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Air Date: Dec. 27, 2023
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In this talk, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to current events, including the refugee crisis, COVID-19 vaccine deaths, the potential consequences of mRNA technology being sprayed on fruits or used as stickers for injection-free administration, and privacy concerns regarding public- private partnerships at the World Economic Forum. He also addresses the migrant crisis at the US border and encourages listeners to support independent media and look for "grass-finished" meat for its health benefits. General Flynn and Alfie Oaks share their insights on the impact of globalism on farming, food production, and fighting against tyranny.

Rudolf Steiner, whose teachings led to anthroposophical medicine, biodynamic farming, and the Waldorf School, said that the heart is a seven-sided regular form that sits in an imaginary box in the chest.
Regular means that all seven sides are identical.
Plato described five platonic solids, and Steiner said there was a sixth one.
He also said that the heart is not a pump.
This fantastic claim was vindicated by Frank Chester, who figured out how to design a seven-sided regular form.
This sixth platonic solid is now called the chestahedron, and it fits perfectly inside a cube at an angle of 36 degrees off-center to the left, the exact same angle that the heart sits in the chest.
When submerged in water and spun, two counter-rotating vortices are formed.
Recent scientific studies have shown that these two vortices facilitate the closing of the valves, and when the vortices don't form properly, blood clots will appear.
The man who unfolded a thousand hearts, Paco Torrent Guasp, discovered that the heart is a single muscular band folded over itself in a spiraling pattern.
The heart itself is a vortex of tissue.
It is not a pump.
It is a vortex machine.
For centuries, it was believed that matter can only exist in three states, such as water, which can exist as liquid, ice, and vapor.
Human cells are 70% water, but most of this water is not in any of these three states.
We have recently learned that with water, there is a fourth state.
This fourth state is called the plasma state, gel phase, exclusion zone, or structured water.
And this is what pushes your blood through the entire cardiovascular system.
Fueled by infrared energy from its environment, the water in our body becomes an electrical propulsion system.
A certain percentage of the water in our body becomes structured water, and the rest remains normal liquid water, or bulk water.
The structured water becomes negatively charged and forms the gelatinous outer walls of our capillaries, veins, and arteries.
These negatively charged outer walls continuously propel the positively charged bulk water within, carrying the blood with it.
This propulsion system will run indefinitely, so long as it stays charged.
And the way you charge it is with the Earth's electromagnetic field, infrared energy, and positive thought.
The work of Dr. Misaru Emoto has scientifically demonstrated that water exposed to loving human words and thoughts is transformed into its natural hexagonal shape.
It becomes structured at a molecular level based on our positive intention.
This new model shows that it is the blood that pumps the heart, not the other way around.
And in order to keep the flow strong and healthy, our best medicine is to connect to the earth, get sunlight, love ourselves, and love one another with physical touch.
Victor Schauberger spent his life studying water, and found that in the natural world, water will always create vortices along its path.
Schauberger learned that this spiral action is what structures the water in nature, and that when subjected to modern man-made water treatment, it loses its structure.
Schauberger's work led him to believe that one could generate energy out of a vortex.
He described it as an energy implosion as opposed to an energy explosion.
Dr. Tom Cowan, who has written about this in Human Heart, Cosmic Heart, has an interesting theory which may explain the saying, a heart of gold.
Another recent discovery is that gold in its purest form does not appear to be gold at all.
Under the right conditions, normal, physical gold can be transformed into a fine white powder known as monatomic gold.
This monatomic gold has been studied by multiple advanced laboratories and it has very strange properties.
It can be made to levitate and disappear.
Monatomic gold is superconductive and many would argue that this is what the alchemists were after.
One of the ways of turning metallic gold into monatomic gold is by putting it through a high-speed vortex.
When this transformation occurs, there is a flash of light and a 44% loss in weight.
Dr. Cowan believes that the trace amounts of gold in our blood is transformed into monatomic gold as it travels through the double vortices in the heart, creating the spark of life.
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You are listening to an Infowars.com Frontline Report.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
From deep in the heart of FEMA Region 6, Austin, Texas, transmitting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Al Gore has officially announced replacement migration 1 million to invade the United States and Europe and his excuse is quote climate change told you this was coming for a long time now it's the new official talking point as they organize the hordes to invade and collapse the Western world will explain it all come up in a moment we're live December 27th on this Wednesday transmission so that's
That's the good news.
That's the good vision.
But what happens if the world doesn't act?
What's the worst case scenario?
Well, the scientists who warned us of these megastorms and the floods and mudslides and droughts and the ice melting and the sea level rising and the storms getting stronger and the tropical diseases and climate migrants crossing international borders in larger numbers, they were dead right when they warned us about this.
And so we need to pay more attention to them now
Here's one thing they say.
If we don't take action, there could be as many as one billion climate refugees crossing international borders in the next several decades.
Well, a few million has contributed to this wave of populist authoritarianism and dictatorships and so forth.
What would a billion do?
We can't do this.
We could lose our capacity for self-governance.
Already we're seeing people driven from the places they've always called home, and we're seeing an expansion of areas in the world that are physiologically unlivable now because of the combination of heat and humidity.
They're relatively small areas now, but if we don't act, they will expand to include most of India, large parts of
Northern South America, the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, the list goes on.
The survival of our civilization is at stake.
And it sounds dire, but it is dire.
But again, the good news is we can reclaim control of our destiny if we summon the political will and the courage and the moral courage to do it.
You know, there's a European politician, Claude Juncker, who said, we all know what to do, we just don't know how to be re-elected if we do it.
Well, this is why grassroots pressure from people who understand how high the stakes are is the critical element.
And the good news, again, is people are rising up and demanding action.
Your new CNN poll shows that more than three quarters of Americans, including a majority, 76% of independents and more than half of the Republicans, support action.
We just have to break the political power that the fossil fuel industry has exerted with its fixers and its lobbyists and its bags of money and its revolving door colleagues.
But we can do this, Jake.
We can do it.
Vice President Al Gore, always a pleasure.
Thank you so much for your time today, sir.
Thank you, Jake.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have explained this for decades on air before it became a reality because I was reading their own battle plans.
The globalists have cut off the resources.
They are cutting off the
All right.
That it's all happening because we haven't banned the combustion engine and given all power over to the UN, the IMF, the World Bank, and the WEF.
Remember, they tell you that COVID was because of global warming and came out of a jungle or a bat cave.
No, it came out of a lab.
They are collapsing society, telling you the end of the world's in 2030, saying that if there's any tornadoes or mudslides that have always happened, it's your fault.
If there's droughts, it's your fault, and you've got to give them full control over your life, or we're all gonna die.
Now, I want you to go to the real Alex Jones Twitter, and go back about two days ago, and scroll down, that's yesterday, scroll down about two days, and you'll see five and a half million views,
of reports I did going back 13 years.
I'll show it to you on my phone if you want.
Where I predicted the replacement migration and that they would then blame it on climate change.
Because it's in the document.
So they set up the plan for destabilization.
They prepare it.
They get it ready.
They roll it out.
Then when the crisis hits, they tell us, it's your fault, give us more control.
This is how they hold us hostage.
This is how they're able to carry out these operations against humanity.
It's very simple and people better get this.
People better understand this very, very quickly if we are going to turn this around.
It's very simple.
The globalists control most of the major corporations, most of the governments.
They are able to then bring in policies that cause massive destabilization.
And then once they've done that,
They know that it's sophisticated, so the average person doesn't understand geopolitical systems, so they're able to bring in the tyranny.
Here's the tweet, here's the ex-post I want to show people.
Overhead shot, I'll show it to the crew.
Round your place.
This is very important.
Can we do an overhead shot?
Thank you.
People ask how I'm able to predict what is coming decades ahead of time.
I don't have a crystal ball.
I study the Globalist's own documents.
The WF BlackRock battle plan is public.
It's all taking place in full view.
The endgame is 90% population reduction, but first they must smash the West, resist or die.
Now, we'll put it on screen for you.
You see the date there from four days ago.
It's on Real Alex Jones.
And it's got 5.5 million views.
That's good.
And it goes back to 13 years ago.
There's clips in 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019.
And I tell you exactly what's happening.
Now what's incredible is there's tens of thousands of comments on this tweet.
On this ex-post.
And when I read some of the leftists in there, they go, what do you mean?
These waves are coming here because of the UN.
No, it's global warming.
It's climate change.
No, it's not.
It's years of lockdowns.
They've done surveys.
90 plus percent say we've been locked down for years.
There's no food.
But the UN tells us we can come here.
And the UN, funded by the State Department and other Western governments, brings them here.
We've had reporters, countless reporters on from
Europe and from Latin America where the giant UN camps are and then they get here and they bring them into the country.
I told you four years ago, that video went viral this weekend, that if Biden was able to steal the election and get in he would completely dissolve the border.
How did I know?
Because it's their policy.
I remember back when I got banned on Twitter four years ago, five years ago, I was covering at the time the official replacement migration documents that I cover in that video I just showed you that's viral, that I'll repost to the top of Real Alex Jones on Twitter.
Let's not have it have 5 million views, let's get 10 million today.
Let's send it to Congress.
And I show the documents, and I show the plan.
So when new viruses hit you, and I have new clips of Bill Gates saying it this week, and Ted Rose to have the WHO,
They're going to say it's your fault because of global warming.
When your daughter gets stabbed by some Islamic illegal alien invader because she's Christian, they'll blame it on global warming.
It's simple.
They are destroying the planet, creating a post-industrial world, cutting off the resources all over the world, flooding us with desperate people, mainly military-age men, and then they turn around and tell us it's our fault when they're the ones orchestrating it all and admitting they are.
We don't have time to play games with this anymore.
Al Gore up there.
Just as we warned you, there'll be giant groups of migrants coming in.
Yeah, you're organizing them and bringing them in to be your voters.
We're going to lay it all out today.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Stay with us.
Share that link.
We'll be right back.
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We together have changed the world at an incredible level.
And I want to salute the crew as well and all of our sponsors and supporters.
Ladies and gentlemen, wow, the fight has really been joined with a globalist.
And as we go into 2024, the most important election in world history, it is now more important than ever to get around the censors and override the globalists.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
It is so frustrating to know the enemy's battle plan because they're so arrogant and have had countless public meetings, written countless white papers and books, and have codified over 90% of their plan into world treaties and law.
I know exactly what they're going to do.
I know exactly what they're going to pull.
I know exactly where they're taking us.
Hell on Earth.
And everything I told you in the last 29 years has come true so far.
And now do you want the rest of what I said is coming to unfold?
All you gotta do is study the enemy.
Bill Gates says he wants to depopulate the Earth 90%.
Comes from a long line of depopulation eugenicists.
But he wants everybody to survive viruses that he's involved creating by taking a deadly shot.
I have reposted at RealAlexJones on X a video that's a compilation of my analysis of this over the last 13 years.
Where I predict in their own documents what they do.
You watch the 20 minute video, it all came true.
Every word of it.
Not because I'm a genius, but because I understood the globalists were in great control of the planet, not total, 13 years ago, and that everything they talked about doing decades before, they got done.
They've got a plan.
They're carrying it out.
They're following it, ladies and gentlemen.
They mean business.
Now, there's a lot of encouraging news.
And I don't sit here and say this, show that I can talk about how right I've been.
But as soon as people figure out that I know what I'm talking about, and that I'm dead on, and that my guests are dead on, General Flynn in studio coming up third and fourth hour today.
He's landing here in a little while.
As soon as you figure out that I'm dead on and my guests are dead on, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency is about to be in here.
Then we can set about beating the enemy.
We have their battle plan.
You don't have to look at me showing you a public battle plan 20 years ago and say, gee, that sounds crazy.
I think he's full of it.
You can read the battle plan and then you can know they carry it out.
It wasn't hypothetical.
You've already lived through decades of its implementation.
Now the good news is something happened in the last few months and I've been talking a lot about this last year as I saw it happening.
I said over a year ago, mark this date on the calendar, I forget the exact date.
It was a little more than a year ago.
I said the worm has turned, the great awakening is here, the quickening is here, the tide has turned, the global is turning deep crisis.
They're gonna lose the war of minds if they can't trick us into turning it violent.
They have been defeated on almost every path, but they may try to take us with them.
Remember that?
Well now, without even looking at the videos, I've seen Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, and a whole bunch of other prominent people
Come out in the last week and say, you know, not only is Alex Jones right, if you look at all the media and the corporate media trying to lie to people, where Alex Jones tries to tell the truth, he's been the most accurate and maybe Alex Jones, and I'm not saying this, they said this, should be the official source of information.
And it was said 90% seriously, 10% tongue-in-cheek.
Because the point is, they're trying to lie to you.
And as wild as Alex Jones is, he's the most accurate thing out there.
And Joe and Tim Dillon were discussing the fact that it's good to have media you can trust.
It's good to have a government that's not perfect, that overall isn't out to get you.
And that happens sometimes.
It's rare, but it happens.
We have one of the worst governments in history now.
So on the spectrum of, you know, 100 being the worst and 0 being the best, you know, George Washington was about a 5 or a 10.
The globalists are like 150.
I mean, they're like off the chart.
100 being the worst, they're 150, maybe 200.
I mean, what they want to do is a 500.
It's so destructive for their own interest.
It's just satanic.
It's a death cult.
And Joe comes out in these clubs and says it's a death cult.
It's real.
Alex Jones is basically right about everything.
He's not perfect, he's been wrong about a few little side issues, but in general, he's dead on.
Maybe Alex Jones should be the one source that we all trust.
And I'm like Ronald Reagan, I say trust and verify.
I'm not saying that.
It's in the New York Times that says, don't trust anyone but us, don't do your own research.
Those are actual quotes.
No, do your own research, don't trust me.
I make mistakes, but 95% of the time I'm accurate, and I'm fighting hard to be accurate.
And all these other shows said, you know, not only is Alex Jones right, Alex Jones is the best there is.
Now, why would they say that?
A, it's true.
But B, it's about letting the establishment know we're not bowing to you.
So the most rebellious against evil, rebel thing, outlaw thing you can do when the government's a tyranny, being an outlaw is patriotism, is to say, I'm with Alex Jones.
And I told you, I mean, Joe didn't say it in confidence.
I have dinner with Joe, you know, but pretty often, but I mean, we're probably eating dinner out of three, four months ago.
And he said, yeah, you're right about everything.
In fact, it's probably worse than you said.
And he just sat there and held court for like two hours, eating steaks and just, just more radical than I am totally pissed off.
He's like, yeah, Elon Musk is just as pissed as we are.
They hang out all the time.
Oh, they're like running buddies.
I come back and I report that to you.
I mean, people don't want to be depopulated.
People don't want... I mean, let me tell you something.
Biden's saying they fixed inflation and he told the media this weekend, get it right.
Tell people the economy's great.
I can't believe how expensive stuff is.
My mom was making Christmas Eve dinner over at her house here in Austin.
I've been over there since the morning with my youngest daughter and some of my older children were visiting.
And my mom's like, well, you guys haven't eaten breakfast.
I'm not cooking because I'm putting on like a five course incredible dinner.
She's an incredible cook.
She put on like a five course Christmas dinner on my mouse watering.
But it was like, you know, noon.
We were gonna eat till like six.
Now I'm hungry.
And so my daughter says, I want a hamburger.
So I go to the Texas burger chain, Whataburger.
It's up the street from their house.
And I get a junior burger.
For my six-year-old daughter and some fries and a drink.
And I get a double cheeseburger and some fries and a drink.
It was $27.
A year ago, that would have been $20.
Three years ago, that would have been $15.
Six, seven, eight years ago, that would have been $11.
15 years ago, that would have been $9.
20 years ago, that would have been $7.
But if you look at the inflation, it's doubled in the last couple years, and there's articles out there where a McDonald's for two people is like $25.
Folks, and they're telling you there's no inflation.
This is insane.
They are destroying us.
So of course people are going to wake up.
So I didn't tell those stories to Brian.
It's true.
And it's because of you supporting the broadcast that we've reached this point.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lake, a tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
Oh well, she cried.
I'll take you in, and I'll take care of you.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in, for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
The Vicious Snake.
This could be the great Trojan horse of all time.
Because you look at the migration, study it, look at it.
Now they'll start infiltrating with women and children.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in, for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman.
Sigh the vicious snake.
Now she clutched him to her bosom.
You're so beautiful, she cried.
But if I hadn't brought you in by now, you might have died.
She stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed and held him tight.
But instead of saying thank you, that snake gave her a vicious bite.
I saved you, cried the woman.
And you've bit me!
Heavens, why?
You know your bite is poisonous!
And now I'm going to die!
Oh, shut up, silly woman!
Said the reptile with a grin.
You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in!
Here's Jon Stewart and others.
Four years ago, five years ago, saying we were making this all up.
Now you're living it.
I'm watching the midterms.
Man, you would think our country is Mad Max Thunderdome.
This guy is like, they're coming from Guatemala, they're coming from Mexico.
There's a liberal mob that's coming.
You want a drop?
You want a drop?
What are you doing to me?
Who are the president?
And you would think everybody in the country is just like, to the bunker.
All right.
I have not done a show, full show, since last Wednesday.
I hardly ever, as you know, even I'm on the road, take off even a day or two, but I did it to be with family.
I still did a lot of research, though, and I sent the crew probably, they said like 500 links that they printed up for me here.
So I'm over-prepared, and when I do those type of over-preparations, I tend to get really mad, because the news is just so insane.
So here's what I'm going to try to do.
I'm going to just go over the headlines here with a lot of big breaking news.
Then, when we start the next hour, I'm going to drill back into the abolished border.
I was trying to think of a word yesterday for what's happened to the border.
It's been dissolved, and then it's the opposite of a border now.
It's a giant magnet to suck illegal alien military-age men from around the world, 90% of them coming across, same thing in Europe.
And then sign them up with the Democratic Party to vote and be police officers in our new ruling class, basically.
New bureaucratic class.
And a lot of them are also signed up for slave labor as a permanent underclass.
But it's a mix.
And so now, the Border Patrol, the U.S.
military, I see the comments all over X everywhere.
We need the military down there.
Oh, the military's on the border.
Don't worry, they're there to facilitate
In process, the Feds put out new numbers this morning.
Every three months they are quote apprehending, people come to them, the amount of people are more than live in the city of Denver, Colorado.
So we're talking almost a million people now that they're apprehending, 800 plus thousand every three months.
They estimate they only make contact with 20%
So if it's 800,000 in three months, and that's 20%, do the math.
Of 800,000, it's over 3 million.
Do the math.
If it's 800,000 and change every three months, and normally the winter is the slowest part, you notice the press secretary last week, she goes, oh, it's quite normal during winter to have these surges.
No, there's almost no one coming across in the winter.
Now they've broken all the records for summertime or any time in the winter.
But of course what she said is a total lie.
Saying it's normal's not true, and saying the winner's when you get the biggest numbers isn't true.
Every stinking word out of her mouth is a damn lie!
Because she's an enemy of the American people!
Enemies of the country!
Allied with the globalists, BlackRock, the CHICOMs, are destroying our nation!
And the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, are all there suing and attacking and censoring anyone that points this out.
And the giant human trafficking, and the slave labor, and the sex slavery is all admitted in Senate and Border Patrol and ICE reports.
Our government is run by monsters.
This is bigger than the Lolita Express ever transported in children.
In its entire decades of operation with Jeffrey Epstein, every day, more children smuggled in by people that aren't their parents and brought right across the border with no IDs to disappear into a hellish black hole in one day than were ever transported in over a decade on Jeffrey Epstein's sex slave plane.
Thousands of times what Epstein ever did, happening in front of your face in the last three years under O'Biden.
These guys are now in the same class as Hitler and Stalin.
But they're hitting us with unconventional warfare.
We have the footage in California, Arizona, Texas, everywhere, every day.
Tens of thousands per sector pouring across.
And you notice there'll be Hondurans or Venezuelans or Africans or people from the Caribbean or sometimes, not sometimes, every day, China.
They're all in groups, because the UN at the refugee camps gives them debit cards when they get there, pays for them to get to the refugee camps in Central America, then pays them with maps every leg, thousands of dollars more to get to their next destination.
And finally they're in the United States, and they're directed where to go.
I got a report here in the stack of a tiny town of a few hundred in Colorado, and they directed 300 illegal aliens to go to it during a snowstorm, and there's an NGO set a building up to take the town over.
Same thing was done in Europe.
You read those articles years ago about a tiny German town of 120 just had 300 Afghans put in it.
All the churches and government buildings now house them.
They're never deported.
99% of the time.
This is a ultra massive total complete takeover.
Here's footage on screen of the federal contractors smuggling children in an airport.
I have dozens and dozens of those videos that are new.
You know, at any airport, it's like seeing fish in a barrel.
It's happening everywhere.
So this is the reality, ladies and gentlemen.
So when I give you the good news that at least people are starting to wake up to this, that's the silver lining.
But overall, these are beyond storm clouds.
This is a typhoon of corruption going on.
This is replacement migration.
It's the official UN plan.
They're organizing him into voting blocks, they're using him for slave labor, they're using him for sex slavery, and then other military-age men are being recruited to be police and military on record to be the enforcement class.
So I'm going to go over all of this coming up next hour with all the videos, everything.
Let's hit the other news.
Now, Michigan Supreme Court rejects insurrectionist ban case and keeps Trump on the 2024 ballot.
CNN reports angrily.
Here's Zero Hedge.
Trump stays on Michigan ballot after state Supreme Court ruling.
And the Supreme Court said, our job is easy.
I've got the ruling right here.
Trump's never been convicted of anything.
Much less insurrection.
You can't take somebody off the ballot if they've never been convicted.
He's not even charged in the phony federal kangaroo cases in Florida and in D.C.
for that.
It's open and shut on its face.
You can't do that.
Well, why didn't Colorado do it?
Well, we should look at if any of those judges know Jeffrey Epstein or somebody like him.
Because I think when you scratch the surface and you turn over a few rocks, you're going to find blackmails going on.
So, that's one of the stacks.
And then I've got CNN, Fox News, even the Washington Post, all running headlines like this.
Opinion, the 14th Amendment gambit is breathtakingly foolish.
They say it'll only make Trump look good.
You can't remove somebody from the ballot if they've never been convicted of the crime.
Here's another one.
Special counsel in Trump case.
Former Reagan Attorney General says.
Fox News.
Here's another one.
Jack Smith's special counsel appointment is unconstitutional.
Former Attorney General tells Supreme Court.
Trump beats Biden in 7 of 7 swing states in a recent poll by massive margins.
Fox News.
Meanwhile, Biden sculls media for economy.
Start reporting it right away that inflation's down and it's great.
All lies.
But here's a flashback.
Judge bans Bolsonaro from running for office for eight years over appalling lies the judge claims.
Who advised him how to do that on record?
The Obama, excuse me, the Biden administration.
That's June 30th of this year.
Same tactics.
Remember when the U.S.
government just a few years ago used to sanction countries if they removed their political opposition off the ballot?
Now we're told that's what the good guys do.
Let's look at this stat.
This is something I'm going to talk about with General Flynn in studio coming up.
CBS News reporter warns of Black Swan event 2024, a national security crisis with unpredictable high impact.
Cyber attacks, terror attacks, larger wars, stock market crashes.
What have I been telling you is coming?
They've got it all energized and ready.
And now, let's get that clip ready.
They're predicting the Black Swan event.
Oh, we don't know what it is, but it's something that's going to shake everything up.
A new virus?
I've got new clips of Gates and Tedros and the WHO, all of them saying, oh, it's imminent.
They love to brag before they do it.
We'll be talking about that with Flynn.
Continuing, here's another one.
I mentioned this earlier and played it.
Alamore claims that if we don't address the climate, we will lose our capacity for self-governance.
Says that one billion illegals are about to come across the border because we're not paying them carbon taxes and letting them run our lives.
I guess we don't have the Black Swan Club.
Can we grab it?
I want to play it.
Thank you.
Now, let's shift gears into something really, really, really important.
And that's the latest Poison Shot News.
I'd like to begin with a meme of Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
For radio listeners, I'll narrate it.
On one side, it's got Gollum angry and attacking somebody.
Government in 2021.
Take the shot or we will fire you, starve you, take your children, put you in camps, and leave you to die without medical treatment.
In 2023, nobody forced you to take the shot.
There's another clip we talk a lot about.
Remember when Woody Harrelson this year went on Saturday Night Live?
I want to get that clip again.
And said, oh, imagine a drug dealer that can make you stay at home and take their drug.
That'd be a great scam, wouldn't it?
Yeah, that's the vaccine makers.
There have been 158,000 more unexpected deaths than during the same period before the COVID shots began.
Fox News reports, why are so many young healthy people dropping dead?
What happened in American workplace 2021 that led to these deaths?
Vaccine mandates.
This is a long and drawn-out genocide.
A working class in order to create a universal surf class.
Getting rid of the uppity Americans of every color.
Shocking truth behind COVID vaccine deaths.
The government admits 52,000 plus Brits died suddenly in eight months of 2022 due to vaccination.
The government now admitting it.
Huge, thick report with all the links.
Now it's on the side of buses, it's on TV, public service announcements.
Heart attacks are totally normal in children and young people.
The numbers have exploded, but that's the new normal.
What to know about holiday heart syndrome?
That's being reported all over the news.
Prepping for Disease X. Gates-backed group funds needle-free mRNA vaccine water technology that can be sprayed on fruit or other foods or put on a piece of
Tape, like a sticker they put on your body, so you can't escape them.
Well, they've already done that, for those that don't know.
Use your thinking caps, that's how they do it.
The mRNA, as well as the virus vector shots by J&J and AstraZeneca.
So all of them, whether it was Moderna or Pfizer mRNA, or whether it was virus vector, it's the same thing.
It uses a virus to order the cell to produce spike protein, which is contagious and infectious and causes the illness.
So, even if just 3% of people have taken the new booster, that'll cause new mutations and issues, and we've got these time bombs going around getting everybody sick.
And Bill Gates has talked about that in the literature.
Yep, three universes confirmed.
Covid jabs destroy human health, autoimmunity, diseases cause tinnitus, muscular, skeletal inflammation, and more.
Then we've got this big report, and after I cover the border next hour, I'll get to this.
Reminder, the next pandemic, even deadlier than COVID, is coming.
Warns the WHO.
I've got all the clips of them singing, and new ones!
Oh, ABC News!
What to know about Holiday Heart Syndrome!
Holiday Heart!
Holiday Heart!
Just so normal.
They got PSAs, TVs, government programs in Canada, the U.S., England, showing five-year-olds having heart attacks.
It's okay, it's normal.
It's okay, it's normal.
People always have lots of heart attacks when they're kids.
ABC News, what to know about Holiday Heart Syndrome.
Growing number of GOP candidates pledging to disavow COVID-19 vaccine and Big Pharma.
The Epoch Times.
Colon cancer is rising in America.
It's just not clear why.
Washington Post.
Really, it's directly linked to the injections, which then live in the gut.
That's where the spike protein really lives.
You've got to study on that.
Does COVID prefer the gut now?
Surging virus detections in wastewater prompt scientific debate.
The Gazette.
That's just some of the news.
Got a clip of Fauci saying it's been proven that when you make it difficult for people to live their lives, they lose their ideological BS and they get vaccinated.
He said we're locking them up and doing all this to make them take the shot.
What a nice man.
Here's comedian Rob Schneider pointing out that Bill Gates has said on record he wants to depopulate you, but now he wants you to take a shot.
I'm going to get to all those clips after I cover the open borders.
That'll take the first 30 minutes of the next hour.
And then I'll get into these actions.
Okay, well, what else do we have?
Well, we've got quite a bit, but since I mentioned it, let's go ahead and play the Black Swan event clip from CBS News where, ooh, they're way ahead of the curve.
There's about to be all these new crises this year.
They just can't tell you what it's gonna, when I say this year, I mean,
In four days from now.
Five days from now.
Let's put it up on screen.
How many days are we to the 2024 election?
I mean, we're close, folks.
Ten months out.
313 days, 12 hours, 7 minutes, 30 seconds.
And again, once you figure out how the globalists operate, and how they brag that they're operating like that, and simply tune in to them, you then get their game plan.
You know, I'm not bragging, I'm talking about how I'm effective, just like you can be effective in your life to your pastor, or your neighbor, or a school teacher, or a police officer, or anybody.
You can give them information.
You know when I send Joe Rogan every day, and he sends me stuff back, we probably send each other stuff ten times a day.
And then we go talk on the phone here and there, but... Now you see how awake Joe is.
You know what I said, Joe, two days ago?
I said it in this little clip.
It's Yuval Noah Harari saying we don't need humans anymore, and that most people are, quote, useless.
And he uses a Hitler quote.
But he's Jewish, so it's okay, I understand.
That's the kind of stuff I do.
And then I send clips like this.
Another CBS report.
The Chinese have been caught shipping out of their country millions of capsules of melted down babies.
See, that's just the kind of stuff.
Or this clip.
You know, I send this to folks and you see it on the air later.
A disturbing interview given by KGB defector
Yuri Beslanov in 1984 described everything that happened in America.
But it isn't the Russians doing this, the left and British intelligence in our government and the Trotsky faction out of Brooklyn went over there and overthrew the czars and had their communist revolution.
So if the globalists are able to fully take over America and exploit us against the rest of the world with globalist updated woke infiltration,
If we ever throw them out of the country, will it be that America's forever globalist?
Just like Russia's not communist now.
It's the same thing.
Russia didn't develop communism.
Russia was infected by it.
Funded by British intelligence.
Backed by the U.S.
By Woodrow Wilson.
He was already dead, but he put the money in.
government gave him billions of dollars in today's numbers of gold.
It's all declassified.
Let's go ahead and play this clip about the Black Swan event.
Well, mine's a little dark.
I just feel a lot of concern that 2024 may be the year of a Black Swan event.
This is a national security event with high impact that's very hard to predict.
There are a number of concerns that I have that factor into that.
Not only this sort of enduring heightened threat level that we're facing, the wars in Israel, also Ukraine,
So imagine if you had governments
That had it out for you and controlled infrastructure and controlled corporations, fascism, what they could do if they began to cut off the resources and cut off the police and cut off the services, you'd have an explosion of crime and a collapse of society and then only a more powerful government could come in later and save you.
That's the admitted Cloward and Piven strategy.
Now, Clark Piven didn't invent that.
That's been done many times in history, but it was adopted in the 70s after it was developed in the 60s as official Democrat Party doctrine.
We'll talk about it more...
Next hour, we're going to get into all of it.
Please, if you're watching on X, tell everyone you know to tune into InfoWars.com forward slash shows.
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That's where you go right to the source.
Share that link.
General Flynn coming up in one hour.
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I want to salute the crew and all the listeners and viewers.
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Hour number two, straight ahead in two minutes.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Pay insufficient attention to the frightening scenario of a comprehensive cyber attack.
So essentially what this public-private partnership at the WEF is pushing for is for every person's access to the internet to be tied to a digital ID or a government-issued ID, but presumably a digital ID just because of where government-issued ID programs are all going, essentially, around the world.
People aren't necessarily going to consent to that unless they are made to believe that anonymity and privacy online are dangerous.
So, how exactly can you convince people that that needs to happen?
Well, you have some sort of event where anonymous hackers do something online that causes major disruption globally, and then the consent can be manufactured through fear and panic, as is often done.
That anonymity and privacy needs to be eliminated, that we need to know exactly who is doing what online to prevent a calamity of that scale from ever happening again.
And this is the exact solution that these guys have been cooking for a very long time.
Hackers affiliated with China's People's Liberation Army have infiltrated critical services here in the U.S.
It's actually a very shocking result to us that there's very few number of substations you need to take out in the entire United States to knock out the entire grid.
Knock out the entire grid?
That's correct.
How many would it take to knock out, putting the entire country in a blackout?
Less than 20.
That report was from 2013, and it actually found the number was even lower.
Taking out just nine critical substations could black out the whole country.
This was a huge cyber attack in the panicked early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, targeting a $1.8 trillion government agency.
The truth of it has never been reported.
This is the Department of Health and Human Services, and on March 16, 2020, they were going to full remote work.
Network operators had to adjust all their firewall and security settings to allow hundreds of thousands of new, unknown connections into their network.
So they had to scale down their security all at the same time.
And that's when the attacks drop.
China's preparing for war with the United States.
The strategy here is that they want to be able to invade Taiwan.
They're worried that the United States will project military power from bases in Hawaii and the continental United States to Asia.
To defend Taiwan.
And so what China's trying to do is to do these cyber intrusions, lay in wait, and at the right moment, attack ports, attack water supply, attack energy supplies, to prevent the United States from projecting military power forward.
CCP tied group is quietly fueling US-based climate initiatives, tax violence.
And it goes through.
The group's wanting to shut off fossil fuels, shut down the coal plants.
CCP funded.
Saudi Arabian funded.
And they have their buddies in our government that are heavily invested there as the middlemen.
They're shipping what's left of our jobs overseas.
They're making announcements all over the country.
No more money for building traditional roads.
They're building roads just for EVs in Florida.
The road itself will charge electric vehicles.
If you have an electric vehicle and you have the right equipment attached, you will be able to charge as you're driving.
That dynamic charging is a pilot program.
So at first, it'll only work for the fleet of test electric vehicles.
But the end goal is for the expressway to charge all types of EVs.
And I think when this is done, this will be a leadership model for the rest of the world.
And they're putting power cables under the road, but don't worry, they said it's coming to a road near you.
And they're going to do it on regular roads, so you don't have to pull over and charge.
You just drive down the highway while all that radiation, same stuff comes out of power lines, that makes people sick on record.
So we're charging at 131 kilowatts here at a DC fast charger.
And up close to the cable, we're getting a little bit higher, but that's very close, uh, EMS.
Meanwhile, this ties into it.
Texas power plants have no responsibility to provide electricity in emergencies.
Justice is rule.
The decision now leaves the families of those who died during 2021 when the feds ordered the power not to be boosted.
We have a nuclear power plant offline because a water pump froze.
We have coal plants offline because equipment froze or the coal piles froze.
We have some solar panels covered in snow.
We have some wind turbines coated in ice.
One woman in Texas filed a class-action lawsuit against Texas power provider Gritty Energy after she was charged $9,500 for electricity during the week of the storm.
It's out of PBS in Austin, almost three years since the deadly Texas blackout where the feds ordered the state not to boost power.
A panel of judges from First Coast of Appeals, First Corps of Appeals in Houston, have ruled that big power companies cannot be held liable for failing to provide electricity during a crisis.
Please do not forget that my book has gone number one on a bunch of the different sub-charts.
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You are either with the Republic or against it.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
Back in 2006 when Lou Dobbs, great guy, great Patriot Bill show many times, was the number one show on cable.
He had like 12 million viewers a night.
CNN has like 100,000 viewers now at night, because nobody wants to watch their lies.
Back then they knew you had to have somebody good on to get viewers.
They had communism and socialism on all the other shows, but Lou Dobbs is on there just slaying it.
He sued with Judicial Watch and they got thousands of pages from the BAMF Canada World Government North American Union secret summit that again was in Canada.
And what a treasure trove it was.
They only got some of the documents.
And they said, we're going to use collapsing third world via IMF World Bank policies to flood the first world with a migrant crisis.
They didn't call them migrants back then, but in the UN Office of Migration, under the treaties, that gives them control.
We called them illegal aliens back then, but now we all know the official UN term.
We use their language.
The Refugee Office of the UN.
All of that.
They said we'll flood the first world with hundreds of millions of people and that will bring in the UN control and that will finally get North America to merge into one security perimeter in the name of stopping the open borders and the public will accept that and then the UN will be in control of the continental security perimeter of North America.
Then South America will have a continental security perimeter.
Europe will have a continental security perimeter.
They said that's one way we'll do it.
They said we'll use disease X, a scary virus to bring in control, and we'll use a cyber attack.
And then they said a fourth is war, but the main three were cyber attack, open borders,
And of course, Disease X. So you ask how I know this.
You ask how you watch my film, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, free on X. Millions and millions of viewers.
Go get it, share it.
You watch it from 13 years ago.
Excuse me, 16 years ago.
Two thousand seven.
And people watch it and they go, how the hell does he know all this?
Well, look at the screen.
I show you the video and the documents.
Again, this is not hard people.
But the average man is an expert on their favorite sports team.
They're an expert on whatever their hobby is.
Parasailing, or pool, or... And I'm not knocking it that you like the Red Sox, or the Dallas Cowboys, or the Chicago Bears, or Bulls.
But man, we're in a war!
Society is going down around us by design.
And we've got to get all the prominent people to get really serious.
So before I plow into all this news,
And play all these clips.
I want to talk about something really, really, really, really important right now.
You know, when I talk about something really important that's the key to defeating the enemy, I tend to decide before the show to talk about it.
I don't even really write notes.
I write notes around the videos I'm going to play, notes on some of the articles, but I tend to just throw the big enchilada out like it's no big deal.
And I've noticed when I just shoot the big important point out, like it's no big deal, no fanfare, nobody cares.
So you know what?
I'm not going to release the big enchilada until the bottom of the hour.
I'm going to lay it out coming up here in about 20 minutes.
So people can get notes, get paper, think about what I'm about to say, and when I say this, you're going to go, well that's really simple.
You're not telling us something we don't know.
That's the whole point.
This is very easy to beat people, but you've got to admit what you're up against.
If there's a grizzly bear,
And you live in Colorado, and it's a rabbit or whatever.
Most of them aren't, but some go crazy.
And it's deciding to break in your house.
You can't go get a .22 out of the gun safe to kill the grizzly bear.
You better have at least a .308 or bigger.
You want a .300 Win Mag, a .338 Lapua, a 12-gauge shotgun with slugs.
You want an elephant gun.
So everybody keeps approaching the left like they're liberals and they're dumb and they're crazy.
Their minions are dumb and crazy, but at the top they're psychological warfare experts.
Trained and tested and prepared cold-bloodedly to bring down civilization.
They know exactly what they're doing.
I'm not saying shoot them with an elephant gun.
It's a metaphor or an analogy or a parallel.
But I'm saying you don't bring a knife to a gunfight.
You don't bring a .22 rifle to the door if a grizzly bear is breaking it down.
You know, they don't really do that very often.
You know what does break doors down sometimes in the Arctic?
Polar bears can kill any grizzly bear out there.
They're the most powerful pound-for-pound land animal out there, and they will from time to time.
It happens all the time, actually, because there's so many of them.
Break into your igloo or break into your shack, break into your mining shack.
That's why they're fortified in polar bear country and people got bear guns because they routinely will try to break your door down and eat you and people have to shoot them.
Now again, if you live
Up in the Arctic Circle where there are polar bears, do you have a .22 by the door for bears when you go around in your snowplow doing work or going from the mining site or the timber site?
Do you have a .22 in the cab of your bulldozer?
Or your logging crane?
No, you got a high-powered rifle.
And you don't have a scope on it, because you're not going to be shooting polar bears at 100 yards or 200 yards.
That's not when they're in danger.
It's got open sights, because you're going to be shooting it at 5 feet away, when it tries to tear the door off of your vehicle and eat you, like a can of spam.
So that's what I'm getting at here is, you don't approach the New World Order like you approach a possum on your doorstep.
Or a rabid fox.
Or a rabid dog.
Or a rabid skunk.
There's video polar bears running in people's houses.
They look lovable, they're vicious as hell.
They can rip your head off in one bite.
They just bite you, grab your head and just pull it right off your neck.
With one arm they can haul a
2,000 pound beluga up onto the ice with one arm.
So I'm going to stop using the bear analogy.
The point is, you don't defeat this unless you know what you're up against.
I'm going to stop ranting now.
And at the bottom of the hour in 17 minutes or so, when we come back at 3 or 3 after, I will get into it.
But that's where we are.
We are not about to see a collapse.
We're in a collapse.
The inflation is engineered.
All of it is engineered to bring you to your knees.
So, here's some of the headlines.
Giant hordes of illegal immigrants are being brought into the U.S.
just in time for the societal meltdown of 2024.
Excellent article.
Very detailed.
Countless videos.
Brownsville Airport, Texas overrun by illegal aliens.
No official ID is needed to pass inspection, including men with children that are not related to them.
Representative Cory Millis knocks it out of the park.
We need to shut the border down or shut down the government.
Yeah, because the government doesn't just let them in.
They facilitate it and pay for it.
If we can't protect the American people, we need to at least save them some money if Congress isn't going to do its job.
Incredible caravans of up to 15,000 people apiece.
More than 20 of them marching towards the U.S.
right now.
So a month ago, the previous record was 12,000 a day.
Then it was 13,000, then 15,000.
Now it's 18,000 a day apprehended.
They estimate only 20% are apprehended.
We'll skip this break.
I should have told you that.
Border agents tell a group of roughly 300 migrants to start walking to the first camp as transport.
On the spot of the wall in Lukeville.
They take off in a mad dash and I'm in the middle of it.
Amazing footage.
Here's footage of federal contractors moving little children at 3 a.m.
We've got it all right here.
CBP sources tell Fox they have already been 730,000.
This is just one article.
The new number is 800 plus thousand in the last three months.
Migrant encounters on the southern border since October 1st.
A population the size bigger than the city of Denver arriving at the southern border in less than three months.
December is on pace to get the highest month ever recorded over 800 plus thousand.
Bigger than the city of Denver.
Every three months.
Here's Biden saying, we're getting rid of the white people.
It's good to get rid of white people.
They're making it racial.
And brainwashing the people to be racial, and to associate their racism with the Democratic Party organized against white people.
We'll play that clip coming up.
MTG writes, the Biden administration has created the most dangerous national security crisis in history.
They're legalizing human trafficking of millions, allowed 1.8 million getaways, and are harboring illegals at the taxpayer's expense.
It's 10 million.
Just in the last two years alone.
Meanwhile, we have the cultural enrichment all over Europe.
A Muslim migrant in the Netherlands pees on pork in a supermarket while saying, we don't eat pork.
Muslim immigrants are here to destroy your culture.
They will not assimilate, let alone respect you.
And we've got countless videos of the Muslims announcing, we've taken over.
We've done what the Germans took months.
We've done it in weeks.
We now rule you.
More video of children being smuggled around the country.
Meanwhile, Greg Abbott is shipping people to other states.
Soup lines are back in America.
Soup lines are back at the American Replacement Center.
And it shows all the illegals lined up for soup.
Just in random areas of the country.
Look at this analogy or this meme.
That's exactly what it is.
Shall we have it?
The border states called up their National Guard to protect our borders.
Men fleeing war take their families.
It's an image of men with their children in Syria.
Men going to war come alone.
Shows them pouring in here alone.
Airline workers sound alarm on illegals being loaded onto commercial flights at taxpayers' expense everywhere.
Huge report by Don Salazar at Infowars.com.
It's got all the details.
You want to go see that report.
Here's one I mentioned last hour.
Migrant crisis.
Remember, the migrant is a legal word under the UN Migration Treaties.
They're illegal alien invaders.
Migrant crisis spreads to a remote mountain town as winter descends.
Big report on that.
Just showing up in tiny towns.
By the thousands.
Islamic mob attacks New York police shouting Allah Akbar on Christmas Day.
Several officers injured.
Palestine is an excuse.
We all know well.
But the real problem is Islamic extremists.
And where's a lot of the right wing?
They're totally for open borders.
Totally for bringing in the Muslims now.
They never say a word.
The Muslims can do no wrong.
Meanwhile, you try to fly through an airport, TSA still wants to grope your genitals.
While the border is wide open and they're waving illegal aliens with children with no documents right past you.
It's all a sick joke.
More footage of this time of forklifts, not just bulldozers, smashing through and lifting up the barbed wire for the illegal aliens to pour in.
We've got that footage.
Look at this shot out of Arizona.
Nothing but illegal aliens from Africa pouring in.
All organized by the UN, brought from Africa, brought up to the refugee centers, brought in.
It's all organized.
A Somali didn't want to pay for his train ticket, so he hit the female train conductor and gave her a bloody nose.
A male train conductor came in and pretty much slammed Dunksy, but he'll probably be charged because you're not allowed to defend yourself.
All they did was change the word soldier to migrant.
More footage of the Zodiac boats hitting Europe every few hours funded by George Soros.
Full of military age men.
And it goes on and on.
We have footage of the Texas National Guard openly aiding the invasion.
From Libya to Italy, illegal Muslim immigrants tear up documents to obtain hotels, houses, food, free health care, pocket money, and many other benefits.
Always at our expense.
Here's the UN State Department funded illegal alien migration route maps that they hand out, paid for by U.S.
taxpayers, and they give them $2,000 debit cards per leg.
The Polish Parliamentary Speaker, former Deputy Head of the EU, is now saying they're going to open Poland up completely.
He ran on stopping the border being opened, now he just double-crossed the Polish people.
Now let's start getting into the clips.
Here's a clip of
Customs and Border Patrol sources confirm migrant encounters, that's illegal, alien, U.N.
assault force encounters, have surpassed 250,000 a month.
Now it's well over 300,000 on average.
September before that was 269,000.
Now it's over 300,000 a month because I've got new numbers even worse than this that just came out today.
It's over 300,000 a month.
Over 800,000 currently.
Let's go ahead and roll that.
That's Arizona, this is just one group.
Let's play clip 17, just a little bit of it.
Contractors caught moving minors through the Texas Valley International Airport at 3 a.m.
Where are you guys moving these kids to?
You guys got paperwork for these kids?
You know a third of these kids go missing.
You guys know anything about this?
About these guys moving these kids to the airport?
Straight up.
Yo, what are you guys doing?
I can't film in this public place, brother.
By the way, hit pause.
Remember 15 years ago, and then again 10 years ago, Putin banned Russian orphans being sent to the U.S.? ?
I mean, my parents couldn't have children after me.
My mom couldn't.
We adopted my sister from Korea.
It was all checked out.
It took a year to be able to do it.
It was from a woman that didn't have the money, couldn't take care of her.
We got her when she was six months old.
She's my sister.
I love her.
There's no background checks.
I don't even know who these people are, folks.
And notice the Border Patrol's laughing.
These guys are laughing.
It's funny.
That's who your government is.
They're not coming to save you.
Now, not all the border patrols like that, but a lot of them are quitting.
So, it'd be better just to defund the border patrol and defund it all right now, because then they'd just be milling around down there and it would cause a big enough crisis where it was shut down.
It's having to be facilitated.
So instead, our government is there pushing it in, springboarding it in.
You understand that?
Let's continue with these guys' arrogance.
Here it is.
Where are you guys moving these kids to?
It's none of your business, my friend.
But, do you guys have paperwork for these kids?
Don't worry about it.
I am worried about it.
Don't worry about it.
I am worried about it.
You know, a third of these kids go missing.
I'm sorry.
A third of these kids go missing.
It's the truth.
It is?
Tell me.
Correct, that's according to the New York Times article.
130 of these kids that dropped off at this month.
I mean... Alright, let's stop right there.
I had Carlos Serrano in here last week, who's a major whistleblower on record.
He's going to take us to the border soon.
He used to do this, but he couldn't do it anymore because a lot of the kids ended up getting raped or even disappeared and dead.
The kids he knew, not kids he brought in, but kids he knew of.
He says there's Walmarts, which they admit, all over the place.
No media coverage of that.
We're going to those.
And the video goes on and on.
It's truly disgusting.
It's posted on my Twitter.
In fact, I'll re-exit.
I'll put it back out in a few minutes at the top.
Let's continue.
Now, clip 20.
These are soup lines inside America for the illegal aliens.
Which, again, I'm not even against these illegal aliens.
A lot of them are kids that have been kidnapped.
The point is they're creating a collapse scenario.
Here it is.
All right, Hernando Arce here.
He called us around.
I've got my six.
We're about to witness stuff coming out of the truck.
That would be a food truck coming out.
We have a line of military-aged men, 25 years old, average.
We have a sedan that pulled up.
That's Carlos right there.
It's like hot plates.
For these illegals.
Esto es una sopa o un sancocho?
Un caldo.
So they offer a soup, hot soup with a slice of bread.
What do you say Carlos?
You want to jump in there?
Say a few words?
You're good?
We'll just continue to document this here.
Alright, let's go to clip 23.
And this congressman is totally right.
Corey Mills, this is what needs to be done.
Well, we have been striving to try and get 12 single point appropriation bills for quite some time, for the last 12 months.
The issue, however, isn't just in the actual ability to try and get appropriations.
We need to look at the priorities here.
We either need to shut the border or shut down the government.
If we can't protect the American people, then we should at least try and save them some money if Congress isn't going to do their job.
Now, our House has actually passed H.R.
2 Secure the Border Act, but you have the Senate, who is run by two key Democrats, Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, who have refused to put this on the floor as they want to tether it to more Ukrainian funding and other types of leftist aid packages.
And so, I think that we have the ability to continue to move forward with our appropriation bills, but the Senate must take up the appropriation bills that we've already passed in the House, as well as for the policies which will help to secure America.
So, given the rhetoric we've heard in the Senate, how likely then do you think a government shutdown is, or are we going to get a continuing resolution to push this down the road again?
Well, I have never voted for a continuing resolution.
I will not go ahead and kick the can, costing taxpayers more money.
We need to do our jobs.
If we can't do our jobs, then we need to stay in D.C.
until we can get it finalized.
We need strong leadership.
We need to make sure that when the four-corner meetings happen, that being with our Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, Hakeem Jeffries, Mitch McConnell, and Chuck Schumer, that we hold a very conservative and America First agenda approach.
We need to look at not just trying to cut our way to prosperity, but we need to start putting in the necessary reforms and economic growth packages that will grow our economy.
That is what H.R.
1, the Lower Cost Energy Act, does.
Alright, point blank, folks.
I am in the process right now of trying to hire a couple camera people.
We don't have enough here.
We only have a few here.
We need them for here.
A few camera people and a few reporters.
To be able to full-time be on the border.
The people have to see their families, so I need like three reporters so that they're rotating in and out.
And it's a big border, and it's a serious situation.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones!
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
The great Clay Clark.
General Michael Flynn are going to be joining us in studio for two hours.
Coming up next hour.
Okay, so I said about 20 minutes ago I was going to lay some really important information on you.
And when I say this, the millions of people tuned in, almost all are going to go, well that's not any information we don't know.
Why'd you whet our appetite with some big insight?
Well, the insight is in the action.
Or the inaction.
So let's talk about this right now.
Let's talk about this right now.
And I'm not going to name names and I'm not trying to shame anybody.
But let me explain it to you this way.
We are in a process of demoralization.
In fact, get me the Russian defector clip ready here in a moment.
Yuri Bezmenov, who was a real Russian high-level KGB and did talk about their plan to demoralize the West.
And people say, oh, the Russians are doing that today.
No, no.
The West went and overthrew the Tsar and did that to the Russians, and they were a slave state for 83 years.
And they've still got big problems.
But when you hear this doctrine and go, oh, that's what they did here, it's not the Russians.
They were trying the same things with the left.
But you have to understand the Trotskyites got kicked out by Stalin.
They came over here and they took over the Republican Party to a great extent.
They're called the neocons.
So if you look up the history of 1917, U.S.
and British intelligence, mainly British intelligence, put the Bolsheviks in.
And it took them years to get control of Russia.
Five years at least.
They murdered the Christians and took the small farms and did all the things that Klaus Schwab is doing.
You'll own nothing and be happy.
So, where am I going with this?
Before I play the Yuri Bezmenov clip, I want to play a clip here of illegal aliens, the U.N.
terms of migrants, that gives them legal authority under treaty over them.
They're the ones that decide whether we take them
Decide how they're brought in.
One of the first things Trump did was leave the U.N.
treaty that had never been ratified by Congress but had been signed up to by George Herbert Walker Bush.
He left it and said, no, the U.N.
doesn't decide who can come in here and who can't.
Who is a refugee?
Who's a migrant?
We do.
Well, one of the first things Biden did after he cut off the Keystone Pipeline and things like that was reinstate the U.N.
being in charge.
So the U.N.
is in charge of our policy, and Congress appropriates the money in the billions every year to pay for the illegal alien U.N.
refugee camps, or migration camps as they're now called, to then bring them in, and then they get up to $90,000 an individual the first year they're here, as a magnet to bring them here.
That's on record!
That's just federal assistance.
Veterans can't even get $30,000 a year.
Disabled ones.
And illegal aliens don't have to take the shots because they don't want their new underclass damaged.
You're given the shots to get rid of you.
This is all part of a plan.
Look it up.
So let me get to the big issue here.
Let's roll this clip of illegal aliens at Eagle Pass in Texas on the Mexico border.
are a great spectating crowd for the golf course next door and everybody's seen those famous photos and videos in California where there's giant forest fires coming down the hill just like a half mile away and you see this wall of fire across the highway and there are golfers playing golf
Well, a giant wall of fire approaches them at about a mile an hour.
And it later burned down the golf course.
Jumped the road, burned the golf course.
Then it was reported on.
Golfers waited until the last minute with fire coming at them.
Because they're not thinking about anybody but themselves.
They're in a normalcy bias.
Everything's okay.
Even though it's not.
The crime's exploding.
Inflation's everywhere.
But people have been trained to be such spectators.
Had to be so disconnected from being in the arena that, well that's not my job, that's not my area to worry about it, I'm gonna be selfless and just think about me, and then when you have that attitude you lose everything.
So here's some footage that's similar to that.
of that magnitude of tens of thousands of illegal aliens under a bridge underpass getting ready to be brought in and bust into the U.S.
and they're sitting there bored cheering the golfers 30 yards away teeing off.
Here it is.
Play that again.
So, they're oblivious, playing golf, everything's fine.
No, everything's not fine.
And that's a microcosm of the attitude.
Yeah, there's the photo I wanted.
There's actually footage of this in the Dick Cheney movie.
Towards the end, they have a clip of me in the same clip.
That's why I remember it.
They go, we've got to learn to fight evil, but we just sit there and stand still while it's all around us.
And they show this clip, the clip of me, like I'm the evil.
So, so, so there's the forest fire burning towards the golf course.
It later burned down the golf course.
I read the news article and people didn't care because they're so selfish.
Another parallel.
If you'll remember, is suicide traders on 9-11.
There were hundreds of them that stayed at their desk, even after one tower collapsed, because there was so much money to be made during the crisis.
Some of them made 10, 15, 20 million dollars apiece, but they died.
Yes, trying to make the money.
There's another parallel to that in World War II.
That's when they started marking it and it had a name for it, but target psychosis.
And that's where you're flying in with a P-38 Lightning over a German train, and they start shooting the train as they flew over it, hitting it perfectly, and then wouldn't look that right ahead of the train was about to go into a tunnel, and they fly right into the tunnel.
You get so targeted on shooting the target that you stop looking at what's going on.
Well, that's a fighter plane blowing up a German Nazi train.
You can see why they were focused while they're getting shot at from the train with anti-aircraft on the roof.
And they're risking their lives so they're not worried about it.
They're going to get that train.
So they strafe the length of the train.
The train blows up!
But then they... There's another plane behind them.
Caught the footage.
Fly right into the side of the mountain.
But they're doing that to take out a Nazi train.
These guys are doing it to play golf.
While the world burns.
So 9-11, one tower already collapses.
People still stay.
All the buildings on fire.
At their trading desks because they're making so much money.
And so that's what I wanted to say.
It just hit me at about 5 30 this morning.
I was just got up.
Having a cup of coffee.
And I just thought about
You know, I know for a fact, and I'm just going to name names, a few names here.
It's not about how famous I am or whatever.
I've been reached out to by you name it.
And I've run into people over the years and I know people and I, you know, and some of them have said some things that come out against the shots and criticize the globalists.
But you name it, whether, whether it's George Strait or whether it's Hank Williams Jr.
or whether it's you name them.
They're patriots.
They hate the globalists.
They know all about the New World Order.
They know what's going on.
And so I'll hear from them or their families or other stuff.
Oh yeah, we love your show.
We all watch it and sometimes run into those people or other people like them.
They're like, hey Alex, good job.
We're glad you're out there doing this.
And if you go to their concert, there's American flags.
They'll donate a house to a disabled veteran and they talk about how much they love America.
They're doing something to stop the demoralization, but look at what Chris Rock did.
Or Kid Rock, not Chris Rock.
Look at what Kid Rock did when he simply, in his house in Michigan, set up a 12-pack or a case of Bud Light and said, screw you, trying to castrate our children and push sexualization on our children, promoting the whole transgender cult.
And it made them lose, now, billions and billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars.
Some estimates are like, in the aggregate, it's going to be like $20 million.
Destroyed the number one beer brand in the world.
Because one celebrity triggered the chain reaction of anger that was already there.
Kid Rock.
He did that.
And it devastated him.
So I'm not singling out Hank Williams Jr.
You know, he got taught his lesson.
He said something politically correct, so he got kicked off for a while of Monday Night Football.
But the point is, we're going to lose everything if we don't do this.
I don't know.
And by thinking they're protecting themselves because they stay out of politics and they stay out of what's going on and because, you know, they're just making more money and it doesn't make their liberal fans mad, we're going to lose the entire country and the money you're getting paid by the hundreds of millions is going to be worthless.
So I didn't single out country music singers.
I just thought of them.
You know, Willie Nelson is misguided.
I know him well.
And he loved me when I was anti-war against George W. Bush, and then his wife got really mad when Obama got in, and I'm at their house and telling him how bad Obama is, and we're watching the Obama deception and playing chess, and he's getting convinced that Obama's bad, and it's like, hey, we're done with you.
I still had dinner with him years later, and we're still friends, but at least Willie Nelson is politically engaged.
He's misled, he's anti-gun at 90 years old, his wife calls the shots, his fourth wife, a big liberal,
But, last time I was at one of his concerts, he was up there wearing the mask.
Willie wasn't.
But at least Willie is engaged.
We've got almost all of country music is against the New World Order.
But they won't say a word.
And again, I'm not saying without country music, I'm using it as an example of that.
But doesn't Willie know he became popular because he was an outlaw just against the strictures of Nashville?
Well, let's be outlaws against the destruction of our country and our illegal government.
Let's do the right thing like Elon Musk is doing, and Joe Rogan is doing, and Tucker Carlson is doing, and everybody else, you name it.
Jimmy Dore now sounds like me.
Because it's the truth, and Russell Brand, and everybody else is deciding, hey, we don't want to go along with the New World Order.
We don't want to be part of the destruction of society.
So, if the average person wants to play golf with millions of illegal aliens pouring in right beside them,
Tens of thousands that day.
Well, that's a nobody.
They decided to be a nobody.
Even though little people can do big things as well.
But all the prominent state legislators and governors and attorney generals and prominent business people and billionaires and all these folks that I know, I know a bunch of billionaires that listen to the show every day and know what's going on and ask me, where should we build an emergency, you know, bug out for the collapse?
And I'm like,
Why don't we stop the collapse?
That's the safest thing to do.
Why don't we stop the New World Order?
But you see, conservatives, and Christians, and populists, and capitalists, and just anti-communist, and anti-globalist, and anti-wokeist, we're not organized.
The Globalists are organizing the Council on Foreign Relations over the U.S.
and the Royal Institute of International Affairs over the U.K.
and they've got these bodies that are all co-chaired by each other and they're organized through the WEF as their mouthpiece.
Funded by BlackRock, they've got a plan.
Super unpopular, eat the bugs, pedophilia, open borders, world government, 250 square foot coffin apartments, driverless cars.
Synthetic meat banning ranches.
They're already doing it in the... I'm sorry, second biggest food producer in the world is another one.
It's not the third.
And Ireland's shutting down beef production.
What are you going to do about that, George Strait?
Like fifth generational Texas rancher?
Down south of San Antonio?
Where's George Strait?
Imagine if George Strait came out.
George Strait's super smart, so's his family.
Imagine if George, let's just talk about George Strait.
George Strait's the type of guy who will drive an hour and a half for one of his buddy's little birthday parties at a honky-tonk right outside Fredericksburg.
I know because I saw it once, I was there.
And Ace in the Hole's playing for somebody and then in watch George Strait plays five songs and shakes his buddy's hand and leaves.
Well George Strait would do that for his buddy's
And am I putting George straight down?
I mean, look before he died.
Charlie Daniels put out a book, put out films about Agenda 21 and the New World Order 13, 14 years ago that reached tens of millions.
Charlie Daniels said, we got a UN globalist takeover, and warned of everything that happened.
Charlie Daniels!
It's Charlie Daniels, baby!
And that makes me not just love his music, but respect him even more.
But, if you look at his music, it was all about understanding people were trying to run America down, and he wasn't putting up with it.
Merle Haggard was a listener.
I talked to him.
He was gonna come on the show.
When he came to Texas in a couple months, he died.
But he sings songs about chemtrails and about the New World Order before he died.
Did you know that?
You can pull him up, you can listen to it.
I'm just saying, folks, we need everybody to be like Charlie Daniels.
We're gonna lose the whole country.
You're gonna lose everything.
You're gonna have to leave America, George Strait.
Hank Williams Jr., you can't hide on your ranches.
I remember 10 years ago talking to Hank Williams Jr.'
's manager.
They called us.
They said, yeah, Hank's pissed off.
He wants to come on.
Longer than 10.
It's whenever he got banned off Monday Night Football for not wanting to destroy Israel.
When he called the Palestinians Hitler.
And then they said, well, he just decided not to do it.
You reached out to me.
So what I'm seeing here is they're a microcosm of whether you're a doctor or a nurse or a school teacher or a banker or a masseuse or a guy that runs a 7-Eleven.
I don't care, you're all important.
What are you going to do about what's going on and what's going down?
And that's why I got on Joe Rogan's ass six years ago.
He was starting to go a little globalist and he was starting to criticize me even though we've been long-term friends.
I've known him like 18 years then.
19 years.
And I said, I'm right about this.
And I'm sending you all this.
And I didn't bully him.
I said, I'm going to come after you.
And he's like, you really think it's this bad?
He said, fine, I'll look at the info.
And he said, I guess you're right.
It is kind of bad.
And now that he saw it all out in the open, he's behind the scenes more as awake as I am.
I mean, pissed.
And I told you, you're going to see that translate on air.
You've seen it now.
I'm not going around policing people, telling them what they can do, what they should do.
I'm simply saying we're going to lose everything.
We're already deep down the rat hole here.
And we need to see members of Congress.
We need to see the governors.
We need to see the churches.
I'm calling the churches out.
I know some of the biggest mega-church guys here in Austin.
I'll just leave it at that.
They officiate weddings, I know.
I go to some of the churches.
And they teach good, you know, basic stuff, but behind the scenes they know all about the New World Order and they listen to the show.
But they don't come and give their flock a hardcore message because they think their flock can't handle it.
The essence of leadership is doing the right thing and not caring what the consequences are.
But as Mark Twain said in the beginning, a patriot's a scarce man hated, feared, and scorned.
But in time when his cause succeeds, attempt to join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
We're already at that tipping point, but it may be too late.
But I know if more prominent people, not just here, but around the world, piled on to the fight against the globalists.
Say what you want about Musk, but he's going up against them 100% now.
If more of you would just join us,
And get out there and make statements.
You're going to be criticized by the New York Times and CNN.
That's good.
Everybody hates them.
But you will be an example to all the other scared people that know the truth, but they don't want to stick their heads up.
But if George Strait came out against the New World Order, stuff like that will beat him.
You want a nuclear war?
You want him to release a new virus, George?
I'm not telling you what to do.
I'm simply saying, we're in a sinking lifeboat here, and I'm bailing water as fast as I can, and we're almost ashore.
But I can look at the rate of the water coming in, and with the people we got bailing, it's not going to be enough.
And this damn thing's going to go under, and this is freezing below zero water.
We're going to get hypothermia like the Titanic, and we're going to collectively die.
And again, I just spun the wheel and used the example of country music.
It's in every industry, in every group.
We need the doctors and nurses to expose the poison shot, which they did to a great extent.
So we beat that, but not before they hurt a bunch of people.
We need the lawyers to stop going along with the corrupt judicial system and to come out and say this is too far.
And here's some examples of that.
It's happening all over the place.
CNN has come out with a bunch of reports and said it's wrong to take Trump off the ballot when he hadn't been convicted of a crime.
You can't do that.
I showed you the articles last hour.
Take transgenderism.
Now the insurance companies are jacking up the liability malpractice premiums on them in Europe, in UK, in US, in Australia, because all these lawsuits are getting filed because they convince people to have their genitals cut off and it ruins their lives.
That'll shut that down!
And notice the transgenderism was being pushed everywhere until... Kid Rock shot up a case of...
Bud Light.
And everybody was already pissed, but it caused a chain reaction, and everybody else joined him, and then all the other corporations, including Disney, turned and ran!
And they put a new CEO at Disney who said, we're gonna stop this!
And he took his foot off the gas by 90%!
All because we stood up and said, knock it the hell off!
They're getting rid of all these different university heads that say white people are inherently evil and Israel needs to be blown off the map!
And all those that want Israel blown off the map, they got thousands of nuclear weapons, dumbasses!
It'll cause the Samson Option!
And we'll be in a nuclear war, you dumb assholes!
You dumb shits!
The point is, is we are two minutes from midnight and we need people to do what Kid Rock did and what Ted Nugent taught everybody how to do for 50 years.
You want to be criticized by the New York Times and CNN.
I guarantee you, even though he's not touring much anymore, if George Strait
Came out and spoke out against the shutting down of farms from Sri Lanka to the Netherlands to Ireland and said cutting off the world food supply is wrong and the UN through its policies is causing world starvation that's already killed 80 plus million people during the lockdowns they admit.
I can send them the numbers, they're public.
That they would defeat it worldwide if George Strait would just come out against it as a farmer and a rancher and say, farmers and ranchers are good and cows are good.
Defend your livelihood.
Defend your heritage, George Strait.
I'm a rancher.
I've got cows.
I'm a ninth, my children are ninth generation Texans.
We bought our land from the Mexicans.
And I'm here asking you, as a Texan, to do something about this!
It's not just some old, that's that political guy, he's over there, he got attacked a bunch, they did that so you'd be scared to listen to me, because they know people do listen to me.
And now Joe Rogan came out with Tim Dillon and said, look, Jones isn't perfect, but he tries to tell the truth, he's got the best accuracy record out there, we ought to make him the official source of info.
There is no official source of info.
There's doing your own research and telling the truth.
I want people to check everything I say.
Former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, General Flynn coming in.
I know his plane landed recently.
Hopefully he'll be here, but regardless, we've got two hours coming up.
So he'll be here.
We've also got Clay Clark, who puts on an amazing big national symposium.
Maybe George Strait ought to go to that.
And I'm not stealing out George Strait.
He said to pick somebody as an example.
Hell, Willie ought to wake up from his libtard ways.
We'll be right back.
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I wish I didn't know about any of this.
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Not too bad.
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What the hell even was that?
I don't even know what that was.
Tucker Carlson.
These gay fucks are really grossing me out.
Wait, it's actually zombies.
They're skeletons.
It's the two fake news jesters.
What will I do?
You're just locked in your house.
That's hilarious.
So we got Brian Stelter.
Oh, that's Mark Zuckerberg as a lizard.
This is hard, okay guys?
God, this is so well made.
What the f-
Overall, I would say it's solid play.
I get it.
It's more probes.
Some of these bosses are getting, like, harder.
This is, like, a legit game.
Defeat big tech cucks and more.
Is it too late for an entry into Jeff Keighley's Game Awards?
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Alright, for the next two hours we have General Michael Flynn and Clay Clark both in studio with us to break down the incredible days we are living in.
GeneralFlynn.com on ex-General Flynn.
And of course we have Clay Clark with the Reawaken America Tours.
Millions have watched and hundreds of thousands have gone to at ClayClark and TimeToFreeAmerica.com.
It's great to have both of you here.
Really honored to have you both in the studio.
Whether such courageous work you're doing.
Are we not?
We're not bragging.
This is true.
We are vindicated.
There have been thousands of fake political diversions that have gone on around the world.
Hundreds are in the U.S.
But the New World Order globalist plan that you've studied, I've studied, we've talked about for so long,
It's now out in the open.
There's a major turning point.
Joe Rogan came out last week and said, no, Alex Jones and others are right.
It's a new world order.
It's the globalists.
It's Klaus Schwab.
It's Black Rock allied with the Chai Khans.
They're trying to take over America.
They're trying to steal elections.
I use him as a bellwether.
He used to be a big liberal.
Now he's going to vote for Trump.
It's the same thing across the boards.
Everybody who's popular now
Is against the globalists, dinosaur media is falling apart, but the enemy is going to strike back.
They've got an Obama finance movie on Netflix that just came out called Leaving the World Forever about race war, power outages, cyber attacks.
They have a new movie, Civil War, huge budget, huge stars coming out where the right wing has to be crushed by the U.S.
Simultaneously, General, and I want to get both your takes on this.
We see the talking point that Trump's going to be a dictator and we've got to stop the right wing and the number one threat is Trump supporters and made up white supremacy.
Clearly, they're gearing up some major things.
They're pre-programming cyber attacks.
They've abolished the border that's not just open.
They're springboarding everybody in, using the Border Patrol and military to facilitate
We are in a globalist coup, in my view.
All over the world, populists are getting elected.
They're using the same tactics, like with Bolsonaro, to bar him from running.
Michigan just ruled no, Trump will not be off the ballot.
The Supreme Court is set to rule against that.
Such brazen desperateness, but we shouldn't be, I think, celebrating just because we've turned the tide and are winning major battles.
The main war is here now.
Am I correct, General Flynn?
Absolutely, and when we start thinking about and projecting out this next year here, going into November, if we make it to November with an election, although I have said very publicly that I do see a scenario where this current left-leaning crowd may not want us to have an election because there's just no way in the world, given everything that's happening, that they could actually win an election.
A couple of other things.
Other names that I think are going to start to turn toward our side.
People like Jon Stewart.
I think Jon Stewart is a powerful voice out there and I think we're going to start to see some others.
Potentially there may be some of these late night comedians who begin to see other
And you were their first target!
I was their first target.
The next major event was 5 January 2017 in the Oval Office.
Same people, John Brennan, in this case you had Sally Yates, Jim Clapper, Susan Rice, the current occupant of the White House, Biden were in there.
And that's the day, 5 January 2017, it's in the Durham Report, go read it.
People can begin to see that time, that moment was when they decided there's no way in the world that we're going to allow Donald Trump to have an effective
Four years in office, even though he did, and to stay in office.
And they made the decisions then, and now what we're seeing is we're seeing this play out.
And the World Economic Forum, which has the likes of Klaus Schwab and Clay can talk about this in spades, there are people above them.
And Alex, you know this.
They're just a mouthpiece.
BlackRock and some of these other organizations, this sort of large corporate infrastructure that we are facing globally, that clearly has the Chinese behind it, and the Chinese are playing them and playing us like a fiddle right now.
And I don't like a lot of what Israel's doing, but at the same time, be honest, China is 100% behind Hamas and Hezbollah, right?
I mean, when you think about, when you think about, there was a, there was a, a operation that Ronald Reagan did in 1980s called Praying Mantis.
You know, right now we're in the, we're in the throes, I think the last 10 days, our U.S.
Navy has had, they've had suicide drones, they've had Houthi missiles fired against them.
When that happened in the 1980s,
Reagan sunk the Iranian fleet.
He sunk half, 50% of the Iranian naval forces at that time and we have responded with nothing other than shooting these things down and we were on our heels.
So there has to be a reciprocity that is not
You know, if warfare is not fair, there's got to be a reciprocity that's different, because otherwise they're going to continue to attack us in the Middle East.
And Iran is behind this.
The Chinese are behind Iran.
The Russians are behind Iran.
They're with them.
The whole idea about this global alliance that we've been talking about for a long time now,
This global alliance that has formed against the United States of America is very real.
China is at the head of it, and they have probably, they have at least 50% of the world's population, I would say, and Clay can jump in.
We'll go to Clay in a moment, we've got two hours, but I want to ask you, General, you're the former head of Defense Intelligence, and a war veteran, a hero of the whole nine yards, you know from the ground up to 35,000 feet to a million feet how this thing really operates.
The left, the Harvard, the CIAW Director has been putting out pro-Hamas emojis.
The corporate media has been siding with the Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood we know Obama was in control of, launched the Arab Spring, overthrew the Egyptians and others, our allies.
So at a very sick level here, there's something bigger.
Why is the Democratic Party sitting there tacitly backing what the Chai Koms are doing in the Middle East?
What's the big picture?
Yeah, the big picture is that this administration, and it really starts back with the Obama administration, I do not want the Obama administration to get away with this, inside of Washington DC, inside of the rot that is inside of our intelligence community, and I use that word very precisely, rot.
there is a rock that sees down from the head all the way down into the senior executive service and they know this they know this there is such a anti uh... israeli anti-american in many cases and a pro iran and that's really the that's really the the sort of the big
And a lot of the so-called right-wing is now pro-Muslim.
Oh yeah, oh yeah.
And it's crazy.
And it is.
And that's the whole uniparty component of what we're facing in Washington, D.C.
But this craziness that we're seeing, I mean, today, I think as I was coming in here today, I'm told that JFK International Airport is now blocked off up in New York.
They've been blocking off bridges.
How is all of this happening in such a short period of time when for the last, you know,
Years, two plus decades, we've been fighting, you know, over in Iraq, over in Afghanistan, all these wars over there, against these same elements.
Yet, you turn it on its head today, and we're now, we're siding with these same elements.
We're siding with the elements that were pro-Islam, pro-Iran, pro, in many cases, even pro-ISIS.
And I want to separate this for people who are dense, and I know most of our audience isn't.
It doesn't mean we support everything Israel does, or Israel spying on the U.S., or the Israel lobby, or the ADL.
I criticize that, so does the General.
But Islam's a billion, almost two billion people, a billion and a half right now.
There's tens of millions in Europe, millions here, military's been flooding in.
They've definitely got Hezbollah Hamas sleeper cells.
They're definitely preparing something big.
The FBI director says they see flashing lights everywhere.
No kidding!
And so just like Obama used an Arab Spring to project power, it looks like they're planning to use that as their new Black Lives Matter in the election, an Islamic uprising that's already here, as some type of trigger.
How do you see that, because you're the expert on this, playing out?
Yeah, so, and I'm going to take people back just to take a minute.
Hamas and Hezbollah, two very radical organizations, have been inside of the United States for well over two decades.
They have represented a threat to the United States of America for a long time.
Never mind what's going on over in the Middle East, in what's called the Levant area, where Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Gaza, parts of Egypt are, the Sinai for example.
They have been a threat right here in this country.
And now what we are seeing with what has happened recently with this savage attack on the 7th of October, what we're now seeing is this rise of that threat.
Now, the additive component of this is this invasion of our southern border.
The invasion of our southern border has allowed in known terrorist organizations, known terrorists.
I mean, the FBI has has come out and said that they have, you know, they've captured or arrested some number, but they're not going to get them all, folks.
So we're looking at hundreds of thousands of people from these countries that represent these types of organizations, Hamas and Hezbollah in particular.
Both of those organizations are back funded, resourced by Iran.
And like I said earlier, the Iranian
Thank you.
What we have right now is we have a massive domestic problem.
And part of our challenges is right here in Washington, D.C., we have elements in our own government that are pro these organizations.
They're Arabists.
In many cases are protecting them.
They're Arabists.
General, let's continue.
Big-time Arabists.
You might want to explain what that is, and we're going to go to the other great expert here.
We're going to give you each a little.
We have plenty of time.
You're so gracious to be here.
In my view, studying geopolitics and being in this for 30 years, but I was never the head of the Defense Intelligence, it's very clear that this is just like before World War I or World War II.
All the forces are lining up, they're testing each other, and that we're going to see catastrophic war in the Middle East.
I'd say 90% chance of the next year.
There's a good chance China's going to move on Taiwan.
Xi Jinping just came a month ago and visited and told Biden that to his face, and Biden didn't say anything.
I don't see this country ever being in a worse position, and I see globals preparing to bring us down and basically then setting up the EU and China as the new kind of monopolar force.
I mean, I think the betrayal is here.
I can feel it.
I can see it.
I can see the treason, the dangers that the globalists are doing to America.
They're not the types that'll just do that just for some political power for
You know, a few years.
They're making major moves that are about to change the map forever.
A, do you agree with that?
And B, how do you see this going down?
Yeah, I mean, I do.
I do generally agree with that.
I think that what we're facing, and let me take it away from the Middle East for a second, because the Middle East is its own sort of cauldron of flames that are going on right now, and everybody just, most Americans, it goes right over their heads.
I mean, it really does, because we've been there forever.
You know, let me take you to someplace that's a little bit closer to home, and that's the Panama Canal.
70% of trade for the United States of America goes through the Panama Canal.
And the Panama Canal only has a couple of locks.
It's very critical.
There's approximately 200,000
Chinese military-age men that have been occupying and coming in through the Darien Gap and through places like Venezuela, which the Chinese send them into Venezuela.
They've had people operating in Venezuela for a long time.
And Venezuela's starting to move against its neighbors?
Venezuela's starting to move against Guyana on its eastern coast there.
So the Panama Canal is really critical.
The reason why I bring up the Panama Canal is because if we continue to have this flood
of illegals, this invasion force that's coming into this country and has already killed in action, killed in action somewhere between 100 and 200,000 men and women, American patriots in this country have been killed in action, I call it, and I purposely say that, killed in action on the streets of America by the likes of fentanyl by this illegal invasion.
So the Panama Canal, if you control the Panama Canal and the Chinese want to control it, and they pretty much right now have a strong hold on the Panama Canal, you not only call
Not only control trade to the United States of America, but you also control the ability to sort of ebb and flow U.S.
military forces through the Panama Canal.
They're building refugee centers.
For those who don't know, you're talking about Michael Yawn.
They're building refugee centers, they're funding the UN refugee centers, they're politically moving in and buying off the Panamanian government, and Biden is just sitting there letting it happen.
Yeah, totally.
Remember folks, we built the Panama Canal, we have been investing in it for many years, the Obama administration gave it up, and the Biden administration is turning it over.
That's essentially what's happening.
And they've given most of the ports in the U.S.
to the Chi-Coms.
And again, 77% of U.S.
trade goes through the Panama Canal for both of our coasts, right?
So this is a big, big deal.
And the flow of military forces and resources going through that particular waterway.
If you jump back over to the Middle East, the same can be said for the Suez Canal.
That's why the Chinese and the Russians, in particular, have been working very closely with the Egyptians.
So there's this alliance that's formed.
Not forming, it has formed.
And it's formed because of the weak, pathetic...
We're good to go.
And we have short of ship missiles being fired and all we're able to do is shoot them out of the sky instead of destroying their headquarters or going after the Iranian Navy or going after the major forces that Iran has with our military.
That puts our military in a very, very difficult spot.
And I feel sorry for our military right now because they're in a defensive posture rather than being able to be able to go after these guys.
And let's be clear, people that aren't a general and don't know this stuff,
These are $500,000 missiles.
$200,000 missiles that we fire back at a $200 drone.
So a $200 suicide drone that's flown from Yemen by the Houthis, which are totally sponsored by the Iranians, they fly a $200 drone.
And one of those drones is eventually going to get in.
So they fly these formations, these swarms.
And they've been hitting a bunch of civilian ships and blowing them up.
And we're firing back at them with like $200,000
You know, missiles.
Like I say, this word, I use this word reciprocity.
We have got to be smarter about how we go after this, because I don't want us to be in another endless war that's a loser.
In fact, I'm anti-war.
I'm definitely anti-stupid war.
But what we have right now is we have this problem in the Middle East and it is going to continue to fester and it's going to fester and get much, much worse.
Do not think that this thing is going to end.
For those that have studied Israel and the six-day wars, no.
This is going to go on for many more months.
What our problem right now is, America, is what's happening right here at home, and it is building and building and building to a point where I can't sit here today and say, oh yeah, everything's going to be normal, we're going to have a free and fair election.
I just can't sit here and do that.
Every three months, more people that they encounter and mark down come in, not to mention the ones they don't encounter.
Then the city of Denver.
10 million.
We're looking at 10 million in just the last couple of years.
10 million in just the last couple of years.
You said they're going to make their move.
They're going to try to even cancel the next election, the next presidential election.
Now they're officially in the Washington Post saying, what if Trump dies?
And the New York Times, what if there is no election?
They're actually trying to prepare the minds for outrageous stuff.
So we see them going for broke.
We see them taking Trump off the ballot in places like Colorado.
Insane arrogance.
He wasn't even convicted of a crime.
Well, that just shows that they're not going to back down.
So we have to then trajectory out what their next moves will be.
I'll ask you that in a moment.
But Clay Clark, you're a really smart individual in your own right.
I watch your show.
You've been a guest host as well.
You've been studying the globalists.
You heard what General Flynn just said.
What is your view on this?
Well, first off, I have five quick points I want to share, Alex.
One is, I don't think that the godless globalists planned on you, Tucker Carlson, General Flynn, President Donald J. Trump, and Joe Rogan showing up.
And I mean that sincerely.
It's an honor to be here with you.
I've watched you for years, and you've been doing this for 30 years, and so I'm going to continue praying for you.
I was praying for Owen, but I really mean this.
Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, General Flynn, President Donald J. Trump, Joe Rogan, they didn't plan on you five showing up, okay?
So I'm honored to be here with you.
Second is, all this information we're going to go over, I know it can be overwhelming for people, so I made a little landing page called timetofreeamerica.com forward slash Alex, where I'm going to put all the facts that we'll discuss here, timetofreeamerica.com forward slash Alex.
But you were on Tucker Carlson, and you said, you said, Tucker,
Whether people believe in the Mark of the Beast or not, whether people believe in the book of Revelation or not, they do, the globalists do, and they're building the Mark of the Beast system.
And so I would encourage everybody today, as a little bit of homework, open up your Bible to Revelation chapter 16, verse 12 through 14.
In Revelation chapter 16 verse 12 through 14 it says that when the Euphrates River dries up, the false prophet will show up and China and Russia will team up.
Now whether people believe in the book of Revelation or not, China and Russia are teaming up.
They are doing it.
This is all extremely biblical.
Yeah, so Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
They're all teaming up together and they're adding six more nations on January 1st to do what's called de-dollarization.
So you have Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.
They're all teaming up.
Saudi Arabia is joining.
You have Dubai joining.
These countries are joining to de-dollarize.
And so everybody out there, if you have not been listening to the Alex Jones Program, the question I would have is, are you waking up more people at a faster rate than we're having illegal immigrants making their way across the border?
Illegal immigrants are pouring into our nation, and everybody out there, if you're watching today, you have got to be waking up people at a massive speed right now, because it's reaching an apex right now, where the borders are being blended, and we have got to wake up the American population.
The final thing I want to point out is the book of Revelation, chapter 13, verse 16-18.
It talks about the Mark of the Beast.
And how are they going to get us into a system where you can't buy or sell without putting a technology under your skin?
What they're going to do is they're going to collapse the dollar.
They want to collapse the dollar and then roll out universal basic income.
And for anybody out there who's watching, you just do a Google search real quick for MIT Quantum Dot.
Do a search for MIT Quantum Dot.
Do a search for MIT CBDCs and then do a search for, again, MIT Quantum Dot and do a search for MIT CBDCs.
And you can see, Alex, there's a technology that's been created called the Quantum Dot, which was funded by Jeffrey Epstein and Gates, which stores your medical and financial records under your skin.
So I would just say, for everybody out there today, you've got to listen to what Alex is saying, to what Tucker's saying, to what Rogan's saying, to what Flynn's saying, and to what Trump is saying, and wake as many people up as possible.
Because you've been a voice in the wilderness saying this for 30 years.
And I apologize that we're a little bit late to the party to show up as reinforcements here.
But I am encouraged, Alex, that more and more people are waking up.
And I can just tell you, my wife, my wife, Alex, she saw your interview with Tucker, and she says, honey, the message is getting out to the masses.
And my wife's friends, who I would consider to be maybe more in that normie category, they're now talking about these items because Tucker had the boldness to allow you on his program, and Elon Musk allowed you back on X. So I actually see a lot of people waking up.
I know it's a lot of terrifying information, Alex, but I do see a lot of people waking up.
No, no, I totally agree.
We've got to go to break here in a minute when I come back with you and then General Flynn, because you're both really smart guys, but General Flynn is like one of a kind.
I mean, he's been the National Security Advisor, they have the Defense Intelligence Agency, run major operations all over the world.
Clearly, you can feel it, you can see it.
They're cornered, we are winning.
I mean, I talk to all these prominent people and I see it on the street.
I get nothing but love on the street now.
I was getting attacked just three, four years ago.
So everybody I know says, no, there's an awakening.
All these Democrats I know have apologized.
People really get it now.
But then the enemy knows that.
And so what are they going to do when you have a desperate enemy?
And they're in deep trouble, and they know they're all going to go to prison, basically.
They're going to do Hail Marys.
When we come back, I want to ask you both, but back to you first, Clay, what are those Hail Marys?
And then what do we do to stop that?
Because, yeah, we want a lot of hearts and minds, but I've seen them telegraphing more than anything.
Cyber attack.
And I'm not saying China's good, but blamed on China.
And if you read the WEF plans, they say we'll use this to bring in the new world order.
They shut everybody off, roll out a new digital system.
Oh, great, we've got this.
They admit they want to use a cyber attack to bring in
The precursor to the Mark of the Beast, this CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currency, and they're all rolling it out right now, so we're going to go to break.
We have General Flynn here with us, and of course we have Clay Clark.
Be sure and follow on X, General Flynn at General Flynn, F-L-Y-N-N, GeneralFlynn.com, at General Flynn on Twitter, now X, and the Clay Clark, the Clay Clark on Twitter, now X, as well.
Follow me at RealAlexJones.
Millions of people are tuning in.
Go to my Twitter, Alex Jones, and share the live link now.
Critical Intel, straight ahead.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
There are of course those who do not want us to speak.
Let me think, just let me think.
I suspect even now orders are being shouts into telephones and men with guns will still be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will
Words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of the truth.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to...
Speak as you saw fit.
You now have sensors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and... Cameras.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who wouldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Alright, I'm talking fast and excited because I know we're in a war.
And we didn't know we were in a war when World War I started.
We didn't know we were in a war when World War II started.
We're definitely gone over the edge of the fourth turning.
The globalists have been in all their literature.
They know there's a worldwide awakening.
They're going to counter us with a lot of different things.
And if the public is aware of this, we're going to win.
And it's not about Alex Jones or General Flynn or even Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson.
It's about
They chose me, and they admitted this later in the Wall Street Journal, to ban first, demonize me for a full year like they were invading the country, demonize me for a full year so people wouldn't support me, and once people didn't support me when I got banned, a lot of folks did, and got scared, well then when everybody else got banned, nobody stood up for them.
That's a tactic.
You know, the famous pastor that was in Nazi Germany and put in a camp, when first they came for this group, I didn't do anything, I wasn't part of that group, and then it went on down the line.
So when I tell you and you see it and everybody from Russell Brand and Joe Rogan, it's not about Alex Jones, say Alex Jones was right, Alex Jones is a great guy, he's dead on.
They're not just saying don't censor him, they're saying no, this is the truth and then they're dialing in and seeing it, they don't need to hear it from me.
Once you know it and understand the battlefield and who's who, you now know the enemy's next move.
So the fact that now people aren't just supporting my return to X and things like that with Elon Musk, now it's becoming
Not just the hot new thing, but something that's really being massively adopted.
And if the people can't figure out that they're in a war and who's attacking them, they're going to lose.
But if we know there's this out-of-control global corporate takeover, and that it's a horrible place they're taking us, we can then oppose it and defeat it.
I know that's very simple to say, but that's the point we're at.
We're winning the hearts and minds.
I think we're winning the info war.
The enemy admits to their own documents they're losing, but
They have a lot of tricks.
So General Flynn, I want to go back to you and then back to Clay Clark.
A. Do you agree with those statements?
And then B. I'm seeing cyber attack.
They've already abolished the border.
What else do you think they're going to try?
False flags?
I mean, if you get in the enemy's mind, if you were back as a national security advisor advising Trump, and I know you do talk to and advise him, he's really the real president.
What are you telling him to worry about when he's 10, 20, 30 points ahead?
Yeah, so for Trump personally, I tell him to watch what he eats.
And I mean that very specifically, you know, you got to be careful because these people will
We're good to go.
That there is some, and especially as I put my feet into the shoes of the sort of the left, there are some discussions about military operations inside of the contiguous borders of the United States of America.
Meaning, you know, shutting down things when they need to shut down things based on
On events that they will probably create.
So we've got to be very careful for that.
We've got to be watchful of that.
But those are a couple of the things.
So a cyber event, shutdown, something that happens to our economy, a health crisis, and then some type of military operation or military movement or military shift.
And it's something that we have to pay very close attention to, especially as we get into this coming summer.
There's four things that are going on.
There's a physical, there is an emotional, there's an intellectual, and there's clearly a spiritual war.
The physical war, and I'm going to touch on a couple of things here, the border crisis, this invasion of our country, is a physical event that is happening.
It is rising the rate of crime in our country.
We see a lot of these events that we're seeing, some of these protests, some of these
You know, pro-Palestinian protests.
This has a lot to do with the border invasion that has taken place over the last three or four years.
So this is sort of planning that has been going on.
We also have distractions.
I call them distractions.
These are physical things, though.
The war in Ukraine, that is a big-time distraction.
The war in the Middle East, that is a big-time distraction.
As long as this administration can keep us sort of off our toes and focused over there, they can do whatever they want right here in this country, and they are doing a lot of damage in our own country right now.
The second thing is the emotional.
This is really where, and I talk about this in this book, Fifth Generation Warfare, we talk about it in the Information War, or Info Wars.
This is the idea of friend-on-friend.
You know, family against family member, neighbors against neighbors.
That's what they want to create.
They want to create this emotional chaos in our communities.
And they try very hard to do that.
And they do it through their friends in the media.
And they know that they're not winning that particular one.
The third part is the intellectual component.
And this is really where we are all being tested right now because you're not certain who to trust.
You know, Alex has been bashed over the head for the better part of really 30 years.
I told Alex a couple years ago when we met that I had first seen him in 2008 and 2009.
I said, that guy's absolutely right on the money.
And here we are sitting here today in 2023.
We're talking about the same issues, although they have exacerbated.
So we have to really dig in, do the research, listen to the right people.
You see this.
All this information that Alex has out here, and he has it out here every single day.
This is the kind of stuff that all of us have to be doing.
And then the fourth war that we're involved in, because this is clearly a spiritual war.
This is a good versus evil.
Clay laid that out.
Alex has talked about that.
The good versus evil.
We are in a spiritual war like we have never seen.
And if we don't realize that, if we don't realize that the evil that exists
You know, like I always say, the sobering reality is that evil exists around the world and right here in America, and it exists in the likes of some of these people that are currently running our country, never mind the World Economic Forum, never mind some of this corporate wokeness that exists, but this is evil.
And you kind of say to yourself, why the hell, why do these people, why, you know, these people have all kinds of wealth, they have all kinds of power, why would they, why would they be doing this to the United States of America?
Because they want more power, and they want more wealth, and they want your wealth.
And if they got this country full under their control, they have unlimited power.
It's like Hitler getting control of Germany.
So expanding on that and then going to Clay Clark for an in-depth breakdown by him.
You mentioned, I don't want you to zero back in on this, because that's where you're an expert of experts.
There is massive pre-programming with all these movies, TV shows, comic books, everywhere, saying the right wing is about to start killing everybody and blowing everything up, the U.S.
military is going to have to crush them.
Then we see the talking heads on MSNBC, CNN, Meet the Press, Wall Street Journal, New York Times.
Chang, we need the military to be domestically deployed to deal with the Trump people.
So they're flooding the zone with that as a trial balloon.
They wouldn't be doing that in case, I mean, unless that was something they're getting ready.
You said you've seen that cropping up.
How do we get ahead of those scenarios?
How do we get Congress and some of the good senators to start speaking about this and getting on offense?
I remember when Trump won the election, he was president-elect, seeing Obama sign
A section of the Defense Authorization Act for the next year putting the Foreign Disinformation Countering Propaganda Network in that was a stay-behind network against all of us to undermine you, Trump and the American people.
I tried to warn Trump.
Other people tried to warn him.
I saw the battle plan and then I saw them implement the plan.
So there's nothing more frustrating than having the plan and then not stopping it before it's launched.
And then it's the same thing now.
They clearly are going to make some reckless moves.
I believe down the road it will blow up in their face, but it probably could trigger a civil war through which America will no longer be a superpower in that process.
So, I mean, we're at such a dangerous moment in history.
Yeah, we really are.
I mean, I believe this.
I mean, this is so consequential.
There's no precedent in our history for the period of time that we're in.
You know, people will go, well, we've been through the revolution.
We've been through a civil war.
No, this is a time that's different.
This is a time where the United States of America is sort of the last redoubt of defense, last bastion of freedom.
And what you have is you have in play right now a grab for a lot of resources that this country has, that the United States of America has.
So at the 100,000 foot level, it's kind of like, why?
Well, because what America possesses in terms of just natural resources,
Is is something that is unfathomable to most, but we have an ability to be able to take care of the rest of the world with just what we have right here in the United States.
So that's at the 100,000 foot level.
You come down a little bit and you start to say, OK, so what is it that we can do?
Number one, I do think that that President Trump has learned an awful lot.
He's learned a lot of valuable, tough, tough lessons on certainly on people and on processes and opportunities that that I think that he will see if he's able to get back into office.
I do think that you mentioned the phrase civil war.
You know, I look for words.
Words matter.
And we've gone from deplorables to irredeemables to, you know, all kinds of other phrases, you know, election deniers and COVID deniers and Vax deniers.
And now we hear words like dictator where they're calling Trump a dictator.
And I heard a word used recently the other day.
It was in one of the Sunday talk shows, Alex, where they use the word confederate.
And I picked up on that.
Oh, they're saying it everywhere!
They're saying it!
And now, yeah.
The Chicago mayor said, the reason we have illegal aliens here is the Confederates.
And then now, CNN everywhere, they're saying Trump is a Confederate and his, so they're really trying to bring back the 1860 Civil War.
I'm glad you speak about that.
So I bring this up because when they use these words, these are, you know, we call it projection, right?
This is how, this is how they are.
And they got a bunch of movies coming out.
There's one on screen.
I'll start over.
Yeah, when I heard that word, confederate, the other day, I stopped in my tracks, I made some phone calls, and I started to say, look, start paying attention to the use of this word, because the use of this word is very, very precise on their part.
I'll shut up.
It's very important, because they're going to start to divide further, kind of like, okay, what they say, the mega-cult, these are the confederate forces, you know, I mean, you're wearing a mega-hat, so you're a confederate.
I mean, watch how, and that word, this particular word, confederate, it might shift, they might find another one that they like a little bit better, but they use this very precise language to define their enemies, and their enemies are us.
And what we're trying to do is, like I said earlier, about emotional.
You know, this is, to me, this is emotional because it's about America and it's about the loss of freedom.
It's about the loss of who we are as Americans.
It's about everything.
I carry around my Constitution all the time because I like to dig into it once in a while.
But my bigger point is that we are facing
You know, and I use, and I talk about this, I've talked about this for a long time, the Democratic Socialist Party of America, the Communist Party of America has been around since a hundred years ago, the Communist Party of America has been around.
The Democratic Socialist Party of America kind of rose out of the fifties and sixties.
We're now flowing into this right now, and they have taken over one of the major parties.
There is no more Democrat and Republican, although we still use those, those words.
There's the globalist combine allied with the chi-com, there's the criminal axis that are the Confederates that want to break up America, and so as I said, you said, if we identify the globalists as the outside enemy destroying our borders, our culture, our dollar, our future, we come together and we win.
They're saying, no, you're divided, back to Confederates, and they talk about in this new movie, the states breaking up, the South, again, battling the North.
They literally know that's in our subconscious, so they're deploying that in multiple movies right now.
That means it's their play.
I don't
Military leadership right now because I can't imagine people that aren't sitting there going, you know what?
This is not something that I can stand for anymore.
So you take the bars or the stars off of your shoulder and you throw them down on the desk and you say, look, I'm walking away from this after 30 or 40 years of doing this because I can't take what it is that you are planning to do to this country.
Because this is so clear, and it's so clear to me, the kinds of things that they are planning on doing right now.
We have to be very conscious of it, and we've got to be talking to our community leaders about it, we've got to be talking, you know, in our churches about it, and we've got to be talking, as you mentioned, about what can our, you know, what should Congress do?
There are people in Congress, there's a few who are fighting back, not enough.
And, you know, Speaker Johnson, you know, if you're listening, your first priority was to take care of the Ukrainian border and not the U.S.
southern border, buddy.
So, you know, I've lost sort of all faith in you, but maybe there's still some light left in you.
I know that there's a few others in there fighting, and they need to keep fighting.
And I want to be a thousand percent clear on this.
And we've got to be quiet.
They are pre-programming with Barack Obama producing a huge Netflix movie with huge stars, other big globalists, $300 million budget for civil war where the military kills white southerners who support a Trump-like figure.
They are literally planning to go with this, just like they had a bunch of movies about this right before the 2000 Summer of Rage.
They're doing this?
They're going to stage false flags, unless we expose them and stop them, to blame us and trigger this, and they're going to make moves that they believe will elicit a civil war.
This isn't coming.
It's here.
They are going to try this.
We have to have maximum effort to explain.
We are not the Confederates.
We are the Americans.
Whether we live in the north, the south, the east, the west, whether we're black, white, hispanic, old, young, gay, straight.
If you don't want to be a slave to the globalists, and you don't want to eat the bugs, and you don't want open borders, and you don't want hundreds of thousands of fentanyl deaths a year, and you don't want World War III with the Russians, and you don't want all this insanity, and you don't want the inflation, then say no.
But they are programming for it now.
Barack Obama is producing movies about civil war, and they now admit it came out in the news today.
He's running
The Harvard heads and others with this white people are evil, pro-Muslim crap.
They're making their move against brown against white because that's how they want to divide us to win.
They're making their move.
This is a red alert.
Comment on that and we'll go to Clay.
Yeah, no, I mean, this is absolutely right.
I mean, one of the movies is called Civil War.
So we have got to be very conscious.
I always say we have to maintain the moral high ground.
And what does that mean, maintaining the moral high ground?
That means that we have to stand our ground, we have to speak out to our leaders in our local communities, we have to get involved in our local communities, we have to tell those representatives that we have to do more.
I would love to see Mike Johnson, Speaker Mike Johnson, I'd love to see him shut the government down.
Just shut it down!
Put some pressure on the left, put some pressure on this small body of people that think that they are going to ruin this country and run our lives into the ground.
What Alex just laid out and all the things that we know to be true, there are no conspiracy theories here, folks.
These are things that are happening.
They're happening in our lives.
And as we go from now until, let's just say, into the June timeframe, we're going to see this, the kinds of things that we just talked about, and many more events unravel or unfold as it is in our lives that are going to affect everything going into the rest of this year.
This year, 2024, is the most
Historically consequential year in the United States history.
Bar none.
And I just want to say this.
Ladies and gentlemen, we can beat Obama and the globalists.
His Arab Spring didn't go the way he wanted.
They're trying that here.
Al Gore said we need an Arab Spring in America.
He meant that literal.
Many Muslims aren't going to join this.
They're not our enemy too.
They're trying to use it as a detonator within the country.
We want to reach out to everybody.
We want to de-escalate this.
We want to explain we know what's going on and not take the bait.
But with these broadcasts and other shows,
And Joe Rogan's about to come out about this.
I'll leave it at that.
We have bigger audiences than Hollywood now.
We're going to beat them together.
Clint Clark.
Well, I'll just say this.
First off, you don't spell words.
Words cast a spell on people.
So when you see the movies that project this, they're casting a spell on people.
And they do it through symbolism as well.
And so if you're a producer, you can go to time2freeamerica.com forward slash Alex.
I want to show people an example of this.
The word Corona, it equals 666.
So the word Corona, they just shove it in your face.
So C is 3, O is 15, R is 18, O is 15, N is 14, A is 1.
The word Corona is 666.
And if you scroll down, CERN is 666.
CERN is 666.
And it's symbol is 666.
Yeah, the symbol is 666.
The official symbol is 366, not just the name.
You can make it up.
If you look at the World Economic Forum, and I put all this on time2freeamerica.com forward slash Alex, you look at it, folks.
The World Economic Forum, their logo is 666.
You think about, well, CERN invented the World Wide Web.
It's called WWW, and in Hebrew, W is 6, so WWW is 666.
The Google Quantum Computer that powers CERN, the Google Chrome logo, is now 666.
And you say, what?
And you say, well, where are all these organizations located?
Well, we'll get into that in just a second, but Microsoft has a patent, W02020060606, for a cryptocurrency system using body activity.
So the mark of the beast technology, they literally decided to name it W02020060606 for a cryptocurrency system using body activity.
And you say, well, where are all these idiots located?
Where's their home office?
Their home office is in Geneva, Switzerland.
And the Bible tells you in Revelation 9.11 and Revelation 2.13, the Bible tells us that Satan dwells where the former temple of Apollo was and where Antipas was martyred.
So it's very hard to resist what you don't believe exists.
So if you talk about calls to action, what we can do to save our country,
One, I encourage everybody to go to TimeToFreeAmerica.com forward slash Alex and look at all of, I put 119 irrefutable examples of Team Evil working right in your face and you gotta look at it because that'll wake up people.
But again, it's hard to resist if you don't know that it exists.
The second, and Alex, the reason why General Flynn and Eric Trump and I and Don Jr., why we do these Reawaken America Tour events, and by the way, the final one is in June in Michigan, why we do this is because most people, and General Flynn gets there at 6 in the morning, he can vouch for me, I get there at 6 in the morning, we greet every single attendee, we shake their hand, and I bet you 90% of the attendees tell me, they say, Clay, I had no idea about the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, CERN, I had no idea about any of this stuff!
Until I heard about it at a Reawaken America tour, or from Tucker Carlson, or from Alex Jones, or from Joe Rogan.
So everybody out there, whether you come join us in June at timetofreeamerica.com for the Michigan event, or whether you go to timetofreeamerica.com forward slash Alex, you have got to look
And face the sobering realization, as General Flynn said when he was campaigning for Trump, that evil exists.
It's very hard to resist if you don't believe it exists.
The second is, again, words cast... you don't spell words.
Words cast a spell on people.
That's why they're putting out this predictive programming.
And the final thing is the Bible, Luke chapter 9 verse 5, God tells us that we're supposed to go house to house, town to town, laying hands on the sick, casting out demons, and telling people about Jesus.
That's our 9-to-5 job.
It's found in Luke 9-5.
In Luke 9-5 it tells us our 9-to-5 job.
So everybody out there needs to become like a mini Alex Jones, a mini Tucker Carlson, a mini General Flynn, a mini Joe Rogan.
We have to go out there and share the truth without fear of rejection, without fear of judgment, without fear of hate.
And Matthew 5-10 tells us that God blesses those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for ye shall inherit the kingdom of heaven.
So when Owen Schroyer, your colleague, was in prison,
So many people were praying for him, so many people were cheering for him, but I can tell you that Owen Shroyer will be blessed in this life and the next, because he was persecuted for righteousness' sake.
So I just encourage everybody out there, take this show, share it far and wide, and don't be afraid about it.
Don't worry about the cancel culture.
Alex, that's why General Flynn and I let people name their price to our events.
We don't make any money off of you.
I want to say something.
We're going to go break and come back to you.
I apologize.
I was going to go to the big event last time.
My wife's dad had a big heart attack, and then we've been taking care of him.
He lived, he's better now, and now he's moved back to where he was, but I was dealing with that, and I said, so much going on, I just couldn't travel to that, but I'll try to come to the next one.
Let's do hour number two.
They both, General Flynn has a ton of notes he hasn't gotten to yet, and so does Clay Clarks.
We have a huge, vitally important hour number two.
Tell everybody, tune in now!
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I want to say thank you to all the viewers and listeners for supporting the broadcast over the years.
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And I want to salute the crew as well and all of our sponsors and supporters.
Ladies and gentlemen, wow, the fight has really been joined with a globalist.
And as we go into 2024, the most important election in world history, it is now more important than ever to get around the censors and override the globalists.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, Clay Clark and General Flynn are both here, both incredibly smart, courageous men.
And Clay Clark's right, they weren't counting on people like General Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, coming out against him.
That's why their number one job was to get him out of the Trump administration.
And that was the first big domino to fall.
Clay, I wanted to continue because you got caught up on the break.
The next four or five minutes we got a break.
Some stations join us after that to just continue with what you were talking about with the events, the things you've got coming up.
Then we're going to go to break and come back and get to the Declaration of North America.
We're going to get into Ukraine.
We're going to get into China.
We're going to Elon Musk.
We're going to get into the erosion of trust.
That's such a key point.
And then where does that go from here?
But we got about four minutes to break.
You've got the floor.
Well, I'll tell you this.
If you're out there today and you can get to Michigan, Detroit, Michigan on June 7th and 8th, 2024.
The reason why General Flynn and I do this Reawaken America Tour event is we want to share the truth and wake people up to the truth about election fraud, medical fraud, religious fraud, monetary fraud, and to lead people back to God.
This is not a career move.
This is not a for-profit scheme.
General Flynn and I have started a very unprofitable for-profit organization called Reopen America.
And I picked up a lawsuit along the way.
The former head of security and strategy for Dominion, Eric Coomer, has sued me for defamation.
So I got a public figure suing me for defamation.
I think almost all the speakers are being sued or subpoenaed.
You almost have to be sued or subpoenaed to get on the lineup.
General Flynn, why do you think everybody needs to come join us in Michigan?
In June, sir.
This is our what?
This will be our 23rd city.
So there's been 23 cities that we have been around all across the country.
Great, great people.
Wonderful people that attend and we also live stream.
But I think the purpose of it is, and it really has been, is to, like it says, reawaken America, right?
We want to give people options and we want to give people the truth.
You know, you may not agree, but this is what we believe.
And the people that we bring into these events, some of the great, great speakers and some of the great leaders in this country that we bring into these things, they're sharing what they believe to be the truth about their
We're good to go.
So these are big deals and I'm trying to think if there's someone that's on our tour that's not been subpoenaed.
And this gets to the kind of
Adversaries that we are up against, right?
We're not just up against adversaries of the World Economic Forum, but there are other adversaries out there and I call them adversaries because it's like from my perspective as a military guy, you know, when I look at opposing forces, I mean, we're up against these opposing forces of the mainstream media, we're up against opposing forces of our own Department of Justice, we're up against opposing forces of
That outside of Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, yourself, General Flynn, President Trump, Joe Rogan and the tour, if I thought there was anybody outside of that cast of characters that was wakening up America, I wouldn't be doing it.
I wouldn't let people be naming their price.
I wouldn't be doing these events at a loss.
But I have five kids, General Flynn.
I want to save this country for my kids.
I know you have grandkids.
You have a great family.
So if you're out there today, my call to action today,
Go to TimeToFreeAmerica.com forward slash Alex.
TimeToFreeAmerica.com forward slash Alex.
You can find all of the notes we've talked about on today's show.
Also go to TimeToFreeAmerica.com.
Again, TimeToFreeAmerica.com.
Come see Jim Brewer.
Come see Roseanne.
Come see Eric Trump, General Flynn.
Name your price.
We're going to Detroit, Michigan.
It's a very strategic move.
That is a swing state.
We need that state to win the 2024 election.
Get those tickets today, June 2024.
That's TimeToFreeAmerica.com.
Great job.
All right, Clay.
We're coming back and going into the big topics, the big issues.
I've been to your events.
They are amazing.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
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In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
I hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly.
I order all those assembled to immediately disperse.
It's a military mission in North St.
Heavily armored vehicles are rolling into town.
And don't be alarmed if you see those over the next seven days rolling through your neighborhood.
If you see military helicopters flying low over Minneapolis, do not be alarmed.
Guns will be taken.
No one will be able to be armed.
We will take all weapons.
Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.
Just really brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.
The Department of Homeland Security is apparently on a huge ammo buying spree.
It comes out to like 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.
And as KSLA News 12's Jeff Ferrell discovered, the clergy would help the government with potentially their biggest problem.
So part of it is we have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to whole communities.
If you've got a business, you didn't build that.
Somebody else made that happen.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
Blackhawk choppers soaring through the night sky, but this is only a drill.
Heavily armed officers in Watertown search for the suspect, house to house.
It's a joint military training exercise involving local police, also military.
You're in your apartment!
I am in my apartment, sir.
You're back in song right now?
I am inside.
I have two words for you.
Predator gloves.
You will never see it coming.
The dramatic scene played out in front of our cameras.
Parents grabbing their children and running after spending the night hunkering in their houses and then finding themselves face-to-face with the muzzle of a SWAT officer's rifle.
They let them in the area, they told them they could come in, and now they're coming in like they're trespassers, punching and shoving people.
We're not turning our guns in, and we're not running, and we're not backing down!
If you want them, come and take them!
We are on the march.
The Empire is on the run.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.
This is the heart of 1776!
General Flynn is sending me a link to a video that he wants to play.
It's the biggest X or Twitter he ever put out dealing with Obama recently calling anybody challenging them as raw sewage.
And this is key information.
We're going to get into that.
I'm going to re-exit, retweet it here in a few minutes while he's talking, while Clay Clark's talking, and then later in the hour we're going to play that.
But there's a lot to get into.
I just played
A little breakdown report from eight, nine years ago when Obama was in office, when they were openly training the police and military to fight constitutional terrorists for a civil war.
So they've had this plan a long time.
Now it looks like they're trying to go operational with it.
So putting bookends on that and how we stop that, General Flynn.
And then I want to get into all the other facets.
First, the erosion of trust in the system, what that means.
It's unbelievable.
I call it sort of a, I don't know, it's a breach of trust, an erosion of trust by the people of this country in our institutions.
And it's not just the institutions of government.
It's every institution.
It's institutions of the corporate world.
It's clearly institutions of
Of the graduate and undergraduate programs in this country.
I mean, look at what just recently happened with the Ivy Leagues, right?
The Ivy League presidents.
It's a cult.
It's a huge cult.
You know, one of the things, and I'll be a little bit more specific about the president of Harvard.
One of the reasons why, and Obama has come out really strongly in support of her, and she's plagiarized a bunch of times.
I mean, people would be thrown out, students would be thrown out of school for this kind of stuff, and she's the president of Harvard.
So, one of the things is that she's such a poster child for DEI, Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness, right?
And so if she were to be fired or thrown out of that campus like she should be, it would just destroy the whole DEI movement.
This is why you see Barack Obama recently coming out in support of her and others.
But these are the kinds of things that cause this breach of trust
By the American people in these institutions that we're supposed to respect.
Remember Milley saying he wants to know about white rage?
It's not just guys like Milley either.
I mean, you look at somebody like me, and I'll speak for myself.
I mean, I've been served for 33 plus years in the United States Armed Forces, five of those years in combat.
The biggest enemy that I ended up facing was not Al-Qaeda, was not ISIS, was not the Russian hordes crossing the European plains.
It was our own
I think?
The physical start of the coup against not only a duly elected president, President Trump, but the country in general.
And we are still in the throes of that.
And that was in 20... That was early 2017.
And here we are, 2023.
What is that?
Six years later?
More than six?
Six and a half years later?
I mean, we are facing... But now they're not just trying to take out General Flynn, now they're trying to say 85 million voters are the enemy.
I mean, so this whole thing, what we talked about before, about civil war and about
You know these words that they use like confederate and this idea of trust they want to try to continue to sort of breach the trust that we are supposed to have with our government and they're going to do it in a way that's going to show us sort of those that they don't like to be well you're the bad people you're the ones that are the
It's a rogue government declaring war on the people.
This is the conspiracy.
And it all came out as a conspiracy against Trump, you, me, everybody, run by the CIA and Justice Department, through media big tech, to isolate us, to demonize us, because they thought if we take out the leadership of the populist Americans, we'll win.
Yeah, when Donald Trump made the decision to run for President of the United States back in 2015, comes down the old escalator, and they laughed about it, there's great, you know, there's very famous things that Barack Obama said, and others.
They laughed about it, but all of a sudden, when this country, and we could tell then, in 2016, 2015, 2016, that the sentiment of Americans was changing.
We didn't want any more Bushes and any more Clintons.
We didn't want any more of the political class.
We were sick of it.
We're sick and tired of it, and big time now.
And they chose a guy by the name of Donald J. Trump to become President of the United States.
When they did that, all hell broke loose in hell.
And this is where these people live.
And when it broke loose, they made the decision.
And I mean it started immediately.
They made the decision that they were going to come after Trump no matter what.
I became their first big target.
And I was personally... And now General, I want you to speak to this.
It's escalated.
It's escalated to taking him off the ballot, which only blows up their face bigger.
Can't they see the more they squeeze, the more resistance they form?
Yeah, so the more that they push, the more the American people, and it's great to have these platforms, and it's just superb to have Alex Jones back on a platform like X, because the more they persecute us, the more they go after us, the more they attack us, the more the American people dig in.
And it's like digging in on the battlefield.
We are digging in, and we are not going to move.
Our stance right now is so strong, and we are going to stay right where we're at, and as we move forward, because we're going to move forward, we're going to move forward with knowledge, we're going to move forward with information, we're going to move forward with voices like Alex, and other voices that we've mentioned here today.
These type of voices that we now have, and there will be more.
Trust me, there are going to be people that
Are on that fence or a little bit on the sort of the left side of the fence.
That's the point I've been reaching is when they just rush over.
I mean, Joe Rogan, let's face it.
I mean, Joe Rogan, I'm sure he watches this show.
Joe Rogan, there's a couple of us, but Joe's kind of been, you know, he kind of bounces back and forth, but not anymore.
All of a sudden, over the last year, for those that have been watching Joe Rogan very closely, you know, I mean, Alex has been on this, this side, you know, boom, boom, boom.
Joe Rogan, all of a sudden, he's starting to, you know, he's like, come around.
You know, when I saw somebody, I forget the guy that was on a show talking about Revelations, speaking about Revelations on Joe Rogan's show about six months ago, I'm like, holy shit.
Joe Rogan's here.
Oh, no, no.
Joe's completely awake now, behind the scenes, and he basically believes in God now.
Because, look, the evil's so out in the open.
Yeah, they don't care about children, and this is where it comes down to, because it's not just about what Mike Flynn does and the rest of the time that I have, or Alex, or Clay, although Clay's still a young guy.
It's about our children.
It's about our children.
And all of a sudden, all these people that were pretending like they needed to stay on the side of this small group of left progressives that are marching us towards communism, all of a sudden they start to go, wait a second, I've got kids, I've got grandkids, I've got nieces, nephews, and I'm seeing different things that I don't like.
Personally, I think that's where Elon Musk is at.
Listen, people, I know behind the scenes now.
It's not fake.
That's why the EU is coming after him.
Six criminal investigations by the Justice Department.
They did a lot of stuff behind the scenes to mess with him.
And he is completely pissed.
I mean, because when we start to think about it, it's like, what do you leave?
Wherever you're at, what is it that you're going to leave this country, you know?
That's what your mom said to me in an interview.
He said, I've come to the realization they're going to destroy the future for my children and yours.
We talked for two and a half hours.
They must be stopped.
They will destroy civilization.
They will absolutely destroy civilization.
As we know it, they don't care.
I mean, I wrote down in one of my notes here, Jane Goodall.
Because Jane Goodall, it's like, Jane Goodall, she was like lady that used to hang around in Africa with the apes.
I mean, Jane Goodall is now a spokesperson for the World Economic Forum, and she has said recently that we need to go back to the population of the planet like four or five hundred years ago.
Five hundred million.
I mean, 500 million people?
That's six and a half billion people to, you know, go on where?
I mean, these are, these are like, that's her statement.
They're psychotics.
They are psychotic.
And when we start this, when I say stuff like that, I'm like, when I heard it, I was like,
Wait a second, I gotta play that again.
I couldn't believe it.
This is the type of mentality, folks, that we are up against.
And so me, as an individual, and I'll speak for myself here for one more second, I am blessed to be alive.
I am glad I'm alive at this...
Very historic moment in this country's history, because I do believe that there's a moment in time for all of us, and this team of people right here, and there's others that are part of our team.
We are going to help this country march forward to victory, and like I always say, we fight from victory, we don't fight toward victory, because I already believe that we've won.
By the way, General Flynn, when you see me pointing, it's because I'm telling them,
That's a clip we're going to put out.
Start there.
So that's what I'm telling them.
We're going to grab the clips.
We're going to cut this up and put clips out as well.
Clay, I want you to respond and then I want to go back to this list of things you wanted to talk about when we talked during the break.
I want to get into this erosion of trust.
We started to get into that.
They're just doubling down with Divide and Conquer because they've lost control.
It's a very small group.
But you basically said what you want to do about loss of trust?
Yeah, I think we're good.
All right.
And so we're going to get into China.
We're going to get to Ukraine.
We're going to get into so much more in a moment.
But Clay Clark, your take on that.
Excellent analysis.
Well, I'll tell you, if you go back to the Bible, the Bible, Genesis chapter 6, it tells us that before the flood, the earth was filled with perpetual violence and wickedness.
And the word for perpetual violence and wickedness in Hebrew is Hamas.
And so the earth is being filled with perpetual violence and wickedness.
And if you read Matthew chapter 24, verse 37, it says to be like as in the days of Noah before the return of Christ.
So whether Christ is coming back tomorrow or whether Christ is coming back a hundred years or whatever that is, I just believe that the globalists did not count on people like General Flynn, like Alex Jones,
To be doing what you're doing today.
People like Tucker Carlson.
I just want to tell you a funny story, Alex, that involves you.
We were at one of the Reawaken America tour events and somebody said, Alex Jones is going to speak on your stage.
This was in Texas and you were in town.
And I said, absolutely, if Alex is backstage, let's get him on stage.
And you wouldn't believe how many people that were conservatives were so concerned
That Alex Jones was going to be on stage.
And then General Flynn, you've seen this the moment that Eric Trump joined the tour.
So many conservatives said, you're going to allow Eric Trump on your stage?
That's going to divide the room.
And all I can tell you is they've tried to demonize you.
They've tried to demonize the Trump family.
They've tried to demonize General Flynn.
They've tried to demonize all these different groups of people.
And what's happening is as we all seek the truth, because the truth will set us free, we've all run into each other.
And so these walls of division are being broken down, and I really do see a group of people right now rising up, the most un... people you would not have predicted to be fighting for to save America.
They're all uniting, they're all coming together, and just like Jesus with his apostles,
They didn't seem like the most likely of characters, but Saul used to round up Christians and feed them to lions, and then he changed his name to Paul after God revealed himself, and he wrote 13 books of the Bible.
And so I'm just super honored to be here with you guys, and I just want to say this.
I am just so honored to be with you guys.
I know, Alex, that you're anointed.
I know, General Flynn, that you're anointed.
You're appointed for this time, and God's using you in the most unlikely ways.
And so many of these pastors I've met along the way that won't speak up, they're now calling me going, General Flynn was right!
Alex Jones was right.
Tucker Carlson was right.
Joe Rogan was right.
And so I just encourage everybody out there, it's time to unite.
It's time to seek the truth.
And let's be done with this Republican-Democrat two-party debate.
We've got to seek the truth because the truth will set us free.
And again, I'm just honored, Alex, to know you in person.
I'm honored to know you, but let me elaborate on this.
This is what I was saying when you guys were in the green room right before I went live, when General Flynn was so gracious just to fly in today for this, and he's flying back out tonight.
I'm told Alfie Oakes, great Patriot, is here.
He's going to pop in near the end of the hour.
But what you're saying, Clay, is totally central.
They look at somebody, okay, Trump's an actual populist, he's on our payroll, demonize him.
Now we're going to demonize Flynn, we're going to demonize Tucker, we're going to demonize Alex.
And then it gets other people to say, let's be popular as populist or conservative, let's get the left to leave us alone.
If the left leaves you alone, it means you're not effective, you're a joke.
Anybody being attacked, it's the old World War II thing with the bombers, they didn't have radar, but they flew where the flak was, because that's where the Germans were trying to stop them from blowing up their munitions factories.
So, I want to go where the fight is, to quote John Paul Jones.
I want only the fastest ships, because I intend to be where the action is.
If you're not being attacked, like they indicted this guy for no reason, everybody else, then you're not in the game.
And when you're under the most attack, it means you're over the target.
And so that's why I called out all these milquetoast conservatives.
You can see where we're going as a road to hell.
It's getting worse and worse by the minute.
Stop caring if the New York Times attacks you.
And there's safety in numbers, as Mark Twain said.
In the beginning, a patriot's a scarce man, hated, feared, and scorned.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
If everybody just comes over, even a few more percent now, it's starting to happen.
It's game over, folks.
We've already got the majority, but most of you are scared.
Stop being scared to go to a rally, or go to an event, or support somebody, or to go out and vote.
This is it now.
Things are hellish if you don't, so stop letting them intimidate you.
General Flynn, let's talk about...
Let's talk about Ukraine and what that really means.
Time is not on our side right now, so all this idea of raising our voices up and making sure that you understand that this is a takeover of this country.
You never raise your voice, but aren't we going to raise your voice?
Raise your voice, General, like when you're commanding your troops.
I mean, I can raise my voice.
I can say, get down and knock out ten, if nothing else.
I mean, believe me, I don't raise my voice that much.
But when I do, it means that we are moving to, as Alex just said, we're moving towards the sound of the guns here, folks.
And the sound of the guns is freedom.
We are going to move towards freedom.
But we have got to understand that we are in a place, and I'm going to just rattle off a couple of things that are really super important here.
We are in a place where there's this feeling of endless wars that cost more money and more lives.
We have an open border that is destroying the society, the culture, the fabric of the United States of America, and it's being done intentionally.
Defunding the police.
We don't hear that phrase that often because they've already
Done a lot of this.
Already done it.
But defunding the police, you know where that goes back to?
It goes back to the 1920s Bolshevik Revolution.
Go study it, folks.
Where they had to get rid of local policing and move to a state security element.
And right now we have, this is when, if you go back, we don't hear about this talk anymore about 83,000 or 85,000 IRS agents.
They weren't hiring accountants.
They were hiring police.
They were hiring agents.
Right now we have somewhere around 200,000 to 230,000 federal police officers in the United States government right now.
That's a number that most people don't know, but defunding the police goes back to the Bolshevik Revolution.
Thousands of people killed in action and wounded in action on the streets of America already.
I already talked about earlier about fentanyl and the number of people that have been killed by fentanyl.
Never mind other drugs.
Over 100,000 and that was back in June.
This is, this is what?
So we're looking at somewhere between 100, 150, maybe 200.
Thank you.
And that's how the British took down China was with the opium wars.
And we have a government that is complicit in this.
We have a federal government that is complicit in this.
And we have the RNC and the DNC, right?
The uniparty, these two organizations that we, and like I don't even like to use Republican or Democrat anymore because those parties don't exist.
We either have globalists and people who buy into this globalist bullshit, excuse my Irish, or we have, I call, sort of Americanists, right?
We have people who totally believe in this country, believe in the freedoms, still believe in the sentiment that was founded in our documents, right, in our Constitution, in our Declaration, in our Bill of Rights.
I believe that more and more Americans are moving toward that.
That's why they're going after Trump
So hard right now, because they're trying to, you know, they're trying to make us all believe that he's a dictator, that he's a, you know, he's the Antichrist.
I mean, they're calling him all sorts of names.
Even today, this is a, this is one of those, like, how dare you, Jack Smith?
Jack Smith, who's the lead prosecutor, the special prosecutor against Trump for a couple of these cases.
The principal one is January 6th.
He files, he files in court today.
Today or maybe it was last night, but he files in the last 24 hours that date.
He does not want to use any of the evidence for January 6th that will prove that the FBI had agents on the ground during January 6th.
He's asking a judge to not allow that evidence to be placed into this trial that they're going after Trump on.
I mean, he doesn't want J6 evidence.
We're good to go.
I mean, we're talking 91 felony counts for 750 years.
This is so outrageous.
This is not America.
This is a this is a takeover.
And I like I I use the the the word Bolshevik.
Go study the Bolshevik Revolution of the post-World War.
OK, Bolshevik.
That's the globalist playbook.
That is the globalist playbook.
And when you look at how they did that, how how, you know, Joseph Stalin ended up on top there.
And then as they migrated over the last century,
Okay, as they migrate over last century because yeah, this has taken a while because they they had a plan put into place and it really started and I could go back and talk about this be a whole other show going back in the in the Late 50s under Eisenhower for a while and then clearly into the 60s, but now we're here So they took over these institutions.
They took over our health care industry.
They took over our education system They have taken over our
They're getting ready to close the net.
Let's come back and finish up with that and then get into the other geopolitical issues with General Flynn and Clay Clark and then send me that tweet because I'm going to retweet it out of XX.
Here it is, sir.
Just send it there and I'm going to get that out right after the break.
You got it.
We're going to play that clip of Obama calling anybody that disagrees with him sewage.
Never forget that the answer to 1984 is 1776.
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Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections, masquerading as vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious, and you realize ignorance is not bliss, it equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a dystopian reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, and they're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around, because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The satanic New World Order is betting against humanity.
They're betting on our weakness.
They believe they can destabilize civilization and bring us down to the ashes of history.
The trap they've laid for us will be their destruction, not ours.
If we trust in God, and if we are valiant and have courage to speak the truth, then not comply and engage in civil disobedience, and not join the masses who have decided that they are the scum of the earth, who have decided that they will join with this soulless corporate system.
As for InfoWars,
We are going to steadfastly continue to fight in the information war with our weapon, the truth, against the enemies of humanity.
And we put our faith, and we put our trust, and we put our destiny in the hands of God.
Because it's been said a trillion times, if God be with us, who can be against us?
We're going into, we're already into, an incredibly historic moment of crossroads in human civilization.
General Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, former National Security Advisor to President Trump, has been dead on.
Clay Clark, also a great journalist and researcher, and runs
This Great Wake of America Tourist is riding shotgun with us.
He'll be leaving us here in about 10-15 minutes.
Alfie Oaks, who's been fighting them in Florida with his grocery stores and more, came along today, actually flew Flynn here, so I wanted to get him to pop in in the final segment.
Then Owen Schroyer, former political prisoner, he will be doing his show coming up in about 36 minutes from now, The War Room, Infowars.com forward slash show.
And of course, you can find it on radio stations across the country.
I want to thank everybody that's reposting our live links.
2X right now, I see it blowing up everywhere.
General Flynn now shifting gears into the geopolitical systems.
Clearly Ukraine has lost.
They're now trying to conscript 500,000 more people.
They just blew up a Russian, you know, ship.
We have U.S.
We had a U.S.
general, four-star, retired.
And I know him well.
And he's talking about, he's telling the Ukrainian military to start bringing in the women to fight this battle.
And he talks about having a million women fighting against the Russians.
I mean, these people are out of their minds.
This is a four-star U.S., retired U.S.
I won't mention his name, but he said this the other day.
This is a guy that was in charge of a lot of forces in Europe at one time.
So this is the mentality that we have.
It is very desperate.
This war has been over for a long time, folks.
And again, it was based on limited objectives, whatever you want to think about either side.
We have poured money, billions and billions of dollars, into the Ukraine, into protecting the Ukraine border.
As a distraction.
The hub for money laundering.
That's what Ukraine has been about.
And that's why all this interest, and all of a sudden, all of a sudden, this is not about bringing Ukraine into NATO, or bringing Ukraine into an organized European Union.
This is about protecting the criminal behavior that people in our government have been behind for many, many years.
And now F-16s are being sent.
How do you expect this to go?
Well, the way I expect it to go is we're going to continue to fund this thing because our stupid Congress just voted on the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, to give them another batch of money.
It's just insane.
So this is going to continue to go.
It's going to continue to exacerbate.
It's not going to end any time soon.
The war in Ukraine, the war in Europe, is all about protecting the rear end of the guy in the White House.
And protecting the rear end of the previous guy in the White House.
Because if there's a new government, the prosecutors will come out of Burisma.
So these, these sort of, you know, wars of distraction, I call them, right?
And also... Yeah, we thought Clinton was bad for blowing up African... Oh my God.
Aspirin factories as a diversion.
We just did two decades, in fact more than two decades, in Afghanistan and principally Iraq and we retreated in Afghanistan and left a hundred billion plus dollars and all kinds of weapons and we retreated under fire and we left American citizens behind enemy lines.
Iraq didn't go much better and now we have U.S.
forces being attacked
At sea, we have U.S.
forces being attacked in Iraq, being attacked in Syria, and we're in a defensive stance.
And we're all kind of going, you know, the American people are going, what the hell is going on?
Don't we have anybody in charge?
Remember the phrase, you know, we got to get rid of the, you know, the Trump administration.
We got to get rid of these people because we got to get adults back in the room.
Well, it ain't adults.
These are crooks, criminals, and corrupt individuals and groups of people, small groups of people that can be defeated.
Okay, we can actually do this, folks.
It's a criminal cult robbing us.
This is an unbelievable time and we've got to wake up, America.
Because they could push us right into nuclear war.
I mean, that's a real threat.
And this weakness is signaling to China.
Let's briefly talk about Taiwan and then I want to shift gears, you said, to what the distraction has been these wars.
The open borders and the North American Union system, that they're openly setting up this security perimeter using the migrant crisis they engineered as the pretext for this Declaration of North America that Lou Dobbs warned about in 2007, my film Endgame is about, now it's being rolled out.
Yeah, the Declaration of North America.
This is really important.
So Mexico's Obrador, Biden and Trudeau, right?
Those are the three leaders that met, and they met on this, you know, well over a year ago.
And it basically has six things, and I'll go through these quickly.
Number one is diversity, equity and inclusion.
We're all going to be that, right?
I mean, this is crazy.
The second thing is climate change and the environment.
Number three is competitiveness.
And they use these words
You know, like their soft words, competitiveness.
What this means is that means that the United States is going to pay for everything.
The fourth thing is migration and development.
There's something that's floating around the internet right now that the United Nations put out.
It's a video on migration, how migration is so, you know, it's so the new thing.
It's the way we've got to go.
It's an unbelievable video put out by the United Nations.
Migration and then the development that comes with that.
The fifth and the sixth thing, five, is health.
These are the kinds of things that they're talking about.
What do you mean by health?
Like, are you talking about we're all going to live under one health umbrella?
We're all going to be dictated to about what our health is going to be?
And the last one is regional security.
Regional security.
Meaning the northern hemisphere of this part of the planet.
The bottom line of this is that the United States of America, on this declaration that was signed by Obama, signed by Trudeau, signed by Obrador,
This means that the United States is going to take the brunt of the illegal invasion, and we are going to pay for all of this.
American taxpayers, never mind what's happening in Ukraine, never mind whatever it is now, $300 billion, all kinds of weaponry, what we lost in Afghanistan, what we lost in Iraq, what we're losing in the war in the Middle East right now in terms of resources, and we're going to lose lives there pretty soon.
And all this border invasion that's going on, what I talked about with Panama, what's happening, and we'll talk about what the Chinese are doing over out in the Pacific with Taiwan.
I mean, this is a global alliance that's principally led by the Chinese Communist Party, and their plan is by the end of this decade, not by the end of this century, to be the
Number one world superpower and to have their currency as the currency of choice and not the U.S.
This is a big, big deal.
And this is why more and more voices in this country are going to speak up and have to speak up, especially some of these people that we've been talking about, that are voices that matter.
The more you get attacked, the more you're probably right over the target.
That's right.
We're going to go to break here with a couple little short videos so we can get Alfie Oaks, another great patriot.
I'm glad you said we ought to get him in here because I love shaking his hand and seeing him.
I miss that guy.
I wish I could get him back on as a full guest soon and get his impressions doing what he's actually witnessing.
We got to go to break here in about two minutes.
Coming up with the final segment with General Flynn.
We did put out his most viral tweet or X about Obama being the raw sewage.
We're going to play that clip when we come back and talk to Alfie Oaks.
But we got about two minutes to break.
Closing comments from the great Clay Clark.
Well, I just want to bring this up.
Zelensky has an ambassador by the name of Marina Abramovich, okay?
Marina Abramovich is a spirit cooker, devil worshipper, Satan devil worshipper, and that's his ambassador.
To the children!
The ambassador to the children is Marina Abramovich, who's a spirit cooker.
You can't make this up!
Everybody needs to go to DuckDuckGo and do a search for Marina Abramovich.
Spirit cooking.
Second, Jeffrey Epstein had a temple on his island to pray to who?
Jeffrey Epstein had a temple on his island to pray to who?
Look it up, folks.
Go to DuckDuckGo, type in Epstein Island Temple.
It's all true.
And then finally, you look this up.
This is important for people to know.
Bill Gates has a spiritual advisor by the name of Marina Abramovich.
The same Marina Abramovich, who's the satanic spiritual advisor for Zelensky.
She's in the WikiLeaks as a Aleister Crowley priestess.
So if you look it up right now, you say, well, who would fund the Mark of the Beast technology being created by MIT?
Go to DuckDuckGo or Google and type in MIT Quantum Dot.
So the technology that stores your medical and financial information.
Finally, Bill Gates officially rolled it out two days ago.
Here, overhead shot.
There it is.
They're now going, oh, the new vaccine's this patch, which is the Quantum Dot.
So the people that funded the creation of the quantum dot are Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein.
The same Bill Gates, who has a satanic spiritual advisor, and the same Jeffrey Epstein, who's the world's most prolific pedophile, who put a temple on his island to pray to Satan.
And again, if it wasn't for Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, General Flynn, Tucker Carlson... Let's be clear, it's the listeners in the audience, though, that have backed us.
It's their... it wasn't for them.
If it wasn't for the InfoWars listeners like you, if it wasn't... I'm just telling you, folks, we are starting... You're the force multipliers.
It's happening.
It's happening.
I just want to encourage people.
It is happening and I appreciate you for being anointed.
It is happening.
No, I appreciate you and all you.
It's the listeners though, but folks, we've been right, you've been right, we've got a fighting chance now.
How do people find your great events?
Yeah, timetofreeamerica.com, timetofreeamerica.com.
You can name your price.
You can pay $5, $50, $5,000.
We won't limit how much you want to pay.
So humble.
We've got to get you back via Skype for a full hour on your new books.
I've read them.
I know a lot about this stuff and I didn't understand half of it until I read your book.
It took me next level.
How do people get your two book series?
They can go to GeneralFlynn.com and we still have our Christmas deal special up there.
Get them both.
Explain what it gets into.
Introduction is the Citizen's Guide, purposely designed like the Citizen's Guide to 5th Generation Warfare.
5GW gives an introduction to 5th Generation Warfare.
And the second one is really fascinating.
It's how to fight artificial intelligence.
And AI is going to be, whether you like it or not, part of our lives.
This teaches you how to fight it.
And you're the guy that first warned that China was going to backstab, and you helped write the doctrine.
This is a top-respected doctrine guy right here, okay?
And you have to understand, you need to get these books.
Where do they get them again?
All right.
We're going to go to a break with a short little promo for my book.
We need support, too.
Then we're going to stay right there, General.
You don't get a break yet.
We're going to bring Alfie Oaks in here.
Clay Clark, thank you so much, brother.
We'll be right back.
Band man in America, Alex Jones.
I want you all to know something.
Alex Jones was right.
Alex is right about far more than he's wrong.
Alex has been right on for over a decade.
I don't care how you slice it, dice it, flip it up or rub it down.
Alex Jones was right.
Think about how frustrated we are if you've been awake for a year or two.
Imagine being like an Alex Jones or those guys who've been awake for like decades.
Alex Jones called this years ago.
Years ago.
Alex Jones never bought the Russia hoax.
Not for a second.
You are one of the great thinkers of this.
You are a martyr to the First Amendment.
The government fears Alex Jones.
That's why the globalists hate me.
It's because I'm exposing their corporate worldwide tyranny.
Alright, I've been on air 29 plus years, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I'm about to say here on air right now, this is the most important thing I've ever broken down.
And I go through life seeing the average people out there, even our better people that are somewhat awake, not realizing that what we're covering, what we're getting into, isn't some side issue, isn't the central issue, it's everything.
The future of our species together.
And I've studied the globulus and how they operate for more than 35 years.
And I read their documents that they'd written in the 50s, and as I've said many times, they got their plan done by the 70s.
And then I saw their plan in the 70s for the 90s, and they got that done.
Then I saw their plan in the 90s for the 2000s, here we are.
We have front row seats, global government, worsty populations, and a collapsed civilization.
And privately, I know basically all the top people that are resisting it.
And they're getting closer and closer to coming completely out with the truth, but that's a day late and a dollar short.
They gotta go public now with all this.
There's not a lot of time left.
Greetings, my stupid American friends.
We interrupt this program with Obama, I mean Biden's internet kill switch to let you all know you are seeing illegal information.
We are surveilling and censoring and working with our good friends in Big Tech to make sure that none of you are able to stop the final phases of collapsing the Western world, namely America.
We take your children, your borders, your freedom.
Our information operation against you pathetic Americans has gone quite well.
That's right.
We outlaw TikTok in our country, but we use it to demoralize you here.
In China, we teach families and strength and hard work.
But what we do to you, well, you know what we've done to you.
Because this is proof of how China is making all of us dumber with TikTok.
I mean, just take a look at these videos and you'll see a suspicious difference between the TikTok we know versus China's version of TikTok, Douyin.
Because while our version of TikTok is being fed with just more of this and this, well, the people of China only get served more of this.