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Name: 20240403_Wed_Alex
Air Date: April 3, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses various global issues such as political leadership, military industrial complex, and conflicts in Moscow and Syria while emphasizing the importance of understanding different factors influencing world peace or war. He also criticizes those who claim that white men are responsible for humanity's downfall. The speaker promotes products on their website and encourages people to identify as pro-human and anti-globalist by buying Gadsden flag shirts. The speaker addresses potential loss of support from African Americans and Hispanic-Latinos for the Democratic Party, discusses mRNA technology in vaccines, warns about consequences of upcoming solar eclipse, CERN, and NASA's research during the eclipse. They also talk about Israel's triple-tap missile strikes against food aid workers being war crimes and criticize US government for being complicit in these actions. In his monologue, Alex Jones discusses various topics including educational crisis in Baltimore City high schools, Trump’s handling of international crises, the risk of nuclear conflict, AI-focused projects, UN Agenda 2030, and digital inclusion. He encourages viewers to support real news by purchasing products from his website, InfoWarsStore.com.

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Tomorrow's News.
Now when I came on the air yesterday, we talked about
the geopolitical tensions, the increase ♪ Oh, Sydney ♪
In the likelihood of a World War III nuclear war situation.
And today we kind of juxtapose that with the people of planet Earth rejecting this, looking at their corrupt political leadership as the ones to blame.
And I was kind of deciding yesterday, well, which way do I go with the story?
Do I go with how there's an awakening happening?
We don't want war, we don't want corporate global government, we don't want poison shots, we don't want poison food, we don't want to shut off the sun, we don't want to eat the bugs, live in the pod, or do I show you the story that the media is ignoring, which is this massive aggression, this massive push towards a World War III situation, with the attack in Moscow, the attack on an embassy in Syria, And just what that does geopolitically.
But so, it's almost better I didn't get into the rejection of that because today is the perfect time to do so.
Joe Rogan arguably has the number one most listened to podcast in America, maybe the world.
And he's addressing this with the military-industrial complex.
We all know it.
We all see our corrupt politicians.
We don't want war.
We don't want corporate global government.
Here's Joe Rogan talking about it.
Have you asked anyone today, can you achieve in our lifetime no war?
Most people will say that's not possible, which is so strange.
It's a function of human beings in large numbers, right?
Because like if we were in this room together and he said, could you imagine all three of us get along?
Of course, easily.
I couldn't imagine us not getting along.
We can talk.
We'll figure things out.
We have resources.
Yeah, we'll be fine.
Make it 3 million people.
Make it 30 million.
Make it 300 million.
Now you've got problems.
And it seems to be always the same thing that you see when you have a cult.
You have leaders.
And the leaders don't necessarily have the best intentions for everyone.
They have the best intentions for themselves and for the people that are providing them with money.
And this is the trap that we're all stuck in.
Everyone on Earth, all of us, being led by groups that decide that they're in control of these massive numbers of people, and they want control of the resources of these other territories, and they want to do something to those people, and they'll have people convinced that this is your enemy.
You have to go kill them.
People that you've never met, you have no issue with, you don't know anything about them, you've literally never seen them before.
You might not ever see them even when you're killing them.
This is a thing that we don't believe could ever be stopped in our lifetime, which is insane.
If you really start to think about it that way, it sounds so insane.
Like, if you were approached by an alien life form that said, what is the source of all this murder and killing and destruction?
Like, what is this?
It's like, oh, we're being led, we're a group, and we're being led by the people that are in charge of this group, that are very secretive, and that are being influenced by massive amounts of money, and the military-industrial complex, and they've got everyone convinced that you have to divert all of our resources into attacking this other group that is opposed to our way of life, they hate us for our freedom, whatever the fuck it is, and that this is what we have to do now.
They would be like, what is wrong with you fucking people?
Like, what a bizarre, wounded, tainted species that you think like this.
And not just think like this, but think it's impossible to imagine this not existing.
This is the most insane venture that human beings can ever engage in.
And you think it's impossible for that to not be the case.
But almost all logical people, if you ask them, could you imagine no war in your lifetime?
Not now.
Now there's so much to expand on with that, but that's popular.
That's the human spirit.
And realizing we don't have to fight over resources anymore.
It really is an incredible time to be alive.
And it is a true honor and pleasure to be with you here on this Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
We have a loaded transmission today.
I'm going to be hosting the first hour with some breaking news.
And then you have Mike Adams coming up.
I may kind of tee it up for him, dealing with some of the latest news that we have here in regards to the vaccines.
And there's this new push to vaccinate the livestock, vaccinate the animals, the meat, the produce you're going to be eating.
And so maybe I'll tee that up for Mike Adams.
And then Larry Johnson.
is going to be hosting the third hour of the great geopolitical analysis and Jason Burmiss
in the fourth hour before I take back over and host the war room later this afternoon.
So loaded show today and you never know when we might be hearing from Alex Jones as well.
We enter the show in the opening segment with a viral clip from Joe Rogan talking about the
military-industrial complex and how the individual itself desires peace but somehow
humanity at large can never stop warring.
So that paradox can be explained in the old who benefits scenario.
So somebody benefits from war.
There's a larger agenda when it comes to war and it's not some immediate gratification like it might have been in the past where you're fighting for resources or land.
Or I guess people would even war over marriages and women and stuff like that.
But we're really beyond that.
And we do live in a globalized marketplace.
That's not inherently evil.
Technology has shrank our world.
And so I can communicate with somebody across the planet.
And I can find out that, yeah, you know, this guy in the Middle East or this guy in Asia or Russia, he's just like me.
We have a lot of things in common.
We like the same foods.
We like the same entertainment.
We don't want to fight.
We want to get along.
So now there's this constant need for the division.
There's this constant need for identity politics to keep us divided.
There's this constant propaganda, fake news push to justify wars that never end.
But really the people are waking up to this across the planet.
And there's certain groups and there's certain tribalism that is much more entrenched than others, but the worst of it lies at the top of the power structure.
And so that's the larger realization that's going on.
So yesterday, when we talked about two major developments when it comes to world peace or world war, And that's the attack in Moscow and then the Israeli strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria.
You have to understand, it doesn't matter where your loyalties or politics lie.
These are events that are massive in scale.
Getting us farther from peace and closer to war.
So whether you think Israel is the good guy or the bad guy, them bombing that embassy gets us closer to war.
Whether you think Russia is the good guy or bad guy, them responding to the Moscow attack and basically saying this is out of Ukraine and probably Western CIA backed, that's getting us farther from peace, closer to war.
Whether you think they're lying or being honest, that's where they're going.
So this is all bad news.
But it's understanding the military-industrial complex.
It's understanding the need for the corporate world government.
Or the desire, rather.
And it's understanding all the different factions, all the different players, all the different agendas that are at play.
And it's not just one.
People tend to focus on one issue or Or one factor or one group that's involved in this?
No, there's multiple players.
You really think that these blood-sucking demons can get along at the top?
Of course not.
They've got their own power struggles.
They've got their own groups.
They've got their own tribalism.
If they could all get along at the top, they would find a way to get us all to get along at the bottom while they conquer us.
They can't even get along.
But if there is the good news, it's that people are waking up.
But the more the people wake up to this, the more the people want peace, the more the people seek truth, the more they realize how they've been lied to and how their futures have been stolen, the more pushback the global elites that want to conquer this planet will inflict upon us.
And it's so bad now, There's a major earthquake that just hit Taiwan.
Now there's tsunami warnings for Japan, a major strategic island for the United States and NATO in Guam.
And people are saying, well, this must be a Chinese weapon.
Chinese using earthquake weapons against Taiwan.
And so it sounds crazy.
I'm not promoting that thought process.
I'm not promoting that.
I don't believe that.
But that's how crazy it is.
And it's to a point now where people would say that there's no such thing as chemtrails.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
Now you have bills in Tennessee banning chemtrails.
So this is just how crazy the world has gotten.
But when you take a podcast like Joe Rogan, that's just meant to be kind of popular, pop culture, interesting guests, you know, doesn't get too controversial, doesn't want to weigh in on these controversial topics, doesn't want to go deep on these issues, and then they're getting into the military-industrial complex, and his guests are talking about it, and he's getting political.
It's because it's inevitable.
Everything hinges now, not just on the 2024 election, but everything hinges now on what we do geopolitically in the next couple years, what we recognize as the threat, and how we respond to it.
I don't think anybody, maybe there are some people, I guess there are, no rational-minded human wants to eat bugs, live in a pod, live in a prison cell, live in a 15-minute tyrannical city like you're living in A Judge Dredd movie or something.
This is not how humans were meant to live.
This is not our destiny.
And yet that's where this is going.
And the big lie.
You're causing climate change.
And so you've got this in the news.
But people know it's bogus.
Racist UN climate advisor.
White man has brought humanity to the verge of extinction.
White man has brought humanity to the verge of extinction.
Now meanwhile, you have Bill Gates, a white man.
So I mean, is that the white man you're talking about?
You could just say Bill Gates if you wanted.
Bill Gates sponsoring lessons in how to cleanse math of white supremacy.
Now I hate all this tribal garbage.
I can go out to dinner or a bar or a ball game or play basketball or whatever.
I don't care what color your skin is, most people are the same way.
But when you're a leftist and your desire is political power, when you're a leftist and your desire is to control civilization, you have to put people into tribalism, you have to put people into groups.
It's what they do at prisons.
You want to maintain the prison?
You put all these people into their groups.
I mean, they tell you, right, when you go in.
It's like, oh, you're white?
You hang out with the white people.
They tell you that.
I was one of the few that got put in a cell with a black man.
It was kind of funny.
He was laughing at it.
He was like, I can't believe they put you in here.
Oh, and guess what?
We got along just fine.
But see, let's go back.
So the UN Climate Advisor.
They make up this lie.
I mean, go pull it up right now.
Al Gore in 2009 said that the polar ice caps, the North Pole, would be ice-free.
He said that.
Al Gore.
One of the leading minds, one of the leading thought leaders against man-made climate change.
Al Gore.
2009, said the polar ice caps would be completely melted, there wouldn't be any ice.
Couldn't have been more wrong.
He put out a documentary, a quote-unquote documentary.
He put out a fake documentary in 2000 or 2001, An Inconvenient Truth.
And he said the same thing, there'd be no polar ice caps, there'd be no icebergs anymore.
And people believed him!
People believed that either complete idiot moron or total liar.
And the crew's just pulling up all these stories, all these quotes from Al Gore, because that's what we do here.
We don't just say things.
We have the fantastic crew that pulls it up and shows you.
We know what we're talking about, not just the host, the crew.
So yeah, here's Al Gore, 2009-2001, telling you there'd be no polar ice.
Well, there's still ice.
There's still a lot of ice.
They said that there would be no ice on the South Pole either, and so people would believe this.
Here's a couple examples.
They sent a nautical crew On a ship to the South Pole to go do a geographical expedition saying, oh my gosh, now that the South Pole is melted, we can go look at all the land and study the dirt and the grass and see things that we've never seen before.
This is going to be great.
And the ship goes to the South Pole and it gets stuck in ice hundreds of miles from its destination.
Stuck in ice.
They had to call up a tugboat to tug them out.
So, they believe the lie.
There's a national park.
The National Glacial Park puts up a sign that says, they put this up in like 2005, because they believe Al Gore.
And it said, there will no longer be any glaciers in 2020.
There will be no ice and no glaciers in this park by the year 2020.
Well, it's now the year 2024 and there's still ice and glaciers everywhere.
Because Al Gore was wrong or lied.
They said the sea levels would rise and it would all flood.
And then people show a time-lapse of Ellis Island for over 50, 60 years.
Just a sitting camera.
The water level doesn't go up an inch.
They do a shot from the East Coast.
Yeah, there's the ship getting stuck in ice.
They do an overhead shot of the East Coast on the shoreline, spanning 60 years, just a time-lapse from every year, and the waterline doesn't move at all.
So they promote these lies to make you a slave.
They promote these lies to convince you that you need to be a slave on this planet, and the only right thing to do And the only good thing to do is to not be free and give over your destiny to Satan and not God who designed you with the intent, with the inherent desire of free will, free movement, free thought, free spirit.
And all they do is lie.
They tell you you evolved from pond scum.
A total lie.
With modern anthropology that they ban from school textbooks.
They ban from major academic speaking events.
You're not allowed to hear about that.
You're not allowed to hear about the secrets of human history from 10,000 years ago, 20,000 years ago, 30,000 years ago.
Advanced technologies and advanced knowledge that we still can't even comprehend because it disproves the theory of evolution.
So you can't have that.
So you evolved from pond scum, you're not a divine creation of God, where your rights come from, not government.
And by the way, white men are racist and they're causing extinction.
But let's bring it all home now.
So Bill Gates sponsoring lessons on how to cleanse math of white supremacy.
So math is white supremacy.
Now you could argue that modern day mathematics Arithmetic was developed and studied and perfected by white men.
How does that make it white supremacy?
It'd be white supremacy if they didn't share it with the world.
If the great engineers and architects of Italy said, nope, nobody gets to learn about how we build things and nobody gets to learn about our architecture and engineering.
No, they shared it with the world.
They wrote it down and they archived it and they said, this is how we do it.
And then they shared it with the world.
How's that white supremacy?
But what are they really saying?
What is the UN climate advisor really saying?
White man has brought humanity to the verge of extinction.
What they're really saying is white man invented the modern world and so therefore the modern world has to die.
So, oh, white men created math, so math is bad.
And because math and science and all these things that come from Europe and white men, it's bad, so therefore the modern world has to die.
Oh yeah, okay, so air conditioning and rocket ships and airplanes and science and chemistry and mathematics that they're attributing to the white man.
I attribute it to humanity.
But no, they demonize white men, then they attribute the advancement of humanity to white men, and then they say, see, human advancement is bad, you need to go back to being a troglodyte, you need to go back to being a caveman, and it's all bad, it's killing the planet.
Oh really?
Because who doesn't want to live with AC when it's 100 degrees in Texas?
How about modern engineering and architecture?
You don't have to go to war for land anymore.
We can build into the sky.
How about the modern day methods of farming and agriculture?
We can feed the whole planet.
And they sit here and they say, it's white men, white men are racist, white men are bad, and that's the modern world, and so therefore you need to destroy it.
And then everything they tell you is a lie.
And then everything they tell you is a lie.
And the biggest lie of all is that you have to sit here and go to war.
And you have to sit here and be constantly at war, and you have to sit here and fund every war, and choose a side in every war.
Well, I got bad news for you, again.
Whether you're pro-Russia, anti-Russia, whether you're pro-Israel, anti-Israel, World War III, nuclear war, you ain't winning, Jack.
But should I say it like this?
We ain't winning.
You can be as prepared as humanly possible.
You're not winning.
You wanna go live in a cave like a mole man?
You wanna go live underground like a mole man?
Does that sound fun?
You might survive.
You might get some time, you might survive.
You might live underground and maybe survive it.
And what?
But this is why the current political class can't even go on the streets.
Unless your name is like Donald Trump or Javier Mele or Uh, Jair Bolsonaro.
Viral video, Justin Trudeau gets swarmed by furious mobs in Ontario.
It's the same reason why Joe Biden can't do any public events.
Because he would be protested, he would be shouted down.
And so what was the last time they announced a public event with any advanced warning for Joe Biden?
Well, that was the fundraiser he did with Lizzo and those Hollywood celebs selling a picture for $100,000.
Not even kidding, he won a picture with Joe Biden, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, a bunch of corrupt scum.
$100,000, $100,000 pop.
It's the party of the poor.
It's the party of the working class.
So that was the last time.
What happened?
What happened when they gave you an advanced warning that Joe Biden was about to have a public event?
Thousands of people protested it.
People got inside the venue and protested it.
The entire streets outside of the Radio City Hall in New York City filled with anti-Biden protests.
Chanting, Joe Biden genocide.
They can't give you an advanced warning when Joe Biden has an event.
Donald Trump, on the other hand, Can go anywhere and just be mogged with people.
It's a mob scene.
Look what happens when Trump shows up at a UFC event.
Look what happens when Trump has a rally.
Thousands of people, tens of thousands.
So whether you like Trump or not, it represents that the establishment class, the establishment legacy politician, the people that have had us in wars forever, the people that have sold our countries out, opened our borders, poisoned us, lied to us, deceived us, kept us at war.
We're done.
We're done with the Justin Trudeaus of the world.
We're done with the Joe Bidens of the world.
Netanyahu can't stop getting protested in Israel.
And these are Jews Who might even not like the Palestinians.
These are Jews who might even believe it's their manifest destiny to take back the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, everything else.
They might believe that.
They know that what Netanyahu is doing for Israel is making their image worse across the planet.
Netanyahu gets protested by thousands every day.
It's the legacy political class and the reality has finally hit.
Those being governed by it, that this is the true evil we face.
These are the people that have sold us out.
These are the people making backroom deals.
These are the people that are selling us out and deceiving us.
And I guess that brings us to the crux of the issue.
Can we take back our planet?
Can we take back our country peacefully and politically?
Well, with an election system, that's the idea.
And then you ask, do you trust the election system?
Just yesterday, just yesterday on The War Room, we're covering Donald Trump's speech and he starts to talk about election integrity.
And he mentions the 2020 election being rigged.
They edit that out of the videos in live time on YouTube.
You can go to Rumble, watch the full speech.
Trump talks about the 2020 election results.
And you go to YouTube, you try to watch the full speech.
They edit it out.
We captured this in live time.
The videos are a Bandai video on the War Room page.
Yeah, and so why do you think they don't want single-day voting?
Why do you think they don't want voter ID?
Why do you think they want all these electronic voting machines running the whole thing?
Well, it's easier to scam you that way.
But, you know, it is the yin and yang.
So yeah, there's a lot of evil we're facing, and we're really up against it, and it's the most epic time to be alive.
But on that same token, The other side is that humanity is waking up and thirsty for prosperity and thirsty for freedom and we're realizing that we've been so shackled and so held back that if we could break these shackles and break these chains that have held humanity back, we can go to the stars.
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Alright, we got some big news dealing with the food supply, and this is really hitting Texas right now.
But use this as a smaller sample size of what they're going to do, really on the planet, but to all the country, and they're gonna say, Well, they're going to have two excuses.
Well, we need to stop viruses, so we need to vaccinate the cattle.
Well, now you're getting vaccinated through the food supply.
But more importantly, they're going to say, no, you actually can't even have meat or eggs because you're causing global warming.
I mean, it's just it's it's so satanic.
It's just disgusting.
See, that's why they have to tell you, you're not created by God.
God isn't real.
The Bible isn't real.
Divine intervention and creation is not real.
This planet wasn't created for you.
This consciousness by God.
We're the only ones that can go to the stars.
Everybody kind of notices that.
But, oh no, you're the same as a grub worm.
You're the same as an animal.
I love animals.
But no, all this was created by God.
And with us having dominion over it.
So, we're going to get into this breaking news.
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So, here's what's going on, and I noticed this.
I mean, I pretty much get the same thing at the grocery store and it's basically steak and eggs.
So I notice the price is going up or I notice when there's a lacking in quantity.
So you had a million, you had 1.3 million acres of farmland in North Texas burned because of a wildfire.
So that hit it a little bit.
And then you have this bird flu story going around.
West Texas poultry facility to destroy one million hens due to bird flu.
And this is already hitting the stores.
If you're in Texas, you'll probably see it.
Less eggs, less poultry.
Steak prices going up.
The Cal Maine Foods Inc.
Incorporated poultry facility in Farewell, Texas will need to destroy 1.6 million laying hens.
Cases have been found in dairy herds in Texas, Kansas, Michigan and New Mexico.
With presumptive positive tests resulting pending in Idaho.
Now, I don't wanna be too conspiratorial here.
I don't wanna assume everything is a trap door.
But I mean, you look how they did us with COVID and the false testing and everything.
Do you think they'd do that to farms too?
Now look, I don't want to get the bird flu.
And obviously, you want to have a lot of, let's say, faith that the system of the food supply, which is very delicate, has processes so that you can have confidence when you go to the grocery store and buy food that it's not going to be poisoned and you're not going to get sick.
So I'm for that, but you do have to wonder, would they do us like they did us with the food supply, like they did us with COVID, with the false positives and the fear-mongering?
Would they do that to the food supply?
You know, you always hear all this garbage.
You know?
Oh, oh, I mean, I've said it, and then I've tested it for myself.
Raw eggs, not good.
You're gonna get sick.
You're gonna get all this.
I drink 12 raw eggs a day, no problem.
Oh, don't have raw milk.
Raw milk will get you sick, and you'll have stomach problems, all this.
Been drinking raw milk now for four months.
Greatest decision ever made.
But they tell you, oh, don't do that, you're gonna get sick, and then you try it for yourself, you're stronger than ever.
Major poultry farm to cull nearly 2 million chickens after positive bird flu test.
Was it positive?
Was it fake?
Again, I'm not leaning into that, but when you see how they lie to us.
White House worried bird flu might be the next pandemic.
Oh, okay.
See, now we're getting suspicious.
So they say, oh, you've got this pandemic amongst the poultry and the cattle.
So what's the solution?
American Rancher blows whistle on mRNA vaccine test in livestock and there it is.
The chickens have bird flu, the cows have bird flu, or the cows have this virus.
We have to vaccinate your food supply.
And now you're getting vaccinated through osmosis through the food you eat.
Now you're getting that mRNA through the food you eat.
How convenient.
Yeah, we can't get those pesky Americans to take that mRNA, so let's put it into their food supply.
Well, they're not just going to accept it in the food supply, so what are we going to do?
I know!
Let's tell them it's the bird flu!
Heart scarring detected more than a year after COVID-19 vaccination in some patients.
So yeah, okay.
So we were totally confirmed on that.
Mike Adams hosting the second hour.
He might delve more into that.
Moderna developing mRNA vaccines for diseases linked to COVID shots.
So the shots give you a problem.
The shots give you a health problem and then they sell you the solution to the health problem that they cause with the shots.
So I'm sure that'll work for them to make a lot of money.
Top international virologist issues dire warning.
Tsunami of death coming among highly vaccinated.
And, you know, it's hard to get a real read on this outside of the data that we can collect from the VAERS reporting.
But here's a couple examples.
You just had a top Twitch streamer, this is a very popular video streaming site, named Ninja, healthy 32-year-old, goes and gets his COVID booster, gets ill immediately afterwards, so ill he takes to social media and posts about how bad he felt after the COVID shot, then gets cancer.
You just had another professional athlete, star NFL quarterback, Vontae Davis, dies suddenly in his home.
But those will never be attributed to the vaccine.
So I don't know.
Is it the vaccine?
Is it not the vaccine?
All we can do is sit here and observe the data we have readily available.
And if you look at the VAERS reports, the number of vaccine deaths post-COVID vaccine are off the charts.
But is it like a ticking time bomb now?
That's what this virologist is warning about.
But it's not just about the damage done by the vaccines with the heart side effects and everything else.
It also weakens your immune system.
So if there is some sort of a super bug that develops from all this...
It's going to be the vaccinated that are the least protected.
Meanwhile, if you have a strong immune system, you might be able to actually not die from this.
We believe in the future of humanity.
We believe it's a pro-human future, a pro-civilization future.
Technology used to advance the inherent desires of the human being to be free and prosper.
And it's easy now to identify the individuals, the groups that are against that.
And of course, the Democrat Party, the American liberal, the American left being the front lines for that resistance against the human will to be free and prosper.
It is the Democrat Party.
It is Joe Biden.
Sage Steele, now this is a former ESPN, very, very successful as a host at ESPN.
Sage Steele who left ESPN because of the discrimination against Christians there.
Former ESPN host says her Biden interview was totally scripted to the word.
Every Biden television appearance is a manufactured propaganda campaign.
Ex-ESPN host Sage Steele, who was suspended by the Disney-owned Sports Channel in 2021 after she criticized the network for mandating COVID jabs, recently exposed how every word coming out of Joe Biden's mouth is controlled by handlers.
And others have talked about this.
And now that she's free from the Disney Corporation, she's allowed to talk about this stuff and some of the other things that she experienced and bless her for it.
But see, that's not uncommon for Joe Biden, remember.
It's been seen how many times when Joe Biden does a press conference, the whole press conference is scripted.
Now a press conference is supposed to be one of the most organic exchanges that, I mean let's just be specific in this example, a press conference is supposed to be one of the most organic exchanges between the President of the United States and the American people, in this case the press.
And really this was One of the more strong points from Donald Trump's presidency is the availability he allowed the press.
Now the press was a bunch of lunatic jackals foaming at the mouth while Trump was president, but nonetheless he would sit there every day!
And take questions from the press, sometimes for hours, sometimes multiple times, whether it's in the Oval Office, whether it's during a address, whether it's getting on board Air Force One or Marine One, constantly they're allowing access.
Now Biden probably gives you about 1% of the access, 1% of the availability that you had Compared to Donald Trump.
So Biden's like 1% availability and access if Trump is 100%.
But then you find out even that 1% that Biden gives, about 75% of that is totally scripted.
So he gets up in front of the American people and pretends to do a press conference.
And he'll have an entire script in front of him.
And part of the reason they have to do this too is because Joe Biden is so mentally unfit, he can't even think, he can't even remember what he's supposed to say, he doesn't even know what he's talking about, he doesn't know who he's talking to, he doesn't even know what day of the week it is.
So they have to give him a total script, and it has the picture of the journalist, it has the name of the institution that the journalist is with, and then it has the question that he's going to be asked and his answer right under it.
It's like a movie script.
And so this has been documented many times, many different ways, many different forms.
So then you find out even the limited access and availability that you get from Joe Biden, even that is totally scripted.
So imagine you're getting ready to do an interview with Joe Biden and you're thinking, oh, I'm going to interview the president.
I'm going to ask him all these questions.
And then the White House sends you the script.
But, you know, you don't want to ruffle feathers, you'll take the interview with the president, it's good for your profile, and then just don't tell anybody because then that's embarrassing for you too.
Bidenomics failure shows up at polls as Gen Z revolts against Democrats.
So, this is honestly, it's going to be so wild because the Democrats have lost the faith of the black vote.
They're not going to get the black voter turnout.
They're losing the Hispanic-Latino community.
In fact, it's so bad now.
Because you might argue that the Hispanic community in America is a lot more traditionally conservative, a lot more religiously conservative than even the white Americans.
And so they put out, so they have these multiple channels And they put out in their English channels on social media, they put out that Easter is Trans Day of Visibility and they did not promote that on any of their Spanish channels.
So the White House promotes to white Americans it's Trans Day of Visibility because I guess they think that, you know, the white liberals are just so jacked in the head they'll like that.
But to the Spanish-speaking community they did not promote Trans Day of Visibility because they know On average now, a Hispanic American is more traditionally conservative and religiously conservative than a white American.
So they get that.
But what's the point?
Getting back to the story.
They're losing the black vote.
They're losing the Hispanic vote.
They're losing the youth vote.
So where is the Biden administration?
Where are they going to tap into the vote?
They're going after the suburban mom.
They're going after the wine mom, they're going after the white women, and abortion, and everything that gravitates around that issue.
That's what they're going for.
And so I have some people that are messaging me about this, and it's a hot topic of debate.
Strategically, do Republicans just drop this issue for 2024?
Is it a losing issue?
Well, I would actually argue it's a winning issue, but I would understand strategically the sentiment to say, let's just not even touch abortion, and let them just promote abortion, and let's just not even have any policy going into this because you might lose more votes than you gain.
I don't think stopping abortion is a losing issue.
I think it's a winning issue.
I think the problem is that the Republicans don't have good messaging.
The Democrats do a lot better with messaging, and so they actually have women believing And yeah, there's fringe Republicans that want to ban contraceptives or whatever.
That's different than saying, hey, it's probably a bad thing if you're a young woman.
I mean, really, it doesn't matter old or young, but yeah, there's actually a lot of negative health consequences when it comes to using contraceptives or birth control pills.
That's just a scientific fact.
That doesn't mean we have to ban them.
That doesn't mean you're calling for banning them.
There might be a fringe element of the Republican Party that actually wants to ban it.
That's not the main message.
But the problem is the messaging.
The Democrats have specifically young women, but I guess older women too.
The Democrats have you believing that The Republicans want to throw you in jail if you use a contraceptive, or the Republicans want to throw you in jail if you use Plan B, or you take a birth control pill, or the Republicans want to put you in jail for life for murder if you have an abortion and all this other stuff.
And the Republicans just have no good messaging here.
And so that's the problem.
It's a messaging problem, it's not an issue problem.
I think it's a winning issue.
But the messaging is where the Republicans are lacking here.
But see, that's all the Democrats can tap into is they hope there's enough single-issue voters on the abortion deal.
I guess they hope they can get enough women to go out and vote on that single issue.
They have nowhere else to tap into.
They can't tap into the black vote.
They can't tap into the Hispanic vote.
They can't tap into the youth vote.
I mean, have you seen I mean, look, I don't want to be mean to these young kids, but have you seen these dweebs that they hire to do their social media and try to get the youth vote for Biden?
I mean, it's pathetic, guys.
It's pathetic.
It's guys that look like, I mean, you know, they're 22 years old and again, I'm not trying to be mean here, but I'm just going to call it like this.
They hire these 22 year old boys that blush anytime they're on camera.
They look like soy boy twigs.
They can't even grow one facial hair on their head.
They look like they have never exercised or lifted a weight in their life.
You know, they look like central casting for, you know, to play Romeo in some, you know, twink play.
So it's just not working.
But they're turning, but the youth is turning.
Young liberal flips support to Trump, apologizes for believing the mainstream media lies.
And in this viral video, an anti-Trump young liberal renounced the media-fed hatred of Donald Trump.
Yeah, many liberals are learning this.
Many Democrats are learning this.
But it's only going one way.
There's no conservatives or Republicans switching parties.
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Alright ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroer here.
As we enter the second hour of the Alex Jones Show, I am about to hand...
The baton to the great Mike Adams, and he's going to be hosting this hour.
We have other great guest hosts coming up.
I'll be back hosting the War Room with a bunch of other breaking news and political news.
We're going to do a deep analysis into the primary results last night.
There is some news to cover with that.
As I introduce Mike Adams, Mike, not sure what you're going to cover today, but I thought I'd kind of tee this one up for you.
I'm sure you're following this closely.
And I don't want to be too conspiratorial, but I do have to wonder when we see this bird flu outbreak and how they're killing all these hens and now they're going after the ranchers with their cattle as well.
Hey look, I want to be able to go to the grocery store and know that I'm getting a product that I'm not going to get sick.
From consuming.
I think, you know, everybody feels that way.
But I do have to wonder.
I mean, they lied to us about COVID.
They lied to us about the COVID test.
Would they do the same thing to annihilate our food supply?
Would they do the same thing to annihilate chickens and cattle?
As I don't know if you've noticed.
I don't know.
You might not go to the grocery store as much as I do.
I think probably you grow a lot of your food.
But I just went to the grocery store this week.
Barely any steak on the shelves, barely any eggs on the shelves, so I'm already seeing the results of this, but Mike, I hand the baton to you and I kind of teed up for you like that.
Just want to see your thoughts on that and if you're following this phenomenon.
Okay, thank you, Owen.
Yeah, excellent question.
I'm glad you brought it up.
I was going to cover that point today, and my assessment is that this is another method of sabotage of the food supply chain.
So I actually interviewed someone a while back, someone whose name I can't release, so I interviewed them privately, who was part of a team in Texas that was dispatched to various food processing facilities during COVID.
And their job was to gather samples and run the PCR tests, and then inform the food facilities that they had to shut down because there was one positive test.
So, we know that the PCR test is a fraud.
That you cannot diagnose an infection based on a, quote, positive hit from a PCR test.
And I know this specifically.
Remember, I own and run a multiple mass spec instrument laboratory And I sat down and spoke with the salespeople of the PCR equipment and asked them some very tough questions, and they admitted to me a couple of key things.
That PCR tests do not have any quantitation numbers.
They can't tell you how much of anything they found.
It's only a yes-no answer.
It's either a hit or a non-hit.
And secondly, most importantly, and this really exposes the fraud of modern virology, is that there are no isolated external standards of the so-called viruses that they claim to be testing against.
So there's literally no way to calibrate a PCR instrument against an isolated standard.
That means the whole issue of testing and killing 2 million egg-laying birds because you had one positive test from one swab of one chicken, okay?
It's a complete fraud.
It's designed to cause a food shortage.
This is engineered famine in your face.
They're gonna kill 2,000 birds here at this recent farm where they say they found avian flu.
That's going to be about 2,000 eggs a day missing from the food supply.
And because of that, then egg prices are going to go up.
So food inflation, food scarcity, famine is going to go up.
And I just want to tell you this, I'm warning you, today we're going to talk about Israel and sort of the weaponization of famine against the Gazans.
And the reason I bring that up now is because everything that Israel is doing to Gaza is what the globalists plan to do to you.
And famine, engineered famine, is part of that process.
So yes, Owen, to answer his question, This is a deliberate sabotage attack on the food facilities.
It's being done under fraudulent PCR tests under a realm of fraudulent virology that has no rigorous scientific basis, no calibration of the instruments, no reproducible results.
And by the way, you can turn up a PCR instrument to increase the signal and you can get a positive hit on anything you want.
You can swab, you know, tree bark and you can find avian flu if you just crank it up and have more replications.
The whole thing is fraud.
We are under attack.
America has become a battlefield prepared to face mass-engineered famine and worse.
And we'll have more when we return after this one-minute break right here on InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
All right, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Mike Adams, joining you live from the Brighton Studios in Central Texas.
That's why I've got the Texas flag up here.
This is a new addition to our studio.
Hope you enjoy that.
We're having fun here.
We've got a lot of serious topics to cover today, however, and I'm honored to be joining you today.
Thank you so much for your support of InfoWars and alternative media in general.
Now, let me just give you a preview of what we have coming up today.
And then we'll get into some of the issues.
So for this hour, hour two of the show today, I'm going to be covering the solar eclipse and some important breaking analysis that you probably have not heard that ties together the Vatican with the solar eclipse and CERN and so much more.
In addition, I'm going to be giving you the latest news and some video clips From people like former Congressman Dennis Kucinich as well as our own Gerald Salenti, who I interviewed yesterday and he said something really important.
I'm going to play that clip for you today here as well during this hour.
Israel has really angered the whole world with its attacks on the food aid workers.
The world, I would say as of today, the Western world has now turned against Israel.
So we'll give you a full analysis of that and what it means in terms of the escalation ladder Of potentially headed towards nuclear war beyond just regional war but nuclear war that would affect us all and I pray to God that does not happen.
But this is the path that we are on.
And then in the next hour, coming up, hour three of the show, we're going to be joined
by former CIA analyst Larry Johnson from the website sonar21.com.
That's his site where he does outstanding analysis.
And he's going to be joining us here with his deep, detailed analysis of what's happening
with Israel and Gaza, the bombing of the food aid workers, as well as, of course, Ukraine
and Russia, which is really where he focuses more.
And at the same time that I think the world is now, the Western world is turning against
I want to be clear.
The Global South has already been against Israel, you know, from October 7th.
But the Western world is now turning against Israel.
But at the same time, the Western world is realizing that the Ukraine war is lost.
Increasingly, you see newspapers in the UK press and even in France and Germany admitting that Ukraine cannot win this war.
And I know they're begging for another $60 billion of handout money from the US Congress And, you know, the Speaker of the House is always caving in to hand out more money to other countries around the world, but nothing for America's borders, by the way.
Nothing for American veterans, by the way.
Oh, but endless money for, you know, illegal immigrants in New York City, or for Ukraine's border protection, or for Israel's bombs, right?
But nothing for America.
But even with $60 billion going to Israel, by the way?
I'm sorry, going to Ukraine?
That's not going to turn the tide of this war.
And we'll talk about that in more detail with, again, former CIA analyst Larry Johnson, who is also, his ancestry is from, I think it was his great-grandfather, but he can tell us, who was an actual revolutionary.
For for America, I guess it would be more than great grandfather, but he'll tell us his ancestry and The the role that his family played in the Revolutionary War in America, and he's got a lot of great insights So that's all coming up now for those of you who have a question just real quick Let me explain this pin right here.
I'm wearing this this pin you probably haven't seen me with with this pin and This pin has Texas Rangers as well as the Texas flag.
This pin was given to me by a retired Texas Ranger and that's why I honor it and wear it.
I didn't just go out and buy it on eBay or something.
This was given to me by a man who said that Texas really appreciates not only what I'm doing but what we are doing.
You know, what InfoWars is doing.
What our platform is doing here at Brighton, and just what the alternative media is doing to help Texas.
Now, Texas is under an invasion.
Our governor knows that.
Our Attorney General, Ken Paxton, also knows that.
And Ken Paxton, who I would nominate for DOJ Attorney General under President Trump, by the way, Ken Paxton is doing an outstanding job.
And I also believe that Governor Abbott is doing some really strong things.
I know he's got his critics.
But I fully support what Governor Abbott is doing in terms of relocating the illegals to other cities and states.
So we're sending those illegals, many of them, by the busload to Denver, for example, and to Chicago, and to New York, and to L.A.
And it's not about trying to distribute these illegals across the country.
Rather, it's about sending a message to these other states and cities, especially the sanctuary cities, to say, hey, guess what?
This is a national problem.
And if you don't help us solve the national border problem, then we're going to make sure that every state is a border state.
You're gonna have to share the load of the problem that you are partially responsible for causing you, the Democrats, that run these sanctuary cities, that invite these illegals, that hand out free debit cards to these illegals in cities like New York City, where Mayor Eric Adams on one hand says, oh, the illegals are gonna destroy New York City, And then on the other hand, he says, oh, here's $50 million in, you know, free debit card handouts to illegals who are staying in nice hotels also offered to them free of charge.
So they're inviting illegals.
Well, guess what?
Governor Abbott of Texas says, oh, you you want some more illegals?
Guess what?
We've got busloads of them.
Here, have them!
Have them!
And then, of course, Denver panics.
Denver absolutely panics, and to the producers, see if you can pull up that video of the Denver City officials speaking in Espanol to the people, the illegals in Denver.
And let me know if you have that.
But speaking to them and telling them, hey, don't stay in Denver because you'll suffer here.
Because we don't have resources for you.
We'll buy you a bus ticket, he says in Espanol.
We'll buy you a bus ticket to Canada.
We'll buy you a bus ticket to New York, to Chicago, anywhere you want to go.
You want to go to Disneyland?
We'll buy you a bus ticket to Disneyland.
Just get out of Denver.
This is what he says, caught on video saying this, which exposes the truth about the sanctuary cities.
It was all a virtue signaling lie from day one.
They can't actually handle the illegal immigrants.
And by the way, Texas hasn't even hardly sent a high percentage of the illegals to Denver.
It's a tiny little drop in the pool compared to what we're dealing with in Texas.
And if you live in Texas, you know that our streets, our roads are flooded with illegal drivers who don't have insurance for their vehicles.
They don't have driver's licenses.
They don't respect any rules of the road.
They cause accidents.
It's not just illegals that are directly murdering people in other states.
There's so much violence against American women in particular.
But they're also causing accidents and causing billions of dollars in costs of first responder costs and medical costs and lost productivity costs in states like Texas.
So, do we have that video?
Let's go ahead and play that video from Denver if we have it.
Go ahead.
New York gives you more, Chicago gives you more, so I suggest you go there, he says, where there is longer term shelter.
Here we go.
New York gives you more, Chicago gives you more, so I suggest you go there, he says,
where there is longer term shelter.
I'm translating from his, I'm reading the transcript.
There are also more job opportunities there.
That means that he meets the busloads of new arrivals.
The city says this group got here on March 26, sent up by Texas's Republican Governor Greg Abbott.
He warns them the jobs, the resources, the opportunities have already gone to the 40,000 migrants who came to Denver before them.
Because we've received too many migrants and that is why we ran out of resources.
No, look, we're not going to block you.
If you want to stay here, I'm not going to block you.
I'm here to let you know that your path is not over.
He's like, keep moving along.
If you stay here, you are going to suffer even more.
And I don't want to see this, he says.
So anyway, you can you can kill the video.
But that's the essence of what he is saying.
Thank you for playing that.
The officials in these cities that begged for illegals are already freaking out, and they only have a tiny percentage of what we are dealing with in Texas.
So, to Texas Governor Abbott, personally, I support what you're doing, because I know that you're doing it with the good faith intention of getting our border protected.
You're not trying to distribute illegals across the country, it's just a short-term method to wake up the rest of the country to what's happening.
And again, to our Attorney General Ken Paxton, keep doing the outstanding job that you are doing.
And we support you in that as well.
Alright, now, are we skipping this break?
Give me a time clock and let me know.
We're going to move on to the eclipse.
Topic now for the solar eclipse is coming up next Monday.
This is of course an historic event and numerous states and counties across America have already declared an emergency.
I do realize that Alex Jones and InfoWars has covered this topic in quite a bit of detail.
I'm going to bring a few new analysis snippets here for you in this segment.
Now, first of all, I want to say on the record I am not predicting that there's going to be a giant multi-dimensional portal open in the sky during the solar eclipse and demons are going to come flying through like flying serpents and then Iron Man's going to show up and defeat them.
I'm not predicting that at all.
But, as Alex often says, the globalists They believe that these events have special powers.
And so they are lining up important things in their minds, things to summon power, things to invoke power, things to strike fear into the hearts of men and women everywhere across our world.
They are using the solar eclipse.
As a justification for the other nefarious plans that they plan to carry out, right?
So the emergencies that are being declared in the states and the counties across America.
First of all, they strike me as very odd, right?
They say you might run out of food.
You might run out of water.
First responders might not be able to respond to you.
Hospitals might be full.
And then they say, well, and the cell towers might all go down.
The grid might go down.
You know, it's like dogs and cats living together.
It's horrible.
And I don't know where they're getting all that because it's just the shadow of the moon.
It's the shadow of the moon sweeping across North America.
It's happened thousands of times.
It shouldn't be the end of the world.
But again, the globalists apply some significance to these events that maybe you and I do not apply to them, so they are invoking mysterious powers.
Mysterious agendas.
One of them is the fact that NASA is launching three rockets into the shadow of the moon.
And I know you can find that.
It's on nasa.gov.
There's actually a press release where NASA is launching its three rockets.
This is from, I believe, a NASA scientist and professor from the University of Florida, I believe.
I forgot his name.
But he's in charge of a team that's launching these three rockets.
And they're being launched in order to study the disturbances of the ionosphere.
That's interesting.
So why is the ionosphere being disturbed?
Yeah, there it is.
NASA to launch sounding rockets into moon's shadow during solar eclipse.
Well, that's interesting.
So, as you know, HAARP and other weapons systems, and also geoengineering and weather control, as described by Dane Wigington from Geoengineering Watch, they focus on using alterations in the ionosphere in order to drive weather patterns that are a weapon system against food production.
So, as Owen said earlier, you know, they're using virology and they're using bird flu Tests, positive tests to kill millions of birds.
Well, guess what?
They're also using alterations of the ionosphere in order to drive weather patterns, in order to cause floods and droughts and unseasonal freezes and things that disrupt and destroy the food supply.
Okay, yeah, there's an animation actually of how the ionosphere is altered.
I think that's an animation from NASA.
I've seen that one before.
So that's being studied.
Now, do you think that NASA is studying this for the benefit of humankind?
They're studying it in order to build better weapons, in order to destroy more food crops, in order to kill more humans, because that's their agenda.
So that's point number one, okay?
Weather control, weather weapons, it's all real.
There are over a hundred patents in the U.S.
Patent Office on weather control technology.
And even though for years the corporate media said, oh, it's all a conspiracy theory, there's no such thing as weather control, now they just admit it right out in the open and high-level government officials talk about stratospheric aerosol injection, which is the blocking of the sun, right?
In fact, I would imagine Bill Gates must be really happy about the solar eclipse.
He's like, For three minutes we block the sun, you know?
It's awesome!
If we could do that all the time, we could kill even more billions of people.
So that's probably why they worship the eclipse, because the sun is the symbol of light and life, and the symbol of God and creation, by the way.
It's the opposite of darkness, right?
So that's why globalists hate the sun, and that's why they worship the eclipse.
And by the way, bring up a photo of the World Economic Forum logo, the W.E.F.
It is a picture of a solar eclipse.
It's the darkness of the moon overshadowing the light of the sun.
The sun of God, in essence, metaphorically speaking.
The sun of warmth and love and life.
So, again, this is why globalists worship it.
In order to truly understand all of the demonic forces that are at play here, you also need to understand that CERN, the supercollider, the Large Hadron Collider, LHC, is also, of course, reigniting its proton collision experiments during the eclipse.
During the eclipse, it's been off for two years, but there it is, the World Economic Forum logo, that is a solar eclipse.
Do you see it?
It's right there, it's been part of their logo the whole time.
But back to CERN.
They're launching their experiments.
It's been offline for two years.
Now they're bringing it back online during the eclipse.
And what are they looking for?
They're looking for the god particles that are the source of all power in the universe.
That doesn't sound nefarious or anything, does it?
Especially when you have the Shiva statue outside in front of CERN and Shiva, the goddess of destruction and death and you know you've seen videos of all the weird little dance rituals they're performing.
There's the statue that's in front of CERN and there's actually another video out there of them performing these weird rituals.
Greg Reese did a really great video the other day that showed that as well.
We may play a clip from that video in any case.
So CERN is firing this up during the eclipse.
Like, what a strange coincidence.
Why are they doing that?
Well, guess what?
CERN has traded scientists with the Vatican.
And this is easy for any of you to find if you search for Vatican scientists, quantum gravity, and CERN, okay?
You're going to find press releases and announcements from years past where the Vatican scientists that were, again, specialists in quantum gravity, what is that, multi-dimensional gravitational effects, were swapped out with CERN, and so they were working together, and remember that the Vatican has this telescope called Lucifer, right?
And CERN has the Shiva Goddess of Death.
There's the headline, Vatican, world's largest particle physics lab, plan to collaborate.
That's the Vatican collaborating with CERN.
Okay, why does this matter?
Well, the Vatican now, you've probably all seen these pictures of this hall.
At the Vatican, there's this giant hall that's built to look like a serpent.
It's actually a reptilian hall, and if you guys can show that photo, you can see that it's got fangs in front, it's got the serpent eyes on the side, it's got the reptilian texture of the snake skin all across the ceiling.
There it is.
That's actually a hall, and the Pope sits there at times.
See, it's a giant snake with fangs and everything.
This hall has a name.
The name is Nervi.
Nervi is the name of the hall.
There's a photo of the Pope in front of the resurrection statue that we're going to talk about here in a second, and that has also been displayed in Nervi Hall.
Now, why does Nervi Hall matter?
What's Nervi?
What's the nerve got to do with this?
Now, Dr. Brian Artis has spoken about this in great detail, the venom peptides that are used in modern medicine.
There's a weight loss drug called Ozempic.
Now, Ozempic works by paralyzing the vagus nerve that allows your stomach to empty its contents.
So if your vagus nerve is paralyzed, then your stomach won't empty, and then you'll feel full, and then you'll eat less, and then you'll lose weight.
That's how it's supposed to work.
The problem is that Ozempic is based on the Gila monster venom.
And this is even confirmed by mainstream media.
A Business Insider had a story.
Here it is.
We wouldn't have Ozempic without Gila Monsters, their hunger-regulating venom-inspired weight loss drugs.
Now, if you could scroll down a little bit, there are some subhead bullets in that story.
I don't know if you can do that.
But yeah.
One of those bullets, I'm trying to read it, it says that it's similar to a hormone, thank you, similar to a hormone people produce in our intestines, but the lizard version is longer acting.
You see that?
The lizard version is longer acting.
So, we have reptilian venom peptides that are used in medical research.
There's an entire company dedicated to this, by the way.
It's called VenomTech.
You can bring that up while I'm talking.
VenomTech, I think it's in the UK.
It might be VenomTech.co.uk.
Okay, I'm not sure, but you can find it.
VenomTech licenses these venom peptides.
They do venom peptide research.
Drug companies then get those licenses and they do research and they develop drugs that paralyze the human nervous system in order to achieve things like, you know, quote, weight loss.
The problem is if you keep Injecting yourself with freaking Kilo Monster Venom over and over and over again.
Eventually, your stomach nerves stop working altogether.
And then you just vomit for two years.
You know, you just vomit, vomit, vomit every meal every day for years after you stop taking the drug.
And that's happening to people.
And you can read those stories out there.
They're very common.
So Back to then the Vatican.
The Vatican builds a hall that's shaped like a serpent that's called Nervi.
The serpent venom is attacking the nervous system in our modern medical system, which is a death care system designed to achieve human depopulation with the mass poisoning of people and hospital homicide during COVID.
Okay, so the hospital protocols were designed to achieve maximum death, and the hospitals were financially rewarded with, in some cases, up to $500,000 for every COVID death that they could induce.
So somebody comes in, oh, I got a sniffle.
You have COVID and then slap them on a respirator, you know, kill them, put them on these drugs at first
and then kill them and then, hey, COVID death, $500,000.
We're cashing in, the hospital's making money and depopulation is accelerating.
And then they can add plus one to the COVID deaths that the mainstream media uses to scare you to death,
to convince you to come in and take a vaccine.
And according to Dr. Brian Artis, then the vaccines are also based on venom peptides.
And with the mRNA technology, that is transhumanism, that is the opposite of God's creation of your body, the transhumanism vaccines then turn your body's cells into generators, producers of venom peptides, or venom-related peptides, we should say, that have venom-like properties in your body, which includes blood coagulation!
Blood clots, folks!
And then you shed the venom peptide-created molecules like a snake shedding its skin.
You shed it, and you shed it onto other people, and you make them sick, too.
So the reason I say all this, folks, is it's all related.
The solar eclipse, the Vatican, CERN, venom peptides in modern medicine, the depopulation agenda, Everything that I've told you is backed up by published articles, published research.
Dr. Artis himself has hundreds of citations.
I've interviewed him many times on this.
And by the way, the world owes him an apology because they mocked him when he said, you know, there's venom peptides in the drugs.
They said, what do you mean?
Someone's out milking snakes?
They license the peptides and then they synthesize them, but they're based on reptiles.
So there is a reptilian injection into human beings.
This is not an exaggeration.
It's not even hyperbole.
There are reptilian venom peptides injected into human beings to kill them.
To destroy their nervous system while the globalists are launching rockets at the shadow of the moon and using super colliders to try to discover the source of all dark matter power that makes up the cosmos, okay?
Now with that as the backdrop, do you still think next Monday is going to be totally normal?
I don't know.
I don't know what's going to happen, but I don't trust any of these players that I just mentioned.
The WEF, the Globalists, Big Pharma, none of them.
So stay tuned.
We'll have more straight ahead right here on InfoWars.com.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of is it pro-human or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debate and discussions about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
And so, we have the t-shirt.
Team Humanity with a nuclear family standing against the globalists.
This shirt is a great conversation starter, but it also is a fundraiser to keep InfoWars on the air so we can promote and support Team Humanity.
I want to thank you all for your past support, but I want to encourage you all now to understand that this is a revolution against the globalists, and it is so critical now to signal the fact that you are part of Team Humanity.
We're told humans are the problem.
We're told we're killing the Earth.
We're told all this garbage, so we hate ourselves and stand down and roll over and die.
We're not going to do that.
Get your Team Humanity shirts now at InfoWarsTore.com.
And I thank you all for your support.
Oh, sorry, I was just waiting for the eclipse.
Apparently it's the wrong day, no.
Welcome back, Mike Adams here with the Alex Jones Show, continuing with Hour 2 and letting you know, by the way, coming up next hour we have former CIA analyst Larry Johnson with a full analysis of the situation in Israel, as well as what's happening with Ukraine and Russia.
A lot of developments, of course, with Israel launching airstrikes against the Iranian consulate in Damascus.
Which is really, technically, diplomatically speaking, it's Iranian property, even though it's located in Syria.
But Israel bombed that and killed multiple high-level Iranian officials in really just a brazen act of violation of multiple conventions.
So that's got everybody...
peeved obviously about the situation and then Israel of course doing a triple tap strike against the food aid
workers in Gaza we'll get to that in just a minute. I want to finish
up about the the the solar eclipses coming CERN the portals
and and so on one more thing to mention a lot of people suspect that CERN is doing research into
multiple dimensions In fact, CERN's own scientists talk about that.
And some CERN people have said in the past that, you know, we don't know if we're sending something through or something's going to come through from somewhere else.
They might create mini black holes.
I mean, this is this is what they talk about.
The geeks, the science at CERN, they talk about multiple dimensions.
Well, I want to show you this statue that was put on display in the Nervi Hall at the Vatican with the Pope even sitting in front of it.
Bring that up on screen, please.
It's called the Resurrection.
And the statue was created a couple of decades ago.
I think it was in the 1970s when it was first rolled out.
Now this statue, at first glance, if you look at it, to me, it looks like a... it's supposed to depict Christ rising from the dead.
That is not at all what it looks like to me.
It looks like a half-man, half-monster coming through a demon portal out of the ground.
Like the ground opened up and then all these demons are spilling through.
That's what it looks like to me.
Again, it's called the Resurrection, and it has been on display by the Pope, who I believe this current Pope does not represent Catholicism, does not represent the Church, does not represent human beings.
Now, freeze that right there!
I want to show you the...
The head of this, if you could go back or zoom in on the head of this resurrection statue, you see that right there?
It looks like half Christ and half serpent.
You see how it looks like a snake head extending off from the Christ face?
And it's actually kind of parted in half right there.
There's a part down the center of the head that's supposed to be Christ.
So this is half Christ, half reptilian.
And then, if you look at the posture of this so-called Christ figure, it's very ominous.
He's like, he's going, like he's, he's actually scaring everybody.
This does not look like a human being Christ.
This looks like a, uh, some, look at that, look at that posture right there.
Does that look like a savior?
No, it looks like a monster from hell is what that looks like.
And I think there's no coincidence.
So you put together all the dots that we're talking about here.
And you're probably going to come to the conclusion that something super evil and nefarious is afoot right now.
So I would just urge you, folks, I would urge you, number one, if you're going to do anything on Monday, maybe you're going to watch the eclipse with your eclipse glasses here, and definitely don't look at the sun without the eclipse glasses, but also make sure, if you're going to do anything, pray, okay?
Pray for God's intervention.
I want to suggest, in fact, that you pray for all the transgenders in America who have been deceived by Satanism.
Pray that all the transgenders would have evil leave their bodies and that they could reawaken and return To Christ, or discover Christ for the first time if they never knew Christ.
How about that?
Let's pray for God's intervention to stop World War III, so that we all don't die in a giant radioactive cloud.
Let's pray for the defeat of the incredibly evil current administration, the Biden, can you even call it Biden?
Whoever's in charge, the O'Biden administration in Washington, D.C.
Let's pray for the peaceful defeat Of all of those who are tied to demonism, satanism, child mutilations, grooming, pedophilia, child trafficking, and all those who are committed to using violence to get what they want, which is the radical left.
And you know that if they don't get what they want, they're going to unleash mass violence and they're going to call it mostly peaceful.
But make sure that you get prepared for what's coming.
Now, just as a quick plug here, by the way, you should know, and I'm serious, if you don't have your basic supplies, you need to get them.
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Not only is this a dietary supplement, with all the benefits of course of helping to protect your thyroid, and you absolutely want to have this in a massive supply before any kind of nuclear event takes place, but this is an excellent topical item as well as a barter item.
So if you're wondering, like, what am I going to do with my dollars?
Because the dollars are losing value every day.
Gold is skyrocketing, right?
Silver is skyrocketing.
And yes, gold and silver have great value, and they're holding value.
They are skyrocketing compared to dollars.
But you know what's going to be even more valuable than gold?
Interesting, because it's another element, right?
Element, what is it?
The mass 127, I believe, for iodine.
More valuable than gold in a post-nuclear war scenario.
So get some for yourself, get some for BARDA, get some to help protect those that you love.
Again, InfoWarsStore.com.
Now, back to the prayer.
The globalists believe that there is a special power that happens during these solar eclipses.
That something strange happens with gravity.
Something magnifies their evil, they believe, during the solar eclipse.
There's something called the Alai Effect.
And to the producers, look that up, show it.
It talks about the reversal of the precession of pendulums as they swing back and forth in laboratories.
This has been reproduced hundreds of times throughout history and carefully scientifically documented that during solar eclipses, the apparent laws of gravity are altered.
They are suspended.
And again, what happens in these laboratories is that the swing of the pendulums is reversed.
Not the swing, but the precession, the rotation of the axis of the swing begins to reverse, which shouldn't be possible if the laws of physics are consistent, based on our current understanding.
There it is, the ally effect.
Well, nobody in traditional physics can explain the Eli effect.
But what happens is when the Sun and the Moon and the Earth all line up in a straight line.
And by the way, somebody get me the stuffed astronaut.
We'll get that during the break.
We'll give you a stuffed astronaut here and an inflatable moon.
Maybe we can demonstrate this and have some fun.
If my dog doesn't attack the inflatable moon.
We'll see.
But you get these all three lined up.
Something weird happens with gravity.
Something weird happens with energy.
Even ancient civilizations, the Aztecs, the Mayans, and so on, they believed that solar eclipses had special kind of power.
Sometimes it was judgment by God.
Other times, it is rumored that certain people could, and I'm not saying that this is true, maybe it's just, you know, a story, but they thought that some of their high priests could levitate during solar eclipses.
Clearly, the Moon has a gravitational pull on Earth, though, right?
And so does the Sun, obviously, or we wouldn't be orbiting around the Sun.
If you add those up, the tidal power of the Moon and the gravitational effect of the Sun, In perfect alignment with Earth, what happens to tectonic plates?
That's why some people believe that there is an increased risk of earthquakes.
And what, I mean, just happened, not that this is during the eclipse, but Taiwan just had a 7.3, I believe, magnitude earthquake that was quite violent in the last 24 hours.
Will we see more earthquakes on Monday?
I hope not.
I pray we don't.
But that is a physics possibility of an increased risk of any tectonic plate shifts that are almost ready to go.
They could be unleashed during that eclipse.
Whether you believe it or not, whether you agree with the physics or not, it's good to be prepared just in case.
Monday is going to be a very interesting day no matter what unfolds.
Stay with us.
We'll be back for more here on InfoWars.com.
Okay, welcome back, folks.
We have... I'm doing a very risky maneuver here in the studio.
We have an inflatable moon and the stuffed NASA astronaut, and I'm trying to make sure my security dog doesn't rip his arms off.
Can you show a camera angle?
Can you show my dog?
Like, camera two.
You see him there in the corner?
He is, like, ready to rip this astronaut apart.
I'm not anti-astronaut, just to be clear.
But this guy just can't wait, and this inflatable... I was trying to give you a little demonstration of the inflatable... of the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and... No, no, no!
All right.
Go get the moon!
All right, yeah.
There he goes.
The moon is toast.
All right.
We might as well get rid of the astronaut.
That moon is being destroyed.
Talk about the shadow of the moon.
NASA launches three rockets, but my dog Brody just...
Rip the moon apart.
So, welcome back.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We're gonna need a new moon, guys.
Somebody call Bart Sabrell.
We gotta get a whole new moon for the set.
Welcome back, folks.
Now, in this segment, we're gonna focus on... It's always an adventure here when you have a highly trained security dog.
Yeah, chill out, man.
It's all cool.
Eat the moon.
Be cool.
We're going to cover now the situation with Israel and then remember we have, of course, Larry Johnson coming up at the top of the hour, which is not that far away at this point.
So, Israel.
The world has turned against Israel as of Israel's triple tap missile strikes against the food aid workers.
This is, you know, whether or not you agree with what Israel is doing or you disagree with Israel, I am strongly opposed to Israel's outrageous actions.
But wherever you stand on that issue, there are going to be ramifications that affect all of us.
And that's my goal here is to help you understand the ramifications.
So let's set the stage here.
It is not debatable what Israel is doing.
The facts are clear.
Israel hunted down these aid workers that were in specially marked vehicles to indicate to the IDF that these are food aid vehicles.
The driving path of the vehicles was an approved food aid path in Gaza.
The IDF knew about it.
They knew who these people were.
They're from World Central Kitchen, WC Kitchen, which is a food aid organization.
They're trying to help stop Palestinian children and women, mostly, from starving to death because famine is being engineered there.
Israel hunts them down.
With their military drones, launches three different missile strikes at three vehicles of this food aid program that were 2.4 kilometers apart, I believe is what the maps currently show.
Killing seven food aid workers.
And one of them was American, one of them was Australian.
And in fact, bring up the article from sonar21.com, that's Larry Johnson's website.
And you can kind of scroll through that, you can see some of the pictures.
There's also a video there from a man and a woman who are now dead, who were part of the food aid.
And if you get a chance, go ahead and hit play on that video.
It's a woman on the left side and a man on the right there.
They're serving food to the needy there.
Play that if you get a chance.
This is an act of... It's not just the genocide of the Gazan people which is itself a war crime.
This is such a desperate illegal act against food aid workers that for some reason this has become the tipping point for the Western world.
This is a bridge too far for Israel in the minds of many people.
You're starting to see pushback now.
Every newspaper in the UK, front page news now is basically, Israel is evil at this point.
This is what Netanyahu is doing.
There is Israel catching well-deserved flack for its undisciplined brutality.
There's one headline.
There are hundreds of those kinds of headlines today.
This is too much.
What's fascinating to me, in a morbid kind of way, is why wasn't it too much when they were killing 33,000 Palestinian women and children?
Because in my mind, and I've been consistent on this since October of last year, that's not acceptable either.
That's a war crime.
When you bomb hospitals and refugee camps, there's a video, go ahead and play that video, let's hear the audio.
These two people are dead, but play the audio.
They were killed by Israel.
Oh, okay, just be real. I don't have audio yet.
Anyway, there's a man and a woman there who are serving food for the needy in Gaza, and they have been killed.
They were hunted down and killed by Israel.
And it's beyond sad, it's beyond tragic.
It is a war crime, okay?
All they're doing there is they're trying to serve.
There's the woman on the left.
She's dead as well, is my understanding.
I want to make sure I get this correct.
Needlessly killed.
By Israel, deliberately targeted, on purpose.
Now, Israel has apologized for this.
Netanyahu, the smirking Netanyahu, he comes on and he says, well, it was an accident.
Three accidents?
You accidentally launched three missiles and targeted three vehicles three times in a row?
Oh, it's an accident and an accident and an accident.
No, no it's not.
You're doing this on purpose, Netanyahu, because you are an evil, murderous, psychopathic war criminal.
That's the truth, okay?
That's what Netanyahu is.
And the people with him, in his basically Likud administration there, are also war criminals.
And I've come to the conclusion...
Personally, whether you agree with it or not, you know, people say Israel is America's greatest ally.
I say Israel, under Netanyahu, is America's most dangerous enemy.
Because Israel is going to drag the United States of America into a nuclear world war that we cannot win.
If we don't stop Israel and the USA has the unique power to stop Israel, all that has to happen is that Anthony Blinken or Joe Biden or whoever's running the show there just call up Netanyahu and say, hey, guess what?
No more weapons, no more money, no more Navy.
We're leaving.
We're out of here.
You're on your own.
Good luck.
If you don't stop this nonsense, nothing, nothing for you.
No bombs, no missiles, nothing.
OK, that's what needs to happen.
Let Netanyahu Try to deal with that situation.
Because Israel, frankly, would be in dire straits in that situation.
America is the one that is complicit in Israel's war crimes.
Because America is providing the money, the weapons, the F-35s, the 2,000 pound bombs, the HIMARS system, I mean the Patriot missile systems, all these other systems.
That's America providing that.
And this has got to stop.
Because these are crimes against food aid workers.
And I ask you this question.
If they're willing to murder food aid workers in Gaza, what do you think they're going to do to you?
When they successfully shut down more food processing facilities and they sabotage more chicken farms and they shut down more cattle ranches and then you're starving and someone wants to bring food aid to you because your children are starving to death.
Well, guess what?
Well, the United States of America, the government has already proven they're happy to be complicit in the mass murder of food aid workers.
Somebody delivering food is a fair game target in their view.
And no, Anthony Blinken, nobody believes you.
You are a sad, pathetic creature in Washington.
Just listening to Anthony Blinken, it's like a Shakespearean tragedy every time he speaks.
Or listening to Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby, it's like...
It's like a Greek tragedy, you know.
It's like, how can you weave so many lies into every sentence?
That's amazing, John Kirby.
Just lie within a lie.
It's like recursive lying mastery by John Kirby.
I've never seen anybody who could lie so many times with so many parentheses inside other lies.
It's amazing.
He could actually get a career as a professional liar.
Well, oh wait, that is his career.
Come to think of it.
But all you gotta do is stop sending weapons and money to Israel, and then we can back off from World War III.
But sadly, sadly, the American politicians and the U.S.
Congress is owned by Israel.
So it's Israel first, America last.
And that's true among Democrats, and it's true among Republicans.
And then you even have alternative media.
For some reason, like, I don't know, Breitbart.com seems to be basically Israel's public relations front.
For some reason, ever since October 7th.
Like, you can't get any honest reporting out of Breitbart.
It's all just pro-Israel.
Same thing with Ben Shapiro.
It's all pro-Israel, pro-Israel.
Ben Shapiro made his career out of, you know, opposing cancel culture.
But then when it comes to Israel, oh, Candace Owens, you're fired!
You gotta go!
You can't say anything critical against Israel.
Well, hey!
Guess what?
I support Candace Owens with her courage and her bravery to tell the truth and ask the big questions.
She's better off without Ben Shapiro and the rest of that crew.
And I am honored to be here as a guest host on InfoWars.com that is not afraid to ask tough questions or even to have me on as a host also asking these tough questions.
And we share the same common goals, InfoWars and myself, in the sense that we are pro-human.
We want peace and abundance and prosperity and liberty for the world.
I want those things for the American people, for Texas.
I want those things for the Israeli people.
I don't have anything against Israelis.
I don't have anything against Jewish people.
I want Jewish people to be peaceful and healthy and prosperous.
But I also want the Palestinian people to be peaceful and healthy and safe and prosperous as well.
For Muslims, for Arabs, for Jews, Catholics, for Sikhs, for Buddhists, for Christians, men and women everywhere, even atheists, I want every human being to live a life of abundance and freedom and liberty.
Is that too much to ask?
Apparently so.
We'll be back.
Stay with us here on InfoWars.com.
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All right, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Our three, Mike Adams here filling in for Alex today, and I've got a special guest coming up who is former CIA analyst Larry Johnson.
But that's going to be in just about five minutes or so.
Before we get to that, I want to play a clip for you from former Congressman Dennis Kucinich.
Dennis Kucinich made an appearance yesterday on Judging Freedom with Judge Andrew Napolitano, and he said something very profound.
I want to play that clip, but understand, Dennis Kucinich is actually running for Congress as an independent in the state of Ohio now.
He has left the two-party circus, and he believes an independent view is necessary to try to save America from its own self-destruction.
But let's listen to this clip, what he says about Israel and America.
Go ahead and play that.
uh... council it in damascus uh... is clearly
uh... in an active of war against iran it is a violation of international law
and and at this point the netanyahu government doesn't care about
international as far as they're concerned there is no international law
they are now a rogue government and what's happening you know they've destroyed the el shefa
hospital they've killed about thirty three thousand palestinian and
more the injuring countless people.
They're driving a famine in Gaza right now, killing at least seven aid workers who were only there for the World Central Kitchen to give people food.
I mean, when you look at this, The United States is financing this.
We are paying for it.
Our taxpayers are paying for this.
I do not want to see any of our sons and daughters from this country sent into a conflict that we're being dragged into by Netanyahu and his people in the Likud.
It is time that we took a stand for American interests.
It is not in our interest to go into World War III.
If Netanyahu wants to have an expanded war, he should be told, pal, you're on your own.
We're not going to be there with you if you're going to ignite a war with Iran.
Because the United States is not in our interest to do that.
And certainly Netanyahu has his own political problems where the expansion of a war might be good for him politically.
In Israel, I maintain, it's horrible for Israel's interest.
Israel is at risk right now because of Netanyahu's policies.
What he's doing with the instability, plus the instability that's going on in Egypt and Jordan, you could find a convergence on Israel.
Then what would Israel do?
Netanyahu is calculating that America is going to have to do whatever he says because there's an election right now.
And you know what?
We, you know, the false charge of Russia interfered with our election needs to be displaced by the actual interference with Israel and Israel's interest in the American election.
And we have to realize, we have to wake up.
America has to wake up as to what's going on here.
We're seeing our own freedoms undermined by things that are going on in other countries and we're ignoring the needs of our own people.
I've had it with this group that feels that America's freedom must be linked with the freedom of a country that is right now committing genocide and is getting away with it because of the politics of America that at this point are not in the interest of our own people.
I want you to listen to a clip.
I'm going to jump in here.
Go ahead and turn that one down.
I just want to point out to the audience that isn't it amazing that here we have the words of Dennis Kucinich, former Democrat congressman running now as an independent in the state of Ohio.
He makes more sense than almost every Republican senator that I can think of.
Except, I mean, of course, Rand Paul is, you know, he makes the most sense of any senator as far as I'm concerned.
And so, and his father made more sense than any other member of the House.
You know, Ron Paul is a legend.
But here we have Dennis Kucinich.
Stating the things that really resonate with what I believe and probably what most of you believe who are watching this It's time to put America first.
I mean here we have again a former Democrat saying it's time to put America first And that's a phrase that normally triggers the left because it's a it's a phrase among Trump supporters.
Let's put America first Well, why should America be last?
It's our money It's our future It's our weapons.
Why can't we defend America and America's interests instead of getting dragged into what's likely to become a nuclear war if we don't stop this madman named Netanyahu in Israel?
Stay with us.
We'll be back with Larry Johnson straight ahead.
All right, welcome back.
This is the third hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Mike Adams filling in today.
Thank you for joining us.
And we're going to be joined now by our special guest for this hour, who I think has just outstanding analysis of geopolitical events.
It's former CIA analyst Larry Johnson.
His website is sonar21.com, which is definitely worth a read.
Welcome, Mr. Johnson, to the show today.
Hey, Mike.
Good to be back with you.
Well, it's good to have you on today.
It's all good.
Yeah, you're framed quite nicely.
Thank you for joining us again.
And I've really come to admire your analysis.
I've seen you on many other shows like Judge Napolitano and so on.
That's why I invited you on here today.
Appreciate you taking the time.
Let's start with the obvious one here.
I mentioned in the last segment that it looks like Because of Israel's bombing of these food aid workers that much of the Western world has now turned against Israel as of maybe today.
Do you think I'm overblowing that assessment or does that ring of truth to you?
What's your assessment?
Yeah, no, let me put some context on this.
So the World Central Kitchen Workers, WCK, that was set up by Jose Andres.
I know Jose, we're not friends, but We were members of the same golf club and played in tournaments together up in Potomac, Maryland.
And he is a diehard anti-Trumper.
And boy, he loves himself some Joe Biden.
So let's put him in the context right there.
He's a big Biden supporter and he was doing this basically to, I think, try to shore up Biden's political a fading political base because there are so many Muslim
Americans, Arab Americans very angry at Biden over his support for Israel. And so here's, you
know, Jose puts these guys out there to serve meals and the food's pretty good. Well, they were
in full coordination with the Israelis.
And, you know, let's be candid.
The only reason the world gives a damn about this right now is that they were white guys.
They were Europeans.
They were Americans.
If they were Palestinians or Arabs, who cares?
They're not real human beings.
But these are real human beings.
Yeah, because they look like us.
I mean, you know, is that sickening and disgusting?
Because let's put this into context.
These people were deliberately targeted.
This was not an accident.
An accident is like, you know, I'm reaching for my coffee cup.
I hit it, it falls on the ground.
That's an accident.
When I pick it up and they keep knocking it off two more times, that's not an accident.
That's a deliberate act.
What the Israelis did, they hit the first vehicle.
And then the two other vehicles stopped, picked up the wounded.
They continued to flee.
They had pre-coordinated this route with the Israeli military.
That's the thing to understand.
And yet another 800 meters down the road, boom!
The second car gets hit.
And understand, these cars are carrying the WCK markings on the roof.
Now, it was at night, but the pilots are flying with night vision.
They can see this.
And they knew where these vehicles came from.
And then the third vehicle tries to gather up some of the wounded and trying to flee.
It gets another kilometer down the road and then gets hit a third time.
Now, these Israelis are coming and saying, oh, this is terrible.
We didn't mean to do this.
They absolutely meant to do it.
Because this isn't the first time they've done it.
They've been doing this starting on October 7th, when in response to the Hamas attack, Israel ordered its pilots to shoot up every car that was fleeing the scene of that rave out in the desert.
And that's how they killed, that's how the Israelis killed most of their own people.
Because they didn't know who was in those cars.
Larry, if I could ask though, from what you're describing, I think your assessment sounds accurate to me.
Doesn't this take away the number one excuse or defense of the Israeli defenders who say, Israel has a right of self-defense.
That's why they bombed the hospitals.
Well, Hamas might have been there.
That's why they bombed the refugee camps.
That's why they bombed... But if you're doing missile strikes, targeting three food aid vehicles, you can't say that's self-defense.
Oh no, hell, absolutely not.
Look, I'm a pistol instructor.
I've got credentials that I can teach and train instructors.
You know, certify people as new instructors.
So, what you teach with self-defense is if your life is at risk, if you don't act and you run the risk that you could lose your life or somebody else could lose their life, then under those circumstances, yeah, you can react.
That wasn't this.
These people weren't carrying weapons, number one.
Let's recall that this is, you know, let's ignore what happened on October 7th with what Israel did, killing its own civilians.
Let's go back to the three Israeli hostages that were taken by Hamas.
Three guys who had all served in the Israeli military.
They got away.
They escaped from Hamas.
They were in no man's land.
They were getting ready.
They wanted to surrender themselves to Israeli troops.
But they knew what a bunch of murdering thugs these guys are.
They took their shirts off.
One of them was waving a white shirt.
They were bare chested.
And the Israelis still shot him.
Larry, the image that's being shown on screen right now, I'm sorry to interrupt, but this is really important.
The image shows that this is a food aid vehicle.
It's easily visible from the sky from a drone.
They can see this is a food aid vehicle and yet the missile went right through the roof.
So these are precision strikes on vehicles that are clearly marked and clearly pre-worked out with the IDF that we are food aid vehicles.
It's impossible.
Larry, when Netanyahu apologizes for this.
Do you think he's sincere?
No, absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
Because the point is, they've been doing, this is not the first time, they've been doing this all along.
They have killed, the Israelis have killed more correspondents with news agencies than died in all of World War II!
Think about that!
I mean, and that's in six months.
That's in six months.
So remember that there are these two elderly women that were Palestinian Christians.
Most people make the mistake to assume that all Palestinians are Muslim.
They are not.
And so these two women, Palestinians who sought refuge at one of the Orthodox churches there in Gaza, A 60-plus-year-old woman taking her 80-plus-year-old mother, trying to walk her to the bathroom, an Israeli sniper gunned him down.
These old ladies weren't carrying weapons.
So what I'm saying is, this is a pattern.
This is not an aberration.
This is a pattern.
And in fact, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz is reporting today, based upon IDF sources, I call them the Israeli Occupation Forces.
Those sources are saying, even though they're supposed to get orders from the top, the commanders in Gaza, they do whatever the hell they want.
Whatever the hell they want.
So one of the big questions I have for you, and I really appreciate your analysis, I think you've been spot on in so many ways, is what's it going to take for the U.S.
and Antony Blinken in particular, who's just increasingly looking like such a pathetic, sad, ineffective figure, what's it going to take to do more than talk?
What's it going to take for the U.S.
to say, stop shipping bombs, stop sending money, stop selling F-15s or F-35s?
Is that point ever reachable?
Yeah, loss of money and loss of political support.
So if all these people who are supporting the Biden campaign suddenly cut off the money, say, hey, no more until you stop this.
But that's not going to happen.
The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee, APAC, has got both Republicans and Democrats, by and large, sewn up.
They're in their pocket.
They're not going to do anything that's going to back away from Israel, but the events on the ground may force it.
You know, Israel is intent on getting a war going with Hezbollah.
I know that there are some analysts who I respect, a guy named Steve Bryan, I think the world of Steve.
He thinks Israel's trying to avoid it, but I listened to what their own defense minister said, and their own general said.
They're going to invade southern Lebanon.
They're going to push Hezbollah north of the Latani River.
I take them at face value.
Yeah, I would say they're going to try to push Hezbollah, right?
I mean, Hezbollah is no small force to deal with, and as I understand it, Hezbollah has been stockpiling weapons for many years.
They have elaborate tunnel systems, just like under Gaza, that go under the Lebanon-Israel border.
Well, let me ask you if you agree with this.
I think Israel, just in attacking Gaza, already a bit off more than they can chew.
I think they're taking more casualties, they're losing more armored vehicles, they're finding out that IDF forces are not as strong as they thought, and the resistance of Hamas in Gaza is more effective than they anticipated.
Would you agree with that or not?
No, I would.
It is, you know, let's compare and contrast.
The Israeli army is attacking an area that's about the size of Washington, D.C.
Think about that, because Washington, D.C.
is not, you know, it's not a big area.
It's basically got six mile.
It's a square, six mile square.
And then they took off the bottom third of the square and gave it back to Virginia some years ago.
But still, that's the size of territory we're talking about.
And with all of their troops mobilized, They haven't been able to defeat Hamas.
Compare that with what the Russians are doing along an 800-mile front with multiple cities, multiple entrenched positions, and the Russians are steadily advancing.
So, it just puts into perspective what's going on.
And then, Israel's killing civilians.
They're not fighting, you know, they are fighting a guerrilla war, but they can't kill their way out of this.
They think they can.
And that's what they're coming to discover, that they lose more through attrition and through these ambushes that the Hamas, and not just Hamas, but Palestinian-Islamic Jihad, the PIDGE, you know, they're going to continue to go after the Israelis.
And notice what Israel just said the other day.
They told these people to say, hey, that are in Rafah, you need to flee back north.
Well, wait a second.
For the last five months, the Israelis have been telling them to go south.
Now they're telling them to go north, except they've basically destroyed all the habitable space that is up north.
Well, that's the absurdity in this.
I'm sorry to interrupt, but I heard Netanyahu say, oh, it's no big deal, they can pick up their tents and move.
Well, wait a minute.
You've destroyed the water infrastructure, the medical infrastructure, the power infrastructure, the sewage infrastructure.
What do you mean you can just pick up and move?
I mean, Netanyahu has lost touch with reality.
Yeah, he's, this is all, he's just trying to save his own political career.
That's all.
And, you know, the critical thing that these people need is, one, they need clean water.
Two, they need to have some sort of secure toilet facility.
Because otherwise, people are distributing human waste all over the place.
It's just a recipe for massive disease.
And then a plague that will wipe them out, which is, candidly, that's what Israel's banking on.
They want as many of these Palestinians to die as possible.
They don't care.
Women, children, elderly, men, they don't care.
Kill them all.
Larry, I would also add, I agree with what you're saying, but I would also add that the engineered famine causes immune suppression, which makes the population more vulnerable to the sewage, you know, like E. coli and other factors that you were just talking about.
Public health is collapsing there.
Yeah, absolutely right.
Yes, and then to attack food aid workers, doesn't that send a message to all other aid workers that you're going to be murdered by Israel if you help the Palestinians at all?
Yeah, look what happened in the wake of killing the Jose Andres aid workers.
They cut off, they turned their ships around, they stopped distributing food.
Another organization, I don't recall the name of it, Just today announced as well.
They were serving like 15,000 meals a day.
They suspended aid service.
That's Israel.
That's why Israel killed these people.
Kill them, make everybody else afraid, so the aid workers stay out.
Now, Larry, and I want to remind our viewers to visit your website sonar21.com.
It's spelled just like it sounds.
And we've skipped a break already this segment to maximize time with you, Larry.
And again, I thank you for taking the time.
Let's shift to the Israeli bombing of the consulate building in Damascus.
Because now we're talking about an escalation ladder situation that could be quite dire.
Do you have any information in the last, what has it been, 72 hours or whatever it's been, Yeah, 48 hours.
Indicate, 48 hours.
Okay, thank you.
Iranian retaliation, is there any posturing?
Is there any hints of what Iran might be attempting to do in retaliation?
Let's first say that the reason Israel did this was to try to provoke a massive retaliation by Iran.
That would then justify or create a foundation for bringing the United States into the war against Iran.
That's what Israel's trying to get the United States in on the ground fighting with Israel because they know, as you pointed out earlier, they can't defeat Hezbollah by themselves.
And frankly, I don't think they could defeat Hezbollah with the United States.
You know, look at how effective the United States has been against the Houthis!
After five months of, you know, firing missiles and bombs.
No kidding.
You know, so, you know, we need to wake up in America and stop believing this nonsense that we've got the greatest military in the world and we can stop anybody.
We can't.
Back to the question of is Iran more likely to retaliate in an emotionally charged way or are they more likely to be Very meticulous and and planning to have a measured response in in your view.
Yeah, and I think it's gonna be measured You know, this is but this isn't the first Let's call it outrage that Iran has faced where they would have ample reason to retaliate They faced terrorist attack as some bombings within the last six months inside Iran.
They killed hundreds That was funded by the West.
I am almost certain of that They have faced the assassinations of other generals, going back to Soleimani, by the West.
And then they've, going back to 14 years, US and Israel together were involved with assassination plots inside Iran, killing nuclear scientists.
So throughout all of that, Iran has not mounted some massive terrorist, counter-terrorism offensive.
I think what they're going to do is they will do some pretty precise attacks in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where the Israelis are.
They're involved there primarily for oil.
They'll kill them.
They'll probably attack some more of the U.S.
bases that are in Syria and Iraq.
At this juncture, I don't see them escalating I don't think they will.
even though they have that ability. What about Israeli...
Good point, but I was going to ask about Israeli diplomatic properties in other areas.
Could Iran strike an Israeli embassy or a U.S. embassy?
I don't think they will.
Because we saw... if you watched any of the U.N. Security Council debate the other day,
you got to see a role reversal.
In 1979, when Iran had taken under the Ayatollah, students stormed the U.S.
Embassy in Tehran and took U.S.
diplomats hostage and held that facility for more than a year.
The U.S.
was outraged at that.
This was a violation of the Geneva Convention.
All right, so let's jump ahead now 44 years.
It is now 2024.
What happens?
Israel hits a consulate and kills diplomatic members of Iran as well as some military personnel.
All of a sudden the United States is okay with that and Iran is outraged at an attack on its diplomatic facility.
So we've had a complete role reversal.
And I think that I don't see Iran responding in kind.
I think that they're going to take the moral high ground on this that, you know, we're going to hit legitimate military targets.
We're going to go after legitimate military interests of both Israel and the United States.
We're not going to hit diplomatic facilities.
I anticipate that's what we're going to do.
Yeah, because that would be condemnation of Iran.
If they did that, they would lower themselves to what Israel has become.
Now, this has a lot of parallels to the attack on the Krokus Theater in Moscow, right?
So another provocation.
And I'd like to hear your analysis of what Moscow is doing, what Putin will be doing
in terms of retaliation against that terrorist attack.
And I'm going to say, and you can agree or disagree, but I'm going to call Israel's government now a terrorist state.
It's clearly a rogue state.
I think it's a terrorist state at this point.
But what are your comments on the parallels between what Israel is doing and what clearly the West did with the terror attack on the Crocus Theater in Moscow?
Well, just today there's one interesting parallel.
The United States has told Israel, expect an attack by a response by the Iranians in 48 hours.
We've heard that before, right?
Yeah, I've heard that 48-hour thing again.
Oh, yeah, that was the warning issued on March 7th by the U.S.
I'm beginning to think that there are people in the Biden administration that are big Eddie Murphy, Nick Nolte fans.
You know, 48 hours.
Remember that movie?
I do remember that movie.
What happened at the Crocus Theater, it's fascinating because the United States is using that terrorist attack As a way to try to attack the credibility of Vladimir Putin and to promote, let's call it, ethnic strife in Russia.
The warning that came out on March 7th stipulated 48 hours.
Now, so, and you've got to understand, when you get that kind of intelligence, I've had access to that intelligence for 35 years, nothing in the last five years.
But before that, you know, I saw, worked with that intelligence on a daily basis.
I've never seen a piece of intelligence, whether we're talking a human report or we're talking an intercepted communication like an email or a phone conversation, where we could go out and issue a report definitively saying, from the moment this report is issued for the next 48 hours, the threat is high.
You don't do that.
Because how do you know if after that 48 hours that the threat has dissipated?
Oh, okay.
It's not like, you know, they don't have the lifespan of like a 17-year locust, you know, crawls out of the ground, chirps, mates, dies, you know, goes away in a certain time frame.
That's not how these terrorist threats are.
And so I almost believe now That that was a bogus warning that the United States issued on March 7th.
It was a setup to be able to say that Putin didn't listen to us.
Yeah, when the real terrorist attack took place.
Because I was there when the US government made the policy decision to start warning about terrorist attacks.
I was there at the creation of that policy.
It was 1989.
Larry, I'm sorry to interrupt.
We've got to go to break.
Stay with us, Larry.
We'll be right back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with us.
More with Larry Johnson, former CIA analyst.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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All right, welcome back.
Mike Adams here joining you from the Brighton Studios in Central Texas.
Also, I hope you like our new decoration.
We've got the Texas flag all lit up here.
I'm honored today to continue hosting here on the Alex Jones Show with our very special guest, Larry Johnson, former CIA analyst from the website Sonar21.com.
And Larry, thank you for your time today.
Your analysis is really important.
And in this segment, I want to ask you about What are the repercussions if our Western leaders do not listen to the advice and analysis of people like you?
Because you, as a CIA analyst, your career, you were trained, I mean, you were a master of providing analysis, like fact-driven analysis, to decision makers to keep us out of nuclear war and to protect our national interests.
And yet our leaders right now are just throwing everything to the wind and they have no plan, it seems.
What are the repercussions if we don't turn this around?
Well, this wouldn't be the first time that presidents and their advisors don't listen to what the analysts are saying.
I saw that firsthand with respect to the whole Contra War in Central America, where the White House just didn't want to hear what we had to say because what was happening wasn't what they wanted to happen.
They wanted a different outcome.
Uh, what we see right now is a very dangerous situation that the Biden administration has pushed us closer to nuclear war, to wars that we cannot win than at any time in our history.
And it's, it's extremely dangerous, but it's, it's not just the Biden administration.
You know, you can't identify for me a single prominent politician that if they stood up today and said, look, We need to stop the funding for Ukraine.
We need to open talks with Russia.
And we need to get back at the negotiating table with Russia.
We need to treat Russia as an equal.
Ah, Biden's calling them names, thugs, you know, dictatorship.
And anybody that tries to propose that is going to get shouted down.
As a sellout, as a puppet of Putin, as somebody who's in the pocket of the Russians.
So, we don't even have the foundation for a reasonable discussion.
A little bit of that is opening up with respect to Israel.
It used to be, no criticism of Israel was allowed at all.
But now you've got a significant sector of the Democrat Party, principally, that are Muslim American, Arab American, They're pushing back against Biden.
On the Republican side...
America, in the post-World War II era, America, coming out of World War II, was, you know, the dominant power, the dominant military power, the dominant economic power, and then throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s, the dominant currency power of the world.
And so America took on an aura of being able to bully the world, like, do what we say or else.
You'll be sanctioned, or you'll be bombed, or you'll be killed.
I mean, look at what they did, you know, to Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein and others.
But guess what?
That story has come to an end.
The US is not militarily more capable than Russia's military.
Russia's economy...
Many would argue that Russia's economy, per capita, is far stronger than America's economy.
Russia's industrial output is extraordinary.
It's had a revolution, frankly, since 2022.
And Russia's cities are cleaner and safer than America's cities.
America's cities are looking like crap holes.
I'm kind of semi-quoting Trump there.
It's not Haiti.
It's San Francisco.
It's Chicago.
It's New York City.
While Moscow and other St.
Petersburg Look great!
You know, I mean, it's so obvious.
America can no longer be the bully, but they're still playing the bully, is my point.
Well, if you go back and look at our history, and this is, you know, American people need to have some historical knowledge.
During the Eisenhower administration, Eisenhower conducted 158 covert actions that were involved, directed at what we call regime change, interfering in the affairs of other countries.
That included the overthrow of Jacobo Arbenz, elected president in Guatemala.
That included the overthrow of Mossadegh, the elected prime minister in Iran.
And we've continued to live with the consequences of those actions.
During the Kennedy administration.
Remember, Eisenhower was in office for eight years.
And the less than three years that Kennedy was in office, he mounted 163 covert actions.
So the United States has a record on this.
In 1964, guess who we helped install in control of Iraq?
Oh, that would be the Baathist Party.
And one of the young guys that was involved with that group happened to be named Saddam Hussein.
So we've had this history of We'll set up people like Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, and then when we get tired of them, we don't want to use them anymore, then we find a way to go after and destroy them.
We have been the one country, more so than any other country in the world, that's been involved with subversion and terrorism in other countries.
It's not Russia, it's not China, it's not Iran, it's not Libya.
It's been us.
And we need to look in the mirror and recognize, because like any recovering drug addict or alcoholic, the road to recovery starts with an acknowledgement of, man, I've got a problem and I need help.
Words of wisdom, Larry, but that means then the United States Empire needs to recognize that we are transitioning into a multi-polar world, where the U.S.
cannot weaponize the money supply for much longer.
You know, BRICS nations are launching their own settlement currencies over the next couple of years.
The US military, as I said before, is very much technologically outgunned.
I mean, I would argue, and by the way, I love America, okay?
I'm an American, I love America, I love our Constitution, I'm a Texan, I love Texas, so don't anybody accuse me of being, you know, a Russian spokesperson, but I would argue, from just a factual perspective, that right now Russia's military is the most Accomplished and capable land-based military force in the world right now.
Is that honest?
Is that accurate?
They're built to defend Russia.
That's what they're for.
You know, we're in the position, would you take advice on health, nutrition, and exercise from someone who is 5 foot 4 inches tall and weighed 300 pounds?
Stop bringing up Victoria Nuland, please.
We've had enough of her on the show.
Come on.
The point of that is, set an example.
It would be one thing if we ran clean elections in this country.
Well, we don't.
And yet we try to lecture other countries on how to run elections?
Hell, there are a lot of third world countries out there that run cleaner, more honest elections than we do.
How about the other day when the Biden administration is attacking, think of this, they're attacking the government of Modi in India because they've arrested The opposition political candidate.
How dare they?
And it's like, dude, look in the mirror, look in the mirror.
What are you doing to Donald Trump and his supporters?
So and the rest of the world is picking up on that and they're sick of it.
They're fed up to here with the hypocrisy of the West, where we're trying to tell everybody else how to live their lives.
Let's clean up our own act at home.
Let's get our cities in shape.
You know, the other day when people were all fixated on the bridge that collapsed in Baltimore?
Yeah, terrible thing, but nobody's paid attention to the fact that every high school in Baltimore city limits, predominantly African-American high schools, 2-3% of the kids read at grade level.
That means 97% of the kids can't do math or reading at a high school level!
And we're letting that go on!
I mean, that's how you destroy the foundation of your country.
Yeah, that's exactly what's happening.
Now, you mentioned Trump in your explanation there, so I'd like to ask your assessment.
How would a Trump presidency be any different, in your view, in handling these international crisis situations?
I mean, Trump is still pro-Israel, and Trump is not going to, obviously, give any pass to Putin and Russia.
So what would be different, in your view?
Well, Trump has always demonstrated the ability and the willingness to go talk.
The problem he faces is, when he tries to do that, Then he's immediately accused of being under the control of the Russians in the case if he tries to broker a deal with Russia.
And Russia's been very clear all along what they want.
Don't bring NATO any closer to our border.
Do not bring Ukraine in as NATO.
That's what we want.
That's a good negotiating position.
The U.S.
has refused to entertain that.
Instead, we keep pushing NATO to the borders of Russia, and not even understanding how we would react if Russia created a military alliance that was going to align with Mexico and Canada right on our borders.
We wouldn't put up with it for a minute.
Do you think Trump is capable of negotiating peace with Russia that would stop the slaughter of the Ukrainian men?
Yeah, I do.
I do.
I think he has learned something since his first term that a lot of people that he thought he could trust, he can't trust.
But there's still those, you know, there's still people like Mike Pompeo who's lingering, hanging around on the edges.
And, you know, Pompeo, he would like to get us involved with a war with Iran.
And he's not so far of a keen on letting, encouraging talks with Russia.
That's what I said.
Trump left to his own.
Yeah, he'd probably do it.
But I think the political environment is so toxic in the United States and so blind, so ignorant.
We're going to walk ourselves into a war at some point.
We will get defeated.
We will get beaten.
And it will be out of that defeat that we will be reborn.
I'm afraid that's what it's going to take.
Is it that the West has forgotten, generationally forgotten the price of war?
Because you have Medvedev, who is their, sort of like, the bad cop playing off against Putin.
And Medvedev is like, hey, guess what?
We can nuke you.
We can nuke Paris, we can nuke London.
I mean, it's not that he's threatening too aggressively.
Nuke, but then there are other even more radical, you could say, spokespeople in Russia who say that the West needs a nuclear reminder.
I've heard that phrase.
Like, I don't know, TV personalities or somebody in Russia saying that maybe they should nuke one city in Western Europe to remind Europe, you know, what war really is.
I mean, that's a horrifying thought, but this is a risk, is it not?
The last war, the United States actually won.
Well, we declared victory, dictated terms of surrender.
It was World War II.
People say, well, what about Panama, Iraq?
Those don't count.
Those aren't even against peers.
I'm talking about going up against a nation that has the same military clout and force that you do and beating them down.
We played to a tie in Korea with the Chinese and the North Koreans.
We got beat in Vietnam.
We pulled out.
We claimed that we won.
We didn't win.
We pulled out and abandoned a lot of people in the process.
So what the United States has got accustomed to these regime change endeavors, which they work for one reason.
They simply enrich corporations that are, you know, making contributions to members of Congress to increase the defense budget, to produce a lot of defense equipment that is, you know, frankly, either not useful Not effective.
Look at the F-35.
I mean, this terribly expensive aircraft costs an enormous amount of money just to operate it, to keep it in the air.
And it's not that good.
But we're spending, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars, in some cases billions of dollars.
Look at aircraft carriers.
I think the last one that came off the line was $13 billion.
And that can be destroyed by a $500,000 hypersonic missile that the Russians and the Chinese have.
Well, is there a risk of that actually happening?
Because I saw that Iran was engaged in naval exercises with some African nations, I think near the Red Sea, actually.
And the Houthis have, apparently they've been given hypersonic missiles now.
And we know that Hezbollah has anti-ship missiles.
Yeah, I don't think the Houthis, I know the reports that the Houthis got hypersonic, but I've seen no evidence that they have them and are using them.
But let's remember for the last three years, four years, Iran has conducted annual joint naval and military exercises with Russia and China together.
So they've been prepping for the possibility of having to deal with a war with the West.
And that's why I say the United States is completely unprepared To go take on Iran.
Look at what we are not able to do with the Houthis.
We started that operation, excuse me, in December.
We're now coming up on April 7th.
So that's, you know, that's well over four months, going into five months, and we haven't been able to stop the Houthis.
Really important point.
Let me ask your overall assessment here to pivot slightly.
Does the Biden administration, whoever's running it, clearly it's not Joe, but does the administration want a A big world war to have a bigger crisis in order to disrupt domestically, perhaps elections to crack down on the freedom of speech in the way that Zelensky did in Ukraine, banned all dissenting views to maybe confiscate firearms and violate the Second Amendment.
I mean, maybe this sounds like a conspiratorial question, but it's also a strategic question.
Is this something that the Biden administration might be considering?
I'm sure there may be some in the Biden administration that would like to see that kind of scenario unfold.
But I think the majority recognize, and this is why they're taking steps to try to limit U.S.
involvement now without expanding it, because they know that there is a strong anti-war sentiment in the United States.
And they're already facing having to recall retired members of the military Because they can't fill the ranks with recruits.
So they're calling up people that retired and saying, hey, you got to come back in.
You know, you're obligated, particularly with officers.
You know, if you retired as a major or as a lieutenant colonel, you know, they're going to call your ass back in.
And you got to go or you get... Are they staffing up in anticipation of a war in the Middle East or with Russia?
Well, they've got these requirements, so they've got to prepare for war with China, they've got to be prepared for war with Iran, they've got to be prepared for war with Russia, and they can't do it.
We do not have the force structure.
Right now, we've discovered we can't even keep the Ukrainians supplied with artillery rounds, much less artillery Howitzer's and such.
So what the United States is facing is the reality that we may imagine ourselves as this industrial giant, but this colossus that existed during World War II, but that doesn't exist anymore.
We're like the, remember Men in Black?
That one scene where they find the guy, the actual alien that's controlling things and he opens some guy's head and it's a little bitty person?
That's sort of the United States now.
We're that little bitty person that's actually trying to run things.
We don't have the steel plants.
We're not making tanks.
We're not cranking out tanks at a rate of 10 or 15 a month.
Hell, we're not even cranking them out at a rate of five a year.
So across the board, the United States is industrially and militarily unprepared to deal with these threats that we claim are out there.
And in most cases, we are creating the threats ourselves.
Yeah, I see they just pulled up the image.
Yeah, that's it.
That's the United States.
The little alien inside the skull, yeah.
I fear what we might see if we opened up Joe Biden's skull.
We'd be like, there's nothing there!
Not even an alien, not human, nothing!
It's a portal to the dimension of nothing.
Larry, I want to thank you for joining us today.
Your analysis, I think, is really critical for our leaders to hear and for our audience to hear.
Tell us real quickly about your website, SONAR21, and what people can find there.
Yeah, so SONAR21 stands for Son of the New American Revolution, 21st Century.
I chose that name because I've got 28 ancestors who fought in the American Revolution.
One of my fifth great-uncle.
Yeah, he was the Secretary of the Continental Congress, Charles Thompson.
And he held in his possession the Declaration of Independence from 1976 until roughly 1998.
until roughly 1978.
I've got some genetic blood in this thing as far as keeping America free and promoting liberty.
But what we're faced with now is a threat to the very constitutional foundation of our Republic.
And it's not external.
It's not from the Russians.
It's not from the Chinese.
It's from within.
And the foundation of it has been an attack on the family.
And an attack on religion.
And once you separate the family and separate people from God, you're on the road to destruction, I believe.
Well said, and we thank you for your time.
We pray for your safety and we pray for America.
Thank you so much, Larry Johnson.
It's been a pleasure.
Thanks, Mike.
All right.
Take care, Larry.
Now, folks, again, just an amazing guest there today.
Continuing here, got a couple of things to share with you.
Got some breaking news in a minute.
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Yeah, we're acquiring every InfoWars episode going all the way back to 2001.
We're running it through a transcription engine and some text normalization data pipelines that we've built ourselves.
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Again, it's free, brighteon.ai.
And then we'll be training an InfoWars model and releasing that.
And let me tell you, The corporate media is going to go berserk when that happens because they will immediately call to censor all AI that they don't control, right?
So we can't wait to do this.
You'll be able to ask it, what turns the frogs gay?
And they'll say, Atrazine, of course it's Atrazine, which is actually true.
Alex was right the whole time.
Alex was right.
The world owes Alex an apology for saying that it's going to turn the frogs gay, because it does, by the way.
It's a gender-bender chemical.
Anyway, our model is being trained on that.
A few months down the road, we'll be releasing it.
Maybe I'll come on and announce it with Alex, and we'll chat with it.
Wouldn't that be cool?
Like, ask it questions, and you get an InfoWars chatbot free of charge.
You'll love it.
Thanks for watching today.
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I'm Mike Adams.
Have a great day.
God bless America.
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And we are into the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I am your host, Jason Bermas.
And before we get to the topics of the day, I gotta say I'm very excited about Mike Adams AI.
I was recently at an event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where he came in virtually and talked about this.
AI product and I've been talking about other AI products that are also on the market for instance
heygen.com h-e-y-g-e-n.com you can actually build a digital avatar of yourself and speak
in 20 different languages just via a text-based.
But he did not announce this very interesting InfoWars model which if anybody knows my history with InfoWars I'll be a part of.
You know I've been going on the Alex Jones Show since I believe 2005 was my first appearance and of course I was the first person to ever have a show on the InfoWars and Prison Planet Network and that's way back in the day all the way in 2009, I believe, with the InfoWarrior.
So really exciting stuff.
Kudos to Mike Adams for taking artificial intelligence, which is a technological tool, and using it to do what?
Empower humanity instead of try to enslave it.
And that brings us to the topics of the day.
Right now, we are at a multi-front enslavement process.
Through the vehicle of not only globalism, but the United Nations in particular, and its offshoots.
So, look, the UN didn't invent the idea of global governance, and for a very, very long time, people ignored it as kind of a paper tiger.
Guess what?
G. Edward Griffin got it right, and he said, fearful master.
Because through treaties, Through laws and regulations and signatories via global puppets within our not only government system, but also in our corporate system, we have pushed this agenda of a quote-unquote, and when I say we, really, we've allowed this.
Society in general, the United States has much to blame, if not more, than anybody else.
We have allowed this agenda Of a new world order to take hold and I think Alex is absolutely correct when he says we're in the middle of the new world order now and nothing, nothing showcased that more than the COVID 1984 nightmare and the coordination of these global groups and first world governments bending the knee
To a great narrative, a great reset agenda.
And a lot of that is driven through what is known as SDGs.
So I've got a slew of clips that hopefully we're going to get to.
We're going to talk about SDGs, the United Nations, diversity, equity.
We're also going to be talking about technocracy, its origins, and how it all incorporates to a command and control society,
not just based on the enslavement of humanity, but really the evisceration of us as a species.
I know, sounds horrific, but it's actually what's going on.
So we're gonna start with this clip here before we hit the break.
Listen to what this woman has to say.
So digital inclusion is actually a fundamental pillar of the SDGs, of attaining the SDGs.
It is the newest and the most democratic driver of development and it can actually be one of the undergirding elements of driving and fighting for the four that we're speaking about today.
Decent work, economic growth, infrastructure and innovation, smart cities, habitable cities, and finally, also looking at responsible consumption and production.
Responsible consumption and production in a 15-minute slave arena.
It's all their digital inclusion!
What is that going to entail?
Where are its origins?
Where is it going?
We're going to be talking about it right here.
This is the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
Get over to InfoWarsStore.com.
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Get the supplements.
Support free speech.
Support Alex Jones.
We're going to be back with a slew of more clips after this.
I'm Jason Bermas and this is the Alex Jones Show.
And we are back.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
In the fourth hour, we just saw that clip of a discussion of what?
Digital inclusion.
Everything's about equity and inclusion.
You're going to be digitally included in a slave grid based on a social credit score with a tokenized system that keeps you in a geolocation.
Is that a mouthful?
That's actually what they're telling you.
That's what she just told you.
And we're going to decide what sustainable consumption means.
Where you go, what you can have, what you can eat.
That is top-down authoritarianism on a micromanaged level, never thought possible before the implementation of the technology that now surrounds us.
So this next clip, we're going to tone it down a little bit.
This is the World Economic Forum because again, they're another vehicle for globalism and really a side piece to what the United Nations is and stands for.
Just like the International Monetary Fund, just like refugee, blockchain people, all these things are integrated.
So as we can see here, This is one of those doot-to-doot.
We tone down the music, but right out of the gates, let's hit it up.
Oh, we're just gonna protect 30% of the planet's land by 2030.
There's a nice birdie.
Isn't that nice?
Isn't that nice of them?
There's bears.
What it means for nature.
No, they're taking it all.
Talk about biodiversity, they want it all!
Biodiversity Summit!
See, there it is right there!
The 30x30 plan.
Oh, look at all the masked zombies!
Okay, indigenous and traditional lands that will now be under our control.
They are ours!
Now, they only had a target, see that?
They only had a target of 20%, but they've upped their game.
They've decided they want more!
All right?
They're going to cut food waste.
Again, they've been telling us, when I say they, the purveyors that stand up at the podiums of these institutions that they are going to solve world hunger for how long now?
Seriously, how long?
Like, my entire lifetime.
Yet it never seems to happen.
That equity can't be achieved.
But we're going to cut food waste in half while they tell you, and we're going to get into this, you're going to eat ze bugs.
You're not going to have real meat because that's not what?
It's a hummingbird, man.
It's slow motion.
And they're closing to zero.
See, this is the whole thing.
They're trying to get you to net.
There's no such thing as net zero.
Carbon is not a poison.
It is a life force on the planet.
But it's going to be big business when they take 30% of the indigenous land that you as human beings across the world are no longer entitled to even go to.
This is about them restricting access globally.
This is neo-feudalism in your face with what?
A trippy backbeat And some nice imagery of nature.
Oh, we're your friend.
Meanwhile, the sick joke is they're social Darwinists.
All right?
I mean, look, there's the money aspect.
They believe because you allow them to rule over you, they should.
Oh, we're all going to share the benefits of nature equally from medicines and plants.
Medicines that were restricted from people who were then forced on ventilators And put on things that either killed them, alright, or destroyed their kidneys, amongst other things.
Yeah, then we're gonna share the plants, and the medicines, and the benefits, and we're gonna say it in a nice voice, with a nice little musical backdrop.
We're the World Economic Forum, we love you!
Ooh, and they're gonna, see, and here's the big joke.
They're gonna slash the subsidies to industries that harm nature.
Now I'm going to show you in a moment how ridiculous that is if you actually believe these people, which you shouldn't, because they are the inverse of reality.
All right?
This is absolutely ludicrous.
We're going to talk about a public-private partnership in a minute via John Kerry, one of my favorites, and one of yours too, the human Skeletor.
And you might be surprised at who he gives a shout-out to, but we'll get there.
All right.
Oh, pesticides and hazardous chemicals might at least have... Meanwhile, your skies are sprayed constantly with heavy metals for geoengineering programs in the name of solar radiation management and climate change.
Don't worry, John, we'll get to your climate change.
And they're telling you we're worried about the pesticides.
How about the GMO seeds you forced on us?
How about the stuff that's being sprayed in the sky?
You're so concerned.
And now again, they're trying to regulate nitrogen.
They've always tried to regulate methane.
Because they care about you and the planet so much, right?
It's so funny because they're the stakeholders.
They're the people that own and fund and benefit from the very large companies.
They think that you're dumb enough to believe they're demonizing.
That's not what's happening.
Johnny Nance, okay?
Nations will lay out their own and see if this is it, okay?
They're gonna make pledges a reality.
It's just an agreement.
We're gonna shatter that mythos.
You don't have to do anything you don't want to.
Sign the new World Health Organization pandemic treaty.
There's no, there's nothing.
You'll get to decide.
Meanwhile, it's authoritarians within the United States that wrote up most of this new treaty.
That's totally nightmarish.
All right.
But we're going to pull it back for a second.
And we're going to go John Kerry.
We're going to bring up the value.
And just in one minute, John Kerry is going to lay out this public-private partnership.
All right.
At COP 27, I believe, which was in 2022.
So just after the hate and lies shots had been distributed on a level we've never seen globally and injected people.
Okay, there's that.
And then he's going to talk about SpaceX.
And in both cases, he's going to talk about what?
The subsidization of that process.
In other words, governments giving them the money to build it so that they can use it.
And SpaceX, as I've talked about, I know it's a muster do thing.
But so were the hate and lie shots.
Tesla partnered with CureVac and built the micro-nanofactories that now John Kerry is going to tell you are what?
Subsidized by this process.
So here's John Kerry, the human skeletor, everybody.
The idea behind the launch of the First Movers Coalition is pretty straightforward.
We needed to create demand signals in the marketplace where they didn't exist, which takes
boldness. It takes courage by these executives who have made the decisions to be part of
And we modeled it somewhat on the experience of what happened with vaccines. The government said,
you know, we'll pay for it, build it. So he's actually referring to an earlier
process, post 9/11, a lot of the vaccination programs went under bio defense, right?
And that's how, in 2013 for instance, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency that was helping pioneer the mRNA technology partnered with Moderna that had never done anything.
And it was under the ADEPT Protect Program.
So we'll take charge of it via the government, we'll subsidize it via the government, and then we'll partner With this private corporation, okay?
And the same thing with SpaceX.
If you build it, we're going to use it and we'll pay for it.
And so people who were putting capital at risk knew that they could get a return on that capital or at least cover their expenses in the case of something like vaccines where human life was so at risk.
Well, human life is at risk now.
In the context of the challenge of global climate crisis.
Climate crisis!
Vaccines subsidize it all!
And remember, Musk is now openly building the spy satellite network via SpaceX for the government.
Even though he already launched the DARPA Blackjack satellites.
And again, Ukraine's entire communications system and the Sidewinder, Ghost drones, etc.
are hooked into Starlink, which is a commercial system.
But again, that partnership.
Okay, so now let's bring it back to the United Nations for a minute.
And I talked about the idea that they always tell you, oh, don't worry.
You don't have to do anything you want.
Sure, you signed on to the treaty, but you're going to make your own decisions.
You're going to make your own decisions about medicine and about carbon and about lockdowns and about hospitalizations and about quarantines in about 15 minutes.
You're going to make your own decisions.
But watch how this piece, right here, driven by the World Economic Forum on behalf of the United Nations, frames it.
I mean, again, we're in the post-truth world, because what they say is extremely different from what they do.
They're taking us to world court over climate change.
There's a historic... Wait, what does this say?
Historic UN motions?
Let's get out of the way here.
It's calling for International Court of Justice.
Wait, the world's highest court!
Oh, oh, they're the world's highest court.
It's not a constitutional republic with checks and balances, with a government formed by the people.
No, it's the United Nations as that vehicle of globalism.
But let's, and, oh, climate!
Now, oh, the country's legal duties!
To address it.
You see?
It's not an opinion.
We're going to cut emissions.
We protect people.
There are climate vulnerable people and we're going to protect them by making you consume less, travel less, have less, have less access and choice to your medical decisions, To the decisions surrounding what you put in your body when you eat things because of the climate vulnerable and the climate crisis.
Bow down to the UN, the highest court in the land, by their own admission!
See, although the opinion won't be legally binding, it'll have huge weight for climate negotiations.
No, that's the point.
They want the illusion that when you sign on to this next treaty, or any of this bullsnap, It is the highest court in the land.
That's what these treaties are.
And again, when you have corporations that are subsidized by governments on behalf of these agendas, when it's not so much about just profit anymore, it's about power, and really a process of just not a plutocracy by dollars.
Okay, and even resources, but beyond the resources you control, the ability to oppress the underclass.
That is what is happening.
I'm going to let somebody break it down from Australia in a moment.
We're going to finish this clip up.
So, and notice they talk about international law, emissions, and future lawsuits.
So, lawfare to basically try to cripple anybody doesn't go with the agenda.
Meanwhile, they want 30% of the land as they told you.
Alright, you understand that?
And now they're talking about cyclones.
They're talking about floods.
They're talking about natural occurrences that are supposedly triggered by global warming.
Experts say it!
And this place is supposedly already at net zero.
That's suing everybody.
It's ridiculous.
In a second, we're going to take an actual look.
At what?
At what a 15-minute city is.
Again, they've got the little music.
The World Economic Forum loves you.
Climate change is already affecting weather systems in every region of the globe, says the IPCC.
So again, let a bunch of oligarchs that have been in power for some time and they're minions be in charge of a life force on the planet which then directs all biological life.
Again, these monsters have openly written about and espoused they want directed evolution.
What do you think this is?
Alright, via command and control of the populace.
Here's what a smart city actually is.
I'm gonna get out of the way and we're gonna play this bad boy right here.
Thank you Mr Acting Deputy President.
Australian cities are becoming digital surveillance precincts with so-called smart city programs being rolled out across the country.
Invasive technology such as facial recognition cameras, license plate readers, smart lights, smart poles, smart cars, smart neighborhoods, smart homes and smart appliances all connected to wireless networks and communicating with each other.
So what's wrong with that?
Technology is good, isn't it?
All this is for your safety, security and convenience, isn't it?
Well, let me tell you.
Your streets are spying on you.
Your mobile phone is spying on you.
Your cities are spying on you.
And the infrastructure for future lockdowns is being put into place right now.
Don't be fooled.
You're being set up to be tracked through your movements and through the future of your digital wallets.
By handing over your data, you're handing over the ability to monitor your behaviour, which will soon be turned into a social credit score.
And once the central bank digital currencies are in place, you won't get to spend your money without approval.
Digital ID will soon become a reality in Australia.
Many other countries are already rolling these systems out.
Countries like Canada, Scotland and many others.
Eventually you won't be able to access any government or public services and you won't
be able to travel across borders or access healthcare or the internet without a digital
Think you won't comply?
I think you will.
The last two years were the dress rehearsal and we fell for it hook, line and sinker.
Australians are sleepwalking into this technocratic future.
And while we're sitting around, scratching our chins, trying to work out whether this is really happening, Australia is drifting towards a dystopian digital future.
And unfortunately, so is the rest of the planet.
Because again, it's being framed To the ignorant as something that's positive.
It's been indoctrinated throughout the education system from the time that you're literally in kindergarten all the way through graduate school that yes, climate change is not only real, but is the greatest crisis humanity has ever known.
Now, you notice when Kerry was talking about subsidizing SpaceX, when I talk about them polluting and carbon, How much carbon do you think are released by rockets?
How much carbon is released by warfare?
And what's going on in Ukraine?
In Russia?
What's going on in the Middle East?
In Israel?
In Palestine?
In Gaza?
In Lebanon?
What's still going on in Africa, Yemen, Syria now?
You think that's good for the carbon emissions?
But no, you can't have, you can't have ground beef.
Now, they stylize it with this Idea that there's always a crisis and we're at the breaking point.
So I'm going to play this Imperative 21 commercial.
I'm pretty sure that this is pre-COVID 1984 nightmare or just around that point.
But again, it builds into the globalist idea that humans are bad.
Everything is being destroyed.
And if we don't, if we don't basically restrict everything to a backbeat, then humanity itself is doomed.
So let's hit the clip.
Critical error!
Widespread system failure!
Climate instability!
Oh no!
What can we do?
What do we do?
We can't retreat!
Do we revolt?
What do we do?
Or, uh oh, we're going to redesign.
Are we going to reimagine?
Oh, we're going to reset our economic system.
These are the days that we want them to be.
These are the days that we make them to be.
These are the days we can't wait, don't repeat.
These are our days.
These are our days, no These are our days
There it is.
Vote for stakeholders. Everything's green. We're bringing you justice.
Get down with it, young people. We're going to save the planet!
So yeah, this was just as the COVID-19-84 nightmare was kicking off and masks were a thing as you can see.
Don't worry, we're not done.
We got another 20 seconds of total ridiculous propaganda.
We're nature, smiling Asians, and the world.
Let's reset together.
Because he's a man, not a boy.
We need a healthy planet.
And by the way, that's one of those World Health Organization slogans.
Peace for health and health for peace.
This is the takeover.
This is top-down control of everything.
And they want to integrate AI and digital currencies.
And yes, geolocations of everything.
Your actual biodiversity.
The Internet of bodies, not just the Internet of things.
You can build this new operating system.
See, it's a co-operating system under a green agenda.
It's for everybody.
I mean, we are in Insanity Town, USA, my friends.
Insanity Town, USA.
Now, if I point this out, I'm probably projecting disinformation.
Well, it's a good thing that the United Nations has been out there fighting the disinfo.
Of course, firings at Twitter have left us with no one to call to flag content that is abusive or even incitement to violence.
We're now seeing that almost anyone can promote disinformation for the price of a blue tick.
So we've still, it's not all bad, we have teamed up with the platforms to elevate reliable information around COVID and climate to amplify trusted messengers and we have quite an army of
them out there who want to take UN content and promote it within their followings. We've got
an army to promote our content.
All right, she's got like such a break in her voice.
It doesn't like the fact that people have questioned this agenda or the COVID-19 war nightmare, but don't worry, we're reaching out to all the platforms.
And again, this demonization, you know, when we play this, we'll come back.
X has major issues in my opinion.
Yet it's the best house on a bad block, right?
That's the deal.
And also educating users on how to slow the spread of disinformation.
Our new slogan that we want to have everybody have in their ear when they're online is, pause, take care, before you share.
Pause, take care, before you share.
I feel like these people are working at Hallmark, right?
I'm so sick of Safe and effective and alone together and two weeks to slow the spread.
You know, I just can't take it anymore.
It's ridiculous.
They have these sayings.
It's a bunch of garbled Johnny nonsense.
It is hate and lies on another level.
We got to take a break.
I got plenty more for you.
I'm going to make sure that we get into technocracy.
Howard Scott, how they'd like to manage and run this whole idea of global governance under equity, diversity, and a climate crisis!
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This is the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Bermas.
Before we get back in gear, I do want to remind everybody I am a documentary filmmaker.
All the films are free across a multitude of platforms.
Shade the Motion, Picture Invisible, Empire, and New World Order to find.
Loose change, final cut, and fabled enemies.
And I've got two shows right now.
I've got a show over at Patreon.tv.
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You can see it twice a day.
Replays in the morning, new ones in the evening, and then I am live on TNT Radio From 8 to 10 p.m.
Eastern Time.
You don't want to miss it.
Just like you're not going to want to miss this ghoul right here talking about strategies to silence and censor those that would oppose the agenda of the United Nations.
That's what this breaks down to.
So let's continue with this clip.
But yet, we do feel like we are in an information war.
And that we need to massively ramp up our response.
So we're creating at the UN a central capacity to monitor and also have the ability to rapidly react when misinformation and hate speech is threatening not just our people, our operations, but also the issues and the causes that we're working on.
So, I mean, laying it out for you, We want real-time surveillance of any type of speech, not only about our organizations, but about our agendas that we deem incorrect, misinformation, disinformation, or hate speech.
We've been talking about hate speech now for 20 years, and yet it's progressively gotten worse.
Let's finish up this clip, but then I'm going to shine a little bit of a light on the fact that, again, X openly, openly not a free speech platform.
But also we're going to be gearing up our verified initiative around climate change and developing this UN Code of Conduct on information integrity and digital platforms, hoping to set Global standards that we can all advocate around, so that we can collectively work for a more humane internet.
A more humane internet, collectively, by our standards.
And collectivism is the key.
Because, whether you're talking socialism, Marxism, communism, it's all about collectivism.
It's all about crushing the individual's rights.
That's why our Constitutional Republic and our Constitution and Bill of Rights are so important.
You know, are at the epicenter of a free humanity if we actually went by them.
But, as promised, we're gonna play Yacarino now, talking about freedom of reach and hate speech!
Staggeringly, they take it down.
And that reducing that hateful content from being seen Is one of the best examples how X is committed to encouraging healthy behavior online.
Let's encourage!
We're encouraging behavior and we know what's healthy.
And today I can confidently sit in front of you and say that 99.9% of all posted impressions How do you define healthy though?
Is porn healthy?
Are conspiracy theories healthy?
Oh, it's porn and conspiracy theories!
So again, we're talking about adult sex work in the realm of questioning authority and establishments that have continually lied to us.
You know, it goes back to my point about Our success with freedom of speech, not reach.
And if it's, if it is lawful, but it's awful, it's extraordinarily difficult for you to see it.
We openly and, but that's not enough for this mainstream narrative.
They're trying to criminalize all of it.
And at the end of the day, it really is about the regimentation of all human beings.
And I talked earlier how these people are social Darwinists, okay?
But they're social Darwinists who are also in control of the biomedical field, the food supply, the ecosphere.
And when we talk about technocratic control, we can't talk about it without talking about Howard Scott.
Now, this is a longer clip and he talks rather slowly.
But it has some really great archive footage of what the technocracy is.
And this guy is for forced sterilization of not just the human populace,
but all mammalian populace through covert means.
So we're going to kick it to that clip right now.
Now the birth, Planned Parenthood, Birth Control League and all that, well I knew Margaret Sanger.
Did you?
Yeah, way back.
Oh, there was an old English tearoom.
Fortieth Street or someplace or what.
And there was a gravestone company next to it then.
There weren't many buildings in there.
And you got crumpets and muffins and a nice little thing.
I remember Bill Williams and a whole bunch more, and Margaret Sanger.
And, uh, I said, well, to you it's a cause célèbre.
But it isn't birth control that you're preaching.
It's voluntary parenthood.
Yeah, yeah.
There's a distinction there, you're right.
I said, uh, you may have been driven into this because you had eight children.
I think it was eight, I've forgotten.
Some number of children she had.
But, I said, as a collective measure, you have to have a collective means of doing it.
Well, of course, we have advocated, uh, the hell with all this voluntary parenthood.
That is not going to stop reproduction.
And we have stated this on the public platform time and time again, that the female of the human species has had the power and the facility to dissolve the fetus without any deleterious results to her reproductive or her general metabolism.
That's been known for generations.
We didn't know what triggered it.
But several biochemists have found out.
They have found out?
Oh yes.
It's tasteless, colorless, odorless.
It's cheap to manufacture.
And put in the drinkings of water of a metropolitan water system.
It's Warfarin's rat poison.
It's about the same percentage of effective as the poison is in warfarans, which is around decimal point three zero four one percent.
And no mammal will conceive.
Well, that percentage is in the water.
Is that so?
Dogs, cats, cows, anything that's a human being.
No, deleterious results, whatever.
And you stop it for six, seven weeks?
Fertile again.
Now, if you haven't got a metropolitan water supply, you can put it in candy.
Or soft drinks.
Here's a eye dropper.
Well, yeah, but you couldn't.
But it's much simpler to put it in something like that.
Just the same as a Sabin-like live vaccine.
Here we wouldn't touch the Sabin vaccine.
We wouldn't even run tests on it.
Look at what the Russians did.
They proved up on one, two, and three Sabin vaccines.
Then they ran 79 million one year.
They put it in candies.
They beat us on that, huh?
They were ahead of us on that?
Oh yes, they were.
They did it by the millions.
They did it by the millions!
The guy talks about sterilization processes by putting it into the water supply, putting it into candies.
Then he talks about live vaccinations.
That's the godfather of the technocratic movement.
Back after this for the final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
Final segment of the Alex Jones Show and what you just witnessed was again the birth of a technocratic movement that through the idea that resources are scarce and that the general populace is under poverty that we need to forcibly sterilize the entire populace in a command-and-control system.
Right now, we have a very large global movement towards a social credit score, which has already been implemented in China on a mass level.
And whether people realize it or not, just through the credit score system in the United States, you've submitted to that.
Big tech companies already have social credit scores on you that you may not know about.
Look it up.
Apple has social credit score.
On its customers, but they'd also like to take it into the realm of not just the Internet of Things and a social credit score, but an Internet of Bodies based again on your consumption, based on your very biology.
Now, the idea of a universal basic income has been floated by these globalists because they say automation is coming, AI is coming, many people are going to be out of work, etc.
We've got to support them somehow.
No, they want you to rely on a system so you can be obedient and controlled.
Now, the biometric aspect of this has already really been done via large-scale populations, both through force and voluntarily.
What do I mean?
When you look at the War of Terror and the Middle East, when a village in Afghanistan or Iraq would be taken, immediately they would scan somebody's information via biometrics, take their eye scan, take their face scan, try to take their vocal recognition, etc.
Fast forward, and most people have given up all that information to unlock their phone.
Now, I'm not saying you can even really get around it, as so many third-party apps have access, but so many people voluntarily, just, it's not just a code, it's not, it's my face!
So now the next step to, again, combine the aspects of a universal basic income, Alright, and a social credit score, also based on your biology itself, is something like WorldCoin.
Okay, which is also going to be utilized as a tool to identify and verify you as a human being.
This is a Sam Altman project, and it's already been launched.
And whether this becomes the next CBDC or the next crypto craze, it puts us on this journey To blockchain slavery.
But again, it's got a really good ad campaign and a hippie backbeat.
So check it out.
WorldCoin's already launched.
Let's take a look.
Steve Hunters the ball taking your biometrics?
The slave token? You better believe it!
1500 words, 35 C's, 20 hundreds, 5 times!
Get your world coin today!
So how it works is after you give your soul over to the holder of the orb, right, the magician, the wizard, the sorcerer, Soran himself, you give that over once a month, you get a free WorldCoin.
It's like a universal basic income.
And then when you interact with it, in other words, when it's used as a tool for verification, you'll also get a little piece of the pie.
Now, the more that that person interacts and you hold the orb and all these different scans, you also gain more world's coin.
And you would think that, you know, when this thing is launched, nobody would really care because it's like totally and completely ridiculous.
But no.
Lined up around the corner.
And the next journey that you're going to... I mean, ah!
Day one!
You better believe it.
A lot of this Has been sold in foreign and Asian markets.
But what you're looking at here, we'll turn it down, is we're in New York City.
We'll skip around here.
We're going down the escalator.
We've entered into the World Trade Center.
Down we go.
Let's keep going down these escalators.
I gotta admit, I have not been in this area.
I haven't been to New York City in some time.
But we're going into the canvas.
And look at that, it looks like a bad Abercrombie & Fitch, but don't worry, they've got your steampunk slavery right here.
Well, somebody's already right there to scan it up!
Can't wait!
Get my world coin token, got my app.
I didn't even cue up the excitement of an Asian individual that's verified as human by the steampunk crystal ball.
Now, Let's bring this back to digital diversity in the very beginning.
First clip we played, right?
When we're talking about healthcare, when we're talking about digital diversity, we also have to talk about Biden and we have to talk about the Global Fund.
Why are we talking about Biden and the Global Fund?
Because I can't speak.
Well, first of all, with all this biodiversity, the Global Fund was initiated via the crisis of HIV.
And if you remember, Billy Gates talked about, and this is one of Bill Gates' shavangos, the Global Fund.
He actually introduced Biden that you're going to see in this clip.
And remember, this is the clip where he's like, going to the side and he doesn't know where he is.
Who cares about that?
Let's hear what he talked about.
Gates, at Davos 2020, talked about the fact that through his foundation, Tax-Free, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they would invest in vaccines.
And the return was 20 to 1, just about better than anything else.
Well, it looks like we have a new winner.
Let's let Joe Biden tell you about it, okay?
Just a new winner.
Zombie Jay.
Oh, sorry guys, one second.
And these billions are expected to deliver to a continuing commitment to deliver one of the largest fundraising and global health, fundraisers in global health history.
And these billions are expected to deliver a 31-fold return on investment.
31-fold return on investment.
And in other words, for every dollar to fight these diseases, we expect $31 in health gains and economic returns, which also advances our progress toward meeting the goal of sustainable development agenda.
So there it is!
We started out We're ending with the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda on a 31 to 1 return.
So again, if you thought that the gap between the actual wealthy, the actual predator class, the social Darwinists, was wide now, They want it even wider.
I'm going to kind of end it on a conversation I had recently with my brother.
My brother gets out into nature.
He rides his bike.
I think it's a great thing.
I think that's another thing that we need to do.
We need to find happiness in our life.
We also need to keep ourselves up physically on top of mentally.
But he bikes with a lot of pretty, you know, we would call them pretty rich guys, millionaires, right?
In upstate New York.
Doctors, lawyers, guys in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.
And they were out in another state, they were over in Pennsylvania, where the wacky tabacky isn't legal.
And they happen to be smoking one, if you will.
Sorry, I'm giving you up, brother.
In the car.
And they're driving down and one of the guys says, ah, don't worry about it.
They're not going to just pull over a couple middle-class white guys.
My brother thought to himself, These are multi-millionaires, but you know what?
They're right.
They are the new middle class because almost everybody else is working poor.
If you don't own a house by now, are you going to ever own a house?
If you go buy a brand new car, are you ever actually going to own that thing?
Are you going to pay it off to a point and trade it in?
Are you just going to lease it?
Are you going to bend the knee to the you will own nothing and be happy mantra?
Because this has been an incremental institution with large gains along the way through crisis, like we saw with the COVID-1984 nightmare, but we are far from over yet.
And we are in a place right now of so much uncertainty globally, on the verge of what is, whether you like it or not, the most important presidential election of our lifetime, just as the last one was.
We saw what has happened to this country and to this world since the last one.
That doesn't mean the other guy's perfect.
Far from it.
But we are set on a course where we may no longer be able to restore our constitutional republic and fight this great reset agenda unless right now we decide to become the great resistance on every single level.
Look in the mirror, be your own hero, and do not look to others.
And if you want to support real news, real information, people really in the information war, go to InfoWarsStore.com right now.
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Remember, to this guy, it is not about left or right.
It is always about right and wrong.
Thanks for joining me.
I love you guys, and we'll see you on the flip side.
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