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Air Date: Feb. 11, 2024
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In this segment of Alex Jones' show, he discusses topics such as the recent Supreme Court decision or hearing regarding Donald Trump, Joe Biden's special counsel report, Tucker Carlson interviewing Vladimir Putin, and transhumanism. The hosts invite listeners to call in to discuss these topics. The video concludes with a reminder to filter tap water and have emergency food supplies on hand for unpredictable situations."

Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
And so any of these topics of conversation are fair game.
I would say the Supreme Court decision or the Supreme Court hearing when it came to removing Donald Trump from the ballot, I went into that thinking it was going to go 5-4 either for Donald Trump or against Donald Trump.
Those were the two outcomes I saw was either 5-4 for Donald Trump or 5-4 against Donald Trump.
Now I think it's either going to be 9-0 for Donald Trump or 5-4 for Donald Trump.
So if you want to weigh in on the Supreme Court hearing, if you want to weigh in on Joe Biden in the Department of Justice special counsel report, yes, technically he committed three crimes, but we're not going to...
We're good to go.
I think?
And that way nobody will see Joe claiming he didn't commit crimes even though he did, and then claiming he's mentally fit even though he proved otherwise, even in that short little 15-minute press conference, thinking Mexico was in the Middle East.
And referring to President El-Sisi as Chi-Chi.
So that's fair game.
The Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin interview, also fair game as well.
And then even the Alex Jones Show on Friday, I think, was noteworthy.
A discussion with David Icke, Alex Jones kind of moderating, also chiming in, and then I guess what is now being referred to as the fake Elon Musk, or an Elon Musk AI program, who's now extremely popular on X and doing spaces all the time after that.
Adrian Dittman.
Is it Elon Musk?
Is it an Elon Musk impersonator?
Is it an Elon Musk AI?
I don't know.
Four juicy topics for a two-hour transmission.
Now, we have a lot of radio stations that pick us up on the other side of this break, so I will hit the reset button and wait to get out the phone number after we reintroduce this subject for discussion.
But I think when you kind of draw back and you say, well, what are the cultural implications or political implications as far as the layperson is concerned?
Well, Tucker Carlson is a traitor for interviewing Vladimir Putin.
But Barbara Walters can do it, and Charlie Rose can do it, and NBC can do it, and CNN can try to do it but get rejected because Putin doesn't do interviews with fake news.
But Carlson's the traitor, and now the rumors are, and again, I'm not confirming or denying this.
These are just rumors.
I was hoping this would be the case, and I don't know why Carlson wouldn't do it.
But now the rumors are he's also going to be interviewing Tara Reid, the Joe Biden rape accuser.
And also Edward Snowden.
Now that seems like the obvious thing for him to do, but now the rumors are that is exactly what's going to happen.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
But if we simply start thinking about things according to the definition of is it pro-human or is it anti-human, we start to win.
And that's why I had the idea for Team Humanity.
I brought it up to Elon Musk.
He loved the idea.
What would you call the debate and discussion about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
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We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center and the heart of the resistance.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Well, as I'm sitting here, Joe Biden, or his handlers...
We're good to go.
Joe Biden says Ukraine is the biggest issue right now.
Thank you, Joe.
I'm going to lay out the topics and then I'm going to give out the phone line.
We're going to talk about Joe Biden with the special counsel report saying that he did, in technicality, commit three crimes, illegally taking classified information, illegally storing classified information, and then illegally sharing classified information with unauthorized individuals.
That was in the report.
But he's too mentally unfit to stand trial, according to special counsel Robert Herr.
And I've seen a lot of the commentary on this.
And we can sit here and be upset that Joe Biden is above the law, but we've already known that.
So what are the real implications now of the country, the American voters, seeing, oh, here's what they're going after Trump for.
He didn't commit the crime and he's protected by the Presidential Records Act and there's precedent with Bill Clinton and Judge Amy Berman Jackson.
So Trump is not guilty, didn't commit the crime.
Joe Biden is guilty, did commit the crime, wasn't the president at the time.
We're good to go.
We're problems.
And in the process, stumbles and fumbles once more thinking Mexico is in the Middle East and other slurs and other forgets and just bad moments for Joe.
So we can talk about that.
All of that was going on while the Tucker Carlson-Vladimir Putin interview was happening.
We've had some time to kind of sit on that if you want to call in on that.
That's fair game as well.
Donald Trump...
We're good to go.
Very thought-provoking.
Very animated.
And so we're going to air that in its entirety for Sunday Night Live.
And we've edited it up nicely so that it fits in the segments and you don't have to go find it on band.video.
So all of that is fair game to call in.
That's what I'm looking for tonight.
We're good to go.
Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson, and then the debate of transhumanism.
Is it inherently evil?
Is it inevitable?
All of those topics are fair game for you to call in.
And so, without...
We're good to go.
We may go over, we may go under, but I'm going to be looking at about two minutes per caller.
And so that's how we'll handle it to get as many calls in as possible on this evening.
So, there you go.
We're about to kick off this Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Now, in the meantime, while we get these callers up and on the board...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Well, hi, Owen.
I would ask you how you're doing, but I know better.
This is a dam breaker.
You're talking about the special counsel report?
Yes, yes.
You know, I actually think what's probably going to happen with that is they're going to invoke the 25th Amendment.
On Biden?
Yeah, absolutely.
Do you remember when Trump stood at the border and gave that speech a few years ago?
And he said, this is going to turn around and bite him.
Because they were going after Trump with that for a little while, trying to say that he was incompetent and not mentally able to be the president.
Well, now I think we're going to see a boomerang.
And I think that's what's going to happen.
And now the question is,
Who are they going to put in his place?
Because he clearly can't run after that her report came out.
Well, you know, there always has been the boomerang, whether it's Russian collusion or any of this other stuff, but it never hits them.
It always comes back, but it never actually hits them.
So I'm not really sure this impacts Joe Biden.
I think my question for you would be, because the first thing you said was this is a dambreaker.
You know, my first response when people were telling me that was, why?
What's changed?
We already knew Joe Biden committed the crimes.
We already knew Joe Biden was mentally unfit.
But do you think, why do you say this is a dambreaker?
Do you think now the average American understands it?
No, I was referring to my new nickname I have.
Oh, you're Val the Dam Breaker.
Oh, okay, right.
Okay, I see.
Yes, sir.
I thought you were talking about her report being a dam breaker.
Well, you know, and I think that you're probably right when you say that about it being a dam breaker because a lot of people don't understand just how bad he is.
I have a neighbor who still thinks he is the cast me out.
But will this report change anything?
That's the question.
We already knew all of this.
He's not going to face charges.
So the question becomes, will this actually change anything?
Yeah, I think it will.
I think this report put...
I think it will.
The Democrats on notice that they better do something with him quick.
Well, they've known that, but they've got an event coming up.
They've got a Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden rally coming up.
So they're getting all behind Joe.
I mean, to me, they're still getting all behind Joe.
Now, that doesn't mean they might change their plans in the next 268 days, but as of where we're at right now, they're still all in for Joe Biden.
And I just don't think they have a choice.
Val, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Dominic in Kentucky.
Dominic, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, hello.
It's nice to talk to you, Owen.
The last time we spoke was on Rumble right before I think you got incarcerated.
But it's really good to talk to you again.
And I just wanted to mention David Icke and the conversation you guys had yesterday.
Well, him and Alex had.
I think you'll appreciate this because he brought up some very sobering points about Elon Musk and how we should, you know, consider him.
I saw that the AI come in and kind of prove what David Icke was saying by literally trying to kind of not necessarily win the audience over, but kind of doing that soft sell where we still have to do it.
We can't be left behind, you know.
And like I said, I always appreciated how you were like 50-50 on Musk.
But I would like to kind of defend Alex a little bit and say that he's kind of like a football coach.
The team is doing really well right now.
Even if the NFL is rigged, if there's one legitimate coach trying to make a change and he's seeing that change be made, we want to give kudos where kudos is due, right?
Yeah, and you know, my big issue, I'd say right now, for people that don't know, Dominic is talking about, I have an approval rating for Elon Musk that's kind of an ongoing thing we do every day here.
I do it on the War Room every once in a while when we cover Musk-related news.
And my approval rating had been at 50%.
Now I'd say it's at 51% probably.
So 51% approve, 49% disapprove.
But I think what ends up happening, and I noticed this a lot after that interview, people go back...
We're good to go.
I had a lot of kind of what you might call leftist beliefs back in the day.
So if somebody goes back and finds that and says, oh, look, here's Schroer doing a segment when he's 20 years old.
I'm 34 now.
Here's Schroer, 20 years old, fresh out of college, and he's saying he's anti-gun.
He's saying he's pro-gun control.
Well, yeah, I was wrong.
I had a wrong opinion.
I was indoctrinated in college.
I didn't understand the full issue.
So if somebody goes back and pulls that, does that then prove that I'm a fraud or that I'm anti-gun or people shouldn't listen to me?
People can change their minds over time.
My big concern is, and you can say, well, it has to be done, but I don't... I have an immediate response of negativity to anybody that tests on animals.
I mean, to me, when you do testing on animals that ends up torturing and killing them or what have you, that's where I kind of get a little... I get a little...
My lip curls a little bit over that, and Musk's companies have done that.
And I can understand that, too.
I'm right with you there.
I'd like to support Musk more, and I totally agree with you with your previous statement.
My big issue is that when Musk is gone...
Who will his AI or his products be in the hands of?
And over time, you just don't know.
There's too many corrupted power structures.
They're going to get their hands on it.
I read somewhere today that Sony recently acquired Michael Jackson's, some of his music, and he's probably rolling over in his grave over it.
Yeah, well, I think there's a lot of stuff Michael Jackson's probably rolling over in his grave with.
That's a different story.
Yeah, definitely, definitely.
But, you know, just saying that, you know, something that is good could be put in the hands of somebody very bad, especially, you know, Musk isn't, you know, unless he digitizes himself, it's not like he'll be immortal to be able to make sure that... Well, I think Musk probably does plan on that.
I would say Musk probably does plan on at least some way, shape, or form himself living forever, not maybe in a physical way.
But kind of like Alfred being uploaded into the bat computer.
Yeah, you know, something like that.
And he's not the only one either.
And Dominic, I thank you for the call.
There's plenty of people that believe that.
It's been around for decades, that belief.
Or even that... I mean, people are trying to do it.
Ray Kurzweil is very public about it at Google.
So, you know, another part of me says...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But obviously the hammer is a tool that most people, if not all people, have in their house for practical purposes.
So that might be a mundane comparison, but still, the point is that technology is...
Yes, sir.
Hey, Owen, I got a question for you before we get started.
Hey, my point, if you saw, is that David Icke is right.
And that means I'll be talking about Elon Musk and all that stuff.
But hey, while you were in the clink, did you get a chance to read and memorize the Bible?
Certainly not memorize, but I did read it.
Yeah, I know.
That's when most people, oh, I know you're a religious man.
That's totally cool.
This is prophetic, the stuff I'm about to say.
So, Elon Musk is a globalist.
And one of the things that comes clear in the book of Revelation is
Is that the globalists are going to destroy the deep state.
We all know they're going down.
Alex says it all the time.
I know you believe it, and there's a lot of complications that go with it.
But if he's a globalist, and the globalists are going to destroy the deep state, then guess what?
They're going to do it for the Antichrist.
That's how it all connects, right?
And if Elon Musk is trying to bring in Alex Jones and Infowars into what?
Something that Alex wants to do.
Yeah, see the deep state go down.
But imagine doing that.
For the Antichrist.
Now, I can describe exactly why this is true, but I want to point the audience to a video at a website called nuclear911.com.
Very easy to remember.
A one-hour video that describes the prophetic origin of all this, what's happening right now.
In this year, crazy stuff has gone down.
And it will lead to this... It will lead to the destruction of the deep state, not immediately...
But hey, in 2024, I'll tell you what's coming.
The death of Biden, the cancellation of the election, a massive coup, a false flag, war, and this all starts at the end of the year.
A massive coup, false flag, war with Iran, and a three-way civil war inside the U.S.
Everything's going down.
Now, the government will then be headed up by a bunch of folks, and guys like Elon Musk are part of it, and they're going after the deep state.
As I say, what comes after that?
It's the Antichrist.
So they're killing the deep state to create a power vacuum for the Antichrist.
And you go, hey, does that sound like a fun thing?
You go, might sound like fun, bringing the deep state down.
But what comes after is not good.
That's what this is all about.
Well, I would tend to disagree with you because I don't think the globalists necessarily want to bring down the deep state.
I think they work hand-in-hand with the deep state, the corporate world government, that is, and they might be two separate entities.
Yeah, well, Musk is the disclosure, right?
I hate to say, this is Q on steroids.
X is Q version 2.
All the data's coming out.
And then, you know, this mass uprising against the deep state with pieces of the government on our side.
So you think Musk is going to release, what, like internal messages or something?
Yeah, the whole tranche, the whole archive is coming out.
Well, we'll see if that happens.
It hasn't happened yet.
All right, thanks for the call.
Gunther in Tennessee.
Thanks for calling, Gunther.
First time caller.
Hey, Alex.
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No, it was top-notch.
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I mean, it's top-notch.
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Well, thank you so much.
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You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, this has been fun taking your calls.
We're going to continue to take them the rest of the way.
We've got a lot of people now wanting to call in on Biden.
And we'll talk about that.
You know, one thing, though, with the Musk, artificial intelligence, Neuralink, transhumanism discussion...
I mean, even civilizations here
Hey, happy Sunday, Owen.
Thank you.
There's just something going on today.
Some special Sunday, I think.
Yeah, for some people it's special.
I don't think Joe Biden's going to make it past June.
I think his political capital will be used up when he signs us on to the World Health Organization pandemic treaty and we lose all our sovereignty.
And that's when they'll cut him loose and say, okay, he's the bad guy for doing that.
We can't undo it.
So we'll 25th Amendment him out of office.
Well, if he's going to be a witness...
I've never heard of that being a defense necessarily.
I mean, you did commit the crime.
You committed the crime.
I mean, the judge might take it easy on you if you don't remember it or something.
But it's not like, I mean, for a witness, yes.
But for a defendant, I feel like that's really more of a, hey, take it easy on my client, not a, hey, my client can't be charged.
Yeah, even the prosecutor can ask for a mental competency hearing.
So, basically, you go to the hearing and the judge says, well, he's borderline.
I'm going to have to instruct the jury that if he does get up and testify, we've already had a mental competency hearing before you were ever sat as the jury, and I can give you instructions on how you're supposed to deal with that.
But her is basically punking us by saying that the jury would find him a sympathetic witness in his own case and never convict him.
Well, let me retort that point real quick, because, you know, I was...
Not necessarily shocked at the report, but again, it's just this reminder of, oh, Joe Biden is above the law, and you feel like her is just now a part of it.
But, you know, I listened to a lot of responses to this over the weekend, specifically from people that have experience not just in law enforcement, but the Department of Justice.
So specifically people who have worked in the Department of Justice who have experience there.
And some of them are saying, look,
By her doing this, he actually... They think this is her kind of flipping the bird at the Department of Justice.
They think her came in here and said, alright, you know, here's what I found.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yeah, he's playing both sides, and he's pointing out that there's an inconsistency in the two-tier justice system.
He's doing everything he can to basically throw mud at the whole system because he's not allowed to do what he is supposed to be able to do.
But, you know, it'll be interesting to see if he makes it past June and whether the 25th Amendment him or not.
Well, we'll see if this call ends up being Nostradamus.
We'll certainly have to replay it if any of this ends up happening.
And then have you look into the crystal ball for the next moves.
Jefferson, thanks for the call.
Let's go to Bart in Wisconsin.
Bart, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
You know, I think it's just amazing how similar to ancient Rome we're going through right now.
I don't know what's going to happen exactly, but it's got to be some sort of war, I bet.
Anyway, I think what everyone's underestimating is the power of the media.
It's just over the top.
If you notice, the propaganda is just so built into the writing of the news.
They always say, Iranian-backed militias or whatever.
How do they know exactly that they're Iranian-backed, you know?
Can they prove it before they say something like that, you know?
Yeah, and they don't have to, and that's a good point you make.
Speaking of propaganda, I wonder...
Yeah, yeah.
No, I think it's out of control.
The only way to beat the deep stage is to somehow obtain one of those giant media companies.
And I don't know if that takes a good guy.
Well, Musk has done that, so now you're kind of feeding into the other caller who thinks that's what Musk is going to do.
Yeah, yeah, maybe it's a hope.
Anyway, thanks for taking my call.
All right, Bart, thank you for calling.
Let's go to Jim in Texas.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
Just got the foundational energy in.
Holy cow.
Take all your other products.
X2 is the best, but have them all.
That makes a difference.
This is a new product from InfoWarsStore.com, so I'm guessing that means that this is your first time trying it out, and you're giving it a positive review here.
Oh, it's very positive.
And it says take three.
I'll only take one.
Oh, so just one.
You just take one of the recommended three and you're still feeling it.
Oh, it's smooth.
Foundational Energy.
Jim gives it a rave review.
There it is right there.
And one more thing.
I wore my new Snake 1776 shirt.
To the store today, and half a dozen people hit me up.
Wow, this is a bad-ass church.
Well, there's no doubt culturally, I think, that we're winning.
I mean, it takes kind of a test like that, Jim, to figure out exactly where we're at.
But yeah, no doubt about it.
If you go out wearing an Infowars shirt or a Pro-America shirt or something like that or a Pro-Trump shirt, I mean, that's kind of the one litmus test that you can find unless you just want to go out and just be confrontational and just see what people feel or think.
I mean, you can go sit down to a bar and ask people around who they're voting for and they'll probably tell you.
But yeah, there's no doubt.
You wear an InfoWars shirt.
That's one test of the system.
You wear a Trump hat.
That's another test.
Yeah, Jim, I appreciate that plug, Jim.
Thank you so much for calling.
Yeah, I'll tell you, I got this Trump hat.
It's a little subtle, but it's this one from his website.
It just says Trump very plain across the front with an American flag on the side.
I wear it to the gym every once in a while.
Kind of a classy one.
Nothing but positive comments.
Nothing but positive comments.
So, I mean, look, you want to get, well, let's just say Trump's popular with nice-looking ladies, okay?
Let's just go ahead and put it like that.
So if you're a young guy out there and you're looking for kind of a little edge in that field, you know, yeah, of course the liberal women are going to look at you and, you know, well, they'll probably like you too, actually.
They'll probably like you too.
But nonetheless, that's definitely a good test.
To see how popular it really is and to see how much we're really winning hearts and minds.
Does it translate to the ballot box?
Well, that's a whole other debate, I suppose.
But it's definitely out there.
But that's why they want you to be afraid to show public support for InfoWars or public support for Trump so that you don't realize that you're winning.
It's not like walking around in Dallas, Texas after the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.
You see cowboy hats everywhere.
Well, that's what it would be like if we weren't intimidated out of it.
Hey, thank you for that InfoWarsStore.com plug, Jim.
Really appreciate that.
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It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
Taking your calls on what was an epic week, wasn't it?
We covered all the craziness.
We are going to re-air the Alex Jones, David Icke, and then Elon Musk impersonator or AI bot, whatever it is, in the Sunday Night Live transmission tonight.
We're talking about that.
We're talking about the Trump Supreme Court case.
We're talking about Biden and the special counsel.
We're talking about Tucker and Putin.
It's all on the board.
It's all on the board.
And we continue on.
And let's go to Ben in South Dakota.
Ben, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good to talk to you, Owen.
Thanks for calling.
Glad to hear your voice.
Just wanted to plug real quick, actually.
If you're a veteran out there and you're suffering from body aches like I am, you guys need to get some turmeric.
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That's right, back in stock and on sale.
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As a veteran, when my PTSD kicks in, I know that I can rely on it.
And then one more, the Nitric Boost.
It is amazing.
Love to hear that.
Is that how you take care of all those kids, Ben?
That's all eight of them.
That is.
That's correct.
That makes sense.
You got eight kids.
You're going to need Nitric Boost.
It's the only way to keep going.
All right.
Well, bodies, too.
I'm not as young as I used to be, and they're still growing.
One more thing I'd like to wish Alex a happy birthday.
If all you InfoWarriors go out there and buy him a gift, get yourself something from the InfoWar store, celebrate his birthday, give him a gift of being financially secure and keeping the InfoWar rolling on.
Appreciate that.
Thank you for all you do.
Thank you for all you do.
Happy birthday, Alex.
There you go.
Clean in, clean out.
Thank you, Ben.
All right, let's go to Marcus in Idaho.
Marcus, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
You are a great guy.
I'm so glad that you're out of that prison system.
My God.
You and me both.
So, I want to ask if you know an answer to me for a question that I've been asking people for a while.
How do all of these newly arrived illegals that are supposedly financial asylum seekers that have nothing all of a sudden come here and buy...
Well, let me first start by saying most of them are lying about whatever financial status to get asylum, and the asylum status has been basically left wide open for anybody to get it, and they're coached by lawyers on how to say the right things and fill out the right paperwork in order to get the asylum.
So most of it is based on fraud.
But can you be more detailed?
I mean, what are you saying?
I mean, I got hit by an illegal immigrant.
I got hit by an illegal immigrant.
It was hit and run.
The police told me to leave him alone, but it wasn't a nice car.
So, I mean, what exactly are you talking about?
You know, they're working in construction.
They've got over here in Idaho and right next to Jackson Hole, they're working drywall.
They're working in all of these trades.
Well, look, I mean, there's ways to get nice cars.
People usually overextend themselves on cars all the time.
They could have a bunch of roommates, so...
We're good to go.
Look, they've been taught how to game the system by these tens of millions of dollars worth of lawyers that are paid for by the U.S.
government, by the U.S.
taxpayer, that are cooked into all these bills.
So yeah, they know how to take advantage of the whole system.
If that ends up them getting a car, then that's just part of the whole process.
But yeah, the whole thing is screwed up.
The Democrats care more about illegal immigrants than they do of the American people, and they say as much.
That's not even a debate.
They admit it.
Let's go to Ryan in Arizona.
Ryan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
I wanted to talk about Biden as the VP, not allowed to grab documents.
Thanks for everything.
But first, I was curious if your red outfit is for Valentine's, for love, or red anger, anger for Republican anger.
Or who knows?
Which one?
Maybe I got a dog in the Super Bowl coming up here.
Got it, got it.
I'm going to leave that one up for interpretation.
It could be any of them.
I got it.
No, I'm actually going to the Philippines.
I'm getting married.
I've been engaged for three years.
And she got denied by the USCIS while illegals poured through, and we are livid.
And I just want you all to know, before I get into Biden, they love you all.
They actually know the truth in another country because of you.
And I buy your products for them.
They've lost family members to cancer, and now they're doing much better.
So thank you so much for saving lives.
But I wanted to call about Biden as the vice president not allowed to do what he's done, and Trump as president allowed to do what he's done.
We're good to go.
And I'm nervous of like they've got something else.
First of all, I'm nervous they've got something else like either nuclear or UFO for the election.
And then even if Trump wins, okay, I'm still nervous the evil's not gone.
I think, you know, the media, as we're all talking about, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Gates, Soros, whatever you want to call it, there's still this evil power.
No, I actually agree.
My foresight tells me Trump is going to win and we'll get four years to kind of maybe at least get a breath of air before the globalists drown us out.
And so I think their big plans are for 2028.
I really do.
I think they're going to ride Biden out like a lame duck president.
And just commit all types of dirty deeds in his name.
The damage done to his name, his reputation is irrelevant.
And so I think we'll get four years of Trump, and we'll get a little economic boost.
We'll get a little patriotic boost.
We'll get a little breath of air here before the globalists hold us down for decades.
But that's kind of where I see things right now, Ryan.
Thank you for the call.
Now, I hadn't heard about this Super Bowl ad, but I guess we already have a story up at InfoWars.com.
Biden blames companies for shrinkflation in awkward Super Bowl promo.
So did he just put up like a promo video or is that actually running during the Super Bowl?
I don't know.
I guess this is Joe Biden addressing the fact that your Super Bowl party probably cost more this year.
A bag of chips cost more.
You know, a can of dip, whatever.
Everything costs more under Biden or you're paying the same and you're getting less.
That's Bidenflation.
So he blames the companies.
Of course he does.
But he won't do the post-Super Bowl interview, which normally you would do, especially in an election year, because all the eyes are going to be on CBS this year.
So all the eyes are going to be on CBS when the game ends at 9 o'clock Central or whatever.
And then, oh, boom, there's the presidential interview.
A lot of people hold over.
You'll get like 20, 40 million viewers.
Biden didn't want to do that because he's mentally unfit and can't do it.
So that's what you get there.
Let's go to Bryce in Missouri.
Bryce, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
I just wanted to call in about the interview the other day with Alex and David Icke and everybody.
The Putin interview was pretty good.
Not really, but I don't know about you, but I think that
Man, that's really memorable, but
Well, he did do his spaces with Alex.
I mean, that was a fun time in studio, because we were already really anticipating the David Icke-Alex Jones interview.
That was already a high-anticipation event.
And then the Musk burner, or Musk's impersonator, or doppelganger, or AI.
I mean, I don't want to get too deep into it, but I mean...
There's all kinds of theories about that account, and I was curious enough to even study it a little bit over the weekend.
I don't see how it could possibly be Elon Musk, simply because of all the activity that's going on there, and then all the stuff that Musk is doing, because you can kind of look and see, like, well, here's Musk, and then here's this account doing a bunch of stuff.
I might be leaning towards it might be Elon Musk AI.
Elon Musk is definitely commenting on his post.
So, take it easy.
All right, Bryce.
Well, hey, you know what?
You can be the judge yourself because we're going to air the whole thing in an hour.
So it's either the greatest Elon Musk impersonator of all time or Elon Musk's burner phone or doppelganger or an Elon Musk AI system.
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And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
Alright, we're taking calls.
Again, if you're curious, why do people keep talking about this Alan Musk, Elon Musk, Alex Jones, Elon Musk, David Icke thing?
What are they talking about?
What is this?
Well, we're going to re-air it in an hour for InfoWars Sunday Night Live.
We're just going to re-air that.
And that's where a lot of people are talking about.
We have a lot of people on the board that want to talk about Putin as well.
Hey, Owen.
Putin's going to be re-elected for another six-year presidential term in March.
What is your opinion about that situation?
Not much.
I mean, that wouldn't surprise me.
He's extremely popular in Russia.
I mean, he's been president for a long time now, so... And we should be glad, and we should be glad that Putin is going to be president again, because if it wasn't Putin, it'd be somebody who's much more hardcore than Putin that would probably want to get involved in wars.
But Putin doesn't.
Yes, it's good for world peace.
He's been the president of Russia since
Well, thank you for the call, Tom.
Let's go to Caroline in North California.
Northern California.
Caroline, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alan.
Thanks for having me on.
Number one, I just want to talk about the media component of the, I believe they fast-tracked the release of the Biden DOJ report to basically tank and bury Putin-Tucker interview in the media because it occurred simultaneously.
Well, some of these things do happen, and there's nothing you can do about it.
I mean, the report was anticipated.
The report was always going to come out either last Thursday or Friday.
That was always going to be the case.
And so, you know, that...
Running in the same time block as the Putin-Tucker interview I think probably was just coincidence.
But Biden doing his press conference immediately during the Putin-Tucker interview going live, that was certainly by design.
Okay, so this might... I believe that the deep state or CIA essentially...
Biden was angry that this was revealed.
Number one, he had executive privilege that he could have redacted the language that he was incompetent.
The CIA intelligence could have had it redacted on behalf of security of the state because our enemies don't need to know that.
Well, they obviously weren't expecting it.
That's why former people from the DOJ think that this was her giving the middle finger to the DOJ because I don't think anybody was expecting that.
Right, my point is, though, that they had the ability to redact it.
Yes, but they weren't expecting that to be in there, and so that's why they didn't anticipate they had to redact anything.
Well, they have to, okay, so the report was delivered to DOJ on Tuesday the 5th.
The White House had it for two days for a review.
And they released it back to DOJ on Wednesday the 7th, and then it was released on the 8th, the same day as Tucker's interview.
Well, Biden sat down for five hours and made himself out to be mentally incompetent.
So, I mean, you could say, well, that was an act because he wanted to pretend he didn't know he was committing a crime.
He tried to blame it on his staff.
So you could say, oh, Biden was pretending to be mentally incompetent to avoid the crime, or he sat down for five hours and Robert Herr was like, holy smokes, this guy's completely mentally incompetent.
We are in the middle of a crude and ugly communist revolution funded by the big banks as a battering ram into a new age digital economy and a total surveillance state.
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And now, your host, Owen Troyer.
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We go back to the phone lines, and let's go to Ron in Florida.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen.
Thanks for taking my call.
I've talked to you a couple times, but I don't know if you'll remember, but I told you before you went to take your little vacation that was not sitting a bit.
But I told you they will find him competent enough to be the president, but not competent enough to stay in trial.
And that's exactly what they're doing.
And this is how he's going to get out of everything.
Well, at least that's what he is arguing in front of her and then denying in front of the press.
I mean, that's basically what happened.
And then he forgets what he was going to say about his rosary.
Yeah, this has happened so many times.
He's gone on television to do interviews and they say, well, President Biden, people are questioning your mental capabilities.
What do you have to say?
Well, these people, what am I doing here?
Oh, and it's just like it flops every time.
And this is our leader.
And these are the people that the Democrats are happy with.
What are you going to do?
Load him out.
Well, he's not even that popular with Democrats, truth be told.
And so this is going to be interesting to see what happens.
A lot of people don't think he's going to make it to the finish line.
Thank you for the call, Ron.
Let's go to Jay in New Mexico.
Jay, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Happy Sunday.
I was talking to the screener about propaganda.
Before I say that, I'm a truck driver and that new methylfolate or whatever it is.
Foundational energy?
Oh my god, yeah.
So basically at the end of the day, and I kick in 11 hours a day and I take the turbo force and the brain force and the liquid and the pill and everything, but at the end of the day I'm still ripping and roaring and
If it wasn't for the sleep aid there that you have, I don't know if I'd ever go to sleep.
Yeah, I can relate to that.
Yeah, pretty good stuff.
But I was inside Walmart doing a little grocery shopping, and there was a lady there.
She saw my shirt on.
I got all your shirts from 2024 of the Trump, the orange one there.
And she says, how can you wear that shirt?
And I said, well, I pulled it over my head and I put it on my body, you know?
So I says, are you real content with paying $1.79 for radishes when they were 69 cents five years ago?
And she kind of looked at me.
And then I says, are you real satisfied with this government, the way that we're bringing in all the illegals across the border and giving up all the money in your tax dollars?
And I started explaining how the Fed is not...
It's not the government.
It's just a bank that the government gets money from, and the taxpayers pay down the debt, and the debt's never going to be paid off, and they're trying to bankrupt the dollar and all this.
We were listening for a long... She was listening for a long time, and she was an older black lady, and she seemed really sweet, and she listened.
And we started to speak a little bit on God, and that's the only answer and the only cure.
But then at the end of all the speaking and talking back and forth, the propaganda in her head was like, oh, he's a rapist.
Well, see, that's what it is.
That's what it is, Jay.
This is what the media propaganda has done.
And this was the intent of it, too, is to make Trump the ultimate, I don't even know what you would say, the ultimate bad guy, the ultimate sour taste in your mouth.
Because think about all the mental gymnastics they have to go through here.
The Democrats, the American left, want to claim the moral high ground.
And that's part of how they get susceptible ladies like the one you're talking about to vote for them.
Because they believe the moral thing to do is to vote Democrat.
They don't really agree with the policy, necessarily.
They don't even like the results.
We're good to go.
It actually did.
Of course it did.
So that's what I'm saying.
They sit here and they want the moral high ground and they'll even land on God being the ultimate answer.
Okay, so I guess we agree on God.
But they know Democrats support abortion and they still vote for Democrats thinking that that's the moral party to vote for.
I don't know how you overwhelm that propaganda.
I really don't.
That is mystical.
I mean, that is black magic level.
I want to say you did a great interview there in Russia with that
Well, I appreciate that.
I don't have a favorite, but you are something else.
I know.
I am something else.
Well, I'm Abraham Lincoln's clone, and so I'm here to try to free the modern-day American slaves.
I'm Abraham Lincoln's clone with a better beard, a little better looking.
I like it.
All right, Jay.
Hey, by the way, since Jay brings it up,
I'll let you go.
If you guys want to find that interview, it is on my ex-account.
This thing has been seen probably 10 million times in Russia now, but Russia has different social media, and it was aired in Russian on the news television stations in Russia.
But it's been seen over 100,000 times just on my Twitter account alone, the interview that I did with one of the most popular Russian talk shows.
Basically, you could say he's...
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And he deals with CNN and NBC.
All right, let's take another call.
I'm ranting.
Let's go to Holly in Missouri.
Holly, you're on the air.
Hi, Owen.
Go ahead.
I wanted to say happy birthday to Alex, of course.
As far as a plug, the down and out actually got me off Ambien and sleeping meds.
That's great to hear.
And then I wanted to call in about
The Elon Alex Jones interview.
So I've been listening to Alex for a long, long time.
I love him.
Obviously, he's a great... I think of him as an American hero, but... Holly, we lost you there for a second.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is that... Am I back?
All right.
I have an apologetic critique for him for yesterday's hike in Elon Musk.
If it wasn't Elon Musk, I don't know, man.
AI is creepy, but it sounded like him.
The mannerisms...
Well, I'll tell you this, since you're bringing it up, and collect your thoughts here for a second.
There was a story on Yahoo News.
Somebody just sent this to me.
There was a story on Yahoo News, I think it was last July, where the guy's name is Adrian Dittman and Elon Musk were in a space together talking to one another.
And then there was a Yahoo story about it, a Yahoo News story about it.
So Adrian Dittman claims to be his own person, not AI, not an Elon Musk impersonator.
These two just happen to be, I guess, vocal doppelgangers.
Even though I don't think anybody's ever seen Adrian Dittman that I know.
His profile picture looks like an AI thing.
So I don't know.
I mean, look, everybody's probably ran into somebody in their life that could be a doppelganger for them.
So, I mean, there's physical doppelgangers.
Maybe there's vocal doppelgangers.
But if people are wondering what this is about, I mean, see if you guys can find the Yahoo News story.
You can put it up on the air.
We're going to air the whole interview coming up next.
So I'm sure people are like, what in the hell are they talking about?
The whole thing's coming up next.
But, Holly, go ahead.
It was amazing.
It was a really great interview, one of the more interesting ones I've heard in the last few weeks.
And, like, I listen almost every day.
But the thing that got me was, and I know that that's why I said apologetically, because I know you guys have time restraints and, you know, you're with radio, so you had to cut the interview off.
But I wish you would have either went back to or taped the very last guy that he spoke with that called in and asked about God, because the bottom line is history is already written, and it's just...
It's crazy to think of how much this stuff is playing out and the way that it relates to the prophecy in the Bible.
So whether we integrate with AI and try to make it a good thing or whether the evil globalists take over and manipulate us with it, it just seems to me that at least more so than the other times in history when people said that the end is near, it just sounds like
A way for God to come in and complete His Word to me.
And I would love to hear him bring in... He brought in an eschatologist several months ago, and that was an amazing interview as well.
But I just hope people don't lose hope.
I've got a daughter that's kind of brainwashed by all this stuff, so I think it's just really important to remember that God is the creator of history and that
It's all going to work out good in the end anyway.
Well, yes, God is in control no matter what happens.
Whether we end up becoming transhumanists or not, God is in control.
The Creator is in control.
Holly, thank you for the call.
You know, let's get a little deep into this because we still have a lot of callers that want to talk about this on the board.
We're good to go.
Well, some philosophers, some historians...
argue that past humans were actually much smarter than us and they could use more of their brain capacity than we could.
And in that regard, they could harness abilities that we couldn't even imagine, whether that be levitation, telepathy, what have you.
And so let's bring it to where we're at
We're good to go.
And so you think about artificial intelligence, you think about the singularity, you think about all these abilities that could follow.
Is that not ultimately us fixing and chasing what's been broken?
Is that not us trying to reach back in time and retrieve our abilities, all of the human capabilities and potential that we've lost over time?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it's like, now that's what we're chasing.
Now that's what we're trying to get back, except it's not organic anymore because it's been completely destroyed, so now we have to find a synthetic way to get it back.
So there's me waxing deep on the issue.
Let's go back to the calls, though.
We've got a lot of callers on this issue, so we'll keep it going.
We've got other issues, too.
We're going to get back on with some callers here.
Let's go to Benny in Compton.
Benny, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
What's going on, Owen?
I want to say happy birthday to Mr. Jones.
May God bless you with many more.
And about this whole AI, Elon Musk, and David Icke, I agree with David Icke on this one.
I don't trust Elon much.
I do agree that we've got to use technology for the good, like you said, paraplegics, blinds, etc.
But, you know, David Icke's been doing this for a long, long time as well.
And I kind of felt that it was a little bit disrespectful for a dude
To come in and pretend like he's Elon Musk or whatever when David Icke was really trying to be serious about the situation.
Well, that's not an act.
That wasn't like a new thing.
This guy's been doing that, whatever it is, for a long time.
So it wasn't like he did that to troll David Icke.
He was on the Jones Show the week before that doing that.
And again, he's talked to Elon Musk.
So that wasn't like some one-off, isolated thing that happened with the David Icke interview to be disrespectful to David.
Okay, that was the first time I heard the dude, so that's why it kind of rubbed me the wrong way a little bit.
But, you know, David Icke's a real dude out there, and, you know, he's got a lot of knowledge, a lot of wisdom, and that's the way I felt.
I heard it, you know what I mean?
But I'm going to listen to it again, like you said, after this show.
We are going to run the interview again, and, you know, it was a good interview.
Well, you know, I think David Icke will try to be a little bit more seriously and really say that let's not trust Elon Musk.
Well, David Icke is a purist, and so to me, David Icke is never going to trust anybody in Elon Musk's position, and he's never going to trust any of this transhumanism technology.
It's just never going to happen.
I believe that David Icke is a purist in that regard.
And so there's really, when you're a purist like that, I mean, this isn't to be insulting of David Icke, but there is no open-mindedness when it comes to these discussions.
No, yeah, totally agree, Owen.
I just want to give a quick plug.
Rebel Zen, CBD Balm, great, great, great.
People get it, especially for the elderly.
They love it.
You know what I mean?
So there's good stuff right there, man.
All right, Benny, thanks for the call.
But I mean, look, that interview, because David Icke is already epic, and then Alex Jones, and then whatever, the Elon Musk vocal doppelganger.
So it was just crazy, man.
I mean, we were all sitting in studio.
It was already going to be, everybody was already looking forward to just Icke and Jones.
And then you throw in the Elon Musk vocal doppelganger, it just got even crazier.
But see, the conversations need to be had.
That's the real story here, is that the debate needs to be had, the conversations need to be had, the disagreements need to be had, all positions need to be heard.
That's how growth happens.
That's how we strengthen ourselves.
Alright, let's go to Jim in South Carolina.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Owen, how are you?
Hey, you've got a fantastic show, and I've been a listener since the early 2000s.
I can't help but think, you know, you're defending Elon Musk's thing.
But the problem, I think, is you guys are just eating too much cheese for him.
I mean, you're bending over backwards.
Like you're saying, the whole staff is so excited.
We're not that excited.
At least I'm not.
I'm not so convinced that he's your hero.
Well, let's be perfectly clear.
Elon Musk is not my hero.
We had a caller earlier mention this.
I do a running approval rating.
He usually has either been at 50, usually he's at 50, so I'm split.
He's at 51 right now.
Elon Musk is not my hero.
I think as far as tech billionaires are concerned, he's the best, and he's closer to our ideology and our goals than any others.
And why wouldn't we be excited for an epic interview between Alex Jones and David Icke?
I mean, we don't get debate on anything anymore.
So yeah, there was going to be a debate had on this show about transhumanism.
I was excited for that.
Just for respect to us, if you bring somebody on and allow what appears to be a counterfeit, it's equal to when you brought Kanye West on and let him wear a ski mask
I mean, I appreciate honesty.
I mean, am I wrong on that?
I mean, it's like you're so starstruck.
You're the heroes.
You're the ones that have won it for us.
You're dragging this trash along with you.
Why don't you just stand up and tell them, look, if you won't admit who you are, get off of my platform.
I appreciate that.
I hear what you're saying.
I don't know if that's a fair analogy with the Kanye thing.
Look, I have no control over this stuff, okay?
But I understand where you're coming from.
But see, it's also a matter of
We're good to go.
And maybe you're stabbing my enemy a little bit, or they're just kind of standing there neutral, like, hey, what's going on here?
I mean, yeah, I'm going to get excited.
And I'll be like, hey, you know, over there, that's the guy!
Right over there, he's the one!
And people can look at me and be like, but you're the hero!
You guys are the best!
Well, yeah, but I'm still in the arena fighting.
I'm still on the field.
I still need help.
All right, that was a great call.
We got more coming up.
Don't go anywhere.
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I think?
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
It is the Alex Jones Show with Owen Troyer.
Alright, we got some great callers here.
Really enjoying this.
Let's go back to the phone lines.
And maybe we should switch it up and talk about some other stuff because we've been focused on this thing and the Musk issue, and we've got a lot of other callers on other issues as well.
The illegal immigrants and Biden and Tucker and Putin and everything else.
So let's go to Meg in Florida.
Meg, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good evening, Owen.
First of all, I want to say happy birthday, Alex, and I enjoyed your two books that you had released.
And, of course, I've got the autographed copy because that funds the InfoWars.
Thank you.
You can get your autographed copy at InfoWarsStore.com of Alex's books.
Thank you, folks.
Yes, thank you, Meg.
It's a real page-turner.
It's a good buy.
Last May, I was actually hit by an illegal.
He was driving, I guess, a really crappy SUV that was a little bit outdated.
But fast forward, I actually did seek an attorney, and there was a good outcome to it.
So I'll just leave that there.
I also want to touch on the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin.
At first, it was kind of like a really long history lesson.
It was very informative at the same time.
But I actually really enjoyed the Tucker Carlson interview with Vladimir Putin, and I love how everybody in the media is just completely losing their minds over it.
Well, they are the ones engaged in propaganda, and they've been lying about Putin and Russia and the war in Ukraine.
I mean, for a long time, but specifically since Trump or Biden was president.
And so they're afraid that if people actually hear from Putin, then they might stop believing the propaganda.
That's what it was really about.
But did you notice that he said this a couple times in the interview?
He says, what do I need to talk to Biden for?
I really don't think... I don't think... And this is just me being me.
I can only speak for me, but...
I don't think he recognizes Biden as the real leader.
Well, he doesn't.
And he has said in so many words that Biden is an illegitimate president, that the election was stolen and given to Joe Biden, and that Trump was the real winner.
But he understands Joe Biden is mentally incompetent.
He knows Joe Biden isn't even running the White House.
So, yeah.
Putin is a realist.
I mean, look, forget about whether he's bad or good.
Forget about that.
He's a realist.
So he knows Joe Biden doesn't run anything except his droppings down his leg.
So, yeah, that's why he makes the joke and says, well, why would I talk to Biden?
He doesn't run anything.
He doesn't even know what's going on.
Has anybody ever thought about that maybe John Podesta's running things?
Well, Podesta just got brought in now.
He's officially in a role.
He's replacing John Kerry as, I guess, the climate change guy.
No, I don't think Podesta runs anything either, though.
I don't know.
Maybe it's Obama.
There is one guy, I forget his name, who's a top Democrat strategist who's been in Biden's ear the entire time.
It's a clown show.
The whole thing is just a clown show.
It is.
It is.
And you've just got to keep your head on a swivel and
That's all I can say.
Stock up.
All right, Meg.
Let's go to Justin in Chicago.
Thank you for the call.
Justin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Hey, Owen.
Hey, what's up, man?
You're like my favorite online person.
I just wanted to say that first.
But here's my point.
Thank you.
So I go to grocery stores.
I'm in the heart of Chicago.
I talked to you before.
The heart of Chicago and a lot of illegal immigrants stand there with signs.
Now, a lot of them don't even speak English.
They say stuff in Spanish.
Now, here's my idea.
They're everywhere across the Democrat city.
They ask you and beg you for money.
Instead of just giving you $5 or $2 and do nothing, you give them $10 or $20 with our message on the sign.
And you say, hey, I'm going to need you to have this sign up because thousands of people pass by them because they're in the major metropolitan, like, area supermarkets and stuff.
So thousands of people go and see them.
Give them $20 and be like, hey, hold this sign up for an hour.
If I come back and I still see you with the sign, I'll give you this $20.
And do that all across the country with major cities, and we could push our message to whatever we need with the eagles, and then they'll get them out of here because they don't even understand English.
And then you're going to have them in a frenzy trying to take down messages, and then they're going to be fucked doing whatever they're doing already.
Sorry for the cussing.
Well, it's an interesting idea.
I think what people are about to learn is... Actually, Obama wrote in a book... Man, I'm going to find this.
I'm going to cover it on The War Room tomorrow.
Barack Obama actually wrote in a book...
That he couldn't stand illegal immigrants coming here and taking their spotlight of people trying to come here legally, taking the spotlight of Americans who are waiting for help, and he couldn't stand people who come here and don't learn English.
I'm going to find that pull quote from a book Obama wrote some time ago, and I'm going to cover that in the War Room tomorrow.
We're good to go.
And so if something goes wrong, you're basically screwed.
There's no way to communicate with them.
So that's where they're getting these jobs.
Now, as far as your idea of paying them to hold a sign, I mean, it's an interesting idea.
I don't know if it would work or not.
It would be an interesting thing to try out.
My guess is they would take your money and probably not hold your sign.
But I suppose you could try that out.
Thank you for the call, Justin.
Let's go to Carolyn in Colorado.
Carolyn, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning or afternoon.
Yeah, I'm kind of worried about something that's not even being brought up.
We have all these border states, which are California, Arizona, and Texas.
But what about New Mexico?
It's been crickets.
And when there's crickets, something's going on.
Well, what do you mean?
What do you mean it's been crickets?
As far as the border.
I'm just wondering if that's possibly even more of a problem there in New Mexico.
And nobody's bringing it up at all.
I mean, we've got Arizona for sure.
We've got California.
We got Texas.
But what's being said in New Mexico?
Well, we've talked about New Mexico.
Here's the thing.
I'm good.
I'm good.
That's scary.
Yeah, well, I mean, you just had the head of the FBI gather a bunch of sheriffs and tell them this is the most dangerous time for terror, more dangerous than 9-11.
Yeah, and then they're going out there on the regular TV or regular media and saying, oh, everything's fine.
Well, see, but that's what it is.
When are Democrat voters going to be sick of getting lied to?
You know, I guess that's the ultimate question, isn't it?
I guess that's really the ultimate question.
When are Democrat voters going to be sick of being lied to?
That's, I mean, because they love it.
They don't care.
Border secure, border secure, border secure.
Border's broken and it's Trump's fault.
Border's broken and it's Republicans' fault.
Joe Biden has secured the border.
Joe Biden has done everything to secure the border.
Joe Biden has no control over the border.
When are Democrat voters going to be sick of being lied to?
That's the ultimate question.
I mean, that's it right there.
Thank you for the call, Carolyn.
And by the way, as soon as the Democrat Party is no longer in America's body politic, this country will turn it around very quickly.
But folks, we're standing up for our rights.
We're standing up for your rights.
We're standing up for all of our freedoms and our children.
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It's been a fun Sunday night show here on Alex Jones' birthday.
Owen Troy filling in for Alex so he can spend some time with family on his birthday night.
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Many great hosts there as well.
All right, we go back to the phone lines.
Final segment of today's show, and then we're going to play the entire Musk doppelganger, Elon Musk, Alex Jones interview.
Great stuff.
That's coming up next.
Or you can go watch dudes play with balls, too.
I mean, that's fun.
All right, let's go to Ashley in Illinois.
You're on the air, Ashley.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alan.
I just wanted to talk about the Tucker Carlson interview with Putin.
Are you there?
Okay, yeah.
So I feel like it was kind of... I don't feel like I was satisfied with it.
I feel like a lot of people were expecting a little bit more from Tucker.
I feel like that comment he made, like, oh, you're bitter or whatever, I remember that standing out for me, and I just thought he... I feel like he could have been prepared a little bit more.
I feel like he... The interview you did, I felt like was better than the one with Tucker because you just... You kind of came out and told...
Then that, like, the United States, the people here were not really for the government.
Like, just, it's more personal, and I felt like he was intimidated by Putin, and I felt like that was kind of an unfortunate...
I don't think it's fair to say that Tucker laid an egg.
Look, there was a language barrier.
You've got to keep that in mind.
The interview that I did, the guy was speaking English, and it wasn't a politically charged deal, and we had good rapport.
I don't know what the chemistry between Tucker and Putin was or wasn't.
I think the thing is that Tucker went in without an agenda, and maybe that's kind of where you're saying he came up short.
He wishes that maybe there was some sort of agenda or some sort of a message because... But I think Tucker looked at it like, I'm not going in with an agenda here.
I'm going to do the Putin interview.
It might get seen a billion times.
It's probably been seen at least 100 million times, at least at this point.
And so...
I think.
I think.
I think he was intimidated by Putin a little bit, to be honest.
Well, maybe, but then in the end, Tucker was like, hey, are you going to free that journalist?
I think you should.
I mean, that was kind of, that was busy.
I know.
I got to say, though, Putin made a lot of good points.
I think it makes people realize how we look so stupid.
We just look so stupid.
And it's like, Putin's just sitting there like, look, I've tried hard to make an effort.
I just
We just look so stupid.
I feel so, you know what I mean?
And I feel like Tucker kind of felt like, okay, just let this guy talk.
And I totally feel like Tucker had great intention and he did a great job.
I just feel like Putin really, it was like, dang, like Putin had something to say with that message.
And I think we need to focus on that.
And it's just, it's terrible.
But that's what I have to say.
I just kind of was hoping a little, I just, I don't know.
I was hoping a little bit more, but I know Putin took up a lot of that interview in the beginning, which I think it's important to know the history, but I don't know.
There's a barrier.
I agree.
Well, and again, I think it just matters that it was what Tucker Carlson, he had no agenda, and his intent was to let Putin speak, and he tried to do the mainstream media interview that nobody else did.
I mean, that's really what it is.
Tucker Carlson did kind of the mainstream media, non-propaganda-angled interview that nobody else would give Vladimir Putin.
That's what he did.
And we don't really like mainstream media-type interviews, but he did it.
And the deed is done.
All right, let's go to Mike in Montana.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Owen.
Happy 50th, Alex.
And happy Chinese New Year.
Year of the Dragon.
Yeah, how fitting it's the Year of the Dragon, Owen.
I have a split-level comment, Owen.
First, thank you for your guts and being an inspiration to the world.
I felt bad for you and did support your fund.
I am stunned what Washing Scum is doing to Pure Bloods.
They're just tearing us up.
But we are fighting back, and we are seeing success because of Alex, you, and everybody out there who's supporting you.
I love the X2, X3 bodies, long plans.
Okay, number two.
I think Tucker scored the hottest interview in decades.
His bold mission finally exposed the alphabet's
On an international scale.
To me, Owen, it was exciting.
And I listened to the loop for 24 hours straight to absorb all Putin's answers.
He is a truly patient man.
Okay, third, I'd like to present a t-shirt idea to you, to the InfoWars team.
Stop me if this is an old idea, Owen.
T-shirts with the InfoWars tagline at the back of the neck, that little square.
And then, in big letters, One World Government.
Then below that, these are on dark or light shirts, I guess.
Below that, a picture of the globe with only the lower 48 continent dead center.
No Canada, no Mexico.
Just the lower 48, dead center of the globe.
And then other phrases could be Alex Jones, globalist, or One World Government.
Okay, now, 4th.
This is what I think is scary.
I think Washington Scum is going to zero out the Border Raiders debit cards just before Halloween.
Then auto-text them to refill their cards at the nearest box store or supermarket campus.
And mercenaries, after the cards don't work, are going to smash the storefronts.
Well, I think there's definitely a level of the Democrats starting a riot.
I think there's high odds of that happening, for sure.
Yeah, just do it in the swing states.
It's easy to call martial law.
They won't shut their cell phones down because they need their phones to direct them.
And then they're just going to cut them off.
There's millions out there waiting.
Just think if they cut their money off.
And also, I think they're purebloods.
They're going to be really good blood donors.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you, Mike.
You know, one thing, I'm a little nitpicky here, and I think this might have something to do with it, too.
When you're listening to the Putin interview, like,
Just completely take the foreign language out of it.
Because it's like you're hearing two different voices at the same time.
It can make it much harder to consume.
That's why people are like, I had to watch it three times.
I had to watch it on a 24-hour loop.
Just cut out the Russian.
Or just let him speak Russian and put captions under it.
But having the Russian and the English dubbed at the same time is like, ugh!
But that's just a little pet peeve I have.
I don't know why people... I mean, I know why people do that.
But it's like, bring it down to like a tiny whisper if you have to.
I don't know, guys.
Is that just me?
Do you think that's fair?
Thank you.
Thank you.
I think it's fair.
I think that's part of the problem.
Alright, I would take another call, but I'm almost out of time here on Sunday night.
So I want to thank all the callers.
It is Alex's birthday.
That's why I was on tonight.
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And that would be a great birthday gift for him.
We're good to go.
I think?
Very knowledgeable.
So that's why it was so interesting.
So that's coming up for the next two hours right here on band.video and infowars.com slash show.
I'm signing off for the night.
I'll see you tomorrow hosting the InfoWars War Room 3 to 6 p.m.
Central at band.video slash war room.
And we will see you tomorrow.
But folks, we're standing up for our rights.
We're standing up for your rights.
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