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Air Date: Jan. 21, 2024
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In a broadcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including Ron DeSantis's dropout from the presidential race, confrontations at Davos, his relationship with God, rumors about Michelle Obama being the next president, potential war with Russia, and the importance of voter turnout in upcoming elections. He encourages listeners to trust in humanity and resist against tyranny. Jones also talks about free speech and how it is being attacked by the New World Order.

Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
It's Sunday, January 21st, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And you're not going to want to miss tonight's live Sunday transmission.
I'll be here for the next two hours, and then the great Harrison Smith comes in with Sunday Night Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central, right after this broadcast.
For more live, hard-hitting news, analysis, guests, and phone calls...
Speaking of big guests, coming up in 15 minutes, Roger Stone's on the road somewhere in West Virginia.
I'm about to go on Tim Pool Show tomorrow.
He's going to be calling in from the road or Skyping in on the Ron DeSantis dropping out of the presidential race that just happened about three hours ago or two and a half hours ago.
Massive news just two days out from the primary there in New Hampshire.
Good move by Governor Ron DeSantis.
Don't look for bird brain Nikki Haley to ever drop out.
She's a neocon cruise missile to take out our republic.
So Roger will be popping in in 15 minutes from now.
Then, ooh lordy, we have crossed the Rubicon.
It was about a year ago.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Now, at Davos the last week, not from protesters outside or even independent media outside, some of that happened, the great folks at Rebel Media and others, but inside, they got confronted by world leaders, they got confronted by heads of major think tanks and others that were guests, and more importantly, the globalists themselves, and I have so many clips, we'll never get to them all today, I'll get to a lot, my weekday show's tomorrow at 11.
We're good to go.
Regain trust is floundering and is only blown up in their face that much more.
Here's Politico headline.
Populism keeps rattling the globe.
You mean the globalist.
Elites have no idea what to do.
Very informative article.
Well, one thing is, don't just stop running your mouth.
Stop the policies.
Because we have the Queen of the Netherlands.
I'm not joking.
By the way, they're worth trillions.
They own Dutch Rochelle, big part of Black Rock.
I mean, they're one of the richest families in the world.
They're up there at Rothschild level.
Probably even more rich than the British rulers.
And this woman...
Her wealth is a state secret.
Said, we're going to create a world ID to totally control your life and forcibly inject you.
So you wonder why we don't like you, lady.
That's in the official UN treaty.
And you're up there, this monstrous pig, telling us that you're going to take control of our bodies, you disgusting witch.
Burn in hell!
We know you're murdering us!
Murdering scum!
Burn in hell!
Hey, let me start by saying you do a great show.
Thank you.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the Infowars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us on this live Sunday, January 21st, before transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to ask the Infowars Archivist, who does a splendid job, you'll probably have by tomorrow, he's so quick, but in case he's not listening or watching, he usually is, he lives in another state than Austin, Texas, to just get a short compilation, because if he gets a long one, it'll be 30 minutes long, and I don't want to play that, of myself 25 years ago, because he's found it before,
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Now, that was my own historical gravitas and understanding, but that was all given to me as a gift by God.
To be able to look at first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth order, I'm really capable at projecting out the lines as a futurist to understand through a historical lens what's happening, but...
I want the archivers to also add, because I've been saying this for 25 years, and I saw a clip just a few months ago on X, somebody found when I talked about this, where I talked about doing my local AXS TV show, or I had a local radio show, was already syndicated, and I was like 25 years old.
What was it like?
I was 25 years old.
I'm 50 next month.
I went to this restaurant and it was 9.30 and nobody was in there.
They said, no, you can order food.
They were already starting to mop.
I got a chicken fried steak and baked potato and I think it was iced tea.
And it was like in the Golden Child, except it wasn't where the demons praying to the devil and the walls disappear.
It wasn't exactly like that, but I felt like that.
I was talking to God.
I wasn't even praying or anything.
And I'm just sitting there and it's like God gave me this big download and told me everything that was going to happen.
And I started telling people about that about a year after it happened.
So I'm on record for 25 years specifically saying we're going to expose their plans, we're going to expose their operations, and then people won't listen, but then once it comes true, people will see that information, and then we'll have a real chance at beating them.
And it was literally God imprinting on me this knowledge and this discernment.
And now my discernment's gotten so strong.
You're either getting closer to God or further away.
This is happening to everybody.
You're either getting more in touch with the gifts of the Spirit or you're getting weaker.
This isn't mumbo-jumbo.
The enemy knows this, by the way.
This is real.
The CIA spent hundreds of billions of dollars just on mine weapons alone.
So did the Russians and others.
So this is a big deal because regardless of what you think about where I got the information, and it was from God...
I now have the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Politico, all of them, saying the globalists are totally screwed.
Everyone hates them now.
Everyone knows they're robbing and raping.
Everyone knows the New World Order.
And whether it was Javier Malay or whether it was the head of the Heritage Foundation, it didn't matter.
They all got in their faces at Davos that just ended today.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
So, it's just wild.
And folks, I don't get up here and talk about my relationship with God that much.
I don't sit here and claim I'm a prophet.
But we're all tied to God.
I'm not.
And if we open up our heart and spirit and also do real-world research and understanding, God can then really, really show us what to do next.
And I started out on Axis Television 30 years ago in April when I was 20 years old.
It'll be April, about two or three months from now.
I've been on the air 30 years.
And the first three or four or five years, I was just, you know, being a conservative and nationalist and a populist and wanted to promote freedom.
But I really got the download after being on the air for five years.
And God really gave me my mission.
And I know you're being given your mission as well.
And this is a really special thing.
And the fact that we're on record saying we believe in humanity, we're betting on humanity, we're going to organize resistance against the globalists.
And we're going to move forward against it, and we're going to see the world awaken to these tyrants, and then to see it all happen, that is the hand of God.
And God isn't just working through me.
God is working through all of you out there.
And whether it's a small thing or a big thing you do, it doesn't matter.
It's all part of God's larger plan.
To give humanity the guard and the shield and the defense we need going into these incredible times.
You know, Roger Stone, we're about to bring on right now, I just connected.
Never hated God and was never not really a Christian, but it was a little side issue to him.
We've talked about it privately.
We've talked about it on air.
But then when he was set up for prison and put through hell and the number one demonized person after Trump and myself, chosen for annihilation, he literally got on his knees with a pastor and said, God, I give it to you.
Please help me.
Tell me what to do.
And the next day, everything turned around.
Like night and day.
Like from the worst storm to just...
Beautiful blue skies.
And that's why they attack a relationship with God.
Because if we have God on our side, we are unstoppable.
And that's a separate thing I won't have time to get to today.
I'll do it tomorrow.
I've got a whole bunch of newscasts and new TV shows on Amazon, Netflix, you name it, openly saying devil worship is good.
Okay, I mean, you cannot make this... Yeah, this is the big Amazon show right here.
I mean, there's like three new ones this week that just came out.
I mean, you can't even keep track of this.
And I've got newscasts about after-school Satan meetings.
So, that's all coming up.
This is a fight against good versus evil, bottom line.
All right, let's stop right there.
We've got so much to cover today.
We're good to go.
That's all coming up.
He called Big Mike, Michelle Obama, over a couple years ago that she would be the replacement for Biden during the campaign, probably the convention, and now it's the one in Telegraph, it's in MSNBC, it's in the New York Times, it's on Yahoo News, it's just everywhere.
Michelle Obama could be America's next president.
Michelle Obama preparing to sneak her way into the race.
Donald Trump versus Michelle Obama, 24.
First lady could replace Joe Biden.
Michelle Obama would be the Democrats' best chance to win the Hill.
All right, so Roger got ridiculed for this years ago.
Here's another one, the Epoch Times.
He called that, but I want to hit that in a moment.
First off, Roger, host of his own popular talk show on WABC in New York, and also his daily show.
You can find all that at StoneZone.com.
Looks like DeSantis has finally woken up and doesn't want to fully destroy his political future like Ted Cruz did.
And about three hours ago, as you know, dropped out of the race and fully endorsed President Trump.
Give us your expert take on that.
Well, Alex, first of all, thanks for having me on this Sunday like you.
Yes, I am redeemed in the blood of the cross.
I know liberals and elitists like to mock us for that.
They think it's funny or it's a fairy tale or that it's a pose on our part, but
I don't really care what they think.
I really only care what he thinks.
So it's a great privilege to be with you because today's an important day.
Ron DeSantis, I think, bowed to reality.
I think?
I think?
I think we're good to go.
And as you point out, Alex, they're preparing to switch Joe Biden out for Michelle Obama.
I think it's a mistake to make light of that or to make jokes about it.
She's going to be an extraordinarily formidable candidate, but I stick to my prediction of two years, and now you see it, as you point out, coming to fruition.
In the lamestream media and across the board, and the Obamas themselves are surfacing more and more, you notice.
And you said, you're on like every week, but I think like two months ago you said, look for them to start floating stories of drafting her, and she's not going to want to do it, but they're going to make her, and then finally it'll all happen at the convention in July.
I mean, you're literally, you called this two years ago, I really respect you, you're rarely wrong,
So how the hell did you know this?
Look, the power center in the Democratic Party surrounds the Obamas.
They are...
Slowly but surely losing one of their bases within the country.
They have always been able to count on African Americans.
Since really 1932 is the last time Herbert Hoover actually got more African American votes than Franklin Roosevelt.
But with the evolution of the New Deal, African Americans became a base vote for the Democrats.
We're good to go.
They knew that Joe could pose as a moderate who would bring civility back to our politics.
None of that has happened.
But now Joe's expendable between his inability to campaign, to remain coherent, to stand up, not to crap his pants, the impact of his policies.
Sure, so you totally called all this.
You're the first, at least a year ahead of anybody else.
So this is, and they now say it's basically going to happen.
So give us the technicals, looking at your crystal ball, how you think it's rolled out, when Big Mike announces.
Here's why I think it will be Michelle Obama.
The Democratic Party has a giant problem in Kamala Harris.
Under any normal scenario, if the President of the United States, incumbent President, elected not to run for, shall we say, reasons of health, then the nomination would go to the loyal Vice President.
She's even less electable than Joe, and they know it.
But also, they can't offend women and people of color by replacing her with, say, Gavin Newsom or some other candidate, which is why the only way
We're good to go.
Where the way has been cleared for virtually impossible for anyone to compete with him.
This is why Robert Kennedy bolted the Democratic Party.
And although he remains a registered Democrat, he's running as an independent.
Today, Dean Phillips, a little known congressman who is seeking to challenge Joe Biden, he said that if he doesn't defeat Biden for the Democratic nomination, he might take the no parties label.
The independent group is trying to get independent on the ballot in every state.
I would urge Mr. Phillips to go check the state laws.
Most states have sore loser laws.
So if you contended in the state Democratic primary and you lost, you can't be on the ballot in November as an independent.
So that's probably not viable.
But this can happen right up to the moment of the convention.
In fact, Alex, I now predict that's what will happen.
Joe will wrap up enough delegates so that no one else can be nominated.
And then at essentially the last minute, he will announce it for reasons of health.
He's going to step aside.
He's going to throw it open to the convention so they can nominate the candidate of their choice.
And as I predicted, Michelle Obama will reluctantly submit to a draft.
It's funny, Alex, when I was walking through the airport here, I stopped to buy a bottle of water, and I noticed a special Life magazine commemorative issue that's being pushed in the news kiosk there, and who's on the cover but Michelle Obama, the entire magazine about her.
So we can see the system gearing up.
So you predicted she would do this two years ago, and now all over the corporate news they say she is the one replacing.
They're gearing up and you're saying this is going to happen at the convention, hand it off to Michelle Obama.
How formidable of an obstacle is this going to be to restoring the republic and President Trump?
Well, she's certainly a stronger candidate than Joe Biden.
She's going to be able to try to walk away from Biden's record, which is really unfair because this is really the third term of her husband, Barack Obama.
It's always more delicate to
We're good to go.
I mean, isn't he just George W. Bush in a dress?
Dick Cheney in heels is the way I think I put it.
She's looking for the next world war.
She's not trustworthy.
She looked Donald Trump in the eye and said, you've been a great president, and if you run again, I will not run.
So she's broken her word.
Say what you want about Ron DeSantis.
We're good to go.
I think?
Particularly on foreign policy, defense are really identical to Joe Biden.
She wants to ship billions more to Ukraine.
She keeps saying if Putin takes Ukraine, he's made it very clear that Poland and Germany are... When did the Russians say that?
She keeps saying, the Russians have said that.
Where have they said that?
She's a complete liar, bought and paid more by the neocons and the left, so...
How do you see the rest of the race?
Because it is a two-person race now because everybody else has dropped out.
She's a distant second.
They're going to try to push her.
They're going to try to catapult her.
How is she a danger, and how do we neutralize Birdbrain?
Well, perhaps we should call her hot pants rather than birdbane with these new revelations about her various extramarital affairs while her husband was serving his country abroad.
They're all over the media today.
But more importantly, I think New Hampshire is the last place where she has any kind of outside chance, and I think Trump is about to crush her there.
Very significant that South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina, a number of the Cabinet members,
As well as South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.
All in New Hampshire today, campaigning for Donald Trump.
So the people who know Nikki Haley best...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
So this is her last chance, and it's not looking good.
I'm predicting a solid 50% plus double-digit victory for President Donald Trump next Tuesday.
And then we move to South Carolina, where there is no party registration, where anybody can vote in any primary.
And in her home state, Alex, she's going to get walloped.
Roger, I know you've got to go soon, but do one more segment because we're here seeing victory.
We're seeing the worm turn.
It's everywhere.
Even Joe Rogan's out endorsing Trump now.
That's a bellwether moment.
The globalists admit they're losing, but all the criminal indictments, more indictments they're talking about, the desperation, but also each one of their kangaroo trials, many of them without juries, are also only making Trump
That much more obvious to the public as the outsider, as the maverick.
When we come back, fanny-fingered, jilted wife in Trump-Georgia fiasco drops bank statements revealing lavish vacations.
Now, top Democrats are telling her to resign before all this news comes out.
They're saying, oh, it's legal that she hired her boyfriend, which it's not, but she's resigned because they're hoping the rest of the story...
It's already broken here, but hasn't hit mainstream media yet that she was giving him taxpayer money, he was then giving it back to her, and we have the bank's statements.
So I don't see how now they just remove her and continue on the same trial when Trump was set up by this birdbrain.
I mean, look at these people.
My God, they're idiots.
We'll be right back.
Roger Stone's our guest.
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All right, Roger Stone knocking it out of the park two years ago.
I didn't roll my eyes because this guy, I say he's rarely wrong.
I can't remember when he was wrong.
They're bringing in Michelle Obama at the convention.
It was two years ago.
You watch.
I'm like, wow, that's wild.
I thought it would be Gavin Newsom.
I'm on record saying I think Roger might be wrong here.
But now it's all over the news.
They're getting her ready.
Shifting gears out of that, Roger.
Fannie Willis.
It's been out for a week about the boyfriend and paying him more than the other prosecutors and him never running a real case except drunk driving cases.
Why does she do it?
And now...
He's in a divorce, and they've been hiding their rockets all on Infowars.com.
She's released the bank statements that she would give him the taxpayer money, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars, over $400,000, and then in her name, because he was cheating on his wife to put it in his, he would then spend the money she gave him in her name
Europe trips, just party time, baby.
Hotels, jewelry, and more is coming out.
Of course, you know, it's tip of the iceberg.
So I got all these articles where top Fannie Willis ally calls for lead prosecutor Nathan Wade to step down.
Norm Eisen, you know, says she's done nothing wrong, but resign now before it becomes more issue because they know the criminal activity is coming out.
Roger Stone, what do you say to this?
What do you say is coming next?
I think.
I think.
She bypassed a far more experienced prosecutor who actually had a track record of prosecuting RICO cases, I guess because he was white.
At the same time, there's a federal case overseen by Judge Totenberg where the underlying premise of her entire action against Trump appears to be crumbling.
Remember, what she's saying is Trump lost Georgia, he knew he lost Georgia, then he conspired with others,
To try to have the Secretary of State find 11,000 votes to tip the electoral votes to him.
Anyone who spends any time listening to that entire audio, and it's very long, or if you read a transcript, you'll see that Trump did not tell Secretary of State Raffensperger to find 11,860 votes.
What he told him is you have already inadvertently counted more than 11,000
860 illegal votes, and once you eliminate those illegal votes, based on residents or moving out of state... It's on record.
They knew that that happened.
He said, just go find those.
We know we're there.
But he never told them to go fabricate boats.
It's like if somebody robs a liquor store, and they see the van drive off with the money and everything, and the police say, go get a blue van and find the guys with the stolen loot.
It doesn't mean they're planting stolen loot.
They saw them drive off with it.
But again, at the beginning of the show, we talked about the hand of God.
This case is falling apart before your very eyes.
We're good to go.
I think so.
This is a perfect example of the entire plan here, is to sap him of his time, of his energy, of his campaign money.
That was my next question.
That was my next question.
I know you talk to him all the time.
You don't brag about it, but you're on record saying he's not going to pick Nikki Haley now.
His official come out and said he isn't.
I was going to say to you in this interview, and I'm glad you brought this up because I forgot.
He's not dementia like Joe.
He has more stamina than I have at 50.
But that said, if I did his schedule, I would know who I was at the time.
He can't be sleeping two hours a night and doing this.
So there is times when he walks into a hotel at 3 a.m.
and there's media and he's got the tie off.
And he still is well-spoken, but he's dragging his feet.
I would be leaning up against the damn wall.
How the hell do we get the big guy, if he has to cut back some of the speeches or whatever, to not at 77, 78, push himself like this?
Because a 25-year-old man can...
He's falling into their trap, trying to be Hercules.
I think he's going to win regardless.
The landslide is going to be so big.
How do we... That's question number one.
Number two, obviously he's got bad advisors.
I get he's invested in True Social.
It's his company.
It's great.
He could use his $87 million or whatever it is on X to push them all there.
That is insane.
So that's a big mistake by Trump that he's not doing spaces and doing X shows or streaming his thing there.
When Musk has invited him back for over a year, both those areas, overworking him, because he looks great a lot of the time, but sometimes you can tell he's tired as hell, and then not getting back on Twitter.
That is insane.
First of all, you make a very good point, Alex.
A personal point here.
My sister's only son, my nephew, died of a fentanyl overdose late last week at age 38.
This is a family tragedy.
President Trump took time yesterday to call me yesterday afternoon with his condolences for me and my wife and my sister and his family.
He wasn't calling about politics.
We didn't talk about politics.
That's how decent this guy.
He saw it somewhere on social media where somebody told him and he called.
I mean, this is the kind of person... He called when I got remarried seven years ago and talked to my wife for ten minutes!
So, he's a superman.
I mean, I really think he's in it for the fight.
The truth is, he's best in battle.
He's best in combat.
He's best when he's challenged.
He knows what the stakes are.
The stakes are nothing less than our survival as a constitutional republic.
And he's the only thing that stands between the new world order, the globalists, and a total takeover, and the collapse of our system, endless foreign war.
And I'm not eating those bugs.
I don't know about you.
He totally understands the stakes here.
No, but don't you agree with me that somebody's got to... Look, we get he's pretty much superhuman, but he cannot work 21 hours a day.
Look, I agree with you.
I'd like to see him back on X. I'm very grateful to Elon Musk for giving me my voice back.
I'm grateful to him for giving you your voice back.
He turns out to be one of the most significant figures in the history of the country now because he exposed the epic corruption that was going on in social media.
They say we're the ones who want to impose a dictatorship, yet they're the ones putting forward a total censorship and cancellation policy.
It's outrageous.
I would like to see him return to X. He doesn't have to be there every day, but particularly on his more important policy issues, there's a huge, huge audience for him there.
Sure, but whoever, that's what I'm saying.
We know they're saying be loyal to Truth Social.
His account pushing people to Truth Social, if he just put links up to Truth Social, would supercharge Truth Social.
Whoever is advising him not to be using X needs to be flogged.
Well, first of all, I love True Social.
I use it.
I love it.
I like it a lot.
I also am grateful for my ex-profile.
The president makes his own decisions.
Nobody's made this decision but him.
I still think the day will come that he will return.
The good news is most of his content on True Social bleeds over anyway, and it does get big following there, but
Remember, he used it when he was charged in Georgia, when he had to show up for the mugshot.
He did take to the pages of X for that, and it's why it was so gargantuan.
No, no, I know why Trump's doing it.
He's loyal to the shareholders.
He's loyal to truth.
But here's an example.
I don't think so.
So that's why I'm really upset about this.
Well, look, he's his own man.
He marches to his own drummer.
I think the time will come where he will use any platform he can to get across his message.
This is going much better than anyone could ever have thought.
He's about to roll the... He's about to run the tables in New Hampshire, in South Carolina, and Nevada.
And I was talking to a guy who was at Davos and he says that they...
The globalists are apoplectic.
They're near hysterical because their whole plan is not working.
And some of them, of course, are going to go offer Donald Trump money.
That's not going to work.
Others are probably plotting something more diabolical.
But it is dawning on those who would impose a new world order on us that Donald Trump is on his way back, and he may be the unstoppable force.
No, I totally agree with you.
And I'm not second-guessing Trump.
I really respect him.
I respect you.
I know you give him a lot of advice.
He listens to you.
But I remember what he said.
He said, I'm never going back to Twitter.
Screw that social.
I get, hey, this is where I'm at.
Only come here.
But I would bet he's getting some advice from some techies.
Sir, be exclusive here.
Yeah, you say, I've got an exclusive statement at...
They come here.
True Social, come get it here, and then all those people come over, just like he'd go on Fox News.
Like, he won't turn down a Fox News interview.
In fact, we know he gets mad they don't do enough of them, and I agree they haven't.
Fox News is three or four million people when he goes on there.
This is 87 million.
Guys, pull up Trump on Extra.
I think it's 87, 89.
I checked the other day.
I mean, and they're giving him, Elon is giving him full push to all those people.
So I'm just saying, we think Trump's dominating now, but...
I mean, I might go bullhorn Mar-a-Lago just to get him to listen to me because, to me, it is a no-brainer.
$87 million.
Look at that.
It's interesting you bring this point up.
He had like 4.8 million people, almost 5 million watching his town hall on Fox, less than 2.3 million watching the slugfest between Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis.
It's an excellent illustration of your point.
You have to use every platform available to you.
And look, he's the master at this.
Well, yeah, but if he just texts Elon, Elon will... I did Spaces with Elon.
I get it, Alex.
I'm with you.
Donald Trump is his own man, makes his own decisions, marches to his own drummer.
But I think it will happen sooner or later.
That's just a guess.
I don't speak for him.
I want to make clear that's the case.
I've been harping on that.
I want to move into closing comments from you about wild cards.
Because, yes, Trump's dominating.
He's going to win on the landslide.
It's hard for them to steal a landslide.
We know that.
For people that don't know, maybe you can explain that to them.
But they've got this patriot front out marching around.
We're good to go.
I think?
I'm worried about a couple things.
One is a prospect of war with Russia, an out-out declared war, and some twisted use of the War Powers Act to try to postpone or cancel the election.
I'm worried, you've talked about this extensively, about another phony pandemic, Virus X or whatever they want to call it.
But mostly I pray about the President's personal safety.
And the safety of his family.
Look, I wrote a book on the assassination of a president, the man who killed Kennedy, the case against LBJ.
They've killed one president.
They took another president down in a silent coup, Richard Nixon.
They attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan.
I pray for Trump's safety because he is the one thing that stands between them and world domination, and they know it.
I ask others who are tuned in now, please join me praying
Roger, I agree.
You've never done this, but I'm going to put you on the spot.
You're a private man, but will you please say a prayer for President Trump?
I will.
Heavenly Father, please join everyone.
Who's tuned into this broadcast as we pray to you because if God is for us, who can be against us?
Please protect thy servant, Donald J. Trump, and his family as they seek to do thy will and save this nation.
You know what's been beautiful is I've seen Barron Trump, who's been very private until now, with his dad all over the campaign trail, holding his hand, not that Trump even needs help, but being there with him, hugging him, um, uh,
I've seen footage of Trump at Melania's mother's funeral coming out.
Trump looked very upset, but Barron was there.
I know Barron's always been very important, but how important has Barron become recently?
Well, look, I think the President and Melania are very, very proud of Barron.
Barron's very proud of his father.
They're very private.
Melania's a great mother.
She's probably the most cultured, kindest, sweetest, most learned, and chicest First Lady we've ever had.
She never got credit for the great work she did for this country.
If there's anybody who should have been on the cover of Vogue,
It was Melania Trump.
And she never was.
She's as chic as it gets.
She's as royal as it gets.
And I don't mean that in the current tense of inbred royals.
I mean, she's just a spectacular woman.
I think she speaks five languages.
She's very highly educated, but also one of the kindest people you've ever met.
One of the most empathetic people you've ever met.
Just a great, great woman.
I've known her since, well, since 1999, actually.
And look, they shield the privacy of Barron.
I respect that.
The Santuses, I think, hurt themselves by dragging their three children across the country when they, frankly, should have been.
But that was my question.
We're seeing Barron more and more, though, showing up at some times.
Well, it must be by his own choice and something I'm sure he discussed with his parents.
But I've yet to hear him speak in public.
He's a very likable young man.
He's obviously got his height from his father.
And we also, our condolences to Melania's family and the Trump family over the passing of Donald's mother-in-law.
They were indeed particularly close.
It was absolutely outrageous.
That the judge in New York would not afford the guy one day, just one day, to attend his mother-in-law's funeral.
Shows you what these people are like.
They are disgusting, but they're not as confident as they used to be because they admit, the Democrats, as you know, in the news, admit, oh, I mean, even Axelrod admitted it on a TV show.
Others have, oh, we thought these indictments would hurt him, but they didn't.
No, it's counterintuitive.
Actually, it seems every time they hit him, he gains strength.
No one ever could have foreseen this, and I think these cases are going to fall away one by one.
We already see that happening in Georgia, as you pointed out at the beginning of this great segment.
So we continue to pray, but we also continue to work.
No one in New Hampshire or no one in South Carolina, no one in Nevada, no one in any of these states should take anything for granted.
Yes, it's good that Ron DeSantis stepped aside.
Yes, it's good that he grudgingly endorsed the president.
But that doesn't mean this is over.
Nikki Haley is evil.
She's controlled by the cabal that controls Joe Biden.
They're the same donors.
They're the same globalists.
And for people that don't know, and I've had all the experts on, but just boil it down in like a minute or two.
Yeah, they've got dead people that vote.
Yeah, they've got illegals that vote.
Yeah, they've got people moved out of districts and they vote in their names.
But we know that they run out of bullets with landslides.
That's why we've got to have, no, no, we should not, oh, we're winning and just go to sleep.
We've got to have a maximum landslide.
Well, we did this excellent space last Sunday, I guess it was.
You and I, Jack Posobiec from Human Events, General Mike Flynn.
It was one of the greatest spaces.
I don't do many of them.
I do very, very few of them.
But this is a point General Flynn made over and over again.
Voter turnout has been anemic, even in some of the most important recent elections.
It's just been anemic.
Every single person who thinks like we do, every single person who loves America and wants to save this country, can take nothing for granted.
Not only do you have to get out, but you have to get every member of your family out.
And your circle of friends.
Yesterday, I was in the dry cleaner yesterday and I met a very nice young African-American woman.
She told me she didn't vote four years ago, three years ago.
But she said she's certainly voting this time and so is everyone in her family because the economy is so bad because her life is so bad, so difficult under Joe Biden.
That's a real sea change, Alex.
That shows you that's happening, I'm convinced, across this country.
All right, you're on Tim Pool's show tomorrow.
What time is that, and what are you going to be covering?
You know, I can't even answer the question yet.
I don't know what we're going to talk about yet.
I'm privileged to be on, but it's on tomorrow evening, so look for that.
I've never been on with him before.
I like him very much.
I really like his show.
I'm honored to be invited.
Should be great.
All right, Roger.
We'll talk to you soon.
God bless you, and have a great Sunday.
Thanks, Alex.
What's left of it.
All right.
Yes, sir.
Powerful first hour.
I'm going to break in a few minutes.
Start the next hour.
And when I tell you we're winning, folks, I've been on here 30 years.
In April.
29 plus years.
And it was nothing but negative, negative, negative, negative.
Just like Winston Churchill at the start of World War II.
But I'd promise victory if people were strong.
We are completely turning the tables right now.
But I would not be surprised if we wake up next week and a nuke goes off and they blame it on somebody.
I mean, I'm just telling you, they're not going to give up easy.
But we're not going out without a fight.
So, hey, yeah, you're going to pull something, a race war, a bio-release, a nuclear war.
Hey, whatever, justice be done, may the heavens fall.
We are moving forward against your operations, period.
And I've got dozens of clips here, but we're going to get into the next hour.
You know, if I work hard, if I shut up...
And don't give too much commentary on these.
I can probably get to most of these.
But Davos is in full crap their pants mode.
You heard Roger talking to his sources that were at Davos.
And these guys do run stuff, okay?
And they are the most... Anybody that knows them, they can be worth $5 billion.
They never tip.
They're rude to everyone.
They're just... They're psychopaths.
They have no empathy.
They're the worst people on earth.
But they wrap themselves in a liberal, you know, gold foil...
I think?
We're good to go.
I need your help.
I mean, have we not delivered?
It's like in Gladiator, when he first is in Gladiator, he kills like four guys in 20 seconds.
He says, are you not entertained?
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That's up to you, though.
You have to make the decision to say, has InfoWars delivered?
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Hour number two starts now.
I talk a lot about the great successes Infowars has had.
I don't think anybody can deny it.
And it is because of listeners and viewers supporting us.
When we talk about the crew at Infowars, people behind the scenes, the researchers, the writers, they really have been the MVPs in this fight.
And when you look at Harrison Smith and Owen Schroyer and the hard work they engage in every day, five, six, seven days a week, it's really just incredible.
So for myself and the whole InfoWars crew, I thank you for your past support.
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Please take action now.
One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
We're good to go.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a disturbing reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, and they're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around, because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
As leaders in government, business and society, wie wir,
A particular responsibility to rebuild trust in how we assume our own role as trustees.
Hidden behind the lost attempt to rebuild trust for the Davos 2024 attendees' sugar-coated totalitarian strategy for world domination is a panicked roach nest of sociopaths
Are you worried that if all the details come out about the Epstein trial, that your boss might get into legal trouble like Prince Andrew did or some of the others on the list?
It must have been bad for Melinda to divorce him over Epstein.
I mean, that's what Melinda Gates said, because he wouldn't stop visiting Epstein.
He was evil, personified.
I had nightmares about it afterwards.
I mean, how can you work for a guy like that?
Treason, not trust, seemed to be the actual theme at this year's Davos.
We are on the way to a new order, so we are between orders.
What are we able to keep on the positive side from the old order to bring into a new order?
At the heart of it will be many of the core principles and core institutions of the existing order.
It's absolutely critical that we accelerate.
I don't want this, obviously, but if you wound up with a different president who was opposed to climate crisis, I got news for you.
No one politician anywhere in the world can undo what is happening now.
The marketplace is doing this.
Many of these so-called righteous saviors of humanity chose to stick their nose up at the thought of addressing the peasants when confronted by journalists asking basic questions.
I want to ask about McKinsey and those huge contracts you guys got from the Canadian government after meeting with Chrystia Freeland.
Oh, don't run away!
Don't run away.
Why don't you want to talk about your contract with Canadian taxpayers?
I mean, surely you believe in transparency.
What are your plans going forward?
Not going to talk about it right now here.
Are you pulling back from it the same way BlackRock is?
And why don't we just set this up formally?
But no, we're not pulling back from it.
Are you worried about misinformation and disinformation?
That's been a big focus of the World Economic Forum this year.
Do you agree with that?
You don't have enough credentials to go up there, apparently.
But what about the forcible nature that so many people were forced to take the jab or lose their job?
Well, what I'd like to actually just say within this is that we're certainly proud of the efforts that collectively that the healthcare sector made.
Right, and I know that, and I'm not disputing that,
I think that if you'd like to discuss any of this further, that you can certainly be in contact with our media relations group, and they'd be happy to get in touch with you on it, okay?
I don't think they would be happy to get in touch with me.
I'm asking you about the forcible nature, that if people didn't, if they weren't forced to take your medicine against their will, they'd be fired.
I need to go on this, but what I would say is that all of this comes down to local decisions that are made by countries.
Local decisions?
I think you profited by it.
How you doing?
Do you think you did well in COVID and if you're going to do as well in disease X?
What is disease X?
Mr Tedros, what is disease X?
And when is China going to release it?
The number one issue that Klaus Schwab says is the goal for the WEF is to combat misinformation and disinformation.
Is that important to Mehta?
I'm heading to my booth.
This is not an interview.
How come Facebook is censoring the internet?
Is it your plan to interfere with the 2024 election?
Sorry, I'm not here to do this.
The Davos attendees of 2024 need to calm the f**k down.
The overselling of an imminent nightmare future is really pissing huge populations of Team Humanity off.
What's to stop the hundreds of millions of us from holding a confab of our own aimed at arresting these proponents of a genocidal new world order?
53 years after the web was founded,
They have 75 million children working in their supply chains.
The problem is that many of these companies have business models that have actually increased misery, hunger, malnutrition and child labor.
The kind of person who will come into the next conservative administration is going to be governed by one principle, and that is...
Destroying the grasp that political elites and unelected technocrats have over the average person.
We're going to change instead of using a needle to use a little patch.
So the pandemic really highlighted that we've been under... Bodies is back.
We're good to go.
Bodies will reduce inflammation throughout the body, help boost and support flexibility, increase mobility, assist in joint function, bolster your immune system, and so much more.
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Grab yourself a bottle today for 25% off at Infowarsstore.com and put your body at ease.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
The roach nest that is the new world order is being spotlighted and the lights aren't turning off.
Their arrogance and their hubris is what's blinded them.
Now, they learn what comes after the light.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
While Djokovic was playing and won.
You can't make this up.
We're going to hit all of this in the next hour and how to counter the left-walk mob.
Dana White of the UFC shows us how it's done.
But let me recap what I said at the beginning of the last hour and then drill into the actual evidence for you.
The globalists are all over the place.
So many clips, I can't play them all.
I'm about to play a bunch.
Saying we're losing.
The world's awake to us.
Everybody hates us now.
And I'm going to say this again before I get into all this.
Like three years ago, I was on Joe Rogan's podcast.
And two days after I was on, they had national headlines saying Joe Rogan needs to be censored.
He lied and said that
Bill Gates, he let Alex Jones lie and said that Bill Gates admitted 80% of people that took the Pfizer shot right when it was first coming out got sick with serious adverse reactions.
He went on CBS News and said it.
So Joe called me and he said, hey, you played that clip.
You talked about it.
Send me that clip.
It's like at 8 a.m.
in the morning.
I sent it to him.
It goes out on Instagram.
It gets like, I forget, 50 million views or something.
And Joe said, here's the national news saying I lied.
Here's Bill Gates saying it.
National news.
Bill Gates did not say 80% of those they tested the Pfizer shot on got sick.
Here's Bill Gates saying it.
Now, there were hundreds of thousands of comments.
I got addicted to it for like a week.
I read sometimes three hours a day
We're good to go.
You will own nothings and like it.
We will put the microchips in you.
They get up and say this.
I've got new clips of them saying it.
This week at Davos, a bunch of these.
Look at this whole stack of them.
Each one of these articles, each one of these pieces of paper is just a printout of the video so I remember to get to it.
Look how many of these there are.
I mean, look at this.
They're all, I could talk for a whole hour on one of these.
The Queen of the Netherlands says we're going to bring in a world ID to forcibly inject you.
I'm going to play that video in a moment.
I mean, it's all sensational, and it's in the U.N.
But people hear me say, oh, it's in the U.N.
Treaty, and I show you the treaty neurotically every week and show you the subsections and have experts on.
But when you hear the queen, one of the richest families in the world, they're so rich you never hear about them, she surfaces to say she wants control of your body.
They're all a bunch of eugenics.
Their whole damn family.
Prince Bernhardt, all of them.
They're disgusting people.
Selfishness is their name.
That's what I want you to know is, at least if we're all going down, there's a good chance to turn this around, but at least if we're all going down, they're going down with us.
They can build all their bunkers.
They can try to trigger all their race wars and distractions.
They can try to stage their false flags.
But at the end of the day, everything we've worked for, for 29 years at least on this show, thanks to all of you spreading the word, you know you did it.
You get the credit.
I think so?
I think so.
Think you get 100,000 comments on one of your videos and I can't find one person for you?
Think that might be a vote that you should go away and stop cutting off the fertilizer and culling the cows from Sri Lanka to the Netherlands?
The Queen of the Netherlands, filthy rich off her people, the second biggest food producers in the world, the best farmers, they're already telling them, oh, by 2030, 90% of your cows will be dead.
They just ordered 30% of them killed and sent the military in to do it.
We're good to go.
Think French Revolution.
It was a copy of ours that didn't go well.
It was kill the royalty, kill the ultra-rich, but then it soon spilt into the general public.
And then you got a dictator out of it, Napoleon Bonaparte.
George Washington refused to be a dictator.
King England called him the greatest man in the world of that day.
Said George Washington is the greatest man alive in the world today.
Because he beat the British, then refused to be part of the French Revolution, upheld his agreements, and then stepped down and was not king after he served two terms.
And the King of England said, he's the greatest living man in the world.
Because he just seized the most powerful sector of the British Empire and they wanted to make him king.
He said, I want to go back to my farm.
I didn't do this to be a king.
I did this to give power to the people.
So that same fight that was happening 250-something years ago is happening now in our hearts and minds.
And you have the Queen of the Netherlands
Her name is like four feet long.
It's like Maximina Supremis Andromedas Oquinas.
I mean, I got the full name here.
I'm not joking.
I mean, you give yourself a break, man.
And then she's there having her people that she lives off of cut the food off the world.
What a creep.
Maximina of the Netherlands.
Oh, and she loves the immigrants.
She loves the open borders.
She loves waging war against her people.
These are disgusting predators, ladies and gentlemen.
So, the big news is they're in full panic mode.
So, I've got dozens of clips.
Which one should we begin with first?
Well, let's show you Fox News.
We're good to go.
They're free agents.
Forget a long leash.
This is a digital mind control device that claims it knows your brain waves and then tells you how to behave in live time.
These neuro-hacking headphones use AI to track your brain signals to help you stay productive.
We showed that super creepy video like three weeks ago.
Find it and give me a note for tomorrow.
I don't have time to get to it today.
But Waters is great.
But he just shows them this week saying, oh, we're soon going to mind control you and it's going to be so great.
And I have the Wall Street Journal editor saying,
We used to control everybody's minds, but now we don't.
So we've just got to bring in even greater censorship.
I mean, it's like you wonder why we don't like you.
We'll own nothing, have nothing, eat bugs.
You'll get rid of our families, implode the third world, ship them here, put them in charge.
I mean, it's like you guys are nasty.
So let's play Jesse Waters talking about this.
Here it is.
So, you know what just would make everything much easier?
If we just stop resisting and submit to mind control.
Bringing the kinds of sensors that people have become accustomed to, such as rings and in watches, into everyday devices, but it breaches the final frontier of privacy, that is, what people are thinking and feeling.
What they will be capable of doing is very high-level brain state reading.
Things like, are you tired?
Are you paying attention?
Is your mind wandering?
Are you happy or sad?
They maybe enable interaction like up, down, left, right.
So slap some sensors on your forehead and let Davos read your thoughts.
And if we're angry at Davos, up, down, left, right, now we're mellow.
Don't you see?
These are well-intentioned people.
I can play Klaus Schwab six years ago on French TV.
Soon we will have chips in your brains and control you.
I'll be so good.
Here is Queen Maximina of the Netherlands coming with the digital IDs good for her.
And this is in the official treaty, but here she is, a non-threatening lady.
I just want you to have this ID so I can stick in your body what I want when we get rid of you.
Here it is.
Because in order to open an account, you need to have an ID.
And I have to say that when I started this job, there were actually very little countries in Africa or Latin America that had one ubiquitous type of ID.
And certainly that it was digital.
And certainly that it was biometric.
And now we've really worked with all our partners to actually help that being, I mean, to grow this.
And the interesting part of it is that, you know, yes, it is very necessary for financial services, but not only.
It's also good for school enrollment.
It's also good for health, who will actually go to vaccination or not.
It's very good to get your subsidies, you know, from the government.
So this has not only effect to the financial services.
It's a very important issue.
Yes, because she wants to give the brown people special shots.
Davos Salinas says, climate transition not possible without global coordinated carbon taxes through a world ID.
This is Saudi Arabia's finance minister, Mohammed Al-Jaddan.
Here he is.
There is no realistic solution to the climate transition that does not involve a globally coordinated system of carbon taxes.
There's no realistic or fair solution
That does not involve a globally coordinated system of carbon taxes.
And Ngozi at the WTO is coordinating this with several other international organizations.
It's still early days.
There's a perception that it's unjust, it's unfair, it'll lead to inflation.
In fact, quite the contrary.
If we don't do this, the countries that will suffer most ultimately are the developing countries.
They're going to be the worst affected by climate change.
If we don't do this, it's vulnerable communities that will suffer the most.
What we need is a system of carbon taxes coupled with subsidies for vulnerable households and a stream of funding for the developing world to allow them to engage in investments in mitigation and adaptation that allows them to keep growing.
And that's a real opportunity.
It's a fair solution and it's the only realistic solution.
And we can't keep ducking it.
That's Build Back Better.
Shut off your resources and then give you a universal basic income where we put shots in your body and make you eat bug protein and track everything you do.
Yeah, eugenics, death, euthanasia.
Let's play Emma Tucker, the Wall Street Journal editor.
We are the gatekeepers, very much owned the facts, but you don't anymore, witch.
Here she is.
If you go back really not that long ago, as I say, we owned the news.
We were the gatekeepers, and we very much owned the facts as well.
If it said it in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, then that was a fact.
Nowadays, people can go to all sorts of different sources for the news, and they're much more questioning about what we're saying.
It's no longer good enough for us just to say, this is what happened, or this is the news.
We have to explain, almost like explain our working.
So readers expect to understand how we source stories.
They want to know how we go about getting stories.
We have to sort of lift the bonnet, as it were, and in a way that newspapers aren't used to doing, and explain to people what we're doing.
We need to be much more transparent about how we go about collecting the news.
When you tell us two men can have a baby, or men can dominate women's sports, or there are WMDs in Iraq, or open borders are good, or Christians are bad and devil worship is good, or censorship is good, Wall Street Journal, that supported mighty platforming.
Oh, you need to lift the bonnet.
Too late, witch!
Here's Borg Brende, president of the WF, and Jake Sullivan talking about the New World Order.
That order seems to not be the order anymore.
We are on the way to a new order, so we are between orders.
Do you agree with that?
Or are there ways of what are we able to keep on the positive side from the old order to bring into a new order?
I guess maybe this is the old kind of
Teacher and me coming out, I think of this a little bit more about a transition of eras rather than a transition of orders, but the two are kind of cousins of one another.
The reason I draw the distinction is because I don't think...
The international order built after 1945 is getting replaced wholesale with some new order.
It will obviously evolve as it has evolved multiple times over the decades since 1945.
But I do think in a more sharp and distinctive way, we are moving into a new era, and that's what I talked about in my remarks.
All right, here's the World Trade Organization director.
Explaining how they're going to make it better now.
We're going to love the New World Order.
They're going to rape us harder.
Here's the clip.
We need to think of globalization not in the way it was done before, but differently.
And we need to make sure that those who did not benefit during the first round benefit this time.
The reason globalization got a bad name is some poor people in rich countries were left out.
And poor countries or developing countries were at the margin.
We don't want to repeat in the new paradigm the same story.
We're diversifying supply chains and rejigging the way we do business and building resilience.
We leave out a set of countries.
When you hear build-in resilience, that means they're cutting off the energy, the power, the small businesses, consolidating control.
30 years ago, one-tenth of 1% controlled half the wealth.
It's not the 1%.
It's a fraction of 1%.
Now they control over 80%.
Oh, but they promise you, if you just eat the bugs and live in a 200-square-foot coffin apartment, things are going to get a lot better.
Now let's hear from Alexander Soros, who literally is an Aleister Crowley follower.
Look him up.
He does Aleister Crowley rituals and puts it out on the Internet.
And it goes all back to Nazi collaborating.
Here he is, gibbering, saying Trump is destroying democracy because people can vote for who they want and that the unwritten checks and balances aren't there.
Well, we have a separation of powers.
And it's what the globalists are doing is getting rid of our nation's checks and balances that's causing the tyranny.
So everything he says, if he can even make any of it out, is the opposite of reality.
Of course, because a little devil like him cannot tell any truth.
This is the little monster that wants to control your life.
Here he is.
...to actually create a narrative that inspires people to vote and to believe, you know, in democracy and democratic institutions.
On the institutional part, I think that we can talk about institutions as these abstract things, but institutions are also about people.
And, you know, we just heard this point about untrustworthy people, and we talked about things in the United States like, you know,
Like checks and balances which aren't written anywhere but are customs.
And one man...
Donald Trump literally came in and just took that, you know, took that all away.
You know, so, you know, so, you know, but when I see this, you know, when I look at this, you know, you know, more globally regarding, you know, regarding democracy, I also say to myself, when was this great time that everybody got along so well and, you know, things were going so great?
I mean, I think, you know,
I think that we really have to be careful here in this nostalgia for a time past because a lot of the reactions we're seeing in society are actually reactions to positive things like equality for women and greater diversity, which come with backlash.
Every statistic shows women are more unhappy than ever been.
We have higher infant mortality.
Our standard of living is dropping.
Our life expectancy is dropping.
Oh, but they package it all.
It's for minorities and women.
It's so great to have crime on the streets and death instruction.
What does it have to do with old white men?
It's a bunch of old white men that mainly run this whole operation.
They hide their corporate looting in a bunch of liberal epitaphs and black national anthems at the NFL.
So you tune in and you think that's the only politics.
Instead of our rights and our freedom and our capacity to live in a free market system and have access to cheap energy.
They're artificially making things hellish to make us capitulate to their control.
He says, hey, who cares if everybody's mad at us?
We're empowering women.
Yeah, right, you are.
What do you know about women, Soros?
Not much.
All right, we'll be right back on the other side.
I'll talk about the path to victory, how to stand up to these tyrants.
Dana White had some really powerful things to say.
That's coming up.
Please stay with us for the balance of the transmission.
And then Harrison Smith takes over in about 30 minutes.
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Every time I... Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide from the InfoWars.com studios.
Every time I hear this song, I think about the showdown with the globalists.
We're about to hit the keys to victory, and that's not giving a damn and telling the truth and not bowing to these people.
They want to keep us on a literal leash.
Crank it up for a minute.
Sworn to avenge.
I knew when I signed on to this, at least in this life, I'd be condemned to hell.
But in the end, globalists, you go down.
See, I knew what I was signing up for.
You didn't, did you?
And that's where you miscalculated.
Let's go back to that great AI footage for a minute.
Condemned to hell!
All right, let's get back to the news, ladies and gentlemen.
When you come to the point of understanding that submission to these tyrants is a fate worse than death, when you realize they are the scum of the earth who don't love humanity, who don't like prosperity, and who hate you, then you must come to the realization, ladies and gentlemen, that it is your right, it is your duty,
It is your destiny to throw off the chains of their bondage.
I'm going to get to victory here in a moment.
A few more seconds of this song.
They Seen One Another.
Let's go.
We're good to go.
We're here to kill tyranny, not people.
We're here to kill ideas.
We're here to empower the species.
This is Christ marched into hell to get the keys to death and hell.
We have conquered hell through Christ.
Yes, we have the knowledge of good and evil.
We choose good.
That is the journey.
All right, that's enough.
That's my analysis of that great song.
Skip the next break.
Coming up, let's talk about solutions.
Look, I went to Joe Rogan to meet Dana White many, many years ago.
Great guy.
Real guy.
Salt the earth.
Created UFC on his own.
And he was the first guy, other than like Pastor Rodney Howard Brown, I got arrested for not closing the church three and a half, four years ago, almost four years ago now, to come out.
And say, we're bringing back the UFC.
We don't care about threats of lawsuits.
We don't care about the lies.
This is the middle of the lockdowns and control.
He said, screw you.
And now he's got the fighters that are just free agents.
And the UFC's on fire against the New World Order.
Saying, we don't stand with your political correctness.
And so recently, Sean Strickland, the middleweight heavyweight champion, has just come out.
He's a Canadian.
He's attacking Trudeau, the tyrant, all the rest of it.
And when the reporters get up there to attack him and act like he's supposed to battle for correctness, he says, screw you.
And then they go to Dana White yesterday, and they say, boy, you got your reporters on a long leash.
I think?
We're good to go.
And he goes, hey, I don't put people on leashes.
Like, I don't want to attack Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but his wife did a big Vanity Fair...
A big profile.
And she says, I don't let my husband go on Alex Jones or Steve Bannon as if we need Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
to be on here to be important.
But I like a lot of what he does.
I've got to support the good things he's done.
Glyphosate, vaccines, you name it.
But she said, I tell my husband don't go on his show.
And, you know, I'd actually heard this already, and I'll leave it at that.
When RFK was in town six months ago or so.
And it's just like, wow, we're not going to vote for you if your wife's going to be the president.
I mean, is Larry David's fictional wife the real president if we elect you?
But it's not about that.
It's about me and my wife decide what to do with the house and life or trips or living or children.
I don't tell my wife, oh, you can't talk to that person.
She doesn't tell me, hey, honey, you can't interview that person.
My wife doesn't even think about telling me who I'm supposed to interview.
I mean, what planet is that?
Imagine a world where you're like watching what your spouse does and telling them what to do all day.
That sounds like a wrecked marriage to me.
But it came out that she made people be vaccinated to come to their house.
So I can't support RFK Jr.
anymore because she made those statements.
She said, I control my husband.
And I tell him what to do, and he follows my orders.
And I guess he thinks that's cute.
I guess he thinks that's funny.
And by the way, it's not about men or women being in a dominant position.
I mean, imagine if he said, I tell my wife everything to do.
I would think that's a little creepy, you know?
But we're not voting for her.
We're voting for him.
So it's even worse because we want him to be this leader, and then he's saying, she tells me what to do.
Some Hollywood actresses?
We're good to go.
He's just so strong.
He's so forceful, so real.
Self-made guy from Connecticut with nothing.
Went and created something as big as the NFL.
And he's there saying, we're going to reopen when everything else is closed the year before everything opens.
Screw you.
And he just looks at him and says, yeah, you need to stop now.
We don't have leashes on people.
Look how the statement of slavery is right there.
They expose themselves.
Oh, your leashes are long.
I know Dana was being honest and said, the only leash is their contract, what they can wear on their jersey.
Because they get their money and they can have outside sponsors, but he makes them have the sponsors, the UFC.
Only he says, hey, you get in our octagon, you're going to be pushing our product.
Other than that, you can say whatever you want in the real world, because if you take somebody else's right to say what they want, you've just taken your right.
And that's a fundamental, basic thing.
So what I'm talking about here is calling the bluff of the control freaks.
I mean, look, I've been guilty of this, not bowing to censorship, but just, you know, I've been on there almost 30 years, and I'm like, oh, I don't want to be mean to this group.
I don't want to be mean to that group.
Sure, I'll say nice things, but they want you to do that so then they can tie it to their political control.
You've got to steadfastly, I've got to steadfastly,
Understand that First Amendment is the First Amendment because it comes first.
It's king.
Doesn't matter how many guns you got or how much property you got or whatever it is, if you don't have your speech, you ain't got free will.
You don't have jack.
And so...
The way to look at these little nasty reporters that come up from the establishment and say, Oh, you're being really mean to the trans people.
Oh, the gay people.
Oh, you're being really mean.
You're letting them, when we ask them about stuff, say what they want.
You need to control them.
That's a cult.
That's the danger.
And that's BlackRock saying, Oh.
We're good to go.
So let the IMF and World Bank have slave mines in Africa.
It's all a gimmick.
It's a cheap trick.
It's a scam.
And so Dana White knows exactly how to counter them.
Again, they don't even know their own words.
You've got your people on too long a leash.
He's like, there ain't no leash, dumbass.
All you Satanists all day claim you're for free will, but every time Satanists get control, I'll be covering this tomorrow, because I've got a bunch of new TV shows and movies out about how Satan loves you, and Satan's going to give you freedom, and Satan's going to give you free will, and Satan's going to give you your free speech.
It's about time tonight, but I've got it right here on the stack.
And of course, it's a damn lie.
It's the knowledge of good and evil.
Adam and Eve, the archetype, have not been exposed to scams yet.
They had free will, but they were pure in their goodness, and they were given the virus of corruption and how it operates.
And it always seeks to take free will.
That's how it operates, but I'm getting esoteric here.
Here is Dana White, shuts down, woke reporter, free speech, people can say whatever they want.
Here it is.
You obviously give a long leash to your fighters about what they can say when they are up there with a UFC microphone and you are getting into territory of homophobia, transphobia.
I don't give anybody a leash.
Well, I'm saying you... A leash?
Free speech.
Control what people say?
Going to tell people what to believe?
Going to tell people?
I don't tell any other human being what to say, what to think, and there's no leashes on any of them.
What is your question?
I was asking that question.
I'll move on, though.
Yeah, probably a good idea.
That's ridiculous to say I give somebody a leash.
Free speech, brother.
People can say whatever they want and they can believe whatever they want.
Yeah, you're a big boy.
You're tuning into a show where real men get in a cage and beat each other, which we have a right to do, which by the way only makes us stronger.
That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
It's adult men.
You're watching.
It's a celebration of human power.
They're gladiators.
And then you're saying they can't say what they think?
You're the slave master.
I thought the devil gave us free speech.
I thought the devil gave us all this free will.
No, you don't.
You give us weakness and death.
Here's Sean Strickland knocking it out of the park.
That's what the reporter's bringing up.
The guy that's on too long a leash.
No, bitch.
He ain't on a leash.
And I'm not either.
We've got a pretty supportive gay and lesbian community in this city.
I did want to ask you about something you wrote a couple of years ago.
You said, if I had a gay son, I would think I'd... Oh, look, another... I'm saying you're in a swamp, you guys.
You've become a champion.
A swamp.
You've become a star.
Let me ask you something.
Are you gay?
I haven't had the chance to come back with a more diverse... Let me know.
Are you gay?
Can I get an answer?
This is a part of the... Are you a gay man?
I'm an ally of the community.
If you had a son and he was like, you know, you had a son, he was gay, you'd be like, oh man, you don't want a grandkid?
Oh man, well, dude, you're a weak f***ing man, dude.
No problem with it.
You're like, you're part of the f***ing problem.
You elected Justin Trudeau.
Like, would you f*** me when he sees the bank accounts?
Like, you're just f***ing pathetic.
And the fact that you have no f***ing backbone, and has he shut down your f***ing country and seized bank accounts?
You ask me some stupid shit like that, go f*** yourself.
Move the f*** on, man.
That doesn't really answer the question, but I did want to ask also things you said about the trans community.
You said this past October when they announced the Bud Light sponsorship that...
You'd go so hard on Bud Light in your next fight, they'll have to accept me or denounce me when they know what they stand for.
This guy's like, this Canadian's not that Canadian.
Are you still going to use your fight time to kind of speak on that?
Here's the thing about Bud Light.
Here's the thing about Bud Light.
Ten years ago, to be trans was a mental illness.
And now all of a sudden, people like you have weaseled your way into the world.
You are an infection.
You are the definition of weakness.
Everything that is wrong with the world is because of you.
And the best thing is, is the world's not buying it.
The world's not buying your bullshit, your peddling.
The world is not saying, you know what, you're right.
The world's not saying that.
The world's saying, no, there are two genders.
I don't want my kids being taught about, you know, who they could fuck at school.
I don't want my kids being taught about, you know, their sexual preference.
Like, dude, this guy is the fucking enemy.
You want to look at the fucking enemy to our world?
It's that motherfucker right there.
Let's go, man!
Let's fucking go!
But when have you ever seen a UFC champion...
Pierre, anybody else, stick up for you guys.
George St.
I do it.
I am not chasing the Chinese checkmark of Nike.
I don't give a about that.
I care about you guys.
I care about you guys being free.
I care about you guys having freedom of speech.
I give a about you guys.
And I'll tell you what.
You guys are awesome, and I cannot wait to see this man go to war for you guys.
Let's go!
And two updates.
He's not the champ anymore.
He lost last night.
He's from California.
My point was he's making a big deal about Canada when I said Canadian.
But the point is, is that it's all about free speech, ladies and gentlemen.
And if you don't have that, you have absolutely nothing.
And they don't care about the gay people or the trans people.
That's just something they use to get you to accept you don't have speech so they can rob your bank account, cut off the pipelines, cut off the infrastructure, cut off the fertilizer, and literally starve us to death so the queen of the Netherlands, one of the richest people in the world you never hear about, can get up there and lecture you all day.
It is beyond disgusting.
I think we covered all that.
And I think we met our points on that.
But I've got some really important news to hit right now.
When I blow up on air and I get upset, it's because I have empathy.
And back in the last days of Obama...
There was a black lady driving around in D.C., and she drove into a military drill by the White House, and she got scared and turned her car around, and they shot her full holes.
I heard a woman had been killed.
And I said it was wrong.
Because that could happen to me or you, or our wives.
And I had this outpouring of black support for months.
Saying, oh, you're with us.
Because it turned out she was black.
I don't care if she was white or black.
That woman, there's footage of it, got executed.
It was wrong.
That's my point is they've all got us divided on what color we are.
The New World Order is raping all of our freedoms and all of our futures.
And it doesn't matter what color you are.
Look at this.
Look at these headlines.
Look at this.
Cancer cases expected to hit record high in 2024.
What changed?
The damn shots, which the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, in October of 2020, predicted.
Pull up.
I've been doing this in the last few minutes of the career.
They can pull it up quick, though.
The FDA list of predicted bad effects...
Or adverse reactions, the shots.
They knew before it happened.
They don't care if your mama's black.
They don't care if your mama's white.
Get it.
Get it, folks.
Get it.
They're cutting all our pipelines off.
They're cutting all our fertilizer off.
They're dissolving our borders.
They're dissolving our currency.
They're attacking us all.
They don't give a damn what color your mama is.
Or your daddy, or your grandpa, or your granddaddy, or your grandmother.
They don't care.
They want us divided while they screw us all over.
That's so obvious.
You don't need me to tell you that.
Cancer is off the charts.
Our life expectancies are plummeting.
They're killing us.
And Djokovic knows this, Novak Djokovic.
The guy, look at this, that literally attacked him and said he should be banned everywhere, died at courtside, covering him winning a match when he called for him to be banned from tennis, dropped dead.
Journalist who tried to cancel Novak Djokovic for being unvaccinated died suddenly at Australian Open.
Can't make up the karma, folks.
Can't make it up.
And look at these.
Look at these headlines.
Denver hospital caught injecting live Ebola vaccine in workers that sheds.
Overwhelmed by illegals.
Has racked up $136 million in unpaid care.
$23 million in loan report.
But don't worry, the feds will pay for it.
And it goes on and on and on.
So that's where we are.
We're going to go to break.
And the great Harrison Smith is going to come in here and host Sunday Live for two hours with calls, guests, analysis.
He always knocks it out of the park.
He hosts weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
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But Harrison does a great job.
Owen Troyer does a fantastic job.
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That's it.
I'll be back at 11 a.m.
Harrison taking over.
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