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Air Date: March 26, 2024
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In 2023, private equity firms purchased nearly half of all single-family homes in the United States, making it increasingly difficult for middle-class individuals and families to own a home. The real estate industry is also struggling with corporate lawfare affecting it heavily. Additionally, incidents where squatters have taken over homes after previous owners refused to leave or engaged in tactics such as wrongful foreclosures or forged deeds have led to calls for criminalizing squatting and strengthening residential property maintenance laws. In the same year, General Flynn's movie premieres, revealing his experiences with corruption and persecution while aiming to inspire Americans to stand against injustice. General Flynn expresses concern over America's current state under Biden's leadership, criticizes his lack of strong leadership, and discusses various issues such as the war in Eastern Europe, drug crisis caused by CCP, uncontrolled migration across US-Mexico border, and the potential threat it poses to national security. In the podcast clip with Alex Jones, conspiracy theories regarding NATO, CIA, intelligence community are discussed along with events like terror attacks and how establishment often pushes lies. The impact of internet on accessing information is also reflected upon. Furthermore, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, drone strikes resulting in civilian casualties, media's portrayal of Israel, Russia's involvement in Ukraine, and Nord Stream Pipeline are also discussed."

The heart of the American dream is a cardiac arrest.
In the first nine months of last year, private investors bought 3,196 single-family homes in our greater metropolitan area.
One out of every seven houses sold.
Forty percent from the start of the pandemic.
In the final half of 2022, the typical U.S.
home sold for a record-shattering $468,000.
Massive private equity firms like Blackstone and Pradium Partners have backed a relatively new breed of homeowner, the corporation.
This growing industry buys or builds single-family homes and then rents them out.
New data reveals that economists have been sugarcoating the rate at which financial Goliaths have been swallowing up America's single-family homes.
The previous number they estimated had already been a painful lowball of only 18 to 23 percent of single-family homes being purchased.
That lie was merely intended to help the poison go down.
Because in 2023, private equity firms bought up nearly half, 44% of single-family homes in America.
The middle-class American homeowner's dream is now an American renter's nightmare.
Our generation will not be homeowners.
They will have us permanently renting.
Meanwhile, the real estate industry is collapsing under the weight of corporate lawfare.
This is insane.
Realtors are about to have their commissions cut in half.
And if that wasn't enough to crush the middle class, the lack of serious laws regarding squatters rights is the perfect enticement for Biden's invading border army.
You shouldn't be trying to steal my house.
Yes, you are.
Arrested for unlawful eviction.
She changed the locks on a man who claims he lives there.
This woman was trying to get inside her own home.
Previous owner refused to leave.
I saw like about 20 people at my property trying to move in as fast as they could.
After her previous tenant moved out, the home had only been vacant for 10 days.
Unfortunately, some of these squatters have gotten pretty sophisticated.
This guy just come out of nowhere, said he purchased a home and just took our home.
It's a tactic real estate attorneys say they're starting to see all too often.
Attorney Richard Alembic says they're called wrongful foreclosures or forged deeds.
It's when thieves use forged documents to gain ownership of unaware homeowners' properties.
There's no people's court for challenging a wrongful foreclosure or forged deed.
So that's a fundamental problem.
Squatters have turned a mansion into a party house.
Police have tried and failed to shut down that party mansion since it started.
People in a local apartment complex say squatters are breaking into their homes and even being violent.
Buying a dream home turned into a nightmare, you heard him, for this family from Queens.
The house came with something the new owners did not bargain for, a squatter.
I think if we criminalize, you know, no squatting and residential maintained properties, that's going to solve a lot of these issues.
And let's send it to criminal court and let law enforcement act.
It's not right that my wife had to quit her job nine months ago.
I had to quit beforehand.
Get myself prepared down here in Texas because we're next to Eagle Pass.
And we quit our jobs nine months ago.
And guess what?
We have to watch our household day and night to protect our own land down here.
And I'm telling you, these illegals that are coming in, get ready people, because nobody's doing anything.
Nobody's talking.
It's all talk.
I just want you to know they busted down the gates in front of our military.
Literally busted down the gates, ran right past them.
Thousands of them.
They didn't do anything.
Lobbyist lapdogs in D.C.'
's country club of hubris are on course to drain the country dry and hand it over to the World Economic Forum, meeting the goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030.
And as we rebuild our cities, and as we rebuild our country to ensure that every single person has a home, we need to invest and pass the Green New Deal for public housing.
It deals with the issue of the climate catastrophe that we are living in.
We must also pass the Green New Deal for public schools!
Because the Green New Deal for public schools, working in conjunction with the Green New
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It's Tuesday, March 26th, 2024.
We, your team, have witnessed a black swan event in the Port of Baltimore.
Tomorrow's news, today.
He's just about to arrive over here in New Orleans.
Yes, sir.
That's the I.M.P.A.
Um, R.C.E.P.
This is a hostile location now.
Please leave now.
He just arrived.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The Governor of Maryland has asked the media not to show footage of the collapse of the bridge.
That is something entirely new.
Did you hear the government say don't show footage on 9-11?
But now we're seeing reports that social media like Facebook is trying to block it.
There's so many facets to this, but there's a big development in the EU, and I knew about this, but I hadn't read the numbers.
I didn't realize it.
Billions and billions and billions of dollars, 20 billion, has been spent in the last year alone in the EU, with Facebook running it, to not just censor Facebook and Instagram, but Facebook is running censorship for the government,
With 40,000 corporate and government employees, 15,000 content verifiers, and the EU is openly saying, we played the clip in January, at Davos, that this is the model for the United States.
And what it is, is a public coming out of the closet of what they did in 2020,
What they did in 2022, and it all ties in to how they're currently trying to steal the 2024 election.
And I tie that in to the governor.
Oh, hey!
We got the clip, we'll play it in a moment.
Don't show the footage!
There's nothing graphic.
You don't see people being crushed or dying, though they are.
Though they're in the water.
That's been reported.
You have this huge bridge collapse.
You have the power go out on a ship.
And I've done some research.
Those ships have battery power for at least lights around and in the ship that kick on.
And so I made some calls and did some research and I noticed that General Flynn is saying the same thing.
But those ships of that size by law to be able to come into a port like that, it's a hazardous waste port, one of the biggest in the U.S., have to have all these emergency battery systems and generator systems
Where you would not have the main steering cut out for that long, maybe a second, if a primary system went down, then would the generators that automatically kick on fail.
We, because of the power outages now caused by the Feds not letting Texas produce enough electricity during the winter and summer peak times, had to put in a $70,000 generator to run both buildings here, and then it was another
70-80,000 to run the wires and all the expensive systems you've got to have to be in code.
And this is not that big a building.
Those ships have generally one of that size, have up to 10 large generators on them.
And normally two levels, by law it's two levels of backup generators.
We can open the phones up and have
Maritime professionals, and boy are they professionals, call into the show and explain it to you.
And they'll probably explain where I get some things wrong a little bit, but in general I know I'm right.
They can give you the specifics.
And so we're going to do that right now.
We're going to fire up the phone system.
By that it's a computer, so we've got to turn it on and get it ready.
And then we're only going to take calls for witnesses in Baltimore and or
Maritime professionals.
Call them sailors if you want, but they are.
It's a very, very complex, very high-tech job when you're dealing with these huge barges and container ships that are going across the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
So this is a big deal.
That port is now shut down.
The ships can't get out.
It is arguably the second largest, if not the largest, there's big ones in Houston, chemical holding facility in the country.
It's undoubtedly the biggest on the East Coast.
And that's why General Flynn, who's the former head of defense intelligence is saying this is a major Black Swan event.
In fact, producers,
Call Flynn, please.
And if his producer doesn't answer, I've got his number.
Come get my phone.
Call him.
We really want to get him on about this.
I know he's a busy guy.
His statements on this subject are on InfoWars.com.
Right now, here's the report.
General Flynn, Baltimore bridge collapse, a black swan event.
An unseen event that could cause a cascade or chain reaction.
Also, the hundreds of drone attacks
Work on Russian refineries and power stations and delivery pipelines, including Nord Stream, has already caused energy prices to skyrocket in Europe, on average about double, and the Pentagon is officially now admitting that they've been telling Ukrainians for a year, stop blowing up the Russian
Because Biden doesn't want people to understand that the prices are rising because of his policies shutting down American energy.
Remember, he was letting Venezuela supply us oil for the last three years.
And until recently, he said, OK, fine.
And he lifted the permit controls on U.S.
oil and gas.
And so in just three months, we've gone from being the second biggest producer in the world back to being number one.
So he had his foot on our neck and did not want American companies or American workers to get the profit.
And of course, he's still blocking U.S.
liquefied natural gas exports when the world is screaming for it.
So, didn't U.S.
blow up the Nord Stream pipeline, tripling gas prices for natural gas in Europe?
Again, general energy's about doubled.
Look it up.
That's in the news today.
This is just psychotic behavior by the globalists.
But that's because they're the central banks.
That's who rules things.
They have unlimited fiat currency.
They want to make you go into debt.
Governments, individuals, companies.
You gotta love this latest statement out of Biden.
Let me get into it.
Dollar down 20% since the 2020 election.
Biden blames greed.
He's one of the most greedy, nasty creatures.
He's presided over the policies that have done this.
And then he gets up there and blames greed.
It's like when he blamed, when he first got in office and cut off the pipelines and things, within six months, gas prices went up, remember, on average about a dollar a gallon extra.
Some places are paying eight bucks a gallon.
The average one was about four.
And remember, he said gas stations were doing it.
Yeah, the gas stations, folks.
Gas stations.
Anybody that knows business knows that for the average gas station they break even on fuel and it's the lottery tickets and soft drinks and hot dogs and cigarettes that people buy in the store that makes the money.
The stores are absolutely innocent.
Occasionally you'll have a hurricane or something coming in and some jerks, well everybody's leaving town and they got to get fuel and other gas stations have run out, they'll charge $10 a gallon and they get arrested for that.
That's price gouging.
That's extremely rare.
So again, they just think we're complete morons and because the general public is illiterate when it comes to business and industry and jobs, now this complex system works, they get away with it.
I mean, I never tried to become just a generalist expert in how everything works, but it's so fascinating.
I just constantly study how all the systems work and integrate together and still just have a basic understanding of it all.
But compared to the general public, I'm like a god or something.
I mean, liberals are literally, you know, we don't want any fossil fuels.
Electricity is clean.
Those are quotes.
In Congress last week, I forgot to play it.
Senator Kennedy was grilling the so-called climate change expert.
He said, well, if you want to ban fossil fuels, what do you think we should use?
He goes, electricity.
He goes, well, would you like to tell me where most of the electricity is generated?
He goes, it's electricity, it's clean.
He didn't even say wind farms or solar, which it's only about 20% of it.
He was so ignorant.
By the way, here's footage for a TV viewer of up by Dallas and Fort Worth, one of the biggest solar farms in the U.S., almost completely destroyed by a giant hailstorm.
Do you have any idea how much carbon it takes to make a solar panel?
The average solar panel has to be at maximum efficiency and capacity for over a year before it even produces enough electricity to counterbalance the carbon that was used to mine the ingredients.
I'm already digressing.
You're not tuned in to get a history lesson on that.
But let's go back to the Baltimore Port and the situation there.
I sent the crew.
Two videos that folks there at the Port Authority were able to shoot of the tragic event happening.
We'll try to get to the bottom of.
I would not expect government to ever tell you the truth about it.
Let's go ahead and roll the two clips.
Here it is.
Large container ship.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former top national security advisor to President Trump.
He's very busy, but we appreciate him on emergency notice popping in.
We've got an article on Infowars.com dealing with it.
You can also go to his website and to his ex-account and get the latest.
General, you've been warning of a black swan event.
We're seeing record levels of food processing facilities and energy switching stations and refinery fires and explosions not just here but around the Western world.
I've read the reports that statistically we're seeing about triple the number of these that we normally see.
So obviously that means some of this is just normal accidents but a lot of it is some type of sabotage.
You're saying this appears to be a black swan event.
What do you mean by that and can you lay it out for us?
Yeah, I mean, so first of all, Black Swan events are usually, you know, from the financial world, right?
Well, this actually will impact the financial world for sure.
But these are events that happen that, you know, you just can't imagine that something like this is going to happen.
There are ships that transit every port, harbor, bay.
Particularly the large ports like the Baltimore Harbor, every single day, multiple times a day.
And for something like this to happen, this complete violation of all standards and norms, they have what's called a SOP, Standard Operating Procedures, that every single ship's captain has to go through prior to prior to taking off from the dock itself, actually prior to getting on the ship.
So everything that I see here,
And you know, I mean, the jury is going to be out for a while.
This is not, you know, I was asked earlier today, Alex, can we take the idea that this was a terrorist attack off the table?
And absolutely, we cannot do that.
The other thing that I'll that I'll bring into this, I'll bring into this because these are events that are happening.
Too often now, this attack in Russia, the Russians are now saying, Russians are now coming out and saying that the UK and the US were behind the attack in Moscow.
And then all of a sudden we have this event here now.
You know, I think 1 of the things that we do have to to remember is that because I heard coming in this morning early that that there were.
At least 6 bridge workers that were on that bridge.
Working on that bridge, and there are obviously some cars that are unaccounted for now.
So they're going to be people that probably tragically lost their lives.
Because of this because of this incident and I'm going to call it an incident.
I'm not going to call it an accident just yet.
We've all seen the videos where the lights went out on the ship.
We've all seen the black smoke coming out of the top of it before they you know and I said in my in my post this morning that people ought to look start with the harbormaster because the harbormaster has to answer a lot of questions about you know were standard operating procedures followed to the letter.
And this is not only a massive
Commercial disaster.
But this is a military and a national security disaster because the Baltimore Harbor is a place where there was an awful lot of military activities.
And it's a transit point for many, many different types of functions and capabilities that the United States government uses.
So this is bad.
We cannot take off the table any anything right now.
I understand it's a Singapore flag vessel.
Uh, we'll, we'll have to see what that means.
What does that, you know, what does that mean?
And, uh, and I mean, everything is going to have to be checked.
And one of the first things, obviously, is to try to find out if there was anybody that was killed because of this.
And obviously, there's six bridge workers lives who were lost that appear to be lost in this thing.
And I, and I guarantee they're probably.
Scouring around the waters right now trying to find any of that.
That's the tragedy when something like this happens.
They're going to try to blame this on the construction of the bridge and they're going to distract.
People should not be distracted by those kinds of elements.
There's a lot worse things that we're going to find out from this particular incident, and nothing can be taken off the table.
We definitely have people who can investigate these.
We have really good, talented people who can investigate these types of things.
Somebody said to me this morning, well, the FBI ought to immediately get involved here.
And I was like, no, they shouldn't.
I mean, the FBI is not the best to investigate this right now.
There are other maritime agencies and activities that we have that are very professional and very capable of doing the work.
And like I said, I would start with the harbormaster because the harbormaster has a lot to answer for in terms of what procedures were followed or not followed.
And then there has to be a complete
Sort of reversal or backward examination about everything that has occurred with that crew of that vessel, the vessel itself, what was in those container ships, everything.
I mean, there is going to have to be an incredible level of detail.
And then the other breaking news that I just heard this morning that I said right up front, Alex, is that Russians are now appear to be blaming the United Kingdom and the United States for the attack in Moscow.
I mean, Jesus, whenever we have these horrific leaders in charge of our country, which we do right now, these are the kinds of things that begin to happen.
And we cannot, you know, we just can't have these kinds of, and I don't want to say foolishness, because these are dangerous.
These are really, really dangerous times.
And so anyway, I talked about a Black Swan event the other day because I just felt like there's so much activity and so much noise and we're being distracted.
Over the really over the things that truly matter and and I just felt that I felt that in my gut and boy to me this is one of those things that I.
That, you know, you just, you can't imagine.
I didn't, I didn't, I didn't wake up this morning thinking that this was what, this is what we were going to have.
I thought maybe, you know, another terrorist attack or something like that, because we're, we've had invading forces coming into our country, just like we just saw over, that happened in Russia.
So look at this video that you're showing and, and really, really dangerous.
There's still cars crossing the bridge.
So, you know, all these things that happen,
For this to happen with so many ships that transit our harbors, ports, bays, and I grew up on an island myself, so people are going to say, what the hell does Flynn know about ships?
I know a lot about this stuff.
I know an awful lot about this stuff.
These are exactly the kind of activities I pay attention to because these are national security issues and the implications of this particular disaster
It's huge for the United States of America.
Well, yes, General, we know as the former head of Defense Intelligence Agency in your long military career, you know a lot about infrastructure and ships.
So I think you're perfectly suited to be able to be an expert on this.
We're going to put the phones up after you're gone.
For maritime professionals, they can call in and chime in with their expertise.
But here's what I do know.
We've seen a massive increase around the Western world.
of destruction of energy infrastructure and food infrastructure and the deliberate shutting down of fertilizer and farm capacity around the Western world under the Great Reset.
So, if there's an official policy to cut off pipelines, cut off energy, cut off food, and then you see record-level attacks on food, sure, some of it may be accidents, but a lot of it's not, who would be behind this?
Well, the globalists have the motive to shut things off.
Give us a snapshot on that, and then when the time we have left, I want to get back
Yeah, so number one for the ships, for this ship incident
I mean, the examination of everything, every single thing, every person on that ship, what's inside of every container.
I mean, the level of detail.
Yeah, there's going to have to be a review of the infrastructure itself, but that bridge was fine.
The Francis Scott Key Bridge, right?
Actually, it's a very symbolic bridge as well.
He was the guy that wrote the national anthem during the war of 1812 in the United States of America.
So very, very, you know, there's symbolism in a lot of things here.
So I, you know, what I'm telling you, Alec, and what I'm telling your audience is that we have to pay attention to every single aspect of what just happened.
And it's got to go back even months back.
Where did this shit come from?
Every single detail.
To the minute level.
And then, of course, what exactly transpired over the last 24 hours is another aspect of this.
We look, we have to look at communications between everybody that was on that ship, anybody that owned that ship.
I mean, everything, every single thing.
This is a, to me, this is a massive, massive national security issue and an incident that just happened because it happened close to our
Well, I was about to say, General, I've got an overhead shot here.
It appears that bridge blocks the only exit out of this huge port complex that doesn't just have one of the biggest toxic dumps, but also a lot of military hardware and things.
And this is a key port.
Am I correct in saying that?
Yeah, yes, you are.
Yes, you are.
Really, from Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., down to Norfolk Naval Base and those areas, that's a critical, critical piece of geography for our country.
And so that's what I mean when I say, like, this is not just a, you know, a single incident.
This actually impacts a lot of other aspects of our ability to be able to defend and protect this country.
I mean, so I don't want to, you know, I don't want to overstate it, but this is really bad.
This is really, really bad.
All right, General, you've been very gracious to join us.
I've been wanting to get you on about your new movie coming out.
I know you said you had 10 minutes.
Can you just come back and do like three, four more minutes on Russia, and then also mention your film that I can't wait to see?
We've got a short break.
I'll stand by.
I will.
All right, very gracious of you.
General Flynn, again, what's the best website for people to visit?
They can go to FlynnMovie.com.
FlynnMovie.com is where they need to go right now.
Alright, we'll be right back.
FlynnMovie.com and Alex Jones, stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Boy, I've been hearing a lot of scuttlebutt about Flynn Movie and FlynnMovie.com.
And Tucker Carlson is huge in it.
A bunch of other heavy hitters.
This is just going to be amazing.
It premieres coming up very, very soon.
General Flynn's about to give us the inside on that and then comment on the Russia situation.
It's so serious.
And Israel getting ready to carpet bomb Rafa.
200 and something days out from the election.
But here's the trailer that you can find and get tickets and more at FlynnMovie.com.
Here it is.
There was a moment where I just felt like I was drowning.
So I'm in there with these other political appointees.
They're all supposed to go in there and tell what they believe to be the truth.
What they did was they took my assessment and they wanted me to change it.
I was like, I'm not changing it.
He was, by definition, the most dangerous possible person for Donald Trump to hire.
President Obama said, but I do have one specific recommendation.
Stay away from Michael Flynn.
He's bad news.
Over time, instead of being pounded down below the surface of the ocean, we started to fight.
I'm now above the surface.
Deliver the truth, whatever the cost.
You know, I've used that analogy on air of being pulled in by a riptide and slammed down on the bottom like a surfer and then shot back out.
You've got to just hold your breath and stay calm and not gulp in water.
You're dead.
You're going to shoot back up maybe in 10 seconds, maybe in a minute and a half.
That is a perfect analogy of Flynn being sucked in, and Trump being sucked in, and Roger Stone being sucked in, and Alex Jones being sucked in, and Tucker Carlson being sucked in.
But, you know, Flynn at one of the worst levels of persecution, second only to Trump.
And I see it, but then I see them come back stronger.
That's beautiful.
Tell us what the film's about, General.
Yeah, well, first of all, I've been surfing for over 50 years of my life.
So that's why I use that metaphor in this movie.
There's really two parts.
The first part is really about, you know, sort of why me, right?
My military experiences that got me to the levels that I got to.
And then the second part is really about the corruption, the deep corruption and the persecution.
And there are things in this movie that I speak to that I have never spoken to before.
This is not just about the Obama administration.
This is about the deep corruption all sides and all angles that we are experiencing right now and that I experienced.
And I try to bring out some ideas about, you know, not just the persecution, but the resurrection and inspiration to get Americans to understand that if I can do this, if I can face this persecution, this level of persecution and get out of it,
And stand my ground, tell my story, so can America.
So, they're really, really powerful, raw stories.
It is delivering the truth, whatever the cost, and believe me, Alex, you know this, there's going to be people that are going to be asked questions about this movie that they're going to have to say either, yeah, this or that.
I mean, there are going to be all kinds of explanations coming from people in Washington, D.C.
when this movie comes out.
And that's a good thing.
Well, we see those huge HD photos that are in the trailer, and I see you, honorable man, sitting up there with the Deep State Kingpins, Brennan and Clapper, and all these dedicated enemies of America.
I mean, think how panicked they were when you were right inside their operation trying to stop them.
When I was designated the National Security Advisor by Donald J. Trump, by President Trump, these people shit their pants, believe me.
Sorry for my Irish, but that's the truth.
And it was all of a sudden, I'm now going to be able to
Dig into the things that I know.
When they say, Flynn knows where the bodies are buried, that's a metaphor for knowing exactly where these people are doing their ill-gotten, you know, getting their ill-gotten gains taken care of for many, many decades.
And I know that.
And hopefully we can get back in charge of this country and get this country back on the rails.
Because right now, Alex, we are off the rails.
Well, folks can find Premier Times, where it's first showing and when coming up in just a week and a half.
All right.
Yeah, on that flintmovie.com there's a there's a tour button.
They can see where we're going to be.
I'm going to be at around 35 cities around the country starting on the 5th of April.
So check on the tour.
You can they can buy tickets at flintmovie.com and join us on that tour.
We're going to be all over the country and I'm actually going to be out in your neck of the woods and when I'm out there.
Maybe I'll come into the studio and we can do an interview from there.
Hey, doors are open.
You tell me the date.
The red carpet's there, sir.
We can tape or go live, whether it's at night, morning.
You tell me the time.
I'll be here.
All right.
We've only got a few minutes left.
I know you've got to go.
You're very busy.
Let's do a snapshot on what happened last Friday in Moscow, the aftermath of supposedly ISIS.
But they say right when they're picked up, no, we were just paid and given weapons and told to do this.
Now they've confirmed they did come out of Ukraine.
They were trying to get back to Ukraine.
Some say it could be Putin doing a false flag, but I see Nuland and others saying nasty surprises, them saying, and Jack Posobiec and others predicting months ago that the West would now shift into more asymmetrical warfare because Russia has won this war.
You're THE leading expert on something like this.
What is your analysis and gut, General?
Yeah, my hypothesis on this, Alex, is that this is not an ISIS-related attack.
OK, there's too many things.
There's too many anomalies that, you know, ISIS, you know, if it was a if it was a real strong radical Islamist type attack, these guys would have been prepared to die.
And so there's just that's that's number one.
But there's other things that I have examined.
This is just examining from afar.
That just did not come across to me much.
So my gut tells me right now that this was not an ISIS attack, that there's something else behind this.
Now what I just learned and what the world is learning over the last 24 hours is that the Russian FSB has come out and said that the UK and the US are behind this.
Now, you know, if we look at things like the Nord Stream Pipeline attack, we look at this,
The fact that these guys got caught alive, and where they got caught, and so many of them got caught, I mean, the Russians are going to learn an awful lot from that.
And so I just, again, my hypothesis is that this is not an ISIS attack.
Even though our government came out like in 30 minutes and said it's ISIS, right?
And ISIS came out supposedly and said it's them.
There's just something not right about this.
The Russians are now saying it's a US-UK attack.
We better have damn good evidence to show that it's not us.
Because this is the kind of nonsense, the craziness that could lead us into a war that could turn ugly really quickly.
You know with with the use of nuclear weapons, and that's the thing I know you and I have spoken about this before That's the thing that I do not want to even imagine But that's where we are with this crazy weak leadership that we have in our administration right now
You know, whatever happens, if the Russians blame the United States for this and the United Kingdom, some consequence is going to result from that.
And boy, and we learned, speaking of Tucker Carlson, we learned from Tucker during his interview with Putin that he hasn't spoken to the White House in over two years.
I mean, whatever happened to the hotline?
Whatever happened to
To our ability to be able to have leaders speaking to each other.
I mean, I was going to be put in life for prison for talking to the Russian ambassador to keep them from going out of their minds when the Obama administration undermined the Trump administration before we even took over.
The infamous phone call with the Russian ambassador.
I'm at the place now where we need, we better get cool heads to prevail.
And right now, what Russia's doing, what we just learned in what's happening in Baltimore, what's happening in the Middle East, I mean...
We're in a place now, and we don't have a leader that can even complete a sentence in the White House, never mind be able to decide whether or not we should use nuclear weapons.
And I now know, sir, that it's rolling downhill.
Instead of the incredible meritocracy we had before, and that now fading away with you and a few others being some of the last real men in the military, we have transgender generals, transgender admirals,
It's a complete joke.
The military is falling apart and the world sees this.
And then we learn it's not just Biden on vacation half the time.
He can't even, you know, open up a lawn chair, a beach chair properly that weighs like a pound.
Then we learn that Lloyd Austin is lying about where he's at and that he's not in command.
So who is in command?
They don't talk to the Russians, anything.
It seems like a runaway train.
Whereas, as you know, going back to the days of Kennedy and before and Eisenhower,
The National Security Advisors, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, they were on the phone every day with the Russians.
That's on record.
Every day!
And the nuclear weapons back then were tinker toys compared to what we've got now.
So, I mean, you just laid it out pretty clearly there, Alex.
Here's what I would just tell you, is that the American people, we're sick of this.
And if we don't get a statement out of the President of the United States about the state, I mean, what he just told us in the State of the Union was totally worthless.
He didn't address one objective as to why we're in Eastern Europe.
He didn't address one objective as to why we're in the Middle East.
Didn't talk about the border as a massive, massive problem.
Didn't address any of the issues with the number of killed in action on the streets of America by fentanyl, by CCP-induced drugs through the drug cartels.
He didn't talk about any of that.
We're in trouble.
Our nation is in trouble and God knows we need great, great leaders.
You know, my message to Congress is get your asses back to Washington D.C.
and get back to work instead of being on vacation right now.
They just passed an omnibus bill that's just unrecognizable to me that we have a GOP in Washington that's taking care of and fighting back for the people of this country.
I mean, I'm really at a loss for words at this stage with what it is that is coming out of Washington, D.C.
God help us, Alex.
God help us because we, you know, the American people know that we need strong leadership back in Washington, D.C.
And look at what they're doing to President Donald J. Trump.
They are trying to
Continue to ruin that man's life and everything about him so he can't be... But it's backfiring.
In closing, I know you've got to go.
They report millions since this year began coming across, over a million and a half, Border Patrol Chief said yesterday.
We have the footage of the Border Patrol being overrun by illegals.
And then now the Feds are trying to shut down any media down at the border.
We have Biden telling everybody, immediately surge the border.
And then a few years later, we see this absolute insanity.
And we have countless videos of people that are then identified as Iranian Hezbollah leaders, literally saying, you don't know who I am now, you soon will know.
And this is all deliberate.
And I see them, this is what they've telegraphed.
When Trump wins, when he's president-elect, they're going to activate Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and these Islamic groups that the left is affiliated with and can give orders to, to basically burn down and blow this country up.
And then when Trump tries to call out the military with the Insurrection Act...
This would have already been going on for a month and a half before the inauguration, and they believe they're going to drive him from power.
They've introduced legislation, as you know, Senator Blumenthal, to remove the War Powers Act and the Insurrection Act from the president, basically, and that's a coup by Congress legislatively.
It's a crisis.
I mean, they're really setting up the pieces.
There was a big Rolling Stone article that came out Friday about how he's, quote, built this infrastructure to stop Trump from stealing it with the FBI.
That means steal it with the FBI.
Can you give us a snapshot on what you see coming up in just 200 and something days?
Yes, well, so Blumenthal, because you mentioned him, there's a perfect example of stolen valor, okay?
Blumenthal from Connecticut, stolen valor.
So these next couple of months, we are going to experience what we're seeing now.
We're going to experience things that are unrecognizable to the American people and
What I keep telling folks that are listening is be careful of the distractions.
War is really about deception and distraction if you really, really want to get into the weeds of it.
And so we have to be very careful about the distractions somewhere else.
That are going to distract us from the real serious problems that we have because you mentioned the invasion and you're showing this this invading horde coming across beating beating our National Guard forces back there we have what we now know we have close to 100,000
Chinese military-age men in our country from this invasion.
What the hell are they doing?
Where are they?
Who's organizing them?
Is somebody training them to be a military force?
That's about 10 infantry divisions.
An infantry division, US infantry division, is about 10,000 people.
That's about 10.
We're looking at 10!
The numbers that equate to 10, potentially.
So, you know, we have got to get people to wake up in this country and to realize, and frankly,
The big businesses, the corporations, are they going to allow and enable and work with this current administration to continue to destroy this country?
Because that's exactly what's happening.
And a federal judge, an Obama judge, city legals can buy and carry guns.
I think this is red dawn in slow motion.
This is so insane.
I know you've got to go.
60 seconds on Israel.
60 seconds on Israel.
Yeah, well, Israel is now in a place where it's all about survival.
Israel, as a piece of geography, will always be there.
The State of Israel now must fight for their survival.
And like it or not, you know, agree or disagree, whatever side of the fence you're on, this is a war of survival now, particularly for Israel, especially because of the UN vote that the United States just abstained from yesterday.
That's only the second time in history that we've done that, and it shows that Israel cannot
They cannot count on the U.S.
to back them, so now Israel is in a survival mode, not just an offensive mode, they're in a survival mode.
And when Israel goes to a survival mode, even more dangerous things can happen.
And remember, that's a region that has a lot of missiles and a lot of capabilities from a lot of the forces down there, not just the Israelis, but the Iranians.
So we're in a, this is a, this is a really, and again, during the State of the Union by Biden, he didn't mention one objective as to why, why or what it is that we're doing in the Middle East, not a one.
Same with Eastern Europe.
Anyway, Alex, I gotta go.
Thank you very much.
Appreciate you allowing me to come on and talk a little bit.
I look forward to seeing you late next month in studio.
God bless FlynnMovie.com.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Very important interview.
All right.
Appreciate him coming on on short notice.
We have a big guest, the co-host and very popular.
I think he's on in the third hour, he is.
Kurt Metzer, also co-host with Jimmy Dore, he's going to be in studio coming up in the third hour today.
But I do want to give the toll-free number out for maritime professionals, people that work at the ports, people that work on the ships, people that, anybody that was in Baltimore, at the Port of Baltimore, only.
Nobody else, folks, when they call they won't be able to get through, so please, only
People that work in shipping, people that have knowledge of this, particularly direct knowledge, we will put you in the front of the line.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-Alex, and we will get you up and on the air.
Again, I know a lot of folks that are in Maritime probably haven't called in before, so I'll say it again slowly.
Now, there's a lot of other news, obviously, to hit.
And we're going to be getting into that interspersed with your phone calls.
On the dollar, what's happening with it?
JPMorgan to launch biometric payment system as next step in Orwellian financial surveillance system.
We also have the raid on P Diddy, and really what that signifies, and the fact that all eyes will be exposed.
Cat Williams warned celebrities months ago that massive sex trafficking in Hollywood, including in the whole hip-hop rapper scene, we're going to quote, catch hell.
Catch hell in 2024.
He was saying that in 2023 in December and on.
Again, I want to ask the question.
Maybe he's guilty.
Where there's smoke, there's fire.
But where are the thousands of people on the Epstein client lists?
Where are they?
Why is it that the names never really released?
They released some more flight logs and stuff.
Why are there no prosecutions of those people?
We know that certain things don't hang themselves.
Drywall, Christmas lights, and Jeffrey Epstein, as Senator Kennedy famously said.
It'd be funny if it wasn't so sad.
So we're going to be talking about that as well.
Before I go any further, I want to thank you all for your support.
I'll give you an update on InfoWars.
We've been in bankruptcy for almost two years.
The company.
I've been in bankruptcy for a year and a half.
And the other side, the Democrat Party, top law firms, the same ones going after Flynn, the same ones going after Trump, the very same one going after Giuliani.
They literally pick the jurisdiction, you know, control the courts, have unbelievable show trials, as you've all witnessed, lawfare.
We are not allowed a defense, you're already found guilty, just as the judge did in New York with Trump.
And then they just put on a show about how you're guilty, you just make up complete crap.
You'll remember that financial experts testify in Connecticut and Texas that had never looked at our books, didn't care to look at them.
The judge wouldn't let us bring our books in, bring in our tax returns.
They just said, Jones has $360 million in the bank.
And at that time, I had about $3 million in the bank.
And I already owed that much to lawyers.
So by the time the Texas and Connecticut trials ended,
I'd sold my house, and that was the money I had, and that was gone.
So I'm upside down over a billion and a half dollars.
I mean, people, that's why I laugh about it.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
They say, what are you going to write your check to these people?
I only said the name of...
One of the people ever, and they had an FBI agent, never said his name, didn't know who he was, never showed a photo of him.
He said he got a couple phone calls saying he was a real person.
That journalist that did it was actually at the trial and said, hey, I want to talk to you.
I'm the guy that called him.
He testified.
My lawyer says, Alex Jones, ever said your name?
You ever showed your face?
Any host ever talked about you?
Ever been on his website?
Well what happened to you?
Well a guy called my office once and I wasn't there and asked if I worked there and then he called me the next day and he talked to me and asked me if I was a real person and he started crying and said Alex did it to me.
He got 95 million dollars.
Now the law in Connecticut, the law in
Texas says you have to say somebody's name.
That's in the law.
It doesn't matter here.
See, because these are show trials.
So, I've done nothing wrong in that respect.
I've done plenty wrong in my life.
I'm not perfect.
But everything they say about me is a damn lie.
And I feel good about myself.
I hold my head high in public.
And I get 99% love.
And I didn't get that five years ago.
I got 80% love.
So, the Globalists have failed.
I went out to eat with friends of mine after I did that debate last night for the great folks over at Zero Hedge.
And I couldn't even eat my dinner at the restaurant.
Everybody was coming over wanting photos.
The owner came over, the chef came out, asked if we wanted anything.
And I'm not bragging, oh I'm so popular.
Imagine the system tried to demonize me and said I am Satan himself.
And the worst devil and pee on children's graves.
Just all this made up stuff.
Give me a break.
That I sent people to pee on graves.
They say, is there any proof of that?
Just made up.
And all that demonization, HBO movies and thousands of newscasts.
And I'm more loved than ever.
That's indicative of how hated the system is.
But I don't know if the bankruptcy is going to go through.
I don't know if
Because to me, it's just a tax to the devil.
I mean, if they have something that we can pay some reasonable amount for doing nothing, then, you know, they don't want us to.
No, they don't want us to continue on.
They've sent them a court of steps.
So they are going to try to use the bankruptcy system, and they've said this, to shut this place down in about two months.
I don't know.
But if they want to shut this down as some celebration or some trophy, every time they do it we just get bigger.
So I guess God uses the enemy to make us stronger.
So I'm at peace with it.
It'll be disruptive for the crew, but that's where we're at.
But now, if you want to get an InfoWars t-shirt or you want to get products, now's the time to get them because Free Speech Systems is InfoWars, so that name will be theirs.
It doesn't matter.
I'm the operation.
We'll just have a new operation.
But it'll all be gone.
But it'll be historic to have a t-shirt, a book, a film from the InfoWars age.
So this could be the end of InfoWars.
In fact, I think, I think it'll be shut down.
So, that, that, and I always told the crew a year and a half ago, they thought they were all fired, we were going under.
I said, no, no, no.
We at least got a year and a half or so, you know, to be here and go through this process, and I hope it works out.
But just now, it's time to just let folks know that it's, you know, 50-50 chance, I'd say.
So, that's where we're at.
So, infowarrestore.com, and that goes to the crew, the operation.
We run so lean, there's not any extra money.
So, we want to get to Paradox, where we say, oh, we're shutting down, and so then nobody supports, and then that will shut us down.
So, we'll run this sucker right to the last minute, and then if God decides to move us out of this position, we'll move on to another one.
It's all in God's hands.
But, InfoWarsTore.com, Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula, X3 back in stock, 40% off, TurboForce, 10-hour clean energy TurboForce.
It's all at InfoWarsTore.com, a Team Humanity shirt, a Gadsden flag shirt.
It's all there.
This could be, though, the twilight of this operation.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're now into our number two amazing political talk show host and comedian that's going to be joining us coming up in the third hour today.
Stay with us for that.
We've got callers, Cody in New Jersey and Mitchell in Cape Cod and Cory in Alabama and Tim in Baltimore.
Some stations, we're on hundreds of radio stations and TV stations, do not carry the first five.
But a lot of stations do, so we still do this first five.
They don't want to carry news and stuff, fake news or whatever.
So hold Tim, Cory, Mitchell and Cody and I will go directly to you when we start the next segment on the barge disaster in the Port of Baltimore.
It's so serious.
Coming up next segment.
And then interspersed with those calls, we are going to get into dollar down 20% since 2020.
Biden blames greed.
JPMorgan launched a biometric payment system as the next step.
Orwellian financial surveillance.
Huge story.
A wave of censorship is coming ahead of the European elections.
I'm going to ask Ben in the live show feed to repost a link to this article.
It's also on the front page of InfoWars.com, but this is a super important story.
Because when I read this, I already knew it, but then I'm like, oh, you dropped the ball.
I've talked about this some in pieces, but I've...
I've not really talked about this properly and it ties into all those big articles last week how Biden is, let me read you the exact headline, Biden is building a superstructure to stop Trump from stealing the election.
I mean this is incredible stuff.
They are rolling out the cashless society.
It is just insane.
And then we've got what's happening at the border that ties into all this and we knew this was coming.
We had a caller mention this yesterday.
I'm like, wait a minute, this is not the caller's sources, which obviously had sources in the Border Patrol, it's clear.
And what he was saying was true.
But in Seattle, in LA, in New York, in Chicago, in Trenton, New Jersey,
In all these places, they've had the illegal aliens there for six months to a year in these hotels and government facilities that they've tried to keep secret by the millions.
And now they're kicking them out to make way for the new group and they're loading them on planes with money and sending them to Texas and Tennessee.
And Georgia, and Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and Arizona, and Florida.
And when you go down the list of where they're sending them, I've got AP articles right here saying it.
They are sending them mainly to battleground states, and to purple states, and to red states.
They're not sending any of them to blue states.
The Texas governor and the Florida governor have wisely deported some of these illegal aliens.
They don't have power to deport them over the border, but they have power to ship them to another state or to a leftist area like Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts.
But they're immediately taken out of there, so they are literally sending them
To the blue, out of the blue cities, into the red areas, to flip those Democrat, not just for the illegals voting, as we know they're doing, but also, again, for the apportionment of the members of Congress to get more congressional seats.
So, this is a big, big deal.
And as I said, people go, oh, the blue cities will collapse!
No, they suck all the welfare money and all the government money in, and then they're just the processing centers
So they bring the people in, they bloat it up full of them, they train them, they brainwash them, they turn them against America, they indoctrinate them in the Democratic Party, their entire safety net is the NGOs and the social workers and the community organizers like Obama's system, and then they disgorge them, or vomit them,
Out onto Texas and Tennessee and other areas.
In fact, they're mainly going to Texas and Tennessee.
That's the main areas.
And then again, they're bombing the states that are battleground borderline to flip those completely deep blue.
So, absolute military operation.
They give them New York IDs as soon as they have those.
They now are basically a U.S.
citizen by fiat.
And then they move to the next red state, get their guns, sign up for welfare, rape our children, murder us.
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The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on.
Are you in mind?
We have the disaster that happened in the early morning hours right before dawn, or right at dawn.
Right as the sun was coming up in the Port of Baltimore, I want to show TV viewers some of that footage the governor doesn't want you to see for some reason.
Even though it's not graphic, you don't see people dying, though obviously some did.
Or it's quite a bit of families.
Here's an overhead shot of a satellite photo of the Port of Baltimore.
And you'll notice here that the bridge completely blocks the port.
It's got military bases, naval bases.
It's got one of the biggest toxic waste dumps.
They then process it out of the country in the nation, the biggest on the East Coast.
This is a big, big deal.
The bridge is basically taken out.
At least three sections of it have collapsed.
It will take months if they absolutely bust ass.
I mean, I would predict six months to fix this.
This is a really big deal.
And you add to all of this, you add to all of this all the other bizarre disasters that are happening around the country and it gets more and more suspicious.
And I agree with General Flynn that this is an incident that needs to be
Investigated very, very seriously.
All right, we have shipping container port operator Cody in New Jersey.
We have Mitchell in Cape Cod, a fisherman on the disaster.
We have Corey in Alabama, a barge master and sailor.
We have Tim in Baltimore on the bridge collapse.
Father works at the port.
So, um,
Let's go to Tim first, because his father, I believe he's saying, works at this port.
Then we'll go to Cody, Corey, and Mitchell.
Thank you, Tim, for calling, and thank you for holding.
You're on the air.
Please give us your take and what your dad's telling you.
Yeah, so my dad works at the port, and my brother's a truck driver.
He goes to D.C.
from Baltimore, and everyone's talking about, like, you know, this is,
Obviously, it's never happened here, and just a few days later after the Russian, excuse me, incident, it just seems to be, you know, I don't think it's a coincidence, but where my brother works at, people are taking off.
They're like, yeah, something bad's gonna happen, and just a bad feeling.
So you've talked to your dad, or have you not talked to him?
Oh yeah, no, same deal.
It's disrupting trade.
So Baltimore, the bridge is the only thing that, you brought up hazardous waste, like that's the only way that it can go to and from.
The only other option is through the city or the tunnels, which is, apparently it's illegal.
You can't do it.
So there's a lot of issues, you know, just locally and
Um, and I guess just the everyday trade.
What do you make of the governor saying, don't show the video?
The governor.
Um, it's the same, uh, it's the same thing.
It's a coverup.
That's all it is.
Uh, the FBI, you know, I've already said it's not a terrorist attack, but yet hasn't even been a day.
And the same FBI investigates stuff for a year on us Trump supporters.
Well that's right it's been like six hours and they're already I think within two hours it's not a terror attack.
No indication of terrorism very very suspicious and again I'm not an expert on it far from it I know those ships have redundancy very very
Let's go ahead.
Thank you so much, Tim.
Let's go to Cody in New Jersey, a shipping container port operator.
Cody, give us your take on this tragedy.
How are you?
Hey, Alex.
I'm all right.
So I run shipping containers to and from or between Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey every day in and out of the ports down in Newark.
So just coming in this morning, talking to some of the guys, what they're saying is that particular ship just got loaded at
What's called APM Terminal in Elizabeth, New Jersey.
And then I guess was making its way down to Baltimore.
So I think one of the biggest things you're going to see in the trade disruption is going to be obviously a price increase because all that freight that would otherwise be going to Baltimore, it's now going to have to be rerouted up to different ports, you know, such as New York and New Jersey.
Definitely stand to see a price increase for customers that would normally come in through Baltimore.
I know it's all speculation, but what's the buzz?
What's the scuttlebutt with people in your profession?
Well, I mean, it's early.
I haven't talked to too many people, but the biggest question is, is why did the ship lose power?
I'm not sure how those ships are actually operated in terms of
Are there remote capabilities?
Can that stuff be interfered with?
Was there some kind of a delay in electronics?
But it looks like at the last minute, they tried to put it in reverse.
They got the engines fired back up, but at that point, they say that it takes nearly a mile to slow down eight knots, and they were coming in pretty quick, from what I can understand.
What do they call that inertia?
Well, it could be a normal disaster.
That certainly goes on.
We're sure seeing a lot of this.
I was thinking, and I'm purely speculating, I'm not saying the Russians did it, but a lot of these ships, because I've been led into the cruise ship by the captains, other people's, I mean, it's all decades ago, super computerized and GPS and all the rest of it.
Most of it's done by, you know, autopilot.
And we know going back to the Exxon Valdez, it was on autopilot when it did that.
So, but just to see that catastrophic power failure and to not even see emergency lights go on, it's very, very, very, very strange.
And so it needs to be investigated.
And unfortunately, we don't have any confidence, at least I don't, in federal investigators because they're so corrupted at the top.
God knows who will ever know.
But I saw the curse bridge being blown up repeatedly going out of Russia into
Well, and that's why I say I think the biggest piece of information is going to be the explanation as to why they lost power.
And if there's the, you know, the opportunity for, you know, a nefarious invader to get into those systems from the outside of the ship somehow and interfere or jam signals and somehow cause, you know, a loss of power to the ship.
Well, that's a good point.
If people are on autopilot, which we know most of these ships have, and somebody's sitting back drinking coffee, and then a powerful GPS jammer gets turned on.
But I know the course is usually already plotted in.
I don't even know if that would do it.
There's this report of a black plume of smoke.
That could be trying to start the engines again.
Too early to tell.
Any other points you think we should look into?
No, that was the biggest thing I wanted to point out, which is that we're going to see, on top of the inflation that we're already suffering, there's going to be another blow to inflation with the increased shipping costs for having to reroute that freight.
And we've got reports of a lot of stuff being scarce on New York shelves with that trucker protest.
There's another piece to it, too.
Well, this will only send up prices.
Thank you so much, sir, for the call.
All right, up next, let's go ahead and talk to Corey, and then Michael, and then Dave, and then Michael.
Let's talk to Corey in Alabama, a barge master and sailor.
Thank you, Corey.
Give us your take.
Yes, sir, Alex.
I actually, yes, I'm a barge master up in Valdez, Alaska.
We're actually there for contingency in case something like happened in 89 ever happened again.
We're there for cleanup.
But I have a lot of, uh, experience selling on vessels.
I've been doing the past 20 years in the Gulf, whatnot.
I could tell you this.
I'm a little out of breath.
I'm not working in the yard.
Um, I'm a little out of breath, but anyway, these, these, these tankers, when they lose power, they have emergency backup power.
As soon as the, the one generator goes down, they have an emergency backup power generator.
All nav lights should be back on, all deck lights should be back on.
There's also emergency steering.
So if there was anything wrong with the steering in the wheelhouse of the ship, automatically if the ship lose power, the backup power comes on, even if they can get one main engine back online.
The ability to steer the ship is in the engineer's hand in communication with the wheelhouse, with the captain.
It's this whole situation is pretty strange.
I mean, what's really strange to me is the bridge collapsing.
I mean, I understand a huge tanker ran into it.
But just to see it collapse the way it did is just absolutely insane to me.
But I just wanted to give my take on that.
I mean, there's emergency power on those ships, even even foreign flagged vessels.
Well, absolutely, because I've studied this just as a layman because it's so interesting, and obviously because I'm well known.
I haven't done it in 10 years, but I used to go on a lot of cruises, and usually the captains would learn I was there and say, and they'll let a lot of folks get a tour, but they'd take me in there and show me how it worked and tell me all about it.
And it was always a lot of fun.
It was just like Swedish captains or Dutch captains, they were usually European, but they would explain it all.
And I remember doing some research, talking to other people, but absolutely these ships, as you said, explain it to me because you're the expert, have a redundant power.
That's what I said earlier, the power that goes off kicks right back on.
And I don't even know if GPS jamming would stop it because it would already have its coordinates programmed in.
I just don't see then how this happened.
No, sir.
Look, the GPS coordinates, I mean, obviously, yes, these things have autopilot, they have dynamic positioning systems, DP, they actually have the ability to push a button in the wheelhouse and the ship will actually hold its position wherever it is.
It'll literally stay in that position on that coordinates.
And you're talking about those, I mean, I don't know the name, but those, those, those, those what, azapod thrusters that are down, down the side, right?
Yeah, yeah.
You got, well, we, we just call them tunnel thrusters for us dumbass, you know.
Excuse my language, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to cuss.
No, it's okay.
For a stupid... I've mainly worked on deck all these years, working in the industry, working in the maritime industry, but I've done plenty of wheel watch.
I've set up in the bridge with master captains.
I mean, I'm a master myself, but I currently work on a barge.
But yes, these boats, these tankers, even foreign flag vessels, by maritime law, they have to have these backup steering systems.
What happens is, like I said, the power drops.
One of the generators goes down.
Automatically, the other generators, they got, most of those big ships got two or three or even four backup generators.
They will come online.
If one doesn't come online, then the other one will come online.
I'm not an electrician, I don't know how it all works.
Then the pilot house will be able to call down to the engine room, to the engineer, and say, hey, usually in the rudder room, the very stern of the ship, underneath the deck, in the actual engine room,
They have the ability to steer the ship.
Almost every single ship, every single tanker that's been built in the past 60, 70 years has the ability to do that.
Now, I haven't really looked much into the mainstream, what they're saying, what really happened or what not, but I just know that all those abilities are there for them to take advantage of, to keep them from running into it.
Now, maybe that's what happened, but it doesn't look like that to me, because
Why didn't the backup power, where were the lights?
Why didn't the lights turn on?
The lights should have immediately, as soon as the main power drops, the backup power should have came on.
All deck lights, all nav lights, red and green, port and starboard lights, all should have been on.
And I noticed the lights came on after the crash.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
I mean, look, maybe there was a problem with the backup system, and I don't know.
Or maybe they got the main generator back online that maybe went down.
I don't know.
I haven't looked into it that much today.
Well, no one knows yet.
No one knows yet.
All I know is there's record-level disasters happening everywhere.
They admit that.
All sorts of infrastructure.
There's people attacking power stations, relay systems everywhere.
Then the FBI says right-wingers are doing it with Russia.
And I wonder if they're going to blame this on Russia.
We're going to be watching it very, very closely.
I don't know.
Corey, anything else?
Yeah, man, I just want to make a plug.
Look, man, I've been off social media for 20 years, man.
I had a Facebook back when I was a little younger.
I'm 35 years old now.
I've literally been off of it for 20 years.
It was causing too much problem in my marriage, really.
Well, at the time, we were just getting together.
But anyway, I just started a channel on X, man.
That's all I'm going to, to hell with YouTube, to hell with all these other censors.
Uh, platforms, uh, StandFastTV is my, uh, is my, uh, my channel or my ex account.
If you guys want to check me out, man, I'm going to start posting on there and talking about all this stuff.
Sounds good.
And as this develops, stay in touch.
Thank you.
Now that we have your Twitter handle, we can reach out to your ex-handle and we want to get more information from you.
So again, I'm a lay person.
I've only cursory studied this, but that's what I knew.
And I knew, I read by law, any ship that's doing commercial work above a certain size has to have all the things you just mentioned.
So, and again, they had it back during the Exxon Valdez, but the captain was completely drunk and basically plotted in, if I remember correctly, put the computer plotting wrong.
So, think about it.
The pilots will tell you that on any big commercial plane, they're not flying the plane anymore.
They pre-program it, the computer takes off, the computer lands, they're just there like custodians.
That's why pilots now come back, the copilot will be asleep, the captain will be asleep if you're in first class right next to you.
And I've just been seeing this the last few years and I've talked to them and they said, we don't fly the planes anymore.
And the older captains will tell you, this is dangerous because when there's a problem, they're not very good.
Because normally you're taking off, you're landing, you've got to stay on top of it.
And in many ways, the computers do fly planes better than humans, until there's a problem.
And they've had all these computer systems malfunction, and it makes the planes dive-bomb, and they kind of sweep it under the rug.
But as everything gets put into one system, and one AI system, it makes it totally easy to be taken over by hackers, by governments, by aliens.
And I mean that hypothetically, but, you know, that's like the remake of
Battlestar Galactica, I'm not a big TV guy, but I did watch the first series and that was pretty good.
And that's how the aliens take over Earth is they take over the AI.
And then everybody's defenseless except one ship that was a museum piece that wasn't in the grid.
So this is bad.
People make fun of me.
National News has.
When I say that when I was in high school, a little bit of college, I was already on air by then, so I didn't finish.
They didn't let you use calculators.
Most of the time.
And I could do a lot of math.
Now, because of calculators, I try to remember math.
I have like a 7th grade level of it now.
I can't remember it because I never do it.
And so, because people don't know math.
And now because of typing, they say that the English language is going away.
People don't even know how to do cursive.
And so, these machines, the way they're being deployed, are making us redundant.
They're making us vestigial.
Okay, up next, we're going in the order that the calls are received.
We got Michael in Boston, a union worker, bridge contractor.
This is a big deal.
We're going to go to him first, then to Michael in Cape Cod, the fisherman, and David, PA.
Thank you for calling.
And Shane in Virginia, shipping officer as well.
We're going to move quick now because I don't want people to have to hold.
Michael in Boston, thank you for calling.
Union worker, bridge contractor.
This is a big deal.
Tell us why it's a big deal, Michael.
Hey Alex, I love you.
I've been listening to you for a couple years.
What I'm trying to express is that this is a year or two minimum.
You're looking at, this isn't some bridge that the Army Corps of Engineers is going to show up with and throw up.
You're talking about, you're going to have, this is, these jobs are done by, I'm a union guy, local 7 in Boston, 25 years in the business.
I did a small bridge up in Lowell, Mass over the Merrimack River.
That took a year.
I mean, you've got to go down and inspect.
Just taking that steel out of the water is going to take weeks.
They're not even mobilizing for that yet.
Then you've got to inspect the foundation that that was resting on underwater.
If that concrete was damaged, you're going to have to re-pour that, which means you're going to copper dam around it and drain the water so guys can get in there and place rebar and pour concrete and give it minimal cure time.
Meantime, that's got to go out to bid by a qualified bridge contractor.
Okay, with all the insurance and the qualified workforce and everything else, these jobs are only done by big union contractors in that jurisdiction.
And then it's got to be awarded, that steel's got to be awarded to a contractor that's going to purchase the steel, forge every member, it's going to have to be tested for tensile strength, etc., etc., produced, inspected, shipped on site.
Wow, so I was just guesstimating at least six months, you're saying a year or two.
Dude, it's not even going up to bid yet.
They haven't even removed the old stuff out of the water.
You can't reuse any of that steel.
This is public safety.
Oh, absolutely.
You know what I mean?
I can tell you they're gonna have to tear it all out.
You're right.
I mean, I've...
It's crazy just what it takes.
What's that whole science of how they put a container around it, then they drain the water, and then they have to... Well, you guys will have to get down in there.
You'll have to have... First of all, Union pile drivers will have to come in and caulk our dam around it.
They drive sheathing into the bedrock and create a watertight seal, and then pumps have to go in and drain the water so men can safely get down there and work and place the rebar.
And then the concrete would have to be poured.
Then you need to give it minimal curing time.
You know the answer, though.
We just need to send the transgenders.
They're our magic power.
You keep saying men.
Men don't do anything.
Only transgenders.
Can't we have them do it?
Can't we wave a magic wand?
Dude, I worked on that bridge I was telling you about.
I was on one point for a month, okay?
500 volts in one point.
I mean, you're talking... This is not... This is... I just want people to understand.
This is rocket science.
Building bridges of this modern type is rocket science.
Alex, every member of that bridge, there's thousands.
You're going to have to put that out to bid.
They have to be forged, and inspected, and shipped there, and then installed.
This is not going to happen overnight, dude.
You're talking a year or two.
I could be wrong, Mark.
Hopefully you'll still be around live a year or two.
No, no, no, I think you're right.
I just didn't want to sound alarmist.
I was thinking a couple years.
I've seen them build bridges here in Texas that are small, and it takes them two years.
Yeah, just a span of, I mean, don't, you know, a union contract is not going to just jump out there and do it.
Everything, you have daily safety meetings, guys are in harnesses, you're going to have to, that has to be done safely.
We take our lives, you know, we value our lives as well.
I mean, you're not... Knowing about bridges like this, how many people guesstimate you think died?
What do you mean?
Building them?
I mean, today when this big barge hit it, they still haven't given any numbers.
No, no.
We don't know.
It depends on how many cars were on it when it happened.
I mean, it went down in about four or five seconds.
Like I was explaining earlier, you got live load, dead load, the dead... I just told people, the dead load is the weight of the bridge itself.
All the members and the concrete they're going to have to pour on the bridge deck and everything else that you drive on.
The dead load means the weight of the bridge itself.
The live load also has to be calculated in by engineers, is the traffic and the people that move back and forth constantly 24 hours a day on that bridge that varies.
Because wind will move the bridge side to side.
You know, there's a lot that goes into this.
No, I understand.
Well, you're an amazing caller.
In closing, we've got to go to break.
We're coming right back with all the other callers.
But, real quick, what do you, I mean, I know you're a bridge guy and a boat guy, but what do you think of this?
I mean, a hack attack?
An accident?
Who knows?
Who, I have no idea.
But, I mean, you don't see things like this happen ever.
I mean, this thing, when he hit that pier that holds up that main, the columns that hold that bridge up.
He did so much damage.
Have you seen how the whole thing fell?
It looked like it was made of pixie sticks!
Did you see how quick it fell?
Those ships are so heavy, it's an unstoppable force, basically.
All right, well, God bless you and be safe.
Thank you so much.
Wow, amazing callers.
Thank you, sir.
All right, I'm going to move quick when we come back.
These were amazing callers.
This is a tragedy.
It's so fascinating how complex civilization is.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones.
It's not black men, it's not white men, it's not brown men, it's men.
And the attack on men that bust their ass in these dangerous positions all over the world and always have.
And we have this disaster and the thing smells, I agree with Flynn.
You've heard these callers that work in and around this.
It's very suspicious.
This stuff never happens, folks.
I mean, we're talking every 30 years.
This is crazy.
And those ships have redundant systems.
The power goes off here.
We got two backup systems, batteries and a big generator.
And it works.
Power goes up, never even goes off.
We're on.
And those ships have that, you heard it, two or three times backed up, depending on how big the ship is.
Let's go quick here now.
Let's go ahead and talk to, let's just move quick.
Let's go to Michael in Cape Cod who's a fisherman on the disaster.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hey Alex, how you doing today?
Good, go ahead.
It seems like a Black Dawn, Black Swan event to me.
I heard Michael Flynn talking about a Black Swan event, but boy did that bridge go
And with the black plume of smoke, did they try to turn it in reverse, or did they hammer it in gear and try to really take that bridge out?
I mean, these boats don't just keep going, you know?
Well, that's a key point.
We need to slow down the footage we've got of when that black plume comes out, because that'll be a couple seconds after they either slammed it in reverse or forward.
And that's important.
Does it go forward when the engine does all that work, or does it go backwards?
That'll tell you a lot, won't it?
Right, yeah, and it's a Singapore tug, right?
Or a Singapore cargo vessel.
So, I mean, are we looking at China on this, or?
Well, imagine if we go to war with Iran, they're gonna block both of the major canals there in the Middle East.
That'll be very easy to do.
They'll just blow a couple ships up.
This is, this is, this is crazy.
Yeah, looking into the ports further, I mean, look at the Panama Canal and what's going on down there.
They're trying to shut everything down.
Anything else, sir?
No, that's good.
Thank you so much.
Be safe.
Beautiful area, Cape Cod.
Okay, let's go to... Let's go to Mark in New Jersey is an importer into Baltimore.
This will create issues.
Go ahead.
Alex, good afternoon.
Thanks for everything.
So real quick, there's so many points of interest here.
So I import cars into the Port of Baltimore.
It is a major, major, major hub for military and heavy equipment, any wheeled heavy equipment.
I think the last time I heard it was like 40% of everything that comes off the East Coast comes through the Port of Baltimore for heavy equipment.
So if you were looking from the Russian perspective and wanted to stop
This is a major military target.
That's what Flynn's saying.
That's the first thing.
Second thing.
Then you look at the party who is in charge of the ports.
That would be the Department of Transportation.
That would be Buttigieg.
And if you look at him, he's an avowed communist.
His father was the translator for Antonio Gramsci's prison memoirs.
He's an avowed communist.
He also has a military background as a naval officer.
They have reduced tugs coming in and out of all ports by 40%.
So in that circumstance, you have to look at how many, like you're making the point about the redundancy in your organization with all the backup generators and whatnot.
A ship like that has four to five systems of redundancy.
And then even the failsafe on that would be the tugs that channel that ship through that key choke point at the bridge.
No tugs, and losses of four or five redundant systems on a ship like that, it's absolutely, statistically impossible.
That's another thing, I'm not an expert, far from it, but at big ports I've watched, any ship, even if it's, they always have tugs with them.
Ooh, that's another question, why were there no tugboats?
Okay, and then the last, I could make a thousand points here, but I would ask you,
Uh, to rekindle the flame with a guy that you had on forever.
Um, I think he would be fantastic to comment on this because he's from Baltimore, uh, News Depot operations, and he's a Blue Water Sailor news to see.
Matt Bracken.
That's the guy.
I mean, I know you guys have that.
No, I did not have a falling out with Matt.
No, no, I know, but he has had nothing but great... No, no, that's a great point.
Look, guys, get Matt Bracken onto there tomorrow.
In fact, I love Maria Z and I don't want to cut her off, but she understands being a fourth hour host means sometimes I commandeer the hour.
Yeah, I'm gonna... If she wants to do 30 minutes, she can have the last 30.
If not, I'll take the whole hour.
I'm gonna do 30 minutes into the fourth hour because I've got a guest in here next hour who's really smart.
But I also want to have time to hit all this other news, so I'm gonna take over either half or the entire next fourth hour.
Great points.
Thank you, sir.
Really smart people out there.
That's how this country runs, folks.
But we have fuzzy math now.
Common Core.
2 plus 2 equals 7.
Two men can have a baby.
Gonna start having more problems.
And this could just be
People drunk?
Could have been terrorists?
Could have blown the engine?
I mean, we don't know.
And we're not going to ever get the truth from the FBI.
You know that.
Let's go ahead to the next person.
Let's go to Onion in California.
Crane operator.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Good job, man.
Just watching the chemtrails here in Southern Cal.
Worked at APM for six years steady as a crane operator.
Worked on the tugs.
And APM hires Ukrainian deckhands and crew.
I never met a Russian on their ships, but like China shipping, they don't have Ukrainian crew members.
Yeah, for people that don't know about shipping, and I've just observed it, companies hire who they hired.
It might not even be the country they're flagged at, but generally they want crews that speak the same language and work together.
Yeah, so when I was at APM for, what, six years, they were always Ukrainians on the buses going up to the ships.
So you're saying the shipping company that this is, is normally crewed by Ukrainians?
Yeah, lower crew members, not the captains and stuff.
Maybe even the captain was maybe Ukrainian, who knows?
But that black puff of smoke, the big hit,
Was definitely bunker fuel.
That wasn't diesel.
Explain what bunker fuel is.
That's the stuff that, you know, they burn in the, you know, for the, uh, the turbines.
It's not, you know, like your, your, your power, your power source for the ship.
So what does that signify to you?
Uh, they, they switched something up.
They were doing something at the last minute, you know, cause it looks like they were coming in without tugs and that bridge looks really low.
I don't know what they were thinking bringing that big ship in under that bridge.
Yeah, we'd never have that in L.A.
You know, Long Beach, L.A.
Yeah, I don't know what to think.
Good job, Alex.
I'm trying.
God bless you.
All right, let's go to the next person.
Let's go ahead and talk to Joe and then John and then Dave and then Tim and Thomas.
That's got to be it for the calls.
They're great, but I got a guest coming in.
I got other news I need to hit.
Let's go ahead and go to Joe in Tennessee.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
First major thing is no tugboats.
I think that's why the governor doesn't want people watching it, because that's going to be a scandal in itself.
You know, people talk about, like, who the captain was, but there was probably a docking pilot or a Chesapeake Bay pilot in charge of the navigation of that vessel going underneath that bridge.
And I just, watching it myself, it looked like it was going way too fast.
When you saw that black smoke, that was probably an emergency stern.
And it's a slow-speed diesel, that's why you saw that black plume of smoke.
It's not a turbine, it's not... So, when you try to reverse a diesel engine like that, you know, in a crash, a stern, or try to stop it, you're gonna get that black plume of smoke.
I also have a theory that when you leave the dock, and you have your tunnel thruster on, and you're going too fast, and you try to use that thruster, you overload it, and you can black the plan out.
And I've seen that happen before, and I used to warn captains about it all the time because they'd want to leave that thruster on.
Please use late turners, because we aren't engineers like you.
Are you saying they flooded the engine?
No, what'll happen is you have a tunnel thruster up in the bow, and when you're leaving the dock, you use it to push yourself away from the bow.
And you can use it to help you steer.
But if you're going too fast,
When you put those, the thruster on, with that water pressure, it causes the engine, well it doesn't flood because it's electrical, so you cause an electrical surge.
Because you're putting too much force on the motor, basically.
And that causes the blackout, it happens.
And that, it seems to me, it looked to me like that boat, that ship was going too fast, and that could have explained the blackout, and then it also could explain trying to stop, crash, or turn,
And that's why you got the black plume of smoke.
Now, there's a lot of ifs there, but, um, I've seen that happen before, and, uh, you know.
The other thing, I'd really love to talk to the pilot.
That's the guy probably, you know, in the hot seat right now, because that's the guy who has the authority.
The captain has ultimate authority, but he gives it to the pilot for docking, and then you also have Chesapeake Bay pilots that'll take you all the way down to Norfolk.
Now, at the same time,
People that don't know Naval stuff, explain.
A pilot is generally a local person that comes out to sea, going back thousands of years, that knows the shores, knows the customs, knows everything, and then they get on your ship and they help bring you in and out.
It's a very lucrative profession.
They're very professional.
They come on and meet your boat.
You'll have them in the North Sea.
You'll have them going into any foreign port.
Um, you know, they come out, sometimes they'll bring bread, like the French pilots will bring you, uh, French bread, so they're, they're kind of nice people.
And they'll, you know, but, but at the same time, we have pilots, and you have like a pilot that'll dock your ship, and then you'll have a pilot that takes you down the river, you know, the Chesapeake Bay pilot.
And, um, so one of those would have been on that boat, and, uh, I'm just, like I said, I, I just don't see tugboats, and that's a big no-no.
The other thing is, I've heard the callers talk about thrusters and,
As he drives, this is an older boat.
It's got just probably one or two, a single or twin shaft.
So it doesn't have the ability like some of the newer boats and the cruise boats and the supply boats to do DP or, you know.
And the other thing I hear about like when you lose power, you know, the redundancy.
Well, let me tell you something.
It takes a lot more time to like put it into emergency steering than just clipping a switch.
You know, you gotta have something there.
Well, it sounds to me like you're saying there's a major possibility or probability that this was just error, and that's good.
As sad as this is, I hope it isn't a terror attack, I hope it wasn't sabotage, but you're saying your gut as a professional, is that what you're seeing, is it points towards this?
Yeah, I would say that not having talked and then probably going too fast, and then maybe a search.
If the boat was newer, I would think more along the lines of sabotage, or hacking or something.
Because some of these new boats now, you know, you have the office back in the States to tell them, you know, they're monitoring your engines and all kinds of things, so you can actually get hacked nowadays.
Some of these newfangled... But you know this boat, just by looking at it, you're saying it's old?
Yeah, I could tell it's an older, probably like a soldier's slow speed or something, and I could tell by the way it acted, like I said, with the big plume of black smoke, that was to me like, they're going, oh my god, we gotta try to stop.
But it was, to me it looked like it was going way too fast, and that brings my whole thruster theory into effect.
And then there's not tugboats, so that would go to the incompetence theory of just civilization breaking down.
The normal activities are...
Yes, there should have been tugboats on an older boat like that, without a doubt.
Because, once again, some of the new ones, just like you say, the redundancy is a lot better.
I've been on newer boats where you could totally lose power and just almost keep running everything.
All right, Joe, amazing points.
Anything else?
No, I'll leave it at that.
Keep up the good work.
God bless you.
I'm trying.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, let's go ahead now and go to...
Tim in Mississippi, thanks for holding a ship captain.
What type of ship captain are you and what's your take?
Hey Alex, first time caller man, so a little bit nervous here, but I'm trying to keep it rational.
When a ship is underway, it has to have only navigation lights.
So from watching the video this morning, you could see the lights.
To me, that's going to be emergency deck lights for evacuation, which automatically comes on when you lose power.
Like Joe said, man, I'm following up.
He really knows what he's talking about.
He's got a lot of it down.
There's about a two-minute delay on your generators when that kicks back.
Some of them have three.
The ones I ran offshore had two.
It was a redundant system.
You're saying it's not fast?
Hey, it's not what?
It's not fast.
No, it's not fast.
On a transfer, it's not fast.
It's not instantaneous, like a lot of people say.
There is a backup system on the steering.
That's what your emergency generator system does.
It activates certain lights.
That's for evacuation.
And on a ship like that, on a SOLAS class, it's going to have probably three.
I've never worked on those size ships.
I've only worked like the 350 foot supply boats offshore.
Now, I've had to deal with this going into the port of New Orleans a lot.
It's a miracle on a day-to-day basis of how many catastrophes this probably avoided.
And not long ago, we had one that come under the bridge and he lost steering.
And the first thing a pilot does, a harbor pass pilot would say is drop your anchors.
As soon as he knows that he can't have control, he's going to drop anchor.
That's your last resort.
And when it's the one in New Orleans caught, it kind of swung it out a little bit back into the river and it hit the wharf and actually saved a lot of lives.
That guy done everything right.
And in this situation, when you see that ship turn, it's a possibility he had already dropped his anchors.
If he's underway, he's only going to have tugs that's going to guide him.
But the only lights that you're going to see if he's underway, which is a Coast Guard law, you have to have all of your lights off.
No deck lights, nothing.
Has to be navigation lights only.
You're going to see a green, your mast lights, a port light, and so forth.
When a ship is in the dark, the darker the better.
It's crazy how that works.
That ship should look just like a black Lego block coming under that bridge.
And you'll...another ship will only see his navigation lights, and that's it.
That's to decide which way he's going, what direction, um, everything.
If you see just a solid red, you know that he's coming at you on the port side.
And you agree, ships agree.
Now, my thing is, when I seen it and all the lights are on, that's telling me that he had problems to start with.
When the lights go off, it's actually going to be backwards of what everybody thinks.
Got it.
Well, that's why you're the expert.
Got it.
So when the lights come back on, what happens is that's actually your emergency light.
So when it goes into the dark, it actually, the generator was kicking back on and was under power because all you could see was just navigation.
What gets me is, so I'm not worried about the fact that he didn't have tugs.
He would have, if he was underway on his power, it would take a little while for tugs to actually come out there and rescue him.
And it's the same old Murphy's Law.
If crap happens, it happens at the worst spot.
It's happened to me.
I've had it happen three or four times, and it takes about two minutes for that generator to actually kick on and transfer everything to emergency power.
And it works.
I mean, if everybody does... Are boats like that hooked up to the GPS internet?
Could it be a hack?
Yeah, you have a whole lot of different emergency systems.
Now, my thing is, what I'm going to say, is you have backup on radio.
And it was like, I think Johnny from Tennessee was saying, your pilot meets you when you get into state waters.
Your pilot gets on the ship.
He'll handle that ship.
He's in command of it to a certain point.
Now, a helmsman is an AB, what's called an able-bodied seaman.
He is just a helmsman.
It's just a regular deck guy.
And so the pilot communicates through them.
The pilot will tell him an order of what needs to be done to port starboard, you know, full reverse or whatever.
So the A.B.
has to be fluent in English, if he's using English, so forth, right?
Well, that's what a captain's there for.
The captain will communicate with that guy.
Now, as far as nationality, these ships use seafarers union maritime.
So these guys are from all over the world.
I've worked with Africans.
I've worked with Brazilians.
I've worked from people that, I mean, just amazing groups of people.
I'm going with the way that the lights work.
And you had all of these white lights on and you can see it coming toward that stanchion and then all of a sudden the lights came back on.
To me, when it goes to black, that means it's a normal operation.
So evidently, and just my perception of this,
Is what we saw in the video, in the white lights, all of the white deck lights were actually emergency lights.
And then when the generator kicks on and switches back over, then it's going to go to navigation.
But it was a second light.
Thank you so much, sir.
Really amazing points.
Thank you.
Last caller on this subject, because I've got other huge news.
This is important, though, to drill into things and show people how complex the world is.
Because I've done quite a bit of studying on this, and it's fascinating.
You notice I know like 1% of what these actual naval professionals know.
And that's why we've got such a brain trust of civilization, and we're losing it with the dumbing down, folks.
Thomas in Louisiana.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How you doing?
You're a commercial diver.
You want to give us your take?
That's correct.
You know, I've listened to what your other callers have said, and the last gentleman called about dropping an anchor on those ships if you're in emergency, and it amazes me that that didn't happen.
I've had to repair ships that have run over their own anchor and whatnot.
But, you know, as far as the cleanup goes on this project,
You know, we had the same thing happen years ago in Minnesota, a bridge out there that collapsed and a lot of vehicles in the water.
I think the Navy got involved with that for a little while.
But, you know, a time frame to get that thing back up and running, if you had a governor like DeSantis, when these contractors were down there after the hurricane saying, oh, it's going to take us a year or two to build this bridge, he got them to build it in two weeks.
To that island out there, you know?
And being in a state up in Maryland with all the bureaucracy up there, I don't know, you know, how long that'll take to get that thing going again.
Well, Biden says he's taking control of the process, so it'll take a hundred years.
Yeah, that'll be a long time.
Well, this is a very strategic port for the military, so this is a big deal.
Yeah, well Norfolk is right down the bay.
You want to talk about strategic, that's one of the biggest ship building and naval bases in the United States.
Like big Pearl Harbor down there.
They can get that stuff moved down to Virginia and ship it out some kind of way down there, railroad or whatever, get it down there.
Of course.
And people aren't aware of the stuff in the industries of, you know, we've got MARSAC levels when you go into these ports and different bases and whatnot that are up high right now due to the terroristic threats in this country.
They've said it all over the news.
Everybody needs to be aware that there are terrorists in our country.
Sleep yourselves is what I feel like it is.
And it's just ridiculous.
Well, understand that they passed a law to let illegals carry weapons now.
It's just out of hand.
God bless you, Thomas.
Thank you very much.
I love calling for certain groups of professionals to call in.
Old, young, black, white, you name it, mainly men.
All men calling in.
I'm not putting women down.
Just men do amazing work.
And they just basically explain what it looks like probably.
Not a terror attack, or somebody could have hacked in and done it.
We don't know yet.
We're going to look at it as it goes forward.
Okay, got a big guest coming in.
Tell you all about him.
Great co-host, huge comedian with Jimmy Dore.
That's coming up.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Over a hundred people were murdered in Russia on Friday, including women and children.
Eleven terrorists were captured by Russian authorities as they attempted to cross the border into Ukraine.
They are being interrogated and all roads lead to the U.S.
State Department, who have been directing Ukrainian forces since their 2014 coup.
The attack occurred on March 22nd, or 322.
322 is the mysterious number used by Yale's infamous Skull and Bones Society.
The official story is that 322 symbolizes the year 322 BC, to memorialize the event seen as the turning point which transformed Athens from a democracy to a plutocracy.
A plutocracy is a society that is ruled by no other political philosophy other than the financial elite being in control of the people's destiny.
The Skull and Bones is a grooming academy for the CIA, such as former director of the CIA George Bush, and 322 is their calling card.
During the Tucker Carlson interview, President Putin was clearly speaking to the CIA.
The CIA responded in a New York Times article admitting that they are using Ukraine as a proxy to wage war against Russia.
Weeks before the attack, Victoria Nuland repeatedly boasted that Putin was in for a nasty surprise.
Mr. Putin's gonna get some nice surprises on the battlefield and that Ukraine will make some very strong success this year.
This supplemental funding will ensure Putin faces some nasty surprises on the battlefield this year.
On March 7th, the U.S.
Embassy issued a warning about the threat of terrorist attacks in Moscow, specifying concerts.
The British Embassy in Moscow mirrored this warning.
Days before the attack, Barack Obama paid an unexpected visit to the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.
President Obama, are you worried that Putin will rule forever?
President Obama, why should we care about democracy in Russia?
Do you have a few moments?
Will you speak to us?
Come and have a chat with us for a minute.
How did it go?
What did you talk about?
Within hours of the attack, and without any evidence, the U.S.
government blames the attack on the Islamic State, and says that Ukraine is not involved.
The very next day, while Russians were grieving, CIA mouthpiece The Washington Post gloated how the U.S.
had prior knowledge of the attack, and people still died.
It has been noted that the terrorists were either professional assassins or trained by Western forces, for they were demonstrating NATO training methods, such as shooting in small bursts, trigger control, and proper mag reloads.
For anyone with eyes to see, this is the modus operandi of the West.
Al-Qaeda was famously created by Western intelligence agencies to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.
It has been cultivated by the U.S.
government and used as a catalyst for illegal wars and tyrannical laws against U.S.
Ukraine's spy chief said three months ago, expect more attacks deep inside of Russia.
I'm very glad to see this.
That's my reaction.
That's your reaction?
You're happy to see it?
Do you think there'll be more?
I think so.
Inside Russia?
Deep inside Russia?
Deeper and deeper.
Dmitry Medvedev said that everyone is asking him what to do.
He answered that those who were caught need to be killed.
But it's much more important to kill everyone involved.
Everyone who paid, who sympathized, and who helped.
Kill them all.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
I'm a big fan of this guy.
I've been watching him for years, co-hosting with the great Jimmy Dore.
Kurt Metzger is here.
He's an Emmy Award winning and Peabody Award winning writer and producer.
He recently played a series regular alongside Alan Alda, Jessica Lange, and many, many others.
And of course, he's just done so much more.
KurtMetzgerComedy.com and at Kurt Metzger.
He's got so many shows.
He's written for Chappelle, Jim Norton, it just goes on and on.
And so it's great to have him here to talk about the world.
We've got some of his comedy clips coming up as well, but he's really a hardcore guy that's aware of world events and what's happening.
And so my wife is the one that gets alerts on her iPad and she watches Jimmy Dore all the time.
Her other favorite person to watch.
She likes Jordan Peterson.
She also likes watching Russell Brand.
I kind of get mad at her.
Why don't you watch me while she's got plenty of you at home?
But she's a big fan of yours.
So thank you for coming on.
It was a great interview with you guys and Jimmy.
Yeah, no, I wanted to, because when you were talking about DMT and stuff before, and I never got to talk to you about it.
Not right this second, but I was like, I've been meaning to ask you about that.
Because you're talking about the alien entities they're trying to contact.
You can talk about DMT.
It's not super interesting, but I found out what you were talking about.
So, you're a smart guy.
I mean, you did a great job with Jimmy, and I'm always impressed with somebody who actually knows every topic I'm talking about and more, and finds clips I don't find.
So we'll get to some of those clips where they want to put earbuds that mind control you, it's official, it's here, they have the CIA patents, it's crazy, but now they're rolling out the WF.
But big picture, because you were, you know, we just were talking before we went live about just how insane the world is, about the P. Diddy stuff that you were exposing two years ago.
Well, no, no, I was telling my friends, if you just look at any, like, hip-hop interview, my algorithm has, like, all them.
So, oh, Jesus Christ.
No, I love you looking at me.
I'm going to need a Yoo-Hoo bottle and a net to explain.
Oh, yeah, you're sitting right where I am.
I need a mask, a Yoo-Hoo bottle, and a net.
Net and Yoo-Hoo.
I love Hitler.
I know.
Take that clip out and say I'm actually saying that.
It'll be all over the news.
Jones loves Hitler.
I'm imitating Kanye West.
I do not love Hitler.
I think Kanye made a 40-minute apology to the Jews or something.
In Hebrew.
All right, I got the strike.
So the P. Diddy thing, I would watch, you know, they arrested a guy for the Tupac murder.
And I didn't know that everybody knew who killed him for the last 30 years.
Remember there was the Nick Broomfield documentary?
Oh yeah.
So I guess just white people didn't know.
And so I watched these interview channels and then I started seeing all disgruntled employees.
There's a guy named Gene Deal that was his bodyguard.
And right now is the age of disgruntled employees snitching on their employers, which I'm all for.
I say keep snitching, it's great.
Especially if it's on government officials.
A hundred percent.
You know, the great part is I don't do anything weird.
I mean, there's literally nothing other than the fact that everybody knows Alex Jones drinks sometimes and it's an issue.
I've been going to AA lately, but you're not supposed to talk about it.
Are you sober for this shit?
No, no, no.
But other than that, the stuff the New York Times like said, we had a fish tank of an employee and Jones was mad and grabbed the fish and ate it.
That's Wolf of Wall Street.
There's never been a damn fish tank here.
You never did a Wolf of
I never murdered someone's fish, but they make up lies so big people go, well it's gotta be true.
I mean, Jones killed the employee's fish and you're not working hard enough and grabbed the fish and ate it.
It's Wolf of Wall Street, you lazy assholes!
Alex, did you know that even the real-life Wolf of Wall Street, nobody did that?
I believe it, I believe it.
You don't know until you're popular and well-known how horrible it is because then they just make shit up.
You don't have to be popular, well known.
I had the old media try to ruin me back in the day, like 2015.
I've been on three cable shows.
You don't gotta have shit.
They just have to have the right time.
No, you just did Joe Rogan.
No, no, no.
You are big.
Well, I mean, but back a while ago.
Number one, whatever anybody would say, I've used this actually talking to friends who agree with me.
That's how you know it's crazy times.
Listen, I can't believe it.
You know, Alex Jones is higher accuracy than New York Times.
Every major news network, if I look at your hit rate, it's way better.
I mean, just pure numbers wise, it's way better.
And I can't believe this shit that turned out to be real that sounded far-fetched.
Believe me, I wish I was wrong.
I wish I was wrong.
Yeah, no, right, yeah.
It makes you crazy.
I remember in the old days, they'd say, false flags don't exist, Alex Jones is crazy, because I would ask, is this event staged?
Did Jussie Smollett stage it?
By then, people were awake.
Now, mainstream news says, Putin blew it up, it's a false flag, which I don't think's the case, but at least people get that goes on.
Like, you know, so 20 years ago, okay, so I talked to Jason Burmiss, when I came back, I'm going to go do his show.
I've known that guy almost 20 years.
Yeah, I love that guy.
Like, 20 years ago, I was in New York when 9-11 happened, and I remember, like, the whole city was like, like, really together on this.
Yeah, we gotta go blow someone up.
And they're like, we're going to Iraq.
And there were people that were like, this doesn't make sense to go to Iraq, right?
And I was like, no connection to 9-11.
And I can't tell you, I really can't tell you why I was like, no, yeah, we gotta go to Iraq.
We gotta blow up somebody Arab, I guess.
I really don't know.
But, so I'm not that smart, it's just that after like 20 years or so, it doesn't dawn on you, you got had?
Like, you don't have to be smart, like, how do you fall for the same?
They're still using domino theory.
They still use the Vietnam, we gotta go to Nam, because Russia will take over the world.
You're still using that one?
So, I just have a little bit of memory, and I've done my best to kill it, believe me, but I can just remember shit from two months ago.
I think people just occupy with their own personal problems and, you know, there's a lot of problems.
Well, it's like Biden saying, well, blow up the North Stream Pipeline.
And then they blow it up and then they say Russia did it.
And people get mad at you.
Like, why aren't you pro-America?
I'm like, I don't want my country hijacked by crazy people.
Well, that happened a long time ago, I guess.
I don't have anything to say over it.
Ever since they killed Kennedy, the CIA's been in control, and they're just out of control.
Am I wrong about this?
I can't find out.
I swore I read it somewhere, but the term conspiracy theory as like a thing was Alan Dulles.
Yes, it was created in 1963.
There's even AP articles.
It was released in 64.
Anyone questioning the JFK assassination was called a conspiracy theorist, so you wouldn't debate the facts.
Right, and it's such a bizarre, because, you know, if you go, if you're in court for, I think Trump was charged with a criminal conspiracy, right, by Fannie Willis.
Is that Rico?
The whole basis of organized crime laws is conspiracy.
Yeah, so, and I always ask, do you think, are you saying conspiracy, is a conspiracy to you a thing that's not real?
Everybody else does conspiracies, but not powerful corporations and governments.
Right, well, not the guy I like.
Or, my favorite is every dumb shit liberal I know.
And I'm non-binary, politically.
But every liberal I know, they all know the story of the Sackler family, and how they, uh, Oxycontin, and they saw the documentary.
I was hooked on Oxycontin.
And that was a real conspiracy.
It was very real.
They all know about this, and I go, okay, so you know Oxycontin, now hold that, hold that in your head, and now think about all the other drugs.
I'll tell you what's incredible, and I've covered this, but I dropped the ball.
I haven't covered it enough.
The EU paid $20 million to Meta, which is Facebook, to run their censorship, not just of Facebook and Instagram, but all over the EU, 450 million people.
It's all official, and their first act is to fine and arrest people that criticize the Green Party in Germany.
Or if people say two men can't have a baby, it's all listed right here, and they're now saying this is the model for America.
So this has already been going on where the government outsources to big tech to do it, but Facebook's main business model is now quarterbacking censorship on other platforms for the government.
40,000 employees
of Facebook now work to censor in live time with AI everyone in Europe.
It's a huge article, it's on Infowars.com.
A wave of censorship is coming out of the European elections.
So just now, because this is, I mean, how long, you know about this for a long time and we covered it, like Twitter, all the things, Twitter files, they've all, they're always in bed doing this, but now friends of mine that
I would say my New York friends is what I go by because they're the most cut off from reality.
You know, live in New York, you gotta just not see things to survive.
It's like a prison.
So you gotta, yeah, that's fine.
That's fine.
And so that's a skill to when lockdowns and stuff comes.
It's like dead body, fine.
Dude, I was numb to glue traps and homelessness very quickly.
And so now National Guard's in their subways.
So, and people had to move out that aren't either rich or illegal.
To Dystopia.
Yeah, so now it's starting to dawn on a bunch of people.
So, my buddy Ian, who was here with a towel doing Mothership, Ian Fidance, he got shadow banned on his Instagram.
And he goes, why do you think I did it?
I go, I didn't do anything, I just made these jokes about this, this, and this.
I can't remember what they were.
Every single one of them was something that should be innocuous, but we'll get you shadowbanned.
And I know because when I was doing stuff with Kyle Dunnigan, oh, we're doing Pussies Live at Mothership pretty soon.
He got shadowbanned.
His views went from like 300,000 to like 10,000.
And we didn't know why, because of shadowban.
So I had to call my buddy in Vegas, Brett Ernst, who knows a guy, who knows a guy who can call Meta, to look up what the fuck exactly happened, and they found it was a poster that we had.
I guess someone complained, and then they fixed it for us.
And that's what you have to do.
Oh yeah, I can call up Jack Passoe, but he knows how other people at X, and I have other contacts at X, and I can call up and say, hey, they're not letting us have this service, and they go, we'll call, and Elon is literally such a workaholic, they go, yeah, we call and we fix in 10 minutes and it's fixed, but you have to go to the head of the company to get it fixed.
Yeah, everybody's going to be able to do that, just go to the head guy.
And people think it's Elon doing it, no, it's his own minions doing it, he wants to know about it.
Do people think that Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian and he, like, writes jokes or something?
Are people like, what happened to you, Jimmy Kimmel?
He's just a, he has writers.
He's as good as, all his people are as good as their writers.
Like, the same with a corporate person.
Like, if my crew wasn't fully behind me, they're awesome, this would not work.
But I trust them, they do a great job.
But imagine, I have 50 employees.
Imagine we have 100,000.
Yeah, and what I've learned, what I'm really the most surprised by, but it's good it's all coming out now, because if you know really famous or rich people, the higher up you go, the less they know about anything.
They're isolated.
Yeah, and so if I know the guy, like, let's say I can call Bibi Netanyahu to get the skinny on what's going on in Gaza, why would I read?
That's how they think, and that's how you get that CIA bullshit.
Exactly, because they know they've got access to what they think's the truth.
I've found, like, intel people and others, most of them are the most unconnected.
They're the most brainwashed.
It's like Scientology.
Dude, Scientology is like a little microcosm.
Like, it's... L. Ron Hubbard almost made his own model of how shit works.
Like, the thing, my whole rabbit hole I always want to go down is like, okay, the very tippity top, or whoever, like, I assume it's trillionaires.
I assume above the billionaires there are trillionaires.
Yeah, the real money's secret.
Yeah, and what is their Scientology?
I want to know what their Xenu is.
Is their Xenu the lizards?
No, I can tell you because they don't make jokes about it.
They believe they're interfacing, like at Skull and Bones, they believe they are interfacing with Greek gods.
They go through all these rituals to then be influenced or possessed by it, and that's because their internal animals got leaked by Charlotte Iserby, whose dad was a high-level member.
And it's on record, it's real.
Wait, wait, wait.
Will you say that last thing?
Your internal mammals got leaked by who?
By Charlotte Iserby, whose dad was high-level skull and bones.
She was the former head of the Department of Vegetation.
Oh, no kidding.
And she's dead now.
I interview her all the time.
But the point was...
And she gave the annals to Anthony Sutton, the head archivist at the Senate.
The Frank Church Committee hearings all came out of that.
Oh, I didn't know that.
And the whole shadow government.
It was a bunch of documents, skull and bones was one part of it, that when her dad died of cancer, she gave it to him.
And the point is, is that these guys literally believe they're channelers.
Then they get DMT and they have groups of people up to 50 having the same experience now with DMT where they're all seeing the aliens.
They have to go to ritual sites.
Those are like gateway portal points where they built them there.
The ancients knew this.
And they're like in Peru and places.
And so they are literally seeing them.
That's why I've never taken it.
Yeah, I took it.
Well, when I did it, it was like nothing I ever... Talk about what happened.
But I'll give you my whole... We'll just get into my crackpot feelings about it.
So the first time I did it, I saw that purple lady you hear about.
A lot of people say the purple lady.
And what I 100% think it is...
The thing is, when you're in DMT, if it's like, is this just in my head?
I didn't get the feeling I went to another universe or anything like that.
I felt like I went inside myself, but that was huge.
Which is the 5th and 6th dimensional gateway.
Well, what I think it is, is the collective unconscious?
Like, that's the original internet.
That's the original meat, isn't it?
That's why you're in a restaurant.
You feel somebody staring at you.
You turn around and they're there.
You pick it up.
The other thing I picked up from DMT is, we're like, oh, is this really a thing or just meat?
That difference is not a real difference.
Even if they're not real, they're real.
It's programmed in you.
One way or another, it's real.
So the purple aid is your creative part of the feminine side of your brain, and that's what I 100% believe it is.
But what I think could happen is these people, you know, you go online the wrong website and get a virus.
That's a lot of this demonic stuff is like you're going into the deep web of, you know, the original one.
And like, it's just like picking up viruses because you went to a bad place.
And the issue is our species is so ancient, I believe obviously not from this planet put here, that these are ancestral memories.
That's why there are instincts.
You see movies about space and planets and machines.
It's like, I've already been here.
That's why Leonardo da Vinci and all of them could envision machines and all this stuff that didn't exist, but then it happened because it's already there.
Yeah, right.
It's an instinct.
That's the feeling I've always had about it.
They say, like a sculptor, the statue's trapped and you gotta free it, and that's how they would sculpt.
It's almost like a magic eye.
It's a big mess and then you... We have the blueprint, and there's no doubt.
That's how Max Planck, 135 years ago...
And Einstein was smart.
He was able to promote it.
They even say that in the Opera House movie.
It's obvious.
He goes, I'm not good at math.
I'm just good at promoting it.
But Max Planck literally had dreams of the equations of finding matter and creating atomic weapons and nuclear reactors and sketched not just the math out, but plans that he had in dreams for nuclear reactors.
Well, it's because it was already there.
All this stuff's already there.
It's like, uh, pareidolia, where you could see, like, patterns and things.
I think that's how the brain works, is it's a big mess, you know, you don't see reality, that's just science, and, uh, and then your perception is like you making pictures out of the big... Well, that's it, but I mean, look, they can take chickens, this woman, they've done it with ducks, and they can do ten generations in just a couple years, and they put them in a warehouse,
Where none of the chickens or ducks have ever been outside.
And it's like a 50-foot wall.
And if they project a triangle flying over, nobody cares.
And if they do the scream of a hawk, they don't care.
But if they do the image of a hawk and the scream of a hawk, they all run into the coop screaming.
Yeah, right.
They've never seen a hawk, but they know what a hawk is.
They know what it sounds like.
See, that's the ancestral memory.
Yeah, right.
So the ancestral memory is, we're not just a seafaring people.
We're a spacefaring people.
We were seated here.
Well, I do kind of think that, honestly.
So a friend of mine, Eric Hecker, was the Raytheon Antarctica whistleblower.
Remember when they had the little thing?
Oh, God, can you get him on?
Yeah, I'll put you in touch with him.
Because I wanted him to do Rogan because I saw him
Like I said, it ties into the P. Diddy thing and everything else.
Disgruntled employees are coming out and snitching.
And it's great.
And so to me, he had the bearing of a guy who was pissed off that worked somewhere blue collar and he couldn't believe this bullshit.
Body language to me didn't look like he's lying.
But the thing he's saying, I guess, is fantastical.
I don't think it is.
He said that it's a direct energy weapon that uses those ELF
I don't know.
Was me and Jimmy covered Havana Syndrome.
Remember Havana Syndrome?
Which the Pentagon just put out a big report and confirmed it.
The brains have been changed.
They've been hit with something.
I want to know the truth.
It's just how I got to this.
So the story was how the CIA is paying settlement.
So I had watched the breaking points where they were talking about it was just cicadas and they'd been debunked after the study.
First of all, the very idea that Cuba has a direct energy weapon they're using, I was a little
Cuba has that?
No, you don't say.
Uh, and then you can look up and be like, China has it!
Which is the excuse for us to do shit like that.
No, they're testing on their own employees.
Right, and the reason I thought immediately, you could find the- I was trying to find the- Because who do you want to mess with?
It's your own people to control.
Why are you paying settlements on a thing you debunked?
People that really got injured in Iraq, they didn't- The 9-11 first responders, Jon Stewart had to go lead a children's crusade to get them money.
But you're paying out six figures to people who suffered a thing you said is debunked?
And on the show, it's like that- Because it just doesn't make sense!
We're good to go.
You've probably already seen this, that paper from 2006, from Psy-Optimine War, and it's by Michael Aquino, the guy from the Temple of Saturn.
And now China admits they can do targeting.
I'm not trying to blame China, I'm saying that they admit they have this.
Well, like such, MKUltra, we had to do all those crazy things because we thought the Russians are doing it.
So from just knowing that, if I see an article that says some enemy has a fantastic weapon, then I know we have that weapon because there's no way.
You know for sure.
It's like China wants our chips, they're 20 years ahead.
I saw the question, how did the US get so far ahead?
And that's the other thing.
So, I'm glad you brought that up.
I'll tell you, it's done through channeling.
So, well, anything I've ever created was channeling.
I mean, I don't know, like, I didn't think it was Hermes coming to visit me, but I always feel if I did good work, it was channeled.
It always feels like that.
It feels like my consciousness took a back seat.
You connect and you're like, whoa, I was just given this.
All the time I'm driving along, it's like...
Go tell people this is happening and then it comes true.
I'm not even thinking about it.
I'm like, go say this.
No, but there's studies about that where consciousness can get in the way of things you would do naturally.
But what I think it is, you have your right and left brain, right?
Your left brain's the cop and the logic and the, you know, whatever.
And then the right brain's the feminine, creative side.
And then that's why you're supposed to have a mother and a father, is you're supposed to put that pattern on your brain as a kid.
And then the subconscious is the kid they're raising.
Do you understand?
No, that's right.
And so the subconscious is surfing the internet at night, you know, when you're having dreams or any kind of subconscious thing.
So you need to have both of your hemispheres working together as parents to filter what you're seeing.
So up until this point, and I got this from Mark Passio, this is not like my original.
Mark's really smart.
Yeah, and I'm watching him talk about, because whenever I hear about the patriarchy, I go, is that the Illuminati for girls?
Well, yeah, it is.
Things were purposely left brain, left brain, left brain for a while.
Now they're overly right brain.
So now we switch from...
Overly like the rational thing to everything.
Yes, and oh you're a tree Yeah, you are tree and you're a cat and you're something and now they want to kill the masculine part that Everybody male female has a masculine feminine part that's designed to defend the species and the female part that's meant to create the species
Yeah, it's like that as-above-so-below shit, they say.
So that's why, like... Totally true.
P. Diddy getting busted, and Vince McMahon, and Ukraine.
All these things are all happening.
It's amazing.
At every level, the same thing is happening.
It's like Michael Malice's book, which I didn't read, but I like his thesis, his white pill thing, which is the Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight.
No, I'm totally white-pilled unless the globalists desperately claw us down with them into destruction.
That's the problem.
As we are ascending on the right track, the problem is they want to claw us in.
Well, something's happening.
Like, I don't know who the tippity-top, you know, descendants of Atlantis ruling us are, but there's some kind of conflict in the real whoever-controls-shit.
Stay right there, Kurt Metzger.
You can see it.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
Here's a little of the comedy of Kurt Metzger, our amazing guest.
Here it is.
I'm checking into this hotel, and you know, the wait desk, she's looking, I go, yeah, hi, I'm here with Hyena's Comedy Club, you know, because they pay for it.
And she goes, you're not the comedian!
I go, yeah, I am.
Why would I even have a free room at the hotel?
Well, all right, but you better make me laugh this weekend.
I go, bitch, hurry up and check me in!
The f*** is this s***?
I didn't say that.
I was like, well, I have two shows, uh, Friday and Sunday.
So, uh, you can tell.
Do you not want to say that trans women are women?
Is that what your hang-up is?
Trans women are women, sir.
Is that a problem for you to say?
I don't have a problem with that.
Personally, if I'm being honest, I think trans women are better than women.
I don't know if you watch sports, but they're killing it.
It's not even close.
I just think women kind of suck to be honest with you, but they're getting better, faster, stronger.
I know you don't like it.
Remember the women's march where they had them t-shirts that say the future is female?
Well, it feels weird having to walk that one back, huh?
Kurt Mesker is a really smart guy and a great comedian.
He's here with us.
He just did Joe Rogan.
It just dropped.
What's some of the stuff you talked about with Joe?
Oh my God, so much.
I'll tell you a story Joe told me I really, I thought about a lot.
And it was, uh, one, he, the way he learned furries were a thing was fucking amazing.
Cause he found out about furries in some crazy way.
You know, we all know about the scourge of furries now, but he was at it.
He just saw them without knowing what they were.
So he thought there was an amusement park.
Not everybody knows what a furry is, but it's in The Shining.
I'll give you an idea what it is.
Joel, look it up!
It's gross, um, and then the thing he told me was, also before you started hearing about this shit, a friend of his in Colorado, in the backwoods or something, like where this, they send their kids to this school, and one kid identified as a cat.
You might have heard of this in England, there was a... But also in Michigan, so they put a cat box out for him.
Well, no, the story is he, Joe's very scrupulous about the details.
He, they, somebody requested, can you put a cat box for the student that says they're a cat?
Now this is before
You would hear about this a lot, and he said when he told the story, so he didn't know this was some hot-button issue when he told the story, people were like, don't shut up, don't say that, people were trying to cover it up as if it's you're saying, you know, how America blew up the Nord Stream Pipeline.
So people don't look it up, tell them what furries are.
Uh, it's, okay.
It's, you dress up in, uh, you know those mascot costumes that employees at Disney have to wear and sweat all day in them and people, it's, it's like a, I guess it's a gender.
You dress up like Goofy and shit and that's a legitimate gender.
Yeah, but a lot of it's connected to pedophilia.
Well, it's, dude, it's autism.
Autism, so much of this shit is autism and not anything about gender or anything else.
And what do you think autism is?
What do you think we're...
I honestly don't know.
I'll tell you my only theory, which is not a learned theory.
I'm open to any possibility because it's very clearly getting bigger and bigger.
It could very much be like, you know, when the Michael Keaton Batman, the Joker toxin, and all the news people were like, they didn't have makeup on.
No, it's the poisons in the food and water.
I think it's a, you know, maybe it's not one thing by itself.
I was about to say, it's a mixture.
That's just my wild speculation.
No, it's not speculation.
You're right.
Um, but what I notice is, and especially I watch like, um, I watch YouTube all the time.
I watch everything.
And, uh, he's like, I can't stand the debate bro format.
It's like, so, but it's very autistic people.
They intellectualize everything in the most idiotic way.
And you can tell their personalities are not like they're, they don't have enough identity of themselves.
So what happens is repeat a script.
Yeah, but they'll do it with their goddamn gender or like so the furry shit really started popping off if you look it up and I don't know what the causation or correlation when Zootopia came out a bunch of them talk about this they saw the movie Zootopia
And uh, there was like a bunny that looked hot in it.
And so it's like, it's a combination of stuff, but I mean, it's like three generations.
You're going to have them big head gray aliens with the slit mouths, uh, out of these kids.
Cause they're getting slowly, uh, turned into these malleable.
Like, they're smart where they can make listicles, but they're also like children where they care about, you know, Pokemon and Grover and shit still.
So that looks so... Well, they're not going through Carl Jung's rituals of development.
Yeah, right.
They've been set in a lower level and given a new false program to follow.
Yeah, it's really bizarre to watch it.
It's such a spectrum of autism that I'm like, is this another thing that's not a spectrum?
I'm willing to change any of the ideas I have about anything if somebody gives me a fact.
You're dead on about those.
But it just seems that way to me.
And then when I watch these arguments that they have, there's so clearly someone who's never
Uh, never been to the place they're talking about and their Wikipedia, you know, like your destinies and what have you.
Well, planet Earth in the third dimension is a launch pad for the human vision and God's program for us.
God doesn't make us follow the program.
We can choose it, but if we don't, then there's all these other programs of all these other failed species and entities that are trying to influence us because we're so powerful to build what they want.
That's the main transmission I get.
That's the channeling, dude.
You know, when I did DMT, and again, I felt like I was not in another universe.
It was like I was inside out, my own brain, and it's like you can make things manifest here.
You have an idea, and you can make it manifest here in 3D.
Okay, I'm not even mystical.
That's how shit works, right?
Imagination works.
And like I said, I can easily see somebody picking up a virus, like a metaphysical virus, just like you would on a computer.
From going down the wrong... That's what the whole demonic is.
So, shifting gears now into politics and the world, what do you make of the Ukraine war, the terror attack last week?
You sent me a clip, it's long, we're going to play three minutes of it.
Oh yeah, you don't have to play the whole three minutes, just watch Wesley Clark.
No, we're going to play it.
This is Wesley Clark at the hallmarks of ISIS.
Retired General reacts to the attacks in Russia.
Russia's now officially
Blaming NATO and says they have the evidence that they launched the attack.
NATO said they were going to run terror attacks.
I just want to point out, by the way, because I should probably be careful to say the U.S., like when we're saying, whoa, hey, don't just start getting wild that America did it.
When they made up that bullshit about Russell Brand, we're just supposed to swallow that like it was true.
You don't hear nothing about it now.
So it's OK to smear any person that you don't like, except
The psychopath criminals in the intelligence community.
Well, I mean, I've been through this, and I'm not saying this as a victim because it made us bigger, but I've learned a lot through the process.
When they rigged those court cases and found me guilty by the judges, they had the PR firm out of New York brag, yeah, we wanted to get Jones, so we went back to what he said, said he was currently doing things he never did, sued him, and then did all this, and now it's the model, look at everybody else.
When people see the establishment pushing something, you can bet it's a lie.
Dude, what they did with you, I mean, it is like a test case.
They're doing it to a lot of people.
They've done it to a lot of people that I don't even like.
What's crazy is literally, they would do AP articles every week for two years before they sued me, saying lies, and they'd put AP in every newspaper, and we're talking nightly newscasts every day, so thousands of newscasts.
Hundreds of thousands of articles.
I'm not that important.
It was a ritual.
There was something we were doing.
They were afraid of the populace.
There was something in a timeline they wanted to shut down.
By the way, it didn't work.
And I think they even triggered the timeline and made us even bigger.
Like the Bible says, your enemy will dig a pit for you.
It's weird.
They fall into it.
They have this fear of what's going to happen, and then they go make it happen.
I look at Hindsight and I'm so thankful for all the persecution.
I am literally.
It wasn't fun when I couldn't figure it out, but then later I figured it out.
Does that make sense?
It makes perfect sense.
I'm just checking.
Can we get my head more shined up?
There's this great thing built in where, and all people that are into that magical shit will tell you, there's a balance.
Like, in creating this, like, where you have North Korea in your pocket, and creating a society of snitches, that is backfiring on them.
Everything they do, it's like Roadrunner or something.
Pull up Coyote, uh, Coyote plants a trap for Roadrunner.
It always gets him.
They're the Coyote!
They stopped ordering from Acme, guys.
Acme Explosives!
That's my new name for the CIA is Acme Explosives!
The CIA is now Wile E. Coyote!
Who was that, he retired the senator and he wrote a book about how, when the Iraq, second Iraq war was starting, some jogger ran up and handed him a note that all the evidence was bullshit about weapons, he didn't know what agency they were from, and he didn't want to know, and he was against whatever, and I might start on breaking- That was a British guy, a British- It was an American politician- It was a British guy they killed though, he was the head of intelligence, they killed him because he said it was lies.
Well, I wish I could remember the guy's name.
He was a senator or congressman.
He wrote a memoir after he left office, and that was in all the YouTube news, like The Hill.
I think we talked about it.
And I remember being like, hey, dude, what a hero you are to keep that to yourself until just now, by the way.
But somebody whose intelligence knows the right thing and wants to do it.
Seymour Hersh knowing that America, how America blew up in the wood stream, and I believe Seymour Hersh, and I believe his intelligence sources.
I believe his.
Well, he's been proven right.
Yeah, because... Well, that is their Achilles heel, is a lot of people in the government are good people.
They're pissed.
Yes, so that's what I'm saying.
Now's the time to snitch, because like that's all anybody has to do.
Because they can't get us all if everybody does it.
Yeah, and I'm not, nobody has to even listen to me honestly.
It's going to happen anyway, because due to the private equity nation of our hollowed out shell company of a country,
There's gonna be more and more disgruntled employees coming out.
Like the people that really believed, you know, I was Joe Verwitten.
I was in a, I always say a doomsday cult.
As far as cults go, it's pretty mild.
You know, keeps you out of the military, I'll give them that.
But I already left the thing where you're gonna you know gonna lose everything if you leave and I so I don't have that fear that people have but now that the economy is shit and it's all fake that any of the numbers here that are better those are obviously fucking fake people like I got nothing to lose like Tucker came on a show and he goes there's no such thing as fuck you money there's only fuck you poverty so when the geniuses at the WEF are like you'll own nothing and love it
Well, I am.
I'm a Davos man.
I don't own shit!
And I love it!
And what they do is they put on this confidence act, that because they're selling us tyranny, they just act like it's great.
People went, no, we actually hate you.
Because they thought they could do all this and pose as saviors, but that's not working.
They're now, they admitted the last Davos Group meeting, they said, we want trust.
Everyone hates us.
Rebuilding trust.
And then they repeated more lies.
Like, that's not how you do it, guys.
Well, because what they mean is how do we still do the same bullshit we always do and get away with it?
Well, exactly.
They're like, why doesn't it work anymore?
Because there's not three TV channels.
Dude, if you lock everybody down, um, a lot of people got nothing to do but look into shit.
I'm not a bunch of prisoners.
Yeah, they thought they'd lock us down, only their propaganda would be there.
It was the opposite.
And then go, don't do research.
Oh, don't go in Dad's forbidden closet of mystery.
New York Times headline, don't do research.
Yeah, like, I've never seen that in my whole life, but saying that during a lockdown, do you know how fucking stupid that is?
I know people that did time for a long time that know more about current events than definitely like Anderson Cooper, or Morning Joe, or Bill Maher.
Well, if anybody's a mind control victim, it's Anderson Cooper.
That's, his parents were.
Okay, but as I'm reading about it, they're describing, so they got, you know, some Nazi we saved in World War II, and they got these kids in cages, and the guy goes, and he goes, I love you, and he goes, I love you not, and they shot the one kid, so the other kid sees that they're the I love you not.
And then they're describing all the things, and I'm like, wait a minute, this sounds like...
Our literal society.
Like, I'm sure that could be going on.
Yeah, you could ask, is it going on?
And then you see it in mass being done.
Yeah, like, oh, whatever they did, they already got that done.
And our whole thing is based on, if you read Project Monarch, okay, let's say you feel it's a crazy conspiracy.
If you look at it as a metaphor for literally how America works, it fits on every level.
The I love you knots are littered all over the ground where I live in LA.
There's just a carpet of people on the fucking ground.
Pretty much everywhere.
I mean, it's shocking.
I went to Milwaukee and Underpass didn't have people under it and I was like, it felt like I was in I Am Legend.
Because there was nobody sleeping on the street.
Are there other dimensional entities we can't see?
Yeah, they're called the homeless.
They're all around us.
They're just like us, but they live on the ground.
The whole system is like this, and it's got to dawn on people sooner or later.
Like I said, I don't think I'm that smart.
It's just I can remember things, and they bother me when I do the patterns.
And you can see the patterns, which they don't want you to do.
So we are literally living in the future.
In an attempt to keep us from our destiny and force us into a dystopia that we're supposed to love.
And the good news is, I am white billed like you said.
We are rejecting it.
But the path of the white bill is going to be extremely painful.
Well, look, I just don't because people are like, oh, what can you do?
To me, I think all you got to do is just not lie for your team.
Because at a job, most of the time you're expected, like, I watch people do this all the time, it's gotten absurd to where you're going to pretend.
Remember we used to, back in the day, after 9-11,
Oh my god, these Muslims, you can't draw their guy or they'll lose their mind.
Is that crazy you can't draw a cartoon of them?
Yeah, that is pretty crazy.
You're not allowed to say women don't have dicks here.
The Muslims are crazy because they don't want you to talk bad about their prophet.
I'm like, yeah, I agree, we should have free speech.
But, oh, we're going to fire you.
We're going to fire biology professors because they say there's X and Y chromosomes.
That's 50 times crazier.
What's the deep state?
All the old fuckers that have been there the whole time failing and upward.
They're still on the old paradigm of how you do your deception.
They cannot adapt.
And they think building bunkers will protect them.
Being a real aristocrat, if you're supposed to be elite, empowering people is what protects you, idiots!
Yeah, well, it early on dawned on me that, especially with the identity bullshit, that's very clearly how a prison works.
In California, for example, East Coast is not like this as much, but in California it's segregated by race.
The same way the highway system was constructed to segregate it, that's how the prison is set up.
And there's more prisoners, it's overcrowded, there's more prisoners than guards.
How in the hell do you control all these people, a lot of whom are violent?
You make sure that they are fighting
Uh, on race.
In fact, there's probably a separate trans wing.
We're separate.
They got everything and then everybody goes, those are our handball courts.
That's our fucking, uh, weight.
I interviewed Larry Nichols before he died.
He was the Clinton's, you know, chief guy.
And before when they were governors, they said the CIA wants us to CIA have the broken coalition strategy.
All these little broken failed victim groups that they then like a warden in a prison overseeing control.
It's all it like if you're a really rich rich kid you got and you didn't you know and I and I don't mean like 40,000 a year private school because you're still gonna learn about butt plugs there I mean really really rich they learn Hobbes Leviathan and they learn like those what's-his-name Caesars how to divide the Gauls or whatever they learn battle for all yeah and they learn that alien dialectic I didn't learn any of that fucking shit I learned all like Bible stuff like I see I didn't even have to be told to do that it was all the books in my house
And my parents would just leave them out on the table.
Yeah, Battle for Gaul, Technotronic eras, W. B. Brzezinski, all of it, yeah.
Oh, yeah, well... Machiavelli, The Prince.
But even if you read, you know, if you just read the Dune series, that... Oh my gosh, the first Dune book is dead on.
Patel goes, it's a love letter to ISIS.
He accused it of being a love letter to ISIS.
Anyway, that sums up a lot of it.
Even though the book's written in the 60s, early 60s, about a particular planet they got.
Well, he just means because they're an alien.
No, no, I understand, but they got populated by Muslims in the book.
That's why they're Muslims.
Yeah, that guy knew a lot of shit, and you know what's funny?
It's Muslims 10,000 years from now.
Yeah, it's like Star Wars for adults, but it's funny when What's-His-Name was gonna deconstruct Luke Skywalker, that shitty-ass sequel.
Um, Luke Skywalker's already been deconstructed before he was even invented by George Lucas by the guy who wrote Dune.
It's all about don't put your hope in a fucking, like the savior, the chosen one shit is not what it's cracked up to be.
And here's how shit really works.
And it's really fascinating.
I bet he hit on a lot of things that are exactly how it works.
And notice, uh,
Paul Atreides is a prisoner to it.
Because the only way he can go is, even though he knows... He runs away from it.
But he still does it.
But if you read the series, his son comes in and becomes the god-emperor-dictator.
Has a worm.
because his dad was couldn't handle having to do the golden path the A.I.
was going to come back and take over and he knew the way humans they had to become so sick of tyranny that they would never want it ever again.
So, Paul Atreides couldn't handle the jihads and shit he caused.
He ended up blinding himself and going out in the desert and running away.
Kind of how the shitty way they did with Luke Skywalker in the part 2 where he was like an old man.
That's what Paul Atreides did.
His son
I don't think so.
He had to plan out being a tyrant, having them kill him, so then they could do the Great Scattering and get back on planets in time for when the machines come back.
And then after that, his Frank Herbert son... Which is kind of a riff on the Foundation series of Isaac Asimov.
Yeah, and that one, I don't like, I've never read it.
It's not as good, and the remake of the movie is terrible.
I don't think Asimov is as good as a lot of... No, no, I'm just saying that's an archetype.
So let's play this clip.
This has all the hallmarks of ISIS.
This is retired General Wesley Clark, here it is.
It is in line, because I don't think the Ukrainians are going to go after a target like this.
I think they'd go after oil refineries, radar sites, military targets.
This is clearly a war crime.
They wouldn't do it.
As much as they're angry at Russia and as much as something like this would bring the war home,
To the people in Moscow who have been relatively supportive of Mr. Putin.
But still, I think the Ukrainian government just wouldn't do this.
There's no doubt about Ukrainians working against the Russians.
There are attacks in Belgorod.
There are Ukrainian agents trading Russia.
There's drones coming in.
The security in Russia is sort of out of balance, I would guess, from all of this.
And, as Jill said,
Let's stop right there.
Meanwhile, these guys are like, we don't know who hired us, they're clearly cut out, super low IQ.
First of all, if they ever use the word, all the hallmarks, before the rest of the sentence, you know it's a lie.
Because they're not giving you info, it's just, it's a guarantee.
The experts agree.
First of all, so ISIS came out of retirement, out of semi-retirement, to go to Russia while the Gaza thing is going on?
That they would worry about something with Russia?
That doesn't make sense.
ISIS would.
That's a whole other subject.
Israel, I'm not attacking Israel.
And I say that not to kiss Israel's ass.
Well neither is ISIS.
They're going to Russia.
I was about to say, just to be real here, Israel is destroying itself in world public opinion like never before.
They're getting ready to bomb Rafa.
They've hurt everybody down to like this one little area.
Now they're going to bomb refugee camps?
I mean, Israel's committing suicide.
So, dude, I, well, okay, let me do this first.
You were very accurate, and I know people go pro-Israel or anti-Israel.
Dude, this is not even... Like, I'm against murdering civilians on purpose.
Like, you can have the Israel argument if you want later.
I think it exists and it has a right... All that shit.
What is everybody talking about?
You can't just murder civilians because you're mad.
On TV!
On TV and live!
And fucking brag about it!
And then say, I'm anti-Semitic because I don't want Israel to... You know what I said on Rogan?
I go, listen, I would never listen to an Arab or a Muslim.
I want everyone to know I'm a good person who would never listen to an Arab.
The reason I think it's fucked up is because Jews told me, the Jews that aren't down with this shit,
And also, the ones that are, are on TikTok bragging about what they do, and it's disturbing.
Well, that's what's crazy.
On national Israeli TV, we have hundreds of clips.
We're going to murder them all.
They're animals.
We're going to genocide them.
Amalek, the Amalekites.
And you're like, what the hell is this?
It sounds very ISIS-like, I have to say.
No, exactly.
I don't like ISIS, and I don't know why.
And I get Israel's in a survival mode.
Well, you're not surviving doing this.
If you had just killed Hamas's leaders, everybody would love you right now and you'd be the victim.
Instead, you are literally, they're getting ready to carpet bomb tent cities.
I mean, that is not good.
This is the number one thing that rustles my jimmies.
Oh, you're supporting Hamas.
You know who's supporting Hamas?
Bibi Netanyahu.
He openly, it came out, it's not, go look at Israeli news.
They're about to overthrow this asshole.
When they say you're being anti-Israel, they mean you're being anti-Bibi and the Likud party.
In Israel, you could be against him.
And they were.
But here,
People that I know that are liberals, they don't want to hear any bad talk.
Yeah, they got conservatives and liberals supporting whatever the leadership of Israel does.
I'm like, that's the government of Israel, not the Israelis.
So I would say if you want to know what's going on, don't trust, hey, don't trust the Arabs.
Hold on, stand there.
Of course you shouldn't.
Gotta go to break.
Gotta go to break.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Kurt Metzger is a really smart guy and a great comic.
Kurt Metzger on X. We're going to join some stations here in five minutes.
This is a quick segment.
Getting back to Israel, the stand down in Israel, 7 plus hours, tiny country, it's admitted they did it, but Netanyahu said, Netanyahu said investigate after the war is over, now he says the war is going to go forever.
Well it better or he's in big trouble, that's why Zelensky's got a...
So I don't know what the hell Zelensky's going to do.
He's going to have to say, I said it on Brogan, he's going to have to say he's pregnant and so our kid, because we're back with our first wife.
And our side piece is done.
But that Ukraine, so, Wesley Clark saying that, that guy knows better.
You know, it's CNN, so it's obviously bullshit.
There's other stories that you could find, you might have already talked about them, where Russia had those elections and Ukraine, you know, they don't have any soldiers left, I guess, under the age of 50.
The average age is 50 now, did you know that?
I think it's like 56.
It's up to 50, it was 46 and then it went to 50.
No, I think it's 56 now, so now all they can do is send robot terror attacks.
Well no, they do like these crimes where they steal people's money and say if some girl got arrested in Russia for firebombing either a polling place or a school because some Ukrainian group stole her money and said we'll give you back your money and more, you gotta go do this.
And they've been caught blowing up journalists?
Dude, they go, Ukraine wouldn't do that.
You guys all bragged about how they blew up a coffee shop and killed that guy's daughter.
That Putin's brain or whatever they call him.
Well, they blew her up in a car.
They blew the other guy up in a coffee shop.
They wouldn't do it.
They were celebrating that they do indeed do this, not two years ago.
Well, Victoria Nuland said we're about to send you some nasty surprises.
And then, so, what I realize is nobody is paying attention.
You know, we follow this stuff since it's been going on Jimmy's show.
So, then I'm like, how is it even a question?
The Nord Stream Pipeline.
We just, you didn't see Biden say what's going to happen?
You didn't see all of them want it to happen?
And they're all, Russia did something that made you all happy?
Biden said that pipeline will no longer exist.
Everybody wanted to get rid of it, but right now it's in the mode of some people are going to be Dottie Sandusky.
Remember when Jerry Sandusky got the football coach that was messing with all his kids and Dottie Sandusky still believes?
Well, he was just helping those boys.
He was bringing them democracy.
And she's just not going to see what Jerry Sandusky did?
That's most of the population.
Why would the Israeli spokesman say last week, we don't care if the whole world turns against us, including America, we're going to destroy
Where they've hurt everybody in the southern Gaza, Rafa, and there's like a wild-eyedness to it, and you're just sitting back going, why are you doing this?
Because, okay, there's almost 2 million Muslims, you're going to kill another 100,000, everyone's going to hate you.
Like, why would you do that?
Why would Israel, maybe good people did it, leak video of them missiling teenage kids walking down the street?
You think they leaked it?
I'm just asking.
They said it was leaked, I don't know.
Um, well, from, and I showed a clip of Wolf Blitzer talking to that colonel who, they blew up 500 people to get one guy.
Did you send the crew that clip?
Did you send us that clip?
What's the name of the clip?
We'll find it.
Uh, Wolf Blitzer, shit, I don't even know.
Wolf Blitzer talking to an army colonel from Israel.
Wolf Blitzer cries about 500 dead?
Maybe that'll pull it up.
Well, yeah.
But yeah, I saw the clip.
So Wolf Blitzer, who worked for AIPAC, okay?
Tell people about it.
He's very pro-Israel.
Wolf's not against Israel.
Um, he goes, he goes, so you just drop bombs on this refugee camp.
I mean, Gaza's already a refugee camp, but so you drop bombs on this refugee camp to get this one Hamas commander, he's saying to the guy.
And the guy goes, uh, he goes, yeah, well, we didn't know there could be tunnels under there, you know, he goes, yeah, but you just hit all those people.
He goes, this is the tragedy of war.
Are you shitting me?
Well, that's like Obama.
We'll get a one minute break, come back into one station, we'll repeat this.
Remember Obama used to say, I'm really good at something.
Predator drones.
He was the one that used drones more than anybody.
They would blow up a hundred people at a wedding to get one guy.
Not to single out Israel as bad, because just so you know, America's much worse.
90% innocent civilian rape with our drone program. 90%?
By the way, they found the Blitzer clip.
Oh, no.
And you're like, he used to be an AIPAC spokesperson.
He used to be an Israeli spokesperson.
Before CNN.
And he's even like, you're going to blow up 500 people to kill one guy?
You know what's a better clip?
The Dresden, the ambassador from Israel to UK talking about Dresden.
Because that's the one that really got to me.
Well, let's talk about that.
Back in 60 seconds.
I talk a lot about the great successes InfoWars has had.
I don't think anybody can deny it.
And it is because of listeners and viewers supporting us.
When we talk about the crew at InfoWars, people behind the scenes, the researchers, the writers, they really have been the MVPs in this fight.
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You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
There must be some kind of way out of here.
Say the joker to the thief.
There's too much confusion.
Kurt Metzger is our guest.
He's an amazing comedian and talk show host co-host with the mighty Jimmy Dore.
And we are in the middle of The Great Awakening.
We're skipping the break.
Maria Z takes over in about 24 minutes.
But man, you're on fire.
So just continuing here, you wanted us...
We found the one clip in the little break that you wanted of Wolf basically saying, you're going to kill 500 people to kill one bad guy.
Rogan played that yesterday.
So we're going to play that in a minute.
But the other clip is, I remember it, is the Israeli ambassador about Dresden.
Well, we killed 500,000 Germans in one city, so it's OK now.
So OK, so Jimmy was loading that story up.
So what I assumed as a naive idiot
Was it's a Dresden Israeli Ambassador UK.
So I thought it was going to be how dare you say this is like Dresden.
We're defending ourselves because Dresden as if you know anything was a horrific crime.
Yeah, they're Nazis.
So I guess it's okay, but it wasn't a military city was a designated purpose like England had for four children.
Right, and we wanted to... It was mostly England's idea, of course, but we helped, obviously.
And they wanted to break the civilian spirit.
And, uh, it's a crime.
But, you know, it's World War II.
So, I thought everybody read Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse.
Slaughterhouse 5.
Because he was there.
I knew Kurt, by the way.
Great guy.
I know his daughter, Lily, his adopted daughter.
Oh, I'd love to meet her.
So that's what I think the story's gonna be.
Like, how dare you compare this?
So then the story comes on, and she's going, yeah, remember Dresden?
We gotta do that.
What the fuck?
Like, they're openly saying the craziest shit I've ever heard in my life.
It sounds like ISIS shit.
It sounds like the exact same reasons that, you know, the Muslims were bad.
And it's kind of shocking to see it.
Well, exactly.
I'm not kissy-faced.
The Muslims are incredibly diverse, big groups of people.
I don't want to kill them all.
I also don't want them to come and make me adopt their religion.
But just because I don't like that orthodoxy does not mean, like, this crazy, kill the Red Heifer, build the Third Temple, blow up the Alaska Mosque.
I mean, that's worldwide war!
And then the same leftist NGOs are bringing all the Muslims in here.
Well, I used to very smugly do the Bill Marts because of religion thing for a good few years when I wasn't very religious.
I mean, I'm not religious now, but I don't think if you got rid of Islam
Uh, all the civilians in Gaza would be cool with you starving them to death if they didn't... I don't think the Quran's the thing making them upset.
I think we've established now it's not a Sunni-Shia thing.
No, I mean, it's 1947.
They live there.
They've been pushed out.
They lived there for a thousand years.
Um, you know what Noam said to me from the seller?
Noam from the Comedy Cellar is a really good guy.
I mean, just a really fair, good guy.
And what's really fucking shitty is to make it like... That's why I despise people who go, the Jews.
It's not the Jews, man.
The only reason I know about this shit is because we had Norman Finkelstein on.
Exactly, it's like if George W. Bush is making up WMDs, it's not the Americans.
Now, it's our fault for not stopping it, but it's not the Americans.
George W. Bush does not represent me.
It's the same trick they use here.
It's like, oh, the blacks, the whites.
How long is it going to be going to fall for this fucking trick where you're mad at this other group?
Well, it's like this crazy so-called rabbi that I think is really a comedian.
Rabbi Shmuley?
He's on tomorrow.
He's making us pay for a studio.
He won't come on via Skype.
Yeah, what is... And Shmuley literally goes,
He goes, I've got your small penis in my hand, Alex Jones, and I'm going to destroy your white supremacist ass tomorrow.
Everyone knows that watches, I'm not a white supremacist.
I'm like a classical liberal.
And this guy, I'm not anti-Israel, but totally criticizes I'm not anti-Israel.
It's just, but I don't want to see Israel literally, Napoleon said, don't interrupt your enemy when they're destroying themselves.
Well, I'm interrupting Israel because I'm not Israel's enemy.
Yeah, again, not to single out Israel for their crimes, because if you look at the numbers, we're way worse!
And again, exactly, we're not defending Israel by saying that, we're saying it so caused Celeb to only attack Israel, which we should be upset about and criticizing.
But also, then, look what the United States has done.
Well, I don't want to hear about the Uyghur plight ever again after what they did to Gaza.
I don't want to hear how Putin's bad.
If you want to do Dresden, okay, hey, it's our best bet.
You're right, America's losing its high ground.
If you want to do Dresden, and I guess it's necessary because as the great Kid Rock said, Hiroshima Nagasaki!
Yeah, and I like Kid Rock, but man, he went down from like a 90 to like a 70.
Bill Maher knows the same amount about this as Kid Rock.
They have the same level of knowledge.
What did he say?
He said kill thousands of people every time a Jew is killed.
Dude, I... That's what the SS did when they were in Eastern Europe.
Wait, who said that?
Kid Rock said,
And I was like, yeah, we got to go to Iraq.
That makes total sense.
We got to break, show them, we got to, it's a clash of civilizations.
You know, he's like, Western culture is superior.
By the way, if you think- Well, that's the PNAC document name.
Clash of Civilizations.
Dick Cheney said a year before 9-11, we need a Pearl Harbor event, 3,000 dead, in an American city as a pretext to invade the Middle East.
Well, you know.
And I'm not saying they could.
I don't know for sure.
I don't doubt they could plan a thing like that.
But also, I always say, you know, vultures don't have to plan your death.
They just gotta circle around.
No, exactly.
It's like Rahm Emanuel said, don't let a good crisis collapse.
Yeah, and if everything's being run completely wrong...
I'm not, like, so smart that I could see this and people at the top can't see it.
There's a bunch of midwits between me and the top that it's their job not to see it.
Well, here's the bottom line.
Let me ask you this.
The whole world, Kurt, is turning against the power structure.
I mean, look, it's not that I'm that good, but I sent Joe Rogan a couple years ago a clip of Bill Gates saying,
Yeah, 80% of the people that took my experimental shot when it was first rolling out got sick.
And they attacked Joe because I just put it on his show.
He played that.
Or he talked about it.
They said he was a liar.
So Joe put it out and got like 20 million views on his Instagram or more.
And there was literally hundreds of thousands of comments.
I spent a...
Six, seven hours.
My wife's like, what are you doing?
I could find not one comment for Bill Gates.
So the ratio there was the highest ratio.
Is that weird that there's so much feeling of like, fuck Elon Musk, but Bill Gates, it's either silence or if you're Microsoft NBC, you love him.
My view on Musk is he's moving radically in the right direction of freedom.
Well, exactly.
So why would I interrupt him doing something good?
Yeah, I didn't, listen, I didn't go, oh, what do you think, he's your free speech hero?
If you, I don't care about, look.
He's moving in the right direction.
Look, all these people, America, this is a big fault of how America works, is you're supposed to, you're supposed to follow a personality and not listen to the facts and see what they do.
So, so, you know, back in 2020,
So they're talking about the presidential election.
Well, who do you like?
And I'm like, I like all of them.
Who gives a fuck who I like?
I'm sure they're nice.
What are they going to do?
You should only pay attention to that.
And that's right.
Don't blow off the hair.
Yeah, there's a guy.
I'll tell you a guy I do like named Charleston White that he's he's a I love it.
There's a him with Cam Newton.
And the reason I like Charleston White is because
It's so easy for me to get Stockholm Syndrome watching like a mafia guy or like rap shit where they're like oh that guy's a snitch and that guy is like dead set against it and he'll say like offensive shit to people in hip-hop and then he points out a great point where he goes you're singing about killing each other it's not like the 90s.
They literally admit to murders now, and you're mad at how I'm speaking disrespectfully to a guy that's a serial killer?
Like, you can't argue- That's right, that's a great point.
You cannot argue that.
It's like black groups worrying about the KKK that has no power, that's a joke everyone hates, that's not killing anybody now.
I'm not defending the KKK, I'm just saying they're a non-player, but then gangster rap, which we now know the CIA funded- I think Cube knows, it's not- Dude, those groups, all the groups are fake.
But if you know any actual black people, you know, we had that Scott Adams thing.
Remember Scott Adams goes, white people, you've got to move away from black people.
It's not salvageable.
And I remember I laughed at that so hard.
We played that clip when Dilbert said that.
First of all, Dilbert, you think white people weren't already doing that if they could?
Why are you saying that?
And another friend of mine told me he like donated a BLM and was disillusioned.
I was like, what?
Look, stop trusting all these groups.
Talk to people that you know around you and don't and don't fall for the fucking fake news.
Let me be clear, nobody's reaching out to black people for real.
Not white people, not the ADL they act like they do, not black people.
They all get bought off by the system.
I could move, because I grew up in Dallas and I know black people well, I could move into a black neighborhood, the worst area, and just through outreach and having dinner with people and caring about them and organizing them,
I can have a great effect.
It's not because I'm a white savior.
It's because I understand the way the world works.
But people aren't doing that.
Of course you just shut these people down and shove them over here and then throw them a line.
Oh, we're helping you.
We're going to get you reparations, which is a carrot in front of the donkey.
They're not going to give you anything.
No, you know, I got the conservative people that I like.
I'm not conservative, again, not minority.
But, you know, now they'll say this dumb fucking shit that really, like, so now Haiti, we're going to have probably mass migration from Haiti.
To Florida.
And I watch this, it really upsets me, man.
I watch these people like, oh great, the cannibals are coming.
Don't put it on Haiti.
The Clinton, it's not just the Clinton Foundation.
No, the globalists have been looting that country.
Dude, what they did to Haiti is so vile, and it's America's fault!
Well, here's the deal.
The globalists say blacks are victims, follow us, so they can victimize them.
Blacks are a special target of Gates and the New World Order and the IMF World Bank.
He experiments on them with shit.
So why are they so after the black people, but then they come and control them saying we're protecting you, so then they make them an enemy.
Like, hey, I don't want to kill you, you want to kill me, I'm trying to work with you, listen to me, you're being manipulated.
Who are you talking about?
Random black people?
What I'm saying is they're trying to brainwash them to be like that.
Not all of them, I'm saying a portion.
But the bottom line is Democrats are hemorrhaging black people right now.
No, I'm saying it's good news, black folks are waking up.
You'd be surprised how awake... I went back to New York last time.
I said this to Joe, too.
All my comedy friends had told me a conspiracy theory.
The reason I like you is because you know a lot of the shit that they talk about.
So, I apologize... But I'm just conspiracy people.
In the old days... I need to call and get him back on.
I've had Professor Griff and all the original... Yeah, I dismissed a lot of shit, very smugly, and I made it a point
I haven't gotten to Godfrey yet, because Godfrey, I remember he came on my old podcast, he's like, they always want to put a black man in a dress.
And my response back then was, uh, nobody twisted Philip Wilson's arm.
But no, they want everyone in a dress!
Of course they do!
The main mission of Black Lives Matter is make black men, women cut their balls off and get rid of the black family.
Okay, let me tell you something.
Charleston White, another funny thing.
Black people know that BLM's bullshit at this point.
They got scammed before
Like they knew Sean fucking King wasn't a black guy and he's a piece of shit.
He's literally a white guy.
Yeah, like I said, they knew who killed Tupac 30 years ago and now we just didn't.
Instead of worrying about what you see on TV about people, this is what I'm hoping because of the absolute persecution of people that are conservative here.
Because of the power structure.
What I would hope is, keep in mind what they're doing to you now, and now realize that's what they've been doing to everybody else, and don't do the thing where you're in a prison.
I always think about that PrisonPlanet.com because of that.
We gotta all be in a prison, separated by- That's our whole website, which we don't even upkeep, so it's fine.
But I think of that title because I remember, like, yeah, prison planet, what is that, some Flutter thing?
Like, I didn't think, at the time, and then I go, oh no, they have to run this like a fucking prison, so you gotta hate- Oh, that's the whole point.
Yeah, and that's why I like Jimmy.
People that don't know what grifter means, I guess, where he's a grifter.
No, he's not.
The fault of Jimmy is he'll say what he thinks.
Oh, he's a guy that has morals.
That's right.
And his main message is don't hate your fucking neighbor.
Well, he was defending me five years ago when almost no one else was.
That's all I care about.
It was unpopular.
Oh, you're supporting me now?
When did you, did you support me?
Like Trump didn't support me when I got banned.
And I don't, I don't, you know, great, you know, I'm the guy throwing the bus, don't support me, but I see that.
That's a great point you just made.
That's a fucking great point.
Watch what the people do.
Don't go by, because a lot of these people don't have principles and I, and you know, the system's set up in a way where your life is governed by advertising.
You know who's good when times are tough.
I have 100%.
When it hits the bottom line, people you thought were your enemy become your friend, the friends you thought... I had all these so-called friends, people I was in business with, all turn on me like a dime when that happened.
You know who circled the wagons around me when I had it?
Was all my black friends without question.
Without question.
The people are my friends.
So... That happened with... Let's talk about that.
That happened with Trump with the mugshot.
Trump went from getting 30% of black vote that was triple... Well, I like that mugshot too.
...to 50% now.
They saw it.
They're like, whoa, that, you know...
Yeah, so as soon as people are preaching to you that you gotta, not like this group, you're in it, like, it's just like, when are you gonna look up and notice where the problem's coming from?
But I interrupt you, you said your black friends really backed you and you were getting cancelled.
That's exactly goddamn right, and uh, you know, I, my friends are good friends, honestly, my people that are my friends, I didn't lose like,
Like anybody that I thought was a friend.
You know what, you know people that turned on me was since I worked for Jimmy.
So people that I genuinely like, that I still like them, are like, you're despicable because they're deep in the panic mode of this whole shit, things falling apart.
Well that's the problem, it's the other side of ignorance.
Just because you were a writer for somebody years ago doesn't mean you agree with them now.
Just because you're associated with them, they're mad at you because Jimmy is this puppet.
Oh no, it wasn't Amy.
It's not that.
It was Andy Kindler.
And you know, I'll tell people, because I really like that guy.
I always loved Andy.
And so, you know, I'll try to tell somebody at a club and they're like, who's that?
And I'm like, oh Jesus.
I can't even like...
What's going on with Kimmel then?
First of all, Kimmel was never a comedian.
He was a guy who was next to Ben Stein on a game show and he looked like the life of the party next to Ben Stein.
Well, he used to host the Man Show too.
I never liked that show.
I never liked it.
No, I love Rogan.
I love Stan Hope.
They came in later and I like Alex Kroll a lot.
Adam Kroll.
You're just saying Jimmy's an empty suit.
Yes, some people get into the business to become that.
You ever watch these videos where kids are like, hey, so-and-so is an industry plant.
Most of the people are industry plants.
That's how the system works.
It's stunning to watch people not figure out.
I wrote for a lot of award shows, okay?
So the very first time I ever wrote for an award show is when it dawned on me that it's not about anything legitimate, it's to sell ad space.
So people get mad that someone got snubbed and they want you to get mad because it drives engagement and this and that.
Yeah, like Will Smith slapping people.
Right, but I do not believe Chris Rock was in on that at all, not for a second.
I know exactly, I think I know exactly how Chris Rock felt.
I like Chris Rock a lot.
I talked to him for a long time, one time on the phone about, we didn't get to talk about Will Smith, but I was supposed to write jokes for him for the Oscars, and I don't know when the Oscars are, you know, because I'm straight, and I was on a road gig, I thought I had another week to send him shit, and my girlfriend at the time was like, did you send him a joke about
Will Smith's wife?
I go, why?
She goes, because Will Smith just slapped Chris Rock.
I was like, oh shit, the Oscars weren't tonight?
I didn't know that.
Anyway, he's still there.
That's a bad job.
Hosting the Oscars, if you're funny, what you need is like Billy Crystal's song and dance or bullshit.
A funny comedian like Chris Rock or Ricky Gervais
That's not the place for them.
That ceremony's a blowjob for dipshit actors.
Who was the comedian that destroyed them like 70 years ago about the pedophilia?
Roger Vays?
That wasn't 70 years ago, was it?
Yeah, yeah.
He did it again last year, but...
Yeah, and by the way, this, you know, it's funny, but Reed Gervais, I love that he did that.
It's not that that was so funny, the jokes he was saying, but it was so great to see him say it.
Yeah, it was so great to see him saying that at that place, like, fuck you, because it is bullshit.
It was great!
These awards, look, any of these awards, that's why I didn't give her my awards to tell you to say, because that's like putting a sweater on a dog.
Like, you could have my fucking, you could have them, you could have all the awards.
They're worthless.
And the whole trick is to make you think that shit's important, and then get mad that the wrong person won.
Let me show people what's important.
I don't do this to brag, but because this has been in the news lately, in a top meme, I want to show this.
So the interviews out there with Mike Judge, we used to hang out a lot, and I just couldn't hang with him.
The guy is a party animal.
But we used to hang out a lot.
I'm friends with Mike Judge.
And so I'm sitting there at his house.
I've known him for years.
I've been shooting with him and everything.
He never told the story until we were on camera.
And he goes, you know, right over here in my office, I've got a VHS tape of you in 1996 when I'm starting to write King of the Hill.
And did you know that you're the conspiracy theorist?
I think his name is Dale Gribble.
Uh, in the show.
And I said, well, I like King of the Hill, but I don't really follow it.
I figured it was something like... No, no, no.
He said, I was watching AXS TV and watching you, but then I wanted to be more of a regnet figure, so this is you.
So what's funny is, it's now full circle, as Darth Vader says, the circle is now complete.
I left you when I was but a learner.
Now I am the master.
So he says, for radio listeners, it's, what's this guy called, Del Gribble?
Del Gribble.
So it's Del Gribble, smoking a cigarette.
You have a Native American son that your wife cheated on you to make?
And he doesn't know it.
Redhorn or whatever?
So he says, get called crazy for years for saying the government is spying on us.
Doesn't say I told you so when the proof was leaked.
So I saw this meme again trending and I'm not bragging.
It shows the effect I had on AXS TV in 1996.
I just started a local radio show as a nobody.
But there's Mike Judge finishing Beavis and Butthead, writing his new series.
And he said, as you know, you're a major influence.
You are this character.
So what's crazy is that I see this meme, and I am this meme, that is crazy.
But it shows, no matter how little you are, you think you're little, it's having a big effect.
No, Mark Pazio, I gotta talk to him again, but the thing of just attention and focus on a thing, there's ripples that come out of that, the same as some creep doing some evil thing that puts out bad ripples in the endomorphic field.
You doing the right, just saying the truth.
Just do that.
You just gotta do that.
You gotta just not lie.
You don't have to be right.
You don't have to be correct.
You have to not be a fucking liar.
Major influence in King of the Hill before it's launched, and people hope that Alex Jones, Mike Jones interview, he says it, I'm not making this up, but it just shows the effect, and now it's a meme.
I went to animation school 20 years ago, I went to Art Institute for Animation, and that's when I first saw the Bohemian Grove, where you went into Bohemian Grove, and I remember a roommate showing it to me on VHS, and I was like, and Bohemian Grove looked like really lame.
I didn't know anything about it, but I'm watching, I'm like, I don't, it just looks like some dumb party they do, and I wasn't impressed.
So, but now, 20 years later, or more, it's what I realize, and never, you know, whatever, never mind, like, drinking a baby or whatever the fuck, the fact that they do these plays where they go, the cremation of care,
Just that.
Before you get to anything else that I'm sure they probably would do in a back room.
That's a bunch of rich people doing a ceremony to not feel guilty about all the evil fucking shit they have to do.
And they believe- They don't have to, they do it.
It's a Buddha ritual, like the sin-eater.
It almost looked mundane to me as like a stupid thing.
I'm like, well, okay, look, they're rich.
They can't just fuck in the street like poor people.
They got to go to a thing in the woods to do coke and whores, so they do this dumb shit.
Okay, that's part of it, sure, but the very idea that you would do a ceremony like that, like the Olympics or something, and it's the Olympics of not, and I thought that spiders weave no webs here.
I thought that meant they're not supposed to plot anything.
No, what it means is don't come for yourself and interfere with the plot we're doing.
And do your own plot.
Jimmy got invited there.
You know that, right?
Jimmy got hacked on his iPhone.
I didn't.
You know how hard that is?
He had the two-factor authentication.
He's on a plane.
His iPhone got hacked.
He has a security guy who used to work in, like, intelligence or some shit.
And the guy goes, that's very hard to do.
You usually have to be a government actor to be able to hack someone's
We're good to go.
He went to, he's talking to these people, he goes, you know what Nixon said about it?
You know, the famous Nixon line.
The most goddamn faggy thing you ever saw.
They go, no, what?
He said to them, no one laughed at that.
They just looked, they just dead-faced him.
You're not aware of that?
But the point is, things that seem, should seem like mundane, like, oh, that's just America.
The people all over the ground.
That's not normal.
That's... If you want to find Satanism, watch C-SPAN.
They're doing it in front of your face.
I'm sure in the back rooms they're doing shit.
Kurt Metzger, incredible job.
Great Joe Rogan appearance.
We'll talk to you soon.
Thanks, man.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show!
I'm your guest host Maria Zee, joined by the Aussie Cossack Simeon Boikov today.
UK, US, Britain, Ukraine behind the Crocus City Hall attack.
The FSB chief, this is breaking.
Very, very important information.
Simeon, thank you so much for joining us today.
We appreciate your time.
Pleasure, Maria.
Good to join you.
So, I mean, this is huge.
Russia is officially claiming that the US, Ukraine and Britain are responsible for the attacks.
Talk to us about these developments.
Yes, that's right.
The Russian head of the FSB, Russia's chief spy, Patroshev and Bortnikov have laid the blame squarely on Ukraine, backed by the US and the UK.
We know that as soon as the terrorist attacks
I think so.
I don't know.
Backed Ukrainian proxy as we know the terrorists were escaping from the building after the committing the terrorist attack towards the Ukrainian border has several many high-profile Ukrainian speakers have gone on the record to actually back the terrorist attack disgustingly I mean how could you condone something like that how could you support the innocent
Innocent people being killed in the shocking, tragic scenes at that shopping center in northwest Moscow.
But that's exactly what the Ukrainian regime has done.
Previously, the head of Ukrainian military counterintelligence, Budanov, has previously told the ABC in an interview that he wants to promote as many terror attacks in Russia as possible.
In fact, there was an Australian mercenary
Two days ago, by the name of Sam Berg, who whilst based in Ukraine, wearing an Australian military patch, actually said that he thinks there should be more attacks and he's happy that these type of terror attacks are taking place against innocent civilians.
So, we haven't seen anything like that from ISIS.
It's really interesting because right now the Australian government's under fire for refusing to condemn the attacks, basically.
I tweeted the other day that there is not one single Western leader that has come out and said, you know, Russia has a right to defend itself.
And similarly, Russia hasn't responded by carpet bombing an entire nation indiscriminately.
So, you know, it's very, very telling that we haven't seen one major Western leader condemning these attacks.
Well, Australia is isolated in its lack of condemnation.
Would you agree?
In fact, it's bizarre as to why the Australian Prime Minister Albanese and Foreign Minister Penny Wong are silent, where Germany, France,
I think?
We're good to go.
Now, Australia, with its lack of condemnation, has shown that it's insensitive.
It's actually shown to Australian extremists and radicals.