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Name: 20240217_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 17, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses the presence of Chlormaquat, a chemical used in farming that has been found in over 80% of Americans' bloodstreams. This chemical is known to cause mutations in plants and accelerate their aging process, leading to shorter life cycles but larger yields. Additionally, it has been linked to infertility, delayed puberty, and gender bending in humans. Jones argues that the use of these chemicals is part of a depopulation agenda by globalists, who are aware of safer alternatives. The speaker also discusses the globalist's efforts to mass sterilize people and criticizes their involvement in genetic engineering, human-animal hybrids, and nuclear reactors. They encourage listeners to do their own research and promote a turmeric supplement available at InfoWarsStore.com.

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The headlines everywhere.
My phone is melting down with calls and texts saying, you were right!
Oh my gosh!
Quaker Oats and all these other big companies, Cheerios, have a chemical in it that literally causes infertility and 80% of people have the chemical in them and we wonder why sperm counts are down 90 plus percent.
We wonder why women are so infertile.
Ladies and gentlemen, they have clean herbicides and pesticides that don't do this.
Yes, but it's been chosen by design to create mass sterilization and depopulation.
The globalists don't want you to know this information, but we're about to break it down right now.
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I want to talk to you today about Cormaquant.
Chlormaquat is not a herbicide like glyphosate that's known to bend the genders, not just of mammals, but every other animal species.
Chlormaquat causes mutations in plants and accelerates their aging process so that you get larger yields faster, but the plants live out their life cycle faster.
Now, Clormaquat's been used for more than 40 years, being sprayed on wheat, oats, and many other things that are grown by farmers across the United States and the world.
And now the Environmental Working Group, a consortium of federal agencies and top research universities, have conclusively found that over 80% of Americans have Clormaquat in their blood.
Ladies and gentlemen, it literally can delay puberty.
It can bend the gender of male to female.
Now, why do we see this over and over again?
Because these are chemicals that manipulate plants' life cycle.
Glyphosate goes in and kills all the weeds around the plants that have had genes inserted into them so that they can still reproduce but nothing else around them can.
So then we ingest that and it causes major infertility, major cancer, gender bending, and by the way, When they got Roundup or Glyphosate, Roundup's the corporate name for it, approved more than 40 years ago, they knew all of this and that's the key point here.
There are a lot of safer herbicides and pesticides and other things out there, but the industries have been given the green light by the federal government.
And many other nations around the world to roll this out.
And once they roll out the chloroquine and the other herbicides and chemicals out there like Roundup or glyphosate, we see the devastating effects.
We see life expectancy plunging.
We see fertility plunging.
We see all sorts of serious neurological disorders because these chemicals are made to kill plants And also manipulate and mutate the life cycle of plants.
What do you think it's going to do to a human?
Or a fish?
Or an amphibian?
Or to a bird?
And the ornithologists that study birds, all the other scientists have conclusively seen this.
So industry has chosen in America and America alone, because in Europe this stuff's banned, to allow this to be produced here and used against the American people and then exported to places in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.
It's so cold-blooded and Bill Gates has financed other big working groups to come out and say organic farming without chemicals is bad because the plants produce more CO2.
So by listing CO2 as the only dangerous thing out there, which it's a life-giving gas, part of the four pillars of life on earth, sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.
Have to have those four things.
By listing that, they can restrict and manipulate and control every industry.
While then saying all these dangerous herbicides and other chemicals are okay.
Now this particular chemical that's in over 80% of Americans bloodstream, men, women, children, old, young.
goes in and makes the oat plant and other plants grow faster but stunted and shorter and produce more of what they're trying to extract the seeds or the oats or the wheat.
In the case of glyphosate that's where you see starting in the late 1990s as soon as it was approved The explosion of people being intolerant to wheat and the huge explosion in restaurants and in grocery stores and in food production saying that things are gluten-free.
It isn't that people are allergic to gluten.
Starting in 1998, the federal government approved Spring glyphosate when the crops came in because a lot of times they would get fungus and it would destroy the wheat or the other crops.
So they said, hey, when the wheat is basically two weeks from harvesting, you can spray glyphosate on it.
The problem is the glyphosate is still in the plant.
It's bad enough to spray glyphosate on soybean fields or corn fields when the corn is first coming up
to kill any weeds around it.
Then it just runs into the water table, and we drink it through the water supply.
That was devastating enough.
But when they started in the late 1990s, spraying it on crops right before harvest,
we see the devastation.
The corporate media, just like the cigarette makers back in the '80s and '90s, say, oh, there's
no connection to tobacco and cancer, and covered up the real science.
It's the same thing here.
It's known what these things are doing, just like the experimental COVID shots.
They'd secretly already experimented on mice and rats and other rodents, and they knew it was causing blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes.
That's why the FDA document in October 2000 predicted all the things that later happened.
So what they're doing is hitting us with so many poisons, so many toxins, they believe we'll be overwhelmed and won't know what it was that made us sick.
I've got a list of some of the things they're doing right now, but as I already mentioned, they're demonizing organic farming that doesn't use herbicides or pesticides and saying, oh, it produces more carbon dioxide, let's ban it and have everything be chemical laden.
Basically big pharma run, not just big agro run, farming while they shut down the organic and independent farmers in Ireland and Sri Lanka and the Netherlands and cut fertilizer production worldwide.
This is literally crashing the natural healthy food supply of the planet and then bringing in the WEF, Bill Gates, you will eat the bugs agenda.
CNN and WF are even promoting cutting down trees because trees produce carbon dioxide, which again they claim is toxic.
But all of these truly deadly herbicides and pesticides that bend our genders, they're saying are totally fine and are okay.
People ask me all the time, when did this start?
Well, it really got bad after World War II in 1945, when the federal government said, we're going to take all of this hydrofluorosilicic acid that's a byproduct of aluminum purification for World War II airplane manufacturing, and instead of having to pay to store it, we're going to dump it in the water supply and claim it's to make our teeth stronger.
Now, it's true that calcium fluoride in small amounts is essential, and calcium fluoride does make your teeth stronger.
But calcium fluoride is totally different than hydrofluorosilic acid that is a super concentrate acid form of fluoride.
And you look at the studies, lowered fertility, lowered IQ.
They know all of this.
And when real scientists and heads of major universities, biology departments go public, they are simply silenced, ladies and gentlemen.
So they're telling us carbon dioxide that plants breathe and then put off oxygen is bad, but fluoride is good.
BPA is good.
Glyphosate is good.
And now this latest big news that almost all the Cheerios you eat Or Quaker Oats that you're told are so incredibly healthy for you just so happen to block fertility and bend gender.
They made a big joke about this as you know 15 years ago.
I was reading major scientific reports about chemicals in the food.
And in the water running off and bidding the genders of frogs, humans, you name it.
And they simply took a short clip out and said, Oh, I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that make the freaking frogs gay.
It's way beyond that.
It makes the humans and the frogs sterile.
This is all about depopulation and this is a plan and it affects everyone.
The globalists are carrying out mass sterilization in front of all of us.
But the good news is the science continues to come out and people don't trust the system anymore.
So there's a great awakening happening.
We have incredibly clean systems to grow food, So in closing, carbon dioxide is bad that plants breathe.
Organic farming is bad.
Trees are bad.
Carbon is bad.
We are carbon-based life forms.
What we put off, cow farts, you name it, helps create the atmosphere.
It's part of what allows this planet to continue on.
And the globalists claim that they're the guardians of the environment.
They're the people that are protecting you from all these terrible things by running your life.
But they're the ones involved in the genetic engineering, the human-animal hybrids.
They're the ones involved with all the different leaking nuclear reactors.
They're the ones, nine times out of ten, that are killing the Earth.
But it's okay because they are self-appointed guardians of the planet.
Well, they're a bunch of crazy, mad scientists, transhumanists that could care less about the planet in their own words.
Please do your own research, because this affects every man, woman, and child.
It transcends race.
It transcends where you live, and it affects us all.
Believe me, if you'll just start to research this, you'll find out I've only scratched the surface, and this rabbit hole goes extremely deep.
The good news is, the Great Awakening's happening.
Now it's up to you to research this, and then share this video with everyone you know.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
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