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Name: 20240328_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: March 28, 2024
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It's 6 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
It is Thursday, March 28th, 2024, and coming up in about ten and a half days, we're going to have what they're calling an incredibly rare total eclipse of the sun, but it's not totally rare.
Yes, it takes hundreds of years for the moon to block the sun on the path it is from southwestern Mexico, right up through central Mexico, through south Texas, through east Texas, and then over through the Midwest, and into New York, up into Maine, and then out of the Atlantic Ocean.
This is something that happens all the time.
Just last year, what, six months ago, there was a 90% Eclipse of the sun in Austin.
In fact, it was basically a full corona, where you could see just the edge of the sun around the moon.
It was amazing.
I took photos of it, we showed it on air, and if I'd have just driven, they said, 300 miles north, I would have seen the total eclipse.
But instead, suddenly, we're hearing, and the Feds have declared an emergency, the states are declaring emergencies, the National Guard, the State Guard, the Threat Fusion Centers, Homeland Security say, watch out, emergency alerts!
This is just deadly!
Something horrible is going to happen!
Well, we're here at a war game tonight with a whole raft of amazing individuals that said they'll join the Spaces.
And we've got Chase Geyser here, co-host, who's going to be controlling the Spaces through our system that's going to be telling you some of the folks that are coming up.
And I want to get their perspectives, but I believe nothing's going to happen on the 8th of April in 10 and a half days.
But what I do know is going on is the feds are using this as a martial law drill.
And that's hands down a fact.
Now, if you go back to the most ancient cultures around the world, whether it was in Mesoamerica, or whether it was the ancient Chinese, or ancient Europeans, or ancient Africans and Egyptians, all cultures were obsessed with lunar and solar eclipses because they knew the stars and moon and sun were special.
They didn't know what they were, but they knew sometimes they disappeared.
Sometimes the rhythm of get up in the morning, the sun comes up, you go to bed, you know, the sun goes down.
Sometimes every few years, or depending geographically where they were at, every 50 years or so, the sun and or the moon would just disappear.
And there's different legends.
The Greeks said that a big creature came out of the ocean and would eat it, one of the Titans.
And the priest class would say, give us more power because they were marking down astrologically Mathematically, when this was coming, well, people forget after 30, 40 years not seeing one.
And so, they would have all this mumbo-jumbo and this fear of give the priest class the best food, the best lodging, you know, the best women, everything.
And so, the Illuminati and the occult and all of this comes out of the mystery schools that every ancient culture had.
They weren't really colleges, but they were mainly just some math, some science, some medicine, some farming, some architectural understanding.
But you just give us the general public.
That was held in these temples of knowledge.
And so a lot of it is, again, connected to superstition.
And this is similar to how they tell you, if you have too much carbon dioxide, the Earth's going to die.
And we've got a carbon tax you and cow farts are bad.
And it shows the incredible control.
Almost all cultures, from the Druids to the Aztecs, at one time or another, would engage in mass human sacrifice during solar or lunar eclipses and take hallucinogenic drugs.
So that is my hypothesis, my theory, on why this is happening.
And there's no doubt the feds are using it for the first time ever for this hysteria.
Kind of like first time ever, wear a mask and don't leave your house because of a virus that kills less than 1 to the 1%.
They're trying to make us more pagan.
The UN has said that.
More superstitious, more ignorant.
National Guard will be deployed for total solar eclipse on April 8th.
And it goes on from there.
Oh, local governments working with the feds.
They're telling people, watch out when you're outside.
The sun will slowly disappear over 45 minutes or so.
It'll go from being light to twilight.
And then it will just come right back.
And it's beautiful.
And it's amazing.
And the shadows it throws, the things it does, is amazing.
And so, that's my view on this.
That's where we are.
But I wanted to talk to a whole raft of folks who are going to be calling in on the spaces, and also Jack Posobiec via Skype, and also Jay Dyer.
I'm going to try to give each person as much time as I can, mainly go to the main speakers, because we have two hours here tonight.
But I want to play a clip that's just indicative.
It's kind of a snapshot of what I've been told at the gas station and at church.
And I went to an Academy sporting goods store three days ago, four days ago, and every person in there was a listener.
I mean, just showing you how awake people are.
But The majority of them brought up, or a lot of them brought up the Eclipse or also the Red Heifer.
We'll do a special show on that soon.
But this is just, the buzz is everywhere.
People won't stop asking me, but this is kind of indicative in a one-minute clip of just a gentleman online pointing out all this craziness and saying, what's coming?
I don't think it's because something's coming that aliens are going to invade or there's going to be a cyber attack.
Somebody might use it to do that at that point.
Some cult might commit suicide.
There might be a terror attack.
There's all the hype.
But largely it's about an excuse like, we're not having a martial law drill for the election.
We're not having a martial law civil insurrection drill for war with Russia or a financial collapse.
We're having it for the Eclipse, and so I see this is a dress rehearsal cover.
We'll get Chase Geyser's take on that in a moment.
He'll tell us about all the amazing folks that are coming up here, and we'll just try to go through them as quickly as we can.
Also, the guy that sounds just like Elon Musk, but it's not him.
I want to actually meet him in person.
What's his name?
Adrian Dittman.
Adrian Dittman's going to be on, and a bunch of others.
But let's play this short clip of just a fellow on Twitter basically saying what everybody else is saying.
Here it is.
Or X.
Have y'all seen this?
What is up with this eclipse that's coming up?
You know, schools are cancelling.
Look at this.
Schedule errands and appointments early.
Have a communication plan with family and friends.
Have cash on hand in case of limited internet access.
Buy necessary groceries and gas.
Expect heavy traffic.
I mean, we've been through many solar eclipses, and it's never been a big deal.
I mean, schools usually use this as a time to, as a learning experience.
We build the little glasses, we go outside, play for a little while, and then we stare at the sun, you know, because they always told you don't look at the eclipse without your glasses on.
But, I don't know, could this be part of the reason why the millionaires and billionaires are building their big bunkers?
I don't know, but I just find this really odd that they're canceling schools and putting out eclipse tips for something that we have experienced multiple times in our lifetime.
But I just wanted to make you aware of this.
As usual, let me know what you think about in the comments, like, follow, share, and have a great day.
That's a good summation.
So, could it be used for the cover for something else?
But I just see it as another excuse for tyranny.
We're already getting loaded up with speakers, all sorts of interesting people from different fields.
We're also going to have some folks on Skype.
Chase Geyser is hot-showing this.
Tell us what's coming up, and then give me your view on this.
Yeah, so we've got a lot of people that have agreed to pop in.
This is the first time that we've done a space not as spontaneously as we usually do.
Usually we decide to do a space maybe 30 minutes before the show and then we just launch one.
So for the past couple of days we've scheduled this, got everybody hyped up.
We've already got close to 2,000 people in the space.
We've only been live for about 8 or 9 minutes or so.
So this is great.
We've got some awesome speakers that are going to pop in.
Jack Poso is...
as Alex mentioned and others, Adrian Dittman I believe is joining us as well.
I reached out to Andrew Tate, he asked what time it was in Bucharest, so maybe he'll pop in.
We're not sure, it's going to be 1am I believe for him.
But a lot of great speakers popping in already.
As far as this stuff's concerned, I just find it fascinating that we've arrived at a place
where things that we traditionally perceive as indicative of a primitive culture or a prior era,
like being obsessed with astrology or child sacrifice or animal sacrifice, all seem to be
manifesting again this year at the same time for some reason.
I find it interesting... Or panicking over an eclipse.
Yeah, well, the eclipse thing, people were freaking out because they didn't know for a few minutes at a time whether or not the sun was ever going to come back.
But now we know the sun's going to come back, so why are we still freaking out about it, you know?
Well, the priest's class would tell them it might not come back if you don't behave us.
Leverage, yeah.
So yeah, I mean, when I read UN documents 20 years ago, and Dr. Michael Kaufman was in the film Endgame, he died.
Peter is half that great guy.
He read me UN documents in the 60s where they said, we're going to bring back ignorance and the occult and freaking out over solar eclipses.
In fact, that's in Endgame 1.5, where he actually talks about all that and paganism.
That's what this is.
Yeah, it's bizarre.
And you know, it's interesting that you mentioned hidden knowledge and the mystery schools.
And I know that there are some people that really explore the esoteric and what's the metaphorical meaning or the algorithmic or allegorical meaning of some of these messages or signs.
And it's so easy to get lost in the weeds.
I know a couple of weeks ago when we were doing another space here on X, Somebody called in and was mentioning a particular chapter and verse of Revelation and I just told you Alex, I don't know where to begin when we get into the more and more esoteric stuff unraveling it.
What's obvious is the blatant headlines and messages that we get from the news.
That's right, they're putting fluoride in the water, fentanyl deaths, open Satanism, open world government, open cashless society.
But it's like the Q thing, people love an esoteric riddler because they can project whatever they want onto it.
And the feds know that.
So they're creating hysteria over a total solar eclipse, even though many of these happen a year over different parts of the U.S.
And it's, you know, from a science perspective, it's awesome.
It's exciting.
I'm going to try to take a look at it.
I get that it's a fun, cool thing, but it doesn't make sense to me why there are all these calls for martial law just because everybody's going to be looking at the sun at the same time, Alex.
Well, remember over in Australia and in New Zealand, remember the different Prime Ministers over there and Presidents said, don't look at the sunset, don't talk to your neighbors.
So they also get scared, the globalists do, and we have any communal event they don't control because we're looking at the sun that God made that is the source of our life.
and the source of the climate and we're not looking at a TV, we're not looking at an NFL game.
So they're also hijacking it, not just for a federalization command and control drill
over all the different counties and cities which they admit they're using it for,
it's also because they want to inject themselves like at every Christmas or any other holiday
with some big story. So they want to dominate our psyche.
Oh, the government's here to hold your hand during this.
Absolutely, and it's not the first time that they've done it specifically for an eclipse.
Like you briefly mentioned, I think it was Eclipse 2 or 3 on the clip sheet.
I was doing some research trying to get some clips together for you, Alex, for this event.
And it was so funny to me that six years ago, there were calls for martial law and FEMA was coming out and calling for increased regulation because of some Eclipse that was happening in 2017 or 2019.
Oh yeah, that was the one over Oregon!
I forgot that!
They have that clip?
Two and three, yeah.
Those are both, I think, I think they're labeled six years ago on the clip sheet.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
They're from six years ago.
Guys, I must have shuffled, I must have shuffled my clip sheet.
So can I please have another clip sheet, please?
Thank you.
I never saw that in there on my desk.
Well, good job, Chase.
Guys are getting that.
I don't want to dominate this.
Neither do you.
We'll play that clip coming up.
We got so many big guests here today.
So many interesting people.
I'm told we've got one of the top boxers on the line as well.
So you just control who we go to next.
Go ahead.
Okay, well why don't we start right out of the gate with Ryan Garcia.
Ryan, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still there.
No, you know, I'm just here...
I've been following Alex's stuff for a while.
Always been intrigued by what he's saying.
So, you know, I obviously do my own spaces, so I'm not here to, you know, try to really input too much.
I'm here to listen.
But I do understand that April 8th is a monumental day for a lot of people, and I agree with Alex.
It is quite strange that the government is tripping out on this day, and there's a lot of solar eclipse, but what we do know is That this solar eclipse, if you target it on the map, there's clear signs that this is a sign from God for people to repent of their sins.
Things are coming out.
The truth is coming out and everybody can see it.
Everybody's getting exposed and nobody can do anything about it.
But again, I'm here to just listen.
And if you guys want me to speak about anything, I will.
But again, you guys can continue the show.
I'm just here to just show my support for Alex.
I feel like I always have, and let the Lord's will be done, not mine.
Well, Ryan, I really appreciate you calling in.
Since you're here, we talked about the occult and how they're obsessed with numerology and with astrology and with astrophysics that's more modern.
They brought into that, but it all has its roots in the occult.
If you don't mind talking about Bohemian Grove, because I never got the specifics, and I'm not saying you're wrong or weren't a witness to something.
Can you elaborate on what you said a month ago or five weeks ago, where you said that you were tied down and saw something happen at Bohemian Grove?
Yes, again, I'm going to Congress with this.
I'm not playing around, so I've been working closely with Let's just say people that are at the front lines of this that understand what I went through and understand what other people have went through.
Bohemia Grove is not the only place they do this at.
You understand what I'm saying?
They do this everywhere.
Everybody's like, release it, release it.
I can't.
I mean, I can, but that wouldn't be the smart move.
I'm dealing with some evil people here and I have to be very Well, Ryan, let me be clear.
Let me be clear, Ryan.
I'm not disagreeing with you.
In fact, from what I got from what you said, I said maybe he was at another Grove.
Because from what I know, by members of the Grove, including the former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, he wrote in his book, Men and Power as a Political Retrospective, When he was the West German Chancellor, that he loved the druidic rituals they did at groves in Germany, but his favorite place to do them was at Bohemian Grove.
And I've gotten their annals, I've snuck in, others have gotten information out.
They do do mock human sacrifices.
Kids and people do get found dead in the area.
It is a death cult.
So you're saying specifically, you're not ready to bring it out yet, but you're hinting that you were at an offshoot of the Bohemian Grove, or are you saying you were at Bohemian Grove?
I cannot, I cannot do specifics right now.
But again, what happened to me was real.
And these people are all going to get their day.
Don't worry.
Again, I'm working with like the people that could actually take this down.
And there's many other stories as well.
Do you believe that they could also erase your memory or attempt to erase your memory?
As it's a question.
Oh, do I believe that there are techniques to erase people's memories?
Well, 100%, it's called electroshock therapy.
And they, generally, just a few, quote, treatments of it causes brain damage.
Done right after events can erase those memories, and lots of it can erase almost all memory, both short-term and long-term.
Well, I'll tell you, they tried to do it to me.
Did not work.
God did.
God carried me through it all.
They, again, they tried.
But you gotta beware.
God is the one that rules over all.
So I'm just blessed to be here right now and able to still fight and still able to Like this and everybody, that's why everybody's like, yo be quiet, be quiet.
Y'all would not be the same if y'all went through what I went through and seen what I've seen.
Well, Ryan, can I just tell you that, that, that, that NMK Ultra, and they have other chemicals and other things they could do that work the same, they would electroshock children when they tortured them.
That's declassified, including sexually, over 10,000 children in Canada and the U.S.
under Dr. Ewing Cameron.
Are you telling me that you remember being in a hospital bed and having Electrical panels put on the side of your head?
Are you saying you were electroshocked?
I'm saying that they attempted to erase my memory.
That's what I'm saying.
I mean, I know those programs are real.
I don't deny what you're saying is true.
Yeah, 100%.
And everybody knows that MKUltra is real.
Everybody knows that they do these things to... And they can do it in other ways, too.
Why do you think they try to give me medicine?
Why do you think they try to put me on Xanax and all the other shit?
Yeah, I only mentioned Electroshock because it's the oldest document.
They've actually got viral injections of live viruses that'll attack parts of the brain and cause different types of memory loss.
They also have pills that do it.
That's what I'm trying to say.
They literally tried to give me medicine.
They tried to give me a psychosis medicine.
It was fucking crazy.
And guess what?
Did not work.
Just didn't work.
I re-engineered my brain.
I drank a bunch of coffee and I just, I know that sounds crazy, but I had to do anything I had to do to just spark my brain up again.
Cause they put that shit, I'm telling you, they fucking tried to drug me.
And I just thought in my head, if there's any way I could get out of this, which way could it be?
So I started drinking a lot.
I know it sounds like kind of, My brain up again, you know, and I was just asking God to heal me.
And then I would forget the next second.
It was fucking wild.
And I actually have proof of me writing notes to myself.
Why can't I remember anything?
Well, that sounds like that sounds like what what electroshock does is compartmentalization.
Well, listen, I would love to get you on in the near future as a guest.
And I appreciate you chiming in on the solar eclipse.
We're going to send you a private DM for myself and for my co-host Chase Geiser.
We'd love to have you on.
Love to meet you in person.
Love to have you in studio.
Anything else you'd like to add about the solar eclipse coming up?
No, just repent and come to Christ.
That's all I will say.
I'm going to mute myself now and I love you guys.
Jesus Christ is coming back.
Okay, well we'll come back to you later.
If you want to say more, let us know.
Raise your hand.
Thank you, Ryan.
That was amazing.
I was thinking, and I don't want to make light of any of this by any means, but they can't seem to get Joe Biden to remember anything and they can't get Ryan Garcia to forget anything.
It just goes to show how competent the government is.
Well, that's the thing.
All this mind control is hit or miss.
That's why they want microchips.
They can do incredible things.
They can also do some really bad stuff with them.
Let me ask you, what do you think happened with MKUltra?
I mean, they deleted documents, they pretended that they shut it down, but nobody was ever held accountable.
Well, I mean, MKUltra went on since the 50s, got exposed in the 70s by the Frank Church Committee.
That was just giant, industrial-level government testing.
There's all thousands of other programs.
Did it ever end, though?
They said it did.
No, no, never ended.
MKUltra, MK, Naomi, a bunch of...
Wow, crazy stuff.
So Cliff High is somebody that's wanting to speak in the group, and I was specifically asking around today, Alex, for people that we should invite to this space that would be particularly good at talking on this eclipse thing that we've been dealing with.
And Cliff High was somebody that Harrison Smith actually mentioned, suggesting, recommending that we bring in.
So Cliff, go ahead.
Unmute yourself and say what you've got to say, man.
Yes, sir.
Am I there?
You are.
Okay, thank you, sir.
A couple of things real quick.
Your previous guest needs to examine this substance called plasmologens.
Plasma with an A-L-O-Gens.
It'll help restore his memory.
I suffered the same thing when I died from colon cancer and they gave me anesthesia in the surgery.
And if I'm correct, he has this issue where he'll be able to not remember something, but then if he thinks about a subject, some of those memories will come back to him.
And the Plasmalogens really help that.
In any event, though, I have a different perspective on a lot of what's going on relative to the powers that be.
And what's motivating them?
Because I look at things from a long-distance-in-time perspective.
So, I'm of the opinion that humans have had many civilizations on this planet, and we've just exited the Kali Yuga in 1699.
And we are in the 326th year of the Dvapa Yuga, and this is a rising yuga.
And here's the concept.
Our galaxy is kind of like a flat plate with millions of suns at the middle of it.
That flat plate is all of the planets and all of the other solar-- or all
of the matter in our galaxy.
Our solar system is out on the third minor spiral arm.
And it rises and falls relative to that plate, such that we are obscured from getting the emanations
from galactic center for some period of time, 2,400 years exactly within our Kali Yuga.
And then the other parts of our travels around the edge of the solar system in this sinusoidal orbit rises us up away from that galactic edge or down away from it or down towards it.
And so we have these rising and descending periods of yugas.
These yugas are freaking out the powers that be.
The reason that it is freaking them out is because they have all of this esoteric knowledge and giant libraries that they've scoured from all over the planet and they've done some reading in it very, very extensively.
And what they've discovered is that humanity reacts to the galactic center emanations.
That we actually change in our mentition and our psychic and physical abilities over time as a species as we are exposed to greater or lesser levels of these emanations.
And by the way, let me just back you up because I know who you are and I've also researched them as myself.
We can look at how the ancient You know, Indians or Hindus looked at this and their understanding of sound and symbols that were then proven by mathematics later.
But humans can have their kind of esoteric projection of how it works, but it's known that we will get different types of radiation and emanations, and that there is this cycle in the galaxy, so you can name it whatever you want.
And it kind of goes back to Marvel Comics and things, always telling you the esoteric knowledge the last 70 years, where Superman's, you know, he's blocked from this energy, but he comes to Earth and has a different energy, Then he becomes Superman.
They're kind of telling us right there.
Correct, correct.
That's exactly the situation.
And here's the problem.
Our current crop of the powers that be are very much afraid because they have no way of knowing exactly how humans are going to react, but they know that we are already reacting to this, and then it will increase as we go along.
We'll have greater levels of reaction, it'll spread further through the population, it'll affect us more deeply, none of which they can control.
There's also this other aspect of it.
So I research old languages.
And there's a couple of very old languages that are peripherally associated with Sanskrit, and they go back even further than that.
In some of those languages, there are people that discuss this concept that our solar system can be thought of as like a cell, like a single cell, with the sun being the mitochondria of our cell.
And our solar system is indeed wrapped in an energetic layer that we could think of as a cellular wall.
And what the concept is that has these guys freaked out is that at predictable periodic points, which happen to line up with these lunar and solar eclipses in these nodes relative to Vedic astrology, we get this pulse effect where the greater emanations from the galactic center come through our Sun.
So, our Sun is not stationary.
We don't have a geocentric orbit.
We have a helical orbiting system where we are basically being drugged behind the Sun like a comet.
And the Sun actually picks up the energy from outside this energetic shield around the solar system and it brings it into our solar system.
thus all those solar flares and the fact that it has a support...
And by the way, that's all real science.
We can argue what it does to us, but we are drug along like a comet, and it is picking
up all this electromagnetic radiation, and we are in a magnetic field around the solar
system, and the sun has its own, each planet has it.
You're absolutely right, and that's something I'm really scared of.
It's just like hummingbirds or birds or humans have magnetic cones in our brains that pick up the magnetic field of the earth and the sun.
That's how they navigate.
A butterfly that's born in Canada knows how to fly to the same tree, you know, that its ancestors, you know, first flew to Canada from, all because of those magnetic cones.
And so, just like the sun has an effect, and the circadian rhythm, you're saying there's a much bigger rhythm that the establishment's worried about.
Correct, and there's many cycles within that larger rhythm, and humans have divided this up over time to these various yugas.
The dark yuga, the iron yuga that we just left, the Kali yuga, now we're in the copper yuga, also called bronze, and then we'll go into silver and gold.
And the literature suggests that by the time we get into the gold yuga, several thousands of years from now, humans will actually be dramatically different.
We have science here saying, hey, and we also have observational science saying, hey, when I was born, the sun was yellow, and it wasn't as intense.
I could be out eight or nine hours, wouldn't get sunburn, etc.
Now the sun is white.
It's putting out a greater level of emanations.
This was what I discovered in 1997 or '98 in my large language model when I was doing sweeping,
and I chose to call it strange energies from space.
And the power elites are really freaking out because there is a demonstrable effect
already occurring within humans relative to these strange energies from space.
And then one other minor thing here, and I'll shut up or take questions,
and that is that we have a vast quantity of ignorance within humans,
and that ignorance goes directly into our scientists, and they have named a bunch of our DNA as junk.
This is ignorance on their part.
It is simply DNA that they don't yet understand what it's going to react to and be triggered by and what it does when it is so triggered.
But the power elite on the other side of our science that has dribbled out to us, they have esoteric knowledge that says, uh-oh, a lot of this DNA stuff is going to be triggered by these emanations from a galactic center.
That's why they want us underground.
They want us to be as shielded as possible.
And it's like, hey guys, ever hear of a giant problem we used to have called coal ash?
Cost us a billion dollars a year to dispose of it.
It used to kill hundreds of people a year and just messing with the stuff out of all these coal plants and we no longer have a massive coal ash problem on this planet.
Why is that?
Chemtrails trying to keep us from getting these emanations from space but it's not working because they're not electromagnetic in their entirety.
Many of these energies shade over to what used to be called the ether and now they call the field or you know quantum effect or whatever.
Sure, dark matter, dark matter field.
No, the dark matter doesn't exist.
I'm sorry, I have to dispute that.
I'm an iconoclast and I don't find any.
There's no, for instance, dark matter, for dark matter to exist, you would have to have entropy be able to be visible somewhere in our universe.
And we cannot find a single entropic galaxy and there should be dozens of them visible to us.
Can I speak on this real quick?
I mean, if you don't mind.
Oh sure, go ahead.
This is Ryan.
Yeah, I mean, obviously, um, I understand the point where you say there's actually no such thing as darkness.
Darkness is just the absence of light.
So I kind of, I kind of could agree to that, but you guys can continue.
I'm just throwing things out there.
You don't have to listen to me.
No, no, pop in at any time.
Look, look, look, when I say dark matter, I'm simply talking about there's a lot of energies and a lot of fields they're not even able to read, but they can see the effect of those gravities or those systems on things.
I'm not a quantum physicist, I just read about it, and theories that they came up with 150 years ago have now borne out so far.
A lot of the new theories are boring out, but you're very interesting.
Sir, how do people find your work?
Boy, they best avoid it, really.
But I have a sub-stack, and I'm on X here.
I'm old, I'm retired, I'm just noodling around in some strange stuff for my own purposes.
Well, you got a great voice.
Maybe we should hire you to do some voiceovers for us.
What's your X handle?
How do people find you?
I'm just Cliff.
It's Cliff Underbar High on X.
All right.
I know the globalists are really upset about changes in the sun.
They're trying to tell us that it's us that's doing it.
No, the sun drives 99% of our climate.
Any real astrophysicist will tell you that.
If it wasn't for the sun, we'd be living at absolute zero on the surface of the Earth.
It's tectonic plates floating on lava.
We could live under the crust, but that's it.
So the idea that cow farts are driving the weather or carbon dioxide is just preposterous.
Thank you so much, sir.
You know, you would think that they would be constantly talking about the difference in temperature increases on Earth versus Mars.
Like, it just stands to reason.
Well, they correlate.
When the sun heats up, Mars gets warmer.
Right, so is Mars getting warmer, too?
Because there aren't any cow farts on Mars, you know?
Well, it was getting warmer, according to the probes and sensors, until about 12 years ago.
So things have been heating since about the 50s until about 2000.
10 or 11.
It's mainline astrophysics news.
And so is Mars.
Mars' ice caps were getting smaller until about 12 years ago.
So were ours.
Now they're getting bigger.
Because the sun isn't quite as hot as it was years ago.
Think of that!
The sun's what makes it hot?
We need people to tell us that?
Yes, as soon as Jack Mossovic comes in, he's going to pop in via Skype.
Go ahead.
Okay, cool.
So we've got Andrew Meyer, who was obviously involved in the development of the video game.
I love Andrew, and I meant to get back with him the last... I've stopped taking all my calls.
I've just been so busy.
My phone's been overwhelmed.
I still love you.
We love you, Andrew.
We love everybody.
I'm going to get with you soon, but I'm glad we're talking now here on air.
Go ahead, Andrew.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Love you too, bro.
And there's a couple of things that are just wild to me right now.
First of all, Ryan Garcia being here and talking about the Bohemian Grove.
I didn't want to go to this first, but he's talking about it.
Can you hear me now?
Yeah, you sound good.
I can hear you.
We can hear you loud and clear, Andrew.
Keep going.
We're literally working on the Bohemian Grove level for the Alex Jones Game.
So yeah, AlexJonesGame.com.
If people don't know, we made the top trending video game on Steam, the biggest video game platform in the world.
It's super fun.
But I really was interested in the topic too.
Uh, especially it's April 8th and they're freaking out.
So Cliff was talking about a different calendar than mine.
I use the Hebrew calendar, okay?
On the Hebrew calendar, April 8th is the last day of the year.
The new moon of Aries is the first month of the year, actually.
People think Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, but actually the first month in the calendar is Aries, Nisan, and that's on April 8th.
And because April 8th is this day they're freaking out about.
It's the last day of the year.
That's the day that you can inject energy for the new year.
If you look at it, all the NFL drafts, the NBA drafts, they're usually on the new moon or the full moon of various months in the Hebrew calendar.
So these high-level people, they know what they're doing.
They use these dates.
By the way, there's no doubt that the global elite are obsessed with the Jewish calendar and Jewish mysticism and King Solomon.
The Masons are all based on that, and we're pretty good friends.
You've given me some books on it, so you're kind of an expert on this.
What do you think's really going on here?
I'm saying that it's the last day of the year, so for them, it's their chance to inject the
energy they want for the new year. If you look at all a bunch of astrologers across different
fields of astrology, they're all saying the energy is shifting. So the globalists, obviously,
they want to make a big push for evil, negative, We've had dinner and stuff.
You're astoundingly smart on this.
And they do it on other people's New Years, too.
because that's what they want to push into the new year. So any kind of crisis
or fear they want people to have on April 8th it's because...
Andrew, I want to get you on as a guest about this, not the video game.
We've had dinner and stuff, you're astoundingly smart on this.
And they do it on other people's New Year's too. I notice every year at the
end of the "Christian calendar" or "Roman calendar" they always have some
big negative thing right during New Year's too on that calendar.
And they do it in the Chinese calendar, too.
Have you noticed that?
It's because these are all different systems.
They all have powerful energy.
And so for the globalists, they know they want to inject the seed of every new year with negativity, because that's what they harvest.
They want to take all of our energy, so they have to implant us with any kind of negativity they can.
So, absolutely, they are very aware of the astrology.
You know, in the newspapers, they put nonsense horoscopes to make it look like childish or foolish to people, but then at the very highest levels, they know exactly what this stuff is used for.
By the way, let me just stop here.
Ronald Reagan.
All the world leaders, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Churchill, the King, they all do everything off of it.
So you can say it's not real, but they think it's real, so it is real because they're trying to arrange everything around it.
It's crazy how, when you look at these leaders, the most famous example that comes to mind is Rasputin, how the more powerful people come in corrupt societies, almost the more superstitious they become, whether it's Hitler or the Rasputin stuff.
It's almost when you get to a certain level of power and you know that you're in a corrupt system and everybody wants to stab you in the back, you start turning in weird directions to find the answers, spiritually.
Well, I mean, I forget, Hitler's astrologer was Jewish, his last name was Wolf, and they already held him captive, but he got free after World War II, and When he told him stuff that he didn't like, which in turn ended up being true, they almost killed him.
But literally, Hitler would not do anything unless this guy told him.
Really, don't kill the messenger.
Well, they didn't kill him, he just got killed.
Were you aware of that, Andrew?
No, that's news to me.
That's a new one for me.
I knew his chauffeur was Jewish, and that he was made an honorary... Whatever, it's all just totally crazy.
I mean, because they're obsessed with it, and they're in power.
But you're right, it's different systems, but there is something based to it.
What do you think's really going on, Andrew?
I think that we're... Okay, let me reference John Dutrois.
I don't know if you know him.
You should.
He's the director of Hoaxed, a great documentary.
He went and filmed you.
He's a total genius, too.
And he said that this year, talking about 2024, not the Hebrew calendar like I am, but this guy senses the energy.
He reads the signs.
And he said, like, this year is a year for karma.
And I see all the signs of it.
I see it too.
Shmuley being on your show the other day was the wildest energy.
And it's just like everybody getting to see who he really is.
That guy has been doing such crazy things, pretending to represent the Jewish community for such a long time.
And now everybody sees who he is.
He was revealed.
So the karmic debt is coming due for so many people Well, it's funny you say that, because all I'm getting is revealed, even though they're trying to counter it, is the fact that I'm for real.
And you're right, all the other fake people are being exposed.
People are seeing who everybody really is right now.
I'm seeing it in so many different ways.
So they're afraid of this for sure.
Because if everybody sees who they are, everybody's going to want to, let's say, lock them up.
Let's be nice.
Everyone's going to want to lock them up at the very least.
They're definitely afraid of this, and we should all be very happy and very positive.
This can be the best year we've ever had.
Well, there's no doubt how pathetic Obama and Biden and Clinton come off the plane.
They're like, oh, we're with Queen Latifah.
Like, that's cool.
And they think Hollywood matters, or TV, or hip hop, or rock and roll.
People are so done with that.
And here I am looking at the temporal always.
Okay, they're using it as a martial law drill to take control at one level, they're using it as a drill to take control of the government.
But another level, the globalists really are acting scared of what's happening right now, Chase.
Yeah, one of the things that I'm most scared of that came to mind while Andrew was talking, obviously the number one threat is globalism and these leaders who are conglomerating power and trying to subjugate the entire planet.
That's my number one fear, but the second fear that I have is, alright, I believe that good wins in the end, and it's not just because I grew up watching American movies.
I actually believe that that's just the nature of things with the karmic energy.
Or we'd all be dead.
Or we'd all be dead.
And so, I'm concerned about, alright, let's just say that all the globalists are completely defeated, all power is taken back, all justice is done.
I'm worried about how people are going to overreact when they have all these evil people under their thumb.
I mean, are we going to do this?
Yeah, because we're not perfect either.
The public's corrupt and decadent too.
So am I. I mean, I want to do good, but I get twisted and demented, and I catch myself later.
These people don't even have a conscience.
It's like that first scene from Napoleon, when they're bringing out the Queen.
I can't remember her name.
My history is terrible.
Marie Antoinette.
Yeah, they're all throwing lettuce at her and vegetables at her, and she's trying to maintain her nobility.
That's a very accurate film.
I'm sure she was a terrible person.
I don't know much enough about history to say it, but you just see the mob and how it's every bit as vicious as these aristocrats.
Well, the French Revolution is a great example.
That's the original Illuminati.
That was out of Vyssa.
They go, oh, we've got this evil, corrupt church and evil, corrupt nobility.
We'll replace it with even greater tyranny, saying it's for the people.
Andrew, great job on the video game.
I'm going to get with you soon.
We're going to release a new level.
I got totally, I won't even say burnt out.
Everybody knows.
I've just turned the phone off, other than working here, and I feel bad to all my friends, everybody else, everybody's like, why aren't you calling?
Mickey Willis, everybody's calling me, you know, even Joe Rogan texts me, I forget to text, I've just, I've turned the damn thing off, because I don't want to say I hit a wall in a bad way, but about two months ago, I just have stopped returning any calls, but we're gonna get back together, Andrew, appreciate you, buddy.
Thank you, and believe me, I understand.
You are the tip of the sphere.
Everybody knows that.
Everybody knows you're the tip of the sphere.
So I just thank you for everything you do for humanity.
And just to the last point that Chase said, you know, what are we going to do once we take control?
That's why it's so important that we don't just talk about the politics, but we talk about God.
The more people return to God and love God and pray to God, when we get the power back, we're returning it to God, not just to the mobs.
Thank you for having me on, Alex.
Thank you, AlexJonesGame.com.
And by the way, I wasn't saying, like, I'm so cool, everybody wants to talk to me.
I need to start saying on the air every day, hey folks, sorry I'm not getting back with you, because all these friends, all these people, all these folks, I've just been, I'm kind of making a public announcement here, and I'm going to make it more of my show, because people are getting pissed.
He hasn't got pissed, but some people are like, hey man, why haven't you talked to me in a month or two?
I've just, I hit a wall.
I'm just glad you texted me back.
Is that a joke?
I talk to the crew still.
I know, I just finally like, I caught myself, my wife's like, you're up till midnight?
Returning texts?
And I'm like, you're right, I just have to stop.
I don't, you know, I've talked to my lawyers for over like two weeks.
I don't care anymore.
I gave it all to God.
I can't try to manage all this anymore.
I'm just going to do the show and that's it.
And I've told the crew that.
I've been honest about it, you know?
You want to reach Alex?
It's 877-789-2539.
Yeah, but I'm not, I'm not like, oh, I'm so, I'm just telling everybody, a lot of people are getting pissed at me off air because I've stopped, you know, communicating and it's not personal.
We're getting Jack Masovic any minute now.
He had a computer problem.
I want to get him on to talk about this, but yes, the establishment is obsessed with this, whether you believe it or not.
It's like, you don't believe in the devil, the devil believes in you, is the point.
They are obsessed with this.
Who's up next?
All right, let's hear from Keem.
Keem, you got your hand raised.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Yeah, I just wanted to say, Alex, I've been campaigning for you to get back on Twitter ever since you got banned.
It's so nice to have you back.
But the thing I want to talk about is what's happening tomorrow, according to some reports, that the Red Heifer is going to be sacrificed and the implications of the three major religions being affected.
And I just wanted to hear your thoughts on that, because I'm terrified of this.
It seems like chaos is right around the corner.
Well, that is a very complex issue, and like I said, at the grocery store last weekend, and at Academy Sporting Goods three days ago, where I was buying some exercise clothes, and some new socks that have holes in mine, literally.
I mean, Just as a gauge, it's not about me.
I go to the store, it's about half full, so it's teeming with people.
It's not jam-packed, but there's lines of 20 people at the cash register, okay?
So I'm going through there, getting sweatpants, getting some underwear, getting some socks,
buying some more air cartridges for the BB gun in the backyard with me and my daughter.
And every person, black, white, Hispanic, old, young, they're listeners.
And I mean, I say maybe 10 times they brought up the eclipse, five times the red heifer.
And I know all about it.
And the problem is to even get into it would take hours.
And then even my lay understanding would take hours, much less somebody that is like a rabbi or a serious theologian.
But here's the deal.
You've got some of the Christians They think they're supposed to be God's helper, and they're supposed to tell God the timeline to bring back the Messiah, and that they're going to go fund Jewish groups that think that they're bringing the Messiah, and that they're going to kill this red heifer, and they could never find him, but they found five of them in Texas, and they are totally red, not even one white or black hair, and then they bought this land on Mount of Olives so they can see where the temple was, they can build the third temple.
It was destroyed in 70 AD by Titus.
And so they believe it brings the Jewish Messiah, but it's a process.
And the Christians think, oh no, we're going to make the Jews do this, but then they're going to get our Messiah.
And then you've got the Muslims in Hamas saying, if you go after the Al-Asqa Mosque, we're going to have World War III for sure.
1 million, 800 million Muslims are going to go crazy.
So I'm not attacking the Jews.
I'm not attacking the Christians.
I'm not attacking the Muslims.
I just tell you, I work with God.
When I pray, I pray alone, and I just open myself up and say, what do I do, God?
I don't pray for stuff.
And I've always noticed God tells me what I'm supposed to do, and that always happens.
And that's discernment.
That's real connection.
I know God's real.
But God tells me stuff before it happens.
It's insane.
I should spend more time focusing on God.
I don't do it enough.
I just know when introvert people, whether they're Muslim, Jews, or Christians, are trying to make God do something, that does not, that sounds really dangerous to me.
What do you think?
I agree, but I also see, you know, the Middle East being in an all-out war just because of this one event.
You know, Hamas came out and said that was part of the reason for the October 7th attacks is them bringing the heifers over.
I can imagine there will be an all-out war after the sacrifice.
I mean, Hamas says that they're going to go crazy over it.
And that's dumb.
People killing those cows up there on the hill and carrying out their religion, I think it's fine.
They're allowed to do that.
And I don't think they're bad people trying to do it.
I just think that they think they're going to make the way, because it says in the Old Testament to rebuild the temple.
I guess in the New Testament after that, or not the New Testament, the Jewish writings after that, because the New Testament is Christian, but there were Jewish writings after the Old Testament.
I'd have to pull up all the details of it so I don't get it wrong.
But yeah, it's very Very wild, but I think they've got a right to sacrifice cows on a hilltop, but certainly it's all very interesting.
What do you think?
I'm terrified.
I think it all war.
I think this is the start of World War III.
I think, you know, if you're Muslim and you see that, you think the mosque is going to be destroyed.
It's the third most holy of sites for Muslims.
And they're saying on record that it's going to be destroyed and they're building the temple there.
So I don't know.
I think it's the beginning of the end.
They have to first have pure priest that have never killed, I guess,
and touched dead things, and that's damn hard to do.
And then they've gotta kill the red heifer, and then they've gotta, that opens the way
to build the new temple.
And yeah, it's wild.
What's crazy to me about this is, any other religion, can you imagine, Alex,
and Kim, I'm interested to hear what you think, if we were debating the details of some hyper-specific
ancient Greek religion, like the details of some prophecy about Zeus.
It's just so amazing to me that we're in a space now where it's abundantly relevant for us to discuss prophecy
and religion, and I'm not even discounting--
That's because billions of people believe it.
I know, it's just amazing.
Because there is power to it.
That's like Dune.
Uh, Paul Atreides thinks it's all BS, even though his mother and everybody else knows it's actually happening, and then it's real and does happen.
Right, he thinks it's fake because they planned it, but that's what also made it real.
Yeah, it's like, exactly.
Like, yeah dude, you're not the one running the show here.
So, I mean, that's the whole point, you can't deny this stuff.
You know, it's like people that say, it's not Judeo-Christian, and they say, oh, the Jews are just total idiots, and they're thieves, and they're dumbasses.
Well, why did they create the religion we all follow, whether we're Muslim, Christian, or Jew?
No, there is something interesting and special there, but with great power comes great responsibility.
So it's a duality.
You know, anything that that's powerful and that interesting is going to have a really good side and a really dark side.
And what we should be able to criticize is the bad of any group that's powerful.
Does that make sense?
I respect it.
I'm not an enemy of the Jews, but at the same time, he's kind of like Smalley running around.
That's dangerous.
Well, so is Hitler.
I'm not against Germans.
I'm not compelling Smalley to Hitler.
I'm saying, I love Germans.
I'm half German, but I mean, you know, that guy, just look at Hitler.
The guy was like pouring off evil.
I mean, if you have any discernment, you go, that's the devil.
Like, whoa, chill up your back, you know?
Look at Lennon.
Lennon looks like the evil guy napping.
Look at Lennon with those films on him.
That son of a bitch is evil as hell.
You know, all right, we got Jack Posobiec here.
And Jay Dyer.
We're going to take a lot of other folks on here.
Adrian Dittman, I suppose, is going to be reporting in here.
We really appreciate everybody joining us.
Let's go to former Naval Intelligence, but a lot of folks are intelligence.
Okay, great.
a disabled veteran, lived in China, lived all over the world, but a real expert on the
Middle East, a real expert on Eastern Europe, a real expert on Ukraine and Russia.
Now, the Russians coming out and saying, "We have the proof that Western intelligence funded
these guys with cryptocurrency and that all of this is big."
So I want to pick his brain about that too.
RT, investigators established link in Moscow terrorist attack and suspects Ukraine.
What will the aftermath of that be?
But Jack, first off, why is there such obsession over a solar eclipse?
You correct me, I've forgotten this.
Six years ago, they did it too when it was over Oregon.
And they called out the troops in that civil emergency.
But that was the first time.
So why are they suddenly taking a routine, scientific, natural phenomenon and doing this?
I see it as a drill, because they're doing it, for command and control over local governments and just to hype up more fear.
But there's also the esoteric angle.
Jack Masobik, what do you think?
Look Alex, all I can say is we've known for thousands of years at this point that eclipses have always had symbology that's tied to the occult, that's tied to these types of practices, that's tied to mysticism, to hidden knowledge, to shadow work.
There's an idea in occult practitioners that an eclipse signifies a piercing of the veil, a piercing of the veil between worlds.
So it's a very spiritual, very supernatural belief.
And now, I'm not saying that that's something that I personally believe.
I'm not saying that... Now, that being said, I don't know.
I can't confirm or deny it, right?
I'm also not saying that that's necessarily what everybody going out there believes.
But the point of the matter is, there are people who believe this.
And so it's incumbent, just like you're saying about some of these other prophecies out there, you have to understand what the beliefs are if you're operating in that environment.
If you want to understand radical Islam, you have to know what the radical Islamists believe.
If you want to understand whatever your opponent is, you want to understand the Chinese Communist Party, you have to understand their beliefs.
You want to understand Klaus Schwab and the globalists, you have to understand their beliefs.
Look, eclipses, they're viewed as mystical.
They're viewed also, by the way, as a sort of changing of A changing of the cycle, a changing of the pattern, so this idea that there's power in the eclipse, there's secret knowledge that's being revealed, there's a pathway through the dimensions, and it's kind of like a portal being opened, if you will, and that's really one of the big beliefs.
By the way, a lot of people say this about Halloween and All Hallows' Eve, and they'll have that same type of occult belief.
around that this is where the same beliefs come in when it comes to eclipses.
Now what's strange to me is as you say Alex we're seeing this government response and this
government action that's tied directly into this and people are saying oh NASA's shooting off these
communication satellites and they want to just measure what's going on with the eclipse and
how it's protecting our atmosphere and ionosphere. Okay sure I'll ask Elon Musk about that.
I'll put it this way.
I'd be very interested in getting Elon Musk out here to talk about what he knows about all this.
Very astute answers.
I totally agree with you.
And so the globalists believe in this, but they're also going to use it as a way to put their propaganda out during news coverage of it as another way to try to unify people, knowing it's going to be much bigger than the Super Bowl because of the hype when everybody tunes into this.
But also, even energetically, astrophysics, I'm not an expert on it, but I've read the articles and seen the reports, when planets align and when the moon goes in front of the sun, it does do a lot of electromagnetic things.
We have a circadian rhythm of when the sun goes down, you get sleepy.
When it comes up, you wake up.
It does do a weird thing in the mind of people.
So if we're all focused on an event, They can program us there, but also at esoteric level, program people.
And so I think that's why there's such an obsession with it, is because we, deep down at a biological level, find this very interesting.
I mean, there was just an eclipse, a 90% one last year, and the birds started going to sleep, and you know, singing before they went to sleep, and it was only like 40 minutes long, and then it got light again, and they woke back up again, and it was very magic.
And so I think that this is just, there's an interest in this, and that's why government's hijacking it.
Well Alex, I mean it's very clear that there are animals, animals always react in the natural world in ways that we for many years couldn't explain, for some years we're starting to explain.
People know that dogs can detect magnetic fields and things like this, which is true by the way, people are going to, you know, clip that, but it's true, they can.
No, no, that's how butterflies navigate 3,000 miles!
That's how butterflies navigate, right, and so they have senses, the animals have senses that we do not have.
They can detect fields, they can detect Electromagnetism and other things and so this idea that we're all missing something but the animals can detect it.
It's very clear that that's something that these are these are huge power sources that are up that are in endemic and really just natural to our world.
In fact that we were just over in in Serbia a couple of months ago and we visited the Nikola Tesla Museum and one of the things they talk about at Tesla's Museum that when he was researching And the Rockefellers were originally behind all of his research, and then when he came up to them and said, oh yeah, well what I found is zero-point energy, and that we can do zero-point energy, and we can broadcast energy to anywhere in the world completely for free, and we can pull it directly out of our natural system, directly out of the ionosphere, and they immediately pulled the plug, you know, pun intended, on all of his work,
Because they said, wait, we can't monetize free energy.
How can you monetize free energy?
So this stuff is out there.
The theoretics behind this have been out there for over a century at this point.
But there's a concerted effort and there has been a concerted effort, number one, to keep it quiet because it's not economically viable, but also, number two, because this would be not only some of the most creative power in the world, but also the most destructive.
I think the best way to describe this is Jules Verne's 130-40 years ago described spaceships that take off the way Elon Musk has designed them and go to the moon or go to an asteroid, take off vertically, land vertically, and it happened.
Max Planck 140 years ago envisioned atomic theory and the equations for atomic bombs.
All of it.
So we're so powerful, what we think about, we don't magically manifest like Oprah Winfrey said, but with enough technology to make enough massive systems, we're almost there.
That's what singularity is, when we do just manifest stuff.
But our brain is not God.
We're still just people, but we have this godlike power, little g, and so the ancients could see this and know this
and picked up on energy systems and kind of gave it their perspective.
But now with science, we know so much more and it's actually proving what the ancients thought.
But Jack, before you go, 'cause I know you're very busy and I appreciate you giving us some time,
I want to copy your new book.
I know it's already shot up into the top right now and it ties into all this,
so tell us a little bit about your book and then before we go to J. Dyer and others,
there's some huge folks here on the spaces, and also give me your quick snapshot,
'cause you folks, I don't just tell everybody, We have guests back that do nail it, but he nailed it, nailed it, nailed it, like Robin Hood splitting the arrow.
It's one thing at 100 yards, because I can do this.
I used to be a good archer.
I'm still decent, but when I did it a lot, I could hit bullseye at 100 yards.
Two or three times, if I really relaxed and did it.
And occasionally at 50, I would actually split the arrow like Robin Hood, but they're composite now, so we're just gonna break it.
But this guy splits the arrow like three times.
You 100% nailed, in the last couple years on my show, everything that's happened with Russia, with Ukraine, you predicted the terror attacks coming.
What is your snapshot of what's happening there after you tell us about your book?
Look, Alex, I appreciate that so much.
Everybody needs to go and get a copy of this book, Unhumans, pre-order it, because this is what we're up against.
You have the forces of unhumanity versus team humanity, or the forces of humanity.
the people who actually want to continue the human race and life on this planet as we know
it or the people who want to destroy it, to overturn it, to depopulate it, to turn us
into some form of other creature and there's many other types that they'd like to turn
us into.
But this is what the point of the book Unhumans is all about.
We go through the communist revolutions of the past.
We talk about how these forces have been building over the years and bringing us to where we
are now.
So people can go get it on Humans.
It's at Amazon, it's at Barnes and Noble, it's everywhere.
Look, when it comes to Alex, this question of how these terror attacks took place, it's
a very, very complex question.
And I think that's what we're going to be talking about.
And I think that's what we're going to be talking about.
And I think that's what we're going to be talking about.
And I think that's what we're going to be talking about.
And I think that's what we're going to be talking about.
And I think that's what we're going to be talking about.
Look, it's very clear to me that when you have a situation where you're in a desperate position like the Ukrainian government is, and really the Ukrainian government, people need to understand that this is a proxy government, a regime that is controlled by and large by the United States government and elements of the Central Intelligence Agency with Victoria Nuland and others pulling strings.
So it's a globalist kamikaze?
It's 100% a kamikaze.
And when this thing is going down, they don't want to go down alone.
They want to continue the destabilization efforts, because the goal was never control of Ukraine.
They don't care about Ukraine.
They don't care about the people of Ukraine, the families, the children.
They don't care.
If they cared, they wouldn't be putting But you said three months ago, two months ago, a month ago, we played the clips, you said, now they've hired this new intelligence guy, they're gonna launch terror attacks, probably on, you even said, on public events, theaters, boom, you called it months before the State Department.
Because I understand their playbook, Alex.
Their playbook is destabilization.
When they get the reins of power, they're going to foment war.
When they lose the reins of power, what do they turn to?
Asymmetric attacks.
So, asymmetric means what?
Asymmetric means biological, it means chemical, it means electronic, it means economic, and then, yes, of course, it means terrorism.
So terrorist attacks that could take place, and then of course with a flag of convenience, shall we say.
Oh, that wasn't us, that was some of these ISIS guys.
Oh, that wasn't us, that was some group that just magically appeared out of nowhere.
It's amazing to me, by the way, this ISIS-K, so convenient.
They pop up, they attack the Taliban, they pop up, they attack Iran, they pop up, they
attack Moscow and a bunch of random civilians in a concert hall.
But with all of Israel-Gaza going on right now, which is clearly one of the most destabilizing
events anywhere in the Middle East, here's a quote-unquote radical Islamic group that
apparently doesn't seem to care about the Israel-Gaza crisis.
No, they're much more focused on Moscow.
Alex, it doesn't make any sense unless you understand the un-humans and understand their agenda.
And if you do, you will be able to predict these things.
And you said months ago, if it is correct, it is predictive.
You said the goal would be to get Putin to overreact.
Are we seeing signs he will or what do you predict is going to happen now?
They want him to overreact.
They want him to invade Europe.
They've been goading him to, telling him the French are going to come in, telling him the Poles are going to come in, saying F-16s are coming, this and that.
They want Putin to overreact and push this on because ultimately, ultimately, and this is the worst part of it all, Ultimately, they want to trigger a third world war.
And this is something that a lot of people don't want to admit, but there are those out there who think that they would benefit from a third world war.
Well, let's just put it this way.
If you believe in the depopulation agenda, then what would be more depopulating than another world war?
Perfectly said.
Come on in the next few weeks.
We'll do a full hour on your book.
You host human events.
Incredible information.
Jack Posobiec, thank you so much.
We'll do it.
God bless, Alex.
Take care.
All right.
We got a lot of people on Spaces, so we'll intersperse this.
I want to bring an amazing researcher on the esoteric from their own documents.
And I've read a lot of globalist books, but I'll be honest.
I got exhausted about 10 years ago.
I probably read, let's not exaggerate, 300 books written, probably 400 by the globalists.
I probably read 300 books against the globalists that were super accurate from all the great
patriots from Anthony Sutton to you name it.
And I've read some of their new ones, but I kind of cheat and get the syllabus or get the back and I kind of flip around and read the quotes to make sure what I read in the news was accurate.
This guy constantly goes off what they said 100 years ago, what they said 50 years ago, what they said today, and he understands their mindset and how everything's a big ritual to program our subconscious and unconscious.
Jay Dyer, what do you think they're hyping up this eclipse that's just a no big deal occurrence in my view?
With civil unrest and civil emergencies, just all this Fairmont ring, what do you think's behind it?
Yeah, I have a few thoughts on this.
First would be, you know, if we rewind all the way back to like Y2K, I remember getting nervous about Y2K.
I bought a sleeping bag and like some sandwiches and put it in my car because I thought something apocalyptic was going to happen.
And that was my first experience with the news really hyping up.
Something that didn't turn out to be anything apocalyptic.
We think about a lot of the terror alerts throughout the 2000s after 9-11.
They had the coded color schemes of like, we're on orange level terror.
That was all intended to keep everybody in a constant state of fear and anxiety.
We had 2012, if you remember, that was all the Mayan calendar.
And Terrence McKenna came up with this, in 2012, we're going to have the end of the world due to the Mayan calendar.
And nothing happened on 2012, surprise.
We had Jade Helm, which I think was a lot of research, maybe deep AI research into how people would react to the stories of multiple states engaged in these kinds of preparations, continuity of government preparations.
So a lot of these things are drills that tie into the events.
We have, you know, 2014, there was a push for Ebola.
You know, that was fake.
That might have been kind of wargaming for what we saw with the COVID crisis, which was, again, ramped up, blown out of proportion.
Well, that's what I see it as.
It's just a way to kind of beta test martial law ahead of the election, which they admit they're actually thinking about doing.
Yeah, they love to.
Again, there's also that esoteric angle that you pointed out, which is really, I see it as hijacking, right?
And you've made this analogy many times on your show to Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, where the Aztec high priest ties it into the sun's going to be blotted out.
And if you don't sacrifice 10,000 human beings, the sun won't come back and look.
Oh, you did.
So the sun comes back.
And I think that, you know, a lot of the deep state, the social engineers, they will actually study end times prophecies, end times beliefs to try to co-opt
them, to try to engineer them or try to bring about stuff.
It's not that they necessarily believe it.
And Frank Herbert was a great writer.
His first book is incredible, the others are okay.
But I don't know if you saw The New Dune, much better than the last one.
I mean, that's what it's all about.
But at the end, it turns out it's actually real.
It's not just... It turns out to be real.
Yeah, exactly.
So, yeah, I mean, you know, we have like this false version of it with the sort of the Hal Lindsey's and the Harold Camping's and the John Hagee and the Butt Moons of Israel.
And by the way, Jesus isn't the Messiah, but also maybe he is.
So that's all deceptive.
That's a bunch of con artistry.
That the system uses to scare people about things that aren't real.
However, it turns out, yeah, exactly, in the analogy of Dune, there are real versions of these things.
There is a real sense to which signs in the heavens do portend different events.
We see that all the way back to Genesis where the stellar luminaries are created for the purpose of signs and symbols and basically kind of being a calendar for us.
And that's the case.
Matthew 24, Luke 21, these texts talk about what will be the case in the end time.
So, I'm not saying that it's never the case that we don't have signs in the heavens, but we have to be aware that, you know, the government has studied this at a deep level with people like Cass Sunstein.
He wrote a famous book, or excuse me, an essay about cognitive infiltration.
Everybody should go read Cass Sunstein's essay because he talks about this very point of studying the way that the truth movement and the conspiracy you know, groups online, the way that they look at things.
And then he says, injecting a bunch of false conspiracies.
And that's what they did.
That's what they did with Q.
Yeah. Q is another version of Nassera.
I remember you a long time ago would talk about, you know, the Patriot conspiracy and the Tsar and the White Hats.
And then Q is just really an updated version of that, which as we know was an older updated version of an old Bolshevik
plan to draw out the right wing, What was that called?
It was called Operation Trust.
Trust the plan.
Trust the plan, exactly.
So the government loves conspiracy theories.
The social engineers love conspiracy theories.
They'll study it.
It's called paranoid awareness.
And they like to manipulate and play on this.
Another point that you've made is you go to the lockstep document In the first scenario, they outline the fact that when the COVID crisis and the lockdowns fail, when it fails, they're talking about the lockdowns, they go on to say that people will cry out for the failure of the existing system for a replacement savior system that we will give you.
Laos echoes that by saying the exact same thing.
And they say that in the SPARS document from just a few years before the COVID.
So the system loves to play on the fears, the anxiety, keep everybody in a perpetual state of fear.
And then that allows them to get you destabilized or distracted.
I think a lot of this has to do with distraction too, from all the corruption, the Biden regime, people questioning the Moscow event, people looking at hot button topics on Twitter, that this is a distraction to get people into these fake conspiracies again.
And if anything does happen in relationship to this date or this event, It won't be because of the eclipse, in my view, in my opinion.
It will be because they want to tie it into something related to their strategies to preempt the election.
I totally agree.
So something big may happen then, or crazies may seize on it too.
There's that wild card.
Real fast, Jay, and you can ride shotgun if you want.
We're going to go to some other speakers.
Stay with us if you want to comment.
We're going to go to some other folks here in a moment.
But riveting information.
What do you make of the red heifer?
Because I'm also getting that.
I mean, I'm literally besieged with it on the street everywhere.
Red heifer, red heifer, red heifer.
What do you think about that?
Is this a woman?
You know the whole, uh, it's, it's Messianic.
Pepper, I hardly know her.
I do think that whenever there is an attempt to rebuild the temple, there will be something like this.
In the Orthodox Christian tradition, we do have this idea that there will be an attempt to rebuild the temple.
There will be an antichrist at some point in the future.
I've been hearing the story of the red heifer back since I was an evangelical.
Yeah, but now they're actually sacrificing it tomorrow.
I mean, it's going on.
Yeah, but I think, don't we need a temple though?
Well, I think you kill the heifer to purify it.
Well, yeah.
I mean, that could be a signifier.
I don't have any hard opinion on that.
But if this does go forward, then yeah, I think that if they begin to build a temple—one of the things that most of our tradition talks about is that if you begin to see a third temple, this does signify the possible coming of Antichrist in the near future.
So then why would Christians be running around financing it like they're going to make God bring in the Antichrist?
This is just insane.
Well, they're deluded, so they're controlled by a lot of these, you know, deep state groups and social engineers and, you know, the kinds of entities that we've been talking about.
They're controlled by those people and they're going to be duped and they're going to fall for some falsehoods.
Well, there's no doubt the globalists, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I know you're going to agree this is the truth, but you're an expert on it.
The globalists are obsessed with World War III bringing in their final system.
Yeah, I mean, this has been, you go back to the National Security Memorandum, 60, the one that has to do with preemptive nuclear strikes, and if we receive them, then we'll- 61.
It's like the- Or 51.
Yeah, that's it.
There's a Clinton era policy about receiving The nuclear strikes and so to me that looks like the ultimate version of let's blow up the existing system and then we'll bring in that global technocratic new world order system and a global world war.
We know they're eventually going to try to have that.
Whether this is this is it I don't know but but that memory that directive is the very plan for.
Global war that then allows the system to offer on a global scale a solution to the problems of the nation-states.
So the idea is that look nation-states have fallen.
They failed.
Elections, people choosing these things, this has all failed.
You're going to cry out for a solution in a more extreme sense in the way that you cried out for the solution in the COVID crisis.
And that's the whole thing, right?
We'll give you that solution by the technocratic government that HG Wells wrote about a hundred years ago.
Well, we're not talking much about the Eclipse, but it's been interesting.
Jay Dyer, if you want to hang on, great, we'll come back to you in a little while.
I want to run through a bunch of spaces.
Folks have been very gracious.
We've got anthropologists, we've got reporters, we've got champion boxers, we've got everybody here, Chase.
Absolutely, it's been awesome.
So, Robert Sepper, if you're still with us, I know you've been a speaker for a long time, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
If you're not there, then we'll move on.
Give you a second.
There you go.
Great, thanks.
How you guys doing?
I just want to say hello to Alex and acknowledge what a big impact he had in 2016, getting Trump elected.
And it's great to have him back on the platform.
It's a noticeably better platform with Alex on it.
And I just wanted to touch on Jews, if I could.
As an anthropologist, you know, this shmooley's kind of going viral.
And I wanted to remind people there's different kinds of Jews.
There's atheists, there's religious Jews, there's different kinds of religious Jews.
There are some sects that have been excommunicated.
So it's not, you know, we shouldn't lump them all together.
There are some that you can politically align with and some that are, you know, my point is they're not a homogenous, monolithic demographic.
But other than that, I just wanted to thank Alex, acknowledge that it's so much better that he's back.
And I really think he's the tip of the spear, so thank you, Alex.
Well, thank you, sir.
Will you give us your view as an anthropologist on human obsession with eclipses, solar and lunar, and why you think this is being hyped?
Well, you know, there's an occult or esoteric aspect to religions, a Kabbalistic aspect that predates Judaism and all the Aramaic faiths, and this goes into basically periods of the year where they do rituals.
And there's a lot of truth to that so the idea is that there's certain energies that are available and not to get too you know x-rated but there you know a lot of the rumors are true there are sexual things that happen there are you know blood things and what have you so it's it's kind of dark but like I said I don't want to make any kind of blanket generalizations on any any one group.
So it's kind of a sect that's within all the other religions.
So it's not just... That's very wise what you said, because the Republicans just put out a big list of what they say is anti-Semitic, and I disagree with most of it.
But what is anti-Semitic is to say that Jews all secretly work together and agree with each other.
That is ridiculous.
And to claim any human group does that is a lie.
And I'm not here as an apologist for Jews, but the idea that evil inherently comes from Jews is a load of shit.
But also then sitting back and saying, you can't criticize carpet bombing civilians.
That is BS too.
Or defending Hamas.
People are like, oh, you don't like what Israel is doing.
Now you like Hamas.
No, I don't.
So it's like people have to do research.
They have to be nuanced here.
It's very frustrating.
And if they get us in these camps, they can control us.
And, you know, there's certainly a sect that wants to escalate this whole situation.
And most of us, you know, are sympathetic with the Jews that were taken hostage, sympathetic with Hamas and, you know, these pictures of children starving.
But there's a sect that wants to have this, like you were touching on earlier with the Temple, and wants a global escalation, wants to bring it to Europe and to America.
And really, they're trying to use Revelation as a playbook.
And they want to bring about, you know, this catastrophe so they can then usher in the world the way they want it.
No, I agree, but what's scary is that then the Shiites, particularly, they have their own version and they're just as crazy.
Yeah, exactly.
You know, I wrote a book called 1666, and it's about a sect that converted into Islam, converted into Catholicism, the Donmeh, and then Jacob Frank.
So they've infiltrated every group.
So it's really a hidden hand and, you know, it's counterproductive to just name a group because they're really infiltrated everything.
By the way, I agree and I would use that as Frank Herbert trying as a decoder with his book Dune.
The later books are not that good because I read them all, but the first one's really good.
It's already studied history and I went, wait, these are all metaphors for history.
The Bene Gesserit are in every group, every religious group, but they're the cult controlling it.
So, with Jews, since they're such a powerful demographic, it's wise to align with the ones that are, you know, politically on our side, let's say, rather than to vilify or demonize the whole group.
And, you know, other than that, I just wanted to again, thank you.
I don't want to hog up too much time here, but you're doing a great job, Alex, and we support you.
So thank you so much.
I can't believe how smart these people, the speakers are.
This is just jackpot stuff.
Every speaker's been amazing.
Yeah, it's an amazing, amazing time to be alive.
People really get it.
Yeah, and they're waking up, and it's scary.
And we all have children, or most of us do, and we want a future together.
We got unlimited resources, folks.
Look at space.
We're like babies right now.
We're about to do incredible things here.
Let's just not kill each other.
And it's crazy how once you have kids, you care so much more.
Like, you shared a terrible video today of that kid in India being punished by somebody, and it was just getting slammed down.
It was a little tough.
Brain damaging it.
Yes, same age as my daughter.
And if I would have seen that 10 years ago, I would have thought, wow, that's terrible.
But I saw it today and I almost got sick because I have kids now.
That's why it's so important to have kids, because it increases your empathy as you become an adult to a level that is more sustainable.
And the reason I said white supremacy is the major threat, I'm not here just defending white people, but white people being told we're the fount of all evil.
It's like saying Jews are the fount of all evil, or the Chinese are, or the Muslims.
We all have our own problems, but white people have to stand up for themselves, and Christians do, and so do Jews, and so do Muslims.
Everybody has to stand up when you're being lied about and say it's wrong.
All right.
We have Adrian Dittman on, who is not Elon Musk, but sounds just like him.
And I want to meet Adrian Dittman someday.
So, Adrian Dittman, we know you're very busy.
We appreciate you joining us.
Tell us about where we find you on X and give us your take on the solar eclipse and why government's freaking out about it when it seems like a routine thing to me.
Hey, guys.
What's up?
It's a little bit of a funny thing.
Everybody's always freaked out about If anything odd happens, it's always something that elicits an emotional response.
I don't really think there's anything to be freaked out about, about the lunar eclipse.
It's a... I don't know how quite to explain it.
Well, we'll take your time explaining it.
Why should we be freaked out?
It's an entertaining event, and a lot of things seem to coincide with it.
I don't know why we're freaked out.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I mean, I looked at it and I said, hey, this is going to be really cool.
This is going to be a really cool event to look at.
Myself, I don't think Adrian, I want to be able to hear what you say, so maybe move 10 feet wherever you're at so we can hear you.
We heard most of it, but a lot of it cut out.
Is it working now?
It's working now, so start over.
And then Adrian, are you going to be in Texas to be able to watch the eclipse on the 8th of April?
Uh, I don't think so.
I'll be very busy on those days.
I have a lot of things in real life to take care of.
I was planning to, but I don't think I will be able to attend.
Again, I don't think I'll be anywhere near the point of totality.
But again, I'll be here kind of like watching it as an observer, but I don't think I'll be there in Texas, unfortunately.
Okay, well, you're crystal clear now, so start over with, yeah, it's a beautiful thing, it's part of living in this universe, and you're saying you don't know why people are so obsessed, but just elaborate.
You've got the floor.
Whenever anything odd happens, people tend to associate some sort of, like, I mean, there may be some merit to the physical implications of what an eclipse does to a planet.
Like, it's an amazing event that changes things.
It's like, whenever that happens, and, you know, you have totality, you look at how the animals are behaving.
That's the thing that I think is most telling.
You know, everything falls silent for a bit, and then the animals, their instinct kicks in.
It's almost like as if it was nighttime for them. They don't really care much about it. They just think it's nighttime
now. Oh, hello humans have attributed more meaning to this, you know, even
since the beginning of Anything that is written where basically now we have the
ability to retain memories of another because of what is written
People have associated... Alright, Adrian, you were really good for another minute.
Cut out again, you're going to come back.
Great point about the animals.
And what's happened with the animals.
And then we think everything is only after we wrote stuff down.
It's just part of life on earth.
Since it began with our moon with our son Adrian Dittman, are you back?
All right, see if we can come back on.
zone areas.
We lost what?
Face with the Bluetooth, but we'll be right back.
Oh, we went down.
Okay, well, we just disconnected.
It's okay.
We're gonna fix it right now.
All right.
Well, we're on the InfoWars streams.
We're also streaming on X. So we'll get our Bluetooth connection back up.
We have good Bluetooth connection in here?
I don't know what happened.
It seems like it might've been a power outage for a second.
We'll get in a button up.
Just give me a minute here, Alex.
All right.
No big deal.
Well, at least people are getting to listen to Adrian Dittman.
I'll be right back, Alex.
All right, so we are waiting to get our connection back, but we're simulcasting at InfoWars.com forward slash show and video.
But yeah, it's just fascinating what's going on.
We have all these new technologies integrating together.
We're testing them out.
But the good part about it is, I remember first doing Skype 15 years ago, it messed up half the time.
Now it messes up like once every 100 days.
So it just gets better and better.
I love integrating spaces with everything else we're doing here.
So as soon as Chase can get his Phone wired back in, we'll get Adrian Dittman back up who may still be talking.
I don't know that.
So good.
Glad he's talking because we're here.
So it's kind of like we were in four wars and spaces on X is one.
And now it's two different things.
It's great.
So for people listening on X still hearing Adrian Dittman, but when I come back, I want to know what he was talking about.
So I'll just have to say, well, very interesting.
But yeah, roll the human supremacy club.
I got that guy on telling me I'm a white supremacist.
Folks, if we aren't human supremacists, we're all going to kill each other.
So, you know, it's not going to work that way.
And the left knows that's that they have a counterfeit.
Oh, we're all to come together.
But then you got to give up all your rights and hate yourself, give up your culture to be together.
No, we are all different.
We celebrate all our cultures.
And we when we want to come together, we do.
But we're all one human group.
Here's the report.
Well, I don't know what will happen now.
We've got some difficult days ahead.
But I'm not concerned about that now.
I just want to do God's will.
And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain.
And I've looked over.
And I've seen the promised land.
I may not get there with you.
But I want you to know tonight We gotta come together.
Whether you believe in that or not, you've got to decide whether you have dominion over yourself.
I believe that the majority of the plain people of the United States will, day in and day out, make fewer mistakes in governing themselves than any smaller class or body of men, no matter what their training, will make in trying to govern.
And you've got to decide whether it's God that's going to have dominion over you, that you get orders from, or whether some other human that's jacked into the evil force is going to have dominion over you.
What we're talking about now is like a second industrial revolution, but the product this time will not be textiles or machines or vehicles or even weapons.
The product this time will be humans themselves.
Do we want to have a human plan or a post-human plan?
Noval Harari and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates say humans are obsolete, we're scum, because they know we are their competition.
They know that if we go for what we want and what God wants to have, they can't compete with that transmission.
They can't compete with that blueprint.
They can't compete without architecture.
They can't compete with that master plan.
But I just see it now.
It'll be so clear soon.
Are you pro-human or are you anti-human?
You are the human resistance to this alien takeover.
And again, when I say alien takeover, I don't mean some little tinfoil flying saucer crashing in Roswell from Alpha Centauri.
I'm talking about the transmission in the universe of God's order and God's will.
Or do you choose to serve the agents of death?
And like Martin Luther King said, we're not going to judge them off what color they are.
We're going to judge them off of their character, of their actions and deeds.
So I'm going to say it right now, real clear.
I love everybody, no matter what color your beautiful skin is.
But I care about your heart and your guts and your mind.
And you're under attack by these Satanists.
And they want to kill you!
And they want to kill your children!
And I say we set our differences aside.
And I say we come together and we beat these people and we smash their technocracy and we build the future together and we can do anything with our real diversity.
These enemies tell us all day about diversity.
They mean divided and conquered groups of people separate from each other.
This bill is supported by all of the Democrats, House and Senate.
It's just a filibuster in a way.
So in a way, if you really truly want to honor Dr. King, don't dishonor him by using a congressional custom as an excuse for protecting our democracy.
But I tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black.
I want unity under a code of freedom.
And liberty, and justice, and coming together, and working together, and being strong, and that's what InfoWars is, and that's why the enemies of humanity hate us so much, because we love God, and God loves humanity!
And I am a human supremacist!
I am a human supremacist!
That term will be the future war with the robots and the AI.
What you're hearing now is the entire future and everything they tried to stop us from doing.
Our supremacy will not end with this planet.
We will people the stars.
We will colonize.
We will green dead worlds.
We will go interdimensional.
We will unlock the secrets of the universe.
God has laid them out like Christmas presents for his children.
And I am extremely honored to be in the fulcrum and the heart of the fight to bring our race, the human race, in a race for the future.
And we will break the enemy, we will break the pedophiles, we will break the Satanists, because God already sent his own self down here to show us he could do it!
God would never ask us to go through an obstacle course he wouldn't go through!
And now we're gonna go through what Christ did, and we're gonna go through it, and we're gonna be destroyed, but reborn on the other side!
Well, you gotta love X Spaces.
We got cut off six, seven minutes ago and for some reason we're back on X. But we can still hear Adrian Dittman and all the great conversations happening while we weren't there.
So this is a great technology.
It's growing really fast.
It took Skype ten years to even work half decent.
Since Elon took over X, it just does amazing things now.
We're so excited.
I'm told Adrian Dittman's still there.
I wasn't able to hear except a little bit on my phone while we were trying to fix things here for whatever reason.
Our connection died, but we're back.
It's very redundant.
Adrian Dittman, I really appreciate you being on with us and all the other speakers.
Adrian, if you'd like to leave some of the spaces and tell us who we should take live, we can do that.
Or if you'd like to leave us, it's up to you.
I'll just hang around, whatever is required.
Okay, sounds good, we'll just... At this moment, I'm basically just chilling.
Like, we're having the technical difficulties there, we're just having a bit of a back and forth here.
It's real nice, yeah.
I'm just chilling at the moment, so, yeah.
Well, that's amazing!
Alex, sorry to interrupt, did you hear a word I said, or was that completely offline as well?
No, no, we went offline, but I love the technology to have all these hundreds of people, thousands together on the platform and millions tuning in one way or another.
No, I was, I mean, I turned my phone on immediately when we got cut off and could hear it still going.
And then we scrambled around and finally got reconnected.
So no, I did not hear what you said.
Go ahead and recap it if you'd like.
Mike, sorry.
Well, I was just saying earlier that we ended up in an induced state of fear four years
ago because this is the globalist main modus operandi, the use of problem, reaction, solution
model every time.
And I'll reiterate to you what I said to the audience earlier, in regards to the induced state of fear that we were all put into four years ago, the goal was to make you think illogically.
Absolutely, and the result of this was we had more than half of our population line up for an experimental vaccine that was promoted by a man cosplaying as a doctor that was a VIP member of Epstein's Island.
Now, Liz, I totally agree, and I love everything you do and everything you say, and I love your labradoodle as well, or is that just a pure... Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's just a, yeah, yeah, yeah, he's a good dog, yeah.
No, I totally agree with you, and just thank God for Exxon Musk helping us be able to expose it all.
Yes, yes, yes.
And I said to the audience earlier that, you know, Jay Dyer is correct.
I do agree with your analogy.
I agree with Adrian's analogy as well.
I think it's not much to really be afraid of.
It's the state of fear that they want you in.
So that they can implement whatever diabolical plans they may have to create a solution.
Because this has been an ongoing playbook for the last several years.
And it works.
So will they try and attempt to do this again?
I would say likely yes.
But do more people see through the bullshit?
Yes, they do.
So and it's because of spaces like this we're able to talk freely and thank you for Elon because we wouldn't be having this conversation today.
Well, Liz, let me go to Adrian Dittman and ask him this.
Thank you, Liz.
Please stay with us if you want.
Chase's phone isn't connecting in the studio, so he's in the control room.
It's working fine now.
We'll have to get a booster in here or however that works.
But Adrian, you're not Elon Musk, obviously we know that, but you've been able to speak about it and done a good job giving your view on it.
All I see is two different paths.
We have plan A that's get rid of the humans and we're all garbage and we're going to transhuman all this, or have a pro-human future that's a mix of everything through free will, but we've got to go interplanetary.
We've got to go interstellar.
We've got to have goals.
So instead of building big worthless pyramids that gave us a work project so it did something, we need giant space programs.
We need giant undersea programs.
We need absolutely to energize humanity, to believe in ourselves, to be pro-human, to build a world that's pro-human.
Team Humanity that I talked about with Elon months ago on air.
Can you speak, Adrian Dittman, to your view of Team Humanity?
And if you were talking to Elon Musk and advising him, and I totally support his space exploration, all the great things he's doing, about trying to sell the public on realizing this is their destiny to believe in something bigger, because we've got to have a plan B that becomes plan A. We've got to get energized with public works and corporate works projects and get excited about goals.
And if we don't have goals to go to Mars, And if we don't have goals to build moon bases, and if we don't have goals to build Antarctic bases, and undersea bases, and if we don't celebrate them as the real rock stars, nothing against basketball players or football players or, you know, Leonardo DiCaprio, but that's old.
That doesn't do anything.
That's entertainment.
We need to celebrate the explorers again.
And we need to get back into the trailblazing again.
And that's why I love Elon Musk, because he's doing that.
Say what you want, he is a maverick.
So can you speak to the maverick spirit and why we need to rediscover it?
I believe to survive or is that wrong?
And we got the big pregnant pause probably more technical stuff
But it is super fun.
Technical stuff, I'm dying.
Well, it might have been me.
Go ahead.
You probably had it on mute, but go ahead.
Go ahead.
I'm glad you're here.
You heard my big question.
Please go ahead.
Yeah, I mean, to go back on the advising of things, I don't think I can really advise anyone on anything in that regard, but I can definitely offer commentary.
I mean, look at me.
I'm just a basic, I'm just a spaceman with a, with a big ass account.
And who happens to sound like Elon?
Look at the PFP.
There you go.
It just so happens to think like him and everything else.
We get it.
So give us your view.
It's ironic.
It's irony.
I mean, if I were to step in that general direction, the reason why I actually came onto X and actually started to read a lot about, say, space exploration and just the science in general is because I got inspired one day.
And that happened when I watched the first Raptor engine test on YouTube.
I looked at that and I thought to myself, That looks really damn cool.
How does that work?
You know, you gotta have something that inspires people.
And I think big, beautiful rockets going up into space, such as, you know, Starship, definitely inspire people to do greater things, because at some point you look at it and you ask yourself, how could I be a part of this?
You know, what can I do to help in building something like this?
Well, what could I possibly do?
And then people ask themselves, how does it work?
And then merely the understanding of how it works could sometimes be enough, because if you then talk Other people understand the same things that you do, and perhaps even have a connection to the whole thing as well.
I mean, a lot of people actually don't know about Starship.
A lot of people don't know about what SpaceX is doing.
They may not even know that there are thousands of satellites that are cruising above our heads right now, where essentially the mission is to take the internet, which is currently under the ocean essentially, and bring it up into space.
I mean, it's so cool that our internet will at some point be Accessible on any part of the planet, and it works via friggin' space lasers.
That is so cool.
Like, come on, that is amazing.
That alone, most people don't get this because nobody really talks about it.
You know, you turn on your TV and you find, well, what are we talking about?
We're talking about some sort of issue somewhere.
Personally, I haven't turned on the TV in about 10 years, and I could, personally, I could never be happier.
Now I just look onto X or something like this, and if you want to get your touch of legacy media news, then you know that you still follow those websites.
I'm still subscribed to quite a few of the established newspapers because I want to understand all parts of the information economy as I think We are largely heading towards that and we are unfortunately forgetting about the production elements of an economy.
We are primarily focusing on information here.
I think this is, in a sense, maybe even needed, because in the future, I think humans will be dealing
a lot more with information than they are to deal with physical things,
because we're trying to basically optimize humans out of certain work processes,
such as in factories, we're using robots.
This is a good thing.
Sure, there will be lots of jobs lost, but I feel like if we are switching to an economy
where virtually anyone can participate, which is the information economy,
then there will be a job found for these people as well.
Now, this is just wild speculation, but as it pertains to going to certain places and inspiring people, seeing something big and almost impossible be achieved through someone like Elon, that is amazing.
That does inspire people.
I think this is the same reason why we used to build really big, cool buildings.
It's because we wanted to inspire people to build better things.
You look at those big cathedrals in Europe, for instance.
You walk inside of one of those cathedrals.
Many people haven't done this, by the way.
Just look around you and ask yourself, how and why?
It is amazing.
It's a beautiful thing to look at.
It inspires you to build something for some reason.
It's almost And I think that's what we're looking at with a lot of the developments in tech with AI.
I think it inspires you to try and do something creative.
You know, how valuable is your idea truly?
How realistic is it?
Well, you can talk to You can build an app, or you can design an image.
I mean, sure, there's a lot of controversy around this, and this will be worked on in
the future as well, because the content that makes up the data for the AI has been scraped
and well, with questionable, it's a questionable source.
But regardless of that, it's still very nice to, it's very liberating because it allows
people to kind of like express their creative ability through something like this.
Adrian, I totally agree, but I look at the statistics, I don't have it in front of me,
but why is Elon, you're not Elon, we know that, but you're studying it.
In your perspective, why is Elon putting, for every new satellite put up, he's putting
up nine out of 10 or the number similar to that.
Why is SpaceX so successful when NASA and even all these other private companies trying to do what Elon has done can't even all together do what he's doing?
Why was Elon able to do that?
He has a bit of a different approach, by the way, that he tends to operate.
It's like a perpetual startup type of thing where the rate of innovation is constantly increasing.
It never flatlines.
It should never flatline.
Once that happens, you've lost.
You're basically trying to remove a lot of problems.
He's removing a lot of things.
is removing so much that you then need to begin adding things once more.
Even when it comes to, I mean, if you want a bit of a better summary, you should probably
watch an interview of someone who has worked with them.
There's one interview that's recently been put out with Andrej Karpathy.
You can search it here on X and you'll actually find it.
And I highly recommend watching it. He has a very succinct description of how he thinks that Elon functions.
And it's a very accurate description by what I would say how Elon functions.
So, NASA engineering, I'm not entirely sure what exactly is going on there sometimes.
For quite a long time, up until SpaceX had come around, we actually had a point where we were hitchhiking on Russian rockets.
That is crazy.
Now we have all American-made rockets going to space constantly at a price that is cheaper.
That is absolutely amazing. But the road to getting there was one that was exceedingly
unconventional. Because oftentimes it is a very difficult thing to take the road least
traveled because you have this existing...
Look at anything that's been done before.
If you continue on to this path and then you realize there is stagnation for innovation, then what are you going to do next?
You actually have to begin with something new.
And he practically began with something new based on something that already existed to a certain extent.
You know, something that's revolutionary with how to design a rocket to be able to take it back from space so you don't waste so much material so it doesn't waste as much money.
Alone, the ability to do this affords you a very deep understanding of how that technology works, and that's how you can then improve.
And if you look at how they work and how they improve, it's like every week there's a new idea.
It's amazing.
And it gets applied so quickly.
They don't waste time with discussing the idea.
They kind of focus on how to actually apply it and whether or not it would work.
It's exponential.
It's insane.
It's absolutely insane.
I mean, look at it.
Right now, the fourth Starship is being tested right now as we speak.
It's being prepared for IFT4, Integrated Test Flight 4.
It's happening.
It's unbelievable.
It's very fast.
It's actually getting faster and faster.
Mr. Dittman, if I could just bring this up, I'm not a rocket scientist like other people, but I'm fascinated by it.
Saturn rocket developed by Wernher von Braun, deployed in the 60s and 70s.
Then they said 10 years ago, we've lost it, or 20 years ago, we've got to use Russian heavy lifters.
Then Elon comes in a few years, innovates and brings in heavy lifters way bigger than the Russians overnight.
So why would NASA say we've lost the plans?
People don't believe this.
Look it up.
We've lost the plans to Saturn rockets.
We can't do it.
That sounds like sabotage to me.
Yeah, it's either that or using very old systems.
I mean, it does happen that information gets lost.
It's just very weird that information so critical gets lost.
But I mean, I've seen a lot of weird things.
I once had to design, well, kind of design server infrastructure.
It was more like the physical implications of it at Logistics.
And I noticed something really interesting.
I was like, okay, so we have all this new infrastructure, where's the old information?
And then bro looks at me and says, well, we discarded the drives and everything.
I'm like, you did what?
Just like that.
Some guy just discards it.
I'm like, you did what?
Where are they?
What did you do to it?
Well, they didn't need it anymore.
Did you like put it in?
You just literally threw it in the trash.
I looked at him, my brain was exploding.
I was like, no.
No way.
That, that, okay.
You know what?
I'm just gonna be out of this.
I did my job.
Whatever happens next, I want literally no part of it.
I haven't heard from those guys since, but it gives you an example of what things could go wrong.
And maybe it was something like that.
And wasn't it true that Wernher von Braun actually designed the Saturn rocket to be a Mars rocket, like over-engineered it?
He did.
I don't know, maybe I'll just speculate.
No, he did.
Well, it's funny you know that, because obviously not everyone must, but exactly so.
The issue is it's almost better they incompetently didn't have any of that, because that forced Elon and his engineers to totally redo it, and so it's now so much better.
I know you're not Elon, so you don't know these numbers, but I was reading like these new heavy lifters that Elon's developed with his scientists are like the next level way better and I was hearing Elon's got even bigger rockets ready.
Yeah, it's absolutely mind-blowing. It's actually difficult to keep up with all the new data.
That's how I see it.
There are a lot of interesting content creators out here who actually keep up with that data.
There's one person here, his name is Felix Schlang.
He's pretty good.
There's also another one, his name is... I always forget the name because the user handle confuses me.
Jessica Kirsch?
Yeah, she's really good.
She's actually next to Starbase practically every single day, documenting its progress.
So if somebody knows about the numbers, it's definitely those two.
There's also another person on here that would actually understand more about rockets, would be Dr. Scott Walter.
Yeah, he's pretty cool.
Well imagine though humans trying to build a major lunar base and then a major Mars base
if people got behind it instead of the NBA or instead of you know football and cheered
on multiple corporate teams, government teams on who and the danger and the live coverage.
I mean this should be everything we're doing is and like the cures to cancer and it's not
just you know rockets, it's not just satellites, it's not just you know moving things around
the universe but just everything.
We should totally be behind this instead of dumbing people down, having them obsess on
race, gender, all this stuff.
I wonder why, I don't think it's debatable, disagree if you want, but I don't think it's debatable that the establishment's trying to sabotage innovation.
What leadership that's so elite would sabotage innovation if they already sit on top of it?
I don't understand that.
I don't understand any of that either, and I tend to not really focus on that as much.
I mean, when it comes to what I do within what I like to call the information economy, which is like X and everywhere else, is I like to focus on the tech and the people behind said tech more than I like to focus on the politics.
I like the fact that there are people out there who do focus on politics because that's their sector of the information economy that they tend to address, like what you're doing, for instance, what everyone else is doing.
But I tend to stay out of that as much as possible, even though sometimes I have hosted, say, spaces in the past where I actually bring on people who are very political, such as, you know, the Krasensteins.
They're more left-leaning, which is actually quite interesting because I look at the economy and I say, what is in low supply?
Well, if you have 100 spaces out there, each one of them are mainly populated by I say people who are more right-leaning, there should be at
least a space where people are more left-leaning.
And so I had a space with people who are mostly left-leaning.
So I tend not to really focus on that as much.
I like to focus on the balanced aspects.
No, I totally agree.
That's genius.
Just build it.
They will come.
Ignore all the politics.
Build the innovation and you already won.
But then I look at Elon, who's really smart and I admire him.
What an innovator.
What a maverick.
And I think, why would he try to hire Don Lemon?
When we know Don Lemon is just, cannot even change his ways.
Unbiased experience.
Well, here's the thing.
The way I like to look at that specific occurrence was, here's a guy out of a job.
This is Lemon now.
There's a guy out of a job.
It's a person who is, I think, a little bit more left-leaning in a sense, right?
You'd want someone like that on your platform.
If he wasn't this extreme, you know, it's like what he did in that interview was just very questionable, but I mean, what do I know?
The thing is, when you look at someone like, do you have the Tucker Carlson network?
You need something that is an antithesis to that.
Do you need this?
There has to be this.
So that goes back to the balance.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
No, you're right.
That's the balance you're talking about.
So you think Elon was trying to create balance.
Well, you can't just have this place be an echo chamber.
You actually have to have people of an opposing opinion.
Because if the opinion itself is not challenged, then what kind of merit does it actually have?
That's what I like to see out of this.
Whenever I see what he's pushing for, it's more like trying to push for actual discussions so people who are knowledgeable can chip in and then actually provide balance.
Because that's how you find the least wrong truth.
That's how science works.
You throw it out there.
You test the metal of the idea.
You test the metal of your data.
You test what it actually is.
But you have to expose it to harsh environments in order for you to actually know what's going on.
That's why you need diversity on this kind of platform.
Because the accusation still stands, but even though it has very little merit, the accusation still stands, where it is that this place has turned into a right-leaning echo chamber.
And that is completely untrue.
I've seen both sides.
Sure, there's a lot of, they're very vocal, but at the same time, if you look I totally agree!
almost an endless supply of left-leaning content if you want this you can follow
some of the people who are doing who are creating such content if that's what you
want it is here but you actually need a few more vocal people you know on this
platform who would actually say but promote such oh I totally agree we've
got to have a debate it's ridiculous but it's exactly because you're right
The two groups aren't interfaces.
They don't know the other exists.
Tucker went from being big to a superstar on Fox by debates.
I had a debate yesterday.
We reached 50 million people.
You're right.
I told my producers, I go, get me debates.
I don't want to sit here and have an echo chamber.
You're absolutely right.
So Elon was right to do that.
The problem is, is that the left is so insular and so Cultic in the fact that everyone must agree with them that they don't want the debate So the problem is I wonder who Elon is gonna try to bring on X and boost.
I mean Maybe a maybe a Cuomo I mean, I don't know what leftist could Elon bring on and boost to then debate You know a Alex Jones or a Joe Rogan or anybody when that when when I think that's Elon's problem Is that the left?
wants to control the environment so much they don't get the power of energizing a debate.
It's definitely not going to be done.
No, no, no, he's- He's like a... We made a joke on Spacesware saying, hey, we actually need to create a concert so we can raise some funds for this guy.
We called Lemonade.
There are some people here on this platform already who I think have the capacity to stand up in a debate, like what I mentioned with the Krasensteins.
If they were able to, say, engage more in live audio, or just live in general, I think that would be really good, because the voices are here.
It just takes a little bit of courage to get started.
I don't know if that's a monetary incentive.
incentive that's keeping it behind. I really don't get it. This is something that I personally
don't quite understand.
I can't really get my head around this one because the people are here.
All you need to do is just speak up and I think anyone can do the same thing. I
mean a year ago nobody knew of my existence and then one day I decided to
come on to spaces and speak about the things that I've always wanted to speak
on. You know, what about AI? What about AI safety? It's something that I think has
been often viewed as like AI safety as a concept has been butchered so much that
even it itself is sabotaging itself. It's annoying when in reality AI safety as a
concept of practice could be something really cool and really productive.
It's been used to basically kill technology, which I don't understand the purpose of.
You're basically paper-clipping yourself.
You know, AI safety is critical, of course it is, but it just needs to be practiced in such a way that it actually kind of falls back to what it is meant for, and that is to, when you build a technology, ensure that it is safe.
That is what AI safety was supposed to be for, and that's why I still like it in this regard, because I will always consider AI safety in the context of this tech, because that is needed in this context.
But regardless of, right, anyone can do this.
Anyone can pick up a microphone, go onto a space, and if your personality, if the content of your character and the nature of the ideas is memetic enough, then you will make it to the top.
You will make it to, say, the Alex Jones space.
I mean, I actually like the fact that you came back, that you were brought back, and then you have a space here, because even if there are, you know, opposing opinions to something like what you're doing, I hope that they would come on and actually speak, because There may be merit, there may also not be merit, but we'd never know if people were not to come up and actually... No, I totally agree.
I would love the leftists... I would love the leftists to build straw men of what I supposedly did versus who I am would come on, but I know you're busy so just a few final questions.
I appreciate your time.
Look at Dinosaur Media, look at CNN, ABC, MSNBC.
They have like their top shows a million viewers.
I've been relegated and attacked and demonized and had five million viewers before Elon brought me back.
Now it's 20 million a day, conservatively on X. I mean, we are just dominating thanks to having that free space because people are resonating with the truth.
And they still, though, it's almost like an intercom system inside the sinking ship So the rats didn't leave the sinking ship of the establishment because they're in this ship sinking, but they've still got an intercom system telling themselves they've won.
Their regular shows have a hundred thousand views.
Their top shows have a million views.
Elon goes on a space with me three months ago, you know, it gets 50 million views, literally.
I mean, they still though are like dressing up and pretending Like a little girl pretending they're a princess when they're
not and they don't know they're already dead. They don't know that they're still funded by
big powerful billionaires, but they're a joke. And then Elon Musk understands that and
has moved on from them.
When do they figure out or disagree with that, Adrian Dittman, when do they figure out they're already in the Jurassic
When do they figure out they're already back in time?
Because everything's compressed now, so things happen quicker.
They're literally millions of years ago behind everybody now.
I'm worried that I won't be ahead of things.
They're moving so quick.
These people don't even know they're behind and think it's cool because they act like they're still in charge, having no idea that time has sped up.
I think the moment where people...
It's like latency to reaction.
And so the latency to reaction with something like legacy media is very, very low.
It's very low.
What we talk about here on one day will be talked about the next.
Legacy media is literally yesterday's news.
And I mean, sometimes that's not actually a bad thing, because if you actually put a lot of analysis into
something, it takes about one or two days to actually respond,
on average.
So this is actually, like when you talk about latency, if analysis was actually done,
then it may take some time to accurately put out the info, as opposed to just putting out chunks of information
as they come in, and they create kind of like an information stream
that confuses everyone, because now you have conflicting elements of data,
because with each passing iteration, it actually becomes more accurate.
So I understand that that's what's supposed to be happening.
I'm not really seeing this, because a lot of the time they actually try to respond
really quickly to breaking news events, but in and of itself, it tends to fail quite often,
which is unfortunate, really.
Like, even when there was this case where one account here had started some drama about me, like, being somehow Elon's alt, which I'm obviously not.
Because, I mean, here's the thing.
Elon is a person who has enough problems and controversy on his hand as it is, which is why I don't think he has, like, as much time to come on here.
No, it's okay.
We're not on radio.
It's fine.
It's honestly mind-blowing.
I mean, I understand, I really get it, but dude, I'm on here like eight hours a day.
How the fuck am I doing this?
Oh, sorry, excuse the language.
No, it's okay, we're not on regular radio, it's fine.
Yeah, I wonder how Elon figured that out.
I wonder if this is Elon's AI.
That's an interesting speculation.
Yeah, it's definitely not.
I'm very biological.
I can assure you of that.
I mean, there's not really much proof that I can give that I'm not an AI, but at the same time... Well, let me ask you this in closing, or you can say as long as you want, Adrian Dittman.
The establishment's got to know they're dead.
They've got to know that they've been passed over.
They've got big money from old billionaires still funding them.
They're going to figure that out pretty quick.
Disagree if you want to, but I see it as over.
And I just want to stop World War III and not have the establishment, who's already lost, try to claw everybody back with them.
I'm willing to give them a deal and have them leave us alone and just move out of the way.
And they can still own stuff.
They just don't run stuff.
I just see disaster when an old establishment goes down and doesn't know how stuff works, because I'm pretty smart.
I spend all day trying to figure stuff out, and I know how little I know.
And then I talk to globalists that I've had meetings with as things.
They don't know anything.
To me, they have to admit their time has come.
Do you have a comment on that?
Yeah, I mean, if you stick to one thing religiously over time, one day you will realize that the world has literally evolved past you.
And whether or not this is true for any kind of establishment, I think it's still up for debate.
But I really hope that we can live in a world where, regardless of what our goals are, we can coexist.
I really don't care what anyone does, necessarily.
I care about what I do.
I care about what people around me do.
As long as we can coexist, I think You know, there's stuff that happens within a free market that is not okay, but it is up to us not to interact with it.
You know, like say for instance there's a scammer on here that it's not my responsibility to interact with, that's the responsibility of someone say like the SEC.
I don't fuck with the SEC.
The SEC can do whatever they want, right?
They exist for a purpose and this is what they do, right?
Everything has a purpose in this huge It's a huge, weird, cooperative instance of reality, which is our planet and the connection between us all.
And in a world where we are getting more connected than ever before, I think we really need to accept that there needs to be some kind of coexistence.
Like, not all ideas are good.
And the reason why we say not all ideas are good is because within our own context, within the perspective that we hold for ourselves, We may say that some ideas are not good, but what if you're on the other side?
You know, we have to also consider this as well.
For instance, I don't have any problems with people who are left-leaning.
They can tell me all that they want.
I have my own opinions, and I have opinions that are so different from everyone else.
I'm basically neither a side or or.
I'm not just a layer above.
I don't care where I am at, because I'm literally nowhere at the same time.
This is how I like to be.
I like to be this kind of observer, like a traveler, who's just kind of, you know, Passing by, helping out, seeing what's happening, perhaps offering two cents of what I've seen, but in and of itself I act upon absolutely nothing and seek to enforce none.
So this is kind of a mentality I think a lot of people should take on, because it is a mentality that's entirely driven by the idea that we can coexist, because in nature we do this.
In nature there will always be conflict as well, so this coexistence will always be under threat of imbalance, because that's how pendulums work.
They swing either side.
The point is to try and make sure that the swing of the pendulum is minimized and that the damage caused by any one swing is Not so damning that it decelerates civilization's ability to not only exist, but just improve overall.
I totally agree, Adrian Dittman.
You've been very gracious with your time.
And I know you're not Elon Musk, but man, you sound just like him.
So smart.
You're just a brother from another mother.
Brother from another mother.
I get it.
So let me ask you this.
If humanity, because I understand we're collective, I would say, So like a jellyfish, people think a jellyfish
is one creature, it's a colony.
But they all, each cell has free will, but it works together.
So I'm not a communist that believes a central thing gives an order, but a design gives an order.
And I want to give myself to a design that does incredible things for everybody
and expands us throughout the universe.
So what do you think, if you were talking to Elon, would you tell him if you agree with that view,
or agree with that riff, at least talk about it, sponsor it for a moment.
How do we keep our individuality and then empower at the same time something
that expands all of humanity?
So if we fully got behind the innovation of expanding us as a space-faring people
and life extension, and you could choose to be augmented or choose to be a cyborg or choose to be,
you know, cloned or whatever, but at least it's all open.
It's like a selection.
Then it's free will.
We could do everything.
So how would you sell Elon Musk and then have him sell the world on a pro-human future instead of they admit a month ago, human population started going down as Elon predicted 10 years ago.
Life expectancy going down, cancer, 10,000% increase.
I mean, we are fucked.
And so this virus, this feudalism that they've injected to try to control growth because they're scared of competition is a virus that their bunkers won't protect them from.
How do we sell the establishment, sell the public, sell everybody on this giant expansion project, or what I call Plan B, Team Humanity?
I know that's a lot, but can you unpack that?
What would you say to Elon Musk to try to get him to be a leader, which he already is, to try to lead this operation out of this?
I mean, he's already doing everything that he can do.
There's nothing else that I think he could do additionally to what he's already doing.
He's just one guy.
I think, as opposed to trying to put all the pressure on one guy even more than it already is, why don't we just look at ourselves and see what we can do?
I don't agree.
So you're saying it's up to us?
So it's up to us.
It's literally up to us.
It's always up to us.
You know, it's up to us to make the simulation better.
And whatever you do to achieve that, it is literally up to you.
And whatever idea you generate under which people, under which you can rally people, is literally up to you and everyone else who accepts it.
I do my part, which is do what I do.
I refine information.
I keep things entertaining.
I just... I don't know what I do.
I just basically do stuff, and I think it's cool, and people seem to like it, and I think, and I put out weird stuff on X, and I talk about whatever is happening, what I seem to think about, what I seem to see as a traveler.
Somebody else can do something much better than this.
Somebody else could be an analyst who analyzes the stock market
and puts out daily information, says here's what's happening over here
and here's why I think this is happening.
But the real problem is optimism.
We're living in a world where we are seeing things through a pessimistic lens
and pessimism is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, so is also optimism.
It's a mind virus.
We think that we can actually achieve a better future.
Yeah, it's a mind virus.
Actually, everything is, I think all ideas are actually a mind virus.
The difference between whether or not a idea is good or not is it depends upon the mind virus
being either parasitic or symbiotic.
Because a mind virus that is good, an idea that is good, can actually help you achieve better things.
Much like, say, the bacteria that are in your biome right now.
You have a small little micro gut biome.
You actually are made of a lot of bacteria that are helping you exist.
You know, that's a symbiotic relationship.
Those are bacteria.
Normally, we think bacteria are really bad, terrible things.
But in this case, they're actually existing with us in a cooperative instance that is, you know, you, right?
And so we have this within us.
It's a symbiosis.
And if you can create an idea that is symbiotic in nature, then you can achieve great things.
But if you create something that's parasitic, let's say, for instance, pessimism, It will control every aspect of your mood to think negatively and as such you will act negatively.
I mean, the willingness for people to beat each other up is a bridge in the mind that is only ever crossed if you are already overloaded with negativity.
Normally humans have a very strong sense of being and normally have morals that are very cemented within them.
To actually go out there and viscerally hate someone to the point that you beat them up means that over time you've been overloaded with so much negativity that it needs to come out.
And I think we're seeing an increased trend of exactly that.
And I think instead of just, you know, going through social media and listening to these weird influencers that say, here's 10 things you can do to change your life, I'll give you one thing that will change your life.
Put the phone down for at least one day, or just take time out of your day to read something.
You know, read a book.
And with that book, I mean read historical books.
Start with something that's very entertaining, like say, The Mutiny of the Bounty.
I think that's a really good thing to start with.
Amazing book.
Or read Gadsad's book.
Read anything.
Clean of whatever is happening today.
Anything that really separates you from the current reality.
Because that's literally what you're on the internet for.
Oh, oh, oh!
Adrian Dittman, that is so heavy.
You're right.
Go back to classical literature.
There's a three-part series, actually, about it.
And they go, the island, all that.
Reboot on something that was pre-this, and then it gives you a lens to what's happening now.
And I mean, here's the thing.
That's up to all of us.
It's up to everyone.
I don't necessarily recommend that it is something you should do.
I'm just saying that this is something that I do and I have done.
I have a lot of problems myself.
I make life choices that put me into very, very difficult situations, I'd rather say.
I'm a very ambitious person.
I do things like stay up all night to fix some random-ass machine.
There's no need for me to do this at all.
I can take time off, but I don't, because I'm crazy.
That is just simply how it works.
So it's not up to me to dictate how anyone else's life works, because I see mine as something that is kind of suboptimal to being human, because I don't have time to socialize with people.
Not really.
And I think people should be able to socialize.
But Andrew, the most powerful thing you said in the last 45 minutes was, we're not, individuals aren't the answer.
Individuals are the answer, but they're not the overall answer.
You're looking for those incredible new brains that are going to help us get out of this and do something better.
And the old corrupt establishment is threatened by new minds, threatened by that power.
We have to embrace that.
Yeah, and I think if such a thing like the establishment as you're conceptualizing it often exists,
I think that they themselves will not actually fall, I think they will evolve.
You know, I think over time you will start... there comes a precipice where either you have a fight or flight response,
you're either the deer staring into headlights where the car then eventually hits it,
or you are the deer that backs away from the track.
Or in fact, you go right up to the person who's holding the gun and you just look at it.
This is like with the deer, for instance, they have a fight or flight response.
There's one case I saw where the deer literally walks up to the person and looks at him and says,
"Hey, hello, just dismiss her out of it."
And the deer doesn't even have the guts to shoot it.
This is really weird, you know, cases such as this.
You have to look at the fight or flight response.
And I think there is a secret third option to this, and that is to observe things a little bit more critically.
And if I was them, I would definitely say, "Okay, if I have a long-term goal,
let's sit at the sidelines a little bit and then step back in."
Because I think that everybody has something that needs to exist.
And if there is such an establishment...
I like to try and put myself into that position.
I like to put myself in the position of trying to understand why exactly they think we need to reduce people
on the planet.
And I mean, there are limited resources on the planet.
There is absolutely, there is a case to be made here.
It's just that the impact of what they're doing right now is going to be a heavy pendulum swing in one direction,
where it's really going to be very destructive. But then again, I don't really know much about that.
So there is definitely merit to what they're saying. It's just I think the solution may be not the right solution.
No, I agree. But cutting off resources to depopulate will cause wars, which will, bunkers aren't going to protect the
They've got to innovate out of this.
And this is going to cause more depopulation. Yeah.
understand a world in which there are fewer people would actually be less resource intensive,
but instead of doing that we should probably seek where else to find better resources.
And this is why Mars is so essential. You need to go there to establish a kind of a
base so you can say, "Mind the asteroids." So you don't have to destroy the planet in
order to get resources. That is essentially the goal itself.
You've got to go there not only just to act as a kind of a backup for, you know, the
planet, but also as a means to get more resources for both planets, you know?
No, I agree, but instead of a war killing each other or a war to cut off carbon, celebrate
carbon, invade space.
And have it be violent.
I don't mean violent killing people.
I mean, Helter Skelter, everybody's heroes.
Anybody that signs up for the Space Force, whether it's corporate or private, we just go full.
That's what people need as a goal.
Just full push into the heavens.
That's what we're meant to do.
We're programmed to do it.
That is so exciting.
In closing comments, Adrian Dittman, really smart person on X. Well, thank you so much.
Closing comments.
Closing comments?
Honestly, let's try to have as much fun as possible.
I don't know what's going to happen in the future.
We're living in a time where, in the past, we used to be able to predict what will be needed in 10 to 20 years.
We don't live in that world anymore.
So I think the best thing that we can do right now is to try and look for structure, and to be entertaining, to find people, Worth fighting for.
To find also something worth dying for.
This is something that I think a lot of people have discarded.
The idea of purpose, however small, it's good.
And I think as we are gradually moving towards something that's more information based, because it's becoming increasingly nonsensical to go to certain places physically, We need to think about how we can better connect, how we can better coexist.
That's the only thing.
I don't care who you are.
I don't know.
I don't care what you do.
And imagine, for instance, a scenario where you have scientists go to Mars.
I hope that there is at least a division between those scientists.
In a sense where, let's say there's one that is more right-leaning and one that is more left-leaning, that they sit on opposite sides of the table and play a game of chess.
Not because they would wish to defeat one another, but because they would wish to understand one another.
Because a difference in perspective is unimaginably critical.
And I think we shouldn't vilify each other just because we have a different perspective on life.
And that goes for literally everyone.
I mean, you can disagree with whatever any particular force is doing,
but what I would want people to do is to try and understand it.
Because what if perhaps you could reason with the force?
What if you could reason with it and say, "Hey, could we do this a little differently?
Is there a better way? Perhaps. But then again, we don't know unless we tried."
So don't be destructive. Don't be a wrecking ball.
This is like trying to break the matrix.
I'm like, "How are you going to break the thing that you're in?
That is literally self-sabotage.
Don't break the matrix, make it a better thing.
That's what everyone else is doing.
You're just left behind thinking it's a weird thing that some influencer told you to do.
Well, that's right.
When I read, Adrian Dittman, when I read about the Visigoth warlord, Alaric, sacking Rome in 410, they burned Rome down.
And I'm like, why didn't you take Rome over?
This idea that we destroy civilization because we're threatened by it.
Why don't we just integrate and make it better?
Absolutely powerful information.
Adrian Dittman, thank you so much for spending an hour with us tonight.
Amazing knowledge.
I'm just blown away by what you said.
Thank you so much for being with us.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you.
All right.
Well, that was a very powerful two hours and 11 minutes.
And I am not financed by the New World Order or any billionaires, as long as I don't change my policies.
And I'd be happy for people to find this, but I don't change my views.
But I'll take money, but you don't change what I do.
But I've not reached that level yet.
We just sell supplements and things that work really well and things that books and films and water filters that are highly rated.
Infowarsstore.com, drjonesnaturals.com, my dad's company.
You know, iodine.
The government in the 20s said that IQs were down 15 points.
They put a little bit of iodine in the salt and IQs went way up.
We sell iodine.
We sell iodine toothpaste.
Really good for you.
It's drjonesnaturals.com.
It's an infowarestore.com.
And I've been on air 30 years in the first time on AXS TV in 1994.
I walked in there to be a guest.
I was trying to get my little license there and taking the classes and they said, Oh, come on the show.
So I walk in there and I sit down in 1994 and there's Mike Hanson and Jeff Davis, not the Confederate president, Jeff Davis is his name, and I'm on this show in 1994, and they go, oh, we had you as a guest, are you here for the IRS protest?
It was April 15th.
So the 15th is when I was on there 30 years ago.
I went, I know, I'm here to just talk about, I want to do a talk show that's pro-gun, pro-family, and they're like, well, yeah, well, we called you, we heard you're a producer here, come on the show.
So I'm sitting there on this show, For two hours, and back then, AXS TV was huge in Austin.
It was on the basic cable, everybody was watching it, super entertaining.
And I was there talking about it.
But that's where we are now, ladies and gentlemen.
We have so much potential.
And I don't say this to brag, it's not about me.
But Dale Gribble of King of the Hill, the most successful TV show in history, made like $5 billion, I'm friends with Mike Judge, not name dropping, it's just true, to show the power of a little guy.
1994, 95.
He just finished Beavis and Butthead.
He lives in Austin.
He works with Richard Linklater at his offices in East Austin.
There's an interview with him saying all this.
By the way, I'm not just saying this.
It's not about bragging.
Imagine, I'm an Access TV host 30 years ago.
I'm 20 years old.
I'm 50 now.
I'm 20 years old.
I'm 50 now. I'm 20 years old and I'm doing a show about the Federal Reserve
and the New World Order and the income tax.
And then I meet Mike Judge years later, become friends with him decades later, hung out a lot, everything.
And the point is, he says in an interview, after I've known him for years, he goes, you know you were the main source of Adele Gribble.
He goes, here's the VHS tape of your show.
Puts it in the VHS, and I'm watching me in 1994.
He goes, I was just thinking of a new show about Texas and about common people.
And the thing about that, I thought I was nobody.
That shows how much power you've got.
What you believe, what you do has a great effect.
So the conspiracy theorist, Dale Gribble, from King of the Hill in 1996 or whatever it is, Was based on me.
It isn't that I'm so big, it's that you're so big.
And that shows when you throw the rock in the pond, the incredible ripples that happens.
You think I thought in 1994 that Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butthead, I didn't even know who Beavis and Butthead creator was.
I like Beavis and Butthead.
But I tell that story because the ripples we've had have been a thousand times bigger now.
And I'm not the cat's meow man.
I'm not the best person around.
I don't claim I'm the big swinging dick, but I've changed the world.
And so I want you to know that you could change the world.
That's what I'm trying to do.
And you heard Adrian Dittman.
Who's the spitting image of Elon Musk.
Say, I'm waiting for you.
I'm waiting for the people.
I'm waiting for you to get involved in freedom.
That's so true.
So thank you to the crew.
I'm about to take off a week to visit family and take care of business and a bunch of other stuff, but we'll air this on the show next week.
It's live right now on infowarriors.com forward slash show and I video extra logs Jones.
But I got to say, man, people think evil is powerful.
Freedom is powerful.
I have been involved for 30 years in this fight and all I've seen is magic doors.
Opened over and over again for freedom.
Humans are powerful.
You're amazing.
You've got a destiny.
And that's why I told you the Del Gribble story.
What does it matter?
Okay, I'm the impetus for one of the main characters on a show.
And Mike Judge is on record about that and all the rest of it.
The point is, is it shows how powerful the influence of authenticity is.
And that's what I'm saying.
And then when people come along that are pro-human, you can't then reject them and say, Oh, there's no good people.
I don't believe this.
This can't be real.
I can tell you.
I don't know about Donald Trump or Elon Musk.
They're their own people.
I think they're good, but I don't know.
But I can tell you, man, I believe in humanity.
I believe in you because I believe in me.
I came from you.
I'm not like an island amongst myself.
I look out and say, you're a bunch of trash.
No, I believe in you.
And I bet on you.
I've been betting a long time on you, you badasses.
And you're black, and you're white, and you're brown, and you're old, and you're gay, you're straight.
All that, it doesn't matter.
Do you understand what's going down?
That's what's important.
You've got a choice to make.
All right, that's it for this live transmission.
11 a.m.
Central tomorrow.
I'll do my show, 8 a.m.
Harrison Smith, 3 p.m.
Owen Schroyer.
We're gonna rerun this until tomorrow.
God bless and good luck!
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