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Air Date: Dec. 8, 2023
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In a recent Infowars show, Alex Jones discusses globalist plans to reduce cattle populations by 80% by 2030 as part of their high-tech, cashless society agenda controlled by drones and robots. He accuses the UN and WEF of undermining societies through crises like fentanyl overdoses, open borders, and demoralization. Jones also criticizes Joe Biden's presidency, predicting that cars will require GPS and all citizens will need a cell phone at all times under this agenda. He discusses the military's role in enforcing the globalist plan, citing top defense officials influenced by the New World Order ideology for decades. Turning to politics, Jones criticizes Biden's presidency, citing reports of his senility and corruption. He also claims that Trump is being targeted by deep state actors because he has become a populist icon despite being indicted for election theft. Hunter Biden could face 17 years in prison after spending millions on lavish, hard-partying lifestyles while dodging taxes. Caravans of migrants continue to flood into the US border, leading to calls for more aid.

So that's why the WEF and the UN are coming in, in Ireland and in areas of Asia and in
the Netherlands and saying by 2030 80% of your cows have got to be dead and they just
banned like 30% this year in the Netherlands and it didn't matter people were 80% against
it in polls.
It didn't matter.
They sent the military in against the peaceful farmers that were just protesting just like
the peaceful truckers in Canada got brutally attacked.
And so they're all WEF globalist alumni that the big banks on record brag, they've
penetrated the cabinets to quote Klaus Schwab, they've put their operatives in to cut
off our energy, demoralize us, release the hardened criminals, put the political activists
in prison, continue to cut off the resources to make an angrier world.
Klaus Schwab says we're going to make the world collapse, we're going to have
everybody turn against each other, we're going to blame the political classes that
we own and control and then when we're done we'll bring in our new solution.
But first they have to demolish the cultures and societies that we had before with
the fentanyl, with the open borders, with the demoralization and then they bring in
their next phase which is a high-tech, casual society, robot, drone-controlled nightmare.
More than half of the U.S. in their official U.N. maps that they've had for more than
25 years, there are some of my first films, show half the U.S. off limits to humans,
all cars left to have GPS, everybody by law had to have a cell phone at all times.
Australia just did this last year, tried to push it through.
And that's the admitted global U.N. standardized plan where you don't leave your house without a cell phone.
Every car is robot kill-switch, GPS-controlled, California's moving to ban all the quote classic cars,
that's any car that doesn't have a digital ignition and they admit it's for control.
So if people think things are bad now, the straitjacket, the ball and chain is going on,
it's all being militarily run.
Our military is great men and women but at the top our military has been globalist,
trained, new world order people for at least 30, 40 years.
They've got almost every general, every person under their control and that's why it came
out in the U.K. and Europe and also here in Canada.
You pulled the headlines, Defense Department purposely scared public into lockdowns, masking
and taking inoculations, U.K. headline, British Ministry of Defense secretly brainwashed
and terrorized public, Canada, same headline, they even let you know, oh the military
is here to do this and now the CIA and Justice Department is there to help surveil the public
to stop disinformation and it turned out of course almost all of this information was true.
About everything, so we have to understand our governments have been seized,
the big corporations want to get rid of the American idea, you got 50 acres in your house
and a business and a farm and you can take care of your family and you're independent.
They have to destroy all that because the rest of the world aspires to that.
Instead, they want 15 minute cities, central bank digital currencies, they want all of these
systems that track and trace everything you do in the social credit scores and the plan of the
rest of the public, I mean we're about 99% is 250 square foot coffin apartments, 5G bathing you
in them, literally eating bug protein and you see the system, the media going after Biden and
he deserves it but they were covering it up until now, now they're covering the laptop,
now they're covering attacking the dog, now they're covering you know all of his senility,
all the corruption, the Chinese spies.
Tacking a dog, what a pig he is, I'm sorry.
Well I mean I was told that by Secret Service and by people that let's just say work with them
and I'm gonna leave it at that but I actually have a contact for you,
I should be able to hear it from them but when this is over I'll let you actually hear
it from yourself, I think they'll tell you off record, I think they're willing to talk to you.
But yeah, he is completely out of his mind, he wanders around for the entire two and a half
years, it's getting worse, naked in the White House, in the middle of the night,
doesn't know who he is, they have to give him a bunch of drugs,
a bunch of amphetamines in the morning, then they've got a drug in at night,
sometimes he's got it though, he'll like be out for the morning for a while and then
comes back out at night for a ball, that's when there's a real problem.
He is on drugs, I have established that and I know someone who witnessed it,
I'm not guessing at this, I know someone personally who witnessed him taking amphetamines
and this was during the 2016, 2020 election.
So how's this gonna, that's huge, I know you don't play games, you've been...
No I don't play games with...
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Waging war on corruption, it's Alex Jones,
coming to you live from the front lines of the Infowar.
It's Friday, December 8th, 2023, I'm your host Alex Jones, I want to welcome
the giant new audience tuning in, the Tucker interview that dropped yesterday is the biggest
story on the internet right now, really affecting change and warning the planet about
the globalist depopulation plan, and so much more, Owen Schroyer got out of prison
about 15 days early this morning, our crew picked him up in Louisiana, he'll be joining
us from the road via video link coming up at the bottom of the hour, but here's the
opening salvo from the Tucker Alex Jones interview. You look at the trajectory of this,
how they're escalating on Trump, whether you love him or hate him, he's now a populist icon,
he's now the underdog, the globalists are coming after him, they're coming after our right to
vote for who we want, he gets 60 percent, which is the fundamental right in a democracy,
the people rule, I can vote for whomever I want, and if you don't like that person,
that's immaterial, absolutely, and he's been indicted for saying they're stealing elections,
they're stealing it, oh I'm aware, well yeah absolutely, in their indictments of him
is election theft, but yes, so but despite that he's got 60 percent against all
of the Republicans, he's 15-20 points ahead of Biden, it's backfired, but the deep state's
not going to stop, so when you said to Trump several times in that 400 million views, whatever
you got, biggest show ever, you said to him, well isn't the next thing I'm trying to kill you,
and he's so confident, he doesn't want to think about that, and where he doesn't want
to think about it, whereas I admire someone that's that confident, you know, the deep state does
kill people, and that's their only next move because this is failing, and I think they're
going to kill Biden too, or I think they're going to try to, what you said in the speech again
before the last one, I talked about like a month ago, you said, I don't see Biden
and Trump being the candidates, you see the system, the media going after Biden,
and he deserves it, but they were covering it up until now, now they're covering the laptop,
now they're covering attack on the dog, now they're covering, you know, all of his senility,
all the corruption, the Chinese spies, attacking a dog, what a pig he is.
By the way, just to show how deceptive the corporate media is, a whole bunch of publications,
I think I listened out there in the printer, those stories, I printed out for one live,
give them to me guys, said Jones is making up that Biden is mean to his dog,
it's come out in mainstream news, and he's been caught on video kicking it,
and then it attacks the secret service, I mean, we talk about all these things that are real,
and they sit there and deny that they're doing it, down to Biden, but the establishment's backing
of Biden has come to an end, Hunter Biden faces 17 years in prison after spending millions on
lavish hard parting lifestyles while dodging taxes, yeah, a bunch of hookers, and cocaine,
House Republicans unveil resolution to authorize Biden impeachment,
inquiry on the speaker says he's going to let that continue to roll forward,
we've got a lot to get into here today, western aid to Ukraine, falls off a cliff,
according to the International German Monitor Group, and the response is not just Biden two
days ago saying, well, we'll just go to war with Russia, now the Secretary of Defense,
Carlson broke, they have the sources, told a closed door meeting in Congress,
that our sons and daughters will die soon if we don't give them $106 billion.
So total blackmail by these criminals will be breaking all of this down today,
studies show vaccinated more likely to suffer from ear disease, that's what everybody keep
reporting with tinnitus, blood disorders and hair loss, yeah, as it breaks your DNA,
makes you accelerate your aging, big prestigious studies out, but they just say
conspiracy theory, disinfo, they don't want to respond to any of the facts that we see all
around us, the plunging life expectancy of every country that took the shot, the plunging
fertility rate of every country that took the shots, it's just incredible, the exploding
cardiovascular situation, it's just unbelievable, they actually did it, I mean, I find it hard to
believe, and that's what they're counting on, is it's so horrible, so crazy, so over the top,
the Netherlands, oh, by 2030, 90% of all cows will be killed, the Netherlands
killed 30% this year, 80% of people in polls are against it, they roll tanks and troops in and
beat and attack the farmers and just start slaughtering their cows, and it's barely even
on the news, now Ireland's gonna kill their cows, I mean, it's just insane, it doesn't
sound real, I remember like two years ago, the document came out of the Department of Energy,
they said, yeah, we're gonna have regulations in 2023 to ban the new production of gas range
stoves, they went, oh, no, that's a conspiracy theory, that was a real memo, and now they're
saying, yes, we want it, and New York just banned them, or began the process, I mean, it's just,
it's always the same tactics, like, oh, we don't want illegal aliens to vote,
and then over 100 jurisdictions have passed laws, illegal aliens can vote, all Democrat,
oh, there's no caravans, remember just three, four years ago, oh, Trump's making it up,
there's no caravans, John Stewart, there's no caravans,
giant 100,000 person caravans slamming into the border every month, now it's every week,
I mean, it is insane asylum level, total complete, insane asylum level, you know,
I like to drive down to South Texas, but really, I like West Texas, and every three or four months,
I like to drive out to Big Bend, and just, it's Old West out there, if you're in a car wreck,
cops aren't coming for two hours, I mean, it's cool, because you're all by yourself,
and they got a checkpoint 70 miles in to the country, that's in the federal law, they can do
that, and when they drive you through the checkpoint, they ask what you're doing, where
you're going, I just look at them every time, and I go, you know the border's wide open,
and you know I'm a citizen, I'm not smuggling any kids, so don't ask me where I'm a citizen,
you can tell I am, and they go, you're right, and just laugh and wave me through,
and I'm not disrespecting the border patrol, I'm just not gonna sit there,
while they cut open the barbed wire fences, and run bulldozers over it in front of us, and
have the federal courts order our governor to stop trying to secure it, and then they still
want to ask me if I'm a citizen, and the last time I was down there, the guy goes,
all right Alex have a good day, because they always know who I am, and I'm like yeah,
why are you asking me if I'm a US citizen, and why are you asking what's in my car,
I'm just like let's not keep the facade going here, the charade, this is a lie,
now if they were doing their job and actually securing it, they wanted to ask me questions
and check or whatever, I'd be like sure, because maybe I'm smuggling drugs or something,
but the damn things open at the border, so I don't want to be 70 miles in the United States,
federal law they do up to 100 miles in, I'm just not playing along with you man,
if you don't want to get preached at, then wave me through, just leave me alone,
I'm not playing along with this game,
now they started actually arresting and executing fentanyl dealers, I'd be like,
pull me over, search my car, because I'm coming out of the border,
find out I don't have fentanyl, but that's not going on folks,
they're letting it all through, and I'm going to just stop ranting,
yesterday I've been on air, it'll be 29 years in April, 30 years in April,
it's been 29 years, it'll be 30 years in April, and I first started getting on shows and
going and speaking to city council and county commission and all the rest of that,
I was 20 years old, 20 years old, and so we should have some type of bookmark,
I'm not a big guy into like celebrating things or having toast or
a bunch of pomp and circumstance, but I think 30 years of this operation
is a big deal, 25 years of info wars when he came up with that name and launched that,
Vic Vreeland, deputy fire chief had the idea, told me I should have a website and help me set it up,
that's his idea, I always give credit to the Hoops too,
people are like Jones must be an operative, he had the perfect name info war,
well I mean Vic Vreeland was in air force intelligence in Vietnam and did a bunch of stuff
it's his idea, and he said we're the people's info war,
but that was the type of guys I got educated by, there's so many of them,
they're the only reason we're here today, all those great people, I called Vic like five years
ago, he's lived down, I don't even know, he's a lot down in Bastrop, he's really old now,
maybe he's not a lot, I don't know, I said please come on, he said Alex we love you,
but man we're retired, we're really old buddy, so we're proud of you, good luck, and
you ever want to come by and have a glass of lemonade, go ahead, I should go,
I should have gone out there, I didn't do it, all right we'll be right back ladies and
gentlemen stay with us
what would you do if there was a tyrannical totalitarian world government taking over
whose plan was to kill 90% of the world population and they were already beginning to
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it is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives
oblivious and you realize aprons is not bliss it equals death but people are starting to
really understand how serious things are and that's that's a hard thing to do because to
wake up to a dystopian reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological level
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leading a frontal assault on the lies of the new world order it's alex jones
And I gotta say this before I plunge into all the earth shaking news, it really is surreal
to be on here 29 years, almost 30, and how true everything came. And I gotta just hand
it to my grandfathers and my father and my uncle, hell even my dad's brother too, he
was aware of all this until he was still a library guy, Jolyon Jones. But man were
they dead on. If it wasn't for all the patriots in America that were aware of the
new world order decades and decades and decades ago, I mean they knew about this stuff in the
50s and they've been holding it back and holding it back and we've been educating people and
building infrastructure and just we got a real shot at beating these people now because all
their gaslighting about how none of this exists isn't working anymore. But then when I pull back
and I see 40 plus percent increase in death worldwide over any other year before, the worst
years before that was like World War I, a 7-8% increase. World War II didn't even kill as many
as World War I. World War I mainly killed military, World War II killed a bunch of
civilians so it's kind of apples and oranges but I mean they're really killing 20 million
people. That's a high number, the low number's at 13 million, most coming about 18-19 million
depending on the actuaries. But man that's just incredible. And then the 80 plus million
the UN admits starved to death because of the lockdowns. These people are out to kill us
and I just don't see how humanity goes along with this. I have real trouble
people buying this. The problem is, as I said last segment, it's so horrible that it's
unbelievable but it's really happening. But if we'll just get over the fact that we would never
even think of such things but there are people that are thinking of it and they run things and
they're trying to do it. They really selfishly see us using resources and having kids and
flying around and having a great time and they're pissed man. They want all that to stop.
And I'm just saying are we going to let these people do this? I mean are we really
going to go along with all that? You know I can't say enough about Tucker Carlson.
He's admitted to it. He came here 10 years ago and apologized to me. He was a
guy that bought into the system. He really thought America hadn't been taken over.
He heard my show and thought that I was a terrible liar. And then as he saw more and
more things come true, he started to wake up 10-11 years ago. He was in town, came to visit,
came on the show. We got to know each other, became friends over the years.
And I've known Tucker a long time, been to dinner with him a lot, been at events with
him. But I've never been to Maine. I spent three days with him in Maine where he grew up.
And the guy is a super outdoorsman. I mean that guy knows how to run a buck,
skin a buck, run a trot line. He can plow fields all day long. He can catch catfish
from dusk till dawn. He can sharpen his chainsaw so fast it'll make your head spin and is a
great shot. And he's got all this cool property he's bought over the years out there. It's just,
it's like a wonderland. And he's all like, hell, move up here, man. Let's get on up here with
me. He's just the guy you see on TV, giggling and laughing and having fun. He's like Santa
Claus or something, man. I've never been around anybody like him. And we'd be up at seven in
the morning and he'd be cooking breakfast. That was his house bouncing off the walls.
And then it'd be 11 o'clock at night and he'd be telling jokes and all this. And I'm just like,
how the hell do you have this much energy? He's like, oh, a guy just shot a bear on my property.
Just go look at this. Oh, they just shot a moose on my property. Let's go over here.
And so he's like, well, I guess it's time to record the interview in between running around.
Let's pull over here and shoot some skeet. I got the piece of property on the river.
That's just like, wow, this is cool. And I had all these military guys with me and security
great shots, but he had this skeet machine set super hard. And it was very interesting and
just very impressive. So with Tucker, it's not some outdoorsman act. In fact, he doesn't even
like guys with guns and shooting videos. I said, dude, you ought to show people your fly fishing
and your grouse and pheasant hunting and your bear hunting and your moose hunting and your
mule deer hunting and all of this. He's like, well, that's just my private life.
That's what I do. That's what I've been doing since I was a little kid,
because he would spend the summers there, but lived out in California.
And then his dad would send him back every summer there. And his dad was a great guy.
He was a great guy. Trained him and doing all sorts of instruction and manual labor and all
the rest of it so he wouldn't be ruined. But I don't want to gush about Tucker Carlson.
There's so much big news. It was just a lot of fun. In fact, go to my wife's Twitter
because I don't have a Twitter. So she put a few photos of Tucker and I, and I've got
a bunch of us. We have videos of us hunting and shooting shotguns and all the rest of it.
But it was definitely, definitely a lot of fun. But Tucker was shooting better than the
military guys, better than me. I mean, I was second best shooter. Nothing's military guys.
They ever shot a lot of skeet. But I mean, Tucker had this thing set really fast,
going straight out on a line. And I've never seen a skeet machine set that hard.
He was just blasting them out of the air. And I'm like, dude, you ought to show people this.
This is what you ought to be showing people. He's like, yeah, I built that cabin over there.
And I'm clearing all this right now. And it was very, because I mean,
I know all that stuff. I've done that stuff. I'm not like a woodsman or a mountain man or anything,
but I've definitely done it all. I mean, I've dehorned a thousand cattle in a day.
I've done cesarean sections on horses and cows. I've roofed houses and strung electrical wire
and beat people's brains in. But let me tell you, Tucker Carlson is a manly man.
He didn't put that aura off, which is his happy, jolly elf. But the best way to describe Tucker
Carlson is Santa Claus. He's a young Santa Claus. He's 57 years old. But I'm going to stop gushing
about Tucker Carlson. I'm going to get into Elon Musk coming up, coming out, a whole bunch
of tweets yesterday saying he's looking to unban Alex Jones. And it's bigger than me.
What does that signify with Elon doing that? The huge Tucker interview,
the whole globalist plan put out there. She's going to get 100 million views by the time
it's done. The clips have already gotten 50 million views or more on Twitter,
and that's a record of what they're going to do. And so as they roll their plan out,
that interview is devastating. It's already damaged them, but it's going to really
upset their apple cart in a big, big way. So very, very exciting. Mark Dies tweeted out this
WWE meme. I love Vince McMahon. Tucker on X after getting fired from Fox News. McMahon smiling.
Tucker interviewing Alex Jones on X. Oh, now he's really happy. Elon saying he's
considering restoring Alex Jones' account. This is the real world, folks. This is the
real info war. And it gets better today. Let's punch him up real quick before we go to break.
Look at that Moses beard. That's hillbilly right there, boy.
Solitary confinement. They were keeping there the whole time until the pressure.
They released him 15 days early. Owen is on the highway leaving Louisiana for Texas. He'll
be back next week. And he's going to be on Tucker either Tuesday or Wednesday.
If his probation officer lets him get on an airplane, maybe he'll do it remote.
Maybe they'll let him do it remote. You know, the judge said in his sentencing document,
he's going to jail for a speech. Maybe, oh, it'll get more prison time for what he's about to say
straight ahead. So Owen Schroyer, the cock destroyer, live on air, straight ahead,
big broadcast today. Infowars.com, newswars.com, band.video. And my new book,
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Because you can't stop us out and you can't make a run, those boys raised on shotguns.
We say praise and we say man, if you ain't into that we don't give a damn.
We came from the West Virginia coal mines and the rocky mountains and the western skies.
And we can skin a buck, we can run a trot line and a country boy can survive, country folks can survive.
I had a good friend in New York City, he never called me by my name, just the old billing.
My grandpa taught me how to live off the land and his taught him to be a business man.
Better learn how to live off the land folks, they're shutting off everything.
We can do it, we can come together now, we're going to beat these people.
We're strong, they're weak, we've been asleep, now we're awake.
I like to spit some beach nut in that dude's eye.
I'd love to spit some beach nut in that dude's eye.
And shoot him with my old .45 cause a country boy can survive.
Cause you can't make us run, you can't starve us out.
Cause you can't stop us out and you can't make us run, those boys raised on shotguns.
We say great, we say man and you ain't into that, we don't give a damn.
We're from North California and South Alabama and little towns all around this land.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, Owen Schroyer, the great patriot, the great talks to the hosted journalist
has now been sent to prison as a message to the world.
The judge said because you still say the election was stolen.
And he was thrown in solitary confinement, I talked to him this morning right when he got out.
It was the pressure you put, you that ended up them letting him go early and getting him out of solitary confinement.
And he's going to be back Monday, I told him to take a few days off.
He was ready to even come back on tomorrow, I said take a few days, he's going to be on with Tucker.
Next week I'm going to leave it at that, very exciting.
I'm appreciative of Tucker putting attention on this because all of our free speech are going to happen.
Owen's on the side of the road talking to us. Owen, my friend, this is going to be a quick boil down.
We're going to talk more about it on Monday on your show, 3 p.m. Central, the Wharram and then with Tucker.
But Owen, good to see your face my friend.
Well it's great to hear your voice, it's great to hear from the crew again.
And you know so many times Alex, over the years I feel like we are telepathically communicating and synced up with one another.
Because as soon as Hank Williams hit coming out of that break, I was like man, Hank Williams never sounded so good in my life.
I hope he lets it play and you let it play for about 60 seconds and damn, Hank Williams never sounded so good.
You know, it was an experience that I think God wanted me to go through these last 48 days in jail, there's no doubt.
And while it was not something that was pleasant, I certainly went through the worst of it.
I went through lows, I got through the worst of it, but there's a lot of things I learned in there, not just that need to be known to the world about how the BOP works, how the justice system is the injustice system and so many other things.
I was also able to read, I read 15 books while I was in there, so I learned a lot, I sharpened my mind.
But you know, you mentioned this coming in Alex, there's no doubt that not just the political pressure that was applied from the outside in regards to my case that helped me get out of solitary confinement, or it's called the shoe for people that have been in federal prison before, you know what the shoe is.
I was in the shoe, I spent the majority of my time actually in confinement in lockdown treated like a high security prisoner.
But there's no doubt that the power of prayer, as it's said in the Bible, I read the entire Bible cover to cover, and there was one passage from the Bible that really stuck with me as I was reading it, and it was when Paul and Silas were in prison, and they talked about the power of prayer.
And of course, Paul and the apostles were wrongfully imprisoned many times as well.
And they talked about the power of prayer and how at one time, when Paul and Silas were in prison, it was their prayers every day to God that rocked the foundations of the earth and caused an earthquake which led to the prison doors being opened for them, in which case they walked out.
And I do believe this happened for me not once but twice.
First, it was the power of prayer, and the prayers coming from this audience and God hearing your prayers that first opened up the doors of the special housing unit known as the shoe or solitary confinement, the prison in the prison, and then again opened up the prison doors so that I could be released early, serving 47 days of my 60 day sentence.
So, you know, I'll just say this, and I cannot state this strongly enough.
My faith in God has been solidified, and my faith in the American people has been reaffirmed.
And I'll have a lot of things to say about that in the coming days and weeks and months as we gird ourselves for this, what is going to be an epic 2024 year presidential election.
But I think the spirit of humanity, I think the soul, our consciousness is starting to get re-attuned with our divine creation and the future that we have our manifest destiny set to.
We are not destined to be slaves in a global corporate government.
We are not destined to be destitute and desolate and desperate on this creation, this earth that God gave to us.
No, our destiny is something much brighter.
Our destiny is something much more prosperous and expansive.
And I think we're in a turning now, Alex.
I really do believe that.
Owen, when you got that one phone call out, you reported the same thing that we heard from Joe Beggs, everybody until they totally silenced him, that you were overwhelmingly supported by the inmates and that they knew that you were a political prisoner.
And they really support President Trump.
And so they see many of them that have been set up while they release really hardened criminals, they really resonated with you.
So it shows from the highest levels to the lowest levels, people really know what's going on.
I hope when you go on Tucker next week, because it will reach tens of millions of people, that you don't just talk about your experience, Owen.
But this is a larger persecution going on.
They're trying to put Trump in prison.
They're trying to put everybody else in prison.
They're trying to put me in prison.
And people need to understand that the judge said, and I want you to send that to Tucker.
I got you on the phone with a producer today.
They called me and wanted you on.
To show people the sentencing document where the judge says, well, I have three examples the FBI gave me, or the Justice Department, where Owen in the last few months said the election was stolen.
So because he's not remorseful, you're at the Capitol trying to stop people going in.
But because you believe it was stolen, which is overwhelming, and the majority of Americans believe in major polls.
They're sending you to jail.
They want you to say, to know we're criminals, we're going to put you in prison for your speech.
I mean, they have indicted themselves.
They are tyrants, naked, wanting us to know they are, seeking that will then intimidate us, Owen.
And that's really the gauntlet they've thrown down here.
Well, and of course, in the sentencing memo, and part of my sentencing was, well, if not the majority, was my speech.
And one of the speeches cited was me saying death to tyrants, which, by the way, is the logo on the Virginia state flag.
So what are they going to ban that next to?
But I mean, it's a pretty simple question and answer.
Who would be offended by saying death to tyrants?
Well, tyrants would be offended by that.
Now, I would suggest if people want to get the background, if you're just hearing about this for the first time, go look at the press conferences my attorney and I, Norm Patis, have done.
We did another sit down.
We did an interview with you, Alex.
We did another long form press conference, if you will, showing the sentencing memo, how they're punishing me for speech, how they're punishing me for not being remorseful, for not believing that the 2020 election results were legitimate.
Oh, yeah, I don't know.
Trump just gets 30, 40, 50 thousand people at a rally.
Joe Biden can't fill a broom closet.
But hey, let's just go ahead and go with that.
Joe Biden gets the most votes of all time.
We won't pontificate on that too much.
But when people read this sentencing memo, it's exactly what you said.
This is a speech crime.
We are now living in an age in America where speech crimes and thought crimes are being punishable.
But they don't just want to say, oh, we're going to throw you in jail for your speech.
They want to be able to make you change your speech in a 1984 Orwellian news speak manner to say, no, no, no, no, no.
Not only are you going to go to jail, we're going to force you to apologize and retract your statements, which, by the way, sad to say, a lot of Trump's attorneys and a lot of Trump's team did just that.
In case you didn't notice in the last months now.
Well, that's because they all know they're going to be disbarred, disbarred or put in prison.
They did that to all my lawyers.
That's how they control it.
My point is, Owen, and I know you know this, but people know you've been persecuted for your speech.
Now they want to hear your speech about your views on the world, about the globalist, about the new world order.
So I'm just telling you what I'll tell you privately.
Right now we're counting solitary confinement, them being mean to you.
I talked about this morning.
That's all important.
It's a microcosm.
But the big issue is what was it Owen was doing?
They don't want to be heard.
And so I would make it about that because you're going to have a really bigger voice now.
And again, the enemy didn't think about that.
Now you were already popular in a lot of interviews.
Your show is popular.
But now we have people lining up to interview you.
And I just hope that it's 10% about what happened in prison, how you were persecuted.
And 90%, this is what they didn't want me to say.
Because Trump made one big mistake.
And this isn't for Owen.
This is for me to know this.
It's for the audience because I do this too.
They sue us.
They attack us.
It's leaked.
Memos have come out.
To get us off balance.
So they kept accusing Trump of being a Russian agent.
So he would spend all his time defending that and saying I'm not a Russian agent.
Instead of being on offense.
Does that make sense Owen?
Of course.
And of course, not only did I get sent to prison for my speech.
I then got sent to the prison, in the prison for my speech.
So these people really don't want us talking Alex.
It's the same reason why they censored you off the internet.
Censored me off the internet.
You're still fighting to get reinstated on Twitter.
Maybe Elon Musk will let you back.
Maybe he'll let me back on there as well with my original account.
But I want to expand on something else you said.
Not just the inmates that all were very supportive of me and my cause.
And they feel like now many of them who are wrongfully incarcerated as well may have a voice in the outside.
Folks, a lot of the people that worked in there.
I mean I don't know how else to say it.
But they're fans of us as well.
They're like-minded people as well.
Many of the people that worked there didn't know who I was.
But there was obviously a bunch of hubabaloo about me going in there.
All the letters.
All the political pressure.
They went and looked me up.
And then a lot of them were like, hey, I just looked you up and your stuff is good.
So it's just like everywhere else.
You've got people that hate our message and you've got people that love our message.
But the point is, people are curious.
What is it that they don't want us to hear?
Oh, they don't want you to question the 2020 election?
Well, that's odd.
Maybe I should look more into that.
Oh, they don't want you to question the nature of the COVID vaccines, the mRNA injections that they forced you to take?
Oh, maybe I should look into that.
And it just so happened I was able to see some of the clips from the Republican primary debate.
And what are Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis talking about?
How bad the vaccines were.
How people got harmed by them.
How the mandates were bad.
We would have never heard that before.
We would have never heard that on such a national and important political stage as we hear now.
That's us hitting the ground.
That's us breaking that window, breaking that door down so that other people can talk about it.
And what you're saying is so key.
And it's not like the audience is at the bottom.
They're at the top.
The audience supports, gives us intel, spreads the word, supports us.
And then with the guests and all of what we do, we're able to get this out.
And you can see the enemy admits this in CIA memos that have come out in this department.
Infowars, nine times out of 10, is the progenitor of people then looking into things.
Like two weeks ago, we're talking about new memos that came out with the CIA and Defense Department censoring America's being behind it.
Now that's mainstream news on Fox.
So that's why we're important.
We're the incubator.
That's what God put us in charge of.
That's our destiny.
That's our great commission.
You're absolutely right.
So Owen, what is your main mission going to be now that you have been, because again, think about their mindset.
Put him in jail.
That'll intimidate people.
But it only made you bigger.
Again, they only play one dimensional.
They don't think second, third, fourth, fifth magnitude order developments.
Well, it is the Streisand effect.
There's no doubt because as far as we can tell, and my attorneys and I are still looking into this.
I think I'm the only person ever to be in a federal prison with a misdemeanor ever.
Nobody has ever heard of somebody with a misdemeanor in a federal prison.
None of the inmates that did long time.
None of the guards.
Nobody's ever heard of that.
So what happens is people say, huh, why are they putting this guy in prison?
I want to look into what he's saying.
So there's no doubt that is going on.
When they put me in solitary for the phone call, nobody had ever heard of that before.
So they said, why are they putting this guy in solitary for his speech?
I want to go find out what he's talking about.
So there's no doubt the Streisand effect is taking place.
As far as what I'm going to do in the future, Alex, I want to do what I've continued to do.
I want to continue to expose the corruption in our government.
I want to continue to expose the corruption in our media, our mainstream media.
I want to continue to expose the propaganda that exists everywhere in Hollywood, mainstream media, news media.
I want to expose the corporate world government enslavement program that they have us all going into towards the mark of the beast.
But I will say this.
There's an issue that I'm definitely going to be taking up now.
And as far as the capacity or the level of it, I'm not quite sure yet.
But prison reform is a major issue that we need to address immediately in this country.
And I know that my name got brought up during the BOP hearing when they're requesting two billion more dollars.
And it didn't go so well for them because the whole thing is incompetence, ineptitude.
And I would say at least half the people that are in the prisons right now probably don't even belong there.
You mentioned this earlier.
You go into major inner cities, Democrat cities, Soros DAs, they release the most violent criminals in the country back out onto the streets.
But they have all kinds of political prisoners rotting in jail cells every day that most people don't know about.
And now I'm going to be able to have their voices be heard.
And a lot of people inside are really encouraged by this because nobody's gotten this much attention that's been put away like they have.
Absolutely. Because what they're doing is they're releasing violent people, but not the non-violence.
So then it discredits prison reform and then they defund the police at the same time as they make us want more prisons.
This is all a galleon dialectic. The people running this are very sophisticated.
Now, you're going to do the deep dive with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.
You're going to be back on Monday hosting your own show.
But we're happy to give Tucker the big exclusive where you go through all this.
I'm not sure we're going to call in to the war room at 3 p.m. today with Chase Geyser hosting it.
But I know you hadn't had a haircut. I talked to you this morning. You said you're exhausted.
But I had just a few little tidbits I wanted to have.
Just to be clear, they didn't just put you 23 hours in solitary confinement a day.
When your letter got out and your lawyer couldn't talk to you or anything, you said that three days a week they let you out for a 15-minute shower.
And that happened to me once in juvenile.
But I wasn't in there long, but I got one shower a week.
Let me tell you, when you're in a room for six, seven days, you get out for 20 minutes, and then the jail guard watches you and says you got a pretty ass.
That actually happened to me. And it wasn't my fault.
The charges got dropped, but I put it down in a coma, so they put me in the dangerous area because I'm a dangerous guy.
This is a big guy. I did that, too.
Well, he attacked me. I was fighting for my life, so I beat his brains out, basically.
But the point is that – describe what that was like.
Well, I reached a low point about halfway through my solitary.
And I won't get too much into the details, but there was a moment where I really hit my low point.
And I wouldn't say I was near a breaking point because, you know, I always remain steadfast.
But there was definitely a low point that I will never forget being in there.
And, I mean, it's hard when you never see the sun, when you aren't allowed any movement.
The only movement I got was 15 minutes to shower. They cuff you every time you move.
You get three meals of prison slop every day.
You're always hungry. You're never sleeping because the lights are always on.
It's always noisy.
And so there was a low point, but, like I said, I always remain steadfast.
I always kept my faith and my strength in God. I was always praying.
I know people were praying for me.
And then after that valley of the low point, things started to turn around.
Like I said, the foundations were shook. The prison doors were open.
And you told me this morning that you learned the pressure of the listeners and people is the reason that they let you go early.
They were like, okay, get rid of the problem.
100% without a doubt. I would have been in solitary. I would have been in confinement.
The entire sentence probably would have served over 50 days, all in confinement, if it wasn't for the political pressure and the prayers on the outside.
110% no doubt about it.
All right. Well, again, nobody with a misdemeanor is ever put in prison.
People say, oh, we only got two months. What's the big deal? Grow up. Suck it up.
It's the press. He was there at the Capitol with me.
And they said the charging document, Owen has lied.
He perjured himself. He doesn't work in inflow wars.
He's never worked there.
I'm reading this in a federal document, the level of their deception.
These criminals just think they've got free reign.
Now Biden says we're going to send troops in to Ukraine if we don't give him another $106 million to launder.
I mean, these people are maniacs.
It's Twilight Zone stuff when you deal with this.
And I don't know if the transcripts ever got released from my sentencing, but the prosecuting attorneys, they get up there because our argument is, hey, this is free speech.
This is First Amendment.
And the attorneys for the U.S. government get up there and they say, this is not about Owen Troyer's speech, but here's what he said.
This is not about Owen Troyer's First Amendment, but here's what he was reporting.
Here's what he did on a video.
So it's like Twilight Zone stuff.
You almost can't even believe that this is real world stuff.
You think you're in like a movie or some sort of a simulation.
And these are like non-player characters that are just repeating whatever their program is.
That's how I felt in federal court, federal bankruptcy court two weeks ago.
The other lawyers, like eight of them, nine of them, they were just, they looked like robot NPCs.
They were just, everything they said was a lie.
And I was like, thank God, these people don't even look real.
It was like, what the hell's going on here?
Well, Alex, I know we're running short on time here and I would kind of, I kind of want to turn this around and boomerang this on you for a second because like I said earlier, I think that we're really at a turning point now.
I'm not, I'm not guaranteeing victory or anything.
And this is all in God's hand.
No, I totally agree.
Everybody agrees that the turning is happening.
But your life's work, Alex, 20 plus years of doing this.
I've seen you go through highs.
I've seen you go through lows.
I've seen them try to destroy you.
And still you're here on air today giving me this platform for my first statements.
I mean, how do you feel seeing this?
Do you feel like your life's work is starting to finally be manifest and the fruits are starting to grow?
I definitely see it and I know it, but it really means we're just waking up now to the fight we were already in.
We're getting beat up in our bed.
We're waking up and we're finally starting to throw our first punches and we're landing our first punches.
So we're already bloodied and stabbed, but we're a lot tougher than the enemy.
And so, yeah, we're going to be on top of them very soon throwing elbows right into their eye sockets.
And basically we're going to tear their head off nonviolently as a metaphor.
But no, we're about to bash the brains out and knock their teeth out and break their ribs and pull their eyeballs out.
Politically, of course.
Yeah, I mean literally though.
We just now woke up, we're getting beat, we're bleeding.
We start getting up fighting.
We throw a couple of shots and they already ran up against the wall and are like, whoa.
And we just got to get in there and just get going and we're going to win this thing, brother.
Well, and let me just make this as kind of proof positive of what we're talking about.
Folks, I was in solitary confinement for quarantine for seven days.
No access to anything.
I got out.
I made one phone call.
They immediately put me back into solitary confinement where I remained for the first 26 days of my sentencing.
Now, because of the political pressure, I was able to have a meeting with the warden and I will give a shout out to the warden.
I think he treated me fairly and did as much for me as he possibly could, given the circumstances.
I think he's a good man and a good American.
But when I sat down for that meeting, still cuffed, he looked at me like he was looking at a ghost or like some sort of a spirit or an apparition because he sits me down and he's like, what's going on?
What are you telling the people?
What is your message?
What are you doing here?
What's going on?
And I'm just sitting there because I have no context.
I got to go to break.
I got to five more minutes.
I got to hear this story.
You're like, what have you done?
A loving thing.
Oh, the prison's fine.
Thanks for the crew.
Thanks for the letters of support.
Love you all.
God loves you.
They're like, what did you do?
Because, you know, the feds called and said, throw that son of a bitch in a dungeon.
I haven't heard this yet.
We only talked like 10 minutes this morning.
Let's come back and talk about that.
I'm going to get into the Elon Musk, the Twitter, the wars, Biden, nuclear blackmail.
And then it's totally insane.
But I got to do this.
We won't be here.
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Oh, damn, it's done.
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I know in four minutes we got to break.
Restart your story.
You're in solitary.
I guess the ward's order to throw you back.
He calls you and he looks like he's seen a ghost.
He knows this is wrong.
He's stepping the line and then and then tell the story.
Yeah, so obviously I get out of the solitary confinement quarantine.
It was seven days in there and I make one phone call thanking
people for all their love and the support and the mail and the prayers.
And then I get thrown right back into solitary in the shoe, as it's known,
the special housing unit, which is basically like a high security prison situation,
no movement, locked up all day, three showers a week.
You get cuffed every time you go to the shower.
It's a whole thing.
And so I have no connection with the outside.
I'm not able to I'm not able to make phone calls.
I'm not able to talk to you or anybody.
I'm not able to talk to friends, family, lawyers, nothing.
I'm just sitting in there routing away.
I have no idea what's going on.
And so after a couple of weeks of that,
the warden comes by and he pulls me out and I have a meeting with him
and he's looking at me like he's looking at the reincarnation of Moses or something.
And I don't know what's going on.
And he's like, tell me, like, what's your agenda here?
What are you trying to do?
And I don't know what's going on.
And I just say, oh, well, I just made a phone call to thank people for the letters.
Like, did you hear it?
I wasn't trying to cause any trouble because I don't know what's going on.
And then I realized at that point, he's like, OK,
he really doesn't know what's going on.
But then he brings up, he's like, I'm getting all this political pressure.
I'm hearing from lawyers.
We're hearing from Congress members.
We're getting brought up during congressional hearings and all this stuff.
And I guess they thought somehow I was running it from my cell.
I guess they thought somehow that I was the man pulling the strings on all this
and I had no connection with the outside world.
And I think it kind of hit maybe him at that point, like, oh, this is all organic.
This is the American people.
This is people trying to get the truth out.
And this man really has been treated extremely wrong.
And that's right.
The left is in their bubble.
They always say the right's in a bubble.
No, we're not in a bubble.
We're out here running the country, actually plowing the fields,
driving the trucks, taking care of the kids, stopping the criminals,
you know, busting our ass.
And we're in the real world and the left and they're minions.
And this guy's probably not allowed this, but he works for them.
We know what's going on.
We're watching.
We're pissed, man.
They don't get that they've done the attack.
We see the attack.
The country's being destroyed.
And when you're locking up journalists and filing fake federal filings
that, you know, that you did all these horrible things,
people see that and they know they're next.
They have empathy because they care about themselves.
See, evil people don't have empathy because they're dumb.
Empathy is the most selfish thing on earth, folks.
When you have empathy, it's because you care about yourself.
And that's by extension.
You care about others, but that's in programmed in you.
So we all take care of each other.
60 seconds closing comment, Owen.
Well, I'm going to take some time to contemplate
what I'm going to talk about from the inside as far as that's concerned.
But no, there aren't leftists that run this thing.
All the people on the inside, most of the people are good people.
No, no, no.
I'm not saying leftists run it.
I'm saying the policies of the government to throw you in jail was the left.
Yeah, and that's what I'm saying.
But let me just say this.
Before I left, I had another meeting with the warden who I think is a good American.
And he said, Mr. Schroyer, in 27 years of working in the criminal justice system,
I've never seen anybody get railroaded like you have.
And he shook my hand.
And so, again, like when I was sitting there and he was looking at me, he was like,
how are you doing all of this?
Like, how is it possible for you to be causing me all these problems when you're sitting in the cell?
And then he realized it wasn't me.
This was the American people.
And so it was really a message to finish off what we started in the last segment.
It was a message that, folks, they can destroy Owen Schroyer.
They can destroy Alex Jones.
They can lock us up.
They can rip out our vocal cords.
The American people are alive.
The Holy Spirit is alive.
And our divine creation is manifest destiny in our future.
They'll probably come out of the warden because he didn't say redeeming.
Owen, can't wait to shake your hand.
Can't wait to go to dinner.
They're going to get back and take care of your family and your turtle and all the rest of it.
We love you.
And we'll see you here back in Austin, Texas, soon.
God bless, Owen.
Wow, this is the real world, folks.
This isn't Netflix.
Never forget that the answer to 1984 is 1776.
We've come a long way in the fight against tyranny.
And it's been listeners and viewers like you that have kept us on air.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones.
We're in the danger zone.
All humans on the planet Earth are in the danger zone.
Not just from solar flares or nuclear weapons or crime,
but from the spirit of evil trying to invade our psyches and our will
and break us and turn us towards darkness.
But when evil launches its main attack, when evil comes in like a flood,
the spirit of the Lord lifts up a standard against it.
Infowars is the highway to the danger zone,
to the front lines of the fight for our species' future.
There's no words to hype it up enough.
Here's some delusional Latinus you tune in and laugh.
But if you're living in the real world, you know we're going toe-to-toe
with Soros and the Rothschilds and the New World Order,
and we're beginning to turn the tide.
Just like when Beowulf grabs Grendel by the arm.
He says, you're not leaving.
I'm going to tear your arm out of its socket.
We got them.
They don't have us.
We got them.
They're not going to win.
We're not locked in here with them.
They're locked in here with us.
And I want to be clear.
When I say those are metaphors for violence,
it isn't a proviso to cover for violence.
I mean it.
When I talk about will and action and use the analogy of fighting,
I mean fighting culturally, fighting spiritually,
fighting by the decisions we make,
that is a hundred times, at least,
more effective than going and shooting people.
Because evil has a lot of depth.
It's got a lot of people on its bench.
And it's not like a human that gets two sets of teeth in our life
or an elephant that gets three sets.
It's like sharks.
They got a hundred rows.
You pull some out, they just roll forward new teeth.
You don't pull teeth off a shark.
You don't cut single heads off a hydra.
You attack the entire thing and what it stands for
and you starve it out and you stab it in the heart with truth.
All right.
I pontificated and covered some news the first hour.
And I do now want to open the phones up throughout the broadcast.
I will give the number out coming up here in about five minutes.
We'll get the phone system fired up,
get somebody at that communication desk
so we can start doing that.
And we have the best calls when I say this is the topic.
I love the wildcard thing,
but the listeners have actually told me we get feedback.
We like it when you have certain topics and we stick to that.
So we'll still do wildcard quite a bit,
but we're going to stick to three major, gigantic, huge topics.
So it's very easy.
Anything you want to talk about, you can work into those topics
because it's all interconnected.
Biden wanting World War III saying US troops are going to start dying.
We're going to attack Russia with US troops
if you don't give another 106 billion
and then it'll just be the same threat over and over again.
Once you feed the pirate, it never ends.
So we have that.
And the Secretary of Defense has now come out and told Congress,
I'll read the quotes here,
your sons and daughters will be dying within a month.
We'll be in full war with Russia if you don't do this.
I mean, wow.
Russia's going to invade all of Europe.
I mean, just made up horse manure.
But that's their crisis ahead of the election
that Jack Posobick and Steve Bannon and myself
and all of us have, and Tucker Carlson,
have predicted for a year,
their October surprise is full war with Russia.
And they're that freaking crazy.
I mean, they're nuts.
So to me, that's numero uno of the topics.
I want your take on that.
Then, the war for free speech,
they already stole the last few elections,
mitigated the last one.
We would have had a landslide.
Manipulating the data, the stories you see,
they admit that that's where the real election fraud happens,
then the mail-in ballots.
What do you make of Elon Musk?
And I'll show you the tweets and all the rest of it,
coming out saying, yeah, he's looking very strongly
at reinstating Alex Jones.
There are a whole bunch of polls,
upwards of 85% on average.
They're all in the 80s.
I saw dozens of them,
some had hundreds of thousands of votes,
some had like 20,000 votes, 10,000 votes.
But they're all above 85, 89.
None of them really crested nining.
But 80 plus percent say reinstating Alex Jones.
It's not about reinstating Alex Jones.
I was never even good at tweeting.
It's that all the ADL pressure,
all the CHI-COM pressure,
all the new world order pressure
is keep Alex Jones off Twitter.
It's that symbol of the populace they fear so much.
And then you bring Adam McGinnis back on.
That guy did nothing.
Except be funny,
and that's what they're scared of.
That guy's hilarious.
And I should be more funny.
People told me,
man, the most successful thing you did was jokes.
I've just gotten so serious the last five, six years,
you don't ever see it
because I'm just so damn serious.
Not as happy as I used to be.
But I've been trying to get back to being funnier.
Believe me, I need to do it.
So there's the topic of the Tucker Carlson interview
and Elon Musk saying he's looking to bring me back
as early as next week
and a lot of other stuff's happening behind the scenes
and how are they going to respond to that?
And then I want to talk about Hunter Biden
and the impeachment of Biden,
because here's the deal.
The Republicans could have impeached him
for a long time.
But a year into them,
they haven't done it
because at the top,
they're still controlled to a great extent.
But now that corporate media has come out against Biden
and now that Hunter's been indicted nine times
for all this money laundering and tax evasion,
they want Biden to step aside for Big Mike and Gavin Newsom,
American Psycho, Patrick Bateman, 2.0.
Hell, 10.0.
And so you can sit back and go,
oh, God, we're winning, Biden, Biden.
And I'm not saying don't impeach Biden,
but make the impeachment about all his lackeys
and the globalists around him
and the Democratic Party
and insider trading and Nancy Pelosi.
But a bunch of Republicans are insider trading too.
That's why they don't want to upset the apple cart
at the endangerment of the whole world.
It's not, oh, we sent 106 billion more to Ukraine
to be laundered back
or we go to World War III.
They're already starting it.
Oh, the world's going to end because of global warming.
No, the world's ending as we know it
because you're cutting off the resources
and there's 8 billion people
and that'll cause giant wars
and collapsing countries and giant migrant flows.
So it probably won't end the world,
but you'll think it's over.
The world as you know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
And I don't feel fine.
Let's come back with Neil Young next segment with that
because, again, it's so simple what they do.
You're killing the earth.
Give us all your power.
Roll over and die.
You'll all be dead soon because you're bad
while they cut off the resources on purpose.
They're creating the global crisis.
This is going on.
This is happening.
This is the reality.
So Tucker Carlson, the free speech fight,
the nuclear war, Biden threatening invasion,
U.S. troops directly fighting,
Russians, which has already been going on,
they're talking about official war.
I mean, this is crazy.
And then, of course, the impeachment
and all the rest of it.
So it's the Bidens and what's happening there.
It's the war being expanded massively.
It's the battle for free speech.
Free speech.
Three gigantic topics.
Phone system's now open.
Ladies and gentlemen, here's the toll free number
to join us for first time callers.
877-789-2539, 877-789-ALEX, 877-789-2539
to get live on air to millions of listeners and we've always got millions of listeners
that listen live and then millions that watch the clips after but today we've got millions
of new people saying I'm going to go to mfoawars.com, I'm going to tap in to the
foreboding, the forbidden, I'm going to find out what this is all about, why don't
they want us to hear this and then you tune in and you're like well I already
think that, I already know that, that's true, well yeah I'm just telling you what you
already know and say let's organize and do something about this, let's not teach that
black people are inherently evil because of what color they are or that white people
are inherently evil because of what color they are, that the left is teaching that white
people are bad to create racial division and all this control, let's not accept
four hundred plus thousand missing children and sex slavery run by O'Biden, let's
not accept the wars, let's not accept the pedophilia, let's not accept the
transgender mutilation cult, let's say no, 877-789-2539. Alright I'm going to get into
Elon Musk and what he said and what happened with Twitter and Maura Tucker Carlson, it's
a big broadcast, I'll still be on air for an hour and 45 minutes and then the
amazing, informative, right from their own documents, Jade Dyer will be hosting the
fourth hour ahead of the war room with Chase Geyser and then Owen's back Monday.
When I say this, I mean it from the very bottom of my heart. I want to say thank you
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leading a frontal assault on the lies of the new world order, it's Alex Jones
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
I feel fine.
6 o'clock TV hour, don't get caught in force.
I said Neil Young, it's REM.
I'm glad the crew's here to correct me.
World War 3 extortion, Biden regime threatens to deploy US troops to fight Russia.
Unless Congress passes 100 plus billion dollar Ukraine war funding.
You like living under this? Still safe? Like what's going on? No, none of you do.
You got all these leftists that are conformists working for the system, pretending like they're the winning team.
What you are is a death call.
All right, we're loading the phone lines up right now. Be going to your phone calls here very soon.
But wow.
The Tucker Carlson interview dropped about an hour early. They told me 7 p.m. Central, it dropped at 6 p.m. Central.
It's gone super viral.
And the clips have particularly gone viral, some of them have 10 million views.
And we did about a 95 minute.
It's a benchmark.
And it's a.
Roadside, it's a marker of telling people the way we're going and what's going to happen.
And as everything I talked about that interview begins to come true.
Because I'm not just here to tell you how I was right about stuff in the past.
No, we're here. Tomorrow's news today.
This interview is evergreen and will be explosively evergreen.
I mean, there's like certain movies that just are timeless and get better as the years go on.
Wizard of Oz.
Christmas story.
Things like that. There's other movies that aren't good later.
They're not timeless. This will be a timeless interview.
Because I'd like nothing out of the facts.
The goal is not to be right when those horrible things happen.
The goal is already told these horrible things were going to happen. They did happen.
Now, you know, we're telling the truth. Let's talk about stopping this.
And as it begins to happen, then people are really going to wake up.
And that was the vision God gave me.
Just the understanding I talked about when I've been on there about three years.
So I guess about 1996.
1997. I don't remember the exact day.
I've talked about this 100 times, probably 200 times.
You're probably saying, please don't tell it again while we have new listeners.
I'm in a restaurant at the two hour local TV show and a radio show.
The chicken fried steak. The place is closing. It's almost 10 o'clock at night.
And it was like, you feel the atmosphere change like this.
30 minutes of me just sitting there with God communicating with me and saying.
Here's the plan. You're going to lay out all the stuff they're planning.
And then people aren't going to listen to you. Some will.
And then when it all comes true in the first enemy phase, this is not my brain.
This is God.
And I'm sitting there. It's way more powerful and complex and just so much data.
It's like the hair on the back of your neck standing up, you're getting chills.
You're like, like you stuck your finger in a light socket.
And God's like, but then they're going to listen to you once the stuff comes true.
And then you can tell them the next phase and we'll be able to mitigate that and they'll be flesh spared.
So it's revelation level stuff. And I'm like, whoa.
And God's like, but there's a proviso.
You're going to have to get really attacked and hurt and it's going to feel really bad for a long time.
And you've got to be ready at a certain point.
You're going to spur and your audience is going to spur.
A whole movement against this, you're going to see all these great new leaders pop up.
You have to be ready to support that and not want to be the leader.
And I was like, absolutely, I'm going to be the leader.
God said, well, that's why I chose you.
You accept this mission. I said, I accept this mission.
I said it out loud. I said, I accept the mission.
And God went, all right, you think you just got to download?
Get ready for this.
Bam, like an anvil. A thousand pound anvil got dropped on my head like Wile E. Code or something.
And it just all opened up from there.
And I couldn't even understand the data I was being given.
It took me years to even be able to understand what.
That's how this works in like third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th, 12th order responses.
And how this would happen now.
The enemy would hit here and it would do all this.
Not sort of like gibbering on air, but a little bit of this is going to happen.
That's going to happen.
It's like so much data.
And I'm here trying to explain it all to you.
How do you describe what you're now living in 25 years ago?
It just sounds as insane.
But God didn't just give us free will and just throw us out there like his children and say, I hope you figure it out.
God has taught us. God has warned us.
God has provisioned us for this.
And the best term I use is a cheat sheet.
And God doesn't cheat. It's not a cheat sheet.
It's a manual. It's training.
You know, the military, they don't, if you're a good military, they don't just give you a week of basic training and throw you into combat.
The best military is you get years of training.
And that's what this was.
And now I can see back the perfection of God and all the training I went through and all the weight where God tested me and made sure, even though God already knew the outcome, it was about my process.
And I know a lot of you have gone through that as well.
So now you've all gone through it, but a lot of you know you went through it.
It's a better way to say it.
That's the more accurate truth.
Now you see it all opening up, just like the vision.
And I told people about this 20 years ago.
And people would make fun of me. Other talk shows would call me and say, you got a vision from God that you're going to spark with your audience, the global resistance, and that they won't listen to you up front.
But a remnant will, and then that will trigger the global awakening.
You're a megalomaniac.
And I'm like, hey, man, you weren't there.
And God's done things like, here's a dream that's going to come true.
And a lot of times it's some nonsensical thing.
And like they're going to tear down the golf course.
And they're going to build a house right where the ninth hole was, where I grew up in Dallas.
And like three years later, they say we've decided to change the golf course, and they bulldoze it.
And then I'm sitting there one day, and there's the dream with only the scaffolding and the outside of the house, the wood built, and it wasn't built yet.
And I'm sitting on the back porch looking at this house that we built.
I'm remembering the dream.
And I remember in the dream, a cat walks up to the top window of the house, and I'm sitting there, and then the cat walks up to the top window of the house, and I'm staring.
It's 50, 60 yards at a cat at night at 10 p.m. on no drugs, nothing.
And I'm like, oh, my God.
And God's like, yeah, I am God.
I want you to know that that's how that works.
And God will tell me, it happens all the time, get up.
I don't have a clock in my bedroom.
Get up and go look at the microwave clock in the kitchen.
It's going to be 4.47 exactly, or 3.25, well, 5.22.
Hundreds of times, but if you try to show somebody or duplicate it, it doesn't happen because it's like that energy analysis they've done where it's been going for 50 years or 40 years where they'll have a particle, and if it's being observed, it won't move through the lead block.
But if you stop observing it, and then you turn the electron microscope back on, it's past it.
It's like you're not allowed to see it because it's God.
But it's God saying, all right, get up, go in the kitchen, or go in the bathroom, and then you go, and it's a digital clock, and it's always the exact number.
And that's God telling me, you know how real I am?
God doesn't send some angel, I don't see Jesus in my bedroom, none of that.
God just says, okay, get up, walk out there, and you're about to, every time.
It's like this doesn't happen.
It's like when I wake up and go, okay, go look at the clock, you know, the exact time.
And God's like, yes, I'm God, and I want you to know right now, this is 100% real.
Do you understand?
I'm like, yes, yes, I understand, I understand.
And I'm like, and I have faith now when it happens, but before I would always not believe it, I'd walk out.
It would always be the exact same time, and then it would change the next minute.
What would you do if there was a tyrannical totalitarian world government taking over
whose plan was to kill 90% of the world population, and they were already beginning to do it?
You would rally against it, you would fight it.
And that's what we're doing.
This is the reality of 2023.
I just want to thank listeners and viewers for your last year's support,
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We together have changed the world at an incredible level,
and I want to salute the crew as well and all of our sponsors and supporters.
Ladies and gentlemen, wow, the fight has really been joined with The Globalist,
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Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when The Globalists were caught
trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to mfallworshore.com right now,
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And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long
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This is my second book, part two of the Great Reset in the War of the World.
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You don't want my thanks.
You want victory over The Globalists and these devil worship and child molesters,
and you want them off your back and off your children's back.
And you know what?
I'm the same way, and that's why we're on the same damn team.
And it's why mfallworshore has been delivering time and time again
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You have made history.
We have made history together.
mfallworshore.com only has power because of you.
And I suggest you use it.
Yesterday, December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy, intelligence through
that Japanese task force was steaming with Admiral Yamamoto to attack. The United States
of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire
of Japan. We have to expose this. They admit that we allowed Pearl Harbor to be bombed.
The United States was at peace with that nation. This outrageous claim that Roosevelt was this
loving pro-American individual when in truth he was a communist lover, he sold this country
out to socialism and he killed 3,000 plus of our men and women at Pearl Harbor on
purpose. The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American
naval and military forces. I wanted to remind the listeners that we're dealing with our
own Pearl Harbors here in America today. I regret to tell you that very many American
lives have been lost. Hawaii was surprised, FDR was not. I have directed that all measures
be taken for our defense. I'm just talking about the problem reaction solution paradigm.
I ask that the Congress declare that since the unprovoked and dastardly attack by Japan
on Sunday, December 7, 1941, a state of war has existed between the United States
and the Japanese Empire. A lot of the evidence of government sponsored terrorism in the
past from Pearl Harbor to the World Trade Center in 93, Blacoh to Oklahoma City are
on Infowars.com. And it doesn't mean the Empire of Japan wasn't real. It doesn't
mean they didn't commit atrocities in China and Korea. It doesn't mean they weren't
doing terrible things. There weren't baton death marches, but they knew they let the
attack happen. That was only 3,000 dead. Now Biden says we're going to go to war with
Russia officially with U.S. troops if you don't give me unlimited money. He's
completely out of his mind. He's being impeached. His son's been indicted. Let's
recognize we are in a violent mess. And it is the out of control, inbred, crazy
so-called elite we have that are a bunch of corrupt lawyers with BlackRock and these
big banks that are just robbing and shutting off the world economy, consolidating power
and creating crises, just like Deepwater Horizon. It came out in the court,
transcripts of the phone calls, the emails. BP was worth like $45 million there.
And they said, well, we're drilling all these deep wells in the Gulf of Mexico.
Our executives say in the next month if we just stop having 20 ships a day with
concrete show up to dump those in the holes after they drill, we'll save
hundreds of millions a day and we'll be a $48 million company. And they told
the engineers in Houston to do it and they called the engineers on the
drilling rigs and said do it. And all the engineers said this is mathematics.
The seawater under the pressure is not going to hold those drilling holes
down and the gas and oil is going to come out at pressure. We're not
sure at what level, but it's there. We're drilling in rich areas, 30,000,
40,000 foot deep wells. It's going to explode. And the emails
were like, we're a $44 billion company. We're about to be a $48
billion company. And it blew up. The first one they did it on. They
were planning to just say, our executives say we don't put mud,
what they call it, concrete, on top of the hole above the drill.
As the drill goes down, they pump the mud in so that there's enough
pressure that it doesn't explode. And they said it will explode. And
when they first turned it on, it didn't explode for a few dollars. They
went, I do the coon-ass accent because the head executive in Houston
was a coon-ass. He shows him testifying in court. He's like, I
was told to do it. We're going to make $4 billion not doing it. We
did that for our film. Our executives have decided that mud is no
longer needed. Yes, sir, I'm going to get that done for you right
now. So a year and a half ago, or a year ago, it's December,
a year ago, we can't sit in Abrams tanks and F-16s and long-range
missiles. That's World War III. Now, like, you know what? It is
World War III, dammit. Let's get this son of a bitch going. I'm
going to go to your phone calls and we're going to go all the
way in the next hour. So I'll get to every caller on the line.
Alvin, Nathaniel, Bill, JD, Joshua, Cindy, Vidal, Robert, Doug,
Rusty. I guess Vidal hung up where I was about to go to
his home. We're going to go to Doug and others here in just a
moment for the balance of the transmission. But I would be
lacking if I did not just say, wow, how crazy is it to be
right in the center of the fight for free speech worldwide,
not just here, and have Elon Musk come out and say, all
right, well, what does Twitter think? Should we read and say
Alex Jones? I mean, yeah, he's not calling for crime. All
the big techs got Hezbollah on official websites. Why don't
we bring Alex Jones back? They have all these polls of 80
plus percent, dozens of them. It's always over 80 percent
saying we want Alex Jones back. Here's Elon Musk after
he saw the polls overhead shot. I guess a lot of people
want him unbanned. They then showed him the testimony of
the former head Twitter lawyer with Jack Dorsey, with Joe
Rogan saying we banned him, not for Sandy Hook. They
dregs that up later and claim that's why. But because I
was mean to Oliver Darcy of CNN, who was running around
getting me and others banned. Breaking Musk will
consider bringing Alex Jones back on X announces
imminent poll plans to watch Carlson interview. And it
goes on from there. Should Twitter offer a general
amnesty to suspended accounts provided they have not
broken the law or engage in egregious spam? And then it
goes on this poll, 72 percent. I hadn't even seen that
when I guess they printed it this morning. That's the
lowest poll I've seen. But I guess Musk actually put one
out. I haven't been paying attention. Wow. Three million
160,000 votes. See, I had looked at this at 7 a.m.
this morning. They just printed this off. I hadn't looked
at it. Oh, okay. I was saying 80 plus percent. I guess
when they got to the full Twitter community, three million
plus votes, 72 percent bring Alex Jones back. So I didn't
know Musk had launched his poll yet. That's how see the
pants we are around here. And there's another poll, 88,
86 percent. That Ian Miles, Chinong did. So there's a
lot going on here. The question is, is Oliver Darcy
really the former girlfriend of Sane Bank and Free?
People look at the images and think it may be the same
person. I'm joking. I'm not actually saying that. But that
is fun from Mideast mom, Midwest mom. But I want to
go ahead and go to your phone calls. You want to see
the full Alex Jones Tucker Carlson interview? It's
everywhere. I mean, I could have just come in here today
and just played the interview. It's pretty powerful, but
we're here taking your calls. Let's look at some
more of the Elon Musk stuff here before I go to your
phone calls. Let's keep this break coming up. Breaking,
Elon Musk considers bringing Alex Jones back to X.
We'll run poll to the side. And I guess, hey, can
you guys go look at the poll? I didn't know when
you printed that off to me 30 minutes for the show.
That's kind of big news. We should probably put an
article up on mfowars.com. Elon Musk now running
poll. And can I get that? It's kind of a big
deal. Not mad. I get you guys are busy. I didn't
notice either, but I'm like not reading it. It's
3 million plus votes. 70 plus percent say bring
Alex Jones back. Breaking, Elon Musk considers bringing
Alex Jones back to X. We'll run poll to the side.
Elon says he's ready to poll X users on the
reinstatement of Alex Jones. You know, there's
one thing we're blind around this operation. Myself
is the worst. We don't report on ourselves and we
don't track what's happening with us. Hell, I'll
go to Twitter. Where's my phone? I guess I left
it over there. Can we just please sugar cakes
on top? Can we just go to Elon Musk Twitter?
Because I just showed you the poll from
earlier today. And can we just show that to
people? Triple, triple cupcakes on top.
That's somebody else's. All right, I'll go to
break. I'll find it. That's that's not the
poll. Let me show you the poll. It's an Elon
Musk poll. Just take it down. Just take it
down. Take it down. Here, I'll show you.
His name is Elon Musk. He bought Twitter,
changed the name to X. And it's an Elon
Musk. Right here. This is Elon Musk. This
is the, it's okay. Let me just show you
what I want. This is what I want right
here. Okay? It's Elon Musk. At Elon Musk on
Twitter. That's where you go. He's the guy
that owns it. And then you go to his
Twitter account. And you pull up the poll
that's all over the news that they've
launched. And you show it. Should Twitter
offer a general amnesty to suspended
accounts? Probably they have. And
it's got 3 million plus votes. So he's
done the poll. But I was given this 30
minutes before I went on air. I didn't
look at it. Okay? Yeah, there's a
screenshot of it. I'd like to get. Oh,
it's from November. That's all I got
confused. I got it. So we had done it
again. No, hey, I'm up here flying by
the seat of my pants. So I must
understand that. Okay, good. So we
hadn't done the poll yet. We'll sit
there and we'll track that as it
unfolds. All right. I got a lot of
other news here. Big national news says
our IQs have dropped massively. Our
sperm counts are almost zero. And our
life expectancy is plunging. But there's
no depopulation plan going on.
Everything is fine. Thanks for
clarifying that, crew. All right. I'm
gonna take a break here for a minute
because I forgot to eat breakfast this
morning. So I got to run out there and
eat some yogurt or a couple
strawberries or something. So I'm
getting a little hangry, as they say.
But I'll go to your phone calls right
after these clips. Let's play clip six.
And let's play clip eight. And let's
play clip nine. And then I'll come
right back to your phone calls. Please
stay with us. And so the earth is
being put into a countdown collapse
right now. And so I'm like the
fisherman when the tidal wave comes in
and I'm like, oh my God, my wife and
children are about to die. And so I'm
not really worried about me because
I'm a man. I did this. I knew it was
coming. I've been proven right. And
I'm not happy I was proven right. I
wish we could have gotten ahead of
this and stopped it. Yeah, we have a
lot of credibility now that people
see that we were right. So maybe we
can stop the next phase of it. But the
globalists have gone from testing
phase, beta test phase, into full
operational now. And they say, read
their writings, we are going to have a
post-industrial world by 2030. We will
have no personal car for 2030. You will
be eating bugs by 2030. And we will
start the depopulation of 90% of the
people by 2045. That is the official
WF, official UN, official club of
Rome plan. What do you mean the
depopulation? They want to bring the
world population down to 500 million.
But I thought we were opposed to
genocide. No or no. I guess we're not.
Well, you know, we're told now don't
have children as fast as the earth. And
we're told all this, and Elon Musk is
right and is a hero for pointing out
all the actuary show, if you don't
have 2.1 children, a man and a woman,
people go, well, a man and a woman
can have 2.1. It's in the aggregate,
folks, out of billions. If a country
doesn't have 2.1, 2.2 replacement rate,
then you don't have people to take
care of the old folks, society
collapses. And so Japan's 1.3, Italy's
1.3, they're done as cultures.
America, without immigrant influx, is
about 1.6. That's not, that's not
viable. And so, and I'm not just
talking about white people only here,
but white people are 7% of the world
population, maybe 8. And so I would
be sad if the last of the Eskimos
were dying. I mean, I'm sad that the
Japanese, within 100 years, there
might be 20 million of them.
But just to my previous question about,
and without getting too personal, but
I mean, I feel a little bit
enervated and down just hearing your
dot connecting here, like what's the
effect on you over 25 years? I mean,
if you literally foresee 9-11 before
it happens, and you did, and it can
be proven, we just proved it, like
what is that, what's that like to
live with that weird ability?
Well, I mean, I know a specific clip,
I specifically say, call the White
House, tell them we know they're going
to let Al-Qaeda attack us, bin Laden,
and then take our rights. I say, call
the White House. I put the number
out, I put the money where my mouth
was, and that's the only time I ever said call
the White House and tell them to stop a particular event.
I'm now saying we need to call the White House
and say, you've let tens of thousands
of military age men of the Middle East in,
we know a lot of them are Hezbollah and
Hamas, the FBI has confirmed that,
and so, when and if there's a big terror
attack, which I believe will probably happen in
America, we're not going to have Homeland
Security get more funds and more power and grow
us at the airports more. I want prison
time for the
agencies and groups that have allowed this,
and I want, I want
O'Biden, I want Biden impeached
now, okay? That's why we got rid of
McCarthy, it needs to happen.
Leaving the border open, when there is a
clear and present danger of this going on,
and when we're very close to war with Iran, we go
to war with Iran, they're going to activate Hezbollah, okay?
And then that, they make Hamas
look like choir
boys, and so you want to hear a
prediction here, it's a probability, not a
pure prediction, but, I mean,
if we go to war with Iran,
guaranteed sleeper cells activate,
it'll make what happened in Israel look
tame in comparison, I'm not lessing what happened there.
So, I'm simply, and then again,
where's the logic? The government that allows that to
happen should go to prison.
But instead, like 9-11, they're going to get
more power when it happens. Mark my words.
I want people to understand something,
that the mullahs
in Iran and the Ayatollah are
congratulating Hamas
that just killed
around a thousand or more innocent
Israelis, many of them, women, children,
disabled people, in a vicious, evil, sneak attack.
They are on there, Hezbollah
and Hamas, mainly
Hamas, but it's Hezbollah funding it,
out of Iran, are literally
posting videos of them cutting people's heads off
and killing children
and massacring innocent people.
They're allowed to have their Hezbollah accounts
and their Hamas accounts.
The Ayatollah is able to
what these people have done, and
I am still banned, and I'm not mad at Elon Musk.
I understand I've been so demonized with the general
public, he's barely able to
keep Twitter going right now. I really appreciate
what he's done. I admire him. I think he's done a lot
of great work, and I see him moving in the
right direction. So, a lot of people attack
Musk on Twitter. I trend all the
time, hey, if you're such an absolutist
on free speech, bring back Alex Jones.
I understand
that if he did that, the ADL and others
would really be able to probably
shut down Twitter. So, I understand that
he needs to
go through a process before he does that.
But the 9-11 thing, I remember
that really well. Nobody was thinking
like that. So, you called
it in public, on tape.
Did the 9-11 commission... So, if I'm the FBI
and I'm investigating 9-11, you're like the first guy
I would call, because you're the only person who said that
out loud. Did they call you?
No, they didn't. But
my most accurate prediction
going back over a decade was when I read
the Rockefeller Foundation Operation
and they described using a virus
to bring in world government, to bring in a world medical
ID that they would then build a social
credit score off of, and
that they would make people wear masks for fear,
that they would shut down sporting
events and things like that, and
basically phase in this new tyranny.
So, I was also able to specifically
make that prediction
over and over and over again, because
I was going off their own battle plans.
Are you the only
person in media who actually reads these reports?
I don't think a lot of people
do read them, but I do read them. I mean, I'm
currently reading MIT reports
from their top councils, Pentagon
reports. They have a working group called
the Mad Scientist Group at the Pentagon
that works with MIT, and
if you go watch their hour-long, two-hour-long,
three-hour-long meetings
they have on
YouTube, with all the top
I mean, we're talking hundreds of top scientists,
they admit
that they're building a post-human
world, that soon everyone's
going to be mind-controlled, that
they're going to put smartness in our food, that they
can electromagnetically control,
and they just lay it all out
right there, and I've learned what these
people said in the 50s they would do were done by
the 70s. What they said their plan was
in the 70s for the 90s,
they got done. And then when they had
their agenda 21 in Rio de Janeiro
in 1992, the big UN summit,
they described everything they would do up until the
year 2000, and they got almost all of that
done, and now they've got a agenda 2030,
and we're going to ban your gas
stoves, we're going to ban beef, we're
going to ban single-family dwellings,
we're going to ban private ownership of cars,
and we're going to do all this, and now
you see them rolling it all out. So I'm not really making
predictions in these
high-level World Economic Forum
and other large think tank
groups, they are laying out
the future, and they're high priests of the World
Economic Forum, that's a consortium of all these
groups. You all know Harari,
you can read his quotes, the future is not
human, the human era is over.
The public is
useless. I mean, this is
a very anti-human
system, so that's how I'm able
to make
predictions, because they've given us a
roadmap, they tell us where they want to take us,
and so when the public wakes up,
we push back on some of it, but they always
come back, and so I'm just
figuring out the trajectory of where they said
they want to take us, and there were a lot of
papers, not just
the PNAC document from
2000, a year before 9-11,
where they describe
we really need big terror attacks,
we really need Pearl Harbor events
to get Americans to give up their rights.
Those are big and ritual, and I'm not
lessening what this guy did,
but I feel like I should make a public
service announcement about this.
The Secret Service and
all the rest of them are there in
the second half of July.
So there's no one there
during the rest of the year, there's still
security, you can still get arrested,
but people say, well, where are they doing it?
They show up at the idol, there's no one there.
It's because they're there in the last two weeks
of July.
That footage, that's coming up, though it's still amazing.
He goes inside the idol,
shows the sacrificial area, I mean, it's amazing.
I'm not lessening
what the guy did, I just want people to know.
No one's ever
snuck in and got out but us, and I wish others
had been successful, it's not about me saying I'm number one, I'm not.
God, Providence.
You do not.
Go in there when they're actually there unless you think you're going to get arrested. I'm
just saying, know that. It's still dangerous to go in, so kudos to the guy. We'll get this
out, it's journalism, it's good, I support it. I just want to warn people, you go in
there in July, because they're there a few weeks before the elites show up, you're going
to have a big problem. King Charles goes there, everybody. So it's very dangerous
when they're actually there. It's still a great coup to get that done. Please support
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I wanted to go to one of the crew members, Thomas, because he popped in my ear about
30 minutes ago and said, hey, I've had experiences where I haven't seen somebody
in 10 years, well he can tell the story, and I have a dream about him, and then
I see him the next day. We all have those experiences, and that shows you there's
a lot more than what we just perceive and see visually, and that's where God comes
in. That's where such amazing things happen, and the establishment knows that. They don't
want you to know that's there so you're all alone and think they're God, they're
not God. So Thomas, tell us your story. Yes, Alex. So when I was in high school,
I had a very close friend of mine who was a phenomenal musician. His father actually
built amps for Dave Navarro, so he was trained very well and got me into playing
music. But he did have some problems with addiction, so he was kind of in and
out of my life. He'd go away to rehab and get in trouble, then he'd clean
his act up. So there was a point where maybe I haven't heard from him for
about a year and a half, and then I had a dream of him, and I dreamt of him,
and the actual exact angle and place that I would run into him is where I saw him the next day.
And it was just so bizarre, and I think it's because when you have certain connections with
people or like with your story, that house that you referenced with the golf course,
things that you have these personal connections with, they kind of expand into, you know,
almost like another dimension. It's a deep connection with certain things,
so God can reveal certain things to you ahead of time. And I think that's what was happening
in my dream, because I was just thinking, hey, when's the next time I'm going to see this guy?
I'd love to play guitar with him. And I know it was an answered prayer. I got a heads up
and said, hey, you're about to see this guy. And the key is it wasn't just a coincidence,
then you saw him at the exact place, the same thing that you saw in the dream.
And when me and God didn't go see, I'm real. You see that? I did that just so you'd see that.
And, you know, sometimes it can be a bit scary when you have a dream, maybe like a nightmare,
and it's so nightmarish that you're like, oh my God, is this what I'm seeing?
Hold on, don't go off. I'll come back to you to finish up, and I promise,
we're taking every call on the board. Doug's up front, coming back hour number three.
Thomas, stay right there. I want to finish this story.
Never forget that the answer to 1984 is 1776.
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The New World Order. It's Alex Jones.
God's real. And I have a lot of these dreams that have come true.
Dreams I haven't wrote down, you know, dreams that were amazing.
And some were good, some were bad.
I mean, I've told this story many times, and we'll go back to Thomas.
This is a story about, I looked older than I was, and I wasn't a drug guy, but I was an alcohol guy.
And so even the 16-year-olds, when I was like 14, you know, they were my friends,
but they'd come get me because I would go in the liquor store,
and for whatever reason, they would sell liquor to me and not to them.
And so we'd drive into Dallas, because there weren't even liquor stores where I lived.
It was a dry county outside Dallas.
We'd drive into the county right next to Dallas, into Dallas.
We'd drive into the worst neighborhood, and I probably did this 100 times or more.
And, you know, your kids, you know, a lot of money, she wanted Everclear and Milwaukee's Best or whatever
for a party, you know, high school girls or whatever.
And I had a dream that I woke up all sweaty from where I'm getting beer,
and a guy comes out and pulls a knife on me and whatever,
and he has a purple and polo shirt, and it was a white crack head,
a purple and green striped polo shirt.
And I remember in the dream, I was like, you know,
in an alley behind a building, and I had the beer for whatever reason,
we'd pulled in behind it.
And sure enough, I walk around, the guy tries to mug me, it happens.
I defend myself, and I think it was God warning me,
so when I saw the guy, I was ready and was able to not have him, you know, stab me.
And I was able to get out of there with the beer and the Everclear.
But the point is, that was one of those dreams, so I had a lot of those.
I don't really have those now.
Instead, I just get downloads of information.
But that shows you, like in the Matrix, where they see the black cat,
it disappears like a glitch in the Matrix.
Finish up your points, Thomas.
Yes, so I was saying that, you know, sometimes you'll have dreams
that are nightmares that seem so real, and you don't want to think,
hey, this is our future, this is what's happening.
But I think maybe God is showing you a possibility that can happen
if you're not, like you said, aware of and have situational awareness.
Like, I've had dreams of submarines showing up on the coast of the United States
and launching missiles into buildings.
I don't want that to happen, God forbid,
but I think it's like a subconscious collective fear that, you know,
we're being invaded, and we could have an invasion like that
with such weak leadership in our country.
But I also have dreams of passed away loved ones that come and visit me,
and I have vivid in-depth conversations with them,
and they're giving me instructions in life on how to, you know,
carry on and carry on legacies, and it's just so profound,
and I just give it all up to God that we're able to have
that kind of extrasensory perception.
Exactly. I didn't talk about those. I've had those as well.
So it's very cool, and, you know, the whole Matrix thing with the cat,
I think that is, you know, it's a big symbol for something
that a lot of people experience, that kind of déjà vu feeling,
you know, that you're supposed to take something from that moment,
like, hey, I've seen this before, so there's a lot to it.
Powerful. Thank you so much for talking about that.
Yeah, and so everybody out there is like, yeah, I've had this experience.
So it's infinite, ladies and gentlemen.
Time is on a line. It's a loop or a figure eight,
and it's all interconnected. It's incredible.
We're here, and it's just beyond amazing.
We're going to go to break. I'm going to come back,
and I'm going to just bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.
Take your call. So, Doug, get ready.
Rusty, get ready.
Robert, get ready.
Joshua, everybody, get ready.
We're going to go to break. We'll be back in 60 seconds,
and go directly to your phone calls.
But Satan is not God.
Satan is here to test us, and Satan has already been defeated
by Jesus Christ and God's sacrifice.
You think about, oh, what a story. God sits down as son of this.
God isn't going to ask us anything God isn't going to do.
God is perfect and honest and fair.
Isn't that perfectly fair?
Think about it. God's real.
Isn't that powerful? God made you. Look at the universe.
Oh, you're just a blob of cells. Oh, yeah.
Three billion years ago, you were some salts in the ocean
that just got together and just made all this BS.
You know it's not true.
We're not even from here, folks. We were put here.
We'll be right back. Stay with us.
What would you do if there was a tyrannical totalitarian world government taking over
whose plan was to kill 90% of the world population and they were already beginning to do it?
You would rally against it, you would fight it, and that's what we're doing.
This is the reality of 2023.
I just want to thank listeners and viewers for your last year's support and want to
encourage you now more than ever to spread the word about the broadcast, to pray for
the broadcast, to take clips and share it from the broadcast, and to buy products that enrich
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We have the signed or unsigned copy of my new book, The Great Awakening, the plan
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We have Turbo Force, 10 Hour Clean Energy, Back in Stock, and a bunch of other great
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fund the InfoWar, get great products all at the same time.
And what we do in this life projects a pattern of the future levels we're about to travel
and the adventures, my friends, your eye has not seen, your ear has not heard, your
mouth has not tasted, but God has in store for us.
Bible says that, but I've been shown the third heaven, the 12th dimension.
I could not even tell you what I saw because there's no words to describe it, but God
is real and the angels were there.
All right, let's go to your phone calls as promised.
Appreciate you holding, Doug in Florida, you're on the air.
Thank you so much.
Hey, thanks for taking my call, new listener, first time caller and just listening to you
over the past two weeks, you've really helped me turn around my perspective and really
get some more open and optimism moving forward.
Real quick.
Can I explain?
Yes, sir.
Up until seven years ago, I was a hardcore leftist living in California with my wife.
Trump starts running and I start watching some YouTube podcasters and realize that Marxism
is a load of crap and they tear it apart, realize MAGA is right, I'm a conservative
to the chagrin of my wife and who comes around.
And then three years ago, she suggests we moved to Florida.
I'm all in.
And even though I'm a member of the John Birch Society over the past three years, I've
just been really depressed, disgusted about the political process.
And then hearing you after all the persecution you're undertaking and after all the truths
you've been revealing, you point towards, we need to elect people who actually represent
us to hold these people accountable, to bring them to justice and let the guilty
That's where you're pointing.
No wonder they're coming after you, Alex.
That message really resonated with me because the anything other than that, I don't want
to think about.
It would be horrible.
So it's really given me hope that that's what we need to do.
I'm doubling down because if that's your pointing that way, I know I need to go that
And we really need to get things together to make that happen.
I agree, Doug.
Just to be clear, people say if voting changes anything, it'll be illegal.
They're stealing elections.
We have to overpower them.
We don't give up because they're cheating.
We double down and show the cheating, which blows up in their face even bigger.
You see, they want to dominate us and bully us and have us give up.
We don't give up.
We just get stronger and we're going to win this.
Yeah, I mean, that's what we got to do.
I mean, doesn't say that I'm not, you know, preparing for the just in case I've
got plenty of lead and food and money and silver and all that.
But listen, listen, when you say just in case the collapse is going to happen,
whether it's a year from now or five or 10, we're going to go through world
government, Antichrist, Margaret the Beast, drones around everywhere, but mass death.
But then more people are going to join us once they get this.
And it's going to be a total circus because the globalists think they have us
in checkmate because they're going to have the resources cut off.
So it doesn't matter.
They believe we're all going to eat each other, the angrier world.
But a lot of people are going to die.
But out of that, we're going to rediscover who we are
and become even stronger.
I appreciate your call.
Let's be 100 percent clear, folks.
You're everyone listening to me.
You you're not going to get out of this.
This is you get that.
You're going to face Satan.
Just. It's how it is.
It's going down, folks.
So just get ready.
But we're going to come through it.
And a lot of us are going to be dead, but our spirit goes on.
It is real, folks.
It's a decision you make right now.
God's testing you.
It's an incredible test, man.
You wake up in a world with the stars and the moon and the birds
and the bees and the families and all the world, all this incredible crap.
People are like, oh, there's nothing made this.
There's nothing.
No, folks, it's all been put here as a war game.
Before you go to the next level.
You're not going to be given the incredible power
you're about to get next to next level without a test, folks.
And let me tell you a little secret here.
It's not a secret, but they teach the mainline Christian churches.
You go to heaven,
skip the break coming up, we'll get all the calls
and you float around in a cloud and play a harp.
No, sir.
What happened?
Satan took one third of the angels, rebelled against God.
That's what's going on.
And that's just in this sector.
Christ said, I have many flocks in Israel.
In Judea. What do you mean?
This ain't the only rodeo, folks. I've seen it. I've been there.
This is not the only rodeo.
And basically Hollywood shows you this and creates an art type.
All that world government and all this unity and the star fleet with the UN symbol.
Utopia and you're in Starfleet and all that stuff. Oh, you're going to be in Starfleet alright.
But the point is, is that
you're going to go up to heaven. You can always go for R&R.
And be with God and just be in total bliss. But God knows you're not going to do that.
You're going to sign up for the next mission.
And that's all I'm trying to explain to you.
That is, this is a test, ladies and gentlemen, before we
go in and save a lot of spirits.
A lot of entities. A lot of creatures. We're being recruited
to go to the next level in a long term intergalactic war.
And I read this in a book. I'm assuming I've been there.
I've been shown it. And it's beyond
even this dimension. It's heavy. This is just
boot camp, folks. This is level one, baby.
Level one. We're on level one.
Let's go to Rusty in Colorado.
Rusty, you're on the air. Go ahead.
Happy 1776 to you, sir. Yes, sir. Go ahead.
Okay, so I'm a Community Notes contributor and I want to go over a few things.
Four ways. She's talking about Twitter. So describe what that means and go ahead.
Community Notes is the New Age fact check
system that Twitter uses to
disseminate so-called disinformation and add
context to somewhat informative
information. So there's four ways
to avoid getting a Community Note. The first one is advertising.
Advertisements are very hard to put a Community Note on, especially if
you have good reviews. So if you can hear my voice, go to an
Infowars store site that you can leave a review on,
any of them, and leave good reviews because that gives good contributors
ammunition to fight the bad actors inside the system.
The second way to avoid a Community Note
is to post memes as satire.
Satire is very hard to place a
Community Note on. That's right. AI has big trouble and even humans do
categorizing it. Yes, the joke, the jester is king.
Oh yeah, and it's a great way to frame a real discussion in a humorous
way. So there's actually an option inside for me as a
Community Notes contributor if I see something that has a pending note
that is satire, I just click satire, no note needed.
Bam, done. So the third way would be
frame your discussion in the form of an opinion.
Same thing, there's a way for me to say
oh that's an opinion, no note needed. If I say, guy's purple today
and some other bad actor inside the system says no no it's
actually blue. Well I said at the front end of my
comment I said no this is my opinion, I'm not stating facts.
So it makes it very very difficult to put a Community Note on that.
Finally, you want to use
you want to form your post
in the way of a question. You could say
oh I think these reviews from this water filter are great
or whatever, do you agree with me? It's impossible
to put a Community Note on a question.
There's a big section in the rules for Community Notes
providers to say if you want to answer a question
you need to go into the comments.
Nearly all, 90% more than that of questions get
turned down for Community Notes.
And for those that don't know, Community Notes is a great revolutionary thing. You don't censor
things, you just let people then make comments about it and that creates its own debate.
Yes sir, and if you do happen to get
a Community Note that falls into one of those four categories, you can contest it.
after close to a year, in early November
where I'm cutting this ad, we finally got one of our flagship products
back in stock, Ultra 12. The highest quality Vitamin B12
organic. You take it out of the tongue so you get better absorption of the body
through your blood vessel.
He said that he's going to turn Community Notes on you.
If you've been on Twitter for six months, if you have an account that's verified with
a phone number and you have no strikes against your account, you need to apply
to Community Notes. Because we need like-minded people in there.
The Community Notes about four months ago got overwhelmed
with leftist shill. Because they're control freaks, absolutely.
How do people sign up for Community Notes? You've got to be in six months and you apply for it.
You need to be at least six month old account
to verify your account with a phone number, a valid
phone number, and you also have to have no strikes against your account.
So make sure you're not a bot. Alright, incredible call Rusty, thank you.
I welcome you, you want to put me back on Twitter every once and
giving me Community Notes, I love it.
First of my first posts is going to be the sky is blue, they'll probably fact check that.
I'll have to say you're right, the sky is blue at high noon on a clear day.
Let's go ahead, because you can always say something's a lie, that's the games they play. Bill
in Iowa, Bill you're on the air, welcome.
Good afternoon Mr. Jones, I've got to say 1776, brother, hey real
quick about that Tucker Carlson interview, smashed it out of the park
it's going to be the beginning of our new 1776
you know, and I also saw Ramaswami yesterday and
I turned him on to a bottle of X2 and Brainforce Plus Ultra
so hopefully he uses it, and then also my
when I saw you smashing that bourbon I thought to myself, oh my god my heart
drops because I've got two bottles sitting on my shelf which I am going to take over to my buddy's
house in celebration, which in celebration of
Owen's release, but not only that, I gave him a copy of your
latest book, he read it, he called me up, he's like Bill we need to talk
I think I owe you an apology for calling you a tin head all these years.
I know, so it's coming brother, I just want to say keep up the good fight
I love you man, and that's all I got to say.
Well I love you too, but would you say the worm's turning, we're winning, are we beginning to win, or where are we?
The tide's turning, and also
I asked a very important question for Ramaswami yesterday
that you totally forgot about, I asked him after the debate
did he actually go out and get Chris Christie a Happy Meal, and if he did
was it a boy toy or a girl toy?
Thank you so much, appreciate that brother, love you, love you too.
JD in Indiana, thanks for holding her on the air, go ahead.
Hello Alex, long time listener, first time
caller, thank you, I just want to start off with
what, I mean, first of all I'm seeing a lot of
things that you're reporting on every day that I'm at work
it's different people having strokes every week and they're
just like getting used to it I guess, I don't know, but
on the, sort of what's coming
down, I have to say we have to protect the children at all
costs, I believe that's the number one target of the
new world order, because erasing us
that's not going to help because we've
got young kids coming up that are patriotic and
I believe they're going to be the most patriotic generation we've ever
had. What you're saying, I meant to say this a week ago, and that's why God works with listeners
just like different
leaders, the Jewish tyrant Herod, one of the first born Jews
because he wanted to get Jesus, and we saw that with Moses which is in the hieroglyphs
it isn't, people used to say oh that's the Old Testament and then they dug up the pyramids and it's like
Ramsey's the first born, all first born Jews killed because they knew
from their satanic sources that there was going to be deliverers
in them, and I agree, they want to abort and kill our children because they fear them
they know the deliverers are in there.
When I look at my children, I am taking them and they are practicing bow hunting
and they are doing the things that I did not do as a child because
I didn't think this way. They know more now than what I
ever even thought about when I was their age.
So they are going to be stronger, they're going to be the people that
truly, I believe, free us because
they know so much more than what I did when I was their age.
You almost have to be honest.
With the millennials and stuff, they program with phones and TVs, they're wiped out, some good's going to come out of them
but it's the generation now being born that we're
getting explosive awareness in right now. The spirit is really activating them.
You're totally right.
Young people around me, I'm in a business where there are some young people
and I'm in and out, but they know.
They know so much and they're 20.
My six and a half year old daughter has been protected from all this knowledge
she already knows it and talks to me like a 40 year old woman.
It's like frightening.
The most important thing you can teach them is to question everything. When the news comes on in my house
which is very rarely because we don't watch mainstream, they're just like
the liars are on and they change it.
The left said don't teach your children any values because they want to teach them their satanic values.
If you simply don't even tell children what to believe, just say hey these people are lying
catch it for yourself, they are off and running. They want to be led.
And then empowered. You're absolutely right. Beautiful testimony. Anything else?
And read the Bible with your children, question everything.
Don't scare them, but just put it in them that they are American.
I'll tell you what's wild. My six and a half year old daughter, same with my son
my only son, I have three daughters
she just begs to have the Bible read to her.
We didn't even tell her it's powerful. She just wants to hear it.
When she calls she just knows. It's amazing. It really turns towards God.
They're already pre-satellite ditched. They're already aimed, folks. Ready for the transmission.
We're going to give it to them. Robert in Washington, you're on the air.
Go ahead. Hey Alex.
First off, I just want to say I wish I was a part of your generation so badly
especially after listening to you, which by the way was
before episode 9-11 on Joe Rogan.
I was going to say I felt the same way about 1255 and 55 you did, but he didn't seem to
feel that way. I don't know if it was a thing or not. I don't know if you even remember that, but
how are you doing, brother? No, what specifically happened on Joe Rogan? I mean, I know the episodes you're talking about
what was said? Which one? 9-11, 1255, and 155?
No, what are you saying? I'm not getting the gist of what you're saying.
Oh, you said, I see that you had me on 9-11, 1255, and 155
and you were like, is that a coincidence? And he goes, no
it just so happened to be the 155 and you were like, uh, I don't know
the 1555, sorry. No, I remember that now.
I remember that now. Man, I've been following you. First off
everything you say is real and everyone knows that, but
I originally was calling in, I wanted to say that
you and Tucker Carlson together, I mean, it's just better than bread and butter
it's probably bread and garlic butter when you talk and you balance each other out
so significantly and eloquently
in a way where you combat each other sometimes, but you're both down to earth and you can see
the respect and love for each other, so I just want to say for anyone who hasn't heard them
you got to take a listen to Tucker and Alex. Well, people always ask
is Tucker really that happy? Even more so in person.
The guy I saw, he's like Santa Claus, he's just like in such a good mood.
I was going to say, everything you said about him seems totally
true even after he got off Fox. I've been watching him since when he was on Fox
and after he got off Fox he kind of did let loose and you could see his
more genuine, goofy side and his laugh and more and all, you could see
it's real. I agree with you entirely in that aspect.
As far as World War III, I just
want to say it's time for not only the global elites
but everyone in the world to just start to view our entire
world as more of a global society as opposed to just a global
economy because sure, economy has things to do with society
but a society and a culture matters and
there's individual cultures and societies that matter but ultimately we're
all human and if we all came together in the humanity aspect, things
would come together in the other aspects and it would gradually, gradually
grow and looking at it from a 30,000 point stand view
everyone feels that way deep down, whether it comes to their egos
engulfing parts of their bodies and beings that disrespect
the ultimate goal in life, whatever it is, everyone sees it as some
pet particle inside of their bodies and if we could just reach that
and tap into it somehow. I have some ideas, truthfully, but
Tell us!
Well, I developed kind of a business plan for some of the global
elites in order to sort of not lose money and kind of
create a way to still make money while not
destroying everyone else and their path beneath them
that would be a long topic, other than that
I think really kind of what you're doing and what other people are doing but just kind of
putting more feet and boots on the ground and
if I had an idea for what something you could do, you could create a little
side project that wouldn't cost too much money, but it wouldn't be
so much classes, but it would ultimately be something that you
overviewed, maybe went into a few appearances here and there when you
had time, but you put people in place to teach people
the right way to be. Kind of like the traditional way mixed with the
new modern way. Yeah, I'm trying to teach myself how to be but no, no
I hear you, it's a great idea. We're actually talking about trying to do some things like that.
I appreciate you brother, thank you so much. Alright, I don't want to cut these callers
shorts, we're going to go to break and back with Cindy and Alvin and Nathan and Joshua
and Jack and Lewis and everybody else here and then Jay Dyer's taking over
but here's a couple things I'm going to hit right now before we go to break
Look at this headline. It's on Infowars.com
It's like the CDC director video and statements
Here we go again. CDC director tells public
to take COVID vaccines, social distance
and wear a mask. So here we go again. CDC director tells public
to take COVID vaccines, social distance and wear a mask. Boom!
Now we got ahead of it in August so they backed off and I predicted
I said they're going to come back again in a few months and they get it. So I didn't make that up
it's on record, you've seen it, it's happening everywhere. Boom, there it is.
But it's not about being right, it's about getting ahead of it now. We know they're trying it and saying no.
Look at this. I got to go to break. I'll hit this one and come back and go to your calls.
Alex Jones might be making a comeback. Am I making a comeback?
Hmm. That's Newsweek.
We'll hit that one and come back and then Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones cracked up recalling
prank phone call to ex-CNN host Brian Stelter. We did
prank call him. We did video it and I've decided
to release it next week. And I did make a
joke to Brian. I said I want to marry him. And Brian was very excited actually.
Tucker made that, I mean I'm serious. So I
was joking folks. I don't want to marry Brian Stelter.
We had a few drinks. Tucker wasn't drinking. We had some steaks and the rest of the crew was drinking.
He goes, let's go down to the river, you know
the dark with flashlights. And they go, hey Brian Stelter keeps calling me. And I said, well
let's call him. So we called him and I had a few drinks. So
had a little bit of fun. It's pretty stupid. But hey, we should invite
Brian Stelter on the air. Hey Brian, you were a big star. Not on your show
but on mine. Hahaha. Look for that next week. It's going to be really
hilarious. Like a seven minute phone call with Brian Stelter.
We'll be right back. Stay with us. Infowars.com to Mars this day. More of your call straight ahead.
When I say this, I mean it from the very bottom of my heart.
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Oblivious, and you realize ignorance is not bliss,
it equals death. But people are starting to really
understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do
because to wake up to a dystopian reality and realize that we're in the middle
of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's
mass sterilization that's already taking place and cutting off all the major energy sources
is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality. Facing
it is our only chance to turn this around. This stuff's about to get really really nasty.
Infowars.com. You're going to want to
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Big Brother. Mainstream media. Government cover-ups. You want to stop tyranny? Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I got to go make it happen. Take the world in a loving place.
Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space.
I like smoking light, man. Every man will find out.
And once you're locked in a 50 minute city, he's eating bugs. Oh, the left's so much fun.
Till they get you where they want you, and then you're in a cage. Yeah.
Yeah, I got to go make it happen. Take the world in a loving place.
We're going to break out of this prison planet. We're going to interstellar. Nobody's going to stop us.
We've got God on our side. We were put here as a launch pad, baby. I can tell you.
I've been up there with the high command. I've seen it. It's real. Get ready, folks. Join us now.
Shine up to go to far away, incredible locations. Like the one you're on right now.
Could it be any cooler? Dangerous. But real as hell.
You meet a woman, you're passionate, you marry your children. A merger of you and her.
I mean, it just gets cooler by the second. It's all fantastic.
But they tell you, oh, my new Netflix show hasn't come out. I'm depressed.
World's so boring. You ain't open your eyes up. It ain't open your soul up.
I want to go back to your phone calls, but I've just got it. This article is funny.
And, you know, I've been talking to a lot of people. I probably had I didn't probably had three people today.
And three or four yesterday and a bunch last week say Jones used to be funny.
You got so serious over the years that it's a bummer. Can you be funny again?
The crew was on that last week when I was doing the English accent like an hour straight.
And so, yes, I'm going to I'm going to try to be more funny here.
And so we're going to dredge up old funny things we've done, but also do new funny things.
So we have Fargate before Jay Dyer takes over.
Take your calls. You want it. You got it. It's a major scandal. Fargate.
It doesn't just end or start with John Kerry blasting off at the COP 28 event.
Oh, it gets more serious. The answer is putting a giant fart bag on him.
I was doing the cows in Canada. In fact, I demand John Kerry not just fly on private jets.
He should stop that. He should put a giant methane bag on his back.
Because he's got a big fart problem. I know that already happened a few days ago, but I was thinking about this morning.
I'm like, you're so serious. You didn't even play this.
You don't have any Republicans literally on real foot.
This is really. We've got to stop cows and methane.
I mean, it's like you couldn't come up with coming this good, but they take themselves so serious.
The unintentional comedy is just platinum, triple diamond.
Let's stop right there. I have a tendency to say coming up and then hit it all right now.
But I mean, you talk about, you know, you've heard of Falcon heavies, man.
This guy almost took off. He farted so hard. So.
Mr. Botox. Mr. Mr. Frankenstein.
So continuing here, ladies and gentlemen, there's a Newsweek article, a bunch of others.
Alex Jones might be making a comeback. Well, let me explain something.
As soon as the audience, when I got the platform and attacked in the last six years, decided to stand with us.
We made our comeback. We never went away. We became more influential,
which you one dimensional thinkers that serve El Diablo can't seem to get your
heads out of your butts and figure out. So I love this statement.
Is Alex Jones making a comeback? And the answer is
no. We already made a comeback because we never went away.
You guys declare victory. And you don't even have a victory.
So you just just keep thinking you dictate reality like you're God. You're not God.
And info wars never went away. We were put through the fire.
And only because of God acting through the audience of activists are we still here. So
pretty ridiculous. And like I said, next week, Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones,
crank call, Brian Stelter. It's true.
It's true. It's ridiculous. It's hilarious.
You'll hear it next week if we're still here. I don't take any.
I'm on the left to declare victory. I think we're starting to turn the tide, but I'm not about to declare victory
because there's always a new challenge. The universe
would be stagnant if God did not do that. And I just really agree with God.
I don't even pretend to be the judge of God. I just
agree with whatever the big kahuna says. Yes, sir.
I'm 100 percent on board whatever you say. And God goes into
incredible justice and freedom and beauty and love and family and eternal life and everything's badass and awesome.
But you got to fight evil. I'm like, wow, that sounds like a great deal. Thank you for consciousness. Thanks for making me.
It really is great to exist and great to have all this power and freedom. Wow. Thank you very much for that.
I'm going to go against that. I'm going to get on my belly
in front of it. And then God says,
yes, you've been given beyond nirvana, total completion in my presence.
But now I ask you to choose. Will you leave my presence to fight evil? And that's the
next level. And you have to leave God's presence. You're still getting beam information. God's still there like a warm
fire to your back. But the storm, the freezing cold of evil is pouring in on you
and God's going to tie you to a rope and lower you down into hell to do work.
Yeah, folks, there isn't a candy land after this.
But you already know it's all real and have full, complete interface with
God and consciousness. And you will be begging to be input in enemy's face.
You'll be begging to be dumped into the operations. You'll be begging to fight
anti-life. And you're going to spread life throughout this dimension
and others. You're going to do things you can't even imagine. You're going to be building entire
galaxies, universes. You're going to be, it's unlimited, ladies and gentlemen. You're engineers.
You're master builders. You're the architects.
The Luciferians call Satan the great architect because God's called the great architect.
No, they're not the architect of anything but failure.
You want to work for the great architect? Get in league with God right now.
And all God's offering is the truth. And it is amazing.
All right.
Fire all your guns at once
and explode into space.
I'm going to stop preaching. Cindy in South Carolina.
Hey, Alex, thanks for taking my call.
I'm going to, I guess, represent the potential atheists or people that
have a different faith or non-faith. But I've, for whatever reason, maybe
the Tucker Carlson thing last night. But I was told, I was told by
a friend, today's the day to call. And after three years, I finally got through. I have a story that
I should have told three years ago in November of 2019.
I have a friend who is a private chef, a very high-end private chef out of Charleston. This person gets hired
by politicians and royalty. This person was employed at that time in the Netherlands,
feeding a large contingency of people who are politicians and royalty, including
their children. And at that time, at that event, it was at night.
They were offered a shot and they believed it to be a flu shot initially, but it wasn't.
Night went on, everybody was being inoculated with a virus that was to come,
an unnamed virus that was not the flu. And I've known that I should have told
that story for whatever reason. Maybe it'll result in someone else telling a story, but that's my story and that's the end of it.
Well, I mean, I mean, you sound credible. I don't know what you're saying is true. I'm not saying you're lying,
but it came out in the London Guardian about 15 years ago. And there's Spiegel about 12 years
ago, memory serves, quote, elites get special secret vaccines. They get, quote,
clean vaccines. So inoculations are real science. And yeah, whatever they're about to release on us or
already have, they've already been given the protection. That's why they caught Netanyahu and a bunch of them
acting like they give them the shots for everybody. And it also happened with, oh, who's the guy
who solves the lambs? What's that British actor's name? Anthony Hopkins, he got caught. It was totally fake.
So yeah, they've already, that's the thing. You're in the club, you get taken care of.
What else did they say about this? What else did they say about this?
That was it. It went on for hours. It was a huge amount of people, including children,
and they were offered it and declined because it seemed like a wise thing
to decline. And that was it, that it happened in November
at a huge event, a private event, and of 2019.
And that person kept it on the down low, told a bunch of us. We all kept it
on the down low because it was dangerous not to. And my heart's racing
telling you this now. So I'm actually, I just want to hang up. I'm nervous about it.
Well, you say, Cindy, you don't believe in God. You've never been touched by God, Cindy?
No, not like that you might traditionally say,
but I just knew I was supposed to, you know, today was the day I got through to tell you this story and I'm going to go.
No, don't go, Cindy. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been outdoors at night by yourself and the stars are out
and just looked up there and felt that feeling of timelessness? Have you ever felt that?
Yeah, of course. Well, Cindy, God's real, but God is about free will, not some fake church.
I don't blame you rejecting the church. It's there to make you rejected. And so I understand rejecting the establishment.
That that's the system. That's the priesthood. But God's real. If you will just
pray privately or with me right now for God to touch you and ask God to come into your life and show you
things. In my experience, God will show you things to show you how God's real.
You might get a visit by an actual angel or you might, you know, be told
walk outside. There's about to be a car wreck. You walk out, there's a huge car wreck. That's kind of stuff God does. Would you
like to know if that's real? I respect that, but
there's a block. Hold on, hold on, Cindy. There's a block there, though.
I'm saying, what do you have to lose? See, God will not do this if you don't ask for it. You have to say,
I have free will, governance over my soul. I'm asking God to show God
to me. You don't want to see if that's real. That's a hard,
that's a big for somebody that was scared enough to tell this story.
Well, you know, there's evil out there. I'm asking you, what do you have to lose? It's all a made up thing.
Why would you be? Why would you not want to say, God of your real show me?
All right, I'll think about it.
But deep down, you know what's on the other side. This is very real, Cindy. This is the real universe.
You have to say, if you want to go beyond the stars, beyond everything you see that's already so
fantastical, this is just nothing compared to it. You have to say, show me, I want you to show me.
Because God isn't like the devil that attacks you without permission.
God wants you to open the door and just say,
I ask God to really come into me and control me and lead God and direct me because I'm an imperfect vessel and I've got to get
prepared for that so I can take it on. I'm telling you,
I'm not asking you to even ask God into your heart. But would you ask God
to show you the miraculous? Because God won't do it.
I'm open to anything. I just hope that you're open to those of us that aren't,
that we know, we understand truth when we hear it, but we may not
feel the same way faith-wise as a lot of your followers.
But I'm not asking you about me or my followers. If there's powers greater than us in the universe,
and God is the omnipresent creator, which I am postulating,
why would you be scared to say, God, if you're real, show yourself to me?
I'm scared. I think it's just something I got to do in private and think about.
I think you should, but
this is a big journey. This is a big step, and I want you to experience it.
And I know that if you simply say, God the creator, the God of life,
show me. God will show you.
You will see it, and then you'll have to make a choice on whether you want to reject the Holy Spirit.
I know there's a bigger power. I know that. That's all I'm sure of, but I don't know what it is.
But that higher power, well, no one can, we're finite.
We can only see it. God's backside, basically, like Moses.
But what I'm telling you is, you need to then, in my opinion,
say, God, show me, because God will not
push you around. So it's about your free will. God made you
because you have free will, Cindy. That's why God won't mess with your free will. Do you understand that?
I do. So God will not
directly intervene in your life unless you ask God to. I appreciate your call.
I would suggest you launch yourself into a wider world right now, Cindy. Thank you.
Joshua in New Mexico, thanks for calling. Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, thanks for taking my call. Can you hear me all right? I can, thank you.
All right, yeah, real quick, I just want to do a quick plug for your products.
I started getting your products over a year ago, and the first ones that I got was X2,
and Living Defense. And I noticed right away, after taking those,
I felt much more stamina. I wouldn't say that I had more energy, I could just feel that I had much more stamina.
And so, since then, I've just been a full-on believer. I order as many
things as I can. I've tried all your products. My personal favorites is, of course, anything with iodine,
X2. Right now, I ordered some more. I got X3. I think X2 is better, in my opinion.
But they're both good. I take them both. I love 1776 testosterone.
Brain force is awesome. Also, I want to let a lot of people know out there, too,
that it's not just about how I feel. There's also real results that I've seen from your products.
I started giving my dad your products. And, like I said, it started the same with him, as just iodine
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I started giving him the ultimate krill oil. And after taking that roughly on and off
for about a year's time or something, whenever he went to the doctor and took his checkups and they did blood
tests and everything like that, everything was improved across the board, essentially. And so,
he didn't make any big, you know, lifetime changes. He didn't, or lifestyle
changes. He didn't exercise more. He did the same stuff. The only thing that changed were those products.
Definitely move the needle. Absolutely. By the way, it's not denied that pure
fish oil or pure krill oil is incredible for your brain, heart, cardiovascular. The problem
is the cheaper brands do almost nothing because they're homogenized. They boil it
because they boil down much of the fish or much of the krill. It's got to be cold
press. It's the medical grade stuff we sell. You got any major doctor's office or any
longevity office, they're selling the same stuff we sell. And the problem is it gives you terrible burps.
So, I would take it with a meal. It's not as effective as you have, but I just can't take it alone. But it gives you
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is even better than the fish. We have the best fish, the best krill, and it's amazing.
I'd order krill if you had it again, but I just settled for the ultimate fish oil. But here's the funny thing, Alex,
is that my dad never said that he had fish burps or he never saw Santa Claus when he went to sleep at night, but he's
still got all these benefits. No, I mean, let me tell you, if you want to have incredible dreams, take a couple of,
take three or four fish oils or a couple krill oils before you go to bed. It's definitely psychotropic.
I mean, it's not listed as that, but it does incredible things. And I thought we had krill oil back in stock. I guess
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like if people can't get X2, go out and get a Himalayan salt or a sea salt that's purple
or pink. That's got some of the real iodine in it. So thank you so much for the call, Joshua.
Thank you so much for the plug. What was the news? Oh, they hung up on me. I messed up.
Joshua, call back. I apologize. We can get back in. I meant like
your next point. I want to say thanks for calling up on you. My fault. Call back, Joshua,
to make your news point there. Yeah, it all works, folks. But they
medically, in the medical journals, like even the FDA doesn't come after you saying
fish oil and krill oil are good for your heart and cardiovascular. It's a fact. Okay.
Let's go ahead and talk to Nathan in Hawaii. Nathan, thank you so much for holding, brother. Go ahead.
Hey, Alex. Great to talk to you. God bless. God bless you. Quick plug.
Well, all your products that I've tried, they work. They're all
legit. But wanted a plug. HGH Max Boost.
Been sleeping far better. Waking up more rested.
Lean muscle mass has just greatly improved. And
a kind of added plus that I wasn't expecting is the little man
has gotten far meteor. A lot more weight, a lot more girth.
So very, very pleased with that. For folks who don't know, this is the
formula that the Olympic athletes are legally allowed to take. In fact, quite frankly,
I'm just going to be honest, 2.0 is a little weaker than the last one. Part of it's stronger.
Because it was just too strong. But yeah, this is a very powerful formula.
Yeah. Well, unfortunately, I didn't get to try the other formula, but this one is working great.
Well, if you think the new one's great, the other one was too powerful. But I mean, we've beefed up
some stuff less than some of the others. But yeah. So, yes, I just wanted to plug that.
I'm thoroughly happy with all your products, though. But HGH Max Boost 2.0
has just been great for me. Just wanted to speak to the
Infowar family real quick. I just wanted to remind everybody that it
says in God's word that God turns all things for good
for those who love him. And so if you truly love and trust God with
all your heart, no matter how dark and nasty this world gets,
God is going to turn all things for good. And so I just
wanted to remind everybody that. No, I agree. But you've got to know, though, me or I may get tortured to death,
but then it saves 100,000 children. So you have to realize it's long game. God may sacrifice us
for the greater good. We've got to be ready for that. Absolutely. Absolutely. So you might have to go through
some trials and tribulation. But in the end, all things will be
good for you. Yeah, read that passage. I forget where that is in the Bible. Such a beautiful passage.
No, guys, pull it up. God will turn all things towards good. The Bible verse. But say
the verse again. If we love God, if we trust God, he will turn all things towards good.
What's the exact quote? He said he will turn all things for good for those
who love God. And that's true. It's in the word.
It's true. Well, I never even I knew that, but I never really lived it. I wasn't worried about it. I wasn't doing what I was
I did. But I've always noticed the worse the attack, the more painful I'm always like, wait, around
the corner, something even 10 times better is going to happen. So I've learned to almost enjoy it. Does that make sense?
Absolutely. And that's because we're not building up treasure for ourselves
here on Earth. We're building up treasure for the afterlife. And so your
treasures are in another place and they don't they don't rot and
And the treasure is closeness to God and wisdom to help others.
That's when you finally get the treasure. It's not a car, a box of diamonds or gold. It's literally consciousness.
Absolutely. And one more point I wanted to make, Alex,
as we head into here to Christmas time, I believe it's Micah 5.5
where it says, And he will be their peace. And
it's Micah prophesying about the coming of Christ and that Jesus
Christ is peace. He is peace.
And so if you want true peace in your life, you need Jesus Christ in your life.
Well, that's what I was telling the lady earlier is that the real
God does not force himself on you. She's got to ask God to come in.
True, because he's knocking at the door and it's up to you to open the door and
let him into your life. And then he will he will move in your life like you
would not believe. And I love those. She can feel it. There was an evil thing blocking it right there.
She's like, I want to I want to all she's got to do is say it. She just got to submit.
She's just got to make herself vulnerable and open that door and
let God in. And it's a big deal because it's you will feel
shame, folks, when you find if you've not had God in your life before and you open the door, you're going to you're going to see who you really are.
And it's it's big. But I mean, it's great, though. Amen. It really is.
So hopefully that lady takes your advice. Thank you. It has a beautiful call. All right.
Let's hear him in Calvin in California. Go ahead, Calvin.
Hey, Alex, how are you doing? This is Calvin. Welcome.
Hey, listen, this morning you were talking about your joy,
which I understand the feeling over the last several years, what we've gone through, because I used to be the happy-go-lucky guy, too.
And it just I would just read in the Bible that yesterday
about that very thing, and it brought it to mind when you said it. So can I read it?
Go ahead.
That's right. Christ is the circuit breaker that brings it into Earth.
Correct. And if you following him,
he will bring that joy back to you and it'll be filled. You'll be filled with his joy.
It'll overflow you. It'll control your life. You'll be you'll be one,
like you said, with that that God, the father of the universe, Jesus.
He'll bring that joy to you. And he's brought it back to me. He's filled my life.
Not just there, but everyday things and things I see and his presence is always
with me. And it's even stronger now, I think, because of all the tyranny we've
come under. So with great, great strife comes great power.
And it's up to us. That's right. The beginning of knowledge is sorrow. I don't want to cut you off, but I got to go.
Jack and Lewis. And then I'm going to have some fun. People want jokes and have some fun.
That fart is coming up. Stay with us.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
The whole universe is built for us.
The whole universe is built for us.
The whole universe is built for us.
Beyond the infinite, into eternity.
An infinity of eternity. Jack in Chicago, the Lewis of Massachusetts, you're on the air Jack.
Alex, thanks for cleaning my call. Love you. Real quick,
while we're on the subject of testimonials, I
personally, my mother died when I was six. I
took offense to God. I thought that God took my mother
away from me. And so I grew up kind of a bad kid.
And I got sent to Maryville Academy up in Eagle River, Wisconsin.
And during that time I was trying to like sort of get
like bonus points, brownie points from whoever I could just to get out
of whatever situation I was in. And in that process
I joined a born again Christian church
thinking that this is a bunch of ridiculousness and I'm going to
you know, push this to my advantage to get out quicker.
So what I did is I joined the born again Christian church
and I said, I will give my life to Christ. And I was sitting in a circle
of a bunch of people from Eagle River, Wisconsin.
And what happened was not what I expected. I expected
fallacy. I expected nothing. I expected nothing
from this. And all of a sudden God punched me in the face
as hard as he could. He said, you know what? I'm God. You're not.
And guess what? You just gave your life to me. And I was like
born again. I don't know what happened, Alex. But you
know what? That is the message. Well, you know, you opened the circuit. You opened up to it.
Right. Because I had no choice. I thought what was how was I going to get out of
this? How am I going to get out of my hatred for somebody who took
my mother at age of six? How am I? And there was so much anger
and resentment. And then all of a sudden it was like a washing over feeling.
I've never experienced anything like this in my life. But Alex, that's the comforting
of the Holy Spirit. It is. And I'm telling you the point of my
call was to tell you that you are the groundbreaker for the mainstream
media. You are going to be the mainstream media, not the mainstream
media. We are turning the tide. And I love you. And I cannot
believe what is transpiring right now. And we are going to win.
No, I love you, too. You called it about the Tucker interview. What do you think of that? Pretty powerful. Well, I think
quite frankly, quickly, I think that Tucker woke up
himself. And I think that, you know, whatever, you know,
whatever definition of mainstream media is completely dissolved.
It's all lies. Every every. Well, that's it. I mean, I know all about his
past. I read his book with him. He was a really sweet, smart guy that thought everybody was nice
and was naive. But once he woke up, now they got a big problem on their hands. And he's really the archetype of what's
about to happen. I agree. And you know what? And that's why we're going to turn this around
and that's why we're going to win. Well, God bless you, brother. Anything? Closing comments?
Check. No, I don't. But you know what? It's
game over for the leftist and the new world order. We're not going to sit
here and allow them to win. We are going to win this fight
with black, white, purple, green. It doesn't matter. We are going to join
together and we're going to beat these people. I agree. You're in a point of awakening. So you
see the victory now. It is coming, but it's going to be long and hard. I appreciate your call. I want people to know
that the beginning of the victories happen. All right. I don't want to take time from JDR, but I got to take one more call.
We'll ship both network breaks. That's eight minutes. He will get all his time back. And so JDR does an
amazing job. Great author. Just write off their own documents. What a time to be alive. What an incredible point in the
universe. We'll be right back. Stay with us.
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And then Jay Dyer is in command. Lewis in Massachusetts, you're on the air. Last caller,
you're a tell gunner. How you doing, Mr. Jones?
I'm doing all right. I'm definitely in the middle of it.
Well, I always wanted to talk to you. I mean, and I'm talking to you right now, sir.
You are. All right. So my thing here was I did had a dream, right? And I know you
were talking about your dreams. My dream was very weird. It happened where I saw things
falling from the sky and it looked like first birds, you know, like fiery birds,
but I know that's not possible. So it could have been, you know, fire and rockets,
some war missiles or an asteroid, you know, breaking to pieces or whatever it is. But
the thing is, I was the third caller other than you talking to Cindy, and I do have a cousin
named Cindy. So when you do the three points, that is a pyramid. It matches like a pyramid.
And the thing is that I had an accident where a glass went through my wrist and when it healed,
it has the shape of a pyramid.
What do you
want to
hear from
scientists are saying this moment is alarming it's without precedent it is
terrifying some have said and others will say we are in uncharted territory
so you want to have some fun play the famous they did this tens of thousands
of like 7x underwear more than 10 years ago that Obama ordered because they had
so many millions coming across they needed tens of thousands of pairs of
underwear for that many fat people here's that clip thousand pairs 6x for
the illegal aliens from south of Mexico that bus up on a train every day
to understand folks you could wear this I could wear this as a onesie
okay I can wear this as a leotard I mean I mean oh my god oh my god we're being
invaded by South American walrus the government is shivering in 42,000
the job of the country is so screwed up I'm sorry I don't mean a lot but it's
reaching up for a portion of everything I've ever left this hard on air 42,000
pairs 6x illegal aliens from south of Mexico that's actually I said 7x or 6x
alright so there's the fun but I put the cows on screen that was on a joke they
said it was huge torture devices up their rear ends and then they knew
they're saying that they're bad well John Kerry I demand John Kerry he
looked good actually with that big pink back they would be embarrassed up
there Jay Dyer of Jay's analysis author researcher great American takes over Jay
Dyer thank you so much thank you wasn't there an AC AOC clip I don't
know if it was real or not but AOC was doing some SBD when she was letting it
rip I don't know I know Luke Rudowski shared that clip so I don't know if it
was real or not but I can believe it seemed like the Democrats got some
irritable bowel problems but shouldn't they put the cow bags on
them absolutely sorry you want to have some fun in this crazy world start
over I'm gonna be watching go ahead show so we just had the passing of
Henry Kissinger again passing I keep now farts are in my head that's all I
can think about passing the death of Henry Kissinger this last week and he's
one of the key global architects another this is was on your radar I
listened to that show when you covered this week Alex I thought was
really good I want to go into the history of Henry Kissinger because a lot
of the public information was all these glowing obituaries and they didn't
really go into his black ops stuff Henry Kissinger did a ton of really
hardcore black ops operations and there's a lot of books on this I've
read some of those texts and so I'd like to talk about a few of those to
give us an idea of how really at the government policy level it was really
Henry Kissinger who was the architect of putting the United States government
on an official eugenics depopulation austerity policies so you know we've
heard of State Department memorandum 200 which Alex talks about from 1974 the
next year they gave to Carter this global 2000 report and the global 2000
report was basically this unreadable gigantic for 500 page text about
breaking down all the metrics of the different areas of Latin South America
the global south basically and it was arguing that we have to cut population
in all possible ways particularly through diet particularly through making sure
that other countries don't industrialize in order to control them because if we
don't then there's not enough resources to go around so back to that
whole Malthusian narrative but it was actually Kissinger who was key in
getting this policy through and what how was he able to do this why was he
such an important figure well I think if we go back to his background in
the 1930s Kissinger fled Nazi persecution and actually joined the
US Army but when he was in the US Army he did intelligence work and this
is a common pattern that we're going to see with a lot of global elites
especially a David Rockefeller as well David mentions in his memoirs there's a
whole chapter in Rockefeller's memoirs about how he's a proud internationalist
how he's going to create these entities like the CFR trial auto
commission Bilderberg that will go on to really steer the world these
steering committees and it was really the Rockefellers especially Nelson that
took Kissinger under their wing to really mentor him to be the chess
player agent the grand architect of the Rockefeller plans for policy in the US
government so Rockefeller's of course are the you know the wealthiest family
in the US as far as we know one of the key elements for aligning with the
the Rothschild power structure in the UK to join in the anglo-american
establishments designed to create what we know of as the New World Order and
Kissinger his passing I think is one of the he's one of the old guard it was
really Kissinger who was the mentor to and the recruiter of Brzezinski it
was a David and Henry that recruited zee big out of McGill University in the
1970s after because after Brzezinski had written the between two ages text
and so they said this guy he needs his own steering committee put him in
charge of something and they created the trilateral commission the 1970s but how
was Kissinger able to do this what why was he such a big deal well not
only did he work in intelligence in the army he also did some
counterintelligence work and when he left the military he went to teach at
Harvard and actually tried to be in the FBI so we know from now that
Kissinger had a really intense interest in counter intelligence
counter-espionage work he didn't end up getting hired by the FBI but he did end
up basically leveling up far beyond that running things way bigger than just
being an FBI operative and so as he is recruited into these higher level
operations he really becomes the the the front man I guess you could say for
David Rockefeller for Nelson Rockefeller and this is actually how we get the the
1970s China policy if you heard Alex's interview with Roger Stone this last
week there's a lot of interesting insight into Roger Stone's take on how
it was actually Kissinger and Alexander Hague that were the brains
behind ruining the Nixon administration but when Nixon went to China that was
actually already organized and prepared via Henry Kissinger and David
Rockefeller they'd already gone over there's a whole chapter in Rockefeller's
memoirs on how he wanted to set up Chase Bank in Communist China and that
he loves communism and socialism because that allows for there to only be
one central bank the Chase Bank in in any country that's communist or
absolutely socialist and centralized in that way so these are high-level key
operatives that were involved in not just things like maneuvering and
organizing big trade deals like OPEC was actually Kissinger according to
Mingdao that was behind the OPEC oil embargo and the 70s oil crisis that was
all masterminded by Kissinger and and Bilderberg but again a lot of people
don't know the the deep black ops background Henry Kissinger and the
reason I'm bringing that up is that there's this public sort of normie
perspective that people have oh he was a great engineer of getting us into
detente and solving the Cold War and he helped to open up China and all this
normie nonsense that has nothing to do with what was really going on because
Kissinger was actually a mega high-level black ops operator he was
running according to Paul Williams and the Daniel Ganzer PhD thesis on
Gladio really Kissinger that was running Gladio right and so you might
think well but we had to do that to fight the Soviets and the Communists but
I'm gonna let you in a little secret that Kissinger who a lot of times the
global elites as they get towards the end of their their life they start to
reveal things and I know that they played Alex played the clip this week
of Kissinger saying that we didn't know that opening up the borders was
problems what do you mean you didn't know of course you know it here's a
master architect of studying population control and population management for
the last hundred years I mean of course you knew what was gonna happen by
having completely open borders in Europe and in Germany right so but why he says
that I don't know maybe he was getting a little you know flipping in his words
and he accidentally let that out
but he also accidentally let out at the end of his I don't know if he accidentally let it out
but at the end of his last book World Order which that's a helpful
title here that helps you know what he's talking about
I mean again we live in an era where there's still people who don't think
there's such a thing as the new world order of world government even though
canary Kissinger actually writes books on how to run the world and world order
the very end of the book very telling last chapter he says that past
empires would run through a sort of unilateral policy right like ancient
Chinese Empire they would want to have everybody submitting to the Chinese
Empire or whatever other Empire he says that the difference in today's world at
least I guess out of the Cold War is what he's speaking of here particularly says that
we've learned that the best way to manage and control the world is to have
a dual balanced opposition so dialectical opposition is like the last page of the book
and he says that's a much better way to manage and contain and control the world
because this allows for there to be a dialectic that people are always sort of focused on
and so balance of powers is actually a dialectical Hegelian and you could
argue in Marx's philosophy I mean Hegelianism precedes Marx Hegel was the key
influence on Marx Marx was a young Hegelian when he was a student and so
you can see that today's power elite and especially David Rockefeller himself
being very interested in and very influenced by both Austrian economics
studying under von Hayek and being interested in and studying under Harold Laski the
tavian socialist we can see that combination of both in a key figure like David
Rockefeller and in a key figure like Henry Kissinger so this is why a lot of people
can't figure out was Kissinger conservative or was he liberal it's because he's neither of
those right he's a real politic pragmatic power player and so even when he was an
undergrad Kissinger wrote his undergraduate thesis on Toynbee the British baby and socialist
operative Emmanuel Kant the Enlightenment philosopher who wrote a whole essay on how
to have global government and he's actually Kant's actually the key influence on Hegel
and he wrote on Oswald Spengler right the Prussian theorist of how civilizations have
life cycles so even as an undergraduate you know Kissinger was very familiar with both
philosophy and geopolitics and the relationship between the two and so he took a lot of that
into how he would strategize for the power elite and it's really important to talk about
him because I think that aside from Brzezinski there's no other brain in this power structure
more important than Henry Kissinger right between Kissinger and Brzezinski I mean they're pretty
much up there at the top running things for the wealthy families so that's pretty much how it
works and so to think that we don't live under a deep state which is utterly preposterous
when these deep state people actually write freaking books about the deep state for
everybody to read it's just absurd but rewinding and getting back to some of this some of the
scandals that Kissinger's known for and partly why he's I mean you know everybody's probably
familiar with him being considered a war criminal I think he's you know he couldn't go to certain
countries supposedly because they call it a war criminal or something like that but he's
considered a war criminal for by some people by for the bombing of Cambodia as well as
involvement in the 1973 Chilean coup and again a lot of people a lot of neoconservatives thought
well see he's opposing the Soviets but if you look at what he actually says about detente and
about balance of powers never about opposing the Soviets it was about having a balance of powers
a balance doesn't mean you beat the enemy it means that you balance them you helped them
out you aid them that's why he's a key figure for understanding dialectics and understanding
that the the world order was always about having a counterbalance of China and or Russia
Eurasia against the West and so that's why Kissinger had all those comments about how
China would be the future of the new world order right China's really the future well
that's because his masters his his handlers were the ones that had decided a long time
ago to build up China right I mean if you go to to Arkansas which that's where
Walmart's home offices are I mean that's the Rockefeller State I mean you go to
Arkansas it's the Rockefeller State literally that's like their home state
Rockefeller stuff everywhere I think Nelson I think was the governor of Arkansas at one point
I mean you also find Bill and Hillary Clinton stuff everywhere because Bill Clinton comes from
Arkansas and so so who was picking presidents back in that time Oh Henry Kissinger and
Bilderberg we're picking the president right I mean Kissinger is one of the mainstays of
Bilderberg for decades at all the Bilderberg meetings and of course it was Bilderberg that
chose Democratic and it was Bilderberg that chose Bill Clinton who who picks the president
the elections no no the power elite but and they tend to prefer the Democrats especially now
that doesn't mean you can't have neoconservative you know so-called fake conservatives I mean
Reagan for example attempted to talk about trilateral Commission the CFR and all that and
we saw what happened with Reagan I think a lot of people think that Bush senior who formerly
was running the CIA for a year he he had a hand in putting Ronald Reagan in line when
Ronald Reagan stepped out of out of bounds and then we didn't really see Reagan going against
the real power elite after that so when you start talking about those real power elite
you get Reagan right and I think Alex is right to talk about you know the dangers for Trump if
you cross the certain lines there's a lot of dangers that the power elite might roll out another
kind of dangerous situation right that's what that's what they do and as people like Kissinger
in my view from my research that organized and made a lot of those those shot calls right
I mean I've been interviewing Sammy the Bull Gravano for the the last few months of
his podcast the famous gangster he was the shot caller right he's the one that
when John Gotti told him who to take out you know Sammy the Bull would organize the hit and
figure out how to take him out so this is all real world stuff and then when we go back
even before the publicly known stuff most people think oh well Kissinger's you know involved in
Cambodia or something like that well that's all true but before that he was he was actually
according to Paul Williams running Gladio and there's actually a a whole section in the Ganser
book of how Kissinger was doing it he was the one calling the shots it was Kissinger that had
made the connection with the highest P2 mason in Italy Liccio Geli who was the basically
running the Italian government through all of this sexual compromise and blackmail and other
operations in the Italian government in the 1940s and 50s and so Kissinger basically coddled and
invited Liccio Geli to the U.S. they whined him and dined him and through this means Kissinger
was pretty much able to run its Italy and by extension the rest of Europe because the U.S.
has always really called the shots when it comes to the EU in fact the EU was the creation of
Bilderberg and the OSS and the CIA and that's on record wasn't I mean there were similar plans
drawn up by tiny mustache man by Hitler but it was actually the OSS and the CIA that put into
place the European project that would become what we know of as the EU and Kissinger again
key player in the background of a lot of these operations but particularly these black ops
sabotage assassination false flag operations of Gladio to save Europe from supposed Soviet invasion
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, I'm your guest host Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis and
we're talking about one of the key game players, one of the key chess masters of global geopolitics
like Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, who just passed away and it's really important to understand
his life and his operations because it's a window into how the Deep State and the New
World Order actually works with one of their key, well-known public figures who was himself
an operative, a brain for the Bloods, the Blue Bloods and the Power Elite, the Banking
Elite, et cetera, who really recruited and coaxed Henry into this high-level operation
where he would be in charge of so many, implementing so many of the plans of the
Power Elite.
In fact, I just finished lecturing through, as you guys know, Dr. John Coleman's book,
Committee of 300, and Coleman actually begins the book, as I think about it, way
ahead of the other researchers like Ganser or Paul Williams on Gladio.
Dr. John Coleman actually said back then, the very first chapter that was Kissinger
that was running Gladio, utilizing the networks of the pea lodges to do all of the false
flags, assassinations, the scare tactics, the strategy of tension, that was a big
part of the neocon Cold War operations against the Soviets.
Remember, it wasn't a Western free market capitalism versus Soviet war.
That was the fake version of it.
The real war was Fabian socialism versus Sovietism, and it was actually the Fabian
socialist of the West, which is the alliance of Marxism and monopoly capital that ended
up winning that Cold War, and then, in turn, in the last several decades, helping
to prop up, deindustrialize the West, and to create this balance of powers of China.
And again, Kissinger was forever talking about how important China would be.
It was Kissinger and David Rockefeller that went to China and really opened it up to
the West to set up this policy.
And again, you heard last week Roger Stone and Alex talking about how that was
really something that they forced Nixon into, and then they double crossed Nixon,
Kissinger, and Hague by doing the entire Watergate stuff.
John Coleman also had said that Kissinger and others were really the players
behind Watergate back in the 1990s.
But Coleman was very ahead of his time in talking about Kissinger really running
with people from the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, that's the highest 300
power players in the world, basically modeled on the old British Imperial or the
British East India Company's top 300 advisors, right?
So the British East India Company used to have this Committee of 300, ran it when
it was the most powerful corporation in the world.
It dominated anything, it is way bigger than even Apple for its time.
And I did a whole talk on that.
You can go watch the whole history of the Illuminati drug trade lecture that I did
here on the fourth hour a few weeks ago or maybe a couple of months ago.
So we're talking about Kissinger's black ops operations, and it was really
Kissinger that was the mastermind with others in the CIA, like Ted Theodore
Shackley, James Jesus Angleton, in terms of how to strategize, utilizing the
Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican Bank.
And so when you get deep into Gladio and the whole scandal of the Vatican
Bank in the 1960s and 70s, this was actually, again, Kissinger in the
background going to the Vatican and setting up with people like William
these deals where the Vatican Bank, because it's the most secretive bank in the world,
it would be a funnel for funding CIA black ops.
And so the Vatican Bank played a key role in arms trafficking, drugs trafficking
throughout that Gladio period to fund Gladio.
Right. And again, I'm not saying everything's Gladio.
It's just one of these key elements into how the New World Order runs things, how the
Club of Rome, Committee of 300, Kissinger Associates, how these people call these shots.
Right. And so let's say, you know, David Rockefeller wants to do this.
He says, Henry, I'm going to put you in charge of doing blah, blah, blah.
Oh, yes, sir. Yes, master. I will do what you command.
Right. This is what Henry Kissinger would do.
You put it into play. And again, there's probably no other figure
other than Brzezinski that's so important in this regard.
And again, it includes all these black operations.
I mean, Gladio's its own amazing rabbit trail to go down to see all these
connections and how deep it goes with the Vatican.
Well, why is this a big deal? Don't we have to beat the Soviets?
We're not just beating Soviets for free markets.
You're beating Soviets to create the new dialectical synthesis out of that,
which is where we are nowadays, again, with Russia.
Right. China. I'm not saying that China particularly isn't dangerous to the West,
but the West, the power elites in the West built up China on purpose to create,
as Kissinger says, this balance of powers. Why would we want balance of powers?
Well, he argues that it's more pragmatic for running and controlling the world,
but it's also for a long term plan of where they want to take things.
And that's where I want to go next, because in the 1970s,
when Kissinger writes State Department memorandum is he didn't just come up with that.
He's again working for the Rockefeller, Malthusian,
dysgenics operatives. He's implementing their plans into government policy.
And that happens particularly under Carter and then more gets pushed
in subsequent administrations. Right.
And so they sent to Carter this report, this Global 2000, and it wasn't written in 2000.
Obviously, it was 1975. The Global 2000 report was one of these
Club of Rome created documents where Kissinger with Murray Strong and all these characters
saying that if we don't put into place radical depopulation and deindustrialization agendas,
we will not have enough food and resources in the West.
The third world will like, you know, explode in population and then we won't have any food
because Thomas Malthus had flies in a jar and there wasn't enough food.
And that's literally like the origins of others. Right.
But that's the basis for where we are now with the meeting that just happened.
Let's get started.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
And so Kissinger was pushing all these agendas that again really helped to set the U.S. policy
to be an official eugenics policy, but it's no longer called that, it's just the depopulation
So when Tucker's talking about the death cult, which is absolutely correct, you can't
find anybody more archetypal of implementing this death cult, especially in the 1970s, than
It was a key decade for pushing this, again, right after, not too long after Roe vs. Wade,
Again, all pushed and promoted by Rockefeller interests.
And so, what was Kissinger saying then?
We've got to control and stop third-world production to keep them down.
And the only thing that's changed is that now that third-world quote-unquote strategy,
which like Alex always said, it was always going to be turned domestically, now it's all
just turned domestically.
Not so much about the third world, it's how do we stop Western civilization and crush
the U.S. because that's the one sort of roadblock to moving into the full-on New World Order.
And so there's phases to this, right?
So the balance of powers, that's a phase until they're ready for the synthesis of
these two oppositions.
The whole system, it all works on a thesis, antithesis, synthesis, everything.
That's the whole thing.
And that's why when you read Brzezinski, he talks about the Manichean dialectic of
the Cold War.
When you read Kissinger, he talks about the dialectic of the controlled opposition of
balance of powers, but there's a synthesis that occurs out of this smashing of the oppositions
And that's just basic dialectical philosophy that goes all the way back to Heraclitus
in the ancient world.
Plato talks about it all the way up until, I mean, Darwin, all the way up into Marx.
Marx talks about it.
Marxism is dialectics.
And then the application of that strategy and technology to geopolitics through people
like Henry Kissinger.
And so Kissinger pushes all this austerity and that becomes a policy after many, many
decades of propaganda in movies and pop culture and mainstream media to where we are now,
to where it's all domestic, it's all pushed on us.
It's all the same stuff.
Disney promoting trans agenda, that's not out of nowhere.
It's all this same policy.
It's one plan.
And even the big wars are part of that same plan.
So when you hear about GMO meat, that the global elite push, get rid of cows, got
to kill the cows, we got to, Ireland is talking about killing 100, 200,000 cows
because it's destroying the environment.
And if you read the Yahoo article on it, it actually says that we have to kill the cows
because the cows are a threat to their own existence.
Welcome to Orwell.
This is like total contradiction.
Well, to save the cow, we got to kill the cows because they are a danger to their
own existence because of what Alex is talking about with John Kerry.
And his farting it up at the COP 28.
Now, it's all one plan, and you say, well, why does COP28 matter?
This is the exact same stuff that they did in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit.
You go back and watch that at C-SPAN, you can watch the hearings, or the presentations,
Bush Senior, Marie Strong, they're all sitting there saying the exact same thing that they're
saying at COP28.
Greenhouse gases, all this nonsense, it's all going to kill us, we're all going to die in
the next 15 to 20 years, and they always say the next 15 to 20 years, that's why it
was global warming, or excuse me, actually in the 1970s it was the coming ice age, there's
going to be a new ice age, and then they changed the PR to the hole in the ozone layer
in greenhouse gases, and then they changed the PR to global warming, and then they
rebranded it to climate change, because that encompasses everything.
Oh, the temperature went up three degrees today, oh, that's climate change, as if the
climate doesn't change.
So it's really just a giant scam, and what you really learn is that I think that that's
the intelligence angle of this, because a lot of people think like intelligence work
is like, ooh, it's spies, and it's James Bond saving the country, and food queen
and country.
Actually, it's a bunch of con men.
It's mastering the con at a higher and higher level.
That's a big part of it, that and human compromise.
And so when you look at Gladio, for example, and you see that gigantic portions of the
Italian government throughout that time period, those decades, they were all sexually compromised.
I wonder if Kissinger was running that.
I mean, nobody's talking about Kissinger basically being in charge of giant Epstein-style
I haven't heard any of that in the glowing praises and eulogies of Kissinger in the last
About the Epstein-style operations to control and compromise not just the Italian government,
but the Roman Catholic Church in Italy throughout the Gladio period, interesting.
I wonder, where have we seen something like that in recent times, the compromise