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Air Date: Jan. 28, 2024
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In this video, Alex Jones discusses the state of the border wall in Texas, how the news media portrays it as a major issue, and emphasizes that it is working. He also mentions former top U.S. weapons inspectors who have stated Iran has nuclear weapons and that Iran is providing Russia with attack drones for use in the Ukraine war. Jones discusses the potential of high-tech nuclear transfer from Russia to Iran for their support in the war, and how Iran could have enough uranium to make 12 nuclear bombs within five months. He talks about the Texas Guard aiding illegal immigrants at the border while also arresting criminals and running background checks. Jones criticizes people for getting caught up in election-related drama and urges them to go see for themselves what is happening at the border. He discusses a bill that bans any type of firearms training with two or more people, arguing it criminalizes semi-automatic weapons and could lead to federal prison time. Jones also talks about California's new requirement for all new vehicles to have tracking kill switches, which critics argue violates privacy rights and can be used for surveillance purposes. He mentions Dinesh D'Souza's film "2000 Mules," which exposes evidence of widespread election fraud in the United States. The federal government has ended research on cell phone radiation's effects on human health after spending over $7 billion on a 20-year investigation, leading critics to argue that this move protects the interests of the telecommunications industry at the expense of public safety. Jones discusses ongoing global conflicts, including those between India and Pakistan, Israel and Gaza, and potential war with Iran. He talks about the situation at the US-Mexico border, highlighting how authorities are releasing criminals without processing them, and emphasizes that there are serious criminals being released and that the situation needs urgent attention. Finally, he discusses various conspiracy theories about secret tunnels, underground bases, and non-human species, linking them to Jeffrey Epstein and high-level Freemasons. He also mentions attacks on shipping in the Red Sea and potential nuclear threats.

What's going on, guys?
I know y'all come to my page because of the comedy, and I just play around on here.
And I don't get political very often.
Sometimes I have some things to say about things.
I live in Texas.
I was just in Eagle Pass.
And I've got some videos I need to show you guys.
Because you're watching the news, whether it's CNN or Fox, and you're letting...
These news media idiots get you riled up against each other.
Let me show you some videos that might just calm your ass down and make you turn off the TV.
Watch this.
Alright, so this is the wall.
You know, the fence that we put up.
And they put up a secondary fence because they opened the gates.
There's some armed guards with some pretty serious weaponry.
You know, pretty intimidating, right?
Here's your razor wire in between the two bridges that are in the entrances into Mexico and also the entrances to Eagle Pass.
There's some Hummers, some more guys, right?
We're protecting, you know, we're keeping them out.
This is .5 miles
From that area.
.5 miles from where they set up their cameras.
.5 miles from where they have all the people there.
And it's right down the road.
I left this long to show you just how short of a drive it is for us to get to a point where all that we just saw does not matter and they're just getting you riled up against each other because it's election time.
And right about here is where you're going to see it.
What's that?
Where are the armed guards?
Where are the AR-15s?
Where is the razor wire?
Where is the gates?
That's half a mile from where the media is blowing up that Texas versus the feds, that we're having this big battle.
So that was one gate.
That was the very first gate that I saw.
We drove down a little bit more.
There's one.
It had a chain on it.
So you keep driving down the road.
You got Trump's wall doing its job.
This one has never even had a gate.
Doesn't matter if you're Republican, Democrat, liberal, libertarian.
It doesn't matter what you are.
And you're posting about this Texas versus the feds and we could have a civil war.
I'm telling you right now, if a civil war breaks out, it's not because there's something good to fight over.
It's because it's election time.
It is because the news media is corrupt and you need to turn the TV off.
I don't care...
I don't care what news media you watch.
Just go down there and look yourself.
Go look.
The things that they are saying that the feds and...
Texas are fighting about is a stretch that is not even a mile.
How long is the border?
They can just walk right over, and those gates keep going and going and going and going.
I know you're thinking, well, just two gates.
No, they're all open.
Open all the gates.
It's a whole hoopla over this little bitty section in Eagle Pass in between a bridge and a bridge.
The only place that there's guards...
So if you can't get in half a mile of our border, you just walk down the road and you go across the border there.
All you folks posting about this, you take this side and you think you're doing the right thing.
But all of you need to reevaluate the country you live in and the information that's being given to you.
Because I really, I wanted to be on the Republican, I wanted to push on the Republican side.
Hell, I'm from Texas.
I'm in the middle no matter what, usually, but I wanted to lean towards that side.
And once I got down there, I was like, nope, I don't know.
Believe what you want to believe, but I recorded those videos.
No one sent me that.
I don't know what else to tell you guys, but turn the TV off.
You know, I sit up here and I yell and scream about the New World Order and the globalists.
They're planning to get rid of the borders and release a virus and have a global power grab.
And you saw it all come true.
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This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
All right, I have massively prepared for this evening's live broadcast with 281 days, 7 hours, 53 minutes, 45 seconds for the most important election in modern history.
It is Sunday, January 28th, 2024.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Alright, let me tell you what's coming up here.
And if you're a TV viewer, you can see all these giant stacks of news.
All of these stacks I could spend three hours apiece on.
But first off, let me just tell you what's coming up.
Several former top U.S.
weapons inspectors, several former top U.N.
weapons inspectors and others have gone public.
And said, look, Iran already has nuclear weapons.
And now with the killing of three U.S.
soldiers in the morning and more than 20, with a drone attack launched, they believe, by Hezbollah, which is controlled by Iran forces.
I have no doubt that's true.
Probably is.
Iran's been directing this.
They're supplying Russia with massive amounts of drones for the Ukraine war.
Biden's now saying things like, hell to pay...
Full-throated response.
Massive retaliation.
I've got the statements out of the State Department and out of the White House right here.
Iran is sucking us into a massive world war.
Now, why did Biden give them $6 billion a month before October 7th?
There's a lot of other stuff at play here.
So, we're going to be laying all of that out today, but...
The top general...
Over that whole area.
And I'll just stop there.
Afghanistan, but then into Iran.
That's part of the same area.
And they have the scans and all the stuff.
I wasn't shown anything classified.
None of that.
I was able to go reverse engineer where I was told and find it.
We're good to go.
Radioactive Substance has put off a signature as well.
And I'm on record for 15 years, and it's a big thing I've been made fun of in the controlled media, that Alex Jones says Iran has nukes.
I can show you the last 20-plus years of newscasts since 9-11, with Benjamin Netanyahu and George W. Bush and all of them saying, Iran is months away, months away, months away, months away, months away, months away, months away.
Iran has chosen, just like Israel has, to not admit they have nuclear weapons.
Israel has thousands of nuclear weapons.
They've had top whistleblowers go public.
They've imprisoned Israelis that were deputy heads of the program.
Israel has nuclear weapons.
And ICBMs will deliver anywhere in the world.
Not just cruise missiles and bombs and artillery.
That'll fire it.
Tactical weapons.
The word is they've got 2,000 last time information leaked.
2,000 nuclear weapons.
Now, Iran is in deep with the Russians and supplying them with thousands of attack drones a month and munitions and weapons.
What do you think Russia is giving them?
Just putting all the pieces together, and this is something I surmise.
It looks to me like you're having high-tech nuclear transfer as the payment from Russia because Iran doesn't need oil.
That's what Russia usually pays for stuff with.
I would add that there's a modernization of the Iranian nukes from atomic to hydrogen with the Russians, but that is speculation.
What is not speculation, and I'm going to get to this at the bottom of the hour, I'm just mentioning it now.
Here's the Washington Times years ago.
James H. Baker, Pentagon strategist, says Iran nukes probable.
Okay, that's years ago.
Here's another one.
UN nuclear watchdog confirms inspectors found particles of near-weapons-grade uranium in Iran.
World War III fears, as expert warns, Iran has uranium to make 12 nuclear bombs in five months.
And then I've got statements from Biden.
Hell to pay.
How will Biden respond to Iran's nuclear...
We're good to go.
Said Iran may accelerate its already well-developed nuclear weapons program if the U.S.
decides to launch direct strikes on the territory.
And he says they've confirmed they've got all the weapons parts.
They just haven't confirmed they put together the weapons, and they could put them together in a week to two weeks.
That's all in this article, and he testifies to it, and...
It's all right there.
We'll be reading over it, okay?
So let's just get this straight.
I have talked to a lot of military, high-level people, and said I was told 15 years ago that Iran's got nukes.
And they're like, yeah, well, you're not supposed to know that, but yeah, you're going the right direction.
They have nuclear weapons.
They at least have atomic weapons.
And now they've got delivery systems for them.
Oh yeah, here's headlines.
Four years earlier in 92, he predicted that Iran would have a nuclear bomb by 1999.
That's Netanyahu.
The London Telegraph.
So, Iran has never admitted they have it.
But they do.
So, I'm going to get to this coming up later in the hour, okay?
But this is a big, big deal.
And now we've got Biden...
Saying a full-throated response, there'll be hell to pay, and all the rest of it.
So that's just one of the stacks here.
Let me tell you what's else in the stack.
People want simple answers, and the complex issue is they're not simple answers.
But I know what's going on.
I know exactly what's going on.
And basically, both sides within the populist right-wing are correct.
They're just not 100% correct.
Is the Abbott administration putting on a dog and pony show, a WWF or WWE, World Wrestling Federation, Kabuki Theater, Iron Sheik versus, you know, Andre the Giant or something, down at the border at Eagle Pass?
Is the Texas Guard still aiding illegal aliens and bringing them into the United States and handing them off to NGOs?
The answer is yes.
Now, are they starting to hold them longer?
Are they starting to actually arrest criminals and run background checks?
Are they starting to demand that the feds do their job and at least do background checks?
So it's going to take the governor time if he's going in the right direction, and I've not completely seen that yet, to deliver.
But with all these states joining in and all the other guard groups going, now the state's going to be expected to do something.
So I see this overall as very positive what's happening.
That said, you got all these big trucker convoys that I think are great and all these citizen journalist groups that are great.
We've just got to be careful and not get set up like January 6th.
And the corporate media, the Washington Post, all of them are hyping that the Civil War is about to start.
We certainly don't support that.
And so we're going to go to break and come back and hit all the rest of the news we're going to be drilling into.
And then I'm going to start going into each stack in detail today.
There is so much we're going to be breaking down.
We've got huge COVID news.
Former high-level officials are now admitting that the vaccine is linked to AIDS.
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One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections, masquerading as vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious.
And you realize ignorance is not bliss, it equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are and that's a hard thing to do because to wake up to a disturbing reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place and cutting off all the major energy sources is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
All right, let me go ahead and just mention the other news.
And then I'm going to go into the massive danger of a full-bore war leading into a new world war that we're already in the beginning days of with the situation with Iranian proxies in Syria, in Iran.
Many other countries in the Middle East attacking U.S.
troops, U.S.
ships, and more out of places like Yemen.
I do not support what Iran's doing, and I think Iran has a terrible, evil Islamic regime that the CIA, even Richard Nixon, did interviews on C-SPAN admitting that after he left office, he later learned they actually did that in the Carter administration at the end of being double-crossed by the CIA.
So there's a larger crisis being created here, and it's very, very serious, and Obama, who's really president right now in his third unelected term, is heavily manipulating that.
That's coming up next segment, but let me just mention to you some of the other stuff we've got here that ties into it all.
Then I'll get into the border and break down what's really happening there, because we do know, and we are sending multiple reporters and camera people
Monday, they'll be down there Tuesday, right through the weekend.
And then we're going to send Drew Hernandez next weekend, so he'll be there working for him for a week.
And then after he's there for a week, Owen Schroyer is going down.
He's still on post-release probation for a few months when he was let out of prison for nothing on January 6th.
He was sent to prison for a few months, as you know, and he's still barred until the middle of February.
Being able to go down there, but he'll be going down there, and then I'll go down there as well.
Maybe I'll go down there before he does, but I'm kind of pinned down here.
But we have stuff like this, and I actually have the bill as well.
And in fact, I forgot to send the bill itself to the crew.
Will you guys print me the bill?
It's the first line in the article.
Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act.
And Jamie White wrote a great article about this on Infowars.com.
And quite frankly, it's the headline I gave him last night.
It's not strong enough.
Once I saw the headline, I thought, this is not even strong enough because I reread the bill this morning.
And we're going to be doing that.
It says any type of firearms training with two or more people is illegal.
And it's considered paramilitary.
Any semi-automatic weapons are considered that in any type of firearm training and puts you in federal prison for it.
And you cannot make it up.
It's a very short bill.
And people say, well, it's not going to pass.
6981, Preventing Private Paramilitary Act, Activity Act of 2024.
But it just shows where they want to take us and what they want to do.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
California has introduced a bill.
Looks like they've got the votes that all cars will have kill switches in them and the government will track everywhere you go and what you do and tax your carbon and make sure you don't speed over the speed limit ever.
And you're like, well, how will they do that?
They don't control manufacturing.
Oh, I'm sorry.
They passed it three years ago when Biden first got back in, and then Congress threatened to get rid of the legislation, so they repassed it.
And now it's law that all new vehicles have tracking kill switches in them.
And I have ABC News reporting on how wonderful that is.
So we'll be getting to that.
And then I have this little delicious piece of information.
And I'd read about this months ago, but I'd forgotten about it.
So when I saw this last night and posted it on my ex-account where it's gotten millions of views since then, you should go watch it and share it.
We're good to go.
And in some cases, tens of thousands of ballots came from the same address, just like in 2000 Mules with Dinesh D'Souza, and they only looked at a few states and a few cities, and they show hundreds of people going to the same safe houses and then going to drop boxes and putting in dozens, in some cases hundreds of ballots that they'd filled out.
Smoking gun.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I can continue on.
Every article is just insane, okay?
Oh, I've got a bunch of black-on-white murder going on, and the media actually saying it's okay.
And then I've got this giant stack.
That, again, I could do easily five hours on.
The federal government is not doing any more testing on vaccines.
They just authorized everything.
Anything that is ejected in the body is now called a vaccine.
The findings came in after a 20-year federal investigation that spent over $7 billion, finding that all forms of cell phone radiation or microwave relays are causing massive cancer.
Their answer is to seal the research and never do any more research.
That's just one of the articles.
No more research on cell phone radiation and human health, government says.
And then, oh, look at the other articles.
Here's the actual Environmental Health Trust, federally funded, and what they announced.
Electromagnetic radiation saving.
They said they did find it causes cancer, but they're just going to end the research.
That's it.
Oh, my goody, goody gumdrops.
And then children most at risk of brain damage from wireless radiation.
But that's okay.
Isn't that just cutesy cute?
And then that ties into this stat, just showing the same parallel, where there's a total weaponization of everything against us.
FDA's new rule allows for medical research without conformed consent on the public.
Yeah, like Tuskegee.
CDC draft alert on myocarditis and COVID-19 vaccine, but never sent it even though they knew it was causing heart attacks.
Bayer ordered to pay $2.25 billion in latest Roundup case.
It's already bent people's genders and killed hundreds of millions, so it's okay.
Toxic cover-up watchdog group demands EPA records of Facebook censorship surrounding East Palestine train derailment post.
Point is, the government is now working directly against us.
That's just the last couple days' stuff.
Now, I only covered maybe 10% of the stacks, but I think that's a good start of just what's on the table here.
Let's come back with Republicans demanding nuclear war with Iran immediately.
Problem is, they got nukes too, Dumbo.
So let me explain to the Republicans who want nuclear war because they were the only ones that got them, how the different war games and scenarios go.
And they're all end-of-the-world stuff.
We'll tell you about it when we're right back.
Stay with us.
The Second American Revolution is happening now right in front of you.
And you're tuned in to InfoWars because you're either looking for the truth or you're already a patriot.
I'm asking you now to realize we are at the fulcrum, the crossroads in the fight for human destiny and human future.
We're good to go.
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But now is the time to make the decision.
I know there's millions of forms of media out there and all this BS, and the globalists hope you get lost in all of it.
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Think about it.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
You are listening to an Infowars.com Frontline Report.
It's Alex Jones.
We are back live on this live Sunday transmission.
So, Iran has ballistic missiles that can hit most parts of the world.
They have tens of thousands of missiles that can rain down on Israel and surrounding countries.
They can easily close all the major borders.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So Iran is goading the West.
They're using their proxies in Yemen and in Syria and in Lebanon and in Gaza and in the West Bank to push the West into a conflict.
And they've got forces pretty much run Iraq now.
The Shiites out of Iran run that.
And if you know all the different blocks, you understand that the Iranians are 20% of Islam.
They are the Shiites.
I think about the Sunnis that are the other majority group.
Something like 75%.
The others, a few little subsects.
But 95% of Islam is Shiite and Sunni, mainly Sunni.
And so if you know the different players and what's happening and how there are Islamists all over the world, you know that
India's been in a bunch of conflicts with Pakistan.
They're both nuclear powers.
India rolled in with the Hindu nationalists and took over Kashmir that had been taken by the Muslims in the last 50 years.
And now they're off and on in border shooting conflicts with the Chinese to the east.
So it's wild.
You've got the expanded war in Ukraine and the weapons becoming more and more advanced, more and more deadly on the escalation ladder.
And then you've got October 7th, clearly meant to shut Israel into a trap there in Gaza.
And that's why I war-gamed it on air with Eric Prince and Steve Mann, and people take it out of context.
When I was war-gaming, Israel might be able to take out Hamas if they went in there and just carpet-mommed and leveled everything, but they're not doing that.
That doesn't mean I think Israel should do that.
I'm explaining that's the only way
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We have the psycho turtle Mitch McConnell and others saying that they want to see a serious response for the three U.S.
service members killed yesterday and more than 20 wounded when a suicide drone, and I guess they're all suicidal, they're crashing into you, but no person on board.
It wasn't a real kamikaze like World War II with a real pilot in the Zero fighter plane flying into an aircraft carrier or into a cruiser or into a destroyer.
But nonetheless, they're beating the drums extremely heavily for that.
So, if the United States starts carpet bombing or doing an Operation Praying Manage 2.0 and blowing up the entire Iranian fleet there off their coast, Iran has said, and I think they'll follow through, that they'll activate Islamic cells they've got by the hundreds of thousands in Europe, by the tens of thousands in the U.S.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This is not going to remove the Islamicists.
They've got bunkers and safe houses everywhere.
They don't care if millions of their people died.
They lost over a million in the proxy war with the U.S.
in the 1980s in the Iran-Iraq war.
And it will actually strengthen the Malula's hand who are very unpopular with the younger population that's more than half the population is below the age of 35.
And so they need a good war.
And they're also allied with Russia and with China.
And we're getting a lot of high-tech weapons from them.
And they've got very capable...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Obviously, it's not good to have some of our troops killed in Jordan.
It's not good to have ships attacked in the Red Sea out of Yemen.
And I think that the response to those groups should be proportionate and that with the satellites and all the things that the United States has, it'll be very easy to stop bombarding, to start bombarding the Hezbollah Quds Force in
In Syria, in Lebanon, and in Gaza.
And I'm all for it if we wake up tomorrow and hear the Ayatollah Khomeini, you know, himself, just ate some food and had a heart attack and died.
But they're insulated and that's not going to happen.
So if there's any major military action...
It will very quickly lead to terror attacks all over the West.
We'll lose our rights.
The borders will stay wide open because logic's murdered.
The TSA will grope your testicles even harder and fill your wife's breasts even harder and put you in even stronger body scanners while the border's wide open.
And that's bare minimum.
There's a very good chance that Iran will just float a...
We're good to go.
NATO's already saying imminent, prepare for imminent war in the next few months with Russia.
They're preparing for national drafts in Sweden and Germany and the UK.
I mean, and there's mainline reports out of NATO saying this is the beginning of a new war scenario, a new war economy that's never going to end, basically.
So you wonder how they're going to get a cashless society and central bank digital currencies to do all this.
They're going with war, folks.
Totally insane, but that's what crazy elites do every time.
So it is a pivotal moment.
As Biden says, he will take serious action with a full-throated response.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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I'm not on Team NFL.
I'm not on Team NBA.
I'm not on Team Olympics.
I'm not on Team Globalist or Wokeism in the New World Order.
I'm on Team Humanity, ladies and gentlemen, that loves God and loves our families and loves humanity and knows that we're destined to do even more incredible things than we've already done together.
And so, inspired by my conversation with Elon Musk recently...
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And I thank you.
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Go f*** yourselves.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live.
The border with Mexico and Texas is roughly 600 miles long.
A lot of people are debating whether Abbott's for real or not and whether or not he's really trying to secure the border down there and what the Texas Guard is really doing.
I've been down there a bunch.
Last year, the year before, my crew's been down there.
We're sending crew in less than 24 hours down there.
They leave tomorrow.
We know what's gone on.
We know what's currently going on.
And it doesn't tell us exactly what is about to happen.
Got the big convoy that gets there in a few days.
We're going to have reporters down there continually in the next few weeks.
Drew Hernandez goes in on Saturday to relieve the other crew when they come back.
But what I do know is this has really gotten the public's attention and all these states have gotten behind Texas and
And at least at Eagle Pass, they've been blocking the entry and then checking people's IDs and arresting people with criminal records.
And so people left that area and then distributed out to other areas to try to come across, and the Texas Guard doesn't have the personnel on that giant border to be able to catch them all.
And then people drive down the wall and they see it,
And they see openings in it and they say, why is it open?
Well, the wall is not on the border.
In some cases, there's a bunch of farmland right there in the river bottom.
It's one of the most valuable land for citrus and tomatoes and potatoes and everything down there.
Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, you name it.
It goes California, Florida, Texas.
Texas is the third largest producer of citrus alone in the United States.
And arguably the second largest producer of food total.
And that's the breadbasket down there.
So in many cases, the wall is three, four miles back from the border.
On the other side of the wall is Border Patrol swarming around in the areas where the river isn't too deep and people try to come across.
So what happens is people drive by and they go, oh, look, that gate's open.
Yeah, and you drive through the gate and there will be five Border Patrol trucks sitting right there.
So that can be deceiving, okay?
I've flown over with helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, drones, you name it.
What we do know is, and we've got countless videos that have shown this, is under Abbott, the State Guard's been down there helping the Border Patrol until about a month ago process the illegal aliens and helping bring them in and letting the NGOs boss the State Guard, the National Guard, around.
And here's recent footage of, in fact, roll it from the beginning.
Go ahead and roll the audio.
I know it's windy out there, but people can hear this.
And the illegal alien from South America, he even identifies himself.
He just walks through the gate, walks straight over, gets on a bus, and then drives to a processing center.
And people see this and say, well, what's going on?
Well, that's what the guard's been told to do by the governor a couple miles from Eagle Pass.
That's what they've been doing.
So, yes, that's real.
Yes, that's currently going on.
And, yes, we even had the state guard get in our faces and tell us back off and don't videotape stuff at night just last year.
Saw those viral videos when Owen went down there for a week.
As they were being loaded onto the buses.
Now, the really telling footage from Eagle Pass is right here.
And that is clip 20.
Ars questions illegals in El Paso.
Or, excuse me, illegals in Eagle Pass.
Hernando Ars questions illegals in Eagle Pass.
He's a great reporter.
We've talked to him before.
We're on a lot of his reports.
We're going to be hooking up with him and others when we're down there this next week.
He talks to them and they say, yeah, they let us through because it's a woman with children.
That's exactly what I've been told from our Border Patrol sources who refused, that's big news too, to move in after they got ordered days ago.
It was posted by Friday.
To move in and physically remove the Texas Guard, and they've refused that order.
So Biden did order them to remove them.
I was told that on Friday.
It's since hit the news yesterday, mainstream news, Fox News, that indeed they're refusing the orders.
And I've also posted those reports at RealAlexJonesOnX if you want to see those.
So that is a big deal.
So it remains...
To be seen.
We're going to get some real answers for you this week.
And next week, we're going to be stationed down there.
We've got all the sources.
We've got the contacts.
And we're going to get to the bottom of it.
But this is a 600-mile border.
It's a 2,300-mile border total with Mexico and the United States.
And here's some of our reporters when the military state guard tried to get in their face.
Well, our guys got right back in theirs and said, shame on you.
I already played this clip again last week.
It's from over a year ago, or about a year ago.
But this is what we're dealing with.
And so it's too soon to say exactly what's going on.
At the start of the show, we played a local citizen journalist who lives down there, and he drove by the wall and said, look, the doors are open.
Well, that's because it's three, four, five, six miles depending on where you're at.
From there, that's just one wall.
In many areas, they've got two walls open.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I'm hoping that he's not a total sellout, and now he sees it's the right thing to do, and he's got the support, and that he gets these other guards down there, and we start organizing, and we start having state-funded deportations, particularly of men and people with criminal records.
Up until now, and I've interviewed off-record federal judges and FBI and federal marshals and high-level border patrol who have given us intel the last few years, and...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
He was in South Texas driving a school bus for disabled children.
And you know what the Justice Department did?
They told the federal judge and the federal magistrates, you may not charge him.
And under the statutes, all they can do when the Justice Department won't let them charge him with a felony is they can charge him with a misdemeanor for the illegal crossing, and they do that, and they hold him for one month.
And I'm told this by a senior federal judge.
Face to face.
Via Zoom.
Right there.
And imagine how desperate they are.
They're coming to Alex Jones.
And I said in one of these meetings, I said, let me guess why you're talking to me.
You tried to get this on Fox.
You tried to get this on Joe Rogan.
And they try to look at each other and they're like, well, how do you know that?
We were going to ask you to get a hold of Joe Rogan.
We want to save these kids.
And I said, yeah, I figured.
You'd already tried.
People come to me last.
I said, I understand.
You know, I'm the big bad guy.
But I said, I'll give it to Joe.
But, you know, Joe's pet peeve is being told who to get on and who not to get on.
But, I mean, I gave him the information.
But, I mean, what are you supposed to do, folks?
And then I've got a very small crew, a very small operation.
We could have a 10-person team, and they couldn't even scratch the surface, of the one federal court.
And it's magistrates and the cases they've got.
And all you gotta do, they pointed it out to us, go to the court record, and you can see where every hour...
They said on court days, it's every few minutes, they are forced to release people that have been in our prisons or in Mexican prisons, that they know their name, they have their face scanned, their hands have been scanned, they scan them, they photograph them, they instantly know who they are, and that they're multiple-time, hardcore criminals.
Felons, rapists, child molesters, murderers, narcotics traffickers.
And they told me, and I've seen this in the news, it's true, the only people they'll stop...
They don't stop most of them and never get them.
Most of them is terrorists.
People that are on an actual terrorist watch list.
And they're catching a lot of Iranians, a lot of Iraqis, a lot of Syrians, you name it.
Scary hombres down there.
So, I'm going to come back and talk more about this straight ahead.
And then we're going to shift gears into all the other news tonight.
Stay with us.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
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We're good to go.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The tunnels beneath Chabad headquarters in Brooklyn were immediately filled in with cement, ensuring that there would be no investigation to conflict with the nonsensical cover story that they were recently dug in response to the COVID lockdowns.
In today's pop culture, it is speculated that they are related to child sex trafficking, which is indeed a horrific problem with the human race.
But there seems to be something more to these tunnels.
Tunnels leading underground are one of Earth's greatest mysteries and can be found all over the world and all throughout history.
Phil Schneider, a structural engineer who spent 17 years as a military contractor building deep underground military bases, went on a tour giving lectures and blowing the whistle on what he witnessed.
He claimed there were 129 deep underground bases in America alone, all of which were the size of a small city.
He found that some of these underground bases were connecting to ancient underground tunnels and cave networks that were inhabited by a non-human species which he ran into while building an underground base beneath Dulce, New Mexico.
Schneider said that the Dulce area was a hub of underground bases all connected by a high-speed underground rail system.
Less than a year after blowing the whistle, Schneider died under suspicious circumstances.
Dulce, New Mexico is 170 kilometers from the Four Corners, an area known for the Skinwalkers, who the Hopi tribe describe as a non-human species that live underground.
Dulce is 260 kilometers from Scientology's heavily guarded underground Tremantina base.
And Dulce is 200 kilometers from Jeffrey Epstein's Zorro Ranch, which is known to have an 8,000 square foot underground level and is rumored to lead even deeper underground.
According to several prominent scientists who Jeffrey Epstein had as guests, Epstein hoped to seed the human race after a cataclysm by impregnating 20 women at a time at the Zorro Ranch.
According to researcher Christopher John Bejerkness, the goal of breeding Jewish seed lines with Gentile women is the fulfillment of Kabbalistic legends of Samael and Lilith.
According to Bejerkness, the Kabbalistic teachings include a geocentric model of the earth with an underworld that extends seven levels beneath the surface where a reptilian species lives.
These legends foretell a cleansing of the Earth when everyone on the surface will perish and only those in the underworld will survive.
High-level Freemasons allegedly believe in a hollow Earth where a non-human species rule from an underworld called Agartha.
And their most guarded secrets seem to revolve around a cyclical cataclysmic event.
Phil Schneider also built submarine bases and said that most were connected to the vast network of deep underground bases.
Ghislaine Maxwell had a submarine license and was known to transport people to Epstein Island through an underwater submarine port.
The U.S.
military built a submarine base on St.
Thomas Island, which is just 13 kilometers from Epstein Island.
And right next to this submarine base is Water Island, owned by Joe Biden's brother and their business associate.
In a recent interview on Iconic, Juliette Bryant, who was kidnapped by Jeffrey Epstein for two years, said that she never witnessed any of the dozens of girls there being trafficked to any men other than Epstein.
But she did wake up once paralyzed on a lab table and witnessed Epstein shapeshift into something else.
You know, and I still want to know why exactly I was taken there, because there's a lot more weird stuff going on, because, you know, I didn't see any girls getting trafficked to other men.
So there's something else that they were doing.
That's fascinating in itself, and we have a lot of talk, and this doesn't get spoken about that much, but it's the kind of cloning DNA part that he was obviously transhumanism that he was interested in.
Did that...
Come up anywhere?
Did you see any signs?
I mean, obviously there's scientists.
I'm just going to put it out there right now.
I woke up in a laboratory there one night.
These are the things I haven't wanted to talk about because it's frightening.
But there were scientists there, you know, and I woke up one night in a laboratory paralyzed and naked on a table.
I would like to be lie detected on this.
You know, there are other weird things that I saw.
I saw Epstein shift in front of my eyes.
It was very, very frightening and it's something that I had to explain to myself because I saw him turn into something.
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... ... ... ...
It's Sunday night.
We're live.
I'm here every weekday, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central Texas time with my weekday broadcast.
Been doing it in that time slot for 27 years.
Been doing the Sunday show for 16 in this slot.
I think.
I think.
We're good to go.
More attacks on shipping in the Red Sea.
We're going to be going over all of it today.
But here are some of the articles.
Again, Biden given chilling nuclear warning over attacking Iran after kamikaze drone kills troops.
Then it's got the UN.
Weapons Inspector David Albright, very respected, said Iran may accelerate its already well-developed nuclear weapons program if the U.S.
decides to launch a direct attack.
And says they have nuclear weapons, they just have them disassembled.
You can read the whole article.
It's up on Infowars.com.
There's another one.
James H. Baker, Pentagon strategist, says Iran nukes probable.
That was years ago.
And it just goes on from there.
So that's the reality of what's going on.
And we consider and say, well, the U.S.
could take on Iran and Russia and China.
And the answer is no, we can't, ladies and gentlemen.
So if you want to go on Libin...
We need to stop this.
And that also means not opening our borders up and bringing all these Iranian sleeper cells in here and not giving them $6 billion like Biden did five months ago.
Now we're going to skip this network break coming up, okay?
Because I've got a lot to cover here right now.
All right.
Every time I'm about to go live, I want to try to explain this to people.
Because I think you need to know a sense of where I've been at for almost 30 years on air, trying to hold this back and wishing this wasn't a reality.
And knowing that so much of what the globalists were planning had not been implemented yet and hoping we could stop its implementation.
Well, we've held them back in some ways, but not in many others.
And I have a real sense of horror and a sense of
Regret and a sense of pain.
Because it's one thing to know they're evil and had great control before.
It's another thing to see them with almost total planetary control right now, directly carrying out operations that were only on the blackboard, are only theoretical before.
And then it is so... Frustrating is not even the word.
It's painful.
And really try to find the truth.
And I've learned that so many of my issues are I love to cover all the little factoids and pieces of something, which is important to do in a document to prove it for people.
But where I'm really successful is when I just give a quick definition and a boil down or a gestalt.
And then people can then go, oh, I see that, and then they can go research it themselves.
And so many times I've learned it's better to say, hey, here's a couple pieces of data.
Why don't you go find it yourself?
I've noticed on X, if I say, I could show you this document right now where Fauci admits to creating anal function bioweapons, but instead I'm just going to talk about it.
And I'm going to challenge everybody under me to comment, and instead of them getting 300,000 views, they'll get 5 million, and there'll be hundreds of posts with documents, not just showing the one gain-of-function statement by Fauci that I mentioned, but showing 50 or 60.
And I love watching the people on Exco.
Jones, you missed this one.
You missed that one.
See, I've learned instead of me coming in and saying, I printed off 60 examples of him, 10 video examples and 50-something documents and emails of his where he creates weaponized illegal viruses and says we need to legalize it and he's proud of it prior to COVID.
But if I just come as a riddle
See what I'm saying?
And so I sit here as a person that's so straightforward that just delivers bombshell after bombshell after bombshell which is there to be seen and researched.
But what people want is a riddle wrapped in an enigma.
We're good to go.
Big, juicy squid that you can go eat right away, or the crab it can go eat.
It wants to get in the bottle.
It wants the riddle.
It wants to work for what it's getting, because it's fun for it.
And that's what we know.
When everything's just given to you, it creates a destroyed society, a decadent, mindless society.
But octopus, octopi, have it built into them where they don't even want to be hand-fed something.
But I guess Jesus said, or people take in the parable of the fish, Jesus made loaves of bread and fish and more fish, as Jesus didn't say.
But it's been said, you can give a man fish, and I guess he'll thank you, or you can teach a man how to fish, and you'll change his whole life.
We're good to go.
Probably just something he's just saying.
I mean, what does he know?
And that's good.
That's healthy.
But all I'm asking you to do is to please, for God's sakes, research this information for yourself.
Because I've got about a 98% accuracy rate.
And usually when I'm wrong, it's because it's worse than I said, okay?
And I'll be completely honest.
I wouldn't call it depression.
I am physically ill over how bad things are.
Because I know we can change it.
I know we can fix it.
But again...
It's like, I can think of an analogy.
It'd be like you show up at a party.
The party's been going on for two hours.
There's a $5,000 prize for whoever can see the hidden image in a painting.
And you walk in, you go, what's going on?
And they go, oh, there's a contest here.
Can you find the whatever in this painting?
And you instantly see it, and you win the money.
People say, oh, you must have been given the answer before you got here.
And I'm just sitting here trying to get people to be able to see stuff for themselves and to transcend and get above the rat's maze and understand how they control you so they can't keep doing this over and over again because the people that want to control you, the people that want to dumb you down, are the very worst of us.
Alright, I've kind of preached there, and it's more of a philosophical, intellectual debate.
But just for the life of me, I don't understand why, if I say right now,
I want everyone to go research Anthony Fauci promoting gain of function and running conferences called in defense of gain of function and promoting the legalization of illegal operations and then lying to Congress later and saying he never did it, doesn't know what they're talking about.
If I just sit here and show you him saying it, no one cares.
Because I have clips today of him saying, I've never done gain of function, nobody does it, you're crazy, it's insane.
We have all the clips of him on C-SPAN years before saying, we need to legalize gain of function, and I've directed gain of function with pathogens to make them stronger.
So I have videos of him saying it, and then I have videos of him denying it.
But if I play it, it's worse than no one cares, so I'm not going to play it.
In fact, if I say I'm covering it up, then everyone will want it.
In fact, no one is allowed to see Fauci promoting antifunction.
Do not go look it up.
Do not pull up in white papers in his emails from lawsuits and him on C-SPAN years ago saying it.
Just do not, do not even go look it up.
And I'm kind of getting psychological here just because...
We're good to go.
You know that's not in our regular library, but why are you interested in it?
And I'd tell them, they would get really excited.
They'd say, that's in the stacks.
What you see in this library is like 5% of what we got.
Come back next week and bring $20, and we'll copy it all for you.
And you'd see me do it on air, and they'd give me a big, giant envelope, big, giant thing full of all the scanned documents.
Of everything I would read in those John Birch Society books, and it was all real.
Every damn date, every damn thing they said, every congressional record.
I wanted to know in 1962 in a congressional hearing if Spangler said everyone will take allegiance to Lucifer in the world government in front of a Senate hearing.
And sure as hell, it's in the congressional record.
Because in 1992, baby, there wasn't an internet where you could go get that.
You had to go to a library.
And imagine, you got to wait a week, you go down there, they hand it to you, you flip through it, and you're looking at the congressional record, and they're in there pledging allegiance to Lucifer.
And then you're like, I've got to get on talk radio and warn people.
Start calling talk radio.
Who's this kid calling?
Oh, shut up, nut.
You're not going to.
But what's crazy is, back then, though, when I finally got on air and I finally showed those documents, people were blown away.
Because then you couldn't get it anywhere.
So why have I just built this up for 15 minutes or 14 minutes?
I have a stack of news here today that I didn't even look for.
The themes just make themselves because it's all coming out at the same time.
Where not just our governments, but governments around the world are saying, we're not doing radiation testing anymore.
We're not doing vaccine testing anymore.
We're not doing GMO testing anymore.
We're not checking anything.
We don't care.
We're going to approve anything and everything now.
We're going to do secret testing on the public.
We don't care.
And again, I've got the Fauci C-SPAN hearings in 2017 and 18.
When he's up there with all the federal regulators and it's like he's a little circus manager.
He's like the circus conductor.
What do you call the head of the circus?
Ringleader, ringleader.
And he's up there ringleading the elephants and the tigers and the bears and the clowns, and they're like, we're going to blow up the old system of regulation and approval of drugs.
We're just going to have carte blanche to test on the public, and we're going to use a virus out of China to do it.
I probably played that clip 20 times here.
But because I don't show it to you, you're all going to go find it, put it on an X. I show it, you don't care.
But I will show you the new stuff.
I got a new rule.
I'm going to show something like 15 times and that's it.
So... Here's what I'm getting at.
I got a bunch of other stuff to hit.
The overhead shot, please.
You see these stacks right here?
You see this stack right here?
Every one of these is a bombshell video of nightmare proportions.
And a bombshell document.
I mean, look at this one.
FDA's new rule allows for medical research without informed consent.
At least it's now all officially public.
That's the Epoch Times linked right through to the FDA press release.
They even tell you in the fine print, we gonna hurt your ass.
The left's all pissed off about testing on rats and dogs and stuff.
And I don't particularly like it with the dogs, but, you know, with Fauci torturing the dog's death with flesh-eating worms, but...
By the way, if you're a new viewer, I didn't just say that for a fact.
That's true.
That's his enjoyment.
But, you know, maybe I shouldn't even cover these stats.
I'm serious.
People don't care.
But what I'm really doing is like a dog, and I'm comparing myself to a dog, too.
You give a dog a rope, it starts jerking it.
Now it wants to fight.
Now it wants it.
I'm just like, can't have it.
Can't have it.
Can't have it.
Can't have it.
Because I want people to get excited about this.
I want people to get upset about the government announcing, which I haven't told you for years is their plan, because I saw Fauci say it, that you're a guinea pig now, and we're going to test on you whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want, and how incredibly insane that is.
Oh, and the head of the WHO is out panicking, going, everyone hates us, no one believes us, we don't have a treaty to take over, we don't have a treaty to run your life.
He goes, it is your governments that are agreeing.
I've got his ass again.
Let's get started here.
And obviously tomorrow I've got more time.
I'm going to drill into this.
But this is Deborah Bricks, former high-level CDC on Trump's task force.
She admitted she lied to Trump to improve warp speed.
I've got another video of that.
Would you like to see that?
Or just type in Deborah Bricks admits she lied to Trump.
You'll get it.
But right here, she says, Holy Toledo!
Fredo, she's on with Chris Cuomo.
She says, there's like this AIDS-like thing everywhere, and everybody doesn't have an immune system now, and they're getting sick and dying at record levels.
It's COVID did it.
But I had the top scientist on, including the vice president, retired vice president of Pfizer and all the rest of them.
Predicting, before they rolled the shots out in 2001, in 2000, and we have the FDA's own document predicting all things, because they knew what it was going to do, because they designed it and had already actually tested it on animals and people secretly, and that came out under Obama at the University of Texas, Galveston, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
But now they're out here going, vaccine, AIDS.
Let me show you a definition.
And how did I predict that?
I'll show you.
We had like a 20-minute clip.
I'll only play a few minutes, then we'll come back.
Vades, Vaccine Acquired Immune Efficiency Syndrome.
You're going to see videos of me in 2020, 2021, warning the public that this was going to happen.
And Oprah running around.
This is something I actually said on air.
People made a meme out of it.
You get AIDS.
You get AIDS.
Everyone gets AIDS.
Or it's like in Team America.
Everybody's got the AIDS.
And I got Robert Malone talking about Vades.
We're going to get to that for you.
And of course, there's this great meme.
Walter Schultz, check, or however you say his name.
Learning you have VADES.
Yeah, people are going to be a little upset.
Here's Deborah Briggs admit she manipulated data and altered CDC guidelines to deceive President Trump.
There's even video of that.
Yeah, this is what we're dealing with.
But let's go out to break, though, and then I'll get back to all those other clips.
This is her with Fredo.
Just a couple days ago.
Saying, oh yeah, people have like AIDS now from COVID.
No, you got it from the shot.
And we'll show you documents when we come back.
Here she is.
Comparisons to HIV.
You've done a ton of research in this.
Do you believe this is a false flag?
Is there something that contextually people need to understand about that comparison?
Or is this much darker a potential reality than we knew?
The reason the comparison to HIV is important is because HIV was also asymptomatic.
I mean, you couldn't see the virus through symptoms because people were infected for seven, eight, nine years before they developed symptoms.
But HIV quietly destroyed our immune system and we learned a lot about immunology from HIV and it's changed completely our cancer therapy.
We're learning now about mitochondria and viral impact and brain fog and the changes in our neurons and the cells that nourish
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, a lot of things are happening there.
They're blaming what they've done with the shots on COVID, though COVID did do a little bit of that, but it's the shots that makes your body create the spike protein that is the HIV spike protein that Fauci, of course, helped roll out and do before, which does attack your immune system and turn off your white blood cells.
That's only part of it, though.
Explain it all when we come back.
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Because there is a war on for your mind.
So, one of the top globalists over the COVID tyranny rollout, Dr. Deborah Bricks, is now out there.
Oh, you're all going to learn now that you've been given an HIV-like disease that destroys your immune system.
In January of 2020, we're on record saying, as soon as they scan the virus,
India did.
They have the $2 million piece of equipment.
They had the HIV delivery system.
They scanned it.
The spike protein, the toxic thing that disables and or kills your white blood cells that are your immune system.
And then I noticed they did a vaccine test in Australia in the middle of 2020.
And they said, oh, we got to pull it.
It's causing all these false positives for HIV.
Because you may attenuate the main virus, but it's the shell of the virus with HIV that's causing the main illness.
And so I want listeners to listen to me very carefully, because I've been putting this out for years, and it's way sensational.
It's true.
And I would think people would get upset.
I got upset when I was reading mainline medical literature and calling top scientists up and having them on.
They're like, no, this is the shell of HIV, and this is what scientists believe actually causes the autoimmune issue.
And then I read Pfizer bragging, oh, we're going to make so much money.
Remember that clip I played like 100 times?
With the head of the British government study on it?
Saying what's great is when you take three shots, your body produces so much spike protein that you have no immunity, except now we're going to give you new mRNA for every other virus out there, and we're going to own everyone.
And you heard Bricks.
She said, you're going to be protected now, though.
You're going to get HIV.
Okay, you've got HIV.
You've got AIDS.
It's liberal.
It's loving.
It's trendy.
You're a disease chaser, disease giver, like the gay men that want it.
Look that up.
Gift receiver, gift giver.
But it's okay.
We're going to save you now with all these new treatments we've got.
You'll be like Magic Johnson.
See how liberal it is?
So, it's a chimeric virus.
It's five viruses combined.
In the shell of HIV, with a big rhinoceros horn, genetically engineered, no virus ever seen like it, that has a horn on it that stabs your cells.
And it's toxic itself.
It's a prion that's similar to mad cow disease-causing systems.
Spongiform encephalopathy.
And, like, you understand you're a new viewer.
This is real.
Like, this is on record.
And it's like, oh, it's a guy on the radio talking about it.
I'm going to show you a clip in a few minutes.
First, I'm going to show you Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, two years ago, saying we expect and we're now seeing with people that take the shots, AIDS.
It's turning off their white blood cells.
Because HIV kills them.
This turns them off.
But then they usually just starve to death because white blood cells eat other things.
That's how they feed themselves.
They're like an amoeba.
Or it is an amoeba.
Hey, guys.
To me, your bone marrow produces.
You guys are really better than me at this.
Isn't it brawner or brainer?
Who's the doctor that's the head of the British operations Canadian from like two years ago bragging how great it is that the Pfizer shot turns off your immune system?
I mean, we already know this, but it's their saying it too, like we're so dumb.
He's in a white lab coat saying it.
Because it's not just Malone saying it.
It's not just us saying it four years ago.
God, it's been four years.
It's out in the open.
We'll skip this break.
Come on up so we have more time.
So, here's Dr. Malone.
Well, one of the things that keeps cancer in check
AIDS is an acronym.
It's Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
That's what it stands for.
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome.
And the data are getting stronger and stronger that the multiple vaccine recipients
Thank you.
Okay, so there is evidence of an acquired T-cell immunodeficiency in the multiple vaccinated.
Okay, so is that clinically significant?
You always got to say, well, you can measure something in the laboratory.
Who cares?
Is it actually causing problems for patients?
Well, Ryan Cole was one of the first ones to signal about the canary in the coal mine.
Of the appearance that there are cancers springing up that are unusually aggressive.
At early age or that we're in a kind of an indolent or slow growing stage and then suddenly become very aggressive cancers.
He's talked about endometrial cancer, originally a cancer of the lining of the uterus.
But there's many others now that are popping up that are being observed by cancer surgeons and diagnostic radiologists and pathologists.
People often, you know, when they attack Ryan Cole or myself
People that are trained in pathology, they don't recognize that we're not like average docs.
We're trained in signal detection.
That's what we do.
Discipline of pathology is the quality control for the entire medical care system.
Well, one of the things that keeps cancer in check
All right, so that's just a short clip from it.
But even the FDA predicted in October of 2000, before the shots rolled out three months later, that it would cause turbo cancer.
They knew, and they put it in the fine print.
They found the clip that I remember, Dr. David Bonner, and this guy heads up the British Ministry of Defense, British government main lab studying the Pfizer shot, and here he is bragging about it turning off your immune system.
So the key message from our finding is that we found that recipients of the Pfizer vaccine, those who've had two doses, have about five to six fold lower amounts of neutralizing antibodies.
Now these are the sort of gold standard private security antibodies of your immune system, which block the virus from getting into your cells in the first place.
So we found that that's less for people with two doses.
We've also found that for people with only one dose of the Pfizer jab, that they are less likely to have high levels of these antibodies in their blood.
And perhaps most importantly for all of us going forward, is that we see that the older you are,
The lower your levels are likely to be, and the time since you've had your second jab, as that time goes on, the lower your levels are also likely to be.
So that's telling us that we're probably going to be needing to prioritize boosters for older and more vulnerable people coming up soon, especially if this new variant spreads.
So that's two and a half years ago.
He told you it'll erase your immune system, which it does, and makes your body breed a deadly spike protein that is the HIV spike protein.
That is a fact.
Now, this full video is up on InfoWars.com.
Also posted on X today.
So you can go there and see that for yourself.
See the whole 12-minute video.
I think it's 12 minutes long.
But let's just play a few minutes of From the Beginning InfoWars Reported on the COVID HIV System.
AJ Predictions, here it is.
People that are taking the COVID vaccine are getting HIV AIDS.
They're giving you a new weaponized HIV with the vaccine, not the original virus.
There it is.
It has nothing to do with bird flu, nothing to do with corona, nothing to do with SARS.
They've taken a pneumonia virus and put HIV in it.
They call it a vaccine.
The notion that these were false positives, I find a cover story.
I think they were giving people HIV in these Franken shots.
But what really happens is, when you read the medical literature on the mRNA vaccines, it goes in and turns your immune system off and actually gets it where you will then accept similar viruses, which obviously they're going to be releasing.
That's what the scientists are going, this isn't even going to protect you.
Why the hell are they doing this?
It makes no sense.
The magnitude of the HIV virus delivery system being added to an airborne pneumonia is beyond Stephen King's stand.
And that's what's admitted.
Mainstream media admits that the Indian University is right that it has the HIV delivery system in it.
I was trying to tell listeners that, hey, this coronavirus probably isn't that big a deal.
It's a big UN drill.
That's why you're seeing this overreaction, and I still hope that's the case, but... Zero Hedge got suspended on Twitter for posting this article, and then linking to the scientists that are in the major scientific paper published two days ago by one of the most prestigious, it's in the top two or three,
Colleges, Kuzma School of Biological Sciences, Indy Institute of Technology, New Delhi.
And this big report that's got scans of the virus, the RNA breakdown, the proteins, I mean, this is it.
And so, ZeroHeads got suspended for writing about this, but then I found all these other mainstream articles going, yeah, it's true!
Here's the bombshell.
That part of the HIV virus is part of this.
So I spent, like I said, hours yesterday, hours today, obsessed on this, going into the studies, going into articles, and just dozens of big mainstream reports going, hey, yeah, it's got part of the AIDS virus in it, but that's no big deal.
It's not man-made.
It has nothing to do with bird flu, nothing to do with corona, nothing to do with SARS.
They've taken a pneumonia virus and put HIV in it.
Because HIV doesn't replicate well in the body, but it will take over your white blood cells, your T lymphocytes.
It'll kill your defenses, but it doesn't replicate, doesn't spread well.
HIV just got added to a super communicable airborne pneumonia virus and
I just want Bill Gates and all the globalists to know something.
Anything that happens to my family or anybody I care about, I'm holding you personally responsible.
You understand?
They took a really bad, really viral, easily spread SARS coronavirus that China's already released four times.
They claim being an accident.
Probably, again, vaccine tests they've done to see what it does to the population.
We know that's happened with H1N1 here before.
We know this is going on in mass experimentation to see how these vaccines work.
And so, oh, it's happened again, but then people get it and they go, what the hell?
This has got HIV delivery system that plugs into a T lymphocyte white blood cell and injects itself in the protein cell membrane to get through.
But see, this doesn't inject into a white blood cell, thank God.
This is a DNA genetically engineered chimera.
That it has in it, as you correctly pointed out, the HIV.
Now, I believe the Indian researchers have been pressured to withdraw by their government, because they have good relations with China, that study.
But I read it, and it's quite convincing, and they have the pictures there.
I also believe it has the flu virus in there.
And then it also has SARS.
When you scan the COVID-19 virus, it has had five viruses cut into it, one of them HIV.
And now people that are taking the COVID vaccine are getting HIV AIDS.
There it is.
They're giving you a new weaponized HIV with the vaccine, not the original virus.
Here is the Sydney Morning Herald.
Arguably the most respected newspaper in Australia.
But that doesn't matter.
The government... Alright, let's stop right there.
The full video is at Mando Video.
I'm going to have it reposted by Jamie right now at the front page of InfoWars.
But I tweeted it out on Axe at Real Alex Jones today.
I'll pull up the exact post, but the point is that you'll find it.
I only put out like 10 posts today, so it's there.
And you can see the whole thing.
Now, let's fast forward...
Four years.
The first video in that clip is from, what, January of 2020?
Four years, sweethearts.
And now Deborah Birx, the head of Trump's task force, former head of the CDC, is like, it's okay, you've all got HIV now.
You got it from COVID.
Oh, a bat!
In a cave had HIV.
It's all BS.
They admit it was man-made.
And it's the shot that's making your body produce it.
It makes your body produce the protein crystal delivery system of HIV that turns your white blood cells off.
Original HIV killed hunter cells.
This turns off and stuns
Training sells.
It kills the generals.
And she says, it's going to get real bad in the next 10 years, but don't worry.
We're going to have medical treatments for you.
Now you see the rollout of the business.
And now they're telling you, you got AIDS.
It's okay.
Wear a red ribbon.
It's trendy.
See their setup the whole time?
Back to the 80s.
Same guy Fauci ran it.
They caught him creating it.
Caught him blocking treatments.
Here we are four years later, and our original analysis was dead on.
Here's Deborah Birx one more time.
Comparisons to HIV.
You've done a ton of research in this.
Do you believe this is a false flag?
Is there something that contextually people need to understand about that comparison?
Or is this much darker a potential reality than we knew?
The reason the comparison to HIV is important is because HIV was also asymptomatic.
I mean, you couldn't see the virus through symptoms because people were infected for seven, eight, nine years before they developed symptoms.
We're good to go.
We need to get to the place where people with long COVID, we've done the research so that people with long COVID can not only survive, but thrive.
You get HIV.
You get HIV.
So the artificial virus had it, but it didn't spread well.
So they give you a shot that makes you produce it, and now they're introducing it.
It's not a term where, oh, did you know you have AIDS?
It's trendy now.
It's okay.
It's liberal now.
The virus did it, that they injected into you.
Here's a compilation of Fauci contradicting himself, lying at every level, and a few clips of him admitting to creating gain of function and then later lying to Congress.
Here it is.
My perspective to the topic today is the issue of pandemic preparedness.
And if there's one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience, and you'll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
I don't know how many times I can say it, Madam Chair.
We did not fund gain-of-function research to be conducted in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Anyway, so let me just go on about NIH lifts funding pause on gain-of-function research that might be anticipated to create, transfer, or use enhanced potential pandemic pathogens.
I don't think this is going to be foolproof.
Things are going to slip through.
If it may have been a lab, may have been nature, and we're supposed to look forward, then why did Dr. Fauci work so hard for just one of those theories?
I almost have to laugh at that, Neil.
I mean, that's totally bizarre.
First of all, I wasn't leaning totally strongly one way or the other.
I've always kept an open mind.
As you know, there's a sort of urban legend that there's a biological warfare center in Wuhan and that the coronavirus escaped from that.
Did you have any sense of where it probably came from?
I think ultimately we know that these things come from an animal reservoir.
I've heard these conspiracy theories, and like all conspiracy theories, they're just conspiracy theories.
I wasn't leaning totally strongly one way or the other.
I've always kept an open mind.
Right now, people should not be walking.
There's no reason to be walking around with a mask.
Should you be wearing two masks or one mask?
I often myself wear two masks.
Can we make a general recommendation that doesn't have scientific basis yet?
Please wear a mask.
The chances of my getting infected in an indoor setting is extremely low.
And that's the reason why in indoor settings now, I feel comfortable about not wearing a mask because I'm fully vaccinated.
When you're in a congregate indoor setting, wear a mask.
First of all, I didn't recommend locking anything down.
I went with Dr. Birx into the president and said, 15 days are not enough.
We need to go 30 days.
Obviously, there were people who had a problem with that because of the potential secondary effects.
Nonetheless, at that time, the president went with the health recommendations, and we extended it another 30 days.
First of all, I didn't recommend locking anything down.
The worst possible thing you could do is vaccinate somebody to prevent infection and actually make them worse.
This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse.
Well, the latter part of what you just said is untrue.
You don't get worse results from vaccinating.
She really has the flu.
She definitely doesn't need a flu vaccine.
The optimal degree of protection when you get infection is to get vaccinated after infection.
Because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself.
The optimal degree of protection when you get infection is to get vaccinated after infection.
She really has the flu.
She definitely doesn't need a flu vaccine.
So if you're saying, are we out of the pandemic phase in this country?
We are.
Is this country ready for another pandemic?
And are we still in the one that we've been talking about?
Well, we certainly are still in it.
The safety of these vaccines have been clearly established.
The long-term effects that the people are apparently concerned about really have with, I'm sure there is a very, very, very, very rare exception, but the long-term effects are really essentially non-existent.
Do we have any data about, you know, vaccines and the back end of that or the negative side of that?
There's been a number of studies.
The New York Times just did one about menstruating cycles and how that is affected by vaccines.
Well, the menstrual thing is something that seems to be quite transient and temporary.
That's the point.
That's one of the points.
We need to study it more.
We need to study it.
Because the other side that just keeps putting out misinformation and disinformation seems to be tireless in that effort.
An article in the San Francisco Examiner, I think, a Sunday magazine section, which was just...
I still have a picture of it.
It says, I call you murderer.
An open letter to an incompetent idiot, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of NIAID.
By the way, we were sending this show out live on X, and about 30 minutes ago it just killed the feed.
So I'm going to play all these clips up front tomorrow at 11 a.m., my regular show, on the Monday show.
We're going to continue to expose this because this is a big deal.
Chase Geiser is coming up.
We're going to reboot things, send out new feeds at Real Alex Jones.
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