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Name: 20231114_Tue_Alex
Air Date: Nov. 14, 2023
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In his show, Alex Jones discusses various topics including the importance of upcoming elections, hearings on COVID shots, Marjorie Taylor Greene's impeachment proceedings, and government surveillance. He promotes his book "The Great Awakening" and urges listeners to fight against tyranny. He also covers issues related to data collection, social credit scores, media coverage on hate speech, Australia's telecommunications outage and cybersecurity rules for telcos. Jones encourages listeners to join campaigns against international health regulations, exit organizations such as the World Health Organization, and support InfoWars by purchasing products from their store.

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We know the enemy plan.
We know their operation.
And we know the trajectory only goes down until we start not complying and then building alternate systems.
You can pretend all day you're part of the power structure.
Or you can pretend all day you can't do anything about it.
And either way you're delusional.
We must do something about it.
We can do something about it.
When we do stand up, we have incredible success because we're promoting freedom and justice.
And good wholesome societies and security and prosperity.
God, country, family.
God, family, country.
Common sense.
Their trajectory is a forced implosion of the world and on its ashes to rebuild their new world order.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
It's Tuesday, November 14th, 2023.
InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
356 days, 12 hours, 59 minutes, 33 seconds until the most important election in world history.
I think that's very fair to say.
As important as the Continental Army defeating King George III.
in a revolutionary war that was kicked off with July 4th, 1776.
We are at the crossroads here right now.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Live Tuesday transmission.
We're not going to have any guests on today because I wanted to do nothing but take calls.
We're still going to do that, but Marjorie Taylor Greene has had incredible hearings on the deadly COVID shots and the scourge they're causing, and also she had the amendment
To begin impeachment proceedings against Mayorkas for the open borders, bulldozers running over barbed wire, and the human trafficking including of sex trafficked children on a massive industrial scale including for slave labor at factories up to 16 hours a day with no pay and in many cases no food just as bad as common as China.
Eight Republicans voted treasonously, traitorously, to let him escape.
She'll be joining us on that subject and more in T-minus 30 minutes from now.
After that, it's open phones for first-time callers today on any issue, anything you want to raise, you agree, you disagree, you've got a question, you've got a comment.
We don't screen your calls unless you have a clean phone line and that you're ready to talk.
But if you don't have a clean phone line,
You can't get on the show because we have to be able to understand you.
So callers call, and they say, oh, I talked to your call screener, and I talked about this.
If you want to volunteer what you're calling about, they'll put a note on the screen.
But we're different than other shows.
We're more like C-SPAN, where we just get your name, where you're calling from, and put you on the air.
And I want to go through a lot of calls today.
I used to be very good at taking calls 20-something years ago.
I got bad at it over the years.
Got a little bit better the last few years.
But I want to bring more calls on the show.
I also love to... I'm like a fat person at a buffet.
I love a lot of great guests as well.
And so I've got to balance that out.
We're going to have more calls here on the show.
It's what I want.
Listeners like it as well.
So definitely look for that here on the transmission.
Okay, here's what's coming up.
This governor of New York's statement about how they're going to surveil everyone and then thought crime you is a big deal because they've already been doing this, but now the ADL that runs this lady wants it codified into law.
You've seen the EU say recently, oh don't worry, soon we'll be censoring Americans as well.
The EU threatening to arrest Elon Musk.
This is a big deal.
Governor Kathy Hochul says New York's now conducting special media surveillance efforts to monitor hate
That's government taxpayer money to monitor what you say.
And I always point this out about the censorship.
It's surveillance and censorship.
And the surveillance is just as bad as the censorship itself.
And that's what this whole censorship complex is.
So we're going to be getting to that, getting to Mayorkas, as I mentioned, and the impeachment failing.
Xi headed to San Francisco.
With major propaganda offensive.
More Democrats, top Democrats, come out and say Biden should resign because he, quote, can't campaign properly.
But he didn't campaign three years ago either, did he?
Also, feds pursue client list of powerful Johns after bust of high-end prostitution ring.
In New York and surrounding states, but they're not alleging the women were sex slaves or underage.
But now they want the client list and want to release that, I guess because it's not world leaders and Bill Gates.
Visiting Epstein Island and other child rape facilities.
There's been some big new developments on the Jeffrey Epstein front that ties into that.
We'll be looking at that here today.
Florida Jews panic buying guns over anti-Semitism fears.
We don't feel safe.
We'll get to that.
Big developments on racial attacks on whites exploding.
The media covering it up.
And so much more today, like Mark Zuckerberg's plan unveiled to further addict children with his poisonous operation known as Metaverse.
Stay with us.
Well, I remember 30 years ago, 35 years ago, reading books like The Creature from Jekyll Island and None Dare Call a Conspiracy and
Many, many others, like Cleon Skousen's The Naked Communist, and then reading the New American Magazine, predicting what the world government would look like from their own documents, and getting heavily into the UN's library, and thinking, man, this is really fantastical, this is really totalitarian, this is really transhumanist, this is incredibly dangerous, and looks like Brave New World.
And then I read Brave New World, then I read Brave New World Revisited, which is non-fiction,
And there was Aldous Huxley, whose brother founded the UN, Julian Huxley, and was the head of the World Eugenics Society, and later the first transhumanist, saying in the 50s, we're going to end the sexes, break up the families, and turn humans into factory farm produced creatures that we control.
And his brother had written Brave New World in 1932,
And Huxley wrote in Brave New World Revisited 1961 that this was the actual plan of the technocrats.
So see, I knew that the founding scientist of the UN and his brother had told her by the battle plan and then explained this is not a joke and then I went and looked at what they were planning in the 50s that was done by the 70s.
What they were planning in the 70s was done by the 90s.
And I said, well,
If we continue down the trajectory, what they're saying they'll have done by the year 2000, Agenda 2021, then they're going to do Agenda 2030, which is 90% forestry population.
That's going to get really nasty, isn't it?
And so they are attempting it.
Anytime we back them off, people say, oh, look, the life expectancy is not
Going down as fast as you said it would.
But it is going down.
Because humans are resilient and people are avoiding the enemy's poisons.
Or, oh, they didn't do a full lockdown and roll out of new COVID protocols this year.
That was our plan, was to expose their relaunch and mount opposition to it and stop it.
They still tried to relaunch right after I said they were.
And we, together, stood up and stopped it.
That's the whole point of the broadcast is we know the enemy plan.
We know their operation.
Now, we know the trajectory only goes down until we start not complying and then building alternate systems.
You can pretend all day you're part of the power structure.
Or you can pretend all day you can't do anything about it.
And either way, you're delusional.
We must do something about it.
We can do something about it.
When we do stand up, we have incredible success because we're promoting freedom and justice and good, wholesome societies and security and prosperity.
God, country, family.
God, family, country.
Common sense.
Their trajectory is a forced implosion of the world and on its ashes to rebuild their new world order.
So this isn't like Cinderella where the story starts at the bottom where she's basically a slave girl and then goes all the way up to the top when she becomes the princess to the prince.
This isn't a Disney movie.
This isn't a parable.
Society goes up and down in cycles, and the globalists know that, and now they want a final cycle with an organized scientific takeover of civilization, so it's the end of history, the end of cycles, the end of human free will.
So this isn't a story that's entertainment here.
Harry Shearer once was talking about me on national television, the guy, the voice of, you know, the Simpsons characters and people.
He said Alex Jones is one of the few good storytellers left.
I tune into him on the radio when I'm with my son out in a cabin in the woods listening to him on shortwave and he's telling these incredible narratives that are so horrifying and so invigorating and so detailed and there's no wonder he's so popular because he's such a good science fiction writer.
It's in Secret Rulers of the World.
It's been making the rounds again on Twitter with millions of views.
You can go watch it.
He says that.
And I remember when he said that and I saw it on actual TV and learned he was a listener because the producer of the show said, oh, I interviewed Harry Shearer, he's a listener of yours.
He thinks you're an incredible artist.
Do you think I can come up with giving children shots that grow prions in them and destroy their fertility and give them
10,000 plus percent increases in heart problems and strokes?
I mean, you think I just said all that three and a half years ago was going to happen and then it did happen?
It was in the documents.
I had top scientists on.
The former vice president of Pfizer and others.
It was in the FDA data sheet that they predicted that would be the effect.
No, Mr. Schur, this is not fiction.
112,000 people died last year of fentanyl.
That's not fiction.
400 plus thousand children are missing.
Senate hearings two weeks ago.
The government admits they're missing.
400,000 of the millions that came across the last three years are gone.
Many of them found in sex slavery.
And in sweatshop slavery.
And running heavy machinery, sleeping on the floor.
Yeah, I know.
To say stuff like that's going on sounds impossible in America and sounds like fiction.
It's not fiction, Mr. Schur.
The judge in New York, under a new New York law,
Doesn't need a jury, and he said, I find Trump guilty at the beginning of the trial of 80%.
But now we're going to have a trial with no jury, while his wife goes around and says, F Trump, Trump should go to prison on her confirmed, certified Twitter account.
Instantly, the trial would be over.
Instantly, the judge would be recused.
Instantly, it would be dropped, but it's not.
We have Letitia James running it, dancing with Chuckie Schumer.
And saying, I'm gonna destroy Trump, I'm gonna annihilate him, I'm gonna find something.
Doesn't sound real, does it?
Sounds like a Kurt Vonnegut satire about a kangaroo court.
It's real.
It's all real.
This show is real.
We're telling the truth here.
And all of you that have backed the broadcast, and all of you that have told the truth, and been ridiculed and attacked, you're vindicated.
And your neighbors, your friends, your family, those that have ridiculed you should apologize to you.
And it's not about your ego.
It's about them respecting that you have the light in the dark of the night.
It's about respecting the fact that you cared about them enough to warn them, and you believe in them enough to believe that they can wake up and help you save our country and the world.
You need to be very firm with your friends and your family and your neighbors now about how the tyranny is increasing and how their denial is helping this happen and how they better get up off their asses and join you speaking out against this and building new alternative economies.
Look, I've studied the globalists going back hundreds of years and their roots thousands of years and I was reading their stuff 30 years ago and found it hard to believe they would bring back
Occultism and pedophilia and world government and the end of the family and sexless systems where you couldn't tell male or female because of chemicals in the water.
But they did it.
Sperm counts down over 90%.
The media makes jokes about this.
It's a fact.
Penises in all industrialized countries have shrunk by more than half in utero.
The brains have been changed to be part female, part male, mutants, in utero.
Look at this headline.
Discovery Magazine, AP, Reuters, Daily Mail.
Mercury pollution can make male birds homosexual.
In the egg, it changes them where their brain is now female, but they have male genitalia and sperm, but they have sex with each other, and so there's no more eggs.
We're being murdered, we're being killed, and the power structure knows exactly what they are doing.
Insect populations are plummeting.
The Earth is dying.
And the people killing it are the ones posing as our saviors.
And when we try to warn people, they try to straitjacket us and keep us from speaking.
If you're a regular listener, I've said this until your ears bleed.
When they talk about censorship and how the CIA and the FBI and the major think tanks and PR firms, universities, law firms, all the big
Telecommunications operations are surveilling you with AI and reading and watching everything you do in collusion with the government.
That's illegal.
And the government puts in the data points of what it wants shadow banned or what it wants outright banned and who it wants punished.
That's the social credit score.
That's what China already has fully in place and it's already in place here.
They just have six or seven of the ten switches turned on.
It's not fully activated.
So, Governor Kathy Hochul of New York says New York now conducting special media, quote, surveillance efforts to monitor, hey, they bring in the Islamicists, the government starts the war, gives the weapons,
In the Middle East, stirs up the cauldron, that has the universities and the corporate media promote the jihadis that are rampaging all over the West right now, not just the U.S., but all over the world.
And then their answer is to be the referee over the climate they've created, just like wardens control prisons off of what racial group you're in.
That's how they control you.
Also, we're very focused on the data we're collecting from surveillance efforts.
What's being said on social media platforms.
We have launched an effort to be able to counter some of the negativity and reach out to people when we see hate speech being spoken about on online platforms.
Our media analysis, our social media analysis unit, has ramped up its monitoring of sites to catch incitement to violence, direct threats to others, and all this is
In response to our desire, our strong commitment to ensure that not only do New Yorkers be safe, but they also feel safe.
Because personal security is about everything for them.
As I said, no one walking down the street or in a subway should feel they have to hide any indications of what their religious beliefs are.
We expect to see people celebrating their lives, walking about freely.
And that is no longer the case, because people are living in fear.
They have a right to do whatever they want here in the state of New York.
So they defund the police, crime absolutely explodes, the leftist media says white people are evil, so there's 21 black-on-white attacks, the media then does their best to cover all of that up.
And then she says, New Yorkers have a right to feel safe, so we're gonna spy on you, big sister, big mommy, Ho-Chowl.
Ho-Chowl is watching you.
That's what all this is about.
And of course, there's a classic video we'll roll for you of Chuckie Schumer dancing with Letitia James.
Who's pledged as the Attorney General of New York to destroy Trump and find something.
And now she has Trump in a juryless trial with a judge who's written in his newsletter he hates Trump and is going to bring him down.
And his wife posts, as we speak, F Trump and puts him in images of orange jumpsuits.
No checks and balances.
A bunch of America-hating lunatics who've dissolved our borders.
Annihilating our dollar.
Starting giant wars.
Crushing our cities.
And it's all a big joke to them.
But America is waking up.
And so now they've panicked.
And they don't know what to do.
They don't know what to do
And so they've declared that they're going to say Trump supporters are the main terror threat when that doesn't exist.
And that Homeland Security is for the American people that are still halfway away.
But it's like a snake eating its tail.
The left brings in all these groups from around the world that are extremely anti-Jew.
And whereas they may have a reason to not like Benjamin Netanyahu, they have no reason to randomly go.
To some Jewish grocery store and stab or shoot some old person.
In many of the cases, it turns out it's pro-Palestinian and pro-open border.
Florida Jews panic by guns over anti-Semitism fears.
We don't feel safe.
Big article up on Infowars.com for natural news.
Well, that's a good move there.
Because you need to understand the government's not coming to help you.
And then I've got all these videos.
There's a new one at Harvard.
We showed all the videos from Austin, Texas to New York on Veterans Day.
The Islamists pulling down American flags, putting up their Palestinian and Hamas flags.
Here's footage of Harvard.
Police did nothing.
Pulling down the American flag and stomping on it.
What did I tell you?
They're not just going to pull down the Robert E. Lee statues.
They're going to pull down the George Washington statues.
They're going to pull down the American flag.
That's what all of this is about.
And I love how the pro-Palestinian folks, that's the latest thing, also pulled down the U.N.
What's the U.N.
flag doing hanging up in New York?
They even see that as the enemy.
You know, the U.N.
He's out there promoting the whole Islamic takeover.
So I'm not for Israel flattening Gaza, and I'm sure as hell not for Israel or anybody else shipping the quote, little Ilhan Omar's and the little Tlaib's here to the United States.
Truly disgusting.
And I'm also not for this.
Top U.S.
general says American troops must be ready to die for Israel.
Well, no, there's a lot of American Jews over here, like, uh,
BB's son, nothing against him, but he should be suited up out there in a uniform right now instead of America that can't even take care of our veterans or are homeless over there.
But U.S.
troops must be ready to fight and die for the defense of Israel, even to the point of being placed under Israeli commanders responsible for battlefield decision-making, according to one of the highest-ranking military officers in the U.S.
Armed Forces.
Well, he'll go right to the top.
With the largest joint U.S.-Israel air defense exercise ever conducted, having recently concluded, which involved 2,500 American service personnel, in the midst of a heightened Israeli involvement in the Syrian war, we find ourselves asking, are U.S.
troops ready to fight and die for Israel's defense?
We think not.
But there are senior U.S.
generals out there enthusiastically promoting the idea.
Earlier this month, in the midst of the 9th annual 12-day massive joint exercise named Juniper Cobra, which was hailed in Israel's media as the largest of its kind, simulating a battle on three fronts, namely,
But we won't lift a finger for all our dead and dying veterans and the suicide rates and all of it.
Our country's become a joke.
We'll be right back.
Well, one of the leading patriots in Congress, the great Marjorie Taylor Greene, is our guest for just one segment.
And of course, she brought forward articles of impeachment that narrowly got shot down by traitorous Republicans, eight of them yesterday.
She got a new book out.
I want to get into the incredible hearings that I follow a lot of yesterday that we heard some of on the war room yesterday on the poison shots and the medical doctors and scientists up there about heart attacks, infertility, destroying women's menstrual cycles.
I mean, it was I was able to watch an hour of the hearing.
I'm told it just was super powerful what I missed.
So she joins us now.
But hey, we haven't impeached Mayorkas yet, but we're putting heat on him for human trafficking and so much more.
So, Congresswoman Greene, thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you for having me on, Alex.
It's always an honor to be on your show.
Where should we start?
Well, you just pointed it out.
I think one of the biggest things that Americans are outraged about is the fact that eight reckless Republicans
I voted with the Democrats to kill my Articles of Impeachment against Secretary Mayorkas and I can't even make it up.
No one can understand it.
These four of the eight, I want you to know, I've got a list right here, I've got to talk about it.
Four of the eight serve on the Judiciary Committee, Alex, and the Judiciary Committee is where my Articles of Impeachment have been sitting there collecting dust for six months along with other
We're good to go.
We've also got John Duarte from California, another California judiciary member.
I can't even understand it, Alex.
It's outrageous.
They sent the Articles of Impeachment back on the shelf in the Judiciary Committee, where all Articles of Impeachment resolutions go to die.
People deserve being named.
They deserve being shamed.
And all of their constituents and voters now know where their representative stands on impeaching Secretary Americus and securing our southern border.
And they know that these eight Republicans could care less how many people die every single day from Biden's open border policies and Secretary Americus, the biggest traitor in our country,
Making sure that the gateway to America stays open and our country gets flooded with terrorists, cartel members, and people we don't even know who they are.
So that happened last night.
Travesty, outrage, shame.
Shame on these eight Republicans.
I was watching just a few weeks ago, Senate hearings, and I followed the news, but they had the deputy heads admitting 400,000 missing children, tens of thousands they know of in human slavery, working at factories 16 hours a day, sleeping on the floor.
Many tens of thousands of others in sex slavery.
They've got Senate reports confirming it.
And then Mayorkas just sits up there and as you know, celebratory meetings for the Democrats where they hail him for quote securing the border.
I mean, if we can't impeach Mayorkas, if the Republicans can't get the votes, this is outrageous.
Yeah, it is outrageous, and it shows the American people what the Republican Party is.
And it shows the American people what a failure the Republican conference is.
I'm absolutely disgusted.
You know, many people are losing hope.
They don't even want to vote for Republicans anymore.
They want to vote for President Trump, and I totally agree with them.
But it's like, what are Republicans doing in Washington if they can't even impeach Mayorkas?
Absolutely pathetic.
But you know what we are doing this week, Alex?
Our new speaker is bringing a clean CR to the floor so that they can do a bipartisan vote and continue funding the Biden administration's communist regime that's attacking American citizens every single day.
Attacking patriots like you, Alex.
Locking up incredible patriotic Americans like Owen Schroyer.
Chasing down January 6th people that walked through the Capitol.
Kept them in the streets of their towns with tanks, helicopters, SWAT teams.
I mean, I am so disgusted.
Every single day, because they think we need more committee hearings, and I serve on the Homeland Committee, as if we need to talk to more witnesses that have their family members murdered by the cartel, or two constituents like mine that were killed by a 17-year-old cartel member smuggling illegal aliens into Texas.
It's like, how much more?
How many more Americans have to die before completely disconnected Republicans in Congress figure out how to do their job for the American people?
You've introduced multiple articles in memory serves right other impeachment articles have been entered would be such a win for Republican morale America's morale that's the right thing to do to impeach Biden, Mayorkas.
I don't know.
I don't know how we break the back of the cowardice that we see going on, because they should be more concerned about the end of the country if we continue down this road.
No, you're right.
They should be extremely concerned.
Darryl Issa said today that I'm a hard-working member of Congress, but I lack maturity.
Well, I think we can say that Darryl Issa lacks balls.
That would be the more accurate quote.
You know, while he thinks I lack maturity, he's ignoring the fact that Americans are dying every single day.
We have got to do something about it.
We're losing our country, and we have millions of people, over 1.8 million gotaways, and we can't keep this going.
Well, Congresswoman, shifting gears into the great hearings you had, my great, they were horrifying, the hearing you had yesterday on the COVID shots.
Tell people about that hearing, because I was only able to watch an hour of it, but the findings I saw from these medical doctors and scientists was just horrifying.
It is horrifying.
And you want to know, this is one of the top issues that people care about is what happens with the COVID vaccines, injuries and deaths.
And it is completely ignored in Washington by the FDA, the CDC, the Biden administration, and most
Most members of Congress, because they take their donations from Big Pharma.
And this is another outrage.
You know, people died.
People are living today with complete disabilities from these COVID vaccines.
And the manufacturers made billions of dollars off of American hard-earned tax dollars because they were funded by the government.
And then the government mandated the vaccines.
I could not get my COVID Select Committee to do hearings on the vaccines.
I've asked and asked, and so I took it in my own hands and decided to hold a hearing yesterday, and this is just the beginning.
We'll be having more of these hearings, and I look forward to basically running Shadow Congress.
Alex, that's what I'm starting to call it, Shadow Congress, because we're doing the real work, and I'm going to continue to do the real work.
Well I love how that particular Republican said you lack maturity.
I guess maturity and evil then to know that Mayorkas has bulldozers in South Texas ramming down barbed wire put up by the governor of Texas and he's far from perfect but way better than Mayorkas.
Bulldozers ramming down barbed wire.
Literally, they ended the DNA testing, as you know, three months ago, where they could do it in one day to see if somebody was actually a family member, but there's no idea.
They're giant human trafficking, sex slavery, slave labor trafficking, and then you lack maturity for trying to punish the arrogant head of the agency.
I just can't believe a statement like that came out of his mouth.
Yeah, he said it today, actually.
Attacked me this morning, and I didn't go to the conference meeting this morning because
I didn't want to hear all the whining I knew was going to happen.
And apparently he attacked me in the conference too.
You know, Republicans, they don't like it when they're put on record.
And they come to me and complain when I post a list of names that either didn't show up to vote or voted no on something they should have voted yes on.
And they always complain about it.
And I could care less, Alex.
I didn't come here to make friends.
I came here because I'm angry, and I'm tired of Washington, D.C.
not working for the American people.
I'm tired of a Department of Justice that is persecuting Americans.
I'm tired of attorneys and funded groups that come after people like you, and ordinary Americans that can't afford the attorney fees to defend themselves.
I don't think the Department of Justice deserves a single dime right now, and I'm a client
I'm working hard with an amendment to stop the prosecutions that Jack Smith has indicted President Trump for, because it's outrageous.
The Department of Justice is now the campaign arm of the Biden campaign, and we have to do everything we can to stop it.
But it's hard for me to find partners to do that in Washington.
I know you've got to go here in just a few minutes, but let me bring up your new book.
I can't wait to read it.
That's one word.
Tell us about your new book.
This is my book.
I'm so excited.
People can order it at mtgbook.com.
The reason why I wrote this book is to let people know the real stories that happen in the battles in Washington, D.C.
You know, people read the headlines about me, and they know the character that the media has created of me, but my book tells the real story, and it'll give you behind-the-scenes, not only between my battles with Democrats, but my battles with Republicans.
Thank you so much.
Absolutely, because they call you all these names, both Republicans and Democrats, because they're scared of you, because you're the model of what we need, just like President Trump.
And in closing, MTGbook.com, 60 seconds on President Trump.
I know you talk to him all the time.
He's going through hell, but it's backfired on him.
Where do you see this going?
It looks like the witch hunt, like with the judge's wife.
Publishing stuff on Twitter, how much she hates he's gonna put him in jail.
The judge has a newsletter attacking Trump.
Anywhere else it would be a mistrial.
He'd have to recuse himself.
Your view on where these kangaroo prosecutions are going?
Well, I think we're going to see the deep state.
They've risen up and they're going to do everything they can to stop President Trump.
But the American people are supporting President Trump.
Poll after poll shows that he's blowing away the primary.
There shouldn't be a primary.
And not only that, he is winning big in the general, in the swing states, the very states that he needs to put him back in the White House.
We're thrilled over that.
The biggest thing I want to tell people about President Trump is I'm always in awe every time I talk to him of his optimism, his energy level, and his willingness to continue this fight.
I never see that man get down.
And that's the true American spirit, and that's the spirit that all of us should have as well.
He's not perfect.
I'm not perfect.
But he means well.
You're not perfect.
He's done a lot of great work.
And the enemies of America and freedom literally hate him with a deep passion.
And his strength is nothing but admirable.
And he's an example to us all.
And so are you.
Thank you so much.
And have a great week.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless you.
Thank you.
What a great lady.
They were really afraid of her.
All right.
Here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to give the number out and I'm going to take your calls.
I want callers to listen to me very carefully.
I want to talk about issues.
I want to talk about topics.
I know I've been the last four or five days on air since last Friday talking about the situation with InfoWars and keeping us on air and how much your support's needed.
But when I do that, it's because I have to tell you about it.
I don't want to make the whole show about it.
Because we're on hundreds of radio stations and a lot of TV and cable stations.
People are tuning in all the time and they tune in and just hear us, hear me whining or you calling in saying, oh, you're so sorry.
It's just, it's, it's time we can spend on information.
I have to tell the most critical audience, the hardcore audience that listens for long periods of time, an update, but then we need to move on from that.
So the only thing I'm screening is no talk about
Me or Infowars or Oh Alex, please stay on air, any of that, because I'm already so mad and upset about all this that I'm going to blow up and I'm going to leave.
I got a rule now, when I'm going to blow up, I don't do it, I just leave.
And I can control myself at 50 years old better than I used to, but the whole story is so insane, so out of control, so sick that
You can talk about any subject you want.
You're not censored, but I don't want to get into that.
Because I want to compartmentalize it to when I talk about it, and then move on from there, and then that's it.
And you don't need to call in, you know, if you want to tell us how great products are.
They're great products.
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It's not an insurmountable hump I've got to get past, but
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Okay, I'm going to stop right there.
I'm going to get into the latest Russia war news, the economy news.
Moody's drops U.S.
Credit Outlook, but I think it's going to happen there.
More Poison Shot news.
Ping's visit to San Francisco coming up, where they can magically clean up the city and also put in 15-minute city barriers everywhere.
We're going to be interspersing the news and the clips and the racial attacks on white people that the media is trying to cover up.
The latest on Letitia James going after President Trump.
He's violating their gag orders because they're unconstitutional, saying the judge needs to be arrested.
You got to admire the huevos on Trump and the energy.
I mean, it's just, it's something to behold and something to marvel and something that quite frankly just blows me away.
And I meant to get this to, I meant to get to this a few days ago, but because of time I didn't and I really, I'm glad I didn't because I had more time to research it.
We got a couple of newscasts I'm going to play towards the end of the show after we take a bunch of calls.
Now NASA and the government saying they believe the internet has a good chance of being shut down for months because of a solar flare.
And I began to think, well I'll get to it later, but you can imagine where I'm going with this.
So crew, it's your job to do this because I don't have a producer.
Producers in radio aren't like movies where they own the show.
Producers book people, get the guests on, do that.
So we do have great producers do that, but I'm the guy that calls the shots.
They're not like in my ear saying, hey, do this, do that.
Sometimes they say, hey, you just said the wrong name or the wrong website.
So they do pop in my ear a couple times a day when I make mistakes.
But I am telling them, write it on a board, or maybe I should get a board here and write it because I forget.
Make me cover Solar Superstorm in the last segment
of the broadcast today because it's important.
Solar Superstorm may shut down internet for months, scientists warn.
And you've seen the globalists, oh it's imminent, the internet's gonna go out, internet kill switch, the right wing's gonna kill the internet with Putin, they're gonna turn the power off right before the election.
They've been pre-programming this, saying the globalists are gonna get full power through viruses, through economic collapse, through collapsing borders, through war, and through cyber attacks and cutting the internet and or power.
So that they can then only send you to certain websites during the internet kill switch.
It's not everything's down, you can only get to them.
And they need a cover to do it and I've seen a lot of pre-programming and I've said I believe this is one of the main cards they're getting ready to play.
And I don't just say stuff because it sounds interesting to say it.
When I really do deep research and then have a gut level spiritual discernment about it,
I'm very concerned.
So, that's coming up at the end of the third hour here today.
Now, here's the toll-free number to join us.
First-time callers.
First-time callers, give you a chance.
They would love to hear from you on any issue, any item, any story.
Agree, disagree, no censorship.
Just have a clean phone line.
And please be clear, and I will go to you.
And we will get you on the broadcast here today.
I really look forward to speaking to you, and I'm going to be good.
I'm getting better at it.
No matter how amazing your call is, I am going to keep each call to two minutes.
So just be ready.
Spill your information.
It's so interesting.
We want to hear you.
It takes us in all these unimagined directions.
We'll get you on this live Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 broadcast.
And remember, the censors are working around the clock to suppress this show.
Share the link.
Share the articles.
Take clips out.
Post them on Rumble.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Now we're coming back after this break with phone calls!
And as you can tell, I'm wrestling!
Answer my question, you authoritarian!
We're in.
Yes, turn the radio off.
We're holding.
Turn the radio off.
I turned it off.
Go, go, go!
Turn the radio off!
Go ahead!
Turn it off!
I love it!
I'm sorry.
I love you, Frank.
Go ahead.
Yeah, yeah.
Can you hear me?
Of course I can hear you!
I just went to you!
Some public schools and libraries invite drag queens, some dressed like torn demons, to read to young children.
Parents' rights are limited, and children's rights are put ahead.
So the child has the right to be protected from the parents when the parents behave badly.
Yeah, that child molester just messed with the wrong preschooler.
What makes you think he's a child molester?
Oh, he's a child molester, believe me.
Every child molester I've ever met looks just like that.
This sucks.
And then you have talk show stars like Joe Rogan who just wing it, who make it up as they go along.
And because figures like Rogan are trusted by people that don't trust real newsrooms, we have a tension, a problem that's much bigger than Spotify, much bigger than any single platform, Kate.
But that's what's at the heart of this r- Dammit, everything on TV sucks.
It's Alex Jones.
We're gonna beat your ass!
You piece of s***!
You f***ing f***ing damn f***er!
Listen, f***head!
You f***ing crossed the line!
Get that through your f***ing damn f***ing head!
Stop pushing your s***!
We're gonna beat your ass!
You just get that through your stinking traitorous heads!
But I will stomp your head in if you start a fight with me, you thug scum!
You think I'm a coward like you?! !
Uh... I... We're... Uh... Whoa!
I just got invited to give the commencement address at Harvard this year.
That's amazing!
I'm gay!
Let's go get the hat.
Do you get to wear the hat and everything?
Yeah, you better.
Don't worry.
I see you, enemy!
You are my enemy!
You will pay.
Yeah, you think I don't see your face, scum?
You don't think I don't see you?
I see you, you understand me?
I know what you think of me and my family.
I see you.
Right back.
You understand that?
You understand that?
We will not bring humanity down!
God is going to destroy you!
All right, I'm going right to your phone calls.
We're into hour number two on this live Tuesday, November 14th broadcast.
Before I go to Mike, I want to read what he had to say.
Everything popping off really is sinking in.
What's next?
Well, if you look at the trajectory of tyranny and oppression and war and insanity and collapsing borders and inflation, it just goes straight up.
And again, I don't say that to be negative.
I say that because people need to have
An intense understanding of the severity of the situation.
When I really sit back, especially when I'm fresh in the morning, had a cup of coffee, get up about 5 a.m., family's asleep, go out the back door,
Plunge down into a greenbelt behind my house.
Nobody's out there.
Do a five mile hike.
Blood's pumping through my brain.
I'm fresh and I just, I'm just thinking about everything going on.
And there's a real feeling of sadness that we've gone this far and it's gotten this bad.
Here's the good news.
You'll either wake up and fight this, or you'll be totally delusional and keep serving it.
But either way, things are going to get so insane that most people are going to wake up finally.
But then the globalists will have us off the land with kill switches in all the vehicles and all the appliances, the infrastructure totally destroyed,
And then the carrying capacity of the planet will be so devastated in crime and lawlessness will be so pervasive that a lot of countries are going to have to organize a defensive posture and it'll be a blessing even though it won't be good when the globalists release the race-specific bioweapons that wipe out the third world.
They plan to put the West in a position.
You're getting the high-level info here.
And I don't say that again to impress you or brag.
I've analyzed the enemy operation.
I eat, drink, and sleep this.
It's all I do.
And when I tell you this, and I'm going to your calls, when I tell you this, I want you to listen to me very carefully.
Our original analysis, that was not mine,
That was all these former top generals and CIA people and high-level FBI and members of Congress and you name it.
We're saying this was going to happen 50 years ago.
40 years ago.
So I didn't predict most of this.
I made predictions on what's currently going on and a little bit in the future because we're so far down the rat hole here.
It's not hard when you're, it's hard to make a prediction when you're Barry Goldwater 60 years ago, or you're Ron Paul 40 years ago, or you're General Benton Parton 40 years ago, or you're Ted Gunderson 40 years ago, or you're G. Edward Griffin 50, 60 years ago.
It's not 10 miles away and we're looking at it through a telescope.
It looks like that's what they're going to do.
All right, look out.
You better take it serious.
And then 10 years ago, it was a quarter mile away.
You can really see it clear through the binoculars.
And then a couple of years ago, it was down the street.
It's now in our face, sitting on us.
There's no doubt now, and I'm going to say this again before I go to your calls, because this is so critical, and God's really laid this on my heart.
The listeners of this show, the viewers of this show, and other shows like it, some great people out there, a lot of them, you're included, out of all the false political systems, out of all the diversions, and all the thousands of distractions, and all the weird sideshows and boutique movements, the pro-Western, pro-God, anti-New World Order
Movement really are the people that have been dialed in, and it emanates out of America, the best and worst.
It's a paradox.
We really have been right.
We really are the mechanics that have proven we know how to fix the car.
Or, you use a nuclear reactor that's melting down, and we're proven engineers that said it was coming, said what the problem was, and we've proven we know how to deactivate and shut down reactors without meltdowns, and we're like, hey, you need to let us in here to fix this right now.
I'm getting chills.
We can still turn this around, it's still going to be really rough, but man, every month that passes that we don't fully turn this around, whoooa, lordy!
I mean, I'm getting full body chills right now.
That's the Holy Spirit when you're right over the target, says, that's what you're supposed to say, son.
So, I am grieving, I am frustrated, I am angry, but also I'm very pleased, because God's real, God's been proven to be real, and the devil's real, so we know who wins in the end.
So as frustrating as it is, and to see the children being hurt, and the innocents being hurt, the veterans committing suicide, and all the fentanyl deaths.
I got so many friends and family lost children, and others to fentanyl.
I mean, it's just, it's just, it's unbelievable.
Because I care about the 1,500 Israelis that were killed.
But, we have hundreds of thousands of veterans that have committed suicide in the last decade.
Who cares about them?
I care about the Israelis that were killed, but I also care about all the white people being beaten to death just because they're white every day in America, or the black babies being aborted because they're black.
And so, my message is this.
Repent, admit we've turned to evil, seek God's face, and God will heal our land.
As all the Old Testament prophets said, and I'm not a prophet, I'm quoting the prophets,
We're going into full bondage if we don't turn around right now and repent.
And that's really the main message at the end of the day is get your soul right with God because this is biblical, it's going down, and I'm not attacking mainline Protestant Christians.
Or evangelicals, then I'm going to your calls.
Mike's first.
That's how I was raised.
But anybody could read the Bible.
And all Paul talks about is how Christians are going to be persecuted.
And Revelation says, the beast wages war against the saints and overcomes them.
And there's a tribulation of the Christians, then the archangel comes when God returns and bounds Satan, and then the dead in Christ are risen.
There is no pre-tribulation.
It isn't there.
And I get Christians.
That doctrine's only 160 years old.
This is older than that now.
1830s, got Popper in the 1850s and 60s.
So 170, 180 years old.
It's not there.
The Orthodox Church doesn't teach it.
The Catholic Church doesn't teach it, because it wasn't there.
And so, what happens when the Antichrist shows up, and the world government's set up, and the Castle Society's there, and the Mark of the Beast?
You're gonna have all the churches saying, that's Jesus, he's returned, folks.
That's not Jesus.
That's the devil.
So, all I can say to anybody, and I'm done preaching, is you better get right with God.
And I go to a whole bunch of different churches in Austin, and they got good messages, and they tell people about God, they make you feel good, and I don't think they're up to the devil, but they're scared to tell the parishioners the truth.
God sent
His son to earth to go through what we have to go through to show us that he could do it, because that's only fair.
And if God's anything, God's totally perfect and fair.
You're going to go through the fire.
And sometimes you're going to have spectacular victory, like some of God's prophets.
But most of the time, you gotta pick up the cross and go through hell and have the whole world attack you.
And what do you see happening right now to Christians?
The UN admits the greatest Christian persecution the world's ever seen.
Mass murder of Christians all over the world.
And it's barely even in the newspaper.
And look at the open Satanism in the world.
You'd think these big mainline churches would be showing the temple of Satan
The Satanic Temple and all the stuff they're doing, and how Satanism is being taught in public schools, and that shows people how real it is.
No, no, no.
They don't tell their flocks any of that because it's too scary.
Well, guess what?
The world's out there.
And it's real.
And the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy.
And if you don't have God, and if you don't have Jesus Christ, you got nothing.
So that's really the message I got that I'm going to your calls.
We're going under judgment.
And how severe the judgment's going to be depends on us.
We act like cowards, we hide the churches.
God is going to let us get hurt really bad.
Look, it's going to get so bad for a lot of us, most of us, basically all of us,
That as I said as the segment started, you're going to make a choice.
But it's going to become so blaringly obvious, it already is, that you'll have to finally just say, fine, leave me alone, devil.
I'll join you.
And a lot of folks are going to do that.
And of course, they're going to get destroyed even faster.
Because once they say, I'll do whatever the system says,
Just let me go to the football game.
Just let me get into college.
Let me just go to the grocery store.
Then all the protection's gone when you reject God and say, I accept the world.
I accept the system.
I'm going to do what it says.
I'm going to be politically correct, whatever the latest thing is.
And then you have no bottom.
All right, I said I'd take calls.
We have each caller about two minutes.
I really appreciate you all calling in.
Mike and Cobe and Mike and Donnie and Shelly and Emmett and Paul and Scotty and Johnny and Jeff and Antonio.
Mike in Georgia, thanks for holding your on the air.
Go ahead.
God bless them for wars and Alex Jones, the whole crew.
Hope Owen's doing good.
Dave, I've been listening to you for a long time.
A couple weeks ago, after Owen got put inside, a caller called you up and
Was kind of giving you a ration about him not getting paid and.
You know, at first when Owen said he was and I I kind of felt the same way as that caller.
But when you got done, it made sense to me.
OK, this is way beyond your control.
And man, you put yourself through.
I've been listening to you for a long time, way back in the coast to coast days when you'd call in.
And I'm retired Marine, so.
And I participated in a lot of these.
Activities overseas, spent a lot of time in the Middle East.
And just kind of searching.
And you helped out a lot, man.
You did.
And I think you've done enough.
You know, looking at everything, I think we're, like you say, it's written.
All you got to do is look it up.
It's written.
All you got to do is take the time.
Open your Bible.
Turn back to God.
It's in there.
Even what's going on in Israel.
How much control we have over that.
I think it's a done deal.
Now we just got to let this play out.
I think I'm not giving up.
I mean, you got to take care of yourself and your family.
You got to stand up to these people.
But you have to give it to God and not let it break you.
That's right.
That's right.
Because the time is coming where you're going to be challenged.
You're going to be challenged based on your faith.
Well, what are you going to do when they're threatening your family if you don't?
I've seen what they do to these people who don't denounce their faith.
I've seen what they do to their families.
And that's what's going to happen.
You're all going to be challenged.
Alex prepared us as much as he can.
Poor guy.
Yeah, I mean, I talk about you in the third person here.
I don't know why, but I just feel like you've just been tormented.
Well, Mike, God bless you and I love you and I appreciate you.
Let me say something quickly about Owen.
When they had the kangaroo court, the judge already found me guilty in Connecticut.
They got a billion and a half dollar judgment and the plaintiff's attorneys asked for 2.67 trillion.
But I didn't have, you know, by then a million dollars in the bank.
The judge in Connecticut ordered, even though you can't do this in the law, to seize InfoWars and close it.
And I had to go to federal court and file bankruptcy.
Then we were under federal control.
It then appoints a CRO
That runs the finances is here about a day and a half a week.
I'm not saying he's a villain.
And then Owen's going to jail and they go, well, you're not going to get paid while you're in jail.
And then it's, it's something that I've done.
I have been paying since bankruptcy started a year and a half ago to be on air.
I've spent all my money.
I spent all the savings, all the emergency backup.
I pay to be on air.
They make me pay four or five million dollars in legal fees a year.
I make a million and a half dollars a year.
It's all published.
It's all in the federal court.
That's negative.
Now I'm completely out of money.
Two million dollars in the hole.
And I mean, very good chance we just shut down very soon.
And then you want to worry about Alex or Owen or Harrison or anybody.
So I asked the callers not to bring this up because that's not what this show is.
The show is about topics and information.
People are going to be able to believe whatever they want.
Talk about whatever they want.
We're here on hundreds of radio stations talking about news.
People can't tune in all day long and hear about our personal issues.
If people want to support us, infowarrestore.com.
If you don't, we'll shut down very soon.
It's very simple.
Now, I've asked people politely, one more, and you're in charge, I'm leaving for a week.
One more call does it, I'm leaving.
Because it's a pointless thing to describe this.
It's a pointless thing to go into it.
I almost didn't come in today.
And I'm not quitting.
I just need to leave.
In fact, I may just leave right now.
Because I've got to decide when it is shut down.
They just want to shut it down and then make it look like, you know, that they didn't shut it down.
Because they know it made Tucker Carlson bigger when they shut him down.
In all intents and purposes, InfoWars is shut down.
They know the finances, they set it up that way.
That's the way it is, okay?
Now, the show is not about me.
I spent five minutes last hour telling people the situation.
I cannot repeat it over and over again.
I could not take calls if you'd like.
If that's what you'd like.
One more time.
I'm not going to discuss this again on this show today.
People, I understand you're not lawyers.
You don't know the bankruptcy code.
I understand all that.
That's great.
No more.
In fact, maybe I should shut it down right now because that'll make everybody happier.
Kind of got that from the caller.
And all the experts know how to run things better.
They can do it.
I'm going to try a little more here.
I'm going to try.
Let's go ahead and talk to Cobe in Florida.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Yes, go ahead.
Hi, how are you, Alex?
I'm wonderful.
All right, man.
Well, God bless you, and please, please, please do not shut down, okay?
We cannot afford you shutting down.
No, we're being shut down.
Right, right.
Okay, I'm supposed to pay the bills.
I don't have the money.
So they can then say it's my fault when it shuts down because they think the public's that stupid.
So it's already happening, and I said,
Alright, I gotta go to rebroadcast.
I appreciate your call.
Get rebroadcast ready.
That's it.
I'm outta here.
I warned everybody.
With war escalating in the Holy Land region since October 7th, many biblical questions have arisen for Christians to consider, including the question of a third temple, which according to some Israeli scholars and religious leaders, is something that will come into fruition sooner than later.
On Mount Moriah, Abraham built an altar to sacrifice his son Isaac, but God provided a substitute, a ram, to be offered instead.
Over 700 years later, King David purchased a wheat threshing floor in that exact same location on Mount Moriah for a temple to be built, what we now call the Temple Mount.
The first temple was built by David's son, King Solomon, and destroyed by troops commanded by the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar about 400 years later.
The second temple was built in the same spot after the Judeans returned from captivity,
Almost a century later, and shortly before Christ's birth, in 37 BC, King Herod enlarged and rebuilt the temple closer to its former glory.
During the Roman occupation in 70 AD, the second temple was destroyed by Titus' army, fulfilling Jesus' prophecy from the book of Matthew, quote, There shall not be left here one stone upon another that shall not be thrown down.
Interestingly, according to Roman Jewish historian Josephus, Titus' Roman soldiers overturned every stone, seeking the gold which once adorned the temple, but had now melted in the fire of its destruction and ran down in between the building blocks as molten gold.
Since then, Muslim mosques have been built on the Temple Mount, but never another Jewish temple.
Today, 75 years after Neo-Israel was founded atop of Palestine, preparations are well underway to begin construction and ultimately a ritual sacrifice somewhere on the Temple Mount.
Either on top of a destroyed mosque, or just beside a mosque.
If the two religious groups can learn to share the sacred site, the instruments of the sanctuary, priests, and sacrificial red heifers are being prepared.
But what does all of this temple talk mean to Jesus Christ, the Lion and Lamb of Judea?
Many good-hearted Christians believe a third temple must be built before Christ's return and the emergence of an Antichrist mentioned in Revelation.
However, a close study of scripture would reveal that the sacrificial system has ended.
The veil in the second temple was torn in two from top to bottom when Christ was crucified.
And the need for a literal temple isn't necessary after the Messiah's work on earth was completed.
Faith and belief in Jesus fulfills the atonement of sin for believers by His blood, no longer by the blood of lambs or other sacrificial animals brought to the temple.
There is in fact a third temple.
But it's a spiritual one, not a physical building, made of individuals who recognize Jesus as the Savior to all mankind.
As 1 Peter 2.5 explains, you also, as living stones, are being built upon a spiritual house.
A holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone in whom the whole building being fitted together grows into a holy temple in the Lord.
In whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.
Ephesians 2 19-22
2 Corinthians 6.16 also emphasizes how we as individuals can be temples of God.
For ye are the temple of the living God.
As God hath said, I will dwell in them.
We're going to do a deep dive, not in my words, but in RFK Jr.'
's words.
On what he really stands for and who he really is.
This is treason and we need to start treating them now as traitors.
Do I think the Koch brothers should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment?
That's a criminal offense.
I've got major, major, major...
Concerns about RFK Jr.
We should be proud in our state that we've gotten somebody of the quality and the timbre and the character of Hillary Clinton.
Oh, I'm solidly for Hillary.
I think Hillary is going to be a very, very good president.
Maybe he's just a chameleon, but I'm sick of chameleons.
I think vaccines should be subject to the same level of rigorous testing.
There's other medications.
We now have an open border here.
There are people being drawn here.
They're being abused.
And your treatment are two things that are bound to kill you.
Ventilators and Remdesivir.
Anecdotally, it appears...
And almost every one of these shooters were on SRIs or some other psychiatric drug.
And Tony Fauci knew that Remdesivir would kill you.
He says that to conservative audiences, but then doesn't say that when he's on big national shows.
It can go into your car.
And borrow the stored electricity in your car.
So we need to build a smart grid.
We always hear America's racist and evil, but then everybody from the rest of the world wants to move here.
There's a larger globalist plan to discredit America because the idea of America is antithetical to the new world order of the globalists.
So I started wanting to play on air some of the mass murders and massacres and what goes on in countries outside America.
There's just thousands of clubs and the crime statistics are insane.
This is one of the thousands of unregulated, unmonitored mines in the DRC.
It's crawling with children working like modern-day slaves.
I'm not out to get the Jews.
I'm out to get my neighbor.
But if my neighbor wanted money out of my wallet every month, I'd probably start disliking him.
I'm tired of one-way streets.
Yeah, you're gonna bless me with a million refugees from Gaza?
You can take your Ilhan Omar's Benjamin Netanyahu and
Shove them up your ass.
I have rights.
I exist.
I'm just as valuable as a Muslim or a Jew.
The Muslims, on average, are saying they are allowed to rape and murder Jews, and that they're not humans, and keep their women as sex slaves.
And that Israel wants to ship these people here!
So the Ayatollah Khomeini can also crawl up Netanyahu's ass, and we'll have it for Duncan.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is Friday, November 10th, 2023, when we're posting this exclusively to the badasses that support the Mug Club.
And what an incredible coup this week we've seen from the investigative unit.
Steven Crowder and Gerald and the rest of the crew have
Under-promised, over-delivered, with the major devastating evidence of them suppressing the manifesto of the trans, anti-white, SJW, Black Lives Matter, crazy person.
And that whole story is insane how they put seven cops on administrative leave even though they weren't the source.
First, he tried to say it was a fake story that I put out, even though I was very clear that it was Steven Crowder, who's very, very thorough and one of the most accurate people out there.
Huge deal.
And that's what your memberships at JonesCrowder.com do.
You can go sign up at Ladder with Crowder and fund the right operation.
When you sign up for the very same deal, a month free.
At jonescrowder.com, even though most of your subscribers watching this obviously leaks out there, then a lot of the funds come to InfoWars so that I can stay on air and run our operations.
So I want to thank all the Mug Club members, whether they sign up at jonescrowder.com or ladderwithcrowder.com, but use promo code Alex and get a month free.
And they've always got other deals going as well.
So use the promo code and get whatever new deal and new special they've got.
Okay, here's what I want to do.
This will probably take two hours to go into all this, but I've done it again.
We spent like five hours in the last three, four days preparing all this.
And then now the crew is like, okay, Jones, keep this down to two hours.
People cannot sit there all day and watch this, but you really need to stay with us.
And you need to analyze this and share this with others because you've kind of got a mea culpa that's about to happen from yours truly.
Alex Jones is not always right.
Alex Jones is right about most things, but sometimes I get emotional, sometimes I get deceived, sometimes I'm wrong.
And I'm not saying here that I'm completely wrong, but a lot of listeners have educated me, and some of the folks over at Mug Club have educated me, and some of the people that are top advisors to Trump have educated me, and so this needs to be done first.
So here's what we're going to do.
We're going to do a deep dive, not in my words, but in RFK Jr.'
's words on what he really stands for and who he really is.
Now he's going to run third party and most of the polls and research show it'll pull more from Trump than from Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or Big Mike or Gavin Newsom or whoever they put in.
And so I'm going to talk some about why I've been liking RFK Jr.
and then why now doing the deep dives that
There's a major problem here and there's one of three things that have happened.
So I'm going to give you my analysis and then we're going to go clip by clip by clip by clip.
And I warn you, this is like 45 minutes of clips, so I better shut up and just get to it right now.
We always hear America's racist and evil, but then everybody from the rest of the world wants to move here.
There's a larger globalist plan to discredit America because the idea of America is antithetical to the new world order of the globalists.
So I started wanting to play on air some of the mass murders and massacres and what goes on in countries outside America, and there's just thousands of clips, and the crime statistics are insane.
And I thought, well, let's just give them a snapshot.
But that itself
It's still a giant list of videos and information as well.
So I'm almost tempted to just do the RFK today and next week do the Africa situation, the Africa hellscape.
But you know what?
We're going to do it all on this Friday edition.
And if you've got to watch this in two parts, that's fine.
But this is the deep dive.
So let's just start here.
I'm quite the JFK assassination researcher.
And of course got the big interview with the assassin on his deathbed via his son, who ran the murder of JFK in 1963 in Dealey Plaza.
So let's just say this.
I've been massively immersed in things, and I think that JFK overall was pro-America, but, you know, had his own issues.
And then the Deep State killed him.
So then we see the mysterious death of JFK Jr.
And then we see the murder of JFK, and we see the murder of RFK, and then we see Junior, RFK, who's good on vaccines and good on glyphosate and good on a lot of issues, cleaning up toxic waste dumps, you name it.
And then though, there's actually all the speeches and interviews he's given, where he says farmers are the worst thing ever, shut them down, they're bad for the earth.
And he says take all the guns, and he says put people in jail that don't agree with the global warming carbon taxes.
And he's got excuses for a lot of this.
And I want to believe that when they killed his dad in front of him, and when they killed his uncle on national TV in front of him, and the fact that he was going hard against the Democrats the last year and their whole deep state, that he would want to bring down the people that murdered his father.
But at the same time, are they blackmailing him?
Is he compromised?
I don't know.
Because when you watch one or two of these clips by themselves, you think, well, maybe he's woken up.
Maybe he's a good guy now.
But when you watch them all together, in the interest of time, we'll just play a small part of them, which is a ton.
He has to come out and repudiate all of this and say he was wrong.
Or it means he's a Trojan horse against American populism.
Which again, I think is hard to believe when they murdered his father, the Democratic Party, the CIA, right in front of him.
But I would be a shill if I did not do a deep dive on this and say that he's an unknown country.
Trump is bad on the shots.
He's backed off some.
I've had major problems with him.
But we see the power structure completely coming after Trump.
But almost all the scientific polls and big experts that work with Trump have explained to me that their own internal research shows the only way Trump loses with this landslide that is unfolding right now for Trump is populism and his Make America Great Again operation is if RFK runs third party.
Well, now he's done that.
He's hired this former CIA operative.
He's gotten rid of Dennis Kucinich, who's a big liberal, and I've got major problems with his policies, but Dennis Kucinich really is a man of integrity.
He's a good guy who actually believes, I've interviewed Kucinich many times, followed him, disagree with half of what he says and does, but he's definitely an outsider, he's definitely anti-war, and the fact that he got kicked off the campaign
And that the CIA person got brought in.
Again, I've got major, major, major concerns about RFK Jr.
and what's really going on with him.
And so now, let's go ahead and do an overhead shot right here before I start going over these clips.
Let's just look at some of these headlines.
scrubs tweet claiming NRA is as responsible for the Parkland shooting as if they pulled the trigger.
comes out in favor of reparations.
This is recently.
Carving out lane to Biden's left.
I saw that as a good thing.
Like, well, he's not trying to take Trump votes.
He's trying to take leftist votes.
I don't know.
And maybe he's good.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
backtracks on support for federal abortion ban.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
shares views on abortion.
Says he's pro-choice.
RFK once said farmers were worse than Bin Laden just months after 9-11.
And we have all the clips of this.
And it goes on and on and on.
And then we've got clips of him endorsing the smart grid, AI control grid, many years ago.
Literally promoting the W.E.F.
Agenda now he has come out and said they want open borders for a permanent underclass that they can use for election fraud That's true.
He's come out and said I'm not worried about gun owners now I'm worried about people on SSRIs that commit most of the crimes You know he's come out and said that the carbon taxes are a giant globalist power grab by Blackrock But he says that the conservative audiences, but then doesn't say that when he's on big national shows.
Maybe he is a
What's the name of that lizard that can change its color anywhere?
It is a chameleon.
Maybe he's just a chameleon, but I'm sick of chameleons.
If anything, Alex Jones is the opposite of a chameleon.
Donald Trump is the opposite of chameleons.
We're not looking for people in camouflage because we don't know what you are.
We're looking for people to be incredibly clear.
I am going to say, and I know RFK Jr.
watches the show, his crew does, and a lot of his people that work for him are big listeners of mine.
You know, Dell Bigtree, Total Integrity.
I know I asked Mickey Willis, you know, why aren't you going to work for Kennedy?
I know he's asked you to, and he said, I just, he's a Democrat, it's a cult I've left, I just don't, I don't trust him.
I like the guy, I think he's good, but there's just something holding me back.
So, you know, Mickey Willis is really a dialed-in smart guy, and I'm not trying to, like, drag him into this.
So, I have Mickey Willis saying, hey, what are you doing promoting RFK Jr.?
Well, I like him telling the truth about a bunch of issues and really leading the left out of bondage.
But he's now turned back into the left, and I thought, well, that's just him, again, trying to pull votes from the left, not pull votes from Trump.
But the numbers do not show that.
So let's go ahead and just start with these clips.
Here's the first clip that I want to get to.
This is RFK calls Stossel, Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh flat earthers for not believing in global warming.
Calls them flat earthers.
We've had other clips where he says arrest client deniers.
So let's do this.
Let me get a pen here real quick.
Let's play just back to back.
Let's play clip one.
And let's play clip four, back-to-back, right now.
Here it is.
But I will tell you this.
It is more important than buying compact fluorescent light bulbs or than buying a fuel-efficient automobile.
The most important thing you can do is to get involved in the political process and get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, D.C.
Who are nothing more than corporate toadies for companies like Exxon and Southern Company.
These villainous companies that consistently put their private financial interests ahead of American interests and ahead of the interests of all of humanity.
This is treason and we need to start treating them now as traitors.
And they have their slick public relations firms and their phony think tanks in Washington, D.C.
and their crooked scientists who are lying to the American people day after day after day.
And we have a press that has completely let down American democracy.
That's giving us Anna Nicole Smith and Paris Hilton instead of the issues that we need to understand to make rational decisions in a democracy.
Like global warming.
And so I gotta tell you this, that the next time you see John Stossel, or Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity, these flat earthers, these corporate toadies, lying to you, lying to the American public, and telling you that global warming doesn't exist, you send an email to their advertisers and tell them you're not gonna buy their products anymore.
I think they should be in jail.
I think they should be enjoying three hots and a cot at the Hague with all the other war criminals who are there.
What about politicians, people who deny, who distress skepticism?
I think they're selling out the public trust.
And you know, I think those guys who are doing the Koch brothers bidding and who are against all the evidence of the rational mind,
...are saying that global warming doesn't exist, that they are contemptible human beings, and that, you know, I wish that there were a law you could punish them under.
I don't think there's a law that you can punish those politicians under, but do I think the Koch brothers should be prosecuted for reckless endangerment?
That's a criminal offense, and they ought to be serving time for it.
Now let's just look at a short smattering, this is just a small section, a small sampling, of RFK Jr.
supporting Hillary Clinton for president.
Here it is.
New Yorkers come from everywhere.
The best people from all over the country in every walk of life gravitate towards New York.
We've produced the leaders that have articulated a vision for America of a community of all kinds of different people who go together because we share a value.
It is against everything we stand for as a state to say that you can't participate in public life in this state because you weren't born here.
We should be proud in our state that we've gotten somebody of the quality and the timbre and the character of Hillary Clinton.
It's hard to say what's happening now in our country, I think.
You know, it's all... There's a... We all, or many people, have this kind of atavistic urge for a leader who is kind of a man on horseback, who's decisive, who's violent, and who can point fingers at people.
And that always has an attraction to a certain segment of the population.
But it's scary now.
Are you solidly for Hillary, or are you more anti-Trump?
Oh, I'm solidly for Hillary.
I think Hillary is going to be a very, very good president.
So he endorsed her in 2000, he endorsed her in 2016.
Now let's go to clip six.
This is RFK tweet on AOC Green New Deal.
Wants a market-based approach to Green New Deal.
Wants carbon taxes and an end to subsidies.
That's the WEF script.
So he was clearly reading from the script before.
He needs to explain why he was reading from the script and explain whether he has bowed down to Emperor Palpatine aka Klaus Schwab.
Here it is.
What about AOC's new Green Deal?
What do you think about that?
Green New Deal, excuse me.
I think the Green New Deal is, all that stuff is important, it's good, we ought to be pursuing it.
My approach is more market-based.
Then kind of top-down dictates, you know, I believe that we should use market mechanisms like carbon taxes and, you know, and the elimination of subsidies.
I think that those are the things that would transition our economy.
Now, out of all these creepy clips, this is probably the creepiest.
This is RFK Jr.
build a national grid, new national smart grid, spy on people, and basically steal their power.
And the whole new world order is about cutting off your power, surveilling it, restricting your water, restricting fertilizers.
I mean, this will kill billions of people.
And here he is, this is many years ago.
Promoting something they're just now launching.
So I was not aware he was doing this.
Here's the clip.
How is a broke federal government going to invest this much money to build a national grid?
Well, you know, the grid itself is not going to cost that much.
The grid itself will probably cost about $250 billion to build a smart grid that reaches
Most of America and that you know that can do the things that we need to do like I can send signals through the line allow the utilities to send a signal through the line to turn off the hot water boilers in a million homes for 15 minutes in order to avoid
We're good to go.
What do you think 5G is?
The driverless cars?
Replacing humanity?
The AI?
Making us obsolete?
So maybe he's got Stockholm Syndrome after the government killed his father and his uncle.
Now here's another clip.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
asked point-blank if he'd serve in GOP administration.
This is his response.
And again, he steals more votes from Trump than Biden, says MSM.
Truthfulness is over.
Would he serve in GOP administration?
Here he is in his own words.
Just ask, you know, one of my colleagues drew an analogy actually with Senator Eugene McCarthy.
This is the stalking horse argument.
And some of the, you know, whether you think about this, basically creating an opening, LBJ dropped out and your father became the frontrunner.
When you think about the various scenarios of how your
Your role in this election could play out.
Do you think about some of those scenarios or even whether you may create an opening for Donald Trump to win?
Well, I don't think that that's a plausible argument because I get much, many more votes from President Trump and independent votes than President Biden does.
You know, look at any of the polls.
That put me against Donald Trump, and I beat him handily, whereas President Biden either ties or loses.
I think President Biden, you know, 75% of the people in the country do not want him to run for president, and he will get no votes from the Republican side, whereas I get votes from everybody, from independents, Republicans, and Democrats, and I'm taking more
Traditionally conservative voters who will never vote for Trump.
I mean, we will never vote for President Biden, but might otherwise vote for Donald Trump.
I've seen you talk about the coverage that you've received being unfair.
I am curious about, do you feel the coverage about Donald Trump has been fair or the other GOP candidates since you're looking at the big picture here?
I don't.
I think, you know, in the days,
When the mainstream media was actually reporting news are over, you know, news stories are now virtually all of them are opinion pieces.
And, you know, both sides, all the media, whether it's Fox News takes sides against the Democrats and the mainstream media, MSNBC, CNN, and the New York Times,
Take the side of the DNC, and they report it as if it were news.
There used to be a major distinction between the news pages and the opinion pages of these organs.
And what was news and what was opinion on the television networks, now there is no distinction.
Everything is opinion-based.
Everything is point-of-view based.
And Americans really, you know, one of the reasons we have this huge division in our country is nobody trusts the mainstream media anymore.
And there's good reason because, you know, you're not getting any kind of neutral reporting of actual facts.
So I see it twisted on both sides.
You know, I think you touch a nerve that is very similar to the one that the former president also touches.
And I'm curious, I'm not trying to
Thank you for having me.
Finally, after close to a year, in early November, where I'm cutting this ad, we finally got one of our flagship products back in stock, Ultra 12, the highest quality vitamin B12 organic.
You take it out of the tongue, so you get better absorption of the body through your blood vessels, and what it does
Thank you.
It's available from a top lab that we private label it through at InfoWarsStore.com.
Ultra 12, Vitamin B12, taken sublingually, now back in stock at InfoWarsStore.com.
Or you can call toll free and order it as well, 888-253-3139.
And Ultra 12 funds the InfoWars as well.
I'm sick of this stuff.
We have to talk about it because the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money.
Simply not true.
According to the latest monthly poll conducted by the Global Strategy Group and North Star Opinion Research, some 61% of respondents said they disapproved of Biden's handling of the economy, while only 36% approved.
80% of fiat money printed in U.S.
history was printed under the O'Biden administration.
80% of the currency issued since our founding happened in the last three years.
That's a path towards Zimbabwe or Weimar Republic.
That is where the O'Biden treason works its magic, shilling for the new world order.
The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.
According to Biden's executive order on ensuring responsible development
Of course!
Meanwhile, the flurry of activity towards global digital neo-feudalism has been working overtime.
On November 8th of this year, the United Nations, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and partners of the Rockefeller Foundation launched a campaign to put the world on the path to digital ID, digital payments, and data sharing rollouts in 50 countries under a digital public infrastructure by 2028.
DPI starts with the following foundational components.
Verifiable digital identification that proves who you are, protects your rights, and opens the door to economic opportunities.
Real-time payments that allow people, government, and businesses to instantaneously send and receive payments.
And trusted data exchange that allows for information and data to flow securely and seamlessly.
Together, these foundational components form an interconnected digital network that can spur countries to build resilient economies and drive impact across all sectors for everyone.
The United Nations Development Programme plans to implement digital IDs by the year 2030 globally.
According to Reclaim the Net, the IDs will be mandatory for those that want to participate in society.
But what does central bank digital currency look like?
You see, so they never talk about that because people won't actually like the looks of it.
And the final stage is, you know, it's...
It's small, and it's the size of a grain of rice.
All around the world, central bank digital currencies are either in pilot scheme, or executive order stage in the States, or they're floating under the radar.
Every person that I come in contact with in the public, I ask them, do you know what a CBDC is, or a central bank digital currency, and nobody knows.
Such a system would give the state full access to the details of all transactions, as well as the ability to cut off an individual's money supply with the flick of a digital switch.
A key difference with the CVDC is that central bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that
If you're not allowed to go more than 5 kilometers from your home, your car or your money won't work more than 5 kilometers from your home.
And that, those rules can be dictated and controlled at a phenomenally central level.
In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important and more relevant than ever.
This is their god-awful horrible plan, based on climate pseudoscience and unrelenting detached elitist hubris.
Thanks for watching.
With most people, I can come on here, and if people like this, they go, I'll go find Alex Jones' show.
I've been de-listed from everywhere.
Let me out of prison to walk in the yard for a little while, and I can desperately try to, you know, get messages out by smoke signals.
Liberty is rising!
I mean, there's these wars, and there's the casual society, and the open borders, and all the race baiting.
We're being divided and conquered.
That's why I hope you'll go look into this and I hope you'll find out about it because it is incredible.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Here we are on this Friday.
Global Transmission.
October 27th, 2023.
Hard to believe the year is just a few months left and it's just crazy.
And here we are at Mug Club.
I want to thank you all for tuning in.
I want to thank you all for your support of this show and the other shows we're developing here for Mug Club and, of course, Steven Crowder and all the other great shows they do here.
This is truly a bastion of free speech and an island of truth in the rising tides of tyranny, an oasis in the desert of surveillance and censorship.
So, very honored to be here with you today.
So much I want to cover, so much I want to go over.
We're taping this live to air, which means we're not technically live, but we're just boom, seat of our pants.
So I've got to be careful or we'll be here in two or three hours.
I know you love the show and we love you, but I'm going to try to keep this down to only a couple hours because just the clips I've got
He is over an hour of video, a lot of this exclusive, a lot of this news, but also something you notice I've been doing is archives, because a lot of these videos were taken off YouTube, taken off Twitter, taken off Instagram, taken off Facebook, and they had tens of millions of views, but no one's seen them since then.
And then, you know, some of these videos are absolutely new, and our new report's gonna be getting to.
So here's what's coming up today.
First thing I want to hit, the story that broke on Infowars.com via the great folks at Rebel News and Ezra Levant up in Canada.
I'd made the joke on air many times that, okay, if you're going to let men compete in women's sports, the next thing is going to be saying that adults can compete against children in their sports.
That was the logical extension.
We see it in prisons in the Western world, from Germany, the UK, to Canada, the US, where they'll say, two women had a baby on the cell block.
No, it's a biological man saying he's a woman that raped a woman.
In many cases, it's rape.
In some cases, it's not.
So now we've got video, and the full video is up on Rebel News.
I'm just going to air a few minutes of it.
But this is trans insanity.
50-year-old biological male allowed to compete against 13-year-olds in girls
Swim meets.
So, and this is also the pedophilia angle.
I'm not saying this person's a pedophile.
What I'm saying is, you have this movement to have adults identify as children as well.
And you have the whole NAMBLA movement saying children can choose, you know, to have sex with adults.
They can be emancipated at age five.
But they can't join the military, they can't buy a pack of cigarettes, they can't buy a fifth of tequila.
So, this is really crazy, but they mean it to be crazy.
It's designed to be crazy.
To accept eating bugs and world government and open borders, you've got to get people to accept going against their own common sense.
A swim competition held in Canada is being fiercely criticized.
It was revealed they're going to allow
Girls as young as 13 to be competed against against a biological male.
So that's the next step of insanity in the Overton window.
Let's go to that clip right now.
So that means I could I could come to an event like this.
I could say I identify as a 13 year old girl and I swim with the 13 year old girls.
We based on Swimming Canada registration.
So if the swimmer registered in Swimming Canada registration as a female, she will be eligible to come down to actually swim in this heat.
David Menzies for Rebel News here in Markham, Ontario.
And I'm at the Markham Pan Am Centre.
This is host to a swimming competition.
And here's the deal, folks.
We were tipped off by some concerned parents that a travesty was occurring in the swimming pool.
And to quote the old Sesame Street song,
One of these things is not like the other.
One of these things does not belong.
Which is to say that all of the swimming races here at the Richmond Hill Aquatic Center's Fall Classic, they are segregated by sex and age, except for one.
On Friday, a race took place in which there were 10 participants.
Nine of the participants were teenage girls.
They were either 13 or 14.
And one participant, if you can imagine, was a male.
Age 50, that's right, a 50 year old male competing against teenage girls.
Now the name of this person is Nicholas Cepeda.
He goes by his alias these days and that would be Melody Wiseheart and the very idea
That a 50 year old male is competing against teenage girls.
It goes beyond parody.
That's why my cameraman Efren and I have come to the Pan Am Center.
We want to find out why this travesty is being allowed.
What is the Richmond Hill Aquatic Center
The full report is up on Rebel News and obviously on InfoWars.
We knew this was coming, we knew this was going to happen, and this is the next logical extension of the illogic and the insanity.
So if you're a 50-year-old man who identifies as a woman and identifies as a teenage girl, you heard one of the event organizers' officials say, we just go off of how you register.
So let's say I want to be in a bicycle race and they just say it's however you register and I show up in a super high-powered Japanese motorcycle that goes 300 miles an hour and I say well I identify as a cyclist or it's even worse you identify as a
Runner in a marathon, and you show up in a Lamborghini Countach, or a Ferrari, or a Dodge Hellcat, or a Porsche 911.
Now obviously that's ridiculous, and that's the whole point of this.
More and more ridiculous.
They let adult men go into girls' showers at public schools all over the Western world now, and private schools, and shower with them.
Remember what Cuomo said years ago, Chris Cuomo on
He said, if your daughter has a problem in middle school seeing a man's penis, she's got bigoted parents, you should get over it.
Sorry, he said seeing a woman's penis.
And remember, he also said once, you can't read WikiLeaks.
If you read WikiLeaks, you go to jail.
Only we are allowed to read WikiLeaks.
These are real statements.
Saying you're second-class people, you're slaves.
You've got to put up with all this garbage.
So there's our top story for you on this Friday edition of the Mug Club.
Now let's go ahead and shift gears into the incredible racism being pushed.
Another clip, a service of Leticia James.
When she was running for Attorney General on promising to put Trump in jail in New York.
We've had her try to get me indicted as well.
So I guess I'm criticizing him here at my own risk.
You know, I can get my co-host Owen Schroer on with us later to give his take on this.
Oh, sorry, he's in federal prison, the judge said in the sentencing order because he kept saying the election was stolen and wasn't sorry.
So what I'm saying here is this is how close we are
To the tyranny taking everything over.
They're trying to get me, and Owen Schroeder, and Steven Crowder, and you, because they want to get everybody else.
And when I say you, they see the populist supporters of these broadcasts as their main enemy.
Because they can try to pick off the leaders, but they really don't like you.
Now you can decide to roll over and hope they go easy on you, but I know deep down you understand, rolling over to bullies and terrorists is what gets us completely destroyed.
So, I want to go to Leticia James.
Too male, too pale, too stale.
So you have white skin, you shouldn't be an elected officer, she is.
We are all in this together now!
And so we've got to stand up to the federal government.
We've got to stand up to bullies.
We've got to stand up to an administration which is too male, too pale, and too stale.
Too male, too pale, and too stale!
Too male, too pale, and too stale!
And we will not go away silently!
We will not be silent in the face of this oppression!
That's why you want to bring all the Islamists in and everybody else so they can bitch and complain because things are so oppressive here.
That woman is literally funded by the Nazi collaborator George Soros that told 60 Minutes and NPR.
In fact, dig up one of our Soros compilations.
We're taping this.
I want to play that here in a moment.
We can add it in.
Just have one.
Go to the short one, like a five-minute one.
Because there's so much Nazi worship, it's, it's, we got like 20-minute clips, but happy-making, exhilarating, best time of his life, doesn't apologize for helping round up fellow Jews.
Here's a too-male, too-pale, too-stale Nazi collaborator.
He's not bad because he's got white skin.
He's bad because he's a Nazi collaborator and didn't repent of that, continued on with all his evil.
And now the Jewish community is asking why they're being attacked and why they're getting hunted down and why they're going to, the left's going to grocery stores just to scream at Jewish people that are close to grocery stores or, you know, going to synagogues to scream at them when they come out.
And of course, most of the Jews are liberal and they actually, just like the left, want the borders open and submit this.
Like, why are you attacking me?
Because you're too white!
And you have the ADL out there teaching that all white people are inherently bad.
The left's not differentiating.
This is race-based politics.
The world's like 7% white, and the Black Rocks of the world decided, hey, we can just get all these groups wound up against white people, and we can take over what's left of the West, and then all those poor countries can't aspire to the West, they're trying to get into.
The globalists are sinking the West, so there's nowhere to run, folks.
That's what's happening.
It was actually probably the happiest year of my life, that year of German occupation.
For me it was a very positive experience.
It's a strange thing, you know, because you see incredible suffering around you and in fact you are in considerable danger.
But you're 14 years old and you don't believe that it can actually touch you.
You have a belief in yourself, your belief in your father.
It's a very happy-making, exhilarating experience.
While hundreds of thousands of Hungarian Jews were being shipped off to the death camps, George Soros accompanied his phony godfather on his appointed rounds, confiscating property from the Jews.
These are pictures from 1944 of what happened to George Soros' friends and neighbors.
You're a Hungarian Jew who escaped the Holocaust by posing as a Christian.
You watched lots of people get shipped off to the death camps.
I was 14 years old.
And I would say that that's when my character was made.
In what way?
That one should think ahead, one should understand and anticipate events.
And one is threatened.
It was a tremendous threat of evil.
I mean, it was a very personal experience of evil.
My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours, who swore that you were his adopted godson.
Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
That's right.
That sounds like an experience that would send lots of people to the psychiatric couch for many, many years.
Was it difficult?
Not at all.
Not at all.
Maybe as a child you don't see the connection, but it created no problem at all.
No feeling of guilt?
For example, that I'm Jewish and here I am watching these people go, I could just as easily be there, I should be there, none of that?
Well, of course I could be on the other side, or I could be the one from whom the thing is being taken away.
But there was no sense that I shouldn't be there, because that was...
Well, actually, funny way, it's just like in markets, that if I weren't there, of course I wasn't doing it, but somebody else would be taking it away anyhow.
Whether I was there or not, I was only a spectator, the property was being taken away.
So I had no role in taking away that property.
So I had no sense of guilt.
Are you religious?
Do you believe in God?
It's 20 to 1 black-all-white crime right now.
That's the FBI's own numbers.
They try to suppress them.
And the average black person isn't bad out doing this, but the media is promoting it, that white people are inherently bad.
So why don't, you know, some people of color just run over a retired police chief in Vegas and kill him and then celebrate it later?
And so, well, he's white, he deserves to die.
Because he deserves to die because he's white.
And so this is the incredibly weaponized race-based garbage that's going on.
Let's play this short compilation, because this is just a few clips lately.
I mean, we could have 10-hour long compilations just of what's caught on tape.
But imagine one of these clips of white people surrounding, kicking, beating, stabbing, running over, killing.
It would be burning cities, because the media would say all white people are guilty.
Because they ganged up and killed this black person, or hurt this black person.
Just like they did with George Floyd.
Even though it turns out he died of fentanyl and the rest of it, and they didn't even have bruises on his neck.
But the prosecutors have now come out in court, new, and said, we want to advance our careers, let's put Officer Chauvin in prison for decades.
So let's go ahead and play this compilation.
Get that white devil!
Get him!
Get that devil.
Imagine if two white men chased down two black women and beat them up for no reason.
It's okay.
These are white devils.
You heard Leticia James.
This was just this week.
This was just this week.
By the way, you saw that Antifa leader.
He said he was an Antifa CEO.
In New York, he got stabbed to death by a black guy for no reason.
His girlfriend is now going to the prison and is now best buddies with a killer.
So you knew that was coming.
But the point is, there's this idea that white people are inherently evil and they've told black people this.
There's a lot of weak-minded people out there, so have you told white people in general?
I'm a pioneer!
I'm an explorer!
I'm a human, and I'm coming!
I'm animated!
I'm alive!
My heart's big!
It's got hot blood!
Going through it fast!
I like to fight, too!
I like to eat!
I like to have children!
I'm here!
I got a life force!
This is a human!
This is what we look like!
This is what we act like!
This is what everybody was like before us!
This is what I am!
I'm a throwback!
I'm here!
I've got the fire of human liberty!
I'm setting fires everywhere!
And humans are turning on everywhere!
Get behind me, Satan!
Down with the devil!
This can't be!
You're playing the wrong message!
Visit InfoWars.com forward slash show today.
Most white people would do it, but you'd see a major upsurge in some white people thinking, well, it's green-lit for this.
So it just goes on and on.
We can show you the shootings.
We can show you the stabbings.
We can show you, you know, that's a teacher getting beat up.
And this is the reality of too pale, too stale, too white male.
And we're just showing you the latest stuff.
And again, this needs to be decried.
This is wrong.
It was happening to anybody.
Can you imagine if I was showing you footage, clip after clip of
White people ganging up on defenseless black people.
I would be so shameful.
We've got cases of that in the 60s and 50s and 70s of the KKK.
And white people stood up against it and said it was wrong.
But now when this happens, it's mostly peaceful.
And the white devils deserve it.
He got the knockout game.
That white guy.
Probably poorer than those black people.
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that bitch up!
Beat that
And it goes on and on, folks, and we're only showing this because the corporate media tries to hide this.
And I'm trying to bring people together.
The last straw, you're going to start seeing this every day on my show, is my six-year-old daughter's homeschooled.
Keep it going.
The man then attacks Carson with a knife.
Now again, kids do mean stuff.
I had white kids do stuff like this to me when I was little.
But the point is, is imagine if we showed this with white people doing it.
It'd be riots.
And you know, white people occasionally do some of this.
This goes on.
But why is it not shown when this happens?
You want me to show you all the elders, all the old people in nursing homes getting beat up by black people?
Who think it's normal?
Who think it's acceptable just to randomly beat up white people.
Don't touch me.
Quit touching me.
And then when you defend yourself, like the police officer or the
The army sergeant who was in Austin with a white guy pointing a gun at him.
He shoots him at a Black Lives Matter event.
He goes to prison.
So that's what this is.
This is lawlessness being allowed to break down civilization and break down society.
And the idea is being pushed.
This is acceptable.
This is okay.
And it's not.
It's absolutely wrong.
That's dangerous.
You know, I was in, uh, Omaha about four or five months ago, and my wife's dad had a heart attack.
And, uh, we've been at the hospital about 10, and Omaha closes pretty early.
So we pulled over at a gas station, a busy area downtown with a hospital.
And I was walking into, my wife wanted a sandwich at some point, went to the hotel.
And there's a couple Hispanic guys, four or five black guys there at the door.
And one of them said, what are you doing around here, bitch?
And what I said was, hey man, great to see you.
I was like, hey, having some fun.
What's going on?
Have a great night?
And they were taken aback by me walking over and shaking the guy's hand.
I just turned around and walked over to the biggest guy that was coming towards me.
I was going to the store and I shook his hand and said, hey man, good to see you.
Great night.
They were just taken aback by that.
And I defused the situation.
But it was like, what size is this guy up?
It was like, what are you doing here, bitch?
What are you doing around here, bitch?
And I was like, hey man, good to see you.
How you doing?
I'm great.
Having a fun night?
That's good.
But I also looked at those guys and I was thinking about,
All right, I'm going to pick up this newspaper stand and smash it over this guy's head.
And again, I don't like being in that position, but white people are being hunted in this country.
And can you imagine what it's like for all the hardworking, good black people in this country to have a minority of black people that have been greenlit by the left and by George Soros, the Nazi collaborator, to have us all kill each other?
This is stupid.
I want black people to have a future and be successful, just as successful as I am.
I love everybody.
But man, I already had a round of this growing up in Dallas.
And it was nothing compared to this.
Because I got in fights with the rednecks who would be like, what are you doing around here, boy?
If you had a good looking girl with you, I had to fight those guys.
They all wanted to fight.
But the majority of the guys I was in fights with were black guys who were racist.
And I did not blame black people for that.
I mean, with my black friends, we'd get in fights a few times with older black guys.
I was like 14, and they'd be like, what are you doing around here?
Crackerhead and all this stuff.
So I've already been through this, folks, and I don't owe black people anything.
I don't owe white people anything.
I don't owe anybody anything.
But I'm telling you, this is out of control.
And we need black people particularly to say the Democrats don't represent me, and we don't put up with this, we're not going along with it.
All right, so I got something really special for you, because I can talk for 10 hours, and I love to.
But this video, a few weeks ago, I noticed John McAfee had gone viral, and I tried to go find this video, and I couldn't find it anywhere.
So we're gonna get to that coming up.
First, I wanna play Tucker Carlson, though.
And I was $100 billion going to Ukraine and Israel, but nothing to America, whether you're black or white, brown, whatever, collapsing.
And then I've got something really special.
Vivit Ramaswamy was here a week ago.
The interview dropped a few days ago.
It's got millions of views.
It's gone viral.
But I looked at it and I said to my crew, I said, make a documentary out of this.
Add documents, add video clips, add stuff to this, and really make something special for the Mug Club folks.
We've got Tugger Carlson really identifying the problem of the social contracts broken and that these are dark times.
That's a really important clip.
Then we've got John McAvee and Alex Jones shoot bare 50 cal rifles together.
God rest his soul.
And then we've got my interview with Vivek Ramaswamy.
That is just jam-packed with intel and more material.
And so, I hope you enjoy these clips, and I know Crowder's tooled this, and so is the CEO of Mug Club.
If you take clips out of this or share it, this is meant to be shared.
Obviously, the full show's for you, and share it, you know, with your family, watch it.
But take clips out of this and share this, because this stuff has been banned off the internet.
There's this John McAfee clip coming up, and then, uh...
This Vivek Ramaswamy thing, this is just for you.
This is really powerful.
I was watching it earlier today after they put it together.
They took two days to add all these clips.
And then we've got, obviously, what's going on with Tucker Carlson.
So let's play this Tucker clip first.
And then we'll come back with John McAvee from the vault.
I'm glad it's going to be stored here at the Mug Club for all of you.
So in case they shut the rest of the web down, at least you have it.
Everybody should download this stuff onto their devices or onto their
All right.
Like you flip a light switch.
I'm so glad to see him.
A few weeks ago on Mug Club, I think one of his best interviews.
So a great guy and did a great interview with me.
So we've augmented it like, you know, like I said, it's 2.0, the Alex Jones, Vivek Ramaswamy interview.
And then after the interview, we'll be right back with some other news and closing comments.
Please stay with us.
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I thought early, and I actually wrote a piece, not for The Daily Caller, I'm embarrassed, but for Politico, because I wanted to sort of drop a bomb into my neighbor's laps, and said, look, you may think that Trump is a ludicrous figure, and you know, you may be onto something, but fundamentally what he's saying is not crazy at all, and in fact it's necessary, and if you don't want to have another revolution in the country, you should probably start paying a little bit of attention to what the people beyond Washington think.
And I thought then, that was January of 2016,
I thought that that message was so rooted in common sense and also in observed reality that he would probably win, and he did.
So I got a lot out of making that one call correctly in my life.
And I really did think that we would see, say, five or six, seven years hence, a political system that more closely matched that idea.
You know, that the works product coming out of Washington would bear a little closer resemblance to what people wanted.
And of course the opposite happened.
It's crazy how that idea just went away and no one actually believed in it.
Which, that blew my mind most of all.
Including a lot of people I thought were on my side.
Including a lot of people who paid a lot of lip service to, you know, put the country first.
I personally don't like the term America first because I think it is loaded, but just like, just common sense stuff.
Like if something really dramatic in your country happens, like young people can't, I don't know, get married, you know, or buy houses, or have any hope for a future that approaches
You know, the middle class upbringing they had, then you've got a huge problem and someone should be responding to that.
And if your economy's like on the brink of collapse, you know, if your country's literally bankrupt, someone would say that.
And if food inflation gets so crazy that, you know, people are actually complaining about it, at least where I live.
I spend a lot of the year in rural Maine.
That doesn't make me an expert on the people or anything.
I'm a fundamentally rich kid, obviously.
But I do live among people who aren't rich.
And they're like legit upset about what groceries cost.
Like, for real.
And what gas costs.
And now that we've drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, they're about to find out that it could get way higher than it is.
So these are just real concerns.
It doesn't mean they're the only concerns, but they can't be completely ignored, or you're going to have a volatile situation on your hands, and why wouldn't you?
You know, angry people who feel like they have no recourse, who don't think elections are real, and they're totally right, obviously.
Let's stop lying.
There's a lot of truth in that.
And those people are, you know, they have real grievances, legit grievances.
And the only way to tamp those grievances down is not by creating some East German surveillance state, comma, which we have done, comma, or throwing people in prison for loitering outside the capital, which is their house after all.
That doesn't work long term.
It didn't work in Eastern Europe.
It won't work here.
The only thing that does work is kind of giving them not all they want,
But some!
Or how about this, let's just start with pretending you care.
But you know what doesn't work?
Saying we're gonna spend a hundred billion dollars on other countries.
And I don't care how virtuous the case those countries make is, and I don't care how much I personally may agree or disagree with what those countries are doing, that is immaterial.
The job, the moral duty of the people running a country is to look out for the people in that country.
That's always true.
And it doesn't mean they can't help other people or whatever, but if they pay no attention whatsoever, and in a moment when every person, 350 million Americans, everyone, regardless of political affiliation, can feel that something bad's coming, everybody knows that.
Everybody knows that.
I mean, if you've been to church once in the last year, have you thought about the end times recently?
Yes, you have.
I'm serious.
Because you can feel that abrupt change is coming, and that's very disconcerting.
And so rather than reassure people that, you know, we kind of got your back a little bit, by the way we're going to spend a hundred billion dollars on other people, other than the border security part, is purely designed to make it easier for more people to come here illegitimately.
That's freaking scary.
So I don't have TV at home.
And I don't watch TV.
We haven't in years.
Because my wife is fiercely opposed to television.
But obviously I have some familiarity with the genre.
Yeah, so I'm thinking to myself, the other day I was like, I wonder what they're saying about this on TV, but I'm just being honest, I have no way really of knowing.
So today, I'm, today, this afternoon, two o'clock this afternoon, I'm in the hospital visiting a very sick relative, and in the room, and I'm very focused on this, and it's, you know, a drama familiar to everyone who has a family, and these are the saddest moments in your life, but I'm sitting there, and the TV is cranked way up, because it's a facility for older people, and no one can hear well, so when they watch TV, it's like, bam, it's loud!
And it's a channel that I'm familiar with.
I guess I'm familiar with all of them, having worked at all of them.
I admit I've been fired from all of them.
But this is one I know well.
And I'm thinking, well, I wonder what they're saying about all this.
You know, because their job is to be, you know, opposed to this.
And they take the White House briefing.
And the White House briefing is just a humiliation exercise because it's administered by the dumbest person in public life.
Like, so dumb it's unbelievable.
And I'm not being mean.
I feel sorry for her.
By the way, intelligence is not a moral category.
My dogs are dumb and I love them.
So I'm not sort of judging her, but I'm just saying this is like a mouth breather, okay?
And the whole point of her being the White House spokes-moron is to tell you that the people in charge have no respect for you, so we're going to put the dumbest possible person we can up there.
And she's prattling on about Iran, and I'm just waiting for her.
Like, she doesn't know Iran from Innsbruck, okay?
She has no idea what she's talking about, right?
And I'm literally waiting for her to say, you know, to attack Saddam Hussein, the president of Iran, okay?
Because, literally, her shallowness has no bottom.
It's like a Zen cone that's almost like a Kamala Harris line, actually.
Anyway, and then they come back, and they're totally taking her seriously.
And then the oiliest, fake admiral spokesman who ever commanded a ship can't run, literally can't run a Boston Whaler.
He's been a flak his whole life, Admiral.
He's a liar, and I know him personally.
He's a liar, and everyone who's dealt with him knows he's a liar.
And they're like, well, he says this.
And the upshot is, we've got to attack Iran.
Now, I'm thinking to myself, I don't, you know, I have no love for Iran, and I can certainly see why people want to attack Iran.
All I'm asking is, just to put one person on TV
To point out that there are consequences to the United States that may not be entirely positive to doing this.
That maybe another moral victory, and we've won a lot of those recently, I don't know, are you guys sick of winning moral victories?
We've won a lot of important moral victories.
I interviewed someone the other day, a major political figure from the UK, and he's like, well, we've let all these refugees in, and it's really been a great moral victory.
And I was like, I was just in your country, and it's garbage.
I mean, it smells, and it's pathetic.
And like, do you think that... I know you're psyched about your moral victory.
You're good people.
Trust me, you're good Anglicans.
I'm really so impressed by you.
Morally, but like, has there been a downside in real terms?
And he's like, oh, I can't answer that question.
Not allowed.
So anyway, I just wanted someone to stand up and ask the obvious question.
I'm not even arguing against a war with Iran.
I'm merely saying there are consequences to doing that.
One is we can't win it, probably, with the defense that we have currently.
I think that's fair.
But even if we could, I mean, what would happen if they mined the Straits of Hormuz?
You know, I'm no energy expert, but I think that we would have an immediate energy shock that would send our country into an economic spiral within, like, hours.
And we don't have any cushion because we burned it all.
Because the senile guy's running for president again.
And we sort of let that happen.
Sold some of it to China.
We sort of let it happen.
So that's not a small thing.
One thing Americans are not used to is being poor.
In the rest of the world, people really worry about the economic effects of everything.
Why wouldn't they?
Because they're not generationally rich like us, but what if we ran out of money?
At the very same moment that American society is more fractured, our social fabric is in tatters, and we've let in millions upon millions of people who have no affinity for the United States, who are merely here for the economic benefits, which by the way is not all bad, and I think a lot of them are good people, I'm not attacking them, I'm merely saying... I'm sick of this stuff!
We have to talk about it because the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money.
Simply not true.
According to the latest monthly poll conducted by the Global Strategy Group and North Star Opinion Research, some 61% of respondents said they disapproved of Biden's handling of the economy, while only 36% approved.
80% of fiat money printed in U.S.
history was printed under the O'Biden administration.
80% of the currency issued since our founding happened in the last three years.
That's a path towards Zimbabwe or Weimar Republic.
The idea that
That is where the O'Biden treason works its magic, shilling for the new world order.
The affirmative task we have now is to actually create a new world order.
According to Biden's executive order on ensuring responsible development of digital assets signed over a year ago, quote, Biden's administration places the highest urgency on research and development efforts
I think?
Launched a campaign to put the world on the path to digital ID, digital payments, and data sharing rollouts in 50 countries under a digital public infrastructure by 2028.
DPI starts with the following foundational components.
Verifiable digital identification that proves who you are, protects your rights, and opens the door to economic opportunities.
Real-time payments that allow people, government and businesses to instantaneously send and receive payments and trusted data exchange that allows for information and data to flow securely and seamlessly.
Together these foundational components form an interconnected digital network that can spur countries to build resilient economies and drive impact across all sectors for everyone.
The United Nations Development Programme plans to implement digital IDs by the year 2030 globally.
According to Reclaim the Net, the IDs will be mandatory for those that want to participate in society.
But what does central bank digital currency look like?
You see?
So they never talk about that because people won't actually like the looks of it.
And the final stage is, you know, it's...
It's small, and it's the size of a grain of rice.
All around the world, central bank digital currencies are either in pilot scheme, or executive order stage in the States, or they're floating under the radar.
Every person that I come in contact with in the public, I ask them, do you know what a CBDC is, or a central bank digital currency, and nobody knows.
Such a system would give the state full access to the details of all transactions, as well as the ability to cut off an individual's money supply with the flick of a digital switch.
A key difference with the CBDC is that Central Bank will have absolute control on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of Central Bank liability, and also we will have the technology to enforce that.
If you're not allowed to go more than five kilometers from your home, your car or your money won't work more than five kilometers from your home.
And that, those rules can be dictated and controlled at a phenomenally central level.
In times of crisis, the role of governments is more important and more relevant than ever.
This is their god-awful horrible plan, based on climate pseudoscience and unrelenting detached elitist hubris.
Thanks for watching.
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The replatforming begins now.
Join Mug Club and get one month free with promo code ALEX at jonescrowder.com Good afternoon and welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host Maria Zee from zmedia.com and it is such an honor to be with you all here today.
You would recall that last week, I believe it was Thursday for the United States, Friday for Australia, I told everyone about a huge, huge telecommunications outage that we had in our country where 10 million people did not have access to phones, internet, an entire city's train network went down in Australia, the whole city of Melbourne.
No trains were working.
Our emergency services triple zero here in America 9-1-1 sorry in Australia 9-1-1 in the United States was not working from landlines.
Hospitals couldn't be contacted.
It was absolutely catastrophic and you would also recall that I said that it was very very strange how the mainstream media portrayed this for example when they were contacting or showing interviews that they were having with people on the street they were
Airing really trivial issues.
For example, someone couldn't buy their coffee and they were sad.
While at the same time, they were absolutely grilling the telco provider.
And if they'd only grilled the health ministers that push the poison shots in the same way, the world would be a very different place today.
But alas, the mainstream media only do what they're told to do.
Now, I suspected at the time that there was a lot more to this.
We still don't know exactly what caused that outage.
They're not telling us.
And I also reported on the fact that it wasn't just that one telco.
Optus and Telstra are the largest telcos we have in Australia, and the only reporting we got from the media was that this was an Optus issue, but in reality, Telstra customers were also affected, and no one reported on that, other than a couple of small articles.
And so what we've had since then is we've also had a huge hack.
On a huge port operator in Australia.
We've got a 30,000 container pile-up after Australia has been hit with a cyber attack.
And now we're being told that tens of thousands of shipping containers that have been stuffed with consumer goods like electronics, clothing and food remained trapped at ports around the country.
And DP World Australia was struck by a cyber attack on Friday.
This is something, you know, another huge hit to Australia.
This does mean if we don't get this resolved very, very soon, we could be facing multiple shortages like food, like electronics, like clothing, whatever the case may be.
But we're being told they are gradually restarting operations.
Again, no answer as to how this cyber attack happened.
What happened?
Who attacked us?
You know, if these attacks or failures or whatever they may be are genuine, and it could be that last week the telecommunications provider was hit with a cyber attack and we're not being told that, they deny it, but of course we know, as I told you last week, this particular telecommunications provider was hit with a cyber attack last year and they stole 10 million people's data, almost.
And so, there could be multiple cyber attacks coming to Australia, and if that is the case, who's doing it and why?
Who's not happy with Australia?
What is it that Australia is doing that is making it the target of these, you know, potential cyber attacks?
I don't know, maybe supporting foreign wars?
The killing of innocents?
That's if they're genuine attacks.
Now the reason why I say they may not be genuine is of course that they're saying that the cyber attack threatens to spark a Christmas goods shortage and the other problem is that now because of the telecommunications outage in our country and this really does link in with what the the Boundary Report just then was saying about CBDC's digital IDs.
It all links in together ladies and gentlemen.
Because now they're telling us that there's going to be new telco rules in Australia.
They're going to be hit with very strict cyber security rules.
If the team can bring up the news.com.au article that I sent through, new rules for telcos after global ransomware attacks surged 45% in the first half of the year.
This is coming out straight after this huge outage that we had last week.
And I'm telling you about this because this is the way that they'll do it across many countries.
They will do this in whatever country they need to gain more control over the telecommunications of, because here's the thing.
When they bring out a central bank digital currency, digital ID, and a zero-trust internet model, which means you can't access the internet without being verified and everything being tracked and traced on the internet,
When they bring out these things, what's going to happen?
People are going to default to communicating via the phone, texting, encrypted messaging apps.
Well, in Australia, the government now wants control over that and they're doing it in a way where they're actually going to be asking the telcos to report and basically resuming control over the telcos in the way that they do with, say, for example, hospitals.
So now our telecommunications providers essentially become government run.
So I'm going to read an article, or excerpts from it at least, from the Australian Financial Review.
Telco boards hit with strict cyber security rules.
Optus, Telstra, those are our two majors, and other major telco boards will be required to sign off on a new or updated cyber risk management program every year or face hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties.
But it's not just going to be the Cyber Risk Management Program, and of course we don't know exactly all of the details about that Cyber Risk Management Program, quote unquote.
These changes are part of new laws to be introduced by Home Affairs Minister, Department of Home Affairs.
That classify telecommunications as critical infrastructure for the first time, requiring company boards to comply with strict rules that already cover hospitals, utilities, ports and energy generation assets.
So really what this is, is expanding the government control over telecommunications, expanding government control over every single aspect of our lives.
And once the government control is there for telecommunications,
Well, imagine what sort of broad overreaching powers they will have.
We already know that as part of, say for example, the International Health Regulations and the Global Health Certification Network, that this allows for basically only doctors that toe the line, that fall in line with what they're told to do to treat patients moving forward.
No one else will be considered a genuine doctor.
And so, and no one else other than those who completely agree with the World Health Organization will be able to certify
The patients have received the treatment that is mandated by the WHO.
So really, it's going to be, I think, if we look at what the global government structure is, the same thing for telcos.
No telco that doesn't give the government complete access to reading messages, to what's happening with your phone calls, to listening into your phone calls, to every single thing that you do on your phone.
Is going to be deemed as meeting the cyber risk rules.
That's where I think this is heading.
Of course, this is opinion at this stage, but if history tells us anything.
And if history shows us how the government intervenes to, you know, help the situation, it is even possible that they allowed or staged this entire thing to give the government an excuse to come in and legislate, put laws and rules around communications in the country.
And the same thing goes for energy.
You know, some time ago, I was talking about the Premier of Victoria, the state of Victoria, talking about how now we're going to make energy, we're going to bring it back to being state-owned and it's going to be cheaper for everyone.
And everyone said, oh yes, cheap energy costs.
No, you fools.
What this is, is giving the state control over your energy supply.
Everything that is state-run, everything that is government-run is absolutely not to be trusted.
And just now we heard Schwab say on that on that bound report that was played, the role of government in times of crisis is becoming more and more crucial, or I'm paraphrasing, but that's essentially what he said.
And I would argue that the role of government is becoming more and more irrelevant as people are waking up to the immense control measures that they are inputting all around the world
Leading up to Digital ID and CBDC.
We'll continue with more on this on the other side of the break.
Don't go anywhere.
We're here on the Alex Jones Show.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, in many ways, Australia is the best case for the Western world, at least.
For a lot of what these globalist maniacs want to do to the rest of the world, I have to say Canada also is a test bed for this stuff.
And it's because our people are really peaceful people, not generally people that rise up against their government, if you will.
Not really people that have had to stand up against their government in the past.
But it is happening now.
And I want to talk about some victories that I'm seeing around the world in a moment.
I say Canada because the last Cyber Polygon that was scheduled last year, that was supposed to happen in Canada, which is really a tabletop exercise, if you will, as to what the world or the country will do in the event of a large cyber attack, as Klaus Schwab told us we have to expect.
And so they were supposed to host this.
But lo and behold, the day that they were going to do this, they experienced a major telecommunications outage as well.
What a coincidence!
And so millions of people in Canada were without telecommunications on that day.
I didn't look at whether they actually had laws introduced at the time like Australia is about to do for more government control of communications.
They probably did.
It would be good to investigate that.
And I'm saying they probably did because these governments are opportunists.
They create these crises, then they create the outrage even, through the media, through social media, and then they create the solution.
And they absolutely do create the response through social media as well.
No one is immune.
To the feelings of outrage that they have when they see, you know, a whole bunch of people just vomiting their emotions out onto social media without thinking through things critically.
No one is immune to the frustration and the anger that you feel when you just read all of these people's vomited, uninformed views and opinions.
And, you know, it's really, really disappointing to me and I have to be honest about that.
Tim, if you can bring up that link I sent through mysaymatters.com.
This is just an example of what I'm talking about.
So earlier this week, or actually over the weekend, I attended a conference where essentially I spoke about a way forward for Australia, mainly being to exit the WHO and put a stop to these international health regulations.
And I told people that I would be posting on this in the week to come.
And so we have literally the largest campaign
In history, in Australian history, to get out of the WHO and it starts with exiting the international, sorry, stop putting an end to the international health.
Thanks, team.
That's the website there.
It is the largest movement in this country and I want to quickly mention for other countries as well, go to James Roguski's Substack and you can see action for the United States, you can see action for Canada and also for Europe.
They've got a huge, huge movement coming to do exactly the same thing.
In fact, I think, if I'm not mistaken, 27 countries are involved in that.
And Christine Anderson, MEP over there, is doing a phenomenal job of raising awareness to the exit required to The Who.
Which is, of course, again, linked to the central bank digital currency, the digital ID.
It's all linked with the WHO's health certification network, the approved doctors.
You only get to participate in society, not only if you're on a digital ID and a central bank digital currency, but if you're perpetually injected with their poison and continuing to comply with their software upgrades of their nanotechnology injections.
So, I put up on my story, you know, the largest action that Australia has seen in exiting the WHO.
And the thing is that a lot of people say they want solutions.
And then you put that up and not everyone, I mean, it was a two-part post.
It was my story on Instagram.
If you're not on there, it's maria.zee.
And the first one was, it said the largest action in history, something along those lines that Australia's ever seen to exit the Who, swipe right, and the second one was the link to actually take action.
And it was about 70% of people that actually went to the second page.
70% of people.
And I promise you,
That there would be people in that 30% who didn't bother to... This is a 15 second story, right?
Didn't bother to go to the next page.
I guarantee you there are people in that 30% who are keyboard warriors saying, where are the solutions?
And so I'm certainly not admonishing the viewers today.
I know that many, many people that tune into these broadcasts and take the time to actually listen to information that matters are very active people, that being politically or active in various forms of activism.
But if you are listening today and you are someone that falls into that 30 percent,
Please, please, please understand how important it is for the people to mobilize, especially when we're looking at topics as crucial as exiting the World Health Organization, who wants to mandate injections for you on an ongoing basis, and I quote, have used the words forced vaccination and punishment in their World Health Assembly meetings, according to Dr. Teslory, who was present for them.
I cannot imagine knowing this information
And not being bothered to click a link and do something with it.
Please don't be one of those people.
Please don't be one of those people that has allowed the globalists to wear out your mind.
To make you feel like there's no point.
Because there absolutely is a point.
And I'm going to go into, again, some of the victories in the next segment.
There absolutely is a point.
Public pushback works.
Public opinion matters.
Just have a look at, for example, when something outrageous happens and the mainstream media goes and says people on Twitter are absolutely fuming about, you know, whatever, people on X. It could be, you know, McDonald's put their burger prices up or something.
I don't know.
It could be something trivial.
But they notice.
Don't think they don't notice when people are up in arms about something.
Don't think that they don't notice that the world isn't buying the lies surrounding the war right now.
Don't think that they don't notice when Tedros Ghebreyesus puts up a post and says, let me address the misinformation.
Surrounding the IHR amendments and the pandemic accord and he says this is absolutely not going to take your country's sovereignty and it has nothing to do with giving the WHO more power and every single comment in his post says we know you're lying and we want nothing to do with you and your stupid shadow government that's pulling the strings of our governments anymore.
We want nothing to do with you and we are going to stop you.
Don't think they don't take notice of that.
And I go back to earlier this year when Alex told us, he said, they are going to bring back mandates in September.
They're going to start by October.
They'll have restrictions again.
And every single person got it on social media, all over every platform and said, don't you even think about it.
We are not going to comply.
You don't think that's the reason we didn't go back to that madness?
It's because the people said no.
And when the people say no, and they know they can't get public consensus, they won't do it.
But they will try another way.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
Well, there have been some victories for the people who love freedom around the world, and it is because of the tenacity
Of those who understand how very real the threat that we are facing is of this globalist takeover of every aspect of our lives, that we are making some progress.
You would know that recently in Australia, I've spoken about this, we had this bill that they were, oh sorry, we held a referendum for what they were calling the voice, which was literally just about giving the UN 30% of our land minimum.
Council of Foreign Relations says 80%.
I think so.
This so-called advisory body that they were trying to enshrine into the Constitution, really it was getting Aboriginal people to give up their sovereignty and come under the colonial law when they have their own law and that would of course then allow them to be co-opted by the UN and Co.
But we've had another huge victory in Australia.
Tim, if you can bring up the article from The Guardian, Labour to overhaul misinformation bill after objections over freedom of speech.
This is a bill that they brought in which would have had absolutely devastating effects on free speech.
It would have seen people like me, for example, investigated, possibly even jailed for daring to say anything that they, you know, deem as hateful or false.
And so basically, the government is now having to overhaul this draft bill, which they say targeting misinformation and disinformation.
It's actually targeting free speech after strong pushback.
So they're now going to delay introducing this into Parliament until 2024.
And they would have allowed what they call the Australian Communications and Media Authority to require social media companies
To what they say toughen their policies.
You can bring that down now, guys.
Toughen their policies on content that they deem to be false, misleading or deceptive.
Now, you know, this article really doesn't cover all of the information of this.
What they wanted to do was basically put people like me in prison and have zero scrutiny on the government or approved media outlets, which means they can
They can actually spread false information and there would be zero accountability for them.
And so basically what's happened now is there's been a lot of pushback.
Over 23,000 people responded.
I think it was more than that.
I know there were thousands in my audience alone that responded.
They're saying 3,000 submissions.
And all of these, or many of these, were actually critical of this bill.
The reality is that the majority do not want to silence freedom of speech.
It's just these oversensitive people that can't handle an opinion that differs to theirs, or can't handle being confronted with the fact that the government may be lying to you about an injection that they told you was safe but has actually killed some of your family members.
Most people actually want the truth.
And so the large response came from huge campaigns from some of the politicians.
One Nation, Senator Malcolm Roberts, has been on this broadcast, this very broadcast with me before.
A huge, huge deal for a senator to come on.
InfoWars from Australia, we're so grateful for that.
And former MP George Christensen, who's also been on this broadcast.
And so, basically, the reason that this has been temporarily pushed back is because of concerns mainly due to religious freedom.
Considerations or clarifications, they say, on religious freedom need to be reconsidered.
So basically now it's been pushed back to 2024.
No doubt they will, they always come out with a really outrageous bill.
This is how it works every time.
They come out with something extremely outrageous, the people push back and then they deliver you a watered down version which has provisions for what they wanted to achieve in the first place anyway.
So the language that they use really matters and I will of course keep everyone updated as the negotiations on this continue along.
Now is not the time to become inactive.
This is what I'm trying to show.
You know, a lot of people fought back against this and we have, for now, managed to at least push this back until 2024 in Australia.
It's a huge, huge temporary win.
Not a complete victory, but a temporary win and we need to continue to do that.
We have the power to push back on these things.
Team, if you can bring up, I also sent through a very, very encouraging thing coming out of Denver.
Denver Public Schools, it's a picture I sent through, sued for discriminating against straight kids.
And my understanding of this situation is that basically parents had enough of, you know, the blatant discrimination against heterosexual children.
You are absolutely allowed to, in schools, tell kids that they were born in the wrong body and they may be the wrong gender and maybe they're gay.
And, you know, teach them about gay sex and explicit sexual acts.
And teach them about, I don't know, bottom surgery.
I mean, I don't want to be disgusting here, but the reality is that what they're talking about in these classrooms is far worse than anything I've just said.
I just saw a video this morning about a teacher bragging about the explicit things that she's discussing with her children in the classroom.
And the Post had to censor the words that she was using because they're not suitable, I think, even for me.
And I'm not a prude.
I'm just a reasonable adult that says that's really vile and I don't want to hear about that.
As an adult I think it's inappropriate to listen to and yet she's bragging about how she's actually indoctrinating her children with this.
So I think this is fantastic news out of Denver.
I think that parents need to start using these insane leftist tactics of, I'm the victim because I'm gay.
Everyone has to think like me.
No one has a problem with you being gay.
No one has a problem.
If you have a genuine issue with gender dysphoria, fine.
No one's out here trying to destroy you.
We just don't want our children sexualized.
Stop thinking that because we don't want to present sex to our children, you are somehow a victim in that.
It's absurd.
But because they have this insane logic, it looks like the only way to fight them back is to hit them where it hurts.
Start demanding accountability for the discrimination against your religious freedoms.
Christians, for goodness sake, stand up!
I watched a video of this street preacher and he was in the UK and he was doing what he believed was exercising his religious freedoms, which he absolutely has the right to do.
And there were some people around him who were offended because he was talking about homosexuality.
And just like someone has the right to tell me, well I don't believe in your religious beliefs and I don't think I'm doing anything wrong, I have the same right to say according to my religious beliefs you are.
We both have that same right.
Just because you are participating in something that is immoral,
Doesn't mean that now someone can't say something to you.
So essentially this street preacher was on the street and people around him were getting really mad.
And the police came.
The police came and they said, you're disturbing the peace and we've had complaints.
And he said, am I breaking the law here?
Am I violating any free speech rights?
Do I have my religious freedom to practice my religion, which I believe is telling me to preach out here on the street?
And the police said, yes, you do.
He said, am I actually breaking any laws?
They said, well, no, you're not.
We've just had some complaints.
He said, OK, I want to now complain about these people around me that are harassing me and stopping me from practicing my religion.
And the cops left there scratching their heads, oh no, what do we do now?
It turns out we are actually discriminating against this gentleman.
So it's time for people to really get a backbone and stand up against this.
If you are telling me that I can't defend child innocence, you are discriminating against my religious beliefs.
You are discriminating against the way that I want to raise my child.
Let's start using their tactics, shall we?
Don't go anywhere.
Welcome back to the last segment of this fourth hour here today on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Maria Zee from ZeeMedia.com.
Over the break, I had a quick glance over our Telegram channel, which by the way, ZeeMedia with three E's, ZEE, triple E media.
Just get in there because we have some really, really switched on people in our channel.
Comments are open.
It's a great community.
And someone actually posted a Fox News clip, which I couldn't get to the team in time, but I'll let you know about it.
They're saying that a violent solar flare could kill the Internet.
And they've got, you know, words like planning for the Internet apocalypse on there.
And so this really does
Feed into what I was talking about earlier where it's not just, oh look at that, you guys are the best.
So it's not just, you know, Australia that needs to worry about this.
You know, you guys over there in the US are being prepped for something like a cyber attack and it really does go into what I was talking about before where
They do pay attention to the comments.
They absolutely do take a temperature check, if you will, based on what people are sharing and saying out there on the internet.
And it could be that it leads to the point where they go, right, this is out of control, too many people are awake, shut it all down.
I've been saying this since Schwab said it.
So this is something we should be prepared for and we should note when they're airing things like this to basically prepare us for it as well.
I want to quickly bring up this photo of Vic Police team, if you will.
I sent it through Victoria Police from their Instagram account.
They've done something really, really disgusting in the state of Victoria, which is also the state where the police shot at peaceful protesters with rubber bullets, how can we forget?
And the person in charge, the police officer in charge, was very proud of that.
Come on, boys!
And if you can see, they've actually hung a trans flag in between the, you know, the
Main Australian flag, if you will, and the other one that we have in our country, which is the Aboriginal flag.
Both flags represent this nation.
And they saw it fit to put a trans flag in between that, like it's its own country or something.
And if you see the police officer has his vest embroidered,
With the rainbow colours, which don't belong to the gay community, but they're a representation of the gay community.
Obviously, in this particular photo, you can see that he's looking up at the trans flag like he's somehow bowing to his country, you know?
You look up to your flag when you're honouring your country, and when you're singing the national anthem, and this guy, I think it's a dude, I mean, who even knows these days?
They're on that many hormones.
He's looking up at the trans flag like he's showing his allegiance to it.
And our tax dollars, of course, are paying for this embroidery of these police uniforms to get them all looking gay.
And if you go to the caption that I sent you, Tim, it says, this week is Trans Awareness Week.
You don't have to bring it up.
I can just read it.
Trans Awareness Week.
Oh, there we go.
So now we have an entire week dedicated to trans awareness as well.
An opportunity to raise awareness of the issues faced by trans and gender diverse people and to celebrate trans pride.
And Victoria Police is so committed to the safety and well-being of these communities that they have to go and get their uniforms embroidered on taxpayer money to have the colours on.
You can't just keep the community safe by just being aware of potential risks to the community.
No, no, you have to go and get your uniforms embroidered on my tax dollars
That's how you keep them safe?
By having a rainbow on your uniform on taxpayer dollars?
Well, maybe we need to demand that the police officers also show that they are committing to heterosexual safety
By getting new uniforms on taxpayer dollars as well, specifically dedicating their uniform to heterosexuals.
Not just their regular uniforms, because that doesn't represent us enough.
We need you to explicitly wear a uniform saying that you are committed
To protecting heterosexuals.
And then on top of that, we need another uniform saying that you're committed to protecting Christians.
We need another uniform for your commitment to protecting Muslims.
And we need another uniform for your commitment to protecting disabled people and every single other possible minority group that you can think of.
We need you to have specific uniforms for all of that.
And let's just blow every single taxpayer dollar down the toilet so that you can
Wear uniforms to show that you're protecting the community, that you're just paid anyway to do.
This is the most disgusting abuse of taxpayer dollars, absolute disgusting contempt for the majority of the nation that does respect that flag and does respect the national anthem and you want to look up to the trans flag like it's your god and this is what you're proud of?
Can I note that the Victorian Police actually turned off their comments on that post.
They turned off their comments on that post because of the public backlash on it.
So don't be deceived just because they're posting this sort of stuff.
They know the community hates it and I think it's time that the community stands up for itself.
I'm saying that this needs to be done respectfully.
We don't use the same tactics as those who have the mental illness that say, because your child isn't trans, you're transphobic.
I'm not talking about those people.
I'm talking about
You know, us who are able to see this for what it is and say this is actually disrespectful to our country, disrespectful to our tax dollars and we demand that this ends.
Or you can, you know, you can start wearing uniforms for a straight awareness week because we, the straight people, we feel very attacked right now.
We feel unsafe.
We feel unsafe.
Maybe that's how we have to start playing this.
For goodness sake, it's a disgrace.
And finally, I want to bring up this post, which is obviously going to tick people off, but that's okay.
Guys, if you can bring up the Liberation, the first ever pride flag raised in Gaza post.
This is an IDF soldier that is basically standing in front of rubble, in front of a place that has been destroyed, saying that under Hamas, being gay means death.
And he wants to send a message of hope.
He wants to send a message of hope to all the dead people under the rubble.
Maybe some dead gay people under the rubble that have, you know, been indiscriminately carpet bombed.
But he comes along with his flag and he says, this is, guys, I'm bringing gay pride to Gaza when there are thousands of children dead under that rubble that he's standing in front of proudly.
This is how out of touch
People have become.
This is how out of touch society has become.
And he says to Gaza's hidden LGBTQ plus community, stay hopeful of a future where you can live and love free of Hamas.
They're probably dead under the rubble if there are any LGBTQ people there.
Let's be honest.
People may see that as hating on gay people or hating on Israel.
I love the Jewish people.
I love gay people.
I love straight people.
I love all people.
But I'm absolutely sick and tired of being told that I shouldn't say this because it's going to offend someone or, you know, you shouldn't call out bad behavior because it hurts someone's feelings.
No one cares about your feelings.
No one cares about my feelings.
Just go into a comments section on anyone with a big account and see how much they get abused for telling you the truth.
Any big account.
See some of Alex's comments.
Of people who think that, you know, Keyboard Warrior is somehow, I don't know, contributing to society.
No one cares about anyone's feelings.
We need the truth, and we need to speak it boldly.
And calling these things out for what they are, which is immoral and completely out of touch, and wrong, is what needs to be done.
Because they are so desperately trying to silence it, but what happens every time the people push back?
We get victories.
We get a push back date on the misinformation bill and we get religious rights incorporated into the discussion.
You get the Denver public schools being sued for discriminating against straight kids.
You get the people realizing that no, we actually are the majority because when you have to turn off your comments, when you're pledging allegiance to a flag that's not your country's flag, there are more of us than there are of those that think the wrong way.
And so I want to thank Alex for this broadcast.
I want to thank InfoWars for all of their hard work.
The people that are on this crew, I've met them.
They are such hard-working, genuine people.
And I'm asking everyone that's watching to please continue supporting InfoWars.
This is such a crucial broadcast so that you can see that people all over the world are united.
We are strong.
Whether it's good news or bad, you will get the truth from the people that come on this platform.
So go, donate today, buy a book, do what you can.
God bless.
I've not been this excited ever!
The replatforming begins now.
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There are a lot of analogies or parallels or parables in nature to how the globalists control and manipulate us.
And I remember my dad's brother, my uncle, when I was a little kid showed me how to capture quail in East Texas and other birds, but really most of them aren't good to eat other than quail.
And I remember the magic of him building one of these
In the backyard and just about six hours later we went out there and checked and there were quail in the hole.
And all you do is take like a sharpshooter shovel and dig a hole just like you see here.
This is in another country in the U.S.
You put a little bit of rice or a little bit of grain out and then when the birds
Start eating the grain, they get greedy and decide to step onto the platform and fall into the hole.
And for whatever reason, most ground foraging birds will just basically stay in the hole at least for a while.
You can also put bells on it or whatever so you hear it ding and you go out and get them.
And then they're really delicious birds to eat.
This is some other type of ground foraging bird.
I think this is in Asia, looks like some type of quail.
But regardless, they make pretty good, pretty good eating.
You can fry them, you can cook them over a fire, you name it.
But this is what the globalists do to us.
With welfare and reparations and all the rest of it.
You notice, we go back to the video, almost all the birds, but one of them falls in.
And so it sounds great.
Oh, we're going to get something free, but
You take the universal basic income and the social credit score, then you are totally trapped in their system and it is designed to completely trap you and control you.
You know, there's a better parallel.
That's a little piece of cheese.
Got a house full of mice you want to get rid of?
Just go buy like a, you know, dollar piece of cheese.
You can capture 20 mice with that.
Set out a mousetrap, put the cheese on it, the mouse comes and gets it, boom, breaks its neck.
So for a 15 cent piece of cheese, you just killed the mouse.
So we have to be aware that all these globalist handouts, ladies and gentlemen, are not a free lunch, they're meant to enslave us.
And that freedom itself is not free.
Things that are worth attaining, things that are valuable, take time and energy and investment.
And I've been investing 29 years in the fight against the globalists.
And we have gone through hell, we have been persecuted just like President Trump is, because they're trying to get through us to get to you.
And that's been said a thousand times, you know that to be true.
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So it's not a predatory globalist system where we want to capture you and eat you one time.
We're good.