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Name: 20240122_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: Jan. 22, 2024
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Everybody keeps putting faith in the Supreme Court to do the right thing.
But today they said Texas, even on Texas land, can't put up barbed wire, can't have state police, can't have Texas Guard.
Trying to stop the invasion happening that Mayorkas and Biden created.
They told the illegals when Biden was running for office, when I win, surge the border.
They've set up UN camps all over Central and South America that I covered today in great detail with investigative journalist, Michael Yaun, to bring them into the country.
The same invasion strategy that was used on Europe the last 15 years.
This is all official.
And when you watch the congressional hearings, they never bring up state department money funding over 70% of it.
The UN funds 10%, Communist China funds on average 20%.
So in a consortium of the US government and Communist China and the UN, they built these giant refugee centers and fly people and pay them to come and then stage and invade the United States.
Because if they built a UN camp in Northern Mexico, it'd be too obvious.
So they do it in Panama and other areas.
So I'm not going to make a prediction about what the Supreme Court's going to do with President Trump and them trying to take him off the ballot.
But everybody that's so sure, because it's constitutional, they'll do the right thing.
I think you're naive.
I'm not saying they won't do the right thing, but you have to understand the pressure as a popular talk show host.
I've gone through the harassment of my family, the PIs, the demonization, the infiltration, the harassment has been incredible.
And I was able to deal with it because I knew what I was signing on to 30 years ago when I decided to fight this.
But the average politician is not built like that.
So we're going to show you footage just happened minutes ago of the feds opening the gates of the border in Texas at Eagle Pass, removing the barbed wire and governor of Texas following the orders of the feds to do this.
And yes, the feds under the constitution are in control of the border, but not when they facilitate the destruction of the country.
Texas has emergency powers.
In the federalist system, the feds aren't in charge.
Federalist system means it's a separation of powers and a division of powers, 50-50 between the states and the feds.
The feds are captured.
So this is a constitutional crisis.
Them trying to take Trump off the ballot, all these indictments, everything that's happening is our country in crisis.
The Supreme Court is being intimidated.
They're going after their families.
They're clearly blackmailing them.
All the Republicans have taken special favors.
Nothing compared to Democrats.
The Democrats a decade ago, when there was heat on it, legalized.
They passed a law for insider trading.
So the Justice Department goes after a Republican for a crooked toenail, but Democrats can do whatever they want.
So let's not be naive about the power of the corrupt Justice Department and the intimidation they have over the Supreme Court.
That's what's happening.
I'm really concerned.
I think this is a major sign that the Supreme Court is going under their control.
And it's sad.
It's very scary.
But the good news is they just had the Davos meeting last week.
They admit they're losing.
Everybody's awake to them.
Populists are getting elected everywhere, but they're going to fight back against us with their deep state corruption.
So we are starting to win.
We're winning battles.
We've not won the war, but we can't be naive and think the Supreme Court is going to save us.
We have to wake up the public.
We have to elect local officials.
We have to remove the Soros prosecutors in local elections.
We have to mobilize to stop this.
So the federal government, with all the human trafficking and all the
kidnapped children, everything Margaret's is doing has come in to say to Texas,
"Hey, you can't even put up any type of screen on your own border.
You have to accept all this," while the Democrat states like Illinois, New York,
and others say, "Don't send your illegals here," because they're already blue.
They don't need them there.
They want the new districts in major.
conservative states to go total blue and Democrats to brag, that's the plan.
So this is a military operation run by the UN, funded by our own government.
And until Congress, here's the key, talks about the fact that the state
department's funding the majority of this, we have no prayer.
But if we simply wake up to the fact that it's an organized criminal action, it's over.
So call Congress, call Talk Radio, make this video go mega viral, and point out, and we'll link below this, to the interview with Michael Yan today, that this is run by our own government against us.
They're blackmailing people.
They're threatening people, folks.
But they are on the wrong side of history.
And the people are waking up, but we have to be honest about how much trouble we're in.
So this is a sad day for America.
Abbott tried to do the right thing and instantly got blocked.
Please understand that this is replacement migration.
This is the globalist end game, and this is the new world order.
I'll be covering it all tomorrow live on the next broadcast at 11 a.m.
Central on the Tuesday transmission.
Thank you all for watching and God bless you.
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