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Name: 20240203_Sat_Alex
Air Date: Feb. 3, 2024
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In this segment from InfoWars, Alex Jones discusses various issues including protests against Biden's border policies, an interview with economist Dr. Kirk Elliott about silver demand, allegations of him calling for Trump's assassination, and potential threats against Trump in the upcoming general election. Speakers warn those on the deep state target list about escalating actions such as assassinations, propose allowing free and fair elections to determine the outcome, and encourage people to exercise their First Amendment rights while identifying threats. They also promote merchandise as fundraisers for the show.

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Tomorrow's News Today.
The French farmers are dumping manure onto government buildings.
And onto the roads.
They're turning freeways into fields.
And setting them on fire.
They are blocking the motorways.
And they are dumping and destroying foreign imported foods.
They are sending a message out to the people that government-decreed starvation is coming.
And it's not just the French.
It's happening in Germany.
And Ireland.
And it looks like it's just getting started.
This is of course in response to the European Union's Green Agenda.
The EU is imposing extreme regulations on farmers, which are forcing them out of business.
Globalist media is spreading propaganda that farming is bad for the environment.
And domestic terrorists in America are setting fire to farms.
This is all being blamed on the lie that humans are responsible for climate change.
And so the solution for Western governments seems to be to depopulate, or rather, murder its own people.
History tells us that the climate does radically change.
Examples such as the Younger Dryas Ice Age that occurred 12,000 years ago shows us that these things do happen.
And the current level of earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions could be an indicator that the climate is radically changing again.
In the late 1940s, Major Maynard White, commander of Project Nanuk, discovered that the Earth experiences routine magnetic pole flips that occur in the span of just one day.
But this information was suppressed from the public and was directly followed by the birth of the United Nations Global Warming Propaganda Campaign.
Western governments adopted the man-made global warming cover story, but this does not seem to be the case in the East.
In Russia, talk of a pole shift is openly being discussed.
Russian scientists have been tracking the wandering magnetic north, which has been exponentially moving towards Siberia for decades.
And even state-run media, RIA News, has been reporting that the North and South Magnetic Poles have repeatedly changed places, and that it could happen again at any moment.
Russian media has even cited the work of the sleeping American prophet Edgar Cayce, who predicted a sudden climate change that would lead to the death of cities and cause the European Arctic to thaw.
The Russian Federation seems to be preparing for this pole shift.
Massive infrastructure is being developed in the Eurasian Arctic.
And Russian bases in Antarctica are being drastically restored.
The farmers in Russia are not being attacked.
They are being given extra subsidies by the government and encouraged to expand.
These contrasting agendas between the East and the West could explain the current conflicts.
If the polls are expected to flip, then it would explain just about all the madness that is happening today.
And the plan of the Western governments appears to be to cull the population and weather the storm underground.
Greg Reese reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide on this Saturday, February 3rd,
24 emergency transmission. We are.
We are 275 days, 11 hours, 55 minutes out for the most important election in world history, and we are loaded for bear today.
I really respect the work of economist Kirk Elliott, and he is going to be in studio with us in the next two hours, coming up here in just about 15 minutes, to do a deep dive on all the different economic crises right now that are coming to a head.
He's done a big breakdown.
He's got a lot of documents.
This is going to be extremely important information.
So whether you're watching at Infowars.com forward slash show, or listening on a local radio station, or watching on a local cable station, or at Real Alex Jones on X, please take the feed from Infowars.com forward slash show and Real Alex Jones on X of the Saturday Emergency Broadcast.
We just posted the live link and share it.
That's how we break the back of the sensors.
That's how we reach more people.
Interspersed, because it all ties together with the economy and what's going on, While Kirk Elliott is with us today, our reporters just left the border about 30 minutes ago after being down there for almost a week.
They were relieved by Drew Hernandez, who was there with the convoy.
We've got some more massive developments and whistleblower information, and I'm waiting for those reports to be edited and sent to me that they just completed in, or they just shot this morning.
So look for all of that.
There's footage of Chase Geiser last night when one of the big parts of the first convoy, more arriving as we speak, thousands of trucks.
So very, very exciting on that front.
We've got big developments on the border.
We have even bigger developments on election fraud being caught red handed that I'm going to get to a little bit here in a moment.
But then during my breakdown here with Kirk Elliott.
So that's all coming up and even Bill Maher has come out and said Biden is full of crap but he does it all backhanded still attacking Trump and admits that it's on the books they can control the illegals and that the US government with the UN is orchestrating all of this.
Maher, Biden can fix border now he already has the existing laws.
Now we already know that but This red herring, even some Republicans are involved in against Trump saying, oh, Trump said, don't pass a law.
Don't fix the border till he gets elected.
No, he said, don't pass the proposal to legalize all these illegals and have amnesty.
And here's the headline in AP last night, Biden to prioritize legal status for millions of quote, Immigrants, so legalizing them so they can vote, that much easier.
The House Speaker lists 64 times Biden intentionally undermined border security.
Excellent article.
Big, thick article, but very key intel at InfoWars.com.
Elon Musk has weighed in on the Biden strategy.
Get as many illegals into the country as possible.
Create permanent majority of one party state.
We've got so much more.
Tucker interviewed Brett Weinstein, who just got back from the Darien Gap with Michael Yan, confirms it's a Chinese military invasion.
He's a highly respected liberal and a scientist.
ICE deports illegal alien wanted for rape, released in the U.S.
under Biden.
Germany's introduced payment cards for the quote migrants.
Dr. Phil visits the open southern border, says humanitarian crisis unlike anything he's ever seen before.
We've seen before, females seen in anger is left speechless after law enforcement analyst explains why illegal aliens don't stay and commit crimes in Florida, but commit the crimes in New York and then go back to Florida to party.
Yeah, we're like the happy hunting land of robbery.
Soros-funded DA Alvin Bragg in New York about releasing the illegal aliens that viciously attacked police for no reason says, He has no evidence to charge them and they're out flipping everybody off when they get out of the jail in a day.
So this is really waking people up big time.
Also, Biden promises more airstrikes after hitting more than 80 targets in Iraq, Syria, And look, I'm not glad this happened, but they did attack a U.S.
The question is why do we have all those bases there?
Iran is backing it, but I'm glad they're not striking Iran itself.
That would lead to a full-blown war.
Very serious situation.
They do have nuclear weapons.
Biden strikes at least 85 targets in Iraq and Syria, including V-1 bombers.
Iraq warns the Middle East is now on the brink of an abyss after 18 killed U.S.
revenge strikes on Iranian-backed militias.
They're trying to suck us into war.
slams American attacks on Syria and Iraq.
We're going to be looking at all this and how it ties the economy.
Are bankruptcies of some states in the future?
Huge stack on that and so much more.
Now I want to go ahead and just play some of Bill Maher last night admitting the truth that this whole border crisis is engineered by the globalists.
And let's be clear.
We already knew this, but I sent reporters down there in the last week, and we talked to the Border Patrol, we talked to other feds, and they confirmed, yeah, no, we totally control it, we smuggle the people.
The UN NGOs are holding tens of thousands back from the border.
All because reporters are down here in the convoys here, which shows full operational control on both sides by the deep state of this invasion.
So those final reports from this trip are about to come out and it's conclusive that this isn't just breaking the border, it's facilitating how it's wide open to accelerate the financial collapse.
Now I want to get into this huge economic news coming up with Dr. Kirk Elliott here in a moment.
And that's going to tie into the biggest election fraud news.
I've got a whole stack on it.
Because it's taken three years, but now the lawsuits have been filed, the four-year documents have gone out.
And in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, and in Georgia, and Arizona, they're getting the documents.
And guess what's in the FBI reports?
The local police reports.
All those vans show up at night in places like Detroit, Michigan?
And then people even there weren't criminals and said they opened them up, there was tens of thousands of ballots only for Biden in the same handwriting.
And so they called the police and the police went and looked at the number on the vans and went to these warehouses with machine guns and automatic weapons and silencers and burner cards and like government operation basically.
And whiteboards up on the wall.
When they got there, nobody was there.
Talking about killing anybody that got in their way if they caught them with the ballots, and a Democrat Party-run group bragging that they have the same operation in 20 states, all on big whiteboards.
This is all in the police reports.
And this is just absolutely massive information, breaking Michigan AG Dana Vessel confirms 8,000 to 10,000 suspected fraudulent registrations delivered to Muskogen clerk October 2020.
It also happened in Detroit as noted.
In Michigan State Police Report, she blurred and tried to block from the public.
Of course, she's a Soros operative.
So, this is all coming out one hell of a show today.
And I know most of you know what's going on.
A lot of you know more than I know.
But the goal here is to reach more people.
And when you get excited and you go to Real Alex Jones on X, it's the second to top post.
I'm having it put at the top right now, it's the pin post.
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Emergency broadcast, InfoWars reports live from border.
Financial expert Kirk Elliott warns of impending financial crisis.
Biden promises to strike more targets in Middle East.
I'm going to put another tweet out with a live show feed explaining smoking gun evidence released in Michigan of organized Democrat election fraud.
I mean, there's a smoking gun and it also just came out.
in the Senate that 130,000 people voted the 2020 election illegally, 98% of them for Democrats.
Some houses, more than 5,000 people voted per house.
So that's the addresses they're giving. And the mules go there, they get the filled out ballots,
they go and vote. This is all so huge. Kirk Elliott's coming up. I want to play for you,
though. Bill Maher, last night, here it is.
Well, this election will probably, my guess, will probably turn on something like,
I don't know if you saw this, it was I think yesterday in New York City.
Some illegal immigrants who were brought to the city attacked a bunch of cops.
I think, I think we have video of it.
It's awful.
Okay, so this is, right.
Now, this is real.
That's what's going to happen with this election.
It's only in eight states.
Most of the country has their mind made up.
No matter what either guy did, it wouldn't change.
It's going to be something like this, that whatever, the 4% of people who actually are undecided in those eight states are going to see something like this.
This is what I worry about.
And is this even real?
I mean, this one is.
But we have, please, we have Biden making robocalls that are not Joe Biden.
We have Taylor Swift having sex with people who are not Taylor Swift.
I don't think anything in this election can be certified as real.
But that's what worries me about this election, something like that, and that's an immigration issue, sort of.
Well, it is, and it ended up being actually good on Governor Abbott to start busing immigrants all over the country when he started with Martha's Vineyard.
Him and DeSantis, I thought, oh, this is just a political stunt.
It's ridiculous.
And now that you have J.B.
Pritzker and Mayor Adams and Kathy Hochul and the mayors of Baltimore and D.C.
saying we absolutely cannot sustain this influx, everybody feels like they live in Eagle Pass now and has a lot of sympathy for that.
But the reason that I don't think that the election hinges on these issues is, A, we have time, and Democrats better start fixing it.
Get tough about these things.
Say, if you touch a cop, you're deported tomorrow.
That's how it works here.
But are they going to say that?
Well, Kathy Hochul, her challenger, Lee Zeldin, got much closer than he should have.
He lost by four or five points in Blue, New York, because she ignored the crime issue and just wanted to talk about abortion.
So I think people are going to pay attention to it.
And there's this misconception amongst conservatives, at least that I come across, where they think that suddenly we're going to wake up And because a rec center was given to migrant families instead of the kids who deserve to be there, and we believe that, but that we're going to be Republicans, that we're going to ignore our moral compasses and all the policies that you've listed off.
We're going to say, you know what?
Oh, Donald Trump's not that bad.
I don't know one voter who has changed their mind from 2020, who's going to wake up in 2024 on election day and be like, you know what?
Actually, the last four years have proven to me that Donald Trump is the right man for the job.
If I could, I completely agree with that.
That was my mindset, if I should, that was my mindset six months ago.
But boy, it's amazing if you look at the fact that New Hampshire, which is a pretty moderate state, you know, Republican governor, super popular, by the way, for a fortune.
But the fact that... And a nipple baby.
He didn't just take, he took 70... A what?
A nipple baby.
A nipple baby, I mean, that matters.
No, I'm not saying you're not good.
In a good way.
I'm just saying that that helps in politics.
So, the fact that you took 75% of the Republican vote in the primary when folks were given a really good choice, and a third of the independent vote.
A third.
So those numbers are, I would have said no independents are going to go with him, but you've seen his poll numbers in the last six months go up and up and up.
So, again, I go back to the policy issue.
Immigration is very real.
Is Joe Biden going to come out and say that if you attack a cop, you're getting deported?
He's not going to do it.
Immigration is real, but their reaction to it is not real.
It's all a bunch of acting.
They should be getting an award this award season here.
The Republicans act like they want to solve this, but the Democrats called their bluff.
I mean, there was a, there is a bill right now that a lot of them, Mitch McConnell, like some pretty conservative senators saying, this is as good a deal as you're going to get.
They don't want it because they don't want this issue to be solved.
And they need it as an issue.
So you can make speeches like the one you just made about working class and blah, blah, blah.
If they solve the immigration...
Well, that's better than what Trump does.
Yeah, that jerking off two guys move.
As a lady, I can't do it.
I know, it's just so gross.
You're absolutely right, which is why, as I have always said, when it comes to Washington, D.C., fire them all, right?
And so the one thing that we can... Fire them all.
In Washington?
What do you mean?
All of them.
Get rid of every one of them.
Have they done anything?
Every one of them.
And replace them with who?
If you replace every member of the U.S.
Senate with every 100 members of this audience, you think we're going to get less guns?
And how do we?
They've set the bar so low.
So yes, you're absolutely right.
Fire them all.
The one thing you can count on Congress to do is nothing.
But, make no mistake about it, make no mistake about it, Joe Biden has a lot of power to change a lot of policy and affect the immigration issue today.
That's true.
That's 100% true.
I was going to say, part two of the acting is Joe Biden saying, you know what, if you just give me a new law, why doesn't, the President can fix this.
He already has the existing laws.
And Border Patrol will tell you that right to your face.
I need a piece of paper from Congress to deal with the border.
No, you already have that.
That's right.
Wow, wow.
So Bill Maher just lied and said, we need more laws, and then he admits they already have the laws that they need.
Absolutely incredible.
All right, I'm going to get more into this because there's a lot later in the transmission.
There's so much news to tie together.
But I already mentioned earlier this huge report out of Michigan and what the state police went and what they found and now how they're trying to cover this up.
And if you add the numbers up, it's way more votes.
Then Trump needed to win Michigan.
Same thing in Nevada.
Same thing in Arizona.
Same thing in Georgia.
Same thing in Pennsylvania.
So we're going to go to this very important OAN report.
And I'm sorry it was shot off the TV.
I tried to find it actually from OAN.
Spent like an hour this morning trying to find it.
But it's decent audio and video.
This needs to be shared.
I've posted it on X.
This is the biggest smoking gun, I said, of the stolen 2020 election.
This was a CIA operation.
Watch carefully.
And some of the commenters went, CIA?
There's no proof they're involved.
They've had weaponization hearings the last six months in Congress where there's CIA emails where they're involved suppressing stories and manipulating the news and involved at every level.
So is the Justice Department.
But Kamala Harris is running around saying, oh, if Trump gets reelected, he'll weaponize the judiciary.
He'll weaponize the Justice Department.
It's total inversion.
But what we really need to talk about is the real state of the economy.
How bad is inflation really?
We know they're lying to us.
What's really going to happen to the economy?
What's really going on with the stock market?
Why are all these elite institutions quietly buying gold and silver while telling us not to?
We'll answer all that with Kirk Elliott coming up in a moment, but here is the OAN report, the first part of this.
I've got a lot of other news on this, but it's all coming out as they investigate.
It takes years to sue and get documents, and as they get them and find the police reports, Yeah, all these vans show up in the middle of the night in all these counties and all these key battleground states and then the police do their job and go and to find out what's there and it's just smoking gun spy bases.
Here it is.
Apparently, their definition of transparency is that if you ask any questions about the election, then you'll be taken to court for billions of dollars and slapped with federal indictments.
Other than that, yeah, totally transparent.
It's this kind of transparency that led us to the discovery that back in October of 2020, just before the elections, mind you, some eight to ten thousand suspected fraudulent voter registrations were dumped at a small city in western Michigan.
Far left State Attorney General Dana Nessel, the same one who last year called for drag queens at every elementary school, has confirmed this case is so serious it was actually referred to the FBI.
Now we know that's where it will stop, but the fact that it made it that far is interesting.
So what apparently happened is that a Muskegon City clerk discovered a black one dropping off thousands of these completed voter registration forms.
According to reports from the Gateway Pundit and the Detroit News, these applications all had the exact same handwriting, used addresses that didn't exist, and fake phone numbers.
A clerk reported the woman, and an investigation later found she worked for a group called GBI Strategies.
This firm was funded by a dark money super PAC, ironically called BlackPAC, which paid GBI over $11 million to register voters for Joe Biden.
It gets weirder, though, because this group, GBI Strategies, was operating out of an old eyeglass store, and when the police showed up, what they found was like something out of a movie.
In this old store where the Democrats were apparently filling out phony voter registrations, the police discovered prepaid cash cards, rental cars, burner phones, and cases full of guns.
And these weren't just regular guns.
The police report shows they uncovered both semi and fully automatic rifles, at least four customized pistols, as well as silencers for the weapons.
Responding to this, the Attorney General's office, probably for the first time in history, defended the find by claiming that all these terrifying weapons of war were registered and owned legally.
I mean, who doesn't take automatic rifles to work with them at the office?
And silencers?
Come on, guns are loud.
They need to be quieter.
That's perfectly normal.
Don't be so paranoid.
There were also apparently several whiteboards in the room with notes, and on one of them was written Hot Topics, which listed weapons in the field prepared for shifts.
None of this is ominous at all.
During their investigation, police also discovered temporary businesses where the registrations were being stored.
And it turns out, the Democrat firm wasn't just filling out fake voter registrations, they were actually shipping entire packages of these registrations off to other communities.
One of the officers investigating the case, Lt.
Michael Anderson, said it's totally unexpected to find weapons and silencers in a normal business.
And then it's a lot easier to hide information when you use prepaid cash cards to pay employees.
Authorities are still investigating, but this appears to be nothing less than industrialized voter fraud, organized and sanctioned by the Democrat Party.
Astonishingly, or perhaps not, the director of GBI Strategies, Gary Bell, actually brags about operating similar organizations in at least 20 states, including all of the key battleground states.
So we know this isn't an isolated event.
The Democrats are manufacturing voting fraud on a national scale.
Now this investigation has been covered up and buried by politicians and the mainstream media for obvious reasons.
And after being turned over to the FBI, run by Christopher Wray, it was apparently left to die.
Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson, a former Secretary of State, told the Gateway Pundit she estimated as many as 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan.
That's well over the roughly 150,000 votes Joe Biden was awarded.
More than enough to overturn the election and give President Trump a victory in Michigan.
For One America News, I'm Pearson Sharpe.
Great job, Pearson Sharp.
And we've got a lot more on that.
I've got the actual documents that he's talking about in Michigan.
And that's just one county.
The same reports were put out in Detroit.
And it looks like it was 50 times the fraud.
So you add that up, this is just insane.
No wonder they are so incredibly desperate right now.
All right.
Economist, PhD, Kirk Elliott is in studio with us.
Dr. Elliott is a great guy.
Just does a great job and our listeners love him.
I love him too.
And so I asked him, he lives in Colorado, to come here when he was on a few weeks ago,
when we can do a Saturday commercial-free broadcast and be able to really, really drill into the deep dive
on what the real economic numbers are versus what Biden's telling us
and what he and other experts believe the trends are and where we're going.
We'll then intersperse it and tie it into all the news and other breaking information
as we go for the next few hours or so.
And then, former Green Beret commander and lawyer and Defense Intelligence Agency operative,
Ivan Reikland was on yesterday, live in studio.
He was in a toboggan accident with his kids and blew his leg out.
He was in a wheelchair.
He traded punches with me.
Some bitch kicks like a mule.
We were wargaming, what if they killed Trump?
And that's what you do in the military.
I'm not in the military, but I studied this for 30 years, so I'm in the same, you know, bailiwick.
That's why I came up with Infowars.
We were wargaming, what if they killed Trump?
And how it would blow up in their face and how horrible it would be, which will make them not kill him.
And it got picked up out of context.
And I mean, I think this morning I looked around like 5 million views,
different versions of it's probably 10 million now.
Alex Jones wants Trump dead.
And then even some conservatives bought into that because they saw a 30 second clip.
Folks, that is... Okay, Secret Service, come get me.
We were saying, you kill Trump like Obi-Wan Kenobi, he gets more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
They shouldn't do that.
And that's been war game.
Just like, I could tell them, don't indict Trump a bunch for stuff he didn't do.
It'll make you more popular.
I mean, that's not rocket science, folks.
In the 1970s, they had total control.
This is culture in Nashville over country music.
And then four or five people, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, a few others, Chris Christopherson, moved to Austin, Texas, and they said, screw you, we're doing our own music.
And it totally changed that whole industry.
And by the mid-1980s, five or six outlaw country artists had a bigger market than all of Nashville.
You're like, well, who cares about that?
Well, it's the same for culture and politics and freedom.
Joe Rogan's the most popular, and Tucker Carlson, and everybody sounds like Alex Jones now because it's the truth.
And Elon Musk sounds like Alex Jones now because it's the truth and it's popular.
So we were explaining that Trump is seen as the outlaw of the system, you know, the Dukes of Hazzard, just some good old boys, doing no harm, but in trouble with the laws since the day they were born.
This isn't some point about, okay, Willie Nelson is a great guy, I've been friends with him for decades.
This is about...
Culturally on something that matters, we're breaking through and we're winning.
It's like something like half the main hit movies now, like 48% I was seeing in a big variety or Hollywood Reporter article a few months ago, is Christian movies.
Hollywood's dying, but Christian movies are exploding.
So we're here saying we're winning the culture war.
It doesn't look like that if you just tune into MSNBC.
So we've got a lot of potential to rebuild things.
We're very close.
So when I give you all this negative information and scary information, it's like a roadmap.
Kind of like you go to the beach one day and it's 50 mile an hour winds, they got red flags up and say, rip tide, don't get in the water.
It's not a negative, scary thing.
It's saying, it's not safe.
People need to know what we're navigating.
So Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much for flying down here.
I'm glad you're only a few hours away by planes.
You can be here.
The listeners love you.
I've just had like a 30-minute prelude to all of this.
Where do you want to start?
Because you've got a lot of preparation.
You sent us a lot of documents.
I love guests like you that really get your preparation together.
Well, there's so much, Alex, and just since the last time that I was here, we talked about bank failures coming.
And I said, I think we're going to have bank failures 2.0.
So with bank failures 2.0, what did I mean about that?
Well, we're seeing regional bank stocks just getting crushed.
Absolutely crushed.
So I was doing some research and Zero Hedge did a great article, Alex, about this.
And so if you look at the bank stocks, Azora Bank cratering, falling off a cliff.
Western Alliance Bank Corp, the article says being clubbed like a baby seal.
Oh my word.
Shares of Zions Bank Corp, Comerica, Webster Financial, they're tumbling.
Citizens Financial, Regents Financial, South State Prosperity Banksters, Schwab.
This is not a regional bank.
Good grief.
So their shares are just crushing.
They're falling off a cliff.
So when you look at that, now what?
So I think what we saw in What we saw with Silicon Valley Bank, Alex, what we saw with Credit Suisse, what we saw with all of those bank failures that we saw last spring, we're starting to see this again.
Now, the reason that this is important is why are they crumbling?
It was in response to the Fed.
So the Fed has promised, like we talked about on previous shows here, that 2024 was going to be different.
We've had all these rate increases over the last year and a half on interest rates to slow down inflation.
And what did they say?
They said 2024, we've basically tackled the inflation problem, right?
We're winning this battle.
And so we're going to start doing rate reductions.
And that was mine.
I want to get that later.
But I want you to drill the numbers.
Inflation is not conquered.
Sorry, just keep going though.
So there's two ways, it's important for the viewer to understand this, there's two reasons why you want to look at inflation.
Inflation can go up because the economy is growing and it can sustain higher prices and people's wages are going up and so therefore retailers can charge more and blah blah blah.
Or inflation can go up simply because they're printing money like there's no tomorrow.
So what the Fed and the Biden administration is saying, inflation is good, it means the economy is growing.
I just saw a video of Jerome Powell a couple days ago stating, look, the economy has never been better.
Inflation means that the economy is growing and you've got jobs that are increasing.
I've got so much... And then Yellen separately went, Americans need to get...
know that prices aren't going down. So they're kind of double talking.
They're completely double talking, but they're using the definition of inflation that talks about a growing economy,
not looking at the definition of inflation that just is simply an increase in the money supply
to provide stimulus to everything. There is no growth in that.
And I've got documents here that prove that.
So what happened?
So last week they decided, hey, we're going to actually just pause interest rates for the fourth time in a row rather than starting to reduce them, which tells us what?
It tells us they know they haven't won this battle against inflation.
And just a month ago they said they were going to lower them to kind of create a stock market run.
Because in an election year, they want the stock market to boom.
Now, I still think that they're going to lower interest rates probably once so they can try to save face, Alex, and say, look, we told you we're going to lower them, so we did.
But there's no possible way that I think that we're going to go throughout this year without rate increases because there's problems that they haven't tackled.
Number one, Is there's more stimulus, more spending, they're spending like drunken sailors, and we're going to address that.
Number two, the BRICS nations rising up, taking away demand for the US dollar by trading in their own currencies with 70% of the world's population, part of the BRICS nations now.
So the demand for the petrol dollar is gone, which means there's no capital inflow into America, which means what?
When we have debt ceiling, when we have entitlements, when we have Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Women, Infant,
Children programs, food stamps, infrastructure, Department of Defense, everything.
There's no inflow of capital which means they're going to have to print money like there's
no tomorrow.
So here's the problem.
They didn't lower rates because they can't, because they haven't tackled inflation.
Their policies tell us that that's the case.
So what happened to these regional bank shares?
They start collapsing.
Because they needed interest rates to come down because they're facing delinquencies.
When you have a series of delinquencies, you go into default.
So people aren't paying off their loans.
This is a problem.
And so what I see coming, and this article was great because there isn't all just regional banks in this.
Schwab, Alex, that's huge.
One of the largest investment firms in the world.
They're on this list of their shares just being clubbed.
Right, and so what's this going to mean to the US population?
When they see what should be the safest asset in the world, their bank account is no longer safe because banks are undercapitalized and possibly going to have another bank run.
What happens to society, the fabric of society, when you start to have bank runs?
And people don't think that... And explain, there's major stress, bigger than we had in 2008.
Way more stressed because we have way more debt.
Banks are way more undercapitalized now than they were then.
And I know you're going to walk through all this, but just humor me here.
I'm not a rocket scientist, but I've studied history.
When you get the type of inflation, where do you think inflation really is?
And then they're trying to deny it, but it wrecks Americans.
But for poor people in the third world, it's a death sentence.
I mean, what's that going to do?
Well, inflation really impacts people living at the margin.
So when people are living hand-to-mouth, paycheck-to-paycheck, if you lose or miss one to two paychecks and you probably have to file for bankruptcy, these are the people that inflation hits the most.
Most of America is living in that at-the-margin threshold.
I've seen the USA article.
67% of Americans are in debt and living paycheck-to-paycheck.
Yeah, two-thirds.
Two-thirds of America.
So when you have this quagmire, you've got rising prices, you've got rising taxes, you've got rising cost of borrowing, that's the kiss of death.
That's a recipe for disaster.
And this is exactly what's happening under Bidenomics.
Now, you also have recession is looming, Alex, because If you hear what Biden is saying, he's saying we're having a renaissance in manufacturing in America.
A renaissance.
We're creating jobs.
We're booming the economy.
And all I see is homeless people everywhere.
Absolutely everywhere.
But the numbers don't add up to that.
The reality is not true.
So there's a manufacturing index that talks about Jobs.
I'm going to find it here.
I've got a bunch of stuff.
So what does that index say?
This index says, and it was reported by Peter Schiff, and I love a lot of his stuff, dark ages for the US housing and manufacturing.
So the manufacturing index shows that 18 out of the past 20 months, the index has been negative, meaning manufacturing jobs
have been going away.
18 out of the last 20 months, Alex.
So the real number is they're going straight down. He says they're doing great.
He says they're doing good. And that's a lot of jobs that are being lost.
Manufacturing jobs are the bread and butter to the US economy.
So what happens when people aren't working?
People aren't going to be able to afford to buy houses.
So what we're seeing here is a precursor to recession in the manufacturing jobs, meaning recession in the housing market.
And that's going to be amplified, literally an amplified recession, which basically means depression coming, economic depression.
When the housing market is going to collapse because rising interest rates means people can't afford to buy their houses and you've got lowering wages.
So do this for me.
In the next hour, we're going to roll through all the technicals, all the facts, all the graphs you sent me, all the documents.
But just as an American citizen, as an economist, somebody that does this for a living, I know we don't know perfectly where it's going to go or what to predict, but This doesn't look well.
I mean, hopefully we get Trump in.
He can do some things to try to turn it around.
But the black rock of the globalists say we're not open for business.
Biden last week just killed liquid natural gas sales from the US, which was our only main export.
I mean, it's like holding our head underwater is what it looks like to me.
Am I wrong?
No, you're 100% right.
I mean, so this... Our one main export he's killing.
Yeah, and to me this reeks of putative damages on Texas, right?
I think, so... Well that leaked out of the White House, it was just, yeah.
Yeah, so WhiteHouse.gov, if you go to the White House you can see their fact sheet.
I've got it right here.
The Biden-Harris administration announced temporary pause on pending approvals of liquefied natural gas exports.
Okay, so what does that mean in layman's terms?
He just put economic sanctions on Americans and U.S.
companies to basically harass them.
I don't want to just blaze over this.
I didn't even know that was in your stack.
You gave me a whole other stack here.
The magnitude, folks, let this sink in.
The lifeblood is fertilizer, food, and energy.
Machines eat energy.
Machines eat gas and oil and coal.
Okay, the windmills are like 10 percent, they're nothing.
And when you do that, that's directly the real economy.
So when you cut off energy sales and you say you can't increase generation at your coal plants in the hot summer or the winter, which they've done, and you were going to ban all your gas ranges, and we're going to, I mean, they're literally, if you want to strike people, that's what you do.
Because that's the real money, right?
That's the real currency.
Yeah, so they basically said in this fact sheet from the White House, it's like, because we want to tackle climate change, we're going to put a temporary pause on pending approvals of liquefied natural gas.
So like you said, Alex, what are we good at in America?
We're good at a lot of things, but what we're really, really good at is oil and gas.
We're number one.
And especially in Texas.
So it's like you're in a football game with Brady, you know, three, four years ago, he's winning the Super Bowl.
And they say, you know, we're going to pull Brady out here at the Super Bowl.
We're going to pull him out.
I mean, that's basically what they're saying.
But here's where...
The timing of this seems really bizarre to me.
Because they've been talking about climate change forever.
So why bring it out a few days after the big border crisis when Texas is going after the Feds and they're all fighting with each other at the border.
And so what does Biden say?
He said, hey, we're going to pause exports of LNG, liquefied natural gas, to Asia, to Europe.
So you can't export it anywhere.
So this is an elite fighting itself.
It's absolutely that.
And so what is this going to mean?
To me, what he just did is economic sanctions on Americans for really the first time that I can think of.
That should be the headline.
Instead of sanctions on Iran or Russia or China, they put natural gas sanctions on Putin two years ago.
They literally put the same sanctions on Texas they put on Putin.
Yeah, I mean, you've been following this stuff for decades, Alex.
Usually economic sanctions are basically reserved for political stuff during, you know, against a rogue terrorist nation, like Iran, like Russia, or whatever.
But on our own people?
Well, this shows where they're going with the social credit scores.
BlackRock's saying we'll control behavior.
They're like, oh, you're not doing what we say?
We'll just cut your main export off.
It's so criminal!
It's so ridiculous!
It is.
So imagine, okay, so everything we're talking about is inflation.
They're going to have to print more money.
Do you think jobs being lost are going to help matters?
No, of course not.
They can't buy the electric cars now because they have no money.
So look at this possible scenario.
So these are millions of jobs that could be lost.
According to a Texas oil and gas consultancy group.
Millions of jobs.
So, you have all these people... Yeah, because we've cut Russia off, which is like, okay, that'll let the US market... No, he's killed the Russian market, blown up the pipeline to Europe, and is cutting our gas off!
I mean, that is like, I come to your house, and you go, why is the power off?
You walk out in the backyard, and some dude's taking a hatchet, or a club, or a jackhammer, To the power input to your house.
You'd kick their ass.
Or you'd call the police.
So get a load of this.
So if people aren't working, what are they going to do?
First response is they're going to go to the government and say, I need unemployment benefits of some sort.
I need Medicare.
I need Medicaid.
I need food stamps.
So it's cloward and pevin.
Collapse the system.
So they go to the government for help.
And what happens when you have all these manufactured layoffs?
Right, whether it's in manufacturing like we're seeing, oil and gas, tech stocks, tech companies are laying people off hand over fist for a different reason, but yet same result, people aren't working.
So what happens when people don't work?
There's no income tax revenues for the government.
When people don't work, they're not spending money which means sales tax revenues come down.
So what are they really doing?
Well, they're actually creating a Pandora's box, where people aren't working, they're going to the government for benefits, and the government is losing its revenue streams because people aren't working.
Just like us pushing Russia into war made people join the BRICS, our government is even destroying themselves.
They're destroying themselves, and to what end?
I think if you start connecting the dots, Alex, like you're really, really good at, you start to see what is their endgame.
I think their endgame is to collapse the financial system because then people will look to them and say, hey, this is so broken.
People aren't necessarily going to look at them as the reason why it collapsed.
They're just going to look at something collapse and say, fix it.
We'll give you anything.
We'll give you this.
We'll give up our freedoms.
We'll give you that.
And Klaus Schwab has said, they'll never know we did it.
Great reset.
Build back better.
And then they want to make it so bad we then go to them.
And what's their solution?
What are they going to bring to the table?
This is the biggest thing, I think, of this generation because it's a change in the monetary system globally that has been in place since 1944 in Bretton Woods when the US dollar was the world's reserve currency.
That power has shifted to the East.
World's reserve currency, I believe now, is going to be the BRICS nations.
By the way, this isn't your opinion when you read the EU Central Bank, the British Central Bank, the Russian Central Bank, the Chinese Central Bank, the US Central Bank.
They all admit the old system is coming to an end and they're positioning for the new and then our own government's doing the perfect thing you do to kill the dollar.
So what are they bringing in?
Central bank digital currency.
Is that going to fix a system?
Does it fix inflation?
It's actually easier to create digital money than it is to create paper money.
But it brings control.
But it brings absolutely control.
This is all about people control.
And if you create a system where everybody is scared, where everybody is fearful, where they can't make their payments, and say, hey, government, we will give up our financial freedom, we'll give up our financial privacy for this, And in result, what do you get?
Spyware in your bank account, literally.
You get ideological-based spending behaviors where they will cut you off from buying or selling if your ideology doesn't match up.
And BlackRock says they're going to do that.
They said, not just BlackRock, World Economic Forum, Bank for International Settlements, the IMF, the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank.
I always wonder, why are they so Like, they'll lie on the news and say, none of this is happening, but if you tune into the UN or the WF, they admit it all.
You'll eat bugs, we're taking your kids, we're going to bankrupt everybody, you're going to limit a 200 square foot of coffin apartment.
Why do they, at one level, say it's not happening for the general public, but at their meetings, I guess to act powerful in front of the other leaders and just normalize it?
I guess they have to, I've answered my own question, they have to normalize it in front of the world leaders and act a confidence game.
But then, for the general public, they go, well, they're just plebs, don't tell them.
Well, I think so, and why would they actually say these extraordinary things and people not fight back?
Maybe it's because people don't realize that it actually is that bad.
Maybe they think, ah, this could never happen.
Oh, they said five years ago you will eat bugs.
Now, something like five companies own 80% of the food, and whether it's Tyson chicken or anything, the breading on your chicken now, folks, is cricket protein.
They did it.
You say, oh, y'all never do that.
Oh, yeah, you are.
So I've caught myself buying stuff.
I shopped some of the groceries, and I'm like, holy crap, that's got bug protein.
It's got little codes on it.
They don't even, oh my God, it's just sick.
Do you like bugs?
No, I mean, well, you know, chitin's very toxic.
Bug protein's not good for you.
Not that I'm a health dev, but I can read.
I mean, it's bad.
My point is, you're absolutely right.
They're doing it.
They are doing it.
And see, sometimes normalcy bias will kill people's portfolios because they... Explain what normalcy bias is.
It means if something hasn't happened to you in the past, it's not going to happen to you in the present or in the future.
People get used to things.
It's like, oh, we've had financial crisis before.
Look at 2000.
Look at 2009.
We recovered.
Look at our loss of freedoms like we had during Patriot Act, for example.
Well, what did that mean?
Well, we're still here, we're still okay.
Some people say, ah, things happen and it's all going to be just fine in the end.
Like, in investing, it's kind of like, you know, buy and hold forever, right?
Things are always going to go up forever.
No, they don't.
In the long haul, sure.
Is the stock market, for example, greater than it was in 2009?
Is it bigger than it was in 2009?
But it's following inflation.
It's following inflation and there's a better way to do things because if you have an 80% correction like we saw in 2000 when the tech stocks blew, it took like nine years to recover from that.
Do you think it would be smarter to kind of watch those intermediate trends, buy low, sell high, lock in those profits and then not wait nine years to recover?
Well we know in 2000 and 2008 the globalists got out before too.
They did.
So that happened in 2009.
This time, I think it's significantly, fundamentally different.
You can feel it's the big one.
Because 2000, what was it?
You just can.
Tech stocks.
It was a sector-based... No, now they're attacking food, energy.
They're deliberately suppressing every sector.
Every sector.
And security.
Defunding police.
I mean, they are really... Borders.
political warfare. All of it. And in 2009 what was that?
That was subprime lending. That was a sector of the total stock market, right?
This time what is this one? This big bubble is a debt-based bubble, which what in our society is funded by debt?
Everything. Alex, the stock market...
I'm going to shut up.
I'm just backing you up.
You're making so many great points.
Doc, speak to this then.
The bubble we're at, why it's the mega bubble, and then also, you're a great sponsor, right?
Youngs and listeners love you.
You're really smart.
I should also say, you've got great gold and silver bullion at great prices, ready to ship to people.
We're so blessed to get you.
And then I'm like, wow, you're a great talk show.
I already knew who you were for years.
Please come in here with us.
But we also need to also get people prepared and support the broadcast, support what you're doing.
Well, thanks for that.
But, you know, I just love how you've got to be made to plug your company.
Let's just stop now for a minute and plug your company and then let's get back into the mega bubble we've hit.
Before we get to the big bubble, there is a solution for everybody that's watching.
How do you get away from central bank digital currency?
You don't want to be a digital slave in their digital world.
Tangible assets like gold and silver are perfect for that.
How do you get away from a banking crisis that I believe banking crisis 2.0 is coming where banks are going to fail?
Get out of the banks!
Don't have too much money in the banks.
But what do you go into if the stock market's overvalued, if the bonds are getting crushed because interest rates are going up?
Tangible assets, like gold and silver.
When you have something that's real, when you have something that's tangible, that you can take delivery of, Alex, this is where safety comes in.
This is actually, right now, at this time in history, where growth comes in.
And when you can have safety and growth at the same time, it's incredible.
Here's a big problem.
Not all gold and silver are created equal.
If you're watching and you say, I've heard gold and silver ads everywhere.
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Okay, there's only a few things that you should buy.
It's bullion.
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I mean, I just saw an invoice from another company, from a client who showed it to us,
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It should be $28 an ounce for crying out loud.
No, no, that's why people ask why I've not had a gold or silver sponsor in a decade.
It's like this is--
When Midas Resources got out of the business who I've been with for, you know, since like 1996,
they were a good company.
I couldn't find any.
They would promise me and say, we're going to sell gold and silver bullion.
We've got a few numismatics people that want those.
That's a secondary pitch.
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We're not doing this.
That's why it has.
And now the market's exploding.
I literally prayed about a year ago, God, give me a real gold and silver sponsor that just gives them a decent fee to pay your bills.
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And so that's why I love your company, and we're getting great reviews from listeners.
Well, there's two keys to investing, right?
Number one is be in the right place at the right time, and number two, never overpay for your stuff.
And as a seller, you want to do a thousand transactions.
It's like marrying a woman.
You want to love her and take care of her and have a relationship.
That's how I am with my customers.
I don't want to rape them one time, you know?
I mean, it's bullcrap.
Yeah, it is.
Our philosophy as a company is to have a lifetime relationship with our clients, because I'm a relationship kind of guy.
So when we can hold a client's hand through the economy, let them know when it's time to buy, sell, reallocate, get out of dodge, do whatever needs to be done, you have to have something that's liquid.
This is an important key in gold and silver.
Most companies out there, when you look, When you look at their invoices, and if you're out there and you've purchased from them, a lot of them that I'm seeing, $60, $70 an ounce for silver, over $3,000 an ounce for gold.
It's like, are you kidding me?
See, those kind of things, you have to make a market for them.
So what does that mean?
When it's time to buy or sell, and we've all seen this, we've all experienced it, so you'll get a call from a gold and silver dealer, and they'll say, hey Jane Doe, have I got a deal for you.
We just found this like old carriage that tipped over in Nevada way back in the day, and there's these gold coins from it, and boy they're rare and they're amazing and we can get them to you, but they're not going to last long, they're going to be gone in 72 hours, so you have to act now and we'll give you 5% off, right?
Something silly like that.
I mean, that means also when you need to liquidate them and lock in profits, the same thing.
They have to make a market for it.
They have to find somebody else that wants to buy those things, because there's not a ready-made market for those.
See, when we at our firm, we deal in bullion, which is a global commodity.
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It's automatic.
Because it's a global commodity.
There's always demand for it.
Whether it's India, or China, or something where their currencies are out of favor, and they need gold or silver, or for manufacturing like Sony, Samsung, Tesla, LG, wanting to buy silver for manufacturing, there's always a market for it.
So, key to investing, Never buy something you have to make a market for because it could be illiquid.
Always buy something where there's a ready-made market for it.
This is what we focused on for the beginning of our company.
I've been doing this since 2002.
That's a long time, Alex.
I've been doing this since 2002.
And, you know, I've never seen a client that's actually overcome those high premiums and those things, like ever.
I've been doing this for a long time.
But in bullion, it's more of an immediate answer to when you want to lock in profits, boom, it's done because the market is there globally because it's a manufacturing metal.
Now, if any of you out there watching feel like, oh my word, Dr. Kirk, I think I've been ripped off, send us your invoice.
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You invested in gold and silver.
Because you wanted to take advantage of the market to go into something that's going to grow, go into something real.
And just to interrupt you, I'm not an expert like you, but I've been in this for almost 30 years.
It's always, oh, a sunken ship was found, and they're selling you the gold for $100, $300, $400 more than it's worth.
Why not just say, hey, we make a percent here to do this for you.
And the key, you said, was because you're selling at the real market price, you can actually get it to them immediately.
And it's more liquid because it's not in the numismatic realm.
It's a commodity.
And so that's why it's so important.
Well, that's why you can't just go sell some numismatic you got and why you almost never get the money you paid for it, because it's a scam, folks.
Sure, there are some clicker coins that are great, and the ones I would promote would be where, oh, there's a 10% markup because this is rare and numismatic, and I checked the market and knew people really could go sell it for that.
And then I'm like, and by the way, folks, we're making 5% to fund ourselves.
Just be honest.
People know we got to run this place, do all this stuff, but at the same time, we want to get them a good deal.
I want to buy, I want to sell gold and silver to people from where I buy it.
It's real simple.
That's what I do.
The industry, I'll be honest, is so freaking corrupt like everything else.
I have not even been able to have a sponsor for 10 years, people.
We've had five different ones we did deals with and I would promote them for one week and then you would hear the brakes slam on because I don't need that in my life.
It's like Tony Montana.
It's a fictional movie based on a composite for stories written by a Great Oliver Stone.
And it was a real case of something similar happening where the guy would kill women and men.
He wouldn't kill women and children.
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I am not going to have that in my life.
I want you to get a great deal.
And everybody should get gold and silver.
It's one of the surest bets out there.
And you guys have a great company.
How does it work if somebody calls you guys?
I want to get back into the news, the economy.
And I know I digress, but I'm making you plug your company.
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You did a damn good job once I made you do it!
My goal is to help people, right?
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The best deal, and sometimes the damage is done.
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It's like, what?
How in the world are you ever going to get out of this, right?
But most people aren't to that extreme.
They aren't to that extreme.
Well, with you, it's simple.
They can look at the spot gold and call you up and, wow, it's that.
Yeah, and this is what we do.
Whether you have an IRA, a non-IRA, you want to take delivery of it at home or have it stored because you don't feel safe with it at home.
What we're talking about is a physical asset, though, not paper, not a paper proxy, not an ETF, not any of that.
And by the way, the work is all on your side.
That's why these other companies, too, want to make the quick buck.
There's a lot of work that goes into what you do.
They're also lazy.
A lot, but the client isn't going to see.
They're not going to see any of that.
We want to make the transition easy and the burden light.
Now you have to fill out a couple forms, right, to move the assets from one IRA to another.
But my team will do all of the heavy lifting, the light lifting, and the lifting in between.
But when it's done, when that's done and the funds are moved... Then it gets way easier.
Well, this is where a relationship begins.
That's not the end of the story.
From that point, we want to hold your hand through the economy, and we'll let you know when it's time to buy, sell, reallocate.
Get out of silver, go into gold.
Get out of gold, go into silver.
Right now you're saying silver.
Right now it's silver.
Massively, 100% pointed into silver.
I'm not in gold yet. It's not that I dislike gold. I love it. But silver is outperforming.
It's just so much more bullish.
It is because it's manufacturing again.
It's used way more in construction, right? Or manufacturing?
In manufacturing, I mean, it's used in electronics. It's used in fuel cell technology. It's used in
solar. You know, this is where we can take some of the globalist green agenda and say,
all right, what do they need for their EV and their solar stuff?
And let's be honest, that is what we're doing.
Like, I don't go by defense stocks, I don't want to be part of the murder.
But when it comes to silver, this is being put into everything, so why not follow the trend?
I mean, we want to be wise stewards with what God's given us.
We might as well.
We want to buy low, sell high, be wise, have discernment, and sometimes it just means thinking outside the box.
What I like about you is you never say, oh, gold can go to 10,000 ounces or silver to 500, but gut level, just as a private person, man to man, with this inflation, it's not going, it's going to get worse.
How high do you think gold and silver are in like two years?
Well, it's pure speculation.
Yeah, I mean I'm not God and I don't control the markets, but when you look at what silver did in 2011, 2010-2011, it went from $12 an ounce to $48 an ounce in like a summer and a fall.
I mean it was, that's like what, 400% growth during that time?
So, similar fundamentals to what we're seeing today.
Unsustainable debt, inflationary pressures, political chaos, geopolitical conflict, low inventory at the COMEX.
So, similar things.
You follow that historical trend.
Same climate.
Same climate, and we're starting at 20, let's call it 25.
Well, that should bring it to 75 to 100 in pretty short order.
Now, there's economists out there who are saying, well, with absence of manipulation, you should see silver at $600 to $2,500 an ounce.
It's like, okay, how do they come up with that number?
So, when you look at demand, this is just how the markets work.
This is how business works.
So, let's say that silver is extinguished at the COMEX depositories, and you're Sony, Samsung, Tesla, one of the big manufacturers that need it.
And you have a small amount of silver in every LCD TV, every electric vehicle, whatever you're selling that has electronics in it.
Do you care what the price of silver is if you need it to finish the car?
No, you'll pay whatever you need.
You'll pay whatever you need.
And this is where I'm not concerned about silver running out.
People say, "Kirk, if silver runs out, is this going to be bad for us?"
It's like, no, this is going to be great for us.
Because when silver runs out, which is running desperately low.
People are worried it's going to run out.
That's going to make it explode!
It'll make it explode!
It's not hard to supply and demand, folks!
Because, yeah, let's say that you're Tesla and you say, well, silver is $25 an ounce.
We need it.
We can't get it.
We'll offer $40.
Or we'll offer $80.
Or we'll offer $120.
They don't care because they're going to pass that on to the consumer.
Right, so this is where when you own what they need, and it starts to run out, which it is starting to run out.
I can also read the news myself.
Universities, institutions, investors, governments are hoarding the living hell out of it.
They're buying it up as fast as they can, and gold too, so they're also going crazy for gold.
The central banks are going after gold like there's no tomorrow.
So they may poo-poo gold and silver and say, oh, you want central bank digital currency, you want our paper version, we can use interest rates, we can use money creation monetary policy to stimulate the economy, slow it down, do this and that, and we're really good at it.
No, you've proven over the decades that you're horrible at it, and you create boom and bust cycles, and you have these inflationary pressures, and and recesses their insider trading the writing of the now
yeah and so so what are you know what prospero people know they
don't and what are the big central banks doing
they're buying gold not by the ounce or by the pound or by the time but
literally alex by the hundreds or thousands of times They're running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
The Chinese Central Bank has over 5,000 tons of gold.
The European Central Bank has over 10,500 tons of gold.
The Fed has over 8,500 tons of gold.
Russia has over 1,000 tons of gold.
India has over 600 tons of gold.
But even universities like UT are secretly buying it.
It's come out.
Most, if not all, of their endowment fund is in gold, stored at the vault that the state of Texas built near Dallas.
It's like, wow!
So what does that tell us?
Why is UT, one of the most powerful universities in the world, if not probably the biggest, what are they completely in gold for?
Well, they're probably not stupid, folks.
No, they've got a bunch of professors there, right?
And a bunch of wealthy people who understand that our global economic system is failing.
Well, the Chinese are doing it, right?
I interrupted.
Go ahead.
No, the Chinese are doing it, too.
So you said global financial system failing.
I interrupted.
Go ahead.
No, global financial system failing.
So here's where, what are they saying?
Don't listen to what they say.
Watch what they do.
I mean, you are so good at that, Alex, of telling all this news that you've got on your desk.
It's like, don't listen to what they say, watch what they do, because actions speak louder than words.
So when they're buying gold by the thousands of tons, They think it's going to go up.
But you're pitching me silver, which I get is the one that's going to have the biggest growth rate.
Why are the elites obsessed with gold?
They're getting silver too, but why are they just... Because you can't really back a currency with silver because it's not high enough cost per ounce.
Gold, gold.
So they're betting in a new system it's going to be gold.
But here's where I want more gold down the road.
So if we leverage silver right now because it's outperforming.
You get the money for gold.
So here's the thing.
Let's say here's our strategy that we implement with all of our clients.
We go into silver now because it's outperforming.
Let's say that over the next 18 to 24 months, silver triples the rate of growth of gold.
What would I do?
I would sell my silver and if it tripled the rate of growth of gold and we go into gold,
I just got you three times as many ounces of gold then as what I could afford.
And then we ride up gold and then once gold peaks we could go back into silver, go into
something different.
Our goal is to make sure you're in the right spot.
Are there any other metals you think are really important?
Those two big guys.
Yeah, just those two.
They're the bread and butter because they have high volume.
There's a lot of trading.
They're the meat and potatoes.
Now, people say, well, what about platinum?
What about palladium?
What about rhodium?
It's like, eh, too much thinly traded markets controlled by Russia and South Africa.
Too rigged.
Too risky.
Way too risky.
Well, China, how did China get positioned for 97% control of rare earth minerals?
Because I would say that'd be a great investment, but it's all control.
You never want to invest in anything that's controlled, because you are out of the equation at that point, and logic gets kicked out the window, which is why I like those markets of gold and silver.
Now, here's something really cool, Alex, about silver.
I'm going to shut up now. Go through the rest of your documents.
Yeah, about silver. So we talked about this briefly yesterday.
But there was this article from Dystopia to Utopia and gold and silver.
So this is why, one of the reasons why we're in silver right now.
So there's been massive manipulation.
All of your viewers will say, the banks are manipulating everything, BlackRock is, the big hedge funds.
Yes, they have been.
I'm not discounting that.
But you look at where silver has been.
Since the year 2000.
2000 it was like $4.60 an ounce, give or take.
Three and a half years ago it was $11.91.
Fifteen months ago it was $17.97.
Today it's over $23.
So $17.97 to $23, that's up over 30% in the last year, year and a half.
it was $11.91, 15 months ago it was $17.97, today it's over $23. So $17.97 to $23, that's
up over 30% in the last year, year and a half.
What else is performing like that?
You look at what it's done since the last three and a half years, from 1191 to 23, that's almost doubling, up like 100%.
That's averaging over 30% a year.
But it's up over 500% from the year 2000.
And people say, well, it's silver.
It's risky.
The numbers don't prove that.
That's gaslighting.
Yeah, so here's where those numbers are amazing.
People would like those numbers, right?
So you look at what these charts are doing and silver being manipulated.
These prices reflect manipulated silver.
So this isn't even a suppressed market?
This is a suppressed market.
Explain how to use negative shorting.
Okay, so manipulation comes when BlackRock, for example, who owns the SLV, which is the silver ETF, they'll go to JP Morgan Chase, which is the custodian of the physical silver that's supposedly backing the ETF, and they say, hey Chase, we just sold 10 million shares of our ETF, we need you to buy 10 million ounces, or whatever, however the mechanics work.
So what is JPMorgan Chase going to do?
They're going to say, let's drive the price down if we have to buy all these ounces, because we want to buy low.
We don't want to buy high.
And they have the ability to do it by shorting the market.
So you issue naked shorts, which means you can short something that you don't own.
Illegal for you and I to do that, but not for big banks.
So they drive the price down, they gobble up physical silver, that demand causes the price to go up, and they say, oh, the price is too high, let's issue more short contracts, they buy up more physical silver, the demand causes the price to go up.
This has been going on and on and on and on for a long time.
Well, because of inflation, they're losing their control.
They're losing their control, they're absolutely losing their control, and so now, what did they do two weeks ago?
This is, I think, the most important story in silver I mean, I've been doing this for decades, Alex.
This is the most important thing for silver, bullish activity ever.
So in one week, in seven days, 50% of all the net short positions globally were unraveled.
They went away.
They're extinguished, right?
This is according to the report by Sprott Money.
So what does that mean?
What happened?
Slow down here.
I'm going to stop.
You said this briefly yesterday, but let's just slow down.
I do this too, it's so big we just throw it out there.
Record levels of them killing their shorts.
Explain that slowly because we're not all economists like you.
Doc, explain this, how big this is.
Okay, so if you have a short position active, you make money and a lot of money if the price continues to go down.
If the price of whatever you have a short position on goes up, you lose money hand over fist.
And it's not just a dollar for dollar loss.
It's leveraged.
So when you have a leveraged loss and you've got all of these, I mean literally, a global market with all these short positions, what are they expecting?
They're expecting silver to go through the roof.
How do I know?
Because 50%, 5-0% of all short positions were unwound in a one week span, just a couple weeks ago.
So that tells me they think that silver is going to go through the roof.
Because they have to get rid of their short positions because if they don't, they're going to lose so much money that you couldn't even comprehend it.
So this to me is the biggest news in the silver market ever.
Literally ever.
And what happened last week?
So silver was like at $22.13.
Today it's up over $23.20-ish.
It went up over a dollar in one week.
Today it's up over 2320-ish.
It went up over a dollar in one week.
That's almost a 5% move in one week.
So multiply that out for a year.
That's over a 200% gain for a year.
This is the trend, the pace that we are on.
So what do they know that we don't know?
Why did they unravel their short positions to such a large amount so quickly?
It's because everything that we're adding up here, the inflationary pressures, the Fed basically saying that we can't lower interest rates yet.
We're going to have to pause because coming down the road, we know that inflation is coming and we're going to have to keep raising interest rates to keep slowing down inflation.
But they know that they haven't tackled inflation.
They couldn't lower interest rates yet.
They had to pause them and keep them the same, which is what they've done the last four policy
They've kept them the same.
So interest rates are going to have to climb to slow down inflation.
So what does that tell us?
Inflation is coming.
What happens to tangible assets like gold and silver during inflation?
They go up because they're things.
Things go up with inflation.
I don't care if it's a car.
I don't care if it's oil and gas.
I don't care if it's groceries.
Everybody watching this, you're going to know it's like, yeah, groceries are going through the roof.
We're not making ends meet.
It's hard to even maintain a budget in our house.
Prices are going up.
Inflation is there.
Now, Alex, inflation has been understated for years, since 1996, actually.
So everybody watching this, back after Carter was president, if you're old enough to remember that, he destroyed the economy.
One of the worst financial presidents ever.
Massive recession, dollar was collapsing.
Inflation was at 14.3 percent.
Nobody was working.
They were rationing at the gas pumps.
You had OPEC going crazy.
And it's like, oh my word, this is bad.
So Reagan came in with Paul Volcker, who was chairman of the Fed at the time, and said, hey, we can fix this runaway inflation.
We've got to jack up interest rates to 18 percent.
So in 1983, interest rates were 18 percent.
If you bought a house back then, 30-year mortgage was 18 percent interest rate.
This is, as an economist, as a PhD economist, I always have to ask why.
It was because inflation was 14.3.
The only way to slow down inflation with interest rates is to actually have the interest rates be higher than the inflation rate.
And that's what they did.
So, fast forward to 1996.
President Clinton at the time commissioned the Boskin Commission in Congress to say, hey, we've got way too many cost of living adjustments going out.
We have to understate inflation.
We have to artificially lower it.
So this is not their words, but this is what the action said.
It's like, we've got to stick it to the American public.
Everyone that voted for us, we've got to lower the money that we're paying to them so the government can make more money.
So they artificially lowered inflation.
This is very important because it applies to what we're doing today.
So with substitution bias, with all these different price adjustments, they figured out how they can lower inflation.
So when I was doing my first dissertation, I developed a new methodology for measuring inflation because the way that the BLS does it, it's broken.
So, substitution bias.
Let's say the CPI, the Consumer Price Index, is a basket of goods, 30 goods.
Let's say steak is one of those goods, like, you know, filet, prime rib, whatever, steak.
So, if the price of steak goes up 30%, they say, nuts, we don't want this in there anymore.
Let's substitute steak with hamburger.
Hamburger is 40% less than steak.
So, what did they say happened to the price of steak?
They didn't say it went up 30%.
They said the price of steak came down 40% because they substituted it with hamburger.
That means that the inflation numbers that we're seeing are completely bogus, completely manufactured, but if you apply the same metrics that we had in 1983 to today without Clinton's substitution bias, we're hovering at around 15% inflation, which means I don't believe for a second, Alex, that they're going to stop lowering interest rates, because they have to get interest rates higher than 50%.
Sure, so they know this is coming, and they know silver is going to go up, so they've stopped shorting it.
That's just my layman's term.
This is so powerful, when you lay that out the last 20 minutes, I'm going to take this and post it tomorrow on xinfowars.com.
This is a no-brainer, it looks like.
People are getting silver, but they don't want to pay over, they want to pay A little fee to get a good deal with you.
They need to get silver right now and you're ready to ship it to them.
Ready to ship it to them.
We drop ship from the depositories.
We don't maintain an inventory.
We don't carry an inventory.
That's how companies go out of business.
And that's the only way you're... People that know the business, if you're doing a bunch of numismatic scams, you couldn't do that.
You have direct deals as a commodity.
You're doing this as a commodity.
As physical silver.
100 ounce bars, 10 ounce bars, 1 ounce rounds.
That's how you know it's set, folks.
It's not a scam.
Yeah, drop shipped from the depository directly to your house, directly into your IRA account.
See, people calling you with a little fee, it's for the advice.
Yes, it's the cost of ownership.
And handling it all.
But this is one where, you know, this is one area where we're different than every other firm in the industry, really.
When you liquidate, you want to lock in profits.
Yeah, but also you're different because nobody's as articulate as you.
I think, I literally, I told this a year ago, I said, God, I want to help people with silver and gold, but you can't get a real company.
Give me, and literally, then you, I was like, asking you all as a guest, and somebody else goes, hey, this guy wants to be a sponsor.
Literally, an answer to prayer.
You're also a theologian, I know.
Yeah, it's one of my PhDs in theology, but... But that's a whole other subject, we'll hit in a minute.
Where do you think we are on the timeline?
Because it's all being fulfilled, I mean...
That's a whole other subject.
A whole other subject?
I can answer what I think.
A whole other show on that then.
But when you liquidate your assets, we don't charge a commission when you liquidate.
So whatever the depository pays for metals on the day you want out, you get all of it, 100% of it, because we don't take anything.
So operationally, we're different than other firms.
Most firms are transactionally based.
You make a commission when you buy, a commission when you sell, they forget about you in between.
We love the relationship on the in-between.
To me, those transactions are the bookends.
But there's an 8% cost of ownership when you buy, zero when you liquidate.
So what does that tell you?
You know exactly what silver has to do to ask for you to break even.
It's an 8% growth.
And you said in the last month it's already gone up that amount.
In the last week, it's gone up almost 5%.
Because when we saw that short news, how 50% of them were liquidated, literally, silver went from $22.13 to $23.30 in a week.
And you predicted then it would happen?
I mean, it's not rocket science.
So, spell it out to me, because I'm a little smart, but spell it out to me like I'm five years old.
They are killing their shorts at a level never before seen because they're getting out of the way.
Yeah, because they think that silver is going to go up.
Why do they think that silver is going to go up?
So, if you're a hedge fund, if you're a big bank and you look at numbers that most people don't look at, The problem is the inflationary pressures, the unsustainable debt, the political chaos, the geopolitical conflict.
Those are the fundamental forces that cause markets to move.
So here's an interesting thing.
The GDP, Gross Domestic Product, which is a reflection, Alex, of everything that you and I buy at stores, everything that everybody watching this is going to stores, paying retail prices, A gross domestic product is that with everything that's manufactured and created in the country.
It's an index of the economy.
Yeah, so if inflation is at 15%, and follow me on this, if inflation is at 15%, GDP is a reflection of everything that we're buying stuff on.
GDP should be growing at 15%.
If inflation's at 15% and it's a reflection of every... That's what Biden says!
Oh, inflation, because we're making... No, no, it's not.
Yeah, so... GDP's not, what, at 3%?
Yeah, well, yeah, GDP is... So, they were bragging about this... They wanted to beat the market consensus of 2% growth in the GDP, and they were bragging about it.
It's like, why are you bragging about 2%?
That's not good.
15% is just keeping up with inflation.
So at 2%, that tells me the economy is actually shrinking.
I'm letting you point out the two, because I know Biden predicted three.
I guess it's only two.
But even they call that a win.
They call that a win, because they're going to call everything a win.
But here's where it gets really, really bizarre and really, really scary, Alex.
So with this, to create $1 of GDP, They have to spend $2.50 in debt.
By the way, you showed this a month ago when you were on.
It's my fault.
I should have told the crew.
What graph do they pull up from Zero Hedge or Dow Jones that shows how Biden's created more money when he's been in office than it was ever created before?
It's going straight up.
Straight up.
I mean, that's money supply creation.
Guys, pull up a graph, U.S.
money supply creation.
Yeah, and so there's, you've got a couple of graphs you could look at.
You could look at the debt, you could look at money supply, but money supply is starting to trick people because a few years ago they stopped measuring total money supply.
It was called MZM.
That's right.
So they stopped, because that's everything that's created for stimulus.
So when I see the graph going straight up, what is that?
So going straight up is actually the debt that we're creating.
Like $37 trillion?
$37 trillion.
So from 1776 until 1980 when Reagan became president, that's 204 years.
So from 1776 until 1980 when Reagan became president, you know, that's 204 years.
Now there's the graph.
Yeah, we went from zero to...
So this is very important.
So we went from zero to almost a trillion dollars worth of debt in 204 years.
The budget, Biden's stinking budget for 2024 has over 2.5 trillion dollars of deficit.
2.5 trillion dollars.
Well, it took us 204 years to accumulate almost a trillion and he's adding 2.5 plus trillion
in just one year.
They're spending like drunken sailors.
So how do you do that?
Now that chart that you're looking at there, that's actually money supply.
That's money that's being printed, right?
So the M2 money supply going through the roof, that's money in your checking account, savings account, money markets.
Now you see at the tail end of that that it's starting to come down.
What does that show me?
Because they're printing money like there's no tomorrow.
But that's a different money supply that they stopped creating.
This money is money that's in the bank, which tells me banks are undercapitalized, they're starting to pull money out of the system in exchange and preparing for central bank digital currency.
Because you can't have digital money parallel with paper money, because one is private and one... And the big boys are pulling back to protect themselves.
They're pulling back.
They're pulling out of the system.
And that's what that number tells us.
So we can't just glaze over that.
I mean, I get chills.
Because I'm not an economist like you, but I've been following this.
I can get it, the signs.
This is unprecedented.
They're getting in the live boats while they have us rearranging deck chairs at the Titanic.
The last time we saw this kind of M2 money supply shrinking was the Great Depression.
But that was something different.
So what we have this time is money is leaving the system, Alex, because they're preparing us for a digital currency.
You can't have a digital currency that they want to control every aspect of your buying, selling, all of your ideology, everything, and still have paper money at the same time, because paper money is private.
When you spend a $20 bill, nobody knows it was you.
That's what they're trying to get away from.
But here's where the unsustainability of the system that we're in, which is why I think we are so close to collapse, $2.50 of debt spending to get $1 GDP growth.
$1.50 of debt spending to get $1 GDP growth.
So let me put it into story context.
They've had to do this straight up, 100 plus years of debt to just get a tiny response.
They're out of bullets.
They're out of bullets.
So let's say you're sitting at the dinner table with your wife and you say, hey honey, I've got a great business idea.
I'm going to spend $250,000 to generate $100,000 worth of income.
She'd divorce you.
She would slap you upside the head and say, Alex, you are the dumbest person that I've ever seen in my life.
You're going to bankrupt our family.
What is wrong with you?
But this is exactly what the government's doing.
Spending $2.50 to generate $1 of growth?
That's unsustainable.
That's how, as an economist, I can tell.
Let's pull back.
Just put on your American Citizen hat, doctor.
How do you see this unfolding?
What are the different scenarios?
People want to know that.
So as 2024 rolls into an election, what do I think is going to happen?
I think we're going to see a crisis.
Probably like nothing we've ever seen.
I think we're going to see banking crisis.
I think we're going to see interest rates continue to climb, which means people are not going to be able to pay their bills.
They're not going to be able to sustain their debt.
They're not going to be able to feed their family, right?
I'm painting a picture that looks grim because it really is, but here's where, this is where they want the picture, what they want the picture to look like.
Because in an election year, politicians do what, Alex?
They promise the moon.
And they promise other people's money to get votes.
You know, you and I have talked about this before and I know that you're a massive student of history and you love the Roman Republic and the fall of Rome and talking about that, but this started back then, right?
Rome fell when the encumbrances, when the weight of the entitlement system buried them.
They couldn't keep up with it and that was one-third of Rome was on government assistance at that time when Rome fell.
We are now at over eighty percent Of everything that we bring in as a nation goes towards entitlement.
Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Women, Infant, Children, Programs, Food Stamps, all those handouts, right?
Social Security is a mandatory payment.
It's not an entitlement.
If you're paying into it your whole life, you should expect to get something out of it.
But you can't take it away because it's really easy in today's society to give, really hard to take away, right?
So in an election year, You're going to see promises of other people's money.
You're going to see promises of everything to get votes.
And I think this is where we start to see the unraveling.
Because as interest rates continue to climb, that starts with delinquencies.
People being late on their payments.
Delinquencies over time end up in default.
When you have too many defaults at banks, they start to go under.
This is why I think we're going to see, number one this year, another systemic bank failure.
And it's going to be a lot of them this time.
I think it's going to be something bigger.
I think people are going to start giving away their freedoms in exchange for perceived security
and risk because of it.
I think that the BRICS nations are going to really start to flex and pull away petrodollar
status because they're trading in 70% of the world's trading block.
I mean, it's a huge trading block, 70% of the world's population, not using the US dollar, but using their currency.
That means demand for the dollar goes away, which means they're going to print like no tomorrow.
When we lose reserve currency status, the end result is simple.
We end up like Argentina, Venezuela, Cyprus, Greece, Zimbabwe, you name a country that's gone through a massive inflationary spiral, we are going to be no different than them.
It's impossible to be different from them when you don't have built-in demand from your currency.
And I hate to say this, because I'm an American, I love this country, I'm a patriot, I want the dollar to be strong, but there's no way that it can be under current policies.
And this is where we're headed this year.
So I think under that, it was Rahm Emanuel that said, never let a good crisis go to waste.
They're going to let this crisis work in their favor so they can actually start to strip away freedoms.
This is where I see America headed.
And I don't want anybody watching this to actually operate in fear, have your head in the sand thinking like an ostrich in a windstorm saying, hopefully if I just hide this and I don't think about it, it's going to go away.
No, if you do that, you probably should be scared because I think that you'll fail.
But if you take action, see, if you take action, allocate into tangible assets like gold and silver to get out of the paper, get out of the digital assets that make you a digital slave in their digital world, this is where you can actually start to just thrive.
And have a smile on your face.
So this is gold and silver.
One of the weird things, Alex, where not only is it a good investment, but I think it's the ultimate protector against loss of financial privacy, against loss of financial freedom.
And that's why I'm shouting it from the rooftops.
To anybody that will listen, because I believe, you know, being a PhD economist and putting these puzzle pieces together of the economy, of politics, of personal freedoms, of religious freedoms, all being stripped away from us, right?
If you put all those together, it paints a good picture of where we are in our society, and political consequences are having economic implications which are going to basically result in societal change.
This is where I think that we're headed.
Massive societal disruption this year.
We're already seeing it in Texas.
We're already seeing that in Denver, for example, where I live.
This migrant crisis, Alex, is creating a fiscal cliff that we're about to fall off of.
So Denver, you know, there are just illegal aliens everywhere.
I mean, we showed footage this week.
It's right here in Austin, driving to work today.
Pulled off and got gas on the side road.
It's just homeless everywhere and illegal aliens everywhere.
I mean, we look out, we're right downtown where our office is, and we look out the window and there's migrants everywhere.
I'm telling you, it's everywhere.
By the way, you hit something five minutes ago, because I'm running around behind the scenes here while you're talking, saying, that clip's amazing, get that out, do this.
But you explain, they admit they're crashing the system to bring in social control to the central bank digital currencies.
This is not speculation.
They're doing this.
This is making us poor to control us.
So the answer is people need to be prosperous, at least positioned to protect themselves for their own autonomy.
Well, yeah, so, and I can show people... Yeah, go through all the rest of your stuff here.
So I can show people where they're actually talking about this.
So you go to Uniform Commercial Code Article 8, for example.
This was, oh man, this was done like in 2008, 2009 after that crisis.
Let me get this ready for a while.
Yeah, this isn't anything new.
This has been planned.
They've been pre-positioning a while.
The thing is, it's coming though.
Bank robbers plan a bank robbery.
They're hitting the bank now.
Yeah, so this basically talks about, this is key, this was in 2008.
If you put money into the bank, Alex, you assume that that's your money.
No, it's not.
They have bail-in stuff.
They have bail-in stuff, but this Uniform Commercial Code Article 8 basically changed ownership, so during that crisis they needed your assets to be collateral so they could pay off all their derivatives debt.
So on this, what happened?
You changed ownership from you to the bank of your assets, and you became a beneficial owner, which sounds kind of sweet and kind of nice, but it's not.
I love it.
Like, they take your rights away and they call it beneficial.
You're a beneficiary of the ownership of your assets.
You're a big guy.
If you knock me out and say that's beneficial, no it's not.
I don't care what they call it.
So it's a security, right?
Because when you put money in the bank, this is where people think, Money in the bank is safe.
No, it's not.
When you deposit a hundred bucks, basically you're giving it to them, they become the owner, you're a beneficial owner, and they will let you use it if you want to.
But you're just hoping that your money is there when you want to withdraw it.
The banks are hoping that not everybody wants to withdraw it at the same time, because they have a zero-parameter requirement.
Well, the globalists are quietly withdrawing buying gold and silver.
Massive amounts!
That's the bottom line.
They're withdrawing buying hard assets.
And farmland, mines, gold, silver, but then they're telling us to stay in the stock market.
Yeah, so your assets in the bank have become a security instrument for the bank, that you are no longer an owner of.
So that's an expansion of kind of the derivatives and the sell and the mortgages a hundred times.
Then go fast forward to one more time.
August 9th of 2019, Federal Reserve Docket OP1670, basically this actually paved the way for central bank digital currency under that.
Because in this document, they changed the definition of money.
The Federal Reserve, this is their own words, they said there is a fourth function of money as a means of social control.
By the way, this was a big deal when you did this a month ago.
You only did two minutes, and I got a lot of complaints that you didn't go deeper.
So I'm not going to interrupt.
Ten minutes on this.
Start over.
So fourth function of money.
New definition.
Explain it.
Instead of what is money, it's a medium of exchange.
It's a hold of value.
You know, that's what money is.
You use 20 bucks to go to the store.
Is it agreed upon?
Exchange thing yep, and it still is but now they added this fourth function as a means of social control
Which is like social control? What does money have to do with that?
It's funny. They say so we'll control it yeah so social control means if they want to get a policy of
like climate change in and You're you have a big gas guzzling truck like I do
Doesn't get very good gas mileage.
And they say, Alex, uh, we're not going to let you under digital currency system.
They can say, you're going to the gas station way too much.
We'll just flip the switch, shut it off.
So you can't buy that.
Or charge you a surcharge.
Or we want you to buy an electric vehicle.
So this is social control.
By the way, they're saying they're going to do that.
It's not like you're speculating.
No, this is Federal Reserve docket OP1670.
I mean, it's not my opinion, it's their words.
So, let's say you give to a church, because you're tithing, and they say, what?
We don't like that church.
They speak hate speech, right?
And so we're going to cut you off.
And they just said they don't want that.
We're going to cut you off from being able to donate.
And where are the churches?
They're sitting there having no idea they're about to have the rug pulled out from under them.
No idea.
So then you go to 11-8-2019, US Patent 62-758430, Visa applied for this patent, the credit card company, and what did the patent say?
It says, we are actually applying for a patent to create digital money, a digital wallet, and every unit of digital money that's placed, we're going to Take away one unit of paper currency.
Elimination of paper currency to go to digital money.
So this is their plan to get out of their Ponzi scheme as a new one?
323 of 2020.
3/23/2020, HR 6321.
The great Maxine Waters sponsored this one.
So what is that?
She said during the crisis, during the pandemic, right, that they manufactured,
if anybody wanted government stimulus money, what did they say?
It said they have to have a digital dollar, they have to have a digital dollar wallet
issued by a member bank.
So if you want to receive government money, you're gonna have to go into a digital system.
There is no other option.
So extrapolate out that--
They're in the old system.
Yeah, extrapolate that out into the future.
And this is where I'm gonna start to bring in some theology stuff, Alex,
because what if you want social security or a government pension?
You've been working for the federal government, the military, whatever, your whole life, and it's like, okay, you want to keep that coming?
You have to have this FedNow app.
You have to have this Mark of the Beast system, or you're not going to be able to get it.
It's like, what?
I don't want that.
Well, too bad.
Either you take it or you don't get your money, right?
So then, March 9th of 2022, Executive Order 14067, Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets.
This was penned by Biden, and what did he say?
He authorized the move to central bank digital currency in America.
That's where this all starts to come home at the Federal Reserve level.
March 29th of 2022, Dr. Pippa Malmgren actually explained for the first time at the World Economic Forum, what is central bank digital currency?
It's programmable money!
Meaning, they can change who owns it, if your digital social profile... And say where you can spend it!
They've admitted all this now.
I mean this is all their words.
This is not mine.
I don't want anybody to think this is my opinion.
I'm just reporting what they said.
The ability to cut you off your ability to buy or sell based on your social credit score.
Well they had the head of the European Central Bank, they had the head of the international
bank of settlements.
It's like a snowball rolling downhill, right?
you do, we will control your behavior, we will do everything. They said it.
Yeah, and here's where it starts to now gain momentum. It's like a snowball rolling downhill,
right? So March of 2023, the United Nations, our Common Agenda Policy Brief. So the Secretary
General of the UN basically said they're convening to operationalize automatically an emergency
platform in the event of a future complex global shock of sufficient scale, severity
So they tell you, we're going to use a virus for control, we're going to use a banking collapse for control.
They're telling you.
They tell us.
And they artificially put the U.S.
with the BRICS into policies to kill the dollar to create the crisis.
I think they're going to double-cross BRICS though when it comes time.
I think so.
Nobody can be trusted anywhere.
Everyone's going to double-cross everybody, right?
But here's where they tell us in the next paragraph, we don't have to think or speculate about what a global shock of sufficient scale, severity, and reach could be because they say, what is that?
The emergency authority can be convened including a major climatic event, a future pandemic risk, a global digital connectivity disruption, a major event in outer space, and generic unforeseen risks like Black Swan.
So they're talking about solar flares, asteroids?
Yes, and a future pandemic risk.
And what did you talk about last week?
Stinking Ebola virus?
They're cooking up in Colorado.
They're cooking up in Colorado in my backyard.
Denver Health, all the employees taking the live Ebola vaccine, and the lab that's creating that is in Colorado Springs.
It's like Wuhan in Colorado.
Colorado Springs is the real U.S.
Yeah, I mean, what in the world... For those that don't know, that's the real Capitol.
They even have an alternate Congress.
Everything's set up there.
That's NORAD.
Okay, so I'm basically living at ground zero.
Well, you're probably the most protected.
I mean, that's the real capital is the Colorado Springs.
So keep, I mean, this...
They got a whole underground capital.
It's admitted.
They got a whole thing there.
And there is stuff under Denver.
They've been called a conspiracy.
They've got underground bases everywhere.
That's the real deal.
When was the last time you were at Denver International Airport?
I know now they're countering the conspiracy theories.
They're not.
They're not.
They're not.
They're not.
They got Batman, they got gargoyles, they got murals of kids being slaughtered by Nazis.
It's wild.
Oh, it's wild.
And now, they're doing all kinds of construction.
You know, they put up the fake walls to hide the construction.
I know the guys that built it.
There are...
It's an alternate B-52 base at Denver.
That was the excuse to build it, but it goes all the way out to Colorado Springs, which is the alternate government in a nuclear war and COG, Continental Government.
So this is all declassified.
That's the real capital now.
The alternate capital is Colorado Springs.
It's like an hour or a half an hour, whatever it is, from Denver.
That's like 60 miles.
I mean, it takes an hour to get there.
It's not far.
But they're putting up signs on these walls.
It's like, what are we doing here?
We're making Denver a better airport for everybody.
We've got a secret underground government base.
Gus, pull up the headlines as he mentions it.
It was, uh, Denver Airport Counters Conspiracy Theorists.
What does that even mean?
See, they don't have to say that they lied about it because it's on the walls there.
It's like underground government base or they're, you know, hiding the lizard people in the tunnels.
I mean, they're making fun of it.
But why are they doing that?
One of those things is true.
So they can say, we told everybody what we were doing and nobody believes it.
So, so anyways, wild stuff happening there.
March 6th of 2023, to continue on with this timeline, Bank for International Settlements Project Icebreaker.
What's that all about?
That says, the ability to not authorize bank wires if the use of funds does not match up with their ideology.
Meaning, if you wanted to send me money... So the Federal Reserve is saying, and the WF is saying, if we don't agree with you, we don't let you transfer money.
It's all in the documents.
In the documents, and there's a link here, all you have to do is go to the Bank for International Settlements, BIS.org, type in Project Icebreaker, you'll find it.
May 31st of 2023, Bank for International Settlements Project Aurora took it one step further.
And what is Project Aurora?
That's real-time transaction monitoring of all transactions of all people in all banks of every country.
That's everybody, Alex.
And why do they need to monitor every transaction in real-time?
Oh, to see if their ideology matches up.
Why do they want to do that?
So they can cut you off from buying yourself.
In their own words!
In their own words.
This is all about people control, right?
So then, you go to June 20th of 2023.
Now it starts to get to, well, if we don't like you, In the blueprint of the financial monetary system, improving the old, enabling the new, unified ledger, this is the UN's blueprint.
What do they say?
A unified ledger means they can tokenize all of your assets into a packet, into one like chunk.
And in that, you can have your house, you can have your stock, your bonds, your mutual funds, your bank account, your savings accounts.
And they can change it with the flip of a switch.
They can change ownership.
Well, good grief.
This goes back to that law after the 2009 crisis where you become a beneficial owner.
Now it's all making sense.
So they're applying these laws, putting them together.
Unified ledger applies to beneficial ownership where you don't own anything and you're going
to like it in their words, right?
So there's where we are there.
Now, June 27th through 29th of 2023, during the 14th annual meeting of the new champions
in Tianjin, China, Cornell University Professor Eswar Prasad shared his thoughts on the impending
disappearance of physical currency.
They're bragging about all of this, right?
So now, what are future dates coming up?
Future dates, September 15th of 2024, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres vision for the future, global biometric ID tied to all bank accounts.
So now all bank accounts are going to be digital, tied up to you, your biometric, whether it's a fingerprint, whether it's whatever, eye, retinal scan, we don't know.
And then you go to September 22nd through 24th of 2024, that's this year, UN Pact for the Future, this is the date the globalists want to share their commenced plan to the world.
So their timeline is established.
We are just repeating it, right?
We're just repeating and sharing that news.
So, as a theologian, you know, as a, you know, having my PhD in theology, Alex, I look at this.
Revelation 13, 17 says, in those days, you know, no man, woman, or child will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark, you know.
So, what is that?
It's like theologians throughout time are saying, what is the Mark of the Beast?
The 666?
What is it?
Well, to me, as I read this, they're saying that this is probably the Mark of the Beast.
If you can't buy or sell without matching up with their ideology, then they can cut you off.
Doesn't that sound like Revelation 13, 17, Alex, where it's like... Well, the Bible says you've got to worship the beast to get the mark.
It's not like you just accept it.
You've got to worship it.
Which means it's tracking everything you do, you've got to merge with it.
So here's where I have a message of hope in this, because people freak out and say, Kirk, Central Bank Digital Currency, it's the mark of the beast, this is the end of time, this is terrible.
It's like, does that verse actually say that it's the only game in town?
No, it doesn't.
It just says, don't take the mark.
So... It says, run to the hills, the country.
Yeah, so here's where I think knowing how God is, how he's a God of love, he's a God of grace, he's a God of mercy, he's a God of choice, right?
He always gives us cheat sheets.
He always gives us a plan for success.
You know, Jeremiah 29 says, you know, my plan for you is to have a successful future, not to harm you, right?
So here's where he would not put in his word anything where we... But we better find out the plan and follow it.
Better figure it out, because... How powerful is it?
Because I already know God, I already know the Holy Spirit, I've already... God's given me psychic dreams and things that come true.
Like, hey, I'm, like, literally, like, I'm real.
I already know that.
But it's all being fulfilled!
I mean, it's wild!
It is!
So, knowing God the way that you and I do, and your viewers out there, it's like, He gives us a choice, always.
As a Christian, you can accept Jesus or reject Him.
You know, benefits for accepting curses, you know, or problems.
You can sin or you cannot sin.
Or, in this Mark of the Beast thing, you can either take it or you don't.
See, what is the plan if you don't take it?
Well, this is where I think states' rights are coming in.
You know, you go down to the grass and... Oh, there's going to be major remnants everywhere.
Major remnants everywhere, like Texas, like Oklahoma.
State chartered central banks backed by gold.
And that's why the globalists admit Christians are their main threat because they're going to reject it.
Yes, absolutely.
And what did...
What did Christine Lagarde say last week?
She was spouting off about Trump saying Trump is the biggest fear of the globalists because if he gets back in and the globalists... That's out of the EU.
So they're afraid of Trump because why?
He's not part of the globalist system.
He's not just going to... He said I'll shut down central bank digital currencies.
He said that exactly.
So my first act is I'm killing it.
So, here's why they are so afraid.
They want this system to come in.
And you know what?
I think that they will get it, Alex.
At some point.
At some point, but what's going to run... You're a Bible, you're a theologian, I'm not, but there's many Antichrist spirits, there's finally the one.
It keeps trying.
It looks like we lose for a while, but no, we're pre-positioned that once people finally see it all happen, then the greatest revival ever happens.
Greatest revival ever.
And here's where I think there's going to be parallel systems, gold-backed currency, using silver as barter.
And I agree, gold, silver, but also farming, friends, family.
All of that.
That's going to be pure gold.
So I do think that they are going to get their way in part, but there's going to be parallel systems for us to thrive and succeed.
And this is why I... Well that's the great evil.
You're a theologian.
I don't attack Christians that believe in a pre-tribulation.
I hope that's the case.
So I'm not judging them.
They get so mad when I do this.
But I can read Revelation.
It says the beast wages war against the saints and overcomes them for a very short time.
And so, it's like you're getting your ass kicked in the fifth round, you win in the twelfth.
Regardless, we're here to challenge this, but the average Christian says, I don't care, I'll be taken care of.
Well, when in history would Jesus or the prophets before him, did God not put his people in the way to decide who they were?
I mean, I just don't see us perfectly not having to confront evil.
Well, he never said it was going to be easy, and I believe that God cares more about our eternity than he does our comfort level, right?
And we have to ask ourselves this very critical question.
Well, it's a test before we get boosted up to the freaking heaven with God.
We better prove ourselves.
We better prove ourselves, and we have to ask ourselves every day, like I know you do, it's like, why am I here?
We are called to be light in this world and cast out the darkness, right?
And using that Holy Spirit empowerment and the courage and the creativity and the boldness and the wisdom that comes from that.
But we are here for a reason.
We weren't created 400 years ago or 400 years from now.
We're right here, right now.
And we've got all this garbage happening.
No, I agree.
So what is the average Christian when there's world government, Antichrist, and they're not raptured out?
What are they going to think and do when they're like sitting there in the middle of this?
They're going to say the devil's the Christ and bow down to him.
Yeah, I mean, that's probably what they're going to do.
But what we have to do is spread this message far and wide, like what you're doing every single day.
I mean, this is your calling.
It's your anointing.
It's your gifting, Alex.
Ours is on the financial side.
And I want to bring peace in the midst of the storm to people's financial lives.
Right, so there's a story in the Gospels where there's this raging sea, this storm on the Sea of Galilee, right?
And Jesus is out there walking on water, and so for all of you people who read the Bible, you know the story, but Peter wakes up in the midst of the storm and he's out there and says, Jesus, you're walking on water, what are you doing out there?
And Jesus says, come to me.
It's like, so what did he do?
He starts walking on water too.
Because he was focused on the solution, not the storm.
But human nature, he starts to get scared.
He looks at the waves around him and he starts to sink.
Because he took his eyes off the solution.
I think that story is a story for all of us today where we can say, look... Yeah, regardless, God's real.
Just trust in God and it's going to be incredible.
Most of America, and every client that calls me is basically gripped and paralyzed with fear, Alex.
And fear does one of two things.
It causes you to not act, or it causes you to make a wrong decision.
So let that spirit of fear sink to the pit where it belongs.
Well, God doesn't give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of overcoming and victory.
Sound mind.
And judgment, and sound mind, and with that comes creativity, and wisdom, and discernment, and boldness, and all of that.
So most of America right now is focused on the storm.
Don't focus on the storm.
I want to encourage you, focus on the solution.
Financially, I believe the solution rests in precious metals because you're out of that Mark of the Beast system.
You're not a digital slave in their digital world.
Families, farming, gold, silver.
All of it.
The financial component of gold and silver is important.
I want to do this, I want to do this.
I said I would do this news, and then I've got Ivan Reikland coming up.
This is a very, very powerful interview.
We're going to re-air it next week on the main show.
But just incredible.
Kirk Elliott, so impressive.
Thank God that we got you on the show and what you're doing.
You knocked it out of the park, brother.
But I want to air a quick promo of our crew at the border, one of their final reports.
They're following some more right now, but they're on the way back right now.
And then a real quick thing of Javier Mille, should we just get rid of the agencies?
If we could fix things and not have the end of the world and all this stuff, what would we do?
Let's talk about solutions.
And then Ivan Reikland, oh, former Green Beret commander, lawyer, Defense Intelligence Agency officer.
Did he really say we want Trump to die yesterday?
It's a big story.
Tens of millions of views.
Not true.
We wargamed.
What if they did it?
I mean, explain wargaming to people.
When I say, what if they kill the currency next week?
I'm not saying kill the currency next week.
We're playing through those scenarios.
That's what third, fourth dimensional, you know, second, third order discussions are.
Not one level order, multiple level order.
Here are those clips.
We'll be right back.
This is Chase Geiser reporting for InfoWars from Eagle Pass, Texas.
The convoy has arrived at Eagle Pass.
Last night we stayed on the ranch and The convoy has been basically instructed to stay as close to the ranch as possible because they don't want to have any sort of confrontation with authorities here in the city or any sort of false flag event that could associate the convoy with any nefarious activity.
But some of the members of the convoy have seemingly come down to Eagle Pass.
They've got the entire park blocked off, even up a block.
Yesterday they restricted just the park, but today the park of course is restricted plus a block up to just try to keep people away from some of the weak fencing and things that they have down there.
They don't want to have another J6 event, but that's not going to happen because this convoy is just Peace-loving sort of Christian patriots from what we've been able to tell now.
I'm told that we are going to have some potential sort of leftist buses coming in and and just intentionally agitating the environment around here.
We're told that the bus may arrive here in Eagle Pass specifically at Shelby Park as well as at Cornerstone Children's Ranch where the convoy stayed last night.
But of course at the ranch these protesters, these counter protesters, won't be allowed on the property so the worst they could do is agitate people from outside of the property.
They're very serious about security there.
They're not only not letting leftists into the ranch, but they're also being careful about which right-wing actors they're allowing into the ranch as well.
So if things like flak jackets and long guns are not allowed in, they don't want any militia people in, they don't want anybody advocating civil war or any sort of insurrection or violence inside the ranch, the convoy is simply peacefully coming together to have a Christian sort of patriot statement against the Biden administration in its Acting as a catalyst for this Biden border invasion, not only allowing this invasion to happen, but seemingly sponsor it by doing everything it can, of course, to shut down any state efforts like with buoys or Constantino wire or razor wire to prevent these migrants from crossing.
Now, I'm told that this morning there was another dead body pulled out of the Rio Grande River behind us, unfortunately, and there were more migrants that were able to cross.
But since all of this media attention has Come to Eagle Pass.
The crossings have temporarily, rarely lulled, but many of the locals that we've spoken to anticipate that those crossings are going to ramp up again as soon as this convoy leaves, as soon as the media attention is off of Eagle Pass.
We're going to see more.
So, keep following us at InfoWars.com forward slash show and visit InfoWarsStore.com to be the reason that we're able to do reports like this on the ground here in Eagle Pass and keep us on the air.
As well as follow us at RealAlexJones On X and at Real Chase Geyser on X and of course at InfoWars on X. Drew Hernandez is going to be taking over for the InfoWars crew here this weekend in Eagle Pass specifically covering all the events of the convoy and Greg Abbott's appearance I believe tomorrow here at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass.
He's going to be speaking as well.
So make sure you follow Drew Hernandez on X and show your support there because there will be more reporting on behalf of InfoWars from him and his crew as well this weekend.
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And never give up the fight.
Alright, Dr. Kirk Elliott is our guest for a few more minutes.
We're gonna air an important report.
And bring in Ivan Reikland, former Green Parade commander, lawyer of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and a big fighter for freedom.
We've seen a major psyop against America since he was on with us 24 hours ago, claiming we want Trump dead.
That is the most preposterous horse crap I've ever seen.
We'll explain war gaming to people out there and explain to them how they take clips out
of context when we war game things.
So we'll explain war gaming and I'm not even military in my background, but 30 years on
air fighting this, you better know it or you're not in the game.
And battle space and future battle space and let the enemy know.
In fact, get the clip ready of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Obi-Wan Kenobi was fiction, but he says, "If you strike me down, I'll be more powerful
than you can possibly imagine."
Nobody wanted Obi-Wan Kenobi to die.
We're saying, "You killed Trump, you dumb bastards. You made us 10 times more powerful."
Just like I said, don't indict him, you dumb bastards, or he'll get even more powerful.
We're trying to save Trump.
I've been through hell for Trump!
And I actually want to punch people in the nose that claim, I want Trump dead.
I am so pissed that people are so weak-minded, because it wasn't just the left.
It's a firestorm, probably 10 million views on Exxon alone, that we want Trump dead.
Yeah, right.
That is horse manure.
It's the opposite.
We say, you kill Trump, he gets bigger.
Don't do it, you dumb bastards.
And we laugh because any scenario going forward of the nuclear war, we win.
We're winning!
Listen to what we say in the full clip.
If you see a clip, you go, oh my God, that's crazy.
You better go to the full show and find it before you shoot your mouths off.
We'll talk to Ivan Rekel in a moment.
In closing, Dr. Elliott, it's really great to have you here.
You need to pitch it.
You don't do it.
You've got great gold and silver bullion, great advice, five-star ratings everywhere, and a system where it's like nobody has even one star.
We love you.
Closing five-minute statement on the economy, the world, and whatever else people need to know.
You know, don't operate out of fear.
Do not.
And so that means, what is fear going to do?
It's going to cause you not to act.
I've never done gold before.
I've never done silver.
I don't know what's going on.
But the stuff that we talked about today, Alex, is real.
It's happening.
And you have to act to take advantage of it so it doesn't take advantage of you.
So I encourage you to call us or go to KEPM.com forward slash gold.
Or call our office at 720-605-3900 and just say, Alex sent me, right?
And so, and what do we do?
We are going to hold your hand through the economy.
We're going to get you into tangible assets, bullion.
Remember what I said earlier, not all gold, not all silver are created equal.
People are being overcharged.
They're being abused, literally abused, going into something that's unsuitable for them.
And so if you think that that's you, simply email us at Ashley at KEPM.com.
She's our CEO.
And send us a copy of your invoice so we can possibly help.
People are insane.
They're insane if they don't go with you.
Ten years not a gold sponsor, folks, because I couldn't find a good one.
Because I'm not going to sit there and sell you numismatics with a 100% markup.
I'm not doing it.
Yeah, I mean, there's really, you never want to go into that stuff ever.
Low cost, and we're in silver right now, because it's outperforming gold, and we can take advantage... You were on months ago saying silver's about to go up a bunch, and it did!
It did!
And we're going to see even more because of the manufacturing demand.
Alex, this is what's wild to me.
In the worst global economy we've seen in over 40 years, maybe ever, The demand for silver is through the roof because it's used in electronics, it's used in EVs, electric vehicles, solar, fuel cell technology, all of it, everything that we're hearing on a daily basis.
Industrial metal.
Industrial metal used for manufacturing, needed.
Manufacturing jobs are in decline.
Bank failures are coming.
What we didn't even get into, which we can talk about it next time we do a show, state pensions are running out of money.
So if you've got a retirement and a state pension, it's like, oh my word, call us because we can possibly roll that out into an IRA denominated in gold and silver.
Let's do this.
I'm going to edit this down to an hour for my weekday show.
Come on the 15 minutes before it and we'll talk about the state pension funds.
Because that's a question without you bringing it up.
Are bankruptcy of some US states in the future?
That's being talked about in the Wall Street Journal.
I mean, states are going bankrupt.
Pensions are going bankrupt.
See, to me, a state pension is like a legalized Ponzi scheme.
It goes back to Jimmy Hoffa and the Teamsters and all that.
Because we've got the graying of America.
More people are going into retirement that are going to receive benefits than people that are paying into the system.
And that's what COVID's about, to get rid of the old folks.
Dr. Kirk Elliott, thank you so much for the time.
Thanks for coming down from Denver.
Your city's as overrun as mine is, so we're both in the same hell pit here, but God bless you.
Thank you so much.
KEPM.com, or call 720-605-3900.
Thank you so much, sir, and great job.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
All right, I'm going to air a little special report by Greg Reese on Poll Shift and what the government's really concerned about, and then we're going to come back with the evil, horrible, Ivan Reikland, I'm joking.
God, we called for Trump's murder yesterday.
Whirly, where's the Secret Service?
They're not busting down my doors.
Yeah, he's laughing his ass off.
We were saying, don't dare do it, you dumb bastards.
Punch him up right now.
He's laughing like I am.
The idea that we want Trump dead is like I want myself dead or my kids dead.
Punch Ivan Reikland up real quick, guys, if you can.
There he is.
There he is right there.
Screw around, find out.
He's got there on his stockings.
So we'll be right back after this quick report with Greg Reis.
Please stay with us.
They are turning freeways into fields and setting them on fire.
They are blocking the motorways And they are dumping and destroying foreign imported foods.
They are sending a message out to the people that government-decreed starvation is coming.
And it's not just the French.
It's happening in Germany.
And Ireland.
And it looks like it's just getting started.
This is of course in response to the European Union's Green Agenda.
The EU is imposing extreme regulations on farmers, which are forcing them out of business.
Globalist media is spreading propaganda that farming is bad for the environment.
And domestic terrorists in America are setting fire to farms.
This is all being blamed on the lie that humans are responsible for climate change.
And so the solution for Western governments seems to be to depopulate, or rather, murder its own people.
History tells us that the climate does radically change.
Examples such as the Younger Dryas Ice Age that occurred 12,000 years ago shows us that these things do happen.
And the current level of earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions could be an indicator that the climate is radically changing again.
In the late 1940s, Major Maynard White, commander of Project Nanook, discovered that the Earth experiences routine magnetic pole flips that occur in the span of just one day.
But this information was suppressed from the public and was directly followed by the birth of the United Nations global warming propaganda campaign.
Western governments adopted the man-made global warming cover story, but this does not seem to be the case in the East.
In Russia, talk of a pole shift is openly being discussed.
Russian scientists have been tracking the wandering magnetic north, which has been exponentially moving towards Siberia for decades.
And even state-run media, RIA News, has been reporting that the North and South Magnetic Poles have repeatedly changed places, and that it could happen again at any moment.
Russian media has even cited the work of the sleeping American prophet Edgar Cayce, who predicted a sudden climate change that would lead to the death of cities and cause the European Arctic to thaw.
The Russian Federation seems to be preparing for this pole shift.
Massive infrastructure is being developed in the Eurasian Arctic.
And Russian bases in Antarctica are being drastically restored.
The farmers in Russia are not being attacked.
They are being given extra subsidies by the government and encouraged to expand.
These contrasting agendas between the East and the West could explain the current conflicts.
If the polls are expected to flip, then it would explain just about all the madness that is happening today.
And the plan of the Western governments appears to be to cull the population and weather the storm underground.
Greg Reese reporting.
Alright, Ivan Reikland's coming up.
Did we call for Trump's assassination?
And is the Easter Bunny real?
*outro* *outro*
*outro* *outro*
*outro* Let me think, just let me think.
In fact, even now, orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Settler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the announcer.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and subverting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the InfoWar.
When your country is being turned into a 21st century banana republic police state.
Silence isn't golden.
It's yellow.
You are listening to Alex Jones broadcasting live from the front lines.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live Saturday afternoon.
(upbeat music)
Did I call for the assassination of President Trump yesterday?
Did I lick my lips and pray for his death?
Tens of millions of views on X right now, all over the news.
Former Green Beret commander, lawyer, Defense Intelligence Agency officer, Ivan Reikland calls for Trump's death!
Alex Jones calls for Trump's death!
How desperate they are.
They showed you a 35-second clip.
We'll show you the clip here in a moment.
And they didn't explain we were wargaming.
If they kill Trump, it makes it worse for them so they don't kill Trump in case they're so stupid they do it!
Just like I told him, you indict him for all this stuff, question the election, all this other crap.
E. Gene Carroll, the fake judge with no jury in New York on his real estate, it makes him more powerful.
We're telling him, give up.
And we're not just hyping it like they do.
It's backed up with history.
And I was disgusted.
But I love being attacked, so it's fine.
I'm a big boy.
To see, as Ivan called me today, or texted me, and I called the medicals, God, half the comments are against this conservative science that we call for Trump's death.
This is horse manure.
I said, yeah, but it's great.
Because now we're going to be able to have them tune back in and focus on what we said.
What we said in the full context.
It's like when I was on with The head of Blackwater, Z, all of it, a few months ago, days after, October 7th, with Eric Prince, with the great Steve Bannon, and we said it's a trap, don't go in, Israel shouldn't invade, they should just kill the leaders of Hamas around the world, Hezbollah's got a trap, but if they are going to do it, they've got to carpet bomb the whole thing and kill everybody, which they shouldn't do.
Headline, Jones calls for carpet bombing.
This is what, not AI, not, not, not, not, You know, all this video spoofing and the rest, that's not the issue.
It's taking clips out of context.
Who really believes I want Trump dead?
So we'll play this clip, then we'll go to Ivan Reikland.
Episode 4, Star Wars, 1977.
Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Death Star.
He wants Luke Skywalker to see him get killed to energize the rebellion.
He's already ready to go to the next level.
He knows if he stays alive, Lou's going to stay on the Death Star and lose.
He can envision Lou's going to blow up the Death Star.
He's got that foresight.
So he lets Darth Vader kill him like the Alamo.
I mean, Travis knew he was going to die.
He said that.
But he was so into victory and so badass that he literally envisioned the future.
And so, did I want the Alamo to fall?
Do I want Trump to die?
But I also understand that if they put us in that wheelhouse, we're going to win.
We don't want that to happen.
No one's saying kill Trump but them.
Roll Obi-Wan Kenobi clip.
The circle is now complete.
When I left you, I was but the learner.
Now I am the master.
I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan.
We meet again at last.
The circle is now complete.
When I left you, I was but a learner.
Now I am the master.
Only a monster of evil does.
Your power's a weak old man.
You can't win, Darth.
If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
You should not have come back.
You should not have come back.
(door slams)
We're only stating the obvious, that once good is engaged, we're unstoppable.
The more they kill of us, the more they attack us, the more they persecute us, the people see it, and we have victory.
We're not calling for Trump's death, we're saying, do it, and you'll destroy yourselves for sure.
Give up now.
Former Green Beret commander, Defense Intelligence Agency operative and lawyer, Ivan Reikland, you were very clear on the show, they took it out of context, explain what's really happening.
Now, thanks for having me back on to your show because you have the reach that I don't have in order to be able to educate some of these lemmings that are taking things out of context.
Like you said, here's the deal.
And my background is a part of it anyway, is back in military intelligence.
So you have four steps in the intelligence preparation, the battlefield kind of process.
One of them is, is where you identify the threat.
And I think I sent a, I sent kind of what that looks like.
If you want to post it up to, to your team there.
Define the battlefield environment.
Describe the battlefield's effects, evaluate the threat, and then determine the threat forces of action.
When we take that framing and apply it to the current political kind of ecosystem that's going on in America with the 2024 election, it would be disingenuous just to sit back and relax and say, all right, we're going to go ahead and outvote the machines, right?
And we're just going to sit back and watch it happen.
Or we're just going to vote, vote, vote.
Well, it doesn't work that way because it didn't work in 2020.
It didn't work in 2022.
So then we have to figure out what are what is the range of options that the enemy could do?
Well, we saw what they did in 2020.
We saw that they did in 2022 in Arizona.
But guess what?
They're only continuing to escalate.
And so I've reached the point where what's the most probable course of action?
For the enemy or the threat, right?
Well, they're already doing it like you mentioned before before I came on here and that's if this isn't the right one here if you go to the other tweet that I just sent you What their most probable course of action is to continue to escalate the lawfare, but they're having a problem with that because we have a say in this fight.
So what's going on with Jackie Boy Smith?
He's getting body checked, right?
Because he can't dictate the timeline on when he's going to have his case.
Fannie Willis, well, some of her skeletons are being thrown out there for the whole world to hear and see.
So that's kind of derailing.
Good old Alvin Bragg is being confronted by what looks like mainstream media for him to explain what's going on with that case.
So that's slowing down.
So what else are they doing?
Well, that's coming from probably the Uniparty.
And then on the other side, they're trying to keep Trump off of the ballot for ballot access purposes in Colorado, in Maine.
And then probably if he does end up securing the nomination, which is more than likely it's going to happen, they're going to try to make it so that Nikki Haley is going to be foisted on him as the vice presidential pick, right?
This is the most probable course of action.
According to my assessment, my reading of the situation, you may have a different opinion.
Now that's only the most probable.
So let's go into the RNC convention, which is going to be hosted in Milwaukee in July.
The DNC convention is going to be hosted in, uh, in August.
So a month later.
So the DNC is going to be watching what Trump does so that they can protect and defend themselves.
If he happens to not select a vice president of the unit parties choosing, meaning Nikki Haley, then I suspect, and if he does choose Nikki Haley, I think that they're going to let him win the general election.
If he doesn't choose a Nikki Haley, then they're going to go to probably move depending on who it is.
To the most dangerous course of action, because if that vice presidential pick is in a position to body check all of their lawlessness, whether it's the Fauci crimes against humanity and everybody in that ecosystem, whether it's the defrauding of the FISA court with the spying on the Trump campaign, whether it's literally every single person in that video that you just started to play, Alex.
Those are the people that are going to be behind moving towards the most dangerous course of action.
And it's not only most dangerous to them.
It's most dangerous to literally all of us.
And that's what I don't want to see.
So when you identify their courses of action, you can now create plans and strategies to then counter them from being able to do any of that.
So what does that look like?
That looks like, well, the most dangerous course of action is they're going to have to use the model that they use back in the 1960s.
Which is like I said, yesterday.
The FBI, what did they do to Martin Luther King Jr.?
What did they do to JFK?
Robert F. Kennedy?
Well guess what, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
in today's climate, he is a presidential candidate.
So you're saying if you run your 1960s playbook, it blows up in your face, don't kill Trump, it makes us more powerful, we're trying to stop Trump being killed, so explain that to all of the low-IQ people that say Ivan Reikl and Alex Jones want Trump killed.
No, we don't want that.
Here's the warning to those on that deep state target list and their ecosystem.
If you escalate and actually implement what I think your most dangerous force of action is, like what you did in the intro with Star Wars, the movement is only going to become exponentially stronger.
It's not a wise option for them to do that.
I'm trying to stop them from doing that by shining light on the fact that they might be doing that.
So now that, you know, tens of millions of people have seen and heard this, they can start to internalize and address the issue.
Like, well, what do we do to stop it if they go in that direction?
And let's expand on that.
Tucker Carlson is that strong.
He said, you follow the continuum, the next thing is to kill you.
I mean, they failed at everything, that's their next move.
We're saying, you do that, it's worse for you, which it is.
We're telling them, don't do it, back off and give up now.
Explain that.
So Tucker Carlson has mentioned it several times on some of the shows, Tucker on X, where he says, the natural path is they're going to stop him at all costs.
What are all costs?
The end of that continuum is a political assassination.
Well, all I'm saying is... Which is why the President has Secret Service!
So to act like we're just making up this is a threat is preposterous!
No, the real threat are who are going to be the ones that are going to be behind potentially this, actualizing this threat.
And I argue like, and I think you agree with me, who would be the best false flag to create this effect?
Uh, John Kerry is real close.
Remember he was conducting foreign relations during Trump's- With Iran.
They'll use Iran to dump Trump out.
Explain that.
He's going to use Iran.
I think that the- We've already had an attempted Iranian attack on Mar-a-Lago.
Had an attempted attack on Mar-a-Lago.
Yesterday, there's bombing going on in the Middle East.
They're going to try to, I mean, not only, and this is instigated, I think, by China as well.
China's trying to get us in these different forever wars, whether it's Ukraine support, whether it's Israel funding support.
Well, let's be honest, to draw us off of Russia, and I'm not even against Russia, but I'm just saying it's true.
They're drawing us off.
It's similar to what we were doing to the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, where you make sure that the Soviet Union puts all of its resources in one location then it collapses
that quote unquote country or empire. China's doing the same thing
through these excursions in Ukraine because at the end of the day we have the Biden
criminal syndicate that they're directing. Now going back to- The Red Sea
attack is to get us to draw forces there.
So going back, just real quick, going back to Tucker Carlson.
Tucker Carlson broadly said they might go and assassinate Trump.
What we were doing yesterday was specifically going into the courses of action of what that would look like.
So John Kerry is one vector of attack.
So Secret Service, if you're listening in, you might want to start scrutinizing everything John Kerry is doing and his entire ecosystem.
Because he's the Iranian ambassador, basically, not the U.S.
He's Iran's ambassador to the United States, just like Biden is the CCP's ambassador to the United States.
I recommend Secret Service.
You're protecting the president, President Trump, that is.
Then you need to go ahead and scrutinize John Kerry, and you also need to scrutinize what the other executive branch offices are doing, namely Chris Wray, Through his CHS's and agents and surrogates, because guess what?
You need to monitor so that they don't do what they did in the 60s to RFK, JFK, and Martin Luther King Jr.
And let's explain that again.
We're not calling for Trump's death.
We're saying that's the next thing on the table.
But it really scared the left.
They got really freaked out by yesterday's show.
Why was that?
I think the left got scared is that At the end of the day, in wargaming, the next step that you do in this mission is mission analysis.
And the mission is to save our country, to obliterate the deep state, as Trump says, to castrate the deep state, as I like to say, to crush the commies, the CCP.
I think that they're in this conundrum of if they allow Trump, then they lose.
If they do everything in their power to block Trump, they have to go in a direction that guarantees their loss.
So they're in a lose-lose situation.
And some of those that are quote-unquote associated with our side of this conversation also are looking at us thinking like, oh, we're trying to advocate for violence and we're trying to advocate for the political assassination of anyone.
No, that's not true.
Oh, they're like children.
I'm not mad at them, but they're children.
We said it's a war game.
If they kill Trump, it hurts them.
We're trying to stop that from happening.
Let's think through the counteraction.
So if they do that, I don't want it to happen.
But let's think through this.
What happens next?
You tell me Alex, you're a smarter guy than I am.
If I was the globalist, the last thing I would want is to harm him.
Just like I don't want Biden to be hurt.
I hate him.
He's a globalist.
That would make them strong.
If they assassinate Biden, we can blame it.
We don't want that.
Trump's a hundred times worse for them, obviously, but they're dumb enough.
All I want them to do is to put them in a position where they say, you know what?
We're going to take the loss.
We're going to take the L. And how do you do that?
You allow free and fair elections, one day in-person paper ballot hand count, and let the chips fall where they may.
If you don't let us do that as a nation, They're gonna face massive pain from a move, this is my assessment, they're gonna receive massive pain that they don't want or are ready to receive.
And Trump's only getting bigger, so that's why the next move, as Tucker has said, is assassination.
They're on the news saying, the Washington Post says, stay in Nikki Haley, Trump might get killed.
We're telling them, stop wargaming it, you will destroy...
Well, one other option is like we talked about briefly yesterday is one way that they can slow this down and kind of win favor in their direction is they shut the Internet down and they could go after Truth Social.
They could go after you again.
They go after Elon Musk and shut down X. But I think Elon's counter strategy on that is he's sitting on all their DMs, right?
Like we talked about yesterday.
And I don't know if you want to play that clip again, but the whole purpose of yesterday's conversation was to not talk about the most dangerous course of action necessarily of what they could do.
It's to highlight those that would do it so that we can start scrutinizing them, apply maximum pressure to them so that they are now stuck in a corner and they're not able to operationalize what their most dangerous course of action is.
And that is Right?
What we've been talking about.
Well we know there's idiots telling them kill Trump and we want to explain to them that is just like we said don't indict Trump it'll hurt you this is a hundred times worse if they kill Trump a thousand times I mean it's it's it's their worst course of action they should be protecting Trump they're idiots Right, absolutely.
And so, I mean, we list names.
Those that unmasked Flynn is what kicked things off with the 39 in 2017.
Those that were on the Mueller team that launched crossfire, excuse me, those were on crossfire hurricane that launched this illegal spying on Trump.
These are all the same people, they're still in place.
The Jamie Raskins of the world, the Adam Bull shifts of the world, the Eric Swallow's well of the world.
I've read all of their books and they just basically They tell all and admit that they were conducting a coup on January 6th.
And oh, by the way, speaking of January 6th, I don't think I mentioned this yesterday, I suspect that my sources tell me that once it's all said and done, the January 6th committee report is going to be stricken from the record once all the evidence is put out.
Well, they've already destroyed the evidence, and I know you're up on Capitol every day, and congressmen have pointed it out.
Now that both the Fed planted the bomb and a Fed found the bomb, this has unraveled very quickly.
Yeah, it's not only the Capitol Police Board.
The FBI was involved and we're going to probably find out more information about Homeland Security investigations, which is a subcomponent of Customs and Border Patrol, oddly enough, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.
We still need to scrutinize the actions of the Department of Interior Park Police because they have somewhat quasi-jurisdiction.
So here's the bottom line.
They're so scared of this.
They tried to put out a false narrative yesterday that you and I want Trump dead.
We were saying, don't do it, it blows up in your face.
And they manipulated a bunch of people to believe that.
It distracts from focusing in on the enemy.
I'm begging you to play that clip again, Alex.
We have the time.
So we can focus on who we need to focus on, is those deep state actors.
Well, it was an hour-long interview.
We have the clip of you that took out of context, saying if they kill Trump, it destroys them, ha ha ha, please do it, which was sarcastic.
And then, of course, you did bring it up.
Let's play one of the clips.
Here it is.
Give you guys a clip of Ivan Reikland yesterday.
My assessment, Ivan Reikland's assessment that if you assassinate any political presidential candidate, whether it's RFK, whether it's Trump, Guess what?
America will do the following immediately.
They will respond in kind and they know who you are because we've created the list.
And that's a major Rubicon.
They should know that.
You're going to see immediate response and there are only a few buildings in Washington D.C.
that they will probably do that.
Well, I hope that's not the case, but these people are crazy.
And having said that, if they do that, Option two, behind Trump, is going to be so much better for us, and so much worse for them.
I was about to say, if they kill him, that's best case scenario, from a sick level, from a sick level beating him, oh please kill him, which I don't, I mean, it's so good after that.
Oh, it's going to be the best cleansing and the fastest cleansing that we've ever seen in my lifetime.
But that's a no-brainer.
Let's talk about Biden.
I have said don't harm a hair on his chin or his pedophile head.
I'm afraid the deep state might kill Biden and blame it on us, Ivan.
Turn Ivan on, guys.
What have we done?
Let's go back in history.
What have we done that has been violent?
I can't think of a single thing.
I will enumerate what they have done that's been violent, and they continue to do that.
Whether it's the clock shot, whether it's the Wuhan incident that Fauci funded, right?
All of this is coming out.
I mean, if you have Anthony, the real Anthony Fauci book that came out with RFK Jr., you have Senator Rand Paul that came out with a book a couple months ago that talks about all the levels of detail of them going after us.
And this is the ecosystem of the deep state and the culture that they promulgate.
They're not going to stop at... There's really no limit on what they're going to do.
So we have to use our legal, moral, and ethical framework to go ahead and body check them.
And that's what we've been doing.
Let me look at the trucker convoy.
It was successful, right?
No, I totally agree because we found the clip you want, we're going to play it, but then we come back, I'm going to, in closing, say it for the five-year-olds.
I'm not being mean to conservatives, but leftist accounts yesterday, CIA obviously, leftist They put out stuff, edited saying we said kill Trump, and then people bought it.
Stop being amateurs, folks.
It was totally clear what we were saying.
Don't kill Trump.
It'll blow up in your dumbass face.
Just like we say nobody on our side should go after Biden.
The guy is a liability for them.
They're trying to get rid of him.
Do not hurt Biden.
Do not hurt Trump for two different reasons.
But since you mentioned it, here's the clip.
Do not hurt any presidential candidate because If anybody, my assessment is that if anybody dies in this presidential cycle that's a presidential candidate that's still remaining.
I mean I guess at this point there's four.
America's gonna see that as it's not a natural cause of death even if it looks like it was.
Oh they could kill Haley and say a Trump supporter did it.
I mean they're gonna pull something.
Assassination is on the table.
We're against it.
here's your club.
That was our point.
Guess what?
Every single one of your accounts on X and every single direct message
must be released for the public to read, see and hear
as we piece together the seditious, conspiratorial actions
that you committed over the course of the last 8 years.
and it's going to be glorious.
So in closing, Ivan Reiklin, they are in full panic mode over you calling for Elon Musk
to release the private messages of X, which he has.
He's already released some of the Twitter files that shows all their collusion.
Closing comments on this.
All right, so we had Twitter files, I think 1 through 20.
This will be the Twitter files nuclear just bombshell.
I don't even have the adjectives to describe how massive this is going to be, Alex.
I need help finding an adjective to explain how absolutely destructive this will be in exposing These scum, all of them, and if they have nothing to hide, well then they're okay.
I have nothing to hide, guess what?
These scum investigated me 20 times over across DOD, DHS, and DOJ.
They went into my Twitter, my Facebook, my LinkedIn, my InstaGarbage, my Google, all of my digital assets.
Now it's our turn to go after their digital assets and they're not going to survive that level of scrutiny of which I and others have Trump has, Flynn has, John Eastman, all these people that are in the Trump orbit.
We've already gone through it, now it's our turn to go after them.
I've survived it.
I've survived Justice Department investigations, DHS.
Alright, so let's explain it again very slowly, very slowly.
We are not calling for Trump to be killed.
We're saying they shouldn't do it.
It'll blow up in their face.
Alex, you need to slow down a little bit, a little bit slower.
Slow it down, say it slow.
Break it down Barney style.
We are not calling on assassination of anyone.
We are warning that they may resort to violence once again.
And by knowing what they potentially could do, we need to identify who would be the ones that would be in the best position to do that, so that we can stop them in their tracks.
All right, Ivan Reiglin, closing comments, because hopefully this interview goes as viral as the ones they grabbed.
What's the headline?
Did Alex Jones call for Trump's assassination?
I think that'll get them to tune in and hear the truth of this.
I think the headline should be, Elon Musk contemplating the release of Twitter DMs of the Deep State.
Okay, we'll put that up front too.
We'll put out two of these.
Because if you look at Elon Musk, he's been so active on X today, he's basically put out a poll, should we impeach Alejandro Mayorkas?
And right now it's looking like 91% of the Twitter X users are saying absolutely.
Give me your analysis as a Defense Intelligence Agency guy of Musk.
It looks like he just wanted to be a free market guy and they mess with him.
And he doesn't take that.
Right, I think he just doesn't want to be messed with, like you said, free market guy.
But once they started going after him...
It's like, all right, bring it on, game on.
He's like us, right?
I think he's cut from the same cloth.
I was just relaxing, doing my contract gig, just doing my thing in my silo over at the Department of Defense.
And then once they started to really violate our constitutional norms and principles, it just activated me.
So they weaponized me against them so that I can lawfully, peacefully, and morally just go ahead and crush them.
Explain that.
The left doesn't get it.
They think we were asleep.
They thought they'd intimidated us.
Instead attacking us activates us.
They didn't get that.
Have they figured out yet that their attacks don't make us go away?
I don't think they're smart.
I just don't know because it only activates the dream team.
You're now back.
Elon Musk's in the fight.
Tucker's in a much stronger position than he was.
General Flynn is in a much stronger position than when they went after him.
A lot of us are in a much stronger position.
The 231 signers and the 40,000 that have signed on to this declaration of military accountability There's just more and more courage coming out, and meanwhile, amidst all of that, you're still seeing and hearing those cowards that are saying, oh, false flag this and this, you shouldn't exercise your First Amendment.
How about we do both?
How about we exercise our First Amendment and we mitigate the threat by identifying what the threat is?
I think I can walk and chew gum at the same time, and I think more and more of us are able to do so, and that's what we're doing moving forward.
All right, Ivan Reikland, people can find you at IvanReikland on X and at Reikland.com.
Thank you so much, Ivan.
No, thanks for having me back on to continue to educate the lemmings.
All right, thank you so much.
Oh, he'll take this and say we called for Trump's death again.
But everybody watching, you saw the truth, you know it was done.
And a lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth puts his pants on as The great Mark Twain said it's totally true.
All right.
We've done two hours and 40 minutes of live commercial free transmission.
We're going to take this live show and now restream it at InfoWars.com and on Real Alex Jones and on stations all over the country until tomorrow at 4 p.m.
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Lord willing, because I don't take anything for granted.
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