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Air Date: Jan. 7, 2024
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The speaker in this podcast discusses numerous topics related to globalist agendas, COVID-19 vaccinations, and government corruption. They mention potential false flag operations, super deadly viruses, and the connection between high vaccination rates and increased deaths worldwide. The speaker also highlights the correlation between poverty and excess mortality during the pandemic in the United States. Furthermore, they discuss how governments are attacking civilians and expose examples of corruption such as Planned Parenthood selling baby parts and powerful individuals raping children. They emphasize the importance of taking action against these injustices and urge listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing products from their online store to ensure the show's continuation.

Just about every major government has been guilty of false flag operations to foment war.
America has been guilty of several, but here are just a few.
Civilian passengers were murdered when a torpedo hit the Lusitania.
Investigations revealed that explosives were inside the ship, which was operated by war profiteer J.P.
This event is what brought Americans
Who were not previously interested in getting involved into World War I, where they lost over 100,000 sons and daughters.
They were also not interested in getting involved in World War II, but after breaking Japanese encryption codes, the U.S.
government knew of their plans to attack Pearl Harbor.
But the big banks were funding both sides and expected massive profits.
So they let it happen to encourage Americans to sacrifice nearly half a million of their children in the Second World War.
In August of 1964, the USS Maddox and the Turner Joy knowingly lied about being fired upon by North Vietnamese ships.
For two hours, they fired at nothing and maneuvered as if under attack.
President Johnson was aware of this deception but kept it secret to initiate war against North Vietnam and to sacrifice over 50,000 Americans.
About 3,000 people were murdered on 9-11 in the most notorious false flag in U.S.
This was used as a catalyst for the endless destruction of several nations that continues today.
Professor Stephen Starr, associate of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, was recently on Russia's Solyavev Live, where he discussed a plan being suggested by NATO forces in Germany that stinks of plans for a false flag operation to usher in World War III.
They have suggested a scenario wherein Russia sinks an American cruiser in the Black Sea, followed by the United States attacking Russian ships with nuclear warheads, which would then be followed by a Russian nuclear strike against NATO headquarters, and a major U.S.
nuclear attack on all of Russia.
They suggested more than 3,000 strikes within one hour and the destruction of all major cities in Europe and the United States.
Professor Starr said this would result in 150 million tons of smoke and soot that would block out 70% of the sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere and last about 10 years.
It's important to note that it's been NATO forces alone who have been provoking war with Russia for decades, surrounding their border with missile systems and bioweapons labs, and overthrowing Ukraine with CIA color revolutions.
The facts show that Russia has been given no choice but to defend themselves against deceptive Western aggression.
The anti-human globalist forces that hold a firm grip on America are clearly trying to destroy it from within.
If they wanted America to win a world war, then they would not be murdering U.S.
troops with the deadly COVID shots, and they would not be manipulating them to castrate themselves under the guise of transgenderism.
The globalists want the United States to be plundered and destroyed, but they need a scapegoat to blame it on, and they've clearly chosen Russia for that role.
During the American Revolution, Catherine the Great of Russia unofficially supported the colonies by trading with them.
Russian ships began delivering hemp, sail linen, and iron to American ports as early as 1763.
During the War of 1812, Russia attempted to join as a third-party mediator in support of American independence.
In 1863, Russia sent military fleets to New York and San Francisco to put pressure on the British and fight them if necessary.
They patrolled the American shores for 10 months.
This Russian support of a sovereign America is undoubtedly what led to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, when the country fell into communist rule for 69 years.
Today, Russia has asked for peace, but the evil powers that want endless war cannot survive unity between the East and the West.
False flag operations are the modus operandi of the globalists, and war, mass murder, and division is all they desire.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
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Biologist Brett Weinstein issues an emergency warning with Tucker Carlson.
There was a press, I was recently at a conference in Romania on the COVID crisis, and so there was a lot of work trying to unpack what we actually understand, and I saw a credible estimate of something like 17 million deaths globally from this technology, so... 17 million deaths from the COVID vax?
Well, you know, when you scale up to billions, it's not hard to reach a number like that with a technology this dangerous.
Now, to your deeper question, I think, let's steel man.
Just for perspective, I mean, that's like the death toll of a global war.
This is a great tragedy of history.
It's of that proportion.
There's no way in which it's over.
I mean, we are still apparently recommending these things for healthy children.
Never stood any chance of getting any benefit from them.
Every chance of suffering harms that are not only serious, but tragic on the basis that children have long lives ahead of them.
If you ruin a child's immune system in youth, they have to spend the rest of their presumably shortened life in that state.
Never made any sense that we were giving this to kids in the first place.
The fact that we're still doing it when the emergency, to the extent there even was one, is clearly over.
And when there's never been any proper justification of administering it to healthy kids.
Healthy kids don't die of COVID.
And the shot doesn't prevent you from catching or transmitting it.
So there was just literally no justification you could come up
That's Brett Weinstein.
You've obviously been hearing this from me since the virus was first released.
We have internal documents from the government that created this.
Our government created it.
The Pentagon was ordered to by Obama.
It became a big story in 2015, so they shipped the program to China.
And I've had the author of the U.S.
biological and chemical weapons laws on to lay all this out in February of 2020.
So, now it's all coming out that there are dozens of major insurance companies that actually say it's about $20 million.
This is a low ball.
We've had other statisticians on.
Some of the top statisticians in the world have testified to Congress that the number is between $17 and $20 million.
Again, the conservative number is $17 million.
And you notice it's intensifying the death now.
And normal colds, normal flus are killing even young people.
Heart attacks are off the charts.
There's TV service announcements all over the Western world.
It's normal to have heart attacks when you're 5 or when you're 10.
It's normal to die.
It's no big deal.
It's very liberal.
And you have to understand that now we have the latest version of the UN
It's very trendy.
pandemic response treaty that the Biden White House wrote.
The former head for Biden's COVID response is the one quarterbacking it.
They brag about it.
And it says they're going to shut down all speech and arrest people that disagree with the next lockdowns and next control and how they're going to take children out of your houses.
Years ago, we played the UN head of global emergency response saying that.
So we've known what they're planning.
But this is planetary martial law.
And here's the bad news.
If you think the $17 million debt is bad, that's sad, but it'll be nothing.
That was a mere flesh wound.
They are preparing super deadly viruses for release, like weaponized mousepox that kill the majority of people, even if you're healthy.
And they're getting ready to do it.
It's very hard for me even to be around leftists and people that are for the system because they're in a death cult, folks, and they're completely delusional.
But the people on top know exactly what they're doing.
So I have to be honest with you.
A lot of people are saying, oh, the last pandemic blew up in their face.
They're not going to try that again for a while.
I've really been studying this.
I think, in fact I know, that it's probably their next move, if not the cyber attack, to shut down elections and things of that nature.
So I have a giant study with top scientists, statisticians, medical doctors, forensics experts, you name it, and I'm going to go ahead and spend a lot of the show tonight on this.
This is just one of the latest
Big studies and of course you saw the head of the IT operation on a few months ago with us in New Zealand who blew the whistle and got into the secret data of the numbers of people dying in New Zealand.
And it mirrors the numbers they have here because some of the best numbers we have is morbidity.
No one has ever died since they took statistics at levels like this.
Didn't happen in 2000 from the virus, which was new, did cause inflammation, an asthma-like effect, did scare people, but never had any asthma events.
And so then they knew that, too.
They'd already studied it.
They put you on a ventilator, which is the opposite of what you do with the inflammation, and then it kills you.
They paid a $53,000 bounties for every person they put on a ventilator.
90% died.
It was done in every major Western country.
The same plan from New Zealand to Germany to Canada to the U.S., from Sweden to Denmark to Singapore.
And it was all completely quarterbacked, very masterfully choreographed.
When you hear Rhett Weinstein and Alma Tucker in this long clip about the play, you'll say, well, Alex, you've told us this word for word for really almost four years now.
That's when this started.
How did you know this?
Because I've read Operation Lockstep and hundreds of other reports put up by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment.
They create the policy, then it goes through the intelligence agencies, the corporations, BlackRock controls 88% of the corporations and companies or assets, and they have ESG scores.
That's right.
Their banking is taken if they don't.
And I just use that as one example of why it's the same lunacy.
And it was the same number calculated according to the currency to come out as $53,000, whether you're in New Zealand, France, the US, everywhere, $53,000 to murder.
In the UK, six months before COVID was released,
They bought the biggest stockpile, times 20-something times, of a drug that's used in anesthesia but is also known, if somebody has pneumonia, it kills you for sure.
Instead of giving people morphine when they were on ventilators, they gave them that drug.
So, and it says don't do it on the indication.
They gave them randesivir that turns your liver and kidneys off.
Okay, so this is Murder Incorporated, and I'm going to explain this again.
This was a beta test.
So, people that work for the system, professors, the Justice Department people, lawyers, politicians, bureaucrats, you're all pretending like you're on this winning team.
You are literally setting up our annihilation.
And the globalists are on record saying that it is imminent that a new virus is coming.
Ted Gross of the WHO, Bill Gates, Posh Wob, they've got a whole bunch of horrible viruses they've cooked up on record.
They've already war-gamed a bunch of them, they've got ready, that's even admitted.
And if you're not going to be politically active, if you're not going to be politically engaged, and you've got money,
Because here's the most important part, and I told you this many years ago that James Cameron, before anybody did, like five years before he came out in the news, had not just run to New Zealand, but that he had these big ships that he wrote off claiming, you know, that he had this underwater exploration company.
He just did that to write the ships off.
So, he goes and does documentaries every couple years on the Titanic and things.
No, no, he has ocean liners, like three of them.
Because he told a big movie producer that I know, who's a big liberal but I've known a long time, who came to me and said I just was you know with him and I was at his facility and he was gonna roll out a new movie theater system that's like a Pantheon and it's like an ample theater and then it's got
3D holograms.
I mean, they've had this for 50 years or longer.
Disney World.
Disneyland has the Haunted House and stuff where ghosts are running around.
It looks real.
But he just said, oh, none of this matters.
I'm not going to really make movies anymore, other than some environmental ones.
Like, Avatar, because he was let in on this.
So he's already out at the ocean.
So's Larry Page.
They've got private islands.
I told you this two years ago, because I was told by insiders, and now it's in the news, that
Mark Zuckerberg's building a, not a $100 million, it's like a $500 million bunker with submarines, marines, submarines as in plural, so you can't even see them coming and going.
He's keeping a giant, basically ocean liner off the coast 50 miles, 24 hours a day.
He's got all sorts of incredible stuff and they're all doing it.
So they're getting ready to release all this and
They just wanted to do a test, though, so the next time we stay in our houses and watch Netflix, while we die.
Okay, so, I know it's 12 Monkeys for Real, okay?
Or it's Moonraker for Real, James Bond movie, where the elites release a bioweapon to kill the majority of the planet and they go to space and come back.
So, I'm sorry that this has to happen.
I understand most of you are not going to listen until you're almost all dead.
Some of you will be immune and will survive.
This is going to be a disaster like you've never imagined.
But I do want the military personnel and others who work for these globalists, when 5-6 billion of us get wiped out during this, nobody's going to be safe.
Nuclear reactors are going to go down, big wars are going to start.
Pakistan, India, they're going to go to war.
And I just want everybody to know that then you'll know what to do to the globalists.
At least at that point, they'll be dug out of their bunkers.
So I would say, I'd say about a 60% chance if we don't get serious and take action, that we could be in this scenario in six months.
Now, I intend to stop it.
I hope you'll help me.
I told you in August they were going to roll the COVID stuff out, and they tried, and it was such a pushback, but then I said, watch, they'll try it again, and now cities all over the country first said hospitals, now they're saying city workers, now they're saying everybody's got to wear masks.
It's all back.
I've got the articles right here.
Look, this is so predictable if you'll just be conscious.
And I just don't want to have to get up here.
I was riding down to federal court for my bankruptcy a month and a half ago with my bodyguard guys that are veterans and great people and smart and held really competent jobs.
And I was telling them, you know, you need to think about your family.
I was showing them studies, about 20 million dead, that's really what it is, and the actuaries.
And I said, do you believe me?
And they said, yeah, it's just hard to get your mind around.
See, you don't have to believe me.
These are morbidity statistics.
These are the best there are.
Every country that took these shots, depending on the percentage that took it, you'll see that exact number of dead correlated.
So if this country, 60% took it, and you can pick another country where 60% took it, and then you have this massive increase in death.
And then you look at another country where only 6% took it, and there's basically almost no death.
So it's...
It's countries that didn't take these shots didn't have anything happen.
So the 17 million are in Europe, Canada, the UK, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and then other countries like Singapore and things that also followed it.
So I'm sorry this is the truth.
I'm going to go over all the documents and play the clips and show you all this and you can go to the national numbers of your country and you can see
For yourself.
So they did this.
Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, they did this.
The globalists did this, okay?
And I'm going to explain it to you again.
I know, I'm the same way.
I know you want to believe we made it through this because we're designed as winners, not to be victims and dwell on the past and just move through it.
But this was the test strike.
I'll use an analogy.
If Martians were real, hypothetical, and they tested, say, a meteor gun to fire asteroids at the Earth, and a quarter mile long asteroid hit, and was the equivalent of like 30 nukes going off, and caused tsunamis, and put dust in the sky for a year, and killed billions of people, and then if we had probes fly by Mars and saw their launch pad loading up 20 mile long,
Asteroids, it'll kill all life on the surface of the Earth, and we see them loading the asteroid into the meteor gun, we would say we've got to take them out.
We've got to stop them before they fire the big one.
Okay, so the asteroids are loaded right now, aimed at our head.
They're moving into bunkers.
They've let people in on it, like William Shatner.
He's like, I'm so sorry for the cataclysm, you're all going to die soon.
But then they tell you, oh, the new virus is coming because of global warming.
That's what's going to happen.
But there'll be a better world looking forward to the end of humanity.
It's your fault.
And you'll be at the grocery store.
And I mean, I've been in a grocery store and a CVS and seen multiple magazines, special editions about looking forward to the end of humans.
Humans are a scourge.
And Wall Street Journal, New York Times, you've seen it all.
This is a cult, folks.
And they really get off on all this.
But you know, the only reason they haven't done it is because they don't control Russia.
And if this gets released, there'll be a nuclear war.
But the globalists are so sick and so twisted, and they fetishize mass death so much, and they want to kill billions of us so bad, it's their instinct, it's their spirit, that they're gonna do it.
So, I just want everybody listening from the system that thinks you're part of the power structure, you're all dead.
And we're not going to kill you.
Hell, you're worthless.
You're like dog manure.
I don't want to step in you.
But you better find God, and you better get it straight.
And I know a lot of you aren't going to listen now.
You'll be listening when you're all dying.
And then they'll get defeated.
I'm thinking way out, in case we can't stop them.
So, when I look at my six and a half year old sweetheart daughter, or my other children, when they're little it's even harder on the heart.
Every instinct I've got is just shut down now and go get some place in the middle of nowhere, a hundred miles from nowhere, behind a hill, in a shack, so nobody wants to come even find me or deal with it.
Because let me tell you, this is going down, okay?
Your children are dead, you're dead, it'll be martial law burning, crap blowing up everywhere.
I mean, we're talking Road Warrior and collapse of civilization.
You're like, why would they do that?
Because they've got a plan to reemerge afterwards.
Let's go to Brett Weinstein explaining the U.N.
Here it is.
So what happened was it turned out that a number of us were willing to make mistakes and correct them in real time, to talk about this in plain English with the public, to do so, you know, in Joe Rogan's man cave.
And the fact is people listened because, of course, this was on everybody's mind and what they were supposed to do to protect, you know, they've been terrified and what to do to protect your family's health was a question that everybody wanted to know the answer to.
So our ability to reach millions of people surprised those who thought they were just going to shove this narrative down our throats.
And this gets me to the WHO, the World Health Organization, and its pandemic preparedness plan modifications.
What I believe is going on is the World Health Organization is now revising the structures that allowed the dissidents to upend the narrative, and they are looking for a rematch, I think.
What they want are the measures that would have allowed them to silence the podcasters, to mandate various things internationally in a way that would
Prevent the emergence of a control group that would allow us to see harms clearly.
So that's the reason that I think people as much as they want to move on from thinking about COVID.
Maybe stop thinking about COVID, but do start thinking about what has taken place with respect to medicine, with respect to public health, with respect to pharma, and ask yourself the question, given what you now know, would you want to relive a pandemic like the COVID pandemic without the tools that allowed you to ultimately in the end see clearly that it didn't make sense to take another one of these shots or to have your kids take?
We want those tools.
In fact, we need them.
And something is quietly moving just out of sight in order that we will not have access to them the next time we face a serious emergency.
So you're saying that an international health organization could just end the First Amendment in the United States?
Yes, and in fact, as much as this sounds... I know that it sounds preposterous, but... It does not sound preposterous.
The ability to do it is currently under discussion at the international level, and it's almost impossible to exaggerate how troubling what is being discussed is.
In fact, I think it is fair to say that we are
In the middle of a coup, that we are actually facing the elimination of our national and our personal sovereignty, and that that is the purpose of what is being constructed.
That it has been written in such a way that your eyes are supposed to glaze over as you attempt to sort out what is under discussion.
And if you do that, then come May of this year, your nation is almost certain to sign on to an agreement that in some
Utterly, vaguely described future circumstance.
A public health emergency, which the Director General of the World Health Organization has total liberty to define in any way that he sees fit.
In other words, nothing prevents climate change from being declared a public health emergency that would trigger the provisions of these modifications.
And in the case that some emergency or some pretense of an emergency shows up, the provisions that would kick in are beyond jaw-dropping.
Alright, Brett Weinstein is extremely respected by many of the top billionaires.
I can tell you that I know that, that he is part of major
Summit meetings with some of the biggest thinkers.
And I'm going to leave it at that.
And I know his brother is as well.
Because I know from personal experience, I'm just going to stop there.
He's one of the leading liberal intellectuals.
And he's saying, okay, and he said he really woke up last year and he says, it's impossible to overstate how bad this is.
And he just basically told you what I'm telling you.
But you're not going to relive what you did last time.
Those were training wheels, okay?
That's like if I thump you in the nose versus shoot you in the head with a shotgun.
Twelve gauge, okay?
What you saw was a thump.
Seventeen millions of thump.
This is cutting your head off.
And I'm a man.
And I'm tough.
And I am, I'm not scared.
I am determined to stop these people.
You understand, ladies and gentlemen, they're coming to kill you and your family.
Do you understand that?
Do you understand?
Nobody's safe.
These people are maniacs.
We'll be right back.
I'll tell you how we stop them.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
You know, I don't say this to attack the Kremlin.
I say this because it's a learning experience.
For a few weeks, I've said, we need to stream the show on X, where we can reach tens of millions more people.
And then it just kind of goes to the background, like, oh, I don't think we're even allowed to do that.
Oh, yeah, we are.
Now let's stream it to X. Every person we reach is absolutely critical.
And then all week, I'm like, I want my show and all the other shows to stream it out there.
But people are so trained, they don't even have that venue.
That we don't even do it.
And people tuning into the show are the same.
There's a normalcy, a learned helplessness here, where, oh, well, just Alex Jones has been talking about how they're going to release viruses and have lockdowns, and how the first few times they do it, it's a drill to train society for the new way, and this is to cut resources and save the Earth, and really it's a carbon lockdown.
I was reading this crap 15, 20 years ago.
They already had it dialed in and ready.
And I've shown you the documents.
I'm about to do it again.
And how they do it, I have their damn battle plan.
I have their freaking playbook.
Do you not understand me?
And then I go to the real Alex Jones on Twitter, and there's not even a live feed to this.
And that's like guaranteed 5 million views.
It's like, ah, it's just 5 million people.
Why do we need to warn them?
And I'm not, I'm saying this as a learning experience.
Every viewer listening to this show
Needs to be getting this show out like your life depends on it.
I'm not risking my life and going up against these people and endangering my family unless the other danger of letting them do what they want was a hundred times worse.
A thousand times.
We're in a house we can't get out of.
It's a planet.
If they burn the house down, I have to stay in the house and put the fire out because there's nowhere to go.
I know I'm in a burning house.
I know I'm in the system with the walls closing in on me.
And I see the idiots laughing and closing in on me.
They don't get it's closing in on you!
There needs to be extreme urgency!
People need to wake up and get focused!
Do you understand they have the official UN treaty that I've covered the last six, seven versions of, and it just gets worse.
And they're bringing in central bank currencies, and they're bringing in CBDCs, EFGs, ESGs, all of it.
The control grid is going into place.
They're openly saying that they're going to lock everything down with the next virus, and then they may do another training wheel.
I didn't give you a shot that kills a bunch of people and sterilizes people.
But they'll probably just go with the big one next, okay?
And I've got Yuval Noah Harari of the WEF talking about how great the virus was because it trained us all to live in lockdowns and cut our carbon footprint.
They admit that's the plan.
And King Charles says they're going to have a global mobilization.
A global mobilization.
To quote, save the Earth from the people.
The humans are the problem is the headline.
No, the globalists want power and control, and they've got all this science now, and they don't need people anymore, and they've got life extension, and they want to cull most of us off the planet.
And you can say academically, well, there are probably too many of us.
You're gonna get killed, you dumb bastard!
And let's say you agree with all these globalists and Jane Goodall and Ted Turner, they want to kill us down to 500 million.
Think they're really going to stop there?
That's the little ruling class that's going to be 500 million people?
Every real analysis of this shows gigantic nuclear wars and hell on earth, and it'll destroy the globalists right along with all the rest of us.
But they're so satanic and so driven!
They're doing it!
They're going ahead with the Doomsday Plan!
Do you understand?
We're covering the most important information in the world!
And the media makes a joke about it, so we all just subconsciously think, well, that's Alex, you know, he's yelling and screaming up there.
If I'm right, which I am, they admit it, then shouldn't you be freaked out?
I'm going to go to these breakdowns here, and I'm going to come back and show the documents.
And then I'm going to go do the syncing.
Because everybody else puts this out on X and Restreamers.
I'll just get somebody else's stream of us, and I'll put it out on Real Alex Jones.
Because it will be here in six months.
It's not going to happen.
We all know that.
So, yeah.
I mean, I am pissed at myself.
I am pissed at everybody.
Because let me tell you something.
I don't want my children dying.
You understand that?
And if somebody put a bullet in Fauci or any of these people, it'll make them victims, and we don't want that.
We want to politically, non-violently kill their operation and expose them, and then we'll have the Nuremberg Trials.
And then we'll get justice.
But I, they're such evil scum, I'm not lusting after their blood.
I want them off of us, off of our children, off our backs.
Out of our world, man.
Let them build their own stupid spaceship and leave.
Just stop doing it!
Now, as scary as all this is, okay, it's now on Real Alex Jones, good.
As bad as all this is, it's hard for people to wrap their mind around something like this.
But it didn't go well for them with their beta test.
But they're still trying it again.
I told Tucker in person and privately.
I said, you watch.
He goes, but they're discredited.
They all know they lied.
Only two percent are taking the shot.
I said, Tucker, they don't care.
They've been planning.
They're going to do it again.
They never give up.
And of course, now you see it.
I mean, the new version of the treaty is just literally arrest anybody that disagrees with the government.
Remember Australia already said this, and they're the big beta test, along with Canada.
The plans came out, and they even said it on TV.
Oh yeah, we're going to lock people up during the next pandemic.
Not just the people that might have COVID, but the troublemakers that don't go along with it.
Those are political camps, and they just rolled out in front of you like it's no big deal.
This is beyond a Trojan horse.
It's not a Trojan horse.
It's a giant army marching right up saying, let us in!
There's too many of you!
We're gonna get rid of you!
Skip the break.
We have a very narrow window to stop these people, okay?
This is the biggest mass murder operation ever carried out in human history.
This is killing World War II level people, okay?
Look at that headline.
Planetary Genocide Alert.
Top scientists, statisticians confirm COVID injections killed over 17 million people.
And you're like, we've been hearing that for a couple years.
It was 5 and 10 and 12, 17.
You've been saying 17, Alex.
Yeah, because I'm having the statisticians on and the morbidity numbers are very easy to get.
But then we got out of New Zealand.
The actual government indexing database of who had the shot, because the government was paying for the shots, it was going to Pfizer.
That was basically the exclusive provider in New Zealand, like 98% of the shots.
And so they could then index it and go, my God, most of these people died within a week of the ones that died.
Those who are survivors, sickly, you take three of the Moderna shots or the Pfizer, even though Moderna is stronger, it takes multiple times.
You have no immune system.
HIV kills the T lymphocytes, the trainer cells that go out, the super white blood cells that go out and train the regular white blood cells, the killers.
This doesn't kill your white blood cells.
They just sit there and do nothing.
Turns them off.
Three shots.
97% turn off.
And Fauci was running the whole HIV crap.
You like that, folks?
You like being given vaccine-induced AIDS?
Think it's fun?
You like it?
Think it's cute?
Now we know they're not going to release anything on us, they don't have a cure for it for their own selves.
So, yeah.
And again, I didn't just take this away to bitch the crew, they did a great job of the debate yesterday, all the rest of it.
I'm just telling you that all the listeners out there, I myself, you do get serious, and I pledge to you.
People tell me they want me to be funny, and that the show's better, the old show.
No, this isn't time to be funny.
This is time to be serious.
I've gotten so mad now that I'm already mad about the situation.
And God help us.
People say, how does it feel to be vindicated?
Yeah, I get like text messages from people, oh man, your book's like I'll perform in R.L.K.
's and Senator Paul's, don't you feel good?
I don't care less about performing better than some man.
I hope all our books are number one.
I want to stop the bioweapon attack.
I actually shot back
My friend that sent me that, nothing against him, he's the co-author, and I just said, dude, I don't, great, great.
You know what I want to stop?
I want to stop the extermination of our families.
He said, oh, I agree with you.
Yeah, but I'm saying, it's even in that, like, this is not about, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm not saying people are bad, I'm just saying, this is life and death, you understand that?
This is game time, this is in the zone time, okay?
And I was already intending to come in here and give this talk today to people.
Because I have this nagging thing I've tried to define, I have trouble, like, where it feels almost sick to even have a show.
You know, like, I'm up here chronicling our destruction as they feed our children into cultural, spiritual, physical meat grinders.
And as we watch the borders dissolve, and as we watch the hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths, and the World War III, and the blowing up of pipelines, and the Secretary of Defense didn't even
Tell anyone that he went in the hospital for five days.
They call him in the president if nukes get launched or stuff.
You understand?
And there's no one even up there running anything.
They all just, it's committees, they all have committee votes, and no one really runs anything except the agenda, because that's how they like it.
So they all get these councils, secret councils, and then so they really just play golf and take drugs and have sex all day, and while they rob the hell out of us, and they're just like, oh, we just go start a war with Russia, and yeah, we'll just do this, and we'll just arrest our political opposition, we'll just take Trump off the ballot, we'll just, they're crazy!
They're megalomaniacs, and they're gonna get everybody killed!
Like, they didn't, they thought they'd release a virus and then give us poison shots and they'd be able to suppress everyone and their internal documents show they'd still have us under lockdown right now?
I mean, they really thought this would go good?
Do you idiots know what's gonna happen when you release some virus that kills 30% of people?
End of the world type stuff, bubba!
And we know where you live!
But I don't want to see you burned out of your holes, like Hitler under the Reich Chancellery in 1945.
I want you to stop it, you demons!
I want you to recognize that you're killing yourself along with us, and you need to be in a middle institution.
The Rothschilds and all of them.
The Charlie Mungers, the Bill Gateses, the Warren Buffets, the nice little old men.
They're monsters.
I forgot that article, give me the one about the Secretary of Defense, just disappeared for five days.
And the White House wasn't even told.
It's a joke!
They got a whole bunch of commanders and leaders now, men in dresses running around up there.
This is insane!
I mean, I think about all this, and I mean, they just killed at least 17 million people, and there's more dropping dead every day.
Just everywhere.
And the infertility, the turbo cancer, and they're openly priming the pump everywhere to turn the power off and blame it on the patriots and
False flags, race war crap, cyber attacks, all of it.
And then it's just all that DC, Hollywood, Ivy League scum.
And it's being done by a handful of people because they've got a plan to organize it and contain it, they think, and control it.
So that then they don't have to share resources with the rest of us.
I mean, it's just, it's that selfish.
What's bigger than that?
They want the technology.
Because humanity is about to go Type 1 civilization.
And we are about to get major life extension technology.
They've already got it.
And they do not want the public to have all this because this will revolutionize everything and will disempower their current cabal.
And they're just scared of that.
And so they just want to end this as you know it, as a Hunger Games scenario.
It's not that they're based on Hunger Games.
Hunger Games is based on it.
Where you have high-tech districts, cities, that have high-tech and everything.
And the rest of us that are allowed to live are put in an agrarian facet to serve them.
And then they're like the
Olympian gods, or the Elysians, or the Elysium Fields, the demigod level.
They don't think they're gods yet, but they describe themselves as this.
They have movies about it called Elysium.
That was in literature 50 years ago by them.
They have movies about it because they're telling you, oh, they're out on a spaceship living like kings, not dying.
You're down here in squalor.
That's what they're doing!
That's what they're doing!
They're telling you!
Alright, I'm going to stop right there.
I'm going to start the next hour and ten minutes.
I'm going to talk some more, but I just got too angry at this point.
I was all ready to come in here with a presentation and go over all this, but I think it's good that I just got angry because before we drill into how they're doing it and how we stop them, let's first recognize what we're in.
You know, it's like you walk out in the parking lot of the grocery store and somebody hits you in the head with a baseball bat.
And then they start stealing your wife's purse.
Now you can lay there and feel sorry for yourself or you can decide to explode and jump up and jump on top of them and bash their brains out.
And I have decided in the information war that I don't like being hit upside the head with a baseball bat.
I'm going to get pissed and all that baseball bat did was wake my ass up and I'm going to bash your brains out politically in a non-violent way.
I'm going to break your neck.
I'm going to tear the nose off your face.
And I'm going to get you.
Just know that for sure.
Because I'm not here to be walked on and my family murdered by you people that think you're so superior.
You're not.
You're not.
And you're going to be defeated.
All right, I'm going to stop right there.
All right.
Let me just tell you what I got coming up here.
I'm going to start over because a lot of people just joined us.
And I'm going to talk about Brett Weinstein, I'm going to talk about Tucker Carlson, then I'm going to introduce you to this scientist and top statisticians and just another prestigious group that went and looked at the public morbidity numbers and they killed 70 million people conservatively.
Real numbers like 20-something million, okay?
And I've got it all right here and I've got presentations about it all and I've got all the raw numbers that you can go check because these are public.
But you know what wasn't public until he did it?
The head guy over the database, the only person in control, and when he went public, it was true, he was the only guy over the database, only one could put the numbers in, where they have the numbers of people who took the shots.
As you can see, it is the shots that are killing them, and when you pull that number out of the spreadsheet, it's everybody taking the shots, or the increase in death.
You understand that?
Because you can look at the worst death numbers in modern history since they took statistics, not from 2000 before the shots, but 2021, 2022, 2023.
Record deaths of not just old people, but healthy demographics.
Six-year-olds, five-year-olds, ten-year-olds, fourteen-year-olds, thirty-year-olds.
I mean, you've seen it yourself, man, they're dropping dead on TV every day!
You can't even watch a football or basketball game without cardiac arrest on the field!
And then they got public service announcements.
Imagine when you get the government contract, that turned out has been funding it, and you work at a big ad agency, and they go, yeah, we're getting ready to run ads everywhere that heart attacks are going to increase.
And you don't ask why.
Oh, we're going to call it Holiday Heart.
Everybody knows there's increased heart attacks at Christmas time.
Yeah, we're gonna have ads on the buses and billboards that they started in two thousand and twenty-one, right when the shots started.
I'm sitting there and I'm watching buses drive by that say, it's normal to have strokes when you're ten years old.
Another bus, it's normal to have heart attacks, no big deal.
It's the new normal, huh?
Jolly times.
I mean, it's all pre-programmed and you're sitting here going, what the hell?
I mean, you know.
Guys, I forgot.
Print me the FDA document, October 2000, three months before they roll the shots out, where it says probable adverse reactions, everything that happened, because they'd already tested this secretly on humans and on primates.
They've already got a primate center east of Austin that's got 10,000 monkeys in it and apes.
They're building a new one with 45,000 or 43,000.
What do you think they're doing over there?
Oh, they're getting special.
All sorts of special goodies.
Because a pig, a monkey, an ape, or a rat has the same response to every drug we do.
Those are the animals.
A pig, a monkey, an ape, a rat, or a gerbil.
And I've got the studies where Fauci, under a national initiative of Obama, at the University of Texas and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, tested this exact stuff on mice.
And it did what it's doing to us.
And that's why they put in the damn report, it's gonna cause myocarditis, heart swelling, heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, infertility, turbo cancer.
They built it for you!
And the people that took the shots, they can't admit to themselves they did this.
So we don't just have the raw death numbers to know this is doing it.
We have, from New Zealand, who took the shots from the National Database.
Because every time you take a shot, the government sends money to the vaccine maker for the person that took it.
They don't get the money unless the shot goes in them.
Because it's even incentivized.
Like that, since World War II, except they didn't get numbers out of China.
Oh, there was a bloop with good old Mount Satung.
Conservatively, he killed 85 million of his own people.
But see, that wasn't on the radar, because they were behind an iron curtain of death.
And now we're going behind one too.
You ready to get killed?
You think it's fun?
Think it's gonna be nice?
This is a fact.
This is going on.
This is happening.
We cannot let them do it.
We have to expose them.
We have to stop them.
We have to get serious.
We have to understand we're in a life and death situation!
I'm fighting hard not to not to Hulk out, man.
It's really trying right now.
I haven't felt like this since I was like 16, man.
God, I just have real issues with anger.
Because I just, I just, you know, if I got messed with or attacked, this is what happened.
And, and, and they are, they are attacking us.
And this is a normal response, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, I could cry, too.
I feel like that, too, you know?
Oh, my God.
Planned Parenthood selling all the millions of baby parts, keeping them alive.
It's in the federal documents they deliver nine-month-old babies alive to research facilities.
And then we ask, was Jeffrey Epstein screwing kids with the government?
Of course, that's what they do!
You don't get into the positions of power now unless you're raping kids bare minimum, okay?
So when you see these secretaries and leaders, they screw little kids, okay?
Get that through your head.
Yeah, they're pedophiles.
That's just one level.
That's bare minimum.
All right, so yeah, yeah, they're bad.
Where did the 87,000 missing kids Biden brought in are out of the 400-something thousand?
Bunch of them are dead.
Yeah, they like to kill them too.
They'll want to kill you!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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You're listening to Alex Jones.
Again, I mean, they're killing people.
And they think it's funny.
And now they're gearing up for even more devastating attacks.
I mean, this is life and death.
They don't want to just rule over us and rob us.
They want to kill us.
So I got so upset last hour that I'm just beyond angry right now.
And because I sit here and I read these documents and I've just got... I need to get to them.
And we are.
I'm just... It's just... This stuff is already public.
Like, everyone should have this.
Everybody should know all this.
And I have to beg people to care.
Because they've instilled in us such incredible selfishness.
But it's beyond selfishness.
It's like if you've ever been to the part of the country where nobody hunts deer and they're just walking right up to you.
Now you go to the part of the country where people hunt them, the deer are hard to find.
There are a lot of them there, but they're hiding.
Or they're out at night.
See, people are domesticated.
It's like pigs.
A normal pig, come right up to you, pat it on the head, even though you're going to be eating it in a week, is bacon, and ham, and sausage.
But you take hogs, just in one or two generations, they have a couple, you know, litters a year, and they got long hair and big old tusks and are crazy and just meaner now.
You shoot one of the hogs now, and you don't get to it right away, the other hogs eat it live.
They eat it.
They turn right on themselves and just eat it.
And the globalists have created a domesticated population, but they don't really need you for anything anymore.
They don't want you to have a swimming pool and go to college and have kids and go to church.
They want you dead.
And they have no respect for you because you won't admit they're doing it.
I don't want their respect.
I want them out of my life.
I want them to go away.
But they tried to hire me.
They respect me.
And they say the public's too dumb.
You don't understand how dangerous they are.
They've got to be gotten rid of.
And in a way that's true, because the general public will become more and more evil like the globalists are.
They're the biggest spoiled brats.
They just know how stuff works.
So, you're right.
All this milk and honey has made people evil and lazy, and the globalists are the manifestation of that, looking at itself in the mirror, saying, we've got to get rid of these people, because they're going to eat us alive.
Morality is what we need.
Being good and honorable.
And Lord knows I'm not perfect.
Man, I've been around the block a lot, okay?
But I know what's right.
And I've gotten better and better as I get older.
But with these globalists, they get worse and worse and worse.
Fine wine gets better over time.
Milk rots.
And these globalists are like 20-year-old milk carton in the refrigerator.
It's as hard as a rock.
If you open it up, it stinks.
Alright, I'm done with the metaphors.
I'm gonna try to get my mind together.
It's hard to read this stuff and know it all and then like come back and talk about it again because I'm upset, okay?
And because there's like 10 groups at least, prestigious groups that have looked the numbers and say, depending on how you cut it, 17 to 23 million dead and it just keeps going up from the damn shot.
And again, you can say, I don't care.
Those are mothers and fathers and sons and daughters.
They have families.
But you understand how that weighs down on the culture?
And do you understand that the medical system is being weaponized to know what's going on, and extract it, and the good nurses and doctors get out, and they bring in bad ones that'll do even worse stuff?
This was a dry run for the big one!
A dry run for the big one!
Nuclear war, you could say is hypothetical, even though it's a serious danger.
But, they already did this, and they are openly bragging how they're going to do it, and they've got all these movies out about how great it is when they kill all of us.
And, I mean, folks, do you really want to die?
I mean, do you really?
You understand this is going on, right?
And look, I know our general audience gets that.
And you can say this is gloom and doom.
No, it's not.
This is going on, okay?
It's positive we're on air.
It's positive we're reaching a lot of people.
And we've got to do it like our lives depend on it because they do.
Okay, I'm going to zen out.
I had a big brainstorm before the show and I just, I just, I'm going to get together.
Your own government mass murdering is a big deal.
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If you want to really get in shape for this thing about to come, get the HGH and get that testosterone boost, man.
Get in the gym.
Because I'm in the best shape of my life because of your product.
And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to not lose the greatest symbol against tyranny the world has ever seen.
And that's our American flag.
And with that, I appreciate.
Love InfoWars.
I'll listen to you the day I die or you go off air.
But I'm going to do my part to make sure you don't have a heart attack.
Have a great day.
You are listening to an InfoWars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I'm going to lay out the most important information happening on our planet today, hands down, right now.
Today I did another deep dive, collating the 10, 10 that I know of, major respected consortiums of academic scientists, top statisticians, insurance company actuarialists, the top names in the insurance companies, particularly, say there's 20 plus million dead from the COVID shots.
The low number 17 mil and growing.
All right.
Now, because of New Zealand, it's the only country where we have the insider over the national database, one guy was over it, and he integrated it in with the shot database, and then the morbidity database, and it was people taking the shot that were dying.
Now you can see it's happening.
If everybody goes to a party and drinks the iced tea and everybody gets deathly ill, people look at their blood tests and they say, yeah, somebody put arsenic in the tea.
Or if everybody dies, you test the tea and it's cyanide.
You know, like everybody dies, the police go, test all this food, test this.
And they go, yes sir, they put gloves on, mask on, they go test it, yeah, it's cyanide.
So you don't even need to be a pathologist to know we had record deaths after the shots.
It's the shots, not during COVID, the first year.
But now we have the numbers from New Zealand, they're hiding them everywhere else, of the specific morbidity charts and the names versus the database of who took the shot.
All in one database, because they're tracking you.
And the statistician people, the expert, they start crying, because it's like, what?
And then the government's battle to cover it up, because they're all singing to the WEF UN sheet of music.
So thank God for Barry Young, who they're prosecuting.
Tried to put him in prison for a decade for not releasing any names.
He blacked those out.
But he released the database, and now they want to put him in prison.
So, think about that level of evil.
Where are the big demonstrations to support him?
The guy deserves a Medal of Honor.
Because in a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
So, I'm not going to play the longer Brett Weinstein clip, I'm talking about the short one, where he just talks about this, then I'm going to show you some documents, and then I'm going to go into these breakdowns by these scientists, and we did talk to the scientist.
He's going to be on the show either tomorrow or Tuesday, Dennis Rancourt, who helped put this international team together.
And put out this report that's all the wrong government statistics around the world.
That's just the synopsis.
It's got links to other reports and breakdowns and everything's bibliographed.
It's two-sided pages here and it's the same damn signature all across the world.
I need to be a pathologist that if I walk up to you or somebody walks up to you and hits you full power with a hatchet and the carotid artery that you're probably gonna die.
And then somebody hits you in the neck with a hatchet and cuts your carotid artery, hits the other one, you fall down, you're dead, and then they're like, you're not a doctor, you can't say he's dead, you don't know!
But we do have the doctors now, and we have the government databases.
They did it!
You watch a car run off a cliff and blow up in flames at the bottom with people in it, you know they're dead.
But we have the actual pathology reports.
We have everything.
We have them.
And then people are like, man, aren't you happy?
Boy, everybody really thinks you're cool!
I mean, I guess it's great that I go to a restaurant or I go to the grocery store and thank you.
It's like half the people.
It's like Fight Club.
Oh, great job.
We're with you.
We know they're all criminals.
What are we going to do?
I mean, so yeah, it's good people are waking up.
But listen, I don't care about that.
I want to stop them murdering my family.
And I care about yours, too.
But I'll tell you,
I'm sitting there talking and playing board games with my six-and-a-half-year-old daughter today, and she's so sweet and innocent, and I just keep thinking about Bill Gates, and I'm just like, I'm like a caged tiger, like what am I gonna do?
I mean, I'm just waiting for them to release another weapon, and he says it's imminent, starts laughing on TV about it?
But we're taught to bow to authorities, so it's like, well, he's the guy on TV, and the Justice Department, they're just, no, they're a bunch of criminals at the top.
Smuggling children into the country to do everything you can imagine to.
I mean, we're rotten folks at the top.
We're decadent.
We're as evil as anything ever walked on this earth, okay?
And now you wonder why we're getting total bondage and mass death.
That's what crazy people do because there's a problem about evil.
Skip the break.
You study cycles.
Bad times make strong men.
And you know the story.
Bad times make strong men, strong men make good times, good times make weak men, weak men make bad times.
If you study history, you know that.
But the cycles just go on for hundreds of years sometimes, usually about 88.
And they're super cycles.
But you can have some dictator that just wants a monopoly and power, maybe wants to take over a nearby country.
And then they get their spoiled rotten group under them gets in power and then a psycho group.
And then if there were older people in the establishment or old groups that didn't want to kill everybody.
But because they're corrupt, they leave the corruption in place, so more evil people than them take over, and it's a synthesis.
Like panning for gold, but they're panning for evil.
You go down the river and you pan the silt and find little pieces of gold.
No, evil and corruption and allowing corruption to grow is a synthesis that then gives you the purest, most psychotic killers you could ever have.
And so that's why, at the end of a decadent cycle,
They'll launch giant wars, they'll cut the food off, they'll just burn down their own city to kill the poor, they'll start murdering everybody, they'll order the first born killed, they'll erect temples and order children burned alive, because that's what they like to do!
Because we didn't restrain them!
So, what do pagans do?
They have human sacrifice.
What do pagans do?
They don't value children.
What does Western civilization and Christianity do?
Value children.
All right, I'm done explaining it.
Let's go to the Weinstein clip.
And the point is, this is all coming out.
And then he went further in the clip we already played and said, the UN's got a world treaty with Big Pharma to shut everybody down and totally take over.
And basically, it's impossible to overstate this.
Obviously, they're getting ready to release something else again, and it's going to be just as bad or worse.
Yeah, exactly.
And you have to come to that understanding because they're saying they're about to do it and giggling and laughing.
Alright, here's Weinstein.
Um, there was a press, I was recently at a conference in Romania on the COVID crisis, and so there was a lot of work trying to unpack what we actually understand, and I saw a credible estimate of something like 17 million deaths globally from this technology, so... 17 million deaths from the COVID vax?
Well, you know, when you scale up to billions, it's not hard to reach a number like that with a technology this dangerous.
Now, to your deeper question, I think, let's steel man.
So, just for perspective, I mean, that's like the death toll of a global war.
This is a great tragedy of history.
So, that proportion.
And, amazingly,
There is no way in which it's over.
I mean, we are still apparently recommending these things for healthy children.
Never stood any chance of getting any benefit from them.
Every chance of suffering harms that are not only serious, but tragic on the basis that children have long lives ahead of them.
If you ruin a child's immune system in youth, they have to spend the rest of their presumably shortened life in that state.
Never made any sense that we were giving this to kids in the first place.
The fact that we're still doing it when the emergency, to the extent there even was one, is clearly over.
And when there's never been any proper justification of administering it to healthy kids.
Healthy kids don't die of COVID.
And the shot doesn't prevent you from catching or transmitting it.
So there was just literally no justification you could come up with.
All right, this is a 25-minute presentation I'm about to play.
And they've got multi-day conferences are up there.
There's a thread on my ex-account at Real Alex Jones where I posted this and where you can see this 25-minute report.
If you follow that thread, it's got the full conference and the numbers.
And then, again, here's the big report that links to all the government websites and insurance companies and shows you the numbers globally, okay?
So that's 17 million dead.
But first, I wanted to show you this.
They also did about a nice, really good boil down.
It's about 10 minutes long that I'm also going to be getting to.
I thought I had it on the list.
So I'm there the longer clip first, but I'll get to the crew and we'll have it.
It's not there.
But I wanted to show you this.
This is FDA safety surveillance of COVID-19 vaccines draft working list of possible adverse event outcomes.
The arthritis, the heart attacks, the myocarditis, the strokes, the blood clots, the deaths.
It's all here.
And that's on the FDA website from October 2020.
Three plus years ago.
So, they knew.
And I didn't just get that from this.
I got the University Studies.
Obama, in a directive, created this for you and your family.
Because he's a nice person.
We understand.
I mean, he's a black guy.
He's a loving, good man.
Really cares about everybody.
And if you don't like him doing that, you're a racist.
See, they use front people that are black and women.
You go to a globalist event, that's all their spokespersons now.
It's a total front.
They're going to kill everybody in the third world.
They're guaranteed to get killed.
So let's go ahead and go to Dr. Dennis Rancourt and the longer presentation.
Go ahead and roll that.
No, I'm not asking... Okay, I'm going to talk about something quite different.
I'm going to talk about all-cause mortality.
I'm not going to be concerned about what caused the death.
We're just going to count deaths.
And I'm going to show you data for Romania as well.
And all of the graphs and results that I will be presenting are in several scientific reports that I myself and collaborators have been writing for the last three or more years, and they can be found on this website, the scientific reports.
And these are my main collaborators on the all-cause mortality research, and two of them are in the room here with us.
They're from Prague and another place that I told them I wouldn't forget the name of, and I just did.
I'm sorry about that, Jeremy.
And so I want to start the historic record
Almost 1900.
I'll show some data starting in 1900.
I want to start really at the beginning of COVID, if you like.
Now, all-cause mortality, you're just counting deaths.
And this is the case of France from 1946 on, just after the Second World War.
And what you find everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere is that death is higher, is larger in the wintertime.
It comes down in the summertime, and so it has a seasonal pattern.
That's very regular This has been known for more than a hundred years, and I would argue that it's not completely understood.
I would argue that it's understood But this is what the pattern looks like by months, so we're looking at mortality by month in France and if you integrate
By year, by cycle year, around each winter from summer to summer in France, it looks like this.
So there can be an intense winter followed by a lower winter and so on.
And the pattern looks like that.
So since the end of the Second World War, mortality on a population basis has been decreasing mostly.
And it's typically 1% of the population that dies in a given year.
So this is the kind of data we're going to deal with.
And that last year is the first year of the so-called pandemic.
And now if we go to the USA to give another example, I can do all-cause mortality.
This is by year now for a particular age group.
This is the 15 to 24-year-old age group, and I've separated into male and female, so you've got the two colors there.
And this graph allows us to illustrate what you can see when you measure mortality, which is a hard figure.
Nobody can tell you that the government didn't count the deaths correctly because they're very serious about counting deaths.
And it's a legalistic process.
And so this is hard data.
And this is what you see.
You see that there was an event in 1918.
That event was recovered by the CDC and called the Spanish Flu.
I know, and there are several scientific articles that show that this was not a viral respiratory disease.
No one over 50 years old died in that huge peak of mortality.
Only young adults and families and teenagers died in that peak.
And, you know, the rich didn't die in that period.
So, that was 1918, and then in the United States you have something called the Great Depression, huge economic collapse, followed by an economic related, the Dust Bowl, which was an environmental catastrophe, partly, and those were the big hardships, recent hardships in the USA, and you can see the mortality there in both men and women in those periods.
Then in the Second World War you see that men
Have a mortality whereas women do not and I think we all understand why and in the Vietnam War period you can see that that there is a hump in mortality for the men.
This is what you can see in all cause mortality and so in conclusion.
I've been studying all-cause mortality extensively in more than a hundred countries on all the continents except Antarctica, obviously, and in great detail by unit time, by week, by day, by month, by age group, by sex, and I can tell you
That the only thing you can see in all-cause mortality data are the following things.
Seasonal variations like I explained.
A maximum in the winter and in the southern hemisphere it's reversed.
Their winter is our summer.
That's when they have a maximum of mortality.
In the equatorial region, there is no seasonal variation in mortality.
There's no spikes.
It's a flat line.
So there's seasonal variation that follows the hemispheres.
You can see wars, like I mentioned.
You can see economic collapses.
Huge economic collapses that affect populations.
You can see summer heat waves in northern latitudes that are not used to having a very hot period in the summer.
That kills people.
Sometimes because they fall down the stairs when it's really hot.
But it kills people and you can see a peak that lasts about a week in one of these hot spells.
You can see earthquakes.
Right away, you see the earthquake.
People get crushed by buildings, you count the dead, and you see a peak due to earthquakes.
But we do not see or detect any of the CDC-claimed pandemics that occurred in 1957, 58, 68, 2009.
Those pandemics, those so-called pandemics, do not give rise to any excess all-cause mortality that can be detected in any jurisdiction and or by any means.
Excess death cannot be detected on the national or state scale for these so-called pandemics.
So they did not cause excess death, whatever they are.
And then you have, I explained 1918, then we have the COVID period.
And in the COVID period, there was a huge assault.
There were many a multi pronged assault against people, vulnerable people in many different jurisdictions.
So depending on what the state did before they brought in the vaccines, I'll talk about the vaccines as well.
But depending on what the states did, they caused excess mortality, sometimes huge amounts of it.
And I'll show you examples of that.
So, um,
So, first I want to tell you that something just happened socially as part of the propaganda, which is that the Nobel Prize was awarded for this so-called vaccine.
And I want to show you how absurd this is because all the politicians that were supporting this were claiming that tens of millions of lives were saved by the vaccine, this magical vaccine for which we had given the Nobel Prize.
Well, we looked at that
We looked at the basis for that claim.
And the basis for the claim is an article that appeared in Lancet Infectious Diseases in 2022 by Watson et al.
And they claim that between 14 and 19 million lives were saved.
So we, as physicists, as scientists, we said, OK, if that's what you're claiming, let's calculate and see what that would look like
On the scale of all-cause mortality by time.
And so let's start somewhere.
And let's go to Canada.
And we see the seasonal cycle.
So this is all-cause mortality on a scale that starts at zero.
And let's look at the seasonal variation.
That vertical line is the declaration of the pandemic.
The very first peak you see in blue there is Canada killing elderly people and vulnerable people in hospitals and in care homes because of aggressive initial treatments because they were concerned about this so-called pandemic.
And this happened in many hot spots in Western countries, but it did not happen in any of the Eastern European countries or in Russia.
So depending on the country, depending on what they did, that's the thing.
It did not happen in Germany where they were not doing this.
Well, hit pause.
Yeah, and again, that was the bounty in the key countries, the $53,000 adjusted to every currency that's equivalent to $53,000, all battle-planned perfectly, to then murder them with the ventilators, the rendezvous, and the rest of it, while locking the families out so they could commit the murders.
And in places like New York,
Leftist Hotspots LA, it would be only a few of the big hospitals where all the deaths happened.
Because the little ones and stuff weren't going to murder people.
They didn't have nurses and doctors that wanted to kill people and get the $53,000.
So there's hotspot cities and then hotspots within those all over the world where they were on the operation.
But we're going to go to break.
Not as for the dead and what they did, but because they're going to do it again.
And they're licking their sick lips while they talk about it.
I mean, it'd be like if somebody pulled up my office and was walking around it with a 50-gallon gas can, dumping gasoline.
I'd go out and put a gun to their head and say, don't light a match and call the police.
Well, I mean, they're literally pouring gasoline on all of us, laughing and giggling right now, and they're pulling out a pack of matches, saying, I'm going to light this.
And I'm like, no, you're not.
No, you're not.
You scum.
You psychos.
There's hidden 12 monkeys where a guy fictitiously, you know, in a movie, puts a bioweapon in an airport.
This is really going on.
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By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections masquerading as vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious
You realize, Akron's not bliss, it equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a dystopian reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, and they're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around, because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
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January 2024 is here, and that means up to 60% off at InfoWarStore.com, free shipping and double Patreon points.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
I'm gonna play like 18 more minutes of this.
There's like a 12-minute piece.
I think we've got time to get in.
If not, I'm gonna ask Chase to play.
I've started a show Sunday live that goes from 6 to 8 p.m.
I'll be covering all this tomorrow because it's 100% clear and a lot of the really big smart people agree it's going down.
I mean, I'm trying to save my life and my family's life and your life, too.
We're all in this together.
And again, I wish this wasn't true.
So, after I play this longer clip, though, I'm going to play Evaldo Harari bragging about how great the pandemic was to cut carbon.
That means cut people.
And how it's going to train us to not have money and not be able to travel.
And they're all saying it.
New York Times, London Guardian.
It's just they think you're stupid and they sit there and brag about it.
How they control our governments.
How they control half the cabinets of the world.
And Larry Fink prancing around.
They hate you, okay?
They hate my children.
They hate me.
My children!
So stand up for yourselves, dammit.
Make this information number one.
And it's becoming that, and we're going to beat them.
I'll tell you why I'm really fired up.
We've got a good chance of beating them.
We've got a good chance, folks, but we've killed so many of our own babies and done so much stuff.
God has given us a chance to turn this around.
And if we don't do it, God's going to say, fine, and He's going to let them kill us.
And I guess the bad stuff I did will come back on me.
Because I killed my children.
I didn't understand it.
I repented of it when I was young.
But I was involved in abortions.
And God, I imagine those kids, I'd fight and die for them so much right now, I love my children so much, and I can't believe I did that!
And now they're just gonna take more away!
You're gonna let them do that to you?
You think it's funny?
You know, the sick part of me, though, at least all these leftists are gonna die.
Patel, they're the ones taking the shots, dying anyways.
Let's just go back to the report, here it is.
The computer's been freezing up today when it rains pores.
This happened in many hotspots in Western countries, but it did not happen in any of the Eastern European countries or in Russia.
So depending on the country, depending on what they did, that's the thing.
It did not happen in Germany where they were not doing this.
Then we go on and we bring in the vaccines, and they are claiming that this vaccine, which is the number of vaccines is that grey curve, that's the cumulative vaccine doses being given in Canada.
And what you see is they're claiming that, thank God we brought in the vaccines at that time, because otherwise we would have had the mortality in red there.
They're claiming that their vaccine saved us from having the mortality in red, that they calculated.
They're claiming that there would have been mortality like we've never seen in the history of a human society and that, thank God, this vaccine came at just the time when there would have been this incredible mortality and saved us and brought down the mortality to basically the same level we've always had.
That's what the vaccine did.
Not halfway down, not somewhere in between, but just brought things down.
This is the magic of the vaccine that is explained by the magic of mathematical models written by...
Bought-out scientists working for bought-out politicians.
So, it is not true.
The vaccine did not save lives.
In fact, and I'll show Romania, I'll skip some slides.
This is Canada again, but instead of showing raw, all-cause mortality, we've corrected the mortality to show only the excess of mortality.
And therefore,
You have a flat baseline until the pandemic and then you can see the excesses that occur at various times depending on what the government was doing.
And again, the curve of predicted saved lives.
Now we can do this in the United States.
The United States was a country that treated, that had many more vulnerable people health-wise than Canada, and treated them very aggressively.
So the baseline, if you like, excess all-cause mortality in blue there, has huge features which you do not see in Canada.
And this is a very strange virus that we're dealing with here because it carries a passport.
It refused to cross from the U.S.
into Canada, despite the fact that it's thousands of kilometers of the two biggest exchange partners, you know, on the continent.
The vaccine was not crossing borders.
It didn't cross initially into Germany.
When we draw maps of intensity of excess mortality, we see that the vaccine has definite
Passports, depending on jurisdiction.
In other words, this was not a spreading viral respiratory disease.
Our conclusion from studying all the all-cause mortality, I'll tell you our conclusion before we get there, is that our data, this hard data, contradicts the idea that there was a particularly virulent pathogen that came onto the planet,
And that spread and that caused havoc by itself.
Instead what we see is that everywhere that there is excess mortality.
You can understand it in terms of the incredible aggressive treatments that were done and the vaccines, which you can quantify.
I gave you the conclusion ahead of time.
I'm skipping ahead a bit.
But no matter.
This is what Europe looks like.
Overall Europe, or the countries that we were able to include here, it looks quite similar to the US, the situation in the US.
Now let me show you Romania.
In Romania,
There is no excess mortality at the beginning, right after the pandemic is announced.
That just is a feature of hotspots in the Western European countries.
But then there is a massive excess peak that starts.
We're going to talk about that a little bit more because we don't
I'm starting to understand it as I talk to people who know more about Romania.
And then the vaccines are rolled out, and I know that Romanians didn't get vaccinated maybe as much as others, but still, the claim in this theoretical paper is that the excess mortality would have been that red line, if there had not been the vaccines.
But what I see when I look at that pattern is that there's a peak right when you start rolling out the vaccines, then there's a really large peak when you roll them out again,
And then there's, you see that last peak there is directly associated to the booster doses that were given.
So I'm going to look at that in some detail at the end of the talk.
I just want to back this up because I know this backwards and forwards, you can look this up yourself.
And it's directly related as people stop taking as much, it goes down again.
But what the experts predicted was when you got the second and third, it would turbocharge it because it has an amplifying effect.
Okay, so it all fits perfectly.
Not this theoretical redline stuff of what theorists are telling us, but coming back to the hard data, this is what it looks like in the United States.
So on the bottom you have all-cause mortality by month, you have the vertical line in each graph that shows the announcement of the pandemic, and mysteriously,
At the announcement of the pandemic, there are hot spots synchronously at the same time in hot spots around the world where there's this huge initial peak of mortality.
I was the first to write an article about that and to point out that normally
Viruses do not follow political directives, and they don't, so it has to be something else.
And also there's no evidence that there was spread in this feature.
It happens synchronously in the whole northern hemisphere, for example, and there's no evidence that it then spread.
It was localized, it stayed there, and it was due mostly to extremely aggressive medical treatments.
Uh, because the medical teams were told, they were propagandized, that there was this horrible virulent thing that was just going to come down on us and now we've just announced it's a pandemic.
So they had a license to try whatever
Help they could give, and sometimes they prescribed too much, they entubed people with mechanical respirators, a ghastly thing to do, and the places that did this most aggressively, these treatments, and we can follow that in our data, had the largest peaks of this type.
Northern Italy?
Even Stockholm was protecting the elderly, especially, and they had a peak like that.
And New York City, obviously, is well known.
So this is mainly the New York City peak that you see in the U.S.
data here.
Then the curve in the middle is all-cause mortality again, but by week now, a finer time resolution, so you can see more of the details.
And the curve on top is a blow-up of that.
And what you see for the first time in recorded history in the U.S., in the mortality history, is peaks occurring in mid-summer in the United States.
Unheard of.
And so I put black dots there to show them.
The first one occurs at a time when they were really aggressing poor people who live in the very hot southern states, and the integrated mortality for that correlates with poverty.
If you were poor, you died at that time.
If you were not, you didn't die.
And then they brawled out the vaccines, and
The summer peak you get on rolling out the vaccine there is from what they called vaccine equity, which meant they hired thousands of people in the U.S.
to go and vaccinate everyone who hadn't been vaccinated yet, who was resisting or who was far away in a care home, and they aggressively went and vaccinated all those people.
Yeah, stop it again.
Back in five seconds.
This is so important.
I want to take this, because it's a great presentation, great facility, but of course, the sound guy, there's a buzz on it.
We're going to put this out again on Band-Aid video on Facebook or Twitter tomorrow.
We'll fix the buzz.
But the point is, this is all solid information.
I'm going to get clips.
Remember, oh, we're going to give it to the black people.
The poor, they get it first.
And Moderna said, or Pfizer, I'm not going to take it until the poor get it first.
And it was like, the poor get it first, and the women, and the minorities.
Isn't it liberal?
It's so loving.
And then that's who they got.
They also bombed conservative areas with the hot doses that even had more of the poison in it.
We've documented that.
Let's continue.
Which meant they hired thousands of people in the U.S.
to go and vaccinate everyone who hadn't been vaccinated yet, who was resisting or who was far away in a care home.
And they aggressively went and vaccinated all those people.
It was funded by Gates and all those people.
And they produced that huge peak of mortality in the U.S.
So that's what the U.S.
mortality in recent times COVID looks like.
If you look at now mortality in the U.S.
by age group, you can see the age groups there, 0 to 24 years, 25 to 44, and so on.
Before they vaccinate, the percent increase, the excess mortality expressed as a percent of the baseline mortality for the age group looks like that on top.
And in the vaccination period, the age structure of mortality changes dramatically and shifts towards younger individuals.
That doesn't mean that quantitatively the elderly were not dying.
Most of the deaths are in the elderly, as you would expect, but this is expressed as a percentage of the baseline.
So in those terms, it shifts to younger people.
And in the U.S., the total excess mortality in
The COVID period as a whole correlates perfectly with poverty in the state for the 50 states in the United States.
You will never see this in social science, such a strong correlation.
It's very rare.
And not only is it a strong correlation, we call it, it's technically called a very good correlation when it's that value of the correlation coefficient, and it goes through the origin.
Which means it's not just a correlation, it's a proportionality.
The more poor you had in the state, the more people died in that state.
Directly proportional.
So this tells you, that's another thing that viruses don't do.
They don't select to only kill poor people.
That doesn't happen.
That's not a signature of a viral infection.
So our model of what's been going on to cause mortality in the great majority of jurisdictions that we saw is the following model.
We stress the literature, well first of all, there is what governments did.
The socio-economic impact, many people lost their jobs, lost their social contacts, lost their regular activities, lost their position in society.
So incredible stress related to that.
There was regulatory rules of all kinds.
There was institutional pressures put on people.
There were all kinds of conditions that you know about.
And in some countries, it was much more violent than others.
In Peru, they hired 10,000, they called in 10,000 military reservists.
To go and find all the people that could be found that would test positive for COVID, and they would extract them from their families, no matter how old they were, and isolate them.
And there's a huge mortality peak in Peru as a result of that practice.
So there was aggression.
It caused psychological stress and social isolation.
And scientifically, that is known to depress the immune system dramatically.
This is very well established.
It's a whole area of science to study this, this relationship with stress.
And so therefore you have that reduction in the immune system, and so you are more vulnerable to every kind of infection.
And when you have, in a large population,
Depressed immunity.
One of the organs that's most susceptible to immediately being infected is the lungs, because you already have an entire ecosystem of bacteria and everything in your own mouth and in your respiratory tract, and many of those can become quite dangerous to your lungs.
So you get bacterial pneumonia.
And my time's up, and I didn't even get to the vaccines or Romania.
So I'll just show you the Romania data, okay?
So again, this is years of work, more than 30 scientific reports about science related to COVID that you can find on my various websites, on our websites.
All right, let's stop right there.
I've decided, Chase Geiser is here ready to come in the next two hours, but I've decided to host into the next hour until this is all complete.
I got a lot that I haven't hit.
And it'll just be the same feed, InfoWars.com forward slash show.
The feed at RealAlexJones on Twitter.
Some radio stations don't carry Sunday Night Live.
We love those stations.
Please support them.
But if they don't cover the 6 to 8 o'clock Sunday show, everybody needs to go find this at RealAlexJones and InfoWars.com.
I'll actually have all these videos posted in the live show feed.
There's a bunch I haven't gotten to.
And you can go to RealAlexJones and find my post.
On Twitter, formerly TwitterX, and share this, okay?
So the one reason I'm so mad is I spent a lot of time yesterday, even though we had the live debate, after the debate, watching this, and this morning, and I just, I've learned to control my anger, but this is the first time in many years I'm like completely pissed off right now.
But that's a normal response, folks.
But we don't want to just be angry.
We want to expose these murderers and stop them from doing it again.
And that's a whole other area of discussion.
They're running around, giggling, laughing.
You've seen them.
Ha ha ha, new pandemic's coming, much worse.
This one's going to hit the children.
Watch it, Will.
And then the shot will hit them even worse.
And they'll say, oh, it's the disease doing it.
Oh, COVID's causing heart attacks.
Didn't do it the first year.
The minute the shots come in, it does.
Alright, now he did a really good job in a nice 10 minute synopsis.
We'll play it at the start of the next hour.
to the press where he just boiled it all down into 10 minutes.
That's really the most powerful video.
But for some reason, I didn't send it to us.
We didn't play that first.
But he continues on through here.
There were several days of this that Brett Weinstein went to and others went to, and they checked all the data.
Like I said, there's nine other major groups I know of that have put out basically the same data.
It's all there.
But the numbers are usually even higher.
This is a very conservative.
We're talking 20 plus million debt.
OK, and it's continuing.
OK, so most people die in the first month.
Okay, that's the most dramatic, or that's the highest spike.
But actually, the majority of the death comes in the next year, and we don't know further out.
We're almost three years into this, okay, of the shots.
Four years into the release of it, as we speak.
So, this is it.
This is the decision to kill everybody.
Let's, let's, again, most people have a psychological defense mechanism.
This is not a Netflix show.
This is not 12 Monkeys.
This is not entertainment.
And I have no fear risking my life to do this.
And it's not because I'm a hero.
I have no fear because we're all dead.
Most of us are dead under this plan.
The only chance we have is fighting this.
People need to understand that.
That's why when people call and say, you're a hero,
I shut them down because that's not what this is.
This is survival instinct, okay?
This is normal.
This is the normal response, okay?
And speaking of that, the crew was reminding me because when I don't plug, we're going to be shut down.
We need funds to continue to operate.
I told you we'll stay on air.
I told you we're going to win.
I told you we've got a plan.
I told you it's working.
And they said, no, he's being shut down, millions of dollars, all that crap, none of that's going to happen as long as you support us.
And then you also saw the dual lie that Jones has $400 million in court, no documents, no evidence, financial expert, never saw our books.
We could not respond in Texas or Connecticut when they put these people on the stand to say Jones has $400 million.
Now you pull up Alex Jones Bankruptcy, it's like, well, outside accounting firms looked at it and Jones made $3 million a year and paid half of it in taxes.
And then the money I had was for infrastructure, lawyers, I got a nice house, decent car, I mean, I'm wearing, you know, eight, seven, eight-year-old shirts.
I don't do this for money.
I do this for liberty and freedom, but I need money to fight.
So now I'm, it's $4 million in the hole, I was $3 million a few months ago, I'm $4 million in the hole personally, because the judge in the bankruptcy thing makes me pay half the legal bills of free speech.
But that's all coming to an end, the judge said, in February.
And they still have not increased my pay.
I'm paid $600,000 a year.
I'm not complaining, I'm telling you, the state of M4 is where I come back with all this.
So I'm given $600,000 a year, and the legal bills are about $5 million a year for me.
Fighting the Deep State Democratic Party.
That's cheap, folks.
Trump spent like $600 million as of months ago, I don't know what it is now, on lawyers, in the last four years.
I mean, they just come after you.
But it's okay.
As long as you support us and get great products that enrich and empower your life,
Then, we stay on air, alright?
So, get a copy of The Great Awakening, or The Great Reset.
Great Reset's part one.
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Well, it's not paying the bills.
So, you have to understand, I don't get the money from the other products.
I get the money from the book and that's the chink in the armor because I can't pay my bills.
I literally, it's $100,000 a month.
That's the money of me spending savings that's gone to pay the legal bills.
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I'm not bitching.
I'm giving you an update.
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So, even if we sell out of all of the Enforced Platinum Line, which is an amazing private label of already three best sellers in the country, and then it's basically sold out, that doesn't even pay
Up to half of what I owe.
It's okay.
God's going to come through.
It's okay.
Free speech is making enough money.
They're in the black a little bit.
Some of the crew hadn't had bonuses in years and hadn't had raises.
A few of them actually got raises around here.
So that's great.
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Not complaining.
That's where I'm at.
You can also go to DefendJones.com and you can make a straight up donation of $5, $100, whatever you can.
And I appreciate the folks that have done it.
And you don't hear me plug it a lot because I don't want to waste time talking about me.
But then I'm in accounting meetings and they're like, dude, you need to find out how to get some money.
So these judges are arbitrary.
It's how they operate.
It's God's plan.
But I need God to work through you and have you go to DefendJones.com, make a donation, or get the book, or get the InfoWars Platinum Products at InfoWarsStore.com.
InfoWarsStore.com or 888-253-33139.
All right, we're going to go to break here.
The show will just continue on.
Chase Keiser is a gracious guy.
He understands I need the time.
And I'm going to then finish up with this video, play a few more.
Show some more documents and then I'm going to show you.
You've all heard of Harari bragging about this.
So it's not just Brett Weinstein's analysis or my analysis or countless other people.
It's not just your analysis.
It's them bragging about it.
All right.
So that's coming up.
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