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Air Date: March 10, 2024
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics ranging from the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine to the importance of strength in women. He criticizes world leaders and politicians who are attempting to suppress dissenting opinions through censorship, debanking, and surveillance. Jones promotes several products available on Infowarsstore.com and encourages listeners to support the platform by purchasing them. He also discusses the Amish communities and other groups establishing bigger farms with support from Republicans, and shares his experience of living off raw milk and organic food as a step towards self-sufficiency. Jones warns about potential threats against InfoWars but assures that he will continue his work regardless of what happens.

Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
It's Sunday, March 10th, 2024, and what could be the final twilight of InfoWars.
In the next few days, I'll reveal the treachery and the operations taking place to shut down the most powerful instrument of liberty in the world.
But don't worry, God's on our side, and we will prevail, because we've got you on our side.
Again, it's Sunday, March 10th, 2024.
I'm your embattled host, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Alex Jones.
I think so.
No more Mr. Clean No more Mr. Nice Guy They say he's sick, he's a seeker My dog bit me on the leg today My cat clawed my eyes My mom's been thrown out of the social circle And dad has to hide
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide on this Sunday, March 10th.
2024 transmission blasting out on AM and FM stations across the country, simulcast on many cable and TV stations, and of course, at Van Dot Video and Real Alex Jones on X. Formerly Twitter.
Wow, it is, as I say, the best of times, the worst of times.
It is a paradox.
I am simpatico with one of my great researchers and writers, Jamie White.
I walked up to him about 20 minutes towards air time and I said, a lot of times he writes the headline, I'll go with this headline, but about half the time I say, let's change that and go with this.
And I said, what's your headline?
And it was literally, and I hadn't even talked to him in four or five days other than text messages I send him all the time, with stuff, you know, info, articles, it was literally
Almost word for word, the exact headline I've just written down, I was about to give to him.
So, I think he just got it up on Infowars.com.
Let's put the live show headline up, please.
The Democrat Deep States is openly planning civil war and martial law and have launched a massive rollout of the police state.
There's the headline, Sunday emergency broadcast, Deep State planning civil war and martial law ahead of 2024 election.
Democrats prepare to roll out police state ahead of the 2024 elections as we the people wake up to America's controlled collapse.
That sub-headline was his headline.
There's my headline about it.
And folks, that's what's going down.
Going down, going down now to Chicago.
Let's come in with that Led Zeppelin song when the levy breaks.
When the levy breaks, have no place to stay.
Going down, going down now, down to Chicago.
So we've got all the martial law, police state news, Robert De Niro saying Trump's a monster.
He's coming to get us all if we don't stop him.
They're the ones doing all that to us.
These people are a sick joke, and they're losing, and they know they're losing.
And I'm here to give you a little secret.
There's no way they can reverse their destruction now.
When I say destruction, I mean their political system being rejected like you vomit up poison.
Stay with us.
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I'll be right back.
It's already March 10th in the year 2024.
Thanks for joining us for this live Sunday broadcast.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas in the embattled, shot up, on fire InfoWar Studios.
Attacked by the enemy from all sides like the mythical Alamo but still standing while the enemy prepares their final charge
And our metaphysical transcendence to the next level.
And of course, I don't mean this is literally the Alamo with the eight to one Mexican soldiers coming over the parapet.
I mean that as a paradox, as a parallel, as an analogy.
All right, my friends.
Let me tell you what's coming up tonight.
Ahead of Sunday Night Live.
Who's hosting Sunday Night Live tonight?
Is it Chase Geyser?
Chase Geyser.
Another great talk show host here on Infowars.
Okay, so the globalist CIA New World Order Combine is openly preparing civil war and martial law in America and rolling out troops on the streets as I told you they would out of this.
That's why they defunded the police and then had all their controlled Soros DAs let serious armed robbers and rapists and people that shoot innocent folks out of jail, in many cases with no prison time, on personal recognizance bond.
So that we all now can be slaves.
So we're going to get to that right now, starting with two Bill Marklefs.
First, we have one of Robert De Niro saying that Trump is going to put everybody in prison or take everybody off air.
If he gets elected, he's going to destroy free speech.
And that's exactly what the deep state's publicly doing to not just mainline talk show hosts that are populist and not just popular hosts, but going after the NRA, going after the beef production, cutting off the pipelines.
Going after Trump in criminal ways never seen before, in civil ways never seen before.
Total weaponization of the court system.
And then Bill Maher talking about New York putting National Guard on the subway.
Now, what is this really all about?
I'll explain in a moment, but I think most of you probably already sussed it.
But first, here's Robert De Niro.
Nothing at all.
Nothing redeemable in him.
Um, and we have to, and whoever the people are who want to vote for him, and they look like intelligent people around there, for some reason, it can't be.
It cannot be.
If he wins the election, you won't be on the show anymore, he'll come looking for me.
There'll be things that happen that none of us can imagine.
Um, that's what happens in that kind of a dictatorship, which is what he says.
Let's believe him.
Take him at his word.
I did from the beginning.
I mean, I said from the very beginning, this guy is never going to concede power.
And he still hasn't.
He still hasn't.
He admitted he lost the last election.
And he advertises that he will go on.
He says he's been cheated out of one term.
So maybe we should get rid of the only, the president only gets two terms thing.
Notice they don't play any clips of Trump actually saying that.
He joked with Sean Hannity three, four months ago.
You've all seen the clip, where she's been hiding under a rock.
He said, no, I'm not going to be a dictator, except day one, I'm going to turn the pipelines back on and make our energy cheap.
And he wanted to say, because the president has that power.
Remember, Biden's first action was to kill the Keystone Pipeline.
But we elect him and he has those powers as president.
That's not a dictator.
Then they say Trump wants a coup.
90 plus percent of coups, in the very definition of it, is a group outside of power overthrowing someone that was elected.
So they're the ones pushing the classic definition of a coup.
But we've all seen the persecution of populists and conservatives.
We've all seen
The debanking and the censorship and the surveillance and the theft of the election by blocking information that exposes the Democrats.
We've all seen the weaponization hearings in Congress about it.
Did Trump go after his political opposition when he was in office?
Did Trump censor anybody?
No, in fact, their ratings all tripled.
Dinosaur Media was already basically dead, but it kind of gave them a shot in the arm, a dead cat bounce, whenever President Trump
Was elected, but instantly we were told his election was illegitimate, he was a Russian agent with no evidence.
Then all of his supporters were Russian agents.
So that's where we are.
No, Robert De Niro, you're not that important.
Yeah, you were in some good movie roles like The Godfather and stuff, and it's sad that I liked you in those roles, but Robert De Niro's been dead to me for decades.
They're actors, folks.
You're not that important.
Bill Maher is going to be taken off the air.
Bill Maher, if Trump gets re-elected, is going to be on air attacking him every Friday night on HBO.
And we all know that.
Who have they tried to put in prison?
Who have they put in prison?
Countless other people that supported Trump.
Who are they trying to put in prison right now?
Trump himself and myself and countless others.
That's what they're doing.
While inverting reality, gaslighting everybody, and projecting what they're doing to us, claiming we're going to do it to them.
You're trash.
You're already in your own prison of being a piece of garbage.
We don't want to spend our energy and time turning you into a martyr to throw you in prison.
We're not villains like you.
Even if we could teleport you to Mars, we wouldn't do it because we're not like that.
And you know that.
And you're the ones that have done this now, so your attempt to say what you've done publicly is what we're going to do is preposterous.
It's cockamamie.
It's screwball.
It's a fraud on its face.
Now let's talk about the thousand National Guard troops
Put it on the New York subway.
Everything New York City does.
Everything Seattle does.
Everything Los Angeles does.
Everything Governor Holshill does in New York.
Everything Patrick Bateman 2.0, Gavin Newsom does in California, is a globalist agenda.
The same things done in Australia, in Germany, in France, in the UK, in Canada, and Justin Trudeau saying, I love dictatorship and I'm going to put people's lives in prison for their speech.
He's trying to pass that law?
That's dictatorial!
That's totalitarian!
That's tyranny!
With the key word, ladies and gentlemen.
So, let's look at the same Bill Maher Show.
Talking about the National Guard.
Listen to this.
But I do see that the governor of New York now is putting the National Guard in the subway.
As a New Yorker, what do you think of that?
What do you think they'd say if he did it?
Well, if he did it, it's for another reason.
Her doing it, I haven't heard about it.
They just told me just before.
But I don't know.
I don't have an answer for that.
I'm not happy about it, but I... But crime in New York, I mean, you know something about that.
Well, I don't... You've played it.
It's happened to you.
I don't have... That's organized crime.
Um, I don't, I'm sorry to hear that and I hope, I don't know, whatever I can do to help alleviate that situation, whatever, I don't know, I don't know, I can't... Well, I think people feel like there's a lack of common sense on the left and the right.
Would you at least agree with that?
I would agree with that.
And that that gives him a giant opening.
Oh, that gives him a giant opening.
Alright, I think everybody agrees that's been paying attention that I am the police state New World Order martial law expert.
Only because I'm 20 years old and they've got black helicopters flying around in Round Rock and San Antonio blowing up buildings at night and people I know have seen it and in the newspapers say it isn't existing and then my cousin saw them in Houston
Blowing up, like, three floors of a building at night.
And this is in, like, 1994, when I was first getting on air, and I'm, like, covering it, and there's suddenly articles about me in the paper saying he's crazy, he believes in black helicopters.
So I make some phone calls, check with some family, they go, yeah, that's Delta Force, they're doing training.
Well, then why was the media denying it?
So then I learned about Bill Clinton, and it came out in the news,
That they were having surveys, the Marine Corps, will you confiscate guns?
And then a few years later, they start publicly training the military to confiscate guns and it's in mainstream news.
And then with Obama and then Bush before that, we see Katrina and clergy response teams of the preachers trained to tell people to go turn their guns in.
And we learned about this giant submerged iceberg that we just learned about the tip of.
And there was this big move for martial law in America.
When they set up TSA at 9-11, they said, soon we're going to have it at bus stations and train stations and subways and highways.
That was officially the original rollout plan, but they were beta testing it.
And I said, you know when they're getting ready to really drop the hammer, and I've said this a lot the last year, when they start putting troops domestically in Chicago is the first place I guess they would do it.
Which, by the way, Chicago's mayor announced two days after they announced, so it was one day after, three days ago, two days after New York announced National Guard and the subwaves, Chicago's mayor called for troops on the streets of Chicago.
So, I guess Chicago, because it's the most out of control.
I was wrong, it was the second one, but I almost called it.
I'm not always right.
Just almost right, not right.
So I said, when you see troops called out in Chicago, New York,
Los Angeles, by the Democrats, for the crime they've created and instigated with the open borders and almost every prosecutor controlled by Soros, letting hardened criminals out, letting rapists out, with no jail time.
That is to create hysteria and fear and collapse of civilization.
Because the IMF and World Bank control the third world.
They've done that in Africa and Latin America.
I mean, I've seen them do it.
You know, it leaked with Greg Palast.
Fifteen, sixteen years ago, he got the IMF World Bank document from Whistleblower, and they said, the first thing we do is defund police, and then have prosecutors let criminals go.
We let that go for about five years on average, then everything's destroyed and falls apart.
Then we put in law and order groups after it, declare martial law, and all the value goes back up, and we get it that way.
Because you see, even though the IMF and World Bank have unlimited money, there's lots of little restaurants and shopkeepers and homes and businesses that won't sell, just like in Maui.
But if you get a wildfire, or if you get a crime wave, people will finally give up and move out.
And Catherine Austen Fitch, who's like the deputy head of HUD, she's gone public showing in key cities where the attacks happened in the summer of raids, mostly peaceful, $2.5 billion destroyed property.
Antifa would go lead the minority groups, these are mainly professors and black operatives, literally professors and college staff, to attack certain key buildings, libraries, homeless shelters, that were key real estate that the globalists wanted to get rid of that people wouldn't sell.
This is very sophisticated fifth generational warfare.
And it's being scientifically applied and beta tested, but now again, they're going into operational.
So you got Alvin Bragg that when five or six people beat up an innocent cop and body slam them and give them serious head injuries, they're out the next day.
That's a signal, commit all the crime you want.
Now we're showing old footage from one of my films of the National Guard in Katrina with the preacher telling people to turn their guns in.
But let's just continue and move on from that.
So there's been this long-term beta testing on how to get people to stand down during a national crisis.
Whether it's a virus, or a power outage, or a solar flare, or a war, or Rex 84 was one of the Russians.
Collapse the third world and take over with communism and then flood the US with illegals that will weigh the country down and collapse it.
That's declassified in the late 80s.
Well now they've taken Rex 84 as a plan to stop that, which would have been martial law to stop it, which still wasn't good, and they're creating the illegal alien crisis
Themselves, not the Russians, to then have the excuse, well, the prosecutors won't prosecute.
The police get indicted if they defend people.
The citizens get indicted.
You got some crazy dude who's been arrested 20-something times beating people up.
He's crazy strong.
Schizophrenic black guy.
I think he's Michael Jackson.
He's beating up black people.
And three black guys and a white guy tackle him.
He knocks him down.
You know, the case six months ago.
And the white guy's a veteran and tough.
He gets him in a headlock and, you know, chokes him out, and then the guy has a heart attack and dies.
He's going to prison for the rest of his life.
And the black folks testified, hey, he was protecting us.
We were with him.
Doesn't matter.
Some schizophrenic, whether it's white or black, is attacking you.
They're strong, folks.
That's where you get the term, crazy, crazy strong.
Crazy strong.
And some crazy strong white guy, black guy, doesn't matter.
is attacking you and you defend yourself, your ass is going straight under the jail.
And so what happens?
The criminals are emboldened.
Things get out of control.
And then suddenly, the governor says, I don't care what you think about the martial law we've declared.
And she's the governor, but it's been done with the mayor too.
And the hundreds of thousands of illegals they've just shipped in the last few years in New York and all the crime and all the craziness.
In fact, people can't pay their bills.
So crime's going up because of that.
That's the angrier world.
She says, we'll play in a minute.
She says, I don't care.
You don't have to ride the subway.
Remember before, you don't have to take the shot.
You just get fired from your job as a nurse or a police officer or firefighter.
You don't have to ride the subway.
You don't have a car.
You can't walk 10 miles, but that's okay.
If you don't want troops searching your bags,
Well it's not even gun crime they're having on the subways, it's robbery and people getting beat.
And by the way, just since they started this five days ago, crime is still the same it was they reported today.
No let up on this!
I mean, look, you don't want to put troops on the subway, but put them in the boxcars.
And give them the authority to beat the hell out of somebody that attacks an innocent person.
They'll stop real quick, throwing innocent women in front of the tracks.
That happens every week now.
So they cut
Any border control, pay people to come here.
Have the Soros prosecutors let everybody out of jail or not even arrest them.
And then everything falls apart and now they're going to search your bags and are setting up permanent TSA style checkpoints at the entrance to the subways.
Now what's that about?
It's when they release the next virus, folks.
They're going to have the troops checking that you've got your vaccine pass to get on the train.
This is getting you ready.
So they're telling you Trump's going to declare martial law.
Trump's going to arrest all his opposition, but that's what they're doing to us.
And I've got articles right here now confirmed.
Here's the evidence Liz Cheney tried to bury during the January 6 probe.
They didn't put real Republicans on the committee.
Under the law, Republicans for committee are Democrats.
We're supposed to be able to vote on who they want on the committee, but they said, no, you can't vote.
So they appointed a couple of known Democrat fake Republicans, rhinos on, and now they've destroyed all the video interviews and all of the text transcripts of January 6th, because January 6th discovered in their own fake hearings that it was feds and it was provocateur.
And so there's a big article in Town Hall.
Here's the evidence Liz Cheney tried to bury during January 6th.
Oh, turns out the Capitol Police and all of them testified and so did the White House and so did the FBI and so did the U.S.
military that Trump wanted 10,000 troops for security for that rally because he was worried about riots or Antifa.
Now, I don't need to hear that in the congressional report.
I remember Trump called for it and Milley threatened to resign.
When they tried to burn down that church a year before, and then again when Trump called for it.
It's in the news!
You don't need to get a Liz Cheney document that she had it destroyed, though people go, oh she destroyed it, so they pay attention.
No, Trump did not want to have happen what happened on January 6th, but that's the point.
They're saying he's going to declare martial law.
They're saying that's not what they've said they're going to do is.
They've got legislation introduced to do it, to strip the power of calling up the military from the President, and basically set up Congress as the dictator, who will dictate during an emergency.
And to take the power of the Insurrection Act that George Herbert Walker Bush declared during the L.A.
riots away from Trump.
And they've said, oh, we know there's going to be protest, mostly peaceful, burning things down.
It'll make 2000 and that summer look like a cakewalk.
And when he does that, we're going to call him a white supremacist and drive him from office.
So they're planning to burn the country down.
With Antifa, Black Lives Matter, All Sorrows Funded and Hezbollah and Hamas that the media says are angels and perfect and they're using all the Israeli actions and the anger over there to export it here to create that event.
And so, a hundred percent, let's put it back on screen.
We're eight and a half months out from this historic election.
This is what they're planning.
This is what they're doing.
And they've got AI systems out debanking patriots everywhere.
That's a whole other story we're working on that nobody's broke yet.
They've got all these blocking stories on Google and Facebook and everywhere, so you can't see what Democrats are doing.
They've got all this gaslighting going on to skew the numbers and try to steal the election.
When Tucker Carlson talks about it, oh, the mainstream media says he's a criminal.
Why you don't question elections, though the Democrats are saying Trump plans to steal it, and when Trump points out they've already stolen elections and been caught, oh, he's now a traitor.
He's now the bad guy.
So here's Hochul.
Remember that clip where she said our new religion is the COVID shot?
So do what God tells you and take the shot.
Total freakazoid.
Play the clip of her announcing the National Guard, and then play the clip of her saying, you don't have to ride on the subway, that's fine.
You don't take the shot, you don't need to have a job or get groceries.
And all over the world, they're putting in scanners where you gotta show your iPhone vaccine passport to get in to eat, to get your food.
See, they're bringing this in, folks.
This is going down.
Here it is.
Point one.
I'm redeploying nearly 1,000 members of the New York State Police, MTA Police, and MTA National Guard to conduct bag checks
In the city's busiest transit, they'll start seeing them at the tables, making sure that weapons are not being brought in, working in concert with our New York State Police, as well as our NYPD.
Heading to their job or to visit family or to go to a doctor appointment should worry that the person sitting next to them possesses a deadly weapon.
They're going to search bags?
There is a statistic.
What happens if you don't want your bag searched?
Then go home.
We're not going to search you.
You can say no, but you're not taking the subway.
Total violation of the Nuremberg Code.
Basic right to travel, basic right to medical freedom, basic right to self-defense, basic right to a job.
You don't have that if you don't do what we want.
So this is martial law.
It's not the mayor saying all this.
And notice the key.
It's the governor in a civil emergency or martial law that sends in the state police to the city.
Like when Soros had all the police turned off, or a lot of them turned off in Austin, they sent the state police in the last year to Austin.
That's a civil emergency.
So they've turned off the police, they've released the criminals, Soros, Fannie Willis, all of them, and now, Alvin Bragg, now they're sending in the military to treat you like a criminal and get you ready.
While they say Trump's going to put the troops in your life, and Trump's going to have you arrested.
No, Trump's going to just turn on the energy pipelines and bring the jobs back and restore the republic.
And that's the bottom line, folks, and that's what I'm fighting for.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today, Band.Video.
And follow me at RealAlexJones on X. Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I want to continue with the design destabilization of not just America, but the West and how we stop it.
And then I noticed a trend, without even looking for it, on X, but also in the mainstream news, because I don't go on Facebook a lot and other places, but I've seen it a lot on X, with the left criticizing women shooting guns,
And women in MMA and women hunting and women fishing.
And they go, man, conservative men that find this sexy are gay because they look like men.
No, these women don't look like men like the men you say are women.
My wife's got guns, but she's a woman.
Look to the Greek statue of the ideal woman.
She's strong.
She's also feminine.
Feminine is not weak and useless.
Feminine is powerful and that's what men want.
So I've got some clips of this next hour I'm going to get to because the left grow up in these high rises.
They can't find their ass with both hands.
They don't know where electricity comes from or meat or anything.
And they just sit around criticizing everything that isn't weak and pathetic.
And then they claim they want to empower women in all these movies where the women can kick all the men's asses.
This is BS.
But women certainly can skin a buck and run a trot line and do a bunch of stuff that men cannot do.
So that's coming up at the start of the next hour.
But I wanted to dovetail what I was just covering in the last segment with militarization of police.
That they keep, but then the rest of the general police they get rid of, and then from Minnesota to New York to California to Washington, the politicians then hire on taxpayer money their own private security 24 hours a day for 50 times on average, literally, what it would cost just for them to use the police as their security.
So, they're not going to get rid of the police.
They're just going to make the police political operatives of their system.
Don't arrest illegal aliens smuggling kids, arrest somebody for their speech.
So, we have Lake and Riley being murdered by this illegal alien, and I've got dozens of examples every day, without even looking, of illegal aliens killing little kids, killing women.
Because they're fleeing justice in their own countries, or their countries are making them leave, and that's why Venezuela and a bunch of other countries will not take back anybody deported.
And so yeah, these criminals, a lot of them have to be brown.
It's not that brown people are more criminal than other groups, but they're putting the prisoners into our country.
And so Biden apologized for saying illegal in the State of the Union as Trump hosts Lakin Riley's family at a rally.
And we had Nancy Pelosi with a very rare event.
I played the clip yesterday on a Saturday show.
Criticized Biden for his thought crime of saying illegal because you're not supposed to use even the word illegal.
And of course we have a clip we'll play after this of AOC talking to one of the former border patrol chiefs saying, how dare you call them illegals?
It's not illegal to cross the border.
But of course it is.
It's just Biden's not enforcing it.
So stop letting them use the words.
Even my crew's great.
And the other talk show hosts are great at other things, but they still call them migrants.
That's the UN treaty.
If it's a refugee or a migrant, then we have a treaty that the United Nations is in control of those people and decides our policy.
Trump pulled out of that treaty.
Biden, one of the first things he did was put us back under it.
So words mean things.
They are illegal aliens.
That's the term.
When you fly to Cancun, they ask you what hotel you're staying at.
You fill out a card.
If you stay a day later, they call the hotel and say, where are you?
And it says in Spanish, visiting alien.
Alien just means not from here, not a citizen.
Everybody thinks of alien like a little green man.
That just means a space alien, an alien from space.
Alien just means alien from us.
So that's the plan.
Cut the police, take over the military, turn them into UN forces.
They don't invade with the UN.
They turn your military into a woke UN force under UN command.
So let's play back to back.
Here's Biden apologizing, not for the brutal murder of a young woman bashing her brains out, but that he called the killer
And illegal.
And then we'll play AOC mad about the term illegal too.
Look of surprise on your face when you walked into the chamber and you saw Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene.
It was priceless.
You feigned shock at seeing her.
But during your response to her heckling of you, you used the word illegal when talking about the man who allegedly killed Lakin Riley.
Undocumented version.
I shouldn't have used illegal.
It's undocumented.
And look, when I spoke about the difference between Trump and me, one of the things I talked about on the border was that his, the way he talks about vermin, the way he talks about these people polluting the blood.
I talked about what I'm not going to do, what I won't do.
I'm not going to treat any, any, any of these people with disrespect.
Look, they built the country.
The reason our economy is growing.
We have to control the border and more orderly flow, but I don't share it with you at all.
So you regret using that word?
Zero tolerance was interpreted as the policy that separated children from their parents.
If I get arrested for DUI and I have a young child in a car, I'm going to be separated.
When I was a police officer in New York and I arrested a father for domestic violence, I separated that father from his family.
Mr. Holman, with all due respect,
Legal asylees are not charged with any crime.
When you're in the country illegally, it's a violation of United States Code 1325.
Seeking asylum is legal.
If you want to seek asylum and go through the port of entry, do it the legal way.
The Attorney General of the United States has made that clear.
That's what we're dealing with here, ladies and gentlemen.
Total lawlessness.
They're abusing these people that are being brought in as well.
Biden says he rejects and regrets using illegal as a way to describe alien who killed Lake and Riley.
I got more articles just today.
Illegal alien with a long rap sheet who was supposed to be deported more than a year ago has been arrested for allegedly murdering a two-year-old child.
And it just goes on from there.
On and on and on.
Illegal immigrant from El Salvador charged with murder and shootout that killed two-year-old boy, injured teen mom.
I'm really glad even the New York Post and others are stopping calling them migrants.
They're illegal aliens.
And you heard Biden say that the illegal aliens built America.
No doubt, labor out of Mexico, that's always been in the United States,
Has built a lot of this country and those people are now voting almost 50% Republican because they get their American dreams being taken.
But to say that we shouldn't have citizens or make people go through some process is boulderdash.
It's Biden that said, when I win the election, when he steals it, immediately seize the border.
And now he says, oh, I've done no such thing.
All right.
I want to shift gears into the war news.
We get mixed signals about whether it's going to accelerate towards World War III or they're going to decelerate it.
But now, a few weeks ago, it was a total acceleration to World War III, then they kind of backed off.
Now they're like, no, we're going balls to the walls.
We're going to cover that when we come back.
Then I've got a bunch of Trump news.
I've got some criticism of Trump.
I love Trump, but I'm not the cult, folks.
I'm not like a Democrat that just covers talking points.
I've got some serious issues.
So we're going to be talking about that.
And we're going to be talking about so much more today because
We're backing Trump.
Trump's going to win the election, and they try to steal it.
We get persecuted for that, but it's the right thing to do.
But we elect him to carry out policies that the people want their Constitution.
So his back-pushing the damn shots is BS, and we put heat on his ass, and the last few years he backed off of it.
Now, like a dog to vomit, he's back to it.
And so we're going to take Donald John Trump to the woodshed, because I'm not his lapdog.
I want him to be an instrument of victory against tyranny.
Our instrument.
Not some Pfizer puppet.
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Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
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Because they can't get through this giant, megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
In my new book, we give you the solutions to build a new, better world, an alternative to Klaus Schwab's, you will eat the bugs.
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We are back live, broadcasting worldwide.
Hour number two is going to be as jam-packed and as important as hour one, maybe more important.
Please stay with us.
Then Chase Geyser, in about an hour and 13 minutes, takes over with Sunday Night Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central, right here on TheInfoWars.com Network.
And of course, on stations across the country, as well as X at Real Alex Jones.
Please follow us there.
Okay, so...
Two years and a month ago, Russia invades Ukraine.
And two weeks ago, the CIA admitted, what we already told you 10 years ago, that they'd overthrown the Ukrainian elected government because they were pro-Russian.
They'd set up 10 CIA bases and had been attacking ethnic Russians that are the majority in most of the country and shelling them and attacking them and killing them.
To get Vladimir Putin to invade, so that NATO could then start a 20-year war with Russia.
Now I already knew this, because George Soros, seven years ago, went on Farid Zarqari on CNN and said he got the State Department money and bragged he overthrew Ukraine and that he'd soon be the czar of Russia.
All of that was to antagonize Vladimir Putin and get him to move into the country.
Which is not like Poland.
Russia doesn't come from Poland.
Russia started in Ukraine a thousand years ago.
So all these troops and all these weapons on their doorstep, and trying to get Ukraine to join NATO, a list of the Russians to do this.
I wish Putin wouldn't have done it.
And I don't support it.
But I also do not support starting the fight.
And as I said two years ago, this continues to escalate, it'll go up the RAND Corporation threat ladder continuum.
And it goes from like 1 to 43, 43 is total nuclear destruction of the planet.
We're at 37 or 8 right now.
Remember, Biden said a year and a half ago, we can't send tanks, we can't send F-16s, that's World War III.
Now they are.
And so, three weeks ago, four weeks ago, five weeks ago, because it went through the country, Sweden.
Germany, the UK, they all started saying, we may need a national draft, we may need to send troops in.
Then, a week ago, the German Chancellor gives a speech and says, we can't send these long-range cruise missiles to Ukraine, they'll attack Russia with them, they already are with drones, that'll get us in a direct war.
And we'd have to send troops to operate these, because it takes years to know how to run these missiles.
And he says our allies in NATO have already, France, Germany, they're trying to get Germany on board, but France and the U.S.
and others already have U.S.
troops there running the missiles.
And they got really pissed that Germany said that.
But then they got leaked cables from the Germans also planning to use the Luftwaffe and claim it was Ukrainians to blow up the big bridge that goes from Russia into Crimea, which is in southern Ukraine.
They're on the Black Sea.
So then we saw a bunch of Republican senators that have been pro-war come out and say we should end the war and we should have a rebuilding project which is another money laundering operation.
And now we see the Pope coming out and saying we need to honor the courage of the white flag.
And he taped it a month ago but got asked by NATO, came out in the news today, not to release it until yesterday.
So a month ago, we were almost at peace.
The Pope was coming out saying, let's have peace.
All these leaders were.
And then suddenly, you hear the record scratch, the car wreck sound, the hold your horses noise.
And Macron comes out and says, there's no limit to the support we will give Ukraine.
And the UK and Sweden and all of them say, yeah, we're going to send troops in.
So, Napoleon went there to be destroyed, Hitler went there to be destroyed, and the Russians aren't going to give up.
And yes, we can kill all the Russians at the expense of them killing all of us.
So, you're supposedly a big wimp if you're Sean Penn of the Democrats.
He says nuclear war is survivable.
These people don't know about nuclear war.
Remember, we've had Biden, and Swallow's Well, and a couple other Senators and Congress members say,
We need to use nuclear weapons on American gun owners.
Atomic bombs are an anti-military weapon if they're used in the field of battle.
Hydrogen bombs target populations.
They destroy whole cities.
You don't use in the definition a hydrogen bomb or an atomic bomb against civilians.
Swallowsville says we'll, remember he said this in multiple tweets, we'll just blow up the cities.
Hey Swallowsville,
We all really know you have election frauds.
The cities aren't majority Democrat, but still that's where you live, jackass.
Those are not the weapons you use to suppress an insurrection or an uprising or rebellion.
You use secret police.
You use informants.
You use cutting the food off to control people.
You use house to house with combat troops.
Let me explain something to Suarez as well and to Biden and the rest of them.
We put in
Over 3 million troops in the decade-long war in Vietnam.
It really went on a few years before that with the advisors.
So, 14-year war.
But 1964 to 1974-75, 10 years, 3 million troops, several million injured, 58,000 dead.
The, quote, US government killed 3 million Vietnamese.
They mainly had light weapons.
Because they wouldn't give up, they couldn't be defeated.
Just like George Washington fighting the British.
And I'm not completely comparing them to that, but resistance-wise, I am.
The Vietnamese are tough sons of bitches.
They've already been invaded by the Chinese and the Japanese and the French.
They've been invaded over 50 times in the last 500 years.
And they will kick your ass!
While Charlie's out in the bush getting stronger, the troops are back at base drinking beer getting weaker.
So swallow's well with Biden.
3 million US troops and tens of millions of bombs couldn't defeat the Vietnamese.
They were a population way smaller than ours.
So let's get one thing through your stinking heads.
When you sit there and shoot your mouths off about how you're going to use nuclear bombs on the American people, you dumb ass!
You know nothing about military doctrine.
You know nothing about history.
And you're whistling past the graveyard.
You need to stop this escalation of war with the Russians.
I don't like to just tell you things, I'll show you the headlines here.
Macron says France has no limits in its support for Ukraine.
West is conducting all-out militarization to defeat Russia, Siberian President warns.
Joaquin Jeffries, pro-Putin faction led by Trump and Tucker Carlson, stopping Ukraine aid to the war.
And you watch the CBS clip, and they admit they're totally biased.
Oh, we gotta have war, we gotta have a total...
France finds Baltic allies and it's spat with Germany over Ukraine troop development.
Troop deployment.
Oh, everyone's mad at Germany.
They don't want to officially push troops in on the Russians.
Maybe because 50 plus million people on the Russian and German side died.
24 million Germans, 26, 27 million Russians died in World War II.
90 plus percent of the death was Germans and Russians, and now the left's calling Germans pussies because they don't want to officially go to war with Russia.
These people are insane.
We're going to go to break.
We're going to come back.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
If you fly over these areas that are burned to the ground, you'll see in the midst of 20 homes that are just totally destroyed, one home sitting there because they have the right roof on them.
By the way, if you notice you're flying over in a helicopter, those places weren't good roofs.
They didn't
Joe Biden's recent comments are alarming.
The average person isn't supposed to know that the U.S.
and Chinese military have been testing field-ready ground and space-based dues or directed energy weapons for at least a decade.
Instead, we are supposed to sit down and shut up and believe it is a Jewish space laser conspiracy theory.
Could you tell me why so many people that support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories, including yourself, about Jewish space lasers?
Tell us about Jewish space lasers.
No, why don't you go talk about Jewish space lasers?
And really, why don't you f**k off?
According to the U.S.
Government Accountability Office, directed energy weapons can produce force that ranges from deterrent to damaging to destructive.
Many countries, including the U.S., are researching their use.
Different types of electromagnetic energy have different properties.
High-energy lasers produce a very narrow beam of light, usually in the infrared to visible region, and are typically used on one target at a time.
The beam can be pulsed or continuous, generating a power output of at least 1 kilowatt.
This output is 200,000 times greater than a typical laser pointer and is capable of melting steel.
These things pulse at different frequencies to optimize the damage.
Evidence of a CCP satellite over Maui is known.
There's three fires on the Maui Island.
The first one that happened was on August 7, the Olinda fire.
That was a big one.
And then what happened after that was the Lahaina fire.
That was the nasty one that killed all those people.
And the third one was the Kula fire, which happened after the Lahaina fire.
So there's three blasts and two satellites, basically.
Three shots and three or two satellites is just too much of a coincidence for it not to be a data basically.
As is the phenomenon of the lasers being unable to ignite the color blue.
And also the blue factor too.
I calculate this as a near-infrared or near-spectrum and that's why it's not damaging blue colors.
That is overwhelming evidence that should be admissible in a court of law.
In China, the CCP now is just releasing data on their petawatt lasers.
They're doing petawatt laser bursts on a laser that fits on a lab table.
It's not a very big laser, basically.
But when you have lasers of this energy, it's just instant damage.
Very, very powerful lasers.
Some extraordinary damage in our state could be caused by hurricanes or tornadoes.
And frequently when you see the aftermath of that damage, there's some semblance of a structure that is still there.
When you look at the damages that have occurred here, it's just gone.
Completely gone.
And as we realize that the government is, at the very least, complicit in the COVID vaccine genocide, what makes you think that they wouldn't use dues, supported by lawfare, to drive people off their land, to cordon the population into smart cities, in order to quicken United Nations Agenda 2030?
It's not something you see every day.
Oh geez, it was soft.
I mean, it went back and forth.
At least, I would say 40 minutes to an hour.
But for people living in Cape Coral, they've been seeing it a lot this week.
It was really late at night.
It was kind of around midnight.
It was around midnight.
I was actually in my car.
I was just getting home and I saw it going back and forth with a laser beam.
It scanned over me multiple times.
Yeah, that's just reading the ground topography, but it's real.
When you put the information Casey provided into the FAA website, it comes back with this information saying it's registered to Randigo LLC.
But it's unclear who, or what, they're doing.
We just want to know what's going on, why we're being scanned.
Furthermore, wouldn't a covert satellite-based laser weapon in concert with known weather modification technology capable of waging mass murder, land theft, and agricultural devastation benefit the Great Reset greatly by merely hiding behind the climate change narrative?
John Bowne reporting for InfoWars.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
All right, I want to get into the domestication and dehumanization of humanity coming up in about 15 minutes.
But first, I want to give some criticism to President Trump, who I fully back, and who I think is a good man and means well, and who I know the deep state absolutely hates, and I've been persecuted for supporting him.
That said, I'm not a Democrat that gets talking points and then regurgitates them.
I'm not in a cult.
And I've had the last five, six days, some of the top Trump campaign people call me and say, what's wrong?
Well, what can we do for you?
We noticed you're criticizing Trump and it's really getting a lot of traction.
And I'm like, yeah, I want him to do what the people know is right.
And I want him to not repeat the same mistakes again.
Okay, well whatever you need, some big guests from the campaign, we really appreciate you.
I'm like, listen man, I don't want to be patted on the head.
I don't want to be invited to Mar-a-Lago.
I don't want Trump to call my wife up and tell her how great she is, but she's done.
Trump's a great guy, but I don't want to dress up in the tuxedo and be part of the in crowd, okay?
When I was 14 in high school, I wasn't into high school anymore, I was dating college women, okay?
And it's the same deal.
Who's the famous comedian?
Charlie Chaplin said, or maybe it was Groucho Marx.
It was Groucho Marx.
He said, I wouldn't be part of any club that would have me.
I'm here promoting freedom organically in the love of God and justice and freedom.
And nobody gives me orders and nobody tells me what to do.
And the minute somebody tries to tell me what to do, I go to war with them.
And that's part of what's been going on behind the scenes at Infowars.
I'm gonna tell you about very, very soon, but I'm gonna stop right there.
So I don't do this to make Biden win.
I do this to make Trump stronger because I'm being persecuted by supporting him.
And I'm not going to do it to see him get back into office again and do the same thing again.
And if he gets back into office,
And does the wrong thing, I'm going to be one of his biggest critics.
But I don't have to worry about being arrested or persecuted, Trump doesn't do that.
Because he's a good guy.
Let's get that straight.
But it's we the people and the Tea Party that took over the Republican Party, and have almost totally taken over.
We have the RNC, everything now.
They're in full panic mode.
So we've done some great things, but Trump
He's a super optimist.
Trump never wants to admit he's wrong.
I'm going to explain that in a minute.
And the fact that he is so donkey-assed, and I am too, stubborn, and the fact that he's pig-headed, is his strength.
It's also his Achilles heel.
Because they can't tell him what to do.
That's why they can't stand him.
I'm not telling Trump what to do.
I'm telling him what I see is wrong, and what the public sees is wrong, and I know
After I put major heat on him a year and a half ago about the COVID shots and gave him an ultimatum, I got a call by one of his confidants and said, Trump says fine.
And he told the confidant, don't ever bring this up to me again.
Well, I'm going to bring it up to the public.
And if Trump tries some experimental shot again on the population, I'm going to come out against him.
I know the enemy's coming after him.
I know he's a good guy.
I know he means well.
But these shots have killed 20 million people worldwide.
They're total garbage.
And when I saw his tweet, or his truth social post that was put back out on X, it made me physically sick.
And I posted it, and it got millions and millions of views, like 2.3 million.
But I saw other accounts.
Then after 25 million reposts of what I had to say.
And that's why they called me.
And they said, what's this about?
Well, it's about me not signing on any BS.
That's what it's about.
And I don't feel guilty supporting Trump.
In my spirit, God tells me to, and I could see the evidence of why I should.
But my gut also tells me if he does any more of this,
Well, I don't know what I'm going to do.
I'm going to make a big deal about it on air and see what you guys think.
Sure, I want the jobless back, the border controlled, China stood up to, censorship dealt with.
I mean, I really want Trump back in.
More good Supreme Court justices.
But I don't believe in lessers of two evils.
I don't think Trump's a lesser evil.
I know he believes in what he's doing and has incredible courage, and I only admire him for his energy and his stalwartness and his charisma and his courage and his dedication.
And that's what makes it so painful.
It's like growing up, I admire my mother and my father.
They're such great people.
And I never really found anything embarrassing about them.
I never found anything bad or immoral about my parents.
But I did see weakness later in life.
And once you get older, you realize, well, we're all weak.
And it would really bum me out that, like, well, they're not perfect.
But we all have our shortcomings.
And that's where I'm at.
But before I hit the vaccine news, the so-called vaccine news, the gene therapy, deadly gene therapy news, the clot shot, the lethal injection, whatever you want to call it, look at this crap right here.
This is a great example of what I'm talking about.
Mike Pompeo reverses anti-MAGA course, now wants role in second Trump administration.
Now, Pompeo was a total deep stater, big mistake of Trump's, stabbed him in the back, leaked information, claimed he was pro-Trump, then came out against Trump, and now wants back in with Trump.
What does this remind me of?
A lot of things.
Remember Mitt Romney.
He's out of power.
He's not in government.
He claims he's supporting Trump after stabbing him in the back, trying to stop him.
Once Trump's the nominee, once Trump wins the election, Mitt Romney comes crawling back and meets with President-elect Trump Tower in New York and says, I will pledge myself to your agenda.
Just support me for the U.S.
Mitt Romney gets into the U.S.
Senate and then becomes one of the biggest
Attackers of Trump and one of the biggest sentiments.
Why the hell did Trump do that?
I mean, I know in business, like he gives money, a deal, bring them in, they usually like it because they're making money.
That's, it's about power, Trump.
It's spiritual.
Mitt Romney is a Satanist.
Masquerading as a Christian.
And Mike Pompeo is no different.
So, I will criticize Trump if he brings in another General McMasters, or a General Kelly, or a Fiona Hill, who I exposed with Roger Stone as being a Soros operative, and she went on 60 Minutes and cried and said, I don't know what globalists are, when she's on the board of the Open Society Soros Foundation that runs it all, and was the co-editor of TheGlobalist.com.
We call them globalists because they say that's who they are, they want global government.
So, Trump has not done this yet with Pompeo.
But three, four months ago, when all this big talk and Gorka and all of them were out there saying that Trump was going to pick Nikki Haley, I made phone calls to people I know that are very close to Trump, and I can get in trouble with the phone all I want, but I called his confidants, two of them, and I said, have you talked to him?
And they said, yeah, don't say our names, but off record, he asked us what we think.
And we told him it's a horrible idea.
You should have a poison tester.
Every time you eat food, if she's the vice president, he said, yeah, I'm probably not going to choose her.
But he still was considering.
So if I'm Trump's enemy for trying to get him to not put in Pompeo or Nikki Haley, then fine.
I'm anti-Trump.
Because some people say that.
I'm a traitor.
I'm not.
Say it.
And that leads us to this next thing.
I give you countless other examples.
So here's his post on X. Or his post on Truth Social that was then reposted on X. It's Donald John Trump.
10 million people read it.
The pandemic is no longer controls our lives.
The vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer.
Turning set back into comeback, you're welcome, Joe.
9 month approval time versus 12 years that it would have taken him.
So, Trump is watching at the State of the Union Thursday, and he's live posting comments.
And Trump wants the credit for warp speed, and Trump wants the credit for the shot that they admit erases your immunity and doesn't protect you, and has all these serious side effects of the real effects.
So I'd call them the real intent of the stealth weapon.
And he's already pushing the propaganda that, oh, we've got new mRNA shots that'll counter the cancer that the mRNA shots for COVID are triggering that is admitted.
This sent his supporters into a rage.
I wake up Friday morning at 6 a.m.
I'm in Florida.
I'm sitting with Rob New drinking coffee in the
Airbnb condo we rented with a few more crew members.
He says, have you seen this?
And I said, no, and I tweeted.
I posted on X, but the point is, I said, I love Trump, but this is BS.
The so-called vaccine is a biological weapon.
Good news is people are awake and not even 45 can sell it.
All I want Trump to do is to stop it.
It's come out Fauci and the Obama program cooked the damn virus up.
They had the shots already ready.
The FDA covered its ass in October of 2000, three months before the shot rolled out, said we predict it'll cause turbo cancer, myocarditis, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, on and on and on.
This is a big loser for Trump.
And I've just said, please don't push mRNA anymore.
Because he wants some miracle cure.
And he took money from Pfizer.
And I said, just drop it.
And he, all over the country, it happened like at least 10 times I've seen, he starts pushing the shot a couple years ago, people boo him and he stopped doing it.
But now, just like Bill Gates came out and said, everybody's forgetting about me, they don't hate me anymore.
By the way, a new pandemic's coming.
Trump's like, well, I'm really proud of this.
I'm not going to let Biden have credit for the shot.
Trump, it's a lie.
The pandemic was not stopped.
By the shot.
Yeah, here's the disgusting clip of him and Bill O'Reilly talking about how great it is from two years ago.
So, the pandemic no longer controls our lives.
Okay, yeah, because of the fear and the lies we exposed it.
The vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to help beat cancer.
So the vaccines didn't save us from COVID, didn't save lives, erase our immune systems, and he says are now being used to help beat cancer.
That's their new lie.
Oh, the cancer's up.
Don't worry.
We've got a shot for you that'll make you not get cancer.
Good Lord, people.
I support Nikki Haley as his VP.
And I think we should all take all the new shots they want to give us with no approval, no study, no research.
It's terrible.
And it really makes me question
Because I see them after Trump, I see all the good he's doing, but with crap like this.
If I see any more of this from Trump, any more of this.
I'm gonna have to go on the warpath, politically.
I just cannot take this, I cannot put my head down on the pillow at night and say that I'm a true person to everybody, when I've already held my nose because of the overwhelming good he's doing, and all the persecution, and put up with stuff like this.
It'd be like if your mother created this great Thanksgiving meal and cooked for two days to get it ready, and it's this beautiful meal on the table, and your mother comes out and pulls her pants down and shit's all over the table.
Doesn't matter how good the turkey or the ham is, or the stuffing, or the collard greens, or the sweet potatoes, or the salad, or the pumpkin pie, or the cobbler, because she's just shit all over the table.
I've done my job.
I've been true to tell the truth.
I'm really concerned about this because I was feeling good the last year when he shut... Look, if you won't come out against it, when Rand Paul's coming out and everything, at least just shut up.
Just shut up.
If you won't go after the criminals that did it, I know he got roped in because I know what Trump did.
He was like, oh, hydroxychloroquine.
Ivermectin, vitamin D, everything.
And he's like, oh, the doctors are great.
He trusts them.
He trusts the medical system.
Bring it in.
Let's save us.
Oh, the shot's good.
And he won't admit he's wrong.
And he knows he's getting all this heat for it.
Then he sees Biden trying to get credit for it.
He goes, oh, no, Biden, I'm the one that brought that.
OK, man, then it's on you because your supporters are sick of it.
And they're tired of it.
I got so many friends and family that got sick from the shock.
People that died from it and the numbers are there.
But I'm going to give a wait and see on this.
I'm going to give a wait and see on it.
Because Trump did bring jobs back.
Trump did secure the border 95%.
Trump did piss off the glovels.
He did put Supreme Court justices in.
He did overturn Roe v. Wade.
He did get our energy back.
He did bring our jobs back.
He literally said foreign countries should pay their fair share with NATO.
There's so much good, if you look at the scales, that he did.
I'm like, well, he's still in the good.
In fact, it's like triple the good from the bad.
But with this vaccine crap, if he keeps going there, it starts going like this.
And the minute I look at the scales, and Trump is worse than he's good, I have a responsibility, because I don't serve Trump, I serve God, to come out against him.
And I just don't even know what to say at this point, because I hate the globalists, I hate the left, I can't stand them, I want to support Trump, and I just wish he would stop it.
I know the White House people that were there, they gave him three of the damn shots.
They probably gave him salt water, saline.
He just believes in doctors.
He thinks doctors and military people are good.
Obviously, low-level military on average are great people, but the generals are hand-picked globals.
They're the worst.
He finally gets that, but he still thinks doctors are good.
I'm done.
I'm done, but we should probably open the phones up this week on the weekday show, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m., and take two hours of calls.
Just get your take on it.
Unfiltered, what do you think about this?
I cannot not support him with all the persecution.
I've been persecuted for supporting him.
Overall, he's doing way more good than bad.
Way more good than bad, but this vaccine takes like a lead weight.
It just goes, and we're like, Whoa, I'm like, Whoa, Trump, you go any further, beep, beep, beep, beep.
When you, when you get where you're doing more bad than good, baby.
But then what do we do?
We put Kamala Harris or big Mike or Newsome in and we're black pilled and we punt.
And we say, well, it doesn't matter.
Who you put in, so just let them run everything and let Soros put in all his DAs.
No, it will be such a repudiation
of the establishment and Soros and the corrupt judges and the new world order to put him back in.
I want to put him back in there and I want to see him bring the jobs back and secure the border and do all this.
But then, if they got away with it once, they're going to release another virus and do the same crap.
Or, oh, cancer's everywhere.
Well, ask why, Trump.
And then, oh, I got a new cancer virus vaccine that I'm going to give you this and it's going to fix your cancer.
No, I've been down this road with you, and I'm not going down.
So what I want, and the reason I'm doing this, is in a supportive but loving way, put pressure on Trump to educate Trump and educate his family and his friends, everybody else, to educate him, to get him to come out against us.
Because he said, I don't want to hear from Alex anymore, and I don't want to hear from you about him.
Well, guess what, buddy?
You don't want to hear from us, you're going to hear from us.
Because I'm going to do my duty to make sure you know all about this stuff.
And I usually have a lot of the answers.
I don't claim to have all of them, but I'm a pretty decisive guy.
On this, I don't know what I'm going to do.
If they release some new damn virus and he is out there promoting it.
Maybe I'll just move to some island in the middle of nowhere.
And look, we can't put all our faith in one man.
We all get sucked into this Trump thing and it becomes everything.
That's kind of black pill though.
No, it's an important fight.
My gut tells me it's the right thing to do.
We need to get him in there.
But God also tells me, the Holy Spirit also tells me,
Don't be a Trump follower, be a Trump backer, so we have a guy in there that we can put pressure on.
That's one of the biggest problems of conservatives and populists, is we put him in there and we're like, oh my god, he's the messiah, and Q says he's invincible, that was all CIA.
Leave him alone, don't put any pressure on him.
Let him just save us all, trust the plan.
And that is not what we need to do.
All right, we're going to go to break here in a few minutes and I'm going to come back with the war on self-sufficiency, the war on women, and people saying that women that know how to shoot a gun or run a trot line or fix a carburetor or bench press 200 pounds or squat 400 pounds, it's that men that like that are gay.
Well, yeah, right.
There's nothing sexier, you know, an archetypal show like Wonder Woman, beautiful woman, strong, successful.
That's an archetype.
But the left, that's only that archetype.
They don't want women to really be strong in the real world, to be strong with their children, their husbands as a family team.
So we're going to talk about some of that coming up in the next segment.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
All right, so I keep track of trends, and I've noticed a lot of articles in the corporate Enemy of the People press, and I've also, I'm on X a lot, just seen it everywhere in the last few months, so I thought I should start talking about this.
Conservative populist men, not just here but around the world, love videos of women pole vaulting, or women running, or women hunting, or fishing.
And those are viral, and so there's this new thing, and I've got examples today, where the left says, conservative men are really gay because they like
Masculine women.
Now hold on a minute.
How is it masculine to give a woman strong?
No, that's an expression of feminine.
I remember some of my first members at three, four years old, because they started letting me shoot with 410 shotguns when I was four, Folgers coffee cans in the backyard at my grandma's.
I remember my grandma riding up on a big stallion horse and she had a rifle
On the side of the saddle, and a handgun on her side, and she'd been out riding the fence, and she had this cowboy hat on, and she had big leather boots, and I remember her jumping down with her wild red hair, jumping off that big horse, and taking me in the strawberry patch right there by her house, and picking strawberries, and going in and cooking fried chicken, and homemade ice cream, and she had homemade ice cream getting made, and she was just all over the place doing everything.
And that's what men and women were like, folks.
She wasn't masculine because she was riding around on a horse and could, with her rifle.
I remember once.
We were sitting there on her back porch, and she hated armadillos.
They dug her yard up.
She was like 70 years old by then.
I was grown.
And she said, son of a bitch.
She had, you know, degrees in history and English and everything else.
She was a master's degrees and all that stuff.
More than that.
But she was also, you know, sound a little bit when she wanted to.
She'd sound very genteel, but she also sounded like Granny Clampett when she wanted to.
That little bastard, I'm going to get him.
And she went and grabbed a 30-30.
Open sights, 200 yards away down the hill was an armadillo and she took that rifle and put that shell in there.
Blood splatters everywhere and she kills the armadillo.
Now if you show some leftists that today, they would have a complete heart attack and they would send me down there sometimes two months during the summer.
Because my parents would go on trips and do things.
By the time I was like six or seven I was down there for a couple months every summer.
She would take me in there during the day, cook me lunch, we'd eat lunch.
She'd show me how to make lunch, how to do things.
She'd always show you how to do things.
And then she'd say, here, let's go back here in the back bedroom.
And we'd lay down on the bed and she'd get out the Iliad.
And one summer, the unabridged Iliad, it was two volumes, probably over 1,500 pages, books this thick, tiny, tiny letters, little books, but thick.
She read me the whole damn thing cover to cover.
And she was just an amazing woman.
And then I look at what women are like today, how dumbed down they are, how pathetic, but so are men.
And how unfeminized they are, where they can dress up like a tart, and my grandmother could certainly go square dancing and put on a beautiful dress and be the lady.
But she was out there digging food out for dinner out of the garden.
Or let's go fishing.
We had a whole bunch of pawns on her big ranch and she'd say, this is what you do in the spring.
The June bugs are, they're larvae.
Or this little worm, and you just dig over here on the side of the bank, see a little can, she'd dig for about five minutes, she'd get a bunch of worms, a bunch of June bug larvae, the fish love those, and she'd throw them in the can, and she'd say, when I was a little girl, I caught a sunfish a foot long out of this pond.
Let's see what we can do.
And she was catching the fish, and then we'd cook them and cut them up, and she fried them and we ate them for dinner.
I mean, it was just pure entertainment.
It was all just electricity and energy and just everything.
And she knew how to run electricity, and how to fix a combine, and she knew all about men, and she knew all about women, and she was wise, and she'd say, see this person, see that person, watch them when they do this, watch them when they do that.
I just realized that youth is wasted on the youth, because I would love to know Patty Jones today.
She died 19 years ago.
And my other grandmother was just as amazing.
But it would take all the talent to talk about Benny Grace Hammond.
But that's what I grew up seeing in women.
And man, they were supercharged.
They came in the room, you felt their presence.
They were alive.
You look at men and women today, they're a bunch of zombies.
So populous men that aren't domesticated are really into sharing women empowered and women doing amazing things.
And women bull riding, and bronc riding, and barrel racing, and... Everybody likes Tulsi Gabbard, scroll up and show her, you know, out there in her combat gear, shooting her M4.
People love that stuff.
But the left doesn't like it, because they're not actually trying to empower women.
Families are a unit, men and women together, with children.
They're on a team.
And a real woman knows that.
And a real man knows that.
But Gloria Stein in the CIA in the 60s and 70s and 80s taught us that women fighting with men is how you get ahead.
Have you got ahead women?
No you haven't.
You're more unhealthy, more depressed, more unhappy in every study than you've ever been because you've gotten away from what you are.
And so we see these videos and I saw
This morning, a viral video.
I'll show you an overhead shot right here.
We'll play the video in a moment.
We'll skip this break.
And it's some southern woman with her southern accent that the left in their inner cities and their high-rises, they don't know where electricity comes from, where food comes from.
They don't even know how to, you see left is trying to put gas in electric cars.
They're totally ignorant, totally disconnected from reality.
And then they see
A woman in the South going up to a rock bank, and this is where you get the food.
Where are the big catfish?
They're up under the rocks.
If you stick your hand in there, they don't have big teeth.
They'll bite on your hand.
And you can pull out a 50-pound, 40-pound catfish and feed your whole family.
It's called noodling.
Now, to a leftist, all the time when leftists move to East Texas or Colorado, you see it in the news all the time, they'll be driving along on a dirt road and they'll see somebody in their front yard butchering a deer they call animal cruelty and sometimes animal cruelty shows up because they go, there's a dead animal hung up in a tree and a man's chopping it up.
Meat just comes from the grocery store.
So they see a woman showing how
I don't like to usually go in when I'm noodling right through the mouth.
I go around them and up through the gill to make sure I get them.
And they go, this is pornography.
This is some weird sexual thing.
She's got her arm in a fish's mouth.
Who even thinks of that?
I was taught how to noodle when I was a kid.
It's still pretty scary to stick your arm up in there.
I've caught a few fish, not as good as the ones that are really good at it.
But that's the best way to fish is go up in a big rock bank at a lake and there's not gonna be snakes under there, they're gonna breathe, so it's safe.
You just stick your hand in these holes and grab fish out.
But see, to them, it's so alien to even have a man sticking his hand in a hole and pulling out a 40-pound yellow cat, that they see a woman in her bikini
And they think this is some weird sexual thing.
No, her daddy took her on all those great trips fishing with mama when they stayed in the little fishing cabin and caught the fish and fried it up and had hush puppies and listened to George Strait.
So she's just out there having a fun video about her as a woman knowing how to catch a fish with her bare hands, and these people look at that and they go, this is weird.
This is gay.
This is sexual.
This is strange.
Because if you look at fashion since the 70s, it was all heroin chic, women all anorexic, type of heroin chic models.
Big black circles around their eyes.
They look like somebody that's got AIDS.
Because almost all of the people running fashion shows are homosexual men.
So their image of a woman is a doddering, weird woman that's all into fashion and into the system.
That's the controlled women.
That's the modern system.
That's the opposite.
We want... I wish I could find the painting again.
I was at the Smithsonian when I was like 20.
I'd seen it when I was a kid, but I went back there when I was on a trip.
And I went in and they had, in this big art museum, this big giant oil painting from the 1800s.
And it was the image of a cavewoman with a saber-toothed tiger trying to come into the cave.
And she was this beautiful, auburn-haired woman.
And she had this club in her hand with her babies behind her.
And she was type in famous oil painting, cavewoman protects children.
Maybe it'll come up today.
And it was, and I just love that image of that strong, but she had big hips.
She was all beautiful.
And she had that club in her hand, protecting the kids.
And I remember seeing that and going, God, that's the sexiest thing I ever saw.
Because men want a strong woman to protect the children, to protect them.
You protect her.
We want to be strong.
We want men to be strong.
We want women to be strong.
We want black people to be strong.
We want white people to be strong.
We want Hispanics to be strong.
We all want to be strong, but we don't.
The globalists want you disconnected from reality, cut off so they can dominate and control you.
And when you understand that, you understand everything.
The idea that as a father with three daughters, 19, 16, and 6, that I don't want them to do whatever they want and be powerful and be strong and be amazing.
But they'd be nothing more honored if they decided to be homemakers and raise their children
That's close, but that's not it.
She's got the auburn hair, though.
That's pretty close.
So, so... Great job, crew.
Put that back on screen.
The one I saw was like similar to that, but it's a Sabretooth Tiger coming in.
But the point is, you want that woman?
Oh, she's primitive?
She knows how to kick ass?
What's sexier?
Some heroin head woman that's lazy and hates herself and is depressed all the time?
Or that woman right there?
So, that's where I stand.
So let's show this clip here.
This warlord Johnny said, Shareem Khan is right.
This is borderline pornographic.
And the idea that conservative men are attracted to masculine women is insane.
They're not masculine.
That's what women are supposed to look like.
Men are supposed to be strong and put through the test and even bigger and meaner.
It doesn't mean you're stupid.
The fake intellectuals think if you're strong, it makes your IQ go down.
Oh, I don't have a British accent.
I don't have an effeminate accent.
I must not be smart.
We do a fake little effeminate accent for you, then it makes me smart?
Smart is what we've succeeded in doing and defeating the globalists so far.
You want me to put on a fake English accent?
I can't.
We have to celebrate humanity, ladies and gentlemen.
I think it may be a copy of the painting or one based off that, but the large one, there's a saber-toothed cat coming at him, but it's a little bit different.
But you found one similar, so it's probably, maybe the painting I saw was inspired by that, or vice versa, I don't know, but it's very similar, but the one I saw, she's like this, and the saber-toothed cat's coming in on her, and she's got the club.
And she's got a little bit more wild hair.
But man, if you can find it, I'm going to get a print of it and put it on the wall.
Because that's a symbol of our collective strength.
Our women being strong makes the men strong.
Our men being strong makes the women strong.
It protects the children.
And I want to invoke that.
I want to empower that.
I want to bring that back.
But I'm a modern man.
I've dropped the ball.
My daughters know how to shoot and stuff like that.
But I just have not put them through the paces of really doing all that stuff.
I mean, it was religious with my dad's parents, like, now we're going to go cut corn, or now we're going to go feed the hogs, now we're going to string electrical wire, now we're going to go slaughter this cow, now we're going to go pick these vegetables, now we're going to go plant these vegetables, now we're going to
Skin this deer and cut it up and put it in the deep freeze.
Now we're going to can these foods.
And it's fun.
You do it and it's religious.
You zone out while you're doing it.
It's like everything zens out.
And you're boiling these vegetables, or you're putting them in these cans, and you're putting the vinegar in, you're putting the tops on, and you're there cooking the food, and you're there outside the stars at night, and your family shows up, and you're playing dominoes or cards, and you're going out looking at the night sky, and there's a fire crackling, and you're just there.
Now they're telling stories about their ancestors and what they did.
Let's go tomorrow and see the cemetery up the hill of our families that were here when the Comanches came and how they burned down the house and killed the kids because daddy was gone.
You go look at the tombstone, you can barely read it, killed by Indians, 1826.
It's all who you are, what you've done, where you came from.
It's this sense of timelessness.
Hollywood can't offer that.
The New World Order can't offer that.
God offered us this continuum.
And this is what this is all about, and we're living it right now.
So here's the clip.
It's got millions of views.
It's got them so upset.
They're like, what's she doing with the fish?
It's sexual.
Why do they like a masculine woman?
Because she's...
She's not skinny.
She's not fat.
She's wearing a bikini.
She's got muscles.
That's feminine, not masculine.
Women are not emaciated, cowardly, stupid things.
That's the modern society.
That's what it did.
We want to empower women to empower us.
We want to empower men to empower us all.
And we will do it together.
Here's the clip.
Everybody asks if we hurt these fish when we catch them.
Well, for one, we put that zip tie in there.
I don't know, we've been doing it for years.
This is probably one from this year, but obviously the fish is fine.
The way I grab them is when they come up and bite me, I grab them with this hand.
That's why I always get chewed up up here.
And then I run this arm between their gill and their gill plate.
When they're this big, you can run it between without hurting the gills.
See, it's between the gills and the gill plate.
Arm goes through.
Gills are not messed up because all the pressure is going on that gill plate.
The fish is fine.
We'll turn her loose.
Sorry, Mr. Mark.
I know you want to eat some, but this is a big female.
We got to turn her loose.
I hear you, baby.
And then maybe catch her again someday like we've caught her before.
We'll probably even put another zip tie in her so we know we caught her twice.
Appreciate y'all.
Now the issue there is, why aren't they eating it?
One that big probably doesn't taste too good.
When they catch the 20 pounders, the 10 pounders, you know they're frying them up.
A big ol' yellow cat like that's not going to taste too good because it's been eating a lot of stuff for a long time.
It bioaccumulates toxins.
And the good ol' boys don't need to know before they had science that you don't eat a fish that big because it doesn't taste good and ain't good for you.
Eat the little ones.
But the point is, is that you look at those hillbillies, they're way more alive and way more in touch than the average trendy.
And you look at the two guys that look like Fred Flintstone with her.
They're proud of their daughter.
They're proud of their sister.
That's their strength.
They didn't raise their women to be cowards or to be weak.
They raised them to be strong.
And that's the big difference we're talking about.
So let me show you a couple more articles to deal with this.
It's out of Reuters.
This came out yesterday.
Prepping for disaster diversifies as more Americans lose trust.
And people are getting hatchets and guns and food and water filters and running the country.
Black, white, old, young, they're all doing it because they can sense the social contract's broken.
How many years they demonize us for saying you need to get ready?
It's a right-wing, white supremacist thing.
But now you go to a gun shop, they say half our customers are black or Hispanic or liberals.
And the liberals start shooting guns and hanging out with conservatives.
They go, well, I never figured any of this out.
I'm going to join you.
That's why when Trump got elected seven, eight years ago, they got so scared.
I told the gun shop owners, we're like, man, we got liberals in here saying they're buying guns to kill Republicans.
And, you know, and we ought to call the government on them.
And they're sitting there ready for civil war.
And I said, just give it a couple of years.
They'll be joining us.
And I was back in one of the big gun shops about two years ago.
They go, it's right.
They come in now.
They're on our team.
You're right.
I said, yeah, just give them time.
Nothing better than some lapis going out and getting a gun and shooting it and meeting people and becoming self-sufficient because it activates their ancestral memory to be self-sufficient.
Now some are super hardcore commies.
They want the guns to enslave us.
But most of them have been buying the lie.
Here's another one.
Big article in Politico.
How raw milk went from a whole food staple, by the way, they never had real raw milk there, that's not even true, to a conservative signal.
So the old-fashioned left that was anti-vaccine and pro-organic, because they were smart, not the modern left, they weren't perfect, but they at least got that, they were kind of anti-establishment Republican that was bad.
Now they're helping the Amish and other groups establish even bigger farms everywhere.
We got it right outside Austin.
I drink raw milk every day.
Organic eggs, all of it.
Now the Republicans are passing laws all over the country to not harass the Amish, to not harass the Mennonites or other families and people just saying, we're going to adopt this lifestyle.
We're still going to go to the movies sometimes.
We're still going to go into town.
But you know, we're done with the city.
We're going to learn how to skin a buck.
We're going to learn how to run a trot line.
We're going to learn how to be self-sufficient.
We're going to learn how to put in a big garden.
We're going to learn how to put up those cans.
And this whole article, it's like a 20-page article, freaks out about how Republicans are getting people self-sufficient, and now they're passing laws to let us grow our own food.
Folks, you know you're a slave when the system doesn't want you to grow your own food.
Absolutely insane.
But that's how this all works.
All right, I've got more I'm going to hit, but Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow at 11 a.m.
Central, 12 noon Eastern.
I never take this broadcast for granted.
That's why I always say, Lord willing, I'll be back tomorrow.
But there have been a lot of big developments behind the scenes that I can tell you very calmly, because God's in control, that the greatest threat ever to the existence and continued operation of Infowars is now upon us right now.
Still support it, because even if they shut it down, it'll be open five, six months after that with how this bankruptcy works.
But it's internal stuff doing this.
It's outside forces doing it.
And that's where we are.
And some of these groups had federal filings that they thought were sealed.
They didn't think I could get copies of.
I got them.
I then interviewed the people involved.
I found out the terrible stuff going on.
Looks like the Justice Department's trying to set me up.
They've already tried a lot.
It's okay.
But that's where we are right now.
So this could be the last days of InfoWars because what they're filing is to remove me from any management here and lock me out of the building.
So yeah, this is Project Veritas stuff, but next level.
They were dumb enough to try it.
They can't help it.
They've got the directives, obviously, to do it.
They're going to do it.
But regardless, we're still here.
Let's go out to break it in with a clip from Tucker Carlson where I talked about this.
I should say, not to be dark, but human beings, among other unique qualities, are also the only species that commit suicide.
You're right.
We have that paradox, because we control our environment.
What animal would think to commit suicide?
Lemons run off a cliff on accident, buffalo do, but they don't do it on purpose.
Very well said.
So we have that heaven and hell.
We have that potential of the little G-God.
What science fiction writers like Jules Verne 140 years ago wrote about, like rockets that take off, go to the moon, and come back and land again, Elon Musk has done it.
Whatever we can envision, it's not like Oprah's Secret where it instantly happens, but with the potential of technology and society, and like Elon says, a big enough population.
You need billions to build infrastructures that can do anything.
And then once you realize the planet's tiny, and there's hundreds of billions of galaxies that are close, I mean, we can see, then you go, oh my god, we're like embryonic right now.
We're like a tadpole.
And we're not just going to turn into a frog, we're going to turn into a butterfly, that turns into a spaceship, that turns into a god, basically.
And so we're a tadpole right now, we can do anything.
And they're trying to tell us, no, you're scum, you're ugly, you're racist, kill each other, because the globalists want to extract out of us that essence of infinity that God's given us, that God essence.
We're not God, but we're little g, that the first book of the Bible tells us.
They want to extract that and use that for their life extension, their empowerment, their greedy control, instead of all of us sharing this incredible magic metamorphosis we're about to have.
And they're trying to block the birth pains of what we're about to become, but I can tell them, you're going to fail.
I mean, when they go after the interesting people, that's when you know you're in trouble.
I always think that about what they did to you.
Alex Jones, you've greatly improved and enlivened this.
Thank you.
Tucker, thanks for having me on the show.
You're wisdom.
Are you kidding?
I'm at Infowars.com right now, and we're very close to being shut down.
But just like Tucker, it's going to be okay.
But it's like they say in Empire Strikes Back, Imperial troops enter the base at Infowars.
So I'm about to get taken out, but it's okay.
I love you.
The best.
Oh, it's real.
And it's all going down.
But it's okay.
Keep praying for us.
That's the most important point.
And Chase Geiser takes over after this quick two-minute break with Saturday Night Live.
Join us.
And hopefully we continue on.
It's up to you and it's up to God's hands.
But it's quite a time to be alive.
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