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Name: 20240410_Wed_Alex
Air Date: April 10, 2024
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In this episode of Alex Jones' broadcast, he discusses ongoing political developments like Sandy Hook lawsuit operation, FISA warrantless search hearings, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's attacks against him. He also talks about his lawsuits and plans to sue the U.S. government for violating First Amendment rights while promoting products from InfoWarsStore.com. The podcast then shifts to a discussion on concerns regarding cosmetic products and sunscreens potentially causing health issues due to presence of chemicals like seed oils and industrial waste chemicals. The speaker encourages avoiding these products and opting for natural food choices that support good genes for better health. Lastly, the discussion touches upon dangers associated with Botox, fillers, and breast implants.

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We're live, ladies and gentlemen, from the F.B. Worldwide.
Tomorrow's News.
208 days.
208 days.
12 hours, 59 minutes, 42 seconds.
Most important election in world history.
I'll be back in Texas, back in the seat tomorrow.
I'm joining you from the road on this April 10th, 2024 transmission.
How many times did I tell you the whole Sandy Hook lawsuit operation was run by
the CIA and the FBI?
Now it's all admitted.
It's gonna be discussed by MTG during the FISA warrantless search hearings today.
She's been talking about that on X.
This is a big deal.
They're in a lot of trouble.
You are intending to take legal action.
This shakes up a lot of things.
More whistleblowers and more information is set to come out in the next few weeks.
I told you last week something big was coming this week on the whole police state front.
And of course we are tomorrow's news today.
I thank God for the Providence for this information coming out of the CIA and FBI targeting us and running operations against us.
We also have the man that says he admires basic dictatorships and gives standing ovations to real SS war crimes.
Criminals, Nazis, Trudeau attacking me yesterday because Pierre Polletier I think is a lot better than him and Says he's anti-globalist.
Doesn't support the police state and the censorship in Canada.
That's become a huge issue.
Trudeau only won with 20% of the vote, but did a parliamentary procedure to stay in power.
Came out and attacked me yesterday and it's totally blown up in his face.
So the good news is we're having a huge effect thanks to all of you praying for the broadcast and supporting the broadcast and spreading the word about the broadcast.
We're going to come through this together.
They can shut down Trump and shut down Tucker Carlson, shut down Alan Shodes and shut down Peter Navarro's
and the Steve Bannon's and the Roger Stone's are all being persecuted, they can get to you.
So this is a real war as America tries to get back control of our Republic from the globalists.
Here's the clip of Trudeau attacking me yesterday and debating Pierre Pallibert,
who's set to be the next leader of Canada in all the polls and all the numbers.
And then we will give you a little history refresher with a clip of the Nazi officer
who massacred people in Ukraine.
They give a standing ovation, here it is.
The parliamentary budget officer's report, which confirms 60% of Canadians pay more
The Prime Minister said, and I quote, in 2015, Canadians need a PM who will meet with the Premiers.
What happened?
The Right Honourable Prime Minister.
While the Conservative leader continues with his misinformation and disinformation, the reality is the Parliamentary Budget Officer said that 8 out of 10 Canadians do better with our price on pollution and the Canada carbon rebate.
But speaking of misinformation and disinformation, any responsible leader that receives an endorsement and support from proven conspiracy theorist and liar Alex Jones would have immediately He announced that, but that's not what the Leader of the Opposition did.
He did absolutely nothing, because those kinds of endorsements fit within his political strategy.
We have here in the chamber today Ukrainian Canadians, Ukrainian Canadian World Veteran from the Second World War,
who fought the Ukrainian independence against the Russians.
and continues to support the troops today, even at his age of 98.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, that's it.
The standing ovation just goes on and on.
So, what are we talking about here?
What are we talking about here?
We're talking about Globalist trying to put people in jail for life in Canada.
Trudeau is the model of the New World Order, according to him.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us.
I'm on the road, but I'm back tomorrow.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
I want to thank you all for your prayers and your support.
It is April 10th, 2024.
I did a really interesting interview.
I thought it was very informative with the extremely successful and viral and extremely smart Benny Johnson yesterday that really goes to the heart of the deep state's coup against America and their war against America.
We're about to air the majority of that interview and then Owen Schroeder is going to be back in a second.
Again, I want to thank you all for joining us.
So much to cover, so much is happening, so much is unfolding.
They are debating in Congress right now the reauthorization of the warrantless FISA court that was caught spying on Trump and myself and everybody else.
That's going to be brought up according to MTG in the hearings today.
Of course, the FBI slash CIA agent bragging about how the Deep State Has been cornerbacking and advising the attacks and attempts to shut down InfoWars.
That is a big, big deal that's coming up with Vinnie Johnson in a moment.
But some stations don't carry the first five minutes.
I want to get back to Trudeau so I can take this clip from the live show and weld it onto that first five and post it on InfoWars.com and X. So I'm going to start over.
Prime Minister Trudeau.
Who again, says he wants to be a dictator, he admires dictatorships, he's trying to pass a law right now for life in prison for speech.
He throws peaceful trucker protestors in jail, he shuts down churches for years while liquor stores and topless bars in Walmart are open.
This guy is a real tyrant.
Klaus Schwab says he is the model of penetrating the cabinets and taking over the world.
So this guy's wildly unpopular, but with parliamentary manipulations, with only 20% of the vote, He was able to continue to be Prime Minister.
Frank came out and said, I think that Pierre Polyvair, who's fighting the carbon tax and
the open borders and the censorship, would be a lot better leader of Canada than Trudeau.
Last three days, it gave a huge firestorm.
It trended number one on X and many other platforms.
They thought it would discredit Pierre Polyvair, but it didn't do that.
Then Trudeau yesterday in Parliament came out and attacked his main opposition because
he hadn't attacked me and said, I don't want Alex Jones's endorsement.
This is how they divide and conquer people.
This is how they control people.
Oh, don't support Trump.
Don't support Tucker Carlson.
Don't support any of these people.
That's how the gatekeepers operate, but it's not working anymore.
Having Trudeau come out and attack me is an endorsement to the public.
Having Trudeau attack Polyvere is an endorsement to the public.
All their attacks basically are bouncing off now.
The corporate media is dead.
The dinosaur media is dead.
They have nothing left.
They're trying to bring in totalitarianism all over the West.
That's why they're doing this and why Biden's been branding all his political opposition as terrorists and white supremacists and criminals, but it's not working.
That's why they're trying to expand civil unrest.
That's why they want an excuse to bring in martial law.
The same thing's happening in Europe because they are desperate and because they are in a lot of trouble.
So having Trudeau come out and attack me yesterday was your second But what happened when Hillary called me out, then that sicked the FBI and the CIA on me, and the rest is history.
But remember, if they can get through me, get through Trump, get through Dick Carlson and others, they're coming for you.
So, living on your knees is no place to live.
Let's live on our feet.
It was a famous saying said by many that was a pot out of Mexico's best known for saying it.
It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
In my experience, living on your knees, you die a lot quicker and your life's terrible and you die a thousand deaths.
It's been said many times, a hero dies but once, but the coward dies a thousand deaths.
I'm very honored to be here with you.
I'm very thankful to God.
I'm very thankful to the audience and the great activists and the crew for battling through all this.
We're being totally ventilated right now.
So this is quite a moment, but we are winning battles.
We've not won the war, but we are turning the tide together.
And Trump is going through literal hell right now with the criminal Joe I'll start him, so pray for him as well.
Now, I'm going to go ahead and air a large portion for the rest of the hour of a very, I think, informative interview that I did with Vinnie Johnson yesterday.
Then, as I said, Owen Schroer will be in the chair coming up in about 50 minutes from now.
God bless you all.
Thank you for joining us.
Now, share these links at RealAlexJones and InfoWars.com as well as Band.Video because we are tomorrow's news today and you are the resistance.
Today, right-wing conspiracy extremist Alex Jones led supporters in a stop-the-steal rally at the state capitol.
Magnificent, aren't they?
I'm sorry.
I thought we had a shot.
There's just too many of them.
But there are more of us.
There are more of us.
Where did they get all these fighter craft?
They're my navy.
It's not a navy, sir.
It's just... people.
Yes, Spice Runner.
Force brought us together.
Today is Tuesday, April 9th, 2024.
What is true enlightenment, ladies and gentlemen?
True enlightenment is understanding that your government is actually organized criminal enterprises that are here to deceive and lie to you.
To keep you in the dark and to steal from you.
And what do they lie about?
Well, some of the most important events in the last couple of years have been total and complete lies and bombshell recordings out this morning are proving that directly from the CIA and the FBI.
One of the people who have been lied about and targeted by his government, Alex Jones, will be joining the program shortly here in the arena.
So, what is one of the biggest black boxes in American life right now that you're not allowed to ask questions about?
That would be January 6th.
Ask too many questions about January 6th, and it doesn't matter if you're the most popular TV host of all time, you'll get fired.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've been confused about the official narrative around January 6th for a very, very long time.
Nothing really adds up and there are still so many questions that remain to be answered.
Yet, we now have a little bit of footage from January 6th and we can look through that footage and it doesn't make things more clear, it actually makes things more confusing.
Like this clip, for instance.
Here's a clip of a man, apparently a very dangerous protester, a violent protester, because he's been handcuffed, going to the door of the Capitol with two armed police guards, getting let out of his handcuffs, and then fist-bumping the police officers.
What exactly is that about?
You can see the fist bump right there.
There go the handcuffs, and the cops talk with him, chat with him, pat him on the back, clap him on the shoulder, and send him on his way.
Why is this masked man allowed to leave?
Why is this masked man allowed to go free?
Presumably he was behaving in a violent manner if he were in handcuffs.
Presumably there was a reason to place him under arrest.
What would cause a cop to just liberate him?
To let him go?
Well, ladies and gentlemen, now we know.
According to Bombshell Reporting Out, as of today, a CIA agent, actively, former FBI employee, says there were approximately 20 undercover agents in the January 6th crowd, boasts about taking away Alex Jones's money, says the CIA is targeting Tucker Carlson.
This is bombshell reporting from Sound Investigations.
It reveals that former FBI employee and contracting CIA officer Gavin O'Blenis has claimed that there are at least 20 FBI agents in the January 6th crowd, and that Alex Jones was persecuted by his own government, and Tucker Carlson is on a watch list.
Now, this may not come as a shock to you if you've been following recent events, but it certainly comes as a shock to actually see the man admit it himself.
So the people who are responsible for this bombshell reporting right here, Sound Investigations, we encourage you to go follow them.
This video is rocking the internet right now.
This person who is speaking into what we assume is an undercover camera, very similar to like a James O'Keefe sting operation, this Gavin Oblenus, CIA and FBI officer, reveals everything.
He's a real person.
We looked up his LinkedIn.
He really is this guy and he really had a lot of songs to sing.
in these shocking series of interviews.
First off, who is Gavin Oblenus?
He's a contracting officer at the CIA.
Oblenus worked for the FBI in 2021 and 2022 in the San Diego office, moved on to Homeland Security
where he conducted asylum interviews at the Southern border and now works for the CIA
managing multimillion dollar contracts across government agencies and private sector vendors.
I work for, I work for this, I'm not supposed to tell people anything.
If I say intelligence, what do you think?
You work for the CIA?
I do.
That's incredible.
I'm their contracting officer.
That's amazing.
So I deal a lot with, like, different agencies.
We're contracting with, like, Director of National Intelligence to do stuff.
We do Navy, Army.
Many of them, really.
I just... FBI.
I used to work for the FBI, so... They threw the FBI at me.
They're like, here, you used to work there.
Oh, I'm permanent.
I'm safe.
Well, why did they call a contractor?
Because I do the contracting for them.
I do all the legal contracts.
I fly out to vendors and evaluate them.
I love the agency.
Good for you.
I like the Bureau, too.
The Bureau was a lot of fun.
I got to do a lot of cool stuff with the Bureau.
So, nobody is doubting that this person is real, and that Gavin Oblenus is speaking truthfully, and very candidly, about his job.
I thought that FBI agents and CIA spies were supposed to be a little more tight-lipped than this, but, well, maybe they're not sending their best.
So what does Gavin say about January 6th?
This video is rocketing around the web.
He says that federal agents were everywhere during January 6th, and he works with some of them, currently.
Estimating about 20 field agents were there undercover.
While Oblenus notes that they were not involved in violence, this appears to be the first submission of undercover FBI agents in attendance.
I thought you said that there were FBI agents in the crowd at J6.
There always are when there's a big protest in D.C.
Just in case it gets out of hand.
But there wasn't enough to turn that tide.
I mean, I'm talking we maybe have at least 20.
You needed a thousand to get rid of that crowd.
So they had like, oh that was just twenty?
Yeah, just to go through and see what they could hear, you know, that kind of thing.
Yeah, definitely, they needed a thousand at least.
See, that's also capital police jurisdiction.
They're in charge.
So, did that happen?
Guy didn't have more on hand?
I don't know.
The Bureau didn't really want people knowing that they were in the crowd?
That would be overstepping their bounds?
A little bit.
Do people know that?
Do people know that the Bureau was in the crowd?
They probably never will.
Do you know agents that were there?
They're with the agency now.
They probably never will.
I work with the guys who are actually undercover.
Says the guy.
Says this man finishing his omelette at IHOP, presumably.
Smart cookies!
They probably never will, saying it directly into the camera.
So, I mean, is he to be believed?
Clearly didn't know he was being recorded.
But you actually didn't need this testimony from a former FBI agent, current CIA agent, to know that this was true.
You have the undercover footage from the officers who were there during January 6th.
Now, these aren't FBI officers.
These are Capitol Police officers and D.C.
police officers, but they're all federal agents.
They're all federalized.
They work in Washington, D.C., a federal city.
And you can see here, in this video, the body cam footage from the police officers that was made public during some of the January 6th defendant trials.
This body cam footage shows the police officers encouraging illegal behavior.
Help him up!
Hold on, wait!
Push him up!
Push him up!
Help him out!
Push him up!
Climb the scaffolding!
Enter the building!
Interrupt or disrupt an official proceeding!
These are the charges for the vast preponderance of January Sixers.
And here are officers, Federal Police Force, pushing the January Sixers to engage in crimes.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, you could be forgiven for assuming that the police were there to help out that day.
Turns out that they were, in fact, encouraging the criminality.
What were the FBI officials doing that day?
Well, we're not exactly sure.
One of our favorite members of Congress, Clay Higgins, says that he personally has been able to see on the tapes members of the FBI Go into the bathrooms in the Capitol, change into MAGA gear, and then come out dressed as MAGA supporters.
The FBI was not only involved in the actions on January 6th from within.
They had, I suspect, over 200 agents embedded within the crowd, including agents, or as they would call human assets, inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters before the doors were opened.
Beyond that, the FBI... Before the doors were opened?
So this member of Congress who's seen all the footage says that there are FBI agents standing there, LARPing in MAGA gear, before the doors were open, before there was any breach of the Capitol, they were ready.
They knew what was coming.
And according to this undercover footage of Gavin Blenis, of Blenis, it was all part of the plan.
What else was part of the plan?
Well, it was part of the plan to ensure that Alex Jones was not allowed to engage in any journalism or free speech.
Your government was happy to attack Alex Jones by asking for there to be lawsuits against him.
This is what Gavin Oblenus admitted on tape.
Long before anything ended up happening.
It wasn't my office, but I mean, we would have been well aware of what he was doing.
And the goal with him was what?
Just to bankrupt him?
Pretty much.
And we let the families do it.
We let the families do it.
Were they encouraged to do that by the Bureau?
Like nudged?
We don't encourage people.
We just say there's no federal Statue being broken.
But you do have the option for a civil case.
It's a pretty good case.
In our opinion.
Oh, that makes so much sense.
I have a cousin who's a lawyer.
So that's a lot of these cases, they're kind of encouraged by the FBI?
Yeah, like, there's nothing federally, federal law, we can do.
But civilly, we can just go at them that way and chop his legs off.
And they did?
So the FBI was happy?
They didn't care, we were like, awww.
Basically, the citizens did your job?
Wow, so you can encourage a civil lawsuit.
What can you do with people like Alex Jones now?
Is he still out?
He's still chirping.
He can chirp.
Are you still watching him?
Because he did what we wanted.
Which was what?
He took his money away.
We shut him up for a while.
You're never going to shut him up again.
Unless you put him in prison.
But again, he didn't do anything to go to prison.
Being ignorant is not a crime, coach.
Get in.
I mean, you could bring a nudge.
He did inside a riot, like Tito.
He didn't encourage people to go shoot people.
He didn't.
So he didn't do anything.
Your federal agents, ladies and gentlemen, the best and the brightest, calling the president cheeto and saying that Alex Jones deserved to be bankrupted and we, wink wink, nod nod, pushed the families of Sam D. Hook to go bankrupt him.
Seems like a direct violation of the First Amendment.
Seems like the federal government attacking a journalist, and a very popular one at that.
But it wasn't just Alex Jones!
Alex Jones is in good company.
Accordingly, Tucker Carlson is being targeted by federal agencies.
Tucker's said this a couple of times, but this is quite astonishing to hear.
Tucker's apparently on a list inside of the CIA.
What's this about?
Influencer that you're... Influencer that you're after.
Like a... I don't know, like a... I don't even know these names.
Like a Fox News person, or like a Tucker Carlson, or like... Oh, I'm sure he's... Right.
You know, it's one of the biggest and loudest.
Like that, what was his name?
The one that said, uh... The Sandy Hook didn't happen.
Alex Jones.
So, we were after him.
You are?
Are you still after him?
Because he's broke.
He got found guilty.
And had to pay like a hundred million dollars.
So what, why were you after him?
We're not anymore.
Just to get the money from him?
Was that court case used?
Was that the CIA?
That was the agency I think.
Well, actually it was a defamation case.
So it's a civil, not government case.
Well, we were looking at all of the scholars commenting, like, who's that going to make this to?
So, even though it's technically not our, well, not the agency, definitely, but the Bureau, for instance, it's not our purview.
It's a civil matter.
But, since they got all this access to his stuff, and it's there, What can we go find?
And did you find anything?
I can't tell you what we did.
So, you know, it's just kind of like, you know, realize the opportunity that you have.
So many are saying that they hope that Alex Jones sues the hell out of the FBI.
Joining us now to confirm whether he's going to is Alex Jones.
Alex, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today.
We know that this was supposed to be a time of peace for you, but I guess there's no peace in war, right?
And apparently the intel agencies have said they are at war with you.
Your response?
Well, we've known this for really seven years.
We even had congressional hearings six years ago admitting that they had designated myself and Trump as Russian agents.
With no proof.
They had armed services committees in the House where they called us disinformation agents and admitted that Obama put forward two plus million dollars in the Defense Authorization Act, the last thing he signed in 2017 in January, set up the Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act that then tied in to the repeals a few years before by Obama of the laws that bar The CIA from engaging in domestic propaganda or targeting the American people.
So I'm on record, even before I was sued and had default judgments in rigged trials where the judges found me guilty and the juries found out how guilty I was.
That was their only decision to make.
I've said hundreds of times that it was the CIA and the FBI.
It would take an hour to go through it all, but Senator Blumenthal's office works in Connecticut through a law firm that his family works at.
Through a former federal prosecutor who actually got the governor arrested, basically set him up for nothing in Connecticut.
His specialty is getting Republicans arrested.
I was then sued as part of the Sandy Hook lawsuit in Connecticut by an FBI agent, never said his name, never showed his picture.
None of my reporters ever did.
I first learned his name when he sued me.
He said he got one phone call asking if Sandy Hook was real like nine years ago.
And so he got $94 million for that.
And my lawyer asked him on the stand, he said, has Mr. Jones ever said your name?
He said, no.
Has any of his crew?
Has he ever been on your website?
And the reason I list that is we knew these players were involved and we knew the feds were being given the three years of discovery.
So they kept wanting more, more, more discovery.
And then the judges said, you've given us no discovery.
We're defaulting you.
And now we're going to have a trial on the damages.
And just to be clear, this was, I knew it was the government day one.
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I barely ever covered Sandy Hook.
Didn't say any of the things they said.
I said, you know, what am I right?
Never went to Connecticut.
Never told people to go to Connecticut.
Never peed on graves.
All this was said.
I barely covered it back when it happened.
And then when Trump won, there were suddenly thousands of news articles in 2016-17 Thousands of TV programs, local ones and national ones, hundreds on the national news, every channel, from the late night comics to PBS to CNN to ABC, every channel, sometimes every night, Alex Jones is currently sending people to attack families.
Alex Jones won't stop saying that it didn't happen.
I'm like, I said before I got sued I thought it happened.
I barely ever covered it.
It was a big internet thing.
And I said I could see how, as much as we get lied to, that's the case.
So when you see every newspaper attacking you and every TV channel, like it was the invasion of Iraq in 2003, that much propaganda, I knew it was about setting the precedent.
I knew the government was involved.
Then I saw all the FBI and the Feds and people in and around it.
Then I was told by a former section chief of the CIA, and I've interviewed a lot of those people and talked to
them off record, they're getting ready to be sued.
It's an agency operation.
They're running the propaganda.
The FBI is implementing it.
You're going to be defaulted.
They're going to get giant judgments and they're going to try to shut you down.
This is bigger than you.
So I knew that a year before I got sued.
I said, "This is all going to happen now."
So this is just a mid-level guy, though he is a contract manager.
He's not a contractor. He manages major contract operations.
So he's a boss because he's a leftist.
And so when this information came out, and I'm told there might be at least even more on Thursday,
I already knew this was the case.
I already understood it.
Just like we have total proof of the Feds running the Feds' direction on January 6th, just like the January 6th committee that was a fraud, wasn't even duly put in, because Republicans are supposed to vote for who they want on the committee.
They couldn't.
They destroyed all the transcripts and videos of the January 6th testimonies, including my testimony to Congress.
Can't get that.
It's been destroyed.
So they had secret hearings.
I was there for an hour.
And you don't get to see that because it's all the evidence of what they did and Nancy
Pelosi's daughter and the film crew.
And again, these trials in Texas and Connecticut, the judges putting their makeup on, big giant
movie cameras, HBO producers, when they had the premiere of this HBO hit piece, The Truth
Versus Alex Jones.
A few weeks ago at South by Southwest, the judge was there on the red carpet with photos and a gown and was at the front and was the guest of honor.
It's just a giant sick operation.
So what happened with Candy Hook is, I barely covered it.
Years later, they go, how do we demonize Trump?
By demonizing Jones, by connecting Jones to Trump and then demonizing Jones.
They even bragged about this in major news articles, how they did this.
Even the PR firms, some of the top ones in the world, after they rigged those cases, bragged, oh, this is how we did it.
We did it like Jones.
We did it like Trump.
We went and took what he said out of context, blew it up really huge, acted in the president's tents like I was doing things I never did.
Ran all these stories, got him sued, rigged the court cases, wouldn't let us defend ourselves, told him I had hundreds of millions of dollars, that I made money off these people, that was the main thing on my show, it was a blip on the radar screen.
And then now we learned that it was a weaponization training grid on myself to get all the agencies and networks and big tech to work together to silence me, to platform me, to demonize me.
And then once that one domino fell, They'd be able to ban everybody else.
Even the Wall Street Journal wrote a huge subscription article years ago, how Alex Jones was destroyed.
It's like a 30-page subscription article explaining he's just the first.
Now we're going to get everybody.
And now we have top Democrat law firms that run this are the same ones suing Trump, the same ones that sued Giuliani, the same law firms.
When I'm in these depositions, it is the lawyers from the top Democrat party law firm in New York and in Houston, and they're there.
The same lawyers you see on TV?
I'm in the room with those guys.
I've been deposed probably 15 times or something by all these different groups, all these different systems coming after me.
It's just absolutely insane.
So I literally have been run over and backed over by the CIA, by the FBI, and I always knew This was the case, but the public would ask me, how are you taking this Alex?
I'd say, I'm taking it okay, but understand, they're trying to get through me to get to you, like Trump always says.
So I warned them over and over again, that just like Loris Lerner and the IRS going after tens of thousands of conservatives and Christians and churches under Obama, They've now moved on to this even bigger operation.
So they staged January 6th.
They stole the 2020 election.
They tried to steal 2022 completely.
They're already rigging things in cyberspace.
They're already blocking news.
They're already sending out the mail-out ballots.
They've already got the bird flu all hyped up and ready.
And they're going to try to run the exact same playbook again.
But now that this has come out, this is a FBI agent, a CIA boss, He's a contract manager over a large contract operation.
That's a boss.
That's like a mini section chief saying all of this and admitting all of this like it's no big deal.
He needs to be subpoenaed by Congress.
I am planning to launch a lawsuit against the CIA and the FBI.
We have to bring all this out.
And right as my bankruptcy comes to a close and right as all this stuff is being finalized, it's really God working here that this came out at this time.
Just the rumblings of this in the last few weeks since they got this footage triggered other groups to go, oh, hey, in our big investigations, we've scooped up similar stuff.
And so I've been contacted by some major groups that are set next week to release even more bidding.
So the chickens are coming home to roost.
The blowback is here.
And God is with us.
So who can be against us?
And the deep state is very, very desperate.
This is KGB garbage.
We need congressional investigations.
We need the funding to be cut off.
There's special units in D.C.
and Southern District of New York that are doing all this giving the FBI a bad name.
And I believe the agency needs to be abolished, so does the CIA, just as Kennedy and others
did, just as Eisenhower did, just as Harry Truman did.
But we can start with the special units in D.C. and the special units in the Southern
District of New York.
It was the D.C. unit that went over and ran the fake Whitmer kidnapping, where 18 of the
21 kidnappers were feds commanding and leading and trying to bully folks into it.
It's the same story and here he is saying we can put anybody in jail.
We know how to go find mentally ill people and manipulate them into committing crimes and lighten the fuse.
And it's a clear and present danger with the FBI being ordered by the political DOJ I don't want a war with the government.
I don't like having to take these crooks on, but it's a clear and present danger to everybody and it's something I've got to do.
the narrative and outlaw the largest political bloc in this country that are good, hardworking
And they're on the wrong side of history.
I don't want a war with the government.
I don't like having to take these crooks on.
But it's a clear and present danger to everybody and it's something I've got to do.
It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees.
But history's shown people that live on their feet, they live a lot longer and are freer
than people that live on their knees and end up being slaves or killed.
Living on your knees is what gets your ass killed.
And I'm not living on my knees.
This is going viral.
Elon Musk has responded.
He wants an investigation.
He's calling it very disturbing.
We know he's their new big target along with Trump.
And so the harder they hit Musk, the harder he hits back.
So the globalists are making enemies a lot, lot, lot faster than we are.
Liberty is incredibly popular everywhere.
I've been on a week and a half vacation.
Only take one a year.
Yeah, that's over a week long, and I am in a very nice place in America.
I'm in the U.S.' 's 50th state, and I have literally shook over a thousand hands.
The bellhops, the people that work here, the military, the police, every person at the pool, every bartender, even TMZ said, yeah, people are walking up, shaking his hand, saying, dude, good job.
I mean, I could walk out right now to the restaurant bar down there and just stand there.
I'd have 30 people lined up with autographs and photos.
It's not about me, but people hate the deep state and know it's bad so much that when
they see me being demonized everywhere, it had the opposite effect of only making us
And now Elon Musk is 50 times bigger than Alex Jones.
Tucker Carlson's five times bigger than Alex Jones.
Joe Rogan's like five times bigger than Alex Jones.
And they all sound just like me, not because they're following what I say or following
what I do, though they did contact me this morning.
Tucker's supposed to get a call back.
They have already lived it themselves.
They don't need to be told by Alex Jones what's happening.
They are experiencing it, and so are the American people.
But then folks go back to things I said 30 years ago, 30 years of it on air next week.
20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, it's all word for word what happened because I had their battle plan back then and my uncle was a war hero in Vietnam, helicopter pilot, secret operations before he became Christian, narcotics trafficking for the CIA.
He got recruited to be one of the main guys in Iran-Contra, building airfields everywhere.
He told me this over a decade ago before he died.
He saw the government smuggling kidnapped kids out of Guatemala and he said, that's it, I'm done.
He'd since become a Christian, got out of it.
They even killed some of the guys that worked for him after he left.
And so my uncle told me all about this stuff.
And that's another reason I knew this stuff.
He started telling me stuff when he got out in the late 80s when I was just 12 years old or so.
But as I got to be really good friends with him over the years, spent a lot of time with him because he I lived on a family ranch that I visit all the time.
He basically off record told me a lot.
And he wasn't proud of the stuff he did.
He believed it was for America.
They said, "We've gotta be more evil than the bad guys.
"We've gotta do all this bad stuff "because we're gonna control those zones."
And that's how they sell people on doing this.
So I knew from him.
I also knew from my dad's uncle, before they even called it Delta Force,
was an army officer, just like in the movie Apocalypse Now, where they call the captain in to go kill Colonel Kurtz.
That's how it works.
The biggest hitman army in America, at least back when it was HUMED, was army officers.
And he was an army officer whose job was going around killing people in the US, mafia people,
other folks that the government wanted to deal with.
So before he died, he told me a lot, he told my dad a lot.
And so that's how I've not been naive for a long, long time.
And now they're taking this thing they used against the Russians and foreign mafias, and they're trying to use it against the American people.
And it's totally and absolutely completely illegal.
The good news is I've met with high-level federal judges, high-level federal officers.
Who are compartmentalized on the border and with human trafficking who are super pissed.
They know the top of the FBI is controlled.
They know the top of the CIA is controlled.
And so I gotta say, I would say 50% or more of these federal agents, or probably even higher when it comes to federal marshals, are awake and on our side.
The Border Patrol, like 95%.
But they're compartmentalized.
They're only allowed to go do bank robberies and kidnappings.
And when they catch a four-time convicted child molester, in one case the federal judge gave me that was public to look into, they found him a fifth time driving a school bus in South Texas for disabled kids and abusing them.
And when they went to Merritt Garland, And the Attorney General said we want to prosecute.
They have a federal law where Garland blocks them prosecuting armed robbers, arsonists,
rapists, murderers, smugglers, and over and over again ordering them released.
So as Nancy Pelosi said, MS-13 is all God's children.
So, I'm going to be clear that the federal government's not our enemy.
It's been hijacked by these special criminal Praetorian Guard units.
So, we need to understand we're entering the time of false flags.
We don't want any truck bombs in federal facilities.
We don't want any feds being shot.
They're not all bad men and women, but at the top, they're about 100% bad.
That's why General Flynn was so rare, a former head of Defense Intelligence.
He'll tell you most of the top generals that are involved in these compartments are very bad.
So the top of the Defense Department is bad, the top of the FBI is bad, the top of our military, look at Milley and the rest of them, they're globalists.
And so we have an administrative coup, but we need to just understand it's not even our government, it's a hijacked government.
That's why you have hijacked federal and state courts saying Trump can't be on the ballot, but the Supreme Court comes in and blocks it.
We've still got some pieces on the board.
At the government level, but we're outnumbered there.
But in the grassroots, we have the vast majority of people and freedom is explosive, Benny.
People that are private, which is a great thing to be, don't know how popular freedom is because people don't recognize you.
Folks, Turner Carlson can't walk down the street.
Joe Rogan can't walk down the street.
I can't walk down the street.
Cars pull over.
People jump out of their cars.
And it's not about us.
It's about they resonate with the truth.
And the sleeping giant has been awakened, my friends.
All the top talk show hosts now are into freedom, are into fighting the new world order.
Everybody from even Russell Brand and Jimmy Dore.
I mean, who isn't joining us now?
It's not just a bandwagon.
People are not naive.
They understand it.
And so this now coming out with this senior contract manager managing major contracts,
major cutout groups, because most people in the CIA aren't actually agents like him.
They have groups under them for plausible viability.
To have him come spill his guts like this with arrogance is perfect for Congress.
Now we can drag his ass in front of Congress and really bring out what's going on.
Because this globalist coup over America is already in place.
Exposing it is how we peacefully remove it.
So Alex, I have no doubt that you saw this coming from a thousand yards away, and were able to point right to it.
However, it's still bone-chilling to see the empirical, demonstrable, on-video evidence of the CIA saying they targeted you, and then they targeted your followers, and they went after people that you knew, and associates, and that they were there.
I guess he was at the FBI when he was speaking at the time, but they were there in order to confirm that you went down.
Well, I'm talking to different law firms right now that specialize in this.
In fact, when I get off the feed with you, I'm going to get back on the phone with the lawyers.
federal government, what would a Alex Jones versus the U.S.
government look like?
Well, I'm talking to different law firms right now that specialize in this.
In fact, when I get off the feed with you, I'm going to get back on the phone with the lawyers.
It's obviously a civil rights violation.
It's a government racketeering operation using cutouts.
And look, I mean, they come out to my mother, my father, my wife.
In these mediations, they said, listen, just come out against the Second Amendment and we'll drop all this.
They've done that repeatedly.
And they've even said, listen, we're a mafia and there's nothing you can do to stop us.
To my face, in front of my lawyer, in front of Norm Pettis.
And so they're very arrogant.
I mean, these are the sellouts.
These are the traitors.
These are the people that really love being under the corrupt FBI's wings,
under the CIA's wings.
They get a thrill.
They get to go out and persecute fellow Americans, lie about them,
say all these horrible things, and then say you said it, steal your identity,
silence you so they can all pile in on you, make movies about themselves with
judges and flash bulbs, and oh, we're so great.
We went out and got the big Goliath.
No, no, you guys are the Goliath.
I'm the David.
You misrepresented what I did to make me a monster, and it's backfired on my family.
I never considered selling out.
But lately they've really been threatening my family and suing them.
And my mom and dad months ago, six months ago, every time I see them, they said, we do not want to settle.
We do not want to be nice.
We are not going to be bullied.
We're Americans.
We want you to go hardcore.
I go, I am hardcore.
Well, we want you to, my mother's a big historian and she's a very mellow Christian lady, but she said, you know what the Spartan women said to their men?
And I said, come home with your shields or on them.
She goes, that's right.
I want you to politically come home with your shield or on it.
Do not back down.
Do not disgrace our family name.
And my wife is saying, we're on.
And it just gets on.
So they look, there's still Americans left.
There's still Texans left.
And I want the new world to know no matter what you do to me, I'm a better man than you.
I'm not a sellout.
I'm not connected to child trafficking.
90 plus thousand missing kids under a Biden.
Many of them in sex slavery.
Many of them in slave factories.
And that's all on you people.
Not on me.
I didn't line it up.
WND's in Iraq.
I'm on Madeleine Albright, the former Secretary of State of the Clinton State Worship, as a god.
Who on 60 Minutes, they only killed a million Iraqis by then.
It was later three million with sanctions.
They said a half million kids have starved to death the last three years from your sanctions.
Is that a good price to pay?
She goes, yeah.
Half a million is a good price to pay.
We'd do it again.
But she's a little lady with a broach.
So when she kills 500,000 people by cutting off their medicine and food.
Imagine a desert country that lived off oil.
Imagine us having no medicine or food for years.
And she just laughed at Hillary, came to Libya and Saudi Arabia, they all died and they wrecked us all because they're women!
They're liberals!
They've got brooches on!
So they're allowed to CIA and burn down things and kill people and destroy countries and kill 500,000 children because they're wearing a brooch or level Gaza because they're wearing a brooch.
Like the U.S.
Ambassador that just stepped down and started the whole war with Russia in Ukraine.
It's sick.
It's disgusting.
They're bullies.
They can't find their fat asses with both hands.
And they thought America was intimidated.
They thought America was scared of them.
No, we were asleep.
And now them punching us in the nose and pissing on us has only awakened the sleeping giant.
And we're going to peacefully, with the truth, take the country back.
And we know you're going to blow up buildings and blame it on us.
We know you're going to stage mass shootings.
We know you're going to engage in only nuclear war activity.
And the bigger the hole you dig in, the bigger the hole you're putting yourself.
Just like taking Trump off the ballot and all this lawfare only boosted him.
So this is the immovable object comes into play with the unstoppable force.
The most important time in human history in the next seven and a half, eight months.
And just thank God for the great Benny Johnsons out there who are knocking it out of the park.
People can find all our censored material at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
People follow me on actually at Real Alex Jones.
And I'm going to be bringing some big news on Friday that I've been holding back on because I wanted to get more pieces.
And I'm going to put a whole presentation together how the Deep State did this with me.
That's right.
It's an amazing time to be alive to see Elon Musk defending Alex Jones.
to set the break things, the next week, two weeks, and it's like, it's not life, it's God.
Right at the right time, the cavalry comes over the ridge, and it's an amazing time to be alive.
That's right, it's an amazing time to be alive to see Elon Musk defending Alex Jones, Elon Musk,
saying this is disturbing in response to the investigation in this specific clip talking about you, responding to you.
What do you say to Elon here, the most powerful man in the world, arguably,
one of the richest men in the world, obviously, controls an enormous portfolio of American intel operations
and Defense Department operations.
He has top-level security clearance, and this guy stands on your side.
It's pretty impressive.
Well, Elon understands though they can get Trump, they can get him, they can get me, they can get everybody.
And he understands he's a target, and he says civilization will collapse if they continue to cut off resources in the oil and the fossil fuels.
And if we don't have 2.1 children per person, we're going to go to irrevocable collapse.
And just last month, it peaked at 8 plus billion, and now it's going down.
Life expectancy is dropping.
All the actuaries show we're going to see a collapse of civilization.
And so Elon clearly is all in.
Either he's an opportunist and sees the global is collapsing and wants to be the new leader, Or he is for Team Humanity and it's just going to push them aside and then be the savior.
Regardless, he is currently annihilating our enemy.
He is currently devastating our operation.
So I'll go Elon Musk all the way.
I hope he'll join us on the Space this Friday.
I'm going to do it on my show.
I hope you'll join us.
I'll do one Saturday as well.
We've got some stuff going on behind the scenes.
It looks like that's probably going to be happening very, very soon.
It might be on Mario in the Falls program or something.
But absolutely.
I mean, he's the man of the arena.
You can't argue with his actions.
You can't argue with the fruit of the tree.
And now he's got the communists in Brazil coming after him because they wanted him to ban the opposition party leaders.
The State Department advised them a year ago and a half to ban Bolsonaro off the palette.
So our own CIA isn't just overthrowing our government.
It's off overthrowing other governments right now.
Elon Musk is fighting the EU censors.
He's fighting the communists in Brazil, the Lula dictatorship.
Elon Musk is like Godzilla.
But he's not attacking Tokyo, he's attacking the capitals of the tyrants, their lives.
And so I'm very, very excited about what's happening, and it's just great to be on the right side of history, and it's good to be in the fight, my friend.
So, when you say you're going to file a civil rights lawsuit against the government over this, this is something you've clearly talked about.
You've retained counsel on this.
Would you go on First Amendment grounds that they eliminated your right to free speech, the right to a free press?
And it seems like so much of what you do is, of course, crystallized in the First Amendment, first for a reason.
I've been talking to four different law firms, and I'm literally supposed to be on with one of them five minutes ago.
I will come back with you tomorrow.
I'll come back with you today.
I love your show.
It's huge.
But absolutely, I've got to get the wheels on this thing rolling.
We've got a lot of options, but again, it's not for me.
It's about to put it out in court and show the evidence and then drag them out in the light with discovery and show what they've really done.
And it's about congressional hearings and it's about stopping these rogue agencies that have become domestic KGB operations.
And if Elon Musk wants to help me, I know he's been backing a lot of lawsuits, you know, out there for freedom.
I would love to see the truth came out because when I told him in that two and a half hour interview we did three, four months ago, with Mario DeFalle. He said he wanted to hear the long
story. So I talked to him for about 10 minutes telling him the truth about what happened. And the PR firms,
he goes, "Oh, yes, the PR firms," which is the intelligence agency's mouthpiece system, "how they
did all that, how they created this, how it shows that it didn't exist, and then had to show
trial. And then the very same law firm suing me or that sued me is the one suing Elon Musk." So
that's also a wake-up call for Elon.
So, that does seem everything is interconnected.
And every cutout is interconnected.
It's the CIA, who's not supposed to operate domestically, working through PR firms, media, big tech and controls, and works with, you saw it all up in the press hearings, and through these law firms.
Just really quickly, Tucker Carlson is mentioned here alongside you, saying that Tucker Carlson is on a list, that they're watching him.
Can you expound on that?
What do you make of that?
Tucker Carlson Said three years ago, I was just called by a high-level source of the government that the NSA is spying on me and giving my private text messages about going to Russia for a Putin interview in the Washington Post.
And a month later, the Washington Post goes, yeah, it's true.
We got his text messages and the CIA gave it to us and the NSA.
Totally illegal.
There's been all sorts of harassment behind the scenes.
Of course, he's on a list.
I mean, look, here's how the list goes now, okay?
Of American citizens.
It goes, Donald Trump, Elon Musk.
And Elon's almost there.
Donald Trump, Elon Musk.
And then it goes Tucker Carlson, and then it goes Alex Jones.
And then it moves down from there.
I was just talking to Joe Rogan yesterday.
It wasn't a private meeting.
I guess it's a private conversation, I shouldn't say it.
But the point is, he was like, thank God for Elon because he's taking all the heat for us.
I mean, Joe understands that.
So do I. Believe me, Elon doesn't want to be the number one target.
When he gets attacked, though, he's going to hit back.
So I guarantee you, Elon's happy.
Trump's out there taking the main brunt.
So it's Trump and then Elon that are up there like the Godzillas fighting Megalon of the three-headed dragon.
We're like the military fighting with Godzilla with our missile launchers, you know, shooting at the dragon trying to help Godzilla.
So it's like Trump and just like two Godzillas are out there fighting the globalists and I'm like an army general.
Fire the missiles!
Fire the missiles at the three-headed dragon!
I mean, the three-headed dragon like zaps through the electricity.
Our troops are all blowing up.
I mean, if you think about Godzilla movies, that's basically what this is.
I've never thought about it in kaiju terms.
Thank you, Alex.
That will create meme content for the rest of all time.
So, we thank you.
Well, that's what I love.
They wanted to shut me down.
They saw me as the kaiju seven years ago.
And the camera pulls back.
There's this little kaiju.
They're like, we defeated this kaiju.
And I'm like, kind of bloody on the ground.
I'm hurt.
And then my daddy comes along and pulls back.
And there's Trump.
And I'm like, rawr.
I don't know what to do.
It's ridiculous.
Think of it now, he's like, "Kaiju looks big as it's zoomed in."
He'd pull back, "How about this little Kaiju?"
And there's a big giant one behind him.
We're gonna have to animate it.
We're just—we're gonna have to get the animation going.
I will—I will buy a ticket.
I will buy a ticket to this.
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We are now back live in the InfoWars World Headquarters here in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer taking us the rest of the way here on today's Alex Jones Show transmission.
We've got great guests coming up, including Paulo Figueiredo, a great Brazilian journalist.
Who's basically now had to escape Brazil and live in the United States to talk about what's going on with the Supreme Court and Elon Musk and free speech in Brazil.
And then Diane Kayser, who was a very popular guest a few weeks ago, so popular we've decided to bring her back.
And we're going to open up the phone lines with your questions for her today as well.
But first, let's just witness.
Let's just observe.
How dumb liberals truly are.
And this isn't to sit here and say, oh, let's have a laugh.
Let's have a gag.
It's all fun and games.
These people want to control policy.
These people want to control policy.
They want to control the education system.
They want to control you.
And this is how dumb they are.
Here's Sheila Jackson Lee.
I guess she's getting Jupiter and the moon confused, talking to high school students that the moon is made of gas in clip 12.
...provide unique light and energy so that you have the energy of the moon at night and sometimes you've heard the word full moon and sometimes you need to take the opportunity just to come out and see a full moon is that complete rounded circle which is made up mostly of gases and that's why the question the question is why or how could we as humans live on the moon are the gases such that we could do that The sun is a mighty powerful heat that is almost impossible to go near the sun.
The moon is more manageable.
And you will see in a moment, or not a moment, you'll see in a couple of years that NASA is going back to the moon.
So the moon is made of gas that makes it livable.
No, actually you need a space suit to be on the moon.
I guess that's news to Sheila Jackson-Lee.
And it's almost impossible to be near the sun.
Almost impossible!
Well, Sheila, let's fire you up next to the sun and see how possible it is then.
Okay, as if that's not sad enough.
The woman doesn't even know how to put on a pair of glasses.
I'm not even kidding you.
Look at how she fumbles and bumbles and can't even put the eclipse glasses on.
This is just truly embarrassing.
Alright, staring at the sun.
Now goes for attempt number one with the glasses.
Doesn't take.
Attempt number two now.
Now looking down.
Can't get him over the bridge of the nose.
Still attempting.
Fails again.
Okay, now looking around confused.
Maybe looking for some help.
Not getting it.
Still failing.
Glasses still not on the nose.
Okay, now she's giving up.
Now she's going to refocus.
Now a two-handed effort.
Okay, trying again.
Fail number four.
And now she's just... Okay, fail number five.
Now going for number six, behind the ears.
Still can't get it over the eyes.
Okay, has to two-hand it and hold it up now.
And blows a whistle for no reason.
I don't know where she got... Who gave her that whistle?
And now she's walking away from the podium.
And now she's just giving up.
She's just gonna have to hold the glasses over her eyes.
And she can't get them on her head.
We're still wondering what the whistle was about, and now she's off ramp.
Can't even put glasses on.
Now here's The View, well known for its high IQ and acumen here.
They figured it out, folks.
What really caused the eclipse?
We've got a solar eclipse.
We've got the earthquake.
She ran down the hallway.
She ran down the hallway.
The rapture is here.
The rapture is here.
And then, also, I learned that the cicadas are coming.
For the first time in, like, 100 years.
No, no, no.
Well, this is what I read.
There's two different kinds of cicadas coming.
There's two different kinds of cicadas coming.
I think it's three actually.
The good cicadas and the bad cicadas.
But for the first time in many, many years.
Every 17 years this happens.
Well, that's not what I read, but maybe, you know, maybe you know better.
In a way.
I would say all those things together... What did you read?
Would maybe lead one to believe that, you know, either climate change exists... No, climate change!
...or it's returning.
Again, the cicadas, different breeds come out every 10 years, 7 years, 17 years, it all happens that they're aligning.
Eclipses happen on the same sort of a calendar time scale, so that means climate change says the view.
These morons want to run your life!
Well, there's not really a better guest you can get to talk about the issue with the Brazilian Supreme Court and censorship than Paulo Figueiredo.
He's an award-winning journalist and he's dealt with the corruption at the Supreme Court personally.
He's basically had to escape in exile to the United States of America.
So you can't really get a better guest on this subject than Paulo.
He joins us shortly, but first we have Alex Jones on the line breaking in live.
Alex, go ahead.
Owen, I'm just watching you, and you've got to take that last five minutes and add this onto the end of it and put it at the top of my extra calendar of Alex Jones.
That is the most hilarious stuff ever, with Sheila Jackson Lee saying that the moon is a gas ball like Jupiter or Saturn, and that the sun got close to it, doesn't even understand that the moon orbits the earth, and it doesn't understand it's rock.
I mean, this is just insane.
But that's the audience that they're targeting.
And there are black people, there are white people, there are groups everywhere that are this dumb.
And I'm sorry to say it's mainly women.
There are a lot of smart women, too.
It's all voodoo.
Oh, the cicadas are global warming.
Oh, a dust storm is global warming.
Oh, we had an eclipse because of global warming.
And then she can't put paper glasses Yeah, he thinks that islands float.
Hank Johnson.
the globalists want. They want the dumbest, most mindless people or senile people like
Fetterman or like Biden, the people behind the scenes, to manipulate and control. So
that was an incredible video. It reminded me of the congressman from Georgia. What's
his name? I ran into him a few years ago. We probably find the clip and put it in here.
In fact, we'll add this to the post.
He thinks that islands float. Hank Johnson.
Yeah, Hank Johnson literally was asking an admiral.
Well, okay, if you've got Guam, there's a military base on it.
If we get too many people on one side of the island, could the island capsize?
You need to understand it's a mountain or hill that's under the ocean, and a tip is sticking out.
Like, I'm in Hawaii right now.
These are the biggest mountains in the world.
They're bigger than the Himalayas.
It's just 95% of them is under the water, okay?
Because, you know, it's 10,000, 15,000 feet deep out there, and then there's mountains that are 10,000 feet up, you know, 5,000 feet above that.
Imagine believing that islands are floating This is so insane, and literally that's who they're recruiting.
I mean, look at Fannie Willis.
Look at that crazy judge in New York.
These are very low IQ people.
That's why the bar association all over the country, the state bars are getting rid of the bar exam.
And I was recently in family court because issues, no problems on my side.
It's just that But the point is, I'm there, and I'm sitting there for six hours waiting to have my little hearing.
And I'm sitting there, and I'm watching the new lawyers that look like they were like 18 years old, because it was a packed court, 30-minute hearings going on.
They literally did not know what planet they were on.
And so this is a very dangerous trend.
IQs are dropping.
People are being deliberately dumbed down on purpose.
And I just wanted to say that we should take that video from earlier, put the Hank Johnson on the end of it as well, and just begin to illustrate this.
It's like when I had the Heir to the Rothschild fortune on, it might have been a game.
You put a children's book out saying polar bears couldn't swim and we need to have a global carbon tax.
And I said, listen, NASA has scanners and photos of the ice caps of Mars getting smaller, and they admit it's because the Sun had heated up.
And that was like 17 years ago.
About 10 years ago, the Sun kind of cooled down for a while.
That's why suddenly temperatures went down.
He said, no, the Sun doesn't provide heat or anything.
He goes, no, no, no, no.
It's because Mars is closer to the Sun than the Earth.
So he didn't even know that it's Mercury, Venus, Earth.
All the way out to Uranus.
And then, of course, you've got the Kuiper Belt.
And you've got Pluto, no longer the ninth planet, because they found hundreds of them out there.
But this is just next level, no connection to reality.
I see official government reports.
I'll let you go to your guest.
I apologize for cutting in here.
There was an official Department of Energy report put out through the White House just
a month ago, and I'm reading the report.
Actually, Robert, where is it from, Timmy?
And it says right in the report, "We need to get away from fossil fuels and only use
Now, they didn't say from solar or hydroelectric or wind.
They just said, we need to get rid of gas and oil and all these other bad fossil fuels and only use electricity, as if electricity comes out of their ass or something.
So, they don't understand any of this.
They talk about how they're so smart and they're so incredible, but the statistics and studies show, leftist, depending on the study, Are seven to nine times more likely to steal.
Six to seven times more likely to be completely deceptive.
They're also up to nine times more likely.
To never give to charity, but something like eight or nine times more prone to tell you that they're giving to charity.
They are grifters.
They are disingenuous from the bottom all the way to the top, and then they steal the inventions of good people.
They steal the wealth of the population.
It needs to come to an end.
Just incredible footage of that woman, literally, and I'm not trying to be mean.
I'm serious.
I know people with Down syndrome.
Who are way smarter than her.
But she is a snapshot of the Democratic Party.
I mean, AOC.
Remember, when she first got elected, she said, we need to stop having the New York program to grow cauliflower because it's a white vegetable and it's a white person food.
No lady.
It's funny.
It's actually from Africa.
That's actually where cauliflower... Again, ladies and gentlemen, this is next level.
Remember when the Daily Beast, they weren't trolling?
Said that milk is racist because it's white.
All right, I'm going to let you take over, but we are going to defeat these people.
The private federal reserve, generations ago, got control.
They were competent evil people, but now a bunch of incompetent evil people are in control and are starting a nuclear war with Russia.
We've got to take the keys away from our lobotomized grandmas and grandpas.
God bless you.
I'm Troy Turner.
Back to your amazing guest.
Alright, there's Alex Jones.
We will put that up on his Twitter account and you can share that far and wide.
Let's get it millions of views so people understand the true idiocracy that we're dealing with.
Now, dealing with corruption.
Elon Musk going up against the Brazilian Supreme Court, which under Lula's dictatorship has gone farther than ever, maybe even too far.
But Paulo Figueiredo has dealt with them personally.
He's basically an exile in the United States.
He joins me now to talk about this issue.
Paulo, I don't know if you want to start with some just kind of general context of you dealing with the Brazilian Supreme Court, and then we can kind of get into the latest with Elon Musk, and then the response.
But unfortunately, really, the Brazilian Supreme Court, run by leftists, this is nothing new for them to act in such a dictator way.
Thank you for having me, Owen.
Actually, it's nothing new.
The actual news is that Elon Musk uncovered everything that was going on and the world didn't know.
The reason why the world didn't know what was going on was because the mainstream media had been pretty much putting everything under the rug.
And the same way, I called the New York Times correspondent in Brazil.
Right now, our version of Walter Durante, I don't know if you've heard of him, he was the correspondent of the New York Times in the Soviet Union during the Holomotor, and he said everything was fine over there, no violations, nothing to see here, actually things are pretty good here, while millions and millions of people were being murdered.
So, and that's who the correspondent of the New York Times in Brazil looks like to us, because the mainstream media pretty much doesn't report what's happening.
So, my case, for example, I was on mainstream media, TV, primetime, doing regular Brazilian TV, really cable.
And my show was the number one in the country.
And suddenly, one day, I woke up and this same judge that Elon Musk is uncovering, he had ordered my passport, my Brazilian passport, to be canceled.
I was already here in the U.S.
I was living here.
I've been living here for quite some time.
And I was broadcasting from here.
If I were in Brazil, I would be in prison.
Uh, but he canceled, he says he couldn't arrest me.
He canceled my passport.
He froze all my considerable assets in Brazil.
He issued a fine.
He pretty much opened up all my bank accounts and tax returns for him to look.
So, and he blocked all my social media in Brazil, including my Axe account with 1.4 million followers.
So, that's how I've been, and that was in December 2022, so before Lula.
After Lula took office, well then Bolsonaro was gone, so all doors were open, he could do whatever he wanted with no restraint.
So, and then we reach out the point that even Elon Musk got aware of what was going on and said enough.
So, like you said, the mainstream media kind of sweeps this under the rug and it wasn't even really national news.
I mean, your story wasn't national news.
I learned about your story through Tucker Carlson when you did an interview with him.
You've done some follow-up interviews.
So now that Elon Musk is doing it, it makes national news.
Now, do you think this has had an impact On the Supreme Court because we now have seen some pushback.
We've now finally seen some pushback against this censorship where I hadn't seen it before.
Is it the first time there's maybe been some pushback?
Is that the pressure of Elon Musk and X?
Or is the pushback just ignored?
Well, you know, criminals like to operate in the darkness, in the shade, right?
So that's why most crimes happen at night.
So that was exactly what was happening in Brazil.
He was operating in the shades.
No one was aware.
No international pressure.
The Joe Biden administration told you that last time I was here.
the Joe Biden administration actually went out of the way to guarantee that Demarais had the power
and the oppression of Brazilian military leaders, public officials, members of Congress,
and to support Demarais.
So he was operating completely free without, and under the radar.
What Elon Musk did, and that changed everything in terms of awareness internationally,
in terms of awareness even domestically, 'cause most people are taking care of their own business.
They're not focused on if journalists are being censored or not.
When they see a journalist being censored, they say, well, this guy might have done something wrong.
I don't know him.
I don't follow him.
Why do I care?
But when you have a social media platform that has 30 million users in Brazil and not any 30 million, we're talking about the elite in Brazil uses Twitter.
We're talking about not elites in a bad sense, but financially people that are of the upper class, journalists, people from the financial market and all that.
That has a huge impact.
That brings a lot of attention.
And now the world's watching what Demorais was doing and everyone is shocked.
And that's not news.
For people that watch InfoWars, they knew it because I've been here before.
We have been reporting about it.
But if you just watch regular, like, let's say you watch Fox News, you don't know, even now, you don't know what's going on.
And you can imagine if you watch CNN, MSNBC, or whatever, read the New York Times, Washington Post, you're completely unaware of what's happening.
And Elon Musk, that's called, by the way, that's called agenda setting.
The media has the power.
To not tell us what we think, but what are we thinking about?
It's even worse, because if they don't report, we feel that something is unimportant and we don't even discuss it.
And that was the state of things in Brazil until last week, and now everything's in the clear.
The U.S.
Congress is going to hold hearings about it very soon.
We have all the shows.
I'm doing back-to-back shows all day, like eight hours a day, which shows how people are interested about what's going on.
Brazil became, according to Elon Musk, the most draconian country in terms of free speech in the world.
Well, and think about it.
The direct result of the change in leadership from Bolsonaro to now Lula, where it's, you might say, Bolsonaro, let's say, far right, to Lula, who's far left.
I mean, essentially a communist.
Essentially, he'd like to be a dictator.
A guy who just got out of prison.
What was he doing before he was president?
Well, he was serving time in prison for political corruption.
So it's really an amazing story.
But let's get down to the nuts and bolts in this.
So you have the Supreme Court Justice who is demanding ex-censor accounts that are doing what exactly?
What is it that this judge didn't want people to see?
What is it that just this judge was demanding that X censor?
Well, we have two real faces on this.
The first one is the one that we learned last week through Michael Schellenberger's Twitter Files Brazil, his version of the Twitter Files.
And we learned that everything that was happening in the U.S.
that was being done by the deep state, I mean, like, FBI officials putting pressure on social media to remove con and shadow ban conservatives.
Let's get rid of this Hunter Biden laptop story and stuff like that.
But that was almost, it was almost informal, right?
It was a soft pressure that the social media platforms greatly accepted, right?
In Brazil, that was happening institutionally, with court orders.
So it's the same thing, it's the same mentality, but through different means.
Because in the U.S., you have the First Amendment, and so government can really interfere with free speech, supposedly, it was supposed to be like that.
In Brazil, we don't have a First Amendment as strong as in the U.S.
Freedom of speech is under our Constitution, but we don't have the tradition as strong as in the U.S.
So it was happening institutionally and that was during Bolsonaro.
Bolsonaro was trying to stop it, but the Supreme Court was harassing him all the time and the Supreme Court saw powerful in Brazil, way more powerful than the President.
So then these guys from the Supreme Court released Lula from prison, unconvicted him of his crimes, nullified his convictions, and then this same judge that's the Supreme Court judge who's overseen and responsible for all that, Alexander DeMoraes, the guy who looks like a James Bond villain.
Yeah, literally.
It's like, Voldemort, Darth Vader, James Bond villain, big picture villain.
It's crazy, like he's in like, it looks like a Slytherin dark wizard outfit or something, and like all he needs is a wand.
So that guy also oversees the whole electoral court in Brazil, who has the fully electronic, centralized, impossible to be audited voting system.
And so you type your number in the machine, it goes to their computer in the Central Electoral Court, he's the president, they tell you the results.
So that's how it is in Brazil.
And he's the president, he hates Bolsonaro, he's the president of the court.
So he definitely, what we learned from the Twitter files, that he put his finger on the scale.
In order to censor Bolsonaro supporters and censor conservative hashtags, even hashtags asking for more transparency on the electoral system, he orders social media platforms, and they all accepted it, including Twitter, to do that, to do so.
And they did.
They blocked profiles of members of Congress, sitting members of Congress.
They blocked journalists like myself.
And that's what we learned.
That was phase one.
Then phase two came.
Lula got elected, so no holds barred anymore.
They could do whatever they want.
And then they started, they amplified their powers.
And what Elon Musk revealed recently was that they were asking Twitter or Axe, whatever, to change their terms of service to ban people in Brazil.
I'm talking about journalists like myself, ban people all globally from Twitter.
Saying that they violated the terms of service of Twitter when it was actually a court order.
So, you wouldn't even know that you were being removed by an order of the Supreme Court.
And that's when Elon Musk said, enough, I have a platform, I purchased this platform.
To protect freedom of speech, supposedly?
And what, I'm going to de-platform people now?
And pretend it was me, but it was actually a court order?
No, that's too much.
And then he picked this fight, and after that, he's now being criminally investigated in the same probe that I am, which is very interesting.
Well, they do the same thing here, and that's why the path right now of Brazil and the United States, it's very similar.
We get a populist, nationalist, right-wing candidate in a position of leadership as the president, and then the left comes in and essentially just steals the election.
Just steals it from the country.
Steals the country, if you will, in a way.
That's what traditionally, I mean you look throughout human history, Brazil's been through it before, that's what communists do.
And sadly it looks like we're having to relearn these lessons of the 20th century.
What's amazing is, again, you had the same thing going on in America where the left-wing leadership was positioning themselves in a relationship with the social media giants to censor whatever they viewed as opposition or dissidence to their narrative, to their agenda, and this exact same thing, it turns out, was going on in Brazil.
I mean, it's almost like Like, the two things are mirroring each other.
Maybe the timing is different.
Obviously, some of the players and the tactics are different.
But it's like the same thing.
The left in America getting into a relationship with the social media giants to censor their opposition.
The left in Brazil getting into a relationship with the social media giants to censor their opposition.
I mean, you say you'd be in prison if you weren't living in the United States right now.
There are Americans in prison.
I went to prison.
I mean, so what do you make of that?
What do you make of that kind of similarities in what we're going through right now as Brazilian patriots and American patriots?
It's the same mentality, the same ideology.
I like playing and joking.
It's the same virus.
We just have different immune systems in different countries.
So when the virus attack, it looks where your immune system is weaker.
If it's on the kidney, it goes to the kidney. If it's on the lungs, it goes to the lungs.
That's why people have different symptoms. That's exactly what's happening.
The U.S. has a badder immune system in general than Brazil, but I'm sure I don't have to tell
you that the courts here are pretty political here as well.
They're becoming more and more political.
I don't have to tell you that or Alex Jones or you guys are aware of that.
How political the justice system became in the world and in the United States and of course in Brazil.
In Brazil, the Supreme Court is completely taken.
So you have this same ideology.
And sometimes the players, they interact and they're very well connected to the point that I'm not, this is not an exaggeration.
The Department of State sent several public officials to Brazil before the election to pressure, to put pressure, pressure on Brazilian public officials, on generals, on military leaders to not challenge the electoral results in case Lula won.
And what Why?
Why would they do that?
Why would they interfere?
Why would they want Lula, who is pro-Hamas, pro-China, pro-Iran, pro-everything, pro-Venezuela, why would they want him in power so badly?
So you see there's a connection.
And the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in Brazil was the most, the highest ranked official of Brazil in Davos on the Global Economic Forum, World Economic Forum this year.
So they're all They hang out together all the time.
It's all connected.
I don't know how much of it it's orchestrated.
That's a good question.
But they share interests.
They share mentality.
And they act through whatever means they have.
And the means they have in the U.S.
are not, for now, they're not as powerful as they have in Brazil, because in Brazil they have the supreme, all-powerful Supreme Court.
But I don't think that's too far away from the U.S.
I mean, Owen, Tell me.
You tell me.
You're the American.
What would happen if we had five justices of the Supreme Court that were appointed by Democrat presidents?
I tell you what, I will answer that question on the other side of this break.
We are up against a break.
This is a perfect cliffhanger.
It's almost as if Paolo's a professional.
Been doing this for a while and good at it.
So we'll be right back and I'll answer that question.
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My guest Paolo Figueredo, he is the expert when it comes to the corruption.
Dealing with the Brazilian Supreme Court and this judge who's now in it with Elon Musk, Alexander de Moraes.
And he also knows a little thing or two about media as one of the top, if not the top, show host in Brazil before being forced to come to the United States in exile because he was being targeted by the same corrupt judge.
But he asked me what would happen if the Supreme Court in the United States became political
and had all these similar powers that the Brazilian Supreme Court has.
And you know, first off, I would say that the difference we have right now is the Supreme
Court in Brazil is dominated by leftists and communists, and we don't really have that
issue right now in the United States.
So they couldn't really pull that off.
However, there is no doubt in my mind that the Democrat Party has an agenda to pack the Supreme Court so that they can have a majority, and at that point, who knows what they will do.
The institutional powers that the United States Supreme Court has and the Brazilian Supreme Court has are obviously different.
But what we've learned is... They're not.
Go ahead.
They're not.
They're actually not.
That's the thing.
The Supreme Court in Brazil couldn't legally do what they're doing.
So they opened a probe and they started to investigate something.
But who decided they had this power?
They did.
In any country in the world, in the accusatory system, the accusatory system presupposes, and that's the bedrock of the legal system in the Western world, that the people who do the trial to judge the issue is different from the person who does the accusation.
That's the accusatory system.
Different from the inquisitory system.
So in Brazil, supposedly, The Department of Justice would have to open an investigation.
This investigation was opened by the Supreme Court to investigate crimes committed against them.
So the way they found to do so is that they said, well, we have on our statutes a provision saying that we can open an investigation if a crime, an internal investigation, if a crime was committed within the premises of the Supreme Court.
So this is what they said.
Since the crimes were committed on the internet, meaning people saying bad things about them, well that's within the scope of something happening inside the court.
And let me tell you something, the United States Supreme Court has exactly the same provision.
And they did so, they did use this provision when they leaked information about the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
So, it's, they've found, it's not even a loophole because it's ridiculous.
Of course not.
Of course this is illegal.
Of course you can't open an investigation.
Of course you can't, you can't take, you can't take five years investigating with cautionary measures, with arrests, assets frozen, all that, without any type of oversight.
There's no one to appeal.
But who decides if it's illegal or if it's legal?
Only the Supreme Court.
So that's what we call juristocracy.
It's not a democracy anymore and that's great for the globalists because look in the democratic institutions you have You have all these checks and balances.
It's tedious.
You have to elect a bunch of people.
But if a court decides... Well, the court has the power of creating laws, as I'm sure the country where abortion was legal, thanks to a Supreme Court decision, knows.
So Americans know that the court can come up with laws that doesn't exist.
So, plus, the courts have judicial review power.
So if they have judicial review power, they can invalidate any laws.
So you don't need Congress for anything because they can create, or the executive branch, they can create laws and they can Review and pretty much just consider loss.
So they can do both.
So the third thing that they can do, through the means I just told you, is that they can persecute opposition.
And when we start cracking down opposition, everyone tries to run for their lives.
So that way you silence opposition.
And that's how you take over a country.
And that's how they took over my country.
Well you know I'm so glad you pointed that out because I just sit here and I see them doing this and I'm assuming it's within their scope of legality and so it's obviously not.
So this is the danger then that we face here in America.
Again, this is what communists have to do, and I don't want to have to be redundant here because I talk about this every day, but it's basically common sense when it comes to policy.
If the left wing, if a liberal, if a communist, whatever, if it's their policy to control your life, to tell you what you can and can't do, can and can't say, can or can't eat, what energy you can use, Well, then they have to have the power to do that.
They have to have the power and control over your life.
They have to have institutional power.
It's the bedrock of everything that their policy exists.
So, whatever way they can wield that power, they're going to take it, whether it's the President, whether it's the Supreme Court.
And so that's what we see happening in Brazil.
I'm afraid the same thing could happen here, as you might be, to the United States Supreme Court.
I don't think we're close, maybe, but it could happen overnight.
And so that's what's so dangerous about this.
So when you ask me, well, what if it happens with the Supreme Court?
I mean, I suppose they'll do the same thing.
They'll do the same thing that they're doing in Brazil and they'll go after Trump or they'll go after Musk.
They already have all these different bureaucracies that are going after Musk, that are going after Trump, that are going after InfoWars.
They'll just add that to their list of weaponized government institutions to go after their opposition.
Any dissidency To the power when it comes to communism has to be removed and destroyed.
It is part of the picture.
There's a famous Brazilian author that says, he passed away many years ago, but he used to say that the worst type of dictatorship is a judiciary dictatorship, because you have nowhere to appeal.
And that's exactly what's happening.
So, what are their powers?
You ask, oh, I thought this was within their scope.
It's not, but they have the power to decide whatever is in their scope, because they are the ones that interpret the Constitution.
So meaning they can do whatever they want.
And the same thing with the Supreme Court in the United States.
Don't get me wrong.
This is a...
There's a problem with all the democracies and republics all over the world.
There's a good book about it.
It's called Towards Jurisdocracy from a Canadian leftist professor called Ren Hirschel.
And he explains that this is the problem that's happening in Canada.
This problem is happening in Israel.
You couldn't believe what's happening in Israel.
The Supreme Court over there, they don't even have a constitution.
So they can do whatever they want.
They can decide whatever they want.
Now imagine you're a billionaire globalist like George Soros or Bill Gates or pick one.
Okay, imagine you're one of them and you want to shape the world to your own image or your beliefs, okay?
What do you prefer?
To support like, I don't know, 300 candidates for the U.S.
You want to support 300 to have a big majority?
Some of them will lose and you have to support like candidates for the Senate, fund their campaigns and all that?
Or do you want to have control over a couple of judges?
And your control might be financial, might be throughout interest, might be throughout social influence, if you hang out in the same places, if you have the same idea, if you went to the same schools.
You know, most of the justices on the Brazilian Supreme Court, you know where they went to school?
Harvard Law School.
That's where they come from.
Our justices, the guys who are doing this.
Like I said, we're not that different.
No, it's true.
We're not that different.
And I would hope that both Brazil and the United States can come out of this communist grip and the corruption, because really we make great allies.
We have a lot of things in common.
We could do great things in trade and engineering and innovation and finance.
So I would love to see us both come out of this on the other side.
But it's got to be eerie to sit there in Brazil and we just watched it from the United States.
To have Lula get out of prison and then become the president.
I mean, it's just, it's just crazy.
But I guess, you know, we've got a corrupt president here as well as Joe Biden.
All right, Paolo, I appreciate your time and your expertise on this subject.
We're going to be uploading this full interview on X as well, so people can share it and get this information out.
Where can people follow you?
They can call me on AXE.
Most of my English content is on AXE.
It's at RioPFigureiro, my P, my first, the letter of my first name, and Figureiro, my last name, at RioPFigureiro.
I'm over there posting about Brazil in English full-time, all the time.
Everything that happens is over there.
You're a great Brazilian patriot, and we thank you for your time today.
Thank you all.
Thanks for having me.
All right, back here on the Alex Jones Show.
We're going to cover some videos here.
We've been busy today hearing from Alex in the first hour.
Great guest just departing now.
We've got another great guest coming up dealing with how the nanotechnology they're putting in cosmetic products ties into the mRNA that they're putting in the vaccines.
Now it's just completely destroying your natural biology and who knows what else.
And so Diane Kayser was very popular a couple weeks ago.
A lot of people were sending me messages and reaching out on X saying, hey, I'd like to ask this question or that question.
So she's going to come back on and then we'll open up the phone lines.
You can actually talk to her directly about some health concerns you may have.
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So Donald Trump was active today.
And we'll do some compare and contrast with Trump and Biden.
It's really not even close.
But let's go to Trump.
He went to a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, Georgia.
We all love that fried chicken!
And so here is Trump.
Let's see here.
We should have a couple of these clips.
Yeah, I thought there was a different one here.
Well, well, here's Donald Trump getting loads of support at a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta, clip 19.
I don't care what the media tells you, Mr. Trump.
Just watch your mind.
Okay, 4 p.m.
Come here, let me give you a hug.
Thank you!
Tell my mom I'm happy!
That's really nice.
No, we didn't. We took care of the...
The black colleges, universities, they're taken care of now and she understands it.
A lot of people don't understand it.
Biden did nothing for them.
I did everything. I did everything. Tell them how y'all been suffering y'all. That's really nice, huh? You know
each other, you two know each other, you should. That's right, that's right. So President Trump talking about the,
under his administration, the programs and funds that he's...
So it was nothing but a love fest.
It's totally organic.
The energy is organic.
I got in trouble with the team, they said I went over my time.
My team, don't worry about it.
We'll do it again.
So it was nothing but a love fest. It's totally organic.
The energy is organic. Biden has none of it.
I mean, as soon as Trump walked into the Chick-fil-A, you can see the energy.
It shifts entirely.
All the workers there are excited to see him.
He puts in the order, buys everybody chicken sandwiches and milkshakes and talks about the great chicken from Chick-fil-A.
That's organic.
That's a man of the people.
That's Donald Trump.
And it's just a totally different experience with Joe Biden, where Biden can walk through a restaurant and people don't even notice or care, or they don't even want to look at him, or they want to spit on the ground he walks on, because everybody knows he's crooked.
Everybody knows he's corrupt.
And what he's done as president for this country has been an absolute disaster.
So, there's all kinds of that footage out there, but it's just, it's natural, it's organic, it's the human touch.
Trump has it, Biden does it.
Biden seemingly has, maybe he's kind of touched in another way.
Here's Biden.
He has to get led like a dog during a service here.
It's embarrassing.
The Marine here has to lead him around like a dog on a leash because Biden doesn't know where he is.
So instead of doing the normal, you know, march and The standard gate that they would have.
He has to sit there and show Joe Biden where to go.
Look at this embarrassment in clip 22.
So he has to show Biden, you gotta go over here and then go over there.
He can't even do his normal walk.
He can't even do his normal march.
He can't even do the professional gate because Joe Biden doesn't know where he is or where he's going in front of the White House.
It's just embarrassing.
It's just sad.
It's so obvious too, isn't it?
It's just so obvious.
Alright, now, man, there's so much else to get to here.
I just, I don't even know where to go.
How about...
This is just nuts.
Here's Chuck Schumer.
Let's go to Chuck Schumer here.
Impeachment should not be used to settle policy disagreements.
Wait a second, I'm sensing some irony here, Chuck.
Clip 18.
Impeachment should never be used to settle policy disagreements.
Interesting, because that's exactly what the Democrats did with Donald Trump.
That's exactly what they did.
It was a policy disagreement, so they impeached Donald Trump.
But this isn't about policy disagreements, so it's a stack of lies.
It's about record numbers of illegal immigrants pouring over the border.
It's about hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars going towards illegal immigrants and their housing and their food and their travel costs and their clothes and everything else.
That's not a... You could say it's a policy disagreement.
Yeah, I guess Republicans don't like illegal immigration, Democrats do.
But no, this isn't a policy disagreement.
This is outright criminal activity Of illegal immigration and the Biden administration facilitating it, and then stealing Americans' money to fund the criminal activity.
Now Representative Michael Cloud was talking to Mayorkas about this and this clown Mayorkas refuses to answer the question because they're caught, folks.
The Biden administration, Mayorkas is caught.
They have engaged in the largest human smuggling operation, the largest invasion of any country in the history of the world.
Yes, in the history of the world.
Joe Biden, Mayorkas and the Democrats have facilitated the largest human trafficking operation and invasion In any country of all time in the history of this planet and here's Mayorkas trying to dance around that in clip 25.
Could you speak to any authorities that Congress has removed from you or the president since taking office?
Congressman, you mentioned... Has Congress removed any authorities from you or the president since you've taken office?
Congressman, the point... That's a yes or no question.
Congressman, the point that you make with respect to Border Patrol Agents is exactly why- You're filibustering.
I asked you a yes or no question.
Congressman, the point that you make- Has Congress removed any authorities from you or the President since you've taken office?
Congressman, the point that you make with respect to border patrol agents...
The answer is no.
I'd also make the point that you have approximately 20 percent larger budget than Trump had.
The president has made the point that he can't secure the border, he can't get down to...
because he is waiting on Congress to move.
And I just point that out to belay that and to point out the truth of the fact that he has every single authority as President Trump.
He has more resources at his disposal than President Trump, yet he has done everything he can to undermine the security of our border.
So Biden has more money, more resources than Trump, but it's not being used to secure the border.
It's being used to facilitate the invasion and the human smuggling operation.
But do you see what that rat Mayorkas does there?
They know exactly what they're doing.
A congressman from the comments you made, you know, congressman, in regards to what you said, all filibuster, refuses to answer the question.
Because if he answered the question honestly, he'd be embarrassed.
Because you lied to the American people.
You have more resources, more financial support than Trump, you're facilitating the border invasion, and you're doing it intentionally.
You're a criminal.
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Here's Ted Cruz talking about the threats we have with Joe Biden making the world less
safe and opening our southern border at the same time.
Time, listen, the reason the White House is desperately trying to avoid this topic
is because Joe Biden and the Democrats open borders is a disaster.
It's a humanitarian disaster.
I spent a lot of time in South Texas.
No one who sees the body bags, the children who were brutalized, the women who were raped,
you can't defend this anymore.
It's a public safety disaster.
We're seeing over and over again murderers and child rapists being released by Joe Biden, going on to kill Americans.
And it is a national security disaster.
You know, we've got a war in the Middle East.
We've got Iran pledging retaliation against the United States, and Joe Biden and the Democrats have opened up our southern border as an invitation to terrorists.
I gotta tell you, Sean, I think we have a greater risk right now of a major terrorist attack than we have had any time since September 11th.
All of that together...
explains why Chuck Schumer desperately, desperately, desperately wants to avoid a trial on Alejandro Mayorkas' impeachment.
What I laid out in that Wall Street Journal op-ed is the Constitution is clear and the Senate practice is clear.
21 times in our nation's history, the House has sent an impeachment over to the Senate.
Four of those times, the individual resigned or left before the impeachment.
And so the Senate did not consider those four once it was mooted.
In every other instance, all of them, 100% of the time, the Senate had a trial and adjudicated guilt or innocence.
What Schumer's trying to do is avoid a trial, avoid the House presenting evidence, and avoid Democrat senators having to go on record for guilt or innocence because they cannot defend these disastrous open borders.
And Mayorkas just tries to filibuster his way out of answering any questions.
Now, let's move on.
All kinds of footage yesterday of pro-Gaza, pro-Palestinian protesters taking over the capital.
Oh, have we seen this before?
Absolutely we have!
But because it's a left-wing group, it's not called an insurrection.
Because it's a left-wing group, the FBI won't be locating, tracking, and tracing these individuals.
Because it's a left-wing group, they won't face charges, they won't face prison time, they won't have to go into a courtroom.
Isn't that amazing?
Guys, just B-roll clip 9, and if there's any other footage we have of this.
So, they're just marching around, chanting, disrupting things.
But because they're leftists, it's okay.
So because it's left-wing groups, left-wing activist groups, They're not insurrectionists.
They're allowed to go through the Capitol.
They're allowed to have their protests.
And they won't get arrested.
They won't get charged.
They won't get tracked and traced by the FBI.
Which, by the way, I think that's a good thing.
I am not arguing that these people should be arrested.
I am not arguing that these people should be tracked and traced by the FBI.
I'd say that they're executing their First Amendment right.
Legally, lawfully, peacefully, politically.
But if it's me doing it, I get arrested.
Multiple times.
Hell, I just gotta stand there with a piece of tape over my mouth, they arrest me!
See, and that's why I did that.
Because I knew that you could always juxtapose that.
The most basic, just standing silently with a piece of tape over your mouth, Schreuer gets arrested.
But if I go out with a left-wing group and I chant, and I cheer, and I protest, and I march, that's perfectly acceptable.
But Schreuer with a piece of tape over his mouth, you go to jail, you get arrested.
And then how about this?
Michael Avenetti calls in to MSNBC from prison!
Guys, just give me a brief here from Clip 21.
And you join us at a very newsworthy time.
Some of your lawyering led to the exposure of the evidence in this case.
The New York trial now will be Donald Trump's first and possibly only trial this year.
How do you assess the strength of the prosecution's case?
Well, I think what I'm about to say is going to surprise a lot of people, and that is that, um, you know, I think this is the wrong case at the wrong time.
Okay, so then he goes on basically to say that the strategy's no good.
But again, Avenatti calls in to MSNBC from prison.
Do you think he's going to be put in solitary?
Do you think he's going to be put in the prison in the prison like I was?
Of course not.
Alright, a couple weeks ago we had Diane Kayser on and it was such a great hour.
She was such a great guest.
We had such positive feedback that I not only wanted to bring her back on but also take some audience phone calls because so many people were listening in and they were amazed at the information she was presenting and then they also wanted to ask her some questions.
Diane, before I do open up the phone lines, let's kind of just go back and rehash some of the stuff we were covering.
I mean, you can get into some of the holistic methods of healing that the mainstream pharmaceutical industry is not going to let you know about because it profits them.
And of course they have a nice relationship with the hospital, so they're all making some nice money off of this and keeping you unhealthy.
And then I think maybe the more shocking aspect had to be the nanotechnology that we're finding in cosmetic products, beauty products, specifically targeted at women, but then also products that they use in routine dental procedures that might have some of this nanotechnology.
It all ties into the mRNA.
So Diane, just kind of briefly, generally, kind of lay all that out again for us before we get into some specifics and take calls.
I'm so excited to help all of you.
I love being put in the spot and supporting everyone where they're at.
So I'm Dr. Diane Kayser.
I am a board-certified traditional naturopath.
And so what that means is that circa 1930 and before Rockefeller I took over with Western Medicine, at which point now we
have MDs that are trained to think that they're God and to teach you not to listen to
your body.
We are the opposite of that.
We are what we focus on as detox experts, which we train in our ministry and certified
a lot of people like doctors, dentists, and pharmacists who come to our ministry to get
certified in this because it actually helps their patients.
And we have calls all day long about success stories, about people getting off their medications,
feeling better than ever, because they truly are one of the root cause poisons that makes
it feel like we are in a prison to our own body.
So I'm all about MDs.
Meeting you were at, meeting people where they're at, making it as convenient as possible because we've been taught just to consume.
And at this point, 90% or so of our food is not even real food.
And it's making us sick.
It's causing us to die.
and we are not getting a lot of help from the medical experts out there.
Implants and I'm talking all implants, you guys, breast implants, dental implants, every
implant in your body comes with some sort of a consequence.
It disrupts our meridians, our body's ability to communicate from brain to organ, to tell
the body to let go of the bad stuff and absorb the good stuff, to say it in clinical terms.
Even breast implant manufacturers, all of them are in violation of their pre-market
approvals yet we keep going back to the surgeons, which are five times higher, the amount of
narcissists and psychopaths than any other career that's out there.
So we really have to learn a new way, which is to say the old way and to modernize it
and make it easier for everybody.
You know, you said something that's so incredible, and it's like everybody knows this, but there's this trust factor, right?
90% of our food is not even food.
Well, you can go to the grocery store right now and look at whatever your favorite snack, bag of chips, you know, processed food, and you can read the ingredients, and it'll be stuff that you can't even read, you've never even heard of.
You know, I found it difficult with even some products that I'll use like BCAA drink mixes and stuff like that.
It's even hard to find that without a red dye or a yellow dye in it.
It's like you gotta, you gotta, you know, go through like five, six different brands just to find one that doesn't have anything in it, just the good stuff that you want.
And so, there's this amazing thing as consumers, we just have this trust, like, it's on the shelf, it must be good.
It's on the shelf, it's probably not going to be bad for me.
Most of these things are long-term effects.
If I go out and I have one bag of Doritos or whatever, I'll probably be fine.
If I eat processed food or these potato chips just completely consuming seed oil my entire life, well, it's going to, over time, do bad things to my body.
That's why we see obesity, that's why we see all these other medical issues.
And I think that's such a crazy wake-up call, when you just have that break, and it's just like, the food is literally poison, I need to stop consuming it as much as possible, and this institutional trust I have that because it's on the shelf, then it must be good for me, it's like, once you break with that, really the entire approach can change.
I agree, because the three-letter, I call them cyborganizations, because at this point we are at the transhumanistic agenda.
We are at the point where they want to merge technology into humanity.
And this is what we're seeing with all of the microchips, the nanochips, the nanotechnology, the graphene oxide.
That is their agenda.
And we can feel it.
We can see it.
One thing that I want to suggest that you all listen to.
You can all, as you're listening to this, these are some really great resources that once I show my patients this, or we have a mastermind group where we come together for a couple hours every week, and people like you, if you're listening and you want to join us, it's like a dollar to join for seven days.
I suggest you start here and then you wonder what you can do about it.
So if you go to, because what you're just talking about, Owen, is that If we have these three-letter-side organizations, the FDA, the CDC, the WHO, the WEF, all of them, we all know what their agenda is, but yet we continue to trust them, like I mentioned the last time, even though they rolled out these jabs that made everybody sick and gave everybody Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which is, by the way, the same symptoms that people get when they take Botox.
So it's not just one thing at this point.
It's all of the three-letter-type organizations are kicking out these poisons and it's been like the frog.
It jumps into the cold pot of water and it's like, yeah, this is not so bad.
And then over time it gets heated up.
Whereas right now, I can guarantee you that every one of you listening, if you jumped into this pot of water, aka this poisonous realm that we're living in right now, you don't want to jump out because it'd be painful.
So, there's two resources I want to give you right now.
And you can start scoring your personal care products, your cosmetics, Environmental Working Group.
You may have heard of that one.
It's EnvironmentalWorkingGroupEWG.org.
And just start typing in the brands of the things that you're using to clean your homes.
Right now, just cleaning your home can be more carcinogenic than smoking cigarettes.
We're talking at this point that it's not just the things that we've been conventionally programmed to think that are toxic for us, but the ones that are, the ones like you mentioned on TV, Owen, or if they're at CVS, Walgreens, these stores that are the drugstores, pharmacies, those are typically the ones that are the ones I just avoid completely.
So there's that, and you can score your cosmetics.
If it's anything that's greater than a two, I say it's not for you.
So there's so many amazing brands out there.
that are using things like the Neverlist, where they have 3,600 plus toxins, ingredients
that they won't ever, they pledge, they vow to not ever use in their products.
Everything we put in our face becomes a part of our bloodstream,
or our skin becomes a part of our bloodstream within like 30 seconds.
That's so key right there.
And you know, this is how the free market is meant to work.
We can control the market.
We can control the economy with our dollar.
And so when we put our money into these products that pledge to not put the poisons and the chemicals in their products, we grow those brands.
We grow those products.
We create a market for that.
instead of the mainstream consuming products that people will get that are all over the grocery store.
So it's very important to shift your spending habits.
Like one great example, which I think is a great success story, would be the non-GMO product.
It went from something that wasn't so common now to where a lot of products where if you don't have
the non-GMO pledge on your product, from drinks to food products, then people aren't going to buy it.
You know, I'm one of those.
I'll look for that on a drink or on a potential food item that I'll buy from the grocery store.
So this is how we can kind of shift the marketplace.
And get it to reflect the things that we want, that we want to see, that are healthier for us.
Now you get into that stuff with the cleaning chemicals.
I mean, this is really crazy.
I mean, even Monsanto has to deal with this stuff with their Roundup.
And you'll see the infomercials and they'll say, oh, if you use Roundup and got these cancers or, you know, whatever, give us a call.
We're involved in these class action lawsuits.
So we don't even realize, I had a friend who worked in a major manufacturing plant that
did bug spray and you couldn't even go into the areas where the chemicals were without
a full hazmat suit.
But then you spray this stuff on your body.
I never used bug spray again.
Funny enough, I never get bitten by bugs anymore.
Same thing with sunscreen, right?
And it says, do not consume on the package.
It'll say, do not consume.
But when you put something on your skin, you are consuming that at a certain level.
Yeah, you're not swallowing it, but you are still consuming it.
And again, it's strange enough, I don't wear sunscreen, I don't get sunburned anymore.
I don't use bug spray, I don't get bitten anymore.
People say, that can't be possible.
I'm living proof.
But you can get into the science behind it.
Now here's what I want to do real quick and I'll get your response to all that, Diane.
But I do want to open up the phone lines.
Now this is going to be...
It's kind of a trial and error thing, mostly just because the responses that I got the last time you were on the air with us, I was just overwhelmed with positive responses and people asking questions about whether it was breast implants or beauty products or implants with a tooth and other stuff or vaccines and maybe how to detox from some of this other stuff.
So if there's people that want to call in in response to that, Otherwise, you know, you're going to call in and we're just going to kind of take this from an open line perspective, and Diane might have a good answer for you.
She might just say, you know what, you may need to look at this other resource or something.
So, the number to call in, 877-789-2539.
I want to take your health questions and concerns for Dr. Diane Kayser with us here.
I want to take your health questions and concerns for Dr.
Diane Kayser with us here.
But you know, it's really amazing because there's so many things that it's just, it
might be difficult, it might seem difficult at first to remove things from your life.
Certain cosmetic products, sunscreen, bug spray, seed oils, for some men, beer, right?
There's these things, but once you do it and you realize how easy it is and then you have the actual health benefits on the other side of it, it's really not that difficult and you'll just regret every day you don't make that health decision.
Amen, amen.
And you know, to your point about sunscreen, you guys, we've got to stop.
We've got to stop spraying all of these plastics.
When I'm at the pool and somebody sprays that sunscreen and I get hit with it, I feel like I just got hit with a biological weapon or chemical bomb.
I'm like, oh my God!
Yes, stop.
Please, you guys, stop.
Number one, like Owen said, totally validating you on what you said, Owen.
There's an article I wrote like 10 years ago.
I've been speaking a lot in circuits all around the world, and I wrote one 10 years ago called Eat Your Sunscreen.
If you stop eating, to your point last time Owen, if you stop eating all of the seed oils, like especially the canola and the vegetable and the soy oils, those are all GMO.
Those are actually going to give you the skin cancer that they say that you should fear so that you don't start spraying 100,000 SPF on.
It's like industrial waste!
It is!
It is literally industrial waste that we are programmed to spray and that's the same stuff that they're putting in prescriptions.
And I don't come here because I want to be liked.
I mean, I'm so happy that last couple weeks ago that you guys are more curious about this because I've had death threats.
I've had a lot of threats for speaking up against this stuff.
I'm banned in a lot of areas.
I can't talk about Botox on Instagram anymore because I've been banned because I'm trying to bring the truth to you guys.
Well, you know, it's important, too, that you're not coming from a place of judgment.
You've had implants.
You've had Botox.
You've had the cosmetic products.
You're talking about this from experience.
And just to be clear, too, I'm not telling you to go sit outside in the sun for eight hours and get a sunburn.
Obviously, right now, I'm kind of pale right now.
It's not season for me.
If I go out in the hot sun and sit for eight hours, I'm going to get burned.
But when I go out, let's say for 30 minutes today or 30 minutes tomorrow and then maybe 45 minutes the next week and then an hour the week after that, I mean, when it's full summertime, I can sit outside for hours and even my pasty white skin and I won't get burned.
I mean, it's really incredible.
My mom freaks out about that, by the way.
Every time I tell her I don't wear sunscreen, she thinks I'm going to die from skin cancer.
Because it runs in my family.
I'm like, no mom, that's from the sunscreen.
So the calls are already coming in, but I just, I can't emphasize it enough.
And I'm glad that people want to talk to you about this.
I mean, would you agree though, maybe even from the, from the standpoint of cosmetic products, cause I don't really, I'm not familiar with that.
For me, it's more diet, but from the standpoint of cosmetic products for women listening, it's like, is it the same thing with the diet?
Like once you cut it off, it's like, okay, it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.
And I'm much better off for doing so.
Yes, yes.
And thank you for covering that, Owen.
I mean, unless you decide to change genders later on, this is never going to be a focus of yours.
And you might want to change genders if you're spraying that same junk on your skin to air quotes protect you from the non-genetic issue.
I'm going to be hanging out with the gay frogs down the street.
We're just hanging out with the GMO sprayed farms with all the Atrazine and the Glyphosate.
So yeah, gender confusion is rampant.
So we just never know these days.
What I would say about the cosmetics is that number one, the average woman that is using lipstick, and I'm talking about the ones that you walk into and get hit, like you said, Owen, you walk into Nordstrom or Macy's and you just get choked with all of those toxins.
All of a sudden your olfactory bulbs are gone.
You can't sense the mate that you're supposed to procreate with with all of these artificial scents up inside of our brain that are loaded with phthalates.
These are xenoestrogens.
They're endocrine disruptors.
So we start pulling this stuff out of our life, then you get better.
Everything gets better.
Infertility gets better.
The things that you were told, oh, that's just genetic.
No, things are a small amount genetic, but they're epigenetic, whereas these toxins can actually activate the bad genes so that you're not able to cleanse and purify and address, let's say, infections like parasites very well, or if you've got the jab and there's toxins.
Those things back up if you're not activating the good genes with healthy foods and, yes, cosmetics that you can put on your skin.
And so here's the thing, with the brands that you might see, the ones that are advertised
in the magazines, the ones that the key front liners like the Kardashians, all of these
people who are claiming that beauty can be bought with the poisons that they're selling
you, those are the very things that the average woman is using.
And five pounds of lead is what the average woman puts on her lips every year.
Young women too, by the way.
Oh yeah.
And young women, by the way, that's who they marketed to.
And here's the worst one because I look at all of the different fish that we could fry.
Cosmetics are nothing compared to Botox, fillers, and breast implants.
And the average teenager at this point, and I speak really passionately to all parents out there, you need to understand what your teenagers are being sold.
They're being sold at the age of 16.
They need Botox as a preventative because wrinkles are bad.
And I'm talking about preventative, like you mentioned, putting sunscreen on to prevent getting skin cancer.
Well, the reason we get wrinkles is because we're toxic on the inside and we're not focused on real health.
So just know that this is how they're coming for your children on programming on social media.
And yes, once you get into it and you start rolling through, this is much easier than I thought because now we have so many brands that are conscious.
And by the way, this is a major factor that people need to understand, specifically young people.
Most of the images you get from, let's say, people like the Kardashians, what you see on the internet, that's not what they actually look like.
That's not an accurate image.
I mean, even, I can just speak from experience with television, I mean, I don't know, I've never met the Kardashians in person, but I've met a lot of TV hosts, women, in person, and let me tell you, the way they look on TV versus the way they look without all the professional hair and makeup, it's like you wouldn't even recognize them, actually.
You'd think it's totally different people.
Let's go to the phone lines here.
Your questions for Dr. Diane Kayser, our guest here today.
Looking forward to this.
Let's start with Susan in Florida.
Susan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, thank you so much for taking my call.
My question to you, doctor, is about breast implants.
I have had them for over 35 years.
Yes, 35 years.
And during the course of the years, somehow the silicone bag has Ruptured and a lot of the silicone has leached out and it pools in various parts of the body and I have tried going to doctors to get the implants explanted but they want at least $11,000.
There is no way I can come up with that money.
Do you have any ideas for me doctor?
Oh, Susan, sister in silicone, thank you for asking.
Thank you for wanting to get them out because you as a woman, you truly embody what nature is.
And when you think about, I imagine you might have children, this is how we fed our children.
This is how you fed your children.
So these things don't belong in our body.
And I'm just going to show a visual of what they look like when they come out, Susan, and I'll answer your question.
These here are double D's and these are the things that come out intact if you're lucky.
But at this point, Wait, those are double D's?
They're not doing anything for me.
I'm not buying it.
You sure you don't want to feel them, Owen?
They're very strange like jellyfish.
No, I'm not.
I'm not feeling it.
You could play cornhole with these.
That's the only use that they have these days.
Okay, Susan, question back for you.
Are these the same implants or have you had them replaced?
Same implants and they're hard as a rock and they have Just become deformed and they've moved around a little and oh, do I want to get them out?
Okay, yes.
And so anybody who's listening, first of all, they started telling us about 20 years ago whether or not we wanted to listen to it or how they told us or whether it was just a form that we signed.
The transparency, the informed consent was that they had us sign all these forms, right?
And one of the things they told us back then is get your breast implants replaced every 10 years.
No, I've been working with thousands of women from all around the world over the last five years, almost six at this point on this topic, and everybody has a different story.
If yours have been in that long, they need to come out now.
If you get my book, Killer Breasts, you go to KillerBreastsBook.com.
Grab that book and inside of it, I have an entire chapter as well as I have a course that's called The X-Plant Solution.
You guys go to DyingCage.com forward slash transform.
All of the resources I'll talk about today are there for you.
I have a free ebook, all sorts of things.
But in my book and in my course, I teach you what I did to get my breast X-Plant surgery covered for about $100.
Because when I went to Western Medicine and they said, no, we're not going to cover this.
No, we're not going to cover this.
I said, the hell you won't.
You guys have approved these things for installation in our bodies and none of them have actually been approved for safety in a long-term study.
So when you work with the right surgeon who is covered by insurance, you could work with their front desk receptionist and use the exact template.
I created the exact letter that we crafted.
It took us three times and we got it approved by insurance.
So if you get a good surgeon, they'll fight for you.
Just like, you know, you have to fight for yourself as well.
You are your greatest warrior.
And after three of those attempts, we got it covered.
So more of us need to request this.
And there are millions of women all around the world who are really, really working hard to get this.
One more thing, and I want everyone to hear this.
First of all, mammograms are radiation.
They are the things that actually cause these things to rupture.
If your doctor says you need to get a mammogram so that they can look at some scans, opt for an MRI.
That'll cost you, you know, usually less than 250 bucks, maybe, depending on your insurance.
Get an MRI and then ask for them to use that.
Do not let them PCR swab you.
I've actually helped patients opt out of that.
There's a lot of different ins and outs of this on how to speak medical language to the psychopaths that are the insurance companies.
So I'm happy to help you beyond all of that.
If you need to, you can always join the VIP group and I can help you more from there.
But that's the gist of it.
And usually you're going to kind of get a ping pong back and forth with it.
I promise you when you get these things out, you're also going to want to detox and you're going to feel better than you ever have because many, many women don't realize these things clog up your lymphatic glands and end up all of these microplastics end up in your heart function and a lot of heart attacks, etc.
So don't let up on it.
Don't let them do a mammogram on you.
It might smash your breasts.
And I've actually had women die and or get diagnosed with lupus right after the mammogram.
So I could say a lot more about it, but that's a good start.
Does that help?
Oh, it does help.
What's the PCR that you just talked about to not let them do it?
The nasal swab.
The nasal swab.
Some hospitals are doing that, but if it's a private hospital, they might not.
Public hospitals sometimes are recommending the PCR test to confirm that you are COVID negative.
We all know that's nonsense.
They're still doing that, huh?
Yeah, some places are.
Some countries are.
So you're going to want to make sure that you're working with as progressive of a surgeon as you can and make sure that your surgeon, and this is the first chapter of my book, make sure that your surgeon acknowledges that breast implant illness is an actual thing.
Because if they don't, they're going to fight you on it, tell you that your breast implants are fine and you need to go bigger.
And I promise you this is something we hear every single day in this industry and it's nonsense.
All right, we take a short break.
When we come back, we will go back to the phone lines.
That was an excellent first call there, Susan, in Florida.
I hope it was very helpful for any other women in the audience that might have a similar issue or a similar question.
We'll be right back with Dr. Diane Kayser after this break.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of, is it pro-human or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debates and discussions about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
And so we have the t-shirt.
Team Humanity with a nuclear family standing against the globalists.
This shirt is a great conversation starter, but it also is a fundraiser to keep InfoWars on the air so we can promote and support Team Humanity.
I want to thank you all for your past support but I want to encourage you all now to understand that this is a revolution against the globalists and it is so critical now to signal the fact that you are part of Team Humanity.
We're told humans are the problem.
We're told we're killing the earth.
We're told all this garbage so we hate ourselves and stand down and roll over and die.
We're not going to do that.
Get your Team Humanity shirts now at InfoWarsStore.com and I thank you all for your support.
Alright, Dr. Diane Kayser is our guest.
DianeKayser.com is her website for more information, all of her books, VIP access, if you want to get further inquiries into her.
But we go back to the phone lines now.
And we go to Simon in Florida.
Simon, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, last time you were on I was noticing that, oh and hello to both of you, noticing you talked about Internet of Things, and if you guys look that up, the crew looks it up, it's Internet of Bodies, so they're going to use graphene for that.
So when you talk about any of the technology that they're entering into your body from these things, that's basically where that leads to.
So the graphene is going to be, it's super fast, it runs at a low temperature, And it's going to replace the new, it's going to be the new semiconductor.
All those things you can look up, simple search on Google.
But I just wanted to see what you thought about that and how that affects the things or works with the things that you're talking about being entered into our bodies.
Yeah, which part would you like to get my opinion on?
Because it's a kind of a wide topic.
Well, the Internet of Bodies, you know, people aren't really aware of that, but that's the actual term.
And that's how things are going to connect with each other.
Maybe you could start with that, that'd be great.
Yeah, for sure.
So, graphene as well as cesium, a lot of radioactive elements.
Cesium, barium, strontium.
Cesium-137 was one of the radioactive elements that was used in the weapon injections, in the COVID shots.
And now that we're finding the same technology that they've been looking under the microscope, the dark field microscopy, thanks to Dr. David Nixon and Dr. Anna, who've been really finding these things, we can see that there's a lot more.
There's a lot more than just a cesium-137.
Know that it's the graphene oxide, the cesium, as well as the cesium that is included in what we have now been seeing, almost nearly all injectables.
We have yet to confirm that for everything that you might get from Western Medicine. They're
saying it's an insulin shots, B12 injections, dental anesthetics, Botox. So be very
mindful. Okay, that's all we're saying right now. So I personally believe that the only things that
should be injected into you are things coming from a clinic who's doing the research and can give you a
certificate of analysis that shows that these bio weapons are not in the things that they're injecting
inside of you.
This is actually happening.
So if you guys go to that dental website, if you go to my website, DianeKaiser.com and then forward slash transform, I put together these resources for you guys.
You'll see the dental resources on there.
And the dentists that we're working with globally are actually doing this research.
They're biological dentists and so they're looking into these things.
So they're not putting anything in you that is going to create the Internet of Things inside of your body.
Diane, I'm getting inquiries about this.
Where can people find like references to dental practices or how can they get that information?
Yeah, so if they go to Diancazer.com forward slash transform or like my website and they just click on how we help patients or get started here.
But Diancazer.com forward slash transform.
I have so many resources because I've been doing this for 15 years.
I try to put them all in one spot so that you guys can learn more.
You're going to see all kinds of videos.
You just put your name and email address in there and we'll send you everything.
Interviews with the main guy who is the trainer of biological dentistry in America.
I've done all sorts of interviews on Even the things that you can use in your mouth that are healthy.
If we're using BPA bristles on teeth brushes and floss, then these are just things that are adding more BPA and microplastics that are one of the leading causes of heart attacks these days.
So everything, we got to clean up our mouth and that actually starts with our diet too.
So I'll go back to the question about graphene oxide.
The graphene is actually what serves as an antenna and a conduit to draw in these EMF frequencies, the 5G fields.
The other thing would be aluminum.
Aluminum has been around for a long time and in fact, it's about a half of your silver fillings.
If you have silver fillings, about half of them is aluminum.
And the other half is mercury and then there's some tin.
We actually see these things when we test our patients with a simple urine test we ship to you.
Your western medicine doctor is not going to know about this, but we ship them directly to you.
We get these results back.
We see people who are really high in tin or really high in aluminum or really high mercury.
We are not able to yet test for graphene oxide, but we do live blood cell analysis at the clinics I work out down in Mexico to see what kinds of things that are happening in your blood.
So graphene, we got to get it out.
Aluminum, we got to get it out.
Mercury, we got to get it out.
I say ABC, always be cleansing.
The more graphene that you have in the body, and this is the work that I've seen on 5G Apocalypse.
This is a documentary that my friend Sasha Stone made with my other friend Mark Steele.
He's a 5G weapons expert, the global weapons expert, and knowing what these graphene oxide contaminants in the body do, it makes us easier to be tracked and traced.
Look no further than China to see how this is actually happening.
So I tell everybody to get this stuff out of the body.
Citric acid and then as well as the binders that you'll see when you go to my Transform page, you'll see all kinds of binders that I recommend.
Humic acid is one of the strongest binders that you can take on a daily basis to cleanse out the graphene oxide.
I would say reduce exposure first and foremost.
Stop exposing yourself to it as much as you can.
But we're all breathing in this stuff in chemtrails.
We're accessing it from previous injections.
No one knows how long they've been putting this in our bodies.
So I take this stuff on a regular basis and this is what we teach our patients to do and then they get better and diseases go away and they don't need prescriptions anymore.
So, humic, fulvic, and citric acid are the best things that you can take.
They're called binders.
They bind to these toxins like the graphene oxide as well as all these other metals.
Certainly, the zeolites do help, but we have found that the citric acid works better as well as EDTA to break down the graphene oxide and the hydrogels in the body.
So, I could go on and on about that topic, but I think that maybe covers it for now.
Any follow-up to that?
Well, let's actually jump to another caller to talk about... I know that he's going to want to talk about blood analysis here.
That's Matt Baker in California.
He's been chomping at the bit with this issue for a long time.
Matt, you're on the air.
Hey, Owen.
How are you doing?
Stay away from those parasites.
Anyway, hey, so...
I had this thing happen with my wife.
She was in the hospital for 26 days, and it was after a blood transfusion, and basically she had multiple blood transfusions, so the chances of her not getting mRNA-infected blood is basically zero.
After that, she ended up getting pericarditis.
Now she ended up so severe with it because there was blood probably going up the duct.
Hey Matt, we are having problems here buddy.
We can barely hear you.
I don't know if it's a speakerphone issue or a signal issue.
All right, I think we had a signal issue there.
He's dropped off.
Maybe we'll get back connected.
Let's go to Susan in Missouri.
Susan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, you guys are doing a great job.
And you're actually freaking everyone out out here, especially if you're having dental work done.
So I want to know, I just went to a new dentist and they are clueless as to all this stuff being in the anesthetic.
So, what anesthetic is out there that a person can use that won't have this crap in it?
It's a great question.
And the dentist won't even, like, I don't even know if the dentist's office will order something different than what they use.
And can you call the companies and get from them the information that is in, you know, in their product?
And will they even divulge that information?
Good question, Susan.
Okay, so first of all, my take at this point on regular dentists is that they're pretty archaic in their training that many of them are still installing mercury fillings.
I had a dentist who graduated through our ministry a couple of years ago.
He went through our course, blew his mind, and I'm sorry, I'm here to help open your mind, not change it and expand it.
So we have to confront these things.
And this is what I mean by being a health warrior.
So part of you needs to freak out, right?
That's the natural reaction.
I want you to freak out.
I want you to get angry because that is the only thing that will move you to change.
So you need to be challenged before you change.
The word change is in the word challenge, if you broke that word down.
So yes, what he found out when he came to our Institute and he graduated, He came to one of our calls extremely angry one day and said, I went to a CEU training for his dentistry and he's same thing.
He's a standard ADA, which is American Dental Association, and they're still training on putting these things in people's mouths.
So I do not trust, at this point, conventional dentists.
What I do trust is biological dentists who are more holistic in nature.
You go to IAOMT.org and you can find a biological dentist in your area.
I also put a whole bunch of resources on...
Yeah, it's IAOMT.org.
And when you go to that website, you can find dentists in your area that are more holistic in nature that do smart amalgam removal techniques, which is safe mercury amalgam removal technique.
There's a lot of other resources that I have on that dental page that I highly recommend that you go listen to.
I have a whole video of me talking for an hour answering questions like this, and so that way you can take more notes.
There's a slide, if you guys can bring this up, the producers, slide number five on the production I sent to you.
I want you to see the answer for the one that they have actually shown under the microscope to not have any of the nanotech in it, and that's levobupivacain.
It's a very strange spelling.
But they found that virtually every other dental anesthetic has the graphene and the hydrogels in it.
So what my beef is, is that they constantly, they meaning the different drug companies, pharmaceuticals that are making these things, they're changing the formulas all the time.
It's kind of like when they switched from glyphosate and they started using atrazine and they started saying that they were using something safer, but it really wasn't.
So this is the same kind of thing that they'll do.
They'll bait and switch and they'll change up a brand.
So we've got to be on top of this stuff.
I also ask questions like, well, do you really need dental anesthetics for every procedure?
I have some pretty hardcore patients that are like, you know what?
I'm going to try this procedure without it.
And what we're using is things like essential oils.
So I recommend essential oils in my practice.
And you use one that has the word supplement facts on it, grab some clove, use it topically For numbing and then see if that helps.
I mean, there are a lot of things that we could be doing instead of just going to the standard dentist.
You will not get covered by insurance for these things usually.
So if you guys can, I don't know if you can or can't bring up that slide, but I wanted to show what they found under the microscope.
But it's called Levo Bupivacaine and there's a lot more information on that dental resource page that you guys can find when you go to Diancaja.com forward slash transform.
And other than that, there's another video I just posted on there yesterday that talks about root canals.
You got to get them all out.
You've got to get them out and look at things that are replaceable for that area, which is where they remove that area.
There's no blood flow.
There's no nerve flow.
So your body can't communicate if there is pain in that area because it's essentially dead.
It's like a gangrene finger.
I'll cut those out in Western Medicine, but why won't they cut out the idea of a root canal?
It's a very archaic, old school way of, air quotes, treating an area of the body that we need to get away from.
So bridges and healthy implants, non-titanium if you can, all of those resources are on that page.
So when you have a root canal removed or an implant put in, you might actually need more of a dental anesthetic because it can kind of hurt.
And so in that case, you want to use levopipivacain if you can.
But a lot of dentistry clinics in America are not sourcing that.
I know that the clinic that we work at down in Mexico at Tijuana, we do source that there.
And then we're doing more testing for the other dental anesthetics that we're using as well in the practice.
So we're not putting anything inside of you that has the hydrogel.
Anything else, Susan?
I asked the dental office if they could get a different anesthetic in and they said no, they have to use what they have at their facility.
And then the other thing is, is there any way we can all call our attorney generals and have them say that the pharmaceutical companies have to, if they have these in their product, they have to let the dentist know because the dentist doesn't even know.
And then the dentist, because we should have informed consent on this, that the dentist Uh, have to have the patient sign that they're aware of what they're putting in their body.
I mean, there's this patent out there that somebody said was US 22200215981 and it actually contains, um, is that the right one?
One of these patents, no, that's not the right one.
There's a patent that actually contains a parasite called tryposoma pusei.
And it also has the graphene oxide in it.
And they're injecting this into people.
People should be aware of this.
Yeah, my perspective on this is that I don't know if you've ever been in a relationship with a psychopath, but at this point we all are, which is these three-letter organizations.
We didn't get anywhere really when we started protesting, right?
I'm not about protesting and fighting as much as I am just saying, you know what, there's a better way.
We don't have to choose to work with these people who are not curious.
They're not humble and asking questions about what's in the things that they're putting in their patients.
There is a way, and if you work with an attorney general, somebody could do that.
I highly recommend that you do that.
In the meantime, why not work with a dentist or a team of practitioners that are on your side already?
You don't have to argue with them.
You don't have to convince them.
You don't have to arm wrestle them.
You don't have to petition.
You don't have to lose your life force, your chi life force, to get them to see your perspective.
So there's plenty of dentists that are biological and holistic in nature that will ask the questions that are curious when you bring this topic to them.
So go to them.
It's a lot easier and I promise you'll have a lot more energy in the long run.
That trypanosoma cruzi parasite, for all we know, that is also in these injectables, the dental anesthetics.
They put that technology in the COVID shots.
And that is what causes Chagas disease.
Chagas disease is basically called the sleeping sickness.
It turns people into zombies and it starts to deactivate their prefrontal lobe and their hippocampus and they start forgetting who they are.
And just the work of Dr. Michael Nills is indicating that all of this is what's happening is shrinking your hippocampus and they're implanting propaganda instead so that you essentially are empty of your own thoughts.
So that is my approach.
And that is the approach I take with patients and we don't have to fight with anymore.
We're literally like Owen said last time, we're building another way.
We're voting with our dollar.
That is the much easier way where we don't have to keep warring with each other.
Well, and you know, thank you for the call Susan.
Another kind of aspect or approach that I like to take and I think is important is, this is why my personal health And mental health is so important too, not just for my own reason, but so when you're talking to other people about this, or even doctors or dentists about this...
You know, there's a level of respect there.
Like, they know you're not crazy.
They know that you're healthy.
They know that you're an example of what you want to be.
And so I think that that's another important aspect of this, too, is to... Because they'll discount somebody if they think you're crazy, or they'll discount somebody if they think that you're significantly unhealthy.
Just based off of that alone, whether it's fair or not, it's a very real thing.
So, you know, being an example of the good health, I think, is also very important.
to kind of add a little leverage to this.
And I would just follow that up quickly, Diana, I don't want to spend too much time on this.
If you can just answer this quickly, I'd like to squeeze in a couple more calls
as we're short on time.
Detox methods, if people are concerned about this.
Yes, thank you, Owen.
First of all, I always start with stop assaulting your body with more toxins.
I mean, you could detox all day long, but then if you have a crappy diet or you're still continuing to do the very things that poison you, then we're just circulating the same problems.
So this is what I teach in my ministry, and I have been doing this for 15 years, and I've done it the wrong way.
I've done it the long way.
The best way is this, and this is what we teach in my Warrior Cleanse.
It's a lifestyle.
It's a whole lifestyle.
To just say we're going to kill parasites or just say that we're going to take, you know, let's say some people say, take MMS.
It's going to kill all the parasites.
Well, the reason why our body becomes inhabitable to parasites is because our body is a wasteland.
It's acidic.
And it gives these parasites a room to grow and to feed off of you.
So if you don't want the parasites to come back, you've got to get your body ready for the first of all, the fight of excreting them.
And second of all, we need to support drainage.
So at this point, before you even start detoxing, and this is what I do with patients because they end up saying, well, God, I detoxed and it was so painful and never doing that again, it didn't work.
And the reason why you might have had that experience is called Herxing, Herxheimer reaction.
That is probably because you're pushing out toxins faster than your body can get rid of them.
So we've got to focus on, first of all, making sure you have enough energy.
That's mitochondria support.
Second of all, making sure that your exit doors are open.
So when we start pushing toxins out and parasites out, they can leave and they don't go circulating back up to the brain and cause more problems.
So those are the two things you want to focus on before you detox.
Then when you move into detox, you do it with food, you do it with water, you drink distilled water, you eat real food, you eliminate certain things out of your diet like the glutens and the dairies that congest your lymphatic drainage systems.
And then as far as detox, We use five different binders in my practice, and they're different binders for different toxins.
So once we have an idea of what toxins are in your body, which is why we start with lab testing, and for those of you who can't do lab testing and just want some one-on-one advice, we do that in the VIP group and I'll customize answer to you based on, are you living close to, let's say, a golf course?
Well, then you're breathing in a lot of glyphosate.
We've got to get you on an environmental toxins binder.
And that's very specific to that.
Are you surrounded by a ton of crop fields like GMO fields?
Well, you might have some atrazine.
Are you working in, let's say, a car shop and you've got exposure to high levels of heavy metals?
Well, you might not want to quit your job, but I've got to get you on some binders for that too.
I could keep talking about all different kinds of other toxins too, like the mold and then the parasites that were in the shots.
So when we get into this, there's a lot of things to cleanse and we make it easy that in three months, all of this stuff can be gone and you're living the lifestyle where you're in maintenance mode.
So I do feel like things like zeolites, I do like things like graphenox or I'm sorry, Activated charcoal, but those are the really simple ones.
The other ones that are the ones that go deeper and that can really pull out the metals, especially like the cesium, the things that make the internet of things work, and the graphene, that would be like the citric, the fulvic, and the humic acid.
And all the supplements that I recommend to our patients have that technology and they don't have all the incipients that make it difficult to absorb.
There's other things too.
I teach like saunas, enemas.
Yeah, I know, enemas.
And those are amazing.
I'm going to pass on the enema for now.
I do recommend the sauna.
Let's squeeze in another call here before this next break.
Let's go to Mike in California.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hey, Owen.
It's an honor to talk to you.
Doctor, I'm glad you're on.
Hey, I'm a 90% disabled service-related disabled vet, so I utilize the VA system for all of my health care.
And they've got me on bupropion, gabapentin, Cymbalta.
You know, I have serious arthritis problems and I'm a logger up here in Northern California.
So, I mean, I still work, but I'm also disabled.
But I'm worried about all this medication that I'm taking.
We have a freeze dryer and we grow our own fruits and vegetables and we freeze dry beets.
and broccoli and stuff like that.
And so we're adding those to our morning shakes.
My question is, should I go ahead and start weaning myself off of all these drugs that they've got me on?
I'm worried in particular about the enalapril, the blood pressure medicine.
That's an easy one to get off of.
I'll tell you that right now.
I'm from Northern California myself, so hi.
I don't live there now, but I love the question because we actually just talked about this yesterday in our Mastermind group and one of the women, she's amazing, going through our training to be a certified holistic health and detox coach through our ministry where I teach these programs, she's a pharmacist.
And she was on, I think it was two or three medications for 20 years.
And after 20 years of that and coming in and doing the work that I'm talking about here, maybe not the enema part, says Owen, and most of my guide patients are like, I'm not touching that.
I'm like, okay, well, I've got some other alternatives for you.
Let's just make sure your bowels are moving.
But in that sense, We can get off these medications.
I want you guys to know that.
I mean, you can.
I wouldn't recommend Cold Turkey.
What she did, and she's a pharmacist herself, and she's helping patients to get off medications by learning what she's learned here with me, and she's blown away.
High blood pressure is one that, if we look at what causes high blood pressure, It's stress, it's toxins, and it's just backup waste that isn't properly leaving the body.
So imagine if your garbage disposal switch wasn't working.
That's what we've got to fix.
And that's why I say we've got to focus on drainage so your body is eliminating.
People don't know this, but 70% of detox happens through our exhalation.
So a lot of people who aren't moving or exercising, you say you're disabled, but you're out there exercising, so kudos to you.
But that's also why, like Owen just mentioned, I love saunas.
Because a lot of times with saunas, on a regular basis, especially for my disabled patients, or people who just can't work out because they feel like they just don't like it.
Get in a sauna three times a week, a full spectrum infrared sauna.
All those resources are on my website, which kind of sauna that I like because the ones that you just go, you know, if you go to a gym, those are just going to deplete you and make you dehydrated.
You get 10 times more detox happening through a full spectrum infrared sauna.
So if you can get one of those in your home or go to a place to do it, three times a week is a sweet spot.
That's about 20% of our detox pathways happen through our perspiration.
And then the other 10% is defecation and urination.
So we've got to open the floodgates so that these things can leave.
Once we start detoxing you, and I should say the word cleanse because some people associate detox with like addiction medications or benzodiazepines or street drugs.
It's not that.
It's cleansing and then detox is a deep level.
When we start getting those out, your blood pressure drops because your body isn't having to work so hard.
And we're up against a break.
Mike, thank you for that call.
Let's do another five minutes at least here.
I'm going to be selfish and I'm going to ask you some questions too here.
We'll be right back.
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All right, I want to thank all the callers and I'll tell you what, it's such a great segment.
I think we'll bring it back, ask the doctor with Dr. Diane Kayser here.
We'll bring it back again.
I'm sorry to the callers we didn't get to.
I want to ask her a couple things here.
We just got a couple more minutes left and I'm sure that these are common things.
These are things for men and anybody.
And this is something I know that's toxic, but Diane, I can't, there's nothing I can do.
I've tried everything and that's with aluminum-free deodorant.
Every aluminum-free deodorant I've tried, it just either doesn't work or it leaves me irritated.
I've even had sometimes, I wouldn't say it's a rash, but like skin irritation that kind of becomes inflamed.
Um, and so there's just no solution for me.
I've kind of just given up on that battle.
Actually, a new company just came out with a new one that I've been trying and it's kind of just the same thing.
It just doesn't work.
So I don't know if there's any recommendations or alternative you have to aluminum free
or not using aluminum laced deodorants.
And then the other one, this was for men.
You know, I'll go to my barber and I have a beard of many colors.
When I trim and cut my beard or my barber does, I mean, it's got red, white, gray, black, brown, blonde.
I mean, it's just, but he's like, hey, you know, I can dye your beard.
I can dye your beard.
You know, you got all these beard dyes.
We can make it one color.
We can make it match your hair.
And I've always been hesitant because I really just don't like cosmetics, generally speaking.
But I've also been worried about toxicity.
So beard dyes for men.
Is it toxic?
Is it safe?
And then what do you recommend for people that have tried all these different aluminum-free deodorants and it doesn't work?
First I would back up even further because I'm super root cause and so is it to mask the smell or to stop you sweating?
Getting personal.
Getting personal, Owen.
Let's say both.
Okay, so if your armpits smell, and I'm talking to Owen and everybody, I totally appreciate the transparent question, then we got to ask the question, how toxic is the body such that it's trying to get these things out in your armpits?
If you have smell, if you have BO odor, that is your body saying to you, I'm toxic.
So if we can get your perspiration happening in other areas or detoxification or adding binders, especially if you're drinking something like Chlorella.
If you're drinking something like Chlorella, it's a great BO binder and it's not going to be as bad for smell, for the odor.
One thing you can do is just inject your armpits with Botox, Owen.
All the cool kids are doing it and you just stop sweating.
I'm totally kidding.
Absolutely kidding.
But that's what they do!
Are you serious?
I'm not kidding!
They will put Botox in their armpits so that it's the anti-sweat, but it also paralyzes the nerves and they die and they don't come back.
And it's a gulp-war poison that they used.
Well, and I was kind of asking that question generally.
The problem that I've had is not necessarily with either or, it's like, I mean, yeah, I'll sweat eventually long enough, especially if I'm out in the heat or it's summer.
Sometimes in studio, I get a little hot and sweat.
And it's not necessarily an odor issue, but what's strange is, it's like it's worse.
When I use the aluminum-free deodorant, my perspiration is worse, and then at the end of the day, the odor is worse.
So it's like, it's not even having the intended effect.
It's like having a reverse effect, where I end up being better not wearing it.
I know, I know.
I feel your pain.
So it's not uncommon.
No, it's a very common question and Botox is a very common solution.
They use Botox on tickets to Segway.
They use it for their scrotums and they call it Scrotox.
They use it up in their hair.
Oh my gosh!
And they call it Blotox.
Yeah, what I hear in this industry is nonsense and people are falling for it.
So stop using Botox, okay?
Stop using Axiodurant.
Anyway, Zinc Oxide.
A non-nano Zinc Oxide.
Have you tried that yet?
No, I told you I gave up, Diane.
I gave up.
You know what?
Let's try this for an experiment.
Since we're going to be on again, we'll send you some stuff and you can give it a shot and we can have a separate conversation on what works.
I don't know if I want to experiment.
You know, I'm 34 years old.
I sit in here in a jacket for hours every day.
It's about to be 100 degrees for 90 straight days in Austin.
But I'll tell you what, we'll communicate.
Maybe I'll volunteer for this experiment.
I'll get treated like a monkey here.
But quickly, with the beard dyes, because I get recommended that.
Is that toxic?
Just a simple answer.
In fact, that's actually what pushed me over the edge.
All of us, we have these glasses and we're getting filled up with toxic.
Ten seconds!
I need the answer!
I need it!
Non-ammonia-based dyes.
Non-ammonia-based dyes.
We may have to follow up.
Dr. Diane Kaiser, thank you for your time.
We're going to do this again.
Jason Burmess is about to take over here the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We covered a lot of news today.
We had great guests.
We heard from Alex on that breaking video from yesterday.
I know we're going to be hearing more from Alex tomorrow.
He's going to be back in studio Friday.
As well, there's a lot of other news stories I didn't get to that I'll have to put on hold for tomorrow as well.
A lot of video clips and of course it's only going to build with all the news that breaks in the next 24, 21 hours until we're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
But Jason Berman is about to come up with breaking news and we'll have Harrison Smith hosting the War Room coming up in 54 minutes as well where I normally am at.
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And let's keep this place on the air with all the attacks and now they brag about it on hidden cameras.
Alright, that does it for me.
Jason Burmiss, your fourth hour host.
Take it away.
Thank you, Owen, and thank you guys for watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
We're actually going to break some more news here today.
You know, I had a whole other thing lined up for the beginning of this broadcast, but as I watched the end of the broadcast and they were showing a RAND Corporation reel of the Internet of Bodies, it reminded me that this just came out the other day by the RAND Corporation.
Now, the RAND Corporation, of course, is behind such great studies as Plague, Cyborgs, and Super Soldiers, the Human Domain of War, and of course this document, Brain-Computer Interfaces Security 2040.
But now they're taking on QAnon!
And folks, this is the type of civil war setup and divisive military conflict document That's being put out there and people aren't realizing it.
So, take a look at this.
Veteran narratives of support for extremist groups and belief.
And not only they hone in on QAnon, but of course the Great Replacement Theory.
Now, the Great Replacement Theory I really talk about is the one of the human species via a transhuman agenda.
But we could talk about political aspects, what is going on right now in this country and really abroad because Let's be honest, the way they phrase it, they phrase it as though they're moving in people that share their political ideologies and beliefs.
I don't believe that.
I think that people are being moved in here to be able to support a great narrative, if you will, the illusion of that.
And by the way, white supremacy also A big part of this document.
But as I have warned in the past, it's anything against their great narrative, their great agenda, their repackaged New World Order agenda that is now the Great Reset.
And that's why they're also going after black nationalists.
But we're going to scroll through this document.
We're going to hone in on a couple of things, especially because you're a QAnon conspiracy theorist.
Are you ready for this?
If you think that politicians are the puppets of elite billionaires, that's almost a direct quote.
Also, don't question Jeffrey Epstein's death, you know, by suicide twice in the most secure facility you could have possibly had him in.
It's where they held El Chapo.
And again, if you watch the hearings after the fact, they had not had a suicide in that institution for 13 years.
But let's scroll through this for a bit, okay?
Let's get into it.
And while we're doing this, I do want to let the control room know I don't have a time clock to look at right now.
I'm seeing a different screen.
But let's check this out, right?
This is hot off the presses.
Where is this?
I think it's April 9th?
I think they published this yesterday or the day before.
Okay, and it's also in conjunction with other people and policies that I talk about constantly.
The Pritzker Military Institute is big on this.
The Pritzker's governor of Illinois, the sister slash transgender man, aka Jennifer Pritzker, the richest A transgender person only rivaled by Martine Rothblatt, who I constantly highlight.
Now check it out, we've got Antifa, Proud Boys, Black Nationalists, and White Supremacists all the way along with QAnon in this document.
And where are the Pritzkers?
They're right here!
The Pritzker Military and Museum and Library, okay?
So, they give out their little acknowledgements, they go out over the summary of how they interviewed 21 people that had served in the military, and they'll give you a rundown of their age and all that stuff.
But here are the small little sections in Chapter 2, okay?
And again, they're pushing This idea that we're going to war with each other.
We're so divided and there's going to be some kind of a military uprising via this militia movement.
This was always the plan and this is why you have Homeland Security.
This is why you have the fusion centers.
This is why you have now the open acknowledgement that it's no longer the big bad Muslim terrorists we have to worry about.
It's the domestic terrorists on the inside, the white supremacists.
But don't worry, like I've told you before, if you're a supporter of somebody like Louis Farrakhan, if you question anything, well, you're also, what, a black nationalist.
Okay, there's the political violence.
They outright ask about political violence.
Now, I really want to hone in on the QAnon sense here.
Because, you know, this hijacked so many truths out there.
For instance, when they tell you what QAnon believes, okay, that's, I mean, it's so beyond ridiculous, here we go, that I'm going to read it directly.
See, there's the political violence, here we go.
We asked five participants about their professed views of the QAnon conspiracy theory based on endorsement of QAnon on the 2022 survey.
We asked them specifically about the statement.
Here's the statement.
The government, media, and financial worlds in the U.S.
are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation.
Now, responses range from partial to full support.
Now, this is where we're going to... What is partial support of that?
First of all, the government, the media, and financial worlds, okay?
There are people that are in controlling positions, that are part of organizations, that are openly occulting.
All right?
Now, let's start there.
What we've seen with a lot of these institutions is the inversion of reality.
Doesn't necessarily believe in Satan or maybe even Satanism, but Satanism is that self-serving religion where it's do as thou will.
Just want to throw that out there as well.
And then as far as global child sex trafficking, I'd just like to point out that many people within the media and the political realm have been outed as pedophiles.
I often point to the fact that Dennis Hassard, who was the longest-serving Republican Speaker of the House at the time, again, supersedes right or left issues, not about anybody coming to save you.
This guy was labeled a serial child molester by a judge, and he was doing this before he got into politics.
It's a problem, everybody.
That's a real issue.
Check this out.
In response to this QAnon question, one participant stated, that's crazy.
However, when pressed further, the participant, get this, he conceded belief in at least part of the conspiracy theory, and this is how, by stating that U.S.
presidents do not make decisions to run the country and instead serve as puppets of billionaires.
So now, If you believe the presidency, like if you believe the Barack star is a literal political media creation by people above him, which I openly do, I mean that guy is, that Barry Sotero is a created politician by committee, under billionaires, 100%.
I'm a good speaker, definitely a real person.
Was he really in charge?
A lot of people think he's in charge now.
He's a consultant.
He's upper management.
He is a puppet.
That's QAnon sense?
So I believed that before any QAnon secret code word blah blah blah Johnny nonsense, but now if I believe that I believe in QAnon.
Another participant initially laughed at the question and noted, I didn't say that.
But then the participant observed, I don't think Epstein killed himself.
Who killed him and why?
Maybe because he was flying rich people all over the world.
That's a fact, Jack.
So now you believe in facts that Epstein was flying rich people all over the world.
Okay, that there is more than enough evidence that not only he wasn't the only one in the realm of underage girls.
We know Jean-Luc Brunel, who's no longer with us on that plane, had those same allegations.
A lot of people in the fashion world, but no, no, no.
And yeah, I'm sorry, Bill Clinton not only didn't have A little ranch, a little side ranch over at Zorro Ranch, New Mexico.
Oh wait, no he did?
Oh, and he was flying on those planes.
And we only have partial lists.
You believe that?
You believe in the QAnon sense.
You look at this.
Three others were more direct in their support.
One participant responded.
That's 100% correct.
I truly believe it.
The Catholic Church is in on it.
That's why they have orphanages all over the globe.
It's all tied to the Epstein Island.
People laugh about this because it's so sick and twisted.
I 100% agree with it.
Where are all these missing kids going?
Child trafficking is a real thing.
And it spans a multitude of venues.
And again, I don't share that convoluted sentence.
But I have.
Do I have it right here?
Probably do.
We do.
No, do we?
I don't.
I don't have the Franklin scandal right next to me.
I usually do.
I'd suggest they read that.
I'd suggest you watch Conspiracy of Silence.
I think it's important.
Again, Another participant stated, I believe all of the QAnon stuff is true.
If you know anything about Hillary Clinton and her behavior and what she did to the children in Haiti, see again, a real thing, that happened, and they're convoluting that with QAnon sense.
You would have a good understanding of what's going on.
If you've seen anything of Biden's computer, you would know.
A real thing, not involved with QAnon.
Where are all the children gone?
The ones on the milk cartons when I was growing up.
A final participant, referring to all the stuff with Hollywood and Epstein, said it is hard to believe something is not connected.
He then referred to mysterious deaths that happen to people who put out information and conspiracy theorists are right more often than wrong.
Right in front of you.
Right in front of you, everybody.
This is dangerous.
I think this is going to continue on.
And in many ways, the QAnon sense really did hijack what was the truth movement, right?
And even today with a lot of the alternative media, I don't go after people, I'm not naming names, but a lot of it has been polluted by predictions.
Another one bites the dust on the eclipse, everybody!
Not the end of the world, not Armageddon.
I always tell people, when you hear about specific dates and things that are going to happen, that's not real.
That doesn't happen.
In fact, later on, because we're going to start talking about the hate and lie shots, and them selling you on these hate and lie shots, and this is a movement very much Not just for authoritarianism, not just for this great reset, repackaged, globalist, New World Order agenda, but that next move of the real great replacement theory, and that is replacing the human species with something else.
And that's very uncomfortable to talk about.
And they don't like that because they won't go there in documents like that because they're doing pro-transhumanism documents like the Internet of Bodies that you saw before.
They're pushing this technology and they don't like a guy like me pointing out.
I don't give a rat's arnis if you speak another language.
I don't care if you're a different color skin.
I quite frankly don't care what gender you are.
All right?
Don't care.
You're a human being.
Team, truly team humanity over here.
So, later on, we're also going to play Old-school Burmese.
We're wearing high-def right now.
We look pretty decent out there.
We're talking 360p.
All the way back, I think, in 2009.
Okay, might have been 2010.
I think it's a clip from 2009.
Talking about the first fear-mongering global vaccination program based on a flu from an animal.
I mean, I was watching this earlier, and we're talking why the WikiLeaks is important.
We're laying out a blueprint for what actually happens during that COVID-1984 nightmare.
And you know, that probably gets me to my first clip, finally.
That we're gonna play and we got a ton of clips lined up.
We'll see In this, you know time frame what we're able to go over but this one here is called the earth 2100 and in it Okay, it shows you and this will also incorporate this climate agenda Through fear-mongering and like a cartoon in conjunction with the news and all the establishment venues you can imagine, that climate change is going to cause everything.
It's going to predict the future and like the next hundred years I survive the climate crisis.
I mean, this is the precursor for the climate crisis.
We're now hearing about this thing again 2008 over 15 years ago.
All right, and it opens With New York City under quarantine and then it goes to the other coastline and everybody's wearing blue masks.
Predictive programming is a real thing.
So let's do it.
Let's hit this clip.
In my life, I've seen New York City under full quarantine.
The Midwest overrun, devastated by pests.
Plagues sweep across California.
And then, what happened next was something none of us saw coming.
It became a race against time to save our future.
To even have a future.
It's the year 2100, and I survived.
So, really, this is an expansion piece, but everything's truncated.
I mean, you look at that opening scene.
Where, you know, plague sweeps California.
Let's turn the volume down.
I just want to freeze it on the New York City in quarantine.
Right there.
Spraying things.
Nobody's around.
Is that familiar?
The blue masks familiar?
You know who's starring in this?
You want to know?
Oh, Anthony Fauci's in it.
Oh, Eric Schmidt from Google.
John Podesta, who just got a job with his current administration, taking over for the climate crisis, where Jim Carrey was.
James Woolsey's in it.
Oh, some other players?
How about the $10 million man, Bezos-style, Van Jones?
All in that.
All telling you how super viruses are coming.
It's all climate change.
And you notice there's like a cartoon aspect to it.
They want to appeal to kids.
And one of the most egregious things about the COVID-1984 nightmare is how they targeted children.
Now, again, let's make sure that's all the way off.
One of the ways that they targeted children, unbelievably, and this just shows how far we went, play it in the background, is CNN partnered with Sesame Street, destroying what was left Of any part of my childhood, right?
There you see Sanjay Gupta, right?
Is that Dr. Sanjay Gupta?
Hopefully I'm getting his name right.
For some reason.
And look, it's Wen!
Isn't that Lee Wen?
All the usual suspects here, playing on the fears.
Having children come in and ask questions.
Playing on the fear.
Oh, we all want to go back and play.
But now you gotta wear a mask.
Oh, can it spread through water?
See, this is the fear-mongering on the way up.
To, you're gonna take the hate and lies shot.
This is a 20 minute piece and this is far from the only one.
I mean, did most of society as weak-minded and as gutless as they've shown themselves to be on real issues like the War of Terror, okay?
Did they have any chance against this?
I don't know.
Too good or too long.
To accepting of the incrementalism we've seen where it got here.
Now, I do want to point this out that we might even play some clips of Sesame Street back in the day promoting traditional vaccinations as well, but it was never anything like this.
I mean, this was a full-on program.
I remember I couldn't watch adults swim.
Again, something that is targeted at adults, still Cartoon Network, right?
Without seeing ads like this one for the hate and lie shots.
Elmo and I are feeling hopeful and excited!
Elmo can't wait to have an indoor playdate with Abby!
We're excited because lots of grown-ups are getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
Soon lots of us will be able to do our favorite things again.
Like Elmo and Daddy can share cookies with Cookie Monster and Booper Stewart!
Could've done that any time!
Could've done that any time, Elmo!
But no, no, don't worry.
And the thing is, it's going to go from targeting, you know, just the adults in the room, but obviously the children.
This is far from the only ad.
Oh, yeah, I can't wait.
That's why I got the COVID-19 vaccine.
So me and my family and neighbors can get back to playdates, trips, cookouts and sports.
Oh, Elmo knows what Elmo wants to do first.
Oh, what's that, son?
Oh, visit Manny.
Oh, it's Grandma!
I love- we can't- we're not gonna kill Grandma anymore!
I mean, wild!
Elmo misses her so much!
Elmo can't wait to give her this car!
Aww, she's gonna love that, Elmo!
Banana getting a vaccine?
Elmo, Mommy, and Daddy can see her again soon!
With three COVID-19 vaccines, sunnier days are ahead.
Visit GetVaccineAnswers.org.
All right.
Well, now let's target the kids directly through Sesame Street.
Oh, does Rosita have a boo-boo?
Oh, no, I make a business from my COVID vaccine.
And you notice they made it even like, oh, they're so clever.
They're on Zoom together.
And there's Gupta again!
It's okay for the kids to get it!
So from your parents to your kids to multitude of these hatin' live shots, I mean, this is fifth-generation warfare.
You better believe it.
My mommy and my poppy took me to get it this morning.
Rosita, that's great!
Getting the COVID vaccine is a great way to stay healthy.
See, my mommy and my poppy said that... Yeah, you know, but the inversion of truth, that's not Satanism.
What she just said, whether she serves the Dark Lord of Lucifer or not...
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So stock up on X3 right now at InfoWarsStore.com.
And we are back.
It's the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
I apologize.
That's just a little technical difficulty.
So I'm going to roll it back a little bit.
We're going to go back to this again.
This is CNN.
I want you to think about this.
Sanjay Gupta, how much do you think he got paid to sit up there and smile as that viper, that vulture in the top corner told children and their parents via Sesame Street and CNN That taking the hate and lie shot was a great way to stay healthy.
See, I remember these things.
I think it's important that we live in a place called reality.
So let's do it.
Let's play it.
Rosita, that's great.
Getting the COVID vaccine is a great way to stay healthy.
See, my mommy and my papi said that it will help keep me, my friends, my neighbors, my abuela all healthy.
Your parents are absolutely right.
You know, COVID vaccines are now available for children five years and older.
I mean, reading that, it got down to six months.
Smiling about it, saying it's going to keep everybody safe.
Do you, are you going to apologize, bro?
You know what you need to do?
For the entire time that you outwardly lied about all of this, I want you to take at least half of what you got paid to say it, all the way around, and give it to the injured kids.
Or hell, why don't you give it to the parents of the kids that didn't make it to maybe cut some of those costs from that free shot for their funerals, you dark son of a bitch.
I mean, this is the darkest of the dark, man.
This is the dark cartoon.
You know, forget about Clown World.
We lived in a dark, graphic novel for some time that needs to be HBO-ified.
Like, really.
Look at this!
Look at this!
Alright, I'm gonna pull it back.
I'm gonna go old school here.
I'm going to apologize about the resolution.
There's also an old school Alex Jones commercial we'll cut through and skip over.
But this is me, via InfoWars, a decade and a half ago, about 15 years ago, might be 14 and change, but about 15 years ago, talking about their first run of authoritarianism.
Expounding on the fact that we need things like WikiLeaks.