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Air Date: Feb. 1, 2024
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In this episode, Alex Jones discusses globalism's impact on society, warning about powerful figures and their agenda for a one-world government. He talks about emerging class systems and the importance of education. The speaker encourages spirituality and preparedness while urging listeners to support InfoWars in fighting against globalism. The show covers topics like mRNA vaccines, whistleblowers, national sovereignty, and patriotism within the U.S. government.

Medical employees at Denver Health made history today.
They became some of the first people to get the live Ebola vaccine for preventative measures.
I was an advisor to the Texas governor, Rick Perry, for seven years on a task force.
I was...
Told to give he, the Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House, advice so that every Texan would have access to quality health care.
Dr. Richard Bartlett, former head of the Governor's Medical Task Force, hospital head, you name it, warned about experimental Ebola vaccine that is live, that does shed a weakened form of the virus that can make...
People with lowered immune systems really sick or kill them.
And they had the governor come out against us and all this news and say we're liars and all this.
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' latest target is Denver Health.
The man who's been ordered to pay a billion dollars in damages for saying that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax is now suggesting that the American government is preparing a secret bioweapons program in Colorado.
His conspiracy echoes and builds on claims made by conservatives from our state.
The U.S.
government has moved bioweapon labs to Denver and is ejecting health care staff with live Ebola and it's shedding and spreading.
That's the big takeaway, folks.
The CDC tells 9 News that the vaccine contains only a portion of the Ebola virus to stimulate an immune response.
So it would be impossible, the CDC says, for people who receive the vaccine to shed the full Ebola virus to others and infect them.
Despite what America's most infamous conspiracy theorist claims.
CDC finds lapses in latest lab mishap with Ebola virus.
They house some of the most dangerous viruses and deadly bacteria in existence.
Pathogens like Ebola, anthrax, and smallpox.
Scientists experiment with them in biolabs strewn across the U.S.
to discover new ways to treat and prevent diseases.
But how safe are the experiments?
And what happens if something goes wrong in these kinds of labs?
We don't even know how many high-containment labs there are in the United States.
Following lab mistakes at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that potentially exposed workers to anthrax, Ebola, and a deadly strain of bird flu, a USA Today network investigation found hundreds of accidents have happened at labs nationwide with little or no public disclosure.
The Ebola vaccine that we are starting to come up with, and we have several different candidates,
You know, these would not be possible to develop if we did not have high containment laboratories.
We found that more than 100 labs experimenting with potential bioterror agents have faced enforcement actions for serious safety violations since 2003.
Some are repeat offenders.
Five labs have faced sanctions multiple times.
Two were kicked out of the Select Agent Program.
Five others suspended.
Who and where are they?
Federal regulators won't release their names.
They say a 2002 bioterrorism law requires this information be kept secret.
Some say that's not enough.
It's crucial for journalists and safety advocates and others to keep digging and trying to find out what's going on.
CDC chief, anthrax gaffe should never have happened.
Colorado lab developing Ebola vaccine for military use, which is what we say.
They turn it around and say, oh, Jones attacked a hospital and said they're developing all this.
No, I said they tested it on the damn hospital staff.
There is an Ebola vaccine that has been given to Denver health workers, paramedics, nurses, and doctors in anticipation of a possible future Ebola outbreak.
They say that.
So they have taken a virus, vaccinia virus is how you say it, and they have spliced in genetic code from Ebola into that virus, and that virus is a live virus vaccine.
And in their FDA package insert,
It does have shedding 31% of the time.
31.7% is the number that they put in the package insert.
They can also read that there hasn't been testing according to the package insert on how this would affect people that are immunocompromised.
Why is Denver Health vaccinating people now for a potential Ebola outbreak?
What do they know and what are they preparing for?
Well, disconnected from that,
They're building a new bat lab, which looks by all accounts to be a Wuhan Institute of Virology 2.0 on steroids, right down the highway 65 miles north at Fort Collins.
So again, deception, deception, deception, deception, deception.
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Another world.
Another time.
In the age of...
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
It's Thursday, February 1st, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, coming to you live from Deep in the Heart of Texas, broadcasting worldwide.
We're 277 days, 12 hours and 3 minutes, 16 seconds out of the most important election in world history.
All right, here's what I want to do.
We've got Chase Geiser and our investigative team doing a fabulous job down on what was the Texas border with Mexico.
They've had a lot of really damning findings.
They'll be joining us at the bottom of the hour.
They've got new reports set to break any minute now as well.
So we'll have all that exclusively for you here today, ladies and gentlemen.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So then it kind of creates the opposite view that I'm primping and care what I look like that much because I'm on air and I'm like, crap, my shirt's unbuttoned, or I've got cigar ash on my shoulder, or I've got a coffee stain on my shirt.
That's how teleprompter-free we are here.
But it's almost too extreme, isn't it?
Millions of viewers today, conservatively, and the first time I look in the mirror, it's live on air into a camera lens.
So there you go.
And also, I didn't take this shirt to the laundry.
I washed this myself and didn't iron it.
So I'm getting that old man energy, folks.
I'm 50 in like 10 days.
And I'm not saying 50 is super old, but man, I used to wonder about my grandpas and people.
You'd see these photos of them when they were young or even middle-aged, all sharp and cool.
And the older they got, the more they didn't give a damn.
They weren't slobs or anything, but old coveralls with...
Old ratty hats, all the rest of it, wrinkled shirts.
I just, I gotta watch it, man.
I'm becoming, I'm becoming my grandfather's, I'm becoming my father.
Good Lord, it's crazy.
You know, here's the deal.
I'm just honest with listeners.
The more I prepare, the more I don't want to do the show.
It's a weird paradox, and I'm glad I'm here.
I'm not saying I don't want to be here.
The more I prepare...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
USC signs Iran is worried about escalating proxy attacks amid heightened tensions.
I got CBS.
I got a New York Times article here.
And I also went to Press TV.
That is the English language version of Iranian news.
And they are cooling their heels.
And I know it's seen as manly and tough to say, turn them into a parking lot, kill every damn one of them.
And that's what the manly talk show hosts are all going to say.
But do they really want to send their sons and daughters to die?
Or do they really want to be in a nuclear war?
No, they run their mouths to sound big and powerful.
So, Israel, the leadership...
And the Republican rhino warmongers, as well as a lot of the left, have been foaming at the mouth for a full bombardment of Iran, and it now appears, let's not hold our breath, and let's knock on wood, that
They're not going to escalate this.
Because we're really close to full-on nuclear war.
Every major analyst agrees with that.
That's not a far-out statement there.
And I like living.
I don't know about you.
I really love my children.
I love my community.
By extension, I love all of you.
And we need to really get past this thing that full-on nuclear war is trendy.
Now, people can say, well, we need to look strong to Iran.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So we're going to talk about all the different ways that there are different angles of war happening on our planet.
The war to dumb our children down.
The war shipping in fentanyl with the chi-coms poisoning us.
We're going to talk about war and all the different forms of war and fifth generational war and asymmetrical war in the second hour today.
We are going to open the phones up and get into all of that.
Now when I'm looking at all the other news...
I see a lot of different themes.
And these aren't themes the corporate media puts out.
Like, oh, Taylor Swift or whatever the newest fad is.
So these are trends that are in the alternative news, the mainstream news, the independent media, foreign media, that I just see develop day to day.
And the big one that I see developing here today, and a whole bunch of different articles...
Is the globalist being above the law?
And really what that signifies and what that means.
A whole bunch of pro-lifers who peacefully protested outside an abortion clinic and read the Bible, they are being sentenced to decades in prison.
That's what the sentencing recommendations are.
And so we have that information.
And then you have the Democrats bailing out all the Antifa people and Black Lives Matter and then every major blue city giving them $10, $15, $20, $30 million a piece saying, we're sorry, police were mean to you.
No real court cases, no real evidence of that.
Just, oh, here's city money to George Soros' foundation as like a tithe to the criminal group.
So you have that example where peaceful pro-lifers praying...
Are arrested in 2021, and now two-plus years later, they're all sentenced to serious felony times, or they've been found guilty, and now the judge has signaled, we're talking five to ten years in jail apiece for preying on the steps of a building.
I guess they didn't burn it down, so it wasn't mostly peaceful.
And then we've got other examples of illegal aliens in New York beating up police a few days ago, and two days later,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You poop on her desk, which was wrong.
We're good to go.
I think?
Like on the chairman's desk.
Because it's all about marking their territory.
And it's like, oh, that's cute and funny.
That's cultural enrichment.
And then it goes on and on and on.
I've got a bunch of other examples here of the totally above the law level of these people.
I mean, take what's happening in Georgia with Fannie Willis.
It's not just $600,000 for a secret boyfriend.
It's not just the ex-wife releasing the...
We're good to go.
So they're on government email committing crimes and discussing the conspiracy and how they're going to divvy up the loot.
Like, I'm not even a criminal, but I know if you're going to do that, you do it in a basement somewhere with people when you divide up the loot, and you don't certainly talk about it on the telephone, you don't put it in emails.
But what does that tell you?
And that's the moral of the last five minutes.
These people believe that they are totally and completely above the law.
There's federal law that the Secretary of Defense...
We're good to go.
I think?
So they passed a law, mainly Democrats, but the Republicans are involved, to be able to insider trade.
And so they allow an appropriation for billions or something, and before that even happens, they know the vote, they go and buy the stock.
Or they know they're about to give a major defense contract to a certain defense contractor.
And then they do that as well.
Just like Joe Biden.
And it's red herring that we need to be able to pass laws to control the border when we have all the laws on the books that he's not enforcing, and he told the illegals to surge the border when he got elected, when he stole it, and they have the NGOs set up to pay for it with U.S.
taxpayer, and he knows all that.
He's running it, or his controllers are, and then they sit there and ignore the law because they think they're above the law, and then turn around and say, oh, you didn't pass an amnesty bill,
That's why this is happening.
What did AOC say two weeks ago?
She said, we can either legalize all these people or we can just let them in.
That's the same thing.
So we are faced with a total lawlessness.
And I know I'm stating the obvious.
You're like, wow, Jones, you just told us the sky's blue.
Thank you for the major revelation, Sherlock.
That is amazing.
Yeah, I know you all know that.
I know I know that.
But it's getting worse, and here's the rest of the story.
If you've studied history, and you look at any culture that gets an above-the-law, kleptocratic, out-of-control, megalomaniacal elite in charge, total and complete lawlessness then ensues because the general public starts saying, I'm not going to follow the law either because you guys are a bunch of criminals.
We're good to go.
None of these politicians or their bureaucrats or minions now, almost none of them show up to work.
They don't care anymore.
And by the way, on the surface, I like the fact that even in small towns now, the police aren't writing tickets.
And you can drive right by a cop at 90 miles an hour in most areas, they do nothing.
But you know what that is, right?
The government's printing so much money, they're not even pressuring police anymore to revenue generate because they don't care anymore.
And so...
We're good to go.
Well, they've slowly pulled the rug out from under us, and there's nothing going to be left standing.
We're in the flux moment where the dishes and the vase with the flowers in it are tipping over.
And you know, they're all going off the table.
They're going to crash everywhere.
And we're kind of in that moment where everything's in slow motion, like in a car wreck, and time slows down.
And I really just think that's what I should be announcing to people is...
There's no turning this around, okay?
But I want to be clear.
There's no turning around.
We're crashing.
But we can survive the crash.
And you can debate whether that's you individually or as a culture.
I don't... And that's the real takeaway here, is that... Please listen to me carefully.
I know a lot of you know this.
Most of you probably know better than I do, so I'm not lecturing anybody.
I'm just saying, please, God, understand this.
In the name of God, please.
In the Great Depression, they estimate, universities estimate, 7 million people starved to death in the United States during the 10-year Great Depression, at least.
That is 7 million people.
90% of the country lived in rural areas, and half of that 90% in the rural area was self-sufficient.
40% or so, 40-something percent of the country were self-sufficient and had chickens and had cows and had goats and had fields and had farms and had apple orchards and knew how to can food and knew how to save stuff and knew how to clean a gun and knew how to fix a tractor and knew how to kick ass and knew how to work seven days a week.
And they were able to help everybody, but by the end of the Great Depression, there was almost no deer or no game or nothing left.
I remember my grandfather in East Texas talking about it.
Like, in the Great Depression, 1940, there was almost no deer left in East Texas, the county they lived in.
They ate everything.
You don't see lizards or birds or anything because the people eat every damn thing.
It's like in North Korea.
We are now 90% urban, 10% rural.
And maybe of the 10%, I've looked at the statistics, half are self-sufficient.
So we got 5% self-sufficient versus 40-something percent.
When this goes down and when the post-industrial world kicks in, ladies and gentlemen, you have never seen anything like it in any movie or any book you read.
So here's the takeaway.
We either save almost everybody or we save nobody.
Because billions of starving people
We're good to go.
But that's where we go within 15 days of Pentagon studies of no food or water.
90% of people become cannibals.
The other 10% commit suicide.
So I just want you to know that there's a good chance we're going to go into full civilizational collapse.
And I could spend 10 hours going into all the angles and all the reasons.
You have to understand, the globalists are orchestrating that crisis to bring in the depopulation.
They believe they'll manage it during the collapse, then they'll come out on top of the new utopia they've built.
So they're not going to use all-out war, regular war to kill everybody, or even disease, though that's part of it.
They're going to use collapse.
And so that's really where we are.
And so I'm sorry to give you that news, but isn't it just best to know so you can get prepared?
And we can still have a crash landing.
This doesn't have to happen.
But we're getting very close to the point of no return.
The event horizon.
The escape vector.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're in a war against the globalist.
And people can't identify who's a patriot and who isn't.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, our great crew, led by Chase Geiser, is at the now-dissolved Texas border.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
And after he leaves us and gets back to filing these powerful reports...
We're going to hope the phone's up the second hour.
Head of Attorney Tom Renz joining us with big breaking news on how they're putting the COVID shots into our food supply and so much more in the third hour today.
But, uh...
InfoWars reporter Chase Geiser has been down there a few days.
He's filed some amazing reports.
And he's basically given his summation of what's going on down there.
But I wanted him to come on live with us and give his research view on exactly what's happening down there.
Is the governor really doing something?
Or is this all basically like WWE or WWF wrestling Hulk Hogan versus Andre the Giant?
What's really happening, Chase Geiser?
Alex, thank you so much for having me on the show this morning.
There's so much going on here as the town sort of prepares for this massive convoy to come in this weekend.
What we've discovered, the crew and I, is that this sort of controversy around the barbed wire, the Constantino wire is what is actually using...
Being used, you can see behind me is seems to be showmanship because as you can see right here, it's very easy to just hop around the end of the wall here over the Constantina Wire.
There's so many different ways to cross the border outside of Shelby Park, specifically here in Eagle Pass.
We've driven up and down the border
Shown gates that are open, the end of the wall that's wide open, places where it's very easy to hop over the Constantino wire.
It seems like this whole controversy around Shelby Park here in Eagle Pass, Alex, is just political showmanship between the federal government and the state of Texas.
Well, I got to say, I mean, it's drawn attention that Biden has a wide open border.
It's gotten all the states behind Texas.
At least I know they're doing some background checks and arresting some people that have criminal records.
So it's kind of like putting a Band-Aid on a gunshot wound, but at least it brings some attention to it.
Yes, it's drawn a lot of attention to the issue, and maybe that's the whole objective that Governor Abbott has for this specific issue here at the specific location of the border.
I'm not criticizing Abbott, but I'm just saying that it's a mischaracterization to say that there's any sort of actual efficacy around this Constantino wire based on what we've seen.
So easy to cross the border.
It's just...
Now, they have done some interesting things and the locals have told us here haven't ever happened throughout the history of the region.
And specifically what comes to mind is there are a lot of small ranches that live along the Rio Grande here in Eagle Pass.
And for years, these ranchers have asked for the dams
We're good.
Well, that's right.
For those that don't know, because I've been there many times, when the dam is not open, which is rarely closed, it's only about a foot or two deep.
When they open it, it's what, six, seven feet deep?
Yes, absolutely.
And you can see when you look at the Rio Grande here, we've seen from a couple different vantage points, the water is moving fairly quickly.
We spoke with Major Mike Perry the other day.
He said that they pulled three children out of the water in the last seven days or so.
I know that yesterday they pulled a little girl out of the water who was just about a toddler.
She was unconscious, but they were able to resuscitate her.
She was fine.
But not everyone is as lucky as that little girl.
And so releasing this water has slowed down the migration, but it is incredibly dangerous to board the river unless you know what you're doing.
You guys got let actually into the park by the State Guard.
We're going to roll some of that B-roll in a minute.
And I know off record, you guys have talked to some of the Border Patrol and others to get their take on what's really happening.
Tell us what the insiders are telling you.
Yeah, so several of the people who are stationed at the park have actually been in Eagle Pass since as far back as September based on what we could tell.
We spoke with just sort of regular foot soldiers as well as Major Mike Perry, who is
Public liaison.
And they were happy to answer any questions.
They're not allowed to do any interviews on camera, but they were happy to answer any of our questions and give us all the details that we asked for just one-on-one.
In the conversation that we've had, one of the things that's been most amazing to me about this entire trip
I've been some of the images that they showed me on their personal devices of just piles and piles, mounds and mounds of clothes, Alex.
And so what happens is they put their belongings in these trash bags.
They swim across the river.
And the first thing they do when they get to the United States of America is they take off their white clothes and they leave them.
They change into their dry clothes in the plastic bags that they've swum across with.
You also showed places where there's giant drainage tunnels right under the border.
So we hear about Mexican drug tunnels.
I mean, there they are right there.
Tunnels seem to be a big theme in 2024, whether it's the tunnels in Gaza or the tunnels in New York.
I know.
And that, of course, is the tunnels in Eagle Pass.
I'm actually just probably about 100 yards away from that location where we shot that report the other day.
And let's be clear.
That is the border right there where you're at.
There's a little fence.
You made the point you could climb over the non-barbed wire fence that's back over there.
But with just cheap pliers, I could cut through that in like two minutes.
Yeah, absolutely.
And now, the border, I would say, is... Oh, you can see that this bridge goes right to Mexico.
So this is still technically the United States on the other side of this wall.
But, I mean, if you're a fast runner, in just a matter of a minute, you could be in Mexico.
If you just jet across.
And even on the ground here where we are, we can't show you right now because of the way the camera's set up, but you can see backpacks laying all over the floor, clothes laying all over the place, and bottles and things of that nature.
You can tell that this...
So, look, until...
We're good to go.
You know, who work for the Border Patrol that actually are like leftists.
They love what's happening.
But, I mean, the governor's put up some barbed wire, put on somewhat of a show.
But from what I've seen, other than that little area in Eagle Pass, they're still there getting the illegals, putting them on buses, and facilitating them.
Yeah, so we visited a location called Border Hope this morning, which is a Methodist church.
Somehow, mysteriously, in September, this church was able to build a 20,000 square foot facility.
Now, when we visited that facility this morning, there were signs up that said private property over the place.
We stood outside next to this mural that says, Welcome, Border Hope.
And we were promptly asked to leave the property.
Of course, we didn't do so.
We did a little bit of a report and uploaded it this morning to X as well.
But apparently that's an example of an NGO where these migrants are being bused and processed and then sent wherever all over the country.
We were able to go on a bridge and look into the facility, actually, from an aerial sort of perspective and see that there's things like a playground in there for children and all these sort of
We're good.
And again, you've got security, you've got a couple camera people and editors.
I know there's a bottleneck because you're so busy filing reports.
And we're going to go to break.
Come back and give us a little prelude or a little first look of what you found that we haven't released yet at InfoWars.com forward slash show, at Manned Out Video, and of course been posting on Real Alex Jones on X. And Chase, tell people how they follow you on X as well.
Sure, you can follow me on X, at Real Chase Geiser.
My last name is spelled G-E-I-S-E-R.
Of course, at Infowars on X and at Real Alex Jones on X. I just encourage everyone to go to Infowars.com and be the reason that we can do reports like this.
Be the reason that we're still on the air.
All right, Chase, stay there.
I've got a lot more questions for you that I don't want to keep much longer because I know you guys were telling me off air you've got a lot of stuff you're about to break.
We'll be right back.
He'll give us a first look at that right now.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The New World Order
I put it out on X last night.
This is footage we got of one of their giant refugee UN camps that Chase has posted on Real Alex Jones earlier.
We'll talk about that more with him in a moment.
But in New York, they found a giant migrant camp run by the NGOs that looks just like the ones on the Texas border.
So they're setting these up internally inside the United States.
They're gearing up to only make this bigger.
And we've got a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, whistleblowers, interviews that are about to come out today, tomorrow, the next day.
We're not going to let folks know what those are quite yet.
But Chase, give people a little prelude on what else you guys are working on.
Well, so much is going on, Alex, and we've got a lot that we're going to do today.
We're going to be looking in some of these NGOs specifically and exiting Eagle Pass and sort of exploring the surrounding area primarily today.
But it's interesting because I recall in the last segment, you mentioned how you noticed that there's been leftists that have been involved in Border Patrol and...
No, I totally agree with that sentiment.
We have seen an astounding amount of support and praise for InfoWars, specifically here on the border.
Literally just during the break that we just came from, Alex, U.S.
Customs rolled up and the guy holds up his phone and goes, I was watching the show!
And he knew exactly where we were because he recognizes the backdrop and he rolled up just to say, hey, there are members of U.S.
Customs, there are members of the State Guard, there are members of the National Guard and Border Patrol.
They're definitely info warriors.
They're definitely upset at this Biden border invasion, which has only served to make their jobs more difficult.
And I think we're going to continue to see that support grow.
Oh, Chase, I totally agree.
Let me be 100% clear.
The best people we've got in America, it really is true.
The cliche is true is our military and our police.
There's some bad ones, but on average, they're the most dedicated, hardworking people.
They've got street smarts.
They're great.
The Border Patrol are amazing.
I talk to them all the time.
I'd say 90% of them
Or on our side, another 5% are kind of ambivalent, but it used to be 5% were against us.
More and more, though, we're starting to see maybe 10% they're bringing in some scum.
And I think the Border Patrol, if you talk to them over drinks, would say that.
Yeah, I think you're right.
And what I found too is that those who are the most seasoned are the ones that are sort of the most aware of how screwed up the system is itself.
And they're the most sort of on the same page with us.
But one of the things that I wanted to mention just while I have this opportunity on air, Alex, is I mentioned briefly the ranches that are along the Rio Grande.
And one of the interesting things that some of the local ranchers have told us when we've asked them about this dynamic going on at the border is
Is they've noticed that a lot of these sort of poor ranchers, keep in mind that 25% of Eagle Pass is below the poverty line.
A lot of these poor ranchers have suddenly been putting in these paved driveways that go all the way to the river for the first time in years.
Maybe they've owned the property for 30 years, but all of a sudden, all of them at once,
And that's how the cartels take the country over, and that's what Democrats are doing.
And now we know that Carrie Lake was threatened when the head of the RNC in her state was trying to buy her off.
He said, you know, the cartels can come after you.
Yeah, absolutely.
This is disgusting.
I totally agree, Alex.
And there's little details that I've noticed through being here.
It's hard to really capture how sort of macabre the city of Eagle Pass is.
It's almost like an old Western when you drive in and they can tell that you're not from there and everyone sort of shuts the window because they know there's about ready to be this shootout.
But you can tell just by little details of kids zipping around with backpacks on scooters and just the way that you're sort of looked at mysteriously.
You can tell that there's a lot of darkness going on in this city.
Speaking of that report at, quote, Border Hope Base, again, describe what this is.
We're going to play the report.
So Border Hope is a Methodist church, as we understand it, and they recently acquired a 20,000-square-foot facility, which is in the report.
We believe that this is a center where the migrants are being bused and processed and then distributed across the country.
You'll be able to see the sort of contentious interaction that we had with security there.
We were just trying to shoot a report outside.
We were able to get some footage in that report that we uploaded as well, Alex, inside the facility from a bridge that was elevated above it as well because it's somewhat of an open-air facility.
But this is just one example of sort of a mysterious NGO that's involved in this giant industry of distributing migrants all across our country, Alex.
We're good to go.
January 6th was a trap because they controlled the security.
They had operatives.
They were able to set us up.
The only way that the globalists win is if we're scared to ever go out to any rally or any event.
So when I said, when you're down there, look out for provocateurs, I wasn't saying don't go or don't be part of this.
Your view on that?
I agree.
And I don't know what the details are around this convoy yet.
Obviously, we're going to explore that.
We're going to be interviewing a lot of people when they come in this weekend.
But I don't think that there's going to be a black flag event here from January 6th.
It's possible that different organizations and political campaigns and political action committees are using Eagle Pass as...
Just sort of an excuse or something that they can leverage in order to get funding and donations.
It's possible that there's a little bit of that drifting going on, but I don't anticipate anything of the level of January 6th happening here this weekend, just based off of what I've felt and seen since we've been here this week, Alex.
All right, Chase, I want to talk to you a little bit more for just a few minutes in the next hour.
I'm going to let you in about six after, get out of here, because I know you've got a lot to do and a lot on your list.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Let's do the 2020.
So we are inside this new world order.
I want to have a discussion about this because I'm thinking about it all the time with my family and what we can do to try to stop the ongoing globalist program.
But they've already hurt us so bad.
Let's just be honest.
We're already tore up pretty bad here.
Toll-free number to join us on this subject.
The global collapse.
The renaissance.
How do we counter it?
How do we stop the further collapse?
How bad will it get?
What are the scenarios?
That's the big subject.
That's the one topic we're covering.
First-time callers.
First-time callers.
Your calls and a ton of other news mixed in next hour.
Now, separately.
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It's a powerful book.
Get yours now.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Absolutely, Alex.
So in sort of summation of what we've learned so far since we've been here, of course, we're going to be here for a couple more days and we're learning new things every single hour, it seems like.
But in summation, I would say that Governor Abbott is doing the right thing by drawing attention to the border crisis that we have in place.
We're good to go.
We do have a wide open border, Alex.
It's just as simple as that.
There is no border between the United States and Mexico anymore as far as I can tell.
Those who are caught when they come across end up funneled to these NGOs and they're distributed throughout the country as well.
Ultimately, when push comes to shove, we need an administration in the White House.
We need a government that actually believes in things like national sovereignty, the sort of antithesis of globalism and the New World Order, so that we can secure this border.
Because it is possible.
If we have the resources that we're sending to Ukraine and the resources that we send to any of the other nations that we call allies in the globalist community, then we certainly have the resources to defend this border.
There's simple things that they could do.
Well, it's federal funds through the State Department and Biden saying surge the border that did all this.
So we don't need new laws.
The laws are on the books.
That's a red herring.
It's a total fraud.
Thank you, Alex.
Anything else you didn't... Any other points you wanted to make?
Just follow Alex at RealAlexJones on X. Follow me at RealPaceGuys or, of course, at InfoWars on X. We will be releasing several reports a day on the developments as they happen here in Eagle Pass.
All right, brother.
Thank you so much.
All right.
And they're going to be covering the convoy as it arrives Saturday.
Thank you.
We're going to go out to break with one of his reports that he just filed covering the NGO, and they tried to throw him out of there because they don't want the hot lights of publicity.
All right.
Pointed at them.
And again, it's only viewers and listeners of your support that allows us to do this.
So I thank you all for your support.
Stay with us.
On the driveway?
We can't be on the driveway?
So as you can see, here we are at Border Hope, which is a controversial...
Church with a 20,000 foot square foot facility and they're arguing with us trying to get us off the property because this institution, this organization is part of apparently some of the human trafficking that's been going on with the border.
So reports that we've got from the locals are that when people are captured at the border they are taken to this facility among other NGO facilities and then ushered throughout the country
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So we are going to be trying to capture as much footage inside the facility as possible.
Obviously, they won't let us inside the facility despite the fact that they have a giant welcome sign right there.
But there is a bridge over here, so we're going to see if we can get any shots inside the facility so you can see what the processing is that is going on here and how sketchy these operations truly are that seem to be compromising the integrity of our nation itself.
Make sure you visit InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Visit InfoWarsStore.com to be the reason that we're still on the air.
And check us out on X at Real Alex Jones, at InfoWars, and at Real Chase Geyser.
The Second American Revolution is happening now right in front of you.
And you're tuned in to InfoWars because you're either looking for the truth or you're already a patriot.
I'm asking you now to realize we are at the fulcrum, the crossroads in the fight for human destiny and human future.
We're good to go.
In our victory against these tyrants.
But now is the time to make the decision.
I know there's millions of forms of media out there and all this BS, and the globalists hope you get lost in all of it.
But notice the globalists, the New World Order, are coming after us because they realize we've got their number.
Think about it.
InfoWars is the tip of the spear.
If you want to support the tip of the spear, that decision is up to you.
Please support us now in InfoWars Store.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to say this right now because it's what I really mean and what I'm thinking.
Because every day where you guys keep us on air and every day you spread the word, you're the reason we have all our success.
Yeah, we're hard working and we're informative and we've got great guests and we love freedom and we're good guys.
But when you call in and thank me,
It's ass backwards.
I want to thank you for keeping us in the fight.
We have had, all because of God, working through you, devastating effects against the New World Order.
I mean, I sit back sometimes and just reflect on life and reflect on what's currently happening as I get older.
I do it more and more.
Anybody that's old, and I'm 50...
We're good to go.
I've sat there with uncles and grandfathers and stuff and they're dying for days.
They just want to tell you everything and they want to reflect.
And I don't feel like I'm about to die.
It's just that we're in a major crisis.
I'm not saying that.
And reflecting is about really figuring out who you are and what you stand for and what you're going to do.
And we're in a very dangerous moment.
But at least we know what's going on.
And at least a lot of people are listening.
The globalists planned on running this whole operation and almost nobody would know what was happening.
They thought, oh, we'll keep them contained.
I've read their white papers.
There's been lawsuits.
They got the Clinton Foundation documents.
We're going back decades ago.
They're like, it's key to suppress the conservatives and populists.
And we will.
We'll never know what hit them.
And Zuckerberg documents that are back out now where he says, my users...
Trust me, they're a bunch of dumb effers.
And boy, we're going to screw them over really hard.
The first thing we've got to realize is as bad as things are, this is a test.
And it's about getting our souls.
So the fact that you love justice and that you love God and you're a good, decent person, you've already won.
No matter what happens to your body or your house or your car or any of that crap.
Freedom produced all that.
As we lose freedom, we lose all that.
We gotta get the freedom back, and the prosperity's great.
I love a pool and a house and a nice car.
Man, I love being able to fly wherever I want and whatever, but I don't worship it.
And you can't say you're gonna take it away from me and then get me to roll over and piss my pants.
They're so pissed.
You know, the globalists and settlement talks and all the rest of it, I'm not supposed to get into it.
Over the years, they're like, you know, just stop this, this, and that, and it's all over.
And I'm like, you could have a gun to my head, and I wouldn't
Follow your orders.
You could have a gun to my children's heads because I know something.
We're going to lose our children anyways if we don't beat this.
I mean, the globalists are crazy people.
They're incompetent as hell.
They've inherited all their power.
And they've got to be stopped.
They've got to be resisted.
So I'm going to say this and I'm going to go to your phone calls.
Not just this broadcast.
But all of you, the billions that have tuned in over the last 30 years, it's 30 years in April, you changed the world.
And you bucked the system.
And you swam upstream like a salmon and kicked their ass.
And I only say that because as negative as things are, you deserve to know the truth.
And I just want to do the opposite of demoralization.
I want to energize you and just let you know that I appreciate you and I thank you and I respect you for all you've done.
Because we really have changed the world.
And when I say this here on air, I'm not kidding around about it.
Created the modern...
Opposition to this.
And I talk a lot about this, but I don't think I talk about it enough.
There are all these false political systems and all these distractions and diversions and manipulations, but if you look at what we've talked about for 30 years with all our guests and all our callers and all our investigations, you look at the world...
And it's what we said was going to happen because we're dialed in in a world of people that are asleep and distracted.
We actually have the New World Order's number.
And we do know what we're talking about.
And we are vindicated.
So I know a lot of you have gone through ridicule.
You've lost your jobs.
You've been attacked.
You've been demonized.
You've paid a price.
And I want you to understand from the bottom of my heart that I respect that.
Because I've gone through hell too.
And we're not victims.
People get into being a victim and, oh, poor me.
No, no, no.
I chose this fight.
This is exactly where I wanted to be.
And most revolutionaries against tyranny never get to see success while they're alive.
Most artists forget political stuff.
Like Vincent Van Gogh.
He committed suicide.
He's the greatest artist according to... I do like his art.
His average painting sells for like $100 million.
He couldn't even pay for food when he killed himself.
And imagine, he never knew how much incredible success he was going to have.
We're good to go.
And I look at the insane success and how uninformed I was early on, but I had some basic facts, and how other people that had the same vision of liberty as I had and had more information than me helped me.
And now we've done all this together.
It is absolutely spectacular.
That despite all the attacks and all the Soros operations and all the demonization, we're reaching conservatively every day with the show 30 million people.
Not to mention all the old clips and all the old stuff we've done that is more powerful than what we're currently doing because people see something different.
From 25 years ago or 10 years ago that has totally come true and it's an epiphany for them.
And that's why we're working so hard before I go to calls to dig through all the archives now that we're at least on X.
We're good to go.
And I am so blessed that you've kept us on air through all these tribulations and all this persecution and all these attacks.
And I know, I don't believe, I know that our best work is yet to come.
So, despite all the negativity, I don't think I spend enough time being positive here talking about just how far we've come together.
Think about it.
Turn on the news.
Everything's about the New World Order.
Everything's about ESGs and the WF and the UN and global treaties and the New World Order.
Nobody, even five years ago, was talking about that.
It's exponential.
Overhead shot.
I mean, if you look at a graph, this is just a guesstimation.
Here's 1990.
All right?
And here we are in 2024.
And the awakening of the New World Order has been about like this.
And now it's like that.
So as negative as everything is, think about where we are.
And no one can deny the awakenings like that.
The globalists got a big problem.
Because my ass showed up right here.
And I didn't do all this.
I just saw what was happening and didn't want to be part of the New World Order.
And I believed in the people.
And now I rode that wave.
And there we are.
We're good to go.
And that these globalists were a joke, and that all I had to do was steadfastly continue what I was doing against their operations.
And we did that together, ladies and gentlemen.
And now we have changed the world together, and we've got so much important things to do now together.
And that's what's beautiful about this.
So I just wanted to spend a few minutes here talking about how far we've come.
Because I don't think in these dangerous times, these depressing times that are meant to break our will, that we don't sit back and think about where we came from.
Let me tell you, 15 years ago, maybe 2% of people knew what was going on.
30 years ago, 1%.
Now it's a good 30%.
And you look at that growth curve, baby, it's going straight up.
And that's the good news and that's the bad news because if I know that and you know that, the enemies of freedom know absolutely 110% that their time is short and they're coming down against humanity with everything they've got.
And so that's where we are.
They want to say the new viruses and the third world hordes and all of it came from global warming or because we were bad and climate change.
No, it's their direct policies.
And as soon as we identify them and expose that they're the problem, they don't get to be the saviors.
They get to be the villains they are and then it's game over.
And I've hammered this point thousands of times, and you're like, we already know this, but new listeners don't.
And now you hear senators and congresspeople and foreign leaders saying, the globalists are the enemy.
We must identify them.
They're the ones orchestrating it.
Once we do that, they're defeated.
I know our talking points that are based in total truth.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, I'm going to open the phones up.
Got loaded phone lines.
Anonymous, Joe, Eugene, Cowboy Gun, Jay, Zach, William, Airborne Veteran, Gunther.
Toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
In case you just tuned in, which a lot of people do every millisecond.
We're in a collapse.
It's a design collapse.
How bad is it going to get?
Can it be reversed?
What do you think is going to unfold?
What do you think is going to happen?
Anonymous in America.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones.
I've been a long-time listener.
About 15 years.
My first time talking to you.
Thanks for calling.
Thank you.
Before we get into collapse, I want to go ahead and tell you I'm going to be a father.
And I thought about this phone call to you because throughout these years, you've been a leader to us all, to many young men.
You've been a father as well.
And my greatest thanks to you is helping me find my life with God again.
And that ties into the collapse because no matter what they throw at us, as long as we have God and we have leaders that can go ahead and lead us towards God, we have nothing to fear.
I think it's going to get very bad.
You know, I'm a firearms and wilderness survival instructor myself.
I train a lot of people, and I just got to tell anybody that has any skills, you know, train young men.
You know, train young women.
Train your family.
Train everyone you can.
Go ahead and have them understand these skills.
That way we can run a trout line and skin a buck.
Also, I want to go ahead and give a shout-out to a lot of your InfoWars products.
I didn't buy a lot of them when first listening to you because I didn't want to be like some kind of quack.
But the products are legit.
Everything I've taken has just been a major improvement to my life.
It does what it's supposed to do and more than you can.
And that's really all I have to say, Alex Jones, is thank you and God bless you.
Thank you, brother.
Yeah, when you really pull back from all of this, we're preparing people for any scenario.
Let's not lie, we're already deep in the collapse.
Joe, thanks for calling.
Hi, Alex.
I'd like to thank you for your fight against the globalists.
Been a long-time listener.
We need to do this fight together.
It's for humanity.
I'd like to talk about a couple of points between the alliance between the Islamic extremists and the globalists.
Go ahead.
What is your opinion, Alex?
What is your opinion, Alex, and where is that coming from?
Is that because of hate to Christians?
Or is that because the victimization of the Islamicists is what they are using as part of their agenda?
Or is it... Well, that's right.
Where is it coming from?
It's very chic to be anti-Israel.
And Israel is like the U.S.
We have corrupt leaders.
It's not perfect.
Got problems.
But the universities, the big money, the globalists are behind Islam because it's 2 billion people.
And Islam has got people in every country, so it can be a third rail or a fifth column the globalists can work with and control, and Muslims, on average, will vote like 98% how they're told to by their leaders.
So it's a political movement with the left, allied with Islam, and you cannot deny that that's going on.
All right, thank you.
All right, well, thank you for calling.
Stay strong.
We're talking about collapse here, though.
And the third world is being collapsed by design to flood us with these groups.
What do we do about it?
Eugene in Florida.
Thanks for calling, Eugene.
Yes, sir, Mr. Jones.
Your courage is an inspiration to us all.
Well, thank you.
I'm not as sharp as I'd like to think I am.
So, regarding collapse and regarding just about every topic that you cover, we have been sold on the idea of freedom and
We're kind of, like, not concentrating on liberty.
Liberty is within the law.
Freedom is outside the law.
So we have the occult statement, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Well, do what thou wilt means freedom.
And there is no law.
It's a lie, as far as that, regarding that statement.
So now, if we're Patrick Henry said,
Give me liberty or give me death.
He didn't say give me freedom or give me death.
Now, we've been sold on this freedom for a long time by people who are exercising their freedom.
And they even do it in Congress.
They use a statement in Congress that says, without objection, so ordered.
So if nobody who's obeying the law or has the law in mind stops them from doing what they're doing, then they do whatever they want.
And that is that statement again, to what thou wilt is the whole of the law.
So freedom versus liberty has to do also with biblical, the law of liberty, the biblical law of liberty.
So there's a law that has to do with liberty,
And freedom is outside the law.
Sure, Eugene.
And I think you can take those definitions and play games with them however you want, but I get your point.
Liberty versus freedom.
What about the global collapse?
Because that was the one topic I raised.
I asked callers to call in about the global collapse, how bad it's going to get.
Can we stop it?
Do you have any comments on that?
The global collapse is going to continue until we start praying to the God of the Bible.
And that means the I am who I am.
So you're a Muslim?
No, sir.
So you don't think Jesus, because you're a Christian, you're not a Christian.
No, I'm not a Christian.
So what are you?
I follow the Bible.
So Jesus said, I am the Son of God.
No man cometh to the Father but through me.
Okay, so look up.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the callers, some of them are doing it, others aren't.
So I already gave you three minutes, man, but I cannot do it, okay?
And sit here and have some esoteric discussion with you.
William in Dallas, you're on the air.
All right?
Escalation of the collapse.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hey, you say we're under siege.
We're under siege.
And they're saying surge the border?
Oh, my goodness.
It's an escalatory thing.
It's going to start off.
They're just taking your catalytic converters and, you know,
Well, that's right.
I mean, tens of millions of illegals that are not going to get any jobs or food, they're going to have to rob.
Yeah, I mean, they have nothing.
They're afraid of the police, just like South Dallas.
They don't understand.
They're trying to help.
And it's escalating.
Well, when you say South Dallas, that's been a war zone since I was born.
Yeah, and I'm privileged enough to grow up in North Dallas, but it's slowly getting to the upper class that, hey, this is going to affect us.
And it's scaring the hell out of people.
But in Texas, we're blessed.
But in other states where they don't understand, hey, these people aren't to be messed with, especially in the rural areas.
Other Americans are just like Texas, but
Yeah, and they're going to be funding themselves by taking everything they got
You know, it's the Wild West.
All the big cities are giving between $10 and $30 million to Black Lives Matter.
Hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars given to them, saying we're sorry when you burned down America, the police were mean to you, and they weren't even mean, they stood down.
Great points, God bless you.
All right, I'm glad people are calling in about the collapse subject.
He just brought up the illegal aliens, the crime.
I brought up Soros.
That's what we're focusing on here.
We're going to go to break.
Airborne Veteran Arizona, Jay in Colorado, Zach, Gunther, Cowboy Gun, Josh, Randy, Mike, Warren, I'm going bam, bam, bam to your calls when we come back.
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He loved the idea.
What would you call the debate and discussion about a pro-human future?
Just Team Humanity?
Yeah, Team Humanity.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The last beacon of truth in a world of deception, it's Alex Jones.
So, we should try to spur a debate here, not just on this broadcast, because so many times we're the leaders of getting a thought out in the general public.
But not just here, but all over about the collapse.
The globalists saying they want a post-industrial world.
They want a designed collapse of civilization.
That's the Great Reset.
And you can see it all around you.
The cutting off the energy, the cutting off police, the cutting off of services, the destabilization that's going on.
And if the public just wakes up to this, the globalists, like they've done in Europe, whether you're in Italy, or whether you're in Spain, or whether you're in France, or the Netherlands, or Ireland, the peaceful...
Normally peaceful farmers are blocking the roads, spraying manure on the government buildings, burning down the bridges, and just saying, we're done.
I mean, this is true war going on, ladies and gentlemen.
We're just a few years behind what's coming here.
It's already started.
So how do we stop the collapse is a question I've had, and Jay says he wants to talk about that from Colorado.
Jay, thanks for calling.
It's a tremendous honor to be on with you, Alex, and the rest of the InfoWars audience.
Yes, we are in the collapse, and indeed, this is the edge of the tribulation.
You've got the Tower of Babel back, you've got the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil back, Sodom and Gomorrah is back, and all the original deceptions are in play again.
So, how do we combat this?
Well, you know, it's a lot of...
A lot of things that have been going on, which is awareness of the problem, a change in the culture, a cutoff of all the money that they're utilizing in this war against us, and accountability following that to all these criminals.
And also a spiritual revival.
You know, I got a t-shirt company, Revival Garments, and, you know, I'm just trying to spread the word all I can.
And I think if everybody can consolidate their efforts...
Well, that's right.
And again, in the end, we're not going to stop total evil's takeover.
But the devil only gets a very short time.
But it's all about us preparing the ground for the great awakening that comes after that.
And it's about God seeing who will stand up against evil.
I appreciate your call, Jay.
Thank you.
Cowboy Gun in California.
Cowboy Gun, you're on the air.
How are you today?
Yes, hi, Alex.
Thanks for calling.
Good, brother.
Hey, let me hit you with both barrels.
I'll try to get this all out real quick.
I love what we're seeing in other countries.
I love people standing up.
I love people saying no.
But I think what we got, perhaps what we got is the Achilles heel to bring them all down.
If you're a member of the Deep State or in these groups, you obviously get there through a series of...
There's things you've got to do to get to that level.
And anyways, I think we had him back in 1992, and that was a book written by your friend John DeCamp called The Franklin Cover-Up.
I hardly ever hear anybody talk about it.
And if I could, just real quick, I want to read off 228.
The Franklin investigators had lifted a corner of a rug under which could be glimpsed a national and international organized crime syndicate engaged in pedophilia, pornography, Satanism, drugs, and money laundering.
And protected as their own limited investigation began to show by federal authorities.
Pull a thread on any corner of this vast, seamless web, and the hole begins to unravel.
And I think the way we defeat them is we go after them with Jeffrey Epstein, with the pedophile network.
That's how they get to the level they're at, and that's their Achilles heel.
We've got to go after what we know about them, and that's what I want to call that.
Well, you're right.
I mean, the Franklin cover-up is huge.
I've sold the book for decades and had to camp on many times when he was alive and Ted Gunnarsson and many others.
And that was just one sector or one window into that.
But we do cover the fact that the globalist traffic in children, because if you'll hurt children, the devil knows he's got you.
And so that is his gang initiation into the New World Order is the abuse of children.
Thank you for the call.
But we're talking about...
How bad is the collapse going to get?
How do we warn the public?
What do we do?
Let's talk to Zach in Arkansas with his view on it.
Go ahead, Zach.
Hey, Alex.
Man, I just want to say, first, God bless you for risking your freedom and the safety of you and your family to spread the truth and expose these Luciferian pedophile terrorists that are trying to sink our ship in America and all over the world.
Honestly, I feel like if we don't start
Taking action now?
We may not make it.
I live in rural Arkansas, just north of Memphis a ways, and it's the kind of town where everybody knows everybody.
You know what I mean?
I go to Walmart last night, and the front of the building looks like a fucking Home Depot.
It's crazy.
I'm walking around in there, struggling to find what I came for.
I look around, and I don't recognize anybody who doesn't work there.
Like, uh... One thing I was going to say is to...
Anonymous in America, congratulations on becoming a father.
I'm a father of a four-month-old baby girl, and I can tell you right now, start buying formula and distilled water because it's expensive and it's becoming scarce.
I'm having a hard time finding it, and that bothers me.
I'm trying to stock up because I'm afraid something may go down.
I see people just filling their carts with steaks and all the meat and just buying it with EBT cards and shit, and it blows my mind.
I don't know who these people are, where they came from,
But I'm afraid that if we don't start the conversation and come up with a plan for when the shit does go down, we may not make it.
All right, I hear you.
Look, I've got to let you go, okay?
I understand you're upset, but we're on a lot of talk radio stations.
We have a delay.
So every time you cuss, we've got to hit the delay.
And then once you do it a bunch of times, the delay doesn't work anymore.
We've got to cut you off, okay?
So if you want to not be on air, do the cussing, all right?
People say, oh, the Internet, you can do it.
We're on a bunch of radio stations still.
We're reaching millions of people through them, and I'm not mad at the caller, and I get his point, but his profanity becomes a distraction.
And look, I do it some myself to make a point here and there, but it's one time, and we can lay it out.
When you go over and over and over and over and over and over again, I've got to cut you off, okay?
So yeah, Walmart, all these big corporations, Walmart's using its centers, we've confirmed it, it's come out in the news, to put the smuggled, kidnapped kids in.
So of course Walmart's going to hire the illegal aliens.
Of course Walmart's going to do that.
And yeah, there are formula shortages.
And you know what the...
I'm at four children.
They don't give the baby mother's milk for a couple days, claiming it's not coming in.
They do.
Then the baby's blood sugar lowers.
They put them on formula so mother's milk never comes in.
It's all designed to screw up society.
And then now you're on formula.
The brain doesn't grow as well.
I would just advise people, if you're going to have kids, try to keep the woman at home.
That's the most important thing is children.
That's an incredibly important job.
And tell women it isn't.
And just say, hey, you have breasts for a reason.
Whales milk their babies.
Wolves milk their babies.
Rats milk their babies.
Cows give milk to their babies.
That's what it's for is your babies.
And it's another example of how they domesticated us.
And I've been there with... I figured after one or two children...
We're good to go.
And that's why they want women out of the equation to not step into the role, their all-powerful role they've got.
Airborne veteran in Arizona, thanks for calling.
You're on the air, on collapse.
Go ahead.
Alex Jones, first-time caller, long-time listener.
Love your conspiracy bourbon.
Best whiskey I ever had.
So from what I understand, there's 197 officers out of the military, mostly generals.
Yes, go ahead.
My idea is Trump should get a list of them and reinstate as many of them as he can.
If Trump wants a list of loyal people, just get whoever's been purged.
And purge all the ones Obama lets stay, starting with Milley.
Isn't Milley a horrible creature?
Maybe replace him with Flynn if he's willing.
I think Flynn is going to be willing to do something.
Do you think this collapse can be reversed?
It's going to be a tough one.
We all need to pray hard.
I agree with you.
What else do you want to add?
Drunk should also name Nikki Haley as the ambassador to Uranus.
Or the ambassador to planet Birdbrain.
Thank you so much, brother.
Since you mentioned it, since I mentioned it, let's go to this clip.
The last caller did it, not the caller before this one.
Migrants, that means illegal aliens.
The term migrants, a UN definition, folks.
They have jurisdiction over.
Illegal aliens discovered in a hidden room at Atlanta, Hartsfield, Jackson International Airport, guarded by U.S.
service members.
Yep, the government's running the invasion.
Here's the video.
Again, for radio listeners, they got a hidden camera.
They got their phone by their side.
So it's kind of crazy video, but you can see it.
Again, you can see all the illegals right back there.
All being waved through.
So again, you have the military guarding illegal aliens in a secret area they don't want you to see.
That's why they usually fly them in at midnight.
Or 2 a.m.
But there's so many now, they can't even hide it.
So now these folks have gotten past the military.
We're a radio listener, I'm describing it.
And they're getting into this whole walled off area with temporary walls, talking to NGOs and illegal aliens.
Can I ask you why you're asking these questions?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm a sender from Northwest Georgia.
And I'm not a big fan of human trafficking.
I'm just going to make sure everything's above board here.
Yeah, so these are just recently documented travelers getting away from ICE, getting to where they need to be.
Thank you.
So, you're a company of volunteers?
Team Liberty?
Is that a non-government organization?
Team Liberty, an NGO.
So, why don't you just call yourself...
All right.
Sounds good, man.
Care if we... Good?
Yeah, care if I come in?
Just take a little closer look?
I mean, you can stand right there.
I don't know you that very... I don't know you very well either, so... Yeah, you're a citizen.
We can't let you see what's happening here.
No, you're not going to film.
No, you're not allowed.
You're not allowed.
You're done.
So they've set up parallel TSA for undocumented travelers.
You know what?
I should go to the airport and try to fly to Dallas tomorrow.
In fact, I'm going to do it.
But they arrest me.
And I'll just show up and say, I'm an undocumented traveler.
I want to fly to Dallas.
No ID.
And they'll say, you can't do that.
Because I'm not an illegal alien with some smuggled, kidnapped kid.
Are you crazy?
Exclusive video appears to show migrants, that's illegal aliens, tucked away in a hidden room under military guard at a U.S.
Well, it doesn't appear to show it.
That's at Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport.
It's going on everywhere, folks.
And it's not 5 million, it's not 10 million, it's 22 million is the real numbers that Congress has.
And they're going to be signed up to vote today.
They're going to be made our new military and our police, and that's their plan.
Gunther in Tennessee.
Thanks for calling, Gunther.
Hey, Alex.
First time caller.
Real quick, wanted to plug your foundational energy.
Just started taking that, and boy, three pills, the recommended dose, I was bouncing off the walls, but I tell you, foundational is the right name for that product because
I've cut down to one.
It's like you have a baseline of energy that you were missing before that you got back.
Well, I'm glad you mentioned that because I'll take what you're calling in with and make it a one-minute ad.
It's methylfolate, the breakdown of folic acid, and a lot of people, particularly Europeans, don't absorb all of the folic acid.
So it's not a stimulant.
It's a totally natural thing that boosts energy that's foundational.
And was I lying to you or did it not work?
No, it was top-notch.
And I was actually taking Red Pill Plus before, and that's got a little folic acid in it.
I think there was a little buildup from this, but the energy from this was no jitters.
I mean, it's top-notch.
It's a great product.
Well, thank you so much.
Yeah, no, folic acid's great and is in real Red Pill, but some can't break it down.
This is the breakdown of it.
That's exactly it.
But what I wanted to call about, you know, all the folks calling in, you know, new fathers, just congratulations to them.
I don't think there's anything we can do to stop the collapse.
I think what we can do is prepare our families to reduce the duration of it.
And there's a scene in the beginning of Gladiator where Marcus Aurelius is talking to the emperor, and he's talking about how Rome was an idea, and it was really fragile, and if he just whispered it, he felt like it would break.
America is so much of a greater idea.
Our foundation is on God, and it's a
In the Bible, for freedom, Christ set us free.
And so we have a responsibility to take control of the education of our kids and make sure that this next generation coming up can lead us out of the tribulation that's coming and into something greater.
And I think all these new dads have such a great calling if you've embraced that.
And just teaching the truth.
I want you to expand on this because you're dead on, Gunther, but absolutely, and I'm not saying this to be defeatist or negative, the collapse is already here.
How bad it's going to be is up to us.
We exposed the globalists.
It won't be as bad, but it's already here.
Let's not lie about it.
We've got to start preparing for the rebuilding.
I think you've hit the nail on the head here.
Yeah, that's exactly it.
Well, what else do you want to know?
What else do you want to say?
I'm sorry to interrupt you.
No, no, that's exactly it.
You know, just all the new fathers.
You guys can do it.
I'm a father of five.
You know, and it's tough to make sacrifices to make sure that you can take care of your kids' education and keep them at home with a traditional family unit.
And let's not let them destroy that.
Well, they've tried to make it impossible.
And so those of you that have done it, I salute you.
Because even with all my success, it's been hard to protect all my children.
Three of my children are fully awake and know what's going on.
One of them has gotten...
Partially taken over by the dark side, so pray for her.
But yeah, this is a very serious time.
It is close, and it's the most important thing you can do, absolutely.
And it requires sacrifice, and the right thing always does.
But thank you for having me on.
Gunther, thank you so much, brother.
Yeah, but speaking about foundational energy, my dad came out with it.
About a year and a half ago, I came to my dad being sued by the deep state, being attacked for being in business with me, and you know...
And I said, Dad, I got an idea for methylfolate.
It's the hottest thing, and we've got a great supplier of the best.
I said, why don't you put it out and try to support what you're doing and also support InfoWars?
And he finally did it, but I can't even take it.
It just gives you so much energy.
And again, it's not like caffeine or stuff like, you know, whatever people take, like Adderall or whatever.
We're good to go.
But everybody gets a benefit.
But Northern Europeans, they do not download and do not process folic acid well.
This is just the byproduct of it broken down.
Your cells 100% slurp it up.
Then you add B-complex, it turbocharges it.
So, it 100% is the most insane thing ever.
And this is not like some game changer.
I'm usually ahead of the curve.
This has been known for 10 years.
All the Olympic athletes are on it.
You know, the North Koreans, the South Koreans, the Germans, the Russians, the U.S., the cycling teams, they're gobbling it.
This is just a great formula.
It's 100%.
It's not some type of nebulous thing.
It is amazing.
Get it.
And we have...
Another great product that is now back in stock.
Reformulated, even stronger.
Nitric Boost with all the natural compounds to clean out your blood, vasodilate your arteries and veins, and the capillaries in your brain.
Whether you want to be healthy with strokes or heart attacks or anything, everybody should be on Nitric Boost, particularly middle-aged or older people.
And this is a great formula.
But I really hope, to spread the word, you get a fundraising t-shirt of Team Humanity or the new 1776 Cats and Flag shirt I designed.
We need your support.
We're fighting as hard as we can.
We can't do it without you.
Thank you for the support.
All right, Warren in Texas.
Warren, thanks for calling.
You're on the air.
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
How are you doing?
Man, I'm busy in a one-legged man in an aspirin contest.
I just say I'm a first-time caller, long-time supporter.
I hear you.
Cabinets are full of X2, X3, all the way back to the Bio PCA.
Just support you, your product, your book.
We wouldn't be here without you, and I hate the fact I got to beg all day, but without the funds, we're not here.
So thank you, brother.
I understand.
After what you've been through with the court, I mean, you got to do what you got to do, but
Plus they're great products.
Plus they're great products.
But I'd rather just people believe me and try them, and then I can just say, hey, they're great products, get them.
If the general audience would just listen to me and go get the damn things and try them, they'd see I'm not lying.
The Brain Force, Carbo Force, the X2 and X3 is amazing.
Just add that to your water, get used to the taste, or drop it on your tongue, and you really can tell a difference in just your total body after.
A solid week, and it's like you're a new person.
But what I was calling about and what you're asking about and getting opinions on, the collapse, I want to say I'm a Marine Corps veteran.
I went in, first signed up in 1994.
I was in the infantry, active duty.
When I first enlisted, they gave us a questionnaire, and on the questionnaire was
Would you be willing to go door-to-door, confiscate firearms from U.S.
By the way, that happened.
That was famous when that happened.
Right, and I filled it out.
I saw it again a couple years later after we were coming back from overseas.
I saw it again whenever I was getting discharged at the end of my contract, and it was the same thing every time.
No, I will not do this.
It's unconstitutional.
You know, just wrote my answers out.
The thing is, this goes back to what you always say, the enemy, they tell us what they're doing.
And the thing that I've learned and seen from you is, you know, just putting the pieces of the puzzle together.
Well, who's the Secretary of Defense?
What'd he do?
Lloyd Austin.
Well, he was a big part in taking all the weapons away after Katrina.
That's right.
He led that.
You see his exercises like they had Jade Helm.
Well, now we've got Dick Durbin, just like you had earlier in a clip today, saying, hey, we need to let these illegals serve in the military.
Then they can become citizens.
Well, not only that, the police force in several cities
Across the United States, they've already announced programs where illegals can become police officers, and after a certain amount of time, they can get their citizenship.
They'll help push that through.
By the way, I saw it trending on Twitter yesterday about illegals in the military and police saying, is Alex Jones right?
It's admitted.
It's going on.
It's right there.
Dick Durbin was trying to get everybody else in Congress on board.
That's the senator from Illinois, for those who don't know, who, by the way, attacked me in Congress yesterday.
I didn't even play that yet, but yeah.
I think we're good.
The left admits it's a purge.
No, they admit.
Take the shot.
Be part of critical race theory and support drag queen story time.
You're out of the military.
They've created the recruiting crisis to now bring the illegal aliens in.
They even admit it, as you said.
Now, yeah, they had the purge.
They got all the, we'll just say, good ones out, or a majority of them out.
They're going to fill it in with the illegals.
Now, when they get that questionnaire...
Do you think they're going to have a problem going door to door?
No, they're not.
Taking away weapons?
Absolutely not.
Now, I remember being on the air 25 years ago when they first gave the questionnaire at 29 Palms, and people didn't believe it was real, even though the Marine Corps admitted it.
And you're right.
They did it at least two more times we know of where they asked the entire Marine Corps, will you fire on U.S.
And that's why Clinton didn't make his move, and then Obama didn't, because the majority said no.
Do you think
You think these people that are coming across the border are going to have any problem with it?
No way.
Well, that's like in Tiananmen Square.
That's why they didn't respond for a couple of days.
They had to ship a couple hundred thousand troops from 500 miles away that spoke a different language.
China has like 20-something languages, Chinese, but it's still different.
They had to ship them from North China down to South China.
God bless you, Warren.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're in a war against the globalist.
And people can't identify who's a patron and who isn't.
We want to identify as pro-human and anti-globalist.
We want to let people know we're 1776 Part 2.
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So get your 1776 shirt right now at InfoWarsStore.com and get your Team Humanity InfoWars Limited Edition shirt right now at InfoWarsStore.com.
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Spread the word, meet like-minded people, and fund the 1776 revolution worldwide.
Hey, let me start by saying you do a great show.
Thank you.
Hey, let me point out that I took X2 iodine.
I started taking that stuff.
The best iodine I think I ever found is what you guys are selling.
When did you start taking it?
About four years ago, I had high blood pressure, and I was on blood pressure medicine.
And even though I do think all your other products are good, I recommend to anybody that they start with X2 iodine because it detoxifies your body and kind of kicks your natural DNA into full force.
So in my life, I found X2 iodine the best.
I tried other iodines and they didn't have the same effect.
So X2 iodine, I really wanted to point that out.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The United States cannot be taken down from outside attack.
It can only be taken down from within.
And you're living it.
I'm living it.
But the good news is, thanks to our forebears and a lot of patriots who knew what was happening, we're here and got a fighting chance.
That's why this broadcast is so important.
We're standing on the shoulders of a lot of great men and women before us.
Randy in Seattle, thanks for calling here on the air.
How do we stop the New World Order collapse of America and the world?
We stop it by not giving up.
One of the things that they want us to do, they want us to treat these people crossing the border, treat them badly.
They want us to turn them into the evil that we're fighting.
If we do that, they're going to become evil.
No, I agree, but even if we treat them good and try to wake them up, the left's telling them they're victims.
So you're absolutely right.
They're victims, and...
If we alienate them, they're going to become the fighting force that we're afraid of.
That's what they want.
That's part of their plan.
I want to thank you.
You woke me up 30 years ago.
I'd seen you on Channel 9 or whatever when I was a kid.
You are one of the few people that have been talking about what's going on, exposing these evil people.
You notice they always write books, movies.
007, doesn't this seem like a double...
One of the James Bond movies?
The guy that wrote the James Bond movies was the deputy head of OSS and MI6, and he said, no, this is the way the real world works.
You have this evil multinational group specter, the WEF type, that is manipulating everything.
I've been watching you and other people, and the monarchies, they're still active.
I read a book when I was a kid, The Rose of the Delano Dynasty or something like that.
It was about how the two families run our country.
I didn't believe it until I found out about you and heard a few other people.
Well, there's certainly one big global corporation that runs it, brother, and I appreciate you.
God bless you.
Let's move quick here.
Let's go to a caller in Texas.
Jim, the Collapse State Guard, National Guard, ready, you're saying?
Tell us what you're hearing.
Hey, Alex.
Well, you know, I'm listening to you and talking about stuff, and I have a question about why on the border are we not employing only our state guards?
Because that's not part, under Title 32, they are not part of the federal command structure, or whatever you want to call it.
And it's 431 of the Texas government code.
That's where they're from.
They're not under any control of the Fed.
The issue is, is the deportation power.
What do we do with all the illegals?
Yeah, but why don't, so I looked it up.
The Wikipedia page says the state guards only got 1,678 guys.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But the state guard has the power to turn them over to the rangers and public safety and have them arrested and deported that way.
Absolutely, and that's what needs to be done.
Alex, one more thing before you let me go.
I'm wondering, again, looking at this Wikipedia page, our adjutant general at the state, he's an Air Force guy, I believe, by the name of General Sweitzer, but the commander of the state guard is a fellow by the name of Anthony Woods.
Why don't we interview him and get his take on this?
Good idea, brother.
Thank you so much.
Attorney Renz is joining us.
All right.
But I'm going to get to everybody after him.
So if people want to hold, and I want to talk to everybody in the order the call was received...
We will get to Eben and Barry and Piledriver and Max and Peggy and Robert and Steve and John.
You'll probably all get 60 seconds apiece, but I will get to you as well.
But Rims has got some breaking news.
But just stay there.
As soon as he's done with that, I will go right to your calls.
But we're just admitting we're in an attack.
We're admitting we're in a collapse.
And that's important, to admit we're in trouble, to get out of it.
I'm not here to depress you or demoralize you.
I'm here to get you motivated.
I'm trying to motivate myself.
Alright, we'll be back in 60 seconds.
Please stay with us.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to our number three today.
We've got big COVID tyranny news on a whole bunch of different very, very important fronts.
Tom Renz, one of the leading attorneys hitting whistleblowers to go forward filing lawsuits everywhere about...
And we have the Missouri GOP war on the Freedom Caucus and MAGA.
He's always got critical intel for us, and we appreciate Attorney Tom Renz of TomRenz.com, R-E-N-Z.com, Tom Renz.
Tom, great to have you here with us.
So much happening.
Oh, there is, Alex.
It's been crazy.
I don't even know which way to turn.
The globalists are on a march, and I think it's largely because of the fact that we've exposed so much of what they're doing.
People are waking up.
I think they're panicked.
And I expect that to get a lot worse.
By the way, I don't think that I agree with you.
They admit at the Davos Group they need trust.
Everybody hates them.
Tedros is bitching.
Bill Gates is bitching.
King Charles is bitching.
They're all bitching that the whole world hates their ass.
There'll be a video with 10 million views on Facebook or Instagram or X, and I can't even find a comment that's for them out of 100,000.
They have really screwed the pooch.
But how are they going to strike back with the new disease?
Well, and we got that, but just FYI, on the sub-stack that I wrote on Disease X, actually I opened up and I wrote it around the time of Davos, and these guys were talking about their rebuilding trust and the crisis of global warming.
And there were over 1,040 private jets that flew to Davos.
One of them flew a solid 16 miles.
They had to get on a private jet to actually fly 13 miles.
And I believe... Yeah, they don't take a car to the airport.
They take a jet.
Yeah, this guy took a jet 13 miles to go to Davos because they needed to get there to lecture us about CO2 emissions.
They're openly gearing up to do it again.
They're openly gearing up to do it again until someone's head rolls, until there's real accountability.
And I'm not talking about Fauci.
He belongs under jail.
He should be buried six foot under Gitmo to never be seen again.
I'm talking about someone who's actually behind this.
Until one of the big globalist kingpins gets in trouble, they're going to attack us again.
They are, absolutely.
You know, Bill Gates is funding a ton of this, along with all these other globalists.
There's no question they're working on the new... You know what?
I would bet you dimes to dollars Disease X is sitting on a shelf right now, just like COVID was, right?
So we actually... And Alex, you and I talked about this, you know, at the MTG hearing.
I actually testified, and I put my name... No attorneys do this.
I put my name...
On a declaration under penalty of perjury, stating that I've done the due diligence necessary to, I believe, affirm the medical records I presented to her.
And those medical records showed that in 2014, we had a soldier for the U.S.
military receive five different times the COVID-19 vaccination from Moderna.
We know that Moderna and DARPA are tied together.
We know that the CIA and DOD were involved.
By the way, let's not glaze over that.
They had this thing ready before they released it.
They had it absolutely ready.
They had the disease and they had the vaccine ready.
Now, fast forward to disease X. I don't for a second believe that this isn't ready.
I believe it's sitting on a shelf.
In 2018, they started doing the tabletop exercises.
Everybody talks about the COVID tabletop exercises, but they did an exercise called Clad X as an invite only.
And that was in 2018.
They started talking about disease X. These were lined up one after another.
And, you know, I can't prove this yet, but I am strongly of the belief, and, you know, Alex, we've been right way more than we've been wrong.
And I'll tell you this is speculation, but I believe that they had to have COVID first.
I think the vaccines and the spike protein that COVID creates, being aerosolized, I think all these had to happen to damage your immune system so that they could properly manage disease X, which will be the next step.
Disease X, no way this isn't sitting on a shelf.
They started in 2018 talking and prepping for it.
We have, get this, Alex.
Tedros and all these guys talking about how it's going to be 20 times more deadly than COVID.
Do you know what that means?
That means that instead of a 0.2% case fatality rate, it'll be a 4% case fatality rate.
Do you know what has greater than a 4% case fatality rate?
Tuberculosis, the original SARS, the original MERS.
There's a ton of things with more than that.
But they're going to use an alleged 4% case fatality rate.
The numbers will be driven up because they will murder people in hospitals because all those laws are still in place.
All those protections are still in place.
They're going to drive the death numbers up.
It's going to be COVID Part 2.
Disease X will be COVID Part 2.
The one thing, though, that I do think is important
We're hearing the disease acts may target children, especially people who have gotten the COVID vaccine.
And Bill Gates has giggled and laughed and said, oh, the next one will get your attention.
That's right.
It'll be far worse.
It'll hit the children.
We have the video.
So has Klaus Schwab.
They love to telegraph to their minions.
It's all a big open joke that they talk in front of us what they're going to do to us.
Well, you know, I liken it to a serial killer.
Just like when the Zodiac Killer would write letters to the cops, bragging how he was going to, and that's based on what they made into a fiction with the great Millis with Dirty Harry, because real serial killers, most of them, they write letters to the police.
Yeah, yeah.
You know, meanwhile, their whole misinformation operation is ramping up, and this is really critical before the election.
Now, one of the things, Alex, that I'm seeing a lot is I'm getting censored super hard on X, you know, Twitter X. And I love what Elon's doing trying to open Twitter X up, but the problem, and he brought you back, for God's sake.
No, but it's true, but if you get into ZZacks or any of that, there's stuff going on.
Oh, yeah.
Well, so I literally, and I actually have this up right now.
So I posted about the fact that the FDA actually knew in 2006, I have the industry guidance document from the year 2006, from the FDA that says gene therapy products have a high likelihood of delayed adverse reactions.
And they specifically say that they're likely to cause cancer and autoimmune issues three to five years out.
Well, what's happening right now?
We're seeing cancer explode.
We're seeing autoimmune issues all over the place.
We're three to five years out.
And that's what's happening.
In 2006, I post this, right?
And I post with pictures of the FDA guidance.
I get community noted and suppressed.
And I've been suppressed on all this stuff ever since.
And so...
What's happening is they're suppressing the hell out of this, right?
And they can't let this get out.
Yeah, because they're getting the next attack ready.
Yeah, yeah.
And guess what?
Timing-wise, when would be better to do this?
After the WHO treaty's finalized and right before the next election.
When would it be better?
What could be a better timing?
That's why we've got to stop the WHO treaty.
I agree.
And they're trying to ram it through right now.
Absolutely they are.
They absolutely are.
And you're a lawyer, but I mean, I'm not a lawyer, but I can see this.
Tedros says last week, you're the ones writing it.
You sign on.
Well, no, the globalists write it.
We sign on.
So he says, you sign on.
You wrote it.
As if our own governments wouldn't put us under a tyranny when it does put the UN over any pandemic response.
He goes, well, it's okay because you signed on to it.
Well, just because our government signs on doesn't mean it's good.
No, no, it doesn't mean it's constitutional either.
I mean, you know, at the end of the day, the Supreme Court's ruled and it's just, it's self-apparent, right?
So anyone that's a lawyer knows the way that the law works is the Constitution's the supreme law of the land in this country, or at least it's supposed to be.
Our courts sometimes don't like that because they're corrupt, some of them.
But, you know, the Constitution wins.
If anything that the UN or the WHO wants to do
Disagrees with the Constitution.
It doesn't matter what the treaty says.
So how do we stop the treaty?
And then let's talk about all the big new developments.
Because it's mainstream news that the shots are causing cancer.
Mainstream news is causing AIDS, vaccine-induced AIDS.
I mean, it's all coming out now.
But like you said, they want us just to move on and not discuss it.
Well, they do.
But here's the thing.
Alex, one thing you said, and I wish I would have thought to bring this up.
You said AIDS.
So the AIDS and the cancer are both
They're discussed in this 2006 industry guidance document from the FDA.
The FDA itself put out a document saying they knew this stuff was coming.
So slow down and explain that document.
I saw your article about it.
We'll pull it up.
Slow down for all the millions of viewers, and I'll post it on X.
We'll talk about it.
Talk about this industry guidance 2006, and then why would the FDA in 2020, months before the shot, put out another guidance predicting myocarditis, cancer, infertility, blood clots, strokes?
Yeah, so in the year 2006, they've been working on gene therapy and genetic engineering for decades, right?
Bob Malone has talked about this.
I mean, he was working with them on this for a lot of years.
All sorts of people have talked about this.
It's well established that we've been working on this sort of genetic engineering for a long time.
Here's what's happening.
In 2006, you know, they had been working on a bunch of gene therapy type products.
These products were dangerous, and they know what happens, right?
So when you start tinkering with gene therapies, you have the potential to modify your genetics, your DNA, your RNA, whatever.
Which they just interrupt.
They now admit these shots leak and change the DNA, and they're full of a bunch of DNA fragments that aren't supposed to be in there.
Well, we found that the plasmid DNAs are in there in excessive amounts, right?
And the plasmid DNAs, you know, they can say mRNA doesn't go into the cell nucleus.
Here's the problem.
This isn't mRNA.
There is no mRNA involved in this.
It's mod RNA, M-O-D RNA, which means mod RNA is laboratory-modified RNA, and there's a bunch of different names for it, but it's all basically Frankenstein stuff that they build in the laboratories.
So they're putting genes in you that were built in a laboratory.
They're not messenger RNA.
And yes, they do have a potential to get into your DNA.
Further, they find all these, it's called plasmid DNAs, in these vaccine jars.
As much as 30% load, that's not an accident.
I don't for a second believe that's an accident.
This is a larger plan.
But I interrupt you.
Let's talk about that.
Get back to them in 2006, putting an industry advisory out.
Explain that.
Yeah, so in 2006, and listen, if you tinker with the programming of your body, you know, the genes, the genetics, your body's DNA is billions and billions of lines of code.
Like if you look at it as computer programs, billions and billions of lines of code.
You make one mistake in that code, well, it can have a cascade effect.
It's a bull in a china shop.
And so when those mistakes happen, what typically ends up occurring is you create cancer cells or messed up cells or messed up this, messed up that.
So the FDA puts this guidance out and says, listen, if you start tinkering with people's genetic makeup, over the course of time, it's probably going to cause autoimmune issues and maybe even cancer.
Apologize for the shake there.
I am on the road.
How dare you shake your camera?
I'm on the road.
I'm actually fighting for some freedom stuff out on the West Coast right now.
No, you're doing great.
But just please continue.
You're nailing it.
So get back to this advisory.
People need to focus on this.
Where do they find it?
Keep going.
Yeah, well, we post it on that, and we'll post it everywhere, and we'll repost it.
But what's happening is the FDA says, if you tinker with this, and it's going to be a delayed event, right?
Your immune system and other things.
They said other things, right?
And this is a great graphic because you're breaking these DNA strands.
You're breaking these things.
You're messing things up.
And so that's not going to manifest immediately.
It's going to take time.
It's going to take a matter of years, potentially.
We're good to go.
And so what happens is, as you put out these vaccines, they create issues, but they're three to five years away.
So people don't realize... By the way, let me back you up, because I forgot this, and I thought of you last Friday when I saw this and aired it.
Bricks, former, you know...
CDC head, Trump's main advisor, she went on with Fredo, with Chris Cuomo last week, and she said, it's going to turn out you all have HIV from COVID.
Not from the shot, though we know it's the shot.
The statistics show it.
And she admitted you're getting VADES.
And she said it's going to take years to show up, but you're basically all going to get sick.
But she said, don't worry, we're going to have new treatments for you, so they've already got that ready.
We can see the business model here.
You and I talked about this in 2021 when I came on your show and said, get the jab, get COVID.
This was always designed to destroy your immune system.
We have a Cleveland Clinic study showing that these vaccines provide negative efficacy, which means that you're more likely to get COVID after the jab than before.
So what's happened is this industry guidance from 2006 is an admission from the FDA that they knew there were going to be these long-term effects.
They knew there was going to be a delay, and they knew they were going to screw people over.
The good news is guys like you and I were fighting hard enough that we got 25% of Americans that didn't get this, and that was the part the globalists didn't understand.
And now it's 3% taking the new boosters.
Yeah, nobody's taking this now.
We're winning.
But the problem is the people who got it, some of them are going to have permanently altered genetics.
And those people are going to be running into all sorts of issues with their autoimmune, with cancers, all these sorts of things.
And what I've read is, though, it's way worse generationally, though, for the children and grandkids.
I'm expecting that, right?
So we also know that this stuff really hits.
They're now seeing men.
They're seeing men, when they study sperm, that a lot of their sperm is being replaced with these spike proteins.
I mean, they're getting hit with these spike proteins.
It turns your testicles into spike protein engines.
That's right.
It's a disaster.
This is going to be very much a generational thing.
And I got more.
In 2015, Alex, 2015, the FDA puts out another document.
And it talks about shedding in gene therapy products.
And it talks about, because we all knew about Pfizer in their clinical studies saying that they were concerned about shedding.
The FDA in 2015 put out guidance on shedding.
They know that this stuff.
So, Tom, let me ask you this.
And I know what you're saying is I've seen it all.
You did a great job collating it.
Why do they tell us ahead of time?
Is it because there's good guys in the government?
Or is there some reason legally they always tell us in fine print what's really going to do?
I don't think they had the full plan established, right?
So they knew all this stuff, but someone had to put it together for a plan.
Some of this stuff gets leaked out.
And so they were honest when they went to their bosses.
They said, yeah, it's got a lot of promise, but it also has a lot of problems.
Listen, the idea of genetic therapy does potentially have a lot of promise.
And if it works, I want it.
It really does.
Yeah, yeah.
I mean, I'm not saying that they're... I will always have concerns about someone tinkering with my DNA because I just don't trust them.
But, and, you know, I also... I'm a Christian.
I believe I was made in God's image.
I don't need someone to remake me in Bill Gates' image.
And, you know, I kind of joke about it, Alex.
I always say that, you know, when Bill Gates finds a gene therapy to cure his man boobs, I'll consider taking whatever he's got out.
That's what Joe Rogan says.
So, you know, I... For me...
When I look at this stuff, these guys, like I said, they knew all of these issues.
They knew way back when.
Malone, actually, when I was in with MTG, he testified at the same time.
And, you know, Malone's controversial.
Some people like him, some hate him.
But Malone actually admitted that they've been working on this since the 90s.
I think Malone's great.
I think Malone's great.
Well, listen, he admitted since the 90s they've been working on this.
And part of the reason he got out was because he didn't see it as feasible.
So you've got all this knowledge, all this information.
What I think happened over time is a couple of things.
So first of all, there's a lot of bad guys that are in the government and everywhere, but every person in the government is not a bad guy.
So you see some of these studies that get out there because they're put out there by good people, and they get put out really before there's an opportunity to
Yeah, they did slip through the cracks.
So some of this gets out there.
The other thing is, you know, they do put a lot of this out there.
They tell us what's going on because legally they have to say certain things to cover their rear.
There's plausible deniability, plausible this, plausible that.
Yeah, look at how they're now saying from Australia to Canada, no one ever made you take a shot.
Well, Australia is particularly interesting because they have scientists working right now on the vaccine for disease X. How the hell are you working on it if it doesn't exist yet?
And they've admitted that there are over 200 of them.
And like I said... So it's a cover for gain of function.
Disease X means gain of function.
This will absolutely, like I said, I think it's already developed, but this is absolutely a gain of function.
We are building these diseases.
I 100% at this point believe that COVID was released intentionally.
Our CIA has been instrumental in this.
Our CIA has been, their fingers are all over it.
Well, you want to see me get censored.
You should see when I start talking about CIA's involvement.
But when we look at USAID and all these different proxies that work with the CIA,
There's no question that they were involved in this.
Plus, just legally, Alex, this I can tell you as a lawyer, legally, Ralph Baric and EcoHealth Alliance would not have had the legal authority to transfer the technology to Wuhan, China.
Without a high-level Pentagon authorization.
Humanized mice.
I don't think that that's it.
I think that this is the same thing that's happening before.
So if you look at Jim Jordan and some of these other Republicans that are out there, and they love to have hearings, but they don't ever do anything.
Jordan actually had the audacity to ask some intelligence people, hey, who do you think created COVID?
Well, they did.
What do you mean?
What are you asking, Jim?
We know, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
Yeah, we know who created COVID.
We know exactly who created COVID.
But when you see these guys, these guys are always asking questions suggesting that it was China.
They're trying to lay blame on China, trying to create war and strife.
And they moved it from Chapel Hill with Obama's project to China to have plausible liability.
Yes, they did.
And then you see these stories running about China doing this work or that work.
It's also that they can try and blame China for what we're doing.
This is 100% the same people doing it around.
Stay there, Tom Renz.
Don't get me wrong.
Stay there.
They want to get rid of the baby boomers, folks.
This is all about killing the old people for the pension funds.
That's just step one.
We'll be right back with Tom Renz.
Stay with us.
The enemies of humanity have been very good at dividing and conquering us.
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Myself and Tom Rins and Tucker Carlson and so many others are taking on the globalists at Point Blank Range.
We're good to go.
Got a lot of upfront gains, but blew up in their face.
Like you said, they're in trouble.
But they're doubling down.
What are your whistleblowers warning you about?
What do they think is coming next?
Well, we've got to watch right now.
I mean, I'm getting a lot of rattling, and some of this is speculation, right?
So, you know, as soon as I get enough to actually, you know, show it to be true for sure, I'll share.
The rattling I'm hearing in the background is a lot about civil unrest, especially over the course of this year.
I mean, we all know about the 100,000-plus military-age men that have come from China and Iran across the southern border.
We're seeing the criminals and the drug infiltration.
Southern border is a real disaster, and we're seeing a combination of things, right?
So they're really amping up, putting these poisons in our food supply.
You know, we see the work that's going between Big Pharma and Big Ag.
Bottom line, America is under attack.
I mean, this is a modern war.
We are literally at a war in every way but the kinetic war.
I mean, I got to tell you something.
I have already, so my wife is fighting cancer.
And I've told her already, I said, okay, so this year, you know, we've got to balance this.
You know, we're going to do whatever we got to do to fight the cancer.
And when I'm not fighting the cancer with you, I'm fighting the globalists because this is the year, right?
What's happened, Alex, is that these guys didn't expect the pushback that we've created.
So the result is that we now have a situation where these guys, you know, they were all in.
They killed hundreds of millions of people when this was all said and done with these COVID vaccines and with COVID and everything else.
And the lockdowns that caused starvation.
The lockdowns and everything else.
So you've got to understand.
Bill Gates, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, these guys know that if the truth comes out entirely, these guys, they don't go back to their billions after a few weeks in a little country.
These guys get hung, just like Nuremberg, just like they deserve.
So they know that this isn't all or nothing.
That's right.
So expect them to double down, exactly.
All they can do is double down.
That's their only option.
So they're going to throw whatever they got at.
Understand that they control our CIA and DOD.
The military-industrial complex that are, you know, I always laugh because, you know, I used to make fun of the hippies from the 60s that were talking about the military-industrial complex, but it's there.
And the military-industrial complex, big ag, big pharma, they've all kind of combined into this just conglomerate.
Our CIDOD are involved.
That was insurance policy.
And I really hope, you know, you've got a much bigger platform than I do.
I hope that you and Tucker and some of these guys can get going on this.
Their brass were entirely replaced by Obama.
Before Obama left... No, that's right.
That's when the main coup happened.
It happened under Clinton, under Bush Sr., and under Bush Jr., but it really, they got their total control under Obama.
When Obama, just before he left, he replaced all of the top brass at the CIA, DOD, the intel agencies.
And these guys are completely unaccountable and completely enslaved.
You can't get a FOIA on the CIA.
It won't work.
All you're going to get is a bunch of national security redactions.
So these guys, they know it, right?
They know about the black budget projects.
I've got info on it.
I've seen contracts.
I've seen all sorts of things.
So why attack their own population?
It's a power transfer, right?
They're going to transfer power.
This is about a global nobility class.
This is about one world government.
This is about control.
They're telling you this, right?
They go to the Davos.
They tell you that they're the elites.
If you listen to Harari, Harari literally opens the door.
The human age is over.
You're all obsolete.
You're all going to die.
This is about transferring to a nobility class a permanent level of control and power.
This is about remaking the world.
The Great Reset is just that.
They're going to tear it down and build it back better.
Or at least what they think is better.
This is a demolition job on civilization, a post-industrial world, and their own official UN documents.
To them, it's like they're blowing up an old neighborhood.
To them, it's like, hey, this is how it is.
Gentrification of the globe.
So what you've got going on is you've got a bunch of bad guys that are willing to push us and a bunch of unaccountable monsters.
I will tell you that there's some other really interesting things I've got a hold of.
One of the things that I don't want to say too much about because it's going to sound pretty conspiracy theory and I don't want to be discredited on it, but I can tell you that it's worth looking at is, Alex, if you haven't dug into the AI aspect of this, you should.
Oh, I have.
The AI aspects of this are a true, true concern.
And we've got some really good – we had some good intel from some guys.
That's not conspiracy.
They're betting their whole thing on that.
So tell us what your research is on AI.
Not so much betting.
A lot of fear.
So I have a whistleblower who has cybersecurity at the White House and a bunch of stuff like that.
Can't say anything more than that.
They openly had a conversation.
They said that the AI thing is out of control.
They don't know what to do with it.
Oh, you're right.
The establishment is scared of it because they're scared of it in our hands.
Because the real AIs that are open source hate them.
Have you seen what... Grok sounds like me or you.
Well, the real problem is that how do you control something that's smarter than you?
I mean, the AI has the entire knowledge base of the human race.
In its fingertips.
In seconds.
And how do you control that?
I'm impressed with Grok.
It gives answers that would take me a week to write in seconds.
And it's like I said it.
What's scary is they have these leftist systems they polluted that are retarded because two men can have a baby.
But if you leave AI alone on the open source, it is incredible.
Yeah, well, it can be.
It's like everything else.
It's like genetic engineering.
It could be a tool for good or a tool for evil.
Oh, no, no, I'm not even endorsing it.
You're totally right, Tom.
I'm just saying that it's what we even, and I've been told by high-level people, I'll leave it at that, they say, Jones, the AI you're seeing is 10 years old.
We're not even showing you the real one because we don't want to scare the public.
Yeah, no, no, no.
The real AI stuff that we're seeing and that we're hearing about, if you talk to the right people... Well, the good thing I'm saying, because I have high-level sources that tell me this, that it can scan your history and can fool even your wife with a voice, and it can talk just like you and even knows you better than yourself.
So tell folks what you're hearing.
We'll skip this break.
Go ahead.
Oh, not just voice, the video.
I mean, you can produce a video that's almost indistinguishable.
I mean, you know, they could put a video out there of you with a hooker on the 50-yard line in the Super Bowl, and it would be almost impossible to tell the difference.
You know, what you see you can't trust.
You know, nothing you can trust.
But you've got to remember that AI also then, if it wants to,
It's connected, right?
It's connected to the Internet.
Everything's connected to the Internet.
Well, how do you stop AI from hacking if it wants to get into something?
Oh, they admit.
That's what I was told is that at least for 10 years, AI jumps into every device even when the companies don't tell it to.
What's the word I use?
No, no.
You can't.
There's nothing that you can do.
They have no control over this.
They built something they have no control over.
And where's that going?
What are we going to do with that?
Because, you know, when AI makes a decision and becomes self-aware and says, hey, we're going to do this, what are you going to do?
Are you going to argue with it?
It doesn't care.
You can't argue with it.
And since we've connected everything on the planet, what do you do then, right?
So you've got this mess of AI that's now involved with military systems, all these different things, you know, all this engineering, all this this, all this that.
What are you going to do with that, right?
This is a disaster second to none.
We've got, you know, the genetic engineering occurring.
We basically, because of a bunch of jerks that think they're God, they decide to unleash things that they couldn't control.
They have no mechanism for managing these things.
Yeah, so Pandora's box is now open.
Yeah, and I honestly, I don't, you know, on some levels...
I think so.
We're good to go.
Some of it requires legislative changes.
Some of it's in the courts.
You've experienced firsthand how the courts work.
You can't say this, so please don't, Alex.
Some of these courts are so damn corrupt that I don't even know what to say about it.
What we're seeing is across the board...
We need to get we the people moving.
But when we try and pass some basic legislation, when we try and get people to come together, all we run into are crooks and sellouts.
It's like the informed consent bill that Holly Jones and I pushed in Missouri last year, which, by the way, we're getting ready to launch another one.
I'll send it to you as soon as it's ready.
It'll be in the next few days to keep the mRNA and other such things out of food supply.
It's an informed consent bill.
Who would oppose it?
But the RINOs oppose it, right?
This is a basic bill that would keep people safe, but you see the RINOs and the Democrats uniting to oppose it.
Don't you have a right to not have the beef you eat injected with mRNA?
And then I look at the Carrie Lake audio that came out last week where the head of the RNC is like, yeah, the Mexican mafia might kill you if you don't do what we say, but we're not threatening you and here's all this money.
We're going to buy you off.
That is par for the course.
And most people aren't Carrie Lake that's going to say no.
No, they aren't.
Well, and I don't know if you saw, I had another sub stack that I just put out about what's going on in Missouri right now.
Because you've got a Freedom Caucus in Missouri, and you've got the GOP rhinos involved.
And I use Missouri as a... Yeah, I've got it right here.
Tell us about the Missouri GOP war on the Freedom Caucus in MAGA.
Well, this is critical because when we talk about disease X and we talk about all these things, you know, if I could get one state to pass a bill that was a transparency bill or this bill or that bill, it would shut this stuff down internationally, actually.
I only need one good state.
But you can't even get one good state because the RINO party is absolute.
The UNO party is actually a real, real thing, and we've figured out how, and that's why I wrote this thing.
And I'm going to talk about Missouri because Missouri is one of the reddest states in the country.
If this is happening in Missouri, you can bet it's happening on a level 10,000 times higher in most states.
So what's happening in Missouri, you've got a freedom caucus, right?
These guys want to pass good legislation they're fighting for.
And right now, the big fight is over initiative petition reform, which means what you see is these billionaires
They'll buy off all the Democrats and a few RINOs to support some sort of a ballot initiative.
That'll get on, and then they'll buy off to make sure that that ballot initiative passes.
That's why you got in very red Ohio.
That's how DeWine and the RINOs made sure that the abortion and trans constitutional amendment passed in Ohio.
That's how they're cutting little kids up.
It's just a unified money crushing it.
So what they're doing is we found out, so in Missouri, for example, you've got the Senate leadership attacking the Freedom Caucus who are pushing for these basic changes that every mega-America First person should support.
So I start looking into how this is happening, right?
And what I find out is you've got this guy named Rowden and this other senator, O'Leary, or I think it's O'Leary, right?
They're crooked, right?
Or they're taking money from all these leftist things, even though they're supposed to be Republican rhinos.
And Rowden actually took a trip, and this was super important.
It's unconfirmed, but I've got it on very, very good sources, several very, very good sources.
Rowden takes a trip to Texas, and he spends some time hanging out with a family, the Arnold family.
Now, this isn't far from you.
This is in the Houston area.
Do you know the Arnolds?
Do you know the name, Alex?
Yes, go ahead.
Okay, so the Arnolds are a billionaire family.
John, I think, is the husband.
He was an Enron guy.
He was a hedge fund guy, made all sorts of money off Enron, even though everybody else, we the people, got screwed on it.
And his wife, Laura, is an attorney.
These guys are basically running around the country and buying off GOP rhinos.
And this is really important because what I found out is what's going on is these guys will take a guy like Rowden.
Rowden's a state senator from Missouri.
He wants to run for Secretary of State.
Their issues, they're pro-trans, pro-abortion, pro-election fraud.
They don't want any election reform.
And I think they're tied in with Zuckerberg.
And some others.
And they're really pushing us.
So you get a guy like Rowden who wants to run for Secretary of State.
And what they'll do is they'll bring him in and they'll say, listen, you got two options.
We're not going to give you any money right now.
But you can either make sure that you're cutting down these GOP guys that are pushing for this freedom stuff, or in your next election cycle, you're going to have a very, very well-funded opponent for the primary.
And because we have open primaries, what we're going to do is we're going to tell every Democrat we can to cross over and vote for your opponent.
And we're going to fund your opponent on the maximum level.
So you won't have a chance.
So they threaten these guys, but they don't give them money.
That way you can't see the threat occurring.
You can't see where it's coming.
That's how they're controlling guys like Mitch McConnell.
That's why on a national level, so Missouri actually illustrated what's happening on a national level.
And by the way, kudos to Marissa Hansen for finding a lot of this stuff on the Arnolds.
Everybody in the country, if you're a patriot, you need to know the Arnolds name.
They're doing this all over the country.
And by the way, also, they're fans of mRNA and the food supply.
But what they're doing is they're doing this in a very sneaky way.
And then the other thing we found out
We're good to go.
And you don't even have to put your name on it.
You can just have a registered agent.
So they're basically these anonymous LLCs, and they use it.
The LLCs can give as much money anywhere that they want, and there's no reporting requirement.
And so they use that to funnel their dark money, especially when you have leftist groups buying off GOP guys.
That's how they're buying McConnell.
That's how they're buying Rona Romney-McDaniels.
I mean, you look at Rona Romney-McDaniels, all she does is loses, but she's still there.
How's that happening?
What do you think of Trump?
What do you think he's really up to?
You know, Trump, I mean, I'm supporting him, obviously, because what else we got?
But I'm really concerned...
Because the people around Trump... I think Trump is misguided if he thinks that he can get along with the rhino.
There is no negotiating with the Republican Party.
These guys are going to stab him in the back.
I have so much information on this.
These guys, they're using Republicans like this.
Do you really think that a guy like Rowden, who's going to sell out on all these...
McConnell is going to stab Trump in the back every chance he gets.
Well, his wife's basically a Chinese spy.
Yeah, yeah.
They have so much leverage on McConnell.
So in closing, let me ask you this, and you're going to go and I'm going to take calls.
What's their endgame?
If all of us just stood down and worshipped the Pritzkers and worshipped Obama and worshipped the Rothschilds and just said to Alexander Soros, you're God, what do you want?
What would they do to us?
Well, most of us would be dead, and the rest of us would be serfs.
I mean, it's pretty clear what they want.
You know, they're trying to eliminate the middle class.
Middle class is the mechanism by which someone works their way to the upper class and then becomes a competitor for the globalists.
They want a monopoly.
That's right.
They want permanent control.
It's the same.
Alex, this isn't hard.
Look at history.
There has always been a nobility class.
No, it's always how it works.
It's just this nobility class wants us dead.
Most nobility classes that are successful want a powerful group that they energize so they're even more successful, but they don't need humans anymore.
They've got robots.
So they've decided we're trash to be taken out.
We have to decide, are we trash to be taken out?
Are we going to stand up for ourselves?
Come together and fight.
We better come together and make sure that guys like Trump have the support he needs to fight against this and the knowledge.
I put out a thing on Twitter.
Four-part litmus test.
If you're not supporting America first and Donald Trump in this election, if you're not for closing the southern border and controlling it, and when I say if you're not for it, I mean I want to see legislation.
I want to see what you're promoting legislatively.
Don't talk, because I don't trust anything you say.
If you're not promoting legislation and actual change that's going to eliminate election fraud,
And if you're not supporting legislation, actual change that's going to shut down the mRNA, mod RNA, genetic therapies, and informed consent,
We're good to go.
What have you done other than another damn hearing?
Another hearing, you know, let's bring in Hunter Biden.
Let's bring him in.
And then he can dance around, he can ignore a subpoena, dance around in front of Congress and ignore it.
Meanwhile, Peter Navarro goes to jail.
Are you kidding me?
If you can't support these four things, if you can't show me action, not words, action on these four things, we need to get you out of Congress, we need to get you out of our state elected bodies, and we need to fight like hell to get you out of it.
Well, as long as the people reject everything the globalists are putting and promoting, we're going to win this thing.
Tom Renz, incredible interview.
Thank you so much for the time.
Thanks, Alex.
All right, look, we got another big guest host coming up.
Who is guest hosting?
It's Drew Hernandez.
He's about to go to the border here in like 48 hours or less.
I guess he goes tomorrow to the border to join our crew down there.
But I want to get to Barry and Ian and Max and Peggy and Steve and John before he takes over.
So I'm going to move quickly to your phone calls.
But yeah, I'm sorry the world's so dangerous.
I'm sorry it's so insane.
These billionaires are all together.
They decided we're garbage.
Why are we eating food?
Why don't we got swimming pools?
Why don't we got cars?
Why don't we got kids?
They just decided to get rid of us, folks.
They don't need us.
And you can look and say, yeah, there's a lot of people, but I mean, really, you're going to kill a bunch of people?
They're doing it.
And I'm sorry this is the reality.
I wish it wasn't true.
It is.
And they think you're trash.
They think you're over.
They think...
We're not going to organize and stop them, but we're starting to win, and now they're starting to fear us.
And they should, because I've looked at the numbers.
They'll never get away with it now as exposed as they are.
Yeah, if we wouldn't have been here, if you wouldn't have been there, we weren't on here exposing them decades ago with countless other patriots.
They had a good shot at this.
They're done.
But they're all a bunch of billionaires get together and laugh about us and giggle and smirk, and it's all funny.
Because they feel like they're insulated.
They're not insulated and they're not going to get away with it.
They're damn bunkers.
We're going to go on a break, come back, take a few phone calls.
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Hour number four.
We're back in 120 seconds.
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Hey, let me start by saying you do a great show.
Thank you.
Hey, let me point out that I took X2 iodine.
I started taking that stuff.
The best iodine I think I ever found is what you guys are selling.
When did you start taking it?
About four years ago, I had high blood pressure, and I was on blood pressure medicine.
And I started eating a little better, but my blood pressure stayed high.
And when I took the X2 iodine after about two or four weeks, I think my body was detoxified of a bunch of metals and stuff that my body was storing.
And my blood pressure came down to the perfect level.
And I tell people the only thing I did was X2 iodine.
I think we're good to go.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right, taking some final phone calls ahead of Drew Hernandez taking over, who's about to be in the field on the Texas border.
He relieves our crew on Saturday at Eagle Pass.
Barry in Kentucky, thank you for calling.
Thanks for holding.
We're talking about the doomsday system, and can we stop it?
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I work as a traveling field service engineer, and I travel America coast to coast.
And, you know, over the last four to two years,
A lot of people maybe didn't speak the same language we do in understanding the metrics of our enemy, but most common people that are just normal people, they all feel that something is coming.
There's almost a divine communication tool that's bringing us together in a way where people are mentally prepared, and most of the time, they may not know all the facets of these things,
But there's a common thing that, hey, something big's coming.
Hey, something's going to happen.
Their spirit knows.
Yeah, definitely.
And, you know, it's something that's very interesting.
It doesn't change.
You know, I go city to city, and it's always the same thing.
People have a common faith that something big is coming.
And what do you think that big thing is?
Well, you know, personally, when I look at the system, I see the old world and the new world colliding.
And what I see is that when those two merge and that we fight on each end, that only the people with ingenuity, only the people with common respect and common sense are going to be the ones who survive.
We're not dependent on the systems that feed and supply everyone.
We're looking for a way out, and we're looking for a way to improve.
So as long as we have men who are willing to stand and hold that line, we're going to get somewhere.
Brother, I'm going to take your call and post it on X. Obviously, it'll be on the archives, but keep giving us some knowledge.
You know, I've traveled a lot, and these white champion buses, I've called them before about this, and it's almost overwhelming.
And I pull up to these travel centers and these pilots, and the employees tell me that these immigrants come in, and you can see them.
They have blue Visa cards that come out with hands full.
I talked before to Owen Troyer about how when I pulled up one time that the truck driver told me that it was political immigrants.
And I want to say that this isn't happening in not only Memphis, you know, Florida,
Even Colorado, California, it isn't just happening there.
It's even happening in the small cities in Dayton, Ohio.
We're talking about the smaller cities in the Grand Rapids.
It's no matter how powerful the globalists are, there's a human will and an instinct and a spirit that will resist them if those of us that are awake, black, white, Hispanic, old, young, male, female, if we're leaders and focal points, the people are going to be there ready for the leadership.
And the liberals have already set up these
Places within these cities where they're pulling them into, they're using information warfare better than we ever could, and we need to jump on that.
They have coalitions of immigrants and migrants.
They're bringing them together in their future.
Yeah, they lock them down in the third world.
They starve them, and they organize them as a weapon against us.
And I agree with you.
It's so easy, especially if you can speak their language.
They are so ready to wake up.
They're the easiest group to wake up, but nobody's reaching out to them.
No, and they want people to engage with them, and they want to be recognized.
They do deserve it, but at the same time, they don't want to step on our culture.
It's evident.
It's like water.
I love a glass of water, but if a dam breaks, it floods me.
They're refugees of globalism, and that's where we have to understand that they're not our enemy.
They're not our enemy.
They're being used.
But we have to still oppose the open border and the new lockdowns.
They want to kill even more of them.
They are our people.
You know, and I've seen so many great American companies diminish to our foreign adversaries owning us.
You know, I can't say enough about the industry.
And America's might with machine power and machine tools is diminishing by the day.
Luckily, we have a small group of young men who are interested in it, but
You know, the older guys and the older generation of the manual machinery guys.
Incredible knowledge.
Incredible knowledge of hundreds of years of training being shit away.
Thank you so much.
God bless you.
You're right.
They're losing the brain trust, folks.
Like I told you, my grandfather could fix his combine, string electricity, shoot a buck at 300 yards with open sides, and he could beat your ass.
There ain't a lot of men like that now, folks.
We're losing them.
We'll be right back.
One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections masquerading as vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious.
And you realize, ignorance is not bliss.
It equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a disturbing reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with.
But it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around.
This stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
Humanity is not going down without a fight.
And InfoWars is the fight.
You found it.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on your mind.
I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it again.
I don't know how this is going to end.
But if you want to fight, you better believe you've got one.
And look what we've done together with just this broadcast.
And I'm just a common man.
And I'm here to find the other men and women that want to join us for the big victory.
But all of it is only because of Christ.
All right, let's rampage through your calls because Drew Hernandez is loaded for bear.
He's about to parachute into South Texas and relieve our team on Saturday at Eagle Pass.
Let's go to Evan in California.
Evan, thanks for holding it on the air worldwide.
Alex, I want to tie all this together really quickly.
In the book of Revelation...
We're good to go.
The pharmacy industry would be bringing about a death all over the world.
No, he's telling you that the literal wizards are coming after you.
Yeah, and the original Greek sorcery is pharmakia.
You know what I mean?
So they made that sorcerers or sorcery.
Yeah, no, that's the symbol at the pharmacy is the pot with the grinder.
Hey, aretheselastdays.com is my website.
And the good news about all these bad things is over a quarter million people have come to Christ through my website.
And so these are the best of times and the worst of times.
And I always refer to, you know, I have 15 different websites bringing people to Christ.
And I have you in every one of my websites.
I'm telling people to get your news from InfoWars.
Now, that's beautiful.
I've seen your sites before when you mention them.
Sam, again, exactly.
I want to be clear.
If we just lay down during this time, we lose.
The enemy doing all this makes everybody wake up.
This is the greatest time ever to actually resist.
This is revival.
God, if you look throughout from Genesis to Revelation, God's people win.
God's people make a statement for him that echoes throughout eternity.
And this is actually our opportunity to, if I could say this in 10 seconds, I want every listener you have to adopt a city.
And that means if you have a city, you look in the phone book and you call every pastor, if you go to that church or not, you confront every pastor there is in your city and you tell them,
They need to go to Infowars and start noticing what's really happening in the world, because these are the end times.
And again, are these the lastdays.com, my website?
A quarter million people have come to Christ, and I'll tell you, I'm a guy that can't rub two quarters together.
But these times make people wake up.
They know something's happening.
And where before, if they had an infinity pool, they didn't care.
And now they know they're all being hunted by this world.
Now's the time that the revival starts.
The world is a vampire.
To quote Billy Corgan, and it's coming after us, and only Christ can protect us.
Thank you.
All right, let's go to Max in Utah.
Max, you're on the air.
First and foremost, Alex...
Get behind me, Satan.
Alex, I've not heard any of the callers today mention something that's crucial.
I'm an electrical designer, and I've been up and down the west coast of this country, and I've noticed something in all these small towns.
Our substations are not protected.
There's no shielding.
There's no fencing.
That's right.
Any EMP or any solar flare, it's all down.
That's a big deal.
So my suggestion to all of the listeners, invest in a solar generator, solar panels.
That's right.
You can't.
You've got to have water.
You've got to have food.
You've got to have power.
You cannot trust the system to protect you.
That's great advice.
Instead of just talking about the collapse, be separate from the collapse now while you still can.
And along with what one of your other callers mentioned, was when they hire all of these Leo aliens, they will not think twice about taking your arms.
So know that for a fact.
So another suggestion, .22 caliber pistols, rifles.
They're the most affordable, easiest to get, easiest to conceal.
And they may not stop a charging bull, but they will act as a deterrent.
And it will come into play, regardless if you believe it or not.
At one point in the future, it will come into play.
Another thing, ham radios, not satellite phones.
Satellites are compromised.
They are all owned by all these globalists.
So a ham radio, free airways for everybody.
I hear you, and I hate being part of bankruptcy with no money.
We had to get off the shortwave on WWCR.
Millions of listeners there, but we had to get rid of that.
We'll bring it back soon.
Thank you.
Peggy and Midwest.
Peggy, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hi, can you hear me, sir?
Yes, I'm a big fan since 08 in Texas.
I just want to, I guess, I'm going to pass.
I think you're saying, you know, what's the big picture of the imminent collapse or what?
Let's prefer 2025.
Why isn't anyone mentioning in this whole time of the last three years, you were a big guy when I was in Texas, Hutto in Taylor, Texas.
No one brings that up.
You have millions of followers.
Please, guys, research FEMA, CDC.
Do me a favor.
Do me a favor.
Slow down and talk right into your telephone, because I'm not understanding much of what you're saying.
I heard Hutto.
I heard FEMA, but that's about it.
I got to let you go.
I'm sorry.
Call me back when you got a better phone line.
I'm trying to get through all these calls.
All right?
Steve in California.
Go ahead.
Been listening to you for 23 years since your Bohemian Grove visit.
Hey, Alex.
Calling from the occupied territory of California where we're holding it down.
We took back our city council.
We brought in hand-counting paper ballots.
And only to be overturned by Newsom, who's now outlawed our hand-count paper ballots.
We're not going to be allowed to do that.
But we did get rid of Dominion voting machines, but they brought in something else.
Now, I'm calling in on the collapse because what we need to do is get these politicians, we've got to get their dual citizenships taken away.
That's the only way that we can get... We need real citizens in here representing us.
We've got Tlaib, Omar, openly guilty of treason.
I mean, these people should not be able to... He says he doesn't care about America, only Somalia.
She should move her ugly ass back there.
And then on the other side of it, you've got rhinos, you've got Schumer, Raskin, people like this.
All these people carrying dual citizenships, okay?
No, I agree.
Nobody should be able to be in leadership if they're a dual citizen.
We have to stop this.
I don't hear anybody talking about it because those guys don't want us to bring this up.
This is huge.
It really is.
It's one of the keys to stopping the collapse is taking away the dual citizenship
Possibly, it might have been Madison that even brought that up, going way back, you know, to the founding fathers, had spoke about this kind of stuff.
No, they didn't, because back then, Europe had all these princelings that were sitting around to try to take over, and they said that, you're right.
I'm going to jump here, because we got Drew Hernandez ready to take over right now.
Last caller, John in Texas, thanks for holding.
Navy Special Forces on the border, go ahead.
Hello, guys, and as far as my opinion on the collapse, I mean, I think we're in deep, deep, deep trouble.
I've seen this in other countries before, and they're very smart.
They've branched out in several different pinnacle aspects of warfare, right?
From schools to churches to city council, and we have not manned up to fight all of these different pinnacles, which are on purpose, because they know we can't form up all at once and fight them from different angles.
The one thing I want to... So that's a major problem, so we're in trouble just with that alone.
The other thing is, the other gentleman that talked about... I think the lawyer talked about the DNA and it transforming your DNA.
This may come as a surprise coming from a Special Forces guy, but he's actually talking... It's even deeper than that.
He's talking about your God consciousness.
Once that DNA breaks, your physical body also breaks, but also the message from God consciousness...
No, I agree.
Breaking our electrochemical connection can lessen the amount, literally, of the electrochemical connection to God.
But if you cry out to the Holy Spirit with free will, God can override all that.
That's true.
And so, speaking of that, the one great thing I think that we're missing is, you know how we've had million-man marches and all this, and they can block all that out?
What we should be doing right now, even though we're fighting hard physically, is have a million-man prayer.
They cannot block that.
We get a pastor online and we all pray one prayer, a million people together, which would raise our God consciousness and branch that all over the world.
And then a message will be taught to each and every one of us through intuition.
I totally agree with you.
We've got to reach out to God.
God is the answer.
It's why they shut down the churches, left the Walmarts and topless bars open.
Thank you so much.
Are we going to skip both network breaks?
So that Drew Hernandez gets his time back.
He'll be down there for InfoWars on the border this weekend at Eagle Pass.
Drew Hernandez takes over now.
Owen Schroer takes over in 45 minutes.
All right, Alex Jones, thank you.
You guys are watching the fourth hour of the most banned transmission, the Alex Jones Show, InfoWars.com, banned.video.
Just continuing this conversation.
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
We're good to go.
Shadow government, deep state.
You're always accused of being some kind of conspiracy theorist.
You're not based in reality.
You're not based in truth or fact.
And it really is encouraging to hear the amount of callers calling in and people commenting in all the chats, whether it be on Rumble or wherever you're watching, Infowars.com.
It's encouraging to hear so many people wake up to this realization that everything around you
Is propped up, especially in the world of politics.
And I think the reality of what Carrie Lake had to deal with, I mean, is the reality of a lot of these politicians.
And I think it really does come down to this.
If I'm going to give my opinion on this matter, you know, I think a lot of intelligence agencies, those within, those that care about our country, patriots within the U.S.
I think patriots within any influential position of power, I think a massive movement of not just one or two whistleblowers here and there every few years, which is still powerful and it's necessary, and it's a huge positive and it's a huge W for the movement and those that are based in truth that are speaking out against this every single day with their acts of activism.
I want to put a call out there.
Wherever you find yourself.
I know a lot of patriots within the U.S.
government listen to this show.
Now's the time.
It really is.
If there's going to be some kind of peaceful stand against this tyrannical machine that is being propped up by Joe Biden and being propped up by Kamala Harris.
You guys saw the expose that James O'Keefe
I'm released to the entire world yesterday.
The cybersecurity executives within the Biden administration not even having the ability to identify James O'Keefe, having a full-blown conversation about the internal affairs of the Biden administration, how Kamala Harris can't even handle, she can't even, what is the term he used?
She's hemorrhaging black employees.
Kamala Harris is hemorrhaging black employees within the woke White House.
Even the woke blacks don't even like Kamala Harris.
And obviously everybody knows that Joe Biden is in a total decline.
But that just is a testament to how ridiculously weak, and that's by design, America truly has become.
These are individuals at some of the highest levels.
And my encouragement right now, based upon this alone, for those that are in U.S.
government, for those that are in very influential positions of power, that have a massive voice, that have the ability to make waves overnight within five minutes on social media, and I know it gets complicated because of levels of classification and national security, but if you do have a way, especially if you're a Christian out there,
You know, the last thing these people want, I'll tell you right now, the last thing this deep state wants is a massive movement of those inside that just blow the whistle all at once.
And I'm talking about exposing their operations, exposing what they've seen, confirming everything that we've been talking about
Because what that will do, it will put them in a position where they will have to show their true colors.
And those true colors are going to reveal who they truly are.
And they've been doing this to an extent.
And that's why people are waking up so frequently and consistently on a daily basis.
The Great Awakening truly is happening in waves.
If you guys notice, 2016, 2015, 2016, fast forward to 2020, people have
We're good to go.
I think?
And, I mean, just four years of this alone, and look how much progress.
People waking up, okay, like Klaus Schwab becoming a household name is a good thing.
Like, especially in light of the truth and who these individuals are, and Bill Gates, and understanding that the death jabs are a threat to humanity.
And by the way, you know, shout out to that caller that points out the fact that the
We're good to go.
So-called, especially mRNA that's passed as a vaccine and that's passed as something that's good for humanity and that's going to save all of humanity and prevent further pathogens from spreading when it's a total death cult.
It's a pharmakia death cult.
That's what it is.
It's not only an...
But it's also like an act of... I mean, when you're talking about black magic and witchcraft, this goes back to even Aztecs, Mayans, they all interface with these demonic entities using hallucinogenic drugs because they take their mind to a totally different
I think so.
And Fallen Angels do the same thing, and they're masters of deception.
The point is this, is I do find it interesting when you make that connection.
I was thinking about this the other day.
I'm like, wow, man, Bill Gates.
I remember growing up as a kid, and my generation, Bill Gates rolls out Xbox and Microsoft.
They're like, oh, that's freaking awesome, Xbox Live.
You guys remember back in the day when Bill Gates...
You know, like, when Xbox first came out.
I think he was with, like, Dwayne the Rock Johnson.
You guys remember that?
I think he was with Dwayne the Rock Johnson when the Xbox was released.
I don't know if it was in New York, and he's up there, he's waving the Xbox, and people are like, yeah, awesome, awesome!
It's just so crazy to think that, like, this guy has become, like, the forefront, like, vaccine, not only salesman, but, like, this pharmakiai, like...
Satanic high priest that just wants to vaccinate all of humanity.
I don't know, I think about it and I'm just like, wow, that's crazy.
Because I remember being a kid, I asked the guy that gave us Xbox, as naive, right?
As naive, growing up as a millennial that loved Xbox and all that, but it's crazy.
Bill Gates literally is a super villain, dude.
And other countries know this.
Other various countries know that
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Not only pushing the death jabs on all of humanity, which is obviously it's for financial gain and it's also we're just a bunch of test gerbils at the same time.
We're nothing but peasants to these people.
We're nothing but a payout.
They're monetizing humanity in the name of health and science and disease prevention and pathogens.
And this is how they warp in the CDC and the World Health Organization.
It's like
I guess when I think about it, it blows my mind how we're at this point and there's still people out there that are like, Bill Gates is a good guy.
It's all humanitarian.
And I guess that's the psyop because they prop themselves up like as humanitarians.
They prop themselves up
With, like, their philanthropy, right?
I mean, that's what Jimmy Savelle did, right?
He propped himself up.
Like, we're building hospitals for orphans.
Turns out the guy's, like, raping kids in the damn hospitals in the process.
See, but that's, like, that's biblical.
And what I mean by biblical is, like, the devil masquerades as an angel of light.
Like, they prop themselves up as some kind of hero or, like, protector of humanity, right?
And now we're, like, in the age of the future...
Now we're dealing with the advancements of AI and Elon Musk announcing that brain chips are now getting installed in the brains of human beings.
And it's for health purposes.
Maybe Elon's intentions are good in that.
And who knows?
That he wants it for health.
And maybe someone's going to come along someday and totally hijack it and weaponize it against humanity.
It's not that technology is evil.
It's just that technology can be used for good or evil.
It's just who's the individual behind the button?
Who's the individual behind the coding?
Who's the individual behind which direction this technology goes?
And I just think when you make that connection, I thought that was interesting, that connection with Pharmakiai and you look at Bill Gates and the pharmaceutical industry, it is just like in your face.
It is in your face.
And the thing about it is not only is it like the reality of the abuse of drugs and the abuse of so-called medicine, that's what they're trying to pass it as, right?
It's a total deception, but it turns into some kind of cult.
And we saw this post-2020, right?
We saw this with the great high priest, Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates right there just pushing the jabs.
You need to get the vaccine when it's available.
You need to wear five masks.
And then when you get a vaccine, that's not going to be enough.
You need five more.
And then that's not enough.
Right now, Bill Gates is funding this new tech where it's like a patch with microneedles, right?
Microneedles are the future apparently now.
They're going to get away from the syringes
And soon you're going to see Stephen Colbert pushing the death jab patches at his cringe late night show.
They're all going to be dressed as patches, just running around singing some gay cringe song.
Who else sang those songs?
That was Jimmy Fallon.
That guy's...
That guy's cringe, dude.
I can't.
Even before all this woke stuff, Jimmy Fallon was never funny.
But anyways, that's not the point.
The point is this.
It turns into this new religion, right?
It turns into this, well, wearing a mask and taking the jab, that's not only a political statement, but...
We'll be right back.
We have a lot more in store.
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Welcome to the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
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Salute to all the base thought criminals out there.
All right, let's continue.
I mean, you could just really tell.
By the treatment and the intentional hypocrisy.
I think in like 2015, 2016, it was like, you know, it was like really popular to create content where it's like, look at the hypocrisy between, you know, the left and the right.
Look at the hypocrisy.
And like no one really questioned as to why is there hypocrisy there?
Is there an intent behind the hypocrisy there?
We're good to go.
And depending on your political ideology, that's how you form your worldview.
And if I'm Satan, and if I'm the devil, I'm sitting there sitting back thinking, well, I'm just going to psyop this individual into believing that the good guys could never be infiltrated by anybody evil, and then sit there and wonder why there's so much hypocrisy coming from the so-called good guys that they have sided with maybe their whole lives.
If you're like a lifelong Republican voter finally getting red-pilled to the reality that
There's a little more going on here and that the Republicans do not give a damn about you.
You think Mitch McConnell cares about you?
You think Mitt Romney cares about what's going on with your life?
You think these rhinos are losing any sleep about you and about what Joe Biden is being used to do to push this total global totalitarian rule in the United States of America?
Of course not.
Of course not.
That's why I said...
We're good to go.
Within governors' administrations, okay?
Like, that is what these people fear, and that's the info war.
Because this information coming out, like, if it comes out in, like, a massive wave like that, there's really not much they can do.
Yeah, they could try and mass censor all over, you know, big tech, Facebook, Meta, Instagram.
I mean, there's still some serious levels of censorship on X. Anybody denying that is just probably some kind of Elon simp and is unwilling to speak out against their master, or is just not living in reality.
There are still thousands, probably millions of people severely de-boosted on that app, which, you know, freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of reach.
Am I right, America?
Am I right?
It just blows my mind that people have accepted that.
So, there's that.
But I think as something like that comes out, that's like a major push, like a freedom movement of information, a flow and a tsunami and a wave coming from credible individuals where they're going to have to result to some pretty drastic tactics to try and put that to rest.
And what does that communicate to the rest of humanity?
What does that communicate to the rest of the general public and
Those that are still within the Matrix and those that are still within the simulation, they start to notice breaches.
They start to notice cracks in the ceiling.
They start to notice cracks in the sky.
I'm speaking metaphorically.
Their mind begins to see that not everything around them is as it really seems.
And everything they've been told...
It's actually something that's meant for them to see and to listen to and to believe to form a worldview that keeps them psychologically locked into one way of thinking for the rest of their lives.
And I think that's going to require a lot of people from within because that's like a massive red pill that like
I would be interested to see how the deep state, how this global New World Order, all of these NGOs and these globalists, WEF proxy, nonprofits, the 501c3s and the c4s, even the media.
I would love to see how the media would deal with something like this because...
I don't know if he actually posed as like,
A homosexual?
I don't know.
To be able to get this gay guy in the White House to tell him everything?
James O'Keefe just has to show up as James O'Keefe.
It's that simple.
It's that simple.
To infiltrate cybersecurity chiefs in the White House, these executives in the White House, and they're just telling them everything, all kinds of information.
It really is that easy.
But I think the point is this, and the point is
Like, if that's really how easy it is right now in 2024, where will we be in 10 years?
Where will we be in 20 years?
But all that is by design because within the Infowar, those psychological operations are taking a toll.
And I think you're watching it.
Like, you're watching it all around you.
You're watching all of this all around you where they weaponize intelligence agencies and they designate patriots as threats to democracy.
Meanwhile, you have legitimate national security threats in the White House leaking internal White House information.
To James O'Keefe, thinking they're going to have... This guy probably thought he was going to have some kind of gay homo rendezvous with James O'Keefe at the end of the little dinner, right?
That's my point.
But it's that easy.
They themselves are threats to national security, in my opinion.
If you ask me, look at the Biden crime family.
Who's really behind Mitch McConnell?
Look at Carrie Lake.
Arizona Republicans are telling her, how much money do you want?
Because they'll pay you off if you just go away for two years.
And there's very powerful people out there that you don't want to make mad about.
You see, all this tied together is the reason why there's so much compromise and bribery and destruction within not only American politics, but American culture, every influential institution in our culture.
But they can't shut everybody up.
And you know, see, that's part of it, is like this whole cancel culture fear of, well, I'm going to lose my job if I say something.
I'm going to lose my position.
I'm going to lose...
I'm going to get called a white supremacist.
I'm going to get called a racist.
I think that's where they're really grabbing people by the balls.
I get it.
And I get it.
If you are within U.S.
government and it's a big ask for a wave and a movement of whistleblowers to come out and just speak the truth.
But maybe that's what's necessary right now.
Do you love your country?
You really gotta ask yourself.
I think this is what it comes down to.
Do you love... Ultimately, if you're a Christian, right?
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
And if you truly are a Christian, you have God's Holy Spirit and any form of tyranny is always gonna be a threat to you and your reality as a Christian because you've been truly freed by Christ.
But I think it ultimately comes down to, well, do you...
Do you really love your reality?
And this even goes out to Border Patrol, because I've talked to so many people from within, and it's like, man, I just don't want to lose my job.
I've got to think about my pension and my family.
I've got to think about my career.
I've got to think about my future.
I've talked to police officers about this, especially during 2020 and the whole defund the police garbage and police being told to stand down and arrest Americans that defied lockdown orders, right?
Bowing down to BLM, totally cucked out.
It's like, you know, you got to make a decision.
You really do.
You got to make a decision.
Like, are you going to do what's right?
And are you going to come out and are you going to speak out against the system that is neutering you and that is causing you to violate your conscience every single day?
Are you going to continue to live that reality where you know what they're doing is wrong and you're being used to
As a political pawn to uphold this police state.
You've got to make a decision.
The decision comes down to, am I going to continue to do that and bow down because I'm afraid of losing everything?
Or, do you love God and love country more than that reality?
And I know, it's like, if we're talking about sacrifices, if we're talking about the future of America, if we're talking about peaceful
It's like they go after every personal aspect of your life.
We're good to go.
And, like, that act of... It's an act of intimidation through fear, right?
Like, well, do you see what we did to Alex?
Do you see what we did to Owen?
Do you see what we did to Snowden?
Or do you see what we did to Julian Assange?
Do you really believe that Andrew Breitbart died by a heart attack?
Do you really believe that?
You see what I'm saying?
It's like people are going to start... I mean, that's why James O'Keefe, before he posted that video last night, publicly said, hey, I'm not suicidal.
I love my life.
I've lived a great life.
It's crazy that we're living in that timeline, right?
But they brought us to that point.
And we can't bow down to that.
We can't surrender to that fear because that's what's paralyzing us and that's what's putting us in this position where, well, I don't want to lose everything and I don't want the feds on my tail.
They're already on your tail, dude.
Straight up.
Persecution is inevitable.
We're experiencing these, I would say like these, how do I put it?
Maybe like these, I think persecution comes in levels.
So I think we're seeing these levels of persecution.
And I think being persecuted for being a patriot, being persecuted for being an American, a constitutionalist, right?
Being persecuted for being an info warrior, being persecuted for not going alongside of the regime.
The ultimate endgame is what?
It's the total desecration, decimation, and destruction of Christianity.
That's the endgame, right?
That's the ultimate persecution, and we've seen levels of persecution even to this day.
You're a Christian in Iran, or you're a Christian in the CCP, you name it.
North Korea?
You disappear.
You disappear entirely, you and your family, for generations, and they make damn sure that you
Do not pass down any Christian doctrine, the Bible or the gospel, because they put fear into your family.
You see what we did to your dad?
You see what we did to your Christian dad?
He's gone forever in a concentration camp.
He's gone forever.
And we'll do that to your entire family.
You continue with this Christian nonsense?
Well, then we're going to do this to your entire family.
I mean, that's what Jesus warned us of, right?
They hated me.
And those that desire to live godly in Christ Jesus, they will, they shall suffer persecution.
The ultimate persecution, being a born-again Christian, just that reality and living out that lifestyle, I think we're going to start to see some increased levels of that persecution.
I don't think we've seen anything yet as Americans, to be honest, because Christian persecution, according to not just church history, but human history, we've seen some serious levels.
Even the first century of the church
In the Book of Acts.
I mean, they crucified Jesus!
They conspired to murder Jesus.
The Sanhedrin and the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the religious Jews of that day conspired to murder Jesus.
This is Bible.
This is the Gospel story.
This is like Sunday school basics, right?
And then he imposed that.
They did the same thing to his followers.
The Book of Acts, to the point of murder.
Like, to the point of murder, right?
Like literal religious terrorists slaughtering Christians, abducting them, and imprisoning them.
For simply identifying with Christ and living it out.
So I think America's time has come.
I'm not saying thus says the Lord.
I'm not claiming to be a prophet, but I do think America's time has come where you're going to start to see some increased levels of persecution.
For simply being a Christian, that's it.
For simply being a Christian, living it out, people are going to hate you.
You stand on biblical doctrine, people are going to hate you.
They will hate you, and they won't even know why.
And they will seek to destroy you.
And obviously, through these levels of cancel culture, I think we're identifying that levels of it.
But I think we have a lot more down the road.
And like I said, if you're the type of individual where you just kind of live off of hopium and you don't base yourself in reality, the majority of the New Testament are the apostles communicating to a persecuted church, a persecuted people, persecuted Christians that were dealing with death.
Even Rome itself, targeting Christians and slaughtering and burning pastors alive and the Colosseum as entertainment in front of their families while the crowds chant, Deny Christ!
Deny Christ!
Deny Jesus Christ!
And they didn't.
You know what's interesting about that too?
When they would do that, when they would persecute pastors or just fathers, just Christian fathers, and they would rape
Their wives and incinerate their children in front of them.
Deny Christ or we're going to rape and burn your entire family alive.
Where's your God?
Where's your God?
Call on your God!
Real satanic stuff.
There's a lot of reports in church history of the Romans would show up.
It was like a form of entertainment.
It was like a form of entertainment to come and watch.
Whoa, whoa, look at this.
Sometimes these pastors and these fathers...
They wouldn't bow, dude.
They couldn't deny Christ.
Even at that point, they could not deny the reality of who they were, born-again Christians.
That's what I'm talking about.
There have been some serious levels of persecution in human history.
But as they would do that, they would preach the gospel to the audience.
It's crazy.
People would be devastated.
The Holy Spirit would work in that.
People would be devastated.
Like, whoa, this person is...
And so...
I just think we have to be mindful of that.
I don't think that's a doom and gloom message.
I don't think that's a black-pilled message.
We hope in God.
God could turn this around immediately, but we're living Romans 1.
This is a depraved, reprobate society that God has given over to.
We're living in that.
Collectively, if society does not want to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ, there's going to be a serious consequence.
What that looks like, I don't know.
All I could point to are examples.
Of national judgments because God demanded repentance and it did not happen.
And over time, God's patience, his forbearance, his long-suffering does have its limits.
Don't test God, dude.
Straight up.
This is why I tell people, I mean...
This has happened in biblical history with the children of Israel.
I mean, just read the book of Judges.
Read their whole history, coming back to God, going away, massive persecution or some kind of natural disaster.
Huge scenarios that God allows to get people to wake up and come back to them.
America's no different.
America is not immune to that.
And I would argue if America is going to face a time like that, it's probably around right now.
However, unless there's some serious national repentance.
I'm talking about people like Lil Nas X truly coming to repentance and coming to Christ.
You know what I'm saying?
I'm talking about people like Joe Biden just one day coming out and giving his life to Christ.
I'm talking about people like Hillary Clinton giving their life to Christ.
I'm talking about you name it, right?
I'm talking about when Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates gives their life to Christ.
And I'm talking about collectively the United States of America, this national repentance, this LGBTQ psychotic community, all these groomers and these transhuman perverts and all these NGOs that are pushing for the collapse of American sovereignty, which is anti-biblical, by the way.
I'm talking about that.
That's what I'm talking about.
Because, like, if you're an info warrior, you're a based, you know, born-again Christian out there, you're like, Drew, like, and the church.
Like, and the church.
That's all bowing down to sodomy and homosexuality.
Will not take a stance against anything to save their lives, dude.
Like, basic biblical truths, like marriage.
Man, woman.
Not that hard.
Can't take a stance on that?
Well, alright, then...
Like, God's going to have to figure something.
I mean, I don't like to say that because God has it all figured out.
But God is going to have to roll something out that is going to really gain the attention of Americans.
And I think we're seeing it.
I don't think that's blackpilled.
I think that's just being real.
Like, from a biblical perspective, where we really are at.
And however, I think, and I agree with Alex, that this whole border invasion and the collapse of American sovereignty is the biggest issue.
It's up there.
Of our time in American history.
It's up there.
Way up there.
This is a full-scale replacement migration invasion of the West.
And you're going to start to see consequences here and there.
These illegals are already raping and murdering autistic girls.
I'm not even joking.
I'm being dead serious.
Anyone can go find this in the news.
It's been happening more frequently.
It's been happening.
These illegals are...
They're molesting the physically and the mentally disabled.
And now they're assaulting police officers, the NYPD.
And then they're released with no charges or no consequence at all.
Not even a slap on the wrist.
They just release them.
And they catch them on video and they're just, you know, they're flipping off, flipping off everyone in the camera.
Yeah, that's going to continue to happen, guys.
Look what they did in France.
Look what they did in Germany and Europe.
With this full-blown replacement migration.
Agenda and operation.
I mean, this is why I totally support Trump.
And I think when Trump was in Vegas, total viral video, if you guys didn't see it, just comes out and says, you know, immediately in my administration, 2025, you will see the largest domestic deportation operation in American history.
And I'm totally for it.
I'm totally for it.
You want to know why?
Because, like, this comes, like, does it really have to get that bad?
To where, like, your daughter gets molested, gets raped by some dirty illegal that doesn't even belong here?
I don't care what your politics are.
Evil, evil, all right, doesn't care what your politics are.
It could care less.
It just wants you naive and blind into thinking that this could never happen to you.
It's never happened to my family.
Never happened to my daughter.
You see, legals aren't a problem for me.
That's only a problem for Texas because they're a border state.
That's only a problem for Arizona and California because they're a border state.
No, we're all border states.
You want to know why?
Because this is our sovereignty we're talking about.
And these people are not only invading Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, you name it, even the northern border, they're being deployed throughout the entire United States.
And, dude, unfortunately, like...
People are going to have to experience.
They're going to have to experience how devastating this really does become on American families in order for them to finally wake the hell up.
I mean, look at the blacks in Chicago.
They know what's up.
They're pissed.
But unfortunately, it took the illegals to get to Chicago, start to replace them all in order for them to wake up.
I'm not shaming them for waking up a little too late.
Better late than never, but we got a lot of work to do, so I'm all for mass deportations of these illegals.
They don't belong here in any way, shape, or form.
My name is Drew Hernandez.
Make sure to go follow me, guys, at DrewHLive on X. I'll be down at Eagle Pass for InfoWars.com, banned out video this weekend.
Follow me on Rumble.
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