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Air Date: March 31, 2024
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And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I want to address all of my colleagues who I think are confused about the First Amendment.
The First Amendment does not give the Chinese Communist Party the right to American data or the right to manipulate the minds of Americans.
The gay pirate came out in a press conference and said there's no U.S.
intelligence agencies involved in the U.S.
And they're not involved in the media.
With data and with access to your, you know, bath that you're addicted to, you can vastly manipulate an entire population, which the Chinese have done.
Are you worried that our intelligence agencies are doing the same thing domestically?
I might worry that... I know that they're not.
They're not manipulating Americans?
...controlling the flow of information?
They're not... Yes, I know.
Yeah, do you have some evidence otherwise that you'd like to share?
Operation Mockingbird?
Levitization hearings?
The Steele dossier where the Justice Department paid the CIA operatives to create fake... I mean... Let's talk now about propaganda.
A program that governments to manipulate people's thoughts and opinions.
Well, now the U.S.
government wants to be able to use propaganda on its own people.
This provision is buried deep within the $642 billion defense bill and would give the government overarching power to push television, radio, print, and social media onto the U.S.
I could go on for a couple hours here.
I've experienced it myself, but go back to the clip.
Congressman, you asked for an example of the U.S.
intelligence agencies meddling in our information.
What about before the 2020 election when 50 members came out and said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation?
Does that count?
No, because, I mean, they were retired.
They were retired, but there's no program.
The FBI had the laptop program.
There's nothing even close to what TikTok does.
There's at least a type of, like, Asian heat, like, that people are getting attacked on.
A bunch of black men that have been attacked by Asians.
So I'm like, what are you doing?
We're trying to help the BLM.
I mean, it's individuals.
It's not a people.
That's not good.
The optics of that are not good.
The spying on the American people, the censorship, the last few elections, all of that is admitted.
All that came out last year in the weaponization hearings.
But here's Crenshaw basically saying that water isn't wet and that birds don't fly in the sky and that fish don't swim in the ocean.
Hitler didn't have a weird mustache.
Now, no one denies TikTok's bad and weaponized in that four of the six Hollywood production houses are owned by China, and that it came out, as I told you a decade ago, in major Breitbart investigation that the Communist Chinese Party is funding the major transgender movement in America, Black Lives Matter, all of it.
Yes, we know that, but they want this law to then target everybody else, including independent third-party websites.
So, it's very troubling it passed the House last Wednesday morning, and I hope it doesn't pass the Senate because it sets a very dangerous precedent.
We had the intelligence agencies legalized under Obama in 2012 with the repeal of the Smith-Month Act, and we have them operating against the American people and engaging in this brainwashing.
The Smith-Month Act of 1948.
And I can pull you up Washington Post headlines.
Obama bill passes.
CIA now allowed to deceive and spread propaganda in America.
They're very proud of it.
But they want to have this paradox where they're doing it, involved in it, it all comes out, but then they talk just like children and say, oh no, that's not going on, that's not happening.
Everybody knows about the Hunter Biden laptop.
That's literally one ice crystal on the tip of the iceberg.
That's one snowflake in this giant complex.
There is nothing more frustrating to me, whether it comes to news or anything else we're doing, than to know I'm telling the truth and to know that if you'll just listen to me and take action, it will change your life.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
Well, we got two guys with us in the studio that go into the danger zone.
One of them is a federal contractor, and with a whistle multiple times at Congress, resulting in huge investigations, arrests, you name it.
Carlos Arellano, a real hero, and Anthony Rubin, an amazing investigative journalist.
Most of you know who he is.
Reaches hundreds of millions of people, been on all over the national news, just exposing incredible stuff.
Also got kidnapped a few months ago by the drug cartels.
On the Texas border, right by SpaceX, but was still able to later go back into Mexico and retrieve his footage.
All of it has been harrowing.
Anthony Rubin in studio, Carlos Arellano in studio, and you can find them both at CarlosIsACutie on X, and at RealMonkRaker on X for Anthony Rubin.
And, again, we have Max Keiser and Luke Hronowski with us.
It's what a dynamic duo, hosting the fourth hour ahead of Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
Central today.
And I'm told you guys are going to be on that show as well.
So, thanks for making time out of your incredibly busy schedules.
Give us a 35,000 foot view and whoever wants to start first can about where you think we are right now with the Supreme Court ruling that Texas can arrest illegals, the lower court overriding it somehow, all the craziness going on, the Democrats claiming
That it will frustrate law enforcement if they're allowed to arrest illegals, including everyday convicted pedophiles, you name it, being caught.
I mean, this is crazy.
You guys just went into a New York facility where you delivered children before and blown the whistle.
It's now come out that there's sexual abuse going on, all this other stuff.
They're trying to sweep it under the rug, but you guys are exposing it.
You've got those reports on your ex-accounts.
In the interest of time, I'm not going to play the reports other than B-roll, but it is dramatic.
I mean, hundreds of bombshell videos.
Every one of these should be on the cover of the New York Times, but it's not.
They'll cover some of the illegal alien migrant kids being used as slave labor, which is good.
I'm glad they admit that's happening, but sex slavery, it's all out of control.
So let me start with Carlos.
Carlos, how would you describe where America and the world is right now and what you witnessed?
And then we'll start drilling into the larger issues.
Uh, where we're at now is the worst of the worst because at first it started with children being kidnapped from their parents and now there's...
Good God, the sky's the limit.
Mr. Rubin, what are you witnessing?
Well, what I'm witnessing is we still have our constitutional republic.
I mean, the framework that our great founders gave us is still there.
I mean, it's still intact, but there is a very dark, demonic cloud covering our country.
You know what I mean?
And it's slowly taking us over, and I mean, we're on borrowed time.
So at a high level, that's what I'm witnessing.
Fraudulent organizations handing out bogus paperwork with illegals that can get residency cards and ID cards and embed themselves in America's largest city in New York.
Contractors who are moving these kids into foster homes where there's on record all sorts of sexual assault and abuse and these contractors just get off scot-free.
They just hide themselves from the camera.
They tell you to get lost and they hide their name badge and nothing happens to them.
It's truly demonic but you know like you said like you're saying with these different court cases that are coming out the Republic is trying to it's almost like death thrashes you know I mean it's trying to make a comeback and you know will it prevail I'm not sure but we're trying very well said it is like
Thrashing around for our lives.
That's what's happening.
And you've got specific cases that you personally, you guys have been working on, and incredible stuff on your accounts on X that everybody should go check out.
But what do you make of the federal judge who's anti-gun ruling citizens shouldn't own guns, but this Obama federal judge says illegal aliens can own guns.
This sounds like a red dawn scenario.
All these military men coming in.
Yeah, yeah, I saw that.
I saw that court case.
There was different arguments that they used to get that through.
They said that he had originally bought it due to civil unrest, and that's why he was able to buy the gun, and that it should stand, and that there's no history of declining gun rights to non-citizens.
I mean, it's totally ridiculous.
I mean, there's some of my footage right there that you guys are playing of these military-age men in Panama
That are all on the way to the United States, and now apparently these men could all get armed and do God knows what.
So I mean, it's incredibly scary.
I mean, if there was ever a time to go get armed, the time is right now.
If you're not armed, you're a sitting duck.
I can say that much.
Well, we've shown these compilations a hundred times.
Maybe the crew can pull one up.
There's hundreds of versions, but it shows the TSA groping people and, you know, checkpoints in New York at the subway, then the borders wide open.
So, so citizens, they try to make take the shot, but the illegals are exempt.
Why do you think that is?
Because they want to draw more in?
Oh yeah, well the company that I work for that's moving children, if you go to their website right now, they're hiring for custody and security officers in Haiti.
So it's, what are these guys doing in Haiti now?
And you go to nvminc.com, you go to careers, and you'll see the positions, one of the top three right now.
And the UN got caught in an AP report.
What, seven, eight years ago, massive human trafficking, they reported, and the Clinton Foundation got caught, and the head of the foundation went to jail.
You can't make this up.
Yeah, you know, there was something, I mean, we could take this a million different ways.
How's this?
You have ORR, that's the Office of Refugee Resettlement, that's under HHS, the Department of Health and Human Services, and it's on record.
For example, the Florida, it was the 23rd Florida statewide grand jury did this, and I believe 2023,
Just like Carlos has done.
Yeah, correct.
Will you spend the whole hour on the stuff this guy's done?
Yeah, I mean, honestly, we probably should because that's incredible.
I mean, it's one thing, I mean, it's two different aspects.
There are military-age men that are coming over here and getting armed and getting ready to cause civil unrest, you know, probably political assassinations, all sorts of things.
And the Democrats say they can have guns, but we can't.
I mean, this is...
Right, but then there's the whole child trafficking aspect, which is equally as demonic and equally as scary.
So wherever we want to go, I'm happy to.
You guys are the experts.
There's all these great reporters on the border, but you guys pop up more than anybody.
Other than like Michael Yon, you guys are kicking ass.
Well, we could talk about something that we just did.
You guys lead this, because I can ask a hundred questions, but I don't want to lead us in the wrong direction.
You guys are front lines.
So where do you want to go next?
Well, I want to talk about what we did up in New York.
Unless, Carlos, do you want to add anything before we get into all that?
Oh, no.
Go ahead.
So something we just did, Muckraker.com, in conjunction with the Heritage Oversight Committee, was we went up to New York and we exposed this organization called La Jornada.
Go ahead.
And what they're doing, anybody can walk in there, but primarily, you know, you have to be an illegal alien.
Um, I tried walking in there doing this, you know, myself as, you know, an Italian Jewish American, and they totally shut me down because I don't look the part, right?
So you have to be a certain type of character to go be able to do the successful.
You walk in there if you're an illegal alien and you say, Hey, listen, I want to buy residency and ID NYC paperwork.
And they will give, they'll be like, okay, so write a name down on this piece of paper.
Just any name.
They don't check anything.
We have two of your reports.
One's 13 minutes, one's four.
We'll roll the B-roll while you're talking.
Yeah, this is the four-minute one.
And so you write down anything.
I mean, you could write down Saddam Hussein.
You could write down Osama bin Laden.
You could write down whatever you want.
Daffy Duck.
Yeah, Daffy Duck, sure.
And then Spongebob.
And then you go and wait in the lobby.
They go in the back, and this person, I forget his name, the president of this organization, signs his paperwork, and like you see in this video, they just hand it to you.
So now with that paperwork, you now have fraudulent residency, proof of residency, and you have the paperwork where you can go take and get an official New York City ID card.
And this is what the CIA does, back in the Cold War, they would infiltrate the CIA into Eastern Europe.
They would get them fake IDs, the names of dead people, you name it.
They're literally engaged in
I don't know.
It's just so incredible.
The federal government's paying for a place, handing out paperwork for fake IDs.
Which aren't fake, actually.
A hundred percent.
You get real ones under a fake identity.
Yeah, exactly.
So official IDs that usually only spies would have.
This is incredible.
You don't even have to be an official or an unofficial legal border crosser.
So think about it.
Right, you could be some sort of saboteur, you could be like one of the 9-11 hijackers, you could be anybody, and you could come across- This is the total system breaking down.
You could be anybody.
So you could come over here totally legitimately, and then just overstay your visa and embed yourself in America's largest city.
And you could have a big criminal record.
You could be a rapist, or a child molester, or a murderer, or a bank robber, or a spy, or a Chi-Com agent.
Or a Quds Force Iranian, which we know is happening?
And you just go here and get a new identity?
Gosh, the national security implications are staggering.
And the FBI, of course, is overseeing all this.
And so, you know, but I get on the plane from Miami to come over here and, you know, like it was, I have to get my genitalia fondled by these TSA agents who treat you like absolute crap, who treat you like a peasant.
You know, that's what's going on.
But they fist bump the illegals when they're coming across the border.
I've been at the airport, I know you've got footage too, where the illegals don't even have paperwork, they just wave them through?
Right, right.
Carlos, this is insane.
Oh yeah, and then the other thing that we should touch on is that New York City right now, for the illegals, when they get tired of New York City, they give them a free plane ticket just to get rid of them wherever they want to go.
So these illegals with these fake IDs will end up getting registered in swing states like Arizona,
Pennsylvania, and they end up in all those swing states and where it's easy to get registered because now they have an identity in another place.
That is so key.
And I did the same thing you just did.
So we should all talk here and come up with the right term.
I call them fake IDs, but a fake ID is something you buy from somebody when you're a kid to buy liquor that isn't real.
These are official government IDs they're able to get with this paperwork.
So what do you call, I guess it's a government issued ID with a fake alias?
What do you call this?
I mean, I don't have a term for it, but that's exactly what it is.
Yeah, absolutely.
Government-issued fake identities.
What do you think you call it, Carlos?
Yeah, because on the IDs it says, City of New York.
It has the stamp from the city, the city government.
So now the sanctuary cities are literally creating their own little countries.
Keep going.
See, I wouldn't even have thought of that, the voting issue alone.
Yeah, because Mayor Adams wants to get rid of them from his city, so he buys them a ticket wherever they want to go.
And all they do is they sign a promise not to come back to New York City.
So if they want to go to Arizona, where it's a swing state, they'll get a free ticket there, too.
And who knows what they register for there, you know?
We've got to go get a driver's license.
Because with an official government ID, under a fake name, they can do whatever they want now.
Yeah, exactly.
That's what I'm saying.
Lord knows... You guys need to be in front of Congress.
Well, you know, let's talk about that real quick.
Because I get the, and I'm not hating on anybody in particular, you know, if you're a congressional officer.
But I've gotten calls from multiple congressional officers, hey, sir, we're really interested in what you're doing, it sounds great.
You know, incredible info that you have.
And then it's all this talk, and I think Carlos has had a similar experience, all this talk, and nothing happens.
And I'm just wondering, like, what, number one, you don't even know what's going on.
Well, he gets killed by the committee chairman.
Because I've had federal judges I've met with that, like, think I can get their witnesses in front of Congress.
I go, you're more powerful than I am.
And they're desperate, too.
They can't get anything done.
Yeah, but I mean, the other thing is, they're down there, right?
I mean, they are people that live off the taxpayer.
They're really non-producing entities.
So I would imagine, at a minimum, you're very enlightened and you're an expert on, you know, national security threats and the things that are plaguing this republic of ours, right?
They don't have a clue.
But they're not.
These people do not have a clue.
And they don't even really read these bills, do they?
They just have their staffers read them, and then they just green light it.
It's kind of a joke.
Well, that's right.
Did you see the thing that Elon tweeted, like, Saturday, guys?
Because I reposted it on my ex account.
Pull it up.
It just shows giant piles of garbage and illegals everywhere in New York.
I mean, this is bad footage, but it's nothing compared... This is like wall to wall.
When you were just in New York, what did you guys witness?
I witnessed everything from... Well, the moment we got to one of the places, one of the churches, someone tried to sell me a stolen generator.
And we actually got that on camera.
And then from there, they started to sell me bracelets to get in the hotel.
So basically, the illegals are starting a black market of their own.
And everything that the city gives them for free, like a MetroCard, they'll turn around and sell that.
Food stamps.
I've always said, why don't I go across the border and come back and have all these rides?
So that's that's starting.
Keep going.
And this location that we went to on Wednesdays, they signed people up for food stamps in the city of New York.
So on Wednesdays at 830 a.m., there's a line of
About a hundred Chinese illegals and people from North Africa lining up to get food stamps and free food.
And we didn't do that, but we saw it on the signs there while we were there announcing it to people.
And they've got a bunch of other stuff there too, you know.
Uh, papers that say free Pampers on Monday, free this on this day, it just never ends.
I was reading a family in Chicago under one of these programs of four illegals gets $92,000 a year.
Just from the city.
How the hell are they paying for that?
Michigan just signed, they had a law, $240-something million to build migrant camps.
How many camps you've over 240 something million?
But then, you know, we got to go.
It's almost tax season, right?
We have to go and we have to sign a confession that says all of our economic activity and hand it over to the IRS in this whole fictitious scheme.
Well, we actually, I kind of want to get into that.
Which violates your fifth amendment.
I kind of want to get into that if we got time.
Go ahead.
So, I mean, we got to do that.
We have to go
Well, let's get into it.
I mean, the income tax, as you know, I mean, there's no actual law requiring you to pay.
Didn't happen until 1913.
The amendment's BS.
It's total crap.
And they don't even define income.
They define income by saying what gross income is, right?
And so, if you go ahead and you actually file a return, which by the way, I'm going to because I don't have time or resources to spend fighting any sort of lawfare.
Plus, you're a target.
So I'm going to, just so everybody knows, I'm going to file.
But there is no law on the books requiring you to file.
But that's what everybody has to do.
So basically what we are is we are essentially involuntary serfs to this tyrannical government that is trying to replace us with these invaders.
And what's going to happen is these people will take the priority and the United States is going to basically dissolve into oblivion.
But as far as the IRS goes, just to kind of finish the tangent that I'm on, you signed this tax return, it's really a confession.
Yeah, and what happens is, everything you put on there can be used against you.
I tell you!
Yeah, it can be used against you in a court of law.
So you are waiving your Fifth Amendment rights, right?
So then again, that asks, how could it possibly be compulsory?
Because nobody can compel you to violate your own Fifth Amendment rights, right?
And testify against yourself.
But that's what's going on.
So my whole point in saying this is that
We're peasants, we're serfs, but these people come over here and, you know, according to what you said, get $92,000 a year, stay in hotels, and complain when they have to get moved around.
They actually complain and then jump police officers and get set out free without any bail.
And flip everybody off.
By the way, we got new footage on InfoWars.com that just came in, we'll play it next segment, of a Venezuelan illegal saying, F you, we want 300,000 Venezuelans, we're going to overthrow America.
And again, it's this attitude.
I see videos every day where they're flipping people off at the border saying, we're taking over and laughing.
And they're chanting Biden.
They're wearing Biden shirts.
Who is brainwashing them to act like this?
It's the NGOs in South America.
They're scattered all over the place.
So they're getting radicalized in those.
Yeah, they are because they teach them, you know, hey, this is this is the way you got to lean to keep it going.
And this is what you got to do to get more people out there.
And they're instructed on what to do the moment they start coming this way.
Because I used to get children who used to tell me, the coyote told me how to how far I need to walk north and how far I need to walk towards the left side to get to the camp.
I was asked by Steve Bannon last week on his show, is this too far gone to turn around?
We don't have a choice, but I don't know how, the real numbers are like 20 million since Biden got in, not 10 million.
How do you reverse something this big?
That's the $33 trillion question.
I'm not really too sure, because it's going to get bloody.
What exactly are you going to do?
It's going to require a coalition of tens of millions of American patriots that are ready to actually stand up, strong American men.
I think that a lot of the men in this country have been politically neutered, so to say, unfortunately.
People won't even stand up and speak the truth, let alone actually go out and put yourself in a situation where you might get shot in the head by an armed illegal alien.
By the way, I'm pointing at you.
I'm telling the crew when we post this later to InfoWars and X, I want that clip up front.
These clips are amazing.
What you're saying is so true.
I've always thought it's a slow motion Red Dawn.
You don't have blue helmets.
They just have illegals, the military, and police.
But now I've been talking to some really smart guys that have been in Army Special Operations.
Delta Force, you name it, that I've talked to the last few days.
I had three of them contact me that I know well, and they said, Alex, we're getting chatter that they're doing this so the feds will stand down when the illegals do uprisings if Trump wins.
And that makes perfect sense, because they're already trying to head Trump off saying he can't declare the Insurrection Act.
Why would you have a federal judge that's anti-gun say illegals all have a right to own guns?
I mean, during, quote, civil unrest.
That's what she said in the ruling.
This is really dark.
I mean, this is hard to believe.
And that was an Obama-appointed judge, wasn't it?
Oh, she says citizens should know guns.
But illegal aliens should.
No, it's a takeover.
This is war.
It hasn't gone kinetic yet, but it's going to.
And the question is, how are we going to come out the other end of this?
The Republic, as far as I can see,
Is really permanently, the face of it is permanently changed, right?
But the question is, do we now make a hard U-turn and go back and make a beeline towards liberty?
Or do we become a totalitarian state?
But you got the footage!
These are Iranian military men with the same boots.
That's military coming in.
I mean, they are planning something big.
Folks, I've held back on this because it was so hard to believe.
I actually now believe there's about to be a hot takeover, not in Kremlin anymore.
I know, as of last night, in my gut, it really hit me.
I believe there's about to be a hot takeover.
Yeah, I agree with you.
I mean, think about, I mean, listen, we're not, we're not 1950s Cuba, right?
I agree with you, absolutely.
But think about how Fidel Castro was able to come to power.
If they have illegal aliens of all these different groups rise up and start burning and killing, anybody fights, they're calling white supremacists, the average American will just shut up and let them do it because they don't want to be called racist.
I mean, that's what's happening.
Or, I mean, what does it take for a woke Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to just do a coup?
And just say, you know, we're not going to take orders from the Commander-in-Chief anymore.
Well, you're very astute.
The Democrats have introduced a bill to do just that.
Which is a coup in legislation against the Executive.
Yeah, I can totally see that happening.
Just neuter the President right off the bat.
You know what I mean?
Like, let's say Trump gets into office.
Just make sure that he can't do a damn thing about it and let the illegals burn down the cities.
That's what they said.
They said there'll be an uprising and when Trump tries to stop it.
Carlos, how do we stop this?
Oh man, we're lost.
There's no stopping it.
There's nowhere to go, but it's going to take years and years to get this fixed because the people who come here, there was this one time in
In South Texas where Border Patrol used to tell me, don't turn your back on them because that guy is former military.
This guy is a former police officer from Honduras.
This guy is a former mercenary from this area.
You're stupid if you turn your back on them, even here.
So this is warnings that I got inside a federal facility in South Texas.
So imagine in a riot on election night what they're going to do.
Well, I know the look of people, and you can tell.
They come in groups.
Sometimes it's women and children that are being used and abused.
When you see these men coming in, it's military.
You can tell.
I mean, there's no way a nice person who doesn't know how to defend themselves is going to survive that trek.
It's the most dangerous people.
Well, I almost feel like I dropped the ball on this, because we're usually ahead of things, because I just couldn't believe it was this bold.
I think it's conclusive they're planning a military takeover.
I think that's accurate.
It's gonna happen election night.
I think so too, yo.
Oh my God, we're literally at the countdown to the end of the country, folks.
I don't know what we're gonna do.
God help us.
Americans have had it good so long, they cannot expect this.
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But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a dystopian reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taken place, and we're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around, because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
Asymmetrical warfare, guerrilla warfare.
We have tens of millions of people pouring in, the majority of the military age men in groups from the Middle East, from Africa, from China, from Latin America.
We have major investigative journalists and whistleblower here with us who are on record getting some of the most powerful information yet.
And they're telling me what folks in Army Special Operations are saying that are high level, that they believe
But then I have the Democrats admitting this, there's going to be uprisings if Trump is re-elected, that they're going to launch asymmetrical warfare, there'll be some false flags to claim it's racial or whatever on the other side, and that all hell is about to break loose and destabilize the country.
And again, most of the illegals coming in won't be part of this, but large contingents of them, a few thousand could wreak havoc.
We're talking about millions of military age men, hundreds of thousands, obviously operatives,
How many days out of the election?
I mean, you can feel the danger, not just intellectually see it.
Your take on that?
My take on that is exactly what we said in the last segment.
I mean, people, all I can say is this, because when we start talking like this, I just think, OK, you know, how can we make sure that we mitigate the damage and that average Americans who are at home don't get hurt?
And I mean, make sure that you're armed.
Make sure if you have a family, I'm blessed right now to be single and not have a family.
I can't imagine having kids.
That just, you know, magnifies the whole problem.
Make sure you've got storable food, like you always say.
Make sure that you're armed.
Make sure that you have gold and silver, because the U.S.
dollar is going to collapse.
There's going to be a sovereign debt crisis as well.
It could happen tomorrow.
So all I could do really is offer words of advice on how to better prepare yourself because I can't stop it and I'm just one man, right?
The preponderance of evidence is the New World Order is making its move right now.
Everything they've prepared for for decades is here.
You gotta get out of the big cities too because that's where it's gonna mostly burn down.
They're looking to cause the most chaos and what better way than to destroy all the downtown areas of
You know, New York City and D.C.
and L.A.
You gotta go to the suburbs, get as far away as possible.
I'm even kind of scared right now of what the border's gonna look like on election night.
And you're talking to someone who's lived by the border his whole life, and I've never really been scared up until now of where I live.
You know, I used to always say, you know what, I'm far away from big cities, I'm fine, but now the border's more scary than the big cities.
Here's why I'm concerned.
I live this like you guys do 18 hours a day while I'm awake.
And people ask how I make all these predictions to come true.
I look at all the evidence and I have a gut level assumption or analysis.
It's not gut, it's all your brain integrating all the data.
And when you talk about this, it's a surety in me.
Like we could back them down by exposing them and
I'm getting chills, but right now, I can pull the articles up where the Democrats are trying to strip Trump from military power, from the Insurrection Act.
They're admitting they're going to have an uprising.
The beta test was the summer 2000, mostly peaceful, burning everything down.
They're doing this.
This is it.
They didn't just bring the illegals in to vote for Democrats, folks, or to skim money off of them.
They brought them in as the cover for the foreign armies they've inserted.
And then when people oppose it,
They'll go, oh they're brown people mainly, it's white supremacists.
That's what they're already saying.
But if you're confused and you believe that a man can be a woman and a woman can be a man, then you'll totally accept this crap.
And so that's kind of what I was saying before about how everybody's been politically neutered.
But while, you know, I do want to say this.
I don't know how many live listeners you have right now, a couple hundred thousand maybe.
If every single person right now
It's hard to explain the whole thing right now, but basically... The Stanford Prison Experiment and others.
Well, the Stanford Prison Experiment is one, but basically the people should look up the Ash Conformity Experiment.
What they did is they had one test subject who was placed in a larger group, right?
And they didn't realize that the people that were in the group with them were actually in on the experiment.
And then what they did is they would show three lines of different lengths and a sample line, and they said,
Which of these three lines matches the length of the sample line?
And it was, I mean, it was totally obvious what the answer was, right?
But everybody in the group would choose the wrong answer intentionally.
And then when they got to the test subject, the test subject would always just go along to get along and choose the wrong answer, despite what was right in front of their eyes.
So it's a conformity bias.
I've seen that study, too.
I was just saying, similar to Stanford and others, people go along and group thing.
But what I want to say is this, though.
What they found broke that conformity was if there was just one other person in the group who didn't go along, then that test subject was like, the likelihood of them going along with it, if there was just one other person who didn't conform with the group, it became almost inconsequential.
So this is a classic gaslighting experiment?
And so my point is, right, based off of what we saw in this experiment where it only took one other person that broke the conformity to get the test subject not to, you know, or to trust their own eyes again, you could be that person.
You could be the catalyst who stands up and then snaps everybody out of this.
And that's what happened with COVID.
People stood up and they had to back down.
Correct, but it takes that brave individual to actually stand up and go against the grain.
What I'm trying to say, and this is what I continue to say, is that there's not enough of them out there.
So it's not about going out and getting armed and being some tough guy.
If you don't even have the courage to stand up and speak the truth, we don't have enough people doing that.
I always say that.
You're not going to fight the Blue Helmets if you're not going to politically fight now.
And so what I'm asking the entire InfoWars audience to do, if you're watching this on your computer or on air, go out and speak the truth at the first moment of inconvenience when it's uncomfortable.
And if you do that, I mean, then you are actually helping to save this republic.
If you don't, you're worse than a coward, actually.
Well, that's right, because when they trigger the riots and all this, they're going to sell the lie that it's because some cop shot a black man and that's why people are uprising.
The globals are going to give the order, and so that's what we have to see through this now.
And the thing is, everybody knows it's garbage.
I mean, everybody knows what was going on with George Floyd and Black Lives Matter and all why people are racist.
Everybody knew that that was garbage, or at least most people did, but the only reason why I was allowed to proliferate is because nobody stood up and nobody had the balls to actually do anything about it.
And to say, no, this is actually nonsense, I'm not a racist just because I'm white.
And when they had all the white liberals sit and bow and lick boots and stuff, that was to make everybody else bow down to the system.
The system puts a black face on, nothing to do with black people, and uses that for conformity.
But look what happened.
I mean, we've never really truly recovered after that whole, I mean, it was a revolution, a mini-revolution.
I mean, for example, look at what came, look at the end zones in the NFL now.
It's end racism.
It takes all of us.
I mean, every single player on that field is black.
Advil says, buy our product, we're helping black people, they feel more pain.
Right, right.
But again, this only stops if you call this crap out, but not enough people do.
So that's what I'm encouraging the entire InfoWars audience to do, because we are on borrowed time, and honestly, going along to get along is not going to work for much longer.
So, you know... It's gotten its disposition.
So, you know, I was thinking maybe we could get deeper into the whole child aspect.
I was about to say, like, you guys are exposing the child smuggling.
Where are these children going, Carlos?
Uh, so, it's funny you say that because there's not many places where they let me speak on that, except for probably here.
And, uh, these children, I've been speaking about the private charter airplanes that I used to ride on, where we used to move 200, 300 kids at a time, and they used to go to homes, and I couldn't explain what they really were, but these days it seems like they're foster homes, and that they're starting to mix
Migrant kids with American kids from the CPS system and a lot of people have different opinions on that but as someone who who used to do this and I was there every day and I was part of it.
It is that.
And they're starting to, it's a billion dollar business, and they're starting to mix migrant kids with CPS kids and foster homes.
And sometimes they try to tell me, you know what, the foster home is a separate thing from the migrant stuff, but you managed to lose 85,000 of the migrant children, you can't tell me you've been doing such a great job of keeping it separate from American kids.
They're starting to traffic American kids as well, and they're moving them all around the country, and God knows where else.
And you say you're getting information about organ harvesting?
Oh yeah, yeah.
At the border you catch not just children talking about it, but adults.
Reports of, they got offered, hey we got a young kidney and it's a child size kidney and so it's very young and it's very good and this is how much we're asking for it and this is all on the northern side of Mexico.
So you're starting to hear that more often now.
So, now the cartels have even gotten down to children's organs.
God help us.
God help them.
Where's Tony Montana when you need him?
It's sad.
It's sad.
All right, gentlemen, let's continue on.
And hey, I want you guys to come guest us soon.
Let's do it.
All right, folks, be sure to check out their ex-accounts at Real Muckraker.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back, folks.
There's a new video up on InfoWars.com.
I see these every day.
Venezuelan illegal calls for 300,000 followers to invade unoccupied U.S.
homes, which is happening all over the U.S.
Illegal aliens, mainly from Venezuela, have been told and are sent to the houses.
Some of the Chai comms that we've got on video say, I'm going here to take over this house.
This is on video.
This is in Spanish.
But here it is.
They invaded a U.S.
house in the United States.
I found out there's a law that says that if a house is not inhabited, we can seize it.
Guys, here.
The United States also applies the of land invasion.
I think that will be my next business invading.
Abandoned houses, since I have looked.
For some codes with my friends Africans they told me what they have already taken about seven houses and as the saying goes daddy we have to look for the return of the return the right now is invade house since we are not in a street situation and in the only we have to not
Yeah, I mean, here's the deal.
When I see a Venezuelan mother coming across here with her children, right?
When I see something like that, or honestly, even if I see a man that's down and out, whatever, I see human beings.
And unfortunately, here's the problem though, what these evil people have done to our country, is they've made it so that there really can be no black and white, right?
The solution to this
How can you have a nuanced solution to a problem this big?
No, it's cancer.
You've got to cut it off.
You've got to cut it off.
And that's the problem, because there are... The UN shut all those countries down in the lockdowns to trigger this, but it's the cover for the criminals.
You have to shut it off.
And so what I'm saying, though, is if you truly want to turn this around, it's going to take drastic measures that are unforgiving.
And I'm not talking about killing anybody necessarily, but I'm saying, you know...
I'm not talking about killing anybody at all, but what I'm trying to say is when I say drastic measures, meaning, unfortunately, the people that have come over here that maybe are legitimately have asylum claims, there's no room for nuance anymore.
I mean, you have to go in with a broad brush and, you know, clean up shop and get these people out of here because you have people like that that are coming over here, and like you said, it's a cancer.
You're not going to change that person's mind.
You're not going to convince them that, no, you actually... Well, the system, the government itself has created a lawless position.
We have to first get the government back, and then we have to shut this down and get control.
But, you know, that's not going to happen unless we have a broad, far-reaching solution, which is what it's going to take.
And that's unforgiving.
And that's why I say I have compassion for these Venezuelan mothers with children and even some of the men coming across here.
But unfortunately, now that they've created this emergency situation, there could be no room for nuance.
Well, that's right.
And the Democrats have created this on purpose.
Biden said, when I win, immediately surge the border.
Oh man, he started that since the moment he took office.
He really did because 85,000 children missing are just from the first year.
And when I was working moving children in the month of April and March of 2021, they had a record of, I think it was 17,000 unaccompanied minors in two months in 2021.
And they created all these mega facilities for the children.
They got one out in North Carolina now.
So it's a big business for them.
It's a big money business for the Democrats, and they love it.
And not just you, but Project Veritas in Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New York.
They go talk to 12-year-old girls.
They go, yeah, they made me have sex with 10 men a day.
And he goes down to the girls, yeah, I'm a sex slave.
Can you help me get out of here?
I mean, this is like, wow!
Yeah, well, we know that, you know, Roosevelt Avenue in Queens, there are underage women out there, these, you know, illegal alien girls that have been trafficked across the border that are pimping themselves out and getting pimped out right there.
I'm Roosevelt Alvin.
I mean, Carlos, you've spoken to people that know even more about that.
Yeah, they're working in the massage parlors, and they're working in, it looks like an insurance place, but when you go in there, it's a front for prostitution.
And it's all unaccompanied migrant girls who are working to pay off their debt to the cartel.
And you go in there and it's a whole lot of illegal activity going on in there.
And you can go in there and buy one of these underage children that are working to pay everything off.
And what's incredible is they launder the money back through the Democrat law firms.
So the cartels and all these groups and NGOs pay massive money per town or city into the NGOs that give them the political protection to do this.
And when you get a Democrat on TV saying,
We regret this or no like they look like they're saying they don't regret anything.
They're getting money on the back end.
So they want this to keep going.
They just go on camera and say we can't take it anymore and all this other stuff.
It's all lies.
They know Chicago, New York.
Oh, it's terrible.
But then behind the scenes, they're lobbying for more of it.
Yeah, they are.
They are.
Because they know it brings in million dollar contracts.
So don't believe any of this that they're saying is terrible or we're running out of space or we can't do it anymore.
They know they know they're going to keep doing it.
Yeah, you guys want to, I mean, why don't we talk about some of the foster homes that we're seeing these kids being delivered to.
We can name names.
You shot the video, tell us about it.
Yeah, so, you know, you go to LaGuardia Airport.
I'm just going to put it out there because I don't think they're going to change their operation.
It's impossible to at this point, although they might.
I mean, they might just start putting these kids on private charter planes like they used to do, and then nobody will be able to track this stuff.
You go to LaGuardia Airport and you just wait.
If anybody's in New York right now watching this, you go do it today.
Wait for the flights coming out of Texas.
I guarantee you're going to see it happen at least once or twice a day where you're going to see this escort, escort in air quotes, taking these kids with a group of kids behind them.
They're all dressed the same.
And what happens is the black, there's outside of LaGuardia Airport right there, outside of baggage claim, a black van will roll up.
They will load these kids into the black van and the black van will take off.
And they won't say anything.
I mean, you'll go... You've gotten footage of this.
They should pull it up.
It's my pin-tweet.
Pin-tweet, guys.
Pull it up.
And so you go and you film these people, and they try to smack the camera out of your hand.
They try to hide their name badge.
They say, don't film me.
But okay, we decided to actually follow them.
And we followed them to these different foster homes.
We followed them to four different foster homes, but there's many, many more just in the state of New York alone.
Across the entire country, there's hundreds.
Here's some of the footage.
And so, you know... Unaccompanied children packed in black vans.
You can't... People don't know what child trafficking is.
Here it is, folks.
But here's the deal.
So just let's talk about the foster system for a little bit.
From 2000 to 2018, there were 114,000 missing foster children whose cases just got closed.
Just like they never found the kids, 114,000 of these kids went missing, never found, cases closed.
114,000 of these foster kids, right?
It's estimated that with child sex trafficking, 60% of the children who are child sex trafficked in this country are done so through foster homes.
And so anyway, we followed to these different homes.
Three of the four homes that we witnessed these kids being dropped off at, you know, if you just do a quick Google search,
They are facing serious accusations of sexual assault.
I mean, we're talking about people who actually had to go... One of the articles for one of these homes said that a child had to go to the hospital for an injured penis.
I feel disgusting even repeating these words.
It's demonic, right?
I just don't even want it.
I don't want these words coming out of my mouth, but that's the case.
This is the news.
And so, despite that, despite these allegations, you know, every day or every few days, these places are getting new shipments of children.
And they are also at the same time receiving millions of dollars through the federal government's unaccompanied child program.
And so essentially what's happening at an extremely high level is you have these foster homes that are making a killing.
I don't know what the profit margins is.
I mean, you'd have to be inside looking at the books to know that.
But they must be making a killing because we always know that the government overpays for everything.
And the point is they admit they're disappearing.
Black vans, disappearing children, unaccompanied.
We know they're being put into physical slavery, Senate report sex slavery.
This is just unbelievable.
And I mean, just to close this off, I mean, like, these people are making God knows how much money off of trafficked children.
That's what it is.
It's a for-profit system where you can make money off of trafficked children.
So that's what's going on.
I mean, it's totally demonic, but I'll let Carlos add more.
Yeah, and then, you know, the kids in Maui that went missing, the American kids in the CPS system who go missing, we can't find them anywhere.
And then we got facilities like in South Texas, the Walmarts, Alex, that you know very well of.
That can house up to 3,000 kids, 2,000 kids.
You know, it makes you wonder if they're all in there.
And, uh, because no one's allowed inside these places.
And when you talk to these kids or say they've been in there for a year or two years and they asked to go home and they don't let them.
And then you've got another group of kids who won't even talk, so it makes you wonder.
It doesn't take you, it wouldn't take a lot for a politician, a congressperson, to go down to the Walmart, demand to go in there and see what kind of kids they can find in there.
You know, maybe there's some kids from Maui in there, or some kids that were in the foster care system who are missing.
They're probably in there.
And I remember, like, eight, nine years ago, they were refurbishing Walmarts into prisons.
We thought they were FEMA camps.
No, they were setting up for this.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Netanyahu was saying he didn't want to hear from America, he's going to destroy RAFA, but now he's saying it's a delegation, he may not immediately destroy it.
So that shows pressure's having an effect.
We don't want to kill those women and children, folks.
I want to kill Hamas.
I don't know about you.
But here's Joe Rogan on the subject.
You know, I pointed out a week ago, that super viral clip that got 50 million views.
That you've got robot drones killing humans, whoever they are, unarmed.
That image is Skynet.
That image is sick.
Here's Joe Rogan talking about it.
I want to know what she was fired for.
Because was it criticism of Israel?
Was it, I mean, did she show that Edward Snowden video that he put up on Twitter that shows them drone bombing those kids that are, those men, I should say, unarmed people that were walking towards the rubble that clearly weren't causing any danger to anybody?
Yeah, right.
Yeah, no, it's your duty.
It's just like for Biden or whoever you like, you're supposed to cover up for them.
But the whole thing is like they're always saying they're only targeting Hamas and everybody else is a casualty.
Well, if those guys are just unarmed civilians and they're walking alone, that's what they appear to be.
And you just blast them from the sky with robots.
This is a tragedy of war.
Yeah, this is insane.
And no one knows what to think now, because if you can't talk about that, if you can't say that's real, then you're saying that genocide is OK as long as we're doing it.
And that is what we're saying.
If you're saying that from the perspective of someone who literally went through the Holocaust, or your people, your tribe, went through the Holocaust, and now you're willing to do it?
I hope the irony's not lost on you!
It's so nuts!
It's so hard to imagine that someone...
And the argument is, well, if you did something bad to us, I'm not trying to side with the other side.
It's got its own problems.
But everybody sees this.
This is wrong.
And the other side is super deceptive too.
I know that.
The point is that Israel can't act like that.
And now Israel is starting to figure out this is irrevocable stuff going on.
It needs to be put in reverse.
Not in neutral.
And the same thing.
Russia's not perfect, but we can't go start a war with them and overthrow the elected government 10 years ago and have Victoria Nuland and George Soros brag or start a war and act like they didn't.
We're starting a war with the biggest nuclear power in the world.
It's crazy!
It's not because I'm a Russian agent.
I'm an agent of survival and life.
And that's why I stand against this.
And yeah, the other side misrepresents everything I say, too.
That doesn't mean I'm with them.
Doesn't mean I want to ship all the Palestinians here.
I was on with Eric Prince and Steve Bannon, like, three days after October 7th, and I said, well, the only way Israel can do this, and not have huge military casualties, is to carpet bomb slowly from the north to the south.
But I said, don't do that.
That'll be a war crime.
It'll blow up in your face and turn the world against you.
The anti-Israel crowd is huge liars.
They took a 17-second clip of me wargaming it, cut off the front and the back, and said, Jones calls for the carpet bombing.
Even though Bannon and both, and Eric Prince said, don't do it.
And he agreed.
Prince said, yeah, that's a bad idea.
It's the only way they can do it.
But again, it's that people want the moral high ground.
So people that are pro-Israel just say, anything we do is okay, including injecting our people with GMO shots.
And then murder all these people.
And then Hamas says, well, we're going to murder all the Jews and push them from the mountains of the sea.
I don't support the mountains of the sea.
That's genocide.
And I don't support Israel then behaving like that and then getting down on the devil's level.
It's that Keith Whitley song.
Let's come on with it.
I'm no stranger to the rain.
I fought with the devil.
Got down on his level, but I never gave in.
So he gave up on me.
I'm no stranger to the rain.
I can spot bad weather.
Oh, yeah.
I mean, come on, man.
I'm just trying to be good.
I'm just trying to tell the truth.
Good Lord, I'm trying.
I'm a flawed creature.
I see through a rose-colored darkly.
I am not God.
I'm far from it.
I am a creature that God made, though, so that I can experience consciousness and make the right decisions at this level, at boot camp, so that I can get my wings and go to the next level.
And I've already seen it, and it's so real.
So, take me home, Lord, whenever you're ready.
I'm ready for the next level.
I believe.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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I'm no stranger to the rain I'm a friend of thunder Friend is it any wonder lightning strikes me?
I fought with the devil Got down on his level But I never gave in So he gave it for me
I'm no stranger to the rain I can spot bad weather And I'm good at finding shelter in a downpour I've been sacrificed by brothers Crucified by lovers But through it all I've wasted the pain
We are back live broadcasting worldwide, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us.
All right, I saw these headlines the last few days and I asked Dr. Kirk Elliott, economist and also theologian, to come on with us and talk about it because there's so much to hit.
And yesterday at about
7 p.m., and I was already up at 5 a.m., and he sent me a bunch more at 5 a.m., so I spent about an hour reading over this.
If he talked 100 miles an hour, he'd never hit half of it.
But King Dollar gets castrated under Bretton Woods 3.
What's Bretton Woods mean?
Well, you should know, folks.
A lot of you probably do know.
And then we've got SWIFT advances, CBDC invocations as interlinking solutions.
We've got gold and silver exploding.
Everything he predicted happened.
We've got a clip of that, but I'll play the prediction.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, I want to talk about where the world is in the economic crisis right now, which is clearly why they want the wars and destabilization to be the smoke screen to blame what's about to happen on that instead of the monetary policy that makes Bernie Madoff blush.
So, Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much for joining us.
Oh, it's great to be with you, Alex.
So, I mean, really economic chaos.
And as we were talking about these headlines, and we've addressed this numerous times over the last couple of months, but it's accelerating.
It's accelerating at a rate that maybe we expected, but when you see it right in front of you, it's like, oh my word, it's like here.
So, central bank digital currency, right?
It's the ability to cut you off from buying or selling if your ideology doesn't match up with theirs.
That's what that's all about.
And by the way, that's not talk.
They admit that.
It's already done in China, it's already done in parts of Europe.
This is total surveillance of what you do, controlling where your money can be spent.
I mean, this is hell.
It absolutely is, and that's why it's like, this is like the mark of the beast.
It's not like the mark of the beast.
I think that this is the technology of that.
JP Morgan's rolling out their biometrics payment this week.
I mean, yes, and so when you have your retinas or your fingerprints attached to your bank account, they're promoting this as a safety measure, right?
I'm promoting it as this is absolute people control.
Isn't it funny?
You're a theologian.
Two thousand years ago, the head of the hand to buy and sell, and now they say the head of the hand.
It's actually happening.
It's actually happening and you can't get away from it.
So here's where Biden started this ugly ball rolling really quick when he weaponized the dollar against Russia.
So back when Russia invaded Ukraine,
What was Biden's nuclear option economically?
He said, hey, Putin, we're going to cut you off from the SWIFT system so you can't get any wires coming in, bank wires coming into Russia to pay for anything, right?
We're going to starve you to death.
So the SWIFT system, we have to explain it real quick, it's the messaging board from bank to bank.
So let's say you have an account at JPMorgan Chase, Alex, and you're wiring to somebody who has an account at Bank of America.
So Swift would say, hey, JPMorgan Chase, we're going to wire $5,000 from this guy Alex Jones' account to some Jane Doe's account at Bank of America.
Without that messaging system, bank wires don't exist, right?
So it's the framework and the foundation of money transfer globally.
It's the neurons of the currency system.
Yeah, of the entire global currency system, right?
So this is why Biden basically said, hey, Putin, we're going to cut you off from any kind of money flow coming into your country.
So what did Putin do?
Putin went to China and said, hey, Xi,
We've got this problem because Biden wants to cut us off from any international bank wires and starve us out.
So they got together and said, oh, that's OK.
Don't worry about it.
We've got a similar program running parallel called CIPS, C-I-P-S, to replace the SWIFT system.
And now the dollar's lost 20% since then.
Yeah, exactly.
So here's where Russia and China got really really in bed together and now the BRICS nations are now BRICS plus plus plus plus because they're adding the oil producers of the world, you know, the Egypt's and the Iran's and the United Arab Emirates and the Saudi Arabia's and the Argentina's right in there.
So they're de-dollarizing the world.
So that one weaponizing of the dollar
Threatening Russia to say, we're going to kick you out of SWIFT.
This is basically what's... That knocked a major domino over.
This caused the amplification and the acceleration of BRICS rising up to de-dollarize the world.
So now...
You've got BRICS Nations doing that, killing the dollar, killing King Dollar, but the rest of the world is still on the SWIFT program, right?
So SWIFT, no banking gets done without that outside of the BRICS Nations, right?
So here's what's happening now.
These articles that you and I were talking about, Swift, and I'm not talking about some internet blogger talking about these things, directly to the source.
You go to the Swift website, you know, and what does it say?
They said they are in, finished stage two of testing of the interoperability, the connecting of central bank digital currencies to financial institutions globally.
Because if you think about it, different central banks have different currencies, different fiat currencies, and they all have to connect with each other in this digital world so they can cut you off from buying or selling.
So let me interrupt, get to your main point, but as a layman,
Gaddafi talked about this and they destroyed him.
Iraq talked about this and they destroyed him.
But this is China and Russia and now it's launching.
What are the globals going to do?
They usually start a war, which I guess they've already done.
They're going to go completely ape.
Oh, they are going to go absolutely completely ape.
But here's where I'm looking at this, it's like, oh my word, Alex, we've been talking about this and the implementation, the ramifications, listening to the Bank for International Settlements, listening to the World Economic Forum, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, talking about this.
Now over 90 countries throughout the world are all implementing central bank digital currency.
What's the connector of all those banks?
SWIFT system.
That's how the money transfer happens.
So SWIFT finished their connectivity of converting fiat currencies to digital currencies and all these different exchange rates all into one.
So now they said we will have full implementation of connectivity between countries and their central bank digital currencies and financial institutions in the next 12 to 24 months.
So that's the timeline, I think, between freedom of privacy, freedom of speech in your money, because that's when you spend money, that's what you believe, right?
You're buying what you believe in.
What you're saying is the window is closing before the central bank digital currency comes in one way or another.
I mean, the tyranny is coming in.
Well, yes, because September of this year is the United Nations Pact for the Future Symposium Conference, which they announced about two years ago.
So all these things that are being implemented, digital social profiles, social credit scores, ESGs, the World Health Organization basically usurping sovereign power from countries
And Biden gave this up.
He gave up our sovereign authority, his sovereign authority as a president, to some bureaucrat, some person who runs the World Health Organization.
Now 192 countries, part of the World Health Organization, are slaves to their decrees.
If there's a global health emergency, they announced it.
They announced what the parameters are.
If there's an economic event that needs attention, if there's a global health pandemic, if there's a Black Swan event, if there's an event in outer space that needs our attention, they actually can gain control of people's travel, of opening bank accounts, mask mandates, vaccines, everything they can control
So they're trying to gear up martial law ahead of this.
Let's be clear.
Until 10 years ago, China was in bed with the globalists.
They broke.
And China's obviously run by evil people.
But there's now a different power bloc because Russia and China were run off of this.
So the globalists are in trouble.
They're trying to roll out their global government.
They admit this.
But China and Russia aren't playing along.
We're not saying China and Russia are perfect.
Certainly not China.
But that is the real fly in the ointment.
It's a massive plan, and see, they've now laid out their plan.
Central Bank Digital Currency next 12 to 24 months, full interoperability.
Now, the United Nations want to announce to the world everything that they've been working on in September of this year.
September of 2024 is when they want biometric ID attached to your bank accounts, and I think that it's not going to be 24 months for the interoperability and connectivity of central bank digital currencies that SWIFT is doing.
It's going to be quicker than that.
Because the United Nations wants all of this to be done.
See, Alex, if you're dealing with paper money, and you go to the gas station, you go to the grocery store, and you give them a $20 bill, nobody knows that it was you that did it.
That's a private transaction.
But now if you have digital currency, they can track everything about you and it all turns into people control.
But they need a crisis that's big enough for people to buy into this horrible evil of financial loss of privacy.
So what are you predicting?
Because you're also a sponsor.
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So you never do this, Dr. Kirk Elliott.
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You said six months ago on the show, gold and silver is going to go up, or five months ago.
It has.
Do a little plug and we'll get back into the technicals.
Tell people what the products are.
So really, when we talk about these things where we have complete loss of freedom on our bank accounts, the way to get out of that system, not be a digital slave in their digital world, is actually buying tangible assets, gold and silver, physical coins, physical bars, right, that you take delivery of or you can store at a depository if you don't want delivery of them.
But the point is, it's not paper, it's not certificate, it's not a digital entry in some digital world, right?
It's a thing.
So that's when everybody knows they need some gold and silver.
And so I've studied you guys.
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Just say, you know, I keep talking on Alex's show.
And we'll map out a strategy for success to get you out of this system, right?
Out of where banks are failing, away from that swift program where they want to control every aspect of your life.
In a digital world, you can actually mitigate that risk by allocating into tangible assets.
So there's this freedom component to owning gold and silver, but the financial component, the growth that we've seen, I mean, good grief, Alex, but last month when we were talking on this show, silver was in the upper 22s and it's now 25.
The growth is starting to really accelerate.
Well, we have a clip of you predicting that, but you said, I believe the next month it's going to go up.
You nailed it.
Well, to me, it's a matter of math.
It's the inflationary pressures.
It's the loss of freedoms.
It's the perception that's driving the reality of the world that we're living in.
But this perception is reality when they are stripping away our freedoms, and that causes a flight for safety into the things that are tangible.
And then also what we're seeing is the dynamics of the global supply of silver are so low
Right, because the manufacturing demand for it, with everything that we see from electronics to aerospace to the Department of Defense to solar power to fuel cell technology used in electric vehicles, all of that demand is causing silver supply to run so small that when you have low supply, high demand, prices go up.
So you're seeing the price of silver really start to jump.
Gold is jumping too, but silver is doing better.
That's where I'm going next.
I know we have limited time here, but it's a six-minute clip of you making predictions three months ago, two months ago, a month ago that came true.
I'm not going to play the whole six-minute clip, but we'll post it on X later, guys.
After the show, I want to post his predictions here and then link to the full interview.
But here you are months ago saying it.
Here it is.
Now it's here.
Three weeks has literally gone from the upper 22s to mid-25s.
We should find the clip.
Even though gold is going up, gold is at an all-time high.
And it's amazing, right?
It's been booming.
But silver is doing even better.
The average ratio between gold and silver is 20 to 1.
It takes 20 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.
Today, it's close to 90 to 1.
Gold's going to continue to go up.
So then, the second part of that is true.
Silver is going to catch up.
It's going to outperform.
And it will act as a multiplier, almost, on that.
It's still way undervalued for what it should be.
That's why, even though it's up because of inflation, it's probably, in its probability, going to be what performs the best in the short, mid, and long term because it's so undervalued.
How high silver, how high gold go when the dollar goes belly up, if it does?
Okay, so I'm not God, I don't control the markets, right?
But even if you were to look at like usdebtclock.org, it shows what the price of silver would be without manipulation.
It's over $1,100 an ounce.
Silver, over the last three weeks, has literally gone from the upper 22s to mid-25s.
By the way, you should find the clip.
We'll air this next week.
Find the clip of you on three weeks ago.
You predicted that in the next month.
Yeah, well, and because it's not... That's the guest I have on, though.
You nailed it.
People that nail it and nail it and nail it.
When have you ever been wrong?
I haven't seen you wrong yet.
I'm sure I've been wrong at some points.
Nobody's perfect, but yet these things are so crystal clear to me when I've been looking at this for 30 years.
Massive amount of control inflation, silver way undervalued, and it's going to go up.
Even though gold is going up, gold is at an all-time high, and it's amazing, right?
It's been booming.
But silver is doing even better.
I mean, the last time that I was on your show, it was a couple weeks ago, silver was like
Twenty two dollars and something an ounce today.
It's over 24.
It's like it's like, wow.
I mean, it's really booming.
And over time, silver is going to continue to outperform gold because of where the historical ratio is.
How many ounces silver does it take to buy one ounce of gold?
That's what we look at.
It's all pointing towards silver right now.
Where is silver compared to gold, right?
Because it's not overvalued, it's undervalued.
How do I know?
So gold's the benchmark, and for its real price, if it's not equal to what it's supposed to be, you know it's undervalued.
Yeah, so you look at historically, the average ratio between gold and silver is 20 to 1.
It takes 20 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.
Today it's close to 90 to 1, which tells us either gold is overvalued or silver is undervalued.
So so is gold overvalued?
No, because the things that cause gold to go up are unsustainable debt, inflationary pressures, political chaos, geopolitical conflict.
We have all of that.
So gold's going to continue to go up.
So then the second part of that is true is silver is going to catch up.
It's going to outperform
And it will act as a multiplier, almost, on that.
And so, over time, as silver outperforms, here's a really amazing strategy, Alex, that I've done numerous times for clients over the years.
It's still way undervalued for what it should be.
No, but I get it.
That's why, even though it's up because of inflation, it's probably
Yeah, when you look at what silver has done, for example, since the year 2000, you know, when we started to really see inflationary pressures hitting,
Silver was less than $5 an ounce.
Today it's over $23.
I mean, that's up like a six, eight-fold increase during that time frame.
But we're up about 100% over the last three and a half years.
I'm going to stop that now, but it goes on and on.
You're in the last four or five months predicting all this.
I'm going to stop interrupting because we've only got 30 minutes left after this break.
You sent me all these articles, all these documents about what is about to happen in the world market.
Please continue.
Okay, so as big as this is, the SWIFT system basically going to control all of our banking transfers within the next 12 months, United Nations stepping in before that, there's going to be some kind of a crisis that comes up for people to willingly give up their freedoms for that, right?
So I think one of the retirement bombshells of the year, you know, because we talked about big, big, huge issue.
Biggest story of the year is FDIC being underfunded.
We talked about that on the last show that we did.
Only 0.74% of all deposits are now insured by the FDIC.
That's bad.
Forget about your $250,000 insurance level.
But the amount of underfunding of Social Security
is now $175 trillion, Alex, with a T. Trillion.
Janet Yellen signed off on the document.
So we're looking at this, it's like, oh my word, Social Security and Medicare underfunded by $175 trillion.
So you go way back in time when Social Security started, they never intended Social Security to be a lifetime thing, right?
They had an expiration date on it, and it was around 2030.
Well, because of stimulus money and things like that, it's been extended, but Social Security, according to these numbers, and it'll run out, it'll be defunded by the year 2035.
That's 11 years away!
And Social Security will be dead dog broke!
So you're looking at all these people going into retirement, and why is the reason?
It's not because of malinvestment.
Granted, we have interest rates going through the roof, high taxes, people aren't paying money, the government's running out of money, but there's something bigger than that that you can't overcome.
And that is the fertility rate in America has gone below 2.0.
So if we explain that, so a fertility rate of 2.0 means when mom and dad die, they've had two kids and they've replaced themselves.
Society stays constant.
When the fertility rate is greater than 2.0, let's just say it's 3, that means when a mom and dad die, they've actually plus 1 in the economic output because they've had 3 kids.
If it's below 2, the society is shrinking.
And right now in America, the fertility rates 1.64 percent.
We're shrinking.
And so here's the problem.
You've got the aging of America, the graying of America, all these baby boomers going into retirement and are wanting benefits.
But now there's fewer people paying into the system.
To me, when you have very few people paying into the system, working adults, to actually fund the retirements of the people that are now, you know, trying to get it.
What did I just describe?
That's like Bernie Madoff.
That's a Ponzi scheme, where it takes the new people to pay for all the old people's benefits, and there's not enough people to make it work.
This is why it's underfunded.
So since 2010,
The amount of payments going out to Social Security is $60 trillion more than the amount of money going into it.
It is absolutely running out.
So imagine the fear that this starts to bring into retirees and people going into retirement thinking, I've paid into the system my whole life.
All right, Dr. Kirk Elliott, stay there.
We've got another break.
Some stations carry a break.
Let's come back, but here's the deal.
It's over.
Whether it happens next month or two years from now, the Ponzi scheme is over.
It's going down.
No one can deny it.
And all these governments and countries are jockeying around to get positioned for what's about to happen.
The general public has no idea what's about to hit them.
We're trying to give you a first look.
One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections, masquerading as vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious.
You realize Anchorage is not bliss.
It equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a dystopic reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, and they're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around, because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
I talk a lot about the great successes InfoWars has had.
I don't think anybody can deny it.
And it is because of listeners and viewers supporting us.
When we talk about the crew at InfoWars, people behind the scenes, the researchers, the writers, they really have been the MVPs in this fight.
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It's really just incredible.
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And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debates and discussions about a pro-human future?
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We're good to go.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the Info War.
All right, Dr. Kirk Elliott is an amazing economist, a really smart guy, a great guest.
He's also a sponsor.
He makes that a side issue, but it's a central issue.
He's gold and silver.
From him right now, put his website up on screen.
But you sent me a lot of stuff to boil down, a lot of articles, a lot of angles.
You just now got into the central bank, digital currencies, and the SWIFT system, this whole system coming to an end, what's going to come out of it.
Please continue.
So, right before the break, we were talking about Social Security being underfunded by $175 trillion.
The reason why this is inescapable is because of our fertility rate.
It's not because of poor malinvestment and investments.
I mean, that's part of it, but you can always recover from that in time.
A fertility rate in history, it's a 100% chance that a country doesn't recover from that.
Throughout history.
If I were to say... And by the way, to interrupt you again, I shouldn't do it.
Elon Musk continually harps on this.
This is a fact.
He does.
I mean, it is absolute fact, and it's the most dangerous thing to society ever.
Because, Alex, if you were a gambler, and you were going to Vegas, and I said, hey, Alex, it's a 100% chance that you're going to lose all of your money.
Well, you probably wouldn't gamble, because, like, who wants to lose all their money?
But it's a 100% chance that countries that dip below 2.0 in their fertility rate never recover.
So here's the reason why.
Let me illustrate it with a story.
Let's just say that we have to get higher than 2.0.
So there's a crazy policy where 100% of every child age-bearing woman in America gets on fertility pills and they have five kids, right?
Okay, great.
But it's going to take 18 years before those kids become a productive member of society
Right, and so at least a couple decades after that extreme scenario that actually would turn things around.
But that extreme scenario, it's ridiculous to think that everyone in America is going to go on fertility pills, right?
This doesn't turn around.
So ultimately, you collapse from the weight of entitlements, right?
This is where we're headed with society.
So, if you add some of these things together... Is Cloward and Piven on a worldwide scale?
Worldwide scale.
China is even worse than we are because they've had a one-child policy for so long that they're even worse than we are.
So why did the globalists do this?
Xi Jinping reversed it five years ago, but a dollar late, a day short, or a day late, a dollar short.
Why did they do that?
Why are the globalists pushing this?
They know what it'll do, Dr. Kirk Elliott.
Well, you can look at the Georgia Guidestones, you can look back to policies of population reduction globally.
My commencement ceremony at University of Denver, when I graduated with my master's degree, this was back in 1994.
Senator Tim Wirth, a senator from Colorado, gave the commencement speech.
And it was the most dismal commencement speech ever because he's talking about, you know what, we have to reduce the population of the world down to 500 million and that's our goal.
It's like, what?
This is supposed to be a happy day of people graduating and you're telling us that you want to kill off like 80% of the world's population and this is your goal?
And that's what's crazy, it's not even secret!
It's not!
It's not secret at all!
And they're bragging about it!
And yet, sometimes the lies are so extreme that people say, well that can't actually be real!
Who would think that?
It's real.
They're bragging about it, but it's so extreme that people don't believe it.
But all you have to do, again, don't take my word for it.
Don't take Alex's word for it.
Look at the source documents of everything that they're saying.
They're not hiding in the shadows.
They're just out there in the open, talking about it, bragging about it.
This is what they want.
So let me ask you this.
What's their track?
Can we turn it around?
Regardless, how do we get prepared individually?
We can always turn things around, you know, with an act of God.
The world is starting to wake up to these things because you look at what's happening, the things that have been said, the overreach is so extreme that people around the world are thinking, I know that inflation is not 3.8%.
When the price of cereal, the price of milk, the price of eggs has doubled, people are seeing that there's lies.
Now you see banks that are going to start to fail and there's not going to be enough money to bail them out because FDIC only has 0.74% coverage, so then people are going to get even more scared and realize we've been lied to, right?
And social security potentially going under.
Then you have central bank digital currency and people are not going to be able to buy and sell if your ideology is wrong.
This is what they have said.
So ultimately people are going to wake up and we're starting to see
Thank you so much.
Not even by the pound, we buy them by the ounce, right?
And to whatever our means are, whether we have little means or a lot of means, right?
You could be worth $300 or $300 million.
You start allocating with what you have consistently.
Every single paycheck, start putting some away, because every time that you allocate into physical silver or physical gold, you're pulling that money.
It's this great exchange of pulling out of the paper-based fiat money creation that's the entire global systems based on debt.
And you're going into something that's solid, something that's accountable, something that's tangible, something that's real.
And that's how we can start to not just prepare to survive, but truly, Alex, prepare to thrive in the world that's coming of inflationary pressures.
You know, in one of those articles that I had sent you, we have talked about this for the last three or four months, how they are not going to lower interest rates because they haven't tamed the inflation beast.
Well, just this weekend,
One of the Fed Presidents of one of the Federal Reserve Banks, what did he say?
He said, I don't see how we're going to lower interest rates anytime soon.
Didn't get into detail as to why, but I'll tell you why.
Because inflation is still persisting.
If you lower interest rates while inflation is persisting, then inflation is going to get worse.
You raise interest rates right now, when we're in debt up to our eyeballs, you create one of the biggest recessions known to mankind.
And they don't want either one of those outcomes.
By the way, you predicted two weeks ago that they would not raise interest rates.
You said that, and they didn't.
They didn't.
And they didn't lower them either because we said they are going to pause because they know that either one of those other options, lowering interest rates will cause inflation to go up and they can't afford that.
They didn't.
Raising interest rates is going to cause a recession, bigger one, bigger recession.
They can't afford that either.
So they're just sitting in pause mode.
And they're going to do this for a while.
For a while.
And so when there's that kind of uncertainty, turbulence in the markets, here's the flight for quality exchange in people's portfolios, in their wallets, in their brokerage accounts, in their IRAs, where they start to say, I need something that's real.
I need something tangible.
And this is where we can start to take advantage of that.
I mean, you had shared a video with me
Two months ago, Alex, you're totally on top of this, where Larry Fink is saying, gold is real money, you know, and so... He said, oh, great, we service Bitcoin, it's great, but what we really think is about to move is gold.
You're saying no, silver's even better.
Silver's even better because the historical ratio between gold and silver is pointing towards silver, meaning silver is undervalued, it's going to outperform, it's going to grow faster, and if something's equally as safe, gold and silver equally as safe.
But if they're equally as safe and one is doing better, well then we go into silver.
Then we go into the one that's doing better.
So in the last 30 days, silver's up 10%, gold is up 6.3%.
It's like, okay, are either one of those bad returns for a month?
You'd be happy with both of them.
But one of them is 30 to 40% faster growth.
Then the other, that's silver.
So we allocate into silver and here's the amazing thing about silver Alex, which is why I've been promoting it for years as a safe haven investment option for people, is because it's a dual purpose metal.
Gold is a financial metal where it thrives on political chaos and uncertainty and turbulence and inflationary pressures and unsustainable debt.
But that's all that it is.
It's not used really for manufacturing.
Silver acts like gold as a financial metal, but it's also an industrial metal used for all those electronics and aerospace and defense and all of that stuff, right?
So here we have this cool thing happening right now where the supply is low, demand is going up.
And imagine if we had a world where Trump was president and the economy was booming.
The industrial demand for silver would go through the roof, and it does well.
You're saying either way you see it doing well, but I mean regardless, they can't suppress this forever.
They can't.
They've manipulated it for decades.
But those manipulation games are starting to end.
They're starting to be exposed.
And I've talked about this on numerous shows with you and elsewhere, how that manipulation game is ending.
And when you lose, when things come out in the open,
When lies are exposed as being lies and truth starts to prevail, the enemy who's using that lie to control you loses that grip, right?
So here's where, it's just like a politician who has all these skeletons in the closet, right?
If the politician were to come out and say, I've done this, I've done this, I've done this, then their opponents can no longer use that.
As a control weight to control them.
So you bring it out in the open.
This is what's happening with the manipulation in the silver markets.
And once that's exposed, it's almost like lights out because the demand is so extreme for silver with all the manufacturing need for it, along with the world economic system that's crumbling, an inflationary spiral, a central bank
We're good to go.
So Bretton Woods, so there's numerous basically variations of it, right?
I'll just boil it down to the simplest element.
Bretton Woods made the U.S.
dollar the reserve currency of the world, meaning all international settlements between countries is traded in the U.S.
So they got governments together to agree to this at the end of World War II, and they had Bretton Woods II, now Bretton Woods III is here.
So, but here's where it starts to vary away from the U.S.
Because Bretton Woods established the reserve currency for the U.S.
Now that the BRICS nations are taking that and 70% of the world's population trading in their own currencies, not the U.S.
The monetary system as we know it, there's a power shift from the West to the East.
It's going to China.
It's going to the BRICS nations.
That means we no longer can print willy-nilly whenever we need it, whenever we need to raise the debt ceiling, whenever we need to fund a stimulus program, whenever we need to do anything.
We can't just do it anymore because there is no demand for our currency.
For those who don't know, we wonder how the U.S.
can have
5% of the world population, but half the defense budget.
It's because it's World War II, the end of World War II.
We have the reserve currency.
We're losing that now.
And the globalists have done this deliberately, which is crazy.
They used to defend the dollar's hegemony.
Now they're phasing it out, I think, to bring in the new global digital currency, allied with big corporations and what's left of the U.S.
and Europe, to make the world accept it.
But because of China pulling out, it's not going to work.
It's not going to work.
But why do they want this, right?
People say, well, why would they kill their system?
Well, because they're in charge of the new system, too.
The same people that controlled the central banking fiat-based money creation are the same ones that are building the digital money version, you know, that's mimicking the paper money.
I mean, you can go back to the U.S.
Trademark and Patent Office and look at the patent that Visa filed four years ago to make a digital currency system where once a paper dollar leaves the system, it's replaced with a digital dollar.
Now, is that going to fix a broken system, Alex?
The answer is no.
It's not going to fix anything.
It's going to actually amplify inflation because it's easier to create inflation with a few keystrokes than it is to print paper dollars.
But what they gain is absolute people control, source of funds, use of funds, what you're spending money on, when, to whom, and for all of that stuff.
See, it's all about control.
Everything that we're seeing in today's world is about control.
And because if you can control what a person spends on, you can control them.
See, you look at everything that's happening politically, economically, it's all about control.
You look at the sex trafficking that's now starting to be exposed.
You know, that's one of the biggest control things ever, and you've got all these celebrities that they're being held in check to keep these skeletons in the closet.
Now that they're being exposed, it's like there's light that's being transferred into this world, and even the smallest of lights can cast out darkness.
That's what I was going to say, is people
I see the comments everywhere like, oh, Jones must be controlled because he's successful.
There's good people, folks.
And there's not just evil.
And if we're informed about how things work, we can change the world and build better systems.
There's not just evil in the universe.
In fact, good is the majority.
The problem is good doesn't try to be in power.
But the good is everywhere.
It is everywhere.
And people who want and seek power should never have it.
The ones that don't want it, they're the ones that should.
And there's always been good people and bad people.
And what we're starting to see is this pendulum shifting and the good is starting to win.
This is why I have a smile on my face.
Because ultimately the darkness got so dark.
I mean, good grief, Alex.
They're selling children to sex slaves.
They're controlling people's money.
They're killing people just because.
They're destroying people's retirement accounts.
Planned Parenthood is keeping babies alive, the reports are here, and selling them for body harvesting.
I mean, that's disgusting.
Right, but here's where the evil has gotten so dark that all it takes is just a little match in a dark room and it can light up the whole room.
It doesn't take that much light to expose it.
The darker it gets, the more good shines.
Yes, absolutely.
And that's what I see starting to happening.
And during the darkest times, people start to reach out
They start to look into the scriptures, they start to pray out to God, even though they might have never done that before.
And it's, I think, this paradigm-shifting, pendulum-shifting moment in society where we're shifting, where now the light is going to be greater than the darkness, and good things are going to start happening.
And financially, this is something that doesn't take a very big collective voice to make politicians' ears open up.
You don't have to be that loud.
Financially, it's a still small voice, a singular voice, your own, saying, I'm going to get out of the paper system and go into tangible assets.
I'm going to do something to protect my own finances.
That's one voice.
It's ours, right?
It's your voice.
You speak it, you act on it, and then you can start to see your own financial world start to change.
Now, collectively,
We need to make our voice heard, open up these politicians' ears with loud voices of such, this is enough is enough.
We want our freedoms back, we want our privacy back, we want to regain control of our political freedom, economic freedom, religious freedom, health freedom, all of it.
So let's shift gears out of that, because I already saw you decades ago at WorldNetDaily and all your work, and I'm so glad you're a sponsor, but you never talk about it.
What are you advising people to do?
I know you have to talk to them personally to see what their issues are and their particular, you know, lay of the land, but what would you do just in general before people call you about what you're doing to prepare for obviously the end of an era, a new system starting?
Yeah, so a couple of things.
Number one, in a rising interest rate world, where debt is going to be the Achilles heel of anybody, start to get out of debt.
You will be a slave to debt in a rising interest rate environment, so start getting rid of your debt.
Start pulling back, trying to determine what's really important in your life and what's not, and cut out the fat, right?
So be lean and mean.
Get rid of your debt.
B, allocate into something that's growing, general rule of thumb, when something's coming down for fundamental reasons, get out of it, like stocks, funds, mutual funds, even real estate right now, and go into something that's going up, like tangible assets, gold and silver.
They're quiet or not so quietly affording.
Yeah, I'm not pushing gold.
It's not that I dislike gold.
I love it.
But silver is just doing better.
I think thirdly, we have to take control of our health and our bodies, right?
Because they're going to be pushing vaccines down us.
They're going to be doing all this stuff.
And you've been doing this for so long with the natural things that you are selling to actually increase our health, regain our health freedoms.
That's incredible.
And then lastly, you have to be part of a community of like-minded people that share the same faith, the same worldview, the same ideology, because these are the kind of dark times... Oh, in the future it's all about gangs.
Like Haiti or anywhere, they have their evil gangs.
We've got to create community, but that's really a gang.
I mean, we need community, which means, folks, it means a gang.
Christians and Padres have got to get a gang.
We've got to get a posse right now.
Yeah, and so everything that we're talking about, finances, get out of debt, get healthy, which you have products for that, community, everybody watching this program has similar worldview, right?
And so find people of like mind and start
Hanging out.
Because when collapse happens, it's all about human power.
You can talk about gold or silver or bitcoin or food or farms.
If you don't have people to defend it, and people that are on a team, you have nothing.
So we call it a team, the globalists call it a gang.
They've got their gangs, we've got to establish teams.
Well, yes, we have to establish that.
And with that, I think food.
Food, Alex, is becoming a big thing because with all the illegal immigrants coming up from the South, you know, in the past, you know, you go to Mexico, you come across the border, it's like they check your bags, do you have any fruit or anything like that because they don't want any bugs or parasites.
All that's coming across.
And it's like, so there's now threatened the food supply.
You've got cattle in North Texas.
That's no joke.
One fruit with a certain fly eggs in it could kill all our crops.
I mean, that's a big deal.
All of it.
I mean, they're slaughtering cows in North Texas because of tuberculosis, because they're hiring the illegal immigrants that actually have TB and it's transferring to the cows.
Literally, this policy that we have at the border
Yeah, people don't know, it took a hundred years to get disease under control.
And now it's all back.
Yes, it's all back.
So I know you asked a short little question, I had a long answer, but there's those things that we can do.
Financially invest in gold and silver, food, take care of your health, get out of debt, and make sure that you have safe food and a community of like-minded people.
All of that stuff, but all of this is encompassed under the big umbrella
Make sure that you're right with God, right?
Make sure that your faith is what guides you, and don't operate out of fear, but operate out of confidence and boldness and wisdom and discernment that God gives each and every one of us.
It's like, that's my answer.
Well, Dr. Kirk Elliott, you're right.
You know, the Bible tells us we don't have a spirit of weakness, but a spirit of victory and overcoming.
We've been right.
So we're not arrogant about it, but this show, our guests, we've really been right.
Everybody knows it now.
So let's be leaders in our community.
People are ready for us to lead them.
We don't want to lead them from a position of wanting to be leaders.
We've got to lead now by example.
We've got to speak out.
People are ready now.
They're ready.
Times of crisis always cause people to look for truth, right?
And we are in a time of crisis politically, economically, socially.
But here's what I think about all of that, Alex.
I think we're all spiritual beings living in a spiritual world and everything that we're seeing is a physical manifestation of a spiritual battle that's taking place.
And we know how to win spiritual awards.
You get on your knees and you pray, right?
And so everything that we're seeing, though, God will give you wisdom.
He will give you boldness.
He will give you courage.
You responded to that call decades ago when you started doing this show and spreading truth.
It wasn't an easy path.
You're attacked all the time.
But yet when you're called to do it, you just do it.
And this is where all of us are called to be what we're called to be.
And it's been amazing, it's been amazing doing it.
So in closing, people can go to KEPM.com forward slash goal.
They can call you, they can help you.
Gold and silver bullion, literally the best prices you're going to find.
Great service.
KEPM.com forward slash goal or call 720-605-3900.
People call them, they're great folks.
And will having gold and silver save you?
It's just one more thing that's critical in the overall system that we need.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much.
Kempm.com forward slash gold or 720-605-3900.
Doc, thank you so much.
You bet.
My pleasure.
We'll talk soon.
All right, folks.
Jason Burmess always knocks it out of the park.
And he's set to take over the next hour.
Then Owen Schroyer.
3 to 6 p.m., and then at 6 p.m., we got Jack Posobiec, we got Adrian Dittman, who they think's Elon Musk.
We've got everybody else.
We've got a huge lineup.
6 p.m.
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