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Name: 20240412_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 12, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including Joe Biden's fitness, child abuse, a convicted child rapist offering his kids for rape, allegations against a Chicago veterinarian distributing child porn, Iran's military capabilities and potential attacks on Israel, massive poll numbers showing Trump ahead by 15 to 20 points against Biden's regime, persecution faced by Jones and others, chaos caused by Biden's immigration policies, inflation reaching 18%, growing islands due to climate change, OJ Simpson's death linked to COVID vaccine side effects, attacks against him by globalists, ongoing battles against corruption, support from thousands of people who believe that God is in control, the need for patriots to stand united under Team Humanity, and promoting various products such as Survival Shield X3.

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We're live, ladies and gentlemen.
Friday, April 12th.
Joe Biden should not be running this country.
No one who has run his own family in this way should be in charge of anybody else.
Biden should explain immediately why he inappropriately showered with his own daughter.
He should be asked that at his next press availability.
The social workers in America and Europe, and it even came out that the Germans in West Germany from the 60s into the 90s took hundreds of thousands of children from Christian families and gave them to 30,000 pedophiles to be raped as young as three years old.
And to live with them and to create a new family.
This study initially involved taking three troubled youths from foster care with the consent of their parents.
It claimed that the extended period of time away from their family would help to guide them onto a straighter path.
One of the boys...
known by Marco in some reports, has said that he suffered a great deal of abuse and neglect.
As they grew older, Hankel and the other men used greater levels of violence when their
victims reached an age where they could finally refuse sexual advances themselves.
And I literally see these articles out of Austin and Atlanta and New York, and it's where gay men,
in close quotes, and I'm not attacking gay men that aren't pedophiles, but I'm saying gay men,
what they call it in the news, are adopting children. And most of them are social worker
kids, kids grabbed by social workers, and they give them to these pedophile men who then sell
them to rape gangs.
Zachary Zulock and his husband William Zulock are being charged for child sex crimes.
The Walton County Sheriff's Office raided their home on St.
Regis Way in Oxford and found that both men were engaging in sexually abusive acts and videotaping it with their adopted sibling children.
Police saying that material was being downloaded, which was discovered during a search warrant in unincorporated Loganville.
38-year-old Hayden Cohen is facing several charges of sexual assault of a child and continuous sexual abuse There are almost no words.
His father of nine was very active on various social media sites.
Video after video portrayed him in what seemed a normal life with adoptive kids.
The teen said CPS had eight investigations that led to nothing.
There are almost no words.
I mean, that's what we're coming up with when we're talking about the allegations against
this adoptive father allegedly prostituting out one of his sons, adopted sons, raping
all three of these adopted children.
Jason Zwick sits in a Miami County courtroom, but his stay here turned out to be much shorter than first thought.
Rather than go through a days-long trial, Zwick simply pleaded no contest to the charge that he raped a child.
Already, Kenneth Brandt, the man convicted of raping his adopted children and offering them to others, had been sentenced to 60 years to life in Miami County in addition to 50 years to life in Montgomery.
He was set to testify against Zwick, who police say raped one of the children after reportedly answering Brandt's online ad.
That ad is how police discovered what was going on.
Until the investigation, Brandt had been in the process of adopting a fourth child.
A third man, Patrick Reeder, is also accused of raping one of Brandt's children.
A veterinarian and dog show judge pled not guilty to child porn charges in court today.
Adam Stafford King from Elburn is facing federal charges accused of distributing child porn.
Investigators say he also made disturbing comments about sexually abusing his nieces and nephews and planned to abuse his newborn child.
They see these children as a market, as a commodity.
As a product.
Who buys children and infants for sex?
I've seen old to young.
It doesn't matter what your ethnicity is.
It doesn't matter what your color is.
It doesn't matter what your belief is.
Infants and children are found online on the dark web.
They're often referred to using animals as code names.
Three-month golden retriever, you know, black lab.
You paint a woman.
In California, to get pregnant, and I guess contractually to give him a baby, that he was then advertising to child rape groups online.
The FBI, because they're not all bad, there's still subgroups that are good, raided them and took over the identity of the child rape group, and he was planning to start raping it at two weeks old, and saying, I want people to come join me and rape the baby.
It's every day.
You see the San Francisco choir saying, we're grooming your children, we're coming for them, we're going to get them.
And I know it's hard for you to believe that there's this many pedophiles.
So I'm not gonna sit here and, you know, point these people and say I'm without sin.
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It's Friday, April 12, 2024.
This is an emergency transmission.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
206 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, 42 seconds.
April 12, 2024. This is an emergency transmission.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
206 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, 42 seconds.
Until the commencement of the most important election in world history.
Well, we've survived deep state attacks by the FBI, the CIA, and coordination with the rest of the deep state corporate
media PR firms and Democratic Party law firms.
And it's all coming out in congressional hearings in the last few days and more hearings set specifically focusing on the revelations against InfoWars.
And you would think that would be our top story today and we have some big guests joining us to discuss that and so much more.
But we're going to table that For now, because the big news is, Iran has been working very closely with the Democratic Party for a long time.
But even before that, it's been partially declassified that in the early 1980s, in 1979, 1980, 81, Iran doesn't work for the CIA, but the CIA clearly helped the Ayatollahs take control and take power over the Shah, and so there's been a lot of cases where there's backroom deals made where Iran will attack at a key point for the deep state for political gain, and then the deep state will not launch massive retaliatory strikes against Iran, and that gives Iran a lot of political power domestically.
And so with all the things happening to Biden and the globalist operations falling apart, they need a big political distraction.
They need an October surprise.
And here we are, the CIA, the Defense Department are saying they believe in the next 48 hours, Iran is going to attack Israel directly with its massive arsenal of missiles and other weapons.
Iran is armed to the teeth and they have a very, very serious military
that they've developed.
They've also got proxy forces of Hezbollah that are in the West Bank,
but mainly in Lebanon, just North of Israel.
They've also been helping coordinate with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood out of Gaza.
And so this whole stand down on October 7th by Israel and this whole six month war indiscriminately in Gaza
and the $6 billion that Biden gave them, the Iranians a month before,
the stand down on Israel and the Hamas attack.
I've said all of this is lining up for a larger war.
But that behind the scenes, you've got globalists actually working with Iran to limit how large it will be.
Then Iran can use that on its domestic population for control.
The mullahs are extremely unpopular in scientific polls that have been done.
Under the table in Iran, upwards of 80% of the population hates the Islamic system's control.
So that'll help the mullahs stay in power, and it'll also help the globalists crack down here in the West.
We know there are massive Hezbollah forces that have been brought into Europe and the United States as well as Canada and the UK.
Bloomberg reporting, Iran attack expected on Israel in the next two days.
Wall Street Journal, similar headline, Israel bracing for potential direct attack from Iran in the next two days.
There's the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.
Here's another one, CNBC.
The West urges China to intervene with Iran amid fears of direct attack on Israel.
This is all breaking as we speak.
restricts employees' travel to Iran.
As Iran vows revenge on Israel.
That is a huge situation that we're obviously watching very, very closely here today and that we will be getting more into throughout the broadcast.
Let me tell you who's coming up on the show today before I hit the rest of the news.
Let's start drilling into it.
Roger Stone on the massive poll numbers.
Selling Trump 15 to 20 points ahead, expanding his lead against the pedo Biden regime.
We also have Viva Frye, a great lawyer and analyst coming on to talk about all the persecution in Canada and the U.S.
as well as Europe against the globalist political opposition.
Robert Barnes, another great constitutional lawyer, will also be joining us to cover the waterfront.
Arden Young, an amazing reporter with Sound Investigations, who's helped expose Pornhub, targeting children, that's triggered criminal investigations in multiple states, including Texas.
And then the founder of Sound Investigations, Eric Cochran, will be joining us as well, to not just talk about their massive report that's now triggering massive discussions in the FISA hearings in Congress, with the warrantless wiretapping, and the deep state's targeting of their political opposition, including Congress and other agencies.
And we'll get into calls from five congressmen and women now for official hearings on the persecution of yours truly.
This is a window into the persecution against countless others.
And this is really triggering something that could be as big or bigger than the Senator Frank Church Committee hearings in the 1970s.
That was the last time the deep state Got rained in massively.
So that is all coming up on that front today.
Then we have incredible videos.
In Illinois.
In Washington State.
In California.
In Colorado.
In New York.
With the mayors all reading off the same scripts, saying we've got to build giant illegal alien migrant centers here.
We've got to take care of these people.
And videos of Penn Station flooded with thousands of illegals and just the bedlam it's causing.
And then we've got Biden running around saying, oh, he doesn't know he has the authority to even control the border, but he's looking into it.
He has dissolved the border.
He's told everybody, when I win the election, as he said three and a half years ago, I want you to immediately surge the border.
And then now he says, oh, he doesn't know if he can do anything when he's deliberately advertised coming to the U.S.
saying he'll get all these free goodies and then ordering the Border Patrol to facilitate the massive human trafficking, including of children, 90 plus thousand now.
According to congressional reports and ICE reports, small children missing, many of them in sex slavery.
So just mass crimes being committed in front of the world.
Also, big numbers out, how inflation is hurting Biden's progress on the economy.
LA Times, you've got all these former top economists who are Democrats coming out saying, oh, inflation's terrible, Biden's terrible, but that's being done to maneuver him to step down sometime before or during the DNC this coming July.
Top economists, including Barack Obama's Treasury Secretary, discover the real inflation number under Biden reached 18% and is still hovering around 40-year high.
It's actually much higher than that.
We're going to be getting to all of those reports as well.
Another big study out.
Islands that climate change alarmists have said in the last 40 years would soon disappear due to rising sea levels have been found to have grown in size.
We're going to be looking at all of that information and so much more today.
Then of course we've got a lot of bizarre statements out of the White House and out of mainstream media concerning the death by cancer of OJ Simpson.
We know from major studies that the so-called COVID vaccine that's an mRNA gene therapy has been causing massive increases in cancer, the accelerated growth of turbo cancers.
So I simply said, hey, he took the shot and he was dead.
He bragged about taking the boosters.
Everybody, you should take your shots.
We know the numbers are there that it is triggering massive increases of cancer.
And the corporate media waited and said, Jones is making it up saying OJ was killed by the shot.
I just pointed out that a lot of people are being killed by the shot and that is a major indicator of it.
And the record numbers of young people dying of heart attacks and blood clots and myocarditis, they cannot deny it.
And what they also can't deny, we're going to be covering all this, powerful video that we're going to be playing coming up, the great COVID cover-up, shocking truth about Wuhan and 16 federal agencies.
And that was Senator Rand Paul on with the Fox News host Laura Ingraham.
It's an excellent five-page article from Fox News.
And what are they talking about?
They're talking about this.
The New York Post is finally covering it.
Three years ago, a lot of these emails were already public, but now even more.
Emails are public.
Whistleblower shares more COVID origin emails.
Fauci advisor allegedly concealed on private account house panel.
Now, we had emails less than a year into this.
This has been going on four years plus.
Wow, it's hard to believe.
We had emails in late 2020.
So over three years ago, we've covered it ad nauseum.
From the EcoHealth Alliance, And a lot of that is because what Dr. Huff, who was the vice president of it, was giving it to Tom Renz and others, and later testified to Congress and others, that they were developing COVID-19 for the CIA and the Defense Department, and they were developing the vaccine before they ever released COVID.
And Fauci was calling it gain of function.
Well now, all these other incredible emails have come out.
And so we're going to be covering that coming up the last segment of this hour.
I think I forgot to tell the crew to get that Senator Rand Paul clip.
So be sure and get that because this is a big deal.
It was premeditated.
It was launched against the people.
Life expectancy is dropping.
Cancer is exploding.
We have a 40 plus percent increase in the overall morbidity rate.
World population is now dropping for the first time since the Black Plague.
They have now launched this attack, and if it doesn't get exposed fully, if people aren't brought to justice, they've now beta tested, launching an even more deadly virus and even more deadly injection in the future.
This is a test to see if they can depopulate.
And just the magnitude of this.
It doesn't matter if you're a corporate bureaucrat.
It doesn't matter if you're a government bureaucrat.
It doesn't matter if you're in the FBI, the CIA.
It doesn't matter if you're a school teacher.
It doesn't matter if you're an auto mechanic.
It doesn't matter if you're a rancher, a farmer, a busboy, or a psychologist, or a police officer, or a firefighter, or a factory worker, or a highway worker, or a truck driver.
It doesn't matter if you're a dog groomer.
It doesn't matter if you're in the military.
Doesn't matter if you're a king or a queen.
These shots order the body to mass produce the HIV spike protein.
Now they're announcing that HIV is exploding everywhere.
We told you that was coming.
They had false positive tests all over the world after the COVID injections, particularly the virus vector injections, because people are having false positives for HIV because the spike protein is from HIV.
And people hear that, and then I see articles going, Jones is making up that the virus is man-made or it has a spike protein.
We knew a month after it was released, we knew in January of 2020, because the Indian major university, there's only like 20-something of the machines, I think they built more, it's like 30 now.
They cost billions of dollars.
The CRISPR gene editing system.
And they scanned the damn virus and said it was from five viruses man-made.
And then later it was confirmed by all these other governments and institutions.
In the literature, it is a fact.
In peer-reviewed studies, it's man-made.
It is a fact.
It's got a big rhino horn on it.
The biggest spike protein ever seen is HIV.
That literally goes and plugs into the cell with a big spike.
That's why if you watch the movie, The Thing, I didn't tell the crew to do this, but try to pull up virus replication, computer scene, The Thing, made in the 80s.
And it shows the alien cell and it's got a spike on it.
And it goes and plugs into the human cell and takes it over.
That's because they knew back then that that's how these viruses operate.
They've got a spike on them.
And that's how they stab the cell.
That's how they get in.
So in a science fiction movie, you look at it, but that's, if you go to the actual scan of the virus, that's what it looks like.
Because that's what the HIV virus looked like.
And I remember seeing John Carpenter, an interview he gave, said they hired a virologist and everybody to make sure it looked accurate.
So you look at that in that movie where it's coming in and even if the crew can't find it, put it in post and we post this to Bandot Video Letter.
And on X, and like you're literally looking in that movie of what they're describing as an alien attacking of an HIV virus.
So that's the spike protein, folks.
It's well known.
So much so they use it as an example of an alien virus in a movie.
And it's very, very, very frustrating to sit here and watch all this unfolding.
Now, What else am I going to be covering today?
I already kind of mentioned it earlier, but I don't even know what to say at this point.
It makes me ashamed for my country.
I already knew all of this.
I've already told you probably a thousand times till your ears blade that the CIA and FBI ran the operation against yours truly.
Now it would take hours to explain all the evidence and how we know.
And then now we've got this former FBI agent, CIA contract manager, Bragging about how I was targeted and how it was designed to cut my legs off and how they're also going after Tucker Carlson.
I mean, folks, do you understand how incredibly illegal that is and how dangerous that is?
And obviously, if they could get away with it, with me, They're going to get away with it with you.
And this is being done not to just get Trump or get Alex Jones or Kirk Carlson.
It is being designed to get you.
The entire AI grid with big tech taking orders from the CIA and the FBI and that's all come out in Congress six, seven years after I told you about it last year.
And it's your rights being violated when this type of crap goes on.
I think my lucky stars, and I thank God every day, because I don't want to be in prison, that they have had the Justice Department after us, the CIA, the FBI, the IRS.
And because of the fact that I am such a straight arrow, and the CIA agent admits this in the video, we couldn't find anything criminal.
After I've been illegally put through all this, That they said, well, I guess we can't get a jury to convict him, even if it's a rigged DC jury, so they dropped it.
That ought to really concern everybody.
Because I don't do my own checking account.
I've got an accountant and I've got a CPA.
And I'm not stupid.
I know I'm a target.
But even if I wasn't a target, even though the taxes, a lot of them are unconstitutional and they're out of control, I've done nothing illegal.
Other than occasionally speeding my automobile because of issues of safety.
I don't even do that anymore.
So that's basically where we're at and it's disgusting to know that they lied about me and did all these terrible things in the news and the PR firms and the law firms and all of it and literally ran over me and backed back over me and ran back over me a couple hundred times and then got so frustrated That they couldn't make anything up that would stick.
But then they don't care.
Despite the fact that they said I had hundreds of millions of dollars and all this hidden money.
I was going to be going to prison and none of that was true.
And I couldn't put on defenses in the rigged trials where I was already found guilty.
They still come out with an HBO show that's their most promoted show right now everywhere called The Truth Versus Alex Jones that's completely deceptive.
And still claiming that.
That I've got massive amounts of money and that my wealth is approaching 10 figures.
10 figures is a quadrillion dollars.
Now, I don't judge myself according to how much money I've got, but I sure don't like being upside down.
I've been upside down for over a year, but it means nothing to me because the truth is everything.
But they don't even line their lies up to match their other lies.
And so a lot of people want me to sue the FBI and the CIA.
And I'm not a litigious person.
But we have to bring this out further in the light.
We have to document it.
And I do want congressional hearings.
And they're talking about doing hearings.
It's been brought up in the FISA hearings.
Five congressmen and women are now talking about it that I know of.
We've got some of those clips coming up.
So this is a big deal because if I don't do that, then I'm basically...
Not fighting as hard as I could.
That said, the system obviously tries to protect itself.
It's very, very corrupt.
There are some big law firms that are successfully going after the Deep State, and that's who I'm in the process of talking to or have talked to.
And then they say we've got very, very serious cases against these folks.
But that is definitely something that we're looking into and doing.
But regardless, In the court of public opinion, that's where the enemy's losing.
When I say enemy, the globalists have hijacked our government and they see hardworking, upright, strong, good people as the enemy.
And they literally are at war against you because they've taken over, they're robbing the country seven ways to Sunday, they feel completely entitled to do it, but they know in the back of their minds, in the front of their minds, that the public's waking up to them very quickly.
It's huge.
And so they're not going to stop coming after you.
And even if we rolled over and submitted to them, history shows tyrants never quit because they have a hunger to dominate and hurt ordinary people.
So when you pray for this broadcast, when you support this broadcast, when you spread the word about this broadcast, you are fighting the globalists.
You are doing the right thing and you are standing up for yourself and everybody else.
So I want to thank and salute everyone that has supported us over the years.
We've been completely vindicated in spades, but I most importantly want to thank God for answering prayers that so much is coming out.
I've had thousands of people on the streets in the last few years tell me, don't worry, God's in control.
God's going to come through.
We're praying for you.
And just since this information broke four days ago and took the internet and the news by storm, The CIA and FBI quarterbacking the illegal attacks against myself, the crew, this operation, and my family.
Even more, I've now learned, is set to come out in Congress from separate investigations and whistleblowers inside the FBI and CIA.
And that you're not just going to see undercover videos of these people, but that you're going to see very, very soon people going public that were part of the persecution, not just against myself, but others.
And so this is really their Achilles heel, is when their own people admit to themselves it's wrong and admit the greater danger is going along with this.
We have a rogue, feral, hijacked government with a bunch of corporate interests controlling it.
That just hit us with a bioweapon deadly shot that's killed over 20 million people and it's time to stand up and time to say no.
And it begins with the courage of insiders blowing the whistle and investigators exposing it and Congress and legislatures and attorney generals taking action.
I have been playing phone tag with Paxton And there's a lot of other things I need to get to.
But I can tell you this.
People have seen the attacks on Trump.
They've seen the weaponization.
They've seen the juryless trials.
They've seen them taking him off the ballot and all this other illegal crap.
That's open election theft in front of you.
Attempted election theft.
And the sleeping giant's awake.
I'm a public figure, as I've said many times, so I'm known.
You're not many of you, so you have that anonymity.
That's great.
But because I'm a public figure, I get to see how many people are awake.
I was on an airplane yesterday.
Shook half the hands of the people getting off the plane.
Had the pilot come off the plane, want a picture and shake my hand.
Had the TSA want the picture and shake my hand.
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You know, I haven't done this yet just because it just feels weird to go in a grocery store or get on an airplane and have a hidden camera and blur people's faces out and literally show up to 90% of people come up to me and shake my hand.
Usually it's about 50%.
I'm going to finish up with this story.
And then I'm going to get into all the rest of the news here.
But because this is a message, again, I'll explain this again.
I know most of the audience gets this, but I've seen articles about it.
Acting like I'm bragging and, you know, Jones up there saying how popular he is.
Well, they're always trying to say I'm unpopular and everybody hates me and they've got all these TV shows and movies and programs and thousands of articles.
And when Trump first got elected, before Trump got elected, if I was walking down the street, Cars would pull over and shake my hand.
Grocery store people would shake my hand.
We'd go to church.
Every 10th person I walked by would try to shake my hand or shake my hand.
But I wasn't super ultra famous.
But still a lot of people liked me.
And then every week or two somebody would say, F you Russian agent or something like that.
Then when Trump got elected, it went from 99% positive to about 80% positive.
I would get FUs every day.
I would get coffee, iced tea thrown on me in restaurants.
People coming over to me and my family at dinner saying, F you and your family.
We're going to beat your ass.
And they'd be waiting outside when I came out.
And then I'd yell at them and they'd shoot video and say, oh, you're attacking us.
So much so I had to get security.
It got so bad, I had to get security at my house for a while.
But since they stole the election from Trump and all this persecution, it is now one confrontation per thousand.
I went on an almost two-week vacation because I wanted to rest.
Had to do it.
Feels so great.
Thank God for that opportunity.
Thank you all for your support.
I needed it.
Did some work while I was on vacation, but I usually work every day on so-called vacation.
This time actually took pretty much a whole week off and then worked.
The four or five days we had left.
But this big story broke.
But when I was in Hawaii.
I would go to Safeway.
And get food.
Contrary to what the media said, I was staying most of the time at a condo we rented.
It was cheaper.
I went to a few days of motels because my daughter wanted to have a pool.
And basically all of the cleaning staff, when I would walk down the hall at the hotels, were listeners.
The people we rented the condo from were listeners.
The bartenders, The concierge, the bellhops.
I mean, I'm talking like all listeners.
I mean, like, it'd be weird if they weren't.
It was like Fight Club.
We appreciate what you're doing.
Keep it up.
We're going to bring down the globalists.
Then I would go to Safeway.
That's the only big grocery store there.
And literally, of the three times I went, I would shake half the hands.
Two of the times.
One time, everyone.
It was everyone.
The checker, the bagger, everyone in line.
People all over the store.
At one point, I had like 30 people lined up.
And I started signing autographs and taking pictures.
And they knew about the show.
They said, I noticed you've not been on the last week.
It's been Owen.
We love Owen, but now we know you're here.
Oh, we saw you on Steve Bannon yesterday.
So, I get on the airplane to fly from Hawaii back to Austin, Texas.
And, I get on, I'm shaking the hands of the stewardesses, male, female, they're listeners.
I sit down, this old man and his wife are listeners.
The older gentleman behind me with his wife are listeners.
And, and, When I get off the airplane, I had multiple people come over and say, it was so good to see what you talk about on air just happened.
It was incredible.
He said, I just saw you on Steve Bannon two days ago talking about this phenomenon, and I just watched it.
Now, folks, what does that say about the new world order?
And I keep harping on this because it's a blind spot for you because you're not famous, which is a great thing.
Again, NMD is wonderful.
It's a curse in many ways to be famous, but you also get to learn things other people don't.
I'm a symbol of the resistance.
I'm a symbol of fighting the Deep State and the New World Order.
And it was the customs guys that scan your stuff to make sure you don't have any produce because you could have fruit flies or whatever.
My wife got caught with an apple in her backpack.
She forgot.
All four of the guys go, Alex, come on over here.
Your wife's got an apple.
Is she okay?
Yeah, no, you can't carry it.
Hey, we love you.
Maga all the way.
Let's fly out of Kauai.
Go to the TSA.
Hey, man, we're a listener.
We know it's BS.
The border is wide open.
On and on and on.
Go through.
Go buy some breakfast tacos.
Everybody in the restaurant's a listener.
I mean, everybody.
Had a bartender in there at 10 a.m.
in the morning trying to give us drinks.
I'm like, no, no, no.
Got a bar in there, too.
It's huge.
And I had one woman Come up to me, I'm sitting there on the beach, three days ago.
She goes, are you Alex Jones?
And she's looking at me, middle-aged white woman.
And I said, yes.
My daughter was out boogie boarding like 50 yards from me with my wife.
They were out on those.
And she said, I effing hate you and hate your family and I hope you die.
And I said, let me get my phone and get some video of this.
And she goes, eff you.
I can't believe what you did to those children.
And I said, what did I do?
And she goes, you pissed on their graves!
And I looked at her and felt sorry for her.
And she stomped off.
And I thought about, imagine being that mind-controlled.
She thinks I'm the worst guy in the world.
She believes HBO.
She believes this lie.
I didn't lie about WMDs in Iraq that killed millions with the sanctions.
I didn't ship fentanyl in.
I didn't run Jeffrey Epstein's Island.
I'm a sinner.
I'm not perfect.
I do things that are wrong.
I get mad at people.
Things like that.
But I have a conscience.
I feel bad about it.
These people literally think they're the good guys.
The followers of the system do.
And they think I'm the bad guy.
I didn't roll out a deadly virus.
I didn't roll an experimental shot.
I didn't kill millions of people.
But see, they're camp followers of the system.
They still believe the corporate media.
But they are a tiny minority.
And they know they're a minority.
And they know they're stealing elections.
And they know the world's turning against them.
And their whole world's crashing down.
So they see me, and they see me as a symbol of all that's bad, and all the anxiety they have, and all the fear they have as they run out of money and as inflation destroys them.
They then think it's the right-wingers, it's the populist, it's the...
It's the Christians.
It's the hard-working people that we're the problem.
They literally hate us.
And I don't hate them.
Because imagine being so pathetic that you believe I peed on children's graves when there's no video or evidence anyone ever peed on graves.
But they just cook up the wildest crap they can.
But you can't talk sense to those people.
Because they believe the lie.
And they're victims of the mind control.
And they're bought into the system and they're going down with the ship.
So, that man and his wife though, he shook my hand and he said, as we're getting off the plane, and he said, that was incredible to watch.
He goes, I didn't doubt you when you were on Bannon.
Tell him the story a couple of days ago, but he said, to see it for myself.
He goes, it's incredible.
And he was just shaking his head and had tears in his eyes.
And I go, I know.
You just saw the majority of people are listeners.
What does that tell you?
We're winning, folks.
I'm done talking about it.
I want to come back.
I said I'd get into the deadly virus news, and I will.
But I've got some clips here of Congress calling for criminal investigations and for me to sue the FBI and CIA.
We'll return straight ahead.
Stay with us.
But we are winning.
Thank God for that.
Keep it up, folks.
You don't know how strong you are.
Alright, I'm not going to get deeply into the whole CIA-FBI operation against myself until the third hour.
I've got some guests coming on about it, but they're going to be covering bigger topics, bigger subjects, Trump and the weaponization and how to stop it.
But I wanted to just play a few clips here because I've mentioned it so I'll actually show it.
I want to thank all these different congressmen and women like MTG and Congressman Lee and Congressman Nels and a bunch of others.
I think it's more than five now.
There's articles up on InfoWars.com that have come out and said we need hearings.
It was brought up during the FISA hearings saying I need to file lawsuits.
I am talking to some of the big law firms that Uh, have been suing successfully for people that have been persecuted by the Deep State.
I'm not going to name names yet.
Taking these people on will up the chances.
They try to set me up and put me in prison, but I can't live on my knees, folks.
So, but I want listeners to recognize that I'm doing this because I'm betting on you.
I believe we can beat these people.
And the last thing I want to say before I play these clips is this.
I now know Twice as much as I knew a week ago about what's happened from not just these new developments with this undercover video, but from other sources that have confirmed what I already suspected, but couldn't confirm.
And now we've confirmed it.
The attacks were way worse than we thought.
And way more serious.
And it's like a spy movie.
And I think I've been really struggling with this last night and this morning.
I always do what I think is moral.
I don't make mistakes on purpose, but a lot of times I look back on what I've done and said I could have done that a lot better.
I think we're all like that.
At least most of us are, unless you're a globalist.
They literally have no conscience and they never... They actually have the opposite of a conscience.
They love to do bad things.
But I think I have a responsibility To expose what's going on, and I know who the players are and who's been involved in what.
And the level of the infiltration.
And the things that have gone on.
But this has been unbelievable.
And it's only by the grace of God that they've not indicted me.
For made up crap.
I mean, look, I declared bankruptcy because I was out of money a year and a half ago, personally, the company, two years ago.
And they've kept the Senate trying to find something to put us in jail, and they haven't been able to.
The IRS audit lasted over a year, got a big tax refund.
They said, wow, we don't normally do this, but you're owed money.
And so it even shows the bureaucrats themselves aren't all bad.
They may be in a bad situation.
They may be in a bad agency, an unconstitutional operation.
They themselves are still trying to execute the law and not be criminals, but their bosses are criminals and are flogging them like you flog a horse to do these bad things.
And that's what this attack on me has been about, is training agencies and groups to do this.
But at this time, I'm not going to reveal all of it yet, because I want to get my ducks in a row, but I will be exposing this very, very soon.
But let me just give you an idea.
My bankruptcy lawyers that are some of the top people in the state on record, very well respected, super ethical, they got a call when I declared corporate bankruptcy two years ago from the other side's lawyers and the Justice Department, because the Justice Department has an office over bankruptcy, the U.S.
Trustee's office, and they said, because the lawyer wrote it down, they said, Alex Jones is not going to be afforded access to the bankruptcy system.
Nothing he can do or you will do will overcome us.
And then when I had bankruptcy hearings and depositions, and they say this happens one out of a thousand times, they would send federal agents from D.C.
to the depositions that were held here in these offices with feds sitting there staring right at me, telling me, you say one thing wrong, we're indicting you.
I'm like, okay, nothing to hide.
I've been telling, I tell the truth anyways.
I don't do my taxes.
Don't do my stuff.
It's just handled by respected firms.
And it was like, and then they, the last time they came, they were basically apologetic.
And I told from my lawyers, yeah, they, they think you're completely innocent and actually feel bad.
Isn't that funny?
They were told I was this master criminal.
And then they're like, oh, here's $4.2 million back.
But then it was put into the bankruptcy.
They were going to put me in prison, folks.
They believe the lies.
But I've got hundreds of millions of dollars and I'm running scams.
Only thing I run is making sure the pool in the backyard works and that I cook breakfast and dinner for my children.
And I research news and I cover it on air and that's who I am and that's what I do.
So anything else you hear from these people is a lie.
Is a fraud.
But can you imagine in the bankruptcy system what the deep state would do where they could put their people over and in an operation?
And then do everything they could to cut the funding off so that we could not operate.
What did the FBI slash CIA agent say?
We want to take his money away.
Because they saw us expanding, hiring more crew, doing more.
That's what I was doing with the money.
Wasn't anywhere near what they said.
But that's why they cut off the Keystone Pipeline.
It's why they shipped the jobs to China and Mexico and India.
The globalists don't want you to be upwardly mobile.
Their attack on me is a mirror of the attack on you.
They want to break our families up.
They want single mothers isolated and controlled by the government.
They want all the women working so they can't raise the children.
Everything they do is about making you poor and in debt to hurt you.
And if we build an ecosystem and an economy of the people, and people are allowed to listen to what they want to listen to, we'll be a nation that's prosperous and free and safe and secure again.
Look at Bukele and El Salvador.
Most dangerous country in the world.
He takes over three years ago and within one year becomes the safest country in the Western Hemisphere.
The second safest in the world.
Investment pouring in.
Government surpluses.
They have like one murder a month now.
They used to have hundreds a day.
Real leadership.
Snap the fingers.
It's over.
With the technology we've got and the infrastructure we got, from the poorest third world country to the richest nation, the globalists are tying us down, like tying a boat to the dock and you try to run the engine, but you're chained up at the dock.
And all your boat does is go into the water.
I want to untie the boat from the dock.
And the globalists don't want that.
They want to keep their foot on your neck.
They want to keep control of you.
And then there's Bukele.
Bukele up there in front of them at CPAC saying, Soros, the New World Order, are running the crime gangs.
They're destroying your country.
They've dissolved your border.
They will enslave you.
They'll never stop.
You have cancer.
And until you go after their operatives, and until you shut them down, you're going to be enslaved.
But he said, George Soros doesn't even have to be banned by me in El Salvador.
Everyone hates him.
Everyone knows he's a criminal.
And it's already happening.
When I go out, and conservatively, half the people want to shake my hand.
What does that tell you, folks?
We're winning.
Freedom is popular.
All right, go ahead and go to this clip before we go to break.
This is, uh, I never got to these.
I should have got to more of these.
I'll get to them later.
Congressman Representative Troy Nels speaking with Benny Johnson.
Here it is.
God bless you.
God bless your listeners.
You're doing a hell of a job, Benny.
Keep it up, buddy.
This is what we need.
We are being silenced.
We are being silenced by the dishonest media, the greatest threat to our country, the dishonest media.
So it's individuals like you and others.
And Alex Jones, if you're listening, Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered.
Your feathers should be fluttered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy or that CIA guy said about you.
And same with Tucker.
I'll tell you, go after him.
Go after him.
This weaponization that the Republicans have said has happened with the DOJ.
It's true, America.
They're coming after Donald Trump.
They're coming after anybody that's a mega-movement individual.
We've got to push back.
Let's win Trump 2020.
Just really quickly, since you brought it up, would you be in favor of subpoenas to figure out if this guy is telling the truth about Alex Jones?
If they really were targeting him?
Listen, everybody says a lot of stuff up here.
Betty, you say this, you say that.
This guy, I kind of looked at the guy, he looked a little like he's a little different.
But what I would do is I would try to confirm, verify what he said.
And if it's true, if it's true, and if it's accurate, I think Alex Jones should go after.
They should go after the federal government without question.
And I think Tucker and everybody else should do it.
These are abuses that the American people will not tolerate.
We will not tolerate these abuses by the DOJ.
The weaponization has been taking place.
They've gone after Donald Trump for years.
It's all going to stop.
Trump 2024, baby.
He's coming back.
It says Congressman Lee out of Utah said, he said, this isn't law enforcement, this is fascism.
And it is true what he said.
We have the proof.
It's coming up.
Roger Stone straight ahead to talk about Trump, the criminal trial, and more.
Stay with us.
Hour number two.
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(upbeat music)
All right, ladies and gentlemen, the great Roger Stone,
who's been massively politically persecuted and can speak to it firsthand experience.
Is our guest, but I'm not going to make this interview the focus of he or I being persecuted.
I am going to really try to focus on Trump and how he wins the election and the criminal trial that's starting and just the complete circus and the polls coming out, even in their skewed polls where they sample way more Democrats, Republicans.
He's 5, 10 points ahead.
What is the establishment going to do?
Some stations don't carry the short segments.
So just give us a prelude, Roger, of what's coming up.
Certainly, Alex.
I mean, look, we've never seen anything like this in American politics.
The more they persecute Trump, the more he gains.
The more their persecution becomes transparent, the deeper he cuts into traditional Democratic voting groups.
There's a national revolution going on.
There's a major historic shift among the American voters, and now what you've got is hysteria, apoplexy on the cabal media left.
They don't have anything to run on.
They can't run on Joe's stellar domestic or foreign policy record, so they'd like to run on January 6th, the recycle, and these criminal trials.
And, of course, their entire narrative of repeatedly, constantly, relentlessly accusing us of doing exactly the things that they themselves are doing.
That's right.
They're not paying their taxes.
They're doing insider trading.
They're getting all these bribes.
And then they project onto us that that's what we're doing.
And they get more and more frustrated, Roger, as they can never discover that.
You had an actual posting on X, which used to be Twitter, from Kamala Harris, the Vice President, saying, if Donald Trump is elected, he will weaponize the DOJ against his political opponents.
Are you kidding me?
How could anyone have less self-awareness than that?
This is exactly what they are doing.
The people trying to censor free speech, to censor us, to cancel us, to shadow ban us.
What could be more What could be more anti-democratic than that?
The people seeking to remove Trump or bar him from the ballot.
What could be more anti-democratic than that?
Spying on 178,000 Americans without a warrant from a judge.
What could be more anti-democratic than that?
And of course, these prosecutions, something you would see in Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany or Mao's China or Fidel Castro's Cuban gulag.
This is unheard of.
And do you even see, like Michael Avenatti, the left-wing lawyer, saying the other day on MSNBC, why didn't they bring these charges in D.C.
against Trump in 2021?
Why are they just bringing them now?
They're bringing them now because the election is nigh.
Well, that's right, and there's one country you forgot.
Lula and the Communists are being advised by the State Department that's admitted to take not just Bolsonaro off the ballot for eight years because he questioned an election, but now all these other leading candidates.
And now they're after Elon Musk for not blocking them.
Now they're threatening criminal charges against Musk while the left brags that it is their mission.
I have the article here.
I'll dig it out for the next segment.
Their strategy is to silence their opposition, not just here, but worldwide.
I mean, look, they had to change the law so that Lula, who had been convicted of egregious corruption, could even run.
So it is a very rigged system.
If you want to see what's going to happen in America, folks, look at what's happening in Brazil even as we speak.
This is authoritarianism.
In this country, they really fear a free, fair, honest, transparent election based on national policies and what's going on in the country.
They're apoplectic on the Brazilian left, they're crazy here on the American left.
They are at war with the populace.
Alright, I've got Newsweek, I've got Time Magazine, I've got The Wall Street Journal, I've got Atlantic Monthly all saying, yes, our strategy is to take Republicans off the ballot, to take populists off the ballot in Brazil and in Germany and in France and in Italy and the UK.
And to censor them and censor their supporters using AI.
I have a stack of articles, we'll go through those.
So they've gone from denying they're doing all this and trying to put Trump in prison for saying they tried to steal and did steal the 2020 election, to trying to take him off the ballot.
The Supreme Court said no.
More states come and say no, we're still taking him off.
What is the strategy there?
Here's one of the headlines.
Socialist strategy behind Brazil's President Lula's war on free speech.
Trying to take all these members of the Brazilian Congress that are literally surging in the polls off the ballot.
Try to have Elon Musk ban them on X, the only place they're allowed to speak, and getting millions in the streets.
Canada trying to pass a law, life in prison for your speech.
Trudeau calling me out, attacking me.
Why are they so scared?
Because they know, they've got the AI.
They know that Elon Musk is wildly popular.
They know Roger Stone's wildly popular.
They know Tucker Carlson is.
They know Joe Rogan sounds like us now because he now sees how evil it is.
He's out in the open.
Russell Brand, the list goes on and on.
Jimmy Dore, I could list for an hour all the former liberals too that have now joined us
because they see which way the wind blows, but also because they see this is a clear and present
tyranny that we're facing.
So, Roger, I want to talk about Trump.
You're spending a lot of time at Mar-a-Lago with him.
I know you don't give inside baseball, but how Trump's doing, what we can do to ensure he wins, the criminal trial starting, the globalists doubling down, what you predict they'll do next with only 200-something days left, the most historic election in world history.
And then we'll spend some time on your persecution and mine, not because we're whining, but because it's a window into their strategy and stratagem ...and calculus against us in this bombshell development now brought up in FISA hearings.
Now they're calling five members of Congress already that I know of calling for hearings.
On this FBI, CIA agent, a bunch of publications said he wasn't real.
They had to admit it, retract it.
Raw Story hasn't.
No, the guy's real.
It's on record.
The CIA admits he works there as a contract manager.
I mean, this is really amazing, and I'm confirmed major shoes are about to drop, not on Alex Jones, some on me, but on other people.
And I'm not at liberty to tell anybody yet.
We've had similar operations, but this isn't a clandestine video being shot of one of these operatives.
These are whistleblowers now approaching Congress that have already tried to approach other groups that are about to expose operations run against medical doctors that expose the COVID shots, political patriots, populists, and others.
So, including targeting members of Congress With the deep state, so this is really already exploded and it's coming to the service in a big way.
Roger Stone.
You know Alex.
We're right here, Roger.
Did you have a glitch or something?
I was confused because we went to the video.
Alex, I was up at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach the night before last, and there was a small reception to celebrate the fact that Truth Social, the President's great social media platform, which I truly love, That was a long haul.
A lot of people worked very hard.
A lot of brilliant young tech types.
It was a great event.
I had a nice chat with the actor John Voigt.
I had a nice chat with former Congressman Devin Nunes, who I think is a dark horse candidate for vice president, honestly.
But what amazed me was the president had been in Atlanta that morning.
He had been in Orlando that afternoon for a fundraiser.
He didn't really arrive back at Mar-a-Lago until around 9.30.
And then he spoke without a note for almost an hour.
The man's energy is boundless.
His confidence is palpable.
He knows that his campaign is on the ascendancy.
We're going to go into this trial Monday.
It's a flawed indictment.
They can't really identify an underlying crime, so they identified four theories of prosecution.
The judge, as you know, has got multiple conflicts.
First of all, the judge in question gave a campaign contribution to Joe Biden's presidential campaign.
He should recuse himself for that violation of the Of the violation of the Canine of Ethics for judges.
We also now know that his daughter, who's an adult, is a Democrat political operative, a fundraiser, who's raised 93 million dollars on this case, using this case as the hook for her fundraising for various Democratic candidates.
That's an egregious conflict of interest also would be grounds for appeal.
And we still can't identify an underlying crime, even if Trump did do the things that
he's accused of, and I'm not sure that he did.
I don't believe he did.
We saw the letter he released from Stormy Daniels in which she flatly denies being paid
for her silence because she had an affair with Donald Trump.
She says flatly that never happened.
So you've got two liars here as the major witnesses for the government.
You've got Fat Alvin Bragg.
The feds wouldn't bring this case.
The career prosecutors in his own office didn't want to bring this case.
It's an extraordinarily weak case.
But they're so desperate, they don't care if they get reversed, you see, because the
appeals process takes months, maybe a year.
They're desperate to have some conviction, any conviction, in any court, Alex, because then, you see, if there are election irregularities, if there's election fraud, they can then justify their win by saying, oh, well, it was the trials, it was these convictions that dragged Trump down.
That is very much the strategy.
I predict, even if they get kangaroo convictions, it's only going to backfire further.
No one is buying this, Roger.
The sleeping giant is now awake.
I agree with that, and look Alex, I have a history as you know.
I'm a veteran of 13 national presidential campaigns.
I've been around.
I've known Donald Trump 45 years, but I've worked for many presidents.
I've been involved in over 700 political campaigns.
I've looked at a huge amount of polling data.
Trump's inroads among younger voters, among Hispanic voters, among African American voters, these are major You know, seismic shifts in the American electorate.
You saw it displayed, you know, anecdotally in Atlanta when he visited the Chick-fil-A.
You saw how black citizens reacted to him.
So there's a realignment going along, and the Democrats, therefore, they're desperate now to weaponize the criminal justice system, to silence people, as they did before the last election.
There's documentation of the Department of Homeland Security moving yet again to silence the voices on social media and in the media, the net-based media, prior to this election.
They're going to use the same exact And let's go there now.
What do we do to back from?
Four years ago, the question is, will it work?
I think it will not work.
But there's a bunch of things that we need to do that we're not doing yet.
And I think that is our greatest challenge.
And let's go there now.
What do we do to back from, what do we do to ensure this victory?
One, we block illegals and the dead and those who have moved from out of state from voting.
We do that by cleaning bad addresses off the voter lists.
We observe and we immediately challenge chain of custody violations in signature verification, in early voting, in drop boxes, In ballot and memory card security, we need to have 24-7 eyes on these tabulators so they're not tested on the night with the right size ballot, but then as they did to Carrie Lake the following morning, they're supplied with actual ballots that they know will not fit in the machine because they're the wrong side.
We need to file injunctions for remedies of improper use of voter machines.
We need to require hand counts of ballots at the precinct level to verify and to reconcile them against the machines.
We need to intervene in order to indemnify President Trump's supporters, his staffers, his electors.
We need a full Freedom of Information Act operation to look and examine very closely what happened in the last election.
We need to do all of those things and we need to do them soon.
Look, the idea that we're going to win is so big.
That they're not going to cheat.
I do think we can win big, but it doesn't matter how big we win, they will try to cheat.
And there's numerous ways to stop that.
There's a very simple, but I think relatively sophisticated program, Alice, in which you can run the entire voter list, let's say, of the A state like Florida, through this program with 15 million voters, when we ran it through the program, working with the Florida Republican Assembly, we found 1 million bad addresses.
1 million undeliverable addresses.
These are people who have died, people who have moved, people registered to post office boxes, which is illegal.
They have to be removed from the rolls, and that has to be done on a county-by-county basis.
If a county refuses to do so, then you have time for a legal action to require it.
We need a major catch-up in the area of election integrity, but it can be done.
And now, I believe, with new leadership of the Republican National Committee, it will be done.
Let's go back to something you said at first that was really tantalizing.
I love Congressman, former Congressman Devin Nunes.
I know he's worked really well with Trump at Truth Social.
I know they're really good friends.
Before he came over to work with Trump.
That is very intriguing.
Who do you think, you say Dark Horse.
It kind of feels like it once I heard you say it, that it will be Devin Nunes.
Elaborate on that or who else it might be.
Look, I don't have any inside information.
The President, if he has a short list, it's only in his head.
He hasn't shared it with me and I don't think he's shared it with anyone else.
I get the impression that the list of individuals he's looking at may be getting slightly larger rather than slightly smaller.
This is a new name that has focused, that has surfaced, and it's one I really like for a couple reasons.
First of all, in choosing a Vice President, You need somebody who has the experience, the temperament, the judgment to actually, God forbid, be president if that were necessary.
Devin Nunes demonstrated that 20 years in the Congress.
Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
He's the one who got to the bottom of and exposed the entire Russian collusion hoax.
He was a dairy farmer before he came to Congress.
He can talk to farmers.
He comes from working class background.
He's Portuguese, which I argue, since he's on the Iberian Peninsula, is Hispanic.
I don't want to quibble about that, but the point is he's the American success story.
He's tough as nails.
He's sure-footed.
He's got enough experience with the jackals in the fake news media.
He's not going to make mistakes as your running mate.
And the President trusts him 100% as he should.
Because he's proven himself, he's been through the fire.
So I like Devin Nunes as a kind of a late starter.
There's a lot of other names out there, but as I think I told you once, Richard Nixon
once told me, in looking for a running mate, don't look for somebody who can help you,
just try to find someone who doesn't hurt you.
That may be a little cynical.
I'd like to find a candidate who would help the President break into some of these more traditionally Democratic voter groups, but then it occurs to me, the candidate who's bringing Donald Trump black votes is Donald Trump.
The candidate who's bringing Donald Trump Hispanic votes is Donald Trump.
The candidate who's bringing Donald Trump younger voters is Donald Trump.
So, this... Exactly, we shouldn't be like Democrats who pick people to pander because it's from a group.
If the best person's black or a woman, get them.
The point is, get who's best for America.
Well, look, I also like to think outside the box.
I've taken some crap for this, but I don't really mind.
I like Tulsi Gabbard.
Oh, she was a former Democrat.
Ronald Reagan was a former Democrat.
But she left the Democratic Party because it became the party of war.
She's good on Ukraine.
She's good on abortion.
She's good on the Second Amendment.
She's good on our border.
She's an Army Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S.
Army Reserve.
She's an American combat veteran in both Iraq and Kuwait.
Is she a convert to what we think?
Yes, she is.
People evolve.
I was about to say, if we want to take over America through freedom and promote freedom worldwide, intellectually, we have to be ready to win.
And we are winning, Roger.
Populism and freedom is popular.
And we can't sit there and say, well, Elon Musk wasn't perfect before, and now he's devastating the globalists, but we don't like him.
You've got to judge a tree by its fruits.
We've got to be ready to win.
Well, politics is about addition.
It's not about subtraction.
If you look at the polls, Trump's doing extraordinarily well, but there's very few places that he's over 50.
The undecided is very small.
It has a negative view of Joe Biden, as well as, generally speaking, a negative view of Donald Trump.
That's why they're undecided.
That's why I think you need to do something to shake the system up.
So has Trump met with Tulsi recently?
The other thing I would say is go back and look at the debate in which Tulsi Gabbard took Kamala Harris to the cleaners.
I mean, she took her to the cleaners, calling her out on her lies about her criminal justice record.
That's a thoroughbred there.
Now, is she perfect?
No, there is no perfect candidate.
And I'm not endorsing anybody, by the way.
There are several candidates I like.
I like her.
I like Devin Nunes.
I think he would be great.
I like Dr. Ben Carson.
He's run for president.
He's sure-footed.
He's a great Christian.
He's a great, solid guy.
I wonder whether he helps us reach beyond our base.
I think the president has many, many good choices.
The key thing, and I'm not too worried about this, he's not looking for ticket balance.
He's not going to go select some neocon like Nikki Haley.
If he did, he would need a food taster.
Well, I love the lie for all those months that secretly Trump was for Nikki Haley.
Now you can tell the whole story, but total crap, the whole thing a joke.
And boy, didn't she destroy herself just like Liz Cheney and the rest of them?
Yeah, I think that stuff was being put out by Ron DeSantis.
DeSantis had a donor retreat this past weekend in Miami, which makes no sense to me because he can't run for re-election in 2026.
We don't have another presidential election until 2028.
I've seen stories that he says he's going to raise money for Donald Trump.
I hope that that's right, but I'd like him to start by endorsing Trump.
He's still nowhere, as he said, I am voting for and I urge you to vote for Donald Trump.
That's not what he said in his withdrawal.
In his withdrawal, he said, well, most Republicans have decided they want Trump again.
That was kind of a grudging admission, but that's not exactly a full-throated endorsement.
Well, yeah, that's like The Rock or Dwayne Johnson saying, I'm not voting for Biden this time.
Hello, I've got a quick rock story.
Many years ago I worked out in the gym and I met a guy who worked out there regularly and he was a stunt double for The Rock.
He was a really nice guy, he was conservative, we got to be a little friendly, and he told me that The Rock He knew my background.
I said, oh, that's very interesting.
He said, would you like to talk to him?
I said, sure, I'd love to talk to him.
I'd like to meet the guy.
So this guy went to The Rock and he said, you know, Roger Stone works out at my gym.
We've become friendly.
He's got a lot of political experience.
I know you've got some political aspirations.
Do you want to meet him?
The Rock fired this guy on the spot, fired him like that.
So The Rock is not a conservative.
He may be reading the polls, he may be reading the tea leaves and trying now to act like one of us, but he's not one of us.
Well, he tried to raise money for his charity for what happened in Maui and And then run the money through his operation.
I think that destroyed him.
But that's a very interesting story.
I think you've told me that in private before.
What a disgusting person.
You have your stunt double for many years.
Supposedly your friend.
And oh my God, Roger Stone's so bad that you would even mention that to me and you're fired.
Yeah, it was pretty incredible.
Well, notice what he said about Biden.
He said, I voted for Biden because it was the best thing for me to do.
And now it's not the best thing.
He means everybody's turned against him.
So he gives this weird narcissistic statement about, well, I'm not for Biden now, but I'm not for Trump, as if we care.
We're done with you.
You're a joke.
Go back to Hollywood.
You know, I also have to say, with the passing of O.J.
Simpson, you know, when I was under trial, O.J.
talked a lot of crap about me.
But now that he has gone on to his maker, I pray for him, pray for the people that I believe he killed.
Well, you know, old OJ, I've got the articles right here.
Headlines, overshot, please.
I got mine.
OJ Simpson boasts about getting COVID-19 vaccines and he got three boosters.
And so we know it triggers turbo cancer.
We don't know for sure that this is what killed him, but well, he's gone now.
So there you go.
So the law never got OJ, but his subservience to the system sure as hell did.
There it is.
Roger, in closing, what's going to happen with Biden?
You've been saying for two plus years they'll remove him on or before the inauguration or on or before the Democrat convention.
They're now openly, as you know, saying that all over corporate news, all over dinosaur media.
What do you expect to happen?
He's deteriorating even faster than he was previously.
Well, let's be very clear.
I never, I never believed that he would resign as president.
I did, I did believe that they would pull him from the election, that he would announce after accumulating enough delegates to be nominated, he will ultimately, I think, be pressured into announcing that he's not running again.
That would allow him to remain as president so that after the election he can pardon himself and his brother and his son and other members of the Biden crime family.
So I was glad to see Joe Rogan has finally come around to my point of view on this.
I've been saying it for about two years.
So what would happen technically is, I never said that Michelle Obama would run.
That's not what I've said.
What I've said is she will be the candidate, meaning I believe that if he releases these delegates and the convention is allowed to work its will and draft the candidate that is most popular, that I think she would ultimately be imposed upon to run.
You've always said it'll be a draft.
They'll make her do it.
Yes, exactly.
And I stand by that prediction even today.
So where is American Psycho 2.0 Gavin Newsom in this?
Well, ideally, of course, they have to figure out how to solve their Kamala Harris problem because it would normally be her turn.
If Joe Biden decided for reasons of health that he wasn't running again, normally the
sitting vice president would move in to be the nominee, but they know that's a disaster
as well.
So, I figure they promise her a Supreme Court just to see if she sits down.
If they were successful and they held control of the Senate, they could certainly get her
She's a former U.S. senator as well.
That would allow them to take a ticket of Michelle Obama for president.
president and then give Gavin Newsom, sell Gavin Newsom the vice presidential nomination,
he would have to go out of course and raise hundreds of millions of dollars from special
interests but as the governor of California, also one of the wealthiest men in the country,
he's perfectly capable of that.
So don't be shocked if there's a last minute reshuffle of the Democratic ticket just before
their convention.
Well, you heard it here first.
Roger, how do people find your show and find your work?
go to stone zone.com stone.
They can also go to the show by going to Rumble.com slash Roger Stone.
And now, Alex, this is new on podcast.
We are at StoneZone.com slash podcast.
Check it out.
And you're also on X. Absolutely.
We show the show every day live on X at 8 p.m.
I'm learning a few things from you, Alex.
It's been really great.
Roger, we'll talk soon.
God bless and good luck.
Thank you, my friend.
God bless you and have a great weekend.
All right, folks, we're going to go to break.
I got behind earlier in the first hour.
I want to hit this huge poison vaccine news.
It's really big, but also origin of the virus news is huge.
And Rand Paul's really pushing to get Fauci elected.
That could bring down their entire system.
That is coming up.
And then a bunch of other big guests today.
We got three more guests coming up.
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I got that right.
Gotta have a rocket science degree to pronounce it.
Is the Conservative Party leader.
They got double-digit leads over Trudeau.
It's got like 21%.
And they're in total panic mode.
Justin Trudeau who wants a basic dictatorship and who wants to put people for their speech in prison for life.
He is uber unpopular.
And so desperately, like they did in 2016, they go, we'll just connect Alex Jones to the Conservative Party.
Let's find where he said, looks like Pierre Pulaviera is better than Justin Trudeau.
Fry is loving my mispronunciation of this.
They have made it a huge national issue.
It's been like the top story for five, six days.
I mean literally in Canada.
It has trended four or five times that I saw on X.
That, oh my God, Alex Jones is the Conservative Party of Canada's brain, which is not true.
But I've already been through this with Trump before, so it's quite the rollercoaster.
So I want to get into all the big news happening and the weaponization and the CIA, FBI coming after me, because I know Viva Frye has been talking about that.
He's a great lawyer, great talk show host.
But he wanted to hit this first.
I think it's a good place to go because he's Canadian.
He can give us the inside baseball.
And again, the globalists, Canada has as much resources as we have.
It's a tiny population compared to us, but it's important.
So if we can take Canada back, it's a big victory against the globalists.
And I'm not saying that Paul Puglieva is a perfect guy.
I'm not saying that he doesn't have his issues or didn't get mad at Trudeau for not having the poison shots ready quick enough or whatever.
Or that he doesn't have globalist connections.
I'm just simply saying That getting rid of Trudeau will be a big victory.
He is the protégé of Klaus Schwab and Klaus Schwab's own words.
But here they are a few days ago, calling me out in Parliament.
Then we'll play the clip of them giving the real SS officer a standing ovation.
Here it is.
The Parliamentary Budget Officer's report which confirms 60% of Canadians pay more than they get back.
The Prime Minister said, and I quote, in 2015, Canadians need a PM who will meet with the premiers.
What happened?
The Right Honorable Prime Minister.
While the Conservative leader continues with his misinformation and disinformation, the reality is the Parliamentary Budget Officer said that 8 out of 10 Canadians do better with our price on pollution and the Canada carbon rebate.
But speaking of misinformation and disinformation, any responsible leader that receives an endorsement and support from proven conspiracy theorist and liar Alex Jones would have immediately And here's the salute, here's the standing ovation to the Nazi.
We'll go ahead and play that.
So, so, you got Trudeau endorsing an actual SS war criminal from World War II, a true fossil.
Meanwhile, I'm bad because the leader of the opposition has not repudiated me.
Here it is.
We have here in the chamber today Ukrainian Canadians, Ukrainian Canadian World Veteran
from the Second World War who fought the Ukrainian independence against the Russians
and continues to support the troops today even at his age of 98.
It just goes on and on.
Now does anyone believe, I didn't check who this guy was, or does anyone not know that the people that fought the Russians in World War II were the who?
The Nazis!
I mean that's like saying...
Lex Luthor, you know, fought for Superman or the Dallas Cowboys or the Washington Redskins.
I mean, that's a scandal that seems ancient, but it was just in recent past.
This is pure desperation.
The best they've got, constitutional lawyer, Canadian lawyer, popular talk show host, great pundit, Viva Frye.
This smacks of desperation that they've now made me, I'm not exaggerating folks, One of the main campaign issues, if not the main one right now, translate this over force.
What does this mean?
Well, two things.
I should go.
I'm a former litigator now because I'm not practicing anymore if I can avoid it.
But Alex, it's so outrageously preposterous.
You have Chrystia Freeland who posed for a photograph with a banner that contains some Nazi imagery as relates to Ukraine.
Justin Trudeau, to say they didn't know who this guy was, and by the way, Trudeau never apologized, he just threw the speaker under the bus and said, this is a learning moment for us all, as do all psychopathic narcissists when they get, you know, caught doing something outrageously stupid.
He didn't apologize.
They invite this guy into the House of Parliament, and it's not just that they invited him and they knew damn well who he was before, or had to have known.
It's that, as they're speaking, nobody had the lightbulb go off, like, oh, who fought the Russians during the war?
Oh, the Russians were our allies, and nobody had this lightbulb moment, and they all, like a bunch of barking seals, smooth-brained seals, give this guy a standing ovation.
Now, in fairness, the conservatives also stood up and gave this guy a standing ovation, but everybody's just being polite, following orders, you know, doing what the other does.
The fact that Trudeau is so obsessed with American stuff, Trump, Tucker Carlson, and now you, that he thinks anybody has to repudiate an endorsement in quotes, I'm not even sure that it's an endorsement, it's just a mere observation that Pierre Follier, imperfect as he is, and he may or may not get my vote, is objectively less evil than Justin Trudeau.
I mean, nobody has to repudiate endorsements, period.
But they are intent on bringing Trumpian politics, American politics, American sort of political divisiveness into Canadian politics via Trump, via Tucker Carlson, and now via you.
But it's a joke for the last four days talking about you as though anybody in Canada, no offense, as though anybody in Canada cares about this as a political issue.
It's a distraction, it's pathetic, it's desperate, but it is morbidly hypocritical given what Justin Trudeau has done in recent memory.
And again, doesn't it smack of desperation?
Well, everybody knows they're desperate.
They're desperate, but that being said, you know, desperate cornered animals are the most dangerous.
I don't know what, you know, Trudeau has in his arsenal at this point in time, but I'm actually in Canada right now.
I'm hoping to, you know, get back over the border this afternoon.
I was in Ottawa.
Man, Alex, you go to Ottawa.
I talked about it in my locals community.
That city is worse than LA in terms of homelessness, despair.
I left the hotel to think I was going to go for a walk around and went right back to the hotel, got in my car and came back to Montreal.
The city is in shambles and it's the direct result of poor policy, neglecting existing citizens and importing more people than you can possibly take care of.
But I was there for the Canada Strong and Free Network.
I was on a panel talking about the legislation that they're using in Canada.
You know, to silence, suppress independent voices, to prop up and subsidize legacy media so that it can continue to survive where it's incapable of surviving on its own.
It's an interesting panel, but we see the problems in real time.
I know you put a lot of stock into Pierre Poiliev and the Conservative Party.
They are definitively the lesser of the evils, but they need a good kick in the butt in order to revert to, I'll call it conservative principles, or at the very least constitutional principles.
Because as much better than they might be than the Liberal Party, they still voted unanimously for that conversion ban therapy which basically criminalizes Psychiatry, psychology criminalizes what Jordan Peterson does.
They voted for that.
So, some people, I think Michael Malice says, you know, conservatives are liberals driving the speed limit.
The conservatives and Pierre Poirier need a kick in the butt to be a little bit more protective of our fundamental Canadian rights.
I want to be clear.
I try to follow every major nation and Canada is a major nation because the resources and its proximity to the United States and the fact that the globalists have targeted it to be taken over.
But I got massive backlash And when I'm wrong, I'm wrong.
I'm trying to book some guests that are, you know, experts on Pierre to have them come on and talk about him.
I just see the speeches he's giving now and what he's doing and him way ahead and saying no carbon taxes.
No internet censor bills, no lockdown, speaking out against the trucker attacks by Perdoe.
And I understand he's got some WEF connections.
Basically, they all do, folks.
That's the WEF has been in control.
So I kind of see him coming over to our side, but I've been told, no, no, no, don't trust him.
So give me your scoop on him.
I wouldn't consider myself an expert.
I ran for the People's Party of Canada.
That's the Maxime Bernier party.
So I trust Maxime Bernier.
He might be the only politician I trust.
So I'm not going to endorse the Conservatives.
I'm not going to give them a hard time just for the sake of giving them a hard time.
I'm going to give them a hard time when they deserve it.
But I'll give them credit when they deserve it as well.
Pierre Pauliev is a smooth, eloquent speaker.
He's politically savvy in that he follows the political winds and the political tides.
And so, you know, he didn't come out in support of the trucker protest until it was politically popular to do so.
Then he did.
Good for him.
Then he supported it until it was politically impopular to do so after the Rouleau Commission, where they ratified Justin Trudeau's invocation of the act.
And then he sort of transformed his support of the trucker protest into reframing it as an anti-inflation protest.
So he's late to the game sometimes.
He's, you know, potentially impacted by political wins, which is not a bad thing.
It just means that you have to blow a little harder when you want it to go a certain way.
But he's not evil in the way that I believe, genuinely, that Justin Trudeau is evil.
And I despise... Watching Justin Trudeau, it makes me want to retch.
Like, I can't describe how much vomit that man, you know, builds up in the back of my throat.
It's terrible.
It's not a full-throated endorsement that you're giving him.
He's the better alternative.
The WEF connections with Pierre Paulieff, I think, are exaggerated.
They had a landing page at one point and he asked for them to remove it or it got removed.
But he's definitely not as penetrated as Justin Trudeau.
And he's definitely not as fascistic oriented as Justin Trudeau.
And he'll listen to the people.
Well, that's exactly my point in explaining this to the listeners.
And I'm not patronizing him and saying you're stupid.
The listeners are smarter than I am in many ways.
But some of the listeners are looking for absolute purity.
Like, well, Joe Rogan didn't used to be this populist.
And this hard course, I've known Joe for 25 years.
He's really woken up.
Tucker didn't used to be awake.
He just said it.
He's been awake now 5, 6, 7 years.
He said I helped wake him up.
Same thing with Russell Brand or any of these people.
They see the tyranny, it's out in the open.
We have to be ready to see good people that were asleep wake up and come to our side.
But also politicians that just go with the wind.
Well great, we're the wind.
By us moving all over the world, It's like the new Italian president, you know, got in a year and a half ago.
Super hardcore in her rhetoric.
Got in, did some good things, but backed off on some because of the pressure.
Well, at least she's better than what we had before.
My point is, we're gaining ground.
The globalists are losing ground.
We don't bet it all on Trump or Pierre Poulainville or whoever you say it.
My only point is, is that we cannot doubt that populism and an awakening to the globalist threat is exploding.
Well, absolutely.
And the other thing is, very few politicians will be perfect.
The flip side to that is, everyone has gotten so cynical, it is all or nothing, even when it comes to the useful politicians.
There's no question, Pierre Pollier, first of all, it's the only party that can defeat the Liberals.
And I say this begrudgingly, because I know that the People's Party of Canada is not going to be the next majority government, period.
What I would like to see is them get a few seats in, so they can actually be the opposition to the Conservatives, or at least the kick in the butts of the Conservatives.
But the Conservatives are the only party that can defeat Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.
Everybody knows that.
It's not a controversial statement to make.
And so Pierre Polliet, imperfect, and I disagree with him vehemently on certain political issues, Well let's explain the numbers and I've tried to find the poll.
I saw it a few days ago and the crew can't find it.
I'm going to try to find it.
But you're Canadian.
You're up there.
It was what?
Like the Conservative Party Canada is like at 40-something percent.
Trudeau's at 21.
And even if you add all the other parties in right now, basically he's going to lose.
If they had an election now, Trudeau's finally gone.
For those that don't get it, in America there's two parties.
So somebody's got to get the majority of voters.
That's not the way it works.
And that poll's different than what I saw yesterday.
In Canada, we don't have a two-party system, but we effectively have a two-party system because you have the Conservatives on the one side with the PPC, the People's Party of Canada.
Then you have the Liberals.
Then you have the New Democrat Party, the NDPs.
Then you have the Green Party.
Then you have the Marxist Party, whatever, they don't get any votes.
So you basically have multiple parties, but it's left and right parties.
And Conservatives, you know, right now, double-digit leads.
I don't believe the polls ever, but I do know that everybody hates Justin Trudeau.
Everybody hated him when I ran for office in 2021.
Right now, the Conservatives would win by all accounts if there was an election, which is why they're not calling it, which is why the NDP, who is Justin Trudeau's partner in crime with that raging hypocrite Jagmeet Singh, who I also loathe not quite as much as Justin Trudeau, you know, they formed a de facto coalition government, but even that is starting to dwindle.
The Conservative Party is the only alternative in terms of a party that can beat Justin Trudeau at the next election.
Pierre Poiliere is definitely someone who could be used politically or a useful politician.
Well, that's right.
And look, again, the globalists are attacking worldwide.
People think, why does Australia matter?
Why does Germany matter?
Folks, it's a globalist attack on all these countries.
Look at Brazil or El Salvador or Argentina or wherever.
The more countries where we can get populists or conservatives or nationalists in, the less countries the globalists control.
This is a worldwide war, so this is like a risk game.
country that we can intellectually awaken that can take their nation back
is a major victory. Shifting gears the time we have left I know that you've
really been talking about the weaponization it's the same thing in
Canada same thing in Europe same thing here same thing Australia the same
tactics spying on opposition censoring opposition trying to jail opposition
lawfare we've been patient zero Now the CIA, current CIA, former FBI, it's all confirmed that he is who he says he is.
It ties in now to information we're getting from Congress that it's not just for the CIA and FBI spying on people, but actually persecuting them and then rigging trials.
What is your view on the story that broke four days ago, seems like a hundred years ago, one of the top stories in the country of this Gavin O'Blivis just coming on and singing like a canary.
First of all, it's wild and amazing that there's other entities out there that are starting to act like James O'Keefe and Project Veritas.
Go undercover, get undercover cameras.
Look, everybody's seen the video.
It's wild, but everybody already knew it.
Now, I do believe that the individual in there was making bona fide admissions.
That is to say, statements of fact that he had knowledge of.
I will still be reasonably skeptical and say maybe the guy's just on a, you know, desperate on a date to try to impress his date and will take credit for things that he has no business taking credit for or that he actually has no knowledge of.
Everybody knew what happened to you Alex back in the day was not organic.
It was not, it was inorganic lawfare in the same way that what's happening to Trump now is inorganic lawfare.
Someone who's been in the industry for decades and decades.
With, you know, you had a nasty divorce, that was about it, but no litigation.
And then within a period of, what, 12-18 months, up the wazoo.
Trump has been in business in New York for 40-plus years, never any run-ins with the law until 2023, whatever.
This year they decided lawfare was going to be the tactic.
Everybody knows the FBI.
At the time I thought it was more the Hillary Clinton machine, but it's all the same machine.
Deep state, administrative state, whatever you want to call it, the politicized apparatus.
It wasn't organic what happened to you.
And now we just seem to be getting some of the confirmation that the FBI, we knew that they were in there with Twitter.
Not coercing them, nudging them.
To use the word of the guy in that video.
Just nudging people to sue.
Encouraging people to sue.
Bringing in plaintiffs.
One of the guys that you got ordered to pay 90 million dollars to, the FBI agent.
Didn't have any family members killed in Sandy Hook.
Didn't get shot himself, didn't get injured, but he got made fun of.
An FBI plaintiff as spearheading this litigation.
I mean, what he says is perfectly plausible.
It's what everybody already believed in the first place.
The only question is, is he a liar who happens to be telling the truth?
Or does he actually have information that he's spilling the beans on?
What I just can't understand, this is like, you've got this undercover video, the Pfizer undercover video, These guys, all you have to do is take them on a date and they'll spill the most secret of inner workings of these apparatuses.
It's wild.
And by the way, when the Pfizer video came out and then they took Project Veritas away from O'Keefe, they were so desperate, people said, that's not really the global head of mRNA for Pfizer.
And he was.
Just like Raw Story says, that guy's not really in the CIA, even though they admit he is.
He's on their website.
That's all they've got is just to deny and say it's not true.
This is insane.
And the reason I know it's real is I would take an hour to go through it.
I shot a special report this morning.
We're going to air the last 30 minutes of the show today at 2.30 central.
It's going to be very powerful.
We're going to connect all the dots.
But the FBI agent never said his name.
My crew didn't.
Never on the website.
Didn't know he was until he sued me.
He's the head lawyer of the FBI in Connecticut.
He says on the stand, I went over and talked to Koskoff, my lawyer asked him, and we decided to do this.
So the guy that went and initiated it is what the other former FBI agent, CIA, currently is saying.
We went and told them.
We went and did this.
And so here's the FBI head lawyer in the state.
I never said his name.
He said on the stand, I got one phone call asking if I worked for the FBI.
Had nothing to do with me.
He gets $94 million.
Doesn't exist.
He'll never get it.
And then he admits he went over to this big Democrat party law firm with a former federal prosecutor that put the governor, Republican governor, in jail who specializes in targeting Republicans.
They gen all this stuff.
They have a PR firm.
Make up all this stuff I never said.
They bragged about it.
They run two years of news stories.
Sue me.
Had me defaulted.
Claim we didn't turn over evidence, which we totally did.
Then the FBI agent brags we used the evidence to try to put him in jail but couldn't find anything wrong.
Everything that guy said matched up with what I already witnessed.
And then the judge in the Texas case Three weeks ago, goes to the movie premiere of the HBO show, and is there on the red carpet.
I mean, this is just ridiculous.
Alex, I mean, I put together a montage of the Trump prosecution and persecution the other day.
Like, here are the characters in this play.
a porn star, a convicted perjurer, a convicted extortionist,
a corrupt judge with family ties to the case, another corrupt perverted judge
who posts semi-nudes on a website, a corrupt attorney general who campaigns off prosecuting,
an adulterer in Georgia, another adulterer and perjurer,
and divorce fraudster.
These are the characters in this play.
It's too unbelievable to be true.
You go back to your case, where people think you had a trial,
defaulted in Connecticut, defaulted in Texas, and then you have a show trial on the damages,
where people watching that are saying, how is he even guilty in the first place?
Oh, guilt is not a question anymore.
That's already been defaulted into guilt.
And then YouTube banned comments when 98% were against them.
Alex, I mean, everybody looks at this and anybody with half a brain understands what's going on.
The problem is people have been brainwashed into thinking they like it.
You look at one of the Trump prosecutions, the persecutions, the E. Jean Carroll.
You get these useful idiots, these mentally ill people who can be weaponized and exploited.
And then they go in there and they take their lawyers.
They go change the laws.
They literally changed the law to enable E. Jean Carroll to file a claim against Donald Trump within the new extension of the statute of limitations so that you can get a corrupt DC, uh DC, sorry, New York jury.
To just, you know, issue, willy-nilly, $85 million.
I mean, everybody understands what's going on.
I just don't know how bad it has to get.
It's like it has to be someone's father before they start saying, enough is enough.
But right now, we know what the FBI is doing.
We know what the CIA is doing.
We know what the lawfare system is doing.
We know what the judges are doing.
The only question is, when the hell are the highest courts going to get involved and smack all this stuff down, especially in your case?
Well, that's right.
What about the U.S.
Supreme Court?
You know, they came out and said you can't take Trump off the ballot when he hasn't been indicted or convicted of anything, of what you're claiming you're taking him off the ballot for, insurrection.
But the Supreme Court has still been timid on so many other fronts.
They need to take action now.
On the immunity front, on the excessive fines front, on the violations of due process front, and that includes you and Donald Trump.
And then the Supreme Court comes down, smacks down that idiotic legal theory 9-0, and then you still have the Lawrence tribes of the world and the Judge Luttig, I forget how to pronounce his last name, who put forward this legal theory, still out there touting it.
You still have the Jenna Griswolds of Colorado referring to Trump as an oath-breaking insurrectionist on tweets this morning.
They have to come in, but there have to be some political sanctions, some political repercussions.
Republicans might want to get off their butts and start making motions to impeach judges, the federal ones.
At the state level, I don't know what you do about the Judge Engerons and the Judge Juan Marchand.
These are actual Arguably, in my humble opinion, judicially corrupt to the point of election interference judges on the bench, actively interfering with an election.
When it came to you also, it was a lesson to the world.
If you're going to be seen as an ally to the powers that we deem evil, we will destroy everything that we can of your life.
But to hear them say it so openly, it's almost like they're so comfortable.
It's almost like they're comfortable enough to be having Gay anal sex in the halls of the Senate, this is how comfortable they've gotten with their brazen corruption.
There needs to be some checks and some balances and some judicial political consequences.
Well they're having gay anal sex on the dais, on the bench, I mean up on the desk, and nobody gets in trouble.
You're absolutely right, and it just shows how crazed they are.
Again, when I was there with the judges, HBO cameras, they're putting on makeup, like Ingeron looking at the camera and smiling to MSNBC, and then the judge was there waddling around in front of news cameras with flashbulbs going off at a movie about her, like it's all... I mean, since when does a judge go to a movie premiere about her rigging a case against somebody?
It was beyond disgusting.
I'll bring it full circle back to why people should care about what's going on in Canada, what's going on in Brazil.
But first of all, you should care about what's going on in Canada, first and foremost, because once upon a time we were training Chinese soldiers on our soil for wintertime combat.
People might not be so happy about that in America.
But policy, ideology and the Overton window will shift down from Canada into the States and it'll shift up from Brazil into the States.
You know, we've had our fair share of weaponization of the judicial system, nowhere near what we have in the States.
But it is, I like the analogy of the game of risk, the game of war, like getting surrounded, it trickles in slowly and then it trickles in all at once.
But what happened with the judicial system in the States, it is enough to make Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin say, my goodness, even we're not that brazen over here.
All right, Viva Frye, I want to do five more minutes with you before our next guest comes on.
Viva BarnesLaw.Locals.com and Viva Frye on X. I want to do five more minutes on you.
Big picture, your predictions for the 2024 election.
We're only 200 days out right now.
Then we have our next guest coming on, who's part of sound investigations that just blew this whole government operation wide open.
Stay with us.
Final segment with the great Biba Frye, former lawyer, excellent talk show host.
I just talked to him during the break.
I said, what do you want to hit finally?
He said, a bunch.
But this just passed.
Bad news up on InfoWars.com.
House passes bill to renew FISA warrantless spy program by 273 to 147.
Vote, 126 Republicans vote yes to snoop on Americans without Meaningful limits and without warrants.
Viva Frye, this is just par for the course.
We got judges going to premieres of movies where they did railroad show trials.
They're not even ashamed of it anymore.
You just did a great rant during the break.
Repeat that.
Oh no, I'll get myself whipped up again.
They extend the FISA warrantless searches as though they've all but forgotten what happened in 2016 where you had Kleinberg or Kleinfeld?
I forget the lawyer's name.
It was Clinesmith?
Whatever, the FBI lawyer falsifying information they submitted to a secret FISA court to spy on their political rival, the incoming president.
They've forgotten about that.
That's why I said, at some point in time, it's not just Democrats, it's Uniparty.
How any Republican could support this and renew the FISA surveillance, it's beyond me.
But they've gotten accustomed to this level of power, this level of corruption.
The judge going to the Premier, I didn't know about that, although I'm still traumatized judicially.
from Judge Engeron smiling for the camera.
Judge Juan Merchant gagging the defendant, not from saying things that are already illegal,
from exposing the family corruption of a judge whose daughter is making money hand over fist
working for Schiff, who's exploiting the prosecution.
A daughter who allegedly had tweets wherein she said, "This man belongs in prison,"
referring to Trump.
And we have Stormy Daniels with an HBO thing coming out right during the criminal trial of Trump,
but he's gagged.
We've got Michael Cohen talking poop on Trump.
But Trump is gagged.
And it's to the point where it's so bad that even Michael Avenatti from his jail cell is saying, this has gone a little too far, this prosecution in New York.
He'll still get convicted, but it's egregious political election interference.
They've gotten comfortable with the power and to the point where I genuinely believe they're flaunting it to show people, this is what we can do.
We will destroy political dissidence and then we'll go celebrate and watch the documentary about how we did it afterwards.
It's gotten to a point where everybody should be outraged, and everybody should be vocal, peaceful, but vocally expressing their outrage about this.
That's right.
You wanted to talk about Elon Musk and Brazil.
I mean, we'll talk about things trickling down from Canada, things trickling up from Brazil.
You got a judiciary gone mad in Brazil, this guy, Demóras, whatever you pronounce his last name, who basically has more power than God in Brazil.
He wants to silence the free speech platforms where people can express their political outrage.
And now threatening, from what I understand, threatening to arrest employees of Twitter if they don't ban accounts with no oversight, no nothing.
It's sort of like they have their FISA court, but they've gotten so brazen about it in Brazil, it's open for the public to see.
Just shut people up, shut people down, silence them, and then go after the companies.
Go after Elon Musk in the same way that Leticia James is going after the bond companies.
harassing the bond company that gave Donald Trump agreed to secure the bond in the appeal of New York.
I mean, it's brazen at all levels.
Once people understand that no one is safe, they won't be so complacent about it.
Look at what's going on in Brazil.
I say at some point Elon Musk, he's doing a damn good job.
And I give him a hard time on Twitter, but that's how you make people better.
And now he's saying, we're going to pull out of Brazil, the same way Rumble defied France's orders to ban RT and says, if you want to suppress information, you do it.
We're not partaking in it.
And we're going to pull out out of principle.
Now X and Twitter is facing that prospect in Brazil, facing the prospect of prosecution and jailing their employees.
And they're acting righteously now.
By the way, when you talk about not being self-aware, here he is with Lula.
It's basically a dictator.
Go back to the Supreme Court judge head.
Look at him.
Go back to the photos with him, like he has, like he's a vampire with his cape out.
Every photo, he's totally un-self-aware.
He literally is doing vampire poses.
What the hell?
I said this guy looks like a villain if the movie villain was trying to look like a villain.
But he's got more power than God in Brazil.
People don't seem to understand that.
And he's in bed with Lula.
And they're going to secure control for a very, very long time.
And, you know, interfere with elections as well through suppression the same way Time Magazine documented how they did it in the 2020 election.
And we know the State Department's been down there helping him do it.
This is a worldwide plan.
You've got the EU and Brazil trying to take control of X. America's under attack.
Every free nation is.
Fever Fry, thank you so much.
We'll talk to you soon.
My pleasure.
Thank you for having me on.
God bless you.
Robert Barnes is coming up.
His co-host and more straight ahead.
Stay with us.
All right, the Iran news is really huge.
I'm going to hit that coming up later.
Iran is talking about openly launching missiles on Israel.
Israel will nuke them.
We're off the races.
That's the next 48 hours.
Pray that doesn't happen.
Huge developments in Ukraine.
Biden's saying, I can't control the border.
I may not have the constitutional power.
But he's the one that ordered it open and told the illegals to come here.
We've got so much.
I've got this poison shot news.
Senator Paul, with the total proof of the emails that Fauci was working.
With the deep state to create the virus and and and then the subsequent cover-up, but I wanted to get my good friend and really smart historian not just a well-known and successful constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes on the co-host with Viva Fry who we just had on Because I saw him talking about I want to get his take I mean he also worked some early on In the Sandy Hook case when they claim we didn't give him discovery and defaulted us and then had the whole weaponization of this FBI, current CIA operative, Gavin Oblivious, admitting everything we already knew, but directly from the inside, and what legal action he thinks we could take, or should take, because it's not about me, it's about all of us, and how they were standardizing weaponization against me, and how we now know the chief lawyer for the FBI in Connecticut, who I never said his name, didn't know who he was, was involved from the beginning about suing me, he said that on the stand,
And got 90 plus million dollars that doesn't exist, but in the ruling when the Connecticut law says you have to say somebody's name.
And then we also know the lead lawyer, also former federal prosecutor, who especially was putting Republicans in jail like the governor.
of Connecticut for absolutely nothing.
They thought in the process of discovery they would find all this criminal activity.
As Barnes predicted four or five years ago, they didn't find it, so they went with the default.
They've got a problem.
They still claim all the criminal activity and hundreds of millions hidden in the HBO show,
even though with the bankruptcy and a federal investigation and a federal audit by the IRS, they found the opposite.
Overpaying of taxes, no hidden money, no sophistication, because we're all news and information.
We're straight shooters, folks.
I literally help old ladies across the street because I like it.
I want my grandmothers to be taken care of.
They're dead now.
But I mean, I'm literally a Boy Scout, folks.
And I'm completely honest.
Other than in my life, I've been a womanizer and I repent and I'm married and have children.
But when it comes to that, I'm completely honest.
And literally, they tried to make A Captain America type, Satan, and it hasn't worked.
It's backfired.
But I wanted to get Robert Barnes' take on this because it's a big, big deal.
Five members of Congress calling for criminal investigations.
Multiple members calling for hearings on this.
It came up in the FISA hearings in the last few days.
They, by the way, just voted it through.
Warrantless wiretapping, again, on the American people.
Robert Barnes, I just said a lot there, but what is your take on this?
I think this just vindicates everything you've been saying from day one.
This is being quarterbacked by the deep state under orders from Obama and Hillary.
No doubt.
I mean, I remember when they made a big deal in the courtroom of the fact that I talked about the trial itself being literally scripted and filmed.
And they hid from the jury the fact that those were actually movie crews in there.
And now we see the HBO show where that's where the movie crews were, where the judge is showing up to the movie premiere like she's an actress, like she's a star.
So what we said from day one has been increasingly confirmed and then all of it corroborated in this undercover expose of the former FBI turned CIA agent.
And you look at what his statements are.
It made sense from the get-go.
People were accusing us of putting a tin hat on and all that.
It never made sense from the beginning.
Here you have, in the case of Alex Jones and InfoWars, someone that's never been sued in 25 years of doing business.
Suddenly Trump gets elected and you're sued 25 times in a year by every theory known to man.
And there's no way that's just a coincidence.
And then you look at the law firms involved.
The law firms made no sense.
Law firms handling defamation cases who'd never done defamation cases before.
By the way, same ones now suing Elon Musk.
And you research them, it's politics all over the place.
There are fingerprints of politics all over the place.
The only thing that made sense was political connections.
A law firm in Connecticut, one of the most politically connected law firms in the country.
Law firms taking on Pepe and other cases.
Big corporate law firms that don't usually do those kind of pro bono cases.
And yet they're donating millions of dollars of legal fees just to go after you.
So none of that ever made any sense.
The only logical explanation was that it was a coordinated hit job.
And then the only question was, who?
You know, there was no question it was a hit job.
There was no question it was lawfare.
There was no question it wasn't organic.
These weren't a bunch of people who all of a sudden at the same time discovered they thought they had a legal claim against you.
It was a bunch of people coming to them and recruiting them to pursue cases.
And the big evidence is thousands of news articles, hundreds of national TV programs, the nightly comedy shows, all off the same script, lying about what I said and did, making up this straw man.
That's the CIA angle through Operation Mockingbird.
The big PR firms bragging that they helped quarterback it.
So it's the FBI and CIA working through law firms, working through PR firms, working through
big tech to unify my destruction to set the precedent to develop the formula, as you said,
four or five years ago, for everyone else.
And then we had in depositions bringing up Hillary and who was funding him.
The judge threatened to sanction Norm Pattis over that.
And the list of 20 plus things she gave us that we couldn't say was, don't mention Hillary
Soros in the deep state.
They did not want any discussion of that.
I mean, they went to great lengths to make sure there was never a trial on the merits, both in Texas and Connecticut.
Even though they had juries that were very in their pocket, basically, that politically aligned with them, like D.C.
juries, they had judges that were completely in their pocket, and yet they were terrified of a public trial on the merits of the case.
And the only reason for that to be the case is if the story they were spinning is not one that the evidence would bear out for the world to witness.
So instead they did a Soviet Stasi-style show trial that was literally a show trial with movie cameras there to film it all and put it on there.
And you're right, it goes back to Operation Mockingbird because really you could tell, I remember we discussed it at the time, that the evidence that this was a coordinated hit job coming from someone with a lot of political power Uh, was also HBO and Showtime.
HBO's doing the current, you know, hit job.
The original hit job was making up a character based on who they thought you were in the show Homeland.
And what you saw there was, okay, so they're creating this caricature of someone so that they can encourage people to go after them and to demonize them publicly and through the legal system.
But it almost, even before the lawsuits came, you could see that something was coming and the hit jobs being put out on mainstream media and in Hollywood.
Well, let me give one of the biggest smoking, and I want you to continue.
The reason it was PR firms before they ever bragged about it and confessed to it later was, two years before they sued me, I would get up and I would search my name and there'd be, say, a hundred articles a day.
No exaggeration.
And some of those articles would be syndicated in newspapers all over the country.
It'd be like an AP article and we could put a thousand papers.
It'd be on every local nightly news.
When I say thousands of TV programs, folks, tens of thousands.
I mean, why was this such a big deal saying I pissed on graves, attacked houses, was going after children, totally made up, ahead of them suing me?
It was a test market for later, but what I noticed was the publishing times would be the same minute, the same second.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Daily Beast, didn't matter whether it was big corporate, whatever,
there were PR and they later admitted that they had agreements with the media,
with a script, with an article to get it, they were obviously being paid behind the scenes, CIA,
to then publish at the same time.
So they were publishing, it would show them, they didn't even think to hide that, the same minute,
all the articles were the same.
So it wasn't people going and copying their story, rewriting it, they would all agree
so that no one would ever get the scoop as they were getting the stories
and many of them getting the payments to do it.
Which, you know, they spent billions, not just on media, not just on big newspapers, but on influencers.
Low-level people with 10,000 followers on Twitter were getting $10,000, $20,000 to say, I took the shot, I loved it.
It was the same thing.
So they were testing this, giving them money, getting them ready, run by, and then boom!
It was like laser guns firing at once.
Total coordination, and they think we're so stupid we couldn't see that.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, what they're really banking on was the American people being kept in the dark.
And what this expose confirms is all the allegations and accusations we made from the beginning because those accusations were based in fact, and they were based in obvious interpretation of the information.
The combination of the hit pieces on Showtime, the hit pieces coordinated in the press, Hillary Clinton coordinating it by raising your name as to blame for the rise of Trump in the summer of 2016 in her speech in Nevada.
Then that followed up with other institutional media hit pieces that all of a sudden these politically motivated lawyers start coming out of the woodwork after Trump wins to take you out.
And the real goal, as was partially exposed by the Connecticut lawyers, but then fully exposed by this undercover expose, is to get your audience to turn on you.
They believe that if the audience would stop supporting InfoWars... And that's why they would tell them I had hundreds of millions of dollars and didn't need money.
Exactly, exactly.
I mean, the goal was to convince, and I think they also convinced themselves that that caricature they created of you in Homeland The Showtime show was real, when in fact it was completely fake.
They never, this is like the same problem they have in going after Trump.
They imagine, they project their own sins onto those they're accusing.
And they don't recognize that some people don't react and respond the way they would react and respond if they were under threat.
But it's a pattern they've been doing, you know, for a half a century.
And, but usually it was in foreign countries, not in America.
And now they've just brought it home to roost.
That's right, Obama legalized this activity domestically.
So what needs to come out of this now?
A and B, what do you think the deep state thinks now that this is broken?
I mean, I think the Deep State is so cocky, they're just going to keep marching onward.
They don't seem to have any sense of self-restraint, any sense of limit.
They're very much like, as we've talked about, the elites that led us into World War I, that helped breed World War II and fascism and communism and the horrors that that brought upon the world.
And I think that's, they're so cocky, so arrogant, so, they will not respect the American people until they're literally legally limited from doing so.
Um, and prohibited from doing these kind of lawless actions.
That's why there has to be congressional hearings.
That's why there has to be, ultimately, criminal investigations.
That's why there has to be a civil legal remedy sought.
Because otherwise, they'll keep doing this and they'll do it to everybody.
If they can do it to you and they can do it to Trump, they can do it to any person.
And that's the great threat that they want to pose to people.
And the only way to stop that is to push back against it, both in the court of public opinion and in the courts of Congress and the court of law.
Well, again, we know it was staged by PR firms because when they won their fake cases at the end of the Connecticut when they bragged, and I'm going to show that report at 2.30 today, all the documents on that.
But they would publish these hit pieces all in the same minute with the timestamps, sometimes like 100 articles at once.
And then also it would go quiet sometimes for a week or two, and then giant attacks again the same minute, the same day.
So they're massive pre-planning in all of this.
Oh, absolutely.
Everything about it had that.
I remember when we first got into looking at the case and looking at the discovery issues.
Like, these issues aren't, they're not trying to seek out honest information.
They're trying to seek out something that they can use for a news story.
Well, you saw the CIA agent, FBI agent say, we wanted to dig through his stuff and get his followers.
And then he said, but we couldn't find anything illegal.
So let me ask you that question.
You're smarter than I am when it comes to, you predicted it all.
They get up on the courthouse steps of Connecticut, Texas and say, don't send him money.
He's going down.
Don't support him.
Then they lie and say, I'm going to go to jail.
I have hundreds of millions of dollars.
Now they say, oh, now we just want some money.
We want to settle.
What do you think they're really doing?
You know, the FBI, CIA guy says, well, now we don't want to take him down.
We've cut his legs off.
We've moved on.
Well, yeah, Elon Musk is 50 times bigger.
They got Tucker Carlson.
Joe Rogan's awake now.
So, I mean, I guess in a way, their program didn't work.
There's way more targets now.
What do you think they're really up to?
Well, I think a lot of what they thought was going to work didn't work.
So it's sort of like their Ukraine philosophy, which is to double down on a new strategy when the old one doesn't work, rather than re-examine why the old one didn't work.
And there's no question that, I mean, they thought the audience would abandon InfoWars.
They thought that you were weak-kneed and were not strong-backboned and would fold to all the massive pressure.
That was really a libel campaign against you in the name of libel lawsuits.
And they were wrong.
They misread you, they misread the InfoWars audience, and consequently they're up against it.
And they have to pretend they still won, because they lost.
They lost at what their ultimate goal and objective was, and now they just move on to other pastures and pretend they're going to prevail there.
So it's very much how the deep state operates globally.
They are there, except now they're treating our domestic allies as adversaries, as foreign enemies.
And they're treating like Alex Jones is one foreign country and Tucker Carlson's another one and Donald Trump's another one and they behave in the same manner and when they fail they just move on to the next one.
But I don't think they're, unfortunately, they're not going to stop until somebody fully stops them from destabilizing our constitutional republic and risking world war like they're currently doing between what they're doing in Ukraine and what they're doing in the Middle East.
They're doing everything.
I want you to expand on this.
This is so important.
We have to do a full hour on this soon because you're so astute.
The attack on me, hundreds of thousands, because they republish them, sometimes thousands a day, hundreds of thousands of articles, tens of thousands of video reports, conservatively.
They put out a report on every local channel.
Friends and family, I'd do it.
I'd turn on cable at night or local TV.
I'd be on every channel.
I'd try to get the weather.
I'd be on there.
Total lies.
He's pissing on graves.
He's doing this.
I'm like, why?
Because these groups are being paid secret corporate and taxpayer money.
That's why it won't stop.
It won't matter if it makes them lose.
It's the same strategy they would do before they would invade Iraq or something.
It's the same CIA blueprint.
But instead, it only made us bigger.
Like you just said, it's only making Trump bigger.
But it's the only thing they know.
Old dogs don't learn new tricks.
You're dead on.
Where does this go then?
I mean, unfortunately, I think they're going to keep escalating in new arenas.
And I think you're seeing that in trying to precipitate a conflict between Israel and Iran that could become a global nuclear conflict very quickly if it got out of hand.
The same is true in what they're trying to do in Ukraine.
I mean, now they're dragging out 18-year-olds and 60-year-olds and people, kids that are disabled and sticking them on the front lines to do anything possible to precipitate a broader conflict there.
So they're just going to keep marching onwards because they don't have a sense of limit.
They're very much like those elites.
We talk about history a lot because history is relevant.
If you study the elites that led us into World War I, that in turn brought communism, without World War I there is no rise of communism.
Without World War I there is no rise of fascism.
Without World War I there is no rise of Nazism.
All of it are a product of World War I. And World War I was brought about by these corrupt elites They didn't know what they were doing.
They were arrogant and contemptuous of basic principles and the people they were supposed to serve.
And what they did is they almost brought us to the end of extinction.
And I mean, I mean, if Hitler had gotten nuclear weapons, we could have had nuclear war then.
I mean, because that's the kind of mindset he had.
So, I mean, that's and that's the kind of mindset these people had.
And he was inches away.
So they're on megalomaniacal power trips.
They're only going to double down.
And you absolutely are right.
And then World War I goes to World War II.
World War II creates the new global order, the Cold War, the UN, and this current corporate kleptocracy you've got.
If they were smart, they would back off now.
They've already owned everything, but they want our minds.
They want to just rub it in.
Yeah, it's Bill Gates.
It's Bill Gates' mindset.
I mean, that's why you've been right for years to identify if you want the prime source of evil in the world, it's Bill Gates.
It's his mindset, it's his mentality, it's his approach.
Not just him as a person, though that is itself a major threat, it's the mindset he represents.
He represents the old, corrosive, corrupt elite that supported and pushed eugenics that Hitler loved, for example, came from the Rockefeller Foundation.
Who is Bill Gates' favorite group of people?
The Rockefellers and the Rockefeller Foundation.
I mean, this guy is an imminent risk to all of our freedom and security.
But this is how they think.
They're obsessed with total control.
They're never satisfied until they have complete control.
They're diseased.
They have a power-mad virus in their minds.
And that's why the only way to take them out is to vaccinate them.
And the only way to vaccinate them is through constitutional democracy and 1776.
That's right.
It's the old InfoWars slogan.
The best answer to 1984 is still 1776.
And you've led some of the biggest Amish groups successfully against these federal raids and harassment that are happening everywhere, but that's a perfect window to this.
The most healthy, honest people, almost no cancer, no autism, they live 10-12 years longer than the average American, they live as long as the Japanese, they're good people, and they're literally under siege.
I mean, that tells you the federal government is bad, but the good news is state governments and others are now rallying, the citizens are rallying, and the Amish are having big victories.
So, on every front, this deep state is trying to gobble everything up, and it's failing.
I mean, and we'll see what happens in the Amos Miller case, but that's going to be the test case for the latest power grab.
Because what they actually said, the state of Pennsylvania came in and said, you are not allowed to have a potluck dinner.
You're not allowed to bring over food for Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter.
You're not allowed to even have charitable food unless we permitted that food to be made in the first place.
In other words, they want a complete governmental monopoly on the food supply.
No food is allowed in your fridge or on your table unless it comes from a government-permitted facility first.
And as you were saying, though, that there is major pushback, just like the evils coming from the state.
At the state level, people are really pushing back.
Oh yeah, ordinary everyday people.
So they, you know, credit Senator Vance, Congressman Massey, presidential candidate Robert Kennedy, members of Trump's campaign, all have pushed back against what's happening in the Amos Miller case because they understand the broader and bigger consequence of what's taking place.
That this is an attempt to, you know, it's what people always remember Kissinger talking about controlling money, controlling fuel, but they forget the first thing he said.
He said, you control the food, you control a country.
And that's what they're trying to do.
And that's what the WF's doing.
In the time we have left, We need to talk off-air, obviously.
I'm talking to some firms and things.
Should I take legal action to expose what's happening with the FBI and CIA?
Or what do you think the angle is?
I think almost you have to on behalf of the American people.
I mean that in order to try to preclude this or prevent this from happening to other people in the future.
I mean they're weaponizing our legal system using their political access and machinery to destroy the Constitutional Republic.
And so that in order to defend the Republic you have to take legal action against what these rogue officers and agents are up to.
Well, I'd like to talk to you sometime today, then, because I've talked to some other groups.
They said we've got some pretty good cases, but you're right.
It's my responsibility to do this because they're targeting all of America.
Shifting gears back, though, you say, you know, the deep state will just continue on.
You're right.
They were really scared about deep state being discussed at the show trial or in depositions.
I mean, I think this is a real chain in their armor.
Do you think they're upset about this guy getting caught on tape, spilling his guts, admitting it all?
Oh, no doubt.
No doubt.
I mean, I mean, I don't know whether it was false or not, but apparently the story was circulating that, you know, they were putting James O'Keefe's photo in distributions amongst people at the Pentagon saying, whatever you do, please don't meet this man and don't go out on a date with him, please.
So it seems meme worthy, but it's probably true.
And, you know, even though this wasn't, didn't come from O'Keefe himself, it came from people mirroring the tactics.
It's the reason why they came after you and the reason they came after InfoWars.
They didn't want other people emulating it.
I mean, InfoWars is the only network anywhere completely free of corporate control.
You don't depend on big corporate donors.
You don't depend on big corporate advertisers.
You depend solely and wholly on the goodwill of the audience.
Supporting InfoWars, going to InfoWarsStore.com, finding things that make their own lives healthier, wealthier, and wiser, but in the process keeping InfoWars on the air.
The problem is that example.
That example is such a threat to the institutional control, to the Operation Mockingbird mechanisms of media and Hollywood and entertainment and industry occupation that the deep state has done now for more than half a century.
So that's why they have to push back by every means possible.
It's why we have to push back by every means possible.
You look at James O'Keefe, people are now imitating it, emulating it.
And what are they doing?
People like Sound Investigations?
They're getting CIA people to yip.
And we both know, you get these people in the right setting, they're eager to brag to people.
Just like they did to Seymour Hersh, telling them about how they were really responsible for the Nord Stream bombing.
Because they can't wait to brag about the illegal stuff that they do.
So, the great credit to Sound Investigations, great credit to James O'Keefe, but mostly great credit to the American people, because as long as they continue to support places like InfoWars, all the CIA, FBI, deep state efforts around will be unsuccessful in the end.
Speaking of Sound Investigations, they join us on this side of this break, but Barnes, do a few more minutes, because I want to segue and get a quick question to you about Trump and this criminal trial coming up.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
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Well, Arden Young's an amazing investigative journalist and has done just stalwart work.
Barnes didn't even know she was coming on.
Constitutional lawyer, good friend of mine, Robert Barnes.
He was just lauding the great work of Sound Investigations.
We're going to talk about them here in just a moment.
They just broke this incredible footage of the FBI-CIA operative admitting all the things we've already confirmed.
And then, separately, they exposed a porn hub targeting children.
She did.
And Planned Parenthood illegally selling eight-month-old, nine-month-old baby parts.
We'll be talking to her and the founder as well.
He joined just come out about 30 minutes of sound investigations here in a moment.
But Barnes, while I had you, you were just explaining to everybody that what groups like sound investigations and Baratos that got taken over, but O'Keefe's back even bigger, and all these other new groups, and the investigations group set up by Steven Crowder, and more and more people are realizing it's an InfoWar, and the general public's getting involved and having devastating effects against the globalists.
Can you speak to this populist peaceful uprising?
And then, because I know you've got to go, and she's on with us, real quick on the new criminal show trial on Trump.
About the start and what you think that's going to do in the polls.
Well, what all these cases have in common is that O'Keefe's methods of undercover reporting is a populist method that any ordinary person can repeat and replicate and duplicate.
Credit the sound investigations for doing it.
More Americans can do it and expose more deep, dark secrets.
Because one little secret about all these people is they love to brag about the evil stuff that they do.
The other part of what InfoWars recognized was a populist method of news organization and commentary that other people have now started to replicate and imitate and by doing so they can break the corporate control of our media information news commentary structure.
So that's how the and how that what combines these is ordinary people, ordinary people taking proactive action, ordinary people becoming undercover journalists, ordinary people learning the skills and trades of using FOIA, you know, Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act to get a lot of information that's otherwise kept secret, like is being done by the Information Informed Consent Action Network with Del Bigtree and Aaron Seery.
And what you just said earlier is they wanted to come after me to intimidate everybody because they thought we were cowards.
No, the American people were asleep.
The intimidation is only spurring more people to take action.
Hasn't the deep state figured that out yet?
Not yet.
And I think it will take constant failure and rejection by the ordinary person against the Deep State's agenda because that's what unites all of this with Trump.
Trump's cases are show trials.
These are trials that have no legal merit, no constitutional basis.
Supreme Court did the right thing.
They should grant President Trump complete presidential immunity from this rogue, wayward, politicized prosecutions that threaten the Constitutional Republic.
But putting that aside, all the judges know that these are bogus cases.
So why are they letting them go forward?
Because they assume they could persuade the public not to vote for Trump based on some show trial non-verdict verdict.
Where they pick the judge, they pick the jury, pick the trial, don't allow Trump.
They figured they were going to Alex Jones, Donald Trump.
They were going to not let him present a meaningful defense, handpick the judge, handpick the jury, have it all be politically prejudiced.
The Court of Appeals stick their head in the sand and pretend it isn't happening like a bad ostrich.
And they thought that that would persuade the American people, oh, I better not support Donald Trump.
You know, the judges say he's a bad guy.
So-called show trials say he's a bad guy.
But in fact, people see through this, just like they saw through it in your Well, that's right.
Now the attacks, now even on Fox News and others, they call it being Alex Jones.
I guess I'm now an adjective.
I mean, this is backfiring, Barnes.
And we said so at the time.
That if they wanted an honest trial, if they thought you were really guilty of something, then allow an honest trial on the merits.
They have a judge in their pocket, a jury pool in their pocket.
What you said many times going back four years ago, even before the show trials, you told me, you said, lose is a show trial.
You stand and fight this or you leave the country, you're going to lose, it's all rigged, but this is going to put them on trial and this is going to blow up in their face so it's going to be okay.
And I was still going to fight regardless, but you nailed it, buddy.
How the hell did you do that?
Well, it's knowledge of history.
I mean, it's like a lot of people wonder how you get a lot of things accurate.
It's because you read history.
You read their own publications.
You read their own documents.
You listen to their own words.
And that's what they're doing here.
So it all depends on the audience, the American people.
As long as they continue to support InfoWars, they can't take InfoWars off the air.
As long as they continue to support President Trump, these show trials will mean nothing and do nothing and achieve nothing except expose the corruption of the deep state Barnes, you're a busy guy, a tough guy to get a hold of.
When can you talk to me today?
I want to get your advice.
That should be the lesson from all of this.
We need to make sure these people never have the power to do this again, whether that's Alex Jones
taking legal action against the people that caused wrong to the American people,
or whether that's later on Congress and presidents and legislatures passing reforms
so they can't abuse their power like this in the future.
Barnes, you're a busy guy, a tough guy to get a hold of.
When can you talk to me today?
I want to get your advice.
I've been trying to talk to you for a few days on the legal lawsuits.
Can you talk at 3 Central?
Okay, so I'll call you at 3 Central.
Yeah, yeah, that's no problem.
I'm free throughout the afternoon.
I'll call you at 3.
Love you.
Sounds good.
Alright, thank you so much.
Arden Young is a journalist with Sound Investigations known for exposing pornobs, criminal and predatory practices targeting children.
She lived her acting career on shows like Modern Family, NCIS LA, and the Disney Channel to pursue telling truthful stories.
She's on X at Arden underscore Young underscore or just type in Arden Young Sound Investigations, soundinvestigations.com who everybody needs the support.
I've seen them get 50 million views on ExConservative last week.
Nowhere in there except a few tweets I and Posobiec put out said, go there and donate.
This costs money.
There's huge legal bills.
You want victory?
You're in a war.
You've got to back the soldiers.
And Arden Young is a commando on the front lines.
Arden, thank you so much for joining us.
You can start wherever you like.
The incredible work you guys have done the last few years.
Part 2 you guys released today, admitting CIA in Ukraine, targeting citizens to shut down our speech.
I mean, there's so much to talk about.
We salute you, and for myself and my family and the crew, and everybody, thank you for what you guys did.
Well, thank you so much for having me, Alex.
Yeah, essentially this entire story is kind of a funny story and coincidence.
Sound Investigations was actually formed to specifically investigate and uncover sexual exploitation online.
We first investigated Pornhub and exposed their illegal practices behind the scenes.
And just recently, one of our journalists was out and about in D.C.
and happened to bump into Gavin Oblenus.
And this was not the subject matter we were investigating whatsoever.
This was not the goal to get a federal government CIA story.
But this is what happened.
And once our journalist sat down with Mr. Oblenus and found out that he indeed does work for the CIA, he's a government employee.
And once he started talking and talking about All this, you know, varied content, including yourself, the FBI targeting you, we thought it had to be published.
We thought it irresponsible not to publish this subject matter.
And so this is how the entire story came about.
Well, tell us more without revealing your investigative tactics, how you got this FBI slash CIA manager to spill his guts.
I mean, really, you know, our journalist was out and about in D.C.
and bumped into Mr. Oblentis.
They met.
Mr. Oblentis wanted to get coffee with our journalist and our journalist said yes.
And it wasn't until they actually sat down at their first coffee meeting that Mr. Oblentis revealed that he worked for the CIA.
All we really knew going into it is that he was a government employee.
And that he was interested in speaking with our journalists further, of course, undercover, not knowing that our journalist was a journalist.
But really, it wasn't hard to get these multiple meetings with Gavino Blenis.
He wanted to continue to speak with our journalists, and they met over a series of three separate meetings.
And our journalists decided to question him in different ways and generalities.
And Mr. Obletus delved into, he actually brought you up, Alex, out of the blue, saying that the FBI targeted you because they wanted to essentially financially ruin you.
And eventually, they believe they were successful in doing that through the civil suit.
And now, you know, he says that they've backed off, but he celebrates the success of essentially cutting your legs off, as I think he put it, chopping your legs off or something like that.
Well, I got news for him, we're reaching more people than ever, so it didn't work like they thought.
Let's talk about the Pornhub case and other things you guys are working on because criminal investigations, Pornhub, because I checked it when I read the article, it's not available in Texas.
A bunch of other states are piling on.
For people that don't know about the case, they go to soundinvestigation.com, they go to your ex accounts and find it.
But wow, I mean, the executives bragging about targeting children.
Yeah, it's so it's heartbreaking.
It's disgusting.
We published a series about seven undercover videos and spoke with around a dozen employees while undercover and they all confirmed that there's horrible, horrible just lack of verification of age and consent.
On the videos that are uploaded to Pornhub, the platform, there's the targeting of children and pedophiles with their content because they know how to appeal to pedophiles.
There's a targeting of straight viewers with LGBTQ content, and they're purposefully and knowingly doing all this for the sake of profits.
And so we've got some really horrible, disgusting, and very specific admissions on camera admissions that these issues were brought up to the c-suite
executives and they told their employees to f off and shut up about these
types of issues that could get them in trouble. For those that don't know, I
mean I know Texas has launched a criminal investigation. Give us the details of
that. Yeah absolutely.
So across the U.S.
around a dozen states now have implemented these ID verification laws and they'll require a user to input their government identification to prove that they're over 18 in order to access an adult site like Pornhub.
And Pornhub has opposed these laws, obviously.
They've only decided to cooperate with one state, Louisiana, and they reported that requiring age verification on their website actually decreases traffic to their website by 80%.
So it really, really hurts their business.
So as more of these laws are passing in different states like Texas, they're suing the states Uh, they're claiming like a free speech violation.
And so now Texas is really going to battle with Pornhub because Texas is trying to prevent children from viewing obscene content.
And we know how much damage that does to children.
There was recently a new study in the UK that actually over half of violent crime Over half of sexual violent crime against children is perpetrated by other children, and experts are actually attributing this to online pornography viewership.
So we know this harms kids, we know this harms society, and Texas is actually doing something about it.
Well, I will say this.
I have a burner account on Twitter.
Had it since I got banned five years ago, but I didn't use it much.
but when I was still on Twitter till Musk took it over, constantly without looking for it,
being pushed really hardcore porn.
And a lot of the time, like you were just saying, with Pornhub, LGBT stuff, you do basic searches,
it pops up, they admit it's really a political, social engineer thing.
I've noticed that since Musk took over, it's gotten a lot better.
'Cause I do a lot of searching on X, it happens once a week now,
instead of when I was doing searches on Twitter, it was happening every five minutes.
You would just see it in the feed all over the place.
And it's just super annoying, because I'm not trying to be looking at that crap.
I'm looking for political news and information.
I guess there is some porn guy named Alex Jones.
I see that pop up all the time in my feed.
But other than that, I've seen something done at X. But other places, I see the statistics, the numbers.
It's just all over the place.
These platforms need to control this.
My concern is the politicians are going to use the backlash for Internet ID for all the regular platforms.
I do think porn needs to have age verification.
That's good.
My issue is it leaking in to other stuff because I'm not going around searching for porn on X and I'm still seeing it and I used to see it constantly.
I have seen an improvement but it's a problem.
It is a problem, and for these platforms that do allow children on their platforms, I believe Twitter X allows.
13 year olds on their platforms and the fact that pornography isn't completely banned on the platform.
I do have a problem with it, but it is very, very positive that pornography is no longer allowed to be advertised on X. So that was a recent change that must.
And you're an expert.
So just I'm a layman just noticing this.
Do you think of all the major platforms?
I'm trying to kiss Elon Musk's rear end here.
I mean, I just I've seen a major change there.
Are you saying X is one of the better big tech companies right now?
Um, that I actually don't know.
I would say that, in my opinion, yeah, I've seen mainly positive things on X, although there's still problems in there.
It's hard to untangle the web of what was happening before Elon came on the scene, right?
But I know that Facebook is really, really bad.
Instagram's really, really bad.
There's just so much work to be done.
Oh, it's come out.
I mean, you know this.
Congress has covered it.
Facebook deliberately is pushing porn on kids.
It doesn't surprise me.
It's just disgusting and horrible and it's really sad that the people in power are trying to get children hooked on pornography.
It guarantees future customership.
It guarantees a lifetime customer coming back to these adult websites and for adult content.
It's so predatory and disgusting.
I don't know if you agree with me, but I think it's something that's prima facie.
There's clearly by the left, the Democratic Party, but also other leftist parties worldwide, trying to sexualize children, trying to target them.
They admit that's their goal.
What do you think's behind that?
Oh gosh.
It goes so deep.
I think that these evil efforts that we're seeing, I think Evil is inherently anti-family and these things like the sexualization of children, you know, showing pornography to children and trying to skew people's sexualities.
I think it all comes down to being anti-family and destructive to family.
It just makes me ponder.
It makes me sit back and think.
Where do you think this is all headed?
Uh, I mean, it just, it's like the brave new world.
I mean, we're seeing children become more sexualized than, like, some adults.
And we have children committing violent sexual crime against each other.
We have, um, the behavior we're seeing from children today is absolutely astounding.
We have 10 and 11 year olds robbing banks in Houston.
Yeah, I mean, it's behavior is definitely escalating.
These evil forces that be are trying to turn children into adults and evil adults at that.
And we just need to protect our children, protect our families and take care of our own and do whatever it takes to preserve innocence.
Talk about how Sound Investigations was created.
And how people support you, because you guys are really good at reaching hundreds of millions of people.
You're not good, and neither am I, at actually asking for support.
But you guys could really expand.
You could do a lot more.
You're obviously going to be targeted for what you're doing.
You're up against the CIA and the FBI.
They're election meddling.
They're trying to shut down popular talk shows.
How do we support you guys?
Yeah, thank you.
Anyone can go to soundinvestigations.com to contribute and help us keep our investigations going.
Thus far, we're actually completely self-funded by our founder, Eric, who you're going to see on here soon.
This is completely a passion project that Eric started and was kind enough to bring me on to aid in the investigations.
And we started the company to specifically investigate online sexual exploitation Through these pornography giants like Pornhub who are purposefully monetizing and benefiting from people's abuse.
There is a big New York Times article several years ago titled the children of Pornhub and it detailed victims abuse victims struggles to get their abuse videos taken down from Pornhub.
Many of these victims were under age at the time of their abuse and Pornhub Ignored these victims and sometimes even refused to take these videos down that they were just amassing millions and millions of dollars in views on.
So our our intention was to really break open this evil, horrible company and and somehow that led us here to this undercover CIA video and that we just kind of stumbled upon by accident.
And here we are.
Well, what else are you guys working on?
Well, we're continuing to work on online sexual exploitation.
We're currently trying to expand our investigations as far as that goes.
And once I'm able to share more, I absolutely will.
I hope to have some really, really positive updates soon.
All right, Arden Young, I want to thank you for your time.
We're going to have your founder on coming up for the first 30 minutes of the next hour.
Then I have some other guests.
We're just loaded today.
But anything else important that once you're gone, you wish you would have added to our audience?
You know, just thank you for everyone's support.
And thank you, Alex.
I am so honored to be able to tell this story.
It's just so crazy and coincidental how this happened.
And, you know, I hope that this helps the truth come to light, and I hope this is really useful for you, Alex.
Well, I mean, look, whenever I learned this footage was there and we were able to talk to your founder, and then I was able to hear the audio, and then I was sent the video, it actually got tears in my eyes because...
I've experienced this.
I already know this.
I've already had people that we know at the Pentagon who are good people, high-level, call us four years ago, and they said, listen, this is the CIA.
They're running the media operation.
The Justice Department's quarterback, and they want to put you in jail.
They've literally made you a target.
And then I learned I was a target, and I went through all the IRS and the Justice Department and them trying to find something.
And I'm literally a very boring person.
I read all day.
Study and hang out with my family and don't even like to go out most the time.
I mean, I'm not bragging, but like Joe Rogan invites me out to a comedy show.
Her friends would have the time to say, I'm going to stay home.
I'm a homebody and I like to just sit around my family.
And then they tried to make me Lex Luthor.
And then by the grace of God, they've not indicted me yet.
Knock on wood, hope it doesn't happen.
But no, it's just that when you see this guy who is CIA, FBI saying it all,
it was like really I felt a hundred pound weight come off my shoulders.
And it was just vindicating because they've attacked my family.
They've done a lot of stuff I haven't said on air.
'Cause I'm a strong guy.
I'm not here to whine and complain.
I just want people to know the government's really run by bad people at the top.
A lot of the mid-level folks are good people.
I'm not gonna sit there and say they're all bad, but at the top, you'd have 50 people on a bus
They're all nice, but if the bus driver's a psychotic, trying to drive off the edge of a cliff,
the bus isn't the enemy.
People on the bus aren't the enemy, but the driver is the enemy.
The driver's bad.
And, or a hijacker, you know, same thing.
The plane's not bad, the passengers aren't bad, but the guy with the bomb and the machine gun, he is bad.
And we have bad people.
And it's going to be people like you at Sound Investigations that are going to bring this down, so...
I would love to see you guys get a lot of support and massively expand so you can do more and more and then obviously expand your mission.
I think exposing what's happening to children is paramount, but when you get these other big nuggets, continue to expose it.
So Arden Young, thank you so much.
People should follow you on X right now at Arden underscore Young underscore.
Thank you so much.
We'll talk to you again soon.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Alright, we're going to start the next hour.
And the founder of Sound Investigations is going to give his take on the undercover investigation and what that means.
And then we are going to shift gears into a special report that we've been working on for a couple days that really details what really happened with Sandy Hook and what really happened with us and where all that's going because I don't want to sue the FBI and the CIA.
I mean, you think I got problems now, but I'm willingly going to do it if I can find a good law firm to do it, which means we're doing it, OK?
I don't use that as a way to say, oh, if we can, we will.
I don't do it because it's not about being tough or having chutzpah or bravado or machismo.
It's about I got to do this, just like I've done everything else.
I can't sit there and take this abuse when I know it's going to be passed on to you.
And again, you can't let this happen to me either.
We gotta hang together, folks.
So what I really want to ask you to do is pray for myself and the crew and my family.
That's number one.
I want that.
I need that.
It's your prayer that's doing it.
That's why this surfaced.
That's why this happened.
I need the prayer.
Then I need you to take the articles, the videos, the posts we make at Real Alex Jones, recopy them, share them, post them yourself, do whatever.
Just get it out there.
And I need you To go to InfoWarsStore.com and I need you to get great products you already need.
There's a bunch of sales going.
DNA Force Plus is so good for your entire body.
Flushes out your mitochondria and your cells with the PQQ, the CoQ10, the ELV ATP, the Organic Reishi, the Stragalus Membranus Root, and even more for 50%.
I haven't done that in a while.
That's amazing.
Discover the power of Tri-Iodine, Deep Earth Crystal, Iodine, X3, 40% off.
Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, 40% off.
And TurboForce, 10-hour clean energy, is 40% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
We'll be right back.
I said this a long time ago.
And I don't write notes or a script before I give a speech.
I just get focused and tell the truth.
And I said, I don't know how all this big fight with the New World Order is going to end, but if you want to fight, you better believe you got one.
And I'm not looking for trouble.
It's like that Aaron Tippin song, gotta stand for something, you'll fall for anything.
He said, Daddy didn't like trouble, but if it came along, Everyone that knew him knew which side he'd be on.
And we're going to sue the FBI.
We're going to sue the CIA.
And maybe their corrupt courts block it.
Maybe they don't.
Doesn't matter.
We're going to do the right thing.
And then God's going to carry us the rest of the way.
And it may not be that action that wins.
But when you stand up for what's right, and you don't back down, and you don't give in, let me tell you something.
You get results!
We can't be bought.
We can't be intimidated.
We can't be starved out.
Because we say grace, we say amen.
And if anything to that, we don't give a damn.
To quote Hank Williams Jr., I'm tired of putting up with the New World Order's crap.
And let me tell you something, if we were getting our asses kicked and losing, I'd still do this.
And ladies and gentlemen, we're not losing.
I should spin the whole show.
In fact, I'm going to do it.
I'm gonna wear a secret camera, and I'm gonna go to the grocery store, and I'm gonna go to church, and I'm gonna go to the shopping mall, and I'm gonna walk down the street, and I'm gonna let you see what happens.
Sure, you should go to the grocery store, shake a few hands, almost never get yelled at.
Now, I go six, seven, eight months till I get yelled at, and I probably shook, when I was on vacation for a week and a half, no exaggeration, a thousand hands.
A thousand hands.
And they'd all say to me, I'm sorry to take up your time.
I'm sorry to bother you for a picture.
All right.
I say, you're sorry.
I love you.
I'm trying to reach you people.
We're in this together.
And they were every color and they were male and female and old and young.
And it was beautiful.
I was on an airplane yesterday back from Hawaii the day before and there were A captain coming out of the stewardesses and everybody standing up and shaking my hand.
We got off the plane.
Everybody's like, we heard you say this on Steve Bannon a few days ago.
It's real!
And they were all like, what?
We're all awake?
And they were all talking.
I said, bye-bye.
With a big throng of people hugging each other.
Because they didn't know.
Now the globalists have their AI.
They know.
They know.
I'd say half the public's awake now.
Another 40% aren't political and 10% are globalist, leftist.
The leftists know they're hated.
They know they're losing.
That's why they're scared.
But it's not going to be Alex Jones that saves the world or Donald Trump.
It's going to be God working through all of us that's going to do it.
So I knew it was going to be huge.
Eric Cochran is the founder.
of soundinvestigations.com, an undercover journalism nonprofit just set up in the last
few years. I've already had a bunch of huge stories on Pornhub and so much more. It's a
software engineer by trade, Eric Leftech, to pursue exposing corruption and create real change.
OnX @eric_cochran, C-O-C-H-R-A-N. And man, when I got the call last Thursday or so,
and I was sent the video, and I saw it, it brought tears to my eyes because I already
knew everything he was saying was true because I've experienced it.
And I knew, and Cochran's like, well, we don't know if it'll be that big, but we thought you should have it, and blah, blah, blah.
I said, this is gonna be huge, because this is about the weaponization that's happened to Trump, and it's been the biggest story for the last four or five days.
And that's a beautiful thing.
So I wanted to get him on for sound investigations.
So that he can speak about his organization, his group, and also give his take on his undercover folks there in D.C.
and what they caught and what's coming.
I know Eric's a pretty private guy.
He's not on a lot of shows.
Skip the break, guys.
Oh, we can't skip.
This is the first five minutes of the hour.
We can't skip this.
We're going to join some stations.
When we come back, I'm going to go right to Eric.
I'm so wild right now.
I mean, forget, look at the clocks here.
This is just, I'm out of control.
Back in 60 seconds with Eric Cochran.
Okay, during that last one minute break while I was going to break, about to introduce our amazing guest, I had invited Elon Musk.
via X to join us tomorrow for a Spaces we're doing live at 1 p.m.
Central on the weaponization of the FBI and CIA against the American people.
I'm also invited Eric Cochran, founder of Sound Investigations, on.
Jack Posobiec and a whole raft of amazing people there.
He said possibly he'll get back with us and normally when Elon says possibly that means it's gonna happen.
I've already been on several shows with him, two and a half hour interview with him a few months ago.
And we also talk to Adrian Dittman all the time, who's not Elon Musk.
But I was just talking to Elon Musk via text.
So look for that tomorrow, 1 p.m.
Central on the Saturday Show.
It'll also be simulcast, not just on X at Real Alex Jones, but also at InfoWars.com with a video added later, which I know Elon's getting very close to having video on spaces as well.
So major innovations at X. All I can be is thankful for that.
Okay, Eric Cochran is the founder of soundinvestigations.com, software engineer by trade.
Eric let the tech pursue corruption and expose corruption and expose their whole entire system
and create real change.
Find him on x@eric_cochran.
Eric, thank you so much for the incredible job you and your team are doing.
So many devastating victories already.
You've only been operating a year and a half, two years.
Give us the inside scoop on why you did it, where you're going, and then your take on this massive story.
I think Pornhub and all the states now criminally moving against them for targeting children is overall a bigger victory.
But what you've done here is really spurring congressional investigations.
Five members of Congress are calling for criminal investigations.
It was brought up at the FISA hearings.
This story has major legs and it's super important.
Thanks for joining us.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
Yeah, you know, Sound Investigations, we've only been around for almost a year to the day.
We actually, it was me.
I used to work for James O'Keefe back in the Project Veritas days a few years ago.
And I called up my friend Arden Young.
I know you just had her on the show.
Thank you very much.
She's much better at speaking on all this.
She's better at the oration and such.
But I called my friend Arden up and I said, We want to go after the pornography industry.
We want to expose the things we know that they're doing in secret, but we need the proof.
There are court cases, there are important laws that are coming up, and we need the proof of what they're doing.
And she said, absolutely.
I'm in.
Let's go do this.
And yeah, and you mentioned it, like, we went after Pornhub, there's laws getting changed, there's major class action lawsuits now against Pornhub, and people should look those up on soundinvestigations.com if you're not familiar.
And so it's interesting, We uh over the past uh a couple months we've been um we've been investigating some things and we actually weren't even investigating the CIA or the FBI necessarily but one of our undercover journalists um you know happens to run into a guy that uh works for the CIA and when you're an undercover journalist and you run into a guy who works for the CIA you don't turn off your camera you keep listening to what he has to say
And then there he is, and then he brings up, oh yeah, you know, oh, who's that guy, uh, uh, Alex Jones?
Yeah, yeah, we were going after him, hardcore.
We were, uh, we were going after him, we, we were conspiring to, to chop his legs off, to cut off all his money, to steal his money.
And, uh, and he just keeps on talking about this, about, uh, uh, going after people, trying to entrap them.
And you know our undercover journalist keeps on standing there like listening to him.
We meet with him again.
It was a total of three meetings.
And this guy just spilled the beans on so much.
This bureaucrat of the CIA.
Well I don't want to give away your trade secrets but James O'Keefe and all of it, people
keep pointing out that it's gay men that keep being the guys that are showing off whether
it's at Pfizer or whether it's countless other videos as latest with O'Keefe, him with a
yellow wig on and pretending like he's gay.
I mean, what happened?
You have your investigative journalists trying to expose Pornhub or child exploitation.
They're in D.C.
How do they run into Gavin Oblivious or whatever his name is?
Yeah, it's a really good question because, yeah, I don't want to give away too many secrets, but there's a reason that this is a very rare find.
This is not, you know, big credit to the undercover journalist, our sound investigations journalist, who Found this guy and continued talking with him because it's not easy.
It's if it were easy everybody would do it and It takes a lot of perseverance a lot of being able to talk to the right people and get in the right places So yeah, you know, it's there's a lot of corruption in DC.
I'll say that much absolutely, and you know the right networks you get them all but I This is what the CIA supposedly does, but instead it's the people now doing it right back.
So they act like they're all powerful.
Notice this guy doesn't look like James Bond, folks.
People that don't know, 99% of the CIA is not some badass Superman commando.
And those don't even really exist the other day either.
And British intelligence is not a bunch of James Bonds.
In fact, they're riddled with pedophiles.
That's come out in even the mainline British news.
And they're the type of people that want to spy on folks and want to have power.
They're the very worst people.
Unless they're in like Army Special Operations Command or a few other groups have to interface with them and then they hate them.
That's why you hear there's factions in the government.
There are factions that are good and they're literally totally upset about what's happening in the dominant factions and under Obama and now under Biden, they have pushed out a lot of the good people and I would say that Oblivious is kind of the standard model now of what the intel officer looks like.
I think, you know, a lot of people, they see movies and they think that the CIA's got glasses on and, you know, doing all the spy things.
And the fact is, like, the government's full of bureaucrats.
Like, you know, these are people, and the people with the most knowledge are the people who are pushing papers, who have the most information, who talk to the most people, who are involved in intra-agency affairs.
They're the people who are not shooting guns, shooting spies, assassinating politicians.
They're not shooting guns, shooting spies, assassinating politicians.
They're bureaucrats.
Well, I can tell you back in the days of HUMET, the military and the CIA were a lot tougher,
because back then it was mainly killing and sex operations to compromise people.
But now, it's just a bunch of social justice warriors spitting in the face of the American people.
That's the same thing in Canada, the EU, over and over again.
We do these investigations and it's the soft leftists that literally are out to get America.
And all we've got to do is expose them and it's game over.
Yeah, I think, you know, that's like you said, like exposing them.
People sometimes ask, like me or my friend James O'Keefe, like, what effects does this have?
And I have to wonder, like, do people follow, like, the people asking those questions, like, do they actually follow up on these stories?
Because they do have a real impact.
I mean, one, just if nothing else, this makes people realize I've had friends from my personal life Who didn't even know what I was doing.
Old friends call me up and say, like, I saw this story and I showed it to my family.
They had no idea this was going on.
So that does have an impact.
But there's also, like, real tangible impacts.
Yeah, but when you get into impacts, but I want to explain something.
I take a big vacation once a year.
I took a week and a half off.
My wife loves Hawaii, so does my daughter.
My other kids are grown up, moved out.
I'm 50 now.
I got four children.
But the point is, is that I was mobbed once this broke within hours.
Going into grocery stores going and renting snorkels at the beach. I mean I probably talked to that's not exaggerate a
hundred people Since this broke three four days ago. I mean that's how
huge this is Yeah, yeah, I I was very surprised frankly
I told you it was going to be big, didn't I?
Didn't I tell you it was going to be big last week?
You did.
You said it.
Yeah, you said it.
Because, you know, at Sound Investigations, we've been going after the pornography industry.
That's kind of our bread and butter.
We were going after some of these things.
It wasn't, again, like a story.
We were like, you know, hardcore investigating.
It just kind of happened upon our lap.
And, and, and our journalist kept on talking to this guy and he kept on spilling all the
And so like, I really, I was like, I don't know, we'll put it out there.
We'll see what happens.
And then yeah, you called me.
I remember I was so amazed.
And you were like, this is gonna be big.
This is seriously big.
I was like, all right, we'll put it out there, Alex.
And yeah, and like you said, Congress members are talking about it.
It got 7 million or more views.
Elon Musk commented three times on it.
It just was amazing.
Your video got 7 million.
I did a quick 50 million, and I only spent 10 minutes checking it.
50 million.
Just on X. You don't know all the journalists, all the top ones.
Think of the top podcasters in the country, they've all called me, they're all going to cover it.
Well, we're very blessed, and we hope we can keep on going.
Again, we have so many big stories that we're working on.
I'm traveling today, which is why my internet's a little bit spotty and everything, because we have big stories we're investigating this week and next week, and we have even bigger things we want to do.
There's just so much going on, and we are a tiny team, so we're all over the place.
Well, I know you put your money up front to do this and you're humble.
You never ask for money, but I'm guessing you're not a rich man.
You just put your little bit of money up.
You're not, right?
So what could you do?
I'm not a rich man.
What could you do with a million dollars?
Oh wow.
With a million dollars we could get, you know, Arden is great.
I want her to lead our field ops.
I want her to build out a team.
I know some of the best journalists.
I've worked with some of the best journalists over the years.
But you gotta be able to pay them because they need to live their life.
You gotta be able to pay for airplanes.
You gotta be able to pay for lawyers, equipment.
It's expensive.
So what could you do with a million dollars?
We want to go after the abortion industry.
We want to go after the pornography industry.
Ken Paxton is doing a great job.
He's suing some of these big porn industries that have been targeting children.
We need evidence that they are knowingly doing this.
What else they're doing?
Some of these pornography studios that are involved in sex trafficking.
We want the video evidence of their admissions, of their producers doing this.
We want to go after that.
We can go after that.
We can get these stories.
We can have an impact.
Again, some of the best journalists in the world, best undercover agents in the world are calling me up saying, I want to work for you, but I need to support my family.
I want to be able to hire those people.
I want to get them in the field immediately.
There's so much we can do.
Again, like you said, lawyers cost money.
These plane tickets cost money.
Getting them into hotels costs money.
These investigations, they're not cheap, but we have an outsized impact.
You know, we don't have the millions of dollars that Project Veritas used to have.
We're operating on a shoestring budget and we're already getting these big stories and getting these big results.
That's because the force is with you.
So how do people donate right now so that you can devastate the enemy?
Go to soundinvestigations.com slash donate.
You can donate with your credit card, you can donate with a check, you can donate with, you know, apps, the Square, Square Cash, PayPal, all of that.
Any way you can support.
If there's something else you want to talk to me about, feel free to call.
If you go to soundinvestigations.com slash donate, you can call me up.
Oh, that's important, exactly.
Leads are just as important as the money.
The intel, the intel.
Keith said on the air, Up to half their tips at Veritas were from this show.
And again, it's not about me, but the Globalist and leaked documents and things have admitted InfoWars is seen as a mothership because most talk show hosts, and God love them, good conservative.
It's all about them, all about their book deals, all about their private jet.
They're good people, but it's all about their show, their show.
They hate my show.
The CIA hates my show.
This has come out in Congress because I mothership this sucker.
I'm getting all the best people on for my great audience to energize them if they felt led by God to do it.
And so I want to launch thousands of fighters out from our belly.
And I don't care about the credit.
I want victory.
And that's why I come to the audience and say, hey, support these people because you guys are kicking ass.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Well no, and you guys, when I talked to you guys, I said, well how can I support you?
I'm out of money.
And I said, oh come on, we're just giving you the footage, but I want to promote you guys so that I can see, no matter, they could put me in prison next week, they could blow my head off on the way to work, you know, tomorrow.
I mean, they're after me, folks.
Which I see as a sign of success.
More on persecuted, like, well I'm over the target, this is good.
It's like a B-17 pilot in World War II, but to see this explosion and awakening is so exciting.
What else can you tell me about your undercover folks and this oblivious character?
Well, our undercover people, these are the best people in the world at this.
Again, lots of people think like, oh, I could just go out there and do this.
But these are people that are seasoned experts in this.
They're fantastic.
There's a reason that you don't see a lot of undercover footage of CIA,
former FBI agents out there.
It takes a lot of work.
Blenis, I think he's a nice guy.
I think he unfortunately, the politics of the agencies has just run away and
has gotten a hold a lot of these people.
I hope he's doing well.
I, uh...
I appreciate his candid remarks.
I appreciate that I think the American public did need to hear what he said.
I wish that we had whistleblowers.
I wish Oblenus had just been a whistleblower and had come to us directly or come to an organization directly or gone to congressmen directly.
With these things, I think there's just political capture, unfortunately, in a lot of the minds of these agents.
What you just laid out is heavy criminology.
And I'm a big reader.
I don't plan to be an expert in criminology.
But I used to see shows when I was a kid, cartoons and movies, where the villain brags.
And I thought, that's ridiculous.
If I was a villain, I wouldn't brag.
Well, I'm not a villain.
They love to brag because their subconscious doesn't like what they're doing because they still have humanity.
Their consciousness is what's corrupt.
And so they tattle on themselves.
It's like serial killers.
Almost all serial killers will be really good at first killing people.
Then they get more and more reckless, start sending police clues, start bragging because they want to be caught.
I think that's what you're saying is, wouldn't it feel good for the other oblevices out there to say you're wrong and just join us?
Yeah, I think everybody wants to justify his own, you know, situation, his own actions.
And so, kind of by boasting about these actions, you know, he's trying to justify or admit these things.
I think that is a human tendency.
And so, yeah, for the other agents out there who are seeing this, You know, if you know it's wrong, you know, or you're having questions, like, yeah, I think it's much better to go on the record to explain these things rather than have those things, like, fester in your mind and in your heart, for sure.
Well, if I could talk to Oblevis, I'd say, hey, Oblevis, you ever seen me, say, go to San Diego people's houses?
You ever seen me pee on the ground?
You ever seen anybody do that?
Do you ever see me say that FBI agent's name that won 90-something million dollars that doesn't exist?
I never said his name.
None of my crew did.
How is that happening?
Well, he'd be like, well, we ran it against you.
We wanted our people to get the discovery.
Yeah, I know, dude.
He said, I want to outlaw being ignorant.
Well, who says what's ignorant?
And I would just, but they don't listen.
They don't understand.
They don't, they just believe They just believe the propaganda, and it's so classically totalitarian.
It's so classically evil.
And what's crazy is, despite the fact that we know there's five or six investigative groups we know of, like you out there, they're so disconnected, they still just run around and brag and say all these things.
And folks, you may be next door neighbor to a mayor who's drunk and who you know is corrupt, and he starts bragging about how he's stealing money.
Just go give it to an investigative group, okay?
Or put it out yourself, don't say who you are.
The point is, we can burn, I mean, look, I'm not gonna get into the whole story here in the time we have, but I started out 30 years ago on the 15th.
That was my first show, and for whatever reason, I got there with all these tax protesters.
They thought I was there for that, just to take a class.
They said, come on in here, are you against the IRS?
I said, yeah, and I was on a TV show for the first time on April 15th, 30 years ago, 1994.
And then a decade later, I'm already off X to STV.
I have a syndicated show.
They're trying to shut it down.
And I go look at the budget.
They had plenty of money to run it, but they said they didn't have the money.
So I go into the director's office.
And I had a recorder on me.
And I said, Well, I know you stole the hundred and something thousand dollars because, and the guy goes, I'll kill you.
I'm a Marine.
So what?
I took that money.
I'll kill you if you release that information.
So then I went and played it at the telecommunications hearing two weeks later, and they put him in Huntsville prison for seven years.
It was easy as picking up a piece of, you know, A rock off the ground or combing your hair.
And it's like these people are all over the place.
And so I've told listeners long before Veritas, you can just go out and when you see an opportunity, expose it.
And that's all we're getting at.
All right.
Well, I want to thank you, sir, for joining us.
Eric Cochran.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Yeah, thank you for having me.
Please, everybody, go to soundinvestigations.com.
Donate what you can because we want to continue.
We really, really have more stories.
Like I said, we're in the field right now.
We're trying to get more stories.
This has been, frankly, entirely self-funded up until this point for the last year or so.
Yeah, you know, I really appreciate the support of everybody and I'm so thankful, you know, you, Alex, helping to make this a big story and get results for it.
Well, when the FBI won't do its job and the local police won't because they're controlled, even though they mean well in many cases, we have to do it.
Like the Bible says, when men cease to be men, women will have to become the men.
We have to be men again.
We have to do this.
And I know, going up against the CIA and FBI, you're not dumb.
You know you can be targeted.
You guys still did the right thing, and I salute you.
Everybody should support you.
Thank you, Alex.
Appreciate it.
Thank you.
We'll talk soon.
All right.
Look, I shot this big detail report that exposes a lot of what happened.
It's still a snapshot.
It's 25 minutes long.
We'll skip the next break.
We're going to air this coming back.
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It tears my eyes to see what they've done to my dad, folks.
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But it's okay.
They're good people.
They're pissed.
My mother literally told me six months ago, she goes, come home with your shoulder on it.
She's never liked that.
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I'm not intimidated.
Go after them.
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There are now congressional hearings on FISA and the warrantless wiretapping and spying on the American people where they're openly discussing the FBI and CIA's operations against myself and Tucker Carlson designed to destroy us.
The entire House of Cards is coming down now.
You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do.
You set them up.
Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?
We get really close.
We call it a nudge.
A nudge?
A nudge.
Sometimes you just gotta give them a quick little...
The undercover footage of Gavin Oblenus, former FBI, current CIA, has taken the internet by storm.
Hundreds of millions of people have seen it, but this is only a tiny window into this world.
Where they're openly admitting that they're targeting Tucker Carlson, targeting Alex Jones, putting us on list, trying to shut us down.
Remember three years ago, Tucker Carlson said, hey, I just got told by high-level sources the NSA spying on me and giving it illegally to the Washington Post, his text messages.
And the Washington Post came out and said, you're right, we are, and here's your text messages.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is total, warrantless, lawless tyranny to suppress the people.
And it is the greatest threat facing our nation and the world.
Do you trust the government?
In 2021, the FBI conducted over 3 million FISA searches of Americas.
And in 2022, the FBI was still conducting hundreds of such warrantless queries per day.
We often hear the claim that it's for your safety.
So, do you think that members of Congress get spied on through these loopholes?
In fact, I'm quite confident in some capacity that I'm sure I'm on the list.
The FBI conducted over 278,000 searches of the 702 FISA database that violated the Justice Department's own rules.
Anytime the government tells us it's for your safety, the American people really question what that means.
Alex Jones, if you're listening, Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered, right?
Your feathers should be flustered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy, or that CIA guy said about you.
And same with Tucker.
I'll tell you, go after him, go after him.
This weaponization that the Republicans have said has happened with the DOJ, it's true, America.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
InfoWars.com forward slash go.
We are about to break information critically vital, not just to the future of America, but the future of free peoples across the world.
Myself, my crew, my organization, and my family have been the victims in the last seven years of a CIA, Justice Department, FBI, globalist attack.
Now, I didn't understand the full scope of this until just the last year, but listeners and viewers have heard me break down the fact that it was a CIA-FBI coordinated operation.
It's now begun to come out in just the last week.
There have been congressional hearings, there have been documents, there have been operatives who've been caught in clandestine recordings, and even more is set to come out in the next week to two weeks.
So this information is explosive.
Now, a lot of the regular viewers and listeners of my syndicated daily show know the details of this, but we've talked about it in chunks and pieces.
Now we're going to lay it all out succinctly with the new information here today.
But here's the bottom line.
Let's start going through the articles and start here.
GOP lawmakers condemn CIA, FBI attack against Alex Jones.
And this is in congressional hearings and in interviews.
Breaking Republican congressmen and women call for official investigation to FBI, CIA set up of Alex Jones.
Representative Troy Nels, Representative Paulina Luna, Representative Mike Lee, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and more are now calling for official hearings and criminal investigations of the information that's broken in the last week.
Alex Jones, if you're listening.
Alex Jones, you have a right to be a little bit flustered, right?
Your feathers should be flustered right now with what that agent, that former CIA guy, or that CIA guy said about you.
And same with Tucker.
I'll tell you, go after him.
Go after him.
This weaponization that the Republicans have said has happened with the DOJ, it's true, America.
They're coming after Donald Trump.
They're coming after anybody that's a mega-movement individual.
We've got to push back.
Let's win!
It's important to understand that the information that broke four days ago, the former FBI and current CIA operative Gavin Oblemus' revelations, that indeed the agencies were working in tandem against myself and my operation to quote, cut our legs off and attempt to dial back or suppress the reach we have, warning the public about the globalist operations.
You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do.
Who's that?
Alex Jones.
Yeah, so, we were after him.
Was that court case used?
Or was that in the CIA?
It sure was, but we were looking at all of his followers.
Commenting on all of them, like, who's that gonna make us take a break?
Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?
We get really close.
It's a civil matter.
Since they got all this access to his stuff, and it's there...
What can we go find?
And the goal with him was what?
Just to bankrupt him?
Uh, pretty much.
There's nothing federally, federal law, we can do.
But civilly, we can still let him that way.
Chop his legs off.
Is he still out there?
He's still chirping?
He can chirp.
Are you still watching him?
I did what we wanted.
Which was what?
He took his money away.
But you do have the option for a civil case.
That's a pretty good case.
Now, before we get into the newest revelations that we just showed you a piece of, it's
important to go back and do a quick summary of what actually happened to InfoWars and
how the Deep State used the Sandy Hook narrative to create a false strawman of myself and my
organization so they could then sell the idea of destroying it to the public to then set
the president to destroy anyone else they want to target.
It's also what happens when you listen to the radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9-11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs.
He even said, and this really just is so disgusting, he even said the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre were child actors.
And no one was actually killed there.
I don't know what happens in somebody's mind or how dark their heart must be to say things like that.
But Trump doesn't challenge these lies.
He actually went on Jones' show and said, your reputation is amazing.
I will not let you down.
A few months before the election in 2016, Hillary Clinton and her opposition research decided to target then-candidate Trump by claiming that I was his brain and that I was directing his campaign, which was not true.
Then they misrepresented what I had said and what I had done in the past and claimed that
I'd done all these terrible things so they could then try to attach that to Trump.
And now we know that huge PR firms were involved taking things I'd said out of context, exaggerating
them, lying about them, and then running thousands of news articles and hundreds of national
TV programs, late night comedy, PBS, CNN, ABC News, NBC.
There was literally not one news channel, national or local or even international, that
did not run with the story in 2016 and 2017 every day that I was sending people to Sandy
Hook family's homes, that I was sending people to urinate on graves.
Never any proof of that.
Never any proof of anybody urinating on graves.
And that I was doing all this somehow in the direction of Trump, when I hadn't even talked
about Sandy Hook for years and years and years before they started this disinformation PR
And what's amazing now is the PR firms themselves are bragging how they did this.
Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing To a major circulation American Journal.
We do have people who submit pieces to American Journals.
Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?
This, I think, gets into the kind of getting into the details, Mr. Chairman, that I'd like to get into an executive session.
One of my jobs was that of analyst.
I also was an interrogator and, indeed, briefed the press when we, the CIA, wanted to circulate disin