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Air Date: Nov. 24, 2023
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Alex Jones' show covers topics such as medical science, social media censorship, government surveillance, independent journalism, and various conspiracy theories related to global events. In this episode, he discusses cloned supplements, artificial economic collapse, mRNA shots, fish oil, krill oil, a new probiotic formula, Vitamin B12, solar flares, the migrant crisis, free speech, unity, conflicts in Russia and Ukraine, and an interview on global affairs.

Doc, I'm going to shut up.
I'm going to ask my layperson questions.
We've got five minutes left.
You've got the floor.
Hit them.
Well, I love your layperson questions because you show me
That you understand the truth.
By everything that I hear in every commercial in my ear and everything we've been watching, you understand the truth.
But how is a scientist good?
I mean, the best scientists, they integrate all the information, like your innate immune system.
Your innate immune system sees patterns, pattern recognition receptors.
And so the old, their immune systems don't diminish.
No, they make all the antibodies.
Antibody is immunity.
What was the test in the beginning?
The test was an antibody.
So with Magic Johnson, I defended my Ph.D.
thesis a week in November 14, 1991, a week after he was on the cover of Time Magazine, that he was antibody positive.
And at that time, everybody was dying.
And we didn't know what they were doing with the AZT.
We were just in the lab.
And my Ph.D.
thesis committee was just floored.
Here's Magic Johnson.
You know, icon of strength, you know, will he or will he not?
They said to me, die of AIDS.
That was the question I was to answer in my four hour thesis defense.
And I said, well, and I looked at him kind of like, well, he won't even get AIDS.
If he strengthens his innate immune pathways and never gets another shot.
So he didn't get the right treatments.
He didn't get injected.
And every other athlete got injected.
Um, and, and, and got poisoned, and, and got, you know, the, the implication is somehow he was sleeping with prostitutes, and he was in, engaged, or that somehow athletes are dirty, and will remember people putting on gloves, and running out and cleaning the blood up off the floor.
No, that's not, that's just a booster if you're infected with HIV.
If you never get another shot,
And you don't ingest genetically modified anything, whether it's a pill.
A pill is a poison.
And now, as we know from the wonderful and beautiful Brian Artis, you know, Ozempic.
Oh yeah, snake venom.
Yeah, they put snake venom components in these shots.
And the key was syncytin.
Came from a family of virus called the gamma retroviruses.
That was our October 23, 2009 paper.
That said, that isolated a number of those viruses from people with various neurodegenerative neuroimmune diseases and a plethora of cancer.
So, why?
How disparate?
The virus was first associated with prostate cancer.
It's called XMRV.
The publication was 2005.
Well, that was a synthetic plasmid.
And that was never in human beings.
But what was in human beings from the injection was the crippling of their immune system.
Gerd Vandenbosch.
Your innate immune system.
Those patterns.
You'll never get to antibody development with all the poisons in the shot because you poison your protection.
You poison your plasma cytoid dendritic cells.
That's 1%.
of your macrophage antigen presenting population, dendritic cell population, and it makes 97% of the type 1 interferon.
That's what they had to hit, type 1 interferon.
SARS-CoV-2, published in 2004, and injected in every polio vaccine since then.
Who got hurt?
Oh, only the susceptible.
Only people eating a ton of glyphosate.
Only the blacks.
Only the military.
The people most shot.
But the people that could eat clean.
My identical twin.
Her three sons.
They're military.
That's why the left are obsessed with these special organic grocery stores and shops they go to.
Well, they kill all of us.
Dr. Judy Mayhew, it's an incredible job.
People need to go to your event in Atlanta.
What's the best place for people to visit to find all your great work?
TheRealDrJudy.com is where everything is.
We love you.
Great job.
Mark Dice coming up.
God bless.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We want to stop these Trump supporters from continuing to say that Joe Biden stole the election.
You're not allowed to say that on social media.
It violates the terms of service.
I won't sign that s***.
But we want to start arresting them because they're still saying it out and s*** offline.
You know, after the January 6th incident, they banned anybody from claiming that there was election fraud on social media.
We live in Arizona, so we get it.
Well, we'll start arresting them and stop them one way or another.
Love that.
Thank you.
You know, right after the January 6th insurrection, Facebook implemented a policy.
You can't say that Joe Biden stole the election, but people are still saying that off Facebook, and so it's time that, you know, they start getting arrested.
Thank you very much.
I'm not sure what country they think they live in where they can say such things, right?
I appreciate that.
You know what?
They keep making claims about... We're going to start arresting them.
Facebook implemented a policy after the January 6th riot that you can't make election fraud claims.
But people are still saying those kinds of things face-to-face.
You have to be like 18 or something.
Yeah, you're too young to be saying that kind of thing.
If you can't say it on Facebook, why should you be able to say it at the dinner table?
Thank you.
They're undermining our democracy by making such claims and we feel the best way to stop that is to arrest them, so we just help to support the cause.
I need a few more signatures to stop them.
After the January 6th insurrection, Facebook
Banned any talk of election fraud because it undermines democracy.
Just print here, birthday and a signature.
You know, have you seen they changed the terms of service?
You can't say that widespread election fraud caused Joe Biden to win, but people are still talking about that kind of thing offline.
And so we're going to stop them and save democracy by having them arrested.
Thank you very much.
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You hungry?
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Sit down.
What are you guys doing?
Sit down.
Sit down, boy.
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All right.
Roll over.
F*** no!
And that's my first question for Mark Dice.
We're going to play some clips of him calling into radio shows.
He does this and really has a big effect with Sean Hannity and...
Bill O'Reilly and many others.
He's also a author.
You know, people wonder why is it that these guys won't talk about these issues and it all goes back to Operation Mockingbird, which was started back in the 50s.
And this is, again, this is not just me saying this or Alex saying this.
There was a congressional hearing back in the 1970s, in the mid-70s, that uncovered that the CIA was paying reporters to plant stories and also gatekeep.
And so you wonder why these issues
Don't make it out.
Now it's just admitted that the Pentagon alone is spending $5 billion on domestic propaganda and buying reporters and planning stories.
That's why it's everywhere.
Do you love America?
Then love the military and join now to Fight Al Qaeda.
Here's a quote directly from the Church Committee Investigations.
This is a report published in 1976.
So this isn't me saying this.
This isn't Alex Jones saying this.
This is directly from a congressional hearing from the published report.
And it says, quote,
And now it's tens of thousands.
That's why there's CIA recruiting ads everywhere.
They're just taking everything over.
Here's a quote from an individual back in the 70s that was involved with Operation Mockingbird, Thomas Brayden.
He was the head of the International Organizations Division, which is an element within the CIA that basically implemented this operation.
And he openly admitted after the hearing, quote, if the CIA director wanted to extend a present, I think he called it,
Suppose he thought this man could use $50,000.
He's working well and doing a good job.
He could hand it to him and never have to account to anybody.
There was simply no limit to the money he could spend, no limit to the people that he could hire, no limit to the activities it could decide.
And today we have the Army going around for two decades we know of, buying off most of the mayors and police chiefs.
All right, he's with us for the hour.
He's a hard guest to get, the mighty media analyst,
Mark Dice.
His new book, as of yesterday, I'm sure it's even higher today, he's done no interviews until now, gotten zero reviews from the media, paid zero dollars in marketing, and his new book is number four on Amazon's bestseller list today.
And the book is, I've been reading it, I'm almost done, The War on Conservatives by Mark Dice.
So congratulations to Mark Dice on this big hit.
Obviously I'm going to play some of the old clips, the new clips.
It's hard to get Mark on because he's such a busy guy.
Mark, great to have you on.
What a crazy time to be live.
It's wild that I've known you.
That was a clip we just played from 14 years ago.
I've probably known you 16, 17, 18 years.
Mark Dice, it's so good to have you.
Where should we start?
I wanted to make sure that the audience, the radio audience, understood that that clip of us talking about Operation Mockingbird was from 2009.
Yes, great.
And so, yeah, I think the first time I was a guest on your show was almost 20 years ago.
It was 19 years ago.
I think it was 2005.
And for those who don't know,
Alex is largely responsible for launching my career because I came across him on the internet before the days of social media back in the old BitTorrent days finding some of his documentary videos about Bohemian Grove and clips from his radio show back then which he was recording video of and he was generous enough and saw the potential in me and I just want to thank you again for this and I want the audience to understand how long that you've been doing this and how much you've helped other people behind the scenes
In 2011, I had a book that was coming out called Big Brother, The Orwellian Nightmare Come True.
Alex was generous enough to front me the money to pay to print.
I'm going to promote it.
It's beautiful, and now you've reached hundreds of millions of people conservatively, and now everything we talked about is coming true.
Now Elon Musk sounds like Mark Dice.
Tucker Carlson sounds like Mark Dice.
I mean, but you're an OG.
Like you said, 19 years, brother.
You're an OG, and it's just great to see you still fighting and doing a better job than ever.
You know, the success from my book isn't really about me.
It's about the power of social media and what the technology has been able to do.
And as we know,
The empire struck back after Donald Trump was elected in 2016 because we used the technology in order to communicate and build huge audiences.
And that was really before most of the algorithm manipulation, before the censorship, before them boosting the search results for mainstream channels on YouTube and in the other platforms.
And so the fact that I'm just able to announce that I have a new book on YouTube and it gets to the top of Amazon's bestseller list.
With no interviews, with no promotion.
First interview that I've ever done.
Alex knows I rarely, if ever, even do interviews.
I make an exception for him about once, maybe twice a year.
But that shows also how fake the mainstream is.
Because you see all of these other people that have books that come out that are supposedly bestsellers.
And they get reviews in the New York Times.
And they do interviews on all of the major shows.
They do the entire circuit.
And they still can't top what a guy in his kitchen on a laptop
was able to do.
And the fact that Alex and I have been talking about Operation Mockingbird for 20 years, him probably even longer, and the fact that still the mainstream conservatives still don't get it.
You know, I don't understand how we have had seven, eight years of people talking about fake news, the deep state.
I mean, this is Operation Mockingbird to the 10th power.
I mean, it's right in front of him.
Go ahead.
And also, yeah.
It's admitted.
We have the evidence.
It was done in a congressional hearing.
So, it is strange that none of the Fox News pundits, none of the Conservative, Inc., social media circle jerk pundits will address Operation Mockingbird.
And they'll talk about the fake news, they'll talk about the deep state.
There's a term for it.
There's a program.
And just like every secret government program, the FBI and the other alphabet agencies, when they get caught,
And it's fully admitted.
And they also had in that report a discussion about how Operation Mockingbird not just controlled the media, literally paying reporters and pundits and editors under the table to act as propagandists and gatekeepers.
They funded the publication of books.
They literally had ghostwriters writing books.
They would pay to have them published.
They only mentioned one of the books in the Operation Mockingbird church hearing report, but they did admit
That they would have their ghostwriters reach out to publishers, pitch manuscripts, pay for them to be printed, have their Operation Mockingbird... Sure, and when you go to the bookstore or you go to an airport, whatever the in-caps are, whatever they're pushing at you, is literally CIA-controlled.
Keep going.
This is why someone like Cassidy Hutchinson, who most Americans have no idea who she is, those who did see her testimony during the live hearing of the January 6th kangaroo court, forgot about her because she was that surprise bombshell witness, you know, some low-level staffer that worked in the Trump administration who claimed that Donald Trump, you know, tried to grab the steering wheel on the car to force the driver to go to the Capitol when they refused to take him there.
So she just had a book come out a few weeks ago.
It was number one on every best-selling list.
She did the rounds on every liberal media outlet as if she held the secret key to bringing down the Trump administration.
And her book, by the way, contradicted some previous testimony of hers because obviously she most likely didn't even write half the book.
It was just done by a ghostwriter.
She'll sit down with interviews.
But it's books like that and books like
The ones trying to take down the Trump administration.
Remember the Anonymous?
A warning by Anonymous, which turned out to be some operative in the Trump administration who was working, admittedly, with the Democrat resistance to try to undermine the Trump administration.
Later revealed his name, but he got a book deal and it was this number one bestseller talking about how a Trump administration official is trying to work within the system to stop him from, you know, destroying the country.
These are all Operation Mockingbird programs, and so I'm glad that you played that clip of us talking about it in 2009.
Someday, maybe, the mainstream conservative pundits, although there's not much hope for Fox News now that Tucker's not there, will actually address
I totally agree because we know that Obama set up a stay-behind network.
We know he put all this in place, expanded Mockingbird to try to block Trump.
And we finally see some weaponization hearings and some censorship hearings, but they're only scratching the surface.
It's like how stupid can they be?
But the big takeaway is...
When my book hit number one on all the charts, New York Times wouldn't put it number one.
So we know those charts are all fake.
The real charts, Amazon, you're at number four as of yesterday.
I don't know what it is today.
All the king's horses and all the king's men and all their billions in funding can't beat Mark Dice, which shows how weak they are, plus what a great writer you are.
And I appreciate that.
And there was a major glitch.
The launch was quite a disaster because when people search my name on Amazon, that book doesn't even come up in the top search results.
It's buried way, way down.
The War on Conservatives.
And then even, at least 10 minutes ago when I checked it for this interview, when you finally find it and click on it, it takes you to a dead listing that says it's not available because it shows a hardcover listing.
Yeah, I don't think that's on purpose.
Just like Musk said, he's trying to clean out all the censors, but they're just, they're embedded.
So it looks like when you find it and you click on it, it looks like it's sold out and it says unavailable.
We don't know when it's going to be back in and you have to click the paperback button and then it will show that it's in stock.
So, I mean, even of the people who find it, half of those people are going to think that it's out of stock.
We want to make it number one, but they can get it from you directly though.
Well, they can.
You have to get it from Amazon.
I don't sell it directly.
But, you know, go to my Twitter account, to my ex account, and it's in the biography.
Well, by the way, I've been trying to buy some, so as soon as I get some from you, we'll sell them.
Yeah, and there was a glitch there, too.
I couldn't even order copies until yesterday.
It was a big mess.
I understand.
It's what they do to you.
So you have a 4.9 review.
Believe me, when my book hit number one last time, they took our bank away.
We know how it works.
Folks, because they're weak, they do this because they're weak, not because they're strong.
So tell us about the book.
I got it last week.
I've already read half of it.
It's amazing.
Tell us about the war on conservatives and then tie it into all the current craziness.
Your prognosis on what's about to happen in 12 months.
This is the most epic time to ever be alive.
This is so edge of your seat.
We're in the final year.
The last year, the 365 day countdown until the election.
So the book on the surface kind of appears fairly normal.
Oh yeah, I know there's a war on conservatives.
They're attacking us.
But it goes so much deeper than I even want to hint at in this interview because there are certain topics that are so hot that the mainstream conservatives
We're good to go.
It tracks what it is that they've been doing, attacking not only censorship on social media, we know about that, undermining the family, attacks on Christianity.
I mean, did you ever think that we would be seeing supposed Christian churches holding drag queen story hour inside their churches?
No, are Black Lives Matter worship services?
Restaurants cancelling reservations for Christian groups, kicking them out of coffee shops, viral videos of them cursing them out and telling them to leave.
Now, if that were to happen to any other group, a religious group, a minority group, there would be congressional hearings held.
They would be sued by the Justice Department for discrimination.
But when a Christian organization gets their reservation cancelled because the owner is a leftist and finds out that
They believe in God, they're Christians, they oppose abortion, they oppose the LGBTQ agenda.
That's okay.
And so there's a tremendous double standard.
Then of course it gets into anti-whitism, and that's something too that a lot of people didn't want to talk about because it's such a taboo subject to dare to say.
But you've been a trailblazer exposing that.
The left is literally trying to create race-based politics.
They have, and you know, the oppressed, because of course black people were oppressed.
Racism is terrible.
Slavery was awful.
But the oppressed have become the oppressors through the culture of Marxism, and so they got so carried away at seeing what they saw as the ruling class,
There's a lot of black people that are discriminating against whites, that are racist against white people.
That seems as a white supremacist talking point, but we've seen people like Tulsi Gabbard, who cited anti-white racism or anti-whitism as one of the reasons she left the Democrat Party.
With the leak of the manifesto of the transgender shooter in Nashville, showing that that deranged lunatic
was brainwashed by the culture of Marxism into believing that the white privilege and the crackers are responsible for all the ills in America, then we have Senator J.D.
Vance who tweeted out that, of course, this person was brainwashed by anti-white racism.
And so, it's finally becoming something that people are feeling safe to talk about.
Now we just emphasis that there's a term for it, and it's called anti-whiteism, in the same vein as the term anti-Semitism.
And a lot of people just hearing the word racism,
Immediately makes people think of white people doing something bad.
White people discriminating against black people or non-whites.
And that's why the ADL even tried to solidify that as the definition.
That racism is, you know, white people discriminating.
Whites are originally sinful.
Because of their color, but it blew back on the Zionists and on the Jews.
So I'm not attacking, you know, I don't hate, but I don't want them wedded with the liberals and then saying they're going to send all the Islamic refugees here into Canada.
No, you're not.
I mean, they're so great, you take them.
So I'm not enemies of the Jews.
The Jews are a diverse group, but to have the ADL, the super powerful group, quarterbacking the censorship control.
Literally programming the Critical Race Theory, teaching six-year-old kids they're bad because they're white.
My daughter's homeschooled but went to a camp and was told at the camp during lunch over speakers that she was bad.
She said, am I bad because I was white?
That happened a month ago.
I said, that's it.
The gloves are off.
So now I'm Mark Dyson.
And not because I hate people because of what color they are or religion, but because I'm not going to be told, or my children, I'm bad because of what color I am.
Martin Luther King would vomit.
Look at that idea.
And so, look at the Nashville shooter.
We now get the documents.
Kill the crackers, kill the blonde haired kids, kill the white privilege.
That's why they suppressed it.
That's a brainwashed white person literally thinking killing white children is a win.
That sounds like Hamas saying kill the Jews.
I mean, look, I'm against any holocaust, black, white, Jewish, Muslim, anything.
I'm not here to be put on the menu for holocaust and the ADL is literally partially responsible for the stuff that's happening.
And that, of course, is one of their talking points for supposed anti-Semitism, saying that they're stoking some of this hostility by overgeneralizing people and attacking people.
Then they try to twist that around and say that that's anti-Semitism.
And it's interesting, there's a clip of Jonathan Greenblatt on CNN talking about how, you know, demonizing Jews is dangerous.
Well, of course, but why are they demonizing white people then?
Isn't that the same sort of
Slippery slope that you're getting down, you start blaming an entire group of people for the ills of everybody else.
It's beyond a slippery slope!
When I said the ADL's like Hitler, I don't mean they're Nazis.
I mean, Hitler was race-based, saying a certain group is doing all the bad.
They're literally saying, white people, if you fall on a banana peel, we're the reason it happened.
It's good to see people are tired of it.
And that's why I would just introduce the term anti-whitism.
That's really what it is.
Because, you know, people say that, well, there's racism.
They always have to make this distinction.
It's clear you coined anti-whitism.
I don't think I coined it, but I probably am one of the most, you know, I'm just, I see it, and it just... You popularized it!
Mark Dice is on fire as always.
Get his book now at Amazon.com.
It's available, don't let him lie to you.
Send it to number one.
Let's go number one right now, Mark Dice.
The War on Conservatives by Mark Dice.
The War on Conservatives.
Stay with us.
Buy it now.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance rallying patriots worldwide.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, they say as you get older, you become more nostalgic and people you've known longer become more precious.
And it's really true.
Mark Dice is precious to me.
I've known him 20 years.
I remember him coming as a fan.
Then I went out in California and already interviewed him a few times.
And I was always a fan of him and the great work he did.
I mean, he's been there for decades slaying it.
And so it's so important to get his book, The War on Conservatives.
If I don't plug my book, I won't be here.
It's the last book going to number one on all the charts.
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This isn't his fault.
Amazon runs perfect for everybody else.
Amazon won't so much censor your book usually, even though they're doing that some now.
They were the last people to start doing it.
They will just jack with it.
And it's not, I don't think it's even Jeff Bezos, and I'm not saying he's perfect, it's operatives inside the system.
Because so many times we'll lose a bank account.
We finally get a hold of the vice president, they go, no, that was done by underlaying your bank accounts back.
So most of the time it's not even the leadership, it's the operatives within the machine, the gremlins.
And so you heard him.
You go there.
It's sold out.
It's not.
You gotta hot go through because they're pissed because there's big groups spending hundreds of millions of dollars to push their propaganda, number one, not to make money off the book so that it's a talking point.
That's why I explain to listeners it takes money to win a war.
You heard them a year ago, my bankruptcy.
Jones has got $400 million.
He hit it, he's going to jail.
You hear that anymore?
It was never true.
The most money I ever had in the bank was $8 million.
And it was all meant as an emergency backup, and I wanted to launch a network.
And then, thank God we had that money, because over the next few years, we spent all of it.
It's okay for us to have money, but my goal's not money.
I have been offered a job by Henry Kissinger.
I've met with Bilderberg Group members.
I was offered, right when Glenn Beck was about to come on the scene, the same job.
They said, we've got a couple other guys that are getting ready.
You'll have a Fox News show.
You'll have quarterly books.
You're going to do what we're going to say.
And I met with them, and they tried to give me a Fox News show as a test on Saturdays.
They said, move to New York.
Do six months of a Saturday show.
We will give you a nightly show.
You are the next Rush Limbaugh.
Roger Ailes, you are the next Rush Limbaugh.
This is 16, 17 years ago.
And I said, I don't control my show?
And I'm on up here like, oh, aren't I nice?
That's easy!
Let me tell you, I can't control my mouth.
And certainly nobody else can.
And it's the same thing for Mark Dice.
So when you get his book, or you get my book, it changes the world.
You want men to stand up?
Mark's not going to sell out.
Mark's not going to back down.
That's who he is.
But we can give out.
I'm not either.
And so, that's why this is so damn important that you get the Great Awakening, that you get the War on Conservatives, because this is the reality.
We're the champions.
And I'm not up here like some badass, man.
There are a lot smarter men than me, but they all work in the system and they go along with it.
They think they're winning.
They're losers.
But Mark Dice is my brother because he's a heretic.
When you're a Christian in a satanic world, you're a heretic.
He's a rebel.
Outlaw country.
Just because they sang about drinking and marijuana, Nashville said they couldn't have shows.
So Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings left to Texas and within five years were more than half the profits of country music that was the biggest thing in the 70s and 80s.
Bigger than rock and roll then, on many charts.
I've smoked pot with Willie Nelson.
I'm not a big pot guy.
We used to hang out all the time.
We've been good friends, Willie Nelson.
His brain's kind of gone the last 10 years, so I don't go around much because, you know, his family controls him.
But the point is, is that just being rebels made them number one.
We're not rebels smoking pot and drinking whiskey, folks.
We're rebels challenging the New World Order.
Well, they're trying to put you in prison for it.
So I believe in you.
I bet on you.
I believe that when I covered documents and knew that the Globals were going to implement it, that I'd be attacked at that point 20 years ago, but it would come true and that you would win.
So I bet on you.
Bet on me.
Get the book, The War on Conservatives by Mark Dice at Amazon.
Push it to number one and get The Great Awakening as well.
Mark Dice, please continue.
There's a reason why the Alex Jones was right meme exists because you've been on the forefront of this for so long and earlier this summer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
started mentioning atrazine and so you are mentioned in the book because Robert F. Kennedy on several podcasts on Megyn Kelly's podcast and on
He said that he thinks that one of the reasons, perhaps the reason,
Is about the transgender epidemic and the gender dysphoria epidemic is because of the atrazine That has been seeping into the environment and of course that famous meme of Alex Jones from eight years ago Ranting about how he doesn't like him putting chemicals in the water there to turn in the frogscape
He was talking about atrazine and it's not only that also BPA you know there's a famous clip of Alex talking about juice boxes having BPA in the lining a lot of food products and they've taken that out because people started to get worried because that's another endocrine disruptor it's a synthetic estrogen and if you start looking into what that does to a fetus in the womb
It feminizes the brains of males.
It bends their gender.
It bends them.
It makes perfect sense.
They've even found the specific region of the brain that is responsible for gender identity and sexual orientation.
And if that part of the brain is feminized because of these chemicals in the womb that the mother is consuming, either through water or through BPA, which also BPA is in clothing, by the way, so I'll get into that.
And it's in the money.
So let me ask that question, that moral question.
We always heard, hey, we're born like this.
I don't hate somebody because they're gay.
I hate it when they sign on the communist agenda and targeting kids and become pedophiles.
Which by, oh, we're on the gay train, now they can add on Satanism in the target clothing.
I mean, I didn't believe it until I saw a gay parade when my wife's dad had a heart attack six months ago.
I'm in Omaha and a gay parade goes by and like a third of the t-shirts had Satan on it and devil and pentagrams.
The point is though, how do we deal with that?
Because they've chemically, hermaphroditically changed their brain.
How do we morally deal with that?
The medical establishment needs to start addressing the cause and the possible cure, but you're not supposed to say that... Exactly!
Instead of you saying this, I'm interrupting, I watched you say this a year ago.
Why aren't we giving kids that are confused, that are biological males, testosterone to make them what they are?
Why, instead of they're confused, we give them estrogen when they're 90% male, but confused, why don't we make them male?
It appears that they're putting the cart before the horse because of some, like you said, small children, small boys thinking that they're women.
Why don't we give them testosterone?
When I did a video about Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
talking about the Atrazine, a lot of comments were from people who try to get on testosterone, that they're older in life and they have low T. A lot of doctors apparently wouldn't even do it because they think that it's going to be some sort of a steroid or something.
So how is it that
But we'll give an 8-year-old a puberty blocker!
Is it that they need to do operations on the body?
Is it something that the body needs to be fixed?
Or is it the brain?
But, you know, some scientists who will dare to even approach the subject say that it's an ethical nightmare, because if they admit, which all the evidence appears to be, that transgenderism, and homosexuality as well, is a birth defect, because of the brain region, I-N-A-H, region of the brain,
They're having the wires of a female, then they're admitting that something is causing it, that it's not normal, that they're supposedly abnormal, and then that's hateful.
And so you're not supposed to even equate that, and instead you're celebrating.
Exactly, you said this.
So chemicals give us genetic birth defects and change brain chemistry and make them little shriveled males, and instead of supercharging them because these chemicals did this to them, we go, no, let's go further into the mutation and then certify that.
It's celebrated as if it's amazing evolution of mankind.
You know, there have been various birth defects which have been discovered and are able to be prevented by simple measures like women taking folic acid in a prenatal vitamin which helps prevent spina bifida, which is a deformation of the spine.
You're talking about just one nutrient lacking in a pregnant woman's diet can cause a birth defect.
So you can't tell me that all of these chemicals in the environment and in the food and in the clothes, by the way, because BPA is a plastic.
And so what a lot of people wear in their clothes, especially to the gym, they wear synthetic fibers.
And so there was a study that was just done that showed
That the BPA can get absorbed in the skin through the clothes that people are wearing.
And the juice boxes?
At like a hundred times or thirty times the level that the FDA considers it to be safe.
Also, the microwavable plastic trays, they're fine when they're at 70 degrees.
When you heat them up to 200 degrees, they off-gas synthetic female hormones.
So it's going to take people who have the respect in the medical industry and pundits like Matt Walsh who, you know, has done great work.
His film, What is a Woman?
Absolutely fantastic.
But if you watch it, it is great.
He only focuses on the social contagion aspect, which there may be some or a lot of truth to that, but he is completely ignoring the potential chemical weaponization of the chemical.
No, you're right.
It's nature or nurture.
So 10% is nurture.
90% is nature.
It's the chemicals.
And you've been saying that for decades.
It's true.
It's the chemicals and they know exactly what they're doing.
Yeah, so there's a whole section in the book on the rise of LGBTQism, and that's another topic that a lot of people didn't want to push back on because they didn't want to seem to be homophobic.
And so they kept their mouth shut for many, many years as it just continued to get more and more insane.
It went from
Oh, okay, so they want to get married?
Yeah, I don't agree with that.
I think it should have been called a civil union.
I think that they should have the equal rights as far as health insurance and visiting their partner's hospital and things like that.
I was always against, and still am against, calling it a marriage.
But then they gave them an inch and then they took a mile.
And it wasn't really until last year in June and, you know, Pride Month,
That people started really pushing back, and then this last June, people finally had enough.
Conservatives, Christians, Republicans.
This is a total UN, social engineering, Tabasak Institute cult.
What do you predict?
I want Mark Dice to tell me.
You're hard to get on.
It's the first interview.
We're very blessed to have you.
You've got to come on more, man.
I know you've got an idea of your better tape, and you are a little better tape.
Come on.
You're great live, so knock it off.
I say this every time you're on, you know, I give you one interview a year, Jones, but seriously, what do you predict is going to happen next?
I think that society's going to continue to fracture.
I think that we're going in each different direction.
Everybody's digging in, because what do we have?
We as normal liberty-loving people, whether you're kind of an independent, a conservative, a Christian, even the libertarians, although they kind of
Get into the weeds a little bit, but what do we have in common with the people who want to put the surgeries on the children?
They want to castrate the children, put them on chemical blockers.
They want to indoctrinate the kids in elementary school.
LGBTQism with gender identity, said that they might be a boy, they might be a girl.
Schools allowing gender non-binary teachers to have access to the kids?
I mean, when I was in school, I'd say even back as far as fifth grade, if we had a teacher that came out and said that they're not a man or a woman,
The kids.
We would have run them out of town.
But now, it's seen as normal.
They're the high priest.
They're the religious leader of the cult.
So I see society fracturizing.
And I wouldn't be surprised if, it might be 10 or 20 years,
If the United States breaks apart into various different republics or into two different republics because if the Democrats supposedly win the election in 2024, they'll stack the Supreme Court or they'll flood it with liberal judges.
They're going to pass the Equality Act, which then businesses are going to have to legally acknowledge.
And respect a gender neutral or a gender non-binary person.
They're going to have to allow people to use whatever bathrooms they want, whatever locker rooms they want.
The states are not going to be able to pass laws that are going to stop that.
So what point, what solution does a state have at that point if the national law, the supreme law of the land, the Justice Department is going to sue them?
Would be to secede, really.
I don't think Republican states should necessarily secede.
We should really eject the Democrat states.
We are the United States of America.
They are the ones who hate our history, who hate the founding fathers, who hate the Bill of Rights.
They are taking down statues of the founding fathers.
So we can leave corridors of the roads to the cities and have like the map where 90% is red and the rest is blue.
But what you say is so key.
They want a one-party state.
They know they're losing.
They're using science and weaponized psychology to take over.
But it's
Yeah, you got the floor!
We'll do five minutes next hour if we can do it, but you've got the floor.
Mark Dice, I'm going to ask the questions here.
I've got all these other clips, too, that you sent.
I mean, I could easily just do five hours of just your clips here, but just keep going here.
Well, we persisted despite getting banned, and even though Elon Musk has some major faults, and maybe we could get into those, but he's done tremendously great things for Twitter, for X, allowing
Yeah, this is personal for Elon, and I don't like to bring people's families into it, but Elon has talked about this publicly, and it's in his authorized biography.
From Walter Isaacson, one of Elon's teenage sons is now identifying as a woman and a Marxist.
So Elon has a personal axe to grind with Marxism.
This is a personal mission for him.
And so by lifting the ban on misgendering, which is, you know, using the wrong pronouns, lifting the ban, questioning vaccines, the safety of them or the medical establishment,
He has brought free speech back to a major level.
Let me say this, he and Rumble are going to have a very tough decision to make in the next year because they're going to face the real possibility of having their apps banned from the App Store because Apple has control over that and they're going to say, you're not going to allow these kinds of discussions or these specific individuals to have a go.
And the EU is threatening to criminally charge him.
Yeah, so they're going to be faced with a tough decision and
I would assume that they've been working on this.
They're going to have to do the model that Andrew Torba used at Gab, where they've been banned from the App Store for five or six years, where you can still use it as an app.
Just like you can use the InfoWars app, I save the InfoWars feed on my phone and on my tablet, just as if it is an app, and then you press the button.
It doesn't have quite the same functionality as an app, but it's pretty good.
We have Rumble, we have Twitter, Axe, but they're going to be having a very tough decision to make as the election approaches.
And for some people, I say, well, they would never ban them from the app store.
Well, you know, it said that they would never indict Donald Trump, but they did that 91 different times.
And even I didn't think that they were actually going to indict Trump.
I thought that Merrick Garland was going to come out sometime next year, right before the primary start and say, you know, investigation's complete.
We found all this terrible evidence.
You know, he's definitely guilty of the insurrection, but, you know, it's Justice Department policy not to indict.
If we're not confident we can get a conviction, and that they weren't confident they can get a conviction, because somebody's going to hang the jury, and that's more evidence of his corruption, because he's above the law, because they can't even get a conviction, because one of his supporters is going to hang the jury.
So, I didn't think that they were going to actually indict, but obviously they did.
So now we're facing... Well, their formula is foul so many that they'll think they'll get one.
And things are going to get really dirty.
I mean, we're already seeing some of the, you know, wannabe Ron DeSantis influencers, they are supporting Donald Trump going to prison because it's almost like politics is like a mafia in a sense.
They see Donald Trump as a liability, just like John Gotti saw the mafia Don, forget the guy's name, was the head of the Gambino family at the time, saw him as a liability.
And so they took him out.
And then they go on as if nothing happens and continue with business as usual.
And so you're seeing a lot of Ron DeSantis, supposed influencers.
They're really hoping that Donald Trump goes to prison in order to stop him.
And, you know, the Ron DeSantis supporters, I mean, many of them have some legitimate criticisms of Trump, of course.
I mean, nobody's perfect.
But at this point,
I saw from day one, Ron DeSantis getting in the race as stabbing Donald Trump in the back.
That's not to say that, God forbid, something happens to Donald Trump.
If by a miraculous feat, he actually loses the primaries or ducks out, which I don't think he's going to do, in some plea deal to try to avoid... That's my next question.
What do you predict happens with Trump?
And what do they do about Biden?
I mean, they got Axelrod on TV, all the Democrats saying, get out of there, Biden, but Biden won't leave.
So how's that going to shape up in Mark Dice's brain?
They painted themselves into a terrible corner that there's no easy way out of because if Joe Biden ducks out and gets replaced by Gavin Newsom, the Democrat Party is going to look terribly weak because usually the vice president would pick up that baton and run with it.
But Kamala Harris has no support.
She was a diversity hire.
She dropped out of the presidential race in 2020 early because she couldn't get any funding.
She had no support at all.
She had less than 2% in the Democrat primaries.
The woman is reviled.
It would be one thing if he ducked out and then everybody would rally behind Kamala Harris as taking the baton and trying to continue with the Democrat Party agenda.
But she is terrible.
She's uninspiring.
Nobody likes her.
And then if they replace Biden with Gavin Newsom and then have
Her still as the running mate, that's still going to make them look weak.
And the time is running out for that, for Gavin to get on the ballot in certain states.
And so I don't know.
I don't think anybody knows.
I mean, it could get to the point where at the convention, maybe if Biden has a health issue, the Democrat delegates will nominate Gavin Newsom and then they can write it off as... Or God forbid they assassinate Biden to make him a martyr.
He might have a health issue or an instigated health issue, so I don't know.
And it's very possible that Donald Trump could get convicted.
It's going to be very difficult because if Donald Trump gets convicted,
It's going to be horrible.
They're going to try to throw him in prison.
I mean, maybe they would they would give him a house arrest or put him at a military base for security.
But if he if he beats the charges, there's going to be riots like we've never seen.
If he gets convicted and then wins on appeal, there's going to be riots from the Marxists.
So bottom line, the next 12 months are going to be the most insane ever.
It's going to get more intense every day.
Nobody knows what's going to happen.
I mean, it's just... And we're now one year out.
We're now 365 out.
And everybody says, oh, this election is the most important, but we've never had anything like this, where the country doesn't have its sense of cohesiveness.
Hands down, this is the most important ever.
It's going to be, it's troubling, and you're seeing the rumblings of a lot of people who have been hoping that the country wouldn't collapse.
We have the financial crisis, we have the anti-Americanism within the own institutions, we have been flooded by millions and millions of illegal aliens who, and legal immigrants as well, who don't have any allegiance to the United States, to our history, to our culture, and so this isn't going to be like past
This is the big one!
As a whole, the country's in big trouble, but locally.
And from going to city council meetings and trolling like Alex Stein does, I learned that there's a very small group of people who make the decisions in your local community, who go to the city council and persuade them and run and get on the board.
That's why the Fed was so upset about the school boards.
Everybody should be at all these local televised events, then they feed, they go viral, and it's like calling the C-SPAN.
I think they're weak, Link.
You've done it, too.
You said it.
I need to do it more.
We need to go to these city council meetings.
Get on the board.
It's local.
Because running a national campaign, very difficult.
Running a local campaign in a small to even moderate-sized city of 100,000 people, fairly easy.
You know, you can rally your community, your support, and you can do it.
And one thing, during the COVID lockdowns,
Sheriffs are elected, okay?
Now, police chiefs are appointed by the mayor, but sheriffs are elected.
And even in California, even in counties in Los Angeles, the sheriffs would not enforce the governor's lockdown mandates and allow businesses to stay open.
So, if in Los Angeles, you can have a local sheriff who is, again, voted in by the people, defy the tyrannical laws of those above him,
Then we can work locally in the schools.
We have the truth.
Do five more minutes.
Two minute break.
I want to talk about the COVID lockdown.
You nailed it there.
We just backed that off.
They tried to relaunch it.
We have the victory, but we've got to have confidence.
And the listeners haven't realized the ball's in their court.
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It's Sunday, November 19th, 2023.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, broadcasting worldwide.
And we got a lot of really important stuff to talk about.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
It's Sunday, November 19th, 2023, and we're now 351 days, 7 hours, 49 minutes, 36 seconds out from the most important election in world history.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very blessed and very honored to be here with you tonight.
We'll be here live for the next four hours, and I'll be back tomorrow, 11 a.m.
Every show's precious.
Every day above ground is a good day, as they say.
Okay, let me give you a little boil down of what's coming up, and then we hit next segment.
I'll plunge right into it.
Biden is in total free-for-all.
They haven't just had Axelrod and other top Democrats say he should resign.
Now Bill Maher and the rest of them are saying it.
The Democratic Party is officially trying to take out Joe Biden, and it's his 81st birthday, so they want to show him the door so the new Chinese communist puppet, aka American Psycho 2.0, Gavin Newsom, can take over.
And we've got them in complete panic mode because Trump's poll numbers are turbocharging to even higher levels in their attempt to take him off the ballot.
Ian Colorado has failed so much more on that front coming up.
Then, of course, the new Speaker of the House has made good on a promise McCarthy made almost a year ago.
But in over 10 months failed, he is now beginning to release, because as fast as they can put it out, it's going to take about two weeks, they're saying, 44,000 hours.
They've already put out something like 5,000 hours starting Friday.
I have watched a lot of it.
It is more of what we knew happened, except you've got undercover cops who are arrested, being released, and you've got the police waving people through and shaking their hands and taking selfies with them.
So the Feds and some provocateurs helped break in.
The cops then stood down.
And you know the rest of the story.
But it's hour after hour after hour after hour.
And the initial, quote, breach where they just opened the doors up is spectacular.
And we've got members of Congress calling for criminal investigations over it.
This is certainly blown up in their face.
Bigly, as Trump would say.
Continuing, Netanyahu's surprise admission Israel not successful at minimizing civilian casualties as the world...
Turns against the war.
68% of Americans polled are against the war.
80 plus percent against the Ukraine war.
Ukraine must brace for loss of U.S.
The Ukrainian ambassador says big developments in that World War III developing scenario as well.
We've also got more on the poison shot front U.S.
Begging unvaccinated soldiers to return after kicking them out for refusing COVID vaccine mandates.
Even promising to reverse their dishonorable and non-honorable, non-than-non-un... Say it.
I had one of those moments.
Their single reverse their...
Dishonorable discharges and non-honorable discharges if they come back.
I wouldn't believe that for a minute.
And for two weeks I've said I'm going to cover the solar flares, they say, the threat to knock out the internet, but I'm going to get to it tonight.
If the hair lifts the Admiral, we are going to be breaking that down.
Also, mysterious CEO firing at chat GPT triggers employee protest resignations even on the board.
They're trying to bring him back.
This is a big example of what happened with James O'Keefe with these boards and with groups that get control of companies.
They always go after the most successful people because they're threatened by him.
He took the company from nowhere to 80 billion dollars, so they fired him.
Yep, that's how these weirdos that don't set up and run companies and create them operate and they get control of them.
They always go after who's actually successful.
You'd think in the real world you'd promote who's successful.
A meritocracy, not in the new world order.
That's just some of what's coming up on this massive Sunday live global transmission.
There's also some other big news we're going to be getting to dealing with election fraud in the 2020 election that's now pouring out.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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There I was, completely wasting, out of work and down.
All inside, it's so frustrating, as I'm turning town, town.
The globalists know humanity is awake, so they're miserably robbing everything they can, even the kitchen sink.
Again, it's Sunday, November 19, 2023.
351 days out from the most historic election in world history.
The chi-com dictator who obviously was just in San Francisco last week trying to line up all his little ducklings to continue to carry out the deindustrialization of the United States.
President Trump has come out against that and promised to reverse everything that they've done in the last three years if he gets back into office in a year.
And we've got incredible news on that front that I want to dive into right now.
NBC News poll.
Biden's standing hits new lows amid Israel-Hamas war.
Even in their skewed polls, he's got a 40% approval rating.
68% of Americans in major polls, there's three of them that show the same number, are against the war that Israel's having with Hamas.
MSNBC melts down over polls showing Trump beating Biden in 2024 by 20 points.
Trump opens up 39 point lead over DeSantis in Florida.
Trump wins Texas Governor Abbott's endorsement at US-Mexico border as he served early Thanksgiving dinner to the troops and state police.
Bill Maher throws in the towel.
Biden's going to lose.
Rogan sends The Rock backpedaling over claims he has friends who support Biden.
Sure, name some.
He can.
Fox News finds out the strength of Trump and the town hall they did, where every supporter, everybody in the town hall was a supporter but one, and it just continues on from there.
They are totally, absolutely in full panic mode.
Normally, if the feds indict somebody, they drop out of a race immediately.
They threaten to indict
And tried to impeach, never passed the Senate, Richard Nixon, but he still resigned.
But everybody knows this is a discredited power structure.
Everybody knows we have an illegitimate government.
Everybody knows, who's got half a brain cell, that the election was stolen in 2020, and they almost completely stole it, but stole most of it in 2022.
And the numbers are there, and the facts are there, and the majority of Americans, including Democrats, believe the election was stolen from Biden.
The man couldn't get 20 people at a campaign event.
Trump was having up to 100,000 at his biggest, most 20,000, even in small towns.
Standing ovations everywhere.
But they tell you, do not question it.
If you question the election, you are a criminal.
Was in more articles this weekend, including Newsweek.
Owen Schroer in solitary confinement.
And then it quotes the judge that he's in jail in his sentencing document for questioning the election.
They go, oh look, here's three examples of where
Before sentencing, he still is on the air, the government surveilling a radio TV show, watching a journalist, and then creating a transcript to give the judge and say, look, he still says Trump won.
And the judge says, you're not sorry.
You go to jail and you get solitary confinement.
Yeah, well, it's just 60 days.
It's setting the precedent, ladies and gentlemen.
And we saw what just happened and the total panicking going on.
We've got a clip we're going to play in a moment of the Secretary of State in Colorado, another one of these Soros finance kook balls.
They had another one of these rigged trials where it was a judge deciding, not a jury.
Since when, in my fake trials, and Trump's New York trial, and the Colorado trial, it's judge?
But in this case, the judge knew it would be overturned on appeal immediately.
Because Trump was never convicted of insurrection.
So the judge said, well, you did do an insurrection, but under the law, I can't take you off of the ballot.
And so, no, you're guilty, because I'm the judge, no jury, but you can stay on the ballot.
And then it failed in several other states to take Trump off the ballot.
Well, what's that called when somebody who's getting 70%
I don't
The polling agencies still claim are 10 to 15% of a larger group.
They see it as the dominant party.
So they bake it in that they always add a skew in there where they, in the different methodologies, do different things.
But in some of the polls, they poll more registered Democrats than Republicans.
Or in other polls, they just add 10, 15 points.
So in the methodology, they've done that here.
He's 20 points ahead in every damn poll.
Some of them 25, 30.
And Mike, I mean, this is just spectacular.
And their answer is, we're going to indict you a bunch and we're going to try to take you off the ballot.
Just like they did to 15 members of Congress because they were in the Capitol on January 6th and Republicans like MTG, Gozer, and others.
They went around and tried to take them off the ballot because they were going to win by 60-70% of re-election, and they did despite the fraud.
Because in the case of MTG, you get 70% of people voting for you.
They don't have enough dead people.
They don't have enough names of dead people and people that have moved out of district to push it over the top.
Landslides kill fraud.
They can't get past a landslide of more than 10 points, depending on the numbers and the experts you talk to.
Some of the numbers show if you've got a 7% lead that's real, there's not enough fraud baked in, depending on the state, to do it.
Trump's got a 20 point mega blast!
I mean, they're not going to overcome that without putting a bullet in him or poisoning him.
I told you years ago Trump's concerned about poisoning, he should be, and now it's come out mainstream media he is.
That's why I'll say almost every night, you know, I'm buying the whole White House staff
Hamburgers or fried chicken or whatever it is and he'll pick a random staffer and he'll pick the place and he'll send them there and if they didn't get back in an hour he doesn't need it.
He has them all set the food out and then he walks in and randomly grabs a bag.
Imagine having to live like that.
You just said what you want about Trump.
He is a man of steel.
He is a badass.
A badass.
And I only wish he wouldn't have gone with the poison shots at least he's backed off of that but
This is just insane.
So, we're going to go to break.
I'm going to come back.
Get out of jail free card for insurrection.
Was he convicted of that?
Colorado Secretary of State blast court ruling allowing Trump on the ballot.
Election theft, election interference, election meddling.
I mean, the real way to steal something is not letting you be on the ballot.
Oh, he's an insurrectionist for having a peaceful protest we hijacked and for questioning an election.
But now we're going to keep him from being able to be elected.
And the State Department advised this year the government of, with Lula down in Brazil, for them to have the Supreme Court say that Bolsonaro can't run for eight years.
Because he questioned the election.
It was overwhelming evidence of fraud.
The same crooks that ran the election theft in 2020 ran the election theft in late 2022.
Yeah, I think.
The Democratic Party is backing the robber baron, warmongering, black rock, New World Order establishment.
They're the Imperials.
They're the Redcoats.
They're the King of England in 1776.
They're the man.
And it's out in the open, and the people know it, and the people see it, and the people understand it.
Take a deep breath.
Some of that air you just inhaled has been cleaned by trees.
Trees help the world in many ways.
They create habitats for wildlife, filter water, improve community health and well-being, clean the air, and sequester carbon.
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Trees absorb carbon dioxide through pores on their leaves called stomata and take in water through their roots.
During photosynthesis, the tree's cells convert that carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and glucose
Then, oxygen is released back into the atmosphere through the stomata, and the glucose gives the tree energy to grow.
Not only do trees provide us with oxygen to breathe, they also remove pollutants from the air.
It comes in different forms, such as particulate matter, which can be intercepted by the tree's bark, branches, and leaves.
There are also gaseous pollutants, like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and ground-level ozone, that are absorbed through the stomata on the leaf surfaces.
Air pollution is a major problem around the world and can lead to significant human and ecosystem health issues.
Healthy trees reduce air pollution and are able to help prevent respiratory illnesses caused by pollutants.
Now Bill Gates has built a facility to cut down trees and bury them.
And he's going to get taxpayer money to do it.
What a nice man.
So here he is recently saying, oh, trust the science.
Don't be a dumb environmentalist.
We don't need to plant more trees.
Trees are the problem.
That's gaslighting to me.
I don't plant trees.
There's a lot of people who are very enamored with trees.
We've got trees on this stage.
Some people would even say that if you just planted enough trees, it could take care of the climate issue altogether.
And that's complete nonsense.
I mean, are we the science people or are we the idiots?
Which one do we want to be?
He loves to giggle when he lies.
He's got that fraudster giggle going there.
That duper's delight, as they call it.
Trees put out carbon dioxide and oxygen, mainly oxygen.
They clean the atmosphere.
They're amazing.
You instinctively love them.
You know they're good.
But mothers and fathers of nuclear families are bad, and so are trees.
And they're cutting them down, and he's got a big facility doing it right here in the United States.
Of course, when you lose the trees, you start deforesting, then the water runs off, the soil runs off, and you get erosion, and then you get badlands and deserts.
But, again, I'm the conspiracy theorist.
I know trees are bad.
You got me, Bill Gates.
But that's the reality.
You tell the average person they're doing this, and they don't believe you because it's so outrageous.
But remember, they're targeting children right now.
In school, I have articles here, they teach kids, do you think trees are good?
No, they're bad.
And so is grass.
But he cuts down and clear cuts everything and puts these huge solar farms everywhere where there's no life.
But that's good.
That's good, and of course it's extremely toxic, the mining process to get the stuff for solar panels.
But it's okay, because he owns and controls much of the market in China, where we get our solar panels from.
My dad did run from parenthood about googling depopulation and killing all the people.
That's okay, because I'm wearing a pink sweater.
Oh, no, no, no, I don't even know what this is!
How did he get here?
I just caught you, American.
You visited Bandar Video.
Oh, Mark Zuckerberg and others angry at you.
Do what CNN says and do not visit Bandar Video or I have to hurt you.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order.
It's Alex Jones.
Rising up, straight to the top.
Well, you tune into any mainstream media or the internet today, and it sounds like the Alex Jones Show from ten years ago.
Yeah, it's our world.
The listeners, the supporters, the guests of this broadcast, we were over the target.
We were right.
We explained who really ran the planet, what their plans were, and how horrible it would be.
And because we got in this position to resist them, there is now extreme resistance to the globalists all over the world, and I want to salute you all and thank you.
But they're trying to head us off at the pass.
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Okay, getting back to where I was.
So here is the Secretary of State of Colorado, when Trump
Has been found not guilty even by the judge in a kangaroo trial of insurrection.
He's not been found guilty anywhere.
So how do you civilly find him guilty and take him off the ballot under the 14th Amendment?
And so here is Jenna Grissmould freaking out.
Here it is.
You said to me then, which literally almost every Secretary of State in the country to whom NBC has spoken, said, that you're likely not going to be the last voice on this thing.
You can do what you may think you need to do, but this is definitely going to the courts.
So that's what happened in Colorado.
It went to the courts, and lots of people are surprised by what happened yesterday.
Are you?
Well, first off, thanks for having me on, Ali.
Always great to be on your show.
And yes, this is a surprising ruling.
I think you are really hitting it on the head.
The idea that any official who would engage in insurrection would be barred from taking office except the presidency is incredibly surprising.
That basically means that the presidency is a get-out-of-jail-free card for insurrection.
As someone who cares deeply about the state of our democracy, I find that very troubling.
The American people need to know that the President, the person, if anybody, the person most in charge of protecting the Constitution, actually has a duty to do so.
So I'm right there with you.
I find it very troubling that the President of the United States could engage in insurrection and, unlike everybody else, could then be President again.
They just make this up.
Yeah, Joe Biggs that shook a fence.
He's been put in jail for 20-something years for shaking a fence.
He didn't burn down a police station or shoot cops, so he's okay.
He wasn't bailed out by the Vice President when she was a candidate, Kamala Harris.
They just keep using the word insurrection, insurrection, insurrection, but now they're in full panic mode because the videos have all come out.
And if I try to
Play all this would take 10 hours.
Well, that would take 44,000 hours.
We're going to play some of the clips and talk about that when we come back.
The new speaker did what McCarthy didn't do.
He's releasing it.
They released something like 4,000 hours as of today, as fast as they can.
They're piping it out.
It'll take a few weeks to get it all out.
And boy, is it damning.
I didn't know guided tours were an insurrection.
They charged many of those that were waived in by police.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
I've got to!
He never gives up.
He's Alex Jones, broadcasting from deep in the heart of Texas, worldwide.
Alright, I was there on January 6th.
2021 and I witnessed basically it all unfold so it's not like I'm at a distance here talking about this but almost three years later
What we originally thought happened that night when I broadcast for five, six hours, really pissed off from a rooftop up above where the media congregates, where we rented a slot for some outrageous, like $5,000 a day.
And we said it was staged.
There were feds, there were provocateurs, there were anti-feds putting Trump gear, red, white, and blue outfits on, Make America Great Again hats.
You know Ray Epps, all of it.
You've seen it.
We know what happened.
Trump put on a big rally a mile and a half away at the Ellipse by the Washington Monument in between the White House, the Washington Monument.
Trump and his organization, because I was involved, had reserved the stage up on the corner top of the Capitol right by the Supreme Court.
And we were supposed to go there and have a peaceful rally, and Trump said, go there and be peaceful.
But before Trump even started speaking, right as he began to speak,
They had Antifa and feds dressed as Trump supporters, began to hit the gates and yell at the police.
And then about halfway through Trump's speech, they began to throw bottles and things at the police.
The police started shooting tear gas canisters and pepper bullets.
at the crowd.
And Ray Epps was there saying go in the Capitol and grabbing big signs and helping them ram over people.
And yeah, folks got shot in the face with rubber bullets, you name it.
So I got there, maybe 25% into it.
And immediately got up on a stack of chairs.
They were chairs folded with a big plastic wrapped around them, you know, waiting for the inauguration weeks later.
And I climbed up on top and everybody's seen the footage and said, don't go in.
It's a set up.
This will be a situation where people get shot and killed.
Like Kent State, Ashton Babbitt was shot about 45 minutes later.
Cops threw people off the parapets.
Four citizens were killed that day.
One was beaten to death.
No police were killed.
And we were told this was as bad or worse than 9-11, worse than 9-11, worse than Pearl Harbor by Chuckie Schumer and Kinzinger and just all the usual suspects.
And then they didn't want to release any of the footage.
A little bit of footage came out in the criminal trials, people were able to subpoena.
And once Ray Epps and others in the lightly defended Capitol broke through the first barrier and then the second barrier,
The police just opened the doors, and then the people that were violent just disappeared.
Rams, everybody else just disappeared.
Back in the crowd, and then everybody else...
Being pushed forward by the crowd, like at a rock concert, up towards the stage, went through the door.
And there's the first briefs just now released by the new Speaker of the House, Jackson.
Making good on his promise to release the 44,000 hours.
They are putting it out as fast as they can, streaming it.
They've already put out about 10% of it or so.
Or a little bit less than 10% last time I checked.
In a few weeks, it'll all be out.
And the footage is damning.
It's all over InfoWars.com.
It's all over Twitter.
A lot of you have already seen it.
But let's move on now.
So this is... And then once the people push through the main doors, all these other people who didn't know what's going on, they come in and take selfies with the cops and walk through the velvet ropes like an old-fashioned movie theater.
When you're going to the theater, you're going to your assigned theater to watch the movie you're going to see.
And then the cue shaman gets up and says, let's all be peaceful.
Let's not attack the police.
It says a prayer.
Let's leave the Senate.
And you remember many of these people over a thousand that just walked in and didn't touch a cop.
Didn't yell a cuss word.
They're spending time in prison.
The average is about two years.
On the high end, it's 23 years in federal prison.
And there's thousands of hours that have now been released.
There's a lot of really creepy footage of they'll actually arrest somebody who's violent, and you can see them pull something out of their bag, or the cops pull it out, and they go, oh, they let them out of their handcuffs.
Yeah, right here, because they're a cop.
We have video of police, you know, tackling folks who go, Oh, I'm a, I'm a DC police officer.
It wasn't the Capitol police that were in on it.
It was the DC police.
A lot of them were in plain clothes and they would end up showing their badge and they would release them.
We have that on video with audio.
We have the new surveillance footage inside.
Well, it's from a couple of years ago, but it's new now we're seeing it.
So the D.C.
police, the FBI, Antifa, it looks like some of the think tanks and groups out there had their people there, and they broke through.
They sent half the Capitol Police away to be able to crowd control the ellipse.
They refused Trump 10,000 National Guard.
He asked four weeks before.
Milley threatened to resign if Trump put National Guard on the streets for January 6th.
This is all on record.
And so now, we've got members of Congress calling for criminal investigations.
Well, who do you go to for that?
The Justice Department.
The very people that ran the attack.
So breaking.
House Speaker releases entire 44,000 hour January 6th footage.
The public watch new footage.
Absolutely destroys Democrat January 6th insurrection.
Narratives in a Don Salazar article from Friday that's got
Thousands of hours posted on it with boil downs of the most important clips.
So you want to go to that huge, look how thick this article is, like 30 pages long.
You want to go to this article by Don Salazar.
In fact, let's re-add that to the front page of InfoWars under the live show feed.
I know Jamie White's out there doing a great job.
Add this under the live show feed.
I'll link to this.
So you don't have to spend 20 hours like we did going through it.
You can just go see it.
Or if you want to, surely go try to watch thousands of hours.
Senator Mike Lee calls for an investigation of the January 6th panel following release of the footage.
They got to see this.
The January 6th committee that was created by Democrats and Republicans couldn't decide who was on it.
They had a few hand-picked rhinos on it.
They knew all this.
No wonder they tried to keep it from being released.
No wonder they had all the evidence.
Their investigation destroyed when their committee ended.
But not before it leaked that Ray Epps was in text messages saying, I orchestrated the attack.
That data was family.
Very proud man.
Make America Great Again calls for January 6th committee to be jailed after Capitol building caves reveal insurrection was really an inside job.
Jamie White article, Infowars.com.
Officer Bryant Williams identified as DC cop who pushed Trump supporter Derek Vargo off a three story ledge on January 6th, what appears to be attempted murder.
Report FBI stopped investigation into pedo to probe January 6th suspects.
Now he's accused of molesting a 10-year-old.
So here's the bottom line.
Well, this is a big bottom line.
So I'm gonna, you will definitely want to stay with us for the next segment.
Because I'm gonna make an announcement right here on air today.
Because no matter what they do to me or what they do to M4 Wars,
We have important work to go in the future, but we've already served our main primary mission, as I've said before, but there's no putting Humpty Dumpty back together again here.
We're running the tables against the Globalists, against BlackRock, and against G.G.Ping, and against Merrick Garland and Jack Smith and all of this scum.
So, the whole world's turning against everything they say and do, and all the evidence is there.
We'll talk about it when we come back.
The satanic New World Order is betting against humanity.
They're betting on our weakness.
They believe they can destabilize civilization and bring us down to the ashes of history.
The trap they've laid for us will be their destruction, not ours.
If we trust in God and if we are valiant and have courage to speak the truth and not comply and engage in civil disobedience and not join the masses who have decided that they are the scum of the earth, who have decided they will join with this soulless corporate system.
As for InfoWars,
We're going to steadfastly continue to fight in the information war with our weapon, the truth, against the enemies of humanity.
And we put our faith, and we put our trust, and we put our destiny in the hands of God.
Because it's been said a trillion times, if God be with us, who can be against us?
All right.
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I want to thank you for your support at mfullworldstore.com.
The Great Awakening, defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hour number two straight ahead.
Matthew in Wisconsin.
Thanks for calling in.
You're on the air.
Hey, I love you guys.
First off and foremost, I need to pray for InfoWars.
I want to pray Yeshua HaMashiach, Jesus Christ the Messiah.
Pray blessings and power upon InfoWars, Harrison Smith, but especially Owen Sororia and Alex Jones right now.
I love you guys and I and also I need to plug.
I need to plug your products right.
I have to admit, I was on drugs.
I was on heroin.
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I was on everything.
And then all of a sudden I came across the first product I took was Brain Force.
I was a tweaker.
All I wanted to do was drugs and I tried Brain Force.
Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones.
Riders on the storm.
Girl, you gotta love your man.
Take him by the hand.
Take him by the hand.
Make him understand.
Make him understand.
The world on you depends on life will never end.
I want to be infinity clear.
I have tried to influence and get every organization and group on board for freedom.
Whether they're Catholics, whether they're Jews, whether they're evangelical Christians, whether they're Buddhists, whether they're Hindus, whether they're agnostic.
I really believe in humanity.
And I understand the dialectic of manipulation that goes on.
And clearly Israel stood down on October 7th.
Who did it, we're not sure.
Netanyahu saying the intelligence agencies, the military did it to get rid of him.
I don't know if that's true.
But definitely somebody stood down.
And I see corporate media and the bots siding against Israel in a dialectic
And the left allied with Islam and Hamas and Hezbollah, and you see all the leftist demonstrations and protests all over the world.
I'm against the carpet bombing of Gaza.
Jake Tapper has come out at a bunch of other CNN shows and literally said, Israel is an apartheid fascist state.
You want to see the clips?
Eight minutes long.
Want to listen to Tapper that long?
We'll play a little of it next hour.
So let's just pull back and get past emotions.
I get it.
Humans love to pick a side.
And that's how we're designed to do, because you wouldn't survive in ancient times if you didn't.
We're supposed to pick Israel or the Muslims.
But the globalists are above that, manipulating something.
The Israeli government stood down, allowed the attacks to take place.
Even the Israeli news admits half the casualties were the Israeli troops going in once they showed up ten hours later.
They responded seven hours, but it took them hours to get going.
And they blew up a whole bunch of the houses that had hostages in them.
And I'm not trying to attack Israel here.
I'm saying we need to be honest about what's going on if we're going to be clear about this.
This is a class of civilizations that's being created for a reason.
And if you pull back from it, it's all part of what Klaus Schwab talked about, creating an angrier world and all these wars to bring in their world government.
So I talked about this last week.
They admit the insurance companies, around 20 million, it varies depending on the actuary, 18 to 21 million, 22 million have died from the shots.
And I've got articles on it today.
Incredible news.
That's 20 million people.
Another 80-something million starved to death from lockdowns.
So, I do care about the thousands of dead Palestinian children, and I care about the 1,500 dead Jews, and all the rest of it.
But we're being told to care about this, and this is the only issue there is, when it is a distraction.
Doesn't mean you don't care about it, but clearly it's a distraction.
So there's a lot of cherry-picking from the show, where I'm like, I want to tell Netanyahu and any Israelis, and it's members of the Knesset, that want to ship the Gaza people here.
If they're so peaceful and loving and good, you need to take them in your country.
Screw you if you want to do that.
They go, look, Jones is now anti-Israel.
Hallelujah, we're going to win.
Once the Jews are destroyed, we're all going to be free from the river to the sea.
You got the wrong guy.
I'm not some Harvard globalist saying that.
I'm pulling back as an adult and somebody trying to figure out what's going on and going, man, this looks really bad.
So when the Jews do atrocities, I show it.
When the Islamists do it, I show it.
I'm just here trying to call it like I see it.
Balls and strikes.
And it's not that I want to be like Switzerland, neutral.
I know this is a larger game plan.
But here's the bigger takeaway.
68% to 70% and a whole bunch of scientific polls of the American people are against what Israel is doing right now.
And if you go on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, it's 90-10%.
The so-called vaunted Israeli propaganda network is being totally defeated.
And that's because they want to get rid of Netanyahu.
And so they're just sitting on their hands, folks.
So this is a Jewish civil war that's being manipulated by globalists above it.
To get Reddit and Netanyahu.
But that's only at one level.
The larger level, the crises, the terror attacks, the threats, the FBI director saying grace for Hamas terror attacks, which I think are going to come, whether they're manufactured or not.
This is all about destabilization.
So if people want simple-minded stuff, this is the wrong show.
If you want fairness and real analysis and really trying to figure out what's going on, this is the show for you.
But again, that said, whoever's right, whoever's wrong, whatever really is going on here, let me give you the bottom line.
Mainstream media could say that oxygen is good for you, which it is.
You gotta have it to live.
You're dead in like four minutes without it.
They could say mother's milk is good.
Oxygen's good.
And the public hates the establishment so much, they would reject that.
And so, whether it's Hollywood, or the corporations, the public knows you're bad, they've broken with you, and we're in a whole nother ballgame now.
And there's people that understand the globalists, and their anti-human agenda, and are trying to fight that, build a pro-human agenda, and there's those that are
Going along with the woke system.
But the New World Order can do whatever it wants to do, release new viruses, try lockdowns, launch World War III, none of it's going to work.
They're done.
This corrupt establishment is over.
And they wanted to collapse the world and bring in their world government, collapse the old system and bring themselves in.
Instead, because we identified the globalists,
As being the authors of this, they've destroyed themselves, and they still can't figure it out.
They've got all these yes-men and all these yes-women and all these minions ready to sell out their mother for a stick of bubblegum, ready to kill their grandma for a dollar, and there's a real vacuum here, and people like Joe Rogan and Elon Musk, they figure that out, so they're now jumped to our side, because they know that's where 90% of people are at.
And that's okay.
We knew that would happen, but we don't just need people jumping over to our side.
We need people jumping over to understanding the larger globalist agenda and how to build an alternate agenda to counter that and to have a civilization and to have humanity continue.
Because you've all know Harari and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates have decided you're all garbage to be taken out and gotten rid of.
The main thrust is saying no to that and identifying that and not letting a Ukraine war or an Israel war be a distraction from the big picture.
Because they are giving people, whether you live in Venezuela, or Canada, or Germany, or Japan, or South Africa, poison shots that give you heart attacks.
And they've got PR TV programs in Germany and Canada.
I've got the news clips here.
I'll show them next hour.
They're like, hey, it's normal for five-year-olds to have heart attacks.
We're here to help you when your son or daughter has a heart attack.
It's normal for 15-year-olds to have heart attacks.
It's the new normal.
They're literally propagandizing.
Why would they do something like that?
Whether you're in Singapore or Israel, whether you're in Jordan or whether you're in France,
We're good to go.
Three billion people with shots that they know in many cases are going to cause blood clots, heart swelling, heart attacks, strokes.
I mean, instead of just 24-7, we got 10,000 Palestinians there.
Okay, great.
Let's be proportionate.
Let's spend
One one hundredth of our time on that, and then 90% of our time on the 20 million dead.
See what I'm saying?
Let's be scientific and proportionate.
Because whoever's running this, whoever's doing this, and we know who they are actually, literally are depopulating us and injecting us with prion crystals that grow in our bodies and slowly kill us.
I mean, that's the big takeaway.
So, hour number two straight ahead.
InfoWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
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And now, the ultimate retro nostalgia throwback game.
I present to the world, Alex Jones's New World Order Wars!
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If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We've got some big news for you video game fans out there.
And even if you're like me and you don't really play video games, the last console I owned was a Sega Saturn.
Go ahead, laugh, kids.
Call me a boomer.
I just lost interest in video games.
I'm more of a book nerd myself.
But I think we can all agree that this new video game from Alex Jones looks fantastic.
First, there was Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario Brothers.
And now, we give you the ultimate politically incorrect game, Alex Jones, New Wars.
I had to bleep that, by the way, because the term, Une Earled Way Order Way, is not allowed on YouTube anymore.
They consider that to be a dangerous conspiracy theory.
They're turning the friggin' frogs again!
You Nazi scum!
That is George Soros as one of the apparent final bosses of one of the episodes.
I think we all know what that building is, right?
On Bill Clinton's favorite island, which is literally one of the levels in the game.
Download it now at AlexJonesGame.com because as we all know, anything badass gets censored!
And if you go to AlexJonesGame.com, it says that it's available on PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.
But when I looked in the Apple App Store, I didn't see it, so maybe it already got banned?
I don't think you can sideload games on iOS devices.
I thought they all had to come from the App Store, but I could be wrong, or maybe you could play it directly through the website, I'm not sure.
But this is fantastic!
And aside from featuring George Soros, it looks like Mark Zuckerberg is also one of the final bosses.
And there's Hillary Clinton, who's keeping a bunch of babies, as you can see, in cages.
So far, the only media outlets that I have found that have reported on the game have been reputable media outlets, so of course they are few and far between.
Only two of them so far, the Post Millennial, which is a great website, and not the Babylon Bee, but they also have an actual news website of news that seems like it's so crazy that it might be satire, and it's called Not the Bee.
And so they published this article just in time for Christmas.
It's the Alex Jones video game.
I can't believe how hilarious and fun this looks.
The person writing the article says, I'll be up front here, I have never in my life listened to Alex Jones, and yet somehow I recognize every one of the references in this game.
Which reminds me, a lot of people think that when Alex got banned from
YouTube, Twitter, every other social media platform, that he just shut down, that his show just ceased to exist.
But if you're an old school listener like me, who by the way has been a regular guest on his show since 2005 for 18 years, literally,
I have had Influencers.com bookmarked on my browser for longer than that even since I think 2004.
Then you would know that you could just go there and live stream his show and click on the band.video link up there at the top and then that takes you to his archive of his shows and his clips and the other shows and other hosts which is basically like his own personal YouTube.
Just a few days ago, when I was watching the show over on Bandon Video, I got very sad after seeing this segment.
If they're able to not have me pay the bills, and the judge says you're not budging on this, that's the plan.
Then they're going to shut this down as early as January.
And then there'll be about a three-month wind-down.
And then people, I'll be on air, and people are like, oh, here's millions.
No, no, no, don't shut down when I give you a date.
And by then, it's been triggered.
It's been set.
It's been pulled back.
Now, I'll be able to go somewhere else and do a show, and I won't go away.
But for the crew and this infrastructure, it'll be seen as a victory for the enemy.
And of course, they'll blow up their face, make what I do bigger.
It's just, I think InfoWars should stick around.
He's talking about the bankruptcy, which is a reorganization bankruptcy, not a shutdown bankruptcy.
But because of all the legal bills he's had to pay over the last five years, he's having a hard time paying his regular bills.
And if he's not able to do that, then the judge who's overseeing the reorganization is going to rule that everything has to be shut down and sold off to satisfy those payments.
And that would have happened by now if it weren't for, like I said yesterday, a Bitcoin donation that somebody gave him last year of $8 million that made the entire liberal media industrial complex and the Southern Poverty Law Center here, as you can see, absolutely furious, dubbed the Bitcoin Fairy, who is obviously an Alex Jones superfan who probably has
Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin.
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From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Alright, I've talked about this for a few weeks, but I haven't plunged into it and I haven't covered it.
And so we're going to do it right now.
More than a hundred years ago, a little more than a hundred years ago, there was what they called a Carrington event, where a solar flare hit the earth when it was rotated towards the sun in the Americas.
And telegraph wires
It heated up red hot and melted across the United States and the few areas that had power in the United States, the transformers blew up and were put into darkness.
Now, the reason I raise that is that there's been major pre-programming for a decade, but it's been accelerating and Klaus Schwab has said,
That an internet outage, a major cyber attack, but let's get that club.
Slob talks about cyber attack.
It's everywhere.
Is imminent.
And that it will make COVID and the lockdowns look tame in comparison.
Well, the globalists want to crash the old system, bring in the new central bank digital currencies, the ESGs.
Their old bubble is imploding right now.
They need to pose as the saviors and have a war, race wars, crises as the excuse to bring it in.
And they admit that.
They say we can use a virus.
We can use a power outage.
We can use a cyber attack.
We could use an alien invasion.
I mean, they all say this.
We've covered it.
To bring this in.
Yeah, they found the clip.
There it is.
We'll play it in a minute.
So they've been pre-programming this for a decade at least.
And now the last year it's reached bonkers level preparation.
Like how do I know when Ford a few years ago was going to put out a Bronco again?
There were damn ads everywhere.
Back in the 80s when Coke was going to have a new Cherry Coke, six months of Cherry Coke, Cherry Coke's coming.
You know when the new thing's coming because they're everywhere telling you about it.
Once you're conscious, and not subconsciously, just receiving the stuff, it's as clear as day.
So I said two years ago, we've played the clips more than two years ago, I said, I think they're going to claim right wingers working with Russia are going to hack the cyber system and bring down the power grid, at least partially.
So they've got to bring an internet ID and only send you to websites they control, which is the internet kill switch Obama put in.
It's deep research goes into this.
And then sure enough, earlier this year, six months ago, FBI memos, right-wingers working for Russia with no proof, just like Trump's a Russian agent, or I'm a Russian agent, with no proof, are going to hack the grid.
Now, if you really wanted to get the grid, there's less than 220 points, like 215, 18 points.
You could shoot up the Transformers, which we don't want to happen, we're not saying do that, and they don't have backup Transformers.
Which they should have on site.
Congress has had a bunch of hearings and commissions on it.
For like $3 billion, they could have backup transformers there ready, or they could have hardened the transformers even cheaper, put, you know, steel walls up around it, lead walls as well to stop a Carrington event, a solar flare, for another billion.
So, like $5 billion, less than $5 billion, you could protect them or have backups ready that could be hooked up in a few days.
The power goes off.
The Pentagon estimates in major strategic reports, they've done a bunch, that 90% of people on average would be dead within one year if the power stayed off.
And there's no backup plan with just a little simple warehouse next to these 215, 16 sites.
Some experts are 250 sites, but most experts say it's like less than 230 sites.
You should have a warehouse right there.
You drive down the highway, you see these big transformers and wires and these big machines and all the electrodes and everything.
That equipment blows up from a solar flare or people machine gunning it.
They don't have backups.
They've not ordered backups.
Maybe there's a few, but nothing like they need.
Then they've got to load them on trucks, on big, you know, extra wide
18 wheelers and drive them there and hook them up.
They should be on site.
I think, as much money as they spend, this is so critical, they should harden them and have a warehouse at every facility, or at least another facility close by, that has all the key transformers.
I mean, these things are the size of, like, two-story buildings.
This isn't like a transformer in your neighborhood that's, you know, two feet tall and a foot wide and, you know, somebody shoots that.
It blows up, your power goes off, and your power's off for a day, and the power company gets there, they go up there, they remove it, they put a new one in.
These are the big giant ones.
Some of them are two stories tall.
You pump a few magazines of even 9mm into those, they're gonna blow up.
You shoot one of them, and I'm all for .50 cals.
It's only been one crime committed with a .50 cal in the 80s, an armored truck robbery.
The feds don't want to ban them.
But no, with a .50 caliber rifle, a couple shots, you knock one out.
But again, you could drive a truck through and ram it into it if you're a jihadi.
There's no stopping it.
You've got to have backups down the road, and you've got to harden them.
It's easy, put a big steel wall around it, and if you want to stop a Carrington event, a solar flare, you put, skip the brick coming up, you put lead on it as well.
It's like a quarter inch of lead, Congress study said.
Five billion dollars.
You got lead and steel backing.
Three billion, you get steel.
So, this is the real Achilles heel.
And the globalists want a post-industrial world under Agenda 2030.
And they're telling you it's coming, and they're telling you that the right-wingers, in all these headlines, just type in, right-wing Trump supporters attacking power stations.
They've arrested no one.
They have no proof.
No one knows who's already done tests.
They've blown up dozens of them.
They've already hit the key sites.
And they're telling you, just like I predicted, that you could ask, well, did you give them the idea?
No, I didn't give them the idea.
I know how they operate.
So, by the way, in Russia, they have underground bunkers for their entire 200 million plus population.
We have no bunkers here for us.
In Russia, I was looking it up, they have their main power transformers shielded, and they have backups nearby.
And Russia's not one-tenth as rich as us.
Why has our ruling class decided not to harden the key power junctures?
Because there's six major power grids around the country.
Guys, pull up a schematic of U.S.
power grids.
And just click images.
It'll show you six grids.
Texas is the biggest grid.
We supply like seven states.
We're the best grid.
The feds have been attacking that regulatorily, trying to shut down its expansion, trying to shut down the coal to it.
I mean, you know, shutting down the damn pipelines to it.
So, they're the ones shutting down the pipelines.
They're the ones saying they want a post-industrial world.
And then they're literally saying Trump supporters?
Can you imagine a Trump supporter?
On average lowest crime rate, good hard working person, is going to get in their pickup truck or their SUV and they're going to drive down and they're going to even find out where the big relay center is in their area, one of these 200 plus.
And then they're going to get out and shoot bullets into it to cut power off.
That's the opposite of a Trump supporter.
The left wants the power cut off.
They're banning gas-powered stoves, for heaven's sake.
Yeah, there it is.
See, I know what I'm talking about.
Six power grids.
The C-A-I-S-O, the M-I-S-O, the I-S-O dash N-E, the P-J-M, the S-P-P, the ERCOT.
And ERCOT, if you actually study it, funds the S-P-P.
So I told you six states.
One, two, three, four, five, six, yeah.
Really seven technically.
Because the Texas grid powers that yellow grid right there.
But ERCOT's globalist too.
So see, the average person, you think Hannity knows the six power grids.
And I'm not, I'm not a fancy pants here.
I study what the enemy's saying.
Oh, your grid's going to go down and Trump supporters are going to blow it up.
And I'm sitting there going, really?
Trump supporters want jobs and industry and factories and farms and families.
And they got a few of these little fake busts.
Oh, the Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson plot to blow up the power grid.
Come on, people.
So they pre-programmed this.
They've got this ready.
They've brainwashed people for it about to happen.
And when they do it, oh, sorry, we have to shut down the grid because they're not going to attack it, I believe, physically.
Because that's too hard to fix.
No, they're going to cyber it and say we did it, and then say we've got to kill the main internet to only redirect everybody to trusted websites, which they've already proposed.
I'm not postulating this.
They've proposed it.
That, oh, when the right wing with Putin cuts off the U.S.
power, imagine how pissed people will be.
We're only going to send you to websites that are trusted because we can't let you go to other websites or the internet because you, because the Russians are attacking the power grid with the Trump supporters.
And I just laid 15 Martian babies during the break.
And I lay eggs.
I mean, it's, it's, it's absolute horsemaner.
So why hasn't our government hardened the PowerPoints and why are they now saying imminent attacks by Trump supporters are imminent against the power grid?
Because they're getting ready to do it.
There's not even a discussion of that analysis.
You know, it's true.
It's obvious to you.
So what do we do about it?
They don't just need to kill Trump or put him in jail.
They're getting ready to turn the power off.
And I'm going to feel real sad when this happens.
If it does, a good chance it will.
But I'll be kind of like, well, like Yoda at the end of episode three, when he says, failed have I.
Because I'm done at that point.
This stuff's off.
We're off the air.
I'll be worried about food for my family.
And I'm really pissed at myself, quite frankly, that I'm not spending more time just getting that ready.
But I'm like, no, don't be a wimp.
Stay at the post.
We can stop this together.
You know, the American people just work hard, expose it, Jones.
But day after day, I'm just like, man, every day I'm like, I need to just get natural gas and fertilizer and seeds and just move to the ranch from my dad and just
Because, I mean, this is going down, folks.
This is going down.
I legitimately believe they're probably going to pull this.
Now, here's an example.
I know the clubs.
I got a call back in August by a good friend of mine.
I've known him 20-something years.
And they said, hey, will you meet with me for a cup of coffee?
And I said, yeah, what's about?
I want to meet with you.
So I went in and got a little blueberry muffin and coffee at the Starbucks and sat down.
And he came in and he said, yeah, they told us start next month.
They're going to start phasing in the COVID protocols again.
And in the winter, they're going to bring them all back.
And we just think it's BS.
You should know about it.
So I brought that out.
Everybody got upset.
We put heat on it.
And then they tried to bring the COVID protocols back.
But because we were aware of it, we were able to back it off.
Except, in Germany and in Australia, this week, they announced they're bringing back the mask and COVID protocols.
They're still doing it.
They can't help it.
It's the same worldwide.
Run by the UN.
Run by Bill Gates.
Yeah, there's Australian TV right there.
And notice the media spun it.
Oh, Jones is wrong!
They said they'd bring the protocols back by mid-September.
I said they start rolling them out.
I said we could stop them.
But they're still doing it in zones they control, and Bill Gates is praising them for what they've done.
So the message here is we're not just here like spectators watching a football game that just watch this.
We can change this.
We can do something.
But the UN and the World Economic Forum and the FBI says the Trump supporters are going and are blowing up, listen to this, the power grid and going to hack it because they want Trump.
Trump's 20 points ahead of Biden.
What would blowing up the power grid do?
So people can't vote on the voting machines to elect him?
This is ridiculous.
But this is how desperate they are.
And I just ask the average police officer, or FBI, or anybody out there.
I know you're compartmentalized, but is this really where you want to go?
Because this is where we're going.
So I want to shift gears now to the report by Greg Rees.
Getting out the politics and just looking at the reality.
Largest evidence, latest evidence points to, latest evidence points to magnetic disaster and the poles are moving.
And they're claiming it's going to be a solar flare.
But is it a pole shift?
Why are they trying to depopulate?
Why are they trying to get a grid in control?
Why are they trying to act like, remember they sent Captain Kirk a couple years ago up on
Jeff Bezos' spaceship, and he came back and he said, too bad the cataclysm's about to happen.
You're about to all die.
It's so sad, and we're like, what does that mean?
Whatever it is, whether they're orchestrating it or whether they know it's coming, they believe the end of the world's coming, folks.
Will they blow the power grid?
Will they hack the grid?
Will they attack us with nukes and say it's asteroids?
Do they know something's coming?
Why don't they try to stop it?
They can launch missiles to stop it.
I don't know, but you can feel it, folks.
Something big's going down.
And we all know it's not Trump supporters, for God's sakes, that are going to be attacking the power grid with the Russians.
Here's Greg Reese's report.
During an interview with Patrick Bet-David, Raytheon whistleblower Eric Hecker reveals that he is likely an unwitting asset for the CIA.
But you're saying you've never been involved with the CIA?
You've not done anything with the CIA?
That's not something you've done in the past before?
I've never been directly employed by any of those companies, alphabet agencies, however you want to title them.
But having looked backwards, I question
The proximity that I was to them.
I may have been some sort of unknown asset, but I can tell you that certainly I was involved in peculiar activities 24 hours a day.
There were certain clients that could call me 24 hours a day, and these clients would dictate when I met them, what vehicle I'd show up with, which mansion we were going to.
Are these names we would recognize?
John Tunney was one of them.
Owner of the Carlyle Group.
Familiar with the Carlyle Group?
Of course I am, yes.
I did a lot of peculiar work for the Carlyle Group and their facilities and their personnel.
So, unpack peculiar work.
What does that mean?
I would say that I was set up as some sort of getaway driver.
Getaway driver from what?
Whatever he was doing in that mansion.
Did you ever see anything weird where you're like, this is kind of weird what they're working on?
I think I saw that all the time.
Through his billionaire handlers, Hecker was sent to Antarctica as a plumber and given full security access.
He claims to have seen directed energy weapons that are capable of creating earthquakes and seems unaware of the obvious that he was sent there by his billionaire handlers to do exactly what he's doing now, saying that the government is creating earthquakes.
It's interesting to note that even though they happen constantly and are often devastating, there is no official public earthquake reporting.
The Dutch Sense channel on YouTube stands out as the premier source for up-to-date earthquake information.
For over a decade, Michael Janich has been using USGS data made available to the public and reporting on it, kind of like a weatherman for earthquakes and volcanoes.
He has successfully predicted several earthquakes over the years.
Using simple methods, he learned from years of observation.
Janich has come under fire from government officials in the past, but they have now convinced him to stop.
It appears as if the government doesn't want anyone looking into earthquake activity and wants you to think that they are creating them.
And maybe they are.
But in the late 1940s, the U.S.
government discovered evidence of a coming magnetic pole flip.
This information was initially classified and was immediately followed by the beginning of the unscientific global warming hoax.
The CIA censored the Adam and Eve story by Chan Thomas, which describes cataclysms that cause advanced civilizations to vanish from the Earth without a trace.
We've covered this subject before in the report, Imminent Cataclysm and the Plan to Survive the Great Reset, and suspicious observers
Who have been covering this subject for years say that we are in it right now.
It is important we review the two recent studies confirming that we did have a mini geomagnetic excursion in the middle of the Holocene about 6,000 years ago.
First found in China and then confirmed in volcanic flows in Russia.
We have added it to the list of officially confirmed excursions in recent history.
We do appear to have magnetic changes on the planet every 6,000 years.
There are several studies one could look to for the fairly perfect lineup of these geomagnetic changes on Earth, with major environmental disasters, including the peaks of species extinction.
And there's no mystery as to why.
The magnetic field of Earth, which protects our planet from space radiation, weakens tremendously in these excursions, and becomes misaligned with the poles, leading to major influx of space energy to Earth.
NASA scientists and others declared in the year 2000 that we had lost 10% of the magnetic field since the middle of the 1800s, and the ESA Swarm Magnetic Field Mission upgraded that number to 15% in their 2010 mission report and update.
10% lost in 150 years, and then another 5% lost in only a decade.
That's serious.
And several subsequent studies confirmed that the magnetic field has begun changing faster and faster, all pointing to one inevitable conclusion.
The cycle is not only due again, but it's happening.
And it doesn't take thousands of years, and no, it's no small matter for the Earth and the creatures that live here.
Greg Reese, reporting.
Okay, so let's shift gears to London Guardian headline and others I have right here.
Could controlled blackouts save the Earth from climate change?
And here's some of the headlines.
Government tests energy blackout energy plans as supply fears grow.
UK drops plan to prepare for winter blackouts with energy rationing campaign.
National Grid stand down coal plants on standby in icy winter.
They're now announcing, oh, ERCOT in Texas did do the last two blackouts because the feds wouldn't let them turn on coal plants.
I told you that!
It was on record!
The governor asked for them to turn the power up and people say, how is Texas under their control?
That's the EPA.
UK Felony Protect Against Climate Danger, Advisors Warn.
UK Energy Crisis Responds.
I asked them for The Guardian, they found a bunch of articles on that.
But the point is, is that I showed you the Austin American Statesman two weeks ago.
Texas looking for blackouts to save Austin and to save us from climate change.
Would an occasional blackout help solve climate change?
LA Times, on screen now!
They're the ones cutting the power, folks, and telling you Trump supporters are about to blow everything up.
You're gonna let them plunge us into the dark?
Come on, people!
We're gonna really go along with this?
This is Hitler 10.0.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
We have the UN, we have the WEF, we have the corporate media, we have Vento O'Rourke, AOC, William Shatner going up in a spaceship a couple years ago and coming back and saying everybody's about to die, the cataclysm's coming.
We have the FBI saying Trump supporters are going to blow up the power grid imminently.
And then you read NASA, they're like, oh my gosh, there's about to be a new Carrington event, huge solar fairs are going to blow out the satellites and all the internet, it's imminent!
Meanwhile, the real power plants, the real energy, the real systems are all being cut off by our government, and China's only allowed to operate and have all the free energy they want.
What is about to happen?
What is going down?
An artificial collapse to bring in their new global central bank digital currencies, their ESGs?
Or do they know there's about to be a major pole shift where Brazil is the North Pole and North America is in the equator where the planet just moves or the pole physically magnetically moves?
Both can happen.
Would an occasional blackout help solve climate change?
That's what they're pushing.
Government tests energy blackout emergency plans as supply fears grow.
They're announcing in Texas they're going to cut the power off because the feds are saying they're not going to give us more power this winter.
They shut down the coal power plants that are charging electric cars, put electric car chargers that use more than a whole house uses in a week.
Powerful solar storm could knock out the internet for months.
The Houston Chronicle reports there was the Carrington event.
In 1859, 1860, they had other events after it where telegraph wires were turned molten red and melted when a giant solar flare hit the earth.
And now they're telling us it's imminent.
It's imminent.
It's imminent.
The sun is going to shut down the internet.
The sun's going to blow up the power grid.
A powerful solar storm could knock out the internet for months.
A solar storm could cause an internet apocalypse.
A solar super storm could wipe out the internet for weeks or months.
Scientists say Fox News.
Well is it the Trump supporters that are going to blow it up?
With no evidence?
Or is it the sun?
Or is it the globalists are going to hit a few buttons
Central Bank Digital Currency.
Their Ponzi scheme is imploding.
And instead of being Sam Bankman-Fried or Bernie Madoff, who are low-level Ponzi scheme guys, just in the tens of billions, the globalists are dealing in the thousands of billions.
They're dealing in the quadrillions.
You don't need an alien invasion.
Project Blue Beam they've been cooking up.
That's on the books too.
That's in the cards.
No, you just need to say the sun blew it all up or Trump supporters hacked into the internet and shut down the power so now we've got to only direct you to the sites we say.
They say that's what we're going to do.
We'll get your power back on.
We'll get everything working again.
Just do what we say.
They already did lockdowns with viruses.
They already produced in labs.
They already gave us poison shots that have caused 20 million to die and massive heart attacks in children everywhere.
And Canadian TV is running cheesy ads about how it's so normal for little kids to have heart attacks and teenagers and just it's the new normal.
And I remember
They were still in the election of the American people in 2000.
In November, late November, I was in Phoenix, and I was shooting live reports.
Lockdown was in place.
It was like a ghost town.
No one was there.
And I'm outside the Westin Hotel at a park, shooting videos, shooting reports.
And I watched buses drive by saying, heart attacks are now completely normal.
Another bus drives by.
Nanotech's the answer.
mRNA shots.
They're literally pre-programming it all.
And making it glamorous and cool and fun.
Just like, oh, we've all these runs and marathons and fundraisers to stop autism.
There wasn't one autistic child 50, 60 years ago.
Now they're everywhere!
Don't worry, we've got a 10K that'll pay for the autistic kids.
And then all these scientists and people in an ad, oh my god, my two-year-old is having a heart attack.
The ad's like, it's normal, honey.
It's normal to have heart attacks.
We're here.
Call the National Health Service.
It always happens.
Children always have heart attacks.
People always live to 30.
People are always sterile.
It's normal.
Fentanyl's normal.
Drag queen pedophile time's normal.
It's all normal.
Here's the ad airing on national Canadian television.
That it's just so normal to have heart attacks, but don't worry, the government and the media is going to come to you and give your child medical treatment for that new heart problem they've got.
You didn't do anything wrong giving that shot.
It wasn't the shot.
Here it is.
You're having a heart attack?
That happens to everybody!
You're not 80 years old.
Oh, but look, the medical system's saving you.
Oh, your mommy's upset.
So they show you all the drama.
Oh, look, he had that heart attack.
It's okay.
Tim Cook's gay.
He's having a lot of fear.
It's okay.
Yeah, he's a little boy.
It's like those drug ads that don't make any sense.
Like, you're hiking up a mountain, you take the drug, you're fine now.
It's like, anxiety.
You're all going to have heart attacks now.
It's okay.
Oh, he always had anxiety.
He always had heart problems since he was little.
It didn't just happen.
They didn't diagnose it.
Everyone had heart problems.
It was genetic.
You had heart problems when you were little.
You just had a heart attack when you're 15.
But she's gonna save you.
She's got a white lab coat.
She just saw your genetics.
That's why you just had a heart attack.
Oh, thank God.
Oh, they're gonna mRNA him.
They're gonna give him a CAT scan.
We're so sorry your 14-year-old, 15-year-old just had a heart attack.
He had problems when he rode a bike when he was little.
That's why.
The heart attacks were always there.
We just didn't know.
So trendy.
He's like so cool now.
He's had a heart attack and now he's gonna have heart medication if he survived.
But it's okay.
It was always there.
It's okay.
Wasn't the shot.
Now you've got a pacemaker.
They fixed you!
Oh my god, it's so normal now.
It's so... heal the future.
All your children are having heart attacks now.
That's so loving.
And soon they'll say, they already are actually, it's a conspiracy theory to say children didn't used to have heart attacks.
They're like, how dare you attack them?
We're saving them.
No, they always had heart attacks.
Are you starting to figure out how liberal this is?
And how loving?
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Please listen closely because this is life-changing critical information.
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GMO, all of it.
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Leading a frontal assault on the lies of the New World Order, it's Alex Jones!
During that little short break, I was sitting here thinking, why are the globalists trying to depopulate us?
Why is there, like, a gun metaphysically in their head to do it?
It's because they know there's a Great Awakening happening, and they're going to lose control if they don't wipe out the majority of the population.
And then, literally, the crew walks in and hands me this stack of news.
Javier Millet, the anti-globalist, anti-communist, anti-New World Order, pro-Alex Jones, pro-Donald Trump, pro-Tucker Carlson candidate,
We're winning from Sweden to Argentina.
From New Zealand to Italy.
We're winning everywhere and that's why the globalists are scared and want to create a devastating collapse of civilization, a major control, power outage, you name it.
So as positive as the Great Awakening is, we've got to understand the enemy is planning to strike back.
Victory for TV celebrity turned political
Leader catapults South America's number two economy into an unpredictable future.
Javier Mele, a volatile far-right libertarian, who has vowed to exterminate inflation and take a chainsaw to the state, who's been indicted for saying there's inflation.
They say the inflation's because of him.
It all happened before him.
Has been elected president of Argentina, catapulting South America's number two economy into an unpredictable and potentially turbulent future.
With 90% of the votes counted,
The Mick Jagger impersonating TV celebrity turned politician, who is often compared to Donald Trump, has secured nearly 56% of the vote, compared to his rival's 44.1%.
Freedom is popular, and the system is in full panic.
And the globalists aren't God.
We're a planet, two-thirds of the way out, on the spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, hurtling through time and space.
They're not God, but neither are we.
What are they going to pull when everything's turning against them and everything is blowing up in their face?
That's the big question you've got to be asking tonight.
And when the FBI, we pull the headlines up, tells you Trump supporters are going to hack the power grid imminently with no proof, who does it aid to collapse civilization?
What'd they try with COVID and the lockdowns?
To shut down all the small businesses and double their profits, which they did.
They have the motive.
They have the history.
They've done it before.
They're not just the prime suspects.
They're the ones behind it.
What a time to be alive.
Argentina's new president is radical libertarian, Javier Mele.
Mele wins presidential vote.
His opponent admits defeat.
What a time to be alive.
But we're told by NASA, imminent solar flares.
Yeah, there he is with the don't tread on me flag.
The Marine Corps, the Navy flag.
They're telling you there's an imminent attack or an imminent solar flare about to knock the power out ahead of the election.
It's on the table for them to kill Biden.
Blame it on a right winger.
It's on the table for them to kill Trump.
Let alone a left-winger.
Don't riot in the streets.
Don't kill cops.
Don't randomly run around like an idiot.
It's intellectual-spiritual battle.
Defend your family, though.
And be ready.
Because make no mistake, we're living in the most historic time in human history right now.
Chase Geyser, really smart guy, great talk show host, is going to take over Sunday Night Live.
There's only six minutes of ads an hour during Sunday Night Live, 6 to 8 p.m.
He's loaded for bear to cover all this.
Take your calls, special guests and more.
Chase Geyser, coming up.
But before I end this hour, I just want to say something here because every show could be my last.
And we're all on borrowed time here.
It's all up to God how long we're here.
I'm very thankful to the crew.
Very thankful for our listeners and supporters.
I'm very thankful to God, obviously, and my family, who's been put through a lot of hell for this fight.
And I gotta tell you that we've reached the real quickening point here.
Everything I've done in 29 years on air, in April it'll be 30.
April 1994, I first began to host my own shows.
30 years in the fight.
Seems like 10 seconds.
And I know I'll go, and I'll die, and I'm going to meet the Lord, but there'll be people that won't come after me.
But I want you to know this.
We're living in epic times right now, and don't make any mistake about that.
The globalists have been defeated.
The problem is they're like sharks.
They got multiple rows of teeth.
This group we defeat, there's another group behind them.
It's an inside job to change our soul, to seek God's face and repent, and to ask God to heal our land.
That's really where we are right now.
Yeah, we're going to win politically everywhere, despite the indictments, despite the censorship, despite the attacks.
Humanity's will is strong.
I bet on the right horse.
I believe in you because I believe in me.
But the globalists are willing to start nuclear war.
The globalists are willing to cut off the energy, which they've already done.
You understand they've already cut off 30% of the fertilizer in the last two years.
That's going to kill 100 million people, they admit.
I mean, we are in a very... And so I feel sorry for the third world populations, not allowed to have jobs, not allowed to work, starving, flooding us, who are then organized against us.
I care about them.
They're victims.
But they're a weapon now turned against us.
I love water.
Take a bath in it, drink it, it's great.
Gotta have it.
But if somebody blows up a dam above your town, it floods you.
It kills you.
So how do you thread the needle of not hating the migrants who've had their economy shut down, and are totally enslaved, and are desperately trying to get food for their families, and then they show up here and are brainwashed by BlackRock and the UN to hate America and hate white people?
We gotta figure out how we're gonna deal with this.
And reach out to these people, but also try to end the lockdowns of their countries so they don't have to come here, but the ones that get here, we got to reach out to them.
It's a big problem, but God's given us the tools to fix it and we can do it together and we've got to do it together.
That is the Great Commission.
And in closing, I'll just say this before Chase Geiser takes over.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
If your station doesn't carry it, it's tuned at Infowars.com forward slash show.
And I appreciate our stations.
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We have you.
And I hate coming to you with hat in hand.
I'm not an arrogant person, but I hate putting pressure on you.
But I hate something way worse, and that's giving up and failing.
We've delivered via the grace of God.
We've followed the course.
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We're backed by the people.
We're counting on the people.
And I salute and thank everybody that has backed us.
And I want to just tell you I love you and I appreciate you.
All right.
That was an extremely pertinent and informative two hours.
It's just dead on and I'm just very honored to be somebody that's truthful and it's been blessed by God to have the gift of discernment to be here.
I want to thank you for keeping me in the game.
I want to salute you all.
I want to tell the crew thank you so much for all the work you do and I want to encourage you now.
To tell everybody you know and those you don't know via text message, email, word of mouth, tune in now to Chase Geyser and Sunday live, 6 to 8 p.m.
and tomorrow, Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
and myself, Owens, in solitary confinement for a free speech.
This is very real, folks.
Whatever you do, get X2.
It's back and stop at InfoWarsTour.com and The Great Awakening, my book.
I want to thank you all for your support.
That's it for this November 19, 2023 Sunday transmission.
God bless and good luck.
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Please listen closely because this is life-changing critical information.
The globalists are bombarding us with toxic chemicals hitting us in the air, the water, the food, the 5G, the poison shots, the shedding.
GMO, all of it.
But God's given us compounds through nature that do incredible things in our body.
And one of the most important, if not the most important, is vitamin B12.
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I think so.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
How lucky can one guy be?
I kissed her and she kissed me.
Like the fella once said, ain't that a kick in the head?
We just got the first news in Owen Schroyer that at 2 p.m.
Central went into federal prison yesterday.
I'm not trying to stir stuff up.
I don't know the details yet.
But they put Owen in solitary confinement.
So during the two-minute break, I learned that little giblet of news.
So Owen has been put in solitary confinement.
We'll find out the details of that.
Pray for him, folks, and hope he makes it out of there, because these people are going for broke.
Closing comments.
In the four minutes we have left, Nick, I think this has been a good discussion, an open discussion.
Free speech is king.
The system doesn't want this.
I think it's been a very important discussion.
Yeah, absolutely, and I really appreciate you having me here and having the discussion.
I think you're a real patriot, you know, and I know maybe there was a little bit of hostility before, but I think we squashed it.
I'm just not getting calls from that guy.
Yeah, no, I'll stop getting calls from Arafat and Hitler.
No, but I think we had a great discussion.
I think that, like you said, this is nuanced, sophisticated stuff.
I think you're a brilliant guy, and I think you bring a perspective.
I bring a perspective.
The thing we agree on is we're both in favor of humanity.
We're both in favor of God.
And we need to stop apologizing for being white.
We're not.
In the KKK, we love everybody, but we're not going to roll over.
We're not going to roll over and let them rape our kids, rape their minds, cut off their genitals.
Right, yeah.
We're here to fight.
We're here to fight for God.
We're here to fight for America.
I mean, it's so bad my homeschooled daughter got hit.
Go ahead, sorry.
Yeah, no, it's, it's... Well, and that's just it.
It's affecting everybody.
You know, even the people that are involved, like you and I, we may think we're... She can't go to a sports camp.
I mean, these people as a... You imagine parents that don't know, and not trying to protect them, how bad it is?
Oh, yeah.
That's where you get all these chance types.
That's where you get all these radicals, because they get touched and raped by the teachers.
And, like you say, these are the people that the parents don't even know what's going on.
You're on top of it.
So, you're right, we're not going to roll over, but we've had a good discussion, and my being here, and your willingness to have me, I think is proof that this is the free speech platform.
That's why they hate you, because they can't control you.
And you're on The War Room today, 3 p.m.
Owen can't be on, because he's in solitary confinement right now.
You're going to be on with Harrison Smith today.
Yeah, I'll be on later.
Love Harrison Smith.
Well, I'm just going to say this in closing.
Everybody deserves, as an adult, to hear what you want.
You tune into Hollywood, it's pure evil.
They have their free speech.
But we need to let listeners remember, you don't get to hear Nick Fuentes or Alex Jones without support, and you'll get to hear it without promoting it.
So, everybody has a right to hear it.
Everybody should realize your job is to boost the signal of what the system doesn't want.
So, how do people hear your show?
You can find me on Rumble.com slash Nick J. Fuentes and Cozy.tv slash Nick.
All right.
And when you got on the no-fly list, I'll get you a lawyer.
And we'll even help you get an IT guy.
We'll help a little bit.
The point is, because I believe in free speech, I don't agree with everything you say or do.
I mean, I wish, yay.
How's he doing?
You know, just, I didn't want to do four hours on Hitler.
I get it was like being contrarian or whatever, but I didn't mean to have that happen.
He's doing well.
How's he doing?
You know, he got married, and he's been enjoying time with his fiancée, and I think he's rethinking.
The last time I spoke to him, he's considering deferring his presidential plans a little bit.
But you know, the time that I spent with him, I realized he gets it.
He gets it way more than people realize.
No, he's definitely a smart guy.
I would almost say idiot savant.
And I think I'm a little like that.
So I'm not putting him down for that.
I'm saying I'm kind of like that.
You are too.
But he just, you know, he's pissed about being messed with.
He's challenging the power structure he knows.
I'm just saying there's other power structures.
Yeah, well, and I agree.
There are multiple power structures, but he just like with music and fashion, he's got this intuitive sense.
Uh, that he taps into and he's able to bypass a lot of misconceptions that people have and get straight to it.
So, I think he's bold, brilliant, you know, and it was an honor of a lifetime to work with him.
He's always been a hero of mine, like you.
So, uh, being here with you and him was amazing.
Well, you're on The War Room today at 3 p.m.
Central with Harrison Smith because Owen is in solitary confinement right now.
We have the top Russian broadcaster.
Uh, to hear what he has to say, unfiltered, to our millions of listeners.
They're gonna call for my arrest for this interview, but I don't care, because the truth be told, even if I get damned to hell, and as he said when I was on the show a month ago, we are in hell, the verge of nuclear war.
So, thank you, Nick Fuentes.
Thank you.
Where were you when humanity was fighting for its life?
Where were you when the globalists were caught trafficking millions of children for sex slavery worldwide?
Where were you when the New World Order was starting World War III with Russia?
Well, I know where you are.
You're watching and listening to Infowars.com right now, and I salute you and thank you.
And I want to encourage all of you who've been in this fight so long to realize we've reached the critical juncture in the battle now.
And a key tool in that fight is the Great Awakening, defeating the globalists and launching the next great renaissance.
This is my second book, part two of The Great Recent and War for the World.
It's a longer book, quite frankly a more powerful book, and just like the last book,
We're good.
There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak.
Just let me sick.
I'm sick.
I suspect even now, orders are being shouted into telephones and men with guns will soon be on their way.
It's Chancellor Sutler.
Damn it!
Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power.
Words are for the means to meaning and for those who will listen.
The truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn't there?
You designed it, sir.
You wanted it foolproof.
You taught me every television in London!
Cruelty and injustice.
Intolerance and oppression.
And where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and selecting your submission.
We need cameras.
How did this happen?
Who's to blame?
Well, certainly there are those who are more responsible than others.
They will be held accountable.
But again, truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror.
I know why you did it.
I know you were afraid.
Who would it be?
There were a myriad of problems that conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense.
Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now High Chancellor, Adam Sutler.
He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.
There is a war.
It's happening now.
It will decide the fate of humanity.
The time to choose sides has come.
We are the Resistance.
We are the Infowar.
Vladimir Solyov is our guest.
He is undisputedly the number one talk show host in Russia, who we are now by proxy at war with, escalating towards nuclear war.
Russia is winning the war after nine years of NATO proxy attacks.
When the Russian forces trapped there began to lose Vladimir Putin invaded a year and a half ago.
I am not a Russophile.
I'm a loyal American and I'm loyal to human life and I'm against lies and I'm against George Soros who bragged on CNN eight years ago that they overthrew the Ukrainian government and launched preliminary attacks.
I also have friends and family who under orders have been in Ukraine
Literally shooting Russians and directing artillery for years.
So, I am against that.
So is my family.
They would be court-martialed if they didn't follow the orders.
But they are definitely against it.
Vladimir Solyov, thank you so much for joining us.
He is the most famous journalist in Russia, a television radio host, as well as writer and public figure.
He's the author of numerous documentaries, such as The President and The World Order, films based on several exclusive interviews of Vladimir Putin.
He has extensive experience in communication with prominent political, public, and military figures, as well as with top state officials.
He's interviewed everybody, the President of Syria, the President of Russia, the Serbian President, he's interviewed Bush, W, he's interviewed the Japanese Prime Minister, everybody.
And so he is at VRS, his name, Sloviev, I always pronounce it wrong, and you can find him on his website, s-o-l-o-v-i-e-v dot live.
So thank you so much.
I'm going to do my best to try to give you the floor, as you speak good English, and I wish I could speak Russian, to hear what you have to say, because this is so incredibly important.
So thank you so much, sir.
Go ahead.
Thank you for inviting me.
You know, a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing you.
And unfortunately, our little prediction was absolutely right.
We're living in hell.
And we are on the verge of the nuclear war.
The third world war is unfortunately right here, right now.
And we have to be absolutely clear, what's happening right now in Israel, in the Gaza sector, it's not just about the regional conflict.
It's the end of the world as we know it.
And not only because of the nuclear capabilities of the United States, missile capabilities of Iran, not because Pakistan can probably somehow get the nuke to Iranians and all those little scenarios that may happen.
No, no, no.
The truth was killed.
Humanitarian values were killed, of course, on the 7th of October.
That's a terrible act of terror.
Of course, 1,300 dead Jewish people just because their Jews were massacred.
And that's absolutely unacceptable.
That's the purest form of terror.
But a few weeks after that, we count 2,400 dead
Kids of Palestine.
And no one care.
America doesn't want to see it.
They're saying, oh, okay, you know, what can we do?
That's collateral damage.
That is not collateral damage.
Those are babies that were killed.
And their life is important.
Not only black life matters, not only American life matters, not only Jewish life matters.
Every life matters.
But the world is saying that, okay, come on, we have to be honest.
It's the time to end this question, finally.
The final solution of the Arab question in Palestine.
How can, you know, after Hitler, how can anyone pronounce those words?
When I see the President of Israel stating that the whole Palestinian nation is guilty!
Don't tell me that there are innocent civilians there!
They all support Hamas!
Come on!
Pregnant women?
They have to suffer?
In Russia?
We've been facing awful terrorist attacks, but we never ever went all the way to kill every single human being in this village, every single human being in this city.
That's why when Western propaganda, especially done by Boris Johnson's affiliates, started this butcher story, all Russians immediately said, that is a lie.
Russian soldier will never do that.
We do not believe in collateral damage.
We see humans.
And every time when Russian is speaking about babies, we're quoting Dostoevsky.
The cost of the tear of the baby.
We don't want to see those people being killed.
We want all the terrorists to be killed.
That's for sure.
Every single terrorist has to be killed and it doesn't matter what kind of terrorist is he.
Is he Hamas?
Doesn't matter what's his name.
Ukrainian Nazi?
Doesn't matter.
They have zero right to live.
But when we see innocent kids being killed... No, no, no, no.
Even during the Second World War, Berlin, Nazis decided to stop Russian tanks from using Berlin's subway for getting there, because it was really wide.
And they put water into there.
Hitler flooded the subway and killed half a million Germans.
What did Russians do?
We saved, we saved Germans.
They killed 27 million Soviet people, and we saved them in Berlin.
We didn't tell them, that's not our business.
That's your problem.
Go and die.
But the world has forgotten World War II, but we're actually fighting the last war, and you raised it.
The words of Israel, I'm not even against Israel, and you're Jewish, is literally, these are animals, we're going to kill them all.
These are Hitler quotes.
I hate those words.
I cannot imagine, not every single Jewish is Israeli.
I cannot imagine how we can say those words about other nations.
We who suffered during the Second World War because of genocide.
What happened there, the Holocaust, it's the worst tragedy in the history of our people.
And of course, October 7th is the worst episode since Holocaust.
But we cannot behave the same way as they behaved against us.
That's not what humanity is about.
The greatest Jewish philosopher, let's say, you know, religious teacher, Rebbe, Gilel once quoted, don't do to others what you don't want to be done to yourself.
We should not kill innocent kids.
They should not suffer.
They have a right to live as human beings!
And so Israel is losing, they're losing... They're living in prison!
Israel's losing the high ground, no one can deny it.
I agree.
What's gonna happen?
And those tied into Ukraine, and Zelensky, and literal Nazis, what's happening there?
That's easy.
First of all, look, whom are they blaming for Hamas?
They're blaming Iran.
Iran has nothing to do with Hamas.
Iran is Hezbollah!
Iran is Hezbollah, not Hamas.
Hamas is supported by Turkey and Qatar.
President of Turkey is saying, Hamas, they're not terrorists, they're freedom fighters, they're mujahideen.
We do not consider them to be terrorists.
They are Muslim brothers.
The same political party that is ruling right now in Turkey.
Very close.
During the war in Syria, Hamas was fighting against Assad army.
against Hezbollah and Russian forces.
And now when they're saying, oh, come on, we see behind Hamas, Russians and the Iranians, it's complete lie.
Turkey, the NATO country, and Qatar, the place where the largest or one of the largest American military bases, they are behind Hamas.
Americans have to know the truth.
So if you want to blame anyone for this terrorist attack, look,
Into the origin of Hamas and you'll find Turkey and Qatar.
Then he was using them for political reasons to fight Palestinian freedom organizations.
And you'll find political forces inside Israel.
For many years they were using Hamas to break these Palestinian organizations in pieces.
They gave them Gaza, they used them.
Even Netanyahu had a few very weird statements about that, about supporting Hamas.
Now they're saying every Hamas fighter has to be killed.
Of course, but how?
How can you do that?
They were preparing for two years.
What happened with almighty security services of Israel, United States, United Kingdom?
Vladimir, that's my next point.
Looks like a stand down to me.
Let's talk about that.
Let's pull back to 35,000 feet or a million feet.
And what's the big picture?
And the distraction, where they're going to have $100 billion more to Zelensky, $80 billion, $20 billion to Israel.
What's the real reason for Biden giving all this?
The real reason is, Biden is losing the war in Ukraine.
Money that will go there won't, I don't think that they will go directly to Ukraine.
It's an absolutely corrupted country.
Most part of this money gone away, divided between Biden, Klan, and others.
Most part of this money won't even leave the United States of America.
So, right now, by administration, they need to find a little war to win.
The easiest way is to win this war.
Exactly, they're losing in Ukraine, so this is the distraction.
Right, so they will say, okay, Ukraine, not our fault, they're corrupted, by the way, they're nonsense, let's Europe handle that.
But we, Great America, will fight Middle East, will bring you oil, will get you peace there, will protect Israel, and will destroy Iran, because they can try to use nuclear weapon against Iran, because Iran doesn't have nuclear ability.
You're up there, you're right.
This is World War 3.
So this is the insane, western, black rock establishment failing everywhere.
So like Hitler losing against England and North Africa, he goes against Russia.
They're doubling down.
I think World War 3 has already begun.
The question is, Vladimir, will it become nuclear?
Of course.
It has to become nuclear.
Because America cannot use nuclear weapons against Russia.
We, today, actually, today we showed what we can do with nuclear weapons.
Now, we tested our triad.
And that was very impressive.
Very impressive.
But Iran doesn't have nuclear weapons.
So America will try to use Israel's nuclear weapons, as I see it, against Iran, stating that's the only way to stop Iranian proxies to fight Israel.
And here you have nuclear war coming on.
What happens next?
China will say we don't like that.
But Russians...
We calculated this ability.
That's why Putin said, OK, guys, you want to play it tough?
We will play it tough.
That's why we have our supersonic missiles all the way up on our jets in the Black Sea.
And so they've loaded.
That was my question.
They've loaded the Kinzhal missiles in the Black Sea, 100 miles away from the aircraft carriers.
And Putin said it's not a threat.
It's a message from the Russian Air Force.
What does that signify?
That message says that we can destroy whatever aircraft carrier you have in the Mediterranean.
We don't care what you have there.
We can destroy them.
That's what Kinzhals are for.
And we're saying that if you're willing to use your nuclear abilities or if you're willing to use your fighters against Iran or unwisely, please think twice.
We don't want this war to happen, but if we have to step in, we have all the abilities to do that.
That's not what we're willing to do.
We won't start, that's not in our military concept, but we will retaliate if we feel that is far too dangerous, vitally dangerous for Mother Russia.
So, Vladimir, describe to us from the Russian perspective where the world is right now, because the International Atomic Science Association says we're the closest to midnight nuclear war we've ever been.
Do you agree with that, and what can we do to stop it?
I agree with that, because when... I'm not sure whether it's true or not, but Taki Carlson spoke with this great Conal guy, and they were saying that in the last 24 hours there was a massacre in Gaza Street.
When Israeli special forces and American forces were massacred there when they were trying to do some kind of stuff.
That's a bad news.
You want to get into Gaza?
There are 35,000 Hamas terrorists there.
They've been for two years preparing for this war.
So what should be done by Israel?
They will try to destroy it.
And then Hezbollah from the north will start participating.
And those guys, Hezbollah guys, they're much tougher fighter than Hamas.
They've been fighting for 12 years non-stop.
They are very, very qualified fighters and that will be a problem.
So Israeli would say, no, no, no, we won't tolerate that.
And we'll have to use the weapon of the Judgment Day.
And that will be the end of the world.
Because they will try to hit Iran.
Iran will use whatever capacities they have and they have a lot of missiles and drones and all this stuff.
So we're very close to this kicking off.
How do you see this unfolding?
How many Americans were killed in the last 24 hours?
We don't know.
We were told that two American bases in Syria were hit by someone.
American never retaliated.
We're told there are 20-plus wounded people.
We don't know.
Are they wounded or they killed military personnel?
For the first time, they think that it's okay to hit American bases.
That's no good.
That's a bad sign.
That's a sign of weakness.
Biden doesn't threat anyone anymore.
That's a very bad sign.
Very bad sign for America.
And it's awful sign for the whole world.
I don't want Americans to be killed.
I don't want Israels to be killed.
I don't want Palestinians to be killed.
We have to stop it now.
We have to sit down and we have to talk.
And we have to find a reasonable conclusion that everyone will live with.
In any other case, there will be no one to talk to.
Well, you're speaking to millions of... That's how I see it, man.
I see it the same way.
So, let's talk about the Ukraine war that's been going on for a year and a half, and the big offensive and where that is now, and Zelensky fired missiles... Well, first of all, Ukraine offense is a joke.
It's nowhere.
They lost more than 100,000 people killed for no reason.
They have world-famous German tanks that are burning like candles.
They had the American missiles that are hitting nowhere.
Well, they're hitting something, but it doesn't change the face of war.
They've been supplied with whatever they were asking for.
In the last five days, we had 24 airplanes.
We put them down in the last five days.
We can destroy them easily.
But we're not fighting the way Israelis are fighting in Gaza Strip.
Look, we are not fighting the cruel war.
That's why in Russia it's special military operation.
We're not destroying cities.
In Mariupol we're saying, okay guys, we'll stop.
As a humanitarian passage, please leave.
We're doing it all the time, every single time.
What the Israelis are saying, we don't care much.
We don't do that.
We're fighting not Ukrainian people.
We're fighting with Ukrainian Nazis and actually Nazis from all over the world that are getting there.
We're continuing to fight the Second World War because we're fighting against the same mentality and the same ideology as our grandfathers used to fight.
Bandera ideology is part of the German Nazi ideology.
And they are heroes of modern Ukraine.
That's whom we're fighting against.
That's why 11 million Ukrainians decided to live with Russia.
11 million!
In America, they don't know that.
They're saying that, oh, we're very cruel against Ukrainians.
No way!
3.5 million Ukrainian refugees left Ukraine for Russia, not for Germany.
Plus 8 million Ukrainians decided to live on their land, and they voted this land to become back part of Mother Russia.
We control enormous territory, but this is Russian territory, populated by people of different nationalities that are willing to get back to Mother Russia.
Because for many centuries they lived as one state.
It's their free choice.
It's not about territory.
It's about the willingness of people to live together.
They consider themselves to be part of Russian culture.
That's right.
Vladimir Solyov is our guest here.
We've got another half hour left.
We go to break in about a minute and a half, but bigger picture.
If Russians were on the Mexico or Canadian border with troops and attacking, I would be against Russia.
But the truth is our insane elite, just like when the Germans in 1943 tried to stop Hitler, that would have been better.
It's not the American people, but our country has been hijacked.
And I'm really concerned about, obviously, this kicking off the Middle East.
The weakness of Biden has encouraged Iran and encouraged China and encouraged all these other groups to move into the void.
And I think everybody's walking into a trap.
Absolutely right.
And this trap is awful.
United States of America used to be the most beloved country in Russia through all 90s and the beginnings of 2000s.
What happened?
Why Americans decided to destroy Russia and to humiliate Russian people?
We didn't deserve that.
We have nothing against Americans.
We just want them to be happy in America.
We just don't want them to support Ukrainian Nazis.
That's so easy.
And it's surprisingly hard to understand to people like Biden, who has zero knowledge of Russian and Ukrainian history.
What he's saying is just, you know, it's awful.
It looks like he never, ever... All right, Vladimir, stay right there.
We'll come back.
We gotta go to break.
We'll be right back.
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I don't know.
Vladimir Selyov is our guest.
You'll find him on Twitter at V-R-S-O-L-O-V-I-E-V.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
So I think people all over the world, whether you're listening in Europe, or Latin America, or Asia, or the Middle East, Russia, it doesn't matter, Canada,
You have a right to an adult discussion.
So you should hear from the top talk show host in Russia about where they stand and what's going on and what's happening.
Everything we've been told about Ukraine is a lie.
The big banks are trying to hide the implosion of the economy there.
Now they've moved on to this crisis in the Middle East.
This is such an incredible moment to be alive.
And people will say, hey, you're going to get debanked, which happened when I was on a show a month ago.
Another bank dropped us.
You're going to get death-threatened.
You're going to get attacked for having this guy on.
But if you actually listen to what he said, it all makes sense and it's true.
So, justice be done, may the heavens fall.
That's where we are because we're trying to stop nuclear war.
Look at our government.
It hates Americans.
It teaches us that conservatives and Christians are the enemy.
It literally teaches us that we need to chop our children's genitals off.
And Vladimir Putin says no!
Vladimir Putin says no to funding ISIS in Syria.
And so I'm not here as a Putin apologist.
I'm not here as a Putin booster.
I'm here saying that our government's out of control.
That's going to destroy us all.
So Vladimir, we've got 25 minutes till this hour ends, till the show ends.
Come back any time with us.
But please continue with key points you want to point out.
What's happening in Russia, what you think is going to come next, and how you think we come together with any plans to try to derail Armageddon.
Now, a long time ago I spoke with one of the American guys, a really nice, very smart fellow, who told me, come on Vladimir, you know, Russia used to be an empire of evil.
You're still evil, but you're no longer an empire.
Both statements actually are wrong.
We're still an empire.
And we're a very different empire.
We are the one that always supported other nations and always willing them to prosperous.
And we're definitely not evil.
We're with God.
We believe in God, and that's so easy.
That's why I usually say that God with us.
And if God with us, who's against us?
That's the question that we're asking.
What values are trying... You know, what values nowadays are in America?
I used to know America, and that was a completely different country.
That was the country that we fought shoulder to shoulder as allies.
We both believed in God.
We believed in human life.
We believed that there's right and there's wrong.
And nowadays, what are you fighting for?
Whom are you supporting in Ukraine?
No way there is no freedom.
There's little guy Zelensky who decided to ban Orthodox Church.
This little guy the same day is voting for homosexual marriages and banning Orthodox Church.
Is it coincidence?
I don't think so.
He is the guy that basically banned whomever political party were against him.
You call it democracy?
People been killed in Russia by his direct order.
And those people were not generals.
Nice lady, 30 years old,
Her guilt was that she is a daughter, or was a daughter, of one of the prominent Russian philosophers, Mr. Dugin.
Ukrainian special forces, with the help of CIA, killed her.
And now here's an article in one of the American newspapers, I think it was Washington Post, stating that, yes, we trained Ukrainian Nazis to kill.
Russian civilians through all the country.
That is terror.
We're not doing that.
We're not killing Ukrainian political leaders.
We're not aiming to kill anyone in America.
But Hillary Clinton lied about Russian conspiracy.
Everyone knows that.
There were no Russian hackers that decided to interfere with American elections.
Why do we care?
At the same time, Americans are spending an enormous amount of taxpayers' money to get whatever government they want to, either in Ukraine or other countries.
What it gives you?
You're spending hundreds of billions dollars for absolutely corrupted government in Ukraine!
They're stealing your money and then they're selling whatever you give them in weapon to Hamas!
To kill Israelis!
So Vladimir, let me ask you, let me ask you this question.
Let me ask you this question.
Currently, how do you see this going on the current trajectory?
How do you see this unfolding?
Because... We are fighting the war.
We're fighting the war, you know, and Russia is living normal life.
Our economy is growing faster than the economy of every single European country.
People are not dying from starvation.
Life in Moscow, in St.
Petersburg, in Kazan, and other places,
Well, you know, it's really nice living.
If you look at the new territories, like Donbass, the roads are great, we're building new houses, Mariupol, we're helping people, business is booming!
It's not like everyone is happy, you know, it's economy.
But we're definitely moving forward.
At the same time, every single day, 1,300 Russian men are signing for Russian military!
As volunteers to fight Ukrainian Nazis.
In fact, I was reading Russia doesn't need, Russia doesn't need conscription, the draft like Ukraine.
We don't need conscription to fight this war.
We don't use conscription to fight this war.
Those guys that are serving, you know, like, you know, young kids, 18 years old, 19 years old, they're not involved in the military activity on the new territories, as we call them.
They don't participate in the fight.
People that are fighting are the ones that signed the contract, they're grown-ups, they know what they're fighting for, and they're very professional guys.
The way we fight, five to six days on the front line, a couple of days rest, and then we train, train, train for another two or three weeks, and then get back to the front line.
Right now we have the best military in the world.
Because we're all, every single day, we're learning.
Our military industrial complex is working day and night.
Our engineers, and they're great engineers, we're coming up with new solutions, new ideas.
That's why we produce more than the whole NATO.
Manufacturing capabilities can... Well, I mean, let's expand on that.
I mean, the truth is Russia is fighting the entire NATO operation and getting stronger.
I mean, because Russia didn't do too well when they first went in.
NATO was ready with all the weapons.
But now, I mean, so what does NATO do now that NATO is losing?
NATO trained us.
NATO gave us basically the meaning.
Because our military industrial complex, we thought like, well, okay, we won't need it, and maybe, you know, well, strategic nuclear weapon, okay, but, you know, traditional weapon, maybe that's not the time.
Nowadays, come on, forget it!
So it's just like the learning curve with Hitler invades... Just interrupt, sorry.
Sorry, we're talking over each other, I apologize.
Just like Russia was not ready in 1943 with Barbarossa, when Hitler invaded he looked like he was winning, but the Russians scaled up very quickly.
Is that what you're saying?
We started with... Well, the initial idea was very easy.
We never ever claimed that we're planning to conquer Ukraine.
We don't care.
We don't need territory.
We have plenty of territory.
We're the largest country in the world.
We don't need more territory.
That was about our security.
We were saying little things.
We were saying, please, stop killing people of Donetsk.
Week before we started special military operation, they started bombarding Donetsk enormously.
Heavy losses.
People had to flee their houses.
They were destroyed.
For eight years, there were
15,000 Russians were killed during eight years of war, of this proxy war.
That's an enormous amount of people being killed.
What happened then?
We started police operation.
We never were planning to conquer Kiev, never ever.
We came there, we started negotiations.
We're saying, please, get back to terms.
Your country got independence on the terms that you will be.
Never ever part of any military bloc.
And now you're trying to become part of NATO.
But it's a threat to us.
So Vladimir, now it's happened, from the Russian perspective, which Americans deserve and others deserve to hear.
This is going to be a super viral interview.
It's live right now on millions of viewers.
You're a smart guy.
You don't have to speculate.
What comes next?
NATO and the Globalists are losing.
They've started a new war as a distraction.
But what are you expecting them to do next?
They're not going to give up.
They will give up.
They cannot afford not to give up.
That's the problem.
They have nothing to fight us with.
Because nowadays, they're giving whatever... There is no Wunderwaffe!
There's no weapon that can change the way things are going.
Because nowadays, Ukrainians are not willing to fight!
They fled their own country.
Millions of Ukrainians decided to leave Ukraine.
They don't want to fight for their motherland.
Because they know that their cause is not right.
They know that we're not planning to conquer Ukraine, and we never did.
And whatever Biden blessing, oh, you know, we managed to get the Russians out of Kiev, and we're free.
You know, half in Istanbul, we already had peace agreement with Ukrainians, and even they signed the initial accord of this agreement.
And there's a free will, we told them, okay, we'll withdraw our troops from Kiev,
And northern part of Ukraine.
And that's what we did!
And now they're saying, oh, you know, that was a great battle.
What kind of battle?
No one can deny Russia's winning big time.
So I ask you the question.
I understand the globalists need to stop, but they don't stop.
So I'm saying, what do you, you're a smart guy,
What are they going to do next?
Because they're madmen, and our borders are wide open, and they're destroying us.
We know the globalist war with all Christian nations.
Yeah, but they will try to pretend that it's never happening.
So they have two courses.
First of all... So they'll just move on to a Middle East war.
You're saying this is the sign of victory, because they're now segwaying to the Middle East as the diversion.
They'll go to Iran.
What they will do in Ukraine?
They'll try to catch your attention.
They'll try to make up yet another butcher.
Many times I spoke to Italian, French, German and other journalists.
I told them, tell me what happened in butcher.
Names of the victims, where they were killed, weapon of the crime.
Show me the result.
Zero knowledge.
Because those poor people, they were Russian supporters, and they were killed by Botsman, that's the name of the local mafia Nazi Ukrainian guy, who killed those people in Bucha!
And I think that behind this idea was one of the British image makers of Zelensky.
And the West, easily, easily, with, you know, with some weird joy,
We only have about 12, Vladimir.
That's what's gonna happen next.
And Ukraine, they will say, none of our business.
Like Afghanistan.
Oh, they were, sorry guys, we gave you whatever you wanted, you're no good.
Zelensky, no, that's not a nice guy.
You know what, Zelensky, you're corrupted.
So, oh, you're also nothing, come on, too bad.
So goodbye, Mr. Zelensky, get us some other guy, and he will try to sign a peace deal with Russia.
And we'll say that, you know, Ukrainians, we did what we could.
Bartioszelenski was the same guy as in Afghanistan.
He was no good.
Not our fault.
And we'll go and save Israelis.
Well, you know, because that's our job.
To save the world.
And now we're saving it.
But in the other part.
In Middle East.
No, I agree.
They're going to start... And that will be the war with Iran.
They're already segwaying into the Middle East war, the Central Asian war.
So let's talk about, from your research, how this war with Iran goes.
And then they'll try to double back and bring that to Russia.
And how does China play into this?
China hates that.
China hates that because China played an important role in bringing peace between different Islamic nations in this part of the world.
They were the one behind the peace agreement.
They don't want anything to happen right now there.
They're not interested in the high oil prices.
It's against their way of thinking, and that's why they send their military ship into this region, stating that, come on guys, that's also our zone of interest.
We don't want this war to happen.
But they will have Taiwan in a couple of months.
And America right now is stretching itself.
America right now is stretching between three regional conflicts.
They were counting two, Ukraine and Taiwan.
But now they got Middle East that they didn't predict.
And they don't know what to do with that.
Because Biden cannot keep three things in his head at the same time.
Neither Sullivan nor Blinken.
It was awful experience to read this article of Sullivan.
The guy is meaningless!
23 pages of nothing!
He couldn't even predict what happened in the Middle East!
No, Vladimir, I don't disagree with you on anything.
You're being very fair about the analysis.
It's excellent.
So, what's the bad case scenarios?
What are the good case scenarios?
Good case scenarios that Israelis will calculate that it is impossible right now to invade Gaza Strip.
They just do not have enough forces, and they will calculate and find out some easy solution, like, okay, give us hostages, okay, we'll kill through bombarding a few important people in Hamas, and we'll play cool.
We'll say that, okay, we destroyed whatever we could destroy, and that's fine.
Bibi Netanyahu will be blamed for the attack of the 7th of October, because he could not predict that, and he didn't save his people on this attack.
And that's questions that have been asked, and Bibi Netanyahu is hated by America, so they will be more than happy to see them go.
So that's one case scenario.
And everything will be so, you know, cooling down, because for the election, upcoming election, it's no good for America to spend enormous amount of money, not to solve problems of the United States, but to support different Nazi regimes, like Ukrainian,
Outside of states.
So, not a good idea.
The worst case scenario, uncontrolled war in the Middle East.
That will lead to the Israelis being forced to use nuclear weapon.
Iran retaliate.
America will fight for Israel using whatever capabilities they have.
China and Russia will say that that's not how we see it.
China or the Western area that let's say in Syria Russian forces are hit by Americans and that's the end.
15 minutes and we have full-scale war.
Full-scale nuclear war.
Well, that's an amazing... The only one good thing is that there will be very free world after that, but free of humans.
And that's the worst case scenario.
I can't find any fault with your analysis.
I mean, it's fair, it's across the board, it's crazy, but I look at the weird lawyers that run our country here, and most of them are in the military, and they have had such success so long, they think they're invincible, and I don't think they understand that their chutzpah, and their bravado, and their hubris, and their arrogance does not win this, because there's no way out of this unless we stop.
We have to stop, but look, Putin always keep the door open.
He never use any, you know, swear words against any political leader of the West.
That's annoying.
He's keeping insulting Putin.
Putin never ever insult neither Trump, nor Biden, nor anyone else, but Nazi, Canadian,
I cannot use all the words, I was told that, I cannot swear on the show.
But you know, there's... You can swear, we can begin to lay it out.
They've been applauding, they've been applauding all the Ukrainian Nazi in the Parliament, the head of the Canadian Parliament.
What do you make of the clear persecution of Trump, the attempt to put him in prison?
He doesn't work for Russia, he works for America, that's clear.
But what do Russians think about them trying to put Trump in prison?
Trump is not Russian lover.
Trump is definitely not for Russia.
Most part of sanctions that, you know, were implemented against Russia were under Trump.
Trump fought for what he believed in that is good for America.
That was not good for Russia.
That's why we just look at Trump.
I think that he is smart.
He's definitely extremely, extremely bright.
He made his own fortune.
He never paid from his own pocket, stating that he is the poorest ever congressman in the earth, and then paid three million in cash for his little bitch house.
He's a businessman!
He made money, he spent money, not like Biden.
Who suddenly got three million dollars, you know?
Just, oh, by the way, I just found those guys.
I just found three million bucks.
Oh, I don't know where from, you know?
I have a little dementia.
I don't remember where they came from.
But it's okay.
Can I get this nice little bitch house, please?
Three million?
Here comes three million dollars.
Trump is Trump.
Americans voted for him.
We have to accept it.
It's your president, not ours.
What you do right now,
You're just killing your justice system.
Basically, you're opening the gate to hell because every president of the United States, as soon as he leaves his office, gonna be prosecuted and spend his days in jail after that.
You're killing tradition of American democracy.
You're prosecuting people, not on the base of laws, but because some guys all the way up,
All the way down, if we're talking about the deep state.
Just hate him!
And they want to, you know, where's freedom of speech?
And by the way, on the 6th of January, people in this, you know, building, state building.
That's a coup?
But a few weeks after, you know, I think that was a few weeks before, right?
When there were 10,000 Jews stating that they're against the policy of Israel, they came to a similar type of building, and that's not the