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Name: 20240309_Sat_Alex
Air Date: March 9, 2024
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In recent episodes of "The Alex Jones Show," discussions have revolved around martial law, globalist agendas, political developments, and remote viewing. The implementation of martial law is seen as a gradual process, with leaked information and controlled situations being used to acclimate people to the idea. Jones has also discussed the deployment of National Guard troops in New York subway systems as a sign of increasing control measures. Criticism towards Trump's promotion of COVID-19 vaccines has been expressed, urging viewers not to blindly follow everything he says. The discussion of remote viewing covers the Council of Nine, non-human entities, and different factions in Earth's history. There is a concern that the US government is preparing for martial law by training military and police forces, using foreigners in these forces, and defunding the police. The implementation of martial law in New York City is seen as a testing ground for nationwide and worldwide implementation. The globalists' end goal is to enslave humanity and remove them from the planet, but their plan may ultimately fail due to its reliance on tyranny. The efficacy of vaccines is also discussed, with predictions of continuous lowered expectations and the need for booster shots.

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When I was cutting my teeth 29 years ago on air, Bill Clinton had just been in office for a year or so and it was confirmed, the military was warning, it was coming out, they were leaking classified documents that now are all basically admitted and have been publicly rolled out against the public to incrementally bring in martial law.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
I normally take off at least part of Saturday, but... Well, I guess about half the time I do a special Saturday show, but sometimes I take off, but... I was out of town in Florida, not just visiting with Tucker and doing his show, and...
Reaching at least 20 million people on there so far.
Very successful.
They were very pleased.
It was an amazing broadcast.
His historian guest and Congress monologue.
I was honored to be there.
Got some stories I'm going to tell about that.
Obviously, we have the aftermath of the state of the angry meth head Biden.
Dottering around, we have Trump sweeping Super Tuesday in the aftermath of that.
Roger Stone is going to be joining us from the road.
He's driving to speak to a big Republican group in Florida, but he'll be joining us in the second hour to cover the waterfront, all the big developments and issues and what Trump's thinking and what the next hurdles are and what the enemy's going to throw at us.
That is all coming up today and so much more.
And there have been a lot of really illustrative events that have happened that really have gotten people's attention.
So without even looking for it, I've been sent so many clips by friends, family, you name it, and I've run across it being online everywhere.
Bernie Sanders coming into the State of the Union and walking around for over an hour shaking people's hands with no mask on.
Shaking people's hands and rubbing his face, and then as soon as he gets ready to sit down and know that he'll be on television for sure, he puts the mask on.
Now we all know it's Kabuki theater, but three years ago, four years ago, when they were doing all this theater, we would point out the videos where you see the politician off the side Not wearing a mask, but before they would get on the stage, they'd put the mask on.
And a lot of videos got caught in the UK and Canada, even the US, of these globalist minions, these WEF operatives, saying, hey, everybody, we got to put our mask on once we go on stage.
So they would say that off the side.
And that's emblematic of everything they do.
So we've got that.
We've got a really important story that ties into the New World Order's master plan that is so key that I'm going to hit first.
And that's putting National Guard, a thousand of them, in the New York subway because it's become a completely lawless, feces, rat, needle-infested hellhole, where it's true, white people, hundreds of times a week that we know of, are brutally beaten and attacked or murdered because of what color they are.
And now the troops are being deployed and searching everyone's bags without a warrant.
So if you understand this story, you understand everything.
So I'm going to get to that and really do the deep dive on it here in just a moment.
Because if you understand this story, you understand everything.
And I love Rosetta Stone stories.
Of course, they couldn't decipher a lot of the Egyptian hieroglyphs because they didn't know what they meant.
Some were, on their face, obvious what they were.
A hieroglyph of a hippopotamus or a hieroglyph of a snake or the sun.
But a lot of them, they couldn't know what they symbolized and couldn't read it.
And then they found the Rosetta Stone a few hundred years ago that was the decoder of it into another language.
So because we have that other language, we could then now decode the hieroglyphs.
So I call stories like this a Rosetta Stone.
And if you understand what they're doing in blue states and the capitals of the testing grounds are New York City and places like Los Angeles, California and Portland, Oregon, and Chicago, Illinois, and Detroit, Michigan, and many others.
Once you understand that, then you understand the master plan.
And instead of us just going through life like automatons, like we're in the film Metropolis, we can actually be humans and control our environment and make these important decisions.
So we have that as well.
Now there's another big story I'm going to get to, and that's Trump.
And he, for a while, like a turtle pulling his head back in to the shell, was not promoting the deadly shots or saying it was a success.
He was doing it for a while, but he got booed at his rallies doing it, so he was smart enough, even though he's very bullish and very pig-headed, which is a positive thing, and the globalists can't bend him.
But once he thinks something's good, he won't admit it to himself.
He doubles down.
Well, he's done it again and it's disgusting.
That doesn't mean I don't support him, but I'm also not a cult.
We elected Trump twice already.
Then they stole the election in 2020.
And so we need to hold his feet to the fire.
When he is reelected in a landslide this coming November.
I said, I love Trump, but this is BS.
The so-called vaccine is a biological weapon.
Good news is people are awake and not even 45 can sell it.
And that tweet at Real Alex Jones got 2.2 million views, but it got copied everywhere.
I saw one version.
Somebody copied my quote.
It had 24 million views.
Yes, we are the new media.
The globalist media is the dinosaur media.
They are extinct, but they're trying to claw us back into hell with them.
So I'm about to cover the Rosetta Stone story of troops in the New York subway and what that signifies and what that means.
And it's going to take me probably 15 minutes to do this, but I'm asking you to watch it all, to take notes, and to then share the clip once we cut it out from the live show today and post it at Band.Video and at InfoWars.com and on X at RealAlexJones because all these decades of preparation for martial law, and that's what this is, is here.
But they have to create the climate first for martial law and civil emergency to sell us on it, the angrier world that Klaus Schwab talks about.
So I'm going to air an esoteric report that Greg Reese has done that I don't want to say I disagree with it.
I just don't.
Put a lot of stock in it.
And I like Greg Reese.
I respect him, love him.
So because of that, he has free reign.
He puts out whatever he wants.
And I agree with about 95% of what Greg says.
But I think this report's important because this is how the Illuminati thinks.
And I'm not saying Greg's the Illuminati.
He just might have made that point.
Because whether you believe what you're about to see about remote viewing or not, And we all know, anybody who's experienced life, psychic powers are real.
I found they're very uncontrollable and very spirit-centered, and you'd call that subconscious, unconscious.
But this is what the globalists believe, and they are out promoting, that there's about to be a rapture, but it's an anti-Christian rapture.
So whether this is real or not, and I don't think there's a non-Christian rapture, the globalists are promoting this because they want to Potentially, if something like this happens, have an excuse for why it went down.
So I'm not criticizing Greg's report.
I'm just saying he tries to make them five minutes so they fit on the show.
I guess I've kind of asked for that.
I said he could make longer ones if you want.
It's just that I'm trying to fill in the blanks here of my view on the thought provoking things that he said.
So we're going to air that report.
And I'm going to focus my mind and come back with this.
Incredible situation that we're dealing with, with the troops in the New York subway.
So here it is, remote viewing of the Rapture Ascension event.
You'll find it at man.video.
Here it is.
Remote viewing is the military term for viewing a target with the mind's eye.
Remote viewings are conducted under double blind conditions, meaning that the target assigner and the viewers are unaware of what they are viewing.
They are simply given an arbitrary number.
The Future Forecasting Group was recently given the target number H506B3T9.
That was the only information they had.
It was only after the viewing that they learned what the target was.
Drumroll please!
You guys were looking at the Rapture?
The global religious event of an unknown time.
The target was the split rapture event.
In Christianity, it is the rapture, when believers are taken into heaven while the rest of humanity suffers the tribulation.
The raw material calls this event the harvest, and says it happens every 25,000 years, when those who have spiritually evolved ascend to a higher dimension, while those who don't are reincarnated back into the third dimension.
According to Christians who believe in it, to be raptured you must believe in Christ.
The raw material is from an exhaustive channeling experiment that took decades to achieve, and the source claims to be a group of entities known as the Council of Nine, or Ra, the same Ra of ancient Egypt, here to assist mankind in their spiritual evolution.
And the FFG team saw all of this in their viewing, To see if they are all getting the same data, remote viewers work in teams and they all saw the event spanning from what was described as ancient Egypt or the Middle East into the present day.
They saw an event that required one's loyal submission or worship to higher beings.
They saw a major event happening in the heavens.
They saw what appeared to be a major cataclysmic event tied to the great year of roughly 25,000 years.
Something that many researchers predict and the raw material confirms.
And they all saw non-human entities behind this event.
Riordan even saw a council of nine and a blue bird, which is how they described themselves in the raw material.
They saw what appeared to be another planet, one with an inhospitable atmosphere that required domed cities.
They saw underground bases and they saw the infamous grey aliens.
And then we're seeing one of these guys again.
Continuation of a species.
They gotta do what they gotta do.
No regrets.
But the sense is, like, help us.
Like, they need our help.
Again, this idea of, like, a manifest destiny to inhabit a corporeal being.
According to UFO research, the most common story is that the Greys destroyed their own planet and came to Earth to experiment on mankind in a desperate attempt for survival.
No longer able to reproduce sexually, they experiment on mankind with genetic science and technology to sustain their own species.
And according to the raw material, there are two factions of non-humans on Earth.
One is on the path of service to others, here to help humanity spiritually liberate itself, and the other is on the path of service to self, here to enslave humanity for their own selfish needs.
Allgaier saw several images of how the soul is attached to the human body, how it is removed, and how these creatures were attempting to manipulate the process with a neural link.
And practically the whole team saw barbaric experiments on mankind with brain chips, animal mutilations, animal-human hybrids, and transhumanist hardware, as if creating some sort of human Frankenstein was the only way for their species to survive.
They could be viewing the Biblical Mark of the Beast and also the Orion Group from the raw material, otherwise known as the Greys, who seek to use humanity for their own selfish needs.
They saw UFOs, major events in the sky, and a mass exodus.
It is interesting to note that Elon Musk wants to give everyone brain implants and says we need to escape the planet.
President Trump created Space Force and a year later former Israeli Space Chief Chaim Eshed said that extraterrestrials exist and Trump knows about it.
It is also important to note that I am seeing their remote viewing through my own filter, but you can watch the full presentation for yourself and draw your own conclusions at futureforecastinggroup.com.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Alright, it's Saturday, March 9th, 2024.
(ominous music)
(ominous music)
Now, I am an expert on the police state.
I've written books on it.
I've made five films on it.
And when I was cutting my teeth 29 years ago on air, Bill Clinton had just been in office for a year or so, and it was confirmed.
The military was warning.
It was coming out.
They were leaking classified documents.
That now are all basically admitted and have been publicly rolled out against the public to incrementally bring in martial law.
And what does martial law mean?
The suspension of normal due process and military rule.
And that means those that control the military rule.
So it's a coup over the people, a coup over freedom.
So if you look at the Great Reset and the Globalist Program worldwide, they'll come in and create racial or cultural division, they'll cut off resources to create rioting, they'll also cut off police funding so that crime gets out of control, so many of the small businesses and shops get attacked that most of them close, and it creates a real desperation, or what Klaus Schwab calls an angrier world.
So the border's wide open, And children are being smuggled across and put in sex slavery.
That's all admitted.
But then when you try to fly on an airplane, or more and more, try to get on a bus or a subway, the military is there searching you.
And back when Clinton was in office, even before they set up the TSA, In the airports, they would have the TSA, the Transportation Department, do drills that we caught on tape in Texas.
People would call us, we'd drive the scene.
You'd have a hundred military or so, with the state police, on a highway, randomly diverting cars off onto the access road, and searching people.
And it's in one of my Police State films, Police State 2 The Takeover.
That's the one.
We get the call, it's happening north of Austin in the Temple.
My producer at the time, camera guy, gets in his car, drives up there.
And they've got the military pulling over cars and buses and things, searching them.
And Mike walks up and asks, it's on video, we have the video on the film, what's happening?
Is there a bomb?
Are you looking for terrorists?
And they said, no, talk to the FBI.
An FBI black car pulls up, FBI agent gets out and says this is a drill from Fort Hood with the Transportation Department and we're authorizing their law to do it.
And then he gets back in the car and leaves.
And then it turned out that document was marked restricted.
It's all on video!
So I've been focused on this for a long time.
The reason I raised that going back to the beginning of my research of this is I was trying to puzzle, why are they having training events with sheriff's departments in big counties, small counties, police forces, in small cities, big cities?
Why is this happening in Wisconsin, in Texas, in Florida, in New York, California, every state, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan?
And they'd have military drills, and the military taking over the city council, and the military taking over the capital, and black helicopters would come in and detonate simulant explosives.
They weren't huge bombs, but boom, big explosions.
There'd be men rappelling down, and then local media wouldn't cover it, but locals would get video.
And then we would cover it.
And they'd have national stories saying, Alex Jones is insane, there are no black helicopters.
So we're going back 29, 28 years.
When I'm first on air for a few years, it'll be 30 years in April.
And so I said, what's going on?
Well, then there was a 29 Palms survey with the Marines fire on American citizens to take our guns that got leaked and was confirmed to be real.
So we didn't know if Bill Clinton was about to try that or not.
But I thought it was very interesting.
And the listeners were very interested.
And so I would say a third of what I covered on air on my local TV show and my syndicated radio show that started out as a local show was this.
And we even went out and we got tips and would catch the black helicopter drills where they would lease a building that was about to be destroyed in San Antonio or many other areas.
And we got a tip from police that were concerned too.
They'd say, Hey, Saturday night at midnight Delta forces coming in, they're going to Do a big drill and take over this building and we would show up and get it on video.
Once in San Antonio, they sent up U.S.
Army with 45s and they pull them out and point them at us and say, give us that tape.
And back then it was a tape in the camera.
We gave them the tape.
They erased the tape.
They gave it back to us and said, get out of here.
This is in downtown San Antonio.
So obviously, when you got U.S.
Army pointing .45s at you, 9mm Berettas or whatever they were, I remember the gun, it was a .45.
When you got that going on, you start saying, what the hell's going on?
So back then, I'm like, well, are they planning for martial law?
And of course, later, all the local newscasts, oh, we're training to fight the militia and the right-wingers, the constitutional terrorists.
So they went from this being secret under Clinton, and then with Bush, yeah, it's mainly for Al Qaeda, but it's also for domestic groups.
And then you're asking, well, what's this really all about?
And then you start to realize it's part of a long-term process of just getting the military, the police, the public ready for this.
So here's what's happening.
We're not going to have UN troops one day, or Russian troops like Red Dawn, and you're in Colorado, and all of a sudden parachutes come down and you've got Russian troops shooting at you.
It'll be our own troops, but they'll be made up of people that have been tested for decades, going through the training, going along with attacking their own people.
There'll be a lot of foreigners and illegals that make up the military, which is now happening publicly.
I'll show you a bunch of articles in a moment, in case you've been hiding under a rock.
The police more and more being made up of illegal aliens.
I remember 10 years ago, New Mexico legalized hiring illegal aliens as police.
No one believed it when I was reading AP articles about it.
There's no way they're hiring illegals.
Now it's all over the news.
You're like, okay, yeah, it's happening.
So the UN troops come in our own uniform, but they're trained by NGOs.
They're trained by UN doctrine.
It's a State Department memorandum 7277.
And remember, everything I say, you can write notes and search it.
So I'm moving quick here.
Everything I've said in the last five minutes, you just search.
Anything I said, you'll pull it up.
I didn't tell the crew what to pull up.
I dealt the force doing drills of taking over U.S.
They were just searching it.
They pulled up local newscasts around the country.
You can do this too.
Everything I say, State Department Memorandum 7277.
Anything I say, write it down.
Decide what you want to investigate, because the rabbit hole goes on forever.
So there's this massive Right beneath the surface, program, and we get the training manuals because the police leak them to us, and the government confirms it.
And we broke the MIAC report, now like 14 years ago.
And the FBI, where the military was training to confiscate guns, and the Libertarians, the main enemy, and Alex Jones, and Ron Paul, and well, there were big state investigations about it.
But see, that was all secret then, now it's out in the open.
Joe Biden's like, yeah, MAGA are terrorists, and our official number one threat's white supremacists, and we define white supremacists as anybody that disagrees with martial law, basically.
So your borders are wide open, but you yourself are treated like a total slave and have no due process.
And so anytime I criticize the TSA, people say, well, you know, the TSA was set up for 9-11.
No, it wasn't.
They already had it ready.
They used 9-11 as the pretext.
And I always told you, this was in the documents, they were going to expand the TSA to highways, buses, terminals, trains.
Not the border.
And then we saw countless examples under Obama Even in Austin, we didn't have to go anywhere, we got a call, hey, TSA's down here at the train station searching everybody.
We go down there and they say, get back, get back, and they're searching everyone.
So this was all training and normalization of this, the angrier world.
So they defund your local police, they bring in, it's not 10 million, 20 plus million illegal aliens, mainly military age men.
Then we learned they're training all the preachers that will sign on for the clergy response teams that when martial law comes, they will tell you it's of God, turn your guns in, and they'll also be talking to their parishioners and reporting it back to the military.
And that gets into Jade Helm, which was a total martial law takeover drill.
We weren't seeing Jade Helm seven, eight years ago.
Was a takeover, we said it was a drill for a takeover.
So they get rid of our police and military, they transfer it over to multinational forces, but they first munialize by mixing the foreigners into the police and military to normalize it.
So we've got decades of preparation, decades of training.
and them keeping it secret. Then they begin to admit what they're doing. Then they become to
go operational. Then they defund police. Then they give billions of dollars, the government has,
to Black Lives Matter, not just NGOs. And they start burning everything down.
And so they're getting ready for the big event where they're going to trigger
a globalist insurrection in America that they're going to call a patriot insurrection.
So they'll have provocateurs on the right-wing populist side and they'll have all their big NGOs and Hezbollah and Hamas and Black Lives Matter and Antifa on the other side and a lot of them posing as us to start burning buildings, killing people, sabotaging things to create so much hysteria and fear then the military has to come out.
They're planning currently, doesn't mean they'll pull the trigger, but it's being pre-programmed right now, that if Trump wins in eight and a half months, they will then activate the leftist groups to burn down the country.
But to legitimize that that's okay, they'll have some right-wing supposed terrorists stage some events, truck bombs, mass shootings.
Think about it.
It's all on the drawing board, but now it's going operational.
That will then be used to call it a giant clash of civilizations or a civil war, and then Trump, who is president-elect, will be blamed for it.
And they plan to have so much destabilization and hysteria after Trump is elected, but in the two months before he gets into office, on January 20th, 2025, That them in that fog of war, they're able to assassinate him or arrest him.
The point is, they know we're awake.
They know we're winning.
They're about to make their move.
So they were building this option for martial law the whole time and preparing and normalizing it where you see troops on the street and you see gun confiscation and you see the clergy response teams during Katrina helping take the guns and old man doesn't turn his guns in so they kill him and an old woman won't turn in her revolver so they beat her up on camera.
That's in all my films.
Police State 1, Police State 2, Police State 3, Police State 4.
Pretty important films.
Next week on X, we'll re-upload all the police state films to X because this was the globalist building in their failsafe the whole time.
So now that leads us to where we are today.
Defund the police, cut back their numbers, have DAs that won't prosecute people that rape, that rob.
They even release shooters that shoot people if they're not white.
If you are white and you're under attack and you defend yourself, they throw the book at you because they're creating the battle line because whites are now the minority.
They want to make it a racial clash when really it's BlackRock and the globalists and all the big money coming in.
So it's not a civil war, it's a globalist coup against the people that they will brand as a race war.
Now you're understanding.
So, New York is incredibly dangerous, trash everywhere, rats everywhere, it's totally turned into hell, the subway is extremely dangerous, and then they brought in Probably a million illegals in New York.
It's not 10 million nationwide, it's 20-something million.
So hundreds of thousands, bare minimum, have been brought in, mainly military age men.
They're giving them driver's licenses, they're letting them vote.
The mayor will criticize it with one side of his mouth, the other side asks for federal funding for it.
They're kicking veterans out of nursing homes and putting legals in them.
And then Hochul comes out and says, I'm putting a thousand National Guard in the subways To search everybody's bags and do all this.
And again, that's just training you for the normalization of the martial law.
And then it's, oh, sorry, you can't get on the subway.
You haven't taken the vaccine.
You don't have the digital pass, the smartphone.
But first they got to make you go through all this and be searched.
Show that you'll accept the Global ID, you'll accept the Central Bank Digital Currency app on your phone, and then the troops will wave you right through.
Let them work!
Hoechlin pressures Biden over New York's migrant surge.
In a live stream address, the Democrat governor sought to redouble our efforts to address the 100,000 asylum seekers who have come to New York over the past year.
Yeah, it's way closer to a million.
So here's what's happened.
They're going from preparation and wargaming and testing all of this to operational now.
And now they're suspending due process and the Bill of Rights for your safety.
Because they won't prosecute any of the criminals who now think they've got to get it on a jail-free card, and then now they come as the savior where all of you lose your rights.
So the border's wide open, they're bringing in tens of millions of people, but you're searched at the airport, you're put in a body scanner, your testicles are grubbed, your wife's breasts are grabbed, all your children are trained to be humiliated and be prisoners.
Because if you're raised in a non-criminal family, you've not been to jail or you've never had your rights trampled on.
But see, you're still being given prison induction training.
They built all the emergency COVID camps around the Western world.
They're all the same design, same setup.
And now they say, oh, during the next virus, we're going to lock up anybody that criticizes the policy because we've got to save you.
So again, Will it be war?
Will it be a bioweapon?
Will it be the dollar collapsing?
What will be the trigger for martial law?
We're not sure.
They've been testing it all.
But they are absolutely getting ready for full bore martial law and beta testing it now before they go fully operational in New York.
They open the borders.
They bring in the illegals.
They defund the police.
The prosecutors let the violent criminals out.
And then they put military on the streets searching you and put it on television and defend it.
Just like Hochul when she'd been appointed after they removed Cuomo said in bizarre clips, this is a new religion.
Do what we say.
Take the shot.
Wear the mask.
And so now they've got the handcuffs out.
They're saying, just put these on.
We'll be much nicer to you.
So they're getting ready for the next big crisis event that will be the pretext for the Marshall Law.
A subway plan aimed to ease fears.
The blowback was immediate.
New York Times.
New York is expanding bag checks on the subway.
How is this legal?
London Guardian.
New York subway violence continues after Hochul deploys National Guard.
Meanwhile, you've got San Francisco appoints first non-citizen to sit on the city's elections commission.
She's only been in the U.S.
since 2019.
They're normalizing foreign men in the military and police.
They're normalizing foreigners on the boards that run the policy.
They're normalizing the foreign troops and the troops and our domestic troops that are going to be mainly foreign troops right now.
They're leaving beta, going into operational.
So our 30 years on air in April has all been leading towards this.
Because if you see military doing gun confiscation drills, and then you get documents they're doing it, and years later they go, of course we're practicing to take your guns.
You think about, well, that'll explode.
But on top of it, they're going to cut the power.
They're going to have cyber attacks.
They're going to be doing domestic terror attacks that they blame on us.
And they believe most the men nearing this will go ahead and just turn the guns in because you won't have food.
See, people should be storing more water filters and food and have people you can trust and work with than just having 100 guns.
You should have three or four guns and a bunch of ammunition.
But people have way more guns than they have ammunition.
But we don't want to go to that point, but the globalists have lost.
And I use the analogy all the time.
It's like the first Terminator movie where Skynet's lost.
They've been blown up in the future, but they got one laboratory and one time machine left, and they can send one Terminator back to try to kill the leader of the resistance so that they don't get defeated.
The New World Order has already lost, ladies and gentlemen.
So all they can do now is cut the power, cut the resources, create so much discordant Hysteria and destabilization that people roll over and say, I'll do whatever you say, just send me a bag of rice and I will do whatever you say.
Just send me a carton or a box of dehydrated milk because my baby needs food.
And that's why they're cutting the resources off.
That's why they're cutting the fertilizer off.
That's why they're maxing the dollar out.
That's why they've created more money in three and a half years than ever created before.
Because this is the big event.
And that's why they've got the globalists behind the scenes trying to take the show off the air.
That's why they've got all their little mercenary minions Ready for this because they know their time is over.
And so they're going to come down with both feet on top of us and try to force us into this.
But this is a big deal that New York has put a thousand troops in the subway to search everybody.
And the governor said, if you don't like it, you don't go to work.
But it's not going to be just search your bags.
It's going to be show us your vaccine ID, show us your travel pass.
They've already got set up and ready.
Bill Gates, the UN, Australia's already got it, Europe's already bringing it in.
We're here.
Will it be a financial collapse?
Will it be World War III?
Will it be a viral release?
Will it be all three?
I don't know which one of their weapons they prepared and warmed up and gotten ready is going to be rolled out.
But I know that they are trying to put the handcuffs on us right now.
And we all know about serial killers.
One of their favorite things is find a 15-year-old girl or something and put a gun to her head and just say, get in the van, I won't hurt you.
You gotta run.
He may still shoot you, but at least you're not gonna get tortured to death.
You'll probably escape.
He doesn't want to shoot you in the parking lot and get caught.
So just elbow him and run.
But maybe you're scared and you don't listen, so you get in the van.
Then he says, put these handcuffs on or I'm going to blow your head off.
Jump out the door.
Because you don't want to put the handcuffs on.
And he turns down a country road and says, okay, I'm not going to kill you.
I'm gonna let you go.
And he pulls out duct tape and hog ties you.
And then he pulls up into a garage in the middle of nowhere.
He comes up with a dolly.
He picks you up, puts you on, and he looks at you and he says, I'm gonna rape and torture you for weeks.
Prepare to die, bitch.
So, Hochul's got the electric tape out.
And, oh, the military's here to save us.
They're not at the border.
Oh, no, we can't have them there.
No, they're shipping the illegals there.
No, no, no.
In fact, they're making the military the illegals.
And now because they simply greenlit crime and greenlit the breakdown of society, they think you're so stupid you can't put two and two together now that they're training you all to show your ID and have your bag searched because they're getting you ready probably for another viral release.
And something way worse.
So, I said I'd spend 20 minutes on that, I just spent like 40 minutes on it.
30 minutes on it.
on it because it's a big deal folks. So this system's coming in and the more you
submit to it the more you will be enslaved.
The globalists talk about us and call us feral animals that are eating their resources and outdoing all this.
They don't want you to go to the movies or go to a concert or have fun.
That was in the old days to distract you while they took over.
They want to take all that away.
They don't want you to be living.
They want you off the planet they believe they've conquered.
Now they did it through Bernie Madoff style fractional reserve banking and derivatives and things that would make Ponzi blush.
But this is where we are.
And big events are about to go down.
The good news is a lot of people in the federal government and in corporations and local government know what's going on and are really freaked out.
They're looking for leadership points and points where they can effectively counter this.
The government's not our enemy.
The government has been hijacked by these criminals and is making a move against society.
But it's very apropos or poignant that after 30 years on air, we are now at this point and it's all going down.
Everything's being compressed, time is accelerating, and all these new order operations are now being triggered.
Because they knew their plan was horrible.
They knew it would be unpopular.
They knew they would need tyranny to get it through.
But they thought you'd still be asleep.
Instead, we're awake, you're awake, more people are awake every day.
And their plan is not going to hunt.
Their plan is not going to fly.
Their plan is not going to work.
But it could potentially very easily trigger wars and civil unrest that will destroy the planet.
All these globalists are on record building bunkers in the middle of nowhere.
Everybody's already marked those numbers down.
If things collapse, that's where you go get resources.
They've just dug their own graves.
But they couldn't help be predators.
They couldn't help but steal.
They couldn't help but go with their big power trip.
They couldn't help but make their move and not think a bunch of steps ahead.
And so now that's what they've done.
So they have initiated the countdown to this.
And this isn't going away now.
I work to try to stop it.
And I thought maybe, we woke enough people up, we could have an awakening and not let this go through.
But I always said we probably won't stop them triggering and launching the New World Order takeover, the Great Reset.
I've said this hundreds of times, you've heard me.
But we could.
Maybe 20% chance.
But I said there's a 90% chance, if we're active and care, to stop it once it goes operational.
Because it'll be so obviously tyrannical, so obviously dangerous, so obviously counter to anybody's best interests, that people will say no.
And just say, by increment, we're brought deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into tyranny.
Because the globalists are all about lies and deception, but they themselves are the most deceived and are drinking their own Kool-Aid.
So New York is going under martial law to train us and all prepare us for it to be nationwide and worldwide.
I want to play a few clips of Hochul.
I mean, anybody has a sermon, not just your actions.
The woman looks Like a super villain, you know, if I was going to cast a wicked witch that ran around kidnapping and eating children, you know, Hansel and Gretel, it would be Hochul, but I mean, she just looks like a, I mean, would you buy a car from her?
Would you, would you do a business deal with her?
You know, this is a creepy, mentally ill whack job, but that's who they hire.
That's who they get because they need this type of scum.
And look at Governor Whitmer.
I'm not singling them out because they're women.
I mean, Whitmer looks like the female version of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.
Governor Newsom is the spitting image of it.
But I mean, anybody that has discernment, you just look at these people and go, that's a villain!
And when they talk, and the things they say, and the things they do, but that's the scum that the WEF and the CIA and the New World Order has assembled against us.
And she's too dumb following all these orders to not realize she's destroying herself and her own family.
They're not taking Hoechlin to the bunker when World War III starts.
They're not going to give Hoechlin live-extension technologies.
Hoechlin is the enemy mark, the enemy sucker, the enemy stooge, the enemy schmuck.
That lowers the drawbridge at night so the enemy can invade.
What do you think the enemy, once she lowers the drawbridge, does to the traitor that lowered the drawbridge?
The first person's throat they slit is hers.
And I wish no harm upon her.
But I'm just saying, emblematically, the traitor is the Pluck.
All right, go ahead and roll those clips of Hoechlin.
Roll some of the B-roll of them searching people without warrants and all the rest of it.
Roll all the, with audio, roll all the clips.
Point one.
I'm redeploying nearly 1,000 members of the New York State Police, MTA Police, and MTA National Guard to conduct bag checks in the city's busiest transit.
They'll start seeing them at the tables Making sure that weapons are not being brought in.
Working in concert with our New York State Police as well as our NYPD.
Because no one heading to their job or to visit family or to go to a doctor appointment should worry that the person sitting next to them possesses a deadly weapon.
They're gonna search bags?
There is a statistical- What happens if you don't want your bag searched?
Then go home.
You can- We're not going to search you.
you can say no, but you're not taking the subway.
So the border is wide open.
They defund the police, they let all the criminals out of jail in New York, Alvin Bragg, Soros, and now they're going to search all of you because you're all criminals now.
This is an administrative state at war with the people.
So this is the TSA.
I told you they would expand the TSA program out to everything.
They've now done it.
Container inspection zone.
And they just keep expanding it everywhere.
And if you're somebody they don't like, you're an anti-globalist, well, you get disappeared.
And the average cop will be part of it and say, sir, please come over here to this room.
And then the special leftist units, for a virus, whatever excuse they've got, they take you away.
So it's all a compliance drill.
Defund the police, let the criminals out of jail, don't charge people for violent crimes, and then say, oh, we'll save you, you're all slaves now.
And it's not like I'm saying this now.
How many times did I tell you that once they defunded the police and let the criminals out of jail, it would devolve into martial law, and then they'd say, oh, it's okay, we'll just put troops on the streets.
And now Union Boss calls for National Guard rollout of Chicago's.
That was just yesterday.
What did that tell you?
And you've already done it at the airport!
The only place you won't get searched and have your balls grubbed will be if you're coming across the border with a smuggled kid you kidnapped.
Then you're going to get $9,000 a year and free airfare and no documents to fly and everything's okay.
They're going to sign you up with an NGO that gets you federal money that they take a piece of.
And they're going to fast track you to be in the military or the police.
And then the military and the police, they're just there following orders.
They're just there as all of this is unfolding.
All right, I want to play a special report.
We're going to get Roger Stone on the show.
Let's play this R.F.K. Jr.
It's not like RFK Jr.
Clip 22 talks vaccines on a podcast in 2020.
And then let's play clip 21, the Bill Gates clip that's funny.
And then Let's play clip 13.
And the great Roger Stone is joining us via the phone as he drives in Florida to a big Republican event he is doing tonight.
Here's the clips.
Save lives.
Everybody thinks, you know, when they hear, okay, you're going to stay locked down until there's a vaccine.
As Bill Gates said, a magical vaccine.
They're thinking that, oh, the vaccine's going to do what we've been told vaccines do, which is to give everybody who gets one lifetime immunity and no, you know, major health problems.
What are the chances they're actually going to get a vaccine like that?
I would say zero.
Here's what I predict.
I predict you're going to be seeing Bill Gates and Tony Fauci week after week amputating expectations about the vaccine.
They were originally saying it's a magical vaccine we're going to give to everybody and everybody is going to get immune.
And they're going to say, well, actually only 80% of people will get immune.
And then they'll say 70%.
And they'll say 50%.
And then they'll say 20%.
Um, it's still worth it to have 20% and they'll try to sell us on that.
All right, breaking news.
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer just announced moments ago that its coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective.
Meg, we should point out that Pfizer shares are up by about 3% on this news.
Obviously more good news there.
90% efficacy rate.
This is a great vaccine.
Great day for humanity, great day for science, great day for the markets.
Check this out, because it's got to be purchased, manufactured, and then there has to be money there for it to be purchased.
And so the world needs to put up more money.
Their vaccine's efficacy against COVID dropped from 96% to 84%.
80% effective after just one dose.
Just a single dose.
A reduction of 75%.
Those lines go down.
Which fell below 50%.
You can't even keep up with this because it's moving so quickly.
30 to 40%.
The vaccine provides just 33% protection.
We know no vaccine lasts forever so the protection starts to wane a bit and that's what the boost is all about.
Nothing I can say.
Yeah, it's not actually lifetime immunity.
Immunity only lasts for one year, one season, and actually maybe not even that, maybe only two or three months, and then you have to get another one.
It may not offer protection for a lifetime, right?
It's not a one and done.
Boosters, so-called third dose, it is confusing to people.
It really is going to be about focusing on getting that shot just once a year.
Much simpler, much easier to do.
Don't worry so much about the number of boosters.
Worry about when you got your last booster.
This is the CEO of Moderna, St├ęphane Foncel.
What a blowout quarter!
Congratulations to you.
Oh yeah, we definitely think it's going to be like a flu shot.
Covid is not going away.
And that's why we're also working on combining flu and Covid, so it's easier.
The new updated Covid-19 vaccine is the most... And that's my prediction.
You know, and I could be wrong, but I would say zero.
And all you have to do is look at the flu vaccine.
Well, thank you for illuminating all of this for us today.
I want to leave on a positive note, but it's like, wow, we're screwed.