great company, you have a totally different model,
you have five-star ratings, this is the way to go.
And again, if you can get farmland and have family and friends you trust
and become self-sufficient, first relationship with God, farmland, being able to take care of yourself,
and then out of assets and investments, gold and silver, and I'd say silver now and gold is paramount.
I sure have some Bitcoin as well, but that's on the digital system.
But it really is important.
Guns are important and knowing how to use them, but the real thing in a total collapse is going to be no food.
So the food comes first, but when you move past that and you go into investments, silver and gold.
So when you're going down your checklist, It's the thing to do and you're the guy to go to.
Yeah, absolutely.
And I get calls from naysayers all the time that said, or Kirk, food is most important.
You can't eat your silver.
It's like 100 percent.
You can't buy a lot of food with silver.
You can't and you can't eat your stocks, bonds or mutual funds either.
So the thing is having something that you could put in your pocket uses barter, trade back and forth, something that's real, something that's Look at the globalists, look at the universities, look at the institutions, look at the hedge funds, look at Larry Fink.
They all are on record as being hoarders of gold and silver.
Absolute hoarders.
Guarantee you go to Larry Fink's house, it's like some giant palatial, I think it's in New Jersey, and I guarantee you there's gold buried in the backyard.
I mean, so Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, now meta, okay, he's buying gold, a lot of it, and more so than that, he's actually doing what you just described.
He's building like the Taj Mahal of bunkers.
By the way, I was just in Hawaii on an investigation.
I haven't got it together yet.
You should remind me.
It's on my phone.
I went to his house.
and I worked with local people and I have aerial surveillance of it.
It's a giant like Mars base.
They've been working on it for three years.
And while we flew over, there were dump trucks lined up going in and out.
I mean, when you work on something for three years, what the hell is he building?
It's the Taj Mahal of bunkers.
Biden's building a bunker as well.
A lot of billionaires are building bunkers.
These are the people that are part of the World Economic Forum, the globalists.
They're in meetings that we're not privy to.
And I always want to ask the question, why?
Because they're getting ready to release a new super bio weapon.
I mean, nuclear war.
When you see that they're doing something, we always have to ask why and what should we do to take countermeasures to protect ourselves?
Financially, I would get out of paper.
I would get out of digital assets.
I would go into something that's tangible and real.
Oh, yeah.
The Great Reset is an admitted screw job.
They're going to collapse all the paper in their own words, Klaus Schwab, and then go, don't worry, we're going to save it.
We're going to get a 10 percent haircut.
A bail in is what they say on average.
You're the economist.
You know all this.
We give them the facts.
You know the documents right there.
And then once you already accept that, now it's all pooled, now you don't really own it, now it's a commodity or now it's a derivative, and then they go in and you don't really, you'll own nothing and love it when he says that, that's what they're talking about.
That's 100% what they're talking about.
I mean, this is what the Unified Ledger is.
This is after Silicon Valley Bank went down a little over, well, it was about a year ago, right?
What did they do?
They changed bankruptcy laws for financial institutions to have beneficial ownership of assets rather than you owning, Alex, your deposits, your checking account, your savings account.
They own it and you become a beneficiary of that.
Yeah, it's like, oh, we're not going to just let you go fly on a plane and put a carbon tax that's already starting in many countries.
And France already banned last year domestic flights because it's bad for the environment, short flights for commercial flyers, not for the elites.
They're just like, you know what?
We'll manage all your money.
It's ours now.
I mean, they're saying it's our money now.
Well, so what most people don't understand is when you have a checking account or savings account, that's actually a security instrument that you've created.
Because it's not like you put $1,000 in your bank account and you open up the big bank vault door and there's hundreds that come flying out.
There's really nothing in the bank vault because they're using it to buy real estate, commercial real estate, stocks, bonds, companies, whatever, and they're just hoping and praying, Alex, that not everybody wants their withdrawals out on the same time because they're using it.
So whenever you give money to somebody else for them to use it and grow a business, that becomes a security instrument.
That's what your checking and savings accounts are.
So, why is this so important?
Because if your bank goes under, and FDIC, like we talked about the last time we were together, only has .72% funding of all deposits in America.
That's not even 1%.
That's not even 1%. Forget about a $250,000 FDIC insurance level.
There's not enough money to bail out a ton of banks.
If we start getting regional bank failures again, like the news that you just reported.
This is hitting the news again.
Banks are undercapitalized.
They're running out of money.
Why are they running out of money?
Again, always ask why.
Always dig deeper.
What you're so good at is because in a world of high taxation, lowering wages, You've got jobs in decline.
You've got prices going up because they're printing money out of thin air to fund every stimulus under the sun.
We've got debt ceiling raises.
We've got all of this.
This causes inflation.
Inflation requires the Fed to raise interest rates to slow that down or to stop printing money.
Well, they're not going to stop printing money.
It's the only thing keeping it afloat.
So their only thing left is to raise interest rates to slow down inflation.
So this is why, Alex, when we see the Fed, which has promised literally for the last seven months, oh, we're going to lower interest rates because we've won the war on inflation.
And Jerome Powell is saying this and Janet Yellen is saying this.
Well, then why haven't you done it?
Right, if they keep saying that they're going to lower interest rates and they haven't done it, because what do they do at every FOMC meeting, every Federal Reserve meeting, every single month?
They say, we're going to pause.
We're going to pause interest rates, you know, decline this month.
And why do they do that?
Because they haven't tamed the inflationary monster.
They haven't tamed it yet.
Inflation is still persisting.
We just look at the at the core inflation that came out and it's higher than expected.
Inflation is going up more than they expected.
They haven't tamed that beast.
And so here's the implication of what happens and why they're in a huge pickle at the Fed.
If you lower interest rates when inflation hasn't been tackled, it will actually increase the inflation rate.
It does nothing to slow it down.
It will amplify it.
If you raise interest rates at a time when we're in debt up to our eyeballs, now everybody
that carries debt, everybody who has payments, they're going to feel the pinch and it's going
to create the largest recession/debt.
Let me just interrupt you because that was my next question.
You went there without me asking.
So explain this to people.
CPI versus rate cuts, the Fed's mission impossible.
That's Schiff Gold explaining that.
Even the Fed admits they're doomed.
We're going to have inflation now with a collapse at the same time.
That's stagflation, which they didn't think was possible until the late 1970s.
Explain why this is a damn if you, damn if you don't.
So, we've got tons of debt, right?
The federal debt's like $34.5 trillion.
The interest payments on that right now are pushing $800 billion a year, with interest rates where they are.
So, you raise interest rates to slow down inflation, which is the policy mechanism that they use.
Well, what if interest rates double from where they are today?
Early 1980s, after the horrible Carter years, which we had stagflation, you had a huge recession, people weren't working, interest rates were sky high, the highest income tax bracket was pushing 90%, 9-0.
It's like people forget that it was that bad.
So they had to raise interest rates to 18% to slow down that inflation.
That's what Reagan did when he first came in, and it worked, right?
So the only way for inflation to be cut by interest rates, and for that to work, is if interest rates are higher than the inflation rate.
What did Obama's official just say?
Inflation unofficially?
Is it like 15%?
I've been saying 15-18% for over a year now.
I'm glad that somebody that's in a... What I've been seeing is higher than that!
It is, and it's hard to measure because they keep changing the measurement.
Oh, have you heard?
All these big stores, including grocery stores, are now going to have, and I think Wendy's said they're going to do it, where it depends on when you go, how much it's going to cost.
Well, if you go and it's not busy, it's cheaper.
It's getting weird.
I mean, it's getting really weird.
And you've got political action now saying we've got to raise the minimum wage.
So they did that in California.
And now McDonald's is laying off a ton of people because they have to raise the rate.
And people say, wait a second, we want jobs.
Well, then don't raise the minimum wage.
That's going to put people out of business.
Every time the government gets involved, it creates a disaster.
It creates a disaster.
So this is their ultimate pickle that they can't get out of.
If they lower rates like they promised to try to stimulate the economy, well then inflation goes through the roof and people already can't afford to live.
If you raise interest rates, which has to be greater, Then inflation, for it to even work, they're going to have to raise rates into the upper teens to 20% range.
That will put the economy into a huge recession.
So what are they doing?
They're pausing.
It's a seesaw.
It's a seesaw.
They are pausing.
This is why Jerome Powell keeps coming every single month saying, we're just going to pause, we're just going to pause, we're just going to pause.
Well, so check this out, Alex.
And you predicted when you were here that they wouldn't raise, they would pause, they did that.
Yeah, to me it's just common sense.
I mean, when you look at it, and now we're starting to see other people that are starting to look at the common sense that I predicted.
So, Jerome Powell spoke last week at Stanford.
He was at some kind of conference, and he's basically sitting with his... Again, most of our audience knows who he is.
We have new viewers all the time that are newbies.
Tell them who Jerome Powell is.
Tell them what the Federal Reserve is.
Let's do a few minutes on that.
So Jerome Powell is chairman of the Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve's stated policy goal is to keep the economy afloat, keep it stimulated, have enough through their actions to keep unemployment low.
That's what they want.
They want full employment so everybody's working and that stimulates the economy.
How do they do that?
You lower interest rates to stimulate the economy or so you can do interest rate policy, raise them to slow it down, lower rates to speed it up.
That's been going on 30 years.
And now it's coming to an end.
Well, the Federal Reserve Act came into effect in 1913.
Oh yeah, so that's been going on for 120 years.
But what I'm saying is...
What I'm saying is that they've really had them low until recently.
Yeah, I mean, you go back to John Maynard Keynes and his policies, and this is what they all go by, is they want full employment.
You do that through interest rate policy and through money supply.
You increase the money supply if you want to grow the economy, you decrease it if you want to slow it down, right?
So they use all these mechanisms.
To me it's like, Stay out of it.
Let the markets, you know, fend for themselves because the markets will tell us where equilibrium is.
So they get involved, they create boom and bust cycles, but their goal, stated goal, is to keep the economy afloat and have full employment.
And let's remember though, because they're the insider private stockholders, the private Federal Reserve, they get used to the money first and that allows them to consolidate the economy.
Yeah, and what's wild and wacky about the Federal Reserve for all the potential new listeners, your old listeners will know this full well, but it's cartel owning seven families that own the Federal Reserve, they print money out of thin air, and you go back to the Federal Reserve Act of the early 1900s, and they coaxed the United States to pay them interest to print money out of thin air.
I mean, it's the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world.
And that's why Larry Fink is so panicked because he's their corporate front guy to use investment and all the Federal Reserve money and European Central Bank money, it's all the same cartel, to take control of all the other companies and then use social engineering.
But because Texas pulled out $8 billion and all these other states are pulling out, they're in panic mode because as soon as the public realizes they're using money for political control and we start politicizing our money, it's game over.
It is totally game over, and they all know this, but here's where we have to be one step ahead of them.
Because everything's political, folks.
Get that straight.
Your money is a damn weapon.
And you're just like, oh, mom, your money's just money.
When you spend your money, what you do with your money, what you demand for your money is king.
Yeah, and see, they know this and so, but we have to take one step ahead, be ahead of them and how they think, and they want to usher in a new system of complete people control.
That's what Central Bank is all about.
I think they're a private banking cartel that's totally secret, has never been audited, but when it was set up, they admit it was foreign owned, as you said, seven families at the time, who knows now, and they have these big giant marble buildings with American Eagles on them.
It'd be like if I set up a giant marble building and said I was the Feds.
Well, so technically, there's nothing federal about the Federal Reserve and there's no reserve there.
By the way, guys, pull this clip up.
Time it, Alan Greenspan says...
No one has authority over the Federal Reserve.
He's on PBS.
Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve quote, it's the most famous.
It's like 15 years ago.
He'd already left the Federal Reserve.
He was on Laird NewsHour before Laird died.
And the headline is, Alan Greenspan says the Federal Reserve is above the law.
It's a two-minute clip.
It is incredible.
Because we were, Ron Paul's telling him, you know that, and I've read these essays, he wrote books in the 50s and 60s, Alan Greenspan.
about gold and silver and how the Federal Reserve was a fraud and how it was a scam
and how it should go down.
He was super popular like Ron Paul.
He helped wake Ron Paul up.
Ron Paul went to conferences when he was a college student with him, but then they came
and bought him off.
And then he became their head.
It's like Darth Vader.
I mean, people don't know this.
Well, so I'm so glad you brought that up because what happened last week actually amplifies
that message.
So, Jerome- You got the floor.
I'm going to go.
You got the floor.
I'm going to go get that clip.
Make sure it's there.
So, Jerome Powell, chairman of the Fed, he's speaking at Stanford and he's got the same
talking points that he's had for a while, which is, "Well, we're still going to have
two to three rate reductions this year because we've tamed this inflationary beast and we're
good at what we do."
But then by the end of this conference, he actually backpedals a little bit.
And what did he say?
He said, but the inflation is still persisting, so we're open to different adjustments.
Okay, so that's Jerome Powell speaking.
Atlanta Fed President Bostic, this is where it gets really exciting to me in the monetary policy arena.
I know I'm a nerd, but this kind of stuff, I love getting into it.
So there's infighting within the Fed.
So these bank presidents of the Federal Reserve, you've got Federal Reserve banks all over the country like Atlanta, Minneapolis, Dallas, New York.
So the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Bostic, what did he say?
He said there's only going to be one rate cut this year and it's going to occur in the fourth quarter.
Deviating from what Jerome Powell said, which is we're still going to have two to three because we've won this.
I'm in agreement with Bostick and here's why.
They're going to continue to pause, continue to pause, continue to pause the CPI numbers that are coming out.
Inflation is not just sticky, it's actually increasing.
And so why would they say let's have one rate reduction?
So my prediction, you know, six months ago was they aren't going to be able to lower interest rates because inflation is sticky and persistent, but they've got to do at least one because they need to save face.
They need to show the world, it's like, hey, we told people we're going to have a rate decrease, so they have to do at least one.
And when are they going to do it?
The fourth quarter.
What happens in the fourth quarter?
The election.
So if you lower interest rates right before the election, everyone's going to be happy.
It's like, see, they do have control over this.
They do know what's going on.
And this is great for all of us, right?
So then Minneapolis Fed, Chair, Kashkari is his last name.
He raises the prospect of zero rate cuts.
Because he said, Goldman says that that would be very surprising if this happened.
Kashkari knows what he's talking about.
You can't lower interest rates in a time of inflation.
So this is going to impact the society a lot.
Because people can't afford to live with high.
So we've heard the term higher for longer, right?
These interest rates are going to stay higher for longer.
And this is very, very problematic to society because we're in debt up to our eyeballs.
So, consider this and why they are so reluctant to actually raise rates or lower rates.
But they're going to have to raise rates.
That's my prediction because inflation is going to persist for a couple of different reasons, right?
So, number one is the BRICS nations.
Number two is they keep printing money out like there's no tomorrow.
What do the BRICS nations have to do with anything?
This started with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
So during the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Biden basically did the nuclear economic option.
And he went to Putin and he went to Russia and said, we're kicking you out of the SWIFT system.
What's the SWIFT system?
That is the mechanism for banks to send wires to other banks.
If you're not in the SWIFT system, you're not getting any international bank wires or any bank wires, period.
So what did Putin do?
Putin goes to China and says, hey, gee, we got a problem here.
Biden just kicked us out of the Swiss system.
They said, oh, no worries.
We've got our own system called CIPS, C-I-P-S.
And so if these were two small countries, it wouldn't amount to a hill of beans of difference.
But the BRICS nations are about 70% of the world's population, literally.
So now they've got their own system.
So what Biden did by weaponizing the US dollar What did he do?
He created a bigger and badder economic partnership between China and Russia that is the fuel behind their economic basically growth.
So they've got their own system.
Now what he also did was something Even more weaponizing the US dollar.
And he froze Russia's assets.
You know, this is a political maneuver that a lot of presidents have done.
But what did he do?
He froze Russia's gold assets so they couldn't get it back.
Well, this started to tick them off because you're talking about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of gold that were frozen.
So now you've got country after country after country They're looking at the foreign policy of America and saying, we don't want our assets frozen.
We want our gold.
We want to repatriate our gold.
We want to get it out of the Fed.
We want it back in our own countries.
OK, this is really interesting because this mass exodus of wealth, to me, this is the shift of power.
This is the shift of wealth from the West to the East.
The BRICS nations are whizzing, winning.
London-based economic system, New York-based economic system, the economic banking power of the West is diminishing, and it's going East.
This is why central banks are buying gold.
So I've got this chart, if I can find it, right?
Because I've got a lot of charts here.
But, okay, so if you look at this, gold flows to the East, right?
Asia has net imported gold from the West since April.
How many?
China plus 160 tons, India plus 80 tons, Turkey plus 62 tons, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, they're all positive.
Look at America!
America's minus 136 tons, where China's plus 160.
So there's this massive move of wealth away from America to the East, right?
So this is this power shift.
It's this economic balance that's moving.
So what did Congress do?
This is where we have absolutely zero respect for the rule of law, Alex, in America.
So Congress gives the Fed A FOIA request, Freedom of Information Act says, hey, how many countries are, what are the countries that are pulling gold away from the Fed and how much is going?
You know what Jerome Powell's answer was?
I'm not telling you.
It's like just flat out.
Subpoena from Congress, freedom of information request, nothing.
But he says, but you know what, the New York Fed knows that number, but they're not going to tell you either.
And that brings us to Alan Greenspan.
We have the clip, we'll play it in a moment, but let me go back to something.
We have internationally going around bullying people, enforcing them in their new system that weakens the dollar, which has happened, which you predicted six months ago, now it's happened.
Then we have Leticia James, the George Soros Attorney General in New York, literally staging show trials with no juries, saying Trump valued Mar-a-Lago at $240 million, it's really worth $18 million.
And then when they got their fake judgment against them, they said, just sell Marlonga, what's worth a billion bucks.
They didn't even get their propaganda straight.
That made everybody start fleeing New York because Leticia James said, don't worry, we're only targeting Trump.
And then she went after the meatpacker associations and the Second Amendment and the NRA.
They're going after everybody.
People knew, wait, you set the president with Trump, this is a plan for everybody else.
And so that's happening inside the country, driving investment out of here.
It is, and these countries, because of bad foreign policy, are afraid of the dollar weaponizing against them.
It forces them out.
It forces them out, and they're saying, we want our stuff because we're afraid that you are going to freeze our assets because you don't like us, because of an ideological difference, before whatever reason.
And let's go back to what you said.
You mentioned it's in the news.
The head of the Federal Reserve says, we're not going to tell you.
And for those that don't know, the New York Fed is the body that holds the stock as the private group.
The other regional banks in the act basically aren't even let in on that.
They just deal with local regional bank control.
And that's important to note.
So here's Alan Greenspan.
This is like 15 years ago.
He led the Federal Reserve on the Laird NewsHour on PBS.
Admitting that it's totally separate from government with no oversight and Congress and the President have no say.
It's a fourth branch of government that's privately owned by the Rothschilds.
Here it is.
What is the proper relationship, what should be the proper relationship between the Chairman of the Fed and a President of the United States?
Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency and that means basically that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take.
So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't frankly matter.
And I've had very good relationships with presidents.
So let's unpack that.
In our constitution, in our federalist system, there are three branches of government.
There is legislative, executive, judicial.
There's the Congress, there's the President, and there's the federal courts, with the Supreme Court on the top.
And the Federalist system, you have the federal trifecta, you have the state trifecta,
and they share power as a balance of power.
In 1913, they set up a privately owned thing calling it the Federal Reserve
that says it's a fourth branch of government, but isn't accountable to any of the other branches
or the Federalist system.
That's the coup in 1913 that began the last 100, you know, 10 plus years of this garbage that we're under.
And I remember covering this with Ron Paul 30 years ago.
And I remember covering this with Ron Paul 30 years ago.
One of the first interviews I did was Ron Paul, 29 years ago, but on there,
One of the first interviews I did was Ron Paul, 29 years ago, but on air as of two days from now,
as of two days from now, it'll be 30 years.
it'll be 30 years.
But I've been interviewing Ron Paul, of this garbage that we're under.
But I've been interviewing Ron Paul, he was running for Congress again for 30 years,
interviewed Ram when he was in college as a spokesman for his dad.
And I've seen it all happen.
They would say it was a conspiracy, it's government.
Now they admit it's private.
So we've come a long way, but to restore our republic, we really need to audit the Fed, we need to abolish the Fed,
we need to get back control with a real national bank.
That's what Andrew Jackson talked about.
That is what Andrew Jackson talked about.
But whenever Congress goes to the Fed and says, hey, we want to know about your stuff, they just basically ignore it.
That's where the rule of law in America is.
So it's a banking dictatorship.
It's a banking dictatorship.
But people think that it's federal.
People think they have a reserve.
But what Greenspan just said was something very Very important.
The Fed is supposed to be an independent organization from all these others.
He just said that he has a very good relationship with the President, right?
So they're not independent.
It's all secret.
They're taking policy actions from the President.
So, OK, so here's proof that they do do that.
So when the U.S.
government, the Treasury Department, sells U.S.
Treasuries, And they always go to auction every single week when they do it.
And so, we fulfilled the auction.
There's huge demand for the U.S.
There's huge demand for the dollar.
But more and more, it's the Fed buying it.
It's pretty much all the Fed.
Who's buying it?
They're buying it.
With what?
Money that they print out of thin air.
Which is inflationary.
It's all very inflationary.
So when you start looking at some of these charts of the economy... Yeah, you brought a lot of research, so we've still got like 45 minutes left here before we go to the special report and the next big show.
But Dr. Kirk Elliott will point the camera over there, give us your presentation, but let's do a small plug again.
People right now can get ahead of this, and if I had money and wasn't in bankruptcy and wasn't under global attack, I would be heavily in gold and silver, and I'd be at 100% in the last few years, okay?
So, this is a no-brainer.
I always steer you in the right direction.
And again, farmland, family you can trust, Second Amendment, relationship with God, that's number one.
God's number one, farmland, friends, family, being prepared, being spiritually ready, that's number one.
But number two is, if you have investment, is to be out of paper.
That is my personal view.
You can go with that if you want to, but if you're going to go with that, go with Dr. Kirk Elliott at KEPM.com forward slash gold, and he'll tell you, gold's doing great, but silver's going to do even better.
You're saying silver?
I'm saying silver, and there's a reason why.
So you've got central banks around the globe that are buying gold like there's no tomorrow.
And I'm going to talk about gold.
I'm trying to give people ice water in the Sahara, so I feel really good saying, do a pitch, you're a supporter, you fund the operation, you're the best company we know of out there, boom, they need to go with you.
Tell them right now what they should do.
So gold is increasing in demand.
Central banks after central bank after central bank is amassing it by the hundreds or thousands of tons.
See, China lies about everything.
We know that.
Totally right.
And so their official numbers are they've got about 5,000 tons of gold in their central bank.
But think about it.
They are the largest gold mining country on the planet.
They're the biggest buyer.
They're also the biggest buyer.
So of all the gold that they mine, largest gold mining country in the world, they don't sell any of it.
They're also the largest purchaser of gold on the planet.
So they're massing them up.
So why are the CHICOMs hoarding gold?
Well, because they know what's coming next.
Why is the University of Texas hoarding it?
They know that a system is about to change.
Why is Bill Gates hoarding it?
Why is Mark Zuckerberg hoarding it?
So here's the thing.
They've unofficially got about 30,000 tons of gold.
Not 5,000.
And you look at what Russia's got, 1,000 tons.
The Fed has 8,500 tons.
The European Central Bank, 10,500 tons.
So with all of this built up demand, demand for gold is going through the roof.
And what are they doing?
So this chart right here shows central banks are dumping dollars.
Like crazy, China's U.S.
Treasuries are going, falling off the cliff.
They're getting rid of dollars, and what are they going into?
See, for years and years and years... Everybody was asking, what's the new world currency?
The elites are telling you it's going to be some new central bank currency, but they're all running into gold and silver.
Yeah, I mean, these charts are proving it.
Central bank gold demand is through the roof.
Dollars are going out.
Gold is going in.
The gold supply because of that is diminishing.
It's like just tanking.
So when you see that... When you have massive demand and low supply, that means one thing, straight up.
Straight up.
So Bank of America, UBS, Goldman Sachs, with this new move of central banks allocating tons, I mean, I'm not using that as a figure of speech, literally tons into gold.
Bank of America thinks on this move gold will hit $3,000 an ounce.
Goldman Sachs says $2,700.
Well, I know a lot of companies out there can't even get gold or silver.
Well, silver is increasingly hard to get to.
You can't get it in massive volume because the manufacturing demand is through the roof because of solar power, because of electric vehicles.
Industrial use.
Industrial use.
And UBS 4,000.
They think gold is going to hit 4,000.
So the top three big banks, their projections... Last time you were on, I showed Larry Fink admitting, he goes, forget Bitcoin, it's all gold.
So $3,200 is the amount the average of those three banks' projections.
We're at 2400.
So that's massive growth.
But here's where it gets really exciting and why I love silver.
So historically, there's this ratio, Alex, of how many ounces of silver does it take to buy one ounce of gold?
That's 20 to 1.
Well, right now, well, a week ago, we were at 90 to 1.
Today, we're at about 83 to 1.
So in about a week, that ratio has come down and down and down.
So you predicted that.
So it's happening.
Predicted that.
So here's where the silver price, when you look at the gold ratio, gold demand is going through the roof at 80 to one.
If you use the average of what those three banks want, thirty two hundred dollars an ounce for gold.
At 80 to 1 gold, silver will be $40 an ounce.
At 60 to 1, it'll be $53 an ounce.
At 40 to 1, $83 an ounce.
At 30 to 1, which we were at in 2011, $107 an ounce.
And 20 to 1, $165.
This is- So it should- say that slowly.
At a historical average, it should be 20 to 1- 20 to 1.
What's the price?
rat in 2011, $107 an ounce and 20 to 1, $165.
This is...
So it should...
Say that slowly.
In a historical average, it should be 20 to 1.
What's the price?
$165 an ounce.
Good God, I wish I was in a position to be in silver.
And this is if those three banks, which are...
If I had money, and I stored up money to fund this place and put everything I had in, I'm proud to do it, the mission is number one, but if I had money, I'd be all in silver right now.
Absolutely, as we are.
So here's the thing, banks always understate where gold is going to go, for whatever reason.
It exposes inflation.
So their numbers of averaging $3,200 is probably going to be much higher than that, which puts silver Stratospheric growth.
And we've seen this.
So six weeks ago, I'm sorry, two months ago, so that's eight weeks ago, silver was $22 an ounce.
Today it's $28.
We're up over 30% in the last two months.
Again, we predicted this kind of growth on the last two shows that we were on.
You think it'll really go $21?
I don't even care if it gets to 21.
If it goes to 50 to 1, it's huge.
If it goes to 50 to 1, it's huge.
If it goes to 30 to 1, it's huge.
But I actually do think we will get to that point, because that's a historical norm.
And you get to that point, it acts as a regression towards the mean, it will go to that point.
That's the equilibrium.
That's the equilibrium.
Let's just say, and you had sent me something about a week ago, we were texting back and forth, and you said, hey, let's look at what an ounce of gold would buy you from time to time, right?
So we were talking about 1929 versus today.
So this is a really interesting story, and everybody who sees this and understands it will realize It doesn't matter if gold or silver even go up at all, because the dollar is diminishing so much, the only way to maintain your purchasing power over time is with tangible assets like gold and silver.
So, in 1929, gold was $20.63 an ounce.
An average home price was $4,902.
Gold was $20.63 an ounce.
An average home price was $4,902.
So that means how many ounces of gold did it take you to buy a house?
So how about today?
Average home price 384,500.
What's the gold price?
Around 2400.
That means it takes you 165 ounces of gold to buy a house.
So the ratio is actually getting better.
4400 that means it takes you a hundred and sixty-five ounces of gold to buy a house
So the ratio is actually getting better. So it put it another way if you kept your money in cash since
1929 your But those same 238 ounces of gold would be worth $555,968.
worth $245 because of inflation.
But those same 238 ounces of gold would be worth $555,968.
See, you would be able to buy a house plus have another $170,000 left over.
If you would have put your money in gold instead of paper, paper declined from $4,900 to $240,000.
It's such a no-brainer!
It's a no-brainer!
where gold went from $4,900 to $555,000.
It's such a no-brainer.
It's a no-brainer.
And that's what pisses me off is, I mean, I watch you at WorldNetDaily and other platforms.
I know you have a great company and I just, I just, I only went with companies that reached out to us or whatever.
I looked at a few and they would lie to me and said they were going to sell gold and bullion.
And I get they got to make money, so you know, 5%, 10%, whatever.
I said, but don't go above that.
They would bait and switch and go right.
So I'd call and they'd go, yeah, we got bullion.
What you really need is this thing from a shipwreck.
I'd be like, that's twice the price of bullion.
I would always, they'd be a sponsor for like two days.
I go, you son of a bitch, you lied.
Long time listeners know, you'd see a gold sponsor for like two days, they'd be gone because they just wouldn't stop.
And like, I don't need that in my life to F over listeners.
That's not who I am.
So thank God you're here because people need to get into this.
They need to do it now.
They do, and Alex, everything that you and I have been talking about on this show are fundamental forces that cause markets to move, right?
So what causes stocks, bonds, mutual funds to come down?
Raising taxes, raising interest rates, inflationary pressures, and people losing their jobs.
Because people stop spending money.
Those exact fundamental forces cause gold and silver to go up.
Now we add to that the supply and demand constraints.
And you look at where Comex Silver, Comex is the big global depository where manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG, Tesla, they get all their silver from, right?
So in the last 18 months, Comex available supply is down 70%, 7-0.
That means there's 30% left.
Well, over 18 months, it came down 70%.
That drawdown rate is 3.8% a month.
left? Well, over 18 months it came down 70%. That drawdown rate is 3.8% a month. So what's
30% that's left divided by the current drawdown rate?
Silver could go away in physical format over the next eight to nine months. So what does that mean?
And then it goes, "Oh my word." It could go higher than 21.
Well, it absolutely could because we need it for- Don't make a guesstimation. I'm not giving advice here, but
21 sounds incredible, but this looks like it could go higher than that. Well, it
could because look at all of the globalist agendas.
Green energy, solar power, electric vehicles, fuel cell technology, Department of Defense, we're in a war economy right now, aerospace industry, they all need silver.
So it's not like a 65 inch LED TV is 100% made out of silver.
No, it's got this small amount in it for solder points and different things, different components.
But without it, they can't finish their final product.
So here's the manufacturers of the world saying, If we don't get silver, we can't finish our final product.
And China's positioned itself with 97% of rare earth minerals.
How the hell did that happen?
Because we have inept.
For people that don't know, you have to have rare earth minerals for everything.
Yeah, we have completely inept foreign policy and we've given that stuff away and so other countries have taken advantage.
Well, it was done on purpose to undermine us.
I mean, like the Panama Canal, everybody, 7 Carter gave it away, but not until the 90s was officially transferred.
Now China runs Panama.
I mean, you can't tell me the CIA that's come out saying, we've got to shut Jones down, he's too popular, it threatens our national security, but then they sold out Panama Canal to the Chinese.
I mean, give me a break.
They're working against our national security.
They absolutely are.
And China knows it because we need silver for Department of Defense.
We need it for missiles, we need it for... So how could the Department of Defense and the CIA let China dominate the industrial metals?
Well, I think, sadly, they want to change the global system.
They want to change the balance of power into this global utopia.
But, Xi Jinping double-crossed him 12 years ago, so now that's falling apart.
It's like Hitler and Stalin at the first World War II were allies, folks, the first two years.
Then they double-crossed each other.
It's like, what did the globalists think China was going to do when they gave them all the cards?
Well, this is going to make every patriot in America really upset, but you know, don't kill the messenger, but we have lost our time as the global economic political military hegemon.
That was the CFR plan?
Yeah, that was the CFR plan to have this global, you know, the United Nations, NATO, all of this.
No, no, no, go to the CFR 20 years ago.
The end of the American century, the dragon century.
Guys, type in CouncilOnFarmRelations.org, the end of American power, the rise of China.
They've been doing it on purpose and then China double-crossed them!
Soros said everything's China until 10 years ago.
Now he says Xi Jinping's Hitler.
What did you think he would do, you dumbasses?
So they double-crossed you because there's no honor amongst thieves, you dumb bastards.
They could have Owned America, but let us be free.
We would have taken the world over with freedom, but instead they wanted totalitarianism.
Could have been 1776 worldwide and you dumbass bankers could have been the bosses, but you had a needle dick attitude towards free people.
You wanted to dominate us, so you cozied up to Xi Jinping, and now you are fucked.
Well, here's where... Because that they are!
I mean, they are.
Oh, they're toast.
And so China, what do they want?
See, it's really easy to connect the dots, Alex.
Talk about why China broke with them.
General Flynn, five years before it happened, told them what happened.
So they want to be the world's reserve currency.
They want to be the world's global economic... But how did they not think China would double-cross them?
Because they want this to happen to bring in central bank digital currency.
I mean, they want this.
So central bank digital currency is not about fixing a broken economic system.
It's about complete people control.
So what does China want?
China sees this fracture because of bad foreign policy, bad leadership in America and they say, ooh, we can be the world's reserve currency and here's how we do it.
So Putin says we're going to de-dollarize the world.
They add all these other countries.
Iran, the big one right now with today's news, added into the BRICS nations.
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and so forth.
So but Iran is a big one to me because what are they doing?
They're now wanting to attack Israel.
Well, who are they in economic political alignment with?
The BRICS nations.
So this is bigger to me than Iran, you know, having a multi thousands of years.
Yeah, but what they did bring into them, because they're part of the BRICS nation, is this bigger coalition of China, Russia, Iran against Israel, against the West.
Because the West is so leveraged, even little countries that are taken out is huge.
But explain derivatives, because it's not just derivatives in banking, or in housing, or in mortgages.
Everything's been turned to this derivative system, so when even a smaller nation pulls out, it's huge.
So a derivative is just leveraged debt.
So you can have dollar-for-dollar debt.
If you have $20,000 debt on your credit card, that's dollar-for-dollar.
You owe $20,000.
It goes away.
What financial institutions did is they started putting in different tranches.
They're really toxic debt and they're kind of toxic debt.
And they put it into packages.
They started selling it to other financial institutions at a leveraged amount.
So now derivatives are basically leveraged debt instruments about 20 to 1.
So, if you get it wrong and your investment goes in the wrong direction by 5% and you've got this in a debt derivative, 5% times 20 times leverage, you lose 100% of your invested capital on a 5% move.
So that's why it's a big deal in Texas, even if BlackRock has a quadrillion, you pull $8 billion out because it's all leverage, that's like hundreds of trillions.
Hundreds of trillions.
So here's where China is playing a masterful chess game and not just China but the BRICS nations in
So we saw that chart earlier about the massive amount of gold flow going to the east and
away from the west.
So China, the BRICS nations now control the majority of gold in the world, the majority
of it.
So what did that do to the west?
It took away our price fixing capability.
What does China want?
They want to be the world's reserve currency.
And that kills the Federal Reserve and the stock market and its special committee on
open markets and all the rest of it.
It kills their ability to make it short like they could.
They can't make it short.
See, this is very, very, very, very important for people investing in gold and silver because
there's been this pendulum shifting moment that has happened when these numbers came
So the west, the Fed, London, they wanted to discredit gold and silver because they
wanted their big banking empire.
And anytime gold and silver would go up, they'd cut it off at the knees because that was an attack against their fiat-based money.
Well, now that the East wants to be the world's reserve currency, they are the majority owners of all the gold in the world by far.
So now what?
They don't want price suppression.
If they own the majority, they want gold to go through the roof.
So the West lost.
It's price-fixing capability.
They are losing, and this balance of power has shifted.
Sorry, every American patriot like me who loves America, who wants the great lifestyle that we've had over the last 40 years.
That balance of power has shifted.
And they are playing a brilliant game.
But this is where, you know, people say, well, gold and silver, they've been manipulated for so long.
It's like that game is about to end because whenever somebody owns a majority of something, they control it.
Like like a majority shareholder in a stock company.
It's like, OK, they could vote somebody out.
China owns the majority of gold, and so their motive is for gold to go up because they own so much of it and they want to increase their wealth.
So you look at the ratio of silver that we talked about, Alex.
You look at this chart pattern.
Now, this is 44 years in the making, okay?
And I'm not a technical chartist.
The difference between fundamentals, which to me are Trump everything, fundamentals, interest rates, debt, unsustainable debt, political consequences, legislative actions, supply and demand, that always causes markets to move.
What a technical chart tells you is, is this a good time to buy or a good time to sell?
A bad time to buy, a bad time to sell?
It tells you entry and exit points.
This silver path is clear.
Over the last 44 years, this cup and handle formation is what's showing us built up, built up demand.
It's pent up demand.
And now that supply is diminishing, like what we talked about earlier, this will cause silver to go through the roof.
This is why the beginning stages of what we've seen over the last eight weeks is silver going From $22 an ounce to $28 an ounce.
And by the way, we're going to re-air part of this later on the weekday shows.
It's so important.
And I just want to put a note here.
I want to go find the clips of you four months ago, three months ago, predicting silver would do exactly what it's done.
And we'll kind of cut some flashbacks in here because that's really powerful.
So you already shown us this.
We only got like 20 minutes left.
Tell us, Dr. Kirk Elliott, your new predictions or other key tidbits.
You've got the floor.
Hit them, all the other points you wanted to make.
What's coming next?
Because you talked about regional bankrupts coming.
Now they're saying they're coming.
You've got the floor.
Give people what you... You've already told us that you were right.
We know you're right.
This is basic stuff, but you do all the technicals a great job.
You're selling, you know, like the ice water in the Sahara here.
It's obviously common sense.
So tell us what's coming next.
So what's coming next is sadly a very dark period for America economically.
Jamie Dimon, chairman of JPMorgan Chase, said this two days ago.
He said, we are about to enter the darkest economic period, 10-year period in American history.
And why is that?
Because banks are running out of money.
They're undercapitalized.
With interest rates going up, people are going to be delinquent on their loans, they're going to default on their loans.
And so what I expect coming soon is a banking crisis where you're going to start to see banks fail.
People are going to pull their money out of the system.
So here's where if you, people think in their retirement accounts, let's say you're a Fidelity or Schwab or whatever,
and you're just sitting in a money market, that's immune from your bank going under.
No, it's not!
When you have a money market that's held at a bank basically somewhere, a financial institution.
So as banking crisis continues to persist, people's retirement accounts are going to get hit hard.
Cash is no longer the king.
Cash is no longer the safe haven.
Because interest rates aren't keeping up with inflation, banks are going to fail.
So here's what I think comes next.
Now, you add to that the wartime era that we're entering into, just as we record this, You've got Iran basically saying that they're going to invade Israel.
Israel because they want to preemptively strike before Israel goes after them.
You've got warships going into the Strait of Hormuz.
You've got things that are starting to get turbulent.
Gold and silver very politically motivated.
Legislatively motivated, economically motivated flight for safety vehicles, right?
So, so I think, you know, Alex, to answer your question, I think we're going to have banking crisis 2.0.
I think we're going to have a massive surveillance state that hits us with FISA 702 talking about all this terrorist tension and all these wars and stuff.
We've got to, without warrant, want to be able to see if there's Anybody that's talking to anybody internationally, right, to see if they're involved.
I think that the surveillance state is going to increase just like after 9-11.
Now with the banking crisis, they're going to use all of this to actually usher in a new monetary system, which is central bank digital currency in their own words.
In their own words, not mine.
Look at the World Economic Forum, look at the Bank for International Settlements, look at the IMF, look at what Central Bank Digital Currency is.
It's programmable money, which is ideology-based spending.
That's what the programmable part about it is.
You can change ownership of that.
If it's digital, you can change ownership with the flip of a switch.
So I think that this is the next era that's coming.
And if people aren't allocated safely, getting out of digital assets, getting out of paper assets,
going into something that's tangible, something that's real, like agricultural real estate
that you can start to produce land on, like gold and silver that's not a digital asset.
See, we have to start thinking differently about society and about what comes next.
It's like, oh, you know how they're gonna start to track you?
So digital enslavement, right?
So Amazon, Amazon is pushing a palm scan payment service, right?
So normally when you go to a gas station, a grocery store, you know, you slide your credit card through the little reader and that's how you pay for your stuff, right?
Even at the 7-Eleven, across two blocks down from my office in Denver, it says, we're cashless.
Cashless at a 7-Eleven?
So they only want credit card transactions.
Well, what Amazon wants to do is absolutely own the merchant processing business, right?
And they're going with a PalmScan payment service, which is biometric identification of you to your bank accounts and in the means of safety, right?
And in transparency and quickness of transactions, right?
So no data theft because it's biometrically identified.
This is part of the United Nations Pact for the Future, which they started working on two years ago, central bank digital currency, unified ledgers, tokenizing all of your information, putting it into a packet, anything that has a title, your bank accounts, your checking accounts, your house.
All of that, your savings accounts, I mean, they're putting it into a system where they can flip off the switch of ownership if your ideology doesn't match up.
So what is this pact for the future?
In September of 2024 is the date that they want to meet to actually expose this plan to the whole world.
Well, part of that is biometric identification of your bank accounts.
Amazon just confirmed that this is what they are bringing to the table, right?
So, you know, we're all, you know, talking about Big Brother and Orwell in 1984 and all these, you know, dystopian future books that we read a long time ago.
The dystopian future is now, right?
So what do we need to do?
You need to make sure that your faith is in the right place.
You need to make sure that your finances are safeguarded away from digital assets into something that's tangible and real.
Make sure that the money that you do have in a bank is not basically in a bank that's in bad financial condition, which most of them are.
Right, most of them are.
So, recent reports that are coming out, I just read one yesterday that said all banks are insolvent.
I mean, okay.
So, are all banks insolvent?
Probably not, but in a rising interest rate world, and people are going to be delinquent on their loan payments, default on their loan payments, new requirements From the Basel III Financial Accords say that banks have to go from 0% to 20% reserve requirement.
If you're a billion-dollar bank and you went from zero to now you have to have $200 million in reserves, where are you going to get that?
Where are you going to get that if you're out of compliance, you go out of business?
Oh, but don't worry, JPMorgan Chase will just consolidate and buy out all these toxic banks.
See, this is a problem too.
Because when Silicon Valley Bank went down, Signature Bank was one of them.
Who bought them out?
New York Community Bank.
What happened to New York Community Bank over the last two months?
Share price went down 70%.
Because now, when you buy toxic assets, it makes all of your old assets toxic too.
See, these banks that are buying the toxic banks, their balance sheets are becoming toxic.
And this financial system, as we know it, is collapsing right before our eyes.
They're going to try to usher in a new central bank digital currency that says, we can fix it with this.
That's not going to fix anything.
Everybody watching this needs to realize, the people ushering in the new system are the same ones that had the old system.
They don't actually lose anything.
Except what did they gain?
Absolute power over people's spending and the ability to cut you off from buying or selling if your ideology doesn't match up with theirs.
See, this is the world that we're heading into.
This is the Orwellian future that nobody wanted to happen, but yet it's here!
It's here right in front of us.
And so this is why, Alex, I've been shouting from the rooftops for decades.
And sometimes markets can stay irrational longer than we can stay rational, right?
But now we're seeing technical confirmation, fundamental confirmation, political confirmation, social decay.
And what comes after economic collapse is always social upheaval.
When people can't feed their babies, when they can't pay their mortgage, when they can't pay their rent, you're going to see... And that's the angrier world that Klaus Schwab talks about.
I'm going to back up what you said five minutes ago.
The communist Chinese, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, they're all buying farmland, not just here but around the world, while they use governments to shut down small and regional farms.
So they understand it's all about food.
You said the right thing.
It's true.
Farmland, if you know how to do it, that's great.
Most people don't.
That's number one.
But number two is gold and silver.
It is an absolute, total no-brainer, Dr. Kirk Elliott.
And you guys have the best company with no resale price, ready to physical delivery, ready with great groups you trust to house it, whatever people want.
I wish I could make everybody.
I don't mean that literally.
Watch this, because if enough people move out of this now and get prepared, we can stop their system.
But the globalists admit they're rolling out the central bank digital currency.
They're rolling out the New World Order.
They're rolling out all the time.
I'll be in a small restaurant trying to pay cash.
We don't take cash.
I'll be in a store.
We don't take cash.
I'm only trying to buy a loaf of bread.
This is their system.
Then all those mom-and-pop shots, all the swap meets, all the Amish selling stuff, it's meant to shut that down.
And they admit they won't just go after you if they don't like you politically.
That's up front, they admit.
Trudeau's trying to pass a law right now.
He did it to the truckers.
So is Europe.
They're going to tell you where you can spend it.
And oh, it has more value if you spend it at this store than that store.
It directs the economy.
This is the mark of the beast.
I agree.
And that's where my theology background comes in.
I'll spend a few minutes on you with your theology background, because you're also a theologian to a degree in that.
You know, people for hundreds of years, thousands of years, you know, they've been saying, well, they know that Revelation 13, 17 existed in the mark of the beast and nobody could buy or sell, no man, woman, or child could buy or sell.
But it made no sense back then.
How could you do that?
How could everybody see the Antichrist at once on this image?
They see the beast.
They worship the image.
It's television.
So a lot of people thought, well, Hitler is the Antichrist.
No, it's an Antichrist spirit, right?
The Bible says there's many Antichrists but one final.
And we weren't there because we weren't there technologically yet.
We couldn't actually have fulfillment of those prophecies.
But the devil's always lining his plan up.
Until technology is right.
Well, you know what?
It's here.
We're seeing holograms of stinking aliens at Miami Mall, right?
You're seeing all this crazy stuff.
China has giant dragons flying above cities.
Giant-jagged people are becoming accustomed to talks about aliens and weird stuff, right?
But then financially, you couldn't interconnect everybody globally without a digital system.
Now, how do you get everybody to comply?
This is where the politics of all of this become very important because You create fear, you create crime, you create anger in the world, you cut off all the regular resources, you force people into it.
All of that.
Imagine every Evangelical and Catholic in the world says, I'm not taking this, it's the Mark of the Beast.
There's no way.
Well, what if your social security payments are tied to the FedNow app and they say, if you don't take this app, we're not going to get your social security payments.
What are people going to do?
They're going to pause, they're going to consider, they're going to think about it.
It's like, well, I have to live.
So what does the Bible say?
Run to the hills.
Run to the hills.
God gives us those prophetic warnings so we can act and have faith.
God gives us free will, but he gave us a blueprint and a map and a cheat sheet.
He loves us so much, he gave us free wills.
We're free entities.
But he went, my children, here is the book.
Here is the blueprint.
See, Bible prophecy isn't there to scare people.
It's there to empower them.
We're not given the spirit of fear, but a spirit of victory and overcoming.
And hope and a sound mind.
And so those prophecies are there to actually warn us, but to give us hope.
And that's why the enemy is so against real Christians.
And they're in Protestants, there's Catholics, everybody that has the spirit of God, despite the corrupt churches.
We're given the sound mind.
We're given the discernment.
That's how we know tomorrow's who's today.
It is literally the Holy Spirit.
And that's how we're finishing each other's sentences.
We didn't talk before this except a few text messages.
We're finishing each other's sentences because it's the truth.
It is the truth.
And there's story after story after story in the Bible.
You know, you read through the Gospels.
There's a story that everybody knows.
Peter's walking on water, right?
There's this big, huge storm.
The waves are huge.
Jesus is walking on water and said, Hey, Peter, come to me.
What does he do?
He gets out of the boat, he starts walking on water, because why?
He's focused on his Savior.
He's focused on the solution.
But the moment that he looks around and is engulfed with fear, sees the waves, he starts to sink.
This is a message for everybody today.
Stop focusing on the storm and focus on the solution.
And which is God, which is Jesus, which is this empowerment, this creativity.
Who gives us the way.
God points the way.
He gives us the way.
And you know what?
You can survive through this, and not just survive, but thrive, have a smile on your face.
And this is why God tells us about the Mark of the Beast, because He doesn't say, the only game in town.
He says, don't take it, which means there is a choice.
It's beautiful.
It's all happening.
God is in control.
Everybody should call you guys.
They should do a consultation.
You'll talk to them.
You'll find out their needs.
Everybody should get into Silver right now.
I'm going to go tomorrow night after the show or the next.
I'm going to have my family sit down and watch this.
This has been a powerful transmission.
We're live right now.
It's gonna reloop till tomorrow at 4 p.m.
when I come back live on Sunday.
I'm gonna air this Wednesday on the show in a few hours live.
I'm gonna air this.
It's so important to the full audience and all the AM and FM affiliates and the rest of it.
Go to his website right now.
Call the toll-free number right now and get this information.
We'll put it back on screen.
Real quick here, but the answer, ladies and gentlemen, is getting prepared.
KEPM.com forward slash gold or 720-605-3900, 720-605-3900 or KEMPM.com forward slash gold.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much and great job.
or KEMPM.com/gold.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much and great job.
Thanks Alex.
We've had some great interviews, but this is the best so far.
Now, a breakdown of the Deep State attack on us.
We'll be back in 30 minutes, continuing the live transmission with a simulcast on X-Spaces with some huge, incredible guests.
It is all coming up.
We're going to be on with Mario Nafal.
We're going to be on with Jack Posobiec.
Elon says he may be popping in.
It's all coming up.
We're still live.
Here's the emergency report.
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So what I really want to ask you to do is pray for myself and the crew and my family.
That's number one.
I want that.
I need that.
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That's why this surfaced.
That's why this happened.
I need the prayer.
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We'll be right back.
The desperate deep state has been forced to reveal itself, to emerge from the shadows because the global awakening is so massive.
There are now congressional hearings on FISA and the warrantless wiretapping and spying on the American people where they're openly discussing the FBI and CIA's operations against myself and Tucker Carlson designed to destroy us.
The entire House of Cards is coming down now.
You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do.
You set them up.
Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?
We get really close.
We call it a nudge.
A nudge?
A nudge.
Sometimes you just gotta give them a quick little... just to see what happens.
Sometimes you light the fuse and just wait for it to follow.
And that's the way of putting out a fake social media thing to like really get people mad.
The undercover footage of Gavin Oblenus, former FBI, current CIA, has taken the internet by storm.
Hundreds of millions of people have seen it.
But this is only a tiny window into this world.
Where they're openly admitting that they're targeting Tucker Carlson, targeting Alex Jones, putting us on list, trying to shut us down.
Remember three years ago, Tucker Carlson said, hey, I just got told by high-level sources the NSA spying on me and giving an illegally to the Washington Post his text messages.
And the Washington Post came out and said, you're right, we are, and here's your text messages.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is total, warrantless, lawless tyranny to suppress the people.
And it is the greatest threat facing our nation and the world.
Do you trust the government?
In 2021, the FBI conducted over 3 million FISA searches of Americas.
And in 2022, the FBI was still conducting hundreds of such warrantless queries per day.
We often hear the claim that it's for your safety.
So do you think that members of Congress get spied on through these loopholes?
In fact, I'm quite confident in some capacity that I'm sure I'm on the list.
The FBI conducted over 278,000 searches of the 702 FISA database that violated the Justice Department's own rules.
Anytime the government tells us it's for your safety, the American people really question what that means.
Alex Jones, if you're listening, Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered, right?
Your feathers should be flustered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy, or that CIA guy said about you.
And same with Tucker.
I'll tell you, go after him, go after him.
This weaponization that the Republicans have said has happened with the DOJ, it's true, America.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
InfoWars.com forward slash We are about to break information critically vital, not just to the future of America, but the future of free peoples across the world.
Myself, my crew, my organization, and my family have been the victims in the last seven years of a CIA, Justice Department, FBI, globalist attack.
Now, I didn't understand the full scope of this until just the last year, but listeners and viewers have heard me break down the fact that it was a CIA-FBI coordinated operation.
It's now begun to come out in just the last week.
There have been congressional hearings, there have been documents, there have been operatives who've been caught in clandestine recordings, and even more is set to come out in the next week to two weeks.
So this information is explosive.
Now, a lot of the regular viewers and listeners of my syndicated daily show know the details of this, but we've talked about it in chunks and pieces.
Now we're going to lay it all out succinctly with the new information here today.
But here's the bottom line.
Let's start going through the articles and start here.
GOP lawmakers condemn CIA, FBI attack against Alex Jones.
And this is in congressional hearings and in interviews.
Republican congressmen and women call for official investigation to FBI, CIA setup of Alex Jones.
Representative Troy Nels, Representative Paulina Luna, Representative Mike Lee, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and more are now calling for official hearings and criminal investigations of the information that's broken in the last week.
Alex Jones, if you're listening, Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered, right?
Your feathers should be flustered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy, or that CIA guy said about you.
And same with Tucker.
I'll tell you, go after him, go after him.
This weaponization that the Republicans have said has happened with the DOJ, it's true, America.
They're coming after Donald Trump.
They're coming after anybody that's a mega-movement individual.
We've got to push back.
Let's win!
It's important to understand that the information that broke four days ago, the former FBI and current CIA operative Gavin Oblemus' revelations, that indeed the agencies were working in tandem against myself and my operation to quote, cut our legs off and attempt to dial back or suppress the reach we have, warning the public about the globalist operations.
You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do.
Who set him up?
Alex Jones.
Yeah, so, we were after him.
Was that court case used?
Was that a CIA case?
It sure was, but we were looking at all of his folders, comments, all in the second latest, right?
Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?
We get really close.
It's a civil matter.
Since they got all this access to his stuff, If he's not there, what can we go find?
And the goal with him was what?
Just to bankrupt him?
Uh, pretty much.
There's nothing federally, federal law, we can do.
But civilly, we can go at him that way.
Chop his legs off.
Is he still out?
He's still chirping?
He can chirp.
Are you still watching him?
He did what we wanted.
Which was what?
He took his money away.
But you do have the option for a civil case, which is a pretty good case.
In our opinion.
Now before we get into the newest revelations that we just showed you a piece of, it's important
to go back and do a quick summary of what actually happened to InfoWars and how the
Deep State used the Sandy Hook narrative to create a false straw man of myself and my
organization so they could then sell the idea of destroying it to the public to then set
the precedent to destroy anyone else they want to target.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
He even said, and this really just is so disgusting, he even said the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors.
And no one was actually killed there.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be to say things like that.
But Trump doesn't challenge these lies.
He actually went on Jones' show and said, your reputation is amazing.
I will not let you down.
A few months before the election in 2016, Hillary Clinton and her opposition research decided to target then candidate Trump by claiming that I was his brain and that I was directing his campaign, which was not true.
Then they misrepresented what I had said and what I had done in the past and claimed that I'd done all these terrible things so they could then try to attach that to Trump.
And now we know that huge PR firms were involved, taking things I'd said out of context,
exaggerating them, lying about them, and then running thousands of news articles
and hundreds of national TV programs, late night comedy, PBS, CNN, ABC News, NBC.
There was literally not one news channel, national or local or even international,
that did not run with the story in 2016 and 2017, every day, that I was sending people
to Sandy Hook family's homes, that I was sending people to urinate on graves.
Never any proof of that.
Never any proof of anybody urinating on graves.
And that I was doing all this somehow at the direction of Trump when I hadn't even talked about Sandy Hook for years and years and years before they started this disinformation PR campaign.
And what's amazing now is the PR firms themselves are bragging how they did this.
Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing To a major circulation, American Journal.
We do have people who submit pieces to American Journals.
Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?
This, I think, gets into the kind of getting into the details, Mr. Chairman, that I'd like to get into in an executive session.
One of my jobs was that of analyst.
I also was an interrogator and, indeed, briefed the press when we, the CIA, wanted to circulate disinformation on a particular issue.
Disinformation is not necessarily a lie.
It may be a half-truth, and we would pick out a journalist.
I would go do the briefing and hope that he would put the information in print.
At any rate, this analysis that we made of the CIA's media operations disclosed, among other things, that they deliver, through CIA couriers, ready-to-print or ready-to-broadcast news, and I put that in inverted commas, which is used by the media.
And this is created by the CIA.
At the same time, that capability at any time could be turned around on the American people.
And no American would have any privacy left, such as the capability to monitor everything,
telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn't matter.
There would be no place to hide.
If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country,
the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government
could enable it to impose total tyranny.
Who would be like a big influence that you're...
Influencer that you're after?
Like a...
I don't know, like a...
I don't even know these names.
Like a Fox News person, or like a Tucker Carlson, or like... Oh, I'm sure he's in there.
You always want to pick the biggest and loudest.
Like that, what was his name?
The one that said, uh... The Sandy Hook didn't happen.
Alex Jones.
So, we were after him.
You are?
Are you still after him?
Because he's broke.
He got found guilty.
And had to pay, like, a hundred million dollars.
So what, why were you after him?
We're not in anymore.
Just to get the money from him?
Was that court case used?
Was that a CIA case?
It sure was.
That was an agency thing?
Well, actually it was a defamation case.
So it's a civil, not government.
But we were looking at all of the scholars, commenting, following, like, who's up in the latest?
So, even though it's technically not our, well not the agency definitely, but the Bureau for instance, Yeah, that's not our purview.
It's a civil matter.
But, since they got all this access to his stuff, and it's there, what can we go find?
And did you find anything?
I can't determine anything.
So in a quick summation, here's how it works.
Trump is winning in the polls.
Nothing they were doing against him was working.
So they go in, focus on Alex Jones, lie about what I've said and done, claim I'm attacking families of dead children.
Put it all over the news and then claim that Trump is directing it and then file lawsuits against me, get all the discovery, find no evidence of what they were claiming, and then they had judges in Austin, Texas and in Connecticut rule that I was defaulted so I was already guilty.
Then they had show trials on the damages I would pay but told the juries that I was guilty and instructed my lawyers that I couldn't say I was innocent and couldn't put on a defense because I'd already been found guilty.
But they still wanted to have a show trial because Americans still in the back of their mind believe that you're supposed to get a trial in America.
Once they'd won the predetermined show trials, the lawyers in Connecticut and Texas, all connected to the Democratic Party at the highest levels, openly came out and said, we don't want his money, the supposed billions I had that was totally made up.
No, our mission is to take him off the air.
Our mission is to silence him.
I ask that with your verdict, you not only Take Alex Jones' platform that he talks about away.
I ask that you make certain he can't rebuild the platform.
That's what matters.
Take him out of this discourse, of this misinformation, of this peddling of lies, and make sure he can't do it again.
That is punishment.
That is deterrence.
I hope that we never see someone like him again.
I hope that with your verdict he can go away.
Alex Jones is patient zero for our society's inability to speak without lies.
I believe it.
When it comes to stopping Alex Jones, that would be the most important work that you do.
Alex Jones.
And the question is going to be, where is Alex Jones when that happens?
Is he in his studio?
Getting ready to bounce?
Or will you stop?
But the important part of that is we're not going to be spinning in two years going up
to Texas Spring Court or whatever.
Nobody's going to waste their money doing that.
We're going to this bankruptcy court.
And those claims are going to have to get valued and resolved in that bankruptcy estate.
And when we have a litigable basis to potentially wrap this case up for years and then ultimately collect our entire punitive damage argument?
Yeah, there's going to be a resolution made under what these claims are valued at.
And that's also going to have to take into account what the Lafferty claims are valued at, and the Posner claims are valued at, and the Fontaine claims are valued at.
And that is why I've been saying that what this is heading towards is there's going to be a large set of plaintiffs who are going to be dividing up the corpse of InfoWars and the bankruptcy estate.
And over the course of that process, that could get very, very dangerous for Mr. Jones.
But we will be at it as long as it takes.
And if you're out there right now and you're one of Alex Jones' audience members, and you're considering giving him money, I just want you to know that based on the jury's verdict today, it's not a very good bet.
And to go back to what Robbie Parker said, all Alex Jones does is take from you, exploit you, lie to you.
Take Mr. Jones out!
your fears and your anxieties and your mistrust.
And the only person that benefits in that equation is him.
Well, that stops.
That's stopping today, thanks to the courage of these families.
Thank you very much.
Thanks, Senator.
Take Mr. Jones out.
Don't ever let him do it again.
But what did I do?
They never put on any evidence I did anything.
I never even said the names of any of the parents except one person.
Now let's get in to the major evidence outside of the Undercover videos coming out that prove it and that are triggering congressional investigations.
Let's look at the open evidence of the FBI being involved in my targeting from day one.
First, let's look at William Aldenburg.
He was already a senior FBI agent in Connecticut when Sandy Hook happened.
He reportedly responded to the tragedy.
William Aldenburg was already a senior agent when Sandy Hook happened, but shortly after he was made the head FBI agent lawyer in the state of Connecticut.
In January, did you assume a new position?
I was put into a position they call Chief Division Counsel, which is the head attorney for that FBI division.
You give legal counsel to the leadership of the division.
I was put in that position temporarily and then about a month later I was appointed to that position.
So you were the top lawyer providing advice to the FBI in Connecticut?
In-house, yes sir.
The first time I ever heard of William Aldenburg was when I was sued in Connecticut for questioning Sandy Hook.
And Mr. Aldenburg was actually asked on the stand, has Mr. Jones ever said your name?
Has his crew ever talked about you?
Have you ever been on his website?
And he said no.
How many times did Jones call you?
He didn't call me, sir.
Did you ever see this photograph 289 on InfoWars?
I didn't.
No, sir.
Do you know whether he ever talked about you on InfoWars?
I don't.
I don't know.
And here he is admitting that he went to the Costco firm, and that they developed this system, and that they filed this lawsuit, and that they came after me, and I've never even said his name, never even talked about him, didn't even know who he was.
How can something like this happen in America?
How can we be denied a real trial where we're innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven how guilty?
When's the first time you watched a video of Mr. Helbig on Mr. Jones' show?
I would be guessing, sir, I would bet I would say approximately like 2016.
Where were you when you saw that?
I was sitting in my office on the second floor at FBI New Haven.
You didn't file suit at that point in 2016?
No, at that point I couldn't get anybody to help me.
You were looking?
I was, by then I was pretty certain by 2016 I had contacted The Agents Association.
I've been looking for people.
I've been asking the U.S.
Attorney's Office to help me.
I've been asking the FBI New Haven to help me.
So yes, I was looking for help.
And then finally, you know, the only person ever even listened was Mr. Koskoff.
He's, he, you know, he was gentleman and gracious enough to listen to me and that's why we're here.
Is there going to be a waiver?
It's no mistake that the FBI consigliere, the head legal officer for the FBI in Connecticut,
went to the Koskoff law firm, which itself is heavily connected to the Democratic Party,
Senator Blumenthal and others.
Let's look now at Chris Maddy, a former federal prosecutor whose specialty is throwing Republicans in prison.
He helped quarterback the operation for putting the governor of Connecticut, a Republican, in prison.
Then, of course, we've got Matt Blumenthal, the son of the stolen Valor father, Senator Blumenthal, who, in the depositions, was there interrogating me.
And then of course you've got Josh Koskoff, the generational heir to the most powerful ambulance-chasing law firm on the East Coast.
They're now doing the same thing in Canada with Pierre Polyev, who is leading by massive numbers against Trudeau.
In the race to be the leader of Canada right now, claiming that secretly he gets talking points from me and that I'm running the conservative party in Canada.
They're running the exact same playbook they ran in 2016 against Trump against the conservatives in Canada.
History is repeating itself again.
Take a flamboyant individual like Alex Jones, take what he said out of context, totally make stuff up, rig court trials against him, and then set the precedent to take down whoever you want, whenever you want, however you want.
I knew that the Deep State was running this going back six, seven years ago because I wasn't that important.
Thousands of news articles, hundreds of national TV programs lying about me.
I knew they were setting the precedent to deplatform me, to use lawfare to try to shut us down, to set the precedent for others.
That was obvious.
This was a level of propaganda you only see before the U.S.
invades a country.
But they were invading a country.
They were invading America.
They were getting ready to list all of their opposition, all Trump supporters as terrorists, as extremists, as white supremacists that must be censored, that must be surveilled, that must be silenced.
And that's why this is so important.
But if you can demonize an Alex Jones, And then carry out these operations against him and others don't defend you because they're scared they're going to be labeled.
Now the first domino has fallen and no one is safe.
But the good news is Congress and governors and attorney generals and others across the country are recognizing how serious this is and are seeing the same lawfare tactics being used against Trump and other populists and are beginning to organize against it.
So, do you think that members of Congress get spied on through these loopholes?
and more information is imminently set to come out very, very soon.
So, do you think that members of Congress get spied on through these loopholes?
Yes. A hundred percent.
In fact, I'm quite confident in some capacity that I'm sure I'm on the list.
I think that the administration has made it very evident that they believe that if you are Christian, if you are Republican, if you're conservative, if you say the words, shall not be infringed, if you believe in the Constitution, that you're likely a domestic terrorist.
This is all about intimidating the people of America.
This is all about scaring people.
When they won their $1.5 billion dollar rigged judgment in Connecticut, The lawyers came out and said, that's not enough.
We want $2.75 trillion.
That's the GDP of India.
And then they lie and say, Jones won't pay his debt to the families.
He won't pay his $1.5 billion.
I'm negative millions of dollars that I owe.
I've been in bankruptcy for two years.
They knew all this back at the time.
But again, they lied about it and claimed I had hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars and that I made it off these people?
When all they entered into evidence from all these years of me talking about Sandy Hook was 22 minutes.
This is an un-American fraud.
It's an un-American lie.
And as Mark Twain said, a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on.
But in the end, the truth almost always comes out on top.
And it's happening right now.
This is a lot bigger than vindicating Alex Jones.
Yes, I was targeted.
Yes, I was set up.
But again, I was being set up because they're setting you up.
They are casting you, like it's a Hollywood movie, because you're a populist, or a conservative, or a Christian, or a capitalist, as an evil bad person.
The deep state knows it's unpopular, and it's declared war on not just the people of America, but free independent people around the world, from the Netherlands, to Sri Lanka, to Ireland, to Canada, to the US.
They're shutting down farms.
They're shutting down dairies.
They're going after small businesses.
They're waging economic war against us.
They're cutting off our pipelines.
They're devaluing our currency.
Our cities are falling apart.
And the same globalists that say I'm the ultimate demon, that I'm the bad guy, are the ones that lied about WMDs in Iraq, are the ones that have been caught involved in all these incredible crimes.
Not one person on the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile list has been indicted or arrested, ladies and gentlemen.
And that very same corrupt establishment can point its finger at me and say Alex Jones is the bad guy.
Most people that buy this propaganda actually think I killed the kids.
They don't even know it was Adam Lanza.
When I do get confronted by people that buy into the HBO documentaries and the rest of it, they walk up to me and say, how dare you do what you did to those kids?
I had a woman just three days ago walk up to me and say, how dare you urinate on their graves?
And I looked at her and I said, are you crazy, lady?
Did you ever see any proof of anybody urinating on a grave?
And she just said, F you and your family and walked off.
But here's the good news.
For every time that happens, I shake thousands of hands and get people's support.
And the majority of people see through this garbage.
But for those that are brainwashed, it's so incredibly sad to see that they've fallen under the control of this.
So I'm going to end this with a clip of Madeleine Albright on 60 Minutes.
Madeleine Albright, as the Secretary of State under the Clinton administration, tripled the sanctions on Iraq, a mainly desert country that was importing 80% of its food and medicine or more.
When she tripled the sanctions, they were already crippling before that, it killed overall three million people.
But at the time she was asked about it, partway on the sanctions, it had killed a million people, half of them children.
We have heard that a half a million children have died.
I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima.
And, you know, is the price worth it?
I think this is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it.
So this woman says, I'll do it again.
I'll kill millions of people with starvation and lack of medical care, but she's a woman with a brooch and she's in charge like Barbie, so it's okay.
She's a good person, lauded and loved by Victoria Nuland trying to start World War III in Ukraine, but Alex Jones.
that saw the internet questioning a mass shooting and covered it a few times and had a debate with both sides once why he made all his money on it and he lives it and it's his whole world.
No, the truth is PR firms from the Democratic Party with law firms directed by the FBI with CIA Operation Mockingbird in the media, it's all out now, there's congressional hearings coming, came in, created the straw man of myself, had rigged trials, tried to shut me down, To set the precedent to intimidate and scare everybody else, and it's totally un-American.
And the truth is, the foundations and the charities in and around gun control, on my name, by attaching themselves to me, in the last six, seven years, have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.
They're the ones that make money off Sandy Hook.
They're the ones that got 70 plus million from Remington, the oldest gun manufacturer in America, and bankrupted it.
They're the ones, 11 years later, That literally have built their entire house on these sad dead children who I'm so sorry are dead and I do believe died.
And I'm not the one.
I'm not Mr. Sandy Hook.
I'm not Adam Lanza.
I didn't kill the kids and I didn't do 99% of the things they said I did.
God bless you all.
Major action coming soon.
I'm not a litigious person.
I don't want to have to take on the CIA and the FBI, but we need new Senator Frank Church type hearings.
We're talking to some of the top law firms in the country right now that are very, very interested and want to take action.
And I'm going to do this to draw this lie out in the open further.
So the public understands that there is an illegal deep state operation to terrorize and intimidate the American
people that would make the KGB blush.
So thank you for your support. We'll keep fighting as long as we can at infowards.com and Band.video as well as Real
Alex Jones on the MightyX platform.
So with Alex Jones, we were watching him long before anything ended up happening.
It wasn't my office, but I mean, we would have been well aware of what he was doing.
And the goal with him was what?
Just to bankrupt him?
Oh, pretty much.
And we let the families do it.
We let the families do it.
Were they encouraged to do that by the Bureau?
Like nudged?
We don't encourage people.
We just say, there's no federal Statute being broken.
But you do have the option for a civil.
For a civil case.
It's a pretty good case.
In our opinion.
Oh, that makes so much sense.
I have a cousin who's a lawyer.
So that's a lot of these cases.
They're kind of encouraged by the FBI?
Yeah, like, there's nothing federally, federal law, we can do.
But civil, maybe?
We'll let him that way.
Chop his legs off.
And they did?
So the FBI was happy?
They didn't care.
We were like, awww.
Basically, the citizens did your job?
Wow, so you can encourage a civil lawsuit.
Not encourage.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
InfoWars.com forward slash We predicted, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, so many others, everything that's now come to pass.
We're actually on the mark.
We actually want a civilization.
We want prosperity.
I like it too.
I'm selling for free.
I'm giving away ice cold water with lemon in it in the Sahara Desert.
And the left's selling sand in the Sahara Desert.
They're selling things that go against, you'll have nothing, you'll eat bugs, you'll drink sewage water, your families are horrible.
You said earlier, we offer abortion and cutting your son's penis off.
It's like, it's Hellraiser.
And when you just sit back and go, wait, this can't be real.
Klaus Schwab is promoting stuff that sounds like Hellraiser.
Well, so was Hitler, so was Stalin.
And we realized that this is a evil manifestation that crops up in our species of bad people want power.
The problem is good people don't seek power.
We're going to be left alone, hang out with our families, go fish.
Go hunt.
Go to dinner.
Go play golf.
I'm the same way.
But I'm sorry, folks.
Good people can't sit there and say, I'm too good for this because we will be destroyed if we don't.
And that's what evil fears.
So the good men and women are now standing up and we're super popular.
Every popular talk shows.
There's no one that's popular promoting the New World Order.
Look at the positiveness of how humans desire, like a man in the desert wants water, freedom.
And all we're doing is promoting the natural programming that works.
And so it's easy.
We're the winners.
We're the victors.
We're not the cancer.
We're following the program God gave us.
That is like oxygen and we have to just declare the enemy cancer and just say we're done.
Shun them.
Don't engage in violence.
They want that and just give them no support and the maximum back the truth and we will win.
As I listen to you talk, I'm like, why?
Why is Alex Jones getting cancelled?
Well, you haven't been cancelled.
Thank God.
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