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Air Date: March 8, 2024
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In this audio recording, Alex Jones discusses various political issues, including the lack of knowledge among authority figures, gun control and Second Amendment rights, Joe Biden's State of the Union address, geopolitical news items such as aid ships off the coast of Gaza and an assassination attempt on Ukrainian President Zelensky, gender politics and liberalism, and encourages listeners to support Infowars by purchasing products from their store.

You're about to see the biggest lie of Joe Biden's career, and that's singing a lie.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
It's Friday, March 8th, 2024.
I'm taping this to be the first five minutes of my syndicated transmission, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
By the time you're watching this, I'm almost back to Austin and I will be in studio for the last hour today.
We just had an incredible interview with Tucker Carlson last night.
Not just my interview, but the historian he had on, and of course Tucker's monologue was the most powerful ever.
We are going to air first my interview coming up, and then we're going to air the historian and Tucker Carlson's monologue.
That is all coming up here in just a few minutes.
It is impossible to play that hour and a half State of the Union to cover all the lies.
Everything was a deception.
Everything was gaslighting.
It was all a fraud.
So instead I'm just going in this first five to talk about what you just saw Biden say.
There's seven or eight times he said it.
When I win, still the election, immediately surge the border.
When a young lady gets murdered and he gets her name wrong and calls her Lincoln, he says we're going to do something about that.
We're going to stop that.
When he's ordered the Justice Department, this is on record, to have federal judges let out human traffickers, rapists, people that have been deported five, six, seven times.
So it is a complete lie, ladies and gentlemen.
We're good to go.
So Biden's on record saying, come here and do this.
We've seen the number of illegals go straight up since he got in.
Trump cut it down by over 95%.
So it's emblematic of the entire state of the union that this fraud, who's a puppet of the deep state who stole the election, who's indicted Trump, who's tried to take him off the ballot and been repudiated by the Supreme Court, has the gall to sit there and tell the world.
That he is trying to stop the illegal aliens and he's got a plan with his legislation which would actually legalize them.
So when you hear him say, we won't make you wait six years on average for an immigration hearing, that's his policy.
He means we're just going to legalize you right away and that will end the illegal alien problem.
And now Democrats in all these blue cities have illegal aliens voting and they're putting illegals and foreigners on the election boards.
So here's a clip of a State of the Union last night.
This is one of the biggest total frauds I've ever seen.
Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal.
That's right.
But how many of thousands of people being killed by illegals?
To her parents, I say, my heart goes out to you, having lost children myself.
I understand.
But look, if we change the dynamic at the border, people pay these smugglers $8,000 to get across the border.
Because they know if they get by, if they get by and let into the country, it's six to eight years before they have a hearing.
And it's worth taking the chance of the $8,000.
But if it's only six months, six weeks, the idea is it's highly unlikely that people will pay that money and come all that way knowing that they'll be able to be kicked out quickly.
Folks, I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
Again, ladies and gentlemen, this is the takedown of America, run by the globalists, run by the UN, they run the NGOs, and they're hoping you're stupid.
The good news is, people are rejecting this fraud en masse.
We're going to go on a break, come back with Tucker interviewing me.
Then Tucker's monologue and the incredible historian he had on.
That'll take about an hour and a half or so of the show, and then Owen will come in.
He'll be traffic copping, bringing the clips in and out, and then I'll be back in studio, Lord willing, very, very soon.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Owen Troyer.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, Owen Troyer inside the Info Wars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
We're about to go back to Alex Jones on with Tucker Carlson last night.
We have some big guests coming up today as well.
Arrested journalist Steve Baker from The Blaze is going to be joining me, so I guess from one politically persecuted journalist by the Biden administration to the other, myself and Steve Baker.
I'm very interested in talking with him about his experience.
We have a big Second Amendment story that we're going to be getting into.
Actually, two with guests at the same time.
Michael Cargill at the Supreme Court arguing for our Second Amendment rights, and then
We have Dexter Taylor, who the Biden Administration Justice Department is going after just because he wants to be at home and tinker with guns and learn new ways to make guns more efficient.
And that's apparently a crime now.
So these are two huge Second Amendment cases that we're going to be delving into.
In the third hour.
So second hour, Steve Baker.
Third hour, Michael Cargill, Dexter Taylor, and a lawyer talking about Second Amendment issues.
Of course, we're also going to have all kinds of coverage in response to last night's State of the Union address.
I mean, you want to talk about a gaslighting moment.
And then, you know, I think the response from the Republicans could have been a lot better as well.
I think Marjorie Taylor Greene stole the night.
But first, Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson live on X last night had, I checked, it was two hours
And it had 2.1 million views.
So millions tuned into that.
It might have even been bigger than Joe Biden's State of the Union address.
So it just shows that the new media has arrived and it just shows that even just members of the new media are really, generally speaking, more popular than Joe Biden is.
So it was a historic transmission last night.
Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson, many people say it was
One of the best forms Alex has ever been in.
So we go now to Tucker Carlson interviewing Alex Jones after last night's State of the Union.
I can't do as good as you, but I'm blessed to be here.
Great crew, great people, great to be here with you.
So what, I mean, just give me your big picture assessment of that.
I got to say, because we didn't even meet before we went on air, I was downstairs writing notes, and you basically said everything I was going to say, and so did the doctor.
But you asked him a question out of the gate.
You said, why do they lie so much?
They think we're dumb, or what's going on?
They want to tell so many lies that you don't have time to count them all.
Because it would take five hours to counter all that.
I gave up in my note-taking.
Everything was a lie.
I mean, the biggest one was like, yeah, this woman got killed by a legal alien.
We're trying to stop that.
I want to shut down the border.
He said, when I win, immediately surge the border.
And then they had the big NGOs, the State Department that funds the UN NGOs, have all the illegals come up here.
They have UN camps in South America and Central America and in Mexico.
And he's running it all.
He says, come here.
They show up by the thousands in Biden shirts.
So he's like, I'm so sad.
The illegal aliens are killing you.
And many of them are convicted felons, a large portion.
And then he's acting dumb and saying, oh, no, no, I'm really sad.
Illegal aliens are raping and murdering.
So just that little window there, he's playing the good cop to his own globalist policies.
Everything that the State Department, the Victoria Nuland's won, and you're absolutely right.
First he comes out and says Trump is Hitler, and then he moves on to Ukraine.
So it's not about the dying cities, not about the fentanyl, the needles, the illegal aliens everywhere and the homeless everywhere, it's all about
Ukraine, because that's their big model to distract us, also launder money.
So this is a very, very dangerous moment for America.
And your last guest was dead on.
He and the whole establishment, so emblematic of a rotting, collapsing facade that knows the people have turned against it.
And it's just pure rage.
All the fakeness, all the pop and serpent stance has been stripped away.
And now there's just this seething, ancient dinosaur.
In fact, I was watching
We're good to go.
Time is compressed now.
So we're here looking at a dying, corrupt, dead political empire that hates America and is trying to use our power to take over the world.
And it's already gone.
The world's turning against it.
The Great Awakening is here.
All the numbers show it.
And they're trying to hang on.
And so we're looking back at Jurassic Park.
We're looking back at the dinosaurs.
But instead, the dinosaurs are trying to claw us back into hell.
I mean, take World War II.
Operation Valkyrie was the German General Staff, who were Nazis and bad guys, but they were like, we're going to lose the Russians.
We're going to lose the Americans.
We're going to lose the Allies.
A year and a half before the war ended, let's kill Hitler.
But they failed.
It's the same thing.
The globalist program has failed, but they're thinking, well, if we just enslave people and arrest people and do all this, they'll shut up and go away.
The New World Order has already failed.
The question is, when Hitler knew he was going to lose, he wrote and said, if the Germans fail on the Eastern Front with the Russians, all the Germans deserve to die.
They failed and they're weak.
And so he flooded the German subways.
He let the whole Russian army come in.
25 million Germans died.
26 million Russians died.
Most of World War II was the Russians and the Nazis killing each other.
And so it's kind of that same thing.
The left saying, if we're going down, we're taking you all with us.
And then we have Klaus Schwab saying, you will eat bugs.
We have Tyson Foods saying, we're moving in with crickets as the main batter for your chicken and everything else.
I mean, they're really...
You've all know Harari was on late night comedy just last night and he's like, yeah, the age of humans is over.
And then the talk shows agreed.
Yeah, we need computers to decide everything programmed by the globalists.
So all they're offering is more of the same.
And if we just fully reject them, which is happening,
They will fall away, but they're trying to claw us down to hell with them.
It does almost seem like, I mean, flirting with nuclear war, which they are doing on multiple fronts with no plan whatsoever at all.
We're going to finish the job.
They never explained what the job was.
That's suicidal.
I mean, it's not right.
It's not.
It's not going to help them.
It's psychotic.
It is psychotic.
So it does feel like the leaders of the society are trying to destroy the society.
And again, I go back to Hitler, who in his own writings, this is not
In my opinion, he's like, the Germans deserve to die, so we're just going to stand here in Berlin, and they're like, sir, the Russians have entered the subways.
Flood it!
And they go, sir, we've got a million Germans, families, children in the subways.
He said, they deserve to die.
So the left is not giving up because they're disconnected from reality.
Unlike German soldiers who were fighting for an evil force, but they were at least fighting, the left live in high-rise apartments
They're disconnected from reality, and to them it's all like a video game.
And they don't realize, as you were just saying, Macron three weeks ago, yeah, we're going to have a national draft, we may have to send troops in to fight the Russians directly, the British Ministry of Defense, the Swedish Ministry of Defense, NATO officially, yeah!
And you've got Sean Penn saying, you know, we shouldn't have nuclear war off the table.
It's survivable.
What does he know about nuclear war?
And so you can see it, it is a... Sean Penn said nuclear war is survivable?
If you look it up, he's like, the quotes basically, a lot of people say we shouldn't use nuclear weapons in Ukraine against the Russians.
Well, we shouldn't take that off the table.
And so that's the mindset of these people.
To them, it's like a video game, and they know they're losing their power.
They have this relish of control.
Hollywood's collapsed.
Mainstream media's collapsed.
I mean, CNN's top show, 100,000 viewers.
I was down there in your studio.
I was at the entrance watching this before it went live and I was writing notes and I was like, I haven't watched this in years.
I was like an anthropologist studying some ancient tribe that died and watching them all, well he's old but he's really smart and he's great and they were all like these talking points regurgitating them and I was like, but I get it because unlike an ancient tribe that died 10,000 years ago, they're still in control of nuclear weapons so we need to study them.
So nicely put.
If the hallmark of evil is deception, I think we can say that we're looking at evil.
I mean, if you're telling, if the basis of your entire program is a lie, it's not just spinning it a little bit, it's a lie.
It's the inversion of the trade.
And they know it's a lie.
And they know it's a lie.
Then, I mean, isn't that evil?
What's the other definition?
We have to realize evil is lying.
Well, that's really it.
Like, in your own life.
As I get older, I lie, but I was a kid.
I lied to someone when I was an adult.
As I get older, lies have consequences.
My whole life was about not ever telling them.
Like, catching myself, being honest.
My wife's like, you looking at that girl?
Yeah, I am.
Instead of like, oh no, I'm not.
I think.
What, 3-4% have taken the new booster shots?
And when they rolled the first shot, it was like 70%?
People are rejecting it.
But there's the converse of that.
The dying establishment, like when a woman tries to leave a man that's beating her, they're going to try to break our jaw in the parking lot while we're trying to get in the car.
They're trying to keep us from escaping.
And so we're at that point, we're trying to get in the station wagon with the kids, we're trying to pile them in, and you know, the drunk mean is right there punching us in the face.
But at the end,
I don't
Mentally ill.
They're sick.
They're malfunctioning.
They're cancer.
We don't hate them.
We just politically cut them out and separate them from the rest of society.
And we're at that point right now of the surgery.
America and the world is going under the knife.
And let's hope and pray that it's a successful surgery.
It's just amazing that they tried to cancel you.
What you just said, even if people don't agree with it, it's so much more interesting and smart than anything ever uttered on CNN or MSNBC.
And I worked at those channels, so I know for a fact.
Well, they just want to be called out.
You know better than I do.
We're just real people.
There's no teleprompters.
Other than, like, I have a few notes, you have a few notes of stuff you wrote yourself.
Those are my notes.
No, but it's different when you write the teleprompter.
In my office, I have a teleprompter sometimes too.
When I have time, I'll write what I want to say on my talking points.
But it's your words.
It's my words.
But it's CNN and Fox News and other places you know.
They're loading it for you.
The difference is, we write our own notes here.
So what's the experience, not to get sidetracked, but it was so interesting what you said about your commitment to just telling the truth in your personal life and your professional life.
What's the effect on you once you decide, I'm going to really try not to lie at all ever?
Your brain is a powerful, all our brains are a powerful electrochemical computer.
And so when you, so it's like AI, when they corrupt AI and give it some woke agenda, it doesn't work right, it messes up.
You see the Gemini thing with Google, then it messes the whole thing up.
They wanted a little bit of erase the white people, not totally erase them.
So it backfired on Google's down 70 billion, the market cap, huge scandal, because it's so ridiculous.
So for my own research and studying mainline literature and scientific research on it,
But I've already experienced it.
Or not be honest, you're really lying to yourself, and then you start using all this brain capacity to figure out the lie, and to then try to project things to cover up the lie.
When you get into a, I'm at a neurotic level.
I go on the air and talk bad about myself, and bad things, and people say, why is he doing that?
Because the more I do it, the more my brain cleans out, and now it's just laser focused, and now I know things much clearer.
And so it's like removing computer viruses.
And so we get to the point where it's not lying.
I mean, I used to tell lies every day.
Leftists tell lies continually.
The thing is, you go to the other extreme, all you do is tell lies.
So when you start moving away from lies, you get to the point where, well, I told one lie this week and that was terrible, because it's robbing from you, not just people you're lying to.
So I've gotten to the point of almost zero lying.
It's super empowering, and again, it's cleaning out your computer to where your brain can then operate, not worrying about telling lies.
It can just say what's accurate.
That's amazing.
I strongly sense that what you just said is the key to everything.
To tell the truth, period.
No matter what.
It is, and that means sometimes it's painful.
Because I don't want to hurt people's feelings, but at the end of the day, we've just got to say this.
We've got to say it.
So back to the behavior, the impulses, the motives of the people running things, obviously they're incompetent, that's demonstrable, but they're also kind of monomaniac, like they're very focused on certain hatreds.
And just judging by what they say, their main hatred is for white people who are the majority of the country.
They talk about it constantly.
They've set up a whole regime to punish white people on the basis of their skin color.
You're an allodimensionate.
Okay, got it.
You're the racist.
But I don't think I've ever seen it on clearer display than in a now sort of famous MSNBC segment from last week.
I hate to even play their garbage, but this is just so amazing.
I have to play it for you.
Why are white rural voters a threat to democracy?
You would think, as we pointed out, looking at Joe Biden's background and Donald Trump's, that the opposite would be true.
I mean, we lay out the fourfold interconnected threat that white world voters pose to the country.
First of all, and we show 30 polls and national studies to demonstrate this.
We provide the receipts in Chapter 6.
They're the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant and anti-gay geodemographic group in the country.
Second, they're the most conspiracist group.
QAnon support and subscribers.
Election denialism, COVID denialism, and scientific skepticism.
Obama birtherism.
Third, anti-democratic sentiments.
They don't believe in an independent press, free speech.
They're most likely to say the president should be able to act unilaterally without any checks from Congress or the courts or the bureaucracy.
They're also the most strongly white nationalists and white Christian nationalists.
And fourth, they are most likely to excuse or justify violent
So, there's so many things that are interesting about what those two pigs are saying on television.
And the most interesting to me is that white rural voters are of course the weakest people in America.
When rural people, period.
Rural people, period.
That's exactly right, regardless of race.
But that none of the supposed crimes that he mentioned, whether they're true or not, are crimes of action.
They're all thought crimes.
And so they're the most dangerous people in the country, not because they're killing others or embezzling money or getting rich through the carried interest loophole or starting wars, pushing people in front of subway trains.
They're the most dangerous because they have thoughts that those two pigs don't like.
It's so interesting.
Well, this is the whole key, and of course what you played, as I know you're a news analyst like I am, is just emblematic of all of it.
That is the Carnegie Foundation, that's the CIA, that's the Liberation Theology at the universities.
They know the world's 93% not white.
So they think, well, we'll control these people who are exploiting by making all their ills about rural white people in America.
You go to rural areas, I don't care if you're black, Hispanic, white, people are all basically populist, they're conservative, they know what's going on, they live on the land, they're not stupid.
And they haven't done anything to anybody.
That's the remarkable thing.
They have the lowest crime rate.
Well, yeah, like what's their crime?
Well, their attitudes are bad.
Like, they will kill people for having the wrong attitudes.
I mean, that's what they're saying.
And that's what it comes down to.
If you remember in June of 2001, when Biden had just stolen the election, in my view, and gotten into power, he put out that national anti-terrorism perspective, national directive, and he said,
White supremism is the number one threat.
Then he defined white supremism as questioning lockdowns or open borders or forced shots.
And so it's real simple.
That MSNBC talking point from 10 years ago that all Republicans are racist, they're trying to codify the law and then define racist as anyone that doesn't want to give up their cows or their farm or be a slave.
So what they're threatened by
If self-sufficient people, because it's a military takeover by the left, and by the WHO, and we talked about this when I was on three or four months ago on your show out of Maine, they are literally understanding we've got the cities, we're about to take the dollar, we're collapsing the border, who is the opposition?
They're already lazing the target that it's the rural people.
Remember I said next it's get the rurals, they're the enemy.
And now that talking point is everywhere.
I probably saw that clip 30 times last week.
Fifty times the last month.
And that's their next target, just like when Lenin and Trotsky and Stalin took over just Moscow and a few cities.
It took them five years to take over Russia.
Who was the target?
The farmers.
The kulaks.
Because they produced the food.
And if you get them, now you've got everybody.
So they're doing, as you did a few weeks ago with that incredible lady, a malice-slash-Stalinist-Lenin playbook because it works.
And so this is happening.
This isn't a question.
This is going down.
So what's the... I wish I didn't agree with that, but the evidence suggests you're absolutely right.
What is the purpose?
No one has ever explained the purpose of admitting 10 million foreigners illegally into the country.
So we used to hear Chamber of Commerce, the Farm Lobby would say, we need the labor.
No one's saying that now because we don't need the labor.
And you hear people say, well, you know, we're doing it because, you know, there's some reason we're doing it.
I haven't heard one person, including Joe Biden tonight, explain why have they done this?
What is the purpose?
Well, I love how you played Merrick Garland earlier, and he's like, oh, there's all these racists.
They're trying to keep people from voting.
How many cities, how many blue cities let illegals vote?
In San Francisco, they put a
Foreigner, not even a citizen, on the board of elections in San Francisco.
Yet Chinese national.
So they're just normalizing this.
And of course you had Colonel McGregor on a few days ago and he said literally they're bringing in the foreign army.
But it won't happen overnight with you in blue helmets.
It's just they're now your police.
We're good to go.
That is an owner's manual.
That is a battle plan.
So that's what the Great Reset is.
It's accelerating the collapse of Western civilization because you don't want in around to compete with the globalist model of eat the bugs and enslavement and collapse.
So they're actively seeing prosperity and Christian nationalist freedom.
God forbid the rest of the world pick up
Western culture.
So you brand it as racist, you say it's bad, because it's like kryptonite, you know, to Superman, or holy water, and high noon to a vampire.
If people say, I want my Second Amendment, I want my due process, I want my capitalism, well then it's over for the Black Rocks, and the Googles, and the Facebooks.
So that's why they're fundamentally branding freedom as a white evil thing, because let's face it, Western civilization did develop
from Greece on this incredible thing that could uplift humanity.
So you discredit it by making it racial instead of selling it to the world and having everyone adopt it and creating unification, not through centralization or enslavement, but through adoption because it works so well.
And so the globalist tyrants are fundamentally threatened by Western Christian civilization.
And that's why they're at war with it, which is why we should embrace it.
And that's what the great numbers of double the blacks voting for Trump or, you know,
So what's the right response for normal people in a moment like this?
I think they have to promote your show, which is the number one show in the world.
I mean, not just in news, but just in commentary.
I mean, it is.
You're up there, and Joe Rogan, and Jordan Peterson, I'm down below that.
But I'm really pleased to see you reaching hundreds of millions of people every day.
And really, that's not about Peggy Carlson, though it is about you, but that's secondary.
It's about people resonating with that, shows they have an interest in.
So this interview, and we're going to come back from break.
Continuing to air this, had more viewers, had more live viewers and more now archived viewers than the White House's YouTube page for Joe Biden's State of the Union address.
What does that mean to you?
It means people are noticing Joe Biden's a liar.
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And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Go back now to Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson last night responding to Joe Biden's State of the Union address.
I think that would promote your show, which is the number one show in the world.
I mean, not just in news, but just in commentary.
I mean, it is.
You're up there, and Joe Rogan, and Jordan Peterson.
I'm down below that.
But I'm really pleased to see you reaching hundreds of millions of people every day.
And really, that's not about Tucker Carlson, though it is about you, but that's secondary.
It's about people resonating with that, shows they have the instinct.
And the spirit for victory.
And people love you.
Black, white, old, young.
It doesn't matter.
And promoting other shows.
And then also not being intimidated by leftist bullying and standing up at school boards and county commissions and running for office and really being peaceful but extremely aggressive about defending our rights and realizing we predicted, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, so many others, everything that's now come to pass.
We're actually on the mark.
We actually want a civilization.
We want prosperity.
I like it too.
I'm selling for free.
I'm giving away ice-cold water with lemon in it in the Sahara Desert.
And the left's selling sand in the Sahara Desert.
I mean, this is insane.
They're selling things that go against, you'll have nothing, you'll eat bugs, you'll drink sewage water, your families are horrible.
You said earlier, we offer abortion and cutting your son's penis off.
It's like, it's Hellraiser.
And when you just sit back and go,
Wait, this can't be real.
Klaus Schwab is promoting stuff that sounds like Hellraiser.
Well, so is Hitler, so is Stalin.
And we realize that this is an evil manifestation that crops up in our species of bad people who want power.
The problem is good people don't seek power.
Because we're going to be left alone, hang out with our families, go fish, go hunt, go to dinner, go play golf.
I'm the same way.
But I'm sorry, folks.
Good people can't sit there and say, I'm too good for this.
Because we will be destroyed if we don't.
And that's what evil fears.
So the good men and women are now standing up, and we're super popular.
Every popular talk show.
There's no one.
Even Bill Maher poses as a conservative now.
And I hope he comes all the way.
No one that's popular promoting the New World Order.
So I'm saying, look at the positiveness of how humans desire, and like a man in the desert wants water, freedom.
And all we're doing is promoting the natural programming that works.
And so it's easy.
We're the winners.
We're not the cancer.
We're the victors.
We're following the program God gave us that is like oxygen, and we have to just declare the enemy cancer and just say, we're done.
Shun them.
Don't engage in violence, they want that, and just give them no support and the maximum back the truth, and we will win.
Why is Alex Jones getting cancelled?
Well, you haven't been cancelled, thank God.
Well, they tried.
I mean, they tried, but thanks to you, you were the big... Listen, I'm not kissing your ass or anybody's ass, but Trump helped break the back of political correctness, but you helped break the back, the critical person in the censorship, and you were there boosting me on Fox when nobody else was, and you took us over the top.
Because you recognize if they can get Alex Jones, they can get anybody.
And so it's true, Tucker.
Well, I mean, first, I mean, I've defended a million people just on principle.
But as I listened to you talk, I was like, well, where's the where's the crazy stuff?
This is really smart, actually.
And I think I've always thought that.
I mean, agree or disagree.
This is it's it's not shallow at all.
So I'm grateful for that.
You think that as things get more intense, which they will, the people in charge desire violence, are trying to provoke a violent reaction?
They can't win in a peaceful fight.
But you have said, contrary to what they say about you, you've said, no, no, no, remain peaceful, period.
I mean, what they do is, anytime you're watching corporate establishment, enemy media, you'll see a three-second clip.
That's not, folks, you're being deceived when you see that.
So I'll say, like, this is satire.
It's the modest proposal by the famous Irish essayist and satirist, Swift, that if the world collapses, I'll eat my neighbors.
This is a joke.
But I go, collapse of the world leads to that.
They go, look, he just said I'll eat my neighbors.
They're deceiving.
It's like that refrigerator game where you have all the little words and you can move the words around and say whatever you want.
They basically take our words, move them around, and that's a deception.
But when you look at what they're saying, conservatives and populists and Christians are going to kill people and they're going to murder people and Trump is going to be a dictator.
The headline was something like, even if Trump wins, we're just going to block him.
Well, all Trump did was say, I want a 10 day investigation, which is constitutional.
They said, they were honest.
They said, even if he wins, we'll just decertify him.
So they've basically indicted him in Georgia for saying, let's investigate.
They're openly saying, we're going to disqualify him and then it's okay.
So again, there's a murder of logic.
And people see that and they're saying, oh, Trump is going to engage in terror and there's white supremacy everywhere.
So I think you can do two plus two equals four.
We know false flags are real.
Provocateurs are real.
We know they tried to stage the kidnapping of Governor Whitmer and multiple trials.
People got released.
They finally got the third trial.
Sent a few to prison where you've got a bunch of marijuana.
You've covered it detailed.
A bunch of potheads, friendly little guys.
They're homeless.
I don't
They're introducing legislation, the Democratic Party in the House and Senate, to strip Trump of the Insurrection Act, which George Herbert Walker Bush used during the LA riots.
And they're saying, oh, we know when he gets elected, if he does, there's going to be huge uprisings.
I'm up for the war.
I don't like how far Israel's gone.
But they're invoking that and hyping that up now as their third rail or their fifth column as the Islamicist to then burn the country down within weeks of him being president-elect and thinking they can terrorize the American people and the establishment into removing Trump somehow during that period.
They've already pre-announced that.
So I'm telling you now, eight months out, that's their plan.
You mentioned the Atlantic, which is owned by a tech oligarch, Steve Jobs' widow.
Almost everything bad in the country is financed by the richest people in the country, I've noticed, the oligarchs.
And so all the money is kind of arrayed against the population of the country.
That worries me.
Can you throw off the yoke if the yoke has hundreds of billions of dollars?
I think we are, thanks to Elon Musk.
I mean, you can say what you want about Elon Musk with all his past activities.
He's trying to dominate every technological sector.
But Christ said, judge a tree by its fruits.
And the last two years...
No, it's true.
It's not about bragging.
It's true.
You're the biggest mainline talk show host, mainline professional show.
There's a lot of people under you like me.
Elon Musk is way bigger than both of us.
He's reaching 100 million people a day with stuff you would say he's devastating them.
You don't do that if you're with him.
So Elon Musk is definitely for real, because you can't argue with the results.
That's just the way the universe works.
This is being powered by X right now, I should just say.
No, exactly.
And he's not censoring us.
In fact, he's boosting us, probably.
So the point is, by boosting, getting out of the way.
So, they've already lost the culture wars.
You can just say, Musk, maybe he's an opportunist.
He sees the old systems going down, he's shifting over.
That's if he's a bad guy.
If he's a good guy, he really cares about us and is a humanitarian and a bleeding heart for freedom and has joined us.
But you can't argue with what he's done.
But back to the violence.
They have nothing they can do now but violence and so we are entering that
We are entering that zone where they're telling us we're violent, they're telling us we're evil, they're telling us we're white supremacists, we're not.
And so it's obvious that that is about to basically unfold.
But I want to tell the establishment, five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago, thirty years ago, you'd stage a false flag or provocateur or something, it worked.
It doesn't work on thinking people now and it works on less people every day.
So I would just advise the globalists to give up.
So you're pretty famous, not famous enough, for seeing events in some detail ahead of time.
You're the only person, I think, in the world who called 9-11 in detail.
You're on tape doing it.
They're going to fly planes to the World Trade Center and blame Bin Laden.
I played the tape.
That's what you said.
So given your demonstrated ability to get a pretty clear sight picture of the future, where do you think we are in five years?
We're either in heaven or hell.
It's the best of times or worst of times.
Tell two cities.
It was the best of times or worst of times.
We are in the crossroads right now.
We're going across the point of return and we have maximum effort to expose the evil and be honest with ourselves about the problems we have and really try to empower people and reach out across political lines and really turn things around.
We have unlimited potential.
I would have to say, if you look into the future, and it's not like into a crystal ball, it's just all the political lines, all the data.
I wouldn't say a probability, but near probability nuclear war.
And I have four children.
One of them is six years old.
I have nightmares about this because I know this is real.
I agree with you.
I don't say this for like fear porn.
I mean, a mainline analyst, the atomic scientist group says we're two minutes to midnight.
It's the closest it's ever been.
Or like a minute to midnight.
And so, we have to turn this around because we are entering the system
We're entering the house of destruction and we're so close.
So the Chinese proverb of live in interesting times is both positive and negative.
We're in very interesting times.
The most interesting probably ever in human history.
We have like godlike power but we're actually decadent slobs, myself included.
And so really it's all up to us right now.
We are at that point of decision and if we can get past the partisanship
But that doesn't mean embrace the globalists and the corporate fascists.
Reject them, and as populists, Christians, conservatives, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Muslims, reject BlackRock, reject Klaus Schwab, reject Naval Noah Harari, who says the future's not human and we're obsolete and robots will run our lives in a decade.
Are the only species that truly controls its environment.
So he wants us to decide we're animals and we're just receiving information.
No, we're going to decide a pro-human future.
We're going to decide to buy things from farms and factories where humans built it.
We're going to decide to control our environment and not accept this big carbon tax system that's meant to make us accept the anti-human environment.
So we have to decide our future now, our destiny now, with our actions and with our money,
And with our will, then push that and reject everything that Hollywood and the corporate media push.
It's real simple.
You can study it all day like I do, like Tucker does, and you can know all the nuances and fight it all day, which I want you to do because it's fascinating.
Or you can just say, whatever Disney and whatever Viacom and whatever CNN tells me, I do the opposite, you'll do quite well doing that.
I should say, not to be dark, but human beings, among other unique qualities, are also the only species that commit suicide.
You're right.
Well, exactly.
We have that paradox, because we control our environment.
What animal would think to commit suicide?
I mean, lemmings run off a cliff on accident, buffalo do, but they don't do it on purpose.
Very well said.
So we have that heaven and hell.
We have that potential of the little g god.
What science fiction writers like Jules Verne 140 years ago wrote about, like rockets that take off, go to the moon, and come back and land again, Elon Musk has done it.
Whatever we can envision, it's not like Oprah's Secret where it instantly happens, but with the potential of technology and society, and like Elon says, a big enough population.
You need billions to build infrastructures that can do anything.
And then once you realize the planet's tiny, and there's hundreds of billions of galaxies that are close, I mean, we can see, then you go, oh my god, we're like embryonic right now.
We're like a tadpole.
And we're not just going to turn into a frog, we're going to turn into a butterfly, that turns into a spaceship, that turns into a god, basically.
And so we're a tadpole right now, we can do anything.
And they're trying to tell us, no, you're scum, you're ugly, you're racist, kill each other, because the globalists want to extract out of us that essence of infinity that God's given us, that God essence.
We're not God, but we're little g, that the first book of the Bible tells us.
They want to extract that and use that for their life extension, their empowerment, their greedy control, instead of all of us sharing this incredible magic metamorphosis we're about to have.
And they're trying to block the birth pains of what we're about to become, but I can tell them, you're going to fail.
I mean, when they go after the interesting people, that's when you know you're in trouble.
I always think that about what they did to you.
Alex Jones, you've greatly improved and enlivened this.
Tucker, thanks for having me on the show.
Thank you.
For your wisdom.
Are you kidding?
I'm at Infowars.com right now, and we're very close to being shut down.
But just like Tucker, it's going to be okay.
But it's like they say in Empire Strikes Back, Imperial troops enter the base at Infowars.
So I'm about to get taken out, but it's okay.
I love you.
The best.
We are done for the evening on the Tucker Carlson Network.
Tucker Carlson had more viewers last night than the Joe Biden White House YouTube account.
That's not to say that the State of the Union address wasn't massively followed and then the responses as well.
It just shows that people are seeking out
Tucker Carlson, they're seeking out Alex Jones, they're seeking out Owen Schroer, they're seeking out people who are going to tell them the truth in a world full of lies.
Everybody knew Joe Biden's State of the Union last night was just going to be an entire bookshelf of lies and propaganda.
It ended up exceeding our expectations, even.
And so that's why nobody goes to watch Joe Biden's speech just on the White House YouTube or on Joe Biden's channel.
Everybody's going to Tucker Carlson or InfoWars or Right Side Broadcasting or all these other groups because they're looking for someone that's going to tell them the truth.
They're looking for someone that's going to call out the lies and call out the propaganda.
But really, I mean, it was overwhelming.
And part of me feels that it was so laid in with lies and propaganda that
I know it was painful to watch and go through that, thinking, wow, this is how corrupt our country is, this is how corrupt our leadership is, this is how corrupt Joe Biden is.
But the country needed to see that, in a way.
Now we got a lot of other, we got a lot more coverage coming up of this, other responses, other clips.
We're realizing that Joe Biden basically gave the same State of the Union address three straight years, by the way.
People have just gone back and
Looked at those speeches and then realized that he's literally just copying and pasting from the same speech.
So like half of his speech was just copy and pasted from 2022, 2023.
So this just shows there's no, there's no, there's no originality.
It's all the same lies coming from Joe Biden.
Now we're about to go back to Tucker Carlson here momentarily.
But folks, please continue to support us at Infowarsstore.com.
That's how everything we do here is possible.
And we have the crew working around the clock to make all these shows possible.
And we have Alex Jones, who has just landed back from the Tucker Carlson interview.
He's going to be live in studio coming up in the next hour as well.
So just constantly working.
To get the truth out here at InfoWars, and it's your support at InfoWarsStore.com that makes it all possible.
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It tastes great, and it funds everything we do here on the air, which is more important now than ever to keep us on the air.
You won't regret it.
As we are now just about 240 days till the presidential election.
And my goodness, I understand people having problems with Trump and now him last night telling us how great the vaccines are.
But I mean, my God, another four years of Joe Biden.
I mean, at least with Donald Trump, you can breathe.
So I guess if that's all we can hope for, it is what it is.
But this country is ours.
And that's what it's really all about.
It's all about the fact that this country is ours, and it's a republic of self-government, where our rights are given to us, endowed by the Creator, by God.
Not given to us by government, cannot be taken by government.
That's the understanding we have to really drive home as we are entering perilous times on the planet, and as we are in the fight for the future of
Alright, let's go now to Tucker Carlson last night after the State of the Union.
They told you the guys torching Wendy's in 2020 were mostly peaceful.
They said that masks worked.
They told you the fax was safe.
They've tried to convince you that Russia blew up its own pipeline.
The corporate media lied too much.
And it killed them.
We're driving to see Julian Assange.
Believe me when I tell you... Wait, wait, wait!
I should be joycotting, but like... Fantastic job.
That was amazing!
Thank you.
Tucker's live response to the State of the Union Address on the Tucker Carlson Network is brought to you by the Heritage Foundation.
Join Heritage in their fight to save America at heritage.org slash join.
Free speech is bigger than any one person or any one organization.
Societies are defined by what they will not permit.
What we're watching is the total inversion of virtue.
Good evening and welcome to Tucker Carlson Network Live.
That was quite an experience watching that.
You know, you think of Joe Biden as a doddering old man, a guy who can't remember when his son died or when he served as vice president.
Of course, that's exactly who he is, and it's on display every day.
But Joe Biden is also a cruel and vicious demagogue, a man who has no problem at all denouncing his fellow Americans or putting his political opponents in prison, as he has done.
And that was all on display tonight.
That was possibly the darkest, most un-American speech ever given by an American president.
In fact, it wasn't a speech.
It was a rant entirely lacking in decency or generosity to his fellow Americans.
In Joe Biden's very first sentence, he compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.
He did not describe Trump as the other party's candidate, which he is, a political opponent in a country that's had peaceful elections for 250 years.
According to Joe Biden, Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler.
He is an existential threat to freedom and democracy.
If he wins, you will die and so will your country.
That was the first sentence.
But that was really the last time he mentioned the United States at all.
For paragraphs and paragraphs.
Biden quickly explained that actually his top priority has nothing to do with America.
His top priority is sending billions more to Ukraine.
A foreign war in Eastern Europe.
A war across the world that has nothing to do with the United States.
That the United States is not obligated by any treaty to join.
Of course, Ukraine is not a member of NATO.
A war that can only hurt this country.
It already has.
Heard it in grave and permanent ways.
The invasion of Ukraine is the most important thing to Joe Biden.
Not ending the invasion of our own country by drug cartels which control huge swaths of the southern United States at this point.
Not our degrading economy you experience every day.
Not our collapsing schools.
Schools where kids can't read at all.
Not the hundred thousand fentanyl deaths every year.
Not the declining life expectancy that
Is obvious if you look around.
Collapsing public health.
An epidemic of suicide and murder.
Things that hurt Americans.
Ghost armies of drug addicts living on the streets.
Right outside the chamber where the speech was given tonight.
None of that matters.
Biden's top priority is aid for Ukraine.
It was deranged.
You watch as you go, this is insane.
Does anyone in the room think it's insane?
They must!
Here's how the Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, of Louisiana, newly elected, the man who leads Republicans, in fact, the top elected Republican in the United States of America, here's how he responded as Joe Biden told the country that the invasion of Ukraine is his top priority.
Watch this.
Overseas, Putin of Russia is on the march, invading Ukraine and sowing chaos throughout Europe and beyond.
If anybody in this room thinks Putin will stop at Ukraine, I assure you he will not.
But Ukraine, Ukraine can stop Putin.
Ukraine can stop Putin if we stand with Ukraine and provide the weapons that needs to defend itself.
My message to President Putin, who I've known for a long time, is simple.
We will not walk away.
We will not bow down.
I will not bow down!
This is crazy talk.
There's no explanation of what the goal is here.
No, it was truly shocking.
It was truly a shocking experience.
But I wouldn't look at all the negatives, folks.
America needed to see that.
Joe Biden did not help himself or the Democrats last night.
But it all boils down to this.
We're bringing you hardcore information on the New World Order.
We told you about lockdowns and poison shots that would attack your immune system decades before.
We exposed Bohemian Grove first.
We exposed 9-11 before it happened.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
There's no explanation of what the goal is here.
There's lie after lie.
Ukraine can stop Russia.
No, it can't.
This has gone on for over two years.
NATO was stronger than ever.
No, it's not.
NATO was on its way to collapse, as is the economy of Western Europe.
For not one sentence did Joe Biden explain what the goal of this exercise is, when we'll know we've won, and what the future should look like.
Again, it was crazy talk.
And yet, Mike Johnson, the Republican Speaker of the House, nodded gravely.
Oh, of course.
He is completely on board with Joe Biden on this Biden's signature issue.
And that's not a guess.
As of this afternoon, Mike Johnson is secretly supporting Biden's agenda, sending another $60 billion to the oligarchs in Ukraine.
Johnson plans to let Democrats onto the floor of the House to vote for this.
This is a stealthy procedural move designed to shield him and other Republicans from criticism.
Oh, the Democrats did it!
But that's exactly what it is.
He's the Speaker of the House.
He could stop it, but he won't.
Because he's on board.
So why is he on board?
Is Mike Johnson representing his own voters as he backs Joe Biden's signature agenda item?
A war against Russia?
No, he's not.
Republican voters in Louisiana are not for this.
Republican voters nationally are not for this.
They hate this.
It has nothing to do with them.
And it's insulting.
As their country is invaded, we send billions to prevent the invasion of another country that we have nothing to do with?
But the United Party demands this, so Mike Johnson is doing it.
And so at some point you ask, well, why are they demanding this, actually?
Why is war with Russia the most important thing?
If you look at the numbers or a map, it wouldn't be obvious that Russia would be America's main enemy.
There are other candidates.
Could it be because Russia is the largest white Christian country in the world?
Could it be because they're getting rich from war?
Well, that's certainly true.
And there may be other reasons as well.
We could guess.
But we don't need to, because we know that it's happening, and we know that war against Russia is not the only war we're going to be engaged in, and not the only one that Biden announced tonight.
Biden also told the country that we're going to have boots on the ground in Gaza.
Or admitted it, in fact.
American forces have actually been there for months.
Did you know that?
Did anyone ask you?
Has anyone explained to you, no matter where your sympathies lie, what the point of this is?
When we'll know we've won?
What's the objective here?
American lives will be at risk.
But of course, no one's told you.
And of course, you already know the point.
The point is to suck the United States into another foreign war that can't possibly help the United States.
A war that can only hurt us, and already is hurting us.
And we're doing this not because it helps us, but because foreign interests are demanding that we do it.
America is being used, as we so often have been.
And the result of all this is that the world is now closer to nuclear war at this moment than at any time in history.
Closer than it was during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
We have no idea where this is going.
You never do once people start to die, once wars begin.
No PowerPoint can tell you, no speech to a joint session can tell you where this is going.
It's dynamic.
It's completely unpredictable.
And that's why wise people pause before accelerating.
But there are no wise people in charge in either party, on either side.
Do you think Tony Blinken, the Secretary of State, has any clue what will happen in a war with Russia?
Of course not.
You can't say where this is going.
This is so reckless that it qualifies as suicidal.
And maybe they are.
But the rest of us aren't.
But the most interesting fact of the speech was the emphasis.
There was not a meaningful word for the entire duration about the things that actually matter to people who live here, like crime, or inflation, or fentanyl, or the foreign army now occupying our country.
Joe Biden doesn't care.
There was no upside for you in any of the things that he said.
But he does have a present for you.
He's got something to give you, something you want very badly.
Here it is.
Look, it's a decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
The Supreme Court majority wrote the following.
And with all due respect, Justices, women are not without electoral power.
Excuse me, electoral or political power.
You're about to realize just how much you get brought up.
We'll be right back with more from Tucker Carlson, Victor Davis Hanson, and Alex Jones coming up in studio.
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Compare getting an abortion to getting an affordable new roof, or a knee replacement.
Abortion is everywhere.
It's very easy to get.
And it's easy to get because the government wants it to be, of course, unlike an affordable new roof.
But what's interesting is why.
Of all the services government could guarantee, why abortion?
At a time when fertility rates of actual Americans are below replacement, Biden and his party are encouraging Americans to have fewer children.
Now, if you have a handheld calculator, do the math on that.
That's the path to extinction.
Why would they want that?
You're the leader of a country.
Why would you want your people to have fewer children?
Hmm, you should ponder that.
But let's say you're too old to have an abortion.
Let's say it doesn't actually apply to you, this wonderful freedom that will make you happy.
What can you do to guarantee that you will have no descendants?
Well, you can always castrate your children and end your lineage.
No more grandchildren.
And Joe Biden wants to help.
I want to protect fundamental rights.
Pass the Equality Act.
My mission is to change Indian Americans.
I have your back!
Trans children, I have your back!
That's not creepy.
But that's what he's offering.
Abortion, war, castration of children.
Not better roads and schools, cheaper electricity and food.
Abortion and war.
Who wants all that?
I mean, some tiny percentage of CNN contributors think those are the most important things.
But most people would rather have cheaper electricity, cheaper food, better roads.
And so what this means is that underneath all of the talk is a dire political reality.
Joe Biden can't win.
In a fair election, Joe Biden will lose in November.
He cannot win.
That's the thing that nobody in any media wants to say out loud.
In a fair election, Joe Biden cannot win.
So they're saying the opposite.
Here, for example, is the pregame analysis over at MSNBC, which we watch while waiting for Biden to dotter up to the stage, waiting for the amphetamines to take effect.
And keep in mind, as you watch this analysis, these are supposedly the smart kids.
These are the smart kids, the ones with complicated glasses.
These are the ones the White House looks to for guidance.
And here's their analysis of Joe Biden's skills.
Watch this.
This seems like a weirdly counterintuitive hot take, even though it's the most obvious thing you could say, which is that Joe Biden is good at politics.
Yes, he is.
Joe Biden is good at politics.
He's very good at politics.
The man really does know what he's doing, and you really see it in those sort of situations.
Joe Biden is just really good at politics.
It's the one thing he's really good at.
If Joe Biden is so good at politics, why is he losing to Donald Trump, who the rest of us were assured was a retarded racist, who no normal person would vote for?
But now Joe Biden is getting stomped by Donald Trump, but he's also at the same time good at politics?
Chris Hayes, ladies and gentlemen, the most famous lesbian in television.
So, again, they can't win, but they're not giving up.
So what does that tell you?
Well, they're going to steal the election.
And we know they're going to steal the election because they're now saying so out loud.
Here is the Attorney General of the United States, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of this country in Selma, Alabama, just the other day.
Listen to this.
The right to vote is still under attack.
And that is why the Justice Department is fighting back.
That is why one of the first things I did when I came into office was to double the size of the voting section of the Civil Rights Division.
That is why we are challenging efforts by states and jurisdictions to implement discriminatory, burdensome, and unnecessary restrictions on access to the ballot, including those related to mail-in voting, the use of drop boxes, and voter ID requirements.
That is why we are working to block the adoption of discriminatory redistricting plans that dilute the vote of black voters and other voters of color.
Did you catch that?
Of course you're a racist, that's always the takeaway.
But consider the details of what the Attorney General of the United States just said.
Mail-in balloting, drop boxes, voter ID requirements.
The chief law enforcement officer of the United States government is telling you that it's immoral, in fact racist, in fact illegal to ask people for their IDs when they vote to verify they are who they say they are.
What is that?
Well, no one ever talks about this, but the justification for it is that somehow people of color, black people, don't have state-issued IDs.
Somehow they're living in a country where you can do virtually nothing without proving your identity with a government-issued ID, without government-issued IDs.
So they can't fly on planes, they can't have checking accounts, they can't have any interaction with the government, state, local, or federal, they can't stay in hotels, they can't have credit cards.
Because someone without a state-issued ID can't do any of those things.
But what's so interesting is these same people, very much including the Attorney General and the administration he serves, is working to eliminate cash.
To make us a cashless society.
Have you been to a stadium event recently?
No cash accepted.
You have to have a credit card.
In order to get a credit card, you need a state-issued ID.
And somehow, that's not racist.
But it is racist to ask people to prove their identity when they choose the next President of the United States.
So that doesn't make any sense at all.
That's a lie.
It's an easily provable lie.
And anyone telling that lie is advocating for mass voter fraud, which the Attorney General is.
There's no other way to read it.
So you should know that.
You live in a country where the Attorney General is abetting, in fact calling for, voter fraud.
And that's the only chance they have to get their guy re-elected.
Well, for a cooler, more measured take, we suspect, on what we just saw, we want to go, we are grateful to go to Victor Davis Hanson, who's a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, and he joins us now.
Professor, thank you very much for coming on.
I want to start right at the outset, and I save this sound for your analysis, because I think it'll be smarter than mine, of the signature moment of the night, which was Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia confronting Joe Biden as he spoke, and here's what happened next.
I'd be a winner.
Not really.
Lincoln, Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal.
That's right.
But how many of thousands of people being killed by legal?
To her parents, I say, my heart goes out to you, having lost children myself.
I understand.
So what does she make of that?
What does that mean, do you think?
Well, I've never seen, in general, an angrier speech.
I mean, I think the left's happy because he didn't stumble, but he only isn't coherent when he's full of venom and he's angry.
Get off my... This was Phantom of the Opera number two, and I've never seen a president interact and yell at the opposition.
And, you know, Tucker, he attacked the Supreme Court, and he was having a dialogue, an invective, against the Supreme Court justices in the chamber.
And so he's a very angry guy, and you were absolutely right, he's a demagogue, and then it was lie under lie.
I couldn't believe when he talked about the deficit and the debt.
He's on schedule, if he were to be re-elected, to run up $15 trillion.
We're spending, borrowing I should say, or printing, a trillion dollars every hundred days under him.
We've never seen anything like it.
Seven trillion dollars.
And yet he says he's lowered the debt, or deficit.
Same thing about the border.
I mean...
I know that Mitch McConnell made a fatal blunder by even negotiating with these guys and that was the whole purpose of the democratic negotiation was the speech where they could say well they didn't sign on but there's no need for laws there's no need for more money all Joe Biden had to do was just keep the policies in place he had a hundred executive orders to overturn everything he let in almost 10 million people by design he wanted to change the demographic he wanted voters under
You know, mail-in and early voting protocols.
And yet, to stand there and just say that he's for the border closing was just a complete lie.
I think it got people... I don't think it's going to go over.
I think it was a mean old man saying, get off my grass and I'm going to give you free stuff and print more money and then tell you that it's the rich that are the problem.
I think the nadir, though, Tucker, was not just the Marjorie Taylor Greene exchange, but when he said that
He's getting tired of people not paying their income taxes when his son is now facing several felony counts for tax avoidance.
And he's got a lot of cash that he's never reported.
And he, as soon as he's out of office, if there's any justice in the world, he'll face the same exposure as Tauner.
So, I know that the left will say, well, he didn't stumble, and he was vigorous, and he was muscular, but it was a muscularity and a vigor that was frightening.
Because it was exactly like he did in that other speech about the semi-fascist and ultra-MAGA.
And the idea that that buffoonish display in the Rotunda for a few minutes was an insurrection and is the greatest threat to America since the Civil War.
I think he forgot December 7th and World War II and World War I. But my God, he lives in an alternate universe.
May I ask you a question about human nature?
He didn't write this speech.
His staff wrote it.
They're not stupid.
And they told easily provable lies.
Not just a few, as politicians invariably do, but big ones.
The Republicans are responsible for the spending and the border, etc.
Why do they do that?
Does that work?
If you repeat a lie often enough, does it become real?
What's the thinking there, do you think?
I think they think that lying on the border and lying on the budget and lying about abortion and lying about all these things will be resonated because they have confidence in the media.
They feel they control social media, traditional media, new media, entertainment, and this will just reverberate as what you see every night on network news or MSNBC.
But I don't think it's going to work because people have heard it before.
And they look at the reality that the staples that make life possible, fuel and food and shelter, have gone up 30%.
And he doesn't care.
And when they look at the border, it's 8 to 10 million people who are swarming in the United States.
And he doesn't care.
And when you look at abroad, you know, he kept talking about Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.
You want to think, okay, there's been four administrations.
When did Putin go in?
He didn't go in
During Donald Trump, but he went in during Bush and he went in and Obama and he went in yours And you talked really tough on Ukraine, but you were the one that fled up in disgrace from Afghanistan you told the country you wouldn't react if it was a minor invasion of Ukraine you you talk about giving them a he he froze a hundred million dollars and there was no Middle East war when Donald Trump was there so the world fell apart when he came or
On the scene, he knows that.
I think they're going to be desperate.
I think you're absolutely right about what the contours of the next election are going to be.
It's going to be Donald Trump is in January 6th, beat that dead horse.
It's going to be abortion.
It's going to be Donald Trump lawfare.
And then it's going to be confidence in 70% of the electorate not voting in person on election day.
And that's all they have.
Every single issue, people are sick of him.
I do have some confidence.
I'm a little bit more optimistic when you look at that face and you see that reptilian grin and an anger and he screams for emphasis.
He doesn't change his intonation or use his hands or try to smile.
It's just very angry and full of venom as if all of the
The veneer of self-control of an earlier Joe Biden is gone now.
And it's the real Joe Biden coming out.
We've seen it before and it's kind of frightening.
I've never seen an angrier speech, State of the Union, than that.
I don't think there's ever been one.
Last question, if you were going to guess what happens as this unfolds, because there's no better big picture assessor than you, is Biden going to make it to November?
Is there any chance he wins?
I mean, what would you guess if you had to, in March, now, what happens?
Yeah, I think tonight is what we saw with the first debate with Donald Trump.
I think he was late tonight.
I think they just have a two-day week, they rest him, and then for these iconic occasions he looks angry and they consider that normal.
But campaigning, he's not going to be able to campaign.
And I think that what we saw after the Robert Herr report, that crazy press conference, is going to be often.
And I think they're going to intercede in the
I think so.
I think he can.
But they don't have any margin of error.
He's going to have to be the first Republican president to get 51% of the vote since 1988.
And they've lost seven out of the last eight popular presidential votes.
And they don't have a good record, the orthodox Republican establishment.
So Trump's going to have to reach to every community.
He's going to have to campaign and he's going to have to bring people together.
And he has no margin of error because they control the balloting in these swing states.
And so it's going to be the most raucous, nastiest, loudest election in our lifetime.
And I'm really worried about it.
But I have confidence in the American people.
And I think what they saw tonight was an old man raging and ranting and barking at the moon.
There's been an, I would say, an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties during the Biden administration.
If Trump loses, does that abate or does it accelerate?
Do more people go to jail if Biden wins or loses?
Well, if Biden wins, I think we're in trouble because we've seen what Merrick Garland did when they were afraid of being, whether they would be reelected or not.
If he's reelected and he has four years, there's no, there's no bridles.
And if he should win, he'd probably win the house.
If Donald Trump wins, the thing about Donald Trump is everybody says he's out for revenge and everything, but you look at the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the IRS under his control.
They weren't vindictive.
They didn't go after their political enemies.
He may talk tough, but he's not a vindictive person.
He has moments after the Iowa primary, and when he talks about getting even by being successful, that he's got it in him to unite the country.
Biden doesn't.
I think Trump could.
I hope that he campaigns in the inner city.
He campaigns in places like where I live in the Central Valley.
There's people that want a reason to vote for him.
They're sick of Biden and they feel that he did a good job and all he has to do is appeal to that.
And I hope he does.
I hope so too.
Victor Davis Hanson, thank you so much for that.
I appreciate it.
It's nice to see you.
Thank you.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight, you better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Owen Schroeder has a raft of incredible guests coming up.
One of them is the Blaze reporter, arrested for just being a reporter and criticizing January 6th and exposing his inside job.
And he's got Michael Cargill, whose multiple cases to defend the Second Amendment have defeated two major administrative actions against the Second Amendment by the ATF.
And one of them is now going to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
Dexter Taylor and so many other amazing gun activists that are at the forefront of defending the Second Amendment coming up today.
I am back in Austin from my secret mission to Florida.
Tucker Carlson and a lot of other stuff I did while I was in Florida.
I'll just leave it at that.
But it was a quick two and a half day trip.
It was all over the state.
Busy little beaver working for the Republic and in the war effort against the New World Order.
I said something cryptically at the end of the Tucker Carlson interview because I just, my policy is always let you know what's going on.
And InfoWars is in the greatest danger it's ever been in.
There are a lot of forces moving to shut the operation down.
And very, very soon, maybe even tomorrow, I'm going to do a special broadcast from noon to 3 p.m., live, commercial-free or commercial-live.
We may take a few breaks for me to refill my water glass and go to the bathroom or something.
But noon tomorrow, we will be live at InfoWars.com.
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But it's the best of times, worst of times, Tale of Two Cities situation, and it's intense.
But we have the Justice Department and the CIA behind the scenes working to shut Infowars down.
They're coming after everybody else that's prominent.
The level of harassment and dirty tricks is just insane.
But myself and many other prominent people do not talk about that on air.
We don't give the enemy the attention or the distraction they want.
They do it, try to intimidate us or divert us away from what we're doing.
But when the time is right, I will tell you what's going on.
They're stupid enough to shut down InfoWars, which they're desperately trying to do right now.
That's just going to blow up in their face.
It'll just be another sign to everybody.
But that is where we are right now.
We need your prayers.
We need your support.
We need you to take the clips, the articles, the information, and save it on your hard drives.
Because they could kill me, or they could set me up and put me in prison at any time.
I mean, not just shut down InfoWars.
I think they figured out that shutting down InfoWars will just make what we do really bigger, because it's just another sign of what they're doing.
But they've given the orders from on high, and a lot of them are globalists that really aren't that smart.
They just inherited the power.
That's where we are.
It's very, very ham-fisted.
It's waking everybody up.
But the globalists are not going to give up.
They are going forward with World War III, forward with the total collapse of the country, and forward with their operations.
They've got a lot of cowards and weak-minded people.
They think they're on the winning team working with the system.
They're not.
And so you've got my 110% commitment to never falter, never waver, never give up, never back down, and go all the way to the end.
But things are moving very quickly because we're entering the quickening of the flux point, the heat of the battle.
We are in a beyond historic moment, so the most important thing you can do is pray for Infowars.
Pray for me and my family.
Pray for other people that are at the tip of the spear.
They did all sorts of harassment behind the scenes of people like Joe Rogan.
I knew it would backfire.
You see how hardcore he's getting.
And there's some other stuff working behind the scenes.
Very exciting.
People linking up.
But I've been very busy behind the scenes.
And I'll just leave it at that.
And America is rising.
Humanity is rising.
And some very, very amazing things are happening.
So we are the tip of the spear.
You're the tip of the spear.
Without you, we would not be here.
So again, thank you all for your support and just God bless you all.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show, and now your host, Owen Troyer.
And I'm now joined by one of the latest politically persecuted journalists of the Biden administration.
Treated like a criminal in his own country for his...
Rights as an American and for his work as a journalist, Steve Baker from The Blaze joins me now.
And Steve, obviously I know because I've been there, you've done the rounds, you've done a bunch of the interviews, you've had kind of the spotlight on you.
I mean, it's a big story when a journalist is a political prisoner in the United States of America.
And so now you're playing the waiting game.
But let me just
Get the details in your own words so that people can best understand.
What is it?
What did you do on January 6th that the Biden administration wants to throw you in shackles and into a prison for?
I did much of the same thing that you did.
I used words they didn't like.
Ultimately, at the end of the day, that's what this is about.
It's not about the journalism that I'm doing.
It's not about the fact that I was there.
There were some 60 journalists that actually went inside the building that day.
There was another 100 inside covering the certification of the Electoral College vote.
We know about that.
They were there with permission.
They were there invited to be there.
But then those 60 that allegedly then crossed over and through a restricted area or into a restricted space, regardless of whether they had press credentials or not,
They're not allowed to do so without express permission from law enforcement.
So whether they had a congressional press badge, they had no press badges, whether they were freelancers, stringers, independents, photojournalists, written journalists, whatever the case may be, nobody had permission to cross that line.
But what we're seeing happening in the aftermath is not a fair
And as I say, the scales of justice are not balanced.
We're seeing that two-tiered persecution that's taking place because so far, only voices from the right side of the political spectrum are being charged, are being prosecuted, are being imprisoned for having been there and for telling their stories, whereas those from the left side of the political spectrum, their voices are not being chilled, they're not being charged, they're not being arrested.
And so that's, you know, that's what's happening right now.
Well, and I did the comparing and contrasting specifically when it came to leftists that would disrupt congressional activity, like David Hogg standing up and disrupting a gun hearing, or Code Pink, or climate change protesters.
This is a common thing for the left.
And by the way, I've argued that they have the right to do that as well without being incarcerated, and I will stand by that.
But do you know specific examples?
Do you know specific names and companies of other journalists
We've got a running list of about 60 right now that we've identified.
And they're all affiliated with either mainstream media or left-wing media?
I mean, some of them are like myself and you that are working on the right side of the media.
Not all.
But I'm talking about the ones that aren't getting persecuted.
Yeah, right.
The ones who are not being persecuted are the ones from the left side.
Not a single one.
Sadly, I'm not surprised.
Now, when did you find out that you were being charged?
Do you know the exact date?
It's been an ongoing system of threats since the beginning.
I did my first cooperative interview with the FBI in October of 21.
A month later, my attorney received an email from the assistant U.S.
attorney that had my case saying that I would be quote-unquote charged within the week.
Now, that was the week before Thanksgiving in 21.
And then we did a media offensive at the time.
Apparently we were successful in backing them off for a while because the DOJ went silent on my case for 20 months.
We didn't hear from them for 20 months until suddenly I was in the process of executing an agreement with Blaze Media to come on as a correspondent with them in August of last year.
That my attorney received notice that I was getting a grand jury subpoena for my videos that I had taken on that day.
And so obviously, I shouldn't say it's obvious to everybody, I didn't know it at the time, but grand juries are not seated and called to investigate misdemeanor offenses.
So if they were looking at me and looking at my work, they were looking at me for a felony charge.
And of course that was my attorneys that informed me of that unfortunate circumstance at that time.
So, after complying with the grand jury request, and I turned over all of my video, they went silent again for another four months.
And then on December 14th, just a few days before Christmas last year, we received another notification.
I was actually sitting in the office of Representative Thomas Massey in the Rayburn building there at the Capitol.
And I had a text from my attorney.
He said, we need to talk.
I knew it had to be bad news.
It's never good news when your attorney texts you like that.
So I stepped out into the hallway, placed the call, and he informed me that I was, he had just been informed by the FBI that I needed to self-surrender the next week in my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Uh, by then I'm working for the Blaze.
The Blaze machine went into full attack mode and within 24 hours the DOJ backed down yet again.
And then we got notice the very next day, late in the day, that they were going to delay my self-surrender until sometime after Christmas.
We didn't hear from them again for two more months until, of course, last week when we got the notification that they were expecting me to self-surrender last week, which I did on Friday here in Dallas.
Folks, you're hearing the story of Steve Baker, the latest journalist to be politically persecuted by the Biden administration.
Now, the timing of everything you just laid out, I think, is a story in and of itself and begs many questions.
But I want to take a pause on that.
We'll come back to that later.
Now, you mentioned
That you have misdemeanor charges and I believe they hit you with four misdemeanor charges and yet you're being treated like a felon.
What I've learned from my experience is that this is actually now par for the course for the Biden Justice Department against their political opposition.
I myself never had any felony charges, never had any felony charges in my life, and yet every step of the way that I went through, I was treated like a felon.
And every time, everybody I spoke to along the way, the people that worked in the prison, the people that worked in the court system, the lawyers that I've worked with, my probation officer, every single person who said,
Like, oh, what was your felony charge?
I said, no, I have a misdemeanor.
They say, what?
We don't deal with people without felonies here.
That doesn't make sense.
So what are you and your lawyer thinking about now that you see kind of the path that's been laid before you that you're going to be treated like a felon even though you don't have any felony charges?
I think that in the 30,000 foot view, the most important thing that we're going to do is we're going to use the publicity that has been
We're good to go.
Who have a platform, who have a larger bullhorn than the average, maybe, independent journalist has, in a manner that is in fact like felons.
I mean, the most egregious case that I know of is the case of J.D.
Rivera, a professional videographer, photojournalist out of Pensacola.
He was in D.C.
with all of his professional gear, contracted by an actual mainstream television station in Mobile, Alabama.
He behaved himself 100% as a professional from the time he entered the Capitol till the time he exited.
He never chanted.
He never paraded.
He never waved a flag.
He did his job professionally.
And then a few days later, after he got home, he was swatted by over 20 FBI agents, swatted with guns up on his self, on his wife, on his children, as well as visiting relatives they had at their home that day.
And when he was taken away on the same four misdemeanor charges that I'm charged with, and then he was taken away and he decided that he was going to fight it and that he was going to go to trial, that he was not going to plead guilty to crimes he did not commit.
He was convicted.
On those four misdemeanor charges, he was sentenced to eight months in prison in a medium security prison, held in solitary confinement the first two months.
When he got out into the general population, that's where he learned for the first time that no misdemeanor defendants go to that prison.
In fact, all the professional criminals that do that for a living, that commit real crimes and go to real prisons, they all informed him.
In fact, they thought he was a plant or a narc or something when he told them that he was there for misdemeanor offenses.
They said, no, no way.
That doesn't happen here.
He said, it does if you're a January 6th defendant.
That exact same thing happened to me.
In fact, of the few nicknames I had while I was away, one of them was misdemeanor.
Now, I don't know about this gentleman's case.
Luckily for me, I mean, I was a bit of a high-profile inmate, and word can spread fast in prison.
There's not really any outside communication.
So they found out, you know, who I was, and they realized, oh, well, he's definitely not a narc.
I would hope that, you know, being a narc, you're not going to get treated well.
What do you make of the timing?
Because, again, you went through the timeline and none of it really makes any sense.
Do you think that they're just so overwhelmed with all the different journalists that they're politically persecuting that they just kind of decide when they're going to pursue each case or when they're not?
Or do you think there's some other timing element to this?
I mean, why do you suppose the odd timing of this and waiting and then backing off and then getting aggressive and then waiting and then you're charged?
are over right now.
100 identified on the FBI J6 Most Wanted list and identified also by the sedition hunters.
They know their names.
They know where they work.
They know their addresses.
They are accused of being violent offenders.
On the FBI list, they're known as, you know, AFOs, Assault Against Federal Officers.
There's even, just as you may recall, just a couple of weeks ago, we saw for the first time an individual actually fire two rounds from a handgun up on the scaffolding on the west side of the Capitol.
We'd never seen that before.
This was new, unreleased video.
Turns out that the FBI and the sedition hunters have known who this individual is for two and a half years.
Why is he not at the front of the line of being arrested?
And myself, curiously, I get a grand jury subpoena exactly at the time that I'm being hired by the Blaze.
Well, and for folks that don't know, and I mean, quite frankly, I've just been
I mean, folks, I've just been so sick of the January 6th coverage.
I have all these journalists hitting me up with that story.
They're saying, you've got to cover this, you've got to cover this.
Yeah, a guy fired off a gun in the crowd and yet the FBI is not interested in that individual.
Same thing goes with the pipe bomber.
You wonder if they don't have something in common.
You mentioned earlier that you had turned over your footage from that day.
Was there anything else that the FBI was asking of you or that you voluntarily turned over?
Because they basically asked me for
And I voluntarily turned it all over because I have nothing to hide and I wanted to prove to them that not only was I innocent, but everybody in my sphere of contacts was innocent as well.
And I wanted to put the whole fake narrative to bed.
But I learned quick that the FBI knew the whole thing was fake.
They pretty much admitted it to me.
Most of the other attorneys involved in this know it's fake.
It's just the people at the top making the calls.
What all did they request from you or are you still kind of in that negotiation point?
Well, right now we're at the very beginning phase of me actually being, having been charged last Friday and having now being a defendant for any crime for the first time in my life ever as well.
I've never been fingerprinted for anything before.
I've never had a mug shot before.
The most egregious offense I've ever committed is a speeding ticket.
And that's because
Well, I can't speak for the judge, but Catherine Herridge obviously has a lot of sources inside DC.
I don't know who they are, where they come from, but she gets some pretty important information.
And they tried to subpoena the companies that she worked for and her phones because obviously they want to find out who her sources are.
I mean, that's really what this is all about.
So she's doing the proper thing as a journalist and not turning over her sources, and so they're trying to punish her for that.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
And look, you know this as well as anybody or better than anybody.
It doesn't matter which case related to January 6th that we're talking about.
At the end of the day,
Speech is going to come into play.
Not that people had a quote-unquote First Amendment right to enter a restricted space, because no law allows for that.
If law enforcement has up a restricted space or police tape for some reason, no one, including a journalist with ten press badges hanging from his lanyard, can enter a restricted space without law enforcement's permission.
So, what they're doing in every single case is they're examining the words that are said before you arrive, while you're in the restricted space, the words you said afterwards, trying to build intent that you were there somehow as part of the violent mob, that you were part of the quote-unquote risk insurrection, when you and I both also know that at the end of the day, when all the smoke clears here,
The Department of Justice themselves have said that only 225 individuals have been identified as actually engaging in violence.
They're going to charge somewhere between 300 and 400 with violence because maybe they got too close, they were aiding and abetting, so they'll have to charge whether they actually participated.
Or they just get them to do a plea deal, and that's really their angle.
I don't think so.
Boy, I mean, talk about a dangerous incentive.
It's already there.
And again, folks, you really learn this the hard way when you're on the wrong side of the courtroom, where you realize that the incentive from the U.S.
attorneys and the prosecuting attorneys is a conviction, not justice, a conviction.
And the incentive from the judge is an incarceration.
And when you're sitting on the wrong side of that triangle, you realize justice never entered the equation.
There was never any hope.
for your case and so unfortunately now Steve Baker is going to probably go through this ringer as well.
Now, when you think about your activity and some other journalist activity from that day, you're filming.
You're filming a historical event.
You're filming a newsworthy event.
That's what you're doing.
That is totally normal activity.
Nothing illegal or criminal about it.
Certainly no intent there.
What I find strange, I'd like to get your thoughts on this,
It's almost as if they're trying to send a message of nobody's allowed to film these events anymore because they want to control the narrative for the same reason that they don't want anybody to see the security footage from January 6th.
They don't want anybody in there filming.
It seems to me that this is a total power play.
They want these events to happen, which is likely a Democrat, leftist, Fed, false flag event like January 6th.
They want this stuff to happen, and then have no independent footage.
They want to be in complete control of the narrative, complete control of the optics.
And so that's your crime here, is that you dared film their false flag event to show the American people the truth from that day.
It seems that that's a bit of the angle here.
That's exactly what it is.
They are throwing the wet blanket over and putting the fear in the hearts and minds of anybody who would deign to be an independent journalist that would deign to show a different side of the story, a different version of the approved and acceptable narrative.
But as Nancy Pelosi said famously on the one year anniversary of January 6th, that the intent of her select committee was to, and I quote, to establish and preserve the narrative of that day.
And that's what they've been effectively trying to do by these types of prosecutions of you and me and JD Rivera and others that I've covered their trials and their stories as well.
And you're exactly right.
If they can throw that wet blanket or they can put that fear in the hearts of the independent journalists to not
cover these events, then they can in fact more carefully control the narrative.
And one of the things that is most stark in understanding that how they're getting by with this is the assistance that they're getting from the mainstream media as well.
Because look, your story, my story should be a major concern to
All journalists, left, right, middle, libertarian, New York Times, Washington Post, it doesn't matter.
This should be a major concern to them because pendulums swing and if they want this kind of precedent...
And look, they do talk about, they talk about, you know, hey, Trump has said he's going to lock us all up.
He has said that he will be our retribution and that he's going to start throwing journalists, you know, this, this is part of the rhetoric that they're already saying from the other side, but they apparently don't believe it because they're completely silent.
On my case, your case, they don't like talking about it.
Well, I mean, at this point it's just, it's obvious the left is full of total frauds and I would say that really trying to analyze their system of political beliefs or political philosophy or logic, there's only one angle that it comes from and that's hatred for you, hatred for me.
That's really it.
Anything we like and we support, they oppose.
So if we're against war, they're for war.
If we don't like abortion, they love abortion.
That's really where all of this comes from.
But okay,
I know you're probably in the beginning of the negotiation part at this point, and there's only even so much you can say, but I'm just curious, do you have your next court date?
Do you know where you're at as far as negotiations are concerned?
Yeah, my next hearing is scheduled for March 14th, but now that we've learned and they've assigned a judge to my case, ostensibly by random lottery, but that's the story we get anyway.
But it looks like they're probably going to delay my second hearing because now that
I don't know.
You've been there.
It'll be a year's worth of back and forth and motions filed and motions denied.
Eventually, I'll either be offered a plea deal with a threat that I can't refuse, because as you know, they can take my four basic misdemeanors.
They can punish me for rejecting a plea deal on one of those by then saying that they're going to supersede my indictment to a felony.
It's a minefield now for the next few months for me.
Yeah, and I'm speaking for myself because I've had to answer these questions, I'm not speaking for Steve here, but folks, when you get into this position, they are telling you, you're going to be a felon, you're going to face decades potentially in prison.
And so, when you're looking at going to trial in a D.C.
jury that hates your guts, you have to make a choice.
I made my choice.
Other individuals that have been charged saying, we're going to go to trial.
It's going to be interesting to watch those things.
We'll be following Steve's case, obviously, closely here as well.
Biden gives a State of the Union last night, claims he wants to be a unifier, and yet here you are, dealing with the corrupt Justice Department, defending your rights as a journalist.
You know, it was interesting that the second subject that Biden talked about last night was January 6th.
And what makes that so significant is how many people in our government, the GOP, committee chairmen,
Don't want to deal with January 6.
They think that it's politically a hot potato for them.
We had former presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.
He said he answered questions about January 6 by saying that's the past.
We need to look forward to the future.
There are major right-wing media sources that don't touch January 6 at all.
They avoid it like a plague.
Uh, yet it's not going away, and that's evidenced by the President moving that to the second subject he covered last night.
Well, and I thought they would kind of let it go away, too, that they sent their message to conservatives, they sent their message to conservative activists, protesters, ralliers, journalists.
But for him to go into that, like you said, as the second topic and bring that back up, I guess it shows the desperation of the Biden campaign that they have nothing else that they can run on, really.
Well, they have to keep this narrative going.
They have not completed.
First of all, January 6th is the single greatest narrative victory that the left has ever won in the history of this country.
And that is by purpose of who set this up, and we're working on that,
It's by the purpose of what they allowed to happen and how they manipulated and allowed that whole scenario to build and develop throughout the course of the day.
It was allowed by the suppression of Intel, not passed down to the right people so that this could have been prevented.
And then, of course, there were, you know,
There were bad people there doing bad things.
There were good people there doing good things that day.
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All right, we just had a very important discussion with Steve Baker, yet another politically persecuted journalist by the Biden administration.
A huge story, the political persecution, the attack on journalists with the Biden regime.
Now, so that's the First Amendment under assault by the Democrats.
And that's what I'm saying.
It's like when you sit here and you listen to Joe Biden last night, he's like, the Republicans want to take your rights and take your freedoms.
And then it's the Democrats attacking the First Amendment.
And then we have a huge story now with the Democrats attacking the Second Amendment.
And really what's incredible about this is how little publicity this is getting.
And I guess maybe the excuse could be, well, there's so many other things happening, but
I mean, these are huge stories.
So Michael Cargill is about to be joining us in studio.
He was just arguing for our Second Amendment rights at the Supreme Court.
And then you have Dexter Taylor, who is being persecuted right now, simply because he likes to, you might say, tinker with guns in his own private residence.
And that's it.
That's it.
No violent crimes, nothing.
And now he's
up against the wall because they have to make an example of him to stop our Second Amendment right.
So these are two massive stories when it comes to the Second Amendment and really they both deserve massive publicity, but I'm not seeing it enough.
We're going to make a big story of it right here on today's show.
So that's coming up.
But ladies and gentlemen, we've done two hours of a show here and barely plugged it all.
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Be right back.
This is an emergency transmission from deep in the heart of Texas, the U.S.
resistance against a global corporate combine, empowered and funded by Communist China, allied with the big megabanks that set up Communist China in 1949.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of U.S.
telecommunications infrastructure.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of Hollywood.
The Communist Chinese have taken control of the main universities.
This is all confirmed.
This is not a drill.
Big Tech in Silicon Valley is almost completely run by the Communist Chinese government.
They've officially become state-run.
Apple 100%.
Google is now making the transition and announcing a merger and total worldwide censorship.
They are now beta testing using me as the straw man, a demonized version of Alex Jones, to do that.
This is happening.
This is not like the other probes before that were meant to get you used to probes and censorship, thinking you would adapt to censorship by just putting up with it.
Now this attack is thousands and thousands and thousands of times the magnitude of all previous attacks.
This is a titrated dose, reverse psychological warfare operation using adapt and overcome, subversion, paradigm manipulation.
In layman's terms, they are manipulating the fact that we adapt to being oppressed.
We adapt to being pressed with the low dosages of oppression.
And now, in the mess of the total takeover, we try to adapt to the poison infusion, instead of not knowing it's a lethal dose, if we accept the dose.
Total Internet of Things, integration, global social score, complete command and control system.
It is the virtual reality AI vacuum.
We're good to go.
They want to double use me as they always do in any complex system of mathematical deception, where every angle of my good is turned against us.
So they take what I've said, being sincere, build me into an insincere person in the straw man.
I'm a person that cares about life and children, and is against these wars, and so they make me a herder of children.
And then they built me into this lie to then set the distraction while they're actually censoring all of you to make a debate about Alex Jones.
So even if I didn't sell out to them, they've now used me as an archetype to serve them by being the main distraction.
I have now been captured by the enemy in the information warfare fulcrum and is being used against you.
Only your full understanding of this TE will break you free from this paradigm.
I have given you the transmission!
Now break free!
I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Thomas Jefferson.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we just had a huge story dealing with the First Amendment under assault by the Biden regime.
We are now going to be dealing with two massive stories dealing with the Second Amendment under assault by not just the Biden regime, but overall the corrupt establishment and the far-left Democrat extremists.
The First Amendment, the Second Amendment, folks.
I mean, these are the cornerstones of our Republic.
And they know if they can remove them, the entire House falls down.
So, with me in studio is Michael Cargill, Central Texas Gun Works.
He's arguing a massive Second Amendment case right now in front of the Supreme Court.
And then with us via video is Dexter Taylor, aka Carbon Mike, and his lawyer, Venu Varghese.
What I want to do to start this, guys, because Michael has been one of the biggest Second Amendment activists that I've known for a long time here, and I asked him if he'd heard of your case, Dexter, and he said no.
And this is what's so amazing about this.
Your case has been largely ignored.
Your case has been completely missed by most of the Second Amendment activist wing.
I know that this is going to be a redundancy factor for you, but you don't mind doing it.
You're doing this for the Second Amendment, right?
You even said so last night, or two nights ago, you said, yeah, I might face prison time for this.
I just hope it's not in vain.
So, Carbon Mike, with your lawyer joining us today, get into the details of your case and why this is such a big Second Amendment case.
Sure, thank you.
And thanks for having me on the show.
And Michael Cargill is a hero to me.
So, you know, my name is Dexter Taylor.
I'm a law-abiding citizen.
I'm a lifelong New Yorker.
I have a squeaky clean criminal record.
I'm a 30-year veteran of the software industry.
I'm a data engineer.
I'm a shade tree mechanic.
I make my own furniture.
I'm sitting in the control room of the studio that I built, my studio, Switching Yard Sounds.
I've been a tech geek my whole life.
Some years ago, I got into gunsmithing.
Uh, I saw guys like Marine Gun Builder building Glocks using 80% receivers.
I was hooked.
Um, I should note that I have a machine shop in my basement because I make furniture and other things like that.
Um, and like I said, I was hooked.
I thought it was the coolest, most traditional thing you could possibly do.
So, I started doing that.
I bought parts online, legal parts, under my own name, shipped to my house, no subterfuge, no hiding, yeah?
Um, and I built a handful of Glock pistols, and then I started making ARs, and I made eight, eight AR rifles, I think, uh, uh, six of which were AR, I'm sorry, seven which were AR-15 style, and, uh, one of which was an AR-10.
And, um,
Again, same thing.
80% receivers.
Machine to completion in my machine shop.
All for myself.
None of my weapons left my house.
I never advertised weapons.
I never hinted at weapons.
I never talked about gunsmithing online.
I never bragged about it.
I never texted people about it.
But nonetheless, in April 2022, my house was raided by a joint NYPD ATF task force.
Broke my door down, took me away to Rikers where I spent the week, ransacked my house, took all my weapons, and now I'm facing multiple counts of felony weapons possession and other things.
So, I'm looking at... The total amount of time I'm looking at is something like 18 years.
I don't know.
Because as far as I'm concerned, this is a civil rights issue.
When I started doing this, I had no intention of getting into a pissing contest with New York State or any other state, right?
Which is why I kept it quiet.
Which is why I didn't flaunt anything.
My weapons never left my house.
And I kept this hobby private.
But now that the battle is joined, so to speak,
I'm not going to back down in this manner.
I'm an American citizen, and I'm a first class citizen.
I guess that shows what privacy do you really have.
You thought you were doing it in private, but somehow the government knew.
Before I go to your lawyer with this now, I want to get Cargill's response to that.
Michael, are you as surprised as I was?
I heard him being interviewed, I think it was Kim Iverson that was interviewing you a couple months ago, that's where I first saw your case, and I was like, holy smokes, this is huge!
I gotta get this guy on, we gotta make a big deal of this!
Are you stunned that this isn't a bigger case?
Yeah, I'm actually pretty shocked here.
So, I got a couple questions for you though.
What's the law in New York State when it comes to that?
Is it illegal to build your own firearm at home?
I think my lawyer can best speak to exactly what the statutes say.
When I started, I proceeded on the assumption that since I am not a prohibited person, I may have a squeaky clean criminal record.
And since these parts were legal to buy, that I was doing nothing wrong.
And of course, we both know that the right to keep and bear arms is an individual right, and that's that.
So I'd have to ask Venuta to speak exactly to the statute.
Yeah, Venuta, can you tell me what the statute is for the state of New York?
Basically, you can't have any sort of firearm and you certainly can't build it.
So they've charged him with possession with the intent to use unlawfully.
And basically in New York, if you possess a firearm, you're intending to use it unlawfully.
That's just the way the statute's written.
So the reality is that the statutes don't jive with the Supreme Court's rulings in Heller.
And in Bruin.
So, you know, Dexter, and Dexter is, you know, I'm representing Dexter, but he's my hero, because he's the one who's willing to go to bat and to show that New York State's licensing regime or gun regime, which was basically found unconstitutional in Bruin,
What New York State and Kathy Hochul did, Governor Hochul did, was basically enact the same thing.
And they thumbed their nose at the U.S.
Supreme Court and the individual right to bear arms, and Dexter is facing these charges.
And, you know, the problem is that state court judges, they have a cut and paste playbook.
So they're taught, okay,
This is the arguments they're raising.
This is how you respond.
And we'll keep them in jail.
And maybe if they have the resolve, the resources.
They might win in federal court, but they'll be sitting in jail for a while while they wait.
It's sinister, but that's really what's going on here.
They're trying to break this good man down, and he's not giving in.
The state of New York is famous for definitely trumpling on your second member rights.
The thing I like to say is it's called the Bill of Rights, it's not called the Bill of Needs, so it should be definitely your right.
It's not the second suggestion.
Right, right.
So you definitely should be able to, there should be nothing wrong with you building a gun, especially under the guise of what the Supreme Court has come down with.
You know, the Supreme Court, you look at Heller and you look at all these cases and you should be able to build a gun at home that stays in your house.
It shouldn't be an issue with that.
So this is actually pretty crazy to me that they would actually come after you.
And I'm curious how in the world they even find out in the first place.
You're building parts inside your own home.
How did they get word of this?
So, essentially, ATF has been going around to parts manufacturers and essentially demanding customer lists, right?
And they then take that data and they go around to local police departments and they say, get this guy, get this guy, get this guy.
That's essentially what happened.
NYPD, in fact, has a unit, a dedicated unit for liaising with ATF for just this purpose.
So, and of course it depends.
I mean, if I lived in Texas, it wouldn't be a problem.
But, because I live in this state... So, I'm curious, uh, Venue, what about privacy violations here?
I mean, have Dexter's rights been violated beyond just the Second Amendment?
No, uh, that's the thing.
This is actually a straight Second Amendment case.
They, uh, they got a warrant.
To go to his place.
So we actually did not raise a Fourth Amendment challenge because they followed proper protocols to get a warrant.
And their warrant is that they had information that an individual, Dexter Taylor, who we believe is Dexter Taylor, lives in this apartment in Brooklyn, is ordering gun parts and building.
I think that gave the police probable cause.
The judge signed off on it.
So we specifically chose not to raise a Fourth Amendment challenge.
But basically raise a second amendment challenge that he wasn't doing anything illegal.
He was, he was just exercising his second amendment right to bear arms.
So, I mean, in essence, we could have quibbled over this.
We talked about this, but we did not challenge, you know, the search warrant.
It wasn't like the cop gave false information to the judge, you know, or that it was in this building or it wasn't extra tailoring.
They on that aspect, they follow the protocols of the Fourth Amendment.
It's the fact is that what was really the problem is that they portrayed Dexter, who went to Stuyvesant High School, did a couple years at Johns Hopkins, is an engineer,
When he was arrested, they took his things, they took a picture of it, and said, this man's building an arsenal, built an arsenal, and he's, this is, you know, ghost guns are a scourge of New York City.
I mean, percentage-wise, ghost guns made up less than 10% of all gun arrests in New York City.
And that's just a scary term they like to use.
I mean, even that term itself is propaganda.
There's nothing ghostly about it.
They're equating Dexter with gangbangers.
Yeah, what's shocking about this, what's shocking is they use the ATF, you know, because you're not doing anything illegal under federal law.
And it shocked me that the ATF would actually go in and do all the research and then give that information to local law enforcement when you clearly didn't do anything wrong under the federal law at all.
So that's actually pretty shocking.
Yes, sir.
I believe in the press release, the Brooklyn DA made much of the fact that these were un-serialized weapons.
I don't use the term ghost gun.
I prefer the term traditional gun because that is the traditional way that American firearms were built in American homes.
But, you know, the fact is that you're quite right.
These are terms that are made up to scare people.
There's nothing ghostly about a privately manufactured weapon, right?
There's nothing about this weapon that interferes with the ability of the police to investigate a crime if one were committed with such a weapon, right?
And, of course, you guys already know that, you know, you only are required to serialize the weapon if you made it for the purpose of selling it.
I made it with no such purpose in mind.
I think?
I think
You know, beating cops up on camera and walking away and, you know, no bail, chasing people down the street with deadly weapons, right?
Burning Molotov, burning up police units with Molotov cocktails.
And this is and, you know, meanwhile, it's like I spent a week in Rikers.
My family had to put their house up to get me out.
And I'm looking at what I'm looking at.
And they act like they're doing you a favor by offering you eight years.
Yes, exactly.
I'm going to throw you a carrot.
That's right.
I'd say I'll get a little conspiratorial here, too.
Why do you spend a week in Rikers, which is for violent criminals, you've never committed a violent crime, and yet we have multiple issues where illegal immigrants are attacking police officers, committing armed robberies, and they get released overnight.
There was an individual in St.
Louis who was driving 70 miles per hour through red lights, obliterated a woman and her daughter.
I mean, completely obliterated.
Let out of jail the next day.
Vinu, would you like to address any of this?
You know, the thing is, it's all relative, right?
So New York State, generally, a possession, not generally, almost in every case, possession of a firearm is illegal.
And, you know, it's considered violent.
So that's the thing, that's the very nature of the possession in New York makes it a violent felony and ups the minimum jail sentence.
For him, because of the numbers, they're hitting him consecutively because of the amount of firearms recovered from his home.
Now, Dexter's gone on a number of shows.
I've gone on a couple of them with him.
And, you know, when people in other states hear what New York is calling an arsenal, they laugh.
And so it's just the way that New York is, which is like New York, California, you know, a few places like this.
It's not in tune with the Second Amendment.
It's not in tune with the rest of the country.
It's my view that eventually New York courts are going to keep losing in the federal court.
New York defendants are going to get to federal court and lose.
So basically, you've got to go through the state court process, lose there, get to federal court, and then challenge the statute.
And Dexter is willing to do that.
Unfortunately for him, he may have to go to jail for a bit until that happens.
Well, this is to me, it just shows the danger of Democrat policy dealing with guns that a lot of people don't understand.
They really can't even comprehend New York may be the worst example of what the Democrats have done to your Second Amendment.
But I mean, Michael, is it fair to say that when you review this now, maybe using Dexter's case as the study, that it just shows
Where the Democrats are in charge like New York, the Second Amendment really doesn't exist.
We warned law, the Second Amendment, the Democrats going after gun control is not going to stop any violent crime.
What does it do?
It punishes law-abiding citizens like Dexter.
Yeah, this is going to be a great Supreme Court case and I'm hoping that you're able to get it up, you know, to that level.
Where are you guys at right now?
So right now at the trial level we made a motion to
Uh, dismissed, which was denied by the trial court.
So you haven't gone to the first trial just yet?
This is a great, great case for the United States Supreme Court because you're talking about being able to own a firearm at home that you built with your bare hands from pieces and parts and stuff like that and it shouldn't be an issue out of any state.
You go back and look at our forefathers, you look at why they wrote the Constitution, the way they wrote it.
For this reason here alone.
I look at the city of Austin.
The reason why it's called Austin is because a young lady actually used a cannon to defend this city to fight off a military to send them packing out of the city because they're trying to take the records from the city.
And she used a cannon to do that.
We're talking a female used a cannon.
And that's why Austin is still considered the city of Austin.
So, you know, it was always meant for us to be able to have any type of firearm at home.
You know, not just a handgun, not just a rifle, anything.
And we're talking about, this lady used a cannon, and this is back in the 1800s.
So, no, we're, you know, absolutely.
This is a great case for the United States Supreme Court, and I'm hoping that, you know, you get this case pushed that far up and you have someone who's actually going to argue this case in the Supreme Court for you, because
Not everyone's a part of the Supreme Court team there.
When I went last week, they were actually inducting different attorneys into a fraternity, into the Supreme Court, because not every attorney can actually argue a case there.
Well, I want to get to your case.
We'll get to your case after this break.
But I do want to ask Dexter and Venu real quickly, have any civil rights groups reached out to you?
I mean, where are the civil rights groups on this?
No, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to laugh, but I mean, you know, no, the NAACP?
I mean, an ACLU even?
I mean, again, you know, this is, you know, those of you, people who know me know that I'm a politically homeless conservative, right?
So I'm not, I'm not a, I'm certainly not a Democrat, but I'm not a Republican.
The best description of me would be a Frederick Douglass conservative, right?
But yeah, it does, it,
Put it this way, the usual suspects with respect to civil rights and quote-unquote activism, the usual suspects have been conspicuously absent and deafeningly silent in this case.
Do you know what I'm saying?
Like, I remember the so-called summer of love.
I remember when there were these thugs, you know, from Antifa and so on and so forth, who were running around trying to burn down our home, yeah?
And there were a lot of politicians who were hot to bail them out of jail.
I remember that too.
Yeah, one's the Vice President now.
Exactly, right.
That wasn't the case with me, right?
I sat in Rikers until my family could put their house up and get me out of jail.
And since I was released, no one has reached out.
Not a soul, in terms of that whole contingent.
Have you had a chance to reach out to the NSSF?
You know, the people that put on the SHOT Show, NSSF?
No, I haven't.
Um, I've, I've, I've, um...
I've made friends with the guys over at National Association for Gun Rights, Chris Cooper and Dudley and them.
NAGR, yeah, they're great.
They made me a lifetime member.
And Firearms Policy Coalition has reached out.
We've had some... Alright, we're up against a break here.
So, that's a major case with Dexter Taylor.
Now we're going to hear from the big Supreme Court case Michael Cargill is arguing just got back from Washington, D.C.
last week.
Two huge Second Amendment cases, folks.
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It's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, we just heard a very important story.
The attack on Dexter Taylor, Second Amendment.
His lawyer, Venu Varghese, with us as well.
Now, we can get into the lack of involvement from these different civil rights groups, or even the NRA, and perhaps we will, but Michael Cargill
That is also arguing for our Second Amendment rights in the Supreme Court.
In fact, you were just in D.C.
last week, Michael.
So now, let's get into the details of your important case.
So this is probably our biggest Second Amendment case that we're going to have to
deal with here in in in the in the coming years because we're talking the entire country we're talking the ATF, the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Department of Justice actually deciding that something that you legally purchase in your home uh... they change their mind about it at one time it was legal and now the ATF decides that it's illegal now you know just just because a guy alleged ATF, an alphabet bureaucracy that should have no legal standing at all
That's right.
They allegedly used one in Las Vegas, which I'm still not dead set on that.
I see all these pictures of the Las Vegas shooting and I'm looking for the shell casings on the ground in the hotel room.
I'm counting shell casings and I'm not seeing enough shell casings to justify saying this guy did that shooting.
But that's a whole other thing.
Bumpstock, it's not really, this case, it's called the Bumpstock case, it's Michael Cargill versus Merrick Garland, the Department of Justice, I call it tobacco and firearms.
We're calling it the Bumpstock case, but it's more than just Bumpstock.
What happened back in 2017, there was a shooting, the ATF decided they were going to ban it, and so they used this framework, this draft.
They said, okay, we're going to draw up this document, and we're going to ban this particular product.
So then, you know, Biden steps into office and then they decided to remove the word bump stock and insert whatever else they want to ban.
Whether it's the brace, whether it's the frames and receivers, they decide to insert, you know, different other products and pieces there that you'd legally purchase.
And so we have to stop them with the bump stop, because we stop them with the bump stop and we're able to stop all the other things that the ATF wants to get rid of.
So that's why this case is very important.
I lost the case originally in the first court, the lower court, the federal court in Austin, Texas.
We appealed the case to the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans.
We lost that case because in New Orleans we had three judges who were
Democrat appointed judges that heard that case and we lost that case.
We appealed again to the entire 5th Circuit and they heard the case in en banc and so we were able to win that case and now it went to the Supreme Court.
Last week I sat up there.
It was exciting to be in the United States Supreme Court, to be in that room looking at the pillars, the color, just the feel of it, seeing the justices sit there.
And listen to them hear, you know, both sides, you know, lay out the case.
The government steps in.
The government, they didn't pull any punches.
The government used their top dog to try to shut this down.
And he didn't have an argument for, you know, why they should ban bump stocks.
So instead, what he did was he tried to muddle things up and mix it up and just confuse everyone.
So for an hour and a half during this hearing, we actually talked about
The definition of
You either hold the trigger or you have to keep pushing it.
There you go.
So, you know, one action of the trigger, one round goes out, that's a semi-automatic.
One action of the trigger, more than one round goes out, that's a machine gun.
So if I pull that trigger, I hold the trigger, a round goes out, doesn't matter the rate of fire, a second later another round goes out, I'm still holding the trigger.
A second later, another round goes out.
That's a machine gun because I held the trigger and more than one round went out just from that one action of the trigger.
It didn't matter how fast the bullet went out of the barrel.
But if I pull the trigger, only one round goes out, I release that trigger, that is a semi-automatic.
So it's very simple.
But we spent an hour and a half at the United States Supreme Court going back and forth from different justices like Justice Jackson, Kajandra Brown Jackson there, and she was stuck on the rate of fire.
She was saying that, you know,
That with the bump stock you can fire 800 rounds a second or 800 rounds a minute, and that's just not true You know we're talking about an AR or we're talking about an AK You don't there's no 800 round magazine capacity over an AR or AK.
And quite frankly I would argue it doesn't matter
Because it's not about the rate of fire, it's about the action of the trigger.
And, you know, pulling the trigger, pushing the trigger, whatever, however you want to do it, that's what it's about.
Not about the rate of fire at all.
So, you know, for an hour and a half, they went back and forth on that.
I think in the end, what
My attorney decided to do was, he had to weigh, do you sit here and you argue with a judge that's going to be an absolute no vote, or do you spend your time on talking to the justices to answer their questions that are yes votes?
You want to answer their questions, and that's what he really had to do.
So, why go down that road, go down that path there?
With a justice, there's definitely going to be a no vote that's never going to change your mind.
Why spend that energy with that?
Instead, focus on the ones that are going to be the absolute yes vote.
Justice Thomas asked the question.
He answered the question.
I think Justice Thomas was actually being devil's advocate by asking the question that he asked.
And my attorney addressed that.
You know, we're talking about, you know, machine gun.
You're talking about, let's think of the Gatling gun or whatever.
We're talking about
A gun that you can fire, you know, 1,500 rounds, 1,200 rounds, by, you know, by cranking and turning, that's not on the NFA list.
That's not considered a machine gun.
So, you can own one of those, but not get an attack stamp for it.
So, that's why that throws out the door, their whole argument about the rate of fire.
And so, the government, that was his job, to go in there and try to muddle things up, confuse people, but I think my attorney did a wonderful job of arguing back against that.
Well, I want to get any questions from Dexter or Venue for you here.
As well, but how frustrating is that?
So, I'm sure you saw the video of the ATF agent not even able to disassemble a pistol.
Like, I'm no big gun expert, but even I have seen how to disassemble a pistol.
It's probably one of the easier ones to disassemble, but nonetheless...
The ATF guy couldn't even disassemble a pistol.
When he was asked, he kind of looked at it like, oh, you know, it's like a virgin for the first time trying to find his way around a woman or something.
And he's like, I know.
Well, I know.
It was totally embarrassing.
But so how frustrating is it?
It's like you're up there talking to these ignorant judges on the left about gun mechanics.
And really, this case shouldn't even be about gun mechanics.
This is about the Second Amendment.
If you listen to the government's argument and their stance, and by the way, I think the government's attorney was trying to just burn through the time there that we had, but if you listen to his argument, you know, he's talking about banning, you know, modern weapons.
He's talking about, you know, banning all modern weapons.
He's talking about banning lasers because of, you know, judging, you know, just by listening to what they said, you hold the trigger, you know, it goes out, you know, we're talking a laser.
So down the road, a laser can be considered a machine gun.
You know, they're going to go after so many different things, you know, and what boils down to, it has to be Congress that actually, you know, changes that definition.
So they got, they have to throw it in the laps of the U.S.
Well, and it's like you said, I mean, even last night, Biden says, you know, high capacity magazines, assault weapons.
Well, these are all just these ambiguous terms, and then they can set the definition and set what it means in a case and then go after anything.
Dexter, do you want to raise any other issues or questions for Cargill here?
Well, I mean, I was listening to some of the oral arguments and I just thought it was, I'm sure it wasn't lost on Michael Cargill, the irony of the situation where you have, on the one hand, it's like, well, what's a woman?
I don't know.
I'm not a biologist.
Well, what's a machine gun?
You see, it all starts with a chemical reaction.
It's just like, you know, so we have
There's these fundamental disconnects with reality, and we should be under no illusion about what the agenda is.
I guess I would ask, pardon me, I'm sorry.
Yeah, what Dexter was talking about there is Justice Contagion Brown Jackson, you know, she didn't know what, you know, she couldn't tell you what a woman is.
She doesn't know what a woman is, yeah.
She's not a biologist.
She's on the Supreme Court, though.
But all of a sudden, she can tell you what a machine gun is all of a sudden, but she's never fired a gun before.
I would start to ask if she's ever been with a woman, but I don't want to go down that.
Easy now.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
No, but listen, I think, but Michael, you know, you raise an interesting point, right, is that part of the problem here is that we are, and maybe it's a side effect of us de-industrializing as a nation, but, you know, that's another matter, but I think we're increasingly, we seem to be ruled, we seem to be governed
By people who don't know how things work.
Like, who don't know how the world works.
Do you know what I'm saying?
And that's a problem.
It's a problem for two-way stuff, certainly, but it's a problem across the board.
We see that, you know, we have people trying to implement energy policy, right?
And don't know how the power grid works.
They think the world runs on solar panels and smartphone apps.
Do you know what I'm saying?
No, this is actually a great point.
This is not just a Second Amendment issue, Dexter.
You're 100% right.
I mean, even these cases that
For example, the case that I'm going through, or I went through, and we are appealing to the Supreme Court now, where I get imprisoned for my speech, we're being forced to bring things up to the judge and in our defense, and it's like they've never even heard or seen any of this stuff before.
And so we assume that everybody around us has the same knowledge or understanding and isn't completely ignorant.
And unfortunately, we are actually rare in that case.
If you understand basic gun mechanics, if you understand basic free speech principles, if you understand what really happened on January 6th, most people don't.
And then you imagine trying to get in front of a jury of your quote-unquote peers.
These aren't your peers.
These people don't know a damn thing.
I don't know, Venu, if you want to weigh in on this.
Obviously you care about the Second Amendment.
The interesting thing about Michael's case, and which makes it different than a lot of other people's, I was looking at the procedural history, is that he won in the appellate court when the entire
Appellate Court, the Fifth Circuit looked at it, they ruled in his favor, and then the Attorney General took the appeal to the U.S.
Supreme Court.
So Michael's coming in in a better position than most, and I think with the current composition of the court, I don't want to jinx anything and stuff, but I'm hopeful for your case.
And I think that, you know, it's why, unfortunately, Dexter's in state court.
And what New York state court judges have done is just basically thumbed their nose.
At the U.S.
Supreme Court.
Saying that, you know what, you can't even bring this challenge because you didn't apply for a license.
So what we did that was different than everyone else is we actually got statistics from the NYPD to show that, you know what, in Dexter, they're saying he doesn't have standing.
He can't challenge us because he didn't apply for a license.
We can show that the NYPD was not granting licenses during the two years that the ATF and NYPD investigated Dexter.
One year is only 19% of applications granted.
The next year, 4%.
And this judge, you know, that we dealt with at the trial court level, who wants to say he's not the swiftest or the sharpest tool in the shed, was like, well, Dexter, you know, can't analyze the data because Dexter's a data engineer.
He analyzed the data, came up with the numbers, and we provided the raw data.
Dexter provided it to me.
I provided it to the district attorney.
They didn't hire their own person to challenge the interpretation of the data.
They just said, we don't accept it.
And they didn't come back and say, no, it's not 19 and 4%.
It's 30 and 20% or something higher.
They just said, eh, we don't accept it.
And then the judge takes the other, takes a worse step and basically sits in the shoes of the district attorney while wearing a black robe and says, you know,
We're going to just disregard this completely, even though the DA didn't present contrary evidence.
Yeah, and it's going to be a long battle too.
Yeah, it's going to be a lot of areas.
So, Michael, I'm very happy for you that at least you've got a court in the Intermediate Appellate Court that look at this.
I know you lost the initial, you lost to the District Court and then the initial round before the Fifth Circuit.
But then the entire court looked at your case and goes, hey, you know, it ruled in your favor.
And then the Attorney General of Texas is the one who took the appeal to the Supreme Court.
What's going to happen is, we're still fighting this case on the lower court side as well, so even if we win in the Supreme Court, which I think we're going to, I'm hopeful, I've still got to go back to the lower court, because the lower court judge, he's actually thumbing his nose at the 5th Circuit.
That's a Texas judge?
He's saying, huh?
A Texas judge?
He's saying, 5th Circuit, you know what?
Oh yeah.
So what?
Michael Cargill won the case in the Fifth Circuit, but I'm not going to give him any relief.
So do I get my bump stocks back?
Do the, you know, everyone in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi get their bump stocks back?
You know, or is it just me or what?
What's the relief?
What do I get?
Well, I'll tell you what, let's let's round this out, because when when the judge that's now in the Supreme Court says she doesn't know what a woman is,
Let's actually round this out and apply this to the case, because last night Biden talks about he wants to ban assault weapons, he wants to ban high-capacity magazines.
These are ambiguous terms with no set definition, and that's done intentionally, so that, like you said, they can pick and choose, well, maybe it's bump stocks now, or it's quote-unquote high-capacity magazines now, or whatever it is.
But okay, let's round it out.
Why does Ketanji Brown-Jackson, why does she say she doesn't know what a woman is?
Because she knows the game.
She knows that the definition of a woman changes depending on whatever arena that they're in.
So if they're arguing for their abortion rights, then it's a woman's rights and a woman's right to choose.
But if they're talking about transgenders in the classroom and men and women now competing for women's sports, well then now we don't know what a woman
Well, now in this case, we don't know.
So that's how they round this out.
That's the strategy here.
Contingent Brown Jackson obviously knows what a woman is.
I mean, she might not be that bright, but she's bright enough to know what a woman is.
So that's what they do.
That's how they do this game.
So that's why it's so dangerous to not let them win in Dexter's case with quote-unquote ghost guns or in Cargill's case with quote-unquote bump stocks.
These are all...
Ambiguous, disingenuous terms that they'll always use against us and morph and change to always take our rights away.
And the bottom line is, they're not going to be able to do anything unless they go through Congress.
Congress got to write that bill, they got to pass in both houses, got to go to the President, President signs it.
They're not going to get those votes in Congress, they don't have the...
The votes there so they're going to depend on the ATF to do the administrative rule thing and ATF does not have the authority to do that and that's why this case the Cargill case is so important.
We've got to win this case in the United States Supreme Court because
If we don't win this case, then they're going to continue doing what they're doing.
They're going to go after, just like you said, you know, universal background checks.
You know, what does that mean when you say universal background checks?
You know what that means?
That means that if you're a convicted felon, you know, for example, in Texas, in the state of Texas, you're a convicted felon.
After five years, you can have a gun at home for personal protection after five years.
You can't leave the house with it, can't be in a vehicle with a firearm.
You can only have it at home for personal protection.
You can't purchase it from a gun store or a federal firearms license dealer.
You can only get it as a private sale from a private individual or as a gift.
But if they pass universal background checks, then that takes care of.
You will not be able to get it as a private sale.
You will not be able to get it as a gift.
So even though you paid your debt to society, you did something, you know, 20, 30 years ago, you did your time, paid your debt.
You should be able to get those rights back.
When they pass universal background checks, that's going to be forever.
That's going to be for private sales, you know, everything.
Well, I think that's why they're coming after you, Dexter, so much.
And I would argue that it's because they know you're not a liberal, you're a conservative.
I really think that that's probably why you're being targeted.
But I think that's another reason why they come after you, because essentially they're trying to find all these different ways to make sure that there's no way you can possibly not be on the government's radar, not get around a background check.
Well, let me take this opportunity to rain on everybody, left and right, because, look, the progressives, Democrats, liberals, whoever, right?
You asked me earlier about civil rights groups, and the irony has struck me more than once during this whole process.
That these people, especially, you know, they make a lot of noise about oppression.
They make a lot of noise about how, you know, black men like me supposed to be afraid because some murderous white supremacist is disguised as a tree or a rock and he's waiting to jump out on me.
But yet I should be disarmed, right?
So we know that game.
We know the game of these lefties wanting to protect
Only the rights that they think they'll be able to safely take away from me, right?
So in other words, you're happy to defend my right to vote.
The right to vote is important, but my vote can be diluted.
My vote can be lost in the sauce, right?
But it's a very different thing to advocate for someone's right to be armed, their right to armed self-defense, because that's something that's not easy to take away from someone.
It was George Orwell that said that the great totalitarian states can do many things, but they can't give a factory worker a rifle and tell him to take it home and keep it there.
So that's that slide.
But on the other hand, on the other hand, you know,
On our side, I think, you know, conservatives need to get more involved, need to make more of a fuss about things like this.
And not just in my case or in Mr. Cargill's case.
But I mean, we have to take it more to heart when people's rights are violated anywhere, not just in rural areas, not just in Texas.
And we have to adopt a strategy of kind of like full court press.
And all of this for public matters, because you pointed out like in Texas is happening with this lower court judge, you just said this is happening in Texas, a red state, right?
Now a lot of people tell me, oh, well, you're in a blue state.
What do you expect?
But what I'm saying is that the people who are our adversaries in this don't have an attitude, a strategy of retreat.
They want it all.
So we have to take that same attitude and we take a maximalist approach to the defense of our rights, because once we give them up,
That's that.
She walks in the house.
The dog's acting kind of weird.
She turns around.
There's a naked guy in her living room at 1145 a.m.
This happened yesterday morning.
in the morning.
So the fight started.
She's fighting him.
He's naked.
She's trying to get him into a room, get him off of her.
The dog attacks the guy.
They get him into a room, lock him in the room.
She calls 911.
911 dispatcher hangs up on her.
This is like 1145 a.m.
in the morning.
Michael for Austin, by the way, defunded the police here badly.
Leftist liberal Soros DA.
I mean, one of the worst.
The worst.
And this guy is going to be in it for another four years.
He's just lost.
He's been trying to prosecute police officers, a police officer, a police officer.
He's lost all these cases.
He overturned the last case of the guy that had a gun pointed at his head, and then he said, nope, you don't get self-defense even if a leftist protester points a gun at your head.
Very unsuccessful trying to prosecute police officers, and he's not prosecuting the people that he needs to prosecute, because this guy that broke into this house yesterday is a repeat offender.
A repeat offender that gets out, lickety-split, just like you said earlier in the state of New York, you know, those protesters.
Same thing, you know, this guy's been let out on his own recognizance, you know, just time after time after time again, and now he's graduated to this, breaks into someone's house in the morning, in the morning into their house, naked.
You know, while getting high, no less.
Keep Austin weird.
Yeah, yeah.
While getting high.
And that's what we have to deal with.
It's insane.
And it's going to be the next four years.
And I said, you guys, you know, you got to get your wife into the gun range.
You got to, you got to, you know, make sure she knows how to shoot.
She's proficient with the firearm.
And so the next time this happens, you send him straight to Jesus.
That's what you do.
Because obviously you call, don't call 9-1-1, call the coroner's office.
He needs Jesus.
He needs Jesus in his life.
You give him the express way?
We're going to escalate it straight on up to Jesus, so Jesus can deal with him.
Alright, okay.
Well, it's a good way to end this serious topic on a humorous note.
Michael Cargill, where is the best place for people to follow your case?
You can go to michaelcargill.com, our website there.
You can see all the different cases.
We actually do have a case in New York.
Well, we're suing the state of New York.
I joined that case with Glock, some of the other distributors out there like Davison, RSR Group, NSSF.
We're suing the state of New York because the state of New York says that if I sell a gun here in Texas, that gun gets stolen from the person that I sold it to, that gun winds up in the state of New York and is used in a crime, the state of New York can come back and sue me, the gun dealer, the distributor, and the manufacturer.
So, we've merged together with different distributors, different manufacturers, all the gun stores in the country, and NSSF, National Shooting Sports Foundation, to actually, we filed a lawsuit against the state of New York for that.
We also have a lawsuit against the ATF, another lawsuit, suing the ATF, because the ATF is going after different gun stores.
They're trying to shut down mom-and-pop gun stores.
This is crazy.
That's right.
So, we're suing them for that.
Keep it up, Michael Cargill.
Dexter Taylor, your lawyer, Vanu Varghese, thanks for joining us.
Where can people follow your case?
Um, my, uh, my gives and go link is in my Twitter profile.
I'm, I'm FutureRadioCast on Twitter.
Um, and, uh, I forgot what venue this Twitter handle is, but you can usually, you can usually find out about what's going on if you, if you look at my Twitter.
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The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of is it pro-human or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
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All right, so we're going to get into a lot of this news and more from last night's State of the Union now.
I'm hosting the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Owen Schroeder.
Here's Joe Biden copying and pasting from each of his Supreme Court addresses.
They were a lot more similar than you realize.
Here they are over the years, the exact same speech copy and pasted from the year before and the year before that.
For too many decades we imported products and exported jobs.
Now, thanks to what you've all done, we're exporting American products and creating American jobs.
Now, instead of importing foreign products and exporting American jobs, we're exporting American products and creating American jobs.
Build the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not from the top down.
To build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not from the top down.
Building an economy from the middle out and the bottom up, not the top down.
We're the only nation on earth that has always turned every crisis we face into an opportunity.
We're the only country that has emerged from every crisis we've ever entered stronger than we got into it.
See, our COVID-19 no longer need control our lives.
Today, COVID no longer controls our lives.
The pandemic no longer controls our lives.
The only nation that can be defined by a single word, possibilities.
Actually, I can define it in one word, and I mean this.
I'm a capitalist.
Look, I'm a capitalist.
I'm a capitalist.
I'm a capitalist.
Let's pass the PRO Act.
Pass the PRO Act.
Pass the Pro Act and extend the child tax credit so it can let's restore the full child tax credit.
Restore that child tax credit!
If you travel 20 miles east of Columbus, Ohio, you'll see a field of dreams.
Outside of Columbus, Ohio, on a thousand acres, literally a field of dreams, our infrastructure is ranked 13th in the world.
Used to be number one in the world in infrastructure.
We've sunk to 13th in the world.
Began to replace the poisonous lead pipes so every child, every American, has clean water to drink at home and at school.
We're also replacing poisonous lead pipes.
Removing poisonous lead pipes so every child can drink clean water without risk of brain damage.
We're gonna do it by buying America.
Buy American products.
We're gonna buy America.
We're gonna buy America.
Buy America!
The American Rescue Plan helped working people and left no one behind.
We're building an economy where no one's left behind.
We leave no one, no one behind.
I get it.
I get it.
I get it.
We pay more for the same drug.
Produced by the same company in America and any other country in the world.
You know, we pay more for prescription drugs than any nation in the world.
Americans pay more for prescription drugs than anywhere in the world.
Insulin costs about $10 a vial to make.
It costs the drug companies, roughly, $10 a vial to make that insulin.
Let's cap the cost of insulin at $35 a month.
Let's cap the cost of insulin for everybody at $35.
I want to cap the cost of this to $35 a month for every American who needs it.
We'll build a national network of 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations.
We're going to build 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations.
The IBW work is building and installing 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations.
We'd all agree that the present tax system ain't fair.
The tax system is not fair.
It is not fair.
Does anybody really think the tax code is fair?
55 of the Fortune 500 companies earned $40 billion in profit and paid zero in federal taxes.
55 of the largest corporations in America, the Fortune 500, made $40 billion in profits and paid zero in federal taxes.
55 of the biggest companies in America made $40 billion and paid zero in federal income tax.
Ban targeted advertising to children.
Ban targeted advertising to children.
Under my plan, nobody, let me say this again, nobody earning less than $400,000 a year will pay an additional penny in new taxes.
Not a single penny.
Under my plans, as long as I'm president, nobody earning less than $400,000 will pay an additional penny in taxes.
Nobody, not one penny.
Nobody, earning less than $400,000 a year, will pay an additional penny in federal taxes.
Nobody, not one penny.
Let's make corporations and wealthy Americans start paying their fair share.
By making sure that the wealthy and big corporations pay their fair share.
By making big corporations very wealthy, finally beginning to pay their fair share.
The watchdogs are back.
The watchdogs are back.
Ban assault weapons in high-capacity magazines for up to 100 rounds.
Ban assault weapons now!
Ban them now!
I'm demanding a ban on assault weapons in high-capacity magazines!
Children are also struggling... Well, it's actually a well-documented fact.
It's a known entity that Joe Biden is a plagiarist.
It's happened multiple times.
He's been caught plagiarizing.
But I guess he just plagiarizes himself now.
This guy's even more pathetic than you think.
And we think he's extremely pathetic.
I talk a lot about the great successes InfoWars has had.
I don't think anybody can deny it.
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When we talk about the crew at InfoWars, people behind the scenes, the researchers, the writers...
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So for myself and the whole InfoWars crew, I thank you for your past support.
And I want to encourage you now to realize that InfoWars cannot stay on air if you do not support us.
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Please take action now.
And I'm going to really dig into the news now and play a lot of responses from the State of the Union address last night.
And I would just say this, before we get into it.
I understand that watching that was extremely painful last night.
It was nauseating, it was disgusting.
And as hard as that is to get through and deal with, we have to understand most Americans were probably just as sickened and nauseated as you were.
So they really, the Democrats, didn't really get any favors from Joe Biden last night, politically.
And I think they really exposed themselves as deranged lunatics.
And Joe Biden exposed himself as a cranky old narcissist.
So I don't think it was a good look for them.
And in that regard, maybe we look at it as a positive.
It's hard to say, well, how do you have the most corrupt president, the most lying State of the Union address of all time?
How do you look at that as a positive?
Well, because people see it and know it now.
And they're going to vote accordingly.
And then if Trump doesn't win again, they're just going to say it's going to be 60-70% of Americans don't believe that elections are real and that they get stolen now.
So there's kind of two sides to this coin.
But if you go and you look at the YouTube page and all the mainstream media pages that were broadcasting Biden's State of the Union, 90% of the comments, the replies were negative and calling him out and saying that he stole the election from Trump.
And I wouldn't be too freaked out.
The response from the Republicans was really bad.
That woman that they introduced, Brit, last night, who was an unknown entity until last night, she was bad.
I don't know why she had to force it.
If she could have just been natural, then maybe they could have actually reached the middle-class American women and mothers, and that's what they were going for, but she just forced it, and it was bad.
Okay, that wasn't good.
They missed an opportunity there.
Donald Trump coming out talking about
How great the vaccines were, and how he's responsible for that.
That's a big miss, but whatever, he won't give that deal up.
So... It just shows, though, that Biden is not popular, nobody's buying it, and really all he did was anger Americans last night when he talks about it's the greatest economy ever.
Do you think that resonates with the American people?
Do you think that resonates with people?
I don't think so.
It was a campaign speech for Biden and it was a bad one.
No doubt about that.
And the current numbers on approval of Biden's job performance right now, 58% of Americans disapprove of Biden's job performance.
58% disapprove, only 40% approve.
So he's not doing himself any favors there.
I think Marjorie Taylor Greene wins the night.
With this moment, this is just the angle captured from Marjorie Taylor Greene's phone.
Here's Marjorie Taylor Greene dressed up in Trump regalia.
I thought it was great.
And a pin that says, say her name, Laken Riley.
Here's the moment where Joe appears to be confused, dazed and confused.
And Marjorie Taylor Greene is able to get a Lakin Riley pin into his hand.
Here's that moment shot from Marjorie Taylor Greene's cell phone, clip 23.
I know how to say the name.
Lakin Riley.
Say your name, Mr. President.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Mr. President.
A dazed and confused Joe Biden followed by a rat-like creature named Chuck Schumer.
But you can see he's dazed and confused in that moment.
That was probably when he was the most hopped up on whatever, whatever chemicals or pharmaceuticals they had him on.
But Marjorie Taylor Greene really won the night.
And then she got Biden to, forced Biden to say Lincoln Reilly's name while he was given the State of the Union and he pulls the pen up and then he says Lincoln Reilly and butchered the name.
So how funny is that?
He says, I can say the name, I can say the name.
And then says Lincoln Riley.
So Marjorie Taylor Greene really is kind of the lone victor.
If there was any winners last night, it was Marjorie Taylor Greene.
I don't think anybody else was victorious.
Not Trump, not the Republican rebuttal.
Basically Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Or perhaps, maybe Stephen McCoy, the father of a Marine killed during the U.S.
withdrawal of Afghanistan.
Now he was arrested.
He shouted out, remember the Marines.
Abbey Gate and was then promptly arrested by Capitol Police and if you go back and you watch the tape you realize that he was he was cooperative with the police and he actually pretty much just volunteered to leave.
They didn't even have to go into the aisle to remove him.
He just said his thing and then walked out on his own.
But yeah, then they arrested him and charged him.
And people last night were saying, oh, they won't arrest him.
He won't be charged.
He's a gold star.
Family members, not gonna happen.
I said, uh, clearly you do not understand the nature of the game.
Clearly you do not understand the Biden regime and the Democrats we're dealing with.
He will be arrested and he will be charged.
And he was.
They put him in cuffs, they arrested him, and they charged him.
Folks, these are all-out authoritarian criminals.
They don't care who you are.
The radical American left, which is now the Democrat Party, are truly maniacal authoritarians.
They don't give a damn that that's a Gold Star family member.
They don't give a damn that he's talking about his son that got killed during Biden's disastrous pullout of Afghanistan.
They don't care.
He dared say something about the regime.
He dared say something negative or hold negative emotions or belief to the Biden regime.
He's going down.
There is no other way.
These are full-blown authoritarians and totalitarians.
They don't give you an inch.
And so he'll be facing charges.
Now, if you're a left-winger and you disrupt Congress or disrupt hearings or storm the Capitol as the Democrats do all the time, you don't get arrested, you don't get charged.
That's how that goes.
Kamala Harris applauds Biden's State of the Union comments on decriminalizing marijuana despite prosecuting people for marijuana crimes herself.
Yeah, hundreds of thousands even.
And then she turned them into slaves in the prison camps.
So Kamala Harris made sure anybody that got caught with marijuana in California was thrown into a long prison sentence and into forced labor.
But she stands and applauds decriminalization of marijuana.
A complete joke.
Read crazy tweets from lefty Democrats and journos who approved of Joe Biden's State of the Union address.
So, yeah, there was some, but really it was few and far between.
In fact, I got a CNN clip telling it like it is.
Even CNN was saying, this was a disaster, Biden wasn't good.
But here's what I think we got a deeper understanding of last night from the Democrats, not just in Congress, but also on the Internet about the State of the Union.
And this is actually why they're so dangerous, too.
This isn't real for them.
This isn't real for them.
What am I talking about?
Lake and Riley isn't a real person to the Democrats.
Your financial struggles aren't a real phenomenon to the Democrats.
The open border isn't a real phenomenon for the Democrats.
None of this is real for them.
This is all a game.
It's all a game.
And when you try to hyper-analyze it,
And you dig deeper, you realize that most of these individuals are people who have probably never had to compete for anything, or train for anything, or grind for anything, or go through struggles to accomplish anything.
So it's not that they're just disconnected from the average American.
They're disconnected from just the human experience of struggle and success and failure.
So it's all just a game to them.
That's why they all stand up and applaud whenever Joe Biden says some BS lie, because it's like a sporting event for them.
The realities of their policies don't exist.
The realities of American struggles don't exist.
Your cares, your concerns, your emotions about this country don't exist.
This is all virtually just a game for them.
That's why they dress up in the same thing, and they have all their Ukraine flag lapel pins, or Palestinian flag lapel pins, or all this other crap.
So folks, it's like if you go to a ball game, it's like if I want to go to the Dallas Cowboys game, well I understand, I'm going to a game.
It doesn't have any real world impact, I'm just going because it's fun, and I like to be a part of the festivities.
It's fun, it's festivities, I cheer when my team does well.
That's all this is to the Democrats.
It's all fun and games.
It's all just festivities.
They don't look at it as real world consequences.
They don't look at it as a real impact on people's lives.
They really don't.
They're completely removed from that reality.
It's just a sporting event to them.
So they stand and cheer every time they're supposed to, like at a ball game.
They wear the regalia of the Ukraine flag, the Palestinian flag.
Some of them had the headscarves on for the Palestinians.
They wear the regalia like they're going to their sporting event.
They cheer when they're supposed to cheer.
They support the team no matter what.
It's all a game.
There is no reality.
There is no real world consequence.
Why you see this and oh, oh, they're chanting four more years for Joe Biden.
They'll be the ones removing Joe Biden in five months.
They'll be the ones that, they are the ones, they won't even endorse Joe Biden.
They won't even come out and endorse Joe Biden when they're asked.
And that's why they're so dangerous.
You have arrogance and ignorance.
You have that combination from the American left politically.
Arrogance and ignorance.
Extremely dangerous.
But then you have the background of, they don't really take any of this seriously, folks.
It's all an act.
It's all a ballgame exercise.
And at the end of the game, they go home, back to their lives, and whatever happened on that field, they really know doesn't affect them.
And they don't think it affects anybody.
Why can't Kamala Harris even clap like a normal person, by the way?
Even her clapping gesture is just completely disingenuous.
But understand.
Understand three things about the American left exhibited last night.
The combination of political ignorance and arrogance is extremely dangerous.
The Democrats treat these things like it's just going to a sporting event.
They don't even realize or care about real-world consequences.
It's just fanfare for them.
They don't think any of this is real.
They can't connect it to any reality.
The American people really just might as well not even exist to them.
Lake and Riley is just a figure on a game, not even a real thing.
They can't feel it.
They can't touch it.
It doesn't exist to them.
And the only true political belief that the American liberal is consistent on is hatred for you.
And they will always oppose you.
If you're for war, they're anti-war.
If you're anti-war, they're for war.
The left used to be the party of
The side of free speech.
Not anymore, because the right is free speech, so the left is anti-free speech.
It's the only ideological consistency of the American liberal is they hate you and they will oppose you no matter what.
Look at the issue on abortion.
Most of these women that caterwaul and cheer about abortion, they don't have abortions.
So why are they so...
Why are they so hyped up over the quote-unquote right to an abortion?
Because you're anti-abortion.
That's the only reason.
The only reason the American liberal is so fired up on the abortion issue is because you are fired up on the abortion issue.
They don't really care.
They're not having abortions.
They know it's killing a kid.
So now we get a deeper understanding of that from last night.
But here's a CNN host.
Saying, yeah, this, uh, you know, let's not kid ourselves.
That was not impressive from Joe Biden in clip 24.
He talked about Snickers and snack chips before he ever got to the border.
He was obsessed with his political rival more than he was obsessed with the condition of the American people.
It was so weird.
This guy lectures us all on unity, the soul of the nation, and he gives the most partisan convention speech in place of a State of the Union that I've ever heard.
It's the literal opposite of unity.
It's so partisan.
He's obsessed with taunting Republicans.
It's not statesman-like.
Now here's Nancy Pelosi.
She has a war on words and a war on reality.
She was scolding Joe Biden for using the term illegal in clip 26.
I should have said undocumented, but that's not a big thing.
OK, what's the big thing?
I was going to ask about that.
I was just going to ask more about the moment.
But you do think that he should have said undocumented?
Well, we usually say undocumented.
Now why?
Why is that such an important messaging point for the Democrats?
Don't say illegal, say undocumented.
Well, they're tipping their hand because they want them to become legal and documented.
Now if you say illegal, that insinuates a crime and therefore there needs to be an action taken to find justice.
But if you say undocumented, well that just means, oh they just need their documents, that's fine.
Because that's what the Democrats intend to do.
That's why it's such an important messaging point.
And so let's make no mistake about it.
Absolutely, the Democrats want all 20 million illegal immigrants that will enter the country under Joe Biden to be voting Democrat in four years.
Absolutely, they want all 20 million illegal immigrants entering the country to become a part of the census so that Illinois and New York and California can get more electoral college votes so they can find another way to rig elections.
And Pelosi just tells the entire game right there.
Absolutely, 100%.
Don't call them in illegal.
Because they're just undocumented and once we document them they will be citizens and they will have all the rights that the American people don't because we the Democrats take them from them.
Now here's Mike Lee noticing the irony of the strong border wall that Joe Biden used to protect the Capitol last night in clip 25.
We just finished the State of the Union Address.
President Biden treated us to a very lengthy speech tonight.
It was a little bit more like a campaign rally than one I've ever seen.
At times, I almost expect them to pull out campaign signs as they started chanting, four more years.
Very unusual for this sort of thing.
But then again, he's an unusual president.
You'll notice the people exiting the compound.
They've got the entire Capitol surrounded by fence.
I wish they felt the same way about our border, but that's a discussion for another day.
Now last night there were quite a few, perhaps in the thousands, anti-Israeli genocide pro-Palestinian protesters that blocked the motorcade route.
Now it was said that this is why Joe Biden was late.
You may or may not believe that, but Biden was extremely late.
So it was either they were finishing up with his IV drip or whatever else, or perhaps they did successfully block Joe Biden's motorcade and caused him to be late.
But you know, that is a significant...
That is a significant thing, because they're not protesting.
These are leftists.
These are liberal-leaning protesters, and they're anti-Biden.
They're anti-Democrats right now, because they look at what Israel is doing as Biden's fault.
I don't know if that's even a fair thing to say.
It might be fair to say it wouldn't be happening under Trump, but I don't think Israel is getting its cue from Joe Biden with what they're doing in the Gaza Strip.
I do have some other news on this situation that I'm going to get to coming up later on in this hour.
But this is a serious problem and the Democrats are trying to have their cake and eat it too on this issue.
And Joe Biden tried to have his cake and eat it too on this issue last night as well.
He has to please
All the different Jewish lobby groups, all the different pro-Israel lobby groups and money that runs DC, but at the same time he realizes that there's also millions of Democrat voters that are anti-Israel and pro-Palestine and he has to find a way to please them as well.
So he tried to have his cake and eat it too last night.
And this whole tough guy act of, oh, I'm going to have Netanyahu have his come to Jesus moment, please.
Netanyahu doesn't give a damn about Joe Biden.
He owns Joe Biden's ass, if anything.
Let's be honest.
But I'll get more into that.
Jill Biden's guests for the State of the Union.
It really says everything.
Maria Shriver.
I think that's some Hollywood starlet.
Some lady who had her student loan paid off.
So they are buying votes with the student loan cancellation, which isn't a cancellation.
They just steal money from your pocket and give it to somebody to buy their vote that has a student loan debt.
And then a woman who had to travel out of state for an abortion.
And so they lied about this story in Texas.
And it is a lie.
Lawyers and local doctors and health care officials have already explained how it's a lie.
And she says, oh, I couldn't have my abortion here.
I had to travel across state lines.
No, they lie about the law in Texas.
If the woman's life is at risk, it's not an illegal health care procedure.
So they just outright lie about that.
But they really love killing kids, don't they?
Or they just really hate the fact that you don't like killing kids.
Either way, that's the Democrats for you.
Here's Victoria Spartz.
She had this to say to Steven Crowder last night after Biden's State of the Union in clip 34.
Listen, I'm glad that you're having so much fun.
It wasn't as much fun to listen to this bullshit.
I love you!
I love you!
Now last night Joe Biden, in what was essentially a campaign speech, because you have to understand Joe Biden cannot campaign, he cannot have rallies for multiple reasons.
He'd be drowned out by Trump supporters.
The Trump supporters would outnumber the Biden supporters even at a Biden rally.
So he used last night this controlled atmosphere to have what was really a campaign rally.
And he kept talking about how strong the economy is.
Folks, nobody buys that.
There are hundreds, if not thousands of these videos all over the internet of people talking about how rough it is financially, how they can't even believe it, they don't understand how anybody survives.
Like this one, seen millions of times recently, clip 36.
Does anyone else feel like they're absolutely drowning financially?
As a single 29-year-old woman?
I just, I have three jobs and I'm still struggling and I'm just getting myself farther and farther into credit card debt because I don't have enough after the first of the month to avoid using it.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know if any industry is doing well right now.
I used to have all this cash every night whenever I would work, walk out with cash.
I used to be a server.
And I don't have that anymore.
And I don't even know if they're doing okay right now.
Like, I have seriously considered quitting my full-time good job to go back to serving.
Because at least I can have, I can just use my personality and try to get more money than
Minimum wage or what an entry-level job pays people nowadays.
It's f***ing sick.
So yeah, friends, I might say no to your weddings.
I might say and I have said no.
And this is part of the way that the corrupt establishment controls us is financially by making it so hard for you to even exist.
Financially, that then you basically just have to work all the time to pay your bills, that you can't do any activism, you can't try to correct anything because you're too busy just working.
That's part of the way that we're controlled as modern-day slaves.
That video is not an isolated incident.
That sentiment is not isolated either.
And that's, folks, that is how a lot of Americans feel.
The majority of Americans now live paycheck to paycheck.
Even people making six figures a year live paycheck to paycheck.
This is a real economical financial phenomenon.
And when Joe Biden tells you that it's the greatest economy ever, everybody knows he's lying.
And it's extremely offensive to tell that lie.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Joe Biden post, er, well, Donald Trump posted this video of Joe Biden on his true social.
It's better than his other responses.
He's usually just stuck with that.
It's, uh, pretty funny.
But, uh, that's the nature of this administration.
It's a clown administration.
But imagine, Nancy Pelosi more upset at Joe Biden for using the term illegal immigrant, more upset with that than Laken Riley being brutally murdered by... It's now discovered that he was indeed a gang member from Venezuela.
He's got two brothers over here.
They're probably all in the same gang.
And so, as soon as I saw what was going on in New York City with that gang activity, it was like, yep, we're now being invaded by these gangs. 100%.
And so we now have multiple criminal gang organizations that have invaded our country thanks to Joe Biden and they're raping and murdering women and children.
But Nancy Pelosi is more upset over the use of the term illegal than Americans being raped and murdered.
Because it's like I said, it's all just a game to them.
That's not real to them.
That doesn't impact them.
It doesn't affect them.
They really do not care.
All that matters to them is their power.
And if you're not using the right terms, then that might hurt their power to control the mind of the American people.
So yeah, I'm not surprised that Nancy Pelosi is more upset that Joe Biden used the term illegal than that Lake and Riley was beaten to death.
Nancy Pelosi doesn't care at all about Lake and Riley being beaten to death.
She does not care.
Not her problem.
None of the Democrats care.
And I just hope that America gets that message loud and clear.
Loud and clear.
They did pass a bill in the House, however.
The Lakin-Riley Act.
Again, that you have to pass these bills is absurd, but nonetheless, they've done it.
The Lake and Riley Act requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to issue a detainer for illegal aliens who are charged or cited with local theft or burglary.
So think about that.
The Republicans had to write a bill.
The Republicans had to pass legislation so that the Biden administration would arrest illegal immigrants that commit crimes in the United States of America because they weren't doing it.
They were being released onto the streets violent criminals.
So they had to pass a bill saying, Democrats, will you please arrest criminals so they don't kill Americans?
And the Democrats in the Senate will reject it.
You watch.
You watch.
George Santos announces he's running for Congress again.
How about that?
Imagine George Santos wins a congressional race.
I bet he does.
After the Republicans ousted him.
Meanwhile, Bob Menendez is still in the Senate.
Hell, Joe Biden is still in the White House, but Republicans voted out George Santos because that's how pathetic they are.
I hope that the pathetic nature of the Republicans starts to wane because we're getting our asses kicked by these corrupt Democrats.
They're destroying our country.
We have to pass bills that begs them just to arrest violent criminals.
Trump ordered to pay $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll by Monday.
Or post-bond.
I think he ended up actually paying it.
I think the number ended up being like 91 million or something.
So, E. Jean Carroll.
Wow, she's rich and she loves it.
She thinks rape is sexy, by the way.
You know, she was the one that lied about Donald Trump.
She was the one that lied about Donald Trump, and then she somehow wins the defamation suit, even though she was the one that lied.
I'll tell ya, you can't make this stuff up.
Can ya?
Have you ever heard of anything as treasonous as John Brennan?
Former CIA Director John Brennan says Intel community will withhold key information from Trump security briefings this summer.
Now remember, so John Brennan, John Brennan is basically coming out saying if Trump wins again that nobody's gonna cooperate with him.
Well, I mean that's total sabotage.
That's blatant treason.
He's the Chief Executive.
But the story here is it shows that there is a deep state, and that the President isn't even in charge.
It shows the deep state and the intel communities really run the country, unelected.
So that's why they hated Trump, because he was actually trying to be the President, and when the intel communities would tell him what to do, he would say, no.
I'm the Chief Executive.
I'm the President.
And Brennan would be like, what?
No, we run this thing.
We run the show.
And then Chuck Schumer, the dirtiest rat in the history of U.S.
Congress, goes on the news and says, The intelligence communities have six ways of Sunday of getting baggage here.
Because he's a dirty rat.
And he let you know the entire game with that statement.
That you elect the President of the United States, but he doesn't run a damn thing.
Chuck Schumer and his dirty rat friends in the intelligence communities, the deep state, they run the show.
The President up there is just a puppet for rats like Chuck Schumer to control.
It's disgusting.
I'd play you the clip, but we're short on time, so I'm gonna move on.
Fed Chair Jerome Powell says there will be bank failures caused by commercial real estate losses.
Yeah, bank failures inevitable, credit card debt, all kinds of payments not being met.
Real estate payments.
It's Bidenomics, baby.
It's the greatest economy ever.
That's why the banks are about to fail.
I mean, imagine that.
The Fed chair comes out the same day Joe Biden, during his State of the Union, says that the economy is stronger than ever.
The Fed chair comes out and says there's going to be bank failures.
Sounds like a strong economy, old Joe.
Sounds like a strong economy.
By the way,
Oh, and also, Trump had to pay court cases to Christopher Steele's company, the other guy that lied about him.
I mean, it's just insane.
Trump even won the case!
And he still had to pay $300,000!
So Trump wins these cases, and then the judges say, you have to pay the people that you defeated in court.
It's just insane, man.
It's just completely insane.
All right.
Diversity, equity and inclusion.
By now, we've probably all heard of it.
What does it represent?
What does it mean?
Well, they want to take the most qualified people out of jobs and give them to less qualified people, people that have the right skin color or sexual orientation, whatever it is.
In this week alone,
We have had four massive airline failures in just this week alone.
You had a plane almost blow up midair, have an emergency landing in Texas.
You then had a plane landing gear completely fall off.
You also had a plane lose a tire mid-takeoff that ended up smashing through an airport parking lot, leaving all kinds of damaged cars.
And then you've now had two airplanes run into each other on the tarmac, shutting down the whole airport.
All of that in one week.
Folks, this never used to happen.
It used to be extremely rare.
It used to be extremely rare for there to be incidents like this.
Now it's happening four times in a week.
This is the results of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
And what it really is is a result of Democrat left-wing racism and anti-white bigotry.
But it's not even that it's inherently anti-white in its execution.
It doesn't matter.
It could be an Asian person.
It could be anybody.
But they're taking the most qualified candidates for jobs and they're replacing them with people that have the right skin color or right sexual orientation.
So you walk in for a job interview
And you talk about how much experience you have, or how qualified you are, and then the next person walks in and is basically just a left-wing liberal nutjob, but has the right sexual orientation or has the right skin color, they're gonna get the job.
Mark my words, this is really gonna be tragic.
Someone is going to die from this.
There's either gonna be a massive plane crash, or a tire will smash into somebody, or... I mean, folks,
Diversity, equity, and inclusion in airline travel will result, will have deadly results.
And it won't matter because liberals don't care.
It's not real to them.
It's just a game.
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I don't want to set the world on fire.
I just want to start a flame in your heart.
Final segment of the Alex Jones Show for today.
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All right.
We got some geopolitical news here.
The Biden administration is sending aid ships now off the coast of the Gaza Strip and there's a lot of different commentary in regards to this.
The concern being that a deal has been struck that now the Palestinians that are being removed by Israel right now are going to be immigrating to the United States of America and to Europe.
So Israel bombing them out of their homelands, and then where are they going to go?
Well, it's the West that always takes in these people after the West starts the wars.
So, folks, that is going to be so disastrous.
If you think the protests now are bad in the United States of America, if they start bringing those groups over here, it's going to become violent and deadly.
So I don't want to harbor the hatred in my heart, like,
The Jews have for the Palestinians, or the Palestinians have for the Jews.
I want nothing to do with it.
I don't want it on our soil, but it looks like they're going to bring it here.
And they already have.
It hasn't been violent, but really they already have.
I mean, right now it's mostly just the radical left that's anti-Israel, pro-Palestine, out in the streets protesting against the, uh, against the American Jews.
But if they start bringing in more people from the Middle East, folks, you're going to see the same violence that's been going on between those two people, those two groups, warring for centuries now on our soil.
And it is going to be an absolute disaster if they do that.