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Air Date: Jan. 4, 2024
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Alex Jones discusses various topics on his show, including criticism of the mainstream media, animal adoption through Best Friends Animal Society, and public schools inviting drag queens to read to children. He also addresses Spotify's decision to remove his show from their platform and shares information about his upcoming commencement address at Harvard. The episode features a segment where Jones investigates the Epstein sex trafficking ring and its connections to powerful individuals, including Bill Gates and the British Royal Family. The conversation touches upon FBI involvement in the Miami case, intelligence connections, arms dealing, and Epstein's ties to Saudi Arabia and Israel. Nygaard's desire for immortality through genetic modification, the fashion industry's involvement in trafficking young girls, Robert Kennedy Jr.'s relationship with Epstein, and the modeling industry's connection to him are also mentioned. The InfoWars team encourages their listeners to investigate new documents about Epstein's associates to find more information not covered by mainstream media."

Tomorrow's news.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I've been waiting for this segment all morning long.
We are rolling out the red carpet, not for Tucker, but for some adorable, adoptable dogs.
Every year, the Best Friends Animal Society helps cats and dogs who are stuck in animal shelters find homes.
Bill Clinton's a racist!
Bill Clinton's a rapist!
We've got a very excitable young man behind us, not a Bill Clinton fan.
Nobody can dispute the fact
And you're a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Maybe he didn't perform very well in some of his business endeavors.
But I think one of the kind of the things that we really need to be looking at in this debate is that Bill Clinton is a rapist.
Bill Clinton's a rapist.
Bill Clinton is a rapist.
All right.
Bill Clinton, a rapist.
The word out of Trump Tower in New York is that- Bill Clinton is a rapist!
Bill Clinton is a rapist!
The Donald was not too happy about how I convinced him, right?
Can you make a comment about Trump saying about rape allegations?
Hey, I don't want to hear any of that.
Knock it off.
Can you get any comment about anything like that, please?
This is a monumental event for us.
We don't want to hear it.
I know, but we have a lot of questions that won't be answered.
From the American people.
How can we help families succeed in the most important job of any society, raising children and succeeding at work?
Jason Carroll is with me.
Jason Carroll joins me now from Elkhorn, Wisconsin.
I should say, Jason Pence just about two hours ago pulling out and saying he won't be there either.
What are you hearing as we await Paul Ryan?
They have had a terrible week and he's just got to do this.
And I got this Hillary for Prison t-shirt, and I just want everyone to know about this, like, big presidential campaign that, uh, Bill Clinton is a rapist.
On March 20th, 2003, the United States invaded Iraq.
Exactly one year before the invasion,
Alex Jones predicted it.
So now everybody's going, wow, it really was the Iraqis.
That's just because they're getting ready to invade Iraq.
What a beautiful setup.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
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Some public schools and libraries invite drag queens, some dressed like torn demons, to read to young children.
Parents' rights are limited, and children's rights are put ahead.
So the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.
Yeah, that child molester just messed with the wrong preschooler.
What makes you think he's a child molester?
Oh, he's a child molester, believe me.
Every child molester I've ever met looks just like that.
Hey, best spot.
And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it, who make it up as they go along.
And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms, we have a tension, a problem that's much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, Kate.
But that's what's at the heart of this ri- Dammit, everything on TV sucks.
It's Alex Jones.
Very cool!
We're gonna beat your ass!
You piece of s**t!
You f**king f**king damn f**ker!
Listen, f**khead!
You f**king crossed the line!
Get that through your f**king damn f**king head!
Stop pushing your s**t!
We're gonna beat your ass!
You just get that through your stinking traitorous heads!
But I will stomp your head in if you start a fight with me, you thug scum!
You think I'm a coward like you?! !
We're all three days later.
I just got invited to give the commencement address at Harvard this year.
That's amazing!
I'm gay!
Let's go get the hats.
Do you get to wear the hat and everything?
Hi, who's that?
Don't worry.
I see you, enemy!
You are my enemy!
You will pay.
Yeah, you think I don't see your face, scum?
You don't think I don't see you?
I see you, you understand me?
I know what you think of me and my family.
I see you right back.
You understand that?
You understand that?
You're a fool!
You will not bring humanity down!
God is going to destroy you!
Hello, this is Hank Hill, and I'm telling you what, you need to listen to Alex Jones.
If you don't watch it, you're gonna end up like Jason Adderley's boy.
Deal me out this hand, Jason.
I'm about to bust.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I thought this was the bathroom.
Oh, good lord!
Manipulate scientific data.
Take over.
World government.
Shut down infrastructure.
Shiver everything to China.
Look at this person.
From the front lines of the Information War, we are live.
It's Alex Jones.
Thursday, January 4th.
Remember the time I traveled Epstein's Compound?
Big broadcast lined up today.
I started a little bit late because I'm digging into all these documents.
This is a big data dump.
This is a lot bigger than just a client list.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
East 71st Street, in the middle of Manhattan, New York, USA.
And that is... St.
James Church.
We're at a very important site here.
This is a place I began to expose more than 15 years ago from sources I had who were telling me that there were powerful individuals that were running underage sex rings to compromise, not just politicians, but corporate leaders, particularly scientific leaders.
And that they had an island in the Caribbean where underage girls and others were taken where they did rituals and where children were even killed.
Well, as you know, in the last three or four years, it's come out that Jeffrey Epstein was running that network.
But Jeffrey Epstein was just a pimp.
Jeffrey Epstein was just a frontman.
And when he died, the networks that he was the frontman for, that he was like the butler for, have continued on, with the British Royal Family and others, using these systems to compromise the leadership of not just the United States, but the world.
And so, Bill Gates,
Bill Gates and so many other titans of industry have stayed in the address I'm about to show you for months and months and months at a time.
They've also stayed at facilities in Paris, facilities in London, facilities in New Mexico like Zorro Ranch.
They have spent massive amounts of time inside buildings like this seven-story facility that just recently sold, we're told, for $25 million.
It's Jeffrey Epstein's former headquarters in New York City.
And we're here producing a special report for freeworldnews.tv and infowars.com that's going to be out in the next few weeks.
And the question is, what is the center of the web?
Is it the Bilderberg Group?
Is it the Club of Rome?
Is it organizations like Bohemian Grove?
Well, Skull and Bones is corrupt and evil and set up by very vicious people.
So are all these organizations, but what is the center of that web?
So here we are, just a prelude for viewers of FreeWorldNews.tv at the famous keypad that so many pimps brought underage girls to, to bring them inside that seven-story building for the sex crimes to be committed so that they could be
And it's the network that still controls Epstein today that we are here to expose.
But Bill Gates, who took control of all the major World Health Departments of the planet, Bill Gates
Who is trying to force inoculations on us to bring in a world dictatorship, a world economy, a world social credit score, a world ID.
Bill Gates was, evidence shows, in charge of Jeffrey Epstein.
And that's why Jeffrey Epstein had to die.
But there were people above Bill Gates.
So we're here in New York City to investigate the roots of how the corruption and how the blackmail
But it is those doors that Prince Andrew was famously photographed staring out as young women came in and out.
It's those doors that famously Bill Gates was caught going into and having parties.
It's those doors that the system didn't want us to know about because they wanted to use that blackmail and that control to control the people that control our lives.
And remember, many of the people that came to be compromised here and to engage in sex crimes did it as a gang initiation.
You've all heard of Crips and Bloods.
They gotta either kill another member of the other gang, or like shoot some innocent person that works at a liquor store.
You've heard about the Mexican Mafia, you've heard of the Italian Mafia, the Hillbillies, all of them have to commit a crime to be part of the club.
But in prison, you get killed if you're a pedophile.
Nobody puts up with that going after children.
This is the ultimate cult, because to get in their cult, you've got to abuse children.
And that's what this facility's about.
That's why Bacchus, the Roman god of debauchery and evil, is above the door.
And up on the top, there's images of little naked children dancing.
Ladies and gentlemen, is that why Jeffrey Epstein picked this facility?
For his worldwide headquarters of evil.
And did he name that little island he bought in the Caribbean, Little St.
James after the church, St.
James that's just down the block.
This is part of our ongoing investigation that only you, by supporting us, have allowed us to continue on.
And thanks to you, we have the courage and the funding and the resolve to never stop.
So to the controllers of Jeffrey Epstein, you may have killed him, but you've not killed the secret of what he was doing, and you will be exposed.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show and share the link today.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
It's Thursday, January 4th, 2024.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Alright, I have been up since 5.30, going over the thousands of pages of documents that were released.
I have three or four crew members, full time, going over it.
And Jason Burma, great filmmaker, former InfoWars talk show host and reporter, really is excellent at going over things very quickly, so he's been up since early this morning.
going over all of it and last night and he will be joining us in the second hour and then he'll take a break for an hour so you can get back into it because I can speed read but Burmese is even faster like a human computer he is going to be hosting the fourth hour today because this is really his bailiwick
I've forgotten more than most people know about this stuff, and Burmess probably even knows more than I do.
It's something he's been on big time.
So, Jason, investigative journalist, filmmaker, will be joining us in the second hour.
Then, we need to look at this, because big things start small.
It just came out last week, it got massive support, now tens of thousands are signing on.
More than that, I mean, I see videos everywhere with millions of views, people saying, hell
An open letter calling for the criminal prosecution of the Department of Defense for pushing an illegal experimental shot on the troops and then covering up the massive myocarditis and all the rest of the things that have happened.
Remember all the Navy officers and medical people that have come out saying, hey, we're seeing record-level heart attacks.
We can barely even put our squadrons in the air of helicopters or jets.
Or other fixed-wing aircraft.
Because of this, we're going to be going over all of that today.
And how do we get on the offense to bring these criminals to justice before they launch another virus, which their hyping is imminent.
And again, they're trying to bring in lockdowns.
Blue Cities are bringing back the mask controls and the distancing and getting rid of the paper menus.
And they've got the TSA wearing the mask again, like I told you.
They're saying it's optional though, but not optional in the blue cities for the government workers, the rest of them, and the hospital workers.
So we told you in August that was the intel and the intent of having the intel was to stop it.
And we pushed them off three, four months because we caught them with their pants down.
But it was easy to predict as soon as we forgot about that, they were going to come creeping back because they want the fear, they want the control, they want mail-in ballots.
So I predict
The next few months they're going to continue to hype this to Fieber crescendo.
They may even release something new.
And then say we got to have mail-in ballots again.
You'll have some federal bureaucrat decide that and then we're off the races.
Because Trump's going to win by 15-20 points.
Because of the fraud he'll then win by about five on the board.
And that's what all the experts agree and I'm an expert.
I've done the research.
You saw in Texas and Florida in the last midterm
And also in the last presidential election, three years ago, or three years and change, the dead people, people voting the names of dead people, people voting in those databases of names that Facebook spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get.
They would then send the ballots, the mail-in ballots, to these safe houses.
They would fill them out, the names, at an industrial scale, in the battleground states.
Then they would have the mules go and put them in the mailboxes, as documented by Dinesh D'Souza in his film.
About the mules of that title.
And that's how they did it.
They suppressed voters before, suppressed stories that hurt the system, manipulated algorithms to give you 96% Democrat Party results, positive, all the conservative negative.
Big Tech stole it way before it happened, as Professor Epstein and others have exposed.
But then the final touch, it wasn't enough.
Where Trump narrowly won in all those battlegrounds was to close the facilities, block the windows, the vans arrive, and they directly deposited the men to the voting counting centers that were open throughout the morning, early morning hours.
Open for the fraud, not open for public.
They would say it would close at midnight or close at 1 a.m.
and then they would beaver away.
Working like the devil, as hard as they could to set all that up.
So if you look at Texas and you look at Florida though, it's Trump Biden, Trump's above Biden.
And then all of a sudden, boom!
Straight line goes up, they bring in all the dead people voting, and all the illegals voting the names of those that moved out of the district.
But it doesn't go like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, where that straight line, boom, goes above Trump.
You know that F it makes?
Trying to pull up the famous election fraud curve for people.
I should have told the crew to have that ready.
But everybody knows it's in your mind.
There's a blue line, a red line.
The blue line's under Trump, everywhere it's organic.
And then,
The trucks deliver the goods.
And it goes above.
But in Texas and in Florida, they didn't have enough dead people and enough names because the landslide was so big for Trump.
It went, the blue line went, bloop, almost up to the red and then suddenly no more votes because they were out of bullets.
And then it goes like that and Trump goes up.
So Trump was winning that election probably by 10 points.
Well, they can steal 10.
They can't steal 15.
Yeah, there's the graph.
They can't.
There's the same graph in every state.
Every battleground.
Six battleground states.
They can't.
They can't steal a landslide if Trump's getting 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 points more.
So he had, on average, about a 10-point lead in even battlegrounds.
But they could fix that.
They could jump it.
But if it's 15, 20 points, they are done.
They are done, done, done, done, done.
They ran out of ammo in Texas and Florida.
In fact, maybe the crew can pull up the voting graphs from Texas and Florida 2020 and you'll see it.
2022, shame, shame ballgame, just a different day.
And so that's why a bunch of retired high-level CIA people, like one of the top political science professors at Georgetown has gone public and said he already sees the intel agencies manipulating info, suppressing stories, and he predicted
Professor Gentry, that they're going to cyber attack and they're going to blame Trump and us.
They're going to claim the Russians did it or the Chinese did it, but it's going to benefit Biden.
We all know you can't find a Biden supporter unless you go on to some college campus or some other Froot Loop institution.
I mean, all the liberals I know.
Who are like old-fashioned liberals, but were still dumb.
They didn't like Biden, but they didn't think it was that bad.
They've all called me and apologized.
They've all sent their families away.
They've all said they're Trump supporters now.
You all are experiencing it.
You see it.
Trump, you know, Phil Stadium's 20,000, 50,000.
Biden, you know, is super unpopular.
Just like during the campaign, he campaigned from a basement.
So, and now this Epstein stuff.
And all that's coming out is absolutely devastating them.
Absolutely putting the final nails in their coffin.
If we could peacefully just vote.
But it's a showdown because they're not going to let that happen.
And everybody knows that instinctively.
Everybody watching and listening to me can see the writing on the wall.
So we better war game together what's going down.
I intend tomorrow to come in and we'll know even more, because anybody that tells you they know what's in the stuff, I mean, it's...
3,000 pages at least.
That's our guesstimation.
We're trying to add it all up.
We're trying to digest the elephant right now.
Exhibit D appears to be the meat.
And this is just part of it.
So, this is going to take some time, like WikiLeaks, to ferret through.
But there's a lot of smart people on X. It's being suppressed everywhere else.
Hard to believe, even though they've been caught.
They're still suppressing it on Facebook and Google.
But on X,
There's an army of people crawling through it and we're all watching that very closely as well.
I got a bunch of developments out of it, we'll be getting to, but really the big takeaway is this.
The court said they were going to release a client list.
This is not a client's list.
This is a list of people in documents that were quoted and also witnesses and victims.
So, and police reports.
So, it's a lot bigger than that.
I mean, I spent two hours this morning trying to go through this, and it's just insane.
So, obviously tomorrow, we're going to have a lot more for you.
We'll have a lot more throughout the day.
That's why Jason Burmess joins us in 35 minutes from now, because he's ferreting through it.
And I'll be posting at Real Alex Jones the most important little tidbits, but right now, and obviously Bill Clinton's confirmed and all these globalists are confirmed, but that's just who's in these police reports and in these witness interviews and the documents that the court got.
That is literally the surface, the tip of the iceberg.
NBC News coverage for Bill Clinton even after documents showed Joe 36
Like young girls on Epstein Island.
And Bill Clinton famously, I've interviewed like six, seven women he raped.
And I mean, there are people that knew him and worked for him.
And they quit working for him because of it.
And if a woman didn't instantly go down on him, he would strangle them.
And then he knew not to leave a mark, so he would bite their lip until the lip bled.
And so like a
Pitbull, he would seize on their lip, and then talk through his mouth, I'm gonna rape you right now, and you don't spread your legs, I'm gonna bite your effing lip off, bitch!
You whore!
You whore!
I've talked, I've interviewed the women in here, who all separately, police reports, everything, didn't even know each other years later.
I mean, that's just loving, liberal, cares about the feminists, you know, it's like Steve Bannon interviewed Epstein.
For a documentary film.
He's a filmmaker, a movie maker in his own right.
And the left spins it.
Oh look, Bannon's with him.
Bannon confronted him and the film's coming out.
I never got to that clip yesterday.
I mean, there is just so much.
He called Epstein out and said, dude, you're not trying to empower women.
You're doing horrible things to them.
So, no, there's no witnesses that Steve Bannon or Trump ever did anything
To these women.
There's one woman, you know, who's at a public event and Trump's there.
And Trump never said, you're pretty, never touched him.
Now that I saw Trump at an event, I was taken aback.
And then Trump found out Epstein was hitting on underage girls at his Mar-a-Lago and banned him.
That's on record.
Banned him in 2009, long before this was a story.
So that's the big takeaway.
The left said Trump was involved.
He's not.
You're involved.
I'm not on Team NFL.
I'm not on Team NBA.
I'm not on Team Olympics.
I'm not on Team Globalist or Wokism in the New World Order.
I'm on Team Humanity, ladies and gentlemen, that loves God and loves our families and loves humanity and knows that we're destined to do even more incredible things than we've already done together.
And so, inspired by my conversation with Elon Musk recently,
I pretty agree with my idea to call it Team Humanity.
We've launched two limited edition t-shirts at infowarestore.com.
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It's about Team Humanity being under globalist attack.
You kid.
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Get your limited edition Team Humanity t-shirts right now at InfoWarStore.com, and I thank you.
Why do you think the globalists are desperately trying to censor everybody?
Why are they attacking myself and Donald Trump and Elon Musk and everybody else?
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
I'm good.
Don't be like that.
Don't get it on my hand.
Alright, so this guy pops up, says you're a rapist, that's the problem.
Bill Clinton went on to talk about the supporters and the dynamic, and he used the word rednecks.
Do you think that that's going to wind up coming back around?
He goes from being a victim, being called a rapist, which is an unsubstantiated allegation, but then that goes into a deplorable category.
Is that a problem?
No doubt it is, and the irony is that he is a redneck himself, right, if you were to put it in the category.
So does that make it okay?
Absolutely not.
Absolutely not.
It goes into the deplorer column, and if you remember when Barack Obama described voters in Pennsylvania as clinging to their guns and their religion, you know, there is a disassociation with the Democratic Party right now that a lot of people think that the party doesn't represent them.
Nobody can dispute the fact that we need... that we need...
Oh yeah?
Yeah, I'm gonna be honest.
I am taking a little bit of a moment to savor the situation.
It's not a moment of triumph, but it's a major battle won.
And it's a major blow against the enemy.
On this live, Thursday, January 4th, 2024.
Everybody's gotta get ready for a lot more victories coming.
Because the good guys, when we take action, always win.
And evil is not all powerful.
That evil men and tyrants need to flourish.
Is that good men do nothing.
Thomas Jefferson.
Yeah, they wanted me to surrender for a long time.
Tried to get me to join them.
But I didn't.
Because I believe in you.
And quite frankly, it doesn't feel good to join evil.
Or to even contemplate.
I don't see that as winning, joining the establishment, when the establishment's totally twisted.
And we were in the cycle, as we go through cycles of rebirth, and then incredible success, and then decadence sets in, and then corruption, and then pure evil, and then collapse, and calamity, and then rebirth.
Bad times make strong men.
Strong men make good times.
Good times make weak men.
Weak men make bad times.
But if I was born into the cycle, when we were in an age of low corruption and truly egalitarian systems, I would work with the system and try to keep it good and strong.
But I was not born, and you were not born, almost all of you out there in the last, I'd say, 70 years.
There was a lot of corruption before that, but it really accelerated after World War II.
I was not born into an age of enlightenment.
I was born into an age of leftist tyranny and globalist corporate evil.
But I intend to die in the age of rebirth.
And I believe in that.
And that's what I stand for.
And when people look back on my life and your life and our lives together, I want to be an inspiration to people that that was a man right there.
That was a guy that got in the arena.
And took the blows.
And didn't do it the New World Order way.
I did it my way.
And had a lot of mistakes on the way.
But it was never really my way.
It was me trying to follow the Holy Spirit and do it God's way.
Though in an imperfect way.
I did it God's way.
Let's pull up
You know what?
Frank Sinatra.
I did it my way.
I did it God's way, our way.
I couldn't have done any of it without God, and I couldn't have done any of it without you.
I did it my way.
I'll play the whole song right now, so we can analyze it.
It's a public service announcement.
We'll play it in a moment.
But just think about this for a minute, and let this sink in.
God says in the Bible over and over again,
What two of you agree upon on earth, if it's in my will, something I already want, I will make it happen, but I want you to ask for it, because I'm about free will.
So I believed in you, and I believed in God, and you believed in God, and you believed in me.
Think about that.
When I believe in God,
And I believe in you.
And you believe in God.
And you believe in me.
We're unstoppable.
And that's why they want to degrade us and overpower us and make us depressed and make everything so ugly we give up.
That's the poison they inject into the civilization and the society to make us give up.
That's the struggle.
And boy, is there a lot of other news I want to hit.
We're going to skip this break.
Before Jason Bermas comes on, who's done the deep dive, I got the crew handing me all the documents, I'm going over it.
I got a bunch of stuff here in the trunk that is just one small keyhole or window into the larger CIA, Mossad, MI6, evil.
And we're going to go over all of it here today.
But first,
Frank Sinatra, he did it humanity.
God's way.
He did it my way.
Not the New World Order's way, but the way God built us to be.
I want to play this song.
Based on a French song.
And then I'm going to come back and get into all the other news here today.
And then we're going to do the deep dive on all the latest developments and what the power search is going to do and how they're going to respond and what's in the documents.
Next hour with Jason Burmess.
And then we're on the offense with the military groups and the information war to bring the criminals of the Pentagon to justice that knew the shots were deadly.
Knew they didn't predict them.
Knew that they didn't protect them.
All to call the military of the good people so they could bring in the woke crowd and the robots.
They can bring in the illegal aliens and the rest of it.
I got news on that in a moment.
But here's Frank Sinatra, Great Blue Eyes, in the year 2024.
We're listening to Blue Eyes.
And now the end is near.
And so I face the final curtain.
My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case Of which I'm certain I've lived a life that's full I traveled each and every highway
Much more than this, I did it my way Regrets, I've had a few But then again, too few to mention I did what I had to do
Without exemption, I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway.
And more, much more than this,
I did it my way Yes, there were times I'm sure you knew When I fit off more than I could chew But through it all, when there was doubt
And I stood tall and did it my way.
I've loved, I've laughed and cried.
I've had my fill, my share of losing.
And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing to think I did all that.
And may I say, not in a shy way,
I did it my way.
For what is a man?
What has he got?
If not himself, then he has not to say the things he truly feels.
I think it's important in the incredible fight we've been in against tyranny to realize we haven't won the war, but we're winning a lot of battles now.
The tide is turning, nobody can deny that.
The enemy's gonna strike back, but at least we're not laying down.
And so it's all about the power of the people when God works through us.
And I can't think of a better person to celebrate with than the great Frank Sinatra, here today with all of you.
God, I love Frank Sinatra.
Alright, where should we go here?
Man, I've got literally dozens of clips of the media defending Bill Clinton and the child rape, and I'm going to tell you something.
Guys, print me the articles.
The owner of Atlantic Monthly is the widow of Steve Jobs, and she basically lives at the Epstein Island with Ghislaine Maxwell.
And they also run articles constantly saying there's no pedophilia, there's no problem, and they want to cut your children's genitals off.
I mean, this is a cult that feeds on children.
So I just want you to remember when you see Atlantic Monthly, that's the CIA, that's who they are.
And when we come back, still a long time to break, that's when the news is going to hit, I'm going to show you mainstream news about the CIA with the German government placing 30 plus thousand children with convicted pedophiles to rape them as part of a government experiment.
So, Epstein is not even the tip of the iceberg.
Epstein is just a tiny part of one snowflake, but he's at the center of it.
So, it's like a thread on a sweater.
You pull that thread and it goes up the whole arm and the whole sweater comes apart.
So, it's one little piece you've got, but you go...
You ever had like an old sock, and you put it on, and a string comes out, and you just go... The whole sock goes down?
That's what's happening right now.
So, this is little, but this is big.
And all the attempts to say this wasn't going on, while they sexualize children, while they try to normalize it, while they target the children, while this is going on, and then they still deny it's happening.
But this is gross.
NBC News covers for Bill Clinton even after documents show he was there having sex with the children.
But there was a big article up on Infowars.com yesterday.
I think it's up this morning actually from the Brownstone Institute.
They do good work.
I read the exact headline.
I think it's crisis management.
How the elites create crises to stay in power.
Yeah, that's the headline.
Yeah, there they are.
And they're empowered women.
They're acting like the worst men on earth now.
They commit crimes.
There's Ghislaine Maxwell.
And there she is with her good buddy.
Steve Jobs' wife.
Wonder if Steve Jobs would still be around today.
If he wasn't married to that lady.
Looks like a real nice person, huh?
Non-threatening, nice, pretty, blonde, so sweet, so cute, so nice.
You read her publications, so evil.
These are sick people.
And they think they're gonna crush America.
They've got the policies in place to open the borders up and all the sex trafficking of these children.
Let's get this video ready.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Watch Mexican soldiers supervise migration route as illegals rush U.S.
We'll go to it in a moment.
And boy, everybody's mad about this.
And I'm not defending Mexico, but I'm just as pissed now at the Mexican president as I am at Biden, the puppet.
Because our own military, I mean you see it all over the internet, oh we're going to put the military on the border.
I'm going to explain it again.
We've been there, we've shot the video, it's all over the news.
The U.S.
military is down there facilitating and running the open border and cutting down barbed wire that the Texas Guard put up and the state police put up.
So let's just get that straight.
Oh, there's liberal groups down there running things.
Yeah, you think so?
NGOs, non-governmental organizations.
Mexican soldiers supervise migration around.
The full video is on InfoWars.com.
This is the Eagle Pass on the Rio Grande.
Let's play a little bit of it now.
Increasingly large groups of thousands of migrants have arrived at Piedras Negras every day of this month of December.
We talked to these asylum seekers who just got off the train.
Everyone had heard that the United States is giving them a direct pass to cross the border.
Where, amigo?
We're arriving by train.
Are you going to look for asylum?
Yes, we're looking for asylum.
Yes, it has been heard that you can enter.
Social media, the family that is there.
Why are you arriving in the United States?
So that everyone surrenders to Piedras Negras and passes directly.
They are not opposing, but you enter, take your papers and everything and pass directly.
The border crisis in Eagle Pass and Piedras Negras has worsened in recent weeks because the arrival of thousands of migrants has forced the closure of an international bridge to vehicles and also the train crossings starting this week causing a situation of disaster.
That's just one of the videos on the article on InfoWars.
The other has the military.
So you can see it for yourself.
The article is on InfoWars.com.
Watch Mexican Soldiers Supervise Migration Route as Illegals Rush the U.S.
We'll get that video too and come up and play that for you coming up later in the next hour.
But I mentioned this.
Let me just, I don't want to mention it even though I'm getting to it next hour.
I don't want to mention stuff and just not show it to you right when I'm talking about it.
Because the corporate media that covers up for all this will just show the clip and say I didn't show any proof.
Here's New Yorker Magazine and DW.com, the biggest media publication in Germany.
The German experiment that placed foster children with pedophiles.
Germany investigates 30,000 suspects of a pedophilia network, BBC, run by the government and the CIA.
New York Times, Afghan pedophiles get free pass from U.S.
military report says.
Free pass, the article admits they put them in charge because that's how they control people.
And they say the pedophiles don't want money, they want children.
And the CIA, almost all the mayors are pedophiles.
Military overlooks sexual abuse by Afghan allies, PBS.
You actually read the article, and there's other ones that have the headline, CIA put pedophiles in charge.
Afghan President Orders Probe Into Alleged Pedophile Ring.
Oh, but there's nothing there.
You guys, I called this out and great that you found those.
Those are the whitewashes.
I want... There were articles that named names in a congressional report like three years ago.
And they, I remember covering this, and they said the CIA put the mayors in and the town councilmen in who were pedophiles and supplied them with children.
The headline is CIA supplied pedophiles with children in Afghanistan.
That's the headline.
I'm telling you, you'll pull it up.
I want that, I want that next hour.
We've got a lot we're going to be hitting here today.
But we're hearing all the stuff from Biden for a third time now.
Oh, if you don't give me more money, and now it's $200 billion has been given to Ukraine.
That's official today.
So you know it's way more than that.
If you don't give us $106 billion more, while there's going to be World War III, they're holding a gun to our head.
And I love, and that's sarcastic, I can't stand, I'm disgusted by, all the people that think they're on Team Democratic Party.
Republicans are far from perfect.
We've got to beat you up there to take the country back.
The Democrats through and through are scum.
And at the top, a bunch of idiots under him.
But more and more even the minions know what's going on.
And is there nothing they won't cover up?
Is there any depth?
Is there any low level that they won't stoop to as they defend all of this?
As they go along with all of this?
I mean, is there any crime, a democrat leader, a senator, a house member, a president, an agency head, is there any crime that you won't go along with?
Because you've got the heads of the universities, all the big ones, white people are evil, no white day at the college, teaching the most racist, divisive garbage ever, well you can't get them for that because that's good, that's liberal.
All funded by Warren Buffet and the rest, and Disney and the ADL.
And then they get him on plagiarism.
He's like, oh, the conservatives have a new weapon, plagiarism.
They publish articles they didn't even write.
They quote.
It's a quote from them because they feel like they're above the law.
But we get them on some technicality like Al Capone on income tax.
They're like, well, saying something's plagiarist is now racist.
That's in the news.
Why, people of color can now engage in plagiarism.
And it's not people of color that are the enemy, folks.
It's that they're recruiting them to be their fronts.
Mainly women.
And now... I mean, look, I've got a bunch of articles on this.
The new head...
of the Star Wars franchise, Disney's put in charge, is a Pakistani woman who says, I'm going to make men uncomfortable.
We're going to make Star Wars even more woke.
So Disney's already seen their stock in trouble.
They've lost tens of millions, just like Anheuser-Busch with the Bud Light fiasco.
And so now they've hired this woman who says, I'm going to criticize Western civilization and white males.
Hey, why don't you go back to Pakistan where you're not even allowed to have a job and are treated like an animal?
And I got a bunch of articles about that, like the Pakistan sex slavery gangs they've got in England and Europe, where the police go, well, it's racist to stop them so they can sex slave little girls by the thousands per town.
She doesn't have a word to say about Pakistan.
Oh, no, no.
She wants to come here and further, and I love it, screw Disney, screw Hollywood, screw Star Wars.
Sink it even more.
No one's going to watch some fat, ugly blobs.
Anti-male, anti-American crap.
It's next-level garbage.
I'm back with Jason Burmess.
We're going to go to break.
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Please listen closely because this is life-changing critical information.
The globalists are bombarding us with toxic chemicals hitting us in the air, the water, the food, the 5G, the poison shots, the shedding.
I think so.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
I'm watching the midterms, then you would think our country is Mad Max Thunderdome.
This guy is like, they're coming from Guatemala, they're coming from Mexico.
There's a liberal mob that's coming.
You bought a truck!
You bought a truck!
You're the president.
And you would think everybody in the country is just like, to the bunker.
It's never going to get any better.
Don't look for it.
Be happy with what you got.
Because the owners of this country don't want that.
I'm talking about the real owners now.
The real owners.
The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.
Forget the politicians.
The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice.
You don't.
You have no choice.
You have owners.
They own you.
They own everything.
They own all the important land.
They own and control the corporations.
They've long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the State Houses, the City Halls.
They got the judges in their back pockets.
And they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear.
They got you by the balls!
They want obedient workers.
Obedient workers.
People who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime, and the vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it.
And now, they're coming for your social security money.
So they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street.
It's a big club.
And you ain't in it.
You said recently, quote, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.
You better believe it.
So what specifically did they do?
If I ask them, if I need them, you know, most of the people on this stage I've given to, just so you understand.
A lot of money.
You and I are not in the big club.
The owners of this country know the truth.
It's called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.
But I'll tell you what they don't want.
They don't want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking.
They don't want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking.
They're not interested in that.
That doesn't help them.
That's against their interest.
That's right.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
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Russian scum!
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Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones!
Welcome back.
We are into hour number two.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
And we are about to break down the latest information on the thousands of pages of documents finally released in the last 24 hours by one of the court cases dealing with Jeffrey Epstein that is just a pinhole, a keyhole into the larger world of Western intelligence agencies.
Mossad, right there at the center of it, MI6, CIA.
And then I want to talk about the latest developments.
And then our guest that's really been deeply focused on this, Jason Bermas, is going to leave for an hour next hour and continue to research and then come back and host the fourth hour today.
But here's the good news.
This is breaking big time.
Just look at X Alone, our last few reports.
Look at this one.
Exclusive, the Biden Justice Department, FBI is hiding hard drive tapes shot by Jeffrey Epstein and the intel agencies chronicling their abuse of children.
That video, look right here, has four million views.
If you add up just the last three videos I put out with Jason, they've got over eight million views on my RealAlexJonesX account.
And just doing a quick look this morning, it's been copied everywhere else, and I saw more than 10 million views in the last two days.
10 million views, and I'm showing you
Some of those right now.
So great job, everybody, sharing it.
This is a live feed.
You can share it right now on X at Real Alex Jones.
You can share that link everywhere and it gets out in the rest of the Internet.
This is an information war.
And right now, a giant hole in the Berlin Wall, the electronic Berlin Wall of censorship protecting this thing is going down.
So we'll get into the documents right now.
The next 50 something minutes, then Jason will go back to research.
He'll come back and host the fourth hour.
And then we're going to take both of these hours and we're going to post them to X so you can use the truth, which is the weapon against the lies.
But let me just give you just a few subjects here.
We put some of this on screen.
Just type in Muslim
Rape gangs protected by British government.
You'll get mainstream news.
Thousands of girls per town or city alone.
And that all just gets quietly shut down.
But they're using them, because in a lot of Islamic countries women are seen as animals, to organize and run the slaves as young as eight years old.
Many of them are murdered.
For the rest of the pedophiles that are feeding on them.
Black, white, old, young, you name it.
And here's some examples of this.
The German experiment that placed foster children with pedophiles, New Yorker Magazine.
Tens of thousands of children all over Germany by government psychiatrists working with the CIA, going back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, trying to place them with pedophiles to create a new family structure.
And that's what you're seeing everywhere, where they're saying, we're going to groom your children, we're going to get them.
Here's another one.
Germany investigates 30,000 suspects that were pedophile network BBC.
The best reportings in German.
Afghan pedophiles get free press from U.S.
military report.
Turns out, this is the New York Times, the CIA puts pedophiles in as mayors and town elders, and then, because they don't want money, they want kids, and then control them.
Military overlooks sexual abuse by Afghan allies.
Investigation says, PBS, that's a whitewash.
Afghan president orders probe of alleged pedophile raid.
Remember when Putin, 15 years ago, quit shipping orphans here because they were being raped?
They said that was a conspiracy?
They were disappearing?
Revealed CIA gave pedophile Afghan warlords Viagra so they could rape more boys more often.
That's the New Yorker Magazine.
Secret CIA files say Stabbers committed sex crimes involving children.
Here's MSN.
Viagra helps CIA friends in Afghanistan.
That's not even the headline, it's pedophile rigs.
They say it in the article.
CIA gave Afghan warlords Viagra in exchange for information on Telemont, but the story is to rape kids.
We're ruled by pedophiles because if you'll rape a child and you're into that, you'll do anything.
That's like, okay, you passed the test, you're in the club.
So let's get this straight.
Epstein is the surface.
The investigations are surface.
He's near the center of the web, but we've only penetrated a little bit, and look how horrible it already is, and we've got all the clubs of CBS, NBC, they're all out there, CNN, defending Bill Clinton and all this.
Look at these headlines.
So that's what we're dealing with, ladies and gentlemen.
You've got the big billionaire, Hyatt Hotels, executive chairman, Pritzker.
Oh, what are the Pritzkers involved in?
Funding the transgender movement.
Starting to figure it out now?
Starting to understand?
Now, out of the huge group of documents put out, I wouldn't even call it a black book, because the court said that, it's not.
It's investigations, it's police reports, it's more.
Exhibit D looks like it's the biggest piece of this, but this is not underwhelming.
From what they claim is coming out, but it's really underwhelming when you realize the bigger picture.
So, Jason Burma's a great filmmaker, researcher in these areas, former InfoWars talk show host and filmmaker, is here with us to talk about the latest developments and then how he expects the fallout to unfold.
And he'll be back, as I said, hosting the fourth hour.
Of course, the biggest takeaway is room after room, closet after closet, cabinet after cabinet full of
Hard drives, DVRs, VHS, DVDs, sing, photo shoots, video shoots.
These people are coming to be part of this, part of the club, as the initiation.
Where is that?
Where's Wiener's laptop?
We know that same stuff there.
Of course, Chuckie Schumer's involved.
Of course, Uma Abedin, Hillary Clinton.
It's always the same story.
These are some very sick people.
Hillary Clinton's first job out of law school was going to Arkansas to represent pedophiles exclusively that brutally kidnapped and raped children.
Look it up.
I've interviewed some of the women here on air who were like 11 years old when they were done raping them.
They took a broomstick and rammed out their cervix and uterus and they had to have it removed.
They tortured the children.
I'm just scratching the surface of what's admitted.
I understand.
Jimmy Savile, King Charles, Bill Gates.
He doesn't just want to target children with Jeffrey Epstein.
They want to target you with the deadly bio shots.
So Jason, let's first do the 35,000 foot view, how people are responding, what's coming out.
Then let's drill into what we know so far.
We're still processing, still going through and digesting all this.
And then how you think the power surge is going to strike back.
That's a lot.
We're going to skip the two network breaks.
We've got a lot of time here.
You'll be back fourth hour.
Jason Burmess.
Alright, before we even get there, Alex, because you led in with the Central Intelligence Agency and...
Remind people that during the MKUltra program, there was a sub-program called Operation Midnight Climax, where the CIA on the West and East Coast, California and New York particularly, were running underage brothels, teenage girls, where they were drugging the Johns, taping them, and of course, back then, compromising people.
So let's start there.
Yeah, that's the 50s, 60s.
That's the 50s and 60s.
Imagine how bad it is now.
Absolutely, Alex.
So, what are we really dealing with?
Well, everybody out there can go right now to CourtListener.com and they can check this out.
Every one of these PDF files is downloadable.
And by the way, this is page 1 of 8.
So, anybody telling you that they've combed through this?
Again, this is page 1 of 8, folks.
You see how many documents there are to go through.
The mainstream media... Let me stop you, because we can't figure it out.
When I say thousands, that's conservative, Jason.
There's like, just per page, hundreds of documents.
Was this 10,000?
20,000 documents?
It's a good question, Alex.
This is WikiLeaks level.
This should be the rule and not the exception, right Alex?
We shouldn't have to go through years of litigation and lawfare to get these documents, some of which are still partially redacted.
And I'll get to that in a minute because there are people on the internet jumping on this and saying this redacted name is Bill Gates.
I'm just going to say Alex, remember what I said just a couple days ago.
The vast majority of what is going to come out are names we've already heard.
So they're trying to make a big deal about David Copperfield.
David Copperfield was already known for years.
In fact, there's a great New York mag Intelligentsia article which really goes down.
The list of people that have already been named associates.
Now, what we did find out was that Copperfield was well aware that this ring was not only going on, but girls were being used to recruit the underage girls.
Remember we hammered home yesterday that there were already a vast number of associates of Epstein that seemed to be on that Ghislaine Maxwell type level in this operation.
So they're trying to put out the celebrity.
The only name that I have seen so far
That was not in the public arena is Michael Jackson.
And of course, that can be sensationalized because of all the allegations against Jackson over his lifetime and the large debate that's gone on in our society of what he was guilty of and what he wasn't.
Meanwhile, it's almost a nothing burger because in association to that meeting, there were no massages.
They were asked if he did anything sexually.
There's no evidence of that.
Marvin Minsky.
is another name that they're putting forward out there along with Clinton, Trump, etc.
that were already in the documents.
Of course, Clinton's name coming up much more now.
And if you've noticed, they're telling you not to do searches in the mainstream media, just like the mantra during the COVID-1984 nightmare was no longer do your own research.
In fact, you're a conspiracy nut and you're doing yourself harm if you do that.
They're saying don't go to sites like CourtListener or Pacer
And do searches.
Well, if you know what you're searching for, if you've seen some of these documents before, I would encourage you to do that.
It's going to take you a while to scrape these things, put them into a format where you can really search through them.
But that's how we're going to come into the real meat and potatoes of this.
Because as I mentioned before, Alex, you know, Bill Richardson, they're naming him again, Glenn Dubin.
These are names that have been out there.
But let's go to Minsky in particular, because I think that that is extremely important to explain to people.
We haven't really delved into the network, and you talked about unraveling that sweater.
Well, let's talk about Harvard.
Let's talk about MIT.
Let's talk about even celebrities like Elton John.
Let me stop you.
That's why Bill Gates is so obsessed and was funding a lot of this, is he wanted to compromise scientists.
Let me stop you.
This is not just government.
It's not just the Foreign Service.
It's not just the FBI.
They're compromising everybody, and it's a giant blackmail game.
Blackmail a CIA or an FBI or NSA gets, the more power they have in their own battles for power inside the country.
So they're also working against each other at many times.
The fact that this game of how they control broke in the last 20 years in England.
Now it's coming here.
Now people are realizing that the same system was right there under the surface.
And that's why they're so concerned.
And that reminds me, guys, pull up Cuomo.
It'll take him a while to get it.
Remember Cuomo during the WikiLeaks on CNN?
He said, listen, it's illegal for you to look at WikiLeaks.
We are only allowed to at CNN.
Well, that wasn't true, okay?
But they're trying to make being a journalist or a citizen illegal, but you're absolutely right.
This is human intelligence, folks.
We can't go through, when I said thousands of pages of Jeremy Conservative, it's probably 50,000.
I mean, it's literally hundreds and hundreds of pages of links to huge documents, some of them 500 pages long, okay?
So, but it's going to be all of you in the next 48 hours, the next week,
Why did Infowars break so many of the big stories?
Because I and Paul Watson and the crew sat there religiously reading it, and also we saw listeners that found it and sent it to us.
So we were in the email.
That's how we're going to do this.
People sending us your tips.
This is a big ass elephant we got to eat.
One of us can't do it.
Ten of us can't do it in the next few days, but together we can do it.
So just start reading, folks.
Get in there and then repost the info.
And then remember, when you try to post it on Facebook and places, they're still blocking it.
Shame on them, they're now aiding and abetting it.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, absolutely, and to that point, Alex, I actually have yet another video that I'm not even able to review on YouTube from four and a half years ago in the Epstein case taken down for cyberbullying.
I've reposted that same video on my Twitter if people want to check it out.
I don't know what I'm cyberbullying, reading the same documents that are now further unredacted that we're talking about today, Alex.
And so that's the big takeaway, and I'm going to shut up and let you keep going.
We have the same old corporate media run by the intelligence agencies suppressing court documents all over the place right now.
Okay, so these people are aiding and abetting child sex rings where they kill the children in many cases.
I just showed you mainstream news admitting it, and then we try to expose it, and no, no, no, we can't.
Keep going.
No, absolutely.
And you know, just shortly to that point, you know, you have John Kiriakou, the guy that blew the whistle on the waterboarding, did prison time.
He's actually on tape talking about assets in the Middle East where you would go get the assets, young boys, underage kids.
For information.
That's on the record.
Anybody can check that out.
I know you just went through a plethora of articles.
The world is a very dark place.
And like I said, this is a network.
We haven't really expanded.
On the network, right?
The names are still coming out.
But when you look at MIT and you look at Stephen Hawking, for instance, that's been discussed yet another one of the big headlines the media is going with is this underage orgy that somehow Stephen Hawking took part in.
Now, the guy was in a wheelchair at that point, although if you look at his history, he certainly had different types of women around him.
And who knows what he was capable of?
I'll leave it at that.
What's really interesting is they don't want you to get into the victim testimony and really some of the individuals that again have been on the record but more is being unredacted like Rodriguez.
I believe it's Eduardo Rodriguez.
This was a guy who was a bodyguard security.
He was actually facilitating a lot of the payments and his testimony is going to be key.
People really need to get into that.
But going back to Epstein himself and these networks, let's just take a look at not only this article here, because Elton John, his AIDS Foundation, Harvard University, you know, that is a hub for intelligentsia.
And MIT, you've got to remember, even today, Boston Dynamics, Alex, this is DARPA stuff.
OK, so this is at the highest levels of the Pentagon as well.
And if we've learned anything from these not so benevolent charity systems, it's a way to launder money.
It's a way to have your influence felt.
It's a way to be tax free.
I was about to bring up Bono used to give 0.07 percent, so 7 percent of 1 percent
That's 7% of 1%.
Then he went up to 1%.
That's why he's the One Foundation, is the joke.
That's mainstream headlines.
Type in, head of U2 gives less than 1% and later now he gives 1%.
So he goes and does Africa fundraisers, billions of dollars around the world for Africans and then keeps 99% of the money.
He's all tied in with them too.
He's actually on the list.
He's one of the people that was in the Black Book of Associates, Alex.
This is the big club.
We can talk about even Ghislaine Maxwell's family's current connections to things like the World Economic Forum.
Well, he ran a school with Bill Barr's dad.
You know, you talk about Bill Barr's connection.
We scraped the surface there as well.
Because when you look at this network, and you look at Bill Clinton in particular, you know, one of the things that I may go over later in that fourth hour, I intend on showing actually yet another model sex ring that we didn't get to talk about yesterday.
I think?
And people, you know, everybody wants to get their kids involved in pageants, particularly fashion.
Look at how one son committed suicide of the big globalist fortune.
But Anderson Cooper was placed as a male model at like age seven.
So these families knowingly put their children into this.
This is beyond satanic.
Fashion industry is even worse than Hollywood.
It's the plague.
Stay away from it.
Don't go there.
It's where dreams are destroyed.
Man, when you said Hollywood, I hope people caught your interview actually with Jimmy Dore that just sparked this memory.
You know, briefly, you brought up Bill Maher talking about an actress named Bella Thorne.
Well, Bella Thorne, she came up from these Disney shows and she's on the record saying she was being raped in that industry from the age of six years old to 14.
Eight years, Alex, and nobody around her did anything.
People wonder how these things are possible.
Well, unfortunately, you're dealing with sociopaths, psychopaths, and people that really are only concerned with their bottom dollar, right?
Their end.
Remember the little girl that was an imposter, guys?
She reportedly got raped, and in an autopsy, she got a ruptured rectum.
So she was raped to death, reportedly.
I know of what you speak, and again, I've actually reported on that as well.
There's some controversy surrounding that, but there's no controversy.
Look at how Disney will rehire convicted pedophiles!
I mean, there are names out there in the Disney and Nickelodeon-verse, I'll just say right now, that have some very dark allegations against them.
And, you know, this is the thing, Alex.
You know, I've got two teenage girls living with me.
My nieces live with me.
They're 13 and 14 now.
And, you know, they've been at that age where they aggrandize this type of entertainment and want to do this and that.
And they don't understand the darker side.
It's a spider's web.
It's a weapon system.
It is, and you've constantly got to address what is reality with your children, what's actually going on behind the scenes with these celebritards, as I call them.
Some of them are just victims of the system, right?
I mean, when you're in that system at six years old, like, say, a Bella Thorne,
It's a giant!
Humanization turned humans into a commodity cult.
They've got to first get the cult to turn us into commodities and have no soul.
Then they can project that disease on everybody else as a weapon system.
Just like the universities are cults now to be projected as weapon systems.
Just like communists take over a country, then they go into the exploitation phase to use the country to take over the next country.
And so it's that simple.
So I want to come back more in the documents.
I want to drill into how they're going to respond and what's coming next because, I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this is a lot bigger than Epstein.
He was just a maitre d' or an organizer for Mossad, MI6, CIA.
They're all the same at the top.
People say, oh, why are you covering up for this group?
At the top, it's all the same group, folks, okay?
I got stacks of CIA, stacks of MI6, stacks of Mossad.
It's all the same thing at the top.
And you talked about MKUltra.
Dr. Ewing Cameron, on record, there's like PBS documentaries and Discovery Channel documentaries, had over 10,000 kidnapped children, foster children in government facilities, with electroshock and drugs erasing their minds, trying to create sex slaves and assassins.
That's Discovery Channel!
That's declassified!
That was declassified in Congress.
And he didn't go to jail.
And the guy that worked for him was another doctor.
Ewing Cameron was the main guy.
Jolion West was his aide-de-camp.
He was the doctor to Tim McVeigh and a bunch of other key people.
I mean, you can't make this up.
It's MKUltra Externalized.
Stay with us.
I'm not on Team NFL.
I'm not on Team NBA.
I'm not on Team Olympics.
I'm not on Team Globalist or Wokism in the New World Order.
I'm on Team Humanity, ladies and gentlemen, that loves God and loves our families and loves humanity and knows that we're destined to do even more incredible things than we've already done together.
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Get your limited edition Team Humanity t-shirts right now at InfoWarStore.com, and I thank you.
I'm not on Team NFL.
I'm not on Team NBA.
I'm not on Team Olympics.
I'm not on Team Globalist or Wokism in the New World Order.
I'm on Team Humanity, ladies and gentlemen, that loves God and loves our families and loves humanity and knows that we're destined to do even more incredible things than we've already done together.
And so, inspired by my conversation with Elon Musk recently, where he agreed with my idea to call it Team Humanity,
We've launched two limited edition t-shirts at InfoWarsTore.com.
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From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Last night I heard a dancer came dancing
A lot of times, big stories that are breaking are diversions.
And when they are, I don't cover them.
But this Epstein thing is like the string on the sweater that can pull the whole thing down.
That's what Jason Mermis has made films on, that's why we've covered it in Ozium, we've done so many reports.
We really study this, and the globalists admit this, Zbigniew Brzezinski,
When I was about eight years old, my dad was reading a Zbigniew Brzezinski book, and I said, Dad, what's that book about?
Because I could already read real good then, but I wouldn't read those books until a few years later.
About 10 or 11, I started reading them.
I was reading Nietzsche when I was 10.
I didn't really understand it until later.
And he said, oh, well, the government controls the criminal groups, they say, because that lets them have control over everything.
So that's their excuse, but really, they're really bad.
Thanks for watching!
Uncle, my mother's brother, good friends with my dad, was high-level in Iran-Contra, building airfields and logistics.
He wasn't like a commando or something, though.
He'd done a lot of stuff in Vietnam and the covert operations there.
He was super, had like multiple silver stars and a bunch of others.
He was like a hero at landing zones and all that.
He didn't talk until he died.
We were like opening up all these medals.
It was ridiculous.
He told my dad about all this off record, and then when my uncle was dying, he told me about it all.
And that was nine years ago now.
And that was the last straw for him because he was involved in logistics, communication systems.
They were still using Morse code in the White House and the Pentagon because nobody could break it.
And when he was a kid, he'd won the national contest.
He was the youngest ham radio operator ever.
I'm bragging about my uncle.
He was so awesome.
He was like Popeye.
Left his LSU linebacker job to go join in Vietnam, the whole nine yards, Captain America type guy.
And he wasn't involved in it, but he knew they were smuggling little kids out of orphanages in Guatemala, and they didn't know where they were going.
And he said that was the line in the sand for him to leave and not be part of it.
And back then, imagine, I'm getting told this nine years ago, all this open human smuggling of kids out of Latin America wasn't public then.
And I knew he wasn't a liar, but it was still wild.
I was like, you gotta stop them, they're killing the kids, they're shipping them out, I saw it.
You know, when he's literally dying of pneumonia.
And he'd mentioned some of it a few years before that, before he died, but wouldn't get into it.
He's like, this stuff about child trafficking, he goes, you know, they use fine art, they use drugs, they use it as an underground currency, it's the money laundering.
They'll sell a painting for 50 million, but really it's a payment to somebody for something they did.
And now we all know that.
So that's why I had a leg up in all this.
I'm going off down a rabbit trail here.
But Jason, how is the power structure going to respond to this?
Because in the days that come, we'll get more.
We'll dig into it deeper.
There's already a bunch of bombshells here.
We'll get to the fourth hour.
You come back, you're going to do that.
But how are they going to deal with it when the corporate media that already is hated has denied this and ridiculed people?
And now it has just exploded.
I mean, everything we're putting out on X is getting five million views right now on the subject.
And it's not just us.
It's top trend.
Hundreds of millions of views.
I looked at today.
It was like all these new videos of people and old videos and analysis and stories and all the stuff we know but other people haven't researched.
I wish they knew.
There's this crash course happening right now and there's like hundreds of millions of views an hour of people finding the truth.
What is the power structure going to do, Jason?
I'm really concerned.
Well, I think they're going to focus in on the tropes that are already out there.
Let's take Bill Clinton, for instance.
They're going to focus in that all these things are unfounded and everybody knew about Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein.
What most people don't understand
Is that he was highly involved, you know, we were talking about these different foundations.
Well, the Clinton Global Initiative is, in fact, Jeffrey Epstein.
That is key, folks.
You know, he was visiting the White House.
We have that on record and this information is kind of trickled out.
Yes, he was integral in that.
Let's talk about Bill Clinton.
You know, you brought up Iran-Contra, and that is so key to understand.
Where did Bill Clinton come from?
He came from Mena, Arkansas, one of the hubs for the activity.
Where did Bill Barr come from?
In fact, Bill Barr is named as a guy named Robert Johnson in one of the pilots that was flying in from South America and then dropping off drugs and money in Mena, Arkansas.
Again, these are his words, not mine.
Anybody can look this up.
They can watch the book.
There were reviews in the Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, you name it.
And of course Barr denied this.
But the incident that we're talking about in Mena, Arkansas was a payoff.
We had sheriffs come forward during that period and say that Bill Clinton was coming up into that small little airport and getting suitcases full of money while the cocaine was coming in.
Bill Clinton's
Brother, we actually document this in Invisible Empire, the film that Alex produced well over a decade ago now, got picked up for dealing cocaine.
And one of the quotations that he was on tape saying is, gotta get some for my brother, he's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner.
Again, this is all public stuff, just like it was public that Jennifer Flowers came forward well before he was president and said she was riding around with Bill Clinton doing cocaine all the
Hi, so there was actually a Hollywood movie Alex.
I know people like movies out there Tom Cruise American made there are two just quick points highly fictionalized however The guy that actually made the film was the son of one of the prosecutors in Iran Contra he didn't want to call it American made the working title was Mina, Arkansas
Bill Clinton just has a slight role where he basically calls in to all these different agencies, FBI, this is a fictitious part, the police, and gets Barry Seale, the known cocaine smuggler, off, although a lot of that, again, derived from reality.
And then the last part of the film, right before the credits, they show an archived
News piece of footage where they ask George H.W.
Bush about his role in Iran-Contra, and he walks off uncomfortably.
Even Lee Hamilton, after the fact, one of the whitewashers in not only Iran-Contra, but 9-11.
We're talking networks here, Alex.
I mean, he was head of that commission as well.
Prince Andrew, this is what they want you to stay away from, right?
They want you to talk about Prince Andrew going out of Epstein's Palace.
They now, in the documents, he's in orgies with, like, 13-year-old girls.
And what I was trying to explain yesterday is one of the reasons that they like this guy to be so compromised is what?
He is their arms dealer.
You know, they want you to focus on the kooky hats and the regalia, etc.
But when you look at this, you know, he's got deals with Libyan gunrunners.
It's not a secret.
Let's be clear, the kids are about the compromise and like ordering a pizza.
They're just involved orbiting.
It's gunrunning, art running, money laundering, just every crime you can imagine they're doing.
Well, let me just read this, and this is from a piece trying to defend him.
Arms and weapons were a particular area of interest for the Prince.
Wherever he went, arms deals would seem to follow.
In 2009-2010, he made a series of trips to Yemen, which were immediately followed by arms sales.
I mean, this again is out in the open.
So there's a total of answers.
So let me move to this.
I'm going to go back to this.
What are they going to do about Trump?
What are they going to do with all this out?
The fact that the documents are like, Trump never around the kids.
One time he was at a public event, the girl said, you know, never asked him out, never touched her, any of this.
We already know Trump told investigators 2009 everything he knew.
They said it was very helpful.
I mean, we have the lawyers, the victims saying, no, Trump was never there.
So the media has tried to make it about Trump.
He's on airplanes flying from New Jersey and New York down there.
They share airplanes.
He knew him.
They're socialites.
But that's totally different.
What are they going to do now that that's all been disproven?
You know, I think they're just going to focus away from it.
If you notice, they haven't been able to hype that up, except for that initial video that came out, I don't know, three or four years ago.
And if you're asking me what I think they're doing with Trump, I think they're going to put him in prison.
You know, this is almost a foregone conclusion in my mind.
That's why it's so important that this information can at least get out on one big platform.
Really that empowers that platform.
Because people need the real information.
Well, I'll tell you this, Alex.
Obviously, I still remain pretty skeptical of Musk, and I would say this.
You want to make X the total free speech platform.
It's really easy.
You could do it today.
In the following tab, right, because now we have two tabs for you or following.
In the following tab, let's get rid of the algorithm.
Let's go back to the baseline where if I follow Alex Jones, I get every single one of Alex Jones' tweets or anybody else.
That right there would go a long way in proving that this is the ultra-free speech platform, right?
Because then... Can we give people credit for moving in the right direction rapidly?
Yeah, well, again, I hope to see something like that.
Again, I think that putting you on is a huge thing.
It's been five years since you've been able to be on any major social media.
You know, we just discussed how YouTube, which is really Google, and, you know, talk about a monopoly, it's a technopoly, is still censoring.
Well, they're not just censoring self-exposing criminals.
Used to, even five years ago, you'd run on the road, it showed you every gas station and restaurant.
It only shows the ones that pay now.
So you need a gas station.
There's 10 gas stations you drive by, but it only shows you one that pays.
That is censoring reality.
That is destroying trust.
Jason, I'm going to come right back to you.
We've got to go to break here.
But ladies and gentlemen, there's so much to digest here, so much to go over.
I want to get into some of these documents and tie it into other pedophile networks that governments are using front men for, kind of their Renfields to the Draculas.
We're going to get to that in a moment.
But I've got a very exciting announcement.
And this is super exciting.
When I say this is exciting, if you get excited about this, and you go and do this, it'll fund this whole operation, you'll see nothing but victory, nothing but more hardcore reporters, all sorts of devastating investigations.
I got approached two years ago by folks that had made some private video games, by private small company video games, that were really good.
They said, we want to have you going after the New World Order, all this stuff.
I said, sure, make it.
They came to me about a year later and I said, that's pretty good, make it better.
They put out a game, Alex Jones New World Order Wars.
That's already won a bunch of awards that people love.
It's like a 1990s retro game.
And it's got a bunch of secret stuff and secret levels and things that already on a website, because it wasn't accepted at Steam at first, which is the third largest platform out there.
150 million users every week or so.
Steam accepted it quietly a month ago.
It went live yesterday.
And if you go to InfoWars.com to the live show feed, we'll put it on screen, or we'll show my ex post from this morning.
It will take you directly to the sub-page or just go to steam.com and just put in Alex Jones New World Wars and get it for $17.76.
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Again, we have links on my x-page at infowars.com.
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It's a big deal.
We take on Epstein Island, we take on Bill Gates, we take on the New World Order, we take on San Francisco, and Gavin Newsom, the surprise guest Joe Rogan, and
Tucker Carlson and, you know, Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton flying a broom.
Go to Real Alex Jones, scroll down to this morning.
New World Order Wars is now available on Steam.
This is a big deal for the M4.
The system fought hard to keep the game off Steam, but failed, and now millions will play it.
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Please check it out.
If you scroll down, or just click right there, click the link, it takes you
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This could literally energize this whole operation.
It's a fun game.
It's like an audio book.
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There's no video game like this.
And if this is successful, which it already is on the website, it already brought in a few hundred thousand dollars.
But that was the cost of development.
A lot of people had to work to build this.
This could make tens of millions of dollars.
It'll piss off the system.
It will totally upset them.
So I want to play a few minutes and go back to Jason Burmess.
We recorded us a few weeks ago playing the game.
So I'm not the best at playing it.
I've only played it like 20 times.
My family loves it.
I'm so busy I'm not playing a lot.
Everybody loves it.
But here we are playing the game at the Epstein Island level where we take on Bill Clinton, the rapist.
We take on Hillary Clinton.
Roll it with audio right now.
Here it is.
I think we can all agree that this new video game from Alex Jones looks fantastic.
God, this is so well made.
This is absolutely genius.
I went online and bought it, played it, it's fun as hell.
That's crazy.
This is awesome.
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The game is amazing.
You can purchase the game right here on AlexJonesGame.com.
Just in time for Christmas, it's the Alex Jones video game.
I can't believe how hilarious and fun this looks.
I did not have sexual relations with that saxophone.
I'm definitely going to play it.
I'm going to buy it.
Check the game out.
It's epic.
It's a conversation starter.
It's definitely funny as hell.
Defeat Big Tech Cucks.
No way!
Oh, I destroyed him!
I beat him!
I thought you did computers, leftard!
Is it too late for an entry into Jeff Keighley's Game Awards?
I'm buying the game.
Game of the Year?
Clearly, I mean, clearly.
Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but his island is still ripe and full of pedophiles and satanic child sacrifice.
Babies are being kidnapped and are being turned into a stew for the globalist elites to eat so they can live forever.
The crooked witch of the West Wing is leading the charge, and I am going to get between her and those poor babies.
They will not be turned into stew, not on my watch.
Save the baby!
So these levels are all big and long and have hidden things and everything else.
And there's two bosses, later levels even more than two bosses.
But the point is, go to AlexJonesGame.com where you had to play it only on that platform before.
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This is a huge victory.
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The rest is for my family.
But I'm not doing this for money, I'm doing it to win.
They do not want
Anti-globalist culture to be popular, but it's okay.
This thing exploded when it was first released a month ago.
And it got so much attention, but most people don't want to go to a website to play, you know, and download a video game.
But Steam, it will.
Let's make it number one on Steam.
They're already saying, you know, it's going to win the Game of the Year award.
It's already won a bunch of awards.
Skip ahead to the end, where we take on Bill Clinton, we take on Hillary flying around, we save the babies.
This is where the fight is.
Hollywood doesn't want us doing things like this.
Hollywood doesn't want us making movies and video games.
Don't worry, it's already a success.
I want to make it a rip-roaring success.
Go to AlexJonesGame.com.
Let's play some audio right here.
The lottery is rigged.
I did not have sexual relations with that saxophone.
I mean, they do not like this.
But hey, it's perfect timing that the game got approved a few weeks ago and is now live yesterday.
Skip ahead now.
There's a lot between this.
Skip ahead to Hillary.
Because it's like, you know, 15 minutes per level.
Or longer.
Even if you're good at the game.
Show, show.
Oh yeah, play this.
I came, I saw, he died.
Ladies and gentlemen, how can you not go to AlexJonesGame.com, click right through to Steam, AlexJonesGame.com, and get this game.
I mean, this will fund the InfoWar.
This is so exciting.
And I'll hire a bunch of reporters.
Maybe I'll hire Burmese back.
I mean, we want to expand in 2024, 10 months out of the election.
Jason, you're going to be back at...
2 p.m.
today, a full hour.
I won't be there.
You'll be able to cover everything, get to all the documents and more.
The big takeaway is we're putting major pressure on the FBI, the Justice Department, which we're making friends, saying where are the DVDs, where are the hard drives that we know you have, where are the VHS tapes?
But in the few minutes until we got a break, what else do you want to add and talk about?
Come up in an hour.
What are you going to be covering?
Well, I'm going to be covering more on the Bill Clinton relationship, not just the
Clinton Initiative, but the relationship that he had with Ghislaine Maxwell.
Now again, mainstream articles that he was having dinners with Maxwell all the way up until 2014.
On top of that, Alex, there are also reports that they had a sexual
That would be Maxwell and Clinton.
The headline that is getting the most traction today is Jeffrey Epstein discussing how Bill Clinton liked them young.
But I mean, that's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black when it comes to Epstein.
Again, Alex, the main emphasis needs to be, and it's so great that some of these videos have gone viral, that the one location
That we know that they investigated.
The New York location had hard drives, burned DVDs, and binders full of material including photographs that have never been made to the public.
Another thing!
That I'm going to be discussing is how Epstein actually used the laws in certain states to evade any type of prosecution or even investigation.
People wonder how he got that loophole in Arizona, and I believe it's because the age of consent was either 15 or 16 at the time.
In fact,
Epstein's crimes, and this was highly underreported, but we're going to show you the articles that confirm it, were not crimes officially in 30 plus states until you trafficked these young girls into other states.
So, you know, he was doing this around the country and around the globe.
You know, we talk about Prince Andrew.
We're not only going to get into the arms dealing, but we're going to show you the high society that he was also able to connect with, including in Hollywood.
We're going to talk about the relationship to Weinstein.
You know, Bradley Edwards is out there.
In the
To basically investigate and harass many of his victims.
At least that's what we publicly know.
And that's why this is so important, Alex, right?
Weinstein was brought to justice.
That was a huge win.
I remember I was on my way to DC.
In fact, I think it was when you were holding your event.
I was going to an Action for Assange event.
You'd actually held a free speech event a few days later.
And being in my car and hearing that he actually got sentenced
We're good to go.
I think so.
Because you're starting to get into it.
How are they going to respond?
I know I sound like a parrot or a broken record, but man, the new world order is in a lot of trouble right now.
Power outages, cyber attacks, mass shootings, terror attacks, new Oklahoma cities.
I mean, I think we're about to see it all.
We'll talk to Jason Burmiss about that.
We come back in two minutes.
Stay with us at bullwars.com.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the Resistance.
So the world is waking up to how the power structure sees us as animals.
Or like steak on the table.
And they're in a lot of trouble.
So how are they going to strike back?
We had a special guest on the military waking up.
They were able to buy a weapon through the shots and taking action there.
And then Jason will be back in the fourth hour.
But Jason, what else is on your radar screen?
Well, when you talk about how they're going to react, this is exactly how they're reacting.
They're trying to make it all about
Conspiracy theories and you get to the sub headline of this piece right here and it's what the storm is upon us how QAnon became a movement cult and conspiracy theory of everything.
This has really bothered me because this is a subject that you and I have been talking about now for decades.
You being at the forefront really in the late 90s talking about high-level pedophilia when people were still in doubt that something like the Catholic Church could be involved in those types of things.
Well, now the consciousness has expanded.
And they want to make everything about their talking points, right?
They don't want to get into the meat and potatoes.
So when they talk about QAnon, they also want to talk about Pizzagate.
And you know, yesterday, Alex,
We briefly discussed this one Podesta email.
That's what I want to dive into.
Because they can scream things like Pizzagate all they like.
I'm going to read this email to people.
I'm going to draw no conclusions.
Okay, and this is between myself and Emily Steele.
They obviously wanted to do a hit piece on Jones, and I said I would be more than happy to talk to them if they address this email.
Let's read.
This email from 2015 addressed to John Podesta and his buddies.
With enormous gratitude to advanced man extraordinaire Haber, I am popping up again to share our excitement about the reprise of our gang's visit to the farm in Lubbockville.
And I'd share a couple of more notes.
We plan to heat the pool so a swim is a possibility.
Bonnie will be Uber servicing to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Lozado, 11, 9, and almost 7, so you'll have some further entertainment, and they will be in that pool for sure!
I'll just stop it right there.
First of all, who Ubers small children to farms unattended, and why in the world would you put down their ages?
What kind of entertainment
Would our gang be providing to, again, elderly men like John Podesta and his friends in a heated pool, which they will be in for sure?
I don't really think I have to speculate much.
You know, when Alex yesterday was talking about things like $60,000 for hot dogs, let's put that
Into perspective, you are actually going to spend $60,000 in hot dogs.
I buy a premium hot dog.
I'm a Nathan's or a Hebrew National guy, like a good Snapdog or Frankfurter.
When you buy them in bulk of, say, $12 to $18, they're less than a dollar.
Are they having an event at the Satyama Super Arena for 60,000 people?
Are they watching the Dallas Cowboys play?
It's absurd.
To think that those were not code words for other things.
And WikiLeaks, which I want to remind people, has a record of a hundred percent accuracy.
Really, there's no other outlet that has done so.
Even other leaking organizations have published falsified documents in the past.
WikiLeaks never did.
And what did they do?
They put out that FBI document with telltale signs of pedophilia networks.
And then, when they released those DNC emails, they said, look for signs of human trafficking in them.
So now you've got to go out there, I'll be back in the next hour, and check out these documents at CourtListener.
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Back in the day for all you Neo Geo players out there.
I played through the whole thing.
I thought it was great.
Now that it's on Steam, I'm gonna buy it again just so I have it in my Steam library.
I encourage you to do the same.
Alex Jones will be back after this.
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Alex will be back after this.
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Alright, welcome back to hour number three.
I'll be back in the fourth hour with Jason Mermis as we do the deep dive on the globalist CIA, Mossad, MI6 pedophile ring that's hijacked our government and how we are exposing it and bringing them down.
Obviously, millions of new people, and I mean that conservatively,
Are tuned in right now.
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Because who knows, they could kill Elon Musk and shut X down tomorrow.
Hope that doesn't happen.
But we're in crazy times.
Ford's last show.
So about a week ago an open letter to the American people for signatures of the Declaration of Military Accountability went out and since then it's gone mega viral and millions of people have been supporting it and tens of thousands signing on to it.
It's a lot of former generals and patriots that have signed on to this saying an experimental injection
Was given our military, and we're not stupid, we know it was purposeful to kick good people out to then sabotage it.
And I forgot to tell the crew this.
Get that clip from a month ago of the Army, no, it was a Navy officer who got the restricted document about 960 plus percent increase in heart failure since the shot started.
Official Navy letterhead saying we've got a crisis.
I want to play that coming up because
We have the numbers.
We have the facts.
At least 17 million dead.
Top insurance company actuaries.
The real number is over 20 million, but the conservative 17 and change.
I mean, this is how you take down America.
Foreign enemies aren't going to hit us when we've got nuclear weapons directly.
They're going to dissolve the border, ship in fentanyl, create race war, everything you've seen.
Put in puppets, steal elections.
This letter has really gotten a lot of steam, but here's the Navy officer.
Excuse me, Navy officer talking about how most of their helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft having issues getting pilots because they're so sick.
Listen to the last number he gives, 900 plus percent increase in heart failure.
Nothing like this has ever happened.
It's happened to commercial airlines as well.
Their answer is go to one pilot, go to AI.
Here it is.
So in July, Undersecretary Cisneros acknowledged the DMET data, the database working properly, and also acknowledged things such as myocarditis rising 151%.
So what I did, I went in today.
I'm doing the same thing.
Five-year average.
However, I'm comparing it to 2022.
And I only am using fixed-wing pilots and helicopter pilots in active duty.
So we got hypertensive disease, 36%.
Ischemic heart disease, 69%.
Pulmonary heart disease, 62%.
Heart failure, 973%.
Other forms of heart disease, 63%.
Cardiomyopathy, 152%.
Sorry, I said 960 from memory.
And that's what we're seeing from the insurance companies.
It was 970 plus.
These are hard numbers.
And then it came out yesterday in AP of all places.
Moderna admits, that's who the Pentagon first tapped to do this, so it was the same as the Pfizer shot, just the equivalent of four.
It was contaminated with unknown substances.
Remember they, it was white sheets with the drug, they wouldn't tell you what it was.
So this, this is it.
This is, the American people are fighting back, we're taking our country back, we got, they hit us with this.
To bring us under martial law.
This was all a drill for martial law.
Now the deep state's saying we're going to have civil war and that the evil Trump supporters are going to blow everything up.
There's Obama produced movies and other big movies coming out.
We'll talk about that with Ivan Reikland.
And more after we talk about this big letter.
Ivan Reikland has been a lawyer.
He's also been at the Defense Intelligence Agency, where our great General Flynn comes from, in a green beret, in war zones all over the world.
He's an ultra-marathoner operating at the intersection of national security, startups, politics, and law.
And he's at Reikland on X. R-A-I-K-L-I-N.
So, Ivan, we are in the zone right now, obviously.
It's all going down.
Ten months to the election.
People know there's a coup.
People know there's pedophile rings.
People know the shots are poison.
And I don't think the globalists are going to give up.
They're going to keep creating crises.
To try to scare everyone into submission.
There's even been documents that have been declassified where they say, we're going to create crises, that'll make them follow us.
Here it is, apocalypse now, the government's use of controlled chaos to maintain power.
So I don't want to miss the forest for the trees.
We'll talk about the military declaration and calling for
Accountability of those that did it and illegally giving an experimental shot.
It's like anthrax got stopped because it was experimental.
That's important.
We'll talk about that.
But big picture, they're priming everything with the talking points.
Full-on martial law, civil war.
How do we counter that?
What do we expect to happen?
Ivan Reynkland, thanks for joining us.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me as always.
So yeah, I agree with you that this is one component of the broader problem set that we have globally that you know more than most people out there.
This letter particularly is a focus on the military because from my perspective and our collective perspective,
In order to claw our country back, we need to restore trust and faith in the institution that traditionally has been the most revered and trusted and honored institution within the U.S.
federal government.
So if we can't get that right, if we can't get our own house in order from the perspective of those that signed this... No, you're right.
We've got to recapture our military.
That's the number one target.
Right, so more broadly, we can start working on the other institutions.
Because, let's face it, the DOJ, the FBI, we already lost it due to complete rot.
Whereas we're in this critical juncture, we've reached that apex moment, if you will, where now it's time to claw back our beloved institution, the Department of Defense.
And this is really what this letter showcases.
And if I may, just read one of the excerpts that really just sets the stage of this document.
It goes like this, in the course of human events,
It sometimes becomes necessary to admonish the lawless, encourage the faint-hearted, and strengthen the weak.
We have reached just such a time in our history.
The affairs of our nation are now steeped in avaricious corruption, and our once stalwart institutions, including the Department of Defense, are failing to fulfill the moral obligations upon which they were founded.
Standing upon our natural and constitutional rights, we hereby apprise the American people that we have exhausted all internal efforts to rectify recent criminal activity within the armed forces.
And in this document, we list some of the key individuals, senior leaders, former and current, at the Pentagon that were involved in promulgating and instituting the unlawful, illegitimate, lawless, constitutionally violating
COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
Actually more accurately coined as the CCP-19 response emergency use authorized DNA mutilation injection and the other EUA products.
And so what are we going to, a lot of people ask, what are we going to do?
That comes down to the third to last paragraph.
Essentially if you take a look at that
Lawful authority to do so, we pledge to recall from retirement the military leaders who broke the law and will convene courts martial for the crimes they committed.
For those of us who attain legislative offices, we pledge to introduce legislation to remove all retirement income for the military leaders who were criminally complicit and we will ensure none serve in nor retire from the senior executive service.
Now again,
My stance is way more aggressive than this, but collectively this is the minimum that we pledge.
My stance is that I am going to personally guarantee over the next several decades, if that's what it takes, and then pass on to my children the necessary knowledge and skills to guarantee that consequences are going to be had by those listed and those that we're going to continue to name.
Of which, by the way, I'm going to break on your show today, Alex, my deep state target list.
Depends on when you want me to introduce that.
Yeah, so before we go into the list, actually, I think it might be more appropriate.
So, Brad Miller is the one that sent out this email, right, to the senior leaders in the Pentagon, to include the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, along with this letter of accountability.
If you don't mind, maybe after the break, I can read the actual email of which I was speaking on.
I'm skipping the break.
You're on the air.
Just go.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
So, we're skipping breaks.
So, if you can pull up the actual letter
It was not the letter, but the email that was sent to the 18 most senior leaders within the Pentagon, to include the Chairman, the Joint Chiefs, themselves.
It was essentially, hey, you're being CC'd and put on notice.
We are pledging, not only just the 231 of us, but the broader American society is going to see this letter.
Okay, well, you're asking us to pull that up, Ivan.
Is it on your Twitter, or where is it?
Let's just, let's talk about it.
I sent it to Daria.
Okay, yeah, she's not here.
She's just, let's get into it right now.
So the letter basically is directed to the American people.
The email that was sent at 4 a.m.
on January 1st was sent by Brad Miller on behalf of the 231 of us to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as well as 17 other leaders within the Pentagon.
And the email is listed right here.
It puts them on notice that we are, as a courtesy, CCing you what we're telling the American people that we're going to guarantee, which is your accountability, and giving them an off-ramp to basically come onto our side, which is, hey, reinvigorate your oath of office,
Take a look at the Constitution.
Learn what we already knew three years ago during this unlawful CCP 19, I guess the last two years with the mandate.
Learn with us that it was unlawful and start the autocorrect process in order to avoid maximal consequences as we see you repent.
That's essentially what is encapsulated in that email.
Now the reason why I know that this email was received and they know what's going on is one of the, I don't know exactly whom, but one of those that was on the to line
Responded via fake book over to Brad and said, Hey, that email that you said, I did not receive it.
Can you receive resend that?
So he resend it to the same email address that he originally sent it to.
So we know that at least one of them and you know how it is.
They talk to each other.
Sure, but the whole point is this is about getting veterans upset about what happened to them and organize to let them know we're not going to accept these attacks anymore.
And then we should talk about why they did it.
Obviously to cull the military and to kick out the patriots so they can bring in the WOCUS.
Now this isn't only veterans like myself.
I represent, I like to say this, I represent the 80,000 of us, probably at a minimum, that left military service early.
I was selected for battalion command and they asked me, hey, you said you're going to retire.
You still want to retire?
I said, yeah, absolutely.
Because I don't want to participate in this lawlessness currently going on.
I think I'm more effective on the outside to apply the necessary pressure without the constraints of Hatch Act and all these other rules and regulations.
And what do you make of them now coming back last month?
What do you make of them coming back last month and saying, oh, we'll bring you back and pay you back pay, we want you back?
As we started to advise our chain of command to say, hey, what you're doing is unlawful and it's going to be played out in the courts.
And they were refusing to listen to us.
So then the courts started listening to us with some of these injunctions.
And then as the courts were about to hear the full evidentiary package to showcase the illegality of this,
That's when the executive branch, along with the legislative branch, decided to collude to say, hey, you know what?
We're going to pass a law that rescinds the mandate.
Well, guess what?
You're rescinding something that's already unlawful to begin with, and that was the mechanism for them without admitting it.
To stop the courts from continuing to pursue justice.
And so, since we exhausted essentially the Article 3, the Article 2 branch of government, the Article 3, and then the Article 1 branch of government, particularly this last year.
I've been up in Congress nearly every day trying to get Brad Wentz up.
And then the chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Mike Rogers from Alabama, to go ahead and essentially say publicly, this was an unlawful mandate.
Come clean, come correct.
And let's start to figure out the process for reconstitution and reconciliation at a minimum and then consequences thereafter.
They haven't listened to us.
So this is why we've come up with this letter as the essentially the last methodology that is in our quiver at this point to go ahead and put them on notice that we're going to take it to the American people and as we educate the American people
I suspect all of them are going to come to our side because now, three years later, I suspect that 90% of the military that's still currently in, regrets being duped into the DNA mutilation injection.
Sure, well that's why this is important.
I don't
Thank you.
So they know about it, and they're basically not responding to it.
No, absolutely.
But this has been covered at EPA, Breitbart, Foe & Friends.
Paul Ryan's little network yesterday happened to have one of the signatories on there.
They can't run away from this, and I think on Monday you're going to see why they're going to have to respond to this.
But for now, they're just trying to cover it up.
Because what is their ability to response?
What is the range of response that they can say?
Oh, no.
We actually want to destroy the Constitution.
No, we want to continue to violate the First Amendment rights, religious freedoms, and First Amendment free speech freedoms of military service members.
And you know what?
We want to violate their Fifth Amendment due process.
And on top of that, we want to continue to violate their Fourth Amendment as we continue to research and investigate them without lawful predicate.
They have no ability to respond in a way that makes them look good.
And so the more people that start to understand what occurred, it forces them to respond and
And at the end of the day, at a minimum, they're going to have to research what we quote-unquote allege, what we all know to be true, for them to learn what they did was unlawful, and they're going to have to come to grips with it.
And that's basically where we're at at this point.
Well, Ivan, let's do the million-foot view here.
Yeah, that's what I want to back up on.
We know that the Pentagon is used by the globalists for COG and emergency processes, and we know that the Pentagon was given the directive under Obama to create this COVID-19 vaccine.
And then they had it on the shelf, they waited, they released it in China, so they could say it came from there, and who knows if they were involved, I don't know.
But the response was to target the military, target the population, with a shot that erases your immune system, gives you cancer, heart attacks, myocarditis, 17 million dead.
The smart military would be forced to get out to protect their families.
That would then call out all the smart people.
So it's an admitted purge mechanism, like critical race theory, and transgenders, and Space Force having a man dressed as a woman up there as a clown.
There's a larger plan here.
Why would the globalists, with Russia and China and the collapsing border, all this, try to sabotage the military?
When it's the source of their power at the same time.
Or is it paradoxical?
They're globalists, they hate the country so much, they can't help but try to get full control of the military, even though it degrades the power of that military they control.
So they understand it's a fight about controlling the military, like in any putsch or despotic takeover, but then it's paradoxical because then they attack the very fount of their power.
Yeah, so as I mentioned when I was in studio earlier this year, I think it comes back to that where it's a global power competition.
China is seeking primacy and global hegemony.
And then Russia is seeking that second place position over the United States.
And what do they need to do?
They need to work together in order to decrease the capability of the United States.
Well, what is the most
The strongest institution in America, right?
It's the military.
So this rollout was primarily focused on our military institutions.
Not only that, but the veteran community.
Veterans Affairs was one of the first institutions to mandate the shot as well, right?
So it's essentially purging the most warrior ethos mindset individuals in our institutions in order to weaken the entire nation, for one.
Now, let's back up.
I mean, you're talking about the globalists and these folks.
When you start to peel the onion, as it applies to the DOD mandate and who was used to weaponize in order to promote that, and you start to connect the dots between them and the other deep state actors, before you even go to the global level, you start to peel the onion with an individual named here.
Major General Edmondson is one of the named individuals in this letter.
If I'm not mistaken, he was the general that signed off on the court-martial for a gentleman who's one of the signatories, Lieutenant Mark Bashaw.
He was court-martialed for advising his leadership at Aberdeen Proving Ground, at the health agency there, that hey, the emergency use authorized products are not safe and effective, meaning masks, testing, and the shots.
And there are other mechanisms at play that you and I know, you've had them on your show, of being able to mitigate the risk of the virus, right?
So what happens?
The staff judge advocate on behalf of this general is a guy by the name of Yevgeny Vindman.
Yes, the brother of Alexander Vindman, who concocted the fake whistleblower impeachment hoax, number one, against Mr. Trump.
In his tweet, Yevgeny Vindman says, Oh, I'm so honored to be the staff judge advocate.
I'm paraphrasing in order to go after somebody that was refusing the vaccine.
This guy is now running for Congress in the 7th Congressional District in Virginia.
And oh, by the way, one of the other signatories is running against him.
Mr. Cameron Hamilton.
So this is... And as you start to peel the onion some more with Yevgeny Vemin... It's a criminal network.
It's the same people over and over again.
And the balls to attack our military...
With their Twitter accounts and I'm asking for a call to action if we can bring that up.
I have it color-coded by category that I've identified.
Everyone that was involved from the 39 that unmasked General Flynn, the 51 to 60 that were the ones that were providing cover for the Biden criminal syndicate laptop, those that were involved in Impeachment Hoax 1, Impeachment Hoax 2, we went and my team created a list of everybody that are the top tier players in the Deep State by category.
I've done
Dozens of them.
Ivan, let me stop you.
This is the quote targeting list.
We're not targeting them to shoot them or kill them.
We don't want any violence.
We're targeting them as exposing the globalists.
Hold on.
I know, I know.
We're exposing them as the globalist cult operatives.
The coup within our military.
Is that what you're about to say?
Yes, and more so, this is the list that I would like to present to Elon Musk for him to work with Mr. Schellenberger and Matt Taibbi and maybe myself, I'll volunteer pro bono and others to go ahead and why don't we look at the direct messages of their Twitter accounts because I listed the names.
Those that have Twitter accounts that we've identified, I would like for Elon Musk, similar to what the U.S.
Capitol Police should be doing, is release all the footage.
Release all the direct messages of all these Twitter accounts.
Because guess what?
There's no FOIA mechanism for a lot of these folks.
Yeah, so let's stop right there.
We've got to go to break, but what you're saying, this is moving fast, you're a lawyer, defense intelligence guy, Green Beret, all that stuff, this is what you do, you've gone through and you've collated
Out of all the millions of our veterans, it's a handful of literally a few hundred scumbags, dialed into the CIA and this whole globalist combine, and literally Jeffrey Epstein and the Clintons, that are doing all of this, and all we gotta do is spotlight the cockroaches, and spotlighting them will bring them down, and they'll certainly never think about releasing a new virus or trying it again.
That's level one.
Level two is they go to prison for the rest of their lives, we take back the country, and it's 1776 worldwide and the real new American century.
We'll be right back with Ivan Reikland.
Stay with us.
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Winter is coming.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
All right, I want everybody to listen to me very, very carefully before we go back to Ivan Reiklin, former Defense Intelligence Agency lawyer, Green Beret patriot, who's really been fighting hard for many years against the tyrants long before they stole the election in 2020.
We were interviewing him.
I don't come up here on air and
Write myself into this story so I'm part of it.
I want you to know the enemy's weaknesses because the best intelligence is on the ground, actual events, okay?
Not all this mumbo-jumbo.
Some of the most brainwashed people are people in the military and people in intelligence agencies.
Almost all of it's propaganda they give them to confuse them about what's really happening because most of them are actually good men and women.
Very early on, I saw Obama set up the Countering Foreign Disinformation Propaganda Act and a bunch of other stuff to set up what they call stay-behind networks or mole groups inside the Trump administration when he was the nominee and then when he was elected president.
They were already ready.
And so Trump would call up literally a lot to pat me on the head.
The main job is to keep Trump away from Alex Jones.
No one was telling him this.
Then I had law firms.
There are big Republican law firms, I'll leave it at that, that I paid a lot of money to collate all this, vet it, and say it was true, deliver it to Trump.
I'd say, sir, I'm getting your report next Tuesday.
I got him into his hands.
When that happened in 2017, they went apeshit.
I mean, ape, because I was just doing intelligence analyst stuff as a late talk show host that cares about his country.
And I could go Google who the people were, and I'm like, sir, this is a Soros top deputy, this is a Soros, McMaster's over here talking crap about you.
I mean, it was not hard.
An idiot could do this.
But Trump only watched Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and the Golf Channel in the NFL.
So Trump's really good and smart, except he's 78 now.
Back then he was like 74.
He's an old man, folks.
And everybody's got parents, you know.
They watch TV.
I mean, I go to my parents' house tonight.
They're smart about the world before that, but they were watching one thing.
That's Fox, man.
And if it isn't on Fox, they don't know.
So I'm sitting there.
And then all hell broke loose, and they now admitted it in Congress.
CIA, Defense Department, they were having hearings, the Justice Department attacking me, the Defense Department saying I'm a Russian agent.
I don't know anything about Russians, okay?
So, so...
So they are scared of this.
I didn't just tell you that two-minute story to go, oh look, I've done some stuff.
I'm tired of being up front.
And by that, on the front line.
I've done 30 years in April of this, okay?
I don't always want to be at the center of it.
I never think of myself that smart.
And I'm really frustrated.
I don't know why other people didn't do this.
Roger came on.
He did it with me.
They indicted his ass.
So what I'm telling you is, they wouldn't be doing this if this wasn't a chink in Smog's armor.
And it's not a chink, it's a big-ass spot right over his heart, okay?
If we expose them, we don't have to bomb them, shoot them, any of that.
Don't do that, it makes them victims.
We don't want to harm a hair on their head.
We want to politically expose them, which will burn them alive.
Politically, non-violently.
And so, I didn't know, Rakel wanted to come on about this letter today, I didn't know he was bringing up a targeting list.
I've heard the details, but I would imagine it's targeting to expose them and how they're this criminal network.
And that's it.
The military is not the target.
In fact, Klaus Schwab, all of them talk about this.
So does...
They have Bloomberg articles out there about this.
So does Larry Fink.
They say, we're going to use governments to do horrible things.
Then that will wreck the institutions.
There'll be a revolution.
They'll destroy the government, which is just an infrastructure.
It's like if you're fighting an enemy, you don't burn the house down their end.
Somebody robs your house and says it's theirs, you get them kicked out.
You don't burn the house down.
The house is the enemy.
So the government is not the enemy.
It's an infrastructure and most people low-level are on our side, though they're starting to replace them with woke people.
So, if we simply Fiona Hill, I mean she went on 60 Minutes and cried, Alex Jones was mean to me, I don't know what a globalist is, she told Congress, she was just the editor of theglobalist.com.
It's like St.
Hitler saying, I don't know what a Nazi is.
I mean, this is, or Stalin saying, I don't know what a Russian communist is, or a Georgian communist.
So, or Xi Jinping saying, I don't know what a communist Chinese party leader is.
Or a duck saying, I don't know what a duck is.
Or a Dallas Cowboy saying, I don't know who Roger Stolbeck is.
This is a weak spot in their operation, and definitely it's what they don't like.
And so, if we show in the government who the key operators over and over again, everyone around them who are compartmentalized, doing their job in their skiff, and dealing with Iran intelligence, and Venezuela intelligence, and dealing with nuclear weapons estimates, and you're looking at the new field artillery we should buy, and this guy's looking at what jet program, they're all
With blinders on, and that's how they control you.
What we're doing is decompartmentalizing that and saying, who's in the loop?
Who's given all the intel?
Who's given the media backing?
Who's given the power?
Who's running the censorship?
Who's quarterbacking it?
And it's literally a few hundred scumbags, and that's why they were so scared of just little old Alex Jones.
Not even what I was saying on air!
But I mean, I remember talking to Trump like in 2018 and going, you know, they're all over the news saying they're going to kill you.
He goes, who?
I said, well, Mudd, former CIA, you know, guy that ran black ops squads and this priest that really secret service calls the next day.
We've been ordered by the president to talk to you.
We want a list of the people threatening him.
And I was like, you don't know they're all over CNN, MSNBC saying we're going to kill him.
No, we didn't know that, sir.
The point is that you think of government as magic, folks.
They're compartmentalized.
People in government do not see in front of their noses.
All right, I've been ranting.
We'll skip this break so you get more time, but I didn't know you'd get into this.
I'm just guessing what your targeting list is.
Where do people find it?
Is it on your X account, your Twitter account?
Am I guessing at what you're planning, or am I wrong?
I can stress that point that you just made.
The bottom of the document, military accountability, that ethos also applies to what I mean by the list that I just basically published for the first time on your show.
And it goes like this.
We promise to exhaust all moral, ethical, and legal means to restore the rule of law and will begin by attempting to hold senior military leaders accountable.
And by extension, we get our own house in order, then we can start getting the rest of the government in order.
The executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judiciary.
You hit the nail on the head in the sense that this list, like yeah, okay, targeting list.
To clarify for those that are going to attack us, that means we're going to shine the maximal level of lumens on those individuals and we're going to showcase with raw evidence that they were complicit in the original coups of July of 2016 working with the FBI.
And then the subsequent coups after cover-up to the previous coup and the cover-up to the previous coup.
I don't have it published yet.
I'm gonna probably, right after we get off the show, I'm gonna put it up on my X.
Both the Raekln, which is still censored, and then my uncensored Ivan Raekln accounts, and then some of the other free speech platforms.
But bottom line, what I'm trying to do with this list is to present it to, I've already provided an earlier draft of this to the Chairman Jim Comer of Oversight.
Chairman Jim Jordan and his staff of Judiciary and Weaponization.
The Chair of the Subcommittee on Oversight, Mr. Loudermilk, who has oversight over the Capitol Police Board, the Chair of the Freedom Caucus, Mr. Scott Perry, and then others I've also provided it to.
Now I want to also provide it to Michael Schellenberger and Matt Taibbi.
Now we need to get it into the hands of Elon Musk to go ahead and consider
Should I wait for the subpoena from those that I just mentioned from Congress to then release the direct messages of those folks' Twitter accounts?
And let's be clear, we know they were using two things.
Stop there, Ivan.
Stop there, Ivan.
I'm going to back you up here.
We know from the documents that have already come out in the weaponization hearings, there's two big things they're using.
Twitter private message, which is X now, and Slack.
And which is another private message system.
So this is a national security issue.
Just like he released the Twitter files, he releases their files of them coordinating surveillance, censorship, sabotage.
We got their ass.
Now, they've only released through the Twitter files and CTIL files the internal emails of Twitter employees with these government agencies.
And number two, the internal Slack deliberations.
What we have not seen yet, as far as I understand, is the internal direct messages of all these individuals.
And the orders.
And who's giving the orders?
I think it's game over.
Not only do we have their ass, it's Elon Musk's way of saying, hey, not only the Bob of Disney, of GFY, but it's literally to the entire Uniparty deep state cabal, GFY on steroids.
And I'm telling the crew right now, grab the clip you said earlier and that clip right there is going to go up front.
I'm going to put this on X-Day, it'll probably get 10 million views if people share it.
Because you're right, and I wasn't even thinking about this, what were they most scared of?
I mean, my dumbass was wrecking them with Roger.
And we wondered why I was getting followed home and harassed and they were deep stating me and paying people money to lie about us.
And it was real simple.
We just did a Google search.
Something Trump doesn't do.
Nothing against Trump.
But folks, he's as blind as a bat.
Or as a mole.
He's old, folks.
We gotta protect him.
Imagine the direct messages of Jim Comey.
Of Peter Strzok.
They said, oh they may release the messages!
They told us what they're scared of!
It's up to Elon to release it.
I heard you know him.
I've talked to him before, yeah.
But I mean, look, regardless, maybe he'll be around here soon.
Who knows?
But the point is, is that it's going... What do you think is going on with Elon?
Because he definitely is... What he's doing is irrevocably damaging to them.
There's no way he's doing this to gain credibility with us.
He's in a war with them.
I think he knows because they're going down.
Like, worst case scenario, he just wants to be the new globalist chief.
Best case scenario, he's on Team Humanity.
No, I think he's in a well-suited position where, imagine this, if you're sitting on all the direct messages of all these people, he has compromising material on all of them.
So he knows how bad they are?
Ooh, that's a big point, he knows!
Yeah, so if he is at an opportunity to look at their direct messages, when he said it, it was actually on the Twitter space that you were on with him.
I think he said, if you were thinking about the conspiracy theories that have been put out, are what were going on at Twitter, it's actually worse than that.
I'm waiting on his Fauci files.
I'm waiting on the communications between Mike Pence and Jared Kushner and Fauci as they promoted the vaccines and allocated resources and contracts.
I wonder how much communication was done on those platforms versus their personal emails versus their official government emails.
I would love to see that.
And how about the Capitol Police Board?
One of the the General Counsel for the Capitol Police, Mr. Thomas DeBias, he's on my list.
And why is he on my list?
Because he was the General Counsel before January 6th, on January 6th, after January 6th, and he has a Twitter account.
His Twitter account is TheNobodyGuy, and he's been the one that signed off on all the J6 defendants.
So you being political, or Owen Schroer's political persecution, was at the hands of the General Counsel of the Capitol Police at the direction of
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's appointed Capitol Police Chief.
Wouldn't that be nice to see his communications with his buddies where he used to work with at the U.S.
Attorney's Office?
I don't know, Matt Graves, for example, as we expose the weaponization.
Here's why it's legal.
They're like, hey, it's a private message, just don't do it.
They're a government working with corporations and racketeering collusion under law, common law, international law.
In common sense, if you're leaking something to expose a crime, you are protected.
And I say you're right.
Musk must release all their private messages and it will destroy them.
That's why they're so scared.
In fact, for his own safety, he's got to do it.
It's even easier than that.
So, usually we go through a FOIA process to get government data.
Well, that's government holdings.
I'm talking about Elon Musk's terms of service.
He can wake up tomorrow morning and say, you know what?
I had some nice coffee today.
My terms of service just changed to where I'm going to release all direct messages of government employees that were involved in all these criminal conspiracies.
In the interest of transparency and the First Amendment, and oh by the way, if they continue to go after Elon, he has this in the bag as a wild card to completely just stomp them.
Wow, now we're figuring out what Musk did and why he got Twitter.
Give me your real analysis.
You're a smart analyst and not just a ground guy.
What's Musk's real MO?
People I know that know him, he'll admit serious high-level Asperger's, highly functioning, 200 IQ probably, but he's really nice until you mess with him.
And they've been doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes to him, and I just think they messed with the wrong guy.
So to start with that last point, I always say never bet against Elon.
That's number one.
Now having said that, imagine yourself.
You get a lot of inbound, right?
I hit you up, all these other people, because everyone knows you.
So imagine how many people are trying to hit up the person that has the biggest social media reach on the planet.
So he has a lot of data points coming in, but he also is sitting on information in the collective that no one else on the planet has.
Let me give you an example.
Let me give you an example.
Let me give you an example.
Let me give you an example.
Tucker Carlson reached out to him.
This is on record now.
He said, Alex Jones is a great guy.
I've known him for over 10 years.
What you're being told about him is wrong.
He didn't say the things they said he said.
He wasn't even banned for that like you think.
Musk said, fine, I'll check the logs.
Well, maybe the logs include not only the logs, but also maybe he was like, let me poke around and see Oliver Darcy's direct messages and what happened after you confronted him.
I suspect that if I was Elon Musk, I would be doing that.
Because guess what?
There's no violation of anything.
Elon owns all of the data that has gone through and has been on Twitter.
More so even than the FBI has access to, right?
He has all of it.
And the internal emails and the internal slack channels.
So again, I volunteer and it doesn't have to be me.
He could have some trusted people looking through it like Schellenberger and Taibbi and others that have already done Twitter files.
Let's do the First Amendment bombshell Twitter files where we shine trillions of lumens against all the deep state actors that you have been exposing for 30 years.
I just happened to jump in the last couple of years and I'm glad you've been... I apologize.
First of all,
I didn't know it until the last couple of years, so thanks for doing everything you've been doing, Alex.
Well, I met you like four or five years ago, right before the election, about a year before the election.
So let's talk about this.
And you were compartmentalized.
I get that you got a job to do.
Let's talk about this.
This is their Achilles heel, and they know it.
And when you were saying that, I remember they were really freaking out when he bought it.
They said, what happens if he releases the private messages of us doing this?
And a lot of it's already come out in Congress.
It was like one message in the weaponization like four months ago.
They're like, it's CIA guys going to cover their ass.
They go, you know, it's illegal.
We're operating domestically and censoring people.
We're not supposed to do this.
Why are you ordering me to do it?
So even the CIA is covering their ass going, we're on Twitter private messaging.
Brennan has a Twitter account, Alex.
John Brennan has a Twitter account.
You go back to that list.
I have the list of people that we need to shine light on.
Maybe I didn't need to use the target thing so that the nutzos would go wild, right?
It's essentially those people that have conducted criminal, seditious conspiracy over the last seven, eight years, and those that have a known Twitter account.
It's over half.
Well, here's the deal.
We're targeting them for investigation and exposure.
And we don't need law enforcement on our side.
That's the beauty of this play, is that we don't have to rely on the corrupt DOJ.
We don't have to rely.
And then as this starts to come out, society and members of the institutions that have been duped are going to be like, oh, wow, Alex Jones is not a tinfoil hat.
He was right all along.
Ivan Reikland was right all along in the, you know, in the limited time that I've picked up on this.
And so our collective networks are going to expose them to a level to where
We're going to showcase that they, if you look at my stockings, we're going to show the whole world of what the F.A.
that they did and now it's up to us as a society what the F.O.
Well let me say this, you've been involved, waking up the last five years, I met you like four plus years ago at some events we had.
is going to be.
It's not bad to get to the party late.
People are just now, who are busy doing other things, going, my God, the country's been taken over.
We want to welcome all the new people in that are waking up right now, and that's what victory looks like.
And that's what we have to expect, but they are...
If they think the Epstein stuff has devastated them, look at the weaponization hearings and all you're saying is he should release the rest of that.
What else should Elon Musk release in case I talk to him soon?
What else do you think Elon should release?
I think the key component here, he needs to release this and he needs to release it in a timely fashion before the Iowa caucuses.
And then in addition to that, he should host a Twitter space with those that want to get to the truth about what has been censored.
So it would be nice for him to host a Twitter space with
Yeah, it'd be like a digital...
I think that's the solution.
And then you can start talking about the illegal election, the stolen election, the machines.
You can address all of it all at once because you're going to showcase that all those individuals listed were complicit in all of the corruption that has happened over the last eight years.
We're almost out of time.
I will repost it on X, formerly Twitter.
You'll show the document again, guys, on screen.
Scroll through it so at least there's a record of it.
Get the targeting list.
No, I think you should call it targeting list.
We're targeting for exposure peacefully as journalists.
Go ahead and scroll through it all so people can read it later.
They'll blow it up.
And this is from your research, who we continually see popping up in this network.
I'm good.
And, you know, that is the bottom line.
This is being done to all of us, and we can either roll over, and I guess maybe even join them and help them destroy the country.
I mean, I'm not doing that, but you can either roll over and die, join the enemy, or you can do the right thing.
To me, that is an absolute no-brainer.
So as soon as you post that on X, I will re-post it on Real Alex Jones.
Ivan Reglin, we'll talk to you again soon in the aftermath of this.
Yeah, just a real quick close.
The research that I put into this, I basically went through 20 or so of the books that were written by every single person that was a witness that wrote a book and was on the J6, the illegal select committee, right?
In addition to that, I went through and researched all the way back of everything that was done to target General Flynn with all the court filings.
So this list is essentially set, I would say, since 2017 in the making.
We're looking at seven years of research.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Jason Burmess has got the latest Jeffrey Epstein info coming up next hour.
Let's do five more minutes and talk about how he came up with this list.
I think that's very, very important.
He works at the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Your lawyer, Green Beret, a great patriot.
Ivan Reikland is our guest.
I'm going to break, but I want to throw this out there right now.
I'm taking on the New World Order because I bet on you and I believe in you.
I believe in God and I believe in the people.
If you believe in me and you believe in God, together we are a winning team.
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Alex Jones, New World Order Wars.
Hour number four.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
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Monday, worry of mean, mean stride Today's Tom Sawyer, mean, mean pride
Hi, I've been Ray Flynn, former Defense Intelligence Agency lawyer, same array.
Getting into your targeting list, targeting for spotlighting for nonviolent exposure of some of the key criminal networks.
Finish up with how you collated this list in the last five years.
Yeah, so basically what they did to General Flynn with the targeting of him
There was something in me that said, you know what, something's not right here.
It doesn't sit well.
So I started to research it on my own.
And as I started to develop that and read all the court filings and documents, and when Sidney Powell started to take over the case, we started to expose a lot of the names that were, you know, your Bill Priestaps, your Joe Pientka, and then it led to other things and other things.
And then I started to research, how are they doing the cover-up after
After cover-up, after cover-up, and that's where we create the categories and as it applies to the COVID con, the COVID coercion, the mandate molestation, and that's how you started to see the downstream effect of that onto the DOD with this letter.
And a lot of it comes back to also a key pivot point is January 6th.
We're coming up on the three-year anniversary of January 6th.
A bunch of documentary movies are coming out.
Last one came out a couple days ago about the true timeline.
If you haven't had a chance to see it,
That exposes in a very substantive way the Capitol Police and the Metropolitan Police in a way that no other committee within government or investigative journalist has done.
And then a couple of other events coming up, a couple of other documentary movies coming out.
Needless to say, between documentary movies, independent researchers, working with Congress, the appropriate committee over the last year, and then everybody that publicly published a book as a result of their participation, if you will, in the J6 cover-up,
They have identified names in there that required further assessment and analysis that made their name on the list.
So had they not had the 10 hearings, had they not published the report, had they not written books, I wouldn't have had such a precise list.
With substantive evidence to back up on why we should scrutinize them.
So thank you to those criminal cover-up actors for publishing their books.
Now we have a nice clean list.
By the way, this is the smallest.
I have a broader list that we can look at.
But for starters,
This is where I think once we expose the DMs of these folks, it's going to unravel everyone else by category.
They're publicly putting us on a list and saying we're going to be destroyed, we're all criminals.
We're simply pointing out who's destroying the country.
They aren't arrogant anymore, they're afraid, which makes them even more dangerous.
And they're going to try some major stuff.
We didn't get into this, you should join us again soon, but in a minute and a half.
What about all the martial law, civil war propaganda and movies?
They're really planning something big ahead of the election.
Yeah, they're trying to instigate that, just like they did with the instigation on January 6th.
I think we've learned at this point, now that you're back on X, Elon essentially looks like he's on our side.
They're losing the information fight.
When Elon gets 100 to 500 million views on his, or excuse me, when Tucker gets 100 to 500 million views on his post, that's 10 to 50 times more than the entire mainstream media complex combined!
So, they're going to have to come up with something, and I just think that at this point, we've had enough, and if they want to do it, let's do it.
Hold on, I'm going to hold you over.
I'm going to hold you over because I've got to get to this with you.
You're absolutely right.
I want to explain something.
CNN's average show has 67,000 viewers.
Their biggest show is a million now.
They're a joke, and people need to realize that literally, we're reaching
20, 30 million people a day.
Tucker's reaching 100 million a day.
And you're right.
They could shut us all down now.
Anybody with half a brain, stay there, we're coming right back, does not buy anything they say.
I don't
And I want de-escalation, and I want industrial and farming and cultural build-up.
Programs to fund big families, all of it.
I want prosperity.
These people want your destruction.
We're going to win this.
And we are winning it.
But now is the crucible.
Because the empire is about to strike back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the resistance, rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Go ahead and pinch yourself, because it's not a dream.
We're alive on this gorgeous planet hurtling through space.
God's real, but so is the devil.
We got Jason Bermas coming up with all the latest analysis and breaking news on the Epstein list dropping.
I'm talking to Ivan Reikland, former with the Defense Intelligence Agency, a lawyer, former Green Beret, really smart guy, who's been doing tireless work behind the scenes in Congress.
It doesn't get a lot of praise, but he's been doing some really good work.
I've talked to people in Congress, and they tell me it's him that helped Owen get congressional hearings and visits and all that.
It's just a little thing he was doing.
So he's definitely working like a beaver in there.
No, no.
And they can't stop it.
And so, now in their own documents, public and leaked, they admit they're losing.
Their answer is social unrest, race war, destabilization, crisis creation.
None of that's working, because when people are asleep, destabilization will scare them back to a big central government.
When they're awake, it just pisses them off.
And I keep saying to the establishment, you act like you're so smart,
Whether Elon Musk is a good person or bad, he can see the pendulum went the other way.
He can see they're going to lose.
The question is, and I don't say that with confidence, I say it with surety.
The globalists are done.
When Tucker Carlson's getting 50 million views a video, and their top shows on Fox get 2 million, they're done.
CNN, like a million.
They're done.
But let's understand.
What's the villain do when he's losing?
He drags you into hell with him.
So we should not be over-competent.
And overconfident.
That is the worst thing right now.
I'm telling you, we're in the maximum danger right now, ladies and gentlemen.
You don't need me to tell you that.
You can see it, you can feel it, you can smell it.
So, Ivan, in closing, it's not two, it's like eight different shows now, movies.
Obama produced one, $300 million budget, martial law, right-wingers, white against black, cyber-alleges, the real-world FBI with no evidence, the MAGA crowd.
It's going to shut down the election with a cyber attack or attack the power grid.
That is preposterous.
But they're pre-programming it.
They're telling us.
And I've learned what they tell you, they do.
Now, they've got a bunch of things they're pre-programming.
So they may not do all of them or any of them.
We expose it.
I have a real sense of dread.
You know, it's a good feeling, like we're on a collision course and I'm playing chicken with somebody else at 150 miles an hour and, you know, they're the bad guy.
They want to get to the farmhouse and hurt my kids, so I'm ready to die in the game of chicken.
I'd rather they pull off the road and give up.
So one way or another, the worst case is we don't pull off the road, they don't pull off, we kill each other, the children are protected.
I'd like them to pull off
They can keep some of their money and be put into abstentia or whatever, like Napoleon, but I don't see them doing that because the globalists are so inbred, so disconnected, working through intermediaries, even though they know they're losing, they don't have a sense of how much danger they're in because they haven't lived on the street.
They were given everything they had, so they're missing that understanding of the ocean in which we swim.
Do you agree with that, A?
And B, how do we get the globalists to realize that they've already been beaten, and what is a path for them to go into abstention?
So I always use this analogy.
No, you nailed it.
It's a game of chicken.
And in a game of chicken, I and we at this point, we're either one not going to lose or we're going to win.
It's their option at this point on whether or not they want to, how long they want to take this.
Because we're not going to lose.
At this point, we're not losing.
Bottom line here is, the information war is where it's at, and we're winning it.
And like you said, we don't need to get overconfident, cocky, but we need to continue methodically, just continue to, not undermine, but prove to those that are surrounding those that are coming after us, that they're on the losing side.
And you're going to start seeing people jumping ship.
You talked about documentary movies that they're trying to promulgate.
Well, guess what?
We have our own.
You have two or three January 6th documentary movies coming out this weekend.
General Flynn, just earlier today, announced his documentary movie.
What is it?
You can see the trailer.
That's going to expose, in a very substantive way, a lot of the names that are listed on that spreadsheet that you just posted for your viewers.
So, we're just going to continue to methodically
Showcase that you're on the losing side and you might not want to be in this.
No, I totally agree, but what do we do about the Civil War?
How are they going to try to trigger it?
What do we do to stop this when they truck bomb some black college or something?
You can see it.
How do we stop it?
It's imminent.
So, I don't know how to stop it other than, I mean, we're at an apex moment of the 1770s meets the 1860s meets the 1960s.
That's what they're trying to foment.
But if we can show that the American people that have been sitting silent and sleeping basically up to this point, that these are the individuals that are doing it, so expect them to do the following.
If we can basically pre-forecast that this is what they're about to do, when it happens, everybody is going to know what it is, and they're not going to buy it.
So we've got to laze the target?
Trillion lumens.
With the trillion lumens.
You know, kind of like when you take a little magnifying glass and between an ant and then the sun.
Let's just shine maximal light on these ants.
Let's see what happens from there.
All we're doing is shining light, right?
You know, if I was them, I would give up.
But like you said, we don't lose the chicken match.
The only question is, do we die with them?
I mean, these people are crazy.
Well, like you said,
I don't know about dying with them.
I guarantee, I'm making it my personal guarantee that I'm not, they're not going to win.
And 231 of us in the DoD are just basically assigned to that.
And then those that went to militaryaccountability.com, there's over, I think, 11 or 12,000 people just in about 36 hours that are pledging to support this pledge to each other to make sure that there's accountability in the DoD.
And that's going to light the spark for not only the DoD to face the leaders' accountability, but everyone.
And I suspect there's going to be a lot of whistleblowers.
I've already gotten
Contacted by a couple of whistleblowers because they see the writing on the wall.
They're jumping ship back to Team America and Team Humanity.
And here's the key.
People didn't jump because they weren't fully awake and there wasn't a ship to jump to.
We've built the ship for them to jump to.
Ivan Reikland, thank you so much.
We'll talk to you soon.
Go ahead and post.
Go ahead and post that link right now.
I'll retweet it, okay?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
He's got 45 minutes.
We're skipping two breaks against his time back.
The great Jason Burmas with the latest on the FC situation.
Let him have it.
Alright folks, we are back.
Thank you so much Alex Jones for allowing me this opportunity.
You want a list?
I'm going to give you a list.
That's where we're going to start.
But then we're going to get into the FBI, we're going to get into intelligence connections, and we're also going to talk about that hard drive box that we've all seen and has been completely ignored.
In fact, that's where we're going to start to slide into some of the FBI information.
And then hit, don't worry folks, you want a list?
We're going to give
I think?
Some type of law enforcement agency already had access to that.
Now, as far as I know, it's never been reported on in the Miami case.
That opens up a plethora of other questions, but let's talk about that time period for a moment as well.
Right here, you have an official FBI document and you notice that the approval and draft of this document and the contact at which it was facilitated in Miami, among other things, are completely blacked out.
But what is this?
Well, this is Epstein has also provided information to the FBI as agreed upon.
Case agent advised that no federal prosecution will occur in this matter as long as Epstein continues to uphold his agreement with the state of Florida.
So right there.
And by the way, Zinovich has been saying that now it's in the news.
Yeah, and that is 100% confirmed and something that people do not want to delve into.
Again, they want to make it about a quote-unquote list and clients.
No, he's at least an FBI informant.
And again, this is a guy
That's right.
Right there is the safe.
I would assume that the jewelry and the valuables are in those black boxes that they talked about.
But this is also where they had what?
That passport.
And again, why does this guy have a passport to Saudi Arabia?
Look, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and really that Anglo-American alliance along with Israel
Has been trading with Saudi Arabia and you notice how they subverted being a part of the war on terror despite the fact that 17 of the 19 hijackers come through there and there was absolutely Saudi funding.
Now there's a Pakistani role there, there's an Israeli role and that alliance really comes out of the Mujahideen and again this 80s network that revolves around what we were talking about with Iran-Contra earlier.
That's why
You know, we could spend hours upon hours, we could spend days talking about these integrated issues, but with Epstein in particular, and in this Miami case, a lot of people forget about Alexander Acosta and his role.
We're not going to play.
Yes, the hour long, it was an hour long press conference that Acosta had to give because at the end of the day, he's the one who actually facilitated the quote unquote sweetheart deal that allowed Epstein and his co-conspirators to essentially walk free and Epstein take one charge that again, when they put him in jail, he didn't spend time in jail.
He left almost daily.
This is on the record.
So Acosta, during that, is actually asked about a Vicky Ward piece in which he was asked whether or not Epstein was, in fact, intelligence.
Now, in that piece, you know, we talked a lot about arms dealing.
We talked about Prince Andrew and arms dealing.
Vicky Ward talks about Epstein not only being intelligence, but involved with Adnan Khashoggi.
And Adnan Khashoggi, yes, a notorious arms dealer.
So how did
Acosta respond to the intelligence question.
Let's read word for word.
So there has been reporting to that effect.
And let me say, there's been reporting to a lot of effects in the case.
Not just now, but over the years.
And again, I would, I would hesitate to take this reporting as fact.
Acosta said, this was a case that was brought by our office.
This was a case that was brought based on the facts.
And I look at the reporting and others, I can't address it directly because of our guidelines.
Now, not only is that a non-answer, it's almost an admission of guilt.
As such, and a lot of people forget this, it gets memory hold.
We don't memory hold things here.
He resigned two days later with Trump by his side.
So Acosta, after giving that disaster of a press conference, bouncing around the fact that there was more evidence coming out even at that time, that Epstein was indeed intelligence.
And remember, this is before Epstein even gets arrested.
Forget about it, Ghislaine Maxwell.
Acosta has to resign.
So right there,
You have yet another connection to the arms dealing and the intelligentsia and what that time period in the 80s that we were discussing about earlier.
Now, I promised the list because we're going to fast forward to some power players today.
Now, this list, you know, we talked about the Black Book for a moment.
I would encourage people to check out that New York Mag article.
But this is yet another one with more associates, some of the same, some of some older.
Uh, that came out such as Noam Chomsky.
You know, we talked about, for instance, Marvin Minsky.
We talked about MIT.
Again, they're involved with Boston Dynamics.
That's a DARPA program.
These scientists really are part of the military-industrial complex.
And one of the things that we briefly, and I mean briefly, discussed, uh, was the fact that Epstein had his baby-making ranch.
And let me see if I can find the article.
Yes, here we go, right here.
So, he wanted to turn that ranch into a baby-making factory of up to 20 women at a time.
Now, you can believe that, you know, he was just going to have sex with these women and there were no, or young girls, because again, Epstein was able to evade the laws in New Mexico because of their age of consent.
And you don't think that some kind of genetic modification might be going on or... I mean, the cloning himself thing is already out there.
That's already mainline.
But when you look at these types of programs, when you look at Nygaard in particular, Nygaard is quoted as saying, we have that video as well, I don't know if we'll get to it, but quoted as saying, I want to live forever or die trying.
And he was literally willing, according to the allegations,
To drug and rape teenage girls as young as 14, make them have abortions, and then convert those into stem cells that he would then inject into himself.
Again, it sounds macabre, it sounds impossible.
It is not.
It is, in fact, what's going on.
So, we talked about the fashion industry a little bit, and we're going to get to Les Wexner, because Wexner's
Being thrown around again because his name is in the documents and you know they're exonerating him and in courts of law he has been exonerated but I do want to remind people that Wexner is the same guy that gave Epstein the mansion where they found the hard drives and the tapes and the burned DVDs and Maria Farmer says that she was in a room where
People were there recording every single room, that place.
Got it for a dollar from Wexner.
Right there.
Nothing, nothing sketchy going on there, folks.
I mean, once again, give me a break.
So, we talk about modeling, we talk about that industry.
I do want to get to at least a short clip of like this 16 minutes, 60 minutes piece.
Where it explains the trafficking of young girls in Europe through these agencies all the way back in the 80s.
But people like Vera Wang, Naomi Campbell, they're on the quote-unquote list.
And this actually tells you why they were being contacted.
Okay, and with Naomi Campbell in particular, we're talking about Russians and Ukrainians.
I just want to point that out.
Robert Kennedy Jr.
Has recently had to address his relationship with Epstein and that his ex-wife and Ghislaine Maxwell had a vast relationship.
We're talking about ties to Epstein between 2004 and 2007.
I want to make sure that everybody understands.
That not all of these people are compromised pedophiles, but all of these people are in a network.
Maybe they want something from Epstein.
Heels that actually get cut.
All right, I'm going to keep going because some of these tech names are extremely relevant today.
All right, now you have the former First Lady of the U.S.
Remember recently a lot of the lawsuits that were going on were between the Virgin Islands and some of these banks, J.P.
Virgin Islands.
Morgan in particular, where they were suing and counter-suing.
Ahud Barak, earlier today,
Alex Jones was showing some of the photographs of Barack being there well after Epstein had already been convicted in the Miami case, trying to cover up his face.
You know, just like Prince Andrew, these guys were involved with Epstein.
Okay, so there is another huge player that, again, I expect that we're going to get more from.
Bill Gates, that relationship.
It's now more out in the open than ever.
And when we talk about Gates, that's a, you know, a relationship that I just want to pull these two books up.
If you guys want to go deep, One Nation Under Blackmail Volumes 1 and 2 by Whitney Webb, you know, she documents the fact that Gates and Epstein were involved even pre-2000.
Okay, and that's not what is in the mainstream media.
So even that has been somewhat of a limited hangout.
You just heard Alex Jones mention William Burns, the CIA director.
Well, documents indicate that Epstein had three scheduled meetings with Burns when in 2014.
Talk about yet another
Outward Intelligence Connection.
You notice they want you to focus on a list that's not their folks.
They want you to now focus on what's going around and going viral on a lot of these social media platforms are memes about Tom Hanks, just as Alex predicted, and then fake excerpts talking about Jimmy Kimmel, who's nowhere in the documents, everybody, and was never in the documents.
We got a real list here, though, that is just a mass with documentation.
Again, controlled opposition in the war movement and particularly 9-11 really showed his teeth.
Noam Chomsky, quote-unquote, on the list.
Rothschilds on the list.
We go down further.
Larry Summers and Peter Thiel.
These are two people that I wanted to focus on really quickly.
Larry Summers
is another person who is in that Clinton network deep, in that globalist network deep, in that Bilderberg network deep.
And if you were paying attention to the latest tech shakeups, you had Sam Altman, who is the CEO or, you know, before the shakeup of OpenMind, the biggest AI that they're pushing out there.
He was the one before Congress opposite Eric Schmidt,
You know, former head of Google, Alphabet, part of the Defense Department.
And they're talking about AI.
Then Altman gets to go to his first Bilderberg meeting.
There's that little shake-up where he's fired.
He's then hired by Microsoft, who's really a part of OpenAI.
And then they reconstitute.
Well, now they have this new board.
And guess who's on the board?
Larry Summers.
Larry Summers does seem to be a compromised individual.
Now, I would argue a power player like Peter Thiel, Mr. Palantir, was scheduled to meet again with Epstein in 2014.
And, lest we not forget Peter Thiel,
We're good.
Because that's what this was really about.
An audit of the states to find the actual votes for the actual people that went beyond the fraudulent mail-in ballots and even digital manipulation within the machine.
We gotta take a break!
When we come back, I'm gonna show you the modeling aspect of this.
We're gonna get into Wexner further and the 80s trafficking of girls via Claude Hadid.
You don't want to miss it.
We'll be back after this.
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It's Alex Jones!
And we are back.
It is the Alex Jones Show.
I am Jason Burbess.
We're breaking down the real lists of associates of people that have already been named in these documents.
Again, if you want to get the new documents right now, they're on courtlistener.com and Pacer.
I am encouraging all the info warriors to dive deep and find the real meat and potatoes, the new stuff, the stuff that the mainstream media isn't going to want to focus on.
I mean, think about all this stuff.
That we've just talked about.
In the media, in the background, but is never the focal point.
Instead, there's this meme out there of the Epstein client list.
Well, we already know a lot of the institutions and names not only associated that have also paid out.
And that's where we're going to go right now, just ever so briefly.
Now, some of the other business giants that are associates of Epstein and in this documentation include people like Leon Black, Jess Staley, and the Staley stuff.
With Barclays and JPMorgan Chase is huge and then of course you see JPMorgan Chase now again
It wasn't in the news much, but they paid out literally hundreds of millions of dollars combined in these cases to really just a handful of the victims that have been brave enough to not only sue, but really sue across year after year and decade after decade to try to get that justice.
Now, I want to talk about, in particular, Les Wexner.
Because Les Wexner, again, just like when Acosta had to resign, the stocks began to fall in 2019 when they realized that this guy was not only associated with Epstein, but by some accounts, he handed full and complete power over to Jeffrey Epstein.
Now, a lot of people don't understand that Epstein was absolutely involved in the financial world.
Let's take a look at that.
In fact, Towers Capital had a huge posse scheme back in the 80s and 90s, and he ran that with an individual named Stephen J. Hoffenberg.
Hoffenberg died, I believe, a couple years ago.
He served
Serious prison sentences.
And he openly discusses how Epstein, you know, was his right-hand man.
He helped him with every single thing.
He was one of my best friends.
He was my closest friend for years.
We ran a team of people on Wall Street.
Investment people that raised billion dollars illegally.
He was my guy.
My wingman.
Now in this article, he gives some regrets that he did not work with
Federal officials or go against Epstein.
But you have to wonder why he didn't do that in the first place.
Was there some blackmail involved?
I'm not sure.
Was there pressure?
He says in the article it was his political ties that really made him afraid to accuse him of anything.
And if we're talking about the 80s and 90s, you know, the Clintons are obviously a huge part
Of that political click.
And you know, I didn't intend to do this, but we'll do it live, as they say.
Bill Clinton had this crazy painting, okay?
And this artist has done paintings of George Bush, Barack Obama, that was in Epstein's home.
And let's just type it in.
Bill Clinton.
I'm sure a lot of you have seen it.
And when you look at this thing, it is just, it makes you wonder about their relationship, right?
Obviously, it's Bill Clinton in a dress.
Some people have asked whether or not it's the Lewinsky dress, if it has to do with Hillary Clinton.
But it seems like this is a big F you and basically, hey, at least this is how I read it, I run this guy.
I'm a part of this.
He's my bitch.
Excuse my French.
You know, I've been pretty good about not cursing or any of that, despite the subject matter, because this is kind of tough stuff to go over.
And again, a lot of this stuff is not new.
You know, we talked about the 80s and 90s briefly.
Well, we're going to play this video right now.
From 60 Minutes, revealing how the modeling scene worked, and it was really an underage pedophile ring for those with wealth and power.
You know what they're sending their girls into?
It's a meat market!
You are there for the purpose of somebody wanting to take you home to bed.
And what happens if you say no?
You don't work.
Every week, dozens of young American girls walk off airplanes in Paris and Milan, certain that their faces will be the next to beam from the covers of the fashion magazines.
They're girls as young as 15 and 16, recruited by talent scouts or sent by their local modeling agencies, because Europe has more fashion houses and magazines, and it's easier to get that first big break there than in New York.
The girls are told that they'll have a modeling agency in Europe, which will get them work and be their home away from home.
They are girls like Sherry Bolts from Pompano Beach, Florida, a cheerleader who dropped out of high school and used her savings to buy a plane ticket to Europe when she was just 17.
Her local modeling agency helped arrange it and still gets a percentage of her European income.
And girls like Megan Douglas, who was a switchboard operator in Washington, D.C., when her photograph won her a spot in a modeling contest.
And girls like Kimberly Barker of Nampa, Idaho, whose parents took out a loan to get the money to send her to Europe and to give her a shot at the big time.
A shot at the big time.
So again, at this point, they would not only separate them, but they would also not allow them to use phones.
This is an extensive piece.
Unfortunately, I don't think that we're going to have the time to go through the whole thing.
We'll play a couple more minutes of it so you can get the gist.
But then, you know, going back to this network in the 80s that not only involves women,
But drugs and arms, I want to show that Clinton connection to Iran-Contra in particular.
So we're definitely going to do that as well.
So the odds are about 1,000 to 1 that a girl will end up a successful model.
A model like Debbie Haggerty who makes about $150,000 a year and says the top models may do all right, but it's rough for all the others trying to break through.
Nasty business, and I don't think these parents...
What the parents are told by those local modeling agencies and talent scouts is that their daughters have been signed up with European modeling agencies which will take care of everything and become the girl's family abroad.
How many girls are on option for this?
So, it's something of a shock when the girls discover that a lot of those agencies routinely take as much as three quarters of the girl's salary.
For instance, charging fees on the photographs the girls need for promotion.
And ostensibly deducting taxes and social security even though most of the girls are working illegally without work permits.
See how they do this?
This is high-level pimping that was done out in the open with these major agencies.
It's very confusing.
Check for that.
What happens if a girl goes to the agency and says, wait a minute, how much does it cost?
Do the agencies really pay social security on an illegal way?
We don't even know exactly if they pay all the amounts.
I'm sure they don't pay for that.
The modeling agencies also own apartments all around Paris, which they rent out to the new girls who come to town.
Several girls to an apartment, and each girl paying a lot of rent.
I lived in an apartment that was by no means nice.
There was four girls living there at the time.
We did have our own rooms, but the rooms were, like, the size of boxes.
Courtney Powell is from Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.
And how much was the rent?
$900 a month.
$900 a month?
$900 a month.
That was when the frank was low.
Again, this is early 80s.
$900 a month, four of them.
I'm going to break away from this for a moment.
We're going to go into this network.
Again, Khashoggi named with Epstein.
Intelligence ties.
FBI meetings and information being shared in 2008.
Meetings with William Burns who will head up the CIA later all the way up to 2014.
Prince Andrew.
Being the main arms dealer in the United Kingdom.
You know, Alex Jones used to talk about the Bilderberg Group and how they really almost became too public back in the late 70s when Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, and anybody can look this up as well, was caught doing what?
Illegal arms trading within Bilderberg via Lockheed Martin.
So these are the big businesses and again sex is part of the trade.
Drugs are part of the trade.
Weapons are part of the trade.
So let's see if we can get this right into here.
First I want to show how the network worked and you know we talked about
For instance, Epstein and Robert Maxwell's ties to both U.S.
and Israeli intelligence.
And really, again, that's something that was built up in this time period.
So we're going to jump in right here.
And we're probably going to fast forward through some of this to get it to Mina, Arkansas.
But I want people to understand how the arms dealing actually worked.
He says he flew 14 tons of weapons down to Honduras, to this Contra resupply base set up by the CIA.
We take off from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and we leave.
South Florida.
Where in South Florida?
We landed at Homestead.
Air Force Base.
This is the plane Tolliver says he used.
The plane traces to a company that had a State Department contract to fly humanitarian supplies to the Contras.
In addition to that, three dozen sources confirm the basic scheme
We can now report that long before that operation began, there was another operation to provide guns for the countries, which was also against the law.
In this operation, Americans and Israelis provided arms to the countries, and then the same network smuggled drugs into the United States.
The operation was launched in spring of 1983 at Washington's request with at least 20 million dollars of Israeli government money later reimbursed, we're told, from U.S.
Covert Operations Fund.
For about five years, people were flying arms into Iran.
And most of them came from Israel.
The Israelis purchased the weapons from Poland and Czechoslovakia and began shipping them secretly from Yugoslavia to Bolivia and then to Panama.
The Israeli liaison man there, this man, Michael Harari.
So, we're going to skip over the Berry Seal stuff.
I just wanted you to see how that worked.
That was actually Peter Dale Scott, who is the man that actually coined the term deep state.
Everybody, that's the guy.
All right.
And he's talking about this deep state apparatus.
So let's bring it into.
Oh, look, there's Billy Boy!
Let's go a little bit back down here, and we have a little Brzezinski in here.
I know that Alex Jones talked about the Grand Chess Board today, and I think that that's important as well.
But we're on a limited time frame.
By the way, this full film is out there for free, produced by InfoWars.
It is Invisible Empire, A New World Order to Find.
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Day one.
Just want to point that out, everybody.
Le Nouvel Observateur in France, and they said, but aren't you... Oh, sorry, folks.
I was talking about the Moujahedin there.
...made him attractive to the Rockefellers.
Bin Laden and his network were actually funded by BCCI through U.S.
covert operations.
Well, the reason I bring it up, if you've ever heard any of our call-in shows, you know that we have people that think about the conspiracy theories.
Of people like you.
You would be a poster child for these people because you have served on the board of the Council on Foreign Relations.
You helped start the Trilateral Commission and you've been to the Bilderberg.
Are people too close in this world, people in business, too close to the governments?
Well, such a thing as insidious influence.
And the question is how does it operate?
Does it involve bribery?
Does it involve some sort of psychological domination of individuals?
I don't believe in this notion of some sort of secret societies controlling people.
But, of course, in any political system, there are sort of over-the-table and under-the-table arrangements.
Over-the-table and under-the-table arrangements.
Where did Billy Boy go?
I want that Bill, that Billy Boy section.
Did I get it?
Here it is.
Because BCCI Banking was how they were basically funneling the money.
There's Bill.
There's the cocaine I wanted to do.
Here we go.
We'll start with the, I think the cocaine.
There's Welch.
Welch is perfect.
There it is.
To kill CO.
Sam Dalton was the lawyer that represented the Columbus complicity and
Louis Unglesby, the former attorney for Mr. Seale, also confirmed that intelligence couldn't take any chances.
It was later revealed that Seale was involved in smuggling cocaine into Mena, Arkansas, while Bill Clinton sat as governor.
1983, Ronald Reagan was president, Bill Clinton was governor, and little Mena, Arkansas, changed from a quiet town to a center for drug smuggling and reported contra-support activity.
In the middle of it all, this man admitted dope smuggler Barry Seale.
Arkansas State Trooper Russell Welch investigated Seale's organization.
Each trip would have 250 to 350 pounds of cocaine.
According to the London Telegraph, Arkansas State Trooper Larry Patterson testified under oath that he and his officers discussed repeatedly in Clinton's presence the large quantities of drugs being flown into Mena Airport, large quantities of money, large quantities of guns.
Hot Springs police officers would also record Roger Clinton, Bill's brother, during a cocaine transaction stating, Gotta get some for my brother.
He's got a nose like a vacuum cleaner.
There was also a large amount of money laundering going on in MENA.
Former IRS agent William Duncan traced some of Seal's drug profits wandered through MENA banks.
We had direct testimony from people who were involved in the money laundering operation.
We had testimony from people at banks who observed the transactions.
What happened when you tried to make this case before a grand jury?
I was never asked to present the evidence to a grand jury, ever.
This very same network used BCCI to fund the Afghani rebels.
The deputy director of the CIA, Richard Kerr, said late today that the CIA did use the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, BCCI, to support CIA activities overseas.
Most people still believe that the Soviets had maliciously invaded Afghanistan in order to spread their communist agenda.
Basically, folks, what you're seeing is this network, that BCCI network, where they were using banks to smuggle this money around.
Again, Bill Clinton, Khashoggi, part of this network.
You wonder where Epstein may have fit in the mix, but again, why does he have that passport?
Think about that.
Think about that really long and hard.
How did Bill Clinton come from obscurity?
As the governor of Arkansas into the presidency, who else was involved in Iran-Contra?
Well, it was that George H.W.
And then you had this dynasty planned of the Clintons and the Bushes just ruling forever.
I mean, obviously the Barack star was kind of an extension of that, but they wanted to install Hillary Clinton.
That's absolutely what they wanted to do in 2016.
And people had just had enough.
They didn't know exactly what was going on.
They didn't know exactly what was wrong.
But even then, you know, the media was distorting these things.
Because when the networks did start to come out, I mean, you look at, for instance, the WikiLeaks documents and the DNC.
There was a ton of corruption.
Outside of the obvious signs of human trafficking that should have been investigated further involving Ukraine even then.
You know, you talk about Ukraine now, George Soros and Hillary Clinton were visiting Ukraine back in the late 90s.
You know, Alex often plays that famous interview where basically you have
Soros admitting to the fact that he helped round up his fellow Jewish citizens.
In fact, Sander Kiss, I believe, was his name.
It's either Sander Kiss or Kiss Sander.
Anybody can look this up as well.
And, you know, he was with this gentleman who had been given to by his parents that protected him during this time.
And they absolutely did go into homes and confiscate
In that interview, the longer piece, he's sitting there arm-in-arm with Hillary Clinton in Ukraine.
Okay, so arms dealing.
Ukraine also big on the human trafficking.
Yesterday, and I'm going to bring these people back into the mix,
We showed several of the quote-unquote associates that we're not allowed to talk about, okay?
One of them being Nadia Marcinkova, who has now changed their name.
It's Nadia Marcinko.
But Nadia Marcinko, legitimately, in the very documents that are now being released again, again because now there's just more of the redactions taken away,
Was sold to Epstein as a 14 year old girl, according to eyewitness accounts.
And look, the bottom line is that David Copperfield had been in the list of associates.
He'd already been thrown around there.
But now that he knew that the trafficking was going on, he should be questioned.
As to why he didn't do anything.
But how many of those people are already out there on the record?
Yesterday Alex played, for instance, McCain's wife talking about it.
Yet another tool of the establishment in this disgusting, nepotistic manner that his daughter has now taken up.
Talk about an enemy of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and humanity in general.
It doesn't
Get much worse.
You know what I mean?
They're all terrible.
Same thing with the Cheney family.
Liz Cheney and her father Dick Cheney.
Dick Cheney very much a part of that same network that came up in the 80s and became the neocon establishment that they're trying to push us into this very day.
They want a Nikki Haley in there as the Republican nominee.
As I alluded to before, they are trying to put, and I believe they will ultimately put, Donald Trump in prison and who knows where we go from there.
That's a big problem.
And, you know, we've got a few minutes left.
I want to address the Trump relationship to Epstein and what we do and don't know about it.
Okay, first of all, we do know that they had a big relationship somewhere in that 80s time period, seems to be into the 90s as well, until at least that Mar-a-Lago incident.
Now, there are other reports out there that the true falling out was Jeffrey Epstein undercutting Trump on a business deal.
We have to acknowledge those.
Now, as far as the flight logs that are publicly available, I do want to remind everybody that Trump was never on those flight logs.
But I was one of the first people to point out he had been reported to have Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell on his plane.
And that was all the way back in a Vanity Fair article.
Now, these documents, again, a lot of them had already been out there, they just had been unredacted, have Giffray Roberts saying that she was indeed on planes with Epstein and Trump, and that seems to be on Epstein's plane as well.
But as far as flight logs, not there.
There are even reports, and again, I don't know whether or not these are true, that before they're falling out, Epstein held a party
With 20 or so women, apparently all over age, one of which was Melania, basically auditioning for the role of his wife.
Whether those are true, whether those are put out there as disinformation and misinformation, I can't tell you.
But I'm here to report it all.
I'm here to put the documents out.
And I'm here to tell you, you guys need to do the same thing.
It never hurts to look at other perspectives.
I prefer the raw documentation as much as possible, whether it be direct testimony or these financial documents that we're getting, or hopefully what we need to focus on, the hard drives, the burned disks, the evidence we already know are out there.
And again,
If these documents were already taken by law enforcement as they have evidence tape on them, that raises a plethora of other questions.
But there is no question that the FBI, the CIA,
The Mossad absolutely have connections to Epstein-Maxwell and the broader network.
That's what's documented and there's been a cover-up now going on for literal decades.
We need to bring more of these people to justice.
We need to demand more than just a list.
But the evidence they have against them.
Guys, thank you so much for joining me here on the fourth hour and the past few days.
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