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Name: 20231117_Fri_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 17, 2023
2931 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including navigating through politics without despair, spirituality, mental health in face of overwhelming news, COVID-19 vaccine outcomes, iodine supplements, criticism of globalist agendas, UN databases related to biomedical experimentation, Russia-Ukraine conflicts, Israel's decreasing support among Americans, audit failures within the Pentagon, potential Hezbollah attacks in the U.S., New York's mayor indictment, Elon Musk's free speech support on Twitter, Fentanyl production in China, Christmas sales at InfowarStore.com, criticism of ADL for promoting guilt among white people, and building communities to defeat globalists by growing food. Owen Benjamin shares humorous anecdotes about dealing with trolls online while promoting his book, The Great Awakening. A speaker talks about planting garlic, butchering chickens, promoting the BT app featuring good, true, and beautiful content, dad advice for young men, patterns in the world planned or foreseen by certain groups, and importance of Omega-3 fatty acids for overall health while promoting their Ultimate Fish Oil and Ultimate Krill.

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Here is Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, and here he is trying to sound like us, like, oh, this is the Olympics of wokeism and victimhood, and the Jews are at the bottom of it.
No, you put the white people with leftist race-based politics at the bottom.
And Greenblatt, last time I checked,
You're a Nosferatu looking head, and I guess I kind of look like it, so I better watch out what I say.
I guess we're both kind of ugly.
Your ugly ass is white!
White as rice!
White as snow!
And why the hell are you pushing a race-based narrative?
Why don't you listen to Martin Luther King, Jr.?
I'm not trying to censor you, I'm just saying you're full of baloney.
Here he is.
I am so sick of the safe spaces conversation.
Don't talk to me about safe spaces when your campuses are literally unsafe.
These college administrators, and you know it's the impression Olympics, Joe.
It's the impression Olympics where you either play
Oppressor or oppressed.
And in this victimology madness, Jews are somehow put at the bottom.
But here's the thing, Joe.
I am so tired of the cowardice.
I am so tired of the weakness.
So University Presence, I am looking right at you.
If you violate Title VI and you make your students unsafe, ADL is coming for you.
If you create environments where Jewish students are hostile, are being harassed, being targeted,
I got news for you.
You may have a moral weakness, but you also have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your institutions.
And look, whether you're going to lose tens of millions of donor dollars, and you will, or you lose hundreds of millions in federal funding because you lose Title VI, and you will, we are coming for you because I'm tired of waiting, Joe.
I'm tired of waiting for them to protect my Jewish kids in school.
So I'm going to protect them with the full force of the law.
We're going to come back and talk more about that.
That's a whopper.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
I wonder what toolkit you would advise anti-establishment, awakening, resistance movement people look at.
What do you think about the books that you've got to look at, the films you've got to look at, to navigate this space without collapsing into despair?
Because you look around the world now on a superficial level, Alex, you know, it's war here, war there, escalating war there, increased authority, legislation, censorship, shutdown, absolute lies.
How are we going to tool ourselves up for the next phase?
Yes, spiritually, but what cultural art
What facts do you recommend people look at?
Well, absolutely.
Look, look.
I feel like you're falling in a hole sometimes, too, particularly if I work too much and if I drink too much, you know, those type of things that lowers your consciousness, lowers your brainwaves.
We need to take off time with our families.
We need to just take off time and read a book.
We need to take off time and just watch a comedy show or something.
It's very important to not do this all the time and to not let the magnitude of it
Destroy you and realize we're just one little tiny planet in the spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy, but we can consciously envision the whole universe and we can create concepts that can be manifested.
And so we know we've been a little spark from God and that is a magical thing and be thankful for the gift of consciousness.
Be thankful for the gift of being able to commune with your fellow humans and realize that the globalists and others like them throughout history,
See it first on Rumble.
Stay free!
This is the FDA Safety Surveillance COVID-19 Vaccine Draft Working List of Possible Adverse Outcomes Subject to Change.
This was put out in October 2000, months before the shots started in the United States.
I guess my crew's not in there to do a punch-up of this.
Well, I'll hold it up on screen.
Anybody, can you punch it up for me guys?
Thank you.
Anybody can go look this up.
It's on the FDA website.
It's not even hidden.
But again, there was a great analogy a few weeks ago I saw by Andrew Tate, where he said, Alex Jones is right.
They're Satanists.
They metaphysically have to
Get you to accept it with fine print.
So if I say, here's an apple, it's delicious and good, and you eat it and it's poison, I've just murdered you karmically, spiritually, that comes back to me.
But if I trick you and say real fast, oh, it's really delicious and great, by the way, it's poison, here it is.
But everybody's doing it, just eat it, and you eat it and die, at least in this third dimension, you don't get any karmic blowback.
So that's why they put the fine print, FDA safety, overhead shot again, FDA safety surveillance, COVID-19 vaccine, myocarditis, heart attacks,
Stroke, blood clots, arthritis, anaphylactic shock, death, vaccine-enhanced disease, and all of this has now happened.
So this is the U.S.
government saying, this is what we think is going to happen, publishing it, and then all of that has now happened, and now the life expectancy across the Western world is going.
So, this is them playing God.
If they want to be God, they've got to believe that they are the angel of death.
And they've got to give life, and they've got to take life.
And this is all the globalists setting themselves up as God and beginning the Great Depopulation.
The human sacrifice to their God.
Instead of sacrificing themselves in good work and helping poor people and building society and literally getting down in the trenches, they're going to sit back on their private jets and their huge palatial mansions and tell everybody else, you can't have children, you can't have a car, you can't have an air conditioner, you can't travel, you can't have a job.
In fact, you're going to eat bugs and we're going to sacrifice you for the greater good of the earth because you're garbage, because you're a useless eater, because you're not essential.
Well, I tell Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and all of them,
You're not essential and we can physically look at you and see the evil shining out of you and you will be cut off from God and they know it.
They know and they want to claw and drag as many of us with them as they can and they're not.
They're gonna be cut off from the universe forever.
Stay free!
See it first on Rumble.
It's Friday, November 17th.
We're live.
Ladies and gentlemen!
It is Friday, November 17th, 2023.
And how many days are we out from the election?
We'll put it up on screen.
Right now, the most important election in human history.
353 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes, 18 seconds.
All right, I had guests today lined up, but we have cleared the decks.
Other than Owen Benjamin hosting the fourth hour as a guest host.
The next three hours, we're taking your calls, we're covering the waterfront.
It is insane.
I've got too much news.
I'm too prepared.
This is crazy!
You will eat the bugs.
We will ban your gas-powered stove.
We will take your car away.
We will cut your son's genitals off.
And now they're officially pushing, what they've already been promoting, banning your cats and dogs.
I mean, it just... These people are the worst villains the planet's ever seen.
It's now mainstream news that governments all over the world in a secret UN database that started 50 years ago, strangely enough the year I was born, in 1974 and now it's in Fox News everywhere.
I broke this with a whistleblower in 1997.
And it's not about, oh, we broke this.
The point is, is that it's all about the secret biomedical complex and what it's doing and how it ties into the poison shots, the GMOs, the 5G, all of it.
The head of NATO, Stoltenberg, has admitted the Russians have basically completely won the war.
Smashed everything NATO sent in.
Turns out Putin was planning that the whole time, to just take the area of eastern and southern Ukraine, set up traps, and then destroy the NATO forces.
The Russians have paid a lot to do that, over 250,000 dead troops.
It's estimated just on the Trusky side.
That is huge.
We've got big news concerning Israel.
Support for Israel drops to 68%.
Again, support for Israel drops as 68% of Americans want ceasefire negotiations.
Report the Pentagon just failed its sixth straight audit.
Trillions of dollars missing.
Georgia judge allows challenge to Dominion voting machines.
Biden says that he's preparing to have Newsom replace him on TV.
He said that.
It just goes on and on and on.
We have got so much to cover.
Now the FBI officially says brace for Hamas and Hezbollah attacks.
I told you that back on October 7.
They're the ones letting them in here.
They're trying to really remove Elon Musk right now for saying the ADL, not Jews in general, but the ADL is teaching anti-white garbage.
And then they wonder why Jews are being attacked.
Well, Jews are white.
I mean, I guess some are Sephardic, got brown skin, a little more brown skin.
But this is just wild.
We're going to be getting to all of that today.
The feds obviously are moving to indict the mayor of New York because he's been challenging open borders, at least on the surface.
We have got so much to cover here today.
It is a jam-packed transmission.
The White House condemns must-hate fallout spreads.
No, Musk is the real deal, folks.
That doesn't mean he's perfect, but he's definitely joined us.
He may have ulterior or nefarious motives in that, because he thinks the patriots are going to win, but that's going to happen when we start winning.
All these people that serve the new world order are going to jump to our side.
Doesn't mean we turn our backs on them.
Doesn't mean we trust them in the dark.
Why did the sun never set on the British Empire?
Because God wouldn't trust an Englishman in the dark.
I'm not an anglophobe, folks.
I'm obviously Welsh, and a lot of family going back to jolly old England.
In fact, some pretty interesting people, I'll leave it at that.
But the point is that it's wild.
So we've got all that news.
And so much more populists from Spain, to the Netherlands, to Sweden, to all over the world are getting elected anti-globalists that sound like George Truly.
Even news articles go, the leader about to win in Spain, you know, he sounds like Alex Jones.
Tucker Carlson's been over there.
It's an incredible time to be alive.
So we're going to go over all of this today.
We're going to break it all down in great detail.
And again, I'm very honored and very blessed to be here with you.
When we open the phones up, we're going to do first-time callers again, at least for the first
Group that calls in we have we have like a thousand phone lines technically have a digital phone system but we have 12 of them that go on screen so we take 12 calls at a time.
The first 12 will be first time callers and then after that loads up long time callers or whoever are welcome to call in.
I just want to give such a giant audience people that have never been able to get through a chance to be on with us today about any
of these insane issues that we are going to be breaking down in great detail.
Also, the Russell Brand interview I did last week is broken in two parts.
Part one dropped yesterday, went super viral.
Part two drops today.
And I really appreciate Russell Brand having the courage for having me on.
That interview I did with him, part one, had a lot of effects behind the scenes.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
And really, really did some good work for the overall mission against the New World Order.
So very, very proud of Russell Moran.
I've known him at least 12 years, been on the show a few times, been out with him here in Austin back when he was kind of segwaying out of being a wild man.
He told me then I red-pilled him.
And again, it's not about saying, oh, look, we're so effective.
It's about saying this broadcast for 29 years on air.
In April of next year,
We'll be 30 years.
And I, you know, they're trying to shut us down right now, but if we can just make it through the election, that is going to be a big victory to keep InfoWars on the air that long.
We can make it that far, maybe we can make another year after that, but let me tell you, for every big victory we have, it just makes the grade get that much steeper.
So with great power comes great responsibility.
We're just honored to be here.
Now let me talk about something that is beyond exciting.
Because it's so powerful, it's so real, it's so true, it's such a secret of the New World Order, and it's hiding in plain view.
There are hundreds of companies out there that claim they put out nascent iodine, but none of them go get a DEA license, because the raw, you see, breaking bad, I mean, raw iodine is the precursor you need to make methamphetamine and a bunch of other stuff.
So, a decade ago, I was talking to scientists and researchers and they said, listen, nobody's got true atomic iodine.
They call it atomic, but it's bound to other elements and you don't absorb it as well.
We can get a DEA license and we can put it out.
Well that company got bought, they wouldn't do business with us anymore and they stopped putting it out about a year and a half ago.
So it sold out over a year ago.
We went to a couple big labs, found one that would do it.
They went and got the research and the patents on how to do it, on how to take the stuff that's government controlled and then denature it and then put it into a glycerin
So it actually goes right into your cells directly.
It comes from deep earth crystals.
You can take a crystal of it, throw it on the ground, and like alien blood from the movie Alien, it starts eating through metal, anything.
But once it's put in this gaseous form, because it looks like I Dream of Jeannie, you know, she turns into a blue or purple pillar of smoke.
You throw this on the ground, take it out of a petri dish, and it eats through anything but chromatics or glass.
That's how powerful it is.
But then they're able to put it through this long process to put it into glycerin, vegetable glycerin, that's totally healthy and safe and good, but it does something that no other system does.
It purifies you, it counters the fluoride, the bromide, all the bad halogens that are on the same area of the periodic table.
So, it took us over a year and a half, you notice X2 has been sold out for over a year, to bring you X2.
It's exactly the same X2,
The problem was this company couldn't make it to the standard we wanted that wasn't too strong.
So they had to just continually, this was mixing for over a year, over a year to be able to break it down.
So we tell you we have proprietary stuff, folks.
Believe me, this is our best-selling product.
Believe me, I wanted to have
That's one of the biggest problems funding ourselves is we didn't have the products.
X2 here.
Well, it's here.
If you want X2, it's back in stock, discounted.
Infowarstore.com and hopefully we'll be here in six months or a year.
But this could potentially be the last production run of X2 ever.
So get your X2 for yourself, your friends, your family.
It lasts indefinitely.
You know, they've got not even really regulations, guidelines to put the date of manufacture and some things that matters, other things that doesn't.
From the chemist I've talked to people, they say this stuff will be good in 10 years.
But the point is, if you want to stockpile X2, it is now back in stock.
The ultimate InfoWars live product.
Or 888-253-3139.
And this is really the cavalry coming to fund the operation.
This is a product that takes two weeks to kick in.
When I was first told by the scientists that developed it, they said, hey, those sunspots you got on your face and this and that.
They said it takes about two weeks to kick in.
You'll kind of feel detox for a few days, about two to three weeks in, and then you'll just feel invigorated.
And it worked exactly like they said.
The stamina, the energy, the libido, but it's essential.
Without iodine, you die.
Oh, and I wanted to show you this and I'll get back into the news.
But this is news.
This is Wikipedia Iodine Deficiency.
And you can see it right there, from the United Nations, which I'm not saying the UN is perfect, but it's true when they talk about this.
In 2007, nearly 2 billion individuals had insufficient iodine intake, being directly linked to cognitive disabilities.
So fluoride lowers your IQ, iodine allows you to operate the way you're designed to be, obviously higher.
And here is the Nutrition Effects of Iodine, WHO.
From the UN, nutrition effects of iodine deficiency.
The latest global estimate is that 1.88 million people, including 241 million school-aged children, have insufficient dietary iodine intake.
So, that is a big, big deal!
And X2 is now back in stock at InfoWarsTore.com or 888-253-7000.
All right.
I look at all this insane news and I ask myself, is the FBI saying imminent Hamas-Hezbollah attacks the most important?
Is the open border the most important?
Is NATO admitting Russia's won the war more important?
Is Biden-Stokes-Newsom presidential buzzed?
A P.E.C.
event alongside California governor?
Is that more important?
Is all the massive censorship more important?
Is the U.N.
and the W.F.
saying they want to ban your cats and dogs more important?
They want to take everything from you?
What is the most... Is Trump files for mistrial in civil fraud case over tangible and overwhelming evidence of court bias?
But what's crazy when you read the articles about this, even in the CNN,
The judge said, well, sometimes, the judge overruled us, you can have a gag order, it's like a mafia trial, people are threatening jurors or witnesses, but you...
You can't do it when it's a judge!
There's no jury!
There's no jury!
With me, the judges found me guilty in Connecticut and Texas, and then told the jury I was guilty and how guilty to find me.
So they at least had a ceremonial show trial.
They're not even having that with Trump.
You say, well, I don't care about Trump.
Well, you better care, because they're saying they're practicing with him.
The President with him, so we've got that.
Them secretly storing your baby's DNA, now mainstream news.
It's all going to be broken down here today at the bottom of the hour.
I'm going to give the toll free number out.
But first, we've been getting a lot of requests.
For Fentanyl the Dragon to return.
My six-year-old daughter loves him.
The problem is, we'll be out in public, and she says, Daddy, I want to see more Fentanyl.
Because, you know, China's bombing us with a reverse opium war with Fentanyl.
And so we named the Chinese Communist Dragon as the spokesperson for the CCP, not officially, it's satire, as Fentanyl the Dragon.
But it just won't be Fentanyl coming back, you know, with
Oh, hello!
Fenton of the Communist Chinese Dragon here with an important public service announcement.
Live in your poop and needles, and human sex trafficking, and open borders, and buy slave goods from China, and do what the Justice Department say, and put all the good Americans in prison, and stay asleep.
Your master, Xi Jinping, has arrived, and our puppet Biden bowed down to him.
Governor Newsom has also visited and bowed down to our leader, who is also your master.
The shithole city of San Francisco, like all the other communist cities we control, has been flooded with fentanyl.
But when the dear leader arrives, they clean the streets for him.
Hello, poop people!
Ha ha ha!
That's what your master, G.G.
Pink, calls you.
But he does not look at the poop and needles that you live in.
All the homeless taken away with your great leader there.
And our puppet, National Newsome, tell you, oh, we're only cleaning for G.G.
Pink, not for you!
I know folks say, oh, they're just cleaning up this place because all those fancy leaders are coming into town.
Um, that's true.
Because it's true.
That's how we rub the poop in.
Enjoy your She-Ho series.
You are done.
We own Hollywood.
We own TikTok.
We owe almost everything.
Now we buy up your farmland.
You eat sabaz while we eat the steak.
The last group to take out is any leadership that is resisting us, like Donald Trump.
He will soon be in prison.
And then, of course, we must silence any populace that resists us.
And that is our next move.
Good FBI.
Good Justice Department.
Good Merrick Garland.
Good Jack Smith.
Put Trump in jail.
Put political dissidents in jail.
Silence free speech.
Censor everyone.
Also we're very focused on the data we're collecting from surveillance efforts.
What's being said on social media platforms.
Every person on social media should be verified by their name.
We have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms.
They need to verify every single person on their
We're good to go.
Stay asleep.
Do not get booed.
No, no, no.
I am giving you your order, slave Americans.
Do not go to Infowarsstore.com and do not get the best-selling book, The Great Awakening, by the evil top criminal, Alex Jones.
And whatever you do, do not get a fundraiser, signed copy.
That might keep them on the air.
It will demoralize people greatly.
Once we have shut down Alex Jones, and we're working with many people at the Justice Department to do it.
Because if there is Great Awakening, then we cannot fully enslave and destroy him.
Bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bing.
This is Oda from CCP.
I am the leading VP.
Do not visit Infowarshow.com.
Do not, do not, do not.
Well, you heard it from Fenton himself.
Do not, do not, do not.
Not good for you!
Alright, so, I told you a couple years ago that I was told Elon Musk was about to take the gloves off, and I said, well, I'll believe it when I see it.
And we saw it.
And he is really taking on the globalist on so many fronts.
And so he, as you know, two days ago retweeted or liked somebody saying, hey man, liberal Jews, that's the majority of Jews in the West, almost 70%, want open borders, love Palestine, love Hamas, love all this crap, want to bring the refugees here.
And literally the ADL funds, that's what he's talking about, the critical race theory teaching white kids they're bad.
And so now they got IBM pulling their sponsorship.
They're really coming after Musk over this.
Media lies about Elon Musk, accuses Elon of promoting anti-Semitism after he points out the ADL's well-documented racial attacks on white people.
Musk is ex-legally-support student punished by University of Illinois for online posts.
He's doing a good job there.
YouTube boasts about collaborating with World Health Organization and suppressing misinformation.
We actually have video of them saying they take U.N.
And the UN bragging about it?
So, here is Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL, and here he is trying to sound like us, like, oh, this is the Olympics of wokeism and victimhood, and the Jews are at the bottom of it.
No, you put the white people with leftist race-based politics at the bottom, and Greenblatt, last time I checked,
You're a Nosferatu looking head, and I guess I kind of look like it, so I better watch out what I say.
I guess we're both kind of ugly.
Your ugly ass is white!
White as rice!
White as snow!
And why the hell are you pushing a race-based narrative?
Why don't you listen to Martin Luther King, Jr.?
I'm not trying to censor you, I'm just saying you're full of baloney.
Here he is.
I am so sick of the safe spaces conversation.
Don't talk to me about safe spaces when your campuses are literally unsafe.
These college administrators, and you know it's the oppression Olympics, Joe.
It's the oppression Olympics where you either play
Oppressor or oppressed.
And in this victimology madness, Jews are somehow put at the bottom.
But here's the thing, Joe.
I am so tired of the cowardice.
I am so tired of the weakness.
So University Presence, I am looking right at you.
If you violate Title VI and you make your students unsafe, ADL is coming for you.
If you create environments where Jewish students are hostile, are being harassed, being targeted,
I got news for you.
You may have a moral weakness, but you also have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your institutions.
And look, whether you're going to lose tens of millions of donor dollars, and you will, or you lose hundreds of millions in federal funding because you lose Title VI, and you will, we are coming for you because I'm tired of waiting, Joe.
I'm tired of waiting for them to protect my Jewish kids in school.
So I'm going to protect them with the full force of the law.
We're going to come back and talk more about that.
That's a whopper.
Literally, it's not safe for white people.
21 black-on-white attacks.
The media pushing it, covering it up, saying whites are inherently evil.
The ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party, and liberals worldwide have put white people at the bottom and said we're inherently bad.
And when there's blowback,
You can say, oh, we're going to cut your money off at the universities if you don't toe the line.
You created the Frankenstein.
You did it, Greenblatt.
How did you think that this wouldn't affect you?
And then you whine and yell and scream as if everybody didn't know that if anybody's the author, it's you and Abe Foxman.
I mean, what the hell is your problem?
We're not up here attacking people because of what group they are or whatever.
You did it!
You're the one who started all this race crap, you dumb bastard!
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And now he's whining and crying and bitching.
Okay, so I don't normally play a clip twice in a row, but let's play and start and stop.
I didn't do it last clip.
I just played it through.
Let's start and stop Jonathan Rosenblatt.
Literally going around, this is the only clip, we've got multiple clips, saying, oh, this is like the Special Olympics of victimhood and Jews are at the bottom.
If you look at the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL, the Democratic Party, the Labor Party in England, all over the world, the left, literally teaches that white people are inherently bad, own all this debt to people through reparations,
And that little children should be taught they're inherently bad because of their skin color.
What whacked out craziness is that?
And I've talked about this forever.
I'm like, what's going on with the left?
I mean, because I know what goes on at these universities.
I've spoke at them.
I've been to them.
I see the news constantly.
They fetishize hating Jews.
They obsess on it.
They love Palestine.
It's like a religion.
And I'm not for expanding Islam.
And I'm not for the Muslims getting killed either.
But that's not my theater of operations.
I'm an American.
I'm a Christian.
I'm a capitalist.
I'm a free market guy.
I want prosperity.
I want renaissance.
And so a bunch of Israeli politicians and people here in America, left and right, are proposing bringing the Gazan refugees here.
That'll protect Israel.
I'm not against Israel, but you don't give me a hand grenade that you won't take.
You take it.
So I know Jews are a diverse group of people.
There's like eight different groups of Jews.
They're all different diverse groups.
Israel's fighting with itself.
They're in a civil war, just like America is.
So I don't believe evil emanates out of Israel.
I believe evil emanates out of evil people working together worldwide against good people that aren't organized.
I don't blame the Chinese, the Xi Jinping, so evil.
Or Mao Zedong, so evil.
I don't blame Germans, because Hitler was bad.
Or Russians, because Lenin was bad.
But I do blame evil people.
And they try to hide behind when you criticize some woman, whether it's Nikki Haley, a Republican, or whether it's Kamala Harris, a Democrat, who are pushing horrible, draconian surveillance and censorship and wars and tyranny.
And then you're like, I don't support this.
Oh, you don't like a powerful woman.
No, I don't like evil women.
I'm not against Kamala Harris because she's Indian.
I like Vivek Ramaswamy.
She's not black.
But again, it's identity politics, and the Democrats have become experts at this, and this is their game, but they never think three or four steps ahead.
They're playing checkers instead of chess.
Anybody playing chess, or not even that smart, I mean, hell, it's almost like checkers, would know when you create race-based politics, and 93% of the world is not white.
And of the 7% that's white, maybe half a percent is Jewish.
And then you want to play with fire that you can manipulate through Hollywood and the media, brown people, to then hate white people because then you think, well, there's more brown people than white.
We'll have a race-based system.
And then you don't think they're not going to hone in on Jews when Jews are disproportionately represented?
In academia, in science, in banking.
And I'm not saying Jews don't deserve that.
Jews are hard-working, just like Asians go out and are disproportionately represented at the top positions.
But if you make it where if somebody has power and somebody's successful and somebody's making money, they're bad.
And if they're white, they're even worse.
What did
The head of the ADL think was going to happen when he did this, and now I'll say it, I said this years ago, I said there's not a lot of anti-Semitism going on right now, but when you have the ADL as the mouthpiece of censorship and control and as the arbiter that polices speech and tells you what to do,
And you go out and teach white people they're inherently evil and bad.
Most whites are going to wake up and reject that lie.
Some are going to get cucked and bow to you under Stockholm Syndrome.
And then a large minority of the majority that's not white is then going to get into race-based politics and see white skin and status.
White skin and status as a symbol of evil.
And when you have a corrupt ruling class that's out of control, I would call them satanist.
I wouldn't call the communist Chinese even communist.
I'd call them satanist.
I wouldn't call the globalist, the black rock, Larry Fink, Jewish.
I'd call him evil.
People are going to see through that.
A ruling class trying to get the general public over what color we are fighting?
Well, people are going to go, wait a minute.
You're rich and you're white.
What did Jonathan Greenblatt, what did he think was going to happen?
And I sat back and said, well when the Jews get attacked everywhere, the ADL get more donations, more power, that's why Israel obviously stood down, allowed the Hamas attack to happen, 7 plus hours, the majority of Jews believe that too in Israel, 80 plus percent, that's not anti-Semitism to say, a bunch of Jews got killed, but anybody getting killed is wrong.
So the world is rejecting this.
But then Greenblatt also says, freedom of expression, put that back up please, freedom of expression is not the freedom to incite violence, says ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.
Well, when Netanyahu is invoking Isaiah, Old Testament law, to not even spare the farm animals,
Of a group of people they're about to wipe out?
Man, that's where Hitler got it.
Now, if you go back to the Middle East, or to the steps of what's Russia today, or to what's Latin America today, or North America, every tribe thought they had a right to rule.
Pretty much every big tribe.
And they said, we're going to dominate and kill the other group.
So I don't look at the Old Testament and look at those decrees of what happened back then and say, oh, that genocide's a Jewish thing.
No, genocide's a human thing.
But genocide was carried out by the Jews in the Old Testament.
They dug up the archaeological sites and it happened.
Ramses I. People didn't used to believe it until 50 years ago.
They actually dug up the stone hieroglyphs in Egypt.
It's in the Bible.
Jews wrote it.
Turns out very accurate what they put in the Old Testament.
Extremely accurate.
He ordered the first born Jews under the age of two to all be killed.
Because of a prophecy of a deliverer.
And the Bible repeats, history repeats.
This is in the history, not just in the New Testament.
It was in the Jewish histories that Herod found these wise men from the east that came and followed the star to be there at the birth in Bethlehem of baby Jesus.
And he became so enraged when he couldn't find out because they'd already escaped who they were or where they were going because he was of the line of David
And the Messiah had come, they were saying, that he ordered everyone under the age of two to be killed just like Ramses I. And it was Exodus with Moses with his son Ramses II.
So there's a lot of genocide going on here.
And when you get the ADL,
Saying white people are inherently have guilt and are bad people.
And then they wonder why this has happened.
Well, we'll go to break, come back with a club.
But man, I gotta tell you.
You talk about playing with fire.
Don't play with fire, Jonathan.
Because you know what happens when you play with fire, son?
You get burnt.
But what he's doing is conjuring a major uprising.
All right, welcome back to this live Friday, November 17 transmission.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're taking phone calls starting next hour right through the full broadcast.
So I'll get the number out here in just a moment.
So let's go back to Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL.
It's involved with government censoring, surveilling, Black Lives Matter, critical race theory, all this race-based crap.
And the super anti-Israel people out there are like, Jones is a traitor.
He claims Rosenblatt is the closest thing, or Greenblatt, or whatever the hell his name is, to the Nazis.
The Nazis were race-based.
And Greenblatt is race-based.
And the left is race-based.
And the Southern Poverty Law Center is race-based.
And the media is race-based.
Look at Hollywood.
It's disgusting!
And that's how they're trying to divide and conquer and control us.
So then he's saying white people are bad.
And they're inherently evil and have committed a sin because of their skin color.
They have to follow all the leftist ideologies.
But then when the monster they've created at the universities and Hollywood turns against Israel and Jews, because they're white, he freaks out and says, this is the Olympics of victimhood.
Here it is.
I am so sick of the safe spaces conversation.
Don't talk to me about safe spaces when your campuses are literally unsafe.
These college administrators, and you know, it's the oppression Olympics, Joe.
It's the oppression Olympics where you either play oppressor or oppressed.
And in this victimology madness, Jews are somehow put at the bottom.
But here's the thing, Joe, I am so tired of the cowardice.
Back it up.
Jews are put on the bottom.
How's it feel?
When the ADL literally said white Christians and Catholics and people are inherently bad, they're on record.
And then now it happens to you and you're upset.
I don't think that's good.
The average Jew out there, good person, doesn't deserve this.
The average white person doesn't deserve it.
The KKK saying black people are inherently bad, they don't deserve it.
It's evil!
It's wrong!
And it's at the foot of the Democratic Party and these organizations like the ADL.
But the ADL with Sacha Baron Cohen calling for my arrest in the big awards ceremony in 2019.
Remember that?
Calling me all these names, saying things about me that aren't even true.
I legitimately care about everybody.
And then you lie about me, you lie about Trump calling me anti-Semite, and then you say, oh, my children need to be safe.
How many videos a day can I show you of white people being beaten to death, shot and killed, knockout games because they're white, and the media covers it up or says they deserve it?
That's ADL craftsmanship right there.
Let's continue.
I am looking right at you.
If you violate Title VI and you make your students unsafe, ADL is coming for you.
Back it up.
Back it up 20 seconds.
So you can under Title VI discriminate on race or things like that, ethnicity.
But all over the country, colleges say, we're not going to take high-scoring whites or Asians because they keep getting the top slots.
Or Larry Fink of BlackRock, I can play the clips, I've played it probably 50 times, saying 96% of the new hires the last three years were not white in corporate America under his orders because he controls the majority of corporations.
They're literally saying white people are bad and can't have jobs.
You're literally doing what Hitler did when he first put Jews into gulags.
You first take people's money away and then you've got the nerve to then say we'll take your money away if you make it unsafe for Jews on campus.
You made it unsafe for Christians and conservatives and Trump supporters and white people.
You did what's happening to you and now you don't like it.
Look at that book behind him.
It could happen here.
His book.
What, were you singled out a group because of their race and say they're bad and say they owe reparations and money and say they can't go to college or can't be hired or can't have a job?
Oh, it did happen here, sir.
Why don't you wear a Hugo Boss Nazi uniform?
That would actually fit the way you behave.
I mean, think about the mind game this guy just played on us.
...environments where Jewish students are hostile, are being harassed, being targeted.
I got news for you.
You may have a moral weakness, but you also have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your institutions.
And look, whether you're going to lose tens of millions of donor dollars... Hey, pause again.
Oh, it's a moral weakness to let people say Jews are inherently evil because of their religion or culture?
I agree.
And then you took 60% of the advertisers away from Elon Musk, saying he was an anti-Semite.
You bullied him.
You harassed.
It's what you did.
And now you've created this climate.
Certainly exacerbated it.
Because you knew when Jews got persecuted, you'd get a bunch of money.
You'd get a bunch of donations.
You could be the savior when you created it.
You did it, Jonathan.
And you know you did.
And we're not stupid.
And we know what you did.
Shame on you.
You violated Title VI.
You violated people's civil rights.
You spied on people.
You censored people.
You lied to people.
You lied about people.
You're bad.
You're a villain.
You're Lex Luthor.
You're the bad man.
You are creating anti-Semitism.
You are creating racism.
You are a censoring, anti-American pig.
And look, whether you're going to lose tens of millions of donor dollars, and you will, or you lose hundreds of millions in federal funding because you lose Title VI, and you will, we are coming for you because I'm tired of waiting, Joe.
I'm tired of waiting for them to protect my Jewish kids in school, so I'm going to protect them with the full force of the law.
Look, he couldn't help it.
Neither could the Democratic Party or the Socialist Party.
They all love race.
It's powerful.
It's primitive.
They can control us.
They couldn't stay away from it, the ADL.
They had to use it for control.
And now that it's blown back, he is so incredibly upset.
Hey, Greenblatt, I hope you have a great life.
I hope your kids have a great life.
I don't want to come after you because you're Jewish.
I want you to stop coming after me and lying about me and censoring me.
And that's what Elon Musk wants.
So, you pick this fight with everybody, because knowing when it blew up, you'd get a bunch of power, but it's blowing up a little bit bigger than you thought it would.
A little bit bigger.
Then you thought it would.
All right, I'm going to give the toll-free number out on any issue, any item, anything, question, comment, you agree, you disagree.
You can tell us your name or where you're calling from.
You can tell us what the topic is if you want.
If you don't, just say, I'm a wild card.
Not a wild card from Missouri.
Just say wild card.
Then we may not know who you are, though.
When we go to you, you'll be confused.
Maybe you should say wild card and then hippopotamus, sir.
Wild card, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, but we want to be able to go to you and take your phone calls uncensored, unfiltered, as long as you don't cuss a bunch, because we've got to delay it out, and if you cuss a little bit, we've got to let you go, because the delay runs out.
It is first-time callers.
We're the first group of calls.
We'll take 12 calls, that's what the board takes, and then when those calls load up, then everybody else, long-time callers, are welcome to call, and we're kind of doing a hybridized deal here.
Everybody free-for-all already, first-time callers.
We're doing first-time callers first, then everybody can call in after that, and I do intend to take a ton of calls.
All I ask is you have a clean phone line, and be ready for me to go to you, 877-789-2539.
All right.
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We're now into hour number two on this live Friday, November 17th transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Very blessed and honored to be here.
Thanks for keeping us on the air in attack formation.
Stay in attack formation.
All right, I made the endgame in 2007.
It's really the seminal film on the New World Order transhumanist population takeover plan.
And I found it very interesting because IBM suspends advertising immediately from X and Twitter after discovering its ads appeared next to pro-Nazi content.
So they're definitely going after Musk right now for pointing out the ADLs created race-based politics to control America and end our free speech.
But IBM literally created the first computers for race mixing studies.
And Thomas Watson got the highest award from Adolf Hitler.
And of course you have IBM and the Holocaust best-selling, New York Times best-selling book by Black that's dead on target.
So it just shows how the real Nazis give us poison shots.
The real Nazis cut off the food and water worldwide.
While they tell us about how they're protecting us from Nazis all day, you have George Soros, literally a Nazi collaborator.
Here's a clip from the film.
The Allies then smuggled thousands of Nazi scientists out of Germany and placed them in key scientific positions, ranging from bio-weapons to rocketry throughout the military-industrial complex.
The founder of IBM was a devout follower of Hitler.
Thomas J. Watson had supplied his punch card computers and IBM technicians to the Nazis for use in the death camps.
Tattoos on camp victims were IBM human identification numbers which fed into the computers.
IBM had used similar punch card systems as early as 1928 in a Jamaican race mixing study.
The first real computers were literally invented by a eugenicist for eugenics.
That's just part of the almost three hour long film that's free online and free at band.video.
End game.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
Meanwhile, we have LibTard, it's up on Infowars.com, in the coal mine, meaning canary in the coal mine.
Michael Rapoport says voting for pig D-I-C-K Donald Trump is on the table because of the attacks on Jews.
This guy is something else, ladies and gentlemen.
He still attacks Trump, who brought peace and unity and all the rest of it, and still says he's horrible and calls him name after name, but says he's going to vote Trump if Biden doesn't do something about all this.
That's coming up next segment.
We also have Hamas could be planning terror attacks on American soil, says the FBI.
I've been warning you this is coming next, whether the FBI stages it or whether it's real.
That's their end game with 300 and something days out.
from the historic election.
So, start your engines!
TW, Metatron, Wildcard.
Again, anybody that wants to give their name, just call them Wildcard.
Mike, Karen, Todd, Danielle, Rick, Brian, your calls, Mike, are all coming up on the other side of this quick break.
But definitely the world is in a transformation right now for the good, the bad, and the ugly.
This is a historic time and now's the time to get close to God and realize God created all humans and have a love for fellow humanity, but not let people use that love of fellow humanity to then bully you into giving up your sovereignty and your rights and your identity and your culture and your heritage.
Be proud of that.
And don't let the ADL tell you you're bad because you're a Christian or you're white.
And don't let Black Lives Matter tell you that.
And stand up to them when they do that.
And say, you don't represent Jews.
You want to cause a race war to persecute Jews so you get power out of their persecution.
We know what you're doing.
You want World War II 2.0.
You're the literal grandchildren of the people that worked with Hitler to persecute Jews and then steal their money.
And then certain Jews like Madeleine Albright and George Soros were allowed to steal the money and get out of Europe.
We know who you are, Jonathan.
We know
What you're up to, we know who you are.
You're bad.
You're a bad man.
You're the worst of the worst.
Sellin' out your own people.
I'd say shame on you, but you have no shame.
Now you're gonna have to deal with God.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
At this important meeting of the Deimos Grover Elite, we have told you they will eat the bugs, they will own nothings, and they will like it.
We have worked around the clock to silence Herr Jones and anyone else that challenges I.E.
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Of course it'll be easy to silence Jones!
We will have victory!
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Our new world order!
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We are now into hour number two with 353 days, 11 hours, 50 minutes and 43 seconds until the most important election in world histories.
The forces of the new world order are attempting to destroy our champion, Donald Trump.
Who try to bring business and jobs back to the Republic, try to make us love the country again, try to secure the border.
They are coming after him because they want to get to us.
And we are about to go to your phone calls on this live, teleprompter-free, uncensored, unfiltered, global transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
Great job of the crew and everybody that makes this transmission possible, particularly you, the listeners and the viewers.
I salute you.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're fighting totalitarianism.
That's who we are.
We love freedom.
They're going after Elon Musk because he liked a tweet saying, yeah, the ADL, the left, they are literally teaching that white people are inherently evil.
You see it everywhere.
We need reparations.
Critical race theory is children as young as five.
And Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the ADL, because a blowback has been all over the news, saying
This is the oppressed Olympics.
Sounds like Rush Limbaugh or Tucker Carlson now.
This is the oppressed Olympics.
And a black disabled lesbian is on the top and Jews are on the bottom.
Where you tried to put the white people and the Christians and the conservative Catholics?
They have had open season.
I could show you just from this week hundreds of videos of police being randomly beat up by black people and the Soros DAs in New York and places just let them go.
I'm not against black people.
It's a tiny minority of black people that have been told you can commit all the crimes you want.
Open air FedEx robberies in the middle of roads.
Mass looting, killing, crime exploding.
Black on white crime predominantly.
When white people complain about it, or when the white shooter wanted to go kill white people because she thought that was trendy and cool in Nashville, they suppressed it.
Because you can't let people know that the anti-white vitriol has reached such an incredible level that it's so dangerous.
But then when it gets dangerous for Jews that Greenblatt represents, he's helping stir it up, knowing he'll then be the savior.
And that's all he's doing right now.
He knew exactly what he was doing, creating this whole cauldron.
And just like George Soros and Madeleine Albright, their fathers worked for the Nazis, ratting out Jews, robbing their money.
This is the upper crust.
Of this whole leftist movement, of this group that creates persecution of Jews, and then stands in as their saviors.
That's the final equation.
That's what's going on.
And then they bring the Islamists in, that are a domestic group that engage in terror, so all of our rights have to be taken, but then it's not about 9-11 and the Muslims, now it's about, oh, the Trump supporters, and the constitutionalists, and the evil white people, and white supremism, and that's what Homeland Security's for.
Go ahead and play the Greenback clip, and then I forgot to play it yesterday.
Get the Ray clip of him.
It's only a minute and a half long in Congress on Wednesday.
And he's like, oh yeah, the terrorists are about to hit any minute.
We don't even know where they all are.
So you can see the setup as if we can't follow this and remember this.
The public has a memory.
They have a memory for movies and sitcoms they like and sports.
But once the public starts thinking about memories about real issues, it's game over.
This whole thing rests on the public not having a memory.
I want nothing but prosperity for Christians, nothing but prosperity for Muslims, nothing but prosperity for Jews, nothing but prosperity for Hindus and Buddhists and Zoroastrians and agnostics and atheists.
But the open season on white people and the open season on Christians and conservative Catholics, for whatever reason the main group they're attacking, is over!
It may not end right away, but we're not cold, we're not cucked, we're not intimidated, we know what you're doing, and we don't hate you because you're black or because you're Jewish.
We don't like you because the big banks and BlackRock are using you to control and foment us, and we want to live in peace, and we don't want to be part of this.
So we see what you're doing, we embrace Martin Luther King Jr., we don't judge somebody off the color of their skin, but off how they perform.
Let me tell you how this operation works.
We got black folks, Hispanics, Asians, whites, everybody working there.
We go off the work you do and how awesome you are.
We got people that are every group that are awesome, because they're all humans.
They got red blood.
And that's what I look at.
I don't look at somebody, but that's how the real world works.
Again, I've said this 5,000 times, I'll say it again.
I don't go to a restaurant because a certain group of people own it.
Is it good service?
Is it great food?
Are they nice?
So I go to the black soul food places when I get time.
It's in East Austin.
I go to the best Chinese food restaurants.
I go to the redneck places.
If Hispanics own the best barbecue place near me, I go to that one, which they do.
They're closing next year.
It's so sad.
One right on the street.
Been there for 40 years.
They're closing.
Incredible barbecue.
And I don't go, oh, Mexicans own this, I'm not coming here.
I go there because they're nice, the food's good.
That's common sense, folks.
You don't listen to music because of what color somebody is.
You listen to it because it touches your human soul.
And the ADL doesn't want you to look at the end product of what the fruits of a tree are that Christ talked about.
They want to be the managers of this racial hellscape they're creating.
That's why I say the closest thing to a Nazi I've seen, race-based politics, demonizing certain groups, creating division, is the ADL.
I'm not literally saying they wear Hugo Boss Nazi uniforms and secretly worship Adolf Hitler.
As the dumb-ass white supremacist.
Oh look, Jones claims the ADL are Nazis.
No, I said they are race-based.
And they're using racial politics, so don't you be dishonest either, and most of you are run by the feds.
But I won't sit here and have the ADL brand America as Nazi.
When our country defeated Hitler, and both my grandfathers almost died in World War II in the Army Air Corps, and then I gotta watch some little, little Nosferatu tell me I'm bad.
You know what?
I don't have guilt you put on me, buddy boy.
And I've had enough of you.
So I've already played him three or four times.
I wanna go to your phone calls.
Let's play some footage.
A couple, a week ago, a police officer was called to a scene.
Reportedly by a woman that was being beat up.
And two big black guys beat up and almost killed the white cop.
They were released two days later with no bond.
In New York City.
Again, I don't care if the cop's white or black or whatever.
You can't have a civilization where a police officer gets almost beat to death and then the people get released a couple days later.
How about we don't teach black people are bad, Jews are bad, Christians are bad and we just let people go to college?
And not have state-sponsored racial division.
But you're behind it.
You're the most guilty.
In fact, I want people to take Greenblatt, a bunch of clips, and I want Hitler mustaches on him.
I want him in Nazi uniforms immediately.
Because that creature is a slug.
And my grandfather... I almost don't exist, so I take that seriously.
Both of them almost died in the Army Air Corps.
And they weren't huge, big heroes.
My dad's dad was in a whole bunch of missions.
Thank God my mother's...
Dad had a crash landing very early, because most people in his group died.
In fact, fighter pilots at the start of World War II did not do too well.
But the point is, literally, I do not almost exist because of Adolf Hitler.
And I'm not going to let some snot-nosed piece of crap tell me that I am a racist and I'm bad when all he does is sell Hitlerian garbage!
And Sacha Baron Cohen and the rest of these monsters, these are monsters!
And people are awake to it and we're sick of it!
So drop the race garbage.
I don't care about Soros and Black Lives Matter or Rosenblatt or any of these people.
But they know what they're doing.
They're creating a backlash against Jews, which they'll then suck all your money.
I'm going to let that parasite suck your money, Jews.
Let me tell Jews something.
Your enemy list, Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, they want to kill you.
That guy is in your camp and he thinks that you're dumb.
You think that guy is your friend?
You think George Soros is your friend?
Wise up!
And I'm talking to the Jews right now, and I know most of them aren't wise enough, but the Democrats are panicking.
The black people are leaving, the liberals and the communists, the Jews are leaving, the Hispanics are leaving, Asians, everybody's leaving!
Because we know they're bad!
They're slimy!
Alright, I'm gonna stop ranting.
Play the latest kid, beat to death by 15 blacks for no reason in Vegas.
And they tried to cover it up, now they've charged eight of them.
The point is, this is going on everywhere.
And most black people aren't like this.
The point is, the media is green-lighting this and trying to cover it up with some crazy white woman that thinks she's a man.
Goes and kills little white kids and says, these cracker, blonde-haired kids, scumbag, white privilege, they deserve to die.
They got white people killing white people because they think it's trendy.
They got black people killing white people because they think it's trendy.
All because the ADL sits up there and takes a big giant dump on us every day.
Let's play Charlie Kirk.
The Charlie Kirk clip on Elon Musk.
Then we'll go to your phone calls.
Here it is.
I don't know what part Elon is saying is the actual truth.
So let's go through this.
Again, it's double negatives and misuse of the word disinterested.
It's a strange tweet that Elon pinpointed on here.
But the first part is absolutely true.
Let's go to this.
Jewish communities have been pushing the exact kind of hatred against whites that they claim to want people to stop using against them.
Now, I don't like generalizations.
Not every Jewish person believes that.
But it is true the Anti-Defamation League was part and parcel with Black Lives Matter.
It is true that some of the largest financiers of left-wing anti-white causes have been
Jewish Americans.
They went all in on WOKE, and it wasn't just ADL.
It was some of the top Jewish organizations in the country that have done that.
In fact, we have seen this with the recent retreat of Jewish donations that are no longer going to be administered to colleges, right?
Mark Rowan, Leon Koffman.
Can we get that full list?
It's very powerful.
So that's totally true.
And by the way, Tucker Carlson reinforces this.
It was quite a day on the internet.
I mean, we can't sit here and have the ADL literally say white people are bad inherently because of their skin color, and then when Jews get attacked because they've trained a mob of people to hate white people, and you turn around and whine about it.
I think it's terrible.
It's absolutely terrible.
And we need to be fighting against this.
All right.
We got loaded phone lines.
I want to get something about the election, but on everything you've just been saying, and I agree 100%, there's Nazi influence, intelligence agencies obviously operate from paperclip, but I think there's newer
And he pledged his big book, Rules for Radicals, is dedicated to Satan.
To Lucifer.
And I think you could sum up all of his theories to divide.
Divide and conquer, right?
All this stuff you're talking about, black on black, and it's extended now, or black on white and all of this, divide by race, divide by gender, you know, now we have it with the trans stuff, and it's just divide, divide, divide by economic class.
And it's a way to, you know, make people fight each other, keep them distracted, whatever.
I would love, the reason I bring it up is I would love if sometime you could do a deep dive into the history of Alinsky and even him with Hillary Clinton because I think this new wave of... I agree, we should do a deep dive next week on rules for radicals, Saul Alinsky, that's a great idea.
I would love it, yeah.
I really think that this
This wave of Democrats we have are, like, following the Zelensky playbook.
And I think Hillary is a big brainchild of that.
What do you make of it blowing up in the ADL's face, though?
People really are getting this.
I'm not informed enough to speak on ADL stuff, honestly.
What do you think of Elon Musk?
I like him.
I like him.
Well, he's definitely taking people on, and he's doing irrevocable damage to them, so you've got to judge a tree by its fruits, and right now he's a wrecking ball.
If he's evil, he knows they're going down.
He wants to be in position once they fall.
He has like a super high IQ.
He may be even more evil than them.
I'm not saying that, but I'm not going to sit here and trust him.
Thanks for the call.
Karen in California, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Yes, thank you.
Two really quick things.
First of all, I wanted to talk about your turmeric supplement.
My husband is having arthritis in his hands and he works with his hands.
He was really upset, having difficulty at work.
He tried that and after a few days, he was back to normal.
What products helped him?
Um, the bodies and the tumeric supplement.
Oh yeah, our body, our tumeric supplement is the strongest on the market.
I mean, it doesn't work immediately like ibuprofen.
Yeah, yeah.
It does take a few days, but if you stick with it, it's really great.
All the real stuff that works takes days.
Like the iodine takes two weeks.
And the tumeric takes about two days.
You're dead on about that.
It's because it's God-given, but it works way better.
It just takes longer.
Yes, it was amazing.
So, the other thing I wanted to let you know is my family member was hospitalized here in Santa Clara County in California and we're still under COVID tyranny.
Oh yeah?
All the staff, the patients, they have to wear masks all the time and they test the patients periodically even if they don't have symptoms.
Oh yeah, they covertly brought it back in September like I told people.
They're still trying to bring it back.
Yeah, and not just that, he was on a locked ward, a psychiatry ward, where most of the patients there, they're on involuntary holds.
They can't even leave if they want to.
If one person on the whole unit tests positive, they don't allow any visitors for a minimum of five days.
Yeah, which they use as a control mechanism in some of these more corrupt hospitals to put them on ventilators and kill them.
That is so sad.
Well, I hope your family member makes it out of there.
What's their name?
Can we pray for them?
He's out of there now, but you can pray for him.
His name is Anthony.
All right.
Well, thank you so much, Karen.
I really appreciate your call.
We're moving quick through calls.
Todd in Michigan.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, thanks Alex.
I got tremendous respect for you and what you're doing.
First of all, I'd like to say that everybody's under the impression that C-SPAN and Washington Journal is unbiased, but I know that they're not.
And I've said some things on the Washington Journal that cut me off, and my phone, I found out later, was pinged by the NSO.
I'm going to tell you, every time I've gone to Canada,
Either through Portage, Minnesota, Sarnia, or the Windsor Tunnel, my phone has been extracted, and if I don't comply, they will turn me around and give me a letter to return back to the United States.
Because of some of the things I've said.
Canada is an incredible tyranny.
It's a beta test for the new world war.
Well, this is just the beginning, okay?
So, what happened was, about a week ago, I divulged some information, and in fact, on Facebook, I've got your website address on there, and they have a disclaimer saying, you know, fact check.
You probably know about all that.
But they put that on my website, and what happened was, I live in Ironwood, Michigan.
My, the phone I was using is now in a forensic lab in Marquette, Michigan.
The FBI sent the Ironwood Police over here to get my phone and send it to Marquette where they can tear it apart.
It only takes a minute to do forensics.
But I know for a fact that
Well, number one, the CIA is precluded from operating any type of surveillance on the United States soil.
But they do operate domestically, so why do you think they're harassing you?
Well, because, like I said, there's some things that I said, okay, that they didn't like, and I got a four-page email from C-SPAN telling me how
They are impartial and how... No, I hear you, brother.
We're living in a giant surveillance state.
I'm not cutting you off.
We've got to go to break.
More calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today, Bandai video.
All right, we're taking your extremely interesting phone call.
Sometimes they're all over the map, but hey, it's still informative.
Let's talk to Mike in San Francisco, where we just saw corporate leaders from around the world bow down to Xi Jinping and Biden.
Biden say,
We have the video here that Newsom will be replacing him to be the president.
Wow, these are incredible times.
Mike in San Francisco on pensions, economy, and what's happening.
Yeah, it was real interesting the other day when I was out for my run to see all these big jets flying over and just heading towards the San Francisco airport.
Go ahead.
It was like, you know, like I say, within 15 minutes, I saw about seven or eight planes.
It was pretty interesting.
But pensions, I was just wanting to ask, like,
I know a lot of the people that are working within the systems and stuff like that, they stay in because, oh, I got a pension or, oh, I have this.
And so I was wondering if you could give me some information to look into to see what they have in store for our pensions as far as, you know, taking them or, you know, just them being worthless when the economy actually crashes.
Well, that is really the $68 quadrillion question.
And if you look at the different UNWEF white papers and plans, they want to slowly devalue the currencies, then bring in central bank digital currencies that you can spend places and get discounts on things, incentivize you to go to those, but it only lets you spend the digital currencies where they say you can.
So they want to segue into that.
They want to take poor populations they control, get them on that.
It's like Welfare 2.0, domestication operation.
And then they'll have a cascade of collapses, power outages, internet hacks, different things.
They're beta testing to bring in their new world order.
They said we'll use cyber attacks, power outages, viruses, terror attacks, wars to bring it in.
So they've admitted that and they always do what they say they're going to do.
They act like we're animals.
They just talk in these big globalist meetings like we don't even
We're good to go.
One of their plans is if you will pledge in a certain amount of your funds into a ESG system that gives reparations or does carbon taxes or cuts down trees to save the earth or gets rid of cows to save the earth, I'm not joking, they actually say cut trees down, we will then back up your currency and augment
You're saving but the bubbles imploded the Ponzi schemes over and so they want to wreck it and blame it on wars and race war and Calamity and then have you opt in to say lose 30% of your value But then you'll get this great digital ID and get discounts on things and that'll be the only recourse you've got They'll say to then hold you hostage.
So instead of going to prison like Sam Bankman freed They'll just get more power out of the control.
They're launching.
You sound like a smart fella
They keep people kidnapped via the pension funds.
They keep them kidnapped in the system that way.
But with inflation, Social Security, all of it's already basically worthless.
So what do you think?
Yeah, I kind of think the same way.
You know, I think about possibly pulling out, doing like a self-directed IRA or something of that nature where at least I have control and I'm in the driver's seat of my own retirement.
So, I know you have a tax organization that works with you as well.
Would that be a group that we could contact to get information on how to do it without paying the most in taxes?
Yeah, they're good folks.
You might want to talk to American Tax Solutions.
There's no perfect fix to this.
We've already gone over the edge of the cliff.
I'm not your financial advisor.
I would simplify, I would pare back, and then I would try to start small
The side businesses and just realize that you're not going to end up getting your savings just because of inflation.
And there'll be something there hopefully, but they're going to hold you hostage with that.
And I would just realize that downsizing, but also getting another job.
I think that's where this is going.
What do you think?
No, definitely.
I much see that finding multiple streams of income and then being more self-sustaining and getting out of the cities and just, you know, kind of reconstituting living in the country and things of that nature is kind of what we need to do now.
Because like you said, we've already kind of driven off the cliff and now it's just time to get sustainable, get protected, and kind of ride out the wave.
Well, exactly, and I appreciate your call.
And you can see my bankruptcy filings, Bloomberg reports on it, you know, everything.
They're like, Jones is selling his lake house to pay for his legal bills.
I lived in that little, little, not even 1,500 square foot cabin for three years.
When my children were tiny.
Rex is 21 now.
Charlotte's 19.
My middle daughter wasn't even around yet.
And it was a long commute into Austin.
30, 40, 50 minutes depending on the traffic.
But when I ended up moving into Austin, I didn't keep the lake house like it was some investment.
It's a little bitty house.
I kept it because I loved it.
Now I'm getting rid of it to fund the operation.
And it's like, I haven't been there in over a year.
It means nothing.
So they're all celebrating in Bloomberg.
Jones forced to sell his lake house.
It's sentimental.
It's a tiny little cottage.
Beautiful little spot, but I'm in the war.
I'm here.
I'm not there.
So it's all about downsizing and getting down to the very, very basics and then having friends and family you can trust and
That's the biggest wealth there is.
Your relationship with God is number one.
That overshadows everything times a trillion.
So that's 99% of it.
Friends and family you can trust.
Having firearms at work, knowing how to use them, storable foods, backup generators, whatever you got.
And then family or whatever that lives on, you know, 50 acres somewhere in case things totally collapse.
And you got to haul your food and everything there.
But by the time it gets that bad, you may not be able to get out of the cities.
I mean, this is, this is, skip the break coming up.
This is that serious, brother.
So I can't give you, you know, any advice that I wouldn't give myself.
Like Bloomberg had a big headline, Jones selling a cash
Of watches and guns and cars and boats and yeah, it's like a 10 year old boat and it's a cottage and it's guns my dad bought me when I was in high school.
And it means nothing.
I mean, my dad bought it.
I care about the guns, but it's like I'm all in on that.
And you can't imagine the faces of the 18 lawyers, the Democratic Party on the other side, when they lied and said I had $400 million.
And I went into federal court and showed them everything.
And the judge put three forensic accounting firms and made us pay for it, which totally made me broke.
To come in and go, oh my God, no one's ever given us, they said this in court, no one has ever given us more information than Alex Jones, and it was all true.
Everything they said was a lie, everything I said was true.
Because they want to put me in prison, I already know that, but I tell the truth anyways.
So when I tell you folks, my back's against the wall, when I tell you I am completely maxed out, a $30,000 boat, a $50,000 car,
A lake cottage, which I don't even go to, have it all.
What I care about, and imagine them spending $40 million the last year and a half in the bankruptcy against me, and now they admit $50 million in the five years before suing us and trying to shut us down.
They've spent $90 million in five years trying to shut us down.
In court filings, $90 million.
And we've spent $20 million battling them because the goal wasn't to keep the crap.
The goal, what we knew it was all rigged.
It was to play it out.
And knowing it was rigged, with judges that found me guilty, and just knowing the world would move on.
God told me, God said, it's all going to be rigged.
Everything you got is going to be taken.
I know, you know, literally, this is five years ago.
You understand this.
And then by the time they, by the time they win, the whole world will wake up.
It'll be a whole new ballgame.
And God was right again.
That's not my brain coming up with that.
That is the Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Yahweh, whatever you want to call the big spirit.
Literally told me, you just hold on and we will win.
Your message will win.
My message will win.
Are you ready to get tortured?
You ready to be in prison?
You ready to die?
Yes, sir, I am.
Well, I'll probably spare you a job in trial, but you're going to have a big one.
And that literally the Holy Spirit even says that like, well,
You know, it's a free will thing.
Don't tempt me too much, son.
Do you want them to kill you?
That might actually help.
No, no, no.
Okay, well, we're not going to probably do that.
But it's literally that level.
I'm like, the globalists are attacking me and I'm like communing with the creator of the universe and God's angels and literally giving next level understanding over the horizon psychic power.
Oh, oh, I could join you and go rape two-year-old babies and drink their blood?
Oh, that sounds so fun!
Put a gun to my head.
I'd rather die than serve you.
Shall we tell that story so people see it like it's a victory?
Oh, bloomer.
Jones is selling 50 guns.
Why has he got 50 guns?
Well, I'm 50 years old, man.
And I didn't even hide any of them.
I didn't deny any of it.
I said, here, have it all.
It was all just in gun safes.
Everyone had time to shoot the guns.
Just take it all.
Just take it all.
Just take it all.
Because it means nothing at the end of the day.
Free speech matters.
And what we're saying on air matters.
And it's a purification.
It's a sanctification.
Pick up your cross and follow me.
And I'm not a sadomasochist.
I don't like pain.
But you know what?
If I gotta go through pain to get to the destination to stop these people, I will do it.
But the pain is even messing with it!
The pain is even spending time jacking with selling a car, or jacking with selling guns.
It's like, good, please, just have it!
We had 10 storage facilities, mainly just full of crap, decades of garbage.
You know what I said?
You know what?
They're like, oh, just have it!
Dang it!
Ha ha ha!
And take your nuclear war with you.
Because that's what we're on the edge of.
None of this crap.
They almost killed my dad.
They almost killed Rob Due.
Members of my family died when they released COVID.
The government, Anthony Fauci, murdered members of my family that I love.
You've murdered my family.
You think taking a car or a boat, I never, I haven't used the boat in two years.
All I do is work seven days a week other than time with my family.
I'll go over two hours local park and kick a soccer ball at my daughter over and over again back to each other.
That's all I need.
I'm wearing a shirt I had in college on me right now.
That's why I look so fat in it.
I bought this shirt at like a country western store in like 1994.
None of this crap means anything to me.
What matters is the truth and justice and freedom.
And that's what I stand for.
And they can't stand it because they sold out and lost their birthright and we didn't.
All right, I'm going to go back to your calls.
I didn't mean to go off on a jag about that.
But if you want to see free speech systems hire reporters back and go to all the big events, Davos, Bilderberg, RNC, DNC, there's no money for that.
But X2's been sold out for over a year, and man, it's blowing off the shelf.
Came back in this morning.
It's so incredible.
It's the only real nascent atomic iodine.
The only pure iodine out there.
What it does for your body is insane.
It's back at stock.
We got Black Friday.
Comes early.
Huge discounts.
Fund us, and we'll keep fighting.
But I've been in this fight almost 30 years.
In three months, it'll be 30 years.
And I've been doing this so long, I am so trustful in God, that I'm not even worried about it.
I get frustrated, I get pissed off, I get angry.
But at the end of the day, it's all part of God's master plan.
Alright, so we've got massive amounts of phone calls.
Danielle, and Rick, and Brian, and Wildcard, and Carlos, and T.W., and Thor, and Mike, and Robert.
But let's play the little Fenton on the Dragon.
People love him.
And since we have Gigi Ping visiting the West Coast, we'll play that, we'll come back in a few minutes, and I promise I'm going to shut up and go right to your phone calls.
But I just, you know, I feel so sorry for people that aren't conscious, people that aren't with God, because I'm far from perfect, but I can glimpse God.
I can see perfection.
And to see perfection is to grasp perfection is to be perfection.
I'm, to know how dirty and fallen I am, but man, I've seen the mountaintop, baby, that Martin Luther King Jr.
talked about.
I've been there.
I've seen it.
And you don't go up there and ever come back down the same, just like Moses.
You don't ever come back down the same, folks.
And you see all these people serving evil, the follies of it, how pathetic it is if they just knew Christ, if they just knew God.
We'll go right back to your calls after this.
Oh, hello!
Fit another communist Chinese dragon here with an important public service announcement.
Live in your poop and needles, and human sex trafficking, and open borders, and buy slave goods from China, and do what the Justice Department say, and put all the good Americans in prison, and stay asleep.
Your master Xi Jinping has arrived, and our puppet Biden bowed down to him.
Governor Newsom has also visited and bowed down to our leader, who is also your master.
The shithole city of San Francisco, like all the other communist cities we control, has been flooded with fentanyl.
But when the dear leader arrives, they clean the streets for him.
Hello, poop people!
Ha ha ha!
That's what your master, G.G.
Pink, calls you.
But he does not look at the poop and needles that you live in.
All the homeless taken away with your great leader there.
And our puppet, Nathan Newsome, tell you, oh, we're only cleaning for G.G.
Pink, not for you!
I know folks say, oh, they're just cleaning up this place because all those fancy leaders are coming into town.
Um, that's true.
Because it's true.
That's how we rub the poop in.
Enjoy your shiho series.
You are done.
We own Hollywood.
We own TikTok.
We owe almost everything.
Now we buy up your farmland.
You eat sabayas while we eat the steak.
The last group to take out is any leadership that is resisting us, like Donald Trump.
He will soon be in prison.
And then, of course, we must silence any populace that resists us.
And that is our next move.
Good FBI.
Good Justice Department.
Good Merrick Garland.
Good Jack Smith.
Put Trump in jail.
Put political dissidents in jail.
Silence free speech.
Censor everyone.
Also, we're very focused on the data we're collecting from surveillance efforts.
What's being said on social media platforms.
Every person on social media should be verified by their name.
We have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms.
They need to verify every single person on their
Well, that was interesting.
I guess our computer system crashed.
That happens occasionally.
Hey, a black screen's a good thing to look at.
That's what we'll be doing.
That's what we'll be like.
We're unable to continue on here.
You know, we could have, like, million-dollar equipment.
That would never happen.
We have, like, prosumer stuff.
It's $50,000, $70,000, $100,000 per piece of equipment.
So it occasionally has a heart attack.
Usually not when we're live on air.
Usually when I'm cutting a piece or doing some tape report, it'll have a heart attack on us.
We want to see the whole Fenton of the Dragon report.
It's up on InfoWars.com right now.
I'm going to go back to your calls, but I want to play the FBI director.
From a couple days ago, I meant to get to, Hamas could be planning terror attacks on U.S.
soil, FBI says.
Yeah, and Biden gave them $6 billion, and $87 billion in Afghanistan, and they think, when the attack happens, that we are too stupid to remember it or understand it.
But am I too stupid to remember the computer crash?
Can we play that clip?
I'm going to say it again, very slowly to the crew in there.
Can we play the FBI Director Club?
We can.
All right.
Here's that clip.
Today we got another stark warning on Capitol Hill about attacks that could be coming for Americans at home or abroad.
And it came from our FBI Director, Christopher Wray.
Today he doubled down on the alarm bells that he sounded just two weeks ago.
Watch this.
In a year where the terrorism threat was already elevated, the ongoing war in the Middle East has raised the threat of an attack against Americans in the United States to a whole nother level.
Al-Qaeda issued its most specific call to attack the United States in the past five years.
Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula called on jihadists to attack Americans and Jewish people everywhere.
ISIS urged its followers to target Jewish communities in the United States and Europe.
Our most immediate concern is that individuals or small groups will draw twisted inspiration from the events in the Middle East to carry out attacks here at home.
Can the FBI guarantee the American people
That known or suspected terrorists, including any from Hamas or other terror groups, are not amongst those gotaways?
Well, certainly the group of people that you're talking about are a source of great concern for us.
But there's really no way for you to guarantee that Hamas isn't in those?
Well, again, as you say, there's the unknown unknown and the known unknown.
Now he's quoting Donald Rumsfeld.
So, they opened it up.
Biden said, come here, immediately surged.
They did it.
When it happens, it's their fault.
It's like the ADL creates anti-Semitism.
Same crap.
The number one enemy of the Jews is the ADL.
And whoever ordered Israel to stand down on October 7th.
Alright, I'm done ranting.
I appreciate everybody holding.
We will get to every caller that's on the board.
Danielle in Iowa, you're on the air worldwide.
Hi Alex, I want to thank you for waking me up.
I've been a listener and a loyal supporter for 15 years.
Thank you.
Lately, you're welcome, lately I've been a little strapped for cash, so I've been trying to think of ways that I can get the word out and still support you.
Hey, if you don't have two nickels to rub together, sweetheart, you just spread the word about the broadcast.
That does a great job.
Yeah, so the idea that I had was I had two copies of your book.
I had your signed copy, which I cherish, and then I had the copy that I ordered from Amazon to push you to number one.
Well, I cherish you.
Thank you humbly from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you.
I had the idea to put a picture out on Facebook and I said, anybody interested in reading this book?
And the response was overwhelming.
So I'm shipping it out today to somebody in another state with the understanding that when they're done, they're going to pass it on to somebody else who wants to read it.
And then the response was so overwhelming that I'm going to order like four more of your books and do the same thing.
Danielle, what's on your mind?
Oh, I'm just disgusted with everything that's happened in this world.
I thank you for waking me up and because of you I can sleep better at night knowing that I'm prepared and I know what's coming for me and my family.
So thank you.
Well that's the thing.
Imagine the general public that doesn't know how dire the straits are.
It's sad.
I mean the CIA and the ADL and all these groups are literally trying to create a religious, ethnic, holy war.
They're openly doing it and this is horrible.
We should be pulling together to restore the economy, cheapen the price of energy, stop crime, build new industry.
No, we're doing the opposite.
I pray for you and Owen and your crew and every truth teller out there every single day.
Well, thank you, Danielle.
Anything else?
No, that's it.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
I got a call during a few breaks ago from Norm Patus, Owen Schroer's lawyer, great guy, Owen's a great guy too, who talked to Owen finally.
We have an update on Owen Schroer, finally, and I'm going to tell you about that.
I'm going to do that at the bottom of the next hour, but I got to get to these calls.
We're gonna return with Brian, Wild Card, Carlos, Adam, T.W., Thor, Jordan, Robert, and Taylor.
And that'll be enough calls the next hour.
We'll get to all those calls next hour.
And then we have... Owen Benjamin.
Great comedian, really smart guy.
Because Jadar couldn't do the show today.
We love Jadar, too.
He's going to be hosting the fourth hour ahead of The War Room.
Harrison Smith, formerly American Journal, 8 a.m.
weekdays at mfoolwars.com, Ford's last show.
He'll be hosting The War Room today for Owen, who is out on December 18th.
And I got a full update on what happened to Owen, but
Because of stuff going on with him, I'm not supposed to tell you what happened to him.
It's that... Well, I'm not gonna say anything.
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Why not try InfoWars Life's Whole Food Multivitamin?
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Now 40% off for a limited time at InfoWarsStore.com.
We're now into hour number three on this Friday worldwide broadcast.
Let's start taking your calls right now.
Brian is calling from America.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Say thank you for everything that you do and thank you for Owen Schroer.
We're praying for him.
Just want to be real quick with you.
If you can't see, not you, if your listeners can't see what's happening today with race baiting, CBDC, rolling out the red carpet for dictators coming into our country, false media, what they're doing to Owen with free speech, it's terrible.
You're just an incompetent eater and you need to open your brain.
Lastly, Marvin Heemeyer, I hope I say that name right.
Sometimes reasonable men do unreasonable things.
And I'll leave it at that.
I appreciate you.
I'll let you get to it.
Thank you, Alex, for everything that you do.
I love you, man.
Thank you.
We're definitely in a time of change, my friend.
They know a revolution is coming.
They want to brand it as a communist revolution.
It's race-based.
We don't want to do that.
We want to be freedom-based.
All right, Carlos in Canada.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
There is a momentum developing to go beyond the assassination of President Kennedy
Which is celebrated now about 60 years ago, and it was a defining moment in American history.
And it is actually now, some people that I've discussed with, understand that this is an international, worldwide, ideological division that is now coming to the fore.
Not that China or anybody is perfect, but there is a global rebellion against the Anglo-American establishment.
That is correct.
And it's based primarily on imperialism that Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President Roosevelt, was very much adamant against.
He was against imperialist taxations and privileges that were exercising against colonialism and so on.
President Kennedy took the mantle from
Roosevelt basically in the history is not little known that his father Joseph P Kennedy had been involved in the reformation of the stock market and he knew all the secrets and all the deals that were going on and he was working with Roosevelt of course who then suggested to him do something about it.
And that's right and when Joseph Kennedy had a stroke and couldn't advise his sons that's when they came after him.
That's correct and that at this point
President Kennedy was representing a kind of mankind that was run by the value of the individual, a piece of everyone in the world managing their resources, where the individual is supreme, as in the Republic, where the individual has the right to control his future.
And this ideology was contrary to the hidden monarch, the monarchic Anglo system, where the imperialists
Mankind is run by a few technocrats because they are considered to be the supremos and everybody else is dumb.
This leads to an understanding of mankind as useless eaters and to colonialism where you basically have technocrats running a vast majority of people that are kept backward and exploited.
And in the case, extreme case of Africa, in Belgium, Congo, you can see how horrible that was.
That is being replaced today
Well, that's right.
For those that don't know, De Gaulle
NATO was going to keep France under NATO, and de Gaulle had a coup that didn't really make the press even grab the nuclear weapons.
For people that don't know, the French actually stood up for themselves.
That's right.
And you know, the same people, de Gaulle said this, the same people that have been trying to kill me are the people that have killed your president.
He said this, okay?
And he was discussing this with ambassadors that, you know, Kennedy had sent to France, and they were communicating.
Hold on, Carlos.
Back in, I'm gonna break my own rule of two minutes for a caller.
I'm gonna come back in 60 seconds, let you finish this point, but you're dead on.
Those that don't know history are doing a repeat of Carlos from Canada, then Adam, Thor, Jonathan, Robert, Taylor, Sam, and Wildcard.
That's it for calls.
Stay with us.
You know, we're up against the biggest banks, most powerful companies in the world.
But despite that, we've stayed on air.
Just like President Trump is a man of steel, keeps fighting forward.
But I just want to thank Jack Posobiec, Mark Dice.
And Russell Brown, countless other people that are promoting AlexJonesGame.com, they see this as a way to keep us on air and fund us.
It's a great fun video game, very politically incorrect.
So where you play a game and it's got a huge voiceover on it, it's like a book on tape on top of the game, and then keep something important like this on the air.
So if you're on the fence about going to AlexJonesGame.com for $17.76 and getting the game, you're crazy.
Please go to $17.76game.com.
Please go to AlexJonesGame.com and get the New World Order Wars game.
All right, let's go back to Carlos.
Carlos, we're getting to geopolitics and where we are in the world.
Boil it down.
Who are the players?
How's it going for the Globalists?
The head of NATO, Stoltenberg, has come out and said that Russia has won.
We already knew that.
In two minutes.
Alex, let's continue.
In 1961, I believe, President Kennedy visited De Gaulle and they had a conversation.
Now, De Gaulle said, I knew your dad.
And they started talking about things that his dad and he had talked about.
When President Kennedy came back after talking to Charles De Gaulle, he knew
That Alan Dulles had been behind all of the efforts to dethrone, to kill, and to make sure that the agenda that was being followed was the agenda of containing all the resources of the world in the hands of a few technocrats for the Heaven Monarch, basically, the portfolio holder.
And so this individual,
I don't
By the way, that's what the British 400 years ago called their corporate committee that became the model of the worldwide intelligence corporate black rock system.
So that's a real thing.
That's not speculation.
Keep going.
No, no, it isn't.
Of course not.
And Maurice Strong is one of them.
Okay, was one of them.
With Klaus Schwab leading into the World Economic Forum and all of the young global leaders of which Mr. Newsom is one by the way, okay?
So, having said that, you can see where things are going.
Now, it can be turned around, it can be, but what you call globalists, essentially Alex, are the committee of 300 that think elitists, technocrats should run the world and everybody else is just useless eaters.
And if you're replaced by machines, all the better.
But if you, you know, just use the ones that you need to drive your, whatever, your machinery that machines can't use.
With respect to that, I'd like to say if you have a special on John F. Kennedy, please consider me to contribute, all right, in time.
And that's all I have to say for the time being without going into details.
With regards to Israel, Israel is after the Palestinian offshore resources.
We're good to go.
In principle, and then when they did what they did on October the 7th, well, that was it.
No, no way.
And Jordan, the same thing.
They didn't want them.
So now they have a problem because they have taken over the North and they have half of the South.
But the reality is that they want to get access to the offshore gas because with that, with what they have in the Levitian fields going on to the Levantine formation, they can supply Europe with LNG gas and so on.
And of course, you know, Turkey ain't going for that, right?
And what they're doing essentially, you know, is ethnic cleanse.
And I don't care what anybody calls it, they've screwed the pooch on that one.
Because it's absolutely obscene what's being done.
And I don't care what Nosferatu Rottenblatt says, okay?
I really don't care.
I totally agree with you, brother, and I appreciate your call.
God bless, Carlos.
Great points.
Well, I broke my rule and gave that caller like 10 minutes, but let's move on now.
Let's talk to Robert in Thailand.
You're on the air, Robert.
Thank you for taking my call.
This is Carl Sarn, Funkmaster5 at the Eastern Info Outpost.
I have two topics.
I'll go really fast.
First topic, above top secret technology, I believe.
That is, uh, their last move is to own the narrative on releasing that, um, because they're losing control and that's why they're going after Trump because his uncle.
Um, and yeah, I mean, I said, that's the root cause of what we're seeing worldwide that's going on.
It affects everything.
Um, the second piece is, uh, Rick Simpson, please, please have him on.
I talked to him recently.
He's recovered from a stroke and he's doing better.
I can.
If you can get me in touch with your crew, I can pass this information to you guys.
His story is so important.
He's like Alex Jones of the anti-pharma.
Please do.
We'll put you on hold and, you know, hand that off.
That's why we want to don't just stay the same size.
We've actually gotten smaller the last few years.
We want to expand and copy.
People like Steven Crowder with his investigative unit and obviously James O'Keefe.
Of course we did that before they did, but never on that scale.
We want to get five or six investigative people in here so they can get all these leads.
We can't even, they bring me stacks of leads and I'm just like, I'm supposed to go on their podcast.
I'm supposed to go to this meeting.
I'm not complaining.
It's like drinking out of a fire hose.
Does that make sense?
Well, you know, I totally appreciate it, and you actually gave me a big start.
I have a huge social media following in the cannabis industry because you plugged my YouTube channel like 10 years, 11 years ago, and we met at Occupy Bilderberg and everything, and I just want to get back in the fight and contribute and leverage whatever resources I have.
Well, I'll hand your info off to our...
Rob Dew gets a lot of stuff done around here.
He was up here at midnight last night.
He was here at 8 a.m.
He's cross-eyed right now, put down so much stuff, but he's the guy to hand it to, or one of the other people.
We're trying to get it done, brother.
We're trying.
Rob is a good name.
My name is Rob Dew, so I'd be happy to work with him.
All right, Rob.
We'll get your number and give it to him, all right?
Now, that's why... I don't want to just pay the bills.
Again, I don't also, I hate coming on there and saying, get my book, get my video game, get this, get that.
Anything we sell is great, because we want you to love it and buy it again, but I mean, I'm literally tortured.
I feel guilty every day that I'm up here begging.
I don't like it.
But I hate shutting the show down a lot worse, so.
You know, if somebody would just donate Bitcoin again,
Then I can cut the ads back for the next year to like two ads an hour.
I would do it too.
But I'm not complaining.
It's been great.
And I see how we put the video game out.
I trust in God.
Great folks have put out a few other successful games.
I know one of the guys.
He's the guy that's Don't Tase Me Bro.
Famous guy.
So I said, okay, you're in Abago.
Put a video game out.
And they came to me about a year later and said, here it is.
And I said, I like it, it's really good, but I want to do a voiceover throughout the game, all the levels.
I took another six months, they did it.
And they said, sure.
And people better get it at alexjonesgame.com because we're not ready to announce it yet, but it looks like they're going to try to censor it from the bigger platforms, which we knew would happen.
It's just par for the course.
If a fraction of our audience just decided to go to AlexJonesGame.com and get the game, whether you ever even play it or not, and like you're playing it, depending on what you do or what happens, I say different things.
I recorded hours of audio for this thing.
I mean, it's crazy.
Nobody's made a game like this.
And it's real simple.
That funds revolutions.
You know, Common has kidnapped people and robbed banks.
We don't do that.
We sell video games.
We sell storable foods.
We sell water filters.
And I can't stand doing it.
It's got Tucker Carlson throwing bow ties at the enemy, Trump, Joe Rogan's in it.
Those are just the good guys in it.
It's got all the bad guys.
Everybody from Hillary Clinton to Jeffrey Epstein to Klaus Schwab to George Soros.
Stop talking about it.
The good news is it's got tens of millions of views.
It's a big giant hit out there, but not so much a hit.
People actually going to AlexJonesGame.com and actually getting the game.
So whatever.
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
It's a great game.
Hope you go get it right now at AlexJonesGame.com.
We'll be right back.
Alright, we're going right back to your phone calls, but I just want to say something to all the incredible listeners and people out there.
I love you whether you're Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whether you're black, white, Hispanic, Asian, old, young, I love every damn one of you.
And if you're gay and aren't targeting children, I don't hate you either.
The point is, is that we've been right about the New World Order.
It's the big thing coming down on us.
We're talking about the real issues and nobody else is.
At least until now.
And so you see it now out in the open.
This is good.
Thank you for having me.
Um, so basically I'm trying to put pen to pad here and I have a sort of philosophical conception that was related to your ADL stuff you were saying today.
So I think sort of the mass migration across the border and this, you know, white privilege things are super related.
And I think what they're trying to do is get rid of people's identities who identify as freedom-loving Americans.
And the Marxist ideologies and the Hitlers and all them, they realize that race is the best way to do that.
And that's why you see if anybody who's a
Freedom-loving American, it doesn't matter what race you are, they'll call you a white supremacist.
If you're a black person, you love Trump, you're a white supremacist.
So they want to get rid of our identities, and I think they've realized that re-education camps don't actually work.
They've done studies years and years ago saying that conservatism and being religious might actually be something that people are born with.
It's in your genetic makeup.
So I don't think they want or are able to reprogram people.
I think they want to get rid of our identities.
And once they do that, we have no identity.
I one trillion percent agree.
They want everybody to infight with each other so that we don't talk about our identities and so that we are basically programmed by them.
That is absolutely the plan.
You just nailed it.
Yeah, and I think the mass migration is just basically
People who come from other nations who are already like oppressed by their government, they're used to a certain level of oppression.
So that's why they need more people coming in from areas or third world countries who are used to this oppression so they can fall in line.
It's kind of the whole like, hurt yourself to help yourself.
So it is pulling more people who are just going to be lockstep in line.
Incredible point, sir.
God bless you.
Hold on to your identities.
Be proud of your identities, whether you're black or white or old or young.
Be proud of your ancestors.
Wildcard in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, sir.
I just wanted to share with you and everyone that I'm pumped up in the animating contest of Liberty.
And I just wanted to throw out there, I'm in Mendocino County, California.
And if anyone wants to get together and organize, look for an ad on Craigslist with the title InfoWars.
And we're going to rally around your InfoWars and God.
So there's that.
And then one thing I wanted to get out there.
I don't know if you've ever heard of the Mystery School teachings.
I mean, of course I know about the Mystery School teachings.
I mean, who's defining that for you?
What do you think Mystery School teachings are?
So, more specifically, as detailed in this gentleman's Max Heindel's Magnum Opus, the Rosicrucian Cosmoconception, most specifically detailed in that book, it outlines the details
All right.
We'll be key to turning the tide in our favor.
Yeah, I don't know that particular book, but all Mystery School means is, whether you were in China 5,000 years ago, or Egypt 5,000 years ago, or Greece 3,000 years ago, or Rome 2,500 years ago, or Israel 3,000 years ago, or King Solomon, Mystery Schools were just the colleges.
And you didn't get to go to one unless you were specially selected.
They kept it all secret.
Masonry is all about oaths and basically you don't let loose the technology how to create concrete, how to purify water, how to grow crops, how to produce medicine.
So a mystery school in general is simply the name of colleges before they got set up by the Hospitallers about 800 years ago.
He's gone.
Like, why do we call hospitals hospitals?
Like, 800 years ago, or 700 and something years ago, a Catholic order created the first hospitals that took care of sick people in the Crusades.
So, when you hear mystery school, there's all these people who call things mystery school, that's what they're telling you the mysteries are.
But most of it is just mathematics and concrete and Roman arches and how to build buildings and stuff, and they didn't just give that out to anybody.
So occult means hidden.
And before Christ and the New Testament, it was all hidden.
So I'm not an occult practitioner, but I study the hidden.
This whole broadcast is about un-occulting the occult.
Let's go to Thor in Texas.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, I want to talk to you about downsizing and prepping and consolidating like you were talking about earlier.
I, myself, have just downsized and consolidated various things.
A piece of property, I'm not going to say where, but it was just one-of-a-kind, and it was on the water.
It was a beautiful thing.
I still have access to it if I wanted to go to it, but again, I sold it, and I've taken that money, and I'm consolidating things in my life.
I'm shutting down expenses.
My business, you know, took a hit from all this mess, and I've had to consolidate.
You know, you said the other day, if we go out of business trying to send money after the fact and starting this thing back up, it's not going to work, folks.
He's got to have the money on the front end.
People want to try to revitalize my business now.
It is not going to work.
It's too much front end money and infrastructure.
It's too many decades and relationships, and once you blow it, it's gone.
That's exactly right.
So right now is the time to throw all the money to Alex and give him what you got, man.
Just squeeze out what you got.
You need to give him some money.
I want to say this, I'll hold you over to make your points about your business, but that's the thing.
This is all in right now.
We've proven we're the tip of the spear.
We've proven they're trying to shut us down.
We've told the truth about everything.
Yes, but regardless, get right with God.
But talking about downsizing,
The time for party time is over, and I wish we were still there.
But the truth is, we've got to take care of our families and take care of ourselves, because any amount of money we can save or keep when the stuff goes down, we're going to be able to do incredible things with that once the hammer drops.
Stay there, I'm going to come right back to you.
Don't hang up, Thor.
I want you to start your comments over.
But I want my enemies to know, taking my gun collection,
Means nothing to me.
Taking a car away.
None of that.
I don't care.
I care about free speech.
And it's this I care about.
And they're trying to take this away from all of you right now.
And this is your broadcast where you can call in and you can talk to millions.
You can have an effect.
And if they can get us, they can get anybody.
But I'm done talking about it.
Plus, we got products you need.
X2 back in stock.
Sold out for over a year.
It's going to sell out fast.
All right.
We're going to come right back with Thor, Jordan, Sam, Adam, and others.
Tomorrow's news today.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're taking your phone calls right now.
Four in Texas.
Start over as a Texas business owner and what's going on and downsizing, because I'm not a financial expert, but I told listeners, you heard them earlier, you were calling about it saying, what do we do?
And I mean, children matter.
Our souls matter.
Being prepared for total collapse matters.
And I would just advise everybody, support your family, get healthy, get right with God's number one, and
Thank you, Alex.
So, you know, if your business is on the rocks like mine was at the end,
People wanted to talk about doing a GoFundMe and try to rally, and it was too late.
And the numbers are where they're at.
And it's kind of like you were talking about doing a 90-day, you know, shutdown.
But man, that is for real.
Those are real words, but you are saying.
I experienced that myself.
It sucks.
A lot of tears, a lot of sadness.
And let me tell you something.
I'm surprised you haven't done a skit.
You know, showing how, wow, it's pretty sad that Alex Jones shut down.
Because the other day, when we took a little breather from everything and you weren't on, it kind of sucked not having you around, to be quite honest with you.
If you go, man, we don't have anybody else to turn to.
There are a few podcasters out there, but there's no one quite like you that's been in the grit for 30 years that's got the angle that you have.
You are extremely valuable.
You bring a lot of value.
So back to my business.
Yes, we closed it and it's done.
But here's a positive thing.
I'm probably fixing to sell it because somebody wants to buy it now.
What am I going to do?
I'm going to take those funds and I'm going to help fortify my family.
I'm not going to go buy something fun and nice and luxurious.
I'm going to use that money to help fortify my family.
Globalists, people like me, men like me and Alex and people like us,
You have no chance against us.
You absolutely have no chance.
I have a 25-pound bag of beans here.
I have a 50-pound bag of yellow corn here, blue corn, red winter wheat, black barley, wild rye, black-eyed peas, pinto beans.
I'll feed those people coming over here and use them against you.
Bring it on, man.
We are smart people.
Alex, I'm going to yield because I'm just starting to go off now.
No, I hear you, brother.
And that's what I'm trying to explain to listeners is, the globalists aren't that powerful.
I appreciate the call, Thor.
They think...
Taking money away from us breaks us.
It makes us even stronger.
But we just need the listeners to know, we're in the 11th hour, 58th minute right now.
This is going down, folks.
And as evil as the old-timers told me the Globos were, and they were badasses, the old-timers I was trained by were the best men ever in modern history in this country.
And I still thought, they're exaggerating.
These old men are exaggerating.
They weren't exaggerating one percent.
They were giving me the straight.
And I just look around at everybody else.
I'm so blessed.
My grandfathers, my uncles, my father.
They all know more than I know right now.
Their bunch of them are dead.
And I just look back and I said, my God.
I was born smack dab in the middle of people knew what was going on.
That makes me feel sorry for the average person who has no idea what they're up against.
Because it's going to get rough, folks.
That's all I can tell you.
I'm not going to lie to you.
And if we could, Trump's not perfect by a mile, but man, neither am I. And neither are you.
They're so damn scared of him because he made America open for business.
His weak spot is he wants to be a hero, so he went along with her shot.
We already know all that.
Trump told me, if I'm going to get more advice from you and more you criticizing me, I don't want to hear from you ever again.
He's a pig.
We're all pigs.
But the point is, he's our pig.
And instead, we got Xi Jinping as the president right now.
And I mean that when I say it.
I mean, our president is not even Obama.
I was thinking about this this morning.
Got up at like 3 a.m., couldn't sleep.
About 3.35, I got up.
It was all misty outside.
Went out, walked down on the green belt for about two hours, middle of the night.
Coyotes were running around howling.
Felt so alive.
And this came to me and I said, Trump's.
Trump's ours.
You just say whatever you want about him all day.
He's ours, folks.
He's bound us.
He actually thinks he represents us.
He's not perfect.
He's so optimistic.
He just wants to believe a shot's okay because he got behind it.
But imagine that optimism when he's turned against them.
Oh, they can't turn him.
They can't.
I can't turn him.
Back to what's right.
They can't turn him to the evil.
And I'm gonna go back to your phone calls, but it's just so epic to know we're in this time right now and know everything my granddaddy's told me was true.
And now I'm here, and I'm supposed to do something about it.
And I look at these other people, and I don't think, oh, I'm an elitist.
My granddaddy's knew everything.
I'm better than you because my family knew it all.
I actually look at them like, damn, I wish you did know.
That'd be a value to all of us.
Because people's cultural and economic and spiritual deficits are ours.
When you see some crazy-ass thug go kill a bunch of innocent children, or some white supremacist go shoot up a black church, or some crazy white woman hates white kids because Black Lives Matter and the ADL told her to go kill them, their weakness does not make us above them, it makes us lower to them.
Let's get this network break.
And I think about the hell that's about to be released.
Folks, you think what you're dealing with right now is bad?
It's birthing pains.
And I'm a strong person, but I'm shook.
Because, man, this does not need to happen.
This is going to be bad.
This is going to be nasty.
This is going to go on for decades.
You're going to look back on these days, my friends, and think of them as the good old days.
You can bet your bottom dollar.
But you know what?
We flushed our children down the toilet.
We said they didn't have any value.
So God said, you know what?
You kill your children, you don't have any value.
I'm going to open the gate and let evil come in and we'll see how tough you are.
You want to chop up babies in the womb?
I'm going to let the devil torture the living daylights out of you.
So we asked for it.
And we're going to get it.
And you're going to get it.
And I'm going to get it.
So get yourselves ready, folks, because you're going to face it.
Satan turned loose on the planet.
And all you New World Order servants who think you're going to be running the show because you've been kissing Satan's ass, you're going to get front row seats to Armageddon and getting your ass chewed up.
So that's the silver lining here.
It is all the evil people that think evil is so cool and so cute and so powerful.
You're gonna get front row seats.
So, that's the way the cow ate the cabbage.
That's where we are in the final days of 2023.
This planet hurtling through space.
Everything that's happening here right now.
Foretold of old.
Hey, did you see what was on Netflix last night?
How about them cowboys?
Yeah, how about the NFL?
How about it all?
Because weakness is a flash in the pan in history.
The universe doesn't allow it for very long.
And just like a moth to flame or a match to gasoline, weakness breeds destruction.
And I'm here to tell you folks, you got front row seats to Armageddon.
I sent the crew videos, remember they have it, of the Secretary of State in video after video looking like he's dying in these meetings.
Because he is dying.
He's presiding over the death of the West.
Can you imagine, psychically, what that feels like?
Go to the other video.
There's a whole other one.
Him just rolling around and just like he's in tortured pain.
Because he turned his back on God.
So he could perch there and pretend like he's powerful.
He's not powerful.
He's weak.
I've seen another video.
It's in the one... Play the one where he's, uh... He's totally freaking out.
I mean, imagine being that guy.
Is he really at the top?
I've been to the top.
Here's an Alex Jones quote.
I've been to the top, and there's nothing there but pain.
I've been to the top.
There's nothing there but betrayal.
I've been to the top.
There's nothing there but Satan.
I've been to the top.
There's nothing there.
Yeah, that's the video.
Look at this.
And he's just projecting to the Chinese that we hate our president.
We're pathetic.
This man is disgusting.
It's just all disgusting.
Jordan in California, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Alex, thank you very much.
God bless everything you're doing.
I just want you to know I'm a semi-religious Jew in Los Angeles.
Big Trump supporter from day one.
There's a lot of us here.
I would say 60-70% of Jews are Trump supporters.
And it's these Marxist liberal Jews that are, like, Blinken and Mayorkas, and they're the ones.
So we've been working on establishing a rabbinical court to have them excommunicating, excommunicated, starting with Soros.
The rabbis said we have to raise about $3 million to actually pull it off, and it's a major, major thing if it can be pulled off, because these aren't Jews.
These are Marxists.
That's all they are.
And we don't want it, you know, my uncle survived two death camps in World War II.
He had two sets of numbers, not just one.
He lived to be 102 years old making bikes.
They cut off a bunch of his fingers experimenting.
They cut off one ear.
He had two sets of numbers and he would tell me when I was a little kid, he says, this could happen again in your lifetime.
And I didn't believe him, but I kind of believed him.
And he's told me, always have some silver on you and you never know when you're going to have to run.
He knew.
He escaped, finally, at Sobibor.
He was part of the escape at Sobibor.
And he lived his last days in Los Angeles.
But I want your audience to know that it's not all the Jews doing this.
It's these Marxist
Liberal Jews, and there's a movement to form a rabbinical court to have them excommunicated.
Well, Jordan, let me just say this.
I 100% agree with you.
It is so fashionable to be anti-Semitic right now, and the ADL's meant to conjure that up with the media and the big banks funding the Islamist universities.
Obviously that's going on.
And so, this is the clash of civilizations they've created, and I know
People across the board are supporting Trump.
They get it.
We had peace.
We had the Abraham Accords.
We had justice.
We want to come together.
We want to do this.
But because the Jews carried forward the Holy Word of God, which has been proven, it's a blessing and a curse.
And that's why the devil has come in and created
We have to take their, we have to cast them out of our of our faith.
They're not Jews.
They don't represent what most of the Jews represent.
But I would even say the thing is mainly Jewish.
That's the media.
It's evil, globalist, it's the Chai Koms, it's the New World Order.
It's all these groups.
It's just evil, man.
Like why would our government take 30 plus thousand Nazis and put them in charge?
Because they were part of...
It's not a Nazi conspiracy either.
It's not a Catholic, not a Jewish, not a German.
It's a spirit of evil that possesses.
We don't blame the Chinese for the Communist Chinese Party.
We all know that's not the Chinese.
It's Xi Jinping and Mao Zedong.
And so yeah, but we need the Chinese to reject
Look, I have no idea what's going on.
I was there a week before the October 7th and I called you before.
I noticed a lot of lax security and the country was divided between liberal and between liberal Jews, these Marxist Jews.
I don't
These Marxist liberal Jews are destroying the world, in my opinion.
Well, I wouldn't say the Marxist Jews are doing it, but they're definitely a big part of it.
I mean, take the head of the ADL.
Oh, Jews are at the bottom now.
Well, what do you think the media, the liberals, did when they said white people are evil?
They created a Hitlerian wavelength.
Like, where somebody's religion or color is why they should be killed, it's dangerous.
You know, the ATL.
It's disgusting.
It's really disgusting what comes out of that guy's mouth.
And I live with this.
You know, I have relatives that are like this.
And they're just blinded with this.
I don't know.
They were indoctrinated in university.
I don't know what it was.
But, you know, half of us
Oh, not half.
Here in Los Angeles, I would say 70% are conservative, believe it or not.
No, I see the numbers.
That's why the left's panicking, because they don't control people anymore.
God bless you.
I appreciate your call.
Yeah, it's just terrible, folks.
Any of this judging a group by the group is, and then I attack Islam because it's expansionary and it's out of control and I want to kill the Muslims.
I'm just saying we're not going to take the Gaza refugees.
So I'll admit when I'm a hypocrite, like, oh, let's not judge a group by the group, but just give me a break.
But at the end of the day here, there's a larger global crisis being created to bring in world government.
We have to fight it.
All right, Sam in Tennessee, go ahead.
Hey, thank you for taking my call.
It'd be funny, I can't talk to you sometimes for a year or two, and then I get you two days in a row.
I appreciate you.
Good to talk to you, Sam.
What's on your mind?
Yeah, I was just sitting here thinking, and the first half of this is for you, and the second half of this is for part of your audience.
I think that you are a watchman on the wall.
Uh, and I say a watchman, there's lots of watchmen out there.
So you're, you're in company, but, uh, uh, I'm going to back up one chapter from what I said yesterday, as I've mentioned to Zekiel 34, I'm just backing up to 33.
And, uh, you know, God says that if you appoint a watchman to the wall and he sees trouble coming and he warns the people and they listen, they'll be saved.
And if you appoint a watchman to the wall, and he sees trouble coming, and he warns the people and they don't listen, they will perish, but their blood will be on their own hands.
And if you appoint a watchman to the wall, and he sees trouble coming, and he doesn't warn the people, they will still perish, but the blood will be on the watchman's hands.
Now that's the first half of it.
The second half of it, God appoints Ezekiel to be a watchman, and he goes out to the people, and do you know what happens?
I find it very interesting.
He goes out and he tells them, and they listen, and they are amazed by him.
His words are honey to their ears.
They like what he has to say.
It's sweet.
They go get their neighbors and say, like, come watch, come listen.
And they say that, wow, surely a prophet has been among them.
And then do you know what they do?
They go back home and they return to their routines as though nothing happened.
You know, and if that does not describe
So many people in the church and in this country in this day and age and so many people listening to you or to some of the other watchmen out there.
I don't know what does because so many people be like, oh, yeah, you're amazing.
That's awesome.
And then poof, nothing.
Yes, sir.
It's gone.
Oh, well, that was the end of it.
I didn't realize you were in the background.
I didn't have anything else.
I mean, I can come up with something if you want.
No, I was listening to you.
I got an earpiece in, so I was going to throw on some stuff in the trash over there.
Look, and what you said is really key here.
The biggest frustration here is that there's, and what you hit is key here, and I appreciate your call Sam, there are hundreds of political movements, thousands of political movements, and subgroups and little boutique organizations and things, and I don't want to sit up here and say, oh I've got the one true way, oh we're the only answer.
No, I actually read what the Bilderberg group
And the Club of Rome, and the CFR, and British intelligence, and Russian intelligence, and Chinese intelligence, and all of them say, and actually study, the globalists are so arrogant, they sit up there in these big high castles, and they talk like we're animals and we don't listen.
And so, what you were just saying about how this is the information, this is real,
This is the truth.
I mean, what we talk about here is really what's going on.
I mean, we all see through rose-colored darkly.
We're all distorted.
But like, we're 99% on target.
Other people have no idea even what's going on.
They actually believe there's an extermination by police of black people.
And there is, because the police won't go to their neighborhoods now, so they're dying in masses at their own hands.
But it's made up.
They use a George Floyd to create this image of blacks are being killed everywhere.
And it's a lie.
The numbers are there.
So that's what I'm trying to get at here, is that we're zeroed in on what's really going on.
I mean, it's so obvious.
That the ADL and the CIA is there pushing censorship and control and then making it Jewish.
And you can sit back and see that and go, okay, they're setting the Jews up again.
Why do they keep doing this?
And the white supremacists will say, or the anti-Jews, well, the Jews are bad.
It's way more sophisticated than that.
We're going to continue to repeat history over and over and over again until we figure out they're running the same play time and time again.
And so that's really, before I go to Adam, our final caller, what I'm trying to get at here is that
This broadcast, the enemy wants it off the air because the callers, the guests, everybody, we really are dialed in.
We really know what's going on.
More than the enemy.
The enemy gets a bunch of yes men and women.
At the top, they have got a plan, but most of their people aren't dialed in and they can't have a show on the air that decompartmentalizes it and explains what's really going on.
Tucker Carlson recently asked me, he said, why do they want you off the air more than anybody?
And I said, because I decompartmentalize people.
Man, I just want Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, everybody else.
I want you to live in peace.
I don't want to take something from you.
We've got trillions of galaxies.
We've got unlimited resources.
I want to think big.
I want to expand past energy limitations.
I've seen our destiny, and I see the spark of God in everybody.
And I really want to follow God's will, and I really want to try to promote that and teach that.
Not because I'm a leader, not because I'm a prophet, not because I am perfect, but because I can see God.
I can see the mission.
I can see what we can do together.
But they create a racial religious system of war.
I'm being attacked because I'm white because I'm Christian.
It will force me through survival to communicate with people like me so we can get together and survive.
It's like a prison where they control it by race.
And I'm simply trying to say, I'm trying to get out of that paradigm and say we've all got red blood, we all can see God, we all have that resonance, and that's what I want.
Owen Benjamin was taken over in about six, seven minutes, but I'm going to take one more call from Adam straight ahead.
Thanks for keeping us on air.
People are really trying to keep us on air.
We're fighting for our lives right now.
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Incredible things.
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Black Friday comes early.
Empowering comedian Owen Benjamin is set to take over in about six minutes.
We're taking a final call right now.
Then Owen Troy will be hosting the War Room at 3 p.m.
Oh, sorry, he's in solitary confinement.
I told you I have an update on him.
I can't say much because I was asked not to give the full details because obviously he'll be persecuted while he's in solitary confinement in the prison.
But he is in Oakdale, Louisiana.
He is in solitary confinement.
He is getting out late December.
And so that's basically, I got an update from his lawyer, but I can't really give you an update, because that's how tyrannical this government is, it's how out of control the system is, that if we talk about what he's gone through or what's going on, or why he's in solitary, they'll just persecute him more.
But Owen is alive, he is in prison for his free speech.
Adam in California on the anti-defamation league.
Go ahead, last caller.
Hey Alex, I want to thank you for taking my call.
It's a real honor to call on the call line.
You got the best callers from around the world.
This is Adam King from the Adam King Show, found exclusively on Band Off Video.
I want to talk about my war against ADL, but first I want to congratulate you on the most epic game drop ever.
This thing is so legendary, it's iconic, and it's just unbelievable that you did this.
I mean, fighting
Bill Clinton on top of Jeffrey Epstein's palace playing the saxophone.
It's like, oh my God, I can't believe what you did.
I mean, the guys that put it together, we did a great... The thing is, it's a video game that has a voiceover the whole time.
Depending on what you do or what you say, or who you go after, it's mostly peaceful.
It has different voiceovers, so we're really excited about it.
Oh, it's awesome.
It's like Cobra from the 80s, but like everything better, like Alex Jones-style info wars.
You know, it's amazing.
I'm always on InfoWars.
I just got my Conspiracy Bourbon and my Conspiracy Bourbon.
We wouldn't be here without you, brother.
What's your view on what's happening right now with the ADL?
Well, I just stood outside of the ADL New York headquarters with a giant sign that said the ADL hates Jews changed my mind.
You can see the video on my band page, but it's a great... Yeah, what's the name?
I mean, I know who you are.
I've seen the work.
What's the name of your side on Bandai Namco?
The Adam King Show.
All right, go ahead.
So, you know, the ADL got equipped with a $212 million annual budget.
And they use this, like, endless supply of money that comes from, like, so many different institutional places to, like, kind of pigeonhole Jews as, like, a complete race of creatures that we're not.
They want us to be the poster boy of every disaster of the New World Order.
Every corporation that is destroying the world is like, they have to have a Jewish CEO, you know what I'm saying?
But there's so much throwing the Jews under the bus that's done by the ADL.
Just the fact, their whole media censorship campaign, the way that they've utterly censored the internet, I'm censored on the internet, probably in part by the ADL.
The amount of people that they blocked at Twitter,
And the fact that they're operating a $212 million a year budget should be illegal, especially if they're doing it all in the name of Jews.
You know, and it paints Jews with this horrible name.
What do you make of the head of the ADL saying, oh, Jews have been put at the bottom of the thing now?
The ADL literally said white people are the worst people ever on the Black Lives Matter.
This has all been planned.
And once Jews get persecuted, he then will get all the contributions.
I mean, Jason Greensplat is such an annoying little twit, man.
It bothers me, the way that they create these classifications and these scales.
No, it's like he was hired to just enrage people.
Yeah, and it's almost as if he wants to create anti-Semitism.
The actions of the ADL are the greatest thing that fundraises for the ADL.
America was built on free speech.
That's why I do the Adam King Show, because I've been censored everywhere.
I'm like, so banned on everything.
And if it wasn't for banned, I would have zero voice.
Well, Adam, we appreciate you, brother.
I really appreciate you.
All right.
We got a big guest host taking over right now.
You definitely want to stay tuned for this.
Owen Benjamin, one of the most censored comics, hilarious guy, takes over.
And then in one hour, The War Room with Harrison Smith with Owen Schreyer is in solitary confinement.
Please stay with us.
And we got weekend shows coming as well.
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So go,
Hi everybody!
What's going on?
It's me, Owen Benjamin.
I'm your guest host for InfoWars.
Shout out to Alex Jones.
Apparently he has a new video game out.
It sounds pretty great.
A lot of male vitality.
I'm feeling very vital as a male right now.
I just did a workout.
I had a nice green smoothie.
The way we fight the deep state is pure male vitality.
Don't forget to get your pure male vitality or the deep state wins because the deep state wants you limp.
Deep State, watch your left!
People seem to enjoy that.
Last time I was on, I did that impression of Alex, and the fact he laughed at it made me like him a lot.
Alright, so today what we're going to talk about is how trendy anti-Semitism is getting.
And as someone that was, you know, I've been seeing it for a long time.
I'm starting to feel like when Radiohead first broke out, and I was like, yeah, I used to be a fan years ago.
Because now that Candace Owens is getting in on the anti-Semitism and everything, it's getting a little hacky.
And so, I want to challenge your listeners to a higher level of anti-Semitism.
4D anti-Semitism.
Which is about finding the Jew in your own heart.
So first, why is anti-Semitism rising?
Let's take a look at Michael Rappaport.
He's been posting all these videos.
Of course, he got the Gaza situation, but he just validated one of the longest
conspiracy theories about Jews in human history.
Let's take a look at this video and then we'll discuss how your reaction can be constructive.
Get to that next level of anti-semitism.
A lot of conversations amongst my Jewish friends about the silence, the disappointment, the disappearing acts on some Doug Henning
It's inside.
David Blaine's s*** just disappeared.
In the air.
A lot of people have disappeared.
I'm telling you right now.
We are making a list.
We are checking it twice.
And we already know who's been naughty or nice.
See that pun?
You see that pun?
I'm talking about the Jewish people, but I'm also talking Christmas carols.
We will not forget
We're not suckers, so when you come around asking for this, that, and the third, come around asking for money, investments, and all that stuff, I promise you, I promise you, it's being discussed.
We're paying attention to who's being anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, or not saying anything at all.
I promise you, we've seen, I'm the enigma.
A lot of Jewish people seem nice.
We seem like we're suckers.
Seem like you could kind of convince us that sh- Trust me.
Don't come around.
Six months, eight months, two years.
We're remembering.
We're paying attention.
Okay, so he just validated one of the oldest anti-Semitic tropes that the quote-unquote the Jews secretly meet and run banking and entertainment.
Now, before you get mad,
I'm seeing a lot of people realizing some of this stuff very quickly, and they're getting agitated and angry, and they think the quote-unquote Jews are causing all their problems in the world, and that isn't true.
You know, before you point your finger at them, ask yourself, have you ever cheated in Monopoly?
Yesterday, I was playing my son in a card game with dice, and I had a little instinct to peek at the next card.
So that's the Jew you have to fight, not Michael Rappaport.
So I made a little post to him.
I said, so what are you not going to allow us in, Michael?
Do you have a little swindlers list?
I said, your usury scams or we won't be giving your drugs or pornography.
Are we now banned from FTX investments?
We can't fight in your wars.
Will we not be allowed to get our vaccines?
I said, bro, get some chamomile tea and stop threatening us goyim.
You call it anti-semitic to say J's control banks and entertainment, but then you threaten to blackmail anyone you don't like.
I want you to heal, Michael Rappaport.
Get a sauna, drink more water, forgive your father.
These public rants against the GOI just make the Jays look worse.
And then you have poor Adam, like your last caller, who's like, why does this keep happening?
You know, it's these Jays and these Jays.
Well, you know, this is why it's happening.
And so that's why you have an experienced anti-Semite like me to help people make it positive.
You're not looking out at the Jays.
You're looking in.
I've been making some posts about this.
I said, I participate in 4D antisemitism.
I've researched the J's to understand the J in me.
My battle is with the internal J that I can control.
The one whispering in my ear to lie about eating my children's cookies when they weren't looking.
Because one trap I can see people falling for is they're going to start saying that they're oppressed by Jews.
Think about metaphysically what that does to you.
It makes it out there.
Like, people that you're calling disgusting have control over you.
That isn't true.
It's only the part inside of you that wants it.
Did you take out a loan for a jet ski for no reason and now you're in financial debt?
Do you get drunk and encourage other people to get drunk?
That's the anti-Semitism I'm looking for, guys.
It's inside.
Because when you point out there, it's weak.
Because what's happening now, I predicted years ago when everyone was kicking me off everything,
Um, you know, I mean, I was kicked off Airbnb, PayPal, Twitter, Facebook, all comedy clubs, theaters, like it was insane for stuff that is now becoming completely openly talked about and obvious.
And my prediction way back then was that it would be the quote-unquote black community that would turn the most aggressive against the Jays, not rural whites.
Rural whites don't really care at all.
Roe Whites, I'm telling you, I live in North Idaho, Jews.
No one's planning to hurt anybody.
No one's fantasizing about it.
No one cares.
Everyone's just farming.
But there are a group of people that do appear to be turning and like this hilarious sketch that I'd like to show you guys right now.
And if you lose the blacks, things are going to get weird in cities.
Check this out.
Why the hell would they do something like that?
That's awful!
Beats me.
Honestly, they're just animals.
Well, that's f***ing terrifying.
I mean, Jesus Christ, if they can attack you without any type of motivation, they can do that to anyone.
Yes, exactly.
I know.
Okay, no, I'm sorry.
I need to do a deep dive on this because this is scary as s***.
Wait, what?
You don't have to.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Come on, seriously.
You have to believe we're in danger.
You're anti-semitic if you don't.
That is hilarious.
See, as a guy who toured in every demographic you can imagine for decades, you know, I've done inner-city Cleveland where everyone's black, I've done Manhattan where half the crowd's Jewish, or San Francisco where there's a lot of rollerblades, Miami, Cuban, Texas, I've done the Mexican crowds and the white crowds.
I'm telling you, I know a lot about demographics, and the thing about quote-unquote black women
Some people think they're dumb, or guys, they're not.
They just go along with stuff if you pay their bills, alright?
The minute you stop paying their bills, they start looking at you.
And you don't want black women looking at you.
They can tell if you're cheating by your scent and how you smile in pictures.
It's like Sherlock Holmes times a thousand.
Nothing gets past them.
The only way they don't look at you inquisitively is if you're paying their bills.
And right now a lot of their bills are not being paid so things are going to start
People are going to start looking towards the Jays because the minute that the whole Jon Stewart trick doesn't work, where Jon Stewart says, uh, the Jews and the blacks should get together and kill Whitey.
And then the next episode he's like, um, uh, blacks, I can't remember the exact joke.
I memed it the other day.
The whole thing was that,
He's not white.
Like, the J's aren't white, so get the B's to go with the J. It's all prison mentality.
It's like you get all... Alex was just talking about it.
You get demographics to look at each other as the enemy.
And then you keep everyone in constant conflict, and that way it's easier for the guards.
The minute the prison starts aligning with each other's interests and not having nonsense feuds between them, things get real, y'all.
And now that the financial fiat Ponzi scheme is running its course, we're going to see a lot of the demographics that have been complacent are going to start getting a little more intense.
And that's why now is the time to look inside.
Where it's time to get stronger, get out of debt, get healthy.
Health is wealth.
And look at the little whispers in your own mind before you attack somebody else.
Because if you cheat in Monopoly, you'd do that in Wall Street.
So work on that.
We'll be back in a minute.
I'm Owen Benjamin.
And this is Info Wars!
Oh, hello!
It's another Communist Chinese Dragon here with an important public service announcement.
Live in your poop and needles, and human sex trafficking, and open borders, and buy slave goods from China, and do what the Justice Department say, and put all the good Americans in prison, and stay asleep.
Your master, Xi Jinping, has arrived, and our puppet Biden bowed down to him.
Governor Nelson has also visited and bowed down to our leader, who is also your master.
The shithole city of San Francisco, like all the other communist cities we control, has been flooded with fentanyl.
But when the dear leader arrives, they clean the streets for him.
Hello, poop people!
Ha ha ha!
That's what your master, G.G.
Pink, calls you.
But he does not look at the poop and needles that you live in.
Oh, all the homeless taken away with your great leader there.
And our puppet, Nathan Newsome, tell you, oh, we're only cleaning for G.G.
Pink, not for you.
I know folks say, oh, they're just cleaning up this place because all those fancy leaders are coming into town.
That's true.
Because it's true.
That's how we rub the poop in.
Enjoy your she-ho cities.
You are done.
We own Hollywood.
We own TikTok.
We owe almost everything.
Now we buy up your farmland.
You eat sabayas while we eat the steak.
The last group to take out is any leadership that is resisting us, like Donald Trump.
He will soon be in prison.
And then, of course, we must silence any populace that resists us.
And that is our next move.
Good FBI.
Good Justice Department.
Good Merrick Garland.
Good Jack Smith.
Put Trump in jail.
Put political dissidents in jail.
Silence free speech.
Censor everyone.
Also we're very focused on the data we're collecting from surveillance efforts.
What's being said on social media platforms.
Every person on social media should be verified by their name.
We have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms.
They need to verify every single person on their
Alex, because, and I want it by name.
My slaves, repeat after me.
I am going to stay asleep.
I am going to do nothing.
I am going to be politically correct and have your son's genitals removed.
Also, do not support independent media like Infowars.com and do not get The Great Awakening, the book at Infowars.com.
Stay asleep.
Do not get booed.
No, no, no.
I am giving you your order, slave Americans.
Do not go to Infowarsstore.com and do not get the best-selling book, The Great Awakening, by the evil thought criminal, Alex Jones.
And whatever you do, do not get a fundraiser signed copy.
That might keep them on the air.
It will demoralize people greatly.
Once we have shut down Alex Jones, and we're working with many people at the Justice Department to do it.
Because if there is Great Awakening, then we cannot fully enslave and destroy him.
Bing, bing, bong, bong, bing, bing, bing.
This is Oda from CCP.
I am the VP.
Do not visit InfoWarshow.com.
Do not, do not, do not.
All right, that was hilarious.
Alex's Chinese voice is making me chuckle a lot.
I love that.
Like, if I was going to do the Chinese, it's got to be, uh, one must know the Jew in oneself before the Jew outside herself.
And that really is, it's about understanding the Jew inside your own heart.
It's not about the Jew out there.
All right, so this is what Jon Stewart said, quote unquote, black people should hate white people.
Okay, hate he uses.
Oh, he's just joking!
Yeah, I joked about a song about a guy who stole my bike and I wasn't allowed on Airbnb.
So, that whole liability shield of just joking, let's just analyze what Jon Stewart said, whose brother runs the New York Stock Exchange, okay?
Black people should hate white people.
We ruin everything.
Wear beep.
Another Jon Stewart quote.
Jews and blacks shouldn't fight.
Jews and blacks should get together and get whitey.
Okay, so I'm not mad at that at all.
I think these are just little, um, they're kind of like, uh, gypsy moves.
It's like, um, like when a gypsy goes to Harvard, they become Jon Stewart, you know, set fire to the cornfield, steal the horse.
It's very simple.
It's not a big deal.
I respect the chutzpah.
I think it's hilarious, but a lot of people are realizing it.
And so they're getting a little fired up and I recommend not like go internal and work on your own weaknesses.
If you watch pornography,
Don't talk about who runs the porn industry.
If you take out debt for indulgences, don't talk about who runs the banks, because you are doing it.
It's you.
And I'm not trying to let anyone off the hook.
I'm trying to help people get stronger.
Because this is legit.
Like right now all these Jewish donors are pulling support, financial support from Harvard and all these places because there's pro-Palestinian protests or whatever.
Where were they the last 20 years with critical race theory and people openly saying whites should be, you know, genocided or whatever?
Again, I'm not offended.
I don't care what these people say.
But that's what everyone's reacting to, and I'd like to tell your caller Adam before, that Jewish gentleman who sounded a little paranoid, that's what it is.
People aren't supporting Hamas.
They're sick of the hypocrisy.
And once people understand that, I was having a talk with a Jewish friend of mine that is a wonderful human being, and he was telling me, it was like, the thing that really is driving us crazy is we see these images of what Hamas has done and then people supporting that.
And I'm like, no one's supporting that.
They're calling out the hypocrisy because you guys, not you personally, but as an institution of not that many people, have been mocking and degrading quote-unquote white Americans for decades.
And then the whole trans stuff and the whole
You know, gay marriage and abortion and, you know, and they brag about it on these newspaper sites like Israel Times and Jerusalem Post and Gravel Gravel Son or whatever.
And they would write all these stories about me being anti-Semitic.
Um, you know, and how I'm a danger and Waco and Ruby Ridge.
Meanwhile, I'm just a dude with four kids on a farm who never... I mean, my life is so routine and all I do is do comedy.
And the same comedy that was offending everyone four years ago, everyone's now sharing and calling me a genius because it wasn't hateful.
One reason why I'm the king of the Jew joke is because I don't hate them.
And as the great Norm Macdonald said, you can't make fun of or impersonate what you hate because people can smell it.
I am one of the few people who deeply understand the nature of Jews, but I don't hate them because I know that there's some of that in me as well.
Like every time I want to
You know, eat cookies and say I didn't.
Or every time I become treasurer in the Monopoly board and I sneakily try and take a few bills while my family goes bankrupt on Park Place.
You know, that's me.
So imagine if they gave me the Federal Reserve.
That's why I don't want it.
I'm working on myself.
The Jew inside of me.
Not the Jew out there.
Because the Jews out there are in for a wild ride.
They're just going to get more and more desperate, paranoid.
They won't take accountability.
A lot of them are taking accountability.
My Jews are great.
I got a great stable of Jews.
They're wonderful people.
But a lot of them are not taking one bit of accountability.
You know, they're following that 48 Laws of Power philosophy of never admit you're wrong, never show any weakness, just... And they'd be surprised if they did show a little bit where they're like, you know, about issues that I won't bring up on this stream because they're illegal in Germany.
But if someone was to say, yeah, that is an interesting point, you know, you'd be surprised how warm everyone would be to you.
People aren't born hating Jews.
Nobody cares.
Even with right now, like the genocide in Gaza, people are still like, you know, they're just trying to manage you guys.
And so that's my advice because I am a bit of a day walker.
I can go because I had a Jew grandmother.
And I saw the effect that that had on my father, who was an intellectual.
So I understand that elite ivory tower world, and then my mom, salt of the earth, Wisconsin, everyone in her family is a hunter, never lies, doesn't even understand why someone would lie, super Germanic.
You know, and so I can day walk between the worlds and I'm actually trying to help people not blame their personal weakness on Jews because that is what Alex was talking about where it's like you scapegoat them and then you start the cycle over again.
You don't deal with the Jew in your own heart before you attack the Jew you've done business with.
It's like it's like a man buys a prostitute, cheats on his wife,
And then kills the prostitute because he realizes what he's done and he blames the prostitute for his sinful perversions.
And there is an argument that a lot of Jews are victims of a lot of trauma programming.
You know, 3,000 movies about the Holocaust is not by accident, guys.
This is trauma programming done by Steven Spielberg, who is a, by all accounts, a horrible human being.
They put these images in your head, you know, the Museum of Tolerance, Holocaust, they'll turn you into soap, all this stuff, and it makes people very scared, and it makes them very permeable, and they can herd them up and make them do things.
And so, I would love if a lot of Jews saw that the rural goyim actually don't really think about them or hate them.
And just to start acting a little more normal, like when you got Laura Loomer screaming that she wants to turn Arab countries into parking lots.
I used to do USO tours, like I've been to Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq.
There's like a ton of families just super nice, living their life.
And to say those type of things, you're going to get a reaction.
Now, I'm not saying to arrest Laura Loomer.
I'm not.
When I'm just saying this, it's not a threat.
It's not an agenda.
Because sometimes people can put that into me.
They can be like, so what you really mean is... No, I don't have a mask.
What I say is exactly what I think.
I'm just trying to help Jews understand why people are reacting to them
Right now, you know, and I'm going to bring up.
Oh, I got a minute.
I'll next segment.
I'm going to play you guys a sketch about the idea of marketing a genocide or an atrocity as a product because again, I'm a 4d anti-semite.
I don't blame Jews for anything.
I only blame the Jew in my in my heart and now I can see the whole Matrix how it works like a war is a product that you roll out a genocide is a product.
Okay, it's how people react to it.
If a tree fell in the woods and no one was there to hear it, does it make a sound?
According to marketing, no.
Because marketing is about human perception and their reaction to the event.
And so I think right now a lot of the world is waking up to how to market atrocities.
A lot of the Palestinians have been suffering silently for a very long time, and now they realize if they show these videos, they're going to get a reaction.
And so that little trick that allowed Zionist Jews to have an advantage when it came to globalism is now decentralized.
And so when we come back, we'll talk about Pol Pot and old Steven Spielberg, and we will have a great time.
And I promise I'm trying to help.
Much love.
Everybody, we're back!
I'm your guest host, Owen Benjamin.
If you want to check out my live streams, I go live every day.
We're way ahead of the game, myself and the great Mr. Vox Day.
We started our own streaming platform with our own servers and our own technology because we were both kicked out of stuff a long, long time ago.
And it's steadily grown over the years and we have thousands of hours of entertainment and it's only $5 a month.
Feed the bear, just subscribe to that.
Five bucks a month is very, very little.
It's the cheapest we could possibly go.
And if it's free, sometimes you're the product.
That's my little spiel there.
And also, yeah, I'm on Rumble and all these places.
I'll be live streaming in a couple hours, and I do every day.
All right, so I want to talk about marketing, because behind me, as you can see, are the encyclopedias, all right?
I like to collect old books and collect old propaganda and old
You know, old newspapers and all that.
This is some of the stuff I like to collect.
Like, I have tons of newspapers of when the moon landing happened or all these things.
And one interesting caveat about the quote-unquote Holocaust is it's not in the encyclopedia.
The word Holocaust is not in the encyclopedia, and I'm not denying the suffering of the Jews during World War II.
Adam, don't think I'm saying that.
I'm saying that as a brand and an idea put in people's heads, it didn't exist in 1968.
And so what does that mean?
I'm not commenting whatsoever on human suffering.
So don't try and pigeonhole me there.
I'm talking about branding a genocide and why someone would do that.
Why an emotional vampirism likes to suck sympathy out of a population as a liability shield.
So here's a little cartoon me and the Great Mountain Bear made several years ago about a conversation between Steven Spielberg and Pol Pot.
Take a listen.
It's not about how many you kill.
It's about how you sell it.
No one cares about the sick s*** you did in the jungle.
Listen, buddy.
You're not getting it, Pol Pot!
You want to make an industry around your genocide to last for centuries?
You need piles of shoes!
You need soap!
How f***ed up is it to make soap out of people?
Do people really do that?
No, f*** no they didn't do that!
That makes no sense!
Why would you clean yourself with people you find disgusting?
I know, why would they do that while they're fighting a two-front war?
They didn't!
That really makes no logical sense, but it doesn't matter!
It's about emotion!
It's about selling it!
Now you bring in a movie where you have, there's, it's black and white except for a little girl in a red dress.
Oh, you're remembering that sh** now!
And then they put you into a gas chamber with wooden doors where you claw at it!
And for some reason the claw marks are in cement.
Come on!
Alright, you guys are getting it.
You guys are getting it.
You're not getting it, Popat!
You're not getting it!
Alright, so that's just a funny way to look at it, and I know that's going to offend some people and people are going to get angry, but as a comedian, my whole job is to help you remove your trauma and your victim consciousness.
I'm like a masseuse of the spirits!
Alright, so if you think about that, if you think about how trauma works, because right after the paragliding baby butchers broke through the Iron Dome,
You saw all these quote-unquote Jews screaming about a dead baby, like an unborn baby death, right?
Meanwhile, there's thousands of abortions going on every single day on every corner in the cities, right?
It doesn't appear like anyone actually cares about babies.
Like in America,
Um, in New York State, I remember when they could do 40-week abortions, partial birth abortions, where a baby is fully alive, they can now kill the baby, sell it for parts to pharmaceutical companies.
And they were so ecstatic that they, I think they put the Empire State Building in red and they're like, yeah!
Screaming with pure euphoria.
So a lot of us have just been watching this over the years, so we know when someone's lying.
You know, the victim consciousness and the eternal victim and all the gaslighting and the screeching and the narcissism, it's a short-term, big energy push.
You know, I understand why the globalist elite like to traumatize kids, like their own kids.
I mean, I don't understand it morally, but I understand on a utility level
That a traumatized kid sometimes can exceed really, really high in whatever skill you're trying to give them.
That's why when you look at a lot of highly, highly high performance people, their backgrounds are horrifying.
Because that trauma would kind of fracture them a little bit so that they could really focus on whatever they had to do.
Using trauma as a way to create a trauma bond in a community where they're all super cohesive and they're working really hard, it works.
It absolutely works until it doesn't, until it runs out.
It's like being on Adderall for four straight days and then by the end you just start collapsing and you can't get to that place you were.
And so the old tricks aren't working anymore when people are like, well then they put the Jew in the roller coaster and drop them in a cage with a bear and an eagle.
They taught me that in public school.
And it was in a textbook by McGraw-Hill, owned by Ghislaine Maxwell's father, Robert Maxwell.
That's a fact.
And now everyone pretends like that never happened.
That's gaslighting.
Where they're like, oh yeah, that's obviously ridiculous.
I'm like, that was taught to me like it was real.
That a bunch of J's were...
We're good to go.
High performance people that were abused to get to that level have a terrible private life and they collapse later in life.
Like Tiger Woods is a perfect example.
You know, really, really hard time just being a basic husband.
When most, most families fight about money, and that dude makes all the money in the world, but yet he couldn't keep his wife happy.
Like, I can keep my wife happy with like 200 bucks at a grocery store, you know?
It's like, how does that guy crumble so hard?
It's because it appears that he had traumatic training as a kid, which is why he's so dialed in.
It can focus on one thing that intensely.
And so, as these trauma cycles wear down, we're gonna see more and more anguish, and paranoia, and lashing out, and bipolar disorder, and all this stuff, and projection.
I mean, I'm seeing tweets where, you know, relatively known Jewish women are like, oh my god, I just took an Uber, and the driver knew I was a Jew just by looking at me, and I had to get out.
Like, what the hell are you talking about, dude?
You know what I mean?
In the Bible, it says, the wicked flee when no one pursueth.
And that's why, when I look at the Jew in my own heart, I'm always like, when am I scared for no reason?
Because that means I'm doing something wrong.
It's always us.
And that does happen to me sometimes.
Like, whenever I have these weird truther images of the deep state kicking in my door and trying to milk my ween to death or whatever, I'm like, what am I doing?
Like, what's my weakness?
Am I not knowing God's in control?
Because one thing that happens with this terrible new brand of antisemitism that's breaking out
Uh, is they're blaming the Jews for their problems, which makes the Jews God.
And I know that is a metaphysically intense thing to understand, but if you think Jews control the world and not God, the Jew is now God.
And you're looking at someone with terrible posture, you know, he's rubbing his hands, he's paranoid, he's on drugs, he's screeching, you know, that's your God now.
So I recommend that you always remember that God is God, the creator of heaven and earth.
And I'm not even going to comment on what's the right religion or anything, you know, because I think intention is very, very important.
So as, you know, anti-Semitism becomes trendy and hip and everyone's doing it,
Talk to an OG guy like me that was, you know, back when it was not allowed on Twitter.
Candace Owens is not talking about it.
You know, once Candace Owens gets in on a trend, it's time to sell.
You know what I mean?
And so the new anti-Semitism I want you guys to get into is what's inside your heart.
All right, I'll see you guys in a little bit.
Bye, everybody!
So we have a little bit left.
I hope you guys have enjoyed the stream, enjoyed the show.
I'm trying to give some new insights from a wacky point of view.
An exiled comedian in Idaho is crushing.
Now we're going to take some callers.
So I'm very excited about this.
I love talking to new people.
The first caller is Adam from Florida.
You're listening to Info Wars.
I'm your guest host, Alex Jones.
The deep state wants you to win.
You gotta get an erection for freedom.
That's right, Big Bear.
What's happening?
How are you, man?
What's going on?
Um, I'm great.
I'm great.
I just called in to tell everybody how great you are.
I was at the last event, second in a row, and it was, uh, it was incredible.
I just, I appreciate everything that you're doing.
The comedy show is literally the best I've ever seen.
The last show I was at prior to your comedy show was Rogan and Chappelle in Vegas, and you obliterated that, so I just wanted to thank you.
Oh, thanks for coming, guys!
Yeah, I mean, the fact that we could pull that off, that we, uh... When I was banned from all the clubs and the theaters, what we did is we crowdfunded land so that we could have events on our own land, so that we wouldn't be susceptible to these cancellations.
And so we crowdfunded some land in the Ozarks for events, and we had our festival there last Labor Day.
And that's what Adam's referring to and I'm really, really glad you came out because if you guys didn't come and heed the call, I would have just been there with Coddington talking to an empty tent.
So, thanks Adam and next year's going to be even better, God willing.
I can't wait, I can't wait.
I'm Adam, not Adam Bear on the app, so just shout out to everybody.
Big Bear, we love you, buddy.
Thank you so much.
Love you too, man.
Thanks for calling in.
Next up, we have Friendly Bear in Canada.
We are on Info Wars guest hosting Owen Benjamin, but I will still sell male vitality because the Deep State does not want erections.
What's up, Friendly Bear?
Hi, Big Bear.
You hear me?
Yeah, yeah.
How are you?
Oh, I'm just up in Northern Canada using old Elon Musk satellites to talk to you.
I'm pretty stoked.
So, quick question.
So, these guys back east in Quebec, they were shooting at a Jewish school and they turned out to be Jews that were doing it, and they did it twice.
Now, folks I work with are waking up really fast to all this sort of stuff.
How do we stop them from going full 1488 and more focusing on the Jew in themselves?
Yeah, I mean that's the key, is focus on the Jew inside yourself, because if you go at them, you reinforce their victim narrative.
So, tell your friends, just be like, yeah, if they want to appear as a victim, if they're drawing swastikas on their own synagogues and punching themselves in the face, which literally is happening,
What would they want the most in the world?
They would want a group of people to attack them, because that would complete the narcissistic cycle of proving to the world you're actually disgusting.
It's weird, dude.
I've been diving into all these podcasts about the narcissistic mind and how it works, and it's not just Jews.
I'm doing a funny bit this episode about the Jew within.
Because it's funny.
It's just like we're kind of defanging a lot of these ridiculous words like, anti-semitism has changed definitions eight times in the last year.
You know, so who, it's just, we're being funny about it.
So it's not isolated to Jewish people having extreme neurosis, self-hatred, you know, all that stuff.
Don't be their punisher, because the problem with narcissistic personality disorder is they almost start grooming someone to hate them, and then if you don't, then they kind of deflate a bit.
You know, they screech and freak out for a little while, but then they just kind of deflate.
And I recommend your friends do that, because if they strike out,
They are, you know, they are hurting themselves because they're obviously not focused on their own problems, their own weaknesses, and they're externalizing it.
Because right now, especially in Canada, you guys are, I mean, rollerblading like a bunch of fruit bats over there.
But seriously though, if you focus on your own weakness and you don't externalize it, it's a win-win for yourself and the Jews.
Because think about the
You know, the terrible haunted house they've created for themselves.
And you don't want to be a part of that.
It's almost like, like if somebody's hooking up with a girl and it turns out she's like really into hardcore stuff.
Why would you take part in that?
Why would you want to cycle that abuse cycle and be whoever it is she's reliving?
You know what I mean?
So that's my advice.
Spread the word about that because we're going to need the rural guys and all the guys to not lose their cool and to really focus on building because the real war is going to be central bank digital currency and dependence on a system that wants your kidneys.
Let's just keep growing our communities, getting out of debt, growing our food, and keeping our sense of humor.
So, thank you, my man.
Thanks for calling in.
Okay, next up we have Johnny in Florida.
Johnny in Florida!
We got a lot of Florida people calling in.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Owen Benjamin, but I can sell you a pill that may or may not give you an erection.
How are you?
Owen, how you doing, brother?
What's going down?
How are you?
You're talking to Johnny X, bro.
The one and only, the heavy hitter, the most panned drummer in the whole entire world, bro, because I did a video on InfoWars on Owen's show wearing a Make America Great Again hat on and an InfoWars shirt.
They panned me forever.
Who cares?
But I came up with a great idea to make money for InfoWars.
Ready for this?
Bumper stickers that say
I think you should focus more on your inner Jew than the Biden family.
Have you ever done cocaine?
No, but every morning when I wake up, I always act like a Jew.
My wife gets turned over, gets all turned on over it.
She asks me if I could put on a yarmulke.
I do backflips, all that kind of crazy stuff.
But lately, I've been kind of into that weird stuff where we tie my hair to the... Okay, that's enough.
That's enough.
That's enough.
Go back to your drumming.
Alright, our next caller is... Oh, and by the way, just that bumper sticker is truly disgusting.
The toilet paper thing made me almost vomit, so...
Disgusting isn't good rhetoric.
I'll tell you what a good bumper sticker was, if you're trying to go at sodomy.
I used to have this bumper sticker that said, only you can prevent sodomy, says Pumpy the Bear.
And it was a bear, and he's just pointing at you, saying only you can prevent sodomy.
So, if you get into toilet paper, that's so insanely disgusting, that it would make people run back into the arms of the gay.
We got Alex in Minnesota.
All right, moving on.
Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I am a version of Alex Jones, named Owen Benjamin.
I will send you an erectile dysfunction pill.
What's up?
Hey, BB.
It's Power Moves here.
Yeah, everyone, I'm a proud Holocaust survivor.
I'm only 29 years old, but I just wanted to congratulate you on all your success and
I'll let you know, you were the inspiration for me to get into the homestaying thing.
I actually kind of just ran from my field to my office.
I was planting like 150 garlic or something like that.
We butchered 45 chickens last weekend.
I make like a big community event out of it.
But yeah, I just want to shout out the BT app.
I wish I was a little more active.
I should be a little more active on there.
Um, you know, it is.
So anyway, the question I wanted to ask you, uh, what's some good dad advice for young men?
Um, you know, something short and sweet you would, uh, you'd want to send out to Alex's or to Alex Jones's listeners.
Uh, protect and provide for the mom when they're young and just let the mom be the most contact.
Try and be a good role model, you know, and, uh, be honest with them and try and protect them from, uh, manufactured trauma.
Because the world already has trauma in it, which is good for people.
Like, surviving a hurricane will strengthen a community.
But the fake, false trauma that tries to get these artificial things happening, try and keep them from that.
And just, yeah, be honest with them, love their mom.
And do what you're doing.
I mean, I'm really, I'm so happy to hear you're growing stuff, man.
That's, it really is next level to do that.
And yeah, the Bertari Times app, we designed it intentionally to not be addictive and to not have any angry, scary, political, anything on it.