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Air Date: March 24, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses various events such as the attack in Moscow, which he believes was orchestrated by Ukraine and Western intelligence agencies as part of their strategy to provoke Russia into officially joining the war. He talks about false flags, Trump’s statement about Obama creating ISIS, Biden's plan to implement superstructure to stop Trump from stealing the election, and the importance of fighting against the New World Order plan. The speaker also discusses the globalist plan and its negative impact on society and the world, mentioning plans to use bioweapons to depopulate the planet and start World War III in the Middle East. They share their background as a former insider who played the game but decided to expose the truth about the plans of world leaders. The conversation between Vladimir Solyov and Alex Jones discusses several topics such as the terrorist attack in St. Pete, CIA and British special ops involvement, election results in Russia, Ukrainian civilians killed during the war, and NATO troops potentially entering Ukraine. The speaker criticizes US policy towards Ukraine and argues that the US should not give money to a country that does not have democracy, freedom of speech, or elections. They also discuss Israel's actions during the conflict with Hamas and Russia's recent attack, urging people to wake up against globalists' plans of incite, seize, purge."

Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
225 days, 7 hours, 59 minutes, 14 seconds to the biggest election in world history.
It's Sunday, March 24th, 2024.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
And our plate is full tonight and then a really big special presentation and Sunday live coming up in two hours with Rob Aguero.
All right, ladies and gentlemen,
I'm your host Alex Jones, very blessed to be here.
Obviously we've got a lot of the aftermath of the big terror attack in Moscow that took place Friday that we covered in a live emergency transmission that I'm very proud of.
With six different incredible guests yesterday, two of them from inside Moscow including the biggest broadcaster in Russia joining me for 45 minutes.
We're going to air excerpts of that interview coming up in the second hour interspersed with other news.
But I came out before Putin and before the Russian government within hours of this happening.
I woke up at four in the morning Saturday.
And as soon as I saw ISIS, I know, and I have the articles, Jerusalem Post, AP Reuters, was founded by Obama.
I have video of him saying he was funding ISIS.
And remember the whole Arab Spring and all that?
The Muslim Brotherhood?
And so when ISIS takes credit for something,
Then you know it's a cut out for Western intelligence agencies every time.
People forget that, so I'm going to go back over some of the history on that.
And then I said I would imagine they infiltrated out of Ukraine and they'll probably try to escape back to Ukraine.
About five hours later, and I mean I posted all this on X, my predictions, the Russians grabbed them running into Ukraine.
So, let's get one thing straight here.
I come up with my own analysis and what I believe and I'm on record before the Russians saying ISIS is a cut out for Ukraine and Victoria Newman and Western Intelligence because I'm an expert on it.
I've made six, seven films on government sponsored terror.
I'm an expert on Gladio.
I've interviewed some of the people involved in Gladio, Dr. Steve Pachenik.
He talked about Gladio one time on the show, the FBI showed up at his house a week later.
And that's how big this is.
And so if you don't know about Gladio, you don't understand the NATO, stay behind networks.
And what NATO's doctrine is, if they start losing a war with Russia, is to activate terror networks inside Russia.
And we have Newland and Zelensky and all of them saying months ago, we got nasty surprises for you inside Russia, cross-border attacks, over a thousand drone attacks,
They have the motive, but DW.com, the biggest TV station in Germany, here's the headline, as well as most of the Western press said without any evidence that Putin staged it as a false flag.
Here's the headline from DW and their site on YouTube, a false flag operation to mobilize troops.
Now, remember, I've been talking about false flags for 29 years on air.
It'll be 30 years in just a few weeks.
You could say that Putin could have staged this to mobilize the people.
But the issue is that, remember just a few years ago, I was demonized everywhere for any time there was a big event.
To say, could have this been staged or provocateur?
Now everybody knows the term false flag, so that's one of this broadcast's real successes.
And all of you spreading the word is that people understand this now.
So the whole thing needs to be investigated.
We'll look into that, but I've got so much more to hit on the election, on incredible developments with Biden openly announcing he's going to try to steal the election again, and so much more today.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
It's Sunday, March 24th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be here live for the next four hours, as we are every Sunday night.
And I'll return tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, with my weekday transmission.
Where right before that will be Harrison Smith and American Journal, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
I will destroy you at 3 p.m.
Central, with The War Room.
You can find all of our reports and information at Infowars.com and Bandai Video and much of it also reposted to Real Alex Jones on the Mighty X platform.
Okay, on this day in 1999, NATO began bombing of Yugoslavia.
It went on for 70 plus days.
Massive amounts of people, tens of thousands killed.
It's important because it ties into what just happened in Moscow and all the fingers being pointed.
Western media saying Putin staged it.
ISIS taking responsibility.
The reported surviving terrorists caught trying to flee back into Ukraine.
What's really going on there?
What's really behind all of that?
Well, I've got a pretty good idea, and myself and our expert guests like Jack Posobiec and Scott Bennett and many others, former army intelligence officer, have been predicting massive attacks on things like theaters in the last six months.
And Ukraine has launched over a thousand drone attacks into Russia, including hundreds on Moscow.
They've had hundreds of cross-border attacks into Russia, proper attacking towns there with paramilitary troops, but it doesn't really hit the mainstream media.
It's kind of a blip.
So a lot of the motive leans towards Ukraine because they're desperate and they're trying to get Putin to overreact so NATO can officially come into the war.
That's where most of the evidence points.
But it's fair for DW.com, the biggest German publication and countless others, to say, did Putin do it?
To rally support.
Because false flags are a staple of major governments and empires throughout history.
And remember that for the decades I've exposed false flags, including the declassified ones, oh, I'm a kook, I'm crazy, governments never stage things.
But now we're in a different world.
Now it's okay to talk about false flags or staged events.
You can have individual stages of false flag, like Jussie Smollett.
Or you can have big ones, like 9-11.
Or you can let someone attack.
A false flag isn't always a government or company or individual carrying out the attack themselves.
It's knowing it's coming and letting it happen is a form of that as well.
But before Putin came out, in the morning Texas time, in the evening Russia time, I pointed out that ISIS had taken responsibility, and that ISIS was created by Western intelligence and Barack Obama, and I have a clip of Barack Obama, if you'd like me to play it, I played it yesterday, let's queue that up.
From him backing the Arab Spring and the Muslim Brotherhood and also ISIS.
But to confuse people, he'd call it ISIL, but ISIL is ISIS.
So, when Trump says he beat ISIS and America beat ISIS, Trump pulled support from ISIS in the middle of the Syrian war.
But it was Russia went in and did most of the taking out of ISIS.
But now we're told ISIS is back.
Let me show you a couple headlines that deal with that.
Here's the Jerusalem Post.
Israel treating Al-Qaeda fighters wounded in Syrian civil war.
You can just type in the West backed ISIS and Syria war.
Remember Trump famously said that Obama is the father of ISIS because that's true.
In fact, pull up a clip of Trump.
Trump says Obama the father of ISIS.
It's true.
So they think we're stupid or that we don't have
Memories about this.
And now these individuals, a bunch of them got caught trying to flee back into Ukraine on the Ukraine border, have openly said, you say, well, they were tortured to say it.
Well, they said as they're being loaded in the cars when they first were captured.
We don't know who hired us.
We're promised a bunch of money to go do this.
Once we got to Moscow, we were given the guns.
And it's fair to say that the Russians do it.
It's fair.
But they don't have the main motive because Putin's already won an election.
He's already won the war in Ukraine.
The globalists want to escalate things.
The fact that ISIS took credit when it openly has been created by the West, the fact that they caught them trying to flee back into Ukraine, that's not disputed now.
I'd say 95% chance this was done by Victoria Noodle in the deep state.
Try to stir up Russia and put pressure on him with hardliners to expand the war so they have a pretext for NATO to have the excuse to officially go into the war, which they've been trying to push and trying to sell.
So here's a quick clip of Obama.
At the start of the Syrian war, bragging about funding ISIS, ISIL, potato, patata, tomato, tomato, same group, look it up yourself.
Here they are hiding in plain view.
So with the additional steps I ordered last month, we're speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar province.
We're speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar province.
You compared Donald Trump to a third world dictator.
We'll get to that clip that we got on screen later with Rubio.
Let's play that Obama clip one more time.
Just so you fully get it.
Here it is.
So with the additional steps I ordered last month, we're speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar province.
Month we're speeding up training of ISIL forces, including volunteers from Sunni tribes in Anbar province.
So, that's the reality and I'm going to be discussing that with the top broadcaster in Russia for part of the next hour.
So please stay with us for that and I will get into this larger stack of information once we get to that point.
But before we do that, right before I do that, with the death toll in Moscow now above 137,
What's hiding in plain view here that people really aren't making a big deal about?
And I am making a big deal about it.
We have a completely wide-open border.
We have millions and millions of people that have come in under Biden.
Hundreds of thousands of them, Middle Eastern military-age men, conservatively.
Portfolio numbers over 200,000 military-age men from Islamic nations.
Many of them are on video saying, we're getting ready to attack America.
When they talk to journalists.
And then people... The government just doesn't have face scanning.
You can use Google Images and it's almost as accurate.
If you've got an HD photo, it is as accurate.
It's the same system.
But they then run them through a face scan image search on Google and find out they're Revolutionary Guard members of Iran's military and Hezbollah commanders.
And you do not know who I am, but you will know soon!
Ha ha ha!
It's like, wow!
So they're bringing all these people in and the FBI director says there's all these flashing lights and Islamic terror is about to hit us, but then they're leaving the border completely and totally open.
There's a big article on Infowars.com dealing with this.
Biden's censorship regime blocks media access at border after embarrassing invasion video that shocked the nation last week of the border patrol being absolutely beat up and overrun.
But, here's another big piece of the puzzle.
The same Obama judge, who has all these anti-gun rulings, federal judge in Illinois, came out over a week ago and said, we're going to let illegal aliens buy guns, own guns, and carry guns, but at the same time she has anti-gun rulings for citizens.
DOJ announces red flag center for gun grab operations against Americans.
Big story on Infowars.com.
There's another one.
Illinois federal judge rules illegal aliens can carry guns.
So very, very, very important.
Foreigners can have guns and they can make up the military, we've been told by the Democrats, and make up the police.
But citizens, no, no, no, no, no, no.
They don't need a judge or a jury, not even any type of mental illness background.
They just say, you can't have a gun, you get red flagged, and your guns get taken.
As Alexander Shultz and Easton pointed out in Good Luck Archipelago in Russia under the Communists, the criminals and thugs and government people could all have guns and knives and weapons, but when a citizen was caught who wasn't a member of the party, they sent you to a forced labor camp or killed you.
All right, now there's a big story that the great Jamie White pointed out to me today.
He wrote about it at Infowars.com, one of our great writers here.
And he's in charge of the weekend desk at Infowars.com.
And it's a Rolling Stone article where the establishment just can't help but openly say what they're doing.
And that's election theft in front of the world.
And then when Trump points it out, they go, oh, you're crazy.
Nobody's going to steal anything.
So Biden is openly saying that Trump is planning to steal the election.
And then when Trump says you're planning to steal the election, it's insane and crazy.
And he's been indicted for even saying it because you don't have free speech, I guess, under their idea of freedom in places around America, in Democrat-controlled zones.
And then now the Rolling Stone comes out with a very similar article to what we saw three years ago after they stole the 2020 election.
And that was a Time Magazine article bragging, here's how we did it, here's how we worked with the bureaucrats and big tech and the intelligence agencies and the neocons.
Here's how we stole the election.
Here it is.
The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election.
It's a huge, thick article, like 20-something pages.
You should go read it.
I already read the whole thing on there several times before, and they brag about the whole thing.
Well, there's a new one out doing the same thing.
It's just updated in Rolling Stone.
Biden is building a superstructure to stop Trump from stealing the election.
Yes, the same FBI that ran around and threatened to arrest, or did arrest in some cases, and threatened people that witnessed as USPS workers hold vans just full of ballots only filled out for Biden, being shipped across state lines into Pennsylvania.
They're going to stop Trump from stealing it by stealing it.
They're going to take him off the ballot in all these states so he can't run because that's how you stop somebody from stealing an election.
You preemptively preclude them from running so you have effectively stolen it.
That's like killing a baby when it's born because you don't want to deal with it when it grows up.
I mean, it's the surest way to steal an election.
It's just not the way to even compete.
It's the surest way to know you're going to win a boxing match if you didn't even get in the arena with an opponent.
Biden's building a superstructure to stop Trump from stealing the election.
Trump and his MAGA allies have been working for years to pre-rig the 2024 election.
Here's how Team Biden's planning to fight them.
So, election rigging does not exist.
If you say it, you get indicted.
If you're a Republican, but if you are a Democrat, well, they go into how the FBI and big tech and the media and think tanks and all these groups are going to stop Trump stealing it.
And he's planning to steal it.
Even though they've indicted him and done all this stuff to try to keep him from being able to run, trying to make him spend all the campaign money.
It's just incredible.
To watch them do this.
And there's a good boil down.
I suggest you read the whole Rolling Stone article that I just showed you.
There's an excellent boil down by Jamie White.
Rolling Stone, Biden building superstructure to stop Trump from stealing the election.
So they're literally doing what they claim Trump is doing.
It's just simply incredible.
And I'm going to, tomorrow, on the weekday show, spend at least 30 minutes on this.
But tonight's show is shorter, so the two hours I host is four hours weekdays.
So we're going to be hitting that in great detail tomorrow.
But just stunning, stunning information.
Because I re-scanned over these articles today, but I want to, tonight as my homework, I'm going to read them again and highlight them.
Because this is big.
This is them telling you their game plan.
Again, the Time Magazine article is from a few months after they stole the election in 2021.
The new one just came out Friday in Rolling Stone.
But there are other articles and other reports like the big New York Times one that came out in October of 2020.
And in it, Podesta, the huge article in the New York Times,
A Podesta war games, and the New York Times is there, and he's running it for the Democrats.
And they say, if Trump wins, we will not accept it, and then we will make the votes basically appear out of all the mail-ins we've got, meaning the caches that they've got, you know, the numbers they need to get.
But more importantly, he said, we will not accept the election one way or another.
We will have an alternate inauguration in some place like Colorado.
If that was interesting, it's Colorado's where the real shadow government, they have a whole Congress built there, it's not even shadow government, it's the alternate.
Continuity of government, COG, nuclear war, hardened facilities.
So it's D.C.
somewhat hardened, but the real hardened bases and underground railroads and facilities they've got that are massive are under Denver and under Colorado Springs.
And by the way, that's on record.
That's not a theory.
The details are classified, but they've spent hundreds of billions since the 50s building huge underground cities in Colorado.
So it's the alternate capital, for those that don't know.
I thought it was interesting he said, in Colorado.
The government would just ignore Trump and say, you know, the deep state, the bureaucracy.
So that's just some of the news that we've got on that front.
As I said that I'll be covering in great detail coming up tomorrow.
Now, the other news I want to hit, and there's a lot of it, is extremely important.
Because we're not covering enough
The design collapse of civilization and how it was a design rollout and how I've been telling you for decades how they would do it and how I read the books and then went and checked the documents of all these insiders that were the Deputy Head of the Treasury, the Deputy Head of HUD, the Head of Army Black Ops, the Head of Pentagon Black Ops, Fletcher Prouty, the Head Senate Archivist, Anthony Sutton,
Charlotte Isserby, who was also in the Reagan administration, a high-level, over at the department, but also her dad was high-level, Skull and Bones.
She leaked the documents.
So, I got reminded this morning, and I reposted it on X, because I'd forgotten about George Green, and he is who he said he was.
He was a big investment banker, and they just liked him.
He kind of has that Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger.
They're just, the way they talk, the way they, you know, because I've met with some globals before,
We're good to go.
On being an elitist and there are too many people and quite frankly a lot of folks are lazy and stupid.
So I was like, yeah, let's go ahead and kill everybody.
But then they tried to have sex with my daughter and treated me like trash and I realized they were just as bad as the people they want to kill.
And I've made this point.
I could see dumbed down lazy people everywhere and people starving and squalor and you can say a lot of areas probably are overpopulated.
Now they got educated, moved around properly through incentives and things.
We need more people.
But if you've got a big lazy mass of people that are decadent, then they'll destroy everything.
And then if you've got globalists that are out of control and who are nihilistic, who are horrible managers on top of it, and just have this excuse, well, we'll just kill everybody to get rid of the problems.
Well, they're a bigger problem.
So he really nails it.
And I interviewed him a couple times.
I don't think he's alive now.
I'm going to tell the producers to see if he is.
He was old then.
This clip's almost 20 years old.
I read his book.
I remember interviewing him several times, and let me tell you something.
Everything this guy said happened dead on.
So did Dr. John Coleman.
He was still alive.
Rod Paul predicting it all.
We've got Jeffrey Griffin still alive.
I mean, people ask how I know all this stuff.
These guys knew everything.
Either people working in Congress that got the documents, people that were on the inside that got them.
So I'm going to air like a nine minute clip of this guy when we come back and then I'm going to hit a bunch of the news currently happening that ties into it because this is a big deal, folks.
And their program is about six, seven years behind.
The good news is we've held back the program a lot.
That's in their own admissions.
But now they don't care.
They're accelerating it because they realize they're totally screwed if they don't, but they're also screwed if they do.
And anybody smart can look and extrapolate this out.
Now the world knows about the globalist plan for depopulation.
They'll never get away with this.
And I've got some perfect examples of all these billionaires building bunkers all over the world and thinking they're going to be safe there.
And it's just like LeBron James concerned that sophisticated criminal squatters invade the neighboring $50 million mansion.
Oh, LeBron, you think you're safe because you're worth $500 million?
You think you're safe caring about nobody?
I care about nobody but myself.
He always says that.
You think, of course, you're nobody with $500 million.
Well, what about Zuckerberg with his $100 billion or whatever it is now?
A 10-story deep, giant underground base in Kauai.
Everyone I talked to, when I say everyone, I mean it was ridiculous, talked about how when the collapse came, what they were going to do to Zuckerberg.
And I was like, no, no, no, let's be non-violent, let's be nice.
And they were like, no, he's right there, I've worked in there, I've built it, we're going to get him.
And, oh boy, you really built something for yourself.
And, you know, here's George Green describing,
He starts to work for him, and he's in there with these Senators and Globalists meeting in Colorado again.
And he says, they say, by the way, I want to have sex with your daughter.
He goes, she's 14.
I want to have sex with her.
And then he sees him in a big boardroom, snorting cocaine.
And he's like, wait.
I was sold on wiping everybody out just because I can kind of see what's the point of them living.
I mean, I'm not agreeing with George Green, but that's when he was younger.
I put all this out, it's all true.
Where's the public getting upset?
I mean, this is really going down.
We got 20 plus million people dead from the shots, cancer rates off the chart, infertility off the chart, live expectancy plunging, and still the average person's too busy with their Spurs tickets
Or their Dallas Cowboys tickets, to use a Texas analogy.
And people say to me, hey, why don't you go to a Spurs game with us?
I like basketball, but things are too serious.
Oh man, let us have a little fun!
All you do is have fun!
Let me ask a question.
If Russia fired a hundred hydrogen bombs at us five minutes from now, would you say, oh, let me go watch a sitcom, or would you get right with God?
I mean, we're close to total destruction on so many fronts.
And I look at all these skilled people doing all these amazing things that don't do anything for even themselves.
And I see all this courage to do mindless stunts and things and face jump and all the rest of it.
People that practice for six months be able to throw a playing card at a match and ignite it.
Imagine if you put that type of energy into waking people up and making a better society and stopping fentanyl and all this stuff.
Because I'm telling you, we're going to lose everything if we don't make fighting the new world order plan a number one.
I really love my four children.
And while I'm sitting there cooking my six-year-old daughter breakfast every morning, man, I am beyond pissed.
And you know what?
I'm not even pissed at the New World Order because they're scum.
I'm pissed at people out there that don't take this shit serious.
Because this is as serious as life and death because it is.
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, in a moment I'm going to play a George Green interview and maybe the crew can dig through our archives and try to find it.
The last time I interviewed him was probably 20 years ago.
Big banker, worked with a globalist on record, and everything he said has basically come true.
He wrote a book about the subject, tried to warn people.
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We're on lots of radio stations and on the internet and thousands are tuning in and tuning out every second.
So let me just recap the George Green clip because
It's the craziest thing.
I had a photographic memory until I was 40 or so.
And it was actually a headache because I would look at one article and remember like a thousand others and could cite, you remember, US codes, bills from 20 years ago.
And then now that I'm 50, I still have a really good memory, but I never had those what they call Alzheimer moments where you can't remember somebody's name or where you can't
It was all there.
I remember everything.
Everything about my childhood, everything else.
Total, total recall.
Don't have it anymore.
It's really a blessing for me.
I'm much more calm and happy.
I could barely even finish a sentence years ago because I was just so on target.
I mean, I just could see everything.
And that's how the brain works.
Most people have photographic memories.
It starts declining at 40.
I'm like, wait, I know George Green.
I read his book.
He's been on the show.
Wait, oh, why'd I forget about George Green?
He's just one more of those incredible insiders that we got the whole enemy battle plan from that I'd forgotten about.
It's like I was on a big space yesterday that had millions of viewers and listeners.
With Mario Nafal on the Russia attack.
And a guy calls in, Patrick Henningsen, I think that's the name.
And I go, I know you.
I've interviewed you.
He goes, yeah, I worked for you for four years.
Haven't talked to you in 12 years.
And I was like, yeah, you're a great reporter.
I mean, it's just, you know, boom, you forgot about him.
So this is really powerful.
And this isn't somebody just saying this.
He did what he said he did.
He cited it all.
I looked him up at the time.
And he was not super prolific.
Jayward Griffin or others, and Griffin wasn't an insider, but he was a guy that was able to get to the insiders.
But this is all their plan.
And this is what they had planned.
So when you hear all this, when you hear enemy camps, that means COVID camps, when you hear all this, they've kind of updated it.
But this is all their original plan.
And he talks about, yeah, we would sit around in board meetings with the global elite talking about using neutron bombs to take out the major cities.
To control the populations.
And Bertrand Russell even wrote about making a deal with the Russians in the late 50s, early 60s.
He wrote about it.
Bertrand Russell was a Nobel Prize winner, big quote liberal.
He said, we will inject you with vaccines that brain damage you to make you more controlled.
He said, we'll use diet injections and injunctions to control you.
So, so many of these guys openly talk about it.
That's why we have all the clips of them at Debo saying, we're going to depopulate 95%, you know, down to 500 million or whatever.
And the Georgia Guidestones and all the rest of it, which has now been blown up by somebody we don't know who.
So, you have to understand, this is 100% real.
And this is the moment so many people that work for the system decide to say no is when the pedophilia comes in.
And the lady says, well, was it just them trying to have sex with your daughter?
And he said, no.
It was just the fact that they were scummier than the general public, and were all a bunch of trash, and I was like, these are the people you'd be gotten rid of.
So you could say he was a cold-blooded guy.
When you're a high-powered manager and smart and work hard, and you see all the decadence and laziness, when you try to warn people like I do, and they don't take it serious because they're so mentally selfish and so lazy, you say, well screw you, you deserve to die.
But that's only a war game.
I've had my head.
I've never actually thought that, but I've entertained it in a war game to understand the enemy.
But he's very, very honest about all of this.
And that's my point.
Is that, do you really think the globalists are going to get rid of 7.5 billion people plus?
And that then they're going to stop there?
Because they present the problem, well there's too many people, we can't sustain this.
As Elon Musk has explained, if you make people be competitive, and you don't have handouts from people that don't absolutely need them, and if you have huge corporate and government work projects like space exploration, you name it,
You need a bigger population, actually, and we can export it to space.
But once you cut replacement rate below 2%, society collapses.
And I've been saying this for years, and it was the top of Yahoo News on Friday, and we covered it some, but I should cover it more, because it's a big deal.
For the first time ever, world population started to decline a month ago, at above 8 billion.
And then it's set to plunge to 4 billion
In the next 70 years.
And then it goes down to 2 billion and 1 billion, because once you reverse an expansion, and the things they've done, and the chemicals, and the water, and all of it, it's irrevocable.
It takes a lot of people to build infrastructure like this, and robots are never going to, quote, replace us the way they say they are.
So, this is a bad plan for humanity, period.
And it doesn't work.
But you can't have people laying around watching Netflix and playing video games all day, either, and continuing human civilization, because you do become criminal, decadent, lazy, slovenly, and that creates a vacuum where the predators come in, who are at least willing to work enough to get into power, who then see you as
Not just competition, but more importantly, eating their food, taking their resources.
And the globals have a limited, zero-sum game view of the universe, not a non-zero-sum game or a win-win view that I have.
So there's never non-movement in the universe.
The only constant is change.
The only thing that stays the same is change.
And so, if you try to create a vacuum
We're good to go.
This is the big boy pants.
This is the adult table.
We're all over here at the kid table at Thanksgiving.
You gotta get away from the kid table.
You gotta come to the adult table.
And he talks about when he challenged them early on because he was so successful in their system, they came and said, we want you to work for us.
And I was told the same thing by the head of the Kissinger Group, Rothkopf at the time.
I don't brag about it.
He did it in front of the producer.
That was the only meeting that wasn't off record.
I've had many meetings with these people.
It mentions, you wouldn't even believe, 100 foot black marble walls.
Private airports, all of them.
I tell them, I go, A, I'm not going to sell out to you because the overall project's evil.
B, it's not going to work, you're going to cause giant wars cutting the resources off.
We've got to go full expansion or lose everything.
You've got to embrace full competition and stop undermining people to make them weak.
We've got to be really tough and get serious here and have violent expansion.
And by violent, I don't mean killing each other, I mean violent, like aggressive, wild,
We've really got to have some big goals or we're going to lose everything.
I talked about that on Friday.
We need a Plan B instead of the New World Order Plan A. And people said, we don't want your Plan B. I've not even extrapolated it out to people.
I've not even broke it down.
Plan B means other plans.
But you need to admit there's a plan for you that's being rolled out.
And it's no longer in beta.
It's an operational.
So can we just be adults here?
I reject the globalist plan.
A, it doesn't feel good at a cellular or spiritual level.
So when I was younger, I rejected it because it felt evil.
And now as an intellectual, someone that's really been studying this for 35 years, on their 30, I understand the angles.
And it's a horrible plan.
And the globalists will all be eaten in their bunkers later if this goes through.
But see, they're all on drugs, pedophiles.
It's just an evil, decadent, Satan-manipulated system.
They've been set up.
They're losers.
Russia is rejecting the whole anti-family New World Order plan.
That's why they're hated.
So let's go ahead and go to George Green.
Here it is.
The problem is the monopoly game, which is controlled by the Federal Reserve, the private bank, which is actually controlled out of London, is manipulating all the dollars to put more and more people into debt.
So the illusion of equity they have in real estate is coming apart.
The players that are analyzing everything are expecting massive foreclosures next year in the beginning of what we call the recession.
It's going to be worse than 29.
It's your house that you're living in.
You think you own it.
You don't.
You have contractual right to transfer the airspace, subject to you paying taxes, to the state.
The Global 2000 discussions that we had, the real problem that they have, as Kissinger says, is there are just too many people on the planet.
I don't know.
Now, obviously, some of the meetings we sat on, we were planning on using neutron bombs on the major cities.
Because that contains most of what they call... You actually heard... Oh, hit pause.
Back that up ten seconds.
I meant to add earlier, I didn't get the specifics.
Bartrand Russell proposed using neutron bombs...
In an agreement with China, Russia, the U.S., African nations, where we would all, in a coordinated U.N.
attack, blow up the cities and depopulate.
And remember, one of the first Star Trek episodes is where they find a futuristic planet where they were killing each other in wars.
So now they've decided to have simulated wars, but when you die in the war from the nuke, which isn't a real nuke, you go into a disintegrator.
So this is really the plan, okay?
But then notice he goes, but we decided not to use neutron bombs.
They're going to use bioweapons.
Here it is.
Maybe having a computer problem.
You actually heard this?
That's right.
Yeah, it's amazing.
That's the inside vernacular, wasn't it?
Oh, that's what we used at that time.
We went from there to useless eaters today.
So you're happy with it.
You're a human resource.
Which, you know, all you are is part of the commodity, even in the business sense.
You look at it, you have a cost.
What is labor?
Human resource.
When you're going to put together some kind of product.
Well, the inside of the game, when we started to use neutron bombs today, they figured that biologicals are much cheaper.
They're still planning on... The plan is to get a war started in the Middle East.
And they're still planning on using a neutron bomber of one of the bombs that they've got developed on Israel.
And that's to begin World War III.
Which is all on the cards.
And it's going to happen.
They even put a monument up to this whole program.
It's called the Georgia Guidestones.
Outside of Atlanta.
And they've got it all set down.
It's all in eight languages.
It's just to get the thing going in the Middle East and it's not going fast enough.
I mean, Carter put this thing in so we have the plan 2000 with the war starting in the year 2000 in the Middle East.
Reduce the population of the planet down to 500 million, have one world currency under the Homeland Security or FEMA if you want to call it.
They're going to declare an emergency, which they're going to shut down everything.
My friends, my CIA associates, I don't even call them friends anymore.
CIA is crooks in action.
They're all professional liars.
I mean, they've got to be if they have that job.
So you have to look at what they're doing.
Anyway, they're so concerned, they're leaving the country too.
Most of them are going to Latin America.
Meanwhile, they're closing in every day right now, just closing in to make it so we're going to be set up in these enemy prisoner war camps.
I published a book.
It's called Chaos in America.
In it, I was asked to build an enemy prisoner war camp.
I put the contract in this book, so you can read it for yourself.
This is in downtown Las Vegas, right on the railroad tracks.
It says enemy prisoner war camp.
They're all on top.
They're building them all the way across the United States right now.
Bush signed an executive order taking the old forts and the army places that we shut down to get those organized to hold the so-called dissidents.
Now what's the definition of a dissident?
And the problem is that we're going to enslave ourselves because most of the people want to keep having food coming in and you're going to follow the line.
You're just walking yourself into your own prison camp.
Then we're going to come down to the extermination just like World War II.
Well, Phil and I have lectured together.
I know Phil's mind.
He's dead now.
Yeah, I know he's dead.
And so, what about what he was saying about the number of bases at that time?
I think it was 129 bases before he died underground at Arte Gonzales.
Is that all for the elite?
What are they going to do with the rest of the people?
They'll just get rid of them.
Leave them above ground and be radiated.
Now, my son happens to be a nuclear physicist.
Spent the last three and a half years in a secret city in Russia.
Twelve years ahead of us.
They have 22,000 nuclear warheads.
And of course, we're the target.
The Soviets had three nuclear submarines on the West Coast and three on the East Coast.
They're about two football fields away, five stories tall, and they all are nuclear.
I don't think so.
So therefore, the nuclear radiation here will be a lot more than the southern hemisphere.
And this is a fait accompli?
You believe?
Oh yeah, they think they won.
Oh, they think so.
That's the reason why they don't bother about me talking about it.
They don't care whether you know or not.
What are you going to do about it?
And you have no idea what China is until you go over there for yourself.
With a billion, three hundred million.
You understand?
Almost, well, a little over four times our population.
I spent some time over there and I had some government friends.
What they're going to do is let the West go have its fight and then they want to clean up and say it's been 5,000 years, we want to run the world, we want to get through.
And what they're doing?
Acquiring all the assets.
They figure that Canada and the United States, the property there will
The food growing areas will be enough to take care of their people.
And that's what they're looking at.
They'll make pot, oil... So the U.S.
will become a resource.
Whatever's left of it.
Whatever's left of it, yeah.
You seem to be in a unique position to be able to put a fair amount of this together, which is quite interesting.
Well, I walked my talk.
I played the game.
You played the game.
You know one level of it.
I guess I used to play around with the world leaders, so I know what they're planning on doing.
I know.
What change of heart, what happened in you that made you decide to share this information that happens at the inside levels?
Well, it comes back to a moral situation that happened to me, I think.
When I was... I flew to Aspen.
I brought my two daughters up there so they could go, you know, go skiing.
And when I was invited to this meeting, when I walked into the room, the world leaders were there, and that's when they asked me to be the finance chairman.
As they said, we'd like you to be the finance chairman for the next president of the United States.
And the first thing I asked is, why me?
And they said, well, we owe you a favor.
Remember I told you I volunteer to be president of companies?
Right, and then you liquidate, yeah.
I didn't charge them anything for it.
It was just a game.
I see.
And anyway, that's what they said.
So I thought you'd be good on the team, yeah?
I'd be a team player.
I just did it because it was, you know, another one of these things.
So next thing I asked them, I said, well, wait a minute.
You know, I just started this $100 million project.
And they said, don't worry about it.
We'll put it on ice.
And I said, OK, who with?
And I said, well, you can do that.
Then I said, the next thing was, who is going to be the next president?
Now, this is two years before he became president.
And I said, Jimmy who?
They said Jimmy Carter.
They said, well, he's the Democratic governor at Georgia.
And I said, I've been voting Republican.
And Paul Volcker said, son, don't worry about it.
We control them both.
And I said, well, I got the next question is, what does a finance chairman do?
You know, I haven't been doing that.
I've been playing all this other stuff.
They said, will you sit down with Ted?
And so I sat over with Ted Kennedy.
He's sitting right next to me.
And Ted and I are, you know, he's just joking.
He said, George, you're going to love this job.
You're really good with money.
We're going to send you out to all the state Democratic functions to raise money for the National Democratic Party.
And he said, you're going to meet some real foxy ladies.
And just then, my daughter walked in.
Ted looked at her and he says, wow.
I want to go to bed with that.
I said, no you don't, Ted.
That's my daughter and she's 14.
And his response to me was, I don't care.
I really didn't know what to do.
I was livid.
So it was that moment of insult.
That was part of it.
I got up, I walked across the room.
I then talked to Pierre Trudeau and his wife, who was the Prime Minister of Canada at that time.
And I'm sitting in front of them was a little half cigar box full of white powder.
No, I'm looking around the rest of the room and I said, my God, something hit me at that point.
If the world leaders have to resort to this, I don't think I want to be part of this thing.
Even though the pollution and getting everything else, they're talking about getting rid of all the other people.
I mean, I was raised in a packing house and slaughtering animals.
And you get to the point where people are just animals.
And then I found out a little bit more about the details of the Plan 2000 of the annihilation of the entire planet.
I said, I got to stop these people.
There's something there.
I mean, I just... We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
So you wonder why somebody like Justin Trudeau can be so evil, saying he wants to be a dictator and wants to put you in jail for lying for speech.
Because they're picked because they're soulless by these globalists to replace them.
But here's George Green, who we did get his obituary.
George C. Green died in 2015.
There he is.
And he's thinking, oh, we're going to save the world, you know, cut population, all this stuff.
And they go, yeah, we're going to have sex with your daughter, and we're using cocaine, and we're going to blow the whole world up.
And it's like, what?
Because they're evil.
So let's finish this clip from the archive.
And so I sat over with Ted Kennedy.
He's sitting right next to me.
And Ted and I are, you know, he's just joking.
He says, George, you're going to love this job.
You're really good with money.
We're going to send you out to all the state Democratic functions to raise money for the National Democratic Party.
I don't know.
I really didn't know what to do.
I was livid.
So it was that moment of infamy?
That was part of it.
I got up, I walked across the room.
I then talked to Pierre Trudeau and his wife, who was the Prime Minister of Canada at that time.
And I'm sitting in front of them with a little half-cigar box full of white powder.
And I'm looking around the rest of the room and I said, something hit me at that point.
If the world leaders have to resort to this,
I don't think I want to be part of this thing.
I mean, even to the... Even to the pollution and getting everything else.
They're talking about getting rid of all the other people.
I mean, I was raised in a packing house and slaughtering animals.
And you get to the point where people are just animals at that level.
And then I found out a little bit more about the details of the Plan 2000 of the annihilation of the entire planet.
I said, I've got to stop these people.
There's something there.
I mean, it's just... They've got to be stopped.
And, you know, my uncle was a great guy, like Captain America, and he did stuff for the secret government, and he didn't tell me a lot of it until he was about to die 10 years ago.
But he said, I did all these things because they said we've got to be more evil than the evil guys, so that we control everything.
That's how we beat evil.
But then he was down there building airfields in Iran, Conjuring, Central and South America, and then he got reports back because he was like a boss in charge of a bunch of stuff.
Working for like the head guy.
And they said, sir, they're loading little kids on airplanes at those bases and flying them to God knows where.
He said, what do you mean?
Out of orphanages in Guatemala.
They started investigating and found out more.
And that's what he said.
He said, there's a moment where you realize, no, no, no, we're the bad guys.
And you find your soul at that moment.
And that's where we are.
So you look at Trudeau and all these people, they are pure predators.
And once they hate themselves and do all this bad stuff, they project their hatred on you.
It's basic psychology.
And they've got this master plan how they're going to steal everything and be in charge.
They're being lied to by Satan.
It is not going to work.
They're going to destroy themselves and us with them.
We have to stop them.
People ask, how do you have courage to fight them?
It would take blind courage to go along with this and just sit there and play golf and not care.
Much less go and serve them and be part of it.
They're going to be hunted down.
They're going to be destroyed.
I don't even want that.
I just want them to go away.
Because in the process of trying to destroy them, they'll try to destroy us.
I want them, like Napoleon, to be sent to some island in the Southern Atlantic Ocean or something.
But it's biblical.
It's all going down.
It's good versus evil.
And we all have to choose which side we're on.
And I really try to be a good person.
I try to be as accurate as I can.
And we are one of the most accurate transmissions out there.
All right, my big interview with the top Russian broadcaster Vladimir Silyov is coming up and also Jack Posovic as well.
The show we did yesterday was so good.
Seven different guests.
The thing is posted at Mandop Video.
It's posted at Forrest.com.
For some reason, I left yesterday.
I didn't tell them we'll cut the show up.
I mean, it should have been done anyways.
I'm not mad, but it was incredible.
Two and a half hours.
And then we go back to Rob Aguero's, the premiere of his new show that we're airing here on Saturday Night Live in 50...
Six minutes from now.
Infowars.com forward slash show on Real Alex Jones.
We're going to post all this on Real Alex Jones, so please follow us there.
We'll be right back.
Great job, crew.
Please stay with us.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are resistance.
It's Alex Jones.
We are now closer to nuclear war than we have ever been.
And we have inbred, psychotic, crazy people, a bunch of Trotskyites that got kicked out of Russia, and a bunch of Nazis that got their ass kicked in Crimea, 80 years ago, still trying to fight the last war with the Russians.
And then they said, we're going to launch terror attacks on CNN last week, Marine Zarkaria.
They've launched drone attacks, cross-border attacks.
And then ISIS is known, CIA, MI6, Mossad.
And then they turn around and tell us that Putin's a liar, that no, he did it, with no evidence, even though they caught these rats trying to run back into Ukraine.
This is insane.
The top broadcaster in Russia is Vladimir Solovyov, and he joins us right now for the Balance of the Hour.
He just ended his emergency Saturday broadcast.
We're doing ours here as well, ladies and gentlemen.
So, Vladimir, thank you so much for joining us.
I'm going to try to give you the floor, because you've got more intel than anybody right there.
Talking to all the people on the ground.
We've already had reporters that are in Moscow on the show.
To me, this is very sad for the 130 plus that have died and those that are in the process of fighting for their lives and obviously more will die.
But for me, it shows the psychoticness of the people that have hijacked my country who are a threat to me and my family.
So my solidarity with Russia is my solidarity with sanity and not wanting World War III as a loyal American.
You're a loyal Russian.
So thank you for joining us.
I know it's very late in Russia.
You've got the floor, sir.
Thank you, Alex, and thank you to all Americans that send very warm words to Russians who do suffer from one of the worst terrorist attacks in the history of our country.
We can compare with 9-11.
During 9-11, there were almost 5,000 people that were killed.
This terrorist attack was aiming to kill 6,200 people that attended the concert.
So far, more than 140 people died, but unfortunately the amount of deaths will only increase.
A lot of people injured.
So what happened?
I can show you actually on the screen.
We made a little presentation of how it all happened.
If my guys will get my computer on.
Guys, can you show the picture?
Yes, please.
So that's what happened.
A group of four people that were recruited through Telegram for not a huge amount of money, one million rubles each, they entered the facility.
It took them about ten minutes to get straight into the concert hall.
On the way, they killed a lot of people.
Then they threw a cocktail molotov grenade.
They started fire and immediately left the building.
Then they got on the car that were waiting for them and tried to move toward borderline with Ukraine, where they were waited by Ukrainian special forces that were planning to help them to get out through Russian-Ukrainian border.
But they were stopped by Russian police and special services and through a couple of hours of search.
Hide-and-seek operation, we managed to get them all.
They're all alive.
They're talking.
They have no idea that they were ISIS, as they were told by United States and British and other officials.
No, they were not ISIS fighters.
They didn't want to die.
For whatever they believe in, like Islam, they wanted to live and to spend money.
Not a lot of money.
Million rubles, it's like 10,000 bucks.
So, for $10,000, they killed an enormous amount of people.
They were recruited through Telegram.
That's a well-known way of recruiting that has been done already by Ukrainian special forces.
And there were a couple of terrorist attacks inside Russia done this way.
Telegram, they're finding special guys, give them exact instructions.
It's obvious that those guys were not able to come up with this rather sophisticated plan because the building itself is not an easy one.
So you have to know where to go and what to do.
They knew exactly, exactly what the game plan is.
And they played by this game.
But our special forces were one step faster and better.
Then we saw this operation of cover-up.
Cover-up operation, stating that, no, no, no, that is not Ukrainian.
Definitely it's not Ukrainian.
It's a lie.
Because right now, on the other side of the Russian-Ukrainian border, we saw an enormous activity of Ukrainian special forces that worked hand-in-hand with Islamic terrorist organizations.
So we know that they're fighting hand-in-hand.
Who's behind them?
We know for sure, thanks to New York Times article, that they were trained by CIA and other special agencies of the United States.
That's why when Victoria Nuland a couple of months ago stated that President Putin will get a lot of nasty surprises on the borderline,
So now we see what's in her definition borderline is and what kind of nasty surprises she planned for our country.
There's only one leader of Western world who didn't express his feelings toward Russians and didn't send the right words, who didn't mourn with us, who didn't support Russian people after this awful attack.
Zelensky, this little drug addict personality, managed to blame Russian President Putin for this attack.
The only person in the world that did that.
Even President Biden, although he hated and he hates Putin, didn't come up with this.
But Zelensky could not find even one word toward Russian citizens.
And actually, as we talk right now,
There's a huge attack on Russian city Belgorod, and every time they hit Belgorod, and it has nothing to do with military infrastructure.
I've been there yesterday.
They hit hospitals, and they hit huge apartment houses.
And they hit them with NATO weaponry, artillery provided by Czech Republic.
And as of now, they attack Crimea and Sevastopol.
That's why, actually, I'm really surprised, Alex.
Why do all those NATO guys trying to show their empathy to Russian people, when they love when someone is killing us?
They supply Ukrainian Nazis with all weapon in the world.
Even French little guy is willing to send his troops to fight Russians.
So why are they right now trying to show that they're humans and they have the human-like feelings?
Saying, oh, we're so sorry.
Oh, poor Russian people, we're with you.
A few months ago, they applauded to terrorist attacks in St.
When one of prominent Russian journalists was killed, and a lot of people who attended this meeting with him were wounded.
Every time when there's a terrorist attack done by the Ukrainians, West applauded, stating that Ukraine can do whatever they want to fight ugly Russia.
But as of now, we see that behind this attack, not just Ukrainian special forces, but the real masters CIA,
And British special op.
That's right, and we saw Obama visit last week, and I said, my guest said, expert said, this is some big attack on Russia being planned, because Obama is really in control of ISIS as their cut-out group.
Here's my concern, Vladimir.
That's what Trump used to say, that Obama is father of ISIS.
He's the guy who created ISIS.
Those are exact words by the President Trump.
We have Obama admitting, we'll play the clip in a moment Vladimir, but my concern is Putin has been very good at not escalating and not being tricked.
He obviously had to after all the decade of attack to go on the special military operation.
But this shows to me real desperation by the globalists, Anglo-American, British Intel, US Intel group that is waging war against us, just like they're waging war against you.
It's just more asymmetrical.
My concern is it shows the hysteria.
And how dangerous they are and the fact that they thought we would buy this.
No one's buying this anywhere.
It's blown up in their face.
So my concern is Russia has won Ukraine.
This is a desperation.
I think we're going to see more of these.
Hopefully there isn't too much pressure on Putin to do anything to rash because this is a desperation move to try to get him to over respond.
What do you think about that?
First of all, nothing and no one can push Putin into making any form of unprepared decisions.
He's a completely different type of person.
Then, the election that we had in Russia was incredible.
More Ukrainians bombarded Russian cities, more people went to vote.
Saying that our vote count, amount of people that voted for Putin is unprecedented.
So he has people mandate to do whatever he thinks is right.
And what was the final number?
It's 73%.
What was it?
Okay, so at first they said 80, 80 plus, now it's 70.
No, no, no.
73% of total voters who went to vote and 83.4% of those people voted for Putin.
Got it.
So huge, huge voter turnout.
Million people, exactly.
So it's more than 60% of registered voters gave the vote to Putin.
Which shows people are upset to have a record turnout.
But what's important, American officials usually are saying that Russia is fighting the cruel war against Ukraine.
Amount of civilians that were killed during this war in Ukraine is less than amount of military Ukrainian personnel.
That's unprecedented.
Never been in the history of wars when amount of civilians that unfortunately became victims of this war is much less than soldiers.
In order for our American audience to just keep it in mind,
The total amount of Ukrainian civilians that were killed during the two-year aggression of Russia, as they say, is less than the amount of Palestinians that were killed by Israeli forces in two months!
And this amount, the official amount of Ukrainians that were killed is under 15,000.
Vladimir, let me elaborate and see if I'm right about what you're saying.
The Marines in Fallujah, a few Marines got hung off a bridge, it was terrible.
The Marines just went in with artillery and flattened the whole city and killed 100,000 people, it's estimated.
Your point is, if Russia wanted to, it's got huge artillery, probably the most in the world.
You just roll in, level the whole place, destroy them all.
You just go in grids, and then within two months, Ukraine's flattened.
We don't do this.
Look, you know, here's a huge attack on Kiev.
How many civilians were killed?
Well, the only civilians being hurt are when they shoot the missiles down.
And they're killed by the Ukrainian missiles.
Well, that's my concern.
Remember when Zelensky got caught firing missiles into Poland and then claiming that it was Russians, but because the Poles shot them down, the tail numbers survived, and it was Ukrainian missiles.
I'm concerned, more than a terror attack on Russia, which has happened, I'm concerned about Ukraine pulling false flags.
Are you concerned about that?
Because they're desperate.
They always do.
But that's one thing.
Another thing is, total amount of NATO soldiers that were killed during 20 years in Afghanistan is less than amount of NATO citizens that were killed for two years in Russia, Ukrainian war.
And NATO is not participating.
Can you imagine that?
Well, let's move to that.
What do you make of Macron, desperately, I think he's blackmailed, wanting to send in 20,000 troops.
We know NATO troops are already there.
We know they're getting killed, because I've talked to people in the military, been talking about it for years.
What do you make of this schizophrenia in NATO, where, well, we're not going to send in troops, oh, we are.
What do you make of these announcements?
Well, first of all, they're already on the ground.
But, you know, it's just a target. 20,000.
Since January 1st, 71,000 of Ukrainians were already killed during this war.
So 20,000 French soldiers, it will take less than a month to destroy them all.
And they will be just the target.
We will have to kill them all.
That's inevitable.
That's what always happens with foreign soldiers that are trying to get on our ground.
We're not going to Paris.
They want to come to our land.
But if they want to repeat the mistake of Napoleon, the result will be the same.
That's so damn easy.
They never learn historical lessons.
That's too bad.
Macron is willing to fight.
I don't know why.
He doesn't look like it.
...fighting, although he made this photo session.
Oh, I've noticed he puts out these videos where he's boxing and he's tough.
Oh yeah, he's boxing, yeah.
Look, yet another Rocky Balboa, yeah, like Italian salon.
He's not Italian, he's French and he's a lousy boxer.
He is not a boxer at all, you know, so... All I know is, Empire's gonna die.
He is, 100%, married to a man probably.
He is literally...
The French got their ass kicked in World War II.
They got their ass kicked.
They got saved by the Russians.
They got their ass kicked by Napoleon, who was a major military leader.
What are they thinking?
Why don't they stop?
I don't know.
That's the best question.
You know, French, Germans, they had perfect relationship with Russia for the last 10 years.
And they cannot survive it.
They destroyed it all.
Germans allowed Americans to blow the North Pipe.
And they're saying that, oh, that's okay.
French guys are fighting not their war.
But French soldiers are not willing to go and die for Macron.
Already amount of French soldiers killed in Ukraine is more than amount of French soldiers that were killed in Afghanistan.
And we haven't even started yet.
They're making awful, awful, awful mistake.
And I feel sorry for their wives and kids.
My idea is, every time there will be yet another mercenary from the West killed in Ukraine, if we have his body, we'll give it back to the family in front of the embassies.
In Russia, with all due respect, with all the national flags, but we'll tell the families, come and get the bodies of your sons and husbands.
That's not our fault.
Talk to your government.
They are supporting Nazis.
And that's why your sons are dying in Ukraine, not for the good cause.
Vladimir Solyov, thank you.
Stay there.
I'm going to go to a quick break and I'm going to come back and ask you big picture in the world, U.S.
election, Russia, where you see this going?
Because I agree with you, the criminals that have hijacked our governments and are doing all this transgenderism and fentanyl deaths and selling us out are bad.
But it's a paradox.
Yeah, they're crazy losers, but they've got nuclear weapons.
How do we come together to stop this?
Please stay there.
We're going to take a short break.
We'll be right back in three minutes, sir.
We'll be right back.
Vladimir Sobyov is our guest, the biggest talk show host in Russia.
I am a pro-human individual and I don't want to start fights with anybody.
And the very same globalists destroying my country are trying to go to nuclear war with Russia.
That is insane!
You know, I look at actuaries, I look at numbers, I'm a numbers guy.
Until you're 50, I'm 50 now, the number one cause of death is automobile accidents.
I tell my wife, I tell the nanny, I've got four kids, three of them are grown up out of the house, but I've got a six-year-old.
I say, you drive my daughter the minimum amount of where she needs to go, not a bunch of errands, because the car is the most dangerous thing.
And when you're 50, it becomes heart attacks and cancer.
Well, now I look at the numbers.
The number one threat facing us is nuclear war with Russia.
That's what threatens my family!
Russia's full of resources, ready to do business with us, like Ron Paul said a decade ago.
What the hell are we doing?
This is bullshit!
And I hold the people responsible that are doing this, and they have done nothing but harass my family and terrorize me!
And that hasn't made me be afraid!
It's made me decide to go to war!
We're taking our country back, and all this BS is gonna stop!
And we're gonna go to space!
God damn it!
We're gonna do big things instead of a bunch of jerks that think war's tough!
And I look, but the neocons and the Democrats and the Republican leadership, they couldn't find their ass with both hands!
They couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag!
Because they've never been in a fight!
And that's why they want to fight!
Because they're pussies!
And they brought in the sleeper cells, and they're getting ready to torch this country, think we're so dumb, we don't know they're on ISIS, and they just hit the Russians, and now they're all over the news, the Russians, oh, they're gonna get us.
Meanwhile, ISIS is back, they're gonna kill you.
I am pissed, because we've never been in more danger.
The number one threat to my children is nuclear war, and Russia isn't starting it.
Criminals that hate America, CNN, ABC News, Hollywood,
All they do is tell you how bad our families are, how bad our children are, how bad Christians are.
This is not the Russians!
If the Russians did any of this, I'd be their enemy!
But they're not.
Vladimir, I'm ranting here, but you've got the floor for the rest of the transmission.
I know it's late in Russia, but I'm pissed because this is so- I actually admire every word you're saying.
I think that you're absolutely right.
The big question is, now, who is Biden?
Is he in charge?
Because if we look at what he's saying and what he's doing, the only question is, why is he willing to destroy America?
Because he's shit scared what happens if he loses the election.
He will have to go to jail.
With the whole team.
And not because of Russia, because of corruption.
And he understands pretty well that Trump won't give him even one single chance not to go to jail.
And that's why, for the purpose of not being in jail, he will be able and he will be willing to destroy the whole world.
Because the world has no meaning for him.
If he's not on the top of the mountain of power.
If he's in jail.
So, you're talking about a person who is old and not capable.
And it's not a question of, you know, age.
It's a question of his mental abilities.
And who is scared.
So, of course, when
You have to deal with a person like Biden.
You have to ask yourself a question.
Is he the one who runs the show?
Is this old, very weird, extremely dangerous and extremely angry with everyone man who is not capable of finding his way in and who is dying for his ice cream?
And yet another day of vacation.
Is he the one who runs the show?
Or there is a team of corrupted
Persons that are willing to kill everyone, like this poor guy who's telling the truth about Boeing.
They're willing to kill everyone who is on the way of stealing money from American taxpayers.
Why do you have to give 60 plus billion dollars to Ukraine?
What for?
What percentage of this money will go back to the pockets of Washington corrupted elites?
Why do you have to deal with Ukrainian Nazis right now?
What's in it?
What's in this Ukraine?
There is no democracy.
Like at all.
No freedom of speech.
No elections.
Banning all the parties.
Banning the Orthodox Church.
Arresting priests.
So this is not democracy.
What democracy?
As we have a joke in Russia, you know, democracy is when power is run by Democrats.
Then when they call it democracy.
If it's not when they are in charge, it's not democracy.
It's tyranny.
They're afraid of everything.
They forgot about diplomacy.
They don't want to hear Russia.
It's all started back in December 2021, when Putin said, come on guys, please keep your words.
You told us that you will not make a step toward other borders, toward our borders.
You said it 30 years ago since then.
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Get TurboForce.
Get Next Level Foundational Energy.
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Next Level Foundational Energy is about to sell out, but it's not a stimulant.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
If you are receiving this translation, you are in resistance.
It's Alex.
On the way of stealing money from American taxpayers.
Why do you have to give 60 plus billion dollars to Ukraine?
What for?
What percentage of this money will go back to the pockets of Washington corrupted elites?
Why do you have to deal with Ukrainian Nazis right now?
What's in it?
What's in this Ukraine?
There is no democracy.
Like, at all.
No freedom of speech.
No elections.
Banning all the parties.
Banning the Orthodox Church.
Arresting priests.
So this is not democracy.
What democracy?
As we have a joke in Russia, you know, democracy is when power is run by Democrats, then when they call it democracy.
If it's not when they are in charge, it's not democracy, it's tyranny.
They're afraid of everything!
They forgot about diplomacy.
They don't want to hear Russia.
It all started back in December 2021, when Putin said, come on, guys, please keep your words.
You told us that you will not make a step toward other borders, toward our borders.
You said it 30 years ago.
Since then, NATO expanded heavily.
You're already on, not on our backyard, you're already in our bed!
You're trying to rape our wives and kids!
Stop it!
Stop with LGBT plus, minus 92, 46, however you call it!
Just stop it!
We are not like you!
We love God!
We love our culture!
We love our tradition!
We're not telling you how to live your life!
Don't tell us how to live our life!
That's the only thing!
Why do you have to fight Russia?
What's for?
Through the whole history of the United States, you never ever had even one single threat from Russia.
Russia helped you at the stage when you fought British.
Russia helped you.
Mark Twain used to write letters to Russians saying, thank you, thank you, thank you, Russia.
But Americans invaded Russia back in 1920s.
What for?
What for?
You're in the Second World War.
By the way, Vladimir, stay there.
People don't know that Lenin and all them were funded by the U.S.
British Intelligence.
You just raise that.
Bring up that.
Well, okay.
So, back after the revolution,
Americans decided that, no, no, we don't like it, so that doesn't look good.
So, why don't we go and grab whatever part of Russia we can?
And with Brits, with French and other guys, they started, you know, those little invasion groups on different seaports of Russia.
And Americans went hunting Russians, trying to get whatever they can.
They didn't succeed, should I say.
We destroyed them all.
But that's not the part of the history that is usually discussed.
But in Vladivostok, we had Brits.
In Murmansk, we had British.
In Odessa, we had French.
And they were trying to destroy Russia at all.
Then, Soviet Union.
And we loved Americans.
We purchased as many factories as we could.
500,000 Americans during Great Depression went to work for gold in Russia.
Made enormous amount of money.
Came back.
And Russia was saying, okay, Americans were willing to sign an agreement with you that we don't interfere with you, you do not interfere with our domestic policies.
And it went well.
But 1945, you have nuclear weapon.
Immediately came up with a plan of destroying major Russian cities.
It's better to be dead than red.
Why is it better to be dead than red?
We're not willing you to change your color.
Be whatever color you want.
But Russia is not red now.
How would you describe Russia right now?
Russia is a great orthodox and Islamic country.
We're the country of traditional values.
We're telling only one thing.
We are bear.
And we're living on our territory.
So don't mess with the bear.
If you want to be kangaroo, fine.
We're not willing to go to Australia.
We're not trying to invade United States.
We're not trying to invade Europe.
People don't know how big Russia is.
Russia is the biggest country in the world.
You don't need more land.
You've got everything.
We don't need more land.
We need security.
We want to be sure that there is nothing in our borders that is a threat to us.
We're not willing to fight NATO in Europe.
500 million people.
We have only 150.
I was about to say, what about the claims, Madam Mayor?
What about the claims by NATO and by Sweden joining NATO that Russia's going to invade any moment?
Putin's... With what?
It's all made up.
We'll invade them.
With what?
We don't have enough soldiers in order to control this territory.
We don't need this territory.
There is, you know, 500 million people.
Why do we need them?
What's the purpose?
With 150 million, how can you invade 500 million and control them?
What for?
What do they have in Europe that we don't have?
There's nothing in Europe that will be of any interest to us.
Natural resources?
We have all the natural resources in the world that we need.
Access to the sea?
We have all the things we need!
What is in Europe that we couldn't buy?
My little villa at Lago di Coma.
They already sanctioned it.
So even for this purpose we don't have to fight them.
It's already sanctioned.
Vladimir, let me ask you this.
There's nothing in Europe that we will have to fight for.
Let's look at worst case, best case scenarios.
The globalists are deranged.
They're out of control.
They've dissolved our borders.
They're waging war against us.
Believe me, we know they're bad.
It's an outside group running America, running Europe.
Best case scenario, worst case scenario, they've shown how crazy they are.
What are you guys really concerned about now that you've absolutely won in Ukraine?
It's clear the world's on your side.
What are they going to do next because they don't give up?
They don't have many chances.
First of all, I think that there will be a lot of problems inside Europe.
Currently, this will lose whatever elections they have to have.
Because people of Europe are not willing to spend an enormous amount of money on the war that they do not understand what the purpose is.
So that's the big problem.
That's why they're trying to solve their domestic problems with yet another war.
But this war won't lead them anywhere, because on every tank that we produce, on every artillery shell that we produce, we produce it more cost-effectively than Europe or America.
So in this arms race, no one can beat us.
We're times better, because we have real economy, industrial time.
That's right, Russia produces seven artillery shells.
Russia produces seven artillery shells for every one produced by the West.
Well, I think that it's much worse scenario than that for the European states.
I think that we produce more and better.
And we come up with enormous amount of great new military ideas.
But in our concept,
We don't have a preventive use of nuclear weapon.
We do not start war with nuclear attack.
Nuclear weapon just because we want it.
There is not a preliminary way of using nuclear weapon.
In American doctrine, there is.
In Russian doctrine, we can use nuclear war only after someone is using it against us or create yet another vital danger.
By the way, that's true.
That's true.
Everything you say is a lie.
It's true.
US policy 20 years ago changed to preemptive nuclear war.
Russia has a law against using nukes first.
We won't use nukes first.
We don't need it.
We have an enormous amount of heavy weapons that can do even worse damage.
Right now, we're using those, uh, flying bombs, you know.
Flying bombs.
You know, just... Flying bombs.
Yeah, flying bombs.
Cruise missiles.
But we, we, yeah... No, no, they're not cruise missiles.
They're actually bombs.
Flying bombs.
But we... Yeah, but we told them to dance.
So now they know how to fly, they know how to fly exactly to the target on the ground with, you know, so now it's very precise type of weapon.
And when something like this hits the ground, we started with 500 kilos and now we have 3,000 kilos bomb.
The damage is devastating.
It just devastates, and it applies exactly to the target.
Well, that was my next question, but I want you to elaborate on nuclear war.
I want you to elaborate on nuclear war.
I want you to go here, just take over.
But since you mentioned that... The only person who can start the nuclear war is Sleepy Biden.
He's the only person that can, unfortunately, and he will use the nuclear weapon.
It won't be against Russia.
I would say that he will try to use it against Iran.
Maybe he will be using it not, you know, by Americans, but through Israeli sources.
But that is an option, unfortunately.
And that will be the end of the world as we know it.
Because after that, no one will ever stop using nuclear bombs.
They will start with tactical
And then it's very fast we'll go to strategic type of nuclear device.
I totally agree.
So elaborate on that.
The way the globalists will end one failed war is a new war with Israeli stand down Hamas and all of that.
I agree.
They're now moving away from Russia to Iran.
That's a great point.
Elaborate on that.
They cannot hit Russia because Russia will hit back.
But right now, the major problem of the current American administration is that they have zero respect.
And they don't know how to get this respect back.
Because the Blinken team is useless.
In the Arab world, they're just a bad joke.
So they will fight hard in order to get back, not respect.
But at least the scariness of the Arab world, and Islamic world, because Iranians, they're not Arabs.
So that's why they cannot fight Houthi, and Ansar Allah.
They don't know what to do with Hezbollah.
They don't know what to do with Hamas.
The total budget of those guys is nothing comparing with the military budget of Israel.
And Israel cannot win this war.
Americans are not willing to fight for Israelis, but they cannot allow themselves not to fight for Israelis.
Because in any other case scenario, Israelis will create hell for Biden on his ground, on his soil, through mass media that sympathize Israelis.
And that's a huge problem.
So Biden has to decide what's good for the American people.
Yet another war
Or concentration on domestic problems that he has no idea how to solve.
Let me ask you this.
His team will fight Iran.
We appreciate your time.
In closing, we really appreciate your time.
It's great to come on your show.
I'd love to come back on.
I want to stop World War III and we have solidarity for the future for all our children.
I'm a father as well.
You're a father.
I'm not anti-Semitic.
I know Israel's a diverse group of people.
I'm not against Israel.
You have Israel stand down on October 7th, and then you have them now carpet bombing and doing all of this and genociding people, and it turns the whole world against them.
And the Israeli spokesman said two days ago, we don't care if the whole world turns against us.
Well, they already have.
You're Jewish.
I'm asking you, what do you think the calculus is in all of this for what Israel's doing?
Well, that's one of the hardest questions that I had to explain to my friends in Russia.
Not Israelis, not all Israelis are Jewish, and not all Jews are Israelis.
As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter what religion, what color, or what nationality is the kid that is killed.
You cannot allow yourself to kill women and children.
That is wrong!
And when Israelis
Saying that, oh, the whole nation should be wiped off.
That's our sacred war.
It's insane.
We cannot do the same thing to Palestinians as Nazis were doing to us during the Second World War.
No way.
So why is Israel losing that?
Why are they purposely destroying the high ground?
I think that it's done by Bibi, who is fighting his own political future.
And that's why there are a lot of people in Israel that are saying that, come on guys, what are we doing?
How did we get there?
And that's why there are a lot of people inside Israel that, of course, and one thing for sure, the terrorist attack against Israelis was awful, devastating act of terrorism.
And every single terrorist should be destroyed.
But they should show restraint like Putin!
If you want to kill all the terrorists, why do you have to destroy whatever is around and not destroy the terrorists?
You wanted to free hostages.
Where are the hostages?
Why they're not with the families?
How come that you put the main goal, I will come and free every single hostage?
You didn't.
I will go and kill all the Hamas.
You didn't.
You killed women.
You killed kids.
Maybe a few Hamas fighters, but Hamas is still there.
But what you actually completely destroyed.
It's support for Jewish people around the world.
And that is devastating.
I totally agree.
Because I'm not anti-Israel.
I see Israel destroying itself.
I'm being accused of being anti-Israel.
I don't believe Israel should be destroyed.
They have nuclear weapons.
Even though I hate Israel, which I don't, they're not going to go away unless there's a nuclear war.
It's another trigger that threatens us all.
I wanted to bring up, just for a few minutes Vladimir, if you have the time, Jack Masovic, former Naval Intelligence, dialed in to U.S.
Intel, great guy, predicted dozens of times the last six months, terror attacks on Russia.
I want him to be able to address us and also talk to you as soon as you leave.
Michael Yaun and his co-hosts are going to come on and continue into the next hour.
But Jack, we're here with the top Russian talk show host.
Number one talk show host right now, so great opportunity for us to be talking to Vladimir and to have you here.
Give us your quick, I know you have to go, snapshot of this and any questions or comments for Vladimir.
Well yes, first of all, I'd like to express condolences to all the victims of the attack, to the people of Moscow, people of Russia, who suffered in this, and their families.
This horrific attack on civilians, and the same types of attacks that we're going to condemn these around the world, and the entire world should stand against this type of attack, and that's why
When I look at the type of things that the United States government has been funding, the type of statements that have been made by people like Victoria Nuland and others, who several weeks ago, Alex and I ran an entire segment, an entire special report, where we said that Victoria Nuland was calling for these types of attacks in Russia.
We said that these people like Putin that were getting into power and the intelligence services in Ukraine
Guys, thank you for being there.
Because of your work here in Russia, we understand that America is not over yet.
There are people in the United States that love America and want America to be great again.
Well, thank you, Vladimir.
And so I'm glad you know that the majority of Americans you've seen in the polls are against war with Russia.
I'm glad the Russians know that.
Have a great show.
Thank you so much.
All right, back to you, Jack Masovic.
Jack, continue your amazing analysis, because you nailed this, and this shows desperation by the deep state.
What do you expect is going to come next?
Alex, it's very clear and we've got the book.
We put it all together on humans.
It's coming out very soon.
People are already trying to cancel this thing off of Amazon because we've got their playbook.
We put it all together for the first time in this election.
It's up on Amazon where people can go.
It's already in the top 100.
It's making people very, very upset.
It's very simple, Alex.
There is a small group of people
That is trying to foment a full war between the United States and NATO forces, so the U.S.
and NATO, the collective West, and Russia.
Not only do they want a war with Russia, just as you guys were explaining, they want war with Iran, and they also want to kick off war with China.
Well, there's a word for that, Alex.
It's called World War III.
And when I put the title of my book, Unhumans, people got very upset.
They said, you shouldn't do this.
And I would say, what would you call, what would you call people who stand against humanity?
What would you call the type of people that want... No, I agree.
What's the opposite of, what's the opposite of Team Humanity, Jack?
It's Unhumans.
It's Team Humanity, Alex.
Just like you and I spoke about with Elon a couple of months ago on that X Spaces.
I said, if you are Team Humanity, then you must stand against Team Unhumanity.
And if you're for Team... That doesn't mean you agree with everything that everybody says or does all the time.
That doesn't mean you're always going to be in agreement on how people run their countries or how people...
We're good
Destroy everything that we hold dear, all of our families.
And so if you're worried about, you know, whatever your pet issue is, whatever you're worried about, it doesn't matter a hill of beans when those nuclear missiles start flying.
And so people need to wake up and understand what it is that we're against.
We must start embracing reciprocity.
Reciprocity is the key word and the key phrase through on humans.
We walk through the great men of history.
That's right.
That's right.
All these people that say, where's the nuclear war?
We've been holding it off.
They need to know how close it is.
So this signifies the Globals are desperate.
You predicted this six months ago, five months ago, two months ago, a month ago, two weeks ago, on March 5th on the show.
What are you predicting comes next?
Jack Posobiec, we'll let you get back to your children's sports.
Look, the issue is that Russia hasn't taken the bait yet.
They want Russia to roll into Western Ukraine, to roll into Transnistria, to roll into a NATO neighbor, whether it's Finland or whether it's Poland, one of the Baltic states.
And so that's why these provocations are going.
And unfortunately, Alex, this isn't going to be the last one.
This isn't going to be the last one.
This is going to be the first of a new... That's right, the State Department says brace for more... The State Department says brace for more attacks.
I haven't even seen that.
So this is Operation Gladio 2.0, and people need to understand that it is now kicked off, it is now commenced, we are in the midst of Operation Gladio 2.0, and it is not going to stop until the people behind it are stopped.
That's the clear thing, and Alex, when we went through the history of all of these different things, this is an irregular communist revolution that we are living through.
The globalists are behind it now.
And what we found is that these people will not stop until they are stopped.
If you think the live and let live, and I know I've got a lot of friends who are libertarians out there that say, hey, live and let live, don't tread on me, man.
I'm just going to go do my thing.
You think they won't come for you?
You think they won't come for your families?
You think they won't come for the children?
Oh, they're arming the illegal aliens.
This is it.
This ain't a joke, people.
It's going down.
Armed invasion of our border.
Go ask the family.
Go ask the family of Lake and Riley if they got left alone.
Go ask the families of any of the angel mom, the angel families out there, if they feel like they were left alone.
No, there's no alone anymore.
Now is the time for action.
Now is the time to get active.
Now is the time to make connections like you're doing, Alex.
Making connections, getting outside of your box, reaching out to people in different
Alright, Jack, how do people find your great analysis?
We want to send this to number one.
Can't wait to read it.
Let's send it to number one.
We've got the Special Police Legislative Council, the SPLC, is attacking this book.
You've got people who are like moderates attacking this book.
All right, look, it's just a book.
You can get it if you want.
It's got the tools in there.
And when we go through all the way back to the Roman Revolution, the Roman Civil War, that Julius Caesar stopped.
We're good to go.
You are currently in the incitement stage.
If you take the bait in the incitement stage, then they move on to the seizing and then they move on to the purges.
Incite, seize, purge.
That is what they do.
This is what they do.
This is what they always do.
We can stop it at key points.
That's what we lay through in the book.
The key node to stopping all of this that people have to understand in these, because we're now in a regular warfare.
This is a fifth generation warfare.
This isn't the Russian Civil War, not the Chinese Civil War.
No, this is 5GW irregular communist warfare that we're facing right now.
Unhumans is the book.
You need to read this.
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