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Name: 20240404_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 4, 2024
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The video discusses various social issues, including concerns over the future of the Republic, mass deportation, gender identity, birth control, government spending on projects like a lunar railway, healthcare, pedophilia, homosexuality, transhumanism, media influence on children's minds, and book banning controversies. The speaker expresses frustration with low-IQ individuals being given opportunities to build space vehicles that may malfunction due to faulty engineering, leading to their deaths. They also advocate for personal ownership of money instead of paying taxes and warn against introducing concepts like homosexuality and transgenderism to children who cannot comprehend them. The video ends by discussing how parents should stand up against tactics used by predators to manipulate children's minds through exposure to pornographic material at an early age.

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Ladies and gentlemen, people are waking up to the dire straits this country is in.
The great representative Clay Higgins went on a talk radio show and put it like this.
Welcome back to the Moongraphon Show.
We have Congressman Clay Higgins on with us today.
We appreciate Congressman Higgins giving us a few minutes this morning in his busy schedule.
And I don't have but about four or five minutes left, Congressman.
Listen, when y'all I know you're a congressman for our district here, but you go to Washington, D.C., and what do you feel like, and I might ask you a political question, when it comes to Republicans winning the House and Senate and President Trump winning?
I mean, I know it's a must, we must have for this country to get away from what we're going through, but what is your feelings, or do you really worry about that because you can only take care of your situation?
Well, I'm very concerned about the future of our Republic.
And there's a sense of urgency that borders on in DC amongst, I would say, patriot circles.
That you have a lot of men and women that are recognizing the signs of potential Demise of our Republic.
And we see elections being rigged.
We see borders disintegrated.
We see the fact that when you add 14 million illegals in Biden's four years as occupier of the White House, and on top of them, The illegals we've already had here from the previous 30 years.
Talking about 45 million illegals in our country.
When you look at inflation where Americans cannot afford groceries.
When you look at supply chains totally disrupted.
Across the world, when you look at the loss of not just American energy dominance, but the purposeful crippling of the American energy industry.
When you look at the loss of the American dollar as the instrument
for trade worldwide, and you have the emergence of BRICS
nations, and the potential for a change in worldwide currency use,
we're seeing the loss of our country, and there's very much
That we have reached a crucial point in this election cycle where we either save our country or we lose it.
Here's a big question for you.
That's the feeling there.
Yeah, here's a big question, Congressman.
You may not be able to answer this, but I'm going to ask it.
How do we get all these people out that don't belong?
Because once you let them in here, it gets very difficult.
We have a beautiful plan.
We have a beautiful plan.
I've been talking with the President and his team for a couple of years about it.
When I say President, I mean President Trump.
And it's basically, we have a plan to create an environment where the illegal populations in the United States find it in their best interest to deport themselves.
There's gotta be a plan.
I'll flesh it out as we get closer.
Sure. But it's a brilliant plan, and I do believe it will
work, and you're gonna see a steady stream of unregistered vehicles
driven by unlicensed drivers headed south.
(dog barks)
Yeah, well, no.
No, listen to me.
I don't have to know the plan.
I just want to know somebody's thinking of the plan.
Because once you let people out, you can't only get them out.
They don't want to go back to the hellhole they lived in.
That's why I'm throwing it at them.
Well, they're gonna want to leave America.
If we enact our plan, they're going to, it's going to be in their best interest to leave America on their own.
And we're going to make it easy.
So there's Clay Higgins telling it like it is.
Now we're going to have more on this issue with the illegal immigrants and some of Trump's advisors' statements from yesterday.
And this is serious stuff.
And I think the realization of the American people of what the Democrat Party represents and what the Biden administration has done to this country, I think it's really sitting in.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, April 4th, 2024.
This is the Alex Jones Show, broadcasting live from the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer sitting in today.
And we have a bunch of guests lined up.
Bunch of guests.
Nick Sortor joining me in studio, second hour.
Brian Krasenstein joining me on video, second hour.
Gavin McGinnis joining me, third hour.
We're going to have a roundtable, a Knights of the InfoWars roundtable, if you will, going to be going on.
With myself and Chase Geyser and Harrison Smith, we might also open a Spaces on X. Drew Hernandez is going to join us as well.
So we're loaded with guests.
I've also got some very important news we're going to be covering in video clips here as well for you today.
And to open the show, I played that clip From Clay Higgins on a talk radio show in Louisiana.
Talking about the state of America.
Talking about how bad the Biden administration is.
Specifically on the illegal immigration front and how Americans are really waking up to this and they realize what a threat it is now and how bad it really is.
And nothing can really cover this up.
Now one of the problems When you look at the first four years of the Trump administration, one of the problems was Trump had some bad advisors.
Let's just leave it at that.
He had some bad advisors.
He had some rotten eggs, if you will, surrounding him.
But two voices, who I think are going to be major, major advisors and influencers on a potential Second, Trump administration are going to be Stephen Miller, who's one of the greats, truly, and then Vivek Ramaswamy, whose political stock continues to grow.
So, on the illegal immigration front, you heard Higgins talk about a plan to remove the illegal immigrants.
Here's Vivek Ramaswamy.
This is just common sense.
This is just common sense.
You identify a problem, you have a solution.
You have an equal and opposite reaction.
And so here's Vivek Ramaswamy explaining that last night in clip two.
If you have had the largest mass illegal migration into this country in American history, then it stands to reason, Larry, that we require the largest mass deportation in American history as well.
This isn't novel.
We've had mass deportations under President Eisenhower.
They worked.
I think they will work in Trump's second term as well.
And the trap that somehow the media has led the public to believe, and I think we ought to explain to the public what's going on, is this is not compassion.
This is cruelty.
It is cruelty to Americans.
It is cruelty to many of the Hispanic communities in America who came legally to this country, who are suffering the scourge of crime and other effects of that illegal mass migration.
It's people in inner cities that are suffering.
Black, white, brown, and everything in between.
Democrat and Republican included.
The South Side of Chicago converting local high schools into encampments for those illegal migrants.
It is a rejection of American principles.
We're a nation founded on the rule of law.
And so I don't think that this is cruel.
I think it is the compassionate thing to do, both for Americans and to stand for the rule of law.
It's logical.
End those incentives to be here illegally.
Stop funding the sanctuary cities.
Stop funding Central America until they stop the northward flow of migrants.
You know what?
The military we really need isn't the climate military.
It isn't the climate corps.
It's putting our own military on our own southern border.
That's how we put an end to this border crisis.
And I think those mass deportations are the moral thing to do for Americans.
and we're on the right side of history with this one.
Nothing but net.
Hole in one. 100%.
I mean, that's it.
Everything he just said there is absolutely correct.
Now, we cover these stories all the time.
I got another one here.
Seattle turned a tennis court at a high school into a massive encampment to house illegals.
So it's schools, it's veteran care facilities, it's American homeless shelters, it's local rec centers, now it's high school tennis courts.
courts here. Look at this one in clip 5. So they walk up at a high school and it's a tennis
court there so that the high schoolers can play tennis.
Not anymore.
Not a good situation, not a situation that we imagine ourselves in.
We were at the church and at the church we were living in similar if not the same conditions.
If your radio, pull down the audio here, if your radio They're on the high school tennis court.
School's high school tennis court.
So, you know, kids can play tennis.
And it's filled with these tents that the illegal immigrants live in.
By the way, where do they get these tents?
Who's paying for the tents?
Well, I guess it's the same old story.
You're paying for the tents.
And so, you know, those high school kids that might have dreamt of playing tennis for their varsity team or playing tennis in college or who knows, maybe even the high hopes of one day competing as a professional.
Well, those dreams are squandered.
Because you have to have illegal immigrants living on your tennis courts now.
And they get more aggressive as they feel more entitled.
And so an American journalist goes around recording and they assault them and they put boxes in their face and they film them and threaten them and try to intimidate them.
As now this camera woman, or excuse me, cameraman rather, is getting assaulted.
Look at this little soy boy.
What's he doing?
So this is happening all across the country, and rightfully so, Americans are ticked off.
The question is, can they rightfully blame, can they rightfully find the source of this, the Democrat Party, the Biden administration?
And will it have a political result or political ramifications when it comes to the 2024 election as it should?
Now, does this anger you?
It angers me.
It should anger you.
It should anger every American that we're being sold out.
Stephen Miller says it quite nicely in clip three.
Eric, I've got a pretty thick skin and I have seen a lot and I've heard a lot and I've dealt with a lot.
I've had the chance, serving President Trump has been a lot of time.
With American families who've lost a husband, wife, or a daughter to illegal aliens set free by Democrats.
And when I hear commie progressive staffers typing out social media for the Biden campaign, leaping to the defense of illegal alien murderers, It brings my blood to a fever pitch boil.
Donald Trump is standing there talking about Monsters who murder children.
Monsters who rape little kids and calling them animals.
And some 23-year-old Brown University graduate in gender studies typing out online on behalf of Joe Biden, oh my God, Donald Trump just called immigrants animals.
This is terrible.
You are defending these vile predators when you say that.
So help me out, Steven.
Help me out here.
The worst behavior that could ever occur in this world and you're defending it.
Now imagine, people still fall for this garbage.
And this edit was so obvious.
And they've edited Trump's statements and clips and put them out of context to attack Trump so many times.
And they always get caught now.
But this one was just blatantly obvious.
I mean, to take a five-second clip and then say, see, Donald Trump calls all migrants and immigrants animals, and it's just a tiny little five-second clip.
I mean, they are getting so desperate.
They are getting so desperate.
Man, and here's... Remove politics from the equation.
Remove politics, remove policy.
Because you can debate policy.
I mean, you can hear a liberal debate why they think there should be open borders.
When liberal Democrats are Defending illegal immigrant murderers and rapists and gang members committing crimes.
We're beyond policy, folks.
We're beyond politics.
We're entering a different realm of discussion entirely.
We're entering a realm where you realize it's good versus evil.
We're entering a realm where you realize that the average liberal democrat now that would espouse this stuff is a soulless ghoul.
They have no remorse for lying to you.
They don't have any second thoughts about the trickery and deception they engage in.
That is pure evil.
That is pure deception, and they engage in it consciously.
This isn't a rational debate about policy.
This is a Democrat deciding they are going to consciously deceive you, manipulate information, And attack you when you dare try to speak the truth.
And they have no remorse, they have no guilt, they could not care less.
They have chosen their side.
They are the bad guys.
At some point in time, along the way, in a hyper-partisan environment, you realize you get the choice.
Good guy or bad guy.
They've chosen bad guy.
They've made the choice.
Why do you think people like Tulsa Gabbard are leaving the party?
Why do you think people like RFK Jr.
are leaving the party?
Why do you think people like Elon Musk and Russell Brand and Joe Rogan are separating themselves from any liberal Democrat ideologies and policies?
They realize, this is, these are the bad guys now.
I'm not a bad guy.
I'm not affiliating with the bad guys.
I'm not, I'm not touching this evil.
I'm not into it.
Not me.
Doesn't mean they go right.
Doesn't mean they agree with the policies of right-wingers.
It just means they've made the realization that's obvious now.
The American left is evil.
They've made the conscious decision.
They want to be evil.
They want to deceive.
They want to manipulate.
They want to destroy.
And so rational people that might be on the left are just stepping back and saying, I'm out.
I'm out.
You're not left anymore.
You're evil.
I'm out.
But they don't get mad!
How many times has this happened?
Just in the last year.
A minor gets raped by an illegal immigrant.
A young woman gets killed by an illegal immigrant.
I mean, there's dozens of these stories.
And that doesn't upset them.
What upsets them is when Donald Trump talks about it.
What upsets them is when Marjorie Taylor Greene has a Lake and Riley pin to bring awareness to it.
That's what upsets them.
The rape and the murder doesn't upset them.
Says a lot.
But hey, at least Joe Biden cares, right?
Joe Biden was supposed to give a speech yesterday.
And he was over an hour late.
But why?
Why was Joe Biden an hour late?
Well, there's some signs, there's some evidence that show Joe Biden couldn't get out of bed.
Here's Jesse Waters breaking it down.
Today, Biden overslept and was late to an 11 o'clock speech.
He didn't show up until an hour later.
And if you look closely, you can see the CPAP creases on his face.
He wears a machine around his noggin to keep him breathing at night.
He has sleep apnea.
And if he has a creasy face at noon, he just got out of bed.
He kept Bernie Sanders waiting an hour.
That's either a power move by Biden or that's just sleepy.
The president didn't fly home from a West Coast campaign stop last night late.
Yesterday, the president did nothing.
He had a phone call.
That's it.
You just have to wonder how liberals and democrats can support this.
Have you no soul?
Have you no conscience?
Have you just completely separated yourself from truth and reality and common sense and rationale?
Joe Biden had one phone call yesterday.
That's it.
That's all he did.
He sleeps in till 11.
And they try to hide it.
Just roll that footage again.
By the way, it's not debated.
They admit he wears a CPAP.
They admit he wears a breathing device.
It's not uncommon.
But when you look at this, you can tell they tried to cake on a bunch of makeup so that you couldn't see it.
And it didn't take.
So how long was Joe Biden sleeping for?
8 hours?
10 hours?
12 hours?
Was he asleep from 11 last night to 11 in the morning?
CPAP strapped onto his face.
They tried to wake him up.
He couldn't.
By the way, this isn't the first time this has happened with Joe Biden.
Joe Biden has been caught multiple times before big meetings where he has the CPAP straps on his face.
It's happened when foreign leaders were in town and he showed up late for the meetings.
That's a little more embarrassing than Bernie Sanders, perhaps.
But he shows up late for those meetings, and they don't have as much time to fix the makeup and try to puff his cheeks out, and the CPAP marks are even more obvious.
Imagine, you're a foreign leader, you travel across the world to come meet with Joe Biden, he shows up late, and then he shows up with these strap marks on his head because he just rolled out of bed at 10 in the morning.
Not because he was busy, but because he's Joe Biden.
It's an international embarrassment is what it is.
You've got these images where Biden clearly is taking IVs and injections into his hands,
and he's got marks all over his hands where they put it in.
And then the lying media comes out and says, he's so fit, he's more fit than Trump, he's the most fit president of all time, his age is his strength.
Can't get out of bed till noon.
Has to have IVs into his arm regularly just to walk and talk.
I wish Trump would take Biden up on that offer for a round of golf.
That'd be fun.
What is Biden worried about?
What are the Democrats worried about here with just some 216 days till the election?
Democrats see abortion and marijuana juicing youth vote in Florida.
So they're trying to get the youth out to vote for abortion and marijuana.
They think that's the winning ticket.
214 days till the election and Democrats are talking marijuana and abortion.
Not economy, not energy, not foreign policy, not immigration.
Abortion and marijuana.
And they're going to take your menthol cigarettes.
Biden White House close to finalizing menthol cigarette ban in the face of major pushback
Why do they want to ban menthol cigarettes?
Well, they just want to ban everything.
It's the party of bans.
They put bans over Biden's face for his mask, his breathing apparatus, and then they put bans on the menthol cigarettes, but they want the marijuana.
So, marijuana good, campaign for marijuana, menthol cigarettes bad, ban them.
This administration is so wonky and out of whack, it's just insane.
Latest oil prices, market news and analysis.
Oil holds near five-month high after OPEC reaffirmed supply cuts.
Supply cuts.
Supply cuts.
The Biden administration has got this wrong at every turn.
So Biden drains the strategic oil reserves for one reason and one reason only.
To lower gas prices so that he doesn't take the political hit.
And it was always strategic.
He released the petroleum reserves ahead of the 2022 midterms so that Democrats didn't look bad.
And the gas prices went down for a moment.
Now they're back up at near record highs.
And so he's got to make a statement.
And so first Biden said, I'm releasing the strategic oil reserves because we're going to buy them back at a profit.
Trump bought oil at $25 a barrel.
Trump loaded up our petroleum reserves to a record high at $25 a barrel.
Biden sold them off.
To lower gas prices as a political stunt.
Sold them to the Chinese Communists so that they didn't have to release their reserves.
So he sold the gas to the Chinese.
They put that gas out into the market.
And then Biden says, oh, I'm doing this so that we can make a profit.
And then he got the gas prices lowered as a political stunt.
That was the whole entire move.
So now that they're back up.
And his plan for Biden to make a profit, so I guess sell the oil and then buy it back cheaper, except here's the problem.
Now that price is $85 a barrel and encroaching on $90 a barrel.
It was at $89 a barrel.
So then Biden comes out and says, oh, don't worry.
Biden comes out and says, oh, don't worry, we're engaged in negotiations with the Saudis and OPEC and they're going to release more oil.
Don't worry, folks.
Biden comes out and assures the American people, don't worry, folks, we're negotiating with OPEC.
They're going to release more oil.
Gas prices will come down.
And then what's OPEC's response?
Yeah, we're actually cutting the supply.
Yeah, actually, we're going to stop.
Pumping and releasing.
Actually, we're going to cut the supply.
Oops, Biden got it wrong again.
So at this rate, you're going to start seeing gas get up to $5, $6, $7 a gallon.
And how is the Biden administration going to lie and cover that one up, I wonder?
It doesn't matter.
They'll lie and they'll cover it up and they'll deceive and they'll twist and the average liberal Democrat will suck it up and then go to the gas station and pay $6 a gallon and then say, why is Trump doing this?
Now here's some good news, and I've often been curious of this, and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't make the media if it was going on, but yet it did.
Trump spoke recently with Saudi leader, former President Trump spoke with Saudi Arabia's de facto ruler, Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Their first publicly disclosed conversation since Trump left office in January 2021.
And I've often, now when we come back, I'm going to get into some of this geopolitical news that's just not good.
And it's really where we left off on Tuesday, but it's the same trajectory.
But I've often wondered or hoped, you know, is Trump calling these foreign leaders and talking to them as the real president?
As the president in isolation?
As the banished president?
By the Deep State?
Is he calling?
Is he talking to the Russians?
Is he talking to the Chinese?
Is he talking to the Saudi Arabians?
Is he talking to Iran?
Is he talking to Israel?
Do we have anybody talking to these people rationally so that Biden is not our voice and Biden is not our representation?
This clown, this sack of garbage, Joe Biden, who probably can't even make a phone call?
So we at least know what's going on with the Saudis.
I hope it's going on with other foreign nations as well.
Otherwise, we are in trouble, folks.
Imagine that.
We have no voice on the world stage.
Except Joe Biden.
Or Anthony Blinken.
Or Jake Sullivan.
Or Kamala Harris.
If that's our voice on the world stage, if that's our representation in geopolitical, diplomatic conversations, we're in trouble.
And we are in trouble.
So I hope Trump is calling Russia.
I hope Trump is calling Saudi Arabia.
I hope he's saying, hey look, I'm sorry we're doing this.
This guy doesn't represent us.
We got a lot of problems.
We're going to try to get back into the White House.
I'm the president of the American people.
We don't want these wars.
We don't want these bad business deals.
Biden is garbage.
We're sorry that this is happening.
We hope we can fix it.
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Well I just received some news that might answer my question as we exited the last segment about is Trump talking to these foreign leaders or what are his foreign policy plans and some moves that it looks like are being considered by NATO Prove that, you know what, that Trump probably is having these discussions, they're probably spying on him.
So we'll get to that in a second.
But let's just compact all these geopolitical developments and discuss how big of a story this is and again it shocks me how the American media is just missing this entirely.
And the only thing I can think, because war cells, death cells, you know, the media loves ratings, so they'll do whatever is good for ratings.
And yet they're missing these massive developments when it comes to the geopolitical stage and getting us closer into a potential World War III scenario.
And so I scratch my head and I say, how are they missing this?
Why aren't they covering this?
And the only thing I can think of is The average person in the American media is still living so high on the hog and they've still got their fancy mansions and fancy cars and fancy securities and so they're just not even realizing how real this is.
They're just completely out of touch with the average American.
Because these developments are not minor, ladies and gentlemen.
And so let's kind of compact and review here.
Democrats rage at Israel after deadly strike on World Central Kitchen convoy.
Biden administration fumes at Israel over difficulty in getting relief to Gaza.
Jacob Flickinger, World Central Kitchen aid worker, killed in Gaza, just wanted to help others.
Again, this story's barely made the media.
But what you have is all these aid programs.
This one specifically, the World Central Kitchen.
And you have volunteers from all over the planet, including Americans.
By the way, the Israeli Defense Forces have killed about a dozen Americans in this conflict now.
That doesn't make the news.
Jacob Flickinger, the latest.
So they have this convoy.
And they're heading to provide food to the people in Gaza that are starving.
And they get blown up.
There's a hole in the top of the vehicles.
Meaning, I mean, what do you think that means, guys?
A hole in the top of the car?
And so, the Israelis say, oh, it was a landmine.
The Palestinians and the UN and the World Central Kitchen say, no, it was a missile.
So, again, I could tell you my opinion, I could tell you my view, you can review the evidence for yourself.
At the end of the day, the story is this is a major escalation.
This is a major escalation.
Where the Israeli side says, oh, you're bombing aid trucks and blaming it on us, and then the people providing the aid And the people in the Gaza Strip and the UN and the Biden Administration are saying, no, Israel's blowing up these trucks.
Either way, it's a massive, massive...
Move closer to World War 3.
CIA warns Iran will attack Israel within 48 hours as revenge for consulate strike.
Remember that?
Again, barely makes the news.
Israel strikes an Iranian consulate in Syria, which is also significant.
Syria doesn't exactly get along with Israel lately.
Syria is also a major ally.
Assad, very good friends with Vladimir Putin.
intelligence officials have branded Israeli strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria as reckless and fear a wider war in the Middle East.
Now the CIA and Mossad are like two peas in a pod.
And if you have the CIA now coming out against Israel and what they're doing, folks, that just tells you Israel's gone rogue.
This country has gone rogue.
The IDF has gone rogue.
Netanyahu has gone rogue.
And now they're just looking at it as it's us versus the world.
We're gonna bomb whoever we want.
We're gonna bomb wherever we want, whenever we want.
And if the UN calls us genocidal maniacs, we don't care.
If we break ranks with the CIA, we don't care.
If even the American media, that for the most part we've owned for many years, breaks with us, we don't care.
And so, what do you call that?
And so it just shows now that they've got their own agenda and all party ranks or standards are now out the window as they build up for their red heifer sacrifice.
Which I'm not really into.
A lot of people think it's a big thing and I see all this cringe content and people sending me their photos and it's like, oh my gosh, look at this person with the red heifers.
Okay, well, so what are you gonna do?
You're gonna bring in the Antichrist?
You're gonna cure all the world's problems?
You're gonna burn some red heifers?
But it's like this weird thing, I don't even know... I don't even know what to compare it to.
It's like if I go to... Like if I go to a Chicago Bulls game and I pose with their six championship trophies or something.
Like, ooh, look!
I'm in Chicago!
Look at these championship trophies!
I don't even know.
I don't even get it.
But it's kind of really just the same thing.
It's just this desperation.
Like, oh, I'm going to take this and post it on my social media.
But this is beside the point.
Spain, to recognize Palestinian statehood, calls on Western allies to follow suit.
You know, Israel would normally be in the good graces with a lot of these countries, a lot of these groups.
They are just breaking ranks, they are burning bridges, they are cutting ties.
Even their allies, even their friends, even the groups that they work with are like, alright, you guys are out of control.
What are you doing?
And by the way, a lot of the Jewish people know this.
Not Ben Shapiro.
He doesn't seem to get it.
He wants to swim in the blood of the innocents.
He loves it.
Ben Shapiro's never seen a war that Israel wanted that he wouldn't send your kids to die in.
Ben Shapiro swims in the blood of the innocent and then points the finger at you and says, blood libel, if you have any discussion about it, and fires any host that doesn't fall in line.
No, Israel has completely lost the plot.
And that's why you have tens of thousands of people protesting in Israel, in Jerusalem, in Tel Aviv.
Guys, pull up the protest.
I think they even tried to go to Netanyahu's house with pitchforks and torches.
It's how bad it is.
Ben Shapiro has truly become one of the most disgusting people in the American media.
And he did it to himself, but I guess he was always that way, and now everybody sees it.
Okay, so now you see that side of the Instigation.
Now you see that side of getting us closer to a World War situation with Israel pissing off not just the entire Arab world, which they've been beefing with for millennia, but now pretty much Europe is sick of them, now the West is getting sick of them, their own people in Israel are begging the IDF and Netanyahu, stop this!
And they just can't help themselves.
And they're blowing up Food trucks and blowing up people trying to get food.
And just leveling an entire part of the country in the Gaza Strip.
But then you have this other escalation.
Lavrov says it's obvious that Ukraine involved in terror attack and caucus.
Now you have to understand, when Russia blames Ukraine, they know that means they're also blaming the CIA and the State Department and Victoria Nuland and Jake Sullivan and America, who's funding Ukraine.
But it appears that they're already planning or already know what Trump's foreign policy would be.
NATO plans for surviving a potential Trump second term.
Trump proofing weapons for Ukraine.
Allies consider moving arms groups into NATO.
Now again folks, this is the important factor to have.
A key understanding of.
Whether you're pro-Israel or anti-Israel.
Whether you're pro-Russia or anti-Russia.
All of these developments are moving us closer to a World War III situation.
All of these developments are moving us farther from peace.
These are major escalations.
Doesn't matter what you believe or what you think is propaganda, these are major escalations moving us farther from peace and geopolitical strife.
It's not good and there seems to be no voices of reason here, certainly not in America.
So this is why I say I hope Trump is having Diplomatic conversations with these foreign leaders because otherwise we have Biden and Harris and Sullivan and Blinken and these clowns and goons With with no voice of reason having these discussions and and for the most part Russia has been patient in these geopolitical developments the Arab world has I mean, it's so complicated but
I don't know.
I guess it's just the question.
The question is why, with all these latest developments, has Israel remained, for the most part, untouched, except what they would claim is from October 7th, which we now all understand was a stand-down by the IDF.
So, you just get the feeling the straw that's going to break the camel's back is about to fall.
So again, that's why I don't even care.
At this point, your opinion, one side or the other, doesn't even matter.
Nuclear war, we're all dead.
World War III, forget about it.
You can take your politics out of the equation when it's World War III.
But it's like, why is the American media missing this story altogether?
Really makes you wonder.
You basically have the world turning against Israel and Israel just saying, we don't care.
And now you have Russia blaming Ukraine for their, the biggest terror attack.
I mean, you could say it's their 9-11.
So I mean, imagine, Israel says October 7th is their 9-11 and then look what they've done in response.
Russia says the Moscow theater attack is their 9-11, and what have they done in response?
Big difference, isn't there?
And so, all of these things are developing.
A lot of countries blame Israel for, or excuse me, a lot of countries blame America for Israel's aggression, saying Israel wouldn't be like this if they didn't have the support of the United States of America.
They might be right.
And then Russia comes out and blames Ukraine for the terror attack in Moscow.
Well, who do you think they're really blaming, folks?
Who do you think runs Ukraine?
Who funds Ukraine?
Who gives Ukraine all the weapons?
And things are so bad in Ukraine, too.
There's been a couple videos that are going viral.
I elected not to share one of them because it's extremely bloody and gory with scenes from the battlefield and then also A little adult themed because it shows what the Ukrainian oligarchs family and the Kiev regime in Kiev it shows what they're up to and the strip clubs and the bars and the concerts and you know it's they're having a great time they're loving themselves.
They are really loving life but then you go out into the counties or into the country regions or the outskirts of Ukraine and it's the military going and rounding up men women and children and forcing them to serve in the military.
While the Kiev regime and the people in Kiev are having the time of their lives as the U.S.
is sending in hundreds of billions of dollars.
So, I elect not to show that, but here's this video of Ukrainian government officials' mansions, or at least that's as it's being portrayed.
So guys, go ahead and roll clip 7 here.
So, it just names all the Ukrainian oligarchs And all the Ukrainian officials, and they just have these gigantic, expansive estates and mansions, about as nice as you could have.
And they're not going to war.
They're getting hundreds of billions of dollars to send others to war.
But it's really Western aggression against Russia, that's the story here.
And Ukraine is just kind of their vessel state.
Ukraine is just kind of their outpost.
Ukraine is just kind of their strategically placed junkyard dog for the anti-Russian West.
And so it's really too bad.
And it just shows how they put corruption over common sense.
It just shows how they put corruption over diplomacy.
You don't need this Cold War, this odd Cold War era stance towards Russia.
It doesn't have to be that way.
But they choose corruption.
They want to use Ukraine as a vassal state and they want to launder the money and they need to keep Russia as this boogeyman as their excuse to do it all.
And so they choose corruption over common sense.
They choose deception over diplomacy.
Now we could have been allies with Russia, we could have built with Russia, we could have formed an alliance against the communist nations like China with Russia.
But now Russia's been forced into the arms of the communist Chinese and now they're forming the BRICS and that's gonna crush our economy potentially.
And do you think Victoria Nuland cares?
Do you think Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and the rest, do you think they care?
They couldn't care less.
But what is with the American media ignoring all of this?
Maybe they feel bad because they know they have a part in it and a role in it?
Maybe they really just don't get how bad it is?
Maybe they don't care?
It is truly a head-scratcher.
It is truly a head-scratcher.
Oh, man, you just wish something could happen to move us closer to peace.
But it's not going to come from the Biden administration, obviously.
And it feels like the only option we have to move closer to peace is just to just elect Donald Trump and put some sanity back in the White House and put somebody in there who can actually negotiate and have good relations.
Not Joe Biden, who shows up late to every meeting because he's sleeping and can't get the CPAP off of his face.
That's just embarrassing.
And that's what this administration has been.
Embarrassing, destructive.
And we got at least 200 and something days left of it.
Oh my gosh.
Can you imagine how bad it's going to get?
Can you imagine what it's going to be like when gas prices are hitting $7 a gallon and your energy bill doubles this summer and groceries double before Thanksgiving?
Sound impossible?
Better get ready.
Better prepare yourself.
There's no plan.
The plan is destruction.
The plan is chaos.
Hell, they'd rather have this country fall apart and then they can cancel the 2024 election and just have a one-party state from here on out, the Democrat Party.
That's always been their game plan.
And ultimately, that's where the left always falls.
You know they say, crap rolls downhill.
Well yeah, leftist politics always become...
Leftist politics always become authoritarian.
Leftist politics always become totalitarian.
Because the very essence is telling other people what to do.
But you can't tell everybody what to do.
Not everybody wants to do what you want to do.
Not everybody wants to see the world as you see the world.
So ultimately, where does it go?
So that's why you see the Democrat Party moving in that direction.
It's the only logical conclusion to left-wing policy and politics.
They have to be able to control your life.
It's the opposite of self-government.
It's the opposite of freedom.
So you can politic and policy as much as you want, but eventually there's only one way to accomplish your political goals, and that is totalitarianism.
That is authoritarianism.
And now it's reached that point in the American political process where the American left has to come out and go full totalitarian, full authoritarian.
It's the only way.
How are they going to get you to stop driving a car?
How are they going to get you to stop eating meat?
Are you gonna choose to do that?
Of course not!
You're gonna choose to stop eating steak?
Hell no!
So the Democrats are gonna make ya!
No other choice!
We got Nick Sorter coming up in studio.
And we'll talk about some of the stuff that he covers, boots on the ground.
You know, talk about where the American media won't go.
Nick Sorter is there.
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You know, we can dream.
We are dreamers after all.
And we can dream of an Alex Jones as Trump's press secretary.
But wait!
Maybe we don't have to dream.
Maybe we can imagine it into reality.
They know not what they did because they knew God's plan.
If you've just seen the hem of God's garment, like Moses did, you would never oppose a plan.
But God gives you free will.
So you can be a punk, you can deny the plan, or you can get with the program.
I am with the program.
And they hate you because they know you're with the program.
All right, let's go to these A few moments later... Alex Jones supported Team Humanity.
He was the man in the arena.
I bet on you because I know how important you are.
And I know the globalist's greatest crime is fighting competition and poisoning and dumb people down.
If they're so powerful...
They should be able to lead people and have them accept their plan for being open, but they're not.
They're the worst of the worst, and I, at a cellular, DNA, genetic, and spiritual level, am built to oppose them.
I'm so damn satisfied now.
Magnet that grabs iron.
And so when you're a Satanist, when you leave this plane, you get sucked into that hell, that false reality outside of God's reality.
God said, Satan, you have free will, you can create your own universe.
It's a tomb, I've seen it, I've been there.
I'll leave it at that.
God said, you can see anything you want.
I said, I wanna see hell.
God told me, this was like three years ago, it was so transcendent.
Are you sure this is what you want?
I'm just gonna let you have one question.
One eternity later.
But man, let me just say something.
We have got to promote a pro-human future and be honest, we'll destroy ourselves!
It has to stop now!
Goodness is the way!
It's not weak, it's not stupid.
You don't think I don't know how to do this stuff, or anybody else, or Ron Paul, or Rand Paul?
We don't do this because we understand the power of the people and goals that we have, that we don't force people to follow, but because the goals are so beautiful, they join the goal.
We need massive space exploration.
We need massive innovation.
We need massive competition.
That is the answer.
Alright, let's go back to that.
Much, much, much later.
So, there is a false god claiming he's going to give you liberation, but with a deformed program, it's not free speech, and then Christ comes to... And the good news is, we are eternal!
We do not die!
The bad part is...
There is energy in the universe, so if you resonate with darkness and lies, when this body dies, your soul, your energy code, like a magnet, counterfeit of the Christ energy.
That's what I'm telling you, is that people get confused, they go, oh wait, I'm hearing this from the devil, I'm hearing this from God, but if you dial into the Holy Spirit, then you see the message.
Are we for transgenderism?
Are we for open borders and fentanyl?
Are we for getting rid of people?
Yes, then.
Amazing points by all the speakers.
Wish we could get to all of you, but we are out of time.
Well, the Bill of Rights is a stumbling block on the way to shutting down speech that the left doesn't like, at least in government.
But there's a new avenue for those who would like to censor what you say and think, and that's corporations.
The left have wised up to this.
If you want to stop someone from telling the truth, use companies to do it.
The social media giants.
And they are.
For many on the left, the view seems to have become that if you can't beat them, prevent them from speaking.
So far the most prominent casualty of the crusade against free expression has been the radio show host Alex Jones.
There is a concerted effort by the Democratic Party and multinational corporations and big tech to silence conservative and nationalist and populist voices.
There's also guys on CNN that spend their whole day calling Facebook and saying, can you ban this person?
He may be America's best-known conspiracy theorist, but this week, Alex Jones' content will be a little harder to find.
Shame on the mainstream corporate media for not defending the First Amendment, but instead attack-dogging, calling for federal regulators to shut down independent, free press working with big tech.
People know what's true.
They can smell it.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
In a free country, everyone can be heard.
In totalitarian societies, only the powerful can be heard.
We are now in the second hour of the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroer guest hosting, and we also have Nick Sortor in studio.
I'm actually just meeting him for the first time.
We've talked many times over video, learning a lot about him, and there's so many things that he can talk about.
But I want to start with this.
You flew back from Maui, you've been covering the wildfires, and you went to see Elon Musk's rocket get launched?
That was what brought you back, really?
That's exactly what happened, and I was very reluctant to come back even for that, as cool as it sounds.
Hawaii was not great?
Is that what you're saying?
Oh yeah, no, it's awful.
I mean, man, it's hardly a vacation spot right now, though, for somebody like me that's seeing what's going on on the inside.
They need people to be vacationing there, but with the situation out there, it's heartbreaking, man.
Well, I'm just curious what the rocket launch was like.
It hasn't had this kind of pop culture thing since Elon Musk started launching rockets from Texas.
I mean, it used to be kind of a cool thing, maybe you'd go down to Florida, people would watch rocket launches, they'd gather up on the beaches in Florida and stuff, but even that kind of lost its luster.
And Musk has like kind of made it popular again.
I hear this all the time, people going down to South Padre or other parts of South Texas and they just go to watch these rockets get launched.
Yeah, absolutely.
The amount of people that go down there to watch these rocket launches.
I mean, the beaches were full down there in South Padre.
People watching.
There are people that are gathering up, you know, just a couple of miles.
They shut down the perimeter.
Because there's so many people that want to try to watch this rocket from as close as humanly possible.
But there's some sort of, you know, allure where it's the largest, most powerful ship that's ever been launched into the sky.
And it's incredible to see up close.
There's nothing like it.
And you're right.
I think the last time anybody was this excited about rockets launching, it was back in the 80s and 90s, before I was even born.
So you're that young, huh?
I am, I think I just aged myself on camera here.
I'm 25 so I'm...
Well and it's actually amazing too because I was asking you about how you got into political media,
you were covering East Palestine, you got on with Tucker Carlson,
now you've been doing a lot of good work in Maui.
But it's actually, your backstory was kind of interesting.
I think there's a story there in and of itself, where you're talking about this political technology,
and I mean it sounds to me like what...
Because here's what I was told...
A wise man once told me, I never forgot these words, I was like 21, 22 at the time.
It was a guy that was a major inspiration and mentor for me in talk radio.
He said, I asked him, I was like, what's the key to being successful?
One day I was like, give me some advice.
What's a good key to being successful?
He said, Owen, find a void and fill it.
And so it sounded to me like you kind of found this void where what we call the Republican establishment had this their
claws and all this political technology and and voter access and all this stuff and so you were
kind of involved in trying to push back against that before you started in the media. Sure yeah I
mean I've always been a huge anti-establishment guy especially during the COVID days where you know we had
a governor still do have a governor in my home state of Kentucky where I mean it was draconian
lockdowns I mean it was almost like New York City style lockdowns what the guy wanted to you know
arrest you if you left your house at that point and we have a Republican super majority in
the legislature out there that can override pretty much anything the governor tries to do down
there and most mayors are Republicans.
But they weren't fighting back.
They weren't pushing back against this guy, even though they wouldn't fight back against the vaccine mandates that he was trying to put down out there, even though there was legislation that some people were introducing.
But they would kill it immediately.
And it was crazy.
And so it started this movement, as you very well know, all across the country, not just in Kentucky, Where these anti-establishment true, you know, patriots were coming out of the woodwork and saying, you know, enough is enough, we're going to do something about this.
And the establishment was trying to, you know, quash that movement.
They don't want anybody like that taking control of the narrative and getting airtime and getting elected to office.
And so what we realized is they were taking our data from the candidates that we were trying to run.
They were taking our donation data, you know, emails, phone numbers and stuff that we were collecting, and they were just using it against us.
And so we started creating our own platforms to take donations, to take, you know, emails, creating our own systems that were able to send out mass emails because we'd just get deplatformed from all of the... You guys know a little bit about deplatforming.
Yeah, we've been down that road a few times.
So, you know, it started off with people getting enraged and then I decided, okay, I'm going
to try to do something about this.
I have a little bit of a technology background and so that's what I'm going to do. And then
all of a sudden I stumbled into on the ground reporting, which is, you know, avoid that we
need a lot more people to fill. Yeah, no doubt about that.
But it sounds to me like what you're talking about. In fact, guys, you can look this up.
Cara Castronova, I think, is dealing with some of this right now in New York City, and I don't know if you know her story.
She's trying to run for office in New York City, and the Republican establishment is basically doing everything they can to stop her from running.
And what they have going on is, you have basically a stalking horse candidate from the Republicans to just make sure the Democrat gets in.
So she's like actually wanting to win and run and trying to run a campaign.
And the Republicans are basically trying to keep her off of the ballot and keep her from running.
So she's actually suing the New York Republicans right now.
But it's like this same story that you're getting into here.
There's this...
It's really like, it's not even infighting, it's like a sabotage.
The Republican establishment chooses their candidates and anybody else that tries to get into the race they sabotage.
So you're saying they're mining this data from alternative options or anti-establishment Republican candidates and they're mining this data and then they're using it to kind of subvert any operations they might be doing by reaching out to their potential voter base and sabotaging them.
Yeah, absolutely.
I think that, I'm hoping anyway, that this change now that we're seeing with Ronna McDaniel gone, and seeing Michael Watley now as chair of the RNC, and then Laura Trump as co-chair, I'm hoping that that RNC of yesteryear is not going to return with them.
I have high hopes for that.
And so hopefully we won't even need to worry about that in the future, but at this point it was almost like It felt like the Republican Party was just another arm of the Democrat Party back then.
And we actually saw this recently with George Santos being booted out of office by, you know, Republicans in D.C.
And the Republican Party, I'm not going to say exactly which one because I don't remember which one, in his district decided that they were going to run somebody that was registered to vote as a Democrat.
To replace him in New York.
I don't remember her name, she's irrelevant now.
Yeah, so either way you get a Democrat.
But either way you get a Democrat.
So, and the, you know, the fake Republican ended up losing.
And so now there is, you know, there's a Democrat in the seat.
So, and they do this to themselves, and that's the old guard.
That's what we're trying to change here.
I've talked about this a lot, and I call it the New Right.
And there's different values and fundamentals that we're building that are kind of the cornerstones.
And one of them is, for example, we don't need to political correctness.
We're not going to be bullied by political correctness.
We're not just going to accept Rhetoric.
We want results.
You know, that's another thing.
We want candidates that are going to put America first in policy.
And that's another big thing.
So, you know, I look at all these things, but the Santos story is really an interesting one.
And this is old guard Republican politics where we think that somehow If we just do the right thing, Santos might be corrupt or might have misused campaign funds.
We've got to do the right thing and we've got to vote him out.
And if we hold that higher standard, and if we raise that bar, then the Democrats will come along with us.
We're not that stupid.
We know no matter how much we try to raise the bar or how much we try to stick to ethics, the Democrats will never come along with us.
So why would we do that?
Right, and there's that question and there's also the question of, okay, why Santos?
You know D.C.
and I'm sure you know it pretty well.
I mean, I haven't even spent a lot of time there and I know plenty more about D.C.
than I ever probably wanted to, but if they're going to hold Santos to some sort of standard, they have to get rid of half of Congress if they held everybody else to that same standard.
It's crazy, it's moonacy, it's because Santos, in my opinion, Decided that he was going to speak out and not be, he wasn't going to fall in line.
And they knew that he was vulnerable, they found some dirt on him, and they pressed it against him because they want people like him out of there, the people that don't fall in line.
If you notice, the Democrats always seem to fall in line with each other.
Oh yes.
They don't, no matter what happens.
They're loyal.
Yeah, AOC will throw a fit every once in a while, but at the end of the day she still votes along with whatever the Democrats tell her to vote for.
And it's such a, it was a strategic flaw in that.
Santos, what we needed is vote in the House, but it was also like, here's a guy that can bring in youth voters, and guys I'm just curious, are we going to break here?
Okay, sorry.
I just wanted to make sure because our clocks, sometimes we have these clocks updated, sometimes not.
It's also, it's not just a strategic failure in that we needed that vote in the House.
It's also, I think, a strategic failure in that, you know, Santos is the kind of personality that brings in the youth votes.
Santos is this kind of personality that the Democrats want to own that's just kind of, you know, maybe a little flamboyant, maybe a little out there.
But it's, you know, the Democrats try to own that stuff, but Santos kind of has that flair, but he also has a common sense political approach to things.
So it's like we're not only hurting ourselves with the votes, we're hurting ourselves by showing people like, no, if you want to have any sort of flair or any sort of personality and you try to bring that into the Republican Party, we're just going to vote you out.
Well, so what they don't want is they don't want anybody knowing your name.
If you fall in line and you do what's being told, nobody even knows your name.
You can be a congressman, you'll walk along the streets and nobody will have any idea who you are.
Keep in mind there are 435 congressmen and then another 100 senators and, you know, how many of them can you name off of the top of your head?
Not very many because, you know, those are the ones that will do exactly what leadership tells them to do.
And nothing more.
I don't know if it's because, and it probably is, there's dirt on them that, you know, leadership and their crews have dug up and used it against them.
Be like, okay, this is the way you're going to vote?
Or the world's going to hear about this?
I'm not sure.
But it seems more and more likely that that's the way it is.
And people like, you know, Matt Gaetz, whenever he comes out and, you know, when he ousted McCarthy, all this dirt all of a sudden comes out on Matt Gaetz.
You know, it's stupid stuff.
I mean, ridiculous stuff.
And it seems like they were holding that, waiting for him to do something and being like, OK, if you're going to do this, this is what's going to come out.
But somebody like him usually is going to go ahead and do it anyway.
Well, and I think that that's another part of of what I would call the new right, is we don't we don't fall for these smear campaigns in whatever form, whatever shape, whatever source they come from.
We don't really fall for them anymore.
We're focused on policy.
And we're focused on results.
And so you can come out and try to destroy somebody and might have worked in the past.
I don't think it works with the new right.
And so it's a very frustrating thing when a Matt Gaetz will come forward, be a bold face, be a bold voice.
Then when they try to get him to back down with these smear campaigns, he does it.
And that's what we need more of.
And I wish and I'm hoping and I am very hopeful that we are actually seeing more candidates that are willing to put themselves out there.
And the movement is growing.
I truly believe that.
People are starting to see through the farce that is the establishment Republican Party.
And I think even people within the Republican Party are starting to get worried as well, which is why you saw them put through, you know, Michael Watley and and Laura Trump.
Because they know that's the way that the party is moving.
We have to continue that momentum.
If we get complacent, we're going to lose it because these people are constantly, constantly fighting against us.
Yeah, that's a good point.
You have the saboteurs that exist within the Republican Party, but then you really you just have kind of the weak need That will just bend to whatever influence there is.
So if they see that, hey, go along with the establishment, you know, go along with the old guard, and that's kind of the way the wind blows, then they'll just go along with that.
But now if they see like, no, the Trump wing is the new wing, the Trump fluency is the new influence, this is where it's going, then they'll be like, okay, I'm in on that now.
I want to get behind that now.
So you kind of have these two things working out.
I think Watley is probably the latter.
When I look at what's going on in the RNC, and I can get your opinion on this now, When I look at what's going on in the RNC, to me it looks like Laura is really running the show, and maybe Watley is kind of just the guy who's been around and maybe has some connections, knows how to work the books a little bit.
But it looks to me like Laura's the real influence.
She's the real policy setter.
She's the real outreach voice and face.
Uh, and so some people are like, well, look at this nepotism.
Well, I'm not necessarily for nepotism, but to me, I'm looking at the results.
Laura Trump has already done more for the RNC in what, two, three months than, than Ronna McDaniel did in their entire time as the chair.
And I'm pretty sure she's only been in there two or three weeks.
I was telling you earlier, my whole timing is like, I don't know what, I don't even know, like a week feels like a month, a month feels like a year, I don't even know.
Well, I mean, that's to your point, though.
To your point, though, she's done a lot.
I think they announced it maybe two or three months ago, something along those lines.
But she is, you know, she's meeting with, one of the biggest things she's done so far, she's met with Scott Pressler.
That's something that Ronald McDaniel wouldn't even respond to him on Twitter.
Let alone meet with Scott Pressler.
Total disrespect!
And I think there's a multifaceted level of this, where it shows that Laura Trump has actually tapped into the political capital that is the people.
Like, Laura Trump has actually tapped into the political capital of the people, whereas Ronna McDaniel still would, you know, raise her eyebrows and snub her nose towards somebody like Scott Pressler.
Scott Pressler has done more work to register voters than, you know, Ronald McDaniel wouldn't even fathom.
And so it just shows to me that Laura Trump taps into the power of the people and she doesn't have this disrespect of, oh, I don't even know who you are.
Right, right, absolutely.
And, you know, Scott being, you know, he is like a grassroots leader.
That's what he is.
Scott is almost like a voice for voters that don't get their voice heard or never have by the RNC.
And so that's why they wanted to push him out.
That's why they wanted to bar him from having anything to do with the party.
Now, Scott, I've worked with him in Kentucky.
I've worked with him on at least East Palestine, Ohio.
That's a place that I spent a lot of time.
And a lot of people don't know that's right on the border of Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
And they got a lot of the, you know, that plume that went up in the air, all the vinyl
chloride and the toxins went down the streams into Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
And he went there and pretty much just flipped that county from blue to red at this point
by registering those voters.
They know that they've been left behind by the Biden administration, by their Democrat governor, and they're fed up with it.
And he's basically spread that message all throughout the state of Pennsylvania at this point, where, you know, we see a really good chance of easily taking Pennsylvania in November for Trump if, you know, Scott keeps up that work and successfully flips all these counties red.
And the other thing it does is In 2020, we saw the flagrant actions that happened at 3.30 in the morning in five swing states that gave Biden the victory.
I mean, Trump up all day long, and then Biden gets 300,000 votes at the buzzer to win it.
It's like in a basketball game, somebody shoots a 25-point jump shot to win the game.
You say, wait, that's impossible.
You can't shoot a 25-point jump shot.
What do you mean?
I just did.
We won.
Well, okay, so that resulted in maybe a million, a million and a half Trump supporters in D.C.
So many more people are politically informed now than they were then.
So many more people specifically in support of Trump are kind of paying attention to this stuff.
We go out and we watch Scott.
He documents a lot of his stuff.
He sits there with the people he just registered.
He shows his numbers at the end of the day.
And then we have these other stories from the Democrat side where they just update their voter data and it's just a quarter million people registered overnight in Texas.
It's like, whoa, where did that happen?
These dead people?
These cats?
These dogs?
Where are you registering these people?
So now that people are politically activated and informed, if the Democrats or Biden Beats Trump in an upcoming election and nobody believes it.
There's going to be, it's not just going to be the Trump supporters from January 6th that witnessed things and didn't believe it.
It's going to be just the average American that just has basic observational skills saying, wait a second, I've watched the Republicans register all these people.
I know dozens of Trump supporters.
I don't know a single Biden supporter.
Trump gets 10,000 to rally.
Biden can't even have a rally.
Something ain't right here.
I don't know how they avoid that from happening.
Maybe they just dive into it and just say, we'll just deal with whatever happens.
Yeah, and I wouldn't put it past the Democratic Party to do exactly that.
I mean, you look at all the stunts that they've been pulling, you know, ever since that, you know, he ever even entered the White House.
I can't imagine there not being a ton of people even that are flipping, you know, that voted for Joe Biden that are like, okay, this was a really bad idea.
I've met them personally, especially in places like East Palace in Ohio and Maui, that are saying the same thing.
It's like, this is not the guy that I thought I was voting for.
And they're flipping to the opposite side.
They're the most transparent administration in history, right?
But now, you know, the guy won't do any interviews that aren't pre-scripted and he's not going to do anything like this.
He's not going to talk to you or anybody else.
He woke up from a nap late and he had his CPAP marks on his face still?
Yeah, yeah.
And I mean, half the stuff that he says, you can't even understand it and I know voters see it.
Whether or not they want to admit it, They know it.
They may not tell you, but they know it.
I mean, you look at now, he has to, um, you know, it's even little things like using the small stairs off of Air Force One.
You don't ever see him using the big stairs anymore because he's going to fall.
He has to have a secret agent or a secret service agent standing at the bottom, even the small stairs to catch him just in case he falls.
He's wearing cleats now everywhere.
Or yeah, what is that?
He's got like the, he's got like the support shoes.
They're called anchor shoes.
Trump wears like these fine Italian leather things that like are probably extremely uncomfortable.
I don't really like those shoes.
Biden has to wear anchor support shoes.
Yeah, he cannot wear dress shoes anymore or else it'll end up like, you know, he'll fall for the 15th time in the past month.
You gotta imagine how many times he falls and that we don't see like in the White House or Air Force One.
It's crazy, man.
Or who knows what else?
You know, falling might be the least of the concerns.
There might be times where they just can't even get him up.
I mean, literally, like, won't get out of bed.
They gotta clean his diaper.
So there's stuff that goes on with Joe Biden that I don't even think we probably have a clue about.
They do a good job covering it up.
So, what else is on your radar?
What is your next move?
Are you going to go back and cover the wildfire aftermath?
Where does Nick Sartor go next?
So, definitely Maui is a really important story that I want to keep on top of because of the fact that these people are... I've never seen anything like this.
Where the government is so... I mean, East Palestine is a big cover-up scenario, right?
I mean, huge cover-up.
There's a bunch of lies about it.
But, you know, Maui is a totally different animal, too, where the government is almost flagrantly trying to take these people's land away.
And, you know, Hawaii is the most corrupt state in the Union by far.
It's not even close.
And they've beaten these people into submission at this point, where they're literally leaving the island.
There's a big sign on one of the beaches Now that says every day another local moves away because they're out of money.
They're out of like they're just deflated because they're not getting any support from the federal government.
The state government is giving the runaround constant.
So no support the 1.2 trillion with more money for Ukraine?
Nothing for Maui there?
Nothing for Maui and I can't even get I can't get Hawaii's representatives to even comment on that.
Why aren't they Well, and I'll tell you why.
Because they don't want to step out of line.
That's one reason.
Second reason is, maybe they're benefiting from this entire thing.
Mazie Hirono, who is by far the stupidest senator that we have.
That's saying a lot.
Yeah, that's saying a lot.
I mean, she's barely mentioned the wildfires, even from day one.
Nobody has seen her there.
Nobody has seen Brian Schatz, who's the other Democrat senator out there.
Yeah, she's as dumb as the garnet she wears on her neck.
But you know what's strange, too?
It's like, Maui, this should be a priority.
It's like prized land of the United States.
It's like maybe the most prized land.
But that's why.
That's why they want the land, Owen.
Because it is prized land.
I mean, it is some of the most beautiful property you have ever seen.
They don't want these people there.
These people have refused for decades to let the government take their land away.
And now they introduce a plan, the governor did, That's going to give him ultimate eminent domain powers to take the land, pay what he thinks it's worth, and then give it to private individuals, such as big companies.
So that's the plan that they're trying to push forth right now, and they're bribing community leaders at this point and making them support it.
It's insane.
And they're going to get away from it, or get away with it.
Well, you're going to be down there covering it.
Nick Sautore is where you can follow his reports, and so he'll be back down there soon covering it.
We're going to be doing follow-up interviews with him as well.
Nick, thank you so much for joining us today.
Appreciate it, Owen.
Thank you for having me.
There is nothing more frustrating to me Whether it comes to news or anything else we're doing, then to know I'm telling the truth and to know they'll just listen to me and take action, it will change your life.
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And we're about to have a fun time here with Brian Krashenstein.
Joining me now, AI and technology, political commentary on Twitter, where he has a very
large following.
And he joins me now, I want to get into a range of topics with him, things he's covering
on his Twitter account and doing his own commentary on.
But Brian, I want to first bring this, in case you haven't seen this, I want to first
bring this to your attention.
This broke on Twitter late last night.
Tara Reid, "In 1993, Joe Biden, my former boss, sexually assaulted me at work.
I lost everything for coming forward.
No investigation to date.
I want to testify remotely before Congress about the weaponized Biden-DOJ-FBI to silence me and other Americans.
Brian, this must be it for Joe Biden, right?
Because believe all women.
You know, I would welcome her to come back to the United States from Russia and testify under oath before Congress.
I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
But you can't ignore the fact that she has fled to Russia claiming that the government is after her.
It has to at least make you think twice about her honesty.
Why does that make you doubt her honesty?
Do you doubt Edward Snowden's honesty?
No, but Edward Snowden doesn't deny what he did.
He fled because of what he claims he did, right?
So she's fleeing.
She doesn't say if she did anything wrong.
There's possibly an FBI investigation into her.
She claims that Joe Biden did this stuff to her, instead of staying in the United States and actually fighting and maybe appearing before Congress in person, she left the country.
Like, do you honestly think that she's going to be killed by the US government?
Is that what she's trying to, trying to, trying to make it seem like it's going to happen?
So she flees to a, a enemy of the United States?
Well, I don't know if she believes that.
I think she would have good reason to believe that there might be some retribution from the Biden administration.
I mean, certainly it's famous for that.
Just looking at many January 6th defendants like myself, who we can perhaps get into that, too.
You celebrated my incarceration.
We don't have to make this interview about that.
But I could see Tara Reid being afraid of political retribution or retribution from the DOJ.
And maybe that's why she left the country.
Same thing like Snowden.
Yeah, but you don't even have charges.
I mean, she's claiming this.
She's claiming that she wants to talk to Congress, but she leaves the country.
Like I said, I'm all for her talking.
And Owen, I don't celebrate your incarceration.
No, you said I deserved it.
I don't think I celebrated it.
You popped champagne.
You loved it.
I'm glad you have a voice, okay?
Alright, well maybe we can get into that.
I want to get into some other things you're covering, like for example, there's a lot of, well there's so many judges handling these Trump cases now that we have to be specific about which ones, but I want to talk about Merchant real quick, because I want to see where you fall on this.
The judge, it is undeniable, his daughter has worked with Democrats, the Biden campaign, the Harris campaign, has taken millions of dollars even from the Schiff campaign.
This is undeniable.
And now the judge is gagging Donald Trump from even posting media stories about that.
Do you see a problem with any of that?
I don't see a problem in that.
The judge has family members who might like the other side, right?
Like, I mean, if you start going back to every quick case... No, no, but hold on.
It's not likes.
It's not likes.
It's getting paid by.
Well, she's she's getting she she has a company that has been paid by affiliates of politicians on the Democratic side.
Yeah, her daughter does.
But but you're his daughter.
That's right.
So, I mean, you can say that that, yeah, that's a conflict of interest.
But judges are put in place because of their unbiased.
And if you start going back to every single court case, In the past, where a family member of a judge might be linked to getting payments from people in a party that's made up of 50% of the United States, I think that's ridiculous.
And you can't just throw out every case based off of that.
And yeah, of course, this is Donald Trump.
He's the presidential candidate.
But you can literally find conflicts with every judge if you're going to go down that path.
You can say that A judge's uncle worked for this person who has connections to the Democratic Party.
It's just a slippery slope and there's no indication that that has any bearing on what the judge is going to rule, not to mention there's going to be a jury in place that has to actually find him guilty unanimously.
Yeah, but okay, you're gonna sit here and tell me with a straight face that a judge's daughter getting millions of dollars, her company getting millions of dollars from the Democrat Party, having a long history with the Democrat Party, you're gonna sit here and say that that's not reason for recusal and that that's normal?
I don't think it's a reason for accusal.
I think that it's normal for family members of judges to have ties with people that indirectly have ties with other people that have ties with... I don't think it's that common.
You've denied ever getting paid by the Democrat Party, I believe you.
Do you know anybody that makes millions of dollars from any party?
I don't.
Yeah, I do.
I know people that make money from political affiliation.
Oh, you do?
Oh, you know people... Who's paying them millions of dollars?
Is it the Democrats?
No, I mean there's super PACs and PACs that pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to people for all sorts of things.
But going back to the actual case, there's no indication that this will have any impact on his decisions in this case.
Well then why wouldn't the judge gag him from talking about it?
It's not to gag him from talking about the case, it's to gag him from talking about family members of the judge.
Typically, you're not supposed to intimidate judges, witnesses, or jurors.
And by posting personal information about the judge's daughter, I think that's considered intimidation.
But he's not lying though, he's not making anything up.
You're not denying the facts here, right?
No, no.
I don't know what facts you're talking about, but... That the judge's daughter's company makes millions of dollars and has a long history with Democrats.
Yes, yes.
So you don't think that the jury would want to know that?
You don't think that that's proper to bring up?
You don't think that's relevant at all?
I don't.
I don't think it is in this case, no.
Okay, so if you're in a courtroom, let's say I decide to sue you, and you find out that I'm dating the judge's daughter.
You think that's cool?
That's a whole separate story.
How is that separate?
That's me in bed with the Democrat's daughter!
That the person suing me is dating the daughter of the judge is different than the daughter of the judge having ties to a political party in which 50% of the country is involved in.
But you, as a defendant, would have a problem if the person suing you was directly involved with the judge.
So does Donald Trump!
But they're not directly involved with the judge.
Taking millions of dollars!
Taking millions of dollars from people related to a political party which makes up half of the country.
Which is the number one opposition to them is Donald Trump.
But it's half the country!
So are you going to say that any Democrat that's related to the judge is a conflict of interest?
No, no, no.
To sit here and act like every judge has a daughter or a son that's getting millions of dollars from the Democrat Party is just completely ludicrous, obviously.
I'm trying to make the case here that I think you've basically just admitted that you would certainly see bias if the person that sued you was dating the judge's daughter.
Certainly you would want to bring that up and say, I can't get a fair case here.
But that's a totally separate issue.
You're comparing a person suing me, somebody that's involved in the case, having a relationship with a family member of the judge.
A close relationship.
So you as a defendant would have a problem if the judge's daughter had a close relationship with the people suing you?
I'm sorry, what was that?
So you would have a problem if the judge in your case, if the judge's daughter in your case had a close relationship with the people you were in court with?
Just like Donald Trump does?
Donald Trump doesn't have a close relationship with... No!
The judge's daughter has a close relationship to the Democrats!
That's what I'm saying!
They're the ones that are suing him!
Half of the country though, instead of one person.
You know what I'm saying?
Like you're comparing one single person related to the judge to a political party that encompasses I think like 48% of America.
But it's the same difference though.
It doesn't matter.
It's the same difference.
It's the point that the judge's daughter is directly involved with the Democrats and so that's the people that are going after Trump.
But not with Trump.
Like you're comparing two different things.
Alright, well I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree then on this one.
Let's get into, unless you have any other comments on that, I'd like to move on.
Yeah, that's good.
So you also covered the Ashley Biden diary.
So are we now saying that the diary is real?
Are we now agreeing that the diary is a real diary?
There is a diary that was stolen from her home when she was moving.
Okay, so the original reports that it was fake and Russian disinformation, we now agree that it is real, there is a real diary.
Well, so you have to separate the two.
There's a diary that was stolen from the house, and then there's a diary that has appeared in the media reports like this image you're showing right here.
And this is where she talks about Joe showering inappropriately with her?
Yeah, so we don't know if If the diary that's being shown in some of these right-wing media reports, these pages, are actually from the actual diary that was stolen.
So I think that's the disconnect there.
It's the chain of custody.
Even James O'Keefe said that he could not verify if the documents he had were actually the diary, Ashley's diary.
So what do you think this is then?
I mean, it very well might be her diary.
It might be true.
I'm not saying it's not, but I think before saying something's factual, you can't just jump through these hoops and pretend that you know for a fact that when this was passed to James O'Keefe, who then passed it to somebody else, who then published it, and now it made it to these other people.
Nothing has been changed if it's actually the diary that was stolen.
So, like, you had to separate the actual diary from what's being reported.
Could what's being reported be the actual diary?
I'd say there's probably a decent chance that it is.
Well, what I find interesting here too is, I guess then, what is the alternative if it's not real?
Somebody's faking this, or AI, or what?
It's not even Ashley's diary?
Or what's the alternative then?
I mean, it could be any of those, right?
It could be somebody that manipulated the text within the diary.
It could be AI.
It could be somebody that wrote it by hand.
It could be, you know, it could be fake.
We don't know the chain of custody, who actually passed it to who, and where they got it, and if it was actually the original diary.
Okay, so I guess what we do know then is that, I guess Amy Harris is the lady who was renting the house to Ashley at the time.
She's the one that ended up with the diary.
It's very familiar though to the Hunter Biden laptop, where Hunter leaves it at this repair shop.
They say it's Russian disinformation, and then they sue to get it back.
Well, he says he didn't leave it at the repair shop.
He says he never went to that repair shop.
Well, of course we have the receipts and the signatures and they're suing to get it back.
So, I mean, that's pretty much an admission, don't you think?
They're suing to get what back?
The laptop back?
The FBI has the laptop.
The FBI has had the laptop.
Well, the laptop's public now.
Everybody has it.
So supposedly there were actually two laptops, if you ask Lev Parnas.
I mean, whether you believe Lev or not is up to you, but he says that there was a laptop that was taken to Ukraine, which was passed around, and then there was a laptop that the FBI has, and then one of those made it to the repair shop.
I'm talking about the Hunter Biden laptop left at John Paul Isaac's repair shop that he has the receipts for.
Yeah, and we don't know if that's actually Hunter Biden's laptop.
So all the pictures of Hunter and the messages and his friends and the drugs and everything and the hookers, who is it?
Well, so what Lev Parnas says is that the documents from that laptop as well as from a iCloud account were taken Placed onto a laptop and then dropped off at the repair shop.
That's his theory at least.
Okay, I could be open-minded to that theory.
Let's say all of that is true though, then at some point we're admitting that the contents are real.
Yeah, at least partially, right?
Like, if I hacked your iCloud and then I had documents from a real laptop and I combined them with fake documents, I mean, that's possible too.
Sure, and that's happened before with like the Sony hack and some of these celebrities and getting their nudes and videos leaked.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Well, I was just going to say, that has happened before.
The famous case being like the Sony hack or these celebrities getting nudes and videos leaked, and that was a big story some years ago.
Yeah, I mean, many of the documents are legit because you can tell that they're verified with other documents and their actual emails.
But it's also possible that whoever dropped that laptop off, if it wasn't Hunter Biden, that they could have easily have put other documents onto it to make it look like, oh, he has these pictures of nude women or whatever, you know, like, there's different possibilities.
Well, I mean, I think you and I would probably have a good time together, and maybe Hunter Biden would with us too, but does this concern you at all?
You know, like, I think Hunter Biden obviously had issues, right?
He has problems.
He was irresponsible.
I think that taking some of the jobs he did was a bad look for sure.
Wait, wait, wait, jobs?
What jobs?
Burisma, as advisors for various companies, I think there was... You call that a job?
He was just collecting cash!
I mean, he was on the board, right?
He was on the board and... What he did on the board, I don't know.
Is it a bad look?
I don't think he knows either.
It's absolutely a bad look.
I'd be pissed off if I was Joe Biden.
Ah, so you're gonna go with Joe Biden didn't know.
Well, I think he absolutely knew he was on the board of Burisma.
But I don't think that Joe Biden made any policies based off of Hunter being on the board of Burisma.
At least there's no hard evidence of that.
And if there was, I think that it should be dealt with.
But until I see something that actually shows that Biden profited off of his son's job Well, I would retort.
I would say there is evidence.
One, Biden in front of the Council on Foreign Relations bragged about getting the prosecutor fired that was investigating Burisma, where Hunter ended up on the board.
Certainly, you're not denying that.
But two, did you not see the hearing with Bobulinski when they brought up the receipts and the money trails and the wire transfers and the cash and the checks that were going into Biden's account?
So first, the statement that he made in the public, the world agreed to that.
Obama was president.
Obama made the final decision on that.
And like I said, the entire monetary fund of Europe all said the same thing, including Most Republicans in Congress who who voted for and and spoke out in support of getting rid of show, but you're deflecting you're deflecting that doesn't change the circumstance.
There was a policy decision made There was, but the policy was made by Obama, supported by most Republicans in Congress and the rest of the world.
He was corrupt.
Shokin was corrupt.
He was trying to get rid of corruption.
But no one else is corrupt.
It was only him.
The Republicans, the Democrats, the World Monetary Fund, they're not corrupt.
It was just Shokin.
Well, I mean, Shokin was corrupt.
I know you don't actually believe that, but what about the money?
What about the wire transfers?
There's what, like, specifically which wire transfers are you talking about?
Did you watch the hearing with Bob Linsky where Hunter Biden didn't show up, he should be held in contempt of Congress and go to jail like Navarro?
Did you watch that?
Yes, I watched some of it.
So you saw Brian Donalds and, uh, Byron Donalds and others show the, I mean, the GOP has released an entire flow chart of the money.
There's like a thousand pages of it.
There's wire transfers and then Hunter Biden got wire transfers.
Are you talking about transfers to Joe Biden or Hunter Biden?
Hunter, James, Joe, and still six other family members that haven't been revealed yet.
So, I mean, you'd have to specifically say which ones you're talking about.
There are wire transfers.
I just did.
Hunter and James and Joe.
Joe Biden gave loans to Joe Biden.
I'm sorry.
He was just giving loans.
I'm sorry, Brian.
I mean, the evidence points to that.
The evidence doesn't point to anything else.
It's evidence of that.
Show it, you know?
They did show it and you're saying it's just a loan.
The check literally said loan on it and it was the same amount of money.
Oh yeah, do you think money launderers and rat holes are going to be honest about, oh yeah, here's your pay for play Joe!
So I send you $10,000 and then with a written loan on it and then two weeks later you send me $10,000 back.
Is that a loan or is that some nefarious payment being made?
Well, I don't know.
See, now you're doing what you accused me of doing earlier about the judge.
Where was the loan made?
There was no proof of any loan.
They just said, oh, it was a loan.
No, there was.
There was evidence that the same amount of money was sent in the other direction.
Who's presented that evidence?
It's in the public realm.
Google it.
Google it when the show's over.
I'll send you a link.
Alright, well we can Google it now and they can try to find that.
But let me get this, we got four minutes left here.
Where do you stand as far as 2024?
Are you really, I mean, I guess Biden is going to be the nomination at this point.
Are you happy?
Is it a vote you feel confident with?
So, I would have rather had a younger candidate.
I think both parties should be nominating younger candidates.
Will I absolutely vote for Biden over Trump?
Is he my first choice?
No, I think he's obviously up there in age, but so is the other guy.
And he has far less baggage than Trump does.
I support his policies over Trump for the most part.
There's some things that Trump has stood for that I agree with, but overall, I'm much more happier with Biden than I am with Trump, but he's not my first choice.
What is it about Biden?
What policy has been successful under Joe Biden?
Well, I mean, he pulled us out of COVID.
The economy is doing pretty darn well.
We should have never been in COVID, so I discount that immediately.
People dying, Americans dying from COVID has- Americans are dying from illegal immigration.
They're dying from fentanyl.
So again, this holds no water here.
Americans are dying for a lot of things, but nowhere at the same level as with COVID.
The economy, I mean, we're at record low unemployment.
We have recovered from the inflation that we saw in the beginning of his term.
Uh, wages are up significantly, especially this last job report.
I think they're up like 5.1% over last year.
Inflation is up over 9 or 10 though, so that doesn't really... Well, no, inflation over the last year is only up 3.2% and wages are up 5.1%, so wages are outpacing inflation.
Okay, so you're going to say that the Biden economy is successful, that's what you're arguing here?
Yes, I would say that if you compare the American economy to basically every other major economy on the planet, we're It's like night and day.
We are significantly doing significantly better than any other major economy in the world right now.
Interesting, because everything I see in here tells me the exact opposite.
I guess unless you're believing the mainstream media or the Democrat Party, which I guess you're saying here.
I mean, which other economy is doing as well as the United States?
I asked about the American economy.
But I'm saying like, like coming out of COVID and the lockdowns and all that.
I think that America is doing much better than the rest of the world, and I think you have to use that in comparison because of what happened.
No, I don't.
I don't have to use that at all.
What about the cost of living that's gone up?
Gas prices, energy prices, grocery prices?
It's bad.
But it's because of inflation, which stems back from both the start of Biden's administration as well as the end of Trump's administration.
Trump spent more money than Biden has.
Should Biden have done the first stimulus when he came in office?
Probably not.
But should Trump have done the multiple stimuluses?
He did.
So I mean, inflation is a lagging indicator.
So what causes inflation happens Months or even up to a year or two before it actually hits all right Let me get to what let us try to find something we agree on I hope we agree on this if we don't I may I may just have to give up a quote from Rand Paul Ron Paul excuse me when I say cut taxes.
I don't mean fiddle with the code I mean abolish the income tax and the IRS and replace them with nothing.
Do you agree or disagree?
That's basically calling for the end of government, as we know it, right?
Do you agree?
Okay, okay, okay, fine!
No, no, no, no, let's pose it like that!
No, no, no, I like that!
Let's pose it like that!
Do you call for the end of government, Brian Crasenstein?
I'm not.
I'm not calling for the end of government.
Oh, you break my heart, Fredo!
You break my heart, Fredo!
You love the government!
Alright, this was fun.
I hope we do it again, Brian Crasenstein.
I appreciate it.
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You know, I salute Brian for coming on, and I really enjoyed that because... Look, at the end of the day... I've got some very strong political opinions, and so do liberals!
And that's good!
But if we can't come together and talk and debate and discuss and disagree, but then break bread at the end of it, then we have nothing, folks.
Truly, we have nothing.
And it's really just a lost art.
And so, he was a good sport.
But it's really just a lost art.
And if they cancel presidential debates again, it's just... It's just a damn shame.
It's just a damn shame.
All right, we got more guests coming up here.
We've got Gavin McGinnis, and then we got an InfoWars Knights of the Round Table with Harrison Smith and Chase Geyser coming up, Drew Hernandez.
So we still got loaded transmissions here for the next two hours.
But we need to stay on the air.
And in fact, I'm gonna have to do this.
I'm gonna have to blame a crew member here.
I need something, guys.
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Bring it in here.
We may have to wait.
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We'll see if that door opens.
I'll know that it's a green light.
If it doesn't open soon, though... No.
It's alright.
It's alright.
We'll have to do it later.
It's fine.
I blame myself.
Blame myself.
If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.
So we'll just do it later.
It's fine.
Somebody behind that door knows what I'm talking about.
It's okay.
Now, we didn't discuss this with anybody else, but it's okay.
No, no, no, no, no.
All right.
It's all right.
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It's fine.
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So, we can have the great guests, like Gavin McGinnis, who's coming up next.
On the Alex Jones Show.
Gavin McGinnis.
The great Gavin McGinnis.
Where do you start?
With his resume, his bona fides when it comes to media.
Well, if I started, I'd never finish, so let's just get right to it.
Gavin, glad to be joined by you here today.
I want to start a little bit off the cuff.
I know you're a big Mets fan.
You're a die-hard Mets fan, you might even say, and I'm sorry to hear that because you've probably been dying hard for a long time.
But I'm just curious, did you make it to Mets opening day?
I did indeed.
It was, well, it was terrible, but that's being a Mets fan.
Win, lose or tie, Mets fan till I die.
But there was a scene at that game where Squirrel McNeil got slid into by Reece, what's his name?
He slid into second base and he could have fucked up his ankle.
He could have ended his career.
And that McNeil's calling him a bitch and swearing at him and everything.
And everyone left the bullpen.
And I'm like, as a Canadian who grew up with hockey, I'm like, all right, let's get the fight going here.
We got the 80s Mets all over again.
We got we got nails about to fight.
And they they pussied out.
They didn't fight.
There was everyone went home and.
And then he didn't even hit him with the next pitch.
Well, you should have gone to the Rangers-Devils game the other night, where they dropped the puck and it was immediate fisticuffs.
You might have been a little more happy.
But the reason I asked was actually, were you there when they did the ceremony for the fallen officer?
Did you happen to make it for that ceremony?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
That was awesome.
They had a huge... If you're talking about the Mets game, yeah, yeah, they had... He took up the whole billboard.
John Diller, right?
They showed his face.
And his name, this is, did you see that cringe?
Jean-Pierre wouldn't say his name?
I bet she didn't even know his name.
I think that's what it was.
Like, the big question with the elites and the establishment is always the same.
It's, are they retarded or evil?
And it doesn't really matter.
At the end of the day, whether she was not saying his name on purpose or she doesn't know his name, I'm still watching this dead officer get desecrated by the White House.
Well, and you know, there's kind of a lesson to be learned there, too.
Everybody is forced to know the name George Floyd.
You know, they have no problem pulling up that name, but you can't remember Officer Diller, and that's by design.
There's a reason why they do that.
Yeah, you know, everyone knows Derek Chauvin's name.
But, uh, they don't know, they don't know any of the good cop's names.
They don't know any of the fallen's names.
But isn't it interesting how that's, that officer, like that, that took, usually these, these guys get shot all the time.
Remember those two guys in their squad car?
The Asian dude and, uh, what were their names, Ryan?
Rafael Ramos.
Rafael Ramos.
And, uh, what was the other guy?
Wenjin Liu, who, by the way, had a baby, uh, impregnated his wife post-mortem.
They took sperm out of his bag and impregnated her.
But that story, like, came and went pretty quick.
And I was worried that this would be the same thing with this guy, but it seems to have really stuck around.
I mean, we're talking about it right now.
Well, and that's why when I saw this, and I'm so far behind on sports these days, but when I saw that, because it's, you know, it's very, it's rarely I get inspired by anything anymore in sports.
You know, most of these athletes are just brats or whatever, you know, making all this money they don't deserve and then just squashing on the people like they don't care, dancing around like flamers.
But when I saw like a moment like that, though, it kind of it's like that's why that's why we fall in love with sports.
It's these human moments that bring us all together.
It's like, you know, and when I saw that, I was like, wow, you know, big, big, big ups to the Mets.
Good for them for doing that.
And I'm sure the fans appreciated it.
Yeah, baseball is still, you know, everyone takes their hat off for the National Anthem.
Everyone stands up for the vet when he comes out.
Everyone salutes him.
We all, for the National Anthem, we're all facing the American flag.
It's one of the rare places that still feels like America.
And I think a big part of that too with all sports is that it's one of the last places with meritocracy.
You know?
You can throw a fastball at 100 miles an hour.
I don't care what your sexual proclivity is, what race you are.
We're all together there in the stands, all the different races, enjoying the match.
It feels like Reagan America.
It's America Great Again years.
You know, that is a good point because you don't hear the same left that cries for diversity, equity and inclusion.
And I've got a couple examples of this.
I mean, folks, this is actually extremely dangerous.
And of course, the irony here, Gavin, is that if you did want to have diversity on a baseball field or basketball field or whatever, there would really be no real world consequences.
Life would go on and people probably wouldn't get hurt.
But I've got this graph here.
If you guys want to doc cam it.
Medical school acceptance rates broken down by race.
And it shows how it's virtually impossible for Asians to get in, or maybe white people.
But if you're a black American, they'll let you in no matter if your score is low or high.
Now, that's something that has real world implications.
That's something that could be life or death, potentially.
That's not some racial trope, that's just a real world situation.
But it's like, if I came out, and I don't hear this Gavin, it's funny, I don't hear this, there's too many Canadians playing hockey, there's too many black people playing basketball, we need a Jewish guy in there, we need a Chinese guy in there, we don't, this is just, this is awful, where's the diversity?
You know, it's funny Gavin, we don't hear that.
Yeah, I did hear it once about ten years ago in South Africa.
South African rugby.
The head of the league down there was verklempt because there were so many white rugby players and there's something he's going to work on.
That's the only time I've ever seen it.
It's woefully absent when they talk about blacks in the NBA, but it just wrecks the thing.
When you see, like, look at women's sports.
Women's sports is essentially all diversity.
When you watch, like, women's basketball, it's a favor.
It's a hobby for lesbians.
And everyone in the crowd... The WNBA is completely subsidized by the NBA.
I mean, literally.
It loses money.
It's just a lesbian zoo, is what the NBA... Oh, here we go!
...women's basketball is.
It's just, it's a little place you put lesbians and watch them dance around.
They put some flashing lights around and make them dance.
But, like, diversity was just kind of eye-rolling when it's, you know, Spider-Man's girlfriend and every commercial has a dumb white guy.
It doesn't really bother me, it's annoying, but whatever, you just wrecked my movie.
But then it's leaking into medicine, where it's like, wait a minute, this person who's taking out my liver, did they earn this position?
I mean, an anesthesiologist needs 12 years to get good.
Were you in school for 12 years or did you do 8?
And then aviation is the more curious one, too.
We need more black pilots.
And Ann Coulter said recently, she goes, I don't get why the elites are pushing this.
Don't they also fly?
Well, yeah, but they fly on private jets, so they got their own pilots.
OK, they need air traffic controllers.
And that's true.
It's been infected with this diversity mongering.
So it's getting dangerous.
Look at Boeing.
Look at Boeing in the past two years.
I have a Google Doc on my computer and it's like 13 pages of Boeing problems.
And they all come back to not just black diversity, but making sure the female CEO is happy and they got their trans communities in there.
I want my plane to fly.
I don't care who does it, but they better be there for merit.
But here's the thing, this is a real world concern.
I mean, it's a survival instinct and you don't want, I mean, you want to feel comfortable.
You want to feel comfortable going under the knife.
You want to feel comfortable getting on an airplane.
And I'd say for the most part we have.
And now that we see this diversity, there's real conversations being had.
And then these liberal Democrats, like the mayor of Boston, comes out and says, oh, you just want to say the N-word.
No, I just want to have surgery where I don't die.
I just want my plane to take off and land.
And it's not like it's fake.
It's not like we're making this up.
Do they know any of us?
They go, oh, you just don't like the idea of a black person flying a plane.
And you're like, where'd you get that from?
It's like when they go, we have the first Native American astronaut.
And the supposition there is that there's all these space guys going, nah, I don't want none of these wigwams in any of my rocket ships.
And it's like, but she's perfectly qualified.
I don't care if she built her own rocket ship.
We don't want none of them in our skies.
Like, no one thinks like that.
So, you're not breaking new ground by being the first black female judge in Arkansas.
Shut up!
That judge was also a lesbian.
Yeah, yeah.
We all care so much.
It's bad science.
Science, you have a hypothesis.
And then if it gets disproven, then you have to take a different route.
But you'll notice with the left, when they get a hypothesis like Proud Boys are racist, Right?
They get confronted with evidence that is contrary to their hypothesis.
Black Proud Boys, Asian Jewish Proud Boys.
And then they just, they get in their steamroller and they just go, it's called multi-racial white supremacy.
I gotta stick to this theory.
There's no black doctors because you're racist.
You go, you're wrong, dummy.
Well, that's why it goes back to what you're talking about sports being the final meritocracy.
It's almost beyond that.
It's almost like sports is like the canary in the coal mine that shows, no, it's about who does the best job.
We don't care.
We don't give a damn who, what color the skin is.
I want to go out there and watch the best.
And you, even if they tweak it slightly, Then it sucks.
It's that relentless.
It's like relentless quality control.
Like Scherzer.
He was the greatest pitcher ever.
And we had him last year and I don't know, he's getting old.
And just... He sucks.
Or Diaz.
He jumps too high and he twists his ankle.
Sorry, you can't come to any more games for the rest of the season.
Your ankle isn't perfect.
So, it used to be like that in America.
It used to be like that in the West, where meritocracy would come out of nowhere.
And when my dad was a kid in Scotland, they did this thing called the O-Levels.
And you would take this, basically an IQ test at the age of like 14.
And if you were smart, they would take the top five percent.
If you were smart, you're going to college, you're going to Glasgow University on my dime.
The government's paying for it.
You're smart.
And my dad was so broke, he didn't have shoes.
He wore his brother's hand-me-down shoes.
He had a high quality, same education that Prince Harry got because he was smart and passed the tests.
So it wasn't like back in the days of meritocracy, there's all these poor people being punished or all these gays getting left outside in the rain.
It was actually pretty diverse, the world of meritocracy.
Well, and okay, since you bring up your Scottish roots here, did you hear about this deal?
Scottish police flooded with complaints during first 24 hours of hate crime law.
So they signed these new hate crime laws, and you know, you say the wrong thing or think the wrong thing.
Specifically, you know, anything against the left.
Now it's a hate crime.
Almost 4,000 hate crime complaints were made to the police in Scotland.
I just, I can't even imagine the Pandora's box that this deal opens.
Because now, you're going to have a bunch of these leftist snowflakes, anytime they feel like their feelings are hurt, or really it's even worse than that, anytime they see someone they don't like, they'll just call the police and say, there was a micro-aggression.
And so, to me, this needs to be stopped immediately.
I'm surprised a sane society would even embrace something like this.
Well, they try this all the time, and the same thing happens every time.
It's going to sound racist to say, but my experience has been white people are the least racist group around.
Like, go tell your black grandmother, if this is to a black guy, that you married a white woman and see how she reacts.
You tell a white grandmother that you married a black girl, she'll be dancing in the streets.
She gets to tell all her friends that she has black grandchildren or black great-grandchildren.
So every time they enforce these laws, they end up getting all these non-whites saying, I hate white people, white people suck, and those technically check off the box of racism.
So then they're stuck!
In a situation where they made up a law to punish white people and white people end up being the victims.
And now they don't know what to do.
Like, we just saw this in Britain.
Having a swastika in Britain or saying the N-word or doing anything.
If you say bad things about the Welsh in England, they call it racism.
So, obviously a swastika is most unthinkable.
Not those dirty Welsh.
Not the dirty Welshmen.
I like them.
They have that sing-songy voice.
What's occurring?
Um, but so obviously waving a swastika around in Britain, you're just going to get your head chopped off.
But it was brown people doing it recently to protest Israel, and they were calling Israelis Nazis, right?
And so the police are getting confronted going, shouldn't you be arresting them?
Isn't this one of our stupid laws about thought crimes?
And the police themselves said, Well, it's about, uh, it's actually about context.
So, swastikas can be acceptable under the right context.
Or in Toronto with these gay pride parades where guys are running around flashing their dinks in kids' faces.
And they call the police.
Like, this was a recorded call.
The guy knew what he was doing.
A YouTuber, I think.
And he said, so is it illegal for me to walk around Toronto naked and flash my junk into a kid's face?
And they go, absolutely.
And then he goes, what about if I was gay and it was at a pride parade?
And there's silence on the other line.
Because yes, that is allowed.
So all of these hate laws are sort of designed to catch these racist bogeymen, but they end up Well, and let's actually tell this, let's tell it like it is here.
Context doesn't matter as far as the law is concerned.
The law is the law.
Where context might come into play is the judicial system.
That's the difference between justice and law enforcement.
So really what we're realizing here, you used that example In Britain, or there have been examples in Canada.
All of this diversity or hate crime speech, all of it is systemic anti-white bigotry.
That's what it is.
It's all systemic anti-white bigotry.
Or they kind of have the little caveat where maybe if you're gay or trans or something, you kind of get included into that other group as well.
And so that's why there's silence on the end of the line where, oh, so yeah, obviously you can't run around in public flashing people, that's a crime.
Hey, but I'm in a gay pride parade.
Oh, well then please!
You know, I don't want to be a bigot.
That would be hate crime to not allow you to run around flashing children with your dinghy.
So it's kind of the same thing.
Oh, you're a brown person with a swastika?
That's okay as long as you're not white.
So when you talk about putting context into law enforcement, what you're saying is you're now having systemic discrimination in law enforcement.
Yeah, it's a disturbing trend that is based on the assumption that there's all these Nazis lying around.
And Biden pushes it too.
He said that's the number one threat to America is MAGA, white supremacy.
But you notice he says he'll combine MAGA with white supremacy.
So it is a war on whites, but it's a war on straight white male Republicans who would vote for Trump.
They pretend that they're out to stop the Klan, but what they're really doing is using that as a Trojan horse to attack guys like you and I who might vote for Trump and affect the DNC's power.
Or might convince others to vote for Trump.
Alright, now here's one for you, and now if you laugh at this, If you laugh at this, we will call the police on you.
Bearded, six foot tall, trans athlete who brutally knocked down rival women during female basketball game, suspended from female row... Is he laughing?
Sorry, I couldn't... You're lucky you're not in Scotland right now.
This is just getting ridiculous.
I didn't finish the headline!
Bearded... I can't do it.
So in other words, this 6 foot tall, massive dude, 18 year old, competing against girls, are knocking them out of basketball games and they're trying to compete in any sport they can because they're just dominating the field.
And they're saying, I think, listen to this one.
Suspended from female rowing team for leering at topless girls in changing room and making booby jokes.
Typical guys.
That's what I'm saying.
You know, when I was a kid, when I was a teenager, if you were into punk, you had this looming threat of being called a poser.
So you had to have all the right records, you had to go to all the shows, you had to have Boy of London bondage pants, you had to have the thick leather motorcycle jacket, your hair, your mohawk couldn't have hair on the side, that's chickening out.
You have to have all shaved here so I can see skin.
All of these rules, and then we might call you a punk.
These guys that call themselves chicks, they have short hair, a beard, they don't even have fake tits anymore, and you're like, no!
No, you gotta try!
You have to wear high heels.
If anything, you should be more chick than any other chick.
Like, you can't be a tomboy in jeans and a baseball shirt.
You have to look like a 1950s Mad Men housewife.
Every day, high heels, shoes, and your hair done perfect, Betty Boop, whatever her name, Doris Day, with, like, your gorgeous tits hanging out in a push-up bra.
The lack of effort with these trannies these days is just getting ridiculous.
It's a lack of effort, but it just... Grow your hair long!
We have to have a line in the sand somewhere.
You have to have hair down to your shoulders.
New rule starting today.
But see, that's why when you hear this story about this dude pretending to be a girl leering at the chicks in the locker room, it's like all they've done is open it up for predatory behavior.
Yeah, now a perverted dude that can't make it with a woman or just wants to, you know, see what a woman looks like naked, can't do it organically, just says, well I'm actually a woman and so now I'm going to go into the girl's locker room and I'm going to start, you know, doing a peep show.
If you're a sexual predator in 2024, and you don't take advantage of this trans madness, you're an underachiever.
Well, they are, though.
I mean, it's sitting right there.
There's girls in changing rooms.
You get to go in there, look all you want.
Get it together, pedophiles and rapists and perverts.
You want more.
You expect better.
I mean, you'd be dumb not to, right?
And you're protected!
It's like, even if you get caught, I mean, I'm sure you saw the dude.
This dude shaving his beard.
He's shaving his beard in the female locker room at a gym, and this woman is there, and there's little girls in the room, and she goes to management, and she says, excuse me, there's a man in the women's locker room, and they say, oh, okay, and then they investigate.
They ban her!
They kick her out of the gym, and now the dude's in there shaving his beard!
That was Planet Fitness.
They have lost $400 million quadrupling down on their need to have perverts in the changing rooms.
And to me, you know what that reeks of?
Women in the workforce.
Because women have this nest thing, where the whole world can die over there, as long as my eggs are safe.
And we didn't, their eggs are dried up, so their nest, instead of it being children, it's their woke dogma.
So they have the woke dogma in the nest, as their eggs, and then someone goes, hey, this is not helping.
We lost $400 million.
There's pedophiles and perverts in the changing room at Planet Fitness, and they go, screw you.
I'm staying here.
I got to protect my woke eggs, and I'm going to let my own company Be it Planet Fitness or Bud Light, I'm gonna let it die just to preserve my woke religion.
And that's why women don't do well in the workforce, generally.
You're talking about, you know, contacts with the law?
We're cold-hearted.
Robots, when it comes to our jobs.
And if Planet Fitness is losing 400 million, we're like, sorry trannies, I gotta pay the bills.
You're out.
Well, and maybe this guy just realized that the women's bathrooms are nicer.
And so he just decided he was gonna use the facilities.
But I mean, these skits write themselves.
Where's SNL?
Like, it's a dude in the bathroom, you know, shaving his nutsack.
And then some women are like, what are you doing in there?
And he's like, what do you mean?
I'm shaving my balls.
What are you, a bigot?
How dare you?
I'm saving my, I'm saving my lady balls.
All right, Gavin McGinnis, get off my lawn, censored TV.
Always fun with you, brother.
Looking great.
Cheers, Owen.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, there goes the great Gavin McGinnis.
And, uh, he laughed.
He thought it's funny that a six-foot dude is pounding women into the basketball court hardwood.
He thinks that's funny.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of, is it pro-human or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debate and discussion about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
And so we have the t-shirt.
Team Humanity with a nuclear family standing against the globalists.
This shirt is a great conversation starter, but it also is a fundraiser to keep InfoWars on the air so we can promote and support Team Humanity.
I want to thank you all for your past support, but I want to encourage you all now to understand that this is a revolution against the globalists, and it is so critical now to signal the fact that you are part of Team Humanity.
We're told humans are the problem.
We're told we're killing the Earth.
We're told all this garbage, so we hate ourselves and stand down and roll over and die.
We're not going to do that.
Get your Team Humanity shirts now at InfoWarsStore.com, and I thank you all for your support.
All right, folks, so here's the deal.
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There's no two ways about it.
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So I've got to find new creative ways here.
To try to make sales, to try to generate some sales to fund this operation as we have other great InfoWars hosts in studio with us here.
Chase Geiser, the host of Sunday Night Live, Harrison Smith, the host of the American Journal.
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And maybe this will work.
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Wow, thanks Alex.
You look like Amish Alex Jones with the neckbeard.
What are you talking about?
Your Alex Jones impression has a bit of a Louisiana accent.
Bit of a down deep south vibe going on.
I was listening to some Clay Higgins earlier.
I was listening to some Clay Higgins.
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Alright, we got some serious stuff to discuss.
While I was on air, some big things came out of John Kirby's mouth about Ukraine and NATO and a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.
Chase, do you want to give us an update here?
Yeah, so last I checked, it was actually Secretary Blinken.
Oh, Blinken, okay.
He said, quote, Ukraine will be a member of NATO.
Oh, that'll appease the Russians.
So it seems like they've already made the decision, NATO and the United States, to go to war, declare formal war on Russia, and now it's just a matter of finalizing the paperwork to make it legal.
And it seems like a mighty escalation to me, unless there's something I don't understand.
Well, here's what's crazy about this, too.
You have Russia, essentially, when they blame Ukraine, we all know exactly what that means.
They're blaming the West.
They're blaming the CIA.
They're blaming the State Department.
They're blaming Victoria Nuland.
They're the ones running the vessel state of Ukraine.
And you have NATO also saying that they're going to move all their weapons into Ukraine in case Trump gets in and cuts NATO off.
So, I mean, Harrison, is there anybody trying to stop this escalation?
I don't see anybody trying to stop the escalation.
Not in America, not in the Biden administration.
We seem to be doing everything we possibly can to drive headlong towards World War III.
Whether, you know, Israel's the flashpoint or Ukraine, I mean, clearly the lines are drawn at this point.
It's Iran, Russia, and China versus America, the West, and our puppets, or Israel, and then our puppets in NATO.
No, it seems incredibly deliberate.
It seems like they're driving headlong towards World War 3 with abandon.
And of course they are, because it accelerates all of the plans that they're doing anyway.
You want to depopulate the Earth?
Nothing more efficient than a big ol' war.
You can draft people, you can reorganize the entire economy, you can censor people by saying that anything they say questioning the American government is actually the enemy disinformation, which is why they're putting in, you know, hate speech laws.
It's why, you know, some of the TikTok measures or the TikTok ban had...
There was also a statement today on the situation in Israel that you were telling me about.
enemy foreign information. Well, that just means any information that contradicts the
American government because you are, you know, just de facto weakening America in favor of
their enemies, Iran, China and Russia. So no, we're doing everything we possibly can
to bring about World War Three.
And there was also a statement today on the situation in Israel that you were telling
me about.
Yeah, I believe Lincoln also came out and called for a ceasefire immediately with Netanyahu
in light of the World Central Kitchen volunteers that were killed because of the Israeli...
Including an American.
Yeah, and we saw Ben Shapiro's response and all sorts of controversy around it, but frankly what happened, people were trying to give aid to the people being bombed in the strip and they were struck, seemingly intentionally, by the IDF and murdered.
Yeah, I mean, it's crazier than that.
They actually coordinated it with the IDF.
So the IDF knew exactly where they were going, how they were going, when they were going.
They walked them right into it.
And they had the logos on top of the... right where the bombs struck, actually, the logos on top of the vans.
And this was... It was a mine on the street.
Well, yeah, well, interesting behavior for a mine.
This is not the first time that even World Central Kitchen has been attacked very recently.
A very similar thing happened not too long ago, and since October 7th, I think upwards of 100 aid workers have been killed.
And that's not to include the journalists and the doctors and the first responding teams that have also been deliberately hit.
So, yeah, it's, looks, looking an awful lot like war crimes.
I'm just trying to figure out what the mindset here, because there's multiple angles.
And the media really is barely covering this, strangely enough.
But Netanyahu, I think, he wants his legacy to be conquering all the land, taking the Gaza Strip, building the new Tel Aviv on the beach.
And he just wants that to be his political legacy.
Maybe there's some religious factor behind it as well.
But you do have massive protests against Netanyahu right now.
I guess the IDF just does whatever they're told.
But you'd think at some point there'd be some sort of a rationale here that says, okay, we're turning the entire world against us now.
Now our own people are against us.
Maybe we should draw back.
Maybe we should hit pause.
Maybe we should change tact here.
But it seems like at every move they just get more aggressive.
They just anger people more.
I think that is real.
Feels like the world The whole world's against them all the time, regardless of whether it's true.
It's just integrated in the culture, I think, especially since World War II, and it's just part of the culture.
So, when the world is actually against them, they don't feel the escalation because mentally the whole time the world was against them, you know what I mean?
So, ultimately what, in my opinion, is going on is, either rightfully or wrongfully, I believe that Israel has determined that it's impossible for them to live peacefully next to these people, and they just decided to kill them all.
Well, and I want to get more into this after the break, because quite frankly at this point, it doesn't matter whether you're pro-Israel, anti-Israel, pro-Russia, anti-Russia, World War III, nuclear war, pick a side, you're all dead.
So, it doesn't matter at this point.
We're taking a break, we'll be right back.
Alright, so it's official, Harrison Smith is going to be debating flat earth next week with Eric Dubé.
No, I'm just kidding.
No, wits it, wits it.
We're doing it.
I agreed to it.
I thought you were being facetious.
No, it's happening.
Chase put out the tweet.
Oh, okay Harrison, you believe in the round earth, huh?
I admit it.
I like them checks from NASA, boy.
I like playing, you love NASA.
I like playing devil's advocate because science is scalable so obviously we can build another earth and show that water can hold a ball, right?
Look, are we getting into it right now?
I'm just preparing you because I know all their arguments.
So do I. They sent me all their books.
No, okay, I want to actually get to something else here.
This is actually a big deal.
Because what they're doing to the kids is disgusting.
And they say, oh, well, we really don't know what the long-term effects of the trans kids really are.
Well, no, actually, now we do.
Most gender-confused children grow out of it.
Landmark 15-year study concludes, as critics say it shows, being trans is usually just a phase for kids.
Now, I think there's a lot to take into this, and there's a lot of other examples I think that we can use, right?
There's a lot of things that you're into as a kid that you grow out of, right?
There's a lot, I mean, even politically.
I think it might have been Winston Churchill that made the first statement, and I'm paraphrasing, but basically, if you're not a liberal by the time you're 20, you don't have a heart.
If you're not a conservative by the time you're 30, you don't have a brain.
So I mean, again, that's just kind of a phase you grow out of with experience and everything.
So there's all kinds of things like that.
The difference with this trans agenda is that there's so much propaganda, there's so much rewardism that forces the kids into this, but now this study on Unequivocally proves, yes, this is not something that stays forever and most actually end up regretting it.
Well, that's not even the, I mean, recently there have been a lot of studies coming out showing that you actually become more prone to suicide after you get gender confirmation surgery.
So nothing about this is scientifically valid.
And, I mean, Europe at least is responding to some of this, some of the actual studies that have done and are banning puberty blockers for kids, which is It's kind of weird because they're usually so much farther down the liberal pipeline than we are.
Well, maybe that just shows it's coming back.
What's coming back?
They're so far down it that it's like, oh, we've gone this far.
We've gone too far.
Now we have to pull it back.
I just think, you know, Europe does some things better than America when it comes to health, when it comes to, like, the food that you eat.
It's healthier in Europe.
They don't have a lot of the additives that we allow, like chloroquine that we allow on our food.
They don't allow on theirs.
So, you know, as much as most of Europe is a Just full of socialist nonsense.
They do tend to follow the science on stuff like this.
They don't allow their food and water to be as poisonous as we do, and now they're pulling back on allowing children irreversible hormone-blocking surgeries to be done on a whim because they're nine and like playing with balls rather than dolls.
By the way, another aspect of this that I unintentionally ran into yesterday during my show, because I saw how the left with their major propaganda agents like David Hogg and then Gavin Newsom is promoting, they're showing this Charlie Kirk clip where he just tells the truth about birth control.
He doesn't say we should ban it or make it illegal.
He just says, "Hey, it has all these negative side effects.
You should warn your friends and family.
This is real stuff."
And then they're sharing it and lying about what he said and denying the truth.
And so I did a whole half hour of calls and a bunch of women called in and said, "Yeah,
here's all the side effects."
Well, something I learned unintentionally through this, they're pushing birth control
pills on girls as young as 12.
And there's no age limits in most of these states, and they don't have to tell the parents.
So Planned Parenthood, if you have a daughter out there, Planned Parenthood, or these leftist teachers, They could be pushing your children onto these birth control pills and they don't need your consent and there's no way for you to even know.
So this is already going on in different ways.
But Chase, what are they going to tell us next?
That the 6'2 dude with a beard playing high school basketball against girls?
Are they going to tell us that that person has a natural advantage next?
What's crazy to me about it is the left has somehow successfully branded itself as the advocate party or the advocate political movement philosophy for the trans community and their suggested policy, their official policy on dealing with transgenderism is the mass sterilization of all transgender people as soon as they begin to show symptoms.
When in history has it ever been that the party that likes you wants a mass sterilization?
It's so inverted, for lack of a better term, than anything I've ever seen before.
So it's really sickening.
And the other thing, too, that came to mind when you were talking about contraception is, I believe that there's now an over-the-counter contraception that you can buy for $20 a month on Amazon.
And so kids could feasibly, if they have a debit card or prepaid, they could just order it to retouch their house.
So it's even worse, then?
This just keeps getting worse, because I never really thought of this.
Uh, I mean, obviously I didn't, you know, I wasn't trans as a kid, so I didn't really look at feminine products, but when I took all these calls yesterday, and then I had some responses sent to me personally, they were like, no, no, no, no, these young girls, as young as 12, Planned Parenthood can push these things on them, they don't need parental consent, the parents don't need to know, I guess now you can purchase them online, over the counter?
That's just crazy.
You know, another thing that's crazy too, and you've got a young son, Harrison, this is something that we never had to deal with.
And now I'm sitting here, and I'm just like, oh my gosh, this is such a realm that I can't even imagine that young boys... If you're a young man out there, and let's say you're in high school, maybe, and you want to start dating or something, I mean, how do you make sure that's a girl?
Uh, yeah.
You're laughing, but I'm serious, man.
Uh, good question.
I don't know.
Maybe that's why they're not having sex anymore.
I mean, young kids are, are... That's, that's the angle.
Having three and me.
Integration with your dating profile?
So, DNA from your hydex Y chromosome.
There's got to be something.
Because I'm sitting here, I tuned into the Caitlin Clark LSU basketball game the other day because it was getting all this promotion.
I was like, I'll check it out, whatever.
And I'm watching this and I just can't help myself now with the Brittany Griner thing and everything else and all these male to female athletes.
I'm just sitting here, I'm like, how many men are on that court right now?
How many men are playing right now?
Well there's the there's a volleyball team recently that all five members of the girls volleyball team were men playing against girls.
I mean it's it is beyond the level of parody.
And you know going back to the birth control thing, do y'all know about the the scent how it changes like who you like based on your scent?
Have y'all heard of that?
Yeah, yeah, so people will take birth, you know, women will take birth control, be attracted to somebody, get married, go off the birth control, and find they're not attracted to them anymore because it literally changes the hormonal response in your brain to certain scents.
Maybe that's what happened to my wife.
Yeah, maybe.
But no, but, you know, it's not even about, like, it's not even about, like, your sexual whatever.
It literally changes your hormones.
It changes the way you perceive the world and how you think and how you interpret signals that your brain is getting.
It's incredible.
That's what was so frustrating to me covering it yesterday when I watched Gavin Newsom and David Hogg and all these others lie.
About what Charlie Kirk said, and I'm just in here, like, this is mainstream literature!
Like, this isn't, like, some conspiracy theory!
When I took a course in college called Human Sexuality, they taught all this!
There was a whole chapter on birth control, the side effects, what it does to your pheromones, what it does to your attractiveness, what it does to your sex drive, what it does to this and that and the other thing, and then they come out, and Charlie Kirk just says it, and they're like, oh my gosh, he's lying, and he wants to ban birth control, and it's just like, what?
He didn't make this stuff up.
It's mainstream.
It's college literature.
It's the celebration parallax, right?
You can say the same thing is happening, whether if you're for it, then it's good and you're an enlightened science truster.
And if you say it's bad, then you're a conspiracy theorist wacko.
But you're saying the same thing.
It's just whether you like it or not.
So I guess they like the fact that girls are having their hormones permanently altered by a continual dose of pharmaceutical drugs.
Harrison, tell me what you were telling me the other day about the contraception that was being used in a... Was it Rome?
Or Greece?
Well, yeah, well, in ancient Rome they had a flower that acted as a birth control and they used it so much it doesn't exist anymore.
So, yeah, contraceptives.
Been around for a while.
They extincted a flower?
Yeah, yeah.
There's a... Yeah, there's an herb that they could use.
I'm not sure how they used it, but I think you just ate it and it was sort of a morning-after pill type thing.
I think, if I'm not mistaken.
But yeah, they used it to extinction.
It doesn't exist anymore.
But actually we were talking about that because it was about the idea of having kids and all the way back in ancient Rome, Caesar Augustus, the first real emperor of Rome, gave speeches to his people being like, you young men, you need to stop sleeping around.
You need to have families.
Rome's going to collapse if you're all just bachelors until you're 50.
You've got to get married.
And he gave a similar speech to the women.
So this idea of like, you know, population replacement or population decline and
not having enough babies. It's not anything new. It's literally been going on
for 2,000 years.
It's what happens when a society becomes decadent and loses touch with how it
became great in the first place.
Alright, we're going to do another five minutes here with Harrison Smith and
We're also going to be joined by Drew Hordan.
Harrison is going to have to leave us here shortly as well.
He's going to be hosting the War Room.
I've got a crazy story.
You might say we've gone lunar.
When we come back here, folks, this is just absolute madness.
I mean, if you want to be infuriated, just wait till you see what the government's spending money on next.
You think blasting rockets to study a solar eclipse is nuts?
Wait till you hear this next story.
It's just absolute insanity.
Final hour of the Alex Jones Show, coming up next.
The moon is flat.
Lunar crazy.
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Alright, this story is just infuriating.
It's insane.
Lunar Railroad concept to put trains on moon gets backing from U.S.
DARPA funded.
We gotta build a train on the moon because, you know, we don't have any problems.
We're so well off.
So I want to play these two videos that have gone viral discussing the Northrop Gunman moon train.
You ready for the moon train?
And then we'll get Harrison and Chase's response.
Guys, roll for me 11 and 12.
If you've been worried about tax without representation, fear no more because the US taxpayer dollars are now going to build a train on the moon.
Screw your healthcare!
We're building a train on the moon!
There's like a lot of people who don't believe that we've ever even been to the moon.
So personally, I want to hear from those people.
What is your take on all of this?
This company, which I'm not even going to try to pronounce because, no, they went a DARPA contract for a railway on the moon in preparation for a permanent human colony on the moon.
DARPA has awarded a contract to that group to develop a lunar railway concept as part of a 10 year lunar architectural program.
I'm taking a ride on the moon train?
On the moon.
They're trying to figure out how to construct the railway with robots, which personally just makes me feel like, you know, It's a scam.
She looks like she just got back from the moon, by the way.
Really, just for aesthetic reasons, they don't want to leave tracks from, like, buggies on the moon.
But the tracks from construction for the railway tracks are no big deal.
Hunter Biden might sniff it all.
Eventually, this, like, moon colony... Eventually, this moon colony... I'm sorry, Kate.
We're developing stuff on the moon so that we can make a pit stop on our way to Mars.
You can't have a bridge built on Mars.
As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts about all of this down below.
I love that my tax dollars are being laundered in this way.
It's perfect.
I know.
We need a moon train.
For anyone not paying attention, the United States just secured funding to give taxpayer money to Northrop Grumman to put a f***ing train on the f***ing moon!
You don't have healthcare because we need f***ing moon trains!
Uh, he goes on in a pretty epic rant.
I don't know why that one got cut short.
But, uh, how do you guys feel about that?
Some taxpayer-funded moon trains.
Uh, I love it.
I'm absolutely in favor of this.
Yeah, we should have moon colonies.
You disgust me!
We should have trains on the moon.
We should have colonies.
We should have trains to the moon, to be quite honest with you.
I think this is a brilliant thing.
This is absolutely...
You know what, if we can spend a hundred billion dollars to kill, you know, a couple tens of thousands of Ukrainian men, I think we can spare a few dollars for something glorious and uplifting.
You only want a moon train because that's where your moon base is located.
This has distinctive bias to it.
I'm gonna, yeah, I'm gonna end my days on the moon.
I'm absolutely in favor of that.
Harrison Moon Train Smith.
What about you?
You gonna take a ride on the moon train?
Yeah, I'm literally just imagining how the conversation started between the government... How can we steal money from the American people?
Moon train!
Just graduated with a degree in political science with an emphasis on business administration.
We can't even keep trains on the rails on Earth!
What do you think is gonna happen on a moon train?
Government comes in, hey, we want to put a train on the moon.
And kids like, we can do it.
It's like somebody had to pitch it!
We can do it!
It's like, sir, sir, sir.
We don't have the logistics.
There's no way we can get a train on the moon.
Just tell them we can.
Just say we can build a moon train.
I'm going to make a prediction here.
There is not going to be a moon train.
Don't think there's ever going to be a moon train?
This project ain't going to do it!
Even when they launched the Apollo 11 to the moon, there were people protesting it, holding signs saying there's hungry people here.
Unfortunately, America has to do great expansive things for humanity.
I think we would all agree that we could better allocate taxpayer funds.
I think we could all agree with that.
But to sit here and pretend like the government or DARPA is going to be competent enough to build a moon train is just hilarious.
They can't even build an on-ramp in Austin in 10 years.
And that's ancient technology.
You don't want to ride on the moon train.
I don't.
You don't have to come.
I really don't.
You don't have to be there.
I'm not going to do it.
I'll be there playing basketball and dunking from half court.
I know you won't.
And it'll be awesome.
Yes, I will.
I'm going to be on the moon.
Harrison will never be on the moon train.
And neither will you.
I don't care what you say.
I'm not going on the moon train.
I'm not getting on a train.
I saw what happened in 1938.
What happened in 1938?
Trains, bro.
Stay off.
I'm in favor of the moon base.
You'll be the conductor.
Harrison will be conducting the moon train.
You have a station?
I'll be the commander.
Oh my gosh.
Alright, Harrison's about to jump out.
He's gonna host the war room.
Maybe we'll ask Drew Hernandez if he wants to take a ride on the moon train when we come back from this break.
I have a feeling he's not a fan.
Just a guess.
A damn moon train.
I'm not a fan.
I'm not a fan.
You can count me as one of those people that really, I don't really care about the moon, to be quite frank.
I really don't care much about space, to be honest.
I know some people might disagree.
I don't care.
I kinda like Earth, and I think there's some things we should probably figure out here first.
But I'm not against expansion, I'm not against exploring, but we don't even know what happens in like 95% of the oceans.
So, I mean, what does that account to for the entire Uh, Earth.
But, uh, nonetheless, we're covering the moon train that the DARPA is gonna steal our money and then never finish.
Guaranteed to you that's what happens.
Uh, Drew Hernandez joins me now.
He was tuned into that.
Uh, Drew, you get a free, first-class, one-way ticket to ride on the moon train.
Uh, do you accept?
That's death, dude.
I mean, who's building it?
The diversity hires?
Like, just a bunch of woke black people and woke gays?
Who is really building the moon train?
Even the NASA rockets being launched on Monday, who's building those, right?
Like, who is really launching all of this machinery into space and who's building it?
If I'm like an astronaut... I have that information for you.
The people building the NASA rockets are Moon and Gorglum, and Shmoop from the
Zoological Laboratory.
If I'm an astronaut in 2024, my main concern is ninjas in space.
Diversity hires in space.
That'll be definitely your death.
If we had problems with machinery and engineering with the origins of NASA, like in the 60s, you can only imagine where they're at now.
I got a prediction for you guys.
I predict that on Monday, what we're going to see with the solar eclipse, I predict we're probably going to see a lot of engineering failures from these rockets launched into space.
Because I think the diversity hires are in control of everything and everything's going to collapse just like Western civilization, the economy, and etc.
And the list goes on.
What else, Owen?
What else is collapsing because of DEI and ESG?
What I think is going to happen Monday is nothing.
I think there's going to be a five minute eclipse that people will watch and witness and gaze upon, just like every time.
And I mean, even these launches, these launches, they do it every time during the eclipse.
They always launch these rockets and observe the atmosphere and the surface and just see how it affects things.
I mean, they always name their stuff weird, demonic stuff, too.
So I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
Uh, except all the hype.
It's like, I've never seen so much hype or fear-mongering over an eclipse.
And people are just totally buying into it.
It's a little strange.
Uh, but nonetheless...
That is what's happening.
And of course, you know, people were like, wait, Schroer, because I said yesterday, I was like, is CERN really firing up something on this particle deal on the 8th?
Well, actually, they are.
So we got that going on, too.
It's just more strangeness.
You know, it's just everything is so strange.
And considering what we've been lied to about, I understand why people are cynical about everything.
I understand why people don't trust anything.
I propose, right?
I mean, we could run our own little PSYOP on these people, right?
I mean, they're stupid, they're low IQ, they're literally retarded.
Not borderline retarded, they are retarded.
We could convince all of them that they will be the first black, they could be the first gay, they could be the first tranny, they could be the first anything to go to space.
Let them build it.
Okay, let them build their little spaceships, put them on their spaceships, they could launch their rockets, they can think they're gonna be the first something in space go to the moon, and more than likely they won't be coming back home because there'll be a lot of mechanical failures because of the faulty engineering because of the low IQ diversity hires.
I mean, problem solved.
And we can send everyone that wants to just give all our money to Israel, that wants to give all our money to Ukraine, everyone that hates America, that thinks everything is white supremacy, we can convince them that they are the next frontier in DEI and they can go to space.
And they'll probably never return.
I don't know.
I think I'm in favor for that, to be honest.
I mean, these people are a total decay and cancer to society.
They're destroying Western civilization and it needs to be dealt with.
I mean, that's one way to get rid of the problem.
Well, here's the thing, too, and I'm seeing, you know, the leftists tend to always fall back on health care, and it makes sense because it's something that, you know, you feel bad about somebody that can't afford, you know, to get a surgery or whatever, and then they may end up in debt or, you know, have bad credit or something.
But, you know, here's where I would hear them out.
I just wish they could...
And that's the other problem with leftists is they don't have any linear thinking.
It's like everything is one-dimensional with them.
If you're going to sit here and talk about, hey, we have all this money, let's spend it on health care.
Okay, well, let's talk about the larger issue, which is the allocation of taxpayer dollars, because that's what it's really all about.
It's about the allocation of taxpayer dollars.
So if I have to take a choice, which I don't, but let's just propose that I do, If I had to take a choice between giving $200 billion to Ukraine or $200 billion to the U.S.
healthcare system, let's say, well, yeah, I'd rather give it to the U.S.
healthcare system than Ukraine.
But, again, even that's only two-dimensional thinking.
The full-spectrum analysis is the conclusion realized.
I don't need to give any money to anything!
I get to keep my own money!
Stop taking my money!
It's like, when do people finally have that realization?
You can keep your own money.
You don't have to give 30-40% of your money to the government.
You can just keep it, and then you can afford the stuff you want and need.
Unfortunately, people have to hit rock bottom, you know?
I think we've gotten past that.
That line, I think we've gone past that almost point of no return where there's still millions of people in the country, Owen, that are just not gonna learn.
They're not listening to people like you or Harrison Smith or Chase, myself, Alex Jones, obviously, or anybody else that's actually breaching the matrix on a daily basis.
Still listening to cucks like Don Lemon and all these Rachel Maddow retards and Jen Psaki and KJP.
Unfortunately, there's still a lot of people out there that just listen to these mainstream narratives and I don't know, Owen, and I've been saying this for the past couple of years on the air, is unfortunately I think America is probably going to have to hit some severe rock bottom economically, technologically, obviously culturally.
I think we are entering into already immoral cultural American Dark Age.
I think that's why we're seeing the rise of pedophilia, the rise of homosexuality everywhere, and so-called transgenderism, which is transhumanism, which is the representation of Lucifer, Baphomet, part beast, part male, part female.
This is Romans 1, total depravity.
And if people don't want to listen to God, they don't want to listen to the truth, Well, then they're going to have to learn through experience and just exactly what evil looks like and feels like on a daily basis when it not only destroys their bank account, but it's knocking down their doors and attempting to destroy their very own lives and their family.
I'm not calling for that.
I don't want to see that.
And I know you don't want to see that.
But unfortunately, take a look at human history.
People will only learn by harsh experience.
And maybe we have to experience a tyrannical regime for people to realize like, hey, yeah, maybe Maybe Trump's not such a bad guy after all.
Or at least his policies are better for me than what the Democrats have to offer right now.
But yeah, it's like this strange thing where it's like we're just trying to resist all of this and we just can't stop the push or stop the compression.
It's like all we're trying to do is just resist this stuff.
You know, here's a perfect example and this study just came out.
Most gender-confused children grow out of it.
Landmark 15-year study concludes, as critics say, it shows being trans is usually just a phase for kids.
Now, it's gone beyond being a phase, and you can sit here and talk about all kinds of phases that you might go through when you're a kid.
You might like one thing or the other, you might have one belief or the other.
But this is beyond just a phase, and there might be a phase of a girl pretending to be a boy or a boy pretending to be a girl, but this is going beyond a phase.
Now it's propaganda.
Now there's rewardism.
Now there's all this influence that's deceiving and manipulating kids into this, which is totally different than just a phase.
But the point is the conclusion was reached that yeah, once you grow up and become an adult, you aren't in that phase and you regret it.
And so they always say, well there's no proof, there's no study.
15 year study, there's the conclusion.
My guess is this is not going to change the push for trans kids.
No, absolutely.
And it's kind of basic, right?
I mean, as you mentioned earlier with the guys is, you know, people and human beings go through several different phases.
If I look back to the mindset of me when I was 12, 13, 14, even my early 20s, you mature as you get older where you're supposed to.
But you definitely go through certain different trends and certain different phases.
But like you mentioned, the problem is, is this is a total depopulation sterilization of an entire generation.
And an entire generation is falling for it because of their young minds and their immaturity.
They quite don't realize there's a globalist, satanic, pedophilic machine out there that wants to hack their genitals and probably play with them when they're done.
I mean, what we're dealing with is this Luciferian death cult.
And you know, when people wake up to the realization that they are being abused, that's going to be the triggering event here.
When these kids reach their early 20s, maybe late 20s, and they realize they've been robbed of a future with a family.
They've been robbed, maybe a young girl, she's been robbed of motherhood or a father robbed of fatherhood entirely.
He could never accomplish that by himself or herself with a traditional family unit.
That's going to piss people off.
It's really going to be a backlash and a retaliation and a rage from an entire generation.
And like I said, unfortunately, it may have to take that level of absolute destruction of an entire generation to wake up.
But this is why, you know, parental advocacy, even if you're not a parent, just really voicing out whether you're left or right, this is a total assault on an entire generation of kids that's robbing them of their future.
And that's the reality of the situation.
And yeah, it's no surprise.
I was a youth pastor for six years, full-time ministry, before I transitioned full-time into media here.
And we saw this a lot, you know, and a lot of the young people that I was pastoring, they were struggling with, you know, homosexual tendencies, or they thought they were this, they thought they were that.
Some of them genuinely struggled.
Some of them just grew out of it and straight up told me, like, I just wanted to be popular.
I literally just, it was fast for me to literally become famous overnight on TikTok.
If I just came out not as gay, now the next level is if I'm a boy, I just come out as a girl, vice versa.
I could become the next Dylan Mulvaney, not have to live off my parents or listen to them ever again, have my own massive bank account forever.
And when you say these kids are being encouraged, that's the incentivization.
It's satanic, right?
Like how Satan tried to offer Jesus the entire world and all the power therein and everything you could absolutely accomplish on a worldly level, it's the same thing being offered to such a young mind and how do you resist that when you have no idea it's even happening to you?
Yeah, and Dylan Mulvaney is a perfect example, perhaps, because it's a failed thespian that couldn't do it as a man, so now pretends to be a woman and gets all this fortune and fame.
And, you know, Michael Jackson wrote a great song about it.
It's called Money, and it basically talks about how people will do anything for money and fame.
They'll do anything.
And you think, well, gee, when a guy really...
desecrate his body and degenerate himself and emasculate himself.
Yeah, for money he will. And Dylan Mulvaney is an example I would say.
You know another aspect of this too Drew is people realizing
this other story just came out cancer causing forever chemicals found in band-aids.
These are Johnson & Johnson band-aids.
65% of bandages contain fluorine, a necessary component of PFAs, or forever chemicals, and you put these on and, you know, it's on an open wound, and I guess they're getting into the blood, because your wounds, and now these forever chemicals are risks of cancer and thyroid cancer, and so we find out that this stuff Is just in everything.
And you could say, well, maybe it's by design, maybe it's not, but yeah, this stuff is in everything, it's making us unhealthy.
So, uh, I'm about to sign off here, hand the reins over to Drew Hernandez the rest of the way, but folks...
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So, it's just many things.
I mean, even the water supply.
There's stories almost weekly now about stuff getting into the water supply.
The forever chemicals, as they call it, or microplastics.
Or they just put the fluoride in the water.
So, okay, well, gee, what can we do?
I don't want to drink the fluoridated tap water.
I don't want to drink water with forever chemicals in it.
I want a water filter that filters that stuff out.
I want to drink clean water in my home.
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Let's give the people what we want.
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InfoWarsStore.com is the source, and of course, it's your support there that keeps us on the air.
And I mean, talk about all the great guests that we had today, all the great interviews, all the great news we break.
It's very important to keep InfoWars on the air.
So, with that, I hand the reins over to Drew Hernandez.
He takes us the rest of the way.
Follow him on Rumble.
He's now filling in, hosting the rest of the Alex Jones Show.
Drew, take it away.
Thank you, Owen.
Hey, guys.
Speaking of kids, right, another aspect and another angle here, too, is I mean, I mean, I just I think about my own experience, obviously, as a human being.
And when I was a kid, I mean, you watch a lot of movies, right?
You watch a lot of movies now that you're an adult.
You watch a lot of TV shows.
You watch a lot of, you know, content that you were watching when you were a kid or even a teenager.
That there were jokes that you missed.
There were, you know, in some comedy skits, in some comedy movies, there were things that flew over your head as a kid because of your innocence, because of your young mind.
Obviously, some people are introduced to some darker things at a younger age, but typically and generally speaking, most children, because of their innocence and their young minds, Um, that kind of stuff flies right over their head and then you grow up and you're mid-20s or you're early 20s or even into your 30s, you're re-watching some of these movies, you're re-watching some of these TV shows.
I mean, even with this whole movie Quiet on Set, excuse me, the docuseries Quiet on Set, Uh, with the dark side of, uh, child acting within Nickelodeon and Dan Schneider and all the pedophiles that, uh, were raping Drake Bell, et cetera, and all the revelations that have been coming out.
And you look back at some of, right, you watch, like, rewatch iCarly or Drake and Josh, and you're like, And even the craziest ones with Ariana Grande, like literally just like hanging off a bed, you know, just pouring water all down her body, moaning and like literally like simulating like deep throating a potato, right?
You look at this stuff and you're like, as a kid I saw that and it just didn't like really connect with all the feet and the sexual references on children.
And I think about that, I'm just like, Like, damn, when I was a kid, like, a lot flew over my head, and I think of where we're at now.
Especially talking about how this whole homosexual, so-called trans agenda, it's just transhuman, it's satanic, it's a total botching of those made in the image of God, it's a work of Lucifer.
And that's being pushed on young kids!
Like, literally, six-year-old and up, and in some cases, even before!
These kids have no idea what any of this actually means.
And it's not healthcare, where it's parental consent, where a parent should have the right to choose if little Timmy thinks he's a girl at the age of five, well I'm gonna make the decision to chop his testicles off.
He'll thank me when he's older!
That's insanity.
That's 100% insanity.
These kids have no idea what they're getting themselves into.
These children have no idea of these hyper-sexual concepts, which, by the way, a lot of predators, right?
You take a look at a lot of predatorial cases of not just child rapists, but rapists of general adults.
They will introduce them.
Especially young kids.
They will introduce them to pornography.
They will introduce them to child pornography.
Very violent pornography.
They will introduce them to sexual themes and sex acts that the young mind cannot comprehend whatsoever.
It not only perverts them, but it destroys their innocence and their entire reality of something that should not be seen to begin with.
But only sexual activity should be experienced in holy matrimony with two consenting adults, biological male, biological female.
Anything outside of that, God does not recognize.
There's no such thing as gay marriage.
It doesn't exist.
It doesn't exist at all.
Take that up with God.
I didn't create that.
I'm just regurgitating the message because I'm a born-again Christian, period.
The Bible wins, man loses.
Like, straight up, people want to argue with God.
That's fine, you're going to lose every single time on that subject.
There's no winning that argument.
And don't you dare call yourself a Christian and try to argue against God's institution, creation of marriage alone.
We don't get to define what that is.
We don't get to redefine what that is.
God has defined what that is.
We just get to experience it and enjoy it in its proper context as human beings.
I mean, you take a look at this and I think about young minds now being expressed.
That's why there's so much pornography in these so-called educational books, right?
K-12, being introduced to children.
And, oh, it's book banning.
You're a bunch of Nazis.
It's Nuremberg rallies.
You're just throwing all of the books in the pile and burning them because you don't want any difference of an opinion or any voices of dissent.
Actually, it's the complete opposite in America right now.
The only books we need to be burning are those that are pornographic, being pushed on young minds, innocent, pure young minds, children.
And you see, that's by design.
That's a predator.
That is a sex predator tactic.
Numb their mind, destroy their entire Reality, and concept of reality.
Introduce them to something perverted and inverted that shouldn't be seen by a child and you are the one that gets to define whether this is right or whether this is wrong.
This is what sex predators do.
There's thousands, probably millions of cases throughout human history that you could study and it's the same common thread and this perverted LGBTQ machine This globalist satanic machine that is a sex predator, child rapist, is using that same tactic.
That's why you're seeing so much of these all-age drag shows for children and it's drag queen pedo time!
Come and read a book with child pornography in it and your child on some homo's lap bouncing together with his genitals.
That's totally fine and it's always like some woke, white, retarded leftist mother That's like, yay, this is great, this is awesome, see?
I'm not a bigot, I'm so progressive, and here I am, I'm here with my child.
That's a woman, isn't it?
I'm teaching my child not to be a bigot.
We're inclusive.
There's no father in the home, and if there is a father in the home, he's not a father.
He's just like a real beta cuck that's super soy.
You know?
That sounds like he's had his Adam's apple removed.
It's like that whole gay happy wife, happy life thing.
You know, I just, I can't oppose my wife in anything.
I can't take a stance for the purity of my child if I do anything like that.
Oh, God forbid, my wife is gonna just absolutely bring down the house!
Tell your wife no, dude!
Be a man!
Have a spine, and if your wife is out of control, and wants to introduce your child to all kinds of LGBTQ homosexual satanism, and the list goes on, all these doctrines of demons warping and destroying the purity and the innocence of your baby!
Take a stance against your wife, dude.
If you can't- If you can't take a stance against your wife over that, then you won't stand for anything, dude.
You're more than a pushover, dude.
You're a freaking doormat.
You're a used doormat from, like, 200 years ago.
That's what you are, dude.
No respect.
You don't have a defensive bone in your body at all.
You can't take a stance against your woke, retarded, 95-pound wife that is just absolutely destroying the mind of your child.
What is the matter with you, dude?
Like, if that's honestly what U.S.
males are becoming, this total soy-cuckery, then I guess we deserve to lose all of Western civilization.
But I know the InfoWarriors out there are definitely not tolerating anything like that.
And I'm not calling for domestic abuse.
I'm just saying, at least say something, dude.
Because some of these cucks are unwilling to even say something to their wayward, out-of-control wife that is totally feminazied out.
You guys get the picture.
I'll be right back.
Don't go anywhere.
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Hi guys, we are back.
I'm your guest host, Drew Hernandez.
You are now watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
And we're thankful for every single one of you guys for tuning in.
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Just copy the links and share them absolutely everywhere.
We appreciate you guys.
And continuing this conversation is, this assault on kids is, it's obviously twisted and it's dark.
But this whole predator, it's a literal predator hunting down A vulnerable and innocent being, and in this case, children, introduce them to dark sexual themes that are perverted.
And alongside of that, you, especially if you are the one, right?
You see a lot of this with a lot of these child rapists and these predators that go after kids.
That's what the grooming is.
They want to be the first ones to introduce them to these things.
Before anybody else.
Before a parent.
When they're of age, explains these things to them.
This is what you need to stay away from.
This is bad.
When you hear about it, or if your friends want to show you it or talk about it, just get away from it.
Let me know about it.
I'll come pick you up.
I'll be there for you.
These are bad things.
These are dark things.
And that's why you saw this whole back and forth in Florida in 2022 with all the, don't say gay, Bill.
Or it's just literally all surrounding around these LGBTQ activists, so-called educators, that want little secret relationships with your children.
Because they want to be the first ones to introduce your child to these hyper-perverted sexual themes.
They want to be the ones to get a hold of their minds before a parent.
And the crazy thing is, is it doesn't matter who the parent is.
Like, it really doesn't.
Like, you could honestly, that's the crazy thing, is you could be a parent, you may not be a Christian, You may not have the biblical worldview of traditional marriage and oppose gay marriage or anything outside of that.
You might just be the type of parent that's like, you know, I just don't really care, you know?
I just kind of would like to be the one to teach my children about these things when I think they're ready.
And yeah, that's kind of where I stand.
And I'm just kind of in this place where I want to freely be able to explain to my child, you know, what's cool according to my standards as a parent.
It doesn't matter!
And you may be even in favor of gay marriage or LGBTQ or wherever.
It doesn't matter, even if you are.
These psychopaths that are satanically in charge, that are literally, yeah, in charge and charged, they want your child's mind.
They want the psyche of your child.
They want to taint it.
They want to poison it.
They want to dismantle it, pervert it, invert it, turn it upside down, so they're damaged for the rest of their lives psychologically.
And then it's being taken a step further with now they're hacking the bodies of children.
They're hacking their genitals.
Boys and girls.
And so it's no surprise to me that now we're seeing studies that children are actually worse off.
Because apparently, according to American and even, you know, this globalist so-called medical expertise, is that the only way to cure this form of gender dysphoria and the discomfort of feeling like you're in the wrong body or you're in the wrong gender is to hack your genitals.
It'll make you feel better.
It's a literal dismembering hack job of your body as a psychological remedy to fix everything in your mind.
That's not how it works.
That's not how it works at all.
And any parent out there that actually believes this stuff, you're literally leading your child to the slaughter.
Your child will not feel better.
Your child will not be better in the long run.
Your child will probably be even more psychologically damaged because the big lie is, and we've heard a lot of detransitioners come out and say, even the parents, that anytime we had some kind of medical evaluation with our son or our daughter, the doctors always say, well, you know, the studies say that if you don't get them the surgery or you don't put them on puberty blockers and pump them up with a bunch of pharmaceuticals, they're more than likely going to commit suicide.
That's what's going to happen.
If they're a little girl, would you rather have an alive son or a dead daughter?
You tell us.
That's been said to parents.
And of course, parents that aren't in tune or read up or they're not informed correctly about these medical subjects, that's going to put fear into the heart.
And fear is always the commonality, right?
The fear of death, the fear of loss.
The fear of imminent threat or something that's going to hurt you, or your family, or your loved ones.
You see, but that's the satanic agenda.
God has not given us a spirit of love, a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.
The only fear we should have is a healthy fear of God, that we are reverent towards Him and trust in Him for everything, in and outside of the universe.
This happens to a lot of parents, and parents out there, they may think they're doing the right thing, but you are being lied to, because how is a physical dismembering of your child somehow a psychological remedy for what's going on in their mind?
Let's just say if it's genuinely a genuine case of gender dysphoria.
Let's just say it is.
I would be willing to bet Especially being a youth pastor for a few years and seeing this and dealing with this with parents and helping them biblically through this.
It's nine times out of ten, it's a trend and the kid is literally going to get over it by the time they get out of high school.
They will literally get over it by the time they get out of high school.
And a lot of these young kids, they look back, they're going into college and they're kind of realizing how much of a cult this was.
But those that actually went through the surgery, they've been robbed for life.
Their reproductive abilities have been robbed forever.
It's devastating.
It's sad.
It's an assault on those made in God's image, and that's why it's imperative to understand that.
Because if you're genuinely going to give your child a future, and that's when the real, real, deep-seated, saturated depression comes in, even at an adult age.
Where it's hopeless and you think about the family you could have had and you think about that type of dynamic and form of joy, I'll say, happiness of being a father and looking at your children and it just puts a smile on your heart.
Or if you're a wife, a mother, And you take your kids to the park and you're watching them play and make friends and make mistakes and come and cry to you and nurturing them and having that experience that God gives us.
Like understanding that you will never have that, that you will never be able to have that on your own.
Of course, there's options of adoption.
Of course, there's options outside of that.
But that void will always be there.
And it's not a void because of some type of A defect, if you're an infertile woman that just can't have a child or even a male that has a low count and is just not able to make it happen.
You guys can't have a kid.
There are circumstances that are out of our control.
This is not a circumstance that's out of our control.
This is totally in our control.
And that's what's going to piss off an entire generation when that day, that day will come, guys.
It will come when all of these kids, it's going to be a lot.
It's going to be like an army, an entire generation that will finally wake up to the realize, the realization that not only have they been lied to, but they've been groomed, that they've been targeted, that they've been assaulted.
And that they've been absolutely invaded and robbed of an entire future.
I'm talking of an entire generation of kids are going to experience this when they grow out of this mindset of a trend.
Or when they grow out of the mindset, well, it's making me famous on TikTok, so it's working.
I'm happy, I guess.
I got the views.
But what happens when TikTok is taken away for whatever reason?
I mean, you guys saw what happened when TikTok was going to be banned, right?
There were literally Gen Z kids all coming out and saying, I'm going to kill myself.
I'm going to commit suicide.
I can't live without TikTok.
There's way more going on than gender dysphoria leading to the youth to want to commit suicide.
There's a lot of self-inflicted Wounds and attacks being done to our children that's leading them to the ultimate decision of suicide.
And that's depopulation.