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Air Date: March 17, 2024
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In a recent episode, Alex Jones discusses Trump's statement about a bloodbath if China tries to ship cars made in Mexico to the U.S. The mainstream media has taken this out of context and used it as a way to deceive people. Jones highlights how these tactics are being used to control the narrative and mislead the public. The speaker discusses how Twitter’s Community Notes feature is being exploited by leftists to manipulate public perception, specifically citing the "Bloodbath Hoax" as an example. They argue that the feature has become weaponized and no longer serves its intended purpose of crowd-sourcing fact checks. In this video, Alex Jones discusses how the Biden administration is trying to provoke a violent reaction by using short clips taken out of context to make it seem like Trump is advocating violence. He urges listeners to look at the full clip and not be deceived by these edited snippets. The podcast discusses how the media and intelligence agencies manipulate information to create a false narrative and condition people into thinking certain ways. It highlights Operation Mockingbird, which refers to the CIA's influence on media outlets for propaganda purposes. The discussion also mentions Dan Crenshaw, a politician who denies the involvement of intelligence agencies in domestic affairs despite evidence suggesting otherwise. The speaker discusses the Uniparty theory and how both Democrats and Republicans are working together to tear the country apart. They mention an article by Jamie White that provides evidence of this collaboration. The speaker also talks about Tucker Carlson's coverage of Representative Dan Crenshaw and how he has been manipulating U.S. news coverage. The media is trying to change its coverage in order to help Biden win against Trump as the GOP nominee. A new ad campaign claims that black people suffer more pain on average compared to white people, and it's time for pain equality. The globalists are using Black skin to cover their crimes. Big Military War News: NATO says fighter jets can carry nuclear weapons as tensions with Russia reach breaking point. The Biden administration plans to use Guantanamo Bay as a processing center for illegal aliens from Haiti. Farm Wars coming up, Soros and the UN sue and use government regulations to shut down farmers to cause collapse. Alex Jones is right about police state, martial law rollout. Electric cars rejected worldwide due to toxicity and lack of proper function in cold weather. Hertz CEO steps down after big EV push fails. InfowarsStore.com offers a wide range of products including Covid Shield and Rocket Rest Sleep Aid. Inflammation, the silent menace that lurks within our bodies, affecting our health and well-being, can be cured by turmeric found in Body's Ultimate Turmeric Formula at InfowarsStore.com. The video discusses a number of topics including the globalist agenda, media propaganda, the climate transition, food and energy availability, the use of AI in technology, race wars, and the manipulation of corporate identity. The video claims that there is a global revolution happening that is worse than any war and that it is being covered up by the CIA and its satellite propagandists. In an attempt to address the change of black individuals voting for conservative and populist parties worldwide, some companies and spokespeople have tried to make every representative black and appeal to the experiences of black people in order to gain support. The underlying motive behind these efforts is to create guilt in white individuals for their race and ultimately control the minds of the general public through various means such as 5G, AI, and disarming police forces while simultaneously defunding them. The recent trend of black individuals voting for conservative and populist parties worldwide has led to a sense of panic among political representatives. In an attempt to address this change, some companies and spokespeople have tried to make every representative black and appeal to the experiences of black people in order to gain support. The underlying motive

It's Sunday, March 17th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And we have incredible news to break down this evening for you.
Russell Brand.
Eddie Bravo, the third and fourth hour tonight.
But now, we're live.
And the wheels came off the New World Order globalist system a long time ago, but man,
They're only doubling, tripling, quadrupling, quintupling down in an attempt to herd us back into control.
And we have an incredible example of this.
With 232 days, 7 hours, 59 minutes, 26 seconds, the most important election in world history.
Well, I remember getting phone calls yesterday about Trump and a bloodbath comment.
So I went to the comment, and that's a classic corporate term about it's going to be a bloodbath for a company.
He said if the Chinese try to ship their cars,
Made in Mexico to the U.S.
I'll put a 100% tariff on it.
It'll be a bloodbath for their company.
That's a term Trump uses.
They also use a lot in the stock market.
That's Trump.
When a stock plunges, it's bloodbath.
And so they took the clip out.
Two, three second clips all over the corporate media everywhere.
What did I say two weeks ago to Tucker Carlson?
I said, when you see two, three second clips, you know you're dealing with a fraud.
So we'll play that clip coming up.
It's really gotten people's attention and it's blown up in the corporate media's face.
Big article up on Infowars.com.
Mainstream media humiliated after caught lying about Trump's bloodbath remarks.
And we've got Biden tweeting out a three second video of Trump simply saying it's going to be a bloodbath.
And the left running around sharing it everywhere like chickens with their heads cut off simply
But this is what they do.
It's like I go, this is satire.
I don't mean this.
But if civilization collapses, I'll have to eat my neighbors.
I'll eat my neighbors.
And I knew they'd do that.
I troll them.
They send us massive traffic.
It blows up in their face.
I'm not the one lying.
They're the one lying.
They do it over and over again.
It was like on Friday, got 50 million views.
Something like 18 million views on my ex channel.
We got millions and millions of new people checking out the site.
We put up just a graphic with a cut down quote of, I'll eat your leftist ass.
Black corn on the cob and civilization collapses if I have to, because cannibalism will set in.
Well, they went crazy with it.
Said, oh look, he doesn't know what this means.
He doesn't know what eating ass is.
He's said so much.
Yeah, no, I'm the one laughing.
I'm the one that trolled you.
You're fools.
When we just start intellectually outsmarting these people, it's very easy.
And that's the thing.
It's like Mike Tyson in his prime taking on a 105-year-old man who can't even get out of a wheelchair, but we still sit there and demure to the establishment, act like, oh, let's be scared of them.
Let's be scared of what they say about us.
You want to be ridiculed and attacked by these people, or you know you're on the bad guy's team.
Also, Tucker Carlson understands this, and he came out when Dan Crenshaw, who's
The worst member of the Republican Party right now, he's Liz Cheney, but with an eyepatch.
He's a John McCain, but with an eyepatch.
And the Gay Pirate, as he's known, I don't know why he's known as that, but that's what they call him in Congress.
The Gay Pirate came out and impressed Congress and said there's no U.S.
intelligence agencies involved in the U.S.
And they're not involved in the media.
No, we just have congressional hearings, it's all declassified, all totally confirmed.
Last year, and also in 1976 and 77 of the Frank Church Committee, Operation Mockingbird.
So then he called Tucker basically a Russian spy, when Tucker brought this up.
Because we're talking about, hey, just because it says the TikTok ban is for foreign companies, or anybody working with a foreign group, they just say that.
It's what they did in the Russiagate hoax.
So, we've written a big article, Jamie White has, at InfoWars.com.
It's got a bunch of historical examples, declassifications, the Smith-Mundak being repealed, Operation Mockingbird, the weaponization hearings.
It's all there that Crenshaw is the biggest liar.
Currently still in Congress.
Most of them have stuck their tails between their legs, these fake conservative rhinos, and scurried back off to their Chicom titties that they suckle from.
But this guy is a shame on America and an enemy of the Republic.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
34% of the automobile manufacturing business in our country, think of it, went to Mexico.
China now is building a couple of massive plants where they're going to build the cars in Mexico and think, they think, that they're going to sell those cars into the United States with no tax at the border.
Let me tell you something, to China, if you're listening, President Xi, and you and I are friends, but he understands the way I deal, those big monster
Car manufacturing plants that you're building in Mexico right now, and you think you're going to get that, you're going to not hire Americans, and you're going to sell the cars to us now?
We're going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line, and you're not going to be able to sell those cars.
If I get elected,
Now, if I don't get elected, it's going to be a bloodbath for the whole... That's going to be the least of it.
It's going to be a bloodbath for the country.
That'll be the least of it.
But they're not going to sell those cars.
They're building massive factories.
A friend of mine... Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
So, that is a corporate term.
I've heard it all my life, watching CNBC.
Reading the Wall Street Journal, when a company loses big, it's called a blood bath.
And it can be used in other contexts.
Clearly, he's talking about cars.
Clearly, he's saying, if you try to move in and destroy what's left of the U.S.
auto industry, we are going to put 100% tariff on you, and that's a blood bath.
Well, then Biden, the media put out two-second, three-second, five-second, eight-second, nine-second clips.
Out of context, to make it sound like, and they ran headlines everywhere you saw it, that Trump was saying if he doesn't get elected there'll be a bloodbath, meaning a physical bloodbath.
How about a bloodbath of high interest rates and open borders and crime, which is a real bloodbath?
The Democrats are already threatening riots if Trump does get re-elected.
That article's dealing with that today.
It's incredible.
But here is the edited down version, and this is one of the longer versions.
They've got like three second versions out there.
They're putting out to deceive people.
Here it is.
Now if I don't get elected, it's going to be a bloodbath for the whole, that's going to be the least of it.
It's going to be a bloodbath for the country.
That'll be the least of it.
So that's what a desperate group does.
They try to deceive.
So here's the puppet Joe Biden's Twitter account.
Run by his press secretary.
It's clear this guy wants another January 6th, but the American people are going to give him another resounding electoral defeat this November.
And then they have the short clip.
If I don't get elected, it's going to be a bloodbath.
It's going to be a bloodbath for the country.
So, no context.
Nobody was talking about.
Just absolute deception.
It was 100% clear.
That's why they lost all the trust they had.
That's why.
They are so incredibly unpopular with the American people.
A popular talk show host and very informative lawyer, Viva Fry will be joining us coming up here in about five, six minutes to talk about this.
Roger Stone has got a lot of breaking news.
He'll also get into this and more.
He's popping in for about 20 minutes in the second hour.
The rest of it's going to be all this other insane news.
And boy, is it insane and is it important.
There's so much here.
But let me first get to Crenshaw.
Now, Dan Crenshaw operates in the world of the Liz Cheney's and the Dick Cheney's and the John McCain's and the RINO's, the Mitt Romney's.
He hopes you don't actually look up his voting record.
It's horrible.
It's basically a Democrat voting record.
And he constantly lies.
And then, you know, one time he contacted Joe Rogan about a year ago and said, tell Jones to stop lying about me.
I'm not affiliated with the WF.
Then we went and double-checked it.
Yes, he is.
And he's in alignment with the WF.
So, in a little press conference on Friday at the Capitol in D.C.
in the swamp, this crocodile, this piranha, he, we'll play the clip, he's talking about, oh, we've got to ban TikTok and don't worry, it doesn't affect U.S.
They said that with the Defense Authorization Act 2017 that Obama signed before he left office saying it counters Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act.
But that's what set everything up to say Trump supporters were Russian agents and Trump was a Russian agent to use U.S.
intel illegally against him.
And that's all come out.
It's all been declassified.
This is all well-known information.
And Crenshaw says, no, there's no U.S.
intel involved.
So a reporter says, well, what about
Yeah, this case.
He says, oh, those are former intel chiefs of the NSA, the CIA, and other agencies who have all their former employees working in the government.
They themselves work at the big private Booz Allen type organizations.
It's a revolving door.
So it's big tech, big corporations, big banks, the ratings agencies, working with the intelligence agencies, directing corporations and government against the people.
That's how
The spying on the American people, the censorship the last few elections, all of that is admitted.
All that came out last year in the weaponization hearings.
But here's Crenshaw basically saying that water isn't wet, and that birds don't fly in the sky, and that fish don't swim in the ocean, and that Hitler didn't have a weird mustache.
I mean, it's just pure, absolute crap.
Here's the clip.
Access everything TikTok has, which means data on all Americans.
And with data and with access to your, you know, app that you're addicted to, you can vastly manipulate an entire population, which the Chinese have done.
Are you worried that our intelligence agencies are doing the same thing domestically?
Am I worried that... Well, I know that they're not.
They're not manipulating Americans?
They're not circulating a flow of information?
Yeah, do you have some evidence otherwise that you'd like to share?
I mean... Okay, before we turn to any serious controversy... Hit pause.
Back it up five seconds.
Back it up ten seconds.
He goes, do you have some evidence?
The guy goes, well, uh, and he tries to talk and he shuts him down.
Boy, I wish I would have been there to ask that question.
I'd have said, uh, Operation Mockingbird?
The weaponization hearings?
The Steele dossier where the Justice Department paid the CIA operatives to create the fake... I mean, I could go on for a couple hours here.
I've experienced it myself, but go back to the clip.
Go ahead and roll it.
Congressman, you asked for an example of the U.S.
intelligence agencies meddling in our information.
What about before the 2020 election, when 50 members came out and said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation?
Does that count?
No, because they were retired.
They were retired, but the FBI had the laptop program.
There's nothing even close to what you've got.
Now, no one denies TikTok's bad and weaponized in that four of the six Hollywood production houses are owned by China.
And it came out, as I told you a decade ago, in a major Breitbart investigation that the Communist Chinese Party is funding the major transgender movement in America, Black Lives Matter, all of it.
Yes, we know that.
But they want this law to then target everybody else, including independent
Third-party websites.
So, it's very troubling it passed the House last Wednesday morning, and I hope it doesn't pass the Senate because it sets a very dangerous precedent.
So, we wrote a big article about it.
Jamie White put just some of the historical references, and so there's like 20 of them.
There'd be hundreds if we kept going, but I'm going to shoot a report tomorrow on this, because it's a lot bigger than Congressman Crenshaw.
We had the intelligence agencies legalized under Obama in 2012 with the repeal of the Smith-Month Act, and we have them operating against the American people and engaging in this brainwashing, the Smith-Month Act of 1948.
And I can pull you up Washington Post headlines.
Obama bill passes.
CIA now allowed to deceive and spread propaganda in America.
They're very proud of it.
But they want to have this paradox where they're doing it, involved in it, it all comes out, but then they talk to us like children and say, oh no, that's not going on, that's not happening.
Everybody knows about the Hunter Biden laptop.
That's literally one
Ice crystal on the tip of the iceberg.
That's one snowflake in this giant complex of control.
But the good news is people really, really, really, really see through this now.
And I wanted to get popular talk show host and very informed Canadian lawyer
Viva Frye on because I saw him really fighting hard yesterday and going super viral with tens of millions of reads of his ex post formerly on Twitter saying where are the community notes where Trump is clearly speaking in the context of corporate bloodbath will put a hundred percent tariff on you if you build these car electric car companies and other companies factories on
The US-Mexico border in Mexico, and bring them across, we're going to put a giant tariff on you, and that will destroy those companies.
It'll be a bloodbath.
And then suddenly we saw short clips everywhere.
Trump just said if he doesn't win the election, there's going to be a bloodbath.
Now, this has since blown up in their face.
There's many examples of this.
Mainstream media humiliated after caught lying about Trump's bloodbath remarks.
Tucker was right.
Representative Crenshaw lied about intel agencies manipulating U.S.
news coverage.
Here's some of the headlines.
Donald Trump chillingly warns the bloodbath in the U.S.
if he isn't elected as president again.
I put out some posts yesterday that got millions of views.
And I just said, Macron announces they're loading hydrogen bombs on fighter jets.
That was a real headline.
Macron announces they are preparing to send troops to fight Russians.
He said that.
And then I got community notes, well he doesn't really mean that and he hasn't done it yet.
So I get community noted in minutes.
And we're not attacking Musk or even X, one of the freest platforms out there like Rumble.
But Viva Frye has gotten very upset about this, so he went himself and community noted by just literally responding, looked like the hundreds.
I saw over 50 and he was saying, I'm busting my ass trying to comment on all these.
Show that he could point out to people that this was not the context of what Trump was saying.
But now it's blown up in their face.
So with context on this, and I guess less than 24 hours, you'll look back on where it's going.
There's one of his latest posts, 16 hours later, still no community note on the tweet.
So Viva Frye, thank you so much for joining us.
This is a big deal because if the corporate media gets away with this, it'll only encourage them to do more of this hoaxing.
It's bad on multiple fronts.
I hope my audio is good, I'm on the road and I don't have my good mic, but it's bad on multiple fronts.
And I'm not trying to fight with Elon Musk, but he has to understand now, it's not just that Community Notes doesn't work, it's that it's actively destructive.
Because if Community Notes doesn't exist, you leave it to the community to call out bullcrap posts like the one posted by ACYN, whatever that handle was.
But when community notes exist and people think, if it doesn't have a community note, then it must be legit.
We're dealing with something now that has been clearly hijacked.
And it has an air of credibility so that if there's no community note, people say, all right, well, maybe it's not all that wrong.
And the stuff that gets community noted is quite clearly politically motivated.
So Elon Musk, when he put up the meme, the meme of the migrant giving the middle finger, getting the medal from Joe Biden, he gets community noted.
ACYN, whatever that handle is, still has not been community noted, because what's clearly happened is that, call them leftists, progressives, whatever you want to say, have hijacked community notes, and Akin has enough of a crowd that he can get people who vote on this to vote it not useful so it never appears on his feed.
It's been weaponized to the point where it's not just useless, it's destructive, so do away with it entirely, or fix it, and I was a little irritated at Elon's not slowness to respond,
Uh, he did respond later, maybe he's not responding to my tweets and I don't care about that, but it took him a little too long to get to this because the damage is done.
The bloodbath hoax is the next and the newest, uh, fine people hoax.
It's the newest injecting bleach hoax.
But this one can actually trigger violence in a meaningful way.
When you say that someone is going to violently kill people in the streets if they don't get elected, you've created an existential threat.
And if you're lying about it, shame on you because you're going to go get someone who's ill-informed to act on that threat.
But if you identify someone as an existential threat that will literally kill you and the ones you love if they don't get re-elected,
That motivates people to do stupid, violent, dangerous things.
This is not a fine people hoax where you say, what an idiot.
It's not a bleach hoax where you say, what an idiot.
This is, he called for violence in the streets if he doesn't get elected, it was a lie from the first minute, and Elon was a little bit sleeping behind the wheel, if I can say that respectfully.
Well, you're absolutely right.
I noticed Elon, months ago, turned off community notes on himself because he realized it was being weaponized against him.
And so whereas I want people to be able to make notes, conservatives, populists, normal people don't run around policing things.
The left are very good at getting organized and rigging or gaming any system.
You're absolutely right.
They're already saying Trump's going to be a dictator.
He's going to be violent.
He's going to imprison and kill his opposition, which they're actually doing to us around the Western world.
Look what Trudeau did with the trucker protest, and look at what's happening here with all the indictments of Trump supporters and of Trump himself.
But you're absolutely right.
This feeds into the narrative that indeed he says bloodbath, so that gives them the excuse to go into this weaponized violent mode, and it totally lines up with this agenda.
So we've got to keep hammering this.
The good news is, from what I've seen, it looks like it's blown up in their face, Viva.
Well, I may have gone a little hard on some people last night.
I did drop the F-bomb maybe one too many times.
But it's like, it's not... A, I'm done being polite.
You need to shock people to make them understand how bad and how dangerous this is.
Again, you know, injecting bleach into your veins.
It was a lie.
It was stupid.
Removing the bust of Martin Luther King was a lie.
It was stupid.
Calling, you know, shithole countries.
The alleged statements he made.
Those are things where you could say, he's an idiot.
Oh, shame on him.
To say that this was a literal call to violence, you've got psychopath Keith Olbermann.
I don't think anybody takes him seriously, but he's tagging the FBI.
You've got people saying, yeah, this is a call to violence.
That creates not just political hatred, it creates an imminent existential threat.
And if you think there aren't more people like the guy who shot up the baseball field and shot Scalise and the others because they're watching too much Bernie Sanders and Rachel Maddow,
This is enough to whip people up into an actual violent frenzy, and I would dare say it's specifically the goal.
This is not an accident.
When people make this type of lie, right up to Mark Elias, the lawyer who's the DNC lawyer suing left, right, and center.
Mark Elias, when an attorney comes out and says this was a call to violence,
Hey, that's what Barnes and I refer to as the political permission slip.
You are giving the political permission slip to people to carry out their psychotic revenge acts of violence because they deem this to be an immediate and existential threat.
So I went hard last night because you have to strike while the iron is hot.
You come in 24 hours later.
The damage is done.
The headlines have run.
And there are people who don't live on Twitter.
There are people who don't watch Viva Barnes Law.
There are people who only read New York Times, where they just ran a headline saying Trump refers to immigrants as less than people while calling for a bloodbath if he doesn't get elected.
This is dangerous.
And it's not Trump that's the dictator threatening violence.
It's the MSM, legacy media, and the blue checkmark hacks that will literally do anything to win, even if it means burning down the country.
I know you do your show all the time.
I totally agree.
You're smart.
You're informed.
Our audience is very informed.
That's the problem, though.
We're reaching tens of millions, but not billions.
And the corporate press all have small audiences, but there's thousands of them, so they do still reach more people than us with a lie where it just soaks in.
Trump said a bloodbath.
Trump's threatening violence.
The Democrats have said, if Trump gets re-elected in the Atlantic Monthly, you name it, we're going to ignore him being elected.
They're being honest, saying he'll probably get re-elected.
And we're going to decertify him.
And then we're going to have people riot nationwide.
And then if he declares the Insurrection Act, like George Herbert Walker Bush did in the L.A.
riots of 92, we're going to call that racist and evil and drive him physically from office.
You're absolutely right.
This is their battle plan now.
This is where they're going.
How do you think we counter that?
Because we're winning intellectually.
How do we deal with that?
I mean, I wouldn't even call you a conservative.
I'm a populist.
I'd probably call you a populist.
Labels don't mean anything.
But I've been watching you for years.
You're just a lawyer commentator that I'd say, even three years ago, I would even call a conservative.
But you have morals.
You seek tyranny.
If the Republicans were doing this, you would be coming out against them.
I know.
The Democrats are dyed in the wool, classic totalitarians.
You can't debate that.
So then how do we counter this?
It can only be peaceful and it can only be political.
I say publicly shame them.
I'm done being polite.
If it means swearing just to get people's attention and shake them up a little bit, that'll be it.
It cannot be violent because you know what they will do if it gets to the level of violence.
I had a thought that I totally forgot.
But you have to wake people up and you have to make them aware of what's going on.
I don't know what the other method is, but the bottom line is, this is my thought,
What they're claiming Trump is, and what they're claiming Trump is going to do, is literally what they're doing.
Locking up jailing rivals.
Using the DOJ to go after them.
And then they're talking about not recognizing Trump if he wins the election.
That's insurrection.
That is literally what they accused Trump of.
Tried to impeach him for the second time, and he was acquitted a second time, but now they're trying to lock him up for it.
They are literally saying, we're going to do
You feel stupid?
Hold on, hold on.
I don't
How many comments did you make?
You went around doing Community Notes' job, saying, here's the full clip, you're a damn liar, this is dangerous, that's what everybody should be doing, this is an information war, so don't feel stupid that you have the instinct, because you have children, to not destroy us.
But no, Alex, I was going fishing, and I was supposed to be fishing, and I'm listening to this clip, and I hear the clip, and I say, okay, A, I know that the person who's tweeting this
Does this often.
I can't believe the tweet.
I gotta go find his speech.
Keep scrolling through to get to the section of the speech where he mentioned it.
And then yeah, then I'm enraged.
Because they're treating people like they're idiots.
They're treating people like they are pawns.
What Kant referred to as using people as a means to an end.
That's what they're doing.
Hoping that people are too ignorant, too busy, too stupid, too afflicted by Trump derangement syndrome to care that it's a lie.
And to get them to act on that lie.
So, yeah, I'm going to go everywhere.
I see it.
I have the clip.
I'm sitting there with an iPad with you while you're fishing, and we're sitting there catching fish.
In fact, I shot some video of it, actually.
I just remembered I did that.
I've got video of us fishing, and then I panned the camera to you talking.
So we're definitely simpatico, brother.
It's amazing, and I'll tell everybody, I know where the alligators are and I'm always on the lookout, and there's areas of the ponds where you don't get big alligators that make it through the gates.
So don't worry about that.
I'm not going to get eaten by an alligator.
You're in Florida now, right?
That's right.
I'm in Florida, so I'm in Florida on the road now.
We got spring break with the kids.
But no, I'm sitting there like, this is...
Does it not bother anybody that they're going to literally destroy the country in this hopes of retaining power because they are children, juvenile, I say violent children that cannot accept the fact that someone else is going to win and get their way for once.
This is how children act.
If you don't play by their rules, they slash the ball, kick it away, and then nobody plays but they feel good.
The media
I say it's the enemy of the people.
This is dangerous.
This crossed the line with speaking yesterday night.
It is.
Let's do one more segment on Big Picture, all the fake charges, and where we go from here.
Stay there.
Viva Fries, our guest.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Mexico has taken over a period of 30 years, 34% of the automobile manufacturing business in our country.
Went to Mexico.
Think of it.
China now is building a couple of massive plants where they're going to build the cars in Mexico and think, they think, that they're going to sell those cars into the United States with no tax at the border.
Let me tell you something to China.
If you're listening, President Xi, and you and I are friends, but he understands the way I deal.
Those big monster car manufacturing plants that you're building in Mexico right now, and you think you're going to get that, you're going to not hire Americans, and you're going to sell the cars to us?
We're going to put a 100% tariff on every single car that comes across the line.
And you're not going to be able to sell those cars.
If I get elected...
It's going to be a bloodbath for the whole, that's going to be the least of it.
It's going to be a bloodbath for the country.
That'll be the least of it.
But they're not going to sell those cars.
They're building massive factories.
A friend of mine.
So here's what Biden put out today.
It's clear this guy wants another January 6th, but the American people are going to give him another resounding electoral defeat this November.
And they put out a very short clip that I've warned about a lot.
When you see short clips, folks, go find the original.
And nine times out of 10, corporate media is lying to you.
Here's what Biden put up.
Now, if I don't get elected, it's going to be a bloodbath for the whole... That's going to be the least of it.
It's going to be a bloodbath for the country.
That'll be the least of it.
Imagine, that's all over the national news.
Not just on X, not just on Facebook, not just on Twitter.
So, here's what I said two weeks ago with Tucker.
When you see a short clip, you know you're being deceived.
Here it is.
You think that as things get more intense, which they will,
The people in charge desire violence.
They're trying to provoke a violent reaction.
They can't win in a peaceful fight.
But you have said, contrary to what they say about you, you've said, no, no, no, remain peaceful, period.
I mean, what they do is, anytime you're watching corporate establishment, enemy media, you'll see a three-second clip.
That's not, folks, you're being deceived when you see that.
So I'll say, like, this is satire.
It's the modest proposal by the famous Irish essayist and satirist, Swift, that if the world collapses, I'll eat my neighbors.
This is a joke.
But I go, collapse of the world leads to that.
They go, look, he just said I'll eat my neighbors.
They're deceiving.
It's like that refrigerator game where you have all the little words and you can move the words around and say whatever you want.
They basically take our words, move them around.
Okay, so that's enough.
And we just saw this week, because I'm warning of cannibalism with Haiti and the collapsed civilization, that's what it leads to.
They went, oh, Jones wants to eat our butts, some sex thing.
Again, they always change the subject.
Viva Frye, a great talk show host, lawyer.
Looking at big picture here, Fannie Willis excoriated, some of the charges dropped, but still the judge that gave to her campaign heavily lets her continue to be the prosecutor.
All this other garbage, it's backfiring, but they keep doubling down every time.
How do you see this ending?
I don't know, Alex.
On the one hand, I'm predicting that Merriam-Webster is going to change its definition of bloodbath on the internet, which the definition to be a major economic disaster.
Only a matter of time before they try to literally edit and change the definitions of words in real time.
How do I see it playing out?
You have to hope for a reasonably legitimate, a reasonably uninterfered with election, if you can even get there.
You have to hope that you're going to be beyond the margin of chicanery, beyond the margin of fortification.
I like to think that people are going to get awakened, but I think people need to have a cup of cold water splashed in their face to get out of this slumber.
Fannie Willis?
Who knows?
We'll see what happens.
She's going to be out of the file one way or the other, is my prediction.
This presumably goes to appeal in the Georgia-Rico case where Scott McAfee disqualified Nathan Wade or asked that Wade be booted from the file so that Fannie Willis could stay in.
She's facing ethics complaints.
It's only going to go downhill from there.
We're now noticing or realizing that they didn't send potentially exculpatory information to Alvin Bragg in the state prosecution.
I'm just getting very discouraged as to what it takes to make the ordinary person understand what is going on.
People are living their lives.
They're very distracted with their own lives.
They don't have time to go fish out information.
They see the headlines and they think that they're being told the truth.
They just need to understand they're being lied to left, right, and center, and being used as pawns.
So I don't know.
I mean, we're just going to keep plugging away like a maniac for the next, you know, year or so.
You know, I just got an idea.
I'm going to write a quick little blurb during the next break.
Headline, Merriam-Webster...
Let's put it back on screen.
Here is Merian Webster's dictionary.
A great slaughter or a noticeably fierce, violent, or destructive contest or struggle, a major economic disaster.
So, a major economic disaster.
No, but you understand, there's people out there who actually didn't know that that was even a definition to the extent that they're real people.
I go on Twitter and people are like, that's not what bloodbath means.
I was like, first of all, nobody who heard that in context, and I don't even want to say out of context, nobody who heard the actual statement could have deemed it to be a threat, period.
But then there's people who, they're so economically illiterate, they don't know that bloodbath actually means, you know, when 2008
We live through it.
It's an economic term, but there are people who are so ignorant and so ill-informed, they don't even know that.
And so now they're saying, well, what else could it possibly mean?
Well, Viva, I don't think they want to know the definition.
Again, the people that serve the globalists are showing their own interest, their own future, the inflation, the borders, the crime.
They're pretending like they're part of the power structure and just going along with it.
That's what I think is happening.
It's a form of Stockholm Syndrome.
What do you think it is psychologically?
I genuinely think TDS is a real thing, and I'm not saying it to be funny.
Except it's not Trump Derangement Syndrome.
People have a tendency of being able to be whipped into psychological frenzies.
It's how countries and eras have descended into barbaric warfare.
You can convince people of absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities, and I forget which existentialist wrote that, but... You're talking about militant enthusiasm or mob psychology?
I wouldn't even put... Take it out of context, people.
I believe there might be some MKUltra-level intelligence stuff to whipping...
You know, people think, they don't know what Operation Mockingbird is.
They think Operation Mockingbird is a thing of the past as if it doesn't exist today.
Operation Mockingbird is alive and well, except it doesn't need to be hidden.
It's operating in plain sight.
You get the media to whip up society into a frenzy where people become conditioned to think that they hate Donald Trump in the same way they were conditioned to think that they hate you.
I don't answer these trolls on Twitter, but people are like, oh, Alex Jones, disinformation.
If you think Alex Jones is disinformation, go look up Rachel Maddow and what is she.
And in which case, if it's all disinformation, fine.
But to put one on a pedestal, like New York Times running that headline.
New York Times has always been Operation Mockingbird.
They've always been tools of the state to conceal for government misconduct.
They've always been that way.
And so this TDS is just a manifestation of a form of crowd psychology.
And it's as alive today as it ever was.
What's my purpose now?
I'm pushed into this corner.
I'd rather be fishing.
But I'm going to try to make people understand this.
They are lying to you 24-7.
They are exploiting of your psychological weaknesses.
And we might very well be part of some intelligence operation to get people to think Trump is the devil so that they will justify anything to prevent the devil from winning another election.
Well, I don't think there's any doubt they admit the intelligence agencies are working against Trump.
We're involved in 2016, and then 2020, and then 2022.
I mean, there's no doubt they're doing it.
And then Crenshaw...
is up there saying, oh, U.S.
intelligence is never involved domestically because it's illegal.
Well, actually, the Smith-Munth Act was repealed in 2012 by Obama, and it legalizes it.
Well, that's like legalizing slavery again.
It's important we'll reverse it.
But yeah, there's the New York Times headline.
I've seen many of these.
Don't do your own research.
Folks, you know you're in a cult when somebody says, don't look into what I just said.
That's bad.
Going back to Crenshaw, actually, because I saw that clip and I'm like, OK, I don't want to jump to conclusions either.
I don't want to get whipped into an irrational rage.
Dan Crenshaw, once upon a time, I remember liking him, but I remember also not understanding the world in which we live, that he has the balls to come out and tell you, don't believe your lying eyes.
Oh, those intelligence officers who signed that letter, the 51 of them who signed the letter saying that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.
Oh, they were retired.
First of all, they weren't.
Second of all, have you not looked at the Twitter files?
I mean, to have someone who could... But it was former directors of the CIA and NSA whose people are still there, and we know that it's a revolving door.
90% of intelligence is in private companies.
I'm sorry, it's a giant lie.
It's an enraging, insulting lie.
And it's discrediting where I will never look at Dan Crenshaw again and say, this is an honest man.
I don't know if he's captured.
I don't know what happens.
The expression goes, you know, you die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.
And it seems like a lot of politicians are becoming the villains in real time, where once upon a time they were political heroes, at least to me.
To come out and say no, that doesn't happen.
Oh, my goodness.
Are you treating us like we're stupid?
And this confirms the theory of the uni party sort of
I mean, it confirms the theory of the Uniparty, that it's not just Democrats, that there is a strong contingency of so-called Republicans.
I'm going to tweet at Liz Cheney after this because, you know, getting back to them deleting January 6th committee documentation.
They call themselves Republicans so they can justify and sort of make it look like it's bipartisan hatred against Trump.
It's Uniparty, and I just don't understand what threat they think Trump poses to them that they're willing to tear the country apart, burn it down so they can rule over the ashes.
There's an article that Jamie White put together and he's adding to it because there's so much evidence.
That's a big article now.
Tucker was right.
Representative Crenshaw lied about intelligence.
He's manipulating U.S.
news coverage.
We give dozens of declassified, admitted examples in modern times and going back to the 70s.
It's all right there.
Very important article.
We know Tucker is going to, I talked to him today, to destroy Crenshaw this week with a deep dive on this.
And Alex, I mean, he's either lying, or he's just painfully ignorant, and unjustifiably so, given his position of power.
The Navy SEALs work with the intel agencies.
This guy toes the line exactly.
He is 100% Liz Cheney with an eyepatch.
He is, he is.
And then you get conservatives who are going to say, well, Dan Crenshaw said it, so it's got to be true, and Trump really is a bad man, because even some Republicans hate him.
It's wild.
Don't do your own research, though, is the classic.
It would have been a Babylon Bee headline ten years ago, and then it became reality.
But much of satire has become reality these days.
It absolutely has.
We're going to run a headline.
Breaking Merriam-Webster Dictionary Changes Definition of Bloodbath.
And then we'll just say, the old definition does not comport with the new thought police definition that it means economic collapse or a company being destroyed or a stock being destroyed.
It now means Trump is going to kill everyone if he doesn't win the election.
That's a very easy move.
We'll put satire at the end.
No, you'll put satire at the end and then they'll pretend not to understand it's satire.
When I ran for office in Canada and the leader of the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, put out a tweet that Maoists and Communists have infiltrated the government, Journal de Montréal, the Montreal newspaper, ran that tweet as though it wasn't a sarcastic sort of political parody.
But I want to go back and refresh my memory.
You remember when Gretchen Whitmer
We're good to go.
You know, kick off a menu.
To remove from a menu.
It's a cooking thing.
It has nothing to do with 8 miles out, 6 feet under.
It has nothing to do with 80, 60, and so on.
Everybody knew what it meant.
And I think there was actually some push and pull on Wikipedia to, I don't want to make a mistake, I'm fairly certain I remember that being an issue, but, you know, they pretend not to understand words when they want to, and then they pretend not to understand meaning when they don't want to.
I heard someone say, I heard what Trump said, I know what he meant.
It doesn't matter what he says if you want to understand what you want to understand.
Here's the good news in closing that I get your own show coming up and people can find you at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com and obviously on X at Viva Fry.
They're losing all over the world.
They're losing.
The globalist agenda is in deep trouble and so what are your closing comments on what we can do to stop their insanity?
Keep it as loud as possible, and do not give in to the temptation to lash out in a way that they want you to.
This is all provocative.
I'll say this every time.
It's all intended to be deliberately provocative, to try to get someone to do something stupid, so they can then say, look at these savages, we need to rule over them with an even bigger iron fist.
And the problem is, though, even when you don't get it,
They can manufacture it, they can fabricate it, or they can make it up out of whole cloth.
Do not give in to that temptation.
Continue to fight righteously, peacefully, and above all else, shame them.
Publicly shame them.
Aaron Rupar keeps tweeting out, I keep showing his Urban Dictionary definition, Rupar, a lying sack of S-H-I-T who literally lies at every turn.
Shame them and just share it around.
Eventually, truth will prevail, but the only problem is how long does it take and how much damage is done in the interim.
But do not give in to the temptation and do not let them provoke you into a response that they want to provoke from you.
Well, that's right.
In closing, and I'll continue with Roger Stone coming up with a lot of other news and other subjects.
This is really important.
I'm not going to show the clip as I watched it.
We're on the dock catching fish.
This has got my kids on it.
It's got my six-year-old on it.
I was going to show that.
We're literally have the iPad playing clips of you while we're out there fishing, and while you're fishing, and watching you counter all this in live time.
So I didn't have to.
I'm glad you were there.
You did a great job.
And everybody should be actually able to fry right now.
But here's afterward where my dad is gutting some of the fish last night that we then fried up, and then some of the horses come over.
So here's this clip.
Well, we're out here in East Texas with my dad, and he just pulled up Minigo and caught a couple fish.
Dad, we got us a little something extra for dinner?
Yeah, you can put that in a can.
We're not going to have to eat our neighbors now.
What's that, Dad?
Fish, eggs, roe.
That's pretty tasty, too, to cook it, right?
Yeah, you fry them, they're good.
So this is not quite a Haitian recipe.
This is not long, long, long pork.
You could eat it raw, but I don't like it raw.
You get my little Haitian Capitalism joke?
That's sad, that's not funny really.
I know, that's not funny at all.
Alright, well here we are.
Yeah, that's a guy.
We'll have to fish tomorrow.
So he caught like 20 fish.
We had too many.
We couldn't even eat it all.
But I love the fact that we're out having fun while we're fighting the tyranny.
60 seconds.
I think you got to do your own show.
Viva Fry, closing comments.
Cook your fish well because I'm always concerned about parasites in freshwater fish.
Keep double-check your own information.
Understand that people who have lied to you in the past will lie to you again in the future.
Nothing is a one-off.
If someone's done something in the past, they'll do it again in the future.
And so when you've been burnt, don't forget.
But do not let them provoke you into the response that they want to provoke from you.
And good fishing, Alex.
That was a good fish.
He caught a whole bunch of big ones.
I wasn't fishing.
I was stumbling around the deck shooting video.
All right.
We'll talk to you soon, brother.
See you soon.
Thank you very much.
All right.
We just spent 50 minutes on Crenshaw's lies.
All right.
It's bigger than Crenshaw.
It's them.
Oh, we're not.
The intelligence agencies aren't censoring you and surveilling you and harassing you.
It's just all on record.
And then them saying Trump wants to murder everybody if he doesn't win the election.
Everything is projection.
They're confessing through projection.
Now I want to shift gears into everything else we've got here today.
And there is a lot.
So let me tell you what's coming up.
We have new insurance company data and major study data.
cancer deaths spiked in 2021, 2022, and 2023.
Large excess overall trend.
Just as the FDA predicted in October of 2000, that the shots would cause myocarditis, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, infertility.
We have a big stack on the COVID attack.
Then, we have a story you think isn't that important, or at least it's okay, who cares about New York, but it affects everybody.
Letitia James wanted firefighters docked, paid, or even fired for chanting Trump when she gave a speech.
That's their right.
They've now backed down on that.
But it shows how far these thugs want to go.
We have Holder, the former Attorney General Eric Holder.
Media will change coverage to help Biden win the Trump.
Again, media.
We'll change coverage to help Biden win with Trump as GOP nominee.
We're going to get to that clip.
We also have the big military war news.
We're not at war with Russia.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz says, so that we're right on the knife's edge with some promoting nuclear war and full military invasion and full NATO competition with Russia, others saying no.
Very important stack.
There's a whole bunch right here that's absolutely critical.
NATO says fighter jets can carry nuclear weapons as tensions with Russia reach breaking point.
So they're loading the hydrogen bombs on right now.
Biden administration plans to use Guantanamo Bay as processing center for illegal aliens from Haiti.
We have the farm wars coming up as Soros and the UN openly worldwide sue and use government regulations to shut down farmers to cause collapse.
Russell Brand, Alex Jones is right about police state, martial law rollout.
We've got a big stack of incredible brainwashing news.
Advil has gone full race war.
A new ad campaign claims that black people suffer more pain on average compared to white people and it's time for pain equality.
Black people are not running these corporations.
They have nothing to do with this.
The globalists are trying to skin black people and put their skin on them for all the crimes they're committing.
It's really, really sick.
It's psychological warfare.
We're going to be exposing that coming up as well.
And then good news.
I'm all for electric cars once they get developed into a position where they work properly.
And where they're not so toxic, and where they work in cold weather.
I'm not against innovating out of fossil fuels, which aren't even fossil.
We know that they are just regenerated by the Earth's crust, that's now been confirmed.
But all over the world, people are rejecting electric cars, and EV delusion crumbles, major automakers pull out of EVs, and then this, Hertz CEO,
Out after being big EV pusher.
So Hertzio out after big EV push fails.
We've got all of that news as well here today.
But the first thing I'm going to get to is the Farm Wars article and video.
And I know you're awake and I know you're informed.
That's why I need you to go get the video and share it.
And I'm going to get it posted tonight on Real Alex Jones on X. It needs 10 million views.
It'll probably just get 500,000, but that's okay.
We're doing the best job we can.
Huge, huge second hour.
And I haven't responded
To their attempts with HBO specials and all these rollouts and nightly news everywhere attacking me and hundreds of newspapers attacking me the last week.
But now they've attacked Aaron Rodgers in their whole mind control program and tied him to me.
And so I'm going to speak a little bit about the witch hunt against Aaron Rodgers.
Supposedly somebody heard him ten years ago question Sandy Hook, so now maybe he needs to pay billions.
Maybe he needs to lose his career.
That's what they're calling for.
Because somebody heard at CNN in a private conversation at the Kentucky Derby, this is beyond an inquisition, beyond a witch hunt.
It is fully disgusting.
We're going to go to break.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Every farmer is warning us from every field on God's green earth.
A reckoning is imminent.
The four horsemen of the apocalypse are galloping on the horizon.
Last year in the United States, we lost over 500,000 farms.
We lost over 125 million acres of farmland.
There's never been a time that the local rancher or producer needs your help.
Buy American, buy local.
Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the largest private owner of American farmland.
Gates alone holds over 275,000 acres across 19 states.
Two giant companies controlled by foreign governments to come in and acquire.
One of them is controlled by the Chinese and they bought Smithfield out of North Carolina and the other one was a Brazilian company that came in and bought up one of the other major players.
Why would we want to have an antagonist?
On 25% of our meat processes.
It makes no sense at all.
Convoys of hundreds of tractors and trucks have slowed or blocked the traffic on major roads, leading to major cities in the last three weeks.
And many of the protesting farmers in France have also stopped after the government there offered a series of financial concessions.
And they've also blocked numerous border crossings with the Netherlands.
In Portugal, farmers have partly blocked a key bridge on a main road into Lisbon.
In the Netherlands, it was about fertilizer.
In Germany, it's about the so-called diesel privilege.
In France, it's about restrictions on the use of pesticides.
The CIA media and its satellite propagandists are covering up a global revolution that is far worse than any war.
Engineered global starvation in order to rein in the GMO agricultural control of the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the Great Reset.
Climate transition is a key priority for our societies.
We need to make sure that our farmers can be a partner in this.
With our new Climate and Nature Plan, we focus on the following three things.
First, the green transition.
Second, the growing physical impact of climate change.
And third, the risks from nature loss and degradation.
Our peaceful and united Europe
Is being challenged like never before by populists, by nationalists.
We hear the propaganda that increases of the gas of life, a trace gas in the atmosphere, will bring a disaster and that we will have runaway global warming.
Sorry folks, we've known for 200 years from chemistry
That it's the exact inverse.
In America, Soros ponds are now making it a priority to wage lawfare on the average farmer, while a backdoor elimination of fertilizer, livestock, and farms, by any means necessary, is well underway.
In order to get net zero, we'd have, first off, we'd have to kill all the animals, including ourselves.
Food and energy.
Nothing else is as important as those two things.
Water, right, is part of food.
They haven't decided to cut the water off just yet.
You know, climate change is a bit abstract.
Some people understand it really well, some understand it a bit, some just don't understand it.
Every kid knows how important it is to have water.
When you're playing football and you're thirsty, you need water.
Four billion of us depend on nitrogen fertilizer, which they now say is bad because it's a greenhouse gas or whatever.
And in particular what the net zero movement does is it ignores the benefits of fossil fuels and it exaggerates the negative side effects.
That's the key thing that's going wrong.
Fossil fuels are crucial to the availability of food for 8 billion people in two ways.
So anyone want to suggest what are the ways in which fossil fuels are crucial to food?
I think so.
You know, natural gas is crucial.
There's nothing close to natural gas in terms of fertilizer.
Meanwhile, a tsunami of illegals is slowly reintroducing screw worms and hoof-and-mouth disease to American livestock our ancestors tenaciously battled with and eliminated from the U.S.
Our nation is running out of time.
No one wins in a war against the farmer.
Everybody starves, and everybody dies.
John Bowne, reporting for InfoWars.
It's a globalist depopulation plan in full swing.
Sleepless nights seem to be a lot more common these days, with everything that's going on both at home and the world at large.
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One of the other sleep support herbs included is the Passionflower.
We're good to go.
We've got nuclear war news.
We've got economic collapse news and border collapse news.
But we're going to hit their attempt at race war first.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
So we've seen Google Gemini AI.
We've seen Adobe AI.
We've seen a bunch of them erase all white people.
Where you can't even search a white person.
You search a Viking, you get a black guy.
You search George Washington, you get a black guy.
You search Jesus, you get a black guy.
Now, my job is not an apologist for black people or white people or anybody else.
It's just to call balls and strikes.
But we know what's really happening here.
If you tune in to any movie or any show, not just Google Gemini or AI systems, but you want to watch a show about Vikings and half the characters are black.
Well you don't tune into a show about Shaka Zulu and the Zulus and get a bunch of white people as the Africans.
This is meant at one level in Hegelian dialectic to create racial division and to confuse white people and everybody else.
But it's really the corporate system pulling on the skin of camouflage of black people
And saying, well, white people on average have guilt, the media has taught them, so if the corporations now put a black face on, this is blackface, they can then get their anti-human agenda through saying, don't oppose us, we're black.
It's that simple.
So this latest one is Advil, so-called pain reliever.
With end caps at grocery stores and CVS's and Walgreens and Walmarts everywhere, there's one of them.
And you go online, you can read it all on Advil's website, saying black people feel more pain than white people.
It's unscientific, it's completely insane, it's bizarre.
But Advil's saying we're black, like Biden said, don't vote for me, you ain't black.
Overhead shot please.
Here's Advil's own webpage.
The Advil Pain Equality Project.
Introducing the Advil Pain Equality Project.
The Advil Pain Equality Project is a long-term commitment to champion equitable and accessible pain relief created by Advil and launched in partnership with Morehouse School of Medicine.
The Advil Pain Equity Project's first campaign, Believe My Pain, is focused on eliminating the issues of pain equality in black communities.
I mean, this is insanity.
Just like two men can have a baby.
Believe my pain.
Black people have been abused.
The corporate media represents them.
They've stolen black people's identity.
You know, if a white woman does braids, which all
...creation of a culture, and who cares if it was.
First they say, don't dress up as a Native American or an Eskimo or anything at Halloween.
You're expropriating.
You're being bad.
It's all about don't express.
Don't be yourself.
Don't have fun.
Think about what you say.
And now it moves on to the corporations.
With ads, you're going to buy some Advil for joint pain or whatever, and everybody knows it's anti-inflammatory.
It works really well.
I mean, I've used it since I was a kid.
And now they make that political that, oh, black people feel more pain, feel guilty while you're here on Netflix and CNN and ABC News and HBO, everywhere white people are getting it better.
You're white, so you don't have the same pain.
What the hell does that mean?
It's the weaponization of all culture and all communication to just fully
Immerse us in this garbage.
So I have all this incredible World War III news and economy news, but what's the Fortune 500 doing?
What's the Black Rocks doing?
What's the big central banks?
What are they up to?
It's hiding behind black people and making almost every corporate spokesperson for banks or insurance companies or medical companies or drug companies.
Or educational systems.
You turn on the television and it's literally 90% black people.
What does that have to do with reality?
Black people are 13% of the population in the US.
There's something like 20% of the population worldwide.
Great, show black people, but it's not for black people.
They're not the ones running this.
It's the big central banks literally stealing the identity of black people.
And I see the Charlemagne, the Gods, and all these other big popular talk show hosts that are black going, yeah, white people are jealous.
We're super hot right now.
We're doing great.
The globalist system is collapsing.
It's starting World War III.
And it's literally skinned a black person, like they did with Obama to invade Africa with AFRICOM.
And now says their entire agenda is black.
It's camouflage, folks.
Oh God, everybody's waking up to Black Rock and the New World Order and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and all these old, weird, inbred white people who are against everybody.
And the blacks are finding out we're killing over half their kids with abortion.
The blacks are starting to vote conservative and populist worldwide.
What do we do?
I get it.
We'll just make every spokesperson black and say, when you go buy a bottle of Advil, black people feel more pain.
Don't you feel guilty for who you are?
It's full panic mode.
They tried it five years ago when Starbucks started it.
You go in to buy a cup of coffee and they'd say, do you want to give money to Black Lives Matter?
Don't you feel bad because you're white?
They want us all poor.
They want us all bathed in 5G.
They want us all under AI control.
They want us all enslaved.
And they're hiding the whole thing behind their New World Order.
First, they defund the police.
They take the guns of the general public.
Crime explodes.
They put troops on the street.
Everybody's basic rights are taken away.
It's a formula of domination.
I want to play a short four and a half minute clip of Russell Brand doing a great breakdown on martial law a few days ago.
We're going to air the whole report that's 22 minutes long in the third hour tonight.
Roger Stone's come up in a few minutes.
But before Roger joins us to talk about the election and the political persecution, all the things that are happening, here's a snippet of Russell Brand.
Let's have a look at what he's saying on this subject.
When I was cutting my teeth 29 years ago, on air,
Bill Clinton had just been in office for a year or so and it was confirmed, the military was warning, it was coming out, they were leaking classified documents that now are all basically admitted and have been publicly rolled out against the public to
Incrementally bring in martial law.
So they went from this being secret under Clinton, and then with Bush, yeah, it's mainly for Al Qaeda, but it's also for domestic groups.
And then you're asking, well, what's this really all about?
And then you start to realize it's part of a long-term process of just getting the military, the police, the public ready for this.
So here's what's happening.
We're not going to have UN troops one day, or Russian troops like Red Dawn, and you're in Colorado and all of a sudden parachutes come down and you've got Russian troops shooting at you.
It'll be our own troops, but they'll be made up of people that have been tested for decades, going through the training, going along with attacking their own people.
And now the troops are being deployed and searching everyone's bags.
Like, how can you not be affected by that image?
That's armed military personnel on the subway being normalized.
I am quite sympathetic to this perspective, given what I've witnessed and experienced in the last
We're good to go.
are now deployed.
Once you've seen armed military personnel conducting bag checks on a subway in New York City, when there isn't a war happening or anything remotely like it domestically across America, then you have to acknowledge that that is something that is significant.
And quite a lot of power and time and propaganda has to be invested in saying that someone like Alex Jones is hysteric, and due to his, let's call it his presentational style, he does make that kind of analysis, in some circles, quite credible.
But let's not forget what we're looking at.
We're looking at armed troops on the subway in New York.
There's not been a terror attack.
There's not been a terror attack.
We're not in the middle of COVID.
It's just being normalized.
Without a warrant, all these decades of preparation for martial law, and that's what this is, is here.
It is interesting.
Banks being searched without a warrant by troops is a pretty significant step to normalise, particularly in a city like New York.
Often when I talk about piloting, I mean Australia, internment camps, trucker protests, and the evocation of the Emergencies Act in Canada, the freezing of bank accounts in Canada and Ukraine.
New York City, that's a bold move.
But I suppose the fact is, is broadly, compliance has become allied to opposition to Trump.
That's what it means.
Like, if you are opposed to liberal democracy, and liberal democracy now means war in Gaza, it means war against Russia, it means being compliant when it comes to medical suggestions that come from the state.
All ideas that, in the 60s, when the heroes were people like Malcolm X,
Like you wouldn't have thought.
One thing you want to be is obedient.
When Pfizer says jump, you say how high and oh I'm not sure I'll be able to because my heart hurts.
Now authoritarianism has become somehow allied to liberalism and the idea that military force and military intelligence is turned against the domestic population has become normalized.
We know from personal experience now
That agencies, deep state agencies and proxies funded by the state that were used as intelligence assets to oppose terrorists, as they were then called, perhaps understandably, in various Middle Eastern wars and subsequent disputes, are now deployed against domestic populations.
That's a fact in your country, in mine, across the world.
We're gonna air the full, incredible breakdown that Russell Brand did next hour and
A Bravo interview's coming up after that, after we hear that.
Alright, Roger, I don't normally, on the show, return to a dog-like vomit.
I cover something once, I move on to the next subject, but this bloodbath comment against Trump...
Is like the All Mexicans Are Criminals.
Where's the clip?
Never said it.
A lot of good people, a lot of terrible people coming across the border.
They never show the clip.
They say over and over again that he said All Mexicans Are Criminals.
And inject bleach in your veins.
Never said it.
They keep saying it.
There are so many examples of what they've done, but this is a blow to their face.
Biden's been posting on X and everywhere else, or whoever's posting for Biden, we know it's his press secretary, they've doubled down and says Trump wants a January 6th.
I've already played the clip twice last hour, I'm not going to play it again.
Trump openly said, maybe we should play it again, if you want we'll play it, I don't want to take your time, that this is Chinese automakers
In Merriam-Webster's dictionary, it means a corporate bloodbath, a collapse of a company's profitability.
Trump said, I will double the tariff.
I will quadruple the tariff.
I'll make it 100%.
Per car, you'll have a bloodbath.
If I'm elected, I will stop this.
And so now they've been caught doing that.
We have Crenshaw saying no intelligence agencies are involved domestically, even though it's all declassified, they are.
The repeal of the Smith-Mundak, all of it.
But I also want to talk about some of the other cases and other big news taking place right now.
But Roger, wow, what do you make of the bloodbath comments?
Well, to use the exact same expression that they used about Hunter Biden's laptop, this has all the hallmarks of a Democrat media cabal hoax.
And these kind of hoaxes are par for the course, but they were much better at pulling them off when they had a monolithic control on all communications.
Think how we would be covering this if it weren't for Axe, formerly Twitter, and Elon Musk.
This is just, it's the same tactic, the Russian collusion hoax, which started with the Steele dossier, that hoax.
Or the Russians hacked the DNC, that hoax.
Or the Ukrainian phone call, that hoax.
Or Hunter Biden's laptop was Russian disinformation.
Or pissgate, or pissgate, Trump's in a hotel being pissed on.
Right, or Putin bombed his own pipeline.
How about that hoax?
Or Trump grabbed the steering wheel of his limousine and tried to wrestle it away from the Secret Service.
It doesn't matter how false, how disproved... Or I sent child porn to the Sandy Hook families.
That was a hoax.
Well, Roger Stone was in a war room at the Willard Hotel planning the activities of January 6th.
Another hoax.
Never in any such war room.
By the way, with Steve Bannon, who you've been at loggerheads with for years.
I was just, if there was a war room there, I didn't know about it at the time, and I was never in any war room, but that's not the way the hoax worked.
So these people are, they're hysterical because Trump continues to lead in the polls.
Any reasonable person who will see his comments in context will understand that he was talking about the
But they, of course, want to make it sound like he was advocating violence.
They went back and found a 2016 interview in which I used the word bloodbath, but they failed to note that I specifically said that I renounced violence and I was speaking of civil disobedience if the 2016 election was stolen.
But they don't use that context.
You see, this is how they roll.
It's a game of vituperation
And I think people have now seen through it.
I really think it is counterproductive, but they trot Nancy Pelosi out and Susan Glasser of the New Yorker and all of these elitist so-called journalists, disinformationists is what I would call them, and they all pile on.
Fortunately for Elon and for the internet, any reasonable human being can look at the context and see that Trump was not advocating violence.
What's more troubling here, Alex, is whether this is being done to condition the public so that when they incite violence, they can flip it around and try to blame it on Donald Trump.
So let's stop there.
I'll give you the floor.
They've been pre-programming that they're going to cause violence.
We've got articles right here that he's a racist, that if he declares the Insurrection Act, they're then going to drive him from office.
So we now know their play.
They know he's got a landslide coming.
Start over and explain that.
This is confession through projection.
Yeah, my great fear here is that this whole bloodbath hoax, where they're claiming inaccurately that Trump was advocating violence, is an effort to condition the public for violence that they later incite, like the Antifa and BLM riots of 2020, but they can then blame on Trump.
Trump incited these riots.
To be very clear, we have renounced violence.
You see a lot of videos, but you don't see the one in front of the Supreme Court on January 5th, where I specifically said to the people in this rally, don't be goaded into violence.
Yeah, it's the same ridiculous hoaxing we've seen.
It doesn't matter whether it's the, oh, Trump had a Russian bank server in Trump Tower, the Alfa Bank hoax.
I mean, it goes on and on and on.
So how should Trump... I think he should come out...
They are.
We're good.
Well, I agree.
Look, I would like to see him back on X, and the truth is, all of his content at True Social is getting cross-posted onto X, so it's not like... But not like it would if he'd do it.
Why isn't he doing his spaces with Elon?
His biggest mistake is not being on X. I can explain that, I think, which is to say that they're trying to strip him of his wealth.
They're trying to take every penny from him.
You kind of know what that's like.
The one of his greatest assets is true social.
He doesn't want to do anything that would devalue it.
Sure, but he uses X to push the content there.
I don't disagree, but I'm just trying to tell you why I think he, why I believe... All right, I'll shut up.
Start over.
Start over.
Look, again, they're trying to strip him of his wealth.
They're trying to take every penny from him and destroy him financially.
Among his most valuable assets, evidently, is equity in True Social.
He doesn't want to do anything that he thinks, that he thinks, keywords, might devalue it right now.
I don't blame him.
Would I like to see him back on X?
Yes, absolutely.
Would I like to see him doing spaces?
Would I like to see him doing an interview with Elon?
Would I like to see him posting?
Yes, I would.
And I think that will come.
But it will come when he's ready to do it, not when you and I urge him to do it for our own reasons.
So I'd like to see that.
But I still think the hoax is getting discredited because of the new freedom that's available on X, which would never have happened.
I mean,
Just think how successful they were in pushing the whole Hunter Biden's laptop is Russian disinformation, therefore you shouldn't cover it.
They actually, as you know, they banned, they closed down the New York Post's feed on Twitter, which is outrageous.
But, when they had monolithic control of all communications, it was very easy to generate these fake hoaxes.
Take your pick.
Roger Stone was the go-between between WikiLeaks and Russian intelligence, or WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.
No, I wasn't, but they'll keep repeating that hoax, and if nobody contradicts it, and if you yourself are banned, or censored, or silenced, or gagged, and you can't contradict it,
It becomes a widely known they understand the big lie technique because they use it more than anyone else.
And again, I've seen a lot of criticism of X allowing the hoax, but at least X is countering it.
Well, that's right.
No one's criticizing Facebook or Instagram or Google that are still pushing it.
Thank God for X.
Yeah, it would be nice to have those platforms be a level playing field, but they're not, and they're never going to be.
It would be nice if Google would allow the refutation, the debunking of this fairly high up in their search engine, but we both know that they won't.
So I view X.
And Telegram, and to socialize beachheads as vital beachheads.
And look, Joe Scarborough, of all people, posted this fraudulent bloodbath hoax, only to get fact-checked by Elon himself.
And very quickly, Joe Scarborough took his post down.
I think that demonstrates the enormous power of X and the courageous actions of Elon Musk, who's now finally, now that it's in new ownership, allowing freedom of expression.
Is it perfect?
No, it's not perfect, but it's very, very good.
Well, absolutely.
The last 16 months since Elon took over.
X is double the number of users, and I see people bitching about X, because Elon isn't working 24 hours a day, he's got to sleep.
He has been all over the place, reaching hundreds of millions of people, saying this is a fraud against Trump.
So, I see this blog with their face, but it also tells me, Roger, I want to come back and talk about this, that it shows they're going to go all the way.
There's nothing they're not going to spend now.
This shows real desperation.
I totally agree.
We've been talking about this for some weeks.
They're apoplectic.
They're hysterical.
The whole lawfare tsunami gambit is not working.
So now it's up in the air as to whether they can get Donald Trump on trial someplace prior to the election, which is a key, key point in their plan to destroy him.
That's why they are now so hysterical and why they're trying to blow this up into something.
Stay there, Roger.
Let's come back and talk about all the show trials and the hot spots we're dealing with.
Straight ahead with Roger Stone.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
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And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
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He loved the idea.
What would you call the debates and discussions about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
You're listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, Eddie Bravo, Russell Brand coming up in the third and fourth hour tonight.
We've got 27 minutes left with Roger Stone.
Now, I've got nuclear war news, massive COVID vaccines causing heart attacks, insurance companies admitting it.
I've got all these incredible stories.
But why would I raise this next before I go to Roger Stone, one of the top political operatives on Team Humanity in the world?
One of the top advisors to Trump.
He doesn't kiss and tell, but he's literally, you know, one of Trump's top advisors.
Why would I hit this first right now?
Because in this story,
We find the keys to victory and destiny.
Now, about a week and a half ago, Letitia James, the George Soros Attorney General in New York, literally ran on destroying Trump, rigging all these trials, no juries against Trump, just judges.
She gets up in front of firefighters at a speech she wanted to give, and they boo her ass.
And she wanted them demoted.
She wanted them put on furlough.
She wanted them suspended.
She wanted them fined.
That was a week and a half ago, like 12 days ago.
How un-American is that?
You're a pig.
You're a George Soros operative.
You're this horrible, corrupt creature.
That's persecuted us, by the way.
Tried to get me indicted three years ago.
FBI investigation, everything, she triggered.
This pig
This arrogant slob gets up in front of firefighters at their union.
They pay dues.
It's their event.
It's their place.
They boo her and she tries to get them fired or demoted or their pay cut.
And it backfired, and now they backed off.
See, there's only so far this scum can push, and that's how far we let them.
So yeah, you think I like being targeted?
You think Roger likes getting SWAT teamed?
You think Trump likes getting SWAT teamed?
You think we like getting perp walked?
No, but we're men who cannot bow to tyranny.
We're Americans.
It's real.
You're seeing it right here, just like you back us.
But know that Trump is under attack.
Know that we're under attack.
I'll tell you, the left brags, oh, Trump has 10% of the money of Biden.
He's running out of money.
He's not getting donations.
Because a lot of listeners think Trump's invincible because they see the poll numbers.
They think, oh, he's great.
No, folks, he's chewed up and shot full of arrows.
He'll keep going.
He's a warrior.
President Trump needs your prayers, but also donations and your word of mouth.
And don't take this for granted just because he's way ahead.
They're going to try to steal it.
And same for Roger, same for me.
You want men that'll stand up?
You got them.
I'll do it even if you don't support me.
I can't help it.
I hate these people.
But wouldn't you like to win?
So I'm just telling you, don't expect we'll be here tomorrow, folks, if you don't back us.
And I'm not bitching at you.
I'm just saying, we're in a war, and this is victory.
This pig, this Soros.
Soros, when I was a kid, they'd been on the news, until he bought off the media, would go around bankrupting countries all over the world to steal pension funds of old people.
He's a predator.
And then this pig, and his pig son, and this pig woman.
I don't want to insult pigs.
Sit there.
That's actually wrong.
I don't want to insult cockroaches.
They literally get booed, and she wants them fired, and New York finally said, you know what?
We're not going to fire them.
Fuck you.
Fuck you, Leticia James.
There's this point where you've got to find your manhood and say, no matter what you do to me, and she's trying to put me in prison, I'm not backing down to your fat, ugly, soros ass anymore.
So, I want to go back to Roger.
We'll just skip the break to get more time, but there's a bunch of these clips, but here's the one they pulled up.
It went on for like 10 minutes, her being booed, and she tried to persecute American firefighters at their own union for their speech.
Think how far we've fallen.
This scumbag, this Soros minion wants to take their speech away because they're pissed that they saw her persecute her political rival who she said she would.
Here it is.
By the way, you notice I said I don't know what clip they'll get because we're one minute from coming back from break.
I go, get me a Letitia James clip.
In post, we posted the Band Off video in X. Go get the ones that are straight on, because it goes on for 10 minutes.
Post the whole thing.
And she goes, hey, settle down.
Shut up.
I told you, shut up.
It's the one.
She goes, I told you, be quiet.
And she's thinking, I'm gonna get your ass fired.
We'll add those videos in there.
The whole exchange is incredible.
The video they found, great job Cruz, this little side video.
They got HD video up front of her face going, Quiet!
I told you shut up!
Shut up!
And then she tried to get him fired!
Folks, you feel safe in a country where this disgusting Soros cancer can shut down firefighters that don't like her at their own event?
Roger, I'm ranting on this, but to me, this is a Rosetta Stone.
This is a keyhole into the whole thing.
Fire Department New York backs down on hunt for firefighters who booted Leticia James
Who booted Leticia James after backlash.
So just imagine, she thinks they don't get their speech, she wanted their job, now they back down.
To me, this is a bellwether where people realize, you're going to lose everything if you don't find your balls, folks.
You're going to lose everything if you don't stand up.
And even if they got fired, they'll sue, they'll win.
Just like the New York police officer that they went after.
This is wrong, Roger Stone.
Alex, to put this in some context, Letitia James, of course, has no direct authority over the fire department.
So Eric Adams, fire chief, was the one who announced that the officers who had offended her by the asserting of their free speech rights would be hunted down and that they would be terminated or otherwise disciplined.
The public backlash against that was so great.
It is so obvious to people that Trump was lynched by this woman in multiple trials where the charges make no sense, where there's no jury, where the judge declares him guilty before the trial even begins.
The backlash just demonstrates the people out there watching InfoWars, the average person who is active and spots the truth and passes it on, is having an impact.
So you're absolutely right.
It does demonstrate that when they tried to assert their authoritarian control over the average firefighter, when it came to the exercise of their free speech rights, they had to pull back.
And that's very significant.
Look, you have a woke
New York City government.
This week they announced after an earlier attempt to ban all wood and coal fired pizza ovens, think about that, in the greatest mecca of pizza in the country, this week they quietly passed a woke
Uh, regulation that caused for a 75% cut in the emissions from those ovens because the outcry over their attempt to ban them did not go so well.
So the entire New York City government is woke and the people are starting to push back.
They're particularly pushing back on the fact that the city has had an invasion of illegals
They don't know where to house them.
It has caused huge fiscal problems and rising crime problems.
They cook the crime statistics to make them look far better than they really are.
So yeah, I think this is a good sign that people are not going to be denied their free speech rights.
So Roger, it's a microcosm.
That she gets up there in the full clip and says, be quiet, shut up, and they don't shut up.
And then the fire chief's like, turn yourself in, it'll be better for you.
People are finally finding their American instincts again to say, screw you, and they had to back off.
Because folks, there's no limit to what they're going to do.
There's no limit to their power grabs.
We look at Hochul militarizing, basically martial law, taking over the city of New York, putting troops into the subways.
It's very hard to believe that things have gone that sideways in New York State, but the truth is they have, Alex, and that's why they have grabbed on to this bloodbath hoax, because as you pointed out, things are not going their way and they're getting increasingly hysterical.
Letitia James Active was very reminiscent of the insolence of Fannie Wells when she was deposed.
It's that same arrogance.
I can do whatever I want.
You have no right to challenge me.
It is an enormous abuse of power.
And what's crazy is I see the videos in New York where if you don't take your trash out right on time, they fine you.
Or grocery stores that have been there 80 years put out oranges, they get fines.
But the illegal aliens can roast rats and guinea pigs on the street.
Alex, the Roosevelt Hotel, which is, by the way, I think a protected national landmark under the preservation laws.
Once the elite hotel, the headquarters of Governor Thomas E. Dewey, the headquarters set of suites for Nelson Rockefeller,
We're good to go.
This is Joe Biden's New York.
This is Eric Adams' New York.
Well, Elon tweeted yesterday, or posted on X yesterday, shots of New York.
We'll pull it up in a minute, I'm telling the crew now.
And it's literally giant piles of garbage as far as you can see, and illegal aliens everywhere.
And I've talked to New Yorkers I know, which, New York's a great city, great restaurants, great culture, great theater.
I mean, I loved New York until now.
It is way worse than before Giuliani took over.
I mean, look at this Elon video.
They say it is hellish.
Oh, I mean, Alex, I mean, there has to be some some some.
Consistency here.
So Mayor Eric Adams, when he's running for mayor, welcomed the fact and was proud of the fact that New York City was a sanctuary city.
Now, finally, he candidly admits that the migrant crisis threatens to destroy New York City.
He's running out of money.
State law requires him to pay for social services for these illegals.
That causes him to have to cut money, for example, on sanitation.
That's why you see these piles of garbage.
So services like law enforcement and sanitation and education and healthcare are being cut for taxpaying Americans because by law the mayor must provide social services for this enormous influx of illegals.
And they're not all, as you might expect or the media might lead you to believe, from Central or South America.
There's a disproportionate number of them from China,
There's a disproportionate number of them from the Middle East.
There's a disproportionate number of them who are single, military-age men.
And New York's giving them up to $90,000 a year to live there.
I mean, the Democrats are committing suicide in front of us, aren't they, Roger?
I mean, I don't know how they politically survive this.
Why are they doing this?
Well, because they think they can change the voter roll, that they can rejigger the voter base in the country.
They say we're racist when we call it, you know, the replacement theory, but whether they like it or not, Tyson's pork packing plant in Iowa is offering New Yorker illegals to pay for their lawyers and to give them a salary if they'll move there and replace union workers in Iowa.
By the way, stop right there and repeat that, because I meant to cover that today.
54,000 Tyson employees are to be fired to hire illegal aliens.
So you're a citizen, you pay taxes, you're being fired, and Tyson says as a virtue signal, we're hiring illegal aliens.
This is these companies, Tyson by the way signed on to make you eat cricket, crickets now, and cockroaches, I'm not joking.
Look it up.
Literally at war with us.
I mean this is crazy.
Yeah, I mean, in this particular case, Tyson will not only pay an immigrant's travel from New York, they'll also pay for a lawyer to defend them against deportation, and they'll pay him a salary, which is less than they would pay a local worker.
They spit it that nobody wants the job.
That's always the law.
Nobody wants to pick tomatoes.
Nobody wants to pick cabbages.
No, no, no, no.
That's a Bloomberg lie.
Because the actual article is, hire his employees to hire illegal aliens.
Yeah, again, this is typical of their ability to perpetrate a hoax.
They're very good at perpetrating a hoax.
Remember, Trump was storing nuclear secrets at Mar-a-Lago, and if we don't arrest him, he's going to sell them to the Chinese or the Russians.
Remember that, folks?
Remember that?
Same people who push the Russian collusion hoax, who push the Steele dossier hoax, who push the Hunter's laptop hoax, who push the DNC was hacked by the Russians.
So it's the same people.
And they repeat the same lie until they persuade voters.
But I do think they're losing their grip on public dialogue, which is changing the political dynamic.
It's why Trump is leading in the polls, despite all of this pile of crap that they keep
Well, that's the next question.
Trump puts on an air of invincibility and of confidence, which that's how he is, so it's not fake.
But he's not Jesus.
What do we do to support Trump?
Because I'll criticize him on policies to get him to do what I think is best and what listeners want.
Doesn't mean I don't support Trump.
I totally support him.
What about some Democrat Party cult?
But this guy is like Superman when it comes to fighting these people.
What can we do?
Alex, I think you put it, you said this earlier, the gap between the Republicans and the Democrats in fundraising, the gap between Trump and his opponents in fundraising is enormous.
Biden as an incumbent can dip into all the special interest cash and the ideological money of people like George Soros and other billionaires.
Trump has a huge base of small and medium-sized donors.
He has to rely on that.
He is not the toast of Wall Street.
He is not the toast of the financial elite.
Sure, he's got a few wildcatter-type millionaires and billionaires, guys who are self-made, who like the fact that he's an outsider because they themselves are outsiders, but by and large, he's not getting big money.
People can go to DonaldJTrump.com.
Previously, I would have told people, do not give to the Republican National Committee under any circumstances.
Now that there's a change of leadership there, now that I know the people who are in charge and they know how to stretch a dollar, now that I know that many of the expensive consultants and the window dressing has been cleared away, yes, I think it is now safe to give to the Republican National Committee again.
Would never have said that two weeks ago.
Well, I was about to say, all this free market money
That's not rhetoric, folks.
It's true.
Alex, I would also add that if you, and I can understand this, if donors are reticent about giving their credit card information over the internet, or they're reticent about giving through WinRed, which is the payment processing company that is used by the establishment Republicans, fine.
Then drop a check in the mail.
Make it out to Donald J. Trump for President.
That information is on the website.
Yeah, the second American revolution is happening now.
We need full commitment, people.
Roger's committed.
Trump's committed.
I'm committed.
Tucker's committed.
Joe Rogan's even getting committed.
Are you not gonna stand?
Folks, we're facing hell if you don't commit now.
I mean, it is so obvious, Roger.
You know, Alex, in the break you were talking about your Gazdan Frag t-shirt, and I must tell you, this is my favorite InfoWars t-shirt.
When I go to the liquor store, trust me, this triggers the libtards like nothing else you could possibly wear.
That's a classic InfoWars.
We should come back with the obnoxious navy blue with the big red InfoWars.
You know, InfoWars is long in the tooth.
We can be shut down imminently.
And people like to go, that's a little rhetoric by me.
No, no.
I've told you privately.
It's very close.
But regardless, I won't be shut down.
I'm just going to punish my crew.
But this is a full-on war, Roger.
I agree, Alex, why I was happy looking at Rumble today.
People can watch me at Rumble.com slash Roger Stone.
Show's really taking off and we're grateful for that.
So drop into the Stone Zone or go to StoneZone.com.
You know, we are also the tip of the spear.
We're good to go.
World War I, World War II happened.
We're overdue for this, folks.
We're in grave danger.
I don't just say that like fear porn.
I am physically sick.
I have to control myself every day because I love my six-year-old daughter.
I love my other kids, too.
They're great, but little girl, man.
I mean, I'm so close.
I meet with Bilderberg group members off record.
I mean, I have the meetings.
They go, where should we go to?
The globalists have moved into bunkers, and literally we're sitting here, the public doesn't realize how much change they're in, Roger.
Look, Alex, if you can look at the news and not be driven to pray, then there's something wrong with you.
I mean, in all honesty, I did this on a Sunday evening, but looking at the news today just made me pray beyond the praying I did at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church this morning.
You know, look, I'm a hard-boiled political strategist and operative, no question about that.
I've been accused of many, many, many things I didn't do.
I've always said that I'd do anything to elect my candidates short of breaking the law, and I've lived by that.
I was lynched in a Soviet-style show trial in Washington, D.C., in which all my rights were denied to me.
But I also recognize you can't just walk away.
You have to stay in the fight for the country.
You do it, I do it, Tucker does it.
But it's tough to do without support.
Ask people to go to StoneZone.com, go to the store, buy a book, buy a t-shirt, or just go and watch our broadcasts, go to the Infowars store.
Let's be clear.
It's almost like some embarrassing side thing.
Oh, by the way, support me, please.
Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin went to France and sold to the French for $5 a piece equivalent to like $5,000 or $10,000.
I don't think the inflation number was huge.
American flags to fund the revolution.
We are literally here toe-to-toe with the new world order.
What we want is your word of mouth, your prayer, and your support.
Roger, 60 second closing comment.
How's Trump doing?
I know you talk to him all the time.
How's his spirit?
He looks stronger than ever.
I have not talked to him today, but you know, look, this guy is just, he's tough, and I think he's at his very best in crisis, he's very best in battle.
He's supremely confident.
He had a great rally in Ohio.
Terrific shout-out there for my friend J.R.
It was a terrific sign of strength.
Jared, pardon me, Sherrod Brown, the U.S.
Senator there, polling under 50% against
Lesser-known Republican challengers.
I think Bernie Marino is the guy to beat him there.
Trump endorsed Marino.
So he's very upbeat and very engaged in the fight.
And if any reasonable person will go look at his comments, but I think this is key because he's very specifically talking about the auto industry.
He's talking about it before and after he makes the reference to the fact that if we don't
Thank you, Alex.
Great to be back with you.
Alright, coming up...
Thank you.
Russell Brand and Eddie Bravo in the third and fourth hour tonight.
This is going to be powerful.
Please stay with us.
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