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Air Date: Jan. 17, 2024
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones talks about election reform, discussing the importance of preventing a repeat of the 2020 election. He promotes his supplements and offers discounts to viewers. Callers discuss potential vice presidential candidates for Trump. Jones expresses concern over another COVID-like situation arising and urges listeners to be vigilant. He shares an uplifting story from a caller and promotes InfoWars MD probiotic. He speaks directly to the recipient, addressing them as part of 'the resistance.'"

Who knows what their internal numbers are, but as far as we can pull together, the psychos at Davos 2024 are gleefully celebrating their victorious genocide of 17 million people from their poisonous jabs with far more in their sights.
The unelected so-called health experts at Davos 2024 are now prioritizing Disease X, the final solution to solidify New World Order domination.
How did we get here?
It began with utilizing COVID hysteria.
Dr. Fauci blew up the age-old regulatory process for testing new vaccines in order to bring in a host of DNA-altering technology.
COVID has since been proven to have been created in a lab.
Disease X is lab-driven from the outset.
Decades of researching human genes in mice and other animals and the discovery of ancient diseases
have resulted in the World Economic Forum nonchalantly predicting that disease X, with a 100% kill rate, could spread across the world in as little as 36 hours, killing upwards of 80 million people.
Research has been ongoing at the UK's high-security state-of-the-art facility in Porton Down, where a threat list grows of animal viruses capable of infecting humans.
Meanwhile, the United States Congress is pushing the bio-research bill H.R.
3832 to further U.S.
labs' research of Disease X. Disease X represents far more than a pandemic of untold mass death.
Disease X allows the pharma-billionaires behind it to become trillionaires.
Now, Disease X, I've been teaching this sort of thing pretty well full-time since 1990.
And, um, I'd never heard of this disease, X, so I looked at some of my books, because when I wrote my book, I couldn't remember putting it in, so it wasn't in there, but so it must be a new disease.
It's a virus we don't know yet, but we do know it's out there.
But the video I was doing yesterday was examining a particular virus that was experimentally used to infect mice, caused a disease of the brain, and at the end of the study, none of the mice at the end of the study were alive anymore.
And that virus, my understanding from reading of the paper,
So, is the next pandemic really preventable?
We're good to go.
The World Health Organization estimates that 150 million people have died.
That's approximately 2% of the global population.
In the U.S., there have been an estimated 82 million severe cases and 15 million deaths.
At least 5 million Cladex deaths happened because adequate medical care wasn't available.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 90%.
The GDP, down 50%.
It was only by nationalizing the healthcare system that basic medical care is still available.
The government now pays for, controls, and rations all medical care.
The president remains in critical condition.
And, while the vice president is out of intensive care, he remains unable to assume his constitutional duties.
One-third of the U.S.
Congress is dead or incapacitated.
What if years go by without a vaccine?
Then, experts tell us that we could eventually see 30 to 40 million deaths in the U.S.
and more than 900 million around the world, 12% of the global population.
As the Exposé reported, Cladex is said to have illustrated high-level strategic decisions and policies needed to prevent a severe pandemic or diminish its consequences should prevention fail.
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Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, January 17th, 2024.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're going to have some incredible reporters on.
Ezra Levant and others from Rebel News that are knocking it out of the park.
Just like they did last year at the Davos Group meeting.
That's coming up in the second hour.
We are 292 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes, 12 seconds for the most important election in world history.
Again, I'm your host Alex Jones, very honored and blessed to still be on air thanks to your stalwart support prayer.
And word of mouth and stronger than ever now, reaching tens of millions of people a day by staying in the fight, by not letting them shut us down.
All glory goes to God at the spiritual level and all glory goes to you at the temporal level here on this planet for the action you've done.
Bravo to the listeners and the audience and our sponsors and all the activists and to the crew.
We have really done incredible things together, and we have even more important work to do.
I think it's very important, as nasty as things are, to at least know humanity's on its feet.
And worldwide, the awakening to what's happening is gone into hyperdrive.
And the globalists know that, and admit that their new world order is in deep trouble, and that they need a virus, a new virus, they're actually saying it, I have clips of them saying it, to unify us in their new order.
And John Kerry said no matter what the nation states try, the globalists will dominate and that no one can stand against them.
So, separately they admit they're losing, but no one can stand against them.
Resistance is futile.
You will submit.
You will not assimilate into their Borg system.
You will die.
Think about how incredibly megalomaniacal and insane this is, but they've been getting away with setting up their new world order, their corporate world government for decades and stealing elections all over the world and dividing and conquering countries.
But once people are aware of their operations, it's game over.
Okay, so here's what we got.
We got rebel media who just are like Michael Jordans of independent press.
I mean, you thought the confrontations last year were insane with Borla and the rest of them.
They got the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation yesterday.
They got Ted Rose, the head of the WHO.
I've got 12 clips of theirs, a bunch of other clips from Davos.
I've got three pages of Davos clips, okay?
So I'm really going to try to get to most of these today.
And as we speak, there's been more.
Confrontations where they ask them questions and they scurry away like rats.
So this is just simply amazing and I can't wait till Infowars is fully back up on its feet because I want to be at Davos like we've done in the past.
I want to be at all the Bilderberg Group meetings.
I want to be permanently with a reporter all the time at the border and we're very close.
To getting that done, so thank you all for your support.
And what makes that all possible is getting great products at the same time, enriching yourself and your family's health while keeping us on air.
A 360 win.
And all of this is brought to you by you supporting the broadcast at infowarestore.com.
So I'm very, very thankful to all of you.
All right, obviously we have the mega massive win in Iowa of 50 plus percent.
The only county that Birdbrain Nikki Haley was able to get.
In the aftermath we learned, they've said Trump won every county, he didn't.
One county Democrats admit they went over in masses, record numbers, I have the news articles right here, Mainstream News admits it, to vote to stop Trump.
So more fraud, more disingenuousness, and one other state
Allows this in their caucusing, that's New Hampshire.
And so they are promising to fraudulently make it look like Birdbrain is going to win in New Hampshire, but they're doing exit polls there and people are already standing in line in New Hampshire.
And the word is Trump is going to dominate.
Completely dominate, and that is setting the establishment into panic mode.
ABC News and CNN have canceled further debates.
They know Trump is the winner.
Meanwhile, Nikki Haley is running around declaring she is the winner.
The woman is a complete fraud.
You know, there are competent, smart women out there that can run for office for the presidency.
But the ones they give us, Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Birdbrain, because they're empty suits,
They do exactly what they're told by the military-industrial complex.
So we have that stack of those clips I'm going to get to first.
Then, we talked about this years ago.
We talked about it last week.
Now it's all over mainstream news.
Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Daily Mail.
Chinese scientists create a mutant coronavirus strain that attaches to the brain and has a 100% kill rate in humanized mice.
As they admit, there's a risk it spills over into humans.
Gain of function, folks.
I've talked a lot about this.
And there's a larger plan.
John Bowne followed an amazingly important report we're going to post as we speak on Rail Alex Jones on Twitter and also at Bandot Video.
And however you share it, share it.
Because it deals with the globalists and disease X and their path to total power and control.
If we can, let's let's throw up the actual headline because I'm going from memory on it.
I saw the report this morning.
We just aired it earlier and I want to give you the actual headline.
It's also posted on the front page of InfoWars.com.
Again, if you go to Band.Video, you go to the Jump Bounce section.
I'll pull it up.
.video, and you just go up to the left-hand corner, you click on that and you find the John Bowne section.
Disease X, a secret weapon for a new world order.
69,000 views since it went up last night at Man.video.
And until we were let back on X, that was the only place to find this life-saving information.
But now,
It's being posted to the front page of my ex-account at Real Alex Jones.
Please get it out and share the live feed of this broadcast.
So we're going to be getting to that.
We're also going to be looking at what's happening with the border.
The Biden administration has threatened Texas and the governor.
They say they have until today to allow feds back into the border area where the feds have been blocked and where Texas is blocking the illegals coming in.
And this is a real showdown.
I'm not saying it's perfect, but this is a bold move.
And I said if he starts just processing them, then it's a stunt.
But he's not.
He's been bottlenecking it to bring the crisis to people's attention.
And now the Fed said they're going to have a confrontation and appropriate action.
I guess that means the Feds are going to try to go in and muscle the state police and the state guard out of the way.
So we'll be obviously tracking all of that as it unfolds.
And then on the Trump front of the persecution of President Trump,
Just in, appeals court denies Twitter X challenge to special counsel's secret Trump search warrant.
Conservative judges scorch Jack Smith.
Supreme Court is rumored to be taking the case and will shoot it down.
Jack Smith, as you know, a month ago, in an intimidation tactic, subpoenaed X and tried to make it secret, but Elon Musk released it.
Talk about getting in the face of tyrants.
I mean, I just can't disagree with what Musk does.
He keeps knocking it out of the park.
I had to call it like I see it.
People are like, why do you love Musk so much?
I mean, Musk releases it.
He wants, Jack Smith wants all the names of anyone that went to Trump's Twitter over the last eight years and liked something Trump posted.
And what was it?
So if you click the like button or the heart button,
Jack Smith wants your name.
A database of Trump supporters.
I mean, this is just pure surveillance state coming out in the open.
Jack Smith is a UN prosecutor.
He is a filthy criminal.
And so is Fannie Willis.
You know, it's all come out that her boyfriend, the gang leader,
And then she's got another boyfriend that's the prosecutor and she funnels him hundreds of thousands of dollars every few months.
Fannie Willis' case is so tainted by self-dealing and impropriety that the entire case must be dismissed without prejudice.
So there you go, absolutely.
These people are so naked in what they do.
They're so brazen.
They're so out in the open.
Jack Smith wants every Trump supporter that ever retweeted or liked a Trump post?
Again, he thinks that's going to scare you.
They sit up there, the bean counters in DC and go, well, just go ahead and do this and get a database of them and then we can start persecuting people.
Talk about biting off more than you can chew.
Talk about being lunatics.
It's like Russia told them for seven years.
You keep putting troops in Ukraine.
You keep overthrowing governments.
You keep allowing the attacks on the Russian population there.
It's over 50% who identify as Russians.
That's where Russia started.
And we're going to invade.
And then they did.
And then they kicked NATO's ass.
And now NATO wants to double down again and has the German government, the Swedish government, the bunch of other British government.
I covered it yesterday saying, we're going to have a war with Russia and China and Iran.
We're going to have a national draft.
We're going to draft the women.
Well, that's going to be tough when nobody shows up.
Army sees decline in white recruits amid culture war.
A massive 40 plus percent drop in recruits, 43 percent drop.
And what do you expect is going to happen when you give people poison shots and you have critical race theory and teach people that whites are inherently bad, and then you put a bunch of people promoted not because of meritocracy, but because of what color they are, what gender they are, and men in dresses wandering around in command.
By the way, the U.S.
military, it's all branches, doesn't make transgenders even show up to formations or any of the events.
You just, oh, you wear a dress?
Well, my God, we better just roll a red carpet out for you.
And just to show you the recklessness, because, you know, if he's doing this on this area, he's doing it everywhere.
Just like Millie called up the Chi-Cons and said, don't worry, I got the nuke codes.
Don't worry, Trump isn't the president.
That's called treason.
But now, Lloyd Austin's 9-1-1 call of all groups, the Daily Beast got it.
And it's them saying, oh yeah, don't come on with your lights on, we're keeping this secret.
The aide tells 9-1-1.
And then they kept the fact that he was incapacitated from the President, from Congress, for at least four days.
And now we learn it is a cover-up.
Because Lloyd Austin is somebody that thinks he's above the law.
There's federal law on this.
So while we are in all these wars, and Iran's firing missiles at Pakistan and all the rest of the craziness, and how long have I told you I think the real hot war worldwide will break out between Pakistan, India, and Iran?
Because those groups all hate each other, and they're constantly fighting with each other, and it's all completely out of control.
And you had China and India at loggerheads.
In 2024, which we're now into, hard to believe, watch
That area of Asia.
The subcontinent.
Watch that area with China, India, Kashmir, Pakistan, Iran.
Because India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons.
And if you don't think Iran's got nuclear weapons, I got a bridge I'm gonna sell you.
In Manhattan.
So, the whole thing is out of control.
And that's why people should be praying.
All right, let me start drilling into the news.
I just mentioned some of what's coming up.
Let's first look at the election.
Here's Trump last night while he
Celebrated Ramaswamy dropping out of the race and joining with his 8% of the vote in Iowa or 7.7% with Trump.
Trump called for unity and that is the answer, but look for Nikki Haley to be a kamikaze, guaranteed.
I want to think DeSantis got some bad advisors, got Karl Rove and Jeb Bush, we know he did, and they filled him full of dreams that he could defeat Trump, but I want to believe DeSantis is a good guy and can.
Get himself out of where he's at.
And I really think DeSantis should step down now and join with Trump.
That's the long-term thing to do.
And I don't think DeSantis is really a corrupt person.
If he doesn't, he's a smart guy.
He's being blackmailed or something.
Now Birdbrain, Birdbrain's totally bought and paid for.
She's not going to stop.
And they're spending thousands of dollars per vote they get for her.
And Democrats are all crossing over to support her.
And they're saying anybody that doesn't vote for her is a racist.
I didn't know she was supposedly brown, but now she's brown.
I thought she was the Republican version of Hillary Clinton.
Haley, the new Hillary, as they're saying.
But they're the Democrats endorsing her when she is a mad dog warmonger, which they love, and she wants Internet ID, which is key to the whole globalist takeover.
So, here's Drudge, the CNN of the Internet now.
Trump has a daily meltdown, dead heat, in New Hampshire.
And of course, I looked up the numbers, that's not even true.
Just like it was supposedly a dead heat in
Iowa, but then he beat her massively.
51% of the vote.
She came in third place.
But it doesn't matter.
She said that she's the winner.
Now you know the one county out of 99 that Trump lost in Iowa ran out of party switch forms on caucus night.
There's video on CBS News of them admitting Democrats and the Democrats brag.
Yeah, I want to stop Trump.
So I'm voting for her.
They have no intent of voting for her in the general election.
It's disingenuous.
It's fraud.
I wouldn't call it criminal, but it's a fraud.
You know, you tell your next door neighbor you're a retired astronaut.
You're not.
You're lying to them.
It's not illegal to tell your neighbor you're a retired astronaut or maybe race car driver or whatever lie you tell your neighbor.
But this is lying to the public saying, oh, I want Nikki Haley.
No, you just don't want
You just don't want Trump.
So here's Trump bringing the House down.
It's time for Republicans, the party to unify.
And Vivek Ramaswamy gets in there and says, this is America 1776 Part 2.
Wonder where he heard that.
Here it is.
It's time for the Republican Party, however, to unify, come together, and move forward as one team.
We have to beat crooked Joe Biden.
We have to beat him.
Our country is at stake and we need to focus on all of our resources.
We have to put them into energy and effort and defeating Biden and all of these radical left lunatics, what they're doing to our country.
We can't let it happen.
We cannot let it continue.
We're going down and we cannot let it continue.
Last night,
I was honored to receive the endorsement of a man who has become a true leader and earned the admiration of so many patriots.
I've been a friend of his even though we were competing against each other.
But I was a friend of his and we got along and he was saying he's a great president.
I kept saying, why is he running?
He keeps calling me a great president.
But he's a fantastic guy, a very smart guy, he's got some tremendous ideas, and he's young and he's got some young ideas too, and that's a good thing.
So he has a big, beautiful, bright future ahead, Vivek Ramaswamy.
Come on up, Vivek!
Vivek's smart, he's not destroying himself like the Santas.
Remember what Ted Cruz kept going after Trump with all the dirty tricks in 2016?
Now where's Ted Cruz now?
Alright, so, look, I've got more of what Vivek had to say.
His speech was seven minutes long.
It was pretty powerful.
But I've got World War III and biological weapon news I've got to hit.
And then I've got the World Economic Forum clips I need to start getting to.
And it all ties together.
These are the people bringing you this.
And so we're going to come back from break here, and we are going to drill into all of that.
Chinese scientists create a mutant coronavirus strain that attacks the brain, has a 100% kill rate in mice, as they admit there's a risk of spillover to humans.
That's why they're humanized mice.
It's not a risk, it will spill over.
That's why they humanize the damn mice.
And I've got Claude X, some of the John Hopkins war gaming, for third of the Congress dead, martial law.
Why they're promoting this, why they're preparing this when we come back.
So this is total power grab, world domination stuff.
It's unbelievable.
We have the unelected head of the EU Commission.
Remember, the EU is unelected.
They have a parliament that's advisory that was set up, you know, in the 90s.
But in 47, they set up under a treaty on trade deals with countries, and the countries gave up their sovereignty and began to transfer power to the EU Commission.
The fascists in the European Union are preparing to shut down their opposition.
Ursula von Leyden, President of the EU Commission, describes how the plan to establish control over social media platforms, the last form of media outside their control.
That is coming up next segment.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, we're going to have the incredible reporters on the ground in the snow as it gets dark on a mountaintop in Switzerland at Debo's.
Ezra Levant and others are just Babe Ruths of, or Michael Jordans, or the Bradys of news.
They just, they just are really slaying it.
And so they're going to be joining us live on the ground.
I'm going to start getting some of those clips, some of the confrontations with the ADL head, the head of the UNWHO, the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
I mean, it's just, it's just insane.
But I want to say something to the audience here.
I want this to really sink in.
I get accused of fear porn by the left and the right.
And you can go back 20 years and I said they're going to release a virus and have lockdowns and a world ID.
I think?
New American reporters and Lord Monckton and just, you know, all of them on.
I mean, we watch these guys.
And you notice what I said came true.
They did it.
It's in the emails, the witnesses.
And they've been caught.
We had the vice president of EcoHealth Alliance come out and say it was a CIA operation and that they were basically setting China up, making the viruses over there.
And I'm not defending Xi Jinping or the Chinese.
They're just as bad or worse than our so-called leaders.
But just as Senator Paul has explained,
They are making gain-of-function viruses all over the world that could accidentally get out and routinely do, that literally kill 20, 30, 40% of people that they come in contact with.
The hype is it kills 100%.
Weaponized mousepox, translated to humans, if you have someone that doesn't have D3 and someone who's run down, and if you inject it directly into their blood,
You can get an 80-90% death rate.
That's been out for decades.
And any government or any corporation that's able to manipulate RNA can weaponize mousepox.
That's been the big threat.
Now they've got all these synthetic COVID viruses that have been spliced together with other viruses and have an HIV delivery system that you can then plop into that whatever attack vector you want.
It's like the missile that carries the payload.
According to all the virologists and biologists that I've interviewed and the literature.
So now they're saying, all right, we've got a weaponized COVID that killed 100% of the mice.
Now, again, I'm not defending China by pointing out others are doing it.
To the contrary, I'm saying this is going on all over the place.
And I've seen similar weaponized viruses, including the COVID variant.
Being funded by the NIH, and the CDC here, and the National Healthcare System in the UK, as well as other countries.
And it's insane.
And I've had high-level scientists on the show that have worked in these labs, like Judy Mikovits, who have explained that almost always the stuff leaks, and then they just cover up the people that get sick or die from it.
So, we can talk about all the other issues in the world, but from obsessing this, I think it's very clear, I think you would agree with me, most of you, that biological plague, or the green horse of the revelations, is really what keeps me up at night.
And if my neighbors had
12-foot, 15-foot fences and had Bengal tigers living in there, I would probably move.
Because there's a small chance one of my kids might stick their arm in there or one might get out.
Neighbors with a bunch of Bengal tigers in their backyard would be a welcome thing compared to this.
Or maybe your neighbor's got 100 King Cobras living in their house.
And they say, oh, these are my pet King Cobras.
The house is sealed.
They can't get out.
You really think the King Cobras can't get out?
Snakes can get out of anything.
That's another analogy off the top of my head.
So, here's the takeaway though, and here's what I know for a fact.
Everywhere in the world, on paper, including China and the U.S., gain of function is illegal.
Why would you take a pathogen and make it stronger?
Oh, because someone might do that, so you need the cure.
Again, it would take a billion years, according to their evolutionary theory, for COVID to come together in a lab, if you were just mixing five viruses together.
They don't mix them, they splice them.
It's impossible!
That's not how virology works.
They made this, they did this, we know, it's in the documents, and I'm not up here
Saying go to Fauci's house and shoot him.
In fact, don't do that.
Turn him into a martyr.
I'm not saying go burn down one of these labs.
That will release the viruses.
I'm not calling for any offensive violence.
And I don't claim, I want to be very clear here, to know the solution to this.
But I know if the FBI found out that a retired biologist that worked at, say, one of our national labs, had a laboratory in his basement and was playing
With stolen samples, which you can hardly do anything with that, they would SWAT team his ass in five minutes and he'd be in a supermax prison and should be.
Because that's a danger to everybody.
Why are they doing this?
Why are they allowed to do it?
Well, we know why.
And they tell us why.
They want power and control.
And they say there's too many of us.
Whether it's Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or any of these people, you can go research them.
They're all part of these depopulation organizations.
They're all going to award ceremonies and give each other awards for depopulating humanity.
And everything we've seen up until now has been a beta test.
So the biggest thing I see in the attacks against me is, Oh, really?
They're depopulating us?
Why are we at 8 billion?
Well, this was beta testing before.
They say that.
Now, populations are declining in the western world and first world everywhere, and life expectancy is declining, and IQ is declining, and now people are getting Alzheimer's and neurological disorders at 20, and we are being killed.
And so, they're going from the test to the operational.
And I know you tune into Yo Jones, you tell us this every day.
Well, what else am I supposed to tell you?
I can show you entertaining clips.
I can make fun of the left.
I can show you leftist idiots and make fun of them.
Sure, that's entertaining.
But, is it going to stop?
A bioweapon being released.
That's what I'm asking you.
And they're all over the news saying, Disease X is imminent, it's going to kill 50 to 150 million people, and we're going to set up a world government, and it's going to help save the earth, because you're going to learn to be locked in your house, except when we say you can leave, and your smartphone will control you, and they've already beta tested it in Italy and Australia, and it's here!
Hellish tyranny!
The door is closing on the prison cell.
We're being locked up.
By a group of self-appointed lunatics.
So I've got clips of just one of the John Hopkins drills with Disease X, where they war game martial law.
I'm gonna play that when we come back.
I'm gonna play Bill Gates bragging.
Yeah, I've come out with a new patch that just puts the vaccine right in you.
Yeah, with microscopic nanotech spike particles, little needles,
that go into you and then they can also then track that tattoo they put on your skin.
You can't see it but they can scan it and they even know the lot number and that's in the patents and now they're rolling it out folks and rolling out vaccines that are in quote food and I meant to get to this yesterday I sent it to you guys but I cleaned my desk off so go back to the messages I sent you yesterday I want the
The definition of vaccines until four years ago.
Then they changed it to just anything we put in your body.
This is a revolution to take our bodies over.
I remember four years ago, I told you this was Gates' plan.
This is it.
They said I was a conspiracy theorist.
Now he's at Deimos bragging about it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
29 years on air, all I wanted to do was warn the people about the globalists.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Horsemen are drawing nearer!
Medals keep their eyes!
The four horsemen are saddling up at Davos.
Announcing their evil plans for us.
Oh yeah!
Sticking your head in the sand is only going to make it worse.
Face it.
Part of your life.
Alright, let's get into it.
Here is part of one of the John Hopkins, they run the whole show, with the Rockefeller Foundation and Carnegie Endowment, they run the UN, War Game Drill.
For the type of collapse of government and then their martial law they plan to use while they own and run the factories that make the death and then give you the poison shot that's even worse.
Here it is.
The World Health Organization estimates that 150 million people have died.
That's approximately 2% of the global population.
In the U.S., there have been an estimated 82 million severe cases and 15 million deaths.
At least 5 million Clade X deaths happened because adequate medical care wasn't available.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down 90%.
The GDP down 50%.
It was only by nationalizing the healthcare system that basic medical care is still available.
The government now pays for, controls, and rations all medical care.
The president remains in critical condition.
And, while the vice president is out of intensive care, he remains unable to assume his constitutional duties.
One-third of the U.S.
Congress is dead or incapacitated.
What if years go by without a vaccine?
Then, experts tell us that we could eventually see 30 to 40 million deaths in the U.S.
But don't worry, now they can accelerate the quote, vaccines that aren't even vaccines.
Here's the vaccine definition pre-2015.
Injection of a killed or weakened infectious organism in order to prevent the disease by teaching the body immunity.
The new definition in 2015-2021, the act of introducing a vaccine of the body to promote immunity to a specific disease.
And now the new definition 2021, the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease, which of course it doesn't even give you the protection.
So now we have this.
Chinese scientists create a mutant coronavirus strain that attacks the brain and has a 100% kill rate in mice that were humanized.
As they admit there's a risk of spillover.
Scientists create a virus that is super weaponized.
That's gain of function.
And they're all doing it all over the place.
And we're just supposed to sit here while the very groups warning us that disease X is imminent are doing this.
Here's Bill Gates, and I don't even have the time or crew to go back to 2020, 2021, 2022.
They had national news articles saying, Jones is fact-checked.
Bill Gates is not involved in a patch delivery system that he funded and his companies control the patent on.
It's all public.
Where they put the sticker on you and then it sends in all these little microscopic needles with the so-called vaccine and they can then track you off of digital material in there that can be scanned and tell you what the shot was, when it was, what happened.
Then of course they'll keep the data of how the shot makes you really sick or kills you secret.
That data so they can test and see how their weapons are working.
The video you're seeing here is from MIT, working with Bill Gates to develop this a decade ago.
But now, Bill Gates is announcing it.
So you didn't want me to talk about it before it was rolled out.
Oh, no, that doesn't exist.
Don't form any opposition.
Don't scare people.
It's totally wonderful.
It doesn't exist.
Now, oh, it's here, and it's great.
Here's Bill Gates at Davos yesterday.
We make sure that for all these vaccines, that there's enough capacity, that there's competition so the prices keep going down, and we will have new vaccines.
We'll have a TB vaccine, malaria vaccine, HIV vaccine, and even the things like COVID vaccines, we need to make them have longer duration, more coverage, and we're going to change, instead of using a needle, to use a little patch.
So the pandemic really highlighted that we've been under-invested in those innovations, and our partners in India are part of how we're going to get these breakthrough products done.
Our partners in India.
He and his father have been outlawed in India to do anything, but there he is still working with the government of India to do that.
So I'm glad to see Disease X has been trending for weeks.
Number one,
On all the different platforms off and on.
People are really figuring out this game.
And I know it's horrible to admit we have mass murdering criminals in control.
I know it's scary to go research them and find out they're obsessed with killing us.
But at least we know.
At least we understand what's happening.
They want control of our bodies.
They want control of our lives.
The best way to do it is with a virus scare power grab, right as they try to pass their treaty.
And coming up next hour, I have the clip after clip after clip of them bragging about it.
But then, they don't want us to be able to respond.
So here is a clip of Ursula van der Leyen, President of the EU Unelected Commission, described how they plan to establish control over social media,
The last form of media outside of their control.
They have the EU going after Elon Musk.
They have it all.
Their number one mission, according to their own press release last Friday, is silencing disinformation.
That means anyone disagreeing with their lies.
And then of course I've got another
Comment here by Nikki Haley praising Bill Gates and saying he's great setting up a system to forcibly inject us.
Here is the unelected head of the EU.
Dear Klaus, let me go back to the number one concern of the Global Risk Report.
Disinformation and misinformation.
Tackling this has been our focus since the very beginning of my mandate.
With our Digital Services Act, we defined the responsibilities of large internet platforms on the content they promote and propagate.
A responsibility to children and vulnerable groups targeted by hate speech, but also a responsibility to our societies as a whole.
Because the boundary between online and offline is getting thinner and thinner.
And the values we cherish offline should also be protected online.
And this is even more important in this new era of generative AI.
Now, the World Economic Forum Global Risk Report puts artificial intelligence
As one of the top potential risks for the next decade.
When you translate what they're saying, we want AI, but only we can use it to surveil and censor and lie, but you can't use AI to counter us.
We're going to go to break.
Please tell everybody you know and don't know, and perfect strangers, if you're on X right now watching, please repost this, retweet it, because we've got reporters on the ground at Davos, going around the snow at night, confronting globalists in live time.
The head of the UN, WHO, are you confronted?
I mean, the head of the ADL got confronted.
It's incredible.
That's all coming up.
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One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections, masqueradings, vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious
You realize, Anchorage is not bliss.
It equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a discovered reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, and they're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around, because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
All right, we've only got 20 minutes there in the dark.
I'm down on a mountaintop in Switzerland at Davos with Ezra LeVant.
He's been doing an incredible job with his team there confronting globalists.
After he leaves us then, I'll show them confronting Tedros, the head of the WHO, the head of the Bill Gates Foundation, the head of the ADL.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
Of course, they famously confronted and got an incredible interview with the head of Pfizer last year.
Ezra, thank you so much for joining us.
Tell us what's happening there right now, because you guys are literally knocking it out of the park yet again.
Thanks very much, Alex.
I'm in the town of Closters.
I am not in Davos right now.
And the reason for that is every single hotel room, every single Airbnb in Davos is booked up by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum.
So we have to stay a town away.
We have to take the train every day.
So I'm in that other town.
That's one of the ways that Klaus Schwab manages to control who gets to see and participate at his World Economic Forum.
But the positive side of that, Alex, is that they let their guard down.
So when we come in, our little team of rebels, they're not expecting us.
By the way, there are hundreds of journalists there.
But they're regime journalists.
They're journalists, get this Alex, who pay to be there.
For example, today I scrummed Richard Quest of CNN, who I actually sort of admire as a journalist, but I asked him, how can you possibly
We're good.
There are actually hundreds of journalists at Davos, but they're members of the World Economic Forum.
So by definition, they will never say anything critical.
Our little merry band of citizen journalists is circulating around the town.
We're not allowed in the conference because we're not accredited in the conference.
But like I say, the streets of the town, there's all these VVIPs.
So we just scrum them on the streets and they don't have their usual entourage.
And I got to say, Alex, the police in Switzerland have a very light touch.
As long as you don't physically, you know, touch any VVIP, the police don't do a thing.
So we get to get really up and close to all these VIPs.
I see you're showing on the screen right now.
Me, with one of the true masters of the universe, that's Chris Elias, one of the presidents managing $67 billion at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Do you think in any other environment I'd be able to stand next to the guy for 10 full minutes?
And I personally scrum John Kerry today, as did my colleague Avi.
I've talked to a senator, a U.S.
Senator, Chris Coons.
I'm just trying to think, there's so many people.
I've bumped into the head of the United Nations Development Program.
Today I bumped into Penny Pritzker.
Now she had a couple of cops around her, but I got right up next to her and the cops didn't stop me.
No, no, no.
Pritzkers are behind the whole transgender cult.
Oh, the whole family is so political.
Joe Biden appointed one of them to be the special envoy in Ukraine.
One of them's the boss of Harvard's board.
So to have a chance to scrum these folks now, I got to tell you, because we're on the street with them, sometimes we only have 30 seconds before they dash away.
For example, today I scrummed an executive with AstraZeneca.
And he ran into a bank to avoid me and he hid there and then he came out and he had a few talking points and then he ran into another place.
So you never know if you're going to get someone for 30 seconds or 10 minutes.
Last year, we managed to scrum Greta Thunberg for a full 20 minutes.
So she said nothing of interest.
She's just a child actor.
But my colleague,
Grilled Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL.
And my colleague Avi is Jewish like I am.
And I don't know if you saw that video, but we played it yesterday.
It was incredible.
Listen, we got to go to break.
Some stations join us after this.
I know you don't have a lot of time.
Hopefully you can freeze out there and just go at least like 28 after the next break.
I'll play whatever clips you want.
I'm going to play them all after you go.
But I'd love to be able to ask you questions.
Yeah, because it seemed like last year you guys blew it away.
And it seems like this year is even more amazing.
This is what real journalists need to go do.
And we're so blessed Rebel Media is there.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
29 years on air, all I've wanted to do was warn the people about the globalists.
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Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Well, you know, I know Team Humanity and RebelNews.com and the great founder and head of it, Ezra Levant, and the rest of his team.
And I was asking him during the break, because he's up there covering Debo, standing out in the freezing cold right now, to talk to us.
Incredible last few days.
Head of the UNWHO confronted.
John Kerry, the head US climate change power grab envoy confronted.
The head of the ADL confronted.
The head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation confronted.
I mean, scrum.
They don't confront.
They ask them questions and, you know, follow them.
And it's just incredible.
We have him to the bottom of the hour.
After he goes, we're going to play all the clips here.
But I just wanted to say to Ezra, I said, what is the most important clip, because I can't choose which one I think is most important, but I think once you said it, I agree with you, it's the head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with 60 plus million, under management, buying off media, buying off governments, trying to push the U.N.
tree to take over our bodies.
These are the powerful people you never hear about.
So you were telling me that this you think is the most important thing you've done the last few days of all these amazing things.
So recap what you were telling me off air.
Sure, I mean, and I'm sorry, it's a little noisy behind me here.
I'm at the local train station.
It's fine.
I got to tell you, Chris Elias, who's the boss of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, he did not answer my questions.
So you might be thinking, well, what's the point of the interview?
Well, it's like when we scrummed the Pfizer boss last year.
Here, why don't you turn up the volume and I'll be quiet, but listen to how it went.
Yeah, start it from the beginning because then your questions, because he gets confronted, get 50 million views and it makes people think about who are these evil spiders in the dark.
Start it from the beginning.
Head of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Here it is.
Can I ask you a few questions about the foundation?
Unfortunately, I'm running late for something.
I'll walk with you.
One of the criticisms is Bill Gates is sort of a master of the universe, but he's not elected at all.
But he exerts a lot of power.
How do you feel about that?
Isn't it a little undemocratic?
Is Melinda still involved with the foundation even after the divorce?
But I did not like that he'd had meetings with Jeffrey Epstein.
How many times did Bill Gates actually visit Epstein?
I've seen estimates that it was in the dozens.
Is that true?
Why is it that Bill Gates is out free when others who were involved with Epstein are being prosecuted?
Like even Prince Andrew's in trouble.
How did Bill Gates manage to escape?
What was Bill Gates' involvement in the simulation for a worldwide pandemic just months before COVID-19?
Has he ever explained that?
I was at a pavilion called We Lead.
It was a women's rights organization in India.
They said that the Bill Gates Foundation was a funder.
What are you doing poking around India like that?
What's Bill Gates' ambition in India?
Bill Gates says he thinks there's too many people in the world.
He'd like to see 15 or 20 percent fewer people at least.
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
And yet he's behind a lot of vaccine developments.
Isn't that sort of a conflict of interest?
How can you trust a guy to make medicine if he says there's too many people in the world?
Don't you think you have an obligation to be transparent?
I don't think I'm asking any questions that you haven't heard before.
I bet you have answers to all my questions.
Why don't you just clear the air on some of these things?
Why do you think you're above scrutiny?
Bill Gates has given more than $300 million to media organizations.
I think that's one reason she's been able to skate on the whole Epstein thing.
But don't you think just for the public interest you should have to answer some questions about the billions of dollars you spend distorting public policy?
Who have you met with here?
And will you ever disclose that?
Or do you precisely come to Davos so your meetings are kept secret and no one knows about them?
Do you ever talk to the media or only media that Bill Gates buys?
Are you worried that if all the details come out about the Epstein trial that your boss might get into legal trouble like Prince Andrew did or some of the others on the list?
I mean, it must have been bad for Melinda to divorce him over Epstein.
I mean, that's what Melinda Gates said.
All right, let's stop there for a minute.
We'll go back to it in a minute.
Back it up ten seconds.
So, Ezra, no, this is incredibly effective.
It's why it goes super viral, because they can't respond.
It's like he's on the stand.
You're saying nothing but truth here.
I mean, this is as important as your Borla scrum.
You know, and I think it was wise of you to cut it off.
It just keeps going in that vein.
But I think the fact that he won't answer, and they were fair questions.
They were real fact-based journalistic questions.
I had a bit of an edge to it, but I wasn't mean.
I wasn't swearing.
I wasn't blocking him.
I wasn't touching him.
And for people to hear the case against Bill Gates and his foundation and not get any answers, I think shows
That people have never seen a genuine interview of Gates or his henchmen before.
And these are the people that want to control our lives, control our bodies, that are going to be UN treaties through.
We should know everything about them.
Instead, we don't.
You're right.
And so although I don't get answers, to see him stonewall my fair questions is quite something.
And perhaps there are better clips I could have recommended besides me just reading the litany of Bill Gates' crimes to his right-hand man.
But there was something cathartic about doing it, I should say.
Today, I scrummed two different executives from Facebook.
And I asked them, because the number one priority for Klaus Schwab is misinformation and disinformation, I asked those two Facebook execs if they were going to use that as a tool or an excuse to censor and manipulate the 2024 U.S.
presidential election.
Obviously, they wouldn't answer me, but I did have a bit of a dialogue with them.
I talked to the CEO of State Street, if you know who I mean.
He's one of the Russian dolls within the whole Black Rock Combine.
Yeah, I don't know if you have that clip handy.
By the way, all the videos we're doing, we're putting it up on the website, wefreports.com.
So your team right now, Alex, can grab any videos or people who are watching who want to see these things.
There's too many of them to play.
I mean, we've got about six we have to have.
That's right, wefreports.com.
You're also posting them on X at Ezra LeVant.
Where else should people find all this incredible, groundbreaking information?
Those are the two places.
Let me tell you what the State Street guy said.
Well, first of all, he tried to ignore me, but I was walking along the side of him and I said, look, um...
Are you pulling back from ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance?
That's sort of the corporate version of D.I.E., Diversity, Inclusion, and I forgot the E right now.
You know, I'm sorry, I'm jet lagged here.
Alex, I've been giving her full tilt.
And equity, that's right.
At first he said, no, we're not abandoning ESG.
And then I said to him, well, doesn't that violate your fiduciary duty to shareholders?
Because your duty is to get a maximum rate of return for shareholders.
And he said, oh, no, no, no, no.
We stand by our fiduciary duty.
These are just long term issues.
It was sort of BS.
But like I say, when would I, a citizen journalist, ever have a chance to scrum the CEO of a state?
But more importantly, as you said earlier,
They get not just hundreds of millions, but billions from these groups, are paid to the corporate media, then the corporate media pays it back to come to these events, and so they're bought and paid for.
They're absolutely domesticated journalists at the bare minimum, most of them just complete agents of these people, so you're spotlighting the planet's ruling class here that they don't want to be spotlighted.
For example, there was a BBC reporter
That's the giant state broadcaster in the United Kingdom.
He was outraged that we dared even to talk to them.
He said, who are you?
Who are you?
He said.
I told him who he was.
Well, the contempt there and the irony is the theme for this year is rebuilding trust.
And, you know, it was it's really crazy how these folks
Who want to run our lives do not feel they have any accountability at all.
Like Tedros, who my colleague Avi Amini scrummed today.
Dr. Tedros, the head of the World Health Organization.
Avi laid into him pretty good today.
And I was wondering, I was asking Avi, I said, do you think he cares?
Or do you think he's so above, like, like stratospheric, that he looks down on us like ants?
Because it was exciting for us that Avi scrummed Dr. Tedros.
But for him, like, why does he care?
And let's be clear, because you know your stuff.
Tedros oversaw
A million of his own people dying with cholera.
He's a Marxist-Leninist.
He's calling for taking control, censorship, our bodies, saying the UN should run our lives, trying to ram through this treaty, ram through this pandemic treaty.
Here is your reporter confronting him.
Don't push me.
Dr. Tedros, this is your chance to apologize to the world for your role during COVID.
Would you like to take it?
Hi, Dr. Tedros.
Can I ask you, Dr. Tedros, how are you doing?
Do you think you did well in COVID and if you're going to do as well in Disease X?
Mr. Tedros, how are you doing?
How do you feel you went in COVID?
We're rushing to a meeting.
Maybe later on?
We'd love to walk with you to the meeting.
What's the meeting about?
Is it about Disease X?
I'm meeting with UAE.
With the UAE?
Do you believe that lockdown should always be rejected as a public health measure?
Can we talk later?
What time?
I'm happy to arrange a meeting with you, sir.
Do you believe lockdown should be rejected as a public health measure?
What is disease X?
Mr Tedros, what is disease X?
And when is China going to release it?
The World Health Organization once actually during the coronavirus pandemic... How you doing?
I would love to talk to you doctor.
Do you apologize for what you did during COVID and should people have to go through disease X with you now that you say it's 10 times worse?
Are you going to apologize for getting everything wrong from mask mandates to vaccine mandates?
Don't push me.
Dr. Tedros, this is your chance to apologize to the world for your role during COVID.
Would you like to take it?
Do we have to wait for you to get everything wrong in Disease X?
Do you think the vaccine mandates are wrong?
You got everything from mask mandates to vaccines wrong.
Do you want to apologise?
Or do we have to suffer?
In Australia we had the longest lockdowns in our city and that was based on your advice.
You don't want to apologise to Australians or anyone?
What about the current excess deaths?
Do you want to talk about those?
Do you take any responsibility for people who died because of the policies you pushed?
They say regaining trust is the theme this year.
Are you part of the reason why they've lost trust in the WEF and everybody finally knows who you are and what you stand for?
Thank you Dr Tedros for showing us how transparent you are.
And the World Economic Forum really is.
That's what we're here to do, is hold those unelected oligarchs and those that have controlled everything in our society, from even our freedom of movement for three years, to hold them accountable.
Not here like the mainstream press that are invited guests that will never ask Tedros.
He's never been asked those.
You could see on his face he's never been asked such tough questions.
The full reports are up at WEF Reports, Rebel News.
We're going to post it all on and send the links out on Rail Alex Jones.
And these are getting millions of views.
They need tens of millions of views apiece, like they got last year.
They will.
But I'm really proud of you, Ezra Levant.
Thank you very much.
Well, thank you.
And there was one other gentleman there, my Canadian friend, Andrew Lawton.
I want to give him a shout out.
He was asking about the lockdown policy.
But what you saw there was the entire number of citizen journalists in the entire world on the economic forum.
There was no one else in the entire town trying to hold these people to account.
By the way, Alex,
Let me give you an invitation to join us next year.
You would be like a kid in a candy store here.
You would recognize so many people and you would have such a knowledge to deploy.
Unfortunately, some of the videos you've shown in the last 10 minutes have been very one-sided.
Not a lot of answers either from the Gates Foundation guy or from Ted Rose there.
But I should tell you, some of the people we talked to do converse.
And sometimes it's not very illuminating, and in their defense, we're sort of jumping out of nowhere to ask them that, so maybe they're not prepared.
But there are some interviews that go really well, and some people who talk to us at great length.
So you've shown some of the more frustrating ones, but they have their purpose, too, to show how anti-transparent they are.
By the way, you know who I saw walking up and down the street about four times?
I just didn't have a chance to run up to him.
It's Paul Ryan, the former US politician who's now on the board of Fox News.
He's out there.
I might try and nab him tomorrow.
I wonder if he'll be reticent or if he'll talk.
But it really is probably the largest single gathering of the masters of the universe.
I'm thinking the United Nations when it's in session, but that's just world leaders.
This is world leaders
Absolutely, and we're going to, after you leave today and tomorrow and throughout the other shows, we're going to be airing all of your reports and linking them at realalexjones on Twitter and at Forge.com.
At the time we have, Avi also yesterday was able to scrum
Uh, the head of the ADL, and really hit the nail on the head, the ADL's become this globalist leftist arm to call for censorship, to demonize conservatives, to go after Elon Musk, to go after people that are not involved in any type of racism or any of this, and is very, very dangerous because then when real stuff happens, which is what we've seen lately,
Well, it's very fashionable with the heads of the universities and, you know, the deputy director of the CIA literally, you know, coming out and sounding like Hitler that Jews are bad or Israel can't exist and from the mountains to the sea.
I want to play Avi talking to the head of the ADL here and get your take on it.
How you doing, Jonathan?
I'm meeting somebody, I'm sorry.
I'll walk with you.
Are you, are you like that, the boy who cried wolf?
For so many years you, you, you cried anti-semitism and you found hatred everywhere and then, and then, and then finally, and then, I'll be meeting you from Rebel News.
Are you?
What's Rebel News?
Rebel News.
It doesn't matter, but finally now, when the world, when the world has turned so anti-semitic, no one believes us because of people like you and the work you've done over so many years.
Destroying our allies, making lists about our allies, people that actually defend us.
You've been a big part of that problem, haven't you?
Do you know, the boy that cried wolf?
I'm not familiar with this story, why don't you explain it to me?
Jonathan, like it's not a joke because the Jews around the world, we are feeling the pain and you've alienated so many of our allies.
What about Elon Musk?
Somebody that's been so good?
No, you got a message for Elon?
Thank you Jonathan.
There you go.
Nothing to say.
Censorship in real life.
I bet you I'm going to be on a list tomorrow.
Jonathan Grimblatt is a man that has cried anti-Semitism for years.
He has found hate, he has made it his job to find hate and anti-Semitism and Jew hatred where it hasn't been.
Now, the problem with that is, fast forward to October 7th where many of us Jews are finally seeing real anti-Semitism, but so much of the world is numb to it and don't believe it because he's cried it for so many years.
As for all these globalists, who are you?
Look down.
Oh, I don't know what Boy Who Cried Wolf is.
We know that's a lie.
That's probably one of the most famous stories after Little Red Riding Hood.
Why do you think Greenblatt's there?
I mean, I know why.
They're going to call their opposition to the New World Order and depopulation anti-Semitic.
It's very clear they're just hiring him to do that.
But give me your take.
And then B, he doesn't know who the boy who cried wolf is?
Maybe you can explain it to him.
Yeah, that's right.
And I'm really glad that Avi asked that because, I mean, I'm Jewish and so is Avi.
And there is some real anti-Semitism in the world.
We've seen a lot of it in the last three months.
But what the ADL does is it weaponizes the accusation of anti-Semitism against anyone who's conservative.
And he does that because he's a former Obama staffer.
He's a left-wing, woke extremist.
And he's just decided that he can
I think so.
To work on censorship of conservative voices.
And I have to say the two names that are on the lips of most people who are attending the World Economic Forum are number one, Donald Trump.
Every single person.
Actually, I found one guy wearing a MAGA hat and he was just sort of a
We're good to go.
This place hates Donald Trump and they think they can do something about it.
They think that from far away in Europe, they can muster some sort of way to spike and veto.
By the way, I was going to ask you that.
John Kerry, not when you guys interviewed him, we'll play that after you leave, but John Kerry said from the podium yesterday, he said, it doesn't matter if you elect Trump, you won't stop our global movement.
I mean, this guy's literally saying he'll work against American voters.
Oh, of course, and he always has.
Just ask Iran, his best buddies.
But other than Donald Trump, you know who they hate the most here, Alex?
I know you'll get it in your first guess.
Elon Musk.
They say that Elon Musk is the biggest danger because Elon Musk did two things.
First of all, he made Twitter a free speech zone, as you know personally.
And second of all, and perhaps even more important, he revealed the depths that the Deep State had gone to infiltrate social media platforms.
So he showed it with the Twitter files, but we know, we can assume and extrapolate, that that's happening right now at... I totally agree.
Join us again tomorrow if you can.
Please try to get Avion, we love him.
But in closing, is it fair to say they're on their heels, they're in defensive mode, they're calling for censorship as their number one thing because they're desperate?
They seem committed.
I don't know.
They seem ideologically resolved.
I was on the train with a few Global Warming ladies.
One said, Global Warming started the war in Ukraine.
It was the best I could do not to laugh out loud.
These people, they're inner circle people like the Klaus Schwab's and the Larry Fink's and the John Kerry's, but there's a lot of true believers sort of in the race here.
There's a cult, absolutely.
It's a cult.
Thank you Ezra.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, here's what I want to do.
I want to open the phone calls up interspersed with all the rest of the news and the news that's breaking here in the last half of the broadcast.
That's where we're at right now, it's the waypoint.
On this Wednesday, January 17th broadcast.
But identifying the globalists, showing the people who runs the world, and who are launching these attacks, will be the beginning and the end of these people.
They can only operate in the shadows.
And the bright lights of publicity will bring them down.
And if you go look at the comments, whether it's on Instagram or Facebook, where they even try to censor this, they'll be 99% negative against these people.
But they're in control of the governments.
And that's why if you watch these videos, not just the ones we just played, but other ones I've watched, others we're posting right now at Real Alex Jones, that will be airing.
It is a cult.
That's what Ezra said.
He's right.
They're committed.
And what are they unified around?
Global domination to carry out depopulation because they're so full of hatred for the general public and see the earth's resources as theirs and that we're like roaches or something that have gotten into the pantry.
If we behave like roaches and aren't men and don't organize and don't stand up against these people, I mean, I guess we kind of deserve what happens to us, right?
But I've been on air 30 years in April.
So coming up in about two months, 30 years.
And nobody, I mean, we're talking 1% of people even had any inkling of this.
Now it's like 30%.
That's a very low estimation, probably higher.
So this is a process and I wish we could have stopped them before they went from beta to operational.
But we're inside the New World Order now.
So I want to open the phones up for first-time callers on any subjects you want to call in about.
But I would also like to hear from some of you on Disease X and on governments developing and admitting or developing pathogens that kill the vast majority of people that are infected with it.
And how obvious it is they're gearing up and saying they're gearing up to take control of our lives using these systems.
I want to talk about Disease X. I want to talk about the Texas governor shutting down a part of the border and backing up the illegal aliens and the Fed saying they're going to have a confrontation today.
I want to talk about
All the other things happening in our world and all the different angles and things that you're going to bring up and that I'm going to bring up.
But I love taking your calls because it takes us in unexpected directions.
And then, of course, I've got a lot of other news here that we're going to be getting to as well.
Like Putin says, past U.S.
elections rigged by postal voting.
And then the media goes on to say without any proof.
What about 2,000 mules?
What about all the indictments?
You never hear about the news where they go to safe houses and be given hundreds of ballots with people's names filled out on them to go stick them in mailboxes in the key battleground states.
We know what they did.
So how do we counter that going into this critical election?
And what do you make of Iowa and New Hampshire and everything that's coming up?
So I'm going to open the phones up right now.
And I'm going to give out the toll-free number.
All I ask is you be a first-time caller.
About half the time we do first-time callers so that people that never had a chance to get involved on air will be able to join us.
We have so many great listeners.
Nothing against the folks that are really good at speed dialing, but we want to give other people a chance here.
And then tomorrow, I'll open the phones up for everybody.
The toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
All right.
I've both got clips of the globalist-making announcements at Davos, which are all horribly cryptic and out of control.
And then I've got the great folks at Rebel News scrumming them, as it's called, following them and asking them questions.
Let's go to another Rebel News clip here while the calls are coming in.
Let's go to John Kerry.
The climate envoy, let's first go to a clip of him being confronted in a friendly way by rebel media, and then I want to go to the clip here where he says that no president
Can stop us.
That's clip one.
John Kerry boasted rapid progress in the green transition.
That's the deindustrialization total takeover by them.
And takes a dig at Donald Trump, stating that no one politician anywhere in the world can undo what is happening now.
Let me translate that.
You have all these big mega banks that control 88% of all the currency and all the stock and all the money.
And they did it through fractional reserve banking, private central banks, giving them unlimited money, nobody else, and now they want to control your life.
Now they want to control every asset down to your body.
And for them, nothing's opposed them, nothing's stopped them, so why shouldn't they?
And they just did a test where they killed at least 17 million of us.
That is a big deal.
So, I mean, I just say that, and that's a low number, and it's admitted.
Insurance company, actuaries, you name it.
And just let that sink in, how it's just a flip it.
Yeah, they starved 80 plus million people to death in the lockdowns.
And yeah, they killed 70 million people with a shot.
And yeah, more are dying from it.
But that's just, you know, that's just how it is.
I mean, wow, we're just sitting here watching these people attack us.
And you look at the videos of Tedros and his minions from the UN.
The self-entitled, self-appointed scum.
That make Hitler and all his goals of depopulation look sophomoric compared to what they've done, because they're the managers over the crisis, and they think you're so stupid.
Well, I believe you're not stupid.
I believe you've been distracted and diverted into areas that don't matter.
And I believe in humanity.
And we are turning the tide.
You all know what Harari said at Davos a few days ago.
He said, we're losing.
And if Donald Trump wins, it's a death blow to our plan for the world, the post-human world.
So here's two clips of John Kerry.
My bottom line is this.
I am convinced now because of what is happening in the marketplace, you know, smart CEOs of the biggest companies in the world.
Microsoft, Google, Apple, Salesforce, FedEx, Boeing, Ford, Mercedes, that's right, I mean automobile dealers, all through the food chain.
We are seeing CEOs make the decision that they're committing their companies to maybe pay a little bit of a green premium.
But in the end, create a supply chain that is going to provide everybody the ability to be able to join up and enjoy the benefits here.
So you're going to hear from a handful of our members today about how they are driving transformation through FMC commitments.
And you know, it's absolutely critical that we accelerate.
I am convinced, beyond any doubt, that because of the decisions being made in the marketplace now,
Because, you know as well as I do, even if, you know, I don't want this, obviously, but if you wound up with a different president who was opposed to climate crisis, I got news for you.
No one politician anywhere in the world can undo what is happening now.
The marketplace is doing this.
And the only issue for all of us,
So you are the carbon they want to restrict, and they're getting rid of every industry and building a bridge to nowhere.
I've got countless videos out of Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Canada, where all over the road are just hundreds of dead electric cars.
Because lithium batteries don't work in the cold.
People go out to ski resorts and they ask, why is my phone, it was fully charged, why is it dead?
Because they don't operate in the cold, it drains the battery.
It's a bridge to nowhere.
It doesn't work.
It needs coal to get the power to begin with that creates more carbon.
And by the way, carbon's good.
You are carbon.
Skip the break.
So let's go to the next Kerry Clebb.
Here he is being in front.
What's a carbon foot?
...single year that you come here.
Do you think it's worth it?
Peasants pay for your crimes?
That's a stupid question.
Is it really?
Is it more stupid than you travelling here to tell us... Sorry?
We're done.
We are done now.
Don't grab me.
You can't grab us.
This is a free society, mate.
We have freedom of the press.
Why do you think you're more important?
Your carbon footprint doesn't matter, but everybody else around the world... Nobody ever suggested that.
Nobody ever suggested that.
Don't make up stupid questions.
You being here suggests that.
You being here every single year and doing this suggests that.
And I have done a huge amount... Listen, now... Why can't I ask him questions?
Who are you?
Why are you trying to bully me out of us?
A lot of people say no to a lot of the policies and agendas he pushes.
They don't get a choice, so why can't we ask him a question in a public space?
Can you not touch me?
Can you not touch me?
No, I'm happy.
So answer, we can walk nicely.
I answered your question.
What did you answer?
Please, sir, I said I didn't know.
I don't know.
Sir, sir.
Listen, that's all right.
We're walking to the meeting.
OK, thanks.
Why are you working so hard to protect such a criminal?
That's right.
Why are you protecting criminals?
There you go.
Well there you have it.
When they can't answer the questions, the simple questions that most people around the world, the average Joe is asking, they get their goons in to end the interview.
Because they're not used to independent journalists here in their safe space.
Asking the tough questions.
Make sure to bookmark and support our work.
If you want to see more of that to ensure we can keep holding these crooks accountable.
Alright, I'm going to go to your calls after these clips and I've got more coming up.
We're going to be putting all this out at Real Alex Jones.
I want to play a clip of Ron O'Hanley, the head of State Street.
We had a video yesterday, I meant to get to, where they've used, university groups have used computer programs.
To break down who actually owns State Street, BlackRock, Vanguard.
It's all owned by the same group.
And it's a handful of families that own the stock in the handful of companies that all own each other.
And that's why they're so arrogant because they got 88% control and now they want the other 12%.
And they want to dictate, as Larry Fink said, your behavior.
Transgenderism, you know, all of it.
I mean, these are rich, arrogant, vicious people.
Selfish people that want to control your life.
But first, here's the WEF President, Borg Brendet, talks to Jake Sullivan about the New World Order.
Then we'll go to the head of State Street, where he admits, oh, we're not abandoning corporate governance and social credit scoring, ESG.
They're just changing the name because counties and cities and individuals are pulling their money out.
Because that's their Achilles heel.
But once they get their cash flow society in place, it's Katy Mar the door.
So here's those clips.
That order seems to no, no, uh, not be, uh, the order anymore.
We are on the way to a new order.
So we are between orders.
Do you agree with that or are there ways of what are we able to keep on the positive side from the old order to bring into a new world order and how can we avoid that that new world order becomes like jungle growing back and we rather have order based on international law and the principles that have brought us prosperity and freedom for decades?
I guess maybe this is the old kind of teacher me coming out.
I think of this a little bit more about a transition of eras rather than a transition of orders, but the two are kind of cousins of one another.
The reason I draw the distinction is because I don't think
The international order built after 1945 is getting replaced wholesale with some new order.
It will obviously evolve as it has evolved multiple times over the decades since 1945.
But I do think in a more sharp and distinctive way, we are moving into a new era.
And that's what I talked about in my remarks.
We are, you know, the post Cold War era has come to a close.
We're at the start of something new.
We have the capacity to shape what that looks like.
And at the heart of it will be many of the core principles and core institutions of the existing order adapted for the challenges that we face today.
What were your goals here at the World Economic Forum?
That's not a tough question.
I'm just curious what your goals are.
Well, why won't you answer that?
That's not a gotcha.
Look, what are your goals here at the World Economic Forum?
Can I ask you a little bit about State Street and ESG?
Are you pulling back from it the same way BlackRock is?
And why don't we just set this up formally, but no, we're not pulling back from it.
Well, what about critics like Elon Musk who say it's a kind of reverse racism?
Elon's got his opinion.
What about shareholders who say you're putting other goals ahead of your fiduciary duties?
You're putting cultural Marxism or affirmative action.
Those may be political values, but they're not designed to get a maximum rate of return.
If there's firms that are doing that, I don't know that.
That's not how we do it.
We have one focus, which is shareholder value, period.
You just told me, though, you're sticking with ESG.
We stick with value.
It's about value, not values.
Can I ask you about state governments that are pulling their funds out of ESG firms, like the state of Florida, for example.
Are you worried that the state street will be hit by divestment from companies that are rejecting ESG?
So, we only focus on creating value for our shareholders, and if you look at our track record, that's all that we've ever done.
And what we focus on is what do long-term investors need to be thinking about, what are the kinds of risks they need to be thinking about, and they need to make the decision.
That's what we've always done.
What were your goals here?
Yeah, I see you're walking.
I propose to walk with you.
I'd like to ask what your goals are here today.
What were your goals here at the World Economic Forum?
That's not a tough question.
I'm just curious what your goals are.
Why won't you answer that?
That's not a gotcha.
What are your goals here at the World Economic Forum?
I mean, is there something you'd like to say?
I mean, that's not a trick or a trap.
It's just curious what your goals are at the World Economic Forum.
Some people criticize it for being not transparent.
For example, there's lobbying going on that's not registered.
There's foreign agents.
Is that why you're here?
Did you have any meetings with politicians that you're not going to register?
Like, have you had any meetings with politicians, for example, from Ukraine about rebuilding Ukraine after the war?
Do you think it's a good look for State Street not to ask, and not to answer even basic questions?
Are you worried about misinformation and disinformation?
That's been a big focus of the World Economic Forum this year.
Do you agree with that?
You don't have enough credentials to go up there apparently.
I'm here in Davos, Switzerland with a team of six journalists from Rebel News.
You may remember last year we managed to scrum the CEO of Pfizer and Greta Thunberg and other people who want to control your life.
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I'm coming back with a full hour of your calls.
Tim, Jack, Jay, William, Danny, everybody.
I'm going to write to you.
We come back in two minutes.
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I know you've deceived me, now here's a surprise.
Alright, let's go ahead and go to your phone calls.
I'm taking a ton of them in this hour.
Let's talk to Tim in Arkansas on the election 2024.
First time caller, of course.
I've been listening to you since they kicked you off the air.
You know, it's like, now there's somebody I need to listen to, obviously.
Are you talking about 1999?
Oh yeah, when they first started that, yep.
It's like, well, the same thing with Rush Limbaugh, you know.
When they start attacking somebody, there's a reason for it, and I tend to drift that way.
Well, beautiful brother, what's on your mind about the election?
Well, the big thing is, is, um, just before, well, uh, the 2020 election, let's go back that far.
When I went in to vote, you know, I went in there and it was in a high school auditorium and I'm looking at all these high school kids that are 18 years old that all have the same piece of paper.
And so I grabbed one of the piece of papers out of the garbage and it was a check mark list of, for who them, you know, of what check boxes to check off.
You know, so I took that piece of paper up to the election people, you know, and I says, you know, where, where are they getting these from?
You know, this is not correct, you know, and of course they refuse to do anything.
But, you know, so that goes back to our education system.
Now about 15 years, 20 years ago now, I decided to get sober, started going to, you know, some meetings there and I started running across all these women.
And the women were school teachers in their 50s, late 50s, you know, and they're in there and it's like, you know, what are you in here for?
All of them had been fired or called from their teaching jobs, you know, and it's like, why?
And well, they dug into my past and found out I had a DUI or I had this, that and the other.
So anyway, for the last 15 years, they've been calling, you know, calling teachers
Who don't toe the line, like a good friend of mine, Vicky.
Well that's the idea.
Anybody they want, they can find a reason to get rid of you.
Oh yeah, and they did.
You know, so now we got all these left-wing, wacko teachers out there, and that's a huge problem.
Yeah, something like, something like seven, I saw the statistics the other day, 70 plus percent of teachers are liberal, 70 percent of doctors, lawyers, they've just taken over.
They're a ruling class.
Oh yeah.
Oh exactly, it's craziness.
You know, it's like, you know, what do we do?
You know, so I, you know, I tell, you know, the teacher people, wow, there's a professor at a college there in Flint, Michigan there.
I'm not going to say his name, but he's from Iran, you know, and I, you know, and he told us the liberal line and I keep asking, why did you leave Iran?
You know, why'd you come here?
And you're spreading the same garbage here, you know, you know, and of course they can never give you an answer.
You know, it just... That's what I don't get.
People leave California and something like, again, almost 70% vote the same way when they get here.
Why in the hell would you leave a kleptocracy like that and then recreate it where you go?
Oh yeah.
Well, there's a guy I know, Ron, you know, he used to be a missionary there in Venezuela before Chavez took over.
And he married a woman there and they had a couple kids.
He had a nice thing going there.
And when Chavez came in, they came to his house.
To get him an airline ticket to get him home.
They left him with only the clothes on his back and that was it.
And he was lucky.
That's what communists do.
And all these little libtards that are trying to bring in communism, they think they're going to have a job in it.
No, they're going to be working in a ditch.
Oh yeah, the funny thing is his wife, she's as lefty liberal as they can be.
And she's from Venezuela.
She experienced it.
She lived through that whole ordeal.
And yet, you know, I just don't get the mindset.
They have Stockholm Syndrome, brother.
Good to hear from you, Tim.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Jay, William, Daniel, Jason, Mike, Cosmo, Jeff, Joe, Corey, your calls are all straight ahead in 60 seconds.
You know, I stood up here and I yell and scream about the New World Order and the globalists.
They're planning to get rid of the borders and release a virus and have a global power grab.
And you saw it all come true.
But there's a
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It supports the InfoWar and it'll change your life.
Take advantage now.
Hey Alex.
How are you doing today?
Good, brother.
Thank you.
I think you're doing a wonderful job for humanity.
I have never been a listener of yours until recently, and I am now a true believer.
Everything you've said in the past, I believe, is actually true.
Well, I've made mistakes before, but in general I've been right.
I mean, it's not hard.
The Globalists are on the up of their agenda.
It's like you get another football team's playbook.
Yeah, and they're openly showing us their playbook, and there's no secrets anymore.
Yeah, we're going to take your speech, we're going to take over your body, your kids belong to us, there's too many of you.
They're all just a bunch of arrogant chicken-neck bluebloods.
They're disgusting.
John Kerry and Ted Gross, I mean, look at them.
They're a bunch of pathetic, self-appointed garbage.
All we are, all the citizens are to these people are just annuities.
Get on prescription drugs.
Go get a job, pay your taxes, pay your property taxes.
We're just a money stream for these people to, of our own demise, is what it is.
I totally agree.
They look at us like annuities.
We're just a money source to them.
And anyway, so to get back to your question on how do we prevent what happened in 2020, and I used to live in Georgia and I specifically moved to Florida because of Brad Rassenberger.
He's a sellout.
He signed an illegal dissent decree with Stacey Abrams to bypass the state laws of Georgia on how the election was to be conducted by law.
Every state, it's written into the law how the election process is supposed to happen, and there should be no deviation from it.
And if you look at the states like Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, these swing states,
They're mostly rural states, and because we're, you know, a constitutionally liberated republic, those counties are represented by mostly Republican or conservative counties.
So, we have the power, we have the votes to make the changes to the law, to stiffen the laws for elections, and that is, I think, the best way to do it, and to not allow for dissent decrees to allow for changes to the law.
We're good.
Well, gee, I wonder what that's going to be.
That's going to be another COVID type of thing that they're going to... Oh, they're telling us it's going to be far worse.
That's the thing is, they're talking to an unconscious mass, but those of us that are awake see what they're saying and doing in live time.
It's like they think they're in the dark attacking us, but we got night vision.
Well, the general public is still in the dark.
They're wondering what's going on, but yeah.
Look, this is a takeover.
This is a new type of war.
We're in World War III right now.
It's asymmetrical.
It's led by the Demos Group, allied with Communist China.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call, Jay.
William in Michigan on the election.
Great points.
You're on the air.
Thank you for everything you do, sir.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Who do you think would be the best vice president for America?
You know, I've thought a lot about that, and I really don't know.
Somebody that Trump can trust, somebody that's just as hardcore as him, or he needs a food taster.
If he didn't do that, we've got like Nikki Haley, who he's never going to do.
I know people that have talked directly to Trump.
He said, hell no, that's a joke.
The media just says that to elevate her as a stunt.
But I mean, I think his VP choice is going to be very, very, very, very important.
General Flynn thinks Tulsi Gabbard's not good.
I trust him.
I don't think she's a bad person, but I think he's right.
I like Vivek.
He's really smart.
He's really young.
I don't know what to say about him.
I don't know Marjorie Taylor Greene.
The media makes fun of her and calls her dumb.
I think she's super smart.
Who do you think a good VP would be?
You would be the greatest.
Okay, that's a good one.
Hey, I'd probably get any more votes if he did it, but I don't think I would take the job.
I'm not cut out for that, so that's very funny.
You know, his son has said, and made a poll, 97% of people on X said, I should be the press secretary.
Yeah, I think you have the biggest heart for America that I've ever seen, and you inspire me to do a lot.
I like, get your products, TurboForce, uh, everything.
I got my buddies listening to you now and then like they even like, I even went to my buddy's car and he had your book in there.
I'm like, yeah!
Well, without you I wouldn't be here.
You know, we took on the New World Order point blank.
We've stayed on air.
We've been scarred and torn up some, but stronger for it.
And look, our job was to warn the world, not just America, about the globalists.
I knew 30 years ago when I was first getting on air that this was all going to come true.
I knew they were the globalists.
I knew they were basically getting in charge.
They were already partially in control.
And I looked at what they talked about.
The 50s was done by the 70s.
We're good to go.
The thoughts I had that were inspired by God, by the way, it wasn't me.
It was God telling me this.
God told me all this was going to happen.
And by the way, I didn't start saying this this year or last year.
I've been talking about God literally telling me what's going to happen for 25 years.
I mean, because you know it's God.
You're like, what?
And it's like, you don't even hear a voice.
It's like, this is going to happen.
That's going to happen.
Do this if you want to be part of this.
Here's how they're going to operate.
Here's the next move.
Look out for that.
And you're just like driving along going, yes, sir.
And then you're, I mean, it's amazing.
God's real.
Yes, sir, I agree.
You just gave me goosebumps.
My four-year-old daughter calls you Uncle Alex Jones every time I watch him.
What's her name?
I have a daughter named Charlotte.
Her name's Charlotte.
That's my oldest daughter.
Charlotte, you've got a great daddy, so be good and listen to him.
He wants to protect you and wants you to be strong and have a great future.
You've got a great daddy, and we all love your daddy, Charlotte.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, like, having a daughter just changes everything in your whole entire life.
Like, you're right.
I hear you say that a lot.
Well, they wrap you around their finger.
Well, I appreciate it, sir.
Yes, sir.
I won't take up any more of your time.
Thank you for everything, sir.
I appreciate your call.
Thank you.
Yeah, there is no separation of the sexes.
We are male and female.
We make the human species.
And the idea that fathers don't want their daughters to do well, or mothers don't want their sons to do well, the fact that we're in competition with each other, we're not.
We are the human family, God made us this way, it's the way life operates, it's beautiful, it's perfect, and it's under attack.
Daniel in Texas, thanks for calling, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, good to be on.
I want to take a time travel back to 2019, before our last election, going to bring up a subject you probably don't want to talk about, but it was that stupid psychological operation Q. You were the only one that spotted it, called it out,
You were getting a lot of left-handed fellowship.
I remember in December after the election, we could hardly get you on stage with Flynn.
And Flynn was the main person who co-signed that operation.
And now all of a sudden, he's right back in.
I'm not speaking bad against him.
I'm just saying, we don't need to make the same mistakes again.
We saw what they did with a psychological operation.
You called it.
You were the only one that called it and you faced a lot of, a lot of resentment.
So what can you tell us on that?
Well, do you mean you have an hour?
Look, let me put you on hold and I'll come back to you.
Since you asked, Daniel, I'll do a few minutes on this and I'll come back to you.
So don't hang up, Daniel.
I don't just sit up here and say things to impress people.
I don't say Henry Kissinger tried to hire me because it makes me sound impressive.
It happened.
I don't say Roger Ailes tried to hire me to impress people.
It happened.
We've had a huge audience of tens of millions every day for a long time.
And so I've got a lot of contacts and a lot of people.
There are people in the White House and people in the Trump administration that saw how we took WikiLeaks and the Aleister Crowley devil worship stuff and hurt the establishment with it because it was true.
They wanted to be able to put that stuff out and not get blowback and not get attacked themselves individually.
And so I was told that the grapevine what was going on with the Q thing.
So it was some people in the White House at first is the people that have been part of the campaign going, oh, we're secret agents.
We know the inside scoop.
You're getting it from us.
But because they were operating through 4chan and 8chan, that could easily be taken over.
So then, within just a few months, the Deep State slid in and started operating as the Q thing.
And so, it was a failed experiment.
And I started telling people about a year into Trump, I said, listen, I'm trying to be nice to Q people who are going to listen to me, but I'd go to a rally and there'd be like 10% of people there
Going, Jones, we're not with you, we're with the Q now, and the President says you're bad through Q, and Trump is Q. And, you know, Trump and others just saw it as a movement, in the Patriot movement, so they tried to be nice to it.
But, you know, it's later they kind of came out and spoke out against it because it became a secret window, like Antifa dressing up like Trump supporters on January 6th.
They could pose as us and try to get unstable people to do bad things, and also tell you Trump's invincible, Biden's going to be arrested at the inauguration, he's not going to go in, and I knew none of that was true.
So, I see the Q stuff.
Like anytime they bust a high-profile pedophile, they go, see?
Q was right.
Well, what is Q?
It's an anonymous thing.
It's like walking around the desert, sticking your hand down a rattlesnake hole to see if you get bit.
Their name isn't real.
They're not out there.
You don't know who they are.
They think JFK Jr.
is alive, and they go to events where some dude doesn't even look like JFK Jr., and they all think it's him.
We've got our own crazy people in our movement, and not just the left, but there are a lot of people that can't believe the government's criminal and evil, and they can't believe we're in so much trouble.
So for them to hear, no, it's really all handled, the government's all good, everything's all right.
Well, no, it's not.
Lloyd Austin teaches people that white folks are inherently bad.
The Pentagon says you're going to take poison shots, and the two men can have a baby.
They put men in dresses in command, in red high heels.
We have to admit the government's been hijacked.
We have to admit it's at war against us.
There are some good people in the government, but they're not, quote, Q. So, you know, that was the whole thing.
And so it was just a hysteria, a mania, a delusion that Trump was invincible and everything was okay.
General Flynn saw this big movement, saw it as a big mass of people that believed optimistically and were motivated.
And so he was trying to not get the leftist Q movement to tell you everything's okay, we're invincible.
He was trying to go in and co-opt it from them.
So it was started by some people in the Trump campaign, high level, that went into the administration.
It was quickly taken away from them by the establishment through brute force control.
And then Flynn, and I've had dinner with him and talked about this, Flynn tried to go in and say, okay, yeah, yeah, yeah, cue.
And then so he could try to lead it to get out and vote and be motivated and be involved.
That was good.
Hell, I told Flynn,
At lunch once, I said, listen, there is no real Q. You're the most senior person out there who knows how this stuff works.
Why don't you just come out and say, I am Q now?
And then you can be optimistic, but also reality-based and leader-based.
And oh, I'm not going to do that.
So I don't look at him trying to motivate a big block of Trump supporters to be active.
That's not a bad thing.
I mean, people invest.
It's like anonymous.
It's been around, what, 20 years?
Anybody can put a Guy Fawkes mask on, and anybody can set up a blue screen and sit there in a black cloak and say, I'm anonymous, and I speak for millions, and I'm powerful, and I'm coming to get you, and we're a whole underground group.
And people all the time on the street would ask me, what do you think of anonymous?
And I say, what do I think of anybody?
You know, it's like the things you see at theme parks where it's like a dinosaur or an astronaut and you put your face in the hole where it's face is and it's a picture of you.
It's like pointing at one of those cut out plywood signs that's got, you know, Disney characters on it and saying, what do you think of that?
Who is that?
Well, as soon as ever face pops up in it.
Or whatever voice.
It's like an oracle or something.
You go talk to a rock and then it tells you the magic codes of the... It was like a LARPing.
It was like a live-action role-playing.
And I would go to events and see the Q people and they were just like...
In a drunk, on like, where were the secret good things that are impossible to defeat?
Well, Alex Q says you're not a good guy.
I'm with Q right now.
And they all kind of just lurk back into the shadows when it happens.
So, they want you to hear all the roses and everything's fine and look for esoteric stuff.
Because then you're not effective if you're just part of some Nostradamus thing.
You know, Nostradamus was not
He would say, in the fifth month of the one year, in the time of the moon, the king will fall in battle.
With a wound to the head.
You know, crap like that.
And then, there were kings getting killed every few months in wars.
There were hundreds of kings across Europe, you know, so.
And they're like, look!
A king, twenty years later, got killed with a, an arrow in his eye, in a battle at night, under the full moon.
Nostradamus is a visionary.
Because it's like,
Those inkblots they do, what are they called?
Warshack blots.
I'm going from memory.
You see what you want, and they're like a cloud.
I see a giraffe.
I see an elephant.
I see a dragon.
I see a bunny rabbit.
I see Donkey Kong.
Instead of like State Street, BlackRock, the New World Order, they control it.
Here's how they're doing it.
Here's their ESG.
Get the states to pull the money from them.
And it has a huge effect.
Jack Smith wasn't properly seated under the Constitution to remove him.
You know, those are real things.
Like, hey, Nikki Haley's going to have Democrats vote for her in New Hampshire, expose it.
Or there's a gun bill introduced, or the state guard are down there at the border and the feds are about to go in and move against them today.
Like, those are real things, folks.
Like, Disease X, they're hyping up, which has really gained a function.
You know, we're talking about big boy stuff.
But a lot of people don't want to be intellectually engaged.
They don't want to really have to do the deep research to understand what an ESG is, or what a cloward and pivot strategy is.
They just want to go, okay, everybody's waking up to the New World Order, and they want a leader and to be part of a club, so it's like they're in the cool club.
And I'm not mad at people that bought into that.
I've had so many famous people call me and say, well I've known you for years, you're a great guy, but Q says you're bad.
And I go, do you know Q?
Did you talk to him?
Uh, no, but I, okay, well just, listen, you just sit back and you watch and you see who's right and who's wrong, okay?
And by the way, I don't give a crap whether you think I'm in the cool kid club, okay?
Or whether, okay, I'm not, I don't go to big events, I'm not trying to hang out in D.C., I don't dress up, and I'm not saying it's bad to do it, but you know, tuxedos every night, and it's like this big, and it's fine to have a culture, people are into the liberty movement, we should have some fun.
I'm a winter soldier that does this.
18 hours a day, and this is all I do, and I know what I'm talking about, and I go to the source documents, and I expose their agenda, and it's how I operate.
And that's why I'm under attack.
And I told Vivek Ramaswamy on-air and off-air, I said, you should resign today from the campaign.
And I gave him reasons why.
I'm not saying that's why it happened.
The point is, I'm interviewing real people.
We're doing real things here.
That's what we're doing, not delusions.
And you've got the Blue Anon on the left over there.
They're ten times more delusional.
Hell, they think two men can have a baby.
The average leftist thinks Blackrock cares about them, and when they bring in their Utopia Collapse civilization, they're going to have a better life.
They're idiots.
So people wanted a personal, secret relationship with Trump.
And so there were con artists online, just like the famous Nigerian email scams, where people want to have a relationship with the Nigerian prince, so they send him $5,000.
And the prince will meet with you once you send him $10,000 more.
And even when they get scammed, I know people that got scammed by it, they're mad at you when you tell them, that Nigerian email is a fraud.
They don't want to know they were wrong.
They're into their own delusion, and you're not going to stop them having it.
And there'll be more Q crap.
There'll be more things like Q. There'll be more stuff because it offers an easy road.
It tells you everything is a bed of roses.
It's not.
It's like dressing up like a clown.
And you wonder why you go to the party and everybody's looking at you.
And it's not because you're cool, because you're a clown.
It's like people drive these ridiculous looking cars with all this crazy crap on them.
Everybody's looking at you.
They're looking at you because you're a dumbass.
So, I'm not here to win a popularity contest.
I was on over 200 radio stations in 2001 and I said 9-11 was an inside job and I went down to 30-something radio stations in a month and I didn't stop saying the truth because I don't give a damn about winning a popularity contest.
I'm going to do what's right.
I'm going to tell the truth, and no matter what happens, I'm not going to stop.
And I don't think about consequences.
I don't think about second, third, fourth order of when I'm doing the right thing.
Everything else, I think about second, third, fourth, fifth order.
I think about how the enemy's hitting, how it's going to affect, what's going to happen.
That's tomorrow's news today.
But when it comes to telling the truth and not backing down, I don't take orders from anybody but God.
And that's where we all need to get.
So I'll tell you, the Ultimate Q Movement, I interface with the omnipresent, eternal, all-powerful creator of reality.
And I get direct messages from the Holy Spirit and the boss of the universe.
That's the real movement.
Not Alex Jones, not Donald Trump, not Tucker Carlson, not Joe Rogan, but God!
Daniel, does that answer your question?
Yeah, that makes it a lot clearer, you know, that the depth of this AI propaganda campaign is much bigger than a lot of people realize.
The message, when they went dark and sent it to the Mockingbird Media to mock,
Was, uh, what big fools you are thinking anyone's good in government.
Really dangerous, really dangerous stuff.
If you play, play it out all 3D, it's intended goal.
It's very destructive.
Well, exactly, exactly.
They got one fake thing that tells you everything's fine, then they got another thing they push that nobody's real.
No, Trump is legitimately taking them on.
He's not perfect.
Elon Musk is legitimately taking them on.
He's not perfect.
I know you're real.
I know Christ is real.
I know Trump's real.
We're winning this thing.
The danger of the, you know, the intelligence community using AI and running a psychological operation against the citizens.
And you know, my problem with Flynn was that he gave it legitimacy.
And you explained that, but I just have a lot of trouble.
I was asking myself, is he stupid or is he compromised?
No, if you study the military and the army and the Green Berets, they'll go into a group and try to mobilize any group they can.
And he's like, well, this is a big group, so they're listening to me, so I'll, you know,
He played along with it, so he could try to influence it for good.
Does that make sense?
His thought is, these are crazy people, so how do I help a crazy person?
You play along with it and say, yes, yes, you can fly, but don't jump off the building.
You understand?
Yeah, I just, I'm still on the fence with him.
I've been following you since day one, so your proof's in the pudding.
No, no, I hear you.
Look, look.
Flynn is really good, okay?
We'll be right back.
You know, I stood up here and I yell and scream about the New World Order and the globalists, they're planning to get rid of the borders and release a virus and have a global power grab and you saw it all come true.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's the Alejandro Jones Show!
Live from Austin, Texas, it's Alex Jones!
You know, most of the crew's been on the show at one time or another.
But Kevin's been here many years.
He's never been on air.
We're not going to say his last name.
We're not going to show him.
But he runs the video switcher in there and does a great job.
And I have this tendency to do like a 10-minute dissertation on something.
He just cuts right to the chase.
And he's totally right.
The Q thing is the occult.
It's esoteric.
It's secret knowledge and gatekeepers you go to that give you the secret knowledge.
And then that way they can manipulate you.
I've had crew members come to me even recently and say, you know, Jones, we think with all the stuff going on with you, are you secretly a government agent?
Are you secretly as if there's some magic group knows all this stuff?
The truth is, individuals are powerful.
The truth is, individuals with ideas working out in the open together is the most powerful thing.
The intelligence agencies are a joke.
Lloyd Austin's got, you know, rotting guts and lying to everybody, and they're all just a bunch of dysfunctional losers.
And people say, oh, the military's going to save us.
Yeah, there are good men and women in the military, but our military's completely globalist run.
It's at war with us.
Because they're weak!
They sold out!
We're a decadent, evil country, folks.
We have a lot of good left in us, but we're run by evil.
Hell, we've killed 65 million of our own babies.
But the Bible tells us, repent, give back to God.
And Christ said, don't listen to the Pharisees and the Sadducees, don't listen to the bureaucrats, listen to God.
God will talk to your soul.
You'll know the right thing to do.
So, Kevin made the point, he was saying his own words, but I mean, it's literally esoteric crap.
And of course that's why it leads to delusion.
But I'm not even, that's already discredited.
They're going to try new stuff and all the rest of it.
Churchill gave a speech when the British had been smashed with the French at the start of World War II in France.
And at Dunkirk, the British Expeditionary Force had been driven into the ocean.
And he said in that famous speech, he said, I can't sit here and promise you, you know, a bunch of happy days, basically.
He said, I can promise you blood, sweat and tears, but in the end, victory.
And because there's no other way but through this now, and I'm not going to lie to you.
And that's what people want, is to be squarely dealt with and told what's going on and then be shown, hey, this is what I see, what do you think?
Here's the head of the unelected EU saying they're going to take your free speech away.
You know, it's not esoteric.
It's not, oh, I heard there's a plan they're going to censor us.
Oh, I heard they traffic kids.
Hell, go to the border.
We go shoot video of it.
Well, Q says they're in underground bases.
The point is, it's going on.
We need to do something about it.
But no one wants to focus on the real trafficking on video, where they're at.
There's 5,000 kids in this Walmart right now being trafficked.
I don't care about that.
Q didn't tell me that.
Oh, listen, Q.
So, it's about you giving your authority over to somebody else.
I am so proud that we weren't funded by some agency or group.
That's why we're so hardcore.
I'm so proud I did this myself working with you.
There's nobody telling me what to do.
There's no secret operation.
Some of your family work for the system.
Yeah, that's not like they were royalty.
It's like working for Walmart.
I've said it.
It's huge.
You're in the military, you're an officer, you're highly decorated, they recruit you.
And my family that was involved with the government, and not in pencil-pushing areas, and not in door-kicking, but in running things, said, the government traffics kidnapped children, fight them, they're evil, defeat them!
And the family on their deathbeds, say, defeat them, get them!
But it's not like because they knew about it, that gives me some magic power.
You can see the evil out in the open.
You can see them preparing Disease X out in the open.
It's all in their own... People kind of put cute stuff on me like, Jones is incredibly magical and he has a crystal ball and how did he know this would happen?
Because they write white paper saying they're gonna do it!
And I show them to you every day!
I don't want to talk about it anymore, but Kevin, I drug you in here.
Real quick, give us your take on this.
Well, I mean, from the beginning, you know, I think everybody was a little interested in the whole Q movement, but when they started putting out stuff, started saying all this stuff, and just trust them, trust the plan, trust the message, that starts sounding a little occultish to me, because, you know, they are the gatekeepers.
You're telling me that you are the only ones that have this hidden knowledge, and that we have to go through you to have it.
And, you know, we were told, beware of false prophets.
And the only way that you can tell if someone's a false prophet is by, you know, their fruits.
The proof that they're giving you.
And if they're not giving you proof but telling you just to believe them, how can you do that?
How can you believe with no proof?
Well, remember the New York Times and a bunch of others said, don't do your own research.
They're just as bad.
Or worse.
I mean, they're saying, no, two men can have a baby, and if you don't agree, we'll arrest you in California.
That's a cult, folks!
And once you infect your mind with a lie, like the left's done... I mean, look, the right has its little Q thing.
That's like 5% of us.
The left is all one giant cult.
They're constantly pushing, just believe us, just believe us, just believe us, don't look into it yourself, just believe what we're telling you to believe.
And that is the occult.
Remember what Jacinda Ardern and all the different world leaders said, they said, don't look at the sun at sunset, don't talk to your children, be alone, only get your information from us, we are your only source of info.
And everything they told us was a damn lie.
When someone tells you, don't check into what I'm saying,
And only listen to me.
It's like the snake in the jungle book hypnotizing you.
It's 101.
Imagine you walk on a car dealership and the guy goes, I'm not going to let you see the odometer.
I'm not going to let you look in the car.
Anybody tells you different, they're ripping you off.
This car is the best deal you ever had.
Sign the piece of paper right here.
You'd run off that car lot, wouldn't you?
They were even telling people not to look into each other's eyes while passing.
How are you supposed to trust somebody if you can't even look them in the eye?
And they were saying, how can we make it more fantastical?
That was the UK.
Put up signs.
Remember people wearing masks when they're swimming?
I mean, complete lunacy.
It triggers something in us, and I'm not sure what it is that's being triggered, but it's almost like a primal urge to want to be accepted and want that hidden knowledge.
But again, you can only really go off of what you can prove.
And the information that we've been giving out, you know, we back it up.
Whereas Q, I haven't seen anything really backed up on that side.
We're going to skip this break so we can take more calls.
I hear you.
I didn't mean to go off on a Q thing, but then if somebody asks a complex question, I got to answer it.
Thank you, Kevin.
Great points.
Could have just had Kevin come on for two minutes and he said what I said in 15.
The reason this happens is human development and our instincts.
If you go back 5,000, 6,000 years ago, anywhere in the world, Asia, Europe, Mesoamerica, people acted just the same.
And normally in society, if the chief ran in, there's only like 100 of you in the band, and he's there because he's the best hunter, the smartest, the nicest.
He's almost always right.
He knows how to catch fish the best.
He knows how to fight the best.
Thank you.
You'd always get a priest class that said, well, let's see if they'll let us sacrifice their kids, or give us all their women.
And so you get an inbred, decadent priest class, and that's what the occult can't.
Oh, they know the secrets in the temple.
They know that a snake god, every few years, eats the moon and sun, and people kind of, maybe it's 20 years since an eclipse, they've got mathematics, you know, the priest class is secretly marking down on a calendar when it's going to happen.
They've got total control over, say, a group of 100,000 people, or a million in some of these civilizations, because they know whatever that thing is in the sky is going to disappear for about 30 minutes.
And maybe there hasn't been an eclipse in 50 years, and people kind of quit listening.
And then all of a sudden the priest gets up and goes... And he says, I have been fighting for one week to stop the snake god from eating the sun.
And they all shut up, because maybe it's been, you know, decades.
All of a sudden, ha, ooh, ha, ooh, ha, ha, ha, ha, it starts disappearing.
And it is eclipses they would mainly use to program people.
Everybody's like, aah!
He goes, sacrifice 20 children to me now, and the snake will vomit the sun back.
And they're killing kids.
Ha, she, whom, ma, he, coo, he, ha, ha, ha.
And he's like, ah, ah, yeah, you're doing as you're told.
Ah, well done!
And he goes, I have been told by the Snake God he is sick!
He is going to vomit the sun back!
But twenty more virgins!
And then the sun gets vomited out and they cry and they yell, we'll never question you again, oh great Unitech!
And that's how it's done, boys and girls.
That's how the priest class gets you to be guilty and hate yourself and do whatever they say.
So the sun comes back.
Jason in South Carolina, thanks for holding it on the air.
Maybe Jason's gone.
I kind of went long on the Q thing, I'm sorry.
Jason, go ahead.
Yeah, hi.
My question was about the digital currency that you were talking about yesterday.
It kind of seemed like the way
Everything was being explained like it's almost being like we're forced into it.
Oh yeah, the EU just said they've rolled it out this year, it's official, and if you want to pay for stuff with the government or get on airplanes, they're making you do it.
It's coming, it's here.
Right, yeah.
So how, I mean, is it going to be like Demolition Man where we're just going to be living in sewers and eating rats and stuff?
Demolition Man, I think the last time I saw that, I haven't seen it in like 20 years, I saw it again about two months ago.
It was on TV and I watched the last half and I'm like, that is such a good movie because that's literally the world they're creating.
Yeah, so, okay, so I guess that was my question, was how are we going to make a living if we don't accept it?
And I guess that kind of answers it.
Well, I want to do a review of Demolition Man.
In fact, that's what I'll do, one of the shows, because I didn't do one last week, I got behind.
I'm going to do two this week for the Crowder.
But I'll also air part of the report here.
I'm going to review a demolition man.
Because that movie tells you everything.
The government is engineering people's brains to control them.
They're brainwashing them.
They have this big nanny-state controller body.
But they secretly control the criminals as a pretext for fear to keep the population under their control.
And notice they're so domesticated there are no men anymore to fight the evil men until they unfreeze the police captain.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
And it's all right there.
They want us to masquerade.
They tell you everything in those movies.
Oh, and also, how did Taco Bell become the ruler of the world?
There was a stock market engineered crash, which they engineered to take over one corporation.
And I'm not saying Taco Bell is literally going to do that, folks.
It's an example of a very sophisticated movie put on an action film.
Very sophisticated.
Alright, well I guess that's my question.
I appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
No, great job.
If anybody wants to know, Demolition Man.
And you can get more intellectual and see like Rollerball from the 1970s or Network from the 1970s.
They tell you everything in those movies.
Great call.
Thank you, sir.
Mike in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
God bless you and the crew.
Howdy, Alex.
Y'all do a wonderful job.
I just want to call in and ask you a question.
I live in Midland, Texas and we have a small airport that has six terminals in it and it's currently quote-unquote under construction and all of the doors in the front and the windows are boarded off and the reason I'm calling is because last, I think it was a couple weeks ago, you had a gentleman on that was a former Border Patrol agent and he was a whistleblower for what's going on and where these illegals are going.
I've never really crossed my mind but I dropped my son off at the airport last Thursday
And there was a white bus parked in front of the airport and we didn't take anything of it and we dropped him off so he can go back to school and he gets inside and he checks in, goes through TSA, whatever, and he calls us after he gets through TSA and he said, hey, uh, those, that bus out front,
Uh, there's a bunch of people that just went through TSA that didn't go through the same line I had to go through.
They didn't even check them.
They just opened the gate and went through.
And now they're getting on planes.
So he called us telling us, hey, I don't think those people are like, you know, they're not getting checked.
I know your story's true because there's hundreds of videos I've seen Wes.
That's everywhere.
And Midland's one of the main ones.
They've got hubs and we even shut things down for a while when they've got thousands coming through.
This is too obvious.
They do it at 3 a.m., 2 a.m., 5 a.m.
So when you think the airport's shut, you know, there's no flights from, say, 6 a.m.
Well, yes sir, and my question to you is, is Governor Abbott just signed
A bill, I believe it was SB4, if it doesn't take effect until March.
Yeah, that law enforcement's supposed to arrest illegals, instead we have video on InfoWars of the police threatening people videotaping illegal alien centers in San Antonio.
So, my question to you is, is what do we do citizens?
What do we do?
Well, let me tell you, your son did the right thing calling you.
All he had to do was just shoot a video, act like he owns the place.
He should send it to us or post it himself somewhere and to get 50 million views.
You expose it.
The reason they shut down terminals and do it at 3 a.m.
is because they don't want it revealed.
I called my local, waste of time, but called my local
I think so.
Send it to you guys and we'll go from there and you guys will post it on X. Congratulations on getting back on.
Congratulations to Elon Musk and all you getting us back.
But I mean, look, don't even wait for me.
Have your son, you can set up a burner account, doesn't matter, to make sure we don't miss it.
Yeah, send it to showtipsandinfowars.com.
Send it five times.
We get like 10,000, 20,000 emails a day.
So we missed up.
Yeah, you want to send us raw footage, give us a description where it is, but I'd rather you just upload it to X and then we'll link to it and we'll get 10 million views.
And then that will end up in Congress.
But yeah, I mean, it's admitted under Obama and now under Biden, they've got flights all over the country at 2 and 3 a.m., brother.
There's footage with little kids.
And yeah, that's what they're doing.
And again, why don't you come at...
3 p.m., because everybody sees a hundred illegal aliens, a bunch of little kids without their parents, some of them babies, march through, not even checked, with no paperwork, and people go, well, why am I doing this?
And the TSA guy, where are you going?
What are you doing?
I'm going to touch your wee-wee now.
I mean, you know, it's all child molesting training.
And I'm not even attacking the average TSA agent.
They're told, oh, we're doing this for safety.
But the TSA was set up to one day take over the roads, the highways, domestic checkpoints.
They admit that's their plan.
They are part of the martial law program.
So they let the slaves in, they don't let the slaves out.
You understand?
This is fresh meat, fresh voters.
They don't give them shots, any of that, because this is a new crop.
They're going to control, sign up for welfare.
Siphon off the welfare.
We're to be replaced by these people.
Yeah, when is it?
You understand?
What point is it?
You know, I think even Elon even said, you know, they're taking over your schools.
What point are they going to kick you out of your homes?
Oh, they're already kicking people out of schools in Texas and New York and everywhere and just saying illegal aliens go there now.
You do school from home.
The illegal aliens live in the school now.
Yeah, it's a total takeover.
God bless you.
And again, you don't have to, oh, Q said they were going to have open borders.
Oh, Q heard there was a Walmart with kids.
We've been there.
We go there.
Go there now.
Go, go.
Go to Davos.
Confront the world leaders yourself.
The ADL, the head of the UN, they're right there.
But it's not fun, is it, to actually confront the head of the ADL, or the head of the UN, or the head of Pfizer.
It's like, well, what did you do today?
Oh, you confronted the main leader of it.
I heard a little secret message.
I'm a part of a special club, and I'm in the Avengers.
Because they're children.
But don't be mad.
There are a lot of people, we wake up, they're going to be children, and they're not going to do men's work.
I just say don't talk about them.
But when they say Biden's going to be arrested on, you know, when he was inaugurated, I just can't be part of it.
Cosmo in Kansas, you're on the air.
Blah, blah, blah.
Love you mean it.
Hey, uh, your nitric booze and H3.
Great stuff.
What happened when you took, uh, what happened when you took, uh, those products?
Well, I went to the doctor and, uh, they took all my meds or my
Took all my reading, my blood pressure, my cholesterol.
Since it's been up, they said, whatever you're doing, keep doing it.
Because it was all down.
Everything was good.
So, that Nitric Boost, I take it in the evening, and it helps me to relax and don't knock me out.
But when I sleep, I sleep a lot better.
Yeah, well, Nitric Boost literally cleans out your arteries, it's a fact.
And the system, all the globalists are taking products like this, okay?
There's a bunch of them that are just as good.
Ours is as good as it gets.
But I'm not going to lie, there's probably 20 products that are the same.
Because this is hot.
Been hot.
And all the rich, all the elite are taking this mix of compounds.
I mean, Nitric Boost is just like the most souped up version there is.
But absolutely, it totally works.
That's why people get it.
Yeah, I know I called to talk to you about the men in black and because I was wanting to ask you, what do you know about those guys?
I'm not talking about the guys on the movies and the black cars or skinny guys behind phone poles.
I've seen them three times and maybe somebody else has seen them.
They come into your bedroom and there's two guys usually.
The first guy's face is all covered.
Well, they're all covered.
Their face is covered, but whenever I looked up and seen them, as soon as they saw me see them, I went out.
I don't know why, but as soon as I looked at them, I was out.
And then I panicked myself awake.
And when I did, they was gone.
You know, there's a lot of stuff going on in the world, and there are... Every culture talks about the things you're talking about, and it's basically... Tucker Carlson's right, it's not aliens, they've always been here.
And there's a lot of stuff going on, buddy.
I'm pretty sure it's government.
No, no, the government wants you to think they've got all these magic powers.
They don't.
The government has fake UFO landings and dresses guys up in alien outfits to scare people.
That's been going on lately.
But I can't particularly say what's happening with you, sir.
But here's the deal.
The optic nerve picks up thousands of types of radiation, not just the narrow light band that your brain processes.
And so, some people are able to see things that other people can't see, and then a lot of people call those people crazy.
And there are people that are crazy, generally, and are delusional, but there's a lot of stuff going on.
I appreciate your call.
Alright, Jeff in Florida, you're on the air, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
The tip of the spear, brother.
It's great to be alive, isn't it?
It is, man.
Thank God for the gift of life.
It's so great to speak with you finally.
First time caller.
I live in Florida.
Just came back from New York yesterday.
I gotta tell you, there were migrants everywhere.
Couldn't wait to get back to the Sunshine State.
There's garbage on the streets.
There's urine.
It's just a mess.
So happy to be back.
I'm in South Florida, but you mentioned
Taking people out of your house.
So my neighbor, and I didn't want to call originally about the financial of the markets.
I want to talk about that.
But my neighbor's a sheriff down here in one of the bigger counties and they do eviction.
They're taking people out of their house already.
He's an eviction officer.
He does about 10 evictions a day.
He's got six teams, one of the counties.
So that's 60 people that are evicting out of their homes in one county.
And you know, then you got Miami-Dade, Broward, other counties.
So hundreds of people, thousands of people may be getting evicted from their houses.
I wanted to talk about today, Alex, really, about your guest yesterday.
Every day.
So, by the way, you're the most incredible guest, Dr. Kirk Elliott, about, you know, the central bank digital coin coming in and collapsing the system and changing the definition of money.
The existing system, and I get this from Gerald Salente, your amazing guest, and he speaks to Gregory Manorino, you've had on your show, or when a guest hosted him, you should have him on your show again to talk about this.
But in order to bring in this new system, they're going to have to crash the market.
And I don't know when.
I'm going to guess this year.
And they'll probably blame it on Trump.
They'll blame it on the Republicans.
They'll blame it on capitalism.
And then that's when they're going to usher in this new system.
And I just hope we can survive this.
Because all the corporations are going to get on board.
Yep, absolutely.
I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but at least we're getting ready for it.
Yeah, they are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, getting ready for the big shift.
The great reset to build back better.
Hour number four.
I'm going to jam in a few more calls and hand the baton to Kay Dally.
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Alright, we're jamming through your phone calls here.
I'll hand the baton very quick to Kate Daly here in about 10-15 minutes, but I want to get to your calls.
Corey in Maryland on mRNA and livestock vaccines and more.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
How are you doing?
Good brother, go ahead.
So, first of all, my dad was a 101st Airborne paratrooper in World War II, and he used to listen to you, and after the war, he went into Army Intelligence.
He told me a bunch of things, because he had a top-level, you know, top-secret level clearance.
But anyway, that's for another time.
Getting back to the MRNA, which is why I'm calling.
They've been, when I say they, the government, and governments around the world, from what I'm hearing, have been forcing farmers
No, you're right, we need major, major pushback against that.
And again, Bill Gates said, oh, we'll just put the vaccine in your food.
Well, what he means is, they have all these different systems, but they have systems where the plant grows it genetically engineered, or they inject the plant, it replicates in a plant, and then it sloughs, even if you're, it sheds, even if you don't eat the plant, it's putting it off.
Yeah, so I was just kind of wanting to
Bring a lot more awareness to it, because, I mean, when you go to the grocery store and you're buying up meat, you're basically, uh, they're murdering you slowly.
And, uh, you know, this is a fight of good versus evil, and we can't fight if we're not healthy.
So, uh, there is a local farm near me that, uh, the, uh, I know the farmer to a degree, and I do trust him.
He said that, uh, he's not
He's not even using, you know... Yeah, from my research, there aren't a lot of people putting it in cows yet, but it turns out they've been doing mRNA vaccines on pigs since 2018.
So this stuff is all over the place, and God knows what they're doing.
Yeah, and I saw, you know, videos of chickens, baby chickens, getting injected.
I don't know if it was mRNA or what they're injecting, but
It's like they're going through this machine and it's getting stamped with a needle.
So I don't know what's going into the chickens too, but you know, it's all pretty scary.
They're hitting us through the food, brother.
Thank you so much, Corey.
God bless you and God bless your dad.
Sounds like an interesting guy.
I'm glad to have listeners like that in the past.
Joe in North Carolina, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing today, Alex?
Good, brother.
I just wanted to talk a little bit, you know, about Vic, you know, getting behind Trump, man.
I think that's an awesome thing, and I hope they expose it all, but who knows, you know?
Trying to figure it out myself, but I can't.
Well, I mean, look, Vivek is doing irrevocable damage to him.
I think he's a good guy.
So what?
He used to work with the establishment.
That's what everybody did.
We have to be ready for everybody to come over to our side.
That doesn't mean we, you know, totally always trust him or anybody else.
I don't even trust myself.
And I mean well, but sometimes I make bad decisions.
I like to make my decisions before about four o'clock in the afternoon, because even if I haven't had a couple beers or whatever, if I'm up here some night, six, seven, eight, I'm pissed, I'm working, and the next day I go, that decision I made or what I said, I don't totally agree with it.
Because when you get tired, you make mistakes.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, it does.
Believe me, I know.
But I just want to say, you know, I hope we can trust these people, because the state of the world,
How everything's going, I just, I can't believe that they're able to do and be and say whatever they want.
Well, Trump is far from perfect, but they are scared as hell of him.
I mean, they don't like Elon Musk either, so, you know, but I don't think we count on Trump or Elon to save us.
We have to all ourselves speak out, do the right thing, be informed, inform others.
All right, brother, man, that's all I wanted to say.
Thank you.
Thank you for holding, brother.
All right, we're going to go to break.
Real fast, Jennifer and Charles.
And then I'm going to hand the baton to the great Kate Dowling.
And we'll skip both network breaks until she gets eight minutes back.
And that'll take up for any time I steal here.
But she's always amazing.
Love listening to her.
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The Dow is down 141 points.
Stock market crash is the top trend on X right now.
That doesn't mean it's going to crash, because they're hiding all the inflation in there.
I didn't get to it today.
I'm going to play it tomorrow early in the show.
Remind me an excellent breakdown of who really owns State Street, Vanguard and BlackRock.
Well, they all own each other, but who owns that?
We'll cover that tomorrow.
11 a.m.
Central Standard Time.
I meant to hit it yesterday, but I got busy and today, but it's more important now than ever.
Let's go to Jennifer in Georgia.
Jennifer, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm a long-time listener, so it's awesome to be talking to you.
I apologize if I stumble over my words.
I get kind of nervous talking.
Well, don't be nervous.
You're only talking to about 3 million people right now, so... Okay, so I'm going to try to make a long story short, but basically I'm disabled, and when I say disabled, I actually mean like I literally can't drive, I can't work.
Unfortunately, believe me, I wish I could.
I don't like the welfare system at all.
But unfortunately, since I was just a toddler, I've been receiving Social Security benefits because of my disability.
As an adult, I can't work now, and I'm still receiving them.
But I actually called Harrison back in October, November, I believe, to share a local report that I saw on my local Atlanta news station.
And basically what they're doing right now, the Social Security Administration, is they are sending letters out to people, thousands and thousands of people, recipients around the country who are receiving Social Security in any form, saying that they owe all the money that they've ever been given back to the government because apparently they're running out.
Which I mean, that's a given after listening to the podcast yesterday.
I kind of saw where that was going.
I don't know about those letters, but I'll look into it.
That's pretty big news.
There might be some scam letters.
But here's the bigger issue.
Inflation's killing those benefits, so regardless, we're in a very bad world.
That's why we need family.
I know everybody doesn't have family to take care of them, but we're entering a very dark world.
That's why they want to euthanize the disabled and the old, because they don't want to pay for them.
Yeah, and honestly, I mean, it's very sad that they would put us on the back burner.
Like, I'm not talking about people who just want to say that they're safe.
No, I understand.
Well, don't worry.
They're giving the illegal aliens $90,000 a year right now.
No, I hear you.
It's a terrible situation.
I mean, we're trying to track it, but it's a very dark world we're entering.
Look into the article.
They're all over the place.
They're telling people that they owe the money back to them, like $40,000, $60,000, $10,000 back, you know, that they've received from the beginning of the time that they started receiving them.
And literally one of the people who were interviewed in this article, they said that the Social Security, I guess like the administration, like the clerk or whoever is at the office,
Hold them that they need to see the money as a loan that has been now due.
Okay, well do me a favor.
Send these articles to showtipsandinfowars.com.
We'll look into it.
Thanks for the call, Jennifer.
Sorry to hear what you're going through.
Charles in Ohio.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon.
I hope you're doing well, Alex.
I just wanted to talk about the World Economic Forum.
I say it goes back to
Well, it goes way back, but back to Edison, Rockefeller, and investment banker J.P.
They learned something in the early 1900s and 1870s.
They knew that every individual home could have an appliance inside its basement that would generate its own gas.
And they knew by 1900 it could make electricity also.
See, Edison, when he started selling power on Pearl Street, he was doing it with coal and steam.
Well, they wanted a better way, a cheaper way.
Well, he found something out, but they learned that they could transmit it from Niagara Falls once Tesla gave them AC power.
But Edison also had a guy working for him when he bought up an electric company that turned into GE Research, and it
He had a gasoline engine that was extremely efficient.
Like I say, that's what this industrial revolution is.
This one is the transition from the petrol dollar to the electronic dollar, and that's why they're calling out, that's why they're having us
Transition into electric cars because the banks require it because they're the ones that want to tax everything we do.
Every time we get in our car, they can do it once they set up an electric car.
That's right.
The old Ponzi schemes coming to an end and the new one.
Electric cars don't even work in freezing weather.
As people can see on screen, all over the country, all over the world, they're building bridges nowhere while suppressing all the real innovative technologies that are out there.
They want to make us resource scarce to control us and depopulate us.
Great points.
Thank you, Charles.
All right.
Kate Daly takes over for the Balance of the Hour.
Great syndicated talk show host.
Really smart lady.
Owen Schroer in 50 Minutes at Infowars.com, Ford's last show, and stations across the country.
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Please get a copy of my book, The Great Awakening, or a Team Humanity t-shirt that keeps us on air.
Plus, it helps spread the word.
God bless.
Now, Kate Dally takes over.
Thanks, Alex Jones.
I really appreciate you.
It's so good to be with you on InfoWars right now.
And, of course, I'm Kate Dally from katedallyradio.com.
I want to share something with you, maybe a little bit of insight.
But, I was on my show yesterday, I do a live radio show, and I was playing a song.
And it's obviously a beautiful song, My Country Tis of Thee.
And I actually started getting really emotional.
I started to tear up and get choked up and that's not a normal thing for me.
I don't normally do that.
Okay, I'm not a bucket of emotion.
But it was a strange feeling because I was on camera and I'm getting obviously upset and
It's like a song you hear in high school.
One person sitting there listening to this song, like an Eagles song or something, brings you right back to high school or college or something and you have a total emotion about it because you have this moment where you feel like, oh my gosh, I just remembered something that happened during that time and it brings you right back to that emotion.
It was kind of like that feeling.
But the person next to you sitting in the car could listen to the same exact song and not feel anything, right?
And just goes right over their head.
But you're sitting there thinking about this song and it totally affects you.
And it got me thinking a little bit about where we're at in America right now and who we are as a people and what brings that emotion for me, right?
Well, I love this country.
I mean, I really love this country.
And I didn't feel like that in my youth.
If I would have actually listened to that song in high school, it wouldn't have done a thing for me.
I mean, of course, I was raised in California and I learned nothing, but it wasn't going to do anything for me at the time.
Not even in my 20s and 30s.
It just, it wasn't a song that brought me to tears.
Nice song, nice song, but not a song that actually gave me any kind of emotional feeling whatsoever.
And it wasn't until I got older that I started feeling this sense of emotion when I would listen to, you know, God Bless America or My Country Tis of Thee.
And I thought, why is that?
Is it because of age?
No, because there's a lot of older people that are full communists in this country that call themselves an American, that they hate this country.
So I was trying to think, well, why do I feel this emotion?
Why am I in a bucket?
Why am I getting all choked up and tears running down my face?
And I'm thinking, why is this happening to me?
Why do I feel like this?
Another lefty loony could listen to my country tis of thee and she gets angry, right?
Or hates on the country and cries out for the lesbian pedo CIA agent Hillary to save her.
We're in two totally different camps.
I'm feeling this love and loss for a country that I feel like is ending, right?
And I'm desperate to change it.
This person sitting on the sidewalk screaming up to heaven for Hillary, the pedo lesbian CIA agent, to save her.
There's two totally different emotions going on here.
But how did we get there as a country?
How did we find our way there?
Two totally different camps of thought.
And I can imagine that people who don't care about this country are not emotional in the least.
They just don't care.
But maybe they just don't care because they just don't understand.
Maybe they just don't understand history.
Maybe they've never had a proper history lesson in their life.
We had this house called America.
And of course, the house is sort of burnt down.
The foundation's still there.
The concrete slab.
But the house is kind of burnt down around us.
I could talk about the border.
I could talk about what's going on in this country.
I could talk about the shots.
I could talk about the overall poisoning.
I could talk about chemtrails.
I could talk about trilateral commission.
I could talk about the new world order.
I could talk about so many things that are brimming right now, right?
The non-stop election fodder.
But the thing that brings us to the emotion, because if I talk about all that stuff, the lefty loony crying out for Hillary is like, what are you talking about?
They don't know.
They don't understand where the liberty came from.
They don't get the country.
We basically lost our constitutional republic during the Civil War.
Most people don't realize that.
They don't get it.
They think it was all about slavery.
Had nothing to do with slavery.
Nationalism won at the time.
Federalism won at the time.
The states became overrun by the feds.
We didn't
We're good to go.
But the Fed has become more empowered than ever, right?
And that was all by design so you wouldn't see it.
So you would keep your eyes on slavery because they were going to use it in the future.
They were going to use it to monopolize your mind in the future.
But it was never about that.
We lost a lot of state power during that time.
Why do you think they have shows like Hamilton?
Why do you think those are like the hot shows on Broadway?
Because Hamilton was a federal guy.
He was all about federal power.
So they keep selling it to us.
Selling it to us.
Movies and TV shows.
Everything was about how amazing that period of time was because we ended slavery.
Not because the feds won.
Not because they sort of put the states back in the box.
And so I know people think that it was the best thing.
I wonder why we have all this media.
Of course we do.
Martin Luther King, Juneteenth, what a ridiculous holiday.
Do you know what made people free after centuries and centuries of slavery?
The Founding Fathers.
Civil Rights.
The Bill of Rights.
The Constitution.
That's what made all of us free.
As a woman, I'm not standing on the shoulders of women before me.
Any woman was going to come before me.
The odds were there, right?
We're 50% out there.
Some woman was going to do it.
So I'm not standing on their shoulders.
I'm standing on the shoulders of the men who signed that Constitution.
Of the men who put that ball into motion.
Of course it was going to take a little time.
It only took, what, 80 years?
60 years?
To basically end slavery.
Why do we have an additional holiday called Juneteenth?
Because people are ignorant.
They don't know.
They don't know that the ball was set into motion
When the white guys, yeah, the white guys actually signed those documents, putting all men free.
It was just going to take a little time because we had had centuries of slavery.
Centuries of slavery.
You don't change that mindset overnight.
It doesn't happen.
It was going to take a little bit of time, right?
But you know what?
It was a complete reset of America when we got to the Civil War, right?
It was a complete reset.
Up until that time,
The Quakers.
It was the Quakers and a few escaped slaves that designed the Underground Railroad.
Harriet Tubman didn't do that.
Harriet Tubman came on the tail end the last 15 years of a very long 60-70 year ride.
But the movies tell you Harriet Tubman did it.
Because they wanted to put her as the face of ending slavery.
She basically got out about 50 people which were mostly her family members.
But that railroad was already designed.
How do you think it happened?
The slaves couldn't get off the properties of 325,000 families, right?
Owned slaves.
Out of the whole country, 325,000 families did in the South, mostly.
How do you think they got off the properties to do that?
They couldn't have.
They couldn't have designed it.
There was no logistical way.
So white Quakers and whole congregations got together and decided that they were going to install that Underground Railroad.
That's how it happened.
That you never saw that in your history book, did you?
You were never meant to.
Because they wanted to keep your eyes fixated on certain things.
And when I say only about 325,000 families, that wasn't as many as you think it was with the population of the time.
It was in a smaller part of the country, but if you read the history books, you think it was happening in all of the country.
And not to even say that it was good or anything like that.
Of course it was to end.
All slavery was to end.
For the oppressors, the black, everything.
Even the white.
We at one time were slaves too.
Nobody got to escape that.
And it was a mindset.
But you're never gonna hear it.
Centuries of slavery.
We had a constitutional republic until that Civil War.
About 1871, it all changed.
We became a corporation.
Everybody realizes that now, right?
That can't be hidden anymore.
Pharma started to take root.
Our financial organizations, our banks, were taken over.
It was now calculated.
Eugenics was in.
This was going to be the new thing.
It was going to be eugenics.
All right?
When they could finally calculate when you would die.
When they could finally do that.
And the insurance companies came into existence in the late 1800s.
They realized that they could game death.
They could predict it, but they could cause it.
And we started in on something that I don't think most Americans are aware of.
Because that constitutional republic that was so fragile that only lasted a certain time, okay?
The house burnt down.
Slab is still there.
But the house burnt down.
But we didn't ever really realize it because we kept getting marketed this idea that we were still this constitutional republic.
Why do you think they force the term democracy so much on you?
They don't want you to think about a republic.
It's not in their best interest.
But it all changed after 1871.
We got a reset and we didn't realize.
Pharma was in.
The taking over of our medical was on.
The country doctors were out.
They centralized Johns Hopkins schooling for all the doctors.
That was in.
Herbs for the body were out.
Any natural healing was out.
We used to use CBD.
Castor oil was used on the skin to penetrate, remove tumors, what ailed us.
It can penetrate deep into the skin because of your body heat.
We used to use it all the time.
Your ancestors took cod liver oil.
It helped with thyroid.
It helped with all kinds of things.
There was a reason that we knew what worked and what didn't work, right?
The country doctors knew how to help us.
But that was too good.
This is how we prevailed for centuries without pharma.
We had a gazillion herbs and they were for the service of man.
Look at your scriptures.
They were for the service of man.
So, herbs were used for everything.
They devised public health in the low 1900s on a lie that somewhere in the South there was a little hookworm going on so public health had to come in and rescue it and become a whole new department of government.
But what was the real job of public health?
The real job of public health was to oust the country doctor.
They wanted to take over prevention.
They wanted to take over certain duties so that they could start to ease out the country doctor.
Oh man, what a mistake that was.
It took half the duties away.
And then prevention now became a public health job.
It was all done on a lie.
The agency ever since has been on the wrong footing.
They only take government orders.
It's not about your health.
It's about control.
They're just government soldiers is what they are.
Doctors from then on were told to just write scripts.
Because the poisoning was on.
The gaming of death was on.
The causing of death was on.
They were about to capitalize huge in the insurance markets.
Insurance companies rule the world?
Oh yeah.
Yeah, they do.
Because once they could come in and game death, that's when eugenics just really became game on.
They knew too much about how they could absolutely poison you.
And, of course, they didn't have any bodies to experiment on, so when they got to World War II, World War I and World War II, World War I started the VAX program, World War II was where they really, Pharma really did some experimenting.
But we didn't realize that at the time.
They were getting their program nice and ready for us to go into mandatory overload, but we didn't see it.
We didn't know.
When you finally understand what your country has done to itself after 1871, when it became a corporation, now it's a little bit easier to see how they gamed it, what they did, what was the plan, right?
Well-laid plans.
That's the problem.
Well laid plans.
The lefty loony listening to my country tis of thee on the side of me.
I'm in a bucket of tears and they're just angry.
They don't know any of this.
They don't understand.
They don't want to understand how it was taken over.
And of course in 1907, right?
Lot very, very busy in this 50 year block of time.
In 1907, the Carnegie Foundation
We got together with the Ford Foundation to alter and change our history in the education field and gut our education and train up our teachers so that they would never talk about that constitutional republic.
The time when we had it, what it was written for, what it was about, how important it was, how it was the only type of government that the people owned, they had to gut it.
Because plans were well underway.
The poisoning of America was on.
Do you know what the Trojan horse was?
We didn't need chemical fertilizer, but it came up in the late 1800s, started poisoning our food, poisoning our fields.
They sold that on a lie, too, in the early 1900s.
They told us we had to have it, that we needed it.
Up until then, we used natural ways, all ways, and they worked.
That's how we're still here as a people.
But they sold us on a lie.
It was the big Trojan horse that was going to cause a lot of symptoms coming in the door.
All those symptoms in the early 1900s and late 1800s that we had never seen before.
There had to be a reason for them.
And when I come back, I'll tell you why that is.
Sometimes we just need a really good history lesson to ground us again in this country.
Yes, it's worth fighting for.
And yes, it's worth understanding and knowing about.
The feelings that I get when I listen to my country tis of thee, and I know I'm losing my country, and I know how deeply I feel for this country, come from the knowledge of how much we've lost.
It's the most important part of this scenario.
If you don't understand how much we've lost, people won't fight for this country.
We're being infiltrated at the border.
So those of us that do know, we have to stand up ten times as strong to it.
And we have to understand what we're dealing with.
We've got to understand their long-term plans and how it's affected our lives.
I'll be right back on InfoWars on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
The real death is shutting off the economy.
The bureaucrats and the corporations control the economy.
As they vertically integrate the economy and consolidate power, they murder people en masse.
Elon Musk has warned them that if you destroy civilization, you won't be able to have certain redoubts of it, certain city-states that still have it, the Hunger Games model.
It will destroy the elite as well, and anybody that studies history and has common sense knows that.
The wars that are going to come out of the starvation and the inflation are being blamed on global warming.
The viruses that come out of the labs are being blamed on global warming.
The third world hordes being organized by the UN to invade are being blamed on global warming.
The mass starvation is blamed on the virus.
And everywhere we're told it's going to get worse.
Billions are coming.
Al Gore and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.
And the Rothschilds and the Davos Group and Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and Yvonne O'Hara say billions are coming to Europe.
A billion are coming to the U.S.
because of climate change.
No, because you cut their economy off because the IMF and World Bank controls the loans and ordered lockdowns.
One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections, masqueradings, vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious, and you realize hatred's not bliss, it equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are and that's a hard thing to do because to wake up to a disturbing reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place and they're cutting off all the major energy sources is really hard to deal with but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
Because they can't get through this giant megalomaniacal power grab if we're here exposing them.
But we're not just exposing their operation.
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It's Alex Jones!
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Daly, your guest host.
Spending some time with you in this hour and so grateful to do that.
I love being on InfoWars with you.
You know, I'm talking about a little bit of history because I know for a fact growing up in California on the beach in Orange County, I didn't really learn anything.
I never learned anything about this country.
I didn't really learn much at all, but I really didn't learn anything.
No one did.
None of you did.
And so what became our education?
We were all enrolled in a course called news, the evening news.
That became what we looked to to be educated in politics and government, what was happening.
And everything was served up by government through the media to us.
We just didn't know we enrolled in adult education, but our adult education became the nightly news.
That's how everyone was educated.
As a talk show host, when I was first hired, I was hired because they asked me a question.
They said, uh, this was the only precursor to being hired was, do you, are you into politics?
And I said, well, yeah, I guess.
And they said, well, you read the news?
And I watch Fox news.
That's where I started in all of this.
It wasn't until I really started studying America and started studying what has happened to America that I finally understood where we're at as a country and why.
And it finally starts to make sense a little bit, right?
And they got angry that I actually started to learn something on my own, right?
And I started getting censored because you can't learn too much, right?
You can't know too much.
And because, you know, it could piss off the politicians when you start to realize what they're doing to this country.
The one thing people out there have a hard time comprehending is the fact that since about 1871 and on, there's been a very controlled, active plan to kill us pretty slowly in this country.
And once you realize why eugenics was so important to them from that time on, and how much money could be made off of our death and off of our life, if they could profit from us, right?
Then it all becomes much easier to understand why we ended up in the year 2020 with the COVID lie.
Comes a lot more interesting, doesn't it?
A lot of eyeballs.
I hate to keep saying wake up, but people started learning the truth at that point.
And this has been overwhelmingly successful in people understanding what the government's really up to.
So good.
I'm glad they did it.
I'm glad they did it so people could start seeing the truth.
And start looking at more natural medicines and start understanding what's really going on.
It opened up more eyes than I think they ever thought would happen.
The AP, during this 50-year time period, 1871, actually mid-1800s, they took over our elections.
They started calling our elections.
Yeah, the corrupt AP.
Government-owned news department, right?
And the reason that they did that, too, was because then, if they had control over the elections, they could start calling them early.
Remember 2020?
Before anything's even counted.
Yeah, yeah, Arizona's the winner.
See how that works?
And the AAP, the Trusted News Network, so completely corrupt.
Lying scumbags, really.
Always caught lying.
Never apologizing.
So during this time, we were sold a war.
They used to call it the Great War, because we didn't have World War II yet, so they didn't call it World, they called, you know, they didn't call it World War I. It was the Great War.
We didn't want it.
We knew better.
I think?
Lots of profit to be made.
They also started a vaccination program at that time too, but on the down low, most people didn't even realize it was going on.
Cause they kept those kinds of things within the camps, you know, within the military camps, but they started inoculating people.
Then we ended up with the 1918 flu.
But if you go back into the newspapers of that time, it really wasn't the highlight.
It was actually like on page five, page 10 and they kept track in cities number by number.
But they embellished those numbers over time.
It's about an eighth of what they're telling us now.
But the vaccination program started then.
They started losing soldiers to that.
Did you know that the government, for the first time, placed life insurance policies on the soldiers?
For about $4,000 a piece.
In our day, it's about $105,000, $110,000 policy.
They didn't even know they had it!
It was the equivalent of that.
They didn't even know they had these policies.
Families didn't cash in on them.
The government.
Who did?
Because at that time, this was sort of an unknown commodity, right?
You mean you're going to put a life insurance policy on a soldier in World War I?
They weren't even thinking about that.
Those great men at the time rushed in because our country was in trouble and they wanted to help because they were sold a bunch of lies from Eddie Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud.
Segment Freud was a fraud.
Eddie Bernays was the marketeer of the century.
Sold us on everything.
Sold us on getting into debt.
Sold us on war.
Sold us on bacon and eggs in the morning.
You name it, he sold us on it.
Everything was marketed to us.
Everything was about patriotism, right?
All wrapped up with a bow.
And the insurance companies, well, that's where the big money was from the late 1800s on.
And they did two things.
They came out with the fertilizers, right?
That had the chemicals in them.
Because why?
Because they could affect all of us.
They could affect our entire food supply at one time by selling us these chemicals and telling us that we needed them.
Because we went into mass food production at the time.
And once we went into mass food production, they could sell us about any lie that they wanted to.
That's how that works.
So we started having all these crazy symptoms.
They didn't know what to call the symptoms.
So they made up a term called virus and they sold it to us.
They even sold it to us that it was contagious.
Now think about this.
If something were that contagious, we wouldn't have survived as a human race.
We would have never survived because we'd be sick all the time from each other.
It's a ridiculous lie, but we bought into it.
Everybody always thinks they're catching something from somebody else, when really all it is is your immune system's low.
From what?
All the junk they do to us.
All the crap they do to us lowers your immune system.
Sugar lowers your immune system.
Every time you drink a Coke, it lowers your immune system.
Then we wonder why we feel so crappy.
The doctors laughed when they heard this term, virus, when they made this up.
And they said, well, we can't find a bacteria for all these symptoms, so we're just going to make something up and call it a virus.
This is all substantiated.
I have screenshots of this.
This is all written in the records.
And they came up with this term.
Oh, it's contagious.
It's contagious.
Because it meant control.
Because at the same time, public health was coming up as a department.
What were they all about?
They had utter control.
They could come in and say everyone wear a mask for a ridiculous reason.
Sell us on contagion.
Did you know at the time, I was looking at many articles back in the archives, doctors were laughing at this.
Doctors spoke out.
They said this is just asinine.
What are they talking about?
We've been trained.
These were your country doctors.
They were saying this isn't a thing.
Said that of the human race, right?
We would be sick all the time.
You can't catch something from somebody.
This is why you never get sick from a family member.
Not never, but
Usually, family members sick, not every single person in the family gets sick.
They can only get sick if everyone's immune systems are low, right?
And there's some sort of bacteria or fungi or some sort of something present, right?
They were putting parasites in all kinds of stuff.
We ingest parasites all the time.
It's usually the reason why we're feeling so crappy.
The scientist that worked for the Rockefellers admitted that he made it up.
And he said, you know, so what?
No one's going to question it.
No one's going to question this new term.
And then World War II started.
It was heavily marketed.
The president knew Japan was going to hit Pearl Harbor, acted surprised.
The war was marketed by Disney, of all places, and Hollywood.
They recruited most of the Hollywood stars who were actually spies.
Yes, like Hedy Lamarr.
Hedy Lamarr was so busy inventing things and meeting with governments.
But guess what, folks?
They could travel and no one would suspect a thing.
So many of them signed on and had this sort of background where really they were funnels of information.
Marilyn Monroe was a spy for Pete's sakes.
They were spies.
No one suspected it.
Pharma was in full swing.
Everything was being tested on us, right?
Hitler could have never come over and demolished America.
My gosh, we were an armed country.
But we went with the lie.
We went with the lie, and of course they knew that Pearl Harbor was going to get bombed.
It threw us into World War II.
Huge, huge, huge, big lies being told to us.
They created enough fear, we bought into it, and everything was patriotism, patriotism, patriotism, don't ask any questions.
New countries were formed.
The Bolsheviks were sent into Russia right before all of this.
There's no coincidences.
They had to set up the bad guy Russia, right?
The Bolsheviks were sent in.
It wasn't anything natural to Russia.
They went on trains through Europe to get into Russia.
They were sent there.
We had photographers at all the right battles to capture the crucial moments to get us all on board with the wars.
We set up the UN right after this.
We had Israel was formed, right?
Out of this.
The CIA was formed.