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Name: 20240402_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 2, 2024
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In this episode of InfoWars, the host criticizes mainstream media for not covering two major issues - the "missing president" (referring to Joe Biden) and rising geopolitical tensions. They discuss current political situations such as violence in Palestine, Israel's strike on an Iranian consulate in Syria, GOP representatives urging Speaker Johnson to suspend rules and pass aid bills for Ukraine, Russia's anti-war campaign in Ukraine, terror attacks in Moscow, and Ukraine's involvement in spying on Russian athletes during the Olympics. The show also promotes various products available on InfoWarsStore.com, including X3 iodine supplements, Rebel Zen organic CBD, and Infowar Limited Edition shirts. Finally, the speaker discusses the potential dangers of synthetic biology and gene editing technologies being used on humanity, linking COVID-19 vaccines to memory loss and identity confusion. They encourage support for Karen Kingston's research via products available at InfoWarStore.com, including X2, NitricBoost, TurboForce, and Next Level Foundational Energy.

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Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024.
You're tuned in to the Alex Jones Show with 216 days, 12 hours, 59 minutes left until
November 5th, the 2024 presidential election.
Now, let me tell you what we have coming up for you today.
I'm going to be here in the first hour, breaking down some very important news.
There's two stories that the mainstream media is not telling you.
And one of them, we all kind of know it, but nobody just comes out and says it.
And that's the missing president.
That is the absentee president, Joe Biden.
Where is he?
What is he doing?
What does he do with his days?
Why is there no access?
Why are there no press conferences?
Now, we all know why.
Joe Biden's not really running anything.
He's a puppet.
He can't physically or mentally be the president.
But it's kind of a big deal.
The missing president, the MIA president, the president that's not there, the no-show president, Joe Biden.
And we're just supposed to act like that's normal.
Because at least it's not Trump!
But, okay... That's like... That's like a dead flower in your yard, maybe.
Or a patch of grass that's rotted.
Compared to your house that is now on fire, which is the...
Rising geopolitical tensions.
Now they talk about this in the media, but they sit here and they talk about Russia and they talk about Israel and everybody's got their angle and everybody's got their side and this propaganda over here and that propaganda over there, but the big story is being completely missed.
And I'm really going to lay into this in the opening segment today because it's very important and nobody else is talking about it.
And this is what's so important about it.
Whether you like Putin or hate Putin, whether you like Biden or hate Biden, whether you're pro-Israel or anti-Israel, none of that matters.
We're all humans on this planet.
We all have to share this surface.
And the psychotic political establishment is getting us closer to a serious potential for World War III, which most experts predict will be nuclear.
And if we have a nuclear war like that, it's going to be levels of damage, destruction, of which truly I don't even think we can fathom.
But see, that's what nobody's talking about.
Everybody's got this angle that's anti-Russia, or this angle that's pro-Israel, or this angle that's over here, or you have these crazy politicians like Lindsey Graham.
Bomb them!
Let's bomb Iran!
Another congressman comes out and says, let's have war with Iran.
These are psychotics!
You want to go to have war with Iran?
Go ahead.
You want to go have war with Russia?
Go ahead.
You want to go have war in the Gaza Strip?
Go ahead.
Nobody's stopping you.
Hop on a plane, go pick up some Military equipment, go to war, have fun!
But, see, that's the thing.
It doesn't matter what your political opinions on the matter are.
The series of events that are occurring right now, and the two major ones, that again, are just not getting proper coverage.
Doesn't matter your political viewpoint on any of this.
Russia is basically blaming the West for the terror attack in Moscow.
Whether you think Russia's right or wrong, whether you think Russia's lying about it or being honest about it, doesn't matter!
That's what they're saying!
They're blaming the West!
They're blaming the CIA!
They're blaming the State Department!
They're blaming the Pentagon!
And then Israel just bombed an Iranian embassy in Syria!
Syria, Russia's main ally!
Uh, like, alarm bells, so we'll come back, and I'm going to be covering all this in the first hour, and then we got some big guests coming up.
But we're going to come back with the sirens again, because this is not getting proper attention.
And this isn't about fear-mongering.
I got these other stories about viruses, I'm not going to fear-monger over this.
This is potential nuclear war.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer filling in for Alex today.
We have some other great guest hosts coming up for you as well.
Of course, we will be on the lookout for any special reports from Alex.
As usual, when I'm filling in, it's truly an honor.
It's truly a privilege to be here.
I do not take it for granted.
I do not take it lightly.
The fact that I am here with you broadcasting today live from the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Every day is a blessing.
Every day we're on air is a victory.
Now having said that, we're going to be talking about the most serious issues right now that are being completely missed by the mainstream media because that's our job.
And I gotta tell ya, It's a beautiful day in Austin.
Really a beautiful day.
Surrounded by great people here with the crew.
Great friends and family.
I even got a haircut today.
Really just feeling good, you know?
Life is just feeling good.
You ever have those days?
But, I sit here and I look at the mainstream media and I realize how much they're letting the people down.
And I sit here, and I look at our politicians, I look at the biggest names in news, with the biggest platforms, and nobody's talking about what's really going on.
And so this is why we exist.
This is why InfoWars exists.
This is the most valuable news organization.
This is the most valuable crew.
This is the most valuable and important audience as well.
And we proved it time and time again.
But let me just tell you what has me so irked today.
What is the mainstream media missing?
What are the big stories that we just aren't getting any coverage of?
Yeah, we can talk about the psychotic leftists and their new religion of transgenderism and sexuality and activism.
That's a real thing.
That's a real issue.
I can sit here and I can fearmonger over these stories coming out and they're talking about new viruses and disease X and the vaccines killing all these people.
That's definitely happening.
That's definitely real.
But There's two things right now that nobody's talking about that are really probably the biggest things right now.
And nobody wants to talk about them.
And I guess part of that is the American people are kind of just numb.
And as long as your Netflix series is still going, or your favorite sports team is still playing, or the concerts are still going, and the restaurants are still open, and the golf course is still, you know, green with grass and everything, I guess maybe then everything's fine.
But from the perspective of your politicians and the mainstream media, they still got their millions of dollars, they still got their fancy cars and their fancy houses and their fancy security, so it's just not real.
It's just not real.
None of this is real.
It doesn't exist.
It's not a real threat.
Go about your day.
They don't care.
It's not real to them.
But let me tell you.
These two stories are extremely real.
And it's the biggest thing that nobody's talking about.
And the media and our politicians are so disconnected, they think it's funny.
Oh, we're going to defend Joe Biden, the no-show president who doesn't even know where he is half the time, who lies about everything.
We're going to defend him and we're going to laugh about it because, haha, those Trump supporters hate it so much.
We're going to stick it to them.
No, the fact Joe Biden is a criminal and has sold this country out, and then the one aspect nobody's talking about is MIA.
Joe Biden is an MIA president.
He never shows up to work.
He doesn't have press conferences.
He doesn't talk to the media.
He doesn't have meetings with foreign leaders.
He doesn't call Russia to try to stop a war from happening.
Joe Biden is a missing in action president.
Now that might seem innocent enough.
That might seem like not a big deal.
Except when you have what's looming now geopolitically, that is a huge deal.
That's like going onto the field in the Super Bowl and not having a quarterback.
Gee, I mean hey, well the teams are coming onto the field, the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots and the Cowboys don't have a quarterback!
Oh my gosh!
That would be the announcer for the game.
Where is the Cowboys quarterback?
The Cowboys don't have a quarterback!
It's the Super Bowl and there's no quarterback for the Cowboys!
What is going on?
This is madness!
They can't compete!
That's the United States of America right now with Joe Biden.
We don't have a quarterback.
Our guy's not in the game!
Our guy's not on the field!
Our guy's not even playing!
And the media just says, oh, hey, hey, hey, hey!
He didn't say transgender day of visibility!
That wasn't him!
He's not a criminal!
He didn't get caught with the bank records and 10% for the big guy and the emails and the texts!
You stupid Trump supporters!
So, okay, Joe Biden missing in action.
Joe Biden, the no-show president.
The story nobody talks about.
Well, why is that a big deal?
Because it's the Super Bowl.
And we don't have a quarterback.
Now, I'm about to get into all these headlines.
But this is the second phase.
This is the other story that nobody's talking about.
And it's very important that we understand something.
Whether I'm pro-Israel or anti-Israel doesn't matter.
Whether I'm pro-Russia or anti-Russia, whether I'm pro-Putin or anti-Putin, whether I'm pro-Iran or anti-Iran, whether I love Joe Biden or hate Joe Biden, whether I'm pro-Trump or anti-Trump, whether I'm a liberal, a democrat, a republican, a conservative, none of that matters.
None of that matters.
Because what is developing right now, geopolitically, what is developing right now with what is basically hypertension in the Middle East and in Ukraine and Russia, it doesn't matter what your affiliations are.
It doesn't matter who you support or who you dislike.
The current reality of things is getting worse and nobody seems to be the voice of reason.
Not Netanyahu.
Joe Biden doesn't show up.
And then it seems like Iran is just kind of sitting back and waiting to see what's going to happen.
Syria is just kind of sitting back and waiting to see what's happened.
Putin has tried to be a voice of reason, but even he's just kind of sit back and let his military go about their business in Ukraine to try to liberate the people in the East.
They've been successful.
Zelensky's just totally psychotic.
European countries dip their foot in the water, then get out, then dip their foot in the water, then get out, then dip their foot in the water, and then get out?
And then there's the stereotypical military-industrial complex, never seen a war they didn't like, never seen a war they wouldn't steal money from the U.S.
taxpayers to fund, sending limitless weapons and arms into Ukraine.
These are all the factors that got built up.
How did Donald Trump defeat ISIS?
How did Donald Trump defeat ISIS?
Was it a military strategy?
Was Trump some sort of a military genius?
How is it that Trump defeated ISIS?
There was no military strategy.
All Donald Trump had to do was cut off the funding and cut off the weapons and ISIS was defeated.
So why is it that ISIS is back?
Because Joe Biden and the Biden administration and the State Department has sent hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine.
Congress approved it with no oversight.
And all this military gear, all this military equipment, plus whatever they left behind in Afghanistan.
So now that's all out on the black war market.
It's like, you ever seen the movie Lord of War?
It's funny that he's a Ukrainian warmonger.
So if you've seen the movie, it kind of gives you an idea.
It's the black market for military gear.
So, oh, Trump defeats ISIS, he just cuts off the funds.
Biden gets in there, puts hundreds of billions of dollars back into the vessel state of Ukraine, and what do you know, ISIS is back.
So what happens?
All that money, and some of it goes to Iran too, it's all of it.
Trump just cut it all off.
Trump just said, we're just cutting it all off.
We're not sending all this money here.
We're not sending all these weapons all over the world.
Cuts it all off.
ISIS is gone.
Peace in the Middle East.
Biden gets back in.
Hundreds of billions of dollars for Iran.
Hundreds of billions of dollars for Ukraine.
What do you know?
All these proxy groups are back.
So how did Trump defeat ISIS?
He cut their funds.
He cut their weapons.
It was coming from the West.
Why is ISIS back?
Joe Biden sent the money.
Sent the weapons.
That's where all the money is going in Ukraine and all the weapons.
And then they'll sit there and say, well, you know, when Biden gives the money to Iran, don't they know it just goes to the proxies and goes to the terror groups?
Yeah, you think it's just Iran?
You don't think that's going on in Ukraine?
Give me a break!
Give me a break!
Okay, but aside from setting the table here, Let's get into these headlines and explain why it doesn't matter whether you're pro-Russia, anti-Russia, pro-Israel, anti-Israel.
The latest developments are probably the biggest yet and nobody in the mainstream media even gets it.
They don't even get it because the mainstream media is just basically drug around by the CIA, drug around by the State Department, like a dog whose leash is caught on the hubcap of a car or something.
So hey, they still got their millions of dollars, they still got their fancy homes, fancy securities, everything's fine with them, so it's all good.
No, let me tell you, folks, things are not all good.
And the fact that our politicians and mainstream media don't even have enough wherewithal or understanding to see how serious these latest developments are, it shows you how out to lunch they truly are.
And it shows you why they miss everything.
From COVID, to the stolen election, to Trump getting in in 2016.
They miss everything.
Because they're asleep at the switch.
Israeli strike kills foreign aid workers in Gaza.
So Israel continues to kill innocent people, journalists, doctors, children, women.
And even though they try to shut off the media, They try to shut off the media from showing all the destruction in Gaza.
They try to shut off the media from showing all the innocent people that are getting killed.
They haven't been able to do it.
There have been too many independent journalists and other groups that have been willing to go over there into the war zone and film it and show it.
And so because of that, the people in Israel have seen it and they're not happy.
There continue to be tens of thousands of people out in the streets protesting Netanyahu, saying he's gone too far and now the world has turned against Israel because of it.
And not to mention the UN and all these other global groups that are now condemning Israel saying they're committing a genocide.
Even Biden has to come out and try to play both sides and cut funding to Israel.
So it's been bad.
So what's Israel's response?
Are they going to cool off?
What's Israel's response?
Are they going to try to have a ceasefire and calm things down?
Israel passes law giving itself power to temporarily shut down Al Jazeera.
And Al Jazeera is just one of the bigger groups that's broadcasting from Israel.
They're shutting it all down.
Oh, oops, you saw that poor innocent boy that looks like he was mentally retarded.
Roaming through the rubble in Gaza and then Israel, you know, bombs them and laughs about it.
Oops, you saw that, you weren't supposed to see that.
Oh, the Palestinians going to get the emergency food supplies and then they get shot and killed and the IDF laughs because they're just animals to them.
Oops, you weren't supposed to see that.
So, oops, you know, you saw all this stuff that's really been going on forever, but now it's all hyper-focused.
And so what is Israel's response?
They're not going to cool off.
They're just going to ban media.
They're just going to ban coverage.
So it's not going to stop.
But you know what?
You can sit here and say, well, that's been going on forever.
So, well, you know, maybe it is what it is.
Maybe it doesn't affect me.
Believe me, this affects you.
Israel strikes Israel strikes an Iranian consulate in Syria.
That is unheard of.
That is against all standards and norms.
That is such an act of aggression.
That is such an act of offense.
That is such an act of creating more tension in the region.
It's unbelievable.
And barely anybody even knows about it.
And the media is barely even covering it.
That is crazy.
The Syrian Ministry of Defense reported an airstrike by the Israeli Air Force on the General Consulate of Iran in Damascus.
And they're saying, well, we were killing these generals, we were killing these people.
Do you understand that's considered sovereign territory?
Do you understand if countries started bombing consulates and embassies, what would happen next?
This is such an act of unhinged aggression, and it's Israel basically saying, we're gonna do whatever the hell we want.
You don't like us killing women and children in Palestine?
Too bad, we're cutting off the cameras.
Yeah, and we're bombing embassies now too.
What you gonna do about it?
Iran vows to retaliate after Israeli attack on consulate in Damascus.
Iran vows revenge after Israel kills top general in airstrike on embassy.
This is not a game.
This is a serious act of aggression.
This is a serious assault and offense.
I mean, it's crazy to say, but you know what?
There are some rules in war.
Well, Israel's breaking them all.
Do you think this is going to go on forever?
Do you think the Arab world is going to let this go on forever?
And now they do this strike in Syria, one of the top allies, Assad and Putin, good friends.
Do you think Russia is going to be very happy about this?
This is massive.
I mean, at least the Drudge Report gets it.
Red link, top story, center of the page.
But you're barely hearing a peep on the mainstream media.
You're barely hearing a peep on the mainstream media.
So, okay, there's one side of this coin where tensions are rising.
Then there's the Ukraine side.
GOP representatives warned Speaker Johnson to suspend rules and pass unpopular Ukraine aid bill.
So, he's under pressure, the Speaker, to give another $60 billion to Ukraine.
It's just non-stop with the funding.
And where does it go?
Nobody knows.
There's no oversight.
And then you have these groups that attack Russia.
We'll tie it all in together.
But see, we know what goes on with this stuff.
You think Putin is stupid?
Why do you think he told Tucker Carlson, you guys blew up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?
What do you think he meant by that?
So who's supporting the war in Ukraine?
Who's funding and arming and aiding the war in Ukraine?
It's the United States!
It's Victoria Nuland's friends!
It's the CIA!
It's the State Department!
It's not a coincidence this isn't going on when Trump's president and it is when Biden becomes president.
The deep state gets back in control.
They start sending the money.
In ways we've never seen before, because they had to play catch up for the four years Trump was in office.
So they had to get more money and more weapons at such a high rate, such a high velocity.
We're sitting here like, oh my god, how many hundreds of billions?
How many weapons?
What do you need?
What is going on?
That's another 60 billion?
Sixty billion?
Sixty billion!
And Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Thomas Massie are like, "Hey, let's pump
the brakes on this!"
We've given hundreds of billions already!
And they're not winning anything, they're all dying!
It's a damn meat grinder!
It's so bad in Ukraine, folks, you have no idea the media is covering this up.
You have the wealthy elites...
in the Kiev regime, and this isn't to say that Russia doesn't have their same thing either,
but Russia has no problem with their military. You have the wealthy elites in Kiev, the Kiev regime,
they're partying every night, they're sipping champagne, they're going to DJ clubs and all
this other stuff. And then the Ukraine regime and Zelensky, they go out in the outskirts of Ukraine,
what used to be Eastern Ukraine, but it's now run by Russia.
So now they're going South Ukraine, West Ukraine, and they're pulling people off of farms and
they're pulling people out of their counties and out of their smaller areas, and they're just
forcing them to go to war.
Women, children, young boys, and nobody in Kiev is going!
Because they're getting all the money!
They're running the whole show!
And there's now ads running all throughout Ukraine that show this juxtaposition.
Now I can show it on the air, but it's very bloody, it's very gory, there's even some sexual references in there.
And it's an anti-war campaign, and it's like, here's what's going on in Kiev...
And it's all the rich Ukrainians that love Zelensky, and they're all getting hookers, and they're all going to the strip clubs, and they're all going to concerts, and they're all richer than ever, and they're all buying half-million dollar cars, and then you go outside...
To the rural areas, and the country areas, and it's the Ukraine army showing up and pulling you out of your house, and pulling the children out, and pulling the 45-year-old dad out, and sending him over to the war against Russia, and then most of the times they get there and they just put their hands up and say, I surrender, please don't kill me.
I'm not even trained to fight.
I don't even know how to fire this RPG.
I don't know how to fire this gun.
And we're funding it and we're supporting this.
None of this would happen if the United States government was not supporting this.
None of this would happen if they didn't have the money and the weapons from the West.
Everybody knows this!
So now we go back to the terror attack in Moscow.
Tenth suspect in Moscow terror attack arrested.
And do you know what Russia is saying?
They're saying we know who did this.
They came out of Ukraine, they were trained and funded and armed out of the Ukraine regime, which is funded and propped up by the American D.C.
establishment and the State Department and the CIA.
Now, whether you're pro-Israel or anti-Israel, when Israel strikes an Iranian embassy in Syria, that's bad news for everybody.
Whether you're pro-Russia or anti-Russia, pro-Putin or anti-Putin, When Russia does an investigation into what is essentially their 9-11, when Russia does an investigation into a terror attack that happens in Moscow, and they're basically, without shouting it from the mountaintops, but kind of whispering it into the wind, this was done by the CIA and the United States, using their proxy state, their vessel state of Ukraine.
That's a big deal.
Do I need to spell that out for you?
Russia is essentially blaming the United States for that terror attack.
Again, whether you're pro-Biden, anti-Biden, pro-Putin, anti-Putin, that is like, uh, sirens, hello!
And they're digging into it and they're finding out, yep, they were trained, armed, funded, came out of Ukraine, and these are just like third-world troglodytes that they just, you know, wind up in one of these proxy groups in the desert, And they just send them around and pay them and everything.
Some of them are, you know, known criminals.
In Russia, mass deportations of Muslim migrants surge after Moscow terror attack.
Oh, but see, so Russia's trying to protect its citizens.
Meanwhile, we have a wide open southern border.
Russia's like, we're going to send all these Muslims out of here because of a potential risk here.
Biden has a wide open southern border.
Ukrainian drones hit Russia's third largest oil refinery, prompting White House anger.
Oh, you're realizing now that you've escalated it too far after you blew up the Nord Stream pipeline and funded all these terror groups, these proxy groups that you don't even have control of?
Olympic officials asked Ukraine to spy on Russian athletes, according to the IOC chief.
So folks, this is all bad, okay?
Again, it doesn't matter whether you're pro-Putin, anti-Putin, pro-Israel, anti-Israel.
These things continue to intensify.
There's hypertension geopolitically and we have a psychotic leadership in Washington D.C.
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Alright, so we've got this crazed congressman saying we need to go to war with Iran.
It's right out of the Lindsey Graham playbook.
It's just nuts.
You go to war, you son of a bitch.
You want to start a war?
It's just disgusting.
So we're going to play that for you.
And then we've got some other things we're going to cover here, too, before Pastor Rodney Howard Brown takes over and Maria Z. With their coverage, I'll be rejoining with more news coverage on the War Room later today.
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So here it is.
Florida Congressman... What is this psychotic's name?
Well I don't have it on my desk here.
Florida Congressman, not Lindsey Graham though, saying we need to go to war with Iran.
Here is the psychotic politician that would never go himself or probably not even send his own family.
Fears of a wider Middle Eastern conflict are growing as Syria and Iran accuse Israel of bombing Iran's consulate in the Syrian capital city of Damascus yesterday.
Now after a top military commander was killed, Iran has vowed to respond to the attack.
For more on this, let's welcome in Florida Congressman Mike Waltz this morning.
Congressman, good morning to you.
Good morning.
Good to be with you.
You too.
So what do you make of this?
And what do you think an Iranian response looks like?
Well, I would only wish that the Biden administration had the same guts as the Israelis do because they know, the Israelis know the heart of the problem.
The real disease here is Iran.
Iran is behind Hezbollah and Lebanon.
It's behind Hamas and Gaza.
It's behind the Houthis that are attacking international shipping.
Yeah, Houthis are now making deals with Russia, by the way.
The militias in Iraq that have attacked our bases.
Our bases in the Middle East.
Because you vote for bills that fund Ukraine.
No, you voted for every bill.
This guy's unreal.
Pause it here, pause it.
This guy is just unreal.
to keep a lid on ISIS, which is exploding back on the scene.
So rather than doing what the Biden administration is doing, which is swatting at all of these different
groups exhausting our military and letting them be target practice.
No, you voted for every bill.
They're going to the real cause of all of which are me.
This guy is just unreal.
So, I mean, I don't know much about Mike Waltz, but I'll tell you what, I can assume a bunch of things
from Erringham to speak for 60 seconds.
He's basically funded and run by the Israeli lobby.
He's probably voted for every bill that expands spending in Israel and in Ukraine.
And then he comes up here and says, oh, look, ISIS has expanded.
Yeah, you pour the money and the weapons into the Middle East and into Ukraine that ends up in the hands of ISIS.
Oh, I wish we had the guts Israel had.
You mean the whole world turning against Israel?
You mean them on camera killing innocent children and women?
Bombing an embassy in Syria?
We need to go after Iran!
It's the scourge of the world!
Show your tongue!
Does it have an Israeli flag on it?
Have you been licking some Israeli butthole?
I mean, this is disgusting!
But see, here's the problem with Representative Mike Waltz.
He probably lives a nice life.
He's probably a nice guy!
Probably a nice guy.
But I guess he's not concerned about his children if he has them.
I guess he's not concerned about his family if he has a family.
Hey Mike, I got some news for you in case you didn't know, bud.
In case you didn't know.
I mean, I know you're a sitting congressman and everything, but in case you didn't know.
You know the border's wide open, bud?
Did you know that?
At least 8 million people have poured over our southern border.
Who they are, what they are, where they came from, do you know?
Oh, let's bomb Iran!
Let's bomb over here!
Let's bomb the Russians!
Hey, hey, bud!
We don't have a secure border!
And now you're going on TV Banging the drums of war against Iran, we got a wide-open southern border!
And you even sit here, and you say, ISIS is a threat now, ISIS is a problem now.
Well, how do you know ISIS isn't pouring over our southern border?
And now you're sitting here talking trash on a TV show, with a wide-open southern border!
Now you're up here saber-rattling, and we have a wide-open southern border!
Oh yeah, Russia, oh yeah, we don't have to worry about the Russians, we don't have to worry about the Iranians, we're big, tough Americans!
I mean, it's just, it's just, it's just disgusting.
It's just, it's just disgusting.
Interesting, continue.
Israel took seven of them out.
Two of them very senior, and I think that was a smart move on the Israelis' part.
Yeah, and in the case of an Iranian response, which again this morning we're learning will happen, we'll get to know how it will happen or when it will happen.
What could that mean for the U.S.
in all of this?
And our ally, Israel.
Well, what the Iranian response will likely be is to trigger Hezbollah to Israel's north in Lebanon, which is far more dangerous, better armed and numerous than Hamas is in Gaza.
They've been holding that over the Israelis head and I expect to see that violence.
increase and those attacks increase.
But look, Israel already has over 100,000 of its people that
have had to become refugees that are displaced from their homes and
their communities in northern Israel because of the fighting that's already
occurring, unfortunately, I fear that's going to be the next.
But yet he's up here, he's encouraging the knocking over the dominoes.
A circle of fire around Israel.
What will this administration do?
He's right about that.
The way this administration could help Israel is cut off the cash in Iran.
The irony here is Iran is selling its oil to China, 90% of its oil is going to China.
So yeah, you could definitely hold in on all that, Biden giving the money to
Iran, and he's right about the situation for Israel.
So I don't know how that makes him smart to bomb an embassy.
But it's just, why are we doing this?
Where are the voices for peace?
Where are the voices for putting out this geopolitical tension?
I'm a little more concerned about a potential World War III situation or a nuclear strike than I am about a virus, but there's reason to be concerned about that as well.
Virologist warns imminent new COVID crisis among vaccinated will cause chaos and collapse society.
World-renowned Belgian virologist Gert van der Bosch issued a grave warning of an imminent massive tsunami of COVID illnesses and deaths among the vaccinated that will collapse hospitals and cause financial, economic, and social chaos.
Well, I don't know why that wouldn't have happened already if it hasn't already.
But man!
You know, I was gonna Tie this into the show opening as well, so that it wasn't all negative.
But, folks, there is a massive awakening happening right now.
There's no other way to put it.
There is a massive awakening.
And it's not even necessarily political with the left-right paradigm.
People are accepting some of these realities.
They're spraying us with chemicals in the sky.
They're putting poisons in our food and water.
They're jacking with these vaccines.
They're not even really vaccines.
They're killing us with them.
I mean, these are average dinner table conversations now.
And see, I'm just kind of known as the conspiracy guy.
Not because I go around when I'm out in public or go to the gym with my gym buddies and talk about it or go golfing and have to talk about it.
It's just, people know what I do, and if they have a question about something, they'll bring it up to me and they just see I'm informed.
But now it's like, I'm hearing from people and they're like, hey!
I'm talking to my cousins, I'm talking to my brother, my sister, my friends, my family at Easter, and they're bringing up chemtrails!
And they're bringing up killer vaccines!
Hell, some of them are talking about flat Earth!
And it's not even whether the Earth is flat or not.
The point is, We've been lied to so much by our media.
We've been lied to so much from our government.
And it's just all the signs, all the symptoms, like it's just hitting everybody.
It's just like a Mack truck, just boom!
And so it's like, whoa, you're, oh my God, I've been lied to my whole life.
What the hell, is the earth flat?
What the hell is going on?
So I get it.
But no, it's not, Now, it's been a complete shift.
It used to be, you go to dinner and you talk about chemtrails, you're going to be the crazy person.
Now you go to dinner and someone's like, there's no such thing as chemtrails, you're the idiot!
You're the moron!
You're the joke!
And so all this stuff is undeniable now.
And it's not even, it's just, it's a spiritual thing.
Yeah, you could look at this and say, hey, gas prices are up again.
Hey, my grocery bill's up.
My energy bill's the highest it's ever been.
Nobody can afford their mortgage, their car payments.
What the hell?
And maybe they equate that to policy.
But man, they really forced people to take this vaccine.
And almost everybody knows someone that's been hit with a side effect.
I mean, no, no, no.
I would say everybody knows somebody that's been hit with a side effect.
I mean, I can do just a quick sample size.
We got about a 10-person crew here today.
I know somebody that's been hit with a side effect.
What about you over there, working the camera?
You know somebody that's been hit with a side effect?
I can ask everybody in here and they know somebody that's been hit with a side effect.
Every day it's in the news.
A professional athlete drops dead, heart attack.
You never saw that before?
People know what's going on.
So you start to get into this area and then it becomes this, well, you know, I've never really been political and All I really see is this same media complex that lied to me about the vaccines, and lied to me about this, that, and the other thing, and it's the same people telling me I shouldn't vote for Trump, but I mean, gee, you know, life in America was better under Trump.
It's not even that they like Trump, or it's not even a political thing, it's just observing the world around them.
And accepting some of the realities here.
They got these labs all over the country anyway.
Staff at taxpayer-funded Colorado Virus Lab, bitten by COVID-infected hamsters and bats, and they refuse to alert the public.
What is it?
Oh, this guy just runs into the lab?
And then bats and rats and all this stuff is biting him?
And like, oh my god, I'm bitten!
And then he runs outside?
Oh, he's coughing and touching everybody.
What the hell is this?
Twelve monkeys?
How does this crap happen?
How does a bridge collapse?
How do we have all these infrastructure collapses?
How do we have processing plants burning to the ground?
Farms burning to the ground?
Nobody's been talking about this massive wildfire in Texas.
Just massive farms!
Just totally destroyed!
Yeah, yeah.
Steak prices are going up.
Don't worry, the liberals don't realize that.
They don't eat steak.
Another high-level bio-weapons lab is under the gun after it was revealed that there have been at least 50 serious safety incidents since 2020.
Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna run into the bat tank!
It's fun!
None of the 50-plus incidents were ever reported publicly.
Other incidents at the Colorado State University Lab, which handles the world's deadliest viruses, including coronavirus, include one in which workers were splashed in the face with blood from tuberculosis-positive mice.
We're playing with blood!
And it's all this game.
And it's all this game.
Hey, COVID comes out and now you got to lock down and shut down and wear a mask.
And some of these poor people are still wearing a mask thinking it's saving them from something.
But then you go to the highest level bio labs and they're running around like bait for rats that are infected with disease and not telling anybody about it.
Hey, but we're all still here, aren't we?
So isn't that something?
Yeah, you get locked down while your border is wide open.
You get locked down while your border is wide open.
But they'll put you in a 15-minute city.
You know, I've lived somewhere where you can get from one end to the other in 15 minutes.
Can you guess where it was?
Federal prison.
Don't worry, they had all the food I needed.
Limit of how much you could have.
But no, I've lived in a 15-minute city.
Nice, very nice walls.
Big barbed wire, lots of security.
Yeah, I've lived in a 15-minute city.
It was called a federal prison.
Wouldn't recommend it.
But oh, you repackage it.
It's trendy and liberal and green new energy.
Oh yeah, oh.
I get a pod.
I get to eat bug protein.
I'm saving the planet.
I'm so much better than you.
15-minute cities will be open prisons for humanity.
Special report at InfoWars.com.
And they're already testing these things.
London mayoral candidate Shaim Batra, sounds English, issued a stark warning about the 15-minute city concept that is a central pillar of the globalist Great Reset Agenda.
Hey, at least he knows what's going on.
At least he's warning the people of England.
And he's right, he says, you won't be able to drive a petrol or diesel car anymore.
Ten states in the United States are trying to ban gas-powered engines.
If you want food, you will get a calorie-controlled system sent to you by text saying, this is what you can eat today.
If you violate any of these things, they will freeze your bank account.
So he's got it totally right.
Do you think Cheyenne Batra is going to win the mayor's role?
Probably not.
It'd be the best thing to happen to London in a long time if he did.
But see, this is the awakening I'm talking about.
People are getting it.
Not the Florida congressman who wants to strike Iran.
He doesn't get it, obviously.
Marjorie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massey, these people get it.
Tech startup working on building a robot that uses an AI-powered brain.
That sounds fun.
But the AI will run the entire smart city.
It'll be great.
But see, they just act like it's AI.
It's all programmed with all these preconceived notions.
Like, how does an AI say, oh, if I had to choose between letting a nuclear strike happen or saying the N-word, I'd let the nuclear strike happen.
How is that?
What is that?
But don't worry, because maybe the A.I.
can determine what a woman is.
People in New York apparently can't.
The video's at InfoWars.com.
Does New York have any idea what a woman is?
Residents struggle to explain basic biological reality.
Shut up, you bigot.
It was just Trans Day of Visibility.
Yeah, that woman with a big, big bulge in her pants?
Yeah, that's a woman, baby.
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Take action now.
Jimmy Chirizia is a former policeman.
He's under sanctions from the UK for his actions here.
But he does remain one of the most powerful people in Haiti today and he doesn't like being interrupted.
This is the Guatemalan and Salvadoran consulate being ransacked.
Hospitals have been too.
In most of the capital, it's not the police in control, but Haiti's ultra-violent gangs.
This is the Haiti we have all come to know and love.
While we were in Haiti, we offered Haitians their own version of Make America Great Again hats.
It's a hat that says Haiti is great already.
We offered it to them and they were quite happy to have it.
Who's heard of Donald Trump?
Can you translate?
Donald Trump was on television, and then a bunch of grown-ups got drunk, and they made him president.
After the Clintons had their way with Haiti, manipulating its economy in the 1990s and then plundering the millions in aid money the world gave the survivors of the 2010 earthquake, it has been a slippery slope.
So, where did the money go?
Well, the country's first act was to provide what they claimed were hurricane-proof emergency trailers, which they say could also have been used to school the island's children.
Didn't turn out too well.
Two more bodies, a man and a woman shot as they rode a motorcycle.
Nobody knows why any of these murders are happening.
We see the dead every day.
Under the umbrella of the Biden administration, total chaos has been unleashed.
Even as the international community gets behind a new Haiti-led transition plan to end the gang uprising.
Choose a new Prime Minister, an interim Prime Minister.
More U.S.
Marines are now on the ground in war-torn Haiti, as the Defense Department says it's ready to evacuate American citizens at any time.
But there's a much different message coming from the State Department, which says it has no idea how many Americans are trapped in the country, and no plans to get them out.
We always plan for all sorts of contingencies, but no, we are not actively planning for any evacuation.
The Prime Minister has resigned and the gangs have seized control.
President Biden's reaction?
Send the survivors that make it out to Guantanamo Bay and then flood Florida with them.
What are we doing?
To prepare for that wave and to ensure that these people are not paroled into the United States as the administration has done with people on the southern border.
But these aren't your average refugees.
These refugees bring the Democrats' normalization of cannibalism to our shores as well.
Because the most ingenious way to reduce the population is to have that population eat itself.
So they're saying that they can take tissue and muscle from celebrities and mix it with animal meat and some other things and grow actual meats out of it in a lab.
If the person okayed it, I would eat a human.
If you were in a very fancy restaurant and they were like a tiny piece of human meat.
No, no, no.
I think the only way I would... You wouldn't try a tiny bite?
Absolutely not.
A man is in custody after a witness said he was eating a detached leg.
You heard that right.
Kern County Sheriff's Office tells us that that detached leg came from a person hit by a train in this area this morning.
For airborne states, we just chop human meat.
And Biden adds, furthermore, have them bankrupt the blue cities and then have them all shipped to red states.
Last fall DHS sent this official notice saying nearly 600 quote non-citizens were looking to travel to these areas highlighted on your screen.
Most of them coming from Guatemala, Venezuela, Honduras and Mexico.
It's very troubling That someone can come to this country named Nashville or greater Nashville as the destination and we're not finding out about it four months later.
Congressman Andy Ogles telling Fox 17 News that he had a conference call with DHS yesterday with a series of questions, including a request for updated numbers, how people will be tracked, and if they have prior convictions.
They didn't have any good answers.
There may still be some use for the Haitians when it comes to the criminal aims of the Democratic Party.
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.
Well, today I have the honor of hosting the Alex Jones show for the next two hours.
Rodney Brown here all the way from Tampa, Florida.
And Alex is away with his wife and daughter on a vacation.
Much needed.
Alex, have a great, great rest.
And I want to encourage everybody watching, support Alex Jones in the InfoWars.
I mean, there's crazy stuff going on.
Alex blew the whistle on this stuff years and years and years ago.
And one thing you found out is right.
Anyway, crazy, crazy stuff that's going on.
Okay, let me just hit you up.
So there's a big thing happening now with next week and For whatever reason it's all around the eclipse Now somebody said well, that's a conspiracy theory.
Well, I mean, that's what the show is about, isn't it?
I think the show the show has exposed many many conspiracy theories as a fact so I'm going to be showing a lot of things around what maybe they're planning.
And what actually, the thing that got my attention wasn't the eclipse, because I've been through eclipses.
You know, I come from Africa, we've seen several of them.
And we used to take the negative film, you know, when you used to process old photographs, and we would double up on it and then look and we would watch the whole eclipse.
But this is what got my attention.
This came out March the 30th, BRICS News.
And China, the President of China warns its citizens visiting the United States to take safety precautions and to be prepared for various unexpected situations.
Like, what?
So what's going on here?
And then all of this stuff, like a hype around the 8th eclipse.
It's like, well, we've had eclipses.
But no, I think it's in Oklahoma, they banned, they told trucks can't be on the road during the eclipse.
Maybe if you have the headline for that, you can put that up.
I mean, New York City, the prisoners are suing because they want to lock down the prisons for the duration of the eclipse.
Yeah, inmates in New York are suing the State Correction Department for the decision to lock down the prisons during next Monday's total solar eclipse.
Like, what in the world?
Yeah, total, totality ready US braces for April the 8th solar eclipse frenzy.
Okay, bring it right back to me.
I mean, folks, it's just an eclipse.
But obviously, is it Niagara Falls?
Is expecting some major thing to happen on the 8th?
By the way, Alex, I got Fauci gnome here and then you put a Hitler mustache on him and you left that.
I should have had you sign it before you left him.
But anyway, these are Fauci gnomes that I actually had made during COVID.
But so crazy stuff, crazy stuff that's going on.
Put up some of the other headlines, if you would, please, guys.
So what we got here.
OK, so look here.
State of emergency declared in Niagara Falls over total solar eclipse.
State of emergency declared?
What are you talking about?
That's the path of the shadow.
I mean, this is mind-blowing stuff.
You would think this... What are they expecting?
The apocalypse?
What have we got here?
So this is CERN is firing up.
And I got this off the Daily Mail.
And also, yeah, CERN's Large Hadron Collider is set to commence this crucial experiment on April 8th, aiming to uncover dark matter following two-year enhancement.
The facility will propel trillion of protons close to the speed of light, orbiting at 17 miles circumference.
More than 11,000 times a second, the objectives reveal dark matter, constituting approximately 28% of the universe, yet remaining undetectable through conventional means, leveraging the LHC's capability to recreate conditions akin to the post-Big Bang era.
CERN scientists anticipate significant breakthroughs in understanding of enigmatic dark matter, then daily mail.
CERN to test world's most powerful particle accelerated during April's solar eclipse to search for invisible matter that secretly powers our universe.
Well, I mean, we know who powers our universe.
Bring it right back to me.
The creator of heaven and earth.
Almighty God.
So, this is just man trying to look for everything outside of God.
Which the Bible says, the book of Romans, Even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind.
And what are you seeing today?
In every realm.
In every realm.
Reprobate minds.
Minds devoid of judgment.
Pretty mind-blowing when you think about it.
So, I mean, this article goes on here.
What they're expecting.
And I mean, I understand this thing's been in operation, but they, they, they endeavoring to do something they've never done before and they've enhanced it.
So, um, says the total solar occurs when the moon completely blocks the face of the sun, briefly turning the outdoors dark during the daytime, which Folks, it'll just be like midnight.
I don't know what's wrong with these people.
The spectacle will be visible to an estimated 32 million people along the narrow path through North and Central America.
Which, 32 million?
Folks, there's 8 billion people on the planet.
That means there's billions of people that are going to be operating as normal, but know they're making a big thing out of this.
And who knows what they want to unleash?
Somebody said, are they going to do it?
I don't know.
I don't know.
It says properties of Higgs Boson or God particle.
So suddenly there's a God particle here that they, and this is what they're working on.
So who knows?
And of course, everybody says they are trying to open the bottomless pit and let out the money.
Who knows what they're planning?
I mean, you've got to understand, as I've always said when I've come on the show, that the world is run by Luciferians and human sacrifices.
You can see what's happening even in Haiti, we've got cannibals eating people.
That's what everybody does.
I've got about 2 minutes 51 before we go to the break and I really I want us to run the normal breaks because I came on here Alex said Rodney just do whatever and and do the show and and advertise whatever we don't need to go to the break and I said no Alex I I really came on to help you I didn't come on here to help me so I'm not here for my purposes I really want to help him and I pray that he has a great vacation because it's important now I've got something that I want to play to you Which obviously I'm going to endeavor to do this in this hour.
I did mention earlier China issues warning to its citizens inside the U.S.
to prepare for various unexpected situations.
China warns citizens inside the USA, prepare for various unexpected.
A strange warning has been issued by China to any citizens located in the United States.
Take safety precautions and be prepared for various unexpected.
According to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, several Chinese students and company employees have recently been subjected to unwarranted interrogation, harassed by US airport law enforcement.
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ...said on WeChat account Friday, the iPhones, computers and luggage items were searched piece by piece and several people were banned from entering the country.
The casual observers, this warning from China makes no sense.
At worst, perhaps 20 people from China have had unusual incidents trying to enter the United States.
But they're coming through the southern border.
I mean, thousands of Chinese are coming through the southern border, so I don't know what the problem is here.
But so-called conspiracy theorists are wondering if this kind of warning is actually a signal that Chinese forces are already inside the United States.
It's sort of a notice to prepare for action, which we have 2 million military-aged men, Chinese, on our shores right now.
South China Morning Post reported, and they give the whole article here on the website, a travel warning advisory.
So that's what you're up against there.
Crazy stuff, ladies and gentlemen.
Anyway, hey, put up that thing of radars down quickly, if you would, please.
This, I just saw this on the Internet just before I came on.
And this says here, okay, radars down across the United States.
Each red dot indicates a weather radar that's not working.
What are you talking about, Willis?
A weather radar not working?
For what reason?
So now you've got all our air travel being disrupted.
They've got Trucks, they don't want riding on the road through Oklahoma between the hour of the eclipse or whatever.
It's ridiculous.
Totally ridiculous.
Anyway, we're going to go to station break.
Crazy stuff happening.
I mean, if you're tuning in today, my name is Rodney L. Brown and I'm hosting the Alex Jones Show.
While he is away on holiday with his wife for two hours.
And we're talking about what's happening April the 8th.
Crazy stuff that's taking place.
If you put the next one up, please.
I've got about six things I want to show you here.
So the next one... Alright, what's this here, guys?
NASA is... Like, NASA is firing atmospheric perturbations around the eclipse path.
Rockets at the eclipse.
I mean, you can't even make this stuff up.
And then, apparently, APEP, A-P-E-P, you pull it up, it says here, was the ancient Egyptian spirit of evil, darkness and destruction, as an arch enemy of the sun god Ra.
He was a malevolent force who could never be entirely vanquished.
Every night, as the sun traveled through the underworld, across the sky, his roar would fill the air and he would launch his attack.
So, NASA's firing some rockets.
Okay, I mean, nothing to see here.
I guess it's just a solar eclipse with a bunch of crazy things going on.
Bring it right back to me.
You know, this reminds me of the...
Classic by Ryder Haggard called King Solomon's Mines.
If you know the story, how they were journeying to Kukuana Land.
And anyway, Gagool, the witch, they were having many people slaughtered and they knew from the almanac that the next day there was going to be an eclipse at midday.
And so they used that.
And of course, she was calling them white men from the stars.
And it was a whole big thing.
And of course, they all looked up at the sky when it looked like their death was imminent.
And the one quoted from, I believe, the Old Testament, the other one quoted from some writings, From history and the other one discussed many cuss words as he could at the king and the sky grew dark and so of course their life was spared but so this whole mystique around an eclipse.
But yes, nothing is happening on the 8th.
The Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith will release its new Declaration on Human Dignity, titled Dignitas Infinita.
Next Monday, the 8th, they announced Cardinal Victor Fernandez and Monsignor Armando Mateo will present it at a press conference that day at noon.
So now they're going to be announcing, this is A new document on doctrine and the theme is human dignity, which obviously you can understand is all going to be dealing with what's taking place, the demoralization.
Oh, this is something else which I want to get to anyway.
Okay, put the next one up if you would please.
So, they're announcing a big doctrine thing coming out, could be all accepting LGBTQ and whatever, and you might just Maybe you're not going to even go to purgatory over that whole thing.
Who knows what's happening here, but that's happening on Monday, the 8th.
Okay, so... Alright, now Fox News says, okay, there's a highly contagious pathogen jumping from bird to cow to human.
I don't even want to play this.
I mean, this is like ridiculous.
Bird to cow.
First human case of a highly The pathogenic avian flu that got into a cow and then it got onto, it came from a bird, took a cow to a man.
Like seriously?
Of course a lot of the stuff we will say is the effects of the vaccines, which of course is going to be a whole big problem that humanity is going to be dealing with here.
Who knows what they want to turn up here.
And I know Alex has been reporting on this.
Virologist warns imminent new COVID crisis amongst vaccinated will cause chaos and collapse society.
What they say?
Well, you've been saying it.
You've been saying it for a long time.
But there's a lot of people.
And I will just tell you, I mean, if I go not so much on X platform, but if I go on, what's the other one?
That's with Facebook.
Let me see, I went on over the weekend.
You talk about threats.
I'm telling you, they said let's have a block party and they just went after me.
And you can't even reason with anybody, you can't even talk to them.
They're not even open to a discussion.
They're not even open to any discussion.
Okay, this is nothing new to see, but following a call between Biden and Xi, U.S.
official and now Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Treasury will visit China in the next coming weeks.
Blinken and Yellen to visit China.
Nice, very nice.
United Airlines asking pilots to take voluntary unpaid leave because of the delays in Boeing delivery.
Bring it right back to me.
Listen, we have flown for years.
We've charted, we've flown all over the world.
I've been doing this now 44 years.
And a few weeks ago, I had to make a run across America.
We were going up to Mississippi and then finishing up in Memphis.
And we were on the ground in Tampa, Florida and held for the longest of time.
And our pilots said, listen, I said, is this weather?
He said, no.
He said, there's not enough air traffic controls.
He said, all the flight paths are being bothered.
And I said, well, how are we going to get there?
He said, don't worry, I've negotiated.
We're going to take off.
We're going to fly at a low altitude.
And it was, it was uncanny.
We flew at 9,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico, headed to Mississippi, and then we went down to 5,000 feet.
I said, are you kidding me?
He said, no, if we get up any higher, we're back into the patterns.
And he said, then we would be in a delay.
I said, I've never had this happen in the history of flying since the early 90s, 93, when I first started chartering and moving around America and the world.
Uh, they said we've never seen it, ourselves.
So we've never seen this.
And then the next day, when we were flying from that city to the next one, we were kept on the ground for 45 minutes at a small airport in a small town.
I said, why?
He said, flight patterns.
And he said, but don't worry, I've negotiated to get us out.
We fly low altitude and we did.
We flew low altitude the next city.
So, and then the craziest thing, which I might have mentioned one time, I'm not sure it made it on InfoWars, but On my weekly news program that I do on Rumble, you can go to rhowardbrown on Rumble and you'll see I do a weekly Alex's feature to thank you Alex for carrying it and put it even on your ex account.
But I mentioned that we landed in Memphis and there were government planes with hundreds of inmates and I asked the people there, what in the world's going on?
They said, no, every two weeks the prisoners fly in inmates and they move them all over America.
And I was just, it was very suspect to me.
I didn't like it at all.
It just didn't look great.
Here's another one before we go to break.
Beyond the headlines.
Another one.
The large ship crashes into major bridge in Oklahoma.
Like really?
So these ships are crashing now.
Knocking down bridgeways.
So you got the one Baltimore bridge collapse.
Of course that nothing happened.
Doesn't matter the black box.
is missing two minutes. What does it sound like?
Jeffrey Epstein's camera didn't record his prison cell.
Black box off ship. Totally gone. Two minutes.
Not on there, but nothing to see there.
It's just make-believe. You guys are conspiracy theorists.
Okay. Carry on. Sleep on. Let's wait to see what Uncle Joe and Aunt Kamala are going to come up with next.
There is nothing more frustrating to me whether it comes to news or anything else we're doing
than to know I'm telling the truth and to know they'll just listen to me and take action.
It will change your life.
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Well, let me just say this to you.
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And then also, send a love gift.
Say, Alex, we're behind you.
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To fight the InfoWars.
I want to get into this and this I'm going to be dealing with in the second hour once my guys let me know how much time I have here because I want to still finish up on April the 8th.
But there's four stages of ideological subversion and this is from Yuri Bezmenov.
And I'm going to show you where we are in America and what they're trying to do because they want to create racial rights.
They want to create a situation where the nation is totally divided.
Apparently, according to recent reports, the people buying the most in guns right now is actually LGBTQ, because they've been lied to, said that the right-wing conservative people are going to come with guns and shoot everybody that's LGBTQ, because they want to get a civil war going here in America.
Now, I don't believe they're going to get it right, but apparently there are nut jobs on the internet Right-wing podcasters, whatever, who said we need to go and clean house and go kill everybody.
So, this whole thing is being set up to try to bring a conflict.
So, if they can divide America, then you've got all these guys pushing Christian nationalism.
The whole point of the matter is to divide.
They want to divide and conquer.
That's the way they take down society.
So I'm going to be dealing with that in the next hour.
And I might get to it earlier, but it's very, very important.
And I think maybe next week is the time they want to try to pull something.
We're praying against it as a church.
If you do me a favor, put up the next slide, and this is all to do with the 8th of April.
Put it up, please.
Let's see what this says.
All right, what have we got here?
Okay, well, I've already announced that.
Why NASA will fire three rockets at the solar eclipse.
Uh, nice.
The Devil Comet will be visible during the solar eclipse in April.
A Devil Comet?
It hasn't been around for a long, long time.
Anyway, you can watch the devil comment.
And celestial explosion will briefly create new star in night skies.
Nova explosion caused by hydrogen falling onto the surface of a white dwarf over 80 years, about 80 years, like a hydrogen bomb in space.
Astronomers say explosion could happen between now and October.
Okay, so that's not About the 8th.
But anyway, bottom line, stuff is happening.
Let me see what else here we have today.
And of course, Alex will be dealing with this.
Putin's critics suggest Moscow constituting was a false flank operation, which that's already been discussed.
They made a run back for the Ukraine.
Find out these people are from Turkmenistan and were paid $11,000 to go and to cause havoc.
Ridiculous stuff.
Ridiculous stuff.
Oh, what about the Chicada beetles?
Where's this thing on the Chicada beetles?
And apparently these were, now they come out every year.
They go and they go into hibernation for 17 years and they come out.
Every year we hear the Chicadas.
But this is a rare Chicada.
This Chicada was last time around in the days of Andrew Jackson.
Like, what is up with these people?
Oh, so these cicadas are rare.
Is there a headline, guys, of these cicadas?
I mean, I'm just looking at all the stuff that comes across my path on X, and I follow all the news agencies, so I know exactly what they're doing, what they're saying, and this is supposed to spark major problems.
These cicadas have never been out since whatever.
So you tell me they've been hibernating for 200 plus years and they chose 2024 to come out?
All right, let me get this over here.
Russia, mass deportation of Muslim migrants surge after the terror attacks on Moscow.
Whole articles on that.
And I won't spend too much time on that.
There was that.
Canada now allows for people to request medical suicide for autism.
So if your kid's autistic, hmm, no problem.
You can have him euthanized.
Kill everybody.
Canada marks most rapid population growth in 66 years due to immigration.
Yeah, except Canada you won't have a country because all the people coming in are foreigners and they don't care about Canada.
They care about what they are doing.
Plus they're using the Canadian border to come through into America.
Chinese being caught up in Maine, crossing the border.
I don't know why you come through Canada.
Come through Mexico.
You get in, you'll get a house.
You can take over houses in Hollywood.
Israel deploys facial recognition program, utilizes Google Photos in Gaza.
So they've got facial recognition going there now, which China has it.
Men jabbed with Moderna's mRNA COVID injections are heightened risk for developing chronic hives.
Chronic hives.
One dose of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine contains over 200 billion DNA fragments that can incorporate in human DNA causing cancer.
You see, turbo cancer on the rise.
There's a university, I read it earlier, where suddenly 150 staff and faculty and students have got cancer.
150 started complaining of stomach cramps and now they've got colon cancer, whatever.
Put up the cicada invasion.
This is ridiculous.
Cicada invasion.
Trillions of noisy flying insects to swarm the Earth for the first time in 221 years!
Two different broods of cicadas have not risen from the ground simultaneously since Thomas Jefferson was president.
Bring it right back!
So these dudes have been hiding for 221 years and are picking next week to come out.
But we have Cicadas here all the time, so what variant of Cicada is this?
Here's privacy experts warn the public against digital enslavement as Amazon launches new app for pay-by-palm services.
Pay-by-palm, by your hand.
Scotland implements controversial hate legislation that damages free speech.
I mean, you can see what's taking place there.
And then this morning, we got a church in Helsinki, right near where this took place.
Students injured in school shooting in Finland, right in Vantaai.
And these are 13-year-olds or 12-year-olds.
And they went in and shot, which Finland has very strict gun laws.
I don't know how That took place, of course, people were dealt a little deep into that.
And then, um, Washington State to get a hotline for bias incidents, which are defined as hostile expressions of animus.
So this is presented, uh, unreported hate crimes.
They're launching a new hotline.
You can call and, um, report anybody with a hate crime.
Terrible what's taking place.
The aspiring mayor killed In the spate of bonnets, ahead of Mexico's vote, this was campaigning in central Mexico.
Gisela Gayton, who's running for mayor of the city of Chile, adds to that almost 30 politicians running for office in the past nine months have been assassinated.
But you've got the cartel, you've got the CIA, you've got Mossad, you've got FBI, you've I was talking to a guy who actually performed probably 150 missions with a troop of Halo Jumpers.
He said, we did that past the fall into 47 nations and did that for over 20 years.
And he said, every time we landed, we were shooting.
And they told us to go down to Mexico.
They dropped us in, this is years ago.
And he said, they dropped us and said, take out anybody running drugs.
And they called me about two weeks later and said, you've taken out eight CIA operatives.
He said, they were running drugs.
Yeah, but they were CIA operatives.
He said, you told me to take out anyone running drugs.
And they were CIA.
And he said, they were shooting at us, so we took them out.
And he said, Pastor, I've been there all over.
In fact, I told him the stuff that was going on.
He said, not one time in all 47 missions that they dropped us, 47 countries or regions.
He said, when we landed, we were shooting.
And he said this has been going on for a long, long time.
So, anyway, um, Iran vows revenge as it accuses Israel of deadly airstrike on Syria consulate in deepening Middle East crisis.
This is reported by CNN.
CNN, I thought it was April Fool's, uh, thing, yeah.
Uh, anytime CNN reports the news.
Law allowing government to temporarily shut down Al Jazeera in Israel passed by the Knesset.
So that's taking place.
Censorship going on.
Hey, I didn't realize we were going to go to another break.
Well, I count it an honor to be here today.
Rodney L. Brown from Tampa, Florida, River Tampa Bay Church and hosting for Alex, sitting in for him for two hours.
And we'll be talking even in the second hour.
Very, very important.
Please tell your friends to tune in.
I've got important stuff to share with you.
And also, I want to encourage you to support InfoWars and buy the products.
Get behind what Alex is doing, please, so we can keep the information flowing.
There's a whole article which I'll get to InfoWars.
This is on a website but it and there's a whole video I could play take eight minutes.
I don't want to do that.
I'm going to run through it briefly and I'll talk more about it in this next hour.
It's the four stages of ideological subversion by Yuri Bezmenov.
So he talks about a grassroots revolution to not exist.
Only revolutions that are engineered by a professional, organized group will ever come to pass.
In the video, which we have a video clip, but it's eight minutes, but I don't want to use up all my time playing it, Bezrinmanov states that the ideological subversion is a concealed strategy employed by the KGB and other Soviet agencies to weaken and eventually topple Western governments through the dissemination of propaganda disinformation.
The defector from the KGB explained the process of subversion, which can be referred to as psychological warfare.
As good as brainwashing, that can be divided into four stages.
The majority of the work, approximately 85% of it, involves a slow process known as ideological subversion, active measures, or psychological warfare.
Stage 1.
Approximately 10 years.
The first stage is known as demoralization.
It's a step-by-step erosion of a society's values and beliefs, ultimately leaving its individuals without distinct perception or morality.
We see that happening.
The process entails the gradual dismantling of traditional values, including post-patriotism, family values and religion.
The goal is achieved through the dissemination of propaganda that promotes moral relativism, undermines the authority of traditional institutions.
Additionally, it involves conducting psychological warfare and infiltrating key institutions like education and media, which that's happened.
Over the past 10 to 20 years, the woke movement has extensively infiltrated various institutions and society has struggled to effectively address the subversive psychological warfare introduced by critical race theory and intersectionality.
Stage 2!
The destabilization in the next three to five years after the demoralization stage, the second stage referred to as destabilization, involves generating economic, social and political turmoil within a society.
According to Besmenov, the objective can be accomplished through different methods such as inciting social unrest.
You see that all happening in the last four years.
Endorsing radical factions and eroding government institutions.
You see this all taking place.
The result is a society facing crisis and chaos as it fosters unrest and economic insecurity and political divisions.
The aim, ultimate aim, is to cultivate a feeling of hopelessness and despair which will result in individuals being more inclined to embrace radicalized theological and ideological concepts.
This began in earnest around 2020 with various movements promoting Integralism, neo-integralism and calling for national divorce.
Many subversive characters begin to see their rise in Christianity in conservative media within political circles.
The promotion of post-liberalism and calls to eliminate, to dispose of the old constitution and embrace a new founding called for the unbound executive or a Franco that would eventually lead the nation with an authoritarian regime.
This period of dialectical political warfare, this is the current stage, but Stage 3 is right around the corner.
Now Stage 3, this happens four to eight weeks after the destabilization stage.
The third stage represents a crisis, which I keep feeling they want to try to pull something next week around the 8th, with the eclipse and All the other stuff I've already read to you, so I'm not going to repeat it, you just have to watch the rest of the program if you're just tuning in.
The third stage represents a crisis wherein the chaos generated during the destabilization stage escalates to its peak, resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency, which is what they want to do.
According to Besmanov, this phase is marked by intense clashes amongst various factions, leading to the breakdown of law and order.
The society finds itself engulfed in a critical situation, witnessing political, economical and social turmoil.
Which, let me tell you, if you're a sheriff watching this right now, you have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, five days to get your county in order to make sure that there'll be no unrest and lock everybody up, creating any problems.
Because this is where it starts.
That's why they wanted to destroy the blue, which we've been in total support of our police department.
And even though I got arrested for keeping the church open four years ago, this past Saturday was four years of my arrest, I'm totally happy with it because it started the ball rolling, the dominoes begin to fall, and We were totally exonerated, all charges dropped, records expunged, could meet with no restriction whatsoever.
But the whole plan was destabilization and creating total anarchy.
So the objective behind this is to establish a power vacuum which radical groups and individuals can take advantage of for their own interest.
Both sides of this civil war setup have already indicated their readiness for all-out kinetic warfare.
This is happening in America right now.
Stage 4.
Besmanov stated that this can last for decades.
In 84, but likely that there will be a shorter stage due to the current technology because of all the stuff we have with Internet and everything.
The fourth and final stage is normalization in which a new authoritarian regime is imposed that claims to restore and bring stability to society called the Besmanov.
This stage can endure for decades and entails the complete suppression of dissidents We'll talk more about this in the next hour.
Please tell your friends to tune in.
I wanted to show you what happened on Sunday here at the river.
with the subverters agenda.
This is accomplished with the manipulation of public opinion
and if request the use of force.
The term normalization originates from Soviet propaganda.
So this is what's taking place.
We'll talk more about this in the next hour.
Please tell your friends to tune in.
I wanna just show you what happened on Sunday here at the river.
We had just on 4,000 people here on the property.
And of course it was our resurrection Sunday celebration.
I gave the altar call.
We had 1,111 people respond to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior.
The only hope is Jesus.
There's no other hope.
Now, I know there's people watching, you don't believe in God, you don't believe in Jesus, but let me tell you, that is the only hope.
I've been in 92 countries, soon to be 96 countries.
The only hope is Jesus.
So, I'm going to play this.
If you want to accept Christ, Accept Him as I pray with them, you pray with me.
Roll it.
I want you to close your eyes.
If you mean business with God, God means business with you.
Pray this now after me.
God means business with you. Pray this now after me. Say, "Father, I come to you in the precious name of your son Jesus. Lord,
you said in your word, if I confess with my mouth that Jesus is my Lord,
and my Savior, and I believe in my heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead,
I will be saved.
So Father, right now, I confess that Jesus is my Lord and my Savior.
Come into my heart right now, forgive me of my sins, wash me in your blood, and cleanse me.
Let me never be the same again.
into my heart right now. Forgive me of my sins. Wash me in your blood and cleanse me.
Let me never be the same again. I turn my back on the world and I turn my back
Thank you for shedding your blood for me.
Thank you that on the third day you rose from the dead for me.
Thank you for dying for me. Thank you for shedding your blood for me.
Thank you that on the third day you rose from the dead for me.
And thank you that you're coming back again for me.
And from this day, I will serve you.
And Lord, I receive the heavenly assignment for my life.
I hear you say, follow me.
I will serve you and Lord I receive the heavenly assignment for my life.
I hear you say, follow me, I'll make you fishers of men.
From this day I will catch fish.
I will tell people about you.
From now until the time you come to take me home.
From now until the time you come to take me home.
I receive this gift now.
I receive this gift now.
It's a book.
I want to send you 500 page book all about Jesus.
We're going to go to the break in about 40 seconds.
But tell everybody we're going to be right back talking about what I just spoke about concerning the whole plan.
And I'm not saying it's going to happen.
We're praying against all of this kind of stuff.
But the only hope is the gospel of Jesus Christ.
That's why we do what we do.
I know there's people watching, you know, you don't even go to church.
That's fine.
But let me tell you, when you destroy the fabric of a nation, you destroy Christianity, which is what America is all built on.
You destroy it.
There's no, there's no, there's no, there's no anchor.
All the anchors are being removed right now and they're doing it rapidly.
So we'll go to break.
We'll be right back after this.
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All right, well, here we are for the start of the second hour here, and I've had the privilege of sitting in for Alex.
He's away on holiday.
And Alex, I pray you have a great rest with you, your wife and your wonderful daughter, and come back refreshed, ready to take on the globalists and the New World Order.
I can't really, and I don't want to spend too much time, you just bring the guys, bring the stuff over here.
I don't want to spend the time recapping everything.
Please, you can go watch the first hour and you'll see what we have to do.
But yeah, Niagara Falls declares state of emergency to prepare for total solar eclipse.
So, how many eclipses has there been?
And now we got a state of emergency?
So, obviously the states are bankrupt, so they declare state of emergency.
They can immediately get federal funding to do whatever they want to.
This is the White House.
Spanish language social media account did not mention Transgender Day of Visibility.
They just wished everybody Happy Easter.
Because the Spanish wouldn't have gone along with that nonsense.
And with all due respect to Uncle Joe, the 31st of March was always Transgender Day Awareness.
It just happened to be on Sunday.
And he chose to highlight that more than Easter.
But then I will say this, on his ex-account, Uncle Joe did wish everybody a happy Easter
and wishing congregations that are joining on Sunday morning.
So he did do that.
Of course, a lot of the people are just using it as a political thing right now.
And there's, what, 174 days that are listed for gays and for homosexuals and LGBTQ, whatever.
There's whole months that are dedicated.
So, everybody wants to make a big thing about the 31st of March.
When really, in essence, I think the whole of April is a month now.
I know June is all month.
October's all month.
So people are nuts.
Here's El Paso judge orders release of all illegal immigrants who stormed the border and rioted against the National Guard.
He wants them released so they can create more anarchy.
Far-left judge.
Stu Yuan Merchant expands Trump's gang order to bar him from criticizing his daughter, a far-left political operative.
We don't want to know that she's been funding people and funding cases.
Of course, the whole thing's corrupt.
Citizen groups suing to demand laws are enforced, resulting in an honest election.
Oh, well, hey.
Somebody's doing something about that.
We might even get something here in the next 20 years.
Voters unconvinced Biden will even survive a second term resulting in President Kamala Harris.
Which, I mean, Lord have mercy, what in the world?
Russian air raids are disrupting Ukraine's energy grid.
Repairs may take a year and a half.
Yeah, I thought Russia was losing.
But anyway, 38 chaplains asked Supremes to stop US military from punishing faith.
From punishing face, so obviously it's a big thing that's taking place inside of our military.
national is among the world's central kitchen staff killed in Israeli airstrike in Gaza as charity found a celeb chef.
Jose Andres says he's heartbroken and grieving for these angels he worked with in the Ukraine and Indonesia.
So I'm just going through some of the headlines here.
And I know Alex will be doing all of that.
All right.
Okay, so I made mention of this and I want to talk a little bit more about this, the four stages of ideological subversion by Yuri Bezmenov who was part of the KGB and of course he Defected from them and came out with this whole thing.
Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, Stage 4.
America, right now, according to him, is actually in Stage 3, starting right now, which is the destabilization.
He says it takes about 4 to 8 weeks to cause that to happen.
So that's why I've been mentioning the whole April the 8th thing, because there's a whole deal happening around the solar eclipse and all the stuff that's going on.
All right.
So when we come right back, we're going to be talking about that.
And obviously, I just want to say this.
Please support InfoWars.
It's very important.
Many people don't buy the products.
As Alex says, 1% buy the products.
And he said, if another 1% buy our products, it's going to push them over the edge.
And there might be people saying, well, I don't want, I don't need the products.
Then you can still donate.
You can go to InfoWars.com and say, I want to be a part of helping the info get out.
We've got to spread the news.
People are watching this around the world and they're waking up to what's going on.
Well, here we're back from the break.
Rodney Brown standing in for Alex Jones, who's taken a vacation with his wife.
And with his daughter.
I want to run through this four stages of ideological subversion.
And guys, if you can get the video to InfoWars, obviously they can pull it up.
I'm sure they have it already, but I'm not going to play it.
It takes eight minutes and I don't, I've got nine minutes and 30 seconds here before the break again.
Four stages of ideological subversion.
This guy, Basically defected from the KGB and explains exactly the tactics of what they've used to go in and take over a country.
Stage 1, demoralization.
Approximately 10 years.
The first stage is known as demoralization.
It's a step-by-step erosion of a society's values and beliefs, ultimately leaving its individuals without distinct perception of morality.
This process entails the gradual dismantling of traditional values, including patriotism, family values, and religion.
This goal is achieved through the dissemination of propaganda that provokes moral relativism and undermines the authority of traditional institutions.
Additionally, it involves conducting psychological warfare and infiltrating key institutions like education and media, which has happened in America.
Over the past 10 to 20 years, the woke movement has extensively infiltrated various institutions and society Has struggled to effectively address the subversive psychological warfare introduced by critical race theory and intersectionality.
Now, uh, the person that actually got all this information to me is a man called Michael O'Fallon.
And you can, you can find his, uh, on, on X at atsovmichael, at s-o-v-michael, m-i-c-h-a-e-l.
And he, he actually sent me all this information.
Stage two is demoralization.
The next three to five years after the demoralization stage, the second stage referred to as destabilization.
Sorry, destabilization, yeah.
Involves generating economic and social and political turmoil within a society.
According to Besmanoff, this objective can be accomplished through different methods, such as inciting social unrest, endorsing radical factions, and enroding government institutions.
The result is a society facing crisis and chaos as it fosters unrest and economic insecurity and political divisions.
The ultimate aim is to cultivate a feeling of hopelessness and despair, which will result in individuals being more inclined to embrace radical, theological, and ideological aspects, which is what they're gearing for.
They want race rights.
They want people fighting one another.
They want white and black.
They want right wing fighting the left.
They want LGBTQ shooting up.
Look at the school shooting.
And apparently, according to statistics, the people that are purchasing the most firearms at present are all LGBTQ because they've been told That, yeah, all right-wing people are going to come around, kill every gay and transgender, whatever, and then you've got all these people with their podcasts from their mama's basement who have been radicalized, saying, well, maybe we need to take the law into our hands, and if the government's not going to do anything about it, then we need to do something about it.
You're going to have society, and what you see is a whole imploding of society.
That's why if you're a sheriff watching me, you need to secure your region, your county, and make sure there's not going to be rioting, there's not going to be any anarchy, no Black Lives Matter, no Antifa, no nothing of the sort.
these people are going to be put away and you have to make sure that law and order exists
in your county or region otherwise they're going to destabilize and do whatever they want to,
which we see happening all over the world. So this began in earnest in 2020 with various
movements promoting integralism, neo-integralism and calling for national divorce.
Many subversive characters begin to rise, even in Christianity, in conservative media and within political circles.
The promotion of post-liberalism and calls to eliminate, to dispose of the old constitution and embrace a new founding, call for unbound executive or Franco, Some new leader that will come and will eventually lead the nation with an authoritarian regime.
This is a period of dialectical political warfare and this is our current stage where we are right now.
So everybody's calling for, we need, and of course when you look at it on paper the only person really, there's no other alternative, if you can't, Joe Biden, I mean he doesn't even know which time of day it is.
Kamala is the same way.
And then you've got JFK, or RFK, which he has just chosen a lady to be his Vice President.
And I like some things RFK says.
I mean, he exposes a lot of stuff about the Ukraine and a lot of stuff about, you know, how they are subverting information being given out and all the whole plan.
But he's just put a lady in to be Vice President, according to him, that's actually funding the whole left movement.
So, That ain't gonna work because he's a heartbeat away from her being President.
So, the only alternative at this juncture, whether you like him or don't like him, whether you agree with him or don't agree with him, is Donald J. Trump.
There is no other alternative.
There is no alternative at this juncture.
That's it.
However, I'm concerned because I see the President already surrounding himself with the same groups of people that actually hurt him in his first four years.
So even if he got back in the White House, He's surrounding himself with people that in actual fact are still a part of the group that took him down.
So, I'm leaving it alone.
It's so frustrating because you have no opportunity to talk.
I'm just leaving it alone.
It doesn't matter.
I do what I do.
Preach the gospel, travel the world, get people saved, and leave all the other stuff up to some of the other people.
I can't.
I don't have the time to sit and listen.
I don't have time to sit and talk to people that don't want to listen.
There are none so deaf as those that will not hear.
I want to hear.
Even if you have the facts.
Okay, so stage three.
So this is a crisis stage.
This is where we are right now.
And Well, we're coming out of Stage 2, but we're right on the edge of Stage 3, which is between four to eight weeks after the destabilization stage.
The third stage represents a crisis wherein the chaos generated due to climate change escalates to its peak, resulting in the declaration of a state of emergency.
Which, you see, a state of emergency called in Niagara because of an eclipse?
And then even in Oklahoma, the whole bridge went down.
They're telling trucks you can't drive in Oklahoma during the eclipse.
So what are they trying to pull off here?
So he said, this phase is marked by intense clashes amongst various factions, leading to a breakdown of law and order.
The society finds itself engulfed in a critical situation, witnessing political, economic, and social turmoil.
The objective behind this is to establish a power vacuum, which radical groups and individuals can take advantage for their own interests.
Both sides of the civil war setup have already indicated their readiness for all-out kinetic warfare.
Which, if that happens in America, you don't even know who your enemy is.
Plus, we've got two million men that could go to war.
All Chinese!
Within 30 minutes can... And then forget about all the others!
From Islam that have come, that want to fly a flag over the White House.
I mean, we are in a very critical situation, and only God can intervene in this right now.
And that's what we need, a third great spiritual awakening, just like we had in the 1700s, we had in the 1800s.
We need a spiritual great awakening, not a political great awakening, a spiritual, where hearts of people come back to God.
I mean, even our Speaker of the House is supposed to be a Christian.
He's voting all of the nonsense in!
All the so-called Christians found themselves in Washington D.C.
voting in everything.
So how can you even say, well, we need Christians in government?
Even if you have one, what are they going to do?
They'll kowtow.
It is mind-blowing to me.
Anyway, the fourth stage, which can take years, Which a new authoritarian regime imposes claims to restore order and stability.
So they have to have total anarchy, then we come as the saviors to restore.
During this stage, a new political order is created that aligns with the subverter's agenda.
So they control the whole thing.
The term normalization originates from Soviet propaganda which aims to portray a significant change in a country as a common occurrence.
It's likely that we'll head into the stage within the next year, according to this man.
The United States is in the second stage of ideological subversion.
The way to work against the operation is by making as many people possible aware of the active measure and to encourage them not to participate in the escalation that would inevitably lead into a third stage.
Spread the word.
Throw sand in the gears.
We must preserve the United States.
We must win.
So now everybody says, well, Republican, Democrat.
Republican, Democrat are part of the problem.
Republican, Democrat... Ladies and gentlemen, I mean, they are... Right now, we've got Republicans trying to throw the Congress.
People are bailing out.
Just to create a sway, a balance of power, so that the left can get done what they want to get done.
They're in a hurry.
They've got to get it done.
I'll be right back.
This is Rodney Brown, standing in for Alex.
Jones while he's away on holiday today.
I'm good to host the first hour and if you get a chance go back and listen to that.
What's this?
Eight states now say complete ban on gas powered.
I've got news for you.
That's all I have is gas power.
That's what I'll be driving.
We're not going to your electric vehicles.
It says here, war on gas powered vehicles continues while the White House recently released new rules to phase out gas powered by 2032.
You're not going to get it done in the South, ladies and gentlemen.
This is the region where people used to run Moonshine.
And their cars are powered by other stuff, if you know what I mean.
And they also power the other people.
People want noise going down the highway.
They don't want some quiet thing, whatever.
And those things are standing.
They can't even sell them in many places.
Eight states plan to completely ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035.
The UK's Daily Mail reported.
And, of course, California.
The great state of California.
Governor Newsom is pushing all of that.
And, yeah, you're going to just have your little electric cars.
If you live in these states, you won't be forced to take your gas pilot car off the road.
You can still buy these.
Oh, you will?
Yeah, okay.
But, um, you're gonna pay heavily.
Electric vehicles already cost more to buy than gas-powered vehicles, and while the argument is repeatedly made that charging can save consumers money, there are countless stories of charging nightmares, from homes catching fires, to broken charging stations, to long charging times, to power grids unable to support the charging infrastructure.
All of the above issues cost consumers more money, not to mention how much replacing a battery on an EV can cost.
Also, when looking at the manufacturing of these vehicles, the mining to produce lithium-ion batteries, the factories produces the vehicles, pollution still exists and does not seem to reduce much of anything because almost four tons of CO2 are released during the production process of a single electric car in order to break even and the vehicle must at least be used for eight years to offset the initial emission by 0.5 tons of prevented emissions annually.
So, it doesn't... I'm not even interested in that.
No, sorry, Bob.
No, I'll keep writing my petroleum.
Anyway, I mean, Lord have mercy.
There's so much crazy stuff going on here.
You don't know, you're going from crazy to crazy here.
What's this?
Caitlyn Jenner slams Joe Biden over Trans Day Invisibility.
It doesn't make sense to me, but he's very upset about it.
He said this should be, he is risen, and um... I know there's a lot of things that don't make sense, and this is one of them that don't make... This is Caitlyn Jenner.
He says, I'm absolutely disgusted that Joe Biden has declared the most holy of holy days as self-proclaimed about Catholic as a transgender day of visibility.
The only thing you should have been declaring is that he is risen, and that's coming from I know.
Caitlyn Jenner.
Doesn't make sense.
But a lot of things don't make sense anymore.
Trade dispute and diverging views on the Ukraine.
So there's everything to do with trade here.
It says the rebalancing of our economic partnership is a priority, as it is for our European partners.
Mr. Jones said at a joint news conference with Wang, the European Union is a very open market and most open in the world, but current deficits with a certain number of countries, including China, are not sustainable.
European officials have expressed certain concern that flood of low-priced Chinese-made electric vehicles could disrupt production and displace jobs in Europe.
The EU is investigating whether Chinese government or subsidies for EVs gives an unfair cut advantage to Chinese auto exporters.
European companies operating in China are Complaining that recent changes in national security laws have made it risky to invest and do business in the country.
Chinese officials, for their part, says objects to the EU de-risking strategy of relying too much on China for vital supplies and materials.
FM Wang hopes it doesn't negatively affect business and sentiment.
I believe the facts have been proved and will continue to prove that China constitutes opportunities to Europe rather than risks, he said.
The two sides are partners, not opponents.
He also said China is willing to improve more high-quality French products and services, is willing to resolve concerns raised by European companies, including restrictions on transfer of data overseas.
And it goes on.
The Chinese government plays a key role in respect of international law, including Ukraine's sovereignty.
I'm not even going to comment on that, because we'll just leave it at that.
What have we got over here?
Trump Derangement Syndrome Israel.
I wonder why?
What's going on now?
Why would people not like Trump?
MSNBC Host Expresses Outrage On The Air And Throws Papers Off That Trump Criticized New York Judge Merchant's Daughter.
MSNBC Nicole Wallace Had An Emotional Outburst Sending Newspapers Flying Following President Donald Trump's Critique of New York Judge Juan Merchants... Merchants Daughter.
Wallace's play being pointed to by some as a manifestation of Trump's derangement syndrome.
The controversy stems from a recent gag order issued by Judge Merchant on Tuesday, March 26, an ongoing Stormy Daniels hush money trial.
Trump was ordered to refrain from making public statements about the trial's witnesses and jurors.
However, the following day, Trump called a New York judge on Merchant to recuse himself after his daughter, who represents Cooker Joe and Kamala Harris, Adam Shifty-Shift and other radical liberals posted a picture of him in jail.
An ex-accountant allegedly belonged to Lauren Merchant, it hasn't been confirmed to me as of yet, posted a picture of Trump behind bars.
The photo has since been changed to a picture of Kamala Harris.
Judge Juan Merchant, who's suffering from acute case of derangement syndrome, whose daughter represents, you know, so...
This is just crazy.
So he issues a gag order.
You're not going to talk about my daughter.
I'm going to talk about you.
And we're going to charge you, but you can't defend yourself.
You're not allowed to defend yourself.
Mrs. Biden, HHS Assistant Secretary.
Rachel Levine releases video on Easter celebrating Trans Day of visibility.
I would play it, but I can't even.
You'd better even see that.
I mean lord have mercy.
Oh, well something happened on the board Border Patrol detained a convicted murderer, a child murderer, rapist, entering USA.
One, one, thousands more coming through.
All right, let's see here.
All of these.
Massive data breach at AT&T.
Nice, guys.
Great job.
We can barely get service on AT&T and now you got a data breach?
Personal information includes social security number of 73 million current and former customers leaked on the dark web.
This is AT&T.
Guys, you know you're safe.
A breach potentially affects approximately 7.6 million current The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
So, I mean, some of the stuff, maybe they moved or changed, but it's still all the data
or data that's been leaked.
Anyway, we go to break, we'll be right back.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of, is it pro-human
or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debate and discussion about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
And so we have the t-shirt.
Team Humanity with a nuclear family standing against the globalists.
This shirt is a great conversation starter, but it also is a fundraiser to give InfoWars on the air so we can promote and support Team Humanity.
I want to thank you all for your past support but I want to encourage you all now to understand that this is a revolution against the globalists and it is so critical now to signal the fact that you are part of Team Humanity.
We're told humans are the problem.
We're told we're killing the earth.
We're told all this garbage so we hate ourselves and stand down and roll over and die.
We're not going to do that.
Get your Team Humanity shirts now at InfoWarsStore.com and I thank you all for your support.
The music that Alex plays in between the breaks All right.
So, Rodney, I'm Rodney and I'm hosting.
This is the second hour that I'm with you.
I came on, I did the one to two East Coast and two to three.
And Alex is away on vacation.
He messaged me last week, please, Pastor, if you'll host for two hours.
He said, do whatever you want to.
You can push your own products or whatever.
And I said, no, I'm here to help you.
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I want to run through a bunch of stuff here and then of course we've only got 26 minutes left in this hour.
We'll go to the break and then I'll be right back.
But we've got nine minutes before the break.
I'll put the first one up.
The IRS claims $1 billion in unclaimed tax is still there for you to get.
So, um, these people haven't claimed their taxes.
One billion, uh, USD.
People need to get their money.
Then, yeah, here's one.
Klaus Schwab says we will be avatars one day.
So, uh, basically, if we play that, if you've got the clip, just put that on.
...a career of 50 years.
In my own opinion, yeah.
Maybe, maybe more.
You will get some injections and some... and so on.
And... And then, don't forget, your avatar will continue to live.
So... And your brain will be replicated through artificial intelligence and algorithms.
So we don't know.
But at least 50 years.
Yeah, while you be in hell.
Because you might be able to download the way somebody thinks, but you can't download the spirit.
You are a spirit.
You have a soul.
You live in a body.
So the guy's on crack.
Very delusional.
These people are delusional.
And what do we have here?
Mitch McConnell will now serve the rest of his term.
He's not going to leave here.
This guy...
No clue.
I'm telling you right now.
I met him in 2014.
And I was in his office in the Capitol.
And I actually thought I was talking to a dead man walking.
And he wasn't interested in listening to one thing I had to say.
And that was in 2014 in his office in the Capitol building.
Hey, Mitch.
The home called.
They said your room would be ready Thursday.
So you either got Klaus Schwab telling everybody that they're going to be avatars and can live on in politics, and you got Mitch McConnell who is the Knight of the Walking Dead or whatever, and he still wants to serve out the rest of his term.
Then what do we have next?
Jeffrey Epstein, Ireland's visitors exposed by a data breach?
Put this one up.
Just roll this.
A data broker tracked the cell phones of visitors to Jeffrey Epstein's private
island where he and associates allegedly sexually assaulted countless women and
underage girls.
The company behind the tracking, Near Intelligence, left their data exposed online, Wired found it.
Near Intelligence is a data broker with ties to US defense contractors.
The maps that they generated show how the company diligently tracked
Epstein's visitors movements over a three year period of time.
The maps also document a trail of data that could possibly lead back to the very places where Epstein's visitors work and live.
For example, the maps show how devices moved from the Ritz-Carlton on nearby St.
Thomas Island to a specific dock at a nearby marina.
From that marina, the data shows the exact route that visitors took to get to Jeffrey Epstein's island.
Then, once they were on the island, Near Intelligence tracked his visitors' devices as they wandered around his villa and spent time on the many beaches scattered across his 71-acre property.
The data also revealed where the visitors came from.
The cell phone signals point to more than 166 locations throughout the U.S., plus cities in Ukraine, the Cayman Islands, Australia, and more.
In the U.S., for instance, here's data pinpointing... I mean, of course, all the stuff is coming out, but as you know, nothing will happen.
Here's another headline, Joe Biden sniffs again.
Put that up.
Uncle Joe was sniffing.
There he is.
Pay that.
All right, RFK on why Biden is destroying the country.
Roll this video.
RFK on why Biden is destroying the country.
The threat to democracy that Trump poses, do you really think that that is an equal threat to Biden?
Listen, I can make the argument that President Biden is a much worse threat to democracy.
And the reason for that is President Biden is the first candidate in history, the first president in history, That has used the federal agencies to censor political speech, so to censor his opponent.
I, you know, I can say that because I just won a case in the Federal Court of Appeals and now before the Supreme Court.
It shows that he started censoring not just me, but 37 hours after he took the oath of office, he was censoring me.
No president in the country has ever done that.
The greatest threat Democracy is not somebody who questions election returns, but a President of the United States who used the power of his office to force the social media companies, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to open a portal and give access to that portal to the FBI, to the CIA, to the IRS, the CISA, the NIH, to censor his political critics.
President Biden, the first President in history to use the secret, his power over the Secret Service, Donald Trump, of course, tried to overturn a free and fair election.
He tried to overturn one, right?
He's still fighting in court.
federal agencies, those are really critical threats to democracy.
Donald Trump of course tried to overturn a free and fair election.
He tried to overturn one, right?
He's still fighting in court.
How is that not a threat to democracy?
Well, I think that is a threat to democracy.
Him trying to overthrow the election clearly is a threat to democracy.
But the question was, who is the worst threat to democracy?
And what I would say is, I'm not going to answer that question, but I can argue that President Biden is, because the First Amendment, Aaron, is the most important.
But Adams and Hamilton and Madison said, We put the guarantee of freedom of expression in the First Amendment because all of our other constitutional rights depend on it.
If you have a government that can silence its opponent, it has license for any atrocity.
So just to be clear, you're saying you could make an argument that President Biden is a worse threat to democracy than Donald Trump?
But who else has ever tried to, who else has ever tried to censor, what president in history has ever tried to censor political opponents?
What president has weaponized the federal agencies?
Well, I mean, that was odd for CNN to even report that.
I thought that was April Fool's, but then I realized, no, it's just CNN.
Alright, this is happening in the Ukraine.
Surrender your husband to the military.
You can actually get a reward if you turn your husband in if he's hiding from military service.
These ladies have all been given awards, rewards.
Isn't that nice?
Imagine married to one of these ladies and they turn you in as cannon fodder.
I'm going to get rid of Miles, but he's like irritating me.
Turkey suffers, Erdogan suffers the worst electoral defeat ever in two decades.
So, I mean, this is a real blow to him.
Of course, he's still the president or prime minister, I mean, president of Turkey.
But his power is waning.
And of course, this was all put up by the mayor of Istanbul.
I think a lot of people think a second term would be more of the same.
So in Bill Maher on Trump being the worst for democracy of all this.
I think a lot of people think a second term would be more of the same.
I hear a lot of people say, well, you didn't blow up the world the first time.
And he didn't, you know?
He didn't crash the economy.
I think it would be very different.
And I'm guessing from the guy who knows firsthand when he said he wanted to shoot support in Mexico?
Wanted to seize ballot boxes after the election, right?
Shoot protesters was suggested.
Nuke hurricanes.
And I just want to say, the first time he was elected, okay, he had to surround himself with some, like, normal people.
What I would consider normal Republicans.
We're on now, Brown.
And, um, standing in for Alex on while he's away on vacation.
And this is the close out.
I've got ten more minutes left.
Thank you, Alex.
Please support InfoWars.
Very important what they're doing.
I want to continue with that video on Bill Maher on Trump being the worst for democracy.
Roll it, please.
Yourself, General Milley, McMaster, John Kelly, Mattis, John Bolton's a little nutty but I still think he's a normal, okay.
I don't think that's going to happen the second time.
I think it's Mike Flynn.
And I think Mike Flynn, General Mike Flynn, that is not a difference of type.
That is a difference of kind.
That is not a difference of degree.
Now we're into this true authoritarian realm.
Do you agree with that?
And here's the headline.
The first year of a second Trump term will look like the last year of the first Trump term.
In other words, with all the craziness.
With the fresh troops in, remember he brought in all the fresh people in March of 2020.
And those are the folks that carried that last year, that eventually led us through the election and into the two and a half months of election denialism.
And so yeah, look, I think it's gonna be very rough.
And the number one attribute that he will seek from anybody coming into the administration will be loyalty.
And not to the Constitution, but to him.
Right, that's the thing.
That's the thing.
And part of his thing is not just the Senate confirmed people and other political appointees.
But as you know, one of the factors, one of the pillars of this kind of retribution pitch
when he comes in will be the so-called Schedule F, I'm sorry, where he'll try to get rid of
all the government employees, the civil service employees, and put in more of his loyalists.
So look, I think there's a lot to be concerned about.
I've said I believe he's a threat to democracy, and we should be very mindful of that.
So you'll vote for Biden?
Well, with every- Pretty hilarious.
Well, let me just say this as we wrap up here the last eight minutes.
Thank you, Alex, for allowing me to do this.
Alex said to me, cut all the commercial breaks and just do whatever you want to do.
But I said, no, I've come to help you.
So I really want to encourage everybody watching InfoWars support InfoWars.
Alex has been doing this for many, many years.
I'm glad that he's taken a vacation with his wife and daughter and got away because the pressure is humongous.
And especially when you are bombarded with all the information and the problem is when you know too much about what's taking place.
So my job, of course, I'm a pastor of the River Tampa Bay Church, which we started the 1st of December 1996.
We have just over 6,000 members here.
We have a university here.
And we also travel the world.
We've been doing that now in my 44th year.
We're about to leave for seven countries of Africa.
We did 11 countries of Africa last year.
And everything's about telling people about Jesus and winning souls.
And so I know there's people watching the program today, you don't believe in God, whatever, that's fine, but there are many people that do believe in God, and the only hope for the world is when people have a moral compass, and when they can come to Jesus, surrender their life.
Now, somebody said, well, I don't really believe in Him.
Well, their founders out, and this is a poll that went across America, 70% of people believe that Jesus lived and died and rose from the dead.
So that's the latest poll.
In America, people believe he lived, he died on the cross, and rose from the dead.
So, this is not a minority.
This is a good majority.
Whether people adhere to the tenets of Christianity or not, they believe it secretly in their heart, and they do believe in life after death.
Many people, you know, not everybody is just If you listen to mainstream media, you'll think everybody is believing God, and that's not the case.
So America was founded on a mighty, great spiritual awakening that took place in the 1700s and the 1800s, and that's what we believe in God to take place, to happen.
So, as you're watching here, we do this On a daily basis here as a church, we evangelize, we talk to people about Jesus, we talk to people about eternity, because you don't know how long your life's going to be.
The Bible even says, what is your life?
It's even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.
And you can see people just dropping dead.
And of course, they say it's got nothing to do with the vaccines or whatever.
It doesn't matter.
Devontae, the NFL player, just dropped dead, 35, when they found him dead in his bed.
People are dying at young ages.
This never used to happen like this and not on this magnitude.
So, whether you believe in what I'm saying here or don't, I want to ask you a question.
What would happen if today was your last day on earth?
And you went home tonight, put your head on your pillow, and you went to sleep and never woke up.
Where would you spend eternity?
Somebody said, well, I don't believe in God.
It doesn't matter.
God believes in you.
There's no ways Anyone can ever say that you came from an amoeba that then, over millions of years, then became like a tadpole, and then actually learned to crawl on land, and then actually went to be able to stand up, and then actually swung in trees, and then actually became a human being.
It doesn't work that way.
In the beginning, God created heaven and earth, and God made man in his own image.
So if you... I want to give everybody an opportunity, watching the program today, because this is what Alex wanted me to do, to invite Jesus to come into your life.
I'm not talking about church membership or going to this group or that group.
I'm talking about surrendering your life to Him.
So if you don't know Him today, I want to give you that opportunity.
Would you pray this prayer with me right now?
Just pray this after me, just as you're driving down the road, as you're sitting in your house, as you're watching it even on the rerun, just pray this out loud and say, Dear Lord Jesus, I come to you today.
I realize I'm a sinner and I need you.
You went to Calvary, you went to the cross, and you died on the cross for me, and you paid the price for my sin.
And today I repent of my sin, and I come to you, and I invite you to come into my life.
My life has been messed up, broke, battered, and torn, and there's no way for me.
I find myself in fear, I'm bound by drugs and alcohol, I'm confused.
I have no hope.
But today, I ask you to come into my life and I surrender.
I confess you as my Lord and my Savior.
Jesus, be my Lord and my Savior.
Wash me now in your blood and cleanse me.
From this day, I'll serve you.
And I surrender now.
If you prayed that prayer, I want to send you a book.
It's all about Jesus.
500-page book for free.
It's called Seeing Jesus as it really is.
You can go to revival.com forward slash seeing jesus revival.com forward slash seeing jesus and I believe this book would be a great help.
It comes to you free.
We don't need your money.
We don't ask for any money.
We just want to bless you.
And then I want to encourage you to find the church.
Church is much needed in this hour.
That's why we would never close the church down.
Because we are an essential service.
And we feed many, many, many people.
And I said, as long as Walmart's open, and the Gambling Casinos are open, our church will be open.
And of course, people attacked us on every side.
I can't believe you're jeopardizing the people's lives.
We never lost one member to COVID.
We had people that died because of old age.
They never had COVID.
And God helped us help over 25,000 people across America stay alive with the correct vitamins and supplements and made sure they didn't expose themselves to certain things that would have definitely killed them or taken them out.
So, every person watching me right now, here's what you need to do.
Say, Lord, what can I do?
To make an eternal difference.
Because ultimately, when everything's said and done, a hundred years from now, it doesn't really matter who was in the White House.
It doesn't matter who did what.
It doesn't matter who stood for what freedom.
It matters about eternity.
And the only hope is Jesus.
So, if you would let the Lord use you to tell others about Him, because Jesus is coming very, very soon.
And He loves you very much.
And that's why he went to Calvary and died for you on the cross.
So, thank you for watching today.
Once again, Alex, thank you for allowing me to do this.
And I pray you have a great rest, comeback, refreshed, and you're in the most beautiful island, in my estimation, in the world.
In Hawaii.
So we love you guys.
I love you very much.
And once again, all the viewers, please support InfoWars.
Very important.
Get the products.
Go in.
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You can send a donation in.
Say, I want to help.
I want to help you, Alex.
Spread the word and get the truth out.
We've got to wake more people up.
And if you can, if you tuned in the second hour that I've been hosting, and you didn't catch the first hour, go back and watch the first hour.
Very important for the beginning of this second hour.
So from us here at Revival Ministries, the National World Headquarters, River Tampa Bay Church, right here in Tampa, Florida, the East Coast, and me that stood in for two hours to help Alex, we send our love and greetings to every single person.
God bless.
Have a wonderful, wonderful day.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee from ZeeMedia.com.
And boy, oh boy, do we have a lot to discuss today.
The COVID crimes that were committed were the most complicated and egregious crimes that we have seen, I think, in the history of mankind.
And the question is, what else have they achieved through this period that we're not aware of?
How does this link to their goals for synthetic biology, merging man with machine?
Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst.
She's a fantastic researcher.
Many people that pay attention to Bandog video on the regular would have seen I uploaded a video, an interview with her and Dr. Joseph Sansone recently on the demand that was just issued to Governor Ron DeSantis.
To cease the COVID injections immediately.
These are a technological and biological weapon.
And so Karen Kingston joins us today.
A bombshell U.S.
government and intelligence agency report confirms that China used COVID-19 PCR tests to legally collect DNA from Americans and millions of adults and children across 180 countries.
Not only do we have evidence of that, but we also think that we might have an idea as to what they're doing with that DNA.
Karen, thank you so much for joining us today.
We appreciate it.
Maria, it's an honor to speak to you again and to the viewers of InfoWars.
Yeah, we briefly spoke last week where I mentioned this 2020 congressional report that was put together by A number of experts within the U.S.
intelligence agencies and Department of Defense and outside consulting agencies like In-Q-Tel.
I'm not sure if people are familiar with In-Q-Tel, but that's the CIA's division of venture capital in synthetic biology.
So these are the individuals that put together this report.
And as I went through it, what became very apparent was that China, not entirely on their own, But China and the People's Liberation Army and the CCP have a goal to essentially use the genetic data from not just all of humanity, but for all biological life forms.
And it's being stored in the National China Gene Bank.
And they collected the DNA from American citizens, millions of us, and they collected it from billions around the world legally using the COVID-19 PCR tests, which were simply used to collect the genetic samples.
of DNA again from global civilians and global military.
And what the report also goes into is that the Chinese National Gene Bank and the Chinese military and the biotech industry can then use this DNA to make more virulent bioweapons.
So that's not just across an aerosolized attack or a biological weapon injection.
They can weaponize any of our food supply, any animals.
They can create, as I talked about almost two years ago, they can use this to create bioweapons that you would be inoculated with by eating lettuce.
The Chinese National Gene Bank has over 10,000 genomes of lettuce species.
So, it's an alarming report and I think what was even more alarming was The way that this new authoritarian regime under Chinese governance was able to achieve power was by winning the InfoWar, was by winning over the psyche of the American people and the global population to submit to an authoritarian regime for the sake of power and to disregard human rights.
It's right there in the report that that was their number one mission.
Team, if you can bring up the article from Karen Kingston's Substack Bombshell U.S.
Government Report confirms China used COVID-19 to exert power and acquire millions of Americans' DNA.
You can see, Karen's included there, a 2020 report to Congress of the U.S.-China and Economic Security Review Commission.
And you can also see a little bit further down the page, China's collection of genomic and other healthcare data from America.
From February 2021.
Your DNA is the most valuable thing you own.
It holds the most intimate details of your past, present and potential future.
Whether you're prone to addiction or high risk for cancer, it is your unique genetic code and can enable tailored healthcare delivery to you.
Losing your DNA is not like losing a credit card.
We're going to be back right after this short break to talk about the implications and what China and the globalists plan to do with this.
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back.
We're here with Karen Kingston, biotech analyst, and we're talking about the shocking admission from the US government about their cooperation with China in collecting millions upon millions Of people's DNA around the world and what this actually means in that article that we were just looking at before it says Beijing pursues biotech leadership amid a bio revolution.
Rapid advances in different sectors of biotech including DNA sequencing, synthesis, CRISPR, gene editing, synthetic biology and AI have led to a bio revolution that will play a pivotal role in the economy of the 21st century.
And of course, There is an admission here that they carry significant national security implications, including the possible development of more virulent bioweapons.
Just this week, InfoWars posted an article from Dr. Geert van den Bosch, who's warning about the possible Well, he's saying that now we're going to have essentially a pandemic of all these injected people being violently ill because their immune systems are completely shot and it's going to be another COVID wave.
I've discussed the possibility of this actually being the bioweapon in effect inside these people and now even
remotely being able to program sicknesses but I mean that's another topic to DNA
collection Karen.
Where do you want to go with this?
You've sent me two videos at any point just let me know which one you want the team to
bring up and we can go whichever direction you'd like.
Oh sure yeah I mean just to give it a little preface we'll go to the sustainable humans
in a second.
So Maria, what you were just saying, how the unleashing of these injectable mRNA nanoparticle technologies has induced a pandemic of diseases, of chronic illnesses amongst humanity.
Sometimes it's acute, there's sudden death, and then also cancers.
And if you look at Pfizer's internal reports, they even induced rare genetic diseases that have prognoses of up to maybe two years of life.
So How does the Chinese military, how do infiltrated representatives in the United States Intelligence Agency, how do they represent what truly is unleashing of bioweapon technology on humanity?
They talk about it as the sustainable development of human beings.
So, we can play the video, go to the sound so I can explain it.
Gene is the foundation of all creatures to survive and prosper.
Start with the most primeval life format.
It passes through hundreds of millions of creatures, painting the grand picture of life history.
Gene lives in the thriving of life and imprints the extinction of species.
while the key is the preservation and continuation of genes.
The revolutionized genomic technology provides a new force for the continuation of life.
Stockpiling the gene and data for all life will ensure the continuation of genes.
It not only stores biospecimens of human beings and all diverse species, but also digitizes
genomic information of all life.
It will be a global endeavor to be owned by all, done by all, and shared by all.
Digitization of life will ensure the sustainable development of human beings.
It is responsible for the life.
It preserves the essence of billion years evolutionary history.
It deposits the life foundation of billions of people.
It guarantees the continuation of life.
It lasts forever for the eternal life.
It lasts forever for the eternal life.
So they want to achieve eternal life by, by, through synthetic biology, by way of synthetic
They've said this many, many times.
The transhumanists think that they can somehow achieve this forever existence.
It's impossible, of course.
We know that eternal life is achieved only through Jesus Christ.
But the statements about the digitization of life and the sustainable development of humans really caught my attention.
I'll comment on that, but I'll let you go first, Karen, please.
There's another clip that goes through.
This was taken from a four and a half minute video that's on the China National Gene Bank.
What I did was I just condensed it to the segments that caught my eye and I did put What it says via the translation on the China website.
I put that in bigger font so that people could read it.
So there's another video that goes through the development of sustainable human beings in a little bit more detail.
And so again, this is from the China National Gene Bank.
It is in the database section of the website.
for clinical researchers.
So it's their promotional video to explain to scientists around the world that what's necessary is to collect the DNA of all human beings and all species so that it can be digitized and then manipulated and controlled using gene editing technologies.
The China National Gene Bank has Hundreds of thousands of pages, if not millions of pages on the use of mRNA to genetically modify all life forms.
Why is that necessary?
Because according to the China National Gene Bank, human beings are causing the extermination of species.
So we need sustainable development.
Many of us have heard of sustainable agriculture, sustainable meat, sustainable plants.
And typically when you refer to something as being a sustainable, it's usually an energy source, first of all.
Second of all, the sustainable development of this energy source, which is now human beings, means that it needs to be done in a way that isn't going to harm the environment and it isn't going to affect any other species.
So it must be controlled.
By collecting the DNA, digitizing it, patenting it, and then modifying our genome, you know, and modifying the genome of all species on this planet, that will be controlled by all, done by all, and owned by all.
So the concept is they will have ownership of all life form because, as you know, in the United States, At least in the United States, you can't patent anything if it's found in nature.
So these scientists are playing God.
So how are they going to sell it to us?
By promising us eternity.
Eternal life.
So that's it.
This isn't hyperbolic.
You can literally go to the website today and watch the four and a half minute video.
So synthetic biology, and again, according to this report, synthetic biology, as I tried to raise the alarm, you know, two years ago, Maria, as you know, two and a half years ago, synthetic biology is the use of nanoparticle technology to merge non-human DNA with human beings and the biodigital realm with all life forms.
And it is the future of the world.
In this report, it is the future of the economy.
It is the 21st century economy.
That's what I said, right?
So China is really the hub for all of this.
And, you know, they also mentioned how they're working with, you know, large biopharma industries, artificial intelligence, technology, and then they've infiltrated global governments for, again, the conversion of all biological life forms to be modified by their scientists and then merged with the biodigital realm so that we can be controlled.
So why were people Killed off, if you will, exterminated during COVID-19.
Because make no mistake, when you watch this video, the rise of human species has caused the extermination of other species.
They look at us as a pestilence.
So a certain number of human beings needed to be exterminated.
That's how you create a sustainable species.
Watch that video.
According to the Chinese National Gene Bank and China and the People's Liberation Army, we are currently not sustainable and our existence is causing the extermination of other species.
And by the way, the existence of other species are causing the extermination of other species, right?
That's why they want to get rid of cows.
They want to get rid of cornfields.
So it's this report is so alarming and the video is so alarming.
I just wish people would start to Pretend that synthetic biology and nanopartle technology and gene editing technologies, first of all, they do exist.
And second of all, they're not for the benefit of humanity.
I can absolutely agree with you.
Having researched this extensively, extensively over the past few years, it is the most terrifying stuff that I have read.
In terms of what these mad scientists say they will be able to do.
Tim, if you can roll the second clip, Eternal Life 2, and then I'll ask you if you can search something up for me, but let's do that after the clip.
In 2016, the China National Gene Bank, CNGB, opens.
As the first integrated national gene bank in the world, it not only stores biospecimens of human beings and all diverse species, but also digitizes genomic information of all life.
It will be a global endeavor, to be owned by all, done by all, and shared by all.
And apply.
Digitization of life will ensure the sustainable development of human beings.
We cannot survive alone on the Earth.
The rise of human beings has speeded up the extinction of species.
Digitization of life will ensure the sustainable development of human beings.
Our over-exploitation of natural resources has dramatically reduced the biodiversity.
One single species is lost in every hour.
Digitization of life will ensure the sustainable development of human beings.
It will be a global endeavor, to be owned by all, done by all, and shared by all.
Well, that repeated a couple of times there, but I'm glad it did because the done by all, shared by all, owned by all is crucial here.
And if I can ask you team to just Google exploring biodigital convergence, Google that term and you'll find a Policy Horizons Canada document.
This is an official Government of Canada publication.
I've done an extensive series on this topic.
It's from February 2020, Exploring Biodigital Convergence.
And in this publication, and I really encourage every single person, there it is, thanks team, every single person in the world to read through this or as a bare minimum, watch my series on it.
They talk about how basically you will be through sensors inside your body, so you will go from, you know, a smart watch, wearing a smart watch, to having sensors inside your body that are there, you know, through self-assembling nanotechnology, and that will integrate you with AI, and you'll wake up in the morning and AI will tell you, oh you're missing this nutrient or that nutrient, And so based on what AI tells you, you'll have a 3D printer on your counter and that'll print, you know, whatever fake meal you're going to have today with whatever mRNA the AI says.
And that's how you're going to live your life.
You don't get to decide anything for yourself anymore.
They call that precision healthcare.
What it is, is complete AI dominance over your body.
This is where it's heading.
Yeah, I think the Chinese government was more honest than the American and Canadian government regarding the use of gene editing technologies and synthetic biology.
So, you know, we talk about precision medicine in the Western world.
It is mentioned in the China video.
They use a lot of the verbatim vernacular and phrases that are on Pfizer's website, which is shocking when they talk about the health aspect.
But then they do talk about the, again, sustainable development aspect.
And sustainable development has to do with an energy source.
We do sustainable, again, development in agriculture, fishing, meat.
So, they're being more honest that humans are simply looked at as an energy source, as a commodity.
So, I think that's what's important to understand is that the message is by Digitizing our genome and making a synthetic edit to the human genome.
First of all, they can exterminate some humans and reduce the population for the sake of the environment, which we know is just a lie too.
It's just this really nihilistic viewpoint of these tyrannical authoritarians that they don't want humans on the planet.
But by modifying our genome in their mindset, they're saying, OK, well, now you're no longer a product of nature or of God.
You're now my product.
So then you're also controllable.
And then you're right with the digitization and connecting us with technologies and smart devices, which are what the synthetic mRNA nanoparticles are.
They are not Biologics.
They are technologies.
They're technologies by the definition of the FDA, by the Operation Warp Speed Contract, you know, and by the gene editing technology definitions that were filed in the SSE filings of the manufacturers.
They were always considered gene editing technologies.
They were never considered vaccines.
So by using those to modify humans, again, they're reducing the human population, They're creating new markets to continue to experiment on humans through creating, you know, a pandemic of these diseases now.
And eventually it's going to go to sustainable control.
But what's important, the other half of it, Maria, is that they need humanity and specifically America to accept the fact that we are going to submit to authority for the sake of saving the environment or for the sake of saving our fellow human beings.
You know, and the Art of Warfare talks about how, you know, using InfoWars, literally, you know, what they use is information and technology to get the enemy to not just succumb, you know, but praise and agree with your viewpoints.
So that was done to America during COVID.
And that's another alarming thing that as you go through the references in the report, you start seeing that, you know, we bow down to authoritarianism.
We, you know, the idea in China is there is no regard for human rights.
That is their policy.
It is the law for the sake of the law.
And not only did we submit to it in America, many Americans and global civilians, you know, applauded it and applauded our neighbors being Subjected to experimental gene editing technologies and applauded children being pulled out of school and wearing masks.
When they were sent back to school, they'd wear masks and stand six feet apart and have plexiglass around them.
You know, we applauded emotional and mental abuse of our children.
So COVID-19 was, you know, kind of as this report says, It was a culmination of the last 75 years, the last three quarters of a century of the Chinese regime infiltrating the American psyche and Western population to submit and praise their governance style, if you will.
Well, I can certainly attest to the fact that China-style governance exists in Australia.
And, you know, my view on this, and we know that China has said that they want to be the world's superpower by 2045.
We know that the WEF is in very close collaboration with China, even though they all pretend they've got TIFs.
You know, is there a power struggle going on behind the scenes or are they all working together?
Well, we know that the goal is for a one world government.
So are they battling for who that will be right now?
I think there's a bit of that going on.
But by the same token, I think that they've all worked together to betray the people in their aspirations for a One World Government.
But I can attest to China-style governance in this country.
I think the globalists have used it as a model for how they're going to destroy every single nation, destroy their freedom, destroy their independence and make them loyal to the state or else.
You know, we saw that in Australia, clearly, clearly with the harsh lockdowns, the longest lockdown ever in the Western world, seen in Melbourne, which the UN calls the Melbourne Experiment and says, oh, we're going to use this as the model to keep you all locked down forever under the bogus climate scam, bogus climate emergency.
And so the question really is, Karen, all of this DNA collection that they've done,
all of this gene editing that they're planning to do, which they can do remotely now,
you don't have to go back for a new injection is my understanding.
Where is that going to lead to considering their plans to have us all in pods?
I think it's, I think what's, I mean, you're right.
Where is that going to lead you? That's up to us.
That's up to us.
So how did we do during COVID-19?
We failed.
You know, if you read the intelligence reports, COVID-19 was the opportunity to exercise a Chinese authoritarian regime and law in Western countries.
So they succeeded very well at that.
Now, in China, you know, if you had gone out in public without wearing a mask or didn't get your PCR test or your injection, you could have been arrested and sentenced to death, right?
If you were a doctor that sold Ivermectin, you could have been arrested and sentenced to death.
So that didn't happen in America.
People lost their licenses, you were pulled out of school, so it was pretty close.
So we failed the COVID-19 test in regards to did we submit to authoritarian regime.
The other thing that's important to know is that COVID-19, the second point of it, was also to see if humanity would accept synthetic biology and the use of gene editing technologies on themselves and on their children.
And we failed that test as well, right?
We failed it because we were ignorant to the fact that what we were being injected, what people were being injected with was a gene editing technology under the guise of this misnomer called mRNA.
And mRNA is just a term for all the, you know, suite of gene editing nanoparticle technology.
So I just, I want to, I want to read something so people can put this in perspective and then I'll get to answer your question.
This is from Dr. Tara O'Toole.
And she did a report in April 2020 for the Center for Strategic and International Studies.
So she explains that the biorevolution is really founded on several core technologies that I'm going to simplify greatly.
But it is all about being able to read, write, and edit the code of life, DNA.
Biology is essentially programmable.
You can alter the sequence, you can add genes, you can remove genes, you can swap them around, and it's very popular, especially in China.
An mRNA delivery method that allows you to use RNA as a kind of platform to deliver new bits and pieces of genetic sequences inside the cell would be a gene-changing inflection point in synthetic biology.
And the COVID-19 pandemic is giving us a chance to test that out in humans.
This was in April 2020.
They deployed it in December 2020.
So the idea was, can we test out genetic technologies on humans?
I mean, we hadn't accepted it.
They did.
And so at this point, what What's needed to move forward is humanity needs to accept the fact that we don't own our bodies, that we were not made perfectly in the image of God, that our human rights were not given to us by God, right?
We need to accept that none of that is true.
There's no difference between a man and a woman, and there's no difference between a human and a rodent, or an insect, or a snake, or a bat.
So they can do with us as they will.
So there's going to be that continued InfoWar to get Americans and Western civilizations to accept the fact that we are not created by God, and we have an ownership of our body, and there's no difference between genders or species, so what does it matter?
That's what they're thinking of.
And the truth is...
Sorry, go on Karen, we've just got to go to break in a moment, so I'm just rushing you along a little bit for the sake of that.
We'll go to break in a moment, but really this is what the United Nations say in their book Remaking the World Towards an Age of Global Enlightenment.
You're all objects, You're our property.
You are a digital citizen and that's it.
They plan to digitize you.
They've already entered us into a social contract.
We'll be back with Karen Kingston.
Don't go anywhere.
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We're back here with Karen Kingston.
Right before the break, Karen was talking about, well, throughout the broadcast really, how governments really have tried to establish a China-style governance model all over the West, teach our people to be subservient to the state, to worship the state even, and sadly we have a lot of Western liberals who live exactly that way.
They worship the quote-unquote science, which is completely unscientific, They want to kill babies.
They want to mutilate children.
They want to take mRNA.
Injections every day and make sure all of our lettuce is modified with it.
And, you know, let's let's alter our genes because it's it's super liberal and wonderful.
And Joe Biden tells us to while he goes and sniffs kids.
So, I mean, you know, I'm saying that in jest, but the reality is that we have a lot of people in the West who worship the state.
And there's another article that Karen sent here, a team, which is "Screw your freedom,
COVID-19 crimes punishable by death."
And she recalls a famous 90-second lecture from Arnold Schwarzenegger, which was "Screw
your freedom."
And I'm sure everyone remembers that.
But the thing is that this is exactly what they're doing, the ways in which they are shaping governance all around the world.
And in this article, Karen talks about the five crimes punishable by death in China, which include harming public safety by, quote, deliberately spreading the virus.
Karen, do you want to comment on that?
Yeah, thank you for bringing that up, Maria.
So that article is taken directly from the 2020 Congressional Report.
It cites a Chinese newspaper.
So the bullet points 1 through 5 are the direct translation.
And again, these are COVID-19 crimes punishable by death.
So another one was unauthorized obstruction of checkpoints and traffic.
The Canadian truckers, they would have been arrested and sentenced to death if this had happened in China.
So we have to be careful about welcoming in this regime.
Another one was deliberately causing harm through rioting, killing and destruction of property.
Yes, I agree you should be arrested for that.
But again, the BLM riots, they would have been arrested and sentenced to death.
And then product or sale of a fake or inferior treatments.
American frontline doctors.
If they were in China, they would have been arrested and sentenced to death for selling ivermectin, promoting and selling ivermectin.
So again, we have to be very careful about this, and this one also, Americans be wary of authoritarian regime.
Corruption or misappropriation of epidemic control funds or materials for epidemic control.
So that's any American that used the payroll protection policy, you know, the extended unemployment or the SBU small business loans, if you didn't use every cent for For purposes of businesses and getting, you know, basically just getting by, you could have been arrested and sentenced to death.
So we have to be very careful about welcoming in this authoritarian regime.
And then another crime, if you just spoke out against the narrative regarding COVID-19 or any of its treatments, just you spoke out about it.
Go on.
or on social media, you could be arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison.
So that's all of us for simply questioning the false narrative that was put out there.
And what's alarming is...
Go on.
Oh, go ahead.
That was...
Well, I was just about to say that that is now a crime in France, actually.
You can go to prison for questioning, criticising mRNA.
In Australia, they just passed the digital ID bill through the Senate, despite incredible amounts of pushback from the people and many senators.
These people no longer represent their constituents.
I've said many times we don't actually live in a democracy.
It's the illusion of a democracy.
You know, the mainstream media and the government wants to lecture us on democracy and yet they don't actually operate as though we are in a democracy.
You know, one particular senator, Senator Katie Gallagher, who was pushing the digital ID on her ex-feed, When she announced the digital ID had been passed, I'm telling you, thousands of people in the comments absolutely disgusted and opposed to this.
I don't know that I saw any in support, maybe a few really sleepy people.
But they go ahead and they steamroll you anyway.
And I've just over the break sent the team two pictures.
I want to remind people how close we came.
How close we came and how vile people became and how quickly they turned against us.
Tim, if you can bring up those couple of photos one by one.
I called them I think unvaxxed one and two.
Okay, it looks like the team hasn't got those photos.
That's okay.
Well, basically, there are examples of, you know, people saying gas the unvaccinated.
It's time to punish vaccine refusers.
Kill the unvaxxed.
Force vax now.
Screw your rights.
So we should never forget just how deep this type of, what type of a hold this ideology took over people, Karen, and what sort of things they were demanding.
This is regular people that were saying these things.
And I mean, part of the military plan, because this is a war.
Why do you think they call it the bio revolution?
When was, you know, you have a revolution, you know, in America we have a revolution to fight for our sovereignty and our human rights.
That's why you have a war.
That's why.
So why did they choose the term biorevolution?
You know, part of the strategy is have your enemy destroy himself.
One of the Chinese war proverbs is, you know, don't intervene with your enemy while he's committing suicide, right?
While his own bodies are floating down the river.
So, you know, that's part of creating the division.
That's also in this 2020 report how China, you know, and obviously their global affiliations, Have used telecommunications, the media, news outlets, and Hollywood to divide Americans and civilians and other Western nations so that we fight against each other and we're pitted against each other.
So meanwhile, they're getting humanity to wage war against humanity when it's actually this AI, synthetic biology, bio revolution, as it is called in the government documents, That is wage the war on humanity and we as humanity, if we don't unite and stand up to this bio revolution, which is a bio war, you know, again, if you don't think these are bio weapons, why would they call them?
Why would they call it a bio revolution?
If we don't stand up to this, then it's not just the end of freedoms as we know it.
It's the end of humanity and the flourishing of human life.
And that's even in this report as well.
So I think that people just need to know what's going on and not be manipulated by this propaganda.
So in that first article that we brought up, Tim, the bombshell US government report confirms China used COVID-19, so on and so forth.
About three quarters of the way down, there's a director, Lynn Parker, Director of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office at the White House.
She says, we must prepare the future and the present US workforce for integration of AI systems across all sectors of the economy and society.
But under that, You've got Biden's executive order on advancing biotechnology and biomanufacturing innovation for a sustainable, safe and secure American bio-economy.
If you just scroll down a little bit there, team, the viewers can see that.
And for the radio listeners, you know, you can go back and watch it later because this is really, really crucial.
You can view it on Karen Kingston's Substack.
In my estimation, Karen, I don't think nearly enough people understand this threat of, when we see the words bioeconomy, when we see the words sustainable and bio together, what that actually means for how they view human life.
I really don't think people understand how serious this is.
No, they don't, Maria.
And the way to fight this spiritual war and this information war is by speaking the truth about it.
COVID-19 is a biorevolution.
It's in the documents.
It is the use of synthetic biology on human beings, the use of synthetic biology on all life forms.
And the reports specifically highlight that the food supply and energy supplies are going to be aggressively targeted using synthetic biology.
Don't go anywhere, Karen.
We're going to break.
This is crucial.
I want to talk about the food supply and energy supply.
We'll be back with Karen Kingston in just a moment.
The United Nations has published The fact that they have entered all of humanity into a new social contract where they refer to us as digital citizens and objects inside the AI World Society.
This can be found on the UN100 website or the Boston Global Forum website.
The book is called UN100 Remaking the World Towards an Age of Global Enlightenment.
Ursula von der Leyen is a contributor to the book.
Vint Cerf is a contributor to the book.
He is the evangelist of the internet and he says that he got, he was playing with frequencies Some, you know, really high frequencies and he got a message from an unknown entity from the year 2045 that told him that if the UN just went really hard with Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals, that you would make it to 2045 otherwise, of course, humanity would be extinct.
And so now they're telling you that you are not a sustainable form of life.
They're telling you that you need to be digitized.
And today we've been talking with Karen Kingston about how China has collected millions of people's genes around the world, about how they plan to digitize humans.
This Chinese gene bank is holding an incredible amount of data that can be weaponized, you know, used to develop bioweapons, ethnic specific bioweapons.
And this is the case, I think, for many, many nations.
You know, Netanyahu has also spoken about how he created a lab for Pfizer.
And I think that we have grossly underestimated this bio-digital or bio-revolution, as they call it, which Karen has been talking about throughout this.
Broadcast and we keep going back to COVID because COVID was the catalyst for them to get surveillance under your skin, as Yuval Noah Harari says.
So, Karen, I guess I'm just trying to tie all of this in to where we're heading now.
I understand that humanity can still resist this, but the point is that our genes, our DNA, our data is in the hands of very, very bad actors.
You know, what can they do with this?
Um, well, what the China National Gene Bank, I mean, you can find this on their own website.
I mean, specifically, and in our U.S.
intelligence reports is They can use the DNA, like you were saying, to create virulent bioweapons.
So they can contaminate the food supply, again, lettuces.
They have over 10,000 lettuces at the China National Gene Bank with mRNA to produce viruses that will cause serious disease, disabilities, infertility, and death.
They can use lettuces to actually deliver gene editing, what we're calling mRNA technologies, to induce genetic diseases in human beings and induce infertility
through the food supply.
They can be aerosolized.
So the data that China has is very alarming.
And what's really alarming about the report is that China basically got the data through
the assistance of all the Western nations.
The China National Gene Bank wasn't built until 2016.
So Japan had a gene bank, America did, and Europe did.
And we had a gene bank primarily of biological life forms and plant species and other species
And some human data.
Well, that was over the years transferred to China through specifically the NIH a lot, through NIH studies, multi-country studies.
And then through COVID-19, there was just an open trade of it.
So China never really, they were very cutting edge and I shouldn't say that.
They also stole intellectual property.
Reuters just wrote on March 28th that Wu Xi is accused again of stealing one of their client's data intellectual property.
Now they are Pfizer's mRNA partner.
But what these reports say is that China's better at translational results. So taking the data and turning it into an actual
product and actually having impact with it.
Why is that? Because as you know, I also worked in biotech for a number of years. Thermo Fisher
Scientific was a client of mine for about four or five years. And in the biotech industry, honestly,
Maria, everything stayed in the lab. It was to be used in the lab for research purposes,
because many of these technologies and research diagnostic tools were never safe to be used in
human beings. And so, I was able to get a lot of data from the lab and I was able to actually
Because they're extremely toxic and they could cause changes to the genome.
And once you cause changes to the genome, that's the extermination of the species.
So that's why products never, we never used quantum dots.
We never used vitrobot.
We never used these gene editing nanoparticle technologies in human beings and China did.
So they, you know, many of these products that we called COVID-19 vaccines were manufactured in China.
And then ship to Western nations where they were they were finally packaged and produced and then shipped out to the global civilization because China would use these weapons of mass destruction on humanity.
So I think what needs to happen is people need to understand synthetic biology, which is the merger of non-biological biological life forms with technology and having technology mimic biology inside biological life forms, including humanity.
Is blasphemous and is to the extermination.
of the human species as we know it and as we function.
These are also neurological weapons that can cross the blood-brain barrier.
We know COVID-19 crosses the blood-brain barrier, we know the injections do, and we know that those cause neurological effects.
So not only, you know, is your life being shortened, but people, you're losing the sense of who you are.
These go straight to the hippocampus in many situations, causing loss of memory And not just memory of where did I put my keys, memories of who you are, of your beingness, memories of even how to do some basic functions like driving a car.
These are things that are happening to humanity and if we don't acknowledge the use of synthetic biology on humanity and demand at the local level that there is disclosure and regulation, well then our ignorance is going to be our demise.
Well, I wanted to talk about at the local level briefly before we finish up today.
For anyone who hasn't seen the interview that I just did with you and Dr. Joseph Sandstone, that is up on Band.Video.
It's also up on ZMedia.com.
Go to the ZMedia channel on Band.Video if you're watching there and watch the interview in full because a writ of mandamus has just been issued. Just give us a brief summary, Karen,
because I know you worked on that a lot.
You submitted a lot of evidence from Pfizer direct about these being gene editing products and there
is now a demand to Governor Ron DeSantis to end this immediately. Yeah, so Joe's put out an update
on his sub stack and we spoke.
There's very good news.
The Florida Supreme Court moved the case to a district court in Tallahassee.
They did not throw out the case or dismiss it, so it looks like it's going to be open for investigation.
So my experience has been when I presented the evidence that I put together, which is the manufacturer's own documents, the government's own data, And the peer-reviewed publications on the use of nanoparticle technology, when I presented that to commissioners, to sheriffs, to individuals who even were proponents of keeping the shots, they were shocked and they said, what can we do to stop this?
So I feel very good that a court is willing to look at the evidence because once you see Pfizer's own documents, it's irrefutable.
They tell you these are gene editing technologies.
They tell you this is going to cause disease, disabilities, and death.
And then there's the record of 1.5 million people at Pfizer, you know, who had severe disease, disabilities, and or death.
And the 4 million out of 10 million in the v-safe database Who were unable to function after getting an mRNA injection.
And the 16,000 people that died in Florida alone from acute myocardial infarction with no history of heart disease within six months of getting an injection.
And 3,500 within four weeks.
So the data that is put together and referenced and cited that's going to go in front of a Florida court, You can't deny it.
You would have to be against humanity and pro-murder of innocent adults and children to not do something about this once you see that evidence.
I agree and you know what I was saying before about we can't forget how people turned on us and how they manipulated the public.
If we don't hold them accountable now for the crimes that they committed during COVID, like I said in the outset that the greatest crimes ever committed in my opinion against billions of people worldwide.
If we don't hold them accountable for that, imagine what they'll get away with next time.
Look at all those people who turned violent and called for the death of the unvaccinated and gassing the unvaccinated and people in the media and governments and, you know, Anastasia Palaszczuk here in Queensland.
I'll give her a special shout out when she said on national television that the camps will be used for the unvaccinated and Governor Kathy Hochul who's fighting tooth and nail She wants to be able to send people to quarantine camps with no evidence that they're sick, despite being defeated in the courts by Bobby Ann Cox.
She's gone and appealed it.
She wants to be able to lock you up in concentration camps.
And so what we are facing is a very dangerous future, humanity.
We must hold them accountable.
I'm encouraging everyone to watch the latest interview with Karen Kingston and Dr. Joseph Sansone about what's happening in Florida.
This is huge news.
And you can support Karen and view her work and all of her research on karenkingston.substack.com.
You can also find me on zmedia.com @z_mediaonx.
We're very grateful for Karen and for her time today.
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