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Name: 20240405_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 5, 2024
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In this episode of Infowars, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the situation in Ukraine, the shooting at Trump National Hotel by Jonathan Odi, and the appointment of Zakiya Carr- Johnson as the top DEI officer at the State Department. He also promotes various products available on InfoWarsStore.com such as Survival Shield X3 nascent iodine supplement and Team Humanity shirts. The show addresses issues related to politics, legal matters, and social media censorship. It touches on topics like affirmative action, reverse racism in schools, corruption within the justice system, and speculations about blackmail involving Speaker Johnson. The discussion explores themes such as hierarchy, intrigue, resource control, awakening of innate potentialities within humans, secret societies, and their influence on the storyline. It also highlights the anti-AI and pro-human stance of the narrative. The portrayal of intelligence handlers and manipulators of eugenic bloodlines in Dune Messiah is compared to real-world intelligence operations. The novel contains themes such as imperial conditioning, a future ecumenist religion, and the concept of a global galactic Vatican 3 or space Vatican 3."

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All right, we have a ton of big breaking news, developing news and guests for you today
on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in at the desk.
But first, you have to wonder, you really have to wonder if Democrats and Liberals and Leftists, do they really not understand that their policies have consequences?
Do they really not understand that these things happen in patterns like dominoes?
And I think it's been displayed, I think it's been well studied enough to understand that the American left, the American liberal, the Democrat voter, really doesn't have multi-dimensional thinking.
They really can't understand that, oh, having some emotional stance on something like policy or an issue, well, then there's going to be something that follows that.
They really can't understand that.
You take sanctuary cities, they say, oh look, I'm not xenophobic, I want all the illegal immigrants, we love them, and then they show up in their neighborhoods and they complain about all the illegal immigrants.
Well, what is that?
Is that that they really not understood what was going to happen?
Do they really think that everything is just a fantasy land?
Do they not understand that there's consequences for actions and policies?
Well, the latest example has to be the red flag laws and the American left's agenda to take your guns.
This is a story out of Toronto County where a man shows up for a red flag law, a red flag law, so they show up to confiscate his guns.
How do you think it went?
Here's the local news report.
An Anne Arundel County man is dead after officers say he refused to give up his gun to police.
Officers shot and killed him at his home this morning where they were attempting to enforce the new red flag law.
Police now guarding the street where their attempt to enforce the new red flag law turned fatal hours earlier.
Around 5.15 in the morning, Anne Arundel County Police say they came to a home on Linwood Avenue near Broadview Boulevard to take weapons from 60-year-old Gary Willis.
They say two officers knocked on the door and Willis answered armed with a handgun.
Sergeant Jacqueline Davis says at first he put the gun down and stepped outside to talk with police.
He was fine with the officers until they told him, hey we're serving you with this order and this order orders us from the court to take your guns.
At that point she says Willis went for his gun.
One of the officers tried to grab it out of his hand and Willis pulled the trigger.
That bullet didn't hit anyone but it prompted the other officer to open fire shooting and killing the gun owner.
Keep in mind, California adopted a red flag law in 2014 according to Giffords Foundation.
That is an anti-gun organization, by the way.
However, FBI data show that California led the nation in active shooting incidents in 2021.
Red flag laws are the perfect Trojan horse gun control laws.
It sounds amazing on the surface to the normies who don't think past how the idea of a certain law makes them feel, but never look deep enough to see the hidden flaws and the dangers.
You mean, if If I think someone is scary, I can report them and have their guns taken away?
Sign me up!
It may sound like I'm oversimplifying red flag laws, but I'm not.
You see, the words on current red flag laws just use overtly complex language to say... So there's all kinds of dangers that come with red flag laws.
And we can focus on the issue of red flag laws and talk about the dangers, but really it comes down to what is The second amendment really about what is self-government really about?
What is what is we the people really about?
And and and where this notion comes from that the government is above you and can show up and disarm you like they did to this man and ended up killing him.
But this is really how it goes.
And that's obviously just a tiny little example, just a microcosm, but that's what it is.
The government shows up to disarm the people, a fight breaks out, and then you have death from gun violence.
But the government has the monopoly on violence now.
It's not supposed to be that way, but see how dangerous it is?
So I try to breeze through that first segment.
As I've got a loaded broadcast, I've got huge geopolitical news.
We've got huge news dealing with I guess what is their next plan to lock us down with a virus?
But since we've seen it before, we know how they operate, and we can get out ahead of it.
And we are, and Trump is now.
It seems like Trump has learned.
I've got more of the political persecution.
Big news there.
I've got just raw political news dealing with elections coming up.
We've got craziness as this Diddy story continues to get weirder and weirder, with now people from the inside speaking out, telling stories.
But, I breezed by that first five minutes in the opening short segment and I'm thinking, well, I'll just hit this issue quick and then move on to this other stuff.
And that's really not properly covering it.
That's really doing it a disservice.
A man sitting in his home.
Now, this man could be as deranged as they get.
This man could be as normal as they get.
A man sitting in his home and the government shows up to disarm him and he ends up dead.
This is an unnecessary, inorganic government intervention in a man's life sitting in his
home and now he's dead.
And so this is just a microcosm of what the red flag laws are going to do.
And what the true Democrat agenda is, to disarm the American people.
And the message is now loud and clear.
We'll show up to disarm you.
If you don't comply, we kill you.
It's like, how do I just breeze through that?
How do I just touch and run on that?
This is so critical.
This is such a foundational issue.
Because let's go a step further.
Let's say this guy decides to cooperate.
Turns his guns over.
Government takes his guns.
Now he's disarmed.
Well, let's say somebody the next day shows up at his house with a gun to rob him.
What does he do then?
Well, he gets robbed or killed.
He has no defense.
Because the government has now taken his right to self-defense.
And so this is why the Founding Fathers were really so far ahead of, I mean, really the modern-day liberal that just doesn't get this.
The modern-day liberal is so ancient politically that it's like a dinosaur.
The modern-day liberal, the modern-day leftist is like a dinosaur politically.
The Founding Fathers were like fully elite Almost reaching every political conclusion with all the different variables and options to land on the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
They saw it all.
Next level political genius that you couldn't stack 10 million liberals up against and even come close with their added IQs, politically.
And we see now how they don't have multi-dimensional thinking, how they don't have multi-level thinking.
All they have is emotion and then response and then, oh, that's it!
Like, oh, Trump wants to build a wall?
He's xenophobic.
We'll take all the illegal immigrants, bring them all in.
Ah, I feel good.
I'm all cuddly.
And then the illegal immigrants show up, they commit crimes, they kill people, they rape people, they take over their high schools, they take over their hospitals, they take over their rec centers, and then they say, what the heck is going on here?
Where did all these illegal immigrants come from?
I don't understand, we don't want them here, they need to go somewhere else!
So when we talk about liberalism being a mental disorder, it's been discussed as such for decades now, with people like Michael Savage and Mark Dice, it truly is a mental disorder.
But they're like dinosaurs to not understand this.
To not understand why red flag laws are dangerous is having the IQ of a bird brain.
To not understand how this can be weaponized against people, oh yeah, you get in a fight with your neighbor, you want him disarmed, you call a red flag law.
You don't like somebody down the street.
You don't like their politics.
You don't like their cooking.
They cooked a bad pot roast at the potluck.
You call the government, you red flag law them.
They take their guns.
Maybe you want to go rob somebody.
Maybe somebody's got something nice and they're safe at home.
Maybe you want to rob them.
Call them on a red flag law.
Now they're disarmed.
And this is all so obvious to you in the audience here, and the American leftist really doesn't get it because they go off emotion and they think, if I can take a bad person's gun, I've done a good thing.
But so getting back to the story.
So what does this man have as an option?
He either disarms himself and gives up his Second Amendment right, or he gets killed by the U.S.
Can you imagine that?
You're sitting in your house, minding your own business, the government shows up to take your guns, the next thing you know, you're dead.
But that's how it plays out.
If the American left, if the Democrats, if the liberals, want to disarm the American people, if they want to take all of our firearms, which they do, they're asking for war.
They're asking for civil war.
So, I didn't intend to open it up with a big monologue on that, but To try to breeze by that in the first five minutes and touch and run and then hit all this other stuff.
It's just not doing it.
It's just not doing it right.
And this is such a fundamental issue of self-defense.
This is such a fundamental issue of what happens when you disarm the citizens, the population.
But by the way, remember, they said that illegal immigrants can purchase and carry firearms.
Remember that?
So Democrat judges, out of the goodness of their heart, said that illegal immigrants can purchase and own and carry firearms, but then the same Democrats show up, they send law enforcement to a man's house over a red flag law, they take his guns, or they try to, and now he's dead.
Well, I guess somebody dies in that situation, or somebody loses their rights.
There's no other way this goes.
If you enforce red flag laws, if you enforce gun confiscation, you are either taking a free man's rights or somebody's going to die.
Those are the only two scenarios.
And it just played out with that opening report.
It's the only way it goes.
No other way.
So you can do it on a minor scale, show up at one guy's house, or you can do it on a mass scale and try to do mass confiscation from the American people.
It's the same outcome.
Either rights are violated and free men lose their rights, or somebody dies.
And I'd rather not have any of that happen.
But that's why I'm not a Democrat, that's why I'm not a liberal.
That's why I'm not a leftist.
But they'll learn nothing.
They'll learn nothing and it'll likely happen again.
But it'll only get worse when people realize how they can take advantage of these laws.
So what?
You post something a liberal doesn't like on the internet?
Here to take your guns!
Red flag law!
Court order!
See how that goes?
You put a... wrap on the back of your truck That has an image of Biden laying down in the back.
Tied up.
Yes, hi.
Government here.
We have a court order to take your firearms.
Please turn them over.
Thank you.
See how that goes.
But if you're Kathy Griffin and you hold up a decapitated, bloodied Trump head, Don't worry, you're going to be able to maintain your firearms, or she'll just get her private security updated.
Because somebody's above the law, somebody has to enforce it, somebody's more important, somebody has to take your gun from behind the barrel of a gun.
Who's that going to be?
It's going to be the person calling for gun control.
So really this is so huge, this is So dangerous.
But okay.
You've also got the same people that made COVID and released it.
At it again.
You've got the geopolitical situation really heating up.
I mean, badly.
I mean, when Anthony Blinken, and who knows who gives him the green light for this, And by the way, just to be clear, I don't care if Kathy Griffin puts 500 bloody Trump heads in a pool and jumps into it and swims around.
She still has a Second Amendment right.
And by the way, I know a lot of people that disagree with this, and I've had the debates, but I would even argue that yes, yeah, an illegal immigrant actually has the right to self-defense too.
Now, I don't want to get into that.
But let's just be clear, we're not calling for the psychotic leftists to turn their guns in.
But speaking of psychotic leftists, so Antony Blinken says Ukraine will become a member of NATO.
I mean, that's basically like running up to Russia's face and spitting in their eye.
While they have a gun pointed at you.
So, they've been sitting there with their hand by the holster, Then the attack in Moscow happened, then they took the gun out of the holster and pointed it, and then Antony Blinken runs up in front of the gun and spits in Russia's eye.
But it won't actually be Blinken, will it?
It'll be the American people he sends to war with Russia.
To say that Ukraine will become a member of NATO after all these recent developments is just psychotic, and they have to know what they're doing.
It was Joe Biden, I believe it was Biden and Blinken actually, not too long ago, when Biden was warning against this exact scenario.
He had a little geopolitical sense, and he said, yeah, if Ukraine joins NATO, that's war with Russia, we should rethink this, and we should not do anything stupid.
That was Biden like 10 years ago, and I believe he was even speaking to Blinken.
Can you imagine as we put that image on the screen and it's Blinken getting on a military aircraft with service members sitting there, or standing there rather.
Can you imagine you're sitting there and you're looking at the guy that's about to send you to war and potentially get you and your fellow servicemen and women killed?
An absolute psychotic wearing a suit.
A limp-wristed pussy wearing a suit, gonna send someone else to die?
Better men to die?
Gonna go up there and saber-rattle with Russia?
Say, well, we're gonna have Ukraine join NATO.
What a psychotic freak!
Something has got to break in this situation.
So, I've got a stack of that news too.
And then I've got a stack of all this political corruption.
It's all absolutely insane.
By the way, a earthquake hits New York today.
Hits the East Coast.
4.7 magnitude.
We've talked to some people.
There's definitely some structural damage.
This was no minor deal.
Magnitude 4.7 earthquake rocks New York City tri-state area.
Rattling parts of the Big Apple, Connecticut and New Jersey.
A preliminary 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck near Lebanon, New Jersey around 10.23 a.m.
Territories could be felt as far north as New Paltz, New York, and as far south as Delaware.
Are earthquakes the, uh, is this the new thing?
There was an earthquake not too long ago in Austin, Texas that was minor, but we felt
So who knows what's going on.
Earthquakes have happened forever.
But, I don't know, maybe they cause earthquakes now.
I mean, who knows?
This world is so insane.
Would anybody be surprised?
I'm not saying I believe that, but... Yeah, if I found that out, I don't think I'd exactly be surprised.
Oh, yeah.
Governments are stealing our money and finding new ways to destroy us with it.
Sweet, man.
Cool, dude.
Cool, man.
Let's go build a train on the moon.
Yeah, let's build a train on the moon because I guess we're going to blow this planet up.
So, I guess we'll need that moon train.
But okay, let's just quickly hit this.
is collaborating.
Now, this is from last month.
This is from last month.
So, I'm sorry, this is from February.
Time is flying.
I forgot it was April already.
So this is from February.
is collaborating with Chinese scientists to make bird flu strains more infectious and deadly as part of $1 million project despite fear similar tests unleashed COVID.
No, that's exactly what happened.
So now they're testing with this bird flu.
This is from February.
And then here's your headline for today.
Bird flu pandemic could be 100 times worse than COVID!
There it is!
Hey, let's make some bird flu in a lab!
Hey, let's make bird flu more deadly!
And then there was this other story where a lab in Colorado And the scientists apparently are, like, running around getting bitten by bats and rats, like, aaah!
And they run into the lab, like, I'm getting bit by a bat!
Oh my gosh, aaah!
And then they get a disease, it's like, what in the hell is going on?
So that only took, uh, about two months there.
Hey, we're gonna make some bird flu!
Hey, look, bird flu broke out!
Oh, it's gonna be 100 times worse than COVID!
Scientists say bird flu pandemic could be 100 times worse than COVID.
The scientists say, the scientists say, the scientists made the virus!
100 times worse than COVID after US and China collaborate on strengthening strains.
I mean, can you imagine?
It's like...
They're in a lab, they make the virus, the virus comes out of the lab, and then they emerge from the lab and take off their hazmat suits and say, um, sorry people, but, uh, this virus could be a hundred times worse than COVID.
What virus?
Um... This virus we just made.
Yeah, we made a virus, it's about a hundred times worse than COVID, it's out now.
Heh heh.
But it seems Donald Trump is ahead of it on this one.
Now, if he would have gone with his gut on COVID, we probably would have been a lot better off, but who knows what other threats were being made.
But here's Donald Trump responding to the news, where they're saying, oh look, we made bird flu in a lab now, it's gonna be worse than COVID, so just get ready, we're gonna conquer you.
Here's Trump responding, clip six.
Left-wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID lockdowns and mandates with all of their sudden fear-mongering about the new variants that are coming.
Gee whiz, you know what else is coming?
An election.
They want to restart the COVID hysteria so they can justify more lockdowns, more censorship.
More illegal drop boxes, more mail-in ballots, and trillions of dollars in payoffs to their political allies heading into the 2024 election.
Does that sound familiar?
These are bad people.
These are sick people we're dealing with.
But to every COVID tyrant who wants to take away our freedom, hear these words.
We will not comply.
So don't even think about it.
We will not shut down our schools.
We will not accept your lockdowns.
We will not abide by your mask mandates, and we will not tolerate your vaccine mandates.
They rigged the 2020 election, and now they're trying to do the same thing all over again by rigging the most important election in the history of our country, the 2024 election, even if it means trying to bring back COVID.
But they will fail because we will not let it happen.
When I'm back in the White House, I will use every available authority to cut federal funding to any school, college, airline, or public transportation system that imposes a mask mandate or a vaccine mandate.
Thank you very much.
So it's good to see Trump getting out ahead of this and calling it out for what it is.
Let's flash back to earlier in the segment.
What does he say there?
He says, we will not comply.
Well, what is the, what is the leftist government do when you do not comply?
Well, they kill you, remember?
They kill you.
They have for hundreds of years.
It was a lesson we learned in the 20th century and now we're gonna have to learn it again.
It looks like, you know, here's the problem.
And I don't know, maybe you just, maybe you're just blinking them.
Maybe you're just blinking them and you say, yep, Russia, we're going to spit in your eye.
So maybe you just say, you know what?
Yeah, we're not going to comply.
Go ahead and release your deadly virus.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Now, they might have a virus that could kill millions of people.
I mean, they might actually have a super deadly virus that's super contagious that they could release and it'd kill millions of people like a 12 monkey scenario.
It wasn't COVID.
I mean, COVID spread and they did their thing with it.
It was survivable.
Most of the deaths were because of hospital treatments.
So, I mean, maybe they do have a deadly virus, maybe they don't.
Maybe they threatened Trump with a deadly virus and said, hey, we got this hemorrhogenic flu, we'll release it.
I mean, you'll just watch millions of people bleed to death, we'll blame it on you.
So he said, okay, fine, lock it down, seal the election, you know, whatever.
So, I mean, maybe we just reached a point where we just say, just go ahead.
Just go ahead, you dirty bastards, just go ahead.
Go ahead, release your deadly virus, kill millions of people, we'll know who did it.
And then you'll anger so many people and you have killed so many people that it's, you know, you've done this.
And they'll hit you with the clot shot.
Representative Lauren Boebert undergoes surgery for a blood clot in leg.
Apparently it was really serious, but they got her taken care of and we're all thinking the same thing.
We wish her a speedy recovery.
has recorded over 1 million excess deaths among people aged 65 and older since the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines.
Yeah, so they get you one way or the other.
They get you.
And so I guess you're just sitting here saying, well, they could release a deadly virus that kills us all.
And, I mean, who knows how you avoid it or if you can.
Or they just release some other strain and then build it up with all their propaganda and then scare people into taking a vaccine that might kill them.
And they do their calling that way.
Either way, it's all the same sick freaks behind it.
So what do you do?
What do you do if you're up against a situation where they're going to try to rig everything and take control again with a virus?
And if you don't comply, well then they'll actually release the deadly virus.
Like, hey, just comply and just be a good slave and we won't release the deadly virus.
We'll just make it kind of a news story.
We'll show you some hospital images and put you in fear, but we won't actually release the deadly virus.
We'll spare your lives.
Just be good slaves.
Or do you stand up and you say, no, I'm not going to be your slave.
And they say, OK, fine, we're going to go and release the deadly virus, kill tens of millions of people.
That's where we're at.
Because the psychotic The psychotics that run this world, the psychotics that run this country are still running it.
So, uh, we're gonna have to continue to deal with them.
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You know, it's so strange.
You see these stories that should be the biggest stories and they just barely make a peep.
Now I'm talking about a man where the government shows up to confiscate his firearms.
He ends up getting shot and killed.
Because of red flag laws, that's big.
That's like, we learn from that now or it gets worse.
And then you have Anthony Blinken says Ukraine will become a member of NATO.
I mean this is like, you couldn't escalate things in a more nuanced way.
I mean, you could go drop a bomb on Russia and it would certainly escalate things.
Wouldn't be so nuanced, wouldn't be so subtle.
This is like subtly and nuancedly saying, hey Russia, yeah, we're not backing down.
Yeah, you can go ahead, you can blame the Moscow terror attack on us.
We ain't, we ain't, we ain't backing down.
What is with These psychotics.
What is with the American Deep State?
What is with the Biden Administration?
Why are they doing this?
What advantages do they get from putting Ukraine and NATO?
Well, it's obvious, isn't it?
They get to launder more money.
Steal more money.
They get to launder more weapons.
They get to keep the boondoggle going.
They get to keep the criminal corruption going.
And they know Russia just wants Ukraine to not be a part of the corrupt West, and say Russia's corrupt, fine, okay, whatever.
Again, these opinions don't matter.
Cast your opinion out the window.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is the escalation here.
So the West, the United States, Deep State, wants Ukraine to be a vessel of their corruption, And Russia wants Ukraine to be a vessel of theirs.
Or just go back, historically speaking, like Putin did in the Tucker Carlson interview, and just make it part of Russia again.
Or it can even be Ukraine, just not going to be a part of the CIA.
Not going to be Victoria Nuland's undercarriage.
So this is just psychotic stuff from psychotic people in the Biden administration saying that Ukraine will become a member of NATO.
I mean, this is like red alert.
This is like the US commits to war with Russia.
I mean, it's just unreal.
But it barely makes a blip.
barely makes a blip The White House cancels annual Ramadan dinner after Muslims
refused to attend.
The whole foreign policy of this administration is a disaster, ladies and gentlemen.
Why don't you think Muslims are attending?
Well, because Biden administration has funded Israel.
It's all a disaster.
It's a complete disaster.
Trump's Israel's criticism breaks with GOP, so's uncertainty.
No, Israel has broke with all common sense and decency.
And so Israel's just gone completely rogue and just everybody sees it now.
And, uh... I don't know if there's a least popular man in conservative media right now than Ben Shapiro.
Everybody's making fun of him.
It's not the Daily Wire, it's the Israeli Wire.
It's the Jewish Wire.
But Israel, Israel is the one that is broken.
And Trump has been loyal to Israel, the Republican Party is normally pretty loyal, if not outrightly loyal to Israel, and now people are like, okay, now you've gone rogue.
You've gone rogue, you clearly don't care what anyone else is requesting, you clearly don't care what anyone else is saying, you clearly don't care about anything else, you've gone completely rogue, you've gone completely bloodthirsty, bloodlusting, and you don't even care, and people are just...
And, you know, like, hey, calm down for a second here.
You're drenched in blood.
You've got blood dripping from your teeth and your claws and your legs.
And maybe just slow down for one second.
And Israel's like, no!
More death!
You're like, whoa, okay.
I'm out.
And maybe that's what Israel wants, but they're isolating themselves from all of their loyalists, including Donald Trump.
So, I mean, it's really just common sense at this point.
You could be a Zionist, you can be loyal to Israel, you can be Jewish, but if you don't recognize what the Israeli leadership is doing under Netanyahu right now, it's just full-blown, blood-lusting, werewolf ripping through Times Square.
And people who are loyal to Israel and even Jewish are just like, hey, hey, whoa, whoa.
You've gone totally werewolf here.
You're covered in blood and you're drenched in blood and there's blood dripping from your fangs here.
Like, can you calm down?
Alright, okay.
Do your thing.
I'm stepping out.
I'm stepping out.
And you have these protests against Netanyahu going on.
They went to his house.
Well, they said they were going to his house.
I don't know.
And they had torches and pitchforks.
So, it's really not good.
I mean, Netanyahu wanted his legacy to be conquering the Gaza Strip and expanding the
state of Israel, and now it looks like his legacy is going to be something else entirely.
But that's how the world views Israel now.
It's like, even loyalists, even Zionists, And they're just like, this is a werewolf drenched in blood, with blood dripping from its fangs, looking for its next meal.
And so it's just like, anybody with common sense right now is just kind of backing off and saying, hey, this is not good.
Except Ben Shapiro, he loves it.
Israel military blames mistaken identity in aid workers' deaths.
Dismisses two officers.
Oh, remember, first they denied it.
And then they said, oh, it was a landmine.
Including old BS, old Beneside.
And now they're like, okay, yeah, it was awesome.
Yeah, we killed some food workers.
It was a mistake.
CIA warns Iran will attack Israel within 48 hours as revenge for huge strike.
Well, they've been saying that for more than 48 hours, so I guess Iran isn't gonna strike Israel.
That's a good thing.
Thank God.
Because again, the blood-lusting IDF and Netanyahu bombed an Iranian consulate in Syria.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Like, if your dog is going crazy and then bites you, you're like, whoa!
Does this dog need to be put down?
Iran runs war drills in support of Palestinian Intifada.
Israel urgently evacuates embassies as diplomats fear Iranian revenge strikes.
You know, that's another example.
Israel's war cabinet meets over threat of imminent attack by Iran.
This is another example.
When Israel blew up the Iranian consulate in Syria, it was barely a news story!
People barely talked about it!
We came on air right here and said, hey, this is big!
This is bad!
No matter what you think about the situation, this is a major escalation!
You tuned into the mainstream news, didn't even mention it.
Like imagine, you got a werewolf and all of his fur is dripping in blood and his fangs are dripping in his blood.
He's got a human limb, he's picking his teeth with it.
And the news reporter's sitting there in Times Square with the werewolf and all the blood behind him.
And he's like, well today's weather, looks like it's about 65 degrees and sunny.
And coming to town tonight, there's gonna be a great concert.
We're gonna have a Puff Daddy concert.
And then the New York Mets play outside, oh!
There's like a bloody werewolf behind him.
That's what it's like.
Israel bombs the consulate, and then it's like, oh, it's barely a news story.
So again, it doesn't matter.
You can be pro-Russia, anti-Russia.
You can be pro-Israel, anti-Israel.
All of this is escalation.
All of this is the result of bad foreign policy, bad leadership, and none of it is going in the right direction.
None of it.
So, But really, unfortunately, it only gets worse for Israel now.
And what does Russia do?
I mean, I don't think they do anything to the rhetoric of saying Ukraine will join NATO, but there's certainly going to be some sort of a PR statement in response to this madness.
Alright, we got a lot of news still to get to.
I got great guests coming up like Malcolm Flex, Jeremy from The Quartering, And I'm going to try to even take some phone calls in the third hour.
I should be able to get through the rest of these video clips and news.
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dairy supply.
Here's what we know and what we don't know about the risk of the viruses' closings in the food.
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All right.
Alright, we got some other political news here.
But you know what, since we're talking about the farmland, these videos have been surfacing and I just didn't send them all to the crew because I'd have to take up hours just to cover them all.
But here's one example.
American cattle rancher talking about the Texas fires that nobody's really talking about, but it's definitely hit the grocery stores here.
There's definitely less meat in the meat department.
And so here he is talking about the aftermath in clip 13.
So I wanted to update y'all on what's going on in Texas.
We have over a million acres of farmland that has been burned and ruined.
And not only that, we have Texas Forest Service that is going into these ranchers' properties and dozing up the land.
They're not even dozing the burned areas, they're ruining the remaining feed and grasses that they do have.
And we don't know why they're doing this.
So let me know what y'all think about this in the comments.
Make sure to share this around.
We need to stand up for what's right.
And remember guys, Buy American, Buy Local.
And there's all these other videos where they're talking about not just the response to the wildfires, but now how they're going in and they're trying to force these ranchers and these farmers to vaccinate their cattle and vaccinate their hen.
And they're just like, what the hell is going on?
Never seen anything like this.
And they're talking about bird flu.
Just crazy, man.
But they strong-arm you and they say, well, eventually we're just going to mandate it.
So, okay, hit them with the mRNA shot or you're out of business.
Hit your cattle.
Hit your livestock.
Hit them all with the mRNA shot or you're out of business, Jack.
And, boy, I hope they're in a wildfire that burns their place to the ground or we might have to come in here and cut you off.
So there's all, I mean, there's dozens of videos like that.
You know, a rancher, a farmer doesn't normally pick up his phone and shoot a video.
So when you see this, you're like, whoa, there must be something going on.
This must be a serious ordeal.
Speaking of a serious ordeal, oil holds above $90.
It's over $90 a barrel now, after Middle East tensions push Brent crude higher.
And, you know, we covered this the other day.
Folks, if you're tuned into InfoWars, you're just getting the best coverage.
It's just, it's really not even close.
We're really, tomorrow's news today, next week's news today, is Saudi Arabia trying to sabotage Joe Biden.
So I did a whole segment on this the other day, and yeah, I mean, but that's the question is, are they sabotaging Biden because they don't want him in?
Or is it more an attack on the United States in general?
Trying to hurt our economy and trying to crash the US dollar and replace it with something the BRICS system introduces.
But behind all that is the absolute idiot, crooked Joe Biden, who says, I'm going to sell all the strategic oil reserves And then buy them up at a lower price so that we make a profit.
So Trump loaded the Strategic Oil Reserves at $25 a barrel.
Trump had the Strategic Oil Reserves at an all-time high.
Number one all-time Strategic Oil Reserves, President Trump.
Filled them with $25 a barrel.
It's now over $90 a barrel and Biden can't afford to purchase it.
And so now he said, okay, never mind, we're just not refilling it.
And I'll predict, and this is where it could get really bad, folks, and this is why this story is so key.
If China and Russia and Saudi Arabia are not going to be cooperating, for whatever reason, whether it's against the US or against Biden, but if they're not going to be cooperating, you're going to have a situation, you're already seeing your gas price at the pump go up, you're going to have a situation where it's going to be $5, $6, $7 a gallon And the Biden Administration is probably going to release the rest of the Strategic Oil Reserves.
I mean, we're going to be down to probably single-digit days.
Right now it's at 17 days in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
It's the lowest it's ever been.
And so, but why did Biden sell them off?
Well, Biden didn't actually believe he could make a profit.
I mean, he might have believed that.
But that's still not the reason he sold them off.
The reason why Joe Biden sold the Strategic Oil Reserves was to lower gas prices.
So he inflated the market with more petroleum to bring the gas prices down because they were so high and it was bad for their 2022 elections.
So they released all the Strategic Petroleum Reserves right before the elections and said, see, we got gas prices down.
Remember that?
Now the gas prices were still almost double what they were under Trump when he left office, but they weren't, you know, $5, $6, $7 a gallon anymore.
They were down like $3, $4, $5.
So they said, see, we lowered gas prices!
We did it!
And then people go out and vote Democrat.
Well, so now the Biden administration has two options.
To either go into this summer and beyond with the highest gas prices in US history Or release another 10 days worth of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves and have us down to single digits remaining.
And if history repeats itself, and if we learn from the past, I would say Biden's going to do it again.
Because what does he care?
So, yeah, I have a feeling that probably this summer you're going to start seeing gas get back up to near record highs, if not record highs, and Biden is going to have to tap back into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to try to get those prices down.
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, you know, strategic for him and his politics and getting Democrats elected.
Not for American energy or, you know, emergencies, though.
That's not what it's for.
It's for Biden's politics.
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Now remember, a couple days ago, I guess a couple weeks, Charles Barkley comes out and said, if I see a black man wearing a Trump shirt, I'm going to beat him up.
Well, it's funny because here's Charles Barkley complaining about Democrat Party policies and politics.
And this thing, this crime wave we got going around the country where people just running in stores.
This is crazy man.
This is crazy.
People just running in stores, robbing people, all this homeless stuff.
It's, it's, it's good to the point.
Yo man, we elected y'all to do y'all job.
Y'all do your job.
Stop this homelessness stuff.
Get these people off the street.
Find some other way to leave them in front of just out and taking advantage of the public.
And Hey, if you come in these stores, robbing people, number one, It's open season on your ass, but also if we catch you, you're going to jail.
You know, I've been coming up here to New York to do this show for like the last, uh...
Couple months.
And you see the streets.
You see the streets in New York.
Three weeks ago, on TV, they had these migrants.
First of all, the border is a joke.
The border is a joke.
But they had these migrants, they call them, had just bust up in New York.
They got them on camera kicking and beating like cops.
They beat up these two cops.
Beating up two cops.
Beating up two police officers.
But they were out of jail in 24 hours.
And the next day... Actually, it was the same day, Charles.
But two days later, they called him Robin Macy's.
First of all, they beat up cops.
How are you out of jail in 24 hours?
And then clearly, two days later, they're robbing Macy's.
Anybody, whether you're a Democrat, Republican, a dog, a cat, or a puppy, you know that's wrong.
Yeah, all the personal Democrats, we know that.
But with woke culture and everything else that's been going on, you've got folks on the left that have endorsed a more lenient legal system, and obviously folks on the right going crazy about it and calling for law and order.
Who do you side with, considering our iniquitous history, what's going on today?
We're going crazy!
You're calling for law and order, you're crazy!
And who the candidates are in terms of Biden and Trump, in all likelihood, running for office.
What do you do, Charles?
Who do you vote for?
Oh, first of all, we need law and order, Steve and Nate.
We gotta... I agree.
I'm with you.
Dude, we need law and order.
Hey, trying to fix inequalities has nothing to do with letting people go in stores and rob people.
That has nothing to do... That has nothing to do with diversity or handling inequalities.
Letting random people just run in all these stores, stealing stuff.
And, you know, because innocent people They should always be protected.
But we need law and order.
Yeah, do we need to address diversity and inequalities?
But to go out here and say, oh, like this is my personal favorite.
Unless you steal $1,000, we're not going to press charges.
Well, Steven, I want that same damn deal.
I want to be able to- How about the $53 million in prepaid credit cards for migrants?
That's ridiculous.
That's ridiculous.
I mean, come on, man.
Black folks been in the streets, Latinos been in the streets, homeless, minorities have been in the streets, homeless, starving for years.
We ain't never got anything like that.
I grew up on welfare.
What are they talking about?
We ain't never had nothing like that.
They just, wait, we're going to find $53 million.
I'm like, damn, we can do a lot with $53 million.
I mean, but man, that's why I say this whole thing is broken.
So here's what's so frustrating.
No, it's not.
It's Democrat Party politics.
You know, here's what's so frustrating is that they just can't put two and two together.
Now, if I want to learn how to rebound or play with my back to the basket, you know,
in basketball, then I'm going to call up Charles Barkley.
He's one of the greatest of all time.
But see, the problem is these people won't listen to voices that know what they're talking
about when it comes to politics because they've been scared off of them.
And they say, oh, it's racist.
xenophobic, it's homophobic, it's all this stuff.
It's like, no, those are lies used to attack people that are actually informed.
So there you have Charles Barkley who comes out and talks trash on Donald Trump, and then complains about every single Democrat Party policy that Trump stands against.
But then won't come out and say, yeah, well maybe I should vote for Trump.
He won't do it.
So it's like, you're almost there!
You're almost there!
Alright, joining me now is Malcolm Flex, former football player, fitness enthusiast, but really popular now for his common sense political takes on his Twitter account.
And Malcolm, I gotta ask you out of the gates here, we just played that Charles Barkley clip, would you wear a Trump shirt in front of Charles Barkley?
Would you feel comfortable doing that?
I don't think my comfort would be affected one way or the other.
I mean, honestly, it's Charles Barkley.
We're not talking about Prime Mike Tyson or anybody.
Let's be honest.
So, I mean, clearly I would.
Well, I mean, he said he would punch you, though.
I mean...
Nah, I highly doubt that.
Trust me.
Let's be honest.
I highly doubt that.
And even if he did get one off again, it probably ain't landing.
If it does, it's bad for him.
But you know what?
Look, Chuck and I are both common sense Alabama boys.
I'm pretty sure we can come to something.
Well, and you say that, the common sense.
And I actually, there's a lot of things that Charles has said over the years that I think have common sense behind them.
I think he thinks for himself, and there's respect enough just from that aspect alone.
But, you know, he goes on that rant, we played it in the opening segment, complaining about all the Democrat Party policies.
So, what is missing here?
And Stephen A's kind of been doing the same thing.
He directs it a little bit more, I think, at the Democrats.
But it's like, Malcolm, what is going on here where they complain about every single Democrat Party policy and result, and it's like they still don't get the source of it.
It's like they still can't realize that it's their vote that does this.
What is going on with that?
Owen, I think we are not giving them credit.
They get what's going on.
The problem is they can't say what's going on.
They understand that by them going ahead and revealing all of, you know, the tea that, oh, this is a political insider.
This is a good old boy game where, you know, again, they want us to dance and gyrate in front of you and never blame Democrats.
And then the Democrats get in and they sit, you know, they send all these horrible policies your way.
They know they can't say that out loud.
So what they're doing is they're hinting at it.
They're trying to hint at the shift of, Oh, maybe we kind of need to, you know, move away from the Biden train and, you know, all the political nonsense that's really been screwing everything up.
But we can't say that because then the people that donate to us, the people that, you know, give us our money or God forbid, you know, they send some suited men to our door and tell us, hey, hey, you guys need to rein in a little bit.
God forbid they will descend upon us.
So what they do is they play this little game where they hint at it.
They'll never come to the answer.
They just hope that you, the viewer or, you know, the person that's actually getting shown the clip will arrive at the answer that, hey, guys, we're not we're not part of the problem.
Spoiler alert, they really are part of the problem.
So they'll be like, it's not our fault, but we see it's happening and something needs to change.
And then they can pretty much, you know, sort of wipe their hands of it and go back to their mansions and, you know, enjoy their millions.
But this is just a sign that the narrative is being broken to the point where now they have to address this.
Five or ten years ago, they would have ignored it.
They would have been like, what are y'all talking about?
You know, this stuff ain't happening.
We ain't, you know, we're not seeing crime.
The border's great.
Biden's doing amazing.
They can't do that anymore, you know?
The good old days of, you know, having Hillary Clinton go on with hot sauce in her purse and everybody and all the A-list or black celebrities clap and act like it's A-okay and acceptable.
Those days are gone because we have a new bastion of speech that allows us to pierce that narrative.
Hey, but don't forget Biden with the fried chicken, too, now.
It wasn't just Hillary.
Hillary really likes the hot sauce and the Biden fried chicken.
You know, that's actually a fresh take, though.
That's a fresh take to think that, hey...
They're trying to say it without actually saying it and getting themselves in trouble, which still is kind of pathetic.
But I guess there's a little bit of, you know, at least maybe they're trying in some way, shape or form.
So I guess then my issue becomes, do the consumers, do the ones hearing this message, can they put two and two together?
If they can't put that two and two together on their own, then Charles and Stephen A. kind of, you know, doing this tiptoe dance around it, I don't really think that's going to help.
I mean, do you think, do you think the consumers there of the Stephen A. Smith podcast or that type of commentary that's more popular, I mean, even The Rock, I got The Rock saying it, do you think the consumers, do you think they can put two and two together?
This is going to be hilarious because, you know, there are, okay, so there are multiple camps in this train of thought.
There are people who believe that, you know, the black community doesn't get the news and that the black community doesn't quite see that.
I'm quite tapped in with the black community.
Again, I operate, you know, around the HBCU, my family, you know, We all, we're very deeply rooted in the black community.
I go to barbershops and I stuff all the time on those in the towns.
Heck, I even live proximal to it.
And let me just tell you, discourses change quite a bit in the black community.
A lot of people are fed up with it.
You know, you can go into some of the black spaces and that's another thing.
The Rock even said he doesn't endorse it.
Like, when you have Dwayne The Rock Johnson, one of the most Teflon bulletproof men in media, Saying that they don't agree with what's happening, that they regret endorsing Biden.
That's when you know it's piercing the veil to the point where normal people can see it.
So their intelligence sources are telling us like, hey, Biden is a bribe.
This whole Democrat message, this woke multicultural message, it ain't working.
And I can tell you, because I've listened in the black space, I've talked with a lot of popular black leaders on that side of the internet, on those sides of town, they know what's up.
They know the Zeus Network, you know, the fried chicken and hot sauce and, you know, electric slide kind of rallies that the Democrats love to throw for black people.
They're not working anymore.
And they're pissed off about it.
So the message is getting through.
The thing is, the people who won't get the message are actually the whites.
And I don't mean the regular whites.
I mean the white liberals.
They're the ones that are so disconnected from it that they read the CNN articles or their little news clippings and they think, oh yeah, Biden's doing a great job.
He's perfect.
He's doing great for the minorities.
Truth be told, minorities in the community, and if you look at places like in Chicago, where they are now ousting these youth programs, which are some of these black youths, only escape some of their only contact with male figures that give them a break from the harsh reality that they live in.
They are ousting them from those facilities.
To house migrants.
Meanwhile, you have footage of this coming to people.
That's why Chuck has to get on.
That's why he has to get on with Stephen A. Smith and talk about it.
Stephen A. Smith is a virulent Democrat.
He would never talk about this in normal situations, but he has to.
They have to.
So the fact that they're running defensive cover means that you are penetrating some of this formerly, you know, just unassailable narrative stronghold that the Democrats have had.
And it's a great day.
Let me just tell you, it's a great day and it's a long time coming.
Well, and you know, I've seen so much other evidence where people will just go out in the streets, whether it's downtown Atlanta or even just here in Austin, and there'll just be people out at night, and it'll be black Americans, and they'll say, oh, you know, who are you voting for?
Do you like Biden?
And the message is pretty much the same.
A lot of these people, it's not just like a tacit support of Trump.
Like, they like Trump.
They're like, no, I want Trump back.
I want money in my pocket.
I want to be able to afford bills.
Like, I want a good economy.
Well, of course, who doesn't?
And so I've kind of had this theory too, where We saw a million, maybe a million and a half people in Washington, D.C.
on January 6th that believed the election was stolen from Donald Trump.
And at that point, it's really your hardcore politicos.
It's your kind of P1 Trump supporters.
It's the people that follow the news every day.
And so, they had to be out there.
They felt it was a major moment.
Well, I get this feeling that Let's say this plays out and Biden runs against Trump and Biden wins.
I get this feeling that it's not going to be, it's not going to be the tier one Trump supporters, the hardcore politicos, you know, showing up in Washington, D.C.
by the millions.
I think people everywhere are going to be outraged.
I mean, I'm not talking like Black Lives Matter type style riots, but I mean, there's going to be this organic, there's going to be this organic kind of grassroots denial of a stolen election.
I just, I don't see how they can get away with that.
And like I said, I don't think it's going to be a million people in D.C.
I think it's going to be people all over the country saying, hey, wait a second.
This doesn't make sense.
I don't know a Biden voter.
I know plenty of people that like Trump.
I don't know a single Biden voter.
How can this be?
Yeah, Owen, see, that's the thing, man.
Like, if you listen to any and everybody that's sort of on the, I gotta run a cover, I gotta run a defense, the one thing they say is, something's got to change.
You listen to them.
Just do your deep listening.
That's, you know, that's a little lesson in NLP, neurolinguistic programming and propaganda.
You'll understand that something has got to change.
It's sort of a subtle cue as, Biden ain't it.
Like, we can't have this.
And they understand that if the nation continues We won't have a nation very soon, you know?
They're seeing the money.
The average American is not that financially literate, but they can look at their own pocketbooks.
They can look at the cost of eggs, the cost of a gallon of milk, the cost of a gallon of gas, which again, you hinted at, we got to empty out the SPRs to make it happen.
They can look at those numbers and tell, okay, we can't live if this continues.
So if Biden wins, that's literally saying, okay, well, guess what?
We're going to be showing out more billions to Ukraine and more money to Israel.
And here's the thing, whether or not you love or hate Israel, A lot of people in the black community came up on that Farrakhan rhetoric.
They're not super pro-Israel, as is.
So while they might have let the Ukraine thing slide, which most of them really aren't, because again, we're not wanting to send money to the Galatian SS and Ukraine while we're inflating our currency and hyperinflating it.
They're also not going to sit up here and let you send money over to Israel as well, wantonly, when Israel has more money than they know what to do with, as is, you know, compared to their size.
Meanwhile, we're over here hurting, and we're spending all this money on migrants, and you tell us you can't give us a secure border for a pence, a pence of the money that you're sitting up and sending over to Israel, you know, sending over to these foreign countries.
All of this stuff is adding up in the brains of the voters.
And so if Biden wins, and we continue with the same programming, and you have an absent-minded president whose greatest battle is with gravity and the stairs, you're going to have an issue in this country.
Oh dude, oh my god.
We got a battle there too with the face strap showing up.
Well okay, so let's look at another potential scenario here and that's the Democrats replacing Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election.
They have till August, I would say realistically, to do this.
That's when the Democrat National Convention is in Chicago coming up.
So suppose they do decide to remove Biden.
Do you think that could be Because they think strategically about this stuff, so they're definitely, they're having this conversation too.
Do you think that could be this moment where they build up all this disgust towards Biden, and they pretend like they want to deal with the issues that have been caused, and then they do the bait and switch, and it's like, oh, here's somebody else, whether it's Newsom or Michelle Obama, whatever, replace it with whoever, and then they say, oh, here's somebody else, oh, see, now we're going to, now everything's fine, now we can deal with everything, now we're really addressing the issues.
A. Do you see them maybe trying to pull something like that to garner some momentum ahead of the presidential elections?
And B. Do you think it would even work?
So that's a complex question, only because, again, there are so many different angles and ways of this play out.
I think when you look at how the Democrats were acting, that window to really replace Biden was at the beginning of the year.
Right now, we're sort of, you know, somewhere through, you know, kind of the middle of the year.
Whoever they would replace him with, number one, would have to be blaze a
horrifically fast paced campaign trail that I wouldn't wish on my, you know, I
wouldn't even wish that on my worst enemies to have to campaign that quickly
because I've been on the campaign and I've seen how quickly it goes.
But the thing is having Biden in gives them a level of cover at the moment
because anything that they do that's extremely unpopular and let's be honest,
Biden's not running the ship.
We know that.
He is literally a Petunkin president.
So they can push forth whatever unpopular president, you know, policy that they want, and Biden has to come out and say, yeah, I did this in true and honest Shabbat oppression, whatever the hell he says.
He will come out there and absorb the blow, which means that the overall party does not go down as much or whoever's in that administration.
So they've shifted from possibly Moving and switching them out, which they still could do, but it's going to be unrealistic, to now fortifying against a potential Trump presidency.
So they're going to rob the coffers, they're going to push forth whatever they need, you know, fluff up their Raytheon, Lockheed, and, you know, Boeing stocks as quickly as possible, rob the Titanic while it's going down, and escape on lifeboats, and hope that they can survive four years of Trump.
I hope that Trump doesn't gut the bureaucracy or that they can put forth provisions.
Look at that spending bill where they had that whole impeachment clause and removal clause with there.
That's the kind of antics that you're going to see from Democrats going forward because they realize Okay, guys, we might have moved a little too quickly with Biden, but we don't have anybody sub out.
Michelle Obama's not going to do it, number one, because I think she, and, you know, I say she loosely because I know a lot of people have that belief, but I think she's tired of being called a man and having people literally take screened out, crotch shots of her.
I think she's actually tired of that.
Even if, you know, she was a man, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want people to be doing that to you.
So, That kind of eliminates her from contention unless you have a Clinton official literally come push her into it.
So you're not going to write Gavin Newsom.
California's legendarily bad.
Gavin Newsom just, you know, he's got a little charisma, but I just don't see it happening.
So it's kind of like, what do you do?
Well, let's go ahead and let Trump take the reins, you know, swing the pendulum back and let's do as much damage on the back end, congressionally and judicially as possible.
So they think probably if we jam them up once during 1-4 years, we can do it again when he's got a weekend term, which is why him picking his successor is all the more important now than ever.
You can't replace Biden.
That's the issue.
Nobody has had a chance to campaign.
They don't have a dark horse loaded in the wings.
Even if they did, the amount of money that they're going to have to push to get him to actually pull, him or her really, or they, or them, or them, to get them to actually get that far ahead of Trump in the polls when Trump's message is resonating?
That's insane, you know.
I mean, I don't think they wouldn't pull it off, but honestly, that just seems very unlikely and inefficient where you can just, you know, sort of play defense for a little bit.
Yeah, yeah, and they certainly look at their plans as drawn out, and so they could figure, well, we need to do X, Y, and Z before 2030 so we can deal with four years of Trump and just put other, you know, apparatuses up and then re-take over in 2028.
Malcolm Flex is our guest.
Now, okay, let's get back to The Rock.
And let me play this short clip.
It's about 40 seconds.
And by the way, The Rock has actually made a couple other statements.
He's done a couple other interviews recently.
He's been on Fox News a lot lately.
So I think that that kind of gives more credence to what Malcolm was saying earlier.
But here's The Rock saying he refuses to endorse Joe Biden again.
Clip one.
He made that endorsement in 2020.
Are you happy with the state of America?
Am I happy with the state of America right now?
Well, that answer is no.
Do I believe we're going to get better?
I believe in that.
I'm an optimistic guy and I believe we can get better.
The endorsement that I made years ago with Biden was what I thought was the best decision for me at that time.
And I thought back then when we talk about, hey, you know, I'm in this position where I have some influence and It's my job then.
I felt like that then.
It's my job now to exercise my influence and share with this is who I'm going to endorse.
Am I going to do that again this year?
That answer's no.
So now there's a couple other things I want to put out there too and get Malcolm's response and let the audience understand.
So The Rock has been showing up on Fox News lately.
saying very similar things to that and talking about the issues.
It's also noteworthy that The Rock has made an epic return to the WWE recently and he's
basically now the star of the show again.
He's basically now the main character again.
And so he's also made that return.
And when we remember that Vince McMahon is good friends with Donald Trump, formerly the
chairman of the WWE.
I suspect he'll be back when he clears up this legal stuff, I bet on it.
And then McMahon's wife worked in the Trump administration.
I think it's fair to say that the WWE is not leftist or liberal.
And so I would imagine the Rock coming out and making political statements kind of even
opens the door where maybe other WWE superstars want to make some political statements.
I mean I don't expect it to go full UFC with the way that those guys talk, but maybe that
kind of opens the door that hey it's okay to talk about this stuff if the Rock can.
So we can see how that follows.
Because I think even this example is even a better example of what you were talking about earlier, where you talk about Charles and Stephen A. Smith, like, hey, you know, wink, wink, nod, nod, the Democrats are causing all this, but I can't say Democrat.
But, you know, The Rock just showing his face on Fox and having interviews like this, I think, yeah, I mean, to me it gives more to that theory.
Yeah, no, it's 110% that.
Now, there are a couple of ways to take this, and unfortunately, you know, we don't have the time to delve into the deep strategic leveling and, you know, how we view this.
But at the same time, you can look at it as this.
On the surface, The Rock realizes that endorsing Biden was a bad idea.
Now, going a little bit layer deeper, you can say, okay, we've kind of gotten the data and we've seen that, hey, the American public, populism pays, or going slightly apolitical with a bent towards common sense, you know, pays.
If you want to go a layer deeper into the strategy, you can say, okay, so we see now that exposing the world to all of this woke multiculturalism has done irreparable damage to the left.
So what we're going to do is seeing that X now has a huge level of strong, you know, a huge right-wing presence, and Elon's not committed to censoring right-leaning talking points, at least in the most basic sense of it.
We're going to instead kick the ball over to the right and let them expose some of their crazies like the left did, and then see how that goes.
And we're going to have popular figures like The Rock make it safe for people to see that stuff, right?
So that's how you can actually view that.
Then you can go a whole extra layer deeper saying that hey we're going to go ahead and we're going to plant the rock over here and right and we're going to attempt to water down the populist and conservative message by bringing in more and more regular normies to the discourse and maybe that dilutes some of this and we can seed in some of our bad ideas.
Now I don't know which path you take but on the surface I say that's the safest bet to say is that, look, people are finding out that, you know, the data is in, woke multiculturalism, you know, this whole leftist message, it doesn't pay very well.
It's not good.
It's unappealing.
It's unattractive.
And this whole Bolshevism that they've ushered in, where it's a circular firing squad, it's not conducive for pushing for policy because they always turn and bite the hand that feeds them.
They bite the liberals' hands.
You know, if you have ever paid any attention to leftists, they hate liberals.
That being said, they're going to pivot away from that, discard their old toys, you know, do the whole toy story.
I don't want to play with you anymore.
Yeah, rock with a MAGA hat.
I actually like that look.
Will it happen?
Will it happen?
Look, you have to embrace them a little.
And this is why I tell a lot of the hardcore MAGA, you cannot play this exclusionary, you know, we were here first game.
Embrace them, give them a pat on the head, you know, do kind of like what a master would do with a puppy and say, hey, good job.
Here's another thing too, and I don't want to get a closing comment, but I think it's important to add this context.
Folks, not everybody sees the world like you see it, or even has the opportunity to.
I mean, people are busy, you know, and I think, you know, The Rock is obviously a busy guy.
He might not know what's going on.
He literally might not have any clue what's going on.
And then when he ran that fundraising campaign for Maui, and got all that pushback, like, hey dude, we're broke out here, what are you asking us for money?
That might have been an eye-opening experience for him.
He might have been like, whoa, wow, people are really struggling, what's going on with this economy?
I always try to urge people not to leap to conclusions that are unclear, because you never know.
And then when you do, you might push somebody away from our movement that might be valuable.
Like, who knows?
Maybe in a month or two, The Rock does put on a MAG hat.
MAGA Rock, man.
I love it.
I love it.
He's the final boss right now in WWE, though.
He's the big heel.
Yeah, he's got the push, man.
Dude, WWE culture is back.
We are so back, boys.
I gotta say, we're closing out with WWE.
The WWE has been going in the wrong direction since they started adding political correctness and trying to cater to a G-rated television show.
But bringing The Rock back, and then they also brought this This girl, I forget her name.
This girl's probably like the best fresh face to happen to the WWE in a long time.
So maybe we are back.
Malcolm Flex says we're back.
Maybe he's right.
Maybe he's on to something.
Malcolm, where can people follow you?
Alright, yeah, go ahead and, uh, you know, it was on Akiron.
Go ahead and follow me on X. That's currently my only presence at the moment, but I'm working on diversifying the minute I get off my lazy bum.
So, X at Malcolm underscore Flex 48.
Promise you, you won't be disappointed.
All I do is just do shitposts.
And maybe I might drop a little bit of, uh, you know, lore or deep insight on you, but it's probably going to be shitposts.
Lazy bum, yeah, right.
You're probably still bench-pressing like 400 pounds, lazy bum my ass.
Don't give me that.
I won't disclose that, but thanks for having me, Owen.
Thank you guys.
Hey, good time, Malcolm.
Hey, good time, man.
Thank you for joining us.
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All right, we now go to our next guest and that is Jeremy from the quartering
Quartering is one of the most popular channels on Rumble, continues to get more popular.
He does great guest interviews there, also does some shorts on his Twitter account responding to viral stories and clips.
Jeremy from The Quartering joins me now.
Jeremy, thank you for being here today.
Well, thanks so much for having me on.
It's an honor.
It's good to see you all suited up, looking good, looking dapper, doing the work on a Friday here.
So thanks for having me.
Well, Jeremy, do you feel safer today?
Do you feel safer today knowing that a grandmother, a 70-plus-year-old woman from Colorado who was praying at the Capitol on January 6th, do you feel safer today knowing that a D.C.
jury found her guilty and will send her to prison?
Do you feel safer today?
Well, I can say that when I walk outside now, I definitely don't have to look over my shoulder for some kind old lady who might be attacking me with some fresh-baked cookies.
So, yeah, I think it's great that our government is definitely not weaponizing the justice system against their political opponents.
So she faces up to a year in prison and potentially $200,000 worth of fines.
Now, obviously, there's going to be some more developments in this case before she gets sentenced.
And eventually, whatever her sentencing is, it's not going to be that.
I would assume it's not going to be that.
That would be the max.
But you know, what's sad is, and so people always said to me, like, well, hey, why didn't you, why didn't you go to trial?
Why did you take a plea deal?
Well, this is why, folks.
I was, you think a D.C.
I would have had a, she got, I think it was like, there was another one too, it was like, Five of seven charges or something.
Well, they were trying to hit me with three charges or it was it was plea down to a lesser misdemeanor of trespassing.
They still treat me like a felon, but that's a different story.
So this is why.
Now, the people that are taking it to trial, I respect them.
That's their legal decision.
That's the legal advice.
That's what they wanted to do.
I respect that.
That's the decision they made.
I didn't want to go to trial.
I didn't want to face all these charges.
I probably would still be in jail if I would have.
And so this is a problem that I think people maybe don't fully grasp.
And that's why I'm very careful when I talk about this.
When you're in that courtroom, And you have a Democrat on the bench, and you have Democrats in the jury, and you have Democrat plaintiffs and Democrats attorneys all in that room, and you realize, all these people are against me.
Truth doesn't matter, justice doesn't matter, none of that matters.
All that matters is they hate me and they're here to get me.
It really hits differently, and they prove it now.
So yeah, a praying grandma that likes to bake cookies, she's probably going to go to jail.
Yeah, prison, really.
Like, you know, and I think that it's, if you're an average everyday American
and you're not tuned in to Infowars, you don't follow Owen or you don't follow me
on Rumble, for example, you aren't, I can't believe turning on the news
and still seeing people being prosecuted for this when, you know, you can push someone
in front of the train in New York City and walk scot-free, apparently.
It's so bizarre to me.
Again, maybe she's a sympathetic figure, maybe they'll give her a break,
but literally nothing over the past several years would lead me to believe that this one's
not gonna regret going to trial.
and here she is crying.
I mean, you know, and here's the other part of this too.
I mean, yeah, you have the personal response of you don't want to go to prison, but there's kind of a second level of that of realizing like, oh my God, my country is gone.
Like, this is my country now.
And so I think that that's really what draws her to tears is not even as much that she could potentially be sent to prison or have these massive fines.
It's that, oh my gosh, this is how corrupt my country is.
When I talk to people about this, when I cover these type of stories, I always go out of my way to say, you know, news coming from America!
Not North Korea, not Russia, not China.
We're arresting and we're prosecuting political opponents, American citizens, for having the wrong allegiance politically.
And I try to emphasize that point.
Yeah, she probably is crying because, I mean, this is not supposed to be happening in the land of the free, allegedly.
Well, you know what, speaking of that, you went to Rumble because that's where you believed it was the best choice for you to have your show and engage in free speech.
And so let's talk about that issue kind of at large and everything we witnessed.
Really, I think the kind of threshold would be 2018.
And that's not to say there hadn't been other censorship in the past, but I put it at 2018 and maybe that's my bias, but that's when they wiped Alex and InfoWars and me off of YouTube and Facebook and Twitter and everything else was 2018.
2018 and so then we obviously saw the censorship and ahead of 2020 with the Biden laptop
And then that kind of leads us to some alternative options that have come and went in the past
But it seems that rumble has now I would say made itself a a suitable at least option if not competitor to YouTube
Musk purchasing X has returned that to, I mean, more free speech than it was before.
It's probably maybe 90% of what it could be, maybe 95 you might say.
But what would you say, I mean, your success on Rumble, you know, where do you put that in comparison to YouTube?
Where do you put this battle for free speech right now?
Well, as somebody who's covered and supported and just like you all have, you know, out of necessity, new tech options, whether, you know, there's always been something out there that was a competitor, a competitor to YouTube.
But the difference with Rumble is that they've stood up against so many of the barriers that, um, you know, uh, other competitors have and they've burst through them.
I mean, they're publicly traded.
They're not going away quite as easily as some of these other sites.
And so.
I do believe that, especially going into this election season, especially if things continue
in this manner from a censorship perspective, Rumble will be seen as a legitimate competitor.
There are people who livestream on Rumble.
Dan Bongino has 100,000 to 200,000 live viewers in the morning.
People like to say, "Who's on Rumble?
Who's on Rumble?"
Those are people who are pretending.
They're like, "Oh no, YouTube's the best."
I have almost 200,000 followers on Rumble and who watch my content there, who tune in
nightly on my livestreams at 530 Eastern.
It feels so great.
It's got to feel good for you too to know that, "Okay, well, if they get me off YouTube,
now I've got Rumble and I can still reach all the people."
You guys have your own websites too.
But for people like me who want to talk, speak truth to power, who maybe have non-mainstream
We finally have a place where we can speak freely, we can earn a living, we can reach our audience.
And while there are many options before, it finally feels like Rumble is really there to stay.
And I'm just I'm really happy for them.
Whether or not I'd be involved with them or not, you know, I'm just so happy that there's an alternative to YouTube because it's going to get worse.
Did you see the report?
YouTube said it is our responsibility to, you know, cater the algorithm coming up this election.
They just put it on their blog not that long ago.
Wait, really?
Because on... I mean, just another arm.
On what was that, guys?
We caught them in live time censoring Trump's speech from this week.
We caught them in live time.
Oh, I love it.
He was talking about the 2020 election being rigged and they clipped it out of his speech.
It was insane.
Yeah, and it's only going to get worse.
It's only April.
It's going to get worse.
I mean, YouTube does this in other elections, not just in America.
In India, they were recently involved in it, and they probably tout this.
And I think that people are looking for alternatives.
Look, not every theory somebody has, not every idea, just because it's censored, doesn't automatically make it correct.
But the concerning thing is that you aren't even allowed to have theories or your own ideas
on many of these mainstream tech platforms.
And you're right, shout out to X, it is better now.
It still apparently has shadow banning and this has its rules and it has its hiccups,
but it's way better than it was.
Rumble is continuing to grow, which is giving free speech a real home.
And you see it, right?
Like, you're on Twitter now.
You see it in the comment sections on stuff that used to be like, oh, white men bad.
Am I right?
That stuff used to go viral on Twitter.
Now they're getting completely destroyed in the replies.
Well, I mean, look.
Well, here's the video.
Yeah, that's the video when we caught it.
Honestly, it stunned me.
The only reason we even caught it is because I was watching it,
I was actually watching it live, and then we were just replaying the replay,
and I was like, oh, 'cause I wanted that exact part where he talks about the 2020 election,
and then they cut it.
Now, you can go to Rumble and watch the full speech, and it's there.
But then we went and we looked at other channels that uploaded the full speech.
It was edited out of every single one.
It was crazy to catch that.
So, you know, here's the one thing, and I don't wanna harp on this too much with Twitter,
'cause I wanna do a full-spectrum analysis of what you just broke down,
but I think the canary in the coal mine, and there's obviously other issues here,
but Nick Fuentes is kind of the new canary in the coal mine.
It's almost like Alex Jones has all of this lore where he's just been accepted now,
and it's like taking out Alex Jones is too big.
It's like now it's too obvious.
So it's like when they don't let Nick Fuentes back on the platform,
that's kind of the new canary in the coal mine, I think, now.
Yeah, yeah.
But moving aside from that, when I do a full-spectrum analysis,
You talk about how nice it is to have Rumble be successful.
When I got censored on YouTube in 2018, whether it was my personal YouTube channel or my channel for The War Room, the show I host here at InfoWars, I would get around 10,000 plus guaranteed.
If I logged in and did a live stream, we'd get about 10,000 plus.
Now, we have built our own platform.
But the technology isn't really suitable for me to just go live when there's breaking news or, you know, go into a home studio and, you know, we have to do a lot of different moving parts and get our people working and get everything together here.
So now when I go live, so yes, it's like, what is it like?
It's really hard to explain because it took so long for us to get here.
And every time we might get back there, we would be we would be chopped down again.
Like on Parlor, we were successful and they chopped that down.
Uh, but it's reached the point now where, yeah, we go live and we're getting tens of thousands live audience on X, we're getting tens of thousands live audience on Rumble, and it's almost like, I don't even know how to explain, I guess it would be like if you're learning to walk again.
Because... Isn't that weird?
It is.
I remember when Parler was... remember that Golden Week?
When Parler was just crushing it, and you would like, I don't know what they call them, parlays or whatever, you'd put out a message or a video and you would get like thousands of interactions.
It's like, what is this?
What is this?
This is what it's like to not be shadowbanned and not censored.
Oh, I'm not crazy.
There are people out there who want to see my content.
That's what's that you're 100% right.
It's almost like a euphoric feeling.
It's like, oh, that's why I only get 100 likes on a post.
Oh, I get it.
Yeah, it's being denied that access, being denied that ability, but it's not because, it's not something like, it's not like, oh, I can't run anymore, it's like somebody put shackles on your ankles, somebody put a, you know, an anvil attached to your hip, and so it's like you're trying to run, but you just can't, and then somebody just clink, and it's just, it's like, oh my gosh, I can run!
Yeah, yeah.
It's wild.
It's a great time.
I'm loving seeing so many of the established media who push these corporate narratives out there.
Like on X, for example, just getting completely crushed in the replies.
You go on Rumble now, you can watch a Trump speech, you know you're seeing the whole thing.
There's hundreds of thousands of people that... I was at the RNC convention.
I think there was three, four hundred thousand people watching live on Rumble.
That would never have happened on YouTube.
It never would have happened.
And so as more people embrace new tech, it's not all tech anymore.
It's new tech.
Freedom of speech is the number one foundational reason that people are making the move.
And it's incredible because we've never needed the free flow of information more than we need it right now.
Oh, it's so imperative.
And I mean, who knows what I mean, I don't buy these numbers they put out, really, because I don't even know what math... I mean, there's no math that really exists, but they say, well, if they didn't censor the Biden laptop or they didn't censor this or that or whatever, it could have changed the election like this, that, or the other thing.
I don't think it's... I don't look at it as, like, arbitrary numbers.
I just look at it as we're able to have the discussion.
Because another level is, too, it was so hard.
This was actually the challenge.
In 2020, and even beyond probably, but like with the Google search algorithms and everything else, it was so hard.
If you're having a conversation and you're like, oh no, I know that's true, and you try to search it on any of these, you couldn't even find it!
It was like you couldn't even find it!
Now, like, X at least gives you a chance to find it and share it and be like, see, here's what I'm talking about.
So it was like they didn't even allow you the ability to share information.
I mean, beyond just a social media, like you couldn't text it, you couldn't message it, you couldn't email it, you couldn't even pull it up on your phone to show somebody.
Yeah, that's been a big helpful point, too.
And now that it's out there, or if it's in video format, right?
Like, I just saw this video an hour ago.
Oh, it got taken down.
Well, now you know it's going to be up on Rumble.
Or it's most likely going to be up on X, which is a million times better than what it was.
And it's become so powerful in changing people's minds, in showing people the real kind of I don't know.
I can't think of another time when you you can in throughout history, because even when we had newspapers, they were also slanted.
So now you're seeing real on the ground journalism.
You get to go see what the border's like.
You get to go see what it's like to live in New York.
I don't know who would want to do that.
You go see to live.
You see what these people are doing.
And there's nobody there's no static.
You can see it real time.
And I don't think we've ever maybe early on in the Internet days before, you know, the machine realized how powerful it was.
But I mean, I can't think of a time in my life when I've been able to just search something up and find uncut, unfiltered videos on the topic I'm looking for.
Well, I would say maybe the best example would be 2016, and that's what it was, is they realized what a massive political tool these platforms, which they didn't anticipate.
I mean really, I don't think Jack Dorsey anticipated Twitter.
I don't think Mark Zuckerberg anticipated Facebook becoming a big political information space.
Maybe YouTube might have anticipated that a little bit more, but they didn't anticipate the Trump stuff.
So I think that they realized that, oh my gosh, we have party opposition that can make a big impact and have influence on these sites.
We've got to do something about it.
And they did, and we watched what happened.
Now, I want to move on quickly here.
I want to play this clip for you and get your response because this is just, I mean folks, this is just outrageous.
This is a public defender in Seattle.
I don't know if my guest here with me, Jeremy from the Quartering, I don't know if he's seen this or not, so we might be getting a raw response to this.
Have you seen Stephanie Miller, the public defender in Seattle?
Oh, well, this is one hell of a lady, Jeremy.
Okay, so I don't want your wife getting jealous here.
Alright, but here's one hell of a lady.
Check out Stephanie Mueller, the public defendant in Seattle here.
Oh, my lord!
Yeah, baby.
Oh my lord! Yeah baby! That is a lot of woman!
That is...
Hold on it gets better!
Yeah, I just met her.
She's really nice.
She's really smart.
She sounds like she's got the right idea about things.
I really support what she's up to and I think it's fabulous.
How about that?
She's accused of, what is it, criminal trespass?
In the first degree.
Is she innocent or guilty?
She's innocent, of course.
She's innocent, okay.
She's caught on video being arrested and protesting and allegedly protesting.
So I'm trying to get all sides.
My client is plead not guilty.
My name is Stephanie Mueller.
I'm in the directory for the Washington State Bar Association.
You can look me up.
Stephanie, thank you for your time.
At this point, your client is being arraigned, though.
It's all just happened.
Her hearing is over.
Got it.
It's done.
Alright, do you know when her next court date is?
I do.
I'd like to maybe just keep tabs if there are... Uh-huh.
I think that's a great idea.
How does she fit down into her purse with those massive boulders?
Alright, Jeremy, let's get your response.
Is she also formally a teacher in Canada?
I feel like I've seen that.
No, very similar looking.
The teacher in Canada's breasts are actually larger.
Okay, alright, well, I didn't know.
Maybe they're long-lost twins.
I mean, that is a lot of women.
I'm not sure.
Okay, fortunately, they're a public defender.
Could you imagine?
You're like, oh man, I've got a speeding ticket.
We could need a public defender.
Let's put the cuffs on.
Oh my god.
Now hold on a second.
Let me push back on that a little bit.
I've dealt with some public defenders before.
I've never done anything like that.
But I don't know.
Stephanie might not be so bad.
She might not be so bad because if you think about it, if you're in Seattle and the jury sees a transgender, they might be like, ooh, I kind of like that.
But I don't know.
I listened to Stephanie talk.
And, uh... Stephanie seems to know what she's talking about.
She seems to... I don't know.
You know, the appearance... The appearance might not be so bad here.
Yeah, you've changed my mind.
I just got woke.
I think that it's smart to use that.
I would say that this jury is... I mean, by the way, this lawyer does not skip arm day.
No, this is a very fit woman.
Yeah, this woman is.
This is a very fit woman.
I kind of like Stephanie.
I'm going to be honest.
I'm coming around.
I think I love the, what if it was all just a genius, um, you know, like this, this individual knew that they would have favorable juries because of that exact reason.
Like, Hey, I don't want to be transphobic, so not guilty.
I think I like Stephanie.
I think I'm actually a fan.
Look, I don't hate anybody.
I'll give anybody a chance.
But she goes all the way.
She's like, hey, if this is my strategy, I'm going triple D. You're getting it all, baby.
I will, I will agree with you a thousand percent on that.
Stephanie is committed and I'll take that over, you know, a grown man shaving his beard in the Planet Fitness locker room.
At least this individual is, you're right, that took some time.
All that lipstick, makeup, wig, gigantic front porch.
They spent time in the gym.
You're right.
If more people tried this hard to pass, I think it would be a good thing.
I think I'm a fan of Stephanie.
She's getting a lot of pushback, obviously, because it's a trendy thing.
But Stephanie has my support.
I say go, Stephanie.
I say go, and I hope she has a great record as a public defender.
Maybe she opens her own practice.
Seattle might be the right place to do it.
Yeah, Slay Queen.
I think the best of luck to Stephanie.
You've turned me into a fan as well.
One man at a time, you can be a PR agency for Stephanie.
And you know, if I'm... Wait, there's 70?!
That's even more impressive!
That is an incredible figure at 70 years old!
I'm telling ya.
Go Stephanie, go.
I mean, now I'm a super fan.
If I want to play the misogynist card, you know what?
Men can be better at women than women now.
It would appear Stephanie Mueller, public defender, 70 years old, out there just crushing it.
If she gets her client off too, I will say, Stephanie, I'll pop a bottle.
I don't care what the politics involved are, I'm in.
I'm down.
Every case she wins, yeah, I'm in.
I will celebrate.
And who knows, maybe there's a little bonus in the realm here too.
Jeremy from the Quartering, great stuff as always.
Follow him on X at TheQuartering and on Rumble, TheQuartering as well, where I've been a guest.
It's always a good time.
Jeremy, thanks for joining us.
Thanks, everyone.
Have a great weekend, bud.
I'll have a good weekend.
Probably not as good as Stephanie Mueller though.
I don't know if anybody can have a good weekend as that.
Probably having a lot of fun if you know what I mean.
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Alright, there's more craziness on this Diddy stuff.
Let's just go ahead and go to these two things.
First, this is from an older interview from last year.
Former Boar Meets World and Mrs. Doubtfire actor Matthew Lawrence, he was very popular, talking about what he had to do to advance to the next level in Hollywood, but why he didn't do it and didn't advance in clip 8.
Whether it's another woman or another man in power, there's been many times in my life where I've been propositioned to get a huge role.
I've lost my agency because I went to the hotel room, which I can't believe they would send me to, of a very prominent Oscar award-winning director who showed up in his robe.
Asked me to take my clothes off and said he needed to take Polaroids of me.
And that if I did X, Y, and Z, I would be the next Marvel character.
I didn't do that, and my agency fired me because I left this director's room.
And a lot of these stories, a lot of my other male friends have gone through both men and women in this industry.
But there's a double standard, and this is where I bring Terry Crews.
Terry Crews comes out and says it, people are laughing at him.
Now, there's other craziness out there.
Ex-Diddy security guard.
Rapper likely had politicians, princes and preachers filmed committing compromising sexual acts.
We've heard that from other producers as well, not just the security guard.
So this stuff is everywhere now and it looks like it was another Epstein situation.
It's just, it's just wild.
And then this might be the weirdest part of it.
The man that shot up the Trump National Hotel in 2018 during his interviews with the law enforcement claims to have been a Diddy sex slave.
Clip 15.
I was like a sex slave, okay?
For them, that's all I was.
That's all, alright?
I caught Derpy's and I came back and I sued him for Derpy's and won.
But, Dittie and Ross, we say good buddies, okay?
They're gay.
Dittie and Ross.
And Cannon.
They're all gay.
I've settled 5 4.125 million dollars with Diddy.
I've seen the liquor cocaine I've tracked it myself.
I'm in sets with Diddy and Cassie.
Okay, it's not good. He drinks it all the time.
Alright, he calls it Gigi. It's liquor cocaine.
I've settled 5, 4.125 million dollars with Diddy.
I've settled 5, 4.125 million dollars with Diddy.
Okay, but he's scared that I was an explosive.
I don't want to talk about Diddy right now.
I'm gonna talk about you.
Help me understand you.
I mean, who?
Looks like an exchange of gunfire right out of a Hollywood action movie.
Police say on Friday he opened fire inside President Donald Trump's luxury hotel.
Sir, I'm ordering that you stay away from the Trump National Doral Hotel.
Police say that's where Odi stole an American flag from and that he went into the lobby yelling anti-Trump remarks before shooting the ceiling and chandeliers.
Police say he then got into a gun battle with responding officers.
The gun battle goes on for nearly a minute before Odi decides to make a run for it.
Another camera capturing him still firing shots, even tripping on the marble floor.
Odi was shot in the legs as he ran away and was arrested after running up a stairwell.
The accused gunman, Jonathan Odi, faced a judge for the first time Monday.
Mr. Odi, you were arrested for five counts of attempted second-degree murder.
I'm gonna move on from this stuff, but man, I barely scratched the surface.
I don't want to sit here talking about Diddy and some weird stuff, Bieber and all this other stuff, but it's honestly so crazy.
And look, it's innocent until proven guilty.
We don't want to get away from that, but what is going on, man?
I mean, so many witness testimonies, so many old videos propping up.
What was Diddy doing?
I mean, recording people at the parties?
It's just... And blackmailing?
For what?
What's the deal with this?
Alright, we're in the third hour here of the Alex Jones Show, and I am going to open up the phone lines.
Anything we've discussed is fair game, but I guess it's Friday.
Traditionally, that's open lines, meaning we can talk about whatever you want.
Either way, you're welcome to call in.
The number, 877-789-2539.
It's on the bottom of the screen now, if you're watching along with us.
And we have some other stuff to cover here before we take calls.
Here's a video that Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders shot.
And it's funny that Sanders is, this guy's just so pathetic, really.
As he cozies up to the Democrats that screwed him out of one presidential nomination, maybe even two, and yet he still cozies up to them.
But here's Joe Biden lying about something Trump did, and then who would even agree with the policies that he's proposing here in clip seven?
You're all people that have a lot of money.
I know 20 of you and you're rich as hell.
We're gonna give you tax cuts.
We're gonna pay you off our debt.
That's everything you need to know about Donald Trump.
Now, hold on a second.
I want you to notice what they did there before we even play it.
Notice how they edit that clip.
God, these Democrats are such deceptive bastards, man.
Notice how they edit that clip.
Now, I don't even care.
They can edit it.
It still doesn't make a difference.
But notice how they edit it.
He says, there's a bunch of rich people in this room.
So this is at a fundraiser.
And he's fundraising for Carrie Lake, and he's fundraising for all these people, and he's saying, we gotta get these good people into Congress, we need to have people that support me when I'm in office again, I know you got money, help them out.
But then notice, then he cuts it, the Biden administration deceptively cuts it, so then it says, I'm gonna give you tax cuts.
It's totally, it's two completely different statements.
So he's saying, oh look, here's my rich friends.
I'm going to give you tax cuts.
But no, they cut it.
He's talking about everybody's going to get a tax cut.
And they cut it and edit it so it makes you look like he's only going to give a tax cut to the rich.
But again, even as a policy thing, tax cuts for everybody, including the rich, is a good thing.
But let me not get into that.
So let's play the clip again.
Notice how they deceptively edit this, so it makes it sound like Trump is saying to his rich friends, I'm gonna give you a tax cut, even though this is later on in the speech and he's talking about everybody.
Watch how they deceptively edit it, and then you'll hear Bernie and Biden.
Go ahead.
You're all people that have a lot of money.
I know 20 of you and you're rich as hell.
We're going to give you tax cuts.
We're going to pay off our debt.
That's everything you need to know about Donald Trump.
When he thinks the cameras aren't on, he tells his rich friends, quote, we're going to give you tax cuts.
Cameras aren't on?
Folks, there's dozens of cell phones recording.
Trump lets media in there and records it and streams it live.
And Biden goes and says, oh, Trump thinks there's no cameras.
Trump thinks no one's recording.
There's literally people standing right in front of him with their phones out.
So it's just lie after lie after lie.
And he lies.
They clip it out.
And he says, see, Trump told the rich he's going to give them cuts, tax cuts.
They edit the video.
That's not what he said.
They took it out of context.
And they deceptively edited it.
and then Biden lies.
And they just assume, or know I guess, that the average Democrat voter is so stupid they won't
Or they're just so corrupted in their souls and their minds they just won't even care.
Like, oh yeah, Biden lies to me all day long, but man, I hate that Trump!
So lie to me, Joe!
But it's all lies.
Trump knows people are recording, of course he does.
He's up there at a frickin' podium with a camera!
And by this, he doesn't think anybody's recording.
He's doing a live stream.
See, that's all you need to know.
Trump said he's going to give the rich tax cuts.
No, you edited it deceptively and then lied about it.
But by the way, tax cuts for the rich are good.
And they do this whole thing about trickle-down economics.
You know, it's a made-up thing.
It's a straw man that liberals made up, that communists made up.
It doesn't exist.
It's literally a made-up economic theory.
And Thomas Sowell has pressed multiple liberals on this, political liberals, economic liberals.
And he said, where does this even stem from?
What is this financial theory, this economic theory known as trickle-down?
It doesn't exist.
They made it up as a strawman.
But you know what?
That's funny.
Because there might be actually some realistic application here.
Yeah, if you cut taxes from the rich, it might actually trickle down to the middle class, because then they pay them more money!
So really, everything is trickled down.
So even though it doesn't exist, you could argue it does exist and it's everything.
Everything is trickled down.
If you tax the rich, well then that trickles down to the middle class and the poor.
And so you have less money for them.
And the rich get taxed more so their money doesn't trickle down.
If they get taxed less and then they have more excess cash, then it does trickle down.
So again, it's a made-up economic theory, but there might be a real-world application to it.
And they just say, oh, it's just, they just want to do this class warfare.
And then Joe Biden has a fundraiser, $100,000 a head, $100,000 for a photo with him, raises $26 million in New York City with all these celebrities.
And he acts like, oh yeah, they're the party of the rich.
All right, I can't even deal with it anymore.
Just get him off the screen.
I'm done.
I'm done.
They're just such liars, man.
They're just such liars.
So there's Joe Biden lying in a not so comical way.
But here's, I mean, folks, this is just unbelievable.
How's the old saying go?
Better to have people assume you're an idiot than open your mouth and remove all doubt?
Well, here's Kamala Harris opening her mouth and removing all doubt in clip two.
Do you know?
Okay, a bit of a history lesson.
Do you know that women were not, the women's teams were not allowed to have brackets until 2022?
Think about that and what that talk about progress, you know, better late than never, but progress and what that has done because of course when, you know, I had a bracket, it's not broken completely but I won't talk about my bracket, but you know what, just how we love, we love March Madness and even just now allowing the women to have brackets and what that does to encourage people to talk more about the women's teams, to watch them, now they're being covered You know, and this is the reality.
People used to say, oh, women's sports, who's interested?
Well, if you can't see it, you won't be.
But when you see it, you realize, oh!
That is just embarrassing.
That is just so embarrassing.
Women, the Women's College Tournament hasn't had brackets until, what did she say, 2022?
I mean, folks.
This is so absurd, I just... Where is she even getting this?
Is she just making it up?
Like, what?
Does this woman just make things up as she goes along?
And if you watch the video, you see it's even worse.
Her disingenuous hand gestures and body movements and the inflection in her voice.
Ah, women's sports, oh yeah!
I'm just at a loss.
And actually, college women's sports have been popular.
There is tradition there.
It's not really anything new.
Every once in a while there's a flash in the pan where there's like a big rivalry or a big game or a big story like a team goes on a big winning streak or back-to-back titles or there's a player like Caitlin Clark or there's a rivalry, you know.
But that's a college thing, that's college tradition.
Nobody watches the WNBA.
It's subsidized by the men's sports.
The only time anybody watches Women's soccer is when the U.S.
national team is in the World Cup.
And hey, I have no problem.
They got a National Women's Soccer League.
They play games.
They make a little cash.
They travel and have stadiums.
Good for them!
Nobody's trying to shut it down.
But it's like they try to sell you something that doesn't exist.
She sits there and acts like she's breaking some news and she's some sort of intellectual giant or a sports fan.
Like, they didn't even have brackets in the women's tournament.
And it's just patently wrong.
I mean, you could... It's like, oh yeah, yeah.
Women's sports didn't even exist.
Sorry, I had a bit of a sound interference there.
I guess that's what happens.
Everybody gets dumber when you listen to Kamala Harris.
So, nobody's immune from that.
So, you know what?
Let's make this a PSA.
Let's just go ahead and make this a PSA.
Listening to Kamala Harris will make you stupid.
Listening to Kamala Harris will make you dumber.
Watching Kamala Harris will lower your IQ.
It happens to everybody, folks.
So, we apologize for that.
Has there ever been a more disingenuous person in politics?
I mean, she's worse than Hillary.
I mean, at least Hillary would come in with some level of knowledge.
Kamala has no knowledge.
Remember, she goes on the podcast and she says, ah, I used to listen to Snoop Dogg in college.
Snoop Dogg had never made an album when she was in college.
Didn't even exist.
That's like, that's like, I mean, yeah, I remember back in 1992, I was going viral on Twitter.
Twitter didn't come out until, what, like 2008?
So, okay.
Oh my gosh, it's so embarrassing.
It's so pathetic.
Women didn't even have brackets till 2022, says Kamala Harris.
This woman is something else, man.
But she's the diversity hire.
She's the diversity vice president.
So she's representing her role well.
Here's what the Biden administration is bringing to you from diversity.
Zakiya Carr-Johnson has just been hired by the Biden State Department.
She's the top diversity, equity, and inclusion officer, and she really makes the case for why she's there here in Clip 14.
We live and work within systems, and those systems, as I mentioned before, are so deeply rooted in patriarchy, in colonialism, in racism, in otherism.
There it is!
We tend to be very resistant to shifts and changes.
It's very uncomfortable for many colleagues often when you are the voice in the room that says,
"This doesn't sound right to me," or "I have a question about how this is supposed to work."
I want black women's voices to be heard at the micro level and at the macro level.
Often there are just so very few black women in the room, even when you're talking about a continent full of black women.
The leadership and development circles tends to not be black women and it's not because black women, women of color, are not interested in improving the quality of life or creating opportunities for their communities or for the societies they live in.
But it's because we have so many criteria set up to say who is truly a person or What is she even talking about?
She says a lot while saying nothing at all.
Alright, I'm sorry.
You know what?
This woman might make you dumber than Kamala Harris.
So let's just stop that.
We're all losing IQ points as she speaks.
No, but we get it!
We're all losing IQ points as she speaks.
No, but we get it.
We get it.
Hire a black person because they hate white people, and then they'll replace white people with black people.
We get it.
We get it!
It's fine, just say it.
You don't have to ramble on for five minutes trying to say it without saying it.
I think we know!
It's fine!
Say it!
Say it!
You know, and I was thinking about this.
Yesterday we were covering the issue where You can have the lowest scores on the MCATs and the lowest test scores, but you can become a doctor, but only if you're black.
So like for Asians, and then whites, and then Hispanics, and then blacks, it's like it depends on the color of your skin how easy it is to get into medical school or to graduate.
And they change the, essentially they just change the curriculum, or they change the acceptance rate.
And they say, well, you're black, so we want more black people in here, and so therefore, we're going to accept you, even though the Asians' test scores are much higher, because diversity.
Now, and then there was a school in Seattle, I think it was Seattle, guys, pull this up, it might have been Portland, but I believe it was Seattle, and it was a school for advanced children, children that were really smart, advanced for their age, And they can go through different programs and learn math and everything faster and graduate faster.
But the liberals had a problem because the school was mostly Asian or mostly white.
And so they said, well, we're just canceling the school now.
So you can advance faster if you have a higher intelligence and you can graduate faster, whatever.
And so they just said, no, there's too many Asians and white people here.
So they just shut it down.
And I'm reflecting on all this and it makes me realize, they think what they're doing here, forget about the aspect of racism and how, you know, reverse racism or whatever the concept is.
Yeah, there's headlines, Seattle closes gifted and talented schools because they had too many white and Asian students.
So, I'm looking at this and I'm realizing that What you're actually doing here is, again, forget about even the reverse racism aspect, even though this is obviously racist, just inherently, because it's all based on race, or skin color.
But what this actually does is, it doesn't just hurt Our civilization by punishing people for being advanced intellectually, advanced intelligently.
But what you're basically doing is you're telling black people that you're not smart enough.
So we're just going to cancel this whole thing because black people can't do this.
Well, if there's a black kid that's high IQ and has an advanced learning ability, well then he should be at that school.
But now he doesn't get access to that school, see?
So now you've removed even black children from getting an advanced education, from getting a higher quality education.
So you see, it's beyond just the reverse racism.
I mean, it has the complete reverse intended effect.
Where you say, well, you know what?
Because there's not enough black kids here, no black kids get access!
Well, it shouldn't even be about skin color!
But now it's like, well, what if there is a black kid that wants to go to that school?
What if there is a black family that has some really smart children and they want to send them to this school so they can get a higher education and graduate faster and learn other things?
Well, guess what?
They don't get it!
They get cut off!
So you see, it has the complete opposite effect at every aspect.
It's racist inherently because it's based on skin color, and then you're now denying black children access to this.
So it's, well because there's too many white or Asian kids, no black kids get a higher education now.
Well, what if there is a black kid that wants to go to that school?
What if there is a black family that has a gifted child that wants to send him to a school that is for advanced learning?
Well, guess what?
They can't now, because the liberals shut it down.
So, sorry!
And then it just hurts everything.
I mean, this is just liberalism in a nutshell.
It's just all of it.
Let's go to the phone lines here on the Alex Jones Show.
Oh, well, we have a caller in Seattle.
We have a couple in Seattle, so we'll start in Seattle.
Why not?
Let's start with Joseph in Seattle.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
Thank you for taking my call.
Hey, I just had a general question.
If Trump wins, hopefully, and God willing, do you think the swamp over there in D.C.
is going to let him Let me try to answer a complex question as quickly as possible.
pull certain strings that he can't, I guess, put into law?
I mean, I know you have to go through the whole Senate and the Congress and all the hoops and everything,
but if he gets in, can they, you know, paralyze--
Well, let me try to answer a complex question as quickly as possible.
Shortly, the answer is no, they won't let him operate.
let them operate.
And yes, they can put all these different systems and apparatchiks in to try to harm him.
But here's a little more complex, and it's a good question, Joseph.
Because they're asking themselves the same question.
And they're trying to measure, basically, how do they do all this without blowing a gasket?
How do they do all this without having the barometers and the pressure gauges and everything just completely explode on them?
So, we saw some of the stuff they did last time with some of the holdovers and some of the bills Obama signed and the spying and everything else.
So, they're going to have stuff like that.
They're going to have stuff like where they're going to say, maybe they try to get Ukraine into NATO, maybe they try to stash a bunch of weapons in Ukraine before Trump cuts them off.
It'll be stuff like that.
It'll be stuff where they write into these bills where if Trump stops funding Ukraine or stops funding Israel or stops funding NATO, that he gets impeached.
So, yeah, there's all kinds of stuff that they're going to, there's all kinds of booby traps and mouse traps and, you know, all kinds of games and stuff they're going to leave behind to make it as difficult as possible.
Now, the larger question, will they let him in?
You know, I mean, that's it.
I don't know.
I mean, we're going to have to just wait and see.
I mean, that's that's even more complex, but we weigh it all here every day.
So, Joseph, thank you for the call.
We'll just stay in Seattle and we'll go to Lisa now.
Lisa, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, hi Owen.
Here's the question.
What do you think about the scuttlebutt that's going on with Kate Middleton?
First we see her and her husband rolling up their sleeve and getting their COVID vaccine and then we hear that she's missing in action.
There's some photoshopped pictures.
Do you think they're trying to normalize cancer or make the chemotherapy seem like everybody gets it like they're everybody else?
What do you think is going on over there?
I tend to stay away from anything royal just because it disgusts me.
I'm an American, and so I don't understand Americans' obsession with royalty.
It's total garbage to me.
And if you like it, I'm not insulting you, Lisa.
I know a lot of people like it.
But truth be told, I mean, you might as well ask yourself that.
I think it's strange.
Whatever's going on, people think that it's not even her.
They think it's AI.
I mean, the stuff pops up on my news feed and there's some definitely some weird stuff going on there.
I mean, there's a lot of stuff that makes me think that it might not even be heard.
It might be AI.
As far as normalizing cancer or making it trendy, they might have to do that because the cancer rates are skyrocketing because of this vaccine.
But really, Lisa, I just don't dig too deep into that stuff because I just don't follow the royal family stuff.
So, I mean, what do you think's going on?
I think that there's a very strong possibility that they are trying to with all these turbo cancers and you know cancer running rampant at this point in time but maybe they are trying to say well you know she's like everybody else.
So you're more of the line of thought, I'm hoping it's right, so you're more of the line of thought it is not that they're faking it and they're not AI-ing her or maybe she's missing or dead you think that they're just trending cancer like see everybody gets it?
Absolutely, that's what I'm thinking.
I think that they're just, they want to like everybody else, you know, get in line, get chemotherapy.
Well, I'll tell you what, Lisa, that's an original take.
I hadn't seen that one.
But the other stuff I'm seeing is definitely weird.
Whatever's going on with that deal, it's weird.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of, is it pro-human or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debate and discussions about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
And so we have the t-shirt.
Team Humanity with a nuclear family standing against the globalists.
This shirt is a great conversation starter, but it also is a fundraiser to keep InfoWars on the air so we can promote and support Team Humanity.
I want to thank you all for your past support, but I want to encourage you all now to understand that this is a revolution against the globalists and it is so critical now to signal the fact that you are part of Team Humanity.
We're told humans are the problem.
We're told we're killing the Earth.
We're told all this garbage so we hate ourselves and stand down and roll over and die.
We're not going to do that.
Get your Team Humanity shirts now at InfoWarsStore.com and I thank you all for your support.
The political persecution Exhibited by the American left, knows no bounds.
It will eventually reach you.
DOJ pursues prison time for Ashley Biden diary thief.
Effectively proved Joe Biden a pedo.
Well, that's if you think Ashley writing about inappropriate showers with Joe when she was a kid led to her sexual issues.
Well, This is going to be an interesting development here, and we'll see where this goes.
The Department of Justice is seeking nearly a year-long sentence for the woman who stole the diary belonging to Joe Biden's daughter, Ashley, in effect proving the veracity of the diary in which she wrote her father took probably inappropriate showers with her at a young age.
Now, it's hard to deny that this is real.
I mean, maybe there's like a 1% room for error here, but what's interesting, and this is where the rubber is going to meet the road, Stole?
There's gonna have to be some legal back and forth here.
I mean, if I rent a house or lease a house, or an Airbnb or something, I mean, there's all kinds of documents you have to sign, but if I move out, and then my lease is up, and then I leave property behind, well, is that considered stolen?
So, this is gonna be interesting to see how it goes, but again, They're just pursuing the woman that made this public so that nobody else would ever do such a thing.
And so it's all about making an example.
Oh, you know, a Hunter Biden laptop lands on your desk.
You better not share it with the public or we're gonna destroy you.
Oh, an Ashley Biden diary gets left at your house.
You better not share it or we're gonna throw you in prison.
So maybe that means Maybe they're scared there's other stuff out there that's gonna come out.
And so they're trying to send this message that, hey, if you share this stuff, we're gonna arrest you and throw you in prison.
So maybe there's other Biden dirt that's just sitting out there waiting to be revealed, and this is kind of sending that message like, you better not or we're coming for you.
But again, what about the contents?
What about the contents?
Trump attorney John Eastman on California lawfare case.
They doctored my quotation in court, then the judge repeated the doctored quotation.
Folks, I'm telling you, it's unreal when you're sitting in a courtroom and this happens.
It's unreal.
And you're thinking, this is a court.
This is a court of law.
This is the highest standard we have for justice and the truth.
The attorneys against you lie, and then the judges believe their lie!
It happened to me!
I'm telling you, it's stunning, and you just realize it's dirty, rotten Democrats!
And look, maybe the judges don't know any different!
Maybe the judges really think that, okay, well, both sides are being honest, and yeah, oh, well, maybe this person's a lefty or a Democrat or a liberal, but they're still honest.
No, they're not!
They're never honest!
So they get up there, they lie about something Eastman said, they present it to the judge, and then the judge believes it!
Same thing happened to me!
That's why I always use the example of being in a courtroom.
I'm telling you, when you're in a courtroom against all these people, you realize how evil they truly are.
And how justice, truth, none of it matters to them.
None of it.
of it. They will lie to a judge and then the judge doesn't realize it's a lie and
then repeats the lie and then you're sitting there like wait a second that's
not even true.
Judge Kannon ruling denies bid to dismiss Trump's documents case.
Cannon rejects Trump's bid to toss the documents case on claims on claim records were personal property.
So this means that either she's neutral and is really trying to make a decision on this case or she's maybe I mean if you believe that maybe she's trying to support Trump or help Trump here.
That she doesn't want this case removed from her bench, because if it ends up somewhere else, it could go wrong.
But see, or all the Democrat death threats, which they have made, the Democrats have made death threats to this judge, maybe they're getting through, and so she says, oh yeah, I better go all the way here.
Democrats are threatening to kill me if I don't.
The nuclear button.
Special counsel could seek removal of judge in Trump's classified docs case.
Attorney's warrant.
So there it is.
Okay, so they're just threatening her.
So they're just threatening her.
And so she has to continue the case and not toss it out because she's being threatened with legal action and death from Democrats.
So there you go.
There it is.
Figured as much.
Corruption at the highest level.
Multi-million dollar scheme to gag Trump revealed.
Yeah, they pay the judge's daughter millions of dollars, and then the judge goes anti-Trump.
I mean, it's political warfare, and anybody that denies it is embarrassing themselves.
So that's all it is.
It's very simple.
Nobody would want that to happen to them, but as long as it's against their political enemy, they're fine.
It's all good.
Alan Dershowitz, Fannie Willis committed the worst crimes I've seen a prosecutor commit, should be charged with perjury and witness tampering.
You think she will, though?
Of course not.
Well, she's a liberal.
She's a Democrat.
Alright, let's take a phone call.
Let's go to Darrell in North Carolina.
Darrell, you're on the air, go ahead.
Hey, thanks, Owen.
Owen, I need to talk to you about the Final Four and the Eclipse.
Okay, so I have good news and bad news.
So, okay, oh, so now the final, the college championship game on the, oh, now we got a whole new angle.
Yes, sir.
Okay, let me start off with the good news.
As you know, my hometown team, the NC State Wolfpack, is probably the best Cinderella story we've had in a while in tournaments.
They've won nine consecutive elimination games in a row.
They've always been considered the little brother to UNC and Duke.
They're led by 6'9", 275 pound center DJ Burns.
I like that guy.
Yeah, he reminds me of a Karl Malone.
If I was NBA, I'd be drafting him.
Oh yeah, man.
He's gonna be an instant star.
So I'm excited about the game, right?
I'm getting all geared up for the games this weekend.
And I'm like, hey, when's the championship game?
Of course.
The championship game is April 8th, the same day as the Eclipse, a couple hours after the Eclipse.
Well, the championship game is always on a Monday night.
That's always been the deal.
I know, but dude, that's two hours after this Eclipse, and the government's just spinning everybody out about how something bad's gonna happen.
And I start thinking, dude, we just had the Moscow shooting where they went in and shot up, you know, a whole bunch of people.
Now, if they want to get the U.S.
into a war, what better way than to shoot up a bunch of college students on national TV?
I'm not trying to... I hate to fearmonger, but dude, we're in it.
We're being attacked on all levels.
Well, that's going to be a high-level security event, and so I don't know.
They don't let you go into the arena with a weapon, so I mean...
I know, dude.
I hate to even bring it up because I'm excited about it, but I just want everybody to know, just have your head on a swivel.
If there's Patriots out there that have concealed carry, hey, go hang out an hour before the game.
Maybe at halftime.
Just a couple guys can do it.
Did you remember a couple years ago Louisville won the championship and the fireworks went off and Rick Pitino almost crapped his pants?
I do not remember that, no.
It was right after.
There was some other event.
It might have been a shooting or something else.
Or maybe it was when there was that bomber in Austin.
I don't remember.
There was some other story like that.
Louisville wins the final and they pop off these fireworks and it was so loud.
Rick Pitino, the coach of Louisville at the time, literally almost crapped his pants.
You know, Darryl, I understand where you're coming from.
And, um, you know, giving that advice is probably good no matter what, but I, you know, these are high security level events.
They're not going to let anybody pass security with a weapon, so, um, that's just, uh, yeah, there's the video of Patino freaking out.
Thank you for the call, Daryl, and it is a good Cinderella story.
And, uh, that guy from North Carolina, man, he's fun to watch.
North Carolina State, rather.
Yeah, there it is.
I forget, there was some event like right before that, he was at a shooting or an explosion or something that I guess already had people on edge and then the loud fireworks went off and he Biden'd himself there.
Alright, we're going to take more calls on the other side.
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Watch the total eclipse live as it happens, Monday, April 8th at InfoWars.com forward slash show.
No matter what happens, we won't leave you in the dark.
I'm staring, I'm staring that son of a bitch right in the eye.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, a couple other stories.
We're going to go to the phone lines.
So, the Baltimore Bridge Collapse, they finally say, well, we can get some federal help.
$43 million.
$43 million.
So $200 billion for Israel, but that major critical infrastructure in Baltimore, we'll get maybe $43 million.
Yeah, so the company that was responsible for that bridge collapse, or whoever, you know, $43 million.
But, you know, InfoWars, we owe trillions of dollars.
So, that's just justice, don't you see?
That just makes sense.
I guess that shows you what's really important.
Censoring the truth, more important than fixing critical infrastructure.
Marjorie Taylor Greene speculates Speaker Johnson is being blackmailed.
What do they have on him?
You know, you can go either way with this.
You can say Marjorie Taylor Greene has gone too far, or you can understand what's going on strategically.
Whether Mike Johnson is blackmailed or not, it's not that it's irrelevant.
Obviously if he is, that's a big deal.
But what Marjorie Taylor Greene has done is she's now forced the issue.
And she's now forced the hand.
And so now Speaker Johnson has to do something in response.
And if he does nothing, well then it just makes the situation worse for him, doesn't it?
And now, okay, hey Johnson, if you're not blackmailed, why don't you do your job?
And if you want to continue to refuse to do your job and work for the Democrats, then maybe you're blackmailed.
So it's really a smart strategy thing and I don't like seeing Republicans engage in infighting, but you might as well at this stage in the game, let's find out if Mike Johnson has the cojones to be the next Speaker of the House or not.
Because right now I'd say no.
This man does not deserve, if the Republicans get the House again in 2024, he does not deserve to be the Speaker.
But maybe he responds to Marjorie Taylor Greene here and gets a little fire lit under him.
So I think it's good strategy by Marjorie Taylor Greene.
I don't like Republican infighting.
It hurts us.
But also, at this stage, it probably makes sense just to see if this guy has what it takes to be the speaker again.
And at this point, it appears no.
Unhinged Representative Jamal Bowman is trailing a Democrat primary challenger by double digits.
I guess somebody with access to the algorithm decided his time was up, right?
No, no, that's not how it goes.
Poor Jimmy Kimmel can't understand why Trump is polling better than Biden in so many swing states.
How can this be?
Well, Jimmy, we're not listening to you and we're not stupid.
And Biden sucks.
So there's just three reasons on top of many more.
Let's go back to the phone lines.
And we go to Amber in Arizona.
Amber, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Ellen, great to talk to you.
I just wanted to bring up how watching Kamala Harris and Joe Biden is keeping the average liberal dumb.
Watching these video clips that you all cover at InfoWars, it's maddening.
I don't know how this is our day-to-day reality.
And I have no idea how most people don't catch on to it or have a single brain cell to realize how ignorant and totalitarian this administration is.
I don't know how they can rationalize it or anybody reasonable enough to side with their talking points could believe that they're eloquent speaking individuals.
So I like to call the average liberal or democrat supporter a space heater.
If you have the unfortunate experience of interacting with these folks, you realize how devoid of all thought and reason they all are.
It's almost like their sole existence is to help push the destruction of our country, and it's the greatest successful fly-off in American history.
Well, and that's why they're losing so much support from liberals and even past Democrat voters, because they realize this isn't a Democrat party, this isn't liberalism, this is just radical extremism, radical leftism, insanity.
And so that's why so many people are breaking their chains away from it now.
They don't want to be associated with it.
It's just total madness.
Well, the social media and the mainstream news conglomerate is definitely to blame by blocking dissenting voices, both professional and of the average citizen.
And if we just don't continue to wake folks up, we'll probably end up like Scotland where anything will be seen as a hate crime.
Yeah, and then they had like 4,000 calls in the first day.
A bunch of crying liberals jamming up the phone lines.
Amber, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Jay in New Mexico.
Jay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Owen?
I'm on the road, I take all your supplements, you know that.
I run 11 hours a day and I work a 14 hour day and I give a lot of the credit to the supplements there.
Like you mentioned, you said you called yourself an information junkie and I'm a bit of an information junkie.
I listen to Harrison, Owen, you and Alex.
And all your hosts and a lot of your people on your programs, on the little circles they have on the Band Art video.
But one thing I've also been listening to for a number of months is that X-22.
And it reminds me of the Trust the Plan, you know?
And I'm really nervous that more people don't have all this information, like that last caller said.
Is the president, or should I say, is Donald Trump actually speaking with other nations and getting things lined up?
Well, that was confirmed.
That was confirmed.
And, you know, I'm glad that you actually bring that up.
Because there was a New York Times story about it.
And there's talking about Saudi Arabia, and this is all supposed to not be disclosed, but it was.
So yes, Trump is having back-channel discussions, and who knows, they might try to charge him with
a crime for it. I'm not even kidding you, man. They might try to charge Trump with a crime for
talking to foreign leaders. But yeah, he is. And it was a major relief factor. I mean, I assumed it
had to be going on, but I didn't know it, and now they've confirmed it, and they might end up
charging Trump for it. I'd like to see them all get held on charges of conspiracy and treason.
and all these.
Marjorie Taylor said the other day, everybody in the House of Representatives and the Senate, they all should be fired.
I wish it was just that simple, you know?
And put in some true Americans, people that believe in the three things that were discussed today was the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and inalienable rights.
I'm going blank, but basically... The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm just... I get nervous when I talk to you.
Well, there's no need to be nervous here.
Well, I appreciate the call, Jay, and we appreciate you shopping at InfoWarsStore.com.
Let's go to Patrick in Colorado.
Patrick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Owen, first of all I want to say I got this nitric boost in Real Red Coat Plus.
Go get your supplements at InfoWarsStore.com.
Get your body ready for what's about to come.
So there's a new sickness, supposedly 100 times worse than COVID-19.
And my question for you is, do you think the vaccinated with our completely destroyed immune systems are going to cause the 100x spike in the population?
I mean, we can speculate on all of this stuff, but...
I feel that it's a fool's errand because we don't even know what the reality is.
We don't even know what the truth is.
Generally speaking, the more vaccines you have, the weaker your immune system is.
So that is just generally speaking true.
But as far as trying to speculate about this new fear-mongering over the bird flu and them hyping it up in a lab and it being 100 times more deadlier, I mean, speculating on that I just think is a fool's errand because we just don't know, really, all the facts, all the factors, all the variables.
Yeah, absolutely.
And other thing, I don't think that Marjorie Taylor Greene and the Speaker of the House, I don't even consider that infighting because Like, there's the new right, you know, and then there's those that are on the other side.
You're trying to save the republic or you're not.
Well, right.
My thing is just more, it's frustrating because the Democrats almost always vote as a bloc, right?
I mean, they're always in harmony and you just don't get that from the Republicans and it costs us.
But no, I get where you're coming from.
I completely agree.
And like I said, that's why now's the time to do it.
If you're going to do it, now's the time.
Thank you for the call.
Alright, let's squeeze one late one in here.
White Tiger California, go ahead.
Hey Owen, I just want to make a point to the debate you were having with that Democrat.
It's the same arguments that they always try and make, but here's the truth and the reality of Trump's policy, okay?
When Biden took office, inflation was only at 1.4%.
His entire presidency, he kept inflation under 3%.
And that was even during COVID lockdowns, which we saw a V-shaped recovery, right?
Because any president, you would have crashed their economy with COVID.
He brought us into a V-shaped recovery.
Because we had centralized supply chains.
We had cheap energy.
The long-term benefits of the tariffs were working.
The tax cuts, hey, sorry Democrats, but blue-collar prosperity and wealth actually went up because of that.
Sure, some companies decided to leave, but that was because they wanted to exploit foreign markets.
The rest stayed and we prospered.
So everything they say is complete baloney.
And you're obviously spot on here.
Here's my thing, and thank you for the call.
Here's my thing.
I can sit here and get wonky and dig into it like you did, but I don't want to sit here and have this debate over inflation rates or this, that, and this wonk stuff.
Let's talk about the real world.
You go, you're paying more for gas at the pump.
Your energy bill, the cost of heat and cool your home.
Your grocery bill.
These are real things that every American is experiencing.
So for somebody to come out here and say, yeah, but Biden did this, or Biden's numbers this, or Biden's employment rate this, or Biden... No, no, no, no.
Life is more expensive.
Everybody's experiencing that.
Jay Dyer, fourth hour host, coming up next.
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Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Today we're going to do something a little bit different.
I want to give us a deep dive into the novel and the film Dune by Frank Herbert.
Dune is the 1965 novel that I think is typically classed as the top-selling science fiction novel of all time.
I remember growing up watching the David Lynch version, which many people dislike.
I actually like it quite a bit.
I didn't read the novel until some years into the 2000s.
I forget exactly what year.
And I remember Alex talking about the Dune series quite a bit.
And I remember that Seleucus Secundus is the prison planet.
So I thought, well, maybe there's some association that Alex had between why he named one of the websites Prison Planet.
And this, uh, this, this element of Dune, uh, this great story.
So I decided to dive into it.
And, um, I've not read the whole series.
I'm about three novels in, but.
I have read the first one with much attention and detail and the reason that I was really blown away was that Herbert includes a tremendous amount of geopolitical, religious, sociological, ecological, esoteric, you name it.
It's all included in this novel which is very, in my view, very rare for sci-fi.
Every now and then a science fiction author, maybe a Philip K. Dick or maybe even somebody like a William Gibson, you know, they'll include some pretty esoteric elements, but they don't usually get into things like real-world geopolitics, putting that into the novel, mind control, alternate personalities, genetic memories, trigger codes, assassins, the kind of stuff that we read about in the CIA's MKUltra documents.
It's very odd to find this in a 1965 novel from Frank Herbert.
And so with the recent release of Dune from the famous director Dennis Villeneuve, don't you dare say Villanueva even though that's what it looks like because every nerd will immediately correct you.
This recent instantiation I thought was really well done and then of course Dune 2 came out a couple weeks ago and is now Considered like the new Lord of the Rings.
The nerds are going crazy.
It's getting all these accolades.
Might win awards.
I believe they just confirmed that they're going to make the next one, Dune Messiah.
So you said, well, this is pop culture.
Why do I care about this?
Because remember, as we've covered here in my analysis on several fourth hours and in my two books, Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2, I do have an in-depth analysis of Dune in Esoteric Hollywood 2 if you want to read that literary essay.
It's important to do this because a lot of times the fiction prepares us for where the system wants to go.
We call that predictive programming.
Not all fiction is predictive programming.
Not all Movies don't necessarily predict the future.
Sometimes authors and writers who perhaps come out of the intelligence world want to put what really happened into their stories.
For example, I watched this week a series called Little Drummer Girl, which is a 1982 John le Carré novel.
John le Carré was in the British intelligence service, that whole sector.
He worked for MI5 and for MI6.
And so he put those real world things that he learned into his stories, much like Ian Fleming did.
But in a more realistic way.
James Bond is very kind of cartoonish and got a lot of Hollywood elements.
Le Carre strived to have a really realistic approach to his spy fiction.
But what's fascinating about that series is that it was written in 1982 and it dealt with the facing off between the Mossad and the PLO.
And so there's a lot of fakery, there's a lot of stagecraft, there's false flags, all that goes into what you might expect in Le Carré, telling us, as the novel says, terror is theatre.
I'm not saying by that that there aren't real terror attacks, that everything's fake, I'm not saying that.
I'm saying that the point of the novel is that terror has a specific goal of theatrics.
of scaring people.
And Dune also includes a lot of these same principles of real-world geopolitics.
And although, as I understand, he was, Frank Herbert I'm speaking of, was a GOP speechwriter.
I don't know that he had any necessary, necessarily intelligence connections, but he seemed to really know in some sense what was going on.
Even getting to pretty wild things like geoengineering, terraforming, all kinds of wild things.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, as we do a deep dive into the predictive programming of Dune.
Welcome back to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer.
I'm Jason Alsop, and we're doing a deep dive into the story of Dune, both the written text from Frank Herbert and the visual presentations that we've seen, particularly the more recent release, the blockbuster Dune II, which everyone is talking about.
It's the first time many are saying that they've had a Wild theatrical experience where they felt like a movie really moved them.
And they say this hasn't happened since Lord of the Rings or since, you know, films like The Matrix, something like this, where both the visuals, the sound, the storytelling was all pretty much top-notch.
Now, as you said, Frank Herbert himself was an interesting character who Well, it's not on the liberal side of things.
You know, you think of science fiction authors as being these sort of libs who want to promote the idea of a never-ending so-called progress.
They're irreligious.
They're against the mystical.
They have a future of, you know, pure scientism and utopia ahead of us.
And we don't find that in Dune at all.
In fact, one of the most striking disparities between science fiction writers and what Herbert presents is The banning of AI.
In fact, in the world of Dune, there was this event that happened where AI got so advanced that it actually enslaved the humans.
And so, I think 10,000 years or so before the events of what we read in Dune, there was this jihad, they called it.
It's called the Butlerian Jihad, and this was a religious crusade against AI.
So, not only is there no future Utopia in this series, but there's also a specifically anti-AI, pro-human bent.
And in regard to the villains, you have this nefarious coalition of the Emperor, Who is the emperor of the known universe who's made an alliance with one of the royal houses known as the Harkonnens.
The Harkonnens are these very degenerate pedophile and in some versions cannibalistic people group who basically live on an H.R.
Giger style planet.
And their plan is to take over the planet of Dune or Arrakis which is a desert planet where there is this Drug that has all of these mystical powers and capabilities known as the spice and to control the spice is like controlling Something like the heroin trade or to control something like oil.
So imagine if you could combine oil and heroin that's what we would have with the spice and or maybe something more hallucinogenic than heroin, but in regard to geopolitics if it's very well with Herbert borrowing from Middle Eastern cultures such as Sufis, or borrowing from Sunni Islam, or borrowing from Bedouin tribes, these all go into being the influences for the native people of the planet of Dune called the Fremen.
And I think there's a play on words there, the free men.
And so they have an odd sort of syncretistic religion, the Fremen, where they have been influenced by Zen philosophy, Sunni Islam, Paganism, Catholicism, because after the Butlerian Jihad, there was a universal galactic ecumenical council, basically like Vatican III in space, where an ecumenical council of dorks compiled together basically a new religion.
And this religion became a Quasi-humanist religion, a kind of a process philosophy where man could never be enslaved to AI.
So a big pillar foundation belief of the future religion here is anti-AI.
They do have tech, so don't misunderstand me.
They have very advanced technology and they have genetically advanced human beings and people that are genetically modified, but not AI.
And so again, unique turn of events there with contrasting that to most soyence fiction.
There's also the, as we said, this coalition of corrupt people who, with an emperor and the baron, they want to take over this planet and to really harvest the profits.
And they work together with this economic entity called the Guild.
And the Guild and the Navigators, these people, they control travel and they control the spice.
That's their goal, to completely control it.
And they'll have the upper hand in the universe by doing so.
But in order to do this, they have to get rid of Certain rival families, that's the Atreides family.
So, clearly, Herbert is borrowing from a lot of classic stories of intrigue, courtly intrigue, espionage.
You can think about, you know, George R. R. Martin's Game of Thrones being very similar to what you see in Dune, but Dune was one of the first sci-fi stories to really Um, pull from medieval, you know, intrigues and espionage with houses and kings and queens.
And again, that heraldry, noble element, the hierarchical monarchy element is not something you typically think of in terms of future science fiction.
You think that's, oh, that's a relic of the past.
Well, again, we have another thing that Herbert carries over, presumably because he thinks it's natural, that hierarchy is natural to mankind.
Hierarchy is found in nature.
Dominant hierarchies!
That's never going to go away.
There's always going to be these hierarchies.
And so he puts this into his stories.
And this, as we said, this house that's being persecuted, this noble house, the Atreides, they're known as a righteous household.
They're a good, a noble family.
They come from a water-based planet called Caladan, and they intend to be the rulers.
They're being baited into coming to this planet to be, as they believe, at the friendship and behest of the Emperor, given the dukedom or given the control of the planet of Arrakis, and they believe they'll make profit from this, being involved in the spice trade and so forth.
And of course they find out that this was a giant trap.
It's kind of a false flag type of event where they're led into this scenario where they're trapped and almost all of House Atreides is destroyed except for the promising young protagonist, Paul Atreides.
Paul, I think in the novel, is something like 14, 15, 16 years old.
So he's a younger guy and if you watch the recent instantiation, They chose, I think, somebody who's a more fitting version of Paul.
In the older version with David Lynch, Colin McLaughlin is a little too old to be playing that character.
But regardless, it's a very well-executed presentation of the novel, and it tries to stay pretty faithful to the story.
There's some minor variations with the Zendaya character in the sequel, part two.
But anyway, Back to the main point, which is that, so we've got this imperial intrigue story, this planet with the resources trying to be controlled.
What does this have to do with global geopolitical conspiracies and MKUltra?
Sounds like you're just reaching here, Jay.
Well, actually, again, remember this is written in 1965.
Frank Herbert sees a future where there's geoengineering, there's actually planetary ecologists who are involved in terraforming, and they actually geoengineer planets.
He talks about The dangers of technocracy.
He talks about elite bloodlines.
And that these elite bloodlines have the ability to pass on genetic memories that can be awakened through certain events, through certain training, through trauma, through warfare, the odd amorphous religion of the universe of Dune.
All of these can be ways to awaken these innate potentialities and powers within man, according to Frank Herbert.
I believe that a lot of that's true.
Obviously, I have religious beliefs, but I think, again, this is very unique and you just don't see this in science fiction.
Usually, science fiction is kind of atheistic.
Now, some people argue that this storyline is atheistic.
However, we find that odd things happen as the novels progress.
It gets very bizarre with, basically, somebody melding with a worm to become the Worm Emperor.
There might be some symbolic meanings to that, but Really, the question is about this Messiah.
So, we have this storyline that the elite bloodlines have planted throughout the various colonies that they study for eugenic purposes.
So, the power structure has a religious arm known as the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, and these are a coven of witches or called witches.
But really, they become these sort of like Female bitchy Jedis and they can kind of do, you know, tricks with their voice and mind control and hypnotism and, you know, maybe see a little bit of the future, not a lot here and there.
They have prescience to a degree.
And so this sisterhood is a spoken of as kind of a secret society.
But there are secret society that is much more than what we think of as mystery, right?
No, they're actually intelligence handlers.
And they're not just intelligence handlers, they're also said to be manipulators of eugenic bloodlines.
That's the terminology that's used in the novel.
So this is not my interpretation.
If you look at Dune Messiah, it talks about the Bene Gesserit sisterhood operating like a eugenics cult that studies the different cultures on the different planets to pick out who can be the most fitter, most evolved Version of these different tribes to eventually create what they call the super being The super being is in their mind going to be some future Woman, they think they hope that they can control so they want to be the power behind the throne but their techniques are basically exactly that of a combination of like a Jesuit and a CIA handler So that's literally what
Is in the novel, and that's kind of exactly how intelligence handlers work in the real world.
If you remember when we read in a lecture through the famous CIA operative Myles Copeland's book, Game of Nations, he writes this lengthy treatise about all of his operations and consulting in Syria and in Egypt throughout the Cold War.
And then he says at the end of the book, if you want to know why we use terrorists and why we do all this and that, he says it's very simple.
Go read Bertrand Russell, the Council on Foreign Relations, James Burnham and the Managerial Society, and you'll understand that it's all about eugenics and depopulating.
All of that.
So all these CIA Cold War operations, it's about the long-term goal of where they want to take these countries for the future goals of depopulation and technocracy.
He actually says that.
There's an appendix at the back of the book that is a recommended reading list of a bunch of globalist documents.
All the stuff that you hear me talking about.
So you think, where'd you get this?
You're just making this up.
It's all conspiracy theories.
No, no.
Actually, the global elite writers give you appendices that give you bibliographies that tell you what to read.
And in fact, Dune actually has some fascinating bibliographies itself at the back of the book that we're going to look at that shows you a lot of what I'm talking about.
It's not conspiracy theory.
It's this is what writers do.
They put these clues, they put these topics into their book because it's what's going on in the real world.
So I'm not saying there's an exact one-to-one parallel.
There's no perfect parallel to who the Fremen are, these native people of Dune.
They're kind of a mix of, as I said, Sunni Islam, Sufi Islam.
They're a mix of Zen philosophy, Bedouin tribes, Afghanis.
So, they're kind of all of that in this, you know, future desert people group.
So, there's a clear connection that I want to mention to Islam.
And I think Alex mentioned this maybe a week or two ago in one of his broadcasts that he was saying that he enjoyed doing part two, but he felt like there might be some predictive programming in relationship to Islam.
And it's interesting that we did see the events in Russia where ISIS, this, of course, Western backed and created a cut out, a claimed responsibility for the events in Russia's 9-11.
In my view, because they were heading back to the Ukraine, the terrorists in this case, they were probably most likely put up to this by the Ukrainian regime.
That makes the most sense in my view.
And that's what fits the Gladio model.
I don't know if there was any intentional association between the Dune story and what's going on there.
But it is an interesting parallel, at least in the fact that, as we said, in the story of Dune, they're clearly pulling from Jihad, Islam, all these terms that we are very familiar with.
And that has to do with, I think, Frank Herbert being a GOP speechwriter.
Now, you might think, well, if he's a GOP speechwriter, was he a neocon and therefore hated Islam?
Not necessarily.
He's more of a pragmatist, because again, In the future world that he's envisioning here, Islam and Catholicism and Paganism have all melded to create this imperial-run religion.
You remember, I think it was on my channel or maybe The Fourth Hour a couple weeks ago, I don't remember, but I did a talk on the recent book by Mago Graziano about the CIA's relationship to religion.
And this is an important text because it's not a conspiracy book, it's an academic text charting the history of the relationship of the OSS and CIA.
Two various religious groups, fanatics, cults, all throughout post-World War II period and into the Cold War.
All the way up until the 1979 Iran Revolution, CIA's relationship to the Ayatollah.
Again, you can 1953 coup, Operation Ajax, all of that comes up in the novel, or excuse me, in the book.
But most relevant is the manipulation of religious beliefs.
That the CIA often engaged in to dupe and trick indigenous peoples usually.
So, for example, we read about Ed Lansdale's usage of the chupacabra basically, like a form of a chupacabra where in the Philippines he spread this myth of a vampire and this helped to put down the Hulk Rebellion and to aid the CIA puppet regime person in the Philippines.
Likewise, Ed Lansdale then went to Vietnam and participated in what appears to be the Phoenix program, bringing a lot of those Horror movie techniques of draining bodies of blood and so forth which are then used in Vietnam to scare the Viet Cong as a kind of a side out.
So that's Phoenix Program stuff.
So then Ed Lansdale proposes the idea of a staged second coming of Christ to dupe the Cubans to support the West against Castro.
Now a lot of those plans weren't used but you see what I'm getting at is that this is the type of Strategy, the type of plans that are batted around between the Pentagon and the intelligence agencies and the generals and the CFR and all these high-level steering committees and groups, they're thinking about and planning things at that level.
So that's also perfectly mirroring what is going on in Dune.
That's exactly what the which coven been a Jesuit sisterhood and that's very close
to Jesuit.
I think that might be intentional on the part of Frank Herbert, although of course Jesuits are
homosexual men.
They're not actually typically women.
I don't think they're... It'll be a few years before we get women Jesuits.
But maybe he was being prophetic and predicting a future where, uh, you know, a thousand years from now, all of the Jesuits are basically female witches.
Hence, Bene Jesuit, uh, Bene Jezre.
I'm just joking there.
I'm not literally saying that, but I'm not joking about most of them being Skittles men.
That's pretty well known.
But you can see that this is a perfect mirror again for the religious manipulation via these types of entities in the world of Dune that Herbert is explaining and telling us through fiction.
So, beyond that though, this coalition occurs where the imperial power, united with these corrupt degenerate pedophiles, the Harkonnens, are using false flags and so forth in terror to get rid of their enemies, to bring about a total monopoly control Which they kind of already have, but they're just concerned with a rising rival that they can't control through this figure of Paul Atreides, who becomes a symbolic war hero, right?
He becomes this figure of the revolution against the empire and the system, right?
Against the imperial powers.
And even on the part of Paul and his mom, who's a sort of pseudo-Mary character, because even though Paul doesn't have a miraculous birth, There is an attempt kind of mirroring Moses, right, where there's an attempt to persecute the Atreides to stamp out the bloodline.
This is a common motif that we've seen in not just biblical literature but ancient literature where you want to stamp out rivals because bloodlines might produce, you know, a future challenge to your throne or to your power.
So, you know, in the Bible we have the stories of Pharaoh trying to kill the Israelites And then Moses is put on that little raft and he's, you know, floated away to safety.
Likewise, in a mirror of that, Herod tries to stamp out the mythologies, in Herod's mind, the myth, because Herod's not a believer, of a coming Messiah.
And so Herod has the firstborn killed, mirroring what Pharaoh had done.
And that was to stamp out the possibility of a Messiah.
Because if the Jews believed in a Messiah, it would empower them, it would give them strength and unity, and that was the motivation of Herod to try to stamp out that myth.
Likewise, in the story of Dune, you have this parallel of the Savior myth, the Messiah myth.
He's called, in this novel, in the Arabic, the Mahdi, which is the Arabic term for Messiah.
He's called the voice from the outer world, the voice of God and so forth.
He's the right hand of God.
So he's a kind of sort of Messiah type of figure.
But we find out that this myth, this story has been seeded by the Bene Gesserits and the Empire for many, many, many generations to bring about and control the figure that will be this symbolic warrior Messiah figure.
In reality, though, what happens is that they're not able to control him.
And so there's this sort of mystical initiation process.
Here, I think Herbert is telling us that there's a real initiation that occurs at times.
I'm not saying this is good, but I'm saying that drugs become an initiation to seeing things in a different way.
And so for the character of Paul, he undergoes this, what's very close to a very intense drug trip.
Through taking the water of life.
This is kind of a mirror to something like initiation into Christianity through baptism or the Lord's Supper or something like that.
It's kind of a drug version of sacraments.
And this is really the way that Aldous Huxley, for example, spoke of hallucinogens as a form of sacrament to initiate people into seeing, you know, higher dimensions, other realities.
And this is what happens to Paul.
Paul does the initiation rite that only the women of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood are supposed to do.
And Paul goes to the place that the women can't go.
Feminists thus dislike this story.
They think it's too patriarchal and whatnot.
So, even though I'm not agreeing with every element in the perennialist philosophy of the story, there are elements of it that are kind of traditional, so to speak, hierarchical, that libs don't usually like.
And that might be why they kind of made the Chani character a sort of a butthurt atheist who basically in every scene is making a stank face.
If you watch the film, Like, every scene is her doing that, so she's butt hurt.
That's not really in the novel, I don't read anything about Stank Face from Chani's character, but anyway.
The drug element here, I think, speaks to another insight that Herbert has, not just with maybe studying.
He's writing in the 1960s, so he's seeing maybe the rise of the counterculture, the hippies, the experimentations with drugs and whatnot.
So I don't know if he did it, but I'm saying he's perhaps looking at this process in America And maybe applying that to how ancient cultures, their mysteries are making a comeback, and even though Paul's initiated them to become this sort of pseudo-god figure or quasi-divine figure, in reality the more telling element is that there are these figures who are conditioned, we're told,
By the Empire, and they're given to the various noble houses to be consultants, to be what they call human supercomputers, to be doctors and so forth.
And that's important because this imperial conditioning seems to be very parallel to something like a form of MKUltra.
And we're going to see this again with the character of the traitor character of Dr. Yue.
This is the Alex Jones Show, and I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer, breaking down in-depth Frank Herbert's Dune.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jayson Analysis, and we're talking about the amazing insights and depth that Frank Herbert put in the story that really gives us a window into how the real power structure of our world works, the global elites, how they control things.
I'll give you one example that comes up in the first novel.
Every chapter begins with a Quote from a fictional book from within the Dune Universe.
And so here we have a quote from one of the messages that Paul the Hero sent to the Trading Guild, or excuse me, to the families of the elite families of the universe.
And he's quoting the Emperor and pointing out the Emperor's strategy.
Get this, he says, "Control the coinage, the money printing, and control the courts,
and let the rabble have the rest."
So the emperor is saying, this is Paul quoting the emperor, if you control the money printing and the courts, I care not who the politicians are.
It sounds very, very, it's almost parallel to the famous Rothschild quote.
Give me the power to print the money and I care not who the politicians or the presidents are.
And also he adds in that the strategy of the empire is also to control the courts or the legal system.
And if you control those two things, nothing else really matters.
You don't really have to control anything else.
Even the religious element can be just another kind of arm of corralling the people into the imperial superstructure.
Now, I'm not saying that everything is fake and everything is controlled.
That's not what I'm saying.
Not everything is fake and gay.
A lot of things are fake and gay, but not everything is fake and gay.
But the novel, if you pay attention to all the details, you'll find these little nuggets here and there throughout the book.
And by the way, all of the novels have these nuggets.
As I said, in the sequel, you have the notations and the references to modifying and experimenting with genetic bloodlines to try to produce the eugenic Huyza Tatarak or the super being.
Now, in the world of Dune, in this universe, as we said, we have this notion of elements of MKUltra that he brings to bear because the Empire doesn't just rely on the ability to control money and to, you know, control the law or whatever.
They've also figured out that if people are going to be working within certain noble houses, then they need to have certain conditioning done to them.
And so what happens is there's an imperial conditioning process, which supposedly is able to mind control and root out any possible betrayal in your psyche.
So they've got you completely kind of Social profiled, so to speak, and weeded out, vetted out from a kind of a, I mean, I want to say transhumanist perspective because there's a ban on AI.
However, they do have a form of cloning within the Dune universe and yet not AI.
So remember, it's not a future universe where there's no Uh, technology, there's just not AI or there's not supposed to be.
Later on, there appears to be a re-emergence of a kind of AI and that ends up being this golden path.
And the golden path is, I mean, related to the golden path.
The golden path is when Paul, as the protagonist throughout the original story, he has to choose the different timelines that he sees in his sort of vision, his prescience.
He has to choose the one that saves the human race.
What we find out, of course, is that Paul isn't the real Kwisatz Haderach.
It's actually his son that becomes the super being, the worm boy.
But Paul is still a hero because even though he chose the option that would lead to global jihad and didn't want to become melded with a worm, a kind of super being, the jihad ends up being still the option that allows his son to be born, which then is the option to choose.
The timeline that saves the human race, which as the story progressed, turns out to be a salvation that was the only possible choice against a future, presumably, AI depopulation.
So the idea is that in the future, those little hunter-seeker drones that you see, they eventually develop so In such a sophisticated manner that they eventually are programmed or programming themselves to get rid of all humans.
Humans are then seen as the virus.
So notice.
He's putting again this idea of depopulation and that the future struggle will be against whether humans will survive, whether humans will endure and populate the universe versus an AI entity that comes to be that depopulates.
Now, I don't believe that AI will become conscious.
I don't think that makes any sense because A robot or a computer or whatever, it can never do or be more than the algorithms that are put into it.
It's never going to magically jump beyond the nerd code that goes into it.
And nerd code never becomes conscious.
It makes no sense.
However, the nerds that code the code might encode killing everybody, right?
So in that sense, it might eventually become advanced enough to, as we've seen, I think, this week, AI being used, I think, in Israel to pick certain people to target via drones.
I think I just glanced at the story.
I didn't see the whole story, but it's something like that.
So, you know, something like Captain America, Winter Soldier.
Was that Captain America 2?
I forget.
I get all those mixed up.
The Marvel movies are all kind of the same.
But one of those was actually about a future AI that could target people that they thought would be future resistors against the system.
And so the drone system was basically ahead of time, you know, popping targets from the sky.
That's again a kind of an analogy to what's going on in the Dune stories as they progress towards the end and certain choices are made which require great sacrifice to save the human race.
So I don't think even though it's not a Christian story, there's still a lot of good elements, a lot of really powerful deep insights in the story that allow us to see some positives here.
Now, I mentioned in regard to religion, we want to talk about that a little bit, because even though the Imperial conditioning, as we said, mirrors some of the MKUltra stuff, and we have kind of these mind-control programmed assassins, there's a, in Doom Messiah, there's a sort of clone character who's supposed to be a triggered assassin to kill Paul and Paul's children.
Even though that's, you know, loosely kind of parallel to what we see in MKUltra, More interesting in terms of its future predictive element was the future ecumenist religion and global galactic Vatican 3, space Vatican 3 we could call it.
Because there's an appendix, again remember he's writing this in the 1960s, and in this appendix he points out that the Empire decides to create a The next level of ecumenism, and he actually uses the terminology of ecumenism, it's the universal ecumenical council of space that creates on the basis of multiple religious traditions including the ancient teachings of all the religions, Islam, Buddhism, elements of the Talmud, elements of Hindu philosophy and thought,
All combined to produce a future universal ecumenical meeting after the Butlerian Jihad to destroy AI.
So after AI, they say it's time to create a man-centric religion of the universe.
A kind of mega-galactic ecumenism, as I said.
Vatican III in space.
That's what the entire appendix is about.
Now, this is very fascinating because this is right around the time of Vatican II.
So, Frank Herbert was at least perceptive enough to understand that looking at what was happening at the Second Vatican Council and the movement towards ecumenism, that this was a move towards not just a broadening of the Roman Catholic papal system, but perhaps all the world religions now are becoming elements of or arms of this super-religion, a super-structure religion.
Again, that's perennialism.
And so he's consciously putting perennialism into his novel.
He even explains in this appendix about the religion of Dune that the Bene Gesserit sisterhood, who are the key promoters of this ecumenist religion, again very parallel to Jesuits as we said, and of course Jesuits played a key role in Vatican II and the promotion of the ecumenist movement, that they had studied mind control, narcotics, drugs, Meditation and all of the elements of many of the pagan religions to perfect these techniques for their ecumenist religion.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We're breaking down Dune.
Don't go anywhere.
I'm Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jays Analysis.
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And you can buy my books and my lectures and my part twos, my interviews and all that on my website, jaysanalysis.com.
Going back about 10 years of archives, getting deep into all the topics that you hear me covered, movies, film, Movies and film, literature, geopolitics.
We lecture through tons and tons of elite writings.
We've done Carol Quigley's Strategy and Hope.
We've done CIA biographies.
On and on and on.
And we're talking today about Dune and the Hidden symbolic messages, meanings, the codes that Frank Herbert encoded into his novels and into the films.
And what we find is that, as we were saying, that this future galactic imperial controlled religion is trying to create the universe's super being so that the power behind the throne can control it and be the real universe's super being.
Now, after this future ecumenist world or galactic religion is created, Herbert explains, I want to read a brief quote here, the major dams against the anarchy, against the empire's religion, were the embryo for the guild and the Bene Gesserit sisterhood and the noble houses.
This continued its 2,000 year record of meeting in spite many of their obstacles.
The guild, that's the economic control system, their part appeared clear.
They gave free transport to all the noble houses and the Ecumenical Commission's business.
The Bene Gesserit Sisterhood's role was more obscure.
This is the time when they consolidated their hold upon all the sorceresses, they explored the subtle uses of narcotics, they developed the Prana Bindu training, and received their Missionary Protectiva.
That's their missionary mandate.
That is the black arm of superstition.
It was also during this period that they composed their Litany Against Fear.
I will not fear if there is a mind killer, right?
And the Assembly of the Azhar Book, which is the compilation of all the great secrets of all of the ancient religions.
So you'll notice what they did was they went beyond just the idea of Christian ecumenism and pulled in all the world religions as a form of perennialism.
Or perhaps some kind of pseudo-Masonic philosophy that undergirds this future religion.
And it says that the Ecumenist space religion that they created was a form of self-help where the Ecumenists created what they called the Orange Catholic Bible.
This is a future Bible which is all the religions mixed together.
And it says that The men of this commission were likened to the archaeologists of ideas.
They were inspired by God in the grandeur of their rediscovery.
In other words, rediscovering God.
So, in other words, they kind of crawl young style, piecing together an archaeology of ideas.
That sounds like some popular people out there right now that are trying to do this very thing with their archaeology of ideas.
To create a galactic religion.
What is this religion?
Well, it would really just be a kind of form of self-help.
Now, the irony is that in the Dune story, as we said, as the novels progress, although Paul isn't the Kwisatz Haderach, there actually does end up being a universe's super-being.
So, the genetic manipulation of the bloodlines, the genetic memory awakenings that can occur in the individual, they actually do bring about a universe's super-being.
It just doesn't Culminate in the person of Paul.
And the Bene Gesserits end up not really controlling this super being, but the super being does initiate a kind of a period of peace and the salvation of the human race.
Because what happens is eventually, it's an evolutionary process in this worldview, as we said, the AI that makes a comeback seeks to completely eradicate and depopulate humanity.
And so what happens is that the future worm emperor, the worm boy, He figures out a way to hide people from the power of the AI and from prescience.
So it's a very fascinating.
Combination of elements of, as we said, real geopolitical events, how the world is actually run on the basis of the control of resources, whether it's water on the planet of Dune, it's how rare it is as a commodity, whether it's the spice, which is at once a kind of mechanism for travel and a drug that gives you enlightenment, gives you insight.
And kind of, in a way, initiate you.
The actual religious theology is very amorphous and unclear.
It's kind of, at times, agnostic.
At times, it's deism.
At times, it's determinism and predestination.
At times, it's sort of Islamic.
At times, it's pagan.
It's kind of unclear what this deity is in this world, in this universe of Dune.
But setting that aside, we can still find a lot of fascinating parallels.
Again, maybe not so much on the religious side of things, Unless you want to read the Worm Emperor as perhaps symbolic of the Savior is more than just human and requires a great sacrifice, right?
In that sense, Christ was more than human.
In our view, he was also fully divine, although fully human.
And he also engaged in great sacrifice, sacrificing his life for the salvation of the human race.
So that we find Savior parallels that could be read into this.
In a charitable way, so to speak.
But again, setting that aside, it's more valuable, I think, for its geopolitical insights and its revelations of things like geoengineering, where we have Dr. Kynes, that's played by Max von Sydow in the David Lynch version.
He's the imperial ecologist who is actually a Fremen.
I think he's, if I recall, he's a Fremen spy.
We have insights into espionage, handlers, How spy agencies, how power structures think about religion as a tool.
They don't believe it.
They don't care about the religion.
It's purely a pragmatic tool for the imperial power to continue.
And that's relevant for us because, unfortunately, many of our elites, many of our leaders also see religion as a tool.
As we saw with the case of Ed Lansdale and many of the CIA operatives who wanted to stage all kinds of religious miracles to prop up the CIA narrative.
We think about the Vatican Bank and Operation Gladio and the terror and the black operation funding that was all tied up into the Vatican Bank and Gladio and the OSS and CIA.
Again, speaking to the corruption of the Empire, And there could be some element of how Islam or radical Islam fits into this usage as well.
Although in the story of Dune, the Islamic-ish Fremen people end up being the people that fight this jihad and become these sort of radical adherents of the religion of Paul.
Now a lot of people... I'm going to make one side comment here about the next novel because a lot of people don't find the sequel to be That's interesting.
It's very much a political conspiracy book.
And that's fascinating in my view, because I did like Dune Messiah quite a bit.
The first novel is very much an action, you know, grandiose Game of Thrones style story.
The sequel is much more of a deep philosophical geopolitical conspiracy book.
And in that book we have the attempt not just to assassinate Paul, but to make sure that
he doesn't have offspring because Chani is given abortifacients by the princess.
So Paul is forced into a political marriage at the end of Dune, as you probably know,
but he also has Chani as his concubine.
But what's more interesting is his sister, this character Alia, who has in many ways
perhaps more power or potential power than Paul.
And, spoiler alert, Paul and Alia are related to the Baron.
Paul's mom is an unknown daughter, except they find out through the initiation process that they're the genetic offspring of Baron Harkonnen.
So, when Paul's sister becomes prominent as she grows older, and you see her in the new film, briefly, it's played by Anya Taylor-Joy, They've just said they're going to make Dune 3, so Dune Messiah will presumably have a lot to say, or will be a big part of the next Dune installment in terms of the films.
And so, Alia's character will become a War of Babylon type of figure.
That's what I found to be really fascinating.
And I'm not stretching it either because if you read the Dune novels, there's places where Paul quotes the Book of Revelation.
So, Herbert was consciously knowledgeable.
He had a conscious awareness of the Whore of Babylon, this sort of imagery.
And there's a specific ritual in the next one where Alia becomes something like the Scarlet Woman.
And she's chanted and worshipped.
And, spoiler alert, she will go insane.
And become possessed.
So I think, again, he's drawing not just from, you know, geopolitical stuff, but now he's also drawing from sort of Whore of Babylon, Revelation 17, 18 imagery to give us the potential future feminist goddess religion.
And what happens?
Alia goes insane.
She becomes possessed by the alternate personality of her, of the emperor, excuse me, of the baron of whom she's a relative.
So a lot of fascinating warnings and symbols and elements in the Dune stories.
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