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Air Date: Dec. 10, 2023
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In a recent broadcast, Alex Jones discussed various topics including the ongoing war with Russia and funding from the United States, interviewing Elon Musk about depopulation plans and the New World Order. He emphasized staying informed and united against globalists while promoting InfoWars products for Christmas gifts. The show also featured interviews with Mark Dice, Chase Geiser, and discussions on free speech, censorship, and future events.

I knew when humanity found out about the plan to kill us all that we'd start rallying.
And it's begun.
It's Sunday, December 10th, 2023.
And we are all men and women in the arena.
Get ready.
Tomorrow's news today.
I will run around.
And I'll jump off the ground and shout.
Shout out loud.
Two hour plus interview with Elon Musk.
I interviewed Elon Musk for two hours today.
A lot's happening right now.
We are all men and women in the arena.
And we're about to win.
The globalists are in desperate straits right now.
Are you not entertained?
Is the question on this live Sunday, December 10, 2023.
You can't ever win a fight if you don't know you're in one.
But once you know you're in one, you realize who you are.
Winning fights becomes quite easy.
So awaken to the information war.
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Are you not entertained?
Is this not why you are here?
There is a civil war inside the Republic.
The decision, the future is being decided now.
An Infowars is being put back in the arena.
Back in the game.
It's the nature of the universe.
Struggle and conflict.
All right, you see that headline, and it's a true headline.
Alex Jones interviews Elon Musk for two-plus hours live.
It just ended like 45 minutes ago.
As soon as we get the file, I think I'm told we have it.
We're going to be playing large excerpts of it, but regardless...
It was big.
So... You would imagine the rest of the broadcast would be about that and the incredible things covered.
And it will be.
Over the next few days.
But instead...
In the first part of the broadcast, we're going to talk about what's really important.
We have the Secretary of Defense and now the head of the State Department, Blinken, come out and say, yeah, we're going to full war with Russia unless you give us unlimited money for Russia.
Kind of a big deal.
And it's all coming up.
The last resort of tyrants is war.
And the health of a corrupt parasitic cancer state is war.
It's all getting covered tonight, Sunday, December 10th, 2023.
Infowars.com and Band.video are the coordinates of Libarte.
We're good to go.
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There aren't many people in the world that are affecting the battle plan for the future of humanity.
There's less than a few dozen on the enemy side, less than ten on our side.
And I say this not as a matter of bragging, but as a matter of fact.
This transmission, our guests, myself, this transmission, this broadcast is seen on the side of liberty as one of the main fountains or the progenitors or the source of the pro-human resistance against the globalists.
A pro-human future.
That's what we're talking about.
330 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes, 24 seconds from the most important election in world history.
Thank you so much for joining us tonight.
Alright, if you see the live show headline, you're like, wow, Alex Jones is about to interview Elon Musk for 2 plus hours live!
And I guarantee you I am, because it already happened.
About 45 minutes before this live show began, at 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time, I interviewed Elon Musk for over two hours on a live feed of Spaces on X, formerly Twitter.
And I got some great questions in.
Vivek Ramaswamy was there.
Here's the...
Headline, Alex Jones joins Elon Musk, Andrew Tate, Vivek Ramaswamy in a wild ex-spaces conversation.
Congressman Matt Gaetz was there.
General Michael Flynn was there.
Mark Dice was there.
He's joining us at the bottom of the hour.
It was incredible.
But we'll get to that when Mark Dice joins us, because I'd love to talk about that and how positive it was and how he came out against the New World Order and talked about their plan to depopulate humanity and all the rest of it and what that signifies with millions watching and tens of millions more to watch later.
But up front and in our grill is Biden a week ago, Secretary of Defense five, six days ago, Lloyd Austin, and now...
The Secretary of State, Blinken, we have the clip, we'll play it in a moment, saying that if we don't give a hundred plus billion dollars, no questions asked, on top of the hundreds of billions of dollars, to the cokehead gay prostitute, Zelensky, who plays the piano with his penis on TV, in between wearing black leather fetish outfits, dressed as a woman with high heels, slapping men's butts,
Point is, it's fully compromised.
If we don't give him that money, we're going to be at war with U.S.
troops dying on the ground, which is already happening.
In fact, here's the clip.
...scrambling to reach a deal to pass foreign aid for Ukraine and Israel.
Republicans are insisting on more border funding and new asylum restrictions, that that be added to the bill.
What would it mean for Ukraine and Israel if Congress does not pass any additional support by the end of the year?
And why not agree to tougher border protections, which is an issue of national security as well?
Well, Jake, the border piece, as you know, is out of my purview.
I know on day one of this administration, or at least day two, the president put before Congress, I think, the first bill on immigration reform.
But I can say this.
Unfortunately, Congress doesn't act on that.
In this request for additional funds, there are $6 billion to enhance border security, including having more people on the border.
So I know that's very much part of the discussion and something the President is really prepared to engage on.
But in terms of what it would mean for Ukraine, what it would mean for Israel, what it would mean for our efforts to be competitive in the Indo-Pacific, I think the only people who'd be happy if the supplemental budget request is not
No, that's true.
Not true.
By the way, 90% of the assistance, the security assistance that we provided Ukraine is actually invested right here in the United States to our companies, to our manufacturers.
Similarly, we've had extraordinary burden sharing with our allies and partners.
We've provided very significant assistance, about $70 billion over the last two years.
Our European friends and partners beyond Europe, more than $110 billion for Ukraine.
So we have the burden sharing that we need.
This is a time to really step up, because if we don't, we know what happens.
Putin will be able to move forward with impunity, and we know he won't stop in Ukraine, and he may well end up going after a NATO country.
That would bring us in, given our obligations to our NATO allies.
So here, an ounce of prevention is really worth ten pounds of cure.
Oh, a little Benjamin Franklin quote taken out of context.
So the West overthrows the Ukrainian government nine years ago, starts the war, kicks the Russians' asses all the way to their border, kicking their own people out.
They respond back, and now Zelensky has been, his people have been slaughtered, and now their answer is, oh, it's going quite well.
They've done a really good job.
Let's send more money there.
Well, now the average age of their conscript is like 57 years old.
No, they've lost.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And it goes on.
We're good to go.
And under Trump for four years, no wars, major peace deals, Abraham Accords, North Korean deal, Russians deals.
Russia didn't go into Ukraine because Trump said, we're not going to push missiles up to your border, but if you go in, we'll attack you.
And instead, we've seen the absolute opposite since then.
Total escalation into massive war.
Meanwhile, domestically, they are pushing racial division and the UN is pushing racial division like never before in this country.
And I want to explain something.
I know most of you know this, but we have a lot of new listeners today.
We've been number one for three days on Twitter and so many other platforms.
Tens of millions of new people hitting InfoWars.com and Band.Video and sharing those links.
Barbados demands $4.9 trillion.
I think?
We're good to go.
But the next big thing other than climate change, oh, pay big banks money because you're hurting the earth, put fart bags on cows, shut down all the coal plants, is reparations!
Oh, but you pay it to the UN, and then they'll pay some black people some money, but they've got to get on a globalist bank and be sterilized for the money.
It's the plan with the universal basic income, universal social credit score.
Barbados Prime Minister Mia
Motley has urged the UK to pay $4.9 trillion.
That's way more than their GDP.
In reparations for the transatlantic slave trade, which England ended, by the way, worldwide.
In London's speech Wednesday, she added that talks over how this debt should be repaid will be difficult and will take time.
But don't worry, they'll be paid through the UN.
It'll take 90% of the money.
I mean, does anybody believe you're actually about to get all these free goodies?
Mark Dice has been at the center of this fight for a long time.
He's come up with about 15 minutes on this live Sunday show, and then coming up, two-hour live interview with Elon Musk.
It already happened.
As soon as it goes live, we'll be posting the band on video, and we'll play it here.
And then Chase Geyser's coming up as well, but you're listening tonight to what they don't want you to hear.
Please spread the word.
We'll be right back.
When I say this, I mean it from the very bottom of my heart.
I want to say thank you to all the viewers and listeners for supporting the broadcast over the years.
We together have changed the world at an incredible level.
And I want to salute the crew as well and all of our sponsors and supporters.
Ladies and gentlemen, wow, the fight has really been joined with a globalist.
We're good to go.
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Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached a critical juncture in the battle now.
We're good to go.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Less than a day after being reinstated to X, I was on Mario Nafal's number one X Spaces program.
It had over 120,000 people watching at one time, more than 8 million watched it by the time it was over.
Elon Musk came on for more than two hours, and I asked a lot of good questions.
So officially, I was the guy getting interviewed, but I turned it around, made it about Elon Musk, because quite frankly, he's even more interesting than I am.
We're going to be posting this interview
With just my questions, cut down the full interviews, obviously on Mario's channel.
We'll be posting it to X here in the next few hours.
We'll be playing on my radio show and TV show tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Central, Infowars.com forward slash show.
So for all the people that heard about Infowars,
But didn't know what we really stood for because it was misrepresented.
This is your chance to go to Infowars.com forward slash show, band out video, or at real Alex Jones back on Twitter and actually see what I say, see what I stand for, and see it in context.
At RealAlexJones.
Please follow us there.
You can also find us where we've still been on air five years after we were deplatformed at InfoWars.com forward slash show, Bandai Video, and NewsWars.com.
But this is historic.
It's way bigger than Alex Jones.
This is about Renaissance 2.0.
It's about free speech winning.
It's about the deep state failing.
This is beyond cool.
And again, Elon Musk talks about everything, including subjects he's never been asked about before in this interview.
So I'll be on my regular show.
I'll be breaking it down weekdays, 11 a.m.
But you want to hear the Alex Jones-Elon Musk interview at band.video, infowars.com, and at RealAlexJones on Twitter.
I want to salute the crew.
I want to salute our supporters.
I want to salute the folks that have kept us on air.
Tucker Carlson for interviewing me last week.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
It's been incredible.
And so the fight is definitely on.
Humanity is not just rolling over and crawling into its grave.
Now, somebody that stood up for free speech and is a great media analyst, Mark Dice, is set to join us coming up.
And tomorrow we're going to have Jack Posobiec, so many others that have been fighting as well, and exposing the fact that Biden would try to start a full war with Russia.
He's been saying that for six months, so have I.
We're good to go.
The depopulation plan, the chemicals in the water.
I mean, it was spectacular.
And believe me, the corporate media is hoping you don't go dig through it.
But the way Spaces works on Twitter is it goes out live and all these people can be on there.
It really works well now.
It didn't work well until Musk took it over.
And then it kind of just goes out and a million or so watch it and then people really don't take cuts out of it.
It's very hard to download.
Oh, we've almost downloaded it right now.
And so when Chase Geiser takes over at 6 p.m.
Central in an hour and 35 minutes, he'll have clips on that show.
And then tomorrow on my weekday show, 11 a.m.
Central, we'll be playing clips and analyzing this because I think I give myself credit for this, ask some of the best questions that Elon Musk has ever been asked.
You can say what you want about Elon Musk.
He's a very important player in all this, so we should be looking at it.
He's definitely taking on the current globalist incarnation.
All right.
What are we fighting against, ladies and gentlemen?
What are we up against?
Why is this so important?
Well, they want an Internet ID worldwide.
China's already got it.
Bill Gates and the UN are pushing it.
And they know we have morals, so they go, oh, stop pedophilia, something they're running.
Let's have it where when you look at any major porn site, you've got to enter your ID, your name, your information, and a digital timestamp photo of yourself.
I thought the liberals were all for open, free society.
Brits may be forced to take selfies before watching porn.
The government's introduced legislation called Privacy Friendly.
And it says that you will have to take a photo of yourself in a database before you watch porn.
That's all about an internet ID.
That's what Nikki Haley's saying, where, oh, anybody that's on the internet has to have an ID to stop porn and hate speech, ladies and gentlemen.
Continuing, beyond shocking, ACLU will represent NRA in free speech Supreme Court case because the Soros Combine gave hundreds of millions of dollars the last decade to groups like
We're good to go.
There's that report.
And that ties into Barbados, I mentioned earlier, demands $4.9 trillion reparations from former slave-owning countries.
It's all incredible divide-and-conquer strategies.
We've got hundreds of news articles pulling their hair around.
Tucker praises Alex Jones for years of accurate predictions.
Israel needs two more months to win war, destroy Hamas, despite ultimatum by U.S.
and mounting pressure to cease fire.
I want to know why Israel stood down.
I don't support Hamas.
Can't stand them.
I want to ask, what's the bigger picture here?
Why was there a stand down?
Why did O'Biden give $6 billion to Iran a month before?
Now all confirmed it was an Israeli stand down.
The larger issue is who is playing...
The different sides off against each other.
That's the big question we've got to be asking and answering here.
Mark Dice joins us in a moment to talk about 2024 election, the censorship, the control, the wars, the Elon Musk interview.
He was part of it.
What's going to happen?
Epic interview.
Vivek Ramaswamy, Mark Dice, General Flynn.
Elon Musk.
The interview was with me.
It was my show.
I was on as a guest, but I was the moderator.
It was crazy.
Absolutely wild.
Jack Posobiec was there.
It was amazing.
But please remember, we're literally supported.
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And that's what we're doing.
This is the reality of 2023.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, well, Vivek Ramaswamy, myself, Congressman Matt Gaetz, Andrew Tate, Mark Dice, we were all there for a two-plus hour.
I was supposed to be interviewed, but once I got on the Big Spaces show on...
X, I said very early on, I said, I really don't want to make this an interview about Alex Jones.
We've got Elon Musk here.
So I basically interviewed him and had people ask questions to Elon for over, he was there over two hours.
It just ended about an hour ago.
We're going to be posting the full thing to InfoWars.com.
We're downloading it right now.
The format they have is very hard to download.
I'll be playing, obviously, clips tomorrow.
But I wanted to get Mark Dice, Jack Posobiec, Steve Bannon,
We're good to go.
I think?
And they gave him the censorship, and Mark Dice didn't.
So I wanted to get media critic and analyst and best-selling author, and his new book is the best-seller, War on Conservatives, as high as number four on the world charts.
I wanted to get Mark Dice on tonight before I even knew he would be involved on the Elon Musk interview, but he was invited there as well and was there and got some questions into Elon Musk.
I wanted to invite him on to talk about this epic moment we're going to get his take on it.
So, Mark, great to have you here, my friend.
I think we're good to go.
I followed your career very closely.
For those who don't know, Alex is largely responsible for launching my career.
And I've been a regular guest on his show for 18 years, since 2005.
And Alex has helped me.
I've never worked for him.
God knows he's tried.
I've always remained independent.
I'm just too bullheaded.
He's been a great friend, and he's had me on a regular guest, helped my career, helped me publish one of my books back about 12 years ago.
And so I followed Alex's unpersoning very, very closely.
Everybody had the misconception, because of the mainstream media's lies, they tried to construct a false identity by exploiting and amplifying Alex's flaws.
And Alex is a genius, as people know.
And with most geniuses, their genius is counterbalanced by their
Often an equal-sized flaw.
Steve Jobs, genius, when he knocked up his girlfriend and got the DNA test, there was a 2% chance that he was not the father, a 98% chance he's the father.
And so in his mind, he extrapolated 2% of the male population in Cupertino and then argued that there could be 10,000 different women that are the father of this child.
So Alex, despite his flaws...
Those were not why he was banned.
And so I was just hammering from day one for years the reason Alex was suspended.
That was cited and Elon confirmed in the Twitter space, the X space today, is for confronting Oliver Darcy, Little Brian Stelter's sidekick, on public property.
He's a public figure.
He was working in the capacity of a reporter at the time.
It's not like Alex found him out to dinner with his family or the grocery store and pulled out a phone and started live streaming on Periscope and harassed him.
Literally confronting one of the lead censors, one of the guys who behind the scenes and then was later admitting.
He was censoring Alex and got Alex banned from the platform.
So this is fantastic.
It's a great moment for free speech.
The fact that Elon joined the space, had a discussion.
Elon now knows why you were banned.
The majority even of Alex's fans probably falsely believe it had to do with his comments about a tragedy almost a decade ago.
But my main point, which is why I wanted to reiterate this with Elon, I'm glad that he brought this up, is...
Alex was suspended, censored, because he confronted a supposed journalist in Washington, D.C., outside of a congressional hearing about social media censorship.
And Mark, you've hammered that, and Elon responded to you days ago, and you're probably the reason I got in the band.
I appreciate that.
But moving on to the war on conservatives, their plan to steal the next election.
How surreal was it that you and I are there for hours interviewing Elon Musk?
I mean, that was crazy.
It's a great Christmas gift and I mean sometimes things unexpected happen and just when all hope seems lost there's a strange turn of events and it turns out often better times than you could have even imagined.
I was thrilled just the fact they were allowed back on the platform and then all of a sudden this morning I wake up and I see Elon
is responding to me, confirming that my analysis of why you were banned is, quote, accurate, he said.
And then we're talking with him in a space.
Elon now gets to know the full story.
Tucker Carlson's standing up for you.
And I think, by the way, that interview was so fantastic because for people who are familiar with you, it was still a great interview.
But because it was Tucker and he can introduce Alex to a larger audience, maybe who aren't listeners to the show or only see the memes, only see little clips,
It was such a fantastic interview because Alex can get a little excited, a little wound up, but during the first, I'd say, three quarters, he was very calm and on his best behavior, and it was a very good discussion.
And then towards the end, he started to loosen up and started having his monologues.
But you were so respectful of Tucker, and Tucker was so brilliant in asking the correct questions that that interview, I believe, and people bombarding Elon with the fact about what really happened,
And that's a redemption story for America.
Because the left has demonized America and said, we're a lie, we're a fraud, and taken things out of context.
It's really a microcosm.
You know, the one thing I wanted to ask Elon, I just kind of touched on, I fired a couple points at him and just wanted him to respond, but he just was so overwhelmed with questions and it's hard, especially when you spit three different comments at him, but Elon's going to have to make some very difficult decisions here coming up.
I wanted to ask him, what is he going to do if or likely when he's pressured by the app stores to ban you, certain individuals, discussions about certain things, or
And that might have seemed unprecedented a few years ago.
No, no, Apple's threatened that.
Now, what is he going to do?
And hopefully he's preparing, just like Andrew Torba did with Gab, where you can use Gab on your phone, save to home screen, use it through the browser.
It functions almost exactly like an app, minus the push notifications, which you don't really need.
The only reason you need a push notification is for text messages and e-mails.
So hopefully Elon is preparing so that if it is pulled from the App Store, that immediately the browser version can still function as a mobile app by saving... No, you're wrong, because for people that don't really follow this or listen to our talk radio, and I don't blame you, the deep state's trying to get Elon banned off the App Store.
That's the 2.0 censorship.
And, you know, I noticed that Marjorie Taylor Greene gave you a shout-out yesterday during the poll.
Matt Gaetz joined the Twitter space.
Vivek Ramaswamy joined the space.
But I noticed I didn't see any Fox News hosts.
I didn't see any Daily Wire hosts retweet the poll.
Maybe they did.
I didn't see it.
I didn't see them celebrating Alex being restored.
The very strange sort of silence there.
I think Alex being back on is a tremendous victory for his free speech.
Hopefully we can get Owen restored, the official InfoWars account restored as well.
But I don't think Elon knew, as smart as he is, he's juggling a million different things and a million different companies.
And as brilliant as he is, when he got involved with this, I really don't think, no disrespect to him, but I don't think he really understood what he was fully getting involved in.
Because this is not early 2000s social media where it's a neat way to communicate and a neat way to share links.
We're talking about a technology that shapes the culture, that drives the news cycle, that is an information warfare weapon when abused and when manipulated.
That's right.
This is the battlefield and he's entered the battlefield.
Yeah, and he's used to science and rockets and cars and engineers, and he might not have known really what he was getting into, and he got a rude awakening, and it's being pushed on him.
I mean, they're circling the wagon.
They want to destroy him, just like they did President Trump.
He may be enemy number one now until next year.
Well, that's right, and when they illogically attack him, he attacks back with logic, and it's like...
They're not even communicating.
Whatever they do to him doesn't matter because he doesn't even understand them.
It's all a bunch of crap.
Let's talk about the election coming up in your new book.
Enough about Alex Jones.
Let's talk about Mark Dice, Donald Trump, and more.
Stay with us.
Never forget that the answer to 1984 is 1776.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
All right, investigative journalist, bestselling author Mark Dice is our guest here on the Alex Jones Show.
And yeah, it's surreal.
Just interviewed, it ended over an hour ago, two hours plus with Elon Musk.
And I was directing the interview.
The great folks had me on their show with the Spaces.
It's the top Spaces deal.
Mario Natal is the head of it.
But, Mark, let's shift gears to Alex Jones.
Let's talk big picture.
Trump, the indictments, Hunter Biden indictments, the wars.
How would you describe the insane place we're at right now?
What are your predictions?
These next three weeks as Christmas and New Year's come, the year kind of winds down, things are going to slow down, news cycle slows down, everyone's going to kind of reflect on the top 10 this and what happened throughout the year.
But then come January, it's going to get intense.
And I've been wargaming in my mind all the possible scenarios for what's going to happen next year.
I don't think most people are prepared.
It's almost like doing your taxes.
Most people put it off until April 14th.
It's painful.
It's a hassle.
I'll do it later.
I'll do it later.
I don't want to think about it.
Or if you've got a toothache, you say, oh, this will go away.
It'll go away.
I'll deal with it later.
Until all of a sudden it becomes a big problem.
And we all have kind of normalcy bias about everything rolling off of Trump's back.
The Mueller investigation turned out to be an utter joke.
The humiliation of that crazy old man.
Couldn't even answer anybody's questions.
The two impeachments, just a total joke.
This is not a joke.
And I don't think anybody knows what's going to happen.
And there's several possible scenarios, and they all lead to utter chaos.
So I have no idea what's going to happen.
No, no, I agree, though.
It runs from bad to worse.
So go through the scenarios.
One of the scenarios, Trump defeats the charges, there's going to be riots.
There's going to be chaos.
He gets convicted and then they're overturned on appeal.
Going to be riots from the left and total chaos.
If he gets convicted, loses the appeals, reject the appeals, they'll likely expedite sentencing.
He could literally be sentenced to prison by the convention by June or July.
And if that happens,
What are they going to do?
Are they going to sentence him to house arrest?
Are they going to sentence him to prison in a military base for extra security?
And if that is an election meddling, putting the guy 20 points ahead in jail, good God.
But it gets worse.
It gets worse, though, because once somebody's in prison, they have their free speech restricted, so he's not going to be able – the judge will say you're not allowed to do interviews, not allowed to do phone calls, not allowed to have the Internet.
So if they're going to be house arrest, he's going to be on a military base for extra security.
So I don't care if he is convicted and sitting in a prison cell or house arrest or a military base.
Those three possibilities are very, very realistic.
I will still be voting for him.
And then it gets even weirder because if he wins the election, then are they going to swear him in remotely or are they going to allow him to be sworn in by having visitors come in and make the official swearing in ceremony so that he can pardon himself and let himself out?
All of these scenarios, I don't think anybody has really mapped them out.
No, you're right.
We're in Twilight Zone territory.
There's a collapse of an empire.
As a whole, the United States is in huge trouble, and that's why the conclusion of my new book, The War on Conservatives, sort of outlined all the chaos and all the problems, how we got here.
But then at the very end, I do cover some solutions, and that's what you did in your book, The Great Awakening, because...
We're good to go.
Nobody knows what's going to happen.
Trump could have a health issue.
He could get, God forbid, assassinated.
Biden could have a health issue and drop out.
And the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner.
We talked about this last time I was on because if they replace Biden with Gavin Newsom, they're going to look weak because the secession should be Kamala Harris would replace him and the party would rally behind her.
Well, to me, it's pretty clear they're trying to get Gavin Newsom ready.
Yeah, but it may ultimately end up at the convention because then they could put it off on not the Democrat Party replacing Kamala Harris as the next successor, bypassing her for Gavin Newsom.
They may have the delegates do it at the convention, but they've painted themselves into a corner.
And Joe Biden admitted, finally the obvious, that he wouldn't be running again.
I think?
So they are in a pickle because whatever they do, they're going to look weak.
Even if they keep him in, they try to inject him with more amphetamines, as is obvious that they were doing.
And as Tucker Carlson revealed, he has a personal source that knows they were doing that.
That's why at the convention or at the debates in 2020, Joe Biden seemed somewhat coherent.
But he's aging like milk.
People with dementia start to slide down that slope very fast.
And so they're going to have to protect him like they did John Fetterman.
But even if he is the nominee,
They may keep them to the end because the Democrats did vote for, you know, somebody with the idea.
I agree.
No, no, I agree.
It's looking more and more like because they just banned in Florida, even Democrats on the ballot in the primaries.
It looks like they're actually going to try to put the Crypt Keeper in there.
But what if the deep state assassinates Biden and blames it on Trump supporters?
I really see that as the wild card.
You know, there's a half a dozen or a dozen different scenarios, and that's one of the unfortunate ones, but it may even be a black swan.
It may be something so unforeseen that none of us have even thought of, but every possible logical path that is visible now leads to a very disturbing scenario.
We are, like I said, we're in a collapsing empire as a whole, morally, financially, patriotically.
We've never seen so much
So it's like Elon Musk said with you and I interviewing him just an hour ago.
At the end he said, nobody's going to be bored in the next 11 months.
It's going to be intense.
So enjoy the next three weeks.
Enjoy the rest of the year.
Enjoy Christmas and New Year's with your family and friends.
And then we're going to hit the road running.
It's going to be completely insane.
Nobody knows.
I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it.
I am too.
I'm looking forward to the end of the year here so I can relax a little bit.
But the more I think about this, the more I realize that it's like
Tax day is coming and nobody's prepared.
And there's going to be issues that are going to be dealt with.
And I can't see Trump taking a plea deal and ducking out.
I'm sure that they're going to try to offer that to him.
So it's going to be... Oh, it's been offered to him.
He's not like Nixon.
He's not stepping down.
No, he's never going to do it.
And the fact is that he has more support now, and this is what the Republican establishment was whispering into Ron DeSantis' ear.
They were telling him, once the indictments start, his support is going to collapse.
And that's what Kevin McCarthy thought after January 6th, the mostly peaceful protest.
Well, didn't McCarthy show his ass quitting to try to give the majority to the Democrats?
He really showed he's a bad guy.
Well, before that, he called on President Trump to resign after January 6th.
Then he denied that he said that.
That was caught on tape.
Then he came out on the floor of the House and said that President Trump bears responsibility.
He was the one who called for the January 6th commission.
And then he also called for other members of Congress, Matt Gaetz included, to be suspended from Twitter.
That's right.
And the state left him in as long as he was the speaker, but he was ordered to leave when he had no power.
Well, I think Matt Gaetz, you know, him and the...
Freedom Caucus, the small group of America First patriots, basically forced him out, and now he is resigning because he doesn't have the power, so who knows what he's going to be at.
No, I agree.
So let me answer this, Mark, guys.
What's the people's secret weapon?
What's the deep state's secret weapon?
What can we do to change this, and what are they going to pull?
We have to strike while the iron's hot.
And the iron's hot now.
And we have them scared.
We are making tremendous headway.
No matter how much they attack Donald Trump, it's only increasing his support.
The Republican establishment and the deep state tried to whisper sweet nothings into Ron DeSantis' ear to get him to come in.
That only backfired.
He's looking like a total failure.
He's tarnished his entire image.
He should have waited until 2028.
He basically stabbed Donald Trump in the back.
I like him as a governor, but him getting in
We're good to go.
He got more of the black vote despite them calling him a white supremacist and a Nazi every single day.
So their lives aren't working, and we have the independent channels.
After the 2016 election, the empire struck back.
We used social media at that time, which was still seen as largely a novelty, even though President Obama was the first president to have a social media account on Twitter and on Facebook.
In 2016, it became more than a novelty.
It became a social information warfare tool that we were using to spread the word organically.
And that's why then the legacy media co-opted it right after that, the supposed war on fake news, which was a war on real news, by Hillary claiming that fake news being spread through Facebook.
First it was from the Macedonian teenagers just spreading clickbait trying to get Google AdSense money.
Then they concocted the Russia conspiracy theory.
So then they took it back, they changed all the algorithms, they started shadow banning, they started... Hold on, Mark, I know you've got to go, but I want you to finish this up and also talk about The War on Conservatives by Mark Dice, which is already a number four bestseller.
Let's push it number one.
Back in two minutes, we can finish up on the book and your other great analysis.
One of the smartest guys out there, Mark Dice.
And he was the guy, when I first got banned five years ago, everybody else ran, almost everybody.
Mark Dice didn't.
Day one, he could have gotten banned.
He did get censored for it.
He was there.
That's a real guy.
Mark Dice.
Follow him and support him.
Last year we put this book out.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
It became a number one national bestseller.
Now we've put part two out and it's even thicker and more powerful.
The Great Awakening.
The plan to defeat the globalists and launch the second great renaissance.
This is such a powerful book.
It covers all the globalist plans.
We're good to go.
This is next-level information, and it's a great way to not just support the broadcast, but inform yourself of the next level and share the book with friends and family.
So whether you want one copy or multiple copies, go now to InfoWarsStore.com and get The Great Awakening.
This is going to go to number one.
I want to thank you for your support.
It's a powerful book.
Get yours now.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, about 15 minutes left for Mark Dye, so I'm going to cover a bunch of other news I haven't hit yet.
Chase Geyser is set to come in 6 to 8 p.m.
Central here on the live feed, Central Time.
Mark, I've got a bunch of questions next segment that's long.
We're a bunch of stations that don't carry this segment.
Join us.
But we're on the Internet.
We're reaching millions of people still.
I asked you during the break, what do you want to hit next?
And I kind of cut you off because Elon did.
So let's not be like them, but I get your point.
You were saying by their rules, CNN should be banned for fake news and censorship and bullying, particularly bullying.
So let's drill into that a little bit.
Well, I didn't say banned.
I think that Elon should not even suspend them, but there is a tweet from CNN that does violate the terms of service, and I thought it would be a very symbolic victory to coincide with restoring you by applying the rules fairly to CNN, who did violate the terms of service against privacy violations and doxing.
There was a woman back several years ago who shared something on Facebook that originated with a Russian troll farm.
And it was an event that she had shared with her friend.
I came to her house in Florida and harassed her.
Yeah, in her front yard, unannounced, this poor old lady, 75 years old, in her front yard harassing her about sharing something on Facebook.
Which, by the way, Michael Moore was duped by a Russian bot farm Facebook post, an event as well, and showed up to a protest at Trump Tower that was organized literally by the Russians.
So CNN showed up to this poor old lady's house when she was doing gardening out in the front yard.
So I asked Elon...
To suspend CNN or to apply the rules there, to pull that tweet because what they did is they uploaded the video to Twitter, to Axnell, showing them berating her, which you would argue, okay, maybe they're on the sidewalk, they're not technically on her property, but as she walks away and goes into her front yard,
You can see her address on the number plate on her house, and that video is on Twitter.
That's a violation of the terms of service.
That is doxing.
You're not allowed to show up to somebody's house and then show their address.
You could even argue that they're allowed to show up to their house and try to talk to somebody.
People have done that.
Jesse Waters has done that with a lot of judges before he kind of went soft.
He would actually show up to judges' houses and find them in the grocery store parking lot and confront them about the soft sentences that they would give to child predators.
And so even if you're going to argue that that was fun, that that's not technically harassment or doxing, they did show her address, and that is doxing.
And so I think it would be a symbolic victory, maybe I'll tweet it out later, again, and tag CrossFit Safety, to take that tweet down.
Not to suspend them, not to ban them, but you know what, just to acknowledge that CNN did violate the terms of service.
And let's remove one of their tweets.
Let's give them a taste of their own medicine.
And I think that sometimes we have to do that because conservatives tend to just point out, oh, that's not fair.
That's hypocrisy.
And try to be a little bit too soft sometimes.
So we don't want to compromise our principles.
But sometimes I think we should apply the same standards they're forcing on us to them until there's some kind of a truce where we could say, see, oh, now you don't like a taste of your own medicine.
Okay, now you want to back off?
Are we ready to just kind of call it even now?
And then we can move forward.
So I think sometimes that's the way to do it.
And it would send a tremendous message.
Okay, it was six minutes ago.
We're doing a two-minute break, and I said, what do you want to hit next now?
I forgot.
It was something important.
What was I going to ask you next?
That was it.
So we're going to hit Mockingbird, and we're going to hit...
We're good to go.
Alright, we'll be right back with Mark Dye's final segment of a bunch of the news straight ahead.
I'm with Infowars.com in case you hadn't heard of it.
And now back on Twitter at RealAlexJones.
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The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
All right, Mark Dice is our guest for one more segment, and I got a bunch of military, economic, political news.
I did interview Elon Musk for two-plus hours on X today.
I'm told it's downloaded now.
It'll be up in the next ten minutes at Infowars.com.
Band-op video.
We'll be playing clips of it tomorrow on the show.
Just absolutely insane.
The media, the public media, cannot even ignore this.
They're going to go crazy.
We asked some of the best questions.
So did Mark Dice.
So did Andrew Tate.
So did Tristan Tate.
So did...
Vivek Ramaswani.
I mean, it just went on and on.
General Flynn was there.
It just went on and on.
But, Mark, I've got to bring this up to you because I never ask you this.
I've known you 18 years, like you said.
You were a great man on the street and stuff, writing books back then.
I was like, I've got to get this guy on.
So I didn't want your career.
You're already doing a great job.
I may have boosted it.
But I noticed when I got banned five years ago, including most of my own crew, most of them are gone now.
Owen was here, but he never did it.
They suddenly didn't want to talk about InfoWars on air.
They wanted to keep their own sites we'd promoted and built up.
I kind of let them do it.
They all kind of just moved on.
What was it with you, the winner patriot, not the sunshine patriot, but the winner patriot,
What was it when you saw me get banned five years ago that made you go from, I want to say competition, but you're like, hey, I got my thing, you got yours.
You're playing too much of my stuff on there.
That's mine.
I'm not mad, but you were kind of like, I'm my own guy, Jones.
To you, like, absolutely defending me.
What was the thought process, which is a good instinct, I think, but I want to talk about what was your instinct there?
Why did you do that?
Well, as a media analyst and somebody who is really a first-generation person who saw the creation, the advent of social media and saw it become such a central focus in our lives and in our culture, when you were banned, it sent shockwaves through the community because it was the ultimate unpersoning, and it was unfair.
And I followed your career very closely because I consider you a friend.
I consider Alex, like I said, it did boost my career.
I've been a regular on the show since 2005.
Alex has been a tremendous inspiration for me.
I've been
An annual guest for 18 years now, and so part of it is, I took it personally.
It was, I saw a friend of mine getting banned unfairly, who didn't violate the terms, and then I saw the media smearing you and putting out fake news for the supposed reason.
And so we've already covered why it was on Twitter, his confrontation, conversation with Oliver Darcy.
So I must add, Alex was actually fairly well-behaved and contained himself being face-to-face with such scum, but even before that, Twitter held out
When you were on person for just about everything at the same time.
It wasn't because of the comments about the school tragedy from years earlier.
It was literally
I'll follow this so closely.
It was criticizing Drag Queen Story Hour.
And this was 2018 when very few people talk about Drag Queen Story Hour.
And Alex is ranting about how despicable it is and how weird it is.
They consider that to be hate speech against the protected groups.
That was strike one.
Strike two was he was talking about the Islamization of Europe and the increasing crime rates over in Europe because of the mass influx of all the migrants.
That was hate speech as well.
That was strike number two.
Strike number three was because he was suspended.
You can't live stream on YouTube when you're suspended for two weeks.
So he live streamed his show on somebody else's channel.
I think it was a guest or a guest host or an affiliate on another channel.
They said that was ban evasion strike number three.
So it's the principle of free speech.
You were banned unfairly.
You're maligned.
They tried to define you by a mistake and by a flaw and overlook the genius of Alex Jones.
And the reason that they really did ban, of course, is because Alex Jones is a wrecking ball against the establishment and was waking so many people up and getting so many people to start questioning what it is that's going on in the deep state, in the liberal media, in the fake news industrial complex.
And so I took it personally.
As a media analyst, I was very upset.
I saw this setting a terrible precedent.
And since I knew you and I had followed your career very closely, I knew that what they were saying was the reason was false.
I stand up for friends.
Well, I never forget that, and I've seen you a thousand times defend me, so that's why here tonight, front and center, I want to promote you.
Plus, the book's amazing.
So talk about Operation Mockingbird, which we're seeing 2.0 of right now, that you really cover in the new book, The World Conservatives.
This is important to know.
Yeah, people talk about fake news and the deep state and them manipulating the media, but it's really, there is an admitted program.
And, you know, for those who know this, I sound like I'm belaboring the point, but the fact that Operation Mockingbird is not widely used by people, the mainstream pundits.
By the way, to interrupt you, that's key.
The audience, and you know that, those very astute, the general public still doesn't know the CIA is manipulating this.
And they don't know that Operation Mockingbird was uncovered in the 1970s in a congressional hearing.
There's clips of it where they were literally paying the media to act as gatekeepers and propagandists to act and to function for the government.
Now, back then, they claimed, and it may actually, at the time, may have been for a good cause, at least some of it, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
So they said back then, it started in the 1950s, was to fight communism.
So what they would do is they would invite reporters, editors, the network heads,
And by the way, seven, eight years ago, Chris Carter told me personally on the phone, he had those meetings with the CIA of X-Files.
Well, that's a whole other division.
That's like an open secret as well, the Entertainment Liaison Office, where on the CIA's own website, and I cover this in my book, Hollywood Propaganda, how TV, movies, and music shape our culture.
Like, if you're a producer in Hollywood, they will literally work with the government to make films and provide equipment, provide script approval, access to military bases in order to use that as propaganda, but they have to control the narrative.
In order to paint the CIA as a fun, friendly organization.
They never do anything wrong.
And so it's this kind of weird bedfellow that Hollywood has.
Because sometimes they're against the wars, but at the same time they work behind the scenes with the Department of Defense and with the CIA to produce popular films.
And there's such nitpicking about it because even in the film...
Was Robert De Niro... Meet the Parents.
What was it?
Okay, he was a CIA officer.
He was also the Good Shepherd Robert De Niro produced.
Yeah, sorry, go ahead.
So, in Meet the Parents, you know, Robert De Niro is a former CIA officer, and there was a scene in there when...
Ben, the star goes into his secret office and is looking through his books and sees torture manual, CIA torture manual.
And so they had that removed.
And because there were consultants on the film about, oh, how do we portray a CIA officer?
And so they had that removed because it makes the CIA look bad.
So my point is,
I want everybody outside of this audience, the mainstream audience, we're going to encourage them politely to talk about Operation Mockingbird.
And it's not just in the media.
In my previous books, I talk about how Operation Mockingbird is not just in the newspapers and in the broadcast news.
The Congressional hearing, the Church Committee hearing, and then the Congressional report, they admit that there was an entire book publishing division because books, they admit,
Are the most powerful and influential form of media.
More than a television show, more than a movie.
You can listen to a radio broadcast.
You can read a newspaper article.
Very rarely is it going to change your life.
Is it going to change your paradigm?
But a book, if you sit down and read a book, you're talking about a 10-hour personal intimate conversation with an author.
And that's why I...
I don't like doing interviews because I stumble over my words.
I think I'm a better writer.
I just stumbled over my words there.
But in the books, my books, I can polish and repolish and add and they grow and cite everything.
There's over 900 footnotes in these books because in a book, you can really put together a quality presentation.
So the Operation Mockingbird Publishing Division admits that they funded books
And they would use trusts and all these ways to hide who it was.
They didn't care if they were commercially viable because they just wanted them to be out there.
They'd have book excerpts published in American magazines.
And this is why books like Cassidy Hutchinson all of a sudden gets a book deal.
She's that... I don't want to call her a babe, but she's the wannabe babe, the portrayed babe that claimed that Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the car to force the driver to take him to the Capitol.
And you have even people like...
Edward Bernstein, the former Bernstein and, what's his name, the Watergate guys, right?
Wilbur and Bernstein.
Now, they, instead of beating Operation Mockingbird, they joined them because they wrote an article in Rolling Stone back in the 1970s exposing Operation Mockingbird and even saying that the hearing itself
The church committee was a limited hangout.
They actually prevented the extent of the manipulation from being known.
Now, he went from that to now being Operation Mockingbird, to trying to take down Donald Trump.
Now, even if they were well-intended, like I said, back in the 1950s, tried to stop communism,
Just the fact that that mechanism exists.
They have them sign the NDAs.
We know that there was a program.
To deny that it still exists today is ridiculous.
But you have people like Woodward and Bernstein who couldn't beat them.
And so they joined them, making millions of dollars with their book deals, with their CIA sources, leaking information to them.
Really, they are willing servants of the system, but at the same time, they're also dupes because they're fed supposed classified information.
They're fed supposed leaks from their intelligence agency sources, which are feeding them sometimes real information, sometimes disinformation, in order to use that to weaponize against President Trump.
And we saw
Chuck Schumer, who knows, I mean, he's one of the most powerful senators in the country.
He knows the extent of the intelligence agencies, and he couldn't help himself but brag that the intelligence agencies have six ways to Sunday to take somebody down.
And that was, I forget what year, but that was early, early in the Trump administration.
And we saw what happened with the
You know, the impeachment inquiry, which ties in with censorship because you couldn't even mention the name of the whistleblower, the deep state operative, who kicked that off.
And then even Senator Rand Paul was censored mentioning the name on the floor of the Senate because that clip was posted on his YouTube channel.
So you have the big tech platforms allowed anyone and everyone to smear Donald Trump, to incite violence against him.
To defame him in every way possible, but just mentioning the name of a whistleblower.
Not posting his address, not even posting photos of him.
He works for the government.
He is a public official.
Eric Caramello, I believe, is his name.
And so they suppressed that name from even being said.
And so the fact that Donald Trump has now been allowed back on Twitter, not only Twitter, on NX,
They restored his YouTube channel as well.
And so I think they started to get a little concerned that they were pushing the envelope a little too far.
Everybody just started to see that their plan was so obvious.
That we were becoming a communist state where you can't even question the outcome of an election?
You're not even allowed to have a First Amendment right?
You can't mention the name of a government official that kicked off an impeachment inquiry because that is considered to be harassment?
Give me a break.
That's right.
You can't face your accuser.
That's in the Constitution.
The Bill of Rights, that if somebody accused you, you can face them.
Oh, we can't say who the source was.
That's harassment.
So, super, super dangerous.
All right.
People need to get the war on conservatives.
Mark Dias, give us your gut level prediction.
We're not going to hold you to it.
But the next 11 months before this election, what are you just dead reckoning things are going to happen?
I have concerns.
I have fears.
I try not to give in to them.
It's the natural instinct to, you know, sort of think of worst possible scenarios in order to protect yourselves from them.
We talked about some of them in the beginning of the show.
I don't want to make any predictions, but there are, like Elon said during the Twitter space, there are probabilities.
There are possibilities.
All of the ones that I see lead to a tremendously difficult time coming ahead.
They're trying to throw President Trump in prison.
They may actually do it.
He may be in prison or confined to a military base during the election and win.
And then the issue is going to be, are they going to allow him to be sworn in remotely or have surrogates come in and swear him in?
We're in a collapsing empire, folks, so you better be prepared.
And I don't want to say about an armed rebellion.
I say emotionally prepared, psychologically prepared, thinking locally, family, friends, community, church.
Get ready.
And we can't be swept up and you can't be getting too caught up in the fear and mouthing off and saying stupid things that maybe amongst friends, your friends would know that you wouldn't mean because that's how people are going to get arrested.
People are going to get in trouble.
We're facing a very difficult time when we have people being arrested and sentenced to seven months in prison for posting memes like Douglas Mackey, Owen Schroer being sentenced to prison for exercising his First Amendment right.
I want everybody to just be careful, be calm,
Think about your words carefully, what you say, what you post, and, you know, just God bless you.
You know, exactly, because we're in a real war.
This is not patty cake.
This isn't make-believe.
This isn't musical chairs.
This is war against the dying evil empire.
We should lie to people.
This is extremely dangerous.
Yeah, and watch your analogies, watch your figure of speech, because they'll take anything and everything out of context.
They claim that you were being literal, so everyone, my main advice is to be careful.
Focus on friends, family, locally.
No matter what happens with the country nationally, locally, your community, even if it's just your neighborhood, your local school, that will be able, and what we should also do,
By focusing locally, take over the school boards, take over the city councils.
It's a lot easier.
Yeah, notice how they sent the NPI in two years ago.
They were so scared of us just peacefully speaking out and taking over.
There's a lot of competition on a national level when you're talking about races, even for governor or for Senate, for Congress.
When we're talking about a school board, I mean, we're seeing some very small margins.
I don't know where it was, but there was just an issue where somebody lost a local office to one vote because he didn't vote for himself.
He just didn't feel comfortable voting for himself.
And President Trump only won in 2016, I think by just a few tens of thousands of votes.
And so it just depends on the different areas who you can get to vote for.
And even if the country goes to hell in a handbasket, you can get your school board, you can get your sheriff.
Because again, I mentioned this before, I'll reinforce it.
During the COVID lockdowns, even in counties in Los Angeles,
Sheriffs were not enforcing Governor Newsom's lockdown order.
That's right.
It's time to stop following orders.
All right.
The book is The World Conservatives, Amazon.com.
I want to send it to number one.
Mark Dice, thank you so much.
Really amazing.
And thanks for being a real American, buddy.
It's good to know who's actually on our side.
Appreciate it.
Glad to see you back.
Look forward to everything that you're going to do.
Have a good Christmas.
Happy New Year.
And buckle up, everybody.
It's going to be intense.
Buckle up.
The war on conservatives.
Mark Dice, only made 10 years.
The real deal when almost no one would support me.
He did.
I don't forget that.
I said today, because we got a lot of folks on the show, and I said, I want Mark Dice first.
And, of course, he's like, well, I'm a little busy.
And I said, knock it off, man.
Just get on the damn show.
So, he's a busy guy.
He has businesses and everything else, but we need people like Mark Dice, and we appreciate him.
All right, we're going to go to break here.
I already skipped the break, but I want to air this special report because it's important.
I'm going to come back and drill through all this news, but I'm telling you, folks, I don't hype stuff up for no reason.
You know if I tell you something's big, it's big.
In fact, most of the time I say, coming up, and I go ahead and tell you right away, I'm the opposite of a hype guy.
I just can't help it.
I kind of shoot my wad right up front.
This Elon Musk interview, supposedly me being interviewed by him, I said, forget Alex Jones.
Let's not talk about... Come on, please.
Let's move on.
You run all this economic engine.
Let's talk about you.
70% of it is me asking him questions.
That has already went out to millions.
It's about to be on Infowars.com.
It's not already there.
So look for that tomorrow.
Chase Geiser's coming up in about 35 minutes, 36 minutes.
But here is New World Order Builds Planetary Suicide Machine by Gian Bound.
Very important report.
Here it is.
Many cults reach a point where mass murder is inevitable.
It's the cult.
I mean, it's the cult of cults.
It's the cult of truth.
It is no different with the climate change cult.
Many people who are in the middle of Manhattan and have maybe never been on the other side of the Hudson River... You know what?
Here, pause.
I rarely nail it wrong.
I'm really good with these clocks.
And I'm used to John Bowne reports being four minutes, 50 seconds.
I didn't look at this.
I just thought, oh, John Bowne is five minutes.
It's five minutes, 52 seconds.
It's too important.
I watched it before I went on today, and I was like, this is incredibly important.
So we're not cutting this short.
We're not cutting a minute off of it.
So you're stuck with me for four minutes before we go to break.
But here's what I want to explain to people.
We're good to go.
They're trying to tell you there aren't good people.
You're good.
You're watching.
You're listening.
You love justice.
You love God.
You know you're good.
And I don't even give those people attacking any attention.
Most of them are bots or on the enemy's side.
But just that's a lie, folks.
I'm anti-abortion.
I'm pro-God.
I'm pro-America.
I'm pro-sovereignty.
I'm pro-capitalism.
I am pro-medical freedom.
And that's what I do 24-7.
And I'm against taking your guns, 100%.
I'm not against gun safety training, which the media spends, oh, Jones is pro-anti-gun.
No, I mean training people how to use a gun, training people about gun safety and how to shoot and how to clean it, how to store it.
They try to get rid of that at the public schools that still have it, the YMCA.
And I notice how the enemy works.
They'll come out and they'll say, oh, Jones is anti-establishment.
And they'll say, oh, Jones is an FBI informant.
Why, Jones, when they were trying to indict Owen Troyer, they had indicted Owen.
They said, if you just give us your cell phone, we won't put him in jail.
Now, my lawyers looked at my cell phone.
I knew I wasn't involved in January 6th attack on the Capitol.
So we sent them a letter back and said, yeah, you give us blank immunity, we'll give you the cell phone because there's nothing on it.
And they leaked it to the news saying, Jones is offering the cell phone of Trump.
Trump wasn't on the cell phone.
Hadn't talked to him in over a year.
I had lawyers check the whole thing.
I sat there and read hundreds of pages of text messages.
Nothing there.
And then they spin that.
Oh, Jones.
Remember all the headlines, New York Times, Washington Post?
Jones has come out.
He's going to turn state's evidence on January 6th.
And I talked to Ellen and I said...
We're not going to give them the phone.
They're screwing us.
He's like, yeah, screw them.
So they put Owen in jail.
But he's out now.
But I mean, that's how this works.
The cop pulls you over.
You're not drinking.
Are you drinking?
That's not state evidence.
I didn't work with the system.
I wasn't with the man.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Because I can tell you right now, I'm as real as it gets, and I know I am.
And so that's just another message to you because that's the last hurdle we got to go over.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So let's just do this.
Let's say I'm a bad guy.
Let's move on from that.
You know you're good.
Now take action against the new world order.
We are in the middle of a crude and ugly communist revolution funded by the big banks as a battering ram into a new age digital economy and a total surveillance state.
All branches of government are attacking we the people and they offer us only one option.
A meaningless vote in a rigged election.
We're good to go.
Share them, upload them, and send them everywhere.
Let the world unite for truth, justice, and 1776 worldwide.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Waging war on corruption, it's Alex Jones.
Well, the pig of the battle is here right now.
And I was just talking to the crew during the break.
Man, this is a two-plus hour interview with Elon Musk.
We're trying to boil it down to 45 minutes for tomorrow.
Chase Geiser takes over in like 37 minutes.
27 minutes.
It is unbelievably powerful.
I mean, Elon Musk has never said stuff like this.
The New World Order wants to kill his global government.
They're going to crap their New World Order pants when this goes out.
But I went to break late and couldn't play this clip.
So here is John Bowne's latest clip.
This is a really important report.
It's a Bandai video.
Here it is.
Many cults reach a point where mass murder is inevitable.
I mean, it's the cult of cults.
It's the cult.
It's the cult of truth.
It is no different with the climate change cult.
Many people who are in the middle of Manhattan and have maybe ever never been on the other side of the Hudson River...
Can have these ideas in their heads somehow that we could eliminate fossil fuels.
Well, it's a recipe for mass suicide.
It's just quite amazing that someone that is in government, actually elected to the government of the United States of America, would propose that we eliminate all fossil fuels in 12 years.
It would basically begin a process of cannibalization amongst the human species because the food could not be delivered to the stores in the middle of the cities anymore.
Recently, at the 28th annual United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP28, Pope Francis issued an apostolic exhortation to fuel the climate crisis scythe.
These people won't stop until all life on planet Earth is no more.
As they continue to ignore the science.
Are you seriously suggesting we should be pumping more stuff in, polluting the earth more, building more coal-fired power stations, just so we can make sure that the CO2 levels are good?
No, I'm not, because we're putting plenty of CO2 into the atmosphere.
We don't need to do it this quickly, but if we bring it up to a higher level than it is today, we will get immediately an increase in the growth of crops and trees, which is not a bad thing.
The tendency to go in the rich countries to wind and solar is a giant waste of money.
Those wind farms will rust in place, and there is no fun to decommission them when they either wear out or we decide how ridiculous it is to spend so much money for so little electricity that isn't even reliable.
The climate right now is no warmer than it's been many times throughout history.
Our baseline is now the lowest the carbon dioxide has been in 600 million years.
That won't stop King Charles from demanding that U.S.
taxpayers pump trillions of dollars into their organization in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
Our grandchildren won't be asking what we said.
They will be living with the consequences of what we did or didn't do.
So if we act together to safeguard our precious planet, the welfare of all our people will surely follow.
The Earth does not belong to us.
We belong to the Earth.
They're chemtrailing with aluminum dioxide all over the world, killing the seeds, the plants, the trees, the insects dying.
They've got the Hadrian Collider, their own scientists, and they can blow the Earth up, the tests they're doing.
They're the ones releasing GMO.
They're the ones with the 5G.
They're the ones saying cut down trees, carbon's bad.
So everything he says is a giant lie, except we own the earth, you don't.
We're the guardians of the earth.
It's ours.
He represents the earth while he's killing it.
While the annual president of COP28, CEO of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, raised questions no one wanted to address.
Reports in the Guardian of your comments that there is no science behind calls to cut fossil fuels.
Do you maintain this?
Contribute to a loss of public confidence in this COP outside of the negotiating bubble here on site?
What I'm saying today, you have access to all of my public engagements.
It's there.
I'm not going to say anything you want.
While John Kerry wants food production halted and millions to starve in order to worship his delusions.
Emissions from the food system alone are projected to cause another half a degree of warming by mid-century on the current course that we are today.
And you just can't continue to both warm the planet while also expecting to feed it.
Doesn't work.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia spearheads a $500 billion project to cram 260,000 people per square kilometer into a 110-mile-long dense urban nightmare.
Imagine NEOM as a prototype for a better future.
A future for all.
One being built to last.
Sound good?
Adding to their misguided solutions is the use of carbon dioxide removal machines.
One of our plants does the work of 40 million trees.
So if we're going to plant trees instead of doing our plants, we'd better get on with it.
We'd better plant lots of them.
A scaled-up plant could do the work of 40 million trees, but only if the carbon were sequestered underground.
However, the potential leaks from storing carbon in underground reservoirs due to well failures, earthquakes, and big money ignoring potential regulations, the leaking CO2 underground in high concentration, combined with the coupled processing of poisonous hydrogen sulfide,
Could be massively catastrophic to life on Earth.
A perfect target for potential terror attacks or false flag events.
Putting the extinction of targeted populations in the hands of New World Order psychopathic cults with a weapon of genocide lurking beneath our feet.
John Bowne reporting.
Yeah, just like the Hindenburg, it's explosive and concentrated.
By the way, it's what plants breathe is carbon dioxide.
The Lord builds planetary suicide machines.
Very important report.
Let's talk about the real suicide machines.
I mean, that's a real one, too, but this is out in the open.
Dan Dix, Press for Truth, Infowars.com.
New vaccine mandates.
Brazil is forcing vaccine on babies.
Lula's a communist.
Bolsonaro banned it, and now they're giving him the experimental shot that sterilizes, destroys the immune system, causes cardiovascular problems, Brazil's mandatory vaccine for children, the socialist criminal president Lula, the Silva demands people inject their kids or lose welfare, or have their children taken.
That's all being run by the IMF and the World Bank.
DNA contamination in COVID jabs could explain rising cancers, clots, and autoimmune disease.
Here's another one.
Another big study on that.
The media is hyping carbon passports to restrict travel.
Big article from Zero Hedge linking to all the CNN and everybody else promoting carbon passports, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolute tyranny in your face.
But we're here challenging it.
We're here fighting it.
But I got to tell you, we're having huge success reaching, I don't want to exaggerate, the last five, six days we've reached about, let's not exaggerate,
No, that's too low.
400 million people?
400 million.
That's a very low estimate.
400 million people that this creature, Alex Jones, has reached thanks to your support, your promotion.
So your backing of us...
I could say it's paid off.
You get all the credit, by the way.
I mean, I'm built for war.
I'm built to take it.
That's just how God made me.
I'm not perfect, but God knows I actually enjoy all these attacks.
As long as I'm winning, I feel really good.
When I'm losing, I'm even more pissed off if I even harm her.
That's why God always likes to keep me right where I'm losing to get full potential.
In fact, God just finally told me, I said, why am I always kept on the edge of destruction?
And finally, I'm sitting there on the couch outside watching my daughter swim in the pool,
I said a couple days ago, it feels like a million years ago, Saturday, yesterday morning, the pool's heated and she's out there swimming around even though it's cold.
And I literally was like hit again.
And God said, I've told you this, you're not listening.
You're hungrier when you're getting your ass kicked, son.
If you were winning all the time and you fought harder, I'd do that.
You fight harder when you're getting your ass kicked.
Literally, I was like, okay, I understand now.
And now once I was told that, the Satanists laugh at that, but they follow Satan's orders.
I follow God's orders.
It's obvious.
That's why I'm always kept on the edge of destruction.
That's why I'm always kept going into the fire.
Because humanity's going into the fire, and God wants me right where everybody's at.
So I get it, God.
You're the master.
You got it all figured out.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
What would you do if there was a tyrannical, totalitarian world government taking over whose plan was to kill 90% of the world population and they were already beginning to do it?
You would rally against it, you would fight it.
And that's what we're doing.
This is the reality of 2023.
I just want to thank listeners and viewers for your last year's support.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Final segment before Chase Geiser takes over 6 to 8 p.m.
Central on the InfoWars Network on Sunday Live.
Whatever you do, don't share the links from Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
I want to read this quote because as evil as V.I.
Lennon was...
And as evil as Joseph Stalin was, they said a lot of things that were cold-blooded and true.
Stalin famously said, when one man dies, it's a tragedy.
When 10,000 dies, it's statistics.
Well, V.I.
Lenin said, there are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen.
That is true.
There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen.
And that's where we are right now.
We are at the crossroads in the future of humanity.
And it's not like I just sit up here and say this with all the thousands of political stripes and all the weird subgroups and 10,000 Christian denominations and 100 Muslim denominations and 100...
I think?
I mean, I tell you, as Bigley Brzezinski said before he died to the Council on Foreign Relations, it's easier to kill a million people than convince a million people, so we've got to start learning how to kill the general public.
I mean, you better go find that clip.
It'll take you 30 seconds to do it.
And then you decide what you're going to do about that.
I'm a man, though.
I'm not the biggest, baddest guy around.
But you know what?
Big old powerful groups are planning to kill me and my family.
And that means all of you at the same time.
People say, oh, why do you have so much empathy?
People say, I care about my family.
I was on the air with Vivint Ramaswani today and Elon Musk.
It was my show on there.
And I could ask all the questions I wanted to.
It was crazy.
And I said, let's not talk about me and all the diversions.
I think?
We're good to go.
Because we're harder working, whatever, better circumstances.
But at the end of the day, a real society that empowers or tries to empower everybody is a civilization I want.
The left has their counterfeit of that where they want to lower everybody to make us equally slaves.
No, we have competition with incredible heights.
The lows are way above the lows of a tyranny or a collective system.
You know, the lows of a collective system are 100 feet down here.
The lows of a freedom system are just right here.
You're just, you know, boom.
So don't be ashamed of your success or your will or your hard work.
And don't let anybody intimidate you or tell you you're a piece of garbage because of it.
Celebrate innovation.
Celebrate invention.
Celebrate Nikola Tesla and Isaac Newton and Alexander Graham Bell.
Celebrate that.
Because that's a celebration of our native intelligence together and all of us sharing an incredible human curiosity and the will of the people.
I got a couple clips I want to play here.
The first one is Africans pouring in that have been centered by the UN and then them running down the streets of Arizona.
Just play it all back to back.
Then I got a clip of Biden.
This is not an edited clip because I saw this last night.
I thought this has got to be fake.
So I went and found the full speech.
This is real.
This is him saying, Jesus knew the importance of airports, and then he says even more whacked-out stuff.
Here's the clips.
Where are you guys from?
Africa, where?
What country?
What country?
What country?
And then here's shots of the highways in Arizona, just illegal aliens, just no jobs, no future, no plan, no money.
Well, they're going to break into your house, folks.
It's happened all over Europe.
And they just sit back and watch the whole thing happen.
And then here's Joe Biden not knowing what planet he's on.
By the way, the same stable genius who said the biggest problem we had in the Revolutionary War is we didn't have enough airports.
What are you talking about, man?
Jesus the genius in the Revolutionary War said the biggest problem we face is not having enough airplanes.
Play that again.
By the way, the same stable genius that said the biggest problem we had in the Revolutionary War is we didn't have enough airports.
I'm sorry, I said airplanes, airports.
What are you talking about?
So, the stable genius Jesus didn't... said our biggest problem in the Revolutionary War was not enough airports.
I mean, what brain?
The same stable genius Jesus said our biggest problem in the Revolutionary War wasn't enough airports.
I mean, that sounds like Dr. Seuss on 15 Hits of Acid.
And that's the guy that bragged last week to a union, I got the nuclear launch codes!
And now he's like, you don't give me another $106 billion, I'm going to start war with the Russians right now.
Your sons and daughters are going to die.
People go, well, that's just crazy Biden.
And then the Secretary of Defense goes and tells Congress that.
And then Blinken goes on the national news, I played it the first hour, and says it again.
These people are cuckoo.
Completely out of their mind.
He probably just took five Adderalls to even get out there and be able to talk.
If I drink a cup of coffee too late today, I feel like I'm going to pass out.
I'm 50 years old, folks.
I've talked to Secret Service.
I told Tucker Carlson it doesn't BS.
Remember he said, oh, the NSA spying on me a month later?
Yes, the NSA was spying on Tucker Carlson.
He doesn't make stuff up.
He said, yeah, I heard what you heard.
I've talked to the Secret Service.
I've talked to, I'll leave it at that.
They're like, we're really scared.
They're injecting him with weird stuff.
He gets all wild after.
We think it's speed.
He goes to sleep.
They give him other pills.
I said, yeah, I mean, I speculate.
That's meth.
That's downers.
They said, yeah, he wanders around naked and craps everywhere.
He gets mad.
He just starts crapping on everybody.
I told you that two years ago.
Now it's all over the news.
I told you Hillary falls down all the time and is put in a black ambulance.
A month later, he got caught on video.
That was directly from the Secret Service.
They said, can you put somebody on our ambulance?
I said, I've only got three or four reporters.
I'll try.
One of our reporters caught her falling down, being taken into the deal.
It all got shut down in, like, Ohio.
It was Iowa.
And then another independent reporter, not us, caught her falling down on 9-11 in New York.
So, yeah, are my sources right?
They said she's in a black ambulance.
She has convulsions every couple of hours.
Can you just follow her?
And it was true.
So the feds aren't even our enemy, folks, the mid-level, the whole level.
They're telling us stuff that's true.
We're good to go.
Like when a hijacker takes over a jet.
It's not the American Airlines if somebody hijacks it.
It's the damn hijacker.
We're going to break.
Chase Geyser's taking over.
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