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Air Date: Dec. 6, 2023
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Alex Jones discusses various topics related to politics, COVID-19, and globalist agendas on his show. He criticizes Illinois Senator Dick Durbin and accuses the Supreme Court of becoming more political. The show also touches upon undocumented immigrants coming into the U.S under Joe Biden's administration, with concerns that it may be used as a voting block against taxpaying citizens. There are mentions about Durbin's net worth and his refusal to subpoena Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs. The show promises to take calls from listeners who have experienced adverse effects from the COVID-19 vaccine. The United States is facing a controlled demolition due to globalist agendas, as organizations like the UN, World Economic Forum, and other groups work together to create multiple crises that will force submission from the population. The ultimate goal of these globalists is to remove national sovereignty and replace it with regional governments, which would further advance their agenda. Infowars is mentioned as a source of information against globalists, while the speaker promotes their new book, The Great Awakening, and two new products available exclusively at InfoWarStore.com: Joint Relief Max and Nerve Renew. Secret organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, and Skull and Bones Society influence world affairs and work towards globalist goals. The CFR and its sister organization in the UK play a critical role in shaping global policies. These organizations include prominent politicians, Supreme Court justices, and other influential figures. There is a real evil element at play among elites, not just greed or power, and their occult connections should be exposed. The globalist elite promote an agenda they do not believe in themselves, using climate change as a means to dismantle Western powers and shift political power to Beijing and the United Nations. The term "breaking news" is used by mainstream media to manipulate and control public opinion, often with contradictory narratives from CIA guests on both sides of the political spectrum. Truthful media is essential in combating propaganda and maintaining accountability for politicians' actions.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is a clear and present danger to the national security and future of the United States of America.
I think the Supreme Court is viewed by those who follow it to be more political than in any modern time.
It really has reached a point where people are keeping score of who was put in by a Democratic president and who came in under a Republican.
Welcome whatever the committee wants to do because I'm telling the truth.
I want to know what you want to do.
I'm telling the truth.
I want to know what you want to do.
I'm innocent.
The senior Democratic Senator that serves as the Senate Democratic Whip and chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee has recently emerged from his milquetoast shell as an opponent to the Republic for which it stands.
Mr. Chairman, you're denying us an opportunity to speak to our nominee for the third time now.
We don't have a right to speak under the rules?
Under the third time, I'd say no.
So you're just going to make it up?
There's going to be a lot of consequences coming here.
You're going to have a lot of consequences coming if you go down this road.
I've cautioned a lot of you.
I've cautioned a lot of you.
Listen to me.
I've not had the opportunity to speak.
I would like very much to speak on Mr. Kassembai.
I urge you to let Senator Blackburn speak.
Senator Cornyn as well.
Senator Cornyn hasn't had a chance to speak.
Congratulations on destroying the United States Senate Judiciary Committee.
That's correct.
Durbin leads a Democratic Party that views the invasion of 8 million illegals under Joe Biden as a voting block and enforcement arm against taxpaying U.S.
Relishing in the possibility of millions of non-assimilated military-aged men given the power by the U.S.
Congress to oppress the criticism of the deplorable American people.
That if you're an undocumented person in this country and you can pass the physical and the required test, background test, the like, you can serve in our military and if you do it honorably, we will make you citizens of the United States.
Do we need that?
There are those who are undocumented who want the chance to serve and risk their lives for this country.
Should we give them the chance?
I think we should.
After 40 years of working the DC Insider Favors game with his wife and Illinois lobbyist, Loretta Durbin, Durbin has a net worth of $10 million on an average $176,000 per year salary.
As the Chicago Tribune discovered, Loretta Durbin has landed contracts with a host of companies, non-profits, and universities under the purview of her husband's congressional oversight.
Recently, Durbin blocked Senator Marsha Blackburn's request to subpoena the Jeffrey Epstein flight logs, and then acted as if he had no idea what anyone was talking about.
Chairman Durbin, can I ask you a quick question?
Why won't you subpoena Jeffrey Epstein's flight logs?
So, who are you?
I'm Hillary Vaughn with Fox.
With Fox, of course.
I don't know anything about his flight logs.
But why won't you subpoena them?
Why don't you want to know?
I don't know the issue.
I know who Epstein was, but I certainly don't know anything about the issue.
Well, he was charged with sex trafficking, so why don't you want to know who was utilizing his private plane?
I've never been raised by anyone.
Senator Blackburn has wanted to subpoena them and there hasn't been a vote in your committee.
You said a word to me, not a word.
There's a Fox reporter in the hallway who asked me about this and I said I had not spoken to you one time about this issue.
I think you'll back me up on that.
I'm not mistaken.
I didn't know that this was even a subject of your amendments.
I had two amendments.
One dealing with Epstein and Sotomayor.
I brought it up previously.
You and I have never personally discussed this, have we?
We talked briefly on the floor as a conclusion.
You never mentioned what the subject matter of your amendment was.
You said you wanted to offer... In committee, I brought up the subject matter of my amendments.
Three weeks prior.
Not in my presence.
Yes, sir.
It was... I'll pull the transcript for you.
I wish you would.
I wish you would.
Thank you.
A subpoena to Jeffrey Epstein's estate to provide the flight logs for his private plane.
Thank you, Senator.
When I recognized you, I didn't know what subject you wish to speak to.
As I announced at the beginning, the first thing we'll consider are the two judicial nominations.
Then we will move to the subpoena.
Dick Durbin is as dirty as the day is long, and like many of his fellow Congressional Uniparty Country Club members, he works for a corrupt criminal combine hell-bent on the destruction of the United States of America.
John Bowne reporting.
We'll be back, get ready for a huge transmission.
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Thanks to you, the audience of listeners and viewers, the activists, the men and women in the arena.
Oh, yeah!
All right, Alex Newman is
He's been prolific for a long time.
He's a young man, but he's probably one of the most informed people about the architecture of the New World Order and their coordinated attack on the planet.
He'll be spending the third hour with us today.
Now let me get into what we're going to be going over.
On Monday, we opened the phones up for people to call them with their experiences with the experimental lethal injections.
And we took a whole bunch of really incredibly informative and painful calls.
And we still had about seven or eight people on hold, including medical doctors, nurses, you name it.
When I had a scheduled guest, a big federal whistleblower on the giant sex trafficking rings being run by O'Biden.
So we had to stop there.
We got the names and numbers of folks and I said I'd call you back next time we took calls and we had a bunch of guests yesterday with whistleblowers and others so we didn't get to that.
Today I intend to open the phones up and by the last segment of this hour get to all of you that were left on hold on Monday and then we'll give the number out of course and take more calls after we get to those folks first.
So that is coming up in the second hour and the end of this hour today.
All right, they've gone from a drumbeat to a stampede to a full grand finale, crescendo, with just Trump is a dictator, he's gonna kill everybody, World War III, we're all dead, he's gonna arrest all the Democrats, he's gonna use the Justice Department against him, everything they've done.
And Trump got asked about it obviously last night with Hannity.
We've got a bunch of clips and Trump's just his classic Trump thing.
He goes, yes, I'll be a dictator to take the restrictions off oil drilling and energy and on the border.
But that's not dictatorial.
That's the presidential power.
The first thing Biden did when he stole the election, when he got sworn in in D.C., surrounded by fences and troops with machine guns, because, you know, Trump's the dictator.
The first thing he did was kill the Keystone Pipeline and then kill all the oil drilling and gas drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico and many other areas of the United States.
So that's not a dictatorial action if Trump reverses that.
But they are in full crazy town.
Here's Yahoo News.
Dictator Trump!
Spooks America!
And all these other headlines.
Trump won't deny he's a dictator.
Donald Trump refuses to rule out being a dictator.
Tells Sean Hannity he may get revenge on his enemies on day one.
But it's not in quotes.
He didn't say that.
After dodging question about abusing the law to go after people.
And I agree with Congressman Matt Gaetz.
They're laying the groundwork to assassinate Trump because
Everything they do is blowing up in their New World Order faces.
14th Amendment challenge to Trump eligibility heads to Colorado Supreme Court today.
They're still trying to remove him from the ballot.
Because, oh, they're the dictators.
They're the ones trying to not let you vote for who you want.
Doesn't get any more dictatorial than that saying, no, no, no, you can't vote for who you want.
No, no, no, we're the dictators.
They're the oligarchs.
But Ken Paxton, who they tried to put in prison,
We're good to go.
Now, of course, it doesn't mean it never got implemented, but a couple of years ago, to the Supreme Court, they said, yeah, you can't have federal agencies just declaring carbon dioxide a toxic waste and making law outside of Congress.
But you notice that's still ongoing.
Still, they're shutting down coal power plants everywhere.
But Paxson, at least, is getting it out there.
He's filed two new lawsuits.
In the last 48 hours, two days ago, AG Paxton, Pfizer jabs under 1% effective, false advertising, dangerous.
He's suing Pfizer.
And now we've got this today.
Attorney General Ken Paxton sues U.S.
State Department for conspiring to censor American media companies and the American people.
Massive election meddling.
So we need more Attorney Generals like Ken Paxman.
We got a good one in Missouri.
We got a few other good ones.
But most of them are either neocon deadbeats or they're actual Soros operatives.
Like Letitia James in New York.
She's got all these laws passed where judges can have trials without juries.
And so Trump can be found guilty by that pinhead judge.
I mean just it's it's oh but
Trump on trial without juries, you know, he's the dictator.
Yes, he's the dictator.
Hmm, trying to keep him off the ballot, trying to keep him from being able to run, saying they're doing it, setting up kangaroo courts with no juries.
Gee, if you're going on a checklist of totalitarianism and dictatorship, this is it.
We're good to go.
To shave off, she thinks, conservative votes to make sure a Democrat wins.
Because she says Trump's a dangerous dictator.
Hmm, let me see.
No major wars under him.
Peace deals in the Korean Peninsula.
Peace deals in the Middle East, the Abraham Accords.
The list went on and on.
Stopped the escalation of the war and helped end it in Syria.
Turned out General Milley and others just ignored Trump, though, and still had troops fighting on the side of ISIS against Assad.
Oh, but Trump's the dictator.
Gee, what'd your daddy do?
Dick Cheney.
And all the millions of dead based on the lies of WMDs.
I mean, this is like the pot calling pure driven snow black.
This is upside down world in every respect.
Liz Cheney, oh, and everybody was going to be able to get the transcripts and documents and videos from all the different depositions with Ray Apps.
They've erased it all.
Now we're learning they've erased the transcripts, not just the videos.
Just like they didn't want the January 6th videos coming out.
Because we know what they were really up to.
So we're going to drill through all that.
Also, the COP38 event, it's official.
They want 75% of cars off the road in the next four years.
They want all natural gas cut off.
It'll kill a couple billion people conservatively.
Mainline estimates will be going over some of those numbers with top engineers, scientists, demographers, and others.
We're going to be looking at the FBI director testifying in Congress that he's never seen so many red blinking lights.
There's domestic terrorists, evil white people, and the precious Muslims may attack us any moment that they've been bringing in at record numbers.
So they're getting ready to stage something or let something happen on that front.
Biden says he wouldn't be seeking re-election if Trump wasn't running.
He says since he's already been elected once, he's the only one that can beat Trump.
What, with his rallies with five people at them?
Who is buying this?
No one, really.
Except the biggest idiots on the planet.
So we're going to cover it all here today.
Massive COVID-19 news.
Anywhere the UN goes and makes a post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, 99% of the comments are you're a bunch of mass-murdering criminals.
So I thought I'd read over some of those as well.
But the House of Cards has already fallen.
They just hope we don't notice.
If the House of Cards fell and nobody saw it, wouldn't it have fallen?
Never forget that the answer to 1984 is 1776.
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One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections masquerading as vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious, and you realize ignorance is not bliss, it equals death.
But people are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a dystopian reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, and they're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
What I'm going to cover next segment... ...intersects what I'm about to hit now.
It is science.
It is provable, demonstrable, that if you tie three bowling balls around your feet and throw yourself into 100 foot deep water and go to the bottom, that within four minutes you're going to be dead.
It's a fact that if you take a gallon of gasoline and pour it all over yourself and light yourself on fire,
That it's going to burn all your skin off, you're going to go into shock and die if you're not put out in about 20 seconds.
You'll be dead within a few minutes.
It is a fact that if you got an industrial wood chipper, turned it on high, and had someone put you in head first, you're going to die.
It's a fact that if you reached into a bag of fentanyl and popped two or three powerful pills, you'd be dead in 30 minutes.
That's just science.
And they've cut off 30% of the fertilizer worldwide the last two years.
That's an official number.
That's going to kill close to 100 million people conservatively.
That's conservatively.
And they're accelerating that.
Are you starting to figure out what's going on here?
When they cut energy production, and they cut plant food production, and they cut electric car food off, and that's coal, that the grid's going to go down.
And that's what the big
Power alliances have said, they said, well, this is going to start going off this year, this winter, and this next summer.
I'm going to hit that next segment.
But these are the people at COP-38 that were just laying all this out again.
And then they have the nerve to point at our peacemaking president, Trump, and say he's a dictator.
One of the most classic aspects of a tyrant in the modern parlance and vernacular, historically it's a double entendre in ancient Greece, it had some good connotations depending on your perspective, there were some good tyrants that knocked out the oligarchies that were a group of tyrants or a group of oppressors, but I see it in the more modern use as bad.
But what tyrants really do
Historically is turn off resources.
And there's a name for that.
It's called feudalism.
And if you study feudalism practice around the world, it's for the most common form of governance since civilization first formed more than 7,000 years ago.
It's keeping the people on a short lease, keeping them poor, keeping them under their control.
And Trump fundamentally understands this, and so he says, yeah, I'll be the dictator you say I am, because he's not going to say, oh, I promise I'm not like they have the moral authority, like it's even true.
He turns it around and says, yeah, I'll dictatorially, with the power he has in the Constitution, he has that.
A dictator dictates everything.
But under the law, the president can dictate the policy on energy and the border.
If I give dictation to a secretary, they're just copying everything I say word for word.
She's not my slave.
So there's different uses for the word.
But Trump says, yeah, I'll be a dictator only the first day.
I'll secure our nation's border and I'll turn our energy back on.
And with that, they went, see?
He admits he's a dictator.
Biden's acting as a dictator over policy and saying we're not going to track
The 400,000 children that have come in since he got in, many of which have disappeared.
There was a clip of Trump on Hannity last night.
This one issue though, because the media has been focused on this and attacking you under no circumstances.
You are promising America tonight.
You would never abuse power as retribution against anybody.
Except for day one.
Except for?
Except for day one.
He's going crazy.
I want to close the border, and I want to drill, drill, drill.
That's not, that's not, that's not retribution.
I got it.
I'm gonna be, you know, he keeps... I love this guy.
He says, you're not gonna be a dictator, are you?
I said, no, no, no, other than day one.
We're closing the border, and we're drilling, drilling, drilling.
After that, I'm not a dictator, okay?
That sounds to me like you're going back to the policies when you were president.
That's exactly right.
Take a break, just kidding.
We got a lot more of these clips I'm gonna get to right now, but again, everything they say about Trump they're doing, it's total inversion, total projection.
Upside down world.
And he makes that point later.
They're the ones trying to keep me off the ballot.
They're the ones trying to put me in jail.
All this made up crap.
But notice, still, when the corporate controlled media, the enemy of the people, puts out a lie, still we respond to it.
Just like they kept saying Trump is a Russian agent during his time in office, so he would be on the defense defending against it the whole time.
Let's go to
Clip 26, talking about Biden.
Here it is.
Let me ask you, when prominent Democratic voices like Maureen Dowd and David Axelrod and Van Jones and others are so critical of Joe Biden, and of course he is struggling cognitively, I can't think of, in the last couple of months, any appearance that he has had where he wasn't either mumbling or bumbling or stumbling or having no clue where to go, where to exit.
Now my question is,
Do you think in 11 months he will be their candidate?
I personally don't think he makes it.
I'm saving it for this big town hall.
I haven't said that.
I personally don't think he makes it.
I'd never lose.
I think he's in bad shape physically.
Do you remember when he said, I'd like to take him behind the barn?
If he took me behind the barn and I went like this,
I believe he'd fall over.
I believe he'd fall over.
Who knows?
Who knows?
Who knows?
But, but it was okay.
And by the way, it was okay for him to say that.
He said, I'd like to take him.
He could say that, and everyone thought it was so cute.
If I ever said it, they'd say, he's a dictator.
He's a horrible human being.
You know, it's a whole double standard we have.
And not only in the law, but just about everything else, as you know very well.
I personally don't think he makes it physically.
I watched him at the beach.
He wasn't able to lift a beach chair, which is meant for children to lift.
He couldn't lift it like that.
And mentally, I would say he's possibly equally as bad and maybe worse.
But I don't know.
He's got vicious people surrounding him around that beautiful Oval Office.
I will say this.
There are people in that Oval Office that are evil people, bad people, smart people, young, vicious.
They're communists and they're bad.
Remember when he said Hamas is smart, Hezbollah is smart?
They went, oh, he likes them.
It's classic Trump.
No, that's a real enemy.
The enemy's smart.
You shouldn't underestimate our enemies.
They're damn smart and damn evil.
But I'm going to go to break and come back into the other issues and back into Trump later.
But here's the big takeaway.
You haven't seen Trump on Fox anywhere, have you, in the last couple of years?
I think he's been on Handy one time before.
Because they said, well, no more Trump, remember?
And once we take him off the internet, once we take him off big tech, and then once we don't let him on Fox, he'll just go away.
It's like, I was supposed to go away, but see, you didn't go away.
The American people and populists and Christians around the world who understand that this is an international fight,
Whether it's Bolsonaro or Bukele or Millet or any of these people, we're getting patriots elected everywhere and that's why they're in full total panic votes.
It's important for the world that Trump get back in as well if he wants to stop World War III.
They're also saying he wants World War III.
Who started all these wars?
It's the opposite.
Has war gotten worse since Biden stole the election, or has it gotten better?
Well, we all know what's happened.
It's gotten much worse.
The gas lighting's not working, which makes the deep state even more dangerous.
They're a bunch of cornered vermin.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
What would you do if there was a tyrannical totalitarian world government taking over whose plan was to kill 90% of the world population and they were already beginning to do it?
You would rally against it?
You would fight it?
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Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
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Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to InfoWars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
tension worries Kissinger and are we going to lose our liberties in this country because everybody from Governor Frank Keating to Henry Kissinger are calling for Americans to start living another lifestyle.
To give up liberty for security is the Henry Kissinger and Governor Keating quote and I'm hearing it all over the radio, television.
Kissinger was asked how to get the U.N.
troops on American soil back in 91 in Evian, France in front of the Bilderberg Group.
He said that we had an outside threat, the American people who begged for their world government to save them.
The alien threat scenario has been discussed by Kissinger and others.
Publicly, they've admitted they're going to use a fake alien attack.
There also exists an extraordinary opportunity to form, for the first time in history, a truly global society of a new world order.
That's what this is about.
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Alright, let's look at their continued shutting off of the food to the people, the fertilizer to the plants that feeds the people, and the actual energy that powers the machines that feed the people and clothe the people.
We're going to lay this out.
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Also, I'm not going to belabor this, but the chink in the armor here in funding the operation is that the federal judge, about the ongoing bankruptcy that's going through, to keep free speech on the air it looks like, we'll know here in a few months, but they've signaled that's what's happening.
The judge has.
We've done everything we're supposed to.
He says, I have to pay half the legal bills.
Well, I'm completely upside down, but I do get half the proceeds from the book sale.
When it's sold at infowarestore.com, I get like $2 a book.
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It was for folks that bought the last book, The Great Reset and the War for the World.
This book is twice as long, incredibly powerful, gets into a lot of solutions as well.
The Great Awakening, Defeating the Globalists and Launching the Next Great Renaissance.
Alex Jones, The Kinneck and Lively.
Forwarded by Stephen K. Bannon.
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That will also hopefully help me not be upside down.
I am upside down by over $2 million.
That sounds like a lot, but for a media operation like this, it is
It is a drop in the bucket for the huge effect we have.
And this whole litigious operation, I'm not going to spend an hour explaining it all, is going to come to an end in the next two to three months.
And so this is the deciding heart of the battle.
Right now they've spent over $57 million in the last five years trying to shut us down.
And we've spent $15 million legally battling them.
And I sold my house and
I'm in the process, it'll only get us a couple hundred thousand dollars, but selling my guns, except for a few I'm keeping, two guns I'm keeping.
I've got guns I got in high school my dad gave me.
They're all about to be auctioned off.
My extra car, that'll only get us like 60 grand, fine.
I don't care about all that crap.
It's all going into the fight.
Now is the time.
Now is the time to take action.
Or 888-253-3139.
Okay, let's get into what the globalists are doing and how they're cutting the energy off.
Here's just an everyday example.
Same thing's happening in Europe, the UK, Australia, New York City, to charge you $23 a day to even enter the city.
Passenger vehicles will be charged $15 to enter the congestion zone, and then that much or more when you leave.
Truckers between $26 and $36.
So, there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
That's all passed on to the people.
And the globalists swindle it and now what, 40% plus of all U.S.
funds to the federal government, all the tax money goes to pay interest on the debt.
We're being maneuvered into total debt slavery like Argentina or Weimar Germany.
It's happening, or Venezuela.
This is the New World Order takeover plan.
Here's the clip from New York.
And so it begins.
New York City will be the first city in America to charge Americans just to go to work in the morning.
Very first state in the nation, the very first city in America to have a congestion.
And Americans will have to pay around $23 per day.
Passenger vehicles would be charged $15 to enter the congestion zone, trucks between $24 and $36 depending on size, and motorcycles $7.50.
Those tolls would be charged once per day and would be in effect between 5 a.m.
and 9 p.m.
on weekdays and 9 a.m.
and 9 p.m.
on weekends.
Fees... The proposal aims to reduce traffic congestion, but...
First, a climate-friendly world.
WHO calls on leaders from government and industry to work together to phase out fossil fuels urgently and accelerate the transition to clean energy.
Fossil fuels, coal, oil and gas are by far the largest contributors to global climate change, accounting for over 75% of greenhouse gas emissions.
Winning the world of fossil fuels is therefore the only way for countries to meet their commitment to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.
This is a public health imperative.
And then Hillary says 500,000 people with no evidence died because it was the hottest summer ever last year.
Total crap.
Totally made up.
None of it true.
Remember Al Gore said all the polar bears were dying and we'd be flooded by 2007 and 2013 as he bought beachfront houses like Obama did at one foot above sea level.
Here's the founder of Greenpeace, Dr. Patrick Moore, explaining this is genocidal consequences of the globalist death cult.
And they're getting away with doing something now.
They're going into agriculture and threatening to cut off the supply of food because food is causing global warming.
And, oh, isn't that nice?
Only the billionaires will be able to afford to buy food.
And now all the other people will die because there's not enough food.
That's what we're heading for if we continue to listen to these people.
And they are about to perpetrate one of the most evil acts in the history of human civilization, which is to cause poverty and starvation to hundreds of millions of people if
They go with this net zero.
In order to get net zero, first off, we'd have to kill all the animals, including ourselves, because we are an emission of CO2.
We are talking about the most important things for the survival of ourselves every day, food and energy.
Nothing else is as important as those two things.
Water, right, is part of food.
They haven't decided to cut the water off just yet.
But if they go ahead with what they are thinking and planning, they will cause a ruination the likes of which the Earth has never seen.
Because there are over 8 billion of us.
And four billion of us depend on nitrogen fertilizer, which they now say is bad, because it's a greenhouse gas or whatever.
It isn't actually a greenhouse gas, but they've got some story about how nitrogen, in the form of nitrous oxide, is going to cause the Earth to warm up to unacceptable degrees.
It's all completely phony.
And so is the campaign against CO2.
Completely phony.
There's nothing to it.
It's not a real thing.
And yet they have made it into a real thing in the West in particular.
Russia, India and China are busy building coal plants and nuclear plants.
There you go.
But of course, I don't blame the doctor for not seeing the latest clips.
The new thing is the WF says, oh,
The wars haven't scared you, the climate change hasn't scared you, the virus didn't get you to accept world government, now we're just going to cut your water off.
Here's Archbishop Viganò explaining what the WEF is really all about.
Those who do not adapt to this fourth industrial revolution will find themselves outstripped and will lose.
They will lose everything, including their freedom.
In short, Klaus Schwab is threatening the head of government of the 20 most industrialized nations in the world to carry out the programmatic points of the Great Reset in their nation.
This goes far beyond the pandemic.
It is a global coup d'état.
against which it is essential that people rise up and that the still healthy organs of state start an international juridical process.
Here they are a few weeks ago, or I guess a month ago, saying, well, the next thing we're going to scare them with is the water shortages.
And again, they cut off the fertilizer, they cut off the water, they cut off the food, and then say, oh, global warming did it.
Oh, the new virus hit you.
It came out of the jungle, not out of the lab.
It's all your fault.
They say it's going to be a cataclysm, there's going to be a big mass dog, a mass extinction, and they'll write in the history books, once they kill the majority of us, that it was a great extinction event.
We did it to ourselves.
No, you're doing it, the world's waking up, and you're not going to get away with it, murderers.
Here it is.
That's also of course true with COVID, right?
We are all only as healthy as our neighbor is on our street, in our city, in our region, in our nation and globally.
Did we solve that?
Did we actually manage to vaccinate everyone in the world?
So highlighting water as a global commons and what it means to work together and see it both
Out of that kind of global commons perspective, but also the self-interest perspective, because it is, it does have that parallel.
It's not only important, but it's also important because we haven't managed to solve those problems, which had similar attributes.
And water is something that people understand.
You know, climate change is a bit abstract.
Some people understand it really well.
Some understand it a bit.
Some just don't understand it.
Water, every kid knows how important it is to have water.
When you're playing football and you're thirsty, you need water.
So there's also something about really getting citizen engagement around this and really, in some ways, experimenting with this notion of the common good.
Can we actually deliver this time in ways that we have failed miserably other times?
And hopefully we won't keep failing on the other things, but anyway.
All right, now let's go ahead and let's go to another clip here.
This is Bill Gates, who just pops up with your water, your medicine, your food, the world ID.
He's behind it all.
Quarterbacking it for the corporations, the UN.
Oh, here he is, just popping up.
We gotta make all the chickens and the cows, the sheep, GMO, and you gotta eat synthetic meat.
And they just standardize it, and they roll it out, and they do it to you.
They're already putting mRNA, DNA, you name it.
You know, cows, pigs, you name it.
It's getting into the population.
They're killing us.
Because he likes it.
His dad had it up Planned Parenthood.
He wants to depopulate you.
And everything he does depopulates you, makes you sick, or kills you.
And we don't put two and two together.
Hell, that's not even putting two and two together.
They're just doing it.
Here he is.
Well, the Gates Foundation has partnered with DFID on a great number of things, and among those are work we do together on livestock.
Helping animals survive, either by having vaccines or better genetics.
Helping them be more productive.
It's making a big difference.
I was down in Ethiopia seeing how chickens are out there laying more eggs, getting more nutrition, and even some small savings into the household.
So, Edinburgh happens to be where a lot of the world's best work on this is done, and that's why DFID and the Gates Foundation are funding scientists here.
Now the next clip I want to get to, and then I'm going to give the number out, but first we're going to go ahead and have the call crew, because on Monday we left a lot of callers on hold, doctors, nurses, whistleblowers that wanted to talk about their experience with the COVID lethal injections.
So we're going to go ahead and open the phones up and get those folks on the line.
Call them back because I promised I would and then we'll give the general number out for everybody else again on that topic to share your COVID or COVID injection stories with us and we'll take your calls throughout the second hour ahead of an incredibly informed expert on the New World Order joining us in the third hour today.
But I wanted to play you a clip of Terrence McKenna explains how the world will become exponentially weirder.
This is a clip from 1998 and I want to say something about Terrence McKenna.
I read history books and philosophy and government documents and also heard what my family told me that it worked in some of these areas and then when I was first getting on air
I had a lot of learned friends, including my cousin who lived here in Austin, still does, say, did you get this from Terrence McKenna?
And I said, no, I don't really know who he is.
He was like part of the 60s, 70s kind of hippie movement or philosophy movement, Timothy Leary stuff, right?
They're like, yeah, but he basically saying everything you're saying, but saying it's kind of a good thing, but just expect it.
Then I went and read, I think three or four of his books, very thought-provoking, very well-written, very Luciferian though, in that he's for it, but very piercing.
And so I did learn a lot by reading.
And then when I read the writings of the World Economic Forum, the writings of UNESCO that actually runs and organizes the global policies and the rest of it,
I noticed them basically quoting him but not giving him credit with basically saying they're going to use Earth and the mutations and the calamities and the depopulation and that out of that crisis
They believe a Superman will emerge, and if you see the X-Files movies and all that, it's always based on something terrible happens to somebody, or Spider-Man gets bitten by a radioactive spider and he becomes Spider-Man, or Deadpool, you know, where they're artificially putting him through accelerated evolution.
Most people die, but maybe one out of a thousand creates an Ubermensch, or a Superman.
And that's what this project's about.
World government to get life-essential technology to test all the cybernetics and cyborg and genetic engineering on us, and then out of guinea-pigging billions of people while you kill them, you then discover the secrets of the universe and out of this cataclysmic, gutter-dommerung battle of the gods, the uber-menschen emerges.
And that's what Hitler thought as well.
So it's really important to understand.
They believe this big, grand destabilization, this great reset, that they're going to be able to build back better on its ashes.
And so this is their philosophy.
And it's very, very important to understand who your enemies are and what makes them tick, right?
That's really an understatement.
I mean, it's not even an understatement, it's just a true statement.
It's hiding in plain view, it's prima facie on its face.
And that's what's so frustrating about my show and what we do here is 99% of what we talk about is confirmed, on the record, going on.
And people hear this and they go, there's no way that's true, that's just too fantastical.
And I just sit here frustrated going, hey, we have the insurance company numbers that there's a 40% increase in deaths over any year previously, including major wars.
That's true.
It's true the injections didn't work for how they said they worked and erase your immune system.
It's true that two men can't have a baby.
It's true they had testimony in Congress yesterday where the Democrats just said women need to suck it up and lose gracefully to biological men.
That's actually a quote.
Sorry your kids got stabbed by a Muslim, big talk show host said in England two weeks ago.
Just suck it up.
She actually said, suck it up!
Suck it up!
So, I understand if you tell somebody you got a problem, a lot of folks want to procrastinate and say, I don't believe there's a problem, because you don't want to deal with it.
One time I was over at some long-time family friend's house.
There had just been a wedding, and I'd gone to it, and it was the
After wedding day over at their mom's house, because she has a big house and pool and all that, they were going to go off on their honeymoon.
I'm sitting there watching a football game, kind of in the back side room, and one of the lady's son's cousins that I've known, known her family forever, was in there.
And I saw the groom, and she's only like 16, hit on her.
And I said something about it, and they said, that's not going on.
Come on, don't stir up trouble.
And later it came out that was, you know, an issue.
And it's the same thing.
It's like, I guess I'm the weirdo because I see something like that, and it's obvious.
I go say something and then I'm the bad guy.
See, I just don't live with my head in the sand.
And I've told the crew this and they know that.
I want to hear about problems immediately.
I don't want to hear about problems later.
I want to know the worst of it so I can get ready for it.
But I learned that's not something the average person does.
Well, folks, if you want to be successful or even survive, you better want to face how bad it is.
And it's bad.
Real bad.
Here's that Terrence McKenna.
Contradiction is going to rise excruciatingly.
The excruciating present levels of contradiction.
So I think it's just going to get weirder and weirder and weirder.
And finally, it's going to be so weird that people are going to have to talk about how weird it is.
And at that point, novelty theory can come out of the woods.
Because eventually people are going to say, what the hell is going on?
It's just too nuts.
It's not enough to say it's nuts.
You have to explain why it's so nuts.
I look for the invention of artificial life, the cloning of human beings, possible contact with extraterrestrials, possible human immortality.
And at the same time, appalling acts of brutality, genocide, race-baiting, homophobia, famine, starvation, because the systems which are in place to keep the world
Thank you.
Nobody even bothers to mention what a big deal it is.
The Mushroom said to me once, it said, this is what it's like when a species prepares to depart for the stars.
You don't depart for the stars under calm and orderly conditions.
It's a fire in a madhouse.
And that's what we have, the fire in the madhouse at the end of time.
This is what it's like when a species prepares to move on to the next dimension.
The entire destiny of all life on the planet is tied up in this.
We are not acting for ourselves or from ourselves.
We happen to be the point species on a transformation that will affect every
Living organism on this planet at its conclusion.
So, the globalists are just playing God and deciding to trigger this early.
And this is what the heads of Google and Facebook and all of them believe.
And that's why Elon Musk has said, beware those that worship AI gods.
So, that's what they're doing.
Maybe it's decided, well, it's not really their own free will, they're just doing this and that's the way it is.
Please remember,
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That's how we break through the big tech.
We're in a war for humanity's future.
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Two years ago, we reported the research of Pfizer head Mike Yeadon and Craig Pardecouper that showed how certain batches of the COVID vaccines were deadly and others were not, and showed how red states in America were sent more deadly batches than blue states.
But the masses were not able to face these facts, so they accepted the lies of the MSM.
Nine months ago, we reported how the CDC's own data supports the findings of Yeadon and Pardecouper.
But the masses still chose the comfortable lies over the uncomfortable truth that our governments and medical professionals are murdering us.
Last week, the scientist entrusted with New Zealand's vaccine program went public with data that vindicates this as well.
I was involved with building a project, helped with implementing a vaccine payment system for our providers.
It's called a pay-per-dose system, so it means that every time someone gets vaccinated, they get a
They get a payment for it as a provider.
And when I was looking at the data, which is part of my job, I noticed some discrepancies with the dates of death.
People dying within a week of being vaccinated.
What I did with the data was look at the top 10 batches that
And this is Pfizer's batch number one.
We've had 711 from batch number one vaccinated.
152 of those died, which makes a 21%.
Look at this one.
621 by vaccinator, the third highest vaccinator.
621, 104 people dead.
Nearly 17% of the people there jailed.
There are more people dying than ever before.
These are the biggest number of deaths we've seen in history.
A member of UK Parliament brought this up in session, but was dismissed.
Mr Deputy Speaker, it's the vaccines that are causing excess deaths in New Zealand, just like it's the vaccines causing excess deaths in the UK and elsewhere.
So, can we please have a statement now, from the Government, suspending these experimental mRNA vaccines before any more death and harm is done to our population?
Thank you.
I thank the Honourable Gentleman for raising this question.
I think in New Zealand there were over 11 million doses of the Covid vaccine administered.
In England and Wales it was 150 million and it's estimated that over 120,000 deaths were prevented by Covid vaccines in England up to the end of September.
I disagree with the Honourable Gentleman in what he says about the critical issue of vaccinations.
I think they're life-saving.
The report which the Honourable Gentleman refers to has been debunked around the world.
He fails to mention the part that reads, and I quote, that while an adverse event can occur after vaccination, that does not mean it was caused by the vaccination.
And in the Philippines, the government has voted to launch an investigation into COVID vaccine deaths.
We are shocked to find out that there were 262,000 deaths on 2021 alone.
And after that, 2022, there were still 67,000 deaths.
And these are all
Uh, unexplained deaths, no?
So there's a motion to conduct an investigation on this issue, concerning the 213,984 excess deaths, and this is duly seconded.
Any objection?
Hearing none, the said motion is now approved.
Reporting for InfoWars, this is Greg Reese.
Another critical report on the future of humanity, at Man.Media, we'll be right back.
What would you do if there was a tyrannical totalitarian world government taking over whose plan was to kill 90% of the world population and they were already beginning to do it?
You would rally against it?
You would fight it?
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, we have more incredible information coming out daily around the world of just how deadly these shots were and how they knew they were deadly.
But I want to just take you back here to October 2000.
F. D. A. Official website.
And they even had a big working group with the committee, and they said, these are the list of adverse reactions that our experts, and we had experts as well, top people, Mike Yedon, the list goes on and on.
But this was not Yedon advising, it was the FDA, that it's going to cause blood clots, myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, you name it, cancer.
The list goes on and on.
So, when they now try to go, oh, this Navy commander, we're going to relieve him of his job for showing internal memos of a 963% increase in heart failure, just in the Navy pilots, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft.
I mean, that's just insane.
It's an official document.
The Navy's saying this is happening.
It's not like it's even an interpretation.
Same thing with the whistleblower.
He's just looking at the graphs, checks the names, integrates them into a spreadsheet, and they're dead.
The record level!
So I opened the phones up on Monday and we had a big guest coming on.
And so we only took like an hour and a half of calls.
And it's the same thing today.
We got Alex Newman, one of the preeminent experts on the Globalist and their current operations, how to stop them.
So we're going to take the calls that were left on the board Monday.
We called them back.
Of like the six people left, three of them answered.
Appreciate that.
I don't want to leave you on hold.
And you're bringing up some nurses, doctors, you name it, calling in.
And I want to just take five, six more calls now.
So nobody's left at the end of the hour.
So just, John, the first five, six calls on the subject of what happened when you took the shot or what happened to your family.
Nobody called in and said it was great.
People all told the same stories over and over again.
Plus, we have the science that shows that's what it does.
But I need to be a scientist to know, again, if I jump into a pond of starving crocodiles, they're going to eat me.
Or if I'm standing there and watch somebody, a homeless person, walk out in traffic and get hit by a cement truck going 70 miles an hour and I see their body go under the car and shoot out behind it with their intestines all over the road, that that person's dead.
I don't need to be a pathologist to tell you that.
But the pathologists around the world, including the head pathologist in Germany who heads this main society, said two years ago we're seeing record blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, turbo cancers.
In Germany again, the main science body over cancer research said, don't take these shots if you're in remission of cancer.
It'll turn them back on like a light switch.
But we all see it.
So here's the toll-free number to join us.
And of course, the Attorney General of Texas, who they've had under FBI investigation for no reason,
For seven years, eight years, because the Bush is being targeted.
They run the state, they don't anymore.
Texas AG Paxton, Pfizer jabs under 1% effective, not 95% suing them for fraud.
And it is fraud.
They admit it's not effective at all.
In fact, it erases your immune system.
But he's saying 1% off their own data.
Yeah, 1%.
Let's now go to your phone calls.
Patrick says that he's a doctor from New Mexico on COVID injections, or that's what they do, it makes your body create it, spike protein, and to give his take on this.
Patrick, thanks for calling.
Hey Alex, thank you for taking the call.
Yeah, I just wanted to follow up on the conversation you were having on Monday.
I'm an active hospital physician and medical director, and I'm seeing all kinds of
We're good to go.
Their usual activities of, let's say, playing basketball or working out with chest pain and having elevated troponins, kind of limited on our evaluation because nobody will pursue myocarditis.
We'll do the stress test.
It'll be negative.
I've seen, at the same time in the hospital, two patients with what neurology is describing as prion disease.
That's a pretty rare diagnosis, and to have two of them in the hospital at the same time is pretty exceptional.
Because it was so rare, and they would just kill entire herds of sheep and cows that were even connected to a human case of spongiform encephalopathy.
And again, these are protein crystals very, very similar to what spike protein does, and that's what's actually in the main medical literature.
You're obviously a doctor, know more about it than I do, but what you're saying is true.
To have two prion diagnoses in the same hospital would normally be international news.
Please continue.
Yes, you're exactly right.
It's very rare.
I think since residency, I've seen one and that one wasn't confirmed.
So, to have two where the neurology team is putting that as their first differential is concerning.
It's a difficult diagnosis to confirm.
There are some labs, but typically it's a post-mortem diagnosis or a brain biopsy.
So, very difficult, but it was the first thing on their differential.
So, very unusual to have this.
We're seeing all kinds of neuropsych issues.
I've seen one fulminant hepatic failure after the vaccine in somebody who has no other issues.
I've seen some low platelet counts, which you've talked about in the past.
So, you know, in light of it, the vaccine not being effective doesn't stop transmission and the protein risks that we're seeing within the side effects.
Yeah, some people need to be criminally reviewed and charged.
There's some bad stuff going on.
Doc, I want you to keep going here because I can tell you what you're talking about.
Dumb it down for us like we're five years old.
You use some technical terms.
I study this constantly and barely understood what you were saying.
Dumb down some of the diagnoses you mentioned there at the end so we understand what they mean.
So acute liver failure, that can be from all kinds of causes, whether it's a virus, which we've commonly heard of, Hepatitis B or C.
Alcohol can cause it.
You can have chronic or even acute hepatitis from alcohol.
There's autoimmune.
This one seemed to be more of an autoimmune, but none of the typical rheumatology labs to support it came back positive.
By the way, that's the most common thing with mRNA therapies in rats.
That's why they never, in 25 years, deployed one, is it would cause the liver failure you're talking about.
And yes, and again, this isn't a young lady that
I had no risk factors, who was post-JAB two weeks.
It's hard for me to confirm any of these diagnoses, but the correlation or the time proximity to them coming in and having specific issues is what is alarming to me.
You don't even need a scientist or test to know there was something in the food, but then you would want to do a test and then isolate it.
But instead we're seeing FEMA and others pay people to change death certificates and they've not been wanting post-mortem, they've not been wanting, like you said, brain biopsies.
That's been baked in all over the Western world, the same response.
Why would they not want the cause of death investigated, Doctor?
I think there's a strong correlation.
And everybody knows they're wrong.
The government, the CDC, the FDA pushed a product that they knew wasn't going to stop transmission, and that's in the SEC filing from Pfizer and Moderna, and they now know the risk.
They see myocarditis is a common issue.
You know, Mr. McCullough, or Dr. McCullough, has reported on all the papers that he's been involved in and following asymptomatic elevation in heart labs.
It's a serious issue.
All-cause mortality is up.
I think they're covering a crime at this point.
What are the other physicians and healthcare providers around you saying, privately?
It's the strangest thing I've ever seen.
My antenna were up from the very beginning because our protocols didn't sense.
I've opted not to get jabbed and was able to keep my job.
I got an exemption.
Same with my family.
They're all doing well.
I verified that we all had the infection with antibody test, just in case that ever becomes an issue.
But most physicians are in absolute denial or just straight-up dumb.
Anything else you'd like to add, sir?
No, I appreciate your forum and appreciate the time.
I think having conversations like this is going to get more people aware and
Hopefully at some point we can make people accountable for what they've done.
Thank you so much, sir.
By the way, one of the main mayors in Canada with Montreal collapsed.
She's like quadruple injected.
She wants to make it forced and now she collapsed at the podium.
Yesterday, I've got that video here on the stack.
I mean, we can't even keep track of this at this point.
But I remember reading the news every day the last four years and I remember seeing once they started the shots three years ago,
No exaggeration.
Hundreds of local news articles about nurses, particularly, and healthcare workers who would basically get liquefied livers.
Because when something invades your body, your liver tries to beat it.
And your liver can regrow.
I think that's the only organ I can read.
I mean, it's badass.
Your liver is badass.
And when it runs into this, it just goes, bye-bye.
Goodbye, punch the ticket, you're done.
And that's where we are.
And it's disgusting.
And it's wrong.
And I'm gonna go back to your phone calls.
It's just, it's so surreal to be sitting here, living through this.
But you notice the key here.
I've learned how the globalists operate.
They lied to the medical community.
They got them to inject people with a experimental drug that came with a blank piece of paper with it.
Under federal law, every drug's got a huge, it's like a Bible paper.
It's a little bitty rectangular piece of paper and you unfold it and it's usually about a foot across or 16 inches across, 18 inches across.
It varies and then it's two feet long.
And you open up this huge thing, you've got to get a magnifying glass out to read it.
It'll list the major studies, how it was approved, adverse reactions, all that stuff.
And they just, oh, we're not going to even tell you what's in it.
Just know it's safe.
And then the doctors give this crap.
And the real mark of a slave is they have eyes that see and do not see.
They have ears to hear and do not hear.
They have touch to be able to touch.
Because they don't have discernment.
They don't have the sixth sense.
The connection to the infinite.
And they're not seeking.
They're not looking.
And they don't want to admit this is being done.
They don't want to deal with it.
That's why my family gets really tired of it.
They're great people.
When I'm in the grocery line, I see a bunch of sweet little children.
I just, I do it almost always.
And sometimes my wife or my kids go, will you please not do it today?
I hope so.
Almost all these vaccines are contaminated and the life expectancy is dropping and your children are too precious for you not to research it.
A lot of times they say, I know who you are.
I know you're actually right.
I almost died from a shot.
We don't give our kids shots, blah, blah.
That's about 30% of the time.
Now it's up to about 50%.
You know, the statistics not taking this stuff.
And I want to be 100% clear.
If you had perfect labs and they did a great job and everything else, there are a lot of things that vaccines work on.
I mean, you can really teach your body how to beat something.
That's totally true.
But they have liability protections since 1986.
It's the same all over the world.
They do whatever they want.
It's all contaminated.
And so, if they're not even trying to kill you, it's contaminated.
I mean, look, tetanus shots, from all my research, are real.
You can step on, you know, an old rusty whatever, and it's got tetanus, and you can get sick or die from that.
And it's not fun.
And my dad was smart.
He was a physician.
He didn't really believe in shots because he said they were contaminated.
And a lot of the farmers and ranchers we know, I worked for a large animal vet for years, and he would tell people, give the minimum amount.
You've got to sell the herd.
Don't take them.
It makes your herd sick.
He also had a small animal clinic.
He owned multiple facilities all over, Texas A&M, top of his class guy, a bunch of vets working under him.
Several vets working under him.
Jess Adkins.
I need to go see Jess.
I don't even know if he's still in practice.
He was old when I worked for him 35 years ago.
Man, I've been around 36, 37.
Man, it's weird getting old.
Been working for him since I was 12.
Worked for him in the summer when I was 12, 14, 15, and then I got kicked out of school.
I thought I'd start to fight.
You know, they're like, dude, you put a guy in a coma.
I'm not bragging, this is true.
You put a guy in a coma for three weeks and he's brain damaged down.
There's a
Some of that syndrome where cats get like basically an autoimmune disease like AIDS.
It's vaccine induced.
So I don't need to sit there and even read the literature.
I know what people around me said, but one time when I was about nine, there was a building site and kids loved to play in those.
They're building a house by our house.
And I was just running around.
I stepped on a nail and it went all the way through my tennis shoe, all the way through my foot and barely punctured the top.
And my dad said,
You've never had any shots, son, but we're going to the pharmacy tomorrow.
He knew the pharmacy next to his dental office.
He also owned a little hospital with a couple of partners before, so he could get whatever he wanted.
He walked in, he goes, he sat there for like 30 minutes with them, reading the vials and which company it was.
And he was like, all right, this is a risk, but his tetanus shot almost killed his brother.
He goes, I'm going to give you this tetanus shot.
Tell me about it.
I remember I even came home with like the board and the rusty nail because it was a building site.
For some reason that one was already rusty.
I don't know.
And he's like, oh yeah, you're going to take it.
So I'm not here telling you that there isn't some science to vaccines, but not what these people are giving you.
And now they've got all these new classes of shots.
I say new, they've been around for 30 years.
This vaccine cures depression.
This vaccine, you know, cures PTSD.
And it literally, depending on the type,
Some are live viruses that attack certain receptors in the brain and destroy receptor sites?
I mean, it's a viral lobotomy is the way it's described.
I mean, there's all sorts of weird crap.
So everybody just thinks now, oh, whatever you inject in me, it's a vaccine.
No, it's not attenuated hepatitis.
It's not attenuated dengue fever or whatever.
It's whatever they've cooked up, whatever gene therapy it is.
All right, I'm going to shut up and go to your calls.
Julie in Texas, on your family and COVID deaths.
Thanks for holding.
I'll go to Chris next.
Go ahead, Julie.
Yeah, hey, I had three out of four parents die because of the shots.
Three out of four parents?
You mean grandparents?
No, no, no.
My parents, my in-laws.
So three out of four of them died from the shots.
Yeah, and the most obvious one was last spring was diagnosed with an aggressive leukemia one day and dead ten days later.
That was after he called me a couple months prior to say, hey, I got my fifth shot.
So it's, you know, and I would say just as important, I was living in a blue state near a major league military facility.
And in my small circles, I saw people dead and maimed from hot shots that they got up on base.
So I mean, it's all around us.
It's everywhere.
I have had Army Special Operations, Delta Force guys, you name it, on the air as guests about what they saw on the border in the last couple years.
And every one of them privately pulled me aside and said, listen, I can barely perform now.
I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm.
It devastated me on the first shot of the second shot, and I know some very well-known talk show hosts, and I only say this because it's one of the examples, and this guy is very well-known, and he's got like 10 security people he has to.
People always go to his house and stuff.
Multiple security guys.
Navy SEALs, Army Special Ops, retired guys.
It's ruined their lives because they went ahead and took the shots.
And that's out of 10 security guys, two of them are messed up.
I mean, come on.
It's not coincidence.
It's just not.
These guys had all taken tons of shots in the military.
But they said within days it was like they'd been run over by a truck.
So what happened to your family?
Tell us.
I'm going to shut up.
Oh, no, no.
I just thought, I mean, what they had as, you know, regular maintenance issues, you know, health-wise became turbo, you know, deaths.
Well, yeah, because you already have a problem because your immune system is already having an issue.
And the number one thing these shots do is turn the immune system off.
Yes, so that's it.
I'm not the only one.
Well, I'm really sorry for you.
Did that wake your family up?
No, no, no.
No, no.
In fact, one of the younger generation is now dealing with health issues because of it.
You can't tell people.
You know how this is.
You can't tell them.
Well, what's insane is they won't admit what happened to them.
I mean, it's so simple.
Uh, the few times I've had food poisoning, it tasted a little weird.
I thought, should I finish this?
And then four hours, six hours later, I'm super sick.
And I went, oh my God.
I mean, you even know it while you're eating it most of the time.
Sitting there at the coast, like eight years old.
And my parents were nice to me, but if I didn't eat my food, they got pissed.
And I was eating the shrimp.
And if I don't like it, it tastes bad.
My dad's like, stop being a weapon eater or I'm going to whoop your ass.
And then, man, we all got food poisoning.
The point is, is that
Why can't they see cause and effect?
I don't get it.
Because they would have to then admit that they got themselves and their children sick with these things.
They'd have to admit it.
And they're in denial.
And everything is about denial.
See, I know all the bad things I do.
I know the things I do that are wrong.
I mean, compared to a lot of people, it's not that bad, but I'm still very guilty, eat too much.
I catch myself hating people and thinking horrible thoughts all the time.
I go, stop it.
Lord, please forgive me.
Most of my sin is internal and is a process, but I'm still, I catch myself having these horrible thoughts.
I'm like, stop it!
I have to ask God to, you know, but when something's out in the open, why not admit they're wrong?
Why can't they admit they're wrong?
Because then they're responsible.
They can't.
They're like all these idiots?
That whole generation thought that the doctors were next to God.
I mean, they can't see beyond that.
And the globalists used that confidence in the medical system to absolutely screw everybody over.
And all the doctors I knew growing up would work incredible hours, kill themselves working to death, super good men and women, and now it's just destroyed the esprit de corps of that organization.
But that's Hitler's first tyranny was carried out with the medical system.
So was Lenin's.
All right, thank you so much, Julie.
Chris, straight ahead, then Chad, Dee, Joe, and others.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones.
I was a highway man.
On the coach roads I did ride.
I was a highway man.
Sword and pistol by my side.
One of the coolest things about my life in this fight.
Yeah, just getting to know Willie Nelson really well.
Great guy.
Too bad he's brainwashed for the left.
Boy, when I was going after George W. Bush in the war, we were good buddies.
I've literally swapped spit with that man.
The only man's spit I ever had in my mouth was Willie Nelson's.
I wasn't spitting in his mouth, he wasn't spitting in mine.
But that guy, when they asked me in my custody battle and all the rest of it, they made a big joke about it.
They said, do you smoke marijuana?
Because I was getting accused of that.
And, uh, I said only when I'm with Joe Rogan, I should have said Willie Nelson, but I'd hung out with him a long time.
And is this true?
You gotta do Joe's show.
We're going out to dinner with Joe.
He's like, Hey, you want to smoke some of this?
And his marijuana is always so good.
I smoke it because, you know, I know there's different types of it.
The one that makes you tired and want to eat and the one that makes you be able to think.
And I don't know why I'm going off on Willie Nelson's story.
I'll go back to your serious calls.
And, uh, I'd smoke pot with Willie every time I was around him.
But this one time at his house, we're playing chess.
Like I said, he had one of those vapes when those were first been out for a few years called a volcano.
And it's got this big ball on the end and he'd sit there and like in the right stuff or something, you know, where they would test the Air Force pilots, how long they could suck or how long they could blow.
He'd go for like 45 seconds, you know, and he'd just blow the smoke out for like 30 seconds.
I'm like, how the hell are you doing that?
He's like, here, it's your turn.
It's like dripping with spit.
And it's Willie Nelson.
She was like, all right, I'll do it.
It's a true story.
But I was so stoned.
I was at Jesse Ventura that time.
Jesse was so stoned.
We left his house up on this mountaintop outside Austin.
And we had to pull over for an hour.
He couldn't drive.
He was with me.
Ventura was.
Back before he went nuts.
Vaccines are dangerous, Alex.
They shouldn't force it.
Now he's like, oh, everyone should be made to take it.
Really sad for whatever happened to Ventura.
But we just sat there for an hour, didn't talk.
So fried that I almost called the crew to come get me.
We were going to Willie's concert that night.
We were going to speak at him, and we did.
I don't know why.
I'm just telling funny stories.
They played a Willie Nelson song.
Made me think about it.
Well, it wasn't bragging about it.
Just an interesting experience.
Interesting story.
Let's play some more highwaymen coming up here today.
But let's get back to the serious stuff.
I'm probably getting into non-serious stuff.
It's very hurtful to me to know we're under this, but we have to admit they're killing us so we can stop them killing us.
Remember, they're coming after our children.
Chris in Kansas, thanks for holding.
You're a trooper.
Hey, thanks for having me back again.
You know, I was listening to you earlier, and you were talking about the vaccine side effects.
And, you know, I can guarantee you that if you went through and you talked to everybody that took that vaccine that was pressured into it, not a single person could tell you one vaccine side effect, because they never got informed consent.
They never got the information, so they couldn't give it.
And you asked earlier why these people won't just admit what they did was wrong.
Because, like Tucker says, they're going to have to live with the consequences then.
There will be gallows built in every small town across America, and doctors and nurses will hang.
Because that's what happens when you break the Nuremberg Code.
And that's the punishment.
Well, I mean, I think if doctors get lied to and put something experimental out, they lose their license if they didn't know.
But when they defend it and cover it up, yeah, they're now complicit, which is really sad.
I'm not a vindictive person, but they've killed a lot of innocent people that they deserve the death penalty.
And when doctors and nurses were given the alternate facts, the truth, and they chose not to look at it and play dumb, that's when they're culpable.
Now, if you were duped, I totally understand that.
Everybody makes mistakes.
But if you've been given the facts and you still rode that horse, you're culpable.
And there are doctors all across the country, and this is not unique to my area, but there are doctors that run
Facebook and TikTok and all these social media platforms giving weekly PSAs about don't go to your family Thanksgiving or to your family's Christmas while they in fact were actually having parties of their own.
It was all about depressing us worldwide, the same operation, all about isolating us, all about mind control to create a mass psychosis.
That came out in documents that the defense departments of the world coordinated with the CIA to run the most hardcore PSYOP against the population.
Correct, correct.
And all of these unknowing, let's say, professionals, these medical mercenaries, they knew what they were doing.
They knew it was wrong.
They didn't know why, but they knew it was wrong.
And when they were caught in these lies, they ran like scared rats.
I know this for a fact because, again, I'm in the medical field and I was invited to some of these meetings and I said,
I'm not going because they're either not going to have a mask or I'm going to show up and they're going to tell me I have to put a mask on.
Neither one of those options are viable options.
And when you call them out in public for it, they become very belligerent.
Very well said, my friend.
Thank you.
Dee in Colorado, COVID vaccines, blood clots, health professional.
Dee, what have you witnessed?
Thanks for calling.
I've been a therapist for two years and had to fight to keep my job and did get to keep my job through exemption and went from outpatient therapy to working in the clinics and just seeing the disconnect between people coming in with blood clots and the providers not making the connections
Um, can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
And I can hear the dogs barking in the background.
I like it.
It gives some good ambiance.
Go ahead.
I'm listening.
Well, yeah, I'm literally at work at my clinic.
I had to come outside to talk freely.
Hey, I love it.
I appreciate it.
I mean, I'm listening so well.
But I'm listening.
I can hear the dogs in the background.
Go ahead.
Yeah, absolutely.
So I apologize about the dog, but no, don't apologize.
I'm just letting you know I'm listening.
And so, you know, um, I, uh, I came to wake up in 2020.
I automatically connected with you, found you online.
After I knew everything was stolen, got woken up, you saved me and my family from taking any shots, started looking into it, and had my fourth child.
This child doesn't have any of the shots, whereas my other three do.
He's bigger, he's smarter, he's happier than all of them were, even though they're all doing fine.
And yeah, I'm just seeing the cognitive dissonance between all the medical providers.
They don't use VAERS.
Um, when people come with blood clots, they don't make the connections.
Oh yeah.
It also came out that in New Zealand, which is in a spot right now, 11,000 government officials got waivers, including the prime minister.
Oh yeah.
And it was, it's the same all over the world.
And the feds made it where it was mandatory for the troops, but not federal workers.
I mean, that is just folks.
That's so obvious.
And you know, my dad works for Tyson.
It's sick.
Never had a heart problem in his life.
They paid him $2,500 to get both shots.
Two years later, he's got a pacemaker.
I told him, Dad, they got you.
He goes, I know.
You warned me.
And I said I did.
Because imagine when he ends up, sorry to say this, they hope he dies early, actually early he will, then they don't have to pay him the millions in benefits he was going to get.
That's why they sent it into the nursing homes first.
They just cut the Social Security by 75%.
Damn right.
A lot more money in our pocket.
And so, um, yeah, I mean, yeah, they're not giving hospitals 53,000 to put you on a ventilator because they love you.
They want those people dead.
And humor, right?
You know, this humor almost works the best to get through to people.
So whenever I, I say, you know, uh, we talking about COVID and I said, well, I can't get COVID.
What do you mean?
I said, well, I got the shot.
It's a hundred percent effective.
Nowadays we just laugh and just laugh about it.
In the clinics.
And so, I don't know how...
Yep, and you're to thank for some of that.
I'm positive.
Not me, us.
Let me just say this to kiss your ass.
It's key.
The audience has to get this, that I'm like a piece of hair on the end of the dog's tail.
All of us together are the whole dog.
It's us.
It's this audience of activists.
You're the reason we warn people.
I know people warned you, you tuned in and got warned, but the point is, now you warn others.
You understand how that works?
You are as important as I am, or more, because there's more of you than me.
Please do not thank me.
We're in this together, brother.
If we're in a, our ship sinks, we're 20 miles from land, you know, in the northern Atlantic, if our
Lifeboat sinks.
It's overloaded with people.
We're going to freeze to death in 60 seconds and die.
There's a leak.
I'm bailing.
All we've got is some coffee cups.
But if there's, you know, 100 of us on the boat, we got 20, and we're bailing with our hands.
If we all bail together, we're going to get to land.
So if you look at me while we're bailing, and so you're a hero for bailing, I'm like, dude, I'm not a hero.
Bail faster.
You understand?
We're all bailing together.
It's like a rowing team.
Every rower's got to be in sync, going all the way.
In sync, going 100%.
That's what's hard.
You can get people to go 100% here and there, but on a row team, it's all going to be in synchronicity, balanced, with the same power.
You've got to sync up.
And I'm not saying we've gotten close to that, but it's like saying, oh, this rower, he did a great job.
Or that rower.
It's all of us that has the power.
You understand that?
Yeah, and maybe it's the spiritual component where we can actually sync up, because like I said... That's what it is!
That's the Holy Spirit, brother!
Evil syncs up, we have God!
We sync up on that same higher vibration, and...
And in 2020, I go, how do I know the truth?
And I just started searching you, searching you, and I was like, wow, he still is on air!
And I can, in every day sense, I was, bam, this is, this is my community, this is my truth, this is, this is who's got my back.
And it's not like it's some community where you're dancing around drinking straight down with rattlesnakes and you're in a cult.
Everything we're talking about is the dominant thing right now.
It's what, it's the reality.
We are the people.
We are the guests.
We are the information.
Probably a billion people are awake right now.
We're huge.
We're just people.
We research.
We try to find the truth.
We're not perfect, but we use the Holy Spirit to guide ourselves.
God bless you and I love you, brothers.
Thank you, D. Joe in California, you're on the air.
Welcome, Alan.
Real quick, PC3 or PC5, I'm not sure,
One of my dearest, dearest friends here in California fought cancer for like eight years, had it totally in remission.
I spoke to him and then suddenly three weeks later after that damn thing,
He's dead.
What is this PC3?
I think it turns off the cancer-fighting things in your antibodies.
Yeah, I'm not a geneticist, but I've had a bunch on it.
They admit the spike protein and a bunch of other stuff attacks the exact spot in the DNA to turn your immune system off, and when that happens, the cancer goes out of remission back to turbo.
Overdrive, turbo, I mean three weeks.
No, the doctors, the doctors, the doctors from Japan to Germany, from Australia to the US call it turbo cancer.
They've never seen anything like it.
Two other things, really quick.
X2, everybody should get some.
Out of all your supplements, that's the one I really noticed the big thing on.
Real quick, though.
No, no, no.
Not real quick.
You've been holding a long time.
We're only going to go a few more before we go.
Start over with your friend, though.
So your friend had cancer, got better.
Next, you hear they take the shot and they're dead.
I mean, he fought it.
We all know how cancer goes.
You go in there, you get the chemo, you do all that stuff.
And you don't just die instantly, right?
So he gets a damn shot.
I talked with him three weeks before he got it.
Suddenly he's in the hospital.
Days later, he's dead.
How does that happen to anybody?
That's just if anybody doesn't open their eyes after that happens to him, I don't know what's going to happen.
Did I lose you, Alex?
No, man, I'm letting you talk, brother.
OK, so I know this is off topic, but there's a videotape out there
of George W. Bush's funeral with envelopes and they're, you know, the cue ball people.
I know you know something about that, and I know you guys could find that video.
What the hell was in those videos?
If anybody would know, that would be you.
I really appreciate all your help.
God asked you to do something, and you haven't been doing it because it's very hard, just like it is for me.
God asked you to pray on your show.
I hope you continue to do that or start to do that again.
Yes, sir.
Well, let me boil that down since you raised it.
I need to pray more on air, but let's get back to the Bush stuff.
It was George W. Bush's dad's funeral, Herbert Walker Bush's funeral, and somebody hands a note, or when they all sit down, the Clintons, the Bushes, all of them, the Obamas, and they all open the note and act really crazy.
Try to find it.
It's everywhere.
It's super viral for years.
It's Herbert Walker Bush.
Funeral Note.
And they open it, and we don't find it now, we'll put it in post when we put the live show, maybe in a video later when it's archived, so we can add this in.
I forget the exact headline to pull it up, but, yeah, what was in the note, type in, Note to Attendees of Herbert Walker Bush's Funeral.
Yeah, here it is.
Well, that's a still shot.
And so they get it, they read it,
Yeah, they found the video and they get really, really, really upset.
This isn't an HD video, but I've seen HD.
Them get really pissed and then they start crying when they read it.
And they all act like we don't know where it came from.
They all ask, do you know who gave this to him?
You can read their lips.
It goes on for like five minutes.
Like, what's this?
I don't know.
I don't know.
Who did this?
They start shaking their head.
Getting more and more pissed than Trump sitting right in front of them.
And so the Q people and stuff,
You know, read something into this?
I don't know.
And people love a mystery.
People love a mystery that can't be solved.
So I don't know.
Chad in Minnesota.
Chad, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Back to one of the previous calls that you had, I believe it was with Dee.
I agree.
I think that we're all on.
The Holy Spirit and I see the other side as maybe possibly being on some hive mind.
It's just so odd.
It's so clownish that you just like what else could it be but joking but not joking.
I have some testimony in regards to neighbors and just the difference that makes one shudder to think sort of speak and I think it plays into the game of the info war that they're playing against
Society and I know one of the 3% that's up to date on the most current booster and apparently no issues.
So I don't know if that person went through and had all the shots and never was affected, but I don't know of any visible issues.
Go to another neighbor gentlemen.
I don't know if he's up to date on all the shots, however, starting to have heart issues.
Having trouble with getting in and actually getting priority for treatment.
That's terrible.
Then I have, I think one of the, it's the most terrible news that I've come across, and a neighbor that actually has had the J&J shot and just recently had a stroke, still alive, thank God, and yet was told that after initially thinking the only
He only had one stroke.
They then told him he had four.
Here's what we know.
The AstraZeneca and J&J are both virus vector shots.
So they're not technically mRNA, but it's a virus within a virus injected to the shell wall, and the Pentagon came up with all this with decades of research with how they were going to attack us.
That's who implemented it.
It's just true.
And all four shots do the same thing, whether it's the Moderna, Pfizer, mRNA, or whether it is the AstraZeneca, J&J systems, which they admitted very early were causing massive heart attacks and strokes.
They pulled them, you know, less than a year into both, but they both do the same thing.
They order your cells to directly make the spike protein.
So yeah, man, the J&J and AstraZeneca, bad, bad.
In fact, if I had to say the worst, it goes,
I don't know.
It's a make up the other 10% of those others, but they all do the same damn thing.
So they make your body create a deadly spike protein that attacks your DNA at the source and starts accelerating your aging, sterilizing you, and it's a deadly weapon.
And depending on your genetics, it kills you different ways.
A very loving thing our loving government did to us.
The liberals.
You know, right along the lines, the way that I see it, my experience, and with these testimonies, is that I don't know for sure.
I believe what I believe, and I believe that it's exactly what we're talking about.
And it's the difficult thing about it is that it's the fog of war.
It's the shutter to think.
It's speculation.
If Congress cared about us, they would get to the bottom of all the deaths and explain it.
They would instantly find us the treatments that
Society needs to reverse it if it is reversible.
If transmission is an actual thing, they would get to those answers if they actually did.
Well, again, remember, the new world order wouldn't be doing this knowing it sheds, even if we don't take the shot, because they all get exemptions.
They don't take it themselves if they didn't have a cure or something to mediate it.
So we have to reverse engineer that.
We know about compounds.
We know about supplements.
We know about chemicals.
We know about glutathione, and ivermectin, and vitamin D, and vitamin C, and iodine, and a whole bunch of other compounds that are in different herbs that neutralize it and clean it out, the stuff that's in nitric boost, the stuff that's in vasobeats.
I've had medical doctors on, saying, by the way, that's the stuff you want.
But that only mitigates.
You know they've got something that protects them.
They've got an outright cure.
They wouldn't have done this if they didn't have that little lace in the hole.
I appreciate your call.
And we need to find out what that is, because we don't have it.
Rob Do look 20 years older after it almost killed him.
And he was an athlete, exercises constantly.
And I would say now he looks five years older.
He has taken hundreds of supplements and breathes, you know, glutathione, everything else.
And he'll tell you, I don't know what did it.
Because that's what the doctors we talked to, they said, well, we know this does this and this does that.
Throw the kitchen sink at yourself.
And Rob's like back.
I mean, his beard went almost completely gray, like most of it came back brown.
My dad almost died, has been fried for two years.
I go over there almost every day, I did it today, and force feed him the supplements.
And I got him into a medical doctor that agrees with me on all this.
They give him all this other stuff.
And my dad has bounced back.
90% like Rob Dew has, but I mean my dad for the first year was like a zombie and it was like he had Alzheimer's and then I made him go to a doctor about eight months ago and started force-feeding him the green drinks in the morning and making him take the iodine and he jokes like I'm his mother now and so
My wife's like, why don't you do that yourself?
I'm like, well I did take the iodine, I did do a green drink, but you're right, I need to follow my own stuff.
It's just insane, folks.
It's absolutely insane to sit here and take this crap and to watch Fauci and Bill Gates walking around and then to think the Justice Department that goes along with these orders thinks they're safe from the globalists?
I don't want to kill anybody at the Justice Department.
I'm not calling for offensive attacks.
I'm saying, I don't want to be murdered.
I mean, I'm tired of this.
And what's your problem?
You're getting hit too.
They're not getting some memo of what the cure is.
I can't tell you how many, I've read it, a bunch of judges are dying all over the place.
They're not giving their judges the secret sauce.
But I'll tell you, Rob Dew is just a comeback story.
I mean, he's in as good of a shape as he was before it almost killed him.
He was down to, you know, high 80s oxygen-wise.
So was my dad.
My dad was down to 86%.
We'd take him to a hospital, folks, he'd been dead.
And I remember going over there, because he didn't tell me the first week he was sick, like, where's your dad?
I don't know, he didn't call me.
Went over there, him and my mom were almost dead.
I hadn't been out of bed in days.
My dad looked like a corpse.
I thought he was dead when I got there.
Get an oxygen thing, testing.
The doctors say, you know,
We're sending it to you.
Here's the stuff.
We're going to send some other doctors there today.
And they're like, you got to get him up.
So for a week, I would get in there and just grab him and pick him up.
And when he wouldn't walk, because they don't want to lay down, folks, that's what kills you.
I would just scream at him.
You're going to march.
You're going to walk.
And I'd walk his ass up and down the block.
First few days, he couldn't do it.
But that's what it takes, folks.
Because the medical doctors told me, they said, you get his ass up and you walk him.
It's laying down, kills him.
And I hauled my mother's ass up, too.
She could have died.
She's tough as a horse.
But never been this sick.
Never felt like this.
No, it's the New World Order, folks.
Kobo's definitely a real weapon.
But we're going to go on a break.
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You would rally against it?
You would fight it?
And that's what we're doing.
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The globalists are bombarding us with toxic chemicals hitting us in the air, the water, the food, the 5G, the poison shots, the shedding.
I think so.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Yeah, here's our new single record from Highwayman's new album, Silver Stallion.
Silver Stallion.
Alex Newman's coming up in six minutes.
Tell folks to tune in now, now.
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We're gonna ride.
Oh my goodness.
And just a touch of sadness in her fingers.
And thunder.
Nothing like a reckless woman.
Alex Hammond coming up on stage to join us.
Team Honest, three minutes.
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I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a fiddle player too.
And if you dare to take a dare, I'll make a bet with you.
Now you play pretty good fiddle, boy, but give the devil his due.
I've got a fiddle of gold against your soul, cause I think I'm bettered you.
The boy said, my name's Johnny, and it might be a sin.
But I'll take your bet, you're gonna regret, cause I'm the bestest ever bein'.
Jairo's gonna help your boy play your fiddle hard.
Ross, Hales, Robles, St.
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And if you win, you get the shoddy fiddle made of gold.
And if you lose, the devil gets your soul.
The devil opened up this case and he said, I'll start this show.
And fire blew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow.
And he pulled the bow across the strings and it made an evil hiss.
Then a band of dealers joined in and it sounded something like this.
When the devil finished, Johnny said, Well, you're pretty good, old son.
Let's sit down in that chair right there and let me show you how it's done.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Alex Nimmin is one of the most informed and most well-traveled investigators of the New World Order.
He'll be with us for the rest of the hour.
LibertySentinel.com, NewAmerica.com, great investigative journalist.
We'll talk about
The latest globalist meeting.
He's gone to the different COP globalist meetings that they've been having trying to cut off the world's resources and their master plan on how to stop them.
But I wanted to hit this because it just broke.
Here's Biden when he was candidate Biden before he stole the election.
There's a bunch of these clips.
I'll just play one for the interest of time where he says, when I win the election immediately surge the border.
And then now he's saying, a new clip today, we need to fix the broken border system, it's broken.
But when they tried to impeach Mayorkas, he said it's not broken.
Well, yeah, it's not broken if they want it that way.
So here's the old clip, here's the new clip.
What I would do as president is several more things, because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee, and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
I would change the order that the president just changed, saying women who were being beaten and abused could no longer claim that as a reason for asylum.
Like I said, I am willing to make significant compromises on the border.
We need to fix the broken border system.
It is broken.
So they've got the mayor of New York, all of them saying, oh, it's broken, send them back, but you told them to come.
We played the clips of Hochul, the governor of New York, saying come, come, come, and now saying don't come.
It's all part of a replacement migration official UN plan.
That's part of what we'll break down in the next 50
Three minutes in time we have with Alex Newman, the CEO of Liberty Sentinel Media and Senior Editor of the New American Magazine.
In addition to writing for various other publications in the U.S.
and worldwide, he's been covering all the big COP meetings all over the world and getting into the U.N.
Biomedical Treaty to take over our bodies, the cutting off of the carbon, the U.N.
promoting literal pedophilia, trying to legalize it officially this year.
So, Alex, great to have you with us.
I think I've had you on before.
I've seen you all over the other shows, been watching you for years.
You're a young guy, but you've already been prolific for a long time.
And I think you're right up there at the top of the people really engaging in Paul Revere activity, raising the alarm.
So you can start wherever you want, my friend.
Well, it's great to be here again.
Thank you so much, Alex.
It's such a joy to be here, and I really appreciate all that you're doing.
So I am just a few hours away from taking off to the COP 28.
I know you've been covering it.
I know InfoWars has been covering it, but most Americans have no clue the significance of what's going on here.
And so I went to the last one in Egypt, the COP 27.
We exposed the new Ten Commandments that they unveiled.
I actually got some of the ringleaders of this abomination on camera telling me that they were working with the UN to develop what they called the Third Covenant.
So God gave us the original Ten Commandments, they're going to give us the new ones.
God gave us the Old Covenant, the New Covenant, they are now working on what they call the Third Covenant to help us take care of Mother Earth.
So there's three major movements.
You've got the business, you've got the governments, and you've got the religious.
All moving now in one direction, and it's coming together at this COP28.
They've got the Abraham Family House right there in Abu Dhabi, where they have a big mosque, a big Catholic Church with no crosses, and a big synagogue.
So all of this is converging in exactly what you've been warning about for the last two decades.
A global totalitarian system where big business merges with big government, merges with big religion, and we the people end up losing our rights, our freedoms.
Right now the pretext is climate change.
There are several others, but this is such a huge story, Alex.
And again, Americans are just sleepwalking into disaster.
All right, and I want to make a few corrections, because I catch myself, because I'm live on there, no teleprompters.
I've been saying COP 38.
I know it's 28.
And I got it wrong.
It's liberty sentinel dot org, liberty sentinel dot org, and thenewamerican.com.
So we've corrected that.
But the first thing you hit on is key.
Well, UN admits for decades, 40 years really, they want a new global religion to replace all the other religions and fuse it all in with a social credit score.
You were getting to that in their larger plan.
So why don't you give us the 100,000 foot view, the 35,000 foot view, and then the 100 foot view on what life will be like under this new world order that we don't have to wait anymore and tell people it's coming.
Our job's a lot easier now because it's here.
Yeah, you're exactly right, Alex.
They're in the phase that Robert Welch talked about where they're running naked through the streets and everybody can see what they're doing.
You know, for a long time they called us conspiracy theorists and they said we're making stuff up.
Now they're like, what do you mean?
You don't want a one world government?
You don't want CBDCs?
So the direction that they're taking us in, I think the best way to understand this is that Communist China is the model.
Incidentally, it's also the key to understanding that even the ringleaders of this climate scam do not believe it themselves and we can get to that.
They have said now repeatedly for at least 10 or 15 years publicly that Communist China is the model that we're working toward.
George Soros said 10 years ago in an interview with the Financial Times that Communist China needs to own the New World Order like the United States owns the current one.
Henry Kissinger.
Go ahead.
No, no, no.
Keep going.
I thought I had my mic turned off.
I was going to tell them, get the clip ready of Biden swearing his filthy to China.
Keep going.
Oh, yeah, and that's key, right?
I mean, not only is Joe Biden on the payroll of the Communist Chinese, he seems to be ideologically in lockstep with them.
You look at Klaus Schwab saying publicly on Communist Chinese television, propaganda TV, just this summer, that Communist China is what he calls a whole mother for many countries.
He says their achievements are just incredible over the last 40 years.
Henry Kissinger who just went to his eternal reward.
He was of course instrumental in bringing this all about.
He's the one who recruited Klaus Schwab and of course he was doing the dirty work for the Rockefeller clan.
So all this is now coming together in a global totalitarian police state.
What you guys used to call very frequently Alex, the prison planet.
And so in tandem with this climate change juggernaut is coming the digital currencies.
And this is a big topic that's going to be talked about at the UN COP 28.
They're building what they call digital public infrastructure.
And so as part of this digital public infrastructure, you're going to have digital IDs, you're going to have central bank digital currencies that will be used to monitor and track your carbon footprint and eventually to cut you off once you've exceeded that.
And they're also building a variety of other digital systems that are going to be critical to what Klaus Schwab calls the fourth industrial revolution, which is he describes in one sentence,
As the fusion of our biological and our digital identities.
And so one of the key things they're working on is this giant blockchain.
They hope to eventually turn every single asset in the universe into a token that would be put on this digital blockchain.
You can only interact with the digital blockchain through digital currency.
And your digital currency is going to be programmable based on your carbon footprint, your political views, whether you're going to church and tithing at a conservative church.
All these things, just like the Communist Chinese model, will factor into it.
And again, the key thing for people to understand here is the Chinese model is the model for the global system.
Technocratic Marxist fascism all rolled into one.
And in the way of that transition to this new multipolar world order stands the United States and the principles that we were founded on.
And so right now,
We're in the final phases of a war to completely collapse the United States of America.
We're watching the controlled demolition of our country on the economic front, on the military front, the diplomatic front, the political front, and Joe Biden of course is a very useful stooge and puppet for this agenda, but all of this is converging
At the Comp 28.
And, you know, I think people who watch the regular media, they get the impression that this is not important because it's not being talked about.
It's actually one of the most deceptive things that the fake media does.
In the old days they denied Bilderberg exists.
Now they just don't cover it.
That's right.
They'll keep you distracted with a shiny thing over here or over there, while the really important stuff is actually taking place, in this case, in Dubai at the UN COP28 Climate Summit.
And that's what they do.
And what they've realized, Alex, is because of people like you, and I crushed your YouTube numbers back when they started banning you, and I know you know this, you were dominating, even all the fake media combined.
It was fascinating.
So they know, they have lost adult Americans.
A new poll came out earlier this year from AP and NORC showing that most Americans reject the man-made climate change hypothesis.
Most Americans, after decades of propaganda, decades of dumbing down and indoctrination... So they're desperate, but they're not going to give up, so what do they pull next?
Well, they're going to keep brainwashing the kids, and they are almost certainly preparing new crises for us to bring this about.
Whether that be economic crisis, political crisis, potentially even crises involving war, right?
We see they're trying to get a world war out of Russia-Ukraine, they're trying to get a war in the Middle East, eventually Communist China versus Free China on Taiwan.
They're saying Trump supporters are going to attack the power grid with the Russians, they're really playing that up.
You know, really hyping up new diseases and other viral crises.
Yep, the biomedical police.
So all these things are happening in tandem.
And last summer I was asked to start talking about the way they use crises to bring these things about.
We kind of all knew that.
And I borrowed a phrase from my friend Patrick Wood, the polycrisis, the polycrisis of doom.
I gave my first talk on this last summer in Utah.
And then, wow, just this January, the World Economic Forum posted on their website, we're headed toward a polycrisis.
And so as you read this,
They're talking about multiple, incredibly significant crises hitting us at the same time.
So economic crisis, cyber crisis, as you just mentioned, a possible cyber pandemic, currency crisis, stock market crisis, real estate crisis.
All of these crises merging into one super crisis.
Just overwhelm us.
Explain why they do that.
They've been beta testing crises to then roll out the official attack version, but with a whole bunch of other crises together.
A crescendo.
A singularity of crises.
I love the use of that term because that's one of their big terms for the transhumanist movement.
We're headed toward the singularity.
But that's what they're doing.
They want to so overwhelm us.
They understand human nature.
They understand psychology very, very well.
They know that if they can terrorize people, if they can make us scared, we'll be far more likely to do things we wouldn't have done otherwise.
Otherwise, they give up our freedoms, give up our country, give up our guns, give up our free speech.
So they're hoping that this collection of crises that, as Klaus Schwab put it, might make the COVID pandemic look like a small disturbance by comparison.
They're hoping that this incredible mega-crisis, this poly-crisis they're preparing, will simply overwhelm us.
And they'll have parents saying, you know what, I just want to feed my children.
And that's why they're defunding the police, that's why they're collapsing the border.
All of it is about an angrier world.
That's right.
And people need to understand that about what's happening to the United States, too.
They are in the process of dissolving, not just our borders, but our state governments, our local governments, and ultimately even our federal government.
Now, during the Trump administration, a very senior official at the National Security Council, Rich Higgins, the Policy and Planning Director at the National Security Council, he wrote the Higgins Memo, and he explains in there that you have now a global coalition
We're good to go.
Those principles need to be destroyed as well, not just the physical landmass and population of the United States, even the ideas that we're based on.
So I think the United States is going to be facing some very significant crises here, and they're going to be designed not just to beat us into submission and force us to surrender our freedom, but also to discredit the ideas that our country is on.
That's why you see operatives, trained, paid operatives, going into various communities, urging people to start preparing for civil war.
Trump's going to be a dictator.
Take down Thomas Jefferson statues, not just Robert E. Lee.
But if we understand it's them causing the crisis and triggering it, they can be defeated.
How is it going for the globalists?
Because their internal memos leak.
They think they're getting their ass kicked, actually.
I don't want to be overly optimistic, but when you've got Elon Musk coming out against him and you've got
You know, Joe Rogan turning against him, and you've got Tucker Carlson.
I mean, it seems like the awakening growth curve is exponential, or am I being too positive?
I should ask it this way.
What is, Alex Newman, you're a top expert.
You live, eat, drink, sleep, what's your prognosis?
The battle's happening right now.
Where are we at?
Yeah, we're probably at the most dangerous phase.
We're at the phase where the globalists, the evildoers, the cabal understands that it is now do or die for them.
If they don't get it done, they know very well they've perpetrated all sorts of terrible crimes.
And that's what King Charles said, it's what they all said so far in the build-up to COP28.
They said, we're failing, it's not happening.
And they know they've lost the narrative war already, Alex.
That's right.
Again, the polling data shows most American adults don't believe the climate hoax.
The overwhelming majority of American adults know the media is lying to us and deceiving us.
And they know that every year that passes, millions of new Americans are waking up.
And so they're now past the phase of, oh no, we have to convince them.
They're now in the phase of, we have to force them.
So you're watching the United Nations.
I just broke a big article on this last week about
What the UN and the UNESCO is doing to control the internet and to control social media.
They know, they're not losing the narrative war.
They have already lost the narrative war when it comes to the United States.
And that brings us to Bignor Brzezinski in Canada 10 years ago at the CFR.
He said 20 years ago it was easier to propagandize a million people.
Now it's easier to kill them.
They're now moving into the phase of just saying let's just kill them.
And, you know, Klaus Schwab hit on something really important on his book on the Great Reset.
That's right.
He talked about this anger toward globalization that was kind of kindled or at least catalyzed by the pandemic.
And he said, we have an in-between solution.
And, of course, the problem that needs to be solved is the problem of national sovereignty, nation states.
And so his in-between solution, as he writes in his book on the Great Reset, was this process of regionalization.
And so as you're looking at these UN meetings, one of the things that is so obvious is
They're increasingly moving beyond the nation states and toward regional governments.
They just had, in September, the big annual UN meeting in New York, and over and over again you had the heads of regional blocs speaking out.
So it's actually the strategy that Henry Kissinger laid out in his book, World Order.
And that's because it's too obvious if the UN publicly calls the shots, but if America is meeting with Canada and Mexico, oh, we're just meeting.
No, it's a new body, it's a new organization.
That's right.
And that's already here, Alex.
I think a lot of people don't realize we've already got North American bureaucracies.
We've already got North American kangaroo courts, tribunals that claim to have at least the power to overrule our state governments, even our federal governments, our courts, our legislatures.
So this has already happened, right?
We've got WikiLeaks documents you pointed to just a moment ago from 2007, showing that even during the Bush administration, the U.S.
ambassador to Canada in Ottawa, Paul,
Carlucci was his last name, was talking about how do we bypass national sovereignty and bring about this merger of North America.
That was the Banff Canada meeting and they said we'll use viruses, migration, and war to get it done.
That's right.
And so now people are saying, oh, we don't want to be connected to China.
They say, oh, don't worry.
Klaus Schwab talks about this in the book on Great Reset.
You can have a North American bloc and you can preserve some of your traditions and you can have a North American economy.
So the European Union is the role model.
And what they do with this is they use war to bring this about.
They've become very, very good at this.
In the aftermath of World War Two, we got the U.N., the World Bank, the IMF, actually the nucleus of what eventually became the European Union, the European Coal
Well, remember like 15 years ago when people were trying to get out of the EU, the head of the EU said, if you do this, there'll be a war.
They said there'll be a war.
That's right.
And they are planning massive wars.
In fact, the Council on Foreign Relations, I call it Deep State Headquarters here in the United States, they said all these wars in the Middle East, you know, we could solve these if we would just have a Middle Eastern Union.
One of the CFR fellows over there, Ed Hussain, he actually said we ought to create a Middle Eastern Union.
So you have the Africans having an African Union imposed on them.
You've got the Latin Americans having a union of South American states imposed on them.
You've got all over the world these regional governments popping up, usurping more and more sovereignty, all publicly declaring their loyalty to the UN, all publicly saying they're constituted under the UN Charter.
And so this is the strategy.
Zbigniew Brzezinski outlined it even before Henry Kissinger did in his book.
That's the way they're moving.
And they recognize that war, crises, pandemics, whatever it is,
Those are the tools to make this happen.
They've put it on paper before.
They are absolutely doing it.
And the great French lawmaker and philosopher of the 1800s, Frédéric Bastiat, actually identified what they were doing way back then.
He said, these totalitarians, they create the poison and the antidote in the same laboratory.
The very same people preparing and unleashing these crises on us are the ones who then pose as the saviors of humanity.
It's a Gelian dialectic.
So they've lost the info, Warren.
I agree with you.
Clearly they have.
You say their answer is double down more crises.
How do we respond?
Well, I think it begins at the individual level.
We need to be educated.
The cliche that knowledge is power is very true.
You need to understand what's happening so that you are not manipulated.
Preparing yourself to resist fear is critical.
When the TV talking heads, the propagandists start terrorizing you with death from this, that, or the other, shut the thing off.
Leave it alone.
It's not even propaganda anymore.
It's psychological terrorism.
Do not let yourself get afraid.
Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.
Be reading your Bible.
Be in prayer.
Prepare your family.
And by this, I don't mean, like, you know, go out and sell everything in your 401k or your retirement account and buy, you know, beans and bullets and gold, although I think it's a good idea to have some of those things.
You're just so on target.
No, but let me interrupt you.
You're literally putting yourself in...
CIOPS CIA brainwashing operation to look at anything new or anything they're putting out.
That's why with my children, I let them watch old stuff from 50 years ago, which has a few messages, but nothing compared to it.
So they're kind of living in an alternate reality, but that's why they want to ban all the old stuff because it doesn't jive with the new stuff.
But yeah, you've got to totally break with this, folks.
It's the only way to beat it.
You've got to totally break.
Absolutely, Alex, and that's so important.
And I mean in every field, right?
Stop doing your shopping at the Walmarts.
Go to the local farmers markets.
Meet the local ranchers and farmers.
Buy directly from them.
Stop sending your kids to these godless indoctrination camps masquerading as public schools.
I mean, there's so many things we can do to disconnect from the system.
It's entirely legal.
It is really, I think, the only option for people who love God, for people who love their country, for people who want to pass on civilization.
They're in economic warfare with us.
None of us are purists, none of us are perfect, but when you can, mom and pop, when you can support local, when you can support it, do it, folks.
The power is there.
That's why they want the social credit score to make you only spend it with them, because we know these central bank digital currencies will only be available at Target, Walmart, and, of course, the loving liberal Amazon.
That's right, Alex, and that's what I mean when I tell people you need to start focusing on building a community around you.
Now, if you're not plugged into a local church, if you don't know your neighbors, if you don't know the people on your block, you need to start being very deliberate about that because there's coming a time, and this was so clear during COVID, there's coming a time where they're going to try to isolate all of us.
They're going to try to terrorize us.
I think so.
And, you know, this really has a political component as well.
You need to get involved with your city council.
You need to get involved with your county commission.
You need to have a good relationship with your sheriff.
You need to know your state representative and your state senator on a first-name basis and be able to call them and text them when this kind of stuff is coming through.
Because in the years ahead, it's going to make all the difference in the world in terms of the tyranny that's imposed on you and the horrors that are coming our way.
Well, I described it to my wife just this week.
She said, I can feel it, I can see it, everybody I know sees it.
What do we do?
And I said, as bad as things have been, it's like you're out in a riptide and you're about to be sucked under for probably 60 seconds.
If you panic and breathe in water, you're dead.
If you just relax, you're going to get kicked out in a minute.
And by relaxed, I mean accept that God's in command, this is the devil making his play,
Realize that there's gonna be some terrifying stuff happening.
Warn everybody, get prepared yourself, and then don't panic, because I can feel it.
We're in that moment where we're about... Everything else we saw was just a dress rehearsal, a precursor, an hors d'oeuvre.
We are about to be sucked in right now.
This is... It's about to begin right now.
You're so right, Alex.
And I love what you just said.
I want to re-emphasize that.
You said you have to understand God is in control.
When you understand the sovereignty of God, suddenly it becomes much easier not to panic when these things come at you.
And trust me, God is sovereign.
God is above all of these evildoers.
They are eventually going to be stopped.
I've read the end of the book, and I know you have too.
We know how this is going to end.
All of their wicked deeds are going to be brought out into the darkness, and all of this evil is eventually going to be brought to a stop.
But in the meantime, we must prepare ourselves not to be afraid.
I can't emphasize that enough.
Over and over again, the Bible says, fear not.
Numbers 13 and 14, you see how seriously God takes us.
He almost vaporizes his own people.
Alex, stay there.
We'll come right back.
Stay with us.
Never forget that the answer to 1984 is 1776.
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Let's do it!
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who couldn't be?
There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rot you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel,
And if you would seek as I seek together, I wish you'll give them a fifth of your number that shall never, ever be forgotten.
While other networks lie to you about what's happening now, InfoWars tells you the truth about what's happening next.
Alright folks, we are back live and I'm going to go 15 minutes to the next hour with Alex Newman because he's living this.
He's on top of this.
Investigative journalist, new American writer, you name it.
And I'm doing classic Alex Jones where I'm jumping in all the time because I want to finish the sentences because what he's saying is so true.
But I really want to then go in depth with him about
What life would be like if they succeed?
What's their real endgame?
80-90% world reduction, they claim it's to save the earth, but they're the ones killing the earth.
From your research, who are these people at the bottom of the rabbit hole that I'm going to try to shut up at least for the next 15-20 minutes and let you just roll through all the data you've got on what's happening and what you're expecting to see at this COP28.
Well, I appreciate it very much, Alex.
It's always an honor and a pleasure to be with you.
And so I actually wrote a whole book on who these individuals are.
It's called Deep State, The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes.
And that was my goal is, you know, people always ask, who is they?
Who is it that's doing this to us?
And so my goal with that book was to try to answer that question.
And I think the most important thing, the most important single thing to understand, if you only get one thing out of this whole segment, recognize that they have a commander in chief
And that commander-in-chief is named Satan.
And that's not my opinion.
That's what the Bible teaches from the very beginning of Scripture all the way through the end, from Genesis to Revelation.
And you know where this is going.
Really, starting in Genesis chapter 3, verse 15, we have the first prophecy.
It says that the seed of the woman, in other words, Christ, is going to crush the head of the serpent.
So that's what all this is going to culminate into.
But with that aside,
You know, the groups that I see as the most nefarious and most important in working on all this, we've got the above ground groups that everybody knows about, the World Economic Forum, the UN, the European Union, right?
These are the visible arms of this monstrosity.
But then we have the less visible and then actually the secret organizations.
And so I narrow in on about half a dozen in the book.
I start with the Council on Foreign Relations.
If you don't know the Council on Foreign Relations, if you don't understand this organization, you do not understand American politics and you do not understand the process by which policy is being made in this country.
It was started over 100 years ago.
The specific purpose, when they set it up, was because the U.S.
Senate had refused to get us involved in the League of Nations.
They knew that they were going to need a concerted effort to suck Americans into the globalist institutions that they were going to eventually build into a one-world government.
So, Edward Mandelhaus was one of the key figures.
You had the Dulles brothers, the Rockefellers have been important over the years.
In fact, for decades they've served as chairman.
You had the Kissingers, the Zidanew Brzezinskis, and we actually have had defectors from there.
It's very interesting.
One of the greatest ones, in my opinion, wrote a book after he left 16 years staying in this club.
He said that the CFR, almost the entire membership, he said, is dedicated to the submergence of U.S.
sovereignty into an all-powerful, one-world government.
He said this feeling is pervasive throughout most of the membership.
He says if you want to know the policy of the U.S.
government just a couple years in advance, get a subscription to their magazine, Foreign Affairs.
They have about 5,000 members at any given time.
Most of them are listed publicly on their website.
You've got Clintons, you've got Bushes, you've got corporate members, right?
The big banks, the big pharmaceutical companies, the military-industrial complex, all of it.
The big tech companies, of course, are part of this.
And that's one of the above-ground operations.
It's a sister organization in the UK, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, another critical organization.
These two work together.
You've got the European Council on Foreign Affairs, all set up with money from Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner.
A lot of this is described in the book, Tragedy and Hope, behind me.
And so, that's one of the above-ground organizations that's critical.
You've got the Trilateral Commission, founded by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who you mentioned earlier.
Now, the story behind that is really interesting.
Zbigniew Brzezinski was a professor at Columbia, and he had written a book basically arguing that America was now obsolete.
The book was called Between Two Ages, America's Role in the Technotronic Era, and it was really a call for moving beyond the free market.
He describes Marxism as kind of like the next step forward in human evolution, although he has some criticism of the Soviet system.
This is the next step will be technocracy.
You dispense with self-government, you dispense with politicians, and ultimately you have rule by experts, scientists, or people pretending to be experts.
That's another critical one, far smaller than the Council on Foreign Relations, but very, very significant.
It reaches into Japan, Europe, etc.
You've got the Bilderberg Group that you have probably done more coverage of than just about anyone on the planet.
120 to 180 of the most powerful people in the world get together once a year behind armed guards.
They talk about what they want, where this is all going.
They seem to do job interviews of people.
Bill Clinton shows up the year before becoming President.
Tony Blair shows up the year before becoming Prime Minister.
Every President of the European Commission shows up the year before becoming President of the European Commission.
There's a pattern building here.
And a lot of these guys have admitted publicly in media interviews that, yeah, we're kind of building a world government, but it's for your own good, right?
You people are too stupid.
If we let you have your own nation, states are going to keep killing each other in wars.
It's all for your own good.
Meanwhile, they start all the new wars.
But I mean, that's it.
We've gone to them denying world government.
They run it.
It's real simple.
It's BlackRock.
It's the big banks.
They created through British intelligence the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the CFR in 1922 at Pratt House in New York, and they've written books bragging about it, and the super classic Kissinger tried to hire me, you know, 18 years ago.
So now they've emerged, like you said, they're running through the streets naked at this point.
Please continue.
So yeah, Bilderberg, very, very important group.
I've been to a couple of their meetings, obviously never as an invited guest, of course.
And then there are the secret society, like the genuinely secret society.
They don't have a website.
They don't put out press releases like the Bilderberg started doing a few years ago.
And two of the ones that I mentioned, actually, I frequently refer to your video, Alex, a couple of your videos regarding the Bohemian Grove.
You have all these weirdos getting together in the redwood forests of Northern California.
It's a gang initiation where most of them have homosexual sex and MS-13 goes and shoots a liquor store owner to become a member.
With them, they're Republicans, it's compromising, and they go and at least watch men have sex, and it's all videotaped, and that's what they do there.
And then they got some satanic rituals as a cherry on top, yeah.
Yeah, and it sounds crazy to people who aren't familiar with this stuff, but what you just described is exactly what's happening there, Alex.
Somebody leaked the membership list to me in 2019.
Of course, Kevin McCarthy was just there this year before being ousted as Speaker.
And Richard Nixon gave us some really interesting insight to it, some of it involuntarily.
In his autobiography, he says that the most important speech of his entire political career, the one that launched him on the path to the presidency, was the speech he gave at the Bohemian Grove.
And he called it the most goddamn faggoty thing he'd ever seen.
That's right.
In those tapes that came out of the White House later, he clearly indicated that there was homosexuality involved and that he was not
Nearly a fan, as you'd be led to believe from reading his autobiography.
So, a very, very significant organization.
In fact, all of the founders, all the founding delegates of the United Nations went to the Bohemian Club.
There's a really interesting PhD paper about it, when they were in San Francisco, creating the UN Charter.
Yeah, that's right.
The UN really got founded in 45, 46 Presidio, then launched officially in 47 with Rockefeller backing, and it was all Bohemian Grove, exactly.
And I love that you've confronted some of these guys on this.
I frequently use your video where you talk to David Gergen, asking him about his membership and the Washington Times article.
And then, of course, you ask him about the little ritual.
And, frankly, I don't think that's something I need to talk to you about.
And, of course, they wouldn't want to talk about that.
It's absolutely crazy.
Keep going.
Lay out some of the other secret organizations and things.
Sure, I thought we were going to break.
I skipped it, sorry.
Another one of the secret organizations that I focus on is the Skull and Bones Society.
It is an incredibly powerful organization.
They recruit about 15 new members every year.
It's a secret society at Yale University.
They meet at a place called The Tomb, and very much like the Bohemian Club,
They do very weird rituals.
Believe it or not, ABC Fake News got some footage of these fake rituals.
For those watching, as you can see, a picture of those guys there with their little logo, the skull and crossbones.
And they do mock human sacrifices.
They lay in coffins.
These are not just regular weirdos.
These are presidents.
Supreme Court justices.
I mean, these are Bushes and Careys and things like this getting together.
And I would say the most important book ever written about this organization is by the great historian Anthony Sutton from Stanford University, the late historian.
I cannot recommend the book highly enough.
It's America's Secret Establishment, An Introduction to the Order of Skull and Bones.
And he gives you a real good overview of how powerful this group is, founded way back in the 1800s by actual drug dealers, and they have been right at the center of just about everything you can think of.
He pretty much describes it as a recruiting ground for a global conspiracy to create a one-world government, very deeply enmeshed in the occult.
He got a lot of his information from the late Charlotte Isserby, a superhero in my opinion.
She was a senior advisor on education to Ronald Reagan.
Her dad was a member, her grandpa was a member, and so when they passed on, she handed all these documents to Sutton.
One of the really important things that Sutton brings out is how this secret order
Well, yeah, and we also have, let me just add a little caveat, we have Helmut Schmidt, who was the West German Chancellor for Unification, he wrote Men in Powers, Volker Rett Perspective, got a copy of it around the office.
I looked it up, it's like a thousand dollar book now, nobody has it, but in there he says, we love our druidic rituals in Germany and other areas of Europe, but my favorite place to conduct our rituals is Bohemian Grove.
So I'm not saying it's a German death cult that runs things, I'm saying they are literally doing a Germanic
With Charlotte Isserby's dad giving her the documents, he was dying of cancer.
And, you know, obviously, Anthony Sutton, who I talked to a lot before he died, but he wouldn't come on.
And his Wall Street and the rise of Hitler, he was the chief archivist in Congress.
I mean, this is on record.
And they're not so powerful if we admit they exist.
The devil's greatest power is convincing the world he doesn't exist.
If we admit they exist, and they're planning the world, rich, powerful men, we can oppose it by them always saying, no, it doesn't exist.
It doesn't exist.
That's how they're able to rule because we can never project our vision of the future as a competing idea, which if we have a competing idea, we win.
And what we just talked about the last two minutes is the crux of victory.
Yeah, and what you just said, Alex, is so important for people to understand.
There are two traps that people fall into when they look at these evildoers.
The one is, well, there's no such thing.
That's just a conspiracy theorist.
You're wearing a tinfoil hat.
I don't want to believe it.
And this is kind of like conditioned into them through the public schools, through the fake media.
And so they just refuse to look at the evidence.
They refuse to consider the obvious facts staring at them.
That's one of the big errors.
The other big error, and unfortunately quite a few people on our side fall into this sometimes, and it's very dangerous, is to attribute almost god-like powers to these evildoers.
There are people who say, you know, these guys are almost omnipotent.
I totally agree.
The second part is 80% of it.
They attribute God-like powers.
They do not have God-like powers.
Our refusal to be in charge and lead our own lives and our advocation of authority to them is why they have the power.
Our weakness is giving them power, not that they're powerful.
That's exactly right, Alex.
They are not omniscient.
They are not omnipotent.
The reason they're able to advance so rapidly and so comprehensively is because decent people are doing nothing.
They're watching TV.
And they're coordinated, so anybody that pops up like Trump or Tucker Carlson or myself or anybody, they then try to target.
But if we just unify against them, it's game over.
There are way more of us than there are of them.
That's right.
The truth is incredibly powerful.
You see so many of these churches, especially conservative churches, that tell their congregations not to get involved.
What kind of thing is that?
God put us here and told us to be good stewards of what He's entrusted to us.
He entrusted this nation to us.
He entrusted our
I think so.
I think it's a very, very dangerous thing when we see these people either refusing to participate, refusing to admit reality, or attributing these omniscient and omnipotent powers to these evildoers.
They are not omniscient.
They are not omnipotent.
They do not control everything.
And in fact, to go back to what you said earlier, Alex, God is ultimately in charge, and He's going to hold them accountable.
So if you remember all of those things, we can make great progress.
And I think step one, expose the evildoers.
Once we have a critical mass of people who understand this,
They get stopped.
Ample theater, but indoor.
There's all these gods and goddesses.
This is so archetypal, and you're a junior going to Yale, and now you're here being inducted into this.
They're giving them the archetypal rituals.
This is how they're seducing them into the system, and we need to admit this is going on.
This is real.
This is not debatable.
That's right, Alex.
And this serves several purposes, right?
For one, it conditions these people to believe that they're some sort of elite, that they have all this power.
And to be humiliated by their bosses.
And it provides perfect blackmail material, right?
That's why Jeffrey Epstein was flying all these guys to his island, so they could get videos of what these people are doing.
So if they ever grow a conscience, if they ever say, wait a minute, this is not a good idea,
Their face is on the front page of the newspaper, having sex with a child or something like that, and their life is over.
So there's multiple purposes for these things that they do.
But the occult element, too, I think people really need to understand this.
There is a very real occult element.
This is not just... It's not real.
It's the center of the wheel.
It's the whole thing orbits around it.
That's exactly right, Alex.
And, you know, one of the most important books I ever read about communism, in addition to Anthony Sutton's Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, explaining how these Wall Street bankers, these deep staters, overthrew the czar and put the monster communists in power over there, was
A book on communism called Marx and Satan.
And what he shows, what he documents, it was written by a Richard Verbrandt, a pastor who was tortured for nine years in a Romanian gulag during communist times.
What he shows is that communism is actually satanic.
Karl Marx was writing poems to Satan.
Selling himself to Satan, working consciously to destroy everything that God did.
You look at the Nazis.
You've got the Thule Society, right?
These, uh, theosophy and this occultism.
It's right, like you said, at the center of the wheel.
And you really cannot understand what's going on unless and until you understand that.
And it is in everything now.
One of the key people to know is Alice Bailey.
Um, not very well known by people anywhere.
Except among the elite.
So she was kind of a disciple of Helena Blavatsky, the Russian mystic, and she claimed to be communicating with these spiritual entities she called Ascended Masters.
And I know to people who aren't familiar with this stuff, it sounds crazy, because it is.
But she claimed to be communicating and channeling these Ascended Masters.
The chief of them was called Javal Kul.
The Tibetan, as you referred to him.
And so she and her demons wrote all these books about where they think they're going.
And that's why Hitler sent tens of thousands of troops to Tibet.
They had Tibetan monks there advising them.
And I'm not even attacking the Tibetan monks, but this is the heart of what they're doing.
That's right.
That is critical to understanding what we're up against.
This isn't just bad guys with bad ideas.
It's not just about greed.
It's not just about power.
There's an actual evil element.
Now, your average member of the Council on Foreign Relations probably doesn't understand most of this.
Neither does
Probably many of the people in Bilderberg or even at the Bohemian Club.
They just think it's an opportunity for networking.
It's a way to get more business contracts or win some high-level political office or appointment.
But all of this stuff is very, very real.
And again, if you consult your Bible, what you'll see is none of this is new.
I often go back to Psalm 2.
This is written by David 3,000 years ago.
And starting in verse 2, he talks about how the kings of the earth, the rulers, he says, are conspiring together against the Lord and His anointed.
Some translations say that they are taking counsel together against the Lord and His anointed one.
And you look at that and you say, wow, 3,000 years ago, the kings and the rulers were conspiring against God.
They're doing it today, right?
But thankfully, they are not God.
And what you're saying is so critical.
King David was not Christ, he was not the Messiah, but he was a precursor, and then we see the deception, and we're not even sure Solomon at the end went with God because he was so sucked into it, which it even shows even the anointed can be sucked into this.
That's right.
And how many times does the Bible tell us, be not deceived?
Jesus says that.
Do not be deceived.
And so the best way not to be deceived is to not get scared, to read your Bible, to understand what's going on.
And not associate with leftists.
Not associate with them.
Well, you know, that's been my motto, Alex, as a journalist for as long as I can remember.
It's Ephesians 511.
It says, have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them or expose them.
And so I feel beyond blessed that I get to do that six days a week.
I get to reprove and expose these evildoers and their unfruitful works of darkness.
And I will have no felony.
If they invited me to Bohemian Grove or whatever, the only way I would go is if I had a secret camera and it was to expose them all.
But just on the surface, I've been around, they will betray you and lie about you every time.
You can't turn your back on them.
Any leftist claims they want to be your friend, that they're waking up, almost always it's a deception.
Yeah, and they don't realize, a lot of them Alex, that they're going to be some of the first ones put up against the wall and shot by the people they trust.
Explain that historically, because tyrant tyrannies always kill the people that open the drawbridge.
That's right.
And you see that in National Socialism, in Nazi Germany, you see that under Stalin.
Most of his deputies and lieutenants were executed and tortured.
Same with Fidel Castro.
And we see that with the fall of Constantinople.
Once the Muslim leader took over, he killed the traitors inside.
And they came and said, reward us.
He said, I'm going to leave traitors that will betray your own people?
That's right.
You're dead!
That's right.
And that's one of the things that so many of these guys involved in these organizations do not understand.
They think they all love each other and they're just superior to all the rest of us.
They will get thrown under the bus faster than you can say bus.
It happens all the time.
These are people who have not just no morals, their morality is basically the inverse
of the morality that God lays out in the Bible.
Don't murder, don't steal, etc.
They believe killing people is good, right?
We just saw Cosmopolitan Magazine just did this whole article about satanic abortions, telling women how to do a satanic ritual as they're having their abortion so that they can sacrifice their children to Satan.
And there are still people who say, oh, that's not real.
Oh, it's in Cosmopolitan Magazine.
The abortion clinic is run by the satanic temple.
Folks, how much more real can it get?
Wow, I want to try to give you the floor because you're on fire.
And I want to get you on more.
I'm always saying get Alex Newman on.
I see him on the other shows and I go, get him on my show.
We should do like a commercial free two hour show.
You send all the talking points, video clips.
We'll do two hours commercial free.
The Saturday show gets a few million views.
So it's definitely effective.
But when we come back in the next 15 minutes for the next guest host takes over.
Well, you know, I think because I'm going to COP 28, let's talk a little bit about that.
You know, I mentioned the religious angle here, and it goes right into the occultism that we're talking about.
Last year, when I got back from the COP 27, I actually walked to the top of Mount Sinai the day after they did the Ten Commandments ceremony.
They wouldn't let us up for security reasons.
But I was looking at the organizations that are funding this, and it's amazing.
You've got the Henry Luce Foundation, right?
Henry Luce was a member of Skull and Bones, founder of Time Magazine and Life Magazine, right?
Part of Operation Monster.
They rolled out the CIA operation.
They rolled out the hippies.
That's right.
So you've got all these very, very nefarious organizations deeply involved in the occult funding this alleged religious movement.
And so, you know, Peter Drucker, who mentored Rick Warren, the former Saddleback pastor in California, he described the way to bring global change about.
You need a three-legged stool.
Business is one leg.
Government is one leg.
Religion is the other leg.
And so what we're watching now, through this climate process, is the three-legged stool coming together.
Alex, stay there.
Business and the government.
We gotta go to break.
We'll talk about the three-legged stool for the next 15 hours.
The next guest host takes over.
And then Owen gets out Friday, they say.
I'm not holding my breath here.
Cross your fingers, say a prayer for Owen.
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Get a signed copy.
Get an unsigned copy, but get it at infowarestore.com.
Take action.
You're not getting information like this anywhere else.
This is the antidote to the globalist evil.
Alex Newman is our guest.
He is on fire, as usual.
He eats, drinks, and sleeps this, and it's great to have him.
Stay with us.
Hour number four is only two minutes away, but I need your support.
Go now.
When I say this, I mean it from the very bottom of my heart.
I want to say thank you to all the viewers and listeners for supporting the broadcast over the years.
We, together, have changed the world at an incredible level.
And I want to salute the crew as well, and all of our sponsors and supporters.
Ladies and gentlemen, wow, the fight has really been joined with a globalist.
And as we go into 2024, the most important election in world history, it is now more important than ever to get around the censors and override the globalists.
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One of the most frustrating things about being awake to the globalist agenda is seeing the general public still asleep.
By and large, not aware of the magnitude of the incredible danger they're under, but also the ongoing attacks and the magnitude of the death caused by the lethal injections, masqueradings, vaccines.
It is so frustrating to see people going about their daily lives oblivious.
And you realize aprons stop bliss, it equals death.
People are starting to really understand how serious things are, and that's a hard thing to do, because to wake up to a dystopian reality and realize that we're in the middle of a giant biological weapons war against humanity, and that there's mass sterilization that's already taking place, and they're cutting off all the major energy sources, is really hard to deal with, but it's the reality.
Facing it is our only chance to turn this around, because stuff's about to get really, really nasty.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Alex Nimitz, our guest, another 15 minutes.
All right.
And then... Kay Dally always does a great job taking over.
Adam Owens Show kicking off at 3 p.m.
Central, The War Room.
All right, continue, Alex.
Well thanks again Alex for having me on the program.
Like I said I'm just about to head over to the United Arab Emirates to cover the COP 28.
This is a critical thing that's happening here and there's multiple levels of what's happening here.
Now you'll read a little bit about this in some of the mainstream media.
I kind of summarize the main public gist of what's going on here as the
At the last one, the COP 27, the United States, through Joe Biden and John Kerry, pled guilty to the false accusation that Americans and Westerners have caused climate change.
Basically, the hypothesis in short form is human emissions of CO2 are causing catastrophic climate change.
And because the United States developed first, we invented basically everything in the modern world.
We extended people's lifespans by 40 or 50 years on average.
I think?
Snowstorms, droughts, fires... You'd be able to question it, but we're not supposed to do that.
That's climate denial.
We'd have a trial, right?
We'd look at the evidence.
We'd have a jury to examine the evidence and determine whether we were guilty.
Well, we dispensed with the trial because John Kerry, Skull & Bones member, and Joe Biden went to COP 27 and they pled guilty on our behalf.
They said they were going to set us free from climate hell by basically agreeing to these charges.
And so the COP 28 is now the sentencing hearing.
They're going to determine exactly how much wealth needs to be looted from what's left of the American middle class to be redistributed to the kleptocrats misruling the third world.
Well, none of them follow the rules they have for us.
It's all just over-the-top ridiculous.
And I think this is a good place to just give my little spiel on this.
That's right, Alex.
You can know for a fact, and you can explain to your friends and family for a fact, that the ringleaders of this fraud do not believe it themselves.
And there's a very simple way to do it.
It's not the private jets that are landing by the hundreds in Dubai.
It's not the delicious meals in the five-star, seven-star hotels that they're staying at.
It's Communist China.
So I was in, actually I came on your program from Paris at the UN Climate Summit there, and people probably remember that because of the Paris Agreement.
Well, what happened in the Paris Agreement, Obama agreed to slash American emissions of CO2 by almost 30% in 10 years.
Most of the rest of the Western governments agreed to similar absurdities.
The Communist Chinese said, well, we're going to keep increasing our CO2 emissions for at least the next 15 years, maybe we'll peak by 2030.
Now, stop and think about this for a minute.
They're telling us that CO2 is dangerous pollution that's going to cook the planet.
Every unit, Communist China already releases two to three hundred percent more CO2 than all of the Western countries combined.
Every unit of economic production that takes place in China releases drastically more CO2 into the atmosphere than it does in the United States.
They use coal-fired power plants.
We very rarely do now in this country.
So, if you really wanted to put a lot of CO2 in the atmosphere, the best way to do it would be to shut down industry in America, shut it down in Canada, shut it down in Japan, move it all over to Communist China.
That's exactly what they did, and they had the nerve to slap each other with high fives and slap each other on the back and congratulating each other.
They don't believe this themselves.
If they believed it, they would have been horrified at this Paris Agreement because it's going to result in drastically more CO2 in the atmosphere.
It's not about carbon dioxide.
It's not even about stopping energy.
It's about dismantling the Western world.
It's about discrediting and destroying the United States of America so that the center of political power and gravity can shift to Beijing and the UN, and then they can put us under this one-world totalitarian system.
Nothing to do with climate.
Nothing to do with CO2.
And again, you can prove that the ringleaders know this full well.
Man, you are nailing it, brother, because I've been following you for years, but I'm so proud of the incredible work you're doing.
I'm going to make a big statement when we come back, because this is epic.
It's not like we're here talking about some type of theory or something.
We're the only ones covering the Big Enchilada, and I wish it wasn't exclusive to us.
It's kind of scary.
There might be like 20 of us that know all this stuff.
That's not good.
Last year we put this book out.
The Great Reset and the War for the World.
It became a number one national bestseller.
Now we've put part two out and it's even thicker and more powerful.
The Great Awakening.
The plan to defeat the globalists and launch the second great renaissance.
This is such a powerful book.
It covers all the globalist plans.
Thank you.
This is next level information and it's a great way to not just support the broadcast, but inform yourself to the next level and share the book with friends and family.
So whether you want one copy or multiple copies, go now to InfoWarsTore.com and get The Great Awakening.
This is going to go to number one.
I want to thank you for your support.
It's a powerful book.
Get yours now.
Alright, I'm gonna lay something on people that's heavy as they'd say if you're a hippie in the 1960s.
Powerful financial interests are very arrogant, very full of themselves.
They believe they have unlimited power, and they want life extension, they want control, and they don't want you morally voting through governments to tell them not to have human clones for body parts, to not test poison in, you know, gene therapies on the public.
They want you out of the way, not in the discussion.
So they try to distract you with Hollywood and all the rest of this garbage, all these mirages.
And their plan is to just get rid of most people.
They've decided you don't count.
They've decided you're ugly.
They've decided you're stupid.
And quite frankly, if you go along with that and just keep living in denial, in a way you deserve it.
But the children don't, and they're innocent.
And God's watching.
And I read that passage yesterday on the show.
I forget who originally said it.
I'm going to read it again right now with Alex Newman and let him have some closing comments.
But God's watching.
We don't do this for the world.
We do this because God is watching and this is a test.
But I want listeners to just cogitate, meditate, focus, think, reminisce, reflect, look back, engage in some nostalgia here with me.
And ask yourselves, did what Barry Goldwater talked about 60 years ago come true?
Did what Ron Paul talked about 40 years ago come true?
Did what Anthony Sutton talked about 50 years ago come true?
Do what I talked about 25 years ago come true?
Because the powerful mega banks and these families that are already ruthless and out of control have bought into this and they've got a plan.
So you can tune into the Republican Party, Democratic Party, Democratic Socialists, Communists, Libertarians all day long and they give you corporate facsimiles that do nothing because they're meant to be ineffective.
They're keys that don't go in the lock, and don't turn the lock.
They don't get you through.
They're mental masturbation.
This broadcast, and our guests, and what we do, opens the lock.
It works.
That's why they want us off air.
That's why Henry Kissinger tried to get me to go meet with him in New York, in front of my producer.
One of many times he tried to hire me, but he did it in front of my crew, without saying this is a private meeting.
Because I'll still follow that unless it's a crime they're committing.
So, it's crazy that I could have worked for these people.
I don't want to work for them.
The thought of it, even war-gaming it, I feel the Holy Spirit leaving me.
I'm not even entertaining it mentally, but I'm like, but what if I did work for them?
Instantly, just even thinking it, the coldness, the being alone, the, oh God, where are you God?
Well, I don't even think about it.
I mean, I don't need to read a book to know this.
The minute I even comprehend this, literally God starts pulling back.
I'm like, whoa.
So, this is spiritual, like Alex Newman was saying, but we are covering reality.
We have been good stewards.
We have given you an accurate chart.
You can research it yourself as well.
You don't need us.
But we're at the crossroads.
So, can you speak to the fact of the vindication?
Steve Bannon a few months ago said, when you go to Thanksgiving, don't be mean but confront your family and say, we were right about the shots, we were right about all of it.
We've got to be more aggressive and let people know that they're in this crisis and we've got to admit that we've been right.
I think that's important because, like I said, there's only 20 people.
There's hundreds of millions of people that know what's going on.
But they're not a magazine editor.
They're not a talk show host.
They don't talk to Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson every other day.
They don't know Elon Musk.
They don't have all this.
And so, I'm simply saying to them, dammit, we have the blueprints of the Death Star, baby.
And we know the Death Star's next target, and it's all of us.
Closing comments.
We've got four minutes.
Well, thank you so much, Alex, and I think what you just said is really critical for people to understand.
We are running short on time.
Now is the time to talk to your family and your friends, the people you love.
It would be unbelievably hateful for you to know everything that we just went over over the last hour, everything that Alex has been talking about for so many years.
Everything that has now become apparent to anybody who's paying attention, it would be so hateful and so wicked for you to know that and not share it with your friends, not share it with your family, not share it with the people you care about.
Yeah, it's going to be an uncomfortable process for people.
It was an uncomfortable process for me.
I was massively brainwashed going to very elite private schools to believe that the UN was the hope for humanity, that the UN was the savior of mankind.
It's a painful process coming to realize that you have been deceived.
But we must, we absolutely must do that because quite literally lives, our freedoms, our country, our children, our grandchildren, everything depends on people waking up and doing something to stop it.
And I'll kind of lead or leave with this.
People need to understand as well, and we've gotten into some of it on the program, the occult nature, the wicked nature of what we're dealing with.
And the Bible actually talks about this in very, very clear terminology.
You won't hear a lot of pastors talk about it, but if you go to Ephesians chapter 6, it is, I think, the most clear description of what we're really facing.
It talks about, the Apostle Paul talks about in his letter to the Ephesians, that we're wrestling not against flesh and blood.
This isn't just about David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates of hell.
We're dealing with, Paul says, powers and principalities, spiritual wickedness in high places.
Powers of evil in the celestial realms and I think for people who've been brainwashed with materialism people who went through 12 years of government School and have been taught basically a materialist worldview that sounds a little bit strange, but ask yourself this
How much money and power could these people possibly need?
It's more than just money and power.
We're dealing here with evil.
We're dealing with forces from the pit of hell.
God is watching.
As you said, Alex, we all have a responsibility.
We're all going to give an account for what we did with the time God gave us.
And one of the very clear instructions that we have throughout the Bible is to stand against evil.
Moses stood against Pharaoh.
Elijah stood against Ahab.
Christ stood against the evildoers of his age.
Paul, all the disciples.
It's a constant story of
Decent, God-fearing people standing up against the evil forces of darkness.
Now it's our turn, right?
Many have gone before us and have done their part.
Now it's our turn.
And folks, eternity is a long time.
You really want to be thinking about these things.
You really want to be prepared.
If you have a family, you need to be keeping in mind, how do I take care of them?
How do I protect them during the turbulence that's coming?
And again, thank you so much, Alex, for having me on.
And thank you for all that you've done over all these decades to wake up the American people and show everybody what's going on.
Alex, where's the best place for people to find your information?
So my personal website is libertysentinel.org.
Sentinel is S-E-N-T-I-N-E-L dot org.
And then I'm senior editor at the New American Magazine.
Here's our cover story from the last U.N.
All my reporting, almost all my reporting on the COP28 will be at thenewamerican.com.
And if you subscribe to the print magazine, you don't have to worry about the fascist big tech companies silencing us and censoring us.
So thanks again, Alex.
Well, I learned half of what I knew from the John Birch Society.
And my family was telling me all the exact same stuff from being eyewitnesses.
Thank you so much, Alex Newman.
Incredible job.
Report back to us if you can from COP28.
And we want to get you on all the time, brother.
Thank you so much.
Ladies and gentlemen, God is watching, and we have a major decision to make.
Kay Daly, I appreciate her letting me steal some time.
We'll skip this break so she gets more time.
But we are the Sentinels.
that are in the gap, in this critical time, and everything we told you is coming true because we're tracking the enemy.
And there's nothing more frustrating than knowing you're telling the truth, knowing you research hours, seven, eight hours a day, and you know it's real, and the enemy's trying to buy you.
You notice when I come out and say, Rothkopf tried to get me to go work for Kissinger, and I mean, they didn't say that wasn't true.
Did they get it?
I mean, they said join us!
I was offered the job that Glenn Beck had before he was launched.
I was offered Fox News shows, all of it.
I've been there, folks.
I've been there.
Not just Bohemian Girl, folks.
I've been there.
And God was preparing me for this.
This is real.
This is Satan.
And your eyes only see one millionth of what's going on.
They admit that.
There's dimensions stacked on it.
It's all this.
And we're eternal beings that are new, that God just created, that have this giant eternal potential.
We weren't there before.
We're now going forward.
That's God's real, God's omnipotent, has everything.
But what could, if you're omnipotent, have everything and created the universe, what's the one thing you could do is create a new being that has sentient grasp of the universe and has free will and the potential to be part of it?
You would do that?
I mean, I don't know.
The Satanist always says, well, God is a sadist.
God let you be created, let all this happen.
Well, God gave us free will.
I'm very thankful for God for free will.
It makes perfect sense.
But that's God not wanting to be lonely, wanting to be in communion, wanting to be worshipped, wanting to be with us.
And we're here, part of this great process, and I'm so thankful.
When I say prayers, I don't ask for things.
I thank God for consciousness and the fact that I was created in God's image.
What a statement!
God says, you're made in my image.
A snapshot, but new and different and free.
I'm made in the creator of the universe's image.
I'm a copy at the embryonic level of God.
I'm not a God, but I'm allowed to see God.
I'm allowed to interface with God.
I'm allowed to discover all this.
I'm allowed to love and go through all these processes.
That is powerful, and they want to take that away.
All we have to do is join God's quest.
Join God's operation, and God's there.
I'm here for you.
I love you.
I made you.
From the foundation of the earth, I knew before you were formed in your mother's womb, just come with me.
Go with God, folks.
Vaya con Dios.
We'll play about a minute of the set, and then we'll go right to Kay Daly.
And then, the War Room.
3 p.m.
Owen gets out on Friday, they say.
Cross your fingers, something might be going on.
After a month and a half in solitary.
You got American Journal, Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
The syndicated talk show host, Kate Dowley, takes over now.
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Do your Christmas shopping there.
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Condemned to Hell.
Big Alley takes over now!
Thank you, Alex.
Really appreciate that.
Oh, wow.
You know, I love the call to action, though.
It's so important, and it's huge, and we need to be doing it.
And it's very, very clear that, you know, the truth never goes to the mass populace.
The truth is always in a smaller group of people that get it and understand.
It's been this way since the dawn of time, so it's not going to change.
So if we're looking for the masses to finally figure it out, that's just not going to happen.
It's just always going to be a smaller group, just like the founding of this country was a small group.
You still had people over in this country that were Tories that were saying, no, we love British rule.
No, we love having a king.
You're still going to get people that don't have a taste for their own freedom, their own liberty.
I know it's amazing.
I know it's hard to believe.
It's hard to understand.
I've done thousands and tens of thousands of hours in research, and it still baffles me, but it's the truth, I say.
I have a host of things to talk about and a lot of truth bombs, and I hope you're ready for that.
So I just wanted to start out with something light.
It's Norman Lear, okay?
This is the breaking headline of the bought and sold drudge today.
And everybody knows that's bought and sold, right?
Yeah, he sold that a long time ago.
So how would you like to be a sellout in life?
How would you like to do that?
I'm a sellout.
I mean, can you even imagine?
So, Norman Lear dies and they call it breaking news.
And I had to laugh a little bit because he's 101.
I already thought he was dead.
I thought he died like 20 years ago.
I'm pretty sure most Americans thought that he wasn't around anymore.
I mean, the guy was, his big heyday was like in the 70s and 80s, right?
And so, Norman Lear, dead at 101, as if this is breaking news.
Not so much breaking.
Maybe just a news bit, not so much breaking.
And I thought of this when I also saw Taylor Swiftie as Person of the Year.
And I've done some research on Taylor.
Her career makes no sense.
You know, the child prodigy that really couldn't sing that well, that wrote out some lyrics about breaking up with boyfriends and all of a sudden is signed at a super, super young age as if they just knew she was going to be Taylor Swift.
There's so many things that don't add up about Taylor Swift, but she's Time's Person of the Year, okay?
And she is pro-vax, she is pro-pay-attention-to-me-every-five-seconds, pro-abortion, pro-leftist, pro-don't-get-married, pro-just-hang-out-and-do-these-concerts, which, by the way, have screaming, adoring fans, which they show us all the time, and a paid-for
Friend in the NFL who suddenly is for all the shots, even though there's no reason to be.
Um, yeah, my, my little, the, the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I go, whoo, something's a little off here.
Um, you know, wanting everybody to die of heart issues, whatever.
Anyways, uh, but she's person of the year and this is, I think, a very calculated move, just like it always is with Time Magazine.
Time Magazine, as you know, was a creation of the government.
It was a creation of the Rockefellers to basically put out propaganda in the form of a magazine that looked like it was private.
Gee, when did they do that before?
Every five minutes since then.
Anyways, so they put this out and they're the same people that put Romney on the cover.
Heck, they're the same people that put Hitler on the cover in 1933, looking all stoic and ready to do business.
You guys all remember that, right?
So they put Taylor Swiftie as the new icon of business sense, an icon of the rock and roll machine, an icon of
But like I said, they're the same people that put Hitler on the cover.
So then you have breaking news.
Again, breaking news.
James Comer, Jim Jordan threaten Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress.
You guys heard me.
Well, that's a big deal.
Um, that should be breaking news.
Um, yes, they just merely threatened.
I'm going to threaten you.
That's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to just threaten.
I mean, we don't believe this horse crap, right?
That's somehow breaking.
I threatened you.
Um, yeah, this stuff is just, it's, it's, it's a joke, but you know, it kind of leads you to believe why everything is breaking news.
And the first thought you might have is, well,
Breaking news is there to shock me.
Breaking news, right?
Kind of get your attention.
But you know the Greek definition of that?
I don't know if anyone realizes this, but I love to go back because words are important to lefty loony bags, okay?
It's to tame, to quell, to overpower, to break, to subdue, to violate.
Yeah, to break.
Breaking news, and that is exactly what the media does to you every five seconds.
It is constantly the barrage of breaking news that is really about nothing and means nothing.
Who cares if Norman Lear died?
All they want to point out to you with that piece of breaking news is the fact that he was a citizen activist.
Everyone in Hollywood that becomes
A multi-millionaire, and I do sometimes wonder if they actually have the money that they say they have.
I think it's sometimes a very, very big show, is the fact that they're all citizen activists.
Look at Taylor Swiftie.
She's an activist.
Pop star?
Have you guys heard her sing when she was 17 and 18?
She really didn't sing very well.
She wasn't really this icon.
And I'm not really just picking on Taylor.
Well, I kind of am.
Never mind.
I am.
But it's kind of ridiculous that she's the pop star she is, okay?
Because if you go back, she really didn't have the chops to do it, honestly.
She could write a few songs.
So what?
A lot of people can write a few songs, okay?
Just go to Nashville, they're on every corner.
But they wanted her to be a star and plucked her out of obscurity to be a star from a very, very young age, molded her into what she is now.
To what?
To affect the youth, that's why.
This whole breaking news, this whole thing, is meant to break you.
It's meant to overpower you.
It's meant to subdue you.
It's meant to quell you.
It's meant to tame you.
It's meant to overpower.
That's the whole meaning of breaking news.
So every time you see a breaking news alert, just remember this segment, okay?
Also, blinking lights.
Christopher Wray and his blinking lights.
With the Lindsey Graham.
The very feminine Lindsey Graham.
Very feminine Lindsey Graham.
Anyway, having this conversation about blinking lights and Lindsey Graham talking about it as, ooh, what do you mean blinking lights?
Like what you're saying is so phenomenal.
Yes, Christopher Wray.
Blinking lights is all you see.
Kind of like I see dead people, right?
Remember the movie, the Bruce Willis movie?
I see dead people wherever I go.
So all he sees is blinking lights.
So really, what is he telling us?
He's telling us
That something's about to happen.
And sometimes I wonder if they use a little telegraphy with words like, this is go time as a message.
When you hear the word, can you just see a bunch of people in a room going, well, if you hear the word blinking lights, it means go.
It means false flag approved.
Let's go, okay?
Because what a weird verbiage.
I saw blinking lights before 9-11 and now I see blinking lights again.
I just have a crystal ball and I'm with the FBI and everything is going to now come to fruition and we're going to get these major terror attacks.
And at first I thought, okay, they're doing the Wheel of Fear again.
The Wheel of Fear!
And the Wheel of Fear is coming for you.
What's next on the Wheel of Fear?
Well, right now there's two things.
Number one, terror.
Ooh, be very afraid.
No, just be very afraid of a false flag conducted by our government.
That's what you're supposed to be afraid of.
But, also, the new variant.
And I heard a guest on Conservative Talk, our own Conservative Talk, spilling lie after lie, he's from the China Institute of American Affairs, whatever that means.
Hi CIA spook, but whatever.
Yes, there to reinforce the mysterious virus that only makes its way, wow, what an interesting thing, makes its way to children and teens.
It just knows if you're a children or a teen, okay?
And this mysterious new virus that we called pneumonia for eons, it's a bacteria thing, but whatever, spinning it, spinning it, spinning it as if it's true, as if it's gunning for you, as if it's coming for you.
So you're going to see CIA guest after CIA guest after CIA guest, because here's a little truth bit.
On the lefty loony side, when they interview CIA, they interview current CIA.
Because they're working for the CIA and they're trustworthy because they're with the government.
When us on the right, when we interview CIA, it's always ex-CIA.
Why is that?
Because they know we don't trust the CIA.
So then suddenly, CIA agent number one or two is suddenly an ex-CIA whistleblowing.
And we know that they never whistleblow, right?
We know that they're all on the same team, kind of like the right and the left.
All on the same team, all working for the same team.
It's just they either come at you as a full-fledged CIA spook or an ex-spook trying to blow the whistle, which means that they're not actually blowing the whistle.
They're just there to reinforce stuff.
So, two things.
Number one, on the wheel of fear, you are supposed to be very afraid that children and teens somehow, germs target them over full-fledged adults because they weren't really having a whole lot of luck with all the propaganda about adults getting sick.
So, in the winter time, which they always have, now they got to turn it to teens and children.
That's a really clever germ.
I'm like impressed.
And then, of course, it's happening in China.
That's because the media is putting it out there.
Paid for.
Bought and sold.
Putting it out from China.
Be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I have so much more, as you can probably understand.
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Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com.
I do a live show every day and happy to be here and happy to tell truth.
It's really, it's hard to do so, actually.
People don't realize it's a, you put yourself in kind of a weird situation when you try to tell the truth.
Like Alex said, there are many, many jobs that you can have if you are part of the crew.
If you're part of
I had a lot of job opportunities until they realized that I started speaking the truth.
And then all of a sudden it was like crickets, right?
It's just how it goes because very few people I think will do it and forego career for it.
And you know what?
If I could say anything about the education of America, 1% of the media, I think all of the media, and that includes us on the right too.
Actually tell the truth, about 1% left.
And if you have money and if you have means, the best thing that you could do is putting that money and means into shoring up radio, into shoring up TV, because it still works.
It still gets the messages out.
It still is in operation.
And you know what?
It's the best place to educate America.
You can get somebody to a meeting.
But you have to be able to tell them what to do at that meeting, what to fight for.
What does the proper role of government mean?
What are we actually fighting for to get back to the Constitution?
And if we did that, and these hooligans and these thieves and these robbers in D.C.
would be more exposed and we could actually use and utilize the Constitution and our court system to do good, then that's where money should go.
Money should always go to truthful media because media can educate.
It's not about getting somebody to a meeting.
You can get somebody to a meeting.
You can get somebody to understand that legislation is being passed, but you have to get them to understand why they need to fight it.
That's the most crucial step in saving the country.
And we have a special role in those that understand what's happening, because if you understand and you get it, you're probably more likely to then shore up media that tells the truth.
I would think, anyway.
So, I said the word telegraphy.
You know, it's really about messages, sending codes, symbolic codes, things like that.
I think it happens a lot in government, and I think they use certain words out there to signal things.
I do feel like a false flag is coming.
We're kind of ripe for that, and they wanted to use the entire Israel-Hamas thing.
As a precursory to, you know, oh hey, we're under siege.
I'm sorry.
Who's coming to get us?
They never say.
They never say why.
They never say who.
It's never about that.
It's always about just be very afraid.
Be very, very afraid.
They just don't tell you why or how.
Because you know why?
Because it wouldn't make sense.
Why do they want to come get us again?
I'm just trying to understand.
Um, I thought it was laughable.
Kevin McCarthy, what a stooge, right?
What an idiot.
Anyways, 53% score.
As low as 43% in ever fighting for the Constitution.
He has an R by his name, but it doesn't really mean anything, right?
We all know that, right?
It's just all power plays, okay?
But he was writing this op-ed and he's like, I'm an optimist.
How could I not be?
And he went into detail how he's the son of a firefighter and served in the same congressional seat for 17 years.
All that means to you and I is he was completely bought and sold in order to stay there for 17 years and gain some power.
But he recalled the time that he helped Republicans to a House majority twice.
We got more Republican women, veterans and minorities elected to Congress at one time more than ever.
Um, what did you do with that power?
Little Kevin, what did you do with that power?
Did you restore any liberty?
Did you follow the Constitution?
What'd you do then?
See, they like to tout the power, but they can't really tell you what they did with the power, because they did nothing.
And he went on to list his accomplishments.
Of course, because he's got to give himself a big pat on the back.
And he says, even with slim margins in the House, we passed legislation to secure the border.
Because I'm pretty sure we're being overrun right now.
How did you secure it?
I'm just asking for a friend.
How did you secure that border?
What an accomplishment!
Achieve energy independence.
Did you?
We're pretty dependent still.
Reduce crime.
You sure about that?
You sure you reduced crime?
Hold government accountable.
How did you do that, Kevin?
How did you hold government accountable?
I'd like to know.
Inquiring minds would like to know exactly how you held government accountable.
Nobody fries for what they do.
Nobody actually has charges of treason.
Everybody plays a good cop, bad cop game in Washington.
Nobody's ever really getting anything for doing evil.
Everyone is pretty much bottom-sall to the hill.
How did you hold government accountable again?
Just asking.
And established a parent's Bill of Rights.
Honey, we have a Bill of Rights.
It's called the Bill of Rights.
We don't need a parent's Bill of Rights.
We just have them.
They're God-given, and they're rights.
This is about how little a guy like Kevin McCarthy understands about the Constitution or about his role as 17, almost 20 years in the role that he's in, okay, as a legislator.
Kind of interesting, right?
All of those things, it's a nothing burger.
It's wordplay.
It's Kamala speak.
It's five-year-old script writer.
It's a nothing.
It's everything to make you feel good with zero substance.
It's like a Taylor Swift song.
It's like zero substance, but it's there to make you feel like you're watching something spectacular happen.
But it's not.
So that's the whole secret.
Nothing's happening.
On our right, we haven't done anything.
All we do is threaten.
All we do is say we're gonna threaten, and then we're gonna get really fierce about the threatening, and then we're going to maybe think about holding somebody on charges, but then time slips by and everybody forgets.
It's kind of like that.
Kind of like a Taylor Swift show.
You lose, like, a couple hours of your life.
Then you wonder where it went.
And you were at a concert.
That's what Congress does.
We lose a lot of years of our life waiting for somebody to take action because they're merely threatening.
If Jordan and Comer and all these guys were actually going to do something, don't you think it would have resulted in some sort of action thus far?
You still have Hillary criminal out there talking about how people are dying from climate.
They're what?
Yeah, dying from climate.
And they came up with a really good round number of 500,000 as a guesstimate.
From heat.
In the summer.
Summer's a season in which it's very hot.
But that's okay.
We'll say half a million people in America are dying.
Dying because of climate.
Did you know it's actually getting colder?
I know.
Shh, don't tell Hillary.
And also, John Kerry and Jen Little Redhead Pisaki talking about how climate's killing us off.
She actually asked him, do you think you could come up with a way to describe how it's happening?
And then he used a lot of Kamala wordplay to tell us all that he thinks it is.
But we're going to get told that it is.
So when I come back, I want to talk to you just a little bit about an energy bill that was trying to make its way in and how we're being threatened by state governments, literally threatened into, you will not speak of anything.
You will not question the type of housing we're paying for.
You will not question the actions we take, because if you do, your life will be made very difficult.
And I also want to talk about the hostages.
But let's just say on the border, the border is another Trojan horse.
They're creating the problem because they have the solution.
They're letting the border be overrun.
Why is that?
So that we can get digital ID.
And the digital ID also tracks your carbon footprint.
I know that's a thing to the left.
Your carbon footprint for a reason.
It has to do with a lot of things like removing you from your home and your car and everything that you sort of like.
But that's why the border is allowed to be overrun and both sides of government, even the little Kevies, are all for it being overrun because digital ID is coming.
It's their solution.
Everything is a Trojan horse and when you start to realize
What the end result of that Trojan horse is usually all kind of results in the same thing when you're talking about eugenics, right?
When you're talking about people that like population control.
I'll be right back on Alex Jones.
I'm Kate Dally.
Never forget that the answer to 1984 is 1776.
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