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Air Date: Feb. 25, 2024
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This transcript is from Alex Jones' radio show on February 25th, 2024. The main topics include Trump's victory in South Carolina, the persecution of Jones and the Trump campaign by the CIA and others, the collapse of the border, various opinions about Democrats, attacks on Christians and churches, and George Soros buying up the second largest radio network in the country. Alex calls for unity among his listeners against globalist operations. In the podcast, the speaker discusses a list of politicians reportedly being targeted by Russian spies, including Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and others, along with criticisms of mainstream media double standards. The speaker mentions that Trump won the South Carolina primary with a landslide victory, despite spending significantly less money than his competitors. They also discuss potential vice-presidential candidates for Trump, such as Tulsi Gabbard or Vivek Ranaswamy. Throughout the show, Jones promotes his products and urges listeners to support his broadcast by purchasing them.

Tomorrow's news.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
It's Sunday, February 25th, 2024.
I am your embattled host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
We have an incredible two hours lined up for you until 6 p.m.
tonight central.
Then the great Owen Troyer comes in with Sunday Night Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
as well.
That's our Sunday lineup here at InfoWars.com.
We're good to go.
Trump just totally dominated South Carolina.
He got double the votes ever recorded in the South Carolina primary.
That signals to anybody with one political brain cell the biggest landslide in U.S.
history imminent to override the fraud that's baked into the system.
But they will run out of illegal aliens and dead people.
Absolutely insane.
I've got a 12-minute clip of CNN melting down.
I'm only going to play a few minutes of the next segment, but it doesn't make sense is the quote.
CNN panel has epic meltdown after Trump gets double the number of votes ever received in South Carolina.
Barack Obama's oldest daughter just dropped the name Obama.
I mean, it's not cool to be associated with these people.
Not in Hollywood.
Not anywhere.
The shine is off, the spell is broken, and the establishment hasn't seemed to have figured that out yet.
I mean, when Joe Rogan goes on air with Aaron Rodgers and says Alex Jones is the most right person on earth, think you got a problem?
And Tucker Carlson says nobody's got a record as good as mine?
Think they got a problem?
And it's not about me.
I am one of the most demonized people in the world.
Number two after Trump.
I mean, it's hands down.
I'm demonized worldwide by the globalist deep state.
And it's like a touchstone now for people to show they're awake to say Alex Jones is right.
By the way, I've known this for a long time and it would take hours to go over it all, but it's a big scandal that affects everybody and goes to the heart of the problems we face.
Dan Bongino was a senior.
Secret Service agent, he was the guy that led the foreign details, so he was high up in the command, and he's received secret documents that mirror information we already received that I told you about six, seven years ago, that the CIA has been quarterbacking all the attacks on myself, Roger Stone, and Donald Trump.
And that's because it was Roger Stone mainly advising Trump,
In the lead up to the election in 2016, and I was advising Stone on many levels and Trump, and Trump was actually acting on a lot of what I had to say.
No, you're not bragging.
That was not really public and I didn't say that on air and I told Roger how dangerous it was on election night off air.
I said, all our phones are tapped.
The CIA is coming after us.
He said, oh no, we're going to win.
We'll be able to turn the country around.
We're in power now.
I said, just get ready.
And Roger said, everybody else told him it was going to be a cakewalk except two people.
Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson.
I'll get him to repeat that story here tonight.
It's not about how right I am.
Once you change your perspective and study the enemy operation, we have their documents.
And almost everybody else responds to globalist operations.
They attack this tentacle or that head of the Hydra.
And people address each story one dimensionally as it comes out.
When you understand it's think tanks and NGOs and globalist operations, you got their number, folks.
I've got their frickin' number.
And I just want everybody else to go, hey, look, I got their playbook, and then I can sail off in the sunset.
Seriously, I just want to beat these people, stabilize things, and I'll do like one show a month and write a couple books a year.
Okay, I've been doing this seven days a week for 30 years.
I love the fight, but damn it, it's time to hand the baton because that's when we know we're winning and we're very close.
Stay with us.
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This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome.
Roger Stone's got huge breaking news on massive fronts.
South Carolina, Trump's mega victory.
So much more coming up next hour.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
It is Sunday, February 25th, 2024.
Let me just mention the stats here.
We're going to go through all of these here tonight.
Epic win in South Carolina, double the amount of votes for a candidate ever recorded in the state, sending the establishment into beyond panic mode.
They're already in total hysteria mode.
We have this giant stack.
Then we have incredible good developments and bad developments concerning the totally collapsed border.
We also have really key intel dealing with not just the illegal spying on myself and the Trump campaign in 2016 by the CIA and others, but the directive
All the way to the Pentagon to persecute us, and then that generated the PR firms, the lawsuits, the deplatforming, the media attacks, and Dan Bongino, former senior Secret Service agent, he would run the foreign details, the President went out of the country, that's one of the most important roles, so he's high level.
He got secret documents, and I showed them to Roger, and
So that's absolutely dead on.
That's exactly what happened off of that early list.
And it's to interdict us, designating us as Russian assets.
I already knew this because at congressional hearings in 2017, in the Defense Armed Services Committee in the House and the Senate, two of the most powerful committees, they would just have CIA officers saying Alex Jones is a Russian agent.
It's like saying I'm Winnie the Pooh or something.
Just saying, we're disrupting him.
So, they call it disruption.
That's what they do to a foreign government that they're trying to destabilize and bring down.
Or, worse than the mafias treated in this country.
And by the grace of God and the people supporting us, we're still here.
But I've told you this forever.
Because a lot of different documents came out.
But this is a specific targeting document created by Obama and Brennan and Clapper and the rest of them.
I figured out they were targeting us, so I started exposing the stay-behind network they had in the federal government.
So they really went ape at that point.
So, we have that coming up.
Also, there's a new Pew Research huge scientific poll.
The majority of Democrats do not believe that children have any rights with their parents, that parents have no rights, and that they can basically just secretly take your child's mind away from them, put them in a database, and start the transition to sterilizing them.
We also have a skyrocketing number of attacks on Christians and churches exploding.
915 attacks in just the last few years as the Biden administration openly says that any Christian that's conservative or populist is basically a white supremacist and an evil terrorist.
We're also going to get into some really big news with George Soros.
Soros and his son are buying the second largest radio network in the country that has over 500 radio stations that it owns.
So they can put their propaganda out.
So they're not just buying up and putting the judges in and the district attorneys and the attorney generals.
Now they're buying up more of the media for the full weaponization.
Fannie Willis is super desperate now because now in the lawsuits and things against her that have exposed her and her boyfriend and spending all the state's money, the county's money, all the money laundering, now the phone records have been discovered that she was meeting with this guy in the middle of the night, because they have the GPS coordinates, scores of times at her home and his home and all over, years before she said she knew him.
That's called perjury, but they're the prosecutors, so I guess who watches the Watchers?
The answer is they're above the law, but not in the court of public opinion.
So we're going to be exposing all of that.
People are running away from the power structure.
Jon Stewart launched his new show, has basically no viewers.
Barack Obama's oldest daughter has dropped his last name.
These people are hated, and the awakening is moving
Much, much quicker.
So, here's the first thing I want to hit tonight before I get into the huge Trump news, which is just a prelude to what we're going to be covering next hour with Roger as we expand on all this and the huge victory in South Carolina.
And it's this report right here, and it's up on Infowars.com.
I'm going to get Dan Bongino.
On the show, as soon as possible, about this, revealed Alex Jones spied on by Deep State.
And you know, that headline's not even strong enough.
CIA Pentagon marshaled to target Alex Jones, candidate Trump, that's where these documents are from, or President-elect Trump, and others.
I mean, Nixon got in trouble for breaking into his political opposition's doctor's office to get medical records, psychiatrist's office, and it was wrong and he shouldn't have done it.
This is that on
Steroids and then some.
I mean, this is so illegal.
It's exactly what brings down free countries.
And here it all is from a senior, former Secret Service agent, who has a lot of integrity.
But I don't need to believe his list, and I'm going to talk to him soon about it.
I already know who was targeted.
And you notice Chris Christie was on there, too, because Trump had just been elected.
He was candidate Trump.
And they hadn't swung him yet with the intimidation, and the threats, and the spying, and the dirty tricks.
As the Pentagon calls it, disruption.
Total harassment, debanking, deplatforming, harassing your family, lawsuits, red courts, PR firms 24-7 attacking you, tens of thousands of news articles, hundreds and hundreds of news reports, conservatively, national news reports saying you're Satan himself.
That's not just to destroy the person you're trying to destroy.
It's to intimidate everybody else to roll over.
Hey, you just saw what you did to Roger Stone or Alex Jones.
You see what we're doing to Trump.
You better sit down and shut up.
You better take it.
It's like what the Governor Hochul said last week when all these businesses started fleeing the state and saying, we're not going to expand here.
You just seized, you know, his buildings and his property or claim you are with a kangaroo judge, not even a jury.
Trump asked for a jury trial.
The judge demanded a bench trial.
And then, of course, there's pieces of property now selling for $200 million or more for just a few acres next to Mar-a-Lago.
Mar-a-Lago is 17, almost 18 acres, 150 plus villas.
And the estimates are, by Zillow and others, they could easily sell it for $500 million next week.
Maybe get $800 million.
The point is, the judge says it's worth $18 million.
They have a real estate license.
$18 million.
That's what it would have sold for back in the 80s.
That's what it did sell for.
So he says there's no inflation, no nothing.
Trump's a fraud, no victim.
The bank said that he paid everything back.
They want him as a customer.
But this is all directed by the intelligence agencies, through the NGOs, through the Soros groups, through the PR firms, through the law firms.
The same law firm that's spent now $20 million trying to destroy the bankruptcy and shut down Infowars, right now, just took over the bankruptcy prosecution against Rudolph Giuliani.
It's all the same group.
It's the same people.
They get their orders.
They follow them.
They sue in jurisdictions where they control the judges.
It's a very simple formula.
It's happened in other countries.
It's cancer.
And America has political cancer and it's called the Democratic Party and the neocons and the arrogant federal agencies where they have former deputy CIA directors up there on TV and former sub-directors like Phil Mudd saying, the CIA is going to kill this guy.
Talking about the President of the United States at that time.
He's in office.
The year is 2000, or was it 2019?
And Phil Mudd says, we're going to kill him.
We're going to kill the Trump, the President.
That's the arrogance they say on TV.
We know you killed Kennedy, the CIA.
So that's where we are, and that's why this is such a big deal.
So this headline is not even strong enough.
It's my fault I sent the link to Jamie White, who's a great writer, and said, I'm going to call you about this later, with some quotes from me.
I never called him, so he put the article out.
But it's not even strong enough.
No, no.
Obama left a stay-behind network in the government that's now been all public news.
I told you about it first, seven, eight years ago.
That's why they were so pissed at me.
Like, how does he know all this?
Because I study these guys.
And then they illegally blocked the president and persecuted myself and so many others.
And they coordinate with the Justice Department.
And I just don't think you're a bunch of cowards.
I mean, I don't think other people are going to see this and say, well, we better roll over and piss ourselves.
You should be scared of them winning.
I mean, these are really bad people.
And I wouldn't fight them as hard if their national goal wasn't to chop every little boy's penis off or get rid of the borders and ship in all the fentanyl.
I mean, these folks are out to get us, cut off our energy supplies.
I mean, they're really, really anti-American.
They're really bad folks.
And you can't back down.
You just have to do the right thing.
And it's a testament we're still on air.
It's a testament we've been through all this.
I get up here and I tell you that Obama directed the intelligence agencies to attack me, and of course I'm on the list.
We're going to play a clip here in a moment with Dan Bongino, but I'm actually proud to be on that list.
Like John Hancock, you know why he signed his name so big at the bottom?
A lot of other folks were writing their names really small, because they knew they were going to target their families, they were going to try to put them in prison, try to kill them, and a lot of them did lose their families, a lot of them founders died in the war.
John Hancock signed his name huge.
Because you're going to sign your death warrant, he said, might as well sign it big.
He said, if you're going to go, go hard.
If you're going to fight for freedom, why not go balls out?
Balls to the walls, folks.
People think that's a sexual thing.
It's not.
Balls to the walls is a World War II saying with the throttle in a prop-driven bomber or fighter plane.
Balls to the walls means go as fast as you can, shove the throttle all the way down to
The control panel.
Shove it all the way down.
Balls to the walls.
It's the same thing as saying smash the accelerator and don't even think about slowing down.
My two middle daughters wanted to go play video games yesterday.
We didn't really do it in years.
We went to a place called Pinballs.
I never played the Star Wars game.
But I knew I got to go balls to the walls on it.
Blew up the Death Star first try.
Never played that latest version of it.
And then blew up the next thing next try.
And then died on the next try all on one game.
And I didn't play anymore.
I went and played Pinball with them.
But you know why I won?
Because I want balls to the walls, ladies and gentlemen.
Balls to the walls.
I shoved that accelerator down and then went in there and attacked the Death Star and attacked everything else.
And that's what it's all about.
And that's a game.
But I'm telling you, in the real world, folks, we are balls to the walls.
Get your balls to the walls.
Let's come back next time with that.
In excess, or whatever it's called.
Great heavy metal band from the 1980s.
So, let's go ahead and play this Bongino Club.
We're gonna be getting a lot more of this from him soon.
Here it is.
Folks, I've never shown you this before.
And I debated showing it to you now.
My list is more than 26 names.
I'm obviously not gonna tell you who I got this from, but the list of people to bump and target with, you know, Russian interaction and spying,
Put it on the screen.
I've never shown you this before.
This is from my source.
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson.
Some of the names are not spelled right.
It's for a reason.
I can't describe it.
I'll maybe go into it a different time.
Don Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka.
Lara Trump, Melania, Jared Kushner, Jason Miller, Dave Bossie, Sam Clovis, Paul Manafort, Jason Johnson, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Alice Stewart, Victoria Coates, Christopher Bourne, Jason Osborne, Chris Christie, Don McGahn, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Alexander Jones, Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone.
And I know, I haven't talked to him yet, but I know why they do that.
I've seen other documents we were given by Arpaio and others.
It's so illegal what they're doing, is they use burner accounts and then they scramble it in case an NSA system reads it.
It tends to not get picked up by the rest of the NSA, who will then go to Congress and say, this is going on, this is illegal.
This is illegal groups within the government doing this.
So, imagine if Trump had sick the CIA and the Defense Department,
For four years on his political enemies.
In fact, Hillary goes on TV and says, oh, he's going to sic the military on us.
He's going to come after us.
That's what they're doing to us.
And a lot of people go, man, that's that's crazy.
We better just shut up.
OK, let them have your children.
I mean, there's no end to these people and they're out of control behavior.
But it also shows they're not all powerful, are they?
And that brings us to the next big story.
Look at these headlines, and I'll get to the clip.
It doesn't make sense.
CNN panel has epic meltdown after Trump gets double the number of votes ever received in South Carolina.
It's breaking.
Trump gains decisive win in South Carolina, besting Haley, the neocon princess.
Trump posts.
Points out media double standard with hilarious response about fight with Biden.
We'll get to that too.
Trump spent 1.3 million in South Carolina.
Nikki Haley spent 16.5 and Trump won by a landslide.
He's basically out of money.
Still winning because people are awake now.
They're not asleep.
Gavin Newsom praises Nikki Haley, one of the Democrat Party's better surrogates, on CNN.
Admits that she basically works for them.
The Atlantic.
Democrats should not certify Trump's 2024 election win.
If the Supreme Court keeps him off the ballot, they should have Congress vote to decertify.
So Trump just talked about having a 10-day investigation, which is legal, and they've indicted him for that.
But they're saying we're just not going to let him win.
We'll just decertify it regardless of evidence.
Even if the court says he's president, we're going to.
Ignore the courts.
Trump never said that.
He tried to get the courts to hear it, which they never did.
I mean, talk about projection.
Everything they said Trump did, they did.
Well, they war-gamed this in the New York Times article that covered John Podesta, top-level Democrat war-game they had about two months before the election in 2020.
And I've covered the article a hundred times here, literally read it a hundred times on air, but you can go look it up.
And he just said, we'll just have our own inauguration in Colorado.
At the alternate government site in the Colorado Springs.
And we'll just ignore him and have nationwide riots and say that Biden's the president.
Meanwhile, they've indicted Trump for doing what they've proposed.
Vivek Nome, top poll for Trump vice president.
Vivek Ramaswamy is the number one pick at the top.
We'll go over those numbers coming up.
So there's so much we're going to be hitting here today on that front.
That's just a small part of the stack.
Roger Stone will be on with us about it.
But you want to see some panicking.
I kind of want to play the whole 12-minute CNN segment, but we don't have time.
So here's just the first few minutes.
Where they talk about the super historic win, all the rest of it.
How do you get double the votes?
That's never happened before.
Twice the number that anyone's ever voted totals.
Twice the number Ronald Reagan got.
Twice the number he got in 2016.
I mean, that signifies massive landslide that people are so pissed they came out en masse.
And what did Joy Reid at MSNBC say?
She said, this is white supremism.
I have the clip.
What the hell does that have to do with this?
That's all she's got with her Trump haircut.
I mean, these people are sick.
They're literally going against the prosperity and security of the country where they live because some offshore banks want to run the country into the ground.
And they try to intimidate us and use the Pentagon and the CIA on us?
And torture us?
And they've harassed the living snot out of my family.
And at my family's request, I'll talk about this soon, I'm 90% there.
But my dad and everybody have just said, don't think about us.
We want you to take the gloves off.
And I pretty much already have the gloves off, but it's, it's, it's some, it'll be whatever New World Order.
I mean, you think you go around, there's still some Texas left.
You think you go around trying to intimidate us and push us around, you're going to get something else.
So I told you a lot think you're gonna win this thing all I know is I'm not giving up and we're starting to really kick your ass and you can see the reversals total so if I gotta get destroyed in the process and my family's gotta get destroyed in the process to save the country in the world we're all for it so but I do have to include my family in all these discussions about where this is going because they deserve that I'll never compromise anything to save my family but I'll certainly
Won't be as aggressive as I can be and as wild as I can be.
I still... I mean, my family's always been, why don't you, you know, be careful.
They're not like that anymore.
And again, that signifies the climate we're in.
Go ahead and roll some of the CNN.
We'll come back with more of it.
Victory speech.
Overwhelming results in South Carolina.
We called it right at the top of the hour as soon as the polls closed.
Back to the teams here in New York.
Listen, you've heard a lot of Trump speeches.
Yeah, I mean, RIP the Reagan GOP.
There's something so jarring about watching Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, all of who condemned him after January 6th, lining up to do their best campaign rally impersonation and saying this is the most qualified man to be president.
The night of January 6th, Lindsey Graham was saying he was, you know...
I'm done with him.
I mean, listen, it is the greatest political comeback in history.
Just three years ago, he was done in the party, and it only took a matter of months before he came back and handily won in Nikki Haley's home state.
The question now becomes this.
She's held on.
We'll see where the margins break down tonight to about just under a third of Republican votes in some of these primaries.
How many of those votes will go to Donald Trump?
Because he will need those in a general election.
Some of those are never going to be with him.
But how many is the open question now?
I mean, for me, you know, Tim Scott is obviously auditioning to be vice president.
And every time Trump just ritually humiliates him, talks about him having low energy, makes fun of his campaign.
And then Tim Scott gets out there and he tries to do something that's really not natural to him.
And then he walks off.
But, you know, we were talking about before, this is kind of the pathway that Pence got on.
And so you might not just be watching the resurrection of a
By the way, let's hit pause.
I'm gonna come back and play more of this, but Trump always teases people he likes.
He also makes fun of himself.
What he says is, Tim Scott is like a fire-breathing dragon and gives badass speeches now, but as a candidate he gave very measured, calm speeches.
Who's this new Tim Scott?
It's like a football coach going, yeah, you made some points earlier, basketball coach.
You were pretty good earlier, but what the hell's gotten into you?
Who's the new guy here?
That's not putting him down, but again, it's Van Jones acting like Trump's racist because he's scared to death he's going to pick Scott.
And that is the word.
Everybody's saying it's Tulsi Gabbards.
That's not what I'm hearing.
Trump doesn't go off what color you are, but if he has competent, smart black people, he's probably going to pick a black man.
So they are going to literally go into conniption fetch when this happens.
And I don't care who Trump's VP, as long as they're loyal.
You know, like MTG.
I know she's loyal.
I like Tulsi Gabbard, but she was still a Democrat.
She's beautiful, articulate.
I love what she says now.
She's still got that baggage, folks.
It's like Robert Kennedy Jr., man.
Supporting Hillary.
I still don't want to turn my back on him.
All right, well, I like Vivek Ranaswamy.
Vivek's on top of the list, too.
All right, here we go.
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It's Alex Jones.
All right, so I'm not going to play more of the CNN.
The point is they go into full panic mode, say it doesn't make sense how to get twice the number of votes historically that the states ever had.
Meanwhile, he brought up Lindsey Graham, which this is one of the bad things Trump does.
He tries to co-opt these globalists.
Lindsey Graham's as bad as it gets.
And the whole place just keeps booing him and booing him and booing him for like five minutes.
During his entire speech, everything, it's pathetic.
I'm not going to make you watch that if you want to see it.
Just go to X or, you know, Google's so corrupt now, probably won't even show it.
Just type in, Lindsey Graham booed in South Carolina.
And it just goes on and on for, it's like a four minute clip of him being booed.
Trump's trying to introduce him, they're booing it.
Trump's saying, stop it, he's a good guy.
No, he's not.
And I wish Trump would quit this crap.
But instead of playing him being booed, here's Lindsey Graham talking about Trump on CNN.
What is your reaction to hearing what Donald Trump says?
I'm disgusted.
Well, I want to talk to the Trump supporters for a minute.
I don't know who you are, and I don't know why you like this guy.
I think what you like about him, he appears to be strong when the rest of us are weak.
He's a very successful businessman.
He's going to make everything great.
He's going to take all the problems of the world and put them in a box and make your life better.
That's what he's selling.
Here's what you're buying.
He's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot.
He doesn't represent my party.
He doesn't represent the values that the men and women who wear the uniform are fighting for.
Okay, I don't want to hear any more of it.
It goes on for three minutes.
Folks, you don't want to hear more, do you?
No, you don't.
Anybody wants to find the clip, you can.
Lindsey Graham attacks Trump.
There's a bunch of them, but that's one of them.
That is deep state talking points.
The Christians are bad.
They're coming to get you.
They're evil.
That's the current talking point.
Now that clip is from when Trump was running in 2016.
Boy, he did cut the problems down by about 90%, didn't he?
Just like Bukele was able to do in three years in El Salvador because the government wasn't working against the people.
Yes, they can fix a lot of the problems.
We have this big giant government that's good at causing problems, because the bigger the problems get, the more power and control they have over us.
I'm going to table this huge stack of news until Roger Stone joins us.
We'll get more into it with the expert on that coming up.
But right now, I want to get into this stack.
Venezuela refusing to accept deportations for U.S.
and New Mexico.
And I'm going to read these headlines and then go back through them because they're all tied together.
Former Panama border chief claims United Nations is behind chaos at the U.S.
border with Mexico.
He doesn't claim it, the damn U.N.
NGOs run it!
And I've been spending decades trying to explain that and people finally are like, the U.N.
runs it?
Yeah, with U.S.
State Department money.
It's in the current border bill to give them $2.5 billion more.
This is just the stories today.
Outrage after suspect in murder of Georgia College to identify as an illegal alien from Venezuela.
And again, they're saying you can't deport them here.
ICE agents thrice deported MS-13 gangbanger wanted for murder in El Salvador.
New video, smuggler crashes with illegals lying in the pickup bed during wild pursuit.
Two Americans feared dead at their yacht hijacked in Caribbean by illegal aliens.
Germany's stabbing rampage at high school, or people trying to become illegal aliens, stabbing rampage at high school by suspect with Muslim migration background.
I've got like 50 more of these today.
The crime is just incredible.
All you care about is illegals and their votes.
Hecklers disrupt AOC town hall.
Yeah, the New Yorkers are pissed.
House Judiciary Committee issues subpoena for Health and Human Services Secretary accuses agency of canceling gang affiliations of concealing
House Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoena for Health and Human Services Secretary Accuses Agency of Concealing Gang Affiliations of Illegal Minors Charged with Serious Crimes.
Yeah, they're covering up the crime wave at every level.
Stephen Miller at CPAC.
How Mass Deportations of Illegals Will Work, Seal the Border, Deport All the Illegals.
We're going to get to that clip here in a moment.
Here's another headline.
Over 2,000 homeless people died in Los Angeles last year alone.
The citizens are dying.
The illegals are pouring in.
Cultural enrichment.
Abdul Azidi, Afghan migrant wanted for London acid attack, found dead in the river.
Liberal media outlet Axios says the term open border is a myth being pushed by conservatives.
Talk about gaslighting.
That's what they're doing.
But here's one of the top advisors to Trump, a really smart guy, Stephen Miller, at CPAC talking about how the deportations are going to work.
And you've got to do mass deportations, especially the military aged men.
Most of them have huge criminal records because that's what makes all the other groups stop coming.
They've got to see that and they've got to know that.
Here's the clip.
Well, as I say, sometimes the immigration issue is extremely simple.
The policies involved in fixing it are very complicated.
The simple part is seal the border, deport all the illegals.
That's the short answer, right?
You get in, you have two policy objectives that you proceed with utter determination on.
Seal the border, no illegals in, everyone here goes out.
That's very straightforward.
In terms of the policy sets to accomplish this, as President Trump showed in his first term,
It's a series of interlocking domestic and foreign policies to accomplish this goal.
In no particular order, just to rattle off a few fast, you have your safe third agreements, you have remain in Mexico, finish the wall, you have robust prosecutions of illegal aliens, you do interior repatriation flights to Mexico and not back to the north of Mexico,
It's very important.
You re-implement Title 42.
You have several muscular 212Fs.
That's the travel ban authority.
We did a few of those in the Trump administration.
You would bring those back and add new ones on top of that.
You would establish large-scale staging grounds for removal flights, so you grab illegal immigrants and then you move them to the staging grounds and that's what the planes are waiting for federal law enforcement to then move those illegals home.
You deputize the National Guard to carry out immigration enforcement.
And then you also deploy the military to the southern border, not just with a mission
All right, that's an excellent clip, and he's one of the main advisors of Trump on policy of the border, we saw in Trump's first term.
But he didn't hit the most important parts, and so it's important.
It's not about me going, hey, Miller, you forgot this.
Let's get out there.
When I come back, I'm talking about the most important parts, and then we'll put that on the front of Miller's thing and say what Miller forgot to tell you that Trump needs to do to deport the illegals and secure the border.
Because he missed the three most important things, I'll tell you, I'm sure most of you already know it, on the other side.
Remember, one of our great sponsors is my father, who is a retired dentist and oral surgeon, who's produced so many great products and supplements.
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At least six days a week.
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And then on Sunday, we do live broadcasts.
I do live broadcasts 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central every day.
Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m.
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in the War Room.
I come in and do five hours on Sunday nights.
A lot of times I come in on Saturday, obviously.
It's our intention to actually expand in the face of the enemy attacks, but
Here we are, telling the truth, vindicated time and time again, and we have a criminal, hijacked government that is openly waging war against the people and robbing the living snot out of us.
Because all these other countries, most of them have corrupt systems, and the banks already have control of them.
But America has got serious problems, but we have the potential to take our country back, and because American power was hijacked and used to set up this world government, if we take this back, we take the country back, they lose their world government.
They lose their total control.
And their whole leftist, transhumanist, anti-human agenda
Goes into the dustbin of history.
And the good news is there's a giant political awakening.
There's a tectonic shift happening.
A true political realignment, not just here, but around the world.
People see they're being made poor.
They see they're being enslaved.
They see all of their cultures, whatever the native culture is, is under attack.
Because any independent culture is a threat to the globalist omniculture.
And all over the world,
Including here in the U.S.
they're doing tests of it.
Whole Foods and others are putting scanners in where you've got to have an app to get in the store.
That's getting you ready for the social credit score and the ESG system and the universal basic income.
And if you think we're under their control now, if you think things are bad now, you're going to look back on these days, if we don't start turning the ship around, as the good old times.
You know, I wanted to come in with that song, Balls to Walls.
Did we ever think about that?
Did we ever do?
We did play that?
I must have just not been thinking about it, not paid attention to it, not played it.
But that's what this is really all about, ladies and gentlemen.
These people want control of every policy and every system and every action that we engage in, front, right and center.
And they're doing things that are absolutely illegal and out of control.
I mean, look at these articles right here.
Look at these headlines.
Microsoft boasts that white employees are paid less than minority peers during the same job.
Read that again.
Microsoft boasts that white employees are paid less than minority peers doing the same job.
That is total and complete discrimination.
I'd be against saying pay white people more than black people.
And again, it's not done to help black people.
It's done to set the precedent for the social credit score where the technocrats decide who gets work, who gets food, who gets to travel, who gets to have children.
And because the world's only 7% white, they want to sell the whole program that, oh, the white people are bad, you're going to be able to get yours now.
When it's capitalism and free market that allows people to be upwardly mobile.
So they want to set the precedent using the cover
Of wealth redistribution to help brown people, but really it's good old classic communism run by a bunch of central banks that are above the law and tax exempt, but want us to live a communist lifestyle, but they're not going to.
You can read the whole article, it's at gatewaypundit.com.
And Microsoft brags about this, like we saw a few months ago with the CEO of IBM, talking to the employees in a big Zoom meeting, and saying, we're not going to hire really any more white people.
Or men.
Meanwhile, Google's Gemini AI chatbot says you shouldn't misgender Caitlyn Jenner even to stop a nuclear war.
The most important default is turning men into women or claiming you can't.
West Virginia lawmakers seek to remove suicide risk exemptions from ban on transgender hormones for minors.
That's right.
You take somebody who's already mentally ill, and then tell them they're another sex, they give them a bunch of hormones, and they go crazy.
Just like the last ten mass shooters were transgender, but boy, they cover that up.
Lawmakers in West Virginia are seeking to remove a suicide risk exemption that allows some families to circumvent the ban on hormones and sex-age medical interventions for minors.
Medical interventions for minors who identify as transgender were banned in the state last year, but an exemption was left open for youth who allegedly at risk for self-harm or suicide.
And I kind of conflated these.
What they're saying is you don't get an exemption because it can cause suicide, but the damn drugs themselves on the insert say they can cause suicidal ideation.
So they're trying to, again, remove that exemption, while others are trying to remove it from the drugs.
There's a big move with serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or antidepressants, as they're called, to remove what's been there since the mid-90s, a massive increase in suicide or psychotic behavior.
Here's another one.
Transgender killer sentenced to 22 years of manslaughter charge for brutally stabbing a Portland cab driver to death.
Absolutely whacked out of their gourds.
But where's the real fight going on?
You know, we talk about the federal government all day, but all the federal funds, all the federal grants,
The rubber meets the road at the city councils, the county commissions, the townships, the school boards, the energy boards, the water district boards.
And so where is Brian Stelter of the World Economic Forum fellow?
Where is he going?
Well, he's moved to rural New Jersey and is running as a Republican, that's a fraud right there, for the school board.
You know, I've said this a thousand times, I'll say it again, I'm not saying Brian Stelter is a pedophile, I have no evidence of that.
But if I was going to cast somebody, no makeup needed, to be like It the Clown that waits in drainage ditches for a movie, that eats children, it'd be him.
And the feds have said their prime mission is going in and taking over the children, and I mentioned that poll earlier, in fact I'll just show it to you right now.
Pew Research poll shows how Democrats feel about parental rights and education, and you won't be surprised.
Red state article.
And it goes on to have the big national poll.
When they just averaged the poll, 54% think parents should be able to
We're good to go.
Or New York, or Colorado.
Even in a red state, most of the schools are communist.
Whatever you want to call them, anti-human.
They create secret databases starting in elementary by confusing your child and saying, would you like to be a girl or a boy?
They say yes, they put them in a database, start having the counselors talk to them and tell them, don't tell mommy, you get prizes, you get things, say you're a girl if you're a boy, say you're a boy if you're a girl, and then they keep it secret from the parents, and then states like Washington and others, Oregon, and Illinois,
There's a bunch of other states have it, right now the bill's close to passing, to take your children away if you say no, you're 10 years old, you're not going to take a hormone, to sterilize.
Yeah, Montana governor defends removal of 14-year-old from parents who oppose gender identity.
I mean, this is all over the place because there's big money.
To wreck these kids' lives, to get millions of dollars over their life, and to make sure they're sterilized.
And I've got a huge stack on this that I'm not going to have time on to hit today, but look at this stack from the last few days of what it would mean to get to all this.
It's all right here.
A whole bunch of states have already passed laws to take your kids if you don't let them chop their weenies off or their breasts off.
We're going to tie, and some Republicans are backing, in fact the Pritzker's up in
Illinois are quarterbacking the whole thing and it is, it is satanic.
It is beyond evil.
All right, Roger Stone is coming up on the huge
Project to target populist loyal Americans as Russian spies so the Justice Department, CIA, and Pentagon could harass us and attack us and stalk us and terrorize us.
And we're going to get into the huge win in South Carolina for Trump and more.
Hour number two coming up right now.
Wherever you're listening, please tell everybody you know and those you don't know.
Tune in now.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
On a news podcast?
Is he a doctor?
Thank you!
Everything we've learned about the vaccine since they've come out is horrifying.
There's not a single study showing that the messenger RNA is broken down.
There's not a study showing it leaves the body.
I wish to apologize for any harm I've done, any people who've incurred harm in any way from my actions as a partner and a manager in a vaccine center.
The New World Order zealots are feverishly digging themselves out of a bottomless pit.
Let me be clear.
WHO did not impose anything on anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Not lockdowns.
Not mask mandates, not vaccine mandates.
We don't have the power to do that, we don't want it, and we're not trying to get it.
There is out there a deliberate undermining of mainstream media.
There are the conspiracy theorists, there are the social media drivers who are trying to do everything they can to keep people in their little filter bubbles, to prevent people from actually agreeing on a common set of facts.
What had been deemed conspiracy theory two years ago is now being passed off in high gaslighting hubris propaganda circles as common knowledge.
So these findings are not really at all surprising.
We've known about these side effects really since the vaccines began rolling out at the end of
2020, early 2021, we've seen this myocarditis, inflammation of the heart muscle, pericarditis, inflammation of the sac around the heart, as well as this unusual blood clot that forms in the brain from the virus vector vaccine.
So none of these findings are new.
As if the minions of the big pharma perpetrators finally read the Nuremberg Code.
After seeing the horrific data of skyrocketing insurance claims, an explosion of blood clots, vaccine injuries and millions of deaths.
We've got Pentagon reports saying mass death and a new Navy report confirming 900 plus percent increase in heart failure.
While recent chaotically panicked developments concerning Red Cross blood donations reveal that the purebloods or unvaccinated are receiving vaccinated blood,
There is a possibility that you'll be getting vaccinated blood.
And is there any way for, like, my patients to know if they were getting, you know, vaccinated blood, or?
There isn't any way.
The blood isn't separated.
Oh, okay.
So if I just got the vaccine, but I feel fine, I'm still okay to donate?
Yes, as long as you don't have any symptoms.
Simultaneously, the Red Cross is banning those vaccinated with certain COVID vaccines from donating.
Well, check the new update on the Red Cross website.
One of the questions is, have you received the COVID vaccine?
And if you click yes, it then takes you to a page and says, call 1-800-RED-CROSS and answer a few more questions to see if you're still eligible to give blood!
The soft depopulation persists.
Food labels revealing mRNA poison abound as it is added to the common diet.
Campbell's Soup, and if you look at the label, contains bioengineered food ingredients.
Nature Valley, Nabisco Ritz Crackers, all of these cereals.
Helping animals survive, either by having vaccines or better genetics.
Edinburgh happens to be where a lot of the world's best work on this is done, and that's why DFID and the Gates Foundation are funding scientists here.
Depopulation infiltration doesn't stop with our food.
It is inevitably floating in the air.
Scientists over at Yale University have just taken a giant step towards making such a thing reality.
They were able to vaccinate these mice using two doses administered through the nose of a vaccine which contained nanoparticles carrying the mRNA COVID vaccine.
These mice were vaccinated without a single injection.
Is it any wonder that the world's elite, openly in on the depopulation agenda, are building impenetrable underground fortresses?
Because the one law that can't be broken is the law of the jungle.
As old and as true as the sky, and the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die.
John Bowne reporting.
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We're good to go.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Folks, I've never shown you this before.
And I debated showing it to you now.
My list is more than 26 names.
I'm obviously not going to tell you who I got this from, but the list of people to bump and target with, you know, Russian interaction and spying.
Put it on the screen.
I've never shown you this before.
This is from my source.
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Ben Carson.
Some of the names are not spelled right.
It's for a reason.
I can't describe it.
I'll maybe go into it a different time.
Don Trump Jr., Eric, Ivanka.
Lara Trump, Melania, Jared Kushner, Jason Miller, Dave Bossie, Sam Clovis, Paul Manafort, Jason Johnson, Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Alice Stewart, Victoria Coates, Christopher Bourne, Jason Osborne, Chris Christie, Don McGahn, Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Alexander Jones, Jeff Sessions, Rudy Giuliani, Roger Stone.
Alright, in the last month documents have come out that what we already knew that Obama, before he left, sicked the five eyes on the American people and said that anybody supporting Trump or advising Trump was a Russian agent with no evidence.
That's related to the lawfare, the harassment, the criminal investigations, the drag nets, the debanking, the deplatforming, the censorship.
I mean, Nixon got in trouble for spying on his political opposition's psychiatrist.
That was wrong.
But on a scale of 1 to 100, that's like a 5, this is a 200.
This is off the charts.
So we're going to get into all the big political news in South Carolina.
Trump getting double the votes in history that have ever been cast in the primary there, signaling giant landslide.
With Roger, VP picks, all that big stuff in a little while.
He's with us for the rest of the hour, so for the next 52 minutes.
But this is a big deal.
And Rogers reposted on X comments in the live feed of the show.
I hope you all share it right now.
At Roger Stone Jr.
on X. CIA Director John Brennan had an intelligence alliance known as the Five Eyes.
They have the foreign governments do the illegal stuff.
UK, US spy on 26 associates of President Donald Trump.
I have the distinction of being on the list of 26 people.
I joined Real Alex Jones at Infowars, 6 p.m.
Eastern Time to discuss this and more.
Now folks, this is a lot bigger than just spying.
You heard Bongino, it's bumping, and that's a law enforcement or intelligence term of harassing, terrorizing.
Bumping is terrorizing.
And then it's come out that they will misspell names of things in case the document is gotten, and it makes it hard for other NSA systems to read it, so then the other part of the agency won't go after the rogue group doing it.
We're going to get Bongino on about this, but we have all the evidence.
We know this.
We have the history.
How many times have I told you since 2016 that the CIA was spying on Trump and harassing him?
What did I say to Roger Stone on election night, on air and off air?
I said, now we've only gotten a beachhead to take the country back.
All hell is now going to break loose.
It's not about tooting my horn.
It's about understanding where we are, and they're going to do it again with nine months to the election.
So yeah, Trump's winning in landslides.
Yeah, this is unprecedented.
But we also shouldn't start, like the wolf says in Pulp Fiction, celebrating a little too much here.
He says a little crass thing, but we shouldn't start sucking each other's, you know what's yet.
Because we're far from out of the woods.
But as I told Roger four, five, six, seven plus years ago,
I could see the big attack coming and I could feel the danger.
I sense, but also intellectually see, massive victory.
They're not going to beat this movement for liberty worldwide.
We've turned the tide.
Firstborn daughter just gave up his name.
She's embarrassed of it.
That's mainstream news.
All over the world, populists are rising.
All these big shows get almost no ratings.
Jon Stewart comes back out of retirement to try to stop Trump.
Almost no viewers.
They're a joke.
And they know they're a joke now.
Before, they were full of hubris.
They didn't start getting concerned until Trump won the primary in 2016.
So, Roger, this is a big deal.
It's a lot bigger than you and I, obviously.
This is a massive scandal of intelligence agencies and the Justice Department terrorizing the American people.
And we know the list of 26 got bigger once he got in office.
And you and I continue to expose the moles.
General McMaster, Fiona Hill, they went on 60 Minutes and attacked us and said, how dare we claim they're globalists?
We don't even know what globalism is, she said.
Meanwhile, she was on the board of George Soros' Open Society Foundation and the chief writer at TheGlobalist.com.
So, they don't want us to wake up the people, but once you wake up, you see how preposterous it is, the policies they've got running this country into the ground.
The people get it now, on the border, and energy, and culture, and targeting children, and the attacks on Christians.
It's just, they're villains!
They think they can intimidate us.
They think they've been bullying us.
They're wrong.
The public was asleep.
That's why they could do all these terrible things to them.
Now a large portion approaching a majority is awake.
That's my view.
Roger Stone, great to have you with us.
This is a big deal, isn't it?
It's a very big deal, Alex, and I've got to give you credit.
You're absolutely right.
I remember election night there in Austin.
We were pouring over the returns.
I remember looking at the early returns from South Florida and telling you, well, it's amazing.
Hillary's won by record margins in the Southern part of the state.
Only an extraordinary performance in the rural areas in Central and Northern Florida will allow Trump to carry Florida.
And then boom, it happened exactly like that.
We saw all the pieces falling into place.
I was euphoric, really truly euphoric.
And you were somewhat dejected.
You were a little morose.
And I said, Alex, what's the matter?
And you said, I said, this is a great beginning.
He said, that's exactly the point.
This is the beginning.
They're never going to give up without a fight.
They are going to come after us.
They're going to seek to destroy everyone who has ripped control of the government from their hands.
And of course, you turned out to be exactly right.
Exactly right.
People need to understand what we have just learned.
In essence, long before the Steele dossier, long before the falsified filings to the FISA court to allow the spying on Carter Page, long before the surveillance of Trump Tower, long before they had any plausible, legal, probable cause,
John Brennan, the CIA director and radical Islam convert, went to the foreign intelligence services in the English-speaking nations, the so-called Five Eye Nations, and asked them to surveil 26 associates or supporters of Donald Trump.
And that included presidential candidates like Ben Carson,
The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, that one kind of perplexes me, but George Papadopoulos, you and I, that great American patriot, General Flynn.
Now, we hadn't done anything wrong.
There was no Russian collusion.
They had no legal predicate for this spying, but this is why they do it.
Through a third party.
It's very interesting.
When J. Edgar Hoover was the head of the FBI, and he became curious about what former Vice President Richard Nixon was doing in Hong Kong, he asked British intelligence to open surveillance of former Vice President Nixon.
So that Hoover, if he was ever questioned about it later in a congressional or federal investigation, could honestly say, no, we didn't surveil.
We're good.
And Mike Schellenberger, neither one of whom anybody would call a conservative or right-of-center, just two honest nonpartisan journalists broke this story.
Now, they get a few things wrong about the overall narrative regarding WikiLeaks, but this is a blockbuster story because, as you pointed out, they're not just watching you, but they seek some interaction with you.
So I now know
That in March of 2016, or pardon me, 2017, when the Smoking Gun, which is a left-wing news outlet, contacted me, and for odd reasons they seemed to have copies of my Twitter direct messages with the persona of Guccifer 2.0, which, by the way, were completely innocuous in their content and proved nothing whatsoever.
And Roger, let's just move forward.
There's thousands of data points here.
Remember three years ago, Tucker was going to interview Putin, and so the CIA and NSA spy on him and leak it to the New York Times and Washington Post.
Then they publish his private stuff and admit they did it.
So they're admitting the government's leaking criminally.
The media is criminally releasing it.
I mean, it's all right there.
Tucker finally told them, screw you, and went to Russia and got the interview.
It would take an hour to tell all the stories.
I'll just tell a couple.
Going back five years ago,
I get approached and offered three million dollars from
The group they later brought out as opposed to the Russians.
I do some checking, find out it was the CIA, report it to the FBI, go in, give them all the stuff, and nothing's done.
Then, in the last six months, they had cutouts using British intelligence, who then, and by the way, we videotaped them, we followed them, we got their faces, because not only the government has face imaging, you can use Google Images to get them.
That is face scanning, folks, okay?
So Google Images starts to get a good photo of somebody, it's the same thing.
And so we face-ID'd them as cutouts of MI6 and Dubai Intelligence literally trying to infiltrate our operation and literally trying to set us up.
So this is going on, and people, I don't tell you about, this is 2% I just told you, okay?
Because I'm like an X-Wing pilot going in on the Death Star.
I'm not looking at people shooting at me.
I'm not worried about that.
I gotta fire torpedoes in the reactor shaft.
That's my mission.
I'm on a suicide mission, okay?
But the point is, is that I don't tell you about this stuff.
It is insane.
It is the government terrorizing US citizens because they're loyal to the Republic.
Go ahead.
Alex, I remember a specific incident in which your own attorney
Wanted to put you in touch with sources who promised huge funding that turned out to be cutouts for the Russians.
I remember that very, very distinctly.
You asked me, what should I do?
And I said, get it on the record, report it to the FBI to memorialize it immediately.
You didn't take the bait.
So this effort to try to compromise
Anyone who was for Donald Trump has been ongoing long before the Steele dossier, long before the completely false allegation that the Democratic National Committee was the target of an online hack.
Which is entirely and completely false and can be easily disproved with expert testimony and forensic evidence.
Bill Binney could have, the famous CIA counter-terrorism tech expert, could have completely disproved this.
He was the former head of technical at the NSA, number two in command, yeah.
And they wouldn't let him testify at my trial.
They denied him, denied us, as part of the defense, the ability to call him as a witness or let him make a presentation.
So the cover-up of this has been insidious, but we're right back to it.
Here's the thing about the left.
It doesn't matter how much you completely debunk or discredit or disprove any of their crap, just wait a few weeks and they'll be right back to recycling it
And that was my next issue.
CNN headline Friday, we showed it.
Putin controlling third U.S.
Just saying, we're all Russians.
No, we're Americans that don't want open borders and fentanyl and devalued dollars and endless wars and them trying to chop our son's penises off.
And they go, nope, you're a Russian, we're not going to harass you again.
And then the Justice Department quarterbacks, the law fair, all of it.
As you know, I don't get my news from CNN for the same reason I don't eat out of the toilet.
I mean, these people are constantly recycling the same crap.
No, the Senate Intelligence Committee report, which is put together by a bipartisan group of Trump haters.
There's not a Trump supporting Republican that was on that panel.
I have deconstructed it piece by piece in a piece saying the Senate Intelligence Committee report is bunk.
You can look it up in that keyword.
Every single reference in there to me is a cut out from the Huffington Post or some other left wing or it's all accusations
With no documentation, but even today, yet today, they constantly point to that bipartisan Senate report which proves that Trump was in bed with the Russians.
It's like the claim that Paul Manafort gave polling information to this guy, Kalemnik,
Roger, here's the bottom line.
What needs to come out of this?
You defended me when I was being persecuted.
Tucker Carlson did.
Not many others.
They're going to do it again, this time on a mass scale.
They're trying to steal the election again.
We need congressional hearings.
Bongino needs to be given congressional immunity.
He needs to come in.
We've got other documents.
We already know this.
The Democrats bragged they're using intelligence agencies.
This is beyond censoring or beyond election meddling.
This is agencies terrorizing the American people
Assassinating our character, trying to bankrupt us, false criminal charges, the same stuff we're doing to Trump.
It has to stop and I think Trump should make a big deal about this.
Well, you know, that is actually the only way to stop it, Alex.
I mean, we can be out here every day, as you are at InfoWars, as I am on the Stone Zone, spreading the truth, telling people what really happened and what's going on today.
But it's, pardon me, it's like pissing into the ocean against this tsunami of lies put forward by the corporately owned media.
We need a new administration.
We need a new Attorney General who is actually committed to the rule of law.
The people who talk endlessly about protecting democracy and their reverence for the rule of law are the very people who want to cancel the U.S.
Constitution and have no reference whatsoever for the rule of law.
In fact, they break the law constantly.
Roger, stop there, because we've got a good time today.
The Atlantic, which is the mouth of the CIA, as we know, the mouth of Epstein Island.
My God, if you look into it, it's insane.
The Atlantic.
Democrats should not certify Trump's 2024 election win if Supreme Court keeps him on the ballot.
So even if the Supreme Court keeps him on the ballot, Trump officially wins, forget the courts.
Trump was trying to get to the courts.
He was trying to have a 10-day investigation in the Senate, totally legal.
They're saying what Podesta told the New York Times in that War Game article right before the election in 2016, that they're going to disregard it and they're going to decertify Trump.
So what they've indicted him for not doing, their mouthpiece is now proposing.
No, this is all Alinsky's rules for radicals.
Everything that they accuse us of doing is precisely what they're doing.
That advocates a treasonous act.
If Donald Trump honestly wins the election, they're threatening not to certify his election.
Yeah, that's what they're accusing Trump of doing when some of his supporters, some of his lawyers, saw a delay in the certification of the Electoral College vote so that the examination of the actual popular vote back in the States could be re-examined.
I wasn't involved in that, but I did read about it.
Now, I think you were one of the first people to bring this out.
These people actually brag on NBC about their efforts to remove civilian control of the military.
So they want to take away the control of the Commander-in-Chief and essentially abrogate it to the Congress.
And let's slow down.
The Atlantic, the New York Times, they've all proposed in the last month
To pass a law, Chuck Schumer has, to strip the president of domestic control of the military so when they riot, when he gets elected, he can't do the Insurrection Act like George Herbert Walker Bush did in 1992.
So they're the ones saying, oh, we want control of the military from the president, which is a coup, to quote, stop a coup that doesn't exist when he's already elected.
Again, everything is inverted.
But they're so brazen is what's outrageous about this.
I mean, before, at least in the Russian collusion hoax, they sought to hide it, but now they don't hide anything.
They're right out in front saying, we're not going to allow the peaceful transfer of power if Donald Trump is elected.
That tells you a couple things.
The first thing it tells you is they see what we see.
Trump is on his way back.
The combination of the disastrous impact of their policies on the lives of the American people, the open border, and the resultant fentanyl crisis, the crime spike, and the cost
To cities, counties, and states to pay for the social services for illegals while cutting various services on U.S.
taxpayers and citizens is bringing people to the breaking point.
I look at these polls and I can't figure out who these 42% or 39% or whatever they may be who are for Joe Biden.
I can't figure out who those people are because I can't find anybody who's actually for this guy.
I was about to say, you and I get mainly love, but if you're around 100 people, no matter where we were together many times, people come over and threaten us, say they want to kill us and throw drinks at us.
So we may shake dirty hands, but also somebody throws a drink at us.
It's been years since that happened to me.
And you said similar, you mainly get nothing but love now.
So I'm a bellwether, you're a gauge as well.
This is not going well for them.
I mean, Obama's own daughter just got rid of his name.
She didn't get married, she changed her name.
When you change the name,
It means you don't like your family.
These people are a joke.
That whole thing is very strange.
Look, you see them moving aggressively in an attempt to hide Hunter Biden's egregious corruption, but it's not going to work because that case does not hang on this one particular FBI whistleblower.
I don't know what he did or did not tell his bosses, but I do know that we have absolute proof in the Congress
And there's absolute proof in the public record that Joe Biden sought to withhold federal funds from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor who was undeniably on the trail of Hunter Biden's lucrative deal with Burisma Energy.
And Biden bragged about it on TV.
I had to brag about it.
So those are just facts.
And I understand the prosecutors let a number of crimes against Hunter expire in terms of the time frame under which he had to, by law, be prosecuted.
But it's the combination of- You're talking about the $10 million he didn't pay taxes on.
And didn't declare, more importantly.
See, I declared every penny.
I declared every penny of assets and every penny of income.
I simply couldn't pay.
That's very distinct from Hunter Biden, who failed to declare $10 million.
And then, when he finally figured out what he owed, had some Hollywood sugar daddy come in and pay off his debt.
Well, let's go further.
You had a deal with the IRS for many years.
When they bankrupted you, you couldn't pay at the end of it.
But they've also forgiven me no interest or no penalty.
I will have to pay until the day I die.
I'll be making a big monthly payment to the IRS.
Now, normally, a citizen in trying to negotiate would get some break in interest and penalty, but not if you're Roger Stone.
Which shows the world they want us to live under with a social credit score where computers run by BlackRock and the UN look at what we do.
Oh, cut your son's penis off?
You get your debts forgiven.
Literally, that's what they're saying.
We'll come up with Roger Stone, talk about South Carolina and more.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I want to say something right now.
I want this to sink in to the hardcore badass Americans and others around the world that are black and brown and white but love God and love justice.
I love you all.
We're showing footage right here at the raid of 20-plus armed officers at Rodderstone's house for absolutely no reason.
Had to be pardoned by the president.
Supposedly lying to Congress.
When all he ever said was, I wasn't in contact with Julian Assange.
He worked here then.
I remember saying, can't you get Assange?
No, I don't know why he goes on Hannity and not us.
You know, he's a dick.
I know a Randy Credico in New York.
He talks to him.
He says he might come on.
Imagine saying he's behind the WikiLeaks to make it political to change the subject.
So I'm going to say something to listeners right now.
If you want people to stand up for you, you got to back them.
And you have been backing us.
You have been praying for us.
But it's all declassified.
It's all come out now that the Pentagon, the CIA, the Justice Department is coming after us because they're coming after you.
And Trump and all these fake indictments.
And Trump is out of money.
That's why he spent a couple million or less than two million in South Carolina.
She spent 16 million.
He still won by double digits.
But you have to understand.
That literally, we are seen by the enemy as the tip of the spear.
That's why we're on their list.
And that's why I'm not even asking you to go to m4store.com and get products.
I'm not even asking you to do that stuff.
There's great products you already need.
I'm saying, can't you see we're hardcore?
Can't you see we love this country?
I love justice and freedom.
I'm a Boy Scout, folks.
I'm a good guy.
Boy Scout.
I sit here and I watch them raping the living snot out of our country and veterans sleeping on the street while illegal aliens get ninety something thousand dollars a year and it pisses me off and I know even more tyranny is coming and it's humiliating for everybody to go through this.
Well I'm not going to sit here on my knees and be humiliated.
I'm going to fight these people.
I just want this to sink in.
Isn't some throwaway line when I say share articles and videos or share articles from Roger Stone or his videos or reports?
It's frickin' life and death, people.
There's a saying, no one knows who first said it, but the propaganda wouldn't be necessary if the situation was hopeless.
Or maybe it goes, if the situation was hopeless, the propaganda wouldn't be necessary.
It goes both ways.
And we know that hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good men make
Strong, hard times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make strong times.
Or bad times.
Can't seem to get it right, folks.
Maybe the third time.
Bad times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make hard times.
There you go.
Got it the third time.
The point is, is that this is such a legendary moment to be alive with horrible criminals that just want to rob the hell out of everything and aren't even thinking two, three, four steps ahead of what they're doing.
All these big billionaires are building bunkers themselves.
I think the end of the world's here.
So they rob everything, screw everything up, destabilize it, consolidate power, and then they have nowhere to even spend their money.
So we're in those hard times that weak men make and we're trying to get through that as strong men to bring back the good times is what I meant to say.
And that's where we are.
And to sit here and to experience the CIA and MI6
And Dubai and all their groups attack us.
It doesn't make me feel like a victim.
It pisses me off that they have no respect for Americans and they think we're here to be bullied and attacked and intimidated as independent members of the press that stand for something.
They are attacking you.
They are coming for your pensions and your social security.
They're coming for your children.
They're coming for everything.
And they'll take every damn thing you've got if you don't support the people that are telling the truth.
So I'm telling you, it isn't some hobby.
It isn't something you do in the time you've got on the side.
If every man, woman, and child listening to me doesn't realize that your voice right now, this is an info war, is the most critical thing,
You might as well just join the enemy, folks.
Twice the number of ballots ever cast in South Carolina.
That signals massive landslide to me.
But that is going to elicit, just like in 2016 election night, I said, this will make the enemy realize they're losing.
They're going to have a huge response.
So they're in full panic mode.
Here's Trump.
I was just informed that we got the highest number of votes that has ever been received in the great state of South Carolina.
So Roger, I can't state how epic the moment is, because reality is always stranger than fiction, and people get confused by Netflix and sports and movies and all this crazy entertainment.
This is entertainment.
This is their futures.
This is their lives.
So I'm going to try to shove you to the floor for the next 10 minutes or so, then I've got more questions.
How would you quantify this moment in history?
How is Trump doing?
What can we do to win?
How big is this South Carolina win?
What are they going to do?
Birdbrain, what she's going to do?
What do you expect next, Roger Stone?
Alex, I think it has been a momentous weekend, not just because of Trump's incredible victory in South Carolina, where he went right into the belly of the beast.
This is the state that knows Nikki Haley best.
This is the state where she served as governor, and he beat her by almost two to one.
It was an extraordinary victory.
But more importantly, look at the President's remarks at the Religious Broadcasters Association meeting in Nashville.
You know, kind of like President Nixon, who was a man of faith, but who didn't like to talk about it because he thought his faith was a private matter.
Took people like Billy Graham and Norman Vincent Peale and others to encourage him to talk more publicly about his faith.
You can see Donald Trump calls for the hand of God, calls for the protection of the Almighty Lord in his remarks to the religious broadcasters.
It was one of the most moving things I saw this weekend because, yes, we're going to need divine intervention for total victory, but I already see the hand of God moving.
I see it.
You see it in the exposure of the epic corruption of this prosecutor, Fannie Wills, and her lover
A personal injury lawyer boyfriend who they've tried to dress up as a RICO prosecutor.
You see it in the decision by the US Supreme Court not to let the special counsel leapfrog the appeals court in order to speed up the time frame for a trial of Donald Trump.
You see it in Miami, where on Friday, Trump's lawyers filed a motion, which I think is constitutionally sound, questioning the legality of Jack Smith's very appointment, because he was never approved by the U.S.
Senate, because he was not a sitting U.S.
attorney, also questioning the legality of the funding of his investigation.
These are big things that got little notice.
So Trump is unstoppable as a political force.
This New York case, Alex, has backfired spectacularly.
Yeah, I understand the financial pain.
I understand what's happened here.
They want a half billion dollars from him in a fine.
But in order to appeal that decision, he has to post a bond, essentially of a half billion dollars, just to get an appeal.
So he gets punished pending appeal.
While liberals in Manhattan may think this is great,
As I talk to people around the country, and I was in Pittsburgh for a great speech with Pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth on Thursday night at his incredible church.
People are offended by this.
They see the politicization.
They see the victimization.
They see Trump being treated differently than anyone has ever been treated.
No one's ever been prosecuted under this law.
There are no victims.
The banks that he borrowed money from, every single one of them testified in his favor in the trial.
They made millions off of him.
And they conducted their own independent appraisal of the assets that he used for collateral in those loans.
There's no victim here.
Nobody was harmed.
In fact, that's why no one brought this complaint.
No one went to the Attorney General and said, oh, I was defrauded by Donald Trump.
She invented this crime out of thin air.
It is absolutely evil.
You've been through this, Alex, where you're guilty before the trial even begins.
They declare you guilty before you're allowed to put on any defense.
That's exactly what Trump's gone through.
It is having the exact opposite desired effect.
It is making Trump stronger.
I've looked at the most recent polling.
I've looked at his inroads among Hispanic voters, among black voters, among younger voters.
People are totally fed up with Joe Biden and the ineffective policies of corruption combined with this illegal invasion in our border.
Which is manifesting itself in a fentanyl crisis, a crime epidemic, while it bankrupts cities, states, and counties across the country, forcing them, as I said earlier, to cut social services on Americans, cut all services on American citizens, so we can pay for illegals.
And by the way, Roger, before you keep going, I never got to it Friday.
I should have.
I had five or six clips I wanted to play.
They're giving me the list right now.
It was so powerful.
Trump is a Christian.
You've known him 45 years.
I've talked to people that know him behind the scenes.
He has prayer meetings at his house.
Nobody even knows about that.
I talked to Rodney Howard Brown, and he said, nobody knows this.
And he was telling me about it, like Trump going back a decade.
It just loves, he's a Christian.
He loves evangelicals.
That's why the media is attacking him and says he doesn't.
But he literally called on God to protect him in America.
He said, we will defend Christians against this evil force.
I mean, this was an amazing
Absolutely amazing stuff, and I meant to get to that.
This is seismic that Trump is now calling on God openly.
That scares the hell out of the left.
There's nothing that enrages them more or makes them mock you more than for you to simply say that you're redeemed in the blood of the cross.
They become apoplectic.
They become hysterical when you say that.
They don't understand that people change.
They don't understand when you replace fear with faith.
They don't believe it's possible.
It's because they don't worship the Almighty.
They think it's a fairy tale.
They think it's some kind of joke.
But it's not a joke.
And as you and I both know, and neither one of us are saints, that's for damn sure, but God never loses.
He never loses.
That's why this nation will not be destroyed by a bunch of atheistic, godless globalists who want to mock us because of our deep belief in Jesus Christ.
Extremely powerful.
Since you mentioned it, I've got the list here.
I've got like 10 clips.
I can't play them all.
President Trump vows to restore the timeless truth that God created two genders.
Trump, I will stand proudly with our friend and ally.
He goes on, Trump, in God we trust.
We will never change that motto.
President Trump pledges to cut funding for schools pushing CRT.
We've got Trump, we will need the hand of the Lord and Almighty God.
Let's play clip 15.
Let's play clip 15, 16, 17, and 18 back-to-back.
Here it is.
This time the greatest threat is not from the outside of our country.
I really believe this.
It's from within.
It's the people from within our country that are more dangerous than the people outside.
We can handle China.
We can handle Russia.
We can handle all of them if you have a smart leader.
But the inside people are very dangerous.
They're very sick people, in my opinion, in many cases.
They're sick.
I'm here today because I know that to achieve victory in this fight, just like in the battles of the past, we still need the hand of our Lord and the grace of Almighty God.
We have to have that.
They're weaponizing law enforcement to target parents, conservatives, and Catholics.
More than anybody, Catholics.
What's going on with Catholics?
Do we have any Catholics in this audience?
Raise your hand, please.
I just want to see.
Not too many, but I will tell you, how the hell do you vote for this person?
They have gone after Catholics.
That's probably why we don't have any in this audience.
But there's one sitting in first row, and he's a very important one, I will tell you.
No, but how Catholics, I mean, they've been, they're being persecuted.
But Evangelicals, and they're all on the list.
What they cannot stand is that, in the end, we do not answer to bureaucrats in Washington.
We answer to God in heaven.
We do.
We answer to God in heaven.
So today I come before you as a friend and an ally and a fellow believer to ask for your help and your support and your prayers for this country.
We need your prayers most importantly.
And I make you a simple promise in my first term I fought for Christians harder than any president has ever done before.
You know that.
You know that.
Roger, you mentioned this.
This is just bombshell.
I've got a few more clips to talk about, but I'm glad you reminded me of this.
Trump is a Christian, his family's Christian, but it's private for him.
He doesn't see himself as a preacher.
He sees that as, I know people that know him, as manipulative.
But now he's calling on God openly, realizing how epithetous this is.
This is really scaring the power structure.
And now mainstream media is openly saying the number one threat is Christians.
You know, Alex, you're absolutely right.
Remember the great Christian prophet, Kim Clement?
Who foresaw the rise in election of Donald Trump.
And he specifically said that he saw a man who was not a religious man, but a man who prays.
I think that's a perfect, perfect description of Donald Trump.
I also think that no person, and Lincoln wrote about this extensively, who is in this position as president of the United States does not feel at some point
They desperately, urgently need the hand of God, the guidance of God Almighty.
So yes, Trump has surprised me about how more openly he's begun talking about his faith.
Normally, I mean, I knew he went to Norman Vincent Peale's church there on, I guess it's
Fifth Avenue, I think it is, on a regular basis.
But I thought that he, like Nixon, during the time that he was president and running for president, he thought religion was a private matter.
He refused to use his faith to try to win votes.
But the Democrats are openly attacking Christians, so all bets are off.
No, look, it's actually the only way we can win.
When people interview me, as I did with Pastor Jonathan Shuttlesworth on Thursday, and they say, what's your strategy?
How are we going to win this?
And I say, well, an important part of my strategy
Is prayer, is dedicated prayer.
People don't expect to hear that from a hard-boiled political operative, but I'm a person, I've experienced seven miracles in my life personally.
The fact that I'm even here with you today is a miracle.
No, no, it's beautiful, but the point is, is that, is that
They've made it a spiritual battle.
It is a spiritual battle.
And they've tried to intimidate Christians and act like it's a weakness for us because they're scared of it and Trump is trumping them with this.
Let's play clip... Let's play clip 18 and 19.
Here they are.
And I really believe it's the biggest thing missing from this country.
It's the biggest thing missing.
We have to bring back our religion.
We have to bring back Christianity in this country.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Joe Biden, because of his gross incompetence, is a threat to democracy.
Big threat to democracy.
To reverse these monstrous abuses of power, the moment I win the election, I will appoint a special task force to rapidly review the cases of every political prisoner who has been unjustly victimized by the Biden regime.
Never again will the federal government be used to target religious believers.
They are targeting religious... This is so powerful.
Let's enclose it here and give Roger some time to respond and add some final points in the five minutes we have left.
Let's play clip 21 and clip 20... 23, here it is.
We'll also take historic action to defeat the toxic poison of gender ideology and restore the timeless truth that God created two genders, male and female.
So crazy.
This is Trump taking the gloves off, folks.
I love it.
In God we trust, we will never change that motto.
You know, there are many, many people that want to change that motto.
That motto will never change.
That motto will never change.
It's a magnificent motto, and we've had it, and we're not going to let people talk about that.
I'll never change.
Roger, I thought about you last Thursday when he gave that speech, and Friday I should have covered it.
I get so much research, so much I'm intending to get to, I don't get to.
This is big.
I mean, I don't think you can understate how big this is.
This is the biggest thing.
I wouldn't even say it's the part of the strategy, it's the strategy, the appeal to heaven.
There's no question about it.
Look, in order to have a free, fair, honest election, in order to overcome what I think is going to be massive attempts at cheating,
Once again, we need divine intervention.
We've already seen it.
As I said earlier, you see it developing in these various cases.
Trump is on a magnificent return for the White House.
Let's talk about that.
Every one of his enemies is being exposed.
It's true.
It's absolutely true.
By the way, I selfishly pray for God to give, God's already done it.
God's done so much for me, but I hope people pray for you and I too.
Most of it for Trump, but I mean, it's real.
We need a little, I'm going to keep going no matter what, but boy, God, I'm appealing to you, please.
We love it.
Please help us.
It's funny that you say that.
Saturday morning, I said to President Trump that Mrs. Stone and I are praying for you.
And he said, don't pray for me, pray for our country.
Shows you how selfless he is.
See, I'm being greedy here.
So that's big.
Slow down.
That's news.
I'll put a whole video on it.
I'll spend two minutes.
Roger, you just talked to Trump about some of the statements he's making about defending Christianity.
You talked to him this weekend.
What did he say?
I was on his way to back to South Carolina.
I just texted him to wish him good luck.
Uh, and, uh, he said, and I said, Nydia and I, my wife, are praying for you.
And he said, uh, pray for our country.
Give my regards to the beautiful Nydia.
It was really a touching moment.
Uh, Trump is, is, uh, he understands the big picture here, Alex.
He understands that he is the last, best hope.
We've seen this before where one man, uh,
The Constitution and the future of the country relies on one man.
We saw it with George Washington.
We saw it with Abraham Lincoln, a man who spoke and wrote extensively about the role of faith in his leadership of the country.
And now Trump has begun talking about it openly when he used to just talk about it privately.
So yes, I do think it's a watershed moment.
And for those who are
Disillusioned or those who are fearful or those who think that this won't work, you have to replace your fear with faith.
Faith just completely replaces fear.
Put your faith in the Almighty and pray for ultimate success.
By the way, no, we don't worship Donald Trump.
That's one of the lies of the left.
All these cultists, they worship Trump.
No, we revere Trump as a leader.
We revere him as a Christian.
We worship only God.
That's an egregious smear of the left.
Well, we just saw his incredible speech at the big religious broadcasters group and all that.
But bottom line, the president told you, pray for America.
President Trump tells Americans, pray for America.
I mean, that's it.
Rather than pray for him, which I think just demonstrates the selfless nature of the man.
But he understands the power of prayer.
If everybody watching this broadcast will pray tonight for our country and for the continued safety of Donald Trump, which I think is absolutely key.
That's my closing question with one minute left and then Owen takes over.
What do they do now?
They're in full panic mode.
Nothing's worked for them.
I'm really worried about Trump.
Well, they're capable of anything.
I didn't even want to think it because it's so unthinkable.
I mean, look, I wrote a book on the assassination of John Kennedy, the man who killed Kennedy, the case against LBJ, where I made that case.
They killed one president.
I pray to God for the absolute protection of his servant, Donald J. Trump.
Roger Stone, come back on this week.
So much to talk about.
God bless you.
The big spying story is so massive.
We're going to post this on X. Needs to go mega viral.
This is crimes they've committed against America, terrorizing American citizens that are patriotic and loyal.
Roger Stone, StoneZone.com.
Thank you so much.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you and have a great Sunday.
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