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The Alex Jones Show covers topics ranging from vaccine speculations to the need for Internet IDs and central bank digital currency. It also discusses individuals like the Muckraker team who risk their lives to expose the truth behind dangerous migrant journeys. The show highlights China's influence over various parts of the world, comparing it to Nazi Germany in World War II. Other topics include Operation Hemler, Marilyn Monroe's connection to espionage, and the JFK assassination.


There's a whole king's court of corporate leaders from the oil companies and big tech and media companies literally there prostrating themselves.
Before him, Elon Musk is there to try to get more deals in China because China's open for business and America is not.
China builds three new coal power plants a week.
We shut down more than three a week.
So quite literally, China is open for business.
We are not.
We're going to be laying all of that out today and explaining how we can stop it.
The biggest thing they got mad at Trump about was saying America was open for business again.
And in just two years, we went from the number three exporter of energy to number one.
The economy exploded and trillions of dollars of investment flowed back in the U.S.
for the first time since the 1980s.
Because Trump said, there's a new sheriff in town.
The globalists have been exporting all of our jobs to control us and to be middlemen to make themselves fabulously rich, really since the mid 1980s.
So this is a big, big deal.
We are going to be laying it all out today.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Vaccine spec?
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Digital identity.
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Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live broadcasting worldwide from the Embattled Infowar Studios in Austin, Texas.
It's Wednesday, November 15th, 2023.
Election Day is only 355 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes out.
Well, we've got one hell of a transmission lined up for you today.
Michael Yan has been down at the Darien Gap continually.
Then he was up on the Texas border yesterday.
A couple of the reporters he works with very closely were kidnapped.
And they were released.
Looks like we're going to have them on with us in the third hour today.
Hotep Jesus pops in with really incisive news on the state of the world and what's really behind the Israeli-Hamas war that's ongoing.
We've got big economic news.
So much more today.
But obviously the big enchilada is Xi Jinping arriving in the craphole city run by the New World Order, a once great city of San Francisco.
And being greeted by the heir to come of the Democratic Party, Gavin the Minion Newsom, that just went to China a few weeks ago and curtsied before the communist death lord.
And then they had ticker tape parades, not in Communist China, but in San Francisco.
And he's set to meet with Obama, excuse me, Biden, oh Biden, coming up in about an hour and 45 minutes.
And we'll also take you to that and lay it out.
But there's a whole King's Court of
Corporate leaders from the oil companies and big tech and media companies literally there prostrating themselves.
Before him, Elon Musk is there to try to get more deals in China because China is open for business and America is not.
China builds three new coal power plants a week.
We shut down more than three a week.
So quite literally, China is open for business.
We are not.
We're going to be laying all of that out today.
And explaining how we can stop it.
The biggest thing they got mad at Trump about was saying America was open for business again and in just two years we went from the number three exporter of energy to number one.
The economy exploded and trillions of dollars of investment flowed back in the U.S.
for the first time since the 1980s.
Because Trump said there's a new sheriff in town.
The globalists have been exporting all of our jobs to control us and to be middlemen to make themselves fabulously rich.
Really since the mid-1980s.
So this is a big, big deal.
We are going to be laying it all out today.
Now, dovetailing with that, all the different puppets, the head of the EU, the head of the UN, the deputy head of the UN, we have all the clips of them, the Davos Group, Klaus Schwab,
And now we've got Hochul of New York, the puppet governor.
We've got Nikki Haley, who's the darling of the establishment, pledging Internet IDs and total censorship, surveillance and control.
That's the first big thing we're going to hit right now.
Infowars.com, the Don Salazar article.
Nikki Haley calls anonymous social media posts a national security threat.
We'll force every person to be verified by their name, and with that comes the Internet of Things, the social credit score, and the end of free speech as we know it.
That's what Governor Hochul is pushing as well.
That's what the EU is saying is law now.
And it's all tied to your central bank digital currency that controls every facet of your life.
She said it recently on a Fox News interview.
She also said it on another program.
And then, of course, you know what the governor of New York said yesterday.
Let's go ahead and dovetail those clips together.
When I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts, social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms.
Let us see why they're pushing what they're pushing.
The second thing is every person on social media should be verified by their name.
That's, first of all, it's a national security threat.
When you do that,
All of a sudden people have to stand by what they say.
And it gets rid of the Russian bots, the Iranian bots, and the Chinese bots.
And then you're going to get some civility when people know their name is next to what they say.
And they know their pastor and their family member is going to see it.
It's going to help our kids and it's going to help our country.
They need to verify every single person on their
Also, we're very focused on the data we're collecting from surveillance efforts.
What's being said on social media platforms.
We have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms.
Our media analysis, our social media analysis unit, has ramped up its monitoring of sites to catch incitement to violence, direct threats to others, and all this is
In response to our desire, our strong commitment to ensure that not only do New Yorkers be safe, but they also feel safe.
Because personal security is about everything for them.
As I said, no one walking down the street or in a subway should feel they have to hide any indications of what their religious beliefs are.
We expect to see people celebrating their lives, walking about freely.
And that is no longer the case, because people are living in fear.
Whether you're in France... They have a right to do whatever they want here in the state of New York.
Whether you're in France, or whether you're in Germany, or whether you're in Australia, or Canada, the U.S., or the U.K., it's all the same talking points.
Remember those clips during the lockdowns when every major Western leader said, build back better?
We're going to use this to build back better?
It's a unified agenda, and this is just Nikki Haley following the talking points.
She's not auditioning for the New World Order.
She's part of the New World Order.
She's an absolutely horrible person.
And so is Ho Chiu, and so is Xi Jinping, and it's a unified world plan.
The World ID Plan is run by Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist.
It was certified two years ago by the UN.
It's owned by Bill Gates.
The Worldwide Unified World ID for the World Cashless Society is already prepared.
The EU last week voted to enact January 1st the new central bank digital currency wallets.
The first group they're going to give it to is the illegal aliens with free money.
Starting to figure this out.
In Chicago they give the illegal aliens $15,000 a month to come there.
Starting to figure it out?
Absolute total collapse and destruction of the country by design in a big, big way.
Now there's some good news I'm going to be getting to today that you'd read and you'd think, well, why is that such great news?
Believe me, it's a big deal.
Because if you understand this, you understand everything.
And I'm going to cover it at the bottom of the hour.
If we demand a human future, and we only buy and sell and trade with things that are built by humans that give value to the human community, before they get this grid in place and cut off the resources, which is already starting to happen, it's game over.
Big CNN article, Walmart, Costco, and other companies rethink self-checkout across the world.
They're completely pulling them because humans have completely rejected them.
This is a story that gets no attention.
I've talked about it for decades.
This is ultra-massive.
We'll be getting to that coming up, bottom of the hour.
Continuing, I'm very sad for the dead 1,500 or so Jews in Israel and other people that were visiting that were killed or kidnapped.
But, and I'm very sad for the people being killed in Gaza.
But the media is pushing this for a larger design.
We'll talk about when we come back.
And it's a distraction from the real death toll taking place.
20 million people, it's estimated, by insurance companies have died from the shots.
20 million.
We'll be right back.
All right, if you're a new listener or a new viewer, when you see me talk here on the air and then suddenly news articles pop up, it's not prescripted.
The crew
Just types in whatever I say, and then of course they can find it because everything I'm saying is on record.
95% of it.
5% speculation.
So when I say 20 million have died, it's between 18 and 21 million, depending on the global insurance company actuary.
That's the most accurate numbers we've got is insurance company actuaries.
When I say 20 million people conservatively have died from the COVID shots, that has even come out in mainstream news.
I'm going to say that again.
20 million people.
But Stalin said, rightfully, one man dies, it's a statistic.
One man dies, it's a tragedy.
10,000 dies, it's a statistic.
One man dies, one woman dies, one child dies.
It's a tragedy.
It's a statistic.
10,000 die.
Thousands of stories a day like this one.
Healthy toddler dies days after routine vaccinations.
Little girl.
The poster child in Israel, 8 years old, that took the Pfizer shot.
No previous heart problems.
Heart attack.
Heart attacks, blood clots in young people are up over 10,000%.
So, the entire corporate media, and it doesn't matter whether you go to Facebook, Twitter, it doesn't matter, is just flooded with Hamas, Islamic propaganda.
Now just because I'm exposing that doesn't mean I didn't support everything Israel does.
You can be driving down the highway and there's two restaurants, you've got food poisoning in both of them, you don't like either restaurant.
I don't like the Israeli lobby controlling America.
I got big issues with Israel, but I also know the Communists and the Rothschilds and the big money and the universities and the establishment is literally supporting American flags being pulled down everywhere and Islamists running around and rioting.
Same thing in Europe.
And they want to conquer us.
And now Israel's in the news.
Their main politicians are saying ship
The Gazans here and to Canada.
How about hell no, Israel?
And that's a perfect microcosm, or macrocosm.
I don't like a lot of the things Israel's doing.
I don't want to destroy Israel.
I don't want to drive them into the sea, like Harvard has officially endorsed the Hamas slogan.
And there are a lot of diverse people in Israel, a lot of great people there.
And if I had to say which group I think, you know, has worse leaders, I'd say it's Hamas.
But I don't like our leaders here either.
They're super corrupt.
Israeli leaders are super corrupt.
They're all fighting with each other.
Israel's been in a state of civil war for a couple years.
So people say, oh, I'm either for Israel or I'm either for the Muslims.
They're both big, giant, diverse groups and organizations.
But as soon as it was clear Ukraine and NATO lost the war against Russia, they flipped the switch.
Biden gave the money to Hamas and Hezbollah.
They attacked.
Israel stood down.
There's now articles calling it anti-Semitic to say Israel stood down.
80 plus percent of Israelis in major polls believe the government stood down.
Of course they did!
That's exactly why I'm pissed off at Israel.
The leadership of it.
Just like our government stood out on 9-11.
I'm not against the American people, or the firefighters, or police, or citizens that died.
I'm against our government that clearly, bare minimum, stood down.
And then blew up Building 7, the CIA headquarters.
47 stories tall!
So why is this being activated now?
Because they're bringing in the end of the old system, and collapsing that bubble, and bringing in the new system.
But, no, I'm not going to sit here and be part of the newest thing.
Oh, it's the COVID lockdowns, and then it's Ukraine, and then it's global warming, and now it's Hamas.
It's so trendy to support Hamas.
But then, meanwhile, over at the Daily Wire, Candace Owens is a great person.
Known her for a decade, since she went public and became a media person.
Candace Owens says, I think it's wrong to kill all these innocent kids and to say they're subhuman.
And then Ben Shapiro attacks her and says it's disgusting and outrageous.
I don't support that either.
You don't have to be anti-Israel to also not want to carpet bomb civilians.
So it's a serious situation.
But at the end of the day, we've got 20 million dead, conservatively, from these damn shots, and they want to just move on and have us forget they did that, and I'm not going to do it.
And I hope that you don't just fade off and, at the same time, not care.
But let's talk about what's really hitting everybody.
Let's talk about why, 50 years ago, if a child had cancer,
Cancer doctors would get on an airplane and fly across the country to see them because it was so rare.
Now, pediatric cancers are off the chart.
Millions of children get cancer a year under the age of 10.
Tens of thousands die, up to 60, 70 thousand, last number I saw.
We are bathing
I think so.
Now, when I started talking about this 20 years ago, I was so ridiculed by the nightly news and the nightly comics and everywhere.
Jones says there's chemicals in the water, and I do a whole analysis with documents and guests, and they would just cut it down to, I don't want them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay.
Common Pesticides in Food Reducing Sperm Count Worldwide Study Says.
Remember this from a few days ago?
Mercury pollution can make male birds homosexual, causing many bird populations to collapse or even become extinct.
Mercury in diet making male birds gay.
That's mainstream news.
So, we're being deliberately hit, just like with the shots, with systems that attack our fertility.
And that's the main thing the shots do, is attack the testicles and the ovaries.
And cause miscarriages and destruction of women's menstrual cycles.
They had congressional hearings two days ago about it.
It's on record.
New England Medical Journal, a year and a half ago, reported 83% of women that took the Pfizer or Moderna or J&J shot in the first two trimesters had miscarriages.
80 plus percent!
This is Armageddon-level death!
And instead,
We have all the cartoons and movies and Hollywood coming out and saying the ultimate evil on earth is what's happening to the people in Gaza.
And I'm against what's happening there.
But whether you were in Israel or whether you were in the Gaza Strip, the UN and the Big Pharma targeted you and your children for death with these injections.
So while we're all fighting with each other over being Jewish or Muslim or Christian or whatever, the New World Order is annihilating us.
And that's the bottom line.
I told you three and a half years ago, hundreds of times, they're going to cause a bunch of big wars and economic collapse as the new diversion, once it comes out, these shots are sterilizing and causing blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis, because I know their game plan.
And now they've done that.
We're not going to let people forget because they're coming back.
They're trying new lockdowns.
They're trying more shots.
They're doing it right now.
This is a life and death situation.
And that's why this broadcast has got to stay on air.
It's because I figured out their algorithm, their new world order system, how they operate.
And a lot of people are finally getting caught up to us, and that's good.
That's how we're going to have victory.
So we'll cover it all.
More on Israel.
Israeli leaders demand West accept Gaza refugees.
Wall Street Journal op-ed.
How about Israel take all their little Muslim babies, all the little Muslim little sweetie pies and shove them up their ass.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Very honored you decided to join us today.
Very, very thankful.
We're very blessed to be here still.
Despite all the attacks, remember it's you that keep us on air.
And only you.
All right, I want to, before I shift gears to the economy and the persecution of Trump, the American people, their program to come out with the guns, and then the positive news I mentioned, Walmart, Costco, and other companies rethink self-checkout.
That sounds like nothing, but it's a big deal.
I'm actually going to get to that and start the next segment, or I may skip the break.
I want to say something front and center.
I say mean things about Israel because it can't be a sacred cow, it can't be a golden
It can't be something we put up with when the leadership of Israel says we want America and Europe to take the Muslims they're pushing out of Gaza that you won't take as you say they're dangerous and I agree you take a thousand of them in probably 600 are dangerous.
So I'm really pissed about my family's safety and that somehow you think we're the dumping ground for this crap.
That said I'm not against Israel and I'm not against the Muslims but I'm not gonna sit here
And go along with this, but separately, I'm not mad at the people of Israel.
Just like I'm not mad at the people of America, that we have this horrible creature, Biden in power, who stole the election, who gave $87 billion of infrastructure and weapons to the Taliban, much of it that went to Iran and surrounding Islamic countries.
And six billion, two and a half months ago, to Iran, who directly gave it to them.
And when we said that, they said, oh, it's a conspiracy theory.
That money went for this or that.
But the mullahs said, no, we use it for weapons.
So if you want to blame somebody, blame Biden, blame the globalists.
But they don't want that front and center.
But now the State Department is admitting that.
So they wanted this.
They triggered this.
Netanyahu is in trouble.
The Israeli government stood down.
Five attack helicopters would have stopped those couple thousand fighters.
They stood down for seven hours.
That is a fact.
And we know Israel wants the Gaza Strip.
And now says they're basically going to take it.
And then we're supposed to take the people from there.
I demand Israel take the refugees.
In fact, I'd like to deport Ilhan Omar and send her to Israel.
Seriously, I am insulted.
I've got the articles, the names of the leaders, it's all over the news.
We've got Breitbart calling for it of all places, and I like Breitbart.
We've got liberals calling for it.
We've got Harvard calling for bringing them here.
And I am, I am insulted.
You won't take this rattlesnake, you say flatten it all, kill them all, they're all bad, which I don't even agree with that in totality, but then I'm supposed to?
I mean, I'm not going to take this.
I'm not going to take this.
And I'm pissed.
So here's a couple clips from a State Department spokesman, Matt Miller, getting put on the spot.
Here it is.
I just do not understand why you, why it is that you're so
You know, single-mindedly refusing to understand, at least, the argument that this money is going to be able to be used by Iran, and that when they do use it, and they use one million dollars to buy medicine of this money, that that frees up another million dollars that they would have had to spend on this
I understand the argument.
I don't agree with it and here's why.
If they were sitting on that $1 million, they would use it for their destabilizing activities to fund terrorism and deny medicine to their people.
That's the point I'm making.
And so, to approve $1 million of, say, medical transactions to benefit the Iranian people, we believe those are benefits to the Iranian people that they would not have otherwise gotten.
So this is a lost cause then?
You're just saying that they're going to have destabilizing activities regardless of whether you give them the waiver or not?
I think that they have shown...
That they are going to conduct destabilizing activities.
They were doing it before 2018 when the Trump administration gave them the first waiver, which is why we have an entire set of policies to hold them accountable for those destabilizing activities.
And part of our policy has always been not to penalize the Iranian people.
There is no country in the world where we deny access to food and medicine and where our sanctions target food and medicine and other humanitarian goods to the people.
That's true with respect to Russia.
It's true with respect to Iran.
It's true with respect to every country in the world, and it always has been.
That is the policy of the United States.
We put horrible sanctions on Iraq in 1990, then Clinton gets in and by 1994 triples them and cuts all the medicine, all the aid off, and millions die.
A couple million.
Half of them children.
And you've seen the Secretary of State Albright say it was a good price to pay.
She said it in the middle of it.
It was 500,000 kids, so a million total.
Because it went on for a few more years, like four more years.
So that's a lie, too.
So he's up there trying to act like, oh, we control the money because, you know, they use the money for terror.
And we can't give money to Hamas.
We can't give money to the Palestinians because they'll use it for terror.
But you just gave them the money.
So they think you're stupid is what's going on here.
And then what about the fungibility argument that you heard?
A lot.
With respect to the Iranian regime, it has always funded destabilizing activities.
It has done that first and foremost.
It's one of its top priorities.
It does that whether it receives, whether its people receive humanitarian benefits or not.
To the extent that the Iranian people have greater access to food or medicine as a result of... This is enough.
I'm not going to listen to this anymore.
It goes on and on.
I mean, they think we're stupid.
So let's look at these headlines.
Infowars.com, it lists them.
Senior members of the main political parties there.
Israel politicians demand West accept Gaza refugees.
In Wall Street Journal op-ed, we've got a link to it, calls the West to take in Gaza refugees, particularly aligns with Israel's designed ethnic cleansing policy of relocating most Palestinians out of Gaza.
Leaked internal, and I'm sorry that's a loaded term, that's what it is.
I mean, they said we're going to commit ethnic cleansing.
Leaked internal government documents call for Israel force.
Out 2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza into Egypt and then send them here into Europe.
Here's the Wall Street Journal article.
The West should welcome Gaza refugees, Europe and the U.S.
accept the millions who fled earlier wars.
And that's from Israel.
No, no, no, no, no, no!
I am... This is a bridge too far.
Israel would never take those people in a minute.
Because if they took 100 in, on average, 60 of them support Hamas, and probably 10 of them would blow something up or kill somebody.
You don't want your kids killed.
You don't want to be killed.
You don't want to have your throat slit.
You don't want to be suicide bombed.
Then you do not send them here.
And I want Washington that just bows down to Israel, and bows down to the Palestinians and all these people, to take care of our country!
And all the people that live here.
Here's Pierce Corbin, who's a great political analyst in the UK.
Talks about the October 7th Hamas terror attacks were a false flag operation.
The Israeli government wanted it to happen.
And then a guy in a chair said, here's Alex Jones and his brothers Trump, whatever that means.
Oh, it's Alex Jones to say that.
The majority of the people in Israel, 80 plus percent know that.
It's a fact.
Why isn't it being investigated?
Netanyahu says, well, once the war's over, they will.
The globalists want worldwide destabilization.
They're doing it.
And I'm not against the Jews.
I'm not against the Muslims.
I am not going to be a party to this.
And then take the war wreckage of it with a bunch of people with chips on their shoulder here that then wed themselves to the Democratic Party and leftists to then bring this country down.
Here he is.
What was your initial reaction on the 7th of October when Hamas invaded Israel?
What did you feel?
What did you think?
Well, I was suspicious from the start because the gates were clearly opened for soldiers, wherever they were, to come in.
And, you know, then they were let out.
So the whole thing
Whatever happened was done with the connivance of the government of Israel, or even, well they used whatever happened as a pretext.
It was a prepared thing.
And people died as a consequence because the Israeli government wanted to allow it to happen.
Do I understand correctly, you're saying it was basically a false flag operation?
Yes, it was a false flag operation.
That operation, on that day, was agreed by Israel at the highest level, because they let in these soldiers.
They knew the soldiers were going to kill people, which I think they did.
There were also fake stories about baby beheadings, which didn't happen.
So it's a bit like, well, the...
Say, the Pearl Harbor.
The American government knew it was going to happen, allowed the Japanese planes in, knew some of their sailors would be killed and ships sunk, but they would get out of it.
The ability to join the war.
And that's what they did.
So here, the excuse was, it was an excuse, a pretext to launch this genocide attack.
This thing they did on the 7th of October was clearly something which they'd been either tricked into, or paid to do, or whatever.
It was timed to prepare for this genocide and to get the oil under Gaza.
I assume you've seen these posters of Israeli hostages around London and I assume you know that many of them are pulled down, you know, almost the majority of them are pulled down within 24 hours.
Why do you think that is?
Because people support Palestine, and they see that as opposition to Palestine and propaganda.
Why is it that they see, you know... Well, I think, look, what are these hostages?
Now listen, just go back to the 7th of October, right, what happened?
The gates are opened, these soldiers, or maybe they're not soldiers, they're paid operatives, I don't know, go in, collect people, and they let them out, with these hostages, an hour or two later.
Well, that's done...
In an arranged way.
So maybe these hostages are not really hostages.
Some of them might be, some of them might be just, okay, we're gonna be hostages today.
You know, a fake operation.
I don't know.
But a big aspect of that thing on the 7th of October was fake.
It was organised, it was controlled.
And all over Twitter they're calling for him and others to be sued, like I was for Sandy Hook, for questioning something that obviously, you know, doesn't make sense.
So, they did stand down for at least 7 hours.
Most estimates are 8 or 9 hours.
That's not the Jewish people that did that.
It's the government that did that.
The same ones that used them as guinea pigs.
Which again, the Jews were particularly targeted.
The only other place that did it worse was Singapore, with the poison shots.
So, the people in Israel are not exempt from the New World Order, is my point.
And we're all being played off against each other.
Very, very, very, very, very, very suspicious.
We'll continue to lay all of this out.
I want to get into some of the good news here in just a moment.
Again, this story, people are like, why is this important?
Believe me, it is.
I'm going to try to explain it as best I can.
This is the key to victory.
If you want solutions, this is it.
I should make a whole documentary about this.
We'll go to this in a moment.
Listeners, we're in the age of censorship and control.
Populists are being arrested.
News outlets that are independent are being shut down.
Journalists are being jailed.
And the system is doing everything it can to shut this operation down.
And I have been nothing but 100% honest with you about the situation here.
When we declared bankruptcy a year and a half ago, corporately a year ago myself, I said if this goes through, which it is going through, on the Infowars side, we'll be able to stay on air indefinitely.
But if we don't, we'll be shut down.
And we're at the point where I have to pay half the legal bills of this operation.
I don't have any money.
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Several million dollars.
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It's not.
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All right.
You want people to fight for you?
You want somebody to stand up?
And it's not like we just stand up and don't have an effect.
We have warned billions of people, chain reaction, about the poison shot.
We've, together, as an audience of activists, we've helped stop the new rollout of COVID protocols, which they tried.
I mean, we've got important work to do.
We are the talking point generator for much of what you see on all the other top shows.
The enemy knows that because it's true.
And I'm just blessed to be in that position.
It's, again, just critical that you understand how late the hour is.
So I thank you for your consideration.
I humbly ask you to go now to InfoWarsTore.com.
All right.
I could talk for 10 hours about this, but I'm going to talk for six minutes before break and five minutes into the next segment before Hotep Jesus joins us to talk about the waterfront, to talk about this.
But this is a big deal.
The globalists say they want a post-human world.
They want to make humans obsolete.
They want to isolate us in 15-minute cities.
They want kill switches in our cars, which is now happening.
They want robots growing our food.
They want to make us obsolete so we're not self-sufficient.
So if you go back to Davos and UN documents 30 years ago, they said we want robots, self-checkout lanes.
We want big box stores and regulations to shut down all the small farmers.
It's only big agribusiness can operate.
And then we can make people have national ID cards and vaccine cards.
They said this 20 years ago.
And 16, 17 years ago in Operation Lockstep.
So if you don't have your smartphone and your pass, you can't get in the grocery store.
Well, you'll go to a mom and pop.
No, their plan is through vertical integration to shut all those down with crime waves and regulations and all the rest of it.
So when I go to the grocery store, and I don't go to Whole Foods or something by Jeff Bezos,
But when I even go to H-E-B or other big chains in Texas, they're trying to make you do self-checkout, they're there trying to bully you to get on the app, and that's all out of the globalist operation.
You go to the airport, you can barely find a restaurant now where you talk to a human and order your food.
It's on a computer and then it's made in some kitchen and now they're bringing in robots.
They've actually got robot-run McDonald's now across the world.
And even Whataburger's put in a personless operation in South Austin.
So if we decide to not patronize the synthetic poison meat or the shots or the drag queen pedophile time...
Or stores that have self-checkout lanes.
If people just refuse those, it's not an innovation, it's a control, it will force them to hire humans and it will break their back.
And because profits have been so low, you can go to a grocery store and they got 20 self-checkout lanes and five or six human lanes, but one register.
And there'll be 50 to 100 people lined up around the store
Because they want to have a human do it because instinctively they realize it's a control system.
And so now big stores in England that have hundreds of stores are closing and all but two are closing self-checkout.
All but two are keeping any self-checkout.
They tried to force it.
They tried to do it.
It failed.
Demand human interaction.
It's not like, oh, we don't need to work any more robots to it.
They're getting rid of us.
They say, go play video games and take Prozac and commit suicide.
That's the plan.
Go live in the metaverse.
You're not essential.
So if we buy from local farmers, and don't just not use self-checkout, but expand it out to whenever you can, only eat at a mom and pop.
Whenever you can, even though it's more money, go to a local grocery store.
Because once these predators have shut down all their competition, can't even bar the door.
During the COVID lockdowns, they doubled their profits on average.
The average billionaire more than doubled their wealth.
It's a vertical integration.
It's a war.
Walmart, Costco, other companies rethink self-checkout.
CNN, a backlash against self-checkout is growing and stores are starting to dial back on the technology after it exploded over the past few years.
That was their plan with COVID.
Booth's, a British supermarket chain, is removing self-checkout stations in all but two of its 28 stores.
There's a couple hundred here that are doing it.
There's other companies.
In the United States, Walmart, Costco,
And others chains have also revised their self-checkout strategies.
They go on to say the customers don't like it.
It doesn't work well.
It causes more theft.
People just don't want it.
Some customers don't know one different Apple versus another, for example.
It just goes on.
So we're not complying.
People are rejecting it.
People are absolutely turning against it.
It's like self-driving cars.
Why do you not want to learn to drive a car?
It's fun.
It's good for you.
They've done all these studies where humans are still way better than self-driving cars.
And then Klaus Schwab says, well, you won't have a car soon because you don't need to drive it.
We'll do it for you.
It's all about...
Paralyzing you from the neck down and making you obsolete.
And it goes on and on and on.
But again, it's not that a new technology is bad.
It's all being deployed to completely control you and make you obsolete.
So just reject the shots.
Reject the pedophilia.
Reject the open borders.
Reject the corporations.
Reject the big box stores as much as you can.
I still go to them some.
You don't have a choice sometimes.
You're on the road, you got something to do, all there is is a chain, eat there.
You gotta go in here, whatever.
The point is when you can realize that this is a predatory takeover, and this is how they're really attacking us, and this is a big victory that people are rejecting self-checkout all over the world.
This is so important.
They want to kill human interaction.
Hour number two, more on this and a lot more straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Please listen closely because this is life-changing critical information.
The globalists are bombarding us with toxic chemicals, hitting us in the air, the water, the food, the 5G, the poison shots, the shedding.
GMO, all of it.
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So go!
We're good to go.
Got a big guest coming up next segment, stay with us.
But I want to get back to self-checkout and restaurants where you talk to a robot.
It's admitted they're getting you ready for the cashless society.
They're getting you ready to be isolated, put a 200 square foot coffin apartment.
You read this big CNN article, it admits that it caused more crime, less things being bought, the collapse.
Walmarts, it reports here, are pulling out self-checkout everywhere.
I was in Mexico a few months ago at a Walmart.
There was no cell checkout.
People aren't going to do that.
We're building a world for humans.
We're not opting in to a world that is against humans.
We're not submitting to this tyranny.
We're not going along with this system.
We build our environment.
We build the system we live in.
But what are the big box stores?
They have insurance and they have security, but it's the medium-sized stores, the Walgreens, the Mom and Pops and others that have had the snatch and grabs with the Soros.
DA say you're allowed to rob $5,000, $10,000 in some areas, and no one's going to stop you.
That's meant to shut them down.
Then you got to buy from Bezos.
You got to go to Walmart.
It's an economic war, they admit.
And the article
They say corporations tried to force everyone to get rid of checkers during COVID.
Self-checkout expanded at supermarkets.
In the early 2000s, the stores looked to cut costs.
And during the pandemic, many shoppers used self-checkout for the first time to minimize close interaction with employees and their customers.
Yeah, you got to be isolated from the humans and be locked up in the gulag.
And it goes on and on.
So this major resistance to this
Shows deep down human instincts and really, really shows that this is what needs to be done.
That people need to fully reject whatever Hollywood, whatever the corporate media says.
Guys, queue up Dana White.
This has gotten tens of millions of views on the internet just that I saw.
I love Dana White.
And he says, look, after COVID and all their disinformation, when he says the full clip, I don't believe a word they say.
I go to a doctor when I have a broken bone, but I don't listen to them on nutrition.
And that's the same thing.
We have to exit the system.
We have to stop trusting a system that's broken its trust in us.
Here's a clip of Dana White.
I will never talk to a doctor about my general health ever again.
If I break my arm, I'm gonna go see a doctor.
If I need surgery, I'm gonna go see a doctor.
My general health?
Never again.
None of them know what they're talking about.
They're all full of shit.
All they know is to put you on pills and put you on medicine.
That's all they know.
So what's the bottom line here?
When you shop at a store, or you support a broadcast, or you support a church, or you're supporting culture, your money is power.
That's the real democratization.
And that's why we don't have a free market system, we have a crony capital system going into a globalist post-human system.
That's why where you spend your money is the most powerful thing you can do, other than raising good, straight, and strong children that understand the big picture.
And that's why I tell listeners, in this collapsing economy, in this new world order, in all the attacks they've thrown at us, the more something's attacked by the enemy, you know that's what you should support.
And that's why we need your support at InfoWarsaw.com.
You need to commit not to go buy a supplement that's super powerful and does a great job once, not to buy a t-shirt once, but to commit
To say, hey, I'm going to shop locally.
I'm going to go to a church that's exposing, you know, real issues.
I'm going to start a garden.
And I'm going to buy products at Infowarsware.com.
Because when we got the Bill Clinton documents a few years ago in World Net Daily, like six, seven years ago, sued from their Clinton Library in Little Rock, the first thing they were saying when they got into the White House in 1993 was,
Our main mission is to shut down populist and conservative and nationalist media and companies.
Because if conservatives ever start spending money with other groups and build their own economy, it's over.
And now that's what the social credit score and the debanking and the censorship is about, is that is next level because they want to intimidate the leadership, so we shut up.
Or shut down, so they can come after you next.
And that's what Nikki Haley's talking about, and Hochul's talking about, and the UN's talking about.
They're moving into the social credit score.
Before they get it in place, we've got to build up the alternative economy now.
This is a war of resources.
You've got to put your money where your mouth is.
Demand human interaction.
Demand humans at checkout.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us at fullwars.com.
I'm a pioneer!
I'm an explorer!
I'm a human!
And I'm coming!
I'm animated!
I'm alive!
My heart's big!
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I like to eat!
I like to have children!
I'm here!
I got a life force!
This is a human!
This is what we look like!
This is what we act like!
This is what everybody was like before us!
This is what I am!
I'm a throwback!
I'm here!
I've got the fire of human liberty!
I'm setting fires everywhere!
And humans are turning on everywhere!
Get behind me, Satan!
Down with the devil!
This can't be.
You're playing the wrong message.
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show today.
Well, he's been on fire all the time for years, but particularly the last few weeks and months since the attack on Israel.
And he's been giving a 35,000-foot view on it.
I want to get him on.
He joins us now.
Hotep Jesus, great talk show host, great researcher, great marketer, great entrepreneur.
And his big deal is suddenly all the floodgates are open in corporate media
To the new thing isn't global warming or isn't Ukraine or isn't COVID.
Now it's the Muslims.
And I don't like a lot of stuff Israel's doing.
I think they stood down.
I think it was a false flag.
I mean, I think real Islamists attacked, but it was clearly money Biden sent.
But what's the larger picture here with Harvard and the big universities endorsing this?
We got a lot to talk about in the 45 minutes or so.
We've got him and I'm going to cover some more news after he leaves us in the shower before the next guest joins us.
But clearly, we said another big war is coming.
That's going to be the distraction from the COVID deaths, all the rest of it.
And now they're trying to trigger a holy war.
Obviously, you get boosted big on Twitter and everywhere else, HOTEP, where you're already reaching millions a day if you got on the bandwagon.
But clearly, the establishment is trying to create some type of clash of civilizations here.
HOTEP Jesus, thank you for joining us.
HOTEP Jesus.
Oh, absolute pleasure, Alex.
So yeah, so your take on Israel is pretty much similar to my take.
Obviously the timing is convenient.
We have election season now here, aka grifting season.
Nikki Haley has proven to be a supreme grifter herself after her comments on Fox last night.
But what's the bigger story here?
Well, first of all, the next distraction is to create something domestically, right?
Create some sort of event domestically.
Now, it's been happening in spurts here and there.
You have protesters clashing, you have
Grand Central Station being attacked by pro-Palestine protesters.
You have Jewish people being attacked.
A lot of different skirmishes have taken place on domestic soil.
Much of this planned.
Much of this known by the elite rulers.
And that was one of my fears early on where there's conflict in the Middle East and because of all the vitriol
On social media, spilled into our streets.
Not much of this stuff.
As we know, Hamas in Palestine has been supported by George Soros.
Black Lives Matter supported by George Soros.
We've tracked down some of these protests between the pro-Palestine socialists.
I think Stop the War Coalition is one of them.
And Jeremy Corbyn is partly behind some of these protests.
So what we have is a communist socialist takeover of another people's struggle.
But what's the bigger story that's happening here?
Well, while everybody's distracted by the Middle East, what we are experiencing is a complete and total financial transformation where money is going to change how it operates, both at a wholesale level and a retail level.
Right now, the House Financial Services Committee is discussing Basel 3, Basel 3 Endgame.
And basically what they're talking about now is
You know, what are the capital requirements for a banking institution?
Now, we know what the capital requirements have been since COVID.
They said that they are basically zero.
You need zero reserves.
But now Basel III is challenging some of that and saying that banks need to hold more money, more cash, more capital, which is going to hurt, obviously, the small guy.
So what we're looking at right now is actually a huge transformation of the banking industry.
If you look, you'll see many banks right now shutting down.
You have Wells Fargo shutting down.
By the way, let me just interrupt you and say, bingo, bingo, bingo, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.
We're coming to the end of the big bubble.
The new rollout of the central bank currencies, they admit it, and they need crises as the diversion to bring this in.
That's correct.
And not only not only.
So the crisis is going to be the diversion so they don't see all the laws being passed.
But then later on, the crisis is going to be the reason why we need the new banking transformation.
So so we have Basel 3.
Let's put that aside for a second.
They're meeting about that today.
FCC is meeting about total control of the Internet.
That's happening today.
Now, let's focus on the banks really fast.
So we have Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, all these places are shutting down your local branch banking institution, right?
And they're saying it's because everybody's moving online.
So payments are moving digital.
You were talking about before the break how we have POS happening now without a human being.
I was thinking this morning that we might start to have transactions happening without even your card.
So the way the CBDC system is working, Central Bank Digital Currency is working is through QR codes and the offline payments are actually going to operate through your cell phone.
So I'm guessing within the next five years, not only cash is going to start to dwindle, but credit cards potentially start to dwindle, which brings us into the key component of all of this, which is the digital ID system.
The European Union, you can have you guys look this up, European Union have decided to go ahead, despite privacy concerns.
That's right, they passed it last Friday.
Decided to go ahead with their digital ID system.
They might not even be needing the ID as much, particularly for the poor people, because they're going to start- Exactly!
They're going to roll it out as a freebie deal to get people just signed up at first.
No, no, that's it.
So the CBDC will provide incentives and the poor will be using the CBDC.
So if you're middle class and up, the digital ID is going to be how they track and monitor you.
And if you're poor, they're going to say, oh, you're too dumb to get an ID, but we'll track you through the CBDC.
So it has this
Symbiotic relationship, the digital ID to the CBDC, where they both need each other.
Well, exactly.
They've been trying to ram through both, but they've been failing because of opposition.
So they're going to go ahead and just beta test it on poor people.
But you made a key point here.
And I've seen you criticized on Twitter, Instagram all over.
They're like, look at this Zionist.
Look at this guy.
No, no, you're pulling up above it and saying clearly Israel stood down, but clearly
George Soros and the Rothschilds and the New World Order and the media are pushing, you know, 10 to 1 the pro-Muslim thing.
They're trying to cause this clash of civilizations.
It was like that famous Indiana Jones meme where he's got the idol in the sand and so they're constantly moving whatever the issue is to galvanize.
So before it's like, oh, George Soros represents black people, let's raise $50 billion and give it to the Democratic Party and give nothing to black people, you know, maybe $20-30 million to the front people that run it.
It's the same thing now.
Now they've just jumped to the Palestinians.
So they go from the white people praising and worshiping Black Lives Matter to now they praise and worship Hamas.
And all it is is the globalists hiding behind a new group.
Yeah, so Palestine's the new BLM.
So now we call that PLM, right?
And like you said, they latch themselves on to this new struggle.
That new struggle happens to be Palestinian lives, and then they'll couple in Islamophobia, right?
So we had... And that gives them censorship, and let's not forget...
Ukraine decides if it loses the war, NATO loses, they flip a switch on the 7th, it all jumps tracks to this.
Keep going, sorry, you're just dead on.
So, the press secretary talks about Islamophobia.
Then you have Kamala Harris, or Malaka Harris, talks about Islamophobia.
And really all this stuff is about censorship of speech.
It's about just slowly peeling away the First Amendment.
As you know, the far beyond socialists are represented by the turtle, used to be a wolf in sheep's clothing, and they like to move and take away rights slowly.
So that's what a lot of this stuff is moving towards.
Not only that, but also divide, right?
Divide and conquer is always one of their tactics.
But to keep people in a state of chaos,
Moving into the next election, you had many people who were undecided if they were going to vote or not.
But now you have this whole conflict and you have many people deciding that they're now going to go out and vote.
So they're going to make this the new issue, particularly Democrat voters.
We're going to sit this next election out.
That's right.
They don't want it to be inflation or open borders.
It's the new cause celeb.
So when you look at the last debate they had on NBC, which was a complete disaster, there was hardly anything spoken about domestic issues.
Now, the United States government is supposed to be primarily focused on foreign issues, but it seems like every time they pass a new bill, it's about domestic issues and then they have a debate and it's not about domestic issues.
But what they do is they try to make the issue small brained, right?
Something that, you know, anybody can argue about.
So the last debate was about
So now we're not debating about what are we going to do with our veterans, what are we going to do with our currency, our economy, shipping and trading.
We got APEC happening now.
China has just landed.
We're not talking about like the things that actually matter.
No, we're talking about are you for the Jews?
Are you for the Muslims?
As long as you only obsess on that, they win.
They don't care.
And then you're bad, and I'm bad for a sophisticated message.
Because I mean, our listeners are great, but even a lot of them want me to choose a side.
There is no side!
It's a frickin' game!
That's the game!
They want you to pick a side so you're then divided, and then they can use you as pieces on a chess puzzle.
So if you're with the Jews, then you're playing as white.
And if you're with the Palestinians, then you're playing as black.
But guess what?
You're just a pawn on a chess board, and they're playing with you as the pieces.
There is no side.
The only side is to be an American and focus on what's happening domestically.
What's been happening in the Middle East is older than all of us, so that is something that they're going to have to handle and they're going to have to resolve on their own.
But while you're looking over there, what about here?
Like I said, we're going through an economic transformation and nobody's talking about it.
Basel III, CBDC, IMF is talking about it.
That's right.
The biggest changes in human history are coming in.
They're bringing in the big one right in front of our faces!
I know that the digital ID in the United States, aka real ID, is supposed to be rolled out in 2015 and got pushed back.
So, I'm estimating that somewhere around that time or thereafter, we'll receive the CBDC, the central bank digital currency.
Now, let's talk about capital outflows.
I know we're going to get boring for our viewership, but hang on, okay?
So what's happening is the United States wants to lock down their citizens.
They want to lock down their chattel property.
And they're going to do that through currency.
And they tell you through the currency where you can spend it.
That's key.
That's exactly what I'm saying.
So the IMF in their paper today 22 page paper talks about capital flow management and what they're basically saying is banning people from transacting in foreign countries.
So basically what they're saying is if you want to be a liberated sovereign individual and you want to trade your USD for some other foreign currency,
There are going to be limitations in your ability to do that.
And this is the world dividing between West and East because the US doesn't want to see their money go to Russia and Russia doesn't want to see their money go to America.
And this is a big war summit with Xi Jinping meeting in San Francisco with all the big tech leaders and energy directors lining up.
This is a big powwow going on.
What do you make of that?
So the APEC meeting is this week, 11th through the 17th.
Today, according to Secretary of Treasury Janet Yellen, today is the day they're going to be talking about CBDC.
She said that during her opening speech yesterday.
So we're waiting to see some of those transcripts come out and see what they say about that.
It's probably going to be
Much more of the same where they say financial inclusion.
They're going to be concerned with capital outflows.
They're going to be concerned with damaging the banking private sector.
So these are the three main things that they're concerned with.
I think so.
So, financial inclusion is what they're saying is, oh, black people can't get to a bank account.
So, we're going to issue this digital wallet, which will be connected to their cell phone.
It's going to come with incentives and premiums, and they'll say, hey, 20% off your next purchase.
But you can only spend it where they say, and then they expand it out to every group, and now you can only spend money at the big box store.
That's correct.
So they have like the Durham's, the Durham's discurrency.
They're talking about just giving this stuff away.
10,000 Durham's to people who use this stuff because people aren't adopting it.
But it is in the IMF paper.
It says specifically it says two things in regards to restrictions.
One of them is if you hold on to the currency, it'll tax itself.
So 20% could come out every week.
Up to a certain threshold.
It incentivizes owning nothing, having nothing.
You have to spend it.
They want to push that money into the economy so it'll slowly disappear.
So this goes against all the basic rules of wealth and success.
It's diametrically opposed to us being independent and secure.
Oh, it's absolutely anti-free market capitalism.
I mean, this is Karl Marx's dream we're talking about here.
Like, Karl Marx, Lenin, Stalin, you could have put them all in a room together now and they never would have come up with anything this genius, okay?
They are in their graves right now laughing hysterically at how people were able to pull this off
In a so-called capitalist nation, and nobody says anything because we're too concerned with, oh, who do we support?
The Muslims or the Jews?
If you choose to support one of those, you're choosing not to support yourself.
That's what you're choosing.
Well, one of the restrictions of the CBDC, like you said, is what you can purchase.
What you can purchase is going to be a huge, huge thing.
And that's it, because it's not that we're against the Muslims or the Jews.
We don't do anything.
It makes you feel good.
It's like having sex with a blow-up doll.
It's not real.
But taking care of yourself and your family is real.
You have some, um... Was it New York I was talking about?
There is a state that is talking about... No!
I'm sorry, it's either Chicago or Detroit, where they're gonna have government-run grocery stores.
Seventeen point... Chicago!
Chicago, thank you.
So Chicago wants government-run grocery stores.
This sounds like, you know, Bolshevik Russia right now.
And so think about that.
Chicago, government stores.
Well, what currency will you need to purchase at this place?
Obviously, ACBDC.
And that's why they got to shut everything off to make you use it.
Then you have some some of these states are starting to get smart and use Article 1 Section 8 to their own advantage where it says that only gold and silver can be transacted as a currency outside of the legal tender.
And some states are working to create a stable coin backed by gold and stable coins are going to be a thing.
So you have this world of stable coins and CBDC, which work kind of side by side.
So the best example of a CBDC right now that nobody is talking about.
Is JP Morgan coin or JPM coin now the JPM coin is doing a billion dollars in Transaction each day, and this is just at the wholesale level now.
We know that the Federal Reserve is created at Jekyll Island by JP Morgan and company So this is a machination of the JP Morgan cartel.
It's the top of the pyramid correct so
When you have the people who created the Federal Reserve, modern day, obviously we know Jamie Dimon used to sit on the board of the Federal Reserve while being CEO of JPMorgan Chase.
Let's put that aside for a moment.
They're working on JPMCoin.
Now they say, oh, the Federal Reserve cannot issue a CBDC without congressional approval.
Okay, this may be true, but they're definitely exploring that.
Just the other day we had an anti-CBDC bill get introduced by Republicans and it basically said we want to stop all funding basically this is because you know Biden pushed out the
The CBDC bill, the executive order to explore CBDCs, and they're basically saying that's unconstitutional.
You're not allowed to look at a new form of money without congressional approval.
So there's some bills being introduced.
Well, that was my next question.
How do we stop this?
How do we do this?
How do we protect ourselves from the CHICOMs and the EU?
They're going to roll it out first.
Let's go down the line of who has them, right?
In order.
So, Bahamas got it first, Nigeria got it second, and then third was Jamaica, right?
So, obviously, you know that they target black populations first, okay?
So, what do you think is going to happen in America?
Under the guise of financial inclusion, they're going to target the black community first.
By the way, that's true.
They're literally targeting black countries.
What's the point there?
Same thing with the vaccine, right?
When you had Stanley Plotkin was pushing his vaccines out there.
This is a guy who worked with Dr. Fauci many moons ago, and they tested millions of people affected by their vaccines.
Go look at the Stanley Plotkin deposition.
He said, did many of those people come out with defects?
He said, yeah, it happened.
Eight hour deposition, right?
So they use these impoverished third world nations as
Test grounds.
Not only as incubators, right?
Not only for vaccines, but now also for financial apparatuses.
And this has been going on a while through the IMF, right?
And the IMF siphons money from countries through their SDR mechanism.
Anyway, so another thing the IMF talks about is financial literacy.
So they want to get to the minds of black people before you do.
So what they're going to do is they're going to teach black people their version of financial literacy.
And it's going to include why the CBDC is good.
And if you hate the CBDC, then you're a racist.
You're a Trump-supporting racist.
That's how they're going to spin this.
So it's very important for us to watch our rhetoric and watch how we position ourselves to the black community so that we become voices that they would like to listen to.
Therefore, we can educate them and warn them.
So this is going to happen to specifically the poorer communities.
And then everybody else will sort of fall in line.
So how do we combat this?
I think you got to support, um, it's, uh, I think his name is Emmer.
I forget his first name.
Stay right there, Ho-Temp.
You always knock out of the park, but this is incredible.
You're giving the best analysis of this that we've seen.
And the good news is black folks are rejecting the open borders, all of it.
They're one of the biggest Achilles heels.
The globalists want to shoehorn this all in through black populations, but I think it's going to backfire.
Let's talk about it and how we stop this with Ho-Temp Jesus.
And we'll talk about this horrible person, Nikki Haley, with her internet.
System of Internet IDs straight ahead.
So if you think the tyranny we've been living under has been bad, that was a foreshadowing.
That was an hors d'oeuvre.
A light breeze compared to a typhoon or hurricane or tornado.
The globalists admit how predatory this is.
Cut off resources, get dependent populations,
Roll out universal basic income to the central bank digital currencies and then put social credit scores on all that to beta test it on groups they control.
And then they expand it out from there.
The good news is the public's waking up.
That's what this is.
People understand what's happening.
We can just reject this.
Just like all over the world they're pulling out the self-checkout lanes after 20 years, 23 years trying to make us do it.
Go to a restaurant, don't do a QR code for a menu.
Seems simple.
That was all from the IMF World Bank during COVID to get you ready to get rid of cash.
They admit all this.
So, the good news is we know the enemy plan.
The bad news is enough people haven't woken up.
Yes, some have.
But folks, this is so draconian.
This is the holy grail of tyranny.
I don't know.
The globalists are desperate to bring in their new system.
The good news is, people know the globalists that run the Federal Reserve make Sam Bankman Freed look like an angel.
And so I would say things are not going well for them.
As negative as this is, the growth curve of awakening
And populists and nationals being elected everywhere, and black people, you know, doubling, tripling support for Trump as a benchmark.
And Hispanics as well show the thinking people out there are getting this quickly.
Ho-Temp, we didn't talk before he came on, but be honest with me.
How, what's your prognosis?
Are things positive?
Are they negative?
If this is a football game, where are we in the game?
And who's winning?
I mean, I wrong to be optimistic.
Down by 20 in the fourth quarter with five minutes to go.
It's not looking good.
And you touched on it, right?
Like there's a lot of things that I could talk about with my platform.
And I choose to talk about the one thing that will get me no engagement.
But honestly, I can't do anything but talk about... Because all the other stuff doesn't matter.
It's all a distraction.
It's all a distraction.
You know, I'm forced to talk about Candace Owens having beef with Ben Shapiro.
I'm forced to talk about, you know, Biden falling down the steps, right?
This is the stuff that people want to hear and we have to cover it.
Meanwhile, digital chains are being put on us and our children.
So Nikki Haley, that's the funny thing about communism.
Yeah, let's talk about her.
We got the clip in a minute.
Go ahead.
Yeah, so the funny thing about communism is it takes on the form of the left and it takes on the form of the right.
The way it takes on the form of the left is it sort of just veers it towards more communism and less socialism.
But with the right, it has to be a little bit more
More slick, right?
So it does it through the form of like Nikki Haley.
Oh, your preacher will know what you did.
We know it's so conservative.
Let's explain what an Internet ID means.
That's what this is.
But let's play the clip.
Here it is.
When I get into office, the first thing we have to do, social media accounts, social media companies, they have to show America their algorithms.
Let us see why they're pushing what they're pushing.
The second thing is every person on social media should be verified by their name.
That's, first of all, it's a national security threat.
When you do that,
All of a sudden people have to stand by what they say.
And it gets rid of the Russian bots, the Iranian bots, and the Chinese bots.
And then you're going to get some civility when people know their name is next to what they say.
And they know their pastor and their family members are going to see it.
It's going to help our kids and it's going to help our country.
Okay, so we hear that record skip shout is going to help our kids.
To have a central bank digital currency, to have a social credit score, to have a vaccine passport, to have what the UN and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates and Xi Jinping have already set up, they've got to have the internet ID that China already has.
And here's the little darling of the Republican establishment who they're force-feeding us, selling that.
So is Governor Hochul.
So is, I mean, they need this.
Yeah, so Nimrata here.
I'm not calling her Nikki Haley since she wants to dox everybody.
Her name is Nimrata.
Nimratata, okay?
So first of all, let's talk about two things.
She mentioned algorithms and then she mentioned the pain points to conservatives about bots, right?
So the algorithms.
Why does she want access to the algorithms?
So first of all, algorithms should not be disclosed because if they're disclosed, they're manipulated.
So if you show the government the algorithms, guess who's going to be able to manipulate the most?
She mentions these bots, right?
You know what she doesn't mention is the fact that many of these bots, I presume, I'm speculating here, are government agencies.
So if you show them what the algorithm looks like, then Chia and Dia and the rest of the three-letter agencies will be able to send more bots, more force, at anybody who talks about the wrong things.
So, for example, you say something about the right wing, there's a whole bunch of left-wing bots that come around.
You say something about the left wing, there's a bunch of right-wing bots that come around.
These things sit in digital farms, some in Malaysia, some domestically, some in Russia, or they're just pinging off of a VPN and using different IP addresses, et cetera, et cetera.
But the bottom line is, if she gets access, you know what she wants to do with it, which brings us to our next point.
She says, all these bots, these bots.
And let's be clear, she's just talking talking points to the globalist.
She's just a mouthpiece.
So when we see her mouth move, it's Klaus Schwab.
Yeah, so when she mentions the bots, she understands the pain points of her constituents, which is why she targets them.
We all hate the bots.
They're annoying.
But who is it?
Teddy Roosevelt said give up your freedom for safety or something like that, right?
That's what this is.
You want to give up your freedom?
They're not going to get rid of the real powerful bots for Israel, the U.S., the 101, the Russians, exactly.
The bot thing is a distraction.
What she wants is the Internet ID.
What she wants is Internet ID to connect everybody to the system, aka what was it called in a Skynet, right?
Aka Skynet.
So connect everything to Skynet, connect everybody to a digital ID system so then they can track everybody and control you.
Now what's going to happen is this, right?
If your digital ID is connected to your money, and the digital ID is connected to the social media, that means when you say something wrong in social media, they're going to clip you through your digital ID from your money.
So forget when, you know, you got debanked like... Oh, they've had congressional hearings years ago.
They go, hey, InfoWars is top again, like five years ago.
And they go, our AI will be in by next month, sir.
And literally, they want it all automated.
And it's going to be programmed.
See, the money's programmable.
OK, that's what makes this money different.
So you won't even need a human.
To get rid of you.
If you say something online, it will automatically be updated to your digital ID and then to your money, and then your money will be restricted and other things could possibly happen.
But all of this stuff is automated.
And by the way, as you said, we've got all these EU heads and all the tech heads and the central bank heads saying they're going to use it for this day one.
They're being quite honest about it.
Restricting funds.
Restricting funds from being, well, they call it capital flow management, right?
Restricting you from transacting with somebody else in another country, right?
So if you've got a grandma in Bolivia and you want to send her some money, well, if the United States has placed sanctions on Bolivia, then they can just program the money to say, oh, you cannot transact this with anybody in Bolivia.
And that's just how they started.
I mean, look how we've been demagnetized.
How do we stop it, Hotep?
So, again, Emmer.
Emmer has a bill.
He has an anti-CBDC bill.
I don't think it's perfect, but it's a great start.
There's another anti-CBDC bill that was introduced this week.
I would go take a look at that one.
That is to defund the working group in the CBDC.
So I would support those bills.
I would raise awareness about those bills and start there and start talking about that.
I would tell your favorite influencer, stop feeding me bullshit, stop feeding me small brain content.
That's the biggest thing is get in the face of everybody distracting us and tell people like Ben Shapiro, not even attacking, get off all this crap and fight the CBDC.
Ben Shapiro's fighting Candace Owens.
The CBDC's about to kick our ass.
Ain't nobody worried about Candace Owens.
I was about to say, let's use a little Ray stuff on her.
Why don't you leave that smart black lady alone and deal with the New World Order, Ben Shapiro?
So now we're here caught in between a little feud between co-workers.
They've unfollowed each other.
Like, this little kid stuff?
Tell Candace Owens we don't give a shit about Israel and Palestine.
Tell Ben Shapiro we don't care about Israel and Palestine.
That's the way to shut it down.
Stop talking about it.
I told my crew, I said, I don't tell reporters what to do.
I hire you because I respect you and I like you.
But can we just move off 90% Israel coverage?
Because dammit, we got other stuff to do.
If you're gonna cover the Israel-Palestine conflict, you have to analyze the propaganda from both sides.
That's the best way to do it.
To show people, look, the Palestinians are full of shit, and the Israelis are full of shit.
And this is what I've used my platform to do, is sort of show, like, hey, look, you think these organized protests are real and organic?
It was just as real as organic as Black Lives Matter.
It's a lot of money coming in, a lot of funding coming in.
I mean, look at Soros and the left supporting it.
It's obviously bad.
And then who funded it?
Oh, Biden.
Wait, wait, you said Biden?
Oh, Biden.
Oh, Biden.
So the other thing is you have the repackaging of groups.
So this group may be for abortion or it may be for whatever other human rights cause.
Anybody says it for human rights, basically they're puppets of the Illuminati, right?
But anytime you have these groups and they say, for human rights, they repackage them and say, well, here's the new grift.
Here's the new thing.
So you were for abortion.
Now you're for Palestine.
So you're going to see a lot of that, too.
And, you know, I hate to say it, but there are people who do care about this Palestinian issue, but they're going to be drowned out.
They're going to be co-opted.
They're going to be usurped.
And their issue is going to turn into somebody else's issue.
And then he's going to fundraise for the Deep State.
So you've got to come back.
You're on fire.
I 100% agree with everything you're saying.
The smartest analysis out there.
But I'm really bummed out that you're saying we're 20 points behind in the fourth quarter with five minutes to go.
I see that in real-world numbers, but The Awakening's huge.
All the most popular talk shows, from Joe Rogan to Tucker Carlson to you name it, are now anti-New World Order.
That wasn't that way two years ago.
The fact that, whether they're good guys or bad guys, they see it's popular to be anti-New World Order, to me, that's extremely exciting.
I go out in public everywhere.
Nothing but love now, Ho-Tep.
I mean, give me some positive love here, or are we that screwed?
There's a lot to look forward to.
Dana White has been a beacon of hope.
Rogan, yourself, all beacons of hope.
I don't know if it's enough.
You know, I'm trying my best.
You're trying your best.
But we need the second tier of grifters to get on board, right?
We need the Ben Shapiros.
We need Glenn Beck.
We need Jason Whitlock.
We need them to wake up, because they're still caught up in the bullshit.
We need Dave Rubin.
You know, all these people who are Zionist alignists to take their issues over there.
That's your issue!
That ain't got nothing to do with us!
Stop creating content for us to care about your issues!
We need content about our issues, about something that's taking place today.
They say, Great Thomas Sowell said, there are no such thing as solutions, all we have are trade-offs, and right now we are making the hugest trade-off in history, and that is trading our attention for freedom.
You're giving them your attention and they're taking your freedom.
That's right!
Flying a Palestinian flag or an Israeli flag does nothing!
But shopping local and getting control of your school board does.
And supporting media that tells the truth does.
Russell Brand's got to get on board.
Who else can I call out?
The quartering.
We got to get the quartering on board.
We need Tim Pool on board.
We need all these people on board.
Hey, Russell Brand did a two-hour interview with me last week.
I hope he airs it this week.
Hadn't aired yet.
In closing, not about myself, but why do you think, I respect your view, I want this for myself, why are they so want me shut down as much as Trump?
They want me shut down, man.
Because you did it on your own.
You didn't do it with a cosign.
You did it outside of their system, which shows that you possess something that
You acquired on your own and didn't acquire with them.
So since you did it on your own, the only thing that can undo you is you.
For example, when I was coming on this platform today, I went to go promo.
I put the band dot video link in there and said, this is harmful to viewers.
It is platform and something like I'm like, wait, this is harmful.
I thought this was the free speech platform.
I don't know what's going on between you and Elon, but Elon got to get on board too, because it's not a free speech platform if Alex, because like when it comes to free speech, nobody really tests that boundary like you do.
Like sometimes you say some stuff and I'm like, damn, I'm scared to say that shit, you know?
So if you don't have people who are stretching the boundaries of speech, then what you have is a shrinkage of free speech.
And that's what they want.
They have to take the people who are stretching those boundaries and limit them and try to, you know, keep them on the outskirts and vilify them.
They don't want trailblazers.
And I'm not kissing your ass, but you're absolutely right, because I didn't know what answer you'd give, but that's it.
They even said in Pentagon documents, the CIA documents of the leak, they said, we don't like Jones because he built his own thing.
That's why they don't like Julian Assange.
And they feel like what you've done.
They fear any real maverick that they don't control and that they can't put leverage on to shut down and shut up.
And that's why they want to silence it.
I know they've told Elon.
I've talked to some of his people.
I'll leave it at that.
You think we've shut you down now.
Jones is too far.
And I asked myself, what is it I'm doing?
And it's because in the next big wave that started in the mid-90s, I was the leader of that big wave.
And they thought, well, if we can shut this down, we'll shut it all down.
So I was a beta test of that.
So sorry to bring myself into it, but I wanted to get your view because you got to come on more than twice a year.
We love you to death.
How do people find your great show and everything you do?
Go to hotepjesus.com, best way to find me.
Um, HotepTV on Rumble and HotepJesus everywhere else.
I know you gotta go, 60 second closing comment.
Um, I've been a fan of Alex Jones for years now.
I remember showing somebody, they're like, what do you know about Alex Jones?
I'm like, I wasn't posting about this dude since like 2010.
Like, what are you talking about?
Force your content creators to cover the important issues.
Stop taking clickbait
for the BS issues.
Ask your congressman to support Emmer and his bill against CBDC.
CBDC needs to be talked about.
It is the new wave of enslavement.
If you thought 1913 was bad, wait until you see what they got in store for you.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
Beautiful, sir.
Thank you so much and God bless.
God bless.
Now I want to say something about what he just said, because everything, it's just true, out of all the guests, he's always really good, but today he just was, he hit a grand slam, a hole-in-one, ran the tables like a 100.
And I've rarely done a 100 in like an hour-long show, this hour.
That was a, everything he said was better than I could say it, crystallized, simply to understand.
That was literally as good as it gets.
People should go back to the last 50 minutes of that interview,
What was the last thing he said?
He said, they want you shut down because you did it on your own, and if other people believe they can do it on their own, it's game over.
And then what was the last thing he said after that?
What did he say after that?
We'll talk about that tomorrow.
Because I'm going to take, because I've noticed if something is so big and so important, if I just say it, nobody cares.
But I'm going to take that HOTEP interview, and I'm going to make my entire Ladder with Crowder Friday show.
I'm going to do like two hours on the HOTEP interview.
I'm going to start it, stop it, play it, back up what he's saying, I'm going to show documents.
And I'm gonna do, the interview's like 40 minutes with the brakes cut off, and I'm gonna do over an hour around what he said and back up everything he said.
Because when he's saying stuff, it's like, everything he's saying is like dead on.
Not like almost on, it's like when you hit the golf ball and it goes 200 yards into the hole.
Over and over and over again.
But that last thing he said was the most important.
And if you grasp that,
The last thing wasn't him saying I was a maverick, that was the most, that was the penultimate, next to the top point, was the last thing he said.
That if you understand that, and that's how Easter egg hunts, treasure hunts work, and I've never been a manipulator on air, I've been on air almost 30 years, it'll be 30 years in like two months, but
I've learned, like, if something's so big and you just say it, nobody cares.
But if we build it up, you do.
So don't worry if you're not a subscriber at jonescrowder.com, Stephen Crowder, because I'm going to shoot a big two-hour report for Friday.
But tomorrow, I'm going to just answer that last part he said on air.
That last little part he said.
And I'm, like, sitting there going, whoa, that's so important.
I got chills up in my body.
I was like, I'm not going to talk about it because it's too important.
There's a lot of important stuff, folks.
I intellectually tell you this stuff at least 15 hours a day.
And then I eat, drink, and sleep and dream of stuff.
But I talked about it yesterday and then I was so mad about a lot of stuff going on that I went off the air and
Because it's a paradox.
I don't want to whine about our problems.
So when I do it, it's limited, and it's as much as I can do, and that's it.
And I asked the callers, I said, I don't censor your calls and on-screen calls, but today, I am.
I said, do not bring up the woes of InfoWars, because I've already spent too much time on it.
And what Hotep said, a lot of big things here.
Now the biggest thing he said at the end, I'm not going to say it yet.
But the other big thing he said was, they want to shut us down because we can change the subject.
Supporting Ukraine does nothing, whether you're for the Russians or the Ukrainians.
It's just a thing to divert you.
Supporting the Palestinians or Israel does nothing.
It's just a football issue.
And that's what they don't want, is us bringing up issues that are important that they don't want discussed.
And I know it's like, well, that's simple.
Of course, exactly.
Truth is self-evident, folks.
I'm not here laying out stuff that's even hard to understand.
That's what's frustrating.
20 million people, according to insurance actuaries, plus, that number's a few months old, have died from the shots they know.
I mean, come on, man.
You think they're not about to drop the hammer on everybody?
When they already pulled that?
And I said it three years ago.
I said, the death's gonna be caused by this.
Only way they get away with this is a bunch of wars, economic collapse, and now we're here.
And you know, it's like Rodney Dangerfield said, I can't get no respect.
I got respect from our listeners.
I don't expect a bunch of respect from other people.
I'm just telling you, I expect people to respect themselves.
And let me tell you something, I don't have a lot of fear.
I got the opposite.
When I start thinking I fear something, I want to attack it.
But let me tell you something, I'm shook up.
And if you're not shook up right now,
And if you're not rolling your sleeves up, there's something wrong with you.
Because let me tell you, we are at the crossroads right now.
If we wake up and say no, still stuff's going to be rough as hell.
But we go along with this.
They plan to kill 90% of us in the next decade in their own official documents?
You want to sit back and be part of this and watch this?
And a lot of you I know, I used to think everybody was like me.
I thought if we exposed all this evil, everybody would just join us.
No, I've learned in the last five years, no, no, no!
I've been a recruiter for the New World Order!
I teach people how this stuff works, and then they decide to join it!
Thinking they're joining the winning team!
So it's all about independent economies.
It's all about freedom.
We have products you need that will enrich your life and make funding operation.
I need you to go to InfoWarsTore.com and get Ultra 12, the highest quality B12, to get the InfoWars Platinum products, the HHH Max Boost and the 7076 Testosterone Boost and the Pain MD.
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You need it all.
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You could not get better products at lower prices and fund a free operation.
It's a 360 win.
InfoWarsTore.com and get a copy of my book, The Great Awakening.
Because it's going to be a great awakening that's going to stop this.
And I don't agree with HOTEP.
We are in the fourth quarter.
Five minutes left, 20 points down.
But God's watching us for the decisions we make.
It doesn't matter who wins the game, who wins the battle, it matters who wins the war.
But yeah, I actually gotta agree with him.
That's why I'm so upset and so pissed.
Because man, I thought we could stop this.
And God told me we couldn't.
It's gonna go through.
But it's what happens on the other side that governs it all.
All right, Michael Yon works with a bunch of reporters that got kidnapped on the Texas-Mexico border.
We're trying to get them on.
He's coming up.
Hour number three, straight ahead, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
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All right, Biden's set to meet with the Chinese Communist dictator any minute now.
They say they're about to go live.
We'll cover that.
Ma Hongyan coming up.
Indonesia appealed to the U.S.
to do more to stop
Thank you.
And as we met outside, as you get out of your automobile, we had a very important discussion on climate.
The President said, I'm cold.
President Biden says there is no possibility of a ceasefire.
And former President Trump has made it clear that he will also serve the Zionist state of Israel.
This is one issue that the entire U.S.
government seems to be in agreement on.
But America and its NATO vassals stand alone with Israel.
Millions of people all over the world are taking to the streets in one of the most unified peaceful protests ever.
Most people are seeing this as it is, an illegal occupation sliding quickly towards genocide.
Which is good, because the world is now on the brink of a holy war, and the only way to stop it is a mass awakening.
The U.S.
is firing airstrikes in eastern Syria, where the Iraqi militia have been launching drone attacks at U.S.
military bases.
The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, Hezbollah, has launched several operations targeting Israeli forces, who have been bombing several towns in southern Lebanon.
A Black Hawk helicopter crash killed five U.S.
Special Forces off the coast of Cyprus, and the Turks are claiming it was shot down.
China and Iran are now working together against Israel, and the CCP begins military drills in the South China Sea.
To the majority of the world, it is clear that the Zionist state of Israel is the antagonist.
As Celia Farber points out, even some of Israel's staunchest supporters are now speaking out against their war crimes.
Macron calls on Israel to stop killing women and children, and Anthony Blinken says that far too many Palestinians have been killed.
Humanity is more awake than ever, and we are watching as Israel kills a few dozen militants and over 10,000 civilians while calling it a war.
The majority of the world is demanding an end to this slaughter.
But Netanyahu says that Israel will defy the world if needed to defeat Hamas, an organization created by Israel.
The region is being surrounded by warships as thousands of Americans march in D.C.
to demand more mass murder of Palestinians.
The calls for a ceasefire are outrageous.
All right, Michael Yon called me yesterday.
Some of the team he works with are kidnapped in Mexico.
We've got details of this coming up with a collapsing border straight ahead.
And then after he leaves us, I'll continue with them pushing that solar flares are going to knock the internet out.
I believe the Globalists are planning to do this.
They've been pre-programming it.
We've got major news on that front and so much more here today.
Please tell everybody you know, and those you don't know, tune in now via text message, email, word of mouth.
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We'll be right back with Michael Young.
Stay with us.
All right.
citizens, great journalists who work with the amazing journalist, former Special Forces Commando Michael Yan, one of the top combat correspondents ever, joins us.
And as you know, Michael is a superstar at exposing what's happening at the border and predicting now up to a million people a month.
Coming across, he's got some very serious breaking news for these kidnappings.
Joining us in the big picture about Xi Jinping visiting Biden.
In fact, that press conference is about to begin.
We'll be getting to some of that as well.
Michael Young.
Hello, Alex.
I'm in Guatemala City.
As you know, how much time do we have?
There's a couple of things I would like to mention that you were just talking about on the previous segment.
Go ahead.
Okay, first of all, you were talking about this, you know, genocide over and going on down now in Gaza.
Obviously, there's a lot more to this than meets the eye.
You know, there's the energy off the coast there and the canal that they wish to build through Israel.
But separately from that, this reminds me of Fallujah in Iraq and Fallujah, as you know, in March of
2004, four contractors were killed.
This is important.
One of whom I went to school with, Scott Helvingston, was the youngest Navy SEAL ever.
We used to work out together.
We played on the same football team.
I went to Green Berets.
He went to SEALs.
Then he later went off and worked for Blackwater and he was killed there in Fallujah.
The next day after that, another friend of mine was killed in Iraq as well, Richard Ferguson.
He was one of my Green Beret teammates.
So in other words, one day one was killed, Scott was killed, and then Richard was killed.
So I went to both of their funerals, Scott's funeral in Florida.
There were people from all over the world at Scott's funerals, even Japanese journalists, everybody.
It was such a huge feeding frenzy.
You remember, it was pretty gross.
And I went to Richard's funeral over in Colorado.
And all the seals and all the green berets at each of the funerals were saying, go to the war.
It's not what you think it is.
But bottom line is, after the contractors were killed, their bodies hanged off the bridge, including my friend Scott Helvingston, we, the United States, went to Fallujah and killed at least a thousand people.
And then after that happened,
You know, Fallujah was called the City of Mosques.
People from all over the world, especially North Africa and all over the Middle East, including also the United States and Europe, flooded to Iraq to fight U.S.
So our casualties began to skyrocket.
Now keep in mind, Fallujah had been mostly peaceful before.
Believe it or not.
But after the contractors were killed and many of the locals wanted to turn over the perpetrators to US forces, bottom line, we attacked, killed a lot of people, and the war exploded when we overreacted on Fallujah.
Now, as 2004 passes by here, then we had the second attack on Fallujah called Operation
Phantom Fury that began in October of 2004 and that was when I decided to finally jump into the war, right?
So I didn't go to the war in the beginning and people always say I'm an adrenaline junkie.
I said no.
No, I did not go to the war in the beginning for adrenaline.
I went to the war after I realized it was an insurgency.
I've been in a lot of insurgencies around the world.
I went to the war in December of 2004, because we then flattened Fallujah in Operation Phantom Fury in October, November, and it petered off in December.
I landed in December in Baghdad, and I was actually surprised at the amount of kinetic fighting going on.
Bombs being dropped, artillery firing constantly, 24-7.
People that were there know what I'm talking about.
Automatic fire, huge amounts all the time.
So it just continued from there and that's why I ended up getting so much combat experience because I stuck with it for the years ahead in Afghanistan and Iraq.
But bottom line, what's happening now in Gaza is just like Fallujah, only supersized, like very much supersized.
You see now people from around the world are getting riled up, both sides or many sides are getting energy is being added to the system.
And this is going to go very badly.
While our border is wide open, we have zero border.
I'm down here all the time.
As you know, Anthony and Josh's brother from monthbreaker.com got kidnapped yesterday.
Woke up, that's why I probably got bags under my eyes because I was tracking their icons all through the night and in the morning.
And anyway, then they got kidnapped.
We've got them back now.
They're flying to Florida right now.
But their gear was smashed and that sort of thing.
But how did this happen?
We've been watching the invasion into the United States.
Many of whom that are invading, by the way, are from Venezuela.
There is a lot of Hezbollah and Hamas, actually, in Venezuela.
There's Hezbollah all over South America and Central America.
They're around me here in the South.
I'm in Guatemala, right?
And so the bottom line is we have no border.
They're flooding in.
Anger is in the air.
As you know, there's plenty of weapons to go around.
Now, what happened with Anthony and Josh yesterday when they got kidnapped?
Now I took Anthony down to the Darien Gap last year.
We did a comprehensive tour down in the Gap.
Not really a tour, it was more of a mission.
I took him and showed him the ropes.
He's a young guy, 26, highly energetic, highly intelligent.
Then later we went to Texas and went all the way across the border.
To the California at San Diego.
I showed him many things and other issues related with information warfare.
And then you had him on your show very presciently several times.
He has really since then blossomed.
He got a document.
Anthony Rubin from muckraker.com got a document from one of the Chinese invaders.
It's 200 pages long, written in Mandarin.
Anthony had it.
He had a trip.
That's Anthony right there.
How to translate on the beast, the train a few days ago.
He had that document translated from Mandarin into English.
He then, that document describes the exact route that Chinese take from Quito, Ecuador, up through Colombia, through Darien, through Panama and whatnot, and all the way up and getting into the United States.
It tells you which hotels to stay in, which phone numbers to call, the whole works, right?
So, Anthony went down there with that translated document and he stayed in those hotels with the Chinese.
Got a huge amount of information.
So he was able to get their battle plan?
Yep, he did, Alex.
And then he just came through the Darien Gap.
He stayed in their hotels in Ecuador and Colombia.
Then he went through the Darien Gap with Chinese.
He survived, obviously.
Also, there were Syrians with him.
Those Syrians were quite vicious.
You can see on some of the video, and it was very dangerous.
The whole trip was very dangerous.
They made it through.
There were actually many Venezuelans as well, who very well could have been in Hezbollah.
So he traveled all the way up the Darien Gap, shelling the chain, got on the beach train that comes all the way up into central Mexico.
What incredible journalism.
How dangerous.
Yeah, actually then, you know, now's where the next phase starts.
I flew, I asked six people to fly in here to Guatemala to meet with me, including the Nutcracker team, Anthony and Josh.
And I asked them to fly in from Panama to here.
I asked, you know, Anthony Kramer from Texas to fly in.
And Vander Steele and Joseph Humeyer, who is an absolute and very important person to interview and all these things.
So Joseph, they all flew to Mexico.
We all met right here for a couple of days.
And then from there, the boys, I call them the Reuben brothers, they're 22 and 26.
They're not boys.
They're grown men.
They're studs, actually.
They decided with Taylor Kramer from Texas to go forward.
They took a bus from Guatemala across Mexico into Tapachula.
They were in that area for a couple of days.
Then they got on the Beast train.
And that's the train which is, you know, they call it the train of death, actually.
They also call it the Beast, La Bestia.
And then the next thing you know, you know, I'm tracking their icons.
We're good.
Slow down, young man, you know, but instead he did what young men do.
He continued forward, uh, continued forward north, uh, on, on buses.
And then yesterday he was about to cross through El Baghdad.
It's actually called Baghdad, Playa Baghdad, uh, which is right by the mouth of the Rio Grande.
Across from that is SpaceX.
So he was about to go that direction.
Actually, I was watching his icon all night.
And it started to do something erratic.
I got one last message from him that said we're walking on the beach up to SpaceX.
Now they were still on the Mexican side, right?
You have to cross the Rio Grande River and then you can get onto that public beach by SpaceX.
But they were walking up to look at that area and they got kidnapped.
I watched his icon do an erratic turn and I
I started assembling a team immediately, because something was clearly wrong.
And the next thing you know, we watched that icon go into a field.
Stay right there, Michael Young, we've got to take a break.
These are literal hero reporters from Central America up to North America, Mexico to Central North America.
This is what's going on.
Tracking up to a million a month.
Now coming through, people that have the courage to insert themselves into this.
Hell hole!
We'll get the latest information straight ahead after the break.
So everybody, you know, tune in now, folks.
The enemy, the globalists, should not want this alarm raised.
We're raising alarm.
We are the modern Paul Reveres.
We can only do this with your help.
Share the links now.
Infowars.com forward slash show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
This live Wednesday, November 15th, 2023 broadcast.
Michael Young, investigative journalist, Pyrex Salon, who's embedded in central
South America into North America.
Just reported on a great team of folks we've interviewed before who have been just posting incredible reports who've been showing for TV viewers.
So they're trying to come back yesterday.
They're trying to get through by SpaceX.
South Texas into from Mexico into South Texas.
Start over.
Okay, yes.
So, you know, as the Muckraker team left Guatemala, they got on La Bistia, the train, to head north.
And, you know, this is the train that many of the aliens take to go north to the United States.
People fall off the train.
Down in Darien Gap, the Red Cross hands out maps that shows you how to do all these things, get on all the trains.
In fact, on one of the maps that we have, that I picked up in Darien, it says, you know, don't get drunk and get on the train, basically, on the top of the train.
Naturally, being the young men that they are, Taylor Kramer from Texas and the Reuben brothers from muckraker.com got on the top of the train and they were heading north and they've got incredible video of that.
The next thing you know, I'm tracking their icons and Anthony ends up in the hospital.
He's in the hospital because he was very sick.
We had Doc Chambers, who's been on your show before, was advising us, the Green Beret doctor, Pete Chambers, you know, about what might be wrong, but they went to a Mexican doctor there and they thought it was not malaria, hopefully, and got tested, but it was salmonella and E. coli is what the Mexican doctor thought.
Anyway, so Anthony got his IV, squared away, and actually he was up and running and wanted to go immediately.
Of course, I told him to pause for a day or two, but naturally,
Being Anthony Rubin, he decided to go forward.
So they went forward, they continued north on buses, and yesterday we're in Matamoros.
I was tracking their icons.
Now, Matamoros is important.
That's where the main center is for CDG, which is Cartel del Golfo, which I believe is the oldest existing cartel in Mexico.
I believe they were started, as legend goes, in 1930, so they're about 90 years old or so.
Now, in March, CDG cartel Del Golfo, they kidnapped four Americans, murdered two of those, and right there, those Americans were in the area where Anthony was actually going with Josh.
Taylor Kramer had
And let's stop right there.
Just a moment.
Imagine if the corporate media did its job and showed this, but they won't.
So it's literally up to Americans that are risking their lives to do this.
I mean, this is heroic stuff.
This is dangerous stuff.
It is.
And we knew, we did our area study, we knew CDG, you know, Cartel del Golfo, the golf cartel, we knew they had kidnapped four people earlier and earlier this year.
Because they control who comes across.
They catch people all the time that haven't paid the toll or routinely kill them.
Oh yeah, I've been to the other side of the Rio Grande, right there on the American side of Playa Baghdad, the beach.
I've been there at least 30 times, and much of that this year, because it's right there at SpaceX, right?
And so basically that the Playa Baghdad on the Mexican side, the only people that are allowed to go there are fishermen and actually
The coyotes for human smugglers and drug smuggling.
That's a huge drug smuggling route.
They don't let anybody go out there to play.
We knew that.
We knew that four Americans, we did our area study, of course.
We knew that four Americans had been kidnapped and two had been murdered in March.
We knew it was extremely dangerous.
In fact, I advised against it, naturally, but they wanted to do it.
So we did it as safely as possible.
There's no way to do these things safely.
It's just, you can just do it less dangerously.
So I was tracking their icons.
Now we do know that CDG, earlier this year, after those four Americans were kidnapped and two were killed, they apologized for it and turned over the cartel members to the United States.
So our guesstimate was, you will definitely be seen.
You're not going to get on that beach.
Again, I've observed that beach 20 more times.
So they followed through then, they grabbed them and then let them go?
Well, almost.
They grabbed them, and they tied their hands behind their back.
They put blindfolds on them.
The cartel members had automatic weapons.
They had military-style rifles.
I don't know if they're automatic.
They had pistols.
They took them to an open field.
I was watching their icons go to an open field.
That's when I called in, and we were watching it together, their icon as it moved, and we thought, you know, they're in an open field.
Near the US border, away from everything.
That icon stayed there for quite a while.
So you were worried they were about to get executed?
Yeah, actually, I was assembling a team at that point.
And I was getting ready to fly up to Brownsville and go across myself.
But the bottom line is, they were released and then a phone call came to their mother and their mother called me immediately.
I got in the private investigator immediately looking at that phone number and these sorts of things.
But the bottom line is, their icon started moving and went to the point of entry of the bridge there at Brownsville.
And I saw that their icon went inside the Border Patrol station.
I called Border Patrol, you know, asking basically, have you seen two white guys that just got kidnapped?
And Border Patrol said, yeah, actually, they're standing right in front of me.
So he put Josh on the phone.
They're good to go.
They're happy that, you know, they left.
So what happened?
The Cowleys were smart enough to not kill this group.
Yeah, they smashed their cameras, they smashed all their gear, they smashed their phones, but they didn't find one of the transmitters.
And so, bottom line is, they immediately got out into the United States and went right to Best Buy yesterday, and were buying new gear to go back.
I mean, these are actually American studs.
Actually, Sat123.com told me this morning they're going to buy them new gear, so they can get back in action.
Sat123.com is going to actually buy them all new gear.
So, yeah, I mean, so Americans are keeping Americans in action at this point.
But they're, you know, these are two studly men, as is Taylor Kramer.
All of them are getting ready to go back.
Obviously, they're not going to go back to Baghdad.
Certainly worse can happen this time.
But they said that the Rubin brothers said that the cartels smashed their buildings.
Why do you think the cartels used their brain and didn't kill them?
Because, you know, the CDG cartel, the Cartel Del Golfo, has been around since 1930.
They're like the older mafia.
They're actually businessmen now, older men running the thing.
They know it's bad for business to kill Americans.
Now, they ran them off.
They smashed it.
They didn't keep their gear, by the way.
They told me they didn't steal their gear.
They smashed it with crowbars.
And so, and then sent them back.
Did not kill them and actually let them keep their passports.
They were sending a message like, stay away from here.
That's a smuggling route.
We all know it.
I've watched that smuggling route a lot from the SpaceX side.
I've watched it night after night, day after day.
That beach right by SpaceX is a major smuggling route.
They actually, Border Patrol there have told me smugglers actually go onto SpaceX property there at
All right, stay there.
I want to shift gears out of this.
And talk about invasion numbers that you've been tracking for years, that you've been dead on with your analysis, up to a million a month.
The Darien Gap next year, just two months away, a month and a half away.
Hard to believe we're almost at 2024.
God, time accelerates.
Then I want to look big picture.
The West Coast coming to San Francisco, what's happening, what Michael Yan thinks is about to unfold.
Here's Biden and Xi Jinping waddling into the meeting.
This is about to happen.
We'll be talking about all this straight ahead with Michael Yan, MichaelYan.Locals.com, Michael underscore Yan on Twitter, MichaelYan, Y-O-N on Twitter, and dot com on the web.
We'll be right back.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, the hour is very late for our Republic.
I'm not going to lie to listeners, we're in a lot of trouble.
Michael Young, before we get into other big issues, guys, let's go to the live White House feed of GG Ping with Joe Biden in San Francisco.
Put that feed up for me, please.
With only 300-something days left to the election, we have to understand that this is a global, international, BlackRock takeover operation.
We have to understand that.
And we have to understand that it's outrageous to admit this is happening.
It sounds crazy.
But that's how they get a leg up on us.
Because people have a normalcy bias of being in a free country.
They can't believe they're in a war.
You're in an international war.
And they're cutting off the food.
They're flooding the borders.
They're starving the third world.
They're hitting us from every angle, as Michael Yan talks about.
Let's go to a little bit of this feed.
Go ahead and pop up the audio.
Let's go to a few minutes of this feed, then back to Michael Yan of San Francisco with that Chinese puppet.
Joe Biden meeting with Xi Jinping as boss.
Well, Mr. President, it's good to see you again.
We've spent many hours together over the last 10 or 12 years, and to host you in the United States is a great honor.
So let's just stop right here.
If you just watched TV three years ago, the U.S.
government got you good audio at press conferences.
I've been noticing almost every government press conference or event, you can't even understand it.
The government's so incompetent now, they can't even plug in the microphones properly.
The cities are collapsing, feces and needles everywhere.
Are we a failed state, Michael Yawn?
Can't America be safe?
Well, you know, I returned to the United States in 2020.
I had been, almost the last 20 years, most of that time overseas in wars and that sort of thing.
And the reason that I returned to the United States was because that I thought the United States was going to end a civil war.
You told me this privately.
You said, I'm always overseas where the wars are.
America's now the war zone.
Yeah, you know, anybody that's followed my work long knows that if I show up in your country, that's not a good sign.
For instance, down in Panama now, it's clearly dying.
Panama, I just got a message from Panama two minutes ago while you were showing the video.
Panama is, you know, as you and I have both been warning.
Panama is being taken by CCP.
It's part of the New Silk Road 2.0.
That's why I'm in Guatemala, this place as well, right?
Honduras, the whole works.
For instance, right now, something I call archaeological warfare, there's an archaeological, Chinese archaeological team down in Honduras, you know, claiming, you know, digging up things, who knows, maybe they've been in the ground 10 years, I have no idea.
But they're claiming that the Mayan people and other indigenous peoples are
I've seen that, yeah.
Oh yeah, for instance, the first thing they do is they'll do the archaeological aspect, then they'll write books and that sort of thing, and documentaries, then they'll start museums, and then they'll start taking journalists to the museums.
For instance, I've gone over to Nanjing, China, and seen this, I've seen it in Jeju Island down in Korea, down in Malaysia and Indonesia, I've gone all over the world looking at museums in Japan, United States, across Europe.
I'm not attacking the Chinese people, but
They are the most homogeneous racial group there is, and Xi Jinping says it is a Chinese world.
It's like Hitler, but Hitler only had 60 million Germans.
He's got a billion and a half people.
Yes and no.
I mean, Han Chinese, what they call Han Chinese, that's an arguable statement, of course, what is Han.
But obviously, I've been all over China.
I've spent about a year in there and around there.
But for instance, Tibet, they call that China.
Of course, those aren't Han Chinese.
And basically, what they're doing now, when Xi lands in San Francisco, I was just over in San Francisco.
For the same reasons.
You know, I thought that this is going to be a beachhead for China.
But, you know, you'll see places like California can go the way of Tibet and Shenzhen, right?
I mean, this clearly, genocides are in the works.
And I warn Panamanians and others about, look what's happening in Israel right now.
Heavily jabbed Israel.
We know Netanyahu is a member of the World Economic Forum.
As you know, you were one of the first, if not the first, warning about the World Economic Forum.
You're the last person who needs that briefing, and you know that they are- No, I totally agree, and I keep interrupting you, sir, and I apologize.
Give us your 35,000-foot view on the world right now.
Get into Israel.
We're going to skip the next break.
Just fire at will.
Just spew us your knowledge.
I know you're a journalist.
You want to stick to what you're seeing right now, currently, but just big picture.
Big picture.
As you know, I mean, again, you may have literally been the first one worrying about World Economic Forum.
I was like, what's Alex talking about?
You know, I started studying it because you were talking about it.
And well, here it goes.
You're right.
Now, the World Economic Forum clearly is a Siamese twins with the Chinese Communist Party.
They're open about it.
They're very clear about it.
It appears to our team that the Chinese Communist Party is actually the dominant partner and that the World Economic Forum has either started as or has become a puppet.
Actually, I want to hear what you think about that because you have such good insight.
It looks to me like the Chinese Communist Party is the dominant partner.
For instance, the Chinese Communist Party is the one clearly taking, making this Silk Road.
That's why I'm in Netherlands so much, obviously, because Netherlands, like Panama, is vital terrain on planet Earth.
Down in, you see the Belt and Road Initiative train system that goes all the way from Shanghai and other places.
I've been to that side of the railway.
It goes all the way across Asia, across Europe, goes straight to Rotterdam Harbor, which is a part of Tri-State City.
Which is, Tri-State City is these smart cities you've been mourning about.
Tri-State City contains Rotterdam Harbor, which is the biggest harbor in Europe, and just south of Rotterdam's Antwerp Harbor, the second biggest harbor in Europe.
They chose the main route.
That's the corridor, right?
That's why they're building that colonia, we believe, north of Houston at Liberty City, at Liberty County, not Liberty City, Liberty County, right?
And that's why we've spent so much time there as well.
The corridor goes right there through Brownsville, right?
As you know.
But the bottom line is, all these different things that you see, these major actions are occurring... The UN, the NGOs, the Chinese, they're all in unity.
So let me answer your question, since you asked me and I know you know the answer.
Communist China, 90% of it didn't have running water or electricity until the 1970s.
David Rockefeller, the globalists, they go in, Nixon, they open it up.
They're given the deal, one side of trade deals, to build them up.
They can have all the carbon they want, all the jobs, all the oil, all the everything.
We're then politically shut down.
So yes, the globalist system is allied with China.
And then part of the instincts of America woke up the last 10 years and said, wait, we're being sold out.
But that's kind of a ghost of what was left of America saying no.
And now China's coming in with their agent Biden with both feet.
And they own Hollywood, 70% of it.
All of it.
They control TikTok.
Everything they do on TikTok's banned in China.
They sell it here.
And so we're seen as decadent and weak.
And they sit there with Xi Jinping, making fun of Biden today, while he sits there doddering around.
They don't even respect him at all.
He's not the guy that greeted G.G.P.
when he landed.
That was the guy they're planning to replace him with, Gavin Newsom.
And so this is very, very sad.
And so, yes, because China is a unified uniparty.
BlackRock and the globalists that made their main investments there.
It's the hope of the new world order.
And the top globalists have middlemen.
And make hundreds of billions, if not trillions, a year off selling out the West.
So yes, China, if you're in World War II and the axis of evil is Italy, Nazi Germany, and Japan.
Well, we all know Italy and Japan didn't do much compared to the Nazis.
The Germans were 90% of the war.
So, it's indistinguishable from Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, who's heavily invested in China and is their little hero.
They're all indistinguishable.
They're satellites of China and all the Western money and American power transfer there.
So, yes, in the new World War II analogy, China is Germany.
It's the main power base.
And it's not 65 million Germans, it's a billion and a half people enslaved.
We're not their enemy.
But at the same time, that's who we're up against.
So yeah, I mean, I totally agree with you.
And that's where we are.
And we are having our clocks cleaned because they have CHICOM literal agents.
The FBI knows they had 40 agents inside Biden for 15 years.
They're there middlemen-ing themselves.
It comes out the FBI agents are making money in side deals with CHICOM agents.
And the Chinese know, they laugh at us.
The Bidens think paycheck to paycheck.
Cocaine line to kid they rape.
It's rape kids, snort cocaine, use methamphetamine, devil worship.
They're laughing because Biden didn't think in five minutes ahead.
And the lawyers at Harvard aren't thinking five minutes ahead.
But the CHICOMs are in 100-year, 200, 300-year plans and they are running the tables against us because we don't have a plan and they've got a 100-year plan.
Michael Young.
Yeah, you know, you mentioned Hollywood, Alex.
This is very important.
Maybe 10 years ago, I wrote an article called Man in the High Castle, and it described, you know, basically China has massive influence on Hollywood right now.
It's not outright owns it.
You know, they have people like Bruce Willis.
They own four of the six production houses.
Now, in the 1930s, that was the Nazis, right?
There was a saying back in the 1930s.
What was it?
What will not air in Berlin will not air here or something like that, right?
Because Germany was the second biggest market.
And the Kennedys were Nazi agents.
Everybody worships the Kennedys.
They were Nazi agents in World War II.
Sorry, I interrupted.
But I didn't read your article.
I'm going to shut up.
I'm going to start over.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Oh, I was about to say something, but I held my tongue.
No, say it!
Say it!
Say it!
Back to the... I interrupted you.
Back to the man in the high castle.
Say it.
I'm gonna shut up.
Okay, you know, I'm not going to say it.
I'll say it to you offline.
No, say it!
Say it!
Yeah, actually, I can say it because he said it on an interview, but I was looking at taking, actually, RFK's team asked me to take him into the Darien Gap.
Well, I don't know.
I think he's really smart.
But I think he's trying to play both sides.
He fired Kucinich, who's a liberal, but I think means well and hired the CIA operative.
And all I'm saying is that he looks like he's trying to play both sides.
We don't need that right now.
So I think the jury's out.
But anybody that's lukewarm, God spits them out of their mouth.
So go ahead and make your point.
My point is, exactly what you said on your show two days ago, and you were playing the videos.
You need to say exactly who you are.
For instance, a statement about the Second Amendment was something like, I will not take your guns.
That's not how I want to hear it.
I want to hear, I will defend the Second Amendment to the letter.
I'll go further.
First he said, I will take the guns.
Now he says, I won't.
He's saying, I repudiate what I said before.
This is where I stand.
But he said, I will not take your guns.
He didn't say, I will defend your guns.
Those are two different, majorly different statements, right?
I want to hear it in clear terms.
Are you going to defend the Second Amendment?
Not just will you not attack it?
I want to hear you defend it.
He needs to run his flag up and say exactly what his...
I agree.
We need his platform.
We need a platform now.
Or I declare war on him next week.
I want his platform within a hundred hours or we declare war on him.
I'm down with you, Alex.
I mean, your judgment has just been too good over the years, too.
I mean, I'm with you then.
The bottom line is, yeah.
Well, keep going.
I'm interrupting.
Keep going.
We got 13 minutes left.
Go ahead.
He needs to make absolutely clear statements of where he stands, right?
On these sorts of things.
Now, I read his book, The Real Anthony Fauci.
That was a fantastic book.
I recommended it to so many people.
I put it on my site many times.
Everybody should read that book.
We should have clear trials, capital trials, for what has happened.
And Netanyahu is a member of that cabal, by the way.
And so, of course, RFK
He's fought against the Vax, but he's still in that globalist camp.
He needs to very clearly state in front of everybody if he wants our support, and I will support him if I think he's hardcore and if he's really going that direction.
He needs to declare independence.
I rubbed you 20 minutes ago.
Finish up with Israel and Netanyahu using Jews for guinea pigs with the shots and saying we're using them as guinea pigs, and then let's get back to the other subjects.
Well, you said let's go to the 35,000-foot view.
Let's go to that.
Now, there's a lot of energy off the coast there of Gaza, right?
People have wanted that energy for years.
I was actually at the Israeli ambassador's residence years ago during a break of Iraq or Afghanistan or something.
They invited me.
Interestingly, I ended up over in Israel in a thing with Netanyahu was there and that sort of thing.
And it was interesting.
People were talking about that energy off the coast of Gaza.
Very interesting.
And so now,
They wish to build a canal through Panama, sort of like the Suez Canal.
The map is drawn.
It will not go through Gaza, but it goes straight through, right by the name I can never pronounce, the city I've been to, Sderot.
I've been to that town.
I still can't pronounce its name for some reason.
But the canal goes right by that town, right by the corner of Gaza there, right?
And that gas, think about it, the gas is right off the coast, and they want to build the canal right there, right by where the gas fields are.
Not a coincidence.
This is Silk Road 2.0.
And we know that Benjamin Netanyahu is buddy buddy with Pfizer and the rest of the big pharma.
And he was bragging about getting Israel to be the test guinea pigs for this.
Israel was literally targeted by Netanyahu.
He literally pushed the jab.
He's done more damage to Jews than probably Hitler by the time this is over.
And that's no exaggeration, and you know that.
A lot of people will go crazy with that statement, but let's just wait and see.
He encouraged millions of people to jab.
You know, he's up there still pushing it.
And so the bottom line is,
It's clear that they're doing a genocide in Gaza right now, but at the same time, they're genociding Israel.
It's clear Netanyahu is blackmailed and controlled.
Both of them.
He's just one of them.
He is clearly in the enemy field.
There's no question about it.
And those gas fields and that
That canal will be part of what Panama and Netherlands and other vital terrains are, right?
It'll be big, big arteries for energy and resources to flow through.
And that's what you talk about all the time.
You talk about nitty gritty and you get the microscope out sometimes.
And other times, you know, you jump up to the orbital view.
This is orbital view.
They're doing genocides.
Genocides are unfolding.
Local genocides around the world are unfolding.
Now you see, you know, you see the big rally yesterday.
One of my friends was at it.
And Washington basically continued the attack.
He's a good guy, but I think he's been taken in.
And the bottom line is this is a nested genocide.
While Gaza is being genocided now, the world, like what happened with Fallujah, the war in Iraq didn't really kick off.
In a big way, until we attacked Fallujah twice.
We attacked it that first time in April of 2004, and the war absolutely exploded after the contractors were killed.
And then we attacked it again in Operation Phantom Fury starting in October of 2004, and the war absolutely exploded.
So you said weeks ago, we're walking into a trap.
How do you see this unfolding?
I see it unfolding with the, uh, you know, going with my paradigm.
My paradigm is they wish to depopulate Gaza and take that energy and depopulate Israel of Israelis and build that canal and put, you know, the people they wish to have there, whoever that is to be there, maybe some skeleton crew of Israelis who can run things.
But the bottom line is there's clearly a nested, like a Pushkin doll genocide.
Hit the people in Gaza, and then the world is becoming, huge amounts of the world are becoming angry at Jews everywhere.
I mean, I'm going to end up having to hide my Jewish friends at this point.
Not to mention, you know, many of our other non-Jewish friends, just white people in general.
That's clearly what's coming.
Well, that's my next point.
Clearly the corporate media is pro-Palestine.
The corporate media is the enemy.
But it doesn't mean we didn't support Netanyahu.
It's part of a larger dialectic.
Biden gave all those billions to Iran.
This is a big setup.
It's a huge setup.
Look, the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, did not respond to that attack on October 7th until seven or eight hours later.
Listen, it only takes six minutes for the slowest crew on planet Earth to get a Blackhawk from a cold engine to wheels off the ground.
Six minutes, that's for the slowest crew on planet Earth, new crew that hasn't flown much, right?
Serious crews will do it a lot faster than that.
And they've got 200 Blackhawks.
Hundreds of Apaches, hundreds of Cobras.
Israel is crawling with attack helicopters.
I've seen the estimates.
They think five attack helicopters would have knocked out most of that Hamas.
Their special operations should have been slinging lead in, I don't know, 10 or 15, 20 minutes, depending on how far away the attacks were.
They should have been slinging hard lead within 20 or 30 minutes.
They should have had huge numbers.
By the way, on January 6th, I noticed the same thing.
I was there watching that thing unfold, and I'm like, where's the reinforcements?
I mean, Fort Bragg, we could have had troops from Alaska by now, and yet they were allowing it to unfold.
No reinforcements came to the Capitol.
On January 6th, I'm sitting here, you know, as somebody who's seen a lot of combat with U.S.
forces, I thought people from somewhere, if not the local forces, of course, you could have had the 82nd Airborne in there in the amount of time, you know, the sun was going down and they still had not cleared... But let's explain what goes on in those military bases.
Israel's surrounded.
They had intel from Egypt they were going to be attacked the next week.
They have hundreds and hundreds of attack helicopters loaded with missiles, loaded with ammunition.
And then 70 hours goes by and not one helicopter launches, and they're all just sitting there.
I mean, that's preposterous.
This caused us belly.
You know, it was Gleiwitz.
It was another Gleiwitz moment, right?
I mean, that's exactly what it was.
Gleiwitz started World War II with a Poland Operation Himmler, where the Germans attacked her on a radio station, blamed the Poles, and started World War II.
That's right.
It was a Gleiwitz.
It was a World War II moment.
I mean, that's exactly what just happened.
I mean, the bottom line is, you know, of course, the Germans killed Germans and Gleiwitz and blamed it on the Poles.
Yeah, yeah, so they were literally having a Gleiwitz meeting.
Start over with Gleiwitz.
At the same time, uh-oh, looks like we lost contact.
No, no, we're here.
Can you hear me?
Yeah, and so, um, so, okay, yep, I hear you.
Michael, start over with Glywots.
People don't know about Glywots.
Tell them about Glywots.
Yeah, Gleiwitz.
I mean, that was an operation staged by the Nazis, wherein Germans killed Germans, dressed in Polish uniforms, and then, you know, put it up on the news.
Of course, they had journalists, you know, coming around saying, you know, the Polish just killed all these Germans, and the Germans got riled up and said,
Let's go kill the Polish, right?
And so they invaded Poland.
I mean, Poland was devastated.
Nobody suffered more in World War II than Polish.
Not even Russians and not Jews.
It was Poland.
Poland was... I lived in Poland for two years.
When I was in Special Forces, the units on the two A-teams I was on,
We're actually, uh, we trained for, I trained for three years to parachute into Poland and fight the Soviets.
And then after the army, I lived in Poland for two years.
I'm very well aware of their history.
Uh, and, and, and basically in Operation Gleiwitz that the Nazis just staged an attack.
We see what happened in Gaza and...
By the way, let's rewind back to Darien Gap.
On October 7th, the attack unfolded.
On October 6th, in the Darien Gap, the Costa Rican and Panamanian presidents were down the Darien Gap, announcing that they're going to increase the flows through the Darien Gap.
So before that attack happened in Gaza on October 7th, or in Israel on October 7th,
Two new camps were being built in the Darien Gap.
And I've been down there, I've seen, I chartered an airplane and flew over them, went down in the jungle and looked at them.
There's two new camps, two new invasion camps being built in the Darien right now, as we speak.
They are increasing the flow dramatically.
And so, yeah, you see what's happening in the Darien Gap right now.
It's quite intense.
And that's just the gap.
I'm up here in Guatemala.
You're saying they're scaling up by January to a million a month?
I'm not saying by January by a million a month, but by 10,000, a good 10,000 per day can come through by January.
We're talking about a million a month across the Texas border.
Oh easily that can happen now what when I said a million a month I said you know wait until the as things continue to build you can see that by by late 2024 early 2025 it can easily be a million a month I'm just watching the infrastructure being built I'm watching the physical infrastructure being built down for instance in Panama but keep in mind a huge number of the people coming through
South and Central America actually will fly to places like Nicaragua every day as we speak.
There's people landing in Nicaragua, right?
And they fly from, they go from Nicaragua and they'll fly to Mexico or fly to other places.
All right, Michael Yon, stay there.
Do five more minutes with us.
I know you got to go.
And as soon as you get those reporters on, even if it's tomorrow, I know they smashed their equipment.
When they get back to Florida, I want them on the show tomorrow because this is important.
But you show your smarts because nobody talks about that.
Operation Himmler, which was Glywods, the Germans launched World War II by attacking their own radio base, dressing up Jews in Polish military uniforms, shooting them, newsreels, and that's how World War II started.
And Israel, the people running it, I believe have launched Operation Glywods.
In fact, they let them infiltrate, kidnap, and leave.
I believe they paid those people, and they're now basking in the sun.
Bookmark his site on Twitter at Michael underscore Yon.
All right, Michael.
I got some news I'm gonna have you leave us and I guess those are taken over in the War Room 3 p.m.
Central today.
Owen Schreier's not there.
He's in federal prison for free speech, the judge said.
But you're giving us the view from space.
Forget 35,000 foot.
How is Operation Glywod's going for the globalists that obviously ordered Israel to stand down and what's happening?
What do you expect next?
It's working.
I mean, the Gleiwitz is clearly working for for Israel.
I mean, we could just call it Israeli Gleiwitz at this point.
Clearly, both sides or the many major sides are gathering energy, whether that's Turkey, whether that's and keep in mind, Turkey and others have a lot of influence here in Central America and across the United States and Europe.
We're good.
In Syria.
They speak Spanish because people that had come over generations ago to Venezuela have now gone back to Syria but speaking Spanish.
But they're actually Hezbollah who speaks Spanish natively, right?
Got the native body language and everything.
They just blow right in.
We have Venezuela right now, very close partners with CCP and Russia.
Russia would be the most junior partner of those three.
Of course, there's Iran, CCP, and Russia all are deeply entwined with Venezuela, right?
That's a big deal.
You can expect eventually a war, an energy war with Guyana next door to Venezuela, which is all related to this, right?
Most people have never even heard anything about what I just said, the coming war with Guyana at some point between Venezuela.
Gaza is the detonator.
Yeah, the people that might kill people in the United States and across the world in Europe might be literally their neighbors in the same floor of the condominiums, right?
You know, they know where the Jews live.
It's like two doors down.
You know, seriously, that's how intertwined everybody is.
And it's good to see all these liberal Jews figuring out they're all buying guns all of a sudden.
Yeah, they're a little late, right?
They're a little late, and I don't plan to, you know, spill any of my blood, you know, protecting blue Jews, the conservative Jewish people who I have numerous close friends and I work with every day.
We're in it shoulder to shoulder, brothers and sisters.
But these people that caused this, all they will do is cause more problems.
That's all they'll do.
They won't get any smarter.
This is just the nature of a lot of them.
And one thing that people need to be aware of as this proceeds, we are clearly going into a very serious series of wars.
Every coward in your ranks, you've got to get rid of them.
Cowards are natural traitors, period.
You look at Biden, he's a natural coward, he's a crook.
You look at many of the people that are selling us out, they're cowards.
They just go with the winds.
Whatever the winds say, whatever the windsock says, they do it.
You must get rid of the cowards.
We need to...
You know, build up more people like you, Alex.
You're force-multiplying.
It's very important what you're doing, and that's what I'm doing.
I'm taking your model, and I'm force-multiplying with Muckraker and others.
I'm just helping them get their way, and I'm telling them to force-multiply.
We must find good people and supply them with energy so that they can force-multiply.
Get the word out, and make your networks.
Get rid of all the cowards.
You cannot, you can't have Dr. Smith on your spaceship.
It will crash.
The traitor is the plague, to quote the famous Roman historian, Michael Jan, Michael dash underscore Jan, Michaeljan.com.
Thank you so much.
If you can get those heroes on tomorrow or throughout the week, please do.
God bless you and be safe.
Thank you, sir.
Appreciate it.
Hope to see you in Austin.
Talk to you soon.
Yeah, he lives right outside Austin.
All right, Kate Daly's about to take over.
I got a few final things to say when we come back.
InfoWars.com, his tomorrow's news today.
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Abandoned very quickly by Ukrainian troops.
There wasn't much of a fight here.
They left their equipment.
These are, for example, T-64 tags, all of them in working order.
They're now being evacuated.
From here, by the Russian military, which is taken over.
Where they're being taken, we haven't been told.
But again, these are tanks, all in working order.
Over there, there's an arsenal.
So, small arms, rocket-propelled grenades, vast quantities of ammunition.
Left behind, you can see armored personnel carriers as well as all manner of trucks that have been left here.
Where all these Ukrainian troops have gone is something that nobody knows.
They may have mingled with a civilian population.
Or moved further west towards where the front lines are, where certain Ukrainian elements of their military are still putting up a fight.
And this is a vast Ukrainian military field camp that was abandoned by the troops.
Here, from what we've been told, there were three to four thousand Ukrainian servicemen
Stationed here.
None were left by the time the Russian military arrived.
As you can tell, they stayed left in a tremendous hurry all over the place.
Our personal documents, IDs of Ukrainian troops.
Also, military uniforms.
Apparently the soldiers here shook off these, left them here, and put on civilian clothing.
The report goes on endlessly with hundreds and hundreds of yards of empty fields, giant weapons depots.
The Ukrainians have turned and run.
And that's why they shifted gears into the new Israeli war to distract from the failure of NATO there.
The globalists are weak.
They're traitors.
Kate Dowling's about to take over.
The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central with
The guest host, who normally hosts American Journal, weekday mornings, 8am, is Harrison Smith.
Owen is in jail.
The judge said in his sentencing document for his free speech, he's like, well that's discrediting, that's tyranny.
Well, Trump's under trial in a bunch of trials without juries, just like I dealt with.
This is the tyranny we now live under.
Our republic is on its knees.
We have to admit it.
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All right.
I am going to now hand the baton to the mighty Kate Daly.
And then in about 15 minutes from now, we're going to have Harrison Smith hosting the War Room.
Please stay with us.
Thank you, Alex.
Really appreciate that.
I like that.
That was awesome.
Hey, I'm so glad that you're tuned in today.
By the way, Kay, let me interrupt.
The truth is mighty.
You're reaching millions of people as mighty.
We've been vindicated.
You are mighty.
You're so sweet.
Thank you.
You make me blush.
Thank you.
Oh, it's true.
I appreciate that.
You're mighty.
I really appreciate you.
Thanks, Alex.
Let's go down a rabbit hole.
This rabbit hole is really basically about next week.
I won't be here next week, so I wanted to do this with you and kind of take you down a rabbit hole.
JFK 60th.
Can you believe that?
The 60th anniversary.
Is coming up here next week, November 22nd, and I wanted to hit a rabbit hole in maybe a little bit of a different way today.
I want to talk a little bit about Marilyn, maybe some things you didn't know, and also Playboy.
I know, I know, it's crazy, but I gotta tie it in.
I gotta tie it in.
That's what started this whole thing.
And then, of course, The Inheritance, which is a great book by Christopher and Michelle Fulton.
And he was going to join me, but he couldn't at the last minute.
So I want to talk about his book called The Inheritance.
The subtitle is Poisoned Fruit of the JFK Assassination.
And it is amazing.
It's an amazing read.
So here's the deal.
I was going down the rabbit hole of Playboy a little bit because I thought that Playboy might have been a CIA op, actually.
Just to kind of go brass tacks with you.
It was interesting when I was going down and studying a little bit more about Hugh Hefner.
And obviously, you know, he went to college.
He had a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, double minor in Creative Writing, and then he graduated.
And of course, before that, in 1944, he actually had enlisted in the Army right out of high school.
And he was an infantry clerk and then worked on various military newspapers at Camp Adair in Salem, Oregon.
He was discharged in 46 and in 1952 he left his job as copywriter.
He got a copywriter job for Esquire right out of the military.
Seems that a lot of folks were in certain places in the military.
They were kept in, you know, a lot of people, even Paul Newman, certain
Certain places in the military, like certain jobs, okay?
And maybe groomed a little bit.
This was right around the time of the CIA coming forward.
So groomed a little bit in acting,
Hollywood, kind of groomed to be stars in writing.
They were just about to unleash this very, very large propaganda machine, even worse than World War II.
So we're coming into that time.
The reason that Hugh Hefner was famous and got this off the ground was because he got a hold of the nude photos of Marilyn Monroe.
And you have to ask yourself, how did he do that?
How did he get those photos?
This guy is little known.
Little job, little nothing.
But he got Marilyn Monroe's nude photos, okay?
And she was just coming onto the scene and becoming very popular at that point.
How did he get them?
That's my biggest question, okay?
But that's what launched him.
He even bought the crypt next to her to pay homage to her.
A very weird guy.
But anyway, this is what kind of sparked me looking at Marilyn a lot closer and what Marilyn truly was.
And it has a lot to do with Russia, actually, and some different things that were pretty strange.
So this is kind of fascinating, but the first... Okay, so he launches out, Hugh Hefner launches out with that first episode of...
I think so.
Marilyn admitted that her father was Charles Stanley Gifford and he was Gladys Pearl Monroe's, Marilyn Monroe's boss at Consolidated Films.
We'll come right back to this in just a moment on the Alex Jones Show.
Stay with me.
You're going to want to hear this.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from katedallyradio.com, and I'm really glad to be with you.
In fact, next week, I have a lot of the, on my website, I'll have a lot of the truth abouts, you know, my deep dives, my homework, if you will, katedallyradio.com.
You're welcome to visit that.
So, I love the deep dives.
I love research, but let me go back to Marilyn.
Marilyn, her biological father, was her mother's boss at Consolidated Films.
I think so.
The interesting part about her is that they kept saying in her biographies that she worked at a factory in 1944, and it was a defense plant.
In fact, some of the interviews came out and they were like, no, she worked at the defense plant.
I mean, they just call it the factory.
And it was reported that she had several different jobs, which nobody could really agree on what actual jobs she had.
David Conover was the one that was taking random photos, just random pictures at the plant who captured her with dirt on her face and her hair in a hanky.
And if you go back to the original pictures of Norma Jean, she really wasn't that gorgeous.
She didn't stand out of a crowd.
And I know everybody keeps trying to tell us she did.
But if you really go back and look at her, not so much.
I mean, she was really kind of plain Jane.
He takes a photo of her, he says, and then all of a sudden this launches this big career into modeling.
And I want to talk about that for just a moment before we get into the JFK thing.
Because my big question is, was she a spy?
We're going to get to that.
Conover actually, in many different interviews and bios, it talked about him working for intelligence and working for the government.
So he was there to take photos for a specific reason.
So Conover says she had curly ash blonde hair and her face was smudged with dirt.
And I just thought she was this beauty queen.
Anyway, so this is what we're told.
And that was the photo that sparked her career.
And Emmeline Snively, what a name.
Emily Snively was this person who launched her, right?
So she quits her job and she pursues modeling.
And she has this sort of natural beauty, they kept telling us over and over again.
And this was the Blue Book Model Agency.
Blue Book Model Agency, interesting name.
So then, Monroe said the casting directors and all the people had a real problem with her look.
So if you're looking at her right now, she was the chinless wonder.
She had to have chin augmentation using bovine cartilage.
She was also said to have undergone plastic surgery on the tip of her nose.
Initial modeling card said that when she was 20 years old and married, that this big star that she needed cosmetic work and that there was nothing very special about her.
She was short.
She was a size 12, so she wasn't model material at all.
She was very, very short.
And they also had to go about removing her widow's peak.
So not only did they end up giving her plastic surgery, changing her hair, which was very curly, they ended up having to do all this work to her, okay?
This work on her, I should say.
And she said she took all these classes from Snively.
She started training with her.
She was even sent off for a while into some sort of training school.
And then they also say very little is known about these modeling years.
Probably because they were grooming her and training her to do a specific job.
That's why there's very, very little information about her.
You know, there's so many pretty women out there that it's kind of interesting that they talk about her in this way, that they had to change almost everything about her in order to get her even a job in modeling and in acting.
But that's how it went down.
They took a person who was very plain and they made her into the character of Marilyn Monroe.
Emmeline Snively, I believe, was her handler.
She stayed with her every step of the way.
Usually when you leave at the first job you get at a modeling agency, you're not tied to the apron strings of this person, but she was.
In fact, she continued on and on to be this.
She also took classes at the Strasburg Agency for Acting, which was sort of, they have a background, let's say, with Russia, okay?
The Strasburgs.
She took all these classes.
She's a very short, size 12 brunette with a widow's peak who needs plastic surgery and a diet, but they pick her out of obscurity and say she's the next big thing.
Because her career was absolutely launched, 100%.
And the person that took those pictures of her, 100% was
Okay, so this whole storyline of her working in this defense factory and the girls that worked in the defense factory was interesting.
Now, I know you're going to say, well, a lot of people worked in defense factories back in the day.
That's true.
It was just kind of odd that it's never really mentioned a lot.
It's just, she worked at a factory.
I also want to talk to you about the fact, who really was she?
The thoughts of her actually delivering information, that her murder was much more something to keep her quiet, it wasn't the overdose everybody thinks it was.
Was her Russian code name Masha?
Did she help with secret communications regarding the President's effort to end the Cold War, and she ultimately paid for it with her life?
The CIA, the Pentagon, Washington's powerful were pretty outraged when they were forced to endure President Kennedy's choosing civilians, especially women, to operate on the highest levels of national security.
And the code had always been no outsiders, but the president's methods were actually working.
You know, every time I'm shoved a narrative down my throat, and I mean, I mean at every turn, right?
All you ever heard was he was a womanizer.
He was a womanizer.
He was a womanizer.
It's kind of interesting because I usually think, okay, why am I being force fed this so deeply?
And were the women,
More or less spies that he counted on for information.
So their meetings, their liaisons, were not so much sexual.
They could have been.
But not so much sexual, but as information getting, okay?
Because if you have to work around the CIA and you want to out the CIA for the monster they've become just in that short 13 years, then what would you do?
You would probably have to go to outside sources.
So I guess he was okay with, if this is true, with just being the guy that's the womanizer, right?
And then Jackie stayed with him because he was a womanizer.
That's the official story.
But the problem with all of that is, is that, you know, he had to kind of come up with this covert network of spies, right?
And you choose somebody like Marilyn Monroe.
Why would you choose somebody like Marilyn Monroe?
Well, maybe she was set up as a spy.
Maybe her training classes were for that purpose.
Absolutely trainer.
We know that many actresses during this time were actual double agents.
They actually, uh, oh gosh, which I can't remember the name of the one that invented, um, uh, like Bluetooth invented, um, wireless, not wireless, but the Bluetooth faction.
So it's kind of, it, it, it sparks this.
Hollywood was sort of this vehicle where
The actresses and actors could go back and forth to all these different countries and no one would suspect anything.
No one would suspect that they were giving information and getting information and going back because they met all the time, right?
With politicians.
Politicians in Hollywood always had this relationship.
This very, very strong relationship.
Because who's going to suspect Marilyn Monroe of being a spy?
Probably nobody.
Was her code name Masha?
Very interesting, right?
Maybe now you know why she met her death so early on.
Maybe she wanted to spill that.
Who knows?
I'll be right back.
I have more.
I'll be right back.
It gets more interesting.
I'll be right back on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dalley from katedalleyradio.com.
I'm back here with you on the Alex Jones Show.
So glad to be with you today.
I like deep dives.
I like homework and I like research.
And so when people suddenly become famous or have access to all the right people,
I think so.
A hundred percent totally change her and then say that, oh yeah, she just caught everybody's eye because she was that special.
There's a lot of girls.
So why pick somebody like that?
Unless, unless they're supposed to be there, unless they're trained to be there.
And in this time of World War II, post-World War II, we had the CIA, we had the OSS and the CIA.
And they were working hard.
They were working hard developing their brand of treason and taking over America.
And so, of course, when you have people like Hugh Hefner and Marilyn who they sway culture, they have influence, the kind of influence that should always be questioned.
That's when I say, you know what?
You got to look at this.
You got it.
And with the anniversary of 60 years next week,
I had a lot of stuff on space, but I wanted to do this today because I know you'll all be sitting around the table at Thanksgiving.
This probably, maybe not the information to bring up, might be kind of dividing to tell you the truth, but just so you know, maybe some of these things that you're aware of.
And it makes the story a little more interesting to reflect on 60 years later, when we still are not going to get a hold of a lot of this evidence, which I'm going to get to in a moment.
There was the book that came out by David Pitts called Jack and Lem, and it was Jack and his best friend Lem.
Now, when Jack Kennedy was in the office of the presidency, you really didn't hear much about Lem.
Lem was his very, very, very, very best friend, okay?
And the historians say that they were childhood friends.
They weren't childhood friends.
They met in high school, actually, when Jack was a freshman in high school.
Or a sophomore.
But what's interesting about this is that I noticed that the book, Jack and Lem, talked about the liaisons.
Because this was written, obviously, post everything.
The liaisons were mentioned, but Marilyn was never mentioned.
There were certain key people that were completely left out of the book.
And it made me kind of wonder about that, because she was one of the more famous liaisons, right?
Even thoughts that maybe she was with both Kennedy.
Who knows?
But, let me just say that these guys were super best friends, and so they actually wrote a book about it.
David Pitts did.
And this actually comes from the narrative.
So, Kirk Lemoyne Lem Billings, he went by Lem, but his name was Kirk Lemoyne.
He actually repeated his senior year so that he and Kennedy could graduate from school together in 1935, so he could stay behind with him.
Historians say that they were like childhood friends, but they weren't.
They met at the school.
Childhood is like when you're little, you know?
But that's not the case.
In the summer of 1937, Billings and Kennedy took a summer trip through Europe, which they said solidified their friendship.
For two and a half months, they traveled Europe together and even bought a dog together.
In 1961, Billings declined Kennedy's offer to appoint him the first head of the Peace Corps because he said he realized that he didn't want to work for the president because he felt it would change his relationship.
Billings visited the White House almost every single weekend during the Kennedy administration, during the entire administration.
A butler even commented on the fact that Billings was leaving his belongings in one of the third floor guest rooms so often that the First Lady replied, well he's been my house guest since I was married.
And then sometimes he'd stay for longer periods and the First Lady was away, Billings organized the White House dinner parties for the President.
He even encouraged Jackie to redecorate the White House.
I don't
I found it just kind of interesting, his whole past, he was actually, his dying wish, he died of a heart attack in 1965, his, or I'm sorry, when he was 65 years old, but his dying wish was that the Kennedy boys would carry his casket to the place of final resting.
But he had an interesting and curious, he's in the background of almost every single photo of JFK, and they were these best friends.
It's interesting that we kept getting the whole womanizing thing.
Hyped, hyped, hyped.
Very, very interesting.
Here in this photo, they're wearing matching bathing suits.
It was kind of an interesting, interesting thing.
So when you look back, but definitely a key role, definitely a key advisor to him and definitely somebody that was around 24-7.
He was invited to every single birthday party, Christmas, Thanksgiving.
Um, and, uh, and JFK knew he was gay that was outed, uh, early on and knew he was gay back when they were going to high school, um, had already known that.
And so just, I, I keep all of these different data points in mind when I'm looking at an overall story, because I know that with the narrative,
When they talk about the narrative, it just keeps getting more in depth, shall we say, right?
Because I think a lot of people would not recognize the name Lem Billings.
They just would not.
So let's move on.
Let's go to the inheritance a little bit more and some of the things I'm mentioning as far as the information on Marilyn Monroe comes from the inheritance.
This book is written and it was an account of somebody that had to do time in prison for carrying a piece of key evidence in the JFK assassination.
Now, this is a really big deal because if everybody remembers back in the day, and I know that you've rehashed the Kennedy thing over and over again, but the reason that I wanted to go there today was because the 60th anniversary, obviously.
But this is a key moment.
This moment and 9-11 are two key moments in waking up family members to the depth of the deception.
This is a really big, big deal.
Because if you can understand that there were problems with the narrative, obviously, and the single-shooter narrative of Lee Harvey Oswald, if you can understand and grasp that, and if you can see 9-11 and grasp all the holes in that story, then somebody is more prone to wake up.
And you're going to be sitting at the holiday table with a whole lot of relatives, I'm sure, in a big old mixture vat of kind of woke, some woke, and then of course the moderates, and then of course the head in the sands, and then the heads at the rear, and everything else, right?
You have a whole family of different kinds of awakeness.
Should I say that a word?
And I think getting through to people is key, and this event is very key.
Everybody knows that Johnson had been involved and embroiled in a whole lot of crime, criminality, okay?
And a lot with the mafia.
And Johnson had everything to lose if he wasn't going to be put back on that ticket with JFK.
And he wasn't going to be.
They had already told him that he was going to be pushed into a corner, that was going to be...
He was out, okay?
And there was the consensus that the Kennedy brothers wanted to out the CIA.
They realized how much power they had accrued just in those short 13 years and realized that they were kind of a monster to deal with and they wanted to out that.
Then you have the monetary thing, which I'm not going to go into, but there were a couple of components here.
Could have been to the point where he was going to go to prison for some of the criminality, right?
There were some murders in the past and some different things that were going on.
But if he was president, if Johnson was president, he knew that he would not have to deal with any of that, right?
Because when you're president, I mean, look at King dingling.
When you're president, all the familial crime just sort of gets swept under the rug, okay?
So Johnson used Connolly to bring the president to Texas, right?
And one of Johnson's aides was also responsible for that too.
And like I said, you gotta get the book, The Inheritance, because it'll really open your eyes to more of the vast conspiracy afoot in this whole story to understand what happened and to really become more awake.
This is one of my top reads.
I love this book by Christopher and Michelle Fulton.
So they had these plans in Texas.
And I've interviewed Christopher Fulton before and he talked about the Secret Service, many of the Secret Service for Kennedy being in on this in order to make, to have that assassination become that assassination and happen, which is really interesting when you get into the depths of that, that there were a lot of people on the take and that they actually worked more for Johnson.
When I come back, the piece of information that was the catalyst to the writing of that book and the catalyst to a big piece of information that... Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Kate Dally, your guest host from the Kate Dally Show, katedallyradio.com.
And of course, you know, doing live radio every day, it's kind of interesting because I don't know if anything ever surprises me anymore.
You hear stuff and I'm at that phase after thousands, tens of thousands of hours of research.
It just nothing would ever surprise me.
I'm at that point and I hope that most Americans actually get at that point.
I really do because it's important for us to wake up and I hate the term wake up because we use it so often.
But the fact is is.
Talk about a sleep at the wheel and not knowing a lot of this, right?
Many people do not.
This is going to be like a foreign language to a lot of people in America, even speaking about all of this because the narrative sounds so good.
But the problem with the narrative is it sounds too simplistic.
It doesn't sound real and it sounds like it's full of holes and it is.
And we all know that.
So at some point, people have to be honest with themselves because
When you're lied to, it never sits right.
But when you hear truth, you're like, oh, OK, that that resonates, right?
OK, and we got to get people we got to get people up to the plate to realize what's happening in this country.
We're running out of time and we just can't kind of pussyfoot around people anymore.
We've got to wake them up.
And this is a big wake up moment because a lot of people listening lived through this.
And I wasn't alive for this.
But let me just tell you, I know a lot of people that live through this and it's still cemented in their mind.
And then, of course, the narrative is then cemented in their mind, which is even worse because there's so many lies involved with the narrative.
It just could never make sense the way that we're told.
So, of course, it was Johnson's guy that said, remove the bubble off of the car.
And this comes from The Inheritance, the book The Inheritance by Christopher Fulton, but it talks a lot about the pre
The Pentagon's pre-programmed, pre-planned 10-year war in Vietnam, right, to deter the Russian resolve, right, the domino effect of the spread of communism throughout Asia.
And that Johnson had a vested interest that even the night before when he was meeting with his mistress, allegedly, he talked about the fact that everything was going to change the next day.
And that this would be a way for Johnson to escape what could have happened to him, and then again, propel him into the presidency.
This is why he didn't look very shocked when all of this happened, and he was very eager, even on that plane ride, to make sure that he was the new president.
Like, we can't go for five seconds without a president?
Anyway, it was at this time when the CIA was really gaining their control over the presidency, and then you would find that during the Nixon campaign, or during the Nixon years, that the whole reason for Watergate was a distraction, and really the side story of making sure that Nixon didn't thwart any new war plans.
Usually it comes to war, right?
Because peace doesn't profit.
Peace is not good for the government.
Only war is.
So you have to keep the ongoing wars.
So this assassination would give him the prize.
Well, the night in the hotel room before, the Secret Service came in and swept for all of his jewelry, took all of his jewelry off of him for the infamous ride in the car.
The problem was that Jackie had gotten a watch out of this Cartier watch because he had this Omega watch, but Jackie had given him this watch.
And this watch was a really important key piece of evidence because of what was sort of sprayed onto this watch, okay, in the assassination.
And she'd given him this watch and he had put it on after he was swept for all of his jewelry.
For some reason, they wanted all that jewelry off of him.
So when he goes down and gets in the car, you can see a picture of him in some of the pictures with a watch on.
He wasn't supposed to be wearing a watch.
That was a gift from Jackie.
But that watch held a lot of secrets.
And Kennedy's secretary, Evelyn, had custody of this watch as this watch was taken off of him before the body was transported.
And this watch ended up in the hands of Christopher Fulton.
The CIA wanted this piece of information, this piece of evidence I should say, and he wouldn't give it up and went through a lot in the custody battle of this piece of information.
Even JFK Jr.
was also involved.
In this piece of evidence trying to get this piece of evidence in his custody.
And I think Fulton was more than happy to do that.
I think he wanted to see him have this piece of evidence.
Um, because I think JFK Jr., um, I think he was taken out and I think that there were a lot of different reasons as to why, but he absolutely 100% wanted to make sure the people paid for his father's murder.
And he knew, I know he knew, um, who was behind it.
Um, more or less, um, that the mafia was involved, that the CIA was involved and that, uh, of course they wanted to shut him up.
Over the decade of the 60s, from about 1960 to about 1974, you see the CIA take over complete and total control over the presidency.
Now, they always had influence, right?
The globalists had influence since the turn of the century.
But it wasn't until the 60s and the early 70s when the CIA was investigated, right?
And they were prone to the hearings.
Remember the hearings?
They would have never let that happen except that they were probably letting the rest of Congress know and the rest of the Senate know through those hearings that they had absolutely taken over the presidency.
Kissinger had taken over the presidency under Nixon.
But the JFK assassination was the precursory to this.
It was the warning.
It was the, this is going to happen to you because we're about, we're making sure that we're taking over and you're never going to have any power in that presidency role.
That's why when we talk about King Dingling, King Frodelot, he's a walking cadaver.
He makes no sense.
They want you to see that.
They're proud of it.
They're almost dangling it in front of you on the daily.
They're not hiding it.
Normally they'd be hiding that kind of behavior, right?
To protect him.
Oh no!
They want you to see it for a reason.
And they want you to know that they have control.
It's kind of their way.
To say, oh, you know, he doesn't look like old Joe, and no, he got a facelift at 80, sure, and all of these weird things that are going on that the naked eye can see, that we can all see.
But what's so fascinating about it is that they want you to see it.
They're pretty much telling you.
They have complete and total control, so don't even think that he's doing a thing, right?
And they're going to show you all of his screw-ups, too.
But what's fascinating about that key piece of evidence too is that it still exists.
This watch has evidence and you can find out why and what kind of evidence that watch holds.
Key piece of information right there for this case.
You can see that in the inheritance.
I liked this book because I like books that give you a different angle that rings true and you go, you know, so far all the pieces have never made sense until now.
And when I look at this whole, when you take this sort of bird's eye approach to this and you're looking down and you're looking at all the pieces, it makes a heck of a lot more sense that Marilyn Monroe was a spy, that she was used for certain purposes.