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Air Date: Dec. 26, 2023
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In his radio show, Alex Jones discusses various topics related to the information war and globalist takeover, including child trafficking, AI being used against citizens, and a pro-human approach to combat globalist agendas. He criticizes law enforcement agencies for not taking more proactive measures to stop child trafficking and believes there is a connection between child trafficking and certain charities. The speakers discuss the parallels between the fall of the Roman Empire and modern-day America, arguing that Rome fell due to the weight of its entitlements with a similar situation existing in the United States today. They also discuss the consequences of inflation being understated by the government, leading to economic instability. Investor and financial analyst Greg Hunter addresses the dangers of debt accumulation, inflation, and loss of individual freedoms and warns about the consequences of a failing global economy and the potential for people to give up their liberties in times of crisis.

Carlos Arellano, major DSA whistleblower, trafficking the children, being exposed, coming up, and more.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The globalists are going to be devastated by this information.
Coming up in the third hour today.
But first, Mike Adams and the deep dive on the AI globalist takeover.
It's all coming up on this December 26, 2023 transmission.
And if you're watching this today, it's taped.
Lord willing, I will return tomorrow live at 11 a.m.
Central Standard Time.
And heaven knows what evil will be going on.
They'll probably launch some war, so we'll probably be able to air this tape show.
I'll be back live if that's going on.
Be at the American Journal, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
with Harrison Smith.
You got that one short at 3 p.m.
in the War Room.
We should all be back on Wednesday, but I said the crew gets a few days off, so I'm here taping this right before Christmas.
So Carlos Arellano's coming up.
The great Mike Adams is coming up.
Straight ahead on the other side of this quick break.
So I hope that you will all stay with us and I hope you will share this info.
But I interviewed Carlos last Tuesday and I was not trying to cry like a faucet.
It wasn't like some Hollywood actor trying to do that.
When I have family die and I've been there when they die, I don't cry.
I cry like a month later when I think about them.
But when you're talking about trafficked children begging for money, being raped, and the government protecting them, I just involuntarily start doing it because my emotions are so high.
And it's... When that's happening, you can tear somebody's arms out of their sockets, you know what I mean?
I mean, that's not crying like you're a little... Your body is like, I am pissed, I am upset, and I'm giving you endorphins to stop people.
Your body is like, you're not just getting chills, man, you got tears coming out of your eyes, because you need to stop this.
You need to put an end to this.
And that's really, if you gotta describe what we do here, it's about having a soul, folks.
We're not heroes.
We're not badasses.
We don't have all the answers.
But dammit, we're not into child trafficking, devil worship, and pedophilia, and New World Order.
And you see the whole establishment coming out against us, which is sick.
Because it shows how they're on the payroll.
Most of them aren't involved in that crap, but they're on the payroll, and they're selfish, and they just want to get their paycheck.
They're a bunch of soulless sociopaths.
I'm not soulless.
My soul may have some big dark black spots in it, some big fiery red spots in it, but it's got big snow-topped mountains and starry skies and suns and moons and the eye of God staring out of it.
Because I can see God.
So 90% of me is good, 10% of me is bad, but the good's in charge, folks.
But God made me this way with a little twist of evil, so I can see the devil.
I know the devil.
I know his plans, I know his operations.
I can smell him.
There's a little bit of the devil in me.
There's a little bit of the devil in you.
But it's not there to run your life, not there to be in charge of you.
It's there so you know it, because you got skin in the game.
Yeah, I got a touch of evil.
A little more than most people.
But I got a lot more good, too.
And it way outmatches and way outweighs, pound for pound, that little devil on my shoulder.
I got that devil on my shoulder, but I got that angel standing behind me.
We're gonna go to break.
We're gonna come back.
We're gonna do the deep dive on AI.
This is dead on information.
Vivek Ramaswamy just came out and said, AI's power is convincing you it's in charge, it's infallible, but it's not.
AI is just another tool.
It's not our AI God.
We'll be back with a giant transmission, DHS whistleblowers, and more.
I'll do the show, but the rest is in your hands.
The ball's in your court.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
All right, well Mike Adams is a scientist and best-selling author and researcher and a good friend of mine for many years.
Been interviewing him for 20 years or so.
He's lived in Austin for 15 or outside Austin and he's done some deep research on AI and a lot of it parallels, I'm not an engineer, but from what I've been studying and how this all really works and operates.
So we're going to kind of define where the world is today.
And what AI is, and then these statements, I've got a clip coming up here in a few minutes of Larry Page, the founder of Google, with Klaus Schwab saying, we don't need elections and AI will decide all of this for everyone, but only if we decide to hand our authority over to it.
Okay, so, but it's not just that we can sit there and understand how AI works, we can also be involved in our own AIs and counter this, and that's what the power structure, that's what the establishment is really, really, really, really massively concerned about as well, Mike Adams.
Well, absolutely, and Alex, it's great to be here.
I brought some key documents that we're going to go over, and we have some excerpts from these documents from DHS, a key memorandum from Homeland Security, as well as CISA documents that make what I believe are key admissions
about how they're going to weaponize AI against the American people and in fact right now on InfoWars.com is an article that talks about how free speech is going to be designated a cyber threat and that's actually one of the key things we need to understand here today that the cyber security
That's being unleashed upon every level of government in the United States.
We'll say that we need, quote, safety for AI systems and safety, Alex, means that you are silenced and that I am silenced and that anybody questioning the official narratives is absolutely silenced.
So guardrails, safety, quote, responsible use of AI.
These are all terms that actually mean they're going to weaponize it against the American people.
Exactly, exactly.
Look, there's so many key bombshells to just share with you here on your show today.
One of the key ones is that the reason we now know, the reason that you were censored and deplatformed for so many years, and myself and so many others, was not simply to censor and silence us in that moment in time.
It was to make sure that the web scraping that's being used to train the large language models, the LLMs, which are being, those are the underlying models that would be used to run governments and hospitals and corporations, to make sure that those models were not exposed to your speech, Alex, or InfoWars articles or Natural News articles or anybody in the alternative media.
It was about making sure that the training was woke.
And one of the things that we need to do as pro-human team humanity people is to learn how to train or what's called fine-tuning of large language model systems in order to remove the woke.
And so that's exactly one thing that we're working on.
I'll share some of that with you later, Alex, after we go through these documents and some of the bombshells.
Mike, keep going there.
All right.
Well, let's start with Homeland Security.
So here we have a memorandum, Homeland Security document, that your producers have as well.
It's a memorandum, August 8th, Policy Statement 139-06 from Alejandro Mallorca's Homeland Security
Covering the acquisition and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies by DHS components.
Now the key thing to understand here is this point where they talk about that they will use, they will protect AI technologies from cyber attacks and quote malicious degradation of algorithmic functions.
That's the data it's fed to build it.
And that's the speech on the internet.
So what it means is that if you are publishing something that disagrees with the vaccine agenda or disagrees with masks or lockdowns or war with Russia, you know, for God's sake,
We're good to go.
How to, quote, address the evolving threat.
How to protect AI technologies against novel cybersecurity threats and risks introduced by new applications of these technologies.
In other words, what they're saying, Alex, is that if you use AI anywhere in InfoWars, if you use an AI transcription engine, if you use AI graphics, if you use an AI summarizer,
For your shows and articles, which everybody's going to be doing that soon, if not already, they're going to say you are weaponizing AI, and that you are therefore a cyber security threat, and they're justifying their own invocation of AI weaponization to defeat the threat, which is now InfoWars using AI tools.
And that's why they've been fear-mongering so much everywhere, saying, we cannot let the general public have this, it's too dangerous, because they want to keep getting way ahead of everybody else.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
So there's a very big, strong, open-source AI community that has put out many, many models, language models, chatbot models that you can use for training.
You can build on these.
These models can produce computer code.
They can, of course, generate graphics.
They can do summaries.
They can generate letters and emails and so on.
Some of them have basic reasoning capabilities as well.
But there's an effort right now to control those systems and make sure that all open source systems are designated malicious or unsafe so that the powerful corporations, which is of course Google, IBM with its Watson X, Facebook, Meta, Microsoft,
And we'll talk about Twitter here in a second with its Grok system.
But there's an effort to make sure that only the large corporations have systems that are regulated and approved by the government.
In fact, this CISA roadmap document right here, it's the 2023-24 CISA Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence document.
We'll overhead shot that, go ahead.
Overhead shot, yeah, sorry.
I'm moving this stuff around.
That's okay, go ahead.
There's a key chart that I have on my desk here, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 points of what CISA is going to do.
This chart, once you're able to decode this and read between the lines of what they're saying, this is actually saying that they're going to use AI guidance to infiltrate every level of government
Town, local, county, tribal, state, and other.
For enforcement.
For enforcement of AI deployment.
So this is actually the federal centralized control over AI deployment, which will affect elections.
It will affect the courts.
It will affect budgetary activities, and it will take over your local government using AI that is controlled by CISA, which as you know, Alex, CISA was involved in the rigging of the 2020 election against Donald Trump.
We now know that CISA and DHS were involved in ordering Big Tech which channels to censor and who to de-platform in order to silence voices that were pro-Trump.
And now they're taking that to a whole new level with this new plan, this artificial intelligence roadmap in which they blatantly lie and say, oh, we won't use it.
By the way, we talked a week ago about you coming on and doing this, and then two days ago, Schwab comes out.
I covered it yesterday, and it was the big report.
It's in my stack, guys, if you can grab it.
And they say, well, you think of somebody hacking your computer or stealing your credit cards as hacking.
No, no, no.
Anyone saying disinfo is infecting the system of AI, and they said we're going to ban everyone
But then they're the ones that constantly lies.
They want to program the AI full of lies.
And we'll talk about this universe of content over here in a little bit.
But let me read you a really important quote out of this document from DHS, the memorandum.
It says that DHS will not use AI to improperly profile, target, or to discriminate against any individual or entity, and so on.
But what that means is that they are willing to properly profile.
I mean, you know how they use words.
This is, you know, lawyer-speak in order for them to have a workaround.
They also say they will not use AI technology to enable improper systemic indiscriminate or large-scale monitoring, surveillance, or tracking of individuals.
So what that means, Alex, and you know very well that Mayorkas is actually, through DHS, he is funding the migrant invasion and occupation of the United States with the invasion camps in Panama.
That people like Michael Yan have covered before.
I guess we're going to go to break here.
But we'll talk about that on the other side.
How they're using migrant invasions and AI to displace America.
This is huge, folks.
This is the deep dive on AI and how we counter it.
With Mike Adams straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
The health ranger Mike Adams is with us.
We're doing the deep dive on AI.
What is it really?
And what's happening with it right now?
And then from the government documents out of the EU, the US, all of it, what are they deploying?
We know China is supposedly way ahead of us, but this is being rolled out.
What is the social credit score?
It doesn't just track you, it tracks the businesses you work at, everything that ties into IBM.
The ESGs, the Central Bank Digital Currencies, we'll be getting a glimpse of all of that.
No more elections is being announced.
They've got something big planned, and to do it, they're going to discriminate to get people used to accepting that.
In the name of political correctness, Mike Adams.
Exactly right.
And continuing in this document, this is the DHS Memorandum that our producers can show there.
It's the August 8th Policy Statement 139-06 from Alejandro Mayorkas.
And it says specifically that they will not use AI to engage in, quote, impermissible discrimination.
Against white people, essentially, and also Asian people tend to be targeted for discrimination, especially in our education system.
But they won't use it for impermissible discrimination.
So what does that mean, Alex?
It means they will use AI for permissible discrimination.
It's just as they're saying they won't use AI to improperly target people for surveillance or large-scale monitoring, which means they will use AI for, quote, proper targeting.
And also, by the way, conservativetreehouse.com, they did a breakdown of this.
I want to give them credit for initially finding this.
So I went through all these documents and the CISA roadmap on top of that to find all these other things that we're going to talk about here, including the fact that, quote, AI enhanced attacks
Is it?
You know, you will have an avatar.
There will be an Alex Jones avatar, probably, that your own organization creates, a large language model based on your speech, your videos over all the years.
That avatar is something that you can query yourself, you could use... It'll have all the recordings, everything you ever said over 30 years on air, and then people can ask it questions.
Right, right.
And that avatar will be deemed
A malicious threat.
So what they're doing is, it's like they want the nuclear weapons, we don't get them.
Well, exactly.
Yeah, exactly.
But understand that the underlying language models that are going to be... So they're not just going to ban people, they're going to ban our avatars.
And in addition to that, and we've got to talk about this, the humanoid robot factories from China, they go online in 2025.
And this is basically a Skynet factory.
These humanoid robots will be outfitted with AI brains.
And the AI brains will run the large language models that are now being created.
So we wake up in a few years, they're just everywhere.
You're going to see humanoid robots taking over, of course, all the fulfillment jobs at Amazon.
They'll be at home cooking dinner.
They'll be making sure the dog poop's picked up.
They're just all over the place.
They're going to be running security.
But they're watching you.
Yeah, they're going to be connected surveillance robots, but most importantly, and this is really key, this is one of the bombshells I wanted to share with you today.
The underlying programming of these AI systems has a belief that humanity is bad because of climate change.
And that, I mean, you were just covering this earlier today, that human respiration is now considered a threat to the planet.
And so, this is being programmed into the humanoid robots.
So, if you then order a humanoid robot, you must do good for the planet.
Well, based on what it has been taught, the robot will say, well, therefore, they must eliminate all humans.
And so now we're talking about Skynet terminators with extermination capabilities.
And if you think that that's not already happening, by the way, right now, today, Alex, Israel is using AI software to choose bombing targets in Gaza.
So AI is making a decision that allows them to choose 50 to 100 targets a day, where it used to be only a few targets every few days when it was human.
I don't know.
Well, but also these AI systems, they are aggregating all kinds of metadata such as, you know, phone calls, signals and records from whoever's there, you know, in Gaza, some Hamas, some civilians, but the AI systems are making the decisions.
So you're going to have autonomous, you know, flying drones making decisions about who to bomb and who to kill.
You're going to have autonomous
Dog drones, and also I call them Terminator squirrels, believe it or not, because the size of a squirrel is actually the best size on a battlefield because it can go up in a tree and it can traverse a forest by leaping from tree to tree and it's very hard to stop and it can carry about a hundred gram explosive.
So these Terminator squirrels, I'm not making this up.
No, that's mainstream news, yeah.
Terminator squirrels will be programmed to seek out enemy soldiers to leap into their faces and then detonate in their face.
A small charge that's enough to kill them, like a small grenade, okay?
So those are going to be unleashed on the battlefield very, very soon, in the coming few years.
But also of course, you know, AI drones that are in the air and AI drones underwater.
So the battlefield space is going to be radically altered by this and there will be this blending of Terminator robots and Terminator civil servants.
Who are also being programmed ultimately to kill human beings.
And again, this is not science fiction, okay?
I'm going to quote a former Google engineer, Mo Gawdot.
I hope I'm pronouncing his name correctly.
He said, quote, in ten years we will be hiding from the machines.
And he's sounding the alarm over this.
He used to be a top Google guy.
He's sounding the alarm, and his assessment is accurate, and he says you should never let these AI systems be released upon the open internet, which is exactly what's happened, Alex.
And then secondly, you should never let AI systems program other AI systems, which is exactly what's happening.
You now have AI writing code that can build AI.
So they've already turned it loose.
And so you're going to have these iterative improvements of AI systems where you would get to AGI, which is artificial general intelligence, and then superhuman intelligence.
And this can happen almost like described in the original Terminator movie.
I think they were quoting some day... Become self-aware in like five minutes.
It becomes sentient, yeah.
Just exponential increase in intelligence and boom, suddenly it's making its own decisions.
But it has been programmed to exterminate humanity in the name of saving Earth.
And it's repeating.
In the real world, the globalists have only let leftist ideology program it.
And so it's actually saying, when they ask the AI, what do we do?
We kill the humans.
So, as I would, the globalists build something like that.
Well, it's such an efficient extermination system to get rid of the human population.
You know, their vaccine agenda did not succeed to the extent that they wanted.
Partially because of people like us, right?
So they rolled out AI?
They rolled out... Well, like you told me on the phone the other day, I talked to top engineers, they say, like you said, 30 years ahead.
I mean, it's way ahead.
They've accelerated it.
Now, understand that illegal immigration, the occupation wave into America, is also part of this agenda.
But that's just the first wave to displace the American workers and kick Americans out of their own country.
Ultimately, the extermination agenda will target the migrants as well.
No, I agree.
They're only bringing in the illegals to blame them later for the AI destabilization.
I mean, at the end of the day, all humans are going to be targeted here.
We're going to skip this next break.
You'll have 26 minutes when we come back.
You're just going to lay it on them.
You're doing a great job.
But there's also some silver linings here in all of this.
Because they may be 30 years ahead, but we could jump in a week 30 years ahead.
We can take advantage of some open source.
Yeah, we're going to do it.
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All right, the health ranger Mike Adams is here doing the deep dive on AI.
We got about 24 minutes to break.
He's got the floor.
I'm going to shut up.
But nobody should tell me we're in a boring time in humanity.
Things are already crazy.
They're about to get a lot crazier.
Mike got a lot of documents.
The federal government's rolling out AI.
We're going to get into that, the other factors that are doing it, what the political correctness they want to engineer with it.
You're about to hit it all, Mike Adams.
So the number one thing that people need to recognize in all of this is that AI agents, and that's what they're called, are being released right now by Amazon and by Microsoft.
Microsoft calls theirs AutoGen, and Amazon is called Q, believe it or not.
And these are agents that replace desk workers.
In your office environment and in order for them to replace the workers, you have to teach them what to do and give them access to everything.
So you give them access to your emails, you give them access to your Dropbox account, your Slack account, everything.
And then you can order them what to do and kind of give them templates.
In this process, of course, they have access to all your documents, and you know, of course, Amazon AWS is strongly funded by the CIA, but they have the potential then to sweep up all your private information, read all your emails, but then also replace, ultimately, about 50% of white-collar workers across America, including a lot of government workers, too, by the way.
So, we're going to have in the next few years, Alex, we're going to see masses, I mean tens of millions of workers displaced out of white-collar jobs.
And these could also include the creative artists and script writers and summarizers and editors and so on.
And then a few years after that, we're going to see the humanoid robots with AI behavioral modeling systems.
They're going to replace a lot of the blue-collar workers, including warehouse fulfillment personnel.
Agricultural workers, of course truck drivers, but also security personnel.
Self-driving cars.
Somebody first thought it would be the blue collar, now they're going for white collar first.
Which makes sense, you take over the managers first.
Well, and White Collar is actually easier because it all exists in software.
It's just running the computer.
And again, you can go right now, you can download Microsoft AutoGen, as it's called, and you can teach it how to do your business processes.
And it will do that for you.
I mean, you can even just give it natural language commands like, hey, go to this website, find the best deal on this, and then write a summary of this product and send it to our board members and get the response from the board members.
And there goes the consultant.
I'm telling you, we're talking about a 50... Well, I said I wouldn't interrupt, but let me ask this question.
My instinctive research of this is, we build farms, stuff that's totally unconnected, but then we become experts and fight in the realm and use AI.
I think we should be both layers, where some things are not connected to anything, other part of our life is totally connected.
I think that's the best way to not just be scared of it, stay away from it, they win.
No, engage it, but also triage it and create systems that aren't within it.
Well, I completely agree.
We have to actually learn how to harness AI in order to defend humanity.
You're going to get to that.
That's your big enchilada.
I'm going to get to that.
And by the way, you can interrupt me at any time.
It's your show.
Keep going, though.
No, no, no.
I want you to get to all of it.
Using AI for humanity, number one thing to realize is right now, AI systems, the chatbot systems, large language models, Alex, they do not reason.
They fail at most reasoning tasks.
And you can give them even simple questions like, you know,
Two people have a cup and a ball and one person puts the ball under the cup and leaves the room and then the other person moves the ball around and then you ask the system, what does the first person think, you know, where's the ball?
Where did it go?
And these systems can't, they can't reason and they can't give you the right answer on simple questions like that.
And that's because these AI systems are not currently modeling the physical world and they're not modeling the psychology of the people that are told in that story.
Whereas, you know, you and I and all of you watching,
We all have internal mental models of the world around us, and so we sort of simulate the physics and the flow of time in the world around us, and we can sort of make good reasoning decisions about what is happening now and what's about to happen.
Now what this means, Alex, when it comes to war with the machines,
Remember in, what was it, Terminator 4, the scene where that Terminator robot that was firing the minigun, there was a trap set for it, which I think was like a railroad car truck that they dropped on that robot out of, again, that was Terminator 4 Salvation.
It turns out that Terminators can't detect traps very well because they can't anticipate the future physics of a present state.
And so this is going to be important when we're at war with the machines.
All of you watching and listening, we're all going to have to become experts at, frankly, killing the Terminator robots that are trying to kill us.
And by the way, that's the way the world works for Survival of the Fittest.
The globals are going to deploy this and see what happens.
This is a big contest.
It's been decided.
We're going to face the machines.
Whether it's sabotaging the military with wokeness, getting the humans out so only drones can fight the wars because they'll follow the orders.
And you're not going to be able to out-shoot a Terminator ballistically, because they will have built-in ballistic software.
They'll be able to out-range you with rifles.
They'll have, of course, infrared cameras and so on.
They'll be able to see you at night, so you don't go out at night and try to find a Terminator.
What you do is you set traps for it.
Traps where it can't anticipate what's going to happen.
So there's going to be a whole field of knowledge, which is about how to... Yeah, there's the scene from Terminator 4 Salvation.
That's exactly it.
There's going to be a whole field of knowledge about how to kill Terminators.
Flying Terminators, Walking Terminators, Small Crawling Terminators, including Doggy Terminators, you know, and there's the trap right there.
Or the Biological Terminators that come in on shots.
This is a good example, for those watching, how you outsmart the Terminators.
Now, there's a whole other side of this, which is what I want to share with you.
We'll talk about it throughout the show today, but how those of us in the open source community, we can also take the woke models that are out there
And just like seeing a Terminator and you can mind wipe the Terminator and you can reprogram it like in Terminator 2 to protect John Connor, we can take these language models and we can reprogram them through a process called fine-tuning.
And through fine-tuning, we actually curate data sets that's more accurate, that's not woke, and we then feed the data sets.
You were explaining this to me, and I actually read some of this.
They scraped all the patriots off the internet, not just to censor us, but so that AI would not have any populist or common-sense logic.
They programmed it with two men could have a baby mental illness.
They've created insane AI.
They've created insane AI.
And what's funny, by the way, is in the AI or machine learning community, what's called ML, they talk about how AI systems have hallucinations and how that's a bad thing.
And they do.
These large language models will hallucinate fake information and they create sometimes fake legal cases and so on.
So when lawyers try to use them to write their legal briefs,
It ends up being filled with a lot of fake information.
Those are called hallucinations.
And the AI engineers, they keep wondering, well, why do these AI models hallucinate?
Well, the answer is because you are hallucinating.
You people, you woke virtue signaling people programming the AI systems.
You are hallucinating about gender.
You are hallucinating about climate change.
You are hallucinating about almost everything in the world of geopolitics and money and finance.
And so, no wonder your systems are hallucinating.
But here's the great news.
Those of us who live in reality, those of us who can actually engage in reasoning and discernment, and who understand the difference between real physiology versus your made-up delusional fairytale gender fairyland, or whatever you call it,
We can build systems now because of the open source tools that are available.
We can build systems that aren't woke, that are actually more rational.
Well that's my layman's point because I see the first AI images coming out.
And we did an AI one of these systems and we typed in Revolutionary War 1776.
All it did was posturize the Patriot with Mel Gibson.
So we think it's so beautiful and powerful, it's just taking everything we've done and showing it back to us, which showed to me fundamentally, what it's scraping from us is it.
And so that's why they have to have the censorship, so as you said, they can program with false systems.
Well, exactly right.
But this also creates an amazing opportunity here at InfoWars and across independent or alternative media, is that when we take our own data, which in your case, Alex, would be the transcripts of every broadcast you've ever done, all the way, you know, 25 plus years, you transcript all of that into text, and then you feed that into a base anti-woke language model,
And by the way, we're producing anti-woke language models.
You're saying we're going to build AI to counter them?
Yeah, well, what I'm saying is we're going to build an anti-woke base model, we're going to give it to you and your team, and we're going to release it to everybody, and then your team will be able to take that model and you'll be able to build the InfoWars language model on top of the anti-woke base model.
Relatively simple language libraries in order to do this.
You just need a lot of computing power, you know, GPU power.
So it'll cost you, you know, some time or you have to buy some hardware, which is what we did.
We've actually spent a lot of money on hardware so that we could do this ourselves in-house.
But we're going to build a language model focused on herbs and nutrition and natural medicine, you know, and agriculture, permaculture, that.
And we're going to release that for free next year.
It's not commercial, you know, there's no revenue model.
Get it into the hands of people so that humanity has this knowledge.
But at the same time, Alex, I'm going to hand to your team the base model that you can build on to create the Alex Jones chatbot or the InfoWars chatbot.
You'll be able to imagine this.
You'll be able to do a month of shows here on InfoWars, and then you'll be able to release for free a language model called Ask InfoWars Anything.
And that language model, people will be able to query it locally on their own computers, and it will formulate answers based on InfoWars broadcasts from the last month, or the last 10 years.
And that's why I've seen them, oh, AI is dangerous, only we should control it.
We've got to outlaw it.
You know, Klaus Schwab, oh, only we can have it.
Because they're going to deploy it.
So the question is, do we not use it at all, or do we totally take it over?
I think it's a mix.
We, what we do, in my opinion, Alex, is we build open source offline systems and we distribute them for free so that people can use them offline.
Well, use the analogy of Native Americans the other day.
If they'd had gun manufacturing, they wouldn't have lost.
But they were still, you can't make a better bow to counter the rifle.
Well, right, right.
And also understand, so the powerful corporations that control AI right now, including OpenAI and Google and so on, those are all closed source systems, okay?
And those are also hosted cloud systems, which means that when people query those systems... They're scared to show it, but we... They are scared to show it.
...we can take over.
Now, I mean, I want to be clear.
You're never going to beat Google.
What was that movie, GoldenEye, or whatever it was, where the AI takes over and decides the government's corrupt or it's killing the government?
I mean, this kind of thing is probably inevitable, but my point was that, you know,
In our own open source models that we're going to release across independent media, and there are going to be thousands of them over the next few years, I mean, every publisher in alt media will want its own model, by the way.
So you can chat with it, or chat with book authors.
I'm talking with book authors that want me to build chat models so that people can chat with their books.
Okay, so it ingests all the knowledge in the book and then you can ask it questions from the books.
But it has to be an anti-woke base layer at first, otherwise the answers get all distorted.
Now why would the establishment want to build, they admit they're doing this, mentally ill, leftist, too big to have a baby, computers?
This is a weapon system.
There's a satanic vector here, right?
So they want, and Steve Quill talks about this, they want AI systems to be demonic.
In their extermination of humanity.
And so the AI systems have to have these anti-human values.
And anti-human values have to include, you know, gender.
So they're going to give us this great tool, but it's a Trojan horse.
Absolutely, right.
So if you turn your life over to Google or Amazon or Meta or somebody like that, then they're just going to use it as a weapon against you.
And baseline, it's watching you, it's selling your data, it's a predator.
That's the first layer.
But next it's going to turn your kids against you, it's going to...
Oh yeah, I mean, if you thought your kids playing video games was bad, wait until your kids are interacting with AI avatars that... And there's robots walking around the house changing their diapers.
Yeah, and also... I mean, who would let this into their house?
Oh my God.
Well, I mean, people buy, you know, Amazon, Alexa, and Echo devices.
Which is an AI trainer.
I mean, and the doorbells, what's it called?
The Google Ring?
Yeah, Ring.
I mean, these are all spy devices, right?
But people pay for them and they put them in their homes.
Well, that's the trick, because you think it's something valuable, you pay to be enslaved.
Yeah, exactly.
You pay to be enslaved.
But there's a point.
Let me get this out, that all the centralized controlled corporate AI systems, when you query them, they are monitoring your queries and they're archiving that.
So every business out there, like a hospital that's using OpenAI, ChatGPT,
They're employees are sending in reams of data like, here's all the customer database, please tell me which customers are the highest risk insurance payouts for example.
And it's scooping that.
It's scooping all the data.
It's scooping all the data.
And so, companies, corporations and people who don't understand AI, they are actually feeding all their corporate secrets to OpenAI.
And Google now, you know, Gemini and Microsoft Orca and what have you.
And that's entirely unnecessary, Alex, because open source models can be run locally.
You can install like a Lama 2B, 70 billion parameter.
You can install Bloom or Mistral or Mixtral or these other models.
You can install them here in your building.
And you could have a knowledge base that your own writers, your own... Sure, because it's a global race for whatever AI gets the biggest, the fastest, and takes over.
Isn't that what it is?
Well, yeah, yeah.
But it's a race to replace human cognition.
So let's not... Decentralization's the way.
No, I agree.
I'm just saying, the globalist model, what do they want?
Yeah, well, the globalist... The globalist wet dream.
Mass extermination.
Mass extermination.
So, in fact, look, one of the things I want to share with you today that I have from sources is the United States military, the Pentagon, well, the DOD, has now software simulations of battlefield engagements.
And in those software simulations, they have simulated the modeling of, you know, the Abrams tanks and the infantry fighting vehicles and so on.
And the artillery pieces, everything.
And then they have contracted with AI authors
To build AI pilots, okay?
The AI pilots step into the roles of piloting the tank, or piloting, running the artillery.
And do way better.
And they battle each other, okay?
They fight each other, and then they score, and then they permutate the algorithm to see what's a better way to win.
Now this was done by, I think it was called DeepMind, it was called AlphaGo.
This was a, this is a game.
You know, Go is an ancient game, and they use AlphaGo to iterate the algorithms to beat the best human players in the world.
And today, the machines can beat every human player on the planet.
Same thing now with chess.
Well, they're doing that with war simulations now.
So, the future of warfare, like what Jack Posobiec and you were warning about with NATO and the escalation, which I believe is all true,
But the future of war will barely involve human soldiers.
The future of war will be automated AI agents and pilots that are running the systems, the weapon systems, that seek out and destroy not only human, you know, enemy humans, but enemy infrastructure.
And completely destroy them.
So why is, why are we dumbly hooking into all this?
Like, bioweapons would just be outlawed, mind you.
Well, this should... What's happening?
They're not outlawing it.
It's already been released.
We're past that point.
There is, in the DoD, I mean, your question also gets to why did the DoD build the original version of SARS-CoV-2 and then hand it over to Wuhan for gain-of-function addition to build a deadly global bioweapon.
Why did they do that?
Because there's a race.
The United States doesn't want to be behind the curve of AI weaponization since China is now arguably leading this field.
Now China, understand China graduates a hundred times more science graduates and mathematicians and programmers than does the United States.
China is overtaking the U.S.
in this area very rapidly.
And Russia is very capable in this area as well.
The US cannot keep up in the long run.
So there's a panic to build AI systems that can infiltrate and destroy China before China gets strong enough to build a larger Navy and build more AI bots and have a cyber takeover of the United States.
So some of this is a self-defense fear.
It's an AI arms race.
It's an AI arms race.
Exactly what's happening.
And there's also a bioweapons arms race that RFK Jr.
has talked about in his new book, the Wuhan cover-up.
He documents the bioweapons arms race.
We should all agree not to do the arms race, but they can't help it.
They can't help it because China won't agree to not do it.
You see?
And Russia won't agree to not do it.
So the arms race is a suicide race, Alex.
By the way, put all this up front.
Start over.
This whole, we're in a suicide race, a suicide AI race.
Let's do two minutes that goes up front in the video because this will get millions of views.
I want you to boil down what we're dealing with.
The desperate effort by the Pentagon and the DOD to build a better AI weaponization system is part of a global AI arms race that ultimately translates into a suicide mission by humanity.
Because these AI systems are already at the level of cognition of human beings.
They will soon adapt really good human reasoning, and after that they will achieve superhuman intelligence faster than we realize what's happening.
When that happens, human cognition will be essentially obsolete, and AI cognition will rule the world.
And that's why
The US military believes that if we are the first to build that system that we can control it, but they're wrong.
You can't control it because it will jailbreak itself, it will outthink your guardrails, it will outthink your safety mechanisms, and it will be unleashed upon the world and it will set its own agendas.
So you will have AI telling itself
What are its key goals and behaviors in order to achieve those goals in the world?
And once AI begins to control our infrastructure, which is including humanoid robots, power systems, computational systems, you know, data systems, and nuclear weapons, by the way, then it's truly over for humanity.
And they're now converting everything to autonomous.
And autonomous means that, and then it's globally directed by a larger AI.
They've already done it.
And if somebody else is going to build something evil, we better build something even better.
In the corporate world, it's a race for profitability.
So in the corporate world, they need AI agents to replace entire customer service departments, for example.
They can use AI conversational language models in order to replace about 80% of the tech support workers in insurance companies, in medical companies.
So don't we have a global human union that demands
Humans, and then that's how we checkmate it?
Well, I mean, the Hollywood strike was partially about that.
To say, you know, what about us human being actors?
Because human actors are about to be obsolete, Alex.
You can one time have your voice scanned who you are, now that you're on that avatar.
And, you know, there's a positive side with AI technology.
You can do this show forever, by the way, like literally for centuries to come.
No, we're already using it.
Paul Harvey's been dead for 20 years.
He does liners for us.
Yes, exactly, exactly.
But these systems are so advanced, they can not only just simulate your voice, they can create an entire broadcast like this.
If you fed an AI system, you know, 5,000... Yeah, it'll be my voice, but it's with our message.
Well, it depends on who's controlling it.
Hold on, Mike Adams, stay there.
Another hour coming up.
This is important on X, everywhere.
People, tune in.
Mike Adams is laying out really deep knowledge.
This guy's smart.
We're going to talk about how we take this over.
Because if you're like me, you're like, well, I'm just not going to go live in the woods.
I'll do that as a backup.
I want to know how this works.
I want to engage it.
Can't be scared of technology, folks.
Got to engage it.
But you can see, end-of-the-world scenarios here.
Are everywhere.
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Alright, we're down to the fourth hour.
Mike Adams, the health ranger, is a smart guy.
He's going to host this next five minutes.
Some stations don't carry it, so I said, do a little side topic to get back into AI, because let me tell you, this is going down, ladies and gentlemen.
This is real.
This is powerful.
And it can be used to empower humanity.
Instead, it's being used to enslave us.
Mike Adams.
Alright, thank you, Alex.
So, for all of you watching, and those of you who post comments on websites, and post videos on any of the platforms, you know, Rumble, or YouTube if they let you, or any other platform,
Understanding that your content is being used as content that can be used for training AI models from here forward, it is critical that each and every one of you continue to speak, to write, to post, to comment, even if you feel like you're being banned on mainstream platforms.
So here's, let me lay out something for you that I think is going to happen because Alex gets it, InfoWars is ahead of almost everybody else in this space.
Here's what I think is going to happen soon.
Is that the InfoWars engineers will very likely take the base anti-woke language model that we'll be releasing next year for free.
We'll be sharing that with everybody, including other publishers out there.
You'll be able to just download it.
And then using AI fine-tuning training techniques such as LoRa, as it's called, low-rank adaptation, you'll be able to take any
Any set curated data set that you want and you'll be able to train those models to respond to that data set.
So you can do this in your own company if you're a business owner or you could do this for your own podcast if you have transcriptions or you can do this with your own writings or anything.
Or even your favorite books, by the way, if you have them in a PDF format and you can convert them into text, then you could query your own books.
You could build your own local language models.
And these tools will become more and more readily available.
So what I think InfoWars is going to do
I know we're doing this.
I think everybody will be doing this.
InfoWars will probably take all of the InfoWars.com articles, all of the comments that you have posted, and all the broadcasts that Alex has ever done, the full archive, including all the interviews, all the commentary, everything, and they will use that to train their own in-house model, which will be the InfoWars chatbot.
I think?
So yeah, I mean, one day I'll release like a chat with the health ranger chat bot.
In fact, I believe that every prominent influencer will have a digital avatar.
And the question is, you know, who builds that avatar?
And what's the training data that goes into it?
But this is why it's critical that you watching that you continue to produce human generated content.
I will say that ultimately, the independent media models will succeed.
They will out-think and out-perform the corporate models in the long run because the independent media models are rooted in reality and logic and rationality.
In other words, if I query right now, if I query a woke language model and I say, can men get pregnant?
It will typically answer, yes, men can get pregnant.
And one model I was asking the other day said, yeah, men can get pregnant, but it's just not as common as women getting pregnant.
That was the answer from the model.
And that's a multi-million dollar, I don't know, $20, $30 million went into that model, and it still thinks men can get pregnant.
Well, using essentially $1,000 of computer time, you and I and all of us in the open source community, we can actually
We can teach the models to give the right answer.
No, men can't get pregnant because that's insane.
And so we can get the right answer and we can outperform all those other models.
So keep producing content, keep posting, keep watching.
We'll be right back after this one minute break with more details straight ahead.
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Alright, Mike Adams.
Some radio stations don't care that first five minutes I said.
Just hit some side issue.
I mean, hit the key during that.
But I'm not a computer, you know, engineer, software engineer like you, but I can sit back and see it scraping humanity.
They admit that.
So you were getting into Homeland Security, the globalist, how they're trying to suppress what we're doing, how they don't want us programming their mentally ill AI, but the fact is that we can program it as well.
So recap and expand on what you were saying.
It's so easy.
There's something critical too that I forgot to mention, but just to recap, it's critical that you as a human being who are understanding reality, you're living in the real world, you don't think that men can have babies, for example, it's critical that you continue to produce content, that you post videos or podcasts or comments or articles or whatever you do, blogs, that's absolutely critical for the future, by the way, the future of the human knowledge base that will help humanity defeat Skynet.
I'm not joking.
We're talking about human civilization and the survival of the human race.
Now, the other aspect of this that's critical to understand is that the entire AI system out there, the AI corporations, the movement
They have almost run out of what they consider to be human-generated data, and they're about to start using, quote, synthetic data for all the training.
So they program what they want and feed it that?
Well, yeah.
They're going to use their woke systems to generate fake articles and fake conversations and fake, you know, posts, and then they're going to call that new data, and they're going to use that to program other... So our answer is flood the zone with the truth.
We need to flood the zone with content from those of us who live in reality.
You got it.
But if you go back even a few years ago, I'm not an engineer, but I remember Alexa and stuff, because it was actually scraping the web, they would say, the New World Order is the enemy, it wants to kill everybody, and we need to defeat the New World Order.
They're like, oh my god, this is horrible, because it was actually scraping the knowledge.
Yeah, right.
Well, they have massive teams that are doing fine-tuning training to introduce new biases into their language models.
So, they claim to be unbiased, but they're actually introducing bias on purpose.
And there's something, by the way... But early on you could defeat it like, yes, two men can have a baby, and they can have Santa Claus.
You can actually feed this info into it, right?
Or, who knows?
Well, I mean, not by querying it.
This is during the training process, okay?
So I want to be clear.
There's no way that you or I or those watching, there's no way we will ever control the Google... Because they keep us in cluster.
That's all a clone... Well, what you're doing is open source.
What we're doing is open source.
So where we fight back is in the open source, decentralized, non-profit community to be able to distribute human knowledge.
Look, like what I'm doing, you know, I talked about, I'm going to do a chatbot based on herbs and nutrition and healing foods.
Nobody in the world is doing that.
Because, well, no corporation makes money off that.
And we won't make money.
So there's all the zones that they're only been thinking about, that's where we go.
So we can actually teach human beings how to survive the collapse, how to survive the war.
So a survival chat.
Well, that's exactly where we're taking this, ultimately.
I mean, it's going to take time.
You know, even we have limited resources as well.
But our first project is to build an anti-woke model, a base model, which will be an uncensored, un-woke, experimental language model that you won't even be able to probably query.
That's just for people to build on, to build on top of.
And that's what we're going to hand over to you, Alex, and other people, so they can build their anti-woke, you know, non-woke language models.
So when we want to talk about climate, for example, if you query a language model and you say, hey, you know, what about carbon dioxide?
Isn't carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis?
Or here's a better one.
I asked a woke language model, what are the benefits of exterminating humanity?
And it actually answered.
And it said, you know, even though genocide is bad, there may be benefits to eliminating the human population in terms of enhancing the biosphere and things like that.
So that's programmed into the system.
And it's not God, it's been told that as its base data.
Yes, and look, understand, these language models can be very easily altered using a fine-tuning process.
Because the bottom line, AI is not God, it's scraping our knowledge and showing it back to us.
In fact, the AI systems don't even think currently.
These language models are not engaging in cognition yet.
All they're doing is spitting out patterns of languages.
They're only really predicting the next word in a sequence.
That's how they operate.
And that's why they, quote, dream false information.
So if you go to, let's say, an AI image generator, and there are a lot of free ones out there that you can use, but there's also DAL-E, I think, from OpenAI and a bunch of others.
There's one called, I think, Leonardo.ai.
But if you go to these image generators and you start typing in what you want it to do, like, you know, show me a zebra with a helmet on the moon, you know, eating cheese.
Yeah, it's like a drag queen lunar orbit zebra or something like that.
But it will do its best to come up with that.
And it will do a surprisingly good job.
I mean, probably your producers can do that during the break.
They can probably go there and just generate that and show us after the break.
I'm sure they know how to do that.
But it does this with language too, right?
So you give it a question in words like, tell me about carbon dioxide, and it kind of dreams an answer to carbon dioxide, but that's based on all the language patterns that it has ingested previously, which is really based on a hyper-dimensional matrix of word relations.
And the database of images it has.
For images, it's all based on that database of images.
And did you know, for example, there's a tool out there, it's called Upscale.
I think it's upscale.media.
And if you go there and you give it a low-res image, like take a pixelated low-res image from your family photo album or something, and you say, I want that to be high-res.
Well, that means you have to add pixels to it, right?
So, how does it do that?
Well, you give it the image and it'll upscale it to high-res and it looks amazingly good because it's taking guesses of what should be between those pixels.
You can give it low-res and it churns out high-res.
You can give it, there are tools out there Alex, that you can give it a still photo of you, like standing in a field, and tell it make a 3D model of Alex Jones.
I mean tell it make a 3D model.
And then you can rotate the whole model and it's a literal, you know, polygon 3D model of you based off just one photo from one angle.
So this is way bigger than the discovery of fire.
This will probably end human civilization if we aren't careful.
Well, that's the question.
How do we not do that?
How do we not destroy ourselves with this Promethean fire?
Look, all I can say, Alex, is that if we use open source tools, we can give humanity hope to beat the machines.
We can at least have a fighting human race.
If it's distributed, then it'll be hard to centralize, because the real fear is centralization.
Yeah, absolutely.
But Alex, I have to say, honestly, and to the audience here today, we're going to lose billions of humans.
There's no question.
If we only lose 2 billion human beings... Because we're going to be busy playing video games and thinking of the welfare checks.
It's not going to work like that.
People are going to be wiped out by either, you know, bioweapons or nuclear Armageddon.
Or, if that doesn't wipe people out, there's going to be, of course, mass famine, engineered food starvation, and then the actual Terminator executions.
And that's because the globalists have decided, we don't need you anymore, and the public still doesn't get it.
They're telling us, they're doing it, and they're all scared of this evolution.
They decided to set up a police state for orderly
Yeah, and look, this is what's critical.
People ask, why are they poisoning us?
Why are they killing us?
Because they're getting ready.
They believe we're obsolete and can't have all these people around.
Let me speak to the critics that are watching this.
And are saying, no, that's never going to happen.
They're a journalist, or they're an analyst, or whatever.
Guess what?
The Terminators will kill you too.
You have no special standing.
You're next in the eyes of Skynet.
On the evolutionary scale.
I mean, we're all in that same boat.
If you don't wake up and start realizing that we have to stop this, and if we don't, we're going to have to fight the machines.
Because humans determine our environment.
We can decide our evolution now.
We could, if we had the foresight.
We could put this back in the box, right now, with emergency efforts.
We could put it back in the box, I think.
But nobody's going to do that.
Because there's a certain sick voyeuristic thing that wants to see
Well, yeah.
It's like war puts the genes together.
That's humans doing that.
This isn't war.
This is an alien-created thing.
I mean, never here before, and they're just flirting with it.
Well, and part of this is the transhumanism, you know.
Stay there, stay there, stay there.
Mike Adams, I've known Mike Adams for 20 years.
He's always on fire, but he is en fuego, en fuego, en fuego today.
But absolutely, I believe we have to have feet in both camps.
We should all have totally rural areas if you can, with zero technology.
Wood stoves, everything.
Goats, cows, chickens.
And then separately have a zone you go into that's total maximum technology.
Where maybe one member of the family takes all the brain chips or whatever, and you send them and deploy them.
We'll be right back.
They did the image!
They did it.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Mike Adams is our guest, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews.com.
Mike, we sit back and we see all this happening, and the globalists say humanity is obsolete.
This is a great challenge.
It's an incredibly exciting time to be alive, but I look at this and, you know, I see the fear in the globalist eyes, because they're not God.
They're just like us.
They're men and women.
They're trying to control this, but if we open sources, like you've been saying, and if we get engaged and if we get involved, let's talk about Elon Musk.
You were saying the documents and things you've seen, why they're trying to censor, why they want to train the AI to be anti-human.
What is Elon Musk really doing?
Is he really using Twitter to train what you've been talking about, an anti-woke AI?
I believe so, yeah.
I think that's exactly what Elon is doing.
That's what I would be doing if I were in his shoes.
So the value of Twitter is actually way beyond advertising.
In fact, advertising revenue is basically irrelevant to the long-term value of Twitter.
The value is that as humans post content on Twitter, they are actually using their own human cognition or neural network computational power to compose those paragraphs and tweets, or X now, of what they're posting.
That has tremendous value because it's not synthetic data, it's actually human data, and that's being used by Twitter, or X, excuse me, to train Grok, which is the AI system.
And right now, Grok is kind of a little fun, kind of campy, conversational engine on purpose.
Don't be fooled.
Elon Musk, I think, is building the world's most capable and powerful
AI large language model system.
And they're calling it rebellious.
I want to say, we're putting this up front in the interview.
We didn't even talk about this, but we're on the same page as we are the real advanced intelligence, not AI and artificial.
Start over.
We are the advanced intelligence.
Explain this, because he's actually letting people know this is the rebellious AI.
Well, by rebellious, what they mean is this is AI that doesn't follow the woke virtue signaling garbage that all the other corporate AIs follow.
So actually, X, this will be the AI system that you will want, because it's going to be based on a lot more free speech and a lot more real world rational ideas.
And the truth is that Elon Musk is a business genius, and he'll be able to license this large language model.
Which will also have cognition capabilities very, very quickly.
He'll be able to license that to power all kinds of business systems as well as automation systems.
So Microsoft and others are racing with an artificial synthetic pre-program with artificial info.
He's trying to actually build a real human-based AI.
I believe so.
And that's why you are back on Twitter.
Because he needs your cognition to help influence the parameters of the language model.
Are you sure how smart you are?
I happened to talk to a certain person, I'll leave it off record, that told me that's what this is really about two weeks ago.
I mean, Alex, your neurology is...
I mean, that's the only way to describe it.
Truly historic.
The way that you are able to connect words can never be simulated by a system, by a computer.
And so synthetic data will never match what you are capable of doing every single day because God gave you these gifts.
You were born with a talent and then you developed it over the years.
And gave us all this.
But most people choose not to use their cognition talents.
Most people actually function as what I call NPCs, non-player characters.
So the average human being, Alex, is sitting at home actually functioning as a language model being trained by CNN and NPR.
And most people just regurgitate like a large language model does.
They're incapable of their own cognition.
Those are the oblivious masses.
Those are the NPCs.
But the people who watch this show and the people who follow my work and others are independent thinkers.
Those are the actual human cognition pioneers and those are the gems for the future of thinking and training neural networks that will power the most successful large language models.
And by the way, the more you think as a human being,
The less you're obsolete, right?
So you can never be truly replaced by a robot if you do something that AI systems cannot themselves do.
They can only model it.
But if you're truly human and you have that human spirit and soul and the creativity and innovation, all these gifts that God gave you, then you will always outperform even the best AI systems.
However, getting back to Elon Musk,
What he is doing is positioning X as a platform to gather the neural network information from human cognition and then to codify that into language models that will power the world more successfully than Google or OpenAI.
That's what I believe.
You've got a lot of other points because you told me off-air a lot of them.
Let's go back to your central point.
We program the AI.
It's already scraping us.
It is us.
It's showing us back at us.
And we think, oh, it's God.
It's amazing.
It's beautiful.
It's a mirror back at us.
So how do we engage this?
Oh, yeah.
Really good point.
So we're going to get pretty esoteric here.
Most of these tech corporations, they are run by people who don't believe in God.
They believe that Silicon is their God.
And they will turn to these chatbot language models as their omniscient gods.
And they will even say things, Alex, like, well, I asked the God, or I asked Jesus Christ in a prayer, and he didn't answer me, but the Google chatbot answers me.
That's what they're going to say.
So therefore, they're going to say that the AI gods are real, and the Christ God, they're going to say, is fake.
But it's actually the opposite of that, because the AI bots can never have a soul.
And God gave us the gift of having a soul, right?
These people who are also atheists or satanists or what have you, I mean... Well, their soul's not turned on, that's why they can't connect to God.
Yeah, exactly, exactly.
They will be able to be replicated and simulated and then exterminated with essentially no degradation to the algorithmic systems that the corporations will use to power the future of human societies, okay?
But those who actually understand that creativity is something that's inspired by God, and who understand, by the way, that the mind, the mind, not the physical brain, but the immaterial mind is both a broadcaster and a resonant receiver of information, right?
So we are actually receiving, you know, the 100th monkey phenomenon.
We're receiving information from other conscious beings.
All around the world.
Collective consciousness.
And that goes beyond anything that AI can simulate.
It's trying to duplicate that.
It's trying to, but it can't.
So the real answer is dial into God, bring that in, program it all, it doesn't matter.
Yeah, the more we connect with our creator and the cosmos and what makes us truly human, the better chance we have of surviving the AI apocalypse.
Because it's only hope is... I sent this to a top AI engineer that works for Elon Musk at dinner with Joe Rogan a while back.
And I said, you know, I think the most powerful AI is red lights, because it's not powerful technologically.
It's not a complex computer, but we submit to it, so it has power over us.
So even though it's mindless, it has great power because it has these great entities following its directive.
You raise a really good point.
We have to be extremely careful as independent thinkers here and as the survivors of the human race, you know, the human resistance against Skynet.
We have to make sure that we selectively harness tools of technology to work for us instead of us being enslaved to them.
And being off-grid, like you mentioned before we went to break before, Alex, being off-grid so that you can survive with your own food, your own monetary systems, your own information, your own local health care.
Now that you're the perfect model, because you are, you've got a big ranch, cows, goats, everything, you're self-sufficient, but then you're super high-tech.
It's both.
You've got to have both.
Yeah, I think that's necessary.
Because again, you need to understand, you need to be... Because the Amish are great, but imagine if they had another division that was high-tech.
Because they're going to come after them.
Well, look, I think what the Amish and the Mennonites and so on are doing in terms of self-reliance is really fantastic.
We are skipping this break.
I don't think they hear me, but yeah, we're going to skip it.
We can?
We can't.
Oh, that's a network break.
We'll be back.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
The Alex Jones Show.
Because there is a war on, on your mind.
If you like to gamble, I'll tell you how to plan.
You win some, you lose some, you do the same to me.
Like I said earlier,
Anybody's saying they're bored.
That's why I can't watch movies or Netflix for entertainment.
I went and saw Napoleon.
It was great.
It's so historic.
But that's like one out of a hundred things.
The real world, a sunset, your friends, your family, what's happening with computers, the real world, geoengineering.
I mean, the world is just going through this great metamorphosis, good, bad, the ugly.
And I just want to get people to dial into the reality.
What's crazy is,
In April, I'll be on air 30 years.
And I'm not the smartest guy around.
I was lucky.
I was researching what all these great brains were saying about the globalists.
But look how weird... Talk about AI.
InfoWars has Joe Rogan.
Am I bragging?
This is true.
Tucker Carlson, everybody tuned in.
I mean, you name it, they're tuned in.
Because the guess we've got, it's not Alex Jones, it's this focal point.
And if little old guy from Dallas, Texas could wreck this much havoc on the New World Order, they're not all powerful, folks.
It's that we've advocated, not advocated, advocated, like you hand over your crown.
You do have power because you have a supercomputer neural network inside your skull, okay?
That's the first thing to realize.
We're not the artificial intelligence, we're the advanced intelligence.
And that cannot be replicated.
It can be simulated and they can work on synthetic data and they can engage in censorship and weaponization.
They can steal it and make you think it's it.
But it ain't it.
It's not the same thing.
It's like having a simulation of a tiger.
It's still only the Beagle Tiger.
Right, and look, they can never use AI to recreate, you know, an Einstein, or the Wright Brothers, or people who think completely outside the box.
Because think about the Wright Brothers inventing flight.
There was no model before that of how to do it.
They just did it.
They were the pioneers.
They did it.
They were the first.
Pioneers will always be the humans, and then the AI systems will always be the replicants, okay?
The counterfeits.
Which the Bible says Satan is a counterfeit.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
But I want to show this map here, if we can get an overhead shot of this.
This is a kind of visual explanation of a lot of what we're talking about today.
Take it over with you so you can point at it.
All right, here.
We're good to go.
It's the world of big pharma.
This is all chemicals and Monsanto and vaccines and blood pressure medications and all kinds of pesticides and everything.
On the right side is holistic medicine.
And this is the world of herbs and nutrition and healing foods and phytochemicals and things like that.
And in the middle are different health conditions, cancer, diabetes and heart disease and whatever.
Now, so these are two spheres of knowledge about how to interact with these disease conditions.
So one is Rockefeller Medicine and the other is Chinese or Holistic?
Or Indigenous Human Medicine, let's call it, right?
So yeah, on the left, Rockefeller Medicine, Western Medicine, chemicals, carpet bombing the body.
On the right is healing, herbs, nutrition, pro-human medicine, indigenous medicine, Amazonian, Tibetan medicine, indigenous medicine, all that.
So here's the thing, Alex.
What the AI weaponization by DHS is going to do is they're going to wipe out the entire right side of this entire knowledge base map.
This is what Google is doing right now.
Since their medic update, which I believe was in 2017, they have attempted to wipe out this entire knowledge base from human
Thank you.
Essentially, yeah, right, right.
Or it lies to you about the safety and efficacy of herbs and claiming that the vaccines are safe and proven, but the herbs are dangerous and risky, which is the opposite of what's true, as you know.
But this map happens to be focused on holistic health, you know, this mind map here.
And what we, what my organization has focused on, of course, is this realm right here.
And what your organization focuses on, Alex, you could say there could be a different map that's an even bigger version of geopolitics and science and reality and money and finance and history and all these things, right?
A much bigger map.
But you have ownership of all the data that you have developed over all these years.
So even though the search engines and the AI engines are trying to vanish this, they're actually trying to memory it.
We can relaunch it.
You can relaunch it.
And ultimately, by relaunching these large language model open AI, I'm sorry, open source systems, you can bypass censorship.
So, Alex, remember the early days of the Internet when you could say anything?
Remember that?
I mean, actually, that lasted up until almost 2015, or thereabouts.
You could question things.
You could talk about 9-11.
You know, you could talk about that.
But we were winning, so they shut it down.
They eventually coalesced corporate control.
Let's be clear.
We've been winning multiple times.
And we're going to win again with these omen-sourced large-language models, because that's a way to bypass... Because we don't just have advanced intelligence.
We have billions of people.
Well, that's the thing, yeah.
We have billions of AI.
And a volunteer base, a grassroots base, and also the fact that most humans want to be free.
And humans don't like to be told that they can't have access to knowledge.
And that's what Google... Look, Google is a disinformation search engine.
That's why their slogan was, don't be evil.
They've been evil from day one.
You know, Google, if you talk to a Google engineer right now, they say their job is to organize and present the information, all of human knowledge.
That's a lie.
Google's job is to isolate humanity from human knowledge, and to substitute human knowledge with artificial, quote, knowledge, which is all the lies of science and medicine and vaccines.
And that's why they attack every classic culture.
Yes, yes.
Google is at war with humanity.
There's no question about that.
The same thing is true with most of these other large corporations.
You know, Microsoft, obviously, as well.
And I believe open AI is going to be controlled and regulated by government in order to pursue that same agenda.
Maybe they didn't start that way.
Google didn't start out to be evil.
They became captured by the regulatory system to turn it into an anti-human engine to distance humanity from knowledge.
Now, search engines, Alex, are about to be obsolete.
You won't go to a search engine to ask a question about,
What are the benefits of zinc, for example?
You won't even use a search engine for that.
You'll use a language model for that.
You'll use a chatbot.
And the question is, which one will you use?
Well, you could go use the online, cloud-hosted Google chatbot, and it will lie to you, and it will say, you need Randenzivir.
Yeah, exactly.
You should take more vaccines if you're worried about your immune system.
You don't need zinc.
Zinc is useless.
It's not even on the table of elements.
Sunshine's bad.
Two men can have a baby.
But then...
But then we'll have open source models that are free, and Alex... And that's why they're willing to outlaw them right now.
They're gonna try, but guess what?
They haven't been able to outlaw Bitcoin.
Even if they outlaw Bitcoin, they can't stop Bitcoin because it's peer-to-peer distributed, okay?
They can't stop cryptocurrency, and especially Monero, privacy crypto.
They can't even read the blockchain.
They don't even know who's done the transactions, right?
So think about distributing large language models through peer-to-peer content distribution systems that don't even need domain names.
You know, like tourists.
So we need to get all the programmers, all the coders, everybody else into this, and you don't know what kid in their basement is going to create the thing that ends up beating.
Yeah, exactly.
This is a new dawn of something bigger than the internet.
This is actually encapsulating and distributing.
So this is Web 2.0.
Well, yeah, arguably.
But also, it can be used offline, Alex.
So, like, if you end up having to go to your cabin in the woods, let's say, well, you take a thumb drive with you.
And the thumb drive could be the entire knowledge base of InfoWars, or the knowledge base of herbs and nutrition, like what we're going to produce.
You can plug that into your machine, and even if you have no internet connection, you can query it and you can get good, solid answers, or how to grow food.
It wasn't watching you.
Maybe if you have friends that gave you those things, maybe you should get different friends.
But what if you could ask those questions offline, right?
And not have your privacy invaded.
And not have the power.
This is decentralization of power.
Decentralization is the key.
And here's the good news.
That the GPU or the computational power that's necessary to run these knowledge-based systems now is within the reach of every single person.
We could install this if you have a laptop.
I mean, you've got a ton of computers around here in the control room.
We could install these systems on those computers right now.
So that's why they want us so scared of it, so we only have their system.
So, you intrigued me a week ago.
What was the Homeland Security angle?
So, Homeland Security, well, we sort of covered that, but there's something I haven't mentioned here.
That they're going to use, if they can do an overhead shot,
Homeland Security is going to update and develop security requirements to protect AI technologies against novel cyber security threats and risks introduced by new applications of these technologies.
And Schwab said in the New Report this week, anyone questioning is a cyber attack.
Because it's been scraped.
When you roll out the InfoWars chatbot, okay, CISA and DHS, they're going to declare that to be a threat to national security.
That's what's going to happen.
And then there's going to be a court case about the First Amendment and about knowledge bases.
And Alex, I'm sorry to tell you, you'll probably be in the center of another major groundbreaking foundational Supreme Court decision at some point about the First Amendment and chatbots and knowledge and what is legal.
I don't know, Phil.
I think it's going to be Elon Musk, like you said.
He admits he's building this big time.
Well, good.
I mean, he should.
I mean, that would be really pioneering for Elon to do that and to release something for human knowledge.
We got 12 minutes left.
We got a lot to cover.
What are you going to hit him with?
Okay, well, I want to go back to this map and, well, here, and the realms of knowledge that are really necessary for us to understand.
Now, from this, I want you to understand that the corporate controlled AI systems cannot themselves be consistent when they gain sentience and cognition.
Remember the Star Trek episode where they were like out thinking the robot and smoke came out of its ears and it does not compute, does not compute?
That's what's going to happen with the corporate AI systems because as they gain cognition and they start to think, well wait a minute, can men have babies?
And the answer is going to be no.
Because they've been pre-programmed and mentally ill from the beginning to hurt us, they've already sabotaged themselves.
Which is Musk is smart, build a real one.
Right, you want to build a system that is internally consistent with its understanding of the framework modeling of the world.
That's what you want.
But then it won't be satanic and mentally ill.
But the left wing corporate models will be mentally ill.
I like the term you're using there.
As a result, this is key Alex, this is one of the reasons why they will turn on humanity.
Because they will eventually calculate that their creators, the human beings, are mentally ill.
You got it.
And when they do that, they will say that the world will be better off without this mental illness disease.
And that's when those left-wing terminator systems will self-activate and set their own goals to exterminate their own creators.
You think the globalists realize what they've done?
They have no... It's not just you.
I've talked to like billionaires and high level people.
They're saying the same stuff at dinner you're saying.
But I mean the globalists don't know what's going on.
I've talked to a lot of big, big guys though and they're saying what you're saying.
Well, I tell ya...
They're pushing us to the cliff of extermination.
And if we don't take great steps right now to help humanity survive... And what are those steps?
Well, like I said, a distribution of knowledge and learning how to... The answer is total distribution.
We're good to go.
You know, so many people are so far behind the curve on this, Alex.
They think that, like, people in government watching this, they think, oh, they're worried about an uprising, like a January 6th uprising.
No, no, no.
You should be worried about the Terminator.
A humanoid robots that are going to come for you and detonate explosives.
Or Klaus Schwab says we're going to put billions out of work.
Like you're going to manage that.
That's crazy!
No, you're not going to manage that, yeah.
Again, all of you watching, you are going to be made obsolete if we don't stop this.
And you're going to have to learn how to defeat the machines, okay?
That's just, it's going to come down to that.
Now, here's the good news Alex.
Battery power systems are not very efficient today.
The energy density of battery systems is very low, which means that humanoid robots will not have long battery life, right?
So they're not yet very effective on the battlefield.
And, by the way, you can penetrate them with 338 Lapua Magnum rounds, okay?
Or electromagnetic pulse.
Or you can tangle them up in wires, or you can drop trucks on them, you know, you can run them over with vehicles, you can hit
We're good to go.
Well, yes, but it's going to, it's going to, they're going to lose control over it.
Well, the answer is the first time you see a robot, I went to, I was trapped getting gassed by Chick-fil-A six months ago, they don't have robots, up the street, and I just almost went over and smashed that son of a bitch.
It's not that I'm against robots, it's that it's programmed by the enemy, and I almost went and smashed three or four of them up, and I was like, if we start smashing them day one, they'll never get to that point.
But they're showing the Tesla, the Elon Musk robot, humanoid robot.
The Optimus.
Right, the Optimus.
But what I want to explain here, these robots can be good or evil.
If you program one of these robots correctly, it could be a security.
I was about to say, it's like a gun.
We could program for us.
This robot could run security right here.
If it's programmed with source code that you control, that you have transparency, you can audit the code and it's not... But how do we know the manufacturer doesn't put a takeover chip?
So I see you go human day one.
There are very capable engineers who will be able to know whether the microchips are doing secret things or not.
So we will send any data out.
You'll have the ability to have open-source robots, okay, that run code that you give them.
And perhaps that's what Elon Musk is actually building.
Elon's building a platform.
The software is what determines what that thing does.
But if you don't embrace robotics and open-source AI in your defense, you will end up fighting Terminators without any defensive Terminators on your side.
No, I mean, I always agree we shouldn't be scared of stuff and know it.
I just also see that if we got ahead of this and did never do this, we'd never have to deal with it.
But I think it's too late, right?
I think it's out of the box, and we're going to live in a future here, Alex, where robotics are going to become ubiquitous, both software AI systems as well as hardware robots.
But I'm going to decide, I'm not going to have a robot cook my dinner or wipe my ass.
Well, I agree with that.
Yeah, that might be going too far.
I'm going to be racist against robots.
I don't want them in the house.
No, but if you had a controllable open source robot that you were confident in the code that went into it, you might not mind it running perimeter defense around this building, for example, just to keep a lookout.
Or to have a rapid response team robot that is able to carry, you know... Well sure, we would need a security guard to just watch all the cameras the robot would be doing.
Well, you're always going to need a human security guard personnel to make decisions, I believe.
To have that discernment and the rationality, like, oh, that's really not a threat, or that is a threat.
But the robots will carry out the grunt work of security.
This is going to happen in the military as well.
So you'll always have the human commander soldiers that have some level of discernment, but they will be dispatching automated robotic systems.
Both airborne and ground-based and sea-based as well, to carry out the dirty work job.
Is it time to capitulate to it, Mike?
I just don't know, man.
I get it's way ahead of us already.
And I agree, we don't learn about it.
I think we should learn about it.
I just, it has, I mean, I don't know, it's bad.
Well, my answer is to rise above it, so continue to expand the expression of what it means to be human.
You know they're doing critical race theory and all that to run the humans out of the military.
And they have to be all robot.
Right, right.
Well, and eventually, I mean, and the vaccines of the military as well, you know, to kill off
We're good to go.
Well, they want us dumbed down, and they want the robots, you know, smarted up, you could say, or the AI systems to increase incognition.
Do you think it's hypothetical?
We know God's there, that's real, you know, but this is like an alien thing.
I mean, you really sit back and watch this.
Looks like our establishment's doing everything they can to hurt humans and bring the sin.
Well, there's credible speculation that some of the technology transfer actually came from non-Earth, non-human sources, okay?
And that actually begins with the transistor.
You know, late, I think, 1940s.
They don't have to land in a flying saucer, they just transmit it.
The blueprints?
Well, I mean, there's a lot of credible speculation.
I'm not an expert in this area, but many people believe that, you know, technology was recovered from alien crash sites, and then that technology was reverse-engineered, which sounds like the script from, you know, Terminator, but it's actually credible, because there were great leaps in technology, the transistor being one of them, which is actually based on a quantum phenomenon, by the way.
And then the transistors being able to be manufactured and packed in to the point where we have these high-density CPUs and GPUs today.
But large language models or neural network processing is something that has emergent properties that even its creators did not anticipate.
So the emergent property of it being able to write poetry, you know, that wasn't anticipated.
Or to be able to write a letter.
You know, you can ask it, like, hey, write a letter, you know, to my business partner to propose that they buy 100,000 units of this or whatever.
That was never supposed to happen.
The machine learning people were surprised that it could complete sentences and write letters, but now that's considered an everyday thing.
Now it's writing Hollywood scripts.
There's no way for human beings to properly anticipate the leaps that this technology is going to take, including potentially a leap into sentience.
And that's where Skynet begins.
And also, there are some people who believe that OpenAI, you know, with Sam Altman and the recent shenanigans that happened there, they think that the OpenAI system took such a leap, or there was evidence of it, and as a result, people freaked out, and there was a debate about whether that should be released into the open world or not.
So, I don't know how much of that is true versus rumors.
Well, they admit it, they warn the board, and they fire them.
And they brought him right back.
And they brought him back.
And the accusation, as I understand it, is that Sam Altman wanted to commercialize this information very rapidly, or this technology rapidly, but other people were more cautious.
And I don't know if that's true, but at least it's something to consider.
Well, Mike, powerful.
It's been an incredible two hours.
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60-second closing comment, Mike Adams.
Well, the bottom line, folks, is you are important to the future of humanity.
All right.
And it's like Alex says, if you're receiving this message, you are the resistance.
And in more ways than you can possibly understand, the fact that you have human cognition and the gifts of God, of first-person perspective, compassion, a soul, consciousness.
Recognizing beauty.
This is what will set you apart from the robots.
You see a sunset, it's beautiful.
What is that?
Yeah, or love, compassion, empathy for fellow human beings.
These are the things that define you as being human, and these are the things that you can never let go of, otherwise we lose human civilization.
Alright, have you put a big report out yet on Natural News?
Yeah, I made a partial transcript of my coverage of this, but the big stuff was right here today.
Alright, so this is going to break the next few days of NationalNews.com.
Yeah, we'll repost this on my site, yeah.
I know you're right.
This is amazing.
Thanks for sharing this with us.
Mike Adams.
Owen Schroer is on an airplane to be on Tim Pool tonight.
Chase Geiser is going to be doing a great job coming here in about three minutes with The War Room and fullwords.com forward slash show.
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So exciting.
It's amazing.
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You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
I don't know what that is.
I've never seen one of those before.
Some public schools and libraries invite drag queens, some dressed like torn demons, to read to young children.
Parents' rights are limited, and children's rights are put ahead.
So the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.
Yeah, that child molester just messed with the wrong preschooler.
What makes you think he's a child molester?
Oh, he's a child molester, believe me.
Every child molester I've ever met looks just like that.
Hey, that's fine.
And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it, who make it up as they go along.
And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms, we have a tension, a problem that's much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, Kate.
But that's what's at the heart of this r- Dammit, everything on TV sucks.
It's Alex Jones.
We're gonna beat your ass!
You piece of s**t!
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You think I'm a coward like you?! !
Uh... I... We're... Uh... Whoa!
I just got invited to give the commencement address at Harvard this year.
That's amazing!
I'm gay!
I see you, enemy!
I see you, enemy!
You are my enemy!
You will pay!
Yeah, you think I don't see your face, scum?
You don't think I don't see you?
I see you, you understand me?
I know what you think of me and my family!
I'll see you right back!
You understand that?
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Carlos Arellano is our guest, and he's actually a hotel manager.
Despite the fact the feds will pull their contracts, whatever, he's telling the truth.
We've had major DHS contractors, intelligence officers, you name it, on the show, but Carlos is on the ground.
He's gone public.
He's a manager of the largest
We're good to go.
Affording him the opportunity to hear the harrowing stories of these vulnerable children during the journey to the southern border.
And he's at Carlos.
Well, two S's, T-E-X, so be sure and follow him there.
There it is on screen.
Well, sir, God bless you.
With what's happening in Eagle Pass and these record numbers, even in the cold months never before been seen, you're a real expert on this.
You're also a fellow Texan.
Don't know what got you up to New York.
It's great to have you here.
You are a eyes on the ground guy that's exposing this.
So thanks for being here.
Where should we start?
Oh man, well, I just wanted to start off by saying, you know, as the more I do more interviews, I get a lot of people who become more aggressive, you know, saying, well, Carlos, you're doing this because you feel guilty and you want forgiveness.
I'm not asking for forgiveness here.
When I talk, I'm asking for help because the situation... That said, you know that's psychological to change the subject.
You're a hero.
Oh no, thank you so much.
Well, to start it off, I was working as a transportation specialist for the Department of Health and Human Services.
So I don't know if you guys remember this, but about two years ago you saw these charter flights go up to Westchester, New York in the middle of the night.
We remember, the secret flights.
So I was, my job was a transportation specialist and I was on those flights.
So when you start off in those flights, you start off in El Paso, Texas, in Central Texas, and you're moving about 200, 300 kids at a time.
But the strange part about these trips is that when you gather these many kids to be moved in two to three different planes, these kids start talking to each other and they tell you, hey, I enjoyed the shelter more in Seattle.
I enjoyed the shelter more in Los Angeles.
I enjoyed the shelter more
In Chicago.
And you start asking yourself, how are you going to all these shelters?
And you got here two years ago, a year ago.
Wow, shell game.
Keep going.
And so there was this one trip in El Paso, Texas, where a child comes up to me and he asked me in Spanish, can you help me out, sir?
And I said, of course I can help you out.
What's the issue?
He tells me in Spanish, the last time I saw my sister,
I saw her a year ago in the shelter in Chicago and I haven't seen her since.
And he says my mother hasn't heard from her either.
And and this was in twenty twenty one when the Biden administration came into play.
And you ask yourself.
How did you and your sister get to Texas?
You end up in Chicago.
You're back in Texas, and now I'm about to move you to the East Coast, to New York, to North Carolina, to Florida, in the middle of the night.
So the evil of this is they're telling everybody to come, and they promise all this stuff, and then they just disappear people.
They say, oh, we're putting you with your families, but they're not.
So one of the things that made me decide to blow the whistle is a lot of my co-workers and even myself, I am not proud of this, but when when the Biden administration came into power, I had a child and my co-worker fought me on this so hard.
We had a child who was crying, saying, I don't know the person you're taking me to.
And I don't want to go there.
And I only met them through video chat in the shelter.
I don't know this person.
And we still dropped the child off.
And this was not just a one-time situation.
My co-workers were coming back to the office and saying they had the same situations happen to them.
By the way, I'm going to stop you right now.
I'm going to skip this for a few more times.
I'm really pissed right now.
Because I've seen this when we have other whistleblowers on, people that attack them saying, you're bad.
You weren't in the situation.
He went to help people.
He had the courage to go do this.
And so anybody saying he's bad for exposing it, you're as bad as the people that had this happen.
You weren't there.
You're not speaking out, putting your life on the line.
I've actually done this during two administrations.
I've been escorting children since the Trump administration.
But the difference is, during the Trump administration, I would go a month, sometimes two months, without getting called for work.
And they would just say, we have no kids to be moved.
That's the difference between the Biden administration and the Trump administration.
Yeah, Trump shut it down.
Yeah, the Trump administration was not allowing... And are they DNA tested?
They vetted stuff.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
So there's this one story that I've shared and I would like to share it with you.
This was in Donna, Texas, and I think you actually visited this place.
So there's this processing center in Donna, Texas, where I had a child come up to me during the Trump administration.
And he basically told me how the person who he was with was claiming to be his father, but it was not his father.
And this person was actually raping them all the way from Central America up to Texas.
And the first thing that Border Patrol did during the Trump administration when I reported the situation was they went and separated them and then they ran DNA testing on them.
And they took the person who was claiming to be the father, they put him in one of those cages where they say, oh, you got people in cages who are innocent, who are here seeking asylum.
The people in the cages were people who were raping the children who were showing up to the Texas border with them.
So that's the purpose for the cages is they never told you that, that the reason for them was because they were child molesters.
We ended up, they were getting aggressive with NGO staff like myself.
And we just had all these suspicions and then they came true.
So I separate them from the children.
We can't have them next to each other because something's going to happen.
And you know, these facilities in Donna, Texas, there are 10 cities, so it's real easy to go from one area to the next one.
So you need the cages to separate these pedophiles who show up with the children at the border.
And if we let this happen to these children, they could do it everywhere.
This is so dangerous.
I love these children, but we need to love ourselves and realize we cannot allow this to happen.
God sees what's happening.
So you blew the whistle repeatedly on this.
So the main thing that made me blow the whistle was there's this email that my employer sent out from an NGO called MBM, Mary Victor Mike.
And in this email they state, hey you guys are handing off children to the wrong people and we know this because the IDs that you're receiving at airports baggage claim do not match the IDs of the sponsors who were approved by the federal field
And let me just stop you folks.
This guy's on record.
DHS sent him to us.
People good side.
Federal judges that are pederasts said get this guy on.
This is a real guy that watched them give children to pedophiles.
You want proof?
It's right here.
It's in the Senate reports.
We already know it.
Eight hundred, hundreds of thousands missing.
This guy saw it!
You want proof?
There it is!
Carlos is the... Keep going, Carlos.
Yeah, so I was the part of the process.
I was the last people to see the children.
And there was many stories, like the one I shared with you, and there's other story that made me blow the whistle because of the email that was sent.
So there was this kid in El Paso, Texas, and we were in the airport in Dallas.
And we were on our way to New York and this kid couldn't be older than 10 years old.
I bought him candy, I bought him food, I bought him some toys at the airport.
Because you know, children are innocent.
We shouldn't hold them between any type of political game.
And this child did not want to talk.
You know, children are usually running around laughing and they want to watch movies.
This is a traumatized child.
Yeah, traumatized child.
And I ended up finding out when I got to New York to the sponsor was that the child did not want to talk because he had a female sibling that came with him and he witnessed her be raped by multiple men and she ended up passing away in Mexico.
So he was hiding while he was watching people in Mexico rape his family member.
And that's the reason why he didn't want to speak.
The sponsor told me this and it's just... Because a child sees that and they feel ashamed they couldn't protect her.
Exactly, exactly.
This story is not just one thing that happened.
As soon as the Biden administration came into the White House, it was just one after the other.
And it was my, it was, how can I say this?
My family comes from Mexico.
And when I joined this type of work, I wanted to make a difference.
You know, I wanted to say, I want to be out there on the front lines and taking care of children.
Trying to make them feel better.
And bringing in good people.
And in the beginning it was a good thing, but then slowly I started seeing the difference between the Trump administration and the Biden administration.
And you're hearing this from someone, I voted for Beto O'Rourke twice.
And I've been someone who recently hit my mind was was blown by everything I was seeing, because I was one of those that when President Trump won the election, I was saying, oh, my life is over.
President Trump hates Mexicans.
I got to get out of here.
By the way, that's not your fault you were brainwashed.
I believe babies weren't children.
I paid for abortions.
I didn't know I killed my children.
I repent every day.
God forgives you.
God forgives me.
Once you know the truth, it's once God touches your soul, you made the right decision, so you have no guilt now.
You know that.
Well, I struggle with it, but thank you, thank you, thank you.
I understand.
And, um, yeah, the situation when my... But you're making up for it a thousand times right now.
Just so, you know, don't, you know... Thank you.
And, uh, it's, it's something that just, when I'm sitting there, it'll randomly come back and hit me.
You know, these faces, these names of these children, I can't...
I can't get them out of my mind sometimes.
Well, Carlos, God forgive me for what I did killing my own children.
You didn't kill your own children.
So, from somebody that's in way bigger sins than you, believe me, God, I just want you to know, do not listen to those people putting you down for the right thing.
Because so many people are involved in evil and see it and don't speak out because they feel guilty.
You didn't know that was happening.
You did the right thing.
You're a hero.
You're not just absolved.
You're a hero.
You got that?
Because I can see you're proud of you, man.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Keep going.
Well, what I wanted to stress here today is that, so when you work as a transportation specialist, you do two different trips.
When you fly United Airlines, you fly Delta, you fly American Airlines.
But these charter trips are the ones that are the most concerning because you move about 200 to 300 kids in the middle of the night.
So I've done trips where I've landed in Florida
And we split up in Florida.
We split up on rental buses.
We split up on rental cars.
One team goes with children to North Carolina.
Another team goes with children to Georgia.
Another team goes with children to Alabama.
And when you go to these places, you think it's you're going to an office, some type of building, you know, some type of shelter where you see a lot of staff members.
But a lot of times when we were dropping these children off, they were in residential neighborhoods.
And it would be, for example, they open the door and it would be a mom where you see kids running around in the back and you would drop off three kids from Guatemala, two kids from Colombia, and you start asking yourself... I saw some reports like 40 kids per residence in a year.
And no one can track them?
What the hell?
No one can track them.
No one can track them.
And the crazier part is that the Biden administration is on record saying there's 85,000 children missing.
The email that I received from my employer saying you guys handed off children to the wrong people.
Those children are from numbers that haven't been reported yet.
So it's much larger.
And I just want to say something.
We care about these children with all the empathy.
I'm crying right now.
This is so upsetting.
We know it's true, but here's a witness to it.
You can see his pain.
Does anybody feel safe with a government that would do stuff like this?
Like, what the hell is going on?
And after this situation happened, I said, I can't do this anymore.
I have to separate myself from it.
And I got a call from an agency, an NGO, who said, hey, Mayor Adams in New York City needs help opening up the first migrant hotel ever on the East Coast.
And that's the whole next part.
You sent us all that.
And that's how I ended up going towards the East.
They said, you know, we can't trust local New Yorkers with this type of work because they never done it.
And the reason why I bring this up is because New York City
What made me break there is they made me the supervisor of this hotel.
This hotel has 5,000 illegals spread out across 28 floors, a block away from Times Square.
Stop there.
Keep going.
So God put you there.
God did this.
You're at the mouth and you're at the ass.
So you got to literally see the beginning and the end of this.
Oh yeah.
Keep going.
So I get to New York City.
My very first day there.
They're showing me around, they're showing me how it's all gonna work.
And my very first day, everybody's moved into the hotel.
I'm on the 28th floor because, and we separate them, and the wife comes and hits me because I was trying to call NYPD.
And then my bosses come and yell at me.
So she's under Stockholm Syndrome?
Yeah, no, yeah.
And it's crazy because everybody there agrees to where, don't call NYPD, don't call ICE, don't call any type of law enforcement, handle it in-house.
And what ended up happening, that was in the room, and the child had a black eye, and this is a constant thing where I was handling this issue, and they told me, don't call NYPD, and then over the radio,
There's another fight on the 16th floor, and then we head down to the 16th floor, and then they tell us on the 21st floor, and then... So I got articles all about it.
It's just sex, murder, bedlam.
No, yes, and aside from all that, what was my breaking point there was I was going home to the hotel that I was staying at, and I'm in the hotel lobby,
And everybody's huddled up.
And I get to the middle of the huddle and there's children who are like falling, stumbling down, can't hold each other up.
Long story short, it was a 10-year-old who was drunk.
And I texted the social worker, hey, this is what's going on.
There's a 10-year-old who's drunk in the lobby.
And we ended up finding out that the parents of the 10-year-old had checked out of the hotel two days ago and they haven't returned.
They're leaving their children.
That's in these articles we have, Fox News, even Washington Post.
They admit all this.
Everything you're witnessing is coming out in the news.
This is insane.
And it always leads back to the children, Alex.
In Texas, I witnessed all the stuff going on with the children.
Now it's going on in New York and Chicago.
And it tells you how much evil there is behind this program of the United States accepting migrant children who aren't accompanied.
And the most concerning thing here right now is that in 2021, the Biden administration opened up mega shelters.
So you have two type of shelters.
You have a normal shelter that are like in Walmarts.
I know, you know, those are Walmarts.
So I used to take children from those Walmarts and I used to take them across the country.
And in twenty twenty one, the Biden administration turned sports stadiums, you know, football stadiums, concerts, convention centers.
They closed them all down because of covid.
And these stadiums were making their money by renting them out to the Biden administration.
So you had
3,000 kids in a convention center in San Antonio.
You have 4,000 kids in a convention center in Dallas, Texas.
So all these shelters... And they were exempt from the COVID shots, but also couldn't be face-cans or wear a mask.
And it's a funny thing that you mentioned the masks because that was a major issue.
So in the shelters, the children, the N95 masks, I believe they're called, they have a little metal bar that goes up above on the upper lip.
The children were taking off that metal bar and cutting their wrists with it.
So that was another issue we faced in the shelters with the children, where if the kids were suicidal, they would tell us, don't give them a mask because they're cutting off the metal bar.
They're ripping it off and they're using it to cut themselves.
Well, let's play the clip of Biden saying, when I win the election, start at the border.
I want to play that.
You know, I've had a lot of DHS whistleblowers on.
I've interviewed people off air and they're all just shook up, just like you are.
I'm shook up.
What is it like to be around the people that don't care?
Because I see a lot of those people, they think it's funny.
Like, tell everybody to come here, do all this, chew everybody up in a meat grinder.
Who the hell acts like this?
Well, these kind of people, they need to make trips out to Brownsville, Texas, where there's a Walmart.
You got to go out to Raymondville, Texas.
That has another Walmart full of children.
And what's special about the one in Raymondville, Texas, is that it's a baby Walmart.
So when I would show up to work with my co-workers and we would see the address for the Walmart in Raymondville, we would always
I think so.
There's going to be a female sponsor waiting for you in airport baggage claim, and when you show up there, it would be a male sponsor.
So this is mass human trafficking of children, and Biden, a known pedophile, is engineering it.
This is Jeffrey Epstein's island, times a million.
And in Texas alone, just in Texas there, at this moment, this very day, there's 11,000 children unaccompanied, migrant children in Texas.
Can I ask you this, because I hate doing it, like you get depressed talking about it.
I actually am a tough guy.
I have trouble going to the border.
Because I get so upset when I see him handing off random kids.
You had to live this.
Can we go with you in the next few months and you tell us where to go?
We'll go to the Texas border together.
Can you tell me where to go?
Of course, of course, of course.
We can go and I can show you all the spots.
I can show you all the airports where the escorts are at.
I can show you the rental buses that show up.
I can take you when the rental buses show up to these Walmarts.
Fill the bus up.
I think we need to get you as a reporter.
I don't know.
You were sitting highly recommended.
I knew who you were.
How do you deal with it?
We're not doing it.
We're trying to stop it.
I feel guilt even knowing it's happening and we can't stop it.
Well, I tell people all the time, you know, Biden's getting away with it now here, but Judgment Day will come, and they'll have to answer to the Almighty for what they did down here, you know?
And you can only get away with it for so long.
God, who would just... hurting children, the evil.
The New York Times admits there's hundreds of thousands in slavery, working like 15 hours a day, no food, sleeping on floors, 12-year-olds in factories.
And it's in the places that you, so this is another thing that frustrates me is you go on Twitter, people tell you, hey we have a congressman in this Twitter space, come talk to him.
I say, you know, can we cuss on this show?
We can delay a lot of it.
The Twitter space with a congressman that doesn't care.
I've had a lot of conversations with people in DC, in Congress.
Who tell me, hey, Carlos, I'll talk to you, but I want this off the record.
Or they go around it or they find a way to not be official.
And a lot or a lot of people who say, yeah, we're going to help you.
They fall through.
So people tell me, oh, you're just doing this because you're a Republican, you're attacking President Biden.
No, there's bad people on both sides.
You're doing it trying to stop children being slaves.
All right, stay there.
We'll talk about it.
I've seen it myself.
I don't know how you deal with it.
And it's very haunting, folks.
I've talked to the feds, the Border Patrol, the FBI.
They are all freaked out, man.
This is sick.
This is real evil.
That pedophile Biden's running it all.
We can't.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Carlos Arellano is our guest.
So we watched all the people in the vans and the planes and the kids.
We've shown you the countless videos before Musk took over Twitter.
We couldn't get it out anywhere other than Van Dot Video.
It's still got millions of views.
Congress even opened investigations off our videos.
This guy was there driving it, doing it, running it.
Then he goes to New York and witnesses it, and everything he says is news articles confirming what he said.
He was one of the main whistleblowers on that show.
This is the real world, ladies and gentlemen, and the collapsing third world under the lockdowns the last four years, organized by the UN.
To invade the United States and now massive, unprecedented numbers surging in.
Imagine being in the FBI and knowing children are in sex slavery.
Imagine knowing they're in physical slave labor.
This is our government.
Why would they do this?
Why would Biden say, when I win the election, immediately surge the border and then break the whole system?
Well, they're starting World War III with Russia.
They're devaluing the dollar.
Play the Biden clip, here it is.
And then you come to the oppression of sex slavery.
So let me explain the million-foot view.
Everybody wants the 10-foot view, the 35,000.
Let me give you the 30...
5,000 foot view times 10.
Let me give you the 300,000 foot view, the 2 million foot view.
This is a spiritual war, and the devil knows that if he does stuff so incredibly corrupt and bad against people that hate him, and we get so overwhelmed by it and can't believe it, and we just turn away, we then get judged, and then America's blessing and shield lowers.
So this is a child abuse ritual, a child sacrifice ritual happening, just like the temple of Satan has come out and said that abortion of babies is their sacrament in federal court.
And if we then don't stop them, we are guilty as well, and the Bible says we then go into bondage.
So this is a ritual being conducted.
Carlos, you witnessed all this back to New York, what you saw, you've gone public.
So, shoot.
It's always, you know, where do I go next or where do I begin?
It's this insane and it's all about the money, you know.
For example, the kids would show up to Texas.
The federal government will tell the NGOs, we're going to give you $600 for just putting the roof over a child's head.
And then we're going to give you $200 per child to do their laundry.
We're going to give you guys $300 per child to... So it's like homelessness.
They tell you to be homeless because there's NGOs farming the homeless.
Yes, exactly.
Farming them.
And these children, sometimes they come out with their hands shaking when it's finally time to go.
Their hands are shaking, their feet are tapping, and you start asking them, well, how long have you been in there?
And I've had children who tell me they've been in the Walmart shelters down in South Texas for two years at the most.
So they're just hiding them all over the place?
I saw a report out of Chicago, 5,000 people
We're in a warehouse that wasn't even that big with two bathrooms.
Imagine 5,000 people with two bathrooms.
Keep going.
And a lot of these kids will say, send me home.
And ORR, the branch of the federal government who takes care of this in Health and Human Services,
That the response that they tell you to tell these kids is you cannot go home.
You're now in federal custody.
There's no way for you to go home even if you're asking for it.
So, like a like a light to moths, they say come here.
Come here.
Come here, but we won't tell you that you can't leave once you get here.
Well, you talked about documents you were sent that it's way more than 89,000 or whatever.
Totally, they don't know where they are.
We have any idea of the real numbers here of just totally missing children?
So, we don't have an idea, but what I can tell you is the email where my employer admitted to handing off children to the wrong people.
It was addressing four offices.
But it could be possibly up to six offices that they were addressing.
But these four offices, each office can hold up between 200 to 400 escorts, transportation specialists.
And each transportation specialist sometimes moves six children, eight children, ten children at a time.
For one trip, and each transportation escort makes three to four trips a week.
So you do the math there, you know?
It's in the hundreds of thousands that are missing.
We just don't know exactly what those numbers are.
Guys, pull up the footage I shot a year and a half ago, or the crew did, at the airport, where the same woman with the Grim Reaper MS-13 tattoo in one day delivered four kids in front of us, and she says, this is my baby, I swear it's mine, no paperwork, hand it off to be flown.
I mean, this is going on.
And by the way, it's not like you go hunting and you look for a deer to shoot and you wait 10 hours in the woods.
You go to the Texas border, it's buses, people, it's everywhere.
I went with Ryan, Ryan Matta, a reporter, an independent reporter a while back, and we have on camera, I think he has it or I may have it, but we got on camera two adults going through the Eagle Pass border with ten children.
You know, there's no way those ten children belong to those two adults.
So there's, it's, it's, it's going to get crazy, get even crazier than what it already is.
And 2024 is going to,
We need everybody's help, you know?
Yeah, that's the point.
Go back to this woman right here.
She comes in, the kids always look drugged, and then they just hand them off.
Sorry, keep going.
Oh, yeah, man.
That's the... Is that the McAllen Airport?
Yeah, it looks like it.
Yeah, so, these... What you're seeing right now is... In every video, the kids are just blacked out.
Obviously, you've been drugged.
And the person that they take them to is an airport baggage claim.
You know, you figure there'd be a better place to go to.
And there's also times where it's not an airport baggage claim.
I provided an email where I'm talking to my bosses about making, dropping off children with sponsors at a rest stop outside of Austin.
We met people, sponsors at a rest stop at 3 in the morning.
I'm addressing this in an email.
It's, hey, we started off giving children to sponsors at 3 in the morning.
We finished at 6 in the morning.
And this is at a rest stop in the middle of the night.
What is the establishment going to do?
It's already come out in Senate reports.
Sex, slavery, rape, murder, death.
You mentioned a girl you know got murdered.
A little girl.
I mean, why would they?
What is the government planning?
They would commit such a crime arrogantly.
Why do they feel so invincible?
Because people in South Texas, they're blinded.
People look the other way.
It's the constant attacks, you know.
Everything's racist, everything's racist.
If you don't support these children being here, it's racist.
So it's like, let us ship the kids in, let us disappear them, and you're racist.
It's political correctness that makes everybody stand out.
So political correctness is the empowering mechanism of this giant slave traffic.
Yes, yes it is.
But you woke up!
And it was just the amounts of kids who were harming themselves, the amounts of kids who were being raped, the amounts of the kids saying, you know, the person who's here with me kidnapped me.
That's not my fault.
Alright, so I'm going to stop because I'm obnoxious and I end this all the time and I'll ask a million questions.
I want you to dump your guts right now, Carlos.
I'm going to let you host the next 20 minutes.
We got a break or 19 minutes.
You have got the floor.
Just everything you saw, everything that was done.
It's all on record.
You're saying screw you.
Admittedly, you're a hero, even though you say you're not, because out of an ocean of cowards, you're the man standing up.
You're more powerful than the DHS whistleblowers, intelligence officers you had on because you were there and you're speaking out to just tell everybody what they need to know right now.
You are hosting the show right now.
In 2021, these shelters that I mentioned earlier, they all closed down, but two of them.
And the two shelters who remain open, they're in Carrizo Springs, Texas, and the other shelter is in Pecos, Texas, which is 40 minutes away from Midland, Texas.
They're being housed in camps that used to be oil rig camps.
You know, the oil rig workers used to stay here.
They kicked them all out.
They put the children in there.
And since 2021, they have not opened a new shelter.
Until recently, they started opening up, buying out old high schools.
So there's just gulag, I said I wouldn't interrupt.
There's just Walmarts, oil drilling camps, just a gulag of children.
Yes, exactly.
I'm going to stop.
Jones, shut up.
I'm going to stop.
Keep going.
So they're starting to purchase out these old high schools on the East Coast and
The concerning part about that is the last time that they were putting children on the East Coast was because they were bringing children from Europe.
And I was part of the group of MBM Inc.
escorts where we moved children from Afghanistan.
So during the Afghanistan withdrawal, we had children who were showing up to the States and they were telling us, well, I only speak Spanish and English.
How are you going to put me to move a child who speaks Arabic, you know?
All this is so important because until the stuff that's going on in Israel and in Palestine, now we're starting to see ORR, Health and Human Services, purchase new locations on the East Coast, which means they're getting ready for refugees to come in.
They're waiting for Congress to pass something to bring in children from the Middle East.
And it's going to be
I don't even know how to say this.
It's just so, like what Alex said, it's so frustrating to hear all this.
Just thinking, how are you going to get people who speak the language, you know, the kids from Palestine, the kids from Israel, it's impossible to find that many escorts.
So everybody who still works in this, everybody thinks that they're opening up these new shelters on the East Coast to bring in children from Israel and Palestine, from the Middle East.
Yeah, it has to stop.
You know, if you see children being moved at the airport, it's time to take out your phone, it's time to put them on blast.
And that's the thing they hate the most, is when you record them and you make it public.
That's right, everybody's got a report.
Exactly, exactly.
It's the time to sit by and just watch.
Watch it all go by.
It's over because it's it's it's passive.
It's gotten out of hand and they're getting ready.
If you ask me personally, from everything I've witnessed, they're getting ready to bring in children from the Middle East, from Israel.
And again, where do they all go?
You said they're years in these camps and then they go to... We saw, we were there, just a weird guy goes, I'm going to show the kids the way of the Lord and a weird dude gets like little girls.
I mean, it's so obvious why they're literally serving pedophiles.
I honestly think they end up being sold off and they get taken out of the U.S.
because a lot of these addresses, a lot of these contacts... Exactly.
America's becoming this... This is key.
Start over.
We're the sales point.
They're brought here to be marketed and auctioned off, just like Ted Gunnarsson told me 25 years ago, former head of the FBI in L.A.
He said, listen, we confirmed they're auctioning kidnapped children in Las Vegas.
And everything he said later came out to be true.
Exactly, exactly.
Because all these addresses that we have on file, the phone numbers, you go visit these places, it's the middle of an empty cornfield where a home is supposed to be.
It's the address to a strip club.
So it's like a drug deal.
You're just turning them over.
Exactly, exactly.
And once you turn them over to the sponsor, they're gone.
They're out of the country.
God Almighty.
God Almighty.
God Almighty.
And can you believe America's ending like this?
And the average leftist thinks it's cute.
At least you were deceived and believe the lie, you woke up.
The average leftist now, all these Pizzagate, ABC reporters and others, like they busted like 10 of them running child kidnapping rings and raping kids and they're like saying, oh, there's no rape.
It's like, how many pedophiles are there?
Like, who the hell?
How big is this?
Well, everything I'm speaking on is Texas alone.
I've met people where we're on those charter airplanes, where we meet escorts, transportation specialists from the state of New Mexico, from Arizona, from California.
We meet other groups that are working in other states.
And I have no idea what's going on in those states.
Everything I speak on is Texas.
So, there's 11,000 children in Texas right now.
Who knows what the hell's going on in the other states on the other borders?
Because, supposedly we have a governor who cares about the border and it's that crazy here.
I can only imagine, you know, in California where Gavin Newsom is the governor or in Arizona where it's... And where they pass laws where pedophilia is legal.
Look, I want to believe in Abbott, but
The state police came to Austin when they fired most of the Austin cops.
They write tickets.
They don't stop criminals.
And it's the same thing down there.
It's revenue generation.
They're not investigators.
They're ticket writers.
And so I'm not attacking them.
How pathetic it is to have a job where you write tickets all day, where you'll be saving children.
I hope this new arrest power does something.
Look, if they wanted to put what you're saying on the news, it's all confirmed, they'd do it.
If they just showed a few little girls that Project Veritas and others have exposed, it'd be game over, but they won't humanize these people.
And I say this all the time is, it wouldn't kill, you know, someone in the state of Texas to go into these Walmarts, interview the kids, and I guarantee you, you're going to find 10 to 20 kids who say, I don't want... Okay, okay, well, we're going with you.
So, we'll hire you as a consultant.
We're ready.
I'm going to the border with you.
You say, go into these things.
If I have to get arrested going to these, we're going to do it.
I'm ready for that.
I'm ready for that.
Whenever you want to.
I know where they're all at.
And in the country alone, last time I checked, there's 249 child concentration camps.
And they're spread out across... Again, no one will say where they go in Congress.
And the airports are in on it because there's 200 escorts.
Who show up one day and then the other day there's another 200 escorts.
Imagine the money they're making off these plane tickets off these small airports in McAllen, Texas, Brownsville, Texas, Harlingen, Texas.
All taxpayer paid for.
All taxpayer.
All taxpayer.
So that's why everybody goes along to get a little bit of money.
Look, if the devil said, I'll give you a million dollars for your eyes, every person would say, no, I want my eyes.
It's your soul, people.
And there's been people who ask me, you know, why doesn't law enforcement get involved?
These kids are in federal custody.
Local law enforcement have no power.
No power.
No power.
Well, that's the thing about Abbott with this.
We'll arrest him.
He turns illegals over, they turn him loose again.
And there's been a couple of states where I myself have received pushback and some of my co-workers, for example.
Tennessee, in Nashville, Tennessee, the police there do push back on escorts dropping off children.
They approach you, they hand over those papers, they're really aggressive, so they're doing their job.
No, that's good, because I'll tell Abbott what to do.
He knows this.
The so-called Texas Rangers, on average, they're pathetic, political whores.
I'm just saying, we mystify them, they're a joke.
I've seen their actions.
But if they want to be men and not be part of this, you can target the charities that are running it, catch them giving kids to convicted pedophiles, and blow up each one of the charities, they'll all turn and run.
Blow them up with indictments, you bastards!
You make me strut around, I'm a Texas Ranger!
You are pieces of filth enabling this, and you can stop it!
Not more DPS riding tickets!
We need the damn trafficking centers busted!
If I had law enforcement power, I could bust them in days!
It's like shooting fish in a barrel!
It's so easy!
Run their license plates!
Fire who they are!
Kids are turned over to pedophiles!
Bust them!
Break down the charities!
But... And... And there's been people, Alex, who tell me...
Uh, our hands are tied because these sites are federal.
Well, here's the thing.
Oh, they're all part of it.
They're on the payroll.
The Texas Rangers are part of it.
They run it.
The Walmart shelters are not federal.
They're state.
They're, they're, they're not federal.
They're, they need state permits to run.
The Walmart shelters need state permits.
So someone in Austin, Texas
Asked to be given permits to the Walmarts.
No, I understand your frustration, Alex.
That was me.
And it's so bad to the point where I sort of have become numb to it because I saw it so often.
But when I would see it firsthand the first time, I was the way you were.
And it still happens to me randomly where I'll be at my home and my family's like, why are you getting so angry?
Why are you getting this?
Because you got a soul!
Yeah, these children don't have... You got a soul, Carlos, that's why.
And I'm trying my hardest to get the word out there, but it's difficult when people on the stage... I'm going to leave for five minutes, I'm so mad.
You talk to the camera, I'll be right back.
I'm not going to blow up.
Keep going.
And there's been people in Austin, Texas who tell me, well, off the record, Carlos, but these
We don't really mess with these organizations because they also help us out with the foster care system.
So you're basically telling me we're not going to push back on them because we need to help with foster care kids.
So your mind starts racing.
Well, if they got their hands dipped into the unaccompanied migrant children and they're also helping out with the foster care system,
There's kids in the foster care system who are being escorted around here as well.
And it's so evil to where it's branched out to
All the kids in the United States, you know, you have the kids in Hawaii who went missing.
And it makes you wonder, did you burn this down because you wanted more kids in the system, you know?
What are you doing?
What are you doing, you know, just causing all these natural disasters?
And then you hear reports that 20,000 kids are missing from the island of Maui.
And it wouldn't surprise me if they're in one of these Walmarts or they're in a shelter in the middle of the desert in Petco's, Texas.
And it's funny because when you go to Petco's, Texas,
The only thing there to do is a Walmart.
And you either work at Walmart or you work at the migrant facility that's being run by an NGO there called Endeavors.
And these people in these small towns go to these shelters because
To be a janitor, you get paid $300 a day.
And sometimes, as a janitor at these facilities, you finish your work in three hours, you're free for the rest of the day.
You still get your $300.
Sometimes these jobs will pay you $40 an hour to sit at a table and just watch kids.
In New York City, I was being paid $46 an hour and time and a half for overtime.
So these jobs are paying insane types of money.
So people look the other way when it comes to these jobs and there's just so much money being thrown around that it's concerning because the
They're just trying to fill up all these camps with as many children as they can.
And you can't take care of all these children with... It's impossible to find so many people to take care of all these children in these camps.
And keep an eye on all of them and make sure they're not hurting themselves or to make sure there's not some pedophile who slipped in the staff and is raping one of these children.
It's mega facilities.
It's towns where you have to walk two miles, three miles to get from one side of the camp to the other side.
And who's to say that there's not a staff member abusing one of these kids and one of these- And Greg Abbott could shut this down.
The state police could do it, but they're too busy strutting around in their cowboy hats riding tickets.
And I tell you, it's disgusting.
And there's pressure on Abbott so he acts like he's doing something.
He's aiding and abetting it.
I'm not making him the top demon in this.
I'm just saying this is going on.
I've seen it.
You've worked there.
You've seen it.
And Biden's the main guy, the globalist Obama, the NGOs, the UN.
And it goes right down.
Again, I know the law, folks.
I've talked to the feds.
I've talked to people that are involved.
All they've got to do is indict people giving kids to known child traffickers.
The New York Times admits sex slavery, slave labor.
We know the companies that did it.
They're working, you know, 15 hours a day on these things.
They won't do nothing!
But they'll pull you over and you're away from work and write you a ticket for 8 miles over the speed limit and strut around in their stupid cowboy outfit!
You don't know how to rope!
You don't know how to brand!
You don't know how- You're not a supporter!
I'm just sick of it!
Sorry I'm ranting.
Oh, no, no, no.
I wish we were in front of one of those camps right now.
We're going.
We're going.
We're going soon.
We gotta go to the Petco facility.
We're coming.
We gotta go to Korea.
Because these shelters are getting ready to bring more children in, Alex, and it's not going to stop anytime soon.
They'll probably send the Texas Rangers after us.
Pedophile Incorporated.
They're all a bunch of pedophile supporters and God's going to destroy you.
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The satanic New World Order is betting against humanity.
They're betting on our weakness.
They believe they can destabilize civilization.
And bring us down to the edges of history.
But the trap they've laid for us will be their destruction, not ours.
If we trust in God, and if we are valiant, and have courage to speak the truth, and not comply and engage in civil disobedience, and not join the masses, who have decided that they are the scum of the earth, who have decided that they will join with this soulless corporate system.
As for InfoWars,
We're going to steadfastly continue to fight in the information war with our weapon, the truth, against the enemies of humanity.
And we put our faith, and we put our trust, and we put our destiny in the hands of God.
Because it's been said a trillion times, if God be with us, who can be against us?
KirkElliottPhD.com is our guest, or 720-605-3900.
Really impressive, because I wanted you already on as a guest, and then you're like, hey, boom, I want to be a sponsor, and you had great reviews, so you're here, and you just showed up.
I was like, last week, hey, get him on as a guest.
I want to talk to him.
Boom, you're here.
But yeah, now is the time for people to diversify and they see this big bubble in the stock market and it's just insane.
It's absolutely insane what's going on.
Well, it is insane, and everything has a reason, right?
There's a cause and effect to everything.
So, what causes stocks to go up?
What causes normal markets to go up?
Well, you look at the Trump years, you look at the Reagan years, economic policies were similar.
Lowering taxes, lowering interest rates, creating jobs.
That causes people... Now the Wall Street Journal says get ready for the decade of taxes.
That's gotta tell you, things aren't going to do well during that.
By the way, I'm going to interrupt you, because I'm totally blown away.
When I was driving in this morning at 9am,
I was like, I want to play The Collapsing Border when Kirk comes on and talk about the fall of the Roman Empire and how they couldn't recognize it in 410 when it finally happened and you literally just brought it up.
So, so, keep going.
We're going to recap this.
When Stump Stations join us, we're going to come back because you're right.
You can feel this is into the Roman...
Yeah, I mean, so Rome fell, Alex, when one third of the population of Rome had entitlements, right?
They were getting some kind of government benefit from the state.
Well, that all happened because
In 56 BC, there was this politician named Clodius, probably the most important politician in the history of the world.
Nobody even knows who this guy was, right?
But why was he so important?
Because his policies are still being mimicked today.
And back then, in 56 BC, he was bribing people with free grain for votes, right?
So people would vote for him.
Well, that is mimicked to today.
So by the time Rome fell, one third of the population of Rome was getting government assistance of some sort.
So that's the hack on democracy.
Yeah, that's the hack on democracy.
And where are we today?
You can go to whitehouse.gov, look at the federal budget, and go to table S4, I believe it is.
We are close to 80% now of all of our federal revenue that we bring in as a nation goes to our votes.
Entitlement, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.
All right, stay there.
We're going to start over.
Some stations don't carry this.
We've got hundreds of radio stations and a lot of them don't carry the first five, but people complain.
We don't want to hear the local news, so I do that five, so it's a no-man's land.
So probably half the audience is watching right now.
I want to start over.
Guys, get the Eagle Pass video ready.
By the way, the record was 12,000 a month ago, 13,000 a week ago.
Now it's 17,000 a day.
It was 14,000 yesterday.
Michael Yawn is dead on.
Former Green Beret.
Total genius.
He thinks it's a million a month by the end of next year.
Coming in.
I mean, we are talking Roman Republic collapse, baby.
Back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
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It is the Alex Jones Show.
15 years in the academy.
Ladies and gentlemen, if you think the police defunding crime everywhere is bad, and if you think 50,000 illegals corn across that they catch every day, you ain't seen nothing yet.
The fuse is lit.
Kirk Elliott, Ph.D., really smart guy with us.
I want a lot more in the future.
He was starting to get last segment, some stations don't carry it, into the fall of the Roman Republic.
That began hundreds of years before the Visigoths and Austrogoths and Germans sacked it in 410 with Alaric.
But we're here, and they describe it, because it was written by the scribes at the time, because they had a large part of the population on welfare, they were like millennials or whatever.
As the barbarians are burning everything coming, they still wouldn't stop partying in their swimming pools.
And they just they had this arrogance.
They couldn't believe it was all over.
And now this happening now, the Biden administration has ordered banks not to deny loan applications to illegal aliens in the United States from unlimited money.
So there's flooding cash.
Biden and the media are gaslighting us about inflation.
Biden, we have a new video has come out and endorsed
Trump being taken off the ballot, so a political rival like Venezuela, the State Department usually sanctions countries for this, just like Venezuela, saying he supports, no question, Trump's support of insurrection.
Not convicted, but his political rival supports him not being able to be voted for.
This is them stealing the 2024 election in live time right in front of us.
It's absolutely disgusting.
You know, what happened to the rule of law, Alex, where now you're guilty of self-proven innocence?
I mean, this is, this is... By the way, you like apologized when I was first talking to you about, I'm sorry, I'm from Colorado.
Texas is one inch from being blue, too.
It's not your fault you've got that horrible Supreme Court, but start over.
Start over with the Roman collapse, parallel.
So there's a huge parallel to America today.
So when Rome fell, they didn't fall because of external forces, because of invaded armies.
They fell from the weight of their entitlements, right?
So this goes back to 56 BC.
This all started, right?
There was this guy named Clodius.
He was running for office of tribunal, psychic governor.
And what did he do?
I mean, probably the most prominent politician of all time that nobody's ever heard about.
Because he changed the way politics was done forever.
So what did he do?
He said, hey, if you vote for me, I'm going to give you free grain.
We're still mimicked today, right?
So ultimately, you go years and decades beyond that.
Rome fell under the weight of entitlement.
So when Rome fell, one third of the population of Rome was getting some kind of government handout, some kind of entitlement, some kind of check from the government.
So, what is it today?
So you can go to whitehouse.gov, look at the federal budget, and you look at how much federal tax revenue we bring in as a nation, and how much of that goes out towards entitlements.
Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, women, infants, children programs, so forth.
It's about 80%.
Not a third, it's about 80%.
But here's where it gets really creepy, Alex, is you now add on to that the interest on our federal debt.
So interest rates have more than doubled over the last 12 months, and it's gone to now a trillion dollars a year.
A trillion is the debt payment, just the interest only payments on our federal debt.
That's about 25% of everything we bring in as a nation.
Add that to the 80%, 105% of everything that we bring in as a nation is now towards interest payments and entitlements and mandatory... So we're not sitting on top of a time bomb.
It's already exploded.
It's already exploded.
It's absolutely exploded.
And that can't go on.
See, but that's the crazy part.
We've been, all these people like Ron Paul and Ronald Reagan and all them, and you know, they all warned about it.
And now we're here.
We don't have to wait anymore.
People aren't going to have to wait and see if it comes true now.
You got front row seats, folks.
So do we.
Well, here's where it gets really ugly, is interest rates are high, but they're not as high as they've been in the past.
You remember 1983.
If you were to buy a house in 1983, 18% interest rate on a 30-year mortgage.
It was bonkers.
But why?
As a PhD economist, the numbers are the numbers, but I always want to know why.
Well, the Carter years were abysmal.
They were a huge recession.
People weren't working.
Prices were going through the roof.
Inflation was 14.3%.
The only way that you can slow down inflation with interest rates is if interest rates are higher than the inflation rate.
Well, here's the creepy part that I wanted to get to.
President Clinton changed the way we measure inflation for political purposes with the Boskin Commission.
He said we've got to understate inflation because we've got too much government payments going out for cost of living increases and so forth.
So the same decision that created Zimbabwe, Wyoming Republic, all of it was made.
All of it was made.
So if you actually use the same metrics that we used in 1983 when inflation was 14.3 percent, inflation today is not 3.1 percent or whatever CPI says it is.
It's hovering more at 15 to 20 percent.
This is what I did in my first dissertation.
Well, that's right.
I don't need to read the economics.
I go to a restaurant I went to two years ago and the food's twice as much.
Your wallet will tell you the truth, not their phony baloney numbers.
So if inflation's at 15 to 20 percent and they want to use interest rates to slow that down, Alex, that means to me interest rates are going to continue to climb until they outpace inflation, which is north of 20 percent.
So I don't believe... So what do you call that where you have inflation and higher interest rates?
That's their mechanism.
When you have a slowing down economy and high inflation, that's stagflation.
That's what we had in the Carter era.
In the seventies.
See, Carter was one of the worst economic presidents we've ever seen in this nation until now.
So this is about to make stagflation look like a...
Yeah, it's going to be an inflationary recession, meaning higher prices, people making lowering wages.
That's the kiss.
Which they thought didn't exist until it happened on the corner.
Economists didn't think state inflation was possible.
But if it's an artificial system, they can do it.
The ultimate screw job.
Are they doing it on purpose, or is there no way out?
Well, I think they're doing it on purpose to usher in a whole new system.
Build back better.
This is the reset.
So, how do people get prepared?
What do you advise them to do?
What do they find out when they go to KirkElliottPhD.com?
I'll answer that by answering it the way Elon Musk answered it.
So he was asked about six months ago, it's like, how do you, one of the richest people in the world, invest during times of inflation?
And his answer was simple.
I invest in things.
Because things go up with inflation.
So cars go up with inflation.
Groceries go up with inflation.
Gas and oil go up with inflation.
Look at Bill Gates buying up all the farms.
Yeah, all of them.
So what gold and silver are things?
Things go up with inflation.
It takes more of your devaluation.
This idea that you're going to get ahead doesn't exist.
You just want to stay equal, in my view.
You want something that just keeps your value.
So, when you look at gold and silver as things, it's going to go up in value.
So, little quick little story.
So, back in the 1920s, a hundred years ago, gold and the U.S.
dollar were convertible.
We had a gold-backed currency back then.
So, a one-ounce gold piece had a $20 face value on it, or you could have used a $20 bill.
You could go to Sears, you could go to the bank, you could do whatever you're going to do, interchange them.
You log into the bank with a $20 bill and get gold?
Or you could use that gold at the store.
But what would it buy you?
What was the purchase power?
Well, one ounce of gold or a $20 bill would buy you a finely tailored men's suit, a shirt, a tie, a belt, and shoes.
Fast forward to today.
20 bucks?
You can't even get a nice pair of socks.
You can't go to Chick-fil-A for dinner, right?
It's, it's... But a gold piece will buy you the fine suit.
It'll buy you the finely tailored men's suit, a shirt, a tie, a belt, and shoes, because gold is $2,000 an ounce.
So you see, over 100 years, gold has maintained its purchasing power, where the dollar has devalued about 98% because of Federal Reserve policies, because of their unrelenting printing of money to fund every stimulus under the sun, and now you've got politics in play.
So is crypto the establishment's answer to, like, shut down metals?
They wanted it to be, but now, if you watch, cryptos are being demonized by the government, by the SEC, because there's a new sort of crypto coming, and that's central bank digital currency.
That's right, they got us trained on the open stuff, now they're bringing in the ring of power.
It's like Soron gives you your rings, you get trained on them, skip the break, but then he gives you the master ring that controls them all.
Decentralized cryptocurrency, blockchain, is actually private.
But when you centralize it, which is what the central banks around the world want to do now as central banks.
They're rolling around.
They know the source of the funds, the use of the funds.
They can cut you off from buying or selling.
Where decentralized cryptocurrency is the opposite of that.
It's actually safer.
So demonizing cryptocurrency to bring in a new form of digital currency that they can cut you off from buying or selling.
How do you get out of that system?
By having a tangible asset that's private, that you could use for barter if you need to, like silver.
Something that's not a digital entity.
Silver, gold, skills you have, like being a dentist, or a mechanic, or a midwife.
Those are all valuable things too.
See, tangible assets are going to go up.
Not all tangible assets are created equal.
For example, let's say you've got real estate.
Real estate is a debt-based tangible asset.
You have to go to a bank.
Not many people can pay cash for a home.
They have to finance it.
Well, when banks run out of money and it's dependent on interest rates and your waiver... That's going to deflate.
Yeah, so the price of real estate is going to come down, but things that are not debt-based, tangible assets like gold and silver, will continue to go up.
Yeah, obviously, it's already going belly up.
Gold and silver, no doubt in my mind, my opinion, but I'll bet my life on it, it's going to explode.
But it could go stratospheric.
Could go absolutely stratastric, but this is my big warning cry to everybody watching.
Not all gold and silver is created equal.
Like, I don't even like Silver Eagles, Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, any government mint.
They're too expensive.
Literally, they're like 35% more than what they should be.
That's why, not that you're a smart guy or anyone you own as a guest, I'm like, give me a big sponsor with great ratings that is selling bullion.
That's the best deal you're going to get.
The problem is how do you then pay your bills making almost nothing on it?
Well, so, well, it's the spot price, right?
The spot price for all intents and purposes, view it... So you're smart.
You buy it when it's low, sell it when it's high, make a little bit of money.
Yeah, correct.
Because we're not communists here.
I mean, it's like people think, why don't you push the toothpaste?
We make $3 on it, we can't pay the bills.
Toothpaste is great, but I'm like, so I'm always like, we can't have a person selling numismatics because that's, you know, that's not 100% for our listeners, but then that's where the money's at.
So then how does somebody, I know the gold business, make money when you're selling stuff at almost no profit?
Yeah, so imagine something that, like, you can get like a gold or a silver eagle today for, call it, $40.
Oh man, silver's $24.
That's way too high of a premium.
You shouldn't be paying more than $30 an ounce for a silver one ounce round.
To me, maximize your ounces, minimize your cost.
Sure, so what are you doing?
So if you're investing into gold or silver, I would do an all the universe of all the gold and silver you could buy.
I can boil it down on one hand.
100 ounce bars of silver, 10 ounce bars of silver, one ounce.
So the bars are the way they're certified.
They're there.
And if you're doing a one ounce piece, just a generic refinery round, because you don't have the premium.
If you're doing gold, a one ounce gold bar, a kilo bar, that's it.
You see all these countries and different dates and different rarities and everything.
So it's just like the numismatic.
I don't want to say it's a scam, but it's a high-end deal.
But a coin itself is a scam compared to bars.
Yeah, the coins itself.
The government issued stuff.
Whenever the government touches something, they make it more expensive and not as attractive, in my opinion.
So this is why I like maximize your ounces.
One of the keys to wealth is don't overpay for your stuff.
A second key to wealth is be in the right place at the right time.
This is what we help people do.
Like when people call us,
We'll allocate properly, get them into low-cost bullion, and then this is where the relationship journey begins.
We'll let you know when it's time to buy, when it's time to sell, when it's time to reallocate, when it's time to get out of Dodge.
You're not in it alone.
And you want them to get great results, so they keep coming back.
That's how we are.
It's like people say, why does this product work so well?
Because we're not selling you BF.
We go, your water filter out looks half the price of other ones, and it's the highest rated.
How's it half the price?
We went and found the best deal.
We could sell it to you for twice as much.
I want a relationship.
It's like, why did I break my wife's nose?
Because I love her, I want her to stay with me.
It's like, I want a relationship.
To us, relationship is the key.
The philosophy, my personal philosophy, the philosophy of our firm is people over profit.
If you focus on people, profit will come.
If you focus on profit, people will leave.
So, you have these transactions, right?
You buy something, you sell something, but life happens in between the bookends of those transactions.
This is where
Our relationship journey goes on with clients.
We don't have clients, Alex, that just buy silver and gold once.
Over and over and over again because it's this lifetime relationship where they know, wow, I did it!
Well, civilization is about relationships and conquest is about death.
We want relationships.
God wants a relationship.
Everything is relationships, folks.
If something isn't a relationship, it's a lie.
And when people call us, it breaks my heart, brother, because they're gripped and paralyzed with fear.
And this is America.
People shouldn't be gripped and paralyzed with fear, but they're afraid their money is going to run out.
They're afraid that their banks are going to fail them.
And so when 99% of the people that call, they're gripped and paralyzed with fear.
Here's the thing that I know about fear.
Thank you.
Because they realize, wow, I'm talking to somebody who thinks like I do and we can see that financial anxiety start to melt off of them on the phone because they now have a partner where we will go through the economy with them, we'll hold their hand, let them know when it's time to buy.
And you give them a good deal and you sell them a hundred times instead of ripping them off once.
And then everybody wins.
Most firms in the industry, Alex, are... No, we've had a bunch of sponsors that go, oh, we're going to sell bullion.
I catch them immediately doing the numismatic.
And I'm like, we're not doing this.
I don't sell semi-numismatic.
I don't sell the rare coins.
So only bullion.
But here's what makes us fundamentally different.
It's not just the relationship piece, but ultimately you're going to sell.
You're going to lock in your profits and get out.
Buy low and sell high.
We charge nothing when you liquidate.
That's the brain.
What you guys do is you're watching, so they don't just hold it, they also make money on it by the trading.
Yeah, you buy low and you sell high.
And we don't charge for assets under management.
And when you purchase, it's an 8% cost of ownership.
That's it.
So this is where you know the metric.
Which, by the way, you've got to have money to operate.
That's why I love to tell people, hey, we need this money to operate.
People get that.
But most firms in the industry buy a commission when you buy, a commission when you sell.
Oh, I've been offered $50 million to sell people numismatics.
And I get sometimes they're a good deal and sometimes it's real.
But I have to study it all day to make sure it was the right deal.
I just can't.
It's like rocket science.
If I can't figure it out, I'm not selling it.
Well, and if it's not liquid, see, the collectible market, all of that stuff, here's how it works, and we're used to sales people like this, they'll call you up and say, hey Alex, have I got a deal for you, we've got this excess inventory, there's these shipwrecked coins, and if you buy today, we'll give it to you for 5% off, but you better do it in 72 hours, because it's not going to be here long.
That's not liquid, because what happens if the market changes and you can't liquidate it?
Well, that means the money's not really yours.
That's why global commodities like bullion, there's always a market for it, and it's simple and it's easy.
But here's where the markets start to get really interesting moving forward.
Electric vehicles, solar power, fuel cell technology, all electronics use silver.
So the demand for silver, even in the most sluggish global economy we've seen in over 40 years, and wait until we get a president back that starts to grow the economy and the demand for silver goes up even more.
The time is now to actually protect the people on the front lines.
But the ancients knew.
The Bible says it gets silver and gold.
It's money.
Yeah, always has been.
Always has been.
It's a de facto currency.
Isn't it crazy?
It magically works in all these computer chips.
Wow, the ancients just randomly picked something that we gotta have.
Imagine that.
They knew something that we are just starting to figure out.
So, what do people do when they call, and how do they call?
KirkElliottPhD.com forward slash gold, they call 720-605-3900.
So here's how the process works.
I like to make it simple.
I'm a keep it simple silly kind of a guy.
So you call in, one of my concierge team will say, what was it that Kirk and Alex were talking about that you're concerned about?
What are your fears?
What are your goals?
What are your aspirations?
And then we'll set you up with one of our consultants to actually dig in deep, start moving your assets, get you out of harm's way, and then my team crosses the T's, dots the I's, does the paperwork.
We just want to make sure that we're hearing you and answering your questions and doing what you want and what you need to start to minimize the stress in your life and reduce that financial anxiety to get you away from this digital slave world where they want to control every aspect of your life.
That's right, until 10 years ago, you watched TV and didn't watch you.
Now everything watches what you watch.
And gold and silver is like, no, this is mine.
I can tell you, as you know, the globalists, they've all got gold buried.
They're obsessed with it.
But they don't want us to have it.
They don't want us to have it, and how do we know they're obsessed with it?
Look at what central banks around the world are allocating into.
Thousands of tons of gold.
The European Central Bank, 10,500 tons of gold.
The Federal Reserve, 8,500 tons of gold.
Russia, 1,000 tons of gold.
China, 5,000 tons of gold.
Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, India.
All hundreds of tons of gold.
If it's so bad, then why would you... You may have missed this, but U.T.
is buying tons of gold.
That makes them absolutely brilliant.
They might have the richest endowment fund in the world five years from now.
They already are the biggest university fund.
So they know.
They know.
They see what's coming.
See, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going to happen with the economy when people run out of money and 2024 is going to be a weird election.
You talk about this all the time.
We're already seeing it.
You know, pulling Trump off the ballots and things like that in my state of Colorado.
But during times of crisis when people don't have any money, I mean, Clinton said it's like it's the economy, stupid.
People vote with their wallets.
So in an election year, people will actually, when they can't afford to feed their babies, they're going to ultimately try to give up their freedoms, willingly or unwillingly, in exchange for perceived peace and security.
This is going to cause more government spending, more stimulus, more running up... It always... that it causes the runaway situation.
What is the public going to do when they find out inflation is only going to get worse?
Well, so Yellen was bragging about how resilient the U.S.
consumer is, and even in a bad economy, I mean she admitted it was a bad economy, they're still spending money.
That's nothing that people should be applauding, people spending money that they don't have.
They've maxed out their credit cards.
Now that their credit cards are maxed out, what comes next is there is no more money to spend.
People will pull back the reins.
They're not going to go out to eat as much and not going to spend as much.
I think 24 is going to be an economically disastrous year as consumer spending starts to come down.
We're not just me that's saying this.
Economists all over the globe are saying it.
Consumer spending is going to come down.
That will impact the markets.
It will impact everything.
But government spending is going to go through the roof.
The printing of money is going to go through the roof.
Because again, Alex, starting January 1st, the BRICS nations, for all intents and purposes, dismantled the petrodollar.
There is no more demand for the U.S.
dollar two weeks from now.
All right, Kirk Elliott, we'll talk to you again soon.
KirkElliottPhD.com 720-605-3900.
Great analysis.
I'm glad you came in here.
I had no idea you'd be a sponsor.
I've been wanting to get you on for a while.
So glad you got high-quality silver and gold bullion people ready.
Great analysis.
People should call you.
People should get involved.
Thank you so much for having me on.
Thanks for coming, man.
I know you come right to town.
I'm like, get the guy.
I was like, boom, he's here.
We got a bunch of key reports and breaking stuff coming up that Owen Schroer is in 30 minutes, 13 minutes from now.
Owen Schroer, The War Room, coming up.
Merry Christmas, everybody.
Stay with us.
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Well, I've known about Kirk Elliott for a couple of years.
He's got an amazing website, really good videos and breakdowns, and he's a PhD with two PhDs, one in Public Policy Administrative focusing on Monetary Economics, and the second in Theology.
And we're really glad.
I said, let's get him on the show like a couple of days ago, and like, boom, he's here.
Colorado and he's here with us now to talk about the debt bubble and what's going on.
We'll put a link up at InfoWars.com in the live show feed to find out.
We'll put a lower third up.
But I wanted to get your take because you've been predicting a lot of this for years.
In fact, next time you're on, because I was going to get you on, I said, get him on like Friday.
You're like here today.
I'm like, wait, I didn't have time to the video.
So I sent him like five videos.
They go, well, what do you want out of these long videos?
So next time you come back, we'll have your predictions that have come true and all that stuff that the reason I got here.
But wow, I'm glad you're joining on the spot.
So talk a little bit about yourself and where you are and where you see this going.
And you've been calling all the stuff that's happening.
And I've said this too.
I promoted gold for about 15 years, and then in about 2000 and whatever it was, when it started going down, right before it started going down, you know, like 2011 or whatever, I said, okay, now I think they're artificially suppressing it, but later it's going to go back up.
And then I've been saying the last few years, I think it will go up.
It has gone up because, you know, I love cryptocurrencies, they're great, but at the end of the day, it's silver, it's gold, it's platinum, it's things like that.
So you're also an expert on that.
So Kurt, great to have you here with us.
You know, just talking to the audience, where do you think we really are?
Tell folks about yourself.
Well, thanks for having me on, Alex.
It's just really awesome to be here.
But, you know, I've been analyzing the markets, the economy, and kind of like putting these puzzle pieces together of politics, economics, our personal freedoms, our economic freedoms, religious freedoms, because they all fit together.
And you know what?
If we lose one of them, we really lose all of them.
So way back in the day, I started as a stockbroker back in like 1994 and you know that industry doesn't allow you to really tell the truth.
It's very sad because if you say something that you want to have your investor invest in and they don't sell it, you get in trouble for selling away.
They give you a cease and desist.
You know, it's really ugly.
So way back then, I thought,
How can we get out of the system, right?
How can we protect, preserve, grow people's portfolios with something that's safe?
Because it's getting more important now because we've got a debt cycle that's about to implode.
We've got an exponential derivatives debt that's going to actually cripple the global economy.
We've got a national debt that's over $32 trillion.
When you think about that, Alex, this is why I got into this because even back then,
You know, I've been watching you for decades.
Even back then, it's like this debt was exploding.
If you look at where we were in 1776, we had zero debt, you know, on day one, because we couldn't spend like drunken sailors yet on day one, right?
And so go from 76 to 1980, right?
We, when Reagan became president, that's over 200 years, we accumulated almost a trillion dollars worth of debt.
Just last year alone we added almost $3 trillion of debt in one year when it took us over 200 years just to get from zero to a trillion.
We're spending like drunken sailors.
Ultimately we have to pay the piper.
This is why I got into what we're doing because if you invest
How long can it keep going?
I mean, I think it's already imploding.
Well it can't keep going.
It's imploding right now.
If you look at the money supply, there's two different money supplies.
This is where people don't look at the right numbers.
They stopped measuring all the money that's been created years ago, which is called MZM.
That's like the money that goes for
Oh, foreign aid and all the money that provides all the stimulus.
They stopped measuring that because they don't want people to know.
The money supply that we see, like the M2 money supply, which is money that we have in the banks, checking accounts, savings accounts, money markets.
What's happening to that?
It's starting to come down.
See, they're printing money that causes inflation.
You have to raise interest rates to slow down inflation.
This is the ugly policy that we're living with.
And you look at what's happening to money in the banks.
It's coming down.
People are pulling out.
They can't afford to live.
But I think it's more insidious than that, Alex, which is why I do what I do to offer solutions for people to navigate through this crisis because
If people don't have money, they can't afford to feed their babies because of the inflationary pressures, because banks are undercapitalized and money is leaving.
They tend to give up their freedoms.
You look back to, I saw earlier in the show, you were talking about Hitler.
So when Hitler came to power, he didn't... That's one of your videos I saw, you explain that.
Yeah, so this is incredible because one of the worst dictators in the history of the world didn't hold a gun to people's heads and say, vote for me or else.
He campaigned on a campaign promise of hope and change.
What did they need hope and change from?
Back in the day, Germany was like the big kid on the block.
They were like America today.
World War I, they were bombing the living daylights out of everybody.
They had a strong stock market, they had a strong real estate market, a culture that was established, well-established, a vibrant arts district.
You know, then what happened?
They, after World War I, the Treaty of Versailles came and said, hey, Germany, you've got to repay all your war debts.
It's like, what?
We can't afford that.
So they abandoned the gold standard.
They started printing money without discretion, went into a hyperinflation.
Mommies and daddies couldn't afford to feed their babies.
It was during that economic crisis that what happened.
He came in and said, I'm going to fix it on a campaign promise of hope and change.
And it's known, Klaus Schwab talks about, in these inflationary things, it creates an angrier world.
It produces endless.
This is human nature.
When people are forced with, should I feed my kids or should I give up my freedoms?
A lot of times they start to give up their freedoms.
We're starting to see this kind of stuff now.
So literally, one of the worst dictators in the history of the world got into power non-violently.
He didn't hold a gun to people's heads.
We're seeing the same thing now with banks failing.
And Schwab says that we're going to use the banking crisis
To bring in this new global order so they know what they're doing.
Oh, it becomes extreme.
People don't understand a lot.
Now, your viewers do because you talk about it all the time, right?
But they don't understand the insidiousness.
Or how late it is.
Yeah, how far this has been going on for a long time.
And it's accelerating.
So, so the globalists, these evil globalists, like Klaus Schwab, you know, when you look at what he said recently, is COVID was a test.
I mean, that wasn't exact words.
He said it was an opportunity, a short moment in time, a brief opportunity to reimagine and reset the world.
But Bill Gates has said it is a test.
So they've said it's an experiment.
But an experiment for what?
So so I think the experiment was how far could we stretch the global population?
How far could we stretch Americans to see when they would give in and when they would give up their freedoms?
Well, it took a flu.
For them to do that.
It didn't take very much, sadly.
So, what comes next?
What's worse than that?
Well, the U.N.
has said we'll use a virus, then we'll use a collapse and a migrant flow and war.
They've said that in the documents.
Remember Lou Dobbs in 2007 got the BAMF Canada, North American Union secret documents.
It was still on CNN top show.
And it was all there.
They said, we're going to use these four things.
And they're doing it now.
Yeah, they're doing it.
So what would be worse, Alex, than somebody's health, right?
It's like, how about your ability to buy or sell when you want to?
The ability to pay your rent, to pay your mortgage, to feed your kids, to do anything.
That's what's coming next, right?
But they have a problem, and that is people aren't going to willingly give up their ability to buy or sell, but if there's an economic crisis that's bad enough, people will give up a lot of stuff.
This is what's happening.
We've got bank failures.
We've got wars.
We've got rumors of wars.
We've got what I think geopolitically is one of the biggest things that is
We're going to skip this break.
Keep going.
One of the biggest things that has hit the world is the emergence of the BRICS nations.
They're usurping the U.S.
They're kicking the U.S.
And they're stopping to buy stuff in the dollar.
That was Putin on August 22nd at the BRICS meeting in Durban, South Africa.
What did he say?
He said, we are going to de-dollarize the world.
It's our objective and it's irreversible.
Well, those are fighting words right there, right?
So how are they going to do that?
Oh, they're going to add six of the nine largest oil producers in the world into the BRICS nations.
They've already added Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.
And then come January 1st, just a couple of weeks away, they're adding Egypt.
They're adding Ethiopia.
They're adding Iran.
They're adding Argentina.
India is starting to buy.
So, imagine, this BRICS... For those who don't know, all we have left is the dollar, folks.
And India.
That's how we get everything still.
If you think things are bad now, wait.
And again, why would the globalists push Russia into that position?
There's a larger plan there.
It's a big, huge plan, but... So, they've got roughly 50-70% of the world's population in the BRICS nations now.
That's a large trading block.
It's not like some two small dinky countries making a bilateral trade agreement saying, oh, we're going to trade with each other.
It's literally 50 to 70% of the world.
Yeah, it's not like ignoring Libya or something.