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Air Date: March 22, 2024
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In his discussion, Alex Jones covers topics such as Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its impact on civilians, US troops in Taiwan, Ukraine and NATO developments, Candace Owens' stance on anti- genocide comments, and a study linking HPV vaccine to four autoimmune disorders. He criticizes some Israeli politicians for promoting violence against Muslims and calls the situation an invasion demanding immediate action. Jones also discusses illegal immigration in the US and President Biden's remarks on asylum seekers. Additionally, he talks about Russia-Ukraine conflict, potential nuclear war, and the occult forces being unleashed by demonic entities. He predicts Russia's next move in the conflict and warns against Western intelligence agencies controlling key areas with resources and population through a rules-based system. The focus is on fighting the Deep State and their technocratic agenda including CBDC rollout.

InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Friday, March 22nd, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and this is gonna be one hell of a transmission.
227 days, 12 hours, 58 minutes, 45 seconds.
The return of 45.
All right, here is what's coming up.
We have total design to border collapse.
The most insane footage yet.
Getting to that in a moment.
We have Israel pushing in the last few months, since October, everyone into southern Gaza and then indiscriminately bombing men, women and children.
This is destroying Israel's image forever in the world view.
Why are they doing it?
Why did Israel stand down?
I'm going to be laying all of this out just because I don't hate Israel.
Does not mean I support what Israel is doing.
Just like I love America, but I didn't support much of what we did in 2003 in Iraq and other areas.
It's just unbelievable.
And I put out footage that they admit is real.
It was leaked from the Israeli Defense Ministry because some of their people are upset.
Of what's clearly teenage kids.
They look kind of autistic wandering around in the middle of the road in southern Gaza and they get killed by drones.
And it's right out of something from Terminator Skynet.
We have the up-close, very graphic footage of this.
This is footage you're seeing from far away.
And immediately I got hit by hundreds of thousands of comments, literally, saying it went viral.
Millions and millions, tens of millions of views, like six million views on my, my ex account, but it got picked up everywhere.
This morning it was 40 million views in different versions of what I said, people put out.
And it was, oh, these are Hamas, you're covering up for Hamas now.
No, Hamas has tunnels under the ground.
They don't walk down the middle of the street.
So it's simply insane and it's wrong.
And I'm going to read you the definition of genocide.
This is genocide.
And I've got hours, if you like, of Israeli television saying we're going to genocide them all.
And Netanyahu quoting out of the Bible, the verses where you're meant to go kill all your enemies.
They go, well, in World War II, we carbon bombed civilians.
There was an up-close video of it happening.
So, it's terrible.
And so we'll be talking about that.
Massive news, global fertility crisis threatens 97% of world population.
Top scientists warn, world population to fall for first time since the Black Death 600 years ago.
Huge thing happened yesterday.
We barely even mentioned it.
Should have covered it more.
More developments today.
Taiwan now admits U.S.
troops in Taiwan.
That's a major red line for China and their dictator, Xi Jinping.
We have big developments, obviously, in Ukraine and NATO.
Candace Owens has left the Daily Wire.
She wasn't fired, but they agreed she was going to leave because of her
Anti-genocide comments.
Widely used HPV vaccine.
Major study.
Linked to four autoimmune disorders.
Gold brace all-time record.
LGBT movement.
Labeled as terrorist organization in Russia.
Massive 5G news.
Your calls.
We're doing an X's live event as well today.
You'll want to stay with us.
This is going to be one hell of a transmission.
It officially kicks off in T-minus 60 seconds.
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Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Some of my earliest memories in East Texas and in Central Texas was sitting around the breakfast table
With my grandfathers, and my father, and my uncles, hearing about the coming of the One World Government, and the megacomputers that would control our every action, and the beast computer in Brussels, Belgium, and the plan to destroy the family, and how the megabanks control the communist movement worldwide, and my mother's father talking about
Space stations and ICBMs and Army combat robots, because he worked on those secretly.
And so it was put into my DNA.
45 years ago, 46, 47, I remember being 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years old.
And both sides of my family, we're not talking about the Dallas Cowboys.
Even though they watch the Dallas Cowboys and Tom Landry would come over to the house sometimes and visit my mom's dad.
They were best friends and roommates at UT on the UT football team.
But we weren't talking about Tom Landry.
When Tom Landry came over, it was for prayer meetings.
He and my grandfather would go back in his office for up to two hours.
Clyde Hammond.
Not name-dropping, just saying, that's where I come from.
And now we're here.
That was 45 years ago.
And people were aware of what was being built and being prepared then, and if it wasn't for people like that, who didn't even need to read the John Birch Society material, though they did because they'd seen it inside the government themselves,
If it wasn't for those millions of people 50 years ago, 45 years ago, that were aware, we wouldn't have a shot at defeating the globalists today.
But because of those old timers that were so dialed in, so tomorrow's news today, globalism is in deep trouble.
The problem is they're starting World War III.
They've sent troops officially into Taiwan.
It's a major red line for the dictator of China, Xi Jinping.
They're now having NATO demand more impressment or forced draft in Ukraine.
The developments are insane, what's happening to the economy, and so much more.
But the first thing I want to hit is what's happening on the U.S.-Mexico border, or what was the border.
And then I saw some footage, and Israel admits it's real, admits it came from the defense ministry that was leaked.
Somebody was upset.
I'm upset too.
That shows Israel's not some monolithic, you know, thing.
Whether it's a savior or a bad guy, it's not monolithic.
Depending on your perspective, it's still not monolithic.
Footage of drones killing unarmed civilians walking down the street in southern Gaza.
A street that's been bulldozed.
And I put it out, it got tens of millions of views.
And I got overwhelming support across the political spectrum, but there was a large minority of people saying, oh, you work for Hamas now, and how dare you?
Because I said, this looks like genocide to me.
And it fits the definition.
The erasure of a people.
Plus they're going to take the survives, all pissed off, and ship them here.
That's now official.
So I have a lot of reasons to oppose this, but any fool could sit back and say, what is Israel doing with all this HD footage?
It'd be bad enough if they were doing this secretly, but they're doing it in front of the world.
A few films of kids with their skin burned off from napalm in the late 60s turned Americans
Against the Vietnam War.
And now we see this stuff right out of Terminator, people being vaporized, and folks are saying, good, just kill them all.
I said, right from October 7th, an interview with Eric Prince and Steve Bannon, I was on Steve Bannon's show, I said, all Israel can do, unless it's going to lose a bunch of its troops going in there, is carpet bomb it all.
But I said, that will turn the world against Israel, kill a bunch of civilians, and
It'll only kill a small portion of the Muslims.
So if you claim all Muslims want to destroy Israel, so we've got to kill them all, as a lot of Israeli politicians and former military leaders and others have said on Israeli TV.
Well, then you've just pissed off the beehive.
You've thumped the beehive.
There's a billion, almost 2 billion Muslims.
So if you kill 100,000, if they kill what, 40-something thousand now, most of them women and children, are you really helping Israel?
No, you're not.
So why did Israel stand down?
On October 7th for 7-8 hours.
That's confirmed.
Why are they doing things that's turning the world against Israel?
Israel's not stupid.
So I have my integrity, folks.
And I don't like what Hamas did, and I was against it.
And when they killed leaders of Hamas around the world, I've said, great.
But who created it?
Declassified in the mid-1980s.
Just type in, Israel created Hamas.
Because they didn't want
The Palestinian Authority to be non-violent, they wanted it to be violent so they had an excuse to destroy it.
That's a fact!
So Israel has nuclear weapons and anybody who thinks they're going to destroy Israel without a nuclear war is a fool, and I don't want Israel to go away.
I'm not an enemy of Israel, but that said, Israel has bought into this globalist New World Order program and is on a collision course for destruction.
We're going to be breaking that down as well here today, and I'm going to show you the footage.
But I'm really sickened by the comments I saw, because it was trending by my post on Twitter yesterday.
I'll show you in a moment.
That, oh, this is fake video, or, oh, we're not killing civilians, or separately, oh, they're all terrorists, kill them all, including the children, because they'll grow up to be terrorists.
I mean, that's on Israeli TV.
I can play a 30-minute compilation of Israeli politicians and pundits on national TV saying, we are going to kill them all.
Come on.
I don't like the Islamists, because they'll send their kids in to blow people up, and Islam wants to take over.
But then you can't have it where, oh, we're going to kill the Muslims, and then you bring them into the West as well.
So no, I don't want to continue down this road.
And public opinion polls worldwide are over 90% are against what Israel's doing.
So one of the top Israeli ministers, Dermer,
Here's the headline, Israel will enter Rafah even if the entire world turns on us, including the U.S.
Well, let me give you a little newsflash.
The world already turned on you, buddy.
So, Napoleon said, when your enemy is destroying themselves, don't interrupt them.
Well, just because the ADL lies about me is to try to destroy my life.
I don't blame all Jews or Israelis for that.
So, I am trying to interrupt you.
And not because I'm on the Muslim side or the Jewish side, but because I understand that this is going to end up leading to nuclear war.
Israel is going to get completely demonized by some of their own actions, and at some point it's going to be invaded, and nuclear weapons are all over the Middle East now, contrary to what you hear on the news.
Iran's got them, Saudi Arabia's got them, and this is going to end up in a nuclear war, folks.
And a lot of people are like, yay, this is good, kill the red heifer and build the third temple and all this stuff.
Bring in the Antichrist so Jesus gets here.
Christians and, I guess, Orthodox Jews, some of the sects, believe helping the Antichrist into power is something you're supposed to do.
Okay, so this is all extremely Armageddon-ish.
I'll be getting to that.
Bottom of the hour in detail.
That's a prelude of what I'm going to be covering.
But let's hit this first.
This is shocking footage of the illegal aliens, the military age men, many of which are on tape saying, F you, we're taking over America, we're going to take your houses, we're going to rob you, MS-13, all these gangs.
The Border Patrol opens up the fence and the people run over them.
Carrying drugs, God knows what.
But the point is, this is not even a controlled destruction of the border.
It is now officially gone.
And it's beyond a dereliction of duty.
It is deliberate treason against this country.
So we need to declare an invasion.
This is an invasion.
We've got to get Trump in.
We've got to have the governors of Texas move in the right direction.
Declare emergencies.
And we have to deport these people.
And that means if Venezuela won't take them back, and the Feds won't put sanctions on Venezuela, the governor of Texas just seizes the major gas station chains, there's three of them, that are owned by Venezuela.
It's time to take the gloves off, and they'll start taking their illegal invaders back real quick.
Can simply order the state police to set up internal checkpoints by declaring emergency.
And this is when you do it's when you're overrun.
Not before the crisis gets so bad you can't fix it.
And the governor can turn back any of the trucks or people that get on state roads and can seize them.
You want war?
You brought us here.
You got it.
The country is rapidly descending into chaos.
It's already in chaos in most areas.
They've cut off the energy.
They're cutting off the food supplies.
I have a giant stack on that coming up.
This is do or die time.
When they say when a million Haitians show up in Florida, they're going to ship 100,000 to Martha's Vineyard.
Yeah, okay, great.
They're not going to let them squat there.
We can do all these little cutesy stunts all day to freak out the blue cities so they get a taste of what we're getting down here in Texas and Florida and other areas, Arizona, California.
But it's not enough.
And when this revolution's over, if the globalists are successful, Katie bar the door.
Because all the fools that have gone along with it think they're going to have a seat at the table.
They're going to have a seat in a forced labor camp under their boss's control.
So I'm going to show you Biden saying, when I win, still the election, surge the border, then the new clips out of El Paso that are so road warrior-ish, dystopic.
And then we're going to go to a clip that just came out of in New York State, right outside New York City, giant illegal alien centers they built that the news won't even report on that are the exact same type camps they've got in Central South America and on the Texas border.
So go ahead and roll that clip.
We immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
It's like a scene out of Soylent Green.
And then, of course, the drone footage of the giant facilities, each one longer than a football field, in New York, all financed by the State Department and the globalists in the UN, destroying our country.
So, that's where we are while we send hundreds of billions to Ukraine.
Here's the headline.
Over 100 migrants.
They're illegal aliens.
Stop using the migrant term.
That puts it under the UN jurisdiction.
Words mean things.
We'll translate this Deceptive New York Post headline.
Thousands of illegal aliens funded by the UN break through razor wire, knock down guards as they illegally cross El Paso border in wild scene.
Declare an invasion.
Lakin Riley's father gives heartbreaking address to Georgia Senate.
We're going to play that later.
Drone video reveals massive New York City migrant tent city kept under wraps by Democrats and media.
That's on Infowars.com.
Illegal aliens storming the border in El Paso, Texas is totally not an invasion.
And they got the great meme of Joe Biden eating a chocolate chip ice cream.
Well, it's all going down.
So, continuing.
Biden administration fails to file paperwork, causes 200,000 migrants, illegal aliens, many of them hardcore criminals.
So let's translate.
Biden administration on purpose doesn't file the paperwork, causes 200,000 illegal alien deportation cases to be tossed.
Serious concerns.
Oh my goodness.
Well, he flies them all over the country.
Venezuelan illegal calls for 300,000 followers to invade.
Unoccupied U.S.
I got a bunch of footage of illegal aliens taking over homes in Maine, California, Texas, everywhere.
Governor says illegal alien, says migrant, charged with rape at shelter entered Massachusetts through federal program.
They don't call them illegal aliens because they've illegally legalized them.
Haitian migrant charged with raping 15-year-old girl in migrant hotel.
This video the governor is saying, eh, just the way it is.
Florida vows to send Haitian illegal aliens to Martha's Vineyard and deploys more soldiers to barricade the coastline while gangs roam Port-au-Prince hunting the wealthy and looting mansions as the bloodshed continues and saying they're coming to America to do it here.
And they will!
And if you feel like it, they'll throw you under the prison.
It's DA's will.
Mexico reaches agreement with Venezuela to deport migrants, so Mexico's going to deport their illegals but not ours.
Here's some of the footage I talked about, I'll play later.
When the government is lawless, all power averts to the people.
And it shows, in California, the illegal aliens in San Fernando Valley, the citizens going and throwing them out of houses they've stole because the police won't do it.
Two squatters are being shot in the NYPD for murdering a 52-year-old woman, Nadia Vitel, who was beaten to death and stepped in a duffel bag.
Police have not named the suspects.
You know what that means.
So it just goes on and on and on.
Meanwhile in El Salvador, an MS-13 terrorist was photographed as he flashed gang signs in traffic.
Four hours later he was in police custody facing 20 years in prison.
El Salvador plays no games.
So they want to bring us into lawless tyranny and then bring in a malice which is official.
At the universities and CIA funded revolution where, oh everything's free, your healthcare, your homes, your student loans, but you got to go take them from these people.
And we've got a clip that Jack Posobiec sent out, opening scene of the new Netflix original, Three-Body Problem, which gives you a mild rendition
of Mao and what the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, using the youth, would then go take people's property, beat them to death, kill them, stab them to death, burn them to death, and then take their property.
And this was done to Xi Jinping's father in front of him, and they beat his sister to death.
He joined in on beating his father and beating his sister to death.
This is, he's proud of us.
Look what's up.
And that's why he's the head of the Communist Party today.
Beating your own father.
Helping beat your sister to death up on a podium in front of 10,000 people.
So here's a film version of the things that went on to over 100 million people that were killed, but just during this operation, 20 million.
Here it is.
Rebellion is justified!
Revolution is not guilty!
Rebellion is justified!
Revolution is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty!
Rebellion is not guilty
You used to be my student.
You should know that.
The communists don't kill him.
They get the youth to come out and start beating him to death and stabbing him to death.
That's how it works.
Just like Soros lets the violent criminals out and do the same thing.
Or they give hundreds of millions to Black Lives Matter if they burn down cities.
Because they were abused by police.
You're talking nonsense!
Einstein is a mother!
And I'm an anti-nationalist!
Imagine, Xi Jinping's sister tried to save her father while he was being beaten to death.
He lived, so they beat her to death, and Xi Jinping joined in on the murder of his own sister.
Think he sold his soul right there?
And here's his own family denouncing him.
And then after they killed all the people that owned farmland and businesses,
Tens of millions more are starved to death.
They're recreating the French Revolution.
And then if you said you were guilty, they still killed you or put you in forced labor camp.
A bunch of dumb young teenagers being wound up in the state, and now they kill him.
Burn down the buildings!
Kamala Harris bails us out.
And then years later they give her city 20 to 50 million dollars in Black Lives Matter for the good job they did.
Getting them ready for when Trump wins to burn the country down again.
And that's the whole plan.
The CIA is running this right now against America on record.
So there you go.
And now they say illegal aliens can have guns.
And now we've got footage coming out of guns being delivered to the migrant centers.
Yes, you heard me right, that's coming up.
I can't believe they're actually doing it, but they are.
We're only eight months away.
They're planning to burn everything down, to say it's all white people's fault.
These Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and the illegal alien brigades, the military age men, to do this.
This is actually the end of the country we're staring down the barrel of right now.
All run by the CIA, all run by the FBI, all run by our government.
So, here we are.
What are we going to do about it?
We can stop this, folks.
We need the governors to face it, come out and have press conferences.
We need to recognize there's a plan to do it.
And then by exposing what they're planning in November, they'll have to back down.
But you have to admit what you're about to be hit by to stop it.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
Big Brother, Mainstream Media, Government Cover-Ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, it's Friday, March 22nd, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Coming up the second and third hour, we're going to do a simulcast on Spaces X, or X Spaces, and we're going to be talking about what's happening in Israel.
And contrasting with what's happening in Ukraine, just in China and the US troops being sent to Taiwan, the world not on the verge of World War III, the world now entering the beginnings and acceleration into deep World War III and all the horrors that come with it.
So, I don't sit here and say this because I'm an apologist for Israel and that's my job because it's not.
The world is so against Israel right now and so overwhelmingly upset with what they've seen since the middle of October and the bombardment and invasion of Gaza.
They'll be much more popular for me, that's all I cared about, to just come up here and totally attack Israel.
I want to understand, and I do understand, what's really going on and it's very sophisticated
And it's very evil.
And it's to create a class of civilizations.
The globalists are heavily involved in staging 9-11.
Then they go and destroy the Middle East and other areas.
Then they bring tens of millions of those people to Europe and to the U.S.
Then the left indoctrinates them, and the universities indoctrinate them, and basically communist, globalist, anti-Western, anti-Christian propaganda.
So there's a Hegelian dialectic of problem, reaction, solution going on.
So, I'm not for bringing the Palestinians here.
I don't believe in destroying Israel, but also at the same time, I don't want the US to be involved, and I'm sick of foreign aid to any country unless it's purely humanitarian.
We have our own problems here.
Our country's collapsing.
And I've tried to stay out of this.
So I've been persecuted, attacked, and lied about by the anti-Israel crowd, but I've also been persecuted and lied about by the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the whole leftist
I don't think so.
And then, within a day or two, prominent Israelis and former generals and others come out and say, look, we had attack helicopters five minutes away, and we had thousands of troops ten minutes away.
Why'd we stand down for at least seven hours?
It's more like nine.
A complete stand down for seven and a half hours or so.
Israel's tiny.
She can, you know, drive from Tel Aviv in 45 minutes there, and a lot of former military and reservists got in their cars and drove down there and tried to protect people.
There was a lot of friendly fire and things.
It was a big disaster.
I never said Israel staged the attacks or killed their own people on purpose.
Most of them got killed by Hamas, but some did get killed.
You're in a war zone.
So it's also been falsely attributed that I'm saying Israel staged all this and that Hamas isn't real.
No, that's not true.
Hamas is very real, funded by Hezbollah, which I said would later take credit, which they have.
But then why did Biden give them $6 billion a month before?
Why did Biden then defend Iran and say they weren't involved when they were?
Because there's a lot more calculus going into this.
You got Jared Kushner saying we're just going to take Gaza and turn it into a nice oceanfront property.
I mean, there's a lot of provocative stuff going on.
And long compilations in English and in Hebrew saying kill everybody, quoting Bible verses, kill the women, kill the children, even kill the Palestinians' animals.
So why is the Western establishment in Israel wanting to look like villains here?
Why did Israel's defense ministry leak the footage we're about to show you of what's clearly teenagers wandering around down the middle of the street in southern Gaza, which they were told to go to months ago, and being vaporized by drone missiles.
And then, oh, they're Hamas.
Now, Hamas is in the tunnels.
And when I've seen Israel kill Hamas leaders in Gaza and around the world, I said, good, they deserve to die.
So I don't sit here and mindlessly choose a side.
My side is the truth.
Now that said, the footage I've been seeing, and it's not even denied, is of an eight-year-old walking down the street.
He gets just shot.
Or a mother walking down the street.
She gets shot.
Or Israelis bulldozing olive trees and fruit trees.
And laughing about it, and then putting it out.
I mean, if I wanted to demonize Israel, it'd be really easy.
In fact, look out, because if I get attacked for this, people claim I'm making this up, I'll just do weeks of shows showing you nothing but war crimes.
And we are going to show some of those war crimes, ladies and gentlemen.
My argument for showing some of it but not making it my central issue is, the UN shutdown
We're good to go.
We only hear about the 20,000 dead Palestinian civilians, which is terrible.
Then I ask, why are we being shown this constantly?
And why is Israel putting it out and making these incredible statements?
Well, we're not talking about the global mass extermination that even rivals what Mao Zedong and the Communist Chinese did.
In fact, the globalists, with all this lockdown starvation and cutting off fertilizer and food, have already killed more people than Mao Zedong did.
So there's that.
So I don't, less than what's happening to Palestinians, I'm like, okay, that's important.
So there's larger things at play here that people aren't talking about big picture.
What about all this?
And it's very tribal, very simple to choose the Israeli side or choose the Palestinian side.
I'm pulling back and saying, day one, why did Israel stand out?
Why did Hamas know the Shin Bet and Mossad safe houses on the border and where to attack?
Because they were
Given the blueprint of where to attack and where to strike by somebody, and I don't know who, I'm simply saying probably the same folks in order to stand out.
So Israel would then have the pretext to go into a full war footing, invade Gaza, commit atrocities, turn the whole world against Israel, and then elicit attacks out of...
Lebanon, out of the West Bank, and out of other areas, so then the ruling group in Israel, that's had a revolution against them, with forced injections and all the tyranny, can stay in power.
I don't know if it's Netanyahu who ordered the stand down, I don't know, we know what happened.
Biden says Netanyahu should stand down.
A lot of people think the people under Netanyahu want him out, so they stood down to demonize Netanyahu.
I don't know!
Other people will lie to you and say they do, and simplify it, because they're pea brains.
I look at things and do deep research before I make a moral judgment on what is the proper thing to do with God watching me.
So I am not the Jews enemy, I am not the Palestinians enemy.
And Lord knows, I know that many of these Muslim groups are not cuddly little friends.
So why are you bringing them here?
Why is Israel saying they're going to take them here?
So Israel says these people are so bad they can't even be allowed to exist, but you're going to then give them to us?
And as I said a few months ago, that was my line of the sand where I began to really say Israel's losing the high ground.
Israel's completely lost the high ground, and if you care about Israel, I'm neutral on it, you should be upset because there's something big going on here.
So get past the emotion and get real.
So, I see a video on Al Jazeera and BBC and everywhere, and I don't just believe it, I go check.
Israeli papers admit, no, this is real footage.
Somebody leaked it to the Defense Ministry, you know, an Edward Snowden type.
Or maybe, you know, somebody in Israel wants a provocation and more war, so maybe a bad guy did it.
I don't know.
And I've watched the footage, blown up very close, and it looks like teenagers, wandering up a street in southern Gaza,
Skip the break.
Wandering up the street in Southern California, real terrorists would be going building to building.
They'd be hiding out and waiting.
They'd be in the tunnels.
No, no, they're just wandering up the street.
And I've looked at how they're wandering.
You know, we have a lot of mentally ill people and disabled people here and autistic people here.
They got up in the Middle East.
And if you watch very closely the steps, the way they're walking, I'd say the average age, and this is going to come out, about 13,
And I think these are desperate teenagers, probably autistic or mentally retarded, that are starving just a mile south.
And so they are walking towards
The Israeli troops, right up the street to turn themselves in.
That's my thesis, I don't know.
But what I do know is, you can look on the footage, and we're going to show you blow-ups of this.
There's not guns, there's not weapons.
You can see colorful pants they're wearing under their robes.
And again, Stalin said one man dies is a tragedy, 10,000 dies is a statistic.
There are upwards of 25,000 women and children dead now.
Five out of six are women and children.
We can show you plenty of Israelis shooting little kids and laughing about it and posting the videos themselves.
You want to see that?
I don't want to hear this stuff, oh, you're trying to make Israel look bad.
And there were some people on X trying to say this was fake footage.
The Israeli government admits this is real, okay?
So this is only a small snapshot of what is going on.
And it's wrong.
So I want to show you an arrogant statement before I play the video with audio and then the blow-ups of it.
Pun intended.
Let's zoom in on it.
Israel will enter Rafah, which is going to be a whole other area now, even if the entire world turns on us, including the U.S.
Israel will take control of Rafah even if it causes a rift with the United States.
A senior Israeli official said yesterday, describing the Gaza City packed with
Evacuees as a final Hamas bastion harboring a quarter of the terror group's fighters.
The prospect of tanks and troops storming Rafah worries Washington, which says Israel must have a plan to move more than a million Palestinians who have been sheltered there since the beginning, displaced from elsewhere in Gaza Strip.
And then we see the footage in the last few weeks, every day,
of them airdropping food on the people by accident, the US, people running up to get the food, giant pallets falling, with the parachutes, but still coming down at 30 miles an hour, and then Israelis just start shooting the crowd.
And they go, oh no, that's Hamas doing it.
I wouldn't put it past Hamas, but Israel keeps posting footage bragging and joking, I can show you newscast.
In fact, I will.
So, stop it!
You can't be on Israeli TV saying we're going to kill every man, woman, and child, then go, we're not killing every man, woman, and child.
When that missile hit that hospital, and we saw the footage of Hamas firing rockets, and the Israelis intercepted them, and they followed them to the hospital, I said, that looks like
Hamas's missiles, not because I was defending Israel, but because that's what even third-party experts were saying, and I could see the footage from dozens of camera angles.
I just told it like it was.
Oh my God, he's for Israel!
Oh my gosh, we're going to get Jones, he works for the Jews!
No, I work for the truth.
So we saw all of that.
So, so, Dermer arrogantly says this, chutzpah I guess is the word, bravado, hubris, hey guess what, Dermer, Israeli spokesperson,
The world's already turned against you, and I mean big time.
So, you're running around with Jared Kushner talking about oceanfront property and how valuable this is going to be.
I find it very hard to believe the leadership of Israel is this stupid.
That this is irrevocably hurting Israel.
So, they want a constant war economy, like France has announced, and Germany announced, and the U.S.
has announced, with different enemies, and they want to be attacked by everybody, because they believe that will keep them in control.
And that's the answer here.
So now let's go to the next part of the equation.
They have brought into Europe over 15 million Muslims, 90% of them military age men in the last 15 years.
Sixteen years.
They brought in over two million military-age men, over five million Muslims the last decade into the U.S., most of them in the last three years.
Many of them admitted Hamas, Hezbollah, they're here.
They won't have to go stage a terror attack.
They will stage one at some point.
Or the globalists may provocateur one, and then that legitimizes what Israel's doing.
So we're really entering the zone of false flags.
And then they think we're so dumb we won't ask, well why'd you open the border up and let this happen to begin with?
So there's something big going on here.
So here's my ex-post that's gotten 40 million views, just on my post 5.1, but it got duplicated everywhere.
This morning I looked up over 40 million views.
Israel has lost the high ground.
This is not war, it is robotic mass genocide.
Section 1091 of Title 18 United States Code prohibits genocide whether committed in time of peace or time of war.
Genocide is defined in 1019 of U.S.
Code and includes violent attacks with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group.
People attacking me saying, well good thing we don't follow your laws!
It's the same international law.
There's other laws in other countries.
Israel built itself on being genocided or attempted genocide.
So you know damn well what genocide is, Israel.
I'll read that again.
The United States co-prohibits genocide whether committed at a time of peace or war.
Genocide is defined in section 1091 and includes violent attacks with the specific intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.
What did Hitler try to do to the Jews?
And he did it.
He tried it.
People deny it.
He wrote about it.
Final solution, he was killing Jews en masse.
Let's stop denying that one on.
It went on.
Sure, some people can exaggerate the numbers.
Or, you know, as many Poles died as Jews died.
The Nazis were killing them too.
All the genocide was wrong.
The Nazis were doing bad stuff.
The point is, is that you then can't behave like the Nazis.
Oh, the Nazis had their excuses too.
But as an American, I want to stop World War III, and Israel can be the trigger for this, easily with this.
And then separately there'll be terror attacks from the pissed off Muslims over this, and then I'll lose war rights in the process.
This is bad for a person living in a Jewish settlement in Israel on the West Bank?
This is bad for somebody living in Russia, somebody living in Mexico, somebody living in Canada, whether you're a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew.
This only leads to global destabilization, which Klaus Schwab says he wants an angrier world to bring in their new world order.
So that's where we are, folks.
And Israel says they're not just going to take over all of Gaza, now they're going to take over more areas.
Now they're already in the West Bank, and now they're going to go into northern Lebanon.
They already have.
And it makes you want to side with Israel, because CNN and ABC News and Harvard are all anti-Jew, anti-Israel, and are promoting all this, acting like they're not involved in it.
So there's a dialectic, Hegelian clash going on here.
We're a larger war, and it needs to stop now.
It's like, I'm against the Russia-Ukraine war, not because I'm for Ukraine or Russia, but because I understand the globalists started it and want this to bring in global government out of the crisis.
You can be against the war in Ukraine and not be pro-Russian or pro-Ukrainian.
You can be against Israel absolutely blowing its nose off with a shotgun or shooting their feet off with a shotgun, cutting their nose off with a spiker face.
Because you're against war and because you understand how senseless it is.
So let's go ahead and play the Al Jazeera with English subtitles.
Play that and then we'll do the zoom in on people being vaporized by robot drones wandering up a dirt street towards Israeli troops who are a mile away.
And this is confirmed, this went on, this happened, this is just a snapshot.
Again, why is this being done?
Here it is.
We're good to go.
So, again, this is the wide footage that's filmed by the Israeli drone, and it kills three people right away, one of them is injured, they limp up the street, that's been fully bulldozed, so they don't have any infrastructure, and then that person gets vaporized.
Now again, this goes on every day, constantly,
And then I've got Israelis on national TV saying, yeah, we're going to kill every single one of them.
All right, go ahead and roll the zoomed in footage, or should I say the blown up footage?
Here it is.
Now, Israel says we've got to kill all these people because their kids will even grow up and kill us.
Well, you're not killing the 1,800,000,000 Muslims.
All you're doing is pissing them off.
And of course you can figure that out, so why are you doing that?
If Israel only killed the leaders of Hamas and did sanctions after this happened, they would have the high ground.
People would feel sorry for Israel.
Instead, Israel is acting in a very genocidal way.
Meanwhile, all tracker cars in the Western world, all cars have tracker chips in them.
Now keep rolling this graphic.
This shows what's happened in the last three months, four months.
They tell you to move to the next sector.
They tell the North, move back.
Then they move to the next sector.
They blow that up.
Now they say move to the next sector.
Then they kill everybody there.
And that's where these young people were in the last area they're going into.
And they're bottled up at the sea like Moses with Ramses II.
But the Red Sea doesn't open up, and nobody comes to save them.
No pillar of fire comes to save them.
Instead, a pillar of missiles comes and kills them there.
So, we're all being tracked.
And look at this.
We're all being controlled, too.
Spy agency ready to launch new satellites, tracking all vehicles in the world, including U.S.
Pentagon to track all vehicles in live time with satellites for targeting with missiles.
That's mainstream news.
Spy agency ready to launch new vehicle tracking satellites.
Isn't that cute?
So all this Skynet crap you see being tested on the Palestinians to be used on us.
Let's play a short clip.
This is mainly in Hebrew.
There's subtitles for TV viewers.
Clip 30.
And here are people in Israel.
Ministers, members of the Knesset, talk show hosts, saying we're going to kill everybody.
Here it is.
You know, I'm very puzzled by the constant concern which the world is showing for the Palestinian people and is actually showing for these horrible, inhuman animals.
Israel must rule Gaza for a long time, because of the Jewish settlement in the Gaza Strip.
Because if we don't be there, and there are 2 million... We'll occupy Gaza, yes, we'll occupy Gaza.
It's very good that the IDF will be in Gaza, and we'll deport them if we want to.
And it's an action?
Udi, of course.
If we deport them, of course it's an action.
There's no way we're going to sit at home and say, oh, we're going to deport them.
All right, that's enough.
It goes on and on.
Everything is ours.
We're going to kill everybody.
When I went and saw the new Dune movie that's excellent, way better than the first one, which is okay.
The whole thing's a Muslim uprising.
The whole thing is, you know, tailored for a Muslim uprising against the American empire.
Months before 9-11 they had Pearl Harbor movie come out, all perfectly timed.
This is all meant to create a global Muslim uprising and out of this worldwide crisis they will then destroy the Muslims and bring in a world government.
I don't want to be part of that.
I'm against that.
I'm against World War III.
We're going to go to break.
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Alright, coming up in just six minutes we're going to start simulcasting a big debate about is Israel committing genocide?
Where is this leading?
Why is Israel doing this?
On X Spaces, on our syndicated transmission.
But here's part of a report, we can't air the whole thing, dealing with the Marshall Law being beta tested in America.
Take a look here.
We want to show you what people are going to see on their morning and evening commutes in New York City.
You're going to see the National Guard here standing here along with state police and more law enforcement.
750 National Guardsmen and 250 New York State Troopers are being deployed into the subway system.
That's in addition to the 1,000 NYPD officers that were added in the transit system in February.
Along with the extra manpower, NYPD officers will also
The National Guard, that's under the jurisdiction of the Governor of Illinois, right?
All I can say is what I am responsible for.
Hill says the police have their hands full in this town.
It says half the people arrested for an incident on a bus or an L train are already wearing ankle monitors indicating they've been in the system, but nothing stops them from becoming a threat again.
My drivers feel helpless.
We feel like we're sitting ducks.
And even when the police come and do arrest somebody, we pick up the same person the next day.
So, the globalist CIA New World Order Combine is openly preparing civil war and martial law in America and rolling out troops on the streets as I told you they would out of this.
I think everybody agrees that's been paying attention that I am the police state New World Order martial law expert.
Only because I'm 20 years old and they've got black helicopters flying around in Round Rock and San Antonio blowing up buildings at night and people I know have seen it and the newspapers say it isn't existing and then my cousin saw them in Houston blowing up like three floors of a building at night and this is in like 1994 when I was first getting on air and I'm like covering it and there's suddenly articles about me in the paper saying he's crazy he believes in black helicopters
So I make some phone calls, check with some family, they go, yeah, that's Delta Force, they're doing training.
Well then why was the media denying it?
So then I learned about Bill Clinton and it came out in the news that they were having surveys, the Marine Corps, will you confiscate guns?
And then a few years later, they start publicly training the military to confiscate guns and it's in mainstream news.
And then with Obama and then Bush before that, we see Katrina.
And clergy response teams that are the preachers trained to tell people to go turn their guns in.
We learned about this giant submerged iceberg that we just learned about the tip of.
It became a surveillance grid nightmare, with every individual's actions ruthlessly cataloged and recorded by the state.
Secret arrests, checkpoints, and warrantless searches spread.
The final incremental march of the police state, culminating in open martial law.
This is the story of how the elite sold their people into slavery.
You know, I just played just a little intro, a little promo clip of a new video I've got coming out early next year.
Martial Law 9-11 Rise of the Police State.
And it's about the Bush-Schwarzenegger-Nazi connection, about the police state in New York, and the newest 9-11 revelation.
So it really gives you a picture of who these thugs are that run our country.
Who they work for and the type of world that they are creating and setting up.
What it's like to be a human and have humanity and face just... We are Nazi Germany!
You go, well if that's the case, why are you still on the air?
Because it's all an illusion.
It's meant to make everybody think it's normal so they can get along with it.
So they can condition us.
They've got to put the control grid in, and then go after people like me.
And I said, you know when they're getting ready to really drop the hammer, and I've said this a lot the last year, when they start putting troops domestically in Chicago is the first place I guess they would do it.
So I said, when you see troops called out in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, by the Democrats, for the crime they've created and instigated with the open borders and
Almost every prosecutor controlled by Soros.
Letting hardened criminals out.
Letting rapists out.
Alright, full report is at Bandot Video.
We simulcast with X's in 60 seconds.
It's our buddy No Tune In now.
Stay with us.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
I don't know how this is going to end, but if the globalists want to fight, they better believe they've got one.
We are live Friday, March 22nd, 2024.
We're simulcasting on Spaces
X system on X with the spaces.
Is Israel committing genocide?
We're going to look at the evidence here in a moment and ask why Israel's doing this and what you expect to come next and all the other big hot spots with the Ukraine war expanding and Europe preparing the draft and US troops going into Taiwan.
All these red lines being crossed.
We are in the season of war right now.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
We are simulcasting on X with their Spaces system.
Over 200 plus Aminefim stations, over 100 TV and cable stations, and of course the streams at Infowars.com forward slash show and band dot video where you find the most censored, attacked, demonized, lied about broadcasts in the world.
Friday live!
We're down to the second hour.
Third world invaders storm border under Biden's orders as deep state
Provides a and protects replacement population.
Provides for and protects replacement migration.
Let's add the word for, because I wrote that headline before I went live, but I guess it didn't come out exactly like I wanted it.
Let's put that back on screen.
Let's fix that right now.
Third world invader storm border under Biden's orders as deep state protects
And provides for replacement population.
And let's go to X right now.
I want to show people on Real Alex Jones the headlines I put out because they boil it all down for people to understand exactly what is going on and what is unfolding, not just here in America, but around the world.
I'm live right now reporting on what I believe to be clear evidence of genocide being committed by Israel in Gaza.
Please join me live on X, where I will be simulcasting the second and third hour of my show today.
Again, that is the live show feed.
If you want the video feed, just overhead shot.
I'll show people on my phone.
Go to RealAlexJones on X. Overhead shot, please.
You'll be able to see the live.
I'm going to rebroadcast for a while.
I got to reset here.
I was totally loaded for bear hair, totally ready to go.
Not able to do that right now.
I've got a lot I'm going to break down here, a lot I'm going to get into.
This is going to be very, very important, very, very informative.
You guys just roll whatever you want.
Surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
That's who we are.
And now you see on screen if you are a TV viewer
The complete collapse of the Texas border yesterday and the military completely overrun.
I mean, this is a country being destroyed in live time right in front of us.
And it's absolutely disgusting and dangerous.
So, I'm going to restart here in a moment.
And I'm going to come in with the preface of what I want to say, what I want to talk about with the expansion of war all over the planet.
And I am going to zoom in on what Israel's doing.
And what I said yesterday sure looks like genocide to me and where that's going.
And we are not going to censor who you are on the X spaces as a speaker.
You're simply going to go to people in the order that they have popped up there in the feed.
But because there's going to be thousands of people trying to get on, we're going to give each person about a minute.
So just make your point and I will go to the next person.
Then I want to look at the bigger genocide of the food and the resources and the fertilizer being cut off under the direction of the UN and the globalists towards the end of this broadcast today, or before the fourth hour takes over and Jay Dyer hosts the fourth hour.
But I wanted to air something first that I think is really informative and important
That deals with all of this.
And that's clip 7, which deals with the poison shots because it's illustrative of how you have a unified corporate media lying to the people and then demonizing the general public for their speech because they can't have the general public countering the CIA narrative.
And that's clip 8 with Dana White of the UFC.
And then we've got big news on Trump's Mar-a-Lago situation.
They're about to seize his New York golf courses and buildings, even though they're worth billions.
For the $450 million they claim he's owed because a judge found him guilty of fraud, even though there was no victim.
And CNN says, we can sell Mar-a-Lago right now for $250 million.
No, they're selling two-acre lots by Mar-a-Lago for that.
It's the most expensive real estate in the country now.
Mar-a-Lago is easily worth a billion dollars with all the inflation, and we have CNN months ago saying it's worth 18 million.
That's what the judge said in New York.
Now they say it's worth 250 million.
So we'll play that clip as well, and then I'm going to reset and refocus and come in here and talk about what Israel's doing and the larger ramifications of it.
And we're going to your comments and speakers live on X. Here it is.
I am Fox San Antonio's Jessica Hedley.
And I'm Ryan Wolf.
Our greatest responsibility is to serve our Treasure Valley communities.
The El Paso, Las Cruces communities.
Eastern Iowa communities.
Mid-Michigan communities.
We are extremely proud of the quality, balanced journalism that CBS 4 News produces.
The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.
More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories without checking facts first.
The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.
Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control exactly what people think.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.
Dana, I just want to go back.
You were talking about, like, you obviously give a long leash to your fighters about, you know, what they can say when they are up there with a UFC microphone and you are getting into territory of homophobia, transphobia.
Like, is there... I don't give anybody a leash.
Well, I'm saying you... A leash?
I'm... Like... Free speech.
I control what people say.
I'm gonna tell people what to believe.
I'm gonna tell people
I don't tell any other human being what to say, what to think, and there's no leashes on any of them.
What is your question?
I was asking that question.
I'll move on though.
Yeah, probably a good idea.
That's ridiculous to say I give somebody a leash.
Free speech, brother.
People can say whatever they want and they can believe whatever they want.
And I don't think there's any... We had two gay women who fought
In the co-main event, they sat on the stage with Sean Strickland.
They could give a shit what Sean Strickland thinks, or what he says, or what his beliefs are, or what his opinions are.
You know what I mean?
30 days to get any of these properties sold, but the property that you alluded to, Mar-a-Lago, potentially that could be something that could be sold quickly.
I think the valuation is something in the hundreds of millions, and I think there could be a buyer for something like that.
And that would be, literally, if you're talking about doing that between now and Monday, that's picking up the phone, calling someone, and then literally writing a check.
Yeah, I mean, there could be plenty of international people who want to buy that property.
I mean, there's properties that are priced at $150 and $200 million that are nearby that.
And Palm Beach is like the Nvidia of real estate.
It's just shot up like a rocket.
And people do want to live there.
They'd move there.
So I think that would be the best case scenario.
Uh, as to property, if he's trying to sell quickly, I would encourage that.
So, alright, now that's 240 million estimated.
I mean, who knows, you know, he's a desperate seller.
In this case, someone picks up the phone and makes that call this week, so I don't know what it'd be.
That's still past of what it would be.
You need at least 30 days to get any... So, Leticia James, the Soros-installed Attorney General of New York,
It's now started the process to take Trump Tower and to take Mar-a-Lago.
Two acre lots next door to Mar-a-Lago are going for $250 million.
Mar-a-Lago is 7.9 acres, over 100 rooms, a huge political facility.
All that, it's conservatively worth $800 million.
But the point is, they took his property, and the judge said, because you lied and said Mar-a-Lago was worth 200 million years ago, when it's worth 18 million.
He just pulled that out of his ass.
So that's indicative of the fraud we're dealing with here.
And Trump has come out and said, keep your, here's the quote, dirty hands off Trump Tower.
So this is the full weaponization we're in, but the simulcast on Spaces, on X, X Spaces, is about the question, is Israel committing genocide in the Gaza Strip?
And now they've announced they're going to other areas around Israel.
And if you look at the definition that I posted on X last night, I'm going to read it to you.
You make the decision.
Israel has lost the high ground, I wrote.
This is not a war, it's a robotic mass genocide.
Section 1091 of Title 18 of the United States Code prohibits genocide, whether committed in time of peace or time of war.
Genocide is defined in Section 1091 and includes violent attacks with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group.
And then last hour I played, Israeli pundits and officials, members of the Knesset saying, you heard Netanyahu invoke the Old Testament where they're going to kill everybody because they'll grow up to be terrorists.
Well, isn't that what you're saying Hamas stands for?
But a lot of people in the Gaza Strip don't stand for that.
So you first bomb the northern Gaza Strip and push them down saying, oh, you'll be safe here.
Now they pushed them all the way to the sea and people seeking out food are being killed
By drones with missiles.
So, we have the Israeli spokesperson, Dermer.
Israel will enter Rafah, even if the entire world turns on us, including the U.S.
So now they're about to blow up a whole other area.
Israel will take control of Rafah even if it causes a rift with the United States, a senior Israeli official said last night, describing the Gazan City pact with evacuees as a final Hamas bastion harboring a quarter of the terror group's fighters.
The prospect of tanks and troops storming Rafah worries Washington, which says Israel must have a plan to move more than a million Palestinians who have sheltered there since being displaced from elsewhere in Gaza Strip during the five month old war.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to ensure civilian evacuation humanitarian aid measures the top Israel aides are due to discuss in the White House in coming days.
So when you've got people walking up the middle of the street in southern Gaza with no weapons being vaporized by missiles
And you've got the Israelis on TV saying, we're going to kill them all and let God sort them out.
That is the definition of genocide.
And it's turned the world against Israel.
It's not, you know, this Israeli spokesman Dermer says, we don't care if it turns the world against us.
No, you've done that.
Netanyahu only has 20% support, just like Justin Trudeau in Canada.
But now this war has allowed him to stay in power, and Biden wants him out.
I don't know who stood down on January 7th.
I don't know who gave the order, but the Israelis did.
That's been blamed on Netanyahu.
Maybe he didn't do it.
Maybe the groups won't get rid of him.
I don't know that.
I just know that Israel is doing things that destroy Israel's
Credibility in the eyes of the world and really make Israel the villain.
And that's what's happened.
You can say, oh, you're anti-Israel because you're calling out the obvious.
No, I morally cannot sit here and watch the children with their arms and legs blown off or dead or a van full of little kids getting blown up driving away from Israel.
And then watch Israeli soldiers post videos bragging about it.
I can show them to you if you want.
So challenge me and say it's a lie and I'll show a bunch of them.
It's wrong, folks.
It's absolutely wrong to say children deserve to die because they're Palestinian.
So it's a big deal.
And then the Pentagon's building this giant artificial pier
Float floatation pier.
You know, by artificial, it's not big pylons down under the ocean.
Down under the ocean floor.
And they admit to prepare to bring the Palestinians here.
Well, we're told by Israel, the Palestinians are so deadly, every man, woman, and child must die.
Netanyahu quoted the Bible and said that.
And applied it to them.
So now you're gonna bring them here?
That's... That's crazy.
I don't think they're all terrorists.
I don't think they should all die.
But we need to pull back and not just be mindless here and be a bipolar world where Israel's good, or the Muslims are good, or Israel's bad, the Muslims are bad, vice versa.
Israel's not stupid.
Why would they be doing something like this?
Here's a
A little quote from Galloway, a member of the UK Parliament.
And this is confirmed, this is going on, that they plan to ship the Palestinians to the United States and to Europe.
Well, meanwhile, the border is wide open for all these Muslims coming in.
So we're told they're the most deadly people on Earth.
We gotta shoot men, women, and children.
We gotta bomb everything.
But you're gonna take them.
That sounds like Israel, or the people running Israel, using America as a toilet.
So I'm not anti-Israel, I'm neutral on this, but I will also not be attacked by Israel when they destroy a whole population, or destroy most of it, and then ship the pissed off remains to my country.
To be organized by the left,
And the universities into this anti-Israel, anti-America thing, which Israel wants to be persecuted because that gives their leaders even more power.
I figured it out.
You figured it out.
It's victimology.
The Israeli leaders aren't going to get challenged with their poison Pfizer shots and all the rest of the crap they're doing if their country is under siege.
So Israel is putting itself into a position.
Turned out, this is even in the New York Times, that a year before Israel knew about this attack coming, Israel stood down.
Who made the orders?
We don't know.
Was it Netanyahu?
Was it to set up Netanyahu?
We don't know, but it was done to create this global crisis right now.
This really upsets me because we've got war conscription in Ukraine.
We've got NATO sending in troops, admitting they've got troops there for the first time.
And now they want to officially send in 20,000 French troops.
We've got U.S.
troops going into Taiwan.
I don't like Xi Jinping.
But I also know that's a red line for him.
War in the South China Sea.
So we are entering the most dangerous time in human history right now.
And if I'm against war with China, it doesn't mean I work for Xi Jinping.
If I'm against war with Russia, it doesn't mean I'm with Putin.
If I'm against Israel flattening a large group of Muslims, and then there's a billion, 800 million or whatever it is Muslims, energizing them and they brought them here, it doesn't mean I'm for expansionist Islam.
It means I can look at what's going on and tell you it is going to be destructive as hell and is satanic.
That is what
I am trying to say here, so I want to have a real discussion about this.
When I came out yesterday and said this looks like genocide to me, shooting men, women, and children, bombing women and children, bombing people peacefully, walking towards the Israelis, shooting with missiles.
There was a bunch of different attacks.
Oh, Alex, you're great.
You finally woke up.
Or, oh, Joe, by the left, you're really an anti-Semite.
So just because you're against the war doesn't mean you're not anti-Semite.
What does that mean?
War groups saying, oh, you work for the Muslims now.
I simply look at things and say, what is common sense?
What is the right thing to do?
I want Hamas to be kicked out.
I want this war to stop.
But Israel helped create Hamas in 1977 and admits it.
So why'd they do that?
Well, they said.
Yet, Yahoo is on video.
We can pull the tape up if you like.
Speaking like 10 years ago at a Jewish home in Israel.
He's explaining, we put Hamas in so that we can control the process.
We don't want to make a deal with the Muslims.
We want to destabilize things, that way we can kill them all.
Wanna see the clip?
He couches it a bit, but he says that.
Yeah, there it is.
Blowback, how Israel went from supporting Hamas, from helping Hamas, how Israel went from helping create Hamas to bombing it.
I can show you UPI, AP, all of it.
So this is a sophisticated issue.
What is the end game?
What are the dialectic engineers trying to create?
What are they trying to push?
We're going to take your live comments from speakers on X, coming up in the next segment on this live Friday, March 22nd, 2024 broadcast.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Big Brother, mainstream media, government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you so much.
We're simulcasting on Spaces On X. Israel is in the middle of a giant public relations disaster.
By any yardstick, you can look at what's happening there and say it's genocide, the open targeting of men, women, and children, and then Israel will schizophrenically have pundits say, oh no, we're not doing that, but then other pundits say we are doing that.
Regardless of what you think is really going on here, Israel's losing the PR war and seems to be doing it on purpose.
What is really happening?
What is the larger issue?
We have dramatic footage out of El Paso of not hundreds, but thousands of illegal aliens, as it went on for hours, running over the border patrol, surging over the population of our military, coming into the United States.
So we can't control our own borders, but we're funding Ukraine, you name it.
And now, they confirm U.S.
troops have been sent to Taiwan, a major red line for Xi Jinping.
Why is all this happening?
Because the end of the U.S.
monetary system is here.
The new globalist central bank system, central bank digital currency is here.
That's why all this is happening in my view.
We are simulcasting on X on their spaces system and integrating it into our system.
We're taking your live comments and speakers here.
Now Chase Geyser is controlling that.
In the control room, Chase, give me your quick view on this.
Don't know your view yet.
And then start bringing up some of the speakers.
Yeah, so obviously it's a highly controversial issue, it's very sensitive, it's difficult to talk about, and there is this shield for Israel in terms of PR where no one wants to criticize Israel because they're afraid of being accused of anti-Semitism, but I think that we understand that there's a difference between being critical of a government and critical of a religious group or an ethnicity.
And I think what's happening here is there's a major consanguinity problem in Gaza and the West Bank, where over 40% of the population is married to its first or second cousin.
There's a major IQ issue as a result of this.
I've looked at the studies.
I've gone through the data.
And I think Israel has made the decision that the only way they can solve their problem with the Palestinians is by eradicating them.
It's a genocide.
And it's terrible.
And you're right, massive mental illness, massive inbreeding.
When I saw the footage of these teenagers wandering up, you can look at the body language, I mean, it looks like Israel just blew up the short bus.
Absolutely, Alex.
So you got a million plus people starving to death just south of that.
They decide to go towards the troops and they get vaporized by high-tech missiles.
This is bad optics.
I mean, this is bad any way you slice it.
Why do you think Israel...
Is, is, is, is proud of this.
And says, well of course we're killing them all.
I mean, they deserve it.
I am not somebody who, who contests that the Holocaust happened.
I believe it happened and millions of innocent Jewish people were killed.
I think that Israel acts like a nation with PTSD.
So when you hear about veterans coming back to the United States from war...
You hear about them waking up in the middle of the night having a nightmare and they're strangling their wife or something like that.
I think as a nation, Israel is acting like that in the post-Holocaust experience, where they're willing to do anything to just undermine any potential even sliver of a threat to their people, to their way of life, to their population, and it's unfortunately resulting in unjust action.
I agree with that, and I fought really hard to not pick a side, I'm not picking a side here, but when I put this tweet out and it went super viral,
This looks like genocide, and it's just crazy that Israel doesn't understand how bad this looks.
Well, they seem to be in large behind a lot of this controversy around TikTok.
They seem to be sponsoring a lot of this legislation and our leaders about banning TikTok because they're afraid of posts and content going viral, revealing what's really happening.
Well, don't look too long into the abyss lest you become the abyss, as Nietzsche said.
And Israel has had such support for so long,
Do they not know what they've done to themselves, or do they know, and they want to have a bigger crisis that comes out of this?
Chase Geiser, great points.
How do we stop this is the question.
I'm going to ask the viewers that, the speakers on X that, or what do you think is behind it?
Why did Israel stand down?
Why are they getting ready to bring all these Islamists here to America?
Chase Geiser, who's up first?
Let's hear from Simon Dixon.
Simon, you've had your hand raised for some time.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Awesome, thank you very much for having me.
There's no doubt that this is a genocide.
Israel, America and UK are in this together.
UK, my people, started this whole mess with the Balfour Declaration when they declared Palestine to a terrorist group called Haganah.
And Haganah wanted to achieve statehood by backing a bunch of atheist
Um, a movement called Zionism, which was founded by atheists.
And why did they want that?
For the same reason that ISIS wants that in Iraq and Syria right now.
ISIS wants statehood so that they can repackage terrorism and call it defense.
Because once you have statehood, you get to do everything that the terrorists did, but you get to weaponize
The statehood in order to legitimize it and call it defense.
America and UK went and stood by Israel on October the 7th after Netanyahu supported Hamas and funded it in order to destabilize Palestine and Gaza and that's the genocide that we are experiencing right now.
This has been a multi-decade long plan.
It's happened in the open and the only reason that we don't hear about it is because the most powerful forces that control the media repackaged the whole thing to call it defence.
It's an absolute genocide.
And there's only one way to stop it right now, and that's for every single taxpayer to say, defund Israel.
Israel should not be receiving American taxpayers' money, because America is 100% complicit in this, and America right now, and the UK, are occupied by Israel.
Let me stop you right there.
I appreciate your comment.
But I just noticed this.
I asked them to go to my ex-post yesterday afternoon that linked to the video of the people being executed that was on Al Jazeera.
The post has been deleted.
So my original post goes viral, gets 6 million views on Real Alex Jones.
It's over 40 million other places.
And then look at it.
Scroll down.
This post is unavailable.
They just removed the video under it.
So that's happening in live time.
So I'm going to repost the unedited Israeli Defense Ministry footage very, very soon.
I'm going to say, here is the video being pulled off of X of civilians being droned to death.
So we're going to get that out.
Chase, you want to make a comment on this?
Well, I absolutely agree, and it's crazy to see this level of censorship.
It seems like every time we have a victory in terms of free speech and actually revealing what's going on, there's another obstacle in the way.
And I'm not blaming Elon Musk by any means.
Yeah, they may have put pressure on the poster.
We don't know.
It's so important that people are able to see these things.
And you can change your own sensitivity settings on your profile.
So if you don't want to see stuff like this, then you can protect yourself from it.
There's no reason for this material to be censored, except if it's not.
Well, I use the example of in the late 60s, the footage of a little girl running naked down the street, and they put it on the nightly news with Walter Cronkite, that basically made people turn against the war.
It doesn't mean I like the communist Vietnamese, but you still, the little girl, we should see what the war is doing.
And frankly, as long as we are a people unaware of the horrors of war, the famous slogan, war is hell, then... We will feel insulated from it and support it.
Yeah, if it's a video game in our minds, then we'll just do it all the time.
You don't realize how terrible it is.
That's why when people advocate for civil war, they don't realize that it means your wife and daughters being raped and starved.
They don't understand how terrible this is.
And it's important that we just stop sensing it.
Well, I want to use an example.
Early on, Israel is going into Gaza, and Hamas is firing all these rockets.
And you can see it on dozens of videos I watch.
Israel knocks the missiles out, but one launches right by the hospital, and Israel didn't knock it out.
It fails and drops on the hospital.
And I went, no, that's not Israel, that's a missile failing.
And I'm like, oh my God, you're with the Jews, you're covering up for Israel?
And then later they had to go, okay, it was a failed rocket.
I just try to tell the truth, Chase.
This is crazy.
Who's up next?
Let's hear from Michael Ray Corey.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Thanks for having me.
Hey, what's going on guys?
I would say absolutely, absolutely it's a genocide.
But the complexity behind it is exactly what Simon mentioned.
You know, without the United States and without the British and the British mandate, there would be no Israel.
So when you stop to consider, they always say that Israel is a little Satan and America is a big Satan.
But in reality, they're one in the same.
And really, in the reality of it, when you look at population of the 2 million that are 2.4 million that are in Gaza,
You know, half of that population weren't even born when you had Hamas voted in in 2006.
Only 7% of that total Palestinian total vote even went to Hamas.
So these people have nowhere to hide.
They have nowhere to go.
They're literally in what you would call worse than an open-air prison.
And their genocide, you know, it's literally ethnic cleansing.
Imagine you're born into drones and artillery and death.
And what else would that create?
If that's what you're born into, what other option do you have if you were trying to resist or if you're trying to even just live?
I mean, what we saw yesterday, what went super viral, those four youths going back to their homes in Calunas.
That is probably one of the most disturbing videos that I've seen since Collateral Murder that WikiLeaks released in 2010.
Yeah, where they blow up the minivan and the helicopter pilots say, well, you shouldn't be in a war zone.
Yeah, and then they keep shooting, right, and they turn out to just be journalists.
Like, the idea that... It's a war on the mind, just the fact that we're even, like, allowing this to take place, and then... By the way, I don't mean to interrupt you, but I remember that WikiLeaks video of the minivan.
What was the name of that video?
We're gonna pull that up right now.
It's Collateral Murder.
Collateral Murder, WikiLeaks.
Pull it up, guys.
Go ahead.
Yeah, and it's one of the worst videos that I've personally seen, and you know, you hear the soldiers saying, you know, fire, keep firing, keep firing.
Well, with this instance, there is no weapon.
There is no confusion as to whether these people are walking to their homes, or that's literally what they were doing.
Sure, but my bigger question to you is, Israel knows this is turning the world against them.
They know, why are they doing it?
Yeah, just like they know, you know, that the wall didn't fail, the defense systems didn't fail.
I mean, that's why they're almost mockingly saying, oh, there's another 9-11, because they want to come after our rights, right?
There's a bigger play here, right, to come after free speech.
Well, yeah, but let's be honest.
Israel's not monolithic.
80% want to get rid of Netanyahu.
There was like a civil war happening in Israel.
I think this is Israel's answer to their domestic issues was to make some side deal and do this and maybe double-cross Hamas.
Like, you come get some hostages, we'll make a deal with you.
Biden just gave them $6 billion.
I'm speculating here, but that's what this looks like to me.
But doesn't that seem like a little bit almost like theater when you stop and think about it?
They have the ability with satellites and the military capabilities to read your cell phone from space.
You really don't think that they knew that for seven hours this attack went on and they had no idea?
No, I mean, it's not debated.
That's even Israeli news there was a stand-down.
They don't debate that.
Here's the collateral damage video.
Hold on, I'll put you on hold.
Roll the collateral damage video with audio.
If you can, go ahead and roll that.
He's, uh, at a long dis, uh... You're clear.
Alright, firing?
Let me know when you get him.
We'll shoot.
Light them all up.
Come on, fire!
Keep shooting.
All right, we just engaged all eight individuals.
Keep shooting.
We need two of them.
We're still firing.
I lost my gun.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I hit him by accident.
Alright, you're clear.
Alright, I'm just trying to find targets again.
It's not for sex, is it?
But it's not for two sexes.
Got a bunch of bodies laying there.
And targets, are anybody moving?
Uh, eight individuals.
Yeah, we got one guy crawling around down there, but, uh, yeah, we could definitely shoot him.
Or shoot some more.
Got it.
Hey, you shoot, I'll talk.
Hotel 2-6, Crazy Horse 1-8.
Crazy Horse 1-8, this is Hotel 2-6, over.
Roger, currently engaging approximately 8 individuals, KIA, RPGs and AK-47s.
Which they did not have.
Hotel 2-6, you need to move to that location once Crazy Horse is done and get pictures, over.
There's another video where they blow up a minivan full of people, too.
Oh yeah, look at those dead bastards.
This is the long version.
They go ahead and kill people trying to get in cars.
Say they have RPGs, they don't have it.
The point is, this is like watching a Jeffrey Dahmer torture animals, or a little kid using a magnifying glass to burn ants, or putting firecrackers in a frog's mouth, like George W. Bush bragged he did.
I mean, this is sick, folks.
And if you don't think this is going to come home against us, you're crazy.
So Chase Geiser comments, we'll go back to calls.
What's crazy about watching that footage, to me, the craziest thing is that I don't believe anybody was held accountable for that war crime, but Julian Assange faced so much just for reporting that it happened.
So telling the truth is a greater crime in their eyes than actually committing the murder of civilians from an aerial drone.
Here's the minivan footage.
Back it up and play it.
Go ahead.
Listen to this.
They're taking him.
They're putting wounded in a van.
Come on!
Come on!
Coming around, clear.
Roger, I lost him.
I got him.
Then a memory serves, they say, oh those are journalists.
They go, well, shouldn't be in a war zone.
This is Crazy Horse, stand by.
I think the fan's disabled.
Let's shoot it.
I've got it as an implement for some reason.
Clear left.
So, this is the Skynet system.
The Pentagon just launched satellites and is launching more to track every car in live time and aim weapons at the American people.
Here's the headline, Spy Agency Ready to Launch New Vehicle Tracking Satellites with All Tracking Systems in Your Cars.
So, and the Feds have told us the American people and Christians are the enemy.
So they banked a test on the Muslims, but we're the real target.
Chase Geiser.
Absolutely difficult to watch that type of footage and the thing is we're talking about genocide from Israel and Gaza in this conflict But I'm not sure that Israel is doing anything that not every other country at war does I think this is the nature of war I'm not using that as an excuse.
And that's Israel's argument exactly so that needs to stop
It doesn't make it right, but we need to understand that, not that it's okay what they're doing because everyone else does it, but it's wrong that everyone else is doing it.
It's the inverse.
We need to look at it the other way.
That's what we have to learn from this.
And then later in the tape, I'm going from memory, we'll add it in post because we're live right now.
I say, oh, those are journalists now.
They go, well, they shouldn't be in a war zone.
They're not in a war zone.
They're in their country, folks.
So, this is disgusting.
Alright, I'm going to shut up now.
I'm trying to get a lot of speakers from Axe, but since a speaker brought this up, I have a neuroses, which at least is kind of a good OCD.
If we talk about something, I just want to show it.
Unlike mainstream media.
Jones says he loves Hitler.
Where's the clip?
Jones says he's an actor.
Where's the clip?
Jones says he's fake.
Where's the clip?
Jones said go pee on graves of standing up kids.
Never did it.
It's all lies, folks.
So when we tell you the caller brings up something, you're gonna see it.
That's just the way this works.
Alright, who's up next?
Let's hear from Luther Cyrus.
Luther, if you're still there, go ahead and unmute yourself and speak.
Okay, there you go.
Go ahead, sir.
How you doing?
I just wanted to say thanks for sharing my tweet the other day, Alex.
It's crazy what's going on in Gaza and Israel.
I'm not really into that, the whole politics stuff like that, but I'm focused on the genocide going on as far as these shots.
I don't want to steer the conversation in another way.
I was really here to listen, but yeah.
It's crazy what's going on to these athletes that are just dropping.
Well that's my point.
I don't lessen the Palestinian dead or the Jewish dead.
We got 80 plus million of the UN admits starved to death during lockdowns, not from the virus.
And we put the headline up, people were all saying yesterday I put out a fake video.
The Times of Israel and others admit the government's investigating who released that footage, just like the WikiLeaks.
So that footage we showed earlier, not just from Iraq, but from a few days ago, a few weeks ago, that is real.
IDF probes leaked drone footage showing strike on apparently unarmed men near Kanna Yonis.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, sir.
Alright, didn't sound like you had a big question you wanted to thank us.
I appreciate that.
Next person.
Let's hear next from Holla.
Holla, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
I see your hand is raised.
Yes, good afternoon and thanks for having me.
You ask why are they doing it, Alex?
I mean, the answer is simple.
Let's put all the history aside.
The fact of the matter is that now Israel is acting as it is, and it is a genocide no matter what anyone else says, because they have impunity, because they have permission, because they have support.
Well, it's classical genocide.
They say we're going to wipe out... Hold on, I'm going to shut up.
They say we're wiping out a whole group on Israeli television and they're doing it.
I mean, that is genocide.
I will not be part of this.
Yes, but why are they committing the genocide?
Because they've been allowed to by countries like the U.S.
and the U.K.
Look, they pay lip service and they say we're worried about civilian casualties, we're worried about the famine, we don't want them to go into Rafah.
But in the same breath, they send them arms, they send them weapons, and they are not carrying out... Yeah, it's like the United States gives Israel the bullets to shoot them, and then gives them a Band-Aid.
And as long as they don't sanction Israel, they continue to weaponize Israel.
Israel, no.
It's giving the Americans and the UK and the rest of the European countries the finger, basically.
It's telling them, you can, you know what, and we'll carry on doing that.
Well, they're not basically giving the finger.
No one is standing up to them.
That's the whole point.
They won't stand up to them.
They won't tell them no.
And as long as they don't say no, they will continue to kill with impunity, and that's what they're doing.
I mean, today there was another video.
It's a scene of a man who was wounded near the hospital, and he's been run over by a tank.
And if you look at the body on the ground,
There is no question he's been run over by a tank, an Israeli tank for that matter.
And what will happen?
They say we'll investigate, like they've been investigating a million and one things since, and nothing will come out of this.
And again, the U.S.
and the U.K.
are responsible and are culprits in this, you know?
They are accomplices.
They don't care.
I mean, I agree.
The Israeli spokesperson said, we don't care if the whole world turns against them.
Why would they not care and do things like this that are irrevocable?
Because no one dares take them to court.
Well, not to court.
No one dares punish them.
They don't care.
Why should they care?
I mean, Netanyahu knows at the end of the day,
End of the day, no matter how long this goes on, eventually he will go.
Until then, he is going on a rampage.
He wants them out.
He wants to kill them.
He wants to annihilate them.
He wants to exterminate them.
They've said it in a million different ways since the beginning of this particular offensive.
They've not hidden it.
Hala, Hala, Hala, don't hang up.
We've got to go to break for radio stations that rejoin us.
I don't want to come back and shut up and let you make your points because I was interrupting you.
And then I want to ask you if you've got ideas on the way to get out of this, because this is Armageddon.
And also, I see your ex-account.
Big setup.
If you'll post the tank footage, you may have already done it, on your ex-account, we'll get that right now.
So right now, if you haven't posted it on her account, get it, get it.
I want to see this tank footage, folks.
Okay, there's the footage right now.
Rachel Corey.
I mean, this is bad, folks.
All right, we'll be right back.
Hour number three with all of your comments.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
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Alright, we're taking live comments on
Spaces on X. Holla was making some great points.
I was jumping in because I'm just so excited about all this it makes me physically sick to see Israel saying they're gonna drive everybody out of the territory.
Totally take it.
Just a few months ago they said that was not the plan.
This is the definition of genocide and
I said it from a position of not being anti-Israel or anti-any group.
This is historic, this is dangerous, and I see a major dialect going on, a dialectic.
So finish your points and restate what you were saying as I was interrupting, I'm sorry.
No, not at all, you are not.
Like I said, I'm just going to reiterate what I said.
Israel can continue to do this, will continue to do this as long as countries like the US and the UK and the Western world
So far, in over 75 years of this carnage against the Palestinians, not a single country has dared or even attempted to sanction Israel.
They continue to weaponize it, they pay us lip service, and they allow Israel to do whatever it wants to do with impunity.
And as long as that continues, the murder of Palestinians, the slaughter of Palestinians, the extermination of Palestinians will continue.
I mean, if after six months and all the footage we've seen, all the dead bodies, the babies, the women, the children,
Has not told us yet, convinced us that there is a genocide and that something has to give, which means these countries, the Western world, has to really stand up to Israel and tell her enough is enough, then this will continue and they are going to continue.
As far as Israel is concerned, the less Palestinians, the better.
It's as simple as that.
And they've said that, and to me, none of my taxpayer money is used for this.
I felt dirty watching it, because I watched the footage up close.
They're clearly young teenagers.
They're acting like they're disabled.
You can tell by how they're walking.
They're looking for food.
They're trying to go back to their houses.
They're in southern Gaza, and they're just murdered by Skynet.
I couldn't help but feel extreme empathy for them.
No, they have no empathy.
I mean, look, you've probably seen a lot of the
The crassy TikTok videos that they've also posted, you know, of them being in people's homes, stealing, making fun of the, you know, of the clothes of women, the underwear of women.
You know, it's all very crassy, and it's all done because they really don't give a toss.
And they're giving the world, and they're giving the world.
That's what I'm saying, is they're like trying to act like villains.
I mean, if you're going to commit a genocide, why don't you keep it on the down-low, you know?
Alex, they are villains.
They are villains.
It's simple.
We should start calling them out for what they are.
They're murderers, they're bullies, they're villains.
There's nothing else to say about them.
They're genociders and they're exterminators.
Let me ask you this question then.
Why did Israel stand down and why did Biden give Hamas money?
So there's a lot of back dealing with the Muslim leaders.
That's going on too.
It's easy to pick a side.
I agree this is wrong, but something else is going on here.
What do you think?
I mean, just because I'm saying that the U.S.
and the U.K.
and the Western world are not doing enough, that is not to say that the Arab world is doing anything.
On the contrary, the blame is as much on them as it is on the Western world, because they really have the power to also pressure the U.S.
and the Western world to do more, but they haven't been doing it, because each is looking out for themselves.
They don't give a toss, basically.
And that's the sad reality that no one, actually, no one really in the Arab world, aside from the actors of resistance that's trying in whatever it can to help and support, no one else is doing anything.
You have borders with Israel, you have countries bordering Israel that have not done a single thing aside from dropping some air, you know, some humanitarian aid.
Please join us again, you're a really great speaker.
We're going to break for one minute and join some stations and come right back to more speakers.
But you kind of missed what I was saying.
Israel's not stupid.
They're being a villain out in the open now.
Why did they stand down?
What was Hamas's deal?
Did they get double-crossed?
Who ordered the Israeli stand-down?
I don't know that.
This is a bigger issue, folks.
This is being done for something big.
I don't want to just say, oh, I care about Palestinians.
I do.
I'm trying to say, like, what's really going on here?
Like, when you get the Knesset on TV saying we're going to kill every Muslim,
Well, there's almost two billion of them, buddy.
You ain't gonna win that.
Like, Israel is on a death march here.
A countdown to destruction.
And I don't want to get blown up in the midst of it.
And I don't want them to die either.
There is nothing more frustrating to me, whether it comes to news or anything else we're doing, than to know I'm telling the truth and to know that if you'll just listen to me and take action, it will change your life.
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Live from the Infowars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Well, Jared Kushner said he wants that property for oceanfront condos, and they found hundreds of millions of dollars of oil and gas off the coast of Gaza, and you've got Lebanon with oil and gas.
That's a big part of that.
I was talking to Chase Geiser, a really smart guy, and he's one of our co-hosts here on all the shows, because somebody that fills in is not filling in.
People have got to go to court, they've got to take care of kids, they've got sick kids, they've got to go on journalism trips.
Chase Geyser is the host of the Alex Jones Show.
He's the host of the War of the Oceans, he's the host of the American Journal, Eric Smith.
So it's not like he's the second string.
No, he's the guard dog.
But Chase, you were making a good point about the resources grab here that's going on too.
Yeah, it's so hard to describe this because all of these different issues that seem disconnected, not related to one another, are actually all related to one another.
So I believe that most of the conflicts that we've been in as the United States over the course of the last 50 years, especially since we went off the gold standard, are about maintaining the status of the dollar as the global reserve currency.
A lot of times people will say, oh, we went to Iraq for the oil, and then the counter argument is, oh, we didn't take any of the oil.
But it wasn't about taking the oil.
It was about ensuring that oil be traded in US dollars.
So China has partnered with Russia, and they're trying to create this Belt and Road Initiative so they can subvert trade in the region and subvert the dollars, the global reserve currency.
Now, a month before October 7th happened, Netanyahu announced the IMEC corridor, which goes from India through the port of Haifa in Israel.
And in order to get international partnership around this new corridor, this competitor corridor to the Belt and Road Initiative, you have to have stability in Israel.
So we're talking about quadrillions here?
We're talking about quadrillions.
We're talking about protecting the very dollar.
And the thing that's interesting about this is the United States is famously selective in the humanitarian crises that it cares about.
So it doesn't care about Armenian Christians being slaughtered, but for some reason it cares about democracy in Ukraine.
We pick and choose the crises we care about based on what's conducive to our political agenda, our military-industrial complex agenda.
So we know that we need this IMEC corridor in order to compete with China and keep the dollars, the global reserve currency, so we're willing to take interest in Israel, support Israel, catalyze this attack on October 7th as a pretext, similar to 9-11, to justify the genocide of an entire people who we feel cannot be reasoned with long-term.
But then Israel founded Hamas.
Not attacking Israel is a fact.
I'd rather just have it all be palatial and beautiful, like when Trump went to Kim Jong Un and said, let's just build condos and golf courses.
I mean, I just want to go visit Haifa.
I want to go visit Jerusalem.
I want to go visit Egypt.
I want to go visit Cairo.
I want to go visit Germany.
I just want freaking peace, man.
I want to go to El Salvador now because it's safe and clean.
I love brown people as long as I'm not getting my throat slit.
And that's it.
It's like this.
But Israel obviously went with this.
The leaders did.
They shut down their political opposition.
So a lot of calculus goes into why this happened.
I think the weapons that we left behind in Afghanistan were intentionally left behind, so Hamas would get their hands on them.
There's no way that Israel didn't believe or know this attack was going to happen on the 50th year anniversary of Yom Kippur.
No, it turned out they knew a year before.
Israel admits that, which is crazy.
Israeli news admits it was a stand-down the new year before.
The Israeli intelligence chief said we knew one year before, but they never said who ordered the stand-down, so that shows internally they're using that for blackmail.
So you have an Israeli civil war
That has bled over into this.
I think that's the key.
Plus, there's a bunch of money about who gets control.
And that's why I'm saying, folks, this isn't your pro-Palestinian, your pro-Jude.
This is a lot more sophisticated.
And this is the problem with Machiavellian leadership utilitarianism as a philosophy.
Our intelligence community believes that it's okay to kill 3,000 innocent people if it means saving 300,000 innocent people, right?
And so they believe it's okay to genocide all the people on the Gaza Strip if it means that it's going to save the global reserve currency of the dollar, because if their dollar collapses, that means starvation and mass collapse worldwide.
So they justify these evil genocides because they believe they're actually saving lives.
And meanwhile, the same globalists are cutting off the fertilizer.
Yes, and 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate.
Well, it's like Oppenheimer's a great movie and very historically accurate.
I've read a lot about it and studied it.
They go, we need world government to stop nuclear war.
But what happens when world government wants nuclear war?
You see, it's insane.
It's a bunch of James Bond villains.
Chase, who's up next?
I'm going to shut up now for the rest of the hour.
We'll take a little bit of Jay Dyer's time because he understands we do that sometimes.
I want to get to a lot of people now.
Who's up next on Spaces?
Let's hear from Tristan John.
Tristan, go ahead and unmute yourself and speak, whatever you have to say.
Thanks for having me on.
I just had one thing to say.
I feel like America's been doing this for who knows how many years.
80 years.
Go look at Ukraine.
Go look at our border crisis like you mentioned earlier, Alex.
You posted that video.
I mean, a bunch of people have posted that viral video.
What are we going to end up doing?
We're involved in too many things.
We're not thinking about our own state right now.
It's insane for me.
Um, I'm, I'm representing the fourth district, Colorado right now.
And it's, it's just massively, I feel like it's over, overpressed.
Um, there's too many different things, angles going on.
And like the thing with Trump too, not to get off topic here real quick, I'm just going to speak real fast.
Um, like that bond, 450 some million dollars, like what is he going to do with that?
Like, I feel like we're just getting oppressed and back to Holla there.
Um, I feel like we're involved in too many things.
I don't know why, why, why are we involved in this crap?
Like we are the ones putting this stuff up to like, we're giving all these different countries so much money.
I, and that's our tax money.
Like, why are we paying taxes at this point?
I don't understand.
Notice the bond is 450 million.
Trump's war chest is 500 million.
The Democrats now admit it's meant to take his war chest to pay this bond.
So he doesn't have money for the campaign.
This is all strategic.
And then when he's getting campaign funding, everyone's hating on that as well.
It's like he's taking money from outside.
Well, what do you think everyone else does?
I mean... But he's held to a higher standard.
Great points.
Chase, up next.
Let's hear next from Truth Teller.
Truth Teller, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Thanks, Chase.
Thanks, Alex.
Thanks for the show.
To your question, yes, they've been committing genocide for 76 plus years.
I mean, they've been expelling Palestinians since the 40s, 30s, even through the Zionist gangs.
I mean, the official document is that over 750,000 Palestinians were expelled as of 48.
13,000 were killed then.
We're 500 villages raised, so this isn't anything new.
And you can say it started with Operation The Left that David Ben-Gurion launched in early 48s, which was even before the partition plan was imposed.
They had plans to expropriate Palestinian land, which they're doing right now.
So, they've been imposing both illegal occupation and besiegement of Gaza for a long time.
Since, say, 2006-4.
And, you know, they've been... No, I agree with that, but what is the big picture?
What is the dialectic?
Why are they going to try to bring the Muslims here?
Like, why would Israel be so openly genocidal and turn the whole world against them and say, we don't care?
I'm asking, what's the dialectic?
I think it has more to do with the Masonic belief in the Greater Israel Project.
There's over $500 billion worth of natural oil and gas that they want in Gaza, and they also want to build the David Ben-Gurion Canal, which would compete with the Suez Canal, which generates about $9-10 billion a year.
It's good money.
So they want to be more self-sufficient, and that's been the plan since the 1996 Clean Break Strategy for clearing of the realm paper to make Israel self-sufficient.
And I think everybody's going to forget about this.
I agree with you.
They're not going to forget.
Well, it's definitely a changing dynamic within the region.
Of course, they're not going to forget.
But, I mean, they're trying to accelerate the process of both clearing out the region, and they want to conquer more land.
Don't get me wrong, Alex.
Not just after all of what was occupied Palestine.
They want to take Lebanon.
They want to take a piece of Syria, a piece of Iraq, a piece of Saudi Arabia, a piece of Turkey.
They want to form a greater Israel project, as per the Messianic belief, to build that third temple, and then wait for the Messiah to show up and basically salvage them.
I think that's their ultimate plan.
It'll take time to get there, but they've accelerated because these hardcore rabbis have put more pressure on Daniel and his cabinet to, you know, get this job done sooner.
I mean, there's videos of them telling him.
So, you know, what are you doing to speed up this process?
Let's go.
And they're getting ready to kill the Red.
They're getting ready to kill the Red Heifer.
That's who, yeah?
Again, that's just part of the process.
There's many steps involved.
First, they have to clear out the area.
And they're also carrying out... Alex, I wrote a thread on this.
They're carrying out excavations very close to where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is right now.
There may be a sudden implosion one day, and they'll be like, oh, it must have been accidental.
And then they will use that as a pretext to then build that third temple.
Because there's no other reason other than to desecrate that mosque.
But what about this?
What about the West and the left allying with Islam and bringing the Muslims here?
And they're building a big dock to bring the Palestinians here.
Israel says these people are so deadly, we've got to kill them all, then we're going to bring them here.
Again, that's one reason I'm really pissed off.
So I believe that's a dog, that what they're building right now will serve a few purposes.
One, it'll probably serve as a military base for the U.S.
It's very convenient.
They want more in that region.
Two, it could be to expel Palestinians more conveniently, because it's just a lot closer to be able to just deport them that way, and then not have to kill them.
I'm just not sure where they're going to take them.
That hasn't been disclosed yet, but it's possible Cyprus.
Somewhere where they have a deal, but you know, we're not in the know.
That's between them and their cabinets.
But yeah, they'll definitely get it.
Well, the word is, it's been said.
They can just push it through the Rafah crossing.
I mean, there's thousands of trucks.
Amazing speakers.
Let's go to the next person.
All right, let's hear next from a really, a really good cheeseburger.
Are you still with us?
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Okay, it looks like a really good cheeseburger is just listening.
Let's hear from Truthseeker.
Truthseeker, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
What's going on, brother Alex?
Again, it's good to talk to you, brother.
It's good to talk to you too, Chase.
How are y'all doing?
We're here live, reaching millions of people right now.
Not to change the subject completely, but did you see where there was an attack in Russia just a little while ago?
About ten minutes ago?
What, another drone attack or what happened?
No, we didn't.
Uh, it was at a theater.
They're saying there was explosions.
Hold on, let me tell you exactly where it was at.
It was a, uh, Corkish City Hall concert venue is what it was.
Uh, there was a, uh, tech explosions and everything.
Heavy gunfire.
Guys, type in attack in Russia.
No, I did not know about that.
Tell us what's happening.
It's just a massive explosion they heard.
I guess people are... I'm not sure exactly the full details because it just happened, but it's just... Well, NATO has said they're not going to move to terror attacks in Russia.
Again, it is breaking.
A club and shopping center in Moscow, Russia, appears to be the target of a terror attack.
Multiple gunmen and military-style fatigues recorded shooting at people with rifles and the concert hall.
So they're trying to push Russia into direct war.
Yeah, look at that shopping mall on fire.
Yes, yeah, and it seems as if the world is on fire, and it seems like they're trying to divert some of the attention.
Maybe, I don't know.
I'm not saying that for sure, but like you said, Israel is committing genocide.
It is quite evident.
That was a horrifying video that you shared.
That was just something out of a horror movie, and my heart breaks for all these people being affected by this.
Well, they're clearly desperate teenagers, you can tell, trying to get to the Israelis, and they kill them.
Yes, and if Netanyahu wants to use scripture, there's a scripture that comes to mind, Revelation 3 and 9, the synagogue of Satan, that comes to mind with all those two.
Satan is the one that's really powering all of this, because it is biblical, is what we're, we're in the end times.
Oh my God, you brought this up, we're showing footage right now, not on The Spaces, but on the X-Feed, at Alex Jones Channel, Real Alex Jones.
This is people, it looks like, in military garb of the Ukrainians, shooting people at a, at a music event.
Crazy times we're in, brother.
That's all I wanted to point out.
God bless you all.
Just keep fighting the fight.
We're all Ethel Warriors and just keep fighting the fight.
Brother, glad you brought that up.
Wow, started 10 minutes ago.
That's what I said at the start of this exit event.
I said, the U.S.
just sent troops into Taiwan.
They're now conscripting people saying they're going to send French troops in.
Israel's running around on TV saying we're to commit suicide.
I'm not even anti-Israel, folks!
But I cannot sit there and be part of this.
This is crazy!
Okay, Schuyser, we're going to go back to more commenters, more speakers.
What do you think?
I mean, I'm just looking at this footage and it's shocking.
The craziest thing about Infowars is you never know what's going to happen next.
And in the news space... Yeah, keep rolling it.
So we have a shopping mall and a concert in Moscow, burning buildings, troops murdering people.
I mean, Russia is... Oh my God.
We could get nuked tonight, folks.
I mean, my God.
We're literally talking about how to defeat Satan and on screens behind me there's countless different examples of drone attacks on civilians and people just being shot up.
The whole world feels like it's falling apart.
I don't think it's just because we have the internet now.
I think it's actually worse than it used to be.
Folks, show that footage of them in the music festival, the troops, shooting civilians.
My God, and the burning buildings.
Oh my God.
I mean, I told my wife at breakfast this morning when my six-year-old daughter, because all my other kids are moved out, I was just like, I could feel the danger.
I mean, I just, this is crazy.
And doesn't Israel know what they're doing?
It's going to elicit a giant response.
The Muslims, there's almost two billion of them.
Doesn't Ukraine and France
Like saying we're gonna go direct war with Russia?
I'm not for the French or the Russians.
I'm not against any of them.
This is crazy, people!
This is how World Wars start.
This is the... Look at that burning shopping mall.
What the hell?
Man, this is... They're trying to get Russia to over-respond.
I... Cash, can you feel the danger?
Yeah, and the thing that comes to mind looking at all this is something Jordan Peterson said that I really admire and believe comes to mind all the time.
If you think it's scary what a strong man in leadership will do, just wait until you see what a weak man in leadership will do.
And this is what the world looks like when somebody like Joe Biden is the President of the United States.
Yeah, let's do this.
Let's fade out the audio fader and start with the burning building, start with the attack on the concert, start with the...
Oh, they're downloading the videos right now.
Download them right now.
I'm going to play the audio.
This is 9-11 stuff, folks.
I'm so glad that commenter got on, that speaker.
Oh my God.
Folks, Russia's got nuclear submarines, the Gulf of Mexico, probably 20 of them.
They got 30 in the Atlantic, at least, 30 or 40 in the Pacific, with missiles aimed right at us.
And you say, well, you're a Russian agent, you don't want to... And Sean Penn's like, nuclear war is survivable.
No, it's not, you dumb sack of shit!
I mean, I'm not a violent guy, I don't start fights, but when I see Sean Penn saying we should have a nuclear war, I want to slap him in the face!
And then I see Israel
Israel probably leaked this footage, whoever's running it, to create all this anti-Israel crap, because then that'll get the Jews to even get more behind Israel.
Can't you see it, folks?
Can't you see it?
I see all this anti-Semitic stuff.
If we just didn't have Jews, we'd be fine.
Bull crap.
Every group has evil people.
Evil comes in all colors.
But Israel is in a key place in history for good and evil.
And it's an inflection point.
It is important.
It is exceptional.
Exceptionally evil and exceptionally good.
I say that from a place of truth.
Not to kiss Israel's ass and not to attack Israel.
It's what I'm simply saying.
Stop it!
My God!
Anybody with a brain can see this is dangerous.
I got family, man!
We're so close to nuclear war, I am so pissed right now.
Print me all the articles.
I need to download the videos.
Shopping mall blown up by armed troops.
Looks like a hundred of them in Moscow.
Putin might hit forces in Ukraine with tactical nukes, or the globalists may do it and say he did it.
They already caught Zelensky firing missiles into Poland.
Get me Jack Posobiec.
I'll probably take over the fourth hour if he can do it.
I know Jay Dyer, guest host, understands when I take over.
Call Jack Posobiec.
He's so smart.
I want his take on this now.
I'll call him during the break, too.
I want Jack Posobiec.
I want him now.
He's live on air for another 30 minutes, but I want him now.
Good God.
Chase Geiser.
Who's next here?
Let's go next to Louise.
Louise, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Okay, it looks like he's not actually with us.
Haas, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, sir.
Go to Haas.
First of all, Alex, I just say thank you very much for what you're doing, which is a live broadcast in a space at the same time.
You have basically
Hit the what the magic thing for me because I can watch you slightly out of sync, but it's amazing that you're able to do that.
Thank you very much for doing that.
As far as the commentary on Gaza is a total genocide and I am totally and utterly grateful to you for coming up here and basically highlighting the situation for the for the Palestinian people and hoping the eyes up of Americans who are unfortunately only listening to the mainstream media and what you're doing.
is opening up the bullshit of the mainstream media and giving us the truth because you're talking to people on the ground and people who are involved with this whole situation people like Hala for instance who is a six times award-winning journalist she's literally like she was embedded in Gaza she was embedded in Iraq and you're talking to people like that and it's bringing a completely different view and you're opening up the eyes of
America with what you're doing.
So for that's the reason I came up here.
Listen, I'm gonna give you the floor here, but I want to say something.
Don't thank me.
Thank you for tuning in and supporting.
We wouldn't be here without you, but I could tell that lady had gravitas.
I knew she was.
We should contact her and have her maybe on tomorrow for an emergency Saturday show to talk about this.
Please continue.
All I'll say to you is you won't be going wrong by having her on your show.
She knows exactly what she's talking about.
The only problem you've got, Alex, is she's a bit of a bully.
She likes to bully me around all the time.
Hopefully she won't be able to bully you around.
But that's Hala.
But she is... I'm just joking with you, but she's literally...
As good as it gets, mate.
As good as it gets when it comes to southern Lebanon, that sphere.
So let me ask you, why would Israel take the goodwill it had and screw it and then brag on TV, we're going to murder everybody, committing and turn the world against them?
What is the calculus there?
Is it just pure chutzpah?
I'll tell you what it is, mate.
They knew that what's going to happen on the 7th of October
They decided to murder their own citizens.
They say for the Hannibal Doctrine, but I say it wasn't for the Hannibal Doctrine.
I'll say it's because they needed to make it as high a number as possible to make the vengeance of what they're doing to Gaza and the people of Gaza acceptable.
Hamas went in there to do one thing and one thing only, to capture hostages and take those hostages back to try and get their prisoners released.
Other people left the Ghata, went there and may have committed things, but the Hamas organization are not into
We're good to go.
This is something they needed to allow them to do what they're doing right now.
Sure, and now Israel doesn't care about their own hostages.
They literally don't even talk about that.
Alex, they don't give a shit about their hostages.
If they gave a shit about their hostages, they wouldn't have killed three people coming towards them with a white flag talking to them in Hebrew.
If they gave a shit about that, that's when they would have stopped.
And I don't care about the fog of war and this, that and the other.
Anyone walking with a white flag and shouting at you in Hebrew, you're killing him?
Okay, we know what you're trying to do.
What they're trying to do is
If every 134 one of these hostages was murdered, that would make the righteousness of the cause of Benjamin Netanyahu a hundred times better than it is right now.
That's a good point.
They're trying to get the hostages killed.
A hundred percent!
Because if they wanted to get their hostages out, you know what you do?
You call for a ceasefire, and you turn around and say, we're going to have a ceasefire, give our people back.
And once they've got their people back, guess what?
We'll go back to murdering you!
Killing you!
They're using the death of these people to turn
Turn that into a currency that will allow them to get away with as much murder as they can.
And Benjamin Netanyahu is sitting in his seat for one reason and one reason only.
Because he has kept this battle going.
He's kept this war going.
The day one of this, you know, the ceasefire is finished, he is out on the run.
There was an Israeli civil war.
Oh, you're right.
That's the main motive right there.
He needs, he has to go and he knows his days are numbered.
There is nothing left for him to do other than to try and prolong this as much as he can and he's tried his best to get Lebanon into the battle.
He's tried his best by bombing Damascus to get Damascus involved.
He's tried to get America to attack Iran for him.
He's trying to expand the sphere of this conflict.
So if you're right, we're about to see a major false flag in America to get us involved.
I mean, I don't put anything, I don't put anything beyond the stretch of what Israel is willing to do to bring America into conflict on its behalf and have American servicemen die on her behalf.
A million percent.
That is just their nature.
That's what they... At the end of the day, Iraq being destroyed was doing Israel a massive favor.
The whole of this Iraq war and the other, all good and well for the oil fields to be...
Thank you.
Interesting points.
We're going to come right back in a few minutes with more of the speaker.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
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You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I'm talking to Jack Posobiec, one of the best experts on geopolitics, the expert on Eastern Europe.
He's naval intelligence, Polish background, and I'm telling you, he has the most data analysis there is.
He is live right now.
He is off in 26 minutes.
He just told me, yes, 3 p.m.
So, Jay Dyer understands occasionally I'm going to take the fourth hour away from a guest host.
We're hosting the fourth hour.
We're in an emergency situation.
I am shifting out of the Israel discussion.
Spaces, speakers can still talk about it.
I'm not censoring you.
But holy hell!
A Moscow shopping center is on fire, reportedly hundreds of dead, men running around in Ukrainian uniforms shooting and murdering people.
It is absolutely off the chain insane.
And again, we had Jack Pacific on months ago and weeks ago saying they've hired this terrorism expert to head up the Ukrainian military.
Now they're gonna launch terror attacks inside Russia as a pretext to get Russia to jump off the chain and escalate the war with NATO.
And he called it, he called it, he called it.
You can go back to him three weeks ago, four weeks ago on.
And I love our crew, they're great.
They're busy running the live show.
If I had four or five more people, we could have all this in live time.
Because people go on vacation.
You know, Rob New just turned 50.
Him and one of his younger sons went to go skiing.
He deserves a week off.
Rob could find this right now.
But I mean, it's one thing to have Jack Posobiec come on and say he predicted it.
We have the damn clip.
He said, in the next month, look for terror attacks inside Russia, probably on shopping malls and sports stadiums.
They just did it.
The Ukrainians said they would do it.
You say, well, maybe Putin staged it.
No, the Ukrainians said they would do it.
But I don't speak Russian.
Contrary to popular belief.
We're not being run by the Kremlin here.
So this is insane level stuff.
Let's do this.
We got like six videos that we've got the audio for.
They're in Russian.
Start with the burning mega shopping mall in Moscow.
People shooting people inside a music event.
People killing women and children inside the mall.
And reportedly hundreds of dead folks.
You better pray to Jesus the Russians hold back.
This is meant to get Putin to start nuking stuff.
And you know why would they do that?
The globalists all got bunkers, folks.
They want to depopulate us.
They've got this big plan, just like in Dr. Strangelove, which was a movie based on real stuff when L.L.
Lemnitzer and Curtis LeMay came to Eisenhower in 1961 before he left office.
This is declassified in the 90s.
People went, oh God, Dr. Strangelove was about a real thing, that's why I've got Dr. Strangelove up today.
As the background, I kind of felt this was coming.
We want to survive a nuclear war and then bring in a world government after it, which is something Bertrand Russell called for in the 50s.
This is crazy.
We are tomorrow's news today.
I have sat there and watched Jack Masobyka a year ago say they're going to put this EU leader, the deputy head of the EU, in over Poland and he's going to call for war.
They did it a year later.
And then they're going to do this, and they did it.
So, when I sit here and talk about how great Jack Masobyka is, it's not to kiss his ass.
I mean, I want to hear from him yesterday on this.
And imagine how powerful it would be if I had the crew to have him a year ago, six months ago, two months ago, a month ago, literally saying massive terror attacks on civilian targets like shopping malls and other events.
And they just did it!
I don't want to be the only guy that's like, oh God, he predicted this and that, that guy's so smart.
Once you figure out the enemy plan, folks, you can all do it.
I don't want to be territorializing this like I'm the big brain bug and I know all the... I want to stop this!
I've got four children!
We are so close to nuclear war right now, I am getting chills every second.
I can barely do the show right now.
I am so pissed off at Victoria Nuland right now!
You found a clip of what?
You just already found a clip in two minutes?
Wow, the crew is over the top.
In two minutes, they just found it.
Rock stars.
Here's the clip.
I'll tell you, it's going to be, on one hand, they will claim that is the stabilization of Ukraine.
They're going to say, we're going to stabilize the conflict.
Look, Biden knows this thing's a loser.
He doesn't want this thing going on all the way to 2024 while he's got an election coming up.
He's going to claim to want stabilization.
But we're going to see are more of these provocations.
Thank you.
Provocations going on in the backfield.
You're going to see attacks potentially on Polish troops, Polish civilians.
You're going to see attacks on Russian civilians, Russian civilian infrastructure.
Remember, they murdered a truck driver in cold blood to take out the Kerch Strait Bridge.
That's exactly who these guys are.
They're willing to take out civilians.
They're willing to kill people who are just truck drivers or service workers to...
They're willing to cut Europe's gas off!
They'll kill everyone.
They don't care because you've got these people, and Alex, you and I said it so many times, Victoria Nuland, you have to understand her Trotskyite background to understand.
Yes, she is a communist, but her family was kicked out of Russia, right?
They lived right near Odessa.
They were kicked out because her family side was the Trotskyite side that lost.
This is why they are anti-Russia, because they want to control Russia.
They believe it is their birthright.
And who was over there in the midst of this massive crisis in Kiev, this massive crisis for Zelensky, who lands all of a sudden with her fresh-baked cookies is Vicky Nuland.
Okay, the crew did an amazing job in two minutes finding
One of the weaker clips, which I couldn't do in 30 minutes, so I'm not bitching through it.
We had Jack Posobiec on months ago saying they are going to attack civilian targets, probably shopping malls.
He said shopping malls.
And he said some other stuff to piss Putin off.
And it just happened.
So we're going to go back to the spaces.
We're still talking about the Palestinians being murdered.
And it doesn't lessen them to say
80 plus million starved to death from lockdowns, new food lockdowns, World War III.
It's all super important, okay?
I just asked a question.
Why is this happening?
Because the Ponzi scheme is over, folks.
The new monetary system is coming in, and the globals want to be positioned for that.
So we got these videos with audio.
Let's roll some of these videos.
We're hosting the whole next hour, folks.
We'll get to all the commenters.
You're welcome to bring up Israel and the Palestinians and war crimes and all that.
We're not censoring you, but right now I am laser-focused on the Moscow shopping mall on fire, blown up, with troops running around murdering everybody.
This is big!
Moscow Concert Hall shooting at least three gunmen.
We saw the video on the Daily Mail.
Open fire on crowd as huge venue is engulfed in flames and deaths reported.
It's all over the shopping mall.
It's a giant mall of America.
No, it's hundreds dead, folks.
You watch.
Go ahead and roll some of the video.
For radio listeners, it's this giant shopping mall on fire.
Men in what look like Ukrainian uniforms.
Shooting people with shotguns.
You think Russia's going to do something now?
And the Ukrainians have been all over the news saying, we're going to strike inside Russia.
They have been with drones.
They've had cross-border attacks.
Jesus Christ.
I can feel the danger, folks.
My spotter sense is never wrong.
Right now, I'm feeling extremely guilty that I did not leave two weeks ago with my family in the Southern Hemisphere.
But I felt what I said.
I feel like we crossed the ribbon.
Look at the shopping mall in flames from miles away.
Massive terror attack.
Can you imagine, probably 50 men to 100 men did that?
Can you imagine the million Muslims in America, military age men?
Can you imagine the 10 million in Europe?
What they can do when they decide to go crazy?
Jesus Christ.
I mean, the Muslims in the Chechen War attacked a few southern Russian cities and Russia went completely ape.
Ladies and gentlemen, what is the Russian response going to be?
Chase Geyser, we should post another X's Feed.
Just say, what will Russia's response be to 9-11 style terror attacks on shopping mall?
Chase Geyser, my God, you're a father too.
Can you feel the danger?
What do you make of this?
Yeah, I can absolutely feel the danger.
And the crazy thing about this is it's never obvious initially, except for maybe to you Alex, you were really good about this with 9-11, who's actually behind it.
So 9-11 happened, 90% of Americans believed that it was a terror attack because they hated our freedom and they didn't have any inkling to think that maybe it was planned or a false flag or we knew it was going to happen and allowed it to happen.
So I'm wondering,
What are the odds, Alex, that right after this election for Putin, what are the odds that Russia wants this to happen so they can use it as an excuse to escalate?
He's won by 87%.
He's trying to de-escalate.
The Ukrainians said we're going to stage terror attacks.
They're on record.
I blame Russians in 10 seconds, because I hope they get it, because they use it for domestic.
No, this is full war.
I just pray.
Right now, Putin has restraint, Chase.
Well, that's one thing about Putin.
You can say what you will about whether he's a sociopath or not or evil or a despot.
He is someone who's been in power for an extended period of time on multiple occasions in multiple different ways in Russia.
It's hard to punch his buttons.
And he hasn't used the nukes.
I think the major reason that NATO and the United States has been so antagonistic toward Russia is because they're worried about who's going to come into power next and they want to get control over Russian sovereignty now so they can squeeze a madman that could potentially lead after Putin retires.
I totally agree.
And by the way, I don't want to kick Jay Dyer off next hour.
If he wants to co-host with us, he's welcome.
Ex-folks, we were all into Israeli genocide and covering it.
We're not censoring that.
You can say that if you want, but what did people make about this?
Let's go to the next speaker.
Liz Churchill, you have joined.
Are you still there?
Please unmute yourself.
Yes, I'm here, and I'm just looking at this Russian terrorist attack right now, and I actually think it would be an excellent time to discuss what Scott Bennett has told your audience in the past, and he recently broadcasted from Global Freedom TV.
My wife, former Army Intelligence, high-level officer, great guy, yeah.
He has been 100% correct.
So, with saying that, he did state yesterday on his podcast that this would exactly happen.
And he also- I'm going to get Scott Bennett on right now.
And here we are.
Keep going.
I'm going to get Scott Bennett on right now, and I would- this is very important, Alex, because Scott Bennett stated yesterday that the U.S.
is planning to do the exact same thing.
And they're planning to do it soon.
He made this warning yesterday.
He spoke with
Dr. James Fetzer and they had a conversation together and it laid the blueprint for what has exactly happened today and they laid the blueprint for what is going to happen in America as well.
Very important.
Well, Scott Bennett, I should have thought of him.
We've got Jack Masoby, who's just as smart, coming up.
But yeah, Scott has been predicting terror attacks in Russia because Ukraine has said they would do it.
Liz, why do you think Ukraine's so dumb?
They admit they're planning this and they've already blown up a bunch of journalists.
Why would they do this?
Well, because Ukraine is the battleground for NATO.
That's why.
And the primary objective here is for regime change in Russia.
They can't collapse their currency.
They're not infiltrated by the CIA.
They have a gold-backed currency.
They're not going to implement CBDCs.
They don't want to sexually sterilize or mutilate their children.
They don't want to have any part of the woke bullshit.
They just declared LGBT as a terrorist organization.
Overhead shot.
Keep going, Liz.
Yes, it's a sexual malice.
Movement and people have been hijacked into believing that it is a human right.
And by the way, they're now saying at least 40 dead.
I'm predicting hundreds dead.
This is a massive... Hundreds dead.
And I think it's a really important time right now to replay the video that you played last week in regards to what a nuclear attack would look like on Russia, the NATO simulation that they proudly and broadcasted worldwide.
They're not hiding this.
Liz, you're absolutely right.
They're not hiding this at all.
We have entered crazy town right now.
What else do you want to add?
Well, I believe that Victoria Nuland is war shopping and I believe that her exit from Ukraine is meaningless.
I believe that it's just another attempt to start something of the same manner somewhere else in order to provoke Russia even further.
I totally agree.
And folks, we have a massive terror attack on Moscow right now.
I'm going to go off topic for one second.
Princess Kate has just admitted she has cancer.
Good God.
That's what has happened.
She put out a video stating that she has cancer and that she's at the beginning stages of treatment.
Yeah, they may have already killed her, who knows.
Alright, thank you so much, Liz Churchill, doing a great job reaching tens of millions today.
Chase, I am just, this is so horrible.
I mean, we got Jack Posada coming up, he predicted this.
The other person, Bennett, she mentioned it.
This is insane.
Who's up next?
I want to ask you a question real quick before we go to the next speaker, if you don't mind.
I was born in 1990, post-Cold War era.
I never did any drills for potential nuclear bombs.
Just for my sake and others who may be in a similar position to me as a younger member of the audience, can you break down what nuclear war looks like from a practical standpoint?
What is this going to look like if there's a massive nuclear exchange in terms of what the plan is going to look like?
Well, I grew up in Dallas, Texas, so by the time I was about 8, they stopped doing it.
But about once a month, they'd turn air raid sirens on, and they'd have flashing signs on the road saying, go to the local parking garage.
They had signs in parking garages and in courthouses saying, nuclear fallout zone.
So, I only ran into it like twice when I was a kid.
I was usually in school when it happened.
But they would tell everybody, go to these bunkers.
When this happened, so it was duck and cover, but that ended by about like 1981.
And so, yeah, people that don't know, Russia has tens of thousands of nuclear weapons, so does the US.
One of these
Big hydrogen bombs would blow New York City.
One bomb would devastate Manhattan.
Two or three would kill everybody.
And so that's where we are.
And people just don't get how serious it is.
But even the atomic scientists group that's been doing this since the 60s says we're the closest to nuclear war we've ever been, Chase.
Well, thanks for breaking that down.
All right, let's go to Lumi Casanova.
You've been waiting patiently.
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Yeah, so thank you for having me on.
And I'm going to discuss quickly how this has similes to the Moscow massacre bombing in 1999, just two months before Putin comes to power.
So maybe there is like some sort of like echoing of the past coming back because it was... So you're saying Putin may have false flagged himself.
That could be a possibility.
But why would Ukraine say we're going to launch terror attacks on civilian targets over and over again in the last three months?
I know, you know what, it's such a confusing time, and then not being funny, considering how much bloodletting is going around the world right now, there is a reason why there is so much bloodletting going on.
I want to bring it back to Gaza real quick.
Just so you know, the biggest skin bank in the world is in Israel, and they have a very small population.
There has been rumours of organ harvesting and various other things, and it's absolutely horrendous.
If that is true, not only are they killing the people, but they're using every part of them, which I think is just absolutely horrendous.
I don't say anything bad about the people.
It's just the people who are running the situation there, it seems like they just want blood.
No, you're right.
War zones allow money laundering, organ harvesting, sex trafficking, lawlessness.
That's not an opinion.
That is a fact that goes on.
Great points.
So what do you make of a Moscow major shopping mall on fire?
I predict hundreds dead from what I saw in the footage.
They're now saying 40 dead, numbers climbing as we speak.
Well, it looks like the classic style of Gladio.
I'm looking at the footage as well.
Okay, so this is Jay Dyer.
We just brought Jay Dyer on.
Jay Dyer was supposed to host the next hour.
He'll be co-hosting with us.
Jay understands the emergency.
Really smart expert on the Illuminati.
Jay, what do you think is going down right now?
Piercing understanding.
Yeah, the reports are multiple gunmen and military cell fatigues at a concert hall.
The whole thing's now engulfed in flames.
Again, if you go into the history of Gladio, which was what the OSS and CIA eventually... Which is what Jack Posobiec predicted the last few months.
Yeah, and I've been lecturing on Gladio as well for the last two months.
On your fourth hour, many fourth hours, we've covered this.
This is the strategy of tension that they came up with to, quote, protect
The sphere of Europe from a so-called Soviet invasion.
However, there wasn't really a real threat of a Soviet invasion.
What we find out is that people like Henry Kissinger were actually running Gladio and controlling entire countries like Italy through this top-down structure, using black ops teams, using recruits from fascist P2 lodges.
Where's Steve Pachenek?
And what we found out, this whole, it was all throughout Europe, and some of the strategies included, one of the examples that came up was the Bologna bombing, which was very reminiscent of the types of things we're seeing now.
To me, this looks like, but they even talk about mass shootings at public theaters and venues.
So this looks like classic Gladio operation, you can read the Paul Williams... And by the way, that's also an Operation Northwoods to attack theaters.
Yeah, theaters, public venues are typical in these kinds of false flag operations, strategy of tension.
We don't know, obviously, what's going on here if this is that, but it looks exactly like that classic pattern of Gladio.
Why would Jadar
And some other speakers are open, so the audience level, shut them off.
Why would Ukraine telegraph the last three months of their launched terror attacks in Russia against civilian targets?
Why would they telegraph it?
Because they think the public's stupid, a threat to Russia, then still do it?
I mean, what do you think's behind this, Jadar?
Yeah, I don't think they're worried about the public figuring things out.
The public's already figured stuff out.
So they're kind of in a zero-sum game.
They have to do what they have to do situation.
We know they're losing the war.
So they're kind of forced into, I think, these types of operations.
And in fact, the very Gladio strategist that I mentioned,
The same networks and teams were also set up in the Ukraine via the old Galen Network.
So we're talking about old, literally, Nazi networks.
You talked about this with... Yeah, Reinhard Galen Networks, for those that don't know.
Stay Behind Networks, taken over by the Pentagon after World War II.
So you're absolutely right.
This is their war game.
It's their strategy.
It's their blueprint.
They don't have any other war game but this.
Yeah, and they've been utilizing terror in the past, right?
So terror has, they got rid of Alexander Dugan's daughter in this same type of, I guess you could say, Gladio-style assassination.
They've engaged in these operations in the past, so it's well known that this is the strategy typically.
So Jay, what do you think Russia's response is going to be?
I think Putin is smart.
I think he's not going to respond openly to this.
Will he take the bait?
I think Russia typically, as we see since the 2014 Maidan coup and the years of provocation in the part of the West, what Russia typically does is try to de-escalate and try to calm things down.
I don't think they want a mass
I agree.
Stay there, Jadar.
Stay there, Jadar.
We're gonna go to break.
Jay, how do people find you?
We're gonna have you here in the next hour.
Don't hang up.
We'll punch him up on video with Jack Posobiec.
And we also got Scott Bennett coming on.
How do people find you?
Yeah, you can find me here on X, you can find me on YouTube under my name, you can find me on Rock, under J. Dyer as well.
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My God, we are in the New World Order now, baby!
What a time to be alive!
Massive 9-11 in Moscow!
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Massive terror attack hits Moscow.
Huge numbers of dead, burning buildings, burning shopping malls.
Ukraine promised they would do it.
I'm trying to get Jack Vosobyk on right now that predicted this.
We're trying to find the clips where he predicted it, but you all heard him do it.
We got Scott Bennett, another great U.S.
Army intel officer, whistleblower, who predicted this yesterday on his show, I'm told, and I believe it was he predicted it months ago on air.
They lost terror attacks against Russia.
This is meant to provocateur
Russia into larger actions.
The motive is all in Ukraine.
They've said they would do it.
False flags are always a possibility, but I don't see no motive there.
Chase, while we're waiting for Jack Posoba to get on and others, let's bring up another speaker.
Let's hear from Syrian girl.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hi, guys.
So I'm currently here in Moscow, actually, and I just, you know, heard that one of the attackers has already been arrested.
Interestingly, two weeks ago,
The Russian... Alright, fire up the... I'm more than willing to talk, everybody knows that, but I wanted to hear from Syrian Girl.
We should get her on as a guest, an amazing lady.
Did the whole thing crash or is space still alive?
All right, re-fire it.
Massive terror attack on Russia.
World braces for World War III.
Let's get that out and try to get Syrian Girl back on with us right now.
Ladies and gentlemen, shopping mall on fire.
Major shopping mall.
I predict hundreds of dead.
They're already saying 40 dead at least.
Just dramatic footage that we've already shown.
Spaces is back.
Is Syrian Girl there?
Syrian Girl?
Syrian girl, are you able to unmute yourself and speak?
Yeah, you got cut off, Syrian girl.
Start over, go ahead.
She has a bad signal, Alex.
I think that's the issue.
She's got a bad signal.
Okay, let's get her to a better place.
We'll come back to her.
Who's up next on Spaces?
All right, let's see if we can get a good signal.
By the way, we have Jack Posobiec.
We're going to go to break in a minute and join 300 plus radio stations.
In about three minutes, we'll come back with Jack Posobiec, who literally, the crew thinks they found the clip.
He was on two months ago, six months ago, he said, the next move is terror attacks, probably on shopping malls.
He literally nailed it.
Jack Posobiec coming up.
We're going to find the damn clip.
Who's up next for a minute and a half?
Go ahead.
Alright, let's try Syrian Girl again.
I see that she unmuted herself.
We're going to try one more time, otherwise we're going to move on.
Go ahead, Syrian Girl.
Okay, it looks like she's not with us.
Let's try Citizens Dawn.
Citizens Dawn, can you unmute yourself and say what you have to say?
Are you able to hear me?
Yeah, hi.
Can you hear me?
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, long time fan, long time listener.
Thank you very much for everything.
Shout out to the InfoWars crew.
I just want to say I think everybody's spot-on with their analysis, typically speaking.
I think on average, it's a cover-up for the vaccine program that happened, that more or less is just a smoke screen.
And I think the things that are moving
As you mentioned, Alex, in your analysis with respect to the stuff Macron is doing, which is a Rothschild thing, everything is really the backdrop of Israel.
The politics of Israel, Europe, everything that's transpired in Israel.
That's where more or less I see that.
Well, I don't know if I agree with you that Israel is the center of the universe.
I think China, the United States, and Russia are the big three powers.
dominant, China second, Russia third, but certainly Israel's a wild card in all this, but a massive terror attack on Moscow.
What is Putin's response going to be?
We're going to break for 60 seconds.
I appreciate Jack Posobiec, former Naval Intelligence, but of all the guests we've had, the most accurate on geopolitics overall, he's the best, but on Eastern Europe, the best.
We're going to get 60 seconds.
We're going to get his response straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, we're in an emergency situation.
A major, the major Moscow shopping mall is in flames.
They're reporting masses of dead people.
I've seen the video.
We'll roll B-roll of it for TV viewers right now.
Looks like people in Ukrainian uniforms massacring people in a theater, in a shopping mall.
I think?
I'm going to archive this at Bandai Video.
I'm going to archive this at X today.
We'll post this.
In the interest of time, unless Jack says play it, I'm not going to play him predicting it.
Millions of people tuning in today, you heard him predict terror attacks on things like shopping malls, universities, government buildings.
I remember him saying it.
The crew, to their credit, in 30 minutes, found it.
That's the needle in a haystack.
So, Jack, you literally called this because of the new head that they put of their intelligence agencies and what Newland resigning was going to mean.
You said three weeks ago, a month ago, that this was about to happen.
You nailed it.
Some are saying, oh, it's a Russian false flag.
Putin just got reelected.
He's won the Ukraine war.
I'm not a Putin apologist.
Why would he do that?
I don't see the motive there.
So, Jack, you have literally Alex Jones to Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news today.
This is next level.
This is what's Putin's response going to be.
I mean, this is crazy.
So, Jack, how did you predict it?
What's the latest intel?
What's happening?
Well, Alex, as we can see, I'm just following the news, hearing about it, just as everyone else is, trying to find out some sense of what's going on.
It's very clear that what Russia is experiencing right now as unfolds,
...is clearly the largest terrorist attack in Russia since the Beslan massacre.
It was a school attack that took place all the way back in 2004.
It was elements of Al-Qaeda, the Chechens that were behind that one.
What we're looking at is very similar in style, I would say, to the Bataclan massacre that took place in Paris in 2014.
Whatever, and the Moscow Theater, by the way, is another, had previously been a place
Uh, a separate theater than the one that's being attacked right now, had previously been attacked in 2002, as well, at a time when Russian special forces had to get everybody out.
And so, this is something that previously happened within Russia, though hasn't happened in quite some time.
Particularly because of the success of the counter-terrorism operations that they've been running.
The real question here, of course, is going to be who is behind this heinous, absolutely heinous attack.
Massive attack.
The huge questions that are coming out now.
This post by the U.S.
Embassy two weeks ago warning about attacks on concert halls.
Specifically warning about attacks on concert halls.
With direct specificity, all the way to saying, this is two weeks ago, the U.S.
Embassy is monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow to include concerts and U.S.
citizens should be advised to avoid large gatherings over the next 24 hours.
I remember that State Department warning, so let's go to that in a minute.
How did you predict, though, a month ago on the show, we had the clip that they would attack theaters and shopping malls.
You called it, they've done it.
So, I was saying, and again, I want to be clear, we don't have confirmation of yet who exactly is behind this, but I pointed out that as Newland was leaving the U.S.
State Department in an official capacity, that didn't necessarily mean that her agendas would be ending.
I said that she would probably pop up somewhere else in Europe.
Well, you said it would go to terror.
You said it would go to terror.
You said it would go to terror.
This guy, Kirill Budenov, that they were talking about putting in charge of the military, is now in charge of the intel services.
He is not a combat, direct combat, direct forces veteran.
What this guy, this guy is special forces, this guy is what they call quote-unquote sabotage operations.
Budenov is the CIA's man.
And so what I said was it's very clear to me that what Ukraine is doing is shifting from their current
Uh, their current status in fighting a civil war directly fighting this war correctly on the front lines to an insurgency that the that an insurgency was about to take place and all the moves that we saw at the high levels in the Ukrainian government, then Newland dropping out.
It said to me that the insurgency was what would come next and so you'd look for these what we said at the time was provocations.
Provocations to include terror attacks within the region of Donetsk and the Donbass in general.
Also right there in Belgorod which of course saw an attack yesterday.
People need to understand as well
There was a massive, massive, wide-scale, country-wide bombing campaign, strategic bombing campaign by Russia and the Russian Air Force, Russian Air Forces, many of this launched from Crimea on Ukraine just last night.
Probably the largest-scale bombing that we've seen of the entire war, targeting infrastructure, targeting power, targeting power plants, power generation stations, targeting special forces units.
And so this was all throughout Zaporizhia, Dnipro, in Kiev itself, and as well as up in Kharkov.
So, this response, whatever it was, and I've got, and I tweeted this out as well, White House staffer just sent me the message saying, never seen so many NSC-linked people, National Security Council-linked people, running down to the sit room.
Whatever they were expecting, they weren't expecting it to happen today.
The timing of the bombing raid, and potential pointing to ultra-nationalists.
Wonder if that pushed them to strike soon.
Alex, to understand this, there are many groups within Russia that are opposed to Putin and opposed to Putin's regime, and so if you were working at the CIA, if you're working at one of these agencies, you wouldn't necessarily go directly to Ukrainian groups.
You could also find potentially anti-Putin Russians, like the ultranationalists and others, to do your dirty work for you.
So, again, we don't have confirmation yet, but there's a lot of potential suspects.
Put it that way.
All right, Jack, you called it.
I've only got Scott Bennett for a few minutes.
Stay there.
We'll go right back to you.
Scott Bennett, former Army intel officer, blew the whistle on incredible things.
He was on his show yesterday.
We have that clip, too, to understand what I'm playing at.
Predicting terror attacks in Russia.
Scott Bennett, quickly, what do you think is really behind this?
We'll go back to Jack Masovic.
This is the last death throes of a bunch of mongoloids with mental syphilis who mumble in ebonics, otherwise known as the Ukrainian CIA mercenaries.
And Russia is used to this.
And I was in Donetsk and Lugansk and Mariupol and Crimea and all sorts of places.
The Russians are prepared for this.
This is the last death throes of the Ukrainian CIA and Victoria Nuland spatter.
It's going to dissipate.
Russia is not going to fold.
They're not going to be lured into a counter-strike.
They're going to solve it the Russian way, quietly and ruthlessly.
And with 88% of the people backing Putin, I have no doubt whatsoever the vast majority of sensible, intelligent Russians are behind Putin.
I don't subscribe to the idea that he is disliked by any means.
I've seen that on the battlefield.
I've seen that in the civilian cities.
So Putin is being raised up by the people to extinguish this genocide, Nazi, fascist resurrection that the U.S.
has been employing since after the World War II and then quickened in 2014.
And they choose concert halls and schools and kindergartens and daycares and hospitals because they're cowards and it's easy to shoot civilian victims.
But I think the Russians are going to track down every one of these individuals and their families, and you're going to see ruthlessness that the English language can hardly define.
All right, now you got to go, Scott.
We got Jack, who predicted this.
We'll put it in post.
Later, you'll see it manned on video and on text.
We'll have Jack literally said they're going to attack shopping malls and civilian targets two months ago, a month ago.
You said this.
I haven't seen it.
They have the clip.
The crew saw it.
You said this yesterday, I'm told.
Yeah, I have a friend of mine who's on the ground, Angelica.
She's Russian, she'll speak with Daria, and she'll tell you exactly what happened and what's going on right now.
The gunners have left and they're running around the flood plains, so they haven't been all captured yet, but this is a very active shooting situation that, you know, we've seen this coming, we've known this is their tactic,
And this is also going to be coming back and visited upon Europe and I think the United States and we've said the Biden administration and these other European puppets are going to initiate mercenary contractor terrorism in order to tighten the grip on their own populations and I think these are part of the exercises and you'll see more of these to come in other European and perhaps American capitals but
We have people on the ground who are speaking Russian who have witnessed this and are taking photographs.
So we'll connect you with live footage from actual Russians on the ground that no one else will have.
So you're predicting Putin doesn't take the bait and escalate?
No, he's too smart for that.
He's a strategist.
He understands this has been coming.
They've talked about this and wargaming it.
They're not an emotional people.
They are a surgically solving people.
So I think you will see the Russian president giving an address and unifying the people as he's done in his victory speech of his election.
And I think you will see the typical Russian resolve, which is to hunker down, lower your shoulder into it, and move forward like the rhinoceros through a straw house.
And that's what Ukraine has become.
A basket case of schizophrenics with rainbow flags and Nazi tattoos, and have done the most horrific things to the populations of Donetsk, Lugansk, and Mariupol for the last 10 years.
Their time is coming to an end.
All right, Scott Bennett, I want to do an emergency show Saturday, let's say 3 p.m.
If you can join us, great.
If Jack can't, great.
Thank you so much.
Scott, happy we'll find you.
Go to shellgamewhistleblower.com, go to globalfreedomtv.com, go to destroy-cancer.com and thanks Alex for being the hero to bring this to people's attention and having intelligent people dissect what is seen and unseen because there's a lot of U.S.
involvement in this strike, I have no doubt.
All right, I'm going to try to shut up because I'm interrupting Jack Bussovic, because again, we're live.
I'm going to play the clips in prediction.
As many of you heard it, we'll put it in post.
But Jack, you literally called this months ago and said they're going to go to terrorism in Russia and try to get Russia to attack.
It's now happened.
So, Jack, I'm going to shut up for 10 minutes to break.
You got the floor.
You host.
Well Alex, we did specifically say that it would look like Operation Gladio 2.0.
And what was the point of Operation Gladio 2.0?
The point of that was, or 1.0, the point of that was to drive opposition to, at the time, the Soviet Union was to drive opposition through provocations against the Soviet Union.
We were looking at partisan attacks.
And they always included specifically attacks on civilian centers, civilian meeting places.
This is part and parcel of what exactly those type of operations look like.
And so you find some group that's got some grievance with
The capital, you find some group that has the necessary placement and access within the capital to do so.
We are witnessing full on grey zone warfare here, where it's not the same as fighting the Russians in, you know, second generation warfare or even third generation warfare directly on the front lines.
Now you can get these partisan groups, you can get these guys to go back deep within Russia, right there in the central capital itself of Moscow.
Going after soft targets, civilians.
This is the type of stuff that you would see Al Qaeda do necessarily, these non-state actors.
But what we're seeing is actually a proxy war with multiple prongs all operating at the same time.
And so this idea that
I think it would be very silly for anyone to look at this situation and say it was not connected to what's going on in Ukraine, specifically on the ground, the same way that I said it was very silly for Nord Stream 2, the destruction of Nord Stream 2, to not be related in some way and obviously not something the Russians themselves would do.
And being told, and by the way, I'm seeing on Twitter right now, I'm seeing on X, that there are people saying that this is a Russian false flag operation, somehow, that the Russian government and the Kremlin ordered this.
This is what all the neoliberals, all the NAFO people, the Malcolm Nances, are saying.
Why would they do that?
Why would they want to show weakness?
Why would they want to, why would Putin want to show weakness after he just had this huge electoral, you know, this electoral victory, gives this huge celebration speech, etc, etc, and now he's going to come out
And let his people be killed like this or order something like that?
It's ridiculous and it's nonsensical.
I said this when you were on.
Well, let's go further.
This is trying to break the resolve of the Russians.
That's what they're attempting to do.
Jack, I said this again.
We're live right now, but I've got like seven clips of you now, they tell me, predicting this last three months.
So we're going to add this in post or air it later.
It's going to go on X today.
I wish I was wrong, Alex.
You can retweet it.
I wish I had been wrong.
But the point is,
Why would Ukraine brag and say we're going to attack civilian targets in Russia?
They said that, so they can't blame Putin now when they said they'd do it.
Well, this is what they do, Alex.
They'll tell you they're going to attack Russia.
Embassy, again, coming out two weeks ago.
You've got the U.S.
And there were people who had posted it at the time that this is a very strange... Usually when the U.S.
Embassy puts out, you know, specific responses, the State Department warnings, guidance, they'll say, you know, situations are destabilizing, be careful, you know, avoid these areas, that kind of thing.
No, this was specific.
It was specific events.
It was a specific time frame, 48 hours.
Do not go to concerts.
It specifically said concerts and specifically said extremists.
Now, we're also being told, Alex, right now that the White House itself is distancing itself from the attack, saying there's no knowledge of Ukraine or any Ukrainians being involved.
Wow, that's a very quick investigation that you were able to conduct.
Amazing that you already know exactly what took place as it's occurring.
Just like the Russians blew up Nord Stream.
Just like they blamed the Russians for Nord Stream Day 1.
But Alex, here's the key.
The key to this is people need to understand that if the U.S., right, the U.S.
government must, absolutely must, distance themselves from this attack, because if there is a link to Ukraine in this, then that means that the money that the Congress is currently spending going to send up to the Senate, send to the White House for the signature, is going to fund attacks like this around the world.
Attacks on civilians, attacks on women, attacks on people going
That means that the United States, if this is true,
That means that if the United States is involved in this, then guess what, boys and girls, then that would mean that the United States was funding terrorism and terrorist attacks around the world.
Well, I played a clip on Monday of Tucker Carlson where he basically broke down all of this and why is the West doing this?
I mean, Russia is existentially not in our business like China.
troops have now been sent to Taiwan.
Why are they doing this?
Why is the West so threatened by Russia, Jack?
Well, Alex, it's sort of the Cold War situation in reverse.
And when I say that, it's because in the Cold War, the United States and the West were fighting communism, and communism at the time was the expansionist power.
We actually have the new book that we're writing all about it, and I've got it going on Tim Pool tonight.
We're going to be talking about it, and it's called, I've got the cover of it here, it's called Unhumans.
Specifically, the secret history of communist revolutions.
And we're talking about the Cold War and we get into these types of how communism was being exported by the communists looting the Russian treasury and then spreading their ideology around the world and funding these things.
Essentially, Alex, what we're seeing is the Cold War play out in reverse, where it's now the West.
That it's exporting its expansionist ideology around the world.
No, I don't mean the ideology of, you know, populism or nationalism or any of the things that Trump stands for.
I mean the ideology of DEI, the ideology of wokeism, the ideology of gender identity, these types of, the ideology of the rules-based system, the collective West's order, the US dollar, the petrodollar, and forcing everyone to be weaponized onto this system.
This is now the expansionist ideology that is attempting to take over the world.
And unfortunately, it's our own governments that are behind it.
And so if there's any country, the same as any expansionist ideology views, if there's any country or any system that stands opposed to that, or refuses to take part in that, or refuses to go along with those dictates, then they must be crushed because they themselves are viewed as a threat.
You see the U.S.
ideology spread, this sort of
Alright, Jack, once we post this to X in the next hour,
We'll show the clips of you literally predicting this, but you called it.
You said the new intelligence head is a new terror.
They're going to attack Russia proper, trying to get Putin to expand.
You nailed it.
So let's not talk about what you just predicted.
Let's get Jack Posobiec's next predictions.
What do you see as the main threats now?
Well, it's really simple.
So Russia has been saying
Frequently, lately, it's all about where are the lines going to be drawn at the end of this thing.
So this war is moving into a new situation.
It's moving into the next phase.
It's moving away from the frontline battle to insurgency.
So the insurgency has begun.
Next, what you'll see is a question of whether or not negotiations will take place.
And so Putin has said to Tucker, he said through Tucker, that he was willing to offer terms.
Putin used the Tucker Carlson interview to send a message to the West and send a message not just to Biden and the Western leaders, but anyone who was willing to listen, that I will make terms and we can make peace.
We can have peace.
The West categorically rejected that.
Tony Blinken said that he rejected that.
The White House said they rejected that.
Yeah, let me just interrupt.
A week later, the New York Times had the CIA say, yeah, we overthrew the government in Ukraine.
We put in 20 bases.
So they said, yeah, it is us.
F you.
It's been us all along.
And so this whole narrative of an unprovoked
Attack in February of 2022 was just evaporated over, uh, overnight, completely evaporated overnight.
And so the next thing that we will see, I, I actually agree with your previous guests that it's Russia's not going to respond with, you know, people are saying, Oh, Putin's going to go nuclear.
No, I don't think so.
I think what you're essentially going to say is this means we cannot allow this regime number one to stay in power.
They're going to say, we need to have at least a,
Four to five more oblasts or provinces to be a larger buffer zone between whatever the new border between Russia and Ukraine is.
You're going to end up seeing a frozen conflict somewhere along the lines of East Germany, West Germany, but with an angle.
And keep in mind, Alex, that you and I took so much flak for saying that the rest of Western Europe
We're good to go.
So we are witnessing right now the Syrianization of the Ukrainian conflict.
No, it's all happened.
Look at Syria right now.
What is it?
You've got a situation where parts of the country are controlled by the government, by Assad.
Parts of the country are under the control of these insurgent forces or these opposition forces.
Then you've also got areas where there are U.S.
Western troops that are on the ground right now.
People I know who are on the ground right now in harm's way.
And then, of course, you've got Russia patrolling certain areas as well.
Yeah, what an admission this week that, oh yeah, 6,000 U.S.
I mean, they're admitting all of us now.
troops have died.
Right, so you have to imagine, if this is what's going on, that it's bubbling over into the surface, imagine what's going on under the hood.
Imagine the special forces operations, the black ops that are going right now, the CIA is running, that MI6 is running, that Ukrainian intelligence, of course, SBU, is running all over the country as much as possible.
You're seeing black ops on black ops that are happening right now.
Jack, we have five more minutes.
We've got to go to break.
I want to get your end cap on this.
On where you see this is going and we'll finish up with other commenters from Axe Straight Ahead with Jack Masovic who has nailed this 110% massive terror attack in Moscow.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, a few minutes left with Jack Posobiec.
I will be back tomorrow.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones.
I'd say 2 p.m.
We're going to do a live, emergency, commercial-free show to break down the aftermath of this and what it means.
But here is what Jack Masovic mentioned a little while ago.
Security alert from the State Department.
Large gatherings over the next 48 hours in Russia.
Predicting attacks on mass gatherings.
So Ukraine says we're going to attack mass gatherings and the State Department puts out a warning for it.
In closing, Jack Masovic, other key intel people should know because if Russia responds to this or over responds, this is a big provocation.
This is a 9-11 style event in Russia right now with the White House distancing itself with Ukraine separately saying they're about to strike civilian targets.
Look, Alex, everyone needs to keep cool heads about this.
And we're entering a very dangerous phase because as
Western media, the Financial Times, The Economist, The Atlantic, so many others have all but essentially written off the fact that Russia is clearly going to be able to maintain these four new oblasts that they've brought into the Federation in their view, that also they're saying they're specifically, and the Russian
Uh, press secretary, essentially one of their communications directors in the Kremlin came out earlier today and said, our main goal is securing the security of the people in these provinces.
What does that mean?
That means that Russia might be going, and I would actually be so far as to say that if this is connected to Russia, I think that they are going to push for a full-on regime change operation in Kiev.
They are going to look for getting rid of Zelensky.
They are going to look for getting rid of the current leadership and finding leadership that is more amenable to peace talks, because I don't believe that they are going to want to talk to
They will not sit down with anyone who was involved in the mass slaughter of their civilians.
So we're not just talking about a military assault on Kiev, we're talking about directly not even talking until they remove the government.
This just escalated.
I think that's exactly right.
Well, I wouldn't necessarily say it escalated, but I would say that their goals potentially have escalated.
You're not going to necessarily see Putin go nuclear or anything like this, but let's just say that Ivan Vassilievich has been unleashed.
That's Ivan IV, a.k.a.
Ivan the Terrible.
And they are going to put shoulder to the wheel and go all the way through until they believe their security ends have been achieved.
And I would say that includes the downfall of the regime that's currently in control in Ukraine.
Well, you mentioned it and I pulled it up when you said it.
Biden's already distancing himself like he did from Nord Stream.
They'll never be able to distance themselves from this.
And in the view of the Global South, in the view of the Russian people, in the view of the people probably even in China and many parts of the world, they are going to view the United States as being behind this, whether the United States is or not.
No, they won't.
Perception is reality in these conflicts and it is very clear to me that the perception will, and quite frankly already is, that the CIA was behind this or had some kind of hand in this.
Of course, by the way, Victoria Nuland or the CIA or any of these groups could be involved in anything like this.
They're not going to tell Biden.
They're not going to tell the White House.
Of course, they would be keeping it compartmentalized and keeping it away from anything to do that Biden might just bumble out.
Let me ask this, Jack.
What are they thinking?
What do they think this would do?
Like, why would you attack and blow up a Russian mall when Kiev said we're going to do it?
We're going to attack malls a month ago.
Why would you do that to be the villain?
Why is Israel carpet bombing the Palestinians?
Well, what is the point?
So, there's a few things that are at play here, and one of them is that the horse is just out of the barn.
The horse is out of the barn, and the farmer can't track it down anymore, and the horse is absolutely running amok.
So these, and keep in mind, Alex, go back to the New York Times piece, you brought it up a minute ago, go back to the very end of that piece.
The very end of that piece was actually kind of a message to the Russians saying, hey, you know, the CIA wasn't behind all these assassination programs and operations that are being run by the units that we trained.
And it turns out that Putin off, OK, we may have trained him, we may have taught him how to do all this stuff, but we did not authorize him to go and conduct all these attacks in Russia.
We thought he was just going to do stuff against the separatists.
And the CIA was using that New York Times article as a way to distance themselves from the operations.
It might be, and keep in mind, that CIA and the Ukrainian forces brought those New York Times reporters into these bases.
This was a limited hangout, and it's possible that with the timing of that, plus the timing of this State Department cable, which came out in March, March 7, so about two weeks ago, almost exactly two weeks ago today, that
It may be.
responsibility for the things that he's done now.
Well, Jack, I don't think there's any trying.
They just did it.
They say, weeks ago, oh, massive terror attacks on shopping malls.
And now it happens with the Ukrainians saying, we're going to do it.
They want to have their cake and eat it, too.
This is a very dangerous time.
They're going rogue.
They're completely going rogue.
We have created.
We in the West have created.
That's what you said three weeks ago.
I'm going to interrupt you.
Hold on.
You said Newland is going to go there to go rogue.
You said that.
Yes, they have created monsters all around the world.
It's like Frankenstein creates the monster, and then remember, the monster starts going berserk all around the world, and then who does Frankenstein's monster end up coming after in the end?
It's the Doctor himself.
I think?
But number two, go completely rogue and find their own agendas.
That's what's going on now.
That's what's happening under this administration.
When President Trump was in office, he was shutting down these operations left and right.
He's the one who shut down Operation Timber Sycamore when he found out that the US was fueling the insurgency in Syria that led to ISIS.
And the problem with that
So in closing, and I appreciate your time,
How do you expect the Deep State to respond now to this?
I think they're going to do anything they can to distance themselves from this, number one.
But you're also going to start seeing them potentially distance themselves from Zelensky himself, if they have to.
But I would also say with these guys going rogue, their biggest, the biggest threat to them, or biggest threat to Zelensky, might not be Vladimir Putin right now.
Vladimir Zelensky, I would say this to you, and I've said this to you many times,
Your biggest threat might be within your own house right now.
So yeah, looking at the reshuffling, what do you think is about to happen in Ukraine?
I've said for a number of times, I think military coup is the number one thing that I would see happening.
The intelligence services of Ukraine coming out and saying, this guy Zelensky has led us down this path.
If the numbers actually come out of how many Ukrainians died in that counter-offensive, or how many Ukrainians died in Bakhmut, or how many Ukrainians died in Avdeevka, or any of these absolute debacles for the Ukrainian military,
Then Zelensky will be absolutely untenable in his position.
He'll be forced out.
Ukrainian intelligence services will take over.
They will install a new leader and you're going to see an entire governmental organization that is committed to conducting attacks within Russia like this to turn the terror screws onto the Russian people as much as possible.
As you said months ago, instead of a frontal attack... And it will be our fault.
And it will be our fault.
We will have been behind it.
So instead of frontal assaults, Ukraine will go terror?
All right, Jack, what's up?
I gotta people find you.
At Human Events, the new book is called Unhumans.
If you guys want to go and pre-order, it's going to come out on the 4th of July.
This is talking about the very
Disgusting and the very demonic forces that people have tapped into throughout the world for years and are tapping into even now, currently, to unleash these occult, demonic, satanic forces that we're seeing play out every day from the streets of Moscow to the streets of Michigan.
And I saw you today put on a clip from a Netflix show of all places, showing malice and malism.
For the first time ever, man.
Is there a blueprint?
Talk about that.
I lost my mind because I've said for years that we'd never see something like this.
The Chinese Communist Party, these un-humans that were unleashed.
Now this is back in the 1960s.
So this is back when cultural revolutions were still kind of in that third generation warfare where we saw the fusing of warfare and politics.
Moving into fourth-gen warfare with the media, and so you have these mass struggle sessions, and that's exactly what's depicted in this new Netflix movie.
It's actually a sci-fi movie called The Three-Body Problem.
Very famous, internationally renowned series of sci-fi novels.
The first one that's coming out has been adapted into a new American-style Netflix show that was already a TV show within China.
But this is the first time I've ever seen anywhere an actual
We're good to go.
So regardless, we are in crazy times.
And just like the globalists believe, the Nord Stream, they don't want to admit they probably have the motive for this attack at the shopping mall.
We'll learn more as the hours unfold.
Jack Bussovi, thank you so much.
Stay strong.
God bless, Alex.
All right, we've got 15 minutes until this show ends, and Owen Schroeder takes over, and I'm sure Owen will be covering this.
Massive terror attack.
Jay Dyer, he understands, fourth-hour host, occasionally I commandeer it, but Jay, I apologize to all the other Spaces people, everybody holding, we're out of time, we'll do more Spaces here, we appreciate you tuning in.
Jay, take us out the last 15 minutes with what your view on all this, and then Owen Schroeder takes over.
Yeah, thank you, Alex.
I appreciate that.
I want to go back and give a little bit of context.
We've been covering this a lot on my channel in the last year, especially since the Special Military Operation really kicked off.
The big picture that Alex mentioned earlier, he said, why is this happening?
What's really going on here?
I think we have to understand not just the Cold War, the great game.
This is the old, you could say, Anglo-American establishment model of the way to control and have dominance on the global sphere is by controlling the Eurasian heartland.
This is called the heartland theory.
And as we move up into the Cold War period, CIA operatives like Miles Copeland, for example, in his famous book, Game of Nations, I've lectured to that entire text, has an entire chapter where he discusses the usage of terror.
He says that the older model of the CIA prior to his days was to promote things like a more progressive model of pan-Arab nationalism, but they found that that didn't really work.
So, they chose the older British intelligence model, where they utilized the Muslim Brotherhood and other entities like them, but speaking of British intelligence there, to then commandeer and use radical Islam as a tool, as a skeleton key on the part of the CIA, particularly during the Cold War.
The reason that's relevant here is that that's a strategy, that's a technique, a tool of radicalism, of using, as Jack Pacific mentioned, perhaps fringe nationalist elements.
That's another corollary to the usage of, say, a radical Islamic network.
The same tools are used across the board.
And we know that, if we think about the neocon approach, neoconservatives are really just the old Trotskyites.
They're the history, you can go into the history of, say, William Crystal, his father.
These are Trotskyites.
They loved the use of terror.
Trotsky was openly a big fan of terror.
Lenin too, but Trotsky more so.
And when the Bolshevik revolution, when Trotskyism failed, when Stalinism came to power, a lot of those what would become neocons, those Bolsheviks, they fled to other countries.
And they continued that strategy.
They adopted the mantle of a neocon, eventually, in America.
And they've always pushed for the use of false flag terror.
In fact, that's exactly what Miles Copeland is talking about.
This is the strategy that Brzezinski came up with in the Soviet conflict to use what at that time was known as the Mujahideen, which would become Al-Qaeda.
The base, that's the network of terror that you use, Black Ops.
But it's not just the use of radical Islam.
The far right was also used as terror, as cells, as we mentioned earlier with Operation Gladio.
Gladio was the P2 recruitment strategy that was masterminded by people coming out of the OSS and CIA, the Special Operations Executive of British Intelligence and Black Ops.
Well as Kissinger and others to have these cells set up to at any point be triggered to operate all throughout Europe by the way and then engage in events at theaters at religious sites so forth public venues malls Fletcher Prouty mentioned similar types of operations that he was involved in in his book so this is a well-known strategy well-known technique that we see the pattern of
In the past, in these admitted and declassified operations.
So again, neoconservatism, they love the soft power approach, the soft approach of
Things like humanitarian cover, things like National Endowment for Democracy, things like Carnegie Endowment, all of which, for example, have been in Russia in the past, promoting things like color revolution.
We forget it.
We can't forget the long black ops and espionage events that have occurred, going back to Litvinenko, the supposed poisoning by agents of Putin.
But very few recall that there was a French intelligence operative that came out and disclosed, he was a whistleblower of sorts,
I did a video talking about how Western intelligence has a whole hit team that goes around and does poisonings.
And that can then be blamed on people like Putin.
I suspect that's the case.
I don't know.
In a lot of these cases, we'll never know.
However, I do know that, if I recall, it's George Soros that published Litvinenko's memoir.
So that could tell us a little bit of who might be behind the support of this idea of Litvinenko's poisoning.
This also mirrors the Skripal affair.
And the Novichok, all this sort of what I think was a made-up idea.
There is no evidence that there was Novichok.
This was a staged thing that all again prepares us for the climax of what we're seeing now in the confrontation with Russia.
This was prior to the Trump era, right?
And then Trump is pictured as a Russian agent.
That was all nonsense, but it also plays into the narrative of this new Cold War, of this revitalized Great Game.
And again, what is this ultimately about?
Controlling the Eurasian heartland, the energy corridors that are there.
That's why the Nord Stream Pipeline, I think, was sabotaged by Western intelligence.
I think that's pretty obvious.
Who they used doesn't really matter.
We know who has the motive here.
But who specifically was the team, we don't know that.
But then, again, this is the strategy of tension, the arc of crisis that I mentioned, which is, for example, Brzezinski's model of how in all the former Eastern Bloc countries, you stage terror, you stage collapse, you stage coup, not just with the soft power model of things like NED, you know, color revolutions, that kind of stuff being promoted.
Call of Revolutions, the Gene Sharp model, is the soft approach at the same time as you do the terror, the black ops stuff.
That's why Brzezinski and you can look at Operation Underworld, right?
Operation Underworld is the union with Western intelligence and organized crime networks to be involved in the funding, not just of the black ops, but also of these kind of assassinations and hit teams.
So there's a long history of working with
Hit teams, organized crime, assassins, black ops.
We saw, for example, the Maidan coup of 2014.
Western intelligence... a sniper event that occurred.
That really helped to kick off the 2014 coup event.
And that was all prepped for many, many years by all the money flowing in via Soros, via Color Revolutions, via Orange Revolution, via Newland's admission.
To help foster the event in 2014 in Ukraine.
That was a long-term plan, long-term strategy.
Because it all goes back to the great game, it all goes back to the Western Anglo-American establishment and now also Israel model of controlling this key area where a huge portion of the world's resources and population exists, the Eurasian heartland.
It also is relevant to mention that although Russia is not necessarily a, quote, Christian nation per se, it's still, I mean, it's recovering from all of these years of Sovietism and Communism.
It's beginning to heal from that.
It must be kept at bay.
It must be kept down, as Brzezinski admits in his books, as Kissinger admits as well, Brzezinski says in The Grand Chessboard, this has to be done.
So, these strategy of tension, these crisis models are, again, appropriated and used, expropriated and used, I should say,
Both the soft power model and the Black Ops, you know, false flag type of events.
Again, I don't know for sure that this was a false flag event, but the standard pattern of history here lines up with everything that we've seen in the past in terms of Gladio.
Gladio is not what this is, Percy.
It's not identical to Gladio.
Gladio is a window into understanding how Western intelligence, the CIA, etc.,
have utilized these types of events and have planned and strategized these types of events in the past.
So it becomes a kind of skeleton key as well to unlock and understand how this happens.
In fact, the same Green Berets in Gladio that trained the CELs, the stay behind units to engage in sabotage and black ops and false flag shootings and so forth, they're the same Green Berets that went and taught at the School of Americas.
So you understand this becomes the same pattern
for Islamic terror as well.
Also, Mujahideen trained by some of the same people if you read, for example, the Williams book or the Daniel Ganser Gladio thesis book.
Again, this is all covered in books like Full Spectrum Dominance by F. William Engdahl.
We've seen this over and over and over and it's all part of a kind of continuing story of going back even to 9-11.
9-11 plays a key role in this.
Even going back further to the 93 World Trade Center false flag event.
It goes back to the Clinton era of bombing and taking out Serbia and Slobodan Milosevic.
I'm not saying that these people are good people, I'm just saying that this is all part of a long strategy, a long plan of the continued Cold War so that the Western Anglo-American Zionist Israel power structure can have the upper hand and have no potential opposition, no potential opponents to then create
This technocratic model of global governance.
So this is just part of a long strategy, a long game for dominance, for full spectrum dominance.
And to then bring in gradually, as they're already rolling out now, the World Economic Forum, Skynet model, as we see in front of our face, right?
COVID was another example of this.
COVID played very strongly, very, very well into the narrative of the rollout of the new phase of the business plan to bring about the technocratic agenda.
So this is where we are.
We're at this stage now of all the same older operations.
Don't forget Mockingbird, right?
So think about Gladio as the skeleton key into understanding false flags in a kind of a black ops scenario.
Think about Operation Mockingbird as a window, a skeleton key into the older model of understanding how to control and manage media.
400 plus journalists bought off, paid for, compromised throughout that period.
Think about the Epstein operation as a way to understand how high-level people and operatives are compromised in entertainment, in science, in media as well.
So, these windows that we have are all windows into exactly how the power structure runs things, how they control things.
Think about also the Federal Reserve, right?
I was going to lecture on that today, the history of the Federal Reserve and that model of fiat currency, which is now collapsing into their version of a CBDC.
They want to roll that out as the new version of the fiat currency, the new version of an infinitely inflatable Zimbabwean online e-currency, where you'll always forever be into debt.
So it's a perpetual debt model.
Bitcoin, I believe, is a solution to that.
And there's really no other options out of this system other than to oppose the technocratic agenda, oppose CBDCs, opt into things like Bitcoin, which is the hardest form of mone