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Air Date: March 13, 2024
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"On March 13th, 2024, Alex Jones discusses various news topics on InfoWars. He covers main charges against Trump being dismissed in Georgia, ongoing debates over illegal immigration in the United States, House passing a bill to ban TikTok, concerns about Haiti, banning puberty blockers for children in England, updates on AI industry and crime wave, and issues related to electric cars. Other topics discussed include seismic case falling apart in Georgia against Trump, consequences of malnutrition in third-world countries due to global economic and food crises, potential global famine and cannibalism due to societal collapse, criticizing those who mock such possibilities, promoting InfoWars products, and discussing ongoing legal issues facing InfoWars. Alex Jones discusses his life, beliefs, persecution, and encourages listeners to support InfoWars through purchasing products from their store. The show also promotes Survival Shield X3, a health supplement derived from ancient sea salts. Topics discussed during the broadcast include Putin's nuclear war threat, cannibalism in Haiti, invasion happening, Trump's charges being dropped due to lack of evidence, TikTok situation, Elon Musk, and England banning puberty blockers for children. Alex Jones discusses recent news headlines, including Putin's warning about Russia being ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened, charges against Trump in Georgia being dropped, and the Democrat-controlled Senate voting unanimously by Democrats to allow illegal aliens to vote and be apportioned in Congress. The speaker discusses electoral election fraud in the United States and how Trump is being indicted to take him off the ballot. They also touch upon various other topics such as privacy on phones, responsibility of tech gurus, vaccine injuries, hospital protocols, Great Awakening, Dune, CERN, Elon Musk, 5G technology, reparations for Black Americans, and running for Congress post-trial."

Ladies and gentlemen, massive developments on so many fronts.
We're live.
It's Wednesday, March 13th, 2024.
Strap yourselves in.
Tomorrow's news, today.
Oh, the devil's real.
Just as real as it gets.
All other networks lie to you about what's happening now.
InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the end for war and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, do we have a full plate today?
Georgia Drudge dismisses the main charges against Trump saying no evidence at all and that they lied in the indictment saying they had detailed evidence of all the lies that was vomited out of the mouth of George Soros and Jack Smith into the mouth of Fannie Willis.
We've got those big developments.
GOP effort to stop illegal immigrants being able to vote, basically, and be apportioned for new Democrat congressional seats.
Shot down in the Senate.
The Democrats unanimously say, nope.
We want illegal aliens to be able to vote.
We want to be able to count them before voting.
The congressional districts.
The House passes a bill that would ban TikTok in the U.S.
Sending it to the Senate.
Then of course we've got the really, really big news.
Haiti is a hellhole.
Much of the Caribbean is a hellhole.
And millions are set to be coming to the United States.
We're already seeing a Haitian invasion.
I feel sorry for those people, but we're a lifeboat that is being flooded and sinking.
We've got all of that today.
We've got huge, huge news on the transgender front, where England's just come right out now and is banning puberty blockers for children.
That is massive.
We've got huge other AI news.
We've got big news on the ongoing crime wave engulfing the entire Western world under the New World Order plan to collapse civilization.
And coming up in the second and third hour, a little bit into the second hour, we're going to simulcast on Real Alex Jones with an X Spaces on World War III and the headlines
From a Putin interview yesterday, nuclear weapons are ready and are on the table.
If NATO continues to bolster forces and openly invades with European or US troops.
In to Ukraine.
So we've got that and we'll also be discussing in the spaces.
The other big stories that I just mentioned.
And then, of course, we've got other big developments.
The EV delusion crumbles.
Major automakers are out.
They're all pulling out of electric cars.
Yeah, unless it's a really high-tech electric car and luxury, like Tesla, most other companies are just building absolute pieces of crap.
And I'm not against electric cars, folks.
It's just that the technology is not up to speed yet to compete with gas, with fuel.
And it takes way more power than we've got, because they're cutting the grid back.
So, it's designed to crash the damn grid, which they admit is now happening.
And that's going to hurt Tesla, but that's just the way that is.
I don't want to see Elon Musk brought down because of this.
I don't think he's diversified enough, but it's a big issue.
Stay with us.
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Ladies and gentlemen,
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, you're listening to The Alex Jones Show.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, transmitting all across this beautiful jewel of a planet, flying through the universe, orbiting our amazing sun, all thanks to God's amazing mind.
Thank you, Lord, for the gift of consciousness.
May my energy and spirit transcend to abode with you for eternity.
All right, we have an incredible transmission today.
Judge throws out the main charges for racketeering against Trump in Georgia.
That is so seismic on so many fronts.
House passes the bill to ban TikTok in the U.S.
We got the inside scoop on that.
Also, we have a GOP effort to stop illegal aliens being counted for House districts and being able to vote as well.
Later, Electoral College shot down in the Senate.
We have so much to cover today.
I'll be doing a Spaces on X coming up about 15 minutes into the second hour.
We'll do a couple hours on World War III and Putin saying nuclear war is on the table, but we'll also have a free-for-all on all the other sub-issues as well.
Now, the second thing I'm going to hit is this giant case falling apart in Georgia with the arrogant clown that tends to go with ignorance is arrogance.
When you got real power and real intelligence, you realize how weak you are.
But as Aristotle said, I know that I know nothing.
Or as I said on Joe Rogan, I'm kind of retarded.
By these people that just think they're invincible like Letitia James and Fannie Willis and Jack Smith or jokes.
So we'll be hitting that huge, huge case in a moment, but first,
Oh my goodness, do we have some crazy, crazy news for you on the case of Haiti.
But instead of just talking about what's currently happening with Haiti, how many times did I say in the last four years, since they launched the COVID attack and the poison shot and all the rest of it, that the real attack was the IMF and World Bank instructing the third world, that means Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, a lot of Asia, a lot of the Middle East,
Whereas we had a couple years of lockdowns in Europe, a year or so in the US or less, a couple years in Australia.
They had three years in much of Africa and Latin America because the IMF and World Bank would tell them if you don't follow the UN directives, they're not trying to codify this treaty, we're going to cut your debt programs off.
Where they loaned them millions decades ago, they now owe hundreds of billions.
So with that comes incredible control.
And so what have I said probably 500 times or more to your ears bled?
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
So they admit that 80 plus million people have starved to death extra than normally starve to death.
Normally it's 15 million a year.
It's over 35 million a year now, mainly women and children.
The tough military age men come here starving to death.
And what happens once you
Get really, you know, debilitated, emaciated from malnutrition is, you know, you die from a common cold or you die from a basic infection because your body's so run down and you have such incredible deficiencies in things that are in the body and then it gets marked down that you've got a disease.
But it's estimated malnutrition led to, and this number's like six months old, over 80 million people.
And now cutting off the fertilizer, cutting off the food, increasing the price of energy around the world.
Here it just means you get rid of one of your cars that can't go on vacation and are in debt and can't go out to eat even once a week.
But in the third world it means you're just starved to death.
That's a terrible thing.
So Haiti is already the most dangerous place in the Western Hemisphere.
And Haiti is already a place that never got itself together.
If you look at the island of Hispaniola on a satellite, and that's what it was called, and then they split it between Dominican Republic to the east and Haiti to the west.
If you look at satellite photos, it's evenly split.
The western part is rock barren, almost no trees.
Everything's been cut down.
Nothing's been managed.
It's hell on earth.
And the Dominican Republic is a very, very beautiful place.
It's still got some crime and some problems, but it's way better.
And so now the Clintons on record and the UN looted Haiti repeatedly and stole all the aid money after earthquakes and other problems.
Haiti has now been a failed state for a while and it's now devolved into what I've talked about for a long time.
And that is a road warrior
Type scenario.
Now, you all remember my rant where I talked about, I'll eat your ass.
And I said, as they cut the resources off, cannibalism will then take over the third world, the third world will collapse, and then the third world will invade the West.
That's the official UN replacement migration plan.
So, I was very clear that I was being satirical that I would eat my neighbors, but just like Swift, the famous essayist, explained that was a thing that would end up happening and they kept allowing the Irish to starve to death.
And it's even come out in mainstream news that the British Royals back then did dine on human flesh.
That's mainstream London Telegraph news.
So, even in his satire, there was a lot of reality.
And so now we have Haiti that is run by gangs.
Haiti Crisis, a cannibal gang, and its barbecue leader, that's what he's called, that's where the term barbecue comes from, is the island of Hispaniola.
You have to read your little naval history, pirate history books.
Very interesting.
I got into that 25 years ago.
I don't have time to read anymore, but I probably read 30 books, 40 books on pirates and things, you know, historical books.
Very interesting.
And the word barbecue comes from either putting a pig or a person in the ground
With a bunch of coals and burying it for two days.
And that's what he goes by.
A cannibal gang and its barbecue leader, Barbacoa, push country into chaos.
And here is Lord Barbecue.
He's known as King Barbecue, actually.
Haiti has descended into chaos and its Prime Minister has resigned.
Gang leader Jimmy Churchzinger has
Who projects himself as a revolutionary and has become the most powerful person in Haiti.
He is known as BBQ for burning people alive and eating them.
And of course, the leftist media is trying to cover that up, as we always do, because only America has problems.
Only America is evil.
We're the bad guys.
Nobody else is having any problems.
Spiraling violence in Haiti leads to resurfacing of cannibalism video.
I don't know if you guys want to see the cannibalism video, but they also go to terrorize their enemies.
Haiti cannibal gang are eating people they've killed on the streets.
Violence erupts.
Marines fly to Haiti in dead of night to evacuate embassy staff as gangs wreak havoc.
Cannibals and savages.
Racism and images of Haiti.
And they now say it's racist to point out what's happening.
The Pentagon's done studies, I've talked about this for years.
Within 10 days, the majority of people become cannibals or commit suicide.
Within 15 days, 90 plus percent of survivors.
I don't care if you're white or black.
You either kill yourself or you start eating people.
And remember, in the Great Depression, tens of millions starved to death or died from malnutrition.
The estimates between 7 and 17 million, they vary, but let's just say it's 10 million to, or 12 million to average together.
That's when 90% were rural, half the rural was totally self-sufficient, the other half of the 90% was somewhat.
Now we're 80 plus percent urban, around 15% rural,
And a very small percentage of the rural people are self-sufficient.
So, in quick order, you'll have the cities collapse and invade the countryside, and then you run out of ammunition, even if you've got storable food, and then you get killed, and then they don't know how to produce food, and then civilization collapses.
Hannibal Run.
Biden administration warns Florida may get swamped by mass migration away from Haiti.
We're already being swamped.
By that and King Barbecue.
My administration preparing to escort boatloads of Haitians in Florida as Caribbean country implodes.
So it's now official.
They are planning to bring up to a million Haitians to Florida, to blue cities.
They will then get more congressional seats.
It'll be Democrat in Florida and take over the state.
The Democrats know what they're doing.
So here's a little bit of that famous rant from three years ago about, I'll eat your ass, and then we'll show you Congressman Matt Gaetz questioning federal officials about the impending increased invasion from Haiti.
Here it is.
My superpower is being honest.
I'll eat your ass.
I will.
Combat model, optimal self-sufficiency.
Probably the leader.
The point is, is have you thought about that yet?
Because I'm somebody that thought I could fix this, and I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like sizing up my neighbor how I'm gonna haul him up by a chain and chop his ass up?
I'll do it!
My children aren't going hungry!
I will eat your ass!
That's why I want the globalists to know, I will eat your ass first.
You're not, we're going to dig you out of those bunkers.
We're going to dig you out of those holes.
You make us eat up.
Let me tell you something right now.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm going to get my hands around your throat.
And you know, that's why you're begging for peace right now.
You should have thought about that when you turned down Christ a long time ago.
Imagine the full assault that Globalist is now happening.
It's not like, oh, there'll be martial law and forced inoculations and drones and it's all here.
It's like, wow, they really, they really meant it.
I mean, I knew it was coming.
Imagine the general public didn't know it was coming.
I knew it was coming, and I'm completely freaked out.
I drove to work this morning at 5.30 a.m.
because I got a lot of work to do, and there's usually only a few cars on the road at 5 a.m.
There was nobody on the road.
I drove all the way to my house, to my office, and I did not see one car.
Like an apocalypse.
Generations are gonna feel this shutdown.
See, I run a pretty good-sized company, so I know how things work.
Like enough product to sell, to keep everybody employed, you gotta know how much money you got to buy more product.
You know, just to get the word out, I gotta be a businessman.
So then I know what it means to just shut something off.
If we weren't positioned to fight the globalists, we'd already be shut down.
Restaurants I've gone to since I was a baby are closed.
People go, why is Trump being all confident?
Because he knows if he isn't confident, we'll go into total depression.
I'm talking about nothing at the store.
We're like, I don't want to say this, folks, but I got to be honest with you.
It's about a 60% chance we go into total collapse.
And I mean, power going off sometimes.
I mean, babies starving to death.
I mean, you ain't getting your medicine.
I mean, it's done.
And there's one thing I want to say, and I'm not a vindictive person, but I'm not taking the blame, and America shouldn't take the blame.
David Rockefeller, who set all this stuff up,
Bill and Belinda Gates, the Democratic Party, the MSM, the people that went along with this.
And again, here's the deal.
If we don't assess blame, they're going to blame us when it all goes down.
I just want to make sure that we make lemonade out of lemons.
I never think about losing.
And for the first time in my life, folks, I'm thinking about trying to get lemonade out of lemons.
God Almighty, sweet Jesus, sweet, sweet Jesus, help us.
You understand it's not just rhetoric.
When I tell you about the depression, you go look this up yourself.
90% of people lived in the country.
About half of those were self-sufficient.
That's 45% of people were totally self-sufficient.
Today it's 5%.
We have a collapse.
Here's why I felt so sick.
I'll admit it.
I will eat my neighbors.
I'm not letting my kids die.
I'm just gonna be honest.
My superpower is being honest.
I've extrapolated this out, and I won't have to for a few years since I got food and stuff, but I'm literally looking at my neighbors now and going, am I ready to hang them up and gut them and skin them and chop them up?
You know what?
My daughters aren't starving to death.
I'm ready.
I'll eat my neighbors.
See, my superpower is being honest.
I'll eat your ass.
I will.
Combat model, optimum self-sufficiency.
Probably the leader.
The point is, is have you thought about that yet?
Because I'm somebody that thought I could fix this, and I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors.
You think I like sizing up my neighbor how I'm gonna haul him up by a chain and chop his ass up?
I'll do it!
My children aren't going hungry!
I will eat your ass!
That's why I want the globalists to know.
I will eat your ass first.
You're not.
We're gonna dig you out of those bunkers.
We're gonna dig you out of those holes.
You make us eat up.
Let me tell you something right now.
I swear to God, if it's the last thing I do, I'm gonna get my hands around your throat.
And you know that's why you're begging for peace right now.
You should have thought about that when you turned down Christ a long time ago.
You want to meet with me, you Satanist?
Meet with me?
How about you get on your knees to Christ?
You'd meet with my boss right now!
But you can't do it.
You think you can meet with some low-level nobody?
I'm nobody!
You think Christ would eat somebody?
He would never do that.
I will.
I'm not gonna watch my daughter starve to death.
Now, you could say that was a metaphysical hypothetical, but it's really not.
And let's just get past the jokes here.
Every actuary and government study from South Africa to the United States to Germany to Russia to Japan to South America shows that in about seven days, almost everyone commits murder for food.
Within 14 days, almost everyone resorts to cannibalism or commits suicide.
Now, I would commit suicide before I did that, but my children are my weak place.
I'll barbecue your ass.
I will eat you.
So all you spirit cookers act all tough all day, how you're doing your little satanic rituals, drinking blood and stuff.
I'll drink your blood, you understand that?
I will hang your ass up and cut you into cutlets like a filet mignon and grill your ass before I watch my daughter starve to death.
See now, you took society and civilization as if it was some joke you could piss on all day.
Dude, you understand, you unleash the animal.
You unleash the beast, and you're not the beast.
I don't claim I'm the most tough guy around, but compared to you,
Compared to you, I'm Godzilla on steroids.
But just for the courts and everything, I'm joking around here.
I'm not going to eat anybody.
Because like I said, if it came down to me alone, I'd starve to death before I did it.
When my babies come into the equation, I will cook your ass up so fast that I'll tell them, oh, I killed a cow out back, baby.
Here it is, because my babies ain't going to die for your crap, your failure.
I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob.
I'm ready.
You want to worship Satan?
Well, guess what?
You're about to meet something worse, you dumb sacks of crap.
You've been pissing on civilization your whole life, not knowing it's men held it up.
It was savages held it up, because we knew how bad we were, and we didn't want you to let us loose.
But now, you demand we pull the fist out and just shove it into your teeth.
So good!
Before I'll sit there and live off starving Latin Americans and Africans, I swear before God, I'll eat one of these Globalists on a spit.
Oh, I'm a performance artist, like they say.
Alex Jones in real, everybody knows.
I'm as fake as they come.
Your call's straight ahead.
We ought to mass-produce that flag and sell it at an import store.
Here, give me where you can see it.
That actually hangs out there in the office, main area.
I will eat your ass with a gadget snake with a fork!
Ha ha ha!
Now, notice most of the drugs are in short supply or not available.
Notice the food prices have exploded.
It's bad here, but it's a death sentence for the third world.
And they're eating people in Haiti and all over the place.
So here's Congressman Matt Gaetz talking to the Department of Defense officials saying you need to get Biden in gear and you need to get ready for this million plus people coming and you need to turn their ass back.
Give them aid, help them out, but we're not bringing them here.
Here's Matt Gaetz.
So what's the difference between Haiti and a failed state?
It's telling, right?
We can't really identify him because the gangs are in charge, the government has been thrown out, and as a Florida man, I'm deeply concerned about this wave of people that we're about to have, that we are having, coming from Haiti, and it will accelerate.
I've spent time with the folks that are engaged in Operation Vigilant Century, and they say the number one push factor that drives these Haitians into Broward County, Palm Beach County, where they don't disperse throughout the country, they stay in Southeast Florida, that that driving factor is the deterioration of conditions in Haiti.
So what are we doing
To prepare for that wave and to ensure that these people are not paroled into the United States as the administration has done with people on the southern border but instead are repatriated back at the dock at Port-au-Prince.
Congressman, we're doing a number of things to ensure that we're keeping track of the situation and we're prepared.
At the moment, we have not yet seen large numbers, what we would characterize as a maritime mass migration, but we are alert to that.
Do you anticipate a mass migration, though?
We are alert to that possibility.
I think you're right that the driving conditions in Haiti could very well press more people.
We've recently approved some additional assistance that we can provide to the Coast Guard.
I think that that has now fully been approved.
We'll be providing notifications if we haven't already to provide additional shipboard assistance.
Because I've talked to the Coast Guard.
And what they say would really support them would be more naval vessels, would be DOD support.
And because I think you correctly said that there is an anticipated mass migration here, there are specific legal authorities that we can access, that I would implore you to access.
Specifically, George W. Bush signed executive order
Uh, 1-3-2-7-6.
And in that executive order, there is the ability for any president to designate an anticipated mass migration, and then get Greyhall naval vessels into the Straits of Florida to deter that migration, and then to repatriate those people before they get to Florida.
Alright folks, we're going to go to break and come back with the huge Trump Georgia news, the main charges being thrown out, and so much more here today.
We've got a big extra simulcast we're going to do on real Alex Jones coming up next hour on World War III and the election and so much more.
Just a lot of other news we're going to be hitting today.
Please stay with us and please share the articles.
Please share the videos.
We're also going to take that famous I'll eat your ass rant from gosh three and a half almost four years ago now.
We're going to repost on Alex Jones because now cannibalism is the big discussion.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when the president gives the order, it must be followed.
There's about four minutes between the order being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so.
As president, I will make it clear.
That the United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack.
We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.
They're voting for peace on planet Earth if they vote for Trump.
But if they vote for Hillary, it's war.
We came, we saw, he died.
With her, you'll end up in World War III.
I want the Iranians to know that if I'm the president, we will attack Iran.
Right now, Senator, for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia.
The U.S.
military has just raised the threat level to DEFCON 2.
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still threatening Russia with military action, following unconfirmed reports of further hacking.
It's like she's not even concerned about the repercussions.
Of course not, because she's... Really loud noise.
Alright, looks like we're having a little bit of technical difficulties.
We'll try to get Leanne back on in a few minutes.
When the President gives the order, it must be followed.
From the front lines.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right.
We took calls the last two days.
Today we're going to do live comments with guests from X in the second and third hour.
Ahead of Jason Burmess, who always does a splendid job.
Ahead of Owen Schroyer, 3 p.m.
Central today, with the must-watch War Room.
All right, I want to get into the Trump case, the TikTok stuff.
All this news is super important.
The Senate voting the Democrats unanimously to let illegal aliens steal elections and vote and be given congressional seats and everything else.
That's all coming up.
We've got a bunch of transgender news, positive stuff happening as that cult gets exposed.
But before I do that, I've been called by basically everybody.
All the big talk show hosts.
I mean you think their name, I've been contacted by them.
Because I haven't cryptically said a lot of stuff the last week since I was on Tucker Carlson on Thursday six days ago.
I just haven't gotten into details because at the end of the day I'm not that important.
And also there's a lot of fluid parts so to accurately break all this down would take about
Because I've got all the facts, all the data, all the documents, everything.
It would take about two hours.
And as we get closer to them shutting down InfoWars, at some point in the next few weeks, if it looks like it's going to happen, I will do a whole maybe three-hour commercial free live show, talk a couple hours, take calls after that, because this is a historic operation and it's really, really important.
We're not shut down yet.
But when we went into bankruptcy a year and a half ago, I told the crew, it'll take over a year.
Your jobs are secure right now.
But I always told them, if I think things are looking bad, you know, 50-50 or so, and that's where it's at right now, I'm going to tell you, and I've already told them privately, now I'm going to tell you publicly.
So I'm not going to do that today because we've got all this serious news to hit.
Just know this, people trying to shut this place down are just going to get the crew
Late off.
And we will come back very, very quickly.
So they're not shutting anything down.
They're just shutting this building down and this operation down.
So let's get that straight.
But I have told them in court and I've told them face-to-face, both the plaintiffs, because I'm between a rock and a hard place, and the
It's not the bankruptcy court.
It's not the judge.
The judge is not the issue.
He's done a pretty good job, I would say.
I give him like a 95.
It is the plaintiffs and it's also the bankruptcy process and the people that are involved in the bankruptcy process.
And I'm not going to name names at this time because I don't want to attack these people.
I know it's the nature of the beast, but it is ridiculous what's going on here.
We barely survived the first CRO who the judge fired.
And I was telling my lawyers, fire him.
Oh, we can't do that.
The judge will chapter 7.
You can't do that.
And I said, fine, I may just pull the plug.
This is a year ago.
And the next day, the judge fired the guy.
It was insane what was going on.
We were shipping $150,000 in shipping cost a week for shipping and he budgeted $100,000 and then for a month wouldn't go to the court and get an authorization to ship the product.
That's why he didn't get stuff for a while.
We normally have great shipping and great service.
It almost killed the company.
I had to sell my house, which I'd already planned to do.
Because I didn't live in a big fancy house just to have a big fancy house.
It was a good investment of double the money.
I put the money in here.
But I'm out of bullets.
This man doesn't have any extra money now.
Got this giant tax return when they audited me.
This doesn't normally happen.
Here's a huge check, but that went right into bankruptcy too.
So that's where we are.
So we didn't get that Bitcoin donation.
And if we didn't, if I didn't sell my house,
And let me tell you how cool this guy was.
Like I said, it's a little side story, but he's the top realtor in Austin.
It was a guy I recommended to Joe Rogan as his realtor.
He's also, when Elon owned houses, was Elon's realtor.
He's a great Patriot, big listener.
Won't say his name.
He calls me up like four years ago, five years ago, and he goes, listen, this guy can't finish this house.
He'll double your money in a couple of years.
I could buy it myself, but I care about the show.
I want you to have it.
And boy,
Was Gary's his first name.
What a little guardian angel.
More than doubled it.
But I put that money back in there too.
I took a few hundred thousand for myself to pay bills, but I don't care about clothes or big cars or big houses.
To me, it's all just energy cubes, energon cubes, like they have in transformers, money and things.
It's just energy to me.
That's what it is, it's a symbol of energy.
But I'm out of bullets, I'm out of gas, I'm pushing the wall, and that's where I am.
And if the deep state plaintiffs and their PR firms and the Democratic Party really don't want to ever have a settlement and really want to mount Infowars head on the wall, and if they're too stupid to realize that that only made Tucker Carlson 10, 15, 20 times bigger,
Then, okay, I'd rather stay in this facility, not have the hiccup, not do that to the crew, but I mean, they make it easy.
So I've gone from being nice to these people to, it might just be best just to, just to go ahead and pull out of it all and just shut it down now.
And then I can work for somebody else.
They can rehire the crew and there's nothing they can do to stop us.
So, I mean, in fact, that seems to me the best decision, but
I pledge to keep this place going as long as I can, so I'm not going to do it, even though that's the best decision.
But if they do just a millimeter more, this ain't a bluff, guaranteed, no more.
And I'll explain everything to everybody, and you're not going to believe it, folks.
It's like I'm living in Machiavelli's kingdom or something.
The crap I've seen, the corruption I've witnessed, it is just disgusting.
This country is in a lot of trouble.
You can't swing a stick in the dark in this process and not hit somebody that's doing something really terrible.
And they take my niceness for weakness when I'm sitting there watching every damn thing they do and taking note of it.
So I seem cryptic.
It's just because I don't have time to get into it all and it's not the time for that.
But I want you to know, if you order stuff at InfoWarsTore.com right now, you will get it.
One hundred percent.
Shipping's in great shape.
Skip the break.
The shipping's in great shape.
The customer service is in the best shape it's ever been.
Products the day you order them, and if you order them on the weekend, they'll be shipped out the next Monday or so.
Even if the judge does Chapter 7, there'll be a wind down for three to six months where they sell the product out they have, the crew's got a chance to get other jobs, and that will go on.
So that's where we are.
But the plaintiffs will not settle.
And so the judge is moving into the sector of just shutting it down.
And so if that's really what they want to do, and that's what they're really trying to carry out, then that's the case.
The other side of this, where the management of the, because that's what happens with the court, they bring in management, just got rid of $8 million of advertisers last year, which crippled us.
We would have expanded, we'd be kicking ass, but instead we're kept right on live support.
Where, well, you just can't have those sponsors.
A few sponsors were allowed, like my dad, because he already had a supplement business and he was already one of the biggest sponsors.
So they said, well, we'll take 90% of your business away, but we'll let you, you know, have your own website and sell stuff and pay us if you want to.
My dad went and got a warehouse and got his products there and did all that.
It's just been a circus.
And I'm biting my tongue here.
But I wasn't sure that it was a plan to shut us down and predatory until the last week.
And I got the documents.
I got the receipts.
I got it all.
And that's where we're at.
So, I'm going to stop elaborating on this.
And the ball is in the establishment's court.
Because I would never shut this place down.
I would never walk away from a fight.
I would never be part of that.
But if they push us into that world, it's like that old southern fairy tale or just story
Kind of Mark Twain-esque of the Briar Patch.
And Burr Rabbit gets caught and is about to get eaten.
I forget the whole story of Burr Rabbit.
Print it up for me.
And Burr Rabbit says, oh please don't throw me in the Briar Patch, whatever you do.
Of course, knowing once he gets thrown in the Briar Patch, he says, eat me, eat me, eat me, please eat me, but don't throw me in the Briar Patch, I'm so scared of it.
He lives in the Briar Patch.
And so, I'm just such a straight shooter.
These people are so Machiavelli.
My uncle used to always tell me, one of the greatest men I ever knew, probably the greatest, other than my dad, was, you can't con an honest man.
And see, my brain doesn't even operate like that.
But these corrupt people, they can't even understand normal, decent, straight shooting.
It's like you're talking Chinese to them, or Martian.
And so, if you want to keep this place on air, you can't just shut something down like this for a while and then turn it back on.
We need support regardless of what happens, great products, but it could be your last chance to get a t-shirt, to get a book.
I don't get any of that money.
It just goes to free speech, and it goes to keep this place going.
But if you want to get a book, a film, a t-shirt,
Anything, it could be your last chance.
I'd say 50% chance the next few months.
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So, it supports the crew, it supports the operation.
And even though it could be taken away any moment now, the way the court process works is they'll ship the stuff out and they'll wind it down and I'll go to the Chapter 7 trustee and liquidator and I'll say, I'll stay on here and
Promote it and keep the crew here for a while.
Let's take it to other jobs and sell the products that's left.
See, that's the opposite.
That's not quitting.
That's staying the course all the way even though you don't get paid.
Because I don't care about that the other day.
I care about being on air and fighting the tyrants while I segue into the endless opportunities and endless springboards to never stop.
And it will be my goal, and those plans are nebulous, though they are legion,
To continue on and to get this crew operating again.
We'll leave the jurisdiction of Austin, which is run by Soros now.
Something like Georgetown or something.
So folks will have to drive a little more.
But they want their job.
We'll definitely try to get that done.
I think it'll be quite easy to do, actually.
So, throw me in the Briar Fest, that's all I can say.
Imagine, they're going to close these doors, they're going to shut this off, and they're going to act like they had some victory over us.
But I pledged to keep this place going.
That's why I took all the Bitcoin and put it in here, and took almost all the sale of my house, which I couldn't stand that big fancy house.
Modern house, three-story, look like a spaceship.
I was like,
My wife's like, I want to live here.
And I said, no, let's go get a little house and live in that.
This is an investment.
We're not living here.
I don't like it.
I don't like living three doors down from Karl Rove.
And so, man, I'd love to be in a trailer in the woods when I get down to Brasstacks.
So don't worry, that's in the works.
So they think making me the super rebel and making me the black sheep even more than I am is a bad thing.
But see, they can't ever get, because all they do is lie, that I'm up here telling them total truth right now.
I'm just telling you how it is.
And they go, what's his plan?
What's his scam?
Because they cannot receive truth.
So, I'm doing everything I can to keep this place on air.
But I'm also saying, like the rabbit to the fox, if you're dumb enough to throw me in that briar patch,
Well, then fill your hand, Huckleberry, because I'm not your Huckleberry.
And everything we said is coming true.
Our stock, the crew did a great job.
I see them as myself.
They see themselves, I know, partially like me.
We're a family.
We're all individuals, but we are a family.
I love this crew.
And they can see it.
Our stock has gone way up.
I mean, just a metaphoric.
People know we're dead on.
They know we're real.
Anybody with a sermon can just tune in, not just watch what we say come true, but I'm a real guy, folks.
I'm so proud I come from badass Texas.
I mean, I just come from just unbelievably good, hardworking, decent people.
True blue, red, white, and blue badasses.
And I'll tell you, I'm not a prideful person, but I'm satisfied that my ancestors can look down from heaven on what I'm doing and say, we're proud of that boy.
He's just like us.
He's not a piece of shit.
So, Christ said they will persecute you because of me, and I understand that.
And I am so proud to be persecuted, because every time I get persecuted,
All these doors open.
I'm not a quitter.
And even if doors didn't open when I got persecuted, I wouldn't stop.
When I was young, when I got persecuted, I just said, I'm not going to give up.
I thought that was me doing it.
You know, I've loved God, but God, you just sit over there and, you know, this is me doing it.
You kind of help.
But as I got older and got really put through a meat grinder, really got beat up, really got hurt bad, had to do really nasty things, man.
That's when you're like, oh, I can't do this without you.
Thank you so much for being there and I put everything into you.
Everything is on you now.
I am pathetic and I just want to stand and defend the innocent and I ask you to lead God and direct me and to energize me and to help me send the message to the people to rise up and peacefully defeat this evil because I am your humble servant.
Now tell me what to do, God!
And God has told me what to do.
Stay the course.
Don't falter, don't waver, never give up, and push myself as hard as I can against the enemy.
So, I'm done talking about it.
But, it's revolutionary.
And I remember 30 years ago, right when I was first getting on there, I was a big swimmer then in great shape.
Jogged six miles every day, lift weights four days a week.
I go swim two miles three or four days a week at 6 a.m.
at Barton Springs.
And I remember the hippies, and I mean, not modern liberals, real hippies.
These guys were like 70 years old in great shape.
I'm like, God, why do you look like you're 30?
And they'd have big jugs.
I don't
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So that's where we are.
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Okay, I've done kind of a big plug there, but that's how we're funded.
And it's just, it's actually a weight off of me because trying to prop this place up gave them a vector point and an attack point.
That's why Elon Musk always says he sold all his houses three years ago.
He had like six or seven in Austin.
And he said it gave people a vector point to attack me.
He goes down to sleep at the office, which he does.
Got a little apartment in his factory down the street.
And it's the same thing.
I mean, we're already outlaw country, folks.
We're already Dukes of Hazzard for real.
And now they're just going to cement all of that.
And I'm just telling them to their face, pray.
That's the essence of your arrogance.
That's the essence of who you are.
So just go ahead.
Go ahead.
Make my day.
Go ahead.
Because I already pledged to do this.
You're just making the decision to shut this down for me.
This is so paradoxical.
They're so mentally ill and so blocked from God.
They'll think this is a bluff.
Please shut it down.
No, no, no.
See what I mean?
But no, I'm committed to keep it on air.
You've committed to keep it on air.
Plus, it's great product.
InfoWars.com and I think we'll continue on.
Maybe they'll get Jesus, maybe they'll wake up, but I wouldn't bet on it.
But that's okay.
Could be your last chance to get products, t-shirts, books, films, because this will be the end of InfoWars, folks.
As if they think taking that name away from me, as if it'll ever be taken away, as if I need that name.
Let's use an evil analogy.
I'm not just Soran, I'm the Ring.
I've got both.
You can't take it away.
I've told the truth.
Things get worse for you by the minute, New World Order.
Not me.
Have your big movies and promote it all over the place?
I like it.
Because 90% of the comments with their HBO hit pieces are you're full of crap.
Alex Jones didn't murder people in Iraq.
Alex Jones didn't ship fentanyl in.
Alex Jones questioned a mass shooting.
Keep attacking!
I love it!
Because I'm not the villain you say I am.
And I know you're hitched your wagon to me and got incredible fundraising off me and all the rest of it.
And I'm like a tit you're hanging off of that you don't want to turn loose of.
So don't think for a minute I don't already know all that.
Give me what I want.
Give me what I want.
Shut it down.
Cause I said I wouldn't.
Cause I can't.
Give me what I want.
You will be defeated.
Along with your god, Satan.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
But it all boils down to this.
We're bringing you hardcore information on the New World Order.
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When we talk about the crew at InfoWars, people behind the scenes, the researchers, the writers,
They really have been the MVPs in this fight.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Lincoln Riley.
Lincoln Riley.
Lincoln Riley.
An innocent young woman who was killed.
By an illegal.
That's right.
But how many of thousands of people being killed by legal?
During your response to her heckling of you, you used the word illegal when talking about the man who allegedly killed Lakin Riley.
Undocumented version.
They're basically creating sanctuary cities to be a magnet so these people will disproportionately flow to these blue states.
They're shipping them there as rapidly as they can since Joe Biden came into office.
The estimates are as high as 10 million people that have come in here.
That would be 13 extra congressional districts if you allocate it in the right way.
This is a tremendous amount of power that the Democrats are bringing in.
Policies of the federal government setting that up, it's total fraud.
And it's a joke, because we have wide open borders for three plus years with Biden.
And so the FBI director is on television, he's in Congress, saying, oh my God, it's the worst ever, flashing lights everywhere.
That's just on the fentanyl side.
An awful lot of the violent crime in the United States is at the hands of gangs who are themselves involved in the distribution.
And he and the Justice Department and all the rest of them are running around, catching the house on fire.
He's got a flamethrower just flamethrowing the country like, we're getting a lot of red lights here, burning everything.
The city of Denver announced that four shelters are being shut down for immigrants.
And now city officials are apparently asking rental property owners to rent directly to immigrants.
Yeah, certainly a controversial suggestion.
They're asking owners to cap rent prices as well at about $2,000 a month.
We spoke with Denver's Department of Housing about a recent email that actually went out to some rental property owners in Denver, specifically asking them to consider renting to immigrants.
At a certain point, I'm just like, if the American people put up with this, we get what we deserve.
But they have psychologically, incrementally normalized all of this, and we're now deep into the tyranny.
The largest problem is that Washington is this ideological bubble.
And everyone decides that anyone who doesn't agree with them, that the world has to be refashioned in some new image that exists only in their minds, and that anybody who disagrees with them is by definition a criminal and has to be treated as such.
What better solution than finding people who have no connection to the American people, arming them, and then sending them out to oppress us?
Musk on illegal alien invasion.
Just a matter of time until something far worse than 9-11 hits the U.S.
So that's where we are.
And the Justice Department and the FBI and the Biden administration and the Democratic Party, they 100% have done all of this.
A lot of people are saying, this is a slap in the face.
Is this something that's going to pass in the state of California?
I mean, owning a home in America is living the American dream.
There are so many families who can't afford a down payment because they're in that tax bracket, which won't allow them to even get that 20% down.
There's people that have been in this country for generations that have paid taxes and built generational wealth and contributed to all the things that make America great and you're ignoring them, you're bypassing them and giving their rightful place to somebody who's from a different country.
And all the guilt and all of the shame and all of the criminal charges sit squarely at their feet.
There's kids in that car, what's going on?
I can't tell you that information.
Why are you guys driving these kids around?
I can't tell you no information.
Is this legal?
I can't tell you no information.
This invasion belongs to you.
Every bit of it.
You and United Nations, and El Otro Lado, and Pueblos Sin Fronteras, and Catholic Charities, OAM, UNHCR, all of this belongs to you.
The environmental disaster
And the human disaster.
You did it, Joe.
And then I just look at the left, vitriolically running around, celebrating how they're burning it all down, as if the average person serving this evil is going to get ahead when everything goes down.
But they are satanically inspired.
Your enemy is not the Palestinian people.
It is white, Christian, European people who have been slaughtering Jews for the last 2,000 years.
And that's why they're going against common sense.
That's why they're going against goodness, and wholesomeness, and decency, and security, and prosperity, and creativity, and beauty.
Because it all stands against their God's plan for death and destruction.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
We are now into hour number two on radio and TV stations across the country, simulcasting and InfoWars.com.
And we are about in 10 minutes to launch a Big Spaces at Real Alex Jones, where we're going to be talking about Putin threatening nuclear war.
We're going to be talking about the cannibalism exploding in Haiti and the giant invasion happening.
Trump having charges dropped against him because of no evidence.
Fannie Willis lying in the indictment.
The judge says this is huge.
The TikTok situation.
Elon Musk.
England banning puberty blockers for children.
There is so much going down today.
We'll have all those questions and comments from the users of X coming up.
And no need to give a phone number out because they'll just be dialing in to that.
Spaces that is about to start here in just a few minutes.
Guys, I went through hundreds of articles here.
I know I sent them to you.
Maybe I missed it.
Just type in Putin nuclear war.
It's all over.
Print me a couple articles.
We're going to play what he said once we launch the spaces, but I want to have the transcript too.
Putin says, ready for nuclear war.
So print me a few articles on that.
I'm sure it's here, but somehow I missed it.
Because I don't just have the clip and I didn't just read it earlier.
I have to neurotically hold it.
It's one of my OCD issues.
I'm not super OCD, but a little OCD about being on here almost 30 years.
I've just got to have
The actual quotes in my hand.
It's weird.
It's a weirdness.
It's very weird.
It's all over the news.
He said it.
Everybody knows it, but I feel like I'm being deceptive.
I don't show it to you.
It's become a neurotic neuroticness.
It is neurotic that I have to have all these articles here and the video clips themselves, but it's just, it's just, it's what I've become.
It's, it's what I am.
I've, I've become the thing I do every day.
I'm way different than I was 30 years ago.
As we all know, certainly uglier.
All right.
In all of these cases, except the Miami Secret Documents case, we've had judges that have absolutely steamrolled Trump, but not in Georgia now.
We've seen the New York cases and things, where the Epstein covered-up judge said Trump didn't rape the woman, no evidence, but he can't say he's innocent, so he owes, you know, 80-something million dollars or whatever.
We've got the real estate case where there is no jury.
Trump asked for a jury, doesn't get a jury.
You've got Jack Smith incredibly corrupt, but in Fannie Willis's case, her lying, her testifying she didn't know her boyfriend for years after she did know him, it's been devastating.
But the judge came out this morning, I'm sure most of you already know about it,
And you should go read his ruling.
He struck down the racketeering charges, some other charges, saying, you said you have specific total evidence in your indictment.
That you have proof.
And you have no proof.
These are false charges.
Now, we didn't need the judge to tell us that, but the point is, is that this is an extreme excoriation, a massive
Repudiation, and is a big, big, big, big, big, bigly deal.
Because it, just like the Supreme Court ruling a few weeks ago, you've never indicted him for insurrection?
He's not been convicted?
How the hell?
Does a court, the Supreme Court of Colorado, and the clerk in Maine, not even a judge or jury, how do you say he's off the ballot?
That is stealing an election up front by trying to not let you vote for a candidate!
And now the Atlantic came out to a show and said, when he wins, we're just going to decertify it.
Well, Trump didn't try to decertify.
He got his decertification ready and wanted an investigation.
And for that, he's indicted.
So, Georgia judge dismisses several counts in Trump election interference case.
Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee dismissed six charges out of the 40 court indictments in the election interference case against former President Donald Trump and his co-defendants, including three of the counts against Trump.
But they're the main counts of conspiracy, of racketeering, and said there is no proof.
The judge went on to say that I was promised in the indictment
That you had specific proof of conduct of organized crime and that there is no evidence.
However, the lack of detail concerning an essential legal element is the under opinion fatal.
And the undersigned opinion fatal.
So he says, there is no proof
They don't list witnesses.
They don't list what they got.
It's a lie.
It's a giant stinking fraud.
Georgia judge dismisses several charges against Trump in bogus election interference case.
No, he just cut the head off the case.
That should be the headline.
We'll talk more about this in the spaces.
It is ultra, ultra, ultra,
Massive information.
Absolutely insane.
Now, we already knew that.
I followed that case closely.
Robert Barnes worked in Georgia for Trump on it.
They took transcripts and edited out where Trump said, well, they say they found all these votes, so we know it was fraud, so just add the votes and I win.
And say, so go investigate this.
That's totally normal.
As Trump said, perfectly done.
He doesn't do everything perfectly.
But that was perfectly done.
That phone call was perfect with the governor and others.
So we are in a very, very serious point right now because this, again, the Supreme Court ruling, the public opinion turning against it, this ruling, the judge in Florida saying, where's the evidence in the documents case?
And by the way, a vice president can't have secret documents.
A president can.
So they don't charge Biden because they say he's senile, but then Trump has legal documents and they say he's guilty.
So the wheels are coming off this thing.
And look, I'm not a rocket scientist, but I am a political scientist, lay trained and in the school of hard knocks.
And I can tell you, we're entering the area of false flags and power outages and war because the globalists aren't going to give up.
So, make no mistake, they are dangerous, they are cornered, and everything they do, you know, Midas and the old Greek parable, legend, everything he touched turned to gold.
Now, he couldn't touch his wife, couldn't touch his kids, couldn't touch food, it was horrible.
It's a parable of, you know, don't just worship money.
Don't make it number one in your life.
But, in this case,
The Democrats in the deep state have the crap touch, the SH-T touch.
Everything they do turns into a giant steaming bowl of BS.
And they should think, wow, everything we do doesn't work.
Everyone's turning against us.
All the most popular talk show hosts hate the New World Order now.
Maybe we should quit.
But they all get up in their lawyer offices and their bureaucratic things, and they all sit there and feel invincible in their little suits and everything.
And that's why they're not going to stop.
The German General Staff told Hitler, you're going to lose, he wouldn't listen.
So, all right, we'll go all the way to the end with them.
All right, we're now live on Spaces.
We're breaking down Putin saying nuclear war is on the table.
We've got Trump, major charges dismissed and a major repudiation of the political prosecution of Trump to take him off the ballot and steal the election openly.
We've got massive news on TikTok on Elon Musk.
They're also moving to ban puberty blockers in the UK officially from the NHS of England.
We have Haiti collapsing and the million plus people they say are incoming and Biden saying come here instead of trying to stabilize Haiti.
We've got cannibalism breaking out.
It's all happening today.
Thank you for joining InfoWars.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Infowars has been banned.
Attacked and threatened.
Because we are effective.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Band.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
So, in a televised interview yesterday, Vladimir Putin, who runs the largest landmass in the world and the largest nuclear arsenal, but whose GDP is not even that of California, not a major contender to take over, like China or the globalists.
If Russia was our enemy, I'd be against them every day.
Putin warns again that Russia's ready to use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened.
Associated Press.
Kind of an important thing to talk about, don't you agree?
So in the spaces here, we're talking collapse of Haiti, cannibalism, Trump absolutely vindicated in Georgia with the main racketeering charges and others against him, dropped a little side charges are still there, but the judge said these charges you didn't have proof.
The Democrat-controlled Senate voting unanimously by the Democrats to let illegal aliens vote and be apportioned in Congress so that Democrat blue areas get more congressional seats, and they're going to send the Haitians to just a few cities like Miami and apportion more seats there?
This is electoral election fraud, just like indicting Trump to take him off the ballot or having the Maine's
Secretary of State take him off, not even a judge, not even a jury.
The Supreme Court ruling against what happened in Colorado.
We are winning.
We're on the march.
The globalists are in deep trouble.
But we should also ask the ex-commenters, we'll be going to, what do you think the deep state globalists are going to do to double down?
A cyber attack, a power outage, a stock market crash, a new virus?
Because a big group of top scientists at Yale and Harvard and Princeton have come out and said, we're on the inside of this, they're preparing to release a new virus, a new pheromone operation, that's coming up as well.
So I'm going to be interspersing these factoids, these nodes of information to counter the mind viruses here and break the globalist conditioning here today.
But since I mentioned it, here's the actual clip of Putin talking about what I just said.
Weapons are there to be used, and we have our own principles, rules of engagement.
We are ready to use any kind of weapons, including the ones you mentioned, if the existence of the Russian state is at stake, if our sovereignty and independence is at stake.
It's all written down in our strategy.
We haven't changed it.
Okay, so there we are.
All right, I've already gotten some into the huge events in Georgia.
I'll get more into that.
I should recap what's happening in Haiti, and then with TikTok, and then I'm going to go to the ex-folks.
I don't know if you call it a call or a link, but let's just say we'll take them live at real Alex Jones, Ukraine-Russia war live coverage here today.
And I see a lot of folks that are there.
Ready to speak.
And by the way, if you disagree with me, and you think, like Sean Penn does, that nuclear war should be on the tables and is a good thing, or you're Rob Reiner who thinks that, because you're so liberal.
Nuclear war is the most liberal thing.
It's even more liberal than cutting little boys' panties off, or having open borders and mass fentanyl death, or drag queen story time run by pedophiles.
Rob Reiner, and all the apologists for this system, you are very, very welcome to join us as well.
In fact, people that disagree,
You go to the head of the line.
So I want to now go quickly to Chase Geiser, who's a great reporter here and investigator and also co-host quite often with all the shows.
You can't say it's a backup host.
It's not.
We're all hosts here.
Not one host is better than the other, but he fills in for all three shows.
It's critical to have.
And as soon as we get some more great reporters and journalists and broadcasters here, he'll have a show if he wants one.
He does so much good work behind the scenes, I probably wouldn't want him to do that.
And then we'll have backup hosts for that.
Because we like to expand instead of contract.
That's certainly what people want and what we could do if we weren't constantly being attacked, which is the whole point of what the enemy's doing.
But the attack only makes us bigger anyway, so it's paradoxical.
But Chase, your view on Putin, your view on Haiti, your view on TikTok, your view on the Trump
Main charges being dropped in Georgia because no evidence was given.
Fraudulent indictment, the judge said.
I mean, this is all seismic stuff.
So, you're a man of many words, but not one of these exes you kind of demur and sit in the background.
But I want you to spend a few minutes, let's spend the next four or five minutes, you've got the floor, just about your view as a parent, as a father, as a patriot, about where we are as a republic.
I think we're right back where George Washington was in 1776, decision time.
Thanks Alex, I appreciate it.
I do have one issue with something you said.
You said we were all the same as hosts here.
I'm pretty sure you're the best host, Alex, but I do appreciate the kind words.
No, no, no.
When you've been on air 30 years, I think you might be better than me.
I don't know.
Everybody's got different skills.
I think Owen's as good as me and better in ways, not as good in ways.
Same with all the hosts.
I really, I think our hosts are all in different ways.
I mean, we're not common.
We're equal.
We're equal in God's eyes, but we all have different skills.
So, you brought up basically every issue that's going on today, so it's hard to quantify where to begin.
No, just pick one and give me your view on it.
Yeah, so the nuclear war thing, for me it's almost like the boy who cried wolf, as far as that's concerned.
We've been hearing rumors of nuclear war with Russia since the 1950s, if not even a little bit earlier.
As soon as World War II is over.
So I'm not sure that's ever going to happen, but I do believe that Russia would exercise its nuclear powers if it needed to in order for its own sovereignty and its self-defense.
So as long as the United States continues to be a threat to the sovereignty of other nations, they're going to have continued animosity toward us.
So, we haven't been doing ourselves any favors for the last 50 years with the way that we sanction nations, leverage our dollars, reserve currency.
We've created a lot of enemies doing that and it's forced us to get into a lot of wars in order to ensure that our reserve currency remains the reserve currency into the 21st century.
I think a lot of these conflicts actually boil down to
We're good to go.
I reported on this fairly extensively on Sunday.
The Clinton administration, the Clinton Foundation, and the Bidens both have been heavily involved in Haiti.
Basically anytime there's a natural disaster or any sort of a disaster of any kind, these NGOs and organizations come in and they give all the contracts to their buddies and they skim a lot of money off the top of this aid that we give out.
And the great Jack Maxey who worked with Steve Bannon for an extended period of time was on my podcast a couple of years ago, and he was one of the first people to have access and study the Hunter Biden laptop and the amount of business that the Bidens were trying to do during Joe Biden's vice presidency.
Regarding Haiti and dealing with their disasters was really alarming and some of the language that they used in their emails was also very disturbing too.
They were so excited that Haiti had been faced with these crises because they knew that they were going to be able to get the freshwater contracts and the aid contracts and just skim off of the top.
So I think we've really created a lot of these problems in Haiti and it's a shame.
And let's tie that into Israel.
I'm not anti-Israel.
I'm not anti-America or anti-Russia, but I am anti-what the government's doing.
They knew the attack was coming.
They let it happen.
They don't care about the hostages.
Now they're using it to ethically cleanse and push all the Palestinians out and then ship them here, just like the globalists have looted Haiti and are now going to ship them here as their voters.
So it's disgusting.
And it's the same globalist tactic.
Loot the third world and use the third world as a weapon against the West.
Absolutely, and it's funny because when we left Afghanistan, everybody was so alarmed and confused as to why we left millions upon millions of dollars of weapons behind, and to me it seems like those weapons were left behind because they wanted them to be in the hands of Hamas, so this attack that happened on October 7th catalyzed and justified this additional conflict in the region.
What do you make of the massive development in Georgia?
Damn right!
You know, I don't know what to make of it, because I'm someone who's always believed that Trump was innocent.
I think the more that he's prosecuted, the more that I support him.
And the reason I'm voting for him is because all the world's supervillains seem to hate him so much.
And I haven't looked at it extensively enough to know what this really implies, what the outcome's going to be.
But it seems like every time he's convicted or charged, it's obviously a kangaroo court, and it's good to see some semblance of justice left and that these charges were dropped.
Well, I know what happened, because I remember following it when it was going down.
The Democrats are the ones that challenge elections.
That's legal to do.
And Trump was trying to start challenging it, and they've indicted him for that with no evidence of racketeering.
So it was a fraud from the beginning.
And that's the lawfare that we're facing.
That's what the Democrats do.
They accuse you of doing what they're actually doing, and then when they actually do it again, they act like it was okay.
I mean, they're already pre-planning to overthrow the election in 2024 because they're terrified that Trump's going to win.
What about TikTok?
There's a big debate.
I've read the bill, and I was on Steve Bannon today, and he had an interesting, informative host on there, but I disagree with him partially.
He's like, no, no, no, we need to ban TikTok, because it's anti-communist China, and this won't affect U.S.
It only says companies involved with foreign powers.
Will Obama put a stay-behind network, Sim?
We're good to go.
Look, we need to have our kids not watch TikTok.
We need to know it's a weapon.
But at the end of the day, this is a very dangerous precedent in my view.
And I agree with Senator Paul.
I agree with Congressman Massey.
This is a Trojan horse for censorship.
It's right there in the bill.
Absolutely, 100%.
I'm not a major fan of TikTok.
They've banned me at least half a dozen times for posting videos of you, Alex.
And I will say that I think that parents need to be banning TikTok, not the government.
And you're one of the first people that I came across in respect to 9-11 who
Outlined how they set up these problems so they can create the solution and the solution is always the mitigation of our rights.
So with 9-11 they did the Patriot Act and yes it did target terrorists but it also came after us as Edward Snowden revealed to the public and these types of things never stop or they say they're going to stop.
I don't want our government having any powers over speech in this country.
Communists should be able to say whatever they want or create whatever algorithms they want.
But they should be able to take our speech.
All right.
We're going to come back.
Chase Geiser is captaining the spaces on X. And we're going to go right to your comments live on X, interspersed with large servings of breaking news and information.
And people on X ask why their ads.
We're on over 300 radio stations, over 100 TV and cable stations.
They have ads.
We skip our network ads that are for us.
We don't skip the local ads.
And then when they tried to take me off air five years ago,
We're able to stay on air because we're on all those radio stations.
Now Soros is trying to buy up all the conservative stations.
Well, he's not trying, he's doing it.
So, the battle is joined.
En garde!
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, we're talking World War III with Putin threatening a nuclear war.
We're talking Trump being exonerated with major charges dropped.
In Georgia, we're talking Haitian cannibalism and collapse.
We're talking it all today.
I'm your host Alex Jones, and we've got Chase Geyser running the X account right now.
Chase, tell us who's up first.
Let's hear first from Truth Seeker.
Truth Seeker came on right away and raised his hand.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey, what's going on, brother Alex?
Thank you.
I think this whole entire thing with Haiti is crazy, man.
Like, Barbecue is literally wearing, if you look at the necklace he's wearing, I don't know if you noticed, he's wearing a Freemason necklace.
It's a planned collapse.
And they're wanting that to come here to America, a planned collapse here in America.
Even near me in Ohio, somebody recorded close by me, these illegals were breaking into this house.
It was up for sale.
Just freely breaking into it down in Dayton, Ohio.
So, I mean, it's a planned collapse.
That's what they want to do.
That's what the Democrats want.
That's what Joe Biden wants.
That's what all of these people want.
And they're going to stop at nothing to censor us.
And that's what they're doing through even this TikTok ban.
Yeah, on the surface, it seems
All good and dandy, but it's going to come to other platforms, I firmly believe, in the future, especially when it gets closer and closer towards election time.
100% it sets that precedent, and now they're announcing all over the country that they're kicking old folks out of their old folks' homes so the illegals can have it, and schools are getting rid of after-school programs and sports so the illegals can stay there.
I mean, this is a full-on invasion.
I agree and it's just sad to see how America has become and they're too focused on sending all this money to Ukraine and people over here are suffering.
I mean my stepdad for instance he's you know pretty much at the point of being disabled and he can't even get on like disability.
He's been struggling to get on disability so that should tell you where the priorities are.
If you come over here illegally you're free to do pretty much whatever you want and it's it's sad to see and I'm hoping things change soon but
It's looking more and more likely like things are going to continue to get worse and worse.
Well, we're definitely in the Great Reset.
The good news is, everywhere you look, people are really starting to wake up.
So, as negative as all this is, people are not buying the globalists or the saviors.
The globalists always said, when we collapse things, we'll pose as a savior.
Well, almost everybody knows it's the globalists doing it now.
That is so important.
Thank you so much for being part of this event here on X.
All right, Chase, who's up next?
Let's hear from Moneypenny.
Moneypenny's had her hand raised for some time.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Lovely, thanks.
Hi, Alex.
I'm a big fan all the way from the UK in England and fascinated by your comment, as always.
You talked, obviously, about gender dysphoria and this landmark decision today by the NHS to withdraw the puberty blockers.
That's causing some ruckus.
But I wanted to mention a piece of news that's just come out in the last
A big trade pact with them, but I'm reading this wall print and I'm a bit worried because I think this is to do with immigration coming into the US because it looks as though the big collaboration is more so to get the UK businesses helping out parts of Texas when it comes to immigration.
Well yeah, Texas is a boomtown like Florida, and I haven't followed the Texas deal with the UK, but I know Greg Abbott's making deals with India, and I'm not against people of India, but again, it is an ongoing program of outsourcing.
Do you want to elaborate on that?
Yeah, in particular, there's something interesting here which I know everybody will put their hands over their heads and close their eyes because you referred to diseases and things coming ahead, but the biggest part of this deal is to do with biobanks and biosciences and the UK working with Texas on some big bioprojects, which to me sounds alarm-bellish and I think needs more investigation.
Well, the UK, like the US, is a real center of all this globalist
I'm not really in a position to comment, Alex, because I was managing to add in some speakers, so I wasn't paying that much attention.
I'm sorry.
I understand.
We'll look more at this trade back.
Thank you so much.
Who's up next?
Let's hear from Skyler Phoenix next.
Skyler, you've had your hand raised.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you've got to say.
Yeah, Alex, as far as World War III, you have to remember, you know, Putin's part of the
Uh, WEF, uh, Global Young Leaders.
It's absolutely insane.
All these people, like Lindsey Graham, all these Warhawks, playing COD, COD of Duty, think it's, you know, survivable, Sean Penn, all these people are absolutely insane.
War is not positive.
We should be... towards health, wealth, and happiness, and anyone who thinks we can survive a nuclear war is just absolutely insane.
I don't know what's wrong with these people.
Well, let me elaborate, and I appreciate you calling in, but you've got some feedback, so we're going to let you go.
I'm not an apologist for Vladimir Putin, and he's formerly the KGB and got his own issues.
The West started this fight, but just because Vladimir Putin has been at the WEF,
Or just because Trump has been the WUF doesn't mean he worked for the WUF.
I have met with Bilderberg Group members, four or five of them.
I've, you know, had Henry Kissinger try to hire me.
Doesn't mean I work for Henry Kissinger.
I said no.
So I think it's very clear Putin works for Russia and I don't think there's a bunch of back channels.
This is a real war.
This is a real situation.
Chase, guys, do you want to comment?
Yeah, obviously nuclear war is unsustainable.
I mean, the definition of nuclear war is the total eradication of human beings off the face of the planet.
But I honestly feel like our establishment, our intelligence community, is just trying to escalate the perception of a threat from Russia as much as possible because they want to justify an explicit NATO involvement in the war in Ukraine before Ukraine completely loses the war.
So they have the threat with NATO to get Russia to rattle the saber, and they use the saber rattling.
That's like the war.
That's how wars escalate.
Who's up next?
Let's hear next from Julie for Butt.
Julie for Butt, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Hey there, Julie for Butte 5.
I was running for office here in California, Butte County, but Alex, big fan.
I had to jump up here and say how grateful and thankful I am for you calling out President Trump for that bonehead comment in response to President Biden talking about the vaccine.
I'm vaccine injured and I'm pounding sand here in Butte County to stop him.
And you were my hero when you came out and said the same thing basically that I did.
And now, you know, we've got this measles problem and now they're running, you know, public health as CDC is running in with all their syringes to mass vaccinate these poor illegal immigrant children.
And my message to them is run back home.
America is not necessarily the most healthiest place to be with your children.
So they're spreading the measles with the measles shots.
So, but my message to you, Alex, is please keep fighting for those of us that are injured.
We greatly appreciate you.
Thank you so much for bringing me up.
Well, thank you.
Look, on the Trump thing, I get he doesn't want to say it was wrong and con, because they'll double back on him and attack him.
At least just stop promoting the shot.
Because I know how they con him.
I know the inside baseball.
I know how he was trying to get everything legalized from hydroxychloroquine to you name it.
They would poo-poo when he wanted that.
They said, oh, sir, we've got the shot.
We can warp speed it.
He went along with it to be the hero.
He doesn't want to admit it was wrong.
He should just stop promoting it.
Do you agree with that, Chase?
Yeah, absolutely.
Here's the thing too, the trick about this whole thing is Trump did the Operation Warp Speed thing with Pence, he got the vaccine created, but people seem to want to attribute the mandates to Trump, which is what irks me about this.
Obviously Trump is the best candidate.
Obviously he deserves our support.
Obviously the world's supervillains hate him.
So there's got to be some good there.
But yes, he came out with these vaccines.
We know they're dangerous.
We know they've got side effects.
We know he was tricked or taken advantage of or bamboozled.
But he never forced anyone to take the vaccines.
That was the problem.
Trump was always a right-to-try candidate.
I believe at his first State of the Union address, he gave a whole section of his speech talking about the importance of right-to-try experimental medication for terminal illnesses.
Now, at the beginning of the pandemic, everybody thought COVID was the terminal illness.
He did that.
No, you're right.
He just said green light it all.
Because he's told they're holding all up this innovation.
And I was even for the right-to-try thing.
So I see, I know Trump's thinking.
That's why I know he's a good guy.
And he wasn't for lockdowns.
He wasn't trying to make a state with shots.
I mean, I get that.
Who's up next?
Alright, well let's see if Jack Lombardi II is still ready to speak.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you've got to say.
Hey Alex, how are you?
Listen, the TikTok ban, Trojan horse probably, but the thing that we haven't spoken enough about is the abuse of the Smith Modernization Act of 2012.
With the TikTok ban, we know it'll be abuse.
Just like the Smith Modernization Act 2012.
Alex, I've been on the phone with four different congressmen and congresswomen.
I even asked the other night, I was on a space with the FCC Commissioner, I've asked everybody if they're familiar with the Smith Modernization Act of 2012 and I also asked
What are the checks and balances to that?
What could go wrong, Alex?
I mean, let's talk about it.
What could go wrong?
So when the government decides that it wants to track you down or part of their, you know, their social credit score system they're trying to implement, they decide that, well, you know what, we're just going to shut your car down because we didn't like what you put on X. We didn't like what you put on Facebook.
And by the way, Wells Fargo just shut down a bunch of gun shops across the country.
So this is already going on.
Yeah, I mean, they have no problem coming after our rights.
So they can't do it the legal way, so they have to do it the back door way.
No, I agree.
Imagine if the CHICOMS had tracking software in all the cars reporting back to the government and insurance companies.
We would be pissed.
But the government does it, it's okay.
It's a thousand percent.
You know, the more I got into government, when I got into politics,
There were a handful of things that were an issue.
I originally ran against Adam Kinzinger when he voted to impeach President Trump to block him, you know, in Illinois.
So he had no pathway back.
And then maybe possibly, you know, try to win the election as well.
But the more I spent, the more time I spent in politics and in activism with fighting Pritzker, I was part of the team that took down Pritzker's mass mandate, unconstitutional mass mandate, and also blocked the vaccine mandate he was trying to get going.
By the way, speaking of Pritzker, we got all these attorney generals now suing over Wells Fargo going after conservatives.
Puberty suppressing hormones, PSH, over children and young people who have gender
In convergence and gender dysphoria, the NHS has officially banned it.
So, major pushback.
Elon Musk says Britain has actually looked at the data, which is why they're shutting down puberty blockers for kids.
They do far more harm than good.
So, and there's the clinical policy puberty suppressing hormones report out of the NIH.
So, some good things are happening.
Absolutely, that's a great step in the right direction.
I believe in Britain, they shut down the major hospital that was pushing transgenderism, pushing the irreversible chemical castration of our children.
That gives them cancer?
And stunts their growth.
It's serious child abuse.
And mental issues that also come along with it.
Alex, so one of the questions, since I know I could ask you this, because, you know, this is in your wheelhouse, all these chemicals that our, you know, Gen X, right?
So our children and even our generation have consumed in the food has raised autism, Asperger's, these, you know, ADHD.
Much of the marketing, because I own a marketing company, right, so much of the propaganda that went out has a signature of marketing, you know, politically through, on the Democrat side.
Yeah, that's why I raised it when you talked about the Pritzkers, because they're the Republicans, but they're quarterbacking it.
Is it really?
That I didn't know.
Like I was getting to say, Alex, the more I got into politics, the dirtier it keeps getting.
Every layer I keep pulling back, the more I'm starting to believe... Oh yeah, these are predators, and they use taking care of illegals, taking care of homeless.
They farm them.
They want to create a bigger problem to offer the solution.
Thank you so much.
Who's up next here, Chase?
Let's see if 1776 Worldwide is available.
Go ahead and unmute your mic if you're ready to speak and say what you have to say.
Okay, looks like we went and lost him.
We're going to move on to Meme and Justice for All.
Meme and Justice for All, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
I see your hands raised.
Thanks for having me.
Am I coming out clear?
You are.
Okay, thanks.
I believe that this whole Ukraine and nuclear war imminent that the whole world is preparing for may just happen, but not as severe as people might think.
I think it's just to draw out all our fighting forces, leaving this whole country vulnerable to an attack, and that's when we'll start seeing this multi-front
Attack on infrastructure using all these, uh, uh, middle-age, I mean, middle-aged, uh, military-aged men that have been congregating in all these, uh, you know, operating bases all over the country, and all this money people think is heading to Ukraine and weapons, I think they've never left the U.S.
I think it's there, it's here, and it's about to supply all those, uh, invaders, so when the time comes,
Uh, we'll be rendered helpless when there are hordes of, uh... Absolutely, they're gonna come with you in helmets.
The illegals will make up the military, the police.
They can vote.
It's checkmate.
They're doing it right now.
That's the one thing I can't debunk.
It's what keeps you awake at night because nobody's really prepared.
Our police officers, they'll be overwhelmed.
They're already overwhelmed with migrants camping out at their police stations.
What's going to happen when they're roaming the streets with military-grade weaponry?
No, I agree, but let's all stop using the term migrant.
They're illegal aliens.
Oh yeah, I'm so sorry.
No, you're not bad.
I do it too.
Just stop using... Remember, Biden got in trouble for saying illegal.
They don't want us to use... They want to control language.
It's that simple.
Don't let them do it.
Thank you so much.
Chase, who's up next?
Let's hear from Lumi Casanova.
Lumi Casanova, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hi, thank you for having me on.
Yeah, so just to talk about Trump's charges.
I think even if he was to go to prison or jail, he could still be president.
So just so you know, for what I know, so it's kind of a distraction from the potential of World War Three, which I think if we're going to see the saga really come to a climax, it will be in August time with possibly China attacking Taiwan.
Which would be incredibly chaotic for the semiconductor market and put America back to ten years or five years.
Because of supply chain problems again.
So what we saw with COVID, the same thing again.
But not to fear monger, just what could potentially happen.
So I'd like to see our leaders start to make moves to protect us from that potential event.
But it looks like they don't really care.
Well, you're right.
Everything's lining up for a new world war.
And this has happened twice before.
It's lining up now.
It's the end of the dollar.
It's this global system coming in.
And the question is, what do we do to stop it?
Thank you.
Chase, up next.
Let's hear from Rad.
Rad, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
G'day guys, thanks for having me on.
I just wanted to touch on Haiti a little bit.
A number of years ago, I was involved with an NGO based out of India that has a couple of campuses around the world, Kenya and Haiti.
And so actually, I was heavily involved with things happening in Haiti when the proverbial hit the fan there.
And I just want to give a little bit of the history because I think that a lot of people are missing what the key element is in Haiti.
In 2012,
There was a discovery of gold in Haiti to the tune of $20 billion.
That's worth about $30 billion of gold in today's terms.
So in December 2012, a company called VCS got one of the first gold mining permits.
There were two that were issued.
Now the thing about VCS is that they had a very special advisor.
What was the name of the advisor?
Tony Rodham.
Let me say that again.
Tony Rudham.
Yes, it is the brother of Hillary Clinton.
He is the advisor for the gold in Haiti.
And that's when everything hit the fan.
The Senate, the Haitian Senate, tried to block
The gold mining permits because they saw it as an environmental disaster.
Now Alex already alluded to this earlier in the program when he was describing the island and the difference between the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
Haiti has an environmental disaster.
That's why we were there.
We teach people permaculture, reforestation.
We're old school.
We're not like Bill Gates cutting down trees and burying them.
We taught people how to plant trees, raise their water tables, get food, get off the grid, get away from the field.
We're good to go.
Yes, absolutely.
And so, you know, that's when everything started really hitting the fan, and we've seen nothing but absolute chaos in regard to, you know, who's in charge in Haiti, and that's why you're seeing these overthrows of government.
Now, I haven't been so involved since I moved back to the US.
I've been involved with other things, so I've kind of lost a little bit of the storyline.
So, you know, whether this guy Barbecue is a front man for destabilization because the Clintons want to stay involved, is it just, you know, the man behind the curtain?
I don't know what the situation is there now, but all I can tell you is that as long as there is gold in the ground in Haiti, this is going to continue because whoever controls Haiti gets their fingers in the pie for the gold.
And that's what it's all over.
I'm glad you brought that up.
This is so amazing.
It's all a resources grab.
The IMF World Bank gets control of the Clinton Foundation.
They get all the aid money.
They cut off all the infrastructure, collapse it by design so that they can then come in and extract all the resources just like in the Congo with the rare earth minerals.
Incredible point.
Thank you.
How do people find you on X?
I'm rad underscore on X. I also do a weekly world news and I cover as many countries as I can, 45 seconds a country for about half an hour.
That's released every Sunday.
So I try to hit maybe 40 or 50 countries and I let people know what's going on.
So you were a real aid worker.
You were a real aid worker.
They're trying to teach them farming and to stop deforestation and now you're sitting back watching the globalist rape hating.
Yeah, pretty much.
I mean, I've been following Alex, I've been listening to you for 20 years, and that's why I got into that stuff.
Like I said, we're old school environmentalists, and part of that was about getting away from fear, getting off the grid, getting self-sustainable.
You know, I lived as a sovereign person for 10 years with no bank accounts or any... I got completely off the system.
And so we taught people how to do that.
And like, that's what people need to be doing again.
People need to be... Well, you're amazing.
I'm going to tell my producers we should get you on as a guest.
You're amazing.
Come on soon.
We'll have you on as a guest for a full hour.
Yeah, sure.
You know what?
Sometimes I'm in touch with Owen as well, a mutual friend, Matt Baker.
I'm very easy to find.
Matt has my phone number.
You can get in touch with Matt and you can get married.
No problem.
We'll talk to you soon.
Great, great call.
One more call before we start the next hour, take a break.
So Charlie's had his hand raised for some time.
Charlie, what do you have to say?
Go ahead and unmute yourself.
Thank you, sir.
Alex, just want to say, massive fan.
I'm Team Humanity all the way, sir.
You're doing God's work.
I, you know, I'm in Ireland myself and we literally just had our, you know, UN human rights to free speech just taken away from us there.
No vote, nothing from the government, they just passed it through.
I have friends in Portugal that are literally talking about them trying to get, you know, migrants to be able to vote.
I mean, this kind of WEF agenda is certainly not just, you know, in America, it's worldwide, it's all over Europe.
I'm trying to get to America as soon as I possibly can, because I think it's time to start fleeing at this point.
Well, for those that don't know, in Spain, in Canada, in Australia, in Germany, they're trying to put major prison sentences in France for criticizing Pfizer.
So the system's panicking.
And when the EU said last year, we're going to start taking free speech, they mean it.
I mean, this is real tyranny, folks.
Any other points from Ireland?
Not really.
It's not a country I'd recommend moving to long term, especially with what's going on right now with our government.
I mean, they're currently trying to take mothers and family and all this kind of wordage out of our constitution.
There was a vote we just had on the 8th of March there.
So we'll see what comes of that.
But yeah, it's not good for the Irish people and my agenda is get to America as soon as possible.
Well, America's the best house in the bad neighborhood.
Thank you so much.
Chase Geyser, we're going to start the third hour, go right back to comments from live Xers.
Who's up next when we come back?
When we come back, we're going to call in Aaron Friedman and a number of other people as well that are in line here.
We've got Christian Ascania and others as well that we'll be accepting over the course of the break.
All right, stay there.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
Whether you're listening on the AM and FM stations, or InfoWars.com, Fort Schloz Show, or Vanity, or X. Tell everybody you know, and those you don't know.
Right now, tune in.
That's how we overpower the AI, is human power.
The human resistance.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, and Band.Video.
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We'll be right back.
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Some stations join us in about five minutes.
We have a one-minute break coming up, then we'll have another break for 30 minutes.
And we're here with Chase Geiser running the X's event.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Who's up next, Chase?
Let's hear from New Glory.
New Glory, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey, thanks for having me.
It's an honor and a privilege.
Am I coming in clear?
You are.
Thanks for being with us.
Yeah, so, you know, I think a lot of people spend a lot of time getting caught in the weeds, pointing fingers at particular individuals, and I think it's important to look at our history.
To recognize, you know, the arguments between our founding fathers and James Madison, what we have is a problem with federalism.
It is a system that constantly expands, and there is a parasite that has attached itself to it because that expansion, and it's Trotskyism, which is essentially Marxism, but instead of being national, it's about going global.
And so, pardon me, I was exercising, but
What we need to do is rein in this expansionist federal government as our forefathers intended.
You know, they allowed to have this federal power, but it was supposed to be restrained.
And so once it's dominated our country, you can see with NATO, it is actually going out and trying to conquer the rest of the world.
That's right.
Once communists capture a country, their expansionist and Trotskyism is the specialty of that you're dead on.
Yeah, and so, you know, we really have a responsibility as being the free nation to reign it in here at home.
And so when you look at examples like Elon Musk being able to, you know, delete 80% of the employees, but still have a functioning system, Marxism, communism, all this stuff, it really is like a political cult.
And what you have to do is we have to take the money that's being paid to these people because they get the money and that gets them on the dole.
And so then they vote for the party that's feeding them.
And they're essentially, you know, obeying their master.
And so, you know, yep.
And so once we break the chains from our masters, we will be able to be free once again.
How would you quantify the point in history, Ren?
How would you describe the current situation?
I would say we are on the precipice of oblivion.
You know, to put it plainly, we have toiled, you know, with our labors and great innovation and we've essentially built the Tower of Babel and on top of it are these figures that are like Nimrod and they're creating AI and that is the bow of technology and they're about to loose the arrow of AI because they are trying to, you know, contest God and usually, you know, it ends in great failure and everybody
I don't think so.
And another thing we have to deeply consider is that a lot of people think they're very smart because they're natural narcissists.
No, they don't.
You know, most political agents are, you know, sociopaths.
And so they think that they're in control and that they're using AI as a tool.
But a lot of key manipulators, they will be able to give rewards to their subordinates.
So the subordinate thinks
Absolutely, and it uses a social credit score to do that.
Almost like an alien laid an egg here and it's taking us over.
Really, really smart points.
Get his information too.
I want to get this guy on as a guest.
What's your name again?
Uh, New Glory.
You can find me at NewGloryCometh here on X. We're gonna get him on, too.
I love this.
Gonna talk to all these amazing, smart people.
All right, some stations, join us.
60-second break.
Right back with more of your comments, live, uncensored, unfiltered.
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Chase Geyser is running this X event.
And Chase, before we go back to these commenters, anything else you'd like to add about what we were just discussing?
I'm really impressed by the quality of points these people are making.
Yeah, absolutely.
This is a whole new world that we're in with X Spaces and colors are always great, but it's a completely different segment of our audience that we get to talk to.
This is really exciting.
The Kurzweil stuff's interesting because I watched the Singularity documentary about Raymond Kurzweil that came out maybe 15 years ago with my dad in high school.
I remember watching it.
And the guy is an absolutely impressive
Inventor, thinker, things of that nature.
But it just strikes me all the time how incredibly bright some of the most wrong people are so often about things.
And I think he said on the Joe Rogan podcast, I was listening to it last night with Rob here in my office, that he takes like 49 supplements a day and he doesn't look like he takes any InfoWars supplements because he's not looking so good, man.
Well, since you mentioned that, I'm sure all the great ex-commenters are happy to hold, because I want to play this.
Joe Rogan, yesterday it was released, he taped it a couple days ago, just miles from where I'm sitting here in South Austin.
And he's got Ray Kurzweil, the head futurist at Google, the inventor of the scanner, the guy that says he's gonna bring his father back from the dead with AI, but he doesn't have his dad's genetics, his dad's statements.
I mean, you could try to claim that now if you record everybody for their lifetime and have their genetics.
Maybe you can create a facsimile that fools somebody, but it's just delusional.
And I ended up, yesterday when I saw it post, I watched most, late last night, I stayed up late watching, and I watched most of the interview with Ray Kurzweil, and I thought he came off as brain dead.
And then he's sitting there trying to tell Joe, oh no, you're about to see it.
Well, it'll be totally pure privacy.
And he starts out, your phone already has privacy.
The phones are like no front doors on your house or living in a glass house.
I mean, the car is all by law.
Track where you go and what you do and sell it to the insurance corporations and everybody else.
That's how Dinesh D'Souza a couple years ago, the 2022 election and 2020 election, went and paid telecoms in just towns they picked to then show the mules going and picking up at the safe houses, the ballots filled out, the names of dead people.
And then how they went and dumped off the hundreds of ballots around the town.
He only picked a few towns, he didn't have that much money, so he picked a few cities and it was the same thing.
I mean, these things are totally tracked.
Here's Ray Kurzweil.
Lying to people and saying, no, it's all great, it's total freedom, it's total this, it's total that.
No, it's giving over your life, your decisions to a pre-programmed system.
So the AI's real weakness is that it's programmed.
Look at Gemini and Google.
Overnight erasing all white people.
We've got new videos out in places like New Jersey.
They're going in and erasing all of the black criminals, and I'm not against black people, it's just so dangerous, and saying they're white, so they can falsify the statistics that whites are the people committing the crime.
I mean, it's information warfare.
And their plan is to totally overwhelm us, where two men can have a baby and all the rest of this, we just give up.
We're not going to give up.
We're going to navigate this and not be slaves.
Here is the clip of Joe Rogan with Ray Kurzweil.
Yes, we can create privacy that's virtually unbreakable and you could keep the privacy to yourselves.
But can you do that as technology scales upward?
If it continues to move?
I mean, it's difficult.
Like your phone.
Anyone can listen to you on your phone.
I mean, anyone who has a significant technology.
It has pretty good technology already.
You can't really read someone else's phone.
Yeah, if you have Pegasus, you could hack into your phone easily.
You definitely could.
Not hard at all.
The new software that they have, all they need is your phone number.
All they need is your phone number and they can look at every text message you send, every email you send.
They can look at your camera.
They can turn on your microphone.
We have ways of keeping total privacy, and if it's not built into your phone now, it will be.
Brad, but it's definitely not built into your phone now.
The security people that really understand the capabilities of intelligence agencies, they 100% can listen to your phone.
100% can turn on your camera.
100% can record your voice.
Yes and no.
I mean, we have an ability to keep total privacy in a device.
But from who?
You can keep privacy from me, because I don't have access to your device.
But if I was working for an intelligence agency and I had access to a Pegasus program, I am in your device.
Now I've talked to people... Only because it's not perfectly built.
By the way, hit pause.
Back it up ten seconds.
I'm going to play the clip and go back to your comments on X.
The internet is designed to be promiscuous.
All the smart devices from your refrigerator, to your car, to your...
Smart TV, everything is designed to grab the data and sell it, and it's a huge second market to all the companies.
I just showed you AP yesterday that insurance companies are being given the data by the car companies and the government.
So it goes the car company, the government, and then they sell it to everybody, because they all want it.
AI is the Internet of Things.
It operates off of having connections to everything.
That's the whole point of it.
So it's like saying, a whale does not live in the ocean and is not a mammal.
Or, birds do not fly in the air.
Well, yeah it is.
Or, water is not H2O.
I mean, it is, it is... Chase, I want to get a quick comment from you, then I'll go back to the rest of the clip.
And I talked to Joe about this, I'm not going to tell you what he told me, but I'll tell you my opinion that's the same as Joe's.
This guy never gets questioned, he comes off as a senile boob, all he is is this
You've all know Harari, you know, 1.0.
Just saying, oh, it's God, give in to it, it knows everything, it's perfect, invest in it, and it's all a fraud, it'll probably destroy us.
I mean, just sit and watch Ray Kurzweil say, oh, first, your phones are totally safe.
And Joe's like, no, they're not.
Well, actually, they will be when they're designed to report on you, Chase.
You know, what I did for years, since 2016 until before I worked here, Alex, was I owned a social media advertising business.
I spent and managed millions upon millions of dollars in ad spend for clients in over 30% of the world's countries.
And interesting story that relates to this, if you think your data is private, we had some family friends in Southern California who, while they were on vacation, their house was robbed by a professional team of burglars.
And they were using sign language, and they spoke a little bit of Spanish, but they were lens flaring the cameras.
Nobody knew who they were.
Nobody recognized them.
We had the footage, and we knew the dialect of Spanish that they were speaking.
So what I did was, I knew all the jewelry that they had stolen, because it was a family jeweler that made the jewelry that was stolen.
I was able to take designs of jewelry made by that jeweler, run outbound ads in Spanish, saying that we pay cash for jewelry, featuring the type of jewelry that we knew that they had, and several of them filled out a lead form with their contact information, and we were able to turn them in to the police.
Now, the police didn't do anything about it, but we were able to target people recently at that specific house.
We spoke the specific dialect of Spanish.
To run these ads to them.
And that's a human using technology, you know, six, seven years ago.
It's light years ahead of that.
So there is no privacy.
And we've known that ever since Edward Snowden came out.
Well, that's why they scan you at the airport.
They invented that 15 years ago.
It's for the face scanning, algorithm scanning, biometric scanning, where they know your walk.
Oh, you cover your face up.
They don't care.
They've already got your walk down because they already scanned your body.
Yeah, well, what's even more alarming to me is not so much that we don't have the privacy, but that no one seems to care that we don't have the privacy.
We have a whole generation of people who've come up knowing nothing else.
That's like saying, why do you lock your door?
Because there's bad people.
It's not that I have something to hide.
Absolutely, Chase.
Let's finish the clip.
We'll go back to the ex-commenters.
Here it is.
But from who?
You can keep privacy from me.
I forgot to say this.
Back in five seconds.
Kurzweil literally has like an eight minute or eight second pause here during the headlines when Joe Rogan eviscerates him in the very loving, calm way he does it.
Here it is.
Privacy in a device.
But from who?
You can keep privacy from me because I don't have access to your device.
But if I was working for an intelligence agency and I had access to a Pegasus program, I am in your device.
I've talked to people... Only because it's not perfect.
We can actually build much better privacy than exists today.
But the privacy that we have today is far less than the privacy that we had before we had phones.
I don't really quite agree with that.
How so?
If you didn't have a phone, okay, and you were at home having a conversation, a sensitive conversation about maybe you didn't pay as much taxes as you should, there's no way anybody would hear that.
But now, your phone hears that.
If you have an Alexa in your home, your Alexa hears you say that.
People have been charged with crimes because Alexa heard them committing murder.
We actually know how to create perfect privacy in your phone.
And if your phone doesn't have that, that's just an imperfection in the way we're building these things now.
But it's not just an imperfection, it's sort of built into the program itself, because that's what fuels the algorithm, is that it has access to all of your data.
It has access to all of your, what you're interested in, what you like, what you don't like, you can't opt out of it, especially you, you've got a Google phone, that thing is just a net scooping up information.
Uh, we know how to build perfect privacy, and... How did we do it?
I mean, if it's not built into your phone now, it should be.
Unless they don't want it to be built in there, because there's an actual business model in it not being built in there.
Okay, but it can be done, and if people want that, it'll happen.
But you recognize the financial incentive in not doing that, right?
Because that's what a company like Google, for instance, that's where they make the majority of their money is from data.
Or a lot of their money, I should say.
There's actually a lot of effort that goes into keeping what's on your phone private.
It's not that easy.
Private from some people.
Pause, back it up five seconds.
Yeah, private from the general public stealing it, because they don't want that.
They want it all for themselves.
They do it on record.
And Ray Kurzweil knows that.
He was just sitting there trying to snow everybody, because 10 years ago, 20 years ago, people didn't know this.
Now, people know.
And I love David Icke.
He's a great guy.
He's been criticizing Joe Rogan a lot and all this stuff.
He retweeted this yesterday, reposted it, said, look at this great exchange.
Joe Rogan destroys him.
Yeah, because I know Joe for 26 years.
He's a good guy.
He's awake now.
He's kicking ass.
This is good what Joe's doing.
All right, continue.
I was into keeping what's on your phone private.
It's not that easy.
Private from some people, but not really private.
It's only private until they want to listen.
And now the capability of listening to your phone is super easy.
Not really.
With the Pegasus program?
It's very easy.
Well, that has to do with imperfections in the way phones are created.
Right, but I think it's a feature.
I think part of the feature is that they want as much data from you and knowing about what you're doing, what you're talking about.
Have you ever had a conversation with someone and then you see an ad for that thing on Google?
Um... It happens.
Yes, but... So something's going on where it's listening to your conversations.
It's picking up on keywords.
It's picking up on everything.
Oh, it's okay.
Well, it's not unless it wants to.
Like I said, if they're using a program, an intelligence program, to gather information from your phone, it is.
And you're basically, you've got a little spy that you carry around with you everywhere you go.
Show, yeah, a little devil, a little guardian devil.
Show, I've been telling you this for decades.
It's all admitted.
And Ray's like, well, it doesn't listen to everything.
Only what it's programmed to listen to.
It's recording everything.
It's creating a list of everything.
Where you go, what you buy, who you talk to, what you do, and people can't seem to get that through your heads.
Joe Rogan just handed Ray Kurzweil's ass to him.
We created all this technology.
These gurus just sit over it and make billions of dollars and then lie to us.
But you look at Ray Kurzweil, he's a joke.
And Sergey Brin and Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, they're all jokes.
They're creating our own destruction.
They got all this power, they stole all this control, and now they gotta build bunkers.
Because they screwed the world up so bad, and he sits there with his little rainbow suspenders like a cute little old man.
It's disgusting.
Alright, let's go back to the X-Folks for the rest of the hour.
I just wanted to get that out there.
Thanks for waiting.
Who's up next?
Chase Geiser.
Let's hear from Aaron Friedman.
He's been waiting patiently.
Go ahead and unmute yourself, Aaron, and share what you have to say.
Yeah, thank you.
First time talking to you, Alex.
This is unrelated to what you were talking about, but I still think this is very important.
There is a three-month-old child on the terror watch list because the father of the child was January 6th on the Capitol.
Now that all ties into the social credit score and the grid of control and now the Attorney General's having to sue Wells Fargo because they're kicking all the gun stores off there.
Yeah, this is totally pertinent.
Right, so I know the
The Executive Director of the National Air Marshals Council, Sonia Lubasko.
I think it would be great for you to interview her.
I can get you guys connected.
If you would like to interview her, she knows all about it.
She can tell you all about the air marshals being abused on the southern border, busing illegals, giving them drinks with sandwiches.
78% of the... Yeah, they're nannies.
They're nannies for the illegals and the human smugglers.
78% of the air flights nowadays is not even covered.
It used to be much higher than that.
It used to be that basically most of the... Yeah, you get put in a body scanner, your balls get grubbed, but the border's wide open with smuggle kits.
So, I feel like this is prime time for terrorists.
I mean, they know the policies.
They are looking at these kinds of things.
They know what's up.
So, I mean, if a terrorist were to look at these kinds of policies, they would be a fool if they want to commit terrorist attacks, not to commit to
And because Logic's been murdered when the terrorists attacked, the government will take more of our rights, like New York, defund the police, let the criminals out of jail, Alvin Bragg, you know, Letitia James, and then they put troops in the subways taking everybody's rights.
See how it works?
Yeah, exactly.
So, if you were interested, I could get you guys in touch, connected, and you could interview her, because she knows everything about it.
It's literally her job to take care of these kinds of things.
We'd love to have her on.
We'd love to have her on.
How do people find you?
Well, you can find me right here on Twitter.
You can find me at Aaron Politodoxy.
I will send you, I will contact her, let her know about it, and I will get you guys in touch.
Alright, thank you.
Next up.
Let's hear from FormerFeds.org.
Former Feds, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey Alex, Brad Geyer here at Former Feds.
We are a 501c3 that is fueled by thousands of members who are vaccine injured and also who were tortured and killed in the hospital protocols.
We are all volunteers, and yesterday we referred packages to 21 DAs recommending prosecution that be forwarded to the Attorney General of Texas.
This is our second effort in this regard.
There was an initial letter that was sent to the Florida Attorney General.
It got bottled up.
We were able to get it back channeled to the DAPO, the Surgeon General.
He's made subsequent helpful comments about.
No, that's great, and they've got a good Surgeon General there in Florida.
We need Nuremberg 2.0, don't we?
Well, yes, it's going to take a long time.
We have a plan for that.
I think the plan is going to require in 2025 we have to retool all of our enforcement agencies around procurement fraud, grand fraud, science fraud, file 500 cases,
Be careful about grandiose or hyperbolic statements we make about what those cases mean, but just get them filed.
And then that will be a foundation for extending into some of the conduct that got us here.
What people don't know is in 2008-9, the $1.2 trillion in stimulus and the $600 billion in TARP reimbursement
Was used to rewire the U.S.
government and rewire our economy so that basically enforcement was shut down.
That's how it's so easy now for the FBI and Homeland Security to be running around going after all these pretty grandmas.
They're not going after science fraud.
They're not going after big pharma fraud.
It's just some narrow... And by the way, that's what Fauci said in 2018 on C-SPAN.
I played the clip like 10 times.
He said, we're going to blow up the old system and bring in mRNA, and now they're going to make the new flu shot mRNA this year.
I mean, you're right.
This is a criminal takeover.
And they're blessing us across the platform, so our non-profit supported me in entering an appearance last night in the Steve Baker case.
That's January 6th.
I previously represented Ken Harrelson in the first Oath Keepers trial.
And also local council on the Amos Miller case with Robert Barnes.
Just another organization is doing tremendous work.
His team is phenomenal protecting independent farmers and the food supply.
But I want to thank you for inspiring us for all these very many years and for a couple decades really.
Your president
You, sir, are quite the fortune teller.
That's all I'm going to say.
Well, brother, I'd love to say I'm smart.
I learned very young that like 35 years ago, the Globalists were taking over.
I had family that had worked for them.
They told me I should fight them.
And so I'm not prescient.
I have their enemy plan.
It'd be like if I was given the other team's playbook and we just have to have the courage to admit the playbook is horrible.
It's scary, but we have the playbook.
What do you think?
I think we can beat them.
I think we're on our way to beating them.
I think what they did not expect was that these poor widows who had their loved ones and next of kin, friends of people that were tortured to kill in the hospitals, that instead of crumbling and cowering and disappearing, they are now out in force at our hospitals protesting.
That's right, and now Governor Cuomo is about to be in front of Congress.
No question.
I think the tide is beginning to turn or certainly the large grinding wheels are starting to grind to a halt.
I'd love to have you on, too.
Man, we've got amazing people.
Get this guy's name and number.
I've actually heard your name.
I've actually once said I want to get you on as a guest.
So, come on with Robert Barnes next week, sir.
We love you.
We appreciate you.
Thank you, Alex.
We already do.
Guys, write his name and information down.
Get him, too.
Wow, these exes.
We've had some great exes.
Adrian Dittman and others, but I think this is so far the best X yet.
What do you think, Chase?
Yeah, this has been a very, very good one.
It's so cool to see everybody from the audience get the opportunity to speak, and all these different insights.
It's just, you have to have that back and forth.
You have to have the two-way street.
Otherwise, it's just sort of shouting into the abyss, and this is how we grow.
Plus, I mean, it's just, listen to how these people are on the march.
I mean, they're taking action.
Alright, more of your ex-comments live unfiltered.
We come right back after a break.
And tell everybody you know, tune in.
Stay with us.
But it all boils down to this.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You've found it, the tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
Look at some of these headlines on InfoWars.com right now, the new headlines.
Illegal alien crime victims could sue sanctuary cities on a proposed GOP bill.
Watch angry parents push back against school secret LGBT club for third graders.
It's a secret sex club for third graders.
Jon Stewart calls all Trump supporters and angry divisive rant.
How pathetic.
Several New York City employees arrested in COVID benefit fraud bus.
Governor Sanders deploys Florida State Guard, Southern Border to help stop hordes of Haitian illegals.
RNC co-chair Laura Trump preventing cheating in November is top RNC priority.
So that's just some of the news up on InfoWars.com.
Chase Geyser here on the Alex Jones Show.
Who's up next on X?
Christian has been waiting patiently.
Christian, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say if you're still there.
Awesome, yeah, it's an honor to be here.
Can you guys hear me clearly?
Honors all mine, Christian, go ahead.
So I just wanted to kind of touch base on less about the kind of political aspect of the state of the country and the state of the world, but more about like the cultural slash historical.
And one thing I really love that you speak about, Alex, is the Great Awakening.
And it really seems like that the tides really are turning.
Yeah, even Joe Rogan said two weeks ago, we need Jesus.
Yeah, and I've even had atheist friends in my past who have followed Joe Rogan, and it seems that him turning to Christ as well is also affecting them.
And this Great Awakening, I know amongst the younger generation that, you know, we've kind of had more of an onslaught of disinformation and misinformation than any other prior generation in the past.
But at the same time, it seems that they, that the people who are righteous, who are turning to Christ, are the most righteous generation.
And I think it's interesting to note that these really are the last days, and that a righteous generation is truly rising up, and that we are going to save our nation by turning our hearts and our minds back to Christ.
No, I hear you, but let me just say something here, because I don't go after what mainline preachers say or any of that.
I go after the spirit, and I've also been to a ton of Sunday school, read the Bible, studied it, and it's prophetic and it's profound and it's inspired by God.
But look at Nineveh and look at Jonah.
They get a hundred-year reprieve.
So, we are predestined.
God gave us free will but knows how it ends.
But it's almost like choose your adventure.
There's different future potentials.
Like in Dune, which is, you know, a great writer.
The films are never as good as the book.
Everybody should read Dune.
His next few books on that, I've read the whole series, are okay.
You can tell he was just mailing it in.
But Dune is really heavy and lets you into the mindset of the globalist but also what's really going on.
And it's that Paul Atreides, once he accesses his full male lines genetic memory, which we all have but can't access, he then sees all the future paths.
But then he also understands his decisions and others make determinations on that path.
So imagine having all that knowledge and being able to see the future paths, but understanding that it's foggy at certain points because you don't know what free will is going to do.
So, Paul Atreides in that archetype is not a God, but he's beginning to be able to at least see some of what God sees.
He can't interpret it all, but he's now been given God-like vision.
And so, yes, there's many antichrists.
There's one final antichrist, the Bible tells us.
And the Antichrist is always trying to put his signal out, his signature out, but we have to understand that it could be 500 years or next year.
It could be 10 million years or it could be next week.
We are determining, through this, the future.
Does that make sense?
I really, really love what you just said, and I think it's really interesting that as these dual oppositions between the Great Reset and the Great Awakening, I'm actually really hopeful for the future.
I'm actually really positive.
I have a really good outlook on the future of us as a nation.
While the slave class further relies on the government, while they slowly detach themselves from government.
There's going to be a separation of the wheat from the chap, the sheep from the goats, the gold from the pewter.
There's a splitting happening.
Absolutely, and I think like how you said about Paul Atreides, how he's able to kind of access the memories of his ancestors and he's able to see the future because he knows more about the past.
I think that we can also have God-given gifts given to us and as we turn our minds and our hearts back to our ancestors in the same way it says in the book of Malachi that in the last days that I will turn the hearts of the children to their fathers.
I'm really glad that you brought up Dune.
It's been a really inspirational story for me, watching these last couple of movies.
I read the book, of course, years ago.
But whenever I think of Dune, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous line, We are House Atreides.
There is no call we do not answer.
There is no faith that we betray.
And it really reminds me of this patriot movement, where we're often put between a rock and a hard place.
It always seems like things are
It's going to be incessantly more and more difficult, but we seem to prevail in the end.
And it has that Alamo moment where Duke Leto gets killed.
That's a sacrifice that has to happen.
It all follows the same pattern.
So we see that and think this is so true because it's an archetype of reality.
Powerful, powerful stuff.
It's crazy how fiction can tell the truth.
Anything else I interrupted you?
No, that's it.
All right, who's up next?
Okay, let's hear from Bill.
Bill's been waiting patiently.
Go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say, Bill.
Hey y'all, wherever y'all are, good afternoon, good evening, whatever.
Alex, man, 22 years I've been listening to you, brother.
A pleasure, honor, no need to respond, this is not obligatory, whatever, but dude, love you.
And I guess my main question
Comes about and I know this is off-topic, but it's all related It comes about CERN and I've done a lot of research on CERN and I know that Donald Trump's uncle John G Trump was involved With you know the MIT stuff with Tesla stuff He headed up the secret project with the Tesla technology Yeah, and I was just wondering if you could shed a little bit more light because in my head it's like
Well, I mean specifically, there's different factions on the planet.
And there's good factions, bad factions, opportunistic factions, but this current globalist faction is going down.
So you can say, is Elon Musk trying to take over that faction or is he with us?
He's bringing down the old faction.
It doesn't matter.
Then if he turns against us, we'll turn against him.
But I mean, I would say Elon Musk right now is probably more important than Trump because Trump is so embattled and Trump is older.
So it all remains to be seen.
Okay, okay.
Now, I hate to follow up with another question, man, but 5G.
5G, dude.
Man, I know so many people that have stroked out, that have had issues.
All you gotta know about 5G is in all the studies, it causes cancer and serious health problems.
It's super bad.
That's what I was thinking.
Dude, thank you so much, Alex.
Seriously, pleasure.
I'll be here every day listening.
God bless you.
Yeah, folks, they hide the 5G towers and power poles, you name it.
If you live near one, get the hell away from it.
And I'm not a violence guy.
I don't want to hurt people.
But man, I just get a smile on my face all over the world when they're tearing those sumbitches down.
I'm not saying you should go do that yourself, but it's a weapon.
It's super bad for you.
Scrambles your DNA, fries you.
Uh, it's absolutely horrible.
All right, Chase, who's up next?
You're from Suriname?
Go ahead, unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hey, thanks.
My name is Sir Major.
I've been checking out Alex Jones for years now.
I just wanted to quickly say that you've been a strong, dominant voice in alternative media.
I hate to use that word.
And people can say what they want about you.
The reality is that a lot of stuff you say come out to be true, right?
They like to paint you as some conspiracy theorist or whatever.
But at the end of the day, when it comes to vaccinations and a lot of the top stories you've exposed, government corruption, you've been right on.
And you've educated so many millions of us.
I like to say that I am an activist.
I started off with BLM as a Black Lives Matter activist.
I'm a reparationist fighting for reparations in America because I do believe that black Americans should be repaired for the harm and the profit off of this country.
But I've been weaponized in the last four years, last three years.
I was the guy that was arrested all over national news saying that I stole money from BLM, used money for personal goods and things of that nature.
I'd like to have you come to Toledo.
I'd like to offer you to come to Toledo, Ohio, cover the trial that's starting in April.
April 1st the trial starts.
Well, I'd love to cover it.
I can't cover everything.
I can barely keep my own operation together, but I want to be clear.
There's unlimited
White people, black people, anybody, they see us as animals.
You first give them some free food until you get them in the pen.
First you put the food out by the entrance of the pen, then you leave the gate open, you put the food inside the pen, and then when they come in to eat the food in the pen, you close the gate.
So the New World Order and Hollywood's not pushing those reparations because they want to help black people.
But I hear what you're saying, I'm not aware of your case, but I will try to look into it.
How do people find you?
Right here on X, man.
I'm an X guy.
I do everything on X. So you can find me right here.
I'm a major for Congress.
I plan to run for Congress post this trial.
And then also, I've been spending a lot of time on this app, Alex, trying to get black Americans to leave the Democratic Party, to vote for Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is better, a much better choice than Joe Biden.
And so that's what I spend a lot of time doing.
I know you recently interviewed my good friend Mark Carter and Dom Lecrae.
Those are my guys.
We spend a lot of time on his app, getting black Americans to lead the Democratic Party and vote for Donald Trump.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, up next.
Nick Capone next.
Go ahead, Nick.
Thank you, appreciate it.
Alex Jones, I love your show and all the content that you put out there.
As far as foreign national security, the Biden regime, and this is according to the Freebacon that just put out an article yesterday,
As far as the Biden regime, they're planning on issuing a fresh sanctions waiver for the terrorist Islamic regime occupying Iran that will grant this terrorist Islamic regime access up to upwards of another 10 billion dollars in frozen assets.
So my question is, brother, why is the Biden regime keep negotiating and funding this terrorist Islamic regime?
Thank you.
Yeah, well the same reason Israel stood down.
They're all working together behind the scenes.
There's no doubt that the CIA put the Mullahs in, and it's been a long term... They don't run Iran, but they've got to deal with them.
And Hezbollah's running Hamas.
And so I'm sad for the Palestinians, what's happening to them.
But in the larger situation, it is all to create a global turmoil.
They bring in all the Islamists, and they're going to activate to carry out terror attacks.
Alright, who's up next?
Let's go to Ricky Berwick next.
Ricky, go ahead and unmute yourself and say what you have to say.
Hi, um, since I have to have a healthy diet every day, I was wondering if InfoWars Life Select is gluten-free?
If InfoWars what is gluten-free?
Is InfoWars Life Select gluten-free?
You mean storable food?
I think, yeah, they do have gluten-free packages you can order, I know that.
Are they soy?
Are they what?
Are they soy?
They have every kind of food you can imagine, whatever you want.
They got all special diets, everything.
They literally have giant factories all over the US.
They have everything, anything you want.
Alright, up next.
Alright, let's hear from Base Boys Media next.
Base Boys, are you guys still there?
We are here, live in the flesh.
Thanks for giving us the mic.
I just want to say regarding the Trump case, I'm extremely optimistic with this case.
You know, Scott McAfee doesn't throw this case out due to the corruption of Fannie Willis and Nathan Wade.
Trump has a strong case.
He's got the First Amendment.
And then, you know, even Georgia state law protects him.
He's allowed to petition with the Secretary of State.
By law, he can call Brad Raffensperger to get those 11,000 votes.
So completely legal.
And then another big win, I think, is, you know, you mentioned this already, Alex, is
Laura Trump is the co-chair along with Michael Watley.
I think that's a huge win because she's, you know, making a pledge to go after, you know, election integrity.
And we didn't get that from Ronna Romney McDaniel.
So I'm hoping that Laura Trump can step up with Michael Watley and take.
What are your thoughts on that, Alex?
No, I mean, it's good.
The whole MAGA movement is taking over the Republican Party.
Trump did a really bad endorsement earlier this week.
He got advised to do that.
Overall, you know, Trump, Trump, Trump does not do a lot of research.
He already knows what he knows.
He watches a lot of TV.
But, you know, he does some good things.
He does some bad things.
But yeah, I think it's definitely pissing off the neocons and Trotskyites and Democrats because we the people are taking over the Republican Party.
Yeah, 100%.
You know, my prediction is if they're not able to steal the election from Trump, I mean, I don't know if they can blatantly do it with the
The massive MAGA support.
Maybe they go down ballots, get majority of the House and Senate, make it Trump or make it difficult for Trump to do anything outside of, you know, an executive order.
Now you discuss all the time like the taking away the Insurrection Act and, you know, doing a race war.
What's the best possible scenario you see?
I mean, you know, you see these scenarios of we're not going to have an election in 2024.
What's the best possible scenario you see?
Well, look, I mean, we're about to win this election.
Even the Democrats admit that.
So they may expand to war, they may crash the economy, do a power outage.
I mean, I'm not sure what they're going to pull.
I know what they've been pre-programming is cyber attacks.
They blame them on Russia, massive censorship, all the rest of it.
They're not going to get power up easily.
But as the world turns against them and realizes that they can't collapse the economy and impose as saviors to bring in the Great Reset, then they'll never be able to get the Great Reset done.
We're winning just by waking up.
I mean, it's a process.
Well, hey Alex, thank you for taking my call and giving me the mic.
I appreciate you.
Up next.
Let's hear next from Dave Lugo.
Dave, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Long time listener.
I just wanted to talk about the countering disinformation and propaganda.
You and I did an interview for my documentary Sensational a few years back, and we covered this a little bit, but I think not many people really understand how important this is and the precursor, the Smith Moon Modernization Act.
This has been a slow rollout to censor the public and to really kind of put this globalist plan into effect.
And I think, you know, a lot of people need to start looking into that law a lot more because it's kind of like the Holy Grail for these guys.
You know, it was the key to let them start doing what they were doing and thank God for Elon Musk stepping up a little bit.
But what are your thoughts on maybe doing like a master class on that law?
No, I agree with you.
Chase, you want to comment on that?
I wasn't paying attention.
I was adding speakers.
I'm sorry, Alex.
No, you're absolutely right.
People need to research what's going on.
That's really important.
I mean, what do you think the deep state's going to pull to stop the American people?
Well, I think that we're seeing it come out.
You know, I'm a film producer.
As I said, I've, you know, I started out with A Good American, I found on your site.
I've, you know, worked with Mike Cernovich.
I've worked with Jack Posobiec on documentaries.
And we're seeing AI come out because I think there are some people in Hollywood who are waking up.
You know, Amsterdam's a great example of that.
They talk about eugenicists at the end of the film.
And I think they're getting scared.
You know, I think they're getting scared that people are starting to wake up and send these messages to the people.
So they're amplifying it.
They're pushing for AI to come in.
They're pushing for more government censorship.
Look what they're doing to you.
They can't let us, you know, they can't let our culture be what it was, so they need to take over.
Well, the globalists have broken the social contract, and instead of backing off, they're building bunkers and going to war with us.
Very stupid path they're going down.
Thank you so much.
Next up.
All right, let's hear next from globalist double agent.
Go ahead, globalist double agent.
Hey, can you hear me?
Okay, so my comment is for the Ukraine-Russia conflict.
As most people realize, and some people don't, the propaganda machine isn't pointed at Russia.
It's pointed squarely at North America.
That's right, they use Russia as the excuse to then say, we're all bad, and then brainwash us.
Oh yeah, and Ukraine's been winning the whole time despite massive casualties and whatnot.
But the latest thing is this whole nuclear war.
Narrative that's coming out, right?
The globalists, the militaries, NATO and Russia know that that is a no-win situation for them.
If they use nukes, we're all done, the game's over, nobody gets anything.
What I believe NATO is pushing for is a full-scale conventional war against Russia, because both Russia and the United States and NATO, they feel like they have the better conventional weapons.
And there's this kind of
Well, Russia said in their doctrine when they're outnumbered and surrounded they'll use nuclear weapons.
So, yeah, that's the crazy town we're coming into.
Yes, and if strikes, if conventional strikes, mind you, happen, because they're going to go toe-to-toe with their weaponry.
I really feel this is how it's going to go down.
And they may go to war for a year or two, but once we start seeing strikes in U.S.
cities and Canadian cities and throughout North America, that's going to trigger a martial law, it's going to trigger lockdowns, it's going to be... Let me say something.
There's not going to be a limited nuclear war.
As soon as a tactical nuclear weapon gets used, within hours there'll be a regional, and within a day or less, there'll be full worldwide nuclear war.
And India and Pakistan are going to nuke each other, and India and China are going to go to war, and there'll be a nuclear winter, and we'll lose 90% of the world's population in the first year from the collapse of civilization.
Nuclear reactors will melt down, they'll explode, the surface of the earth will be unlivable.
I mean, we'll be lucky if civilization ever comes back.
It really is a no-win situation, and I really believe they know this, and they're counting on going toe-to-toe conventionally with each other to see who's got, you know... Yeah, well, let's hope that's the agreement that Putin keeps saying, if we're being defeated, we will use nuclear weapons, which is Russian doctrine and Western doctrine as well.
Man, I really hope not.
Anyway, I despise the goblets.
I love you, Alex, and thanks for doing all your great work.
Thank you.
This has been amazing.
All right, Chase, who's up next?
Let's try to go to Sean dot dot dot.
Sean, are you still with us?
Looks like he might have stepped away, so we're going to go on to Lady D. Lady D, go ahead.
Hi, Alex, great to hear you live and all that great stuff.
Thanks for your fight.
Thanks for making us aware.
Thank you.
Hey, Ryan, I thought I'd ask about Ryan Garcia.
And, you know, his courage and the way he's just talking just almost like you and anyone else has come up and, you know, decided to talk about Bohemian Grove or just everything going on.
Well, look, nothing against Ryan Garcia.
He's a handsome young man, former champion in his weight class.
I listened to the whole thing last week.
He sounds like he's having a mental breakdown.
I'm not saying they don't rape kids at Bohemian Grove.
I didn't see that when I snuck in.
I'm not saying the Globals don't do that.
We know about the human trafficking.
He just wasn't very specific, and then now he's all cryptic.
And, you know, it's so... I would like to hear him elaborate on that.
Yeah, I really find some truth and strength in what he's doing, and I think it is a perfect time for everyone.
You know what?
So, yeah.
No, no, no, no, no.
Listen, if he was raped at Bohemian Grove, or made to watch rape at Bohemian Grove, I would like him to say, it happened this year, and I was there, and people asked him, and you listened to him on the tape,
I think people, whether it's the publicity stuff for a fight coming up, I don't think that's it.
I think he was having a breakdown.
Or maybe he was raped there.
Or maybe he saw rape, maybe he's having a breakdown because of that.
I don't know.
That's all I'm saying.
I welcome him on the show.
I welcome him to elaborate on the specifics.
Does that make sense?
He wants friends.
He wants people to trust and believe in him right now.
Sounds great!
Alright, well thank you so much!
Alright, Chase Geiser, who do we got coming up as the fourth hour host?
Jason Burmess is always loaded for bear, always does a great presentation, and then in about an hour and five minutes from now, or four minutes from now, Owen Schroyer, 3 to 6 p.m., The War Room, InfoWars.com, forward slash show.
We could do five more minutes, do we got a more people, Chase?
Let's do it, we got some good people lined up.
We're going to go to break, join some stations after this.
Remember old-fashioned radio and TV that didn't watch you?
You listened to it, you watched it.
Well, we're still on broadcast TV and radio.
Remember that?
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All right, final segment before the great Jason Burmess takes over.
One hour from now, Owen Schroer takes over the War Room.
Gonna kick some new or butt.
Can't wait to watch.
We got Chase Geiser here, a few more commenters from X. Go ahead, Chase, who's up next?
All right, let's hear from Lisa Guthrie.
Lisa, go ahead and unmute yourself.
Okay, thank you.
Thanks so much for having me here.
So, I would like to hear Alex's views on Agenda 2030 and where we go next based upon all the things that Alex has shared over the years, you know, with the community, with all of us and letting us know.
So, we had Agenda 21.
We went into the lockdown.
We see what's going on in the Ukraine.
We see what's going on in, you know, in Israel and the Gaza Strip.
It seems like, right, for those of us that have been following along for many, many years, that there's a script, right?
Now they're talking about or at least starting to like soft launch the whole idea about the Red Heifers and the sacrifice that hasn't been done in thousands of years, you know, the Antichrist and all of these different things, the Dome of the Rock, building a new temple.
Where do you think we're going next, Alex, with this agenda?
You know, there are real-world events where the globalists exacerbate it.
It's like the former White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, said, don't let a good crisis go to waste.
So sometimes they stage it, sometimes they exacerbate it, sometimes they hijack it.
But yeah, June 2030 is the official plan for AI, depopulation, eating bugs, banning carbon, which we are.
I mean, June 21 is getting the table set.
And then as soon as 2000 hit, they went into agenda 2030 that goes from beta to operational.
So it's an official plan.
It's like replacement migration or any of it.
Jason Burmese is coming up.
He's really good at showing documents like we do as well, but he does it for everything he says, because this is a plan.
It's not like it's my opinion.
People say, how does he know this?
Good God, this is incredible.
It's all there.
It's so frustrating.
But thank you so much.
Let's move to the next person.
One more.
We've got to end this.
I'm going to do some more big X spaces here.
Commercial free soon.
Go ahead, Chase.
Final person.
All right.
Sean dot dot dot tried to rejoin.
Let's see if you're available now.
Sean, can you go ahead and unmute yourself?
OK, let's go on to... Oh, there's Sean.
Are you there?
Yeah, I'm here.
Very good.
Alex, I appreciate it.
This is like... So I got in to talk to Russ Limbaugh way long time ago.
And this is like my second greatest
Achievement to speak with you, but all right.
Well, it's good to talk to you, too.
We got about two minutes left.
Go ahead.
No, no, no, that's it.
I had a lot of things to say earlier and I apologize.
Well, let's not worry about that.
You're on air now.
Go ahead.
All right, so what is your.
So I had a question about your relationship with Erickson.
I see Erickson on here a lot.
I don't know who Erickson is.
You don't know who Erickson is?
Alright, Tim.
I think it was a great space today.
Thanks to everybody for joining.
Always awesome to have this part of the audience join with us.
I'm sorry that we weren't able to get to all the people who requested to speak.
We've still got over 65 people requesting to speak to you, Alex, but we will make an effort to get to you guys next time, and we're going to try to do these a little bit more consistently as well.
I agree with everything that everybody said, pretty much, today.
And I don't think that we're on the brink of nuclear war, but nuclear war will always be used as an excuse for another conflict, for another escalation.
And until we figure out a way to hone this political-industrial complex and this military-industrial complex down, we're going to continue to find ourselves in war after war, I think, Alex.
That's right.
Alright, Jason Burmess, we're going to break in 40 seconds.
Tell us what you've got coming up.
Well Alex, we're going to be going over that Ray Kurzweil interview with Joe Rogan because Joe Rogan really came in hot and challenged Kurzweil on a number of issues which he blatantly lied about.
We're going to be talking about human brain interfaces.
That's right, Kurzweil came off like a vegetable.
And this is the grand pooh-bah of everything, so start over Burmese.
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Alright, Jason Burmiss is an incredible researcher.
I've known Jason for... I'm getting old, man.
17 years since he was a kid.
Him and the other folks from Loose Change.
And I cut him off because I know what he's going to cover today.
He's always a great guest host.
I don't know.
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So when I saw this interview, and I'm only halfway through it, one of the things that really stood out to me, probably as the biggest lie and the one that kind of went unchallenged and shouldn't have, is the fact that Kurzweil said, in the modern day, we don't lose millions of people in war.
I mean, I want people to grow
We're good to go.
In the war on terror, or of terror as I like to call it alone, we're talking about 3 to 6 million people dead.
The fact that we don't even call that World War III kind of shows the US-centric, or really global-centric attitude we have towards these people.
People are not talking about what's been happening in Yemen for years, which we provide the drones for, we provide the targets, and then we sanction that killing.
Ukraine, Russia, we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people and he just sits up there and smirks about that.
What he's done over the years is given us this hopeful, bright future of the empowerment of humanity, a life of technological abundance where we become more, right?
And he was always very slick about that in the past.
When he actually wrote
The Age of Spiritual Machines, he did not advocate that we would actually create another life form that had true consciousness, but that instead we would create life forms that would be so convincing we would think they had true consciousness and we would essentially give them rights.
He would also not really talk about digital consciousness as our ability to actually upload that, but as a twin it's not really them.
He's reversed those things in this interview.
And the bottom line is he uses seductive behavior because he's not one of these guys that says that we're overpopulated or don't have abundance.
So I've got this clip.
It's about three minutes long and really the only thing I do agree with him on is that we do have the abundance of resources and that what we can live with a much larger populace on this planet thing is our managers
Don't want that.
They want to automate us out, which I'm going to get into more when I talk about what I think is really the destroyed by design nature of what's going on, not only with Boeing, but our entire airline industry and how NASA has really laid the groundwork for that over decades.
But we're going to go to Kurzweil first.
And this is Ray, I think back in 2018 at the Supernova Conference.
So let's hit this clip.
But it's kind of a strange world where we can do things that have to do with information, but otherwise the world is still the old world of scarcity.
All of that's going to change as we go through the 2020s.
And here I have an example of energy.
So we're applying supercomputing to coming up with new materials, both for energy storage and collection.
Of solar energy.
As a result, the costs both of producing solar energy and storing it are coming down quite dramatically.
As a result, we see exponential growth in the usage of solar and other renewables.
It's doubling every two years.
Total renewables is now about 6% at two years each.
Before 2030, we'll be able to provide all of our energy needs, ultimately at very low cost.
I'm using completely renewable energy.
Now, let me break this down.
He also sold that on Rogan.
The idea by 2030, it's all going to be solar.
It's all going to be wind.
And Rogan really did challenge him on that as well, saying, well, you know, the way that Musk says it is that we can't really build a car that can run on sunlight alone.
And of course, Ray Kurzweil went to the storage issue, but was really prominent that this would be the case.
Now, remember all these things that we've been promised that we're going to have cheaper energy, has that happened?
That we're going to live longer lives, has that happened?
Meanwhile, Kurzweil in kind of a revelation in that first hour, he's been on a supplement regimen.
For quite some time.
We're talking decade upon decade upon decade, because he also talked about reverse aging.
We'll get into Calico Labs, which is essentially the immortality division over at Google, of which he is employed and really one of the main gurus there.
So, Kurzweil takes 80 plus pills, yet they'll demonize Alex Jones for selling you turmeric in a concentrated form that many studies show is beneficial in health and what to stop inflammation.
God forbid, nitrous oxide as well.
All these things and more Kurzweil's taking.
He also talked about IVs.
So he's about 76.
He believes within the next five years that the supplementation and drugs available to everybody, which I have a hard time believing because he's taking peptides.
The FDA is regulating peptides right now.
They're taking those away from you.
So you think they're going to give you the good stuff?
I mean, give me a break.
Maybe Kurzweil gets it.
But he thinks for every year that you're living, within five years, you can offset that with this new technology.
And five years after that, you can actually get a year and a half back and start to quote-unquote de-age.
You know, whether that's the truth or not, there is a certain class of people, a predator class, that indeed believes that they can biologically live forever, while I believe trying to trick the public into believing that they can upload their consciousness, be in this virtual world, we live in a simulation, the multiverse is real, so there is no real accountability.
Identify as you want.
Be as trans-ginger as it gets.
Forget about that.
Identify as a cat.
A therian.
These are all real things at this point.
This is all real things.
So let's get back to Kurzweil.
And this is really the seduction of it all.
That, oh, we're in scarcity now.
No reason to be in scarcity, by the way.
But we'll be in abundance in the future.
And by the way, again, we're not overpopulated, so we can continue to grow.
I presented this recently to the Prime Minister of Israel, who actually was in my class at the Sloan School in the 1970s, and he said, Ray, do we have enough sunlight to do this with, to double what at that time was seven more times?
And I said, yes, when we double seven more times and are meeting 100% of our energy needs from solar, we'll be using one part in 10,000 of the sunlight that falls on the Earth.
So this is just another example of how we will
Use the economics and the profound deflation rate of information technology that's now attending nominally information products to nominally physical products like energy and food and clothing and housing.
Finally, then she said, OK, there's one resource that's not an information technology, which you can't grow this way, which is land.
We're very crowded together.
That's not going to grow exponentially.
And I said, actually, we're not crowded together.
Try taking a train trip anywhere in the world and you'll see 95% of the usable land is not used.
So we've decided artificially to crowd ourselves together.
Cities was a very early invention so that we could work and play together.
Ultimately, we'll be able to overcome that by spreading out.
We're already doing that by work group with Googles all over the world.
We're able to work together.
It's not exactly as good yet as being together.
And by the way, remote learning, meetings, Zooms exploded, tele-everything during the COVID-1984 nightmare.
What's the new push?
Obviously the VR, and they've talked about meta.
That actually has a partnership with the World Health Organization and the UN
All part of the agenda, separating people.
Again, they do want you in these consolidated cities, but working in these virtual environments with this idea that they're going to allow you to live anywhere you want, and there's plenty of resources, and then that's the seduction of Kurzweil.
But at the same time, the individual that they're talking about, the Israeli Prime Minister, is like, no, overpopulation!
Command, control!
Uh, but ultimately when virtual reality and augmented reality becomes highly realistic, which it will by the end of the 2020s, we'll be able to work and play together just like we're physically together.
Uh, and we'll be able to live anywhere we want and use all of that 95% of the usable land that's currently not used.
So again, I agree with him that we can go around the world.
95% of the usable land is not used.
Everything else is a facade.
Now let's talk about that virtual reality for a minute.
Because, you know, Alex, thank you so much for talking about the documents I go to.
Let's go to a document.
Brain Computer Interfaces U.S.
Military Applications and Implications, Security 20.
Now that's not so far away.
Remember 2030, the de-aging, we're going to get into an even bigger timeline for automation, which I think they're behind when we talk about airports and NASA.
But with this one right here, I'm actually going to show you a couple more non-invasive human brain interfaces.
Not just Neuralink, we've got BlackRock Neurotech, but this device, which actually goes through an artery with a stent into the brain.
Kurzweil, when he talks about the virtual reality, he talks about nanobots that are circulating non-invasively through our bodies without the use of some kind of surgical brain chip, okay, that will shut off our reality, our senses, and induce, okay, virtual senses we will believe to be real.
Now, why do I bring up this document?
Although it does not go that far, it does get into what?
Non-invasive human brain interfaces.
Now let's just do a little dick-a-dick-a-do right here and type in magnetic.
And right here, let's see if we can zoom in just a bit.
Yeah, here we go.
Okay, magnetic stimulation.
Okay, so a natural extension from research aims to read brain signals or send implant information in the brain is a brain-to-brain communication.
With funding from ARL researchers at the University of Washington, conducted a pilot study for non-invasive systems that use EEG to read basic brain signals, transmit them over the internet, and transfer motor responses
to a second user using cranial magnetic stimulation.
Signals represent very basic actions in the context of a simple video game, such as move left or right.
Nonetheless, especially given that these signals are transferred over the Internet, the potential to send even basic thoughts across the Internet inherently presents many opportunities and many risks concerning security and ethics.
Look, BCI is to monitor the cognitive workload of a squad.
It also talks about the shoot to miss.
Let's see if we can do that.
Let's see.
Shooting to miss.
Right here.
These are existing concepts with non-invasive technologies with magnetic resonance waves.
You know, before I read this, people really need to understand.
That information travels invisibly with transceivers and receivers.
All right?
Different types of technology.
Now listen, the human collective consciousness, which I believe to be real, already works these things out.
In a sense, so does nature.
But through technology, we figured out how to put out radio waves, television waves.
All right?
Now literally anything can travel
through the internet.
Now, we can't see these with our own eyes.
They are all around us.
I've actually demonstrated on my program the ability to use Wi-Fi waves.
Once you get those, you can actually run that through artificial intelligence and see what they're bouncing off of, and then get not only a layout of the room, but live time surveillance of subjects.
So when we talk about it in the BCI sense, and shooting to miss, okay, we're talking about cognitive and motor performance.
Let's bring it up a little bit.
I mean, in its vision statement, the ARL's Cognition and Neuroergonomics Collaborative Technology Alliance makes the case for developing the capacity to continually monitor operator neurocognitive behavior.
All that, nothing crazy about that, including depth, distribution, and shifting of human attention, appraisal of information, the emotional context of actions, and impact of psychological state, fatigue, stress, arousal, or cognitive and motor performance.
And remember, when they're selling you these human brain interfaces, other than the best thing since breakfast later on when we transcend humanity and become better, it's what we got to make people walk again, see again, communicate.
They act like it's about benevolence.
Look at these military applications.
This document's like from 2020.
I've been talking about this document for three and a half years.
Again, they put it on paper what they're doing, everybody.
It's not like I'm just like making this stuff up.
This type of function could plausibly identify and facilitate operations for extremely fatigued convoy drivers, or perhaps for gunners or tankers operating in complex environments for whom mistakes could prove deadly.
At a more complex level,
Technology that can provide insights into the emotional state of a soldier might provide red flags as to whether and when the soldier might break psychologically, whether a soldier might have psychotic tendencies, or perhaps when a soldier is shooting to miss.
Now think about that, shooting to miss, that's a real thing.
But at the same time, what if they shouldn't be shooting their targets to begin with?
You know, like in The Running Man.
Oh, and then they just deep fake stuff in almost real time.
Now we have that technology.
Might get into that with AI avatars in a bit, if time permits.
And this is all now real.
We're in 2024, the post-truth world.
One study of the functional magnetic resonance imaging to identify falsehood suggestions that the ability to detect whether a subject is concealing information.
Maybe a particular interest to counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency missions.
You know what?
This counter-terrorism stuff, insurgency stuff, I do want to point out the House passed that TikTok bill.
We got to make this a big issue.
This cannot pass the Senate.
This isn't about TikTok.
This is about censorship.
People will frame up any company, any technology company they want, with like a sub-investment, if they want to go after them and censor them, with this terrible ruling.
And that's just the beginning of it.
Okay, so horrible.
I want to move into Boeing really quickly.
Because we've seen, look, I fly enough where these type of reports of the
Horrible turbulence.
People breaking bones in turbulence.
Wheels falling off.
And now you have this whistleblower found dead in a hotel parking lot.
A lot of people over the years that have ended up dead at hotels.
Danny Casolaro.
Now that documentary series, finally see in the light of day, briefly touched on it, Invisible Empire, A New World Order, Define the Octopus Conspiracy, lay a lot of what the deep state really is out for you.
Give you a history lesson so it's not just a slogan.
Well, after he testified against them, Gonzo, is that a little, hey, shut your mouth?
I don't know.
A little message to other people.
I do know this.
This is from 2011.
I've got a video queued up that we will go over after the break.
That NASA, which again, they want you to focus on.
We're going to the moon!
We're going to Mars!
Meanwhile, they're weaponizing space.
They're automating everything.
They're very much in the bioengineering and futurist arenas.
They're very much a part of the Defense Department.
And they've had a vision of automation
And even the Parallel Reality Program, which is now starting to take place not only across the world, but in Detroit Airport in particular.
We're going to show you that.
Amongst other technologies that are very loving, like your heart rate and biometric data that goes beyond your facial recognition, but we're going to get into facial recognition.
But we're going to play this video from this time period, a little over a decade ago, when they were laying out what they wanted to happen in airports.
And it's like a two-minute really calm thing.
They want to let you know they went to the moon!
But then, like, you see this one graphic and everything looks like something out of Total Recall and their airport.
Got a little less than two minutes to the break.
And before we get there, you know, when I heard Alex Jones say for real that InfoWars.com may actually be shut down, it's a punch to my gut.
Long before.
I worked for InfoWars oh so many years ago.
I was looking at that when it was a little more than a blog, right?
And it was linking to mainstream sources, things I could show people, things I could point out, really important information.
And it really would be more than just a sucker punch.
It would be an uppercut.
To free speech, if in fact this operation is taken down.
You look what they're doing to Assange.
We've had that final hearing, that appeals hearing, how many weeks ago now?
Still haven't heard anything.
These people mean business.
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Back after this with more of the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
Fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
So this is like a five minute propaganda piece.
Maybe we're going to go through the first three.
I don't know if we'll get through the first five.
Maybe I'll fast forward through the end.
From NASA 2013 style.
Telling you where they wanted to go in 2025.
So let's get behind the clip.
It's closer than you think.
In the 1950s, Americans first drove on interstate highways.
In 1969, Americans first landed on the moon.
Somehow I haven't went back.
Don't worry, they postponed another year.
Getting to the end required a monumental effort by the United States government and many partners in industry.
Once a common goal had been established, these partners invented their way onto another world.
Now, we face a task no less daunting.
Reinventing our nation's air transportation system.
So I'm going to be positive.
Again, they had a vision for the air transportation system of less humans, more surveillance, total automation a long time ago.
I see them wanting to destroy this industry by design, giving it more and more government regulations and power.
Just me.
Over the past 60 years, this system has evolved.
It's been automated.
Upgraded with computer technology for communication, navigation, and surveillance.
The parts work together.
Redundancies make it safe.
Innovations make it safer still.
It's a system that has served our nation brilliantly, but with expected increases in demand and with new aircraft coming, it's time to transform the system.
Anytime you start hearing about transformation, ask yourself whether or not that transformation is going to benefit the common person, is it going to empower us, or is it going to be detrimental and possibly help enslave us?
Alright, is this going to empower your movement?
Such a change cannot be accomplished by one agency working alone.
As a result, Congress directed the creation of the Joint Planning and Development Office as a way for all critical organizations, government, industry, labor, and the academic community
To work together to create the next generation air transportation system.
Next Gen.
Next Gen.
Next Gen will resemble the system we experience today.
To the traveler of tomorrow, it's simple.
You take off, read, text, tweet, and before you know it, arrive at your destination.
But for the air transportation system, change will be all-encompassing.
And look right there, we got the biometric scan through, you know, carry no weapons out, everything's just gonna be fine!
TSA is developing new screening techniques using advanced sensors that can move travelers efficiently through security to departure gates.
Using GPS, advanced technologies and procedures will allow aircraft to fly more precise approach and landing patterns, meaning that runways can be safely positioned in close proximity to expand capacity, but not airport boundaries.
And traffic on taxiways, ramps, and runways will be handled more efficiently, saving time and reducing aircraft idling and engine emissions.
Oh, they're always worried about the emissions.
And ask yourself again, has travel gotten easier in the last few years?
Again, destroyed by design, on purpose, from the serviceability of these aircraft to the service that you actually get, to the fact that you are going through that scanner and you are being padded down.
And they're putting your bag through once, twice, thrice.
I mean, my goodness.
Now, I want to show what they've got going on here.
in Detroit already, which is part of this program.
It's already called Parallel Reality.
Welcome to the future here at the Detroit Airport.
You scan your boarding pass, look up at a giant screen, and you see only your flight information.
Even how many minutes it'll take you to walk to your gate.
But only you can see it.
It doesn't matter if you're standing right next to one other person or 100.
Each person only sees their own information.
Minds blown.
It's otherworldly.
And I can't see a thing.
That is insane.
Can you read that for mommy at the top?
What does it say?
Hello, George.
No way.
That's so cool.
I can't see anything.
Oh, it's so cool.
It's so cool.
I gave up my biometric information for something I could have read easily on a board.
But now it's in big letters for me.
It's so cool.
Everything is so cool.
Since we've got limited time, I do want to jump to the human brain interfaces in a moment.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
Just let me think.
It's Chancellor Sutton.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You told me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object and to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subverting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
It is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Hello Americans, I'm Paul Harvey.
If I were the devil.
If I were the prince of darkness, I'd want to engulf the whole world in darkness.
And I'd have a third of its real estate and four-fifths of its population, but I wouldn't be happy until I had seized the ripest apple on the tree.
So I'd set about however necessary to take over the United States.
President Kennedy has been seriously wounded by this shooting.
I'd subvert the churches first.
I'd begin with a campaign of whispers.
With the wisdom of a serpent I would whisper to you as I whispered to Eve.
Do as you please.
To the young I would whisper that the Bible is a myth.
I would convince them that man created God instead of the other way around.
I would confide that what's bad is good and what's good is square.
And the old I would teach to pray after me.
Our father, which art in Washington.
And then I'd get organized.
I'd educate authors in how to make lurid literature exciting so that anything else would appear dull and uninteresting.
I'd threaten TV with dirtier movies and vice versa.
I'd peddle narcotics to whom I could.
I'd sell alcohol to ladies and gentlemen of distinction.
I'd tranquilize the rest with pills.
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Are you ready?
And we are back, final segment of the Alex Jones Show.
I gotta apologize to everybody.
I don't know what happened.
The computer went haywire.
You may hear a little bing, bing, bing.
I don't know, guys.
Usually doesn't happen.
I do a lot of broadcasting.
Might be time for a little house cleaning.
So, before I got cut off, I was talking about how Tesla
Has now become more of a military industrial complex contractor than even Boeing.
There does seem to be a shift there.
Remember, Tesla is very much into not only the new energy policy, but automation, self-driving vehicles, etc.
I want to go human brain interface.
And by the way, one of the things that was not really covered when it came to that world government summit was that they had an entire
An entire segment on human brain interfaces.
And these people to me are extremely unimpressive.
But, remember, they're going to sell you that this is the best thing since breakfast.
And not only am I playing this, because I know they're going to play on our emotions, but it also shows the less invasive nature of some of this technology that is already out there and in the arena.
Welcome to the future here at the Detroit Airport.
Up, down, left, right.
Everything you are watching happen on this screen right now is being controlled only with Mark's thoughts.
So that just sent out a health notification.
He describes it as contracting and then relaxing his brain.
It takes concentration.
It's a pretty involved process.
It's one I don't take lightly.
This has all been pretty sudden for Mark.
He was diagnosed with ALS in 2021.
Mark has since lost control of his hands and arms.
He will likely lose his voice.
Mark didn't hesitate to sign up for a clinical trial to have this placed in his brain.
It's called a stentrobe.
The one thing about this disease is it affects your physical, but not the mind.
To me, it gives me the opportunity to be able to continue to do things
That I'm able to do now, just by thinking about it.
In the world of brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs, it is still early days.
In fact, up until recently, it's mostly led to monkeys being able to play Pong.
But Synchron was one of the first companies in the world to get FDA approval for human trials.
And Mark is one of those first humans.
It's all the brainchild of this man.
Dr. Tom Oxley.
Text messaging is a really critical element of how we communicate with our family and friends now.
So that's usually what people mostly want back.
So then that will text the caregiver.
So you just sent a text?
That's pretty cool.
I did.
Pretty simple.
Pretty cool.
Dr. Oxley is a neurologist who first started thinking about the possibility of brain implants while in his native Australia.
For people who have got paralysis or motor impairment, but they have that part of the brain still working, then if you can put a device in, get the information, get it out of the brain, then you can turn what previously was the signal controlling your body into a signal that controls a digital device.
Now again, technology that empowers humanity, I get it.
You know, this guy, this is helping this guy.
I'm not against this technology.
I am warning p