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Air Date: Feb. 18, 2024
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In this episode of his show, Alex Jones discusses the alleged intelligence operations against former US President Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign and claims made about a GCHQ document related to it. He accuses Barack Obama and global intelligence agencies of conspiring to commit treason on a large scale. The speaker then talks about the corruption within the judicial system, stating that judges are being blackmailed into doing what they're told by special interests. They argue that the Supreme Court justices and federal prosecutors are complicit in this corruption, leading to a situation where the deep state feels arrogant because they have control over the CIA, other agencies, and the courts. The podcast discusses how people have been able to witness corruption in real-time due to live streams of trials on platforms like YouTube. This has made the public aware of the flaws within the justice system, which has garnered significant attention and debate. It is also mentioned that judges who are corrupt are being called out and their decisions questioned, leading to potential changes in the judicial system. Alex Jones encourages listeners and viewers to support InfoWars by buying products from their store. He highlights the quality of RebelZen CBD oil and its potential health benefits such as reducing anxiety, relieving pain, decreasing inflammation, and improving sleep. He also discusses the importance of supporting alternative media outlets like InfoWars in order for them to stay on air. The speaker talks about his journey and how he has become satisfied after committing himself to the war against evil forces. He shares his belief in God and talks about how he has been moving closer to God every day and feeling sorry for the deceived evil people serving corruption. In this broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to race, politics, and health. He criticizes the media for promoting a narrative of open season on white people while ignoring incidents of violence against white individuals. Jones emphasizes the importance of unity among all races and calls for an end to the divisions created by globalist agendas. Alex Jones talks about his products that are meant to energize listeners unlike other revolutionaries who resort to robbery and kidnapping. He then discusses slavery's existence in various cultures throughout history including Africa where it still occurs but isn't reported by the Western media due to it being black-on-black slavery. In this Infowars broadcast, the host discusses various issues including inflammation and its effects on health, turmeric as a natural remedy for inflammation, the book "The Great Awakening" which focuses on defeating globalists and launching a new renaissance, and products available at InfoWarsStore.com such as Body's ultimate turmeric formula and The Great Awakening book."

In 2008, something unbelievable happened for us in the FBI.
We were getting lots of rumors about this high-level asset that worked for several intelligence agencies at the same time.
He worked for the Saudi Intelligence Service.
He worked for the CIA.
And he was being developed as a political asset in Chicago, Illinois.
He was not even a United States citizen.
But it was said that he was a student visa.
And that he was a national from another country.
In 2008, everyone in the intelligence structure found out who he was.
It was this individual who became president in 2008 of the United States.
When they ran him for president, the cabal, basically, this was the culmination of so many of their plans for so many years.
His mission was to destroy the United States from within, one institution at a time.
They spied on my campaign, Leslie.
There's no real evidence of that.
Of course there is.
It's all over the place.
Leslie, they spied on my campaign and they got caught.
Can I say something?
You know, this is 60 Minutes.
And we can't put on things we can't verify.
You won't put it on because it's bad for Biden.
We can't put on things we can't verify.
Leslie, they spied on my campaign.
Well, we can't verify that.
It's been totally verified.
GCHQ has probably the most invasive network intercept program anywhere in the world.
And it's the world's first full take, they call it.
And that means content in addition to metadata on everything.
Top secret 2016 United Kingdom Government Communications Headquarters document signed off by GCHQ Director Robert Hennigan under the umbrella of New World Order loon Boris Johnson details an operation known as Project Folsom.
Boldly stating, 1.
28th of August, 2016, GCHQ-CSO filed for permission to execute Project Folsom at the request of the U.S.
President, Barack Obama, seeking intelligence gathering into the Trump Organization and Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.,
We're good to go.
Since Folsom's start, a clear pattern of actionable leads have accrued, both from the Trump campaign itself, from former MI5 agent Michael Steele, and from others.
Four, U.S.
National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice has requested that we continue our surveillance during the transition period, as internal U.S.
intelligence is potentially compromised by the incoming Trump administration.
The verification of the document is still in question.
However, General Flynn has referenced the document several times for years.
The US intelligence community asked foreign spy agencies to surveil 26 associates of Donald Trump in the run-up to the 2016 election.
The UK's Government Communication Headquarters, which is an intelligence gathering apparatus,
Also known as GCHQ was making contacts with Trump's associates as early as March of 2016, according to the report.
A GCHQ spokesman denied the report, calling it nonsense.
The journalists say that intelligence related to the surveillance effort is housed in a 10-inch binder, which Trump, near the end of his presidency, ordered to be declassified.
But obviously, if this binder contains what we have been told that it contains, which may include raw intelligence, information showing that the U.S.
government, the CIA and the intelligence community of the U.S.
government, initiated the Russia collusion hoax, that it did not occur in the way that the official story, including the Durham investigation, had portrayed it, then that's extremely serious information.
If the FBI then went to go get it in order to continue the cover-up of this information, that obviously adds an even more dramatic wrinkle to this.
Barack Obama, hell-bent on maintaining his executive power, in league with global intelligence agencies, conspired to commit treason on a scale that makes Watergate look like a caveman having a picnic.
John Bowne reporting.
Alright folks, that's an important report on what's currently coming out of this document, but they all bragged that they were doing this before.
But folks, we're standing up for our rights, we're standing up for your rights, we're standing up for all of our freedoms and our children.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
It's Sunday, February 18, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and we are live broadcasting worldwide.
260 days, 7 hours, 53 minutes, 34 seconds out.
The most important election in world history.
A referendum against globalism.
All right.
Two of the three.
While I was there for an hour.
We're good to go.
Every time I go out to eat, yesterday for lunch, I took my middle and youngest daughter out to eat and we went to a very popular family-owned Italian place and I've been there many times, never had the owner come out and bring me a piece of chocolate cake and my daughter's ice cream and say, we're all rooting for you, we know what's happened to you is wrong and we know they're coming for us next.
That's an old Italian family that's had restaurants in Houston and Austin for 70 years.
And I don't start the show to say, oh, look, I'm popular, I'm cool.
Most of you aren't public figures, which is great.
You have your privacy.
I am a public figure, so I'm like a metric or a gauge, a sensor.
And in a year and a half, I've been confronted on the street twice.
And I've shook thousands of hands, brown hands and white hands and
Brown hands, black hands, just everybody.
So the globalists have screwed the pooch.
And people know what they're doing.
And these weaponized court cases against Trump, a whole bunch of them don't even have juries.
And you say, how do they do that?
Well, tonight I want to explain this to people.
And look, I know most of you already know about this, but unless you've been on the inside of it being eaten, inside the belly of it, you really don't get that perspective.
So, attorney and popular talk show host will be joining us, Viva Fry, coming up at the bottom of the hour, to talk about the New York-Ingaran fiasco.
Just a few weeks ago, the second defamation trial for Trump saying he was innocent.
State law, federal law, all state, you can say you're innocent.
It's not defamation.
But they don't care.
And I want to explain how this works.
Because George Soros is a CIA operative.
He's the front man for it.
That's what he is.
We're good to go.
And they get lavish steak dinners.
Everything paid for.
And they go to these week-long conferences...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And say that you don't get a trial.
The judge will then find you guilty.
And then we'll have a show trial because the public still expects one on quote damages.
Now, when that worked on me and a bunch of other people in the last five years, they've now said screw that.
We're just going to have judges say you don't get a jury trial and then say you're guilty on day one of the trial and then have their own trial where you don't get closing statements, you don't get to put forward your evidence, you don't get to say you're innocent.
Remember what came out a few weeks ago in closing arguments?
Trump got so mad and walked out and the judge gave them a list in both the...
We're good to go.
It doesn't matter what the law says.
They do whatever they want because, folks, they own now almost all of the appeals courts and the Supreme Courts of the states, and they are clearly blackmailing.
The Supreme Court justices, both Democrat and Republican, because all of them have taken trips and special favors and things that are kind of gray, but if it's a Republican, they're going to fry them.
That's a big shot across the bow of them coming after Clarence Thomas.
We're good to go.
Off the charts.
It's like if a car has a RPM gauge and it says 8,000 RPMs, well, I mean, people like this judge, Ingeron, are at 20,000 RPMs of corruption.
I mean, it's cartoon level.
So you wonder why the deep state's so arrogant.
They don't just have the CIA and the different agencies illegally working against the American people.
They have the courts.
Almost completely taken over and weaponized because even the judges that aren't in the payroll, federal or state, they're scared because the feds and other groups will come after them for a crooked toenail if they don't do exactly what they're told.
So they tell the judges, hey, you can date the head of a law firm that you're finding cases for
In the bankruptcy court in the Southern District here in Texas.
That's come out.
And then as soon as the judge doesn't do exactly what special interests want, they bring it out.
So what you got is a bunch of lawyers, a bunch of followers who will do whatever they're told.
And that's the baseline.
Then you've got the people...
And the prosecutors like Letitia James, the Attorney General in New York, and Judge Ingaran in New York, and the other judge in New York on both of the, quote, Trump defamation trials are saying, I never met that woman.
There's no witnesses.
You can't even say what month it happened.
25 years ago.
That's ridiculous.
$5 million.
Says he's innocent again.
$80-plus million.
We're good to go.
They come to them and they say, okay, here is your packet of information, and here's what we're telling you you need to do, and will the media be on your side, everything will be controlled, and we've already got the Supreme Court and the state ready to go, so you're going to be fully backed, but here's what you do.
And then they do it.
We're talking about the scum of the earth, okay?
But they wear the little black robes, and they get up there, and that's why so famously in Austin, Texas, and in Connecticut, they're like, you called the judge a tyrant.
Yes, I did.
Well, you call other people tyrants.
Yes, only when they act like it.
I mean, this is all 101, and they've got this facade of, I'm in a robe, everyone pulls my chair out, everyone kisses my ass, and they're just a corrupt lawyer who's already committed so many acts for the system that any time they want, they can have the FBI come after them and arrest them.
So the baseline is a bunch of cowards that'll follow orders, but now you're seeing the thoroughbreds of trash.
The Fannie Willises and the Lewis Kaplans and all the rest of them, the prosecutors, the judges, who think you're so stupid that Trump doesn't even get a jury on you.
A case with $400 million.
Again, almost all these billionaires don't have $100 million laying around.
Oh, they'll say they're worth $5 million, $10 million like Trump, but that's all what his real estate's worth if he sold it all, but it's all leveraged.
Almost all of that is... If Elon Musk tried to pull together $10 million in cash, he'd have a lot of trouble doing it.
It's all invested.
It's all tied into infrastructure.
So, Trump...
He doesn't have that money laying around.
He's already spent hundreds and hundreds of millions defending himself the last few years from these thousands of lawsuits.
And they're just moving forward against him.
And as Trump has said a hundred times, and I'll say it again, they're not trying to get me or Trump.
They're trying to get through us to get to you.
So people always ask me, how are you handling all these attacks?
How are you handling everything's rigged?
And I look at you and I say, do you understand that they're cutting off our energy, they're cutting off our fertilizer, they're imploding our borders, they're destroying our currency.
They're bringing this country down.
So I mourn that and I worry about that and I'm very concerned and very sad about that.
But I realize I'm going down on the Titanic with all of you.
And I'm not saying this audience is like this, but for the general public, it is the inherent laziness and inherent selfishness and the belief that people are islands under themselves and are very insular that you try to warn somebody about something, you try to tell them about something, the general public, they think you're a freaking weirdo, okay?
I mean, here's an example I've seen thousands of times or more.
You'll talk about, hey, the globalists are gutting this company and it's going to crash the stock.
I don't own stock in that.
Why do I care?
Because it affects everything else.
Or I don't care if they're shutting down Dutch farmers or Sri Lankan farmers.
I'm not one of them.
As if it's a moral superiority that you don't care.
The globalists are going to do it to you, and it has ripple effects.
The same globalists ran the same policies worldwide of lockdowns and poison injections.
It's a planetary attack.
Hypothetically, as an analogy, if a big alien spaceship showed up 500,000 miles above the Earth and launched a thousand missiles,
We're good to go.
They're coming for me next.
That's called empathy.
And we have empathy not because we're wimps, people.
It's because when you see something terrible happening to somebody, you instinctively know that could be you next.
So it's been said many times, and I'll say it again, that we've seen the meme, hard times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Black leaders see an attack on them and an attack on Fannie Willis.
What the hell does that have to do with it?
But that's why Soros puts black women in charge of most of these prosecutions thinking they can then hide behind it.
I don't look at that and say, look at this black woman.
I say, look at this evil crook.
It's like when I look at Ingeron, I don't say, look at an old white guy.
I say, look at that disgusting crook.
The judge that covered up the Epstein trial, that ran the trials against Trump.
I think, look at that old white man.
I don't think old white men are bad.
That's another crook.
So, the crooks think they're above the law.
And here's an example, okay?
Travis County, they have elected judges.
And I've had all sorts of court cases in there, and they used to have old-fashioned judges.
Most of them were women, and they would sit there and go over the facts and be incredibly fair.
And the word came in about five years ago, none of you are getting financed for running for office, and they all retired.
Every judge retired in the last three years.
And now every judge, 34 of them, every judge in Travis County, Austin, Texas, is a woman.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You understand, it's a cult, folks.
They went to law school.
They got recruited into these groups.
They got sent to junkets in law school so Soros' people and the CIA could kind of handle the fruit, handle the stuff in the vegetable department.
There are vegetables, culturally, mentally, spiritually.
And then who are they going to basically finance and put in?
And now it's full-on war.
All right?
Absolute, full-on war.
Let me tell you something.
If they had the laws on the books to execute you for saying the sky was blue or denying man-made global warming, I guarantee you these judges would order you executed in a New York second.
There's nothing they won't do.
So when you look at the judges, male and female, going after Trump, and you go, man, they just look like demons, and they laugh, and they cackle, and there's no juries, and how do you do that?
You've got to understand, people, it's like the Nazi party getting in in Germany, and just once Hitler got his people in all the positions, or once the communists take over a country, and once they put the people in the positions, it's over.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I've been in court cases and things and you name it since I was young.
And whether it was Dallas or wherever it was, the judges were deliberative and did a good job.
I had Democrat judges, three different ones, give me custody of my children because they did the research and had assessments done and had me jump through a bunch of hoops and they said, well, we don't like your politics, but you're...
You're the guy to keep your kids.
Ladies and gentlemen, not these new judges.
You have to understand, these people do not care about anything.
They have no morals, no nothing.
They will do anything.
They have been hired because they're stupid.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
They've had, on average, over 100 meetings with these DAs, with these attorney generals.
They have had meal after meal.
They have sat around and laughed about their criminal takeover.
This is their takeover.
This is their assault.
And the few pockets of judiciary that still do their jobs are being hunted.
Soros didn't spend billions of dollars, the CIA taxpayer money he was given, to just open the borders and flood the country.
Soros has spent billions, and he's just one of the big ones.
There's a bunch of groups to literally create this, where people shoot up federal courthouses, firebomb it, shoot people driving in pickup trucks because they're white, and they let them out of jail the next day, and the vice president bailed them out when she was the candidate.
People that shot federal courthouses were bailed out by the Vice President.
They're revolutionaries.
You understand that?
They are evil criminals.
And they're coming for you and your family.
Viva Fries coming up to talk about it with us straight ahead.
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Gunther in Tennessee.
Thanks for calling, Gunther.
Hey, Alex.
First time caller.
Real quick, wanted to plug your foundational energy.
Just started taking that.
And, boy, three pills, the recommended dose, I was bouncing off the walls.
But I tell you, foundational is the right name for that product because I'll cut down to one.
It's like you have a baseline of energy that you were missing before that you got back.
Well, I'm glad you mentioned that because it's methylfolate, the breakdown of folic acid, and a lot of people, particularly Europeans, don't absorb all of the folic acid.
So it's not a stimulant.
It's a totally natural thing that boosts energy that's foundational.
And was I lying to you or did it not work?
No, it was top-notch.
And I was actually taking Red Pill Plus before, and that's got a little folic acid in it.
I think there was a little buildup from this, but the energy from this was no jitters.
I mean, it's top-notch.
It's a great product.
Well, thank you so much.
Yeah, no, folic acid's great and it's in real red pill, but some can't break it down.
This is the breakdown of it.
That's exactly it.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on for your mind.
Alright, I'm going to cover judicial tyranny for another 30 minutes with our special guest attorney, popular talk show host, Viva Frye.
And then I'm going to get into the UN saying, if you don't give us the world pandemic tree to run your life and your body, a disease X is imminent, it's going to kill you.
And then I've got all this other huge news.
80% of Americans test positive for chemical that sterilizes you and bends your genders.
It's in Quaker Oats, Cheerios, and hundreds of other products.
Told you this a long time ago.
It's being done by design.
They know exactly what they're doing.
So they're banning carbon dioxide that plants breathe, but allowing chemicals that literally bend the genders of every animal from ants to honeybees to mammals to...
...to birds.
Any ornithologist can tell you this.
We're going to be going over that next hour.
Also, I posted a video of slavery going on in...
Central Africa, and they got like 5 million views today, put it up last night.
And I saw some people saying slavery isn't happening in Africa.
So I got a bunch of clips and news articles admitting that there are millions in slavery, over 10 million estimated in Africa right now.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So, that's all coming up next hour, but I wanted to get Viva Fry on, from vivabarneslaw.locals.com, on ex-Viva Fry, because he's been doing an excellent job, and he's been going into great depth on it.
Explaining how this is so tyrannical and the weaponization of the judiciary.
I just spent 30 minutes before he came on explaining how big think tanks and organizations that Soros and others run, and the Justice Department, and...
Merrick Garland and others have been part of bringing these lawyers to these junkets and then sign them up and run them for office or get them installed.
And then that's the same weaponization everywhere.
So just a year and a half ago, everybody saw me defaulted in cases in weaponized jurisdictions of Connecticut and Austin, Texas.
And Austin's as bad as D.C.
or New York now.
People say, why do I live here?
That's where I'm from, but I am going to move from here soon.
I must leave this jurisdiction.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That, wow, in many jurisdictions, the courts are as phony as a $3 bill.
But I'd like you to quantify this and then talk about where you think this is going and how you think we should counter it.
Quantify it.
$450 million for Trump in New York because there's $98 million in prejudgment interest that Justice Engeron or Judge Engeron slapped on to the $355 million.
It's impossible to quantify.
It's absurdly in your face.
The only question is going to be whether or not the higher courts, Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, are going to step in and rein in the insanity.
I think I must have mentioned it a lot.
You wonder how tens of millions of people starved under Stalinism, under communism, under socialism.
You're seeing it right now.
I hyperbolically call New York a communist state.
California, California.
You've got Canada, which we call Commie Canada.
This is basically government entities usurping private assets through crook or hook, whichever way you want to go about it.
You get this judge, Angeron, Leticia James, who campaigned off prosecuting a private citizen, a specific citizen.
Campaigned off of it.
Gets the Soros money and gets in there and then does it.
And you get an Angeron-type corrupt judge, judicially corrupt, who says, yeah, I've got the tools to make this happen.
Summary judgment fraud.
And let's explain.
The banks all said...
And tried to testify, but the judge wouldn't let him.
And Trump couldn't even do closing arguments.
He was given a whole list of things he couldn't say in all these show trials.
It's a judge, not a jury.
But Trump can't even say he's innocent.
But the bank said no.
All of Trump's investments paid off.
All the properties actually went up in value more than he projected.
Alex, it's worse than that.
And it was Ivanka who came in and started the testimony, and it was whoever the rep was from the Deutsche Bank came in and said, he didn't defraud us.
We were competing for his business.
He was a whale.
We wanted his business.
He didn't lie to us to get preferential interest rates.
We were giving him preferential interest rates because we wanted his business.
It paid us tens of millions of dollars.
He paid us back in full, and it was good business for everybody.
We're good to go.
This is ridiculous.
This is preposterous.
Remember what happened in my Texas and Connecticut show trial?
People were against me at the first, and they kept saying, when does he get to talk?
When do his lawyers get to talk?
Many days, the judges would say, you don't get to talk.
And they would just get up there and say, he came and he peed on the grave.
No video, no witnesses.
He's got $400 million he got from us.
He never had $5 million.
I mean, they literally just made up anything they wanted to, and people saw that, so they turned off the YouTube comments.
Remember that?
First of all, I remember that.
And those who are not yet awake sat there and said, oh, Alex Jones had a trial.
And I have to sit there and explain to them that what you just saw of a trial was not a trial on the merits.
That was a trial after the default verdict based on purported noncompliance with discovery obligations, all a load of crap.
But people, those who are not awake, were tricked, duped into thinking they saw a trial when they didn't even.
Those who were paying attention knew that this is an absolute joke from the get-go.
And as they're watching this show trial on the damages only, basically what we saw in New York, they're like, how is he even found liable in the first place?
Oh, in your case, default verdict.
In Trump's case, summary judgment from a judge who's on record on camera saying, I've got the tool.
We're good to go.
People still thought we were in a free country, but I think now the veil is lifting.
Well, I think so as well.
I spent two days live-streaming the Fannie Willis evidentiary hearing, and even MSM, I'll call them propagandist hacks of the MSM, they're out there saying, yeah, it's 50-50 that she gets disqualified, and that's in their protective propagandist perspective.
They have to now admit...
It's so patented in your face that it's equally likely that Fannie Willis gets disqualified from this case.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Society as a whole is going to suffer.
I was thinking of that today.
Just like we see a mass exodus out of New York and California, it's going to accelerate now.
And I noticed Democrats heard about the big trucker protest are refusing now to deliver goods to New York.
The Democrats are all like, good, screw you, don't come here, don't deliver food, don't deliver energy.
And now the truckers are getting more pissed.
Can't they see that they're destroying themselves?
They can't see it because they think you go to the grocery store and things are always going to be on the shelves.
They think that because they live in a big city that that is somehow self-sustaining.
It's wild, and it's not just that it's going to accelerate.
We're seeing it now California citizen-wise to Florida.
We're seeing it New York to Florida.
I make a joke.
I see more New Yorkers in Florida than I see Floridians.
Now you're seeing the corporate exodus from Delaware.
When you see activist judges coming in with politically motivated activist decisions...
Chasing out successful enterprise.
It's going to happen.
It's happening everywhere.
And what's going to happen?
New York's going to be bankrupt.
California's going to be bankrupt.
Delaware is going to lose whatever corporate incentives it had to attract business in the first place.
And lo and behold, when people are left starving as they have been historically under socialist regimes, they're going to say, I don't know where it went wrong.
We're watching where it's going wrong in real time.
And if you're not paying attention, you're going to be left literally saying, why the heck are the shelves empty in New York City?
We're good to go.
Colony, now a state, gets taken over, people have a chance to leave, and that creates the balance.
Imagine if we were Venezuela or someplace where they had full control, they could get away with this.
But because they don't, people have a chance to move, so it illustrates it.
And people can, people will, and the states that are rejoicing in the political persecutions are going to suffer the consequences in the long term.
But the bottom line, that New York decision, it's a laughable, sick joke.
The only question is going to be on appeal, is there going to be a court that comes out?
I'm not sure that I would trust the New York court or the state court of appeal.
I don't know where it goes from there.
I don't even trust the Supreme Court because...
Again, they're putting so much pressure on the conservative justices for things that are legal, flying with friends on trips, whatever.
Okay, on a scale of 1 of 100, it's like a 2.
The Democrats are at 100, but they never get any media coverage.
But, I mean, I just hope the Supreme Court isn't being intimidated.
Well, I mean, I think they are.
When you wake up with people, you know, going to the front lawn of Kavanaugh and, you know, nobody cries about it.
Saying they're going to kill him.
It was bad, and the outcry was not nearly as proportionate to the seriousness as it should have been.
But the courts have to step in, but at the end of the day also, there will be political hell to pay.
Or there should be.
There has to be.
And there should be political repercussions.
Stefanik has filed a bar complaint, I think, against Leticia James.
I think she's filed an ethics complaint.
Yeah, that's my next question, but just to digress back.
We're good to go.
Of what's happened with Fannie Willis and just how incredibly revealing this is and the arrogance and the insanity.
So which one of those do you want to tackle first?
The E. Jean Carroll's easy enough.
It's another ridiculous decision with ridiculous monetary compensation.
$85 million, also out of New York.
It's an attempt to bankrupt and just basically take private citizens' assets and reallocate them based on political orientation.
And you had E. Jean Carroll, you know, on MSNBC gloating.
What are you going to do with Trump's money?
Oh, I'm going to take you on a shopping spree, Rachel Maddow.
So it's a joke of a decision, especially because, in my humble opinion, E. Jean Carroll is certifiably crazy and the world has seen it.
But sunlight is the greatest disinfectant.
Put these cameras on these trials, and everyone will see in real time how preposterous it is.
Fannie Willis, it's corruption to the core.
The only amazing thing is they've been getting away with it for so long, they've gotten brazen and complacent in their...
We're good to go.
Alex, I mean, we had 25,000 people watching the Fannie Willis trial live on my channel alone.
Robert Gouveia watching The Watcher had 27,000.
I mean, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are now witnessing the corruption in real time.
By the way, that's at one time.
You had millions of viewers.
Oh yeah, it's wild.
And then the recaps, I mean, people are understanding what's going on.
And it is amazing.
Cameras in the courtroom, there's a reason why some courts don't allow it, don't want it.
There's a reason why some prosecutors don't want it.
Once you see this corruption and once it's exposed to the world, people are going to say, what the hell is going on?
My tax dollars are going for this?
I mean, I'm literally paying... Oh, I was re-watching you like two...
My wife comes in, she goes, hey, the kids are asleep, let's watch a movie.
I said, no, I'm watching this.
She said, I'm sick of politics.
She starts watching, two hours later, we're still watching it.
This was as entertaining as any episode of L.A.
Law, except it's real, in real time.
I don't know that it's going there.
But I mean, look, it's wild to see.
I can't understand how some people are still reluctant to appreciate it and to condemn it, even if they like it, politically speaking.
Michael Cohen was on, I think it was MSNBC yesterday.
He's gloating in this Judge Engeron decision because a corrupt judge looks at Michael Cohen and says, this guy, it's not because he's a perjurer that he's always lying, and so there's vindication.
Oh yeah, $355 million...
I'm good with it because it'll never happen to me.
Anybody who thinks this will never happen to you because of political orientation, you're living in a pipe dream.
That's where I was going.
Hitler was in World War I, Iron Cross first class, bad guy, but a war hero.
And he would not allow nerve gas to be used because he got hit with German nerve gas twice when it blew back.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I would say give them due process because I don't want to lose mine.
Don't they get where chivalry came from?
Chivalry doesn't come from being a pussy where we don't attack women and children.
We do it because we don't want ours attacked.
We know in a war it's a two-way street, dumbasses.
And Alex, it's like they don't understand this.
It's like you look at a Fannie Willis who's now corruptly prosecuting a Trump.
Ask yourselves how many impoverished, disenfranchised, vulnerable people they've gotten away with doing the exact same thing to.
For the party that clamors about criminal justice reform, rejoicing in this, rejoicing in abuse of the civil process –
This is how it was done, weaponized, used to imprison the vulnerable throughout history.
And if anybody thinks, oh, I'm cool, I'm a Democrat in New York, well, get into a fight with your mayor.
Get into a fight with the governor and see how they come after you for tax fraud because you overvalued your house for the purposes of a mortgage that you may have paid off.
They will understand it by the time it's too late.
And by the way, I knew this when they were doing it to me, theoretically.
Now we know these test cases on myself and Trump, they are now expanding massively.
So they're definitely testing, using us as test cases.
Well, for sure.
I mean, I didn't even fully appreciate how you were the test case on the one end for the lawfare, for the deplatforming.
Like, once they got away with it... I didn't either, Viva.
I didn't understand it either.
Sorry, go ahead.
I don't think anybody really appreciated it until they deplatformed the President of the United States of America while he was still sitting.
And then fabricate these criminal charges out of January 6th.
Orchestrate, in my humble opinion, let it happen, made it happen, whatever.
January 6th, Fed's direction so that you can fabricate these charges against...
No, I
I totally agree.
I know you've got your own show coming up with Robert Barnes here soon.
Join me again this week for a full hour with Robert.
Thanks for the time.
If you can do it, let's set that up right now.
But separately, you're a smart guy.
What are you predicting comes next?
This is definitely backfiring, but they don't seem to care.
I am predicting, and I hope it's not grotesque optimism, I'm predicting the E. Jean Carroll verdict gets overturned.
I mean, the evidentiary rules that were violated there, I think, are overwhelming.
Sent back for a retrial, maybe.
In Engeron, look, it's not just that it needs to get overturned on appeal.
Engeron needs to get sanctioned for what he's done.
You read that decision.
We're good to go.
Summary judgment so that you can get there.
It needs to be overturned in order to preserve any semblance of justice in people's faith in the judicial system.
And if there's any justice, there will be some sanctions against the judge and Leticia James.
If not sanctions, political repercussions.
And a snapshot on Georgia.
That's got to be the most ridiculous.
I am predicting that Fannie and...
Nathan Wade are going to get disqualified.
Dude, what's the guy's name?
The judge, McAfee, who's been very reasonable, very objective, even if I don't like all of his decisions, but I can understand them, I think he's disqualifying the two of them.
He'll give it to another DA from another county and leave the political question up to that DA.
But the courts have to start getting involved, because it is a fundamental social fabric question.
I was about to say, do the courts get they're being destroyed right now, like the Justice Department's destroyed itself, and the courts are just burning themselves down while they're laughing?
I think the courts are starting to get it.
Even if I looked at Canada, some of the COVID lawsuits in Canada, I think the courts are starting to get it.
Public opinion is starting to change a little bit so that these judges might be getting a little more social courage to come up with the right and the righteous decisions.
Well, that's right.
For people that don't know, that's a whole other deal.
You had a big high-level court say that Trudeau's basically trying to be a dictator and it was all illegal.
In Canada, you got a federal judge saying the invocation of the Emergencies Act was unlawful.
You got a provincial judge that ordered, basically declared a lot of these COVID public health orders to have been ultra-virus unlawful.
So that political opinion tide is turning a little bit.
That's when societies fall.
Viva, I know you got to go.
Get on the horn with my crew tonight.
Talk to Bob.
I want to get both you guys on for two-hour extravaganza like we did a month ago.
Millions of people watched.
Please join me this week.
A thousand percent, Alex.
Thank you so much, sir.
Yeah, literally, I watched this guy like ten hours this week.
My wife's like, what is this?
All of a sudden, she's like, well, let's keep watching it.
He does a great job.
Okay, we're going to start the next hour.
Love that guy.
Huge other news.
Show me other topics.
But let me end this hour with a couple of clips that have been seen hundreds of millions of times.
People get it.
Here's a clip from the show trials in Connecticut and Texas that blew up in these scumbag faces.
Here it is.
And you've called this judge a tyrant, correct?
And you actually use that word a lot with your audience.
You call people tyrants, don't you?
Only when they act like it.
One of the things you've been talking about on your show is your allegation that government officials are aiding in pedophilia, child trafficking, and the grooming of children, right?
You mean like what Jeffrey Epstein did with the Klungs?
Tomorrow night here is ridiculous!
Oh my goodness!
Uh, guys, these tyrants will fail because they've got to fail, but people are waking up fast.
Hour number two straight ahead, InfoWars.com, forward slash show.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
If people somehow put aside the obvious danger to their ability to earn and maybe to their lives of saying what needs to be said, then we greatly outnumber those we are pitted against.
They are ferociously powerful, but I would also point out this interesting error.
So I call the force that we're up against Goliath, just so I...
I remember what the battle is.
Goliath made a terrible mistake, and it made it most egregiously during COVID, which is it took all of the competent people, took all of the courageous, and it shoved them out of the institutions where they were hanging on.
And it created, in so doing...
The Dream Team created every player you could possibly want on your team to fight some historic battle against a terrible evil.
All of those people are now at least somewhat awake.
They've now been picked on by the same enemy.
And yeah, alright, we're outgunned.
It has a tremendous amount of power.
But we've got all of the people who know how to think.
So, I hate to say it, or maybe I like to say it, but...
I don't think it's a slam dunk, but I like our odds.
But to not appreciate the parts of the puzzle that nobody's expert at.
They're dealing with complex systems layered upon each other.
That they were diabolical but knew what they were doing.
Then my sense is, well, all right, we're in for a bad hundred years.
And that's terrible, but that's not extinction, right?
I think we're actually headed for extinction because I think these people have no idea what they're playing with.
They do not understand what needs to be preserved in order to keep the world functional enough for them to live in.
How is that conversation not taking place?
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I got a ton of absolutely over-the-top, vital, over-the-target information coming up.
We're going to join a bunch of radio stations and TV stations that come back on with us at 6 after.
It's 5.03, 20.
But look, those doctor, performer, professor, Brett Weinstein clips have gone viral from Joe's show and my show.
Some people said, oh, he's saying the globalists are incompetent.
They're so powerful, they've got a master plan.
Yeah, they do.
And they've got an evil force, Satan, that is encouraging them.
But they themselves are fools.
And they're not all powerful, and evil's not all powerful.
And I've talked about this for almost 30 years on air.
It'll be 30 years in the middle of April.
I don't know the exact date, but I first got on air in 1994 in April.
I did stuff a little bit before that, speaking to city councils and things, but it'll be 30 years in April.
And I see all these other people saying, oh, there's no way Joe's for real or Tucker or this, you know, because they'd have a perfect pedigree of 30 years on air like myself or David Icke or somebody.
That's just not how it works, folks.
We're winning, and we've got to be ready to start winning and turning the tide.
It doesn't mean we're offering some utopia like the left does or some perfect plan.
But at least we're not with a new water plan to poison everybody and depopulate everybody.
So, we are winning.
Hearts and minds.
We're winning the information war.
The globalists, though, still have physical control.
And the UN treaty's key.
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It's Alex Jones.
Alright, we're now into hour number two of this live Sunday, February 18, 2024 transmission.
And the only reason we're still on air is because of you, and don't forget that.
I appreciate you all, and I salute you.
And I believe our most important work is still to come, but regardless, we put 30 years into this fight.
Everything else from here is pure gravy.
Because now, I've said a thousand times or more on air, my goal has become obsolete.
My goal is for people to finally get their under attack and start researching the New World Order's battle plans.
They've been so arrogant, almost all of it's public.
And it's starting to happen.
It's starting to happen.
Unfortunately, so much of the plan is already in place.
They have...
Past the event horizon or the point of no return.
The system is going to crash.
But will it be a controlled crash, a survivable crash, or unsurvivable?
I wished I could turn this around, but I can read the Bible.
We don't.
And it's before the beast wages war against the saints and overcomes them.
Read Revelation.
That then you have a few years of hell, and then the greatest revival ever seen comes out of that.
So the devil doesn't win when he wins that battle.
We're planting the seeds so that when that tyranny comes, it's like sunlight and water to seeds.
Then they sprout.
But we are the Gauleiters.
We are the men and women preparing the way.
That's what we're appointed to do.
We've been appointed for a purpose.
And I am just extremely not proud, not invigorated, but satisfied
I've never in my life been so satisfied.
Growing up, I was a great looking guy and strong and smart and had anything I wanted.
Hang out with the coolest people, have all the best women, but I wasn't satisfied.
And it wasn't until I went under the attack of the New World Order and committed to this war that I have become so satisfied.
I'm a totally different man.
And the reason I tell everybody that is this.
All these evil people keep committing acts of evil thinking it's going to satisfy them.
And they keep upping the ante, doing worse and worse things, thinking magically somehow they're going to be satisfied.
And you're not going to become satisfied until you learn the truth and then stand for the truth and then you are persecuted for the truth.
Because I'm not a sadomasochist.
I don't like pain.
Until now.
And for every painful thing that happens, and like Job, I say, God, I believe in you, and I understand you're teaching me, and then as soon as I make that decision, within hours or days, new doors blow open, blast open.
It's literally like a video game as you pass each level.
And each level I escape further from Satan's control, further from his temptations, further from his grasp, closer to God every day, every minute.
And then you look back and you see the evil people serving corruption and how they think they're the winning team and you feel sorry for them.
Because most of them are just deceived.
But a small percentage of them have committed the ultimate sin.
They have the intellect, they have the spirit, they have the potential in God's plan to serve the Master.
And they made the decision consciously when God laid out a plan to them and they followed it under free will to do incredible things and empower people, but they look at God and they say, it is better to reign in hell...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And every moment is just pleasure, and everything is so beautiful, it's beautiful, things that are uglier, even uglier.
If you call this service, well, give me a lot more of this.
Give me a lot more of this.
But somehow they got interdicted at a point in their life by the devil that they have no idea what we're even talking about.
We might as well be talking Martian to these globalists.
But I'm not looking to try to convert them.
They've committed the ultimate sin.
They have refused the Holy Spirit.
It's unbelievable that they've done it.
You just refused absolute perfection, absolute eternity, total consciousness.
You don't have that, but you are literally in Congress with that.
You are interfacing.
God is the groom.
You are the bride.
You are literally being brought into a system of ascension.
And just as the blasters, just as the main engines, you watch how a rocket takes off, it's moving a few inches a second at first, then a few feet, then a hundred feet a second, then a thousand feet a second, and you watch it take off slow and then... I mean, you immediately dial into this and it's like the engine...
I mean, the difference between Christ energy and satanic energy is not even a difference.
It's not even in the same universe.
It's so pathetic.
When you look at this judge in New York, Ingeron, or Leticia James, or V.I.
Lennon, or Mao Zedong, you look at these sacks of weakness.
And you ask, how could they... How could something be this disgusting?
They love it.
They think it's funny.
And so I hope they revel in their time.
Because the devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows his time is short.
My time is not short.
I will...
Be grafted into God's consciousness.
If I'm successful.
And I pray I will be.
And I will be eternal.
Imagine an eternity cut off from God.
Everything we have, God gave us.
Everything we are, God made us.
And you would deny your father...
All right, let's shift out of the preaching and let's talk about the news because I've prepared, as usual, quite a bit for this broadcast.
I come in here usually and prepare for seven, eight hours and then cover one-tenth of it, and that's okay.
It's in all my research of this that I can then understand the enemy's operations and how to counter it.
But I'll just say this.
I am so sad for all of you that have not chosen God and who are in opposition to God and who are in rebellion to God.
You will be broken into a thousand pieces and then broken again and again.
You have damned yourselves to hell.
And I know you think you're going to claw a bunch of children and innocents along with you.
But I know in God's great mercy,
And great perfection that all of your delusional plans will be destroyed.
But now let's end this Sunday Bible Hour and move into the news.
Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization, an admitted Marxist-Leninist communist who helped the UN kill over a million of its people in Ethiopia, not giving medical aid to them over a decade ago, was promoted because of his willingness to kill his own people.
Just like Gigi Ping sat there in the 1960s and watched his sister beaten to death by the Maoist youth brigades in the struggle session and watched his father beaten half to death by the crowd and he joined in and kicked his father in the face and spit on him when his father had done nothing but own a farm and employ people.
Satan saw that and how beautiful it was to his sickening eye and said, you will betray your sister.
You will betray your father.
You're a man after my own heart.
And so now we see the United Nations and their world government pandemic treaty
Openly takes control of every major government.
At the government's invitation, Hedro said a few weeks ago, we don't make you do it, you sign it.
We don't control you and lock you in your house and make you take shots.
Your governments do.
And so their treaty...
The final version of it published weeks ago.
They say they're probably going to write a new one.
Whatever they say is a lie.
Final version.
Well, you know, there'll be ten more versions or more.
And Tedros says, Oh, there'll be disease X and disease Y and disease Z. And if you don't sign on to the treaty, I can't protect you.
That's called putting a gun to your head.
It's called holding you hostage.
It's called a global government power grab.
And all the actuaries at insurance companies and government numbers and government whistleblowers come out and how their people are dying, 20 plus million, and record cancer and all the disease and everything and the infertility.
And there's Tedros up there at the World Government Forum.
At the World Government Summit.
Oh, the New York Times and the Washington Post.
They say there's no world government.
It's a conspiracy theory.
It's a pipe dream.
It's a lie.
But there they are at their world government summit in Dubai.
And Klaus Schwab, in fact, that clip's from Friday.
Pull that up, too.
Klaus Schwab comes out and says, oh, yes, we're going to take over your bodies now and perfect you with nanotechs and chips in your blood, and we're going to have one giant hive mind, and everything will be... I mean, just whether it could happen or not, it's all theoretical.
This is psychotic, crazy, cult stuff with a Dr. Evil German whose grandfather was...
The third largest defense contractor for Adolf Alois Hitler.
And they just sit up there and tell you how they're doing all of this and how great it is.
So you better pass our treaty!
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Christians he killed to make room for the Muslims.
Take a breather.
And you just sit there and you think, why in the hell would anybody listen to this guy?
Well, they're not.
The average American's still got a movie they're going to go to or a Netflix show they're going to watch or some party they're going to go to because you know what?
I'm not going to let the world get in the way of my fun.
But you look at those people that spend all their time in entertainment and all their time just having fun.
They are the most miserable people on earth.
While this globalist wants to own your body, we're just supposed to sit back and say, that's okay.
Fannie Willis can persecute the real president of the United States, try to put him in prison for questioning election fraud.
She's black, so it's okay.
Tedros is black, so it's okay if he kills a million of his own people.
It's okay if the UN and the Clintons kill millions of Christians in Rwanda, because, you know, they're liberals.
And I love how, I'm talking about this next segment, when I publish on X or InfoWars, I think it's 5, 10 million views.
Just some white man walking down the street and ten black people run over and beat him to death.
And I see the comments from liberals going, why are you promoting racism?
If there was video of ten white people beating a black person to death, I would instantly publish it and instantly say it was wrong.
But I can't sit here
To all these brutal attacks the leftists promote and the Soros-controlled DAs have let the criminals and others in the green line to rob and kill white people and then say it's okay to have open season on white people.
I'm against open season on black people.
I care about everybody.
I fight against the fact that over half the abortions in this country, with blacks only being 13% of the population, are black people.
I fight to not kill black babies because we're all human.
And we all are made by God, and I'm against that.
But I will not sit here, and I will not watch and see the crime statistics, 20 to 1 black on white crime.
Look it up.
The feds try to suppress it because they're advertising go kill the white people and say that's okay when they kill a bunch of white farmers and the left says they deserve to die in South Africa.
Then the blacks are going to starve to death.
I will not.
So I told everybody, the more you bully me, and the more you tell me not to cover this, the more I will cover it.
So you don't get one post a week of racist blacks attacking whites.
You get five a day now.
And keep complaining.
You'll get 50.
Because the real issue is, why can I find 50 videos a day of racist black people attacking white people, but I can't find one a day of white people?
And when it occasionally happens, it's the top story of the country, because they all want us killing each other.
And use your brains, black people.
You're smart.
And white people.
You're smart.
When everybody sees this being done to whites and no one's told it's part of a globalist Soros rule or plan, whites are going to become anti-black when the vast majority of black people are hardworking good folks and do not support this.
So black and white have to come out and say no war on white people, no knockout games, no Rob Whitey, none of this, which the majority of blacks are for.
They're against that.
So am I.
We have to get past this Soros operation and decry it for what it is.
And then we can save the unborn children no matter what color they are.
Because they have beautiful souls made by God.
So here's Tedros.
He's got over a million dead black people under his belt.
Look it up.
But it's okay because he's black.
And I'll say it, our problem is old white men.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Black people got to see that Black Lives Matter in front of us.
Soros' main mission is to end the nuclear black family and make black men cut their testicles off.
It's in their charter.
Look it up.
Their main mission is to end the black family.
That's your enemy, not me.
I'm not trying to abort you.
I'm not trying to kill your babies.
I don't want your babies to grow up to be brainwashed.
See, if George Soros can't kill your babies, they're going to try to turn them into thugs with gangster rap.
Even Ice Cube came out in CIA programming to turn them into thugs so that they can fill up the prisons.
And on the side, kill a bunch of white people to turn white people into racists so we're not political on issues, we're just political on race.
I've seen the plan, and we're exposing it.
And we're going to beat it together.
But first off, we've got to challenge political correctness, whether it's transgenderism or open borders or white people being told, we've got to sit here and take a bunch of stuff because of what color we are.
I've got four children.
I've tried to shelter them from the system, and they get told everywhere they're bad because of what color they are.
That ain't black people came up with that.
Because black people aren't that evil.
The globalists came up with that, and we all know it!
So we all need to stop singing to the tune and playing along with the Pied Piper of the ADL and the New World Order.
The Southern Poverty Law Center and all the rest of that garbage.
Here's Tedros saying, I got a gun to your head.
More diseases are coming.
Let me run your life or I can't protect you.
Here he is with a gun to your head.
The painful lessons we learned are in danger of being forgotten as attention turns to many other crises confronting our world.
But if we fail to learn those lessons, we will pay dearly next time.
And there will be a next time.
History teaches us that the next pandemic is a matter of when, not if.
It may be caused by an influenza virus, or a new coronavirus, or it may be caused by a new pathogen we don't even know about yet, or what we call disease X. There has been a lot of attention on disease X
Especially recently.
But in fact, it's not a new thing.
We first used the term Disease X in 2018.
It was just the same time I spoke here in this government summit in 2018.
And we used Disease X as a placeholder for a disease we don't even know about yet.
But for which we can nonetheless prepare.
COVID-19 was a disease X. A new pathogen causing a new disease.
That she made in the lab, you piece of filth.
But there will be another disease X. Or a disease Y. Or a disease Z. And as things stand, the world remains unprepared for the next disease X and the next pandemic.
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The Great Reset and the War for the World.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Gunther in Tennessee.
Thanks for calling, Gunther.
Hey, Alex.
First time caller.
Real quick, wanted to plug your foundational energy.
Just started taking that.
And, boy, three pills, the recommended dose, I was bouncing off the walls.
But I tell you, foundational is the right name for that product because I'll cut down to one.
It's like you have a baseline of energy that you were missing before that you got back.
Well, I'm glad you mentioned that because it's methylfolate, the breakdown of folic acid, and a lot of people, particularly Europeans, don't absorb all of the folic acid.
So it's not a stimulant.
It's a totally natural thing that boosts energy that's foundational.
And was I lying to you or did it not work?
No, it was top-notch.
And I was actually taking Red Pill Plus before, and that's got a little folic acid in it.
I think there was a little buildup from this, but the energy from this was no jitters.
I mean, it's top-notch.
It's a great product.
Well, thank you so much.
Yeah, no, folic acid's great and it's in real red pill, but some can't break it down.
This is the breakdown of it.
That's exactly it.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
So, I did a two-hour-plus deep dive this week for Stephen Crowder's Mug Club.
We're going to air some excerpts this week of it on Satanism.
Now, it's all over the news, all the media, being openly promoted, cannibalism, Satanism, abortion clinics that say, come here, we're a Satan-run operation.
When we kill your baby, it's a ritual.
That's mainstream news.
And then, meanwhile, the media runs around, at the same time they're promoting it, saying it doesn't exist.
But the same thing goes on for slavery.
So I'm not going to try to do a history of slavery here for everybody, but slavery's in the Bible.
It's in the Koran.
It's in every culture.
The ancient Mesoamericans had slaves.
In Asia, people were slaves.
People were slaves in Europe.
The Romans mainly had white slaves out of Europe.
Black slavers out of North Africa invaded Spain, and the numbers are shipped more white slaves to Europe.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the Christian areas of Africa do not allow slavery.
It's a fact.
The Muslim areas and the animist areas, they worship animals, they have it.
So there are tens of millions of slaves in Africa right now.
I have all the numbers right here.
So I posted a video on X yesterday that's got millions and millions and millions of views of reportedly an auction.
We're good to go.
The most continual institution in human populations since recorded history 7,000 years ago, slavery.
So everybody did it.
None of us are guilty for it.
Those people are all long dead.
But the point is, is that they're trying to create this guilt to create this division and act like modern white people have something to do with what happened in the past.
By the way, you can look this up.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
So I'm going to roll some of this video.
Slavery is still practiced across large areas of Africa, but because it's black-on-black slavery, the Western media will not cover it.
And just like Western women love packaging and presentation, it's key to marketing.
Watch the children being advertised like the women are shopping at a purse store or something, and there's like the gender reveal.
But, oh, what's in this little bag?
What's in that bag?
Some of these kids are as young as three years old being sold.
And it's terrible, but these are the lucky ones because...
They're going to be put out there as field hands and seriously beaten or killed if they don't work.
Many of the people being sold end up in sex slavery and organ harvesting or in lithium or different mines for electric vehicle batteries.
We can show you kids as young as five working 18 hours a day bare feet in toxic sludge mining chemicals.
And you bet the globalists are involved.
You bet old white men are making the money.
But my point is, why don't you hear about that from Black Lives Matter?
Because you're not supposed to talk about that, folks.
Skip this break coming up.
So let's play for TV viewers.
You'll be able to see Africans, so most of you won't be able to pick up the language, whether it's Congonese or whatever it is.
But here it is.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Alright, the point is it goes on and on and on from there.
Let's read what Professor Thomas Sowell said.
Anybody can look this up.
This is not an opinion.
It's a fact.
More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed.
White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire decades after blacks were freed in the United States in the 1860s.
Anybody can look that up.
Here's another one for the professor.
Blacks were not enslaved because they were black, but because they were available.
Slavery has existed in the world for thousands of years.
Whites enslaved other whites in Europe for centuries before the first black was brought to the Western Hemisphere.
Asians enslaved Europeans.
Asians enslaved other Asians.
Africans enslaved other Africans.
And indeed, even today in North Africa, blacks continue to enslave blacks.
And the Romans at some point had top generals that were black.
They didn't give a damn what color you were as long as you came up through their system.
Now, do you hear Germans today complaining about Italians because their ancestors were enslaved?
They're trying to make you have a chip on your shoulder so they can control you and promise you these reparations like free health care or forgiveness of student loans.
You're never going to get it without a bunch of strings of texts.
So here's some headlines.
Inside the smuggler's warehouse.
Africa's 21st century slave trades.
Irish Times.
Inside the modern slave trade.
Trapping African migrants.
Time Magazine.
Slave markets found on Instagram and other apps.
White and black slaves.
People for sale.
Where lives are auctioned for $400.
Migrants from West Africa are being sold in Libyan slave markets.
The Guardian.
Okay, so we're not making this up, and we're not lessening peoples whose ancestors 180 years ago were slaves, for God's sakes.
The point is, is that it came out 20 years ago that Halliburton was setting up slave camps in Middle Eastern countries for
For making bricks, for you name it, and was shipping in African and Asian slaves.
So, this is so... Here they are burning black slaves.
If you're watching us on TV.
No media coverage.
A few blurbs about it.
So this is going on.
What about the illegal aliens they bring in?
They call them migrants.
And they even admit in the New York Times hundreds of thousands work in tire factories and cereal factories late at night, hardly any food, 18 hours a day.
But they're brown slaves, so it's okay.
No, we should stand up for everybody because if they can do something bad to them, they can do it to you folks.
It's the giant sucking sound Ross Perot talked about in 1993 in those debates with Al Gore.
He said, listen.
Hey, listen, Al.
Just five years ago, Canada normalized trade with us.
Their average factory work was paid $35 an hour.
Five years later, they're paid $20 an hour at our level.
We open up to Mexico, they're paid $2 an hour.
We'll drop to $5.
And it happened.
By lowering our standards, we don't raise them up.
We lower and crush them.
Feds expand probe into migrant child labor and slaughterhouses across the U.S.
So that's why I talk about this, is because people get so upset if I show some group of racist black people beat some little white kid to death.
And they go, why are you being racist?
Why are you creating division?
No, I'm calling out the media and the culture saying that's okay as 21.
And I want to have the culture decry that so it's not cool and okay.
And not because 10,000, 20,000 white people being murdered a year by black people
It's going to end the civilization.
The globalists know that's getting out, and that is meant to create massive division.
I want to ideologically get people to wake up and say no to all of this.
I don't want a race war, but one is being set up.
On mainstream media, they keep all the old folks asleep, say everything's fine, nothing's happening, but they then allow it out on the web for people to see what's really going on.
So, Rob Aguero, one of our great producers, brought me an article.
And I'm glad he brought me the ZeroHedge.com article because I was familiar with this and saw this a few days ago.
They're going after this Harvard professor who spoke at UT last week.
And he found that there is no racial bias in police shootings.
And look, you can argue that, but the truth is,
You are twice as likely to be shot by police per capita.
There are more white people than black people in America.
It's not you're twice as likely because there's more white people.
You are twice as likely to be shot as a white person per capita, meaning person to person, for every black, every white, because the police go to your house to the call.
They do their job.
They slow roll to the black neighborhoods and don't respond because they're afraid of going to jail if they hurt somebody or shoot somebody.
And so now the black neighborhoods are war zones because
And most of the victims of the crime are black.
And I don't want to see blacks killing each other.
I don't want to see them being destroyed.
But that's the plan.
If Black Lives Matter can't destroy your nuclear family or can't chop your testicles off, their number one mission is that.
In the black nuclear family, cut black men's testicles off.
I mean, it's official.
I think I'm joking.
I'm not joking.
Well, think about how they're scapegoating black people again, just like with Gangster Rap.
They met the CIA-funded Ice Cube.
It's on record now.
I already told you this decades ago because I have the sources.
Yeah, we've got a black thug problem.
We've got a white thug problem.
We've got lots of thugs.
We've got an MS-13 thug problem.
But the point is, this is all being done by design.
And the police aren't perfect by any means.
The global is in control of our government.
The police will be our biggest enemy.
I'm not saying the police are perfect.
The New World Order gave everybody poison shots.
The New World Order didn't care what color you are.
So they want us all fighting with each other with balkanization, divide and conquer while they do this.
And I want to stop it.
But Rob, you brought up this Harvard professor says, all hell broke loose when a study revealed no racial bias in police shootings.
This is a Zero Hedge article.
Ben Weiss of the Free Press sat down with Harvard economics professor.
The University of Texas in Austin last week discussed what it means to pursue the truth.
Fryer, a highly respected economist, told Weiss about the intense blowback he was dealt
To him, after he published a study in 2016 showing there was no racial differences in officer-involved shootings.
But that was before the police defunding and George Floyd.
Now, it's two to one why it's getting killed by cops.
And most of the time, they deserve it, folks.
Cops aren't perfect, but...
You know, there's a home dispute, domestic thing, guy runs out with a gun, cops shoot him.
That's almost, most of it is domestic disturbances.
People are emotional.
Cops will tell you they hate going to domestic disputes.
Those are the most dangerous.
I don't want their job.
Hell, I mean, they keep saying it's all these white cops.
Most of the cities, half the people or more aren't even white.
We're good to go.
I think?
They'll use their hands on black people, but they won't pull their guns.
And this is 2016 data.
The new data's out.
Twice as likely of your wife to be shot by the cops.
And you saw this crazy cop in Florida run up and just shoot a suspect in handcuffs.
They're hiring a lot of kooks, folks.
The police aren't perfect.
Don't get me wrong.
Rob Aguero, I want to get your take on this situation and overall what I've been covering here.
Yes, sir.
You said it perfectly.
It's a divide and conquer technique.
And if you think about what they've been doing since the 1960s, all they've been doing is continue to segregate everybody.
Even though we are all one human race, no matter your color.
No one cares what color eye you have or how tall you really are.
All these things are very, very minuscule in the actual spiritual world that we're in.
So when you bring that all the way back to current times and any Democrat city you go to, it's still segregated.
You can go to the east side where the black people are.
You can go to the south side where the Hispanics are and the whites are in the north side.
So as time has gone by,
As those stats show, that the cops and the mind control that has been set on the masses has been hurting everybody to attack the white person.
Those stats even show that this whole white man bad, cops are bad, has made the police be less likely to shoot a black person or a person of color just because of the backlash they're going to get.
This is not...
This is not a healthy relationship that we have.
And it's only going to lead to one race being exterminated.
And it's going to be by another race now.
So now it's not going to get any backlash like they were the ones who are doing this.
No, I totally agree.
But bottom line, I said this 20 years ago, the globalists are depopulating.
They're starting it now.
They've gone from testing to operational.
They want to get white people on board with this.
I mean, that's what's going on.
They want to get white people so attacked, so manipulated, so angry they go along with this.
So I'm literally trying to stop this, Rob.
I agree, and I mean, me being on the other end of a color spectrum of viewers, we have the same shared experience of that.
No one wants to see anybody die because of the color of their skin, and no one wants to see these unelected bureaucrats making all these decisions who are forcing and pushing these agendas on the younger people.
I'm sick of them pulling the strings, people!
They're the enemy!
They're the enemy!
And they're unelected, and we can't do anything about it other than get up here and rant until we're blue in the face.
And the only way they can win is us killing each other.
Exactly, and if they can't get us with vaccines, with GMOs, with fluoride in the water, they're going to pin us against each other, and then we're going to have this fake race war that we've been fighting since 2020, since 2016, honestly, in the mainstream just because of black versus white.
Well, the good news is there's black professors.
I don't care what color he is.
This guy had to have a lot of courage.
Did you know they go after his funding?
He's just stating the facts here.
They're trying to get him fired.
Absolutely, and that's what's going to...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
No, no, they're not at all.
And I think at the end of the day, this whole migration replacement is going to end up biting them in the ass because these people aren't going to want to live in the same place that they left.
They're not going to want to go through the same communism, socialism, be having to go be like Venezuela and go through the trash for their food.
No one's going to want that, especially after they get a taste of the American culture.
That's why they got into America.
Not that it's perfect.
It's the best house in a bad neighborhood.
Rob, any other key points you want to add?
No, it's just the fact that everybody here at InfoWars and all we want is the best for everybody.
There's not a race war.
It's just something that they perceive for us to believe.
Well, I'm a human supremacist.
I want us to dominate the robots, the AI, all of it.
I'm a pro-human guy.
Same here.
Love you, Rob.
Thank you.
Love you too, boss.
We're out of time.
The great Owen Schroyer takes over in like five minutes.
But I wanted to hit this because my phone blew up for three days.
I got so many emails, calls.
Oh my God, you're right.
Cheerios and Quaker Oats sterilizes you and turns boys into girls.
It's all right here, folks.
It's another one of these herbicides.
And they've got herbicides that don't do this.
But they've chosen herbicides to do this on purpose, by design.
80% of Americans test positive for chemical-founded Cheerios, Quaker Oats that may cause infertility, delayed puberty study, and bend your gender.
Oh, black people and white people and Hispanics and Asians are all eating Cheerios.
Damn it, I got Cheerios in my cabinet.
And they put a chemical in it,
That literally shrivels your dick.
And makes women go into puberty early.
So your seven-year-old is already having... I mean, this is sick, folks.
This is so sick.
And I'm going to be covering this in great detail tomorrow.
What you need to know about this problematic pesticide.
You know, almost all of you out there are not gluten intolerant.
In the late 90s, they started allowing, the FDA did and the EPA, adding glyphosate, spraying wheat when it came into season.
A week or two before harvesting, fungus tends to eat the wheat.
So they said, well, now it's not just on soybeans or corn when they're planting the corn to kill any weeds around it.
It just goes in the water table.
We drink it in the water and it kills us.
No, now we're going to spray it right on the food right before it's harvested.
And then you eat it and then it causes cancer, all these health problems.
Well, it's the same thing with this chemical.
We're good to go.
But it makes it create more of what you eat from a plant.
What do you think that does?
They know all this and they're laughing at us.
What does black have to do or white with them putting this in our damn Cheerios?
Stop it!
5G hurts everybody!
GMO hurts everybody!
Chloroquine hurts everybody!
Glyphosate hurts everybody.
Devalued currency hurts everybody.
But at the same time, we've got to stand up against all this anti-white crap.
And people have got to learn, because if you won't stand up against that, you won't stand up against nothing.
And say, leave me alone.
You're being manipulated by George Soros and the ADL.
And leave me alone, or join me right now to save humanity.
Now listen, we're under major globalist attack with your support, plus we have incredible products.
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The Great Awakening, the plan to defeat the globalists and launch the next great renaissance.
That's my mission, prosperity and freedom and everything for everybody.
All right, great job to the crew.
Owen Schroyer, the cock destroyer.
Set to take over for the next two hours.
Sunday Night Live.
Straight ahead.
Are you sharing the links?
Because you are the power.
You're not the tail.
You're the dog.
I'll see you at Real Alex Jones on X.
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